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Canal Winchester

February 20 - March 5, 2022 www.columbusmessenger.com Vol. XLIII, No. 1

Heavenly Treats Bakery

The “Original” Smith

Farm Market Bakery!

100 Winchester Cemetery

(614) 524-1183


Celebrating 15 Years in Business!

Deputies arrest 11 in

shoplifting sting in CW

Clearing ice and snow

Photo courtesy of the city of Canal Winchester

City of Canal Winchester street crews finished clearing and salting all roadways

overnight Feb. 7, which was roughly 24 to 48 hours after the ice and snow storm of

early February officially ended. Crews worked on parking lots, bike paths, sidewalks,

and other miscellaneous areas that needed more attention. Crews used large machinery

to breakup and relocate the snow and ice. City officials said they appreciate residents’

patience and understanding during challenging weather event. For information

on the city’s snow removal policy, visit www.canalwinchesterohio.gov.

Tax preparation for seniors

AARP tax-aide volunteers will offer free

income tax preparation services to seniors.

This year the group will operate out of the

Interurban Station Building, 16 S. High St.,

Canal Winchester, near the parking lots behind

Stradley Park. Safety precautions

have been put in place to prevent the spread

of COVID-19. Appointments are required

and are available on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Call 614-375-2167 to schedule your

appointment. Appointment scheduling is

also available at the Community Center, 22

S. Trine St., Canal Winchester, during regular

business hours.

By Linda Dillman

Staff Writer

A sting operation by Fairfield County to

nab criminals pilfering from a Canal Winchester

big box store ignited a discussion by

Canal Winchester City Council regarding

the city’s response to shoplifters.

Sgt. Kellie Walker of the Fairfield

County Sheriff’s Department said that, on

Jan. 21, the sheriff’s office investigation bureau

conducted an operation targeting retail

theft in Canal Winchester that resulted in

11 arrests at Walmart.

Councilwoman Jill Amos asked Law Director

Thaddeus Boggs if the city has the

ability to make its shoplifting ordinance

more “fierce.”

“From what I understand, right now

there’s no teeth in it and they can go rob the

Walmart and they can go to court and their

fee is so minimal that they keep coming

back,” said Amos. “I want to make it so it’s

not fun for them to ‘shop’ here, that’s it’s

going to affect them.”

Boggs said that petty theft–according to

city code–is a first degree misdemeanor,

which is the highest level of criminal offense

that the city can fine, which is up to $1,000

and a potential sentence of 180 days in jail.

“Often what is done is a period of probation,

fine, and days served in jail,” said

Boggs. “The criminal must also not return

to the store. If they do so, they are in violation

of their probation and could be charged

with criminal trespass. There is teeth for repeat

offenders. It’s a challenge dealing with

these petty thefts.”

Amos asked to see data on repeat offenders

and fines.

Canal Winchester Finance Director

Amanda Jackson said the fine portion in a

mayor’s court case depends on whether or

not the accused has a prior petty theft


“We do have a lot of first time offenders

that come through and the maximum fine

in that situation is typically $250 plus court

costs, which gives them $317 that is owed to

us,” said Jackson. “We spend a lot of time

chasing most of these individuals for payment.

We have started putting more individuals

in jail.”

Amos believes that sheriff deputies are

dispatched to Walmart or Meijer far too


“When we see start seeing people who

steal these large ticket items like $600 or

“Retail theft in general is not

going away. They see all of these

places as an easy target all around

central Ohio. If it’s a repeat offender,

they’re going to jail.”

-Sgt. Kellie Walker

Fairfield County Sheriff’s Dept.

$700 and walk away with a $300 fine, I fail

to see where we’ve taught them a lesson,”

said Amos.

Jackson admitted there are some offenders

who are known by name because they

were previously charged with theft.

While community service could be part of

a plea deal, Mayor Mike Ebert said someone

from the city needs to supervise someone

doing community service.

“We had an incident several years ago

where we had a young lady who wanted to

do community service,” said Ebert. “We had

her weeding the flower beds, but we had to

have someone with her the whole time. So,

watching over her was just not worth it.”

Allegations of the city being an easy

mark for theft were dispelled by Boggs who

said he would be surprised if the city’s reputation

as an easier place to steal is any different

than jurisdictions around Canal


“Retail theft in general is not going

away,” said Walker, who said SWAT officers

were undercover during the recent sting operation.

“They see all of these places as an

easy target all around central Ohio. If it’s a

repeat offender, they’re going to jail.”

Jackson said the 11 offenders picked up

during the Fairfield County sting will be

tried at the next mayor’s court this month.

PAGE 2 - MESSENGER - February 20, 2022

Southeast Library

The Southeast Branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library

is located at 3980 S. Hamilton Road, Groveport. For information

visit www.columbuslibrary.org or call 614-645-2275.

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Eastland-Fairfield has a new

look and a fresh focus

By Linda Dillman

Staff Writer

Changes are coming to Eastland-Fairfield Career

and Technical Schools as Superintendent/CEO Dr.

Kimberly Miller laid out a vision plan for the district

with a fresh look and focus.

