Annual Report 2020-21

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Annual Report

July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021

A Message From CEO Dr. Joseph T. Birli

Greetings, Bethany Friends.

Bethany Children’s Home

Another year is completed and in the books, adding to the previous 157 years of providing care, safety,

love and healing to children and youth. Though we have endured difficult times through the decades that

included devastating building fires, the financial depression and lack of funding, staff shortages and health

crisis pandemics, we continue to persevere and be relevant to the needs of services for today’s youth.

Resiliency is the only description I can offer that best describes Bethany youth, and ultimately, Bethany

Team Members. Though we have operated with staff shortages through the decades, never have we been

so challenged as during the COVID pandemic. Dedicated Team Members continue to show up every day

to care for children who have been subject to the unfortunate life circumstances of their caregivers.

Though we have had to lower the number of youth in daily service due to the workforce challenges that COVID has presented,

we have not compromised on the quality of care and Team Members are committed more than ever to the healing journey of

Bethany youth. We have been privileged to observe progress in the youths’ education as some continue toward higher education,

some to the workforce and some to vocational training programs. This alone is an achievement during COVID days. We are proud

of the youth who continue to work through their personal challenges despite the difficulty of COVID burdens and fatigue.

The same holds true for Bethany as an organization. This year has seen some great programmatic and financial strides toward

sustainability for the future of Bethany Children’s Home programming and services.

Since my arrival to Bethany, we have been working with counties we contract with to commit to increasing the daily fiscal rates

of care for the children we serve. For a frame of reference, we have not seen rate increases for more than 6 years from the county

contracts. I am pleased to share we have seen more than an average of a 48% rate increase across most of the county contracts,

with the highest increase in the 94% range.

Another objective this year was to become more fiscally stable and I believe one way to do that is to eliminate debt. It is a pleasure

to share that we were able to accomplish this for the first time in the history of Bethany Children’s Home by paying off the final

debt of approximately $1.4 million. It was only through strategically coordinating funds management and allocations that we

accomplished this momentous task. Finally, I am proud to share that the most recent financial audit showed that the usage of

funds from those county contracts and fundraising donations determined approximately 90% of all Bethany funds, are utilized

toward programming expenses, with about 10% toward operations.

Along with individual, family, and group therapies, we have introduced equine and pet therapy while implementing art, music,

and educational recreational instruction with the intention that all provide a healing component for the youth. Recently, we have

been in discussions to introduce expressive arts including movement programs such as dance, acting and drama groups. Though

it was a challenging year, it has been rewarding to be affiliated with the term “Resilience” and live it in a time full of unknown


Thank you for your interest and commitment to Bethany Children’s Home. Here’s to another year of Resiliency.


Bethany Children’s Home provides a safe place of nurture,

protection, and supportive care to aid our residents in their

self-understanding, growth, and healing toward a brighter future.


Youth are placed with Bethany through each county’s Children and Youth Services

as part of our contracts for care.

13, 184

Over 13,100 children cared for since Bethany was founded in 1863. Bethany has helped

youth reclaim their lives from trauma, abuse and neglect for more than 150 years.

2 graduates

Total Graduates: 2 from Conrad Weiser

26 Counties Served

Berks, Blair, Bucks, Carbon, Chester, Clinton, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin,

Lackawanna, Lancaster, Lebanon, Lehigh, Luzerne, Lycoming, Monroe, Montgomery,

Montour, Northampton, Perry, Pike, Schuylkill, Somerset, Tioga, Wayne, York

Food Service

Meals served = 106,320; Pounds of food = 213,410

Pounds of grains = 51,692; Gallons of Milk = 2,142

Pounds of fruits and veggies = 68,465

Contributions from the Greater Berks Food Bank and the Lebanon Cold Storage

provide assistance to many departments.

BCH Board of Directors 2020-21

Our Board of Directors is comprised of volunteers from both clergy and business backgrounds. The

Board was established in 1863. Since inception, our Board has been charged with the faithful vision and

protection of our youth.

Benson Campbell, Chairperson

Steve Bobick, Vice Chairperson

Jim Stubblebine, Treasurer

Dr. Betsy Adams, Secretary

Rev. Kimberly Berenotto

Ms. Maria Teresa Caligaris

Ladies Visiting & Advisory Committee

Established in 1886

Marjorie Athens

Peggy Bachman

Diane Campbell

Judy Haluska

Regina Lebo

Rev. Darryl Cruz

Rev. John Folk

Laure Larkin

Hilary Malone

Kedri Metzger

Kathleen Peires

Douglas Yeakle

Sandra Kolson, President

Susanne Parks, Vice President

Mary Ann Bossard, Treasurer

Sue Snyder, Secretary

Barbara Mays

Doris Moser

Linda Enders Roxberry

Judy Wahl

Sue Witham

The team at Bethany Children’s Home provides a

supportive environment to promote growth and

healing. Bethany takes a unique approach to healing.

