Proven Winners Perennial Program Guide 2nd Ed

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Proven Winners ®

Perennial Program Guide


Proven Winners® Perennials

Walters Gardens Executive Team. From left to right: Karin Walters, John Walters, Christa (Walters) Steenwyk, Ryan Hop

The Home of Proven Winners® Perennials

Walters Gardens has been producing and supplying perennial plants throughout North America since 1946; specializing in starter material, both plug

liners and field grown bare root.

In the early days of the company, Walters Gardens grew a reputation for sourcing new and unique genetics from Europe. With the addition of a Tissue

Culture Lab in 1976, lab managers and technicians began identifying sports with positive characteristics and introducing these plants alongside other

more traditional hybrids. Today, the New Plant Development Department, headed by Hans Hansen, works with more than 70 genera. The department

works on goal-oriented plant development programs, aimed at identifying varieties with improved performance for both home and commercial

landscapes. Out of the hundreds of introductions this program has identified and brought to market, only the very best are selected for Proven Winners


There are now almost 200 perennials in the Proven Winners® program that have been trialed, tested, and introduced through Walters Gardens. The fruits

of the partnership between Walters Gardens and Proven Winners can be seen in the growth of the Perennial program and the continued support of our

customers who keep coming back for more.

Table of Contents



The Home of Proven Winners® Perennials 1

The Proven Package 2

National Marketing Campaign 3

Brand Ambassadors 4

Connect+ Marketing Solutions 5-6

National Plants of the Year® 7

EZ Scapes Landscape Recipes 8

Frost to Frost Program 9-10

Branded Containers 11

Recommended Container Size & Growing Regions 12

Perennial Collection 13-54


for Wholesale Inquiries:


Walters Gardens

Home of Proven Winners® Perennials

P.O. Box 137, Zeeland, MI. 49464

Phone: 888-925-8377 | Fax: 800-752-1879



Copyright © 2022 Walters Gardens, Inc.

No portion of this booklet may be reproduced without

permission from Walters Gardens, Inc.

The #1 Plant Brand®

Performance in the landscape is

the reason these perennials have

been chosen for Proven Winners®.

Consumers trust Proven Winners®

because the product is proven.

Recognized more by consumers

than any other plant brand, the

white container adds millions of

marketing impressions to your

business with only its presence.

The Proven Package

Building Sales on Brand Awareness

We believe in the power of the Proven Package and all of the research that stands behind it. Perennials sold in Proven Winners branded containers sell

more plants with brand awareness and consumer success. Our customers are showing us every year with their repeat orders and order increases that

Proven Winners Perennials are some of their top sellers.

The Proven Package is essential for brand awareness—consumers know to look for the white Proven Winners branded container when they shop.

That is why the white Proven Winners branded container and label are required for all Proven Winners Perennials. Benchcards are optional, but highly

recommended, for retailers. Visit www.provenwinners.com/perennial-benchcards

Proven Winners® Stake Labels

All of the Proven Winners Perennials are sold with the Proven Winners stake label shown here. They are 7.25” tall and 2.25” wide, feature easy to read

information, and a QR code which provides additional images, growing tips, features and awards. The cost of this label is included in the Variety License

Fee amount for each plant.


Proven Winners® Perennials

10+ Billion

Impressions Delivered

Great plants make a great plant brand. But it also takes an incredible amount of resources to build brand awareness among trade and consumer

audiences. Millions of dollars are spent each year on one of the most extensive marketing campaigns of any plant brand. Ever wonder what impact

Proven Winners marketing is making in your area? Select your State/Province at www.provenwinners.com/professionals/localmarketing

10+ Billion Digital Impressions

Social Media

1B+ Impressions Digital Ads

8B+ Impressions

Facebook Ads

1B+ Impressions

500+ Million Additional Impressions


16M+ Impressions


4M+ Impressions


71M+ Impressions


34M+ Impressions


20M+ Impressions


250M+ Impressions

Garden Magazines and

Gardener's Idea Book

51M+ Impressions


48M+ Impressions

Proven Winners.com

12M+ Impressions

Over 451K


Over 4M

Annual Views

Over 178K


Over 124K


Over 18K



The #1 Plant Brand®

Brand Ambassadors

With modern advertising moving to social media, Proven Winners and Walters Gardens are building relationships with some of today's most influential gardening

personalities. Each year we partner with notable brand ambassadors and send samples of the latest in Proven Winners Perennials. Below are some of our

favorite voices and sources for perennial-related content.

Garden Answer


Plaids and Poppies


Gardening with Creekside


Laura and Aaron LeBoutillier have been filming

DIY and tutorial videos for 6 years, transforming

their Oregon home into a gardener’s paradise.

Located in Dorr, Michigan, follow Tracy's journey

as she turns a clay farmer's field into a modern

Midwestern paradise.

Creekside Nursery of North Carolina models how

an Independent Garden Center can create and

engage with their audience on social media.

Norman Winter


A veteran of southern gardening, Norman

captures photos not only of flowers, but of the

pollinators who visit them.

Casey Lynn Lawrence


The Wisconsin-based Lawrence Family Garden

Farm shares how to’s for growing windowboxes,

raised beds, and other new gardening projects.

Jessica & Co Vintage


Located at Maple Acres Farm in West Michigan,

Jessica is a restoration specialist curating

antiques and the gardens around their farm.


Proven Winners® Perennials


Plants of the Year ®

While each Proven Winners plant is exceptional in its own way, only the very best can do so under national attention. The National Perennial of the

Year® and National Hosta of the Year® programs seek to highlight a pair of perennials that represent the very best of the best. These plants were

selected for their ease of care and far reaching excellence that can be enjoyed by many.

The National Plant of the Year® program includes more than a perennial and a hosta each year. The program stretches across annuals and shrubs

as well. While each plant is chosen based on independent merit, their quality and versatility usually make them beautiful companion plants to each

other. To view this year’s National Plant of the Year® collection, visit www.nationalplantoftheyear.com

‘Paint the Town Magenta’

Dianthus (Pinks)

2 0 2 3


DOLCE® Heuchera

2 0 2 4

‘Pink Profusion’

Salvia nemorosa (Perennial Salvia)

‘Diamond Lake’


2 0 2 3

‘Empress Wu’


2 0 2 4

‘Hudson Bay’



The #1 Plant Brand®


Landscape Recipe Program

Curated Perennial Recipes Providing Frost to Frost Garden Interest

Paired by Similar Growing Needs

This new program from Proven Winners Perennials is looking to help IGCs and homeowners bridge the gap on the basics of landscape design. EZ Scapes

take recipes of 3-4 perennials and pair them based on similar growing conditions and creating continuous seasonal interest.

Marketing Support for EZ Scapes

1. Point of Purchase Materials | Let us help you with posters and banners designed to help explain EZ Scapes and offer helpful planting advice.

2. Handouts | Customized take home sheets with a planting plan, variety information, and care tips.

3. EZScapes.com - Coming Spring 2022! | Browse this mobile-friendly website for EZ Scape recipes, care tips, photos of successful EZ Scapes,

and a tool to swap varieties and find your desired color combination.


Contact your preferred Walters Gardens Sales Representative if you are interested in the program. They can be reached directly or at


Benefit to the Retailer

Benefit to the Homeowner

• Create colorful, long lasting displays

• Sell plants as a package

• Focus on concepts as well as plants

• Help customers make decisions on what perennials pair well


• Combos curated to your inventory

• Picked by Collection/Series to allow flexibility building &

maintaining displays

• POP Support

• Merchandise plants in color with those out of color

• Plant combinations for season long color

• Helps to simplify the question of what perennials go together

• Take home handouts with planting plans and plant


• Website supported with additional planting plans and care


• Combos picked by Series/Collection to allow flexibility

chosing color

• Confidence that the plants picked will grow well together


Proven Winners® Perennials

Packaged Marketing Solutions from Proven Winners®

Connect+ takes branded marketing solutions directly to the IGC. In addition to all of the benefits of the national marketing campaign contained within the

white pot, IGCs can receive a more personalized approach when subscribing to the Connect+ program.

Connect+ organizes Proven Winners’ existing marketing services into a tiered yearly fee. Additional services are then packaged to help your business with

localized marketing. By grouping their services together, Proven Winners is able to offer more cost effective benefits to the IGCs who carry their products.

The 2022 program is described below, look for new benefits and services to be added to the 2023 program.

How to take Advantage of Connect+

Visit www.provenwinners.com/subscribe-connect, email connectplus@provenwinners.com, or call 815-895-1872 to speak with a member of

Proven Winners’ customer care team. Regardless of which tier you choose, the Proven Winners customer care team is ready to help you maximize your

subscription benefits.

Where to Find More Info

To learn more about the individual benefits from Proven Winners outlined in Connect+, visit www.provenwinners.com/connect

Benefit Getting Started Affiliate NEW! Basic Enhanced Elite

NEW! Free Facebook Ad Campaign 4 week campaign 4 week campaign 4 week campaign 4 week campaign 4 week campaign

NEW! Free Find a Retailer Listing X X X X X

Proven Winners Photo Library Access X X X X X

Subscription to Retailer Newsletter X X X X X

Proven Winners Certified Garden Center X X X X

Prioritized Find a Retailer Listing X X X X

Proven Winners University X X X X

Free Pizza Party X X X X

Free Proven Winners T-Shirts or Hats X X X X

Gardener’s Idea Book with Your Logo Added 1 case (no logo) 2 cases/200 books 5 cases/500 books 10 cases/1,000books

Professional Store Merchandise $50 coupon $75 coupon $150 coupon $200 coupon

PowerPoint Presentations X X X

Facebook Graphics with Your Logo Added 15 graphics 25 graphics 45 graphics

Canva Pro Subscription X X

Connect+ Video System X X

Custom Targeted Facebook Ad Campaign 5 weeks 8 weeks

Customized Streaming Ad Campaign 3 weeks 6 weeks

Eligible for Inventory Listing on ProvenWinners.com X X

Garden Design Retailer Listing X X

Custom Garden Answer Videos

Cost BEFORE January 1st

Cost AFTER January 1st

2022 Pricing





*Previous year pricing given as example as 2023 pricing not available at time of press. Prices in US dollars.





Up to 5 videos



The #1 Plant Brand®

m Benefits Distilled

Free Training with Certified Garden Center Program

Over 80% of Proven Winners’ sales come from IGCs. Realizing this, Proven Winners has created the Certified Garden Center

training program. This FREE annual training program is completed online and focuses on teaching retail garden center

employees about Proven Winners branded products. The Certified Garden Center program is a great way to keep your

employees up to date with new products and current gardening trends. Certification runs from early February through

the end of April.

Certification in 5 Simple Steps

1. Subscribe to CONNECT+ — The first level of CONNECT+ is FREE. Subscribing to the CONNECT+ program will help to keep you in the loop with

important updates, services, and reminders throughout the year.

2. Set Up Your Store — Add your store locations and list the number of employees who will be taking the training.

3. Watch the Video and Take the Test — Watch the 45 minute training video highlighting key new plants and programs. Then, have your

employees take the test. The test can be printed and mailed in, or filled out online.

4. Comment — Send Proven Winners feedback on this year's training to be entered in a drawing for a $150 provenwinners.com giftcard or a $50

Amazon giftcard.

5. Celebrate — Enjoy a FREE pizza party on Proven Winners as thanks for taking the training. Proven Winners will also send all employees who

complete the training a free hat or t-shirt.

For more information, go to: www.provenwinners.com/professionals/retailers/certification

Proven Winners University

Has your staff completed the Certification Training Program, but want even more training? Your staff can enroll in

Proven Winners University. This program is a series of quick, informative videos (2-5 minutes long) that continues

training once you’ve finished certification. It’s a great way to continue the education of your employees. For more

information, go to: www.provenwinners.com/Professionals/PWUniversity. Included in Connect+.

Gardener’s Idea Book

The Gardener’s Idea Book inspires and offers creative gardening ideas to over 600,000 consumers

annually. Proven Winners will send this inspirational guide to your customers (featuring your

company name!) for only the price of postage. Each edition contains that year’s National Perennial

of the Year® and National Hosta of the Year®. Connect+ Retailers receive the GIB as part of the

Connect+ program (see chart for details).

Find out more at www.provenwinners.com/retailer-gardeners-idea-book-co-op

Customized Social Media Graphics

During the busiest time of the year, it’s incredibly helpful to have pre-approved, ready-to-use social media graphics

on hand. All Basic and higher level Connect+ subscribers will receive 15 Facebook graphics customized with their logo.

Additionally, Enhanced and Elite subscribers will have the ability to use the Canva Pro account Proven Winners provides

to choose and customize even more graphics for their store.

Professional Store Merchandise

Want a new Proven Winners jacket or some updated POP this year? All Affiliate, Basic,

Enhanced and Elite Connect+ subscribers will receive a coupon that may be applied

towards any available apparel or POP materials in Proven Winners’ online store. Your

coupon must be used all at once and will not apply towards tax or shipping charges.