“This is a really exciting time,” said Miller during a

Feb. 10 State of the Schools address. “At Eastland

Fairfield we’ve always been future focused, but like

any 53-year-old house, it’s time to do a little remodeling,

2022 is Eastland-Fairfield’s renew edition. We

have a new look, new colors and a new focus.”

According to Miller, on Jan. 12 the district’s board

of education approved a new and ambitious strategic

plan that guides district over the next three to five


The plan calls for an intense focus on fostering a

culture that embraces and celebrates the diversity of

students and the communities from which they come,

including the Hamilton Township, Canal Winchester,

and Groveport Madison districts.

“Serving 16 school districts across a five-county and

700-square-mile region means that we have always

been diverse,” said Miller, “but we realize that learning

to grow and thrive in an environment that values

and celebrates our diversity does not happen on its

own. It takes leadership, patience, listening, and

action to create a culture that embraces each student,

each staff member, each family, each alumnus, and

each business partner.”

The new strategic plan also guides Eastland-

Fairfield to ensure it is offering programs that meet

the workforce needs of the region as well as the interests

of students. She emphasized it is not the goal to

undo anything from the past, just polish things up.

“We will commit to strengthening our relationships

with our students, staff, families, associate school districts,

business partners, and alumni,” said Miller.

“Relationships are the foundation of education and the

most meaningful part of our work. Finally, we are committed

to maximizing our instructional effectiveness

by investing in our teachers and staff to ensure that

they are continually supported in their growth and by

actively seeking and incorporating student voice and

choice into our programming and course offerings.”

A new logo with light blue, dark blue, and green colors

was introduced during the evening presentation,

which was preceded by a tour of the career center and

epicurean treats created by culinary students.

Miller said the vision is to prepare and guide each

student to pursue success through exceptional experiences

based on a set of guiding pillars, including innovation,

program and operational excellence, fostering

relationships and maximizing instructional effectiveness.

A new position was created–director of student

support systems. Dwight Carter, who previously

served as Eastland Career Center assistant director,

assumed the new role on Aug. 1, 2021.

Carter is responsible for oversight of systems for

students in intervention support, special education,

English language learners, gifted education, social/

emotional learning, mental and physical wellbeing,

and supporting the understanding and appreciation of


“I want students to feel like they matter and they’re

important,” said Carter in a video presentation.

A business operations manager was also hired and

a master technology plan was developed. Miller said

Eastland-Fairfield also wants to make sure the career

and technical school district is providing earlier career

and technical support for younger students as well.

“We want to have students think about careers as

they move forward,” said Miller. “We really want to

focus on those relationships.”

In maximizing instructional effectiveness, the

superintendent said Eastland-Fairfield needs to focus

on this area in a big way and connect academic classes

in an approach similar to the way they connect career

and technical programs.

Rather than a traditional English 11 and English

12 curriculum, the district is rolling out a new semester

long curriculum plan featuring English classes that

are topical and more related to student interests.

“When we think about what we’re doing here, it

always comes back to ‘why?’” said Miller, who said

Eastland-Fairfield vision organizers decided to flip its

original motto from ‘Our Focus, Your Future’ to ‘Your

Future, Our Focus.’

County commissioners approve support for free tax preparation

The Franklin County Commissioners voted to

approve $75,000 to support free tax preparation services

for low- and middle-income residents and families.

The contract between Franklin County Department

of Job and Family Services and the United Way of

Central Ohio supports Tax Time, a coalition of nonprofit,

business and government partners that help

residents maximize their returns, avoid preparation

fees and build wealth.

Tax Time combines the United Way’s Volunteer

Income Tax Assistance program as well as AARP’s Tax

Counseling for the Elderly Program under one umbrella.

This tax season, residents will be able to access free tax

preparation services both virtually, as well as in-person

at dozens of sites across Franklin County. Tax Time’s

IRS-certified volunteers can also help families claim

their full Child Tax Credit, Earned Income Tax Credit

and any remaining stimulus dollars they are owed.

Households that earned up to $66,000 last year are

eligible and can learn more by calling 211 or visiting


Feb. 8 also marked the White House’s Child Tax

Credit and Earned Income Tax Credit Day of Action.

The American Rescue Plan ACT (ARPA) increased the

amount and expanded eligibility for both credits in

2021. The Center for Community Solutions estimates

over 270,000 Ohio children were lifted out of poverty or

moved closer to that threshold last year thanks to the

additional money, which families used for expenses

like rent, food and clothing.

The changes to the Child Tax Credit allowed eligible

families to receive half of their credit in the form of

monthly payments that were issued from July through

December. However, families must file their 2021

return to claim their remaining credit — or the entire

credit if they deferred the monthly payments.

Families can receive up to $3,600 per child, based

on their age. However, the expansion of the credits in

the ARPA was only temporary and will require federal

action to make permanent.

Visit ChildTaxCredit.gov to learn more.


February 20, 2022 - MESSENGER - PAGE 3

New exhibit honors the area’s military veterans

By Rick Palsgrove

Managing Editor

Groveport loves its military veterans

and is honoring them with a special exhibit

at Groveport Town Hall.

