The Parish Magazine March 2022

Serving Charvil, Sonning and Sonning Eye since 1869

Serving Charvil, Sonning and Sonning Eye since 1869


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<strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> - <strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 1<br />

<strong>The</strong><br />

<strong>Parish</strong><br />

<strong>Magazine</strong><br />

<strong>The</strong> John King Trophy and Gold Award<br />

Best <strong>Magazine</strong> of the Year 2018<br />

National <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> Awards<br />

Best Content 2021, 2016<br />

Best Overall 2020, 2015<br />

Best Editor 2019<br />

Best Print 2018<br />

Serving the communities of Charvil, Sonning & Sonning Eye since 1869<br />

<strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong> — Ash Wednesday — Lent — Mothering Sunday<br />

Church of St Andrew<br />

Serving Sonning, Charvil & Sonning Eye<br />

the church of st andrew, SERVING THE COMMUNITIES OF<br />


2 <strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> - <strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />

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Serving the communities of Charvil, Sonning & Sonning Eye since 1869<br />

Church of St Andrew<br />

Serving Sonning, Charvil & Sonning Eye<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> - <strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 1<br />

<strong>The</strong> John King Trophy and Gold Award<br />

Best <strong>Magazine</strong> of the Year 2018<br />

National <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> Awards<br />

Best Content 2021, 2016<br />

Best Overall 2020, 2015<br />

Best Editor 2019<br />

Best Print 2018<br />

information — 1<br />

Contents <strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />

THE Associate VICAR'S LETTER, 5<br />


— Choral and music plans, 7<br />

— For your prayers in <strong>March</strong>, 7<br />

— Christian Basics Part 2, 9<br />

— Ash Wednesday, 9<br />

— STAY, 10-11<br />

— <strong>The</strong> Persecuted Church, 11<br />

— On Reflection: Deuteronomy, 13<br />

— From the editor's desk, 13<br />

— Mothering Sunday, 15<br />

— Claude's view, 15<br />

— <strong>The</strong> joy of Lent, 17<br />

features<br />

— Life in <strong>The</strong> Ark, 19<br />

— Platinum memories, 20-21<br />

— 25 years of Ali's Pond, 22-23<br />

around the villages<br />

— Shaping up at school, 25<br />

— Saving Karun, 25<br />

— Scarecrows are back, 25<br />

— Painting for the Jubilee, 27<br />

— Heritage walk and talk, 27<br />

— Eleven charities, one roof, 27<br />

— Project Singers project, 29<br />

— FoStAC quiz night, 29<br />

history, 31<br />

HOME & GARDEn<br />

— Through the Palace gates, 33<br />

— THRA opens again, 33<br />

— Recipe of the month, 33<br />

THE ARTS<br />

— Platinum poem, 34<br />

— Metaphysical dean, 34<br />

— Book Reviews, 35<br />

— <strong>The</strong> Potato Planters, 35<br />

HEALTH<br />

— Dr Simon Ruffle, 36<br />

— Tinnitus, 37-38<br />

— <strong>The</strong> anxious word, 38<br />

the sciences<br />

— Reality beyond objects, 38<br />

PUZZLE PAGE, 39<br />

children's page, 41<br />

information<br />

— Church services, 3<br />

— From the registers, 3<br />

— <strong>Parish</strong> contacts, 42<br />

— Advertisers index, 42<br />


<strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong> — Lent — Mothering Sunday<br />

<strong>The</strong><br />

<strong>Parish</strong><br />

<strong>Magazine</strong><br />

the church of st andrew, SERVING THE COMMUNITIES OF<br />

CHARVIL, SONNING and sonning eye SINCE THE 7 th CENTURY<br />

Sonning Lock on a crisp winter's day<br />

Picture: Ali Payne of Charvil<br />


<strong>The</strong> editorial deadline for every issue<br />

of <strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> is 12 noon on<br />

the sixth day of the month prior to the<br />

date of publication.<br />

<strong>The</strong> deadline for the April<br />

issue of <strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> is:<br />

Sunday 6 <strong>March</strong> at 12 noon<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> online<br />

<strong>The</strong> most recent issues can be viewed at:<br />

http://www.theparishmagazine.co.uk<br />

Earlier issues from 1869 onwards are<br />

stored in a secure online archive. If you<br />

wish to view these archives contact the<br />

editor who will authorise access for you:<br />

editor@theparishmagazine.co.uk<br />

Don't forget to put ALL your<br />

clocks forward 1 hour at 1am<br />

on Sunday 27 <strong>March</strong>!<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> - <strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 3<br />

Services at<br />

St Andrew’s<br />

Ash Wednesday 2 <strong>March</strong><br />

— 7.30pm Holy Communion with<br />

the Imposition of Ashes<br />

Sunday 6 <strong>March</strong><br />

— 8.00am Holy Communion<br />

— 10.30am Family Service<br />

— 4.00pm Choral Evensong<br />

followed by tea in <strong>The</strong> Ark<br />

Sunday 13 <strong>March</strong><br />

— 8.00am Holy Communion<br />

— 10.30am <strong>Parish</strong> Eucharist<br />

STAY and Sunday Club<br />

Sunday 20 <strong>March</strong><br />

— 8.00am Holy Communion<br />

— 10.30am Family Communion<br />

— 3.00pm Messy Church in <strong>The</strong> Ark<br />

Mothering Sunday 27 <strong>March</strong><br />

— 8.00am Holy Communion<br />

— 10.30am <strong>Parish</strong> Eucharist<br />

STAY and Sunday Club<br />

— 6.0opm Sunday at Six in <strong>The</strong> Ark<br />

with refreshments served on<br />

arrival from 5.50pm-6.05pm<br />


Morning Prayer is held in church<br />

every Tuesday at 9.30am. During<br />

school holidays please check the Week<br />

Ahead notices for service details.<br />

Mid-week Communion in <strong>The</strong> Ark is<br />

held every Wednesday at 10.00am. Tea<br />

and coffee is available following the<br />

service.<br />

Home Communion at Signature at<br />

Sonning is held on the first Monday<br />

of each month at 11.00am. Visitors<br />

must comply with the care home's<br />

Covid restrictions so please check with<br />

Signature at least four days before.<br />

From the register<br />

funerals<br />

— Thursday 13 January, William John Fry, funeral service in Church followed<br />

by cremation at Reading Crematorium<br />

— Friday 4 February, Margaret Moore, funeral service in church followed by<br />

cremation at Reading Crematorium

4 <strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> - <strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />

Please mention <strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> when responding to this advertisement<br />

COMING TO THE MILL IN <strong>2022</strong><br />

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for Hot Bar Food, Homemade Cakes<br />

& Artisan Coffee.<br />

Come and treat yourself to a scrumptious lunch<br />

in the most beautiful setting.<br />

30 JUN - 20 AUG<br />

FIND (0118) OUT 969 7082 MORE<br />



<strong>The</strong> associate vicar's letter<br />


It is a bit of a cliché to talk about new beginnings as we enter into the season of<br />

spring, but the reality is that the last few months have been full of new beginnings<br />

which I would like to share with you in this letter. I haven’t written the letter since<br />

the summer due to illness and so I have a lot to say!<br />

As you will be aware, I am the chaplain at Reading Blue Coat and this academic<br />

year has seen the emergence of a new chaplaincy team made up of pupil chaplaincy<br />

assistants, and next year, I am very excited to announce there will be a chaplaincy<br />

prefect as well. <strong>The</strong> role of these chaplaincy assistants has been varied, but I want<br />

to share just one example with you in which my two roles, parish and school, came<br />

together.<br />

Although my school is in the parish, it can often feel as though my two roles<br />

are very separate. However, chaplaincy assistant Minahil had a wonderful idea of a<br />

fund raiser, which she organised herself, for Me2 Club which is an inclusion charity<br />

for children and young people with additional needs and disabilities. She suggested<br />

a cake sale and raffle. I decided to ask in church for volunteers to bake. <strong>Parish</strong>ioners<br />

ended up baking 11 cakes and we made just under £300! For me, it was an absolute<br />

joy to see that connection between my school life and parish life.<br />


Another new beginning that I have been excited about for months was the<br />

resumption of Messy Church. We started in December with a special Christmas<br />

party and since January we have met on the third Sunday of the month. I admit I<br />

was slightly apprehensive as many of our regular attendees were now at secondary<br />

school and I wasn’t sure how many people would come, but we had lots of families,<br />

old and new, and it has been wonderful to see Messy Church back and thriving. I<br />

am also pleased that we now have six young leaders to help run the activities, some<br />

from the church community and some from Reading Blue Coat.<br />

My favourite Messy Church activity has been the Frame of Hearts which we will<br />

add to each month. I bought this frame online in the first summer of the pandemic<br />

and kept it with eager anticipation for the day Messy Church restarted. Each child<br />

and young leader has written their name on a heart and added it to the frame. <strong>The</strong><br />

idea is that each time a new child comes to Messy Church they also add their name<br />

to the frame as our community continues to rebuild and grow.<br />

<strong>The</strong> theme of Messy Church in January was Hope, something that I think we<br />

can all relate to and something many of us have prayed for over the past two years.<br />

<strong>The</strong> season of Lent starts this month when we prepare to remember the events<br />

of Holy Week in early April. Lent is a time of reflection; there is a sombre and<br />

penitential feel to the liturgy, hymns and prayers in church. But it is also important<br />

to remember that at the end of this season comes the great feast of Easter. Easter<br />

is the ultimate celebration of Hope as we see light conquering the darkness and life<br />

conquering death.<br />

As a final note, I would like to thank everyone who has supported me over the<br />

past 5 months while I have been suffering with long covid and a number of other<br />

longer term covid related conditions. Each thought, prayer, card or offer of help has<br />

meant a great deal to me and my family, and I feel truly blessed to be part of such<br />

wonderful communities, both in this parish and in my school.<br />

With love and prayers, Kate<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> - <strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 5<br />

Rev Kate with the Messy frame of hearts<br />

Minahil and Liz from Me2 Club<br />

Kate with head girl Charlotte at the cake sale<br />

Felicity, Harriet and Charlotte with Rev Kate at the<br />

Christmas party<br />

Molly, Liz and Ella, three<br />

Messy Church leaders<br />

Messy Church crafters in action . . .<br />

and the results

6 <strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> - <strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong> Please mention <strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> when responding to advertisements<br />

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10<br />

YEAR<br />




the parish noticeboard — 1<br />

Choral and music<br />

plans surge ahead<br />

after Covid rules<br />

are relaxed<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> - <strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 7<br />

<strong>The</strong> legacy of the music and choral<br />

traditions at St Andrew’s which<br />

date back over several hundred<br />

years was fully evident on the first<br />

Sunday of February when junior<br />

and senior choirs played a full<br />

part in our morning and evening<br />

worship — at the 10.30am family<br />

service we celebrated Candlemas<br />

with Christingles and in the late<br />

afternoon, Evensong was held for<br />

the first time in two years since covid<br />

restrictions were introduced at the<br />

start of the pandemic.<br />

<strong>The</strong> two services demonstrated the<br />

diverse repertoire of both the junior<br />

and senior choirs that spans music<br />

from the 16th Century up to the<br />

present day and encompasses an array<br />

of different styles.<br />

<strong>The</strong> morning family worship was<br />

a joyful 'modern' occasion, while<br />

the evening worship dates back to a<br />

service written by Thomas Cranmer<br />

in the 16th century but, despite it's<br />

age — or perhaps because of it —<br />

it was also joyous, although in a<br />

different, way.<br />


Evensong is now being held on<br />

the first Sunday of every month<br />

starting at 4pm. <strong>The</strong> first Evensong<br />

since covid fell on 6 February and<br />

so coincided with Her Majesty <strong>The</strong><br />

Queen's accession to the throne<br />

70 years previously. <strong>The</strong> service,<br />

<strong>The</strong> joyful celebrations at the<br />

end of the Candlemas with<br />

Christingles service (above)<br />

were for Celeste (on the left)<br />

who was also celebrating her<br />

18th birthday.<br />

(Below right) Four of the junior choir proudly display their Christingles, although one of them<br />

seems to have eaten it already!<br />

therefore, was an appropriate<br />

occasion to commemorate the death<br />

of the Queen's father, King George VI,<br />

and celebrate the start of her reign by<br />

following it with a special tea in <strong>The</strong><br />

Ark laid on by the social committee,<br />

and attended by more than 60 people.<br />

Future Evensongs will also be<br />

followed by tea in <strong>The</strong> Ark, although<br />

we can't promise that it will include<br />

'<strong>The</strong> Toast' made to Her Majesty on<br />

her special day!<br />


<strong>The</strong> relaxation of the covid<br />

restrictions has also meant that the<br />

plans to boost further the music and<br />

choral capabilities at St Andrew's<br />

can push ahead once again. As well<br />

as the organ scholarship that is now<br />

well established, St Andrew's PCC is<br />

inviting applicants for a new choral<br />

scholarship.<br />

It is envisaged that the choral<br />

scholars will provide a strong core<br />

within the choir and enhance it even<br />

further. Potential applicants might<br />

include university music students,<br />

sixth form students hoping to study<br />

music at university or music college,<br />

potential Oxbridge Choral Scholarship<br />

applicants or any other able singer<br />

with a passion for collective music<br />

making.<br />

It is hoped that the first choral<br />

scholars will be starting in September<br />

this year.<br />


To further strengthen the music<br />

making capabilities in the church,<br />

the PCC is also seeking to appoint an<br />

assistant organist to provide support<br />

for the weekly Sunday services as well<br />

as playing for weddings, funerals and<br />

other events when needed.<br />

Further information about the<br />

scholarships and assistant organist<br />

role can be obtained from Hannah<br />

Towndrow, director of music, on:<br />

music@sonningparish.org.uk<br />

For your prayers in <strong>March</strong><br />

— Marie Curie Nurses who provide support for all aspects of dying, death and bereavement<br />

— Hannah Towndrow as she seeks to appoint an assistant organist and choral scholars<br />

— All who are planning special events to mark <strong>The</strong> Queen's Platinum Jubilee<br />

— All who are struggling to live with the side effects of covid<br />

Tinnakorn Jorruang, dreamstime.com

8 <strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> - <strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong> Please mention <strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> when responding to advertisements<br />



