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We cover food in every issue of STYLE—and for good reason. Our readers have made it clear that food needs to be one of the most important parts of our editorial. Here’s an interesting fact: Local area residents in the STYLE Magazine regions eat out more than seven times each week, which include dining at a restaurant or fast-food chain as well as take out, etc. Our choices have not only grown immensely but the quality of food and the restaurants have as well. Something that does stand out are the number of breakfast spots that dot our landscape. Add to that the eateries that have found life in offering Sunday or weekend brunch menus and we find ourselves in brunch Shangri-La. Our hope is that our “Let’s Do Brunch!” feature (page 53) and its stunning photos will motivate you to try something new—including the “brunch in a glass” you see on the cover! Don’t miss “Taste of the Town,” a special section in this month’s issue that reminds us that our choices for great places to eat are plentiful and delicious. Speaking of “don’t miss” features, you might want to check out our piece on libraries (“Beyond Books” on page 20). What may seem like a thing of the past may truly be one of the most outstanding resources offered to you and your family. From books (bound, digital, and audible) and videos, to story times for kids and 3-D printers, all this and more—along with the amazing librarians and staff that make our libraries a fun and educational community—are resources you should be using!

We cover food in every issue of STYLE—and for good reason. Our readers have made it clear that food needs to be one of the most important parts of our editorial. Here’s an interesting fact: Local area residents in the STYLE Magazine regions eat out more than seven times each week, which include dining at a restaurant or fast-food chain as well as take out, etc. Our choices have not only grown immensely but the quality of food and the restaurants have as well.
Something that does stand out are the number of breakfast spots that dot our landscape. Add to that the eateries that have found life in offering Sunday or weekend brunch menus and we find ourselves in brunch Shangri-La. Our hope is that our “Let’s Do Brunch!” feature (page 53) and its stunning photos will motivate you to try something new—including the “brunch in a glass” you see on the cover!
Don’t miss “Taste of the Town,” a special section in this month’s issue that reminds us that our choices for great places to eat are plentiful and delicious.
Speaking of “don’t miss” features, you might want to check out our piece on libraries (“Beyond Books” on page 20). What may seem like a thing of the past may truly be one of the most outstanding resources offered to you and your family. From books (bound, digital, and audible) and videos, to story times for kids and 3-D printers, all this and more—along with the amazing librarians and staff that make our libraries a fun and educational community—are resources you should be using!


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MARCH <strong>2022</strong><br />

M A G A Z I N E<br />


ISSUE!<br />

featuring<br />


and<br />



brunch<br />

Bloody Mary<br />

from<br />

Bennett’s<br />

Kitchen • Bar • Market<br />

PLUS<br />

Seasonal<br />

Fashion<br />

Trends<br />

St. Patrick’s<br />

Day Eats<br />

and Drinks<br />








| contents |<br />

MARCH<strong>2022</strong><br />

53<br />

94<br />

16<br />

24<br />



10 ONLINE<br />

12 COMMUNITY<br />


WHAT'S UP<br />

News Around Town<br />

16 GET TO KNOW<br />

Homesteaders<br />

20 GIVING BACK<br />

Unique Library Programs<br />

24 ARTS & CULTURE<br />

Mixed Media Artists<br />

28 OUTTAKES<br />

Event Pics<br />


Longevity Rules<br />

34 TAKE A HIKE<br />

Down and Up Trail<br />

at Cronan Ranch<br />

42 KEEP IT LOCAL<br />


Seasonal Fashion Trends<br />


Q&A with Local Companies<br />


48 HOME & GARDEN<br />

Guide to Going Solar<br />

53 FEATURE<br />

Let's Do Brunch!<br />

74 EAT & DRINK<br />


Kitchen 747<br />

76 FOODIE FIND<br />

Nash + Tender<br />

94 THE HOT LIST<br />

St. Patrick’s Day Eats & Drinks<br />


106 LAST LOOK<br />

Where We Live<br />


36<br />

D I S T I N C T I V E<br />


65<br />


77<br />



Bloody Mary<br />

from Bennett's<br />

Kitchen • Bar • Market<br />

(bennettskitchen.com)<br />

Photo by<br />

Taylor Gillespie<br />


4 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2022</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