As we realize all youth do not respond to one specific

therapeutic process, we offer a variety of services to

build resiliency and guide our youth toward a safe and

healthy future.

Youth in our care are offered many opportunities to

address physical, social, cognitive, and psychological

health and safety.

Youth in Bethany’s Short-Term program reside in

several cottages on campus. The Short-Term program

is a 90-day program designed to promote healthy

family relationships and reunification. The Residential

Treatment program offers support and services to

youth to obtain life skills to move to a less structured

setting. Bethany’s Independent Living is geared toward

youth ages 16-20 who have demonstrated satisfactory

educational progress (or may be working on their GED

or college/higher education program) and have shown

the ability to live more independently.

For Bethany youth who are between 18 and 21 years

of age, we offer Supervised Independent Living and

Transitional Living Programs. Our Transitional Living

Program is located on Bethany’s main campus and

youth have access to team member supports on a

regular basis.

Youth Services at Bethany

Bethany offers the following services:

• Case Management Services

• Spiritual Services

• Therapeutic Services (Counseling and Psychiatry)

• Educational Supports

• Art, recreation and music programming with

dedicated, experienced team members

To learn more about our services, please visit our

website at bethanyhome.org/services.

Bethany’s Unique Programs

Bethany Children’s Home offers several programs to fit the needs of our youth in care.

In our Supervised Independent Living Program, youth

can reside in apartments on or off campus while still

receiving support.

Additionally, Bethany’s Supervised Independent Living

program has partnered with Alvernia University and

now offers a suite in College Towne. Youth in this

program must be employed or enrolled full time in

school. This program prepares our youth for living

independently in the community.

Bethany also provides a 24-hour Emergency Shelter

for youth who are in immediate need of a stable

environment while a more permanent plan for their

care is developed. The shelter program is designed to

be a temporary measure of up to 30 days.

To learn more about our services, please visit our

website at bethanyhome.org/services.

Bethany Springs, LLC

In 2012, Bethany Home formed Bethany Springs, LLC.

Bethany Springs is a for-profit entity of Bethany Home.

Bethany Springs sells fresh spring water from Bethany’s

mountain property to DS Waters. The revenue generated from

sales helps support Bethany’s therapeutic services.

On a daily basis, an average of 12 tankers holding 8,000

gallons of water visit Bethany Springs. Our well currently is

pumping 40 gallons per minute of fresh spring water. It takes

20 minutes to fill a tanker truck.

Bethany Youth Served

Bethany Children’s Home

2020-2021 Fiscal Year July 2020 - June 2021 Financial Statement

Admissions by Program July 2020-June 2021

Short Term


Shelter Care


Supervised Independent Living


Transitional Living


Combined Unrestricted Fund & General Operating Budget


Intensive Residential


Independent Living


The revenue and support generated for the general operating fund are

received from government agencies, contributions, and our non-business

related entities of the Farm and Bethany Springs.



Supervised Independent Living Transitional Living Independent Living Residential Intensive Residential Short Term Shelter Care

Operating Revenue & Support

Operating Expenses

Operating Gain




Race of Youth Served July 2020-June 2021

Native American, 2, 2%

Other, 1, 1%

Biracial, 1, 1%

Multi-racial, 10, 12%

African American, 15, 18%

Hispanic, 14, 17%

Caucasian, 41, 49%

This statement represents all assets and liabilities of Bethany Children’s Home Inc. and its

related entities. Bethany’s endowment fund is recognized as an asset in this report.

Unaudited figures are represented in this document so that this report could be printed for

our Annual Board of Directors meeting. Your contributions and Bethany’s investment income

enable us to provide our youth with essential programs and services.

Combined Statement of Financial Position


Age of Youth Served for July 2020-June 2021

Age 18


Age 19


Age 20


Age 9


Age 11


Age 12


Age 13


Age 14


Hispanic Caucasian African American Biracial Multi-racial Native American Other



Net Assets


Temporary (All categories)






Age 15


Age 17


Age 16


Gifts listed in this report were given between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021. We apologize for any errors. The official

registration and financial information of Bethany Home Inc. and Bethany Children's Home Inc. may be obtained from

the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll free, within Pennsylvania, (800) 732-0999. Registration does not

imply endorsement.