Visit: www.provenwinners.com/professionals


Proven Winners® Perennials

Frost to Frost


Plan for Frost to Frost Color

A little planning goes a long way. Build stunning endcaps by choosing ahead of time what perennials you will be featuring throughout

the year. Sequencing a different set of perennials to show color in each of the four core seasons will ensure the high value areas of your

garden center are always looking nice, and keep things fresh for returning visitors.

Sales Window Key

Early Spring (Weeks 15-22) Late Spring (Weeks 23-27) Early Summer (Weeks 28-33) Late Summer (Weeks 34-38)

Multi Season (Fabulous Foliage, Weeks 19-38)

Multi Season (Trim & Rebloom, Weeks 19-38)

Early Spring (Weeks 15-22) - These plants bloom from April - May and tend to be on the early end of the Spring rush. Perennials in this

category include Dianthus and spring blooming types of Phlox.

Late Spring (Weeks 23-27) - June is perennial month, and that is when you will usually find these plants in flower. With forcing these

plants may be ready in May. Perennials in this category include Baptisia and Monarda.

Early Summer (Weeks 28-33) - Spanning July to mid August. Plants in this category include Heliopsis, Hibiscus, and Echinacea.

Late Summer (Weeks 34-38) -These plants are among the slowest plants to mature, coming into flower in mid August to September.

Japanese Anemones are a good example of this type of perennial.

Multi Season - Fabulous Foliage (Weeks 19-38) - These plants are grown primarily for their foliage and so look good all summer long. Use

these plants to fill in a gap between flowering nursery stock. Perennials in this category include Heuchera, Hostas, and Ferns.

Multi Season - Trim & Rebloom (Weeks 19-38) - These plants typically flower in Late Spring or Early Summer and with a trim will flush

back out to show late season color. Use these plants with their second sales window to supplement late summer and fall programs.

Perennials in this category include Leucanthemum, Nepeta, and Salvia nemorosa.


Start with a Theme

Take things to the next level by adding a theme, such as Pollinator Plants, Deer Resistant, or Shade Perennials. Plants that solve

problems are often among the first off the shelves.

An example of this would be building a Proven Pollinators® table. Start the display with Paint the Town Dianthus in Early Spring,

transitioning to Leading Lady Monarda in Late Spring, COLOR CODED® Echinacea in Early Summer, and finish the season off with FALL

IN LOVE Anemone.



Quantities Input Blooms






Tolerant Rebloomer

The #1 Plant Brand®



Made for

the Shade

Achillea Firefly Collection BR, Liner ESu - LSu X X X X

Agastache MEANT TO BEE Collection Liner MSu-LSu X X X X X X

Allium ‘Serendipity’ BR MSu - LSu X X X X

Amsonia ‘Storm Cloud’ & ‘String Theory’ BR, Liner LSp - ESu X X X

Anemone FALL IN LOVE Series Liner LSu - EFa X X

Aruncus ‘Chantilly Lace’ Liner ESu - MSu X X X

Astilbe ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ BR, Liner MSu X X X X

Baptisia DECADENCE® Series BR, Liner LSp - ESu X X X X X

Bergenia ‘Miss Piggy’ Liner ESp - LSp X X X

Brunnera m. ‘Jack of Diamonds’ & ‘Queen of Hearts’ Liner MSp - LSp X X X X

Clematis ‘Stand By Me’ & ‘Stand By Me Lavender’ BR LSp - MSu X X X

Dianthus FRUIT PUNCH® Series Liner ESu X X X

Dianthus Paint the Town Series Liner ESu X X X X X

Dicentra ‘Pink Diamonds’ Liner LSp - EFa X X X X

Echinacea COLOR CODED® Collection Liner ESu - EFa X X X X X X

Echinacea DOUBLE CODED Collection Liner ESu - EFa X X X X X X

Echinacea SUMMERSONG Firefinch Liner ESu - EFa X X X X X X

Geranium p. ‘Boom Chocolatta’ Liner ESu-LSu X X X X

Gysophila p. FESTIVAL STAR® BR, Liner LSp - EFa X X

Heliopsis h. ‘Bit of Honey’, Tuscan Gold & ‘Tuscan Sun’ BR, Liner MSu - LSu X X X

Hemerocallis RAINBOW RHYTHM® Collection BR ESu - LSu X

Heuchera DOLCE® Series Liner Foliage X X X X

Heuchera DRESSED UP Series Liner Foliage X X X X

Heuchera PRIMO® Series Liner Foliage X X X X

Heucherella FUN AND GAMES® Series Liner Foliage X X X

Hibiscus SUMMERIFIC® Collection BR, Liner MSu - LSu X X X X

Hosta SHADOWLAND® Collection Liner Foliage X X X

Kniphofia PYROMANIA® Collection BR, Liner ESu - LSu X X X X

Lavandula a. SWEET ROMANCE® Liner ESu - EFa X X X X

Leucanthemum s. AMAZING DAISIES® Collection Liner ESu - LSu X X

Ligularia 'Bottle Rocket' Liner MSu X

Monarda Leading Lady Series Liner ESu - MSu X X X

Monarda d. Pardon My Series Liner MSu - LSu X X X

Monarda UPSCALE Series Liner ESu - MSu X X X

Nepeta ‘Cat’s Meow’ & ‘Cat’s Pajamas’ BR, Liner ESu - EFa X X X X X

Origanum ‘Drops of Jupiter’ Liner LSu X X X X

Penstemon ‘Midnight Masquerade’ BR, Liner ESu - MSu X X X X X

Perovskia a. ‘Denim ‘n Lace’ & ‘Sage Advice’ BR, Liner MSu - EFa X X X X

Phlox ‘Cloudburst’ BR, Liner ESu - LSu X X X

Phlox Opening Act Series BR, Liner ESu - MSu X X X

Phlox p. LUMINARY Collection BR, Liner MSu - LSu X X

Phlox Sprite & MOUNTAINSIDE Series BR, Liner MSp - LSp X

Phlox s. SPRING BLING Series BR, Liner MSp - LSp X X

Polemonium ‘Heaven Scent’ Liner ESu - MSu X X X X

Pulmonaria ‘Pink-a-Blue’ & ‘Spot On’ Liner LSp X X X X

Salvia COLOR SPIRES® Collection BR, Liner LSp - ESu X X

Salvia n. Profusion Series BR, Liner LSp - ESu X X X

Sedum ROCK ‘N GROW® Collection BR, Liner EFa X X X X

Sedum ROCK ‘N LOW Collection BR, Liner ESu - MSu X X X X

Sedum ROCK ‘N ROUND Collection BR, Liner LSu - EFa X X X X

Tiarella ‘Cutting Edge’ Liner ESp - LSp X X X X X

Veronica MAGIC SHOW® Collection BR, Liner ESu - MSu X X X X

fern - Athyrium p. ‘Crested Surf’ Liner Foliage X X X

grass - PRAIRIE WINDS® Collection Liner LSu - EFa X X X X X

strawberry - Fragaria a. BERRIED TREASURE® Series Liner ESu - LSu X X





Proven Winners® Perennials

Branded Containers

We strongly believe that Proven Winners® branded containers are essential to the success of the brand, ensuring better brand recognition and

increased sell-through to consumers. Therefore, Proven Winners branded containers are required for all Proven Winners Perennials.

Six sizes of containers are available for Proven Winners Perennials. For your convenience, the recommended container size is listed for each Proven

Winners variety in this catalog and online. You may purchase any size container you’d like for your perennials. If you don’t specify a container size

when you place your order, we will send the recommended size.

One container is shipped for every one Proven Winners® Perennial. For example, 20 containers will be included for each tray of 20 plugs.

Containers are stocked and shipped from Walters Gardens with or just in advance of your plant order.

Proven Winners® Branded Container Pricing

You may obtain our current branded container pricing and volume discounts from the login area of our website or by contacting your sales representative,

broker, or Walters Gardens.

Due to the unpredictable nature of plastic prices, we cannot guarantee container prices will not change throughout the year. However, container prices

are locked in when you place your order.

Branded Container Sizes

Name (Pot#) Size Soil Capacity Volume


1.0 Quart Co-Ex Container (SP470-RND) 4 16” diameter x

41/2” height

57.7 cu. in. 1.00 quart/


Trade 1-GL Co-Ex Container (PF-310S)

6” diameter x

61/2” height

176.33 cu. in. 0.65 gal/

2.48 liter

Premium 1-Gallon Co-Ex Container (PF-400)

71/2” diameter x

7⅛” height

232.1 cu. in. 1 gal/

3.78 liter

Premium 2-Gallon Co-Ex Container (PF-800)

8⅞” diameter x

9⅜” height

466.6 cu. in. 2.03 gal/

7.68 liter

Premium 3-Gallon Co-Ex Container (PF-1200)

101/2” diameter x

9⅜” height

696.4 cu. in. 3 gal/

11.356 liter

1.0 Quart Tray (sold as a case of 50 trays) Holds 8 Quart


(Sold Separately)


The #1 Plant Brand®


Container Size

and Growing


Growing Regions





Container Size



Achillea Firefly Collection Premium 1-Gal ••••••

Agastache MEANT TO BEE Collection Premium 1-Gal •••••

Allium ‘Serendipity’ Premium 1-Gal ••••••

Amsonia ‘Storm Cloud’ & ‘String Theory’ Premium 1-Gal ••••••

Anemone FALL IN LOVE Series Premium 1-Gal ••••••

Aruncus ‘Chantilly Lace’ Premium 1-Gal •••••

Astilbe ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ Premium 1-Gal ••••••

Baptisia DECADENCE® Series Premium 1-Gal ••••••

Bergenia ‘Miss Piggy’ Premium 1-Gal ••••••

Brunnera m. ‘Jack of Diamonds’

& ‘Queen of Hearts’

Premium 1-Gal


Clematis ‘Stand By Me’ & ‘Stand By Me Lavender’ Trade 1-Gal ••••

Dianthus FRUIT PUNCH® Series Trade 1-Gal •••••

Dianthus Paint the Town Series Trade 1-Gal ••••••

Dicentra ‘Pink Diamonds’ Premium 1-Gal ••••••

Echinacea COLOR CODED® Collection Premium 1-Gal ••••••

Echinacea DOUBLE CODED Collection Premium 1-Gal ••••••

Echinacea SUMMERSONG Firefinch Premium 1-Gal ••••••

Geranium p. ‘Boom Chocolatta’ Premium 1-Gal ••••••

Gysophila p. FESTIVAL STAR®

Heliopsis h. ‘Bit of Honey’, Tuscan Gold

& ‘Tuscan Sun’

• Midwest

• Northwest

Premium 1-Gal (G1)

Trade 1-Gal (72ct)

Premium 1-Gal (G1)

Trade 1-Gal (72ct)







Container Size



Hemerocallis RAINBOW RHYTHM® Collection Premium 1-Gal ••••••

Heuchera DOLCE® Series Premium 1-Gal ••••••

Heuchera DRESSED UP Series Premium 1-Gal ••••••

Heuchera PRIMO® Series Premium 1-Gal ••••••

Heucherella FUN AND GAMES® Series Premium 1-Gal •••••

Hibiscus SUMMERIFIC® Collection

Premium 3-Gal (G1)

Premium 2-Gal (72ct)


Hosta SHADOWLAND® Collection Premium 1-Gal •••••

Kniphofia PYROMANIA Collection Premium 1-Gal •••••

Lavandula a. SWEET ROMANCE®

Premium 1-Gal (20ct)

Trade 1-Gal (72ct)


Leucanthemum s. AMAZING DAISIES® Premium 1-Gal •••••

Ligularia 'Bottle Rocket' Premium 1-Gal ••••

Monarda Leading Lady Series Premium 1-Gal •••••

Monarda d. Pardon My Series Premium 1-Gal •••••

Monarda UPSCALE Series Premium 1-Gal •••••

Nepeta ‘Cat’s Meow’ & ‘Cat’s Pajamas’

Premium 1-Gal (G1)

Trade 1-Gal (72ct)


Origanum ‘Drops of Jupiter’ Trade 1-Gal ••••••

Penstemon ‘Midnight Masquerade’

Perovskia a. ‘Denim ‘n Lace’ & ‘Sage Advice’

Phlox ‘Cloudburst’

Phlox Opening Act Series

Phlox p. LUMINARY Collection

Premium 1-Gal (G1)

Trade 1-Gal (72ct)

Premium 1-Gal (G1)

Trade 1-Gal (72ct)

Premium 1-Gal (G1)

Trade 1-Gal (72ct)

Premium 1-Gal (G1)

Trade 1-Gal (72ct)

Premium 1-Gal (G1)

Trade 1-Gal (72ct)






Phlox Sprite & MOUNTAINSIDE Series Trade 1-Gal ••••••

Phlox s. SPRING BLING Series

Premium 1-Gal (G1)

Trade 1-Gal (72ct)


Polemonium ‘Heaven Scent’ Premium 1-Gal ••••••

Pulmonaria ‘Pink-a-Blue’ & ‘Spot On’ Premium 1-Gal ••••••

Salvia COLOR SPIRES® Collection Premium 1-Gal ••••••

Salvia n. Profusion Series Premium 1-Gal ••••••

Sedum ROCK ‘N GROW® Collection

Sedum ROCK ‘N LOW Collection

Sedum ROCK ‘N ROUND Collection

Premium 1-Gal (G1)

Trade 1-Gal (72ct)

Premium 1-Gal (G1)

Trade 1-Gal (72ct)

Premium 1-Gal (G1)

Trade 1-Gal (72ct)




Tiarella ‘Cutting Edge’ Trade 1-Gallon ••••

Veronica MAGIC SHOW® Collection

Premium 1-Gal (G1)

Trade 1-Gal (72ct)


fern - Athyrium p. ‘Crested Surf’ Premium 1-Gal ••••••

grass - PRAIRIE WINDS® Collection Premium 1-Gal ••••••

strawberry - Fragaria a. BERRIED


1.0 Quart ••••••


Perennials A-Z


Best Seller

‘Firefly Diamond’ Achillea PP32986 CPBRAF ‘Firefly Peach Sky’ Achillea PP32404 CPBRAF ‘Firefly Sunshine’ Achillea


Firefly Achillea

Achillea (Yarrow) are excellent perennials with a long season of interest. Prior to blooming, these plants showcase delicate feathery foliage; after flowering,

dried seedheads remain colorful. The Firefly series was bred for sturdy upright stems and longer lasting, numerous flowers. All members of this collection

are intermediate in height, perfect for the middle of the border.