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| editor’s letter |<br />

We cover food in every issue of STYLE—and for good reason. Our<br />

readers have made it clear that food needs to be one of the most<br />

important parts of our editorial. Here’s an interesting fact: Local<br />

area residents in the STYLE <strong>Magazine</strong> regions eat out more than<br />

seven times each week, which include dining at a restaurant or<br />

fast-food chain as well as take out, etc. Our choices have not only<br />

grown immensely but the quality of food and the restaurants<br />

have as well.<br />

I first moved to this area in<br />

late 1988 and remember all the<br />

great local area restaurants very<br />

clearly—that’s because there were<br />

very, very few. As one might expect,<br />

the dining landscape has changed<br />

drastically over the past 30+ years<br />

and mostly for the good. Something<br />

that does stand out are the number<br />

of breakfast spots that dot our<br />

landscape. Add to that the eateries<br />

that have found life in offering<br />

Sunday or weekend brunch menus<br />

and we find ourselves in brunch<br />

Shangri-La. Our hope is that our “Let’s Do Brunch!” feature (page 53) and its stunning<br />

photos will motivate you to try something new—including the “brunch in a glass” you<br />

see on the cover!<br />

Don’t miss “Taste of the Town,” a special section in<br />

“Breakfast this month’s issue that reminds us that our choices for<br />

great places to eat are plentiful and delicious.<br />

is a meal but<br />

Speaking of “don’t miss” features, you might want<br />

brunch is a to check out our piece on libraries (“Beyond Books”<br />

on page 20). What may seem like a thing of the past<br />

culture.”<br />

may truly be one of the most outstanding resources<br />

—Matt Basile<br />

offered to you and your family. From books (bound,<br />

digital, and audible) and videos, to story times for<br />

kids and 3-D printers, all this and more—along with<br />

the amazing librarians and staff that make our libraries a fun and educational<br />

community—are resources you should be using!<br />

Our calendar of events, notes on new and existing businesses, people, art, fashion,<br />

and more have made STYLE the region’s best publication for the past 19 years. As<br />

publishers of this magazine, we constantly strive to produce a publication you enjoy<br />

that helps guide you through all the wonderful things our communities have to offer.<br />

Thank you for reading over the past two decades. Should you have and ideas,<br />

criticism’s or anything else you would like to share with us, feel free to get in touch.<br />

We look forward to hearing from you! All the Best!<br />

—Terry Carroll & Wendy Sipple<br />

Publishers<br />

info@stylemg.com<br />

Shop Local...Where it Matters.<br />

#ShopLocal #SupportLocalBusiness #CommunitySupportingCommunity<br />

6 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2022</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags


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02/01/<strong>2022</strong> through 03/31/<strong>2022</strong>.<br />

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DR. HOLLY<br />

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E L D O R A D O H I L L S 9 1 6 . 9 3 3 . 6 0 3 0<br />


MARCH <strong>2022</strong><br />


Terence P. Carroll, Wendy L. Sipple<br />


Debra Linn, 916-770-5533<br />


Megan Wiskus<br />


Tara Mendanha<br />


Emily Peter-Corey<br />


Kourtney Jason, Nelly Kislyanka, Ryan Martinez,<br />

Caitlin McCulloch, Bella Nolen, Julie Ryan<br />


Gary Zsigo<br />


Ray Burgess, George Kenton<br />


Taylor Gillespie<br />


Theresa Arnold, 916-308-2400<br />

JoAnn DeLise, 415-944-0807<br />

Bettie Grijalva, 916-223-3364<br />

Debbie Newell-Juhos/Newell & Associates, 916-365-3537<br />


Kathleen Hurt<br />


Cathy Carmichael<br />


Ken White, Ixystems<br />


Jarrod Carroll<br />

Printed on recycled paper.<br />

Please recycle this magazine.<br />

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8 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2022</strong>