US.<br />

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FST1845<br />

Gardiner’s Homecare is an established family<br />

business that has been serving the local community<br />

since 1968. Proudly supporting people to continue<br />

to enjoy living independent lives in their own homes<br />

for as long as possible.<br />


FISH AND CHIPS £10<br />

<strong>The</strong> Bull Inn, Sonning on Thames<br />

Berkshire RG4 6UP, T: 0118 969 3901<br />

e: bullinn@fullers.co.uk www.bullinnsonning.co.uk<br />

Our team of experienced care workers can provide<br />

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assigned your own Care Manager who will work closely<br />

with you to ensure you receive the care and support<br />

that is tailored to your personal wishes and needs.<br />

For more information, contact us on<br />

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Large Format Print Operators Required - Permanent Positions<br />

Immediate start for the right candidates<br />

We are looking to recruit two new members of staff; large format pre-press / print finisher operatives.<br />

<strong>The</strong> candidates must have previous experience in large format print.<br />

<strong>The</strong> responsibilities will include:<br />

· Ensuring all machines are set<br />

· Operating various printers<br />

· Reviewing orders<br />

· Handling pre-press work for print projects<br />

· Lamination, mounting and CNC cutting<br />

· Trimming and finishing<br />

<strong>The</strong> ideal candidates for the roles will have knowledge of:<br />

· Large format printing<br />

· Customer liaison experience<br />

· UV and latex printing<br />

· Good understanding of quality processes<br />

· Adobe suite<br />

· Print trimming and finishing<br />

Benefits:<br />

· Permanent role with an attractive package offered<br />

· Progression opportunity<br />

· On site car parking<br />

· Competitive salary offered per annum depending on experience, plus benefits.<br />

If you are interested in either of these positions, please apply with a CV via email, (mike@thebmgc.com),<br />

or for more information contact Mike Gleeson or Martyn Allen at <strong>The</strong> Blue Moose Graphic Company.<br />

Tel: 0118 934 5016<br />

<strong>The</strong> Homestead, Park Lane, Charvil, Reading RG10 9TR

the parish noticeboard — 2<br />

Christian Basics — Part 2<br />

Rev Paul Hardingham's series on the foundations of the Christian faith<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> - <strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 9<br />

Ash Wednesday: mourning<br />

3,000 years of sin<br />

Adam and Eve<br />

Jorisvo, dreamstime.com<br />

What's wrong with the world?<br />

How can a God of love allow suffering? Many people<br />

struggle with such questions, however the Bible helps us<br />

to understand how sin affects both our own lives and the<br />

world.<br />

Genesis provides us with a picture of how sin entered the<br />

world. In Genesis 2:16-17, God gave Adam and Eve both<br />

permission — 'You are free to eat from any tree in the garden'<br />

— and a prohibition — 'But you must not eat from the tree<br />

of the knowledge of good and evil’ — alongside warning<br />

them of the consequences of disobedience — 'For when you<br />

eat of it you will surely die'.<br />


In Genesis 3, they broke God’s law by eating fruit<br />

from the forbidden tree. As a result, their eyes were<br />

opened to the nature of sin — 'they knew shame' and their<br />

relationship with God was broken — 'they hid from him'.<br />

As a consequence, death entered their lives.<br />

This story reminds us that God gives us free will — an<br />

essential aspect of being human — to choose whether he<br />

will be at the centre of our lives or not.<br />


<strong>The</strong> Bible offers different ways of describing how sin is:<br />

— a spirit of independence: we don’t want God to<br />

interfere with our lives, preferring our own ideas,<br />

plans and ways of behaviour.<br />

— ignoring the maker’s instructions: if you ignore user<br />

instructions, you only have yourself to blame when<br />

things go wrong! God created us to function with him<br />

at the centre of our lives.<br />

— missing the mark: we fail an exam even when we miss<br />

the pass mark by one mark: ‘All have sinned and fall short of<br />

the glory of God’ (Romans 3:23).<br />

I AM<br />

In a famous correspondence in <strong>The</strong> Times under the<br />

title ‘What’s wrong with the world?’ GK Chesterton’s letter<br />

simply said: ‘Dear Sir, I am.’<br />

Vetre Antanaviciute-meskauskiene, dreamstime.com<br />

Lent begins with Ash Wednesday. But why 'Ash'? <strong>The</strong><br />

reason has to do with getting things right between you and<br />

God, and the tradition goes back about 3,000 years to Old<br />

Testament times.<br />

In the Old Testament, the Israelites often sinned. When they<br />

finally came to their senses, and saw their evil ways as God<br />

saw them, they could do nothing but repent in sorrow. <strong>The</strong>y<br />

mourned for the damage and evil they had done and covered<br />

their heads with ashes. Putting ashes on your head, and even<br />

rending your clothes, was an outward sign of their heart-felt<br />

repentance and acknowledgement of sin. (Genesis 18:27; 2<br />

Samuel 13:19; Job 2:8, 30:19; Isaiah 58:5; Jeremiah 6:26; Jonah 3:6)<br />

In the early Christian Church, the yearly 'class' of<br />

penitents had ashes sprinkled over them at the beginning<br />

of Lent. <strong>The</strong>y were turning to God for the first time, and<br />

mourning their sins. But soon many other Christians<br />

wanted to take part in the custom. <strong>The</strong>y heeded Joel's call<br />

to 'rend your hearts and not your garments' (Joel 2:12-19). Ash<br />

Wednesday became known as either the 'beginning of the<br />

fast' or ‘the day of the ashes’.<br />


<strong>The</strong> Prayer Book collect for Ash Wednesday stresses<br />

the penitential character of the day. It encourages us with<br />

the reminder of the readiness of God to forgive us and to<br />

renew us, as do the Bible readings for the day which include<br />

Paul’s moving catalogue of suffering: 'having nothing and yet<br />

possessing everything.' (2 Corinthians 5:20b - 6:10)<br />

<strong>The</strong> custom of 'ashing' was abolished in the 16th Century<br />

Reformation, though the name for the day remained. Today,<br />

throughout the Church of England, receiving the mark of<br />

ashes on one’s forehead is optional. Certainly, the mark of<br />

ashes on the forehead reminds people of their mortality:<br />

'Remember that you are dust and to dust you will return' (Genesis 3:19).<br />

<strong>The</strong> late medieval custom was to burn the branches used<br />

on Palm Sunday in the previous year to create the ashes,<br />

which is how it is done today in St Andrew's — we burn last<br />

year's palm crosses and mix it with consecrated olive oil. All<br />

who attend the evening Holy Communion service on Ash<br />

Wednesday are given the option of receiving a cross on their<br />


10 <strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> - <strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />

the parish noticeboard — 3<br />

STAY on Sunday<br />

Our Sunday youth has also grown in<br />

number and soon will need to spread<br />

into the second upper room (read<br />

on for more info on this exciting<br />

next phase). We have continued<br />

to cover the topic of relationships<br />

since September 2021 and this has<br />

meant we have thought about all<br />

the different relationships in our<br />

lives. What’s good and bad about<br />

them? Where are they healthy and<br />

sometimes unhealthy? What sort<br />

of friends do we have? Who do we<br />

fancy and what should we expect<br />

from romantic relationships? What<br />

influence do people in the media<br />

have on us? What is it like being a<br />

Christian in a country where you<br />

get arrested, imprisoned or even<br />

killed for being a Christian? <strong>The</strong>se<br />

themes have raised some amazing<br />

conversations and resulted in new<br />

ways of thinking for us all.<br />

Second Upper Room Plan<br />

During lockdown we had the amazing privilege of having the second upper<br />

room built in <strong>The</strong> Ark because our youth work has steadily grown in the past 3<br />

years. We need the extra space for groups on Sunday and for STAY on Friday.<br />

This is an exciting time and the room is a blank canvas.<br />

As with the first upper room, we sat with a small group of young people to come<br />

up with a plan for the space. We then took the plan to the youth on Friday and<br />

got a few more ideas. Of course we couldn’t promise everything — some asked for<br />

padded walls and floor to make a wrestling room, and others wanted beds so they<br />

can sleep when they get tired! After filtering out the more left-field ideas we are<br />

left with a solid list of items that will transform the space into an amazing room of<br />

possibilities.<br />

Below are examples of the items we would love you to sponsor, only if you felt<br />

able to, for the second upper room. As well as asking you, the lovely people of the<br />

parish and church, we will also be asking the young people and their families to<br />

help raise funds for the cost of the equipment. We have some ideas in the pipeline<br />

so watch this space.<br />

Please get in touch if you would like to sponsor an item or piece of equipment for<br />

the young people. For more details of how to do this, or make a donation, contact<br />

Hilary in the parish office on 0118 969 3298 or office@sonningparish.org.uk<br />

STAY<br />

wooden<br />

letters<br />

£10<br />

Wall stickers £250<br />

Plants £80<br />

PlayStation<br />

£650<br />

Lockable storage units £2,000<br />

Virtual<br />

Reality<br />

headsets<br />

£600<br />

LED lights<br />

20m — £30<br />

STAY o<br />

Our wond<br />

continues<br />

many of t<br />

kitchen t<br />

krispy ca<br />

usual fun<br />

Clock £30<br />

Fairy lights<br />

£30<br />

Breakfast bar and stools<br />

£300<br />

Two Bins<br />

for rubbish<br />

& recycling<br />

£85<br />

TV £650<br />

Bean bags and<br />

bean bag sofa<br />

£500<br />

Table £80<br />

For yo<br />


n Friday<br />

erful youth club on Friday nights in the Ark<br />

to grow and flourish with new young people and<br />

he old faces still coming along each week. In the<br />

he youth have recently made yummy cookies,<br />

kes and jam roly poly, as well as having all the<br />

and games of youth club!<br />

<strong>The</strong> Persecuted Church<br />

Blasphemy in Pakistan<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> - <strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 11<br />

By Colin Bailey<br />

uth related ideas, chats or musings, email<br />

ty on: youthminister@sonningparish.org.uk<br />

A church and mosque in Peshawar, the oldest city in Pakistan<br />

Pakistan has the world’s second<br />

strictest blasphemy laws in the<br />

world after Iran, according to the<br />

US Commission on International<br />

Religious Freedom.<br />

Blasphemy is punishable by death in<br />

Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Brunei,<br />

Mauritania and Saudi Arabia. About<br />

1,500 Pakistanis have been charged<br />

with blasphemy over the past 30<br />

years. No executions have taken<br />

place.<br />

However, Islamic extremist groups<br />

are known to attack or kill in extrajudicial<br />

fashion those accused of<br />

breaking the laws. Reports suggest<br />

about 80 people since 1990 have been<br />

killed in Pakistan over claims of<br />

blasphemy.<br />

Christians are targeted, often<br />

after a dispute that concerns work or<br />

tenancy. In many cases, people who try<br />

to help those charged with blasphemy<br />

are also subjected to threats and<br />

violence.<br />

Laws outlawing insulting religion<br />

have existed in the region since 1860<br />

and were incorporated into Pakistan’s<br />

Penal Code at the country’s founding<br />

in 1947. <strong>The</strong> laws were strengthened<br />

under the military government of<br />

General Zia-ul-Haq (in office 1978-88).<br />

Shahid Khan, dreamstime.com<br />

In 1998, on the steps of a court in<br />

central Pakistan, Bishop John Joseph<br />

committed suicide in a protest of<br />

Pakistan’s strict blasphemy laws. He<br />

had been campaigning for decades to<br />

reform those laws.<br />

A few days prior to his death,<br />

a young illiterate man had been<br />

convicted and sentenced to death for<br />

blasphemy.<br />

In April 2021, the European<br />

Parliament adopted a joint motion<br />

for resolution on the blasphemy<br />

laws in Pakistan, calling for more<br />

comprehensive approaches to address<br />

the abuses of blasphemy laws in<br />

Pakistan. Yet Prime Minister of<br />

Pakistan, Imran Khan, has been<br />

calling for the introduction of<br />

blasphemy laws in other countries.<br />

In August last year, a Pakistani<br />

Christian couple were acquitted of<br />

blasphemy after 7 years on death row<br />

and have left the country.<br />

A Pakistani Christian, who was<br />

accused of blasphemy in May 2017,<br />

was sentenced to death by Rawalpindi<br />

District Court in January this year.<br />

Open Doors asks us to pray that<br />

blasphemy laws will not be abused to<br />

target Christians, and that the death<br />

penalty for blasphemy is abolished<br />

References and further Reading<br />

Aljazeera:<br />

https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2020/9/21/explained-pakistans-emotive-blasphemy-laws<br />

Barnabas Fund:<br />

https://barnabasfund.org/news/pakistani-christian-accused-of-blasphemy-sentenced-to-death/<br />

<strong>The</strong> Conversation:<br />

https://theconversation.com/understanding-the-history-and-politics-behind-pakistans-blasphemy-laws-173570<br />

Deutsche Welle (DW):<br />

https://www.dw.com/en/pakistan-whatsapp-blasphemy-death-sentence-reinforces-dangerous-trend/a-60511046<br />

Forbes:<br />

https://www.forbes.com/sites/ewelinaochab/2021/05/26/european-parliament-condemnspakistans-blasphemy-laws/?sh=2e196786344f<br />

Foreign Policy:<br />

https://foreignpolicy.com/2021/12/08/pakistan-blasphemy-killing-priyantha-kumara-islam/<br />

Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and Law:<br />

http://jaapl.org/content/early/2020/01/24/JAAPL.003916-20<br />

Open Doors: https://www.opendoorsuk.org/news/latest-news/pakistan-couple-blasphemy/<br />

We will look at the broader situation affecting Christians in Pakistan in a future issue.