Exposure: Full Sun | Blooms: Midsummer | Zone: 3-8 | Height: 20-32”, depending on variety | Space: 28-38”, depending on variety

‘Firefly Diamond’ – Ivory white flowers are exceptionally long lasting.

‘Firefly Peach Sky’ – Apricot orange flowers transition to peachy yellow.

‘Firefly Sunshine’ – Bright yellow flowers have long lasting color.




MEANT TO BEE ‘Queen Nectarine’ Agastache



TO BEE ‘Royal Raspberry’ Agastache


MEANT TO BEE Agastache (Anise Hyssop, Hummingbird Mint)

Members of the MEANT TO BEE Collection were selected for their large, full habits, significant landscape presence, and hardiness. Flowers cover the top

two thirds of these plants from mid to late summer, with colorful calyxes extending interest well into fall. Pollinators are known to frequent these plants

and they are a particular favorite of hummingbirds. Best performance comes in full sun with well drained soils.

Exposure: Full Sun | Blooms: Mid to Late Summer | Zone: 5-9 | Height: 28-36” | Width: 28-36”

NEW! MEANT TO BEE ‘Queen Nectarine’ – Soft peach flowers are held on the mauve calyxes of ‘Queen Nectarine’. Compared with ‘Royal Raspberry’,

this is noticeably taller. Best performance comes in full sun with well drained soils.

NEW! MEANT TO BEE ‘Royal Raspberry’ – Rosy purple flowers with burgundy calyxes. New foliage emerges with a burgundy cast in spring.

FALL IN LOVE ‘Sweetly’ Anemone


‘Serendipity’ Allium PP32023 CPBRAF


Allium (Ornamental Onion)

A sport of the 2018 PPA Perennial Plant of the Year, Allium ‘Millenium’.

‘Serendipity’ matches the performance and flowering of ‘Millenium’ but

varies with glaucous blue foliage. Use this plant in sunny, dry places or

in containers and love it for its deer resistance as well as decorative fall

seed heads.

Exposure: Full Sun to Light Shade | Blooms: Mid to Late Summer

Zone: 4-8 | Height: 15-20” | Space: 10-15”


Fall in Love Sweetly

Japanese Anemone

This fall blooming Anemone is a prolific bloomer of semi-double rose pink

flowers. Gardeners looking for a late season pollinator plant will be pleased

with the performance of this plant, as will those looking for deer and rabbit

resistance. This variety shakes the bad reputation of the genus and spreads

slowly through rhizomes; it will not overtake your landscape.

Exposure: Full Sun to Part Shade | Blooms: Late Summer to Early Fall

Zone: 4-8 | Height: 20-26” | Space: 24-30”

‘Storm Cloud’ Amsonia tabernaemontana

‘String Theory’ Amsonia


Storm Cloud Amsonia (Blue Star)

A spring blooming nativar with substantial size, this perennial is quick to make an impact each year. Near-black stems emerge first before adding dark green

leaves with silver veins. Periwinkle-blue flower clusters follow, the “blue stars” from which the plant gets its common name. Exceptionally long lived.

Exposure: Full Sun to Light Shade | Blooms: Late Spring to Early Summer | Zone: 4-9 | Height: 24-30” | Space: 38-42”

String Theory Amsonia (Blue Star)

This threadleaf Amsonia adds garden interest from the first days of spring to the last days of fall. Fine foliage texture leads the way on a sturdy habit. Clusters of

light blue flowers appear beginning in late spring before disappearing in summer. Leaves turn a gorgeous golden orange color come fall.

Exposure: Full Sun to Light Shade | Blooms: Late Spring to Early Summer | Zone: 4-9 | Height: 18-22” | Space: 32-36”

Fall Color


‘Chantilly Lace’ Aruncus

PP30740 CPBR6259

Chantilly Lace

Aruncus (Goat’s Beard)

‘Chantilly Lace’ offers a gorgeous blend of contrasting textures with lacy

sprays of cream flowers and fine, serrated foliage. A highly versatile

perennial, ‘Chantilly Lace’ can be plugged into a wide variety of landscape

locations. Performance will be best in filtered shade or morning sun with

moderate moisture; more water is required with more sun exposure.

Exposure: Full Sun to Full Shade | Blooms: Early to Midsummer

Zone: 3-7 | Height: 30-32” | Space: 40-48”

‘Dark Side of the Moon’ Astilbe


NEW! Dark Side of the Moon


Rich deep chocolate brown leaves form an incredibly attractive mound of

foliage. Emerging leaves are yellow with a dark margin with a glossy sheen

that become completely dark as they age. Dark stems hold raspberry buds

that burst forth with rosy purple flowers. This performs best in full sun with

adequate moisture, but also grows in shade.

Exposure: Full Sun to Full Shade | Blooms: Midsummer

Zone: 4-9 | Height: 20-22” | Space: 24-28”

Flower Color


Crested Surf

Japanese Painted Fern

A highly decorative, double crested Japanese Painted Fern, ‘Crested Surf’

is the perfect complement to wide leaved hostas and hydrangeas. This

variety shows excellent vigor in the garden and containers, particularly

when compared with other crested varieties.

Exposure: Light to Full Shade

Zone: 3-8 | Height: 20-22” | Space: 28-30”

‘Crested Surf’ Athyrium niponicum


DECADENCE® DELUXE ‘Blue Bubbly’ Baptisia



Best Seller

DECADENCE® DELUXE ‘Pink Truffles’ Baptisia PP26588 CPBR5333 DECADENCE® DELUXE ‘Pink Lemonade’ Baptisia PP30669 CPBR6255


DECADENCE® DELUXE Baptisia are a sub-series of the popular DECADENCE® series. They match the flowering and spread of their series counterparts but

have a noticeably taller habit, rising about a foot above standard DECADENCE® varieties. These taller plants can be used along the back of the border or

planted en masse as a colorful hedge.

Exposure: Full Sun to Light Shade | Blooms: Late Spring to Early Summer | Zone: 4-9 | Height: 31/2-41/2’ | Space: 31/2-4’

DECADENCE® DELUXE ‘Blue Bubbly’ – Sky blue flower spikes.

DECADENCE® DELUXE ‘Pink Lemonade’ – Flowers open light yellow and mature to a dusky raspberry purple.

DECADENCE® DELUXE ‘Pink Truffles’ – Clear soft pink flowers with a pale yellow keel.


DECADENCE® ‘Blueberry Sundae’ Baptisia

PP23891 CPBR5095


‘Cherries Jubilee’ Baptisia

PP23907 CPBR5332


Best Seller

DECADENCE® ‘Dark Chocolate’ Baptisia



‘Lemon Meringue’ Baptisia

PP24280 CPBR5097

DECADENCE® ‘Sparkling Sapphires’ Baptisia

PP27904 CPBR6256


‘Vanilla Cream’ Baptisia

PP25663 CPBR5564


Hybridized and selected for their shorter, more compact habit and unique flower colors, DECADENCE® Baptisias are scaled to fit easily into today’s home

gardens. Their showy spring blooms add colorful flair followed by decorative seed pods which add interest to the fall garden. Baptisia can be found growing

naturally in meadows, tolerating heat and drought with ease and resisting deer browsing too. Be sure to choose a permanent location when planting

Baptisia since mature plants resent being disturbed.

Exposure: Full Sun to Light Shade | Blooms: Late Spring to Early Summer | Zone: 4-9 | Height: 21/2-3’ | Space: 2-3’

DECADENCE® ‘Blueberry Sundae’ – Vibrant indigo blue blossoms.

DECADENCE® ‘Cherries Jubilee’ – Maroon and yellow blossoms age to gold.

DECADENCE® ‘Dark Chocolate’ – Charcoal purple flowers with pale yellow keels.

DECADENCE® ‘Lemon Meringue’ – Lemon yellow flowers on charcoal stems.

DECADENCE® ‘Sparkling Sapphires’ – Vivid violet blue blossoms.

DECADENCE® ‘Vanilla Cream’ – Pastel yellow buds open to creamy vanilla flowers.


‘Miss Piggy’ Bergenia


‘Jack of Diamonds’ Brunnera macrophylla


‘Stand by Me’



PP30556 CPBR6257

by Me Lavender’



‘Queen of Hearts’ Brunnera macrophylla PP32737 CPBRAF

Miss Piggy Bergenia (Pigsqueak)

A unique evergreen perennial, ‘Miss Piggy’ has leaves with thick substance that makes them undesireable to rabbits and deer. The broad foliage results in a fuller

looking plant than what is typical of the genus. An early spring bloomer, this variety blooms at the same time as many bulbs. Flower color intensifies with age.

Exposure: Full Sun to Full Shade | Blooms: Early to Mid Spring | Zone: 4-9 | Height: 16-18” | Space: 28-32”

Jack of Diamonds Heartleaf Brunnera

‘Jack of Diamonds’ has massive 9-10” leaves that are impossible to miss in the landscape. This variety has a unique “escargot” type appearance with overlapping

lobes at the base of each leaf. Airy sprays of baby blue, forget-me-not flowers appear in spring.

Exposure: Part to Full Shade | Blooms: Mid to Late Spring | Zone: 3-8 | Folaige Height: 14-16” | Flower Height: 30” | Space: 28-32”

Queen of Hearts Heartleaf Brunnera

‘Queen of Hearts’ has a leaf size matching it’s counterpart, ‘Jack of Diamonds’, but differs with a much heavier silver overlay. Perfect shade perennials, Heartleaf

Brunnera are more dought tolerant than hostas and have contrasting silver leaves. Airy sprays of baby blue, forget-me-not flowers appear in spring.

Exposure: Part to Full Shade | Blooms: Mid to Late Spring | Zone: 3-8 | Folaige Height: 16-18” | Flower Height: 30” | Space: 28-36”

Stand by Me & Stand by Me Lavender Bush Clematis

Non-vining Clematis with a much longer, heavier bloom than traditional vining varieties. An abundance of buds will provide color all summer before turning

into thread-like cream seedheads. Surround Bush Clematis with sturdy neighboring plants or support to appreciate this perennial all season long.

Exposure: Full to Part Sun | Blooms: Late Spring to Midsummer | Zone: 3-7 | Height: 34-38” | Space: 24-36”

‘Stand by Me’ – Blue bell-shaped flowers.

‘Stand by Me Lavender’ – Lavender purple bell-shaped flowers.



Best Seller

FRUIT PUNCH® ‘Black Cherry Frost’ Dianthus



PUNCH® ‘Cherry Vanilla’ Dianthus



FRUIT PUNCH® ‘Funky Fuchsia’ Dianthus



PUNCH® ‘Maraschino’ Dianthus


FRUIT PUNCH® ‘Raspberry Ruffles’




Prized for their beautifully fragrant, double flowers, FRUIT PUNCH® Dianthus are very easy to grow in any sunny area. Their flowers stand like mini

carnations atop a short mound of evergreen foliage in early summer. A quick shearing after flowering will encourage them to rebloom in early fall.

Exposure: Full to Part Sun | Blooms: Early Summer; Some Rebloom | Zone: 4-9 | Height: 8-12” | Space: 12-14”

FRUIT PUNCH® ‘Black Cherry Frost’ – Velvety red flowers have a finely serrated pink edge.

