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<strong>PM</strong>-INTERNATIONAL:<br />

$2.35 BILLION<br />


Rolf Sorg, CEO & Founder <strong>PM</strong>-International AG<br />

www.seitz-mediengruppe.de<br />

NETWORK-<br />




Rolf Sorg at the so far biggest<br />

<strong>PM</strong>-International Live Event 2018.<br />



www.pm-international.com<br />

More than seven years ago, <strong>PM</strong>-International<br />

CEO & Founder Rolf Sorg<br />

defined his clear sales goal in a conversation<br />

with Network-Karriere: „We<br />

will exceed the billion mark in the<br />

next few years!“ Mind you, at that<br />

time, the annual turnover of the family<br />

business was $313 million. Since<br />

then, sales in the more than 40 <strong>PM</strong><br />

countries the company operates in<br />

have grown exponentially every<br />

year. With the annual result for 2<strong>02</strong>1,<br />

Rolf Sorg‘s vision was not only<br />

achieved, but also significantly exceeded<br />

once again: The group-wide<br />

turnover of <strong>PM</strong>-International AG<br />

amounts to $2.35 billion!<br />

This makes <strong>PM</strong>-International AG<br />

part of the small and elite club<br />

of direct selling billionaires, and also<br />

Europe‘s largest network marketing<br />

company in the fields of health, fitness<br />

and beauty. Network-Karriere Editor<br />

Bernd Seitz spoke with Rolf Sorg.<br />

Network-Karriere:<br />

Congratulations<br />

first. In our editorial office, bets were<br />

made as to whether <strong>PM</strong> would exceed<br />

the 2nd billion in sales in the<br />

2<strong>02</strong>1 or 2<strong>02</strong>2. Now the figures for<br />

2<strong>02</strong>1 are on the table: Not only did<br />

you reach the 2nd billion, there were<br />

also $350 million in sales on top.<br />

How do you feel about such sensational<br />

results?<br />

Rolf Sorg: Of course, I am proud of<br />

what we achieved, but I am at least<br />

as proud of the enormous efforts of<br />

our Leaders and distribution partners<br />

all over the world and of our<br />

corporate employees. This success<br />

is only possible through their constant<br />

commitment and loyalty. I do<br />

not take this for granted, and I am<br />

very grateful for it.<br />

<strong>NK</strong>: In the last 28 years, you have<br />

achieved everything with <strong>PM</strong> that<br />

an entrepreneur can only dream of.<br />

Is there still room for an unfulfilled<br />

dream?<br />

Rolf Sorg: Yes! For example, <strong>PM</strong> is<br />

moving up further in the global ranking<br />

of direct selling companies, currently<br />

we hold 10th place, in a few<br />

months the announcement of the<br />

new rankings is due. Strategically<br />

and economically, we are well positioned<br />

to be able to consider the<br />

third billion for our 30th company anniversary<br />

next year. No unfulfilled<br />

dream, but rather a real wish is that<br />

my wife Vicki and I will be even more<br />

committed to a better world outside<br />

of everyday business in the future.<br />

We would love to have 10,000 sponsored<br />

children with our partner<br />

World Vision all over the world in the<br />

future. If you mean unfulfilled<br />

dreams in the personal and material<br />

realm, there’s nothing to wish for.<br />

With fishing and skiing, I have no expensive<br />

hobbies, for which I have too<br />

little time anyways, and otherwise I<br />

am more than happy with my family.<br />

<strong>NK</strong>: As a self-made man who has<br />

created an empire out of nothing,<br />

one can learn a lot as an entrepreneur.<br />

What are the most important<br />

requirements for running a network<br />

marketing company as successful<br />

