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Solana ecosystem zine.

Solana ecosystem zine.


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Degods uncovered

Degods uncovered

deep dive into degods by

einstein collective


Major #alpha in latest



the project is active and

driving forward


how i make nfts


0.025 ◎

supply chain family

bullish on chain family












So much to write. So little



r0b0sapiens gives us the

lowdown on the long-standing

project. #alpha

Probably Nothing

JoeMccann with his finger on

the pulse


Know more by reading less

Barndog & Metaverse

Major #alpha in their latest

Youtube vids covering Solana.




SuperJim takes you through

his process of creating unique


Supply Chain Family

Daramola explains the project,

the vision, the passion behind

SCF. #alpha

Marco Polo


5 quality mints- bound to be

some #alpha in here!

The Reality of Rugs


easymoneyding launchpads,

project owners & influencers

Solana Competitor


Can something be faster that

Solana’s 65k TPS? #alpha

DeGODS Uncovered


Einstein collective deep dive

analysis #alpha





Heading into week 21 of #Shill zine and the content just keeps getting

better. Two new sources came across my path this week and I am

pretty impressed with their offerings. Marco Polo which completed

mint earlier this week, offers insights into their picks through deep

analysis of projects and what potential they have. Einstein collective

is an education platform with an upcoming 800 mint.

Within these pages, if you spend a bit of time reading, you WILL find

#alpha. Beleive me #anon, it is there. Everything from WHY DeGODS

have reversed in price to WHY some photography is more than a

collectible NFT. From up and coming Solana games to concept

NFT projects offering the artist’s music through art. It’s there. The

question is, what are you going to do with the information?

Has #Shill included NFT’s? Does a cat lick its own arse? Of course

there are NFT’s. In fact, there are NFT’s by new artists you probably

weren’t even aware of. So early that their pieces are going for around

1Sol. Now. Give it a couple of weeks and you will be sitting there

asking yourself how you missed the boat by not buying in earlier.

This is the 2nd time NoJawJimmy has featured in #Shill. I can’t find

a piece for under 12Sol now.

I’m going to through one out there and say that aydinnevzat1at 1Sol

is an investment made wisely. A prolific artist, active on $Eth as well

as $Sol, Artstation and Instagram.

Yes we are early. The NFT scene on Solana is not even 12 months

young yet. Let that sink in. Opensea is over 4yrs. The Solana NFT

space is not even 1yr yet!

I could ramble on but I am sure you get the picture.

Enough said. You know the drill. Let’s f go!



SHILL Issue #41


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SHILL Issue #41 5

100, 000, 000 $BACK

backed with BACK NFTs

Like all good things and amazing in Solana communities it all

started with a mint. The mint is the inception of the community

and project and fittingly the mint of the Back2Back project left

766 monke backs in the backDAO treasury. During the mint the

glorious republic of Backistan held its first vote and right then

and there the inception of our democracy occurred.

The vote was proposed on the 16th of December and, on the

18th of December 2021 it was decided with a large majority of

votes and sufficient quorum that the remaining backs should

be sent to the backDAO treasury.

Backistan flag flying high these days. Treasury is filled with $BACK, staking is being prepared.

The vote ended after 48 hours so that a majority of the 317

verified holders at the time could cast their vote. The quorum

for this kind of the vote needed to be over 70% and so the

resolution passed and the new Backistan government sent the

backs to the treasury where they would be locked forever. Or

so we thought back then.

With the new year and the coagulation of our beautiful

community around common values and a love for memes, the

government started working on the Backistan dream, the vision

of the citizens of Backistan. We want to be the first republic on

the MOON and that’s what we plan to achieve with the current


SHILL Issue #41

direction of the roadmap. We want to build the Backistan into a

strong republic with a strong financial system.

To get to the moon, we needed a currency that is instilled with

all the values of the Backistan state and that would be able

to power our economy. Such a currency did not exist, so we

had to do what we do best and that is to innovate and build.

We then quickly assembled a team of experts and builders

and we’ve partnered with the most experienced developers

on Solana to deliver the best possible token for the citizens of

Backistan. The experts from all fields: economists, historians,

sociologists, tokenomists were assembled into the BACKISTAN

Economic Ministry Assembly on the MOON and all aspects of

the economic models were analysed.