?<br />

CORNED<br />

How do<br />

you take<br />

your<br />

coffee?<br />

“I take my coffee with<br />

espresso, vanilla creamer, and<br />

oat milk”—Bella Nolen<br />



individual meal<br />

“Give it to me light and sweet! A<br />

black and white mocha has been<br />

my drink of choice for years.”<br />

—Nelly Kislyanka<br />

“I take my Folgers coffee with<br />

vanilla creamer and my cat on<br />

my lap!”—Bettie Grijalva<br />

family meal<br />




“I’m not a coffee drinker but I<br />

do love my herbal teas! I like to<br />

brew the loose leaves myself<br />

and enjoy different flavors from<br />

around the world.”—JoAnn<br />

DeLise<br />

“I exclusively drink iced mochas—<br />

even in the winter! A Breville<br />

espresso machine was my<br />

pandemic splurge.”—Kourtney<br />

Jason<br />

“I usually take my coffee black but<br />

throw in the occasional bulletproof<br />

coffee, which is coffee, unsalted<br />

butter, and MCT oil (like coconut<br />

oil).”—Ryan Martinez<br />

“I warm up some vanilla flovored<br />

almond milk, add a squirt of<br />

agave syrup, froth, then brew<br />

coffee into the mix. Froth more<br />

if more mixing is needed.”<br />

—Gary Zsigo<br />

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2009-2021<br />




Annual<br />

<strong>2022</strong><br />

15th<br />

| online |<br />

Find More on the Web This Month<br />


April 23 & 24<br />

TAKE A<br />

(SPRING)<br />

BREAK<br />

We know<br />

you’re<br />

itching for a good getaway after<br />

being cooped up at home, which<br />

is why we’ve rounded up some<br />

of the top spots to travel to this<br />

season. From the stunning Sierras<br />

to the dazzling seas, we’ve got<br />

a host of hot destinations to<br />

choose from—and they’re all just<br />

a few hours away. Go online, pick<br />

your place, and get packing!<br />



Is your house in need of a good cleaning<br />

after the winter months? Are you looking<br />

to clear away some of the clutter you’ve<br />

recently accumulated? Local decluttering<br />

expert Kristina Lewis shares her 10 Best<br />

Spring-Cleaning Tips and hacks to get<br />

the job done in order to have a (mostly)<br />

impeccable home for the rest of the year.<br />

Check the web for her most pertinent tips—<br />

including one about cleaning in a circle and<br />

another about playing your favorite tunes<br />

while on the job!<br />




In this month’s “The Road Beat”<br />

column, auto aficionado and local<br />

resident Mitchell Weitzman takes<br />

the <strong>2022</strong> Toyota Highlander Hybrid<br />

Platinum for a spin and shares<br />

his honest review. “The hybrid<br />

powertrain consists of a fourcylinder<br />

with electrical assistance,<br />

and works smoothly and in<br />

harmony—far smoother than other<br />

four-cylinders from Toyota that can<br />

be downright meat grinders…” is just<br />

a sneak peak of what he has to say<br />

about the hybrid SUV.<br />

Picture Perfect<br />

Attention budding photographers! Send us a vertical<br />

photo of anything that represents “Where We<br />

Live”—a local park, hiking or biking trail, body of<br />

water, foodie find, etc.—and tell us why, in 20 words<br />

or less, this photo says it all. Our favorite pics will appear<br />

in an upcoming issue. Send your submissions<br />

to info@stylemg.com. Ready, set, SNAP!<br />


/stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags<br />


Go to stylemg.com and click on the “Digital Editions” icon at the very top to find an<br />

archived collection of the print magazines.<br />

The Road Beat photos by Mitchell Weitzman. "Picture Perfect" Photo taken by Karen Schmautz of Sierra Springs Photography, sierraspringsphotography.com<br />

facebook @sierra_springs_photo instragram@sierraspringsphotography.Spring Break Monterey photo by Raoul Mendanha. Other photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

10 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2022</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

