DIRT and TRAIL January 22

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Ride More Stress Less<br />

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JANUARY 20<strong>22</strong><br />

<strong>22</strong>001<br />

JANUARY 20<strong>22</strong> RSA R35.00<br />

9 771815 337001<br />

wade young<br />

<strong>and</strong> sherco<br />

do it again<br />

IN THIS ISSUE - EICMA 2021 - 20<strong>22</strong> MODELS INCOMING!<br />





20<strong>22</strong><br />



Escape into the wilderness & explore with the V-Strom 1050XT.<br />

©FIVE Advanced Gloves 2021 *FIVE : le spécialiste du gant **sous conditions<br />

©FIVE Advanced Gloves 2021 *FIVE : le spécialiste du gant **sous conditions<br />

For more information visit www.suzukimotorcycle.co.za<br />

or visit your nearest authorised Suzuki Dealer.<br />



Black / Red<br />

CUSTOM<br />



GLOVES<br />

©FIVE Advanced ©FIVE Gloves 2021 Advanced *FIVE : le spécialiste Gloves du gant 2021 **sous *FIVE conditions : le spécialiste du gant **sous conditions<br />


Black / Red<br />

THE<br />

GLOVE<br />


GLOVE<br />

PubFIVE_OfficielDuCycle_Mars2021.indd 3 02/03/2021 10:28<br />




GLOVES<br />

When riding a motorcycle, the glove isn’t just an accessory. It is the essential link between the rider <strong>and</strong> his machine. So<br />

better to trust a specialist. FIVE has based its development on a simple principle: you can’t design a pair of gloves like you<br />

RACING design an item<br />

STREET<br />

of clothing. Every<br />

CUSTOM<br />

detail counts<br />


to provide both<br />


precision in the<br />

WINTER<br />

feel of h<strong>and</strong>lebar<br />


controls, comfort<br />

WOMAN<br />

<strong>and</strong> protection.<br />

That’s why FIVE focuses, exclusively, on the development <strong>and</strong> production of technologically advanced gloves, resulting<br />

OFF ROAD<br />

GLOVES<br />

from its experience of racing competition at the highest level (MotoGP, SBK, Endurance, MX, Enduro ...) To convince yourself,<br />

just try one of our 90 models at an authorized FIVE dealer. Your h<strong>and</strong>s will feel the difference.<br />

FIVE ADVANCED GLOVES: THE glove specialist.<br />


a<br />












021 939 8916<br />

021 930 5917<br />

021 945 3725<br />

021 510 <strong>22</strong>58<br />

021 761 4<strong>22</strong>0<br />

018 297 4700<br />

018 771 5050<br />




FAST KTM<br />

FIRE IT UP<br />









011 795 41<strong>22</strong><br />

012 342 7474<br />

011 867 0092<br />

011 467 0737<br />

011 425 1081<br />

011 027 0545<br />

011 234 5275<br />

011 025 8272<br />

011 828 9091<br />

012 804 8888<br />

011 435 7177<br />

084 080 8237<br />

KZN<br />









031 566 7411<br />

031 701 1311<br />

035 789 1581<br />

033 264 3240<br />

031 702 2606<br />

031 303 8323<br />

015 297 3291<br />

PubFIVE_OfficielDuCycle_Mars2021.indd 3 02/03/2021 10:28<br />

051 430 3326

Intro. Keeping the wheels turning...<br />

JANUARY Issue 20<strong>22</strong><br />

We wanna hear from you info@motomedia.co.za<br />

Read our back issues at www.motomedia.co.za<br />

A motorcycle engineer who was unemployed for a long time decided to open a medical<br />

clinic. He puts a sign outside the clinic:<br />

“A cure for your ailment guaranteed at R500; we’ll pay you R1,000 if we fail.”<br />

A Doctor thinks this is an excellent opportunity to earn R1,000 <strong>and</strong> goes to his clinic.<br />

Doctor: “I have lost my sense of taste.”<br />

Engineer: “Nurse, please bring the medicine from box <strong>22</strong> <strong>and</strong> put 3 drops in the patient’s<br />

mouth.”<br />

Doctor: “This is Petrol!”<br />

Engineer: “Congratulations!<br />

You’ve got your taste back. That will be R500.”<br />

The Doctor gets annoyed <strong>and</strong> goes back a couple of days later to recover his money.<br />

Doctor: “I have lost my memory, I cannot remember anything.”<br />

Engineer: “Nurse, please bring the medicine from box <strong>22</strong> <strong>and</strong> put 3 drops in the patient’s<br />

mouth.”<br />

Doctor: “But that is Petrol!”<br />

Engineer: “Congratulations!<br />

You’ve got your memory back. That will be R500.”<br />

The Doctor leaves angrily <strong>and</strong> returns after several days, more determined than ever to<br />

make his money back.<br />

Doctor: “My eyesight has become weak.”<br />

Engineer: “Well, I don’t have any medicine for this. Take this R1,000,” passing the Doctor<br />

a R500 note.<br />

Doctor: “But this is R500….”<br />

Engineer: “Congratulations!<br />

You’ve got your vision back! That will be R500.”<br />

Have a great 20<strong>22</strong>!<br />


Glenn Foley<br />

foleyg@mweb.co.za<br />


Sean Hendley<br />

sean@motomedia.co.za<br />

071 684 4546<br />

OFFICE &<br />


Anette<br />

anette.acc@ mweb.co.za<br />

ONLINE &<br />


Kyle Lawrenson<br />

kyle@motomedia.co.za<br />

Cape Town Sales <strong>and</strong> News:<br />

Lorna Darrol<br />

lornad@motomeda.co.za<br />

074 1<strong>22</strong> 4874<br />


Stefan van der Riet<br />


Shado Alston<br />

Donovan Fourie<br />

Tristan Foley<br />

Kurt Beine<br />

Mike Wessels<br />

Mizz B<br />

Kyle Foley<br />

Videos <strong>and</strong> more<br />

available online...<br />

Copyright © Dirt And Trail Magazine: All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced,<br />

distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, articles, or other methods,<br />

without ASking nicelly...<br />


no 4<br />

Nor<br />

Ema<br />


Africa ' s<br />

Widest range of Motorcycle parts<br />



L:<br />

Spring Kits Available<br />

WISECO PISTON KITS Wiseco leads the aftermarket performance kits by producing the<br />

highest quality pistons on the highest quality forgings.<br />

:<br />










no 4 Fifth avenue<br />

Northmead Benoni<br />

Email:G124@mweb.co.za 011 425 1081/4<br />


KISKA.COM Photo: R. Schedl<br />


18 LITER & 35 LITER, From R1400.00<br />

recommended retail, incl VAT<br />

A bit of luggage or storage space is always<br />

welcome on any bike, for that overnight run, long<br />

distance tour or even just to pack your lunch<br />

for work or pick up a couple of groceries on<br />

your way home. The good people at DMD have<br />

l<strong>and</strong>ed a really nice soft luggage from Oxford in<br />

the form of the F1 tail pack that is universal <strong>and</strong><br />

mounts easily, quickly <strong>and</strong> securely onto any<br />

motorcycle <strong>and</strong> at very reasonable pricing. And<br />

for your money it comes loaded with a bunch of<br />

great features like durable ripstop nylon outer,<br />

rain showerproof inner liner which is removable,<br />

reflective print for better low light visibility, it<br />

easily converts to backpack for lugging around<br />

with you, has a detachable base, an external<br />

pocket. The whole unite is exp<strong>and</strong>able with<br />

elasticated netting for stowing lightweight items<br />

such as gloves <strong>and</strong> comes in 5 personalised<br />

colour inserts. Go to www.dmd.co.za to find your<br />

nearest stockist as well as check out a lot more<br />

really great products.<br />

Bike Mad in The Cape is new ...<br />

New owner .... new location .... new look!<br />

Providing services, repairs, sales of <strong>and</strong><br />

accessories for all makes of motorcycles,<br />

scooters <strong>and</strong> quad bikes.<br />

Also specializing in custom builds such as Cafe<br />

Racers, Bobbers <strong>and</strong> Trackers.<br />

Go <strong>and</strong> see what they have ready <strong>and</strong> waiting for<br />

you.<br />

42 Fabriek Street, Gants Centre, Str<strong>and</strong>.<br />

064 905 5534 www.bikemad.co.za

KISKA.COM Photo: R. Schedl<br />




Take aim at the horizon <strong>and</strong> choose the more adventurous way to get there.<br />

Featuring reworked ergonomics, updated electronics, <strong>and</strong> a refined powerplant<br />

that all enhance the ride, the new KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE R reaffirms<br />

its status as the ultimate all-terrain powerhouse.<br />


Please make no attempt to imitate the illustrated riding scenes, always wear protective clothing <strong>and</strong> observe the applicable provisions of the road traffic regulations!<br />

The illustrated vehicles may vary in selected details from the production models <strong>and</strong> some illustrations feature optional equipment available at additional cost.

husqvarna-motorcycles.com<br />

World of Yamaha <strong>and</strong> Linex<br />

Yamaha Launch New E-Commerce<br />

Sites<br />

For Motorcycle <strong>and</strong> Marine Accessories.<br />

Tuning Fork t/a Yamaha SA Distributors has as of<br />

8 December 2021, launched three e-commerce<br />

sites for all three company owned retail stores<br />

applicable to motorcycle <strong>and</strong> marine accessories,<br />

across a variety of br<strong>and</strong>s. The retailers include<br />

Linex Yamaha Lynnwood, Linex Yamaha<br />

R<strong>and</strong>burg <strong>and</strong> World of Yamaha. This latest<br />

venture aims to underst<strong>and</strong> customer purchase<br />

requirements <strong>and</strong> to ensure those customer<br />

expectations are delivered upon, with a further<br />

intent to exceed these expectations. ‘Online<br />

shopping is a key component of any successful<br />

retail business, as it exposes our fantastic range<br />

of products to a broader customer base’ – Robin<br />

van Rensburg,<br />

Managing Director, Tuning Fork. Through<br />

collaborating with a reputable technology firm<br />

to build the sites, Yamaha’s latest e-commerce<br />

platforms are designed to provide the customer<br />

with a seamless user journey in terms of ease<br />

of purchase of various accessory br<strong>and</strong>s. The<br />

state-of-the-art technology allows the customer<br />

to make secure payments facilitated by PayGate.<br />

At the heart of creating <strong>and</strong> maintaining an<br />

effective e-commerce site is customer-centricity.<br />

Therefore, the collection <strong>and</strong> delivery of products<br />

are made convenient through their relationships<br />

with top tier logistics service providers. This<br />

additional perk provides the customer with the<br />

option to either collect the order in store or to<br />

have orders delivered to their address of choice.<br />

With high-resolution images of reputable marine<br />

<strong>and</strong> motor accessory products, customers enjoy<br />

the thrill of visually connecting with various<br />

accessory br<strong>and</strong>s without leaving the comfort<br />

of their homes or other spaces. The Yamaha<br />

SA websites have been long in the making to<br />

ensure that they respond innovatively to change<br />

<strong>and</strong> continue to connect with customers at all<br />

touchpoints.<br />

Visit the new retailer e-commerce websites using<br />

the links below:<br />

World of Yamaha e-commerce website:<br />

www.worldofyamaha.co.za/<br />

Linex Yamaha R<strong>and</strong>burg e-commerce website:<br />

www.linexyamahar<strong>and</strong>burg.co.za/<br />

Linex Yamaha Lynwood e-commerce website:<br />

hwww.linexyamahalynnwood.co.za/<br />

Photo: R. Schedl, R. Steinke, KISKA GmbH<br />

Please make no attempt to imitate the illustrated riding scenes, always wear protective clothing <strong>and</strong> observe the applicable provisions of the road traffic regulations!<br />

The illustrated vehicles may vary in selected details from the production models <strong>and</strong> some illustrations feature optional equipment available at additional cost.

husqvarna-motorcycles.com<br />

Find New Ways<br />

Trust in the north.<br />

Photo: R. Schedl, R. Steinke, KISKA GmbH<br />

Please make no attempt to imitate the illustrated riding scenes, always wear protective clothing <strong>and</strong> observe the applicable provisions of the road traffic regulations!<br />

The illustrated vehicles may vary in selected details from the production models <strong>and</strong> some illustrations feature optional equipment available at additional cost.<br />

parallel twin 889 cc 105 hp 204 kg<br />

901<br />

N o r d e n<br />

the entire globe is a<br />

playground just waiting<br />

for you to explore.<br />

inspired by the north<br />

<strong>and</strong> built for the world,<br />

the norden 901 is a rugged<br />

travel machine ready<br />

to face the unknown.

Ariete OEM replacement grips<br />

Ariete offers the best in Italian made grips, with<br />

world class innovation, safety <strong>and</strong> comfort.<br />

The Ariete grips have an anatomical shape <strong>and</strong><br />

structure, ensuring the best in comfort, regardless<br />

of how long the journey. Made from anti-allergy<br />

<strong>and</strong> anti-UV material you can be rest assured<br />

knowing your grips will be able to endure the<br />

elements too. The hypo-allergenic material used<br />

in the production of these grips is exclusive to<br />

ARIETE <strong>and</strong> was developed to get the following<br />

quite exceptional characteristics:<br />

• The surface is not porous<br />

• The molecular structure is dense.<br />

• It absorbs <strong>and</strong> neutralizes vibration<br />

• It is durable, <strong>and</strong> not subject to cracking<br />

• It performs superlatively in the “Grip<br />

test”<br />

Ariete BMW Replacement Grips,<br />

(sku 02624/L), are premium replacement grips<br />

that are like the BMW OEM grips <strong>and</strong> are<br />

compatible with both normal as well as heated<br />

grip models. They are 125 mm in length, have<br />

a holed diameter of 26mm <strong>and</strong> are open ended<br />

to fit in bar ends or h<strong>and</strong> guard mounts. The<br />

material is super soft<br />

Ariete BMW Replacement Grips,<br />

( sku 01690/F/24), are suitable for older BMW<br />

models with heated grips such as the BMWs-<br />

F650 Dakar R1150GS <strong>and</strong> etc. They are 130<br />

mm <strong>and</strong> have a holed diameter of 26mm, made<br />

from super soft material for heated controls, <strong>and</strong><br />

NO! the kit does not include the heating element<br />

Domino A360 MX/Enduro grips<br />

Designed <strong>and</strong> developed with the specific<br />

intention to create a natural feeling texture, to<br />

define a new level of grip safety <strong>and</strong> assure<br />

the best level of comfort for the rider; the new<br />

A360 grip has surprised testers <strong>and</strong> they are<br />

sure it will do the same for you. These grips are<br />

a thermoplastic dual compound rubber grips,<br />

meaning a harder surface for better stability <strong>and</strong><br />

durability below a softer layer for better grip <strong>and</strong><br />

rider comfort with incorporates a new lamellar<br />

structure for a better grip <strong>and</strong> an external zone<br />

for increased stress reduction with 3 specific<br />

slots for grip wire so they don’t cut into the riders<br />

h<strong>and</strong>s. This is quite a new innovative design the<br />

right h<strong>and</strong> grip has a length of 120 mm <strong>and</strong> the<br />

left h<strong>and</strong> grip is 123 mm in length with closed grip<br />

ends <strong>and</strong> they fit a h<strong>and</strong>le bar diameter of <strong>22</strong>mm<br />

<strong>and</strong> a throttle tube of 26mm. The flange diameter<br />

is 60 mm with the fully installed diameter of the<br />

grips at 29,5/31,5 mm respectively. The grip<br />

features a new raised sheeting logo which has the<br />

following functions, improve h<strong>and</strong> grip, giving a<br />

higher sense of control, improve bioclimatology<br />

by reducing sweating <strong>and</strong> helps clean the palm<br />

of the glove in extreme conditions. Another<br />

important feature of this new grip is two stress<br />

reduction zones which have been ergonomically<br />

placed in the two most highly stressed contact<br />

points at either end of the grip. These zones<br />

have been developed with a special soft texture<br />

which has been proven to significantly reduce<br />

the onset of blisters. The bas-relief A360 logo<br />

improves heat exchange by increasing air flow<br />

during use; this reduces h<strong>and</strong> temperature <strong>and</strong><br />

subsequently reduces stress to the palm. All of<br />

these new design elements, matched with the<br />

well-established technology that Domino applies<br />

to all of its products ensures that the new A360<br />

grip is an outst<strong>and</strong>ing product for even the most<br />

dem<strong>and</strong>ing riders.

Adventure Sport screens by<br />

Powerbronze<br />

Powerbronze Adventure Sport Screens have a<br />

lower profile than the original part for a more<br />

“sporty look” <strong>and</strong> are made from 3mm Acrylic<br />

<strong>and</strong> fit most adventure bikes as well as some<br />

road <strong>and</strong> touring bikes. They are available in 25<br />

colours with flame polished edges. They use the<br />

bikes original fixings <strong>and</strong> are extremely quick <strong>and</strong><br />

easy to fit <strong>and</strong> are TUV <strong>and</strong> ABE approved.<br />

Powerbronze has over 70 years of experience<br />

producing high quality products using extensive<br />

feedback from world class riders, coupled with<br />

considerable research <strong>and</strong> analysis as well as<br />

advanced studies of ergonomics. The screens fit<br />

the original fairing with no alterations, using the<br />

original fixings.<br />

For more info or to find your nearest stockist<br />

on any of these great products give the guys a<br />

Trickbitz a call on 011 672 6599.<br />

Tork Kraft Vellies<br />

Tork Craft introduces their new traditional<br />

h<strong>and</strong>made Vellies for both male <strong>and</strong> female<br />

A full range of sizes are now available in all<br />

leading stores. The Veldskoen, an all-time classic,<br />

h<strong>and</strong> crafted the old-fashioned way, with a strong<br />

insole <strong>and</strong> sole for extra wearability in the true<br />

Vellie tradition. The Tork Craft Vellies are created<br />

by a leading shoemaker, crafted by h<strong>and</strong> for<br />

maximum quality <strong>and</strong> comfort, strong distinctive<br />

leather footwear made tough with a timeless<br />

style. Made using only full-grain, natural leathers,<br />

which are soft <strong>and</strong> naturally more flexible,<br />

ensuring better comfort, they are stronger, have a<br />

better aesthetic appearance <strong>and</strong> they last longer.<br />

Scars, veins, tick marks <strong>and</strong> neck grooves are all<br />

signs of natural leather. Vellies are still in fashion<br />

today after decades of being marketed, many<br />

have made copies, tried to look at upgrades<br />

<strong>and</strong> new designs, but the original traditional<br />

Veldskoen is still around <strong>and</strong> is well accepted <strong>and</strong><br />

still rules <strong>and</strong> can be worn to any occasion. They<br />

have come a long way from the old outdoors,<br />

farmers, bush footwear, they are currently well<br />

accepted by all <strong>and</strong> worn everywhere by both<br />

male <strong>and</strong> females. To view all the Tork Craft Tool<br />

<strong>and</strong> Accessory options go to www.torkcraft.co.za<br />

For more information talk to your retail outlet or<br />

contact, Vermont Sales on 011 314 7711 <strong>and</strong> visit<br />

their web site www.vermontsales.co.za, Trade<br />

enquiries welcome.