12 <strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> - <strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />

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the parish noticeboard — 5<br />

On reflection . . .<br />

By Elizabeth Spiers<br />

Deuteronomy, Exodus<br />

and Numbers<br />

<strong>The</strong> Promised Land<br />

Rndmst, dreamstime.com<br />

In Deuteronomy 1:1 we are told that it takes 11 days to go<br />

from Horeb to Kadesh Barnea by the Mount Seir road. So<br />

from Egypt to the Promised Land it’s an 11 day journey.<br />

Why would a journey of a few days have taken the Hebrews<br />

escaping from slavery in Egypt 40 years?<br />

First, they didn’t take the direct route. That would have<br />

taken them too close to the Egyptians and they certainly<br />

weren’t ready for any kind of fight. So God took them on<br />

an indirect route and the Israelites didn’t like it. Two years<br />

later, God brought them to Kadesh-Barnea, at the edge<br />

of the Promised Land — the land ‘flowing with milk and<br />

honey’. God was giving it to them forever to provide all<br />

they needed for life.<br />

However, after being slaves for so long, the Israelites<br />

no longer had confidence in either themselves or in God.<br />

Despite the plagues, their escape with gold and silver,<br />

the parting of the Red Sea, and being led by the pillar of<br />

fire by night and the cloud by day, they couldn’t realise<br />

their position or appreciate what God had done for them.<br />

Rather than obey God and go straight into the promised<br />

land, they sent 12 spies on ahead first but only two of<br />

them returned with a confident report that God would<br />

help them conquer the land.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Israelites rebelled by refusing to enter the land and<br />

turned away from God, and they even longed for the ‘good old<br />

days’ of poverty and slavery in Egypt. What a tragedy! <strong>The</strong>y<br />

still had so much of Egypt in their thinking and behaviour<br />

that they thought going back to slavery would be better than<br />

pressing on through adversity into freedom and a new life.<br />


And it’s just like that for us today. We become Christians,<br />

but there’s so much of our old lives in our thinking and our<br />

behaviour that we often yearn for those days when we did<br />

what we liked without reference to God.<br />

He has a unique plan for each of us that he doesn’t<br />

want us to miss. He wants us to enjoy the richness of our<br />

relationship with him, but it depends on our willingness to<br />

do things his way. So often we end up in our own wilderness,<br />

wondering how on earth we got there. And unless we return<br />

to God and confess our rebellion and our sin, we may be there<br />

a long time. If you find yourself in the wilderness today, ask<br />

yourself if it’s worth it. Is the dry and dusty place you’re in<br />

better than living in the will of God? I can’t promise you it’s<br />

easier being in God’s will — you may have to make some<br />

sacrifices — but I can promise you it’s far more rewarding.<br />

From the desk<br />

of the editor<br />

editor@theparishmagazine.co.uk<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> - <strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 13<br />

We all have a 'second<br />

nature' story to tell . . .<br />

I am always pleased to hear from you, our readers,<br />

whether you are complimenting or criticising the<br />

magazine, or indeed complaining that you have not<br />

received the latest copy — such complaints are, of<br />

course, one of the best compliments!<br />

<strong>The</strong> response to our January issue was particularly<br />

encouraging and I am pleased that so many of you have<br />

taken the time to tell me how much you enjoyed and<br />

appreciated it. I hope you enjoy this issue.<br />

One of the regular questions that I always find difficult<br />

to answer is 'how do you manage to find so many different<br />

interesting articles?' It's a bit like asking someone how<br />

they manage to ride a bike or swim. <strong>The</strong>re are many<br />

things in life we all do without thinking about how we<br />

actually do them. Even if we have not been on a bike or<br />

in a swimming pool for years, most of us, having learnt<br />

when we were younger, can still do it for as long as we are<br />

physically able to. It is a 'second nature' for us.<br />

Likewise, recognising the possibility of there being a<br />

story to write about something, or someone, is for me,<br />

'second nature'. At the age of 25 years I was thrown in<br />

the deep end of journalism without any formal training<br />

— I had spent the previous eight years training to be<br />

an engineer! <strong>The</strong> only journalistic training I received<br />

was being told by my newspaper editor that everyone<br />

and everything has a story to tell, and 'I want the story<br />

by 5pm today'! Now, 50 years later, recognising an<br />

opportunity for a story is 'second nature'.<br />


Standing by <strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> rack at the north<br />

door of the church after the 10.30am Sunday service to<br />

say goodbye to members of the congregation and hand<br />

out copies of the February issue to those who don't have<br />

it delivered to their home, I was pleased to be reminded<br />

that several people take more than one copy to pass on<br />

to friends and family, some of whom have moved out<br />

of the parish but enjoy reading the magazine — covid<br />

restrictions in the past did not allow us to stand by the<br />

door and physically hand the magazine to anyone. Please<br />

feel free to give your family and friends a copy.<br />

While I edit every story and article that we publish,<br />

many of them are written by our local contributors who<br />

do an excellent job, or by a specialist church news agency<br />

which is run by a journalist, who like me, is also a licensed<br />

lay minister in the Church of England.<br />

We all have a story to tell and if you have the urge to<br />

share your story, or your special interest, with our readers<br />

send it to me. I can't guarantee that they will all be<br />

published, but I can guarantee that if it is published, I will<br />

edit it — editing is another of my second natures!

14 <strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> - <strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />

Please mention <strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> when responding to advertisements<br />

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the parish noticeboard — 6<br />

Hospitality: north,<br />

south and west!<br />

Hospitality, writes Claude Masters,<br />

is a fundamental Christian activity<br />

that we often hear referred to in<br />

the Bible and in sermons, and is<br />

something that, as well as offering<br />

it to others, we can enjoy when it<br />

is offered to us. Hospitality is not<br />

confined to our homes or our church,<br />

we can experience it wherever we<br />

travel and sometimes it leads to<br />

unexpected, but memorable, events<br />

Onepony, dreamstime.com<br />

Mothering Sunday<br />

<strong>The</strong> Fourth Sunday in Lent was called<br />

‘Mid-Lent’ or ‘Refreshment Sunday’,<br />

when the rigours of Lent were relaxed<br />

more than was normal for a feast day.<br />

It was called Mothering Sunday as a<br />

reference to the Epistle reading for the<br />

Day (Galatians 4:21-31). <strong>The</strong> Lenten<br />

Epistles follow from each other with<br />

teaching about our life as Christians<br />

and how we are to follow Christ.<br />

On Mid-Lent Sunday the Epistle<br />

talks of bondage and freedom; the<br />

bondage of the Law and the Old<br />

Covenant as compared to the freedom<br />

in Christ, 'the promised one', and the<br />

New Covenant. Verse 26 reads: 'But<br />

Jerusalem which is above is free, which is<br />

the mother of us all.'<br />

We gain our freedom from<br />

Christ and, as it was seen before<br />

the Reformation, the Church. Thus,<br />

Mothering Sunday is about the<br />

freedom that we gain through the<br />

promise of Jesus delivered through<br />

our Mother the Church.<br />

People were encouraged to go to<br />

their ‘Mother Church’ to worship and<br />

give thanks so apprentices, and others,<br />

went home for the weekend and often<br />

took gifts home to their family.<br />


On the other hand, Mother’s Day is<br />

a secular festival invented in 1904 and<br />

is celebrated on the second Sunday in<br />

May in most countries in the world —<br />

the UK seems to be the exception.<br />

Mothering Sunday for Christians<br />

is a special day because we give thanks<br />

to God for two important parts of our<br />

lives: our Church and our mothers!<br />

Mothering Sunday is on 27 <strong>March</strong>.<br />

that go beyond good food and drink.<br />

An hospitable North Devon dairy<br />

farmer asked me if I would like to<br />

witness the birth of a calf. Witness<br />

was hardly the word as I helped him<br />

pull it out of the back end of the cow.<br />

I had towed our caravan to<br />

Trebyla for a holiday in North Devon<br />

and sited it on a Caravan Club<br />

Certified Location, or CL, at a dairy<br />

farm. <strong>The</strong> owner made caravanners<br />

very welcome and was keen to<br />

involve anyone who showed interest<br />

in the farm.<br />

<strong>The</strong> calf I helped to deliver was<br />

a beautiful big brown one but sadly<br />

was still born. However, there was a<br />

joyful twist. At about the same time,<br />

the farmer's daughter gave birth to<br />

his first grandchild 100 miles away in<br />

South Devon and he invited us into<br />

his house for the evening to wet the<br />

baby’s head!<br />

In the dairy was a vat that held<br />

hundreds of gallons of milk and<br />

when we arrived I was told to take<br />

whatever we wanted, but not to turn<br />

on the stirring paddle before taking<br />

it. That way we got plenty of cream.<br />

When paying the site fees before<br />

leaving the farmer had no idea what<br />

the retail price of a pint of milk was!<br />

He was a good example of what being<br />

hospitable means.<br />


On another occasion we were on<br />

the way to a holiday on the Gower<br />

peninsula in South Wales when we<br />

stopped overnight at a CL near the<br />

Severn Bridge and took advantage of<br />

the evening meals that were offered.<br />

<strong>The</strong> site owner apologised saying that<br />

they had visitors that evening so she<br />

would bring the meals to us in the<br />

caravan. It was fascinating to see her<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> - <strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 15<br />

Claude's<br />

view<br />

from<br />

the<br />

pew<br />

followed by two burly farm workers<br />

carrying the meals across the field<br />

and the meal included a quart of<br />

double cream which enhanced our<br />

desserts for several days.<br />

Nearer home, the Rendezvous<br />

lunch in <strong>The</strong> Ark for Burns Night<br />

was not quite what I was hoping<br />

for — haggis, neeps and tatties —<br />

although the sausages were tasty<br />

and I can understand that we need<br />

to pander to Sassenach tastes in this<br />

neck of the woods! Sometimes being<br />

hospitable means we have to tolerate<br />

the preferences of others.<br />


When our daughter lived in<br />

Stirling my wife and I stayed with<br />

her for a month in the summer and<br />

enjoyed haggis several times.<br />

In Scotland I imagine there are<br />

as many restaurants offering haggis,<br />

neeps and tatties as there are selling<br />

fish and chips. <strong>The</strong>re may also be<br />

some near the border but, as with<br />

single malt whisky, the further South<br />

you go the less there is to be found.<br />

<strong>The</strong>re are over 120 distilleries in<br />

Scotland and a hotel bar there is lined<br />

with dozens and dozens of different<br />

single malt whisky. A hotel I stayed<br />

at in Bournemouth had only one on<br />

offer.<br />

As you may have gathered, I<br />

enjoy a single malt and have several<br />

different ones in our cocktail<br />

cabinet. I have fancied becoming a<br />

connoisseur but that would not be<br />

wise nor could I afford it. However a<br />

single tot of whisky is a lot cheaper<br />

than a bottle of beer.<br />

Cheers! or ‘Eggy Sheggy Reg’ as<br />

they say in Hungary and lets all be<br />

more hospitable!

16 <strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> - <strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />

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the parish noticeboard — 7<br />

<strong>The</strong> joy of Lent<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> - <strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 17<br />

Paulus Rusyanto, dreamstime.com<br />

I grew up with the idea that Lent was a dreary time in the Church calendar,<br />

writes Bob Peters. <strong>The</strong> hymns always seemed dull, the sermons talked only<br />

of repentance, there were no flowers to brighten up the church, we were<br />

not allowed to say Alleluia and, worse still, we had to give up something we<br />

enjoyed — as a child it was usually sweets or chocolate! As Ash Wednesday,<br />

this year, falls on 3 <strong>March</strong>, I decided to look into how the traditions that go<br />

with Lent developed and was reminded that it is meant to be a time of joyful<br />

preparation!<br />

I have to admit that I should have<br />

known this years ago, but as is<br />

usually the case, our lives and beliefs<br />

are often shaped by our childhood<br />

memories.<br />

My research led me to the work<br />

of Father Norman Tanner, SJ, a<br />

professor of church history at the<br />

Pontifical Gregorian University in<br />

Rome which was founded in 1551 by<br />

Ignatius of Loyola.<br />

In 1961, Fr Norman became a<br />

Jesuit — a Roman Catholic order of<br />

religious men that was also founded<br />

by Ignatius. <strong>The</strong> order is known for<br />

its educational, missionary, and<br />

charitable works.<br />

Fr Norman also studied church<br />

history at Oxford University, where<br />

he taught from 1978 to 2003.<br />

He is considered to be a leading<br />

expert in the history of church<br />

councils — one of his papers that<br />

makes interesting reading, 'A Short<br />

History of Lent' can be found online<br />

at: https://www.thinkingfaith.org/<br />

articles/20110315_1.htm<br />


Fr Norman, explains that the<br />

earliest mention of Lent in the<br />

history of the Church comes from<br />

the council of Nicaea in 325AD.<br />

<strong>The</strong> original word used for the 40<br />

days before Easter was tessarakonta a<br />

Greek word meaning 40 and around<br />

the world is translated in a variety of<br />

ways.<br />

In Anglo-Saxon England, however,<br />

the 40 days became known as Lent, a<br />

word that aptly meant 'lengthening'<br />

— during the 40 days before Easter<br />

the daylight hours steadily lengthen<br />

and so gives us the perfect image of<br />

'the light of Christ' slowly spreading<br />

into the world.<br />

Whatever it is called, the 40 days<br />

reflects the time Jesus spent in the<br />

wilderness being tested by the devil<br />

after his baptism. (Matthew 4:1-11;<br />

Luke 4:1-13)<br />

<strong>The</strong> Lenten period is also mirrored<br />

by the 40 'joyful' days of Advent<br />

as we prepare for the Christmas<br />

festivities.<br />


Fr Norman reminds us of this joy:<br />

'It is important to remember that<br />

Lent is a joyful season. <strong>The</strong> first Preface<br />

for the Mass in Lent makes the point<br />

very elegantly: Each year you give us<br />

this joyful season when we prepare<br />

to celebrate the paschal mystery with<br />

mind and heart renewed. You give us<br />

a spirit of loving reverence for you,<br />

our Father, and of willing service to<br />

our neighbour. As we recall the great<br />

events that gave us a new life in Christ,<br />

you bring to perfection within us the<br />

image of your Son.'<br />


All Christian denominations<br />

observe Lent with different<br />

traditions, and often individual<br />

churches of the same denomination<br />

have their own and ways of marking<br />

the 40 days. In the past 2 years covid<br />

has meant, and continues to mean,<br />

that many of the in-person house<br />

groups, services, and Lenten suppers<br />

have not been possible.<br />

At St Andrew's this year we<br />

will be marking Lent by having a<br />

Lenten reflection given by one of<br />

the ministry team, during Morning<br />

Prayer in the Church at 9.30am on<br />

each Tuesday, starting on 8 <strong>March</strong>.<br />

Lenten Morning Prayer will be<br />

followed by coffee in <strong>The</strong> Ark.<br />

<strong>Parish</strong> Pump

18 <strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> - <strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />

Please mention <strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> when responding to advertisements<br />