Harry K. Alwine and Anna Hershey Alwine Trust

Sarah R. Bright Trust

Danice J. Bitting Estate

Estate of Elizabeth Jane Batley

Estate of Jane R. Breininger

Estate of Joseph F. Christ

William and Alice Crouse Charitable Trust

Gail E. Gass Miller Trust

Charles H. Haag Trust

Louise Hench Fund

Harry Hettinger Trust

T. Clayton Kantz Trust

Estate of Christine Kauffman

Jane L. Keller Trust

Mary C. Laubach Perpetual Trust

In Memory of Richard Andrews

Ms. Lori Andrews

In Memory of Wilma Arndt

Mr. and Mrs. Freddie Delong

In Memory of Keith Banke

Mr. and Mrs. Freddie Delong

In Memory of Bill Barry

Ms. Linda Hardy

In Honor of Molly Baum

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Baum

In Memory of Elmer A. Beck

Ms. Cheryl A. Iobst

In Memory of Dottie Bicksler

Ms. Michelle Alger

Ms. Sara Jane Kelley

Mr. Don and Vicki Kensinger

Ms. Debbie Kohuth

Mr. Michael Peters

Mrs. Glenda M. Prokopick

Mr. Robert J. Reidel

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Sniscak

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Weidler

Ms. Judith M. Zelders

In Honor of Barbara Boehringer McConnell

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Boehringer

In Honor of Kathy Bonsell

Union UCC

Bequests and Trusts

Adam Lenhart Trust

John E. Lentz Trust

Carrie Machmer Trust

Ruth D. Miller Trust

Helen I. Miller Hoy Trust

Ammon & Dorothy Patrick Trust

John Z. & Anna Roth Harner Trust

Warren S. Scholl Trust

Jacob Schnader Trust

William E. Schnader Trust Fund

Schuylkill Area Community Foundation

Edward O. Steely Trust

Katie M. Ulrich Trust

Isabella Weidner Trust

Memorials & Honorariums

In Memory of Bill Burden and in Honor of his wife Dot


United Church of Strafford

In Honor of Ben Campbell

St. Peter’s Pikeland UCC Sewing Circle

In Honor of Betty Coogan

Mr. and Mrs. Ensign D. Emerson

Mr. Michael Kuzniak

In Memory of Betty Costanza

Mr. Peter and Carole Calabrese

Central PA Lodge #2651

Mr. Bernard Costanza

Ms. Jeanne Fortino

Ms. Christina Gustafson

Ms. Lydia A. Johnson

Mr. Michael M. Krnjaic

Ms. Alice Lovely

Mr. Jim Makowski

Mr. Albert Piscopo

Mr. Richard Rotella

Mr. Robert Teller

In Memory of Tom Fisher

Mr. and Mrs. Freddie Delong

In Memory of Dr. Robinson Fry

Mr. and Mrs. Freddie Delong

In Honor of Dr. Paul and Ruth Gerhart

Ms. Linda Patrick

Memorials & Honorariums cont’d

In Honor of Harold and Doris Henning

In Memory of Ferdie Kuczala

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Williman

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Paolini

In Memory of Maryann Hlubik

In memory of LeRoy G. Kunkle, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Freddie Delong

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Lesniak

In Memory of Warren Hodgkiss

In Memory of Rev. Robert A. Lewis

Mrs. Jane M. Hodgkiss

Ms. Lori Ofner

In Memory of Richard Holben

In Memory of Barbara L. Martello

Mr. and Mrs. Freddie Delong

Ms. Michele Holub

In Memory of David and Mae Hollenbach

In Memory of Rebecca Malack

Mr. David W. Hollenbach

Ms. Connie Bocchieri

In Memory of Ann Holtzcleiser

Ms. Jane Manca

Mr. and Mrs. Freddie Delong

In Memory of Rev. George Miller

In Memory of John Huber

Mrs. S. Alberta Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred B. Clauser

In Memory of Elisabeth and Roy Mitman

Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Ernst

Mrs. Mary Leigh Hegner

Ms. Betty M. Ginder

In Memory of Elmer Mohry

Mr. Ray L. Heberling

Mr. and Mrs. Freddie Delong

Ms. Susan J. Kerschner

In Memory of Lois Mount

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kramer

Ms. Gail L. Stuber

Ms. Grace M. Marquette

In Memory of Christopher Ney

Mr. Wayne Moyer

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Ney

Mr. David H. Schell

In Honor of Karlee, Libby and KP Patrick

Ms. Fern G. Thome

Ms. Kimberly Berenotto

Zion United Methodist Church New Seekers Sunday School In Memory of Kim Planer


Mr. and Mrs. Freddie Delong

In Memory of Myra Huber

In Memory of Ray Pudliner

Ms. Susan J. Beck

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Tice

Ms. Marie Beck

In Memory of Nancy Rabenold

Ms. Beverly L. Bode

Mr. James Rabenold

H.L. Snyder Funeral Home Inc.