NE<br />

HA<br />

A<br />

A<br />

Gra<br />

Batt ATV D<br />

SiDI Adventure 2 boots<br />

The Adventure is a professional SiDI<br />

motorcycle boot that combines the<br />

function of an enduro boot with the<br />

everyday practicality of a touring boot.<br />

Enduro <strong>and</strong> touring boots that are<br />

waterproof, breathable through GORE-TEX<br />

climate membrane breathable textile lining.<br />

The shin guards are made of plastic, they<br />

have an external heel protection cap <strong>and</strong><br />

plastic ankle protection with a flexible joint<br />

system. They come with 2 interchangeable<br />

quick release fasteners. The calf width is<br />

adjustable via Velcro fasteners. They also<br />

have a non-slip rubber sole with good<br />

grip <strong>and</strong> come in both st<strong>and</strong>ard length<br />

<strong>and</strong> shorty boots. Recommended retail is<br />

between R6,699.00 to R8,788.00 including<br />

VAT. For more information or to find your<br />

nearest stockist give Motosport distribution<br />

a call on 011 397 7779<br />

RST Urban Air 3 gloves<br />

The Urban air 3 Mesh glove is CE certified<br />

to level 1 KP. Made from mesh with a<br />

polyester lining, this glove offers supreme<br />

ventilation. Protection comes in the form of<br />

TPU on the knuckles, TPR on the fingers<br />

<strong>and</strong> a memory foam thumb as well as full<br />

grain double layer leather on the palm.<br />

This is further supported by the smart<br />

touch leather on the index finger, pre-<br />

curved fingers <strong>and</strong> a hook <strong>and</strong> loop strap<br />

closure… perfect for summer riding. Also<br />

from Motosport Distribution on 011 397<br />

7779<br />

B<br />

f<br />

A<br />

A<br />

RAD shifts up a gear...<br />

Some changes at the busy RAD dealership in<br />

Rivonia includes the addition of a luxury vehicle<br />

division instore.<br />

So - in addition to your new KTM or<br />

powerparts, you can browse some very well<br />

looked after pre-owned motorcycles <strong>and</strong> cars.<br />




Batt Tyres, the Ultimate<br />

for Extreme ATV Enduro<br />

A027<br />

A033<br />

A043<br />

• Sport & Recreational ATV<br />

• Cross Terrain 4×4 ATV Tyre<br />

• Durable On / Off Road Radial<br />

All BATT Tyres provide superior grip, long tread life<br />

<strong>and</strong> the best value-for-money thanks to our 4-TYRE<br />

COMBO SPECIALS, available for Sport & Utility ATV,<br />

Side-x-Side <strong>and</strong> UTV models. Batt is the largest<br />

supplier of ATV <strong>and</strong> Side-x-Side tyres on the African<br />

continent <strong>and</strong> ship tyres nationwide.<br />


(2X FRONTS & 2X REARS)<br />


• 21*7.00-10 & 20*10.00-9 R3,500 SAVE R1,700<br />

• 21*7.00-10 & 20*11.00-9 R3,500 SAVE R1,700<br />

• 21*7.00-10 & 20*11.00-8 R3,500 SAVE R1,700<br />

• <strong>22</strong>*7.00-10 & 20*10.00-9 R3,900 SAVE R1,500<br />

• <strong>22</strong>*7.00-10 & 20*11.00-9 R3,900 SAVE R1,500<br />

• <strong>22</strong>*7.00-10 & 20*11.00-8 R3,900 SAVE R1,500<br />

• <strong>22</strong>*7.00-10 & <strong>22</strong>*10.00-9 R3,900 SAVE R1,700<br />

• <strong>22</strong>*7.00-10 & <strong>22</strong>*11.00-9 R3,900 SAVE R1,800<br />

• 23*7.00-10 & <strong>22</strong>*11.00-9 R3,900 SAVE R1,800<br />

• 23*7.00-10 & 23*11.00-9 R3,900 SAVE R1,800<br />

‘A033’ 4-TYRE COMBO SPECIAL:<br />

• 24*8.00-12 & 24*11.00-10 R5,800 SAVE R800<br />

• 24*8.00-12 & 24*10.00-11 R5,800 SAVE R800<br />

• 25*8.00-11 & 25*10.00-11 R5,800 SAVE R800<br />

• 25*8.00-12 & 25*10.00-12 R5,800 SAVE R800<br />

• 26*9.00-12 & 26*11.00-12 R6,200 SAVE R1,040<br />

‘A043’ 4-TYRE COMBO SPECIAL:<br />

• 25*8.00-12 & 25*10.00-12 R6,200 SAVE R1,088<br />

• 26*9.00-12 & 26*11.00-12 R6,600 SAVE R1,040<br />

• 26*9.00-14 & 26*11.00-14 R7,200 SAVE R1,040<br />

‘A047’ 4-TYRE COMBO SPECIAL:<br />

• A047 30*10.00-14 R9,600 SAVE R3,080<br />

* Prices include VAT. We ship nationwide.<br />

A047<br />

GraphicWerx Advertising & Design<br />

• Race/ Rally, On <strong>and</strong> Off Road<br />



QUOTES: 073 777 9269 / 083 467 1349 • ADMIN: 011 205 0216<br />


www.battholdings.com<br />

Batt ATV D&T Aug '21.indd 1 2021/07/<strong>22</strong> 14:40

<strong>DIRT</strong>RIDER MOTORCYCLES<br />

CAPE TOWN 15 years of Lekker<br />

Lekker.<br />

We’ve featured this lot quite regularly over the<br />

years, Here is some Dirtrider News:<br />

Dirtriders Mario Kriek qualified as a motorcycle<br />

technician in 1998 when he ran the workshops<br />

for two of the biggest Yamaha dealerships in the<br />

country.<br />

He moved to Cape Town in 2000 <strong>and</strong> ran the<br />

workshop for Linex Yamaha, deciding to start his<br />

own business in 2006.<br />

Dirtrider Motorcycles is a specialized off road<br />

motorcycle shop <strong>and</strong> they recently celebrated 15<br />

years in business. The shop stocks a wide array<br />

of off road gear, riding kit, parts <strong>and</strong> accessories,<br />

as well as a greatr selection of all the top br<strong>and</strong>s<br />

for motocross, enduro <strong>and</strong> off road tyres.<br />

They also deal in second h<strong>and</strong> bikes which<br />

are bought or traded in <strong>and</strong> then checked <strong>and</strong><br />

serviced before resale.<br />

Dirtrider Motorcycles specializes in motocross,<br />

enduro bikes <strong>and</strong> super motards. They have<br />

a fully equipped workshop with qualified<br />

technicians all with years of experience. Mario is<br />

h<strong>and</strong>s-on <strong>and</strong> rebuilds each engine himself. The<br />

workshop carries out normal bike services <strong>and</strong><br />

also does race preparation <strong>and</strong> rebuilds for some<br />

of SA’s national motocross <strong>and</strong> enduro riders –<br />

from 50cc all the way to masters.<br />

39B Stella Road, Montague Gardens (opp the fire<br />

station on Koeberg Road)<br />

021 552 8514<br />


G<br />

C<br />

Doctors Bikes <strong>and</strong> Scooters<br />

Way out on the Wild West R<strong>and</strong> in Krugersdorp is<br />

a thriving multi franchise dealership. They are the<br />

official agents for a number of illustrious br<strong>and</strong>s<br />

such as Suzuki, (which they took on just before<br />

the world went into a tail spin of p<strong>and</strong>emics,<br />

lock down <strong>and</strong> the like), SYM, Polaris, Linhai <strong>and</strong><br />

Zontes. They have a large, well organised <strong>and</strong><br />

professionally staffed <strong>and</strong> kitted out workshop<br />

<strong>and</strong> fitment centre h<strong>and</strong>ling everything from<br />

a puncture repair all the way through the a<br />

complete rebuild, accident repairs <strong>and</strong> even<br />

custom work. A good selection of accessories,<br />

kit, clothing <strong>and</strong> aftermarket bits are on offer in<br />

their well-stocked accessories division <strong>and</strong> their<br />

parts department has everything you need for<br />

most makes <strong>and</strong> models of motorcycles right<br />

over the counter, <strong>and</strong> if they do not have it in<br />

stock, they can get it for you in two shakes of<br />

a lamb’s tail. They are the “GO TO” bike shop<br />

in the area with knowledgeable, professional,<br />

friendly <strong>and</strong> efficient service to boot. Pop in <strong>and</strong><br />

visit them at 1 Frederick Cooper road, Factoria,<br />

Krugersdorp or give them a call on 011 764 2706<br />

or drop them a mail at info@doctorsbikes.co.za or<br />

go to their website at www.doctorsbikes.co.za<br />

O<br />

Guts n Gas now focussed on<br />

adventure...<br />

Gear for your bike, crashbars, luggage, tyres,<br />

screens - <strong>and</strong> well anything really. Gear for you,<br />

boots, helmets, suits, comm systems, hydration<br />

packs - <strong>and</strong> pretty much everything else...<br />

In a very cool store in R<strong>and</strong>burg. They are busy<br />

with a little waiting, coffee area where you can<br />

pull up a pew <strong>and</strong> peruse the mags while you wait<br />

for them to give your baby a bit of love.<br />

Tyre <strong>and</strong> part fitments in a super neat workshop.<br />

Very cool accessory shop!<br />

Vin <strong>and</strong> the team do it all with a big smile.<br />

26 Avant Garde Ave. Northl<strong>and</strong>s Deco Park.<br />

R<strong>and</strong>burg.<br />


www.gasgas.com<br />

GET<br />

Photos: Sebas Romeo, Mitterbauer H.<br />

ON THE<br />


G A S !<br />

Purpose built for no-nonsense riding enjoyment, GASGAS EC Enduro bikes put highperformance<br />

into the h<strong>and</strong>s of everyone from occasional weekend warriors to those chasing<br />

extreme enduro glory. Wherever you decide to ride, GASGAS EC 2-stroke <strong>and</strong> 4-stroke enduro<br />

bikes are super versatile, ready to get you through the hardest rides <strong>and</strong> to the top of the<br />

gnarliest climbs!<br />

#GetOnTheGas<br />

@gasgas.official<br />

Please make no attempt to imitate the illustrated riding scenes, always wear protective clothing <strong>and</strong> observe the applicable provisions of the road traffic regulations!<br />

The illustrated vehicles may vary in selected details from the production models <strong>and</strong> some illustrations feature optional equipment available at additional cost.

What happened at<br />

EICMA?<br />

Forget Christmas, for European bikers the most wonderful<br />

time of the year is the EICMA show in Milan.<br />

Motorcyclists are showered with gifts of new models<br />

(not just the two-wheeled kind) <strong>and</strong> fresh innovations<br />

on rotating stages <strong>and</strong> under rays of artificial light.<br />

Donovan Fourie <strong>and</strong> friends take a look at what was<br />

on show…<br />

There was certainly some poignancy to this year’s<br />

events after the 2020 edition was cancelled due to<br />

COVID-19, but after fears manufacturer’s would stay<br />

away <strong>and</strong> instead save cash by retaining the online<br />

platforms it adopted for launches last year, nearly all<br />

were present <strong>and</strong> correct on 25 - 28 November.<br />

Notable absentees were Ducati <strong>and</strong> BMW. A couple of<br />

the week’s biggest bikes were debuted online during<br />

EICMA week, getting on the hype train without the<br />

expense of running a massive display at the show.<br />

Ducati is in Eicma’s back yard <strong>and</strong> yet, they chose to<br />

rather launch their new Panigale online…<br />

Our lot takes a look at what was presented <strong>and</strong> what<br />

we can expect in the near future...<br />

N<br />

AV<br />

rea<br />

fro<br />

ma<br />

tra<br />

Fo<br />

Roughing it in Italian<br />

the MV Agusta 9.5 Lucky Explorer:<br />

MV Agusta unveiled the Lucky Explorer Project,<br />

which they say is “a multi-faceted initiative aiming at<br />

gathering the passionate lovers of rally raid <strong>and</strong> offroad<br />

racing around Schiranna’s unforgettable legacy<br />

of epic participations <strong>and</strong> victories in the great African<br />

rallies of the golden age.”<br />

We had heard rumours that MV Agusta would be<br />

releasing much to look forward to, <strong>and</strong> this is just the<br />

beginning according to the Italian br<strong>and</strong>. The Lucky<br />

Explorer is MV delves into the lucrative adventure<br />

market, more specifically the mid-range adventure<br />

market.<br />

They will release two variants – the 9.5 <strong>and</strong> the 5.5,<br />

with the 9.5 featuring a 930cc triple motor built upon<br />

the foundation of MV’s previous 800cc triple, except<br />

with a bigger bore <strong>and</strong> a bigger stroke. Oh. And it will<br />

also have a completely redesigned generator, starter,<br />

clutch, selector <strong>and</strong> gearbox. Apart from that, it’s<br />

exactly the same. Especially its size that keeps the<br />

same dimensions as the 800, <strong>and</strong> weighs only <strong>22</strong>0kg.<br />

As the 9.5 is still a prototype, more details including the price <strong>and</strong> release<br />

date are still to be revealed.<br />

From China with love – MV Agusta Lucky Explorer 5.5<br />

C<br />

M<br />

Y<br />

CM<br />

E<br />

BBS_D&T<br />

A<br />

T<br />

+<br />

On the options list is a Rekluse automatic clutch <strong>and</strong><br />

an up-down shifter.<br />

The whole lot pushes a nod-worthy 125hp <strong>and</strong> 102<br />

Nm of torque.<br />

It would seem that MV Agusta is not marketing the<br />

Lucky Explorer as a fancy café ornament, but means<br />

adventure business. The frame <strong>and</strong> sub-frame<br />

are classical steel-tubing builds coupled with an<br />

aluminium swing-arm. The front wheel is 21-inch <strong>and</strong><br />

the rear is 18-inch, as you would expect on a serious<br />

off-road machine.<br />

Obviously it will feature a TFT dash with all the<br />

electronic goodies.<br />

From Italy where we saw the 9.5 Lucky Explorer, we now dash across to<br />

China where MV Agusta, in collaboration with Qianjiang who also owns the<br />

Benelli br<strong>and</strong> is developing a 5.5 version of the adventure range.<br />

Very few details have been released about the 5.5, apart from that it will be<br />

manufactured in China <strong>and</strong> that it will be powered by a 550cc parallel-twin<br />

motor.<br />

Like the 9.5, it will feature dual-lamp LEDs <strong>and</strong> a TFT dash.<br />

Much of the rest of the machine seems to be based upon the Qianjiang<br />

<strong>and</strong> Benelli 500cc adventure machines with an extra 50cc thrown in for<br />

good measure.<br />

More details will be announced as development continues.<br />

MY<br />

CY<br />

CMY<br />

K<br />


NOW HERE!<br />


SA’S #1-SELLING<br />


The 20<strong>22</strong> Zooka RFZs feature cutting-edge styling <strong>and</strong> excellent build quality. The new trellis-frame <strong>and</strong> rebound-adjustable<br />

rear mono-shock add to the razor-sharp h<strong>and</strong>ling of the RFZ125J, 125T <strong>and</strong> 125S, with features like<br />

front <strong>and</strong> rear disc brakes rounding off the package.<br />

The RFZ125s are equipped with a new 4-stroke air-cooled powerplant with a 4-speed<br />

manual gearbox, geared to tackle pit bike<br />

tracks <strong>and</strong> off road trails with ease.<br />

Contact a dealer today<br />

<strong>and</strong> get ready for<br />

some off road ripping this<br />

Festive Season!<br />

R15,999 00<br />

14”/12” Wheels<br />

R16,499 00<br />

17”/14” Wheels<br />

For the full scooter, motorcycle, ATV <strong>and</strong> commercial range visit: www.samotorcycles.co.za<br />

R16,999 00<br />

19”/16” Wheels<br />


Join Big Boy on<br />

EMD Online_justTRAC_A5 Advert.pdf 1 21/11/30<br />

* Best-selling<br />

8:23:03<br />

claim<br />

AM<br />

made on total yearly unit sales, based on new registrations. All advertised prices include VAT, excludes On-The-Road costs & Govt. Levy.<br />

GraphicWerx Advertising & Design cc<br />

BBS_D&T_JAN '<strong>22</strong>.indd 1 2021/12/08 10:09<br />

C<br />

M<br />

Y<br />

CM<br />

MY<br />

CY<br />

CMY<br />

K<br />

Asset<br />

Tracking<br />

+ Recovery<br />

− Riders<br />

− Bikes &<br />

Quads<br />

− Trailers &<br />

Caravans<br />

A-to-Z<br />

to YOU!<br />

...so easy<br />


Kawasaki Versys<br />

650 LT<br />

This wasn’t the only Kawasaki unveiled at EICMA; the<br />

updated H2 SX with adaptive cruise control is a much<br />

flashier machine, but for many readers, it’s more than<br />

they can afford.<br />

However, almost anyone should be able to find<br />

enough change in the couch cushions for the<br />

Kawasaki Versys 650 LT (even though the price has<br />

gone up, just a bit).<br />

It is still a basic bike powered by a basic paralleltwin<br />

engine, but with a new TFT screen, adjustable<br />

windscreen, LED headlight <strong>and</strong> traction control<br />

system, this bike receives a wide range of incremental<br />

improvements without seeing a complete re-think.<br />

In other words, Kawasaki made it better without an<br />

expensive re-design that would have raised MSRP.<br />

Good for them! We don’t all have deep pockets, <strong>and</strong><br />

frankly, the industry didn’t seem too interested in<br />

releasing budget-friendly bikes at EICMA this year.<br />

Let’s see if the bike makes it to our shores.<br />

20<strong>22</strong> Kawasaki KLX<br />

230 SE:<br />

Man we need entry level bikes… Let’s hope our weird<br />

homologation laws don’t block this one…<br />

Kawasaki has brought back the KLX 230 for 20<strong>22</strong> <strong>and</strong><br />

along with it comes the new KLX 230 Special Edition<br />

(SE). This entry-level dual sport is purpose built for<br />

various uses riding on the streets or off-road trails.<br />

The SE model comes equipped with plenty of features<br />

that make it off-road ready for any new buyer. New<br />

tapered h<strong>and</strong>lebars as well as h<strong>and</strong>guards, frame<br />

covers, <strong>and</strong> a skid plate keep the bike protected.<br />

Black rims <strong>and</strong> two special-edition graphics<br />

(Firecracker Red <strong>and</strong> Oriental Blue) give the bike a<br />

unique look. The KLX SE continues to come with a<br />

233cc air-cooled engine, a six-speed transmission,<br />

<strong>and</strong> weighs in at 130KG’s.<br />

The KLX 230 is a staple in the small-bore dual-sport<br />

world. With more enthusiasts learning to ride, it’s<br />

great to see Kawasaki offering a<br />

ready-to-ride package that’s<br />

geared more toward an<br />

entry-level market.

Cycle Technology ccT/A<br />

EST. 1978<br />

Adventure, Classic & Custom<br />

Motorcycle & Accessory Specialists<br />

Battling to find BMW<br />

Motorcycle Parts?<br />

Exclusive stockists of a<br />

comprehensive range of New,<br />

Aftermarket, Reconditioned<br />

<strong>and</strong> Used Parts from 1950<br />

to current Models.<br />

Professional Restoration, Custom<br />

Building, Servicing <strong>and</strong> Repairs of all<br />

BMW Motorcycles<br />

Accessorising of all makes of<br />

Adventure Motorcycles<br />

Stockists & Fitment of proven<br />

Adventure Motorcycle Equipment<br />

& Accessories<br />

Prepare & Equip all types of<br />

Adventure Motorcycles<br />

Service & Maintaining of BMW Classic, Touring<br />

<strong>and</strong> Adventure Motorcycles<br />

Tyre Stockists, Recommendation, Fitment &<br />

Electronic Wheel Balancing<br />

Manufacture & Design Parts to Specific Requirements<br />

Customisation Consultancy<br />

Repairs, Trueing <strong>and</strong> Lacing of Wheels<br />

Tubeless Conversion<br />

Puncture Repair Kits<br />

Officially Appointed<br />

Distributors for<br />

Motorcycle Equipment,<br />

Accessories <strong>and</strong> more<br />


(011) 433 8850 info@cytechmotorcycles.co.za<br />

61 Port Road, Robertsham, Johannesburg<br />


20<strong>22</strong> Ducati DesertX<br />

Ducati Fans around the world REJOICE!<br />

After a couple of years of teasing, it’s on the way -<br />

Ducati’s most dirt-worthy motorcycle since the 1971 450<br />

R/T. It’s the most ADV oriented Ducati to date <strong>and</strong> we like<br />

the fresh approach. Let’s look more closely at Ducati’s<br />

shot across the bow of the midrange rallye market.<br />

The 20<strong>22</strong> Ducati DesertX’s Testastretta 11° motor is<br />

based on the engine used in the Multistrada V2 <strong>and</strong><br />

Monster. The 937cc V-twin with desmodromically<br />

actuated valves pump out 110 horsepower at 9250 rpm<br />

<strong>and</strong> 68 ft-lbs of torque at an approachable 6500 rpm.<br />

Changes to the clutch <strong>and</strong> gearbox improve shifting <strong>and</strong><br />

save weight.<br />

A quickshifter is st<strong>and</strong>ard for the six-speed transmission.<br />

1st <strong>and</strong> 2nd gears are considerably lower than on the<br />

Multistrada V2, with the 3rd through 5th speeds geared<br />

incrementally lower. Sixth gear remains a touring-friendly<br />

overdrive.<br />

Off-road credibility comes via a 21-/18-inch wheel<br />

combo <strong>and</strong> long-travel suspension.<br />

Aggressive Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR tubeless tyres are<br />

mounted on the wire-spoked rims. The fully adjustable<br />

KYB suspension provides around nine inches of wheel<br />

travel at both ends. The fork is a 46mm inverted unit,<br />

while the piggyback-reservoir shock is cantilevered,<br />

rather than linkage-assisted.<br />

The DesertX tips the scales at <strong>22</strong>4 KG’s with the 21 litre<br />

fuel tank topped off.<br />

An optional 8 litre auxiliary fuel tank mounted near the<br />

rear fender extends the DesertX’s range considerably.<br />

Seat height is 34.4 inches, <strong>and</strong> the ergonomics are<br />

friendly for st<strong>and</strong>ing. Ducati says it has kept the<br />

midsection slim to make it easier for the rider to grasp<br />

the motorcycle when riding off-road <strong>and</strong> get the rider’s<br />

boots to the ground. Initially soft suspension keeps the<br />

rider closer to the ground, cutting into the 9.8 inches of<br />

ground clearance. An accessory lower seat is available.<br />

Plenty of modes <strong>and</strong> rider-aid options allow riders to<br />

tailor the DesertX for preferences <strong>and</strong> conditions. There<br />

are six ride modes, plus four Power Modes. For the<br />

first time, a Ducati motorcycle has a Rally mode, which<br />

goes with the Enduro, Sport, Touring, Urban, <strong>and</strong> Wet<br />

modes. The four power modes—Full, High, Medium, <strong>and</strong><br />

Low—adjust throttle response <strong>and</strong> power output. IMUsupported<br />

adjustable rider aids include traction control,<br />

wheelie control, electronic engine braking adjustment,<br />

<strong>and</strong> cornering-aware ABS. The DesertX’s ABS also has<br />

three levels with the cornering function, plus Enduro <strong>and</strong><br />

Rally, which defeat the cornering utility.<br />

Brembo h<strong>and</strong>les braking duties. A pair of radially<br />

mounted Brembo M50 monobloc calipers grasp the<br />

320mm disc. The front brake master cylinder is a direct<br />

axial-pump design, <strong>and</strong> the lever is adjustable. The<br />

265mm rear disc gets a two-piston floating Brembo<br />

caliper.<br />

The dashboard is rally-inspired. The five-inch TFT display<br />

is mounted vertically to make it easier for riders to read<br />

while st<strong>and</strong>ing. There are two viewing modes—St<strong>and</strong>ard<br />