as <strong>PM</strong>-International?<br />

Rolf Sorg: I would like to take a step<br />

back and talk about entrepreneurial<br />

qualities in general, which are not only<br />

suitable for top management, but<br />

should also be present for the leaders<br />

of the sales teams: First, the entrepreneur<br />

is the captain who gives their<br />

people courage in every situation with<br />

a broad chest on the bridge. They<br />

need an unrestricted passion, must be<br />

passionate about their company and<br />

have the courage to always go one<br />

step further and be ready to break out<br />

of their comfort zone every day. This,<br />

coupled with the consistency of being<br />

able to endure ups and downs.<br />

<strong>NK</strong>: In a year-to-year comparison,<br />

<strong>PM</strong> has once again grown by more<br />

than 35% compared to 2<strong>02</strong>0. What<br />

are the reasons for these quantum<br />

leaps in sales over many years?<br />

Rolf Sorg: As is well known, success<br />

comes in multiple ways. To date, almost<br />

800 million products sold,<br />

which are appreciated and regularly<br />

used by several million customers,<br />

including a very large proportion<br />

of regular customers, worldwide,<br />

speak for themselves. We rely<br />

on a clear product philosophy and a<br />

compact product range, so we can<br />

stay focused. With our exclusive<br />

Nutrient Transport Concept (NTC©),<br />

we have a core competence that<br />

goes hand in hand with our products.<br />

It delivers the nutrients exactly<br />

when they are needed and where<br />

they are needed – to the cellular<br />

level, from inside and out. We have<br />

been working on our success and<br />

products with a clear goal for the<br />

last 28 years and have never lost<br />

sight of our vision of always being<br />

the spearhead of innovation in our<br />

industry.”<br />

The base of all things are our existing<br />

and new markets, which are<br />

constantly evolving all over the<br />

world. In 2<strong>02</strong>1, we opened our offices<br />

in the UK. In 2<strong>02</strong>2, market openings<br />

will take place in nine other<br />

countries, including China, Indonesia,<br />

Hungary, Portugal and Colombia.<br />

Expansion on the African continent<br />

is also imminent.<br />

<strong>NK</strong>: As you know, turnover is not<br />

profit. <strong>PM</strong> invests enormous sums<br />

in further commercial buildings and<br />

logistics centers, but also in the inhouse<br />

research & development.<br />

Rolf Sorg: That‘s right and important.<br />

In 2<strong>02</strong>2, the construction of our<br />

second administration building at<br />

the International Headquarters in<br />

Luxembourg will start.<br />

The expansion of our Headquarters<br />

Europe in Speyer with a third administration<br />

building will also create<br />

even more jobs in the region.<br />

We are also investing in the expansion<br />

of infrastructure on the American<br />

continent with two new Offices<br />

in the north and west of the USA.<br />

I am particularly proud of our various<br />

research collaborations with institutes<br />

and universities, such as the<br />

University of Applied Sciences Upper<br />

Austria. In this cooperation, for<br />

the first time ever, we developed a<br />

product, the FitLine C-Balance, and<br />

took it from basic scientific research<br />

to the finished product last year. As<br />

a family business, we plan for the<br />

long term and for future generations.<br />

This gives our business partners<br />

trust in our business opportunity,<br />

which allows people to build<br />

up an additional income independently<br />

and without risk, with<br />

flexible time management and fun<br />

at work.