Thinking about<br />

Equity Release?<br />

<strong>The</strong>n speak to us first!<br />

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feature — 1<br />

Life in <strong>The</strong> Ark is brighter than ever!<br />

Before covid gripped the country <strong>The</strong> Ark at St Andrew's Church, which<br />

opened in May 2017, was a hive of activity but sadly when the virus struck,<br />

everything ground to a halt and the building stood empty. But the good news<br />

is that, from the start of this New Year, it has burst into life again — and this<br />

new life is looking even brighter than before!<br />

At <strong>The</strong> Ark opening in 2017, Rev Jamie<br />

outlined plans for the future. He told<br />

the Henley Standard: 'We need space for<br />

our growing Sunday school and our new<br />

outreach programme, which will include a<br />

pensioners’ lunch club and youth club. <strong>The</strong><br />

Ark has given us the facilities we need.'<br />

Now, almost 5 years later — and<br />

despite Covid — these plans are<br />

not only back on track, but they are<br />

exceeding expectations!<br />


<strong>The</strong> 'growing Sunday school' Rev<br />

Jamie spoke of is now a very active<br />

Sunday Club for the younger children<br />

who meet there on a Sunday morning,<br />

and a young people's STAY group that<br />

meet to explore how their faith can<br />

help them come to terms with many<br />

of the pressures that society puts<br />

on them. <strong>The</strong> Sunday STAY group is<br />

reaching the stage where they could<br />

soon be outgrowing the room in <strong>The</strong><br />

Ark where they meet, and a second<br />

room will need to be equipped so they<br />

can split into two groups.<br />


A key part of the outreach<br />

programme Rev Jamie spoke of was<br />

the creation of a youth club that meets<br />

on a Friday evening. <strong>The</strong> club has<br />

quickly got up and running again after<br />

covid with some 50-60 young people<br />


IN THE ARK<br />

For senior citizens<br />

We meet every<br />

second and fourth<br />

Tuesday<br />

of the month<br />

for lunch and<br />

conversation<br />

To reserve your<br />

place call<br />

0118 969 3298<br />

turning up to enjoy the facilities that<br />

provided for both indoor and outside<br />

sports, games and activities.<br />


<strong>The</strong> pensioners' lunch club, Rev<br />

Jamie envisaged became 'Rendezvous<br />

in <strong>The</strong> Ark' and this also has steadily<br />

got going again after covid. Unlike the<br />

children and young people's groups<br />

where often the building is full of<br />

games equipment and electronic<br />

devices, Rendezvous becomes a<br />

comfortable dining lounge where<br />

members meet to enjoy an excellent<br />

lunch prepared by Emma's Kitchen of<br />

Twyford, and to share in 'grown up'<br />

conversation.<br />

'It's a great opportunity to meet new<br />

people and have the time to just sit, talk<br />

about anything and everything, and to<br />

laugh together — and to enjoy a good<br />

meal prepared by someone else!'— is a<br />

good summary of what the members<br />

say the club is all about.<br />


One of the other main reasons<br />

for building <strong>The</strong> Ark was to provide<br />

a comfortable and safe venue for<br />

everyone, young and old, to meet<br />

and chat with each other after the<br />

main Sunday services and enjoy a<br />

cup of coffee or tea. This was one<br />

aspect of church life that sadly<br />

disappeared during the worst days<br />

of the pandemic, but again, the good<br />

news is, it is now up and running.<br />

Each week it seems, that more and<br />

more members of the congregation are<br />

feeling confident about meeting again<br />

in a social environment.<br />


<strong>The</strong> other good news is that the<br />

Wednesday morning mid-communion<br />

service held in <strong>The</strong> Ark is also back and<br />

running again, and so is the coffee and<br />

chat that follows it!<br />

While all the above is very<br />

rewarding for the members of the<br />

church whose efforts not only raised<br />

the money to build <strong>The</strong> Ark and in<br />

doing so took a huge 'step of faith'<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> - <strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 19<br />

Messy Christmas<br />

into the unknown because it could<br />

easily have failed, there are two other<br />

unexpected exciting developments<br />

that have been made possible by <strong>The</strong><br />

Ark — Messy Church and Sunday at<br />

Six.<br />


Messy Church arrived in <strong>The</strong> Ark<br />

in April 2018, about a year after the<br />

official opening. It offers people of all<br />

ages an alternative style of church in<br />

which 'messy' activities help to explain<br />

the Bible, the Christian faith and why<br />

and how we pray, in a practical way<br />

using everyday objects. Activities<br />

revolve around craft, food, games,<br />

music, story telling, sharing a meal<br />

and music.<br />

Messy Church soon became a<br />

popular service that supplements the<br />

more traditional services held in the<br />

church and it attracts young and old<br />

alike. It has returned after Covid on<br />

the third Sunday of the month at 3pm.<br />


Rev Kate<br />

On the fourth Sunday of the<br />

month at 6pm a small group of<br />

church members began meeting to<br />

explore another less formal, relaxed,<br />

alternative style of worship, prayer and<br />

Bible study.<br />

Although, like Messy Church, this<br />

was not on the agenda when <strong>The</strong> Ark<br />

was designed, it has already proved to<br />

be the perfect venue for this exciting<br />

venture. Called Sunday at Six, it is<br />

proving to be a huge success and each<br />

month attracts a growing number of<br />

families and people of all ages. Since<br />

the re-opening of <strong>The</strong> Ark after covid,<br />

the number of people who come along<br />

to share in this new venture is now<br />

around 50 - 60 and growing!

20 <strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> - <strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />


<strong>The</strong> day I met the Queen — and when I introduced<br />

Prince Philip to the chopper in the board room!<br />

By Gordon Nutbrown<br />

During the 1980’s I was chairman of<br />

the five operating companies that<br />

comprised the Gieves Group. One of<br />

these companies was Gieves & Hawkes,<br />

the military and civilian tailors who<br />

had the distinction of holding Royal<br />

Warrants to Her Majesty <strong>The</strong> Queen,<br />

Prince Philip and the Queen Mother.<br />

In 1980, Gieves & Hawkes were invited<br />

to publish a book of the Royal Naval<br />

College Dartmouth and we asked that<br />

Her Majesty the Queen might accept a<br />

copy.<br />

It was arranged that I would present<br />

the copy to Her Majesty during a<br />

forthcoming visit to attend her son’s<br />

passing-out at Dartmouth: this was<br />

Prince Andrew, later the Duke of York.<br />

Rosemary and I attended the formal<br />

luncheon and we both met Her Majesty<br />

afterwards when I presented the book<br />

to her.<br />


Another of our companies in the<br />

Group was the book printers and binders<br />

Redwood Burn.<br />

<strong>The</strong> bindery was at Esher and was<br />

honoured with a visit from Prince Philip<br />

the Duke of Edinburgh.<br />

I escorted him on a tour of the<br />

bindery which employed over 300<br />

people.<br />

During the tour Prince Philip<br />

frequently stopped to ask someone,<br />

'What do you do?' When asked this<br />

question one young lady replied, 'I work<br />

the chopper in the board room'.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Duke was clearly wrong footed by<br />

this reply and quite possibly had visions<br />

of miscreant directors being dragged to<br />

the guillotine!<br />

However, he seemed somewhat<br />

relieved when I explained that this<br />

particular young lady operated a<br />

machine that cut the cover boards of<br />

books to the required size in a room<br />

aptly named the 'board room'.<br />

Have you met Royalty<br />

or have a memory<br />

to share about the<br />

Coronation or an<br />

earlier Jubilee?<br />

Above: Gordon<br />

Nutbrown (left)<br />

meets <strong>The</strong> Queen<br />

in 1980.<br />

Left: Gordon<br />

welcomes Prince<br />

Philip to<br />

Redwood Burn<br />

book binders.<br />

Right: A copy<br />

of the book<br />

presented to<br />

<strong>The</strong> Queen.<br />

If you have, and<br />

would like to share<br />

them with our<br />

readers send them to:<br />


<strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> - <strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 21<br />


Molly Woodley poses by <strong>The</strong> Queen's limousine after receiving the two purses of Maundy Money<br />

Thank you for coming Ma'am!<br />

Despite the Royal etiquette that you only answer questions when addressed by Her<br />

Majesty <strong>The</strong> Queen, Molly Woodley, being her usual friendly and polite self, could<br />

not resist thanking Her Majesty for coming. Molly obviously did not end up in the<br />

Tower, as she can often be found saying the same thing to Rendezvous members<br />

when they set off home after their lunch!<br />

Molly met Her Majesty on Maundy<br />

Thursday in <strong>March</strong> 2013. She had been<br />

chosen to receive Maundy Money from<br />

<strong>The</strong> Queen by the Oxford Diocese for<br />

service to the church. <strong>The</strong> following is an<br />

extract from her story published in <strong>The</strong><br />

<strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> in May 2013.<br />

'On the great day,'there were 87 men<br />

and 87 women who were to receive the<br />

‘Purses for Pensioners’. We were put into<br />

alphabetical order, which worried me<br />

slightly as I am a ‘W’ and I was number<br />

171!'<br />

Our companions took up their seats<br />

in the Cathedral first and we sat in<br />

front of them. I was relieved to see my<br />

companion, Rev Jamie, in a prestigious<br />

position right next to the sanctuary<br />

where we had a perfect view of the Queen<br />

and Prince Philip, and of the arrival<br />

of the bishops and other dignitaries,<br />

including the Queen’s personal body<br />

guard, the Yeomen of the Guard, in full<br />

dress uniform.<br />

<strong>The</strong> distribution of Maundy Money<br />

was in two parts, separated by hymns<br />

and readings. As the Queen approached<br />

me the Chapel Royal choir sang Zadoc<br />

the Priest — it doesn’t get much better<br />

than that!<br />

HOMAGE<br />

When <strong>The</strong> Queen handed me the<br />

purses she said, ‘<strong>The</strong>se are for you.’ It<br />

was an extremely humbling experience;<br />

my Sovereign paying homage to me.<br />

<strong>The</strong>re were two purses, one red, the<br />

other white. <strong>The</strong> red purse contained<br />

a crown and a 50p piece minted in<br />

2013, and the white one had specially<br />

designed silver coins of 1p, 2p, 3p and<br />

4p denominations, amounting to the<br />

sum of 87p, the Queen’s age in April. <strong>The</strong><br />

purses were carried round the Cathedral<br />

on silver gilt dishes that were once part<br />

of the Chapel Royal Plate dating from the<br />

reign of Charles II (1660 — 1685).<br />

After the service we were invited to<br />

lunch in the Great Hall of Christchurch.<br />

A few of us were told that the Queen<br />

had gone to the Dean’s office and if we<br />

waited we might see her. We were so<br />

delighted that we did this because she<br />

came straight towards us and asked if<br />

we enjoyed the service. I am told that I<br />

thanked Her Majesty for coming!<br />

We then proceeded into lunch to find<br />

the room was so full we had to go into<br />

another room, and oh what a shame we<br />

had to eat with the Lord High Almoner<br />

and the Sub Almoner.<br />

It was a day filled with all the<br />

historical pageantry that I love and it was<br />

magical to be such an intimate part of it.

22 <strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> - <strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />

feature — 4<br />


25 years ago this month, Ali's Pond nature reserve was created on <strong>Parish</strong> Council land at King George<br />

King George's Field, became a designated Local Nature Reserve for its wildlife and amenity value in<br />

<strong>The</strong> reserve has been managed with a gentle touch throughout this time by Ali and his volunteer Frie<br />

1997 Creation! Ali's Pond liner is installed 1997<br />

1997 <strong>The</strong> first trees are planted around<br />

the new pond<br />

2001 Volunteers hay<br />

2004 Hedgerow planting after fire damage 200<br />

2006 Sonning Fire Brigade Trust fill the<br />

newly created Sonning Field pond<br />

200<br />

2006 Sonning Prima<br />

pond dipping<br />

2009 Log pile restocking 2013<br />

2013 Filming pond clearance with George<br />

McGavin, Big Wildlife Revival on TV<br />

2013 Rt Hon <strong>The</strong>resa<br />

plant the Queen<br />

201<br />

2016 Reading Blue Coat School teachers<br />

installing bird boxes<br />

2019 Home Schooling Club gets to grip<br />

with mini beasts<br />

Pond residents: Great

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> - <strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 23<br />


's Field by Sonning resident and professional ecologist Alastair Driver. <strong>The</strong> 1 acre site adjacent to<br />

2001. In 2006 the site doubled in size when Reading Blue Coat school bought the adjoining land.<br />

nds of Ali's Pond. Here we present a pictorial journey to celebrate the silver anniversary of the site.<br />

raking by hand 2003 Legacy of a visit by travellers 2004<br />

2004 Fire damage caused by contractors<br />

cleaning up traveller rubbish<br />

200<br />

ry School ready for 2008 Reading Blue Coat School pupils<br />

2008 Snow in April<br />

plant a new Sonning Field hedgerow<br />

May MP helps to<br />

's Diamond Jubilee Oak<br />

2015 Hedge restoration work party 201<br />

2016 Friends of Ali's Pond win a CIEEM<br />

national award for small conservation<br />

crested newts<br />

Orange Tip, one of more than 20 species of<br />

butterfly found in the nature reserve<br />

Rainbows ahead for Ali's Pond Nature Reserve

24 <strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> - <strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong> Please mention <strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> when responding to advertisements<br />

Pearson Hall Sonning<br />

is an ideal venue for<br />

your parties, regular<br />

classes or meetings<br />

Complete Pest<br />

Solutions<br />



Leslie Parker<br />

parkerleslie65@aol.com<br />

0125 624 2135 0799 081 4143<br />



2 Vyne Lodge Farm Cottage, Bramley, Tadley, Hampshire RG26 5EA<br />

24 hours service | Private client parking | Private chapel of rest<br />

Free home visits | Pre-paid funeral plans | Full written estimate<br />

Woodland funerals | Religious and non-religious services<br />

Find out more and check availability<br />

using our online booking system<br />

www.pearsonhall.org.uk<br />

Tel: 01491 573370<br />

www.tomalins.co.uk tomalin@btconnect.com<br />

Anderson House, 38 Reading Road, Henley-On-Thames, RG9 1AG<br />

A Family Run Independent Funeral Service<br />



WINTER<br />

reception@thegreathouseatsonning.co.uk<br />

0118 969 2277 l www.greathouseatsonning.co.uk

around the villages — 1<br />

With all the focus on healthy living<br />

in the early New Year, what better<br />

time was there for Sonning Church<br />

of England Primary School children<br />

to take part in an initiative that<br />

helped them learn the importance of<br />

eating the right foods, the benefits of<br />

a healthy lifestyle and taking regular<br />

exercise.<br />

Reading Football Club visited the<br />

school in January and February to<br />

hold practical sessions and workshops<br />

that included several games and<br />

puzzles that highlighted good eating<br />

practices.<br />

<strong>The</strong>n the youngsters hit the<br />

playground to enjoy a host of ball<br />

skills and training stints, just like the<br />

real professional footballers do at the<br />

Madejski Stadium.<br />

Governor Kate Voss also visited the<br />

school twice to run assembly sessions<br />

on good dietary practice, the benefits<br />

of healthy living and some of the<br />

pitfalls to avoid.<br />

Over a four week period, the<br />

children were also encouraged to try<br />

new foods, run a mile a day, swish a<br />

badminton racket, cut out fatty foods,<br />

eat less chocolate, play netball, walk<br />

or cycle to school, appreciate fruit and<br />

vegetables, and give a new sport a go.<br />

Chris Berry from Reading FC said,<br />

'It was wonderful to see the children’s<br />

enthusiasm for trying new training<br />

exercises and practicing ball skills. I<br />

was also impressed by the knowledge<br />

the children already had about healthy<br />

living and which foods to choose to<br />

stay in shape.'<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> - <strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 25<br />