In Memory of Judy Raw

Hammel Associates Architects LLC

Mr. and Mrs Freddie Delong

Ms. Anna Faye Loy

In Honor of Rev. Rhoades

Moore Engineering Company

Mr. Ronald Good

Tcs2 D Construction

In Memory of Walter Roberts

Mr. Theodore Vedock

Mrs. Nancy Roberts

Ms. Dianne S. Zimmerman

In Memory of Mary Sanders

In Honor of Sandra Kemmick

Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Sanders

Mr. Don Stark

In Memory of Janice Schlappig

In Memory of Rev. James and Pamela S. Knappenberger Mr. William H. Hinkle

Mr. Rebecca Orth

In Memory of Winifred Schucker

In Memory of Julia Kramer

Peace UCC Womens Guild

Peace UCC Womens Guild

In Memory of Ricky Shaak

Mr. and Mrs. Freddie Delong

In Memory of Dr. David Shingles

Mr. and Mrs. Freddie Delong

In Memory of Melanie Shoup

Mr. and Mrs. Freddie Delong

In Memory of Robert Traister Smith

Mrs. Joanne Smith Billman

In Memory of Barbara Trinkle

Mr. and Mrs. Freddie Delong

Memorials & Honorariums cont’d


Dr. Betsy A. Adams

Mr. and Mrs. Gary T. Adams

Ms. Elaine L. Adams

Advent Lutheran Church

Mrs. Carolyn Albright

Mrs. Irene Allen

Amazon Smile

Mr. P. Frank Anders

Dr. Eric Angstadt

Ms. Janice Angstadt

Armenian Martyrs’ Congl Church of


Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Gene W.


Mr. James Leroy Aumiller

Ms. Gail S. Austin

Mr. Allan J. Babnew

Ms. Deborah L. Bargione

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Bauder

Mr. Todd Bauman

Bausman Memorial UCC

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Bayler

Mrs. Joanne H. Bechtel

Mr. and Mrs. David E. Becker

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Bell

Ben Salem UCC Mission Committee

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur G. Benica

Mr. Charles Berger

Rev. Robert Bistline

Mr. Timothy C. Bitting

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Bleiler

Mr. and Mrs. Carl H. Bloss

In Memory of Anna Troutman Jury

Dr. and Mrs. Lewis Jury

In Memory of Salvatore Vallone

Ms. Michele Holub

In Memory of Harry Wetherhold

Mr. and Mrs. Freddie Delong

In Memory of Mamie Witmer

Mr. and Mrs. Freddie Delong

In Memory of J. Odell Zechman

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Dodge

Brighter Futures

Bob and Donna Rhoads Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Steve A. Bobick

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Boland

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Boltz

Ms. Marjorie Bonasera

Ms. Sandra Bond

Mr. and Mrs. Jean-Pierre Bouvel

Mr. & Mrs. Stephane Bouvel

Mr. Dennis R. Boyer

Ms. Patricia Boyer

Boyer’s Food Markets Inc.

Ms. Nancy M. Bracken

Ms. Patricia A. Brandt

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey G. Breneiser

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander A. Bressler

Ms. Arletta Brown

Brownback’s UCC

Ms. Carolyn E. Bryant

Mrs. Rugene Caldwell

Ms. Teresa Caligaris

Calvary Reformed Church of the


Ms. Karen W. Campbell

Mrs. Diane Campbell

Mr. and Mrs. Jon Carrow

Mr. Randall W. Chapman II

Dr. and Mrs. Peter J. Christ

Christ Delong United Church Ladies


Christ UCC & St. John’s Reformed


Christ UCC Service Circle

Mr. and Mrs. Adam H. Christman, Jr.

Mr. Aldo D. Ciotti

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Cipriano

Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Cleveland

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey E. Coggins

Collins Bros Painting

Colonial Park UCC

Conrad Weiser Hardware, Inc.