<strong>and</strong> Rally. The Rally mode is designed to facilitate<br />

navigation by mimicking the tripmaster display used by<br />

rally bikes. Unfortunately, GPS is not part of the system.<br />

The optional Ducati Multimedia System pairs with your<br />

smartphone, providing turn-by-turn navigation. If you<br />

like listening to music or talking on the phone while rally<br />

raiding, the DMS will make that happen.<br />

There will be lots of apparel to match the DesertX—both<br />

casual <strong>and</strong> technical.<br />

Looks good. Let’s see if we get a ride when it gets here.<br />

A NE<br />

Stock<br />

C<br />



Pre Loved Motorcycles.<br />

Stock changes regularly - Best trade cover for all Br<strong>and</strong>s of motorcycles – In house finance<br />

& Exclusive Cars<br />

2005 KTM 950 Adventure<br />

R78,000.00<br />

BMW M2 Competition 2019<br />

R1,095,000.00<br />

Jaguar XF 2.0d R-Sport 2017<br />

R484,449.00<br />

2013 KTM 1190 Adventure R<br />

Bash Plate Soft luggage rack<br />

49 824 kms<br />

R135,000.00<br />

2019 KTM 250 XC-W TPI<br />

CarbonTeck clutch <strong>and</strong> ignition guard<br />

Exhaust guard Shark fins<br />

R99,000.00<br />

Nissan Infiniti Qx 80 5.6 2015<br />

R789,999.00<br />

Corner Rivonia <strong>and</strong> Witkoppen Road, Witkoppen Rd, S<strong>and</strong>ton, 2157<br />

Phone: 011 234 5007 Email: info@radmoto.co.za

Yamaha Tenere Raid<br />

Prototype:<br />

As more <strong>and</strong> more new bikes were announced at this<br />

year’s EICMA, one that really caught our eye is the<br />

20<strong>22</strong> Yamaha Tenere Raid Prototype. Before you get<br />

your hopes up, yes, this bike is still a prototype, but<br />

it does look strikingly similar to a hopped-up Tenere<br />

700.<br />

The Raid prototype looks to be outfitted with about<br />

every part from the GYTR accessories catalogue. A<br />

full titanium Akrapovič exhaust system, oil cooler,<br />

oversized brakes <strong>and</strong> race-ready suspension are just<br />

the tip of the iceberg on the spec sheet. Photos also<br />

show a large dash with full road-book navigation<br />

display. In short, the bike looks like Yamaha said<br />

“Hmm, if we were to race the Dakar on a Tenere, what<br />

would we throw at it?” This purpose-built machine is<br />

still just a prototype, but it definitely makes us wonder<br />

what the future of adventure riding, or racing, could<br />



The all-new 20<strong>22</strong> YZ125 represents an important<br />

evolution in Yamaha’s two-stroke lineage.<br />

Two-Stroke Power<br />

The newly designed, 125cc reed-valve-inducted two-stroke<br />

engine produces better acceleration <strong>and</strong> improved mid-to<br />

high-rpm power.<br />

Lightweight Frame<br />

With a completely redesigned sub-frame, <strong>and</strong> an already<br />

race-proven, highly developed aluminum semi-double cradle<br />

frame, that's engineered to provide just the right amount of<br />

strength <strong>and</strong> flex for the perfect balance of stability <strong>and</strong><br />

cornering performance.<br />

New High Performance Braking System<br />

The newly designed front <strong>and</strong> rear brake setup offers exceptional<br />

braking power <strong>and</strong> feel, while reducing unsprung weight.<br />

www.yamaha.co.za · +27 11 259 7600 · Facebook: Yamaha Southern Africa · Instagram: @yamahasouthafrica

30 years<br />

of Shimwells…<br />

By: Séan Hendley<br />

Actually, it’s more like 130 plus years…<br />

Current owners, André <strong>and</strong> Brahm Botha<br />

purchased the shop back in 1991 from Marco<br />

Galliot, a Mauritian Frenchman who had<br />

owned it since somewhere back in the late<br />

sixty’s or early seventies, before that details<br />

are a little bit hazy through the fogs of time.<br />

Photo’s do tell us that Shimwells Cycle Works was in Commissioner<br />

street, Boksburg with Ox wagons still being the<br />

transport of choice around the turn of last century. We have<br />

also been able to glean that Shimwells Brothers were also the<br />

original importers of Ford automobiles into South Africa when<br />

the first Model T’s were the latest ‘hot ticket’ in town. Around<br />

1929, the Shimwells building was erected in Springs. Half the<br />

shop was a hobbies, models <strong>and</strong> crafts shop <strong>and</strong> the other<br />

half was a motorcycle dealership with br<strong>and</strong>s like BSA, Triumph,<br />

Royal Enfield <strong>and</strong> Honda in stock. Along the line those<br />

br<strong>and</strong>s were relinquished <strong>and</strong> a Yamaha Motorcycles franchise<br />

was taken on during Marco Galliots time.<br />

Here is an old newspaper article excerpt, by Denis Godfrey,<br />

from somewhere in the 1980’s… we think:<br />

PIC 1 CAPTION: Shimwells Brothers was a bicycle <strong>and</strong> later<br />

motorcycle seller in Johannesburg, South Africa. It was<br />

established in 1887 at the corner of Eloff <strong>and</strong> Pritchard Streets,<br />

(now one of the poshest commercial districts of Johannesburg),<br />

in humble quarters made of bricks built with mud <strong>and</strong> grass.<br />

Check out all the new Model-T Fords parked in front of<br />

Shimwells back in the day.<br />

“Of all the great cities of the world, Johannesburg probably<br />

is unique in one respect. It is that some of the commercial<br />

establishments which opened their doors on what virtually was<br />

barren veld in the cradle days of the mining town, still are in<br />

business to this day, (<strong>and</strong> if you look at the names, more than<br />

40 years after this original article was written, they are still<br />

going <strong>and</strong> are giants of industry in South Africa <strong>and</strong> around the<br />

world.).<br />

After the passing of almost a century since the first keen<br />

traders hung their notices outside their tents <strong>and</strong> shanties<br />

proclaiming their wares, at least some of the pioneer firms still<br />

are in business… Names like come to mind include Thorne<br />

Stuttafords, Jutas, Markhams,… T.W. Beckett <strong>and</strong> Company,<br />

Herbert Evans <strong>and</strong> of course, Shimwells Brothers, the firm that<br />

set out with such success to put the people of Johannesburg<br />

on wheels. Shimwells Brothers was founded by Albert Shimwell<br />

in 1887, <strong>and</strong> had among its customers such giants of<br />

South African finance <strong>and</strong> mining as…”

Come the 1st of November 1991, brothers André, (34 years<br />

old at the time), <strong>and</strong> Brahm, (24 years old then), took over the<br />

reigns at Shimwells Yamaha. Incidentally, another historical<br />

event took place on the same day, South Africa moved from<br />

GST, (General Sales Tax), to VAT, (Value Added Tax). With the<br />

business, they inherited some staff, one of who is still with<br />

them to this day. Gertrude Mbonani was a mere 31 years old<br />

at the time <strong>and</strong> had joined the company 2 years earlier in 1989<br />

as the tea lady, but she had bigger plans in mind. Preferring<br />

to spend her tea <strong>and</strong> lunch breaks sitting with the parts sales<br />

people <strong>and</strong> learning their trade <strong>and</strong> teaching herself how to<br />

operate the computers, she eventually started minding the<br />

parts counter when the sales folk were on their breaks <strong>and</strong><br />

was eventually appointed into the position permanently. Anybody<br />

that has dealt with Shimwells in the last 30 odd years will<br />

be acquainted with her No-Nonsense, professional, friendly<br />

<strong>and</strong> efficient service.<br />

Gertie, as she is affectionately known, is a mainstay of<br />

Shimwells family, having been there longer, even than even<br />

the owners themselves. She tried retiring somewhere back<br />

in 2012, but got bored sitting at home sipping on tea <strong>and</strong> the<br />

Botha boys gratefully welcomed her back.<br />

In May 2012, they opened a satellite showroom in Boksburg<br />

<strong>and</strong> operated the two shops for 5 years until 2017 when they<br />

decided to close up Springs <strong>and</strong> exp<strong>and</strong> the shop in Boksburg.<br />

Now the next generation is moving up through the ranks<br />

in the form of André’s son <strong>and</strong> workshop manager Zac Botha.<br />

How absolutely flippen cool is that?<br />

Here’s to the next 130 years of Shimwells!.<br />


CHRISTMAS EVE 1921.<br />




If you need anything for your Yamaha motorcycle, pop in <strong>and</strong><br />

see these guys at Unit 9, The Terminal, corner of Trichardts<br />

Rd & Dr Vosloo Rd, Bartlett, Boksburg or give them a call on<br />

011 362 2182.<br />








Gertrude <strong>and</strong> Elizabeth, the two top spares<br />

ladies in the motorcycle industry in SA.<br />


20<strong>22</strong><br />

YAMAHA<br />

YZ450F<br />

At the time we did this test, there were only two new 450’s in SA. The bike belongs to Linex<br />

Lynwoods Justin Boniface – <strong>and</strong> he was crazy enough to allow our lot loose on the machine.<br />

We are happy to report that it returned in the same condition as when we arrived…<br />

Conditions at the Chestnut Hill MX track were perfect for our intro to the 20<strong>22</strong> Yamaha<br />

YZ450F. With the 450 featuring new suspension settings, rear wheel changes, a reduction in<br />

unsprung weight, <strong>and</strong> cosmetic updates, Yamaha went beyond the bold-new-graphics theme<br />

common toward the end of production cycles. Current owners need not worry though; while<br />

the rear wheel has an updated hub <strong>and</strong> new three-cross-spoke pattern, it’s dimensionally the<br />

same, so your current inventory of latest-generation YZ450F wheels <strong>and</strong> sprockets will fit if<br />

you decide to upgrade to the 20<strong>22</strong> model.

The bike was fueled <strong>and</strong> pointed at the track where the guys<br />

each took in a few laps <strong>and</strong> came in scratching heads a bit. Trying<br />

to be diplomatic <strong>and</strong> looking very wise, they all commented<br />

on how great it felt, with such linear power delivery <strong>and</strong> all that<br />

until we asked why it was not revving out very much…<br />

Justin had deliberately set the bike on a softer, toned down rain<br />

mode just so that the guys could get used to the track before<br />

opening her up. As you’ll know, Yamaha was one of the first<br />

bikes with remote tuning via the app on your cell phone. Yamaha<br />

owners. Do yourself a favour <strong>and</strong> invest some time in learning<br />

how to operate the Power Tuner app. The bike comes st<strong>and</strong>ard<br />

with two stock base maps, even when the map light is activated.<br />

So - why not plug in a secondary map from the factory? They<br />

want you to connect through the app <strong>and</strong> dial it in. It even provides<br />

maps for you to do so. All you have to do is access them.<br />

If you’re unsure of anything, have the dealer assist you with<br />

setup when purchasing your new ride.<br />

Justin spent quite a lot of time playing with the app, <strong>and</strong> he’s<br />

actually saved quite a few maps on his phone as far as we could<br />

tell. You can literally set up your favorite map according to what<br />

track you ride at.<br />

He Bluetoothed to the bike, reset the maps – <strong>and</strong> that didn’t<br />

take long – <strong>and</strong> sent the boys out again… <strong>and</strong> the difference was<br />

actually quite amazing. Ain’t technology marvelous?<br />

Our regular MX man Mike Wessels tells us that Yamaha has improved<br />

upon the already great suspension settings. According to<br />

press releases from Blue, mid- to high-speed damping force has<br />

increased, <strong>and</strong> he reckons that the ’<strong>22</strong> just feels better.<br />

“I came with the expectation of the 20<strong>22</strong> model feeling the same<br />

as the previous 21 with not a whole lot of updates as most of<br />

the significant updates were done in 2020 <strong>and</strong> I must say I did<br />

notice a better ride with the suspension. Yamaha has always<br />

been known for having good suspension <strong>and</strong> I’m glad they kept<br />

with the coil spring forks, they work well <strong>and</strong> seems like they<br />

dialed the stock suspension in just right without us having to<br />

play around with the clickers. I felt comfortable straight off the<br />

bat even though I haven’t ridden in a while - <strong>and</strong> I felt safe on the<br />

bike.<br />

To be honest I couldn’t notice any difference in feeling with the<br />

lighter rear wheel on the new bike but it might give less of a gyro<br />

effect in the air if anything noticeable.<br />

The Power delivery is what impresses me the most with the bike.<br />


Yamaha deliver a strong motor that really pulls hard without<br />

having to go flat taps all over the place. I’m sure will aid with reliability<br />

in the long run as there is plenty power <strong>and</strong> motor doesn’t<br />

need to work that hard to be fast plus it sounds great!<br />

Overall, a great bike for my level of riding. I couldn’t ride the bike<br />

past its potential. It feels solid, quick <strong>and</strong> h<strong>and</strong>les so well without<br />

major adjustments.<br />

The bike looks equally great in in the flesh <strong>and</strong> although the tank<br />

area feels wide you get used it quite quickly. The more you ride<br />

it, the more you like it.<br />

Thumbs up from me!”<br />

St John Von Willich, who does not race, but who is one of the<br />

smoothest riders that we’ve seen in a long time was also so<br />

complimentary of the new machine. Interestingly, he spends his<br />

life in the saddle of European bikes – <strong>and</strong> this was his first outing<br />

on the YZ.<br />

“Guys, I felt really at home. I need to set the bars <strong>and</strong> things to<br />

my personal preferences, but<br />

what amazes me is that by the end of lap 1, I was just so at<br />

home on the Yamaha. Very smooth through the corners – no<br />

washing up front <strong>and</strong> the track is quite slippery in a few places.<br />

Unreal h<strong>and</strong>ling with a broad powerb<strong>and</strong>. Beautiful power everywhere!<br />

On the older bikes, I’d always notice a big geometry<br />

change between my bike <strong>and</strong> other br<strong>and</strong>s – but these days, the<br />

newer bikes all feel so similar in the way that they do stuff. You<br />

can see how br<strong>and</strong>s pinch ideas <strong>and</strong> tech from each other – you<br />

can hop from one br<strong>and</strong> to another <strong>and</strong> the bikes just feel right!<br />

This one is a great choice. I was very pleasantly surprised.”<br />

That’s it folks. Small updates for the new model on, what our lot<br />

says is already a great bike.<br />

R144950.00<br />

www.linexyamahalynnwood.co.za<br />




The Powerbronze range embraces bodywork, windscreens <strong>and</strong> carefully<br />

selected hardware. Each component is designed to fit the most<br />

popular retro, hyper-sports <strong>and</strong> sports/touring machines <strong>and</strong> is<br />

supplied with a fitting kit <strong>and</strong> full instructions where appropriate.<br />




BMW 310 GS - KTM 390 ADVENTURE<br />



FE450<br />

<strong>TRAIL</strong><br />



The best fun you can have with your kit on!<br />

The Husqvarna FE 450 in street trim.<br />

Some of you might not know that most<br />

Husqvarna motorcycles arrive in the<br />

crate, completely roadworthy. The reason<br />

for this is because in many countries,<br />

people use them as commuters. Also, in<br />

places like Australia, your dirtbike has to<br />

be roadworthy in order to go trail riding.<br />

At the Norden launch last month we<br />

noticed that the leader of the pack was<br />

on this FE 450. Being a formal launch<br />

<strong>and</strong> heading out onto some of the public<br />

roads in the area meant that the bikes<br />

needed to be roadworthy coz – we are all<br />

like super -responsible. With the demise<br />

of bikes like Honda’s XR650, would this<br />

make a good work tool or farm bike.<br />

If you live on a farm…<br />

A bike like this is flippen ideal – <strong>and</strong> you’ll<br />

get to the very top camps in a big hurry<br />

without even looking at the farm roads.<br />

A quick blip down the gravel road to visit<br />

the Buurman or grab supplies from the<br />

co-op would also be some of the very<br />

best fun on the market.<br />

Electric start, side st<strong>and</strong>, liquid cooling<br />

with a fan <strong>and</strong> more than enough horsepower<br />

to carry the biggest Blue Bulls<br />

farmer on the planet.<br />

All of this comes with the added bonus<br />

that you have an absolute race weapon<br />

to compete with at the farm races on the<br />

weekends. This is definitely not the old<br />

XR that your pops once owned.<br />

In suburbia, it not quite that simple…<br />

What’s it like as a day to day commuter?<br />

We went <strong>and</strong> picked it up from Husqvarna’s<br />

offices in Kyalami <strong>and</strong> pointed in the<br />

direction of the East R<strong>and</strong>. It’s more fun<br />

than a barrel of frogs for sure!<br />

On the streets, there is not a bike or car<br />

on the market that will touch the fun<br />

factor from light to light. Chances are<br />

excellent that you’ll be fined for popping<br />

her up on the back wheel or pulling that<br />

lekker stoppie. Traffic jams? What traffic<br />

jams? Hop the curb <strong>and</strong> take a short left!<br />

That’s the very nature of a dirtbike.<br />

Short commutes from home to the office<br />

will leave you smiling from ear to ear every<br />

single day. Freeways – not so much.

STREET<br />


Le<br />

Especially with the knobbly tyres – they sure won’t last long<br />

<strong>and</strong> you will be vibrated <strong>and</strong> buzzed to bits after any long ride.<br />

In stock trim, she happily runs at 140 without revving her brains<br />

out. But it’s only really fun on shorter commutes.<br />

But…<br />

Were we to use a bike like this as a day to day commuter <strong>and</strong><br />

for longer trips… this is what we’d do.<br />

Changing tyres every time you ride is a royal pain – so, we’d<br />

probably invest in another set of wheels - even a used set <strong>and</strong><br />

fit more street oriented, adventure type tyres.<br />

Those would be perfect for street use – A –La-Motard style.<br />

We’d also probably fit a smaller rear sprocket to tone things<br />

down a bit <strong>and</strong> get a bit more top speed – <strong>and</strong> a smaller rear<br />

sprocket will bring the revs down <strong>and</strong> is gentler on the engine.<br />

Do the maths – it’s still more cost effective than buying two<br />

new bikes.<br />

The dirty wheels would be hauled out for the weekend – lights<br />

numberplate, mirrors taken off (That all takes less than an hour<br />

once you’ve had a bit of practice), leave the hooter on <strong>and</strong><br />

head out to the trails or - to the next race.<br />

Why the hooter? Chances are excellent that you’ll use it to let<br />

your buddies know that you are about to overtake…<br />

This FE 450 is fitted with an Akarapovic slip-on .<br />

www.husqvarna-motorcycles.co.za for a dealer in your area.<br />

The clip on road worthy kit

The 2021<br />

Motul<br />

Roof Of Africa.<br />

SOME of the stories behind the mother of hard enduro<br />

Leo<br />



Le<br />

The dust (OK Mud) has cleared. The bikes are washed <strong>and</strong> ready<br />

for the ’<strong>22</strong> season – <strong>and</strong> hey! The sun is shining for a change.<br />

From a spectators point of view, it’s been a very entertaining<br />

Roof– <strong>and</strong> to be absolutely frank, it was just so cool to be back<br />

in the Mountain Kingdom for the Motul Roof of Africa.<br />

Things were a bit different. The border crossings were a breeze<br />

<strong>and</strong> we were in Maseru for the scrutineering. It was so cool to<br />

see old faces again – it’s kinda like a gathering of mates to round<br />

off the season – just - this year it was slightly earlier than usual.<br />

Lesotho, still nervous about the p<strong>and</strong>emic asked that Round The<br />

Houses <strong>and</strong> Endurocross sections be cancelled. This saw the<br />

Thursday field heading out to Thaba Bosiu <strong>and</strong> straight into time<br />

trial starting <strong>and</strong> ending at the race village.<br />

Travis Teasdale<br />

It all seemed a little subdued when compared to previous Roofs<br />

– mostly because there were less spectators – but if we tell you<br />

that the racing was as good as ever – you need to believe it!<br />

The day of the time trial was actually quite dry. A wave of the<br />

iconic blue, white <strong>and</strong> green Lesotho tricolor by the King of<br />

Lesotho, King Letsie III saw the race declared ON! The guys<br />

<strong>and</strong> gals set good pace on the short loop. It was great to watch<br />

the guys leading out through the donga at the base of the<br />

village. A tight twisty loamy piece that eventually ends up on<br />

the mountains <strong>and</strong> off into the spectacular valleys that are the<br />

reason we love Lesotho so much. It is always spectacular to<br />

see the skills that the gold racers display – <strong>and</strong> in the opposite<br />

spectrum – watching the riders in the new iron class clambering<br />

through sure was entertaining!<br />

In gold, Travis Teasdale recorded the fastest time of the day. He<br />

edged out defending champion Wade Young who took second,<br />

just 20 seconds behind Teasdale. Matt Green finished in third,<br />

just 3 minutes 35 seconds behind Young. This was set to be a<br />

great Motul Roof of Africa!<br />

Lying in bed after a long day out, the thunder came in <strong>and</strong> the<br />

rain started to fall… It was going to be a whole new ball game on<br />

Friday.<br />

Friday arrived, cold, overcast <strong>and</strong> rainy. Our troop of merry men<br />

opted to skip the start <strong>and</strong> head directly to the first unassisted<br />

refuel. It was a bit bleak, that snotty rain that does not quite<br />

know what it wants to do. Climbing up the pass we spotted<br />

one of the road crossings where the early birds were gathering.<br />

Guys – The Roof is always so festive – pit crews <strong>and</strong> spectators<br />

were parked along the road waiting for the first riders to come<br />

through. When they did appear, they were thoroughly wet <strong>and</strong><br />

cold – <strong>and</strong> it was still only 8 in the morning. But the guys we saw<br />

were quite chipper – just too happy to be riding in Lesotho again.<br />

We moved along to the first refuel point – a spectacular vista<br />

where if you just walked a short way up the mountain, you could<br />

see all the way to Zimbabwe! The guys <strong>and</strong> girls started coming<br />

through. It was here that The Motul Roof Of Africa claimed its<br />

first high profile rider. KTM’s Kirsten L<strong>and</strong>man arrived looking<br />

a bit worse for wear – the slippery rocks had grabbed her <strong>and</strong><br />

she limped off the bike looking a bit dazed. A couple of tumbles<br />

ended her outing <strong>and</strong> the disappointment for this Roof veteran<br />

was just so bitter for her. Luckily she has recovered <strong>and</strong> her<br />

planning <strong>and</strong> training for Dakar this month is in full swing.<br />

Malcolm Mac Sherry<br />

We got back onto the road to the second refuel point, hoping to<br />

catch the top gold guys coming through. Unless you have seen it<br />

you won’t underst<strong>and</strong>.<br />

People kind of mill around waiting… until – the Basotho ladies<br />

start to Ululate. Then you know that someone is on their way…<br />

but you can’t really tell who it is until they come storming in. In<br />

this instance it was Shercos Wade Young leading the pack.