Sonning School children shape up for <strong>2022</strong><br />

Save the date<br />

to save Karun<br />

<strong>The</strong> International Committee of the<br />

Inner Wheel Club of Reading Maiden<br />

Erlegh is hosting a 'Saturday Brunch'<br />

in Charvil Village Hall on 14 May in<br />

aid of Karun School, Trichy, South<br />

India.<br />

Inner Wheel supported the school,<br />

which was severely hit during the<br />

covid lockdown, by paying for two<br />

sewing machines and for a ‘seamstress’<br />

teacher to expand the knowledge of<br />

both local women and girls at the<br />

school. More details on:<br />

http://www.innerwheelrme.org<br />

Ian McCann<br />

Scarecrows are back for the royal holiday!<br />

Sonning Scarecrows will be back for the Platinum Jubilee holiday weekend when<br />

there will be all the usual attractions, including open gardens and no doubt, lots of<br />

royal scarecrows!<br />

To find out how to make a scarecrow, register an entry, offer help with<br />

refreshments (making or serving), manning a garden, marshalling or generally<br />

helping in any way go along to Pearson Hall on Tuesday 22 <strong>March</strong> at 7.45pm.<br />

If you have a garden on the scarecrow trail — bottom of Pound Lane, Pearson<br />

Road, High Street, Thames Street or bottom of Charvil Lane — for displaying a<br />

scarecrow, or to open your garden contact: Barbara.carr71@hotmail.co.uk

26 <strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> - <strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />

‘Excellent’ School<br />

An independent company<br />

rated good<br />

by Care Quality<br />

Commission, our customers<br />

and staff alike.<br />

Home Carers Wanted!<br />

Bridges Home Care is growing...<br />

Rated highly by customers... Staff and the profession...<br />

Providing quality care in the Oxfordshire area...<br />

Why not join our close knit team?<br />

I love care work<br />

and being around<br />

to help people<br />

<strong>The</strong> managers<br />

are approachable<br />

and supportive<br />

My main carer<br />

is very good, she<br />

is wonderful,<br />

like a friend<br />

<strong>The</strong> training gives<br />

you confidence to<br />

learn more<br />

‘Pupils’ social development and collaboration skills<br />

are excellent.’<br />

‘Pupils make an outstanding contribution to<br />

the lives of others.’<br />

ISI Inspection, November 2019<br />

Register online: rbcs.org.uk<br />

An Independent Day School for Boys 11-18, and Girls 16 -18<br />

Bridges ticks all the boxes<br />

n✔ Full training given<br />

n✔ Existing skills<br />

& experience valued<br />

n✔ Guaranteed work,<br />

local area<br />

n✔ Flexible hours or<br />

shifts available<br />

n✔ Supportive hands-on<br />

management<br />

If you think this might be for you, find out more...<br />

call Bonny or Wendy on 01491 578758<br />

or email bonny@bridgeshomecare.co.uk<br />

visit www.bridgeshomecare.co.uk<br />

UKHCA<br />

Supported by Oxfordshire County Council<br />

Oxfordshire Association<br />

of Care Providers<br />

Interior & exterior blinds,<br />

shutters, awnings<br />

& screens<br />

Always excellent service<br />

and great value<br />

www.blinds-reading.co.uk<br />

Call John at Blinds Direct<br />

on 0118 950 4272<br />

johndacre@blinds-reading.co.uk<br />

Bathrooms &Kitchens Ltd<br />

Plumbing, Plastering, Tiling<br />

and all associated work<br />

Contact us today for a<br />

FREE<br />

No obligation Consultation<br />

and Quotation<br />

0778 897 2921<br />

markt@kingfisher-bathrooms.com<br />

http://www.kingfisher-bathrooms.com<br />

167 167 Fairwater Kingfisher Drive, Woodley, Reading, Berks RG5 3JQ

around the villages — 2<br />

Local artists<br />

painting for<br />

the Jubilee<br />

Sonning Art Group reports that<br />

they are back to full capacity<br />

following the pandemic and they<br />

are now busy making preparations<br />

for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee<br />

weekend in June when they will be<br />

staging an exhibition of their work<br />

in Pearson Hall in conjunction with<br />

the Scarecrow Trail. <strong>The</strong>ir Jubilee<br />

exhibition will be in Pearson Hall on<br />

2-3 June. Three of the groups latest<br />

pieces of art are . . .<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> - <strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 27<br />

Walk and talks but no film shows<br />

Dinton Pastures by Maggie Hollidge<br />

Salisbury Cathedral by Pauline Simpson<br />

Rob Farquhar's dog<br />

Reading Abbey<br />

Mark Zhu, dreamstime.com<br />

Most of the Sonning and Sonning Eye events are now running again, the<br />

main exception being <strong>The</strong> Film Club which is still temporarily suspended.<br />

This month, there are two events to look forward to: a guided Heritage walk<br />

around Reading Abbey and the Museum, and a talk in Pearson Hall on the<br />

Thames during the Victorian and Edwardian eras.<br />

<strong>The</strong> guided Heritage walk around<br />

Reading Abbey starts at 2pm on<br />

Tuesday 8 <strong>March</strong>. <strong>The</strong> Abbey is<br />

famous for being founded in 1121 by<br />

King Henry I, who was the youngest<br />

son of William the Conqueror. <strong>The</strong><br />

museum is known for displaying<br />

the only full replica of the Bayeux<br />

Tapestry which depicts the Norman<br />

conquest of England.<br />

Details about how to join the<br />

walk, which is limited to 20 people,<br />

are available from Penny Feathers<br />

(contact details below).<br />

<strong>The</strong> Pearson Hall talk is on Friday<br />

25 <strong>March</strong> and will be presented<br />

by Simon Wenham from the<br />

Department of Continuing<br />

Education at Oxford University.<br />

His subject will be 'Leisure and<br />

Pleasure on the Thames through the<br />

Victorian and Edwardian periods'.<br />

Simon has written several social<br />

history books about the importance<br />

of leisure during that period and his<br />

talk will explore how society had fun<br />

and entertained themselves with<br />

particular emphasis on boating and<br />

the growth of local boatyards.<br />

<strong>The</strong> talk starts at 7.30pm<br />

(doors open at 7pm). Tickets are<br />

£4 members, £5 guests and can be<br />

obtained via:<br />

https://www.sonning.org.uk/<br />

or Penny Feathers 0118 934 3193,<br />

penny.feathers@btinternet.com<br />

Eleven charities share one roof<br />

<strong>The</strong> Wokingham Charity and Community Hub, which opened in January, is<br />

now home to 11 charities and organisations.<br />

<strong>The</strong> hub, is in Waterford House, Erftstadt Court, RG10 2YR, and is open Monday<br />

to Friday from 9am- 5pm to seek advice, help and support, or you can make<br />

an appointment calling 0118 228 0480 or emailing reception@vcshub.co.uk <strong>The</strong><br />

charities based there are:<br />

— Involve (which is managing the hub)<br />

— Cranstoun Wokingham, a drug and alcohol recovery service for adults<br />

— Home Start Wokingham District<br />

— Health Watch Wokingham Borough<br />

— <strong>The</strong> Link Visiting Scheme<br />

— Mind in Berkshire<br />

— CLASP - Counselling Life Advice Suicide Prevention<br />

— Promise Inclusion - for adults and children with learning disabilities<br />

— Wokingham Volunteer Centre<br />

— Wokingham Foodbank<br />

— Citizen’s Advice Wokingham

28 <strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> - <strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />

Please mention <strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> when responding to advertisements<br />

Cruz Kitchens<br />

Bespoke, Made to<br />

Measure Kitchens<br />

Designed | Supplied | Installed<br />

Call 0118 961 1295<br />

Email: info@cruzkitchens.co.uk<br />

Visit: www.cruzkitchens.co.uk<br />

studio dfp<br />

complete graphic<br />

and web design<br />

service on your<br />

doorstep<br />

Since 1984 · 0118 969 3633<br />

david@designforprint.org<br />


Tablet/Granular Tablet/Granular Harvey Block<br />

10kg * 25kg* Salt 2 x 4kg*<br />

• 5x10kg=£35<br />

• 10x10kg=£65<br />

• 20x10kg=£130<br />

• 3x25kg=£35<br />

• 5x25kg=£49.95<br />

• 10x25kg=£95<br />

• 5 Packs £35<br />

• 10 Packs £60<br />

• 20 Packs £115<br />


Email: Martyncollins@portmanpm.com<br />


www.salt-deliveries-online.com<br />

Tel 07785 772263 or 0118 959 1796<br />

Unit 2, 6 Portman Road Reading RG30 1EA<br />

*Prices are subject to change please check our website<br />

Assisted Living | Nursing | Dementia Care | Respite<br />


Studio suites and one-bedroom apartments,<br />

all with en suite wet rooms and kitchenettes<br />

Cliveden Manor, Signature’s care home<br />

in Marlow, provides exceptional care by<br />

compassionate people for both individuals and<br />

couples. <strong>The</strong> home has a variety of communal<br />

areas and the apartments are typically twice the<br />

size of an average care home.<br />

To find out more or to arrange a visit to our<br />

lovely home, please contact Jan Marples – Client<br />

Liaison Manager<br />

01628 702319 | enquiries.cliveden@signaturesl.co.uk | signature-care-homes.co.uk<br />

210 Little Marlow Road, Marlow, SL7 1HX

around the villages — 3<br />

Project Singers <strong>March</strong> project . . .<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> - <strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 29<br />

Suzanne Newman (left) with some of the Project Singers who entertained visitors to Sheeplands Garden Centre with Christmas carols last December.<br />

Formed in September last year by<br />

Suzanne Newman, Charvil's music<br />

teacher and choir director, <strong>The</strong><br />

Project Singers are working on a<br />

number of choral projects, the next,<br />

of which, is being held this month.<br />

<strong>The</strong> female voices choir rehearse at<br />

Charvil Village Hall in two sections<br />

— one for girls between the ages of<br />

10 and 18 on Sundays between 6.15<br />

and 7.45pm; the other for ladies who<br />

rehearse on Mondays between 8.00<br />

and 9.30pm.<br />

Friends of St Andrew's<br />

Church, Sonning<br />

Notice of Annual General Meeting<br />

followed by<br />

with<br />

Fish & Chip Supper<br />

Thursday 17 <strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />

at 7.30pm in<br />

<strong>The</strong> Ark<br />

<strong>The</strong> singers' <strong>March</strong> project is A<br />

Night at the Movies which culminates<br />

in a concert at Norden Farm Centre<br />

for the Arts, Maidenhead on 26<br />

<strong>March</strong> at 7.30pm, when the choirs<br />

will be singing a great selection of<br />

songs from films including: Fame,<br />

Singin' in the rain, Hopelessly devoted<br />

to you, City of stars, We have all the<br />

time in the World and a medley from<br />

<strong>The</strong> Sound of Music.<br />

<strong>The</strong>y will be joined for their<br />

concert by Crosfields Strings, an<br />

ensemble from Crosfields School.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Project Singers next major<br />

project for the summer term is Let's<br />

Sing! — all the songs being about<br />

singing, such as: One voice, How can<br />

I keep from singing, Cantar! Thank<br />

you for the music and With a voice of<br />

singing.<br />

This project will culminate in<br />

a concert in St Mary's Church,<br />

Twyford on 3 July.<br />

If you are interested in becoming<br />

a Project Singer contact Suzanne on:<br />

suzanneynewman@btinternet.com<br />

or 0118 934 0589.<br />

Planning Your<br />

Traditional Wedding?<br />

<strong>The</strong>n you might like to<br />

discuss the possibility of<br />

marriage in our ancient and<br />

beautiful parish church.<br />

If so, call the vicar, Jamie<br />

0118 969 3298<br />

He will be pleased to help!<br />

In aid of FoStAC fund raising to ensure sufficient funds<br />

are available for any future emergency repairs.<br />

Tickets £15 including Fish & Chip Supper<br />

(Bring your own bottle/drink)<br />

Please email Sally Wilson on mustangsallywilson@gmail or 0787 689 9513<br />

to confirm your attendance. Quiz teams will be in tables of four and payment<br />

can be made to any of the Trustees in advance of the event.<br />

Closing date for numbers will be Wednesday 16 <strong>March</strong> at 10am so that food<br />

can be ordered in advance.<br />

Registered Charity No: 1101944<br />

In addition to the stunning and historic location in Sonning,<br />

we will work hard to provide you with a memorable and<br />

moving occasion. We can provide a choir, organ, peal of<br />

eight bells, beautiful flowers, over 100 lit candles set in<br />

ornate Victorian chandeliers and the use of our beautiful<br />

churchyard as a backdrop for your photographs.<br />

Church of St Andrew<br />

Serving Sonning, Charvil & Sonning Eye<br />

the church of st andrew SERVING CHARVIL,<br />

SONNING & sonning eye since the 7 th century

30 <strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> - <strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong> Please mention <strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> when responding to advertisements<br />

Louise Amanda Sheppard (BA/Dip)<br />

EMDR Specialist<br />

Hypnotherapist<br />

Mobile <strong>The</strong>rapist covering<br />

Oxfordshire & Berkshire<br />

EMDR <strong>The</strong>rapy<br />

(Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing)<br />

A powerful tool, proven to be extremely useful in the<br />

treatment of traumatised individuals, which can give<br />

people back control in just a few sessions<br />

Trauma . Victims of Rape . Assault<br />

Combat . Drug Addiction . Bereavement<br />

Fears/Phobias . Anxiety . Depression<br />

Hypnotherapy<br />

Pain . Anxiety . Fears . Phobias<br />

Smoking . Weight Management<br />

Age Regression/Past-Life Regression<br />

Gestalt <strong>The</strong>rapy/Dreamwork<br />

Parts <strong>The</strong>rapy<br />

07842 262 583<br />


History<br />

Was it really . . . ?<br />

. . . 500 YEARS AGO from 9-17<br />

<strong>March</strong> 1522 that Martin Luther<br />

preached his Invocavit Sermons. He<br />

urged citizens to adhere to the core<br />

Christian values and trust in God,<br />

rather than, using violence to bring<br />

about change.<br />

. . . 175 YEARS AGO on 3 <strong>March</strong><br />

1847 that Alexander Graham Bell,<br />

Scottish-born American engineer,<br />

and scientist, was born. He is<br />

credited with inventing the first<br />

practical telephone.<br />

. . . 100 YEARS AGO on 10 <strong>March</strong><br />

1922 that Indian independence leader<br />

Mahatma Gandhi was arrested<br />

and charged with sedition for his<br />

campaign of non-cooperation against<br />

the British Indian government. He<br />

was sentenced to 6 years in prison<br />

but released after 2 years as he<br />

needed surgery.<br />

Martin Luther (1483-1546) on an engraving<br />

from 1859 by Nordheim and published in<br />

Meyers Konversations-Lexikon, Germany.<br />

Georgios Kollidas, dreamstime.com<br />

. . . 75 YEARS AGO on 1 <strong>March</strong> 1947<br />

that the International Monetary<br />

Fund began operating.<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> - <strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 31<br />