| community matters |<br />

#What’sUp?<br />


People & Places<br />

in the News<br />

Folsom Lake College (flc.losrios.<br />

edu) has been selected to participate<br />

in the Military Articulation<br />

Platform (MAP) <strong>2022</strong> Cohort. The<br />

program ensures all U.S. military<br />

veterans and active-duty service<br />

members receive college transfer<br />

credit for the rigorous training and<br />

coursework completed during active<br />

duty. They can also receive up to one<br />

year of Folsom Lake College credit<br />

towards academic programs leading<br />

to graduation, transfer to a four-year<br />

university, and numerous careers.<br />

The Arts Council of Placer County<br />

announced their 2021-22 grant<br />

recipients who received roughly<br />

$95,000 for their contribution<br />

of art throughout Placer County.<br />

Recipients included Art League<br />

of Lincoln, Auburn Symphony,<br />

Blue Line Arts, Penryn Workshop,<br />

On Native Ground, Rocklin<br />

Fine Arts, Roseville High Music<br />

Boosters, and others that can<br />

be found at placerarts.org.<br />

The El Dorado County Chamber of<br />

Commerce recently delivered awards<br />

to outstanding community members.<br />

Sheriff John D'Agostini and his wife<br />

Janine accepted the Community<br />

Service of the Year Award; Kara<br />

Sather received the Achievement<br />

in Tourism Award; Barry Smith<br />

received the Golden Slate Award; and<br />

Andrew Vondershmitt received<br />

the Historical Preservation Award.<br />

Did you know that “tree topping”—the<br />

indiscriminate cutting of trunks and<br />

branches back to stubs—increases long<br />

term risks, permanently disfigures and<br />

stresses trees, and can lead to higher<br />

maintenance costs? In Folsom, ‘topping’<br />

a protected tree (including residential<br />

trees within 12.5 feet from a sidewalk<br />

or street) can result in fines and<br />

corrective action. Pruning protected<br />

trees requires a tree permit and you<br />

can get more advice from your local<br />

arborist and folsom.ca.us/arboristfaq.<br />

The El Dorado Hills Community<br />

Services District has a new AI<br />

Robot equipped with HD cameras,<br />

call abilities, and speaking abilities.<br />

Its purpose is to operate a mobile<br />

security camera on the property<br />

as well as increase community<br />

engagement opportunities.<br />

The El Dorado County Office of<br />

Education (aded.edcoe.org) has<br />

formed a new Adult Learning<br />

Center in El Dorado. The center<br />

offers free instruction to help<br />

build skills and meet personal<br />

goals. Courses can be taken at the<br />

students’ own pace and will them<br />

improve basic reading, writing, and<br />

math skills, prepare for the GED in<br />

English or Spanish, work towards a<br />

high school diploma, explore career<br />

options, prepare for college, and<br />

develop digital and financial literacy.<br />

Registrations are now open for<br />

Northern California’s most popular<br />

summer triathlon on the American<br />

River Parkway: The Great American<br />

Triathlon (GAT). Scheduled for<br />

July 16, the GAT will allow both<br />

relay teams and/or individuals<br />

to compete in divisions from<br />

“Junior” to “Iron Persons.” Run,<br />

bike, and paddle while generating<br />

proceeds for regional charities.<br />

Register at greatamericantriathlon.<br />

com/registration.<br />

Roseville Area Chamber of<br />

Commerce recently honored individuals<br />

in the community. Matt Fogler was<br />

named Ambassador of the Year; Linda<br />

Warn was named Volunteer of the<br />

Year; Scott Alvord was named Referral<br />

Partner of the Year; Kristen Holihan<br />

received the Athena Award; Jeff<br />

Richardson received the Community<br />

Service Award; and the President’s Award<br />

went to the Executive Search Committee<br />

comprising of Alex Brown, Dominic<br />

Casey, Darlene Cullivan, Ryan O’Keefe,<br />

Jeff Richardson, and Kim Silvers.<br />

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northern Sierra (bbbsns.org) recently had<br />

the grand opening of their new office at 535 Main Street in Placerville. Big<br />

Brothers Big Sisters is the nation’s largest donor- and volunteer-supported<br />

mentoring network, matching adult volunteers with children in the hopes<br />

of impacting the lives of young people and strengthening communities.<br />

Photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

12 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2022</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