Ms. Elizabeth Coogan

Ms. Luanne Curry Reese

Mrs. Judy Dent

Mrs. Shirley H. Derstine

Mr. and Mrs. John Dinger

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Dodge

Ms. Jalanne B. Dodman

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Dooley

Ms. Linda G. Doyle

Mr. Gary Eberly

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Ebling

Mr. David E. Eidle

Ms. Karen Ekis

Mrs. Susan E. Elinsky

Mrs. Ruth R. Ellman

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Ellwanger

Emanuel’s Reformed Church Of


Epler’s Church Zwingli Guild

Epping Community Church

Ms. Darleynne Espinosa

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Eubanks

Faith UCC

Faith UCC Mission Team

Ms. Nancy J. Fegley

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fehling

Mr. and Mrs. Jay H. Fenstermacher

First UCC

First UCC Ladies Aid Society

First UCC Women’s Guild

Ms. Ina M. Folk

Mr. John Folk

Ms. Kathy L. Follett

Miss Scotia Foose

Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Fornauf

Ms. Carolyn M. Frantz

Ms. J. Gail Freymoyer

Friedens Church of Lenhartsville

Friedens UCC

Friedens UCC Women’s Guild

Ms. Dawn Fulmer

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Furmanski, Jr.

Rev. and Mrs. David E. Gallick

Ms. Elizabeth B. Gaul

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Geers

Mr. LeRoy R. Gensemer

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gerber

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gibson

Givinga Foundation

Glad Tidings Assembly of God


Mr. Ronald Good

Gouglersville Fire Co. #1

Ms. Susan Graft

Greenawalds UCC

Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Greene

Ms. Fay Ann Grider

Mr. William A. Griffin

Mr. and Mrs. David D. Grim

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin P. Guldin

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis R. Haag

Mrs. Audrey Hahn

Mr. Glenn G. Hart

Mr. and Mrs. Wilson W. Hartranft

Ms. Marilee Hauck

Headlines Beauty Salon

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Heaney

Mr. and Mrs. Colin Heffley

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Jay Heim

Mr. William E. Heinz

Dr. and Mrs. Landis C. Heistand

Mr. James F. Henn

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Henninger

Mr. and Mrs. Bradford W. Herr

Brighter Futures cont’d

Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Paul R. Hetrich

J. P. Hightower

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur R. Hill

Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Hill

Mr. William H. Hinkle

Mr. Harold B. Holtzman

Mr. and Mrs. A. David Horne

Ms. Judith A. Hosking

Mr. and Mrs. Donald O. Houtz, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Huber

Mr. and Mrs. Ray A. Hunsicker

Mr. and Mrs. R. Thomas Hurd

Ms. Lindsay Ilgenfritz

Immanuel UCC

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Indorato

InFaith Community Foundation

Mr. Edward Inshetski

Jerusalem Western Salisbury UCC

Johnson & Johnson Foundation

Jordan UCC

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Kapuschinsky

Ms. Barbara L. Kaufman

Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert Kehrli

Mrs. William E. Keim

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Keller

Judge Scott D. Keller

Mr. and Mrs. Dale C. Kemper

King’s Auto Repair, Inc.

King’s Daughters of the First

Reformed Church

KJ Plastics, Inc.

Justin and Michelle Kleinheider

Mr. Howard R. Kline

Ms. Barbara Klinger

Rev. and Mrs. David H. Knoebel

Ms. Dorothy E. Knouse

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Kolson

Kountry Kraft, Inc.

Mrs. Donna J. Kratz

Rev. and Rev. Howard L. Kriebel

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Mr. Richard C. Kutz

Mr. and Mrs. James A. LaFreeda

Ms. Kathryn M. Landis

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Mrs. Sandra Lazorchick

Lehigh Furnace Union Sunday


Rev. and Mrs. Johnnie W. Lengel

Ms. Linda Lesh

Ms. Ruth Levan

Ms. Nancy Levin

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Lincoln

Mr. Ronald G. Lobach

Ms. Lauren K. Lorah

Lovell UCC Ladies Circle

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis P. Lutz

Dr. and Mrs. Wilbert Lyons

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Mr. and Mrs. David F. Maidt

Ms. Sheila Martin

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Ms. Linda F. Mastruzzo

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Mrs. Susan S. McCartney

Ms. Mindy McIntosh

Mr. & Mrs. Carl Mele

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Mr. and Mrs. Donald Miller

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Ms. Judith A. Miller

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Mr. and Mrs. Dennis G. Moser

Mrs. Joan A. Moyer

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Mr. Edwin J. Musser

Mrs. Janet Neel

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Network for Good

New Goshenhoppen Sunday School

New Goshenhoppen UCC

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Ney

Mr. and Mrs. Allen M. Nixon

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Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Ockenfuss Sr.