We have reached very important conclusions during the

BACKISTAN Economic Ministry Assembly, and we have decided

to publish our findings, roadmap and plans on Medium, here in

the form of a few articles. This one is the first in that series,

discussing why our token needs to be backed and also why

it has been democratically named $BACK : https://backistan.

SHILL Issue #41 7


In short, for any democracy to flourish and its citizens to prosper

we need a medium of exchange that will make the first MOON

economy thrive. But note the date of that article: January 14th.

Skipping forward a few weeks and we have citizen Anatoly

Yakovenko declaring in an interview with Justin Kan and Raj

Gokal that the internet of money will be backed by NFTs.

You can find the full interview at this link and we’ve selected the

This was a serious discussion where the three major figures of crypto and Solana were discussing

the future of the blockchain development and the Riptide Hackathon.

part where Anatoly says, to quote the most prominent citizen

of Backistan:

“My dream was that the internet of money is going to be backed

by NFTs. It’s not bitcoin, it’s not SOL, it’s not ETH, it’s a pool or

basket of culture from which we mint a synthetic dollar and

that’s the dollar that everyone uses.”

We did not know about that dream when we started developing

$BACK but we started publishing this idea on our medium back

in January. It doesn’t matter who thought of it first, because

as they say great minds think alike but we’re proud that the


SHILL Issue #41

creator of Solana has the same way of thinking as his fellow

Backistan citizens.

After all, this is a world where everything is a meme and people

express themselves through memes. It’s our common language,

our common culture and it will become our common heritage.

This is the world of memes and Backistan is the first state built

on memes. Because Backistan is a strong democracy built on

voting from the ground up, we needed to choose whether we

want to build our monetary system on NFTs and memes or not.

The Backistan citizens voted with overwhelming majority

the implementation of $BACK should be done in line with

the strategy presented in our three medium articles which

described the importance of having a backed currency and the

beauty of the idea of:

The Backistan $BACK will be

backed by backs.

This brings to our currency a provenance that ties the democratic

creation of our republic with the values that we want to instil

in $BACK, all chosen by the citizens of our state. You couldn’t

engineer a better sequence of events for the creation of the

next generation token.

The backs in the backDAO treasury were put in a basket inside the fraktion.art

protocol and so our currency, the $BACK token was born

SHILL Issue #41 9

After the democratic vote we worked with the devs who built

FRAKT and Fraktion.art because this one was one of the biggest

baskets anyone has ever built. It’s currently the biggest one in

their protocol and one of the biggest NFT baskets in the world

with over 700 different NFTs locked inside. It took a bit of work

but today we can announce that all backs in the treasury are

safely inside the basket and you can view the vault right here

on the fraktion.art vaults page: https://www.fraktion.art/vault/


We want to thank Tim and the team of devs behind FRAKT as

this would not have been possible without their talent.


SHILL Issue #41


SHILL Issue #41 11



@joemccann 46.9K Followers

Historically, when

California puts

something into law, the

rest of the country

tends to follow...



SHILL Issue #41



SHILL Issue #41 13


The Astronaut @thexastronaut


SHILL Issue #41




Gaming Updates



Solana Alpha #25 (Grape) | LIQ NFT & Epsilon DAO

Highlight | Builder Ecosystem | Prizes in Solana!



SHILL Issue #41



SHILL Issue #41 17










Therefore, we are a muted image of renewal to some who've moved on.

Here is what they see. Pennyroyal to mint. Perhaps even the dead see

death in the seasons? But understand implicitly all that lies beyond?


SHILL Issue #41

I shoot multiple exposure film photos with my camera and lenses which were

built in the early 1970s. lenses: 21mm 50mm 250mm. that damn 250mm

weighs over 3lbs and I worry it will bend my camera lens mount.

I shoot a full roll. rewind it. line up the frame the best I can & shoot a second

exposure all the way through on top of the first. randomness and chaos are my

partners. I wet an old piece of film and stick it in the canister to get the leader

out for the second exposure.