Rocklin High School<br />

SAFE Credit Union (safecu.org) awarded<br />

more than 70 scholarships to top-scoring<br />

students and provided support totaling<br />

$12,650 to this year’s Sacramento and<br />

Placer counties’ academic decathlons.<br />

Folsom High School was Sacramento<br />

County Office of Education’s Academic<br />

Decathlon winner while Rocklin High<br />

School won the Placer County Office<br />

of Education Academic Decathlon. Both<br />

teams now advance to the California<br />

Academic Decathlon this month.<br />

Happenings<br />

SIR, Inc., a nonprofit that<br />

organizes social activities for<br />

men over 50, will meet on the<br />

second Wednesday of every<br />

month at Cameron Park<br />

Country Club. The intention<br />

of the meetups is to improve<br />

members’ lives through fun<br />

activities (golfing, bocce<br />

ball, e-biking, fishing, book<br />

exchanges, and wine tasting),<br />

luncheons, and events (annual<br />

picnics and holiday dinners)<br />

while making friends. For<br />

more info and to apply,<br />

visit sirinc2.org/branch95.<br />


CARPET<br />



2009 • 2010 • 2011<br />

2012 • 2013 • 2014<br />

2015 • 2016 • 2017<br />

2018 • 2019 • 2020<br />

2021<br />

American River Conservancy<br />

(arconservancy.org) is organizing a Mini<br />

Walkabout at Wakamatsu with Foraged<br />

Tea Time on <strong>March</strong> 27 from 10:30 a.m.-12:30<br />

p.m. Learn about native plants on the farm<br />

including ceanothus, white horehound,<br />

mullen, and elderberry—all of whose<br />

benefits will be explained. Walk around the<br />

mini pond in a share-and-tell and finish off<br />

with herbs to take home and a cup of tea.<br />

We’re OPEN!<br />

Call Today For Your<br />


916 933-7807<br />

www.CartersCarpet.com<br />

Photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

Placer SPCA (placerspca.org) is having<br />

their 20th Anniversary Funny Bones<br />

event is on <strong>March</strong> 11 at Timber Creek<br />

Ballroom, Roseville. Set to a jazz age/<br />

roaring ‘20s theme, the comedy show<br />

and awards night will involve food,<br />

laughter, and fun to raise funds for<br />

homeless animals in Placer County. Call<br />

916-872-6163 to be added to the waitlist.<br />

Soroptimist International of Cameron<br />

Park and El Dorado Hills presents<br />

Lunafest: Short films by, for, and about<br />

women. The virtual event (<strong>March</strong> 31-April<br />

2) and the in-person event (<strong>March</strong> 31) will<br />

feature eight short films that celebrate<br />

unique, touching, and inspirational<br />

roles of women in local, national, and<br />

international communities. Funds raised<br />

will support education for women<br />

and girls, and aid agencies working<br />

to stop human trafficking. For more<br />

information, visit lunsfest.eventive.org.<br />

MARCH <strong>2022</strong> | stylemg.com 13<br />


$ 30<br />

OFF<br />

10 %<br />

OFF<br />

$ 30<br />

OFF<br />


OR<br />


AREA RUG<br />





Carpet• Tile & Grout • Hardwood • Upholstery<br />



*ask for details<br />

TILE & GROUT<br />

OR<br />


*MIN. 300 SQ. FT ask for details<br />

Min. charge applies.<br />

Please present coupon at time of<br />

service. Not valid with any other offers.<br />

916 933-7807<br />

Min. charge applies<br />

Area Rugs Cleaned Off-Site.<br />

Please present coupon at time of<br />

service. Not valid with any other offers.<br />

916 933-7807<br />

10 %<br />

$ 40<br />

OFF<br />

PET ODOR<br />


Min. charge applies.<br />

Please present coupon at time of<br />

OFF service. Not valid with any other offers.<br />

81 916 933-7807 81<br />

81<br />


Please present coupon at time of service. No coupon redemptions<br />

after work is completed. No coupon refunds mailed. Not good with<br />

any other offer. Call today!. 916 933-7807.<br />



Min. 1000 SQ FT OR<br />

$25 OFF Min. 750 SQ FT.<br />

Please present coupon at time of<br />

service. Not valid with any other offers.<br />

916 933-7807<br />

2006-2013<br />

2012<br />

2006-2013<br />

81<br />


| community matters |<br />

WorldStoke (worldstoke.org) is<br />

an international symposium of<br />

wood firing, artist demonstrations,<br />

and discussions to address social<br />

equities in ceramic art. The four-day<br />

event hosted by Penryn Workshop<br />

runs from <strong>March</strong> 11-14 and involves<br />

interactive clay spaces, kiln firings, art<br />

collector tours, and gallery openings.<br />


on the Block<br />

Downtown Placerville’s 3rd<br />

Saturday Art Walks (facebook.com/<br />

PlacervilleArtWalk) are back from<br />

4-8 p.m. on Main Street, Placerville.<br />

Enjoy painting demos, open mics,<br />

live music, and countless sales<br />

and offers at this creative event.<br />

A Touch of Understanding<br />