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Penn Central Conference

Penn Northeast Conference

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Pennwyn Motor, Inc.

Ms. Janet Peters

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Nina Reddy

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Rockhound Apparel

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Brighter Futures cont’d

Mr. Bryan D. Scott

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Mrs. Gladys L. Sell

Mrs. Ethel Shaner

Mrs. Karen L. Shaub

Mrs. Elizabeth G. Sherman

Shiloh UCC

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Shuck

Mr. Andrew Shultz and Ms. Sarah


Shuman Development Group

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Shupp

Rev. and Mrs. Carl E. Siegfried, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Smith

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St. John United Church of Christ

St. John’s Church on Morgan Hill

St. John’s Community Church

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UCC Church

St. John’s UCC

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St. Michael’s Womens Group

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St. Paul’s UCC

St. Paul’s UCC (Indianland)

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St. Paul’s UCC Women’s Fellowship

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St. Peter’s Pikeland UCC

St. Peter’s Tohickon UCC

St. Peter’s UCC

St. Peter’s UCC Women’s Guild

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St. Stephen’s Christian Fellowship


St. Stephen’s UCC

Ms. Susan L. Steward

Stone Ridge Retirement Community

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Ms. Dee Ann Szymanski

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The Benevity Community Impact Fund

The Betty or C. Ray Buss Family Trust

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Trinity UCC

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Association, Inc.

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Wynn Family Foundation

Wyomissing UCC

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Mrs. Harriett Ziegenfuss

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Zion’s (Snyders) UCC

Zion’s Reformed UCC

Zion’s UCC


Ms. Nancy A. Colavito

Mr. LeRoy R. Gensemer

Mr. Scott A. Keener

Mr. and Mrs. Gene M. Schlegel

Mr. Tyler and Wendy Shane

Ms. Cindy K Sines

Mrs. Holly Wolf

Art Studio

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Birthday Fund

Ms. Kristen E. Diehl

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Suzella Hirsh

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Pennsburg UCC

Mr. and Mrs. Gene M. Schlegel

Mr. Brian Seeling

Mr. and Mrs. Edward S.


Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Seeling

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Seeling

St. Paul’s UCC

Mrs. Debra A. Stover

Brobst Cottage

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gerber

The Rev. Leroy C. Brumbaugh


Ms. Kimberly E. Mehle

Mr. and Mrs. Gene M. Schlegel

Helping Hands

Center Congregational Church - Center Church Women

Lancaster Catholic High School

Restricted Funds

Mrs. Susan Shober

Dr. and Mrs. P. Ronald Zug

Eck Cottage Fund

Mrs. Linda E. Conrad

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gerber

Mr. Dennis L. Miller


BB&T now Truist

Tompkins VIST Bank

First Citizens Community Bank

Mid Penn Bank

Philadelphia Insurance Companies

The M&T Charitable Foundation

Univest Bank and Trust Co.

Waste Management

Employee Recognition

Mr. and Mrs. Steve A. Bobick

Faith Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Davidheiser

Emmanuel UCC

Mr. Steven Finkel

First UCC

Grace UCC

Kiwanis Club of Greater Reading-

Berks County

Mr. James A. Kurtz

Ms. Nancy Levin

Salem Hetzel’s Union Sunday


Savage L&B Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep,


Mr. and Mrs. Gene M. Schlegel

Ms. Kathy Seaman

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene F. Shober, Jr.

St. John’s Hill UCC Women’s Guild

St. Matthews United Church of

Christ Women’s Guild

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Sterling

Mr. Kenneth J. Swart

Ms. Jackie Trate

Zion’s Union Church Maxatawny

Knorr Cottage

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gerber

Ladies Fund

Mrs. Diane Campbell

Leinbach Cottage Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gerber

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Rogers

Moyer Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gerber


Mr. and Mrs. Brian Clauser

First United Church of Christ

Mission Fund

Ms. Linda Seaman

Peter & Susan Schmehl Fund

Judge and Mrs. Peter W. Schmehl

Youth Awards

Bethany Ladies Visiting and

Advisory Committee

First UCC Womens Guild

Mrs. Carolyn Spano


Summer Concert Series

Advent Lutheran Church

Mr. Walter Alsegg

American Legion Post 880 Home


Beacon of Life Chiropractic

Ms. Anita Bixler

Blankets of Hope

Mr. and Mrs. David Bossard

Brownback’s UCC

Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn E. Brubaker

Mr. and Mrs. Barry R. Butz

Mr. Randall W. Chapman II

Church of the Good Shepherd UCC

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Clauser

Ms. Melissa Clemmer

Community Evangelical Church

Mrs. Mickey Delong

Ms. Jenna Derr

Ms. Barbara Dietrich

Dreisbach UCC

E.J. Breneman LLC

Falkner Swamp Reformed UCC


First UCC

Fisher Financial Associates, Inc.