The exhibit, titled, “We Love Our

Veterans,” will be held through March 25

at Groveport Town Hall, 648 Main St. The

city of Groveport’s exhibit is recognizing

honorably discharged military veterans

from all branches of service who reside in

Franklin County. The exhibit includes

many items from Motts Military Museum,

the Groveport Heritage Museum, the

Central Ohio Military Museum, and items

from individuals and families.

“Bob Traphagan from Central Ohio

Military Museum in Harrisburg, Ohio, was

very gracious and excited in displaying

items for our exhibit, filling two tables and

two cases,” said Kristiauna Trelay, executive

assistant at Groveport Town Hall. “We

also had a few families who provided several

items to display. Everything filled up

quite nicely, just as we envisioned for

Town Hall’s front lobby.”

Trelay said there are many interesting

items on display, including:

•A metal punji spike, which was placed

in the ground and camouflaged with grass

or leaves with the intent to pierce through

one’s foot causing injury and infections

during the Vietnam War.

•An Honor Book about the Marine

Corps that PFC William R. Butsch

received for his outstanding achievement

at the San Diego Marine Corps base during

his training period.

“Paired with this is an article referencing

how Butsch’s sergeant stated he had

only given out four books among the 200

plus Marines he has recruited,” said


•In the Second Sino-Japanese War

prior to World War II, the American

Volunteer Group pilots of Flying Tigers

carried notices known as a “blood chit”

printed in Chinese that informed the locals

who may come across armed services that

foreign pilots were fighting for China and

that they were obliged to help them.

•A flag that was flown over Afghanistan

during Operation Freedom’s Sentinel on

July 6, 2015, that was presented to

American Legion-Lithopolis 677.

Plus many more items of both a personal

and military nature.

“It’s important for us to honor and

remember our veterans, not just on

Veterans Day,” said Trelay. “Everyone has

a story, special memories, or belongings of

a loved one who has served our country,

and the ‘We Love Our Veterans Exhibit’ is

a great way for loved ones to honor a family

member by sharing their story.”

Additionally, Trelay said the city of

Groveport wanted “to spread love and

brighten a veteran’s day during these cold

months with Valentines For Veterans.”

Town Hall staff collected more than 100

Valentines for Veterans cards that were

delivered to the VA Medical Center in


“Also students from Groveport

Elementary and guests at our Feb. 12

Sweetheart Dance wrote letters that will

be included,” said Trelay. “We are excited

to have over 100 cards before delivering

them on Feb. 14. There were so many that

caught my eye, but I really love how creative

some of the cards are with adding

extra decorations inside with their messages.”

For information about the We Love Our

Veterans Exhibit, call 614-836-3333.

Cups can now be recycled

Rumpke Waste and Recycling

announced that they have expanded the

residential recycling program to include

paper, plastic and aluminum cups. The

addition of these materials to the recycling

program is a big accomplishment for area

residents and businesses who have long

advocated for this change. The continued

growth of this program is a testament to

the high importance the region places on

recycling and SWACO will continue to help

Franklin County communities enhance and

improve upon existing recycling programs.

Effective Feb. 1, paper, plastic and aluminum

cups are accepted for recycling in

Franklin County. This includes poly-lined

paper cups such as disposable “to-go” coffee

cups. The paper sleeves frequently added

to these cups are also accepted but their

plastic lids should be thrown away.

Plastic fast-food cups are also accepted.

Empty them, remove straws and place the

plastic lids back on. Please avoid throwing

the lids loosely into the cart.

Aluminum cups such as those used at

many stadiums and some dedicated outdoor

refreshment areas (DORAs) are now

accepted. These items should be empty

when put in with recycling.

With the addition of cups, Franklin

County’s current list of acceptable materials

includes the following items: paper and

cardboard, plastic bottles, tubs and jugs,

glass bottles and jars, metal cans, cartons

and disposable cups.

Items on the ‘do not recycle’ list include

disposable plastic party cups, Styrofoam

cups, K-cups, plastic coffee cup lids,

straws, take out containers and clamshell

containers like those used for strawberries

and blueberries.

If you aren’t able to avoid using these

items, the only current options for disposing

them are to either reuse them (look for

someone in your local Facebook Freebies

group who may use them for a craft, to

organize art supplies or a school project) or

put them in the trash where they’ll be disposed

at the landfill.

Messenger photo by Rick Palsgrove

Some of the items now on display at the “We Love Our Veterans,” to be held through

March 25 at Groveport Town Hall, 648 Main St. For information on the exhibit, call 614-




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“Marry Me” coasts on the

charisma of its main stars

Lately I have been on a bit of a romantic

comedy bender. Part of that insanity is due

to the lack of a more attractive alternative,

but a much larger part is that they have

been something of a balm to the soul as the

world happily lights itself on fire.

My quest for movies that give me the

warm fuzzies led me to discover some not so

great technical films — and by that I mean

it features a combination of bad acting, bad

writing, and bad directing and editing, or all

of the above — but they are infused with a

certain kind of stupid charm that manages

to activate your positive thought receptors,

thus making you more forgiving of its flaws.