(atouchofunderstanding.org) is hosting<br />

An Evening of Insight on <strong>March</strong> 31<br />

at Timber Creek Ballroom, Roseville.<br />

Guests will explore what it might<br />

be like to eat without sight (while<br />

blindfolded) and participate in a silent<br />

auction, live auction, dessert dash, and<br />

more. For tickets and more info, visit<br />

tinyurl.com/eveningofinsight<strong>2022</strong>.<br />

The 23rd Annual Roseville<br />

Firefighters Crabfest is on <strong>March</strong><br />

19 from 5:30-11 p.m. at Jones Hall @the<br />

Grounds. An all-you-can-eat Dungeness<br />

crab, Cajun shrimp, and rigatoni<br />

dinner awaits at this fundraiser that<br />

benefitting KidsFirst, Placer Breast<br />

Cancer Foundation, Placer County<br />

Food Bank, and more. For tickets and<br />

more info, visit rosevillefirefighters.<br />

org/events/23rd-annual-crabfest.<br />

Award-winning Folsom High School<br />

jazz bands and choir, and Sutter Middle<br />

School and Folsom Middle School jazz<br />

bands are performing at the Folsom<br />

Wine and Jazz fundraiser on <strong>March</strong><br />

11 from 6-9:30 p.m. at Zittel Family<br />

Amphitheater. Sample local wines and<br />

food while browsing silent auction tables.<br />

Proceeds benefit Folsom High School<br />

Music Boosters (folsommusic.org).<br />

Full of Chic Boutique<br />

(fullofchicboutique.<br />

com)—a full-service<br />

shopping experience<br />

located at the heart of<br />

Placerville—recently<br />

opened its doors.<br />

They sell apparel,<br />

new and refinished<br />

furniture, home décor,<br />

textiles, and more<br />

at 617 Main Street,<br />

Suite A, Placerville.<br />

Bob’s Discount Furniture<br />

(mybobs.com), the 10th<br />

largest U.S. furniture chain<br />

with 150 stores across<br />

24 states, is opening new<br />

showrooms in Roseville<br />

(1252 Galleria Boulevard)<br />

and Folsom (2725 East Bidwell<br />

Street) featuring furniture for<br />

the entire home, mattresses,<br />

and home decor. Grand<br />

openings for both stores<br />

will happen on May 27th.<br />

Toll Brothers<br />

(tollbrothersdesignstudio.com),<br />

the nation’s leading builder of<br />

luxury homes, announced its<br />

newest Design Studio at 161<br />

Parkshore Drive in Folsom. The<br />

retail-like shopping experience<br />

for Toll Brothers home buyers<br />

offers luxury interior design<br />

options and premium products<br />

from top brands. Toll Brothers<br />

is actively selling homes at<br />

Skyline, Rocklin and Regency,<br />

Folsom Ranch. They also<br />

anticipate opening a new home<br />

community in El Dorado Hills.<br />

Rocklin Bottle Shop<br />

(rocklinbottleshop.com)<br />

is planning a Folsom<br />

location at 7700 Folsom-<br />

Auburn Road. This<br />

location will sell a variety<br />

of craft beers, wines,<br />

and high-end spirits,<br />

and will eventually<br />

also have tastings.<br />

Newly opened Pizza Norcia (pizzanorcia.com) in El<br />

Dorado offers Umbrian-inspired, wood-fired pizzas<br />

that are distinctly Italian in nature with imported<br />

ingredients like ham and truffles. Organic flour dough<br />

is fermented for 36 hours and animated by an ancient<br />

starter resulting in an authentic pizza crust.<br />

Kiki’s Chicken Place<br />

(kikischicken.com) is<br />

joining Mikuni and<br />

Bennett’s Kitchen<br />

Bar Market at 1565<br />

Eureka Road in<br />

Roseville. The locallyowned<br />

restaurant<br />

chain is known for its<br />

chicken tenders and<br />

wings and currently<br />

has locations in<br />

Rocklin and Folsom<br />

among others.<br />

Davis-based<br />

University of Beer<br />

(theuob.com) is<br />

coming to 1009 East<br />

Bidwell Street, Folsom<br />

later this year. Known<br />

for offering a wide<br />

variety of beers, the<br />

Folsom locale will<br />

have 40 taps and<br />

indoor and outdoor<br />

seating. The food<br />

menu will consist of<br />

burgers, sandwiches,<br />

wraps, salads, and<br />

signature dishes like<br />

beer-battered fish<br />

and chips and mango<br />

habanero fish tacos.<br />

Kiki's Chicken Place photo by Dante Fontana. Other photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

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get to know<br />

Home Sweet<br />

Homesteading<br />

Locals Who Live Off the Land<br />


Homesteading is living self-sufficiently by way of growing your own food, raising<br />

animals for meat or other food products like milk and eggs, and making your own<br />

home supplies. You may have caught a glimpse of the concept on shows such<br />

as Alaska: The Last Frontier, but did you know that some of your neighbors are<br />

homesteaders, too? We’ve profiled four locals who embody this unique lifestyle.<br />