FRUIT PUNCH® ‘Cherry Vanilla’ – Deep red flowers with a lighter pink picotee edge.

FRUIT PUNCH® ‘Classic Coral’ – Semi-double, striking coral pink flowers.

FRUIT PUNCH® ‘Cranberry Cocktail’ – Hot magenta pink blossoms.

NEW! FRUIT PUNCH® ‘Funky Fuchsia’ – Fuchsia purple flowers.

FRUIT PUNCH® ‘Maraschino’ – Bright red blossoms.

FRUIT PUNCH® ‘Raspberry Ruffles’ – Raspberry pink, double blossoms.

FRUIT PUNCH® ‘Spiked Punch’ – Fuchsia pink flowers, deep red eyes.

FRUIT PUNCH® ‘Sweetie Pie’ – True pink blossoms.



Best Seller

FRUIT PUNCH® ‘Classic Coral’ Dianthus



PUNCH® ‘Cranberry Cocktail’ Dianthus

PP28603 CPBR5814

FRUIT PUNCH® ‘Spiked Punch’ Dianthus

PP28635 CPBR5817

FRUIT PUNCH® ‘Sweetie Pie’ Dianthus



Notes on

Flower Power

Single flowered Dianthus like the

Paint the Town Series have

smaller flowers than the double

flowered FRUIT PUNCH® Series,

but make up for it with more flowers

on larger habits. Likewise Paint the

Town Dianthus flower earlier. Use

varieties from each series for an

extended season of color.


‘Paint the Town Fuchsia’

3/4” 3/4” 3/4-1”

‘Paint the Town Magenta’ ‘Paint the Town Red’

the Town Fancy’









‘Black Cherry Frost’ ‘Classic Coral’ ‘Maraschino’

‘Sweetie Pie’








‘Cherry Vanilla’

‘Raspberry Ruffles’

‘Spiked Punch’


‘Funky Fuchsia’



‘Cranberry Cocktail’


Best Seller


‘Paint the Town Magenta’ Dianthus

PP29222 CPBR5816

‘Paint the Town Fancy’ Dianthus PPAF CPBRAF ‘Paint the Town Fuchsia’ Dianthus PP28636 CPBR5815 ‘Paint the Town Red’ Dianthus


Paint the Town Dianthus

Unlike the double-flowered FRUIT PUNCH® Dianthus, the Paint the Town series is made up of single-flowering varieties. Though the blooms may be smaller,

the flowers are abundant. Each member of this series produces flowers profusely in early summer, completely covering the foliage. Good rebloom in early

fall. Flowers 1-2 weeks earlier than the FRUIT PUNCH® series.

Exposure: Full to Part Sun | Blooms: Early Summer; Some Rebloom | Zone: 4-9 | Height: 6-8” | Space: 12-14”

‘Paint the Town Fancy’ – 1”, serrated, rosy fuchsia flowers with a red eye.

‘Paint the Town Fuchsia’ – 3/4-1” serrated fuchsia flowers.

‘Paint the Town Magenta’ – 3/4-1” serrated magenta-pink flowers.

‘Paint the Town Red’ – 3/4-1” serrated deep magenta-red flowers.


‘Pink Diamonds’ Dicentra



Dicentra (Fern-leaved Bleeding Heart)

A breakthrough Dicentra with season long flower performance and

blue-green, fern-like foliage. This variety is not recommended for shade,

it performs best and will have its richest flower color in full sun with

consistent moisture and good drainage. The fragrant pink blooms of this

plant can be used to attract pollinators or in cut flower arrangements.

Exposure: Full Sun to Light Shade | Blooms: Late Spring to Early Fall

Zone: 3-9 | Height: 12-16” | Space: 16-18”


COLOR CODED® ‘Frankly Scarlet’ Echinacea



CODED® ‘One in a Melon’ Echinacea



Best Seller


COLOR CODED® ‘Orange You Awesome’ Echinacea



CODED® ‘The Fuchsia is Bright’ Echinacea



Best Seller

COLOR CODED® ‘The Price is White’ Echinacea PPAF CPBRAF COLOR CODED® ‘Yellow My Darling’ Echinacea PP32104 CPBRAF

COLOR CODED® Echinacea (Coneflower)

The new COLOR CODED® Echinacea series is set to claim a place in your garden. Large flowers have wide overlapping petals that stick out horizontally from

the cone to maximize the floral display. Full, well-branched habits ensure that many flowers are produced throughout the summer. An excellent choice to

color up sunny, dry areas and please pollinators.

Exposure: Full Sun to Light Shade | Blooms: Early Summer to Early Fall | Zone: 4-8 | Height: 20-26” | Space: 16-20”

COLOR CODED® ‘Frankly Scarlet’ — 4” bright scarlet orange flowers.

NEW! COLOR CODED® ‘One in a Melon’ — 5-5 1/2” melon flowers with matching melon cones.

COLOR CODED® ‘Orange You Awesome’ — 4 1/2” tangerine orange flowers have dark cones.

NEW! COLOR CODED® ‘The Fuchsia is Bright’ — 4 1/2” fuchsia pink flowers with dark cones and stems.

COLOR CODED® ‘The Price is White’ — 5” wide white flowers with green cones.

COLOR CODED® ‘Yellow My Darling’ — 4-41/2” rich yellow flowers.




DOUBLE CODED ‘Butter Pecan’ Echinacea



CODED ‘Raspberry Beret’ Echinacea


DOUBLE CODED Echinacea (Coneflower)

Varieties in this series have prolific floral production seated atop dense rosettes of foliage. Plants are low, wide, and well-branched allowing for use along

the front of the border. Enjoy as these perennials burst into life under the heat of midsummer. Leave the seedheads for their decorative value in fall and

winter and as a food source for birds.

Exposure: Full Sun to Light Shade | Blooms: Early Summer to Early Fall | Zone: 4-8 | Height: 18-20” | Space: 16-24”

NEW! DOUBLE CODED ‘Butter Pecan’ – 4” wide soft melon flowers.

NEW! DOUBLE CODED ‘Raspberry Beret’ – Intense raspberry pink flowers are 4” wide with ray petals to match..

SUMMERSONG Firefinch Echinacea

Summersong Firefinch

Echinacea (Coneflower)

This seed strain has been named to reflect the fiery red and orange colors

in the mix. SUMMERSONG Firefinch is an excellent addition to any

pollinator or cut flower garden with flowers lasting all the way to frost. This

native hybrid has excellent heat and drought tolerance once established.

Exposure: Full Sun to Light Shade | Blooms: Early Summer to Early Fall |

Zone: 4-8 | Height: 12-16” | Space: 16-18”

‘Boom Chocolatta’ Geranium pratense PP32026

Boom Chocolatta

Hardy Geranium

This Geranium pratense hybrid has rich, dark bronze leaves and an

upright habit, with blue-purple flowers covering the top of the habit,

starting in early summer. Compared to older genetics, ‘Boom Chocolatta’

is more vigorous, and has a very refined habit. Use it as a contrast with

green-leaved plants in your sun garden!

Exposure: Full Sun to Part Shade | Blooms: Early to Late Summer

Zone: 4-8 | Height: 24-26” | Space: 28-30”



FESTIVAL STAR® Gypsophila paniculata (‘Danfestar’ PP14818 CPBR2631) ‘Bit of Honey’ Heliopsis helianthoides PPAF CPBRAF 25

Festival Star®

Gypsophila (Baby’s Breath)

An extremely long blooming perennial and a staple of cut flower growers,

Gypsophila is one of the best accent plants to put in the garden. Finely

textured plants covered in sprays of pure white flowers complement

a wide variety of plants. An excellent choice for containers, heat, and

drought tolerance. This variety does not go summer dormant.

Exposure: Full Sun | Blooms: Late Spring to Early Fall

Zone: 3-9 | Height: 12-18” | Space: 16-24”

NEW! Bit of Honey

False Sunflower

Leaves appear white with deep green veining on a low, dense habit. This

variety blooms in midsummer, lasting into early fall. The flowers have

above average size for a Heliopsis at 3-31/2” wide and are fully semidouble

with multiple rows of golden yellow petals surrounding gold cones.

Compared to ‘Tuscan Sun’ and Tuscan Gold, this variety is more compact.

Exposure: Full Sun to Light Shade | Blooms: Mid to Late Summer

Zone: 4-9 | Height: 24-28” | Space: 26-30”

TUSCAN GOLD Heliopsis helianthoides

Tuscan Gold

False Sunflower

(‘Inhelsodor’ PP29819 CPBR6133)


A lighter shade of yellow than ‘Tuscan Sun’ with a more compact habit

and larger flowers. The well-branched habit flowers for many weeks,

beginning in midsummer. While traditional cultivars can be consumed

by powdery mildew before the conclusion of flowering, TUSCAN GOLD

is much more resistant and will stay nice through the whole season.

Exposure: Full Sun to Light Shade | Blooms: Mid to Late Summer

Zone: 4-9 | Height: 24-32” | Space: 20-24”

Sun’ Heliopsis helianthoides PP18763

Tuscan Sun

False Sunflower

A beautiful, carefree native cultivar with a refined habit and good disease

resistance. The golden yellow flowers appear beginning in midsummer

and continue for many weeks, attracting bees and butterflies to the

plant. Designers looking for garden movement should consider ‘Tuscan

Sun’, which will sway with the wind but not collapse.

Exposure: Full Sun to Light Shade | Blooms: Mid to Late Summer

Zone: 3-9 | Height: 24-36” | Space: 20-24”

RAINBOW RHYTHM® Daylily (Hemerocallis)

Daylilies are one of the most resilient perennials that can be placed in a landscape and it is one of the reasons their popularity has endured throughout

the years. RAINBOW RHYTHM® Daylilies thrive with little attention and offer vivid color displays beginning in early summer.

Exposure: Full Sun to Part Shade | Blooms: Summer to Early Fall | Zone: 3-9 | Height: 20-34”, depending on variety | Space: 18-24”

RAINBOW RHYTHM® ‘Going Bananas’ – 4” canary yellow flowers. Excellent rebloomer, first to bloom.

RAINBOW RHYTHM® ‘King of the Ages’ – 61/2” polychrome flowers are a mix of butter-yellow, peach, and apricot with burgundy red eyes and a

matching picotee edge. Award winner.

RAINBOW RHYTHM® ‘Lake of Fire’ – 7” apricot orange flowers with wide orange red eyes and matching picotee edges.

RAINBOW RHYTHM® ‘Nosferatu’ – 6” fragrant, shimmering dark purple blossoms. Award winner.

RAINBOW RHYTHM® ‘Orange Smoothie’ – 4” mango orange flowers. Excellent rebloomer.

RAINBOW RHYTHM® ‘Primal Scream’ – 71/2-81/2” tangerine orange blooms. Stout Silver Medal award winner.

RAINBOW RHYTHM® ‘Ruby Spider’ – 9” massive dark ruby red flowers. Multiple award winner.

RAINBOW RHYTHM® ‘Sound of My Heart’ – 5” light mauve flower with a matching purple eye and picotee edge. Excellent rebloomer.

RAINBOW RHYTHM® ‘Storm Shelter’ – 5” eggplant purple flowers with a massive dark eye. Award winner.

RAINBOW RHYTHM® ‘Tiger Swirl’ – 61/2-7” golden yellow flowers have long, spider-type petals. Award winner.



When daylilies are registered, they will be listed with their most prominent characteristics. These classifications

help categorize and highlight the unique traits that have been found in new daylily hybrids. RAINBOW RHYTHM®

Daylilies all display a number of these unique traits, here they are grouped by some of their most notable.


Daylilies with petals that

are 4 times longer than

they are wide.


‘Orange Smoothie’


‘Ruby Spider’


‘Going Bananas’


Daylilies with a second flush of flowers extending

the initial bloom period.


‘Sound of My Heart’

Unusual Flower Form

Daylilies with pinched or twisted petals. These varieties might

also be referred to as “crispate.”


‘King of the Ages’


‘Tiger Swirl’


‘Lake of Fire’


‘Storm Shelter’


‘Primal Scream’




Daylilies with ruffled petal edges, not unlike those of a piecrust.



Best Seller

RAINBOW RHYTHM® ‘Going Bananas’ Hemerocallis

PP17164 CPBR3454


RHYTHM® ‘Orange Smoothie’ Hemerocallis

PP28643 CPBR6124

RAINBOW RHYTHM® ‘King of the Ages’


RAINBOW RHYTHM® ‘Lake of Fire’



Best Seller



RAINBOW RHYTHM® ‘Ruby Spider’ Hemerocallis RAINBOW RHYTHM® ‘Sound of My Heart’ Hemerocallis PP33314 CPBRAF 27

RAINBOW RHYTHM® ‘Primal Scream’


RAINBOW RHYTHM® ‘Storm Shelter’




Heuchera Collections

Heuchera are one of the most popular shade perennials for today’s gardens. They are versatile, foliage-first plants with a long season of interest. These plants like

to be situated in moist but well-drained soil (they do not like to “sit wet”). Typically, the lighter the leaf color, the more shade is required. Varieties with dark colors

are more tolerant of full sun conditions.