A film that features a combination of

technical impediments but is stupidly

charming, nonetheless, is “Marry Me.”

Though not as poorly acted as its counterparts

on the streaming services, it has some

stilted dialogue that is capable of making

you cringe and it has a premise that is so

outlandish it could give even the most ardent

believer of the romantic comedy pause.

And yet, the stars in this film bring forth the

charisma, making this mostly bad film a

not-half-bad viewing experience.

Jennifer Lopez stars as Kat Valdez, an

international pop sensation who longs for

the acceptance of her peers in the industry,

despite her legion of loyal fans. Her latest

hit is a duet called “Marry Me” that she created

with her behind-the-music partner

Bastian (Maluma). This song, she believes,

could be her ticket to industry acclaim — and

the fact that they plan to marry at a concert

in front of an audience of 20 million would

be the icing on the cake. After all, you gotta

get that buzz any way you can get it — or

plan it, in this case.

Moments before they are set to exchange

their vows, Bastian is busted by a national rag

for cheating on Kat with her assistant. Humiliated,

she delivers a rousing speech to her millions

of fans about how love is a lie and decides

she will marry her awesome self instead. Just

kidding, she doesn’t do that. Instead, she locks

eyes with a stranger in the audience holding a

sign that says, “Marry Me,” and brings him up

on stage to do just that.

Said stranger is Charlie Gilbert (Owen Wilson),

a somewhat dull recent divorcee who

teaches math at a middle school. Much to his

12-year-old daughter’s dismay, he is not up to

the times (he uses a flip phone and shuns social

media — a good choice) which is how he ended

up going to this massive wedding/concert.


not a spontaneous



does not want to add to

Kat’s obvious distress

and agrees to marry her

in front of a bewildered

audience. Not wanting

the public to think she

is “crazy,” Kat and

Charlie decide to keep

up the pretenses for a

few months. Gradually,

they get to know

each other and these

two star-crossed non-lovers start to develop

real feelings for each other. Naturally, the

pop star life and all that it entails start to

get in the way of their budding relationship

— as well as that beautiful adulterer who

just wants his “Queen” back.

Because the character focus of the movie

centers around an international pop star,

this film is glorious to look at. The locations

are outstanding, the costumes are exquisite

and it even makes the third concert montage

feel somewhat epic rather than a bore.

But what this movie is missing — so much so

that it makes it a lesser version of the romantic

comedy — is the winsome ensemble.

Despite the magnetic power of Lopez and

Wilson (her appeal is less puzzling than Wilson’s,

but he does have it), they don’t make

a great central couple in this film. They

have chemistry, but it’s a weird kind where

you think they would rather burst into a

friendly argument than play kissy face. To

make up for this lack, there should have

been a great ensemble around them to balance

out some of the weaker and less credulous

points but it just wasn’t there, though

try as Sarah Silverman and John Bradley

might (they play Charlie’s friend and Kat’s

manager, respectively).

With a weak script and a lack of great secondary

characters who could infuse the film

with a much needed boost of humor, “Marry

Me” just kind of meanders around and coasts

on the charisma of its main stars. Though it

largely works because of that fact, and thus

creates those positive thoughts, it still leaves

behind a sensation that it could have been so

much more of a balm to soothe the soul.

Grade: C

Dedra Cordle is a Messenger staff writer

and columnist.

“Hooray for Hollywood”

The Groveport Madison Area Community

Choir show will present, “Hooray for

Hollywood,” on Feb. 26 at 1 p.m. and at 7

p.m. in the Groveport Madison High School

auditorium, 4475 S. Hamilton Road, Groveport.

The show will feature choir members

singing such popular songs as “Hooray for

Hollywood,” “Singing in the Rain,” as well

as selections from “Grease,” “The Wizard of

The Reel Deal



Oz,” “Mamma Mia” and many more. Tickets

are: $10 adult and $5 for children age 12

and under. Visit “Buy Tickets” at gmcommunitychoir.org/buy-tickets.html.

You can

also call Jeannie at 614-507-8022 or send an

email to GMACCTickets@gmail.com.

Visit www.gmcommunitychoir.org or

email gmcommunitychoir@gmail.com. for


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Petition drive opposing warehouses is underway

Deadline for filing

petitions is Feb. 18

By Linda Dillman

Staff Writer

A referendum petition drive is underway

in Canal Winchester, that, if successful,

could put the brakes on a rezoning project

until the November ballot.

Members of the Canal Winchester for

Smart Growth organization spearheaded

the referendum to stop a pair of warehouses

from being developed by Northpoint at

Bixby and Rager roads by placing legislation

passed in January by Canal Winchester

City Council before voters this fall.

“Currently, the city of Canal Winchester

does not have a development or economic

plan to guide decisions on how to further develop

our area,” said Smart Growth representatives

Angie Halstead and Bethany

Ferguson. “The last study was done in 1999,

and the city did not adopt it. Developers are

knocking on our door at lightning speed and

our government is welcoming them in with

open arms. With the recent development,

we have warehouses sporadically placed

around our town, invading people’s homes,

with no infrastructure to support them.”