18 BRANCHE<br />


SUCCESSFUL <strong>PM</strong>-INTERNATIONAL<br />


*AS OF 31.12.2<strong>02</strong>1<br />



They surprised the live participants of<br />

the event with an autograph session<br />

afterwards. Extreme athletes Achim<br />

Heukemes – World Champion 10x<br />

Ironman Masters and World Champion<br />

Duathlon Masters, Beat Hefti –<br />

Gold Medal Winner in two-man Bobsleigh<br />

at the 2014 Winter Games and<br />

Stanislav Horuna – Bronze Medal<br />

Winner in Karate at the 2<strong>02</strong>0 Summer<br />

Games talked about their results.<br />

KICK-OFF EUROPE 2<strong>02</strong>2:<br />


THE <strong>PM</strong>-INTERNATIONAL GROUP<br />

The company‘s traditional start of<br />

the year took place as a hybrid event<br />

on site in Luxembourg and online on<br />

<strong>PM</strong> TV with over 40,000 distribution<br />

partners from all over Europe. CEO &<br />

Founder Rolf Sorg made the beginning<br />

on stage. Always with a firm focus<br />

on the future of his company, he<br />

also gave an overview of the innovations<br />

that are coming up at <strong>PM</strong>-International<br />

2<strong>02</strong>2.<br />

Global market potential<br />

<strong>PM</strong>-International relies on a niche<br />

strategy and thus, already became<br />

the European market leader in its industry.<br />

The company increased its<br />

group-wide annual sales by over<br />

35% compared to 2<strong>02</strong>0 to $2.35 billion.<br />

In Germany, the founding country,<br />

the company also recorded over<br />

35% growth in 2<strong>02</strong>1 compared to the<br />

previous year. The success is primarily<br />

owed to the many independent<br />

distribution partners active in<br />

over 40 countries around the world.<br />

Rolf Sorg personally thanked them<br />

for their performance, especially last<br />

year: „Thank you for your constant<br />

commitment! I am proud to work<br />

with you to improve the life quality of<br />

millions of customers and the life<br />

standard of hundreds of thousands<br />

of people around the world!“<br />

In his speech, he emphasized the values<br />

of <strong>PM</strong>-International: „As a family<br />

business, we are working for several<br />

generations. Therefore, we will continue<br />

to focus on sustainable growth<br />

instead of short-term profit maximization.<br />

This also allows us to share our<br />

success with people all over the<br />

world.“<br />

With its charity foundation <strong>PM</strong> We<br />

Care, in cooperation with the children‘s<br />

aid organization World Vision,<br />

<strong>PM</strong>-International has been committed<br />

to helping children all over the<br />

world for almost 20 years. With the<br />

successful annual result for 2<strong>02</strong>1,<br />

another 1,000 sponsored children<br />

were added, reports Charity Ambassador<br />

Vicki Sorg: „Through the<br />

sale of FitLine products, more than<br />

4,000 sponsored children, their<br />

families and communities worldwide<br />

are currently supported by <strong>PM</strong><br />

We Care. The local solutions reach<br />

several hundred thousand people<br />

and help them to actively shape<br />

their future. In the long term, we<br />

have set ourselves the goal of increasing<br />

the number of child sponsorships<br />

to 12,000.“<br />

FitLine live sports-talk<br />

Product<br />

innovations<br />

from FitLine<br />

presented<br />

Anja Wunder, Director<br />

of Cosmetics<br />

at <strong>PM</strong>-International,<br />

presented a revolutionary<br />

new beauty product which caused<br />

enthusiasm in the audience: The<br />

FitLine skin Activize Serum. In total,<br />

the company worked on the development<br />

of this product for over 5 years.<br />

It is expected to revolutionize the<br />

cosmetics market. Thanks to the scientific<br />

advisory board of <strong>PM</strong>-International,<br />

in which all experts from the<br />

field of nutritional supplements and<br />

cosmetics worked hand in hand as a<br />

brainpool and transferred the knowhow<br />

from the field of nutritional<br />

supplements into cosmetics, the<br />

company has now succeeded in<br />

Director of Cosmetics Anja Wunder (l) and Charity<br />

Ambassador Vicki Sorg (r) at the live demonstration<br />

of the new FitLine skin Activize Serum<br />

developing this groundbreaking<br />

beauty product. „The innovative<br />

combination of our exclusive<br />

Nutrient Transport Concept<br />

NTC® with the unique active<br />

ingredient complex of our FitLine<br />

Activize, provides a noticeable effect.<br />

You experience pure energy,<br />

power & freshness – immediately,“<br />

explained Anja Wunder.<br />

Furthermore, Dr. Tobias Kühne, <strong>PM</strong>-<br />

International’s Chief Scientific Officer,<br />

Larysa Kowallik (2nd from right) was<br />

recognized for reaching the Champion‘s<br />

League distribution level<br />

presented the FitLine ProShape Allin-1*<br />

Mango, the latest flavor the popular<br />

ProShape product range. The<br />

FitLine ProShape All-in-1 is the ideal<br />

complete meal replacement to get in<br />

shape* and stay** in shape.<br />