SHILL Issue #41 29

next I log the shots in my little pretentious moleskin notebook!

soak the film canisters

in vinegar, alcohol, hot

sauce, curry powder,

furniture polish, glass

cleaner, essential oils,

and of course boiling

water ... for at least


remove the film and

dry in rice for a few

weeks. maybe later put

in a bowl with silicone

gel packets. store in

a humidity-controlled

locker. I mean they never get dry, but I must try . . . after weeks of

drying, well, develop the film. I don’t currently have a darkroom, so

I reach into a dark bag, pry open the canisters, and load the sticky

film onto reels and into a small light-proof tank.


SHILL Issue #41

the film canisters reflect the organic and somewhat violent process

they have succumbed to . . .

Develop the film. Temperatures must be right. Typically, three

phases. Developer. Blix. Stabilizer. (I used amber bottles from a

coffee cold brew. The week I drank all that cold brew was INSANE.

Stuff is empowering :) Then hang the film to dry and scan several

hours later.

SHILL Issue #41 31

the reason I do all of this is I am trying to add a dynamic 3rd

or 4th dimension to what I am expressing; & attempting to

understand about our existence - when photography is obviously a

2-dimensional form.


SHILL Issue #41


The Supply Chain Family



For anyone wondering | My name is Daramola -

Singer, Songwriter, Music Producer, Artist etc.

All the above...

I created this project as an alternative way

to drop my album via the NFT ecosystem.

I have found that music on chain isn't

as valued as Jpegs and other visual

components. As an artists with music

as my primary discipline, this is something

I hope will eventually change, but

until then, I figured why not do something


In 2019 I bought Kanye's MBDTF album

on Vinyl at an Amoeba store in Seattle,

upon getting back home (miami) and

opening it - I found it had 2 things that

I truly appreciated in life. Music (Vinyl

Record) and Art (George condo paintings)

FF to last year I found out about this

space and how the technology could

potentially change and disrupt several

industries as we know it. Mine being the

music industry and the way music is consumed.

for my 4th album I have worked on concepts as I

have always done in previous offerings, however with this, I decided

to create a pfp project based on the main characters in my album.

In addition, the offering also includes;

a - A Digital booklet with 12 1/1 art pieces per 12 tracks on my


SHILL Issue #41


b. Metaverse Concert

c. Metaverse listening session for initial holders

d. rewarding earlier collectors with a piece of my earnings on my album

(NFA.... expectations have been thoroughly set forth)

e. further value proposals for the pfp characters on the album.

f. VINYL Record of my Album to everyone who mints the next phase

characters. etc

g. Prominent artist airdrops

-- My project isn't a quick flip but I aim to create something only patient people

can benefit from.

My project has currently done 2100 + SOL in total sales volume. This is very

much unprecedented for me. But I believe it speaks to people in the ecosystem

wanting more and seeking to hold value driven projects

This is my roadmap

I am literally giving myself to making sure this is a success. I am

grateful to everyone who hopped on from the start and somewhere

in the middle.

May The Chain Live Forever






XIN Dragons



Greetings, Travellers.

Welcome to our new weekly journal entries, “5 MINTS” we are looking at in the

upcoming week. Let’s start with the obvious, there are usually not 5 quality

mints per week — and none of this is financial advice. We are not telling you

to go mint, and any relationship we have with these projects will be disclosed.

Having said that, below are the ones that I, Marco Polo, find interesting in the

upcoming week. All of their discords are attached, so if you have any questions

feel free to hop in and ask about the projects yourselves!

The Skinny: When it comes to projects with fun tokenomics, Cyber Villianz

takes the… broccoli? They plan to build breeding, a DAO, merch, and duels, all

with their $BROCCOLI token. The tokens will be distributed to holders at a rate

of 75%. Now, that’s a lot of broccoli. The next interesting utility beyond breeding

(we all know how that works) is dueling. Like a classic cowboy duel, the

winner takes all in a 50/50 battle, where part of the fees for duels will go into

their community wallet.

Why we’re paying attention: Cyber Villianz is all about community. Just take a

look at their Twitter account. That sense of community is borne out in a variety

of ways, from founders who care about ensuring their community members

are getting the best experience possible, to fun new utilities for tokens, like

dueling. Let’s also mention the actual artwork of the NFTs, pixellated mutant

monsters that look like a 1980s video game Godzilla. Lots to like here.