DOLCE® Series

PRIMO® Series



Moderate Sized

Large Sized

Large Sized

Moderate Sized

Foliage colors of chartreuse, red,

purple, silver, caramel, and mint green

Predominately flat leaves;

‘Apple Twist’ and ‘Cherry Truffles’ have

notable ruffling

‘Silver Gumdrop’ and ‘Spearmint’ are

best for bloom with flower scapes that

dry to hold their color after bloom has


Foliage colors of chartreuse, red,

orange, black, and purple

Large, predominately flat leaves are

well rounded

‘Mahogany Monster’ and ‘Pistachio

Ambrosia’ have notable flowering

performances, the former with

massive scapes and the latter with

large pink clusters.

Foliage colors of black and chartreuse

Leaves are large, heavily ruffled

Excellent landscape and container

presence. Very versatile in their use

thanks to leaves with exceptional

texture and long lasting color.

Foliage colors of chartreuse, red, and


Heuchera x Tiarella hybrids

Leaves range from deeply lobed to


‘Eye Spy’ is the best for bloom with

a long season of free flowering

bubblegum pink scapes.

DOLCE® Heuchera (Coral Bells)

DOLCE® Heuchera (Coral Bells) are extremely versatile perennials that provide much needed color to most garden spaces. These plants are mainly

grown for their foliage color, but can also be enjoyed for their attractive flowers in summer (depending on the variety). DOLCE® are smaller stature plants,

appropriate for use in containers and small spaces in the garden.

Exposure: Part Sun to Full Shade | Blooms: Midsummer | Zone: 4-9 | Foliage Height: 8-12” | Flower Height: 18-26” | Space: 16-24”

DOLCE® ‘Apple Twist’ – Chartreuse yellow foliage is rippled; newly emerging leaves have red veining.

DOLCE® ‘Cherry Truffles’ – Mahogany red leaves are heavily ruffled.

NEW! DOLCE® ‘Frosted Berry’ – Silver leaves have a slight blush. Creamy white flowers.

DOLCE® ‘Silver Gumdrop’ – Silver, iridescent leaves have a semi-glossy finish. Vibrant, bright pink flowers.

DOLCE® ‘Spearmint’ – Silvery green leaves. Bicolor pink flowers.

DOLCE® ‘Toffee Tart’ – Ginger caramel leaves with a silver overlay. Creamy white flowers.

DOLCE® ‘Wildberry’ – Glossy, bold purple leaves have charcoal veining.


DOLCE® ‘Apple Twist’ Heuchera



‘Cherry Truffles’ Heuchera



DOLCE® ‘Frosted Berry’ Heuchera



‘Silver Gumdrop’ Heuchera

PP29207 CPBR5989


Best Seller

DOLCE® ‘Spearmint’ Heuchera


DOLCE® ‘Toffee Tart’ Heuchera PPAF CPBRAF DOLCE® ‘Wildberry’ Heuchera PP31222 CPBRAF 2 0 2 3


PRIMO® Heuchera (Coral Bells)

Gardeners and landscapers alike can appreciate the size and vigor of PRIMO® Heuchera. These Heuchera do not need to be planted at the front of the

border or in groups to make a significant landscape impact as all members of this series were selected for their ability to grow to incredible size. Mature

versions of these plants will have leaves larger than your hand and habits comparable to a medium sized hosta.

A perfect complement to the DOLCE® Series, PRIMO® Heuchera have a more sizeable landscape presence with large, vigorous habits. These large-leafed

varieties will make a statement all season long as they were chosen for their color fastness and heat tolerance.

Exposure: Part Sun to Full Shade | Blooms: Midsummer | Zone: 4-9 | Foliage Height: 10-12” | Flower Height: 18-26” | Space: 24-32”

PRIMO® ‘Black Pearl’ – Ruffled jet black foliage is glossy; rosy purple undersides.

PRIMO® ‘Mahogany Monster’ – Massive glossy, mahogany red leaves.

PRIMO® ‘Peachberry Ice’ – Large apricot orange leaves have a silver overlay.

NEW! PRIMO® ‘Pistachio Ambrosia’ – Chartreuse foliage transitions to lime in summer. Giant pink flower clusters.

PRIMO® ‘Wild Rose’ – Rose purple foliage. Rosy pink flowers.


Best Seller

PRIMO® ‘Black Pearl’ Heuchera

PP29395 CPBR5724


‘Peachberry Ice’ Heuchera



PRIMO® ‘Mahogany Monster’ Heuchera PP31395 CPBRAF PRIMO® ‘Pistachio Ambrosia’ Heuchera PPAF CPBRAF PRIMO® ‘Wild Rose’ Heuchera

PP29923 CPBR5990


DRESSED UP ‘Ball Gown’ Heuchera



UP ‘Evening Gown’ Heuchera


DRESSED UP Heuchera (Coral Bells)

Heuchera in the DRESSED UP Series have heavily ruffled foliage and large habits. This series has excellent landscape presence, site in well drained soil

to increase longevity. Compared with the PRIMO® Series, these Heuchera have ruffled as opposed to flat foliage.

Exposure: Part Sun to Full Shade | Blooms: Midsummer | Zone: 4-9 | Foliage Height: 10-14” | Flower Height: 18-30” | Space: 20-28”

NEW! DRESSED UP ‘Ball Gown’ – Large heavily ruffled chartreuse leaves with a slightly serrated margin.

DRESSED UP ‘Evening Gown’ – Huge glossy black leaves with ruffled margins.


Best Seller

FUN AND GAMES® ‘Eye Spy’ Heucherella

PP30532 CPBR6260

FUN AND GAMES® ‘Hopscotch’



PP28750 CPBR5818

AND GAMES® ‘Red Rover’

Heucherella PP28751 CPBR5819 31

FUN AND GAMES® Heucherella (Foamy Bells)

A Heucherella is a hybrid of the genus Heuchera and Tiarella. From Heuchera, Heucherella get a wide variety of foliage colors and from Tiarella they gain

additional leaf shapes and central patterns. The FUN AND GAMES® Collection takes full advantage of these new color and leaf features with three unique

selections. As foliar plants, these perennials hold their interest for a long time and are perfect for mixed containers.

Exposure: Part Sun to Full Shade | Blooms: Late Spring to Midsummer | Zone: 4-9 | Foliage Height: 8-10” | Flower Height: 18-22” | Space: 16-24”

FUN AND GAMES® ‘Eye Spy’ – Amber yellow leaves with deep rose centers. Bubblegum pink flowers are free-flowering, earlier blooming than the

DOLCE® and PRIMO® Heuchera series.

FUN AND GAMES® ‘Hopscotch’ – Bronze red leaves have very serrated margins.

FUN AND GAMES® ‘Red Rover’ – Coppery red foliage is deeply lobed.


Best Seller

SUMMERIFIC® ‘Ballet Slippers’ Hibiscus PP29896 CPBR5820 SUMMERIFIC® ‘Berry Awesome’ Hibiscus PP27936 CPBR5647 SUMMERIFIC® ‘Candy Crush’ Hibiscus


SUMMERIFIC® Hardy Hibiscus

SUMMERIFIC® Hibiscus have the potential to make a major impact on any landscape to which they are added. Each variety produces a profusion of blooms

for many weeks beginning in the middle of summer, creating an excellent backdrop for other end-of-year plants. When not in bloom, the dark leaf varieties

of the collection provide excellent contrast against the normal garden green. These plants are late to emerge but fast growers when they do!

Exposure: Full to Part Sun | Blooms: Midsummer to Early Fall | Zone: 4-9 | Height: 31/2-51/2’ | Space: 3-5’

SUMMERIFIC® ‘Ballet Slippers’ – 7” ruffled white flowers have blush pink edges and a deep red eye. Bright green, serrated foliage.

SUMMERIFIC® ‘Berry Awesome’ – 7-8” wide lavender pink flowers have red eyes and contrasting midnight green foliage.

SUMMERIFIC® ‘Candy Crush’ – 8” bubblegum pink flowers have a near-black, dark red eye. Upright, columnar habit.

SUMMERIFIC® ‘Cherry Choco Latte’ – 8-9” flowers are the largest of the collection with intense deep pink veining radiating from a large red eye.

SUMMERIFIC® ‘Edge of Night’ – 7-8” bubblegum pink flowers. Jet black foliage is the darkest we’ve seen on a Hardy Hibiscus.

SUMMERIFIC® ‘Evening Rose’ – 8” puckered flowers are hot pink and stand out on near black foliage. Gumdrop-like habit flowers from top to bottom.

SUMMERIFIC® ‘French Vanilla’ – 7-8” creamy custard yellow, ruffled flowers have prominent red eyes. Yellow flower buds. Deep green foliage.

SUMMERIFIC® ‘Holy Grail’ – 8-9” flowers are a rich, deep red. Near black foliage is covered with flowers from top to bottom while in bloom.

NEW! SUMMERIFIC® ‘Lilac Crush’ – 7-8” lilac flowers on a columnar habit of rich green leaves.

SUMMERIFIC® ‘Perfect Storm’ – 7-8” white flowers have bright red eyes and pink veining; each petal is edged in pink. Exceptionally dark foliage.

SUMMERIFIC® ‘Spinderella’ – 8” white pinwheel flowers have pink accented edges and dark red eyes. Dark green leaves.

NEW! SUMMERIFIC® ‘Valentine’s Crush’ – 7-8” wide cherry red flowers on a columnar habit of rich green foliage. Replaces ‘Cranberry Crush’.

A Matter of Habit

SUMMERIFIC® Hibiscus have come a long

way from the tall, rangy habits of old. This

sturdy series has evolved from the towering

varieties that toppled under the weight of

their own flowers into managable garden

perennials that do not. SUMMERIFIC® varieties

improve over older varieties with an earlier,

longer period of bloom and flowers that cover

the entire habit instead of just the top.

The habits of SUMMERIFIC® Hibiscus fall into

two main types. Most are a “gumdrop” shape

and are widest at the base. A subseries of

“crush” types all have columnar habits and

appear more upright in the garden.


‘Candy Crush’, ‘Lilac Crush’,

‘Valentine’s Crush’


‘Ballet Slippers’, ‘Berry Awesome’, ‘Cherry Choco

Latte’, ‘Edge of Night’, ‘Evening Rose’, ‘French

Vanilla’, ‘Holy Grail’, ‘Perfect Storm’, ‘Spinderella’


SUMMERIFIC® ‘Cherry Choco Latte’ Hibiscus PP30738 CPBRAF SUMMERIFIC® ‘Edge of Night’ Hibiscus PPAF CPBRAF SUMMERIFIC® ‘Evening Rose’ Hibiscus PP33366 CPBRAF 33


Best Seller


SUMMERIFIC® ‘French Vanilla’ Hibiscus PP33181 CPBRAF SUMMERIFIC® ‘Holy Grail’ Hibiscus PP31478 CPBRAF SUMMERIFIC® ‘Lilac Crush’ Hibiscus



SUMMERIFIC® ‘Perfect Storm’ Hibiscus PP27880 CPBR5648 SUMMERIFIC® ‘Spinderella’ Hibiscus PP33309 CPBRAF SUMMERIFIC® ‘Valentine’s Crush’ Hibiscus



Spotting the differences between a good Hosta and a great Hosta are sometimes difficult to see. The bright, wide margins of ‘Autumn Frost’ are immediately

eye-catching, but understanding the value of the corrugated leaves on ‘Diamond Lake’ can’t be captured in a single snapshot moment; nor can the sun

tolerance it has compared to older varieties. SHADOWLAND® Hostas were selected not only for the visual traits, but also those that ensure long lasting and

consistent garden performance.

Exposure: Full to Part Shade | Blooms: Early to Late Summer | Zone: 3-9

American Hosta Growers Society Size Classifications: Medium (11-18”), Large (19-28”), Giant (29+”)

NEW! SHADOWLAND® ‘Above the Clouds’ – Cloudy blue leaves are cupped and have a puckered texture. Pale Lavender flowers.

AHGS Size: Large | Foliage Height: 25” | Flower Height: 30-38” | Space: 54-60”

SHADOWLAND® ‘Autumn Frost’ – Leaves emerge frosty blue with a wide, bright yellow margin that lightens to creamy white. Light lavender flowers.

AHGS Size: Medium | Foliage Height: 12” | Flower Height: 12-16” | Space: 24”

SHADOWLAND® ‘Coast to Coast’ – Foliage emerges gold and lightens with more sun exposure. Leaves become thick and puckered with wavy edges.