During a Jan. 18 council meeting, an ordinance

was passed by council to rezone

land owned by members of the Schacht family

from rural to limited manufacturing.

Northpoint wants to construct a pair of

warehouses to compliment two already located

in their Canal Crossing development.

“Our city council went against Planning

and Zoning’s recommendation and overrode

their decision on Jan. 18 to allow this development

to take place,” said the petitioners.

If the Smart Growth group turns in

enough valid signatures by 30 days after the

ordinance was signed by Mayor Mike Ebert

on Jan.19–giving the petitioners a Feb. 18

deadline–and the Franklin County Board

of Election validates the petitions, the rezoning

is put on hold until voters weigh in

on the issue in November.

“Residents do have the right to file a referendum

on zoning ordinances. It is outlined

in the Canal Winchester City

Charter,” said City Development Director

Lucas Haire, who added the process is allowable

under the charter and the Ohio Revised


Members of CW for Smart Growth and

others concerned with what they see as a

proliferation of warehouses have regularly

attended and spoken out at council meetings,

attended planning and zoning meetings,

and corresponded with council and the

“This is democracy in its purest


- Petition drive organizers

mayor. A Facebook page currently has 900

members and Smart Growth signs dot yards

throughout the city.

“The citizens of Canal Winchester and

those on the outskirts of town have come together

as a community to voice our concerns

and oppose the hasty development,” according

to Smart Growth representatives. “We

are not being heard by our local government.

Most residents do not want to see our

hometown inundated with warehouses, essentially

boxing in our town. Residents have

been asking and begging for a pause in development

until we have a plan in place.

There are many reasons we feel so strongly

against not just this ordinance, but warehouse

development in general.”

As a result, the Smart Growth group

began the referendum process, which they

hope–if successful–will provide residents

an opportunity to be heard.

“This is democracy in its purest form,”

said the petition drive organizers. “Residents

deserve to be heard and have a say in

the future of our hometown, our way of life.

Through diligently attending meetings,

speaking out, and independent research we

feel a referendum is our Hail Mary to be

heard by our city. We have five new warehouses

currently built and four more approved

including the Bixby/33 (Schacht

Farm) Northpoint warehouses–which is

what we are trying to stop with the referendum.

Two of the four approved are extending

our industrial park down to Bowen Road

and butting up against residents’ homes.”

The petitioners stated Canal Winchester

is currently 14 percent industrial and, according

to their research, Cincinnati is six

percent while Cleveland is 12 percent.

CW Smart Growth alleges the warehouse

projects at the heart of the petition drive

and beyond would irrevocably change the

landscape and the character of the town.

“Protecting the integrity of the community

is an economic and development strategy

and our current city administration has

forgotten and ignored everything that

makes our city so great - charm, character,

and the people,” alleged the petitioners.

If the petitioners are successful in filing

documents with the city for the referendum–and

due to a pre-annexation agreement

passed by the council on Sept. 7,

2021–the property owner can request that

council detach the property from the city

and reverse a recently approved annexation.

The property would then revert back to

unincorporated territory in Madison Township

and the owners could pursue an agreement

with a different entity, if so desired.

Our Pictorial Past by Rick Palsgrove

Canal Winchester


No more dusty streets

Photo courtesy of the CW Area Historical Society

Pictured here are workers paving High and Waterloo streets in Canal Winchester

with an early 20th century street paving machine. According to the book “Canal

Winchester, Ohio: The Second Ninety Years,” by Lillian Carroll and Frances Steube,

West Waterloo, South High and East Columbus were the first streets paved in Canal

Winchester because they were part of a state route. According to Carroll and

Steube, the first pavement was laid in 1921 on South High Street.


CW Schools end mask mandate

Also, new school start and

stop times announced

By Linda Dillman

Staff Writer

Canal Winchester Schools are dropping the district’s

in-school mask mandate and creating a new school start

and end time schedule to address a continuing shortage

of bus drivers.

During its Feb. 14 meeting, the Canal Winchester

Board of Education unanimously agreed to drop the

mask metric effective immediately and move to masks

recommended, but not required, except during transportation,

where masks are still required.

“The mask metric was put in place in October and I

believe the metric has done its purpose and served us

well,” said Superintendent James Sotlar. “One of the

reasons it was put in place was vaccines were not available

for all students at that time. Since that time, vaccines

are now available for all our students. We’re now

at the point where case rates are dropping dramatically,

even in our school buildings. We don’t require it at athletic

events and in our community it is not required.”

Sotlar said it was time to move on and give the choice

back to parents whether or not their child wears a mask

in school. The district is also moving ahead with the

adoption of a four-tier schedule for school start and stop

times in addressing the busing situation.

In the last 12 months, 11 drivers have resigned.

Three out of eight new drivers hired by the district have

resigned according to Dr. Mike Bruning, operations director.

The new routes will be re-bid by drivers because

there is a significant difference compared to current


“We’re not making the change just to make a

change,” said Sotlar. “We’re doing this because we have

to reduce the amount of routes due to a lack of bus drivers.