Mint Date: Tue, February 22nd — 9pm UTC

Mint Supply: 1,000

Price: 1 SOL

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CyberVillainz

The Skinny: From the banned Instagram account, Una paloma muriendo,

comes a new NFT collection called, you guessed it, Una paloma muriendo.

Once upon a time, a group of frens told a story about how a flock of pigeons

met their demise. The graphic nature of the animations proved to be too much

for mainstream social media, so they reformed on the blockchain where no


SHILL Issue #41

one could ban them. This will be the first show fully released as an NFT collection

on Solana, with each NFT corresponding to a unique episode of the show.

Why we’re paying attention: First of all, let’s discuss the comic itself. Featuring

exploding pigeons, we love the gallows humor at play here. We also love that

these short episodes are being sold as NFTs. With the likes of Reese Witherspoon

planning adaptations of NFT collections for TV and Snoop Dogg planning

to make Death Row Records the first NFT music label, cultural industries

seem to be in on non-fungible token tech. 10 SOL is pretty steep to mint, but

keep in mind you are getting an incredibly rare animated video here.

Mint Date: Mon, February 21st — 7pm UTC

Mint Supply: Public mint of 21 NFTs, with further public releases following

Price: 10 SOL

Twitter: https://twitter.com/palomamuriendo

The Skinny: The Einstein Collective is planning to educate the masses, provide

deep analysis for experts, and foster knowledge sharing for the entire Solana

community. Part of the mint (15%) will fund their Creator Fund and they have

designed a Create to Earn system that will help foster knowledge and value

creation, while The Creator Fund will be used to reward the members of their

community who create information and value that helps educate and grow the

Solana ecosystem.

SHILL Issue #41 45

Why we’re paying attention: Einstein wearing a chain and a baseball

cap and smoking a bent-up cigarette. Sounds like a Velvet Underground

song. As technology around NFTs grows and becomes

popular in the mainstream, it’s important to educate newbies and

have an outlet for old hands to learn at the same time. The Einstein

Collective understands this and their design for creating this platform

is beautifully thought out.

Mint Date: Wed, February 23rd — 2pm EST

Mint Supply: 800

Price: 1 SOL

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheEinsteinCol

The Skinny: With his first collection, The Greek Gods, Adonis Knight

creates an homage to his family and to classical Greek history.

While the Solana space may have a hell of a lot of jpeg monkes,

this collection shines a spotlight on something new, 3D 10-second

animated art. This will be Knight’s first release of several covering

all the Greek Gods that he thinks will make moves in SOL.

Why we’re paying attention: My old friend Kublai Khan has a major

hard-on for Greece. Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but he did

love a good yarn about a Grecian god or two. One of his faves was

Adonis, which is ironic since he placed zero importance on his

appearance. We wonder what he would think of 16-year-old Adonis

Knight, who may well be the Justin Beiber of NFTs? Knight sets this

first collection up using five different gods, with the god of gods

himself, Zeus, being the rarest of the lot. The 3D animations, and

story-telling at play make this a super interesting collection.

Mint Date: Wed, February 23rd — 11pm UTC

Mint Supply: 800

Price: 1.5 SOL

Twitter: https://twitter.com/adonisknightart


SHILL Issue #41

The Skinny: Skyscrapers are just the beginning for this NFT project, and what

a way to start. They are looking to build out a small ecosystem of apartments

while establishing a metaverse, a token, 2D/3D models, and more. With a live

demo, you can chat with the creators and see all of their hard work in motion.

They plan to build a game for all apartment renters and post-mint all holders

will get exact 2D and 3D copies of their apartments

Why we’re paying attention: With a logo that wouldn’t feel out of place on the

door of a realtor’s office, the designs at play here are awesome. This initial

NFT mint is part of a grand plan from the creators to build an interactive

ecosystem, where users will be able to design their own apartments using the

projects native token, play games, and interact with neighbors in other apartments.

Mint Date: Tue, February 22nd — 8.22 UTC

Mint Supply: 4,000

Price: 1 SOL

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Skyscraper_NFT

That’s all for today folks, if you have any projects who are minting soon, please

let us know on Twitter.