AHGS Size: Giant | Foliage Height: 30” | Flower Height: 36” | Space: 36”

SHADOWLAND® ‘Diamond Lake’ – Blue Hosta with attractive, heart-shaped, and heavily corrugated leaves. Leaves can get up to 9” wide by 11” long.

AHGS Size: Large | Foliage Height: 17” | Flower Height: 25-28” | Space: 45”

NEW! SHADOWLAND® ‘Echo the Sun’ – Bright yellow hosta with rippled margins. Smaller plant with more ruffled leaves than ‘Coast to Coast’.

AHGS Size: Large | Foliage Height: 19” | Flower Height: 18-27” | Space: 42-48”

SHADOWLAND® ‘Empress Wu’ – One of the largest Hostas on the market. At maturity the leaves can reach a massive 11/2 feet wide and long.

AHGS Size: Giant | Foliage Height: 36-48” | Flower Height: 48” | Space: 60-72”

SHADOWLAND® ‘Etched Glass’ – Sport of ‘Stained Glass’ with wider margins and thicker leaves. Very large and fragrant near-white flowers.

AHGS Size: Medium | Foliage Height: 18” | Flower Height: 36” | Space: 36”

SHADOWLAND® ‘Hope Springs Eternal’ – Heart-shaped, blue horizontal leaves have a crisp creamy white margin. Ruffles the length of the leaves.

AHGS Size: Large | Foliage Height: 22” | Flower Height: 47” | Space: 24-32”

SHADOWLAND® ‘Hudson Bay’ – Wide, bright blue-green margins and apple-green jetting along the cream centers. The foliage is of heavy substance.

AHGS Size: Large | Foliage Height: 24” | Flower Height: 26” | Space: 24”

SHADOWLAND® ‘Miss America’ – Medium green, heart-shaped leaves with white centers and light green intermediate streaking.

AHGS Size: Large | Foliage Height: 19” | Flower Height: 55-61” | Space: 55”

SHADOWLAND® ‘Seducer’ – Dark green foliage has slightly ruffled, gold margins and a trace of white between the margin. Near-white, tubular flowers.

AHGS Size: Large | Foliage Height: 26” | Flower Height: 36-40” | Space: 36”

NEW! SHADOWLAND® ‘Voices in the Wind’ – Blue-green wedge-shaped leaves have very ruffled, creamy yellow margins. Pale lavender flowers.

AHGS Size: Medium | Foliage Height: 17” | Flower Height: 24-29” | Space: 46”

SHADOWLAND® ‘Waterslide’ – Wavy leaves with heavy substance. Rippled leaves hold blue color well into the summer season. Lavender flowers.

AHGS Size: Medium | Foliage Height: 14” | Flower Height: 17” | Space: 32”

SHADOWLAND® ‘Wheee!’ – An extremely ruffled Hosta. Cream colored margins extend from the tip of each leaf down the petiole to the crown.

AHGS Size: Medium | Foliage Height: 11-18” | Flower Height: 24” | Space: 28-30”

SHADOWLAND® ‘Wu-La-La’ – Variegated sport of ‘Empress Wu’. Fertilize and water well to reach its full size potential.

AHGS Size: Giant | Foliage Height: 36-48” | Flower Height: 48” | Space: 60-72”



Best Seller



SHADOWLAND® ‘Autumn Frost’ Hosta PP23224 CPBR4946 SHADOWLAND® ‘Coast to Coast’ Hosta PP26469 CPBR5335 2 0 2 3

SHADOWLAND® ‘Above the Clouds’ Hosta PPAF CPBRAF SHADOWLAND® ‘Echo the Sun’ Hosta PPAF CPBRAF SHADOWLAND® ‘Etched Glass’ Hosta



Best Seller

SHADOWLAND® ‘Diamond Lake’ Hosta



‘Empress Wu’ Hosta

PP20774 CPBR4240


SHADOWLAND® ‘Hope Springs Eternal’ Hosta



‘Miss America’ Hosta



2 0 2 4

SHADOWLAND® ‘Hudson Bay’ Hosta PP23598 CPBR4947 SHADOWLAND® ‘Seducer’ Hosta PP22413 SHADOWLAND® ‘Voices in the Wind’ Hosta


SHADOWLAND® ‘Waterslide’ Hosta PP30303 CPBR6261 SHADOWLAND® ‘Wheee!’ Hosta PP23565 CPBR4948 SHADOWLAND® ‘Wu-La-La’ Hosta


PYROMANIA® ‘Backdraft’ Kniphofia PP31424 PYROMANIA® ‘Flashpoint’ Kniphofia PP31282 PYROMANIA® ‘Hot and Cold’ Kniphofia PP31185 37


Best Seller


Best Seller

PYROMANIA® ‘Orange Blaze’ Kniphofia PP31545 PRYOMANIA® ‘Rocket’s Red Glare’ Kniphofia PP30772 PYROMANIA® ‘Solar Flare’ Kniphofia PP32073

PYROMANIA® Kniphofia (Red Hot Poker)

These recent introductions will set your landscape on fire beginning in early summer with a profusion

of flower spikes. Earlier blooming than most, members of the PYROMANIA collection average an

intermediate height. They are narrower than they are tall; one of the few perennials that will provide

height in a small space without falling over in fall.

Exposure: Full Sun | Blooms: Early to Late Summer | Zone: 5b-9 | Height: 21/2-31/2’ | Space: 2-21/2’

PYROMANIA® ‘Backdraft’ – Very wide flower spikes bear intense reddish orange flowers that

open to peachy yellow for a two-tone effect.

PYROMANIA® ‘Flashpoint’ – Chartreuse yellow buds mature to creamy white as the flowers

open. The last member of the collection to bloom.

PYROMANIA® ‘Hot and Cold’ – This bicolor variety has tangerine orange buds that open to

creamy white flowers.

PYROMANIA® ‘Orange Blaze’ – Orange flowers are densely packed on flower spikes

proportionate to the foliage. One of the collection’s most compact.

PYROMANIA® ‘Rocket’s Red Glare’ – Incredibly long flower spikes have vibrant warm red buds

that open to creamy peach flowers. Z6-9.

PYROMANIA® ‘Solar Flare’ – Sunny yellow flowers hold consistent color throughout the season.


Best Seller

AMAZING DAISIES® ‘Banana Cream II’ Leucanthemum superbum



DAISIES® DAISY MAY® Leucanthemum superbum

(‘Daisy Duke’ PP21914 CPBR4376)

AMAZING DAISIES® ‘Marshmallow’ Leucanthemum superbum



DAISIES® ‘Spun Silk’ Leucanthemum superbum


AMAZING DAISIES® Leucanthemum (Shasta Daisy)

Shasta Daisies are all-time favorites for the perennial border. They mix so effortlessly with other perennials that no garden should be without them! The

two varieties of the AMAZING DAISIES® collection produce flowers at each axillary shoot, allowing them to fully bloom over the top of their habits and

continue to do so prolifically all summer long.

Exposure: Full Sun | Blooms: Early to Late Summer | Zone: 5-9 | Height: 12-24” | Space: 14-24”

AMAZING DAISIES® ‘Banana Cream II’ – An improved ‘Banana Cream’. Flower buds are lemon yellow and open to 4” creamy white flowers.

AMAZING DAISIES® DAISY MAY® – 3” wide, single, pure white flowers. Exceptional rebloom.

AMAZING DAISIES® ‘Marshmallow’ – 31/2” wide fully double flowers.

AMAZING DAISIES® ‘Spun Silk’ – 41/2” white flowers are made of narrow fringed petals.


SWEET ROMANCE® Lavandula angustifolia

(‘Kerlavangem’ PP23001 CPBR4906)


Sweet Romance®

Lavandula (Lavender)

Gardeners around the world have been growing lavender for centuries

for its intensely fragrant flowers, beautiful appearance, and ease of

culture. Along comes the improved variety, SWEET ROMANCE®, which

begins to flower earlier in the season, typically in early summer and

lasts into early fall.

Exposure: Full Sun | Blooms: Early Summer to Early Fall

Zone: 5-9 | Height: 12-18” | Space: 12-18”

Rocket’ Ligularia

PP24486 CPBR5649

Bottle Rocket


A perfectly proportioned Ligularia, this variety improves over many

market standards with stems that flower at the height of the foliage,

leaving no bare stem exposed. The best flowering performance will

come from consistent watering - a characteristic held over from its bog

plant roots.

Exposure: Light or Filtered Shade | Blooms: Midsummer

Zone: 4-9 | Height: 28-34” | Space: 24-28”

New! New! New!

UPSCALE ‘Lavender Taffeta’ Monarda PPAF CPBRAF UPSCALE ‘Pink Chenille’ Monarda PPAF CPBRAF UPSCALE ‘Red Velvet’ Monarda PPAF CPBRAF

UPSCALE Monarda (Bee Balm)

UPSCALE Monarda average 2-21/2’ tall and wide with a flowering performance that covers the top half of the plant. This series is excellent for landscape

plantings and filling space in the middle of the border. Well-branched stems support a second flush of flowers that extends the length of bloom, a trait that

will delight both gardeners and the bees who frequent this popular pollinator perennial.

Exposure: Full Sun to Light Shade | Blooms: Mid to Late Summer | Zone: 4-8 | Height: 22-32” | Space: 24-36”

NEW! UPSCALE ‘Lavender Taffeta’ – Dark lavender purple flowers cover shiny, dark green foliage.

NEW! UPSCALE ‘Pink Chenille’ – Large, 31/2” fluorescent pink flowers have lighter pink interiors for a two-tone effect.

NEW! UPSCALE ‘Red Velvet’ – Large cherry red flowers. The tallest variety in the collection. Newly emerging foliage has a bronze cast.


‘Leading Lady Amethyst’ Monarda



Best Seller

‘Leading Lady Orchid’ Monarda



Lady Pink’ Monarda



Best Seller

‘Leading Lady Plum’ Monarda

PP26447 CPBR5566


Lady Razzberry’ Monarda


Leading Lady Monarda (Bee Balm)

Monarda are commonly called Bee Balm because of their incredible popularity with pollinators while in bloom. These native plants are commonly found in

sunny areas but can tolerate light shade. Watering and fertilizing well will increase the length and number of flowers during bloom.

Exposure: Full Sun to Light Shade | Blooms: Early to Midsummer | Zone: 4-8 | Height: 10-14” | Space: 22-28”

‘Leading Lady Amethyst’ – Light amethyst purple flowers with darker interior spots on its petals.

‘Leading Lady Orchid’ – Orchid pink blossoms.

‘Leading Lady Pink’ – Bright pink flowers with lighter interiors that clearly show off the spots on its petals.

‘Leading Lady Plum’ – Magenta purple blossoms.

‘Leading Lady Razzberry’ – Bright raspberry purple flowers on dark green leaves that have a purple cast and dark bracts.

Leading Lady vs Pardon My vs Upscale Monarda

Members of the Leading Lady series are M. bradburiana hybrids. Compared to the M. didyma hybrids of the Pardon My series, the Leading Ladies

flower about two weeks earlier and are shorter. Both series have clumping habits, though the Leading Ladies tend to be more low and wide than

the moderate, narrow height of the Pardon My series. UPSCALE Monarda are larger than both the Leading Lady and Mardon My series and have

excellent landscape presence, perfect for filling in the middle of the border.

Leading Lady Pardon My UPSCALE



Best Seller

‘Pardon My Cerise’



PP29234 CPBR5725

My Lavender II’




My Pink’



PP24244 CPBR5100

My Purple’


PP22170 CPBR5101

Pardon My Monarda (Bee Balm)

No room for the tall, bushy, traditional Bee Balm in your garden? Here is a series of moderately sized selections

that are easy to tuck into your landscape. Reaching just a little over a foot tall at maturity, these compact selections

form bushy, well-branched clumps of green, semi-glossy foliage. All members of this series have shown good

resistance to powdery mildew when compared with older varieties.

Exposure: Full Sun to Light Shade | Blooms: Mid to Late Summer | Zone: 4-8 | Height: 14-18” | Space: 22-28”

‘Pardon My Cerise’ – Dark cherry red flowers.

‘Pardon My Lavender II’ – Light lavender pink flowers.

‘Pardon My Pink’ – Cheerful medium pink flowers.

‘Pardon My Purple’ – Fuchsia purple flowers.

‘Pardon My Rose’ – Intense rose pink flowers.

‘Cat’s Pajamas’ Nepeta



Cat’s Pajamas

Nepeta (Catmint)

A purr-fect Catmint for fans of ‘Cat’s Meow’ who love the look but want

a smaller scale version. In addition to being a little over half the height,

‘Cat’s Pajamas’ also blooms about 2-3 weeks earlier than ‘Cat’s Meow’.

Unlike older varieties, ‘Cat’s Pajamas’ has blooms from the soil to the

tips of the stems.