I know it’s another change for us. I know it’s hard,

but if we don’t go to a four-tier system, what’s going to

happen is we’ll have buses running late to and from

school. You’re talking a half hour to 45 minutes late or

even longer.”

Bruning said the change allows the district to reduce

the number of routes, while still providing transportation

for all students. He said the trade off is drivers will

be driving a longer distance and putting more miles on


“This is what we’re going to be doing from this point

forward,” said Bruning. “We put this in place. We’ll get

everyone to school.”

The revision places all buildings on different time

schedules and creates new routes for all students starting

March 7. Information will be available on Power-

School accounts any time after Feb. 28.

New school start/stop times

The new school start/stop times are: middle school,

7:15 a.m.–1:45 p.m.; high school. 7:55 a.m.–2:33 p.m.;

Winchester Trail AM PK, 8:50–11:25 a.m.; Winchester

Trail elementary, 8:55 a.m.–3:15 p.m.; Winchester

Trail PM PK, 12:40–3:15 p.m.; Indian Trail AM kindergarten,

9:30 a.m.–12:05 p.m.; Indian Trail elementary,

9:35 a.m.–3:55 p.m.; Indian Trail PM kindergarten,

1:20–3:55 p.m.

February 20, 2022 - MESSENGER - PAGE 7

Madison Township Police statistics

January crime statistics from the Madison Township Police: 7

accidents with injuries, 2 animal complaints, 1 assault, 109 patrol

security checks at Brobst Park, 3 burglary, 17 domestic complaints,

1 drunk,3 fights, 1 fireworks complaints, 5 hit skip accidents, 9 juvenile

complaints, 14 larceny/theft, 5 missing persons, 67 parking

violations, 3 person with gun, 20 property damage accidents, 2 sex

offenses, 6 shots fired in area, 9 suspicious cars,11 suspicious persons,

21 suspicious persons/vehicles, 3 threats or harassment, 134

traffic stops, and 7 vandalism.

Volunteer for Trail Riders

The Groveport Recreation Department looking for a volunteer to

coordinate its Trail Riders bicycling program. Group rides are

scheduled once per week from May thru September. Each ride is

approximately 10 to 16 miles in length round trip, with lunch either

during the ride or after the ride. Rides typically take between two

and three hours and originate from a Groveport park or local Metro

Park. Most of the riding is on a paved bicycle trail. Interested persons

should contact Kyle Lund at 614-836-1000 or klund@groveport.org.

CW City Council meetings

Canal Winchester City Council meetings are held on the first

and third Monday of every month. Meetings begin at 7 p.m. and are

held at Town Hall, 10 N. High St. The meetings are open to the public.

CW school board meetings

The Canal Winchester Board of Education meets on the third

Monday of each month at 7 p.m. in the Canal Winchester Education

Center, 100 Washington St. on the second floor in room 204/206.

The public is welcome to attend.

Moses-Mouser Eye Care

Dr. Joshua Morris is a board-certified Optometrist

who grew up in Bellville, Ohio. He

completed his undergraduate degree at the

University of Akron, where he graduated

magna cum laude with honors.

Dr. Morris attended The Ohio State University

College of Optometry and graduated cum laude with honors to receive

his Doctor of Optometry Degree in May 2019. After completing his

studies, he was awarded the “Primary Vision Care Clinical Excellence

Award”, in 2019.

Dr. Morris is a member of the American Optometric Association, the

Ohio Optometric Association, and The Ohio State Alumni Association.

He is excited to practice full scope optometry, diagnosing and treating

a variety of ocular disorders and diseases in patients of all ages, but has

a special interest in contact lenses and ocular disease.

On a personal note, Dr. Morris and his wife Tess, enjoy spending time

with their family, friends, and their Bernese Mountain dog Maverick,

cheering on The Ohio State Buckeyes, trying new foods, and exploring

Columbus breweries.

Q: Are contact lenses right for me?

A: 9/10 people who wear glasses are good candidates for contact lenses.

Contact lenses can correct for nearsightedness, farsightedness,

astigmatism, and even help you decrease your dependency on readers.

They can provide a wider field of view and the lenses won’t fog up in cold

weather like glasses. Contact lenses are also a great option for when you’re

exercising or playing sports where glasses could get in the way.

Q: How often should someone who

wears contact lenses get an eye exam?

A: Someone who wears contact lenses should have a comprehensive

dilated eye exam at least once a year. Contact lenses are medical devices

and need to be properly fitted and assessed by an eye care professional.

Schedule your contact lens exam today

with Dr. Morris.

6441 Winchester Blvd. E., Canal Winchester, OH 43110 614-963-3827

PAGE 8 - MESSENGER - February 20, 2022


Bulletin Board

Have a Special Event, Business Card, Wedding Announcement, News Flash, Baseball Sign-ups

Advertise on this page for as low as $20 00


Barber Museum

The National Barber Museum in Canal Winchester

is located at 135 Franklin St. (behind the former CW

High School building). The museum, housed in approximately

5,000 square feet, showcases art, artifacts,

and memorabilia from decades of the barbering profession.