His international crew was ready with a fresh hydration pack <strong>and</strong> a<br />

bowl of food. It’s like watching F1 – the bike <strong>and</strong> body is refueled – <strong>and</strong><br />

he was off again. That was to be the tone of the entire race. The next<br />

few riders were closer together, Trax Gas Gas riders Travis Teasdale<br />

<strong>and</strong> TT’s Matthew Green arrived next for a repeat performance. Those<br />

three riders were already well ahead of the rest of the pack – it just<br />

shows what racing abroad has done for our riders. Not too far off,<br />

the next two roared in – Mclarens Yamaha’s Luke Walker <strong>and</strong> Brother<br />

KTM’s Blake Gutzeid were in the hunt <strong>and</strong> it was awesome to see.<br />

A little birdie had told us where the gold <strong>and</strong> silver riders were<br />

expected to climb later that day so we loaded up <strong>and</strong> shipped out to a<br />

kloof – literally in the middle of nowhere. The rain was pouring down…<br />

a few vehicles were camped along the side of the ravine. It’s awesome!<br />

One bunch had the sound system out, blaring “Ou Ryperd”. Another<br />

bunch had a full on camper set up – they were braaiing <strong>and</strong> catching<br />

water off the canopy to boil up a nice cup of moer koffie. Soon the<br />

Michelin guys arrived, set up their Gazebo – <strong>and</strong> silly people – pulled<br />

out the biltong. It was a full-on picnic on the side of the mountain in<br />

the pouring rain. How cool is that? Our German visitor, Hard Enduro<br />

Worlds Peter Schleuter just shrugged. “Only in Africa!”<br />

Wade’s international pit crew.<br />

But that’s a side bar, we were there for the race, so we all looked<br />

for vantage points to grab that elusive cover shot. We could see the<br />

bronze riders making their way along in the distance – <strong>and</strong> we can tell<br />

you for free that where they were riding was certainly no picnic… While<br />

we were waiting, the news came through that thanks to the inclement<br />

weather, the days racing was being shortened <strong>and</strong> would end at the<br />

next DSP.<br />

A blue dot was spotted in the distance <strong>and</strong> the ululating began from<br />

the few villagers who were braving the weather. Wade made his way<br />

to the bottom of the climb <strong>and</strong> then started the charge. It really is quite<br />

something to see the skills that a rider like Wade has. Places where<br />

most mere mortals would not even think of riding were like a cakewalk.<br />

It was, however quite gratifying to see that even he had to push up <strong>and</strong><br />

over the final rocks – he is human after all…<br />

We sat on that slope for four hours – <strong>and</strong> in that time, only 6 gold<br />

riders came up the hill. Wade, Travis, Maddy, Luke, Will Slater <strong>and</strong><br />

Blake Gutzeit. But there was a bit of excitement when two Bronzies<br />

took a wrong turn <strong>and</strong> ended up on the slope. We saw two riders stuck<br />

right down at the bottom – <strong>and</strong> we think that it was Matthew Green<br />

who stopped to help them through the mud <strong>and</strong> snot up on to the rock<br />

face – <strong>and</strong> they started to climb… Despite our best efforts of telling<br />

them to turn around <strong>and</strong> they are nuts <strong>and</strong> other interesting things,<br />

they decided to soldier on up the slope. “There is no way we are<br />

turning back to ride through all that again!”<br />

There was a b<strong>and</strong> of spectators who our lot labelled the Basotho<br />

warriors on that hill. They took off their Basotho hats, w<strong>and</strong>ered down<br />

the hill <strong>and</strong> literally carried Eddie <strong>and</strong> Graydon up. That’s Roof for you!<br />

With the sun well past its zenith we decided that it was time to make<br />

our way to the DSP to watch the guys coming in <strong>and</strong> it was awesome!<br />

Whoever chose this spot has a great sense of humour. After a long<br />

day in the saddle – riders had to fling themselves <strong>and</strong> their bikes up<br />

a steep, slippery rock face to get through the Motul arch. There were<br />

two possible routes – <strong>and</strong> they were both equally challenging. And<br />

they were covered in mud thanks to all the dirty wheels that made<br />

the trek up. The riders were absolutely knackered! But it made for<br />

great spectating as the guys flung their bikes up <strong>and</strong> trudged wearily<br />

after them. Some came unstuck <strong>and</strong> gracefully slid down again – <strong>and</strong><br />

the spectators were not allowed to assist. Those who made it were<br />

rewarded with a mighty cheer! There were some heroics as riders<br />

helped each other up <strong>and</strong> over – but some riders were simply too tired<br />

to climb off <strong>and</strong> help… <strong>and</strong> they just sat <strong>and</strong> watched with glazed eyes<br />

until it was their turn to tackle the climb.<br />

It was awesome for our lot cheering them on. And chatting to the guys<br />

at the top, you could see the relief <strong>and</strong> pride of having made the finish<br />

for the day.<br />

Luke Walker <strong>and</strong> motorcycle family.<br />

Gold Podium.<br />

I think it’s that way.<br />

Leo<br />



Le<br />

Matt Green was overcome with emotion to get across the finish line third overall,<br />

it was a tough Motul Roof of Africa.<br />

That’s what The Roof is all about. We<br />

stayed at the DSP to cheer some of our<br />

bronze mates home until after the sun<br />

went down. There were still riders out,<br />

tomorrow was going to be a long day…<br />

Day 3: The Final Race Day.<br />

There was palpable tension at the start at<br />

Thaba Bosiu on the final day. Amazingly<br />

we managed to drag our entire posse out<br />

of bed at four AM so that we could get to<br />

the start from Maseru to watch the front<br />

runners head out. Very glad we made<br />

it though, because you get to see old<br />

friends <strong>and</strong> chat to parents, dealers <strong>and</strong><br />

manufacturers who were at The Roof. It<br />

was great to see the massive Motul bike<br />

wash, the Yamaha workshop <strong>and</strong> the<br />

huge Michelin tyre setup –<br />

stuff that you just don’t notice while you<br />

chase the race.<br />

Some of our team decided to watch<br />

the golds head out <strong>and</strong> then to head<br />

for Bushmans pass so that they could<br />

catch the top riders coming through. A<br />

couple of us stayed behind to watch the<br />

Siver <strong>and</strong> Bronze riders take off. The first<br />

donga that we watched at time trial had<br />

become virtually impossible to navigate<br />

– just a huge mud bath thanks to all the<br />

rain. That’s the Roof for you!<br />

We watched the last of the Bronzies<br />

head out when we were told that thanks<br />

again to dodgy weather, the organisers<br />

had decided to end the Gold, Silver<br />

<strong>and</strong> Bronze classes at Bushmans – <strong>and</strong><br />

as it happened that turned out to be a<br />

good call… so the entire timekeeping<br />

setup, sound etc was moved to one of<br />

our favorite mountains. Bushmans is<br />

great! The riders don’t think so, but for a<br />

spectator it’s awesome because within<br />

walking distance you can get to three or<br />

four climbs <strong>and</strong> watch the fun. You can<br />

literally camp out <strong>and</strong> watch the mayhem<br />

unfold.<br />

It was race on to get to Bushmans in<br />

time to catch the gold riders coming<br />

through on their first loop – <strong>and</strong> just a<br />

few minutes after we arrived, Shercos<br />

Wade Young came storming through.<br />

He headed our quickly not wasting any<br />

energy on niceties. And the weather was<br />

foul!<br />

A cold wind gusted up the valley <strong>and</strong> the<br />

rain… well it was just flippen miserable.<br />

The folks from Avani actually succeeded

in getting a coffee station up <strong>and</strong> running. Kudo’s to them! You<br />

had to spare a thought for the guys on the bikes. Racing Roof is<br />

tough – but when it rains… it’s a whole new beasty.<br />

The gap between the riders grew. Trax GasGas rider Travis<br />

Teasdale came through, followed by TT Racings Maddy Green.<br />

Then there was quite a long wait – when we noticed a Sherco<br />

rider coming in from a different direction… it was Young!<br />

Somehow he had missed the course.<br />

A quick chat with the clerk of the course <strong>and</strong> he was off again –<br />

<strong>and</strong> the speculation started among the spectators. Did he have<br />

enough of a lead to stay ahead? Would Teasdale be able to haul<br />

him in? He only needed to get back to the point where he had<br />

gone wrong - he did not have to re-ride the whole thing. But<br />

still… It was turning out to be an interesting morning.<br />

The silver leaders stated coming up the last hill <strong>and</strong> you could<br />

see the absolute joy on the guys faces as they crossed the finish<br />

line. And it was for good reason.<br />

The Silver class saw only 9 finishers from 89 starters <strong>and</strong> it also<br />

happened to have the closest podium finish of the event. Sage<br />

McGregor took a well-deserved victory over Jason Stay by less<br />

than 7 minutes <strong>and</strong> despite setting the fastest time of the day,<br />

Whitey Oosthuisen (One Nine Auto) came in third overall, less<br />

than 2 minutes behind Stay. It was awesome to watch. Next year<br />

we are pretty sure these guys will enter gold.<br />

In between all of this, the Top golds started to come in. Wade<br />

made it 4 in a row <strong>and</strong> his sixth Roof win overall, by winning<br />

the 53rd edition of the Motul Roof of Africa . He was followed<br />

home by the GasGas duo of Travis Teasdale (Trax TT Racing)<br />

who ended up just over 28mins behind the leader with Matthew<br />

Green (TT Racing) a further 44mins behind Teasdale.<br />

We’ve watched these guys since they were kids – it’s<br />

awesome to see the men that they have become – <strong>and</strong> you<br />

only underst<strong>and</strong> how important it is to these guys when you<br />

experience the emotions first h<strong>and</strong>. Green is usually one of<br />

the happiest guys out there – when he crossed the line with a<br />

podium, he was overcome by the sheer magnitude of it all. Very<br />

cool to see.<br />

But The Motul Roof Of Africa is not only about the gold riders.<br />

Eventually, thanks to the rain, the final climb turned to slush –<br />

the guys crossed the road, saw the Motul arch <strong>and</strong> thought that<br />

their race was over…. But that was not the case. They were<br />

greeted by a steep, slippery rock strewn climb. And when they<br />

got through that… they hit a sticky muddy slope. If it was dry, it<br />

would have been a cakewalk, but Lesotho had other ideas. The<br />

guys were exhausted <strong>and</strong> no matter that you were riding with the<br />

very latest rubber from Michelin – traction was non-existent. And<br />

spectators were, once again not allowed to assist at all.<br />

Rory Gower led the bronze class from start to finish taking first<br />

overall, followed by father <strong>and</strong> son duo Pieter Holl (Bert Smith All<br />

Stars) <strong>and</strong> Jukka Holl in Third. The Bronze class fared the best in<br />

the race against attrition with 131 finishers from 199 starters.<br />

Drama unfolded as the guys tried everything to get unstuck.<br />

Everything from launching your bike up the muddy slope <strong>and</strong><br />

trying to follow it, to finding a line that someone had not tried<br />

before. Some of the teams came in with the lead rider stopping<br />

to help, ropes were attached <strong>and</strong> bikes were manh<strong>and</strong>led up<br />

the hill. Some guys got properly stuck <strong>and</strong> were simply too<br />

exhausted to do anything about it…<br />

Kids <strong>and</strong> wives stepped in to cheer their family members on…<br />

It was awesome to watch. Indomitable human spirit at its very<br />

best. The hours literally flew by as the sun started to set on<br />

another epic Roof. We waited for the last gold riders to come<br />

home – SA’s hard enduro teacher <strong>and</strong> Roof legend, Mclarens<br />

Racing Wild William Gillitt soon made an appearance on the<br />

mountains <strong>and</strong> stormed up the hill to massive applause with<br />

his riding buddy Graham Hedgecock. These guys contribute so<br />

much to the South African racing scene.<br />

Route Director Altie with Hard<br />

Enduro Worlds Peter Schleuter<br />

Team Michelin.<br />

Team Motul <strong>and</strong> Team Trax<br />

Leo<br />



Le<br />

From Will: P15 for 15 straight consecutive golds .Had to work<br />

really hard for this gold roof finish with 13h45 hours on Friday.<br />

Saturday was also a mud battle after only having 3hours sleep<br />

on Friday evening. I had to use my military training, Romaniacs<br />

gold experience <strong>and</strong> my previous Roof experience to pull this<br />

one off. A massive thanks to Mclarens Yamaha for giving me<br />

an opportunity to compete in the 2021 Roof...Thank you Ian<br />

McLaren. Thank you to Steve Thompson for everything you have<br />

done over the years <strong>and</strong> for your immaculate attention to detail<br />

preparing my bike.<br />

Without my Brother Michael Gillitt no finish is possible, yet<br />

again he worked a slick service crew plan along with 10 other<br />

McLaren crew members. To all the riders that trained with me<br />

during the year especially the bronze riders I am proud of all your<br />

finishes. Thanks Altus <strong>and</strong> Charan Moore for testing me to my<br />

limits.#oldbutnotcold<br />

That’s the story from our perspective. Sadly, with the routes<br />

being changed every day, we seemed to miss most of the Iron<br />

class action <strong>and</strong> they finished each day at Thaba Bosiu. Many of<br />

our friends rode the class –<strong>and</strong> to quote Eldin Engelbrecht: “It’s<br />

one of the hardest things I have ever done!” So if you think that<br />

Iron is a picnic – maybe think again.<br />

Tiaan Rabe made Motul Roof of Africa history. His is the firstever<br />

name on the Iron Class trophy <strong>and</strong> he was followed home<br />

by Manuel Ferreira <strong>and</strong> Kowie Lombard.<br />

To watch the Roof Vids that we took – we have complied them<br />

all on our You Tube channel – South African motorcycle Media<br />

have a watch one rainy day <strong>and</strong> you’ll get the idea of what it was<br />

like to be there. All of the other photos we took are up on our<br />

social media page – facebook.com/dirt<strong>and</strong>trail.<br />

For all the great official Motul Roof Of Africa stuff , professional<br />

vids, pics, releases etc – www.roofofafrica.co.ls<br />

Two Roof legends<br />

Eddie Mdonana <strong>and</strong> Graydon Ilderton at the finish.<br />

People’s tales…<br />

My name is Luca van Zyl, I am 16 years old <strong>and</strong> competed in<br />

the Gold class at the Roof of Africa 2021 <strong>and</strong> I want to share my<br />

story:<br />

Being 16 years old, it was the first time I was allowed to compete<br />

<strong>and</strong> my bike of choice was a 2021 Husqvarna TE150i, because<br />

the regulations restricted us from riding any bigger 2 strokes. My<br />

training started in Jan 2021 <strong>and</strong> we used the National Enduro<br />

<strong>and</strong> Extreme Enduro series to gain experience <strong>and</strong> help to<br />

prepare myself.<br />

At the time trial I started 4th, which was a bit of a rookie mistake,<br />

because it made navigation difficult, however I felt very strong<br />

<strong>and</strong> managed a good pace <strong>and</strong> even followed Will Waide Slater<br />

at the same pace for about 20km. About a kilometre from the<br />

finish of the time trial I ran out of fuel. I managed to limp along,<br />

but in the end I had to push my bike to the finish line. I lost quite<br />

a bit of time, but still managed a 30th place. It was then that I<br />

realized that fuel was going to be the biggest challenge for me at<br />

this year’s Roof.<br />

We urgently changed our strategy <strong>and</strong> my crew planned<br />

additional fuel stops in between the official refueling points.<br />

On Friday morning I was on the start line at 05:30 <strong>and</strong> I realized<br />

that the looming rain was going to make my fuel problem even<br />

bigger, but we were confident about our strategy.<br />

From the start I was making up good positions <strong>and</strong> gained a lot<br />

of time, even under these extreme weather conditions. My crew<br />

refueled me at a road crossing between the start <strong>and</strong> refuel 1. At<br />

that stage I was super confident about my race <strong>and</strong> day ahead<br />

<strong>and</strong> continued to make good time to refuel 1.<br />

At refuel 1, I quickly changed a broken gear lever <strong>and</strong> refueled<br />

my bike. The distance between refuel 1 <strong>and</strong> refuel 2 was 38km,<br />

which seemed to be manageable without any additional fuel topups.<br />

I continued to gain positions <strong>and</strong> was able to get into the<br />

top 20. The conditions were atrocious, but I still felt everything<br />

was doable that was thrown at us.

At 12:10 with only 8 km’s to go to refuel 2 I ran out of fuel. I was in a<br />

Gold section, <strong>and</strong> the riders that passed me, could not help me with<br />

fuel. There was no cell phone reception at the point where I ran out,<br />

<strong>and</strong> I did not want to leave my bike, in case someone comes past that<br />

can assist. I sat in the cold <strong>and</strong> rain with my space blanket, <strong>and</strong> after<br />

about 2 hours eventually decided to take a walk to get cell phone<br />

reception. I made contact with my crew, but because of the weather<br />

conditions <strong>and</strong> my location, the only way out was by helicopter. My<br />

crew made arrangements with the organisers <strong>and</strong> after a long wait<br />

the weather cleared a bit <strong>and</strong> the helicopter was able to rescue me at<br />

about 16:30. I was devastated, all I wanted was fuel so that I can get<br />

my bike out, finish the day <strong>and</strong> compete again on Saturday.<br />