Exposure: Full Sun | Blooms: Early Summer to Early Fall

Zone: 3-8 | Height: 12-14” | Space: 18-20”

Meow’ Nepeta faassenii

PP24472 CPBR5098

Cat’s Meow

Nepeta (Catmint)

‘Cat’s Meow’ has everything today’s gardeners are looking for: a low

maintenance, drought tolerant, deer resistant, long blooming perennial

that looks great all season. Its small, grey-green, aromatic leaves are

topped with well-branched stems carrying spikes of sky blue flowers

with purple calyxes.

Exposure: Full Sun | Blooms: Early Summer to Early Fall

Zone: 3-8 | Height: 17-20” | Space: 24-36”

‘Pardon My Rose’

Monarda PPAF CPBRAF 41

‘Drops of Jupiter’ Origanum



Drops of Jupiter

Origanum (Ornamental Oregano)

When planted in full sun, the leaves of ‘Drops of Jupiter’ are chartreuse

yellow. Later in the summer, mauve pink flowers are held on purple

calyxes. The calyxes hold after the flowers are spent and extend the

attractiveness late into fall. Its leaves are edible, but will not have as

intense of a flavor as its cousins.

Exposure: Full Sun | Blooms: Midsummer to Early Fall

Zone: 4-9 | Height: 24” | Space: 36”

Masquerade’ Penstemon

PP29603 CPBR6262

Midnight Masquerade

Penstemon (Beardtongue)

A native perennial with a myriad of practical landscape uses, ‘Midnight

Masquerade’ comes from prairie roots and is naturally tolerant to heat,

wind, and drought. This plant sends its flowers high in early summer to

be easily seen by pollinators. Though this plant sways with the wind and

provides excellent garden movement, it will not collapse.

Exposure: Full Sun | Blooms: Early Summer

Zone: 3-8 | Height: 36-40” | Space: 28-32”

‘Denim ‘n Lace’ Perovskia atriplicifolia

PP28445 CPBR5568


Denim ‘n Lace

Perovskia (Russian Sage)

Gardeners have long loved Russian Sage for its airy texture and the

ability to blend with pretty much any flower color. However, the cultivars

available tended to be too large to fit in your garden or the stems

wouldn’t be strong enough and they would flop over. Enter ‘Denim ‘n

Lace’! These flower stems will hold up to any weather condition.

Exposure: Full Sun | Blooms: Midsummer to Mid Fall

Zone: 4-9 | Height: 28-32” | Space: 34-38”

Advice’ Perovskia atriplicifolia


Sage Advice

Perovskia (Russian Sage)

Rich lavender purple flowers are produced on strong, upright plants

filled with oval-shaped, notched leaves. This is early to bloom just like

its counterpart ‘Denim ‘n Lace’. Compared to ‘Denim ‘n Lace’, this is a

slightly taller variety with darker purple calyxes and broader leaves,

compared to the dissected leaves of the former.

Exposure: Full Sun | Blooms: Midsummer to Mid Fall

Zone: 4-9 | Height: 32-36” | Space: 28-32”



Best Seller

SPRING BLING ‘Pink Sparkles’


Phlox subulata


BLING ‘Rose Quartz’


Phlox subulata


BLING ‘Ruby Riot’

Phlox subulata PPAF CPBRAF 43

SPRING BLING (Hybrid Creeping Phlox)

These spring groundcovers take Creeping Phlox to the next level of refinement and beauty. Beautifully mounded habits look better later into the spring

season—you’ll want to show off these beauties like your finest jewelry. Compared to the MOUNTAINSIDE Series, these can bloom earlier (depending on

weather), have larger flowers and form more of a mounding habit the first two years in the ground.

Exposure: Full Sun | Blooms: Early to Mid Spring | Zone: (3)4-8 | Height: 4-8” | Space: 24-28”

SPRING BLING ‘Pink Sparkles’ – Soft, baby pink flowers with lighter halos at the centers. The earliest of the series to bloom with the largest

flowers (11/2”)—double the size of most other P. subulata types.

SPRING BLING ‘Rose Quartz’ – Rose pink flowers. A deeper shade than ‘Pink Sparkles’ but lighter than ‘Ruby Riot’.

SPRING BLING ‘Ruby Riot’ – Reddish pink flowers with darker eyes at center.


Best Seller

‘Magenta Sprite’ Phlox PP31239 CPBRAF ‘Purple Sprite’ Phlox PP31272 CPBRAF ‘Rose Sprite’ Phlox


Sprite (Hybrid Spring Phlox)

Gardeners looking for a splash of spring color should look no further than the Sprite series. This interspecific series of Phlox is perfect for edging the front of

the border and as an early season food source for pollinators. Try matching these hybrids with other moderately sized perennials such as ‘Cat’s Pajamas’

Nepeta, DOLCE® Heuchera, or ‘Boogie Woogie’ Sedum.

Exposure: Full Sun to Light Shade | Blooms: Mid to Late Spring | Zone: 4-8 | Height: 6-8” | Space: 18-22”

‘Magenta Sprite’ – Magenta pink flowers.

‘Purple Sprite’ – Bright purple flowers with a tiny white halo in the center.

‘Rose Sprite’ – Rose pink flowers with a tiny white halo in the center.

A Phlox for Every Season

Phlox is a broad family of North American native perennials, with ensuing series that can behave

similarly and quite differently. Types vary between spring and summer blooming, creeping and

clumping, and overall height. Five-petaled star-shaped flowers unite the genus, coming in a

range of colors from white to purple with hues of red and blue.


Series Blooms Habit Type Features

SPRING BLING Hybrid Creeping Phlox

MOUNTAINSIDE Hybrid Spring Phlox

Sprite Hybrid Spring Phlox

Cloudburst Tall Cushion Phlox

Opening Act Hybrid Garden Phlox

LUMINARY Tall Garden Phlox

Early to Mid Spring

Mid Spring

Mid to Late Spring

Early to Late Summer,


Early to Midsummer,


Mid to Late Summer,



Moderate Spreading




Slow Spreading

Upright, Mounding

Upright, Columnar,


Upright, Columnar,


Blooms before traditional Creeping Phlox,

largest flowers for Spring-types

Blooms before traditional Creeping Phlox,

shortest series

Blooms 1-2 weeks after Creeping Phlox,

tolerates light shade

Dome of flowers, billowy, mounded habit

Exceptional mildew resistance, rebloom

extends flower color to early fall

Exceptional mildew resistance, tallest Proven

Winners Phlox series


Best Seller

MOUNTAINSIDE ‘Crater Lake’ Phlox



‘Majestic Magenta’ Phlox


MOUNTAINSIDE (Hybrid Spring Phlox)

These serve as a spring groundcover that blooms around the same time as tulips and other bulbs. Unlike P. subulata (Creeping Phlox) that can easily

overtake your garden, the MOUNTAINSIDE Phlox are more refined spreaders and are more compressed to the ground. These also bloom 1-2 weeks ahead

of P. subulata, depending on spring weather.

Exposure: Full Sun | Blooms: Mid Spring | Zone: 4-8 | Height: 4-6” | Space: 24-28”

MOUNTAINSIDE ‘Crater Lake’ – Cool indigo purple flowers.

MOUNTAINSIDE ‘Majestic Magenta’ – Star-shaped, rich dark pink flowers. Can bloom up to a week earlier than ‘Crater Lake’.



Best Seller

‘Opening Act Pink-a-Dot’ Phlox



Act Romance’ Phlox


‘Opening Act Blush’ Phlox PP27462 CPBR5991 ‘Opening Act Ultrapink’ Phlox PP32093 CPBRAF ‘Opening Act White’ Phlox PP27461 CPBR5992

Opening Act (Hybrid Phlox)

Tall Garden Phlox are a mainstay in the midsummer sun garden, but for those who can’t wait, this hybrid Phlox series starts early. It boasts a longer season

of color in addition to being earlier blooming, with flowers typically appearing from early summer well into midsummer, with rebloom into early fall. The

glossy foliage is mildew and disease resistant and will hold up to heat and humidity.

Exposure: Full Sun to Light Shade | Blooms: Early to Midsummer, Rebloomer | Zone: 4-8 | Height: 18-26” | Space: 24-32”

‘Opening Act Blush’ – Lavender pink flowers.

‘Opening Act Pink-a-Dot’ – Near white flowers with a central pink star pattern.

‘Opening Act Romance’ – Rich lavender pink flowers have a small white halo at the centers.

‘Opening Act Ultrapink’ – Fluorescent rose pink flowers.

‘Opening Act White’ – Pure white flowers.

What Makes Opening Act Hybrid Phlox Unique

P. paniculata (also known as Tall Garden Phlox) have been one of the most popular types of perennials for

traditional and native gardeners. Phlox offer an abundance of benefits in the landscape, whether serving

as a thriller in summer gardens or as a hub for pollinators. This is a perennial that has been much adored

through the years and rightly so. However, the quest for perfectly formed flower clusters at the top of

each stem has limited the potential of the genus.

Opening Act Phlox take the genus in a different direction. As interspecific hybrids, Opening Act varieties

trade perfectly formed panicles for mounding clusters - but this does not mean they lack any flower

power! Compared to typical P. paniculata varieties, they bloom 2-4 weeks earlier and have significatly

improved rebloom, with some flowers appearing even up to frost. Their performance in the landscape

varies as well with stoloniferous habits, meaning that instead of clumping like P. paniculata, Opening Act

varieties will slowly fill whatever space they are planted into. And they have improved mildew resistance!



Best Seller

LUMINARY ‘Backlight’ Phlox paniculata



‘Opalescence’ Phlox paniculata



LUMINARY ‘Sunset Coral’ Phlox paniculata



‘Ultraviolet’ Phlox paniculata


LUMINARY (Tall Garden Phlox)

Tall Garden Phlox are a staple of summer gardens with their big, brightly colored panicles. These plonts have become essentials when planning a pollinator

or native inspired garden. LUMINARY Phlox ensure that whether you’re planting for purpose or for pleasure, you get performance. Selected for mildew

resistance and rebloom, these varieties will give you more flowers and cleaner plants.

Exposure: Full Sun to Light Shade | Blooms: Mid to Late Summer, Rebloomer | Zone: 3-8 | Height: 30-36” | Space: 24-32”

LUMINARY ‘Backlight’ – Pure white flowers are produced in well-defined panicles at the top of a perfect habit.

LUMINARY ‘Opalescence’ – The flagship variety of the LUMINARY Collection and the new gold standard of powdery mildew resistance. Light pink

flowers with dark pink eyes are produced over dark green leaves.

NEW! LUMINARY ‘Sunset Coral’ – Coral pink flowers have an orange tinge; the orange color is especially noticeable when compared with true pink

Tall Garden Phlox varieties.

LUMINARY ‘Ultraviolet’ – Very dark, magenta violet flower panicles.An improvement on the industry standard ‘Nicky’, with darker stems and buds,

bronzed leaves, more floriferous performance, and better resistance to powdery mildew.


‘Cloudburst’ Phlox PP30289 CPBR6263 ‘Heaven Scent’ Polemonium PP20214 47


Tall Cushion Phlox

A truly one-of-a-kind Phlox, ‘Cloudburst’ finds itself somewhere in

the middle of what’s been seen before. It’s tall, billowy habit flowers

nearly to the ground. The initial flush of flowers appear like a dome of

color in early summer, with rebloom through the end of the season. An

excellent perennial for attracting pollinators.

Exposure: Full Sun | Blooms: Early to Late Summer, Rebloomer

Zone: 4-8 | Height: 28” | Space: 42”

Heaven Scent

Polemonium (Jacob’s Ladder)

This variety forms a mound of green, fern-like foliage with deep purple

highlights from spring into summer. The foliage grows about 12” tall

and is topped by clusters of lightly fragrant, blue flowers. Though most

Polemoniums prefer afternoon shade, ‘Heaven Scent’ can handle full

sun in Northern regions with a good supply of moisture.

Exposure: Full Sun to Part Shade | Blooms: Late Spring

Zone: 3-7 | Height: 18-24” | Space: 15-18”


‘Pink-a-Blue’ Pulmonaria



NEW! Pink-a-Blue

Pulmonaria (Lungwort)

Pink flower buds open to medium blue flowers in early spring. Buds and

blooms appear at the same time for an alluring two tone effect. Long

green leaves dappled with silver spots will hold interest for the remainder

of the growing season. The silver spotted foliage is perfect for brightening

up the shade and resistant to both browsing deer and rabbits.

Exposure: Part to Full Shade | Blooms: Late Spring

Zone: 3-9 | Height: 16-18” | Space: 22-24”

On’ Pulmonaria

Spot On


Pulmonaria (Lungwort)

The flowers of ‘Spot On’ open a unique deep salmon pink (nearly

orange) that matures to a rich blue color. This is one of the first

Pulmonaria to have near-orange flower buds. Silver speckling dusts the

green leaves. Use the speckled foliage as an accent for other shade

plants after its bloom season.