World-class athletes up close<br />

Three elite athletes were also on the<br />

Kick-OFF stage and gave exciting insights<br />

in a live sports talk with Sports<br />

Marketing Director Torsten Weber.<br />

More than 1,000 top athletes from<br />

over 60 disciplines and 30 nations<br />

trust in FitLine and the brand is the<br />

official supplier of numerous sports<br />

associations and national teams.<br />

The enthusiasm in the venue left no<br />

doubt about it: The <strong>PM</strong>-International<br />

distribution partners are highly motivated.<br />

Next up are the hybrid Kick-<br />

OFF events for the Americas and the<br />

Asia-Pacific region. „We are taking<br />

our future into our own hands and<br />

plan decisive steps for our further<br />

success in 2<strong>02</strong>2,“ reports<br />

Rolf Sorg. Going hand in<br />

hand with this, he unveiled<br />

this year‘s<br />

sales motto of his<br />

company – „Own<br />

Your Future“.<br />

Patrick Bacher<br />

concluded the<br />

event: „We have<br />

made 2<strong>02</strong>1 the most successful<br />

financial year in our history.<br />

Now we have to implement<br />

our motivation and plans for 2<strong>02</strong>2 in<br />

order to set the course for an even<br />

more successful financial year!“<br />

*Substituting two of the main daily<br />

meals of an energy-restricted diet<br />

with meal replacements contributes<br />

to weight loss.<br />

**Substituting one daily meal of an energy<br />

restricted diet with a meal replacement<br />

contributes to the maintenance<br />

of weight after weight loss.<br />



Patrick Bacher,<br />

Chief Sales Officer Germany/<br />

Switzerland and founding<br />

member:<br />

„The dynamic of the business development<br />

still inspires me every<br />

day in my 29th year at and with<br />

<strong>PM</strong>-International. How long it took<br />

us for the first billion, how quickly<br />

we reached the second one, and<br />

the fact that we are already on the<br />

way to the third billion clearly<br />

shows the huge demand for our<br />

high-quality premium products<br />

and that <strong>PM</strong>-International is well<br />

positioned. This gives me a great<br />

vision and anticipation of what we<br />

can still achieve together.“<br />

Hege Bläcker,<br />

Sweden:<br />

„I am proud to be part of the fastest<br />

growing international direct selling<br />

company. To me, it feels like we‘ve<br />

just started, and I‘m convinced that<br />

there‘s still huge growth potential<br />

for us. The demand for our products<br />

and our business opportunity<br />

has never been so big and the<br />

company is prepared in every way<br />

to reach the next billions!“<br />

Lutz Bläcker, Chief Sales Officer<br />

North-West-East-Europe:<br />

„Since the beginning of my career, I<br />

have been accompanied by the<br />

quote: ‚Waiting time for the perfect<br />

moment takes a lifetime‘. The development<br />

of <strong>PM</strong> was created by<br />

‚doers‘ who do not wait. First and<br />

foremost, CEO & Founder Rolf Sorg.<br />

His authentic story shows what<br />

<strong>PM</strong>-International stands for: Simple.<br />

Successful. In my 30 years of network<br />

marketing, I have always been<br />

committed to our profession. With<br />

the sum of all the unique selling<br />

points of <strong>PM</strong>, the distribution partners<br />

can present their business full<br />

of self-confidence.“<br />

Guido Buch, Sales Director<br />

Eastern Europe:<br />

„I am proud to be a part of this story<br />

for almost 29 years. I am excited<br />

every day about what we achieve<br />

with our products, our business opportunity<br />

and based on Rolf Sorg‘s<br />

vision. Above all, the development<br />

with <strong>PM</strong>-International in the last five<br />

years simply leaves me speechless.“<br />

Gabriel Callert, General Manager<br />

<strong>PM</strong>-International Sweden:<br />

„The history of <strong>PM</strong>-International is<br />

breathtaking. What a privilege to<br />

be part of this exciting journey, with<br />

the greatest visionary, Rolf Sorg,<br />

leading it. For me, <strong>PM</strong>-International<br />

has changed everything!“<br />

THIS IS<br />







Bernhard Schöpf,<br />

General Manager Sales<br />

<strong>PM</strong>-International Italy:<br />

“I am proud to be a part of this<br />

success together with our team in<br />

Italy. We weren’t always the fastest,<br />

so I’m even more pleased<br />

that once again, not the fastest<br />

wins, but the most consistent.”<br />

Carmen Chuang,<br />

Hong Kong:<br />

„I witnessed the impressive development<br />

of <strong>PM</strong>-International myself<br />

and for me and my team, <strong>PM</strong>-International<br />

was a great opportunity.<br />

Every year since 20<strong>02</strong> they are a<br />

Top Innovator in the TOP100, every<br />

year, new or improved products<br />

and every year a stronger position<br />

among the global companies in<br />

our industry. All this makes me very<br />

happy!“<br />

Marcel Deszö,<br />

Switzerland:<br />

„Much more than the mere number,<br />