We’ll also start hosting “Post-Mint” AMA’s on our Twitter Spaces soon for that

post-Superbowl interview type of vibe to capture the rawness of a successful

mint, and have projects answer any questions they can! So if you know any of

the projects above, please connect us so we can host them for our show!

SHILL Issue #41 47

the reality of rugs



They've been occurring more often, and as a community we're always looking

to point the finger in the crosshairs are: launchpads project owner’s influencers

launchpads are perceived to be the first line of defence when they've launched

said rugged projects, however what is an ID/KYC going to really do, fake IDs

still exist, how the hell you going to confirm someone's KYC - all it is, is an extra

hoop to jump through, an extra box to tick..

outside of engaging an escrow service, or holding royalties, there's not much

more launchpads can do to hold these projects accountable

project owners are the ones we should really be trying to hold accountable,

here's where you as a discord member can do your due diligence, this means

nit-picking their comms, how often are their announcements coming, has this

'meta' been overdone, have they sparked any suspicion

but at the same time, project owners can hide behind a veil of anonymity as is

their right, it comes down to you, what is your level of risk tolerance, have you

clearly defined the boxes that you must have ticked? and those that simple

cannot be unticked?

influencers, how many times have you seen on the timeline 'oh you shilled this

project/you're pumping your bags' and this has resulted in MY losses. tbf if

you're banking your buys and sells off what influencers are doing, then your risk

tolerance is high imo.

it tells me, you're lazy, you haven't put the time and effort in to learn and

understand the game and not just how it works, but you don't really care about

your money/investment enough to do your own research

what I’m trying to say is, maybe it's time to stop pointing the finger at everything

else, to some extent, rugs and scams are a part of all financial markets, just

look at equities markets, it's time to look within, ask yourself what can do to

protect yourself

put yourself in the crosshairs and level up


SHILL Issue #41




by Analytics Insight February 19, 2022

Solana has been reigning supreme as the fastest blockchain for the longest

time. The currently 65,000 TPS was the fastest blockchain speed in the market

before the new Bitgert blockchain abruptly overtook it with its 100k TPS. Now,

the BRISE BRC20 blockchain tops among the toughest competitors of Solana.

But the speed is not the only reason why BRISE BRC20 blockchain is beating

Solana and the rest of the cryptocurrencies in the market.


The Bitgert roadmap has been among the most impressive in today’s crypto

industry, and among the products the team was developing was its own

blockchain. That’s what the Bitgert team has done, and the BRISE BRC20

blockchain has gone LIVE already. The blockchain comes with very exciting

features. The zero-gas fee is one of the features that make Bitgert stand out

from even the largest cryptocurrencies. The cost of gas on the BRISE BRC20

blockchain is $0.0000000000001, which is zero no matter how you look at it.

In addition to the zero gas fee, the Bitgert chain is also currently the fastest

at 100k TPS. These are the reasons Bitgert price is skyrocketing as more

investors are now buying the Bitgert coin.


Though Bitgert is currently giving Centcex tough competition, it might not last

long. This is because the Centcex team is planning to build a vast collection of

products. In fact, the Centcex lab is funded to develop an unlimited number of

products for the network. Therefore, it will become one of the crypto projects

with the largest utilities in the crypto market. With the 100% APY staking

rewards and hints of its own blockchain, Centcex will be one of the biggest

Bitgert competitors in the future.


The Solana team now has a new project to beat in terms of speed and the

gas fee. The Solana chain had been the fastest at 65k TPS, but it is now the

second-fastest blockchain after Bitgert. With a 100k TPS and the zero gas fee,

Bitgert has outperformed Solana and could also be coming up fast in terms

of products on the chain. However, with the rate at which the Bitgert team is

developing, it will be the biggest competitor for Solana.


SHILL Issue #41


The Cardano project has been incredible, although projects like Solana have

been giving it tough competition in terms of speed. But the Cardano team has

another crypto project to beat with the fast-rising of Bitgert. The Bitgert BRISE

BRC20 blockchain is a big threat, and it’s fast dominating the crypto industry

with its 100k TPS and the zero gas fee. These are two major features the crypto

community, including the Cardano community, is looking for. Therefore, the

Cardano team will need to make the chain faster and cheaper to beat Bitgert.