Flicker Farm,<br />

Placerville<br />

When difficult events and a run-ofthe-mill<br />

lifestyle weren’t bringing<br />

joy, Nicole Wilkey, her husband<br />

Brian, and daughter Elle (10)<br />

decided it was time for a change.<br />

“While living in the suburbs through<br />

traumatic events, your perspective<br />

changes,” says Nicole. “Brian and<br />

I would only see each other in<br />

passing because he’s a firefighter<br />

and I was working at an OR,” she<br />

recalls. “We wanted to raise our<br />

only child more sustainably and in<br />

less of the rat race.”<br />

Nowadays, the Wilkeys own 64<br />

chickens, seven pigs, one donkey,<br />

six goats, and about 20 rabbits.<br />

With so many animals—many of<br />

which are used as food sources<br />

for the family—Nicole’s passion<br />

for meat education runs deep.<br />

“It’s disappointing to me how our<br />

society as a whole views food and<br />

where it comes from,” she shares,<br />

recounting the time a preschool<br />

tour came to the farm. “Many of<br />

the kids loved bacon but didn’t<br />

know that it came from an animal.<br />

I think it’s incredibly important to<br />

love all animals and treat them<br />

well while they’re here,” says<br />

Nicole. “I just want people to be<br />

more connected to their food and<br />

educate themselves on where it’s<br />

coming from.”<br />

Check out @flickerfarm on<br />

Instagram. To purchase goat milk<br />

soap, lotion, and herbal salves,<br />

visit flickerfarm.etsy.com. Be on<br />

the lookout for their truck which<br />

occasionally sells flower bouquets<br />

around town.<br />

The Lyttge Farmette,<br />

Shingle Springs<br />

For Wyatte Lyttge, her husband, and their four<br />

children, the homesteading lifestyle has proven to<br />

be a blessing over the past two years.<br />

“We have two kids with special needs (autism<br />

and epilepsy) and the desire to build them a<br />

safe haven really tugged at us,” she shares.<br />

“We closed on our home at the beginning of the<br />

pandemic and were so glad to try something<br />

different. Being resourceful and learning new<br />

things surrounded by beauty has gotten us<br />

through the chaos.”<br />

The Lyttge family owns everything from alpacas<br />

to pigs. Wyatte especially finds the relationship<br />

with animals most rewarding about this lifestyle.<br />

“There’s something so magical about watching<br />

life begin,” she says. “We care deeply for all of<br />

Photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

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stylemg.com<br />

stylemg.com<br />

Bacchus house Bistro<br />

Nutrition, Functional Medicine, Functional Testing, Acupuncture.<br />

Start Living<br />

Your Best Life<br />

easter sunday champagne Brunch<br />

Join us for a wonderful Easter menu & LIVE MUSIC<br />

by Craig Faniani and Ann & Steve Roach.<br />

Brunch Special Menu $48.95<br />

Includes drinks<br />

Kids Menu $17.95 & dessert<br />

Mark Roberts Limited Edition<br />

Easter Collectibles NOW ON SALE<br />

Sunday, April 17th<br />

11 a.m. – 3 p.m.<br />


916–984–7500<br />

www.bacchushousebistro.com<br />

1004 East Bidwell St., Suite 100, Folsom Ca, 95630<br />

Now! hormones, and more.<br />

Specializing in support<br />

gut health, autoimmune<br />

conditions, weight loss,<br />

“Pamela is kind, compassionate, and a great listener. Trust<br />

her advice and you will see amazing results. I know she had<br />

given me a much better quality of life!”<br />

We offer in person and<br />

telehealth services.<br />