I am thrilled by the speed at<br />

which we have moved from the first<br />

to the second billion. I‘ve been with<br />

the company for almost 30 years<br />

and I‘m excited by everything about<br />

<strong>PM</strong>: the hardworking, motivated<br />

and positive people and the incredible<br />

products, paired with a great<br />

distribution system. But above all,<br />

the completely down-to-earth and<br />

serious way in which the company is<br />

led into the future by Rolf and Vicki<br />

Sorg.“<br />

Anette und Lisa Einarsson,<br />

Sweden:<br />

„<strong>PM</strong>-International‘s rapid and stable<br />

growth makes all the difference<br />

to our business. We can simply<br />

rely on the company. Above all,<br />

we are impressed by the constant<br />

research in the field of bioavailability<br />

and the best ingredients on<br />

the market.“<br />

<strong>02</strong>.2<strong>02</strong>2<br />

Sascha Gamper, General<br />

Manager Sales South Europe:<br />

„I am very proud to be part of this<br />

success story. The second billion<br />

in sales shows how important it is<br />

to permanently keep the focus on<br />

your core competence. In addition<br />

to the unique FitLine products, I<br />

have been particularly impressed<br />

by the vision, values and social<br />

responsibility of Rolf Sorg and <strong>PM</strong><br />

since my first day.“<br />

Trinidad Garcia und<br />

Eliseo Molinari, Spain:<br />

„Rolf Sorg‘s vision and his ambition<br />

to build a family business for<br />

several generations convinced us<br />

more than ten years ago. Celebrating<br />

the second billion today is<br />

just great. It means security for us<br />

and our entire team all over the<br />

world.“<br />

Andreas Gutekunst,<br />

Germany:<br />

„We are very grateful for the huge<br />

opportunity that <strong>PM</strong>-International<br />

offers our team, especially in the<br />

current turbulent times. For me, <strong>PM</strong><br />

means: security, stability, growth,<br />

joy & fun – that‘s what my team and<br />

I can rely on every day!“<br />

Joachim Heberlein,<br />

Germany:<br />

„The $2.35 billion in sales are a direct<br />

reflection of user satisfaction.<br />

Every successful company lives<br />

from the long-term enthusiasm of<br />

its customers. This is also ‚THE‘<br />

reason why we can look forward<br />

to a great future with peace of<br />

mind. From day one, a clear vision<br />

was consistently implemented by<br />

Rolf Sorg. In all my 27 years with<br />

<strong>PM</strong>, there was not a millimeter of<br />

deviation or doubt. Overall, <strong>PM</strong> is a<br />

holistic and unique success package<br />

for me.“


Helene Junker,<br />

Switzerland:<br />

„The second billion in sales so<br />

quickly after the first, and in times<br />

when others are stagnating, means<br />

to be in the right place at the right<br />

time. Highly sought-after products<br />

with a unique selling proposition,<br />

patented, always on the ‚pulse of<br />

the times‘ and with a good marketing<br />

plan. In this way, we will be able<br />

to help many more people to build<br />

up a good and crisis-proof additional<br />

income.“<br />

Dirk Lorenz, founding member,<br />

Germany:<br />

„I am thrilled and deeply grateful<br />

to be able to experience this story<br />

with my friends Vicki and Rolf and<br />

their family. They incorporate the<br />

values for which it is worthwhile to<br />

live and work, day after day with<br />

passion. Here, trust, appreciation<br />

and recognition are practiced<br />

every day. That‘s the DNA of <strong>PM</strong>.“<br />

Wolfgang Klaer, General<br />

Manager International Services<br />

& Support:<br />

„For me, reaching the second billion<br />

in sales and more is proof that<br />

<strong>PM</strong>-International can now finally<br />

be perceived as a global player<br />

among the most successful network<br />

marketing companies. Nevertheless,<br />

I see <strong>PM</strong> only at the<br />

‚beginning‘ of a great and sustainable<br />

success story and I am already<br />

looking forward to everything<br />

that is yet to come.“<br />

Sabine und Wolfgang Lindemann,<br />

Germany:<br />

„We are very proud and grateful<br />

for this stable, growing company.<br />

Especially in this challenged time,<br />

this gives us and our team a great<br />

deal of security. We have been<br />

part of this story for almost 19<br />

years now and the vision of Rolf<br />

and Vicki Sorg has always set us<br />

on fire and motivated us.“<br />

Björn Müller,<br />

Germany:<br />

„<strong>PM</strong> was the opportunity of a lifetime<br />

and the second billion gives<br />

me the assurance that <strong>PM</strong> is truly<br />

the rock in the sea! For me, it was<br />

always important to do build<br />

something sustainable that gives<br />

the people in my team a real longterm<br />

perspective for the future.<br />

This is what the success of <strong>PM</strong><br />

stands for! Without losing its own<br />

values as a family business, this<br />

company has grown into a global<br />

player.“<br />

Zuzanna Ng,<br />

Hong Kong:<br />