Ireland resigned, and on 30 <strong>March</strong><br />

1972 that the British government<br />

introduced direct rule of Northern<br />

Ireland from Westminster (until<br />

1999).<br />

. . . 40 YEARS AGO on 3 <strong>March</strong> 1982<br />

that the Barbican Centre in London<br />

was opened. It is the largest arts and<br />

conference venue in Europe.<br />

. . . 30 YEARS AGO on 19 <strong>March</strong> 1992<br />

that Buckingham Palace announced<br />

the separation of the Duke and<br />

Duchess of York (Prince Andrew and<br />

Sarah Ferguson).<br />

. . . 25 YEARS AGO on 6 <strong>March</strong> 1997<br />

that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II<br />

launched the official Royal website:<br />

http://www.royal.gov.uk<br />

. . . 80 YEARS AGO on 8 <strong>March</strong> 1942<br />

that the bombing of Essen, Germany,<br />

took place. It was the first attack on<br />

a German city by the RAF following<br />

the Area Bombing Directive of 14<br />

February, which authorised the<br />

bombing of civilian areas.<br />

. . . 80 YEARS AGO, on 25 <strong>March</strong><br />

1942 that Aretha Franklin, the Queen<br />

of Soul, was born. <strong>The</strong> American<br />

soul/R&B/pop/gospel singer's hit<br />

songs included Respect and I Say a<br />

Little Prayer. She died 2018.<br />

. . . 65 YEARS AGO on 25 <strong>March</strong> 1957<br />

that the Treaty of Rome was signed,<br />

creating the European Economic<br />

Community (EEC) which came into<br />

force on 1 January 1958. It was<br />

renamed the European Community<br />

in 1993 and dissolved in 2009, having<br />

been replaced by the European<br />

Union.<br />

. . . 50 YEARS AGO on 24 <strong>March</strong> 1972<br />

that the government of Northern<br />

Ritu Jethani dreamstime.com<br />

. . . ALSO 25 YEARS AGO on 21<br />

<strong>March</strong> 1997 the Rev W V Awdry,<br />

clergyman and children’s writer,<br />

died. He is best known as the creator<br />

of Thomas the Tank Engine.<br />


Sunday 20 <strong>March</strong> at 3pm

32 <strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> - <strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />

Please mention <strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> when responding to advertisements<br />

For a helpful professional service<br />


Wide range of health advice provided<br />

including private consultation area<br />

www.etsheppard.co.uk<br />

01491 574 644<br />

36 Reading Road, Henley-on-Thames RG9 1AG<br />


Telephone: 0118 934 1222<br />

Fax: 0118 932 0372<br />

Email: fields.pharmacy@gmail.com<br />

www.afjones.co.uk<br />

0118 9573 537<br />

33 Bedford Road, Reading, RG1 7EX<br />

Established in 1858<br />

A.F. Jones<br />

Stonemasons<br />

Limited<br />

CHRIS the plumber<br />

I offer the same friendly, reliable service as<br />

always but in addition to general plumbing<br />

I now offer domestic and commercial gas<br />

work — boiler repairs, installations, fault<br />

finding, power flush.<br />

Repairs not covered by Homeserve?<br />

Speak to a tradesman, not a salesman!<br />

Emergency call out available<br />

Ask Chris Duvall for a FREE quote<br />

christheplumber75@gmail.com<br />

0785 095 6354<br />

3584769<br />

57732 AF Jones <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> Advert.indd 1 19/11/2014 10:43

Home and garden<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> - <strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 33<br />

Buckingham Palace gates<br />

Throughout <strong>March</strong> and April you can<br />

enjoy the tranquillity of Buckingham<br />

Palace Garden when it is not usually<br />

open to the public and discover its<br />

highlights on a guided tour led by one<br />

of the palace wardens.<br />

You will be given special access to the<br />

whole 39-acre grounds in springtime,<br />

when the garden is at its fullest.<br />

Throughout the season daffodils,<br />

primroses and bluebells will emerge<br />

in the meadows and the camellias,<br />

magnolias and azaleas around the<br />

garden will bloom.<br />

You will be able to learn about<br />

the role that William Aiton — then<br />

Recipe of the month from Emma's Kitchen<br />

Sausage, Apple and Leek Pie<br />

Ingredients (Serves 6)<br />

12 Cumberland sausages<br />

2 large leeks, washed, trimmed, thick cut<br />

2 Cox apples, cored and roughly chopped<br />

2 tbsp wholegrain mustard<br />

1 egg for glazing<br />

Aughty Venable, dreamstime.com<br />

An opportunity to go through the<br />

gates of Buckingham Palace<br />

director of the Royal Botanic Gardens<br />

at Kew - George IV and Queen Victoria<br />

had in shaping the layout of the<br />

garden, its wildlife and rare trees and<br />

flowers, and how it is now used by <strong>The</strong><br />

Queen and other members of the Royal<br />

Family.<br />

<strong>The</strong> tour will end with an<br />

opportunity to take pictures by the<br />

Palace overlooking the lake. Should<br />

you visit the gardens we would love<br />

to be able to share your pictures with<br />

readers!<br />

To book a tour, and for more<br />

information: https://www.rct.uk/event/<br />

buckingham-palace-garden-guidedtour-03-<strong>2022</strong>#/<br />

1 tbs butter<br />

3 tbs plain flour<br />

250ml chicken stock<br />

250ml cider<br />

500g puff pastry<br />

Method — Oven 2000C/Gas mark 6<br />

Bake sausages for 30 minutes until browned and cooked through. Set aside and<br />

allow to cool<br />

Melt butter and fry leeks until softened (8-10 mins). Add the apples and cook<br />

for a further 1-2mins, add the flour and stir until apples and leeks are coated<br />

and cook for another minute. Slowly add the stock and then the cider, stir and<br />

cook until a bubbling thick sauce. Add the mustard.<br />

Chop the sausages and add to the sauce, stir until thoroughly mixed then add to<br />

either six individual casserole dishes or one large one.<br />

Add the puff pastry to the top, press down the edges and glaze on top.<br />

Bake in the oven for 20-25 minutes or until piping hot.<br />

Serve with seasonal vegetables and mashed potatoes.<br />

Artur Szczybylo, dreamstime.com<br />

<strong>The</strong> Twyford and Ruscombe<br />

Horticultural Association (TRHA)<br />

store in Loddon Hall Road, Twyford<br />

RG10 9JA — it's next to the<br />

Twyford Doctors' Surgery — is<br />

now open for members to purchase<br />

horticultural goods on Sunday<br />

mornings from 9.30-11.00am.<br />

A ‘not for profit’ organisation TRHA<br />

has been run by volunteers since<br />

1956 and is affiliated with the Royal<br />

Horticultural Society.<br />

TRHA's main objective is to<br />

promote gardening and allotment<br />

cultivation to members of all ages<br />

in the local community through<br />

various activities that include a<br />

monthly newsletter, three shows a<br />

year and the sale of garden supplies<br />

in the store.<br />


Its members support a number<br />

of local horticultural projects,<br />

particularly 'Twyford in Bloom'<br />

which is part of a nationwide RHS<br />

event, although this year RHS has<br />

decided to suspend it because of the<br />

covid pandemic.<br />

Last year, the pandemic led to<br />

TRHA holding an informal show in<br />

the autumn of 2021.<br />

This year, the spring show will be<br />

held on Saturday 26 <strong>March</strong>. Details,<br />

when available, will be on the<br />

association's website: http://trha.org.uk<br />

where membership details are also<br />

available.<br />

Alternatively, contact: Jenny<br />

Wager, on trhamembership@gmail.<br />

com or 0118 932 0127. <strong>The</strong> annual<br />

household membership is £8 per<br />

year, or £7 for those over 65.

34 <strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> - <strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />

THE ARTS — 1<br />

Poetry<br />

corner<br />

<strong>The</strong> metaphysical dean<br />

Psalm 21:1-7<br />

Blessed people of platinum year<br />

Of seventy years past and dear<br />

Elizabeth your servant reigns<br />

Christ-like her life with no unfeigns<br />

<strong>The</strong> Queen shall joy in your strength, Lord<br />

Rejoice in your salvation, Lord<br />

You have, Lord, given her what she<br />

Desired in heart, and heard each plea<br />

For you meet her with the blessings<br />

Of goodness, each her honour brings<br />

You set crown of gold on her head<br />

Faithful she peoples still has led<br />

She asked life of you, and you gave<br />

Her life, and salvation to save<br />

Even length of days for ever<br />

His witness to you fades never<br />

Her glory is great in your deeds<br />

In your salvation, it she heeds<br />

Honour and majesty have you<br />

Laid on her, as King David true<br />

For she trusts in you as did he<br />

Of old, now so these days does she<br />

Through the mercy of the most High<br />

She not be moved, knows you are nigh<br />

Arthur C James, dreamstime.com<br />

Platinum Peace<br />

By Steven Rolling<br />

Tune: Gonfalon Royal ‘<strong>The</strong> royal banners forward go’<br />

Wirestock, dreamstime.com<br />

John Donne (1572–1631) was an English poet, scholar,<br />

soldier, secretary and finally Dean of St Paul's Cathedral.<br />

But he is most remembered for his poetry and is seen as the<br />

greatest of the 17th Century ‘metaphysical’ poets.<br />

He was born into a Roman Catholic family in London at a<br />

time when the Church of England was the dominant faith,<br />

and Roman Catholics were considered second class citizens.<br />

Although he studied at Oxford and Cambridge, his Roman<br />

Catholicism denied him his degree. So, in 1592, he went to<br />

London to study law at Lincoln’s Inn.<br />

In 1594 Donne converted to the Church of England, and<br />

this opened up a new life for him. Two years later he joined<br />

a naval expedition led by the Earl of Essex against Cadiz in<br />

Spain. On his return in 1598, he became private secretary to<br />

Sir Thomas Egerton, Lord Keeper of the Seal. All was going<br />

well, until he fell in love with Egerton’s 16 year old niece,<br />

Anne More, whom he secretly married in 1601. Egerton was<br />

furious, Donne lost his job, and spent a short time in prison.<br />


For several years after that he worked as a lawyer and in<br />

1610 he wrote a book encouraging Roman Catholics to take<br />

the oath of allegiance to the king. His book caught the eye of<br />

James I, and Donne was appointed as a royal chaplain only a<br />

few months after his ordination in 1615.<br />

In 1617 Donne’s beloved wife, Anne, died, and four years<br />

later he was appointed the Dean of St Paul’s Cathedral, where<br />

he proved to be a much loved and inspiring preacher.<br />

Throughout his working life, he continued to write poetry,<br />

though most of it remained unpublished until 1633. It was<br />

then mostly forgotten after his death, until early last century<br />

when in the 1920's, both Ezra Pound and TS Eliot openly<br />

acknowledged their literary debt to him. Donne’s place as one<br />

of the greatest of the 17th Century ‘metaphysical’ poets is<br />

now assured — metaphysical poets placed greater emphasis<br />

on the spoken rather than lyrical quality of their verse.

<strong>The</strong> ARTS — 2<br />

Book Reviews<br />

Victorian Stained Glass by Trevor<br />

Yorke, Shire Publications, £8.99<br />

This beautifully illustrated guide<br />

introduces the world of Victorian<br />

stained glass which can be found in<br />

countless British churches, municipal<br />

buildings and homes. It is often<br />

glowing with colour, with designs<br />

influenced by the Gothic Revival, the<br />

Arts and Crafts Movement, and even<br />

the Art Nouveau, as a new century dawned. Its famous<br />

designers include A W N Pugin, and Pre-Raphaelites<br />

William Morris and Edward Burne-Jones. Trevor Yorke,<br />

a historian, tells how Victorian craftsmen re-learned the<br />

lost medieval art of colouring, painting, and assembling<br />

stained glass windows, that in an age of industry became<br />

mass produced.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Bible: a story that makes sense<br />

of life by Andrew Ollerton, Bible<br />

Society, £11.99<br />

This book explores how the story of<br />

the Bible not only helps us understand<br />

our lives, but also gives a framework<br />

for making sense of life in general.<br />

We can see how the narratives in the<br />

Bible mirror the narrative arcs we go<br />

through. Wherever you stand with the Bible, whether<br />

you are seeking to find out its meaning for your own life<br />

or just want to know more about its stories, this book is a<br />

fantastic starting point.<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> - <strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 35<br />

Enter my rest<br />

Wikipedia, public domain<br />

Rev Michael Burgess continues his series on God in the Arts with a look<br />

at ‘<strong>The</strong> Potato Planters’ by Jean-Francois Millet. It hangs in the Museum<br />

of Fine Arts in Boston.<br />

At this time of the year, we are planning our gardens for the<br />

spring and summer ahead. <strong>The</strong> book of Genesis opens with<br />

a glorious account of God’s work of creation, and it also tells<br />

us that God rested on the seventh day.<br />

We all need to find that balance of work and rest, of activity<br />

and slowing down in our lives. And we are not always good<br />

at that because our world seems to be in the fast lane. We<br />

rush everywhere, we rush out of habit, and we rush because<br />

everyone around us is rushing.<br />

This month’s painting, <strong>The</strong> Potato Planters by Jean–<br />

Francois Millet, a 19th century French artist, portrays two<br />

peasants at work. <strong>The</strong>y don’t seem to be rushing, but Millet<br />

has certainly portrayed the hard toil of their work, digging in<br />

the earth from sunrise to sunset to eke out a living.<br />

Millet was the son of a farm labourer and many of his<br />

paintings convey the severe realism of peasant life. We can<br />

sympathise with the couple working on the land, and our<br />

eyes focus on them as they dominate the canvas.<br />

But in the corner under the shade of a tree there is a<br />

donkey and a sleeping child. <strong>The</strong> donkey knows only too well<br />

the reality of toil and work, but here he is resting, enjoying<br />

the peace and the shade.<br />


Andy Merrifield, an American philosopher, has just<br />

published an account of his travels with a donkey, Gribouille.<br />

As they journey together, the donkey teaches him the value<br />

of patience, the importance of going slowly through the<br />

world, and the preciousness of tender friendship between<br />

humans and animals. <strong>The</strong>y are all caught up in the little<br />

donkey in this painting.<br />

<strong>The</strong> man and woman in the foreground may reflect our<br />

own lives with the duties, the expectations and the demands<br />

called of us at work. Take time to focus on the donkey,<br />

enjoying his rest.<br />

Take time this spring and summer to find relaxation and<br />

recreation. <strong>The</strong> world may carry on spinning around us, but<br />

we can stand apart, and enter into the rest that God enjoyed<br />

after his work of creation.