The Avalanche team will need to do a lot of developments of the network to

beat the Bitgert competition. Though Avalanche is the fastest smart contract,

it has fewer products and doesn’t have its own blockchain. The Bitgert has

BRISE BRC20 blockchain, which is faster and offers a gas fee that is cheaper

than Avalanche. This is one of the biggest reasons developers might start

migrating from Avalanche to Bitgert. The compatibility with the EVM is another

reason why Bitgert is a tough AVAX competitor.


The Matic cryptocurrency is another cryptocurrency doing very well in the

market. But recent developments at Bitgert might make Matic an inferior coin

as the demand for the Polygon might start dropping. The launched BRISE

BRC20 blockchain is proving a better option for crypto users than the Matic

network. With a cheaper gas fee and higher TPS than Polygon, Bitgert is

definitely going to overpower Matic soon. This is unless the Polygon team

develops its own mainnet cheaper and faster than Bitgert.


Being in the crypto industry for more than a decade is a sign that Litecoin is

one of the best cryptocurrencies in the market. The Litecoin team has done so

well in promoting the adoption of the coin but not much in the development of

the network. Although the Litecoin team has just launched powerful MWEB,

it might fail to beat Bitgert high speed and cheaper gas fee. The Bitgert team

developing its own blockchain also made the network more powerful than







The Einstein Collective


DeGods floor price has more than doubled in the past few days. What is going on? Let’s

breakdown @DeGodsNFT and their new native token, $DUST


@DeGodsNFTminted 10,000 unique Degods in early

October 21 Current supply is at 9465, after burning 5.35%

They instantly caught the community’s attention with their

colourfully worded marketing and their amazing art.

The Paper Handed Bitch Tax (PHBT): 33.3% tax for anyone

that sells under floor/buy price. The tax money is used to

buy the lowest priced DeGod and burn them forever After

100 days, it was discontinued (Jan 22) but it was innovative

and different.

$DUST Supply:

Supply starts at 0 $DUST can only be created by staking DeGods. There are other ways for

community members to earn $DUST but it will not come from the treasury instead of new


$DUST Supply:

1. 6450 (68.1%) DeGods are staked earning 10 $DUST/day

2. Burn an exiled DeGod - 333 $DUST

3. Burn a DeGod - 1000 $DUST + inverse rank - Ex. 1000 + 9464(rank 2) = 10,464 - can only

burn if enough is in treasury

4. Burn a DeadGod - x2 $DUST (info later)

$DUST Utility:

1. Purchase NFTs with SOL for treasury -DeDAO has a treasury of 1123 SOL (PHBT funds

moved to DAO) -DeGod holders vote on NFT to purchase Current treasury: SMB #3801, DAA

#2348, Mindfolk #293, SSC #4826, 4 Monkelabs, Sol Army GV Pass, and more.

2. NFTs will be auctioned in $DUST Free market determines $DUST price If SMB is bought

for 150 sol and it sell for 15000 $DUST. Then 1 $DUST = 0.01 sol Early Arbitrage Opportunity:

Low initial supply of $DUST. Blue chips will likely be sold at a discount.

3. DeadGods: Mint a vial of StarDust for 1000 $DUST - use and become a DeadGod This is


SHILL Issue #41

not a new collection, you will be able to swap versions at any time. Can be burned for 2x

the $DUST

$DUST Rewards

The DAO will be collecting DUST from auctions. It will be used to reward DeDAO members

in competitions hackathons, bounties and more. 5. WL Spots Users will also be able to

purchase selective WL spots with $DUST

$DUST Game Theory A DeGod is bought Dust Demand

1. Collect Royalties

2. Purchase blue chip NFTs

3. Auction NFTs for Dust

Decrease DeGod supply listed

1. Burn/Stake

2. Get $DUST

3. Use $DUST to buy NFTs at discount $DUST is rewarded from auctions to DeDAO


Floor Price Increase:

1. Many DeGods have been delisted and staked. This has caused a supply constraint.

2. Users are accumulating DeGods to burn (2-3 weeks away) for $DUST in auctions

If you liked this thread give it a follow @TheEinsteinCol

We are an NFT project focusing on education and write threads on other Solana NFT

projects. We mint in a little over a week, and will be opening our discord periodically to a

limited number of users.

SHILL Issue #41 57






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