Exposure: Part to Full Shade | Blooms: Late Spring

Zone: 3-9 | Height: 14-16” | Space: 18-20”


Best Seller

COLOR SPIRES® ‘Azure Snow’ Salvia


SPIRES® ‘Back to the Fuchsia’ Salvia



COLOR SPIRES® ‘Pink Dawn’ Salvia

PP26343 CPBR5569

COLOR SPIRES® ‘Snow Kiss’ Salvia


COLOR SPIRES® Perennial Salvia

This collection contains a mixture of S. nemorosa and S. pratensis hybrids. Members of the COLOR SPIRES® collection have excellent vigor and basal

branching to form full, well-rounded plants. These robust varieties have substantial landscape presence and are a favorite of pollinators. Perennial Salvia

are generally unbothered by browsing deer and rabbits.

Exposure: Full Sun | Blooms: Late Spring to Early Summer | Zone: 3-8 | Height: 18-22” | Space: 18-24”

COLOR SPIRES® ‘Azure Snow’ – Deep violet-blue and white bicolor flowers.

COLOR SPIRES® ‘Back to the Fuchsia’ – Fuchsia pink flowers on charcoal stems.

COLOR SPIRES® ‘Crystal Blue’ – Sky blue flowers.

COLOR SPIRES® ‘Indiglo Girl’ – Indigo blue flowers in dark calyxes.

COLOR SPIRES® ‘Pink Dawn’ – Cotton candy pink flowers.

COLOR SPIRES® ‘Snow Kiss’ – Snow white flowers have soft pink lips.

COLOR SPIRES® ‘Violet Riot’ – Vivid violet blue flowers.

Profusion Perennial Salvia

This flagship series of Perennial Salvia is in a class of its own! These S. nemorosa hybrids rebloom profusely and multiple times throughout the summer if

the spent flower stems are cut back. The sheer density of flower stems will certainly catch your eye as you walk past! These are easy to grow perennials

that are mostly unbothered by deer and rabbits. This is the perfect perennial series to kick off your summer garden!

Exposure: Full Sun | Blooms: Late Spring to Early Summer, Excellent Rebloom | Zone: 3-8 | Height: 16-20” | Space: 16-20”

‘Perfect Profusion’ – Icy blue flowers.

‘Pink Profusion’ – Dark pink flowers.

‘Violet Profusion’ – Violet blue flowers.

‘White Profusion’ – Pure white flowers.


COLOR SPIRES® ‘Crystal Blue’ Salvia nemorosa

PP26344 CPBR5338

SPIRES® ‘Indiglo Girl’ Salvia



Best Seller


Best Seller

COLOR SPIRES® ‘Violet Riot’ Salvia nemorosa

PP26273 CPBR5337

‘Perfect Profusion’ Salvia nemorosa



‘Violet Profusion’ Salvia nemorosa


‘Pink Profusion’ Salvia nemorosa


‘White Profusion’ Salvia nemorosa PPAF CPBRAF 2 0 2 4



Best Seller

ROCK ‘N GROW® ‘Back in Black’ Sedum


‘N GROW® ‘Coraljade’ Sedum



ROCK ‘N GROW® ‘Lemonjade’ Sedum

PP26448 CPBR5334

ROCK ‘N GROW® ‘Tiramisu’ Sedum



Stonecrop are a mainstay of the fall garden, and ROCK ‘N GROW® Sedums are some of the best on the market. These upright plants are the tallest of the

three collections and typically bloom last.

Exposure: Full Sun | Blooms: Early Fall | Zone: 3-9 | Height: 16-18” | Space: 26-28”

ROCK ‘N GROW® ‘Back in Black’ – Black foliage. Flowers with deep garnet red centers and cream petals will appear.

ROCK ‘N GROW® ‘Coraljade’ – Same rich green foliage as ‘Lemonjade’, but with soft coral pink flowers.

ROCK ‘N GROW® ‘Lemonjade’ – 5-7” panicles of bright citron yellow flowers appear in early fall on the upright variety.

ROCK ‘N GROW® ‘Tiramisu’ – Bronze leaves form a wide, dome-shaped habit. Tiny clusters of blush pink buds open to cream flowers.

Sedum Side by Side



ROCK ‘N ROUND ‘Bright Idea’ Sedum


‘N ROUND ‘Bundle of Joy’ Sedum


ROCK ‘N ROUND ‘Popstar’ Sedum

PP31228 CPBR6264


ROCK ‘N ROUND ‘Pure Joy’ Sedum

PP24194 CPBR5340


Best Seller

ROCK ‘N ROUND ‘Pride and Joy’ Sedum PP32530 CPBRAF

ROCK ‘N ROUND ‘Superstar’ Sedum

PP31547 CPBR6265


This break-away series of the ROCK ‘N GROW® collection takes all of the shorter, mushroom-cap type Sedum hybrids and groups them together.

Exposure: Full Sun | Blooms: Late Summer to Early Fall | Zone: 3-9 | Height: 10-12” | Space: 16-20”

NEW! ROCK ‘N ROUND ‘Bright Idea’ – Red stems hold deep green, serrated leaves and clusters of bright yellow flowers. Blooms early summer.

ROCK ‘N ROUND ‘Bundle of Joy’ – Sport of ‘Pure Joy’ with snow white flowers and the same exemplary performance as the parent.

ROCK ‘N ROUND ‘Popstar’ – An improved S. cauticola with more vigor and a tidier habit than the species.

ROCK ‘N ROUND ‘Pride and Joy’ – Sport of ‘Pure Joy’ with darker pink flowers and the same exemplary performance as the parent.

ROCK ‘N ROUND ‘Pure Joy’ – Bubblegum pink flowers appear in late summer on a low, mounded habit.

ROCK ‘N ROUND ‘Superstar’ – Deep magenta pink flowers and smokey gray foliage. S. cauticola type.



Best Seller

ROCK ‘N LOW ‘Boogie Woogie’ Sedum



‘N LOW ‘Yellow Brick Road’ Sedum



A sub-series from the ROCK ‘N GROW® collection taking the groundcover-type sedum ‘Boogie Woogie’ and ‘Yellow Brick Road’. These varieties are the

shortest of the Proven Winners® Sedum.

Exposure: Full Sun | Blooms: Early to Late Summer | Zone: 3-9 | Height: 6-8” | Space: 16-24”

ROCK ‘N LOW ‘Boogie Woogie’ – Groundcover type with finely textured variegated foliage. Soft yellow flowers in midsummer.

ROCK ‘N LOW ‘Yellow Brick Road’ – Low spreading groundcover with red stems, fine green leaves, and yellow flowers.

Three Foliage Friends


Heuchera species and hybrids vary greatly

in size, color, and sun tolerance. Crosses

typically have well-rounded leaves and

can tolerate some sun, though the lighter

leaf colors prefer filtered or afternoon

shade. Most varieties bloom in early or



‘Cutting Edge’ Tiarella

PP29745 CPBR6258

Cutting Edge

Tiarella (Foamflower)

The perfect plant for spring interest in your shade garden! This woodland

perennial has finely dissected green leaves with dramatic dark burgundy

centers and a nicely rounded habit. In early spring, creamy bottlebrushlike

flowers cover the entire plant. It has a clumping habit and is wellbehaved

in the garden.

Exposure: Full to Part Shade | Blooms: Early to Late Spring

Zone: 4-9 | Height: 8-10” | Space: 16-18”


A spring blooming woodland perennial closely

related to the popular Heuchera. Tiarella

require more moisture than Heuchera to thrive

but will also handle deeper shade. Leaves for

Tiarella are typically serrated and have a dark

red central eye zone. White flowers appear in

spring, ahead of Heuchera.


A cross of Heuchera and Tiarella, these

sterile hybrids take characteristics from

both parents. Behaviors vary based on the

cross, but Heucherella typically bloom in

early summer and have the eye zone of their

Tiarella parent. Leaf and flower colors vary

based on the Heuchera parent.


MAGIC SHOW® ‘Ever After’ Veronica



MAGIC SHOW® ‘Pink Potion’ Veronica

PP29681 CPBR5821


Best Seller

SHOW® ‘White Wands’ Veronica

PP27632 CPBR5822

MAGIC SHOW® ‘Purple Illusion’ Veronica PP31301 CPBRAF MAGIC SHOW® ‘Wizard of Ahhs’ Veronica PP31044 CPBRAF

MAGIC SHOW® Veronica (Spike Speedwell)

Members of this collection were chosen for their prolific, early blooming characteristics. Each flower spike has multiple secondary spikes to enhance

and prolong flowering. Although the genus is commonly afflicted with powdery mildew, MAGIC SHOW® Veronica do not share this problem as each was

selected only after showing resistance.

Exposure: Full Sun to Light Shade | Blooms: Early to Midsummer | Zone: 4-8 | Height: 14-16” | Space: 16-22”

NEW! MAGIC SHOW® ‘Ever After’ – Lavender blue flowers. Ever-blooming flower spikes.

MAGIC SHOW® ‘Pink Potion’ – Pink flowers.

MAGIC SHOW® ‘Purple Illusion’ – Purple flowers.

MAGIC SHOW® ‘Wizard of Ahhs’ – Violet blue flowers. Early bloomer.

MAGIC SHOW® ‘White Wands’ – Pure white flowers. Excellent rebloom.


PRAIRIE WINDS® Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses offer great value for the landscape gardener, providing height, movement, and fall interest. All members of this collection maximize

those values, with sturdy, upright habits and captivating fall displays.


Best Seller


PRAIRIE WINDS® ‘Apache Rose’

Panicum virgatum

PP29142 CPBR5651

PRAIRIE WINDS® ‘Cheyenne Sky’

Panicum virgatum PP23209

PRAIRIE WINDS® ‘Niagara Falls’

Panicum virgatum


PRAIRIE WINDS® Apache Rose Panicum (Switch Grass)

Neither rain nor wind will knock this solid grass down! While other green-leaved Switch Grass typically have cream or tan inflorescences, ‘Apache Rose’

has unique rose-colored flower panicles.

Exposure: Full Sun | Blooms: Late Summer | Zone: 4-9 | Height: 4’ | Space: 21/2’

PRAIRIE WINDS® Cheyenne Sky Panicum (Switch Grass)

This compact red Switch Grass is absolutely ideal for growing in decorative or combination containers. ‘Cheyenne Sky’ forms a tight, vase-shaped clump

of foliage that begins turning wine red in early summer.

Exposure: Full Sun | Blooms: Late Summer | Zone: 4-9 | Height: 3’ | Space: 11/2’

NEW! PRAIRIE WINDS® Niagara Falls Panicum (Switch Grass)

This native ornamental grass appears like a Miscanthus in the landscape with arching foliage, but adds the powder blue color characteristic of Switch

Grass. In fall, sprays of cream seed heads pack the top of the plant.

Exposure: Full Sun | Blooms: Late Summer | Zone: 4-9 | Height: 4’ | Space: 4’


PRAIRIE WINDS® ‘Totem Pole’ Panicum virgatum


PRAIRIE WINDS® ‘Lemon Squeeze’ Pennisetum alopecuroides



PRAIRIE WINDS® Totem Pole Panicum (Switch Grass)

This super vertical plant is significantly taller than it is wide. The columnar habit isn’t just a race for height; gardeners will find it resilient to weather and

remaining upright through the end of winter.

Exposure: Full Sun | Blooms: Late Summer | Zone: 4-9 | Height: 6’ | Space: 21/2’

PRAIRIE WINDS® Desert Plains Pennisetum (Fountain Grass)

An excellent choice for gardeners looking for solid habit, flowering performance, and fall color in their ornamental grasses. ‘Desert Plains’ has showy, 5”

bottlebrush plumes that are large for a Fountain Grass.

Exposure: Full Sun | Blooms: Early Fall | Zone: 5-9 | Height: 3-4’ | Space: 3-4’

PRAIRIE WINDS® Lemon Squeeze Pennisetum (Fountain Grass)

One of the best for vigor that we’ve seen in gold-leafed Pennisetum with absolutely no burning in the sun. Full sun required for brightest gold color. Copper

panicles appear above the foliage in midsummer and provide additional interest to this three seasons grass.

Exposure: Full Sun | Blooms: Midsummer to Early Fall | Zone: 5-9 | Height: 3-31/2’ | Space: 4-41/2’

PRAIRIE WINDS® Blue Paradise Schizachyrium (Little Bluestem)

Silvery-blue leaves transition to a wine-purple color in fall before ending the season a deep red. The habit resists flopping and can be enjoyed sticking up

through the snow all winter long.

Exposure: Full Sun | Blooms: Late Summer to Early Fall | Zone: 3-9 | Height: 3-31/2’ | Space: 2’

PRAIRIE WINDS® ‘Desert Plains’ Pennisetum alopecuroides PP20751

WINDS® ‘Blue Paradise’ Schizachyrium scoparium

PP28145 PBR5650


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