For information call(614) 837-8400.

Winter Hike

The Lockbourne Winter Hike will be held Feb. 19 at

11 a.m. at Locke Meadow Park, 154 Commerce St.,


Valentines for Veterans

Spread the love and brighten a veteran’s day with

a Valentine’s Day card. Visit Groveport Town Hall, 648

Main St., Groveport, before Feb. 14 to drop off or design

a Valentine’s Day card to mail to the Chillicothe

VA Medical Center. For information call 614-836-3333.

American Legion Post 799

American Legion Post 799 holds its monthly meetings

on the second Thursday of each month at 7 p.m.

at the Prairie Township Fire Station, 123 Inah Ave. Anyone

interested in joining the legion should attend. For

information, contact Commander Vernon Hall at 878-


Baseball Sign-Ups

Georgian Heights Hawks is having Baseball Sign-ups

for ages 8-14 at the Elementary school on Monday,

March 7th, 2021 from 4pm-6pm. Please bring birth

certificate. For more info.call Rex 312-777-0000.

Wedding Announcement

Henry & Oaks

GROVE CITY - Joe Henry & Susan Oaks are announcing

their approaching wedding. Parents of the couples are

Jack & Sue Henry of Grove City, Bob & Melissa Oaks of

Upper Arlington. Vows are set for 3:30 Saturday, July

31, 2021 at St. Andrews Church.

TO ADVERTISE CONTACT DOUG AT 614-272-5422 • doughenry@columbusmessenger.com


pets of the week

February 20, 2022 - MESSENGER - PAGE 9

Chickie, 4, and her brother, Dovie,

are looking for a loving, stable

home. They would prefer to be in a

quiet home where they can be the

center of attention. They must stay

together. Chickie is a big black and

white puff ball who loves attention

and guards the house from intruders.

She is good with children and

dogs. Adopt her from Friends for Life Animal Haven.

FYI: fflah.org

Dovie, 4, is a talker and loves to

sleep and cuddle with a human. He

is mostly white with black patches

on the back of his neck and tail. He

is playful and likes to jump up on

shoulders. Dovie does well with

small dogs, but bullies larger dogs.

He does not do well with other cats.

He prefers the company of his

bonded sister, Chickie. Dovie is available for adoption

through Friends for Life Animal Haven.

FYI: fflah.org

Mr. Mater loves food, treats, and

toys. He minds his manners, is

housebroken, and is a pretty laidback

guy most of the time. Mater

enjoys car rides and could spend the

entire day snuggling. He is calm and

respectful. This cuddly boy is

beyond ready to find his forever

home. Adopt him from the Franklin

County Dog Shelter.

FYI: franklincountydogs.com

Andrew has been waiting a long

time to find The One. Andrew promises

to provide free kisses for a lifetime.

He is a quiet, well behaved guy

who is gentle in nature and loves

nothing more than his toys. He is a

70 pound lap dog who would prefer

to be an only pet. Adopt Andrew

from the county shelter.

FYI: franklincountydogs.com

Anita Darling is a sweet, smart girl

who knows her name. She is a bit of

a talker and definitely a bed buddy.

Raised with other cats and kids,

Anita Darling has just arrived at the

adoption center after spending time

in a foster home. She is eager to

find a forever family. Adopt her from

Colony Cats.

FYI: colonycats.org


pets of the week

These furry friends are available

for adoption at local rescues and



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Deadlines: Groveport and West editions, Wednesdays at 5 p.m., • South/Canal Winchester, Grove City, Madison editions, Tuesdays at 5 p.m.

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Garage/Basement Floors

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Stamped/colored concrete

Sealing of new &

existing concrete.


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Two named to P&Z commission; plus development news

PAGE 12 - MESSENGER - February 20, 2022

By Linda Dillman

Staff Writer

A pair of empty seats on the Planning

and Zoning Commission are now filled after

new recommendations from Mayor Mike

Ebert were approved by Canal Winchester

City Council.

Rick Deeds and Deborah McDonnell

were named to the commission to serve a

four-year term ending on Dec. 31, 2025.

“Rick has been a resident since 1987,”

said Ebert. “He’s been a member of council

for 15 to 16 years. He and his wife have been

active in various organizations from PTO to

Labor Day. A good person. That’s why the


The vote to approve the Deeds nomination

was 6-1 with Councilwoman Jill Amos

abstaining. The vote to approve McDonnell

was unanimous.

“Deborah has lived here about two

years,” said Ebert. “She’s been active in

communities where she’s lived from being a

Canal Winchester

Library Branch

The Canal Winchester Branch of the

Columbus Metropolitan Library, 115

Franklin St., is located in the rear portion

of the former school at 100 Washington St.

For information visit www.columbuslibrary.org

or call 614-645-2275.

development director for 10 years in a village

in New York state and a city manager

in both Ohio and New York for the past 15

years. She said she wanted to get involved

with the city and this is an opportunity for

her to do that.”