Unfortunately the organisers were adamant, it is too much of a safety<br />

risk <strong>and</strong> my bike had to stay behind <strong>and</strong> I had to withdraw from the<br />

final day’s racing. This was the saddest day of my life!<br />

Saturday’s mission was all about getting my bike out of the<br />

mountains. The weather was not playing along <strong>and</strong> the helicopter<br />

was grounded. We managed to find a way to a village closest to my<br />

bike. We gathered a few local people to help me get to the bike <strong>and</strong><br />

we started hiking up the mountain. Fortunately, about halfway to the<br />

bike, we received a message from the organisers that the helicopter<br />

had retrieved my bike from the mountain <strong>and</strong> we were given the coordinates<br />

of a close by village, where we could collect. After a long a<br />

long 7 hour mission, I was finally reunited with my bike.<br />

This was my first Roof, it was not the result I hoped for, but I had the<br />

experience of my life. It is called the Mother of Hard Enduro after all.<br />

I will be back!<br />

King of Lesotho, King Letsie III drops the flag to officially<br />

open the Motul Roof of Africa.<br />

Bronze Podium - Rory Gower - Pieter Holl - Jukka Pieter Holl<br />

Leo<br />



Le<br />

Wayne Christy <strong>and</strong> Family<br />

Motul Roof of Africa Experience –<br />

Wayne Christy – 167<br />

Roof of Africa. It’s difficult to completely<br />

underst<strong>and</strong> what the Roof of Africa<br />

means to each competitor. For me it was<br />

the dream of a young boy to participate<br />

in this prestigious event. Covid19 came<br />

through <strong>and</strong> almost crushed my hopes<br />

of competing in the 2021 event. A reality<br />

I’m sure many people unfortunately<br />

had to face. Thanks to the fantastic<br />

support from family, friends <strong>and</strong> Arlona<br />

Engineering I was able to get to the start<br />

line.<br />

Having never been to Lesotho before, the<br />

idea of competing in the Roof of Africa<br />

was daunting to say the least. In the<br />

spirit of rising to challenges I decided to<br />

extend myself <strong>and</strong> enter the silver class.<br />

Many said I was nuts, but to me that’s<br />

what Roof of Africa is all about.<br />

Each person pushing their personal limits<br />

to see where those limits belong.<br />

Time trial was an extremely eventful day<br />

for my team. I was feeling fresh on the<br />

bike <strong>and</strong> it looked to be shaping up to<br />

be a good run for me, until my mousse<br />

decided it didn’t want to be a part of my<br />

rim 11kms in. Being a rookie at the big<br />

league racing I left my spare wheel at the<br />

accommodation. Forgetting that<br />

racing is always made up of unknowns.<br />

Unfortunately, this cost me over 2 hours<br />

in time. My team did an exceptional<br />

job in getting my spares from the<br />

accommodation <strong>and</strong> getting me back on<br />

the road. In the end I qualified for day 2<br />

in second to last position.<br />

Starting this far back I knew that I had<br />

my work cut out for me. Trying to get<br />

flow in a hard enduro where the risk of<br />

bottlenecks is ever present is never an<br />

easy task. Nevertheless, I made it to<br />

refuel 1 before cut off. I was met by my<br />

team with smiles on their faces despite<br />

the terrible rain <strong>and</strong> freezing winds.<br />

What I didn’t realise was the mountains<br />

of Lesotho had other plans for my days<br />

riding.<br />

About 11km into the next leg of the<br />

race we were met by what can only be<br />

described as a mountain on steroids.<br />

This climb was made up of massive<br />

rock slabs that were just waiting for<br />

the smallest mistake to give you <strong>and</strong><br />

your bike some serious war wounds.<br />

The freezing rain made this pass even<br />

more treacherous. After many attempts<br />

I realized this pass was never going to<br />

be conquered by me. I, like many had to<br />

face the reality that the conditions just<br />

exceeded my talent. I had to retire for the<br />

day.<br />

At around 9 pm that evening I got news<br />

that despite retiring we could still head<br />

out on Saturday to ride more of the<br />

beautiful terrain. We would obviously not<br />

be eligible for a finishers medal.<br />

Having spent so much time, energy <strong>and</strong><br />

money getting there <strong>and</strong> remembering<br />

what riding is actually all about, I decided<br />

the experience was worth more than<br />

any medal could ever be. I set out once<br />

again, this time to conquer the bronze<br />

loop. Huge thank you to my beautiful<br />

wife for (forcefully) making me realize<br />

why we had travelled there in the first<br />

place.<br />

The pressure was off, <strong>and</strong> I could fully<br />

absorb the riding experience. Taking the<br />

time to soak up the beautiful scenery<br />

we were traveling through. The track<br />

was still very challenging, <strong>and</strong> the rain<br />

continued to wreak havoc with anyone<br />

brave enough to challenge it. On a few<br />

occasions I ran out of talent <strong>and</strong> had a<br />

rather uncomfortable meeting with the<br />

Lesotho soil.<br />

Coming up to the finish at Bushman’s<br />

you could feel the electricity in the air.<br />

Seeing my wife daughter <strong>and</strong> family at<br />

the top of the climb made it all worth<br />

it. This race not only allows you to ride<br />

fantastic terrain, but also share the

passion for riding with your entire support structure. It granted<br />

me the opportunity to teach my daughter a valuable lesson<br />

in perseverance <strong>and</strong> remembering the true meaning behind<br />

competing.<br />

I will cherish my first Roof of Africa experience <strong>and</strong> cannot thank<br />

everyone who helped me get there enough for their support.<br />

A special thank you to my wife, who pushed me to go out on<br />

Saturday - despite the sore body <strong>and</strong> defeated mind. She was<br />

behind me every step of the way, <strong>and</strong> met me at all points with<br />

food in h<strong>and</strong> <strong>and</strong> a smile on her face. My beautiful daughter who<br />

at two years old assisted with bike washes, spun some spanners<br />

<strong>and</strong> kept me entertained <strong>and</strong> driven to do my best at all times.<br />

To my dad <strong>and</strong> Wanita for being there to assist with everything.<br />

It was an incredible experience to share with the man (my<br />

dad) who created my love for dirt bikes at 4 years old. Another<br />

huge thank you to the Rockhoppers based in Durban. A group<br />

of people from different backgrounds all brought together by<br />

their love of two wheels. The support <strong>and</strong> encouragement from<br />

everyone was unrivaled. Well done to all the other Rockhoppers<br />

who tackled the Lesotho mountains. Next year I have no doubt<br />

the team will be even bigger.<br />

Roof of Africa – You may have won this year from a hardware<br />

perspective, but I certainly won from an experience point of view.<br />

See you again next year. Regards Wayne Christy - 167<br />

Roof 2021 Tale of Bronze Courage <strong>and</strong> Triumphant return:<br />

Eddie Mdodana<br />

By Neil van der Ross Team Ikageng Coach.<br />

I last wrote about a racer Sonwabile Eddie Mdodana back in<br />

2015 when the rookie finished his first Roof in 27th place in<br />

Bronze Class. This orphan, who hails from Eastern Cape works<br />

as a driver at Mens Clinic, the enduro developments team’s<br />

sponsor since its inception 2011. Previously he worked as an<br />

apprentice in various bike shops. After his 2015 finish Eddies<br />

life took a life threatening turn in 2016. Passing his bike <strong>and</strong> car<br />

drivers licence on the 17 October, was meant to be a good day<br />

to celebrate his personal achievements when disaster struck.<br />

He was a passenger in the rear seat of a 4x4 bakkie which<br />

lost control on the steep downhill descent on Oxford road in<br />

R<strong>and</strong>burg. The vehicle careered into a solid wall at the bottom of<br />

the road fatally killing both occupants in the front seats. Eddies<br />

two work colleagues were killed instantly <strong>and</strong> he was knocked<br />

unconscious <strong>and</strong> woke up in Helen Joseph hospital much<br />

later. I was called to the hospital as his emergency contact. I<br />

found a young man barely recognizable <strong>and</strong> unconscious. The<br />

doctors <strong>and</strong> staff were attending to his cuts <strong>and</strong> injuries. After<br />

he regained consciousness I went in to assess his situation<br />

<strong>and</strong> get information for the team principal as to who next in<br />

his family would need contacting. (To type this story has made<br />

me emotional again). Eddies face ballooned due to extensive<br />

facial fractures. The doctors could only describe a miracle<br />

escape from a fatal head trauma. He remained in Helen Joseph<br />

for two weeks. Eddie had Discovery medical aid, so we had<br />

good options where we needed to go to reconstruct his facial<br />

fractures. With his jaw wired <strong>and</strong> his knee repaired, it was<br />

decided to move him to one of the best maxial facial surgeons<br />

in Johannesburg General hospital. Eddie spent another three<br />

weeks there where he had numerous operations to repair<br />

his face, especially the orbits of his eyes which were badly<br />

damaged. After he came out of hospital he had to go to for<br />

physio, rehabilitation <strong>and</strong> therapy to deal with his mental trauma.<br />

The racer Eddie disappeared in front of my eyes. He was hollow<br />

<strong>and</strong> silent.<br />

These are his words, I will transcribe about his return to training<br />

<strong>and</strong> racing over the next five years:<br />

I was the only one who survived the accident. It took me two<br />

years off the bike <strong>and</strong> I struggled. They put 16 plates in my left<br />

eye <strong>and</strong> fixed my broken jaw <strong>and</strong> the meniscus in my leg. But<br />

now I think I’m back <strong>and</strong> I’m strong <strong>and</strong> I want to take off where<br />

Leo<br />



Le<br />

I left off, so I’m really dedicated <strong>and</strong><br />

focused <strong>and</strong> I believe that I can do well.<br />

I started with some EWXC in 2019. I<br />

raced on the pro B’s on the EWXC then<br />

I went to do my first IMPI. I finished<br />

bronze. That was in 2020, if I’m not<br />

mistaken. Now I came back <strong>and</strong> then did<br />

the Roof.<br />

In the beginning of 2021, I was in the<br />

gym. I was always going to gym twice<br />

or three times a week <strong>and</strong> once a week<br />

bike training. And I think that keeps me<br />

going <strong>and</strong> keeps me fit. I went back to<br />

the Roof in 2021, I’m happy about the<br />

results. I finished the Roof off, which was<br />

tough hey!<br />

I came in 31st overall in the bronze class.<br />

I had the privilege of riding with one<br />

of my former sponsors from Nomadik,<br />

Graydon Ilderton <strong>and</strong> we got lost (laughs)<br />

on day 2, when we went up a gold<br />

climb. We climbed it together, (Cheered<br />

on by Glenn Foley from Dirt And Trail<br />

magazine), (you can watch the vid on our<br />

pages.) And it was terrible.<br />

But we survived that time all because<br />

of being mentally fit. And, you know, so<br />

yeah, it was just one of those days. It<br />

was a wet Roof <strong>and</strong> the toughest day<br />

was the second day. That Friday was the<br />

toughest day <strong>and</strong> it was very tough. You<br />

know, mist, raining, cold, slippery, you<br />

know, it was just a mix. But that didn’t<br />

keep us not to go right all the way to<br />

the finish line <strong>and</strong>. Yes, so, you know,<br />

all the support we got there, we really<br />

appreciate it. You know, everyone was<br />

cheering at us, you know, that kept us<br />

going. I really want to thank the sponsors<br />

that are backing us up <strong>and</strong> do what we<br />

love the most riding bikes.<br />

Unfortunately, one of my teammates was<br />

doing silver. Katlego did not finish, <strong>and</strong><br />

my other teammate Edwin Tsolo managed<br />

to finish the third day. I’m grateful <strong>and</strong><br />

thank you to my sponsors: Nic Goslar<br />

of Mens Clinics Intl, Mike Puzey of<br />

Bikers Warehouse , Pieter van Rooyen of<br />

Ratamang Engineering , Wayne Wickham<br />

of TrickBitz , Jim of TRP .<br />

Neil continues: In 2020 Eddie began<br />

assisting me with coaching of juniors at<br />

MotoKids grassroots program. One of<br />

his charges was a kid called Olewethu<br />

8 years old. That year Eddie spent<br />

coaching Olewethu was the spark I saw<br />

that ignited his old passion for the sport.<br />

Next year – he’s doing Silver.<br />

Kevin de Kock, Roof race number 113.<br />

I came to the Roof with high<br />

expectations <strong>and</strong> Roof 2021 definitely<br />

lived up to it. Everything became real<br />

at registration <strong>and</strong> the nerves started<br />

kicking in.<br />

Time trail was fast <strong>and</strong> flowing <strong>and</strong> my<br />

type of riding.<br />

Day 1 was one of the longest days that<br />

I have ever spent on a bike . Until the<br />

first refuel I wasn’t feeling good, I had a<br />

hard crash <strong>and</strong> I thought everything was<br />

over. After the refuel the real tech came<br />

into play <strong>and</strong> I started making my way<br />

through the pack of silver riders, teaming<br />

up with Ross McKenzie. The rain made<br />

it a whole new type of riding! We luckily<br />

made time bar by 5 minutes at refuel 2<br />

<strong>and</strong> pushed on. The sun was setting<br />

<strong>and</strong> I started getting a scary feeling in<br />

my throat. I used ductape to fasten my<br />

phone onto my helmets peak for light<br />

<strong>and</strong> carried on telling myself that I can’t<br />

sleep in these mountains <strong>and</strong> pushed<br />

through to the finish line, getting there at<br />

19:45 in total darkness!<br />

12 hours 27 min riding for the day.<br />

Day 2 was shorter but just as technical,<br />

Kevin de Kock <strong>and</strong> Ross Mackenzie

with the rain setting in just after the start. Ross <strong>and</strong> I teamed up<br />

again <strong>and</strong> carried on all the way until the finish. What a feeling to<br />

cross that finish line!!<br />

I’ve been dreaming of riding Roof ever since I can remember<br />

seeing Wade Young win for the first time <strong>and</strong> I was already<br />

hooked. I‘m extremely glad that I got the chance to take part in<br />

the Roof <strong>and</strong> finish Top 10 in Silver for my first Roof ever!<br />

I’ll be back to conquer the Maluti Mountains next year.<br />

Peter Andrews<br />

Roof Of Africa from a Lesotho Riders perspective:<br />

Peter Andrews.<br />

Thank you for the opportunity to speak about the Roof. For me<br />

the Roof is close to my heart for various reasons but a few that<br />

st<strong>and</strong> out are:<br />

I’m born <strong>and</strong> bred in Lesotho <strong>and</strong> have been involved with the<br />

Roof from 1986. I have never missed a Roof since then. 1986<br />

was a special year for me because my cousin Patrick Andrews<br />

entered the Roof for the very first time <strong>and</strong> this is where I fell in<br />

love with the Roof. You see, Patrick was my mentor, my hero<br />

<strong>and</strong> the best rider I had seen. Being a local boy meant he had<br />

so much support as he carried the nation’s pride on his broad<br />

shoulders, boy was I proud to be a time of that flair, I was already<br />

on a pw 50, <strong>and</strong> later pw 80. I moved over to a YZ 80, this was<br />

right after he finally won the Roof of Africa <strong>and</strong> therefore the<br />

first <strong>and</strong> only Mosotho to have won the Roof in 1993 (if I’m not<br />

mistaken). Finally I moved over to the YZ125.<br />

It all ended for soon early in 1994 when Patrick passed away <strong>and</strong><br />

I hung up my boots......<br />

“<br />

Devon Coetzer<br />

“<br />

It wasn’t until Feb 2019, 25 years later when I got bitten by the<br />

bug again. I had to do something, so we started a local riders<br />

club with some friends in memory of Patrick <strong>and</strong> we call it the<br />

Highl<strong>and</strong>s Racing Club. In no time we had more than 15 local<br />

riders <strong>and</strong> approximately 20 members <strong>and</strong> we started training<br />

hard <strong>and</strong> riding every weekend <strong>and</strong> getting ready for the Roof.<br />

We did the Roof Qualifier <strong>and</strong> barely succeeded. I hated my<br />

trainer at the time, the pressure was on. People were excited,<br />

<strong>and</strong> now expecting miracles from me because I bear the<br />

Andrews surname <strong>and</strong> they know my capabilities (but there were<br />

25 years in between of no riding whatsoever). Long story short,<br />

I rode the Roof for the first time in 2019 <strong>and</strong> managed to finish<br />

somewhere at back but I finished, lol!<br />

I attempted it again the year <strong>and</strong> I had actually gone out <strong>and</strong> set<br />

bets with some of my buddies that I’m gunning for a top 30 finish<br />

but that were not to be the case.<br />

Literally 6 kilometers after the road crossing from Thaba Bosiu I<br />

hit a rut which swung both my feet backwards <strong>and</strong> literally tore<br />

my knees ligaments on impact. I didn’t know the extent of the<br />

damage at the time. I continued with my time trail till the end<br />

even though my time was not so good, I reckon after my scare<br />

I must have dropped by 20% in my race mode <strong>and</strong> also lost<br />

time trying to rewire my fan after bike started overheating on<br />

hill climbs. As we speak I am trying to recover as the doctors<br />

confirmed that I stretched (on the right knee) my MCL <strong>and</strong> tore<br />

the MCL on the left knee, recovery is approximately 120 days<br />

they said. We will see how that goes. So that was how my Roof<br />

went down.... So day <strong>and</strong> 3 I was pit crew for my training buddy<br />

Shabeer Moosa who actually finished 9th overall in the Bronze<br />

<strong>and</strong> all the other local boys who also managed to finish silver<br />

<strong>and</strong> Bronze.<br />

The team is definitely coming along very well <strong>and</strong> soon we shall<br />

put Lesotho up there again.<br />

“<br />

Thank you to Charan <strong>and</strong> his team for a great event. We shall be<br />

back soon.<br />

“<br />

Leo<br />



The cream of SA motorcycle media


Le<br />

You want us to go where?<br />

Hi Guys<br />

My name is Manfred Noelkensmeier <strong>and</strong><br />

riding a Sherco 300SEF with the bike No 611<br />

in the Iron class. I have been patiently waiting<br />

for the introduction of the iron class <strong>and</strong> this<br />

year’s ROA 53 Edition was my very first time<br />

.The time trail went very well <strong>and</strong> I finished in<br />

Pos. 25<br />

On day 2 we experienced rain, rain <strong>and</strong><br />

more rain which made the track quite muddy<br />

<strong>and</strong> slippery. Even under those conditions I<br />

managed to reach the refuel point 2 hours<br />

before time bar.<br />

Unfortunately at about 4pm with 15km to the<br />

finish line, on a river crossing I drowned my<br />

bike <strong>and</strong> could not get it running again. Luckily<br />

2 friendly local men who came by helped to<br />

retrieve the bike out of the river <strong>and</strong> when I<br />

wanted to call, I discovered that my phone has<br />

died.<br />

Two fellow riders stopped by <strong>and</strong> called for<br />

help <strong>and</strong> then continued their race. Soon it got<br />

late <strong>and</strong> I prepared for the night as good as I<br />

could with a space blanket.<br />

The next day, early in the morning at about<br />

5 am I saw a helicopter flying over that area<br />

but that disappeared soon after. That’s when<br />

I decided to walk with my GPS following the<br />

track towards Thaba Bosiu Cultural Village.<br />

After about 10 km at about 08:30 am I reached<br />

a small village where the friendly people took<br />

care <strong>and</strong> organised a taxi for me to get back<br />

Thanks to the Roof team my bike was<br />

retrieved by helicopter <strong>and</strong> airlifted to Thaba<br />

Bosiu Cultural Village<br />

Manfred Noelkensmeier’s bike<br />

getting a lift home.

Iron Class by lady rider Catherine Mostert:<br />

Hi Guys<br />

Damn I don’t even know where to start with my Roof<br />

story. At the beginning of the year we decided to<br />

race Roof <strong>and</strong> entered the Iron class. Every weekend<br />

we trained <strong>and</strong> were in the gym every single day.<br />

About 3 months ago we decided that iron wouldn’t<br />

be a challenge <strong>and</strong> we changed our entry to bronze.<br />

We had no idea what to expect <strong>and</strong> when we saw<br />

the weather predictions saying that it’s been raining<br />

<strong>and</strong> that it’s still raining I became sooo nervous.<br />

On Wednesday at documentation I was very nervous<br />

because that’s when I realized this is real <strong>and</strong> that<br />

we made it here. Thursday morning we woke up<br />

<strong>and</strong> went to the start where we pulled off to start<br />

Time Trial, unfortunately about 4km into the time<br />

trial my brothers front wheel bearings collapsed<br />

<strong>and</strong> we had to turn back. My dad <strong>and</strong> I spent about<br />

1h20 in the pits trying to get a new wheel <strong>and</strong> new<br />

bearings. Finally we could carry on. There were<br />

some challenging sections <strong>and</strong> we pushed hard to<br />

finish because we had lost so much time. On Friday<br />

the nerves were even more because it’s been raining<br />

since Thursday night <strong>and</strong> it had not stopped.<br />

Myself, my dad (André), my brother (Anru) <strong>and</strong> Calvin<br />

lined up together. Unfortunately with a bad time<br />

trial we were right at the back. Finally we pulled off,<br />

from the first 100m we had bottlenecks all the way<br />

through which made things a little bit difficult to<br />

pass <strong>and</strong> finally get a flow. As the loop carried on, it<br />

didn’t get any easier because of the rain, we pushed<br />

through <strong>and</strong> helped each other just to keep going.<br />

We got to refuel 1 just before 2 o clock, we thought<br />

we got time barred but they changed the times,<br />

which meant that we could carry on to the DSP<br />

that they also made the finish because of the bad<br />

weather conditions.<br />

It was only 31km’s till the finish but it was the most<br />

difficult <strong>and</strong> longest 31km of my life!<br />

We had some gnarly down <strong>and</strong> uphills <strong>and</strong> we had to<br />

keep each other motivated to not stop <strong>and</strong> just keep<br />

going. There were some sections where we couldn’t<br />

even ride the bikes <strong>and</strong> unfortunately had to free<br />

fall / slide the bikes down. The chance of breaking<br />

yourself or the bike was almost 99%, so we had to<br />

be so careful.<br />

With the sun starting to go down, you know there’s<br />

no time to mess up <strong>and</strong> break something. On top of<br />

one of the mountains I asked some guys how far till<br />

the DSP <strong>and</strong> they said just over the mountain... We<br />

got very excited, until we got into the gulley. The sun<br />

started to go down just after 5 <strong>and</strong> we still had 10km<br />

to go. This is when we knew that we are gonna run<br />

out of sunlight. At this stage you just have to keep<br />

pushing <strong>and</strong> tell yourself that you can make it <strong>and</strong><br />

there’s no way for you to stop now. On the GPS you<br />

see that the finish flag is soooo close, but it feels<br />

never ending. Just before 7 o ‘ clock we finally saw<br />

the Motul arch. We had such big smiles on our faces<br />

seeing the finish in the dark.<br />

It was freezing <strong>and</strong> we were wet, tired <strong>and</strong> hungry.<br />

But after hitting the final uphill we knew we had<br />

made it to the end.<br />

After 10 hours on the bike <strong>and</strong> a few bruises later we<br />

decided to unfortunately not start Saturday. It was<br />

the best first Roof experience of our lives <strong>and</strong> we’ll<br />

be back stronger <strong>and</strong> better next year... And now we<br />

know what to expect.<br />

Catherine Mostert<br />

Kirsten L<strong>and</strong>man during the Time Trial of the Motul Roof of Africa, by ZCMC.<br />

Leo<br />



The Iron Roof on Yamaha’s T7.<br />

By Klint Mills<br />

We represented the Adventure Bike Riders of South Africa by<br />

attempting the Iron Class at The Motul Roof of Africa 2021.<br />

It was an experience of note. Gareth Jones <strong>and</strong> I nervous<br />

above all reality arrived in Lesotho with practically everyone<br />

that saw us at Lesotho Sun asking if we were nuts.<br />

It was not the case. It was merely us as riding buddies looking<br />

for something different to attempt on our Yamaha T7’s. After<br />

some calls to organisers we had decided to give it a bash.<br />

Two rides, no gym, no diets, no fancy training programs, just<br />

Gforce <strong>and</strong> Slim on our T7’s.<br />

With the backing of Build it Pinetown, RBS Yamaha, Dunlop,<br />

Powasol <strong>and</strong> Yamaha Southern Africa we needed to ensure we<br />

rode smart <strong>and</strong> had as much fun as possible.<br />

Underst<strong>and</strong>ing what Lesotho is about is what made us<br />

nervous, the extreme weather conditions, the aggressive<br />

terrain <strong>and</strong> the altitude. But most importantly we didn’t want to<br />

embarrass the organisers or destroy our bikes.<br />

Day 1 was a successful day, 35km of proper tech for these BIG<br />

Bikes made the 4H30 on the bike rather interesting. Sections<br />

we could easily ride on our plastic bikes became almost<br />

impossible to attempt on the big bikes.<br />

Nonetheless, we helped each other, <strong>and</strong> pushed hard to finish.<br />

Day2…<br />

Oh damn! 1hour for 1km. That beginning donga, mud section<br />

was just unplayable actually for all bikes in my opinion. The<br />

mud, ruts, you name it was just too much.<br />

Some of the ruts where up to 500mm deep <strong>and</strong> slippery with<br />

orange clay. We tried hard to break our way through, with a<br />

resultant burnt clutch.<br />

Although the BluCru guys repaired the clutch in the evening,<br />

Day 3 looked worse for us with 20ml’s of rain expected.<br />

We just found it not to be worth it.<br />

We’d had a great experience, proved the capabilities of the T7,<br />

had an amazing journey <strong>and</strong> had fun.<br />

We were satisfied!!<br />

Thank you for all the support.