„I am delighted that we at <strong>PM</strong>-International<br />

have exceeded our target<br />

of two billion US dollars in<br />

sales. For me, <strong>PM</strong>-International is<br />

the ideal partners for an additional<br />

income, independent and without<br />

risk, with flexible time management<br />

and fun at work!“<br />

Ute und Tino Puschmann,<br />

Germany:<br />

„26 years for the first billion in<br />

sales, two years later the second<br />

billion is already exceeded and<br />

we’re on a clear course to the third<br />

billion: This shows the solid development,<br />

the straight and ethically<br />

valuable path that <strong>PM</strong>-International<br />

sets and walks itself. We are<br />

very proud to be a part of this success<br />

with our team.“<br />

Satu Rusanen,<br />

Finland:<br />

„More than two billion in Groupwide<br />

annual sales create confidence<br />

in a good future. <strong>PM</strong>-Inter-national<br />

is innovative and has<br />

its finger on the pulse of time. A<br />

very special moment for me was<br />

getting to know Rolf and Vicki<br />

Sorg personally. In my 19 years<br />

with <strong>PM</strong>, many new friendships<br />

have also been formed.“<br />

Claude und Daniela Simon,<br />

Luxembourg:<br />

„<strong>PM</strong>-International is well on its way<br />

to getting to where it belongs,<br />

namely to the top of the industry!<br />

The second billion in sales is only<br />

an interim target. It is fantastic to<br />

see how our CEO & Founder Rolf<br />

Sorg in particular is still so full of<br />

drive and vision after all these<br />

years, and at the same time remains<br />

so down-to-earth! This<br />

drives us all and motivates us even<br />

more, even after 20 years, especially<br />

since our whole family is part<br />

of this family business!“<br />

Marcus Sandström, Chief Sales<br />

Officer Asia-Pacific:<br />

„Premium products Made in<br />

Germany is a successful concept.<br />

Especially in the Asia-Pacific<br />

region, where we opened our<br />

headquarters in 2015. Exceeding<br />

the two billion sales mark further<br />

strengthens confidence in our<br />

brand. Personally, I have been with<br />

the company for almost ten years<br />

and it is an honor for me and my<br />

team to represent <strong>PM</strong>-International‘s<br />

values in the Asia-Pacific<br />

region.“<br />

Paul Yung, Chief Executive<br />

Vicki Sorg, Director of Charity<br />

and Promotion:<br />

„For me, exceeding the two billion<br />

mark means that we create real<br />

added value for people and the<br />

market. It means that we have a<br />

positive long-term impact on hundreds<br />

of thousands of lives, not<br />

least by using our <strong>PM</strong> We Care<br />

Foundation for children, their families<br />

and communities around the<br />

world to make a difference.“<br />

Gabi und Thomas Wagner,<br />

founding members, Germany:<br />

„We are very proud to be a part of<br />

the success story of <strong>PM</strong>-International.<br />

The second billion in sales<br />

confirms our decision to follow<br />

Rolf Sorg and <strong>PM</strong> since 1993. Our<br />

lives have been steered in a<br />

different direction by <strong>PM</strong>. All<br />

experiences, successes, friendships<br />

as well as happiness and<br />

satisfaction would never have<br />

been experienced without <strong>PM</strong>.“<br />

Torsten Weber,<br />

Director of Sports Marketing:<br />

„Our development and dynamic<br />

are fantastic, especially in the field<br />

of FitLine & top-class sport: Today,<br />

well over 1,000 top athletes and<br />

sports associations worldwide rely<br />

on our FitLine products to support<br />

their maximum performance. They<br />

celebrate medals at the Summer<br />

and Winter Games as well as successes<br />

at World Championships<br />

and international competitions.“<br />

Heike Wünsch,<br />

Germany:<br />

„I‘ve been with <strong>PM</strong> for almost a third<br />

of my life – the best decision of my<br />

life. The second billion symbolizes<br />

everything I have found here: joie<br />

de vivre, endless moments of success<br />

and happiness, friends and<br />

family, security, recognition and so<br />

much more. To be part of this great<br />

success together with my family is<br />

a fantastic feeling. I look forward to<br />

continuing to grow together, to the<br />

next billion. Because there is still a<br />

lot of room for improvement in this<br />

vision!“<br />

Officer <strong>PM</strong> Malaysia:<br />

„I was able to take over the business<br />

from my father and was able<br />

to witness <strong>PM</strong> grow into a global<br />

player through expansion in Europe<br />

and the Asia-Pacific region.<br />

Rolf Sorg‘s vision, continuous innovation<br />

and adaptation to customer<br />

needs, leadership even in difficult<br />

times and his burning desire to<br />

build a constantly growing company<br />

for generations leaves me in no<br />

doubt that <strong>PM</strong> is on its way to the<br />

top of the world. Forward and upwards!“

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