Ms. Pauline Follmer

Gap Factory Outlet

Good Shepherd UCC (Tuckerton)

Ms. Patricia Green

Gulph UCC

Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Jennifer


Himmel’s Church

Ideal Concepts

Ms. Kristi Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Klinger

Mrs. Jennifer M. Koch

Mr. & Mrs. Willard Kramer

Mr. & Mrs. Leon Kranyecz

Ms. Heather Lanshe

Ms. Regina Lebo

Ms. Lynette Lutz

Ms. Lewann Neiffert

New Goshenhoppen Sunday School

Old Zionsville UCC

Olivet Schwenkfelder UCC


Ms. Judy Oulouhojian

Mr. and Mrs. John Patterson

Pennsylvania National Guard

Penske Truck Leasing Co.

Pleasantville UCC

Reformed Church of the Ascension

Ridge Valley UCC

Roechling Medical Lancaster

Ms. Zellamae Ryner

Salem UCC

Salem UCC Campbelltown

Salem UCC Doylestown

Salem UCC Spangsville

Mrs. June Seibert

Ms. Katie Seibert

Mr. Andrew Shultz and Ms. Sarah


Ms. Jennifer Smeed

Mrs. Sue E. Snyder

Solomon’s UCC

St. Andrew’s UCC

St. James UCC Royersford

St. John’s (Hain’s) UCC

St. John’s Kimmel’s Church

St. John’s UCC Denver

St. John’s UCC Lewisburg

St. John’s UCC Fogelsville

St. John’s UCC Phoenixville

St. John’s UCC Riegelsville

St. Luke’s UCC Adult Sunday

School Class

St. Luke’s UCC Lititz

St. Mark’s UCC

St. Matthew’s UCC

St. Paul’s UCC

St. Paul’s UCC Auburn

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church

St. Peter’s UCC New Columbia

St. Peter’s UCC (Molltown)

St. Peter’s UCC of Orwin

St. Peter’s Pikeland UCC

St. Peter’s UCC Pine Grove

St. Peter’s UCC Tatamy

St. Stephen’s UCC

Stone Ridge Retirement


StoneRidge Poplar Run Residents


Ms. Linda Szortyka

The Bridge of Hope Church

The Real Church 516

Tompkins VIST Bank

Trinity Reformed UCC


Trinity Reformed UCC


Trinity Tulpehocken UCC

Mr. Freddy Vasquez

Mr. and Mrs. Irvin I. Weinreich

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Werner

Ms. Paula Wilkie

Wyomissing UCC

Zion Church Lewistown Valley

Zion’s (Snyders) UCC

Zwingli UCC

Harvest Home

Centerport Union Sunday School

St. John’s Gernants UCC

St. John’s Kimmel’s Church

Zion’s Stone Church of West Penn Township (Snyder’s)

Arthur Funk & Sons Inc.

Berks Packing

Mr. and Mrs. Steve A. Bobick

Brown & Brown of Lehigh Valley LP

Dieffenbach Chips

DS Water

Ms. Leslie D. Flocco

Fox Rothschild LLP

Hippy’s Hot Dogs

Kountry Kraft, Inc.


Mr. Dave Mattes

PPL Electric Utilities

Mr. David Charles Smith

StrateBen, Inc.

The M&T Charitable Foundation

Ms. Dawn Tyrrell

US Express Printing

Weaver’s of East Pete LLC

Redner’s Market


Mr. and Mrs. Carl H. Bloss

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Haluska

Ms. Karen Moser

Olivet Reformed UCC, Reading

Mr. and Mrs. Fred E. Roxberry

St. John’s Hill UCC, Boyertown

St. Paul’s UCC. Auburn

St. Paul’s UCC, Robesonia

Trinity Reformed UCC, Pottstown

Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Weinrich

In Kind

Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza


Bar-B-Q Pit

Berkshire Family Restaurant

Cloud Nine Cafe


Ms. Judy Jones

Ms. Alyssa Lascala

Mr. Dave Mattes

Ranch House

Shannon Seltzer

Tina’s Therapeutic Touch Massage


Tino’s Restaurant

Wyomissing Restaurant

Mr. Douglas Yeakle

Advent Lutheran Church

American Legion Post 880 Home


Mrs. Janice Barczynski

Bethany Ladies Visiting and

Advisory Committee

Ms. Nadine Blair

C.H. Briggs Company

Calvary Bible Fellowship

Mrs. Linda E. Conrad

Ms. Denise Crissup

Ms. Deb Delbert

Ms. Shelley Fayewicz

First Energy Corporation

Fisher Financial Associates, Inc.