36 <strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> - <strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />

HEALTH — 1<br />

Dr Simon Ruffle writes . . . <strong>March</strong> hares?<br />

<strong>March</strong> was the first month of the<br />

Roman calendar, named after<br />

Martius who is related to Mars<br />

the God of war and was ancestor<br />

of Romulus and Remus. In Saxon<br />

times it was Lentmonat after the<br />

spring equinox and, likely, where<br />

the term 'lent' comes from<br />

A quick note of the <strong>March</strong> hare:<br />

Long before Lewis Carroll told us,<br />

correctly, that the hare was mad<br />

in May, but not as mad than in<br />

<strong>March</strong> — the English hare was seen<br />

fighting in <strong>March</strong>.<br />

It was thought that these were<br />

the males fighting for dominance.<br />

That is incorrect; it is the females<br />

fighting off the unwarranted<br />

attention of the male hare as they<br />

are not yet in season or interested.<br />

<strong>March</strong> is early in the season which<br />

lasts to September.<br />


Humans are unusual in the fact<br />

that we don’t have seasons as such<br />

and it is on the topic of reproduction<br />

that I want to write.<br />

<strong>March</strong> is the world wide month of<br />

endometriosis awareness.<br />

Endometriosis comes from<br />

Greek: end — inside; metro —<br />

womb; and osis— disease. This is a<br />

misnomer when referring to humans<br />

but probably not in horses!<br />

<strong>The</strong> uterus has a lining known<br />

as the endometrium. This is a blood<br />

rich lining that allow fertilised egg<br />

to implant and lead to pregnancy.<br />

This is the lining that is shed every<br />

month.<br />

This lining can go wrong. It<br />

can over grow, develop cysts and<br />

the endometrial glands become<br />

inflamed.<br />

No one cause has been found but<br />

it is likely to be genetic and related<br />

to other autoimmune diseases that<br />

cause inflammation, like asthma.<br />

<strong>The</strong>se inflamed glands can ‘seed’<br />

outside the endometrium which<br />

is what causes the symptoms of<br />

endometriosis.<br />

Anatomy is important here as<br />

the womb sits in the pelvis with<br />

the bladder and bowel. <strong>The</strong>se seeds<br />

tend to sit only in the abdomen<br />

and pelvis. Rarely, they can move<br />

to other areas of the body such as<br />

the brain, lungs and other mucosal<br />

linings.<br />

Symptoms of endometriosis<br />

vary widely. Some women have no<br />

symptoms whatsoever and some<br />

can be crippled by period pain. This<br />

is with or without endometriosis,<br />

however, with the disease it is more<br />

likely that symptoms occur.<br />

Bloating, lower abdominal pain,<br />

painful +/- heavy periods, and painful<br />

sexual intercourse are the most<br />

common symptoms.<br />


Some symptoms that are due to<br />

endometriosis can be mistaken for<br />

other common issues such as irritable<br />

bowel disease and urine infection.<br />

Recurrences of these symptoms<br />

and painful periods should trigger<br />

investigation for the diagnosis.<br />

Due to the commonality of<br />

symptoms diagnosis is often delayed.<br />

Diagnosis comes from a careful<br />

history and often a trial of therapy. A<br />

treatment for heavy periods such as<br />

the pill or progesterone is used.<br />

Diagnosis of endometriosis<br />

involves an invasive process that isn’t<br />

risk free, laparoscopy. A laparacope is<br />

passed into the abdomen and pelvis.<br />

As you can imagine this procedure<br />

is not comfortable and not totally<br />

safe. This also adds to the ‘delay’ in<br />

diagnosis.<br />

Simon Ruffle<br />

Endometriosis needs oestrogen,<br />

so it does recede after the menopause<br />

but denying women of oestrogen<br />

through therapy also leads to many<br />

side effects, unwanted symptoms and<br />

other disease.<br />

I’d need the whole <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

to go through all the options for<br />

treatment and would dilute the<br />

message in this article that <strong>March</strong> is<br />

‘awareness’ month.<br />

Other issues with the diagnosis<br />

of endometrial disease are misogyny,<br />

embarrassment and trivialising<br />

of female only issues. Oh, it’s just<br />

period pain. Those of us of a certain<br />

generation laughed along with Les<br />

Dawson in drag mouthing ‘lady<br />

problems’ and ‘the change,’ while of<br />

its time, doesn’t help bringing issues<br />

to prominence.<br />

Maybe the female hares are onto<br />

something.<br />

Neil Harrison, dreamstime.com

HEALTH — 2<br />

'A mosquito'; 'reminds<br />

me of a steam train';<br />

'it’s hard to describe,<br />

it’s not like anything<br />

I’ve heard before' . . .<br />

By Nic Wray<br />

Communications manager, British Tinnitus Association<br />

<strong>The</strong>se people are talking about their tinnitus, a<br />

condition often described as 'ringing in the ears' but<br />

which can appear as almost any type of noise, or<br />

mixture of noises. Some people even hear snatches of<br />

music. Comedian and naturalist Bill Oddie’s tinnitus<br />

plays trombone or bagpipe music!<br />

While musical tinnitus such as Bill’s is fairly rare,<br />

tinnitus is a very common condition. It is more prevalent<br />

in people over 50, although all age groups can experience<br />

it, even children. Tinnitus is experienced by over 600<br />

people in the communities of Charvil, Sonning and<br />

Sonning Eye alone — are you one of them?<br />

Tinnitus is rarely spoken about, but it is a common<br />

condition. About one in eight adults (7.1 million people)<br />

in the UK have tinnitus, and of those, about 1 in 10<br />

find it has an effect on their quality of life. This means<br />

it can cause distress, anxiety, sleeplessness and lack of<br />

concentration.<br />


<strong>The</strong> causes of tinnitus are not fully understood, but<br />

some of the more common causes associated with it are:<br />

— Hearing loss: the delicate hair cells in the inner ear<br />

may reduce in number due to ‘wear and tear’ as people<br />

age. This gradual change can cause hearing loss, which<br />

makes tinnitus more noticeable as it is not masked by<br />

external sound.<br />

—Exposure to loud noise: hair cells can also be damaged<br />

by loud noise, which could generate tinnitus.<br />

— Stress and anxiety: it’s not always clear whether<br />

stress causes the onset of tinnitus. However, tinnitus<br />

may be more noticeable if you are anxious or stressed.<br />

— Ear infections: middle ear infections can cause<br />

hearing loss and tinnitus. This is normally temporary, but<br />

it is important to get treatment from your GP.<br />

Tinnitus is a symptom, not a disease, but it is wise<br />

to see your doctor if you think you have it. Your GP will<br />

be able to refer you to an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT)<br />

specialist and Audiology services.<br />


Sadly, many people believe that ‘nothing can be done’<br />

for tinnitus and that they just have to ‘learn to live with<br />

it.’ While it’s true that there is currently no cure, there are<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> - <strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 37<br />

Image credits:<br />

man: Tibanna79, dreamstime.com; mosquito: Vladvitek, dreamstime.<br />

com; steam train: nicepng.com; triangle: Tibanna79, dreamstime.com<br />

management tools and methods available to ensure that if<br />

you have tinnitus, you don’t have to ‘suffer’ from it.<br />

<strong>The</strong> British Tinnitus Association’s booklet Living with<br />

Tinnitus outlines five top techniques for learning to live<br />

well with tinnitus:<br />

— Information: you will probably feel better when you<br />

find out more about the condition, that it is very common,<br />

and that you are not alone.<br />

— Correcting any hearing loss: if your tinnitus is<br />

accompanied by any hearing loss, then trying to correct<br />

this loss with hearing aids is often very helpful.<br />

— Sound therapy: if the noises seem louder at quiet<br />

times, particularly during the night, it may help to<br />

have some environmental or natural sound from a CD,<br />

a sound generator, or even a fan or ticking clock in the<br />

background. Some people use in-ear sound generators.<br />

— Relaxation: learning to relax is probably one of the<br />

most useful things you can do to help yourself. Those<br />

who practice relaxation techniques say they reduce<br />

the loudness of their tinnitus and help them become<br />

indifferent to it.<br />

— Counselling: techniques such as Cognitive Behavioural<br />

<strong>The</strong>rapy (CBT) can be helpful, either as a standalone<br />

therapy or combined with sound therapy.<br />

Tinnitus can make us feel isolated and trying to tackle<br />

it alone can sometimes feel like a challenge. <strong>The</strong>re is<br />

support out there to help you to feel less alone.<br />

<strong>The</strong> British Tinnitus Association (BTA) can offer<br />

support through its freephone helpline, email, SMS/text<br />

and web chat services. BTA's tinnitus support team has<br />

many years of experience supporting people with tinnitus.<br />

— Freephone helpline: 0800 018 0527<br />

— Web chat: http://www.tinnitus.org.uk<br />

— Email: helpline@tinnitus.org.uk<br />

— Text/SMS: 07537 416841<br />



BTA has developed a free online learning resource<br />

Take on tinnitus, designed primarily for people who have<br />

just begun to experience tinnitus. However, it is also a<br />

turn to page 38

38 <strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> - <strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />

HEALTH — 3<br />


What's the difference between a<br />

cathedral and a physics lab? Are<br />

they not both saying: ‘Hello’?<br />

from page 37<br />

Tinnitus<br />

valuable resource for those who have experienced the<br />

condition long term.<br />

Take on Tinnitus, which is designed so it can be used on<br />

mobile phones, tablets or computers, includes an initial<br />

taster session followed by seven 10-15 minute learning<br />

modules covering the fundamentals of tinnitus, hearing<br />

and tinnitus, benefits of using sound, the link between<br />

tinnitus and relaxation, sleep and tinnitus, the benefits of<br />

talking about it and living your life with tinnitus.<br />

http://www.takeontinnitus.co.uk<br />


Artur Szczybylo, dreamstime.com<br />

Members of tinnitus support groups often share<br />

experiences and advice. It can be helpful just getting to<br />

talk with other people who have it.<br />

Support groups may be facilitated by audiologists or<br />

hearing therapists, volunteers with the condition or, in<br />

some cases, by staff from local charities working in the<br />

area.<br />

Every support group is different, but you can expect a<br />

warm welcome and the opportunity to talk to others in a<br />

similar position. Some groups meet in person, and some<br />

meet online. All groups have the common desire to help<br />

people with tinnitus and all the groups BTA supporters<br />

have signed up to a Code of Practice.<br />

Some groups organise guest speakers and are<br />

structured. Other support groups place an emphasis on<br />

emotional support and shared experience and are less<br />

formal. And some do a bit of both.<br />

Currently, the nearest group to Charvil, Sonning and<br />

Sonning Eye meets in Marlow. Volunteer Gilly Wright<br />

facilitates the group with the support of audiologists<br />

Selma Becker and Kevin Jeffery at Help in Hearing. If you<br />

would like to attend a meeting, contact:<br />

events@helpinhearing.co.uk or 0345 222 0579<br />

An anxious year for the young<br />

<strong>The</strong> word ‘anxiety’ has been chosen by children as how<br />

they would describe their experience of 2021. Oxford<br />

University Press asked more than 8,000 pupils, aged 7-14, to<br />

choose from a shortlist of 10 words which one they felt was<br />

most applicable to them: anxiety, challenging, isolate, wellbeing,<br />

resilience, bubble, kindness, remote, cancelled, empathy. <strong>The</strong> next<br />

on the list were ‘challenging’, and ‘isolate’.<br />

By Dr Ruth M Bancewicz, church engagement director, <strong>The</strong> Faraday<br />