Wade Young is a class act.<br />

Michelin SA proudly supported the Roof of Africa event<br />

<strong>and</strong> were excited to see the top 3 Gold finishers on<br />

the Michelin br<strong>and</strong> proving the product offering is the<br />

best choice for the Mother of Hard Enduro. For the first<br />

time Michelin partnered with Bike Tyre Warehouse <strong>and</strong><br />

offered tyre sales through the ROA website as well as<br />

offering a full tyre change assisted facility to support<br />

the riders which appeared to be well received. We look<br />

forward to offering the same support for the riders <strong>and</strong><br />

“Michelin Tyre change service for 20<strong>22</strong>.<br />

Le<br />

Will Slater.<br />

Top 10: Gold<br />

Wade Young – Sherco.<br />

Travis Teasdale- GasGas<br />

Matthew Green - GasGas<br />

William Slater - KTM<br />

Blake Gutzeit – KTM<br />

Luke Walker – Yamaha<br />

Tristan Tamsen – GasGas<br />

Chayse Orsmond - KTM<br />

Heinrich Aust – Husqvarna.<br />

Andrew Housten Yamaha.<br />

Heinrich Aust

Matt Green <strong>and</strong> Brett Swanepoel<br />

Another Gutzeit at the Roof.<br />

Wyn<strong>and</strong> Badenhorst<br />

Leo<br />



9 Silver Finishers:<br />

Sage McGregor<br />

Jason Stay<br />

Whitey Oosthuisen<br />

Warren Barwell<br />

Adam Bac<br />

Dustin Herholdt<br />

Paul Geddes<br />

Kevin De Kock<br />

Ross Mackenzie<br />


Leo<br />



Simon Berkeljon attempting final obstacle on day two.<br />

Top 10 Bronze:<br />

Rory Gower<br />

Pieter Holl<br />

Jukka Pieter Holl<br />

Matthew Battersby<br />

Sam Hallatt<br />

Callan Broskie<br />

Jordan King<br />

Jordan Anastasis<br />

Shabeer Moosa<br />

Tristan Redman<br />

Top 10 Iron:<br />

Tiaan Rabe<br />

Manuel Ferreira<br />

Kowie Lombard<br />

Quinton Ralph<br />

Chris Weideman<br />

Craig McDonald<br />

Grant McDonald<br />

Ruan Du Plooy<br />

Francois Liebenberg<br />

Pieter Groenewald

ANSW<br />

Photo Credits:<br />

The Roof.<br />

The Mother of Hard Enduro.<br />

The Motul Roof of Africa has earned the title ‘The<br />

Mother of Hard Enduro’ through the dem<strong>and</strong>s it<br />

makes of competitors <strong>and</strong> the onus it places on<br />

being well-prepared before heading into the Maloti<br />

Mountains.<br />

It is precisely the challenging nature of the Roof<br />

that has made it such a prestigious event. The<br />

opportunity to ride the Mountain Kingdom is a<br />

privilege, but the altitude, terrain <strong>and</strong> weather can all<br />

be unforgiving.<br />

That said, we also strive to make the Roof as<br />

inclusive as possible. That’s why we introduced<br />

the Iron Class this year, to give ‘weekend warriors’<br />

the opportunity to take on the same trails as their<br />

heroes.<br />

The 2021 Motul Roof of Africa was perhaps one of<br />

the toughest in history, <strong>and</strong> dem<strong>and</strong>ed exceptional<br />

levels of perseverance, commitment <strong>and</strong> even<br />

sacrifice from competitors. The number of finishers<br />

shows just how challenging the conditions were for<br />

riders in every class, from seasoned professionals<br />

to amateurs attempting the Roof for the first time.<br />

Some aspects of the experience were entirely<br />

outside our control, but we did our best at all times<br />

to be agile <strong>and</strong> flexible, <strong>and</strong> make adjustments in the<br />

face of the extreme weather. We were all tested <strong>and</strong><br />

had to make decisions to ensure the safety of the<br />

riders, often at very short notice.<br />

With each edition of the Roof, lessons are learned,<br />

<strong>and</strong> we are committed to applying these learning<br />

points to future editions of the event. After each<br />

Roof, we undertake a thorough review of every<br />

component of the race, <strong>and</strong> constantly seek to<br />

improve the experience for riders, support crews <strong>and</strong><br />

(where they can attend) spectators.<br />

www.blackrockstudio.co.za<br />

www.zcmc.co.za<br />

www.actioninmotion.<br />

photofrog.co.za<br />

The Roof means something different to each person,<br />

<strong>and</strong> we’re very conscious that as the organisers, we<br />

are the custodians of many dreams. We will always<br />

hold true to our pledge to deliver the best possible<br />

event, with the correct balance between excitement<br />

<strong>and</strong> safety, challenge <strong>and</strong> achievement.<br />

This year, the unprecedented rainfall tipped those<br />

balances further than we would normally wish for,<br />

<strong>and</strong> we would like to pay tribute to the courage <strong>and</strong><br />

determination of everyone involved. We believe that<br />

every rider can be truly proud of themselves, no<br />

matter whether they finished or not.<br />

It is our sincere hope that you will all return next year,<br />

when we look forward to delivering an edition of the<br />

Roof that draws on the experiences of 2021 whilst<br />

staying true to the legend of The Mother of Hard<br />

Enduro – a legend that was underscored this year in<br />

the most uncompromising of ways.<br />

Until then, ride safe,<br />

Charan Moore<br />

Motul Roof of Africa Route Director <strong>and</strong> Manager of<br />

Live Lesotho<br />

SY<br />

AS<br />

RH<br />

HY<br />

AP<br />


tion.<br />

.za<br />

AR1 BOLD<br />


AR1 BOLD<br />


AR1 VIVID<br />


AR1 VIVID<br />


AR1 VIVID<br />



ASTANA<br />





AIR PINK<br />



MERGE<br />




ASCENT<br />

GLOVES<br />


GLOVES<br />

PEAK<br />

GLOVES<br />

BLACK<br />

BLACK/<br />

RED<br />

BLACK/<br />

HYPER<br />

ACID<br />

REFLEX<br />

BLUE/<br />

WHITE<br />

BLACK<br />

BLACK/<br />

HYPER<br />

ACID<br />




CONTACT 011 792 7691 OR<br />



The Hero X-Pulse 200<br />

Tough Enough for<br />

Roof Of Africa…<br />

You’ll have read on our social media<br />

pages that GS Trophy champ Br<strong>and</strong>on<br />

Grimsted was going to tackle the Iron<br />

Roof on the Hero X-Pulse. Well he did it –<br />

in 12th position out of 35 entries. Quite a<br />

few riders in the class on “proper” enduro<br />

bikes were actually DNF’d, so it’s an<br />

achievement…<br />

We invited him for a cup of coffee <strong>and</strong> a<br />

chat about the race – <strong>and</strong> he shared his<br />

opinion on this machine….<br />

How did the Roof thing come about?<br />

The guys from Hero approached my dad<br />

mike Grimsted (Who owns the Boulders<br />

venue in Fouriesburg), about hosting an<br />

X-Pulse expedition at the farm.

Dad suggested that they contact me<br />

about putting the bike through its paces<br />

<strong>and</strong> helping with the event.<br />

They called <strong>and</strong> I agreed to try the bike<br />

out – collected it <strong>and</strong> rode it in stock<br />

form as a commuter come scrambler<br />

– <strong>and</strong> I was pretty impressed. South<br />

Africa seems to be lacking entry level<br />

scramblers, so it kinda made sense to<br />

me.<br />

I had the bike for about a week when<br />

Mikael from Hero Motorcycles called me<br />

in for a chat. He asked if I felt the bike<br />

would work at The Roof – <strong>and</strong> would I<br />

like to give the iron class a shot.<br />

It only took about a half a second to<br />

reply… <strong>and</strong> the gears started turning.<br />

I took the st<strong>and</strong>ard bike to our farm to<br />

go <strong>and</strong> get some training time in. The<br />

bike was 100 percent st<strong>and</strong>ard, tyres,<br />

pipe, indicators, everything <strong>and</strong> I spent<br />

days riding all of the gnarlier trails that<br />

we have set in the area. I was quite<br />

surprised at just how capable the bike is.<br />

After 2 weeks of testing, I had a good<br />

idea of what needed to be done to get<br />

the bike Roof ready.<br />

The first addition was a set of Pro Taper<br />

fat bars, they are stronger than the<br />

st<strong>and</strong>ard fare <strong>and</strong> they have a more<br />

aggressive bend. We removed the<br />

mirrors <strong>and</strong> the electronic bits. I also<br />

disconnected the front ABS.<br />

Hero makes a Rally kit for this bike<br />

which includes h<strong>and</strong>lebar raisers, a<br />

Rally seat, longer travel, stiffer front <strong>and</strong><br />

rear suspension <strong>and</strong> a tail tidy – so we<br />

mounted that. All Off-The Shelf Hero<br />

items.<br />

I believe that the bikes are now sold<br />

st<strong>and</strong>ard with these components. The<br />

st<strong>and</strong>ard tyres were replaced with<br />

Metzeler 6-Day extremes <strong>and</strong> we fitted a<br />

bigger rear sprocket.<br />

We also replaced the oil <strong>and</strong> fitted some<br />

protective bits like the sprocket <strong>and</strong><br />

brake guards.<br />

Big difference! The bike suddenly felt a<br />

lot more dirtbikey – maybe Roof ready?<br />

This was all fitted on Tuesday before The<br />

Roof… Time trial would literally be my<br />

first ride.<br />

Lesotho.<br />

Time trial was good – the only dry day<br />

with decent hook up. In the haste to get<br />

the bike ready, I routed the clutch cable<br />

incorrectly <strong>and</strong> it caught every time I<br />

had to take a tight turn… so I ended up<br />

burning the clutch. No fault of the bike<br />

– a simple setup fault that cost us. It’s a<br />

learning curve.<br />

Day 1 was great! We replaced the<br />

clutch, routed the cables correctly <strong>and</strong><br />

took off into the very wet mountains.<br />

This is where the little four-stroke has<br />

an advantage. It does not spin. In the<br />

slippery, snotty stuff, I overtook quite a<br />

few guys who were sliding all over the<br />

place.<br />

The bike was faultless – a tough trail<br />

thanks to all the rain – definitely more<br />

than what a weekend warrior can<br />

expect <strong>and</strong> I was quite grateful for the<br />

time I spent lugging slightly bigger<br />

GS’s around. The Roof is tough it does<br />

not matter what class you enter. It’s a<br />

little champ – a bit heavier than your<br />

traditional Roof weapon – <strong>and</strong> not nearly<br />

as fast, but she just chugged along. A lot<br />

of the overtaking happened on the steep<br />

rocky climbs where I could literally walk<br />

the bike up just using the bikes torque.<br />

Navigational errors with 5 other riders<br />

TOU<br />


led to a DNF for the day – we had accidently<br />

followed Fridays route again… Man.<br />

Despite this I was happy to have finished the<br />

day… but a DNF after all this…<br />

Luckily for us, Roof allowed us to continue<br />

on the last day – starting at the back of the<br />

pack. We had to play catchup. It was even<br />

wetter <strong>and</strong> more slippery than the first day,<br />

but – we did have a much better idea of<br />

what to expect <strong>and</strong> we started making up<br />

some good ground.<br />

It felt like a very long day we set out at 9h30<br />

<strong>and</strong> finished the 53 Kilometre loop in 3 odd<br />

hours, finishing 12th overall.<br />

What an experience! I can only sing this little<br />

bikes praises – it exceeded all expectations<br />

<strong>and</strong> ran like a clock throughout.<br />

I don’t think that this bike is designed for<br />

races like this – but it did it. Farm bike? For<br />

sure, Delivery machine – it should last almost<br />

forever…<br />

Our mob took it out for a quick flip through<br />

the muddy fields out on our side…<br />

The original model that we rode a few<br />

months ago was really impressive at the<br />

price point. It seems to tick all the boxes in<br />

terms of a rugged little bike made for Africa.<br />



Introducing the 20<strong>22</strong> Hero Xpulse 200<br />

with revised engine mapping, top speed, ABS, digital dash<br />

<strong>and</strong> turn-by-turn navigation.<br />

Available at Hero dealers nationwide.<br />

073 491 4718 - www.heromotorcycles.co.za<br />

<strong>22</strong>0 mm Ground Clearance - 190 mm Front Suspension Travel<br />

10 Mono-shock settings - 14 Sensor Fuel Injection

Had you told us that it would be dragged off to Roof –<br />

we probably would have sniggered at you. But it did –<br />

<strong>and</strong> this is the more “Offroad” version of the bike.<br />

The suspension, for us, is the clincher. It moves far<br />

closer to the realms of true dirt bike than the st<strong>and</strong>ard<br />

machine. And – it’s a lot of fun to ride.<br />

It kinda reminds us of that first little four stroke we ever<br />

road – just open wide <strong>and</strong> hold on tight.<br />

Power delivery is not mind blowing – but it had enough<br />

power to clamber up <strong>and</strong> down the rocks with very<br />

little input – especially with the bigger sprocket.<br />

With the bigger sprocket, we saw just on 85KPH, but<br />

in st<strong>and</strong>ard trim, she runs happily at the 110KPH mark.<br />

They tell us that the ‘<strong>22</strong> models run to 125km/h thanks<br />

to revised mapping <strong>and</strong> max out at around 132km/h.<br />

The adjustable suspension up front is pretty cool!<br />

We played with the clickers <strong>and</strong> you can feel<br />

the differences as you go. It also raises the bike<br />

significantly <strong>and</strong> that makes a huge difference when<br />

you want to ride the more techy stuff.<br />

The brakes feel just fine for a bike like this, disc system<br />

front <strong>and</strong> rear.<br />

Conclusions:<br />

We like the st<strong>and</strong>ard bike, we like this one too. The<br />

guys from Hero set out to prove that the bike could do<br />

Roof – <strong>and</strong> it did just that.<br />

A happy bunch after finishing the Iron Roof.<br />

For those of you sniggering about the fact that it was<br />

“only” the iron class – chuck in copious quantities of<br />

snotty mud <strong>and</strong> rain with lots of rocks in between… go<br />

<strong>and</strong> try it next year – you’ll see.<br />

Like Alfie Cox always says – it’s not a haircut!<br />

The st<strong>and</strong>ard bike is R42999.00<br />

The Fully loaded XPulse 200 rally with the full Rally kit<br />

<strong>and</strong> Akarapovic pipe – R59999.00<br />


Triumph Unveils<br />

Five New Tiger<br />

1200 Models.<br />

A lighter, more powerful, <strong>and</strong> capable Tiger 1200.<br />

Warning shots fired!<br />

Here’s what caught our attention:<br />

25 (Yes twenty five) kilo’s lighter. New Cross plane engine. 21<br />

inch front wheel.<br />

Triumph is after the lucrative big ADV market <strong>and</strong> they have<br />

taken a shot over the Bows of all the big players with this<br />

one…<br />

Triumph’s new Tiger 1200 is on the way. Actually, two families<br />

of Tiger 1200 models are coming. Triumph says that<br />

the 20<strong>22</strong> Tiger 1200 has been thoroughly revamped <strong>and</strong> is<br />

its lightest, most powerful, <strong>and</strong> capable big Tiger yet. And<br />

the new bikes have more of just about everything except<br />

weight. The changes are so significant that from the outside,<br />

it seems there’s very little of the earlier version’s DNA in the<br />

new Tiger 1200s. They look more like shaft driven 900 Tigers<br />

on steroids.<br />

For 20<strong>22</strong>, Triumph has broken the Tiger 1200 into a “GT”<br />

family <strong>and</strong> a “Rally” family.<br />

The GT family comes in three versions: Tiger 1200 GT, Tiger<br />

1200 GT Pro, <strong>and</strong> Tiger 1200 GT Explorer. GT versions have<br />

19-inch front <strong>and</strong> 18-inch cast-aluminum wheels. Think of<br />

this group of machines as more road <strong>and</strong> travel-oriented.<br />

The “Rally” family of bikes are for the more hard core off-the<br />

–beaten track army.

There are two versions of these machines, the Rally Pro <strong>and</strong> the<br />

Rally Explorer. Both versions have a 21-inch front <strong>and</strong> 18-inch<br />

rear tubeless spoked wheelset.<br />

All Tiger 1200s carry a new 1160 cc triple-cylinder engine making<br />

a claimed 148 hp (150 ps) <strong>and</strong> 96 lb-ft (130 nm) of torque @<br />

7,000 rpm. According to Triumph, that equates to about 9 more<br />

(hp <strong>and</strong> ps) than the previous Tiger 1200 <strong>and</strong> more than (14 hp<br />

<strong>and</strong> ps) than the closest shaft drive competition.<br />

And there are so many new things in the Tiger 1200 family to talk<br />

about.<br />

• New T-Plane triple crank engine making more power:<br />

148 horsepower (150 ps) – that’s 9 more than<br />

the previous generation<br />

• More peak torque: 96 lb-ft @ 7,000 rpm (130 nm).<br />

• Improved acceleration as a result of increased power<br />

<strong>and</strong> reduced weight<br />

• A frame that’s almost five <strong>and</strong> a half kilogrammes lighter<br />

than its predecessor.<br />

• The Overall weight is reduced by 25 kg’s from the<br />

previous Tiger.<br />

• New Tri-link design swingarm<br />

• New twin radiator design for improved cooling <strong>and</strong> a<br />

more forward engine placement<br />

• Two fuel tank capacities: 20 litres <strong>and</strong> 30 litres for<br />

extended range.<br />

• Showa semi-active suspension technology that auto<br />

matically adjusts preload <strong>and</strong> allows the rider to adjust<br />

front <strong>and</strong> rear damping electronically.<br />

• Top shelf Brembo Stylema calipers at both front <strong>and</strong><br />

rear.<br />

• Improved ergos with narrower waist for a better riding<br />

position, wider h<strong>and</strong>lebars, taller h<strong>and</strong>lebars (Explorer<br />

version), adjustable seat height, <strong>and</strong> one h<strong>and</strong> adjust<br />

able windscreen.<br />

• All Tiger 1200s have underseat storage <strong>and</strong> a USB<br />

charging port.<br />

Not all Tiger 1200 models weigh the same. As you add more fuel<br />

<strong>and</strong> accessories, weight increases. The extended range Explorer<br />

models add 10 more liters of fuel. That extra fuel will weigh in at<br />

about an extra 10 kilogrammes. As a result, Triumph claims the<br />

following wet weights for each model (with 90% fuel):<br />

In kilogrammes, the weights are:<br />

GT = 239 KG’s<br />

GT-Pro = 245 KG’s<br />

GT-Explorer = 255kg’s<br />

Rally Pro = 249KG’s<br />

Rally Explorer = 260Kg’s<br />

C<br />

M<br />

Y<br />

CM<br />

MY<br />

CY<br />

CMY<br />

K<br />

Bike protection.<br />

Triumph has added several protective features. All models have<br />

h<strong>and</strong>guards as st<strong>and</strong>ard. In addition, there’s an aluminum skid<br />

guard on the GT Pro <strong>and</strong> GT Explorer, while the Rally Pro <strong>and</strong><br />

Rally Explorer get an aluminum sump guard. If you are wondering,<br />

the difference between the guards is size, with the sump<br />

guard the significantly larger of the two.<br />

The GT Explorer <strong>and</strong> both Rally variants also get engine protection<br />

bars, while the Rally Explorer adds fuel tank protection bars.<br />

The Tiger comes with a new technology package.<br />

• Cornering traction contro.l<br />

• New TFT instrument panel including “My Triumph” con<br />

nectivity system (phone, music, navigation, <strong>and</strong> GoPro<br />

control).<br />

• All LED lighting with DRL.<br />

• Lean sensitive “adaptive cornering lights” <strong>and</strong> LED<br />

auxiliary lights (except GT).<br />

• Advanced riding modes that include Rain, Road, <strong>and</strong><br />

Sport. The GT Pro <strong>and</strong> GT Explorer add an off-road<br />

mode <strong>and</strong> a rider selectable mode. The Rally <strong>and</strong> Rally<br />

Explorer add an Off-Road Pro mode.