Before voting on the mayor’s recommendations,

Amos asked Ebert if any other candidates

were called. Ebert said he did not

after reaching out to both of them first and

both indicating interest.

“We’re watching.”

Resident Angie Halstead called council

out for the proliferation of warehouse development

in the city, especially during a pandemic

when she alleges it was difficult for

citizens to respond.

“You created this mess that is happening

right now,” said Halstead. “We’re upset.

We’ve talked and we’ve told you how we feel.

This just keeps going. Nobody is slowing

down. I don’t understand what we have to

do. This is our town. We hired you to do

Barber Museum

The National Barber Museum in Canal

Winchester is located at 135 Franklin St.

(behind the former CW High School building).

The museum, housed in approximately

5,000 square feet, showcases art, artifacts,

and memorabilia from decades of the barbering

profession. For information call(614)


what’s best for your citizens. It just does not

feel like it at all; that you’re listening. We’re

watching. We research what’s going on and

we’re going to keep coming up. We’re going

to keep speaking and we’re going to keep

fighting to save our town.”

Development news

Council approved ordinances by a slim

margin for a pre-annexation and development

agreements for property along Basil-

Western Road where the developer proposed

a pair of warehouses.

Council members Amos, Laurie Amick

and Ashley Ward voted against the ordinances

while Council President Chuck Milliken,

Vice President Bob Clark, Patrick

Shea and Mike Walker voted for the agreements.

The vote could be a moot point if project

developers shift their focus to Violet Township.

“I spoke with the development representative,”

said Canal Winchester Development

CW Council work sessions

Canal Winchester City Council meets in

work session at 6 p.m. prior to each city

council meeting to discuss legislative items

and other issues of the city prior to being included

on a city council agenda. Council

work session consists of all members of

council with the vice-president serving as


The work sessions are divided into two

areas of focus. The first work session of the

month focuses on finance/economic development

items and the second monthly work

session focuses on service/safety items.

While each work session includes specific

areas of focus, other items may be brought

before council as needed. Council work sessions

are open to the public.

Wagnalls Memorial Library

Wagnalls Memorial Library is located at

150 E. Columbus St., Lithopolis. For information

call (614) 837-4765 or visit


Southeast Library

The Southeast Branch of the Columbus

Metropolitan Library is located at 3980 S.

Hamilton Road, Groveport. For information

visit www.columbuslibrary.org or call 614-


School Help Centers

The Columbus Metropolitan Library’s

School Help Centers offer K-12 students

after-school help, plus 24/7 access to free

tools and resources. Students can get connected

with virtual tutors for one-on-one

help Monday through Friday from 2-11 p.m.

using HelpNow. Masks are required to visit

School Help Centers. Hours vary by library


Visit columbuslibrary.org/school-help for


Director Lucas Haire. “They have met with

Fairfield County and Violet Township and

they’re already looking at heading in that

direction. They didn’t feel they were warmly

received at the last meeting (with the city).

They didn’t think it would be worth their

time to be with us tonight.”

Amos said she thinks they might not

have felt well received because council wondered

about their lack of a presentation.

Ward noted residents also spoke out

against warehouses and she felt considering

their opinion was an important factor in

making decisions on future developments.

However, citing a recently approved development

agreement as an analogy, Clark

challenged the opposition.

“I don’t see how you can vote against the

Bixby Road project when you know they’re

going to get built and we’re just screwing

the citizens, schools, and taxpayers of this

community out of that revenue,” said Clark.

Special Olympics

The mission of Special Olympics Ohio

and its Groveport and Canal Winchester

Special Olympics chapter is to provide year

round sports training and competition in a

variety of Olympic type sports for intellectually

disabled individuals. For information

contact Penny and Cassandra Hilty at

groveportspecialolympics@gmail.com or at

(614) 395-8992 or 395-6640. Donations may

be sent to Groveport Special Olympics, P.O.

Box 296, Groveport, OH 43125.

Bugs and Birds Up Close

The Bugs & Birds Up Close Photography

Exhibition is at the Grange Insurance

Audubon Center 505 W. Whittier St.,

Columbus, through March 13.

The exhibit features the work of photographers

Richard Schnuerer and David


Schnuerer’s work includes 20-plus pieces

showcasing Ohio raptors, including hawks,

owls, eagles and osprey. Learn how the

eagle has made a significant comeback in

Ohio from only four nesting pairs in 1979 to

700-plus nests in 2020. A special feature of

the snowy owl “Hedwig,” who visited the

Delaware area last winter and became quite

the celebrity, is also included. In addition to

the raptors, an exhibit of ruby-throated

hummingbirds will also be included to tell

the story of these tiny birds and their journey

to Ohio and the Grange Insurance

Audubon Center.

On the creepy side of things, the exhibition

will include 20-plus photographs by

Greenberg, who presents mostly insects but

also includes spiders, millipedes, and other

multi-legged, chitin-encased creatures,

some flying, some eating (or being eaten), or

just staring at you suspiciously from their

faceted, buggy eyes.

These creatures live on land, on water,

and in the air and they are extraordinarily

important to human beings.

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