Friends of the Robesonia

Community Library

Ms. Kate Gallagher

Girl Scouts Troop #1634

Glenside UCC

Ms. Catherine M. Guenzel

Ms. Marie Hadley

Mr. Phillip Hays

Mr. Randy Hertzler

Justin and Michelle Kleinheider

Mrs. Regina Lebo

Ms. Amy Love

Ms. Paula Mazurkiewicz

McCann School of Business and


Mr. James P. and Rosemary M.


Ms. Anna Mentzer

Mister Bobbin Embroidery Inc.

Mrs. Susie (Oudinot) Parks

Pleasantville UCC

RE/MAX of Reading

Reformed Church of the Ascension

Ladies Guild

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Rogers

Ms. Karen Rosengrant

Mr. Scott Schaefer

Ms. Deb Schlouch

Ms. Linda Seaman

S. Sheaffer

Ms. Marian Smith

Snap On Tools

Solomon’s UCC

St. James UCC

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church

St. Paul’s UCC

St. Peter’s UCC (Molltown)

Mr. Ray Szczawinski

Ms. Sherrie Taylor

Union UCC

Voice Up Berks - Youth Volunteer


Mrs. Shirley Walden

Mr. and Mrs. Irvin I. Weinreich

Mr. and Mrs. Whitesell

Mr. Matt Wolf

Mr. Keegan Worley

Wyomissing Hills Elementary


Ms. Tammy Yura

Zion’s Women’s Guild of Lewistown


We are thankful to all of the volunteers and community supporters who help to provide a

brighter future to our kids. We could not continue without your generous support of time,

talent and generous giving. Our Board of Directors, team and especially our youth want to

say THANK YOU. Our success is because of YOU!

About the Cover

This beautiful painting was created by a Bethany youth in our

art studio.

Through our educational programming department, we are

able to offer youth the opportunity to create paintings, pottery

and other art projects.

How can anyone truly celebrate the dedication

and service of another human being? So often,

expressing words of appreciation just never

seems to be enough or adequate to the level of

commitment and investment a person gives to

their passions and generosity.

The Campbell family is of

such that words never can do

justice to the legacy they leave

for Bethany Children’s Home.

Mr. Benson Campbell is one

such man who has served

Bethany Children’s Home in

various capacities through the


The Campbell Legacy

Mr. Benson Campbell

He involved his entire family, actually, I believe it

was first his exceptional wife, Diane who brought

to light his passion for Bethany. I rarely recall a

time with Ben that he didn’t elevate and speak

affirming words of his wife and give her credit

for the man he was and the passions to which he

dedicated his time.

Diane served on the Board of Directors for 10

years and later served on the Ladies Committee,

making significant contributions to the children.

Ben left his mark on the Board of Directors,

particularly with his final position as Chair of the


Ben served as a member of the Board for more

than 15 years and regularly expressed his desire

and passion for the children who graced Bethany


It was an honor to see Ben in his element as a

businessman, but more so as a man of compassion

for the unfortunate wounds the children had


He simply wanted to ease their pain and be sure

Bethany was offering a safe place where children

would experience kindness, care, and healing.

The Campbell Legacy will truly live on through

future decades as Ben and Diane set a standard

of generosity, dedication and commitment that is

everlasting and deserves to be celebrated for future


Though it is with sadness that we lost Ben

this year, the legacy of his memory and service

to Bethany is forever captured throughout the


We honor the legacy of the Campbells as they

continue to make an impact in the lives of children

and youth through supporting educational

programming opportunities in music, art, dance,

drama, and other educational opportunities for

Bethany youth. These are all areas where Diane

says Ben would approve such support, especially

music, as this was a strong passion and joy for


So, from all of us who had the privilege to know

Mr. Benson Campbell and serve with him, we

thank you and celebrate the Campbell Legacy

contribution to Bethany Children’s Home.

-- Dr. Joseph Birli, CEO

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