Triumph Tiger 1200 Rally Pro Advert.pdf 1 2021/12/13 14:13<br />

C<br />

M<br />

Y<br />

CM<br />

MY<br />

CY<br />

CMY<br />


• Triumph Shift Assist which permits up<br />

ward <strong>and</strong> downward gear changes with<br />

out using the clutch lever.<br />

• Electronic hill hold (except GT)<br />

• Electronic cruise control (st<strong>and</strong>ard on all<br />

but Tiger GT)<br />

• Blindspot radar (st<strong>and</strong>ard on Explorer<br />

models).<br />

Completely new is the Triumph Blind Spot Radar<br />

System. It is st<strong>and</strong>ard on the Tiger GT Explorer<br />

<strong>and</strong> Rally Explorer models. The system was<br />

developed in partnership with Continental <strong>and</strong><br />

offers two safety features; Blind Spot Assist <strong>and</strong><br />

Lane Change assist. Each uses a rear-facing<br />

radar to let the rider know that another vehicle<br />

is in their blind spot or provide a warning if the<br />

rider indicates a lane change <strong>and</strong> a vehicle is<br />

approaching.<br />

Clearly, Triumph has spent a lot of time<br />

redesigning its biggest adventure bike. At<br />

least from the number of changes, it looks like<br />

Triumph really wants to up its large displacement<br />

adventure bike game.<br />

We can’t wait to ride it. Like we said – shots fired!<br />

Triumph is hungry for big ADV market share. It<br />

looks like they have done lots of homework on<br />

this one…<br />

www.triumph-motorcycles.co.za<br />

Warranty <strong>and</strong> maintenance<br />

Each Tiger 1200 comes st<strong>and</strong>ard with a 3-year<br />

unlimited mileage warranty with an option to<br />

extend it (pricing <strong>and</strong> term not yet available).<br />

The service level has also been moved up to<br />

10,000 miles (16,000 km) or 12 months.

MotoCheapie<br />

Motocheapie the greatest racing ever to hit The Cape!<br />

This is a 4-hour off-road endurance race for motorbikes<br />

125cc & under costing less than 5K - “Keep It Cheap!”<br />

This was the third event hosted for 2021, with the first one<br />

drawing only 18 entries while the latest had nearly 30.<br />

Keep It Cheap <strong>and</strong> Just ‘Cos She’s Smokin’ Don’t Mean She’s<br />

Broken!<br />

After having raced semi-professionally at Killarney Raceway<br />

<strong>and</strong> being a lover of motor sport in general, Andrew Liebenberg<br />

became concerned about how the excitement of racing was<br />

not really accessible to everyone, with the costs associated<br />

becoming prohibitively high.<br />

After chatting with mates round a braai or two the concept<br />

for the ‘Motocheapie’ was born, along with some inspiration<br />

from similar overseas events. Although many were asking who<br />

would want to race cheap bikes, Andrew decided to go ahead<br />

as he realized that not everyone could afford a pro set-up <strong>and</strong><br />

that that was all that many could afford.<br />

Overseas the cc cap is 100cc whereas the Motocheapie is<br />

capped at 125cc - like many entry level bikes.<br />

Bikes are 125cc or less <strong>and</strong> cost a maximum of R5000. After<br />

having raced the Killarney 8 hour endurance races many times,<br />

Andrew decided that the Motocheapie should be a four hour<br />

endurance race with teams of four riders per bike entry, normal<br />

pits set-up <strong>and</strong> refuelling as per more formal race events.<br />

There are 4 classes on the day -<br />

• Try Hard – any scrambler based chassis {XR 125 etc};<br />

• Pit Bikes – 100cc, 110cc or 125cc pitties;<br />

• Roadies - any road-based chassis (delivery bikes –<br />

CG125 etc.);<br />

• Moped Mayhem – any fully automatic, usually a<br />

scooter, which is allowed up to 150cc due to their limited<br />

suspension.<br />

Sponsors have also come on board, notably Trac Mac Bellville,<br />

Leatt South Africa <strong>and</strong> Lucky Dice Coffee from Stellenbosch<br />

who have been on board since the beginning.<br />

The intention is to run another series of 3 race events next year<br />

with a live championship.<br />

Getting their name on the floating trophy as winners overall is<br />

great, the main prize is the Gees.<br />

The intention is that the Gees Trophy is then passed on or<br />

donated to help get another team, who might be struggling at<br />

present, out on the track for the following event.<br />

While in the first flush of planning <strong>and</strong> prepping, Andrew<br />

approached a number of venues to host the event <strong>and</strong> Dirt &<br />

Dust came on board. Jean <strong>and</strong> Ella were prepared to take a<br />

chance on Andrew <strong>and</strong> his event, for which he is very grateful.<br />

Andrew <strong>and</strong> team are looking forward to this initiative going<br />

from strength to strength into next year.<br />

Looks like great fun. Maybe you’ll see a Dirt And Trail magazine<br />

team there next year.<br />

Contact:- 078 451 7965<br />

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/motocheapie<br />

Email:- questions@motocheapie.co.za

T<br />

South Africa<br />

to Slovenia part 5<br />

By Cronjé Bruwer<br />

A trip through<br />

Ethiopia...<br />

People keep asking me, which country on our trip was<br />

outst<strong>and</strong>ing to us? My honest <strong>and</strong> unequivocal answer is <strong>and</strong><br />

always will be Ethiopia!, the Simien mountains <strong>and</strong> history is<br />

outst<strong>and</strong>ing. The Simien Mountains, in northern Ethiopia, north<br />

east of Gondar in Amhara region, are part of the Ethiopian<br />

Highl<strong>and</strong>s. They are a World Heritage Site <strong>and</strong> include the<br />

Simien Mountains National Park. The mountains consist of<br />

plateaus separated by valleys <strong>and</strong> rising to pinnacles, Ras<br />

Dashen, also known as Ras Dejen, is the highest mountain<br />

in Ethiopia <strong>and</strong> fourteenth highest peak in Africa. Located in<br />

the Simien Mountains National Park in the Amhara Region, it<br />

reaches an elevation of 4,550 meters<br />

We entered Ethiopia at Moyale the border town. This town<br />

is a conflict point between tribes due to grazing fields, this<br />

border post is therefore closed from time to time. Chatting to<br />

the locals, we also learned that the camel trade in the area<br />

between Kenya <strong>and</strong> Ethiopia is a major contributing factor to<br />

the violence in the area <strong>and</strong> the tension could be felt in the<br />

town <strong>and</strong> as my mother would have said, “This is not the town<br />

she would like to retire in”.<br />

Once we crossed into Ethiopia petrol, or “benzene” as they<br />

refer to it, became scarce <strong>and</strong> the quality of fuel is of a low<br />

octane. We had to be careful to keep the revolutions of the<br />

motorcycles outside the “ping” zone. See photo 1 at a filling<br />

station, note the double tea strainers… which also gives you<br />

some idea on the fuel quality. Although locals queue for days,<br />

tourists always get to fill up first.<br />

Southern Ethiopia is not as spectacular as the northern part,<br />

but it is green with lush grazing fields, quite the opposite of<br />

northern Kenya, which is a desert.<br />

Photo 1<br />

The roads are all shared by trucks, cars, motorcycles,<br />

pedestrians, donkeys, goats, dogs <strong>and</strong> even chickens as<br />

seen in photo 2. Be very careful not to cause damage or<br />

harm to animals, as an exorbitant price will have to be paid<br />

as recompense for the animal, there is also very strict laws<br />

on vehicles causing harm to pedestrians. We took the road<br />

via Arba Minch <strong>and</strong> not the direct route to Addis Ababa, this<br />

was a very scenic route, “Arba Minch” means “40 Springs”<br />

the name was originated from the presence of more than 40<br />

springs, so you can really just imagine the natural beauty in the<br />

area. The guys were getting thirsty <strong>and</strong> stop at a “waterhole”<br />

was in order. We stayed over in Arba Minch on the shore of<br />

lake Abaya. Lake Abaya is a lake in the Southern Nations,<br />

Nationalities, <strong>and</strong> Peoples’ Region of Ethiopia. It is located in<br />

the Main Ethiopian Rift, east of the Guge Mountains. The town<br />

of Arba Minch lies on its southwestern shore, <strong>and</strong> the southern<br />

shores are part of the Nechisar National Park. Just to the south<br />

is Lake Chamo.<br />

The road from Awassa to Addis was under construction, which<br />

was challenging as there are no detour roads <strong>and</strong> you have to<br />

go between construction vehicles on whatever part of road is<br />

available. Sometimes you would find yourself in the oncoming<br />

lane but it really does not matter the Ethiopian driver are<br />

surprisingly courteous.<br />

The taxis in Ethiopia are something to experience, not only<br />

is the inside filled to capacity but approximately 4 to 5<br />

passengers sit on the roof. I unfortunately did not manage to<br />

get any photos of it but can be viewed on my YouTube videos.<br />

Photo 6 indicate how we prepare coffee along the road.<br />

Addis Ababa is a large <strong>and</strong> well organized city, traffic however<br />

is horrendous, see photo 7<br />


The<br />

wait is over<br />

norden901<br />


come for a<br />

test ride<br />

taking<br />

deposits<br />

first shipment expected<br />

end jan 20<strong>22</strong><br />


Willow Rock Shopping Centre<br />

Solomon Mahlangu Drive, Willow Acres,<br />

Pretoria East<br />

Tel: 012 111 0190<br />

www.traxmoto.co.za<br />


for Choice<br />

Scan to Find us<br />



Whether you ride on or off road, ATV’s or UTV’s we have you covered with the<br />

bearings <strong>and</strong> drive line components you need to h<strong>and</strong>le any abuse you can dish out!<br />

ORDERS / DEALER ENQUIRIES CALL (011) 425-1081 / 1084<br />


The area north of Addis Ababa is very interesting<br />

in both the nature <strong>and</strong> culture. Photo 8 was taken<br />

in the highl<strong>and</strong>s near Debre Sina, It was the site of<br />

the first Holy Communion prepared in the Eritrean<br />

Orthodox Church, by the 4th-century bishop Aba<br />

Salama. It is one of the oldest monasteries in Africa<br />

<strong>and</strong> the world, because probably built in the third<br />

century. The monastery is the site of a pilgrimage<br />

by Eritrean Orthodox believers each year in June.<br />

The pilgrimage centers on a church above the<br />

village where a vision of Mary was said to have been<br />

seen by shepherd girls beneath a large boulder.<br />

The church is built adjacent to <strong>and</strong> over the rock<br />

where the vision was seen. The pilgrimage includes<br />

thous<strong>and</strong>s of ordinary Eritrean believers camping<br />

for one night in the village of Debra Sina, singing,<br />

drumming, chanting <strong>and</strong> celebrating Mary. Photos<br />

10 <strong>and</strong> 11 were taken in Shewa Robit where we<br />

overnighted.<br />

Photo 2<br />

Donkeys with a cart form a popular mode of<br />

transport in Ethiopia, can you spot the Donkey Photo 6 Photo 8<br />

in photo 12? The local population have not seen<br />

adventure motorcycles <strong>and</strong> where we stopped we<br />

draw a large crowd as seen in photo 13.<br />

Lalibela is a town in the Amhara region of northern<br />

Ethiopia. It’s known for its distinctive rock-cut<br />

churches dating from the 12th <strong>and</strong> 13th centuries,<br />

which are pilgrimage sites for Coptic Christians.<br />

Carved out of rock, the subterranean monoliths<br />

include huge Bete Medhane Alem, <strong>and</strong> crossshaped<br />

Bete Giyorgis. Many are joined by tunnels<br />

<strong>and</strong> trenches, <strong>and</strong> some have carved bas-reliefs<br />

<strong>and</strong> colored frescoes inside .We were fortunate<br />

enough to overnight her <strong>and</strong> this area is a must see<br />

attraction.<br />

Photo 10<br />

Jaco Ordering food off the wall menu.<br />

We left Lalibela via Sokota to Mekele that would<br />

have been a 4 hour drive on a br<strong>and</strong> new road build<br />

by the Chinese. Unfortunately the information given<br />

to us by the locals was not exactly correct <strong>and</strong> a<br />

part of the road was still under construction. We<br />

ran into a stretch of road which was very wet <strong>and</strong><br />

muddy <strong>and</strong> got stuck at night for many, many long<br />

<strong>and</strong> frustrating hours. The 4 hour journey turned into<br />

a 15 hour journey <strong>and</strong> only arrived in Mekele at 3h00<br />

the next morning… “Welcome to Africa”, or as Uwe<br />

Scmidt would say “Africa is not for sissies”. Photo<br />

21 show us buying petrol on the black market.<br />

Jacques indicate that this stretch of road is like<br />

doing 10 Sani passes in one.<br />

Photo 12<br />

Photo 13<br />

K1<br />

R<br />

33<br />

4,<br />

R2<br />

R<br />

R<br />

G3<br />

10<br />

42<br />

R<br />

R6<br />

Ve<br />

K<br />

13<br />

8<br />

R<br />

R<br />

B<br />

YO<br />

Photograph 24 is taken at a monastery near Adi<br />

K’uylo, not a huge amount is really known about this<br />

area <strong>and</strong> we also weren’t able to glean anything of<br />

substance from the world wide web.<br />

Aksum is a historically rich town <strong>and</strong> worth a visit.<br />

there is a church, built over the original church,<br />

where the Ethiopians believe the Ark of the<br />

Covenant is kept. Ordering food, was a challenge<br />

because of the language barrier, but with enough<br />

gesticulating <strong>and</strong> charades we managed to get<br />

quite a tasty meal for not a lot of money <strong>and</strong><br />

everybody did seem to enjoy the game.<br />

The Simien mountains is breathtaking, like our<br />

Drakensberg but just more, much… much more <strong>and</strong><br />

very majestic.<br />

As we headed towards Sudan the terrain started<br />

becoming dryer <strong>and</strong> the scenery more arid… but<br />

more about that in episode 6 next month.<br />

Photo 21<br />

Photo 24<br />

FU<br />

fo<br />

071 1<br />

sale<br />


K1600 R18, First BAGGER Edition 2018<br />

2020<br />

33 4,000km E X Demo<br />

R289 R280 000<br />

000<br />

S1000 F700 GS RR, 2013<br />

2010<br />

45,000km 48 R119 R79 000<br />

000<br />

S1000 R1250 RR RS, 2014<br />

2021<br />

49 2 300km 000km<br />

Top Box<br />

R155 R199 000<br />

R 1250 RS, 2019<br />

G310 100km<br />

R 2020<br />

420km<br />

R215 000<br />

R69 000<br />

R1250RT, 2019<br />

R1250 18 000km<br />

GSA 2018<br />

7 R230<br />

000km<br />

000<br />

R320 000<br />

C400 X 2020<br />

KTM 1,300km<br />

1190 ADVENTURE S 2015<br />

55 R109<br />

000km 000<br />


R119 000<br />

nu.<br />

Vespa 300 GTS, 2018<br />

Vespa 250 GTS, 2011<br />

R1250 GS Adventure 2013<br />

13,500km<br />

G 13, 310 000km R 2020<br />

K 1300 B 2018<br />

KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE 2015<br />

34,000km<br />

R99 000<br />

800km<br />

12 500km Remi Exhaust,Floor Boards<br />

8 500km<br />

R89 000<br />

R245 000<br />

R69 R105 000<br />

R299 000<br />

R175 000<br />

Cnr Witkoppen <strong>and</strong> Cedar Road.<br />

Fourways, Gauteng.<br />

BMW Motorrad Fourways<br />

Tel: (011) 367-1600<br />

Email: rodney.serfontein@cedarisle.co.za<br />


FULL SELeCTION of gear in store<br />

for the bike - for the rider - for any adventure<br />

071 101 6146<br />

sales@gutsngas.co.za<br />

www.gutsngas.co.za<br />

26 Avant Garde Ave.<br />

Northl<strong>and</strong>s Deco Park.<br />

R<strong>and</strong>burg.<br />

Guts<br />


www.adventurecompany.co.za<br />

The Sunfields Ride 2021.<br />

Lending people a helping h<strong>and</strong>!<br />

Every year, the guys from The Adventure Company host a ride out Balfour<br />

side. It’s a really lekker route through the privately owned farml<strong>and</strong>s, made<br />

more fun this year thanks to the torrential rainfall that hit the area. But the<br />

ride is merely a sidebar for the main event…<br />

The Sunfields home is a place of safety for people with Mental <strong>and</strong> physical<br />

disabilities – <strong>and</strong> they are the main beneficiaries of this event.<br />

It’s a massive fundraising drive for the home with bakkie loads of goods<br />

being donated by the riders.<br />

Everything from wheelchairs to microwave ovens <strong>and</strong> foodstuffs is piled<br />

into the home thanks to a very generous bunch of motorcycle enthusiasts.<br />

This year was made especially special when the guys from Roost racing<br />

all clubbed in <strong>and</strong> donated a whopping R20.000 to the home in memory of<br />

Ron Bailey who was an ardent supporter of the event.<br />

Thanks guys!<br />

It’s amazing that in hard times like these people are still so generous. Thank<br />

you to everyone who always gets behind this ride – <strong>and</strong> there are simply<br />

too many to mention. Thank you to the dealers like Roost Racing <strong>and</strong> the<br />

Katay racing clan who always get behind it. And to the businesses outside<br />

our trade who always dig deep – thank you!<br />

The Adventure Company Team<br />


www.adventurecompany.co.za<br />


Chestnut Hill<br />

MX Track<br />

We recently put the new YFZ450F<br />

through its paces at the Chestnut MX<br />

track - which, thanks to much investment<br />

from the guys from Ridgeway Racebar<br />

is undergoing much revamping <strong>and</strong> fine<br />

tuning. It’s always been a lekker venue.<br />

Securely fenced in, lots of parking <strong>and</strong><br />

shady trees.<br />

We thought we’d get all fancy <strong>and</strong> we<br />

even took along a drone to shoot the<br />

guys <strong>and</strong> the track. That was until the Yamaha<br />

we were riding jumped a bit higher<br />

than the drone expected <strong>and</strong> crashed it<br />

stukkend!<br />

Anyway - luckily we could pull a pic off<br />

Google earth to give you an idea of what<br />

the 1.1 KM track is like - <strong>and</strong> we asked<br />

our testers what they thought of the ride.<br />

Senior MX man Garrick Pretorius is the<br />

man in charge at the venue - <strong>and</strong> its cool<br />

to have such an experienced motocross<br />

man prepping <strong>and</strong> making sure that<br />

things are perfect.<br />

Theres also a cool little junior track that<br />

winds its way through the trees.<br />

Focus for now is on the track itself - lots<br />

of ripping <strong>and</strong> prepping, but there will<br />

soon be a full restaurant <strong>and</strong> some log<br />

cabins so that families can sleep over.<br />

Noice!<br />

If we know the Ridgeway guys, it will be<br />

sooner rather than later...<br />

The track is on the R515 between Bapsfontein<br />

& Rayton,<br />

Pretoria, South Africa.<br />

Cost to ride is R200 a day. Kidis R150 a<br />

day.<br />

Bikes only<br />

082-7876257<br />

Our regular tester Mike Wessels shares<br />

his thoughts on the track.<br />

I arrived early at the track to give it a<br />

walk around since it was my first time at<br />

the venue.<br />

The track is amazing <strong>and</strong> they clearly put<br />

a lot of work into it <strong>and</strong> it shows. Its busy<br />

with lots of jumps <strong>and</strong> turns - but its all<br />

safe!<br />

All the lips are smooth , no ruts in the<br />

take offs <strong>and</strong> l<strong>and</strong>ings are big with plenty<br />

room for error if you go long you safe <strong>and</strong><br />

if you case it’s mild <strong>and</strong> doesn’t buck you<br />

to flat while seeing your life flash before<br />

your eyes which is great.<br />

I’m definitely going back there for more,<br />

it’s a nice lay out <strong>and</strong> the traction after<br />

rain is amazing so should expect some<br />

good dust free riding with the amount of<br />

rain we’ve been having.<br />

Awesome track, affordable safe <strong>and</strong><br />

secure parking <strong>and</strong> staff is so friendly.<br />

St John Von Willich:<br />

I love the new layout, more flow, I love<br />

the changes Its a bit faster <strong>and</strong> the jumps<br />

are just on point!<br />

Justin Boniface shares his thoughts on<br />

the new layout:<br />

Chestnut Hill Motocross Park was one<br />

of the first mx tracks I went to when I<br />

started riding in 2009 <strong>and</strong> I’m so happy<br />

that my local track has actually become<br />

a fully prepped race track now .<br />

I can clearly remember rocking up in<br />

2009 <strong>and</strong> staring at the jumps just<br />

thinking “WHOA! these jumps are huge!”.<br />

I was determined to clear every single<br />

jump on the track <strong>and</strong> I proceeded to go<br />

there every weekend until I could clear<br />

everything. The famous “Power line”<br />

jump was almost every riders nemesis<br />

in the beginning until the rider got used<br />

to clipping fourth gear out of the corner<br />

<strong>and</strong> just committing. I always remember<br />

Charl van Rooy, the original owner of the<br />

premises, walking up to every rider <strong>and</strong><br />

personally greeting them, I’m sure Charl<br />

would feel at ease knowing that Garrick<br />

Pretorius (Premises Manager) has taken<br />

on this tradition.<br />

Chestnut Hill has always been known for<br />

its super dry, hard pack layout but Grant<br />

<strong>and</strong> his team have put in massive effort<br />

change this <strong>and</strong> get water to the track.<br />

The layout has just about been completely<br />

changed, make no mistake you<br />

still get a slight shock under the power<br />

lines if you touch your levers.<br />

The new layout has so much flow <strong>and</strong><br />

allows a rider to really carry momentum.<br />

Unbelievably, Chestnut Hill Motocross<br />

Park now gets prepped every weekend<br />

for the riders to almost full race conditions,<br />

which I applaud the team.<br />

Its great!<br />

2<br />

N<br />

T<br />

B<br />

S<br />

be<br />

ap<br />

m<br />

an<br />

ri<br />

he<br />

An<br />

H<br />

on<br />

TR<br />

A<br />

ME<br />

Lo<br />

Ou<br />



SHOULD<br />

JOIN THE<br />

HONDA<br />

FAMILY<br />

2021<br />

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2021<br />

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Specialization may be fine for something like golf clubs, but we think great motorcycles should<br />

be able to do it all. Case in point: The 2021 Honda NC750X. This is a bike is for motorcyclists who<br />