Institute for Science and Religion, Cambridge<br />

Scientists often speak of a reality beyond the objects they<br />

are studying, and for some this is encountered in powerful<br />

episodes of wonder and awe. <strong>The</strong> Christian writer JW<br />

Sire quotes the headline above from Annie Dillard in<br />

his book 'Echoes of a Voice', which explores spiritual or<br />

‘transcendent’ experiences.<br />

Sire describes moments that are 'emotional, intellectual, highly<br />

charged, usually sudden, unannounced, often odd, some weird,<br />

others glorious', and places them on three different levels:<br />

— Level 1: A material object that points beyond the material<br />

reality. For example, someone might develop a sense of what<br />

is good and evil, based on the actions of others.<br />

— Level 2: Experience of something personal ... just behind<br />

the surface of what we are directly experiencing, often<br />

something with which one feels at peace or even at one, or,<br />

perhaps, as dangerous or threatening.<br />

— Level 3: A felt presence that has a specific character or<br />

presence, for example, holiness, inspiring humility, fearful<br />

awe or wonder.<br />

<strong>The</strong> first two levels, says Sire, are fairly common.<br />

<strong>The</strong> third is rare. He gives a wide range of examples,<br />

including scientists. Some are religious or interested in<br />

spirituality, others are atheists. For some, their moments of<br />

transcendence carried a particular meaning, others simply<br />

sparked curiosity.<br />


Luq1, dreamstime.com<br />

<strong>The</strong> famous geneticist Francis Collins described several<br />

significant moments when he was young: 'being transported<br />

by the experience of looking through a telescope', or 'a Christmas<br />

Eve where the descant on a particularly beautiful Christmas<br />

carol…left me with a sense of unexpected awe and a longing for<br />

something I could not name'.<br />

<strong>The</strong>se experiences meant that when Collins was faced<br />

with the question of belief in God, 'all [his] arguments seemed<br />

very thin'. Now, as a fully-fledged scientist and a believer<br />

in God, he is able to say that 'for a scientist who occasionally<br />

is given the remarkable privilege of discovering something not<br />

previously known by man, there is a special kind of joy associated<br />

with such flashes of insight.'<br />

Footnote: If you are wondering why I chose the picture above of some<br />

ancient olive trees it is because they are in the Jerusalem-Garden of<br />

Gethsemane where I experienced such a moment of transcendence that<br />

Ruth Bancewicz is writing about — editor


1 2 3 4 5 6<br />

7 8<br />

11<br />

13<br />

18 19 20<br />

22 23<br />

24<br />

9 10<br />

16 17<br />

Across<br />

Across<br />

- or implied idea (11)<br />

1 Suggested or implied idea (11)<br />

9<br />

-<br />

Apply pressure<br />

(5)<br />

(5)<br />

10 - Mineral spring spring (3) (3)<br />

11 - Adjusted the the pitch of pitch (5) of (5)<br />

12 - Agreeable sound sound or tune (5) or tune (5)<br />

13 Mislead (8)<br />

13 - Mislead (8)<br />

16 Mexican pancake (8)<br />

16 - Mexican pancake (8)<br />

18 Dry red wine (5)<br />

18 - Dry red wine (5)<br />

21 Dissatisfaction (5)<br />

21 - Dissatisfaction (5)<br />

22 Golf peg (3)<br />

22 23 - Golf Small peg (3) antelope (5)<br />

23 24 - Small Initiators antelope (11) (5)<br />

24 - Initiators (11)<br />


12<br />

14 15<br />

21<br />

5 - ___ pole: tribal emblem (5)<br />

19 Large body 17 - Possessing of water (6) (5)<br />

20 - Select; formally approve (5)<br />

19 3 15 23 16 21 6 13 12 19 16 9<br />

12 25 9 20 5 11<br />

19 13 8 9 14 23 16 21 12 19 13 7<br />

13 1 13 13 21 25<br />

16 14 6 25 20 4 23 9 13<br />

7 1 10 9 25 16 13 9 13 1<br />

20 2 2 16<br />

25 13 19 2 19 1 12 5 19 10<br />

7 25 12 9 16 6 19 16 19<br />

25 9 16 1 6 22<br />

13 18 9 20 1 24 24 13 23 9 3 9<br />

9 17 23 21 19 6<br />

3 26 9 13 19 12 12 9 12 23 1 19<br />

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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13<br />

T P<br />

14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26<br />

O<br />

SUDOKU<br />

Each of the nine blocks has to contain all the<br />

numbers 1-9 within its squares. Each number<br />

can only appear once in a row, column or box.<br />


<strong>March</strong> brings us Lent and Mothering<br />

Sunday. Lent is a time of spiritual selfassessment<br />

as we prepare for Easter. It<br />

is a time to turn to God, and grow closer<br />

to him. Mothering Sunday reminds us<br />

of not only the mothers that have loved<br />

and raised us, but of Mother Church,<br />

who has spiritually loved and nurtured<br />

us throughout our Christian pilgrimage.<br />

How many words can you find on these<br />

themes in this month’s Word Search?!<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> - <strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 39<br />

PUZZLE PAGE — the answers will be published in the next issue<br />

Down<br />

Down<br />

2 - Unity (7)<br />

2 Unity (7)<br />

3 Necessary<br />

3 - Necessary<br />

(7)<br />

(7)<br />

4 Rained heavily 4 - Rained (6) heavily (6)<br />

5 ___ pole: tribal emblem (5)<br />

6 Expels from 6 - Expels a position from a position (5) (5)<br />

7 Immoderate (11)<br />

7 - Immoderate (11)<br />

8 Compelling (11)<br />

8 - Compelling (11)<br />

14 Non-believer in God (7)<br />

14 - Non-believer in God (7)<br />

15 Careless mistake (7)<br />

15 - Careless mistake (7)<br />

17 Possessing (6)<br />

20 Select; 19 formally - Large body approve of water (5)<br />

lent<br />

spiritual<br />

easter<br />

preparation<br />

fasting<br />

prayer<br />

desert<br />

selfdenial<br />

repentance<br />

seeking<br />

finding<br />

growing<br />

1. Who downsizes to upgrade?<br />

2. Which family business was established in 1968?<br />

3. Who has spent 300 years on the River Thames?<br />

4. Who gives a little help like your friend?<br />

5. Who has apartments twice the size of an average home?<br />

6. Who will light over 100 candles for you?<br />

mothers<br />

love<br />

care<br />

nurture<br />

learning<br />

teaching<br />

disciples<br />

worldwide<br />

flowers<br />

thankyou<br />

nursing<br />

family<br />


February<br />

Solutions<br />


B O N S A I H T U<br />

U I B L U S H I N G<br />

T A G I M I D<br />

T G L A Z E D N E O N<br />

O L A R K N<br />

N E E D S J U P I T E R<br />


J A P E B L A C K O U T<br />

U I P O R U R<br />

S E Q U O I A E X T R A<br />

T U L F A S N<br />

I R E I E T W I G S<br />

F C O R G I D C<br />

I P Y V E R<br />

C A H E D G E I<br />

A U D I O I N M A P<br />

T D L E E A T<br />

I D L E D S A S H I M I<br />

O E E E S Z O<br />

N O S T R I L S B E E N<br />

SUDOKU<br />

O S M N<br />

B O X W O O D A G E N T<br />

G N P S N H<br />

T R O T H E N R Y V R<br />

E U I O I C E<br />

E S P R E S S O E A<br />

S N M P R E S E T<br />




1. Sonning Scouts<br />

2. Thames Valley Will Service<br />

3. Bridges Care Home<br />

4. <strong>The</strong> Mill at Sonning<br />

5. Muck & Mulch<br />

6. Mortgage Required Limited<br />

Natalia Riabchenko, dreamstime.com

40 <strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> - <strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />

Local Trades and Services<br />


Locks changed, fitted, repaired and opened<br />

Door and window locks fitted, UPVC door lock expert<br />

Checkatrade member - Which Trusted Trader<br />

Call Richard Homden: 0149 168 2050 / 0771 040 9216<br />

Please mention <strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> when responding to advertisements<br />


Linda Frewin MInstChp, HCPC member<br />

General foot care and treatments<br />

25 Ashtrees Road, Woodley RG5 4LP<br />

0118 969 6978 - 0790 022 4999<br />


Qualified Plumbing and Heating Engineers Gas Safe<br />

25 years experience - local family run company<br />

Office: 0118 961 8784 - Paul: 0776 887 4440<br />

paul@clarkbicknell.co.uk<br />


For jargon free help with your computer problems<br />

PC & laptop repairs, upgrades, installations, virus removal<br />

Free advice, reasonable rates<br />

0798 012 9364 help@computerfrustrations.co.uk<br />


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intersmartuk@gmail.com<br />

Elliott — 0777 186 6696<br />

Nick — 0758 429 4986<br />


Reliable and affordable<br />

Small jobs a speciality!<br />

Call Andy on 0795 810 0128<br />

http://www.handyman-reading.co.uk<br />


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Mole Road, Sindlesham, RG41 5DJ<br />

0118 977 0831<br />

http://www.jamesautos.co.uk<br />


A local business based in Sonning. TV - FM - DAB aerials etc.<br />

Sky dishes. Communal premises IRS systems, TV points.<br />

Free estimates - All work guaranteed<br />

0118 944 0000<br />


We are a family business with excellent references<br />

and we are fully insured<br />

All cleaning materials provided<br />

For free quote call: Maria 0779 902 7901<br />


Thames Valley Will Service<br />

Also Lasting Powers of Attorney and Probate Service<br />

We are still working during the pandemic period<br />

0134 464 1885 tvwills@yahoo.co.uk<br />


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Thirty-six years local experience<br />

Family run company<br />

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For local odd jobs please call Phil on<br />

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patios, lawns, fencing, decking etc<br />

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Waste clearance from office, house, garden, loft<br />

Licensed waste carriers, no job too small or large<br />

Contact: John<br />

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Stump grinding and tree stump removal<br />

Latest narrow access machinery<br />

Contact: Mark<br />

0798 495 7334 http://www.berkshirestumpremoval<br />


Roger McGrath has 25 years experience<br />

Restoration painting work of any size undertaken<br />

For a free quotation call<br />

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<strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> - <strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 41

42 <strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> - <strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong> Please mention <strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> when replying to advertisements<br />

information — 2<br />

<strong>Parish</strong> contacts<br />

Ministry Team<br />

— <strong>The</strong> Vicar: Revd Jamie Taylor (Day off Friday)<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> Office, Thames Street, Sonning, RG4 6UR<br />

vicar@sonningparish.org.uk / 0118 969 3298<br />

— Associate Vicar: Revd Kate Wakeman-Toogood<br />

revkate@sonningparish.org.uk / 0746 380 6735<br />

On duty Tuesday, Friday and Sunday<br />

— Youth Minister: Chris West (Westy)<br />

youthminister@sonningparish.org.uk / 0794 622 4106<br />

— Licensed Lay Minister: Bob Peters<br />

bob@sonningparish.org.uk / 0118 377 5887<br />

Children's Ministry<br />

— Alison Smyly office@sonningparish.org.uk / 0118 969 3298<br />

Churchwardens<br />

— Stuart Bowman sdbowman73@aol.com / 0118 978 8414<br />

— Liz Nelson liz.nelson1@ntlworld.com / 0779 194 4270<br />

Deputy Churchwardens<br />

— Simon Darvall sdarvall@businessmoves.com 0793 928 2535<br />

— Sue Peters mail@susanjpeters.com / 0118 377 5887<br />

— Molly Woodley (deputy churchwarden emeritus)<br />

mollywoodley@live.co.uk / 0118 946 3667<br />

<strong>Parish</strong> Administrator<br />

— Hilary Rennie<br />

office@sonningparish.org.uk / 0118 969 3298<br />

Parochial Church Council<br />

— Secretary: Hilary Rennie 0118 969 3298<br />

— Treasurer: Richard Moore 0118 969 2588<br />

Director of Music, organist and choirmaster<br />

— Hannah Towndrow BA (Oxon)<br />

music@sonningparish.org.uk<br />

Sonning Bell Ringers<br />

— Tower Captain: Pam Elliston<br />

pam.elliston@talktalk.net / 0118 969 5967<br />

— Deputy Tower Captain: Rod Needham<br />

r06needham@gmail.com / 0118 926 7724<br />

<strong>Parish</strong> Website: http://www.sonningparish.org.uk<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>: http://www.theparishmagazine.co.uk<br />

— Editor: Bob Peters<br />

editor@theparishmagazine.co.uk / 0118 377 5887<br />

— Advertising and Distribution: Gordon Nutbrown<br />

advertising@theparishmagazine.co.uk / 0118 969 3282<br />

— Treasurer: Pat Livesey<br />

pat.livesey@yahoo.co.uk / 0118 961 8017<br />

— <strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> is produced by St Andrew’s PCC and delivered<br />

free of charge to every home in Charvil, Sonning and Sonning Eye.<br />

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Distribution Ltd, Reading RG7 1AW<br />

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Swindale rogerswindale@hotmail.co.uk and David Woodward<br />

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Advertisers index<br />

ABD Construction 6<br />

ACG Services Locksmith 40<br />

Active Domestic Appliances 16<br />

Active Security 30<br />

ADD Plumbing 12<br />

All Aerials 40<br />

All Waste Clearance 40<br />

Barn Store Henley 16<br />

Berkshire Stump Removals 40<br />

Big Heart Tree Care 40<br />

Blandy & Blandy Solicitors 14<br />

Blinds Direct 26<br />

Blue Moose 8<br />

Bridge House 43<br />

Bridges Home Care 26<br />

Bull Inn 8<br />

Callaghan Carpets & Flooring 40<br />

Chimney Sweep, Thames 40<br />

Chiropody, Linda Frewin 40<br />

Chris the Plumber 32<br />

Clark Bicknell 40<br />

Complete Pest Solutions 40<br />

Computer Frustrations 40<br />

Cruz Kitchens 28<br />

Design for Print 28<br />

EMDR Hypnotherapist 30<br />

Freebody Boatbuilders 6<br />

Fields Pharmacy 32<br />

French Horn 44<br />

Gardiners Nursing 8<br />

Great House Sonning 24<br />

Handyman and Decorating Services 40<br />

Haslams Estate Agents 2<br />

Hicks Group 16<br />

Intersmart Electrical Installations 40<br />

James Autos 40<br />

Jones & Sheppard Stone Masons 32<br />

Kingfisher Bathrooms 26<br />

MC Cleaning 40<br />

Mill at Sonning 4<br />

M & L Healthcare Solutions 12<br />

Mortgage Required 18<br />

Muck & Mulch 28<br />

Odd Jobs 40<br />

Painter and Decorator 40<br />

Pearson Hall Sonning 24<br />

Reading Blue Coat School 26<br />

Richfield Flooring 14<br />

Seniors Helping Seniors 12<br />

Shiplake College 14<br />

Signature Cliveden Manor Care Home 28<br />

Sonning Golf Club 32<br />

Sonning Scouts Marquees 30<br />

Smallwood Garden Services 40<br />

Style by Julie 6<br />

Thames Valley Water Softeners 6<br />

Thames Valley Wills Service 40<br />

Tomalin Funerals 24<br />

Walker Funerals 12<br />

Water Softener Salt 28<br />

Window Cleaner 16

Please mention <strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> when responding this advertisement<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> - <strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 43<br />


of TWYFORD<br />

Because you deserve<br />

the very best<br />

Welcome to Bridge House Nursing Home<br />

Established for 35 years, the elegant Georgian Grade II listed Bridge House has extended its facilities to<br />

include a beautiful, light-filled and airy purpose built nursing home.<br />

Our philosophy is built upon helping residents maintain their independence and dignity, whilst ensuring<br />

their needs and expectations are fully met. We believe that being independent means having the freedom<br />

of choice and flexibility over how the day is spent. Working closely with families and professionals<br />

is fundamental in delivering and maintaining the required level of health and wellbeing.<br />

At Bridge House, our comprehensive facilities and care provision is designed to deliver skilled,<br />

professional and individually planned care in an unobtrusive manner.<br />

Call 0800 230 0206<br />

Visit www.bridgehouseoftwyford.co.uk<br />


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44 <strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> - <strong>March</strong> Please <strong>2022</strong> mention <strong>The</strong> <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> when responding this advertisement<br />

<strong>The</strong> French Horn,<br />

Sonning. Quality.<br />

A continuing commitment to<br />

wonderful food and wine.<br />

0118 969 2204<br />


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