You meet the nicest<br />

appreciate both versatility <strong>and</strong> virtuosity in their adventure machines. This year, we’ve given this<br />

model some big improvements. More power. A larger integrated storage area. Lighter weight,<br />

people on a HONDA.<br />

<strong>and</strong> a lower seat height. Plus some huge technologic upgrades like throttle by wire, selectable<br />

riding modes, new instruments, a new frame,<br />

HONDA<br />

upgraded bodywork,<br />

AFRICA<br />

<strong>and</strong> st<strong>and</strong>ard ABS.<br />

TWIN<br />

At its<br />

heart, the twin-cylinder engine produces a broad torque curve as well, making it a joy to ride.<br />

And you can choose from two transmissions: a conventional manual-clutch six-speed, or<br />

Honda’s revolutionary automatic DCT. Either way, this latest NC750X is going to be the perfect<br />

one-bike choice for the rider who wants to do it all.<br />

TRUE<br />



Look out for events all around SA.<br />

Our Quest contestants will be out <strong>and</strong> about sharing their<br />

Quest experiences.<br />

THE NEW NC750X: DOD<br />


Specialization may be fine for something like go<br />

be able to to do do it all. it all. Case Case in point: point: The 2021 The Honda 2021 NC750 Hond<br />

appreciate both both versatility <strong>and</strong> virtuosity <strong>and</strong> virtuosity in their adventu in thei<br />

model some big big improvements. More More power. power. A larger A intl<br />

<strong>and</strong> a lower seat seat height. height. Plus some Plus some huge technologic huge techno up<br />

riding modes, new new instruments, a new a frame, new upgraded frame, ub<br />

heart, the the twin-cylinder engine engine produces produces a broad a torque broa<br />

And you can choose from from two transmissions: two transmissions: a conventio a<br />

Honda’s revolutionary automatic automatic DCT. Either DCT. way, Either this wa lat<br />

one-bike choice for for the rider the rider who wants who to wants do it all. to do i<br />

Pics By: Will Venter | Kalon Films<br />

R<strong>and</strong>burg: 011 795-41<strong>22</strong>

Whats happening in The Cape?<br />


The Makadas train which ran between<br />

Touws River <strong>and</strong> Ladismith was an<br />

integral part of the history <strong>and</strong> life<br />

of the Little Karoo. After over 50km<br />

of the line was destroyed during the<br />

500 year flood at Laingsburg on 25<br />

<strong>January</strong> 1981, the train line <strong>and</strong> the<br />

service it provided, which had been an<br />

important part of the life of Ladismith<br />

for 56 years, came to an end <strong>and</strong><br />

the line <strong>and</strong> its support structures<br />

(stations, sidings, water towers) fell<br />

into disrepair <strong>and</strong> faded into history.<br />

The original loco, with her nameplate<br />

of “Makadas” had also stood at the<br />

entrance to Ladismith for some years<br />

before she was moved away. For those<br />

whose lives are lived close to the sites of<br />

these events, the Makadas train, the train<br />

line <strong>and</strong> its memory needed revival in the<br />

present day.<br />

The Van der Vyver family are enthusiastic<br />

off-road <strong>and</strong> endurance riders <strong>and</strong> are<br />

members of a local riding group, the<br />

Klein Karoo Dirt Club, <strong>and</strong> have ridden<br />

the trails, roads <strong>and</strong> mountains in the<br />

area their whole lives. In 2019 the<br />

brothers took part in the Cape Cross<br />

Country Tankwa Rally. After riding the<br />

event again in 2020, Izak decided to<br />

have a similar event in Ladismith. Clive<br />

Crouse from Cape Cross Country was<br />

approached to assist with the planning<br />

of the rally. Izak wanted to use the event<br />

as a way to market Ladismith to the<br />

riding community <strong>and</strong> to get the local<br />

community on board to provide services<br />

<strong>and</strong> to assist with the logistics.

Clive also insisted that the route also be ridable<br />

for quads as this would allow more people to take<br />

part <strong>and</strong> enjoy the Little Karoo as the two-wheelers<br />

did. The organizers were hoping for about 20<br />

entries <strong>and</strong> were bowled over with the response –<br />

over 50 riders entered <strong>and</strong> took part in the event.<br />

The route was laid out <strong>and</strong> crossed 38 farms<br />

around Ladismith, for each of which permission<br />

had to be obtained as the farmers needed to know<br />

that their l<strong>and</strong> would be respected. As a result of<br />

this effort the competitors were able to enjoy an<br />

exciting variety of terrain which included vineyards,<br />

orchards, stock farms, game farms, scenic<br />

mountain trails <strong>and</strong> river beds.<br />

Although Ladismith <strong>and</strong> the Little Karoo have<br />

been plagued with extremely low rainfall in the<br />

past years, this was not true just prior to the<br />

Makadas. Izak <strong>and</strong> his route layers, even up to<br />

the Thursday before the event, had to continually<br />

make adjustments as the area saw some really<br />

good rains (up to 100mm in some places) over<br />

the month leading up to the rally, <strong>and</strong> previously<br />

planned sections had to be re-routed as there<br />

were now full dams <strong>and</strong> large mud sections which<br />

had appeared as if from nowhere.<br />

The organisers used a similar format to the Tankwa<br />

X Country Rally with GPS navigation. Competitors<br />

were issued their routes which were loaded onto<br />

their GPS units the evening before when everyone<br />

came together at the local school, Shalom<br />

Akedemie, for the evening meal <strong>and</strong> riders briefing.<br />

M<br />

AFF<br />

A<br />

S<br />

S A S A<br />

H<br />

Day 1 started with a marathon 330 km loop with<br />

top competitors managing times of approx. 7<br />

hours 50min <strong>and</strong> most competitors coming in<br />

between 8 -10 hours. Juniors rode a shortened<br />

150km part of the Senior route with a ride time of<br />

approx. 5 hours.<br />

On Day 2 both the Juniors <strong>and</strong> Seniors tackled<br />

a different 157km loop with ride times between<br />

3.5 – 5 hours. It is interesting to note the Juniors<br />

on 85cc bikes managed exceptionally well, quickly<br />

learning to navigate by GPS. The Junior winner<br />

<strong>and</strong> a name to watch in the future is AJ Louw from<br />

the Koue Bokkeveld.<br />

There was exciting racing right from the start with<br />

tight battles from the likes of Kobus Kroon, Joris<br />

Jacobs, Juan Coetzee, father <strong>and</strong> son team of<br />

Gideon & Rensie Joubert, brothers Calvin <strong>and</strong> Kyle<br />

Wiltshire <strong>and</strong> local brothers Francois <strong>and</strong> JJ Van<br />

der Vyver from Ladismith holding their own.<br />

It can be said that the Makadas XC Rally was<br />

truly a community effort – from the local traffic<br />

police who were at the road crossings, to the<br />

farmers who manned fuel points <strong>and</strong> facilitated<br />

the opening <strong>and</strong> closing of more that 100 farm<br />

gates, the local EMS medics who agreed to take<br />

part, the B&Bs <strong>and</strong> lodges in the area who made<br />

accommodation available, <strong>and</strong> the Van der Vyver<br />

family who gave up weekends for nearly a year<br />

to plot <strong>and</strong> ride every section of the route.... well<br />

done <strong>and</strong> thank you to everyone involved!<br />

All in all an excellent event in every department<br />

<strong>and</strong> a definite date to look out for on the South<br />

African XC calendar for the future.

MOST<br />



@Honda Centurion<br />

Africa Twin<br />

Specials<br />



Service<br />

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ABOVE<br />






HONDA CRF 1100<br />

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Honda Wing Centurion<br />

www.hondawingcenturion.co.za<br />

Cnr Heuwel & Lenchen South, Centurion<br />

Find us on Facebook. Like our page.<br />

<br />

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www.motomedia.co.za<br />







CALL; (011) 425-1081 / 1084<br />

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Looking for motorcycle parts or accessories<br />

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circle the differences in in pic 2, take a snap <strong>and</strong> whatsapp it to 071 684 4546<br />

before<br />

after<br />

spot all 10 <strong>and</strong> you could win<br />

1 of 12 tork craft multi tools...

17D_Q3+_SalesB<br />

The GXCC series<br />

is growing every year.<br />

Matt ‘Hollywood’ Smith went along to this seasons prize<br />

giving formalities. He sent us a wrap.<br />

Ched<br />

pro a<br />

310 310<br />

After riding out a short <strong>and</strong> crazy season in 2020, just<br />

after changing ownership through the lockdown mess that<br />

dominated last year, The GXCC club rose like a phoenix from<br />

the ashes <strong>and</strong> powered up to full strength <strong>and</strong> full speed again<br />

in 2021.<br />

The gr<strong>and</strong>eur <strong>and</strong> splendour of the end of season prize giving<br />

that was held over the weekend of the 11th of December, was<br />

testament to the popularity of this series.<br />

Colosseum Reale in Roodeplaat played host to the gala<br />

event <strong>and</strong> generous sponsorship from SPX Logistix, HRP <strong>and</strong><br />

Dunlop tyres ensured that the evening was a huge success.<br />

The top riders across all junior, quad <strong>and</strong> senior motorcycle<br />

classes were awarded championship trophies. The event<br />

played double duty to the Motorsport SA Northern Regions<br />

Cross Country awards for 2020 <strong>and</strong> 2021, making it a busy<br />

night <strong>and</strong> an amazing event.<br />

‘Hollywood’ was on the mic as always, summing up each<br />

rider’s season as he or she arrived onstage to receive their<br />

awards.Four junior classes covering 50’s, 65’s, Junior 85’s<br />

<strong>and</strong> Senior 85’s.Five quad classes covering ladies, veterans,<br />

masters, Q2’s <strong>and</strong> Q1’sEight senior Motorcycle classes<br />

covering OR1, OR2, OR3, Highschool , Seniors, Masters,<br />

Veterans <strong>and</strong> Ladies - as well as four Pro Am (Pro Amateur)<br />

classes in OR1, OR2, OR3 <strong>and</strong> ladies.<br />

Everyone got their moment to shine.<br />

Pepson Plastics main man Ian Pepper chipped in to create<br />

the floating trophies for the most improved riders from each<br />

category. These went to, for Juniors MacKenzie Bam, for<br />

quads, Christiaan Ferriera <strong>and</strong> for senior bikes, Craig Alcock.<br />

One of the moments of the evening was when Keenan<br />

Hammon received the Club Champions Award as the rider<br />

with the most wins for the season. This was a bitter sweet<br />

event as Hammon had already announced his retirement from<br />

Quad racing to venture into the polarising world of Triathlon<br />

racing.<br />

Mark Henderson from HRP was on h<strong>and</strong> to assure everyone<br />

that 20<strong>22</strong> was in good h<strong>and</strong>s as he, <strong>and</strong> Dunlop would once<br />

again, be backing the GXCC for next season.<br />

Henderson Racing Products also h<strong>and</strong>ed out prizes to the top<br />

performing Dunlop riders <strong>and</strong> the juniors, especially loved the<br />

goody bags from ‘Uncle Mark’.<br />

The GXCC is one of the biggest racing series in SA <strong>and</strong> with<br />

the promise of new venues <strong>and</strong> even better racing for the new<br />

year it’s definitely looking like a promising new year.<br />

The season starts early with the first event scheduled for the<br />

5th of February with the venue to be announced closer to the<br />

time.<br />

Mark Henderson <strong>and</strong> the junior Dunlop<br />

racers.<br />

The 2021 GXCC Dunlop Champions Warrick van Schalkwyk<br />

MASTERS, Wade Blaauw SENIORS, Ian Rall OR2, Mike Pentecost<br />

OR1<br />

Br<strong>and</strong>on Clarke 85 junior champ <strong>and</strong><br />

Northern Regional colours.<br />

Erns<br />

veter<br />

Erns<br />

6<br />

+<br />

6 A S<br />

L<br />

Ian R<br />

Or2<br />

John<br />

cham<br />

RAD<br />

Mac<br />

impr<br />

Spo<br />

Du<br />

*As te<br />


17D_Q3+_SalesBull_2pg_r2_Layout 1 4/13/17 3:08 PM Page 1<br />



Henderson Racing Products<br />

011 708 5905<br />

www.facebook.com/Hendersonracingproducts<br />

DO 0<br />

THE MATH<br />

Chedee Grobler ladies<br />

Christiaan Ferriera most improved Craig Alcock most improved<br />

pro am champ.<br />

quad rider.<br />

senior motorcycle rider.<br />

MORE 62°<br />




GPR-300<br />

Ernst Slabbert motorcycle<br />

More than 80% Francois of the Q3+ Burger quad Performance<br />

veterans<br />

touring tyre<br />

Hollywood Great<br />

<strong>and</strong> H<strong>and</strong>ling<br />

Live-x at<br />

Ivan an<br />

<strong>and</strong><br />

veterans champ.<br />

has been champ.<br />

redesigned<br />

that not only lasts longer, Gareth.<br />

affordable price.<br />

+<br />

compared to the Q3<br />

but performs at higher<br />


levels<br />


Offers a balance of<br />


GRIP<br />

• This purpose-built track-day tire achieves lean angles up to 62 degrees*.<br />

• The Sportmax Q4 is DOT-approved for street-legal use.<br />

62 LEAN<br />

in the wet<br />

WEAR<br />

• The user-friendly Q4 does not require tire warmers, <strong>and</strong> runs at street<br />

Ian MORE<br />

dry<br />

ANGLE<br />

Rall with the MA team <strong>and</strong><br />

pressures, eliminating the need Jaden for chassis Els or electronic 65 champ adjustments. with<br />

Or2 pro champ.<br />

Jaden Els 65 champ PERFORMANCE<br />

MORE<br />

• Rear with tire compound fam. contains carbon Northern black like Regional Dunlop’s racing colours. slicks for<br />

maximum grip.<br />

conditions with<br />

20% MORE<br />

• Jointless Tread (JLT) technology uses a continuously wound strip compound<br />

STREET<br />

LONGER<br />

LIFE<br />

to optimize stability, flex, <strong>and</strong> grip across the rear tread profile.<br />

WHERE<br />

WEAR<br />

• Carbon Fiber Technology (CFT) uses carbon fiber reinforcement in the<br />


sidewalls for exceptional cornering performance, braking stability <strong>and</strong> feel.<br />

310<br />

320<br />

330<br />

340<br />

350<br />

10<br />

LEGAL<br />


20<br />

30<br />

40<br />

50<br />

60<br />

120<br />

70<br />

80<br />

110<br />

90<br />

100<br />

• Dunlop br<strong>and</strong>ing on the tread area.<br />

John Botha left highschool 125<br />

champ.<br />

• Made in the U.S.A.<br />

Kawasaki first second <strong>and</strong> fifth -<br />

Dart, Pentecost, Alcock.<br />

Keenan Hammon <strong>and</strong> CD Goosen<br />

Q1 <strong>and</strong> Q2 champs quads.<br />

• The Q4 is available through all Dunlop retailers, as well as race distributors.<br />

Size Load/Speed Part Number<br />

Sportmax Q4 Front 120/70ZR17 (58W) 45233176<br />

Sportmax Q4 Rear 180/55ZR17 (73W) 45233177<br />

180/60ZR17 (75W) 45233131<br />

190/50ZR17 (73W) 45233060<br />

190/55ZR17 (75W) 45233074<br />

200/55ZR17 (78W) 45233092<br />

S594/A<br />


Sportmax Q4<br />

Sportmax Q3+<br />

Mackenzie Bam right most<br />

Sportmax GPR-300<br />

improved junior rider.<br />

Sportmax Roadsmart III<br />

Mike Pentecost OR1 Pro<br />

champ with wife Jamie-Lee.<br />



The Franchise Co CIT.<br />

DunlopMotorcycleTires.com<br />

*As tested by Dunlop on a 2017 Suzuki GSX-R 1000 RR on a closed track at Barber Motorsports Park.<br />

@RideDunlop DunlopMotorcycleTires.com. ©2017 DUNLOPTYRESSA<br />

Dunlop Motorcycle Tires.<br />

©2018 Dunlop Motorcycle Tires.<br />


17D_Q3+_SalesBull_2pg_r2_Layout 1 4/13/17 3:08 PM Page 1<br />

DUNLOP<br />



DO<br />

0<br />

THE MATH<br />


62°<br />


310<br />


320<br />

330<br />

340<br />

350<br />


GPR-300<br />

More than 80% of the Q3+ Performance touring tyre Great H<strong>and</strong>ling at an<br />

has been redesigned<br />

that not only lasts longer,<br />

affordable price.<br />

+<br />

compared to the Q3<br />

but performs at higher<br />

20% MORE<br />

levels<br />

Mike Pentecost OR1 Champion<br />


Offers a balance of<br />

FEATURES Ian Rall & BOR2 ENEFITS Champion<br />

GRIP<br />

PEPSON PLASTIC, using DUNLOP MX33, AT81, MCA RACE Team, using DUNLOP MX33, AT81,<br />

• This purpose-built<br />

MX53 <strong>and</strong> DUNLOP 21<br />

MX53 track-day <strong>and</strong> DUNLOP tire achieves 21 lean & angles 18 up to 62 degrees*.<br />

& 18 competition mousses<br />

• The Sportmax Q4 competition is DOT-approved mousses for street-legal use.<br />

in the wet<br />

WEAR<br />

• The user-friendly Q4 does not require tire warmers, <strong>and</strong> runs at street<br />

pressures, eliminating the need for chassis or electronic adjustments.<br />

dry<br />



MORE<br />


20% MORE<br />

LIFE<br />

Wade Blaauw Seniors Champion<br />

ROOST KTM Race Team, using DUNLOP MX33,<br />

AT81 <strong>and</strong> DUNLOP 21 & 18<br />

competition mousses<br />

MORE<br />

• Rear tire compound contains carbon black like Dunlop’s racing slicks for<br />

to optimize stability, flex, <strong>and</strong> grip across the rear tread profile.<br />


DON’T BE LEFT BEHIND. MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE FOR 20<strong>22</strong>!<br />

Sportmax Q4<br />

Sportmax Q3+<br />

Sportmax GPR-300<br />

Sportmax Roadsmart III<br />

DunlopMotorcycleTires.com<br />

*As tested by Dunlop on a 2017 Suzuki GSX-R 1000 RR on a closed track at Barber Motorsports Park.<br />

@RideDunlop DunlopMotorcycleTires.com. ©2017 DUNLOPTYRESSA<br />

Dunlop Motorcycle Tires.<br />

10<br />

20<br />

30<br />

40<br />

maximum grip.<br />

conditions with<br />

LONGER<br />

• Jointless Tread (JLT) technology uses a continuously wound strip compound<br />

• Carbon Fiber Technology (CFT) uses carbon fiber reinforcement in the<br />

sidewalls for exceptional cornering performance, braking stability <strong>and</strong> feel.<br />

• Dunlop br<strong>and</strong>ing on the tread area.<br />

• Made in the U.S.A.<br />


50<br />

60<br />

120<br />

70<br />

80<br />

110<br />

90<br />

100<br />


62 LEAN<br />

ANGLE<br />

STREET<br />


• The Q4 is available through all Dunlop retailers, as well as race distributors.<br />

Warrick van Schalkwyk Masters Champion<br />

ROOST KTM Race Team, using DUNLOP MX33,<br />

Size Load/Speed Part Number<br />

Sportmax Q4 Front 120/70ZR17 (58W) 45233176<br />

Sportmax Q4 Rear 180/55ZR17 (73W) 45233177<br />

AT81 <strong>and</strong> DUNLOP 180/60ZR17 21 & 18 (75W) 45233131<br />

competition 190/50ZR17 mousses (73W) 45233060<br />

190/55ZR17 (75W) 45233074<br />

200/55ZR17 (78W) 45233092<br />




©2018 Dunlop Motorcycle Tires.<br />



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