Schedule a free 15 minute discovery call today!<br />

(916) 404-0886<br />

connorlifecoaching<br />

connorwellnessclinic<br />

Gift Certificates Available<br />

Monday — Friday 9am-5pm<br />

1891 E Roseville Pkwy, Roseville<br />

ConnorWellnessClinic.com<br />


Botox/Dysport Special<br />

4944 Sunrise Blvd • Suite G • Fair Oaks, 95628<br />

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CareCredit accepted. Cannot be used with specials.<br />

Offers Expires 3/31/<strong>2022</strong><br />

$195<br />

’19<br />

’20<br />

Forehead Lines - 8-12 Units<br />

Eyebrow Lift - 2-5 Units<br />

Crow’s Feet - 5-15 Unit<br />

Frown Lines - 10-15 Units<br />

Bunny Lines - 2-5 Units<br />

Lip Pout - 1-6 Units<br />

Orange Peel Chin - 2-4 Units<br />

Injections done by Dr. John Champlin<br />

Botox 20 Units/ Dysport 50 Units<br />

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6CYCLES<br />

Schedule your consultation today to<br />

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get to know<br />

our animals and watching them become moms brings us<br />

so much joy. And there’s really nothing cuter than baby<br />

animals!”<br />

Aside from raising animals, The Lyttge Farmette produces<br />

lots of goods to sell—including turkeys, ducks, chickens,<br />

and quail eggs, as well as baked goods like hand pies and<br />

chocolate brownies, canned items, soaps, and bath salts.<br />

“We hope to be able to find others to collaborate with in<br />

order to find ways to shorten our food chain and bring<br />

awareness to the importance of growing what you can and<br />

supporting local,” says Wyatte.<br />

Check out @thelyttgefarmette on Instagram. Follow<br />

Wyatte’s stories for pop-up shopping locations in the area<br />

or visit thelyttgefarmette.etsy.com to purchase goods.<br />

their Instagram presence has flourished in the four years<br />

they’ve lived this lifestyle. “I’m from the Bay Area and did not<br />

even own a dog growing up,” says Christina. “I started the<br />

platform (Instagram) to document our home build but also to<br />

connect with other homesteaders.” She recalls the time they<br />

got goats and struggled to raise them. “[The goats] were<br />

really mean! I started to ask questions on Instagram and<br />

[began getting] advice on how to handle them.”<br />

Nowadays, Christina is the one dishing out advice and tips<br />

about the homesteading life—especially on DIY projects, like<br />

a dupe for a pricey Studio McGee bed frame. “Hopefully, my<br />

Instagram can help inspire others,” she says.<br />

Follow their journey on Instagram @thermaland.oaks, and be<br />

on the lookout for a YouTube channel coming later this year.<br />

Thermaland Oaks, Lincoln<br />

Christina and Trevor Heinritz take the term “DIY” to a<br />

whole new level.<br />

“After graduating from Chico State and wanting out of the<br />

college scene, we closed escrow on a 10-acre lot that was<br />

raw land…there was poison oak and brush with not even<br />

a driveway or a septic well!” says Christina, adding, “who,<br />

fresh out of college, can afford to build a house?”<br />

Instead of hiring contractors for everything, their budget<br />

propelled them into the do-it-yourself spirit. “We literally<br />

built our house from the ground up,” she says. Aside from<br />

a growing family (Frankie is two and Georgie is an infant),<br />

Three Sisters Farmstand, Folsom<br />

Michelle Kwek is living proof that anyone can have a green<br />

thumb—even if you don’t live on sprawling farmland.<br />

Michelle first started gardening as a passion project. “I have<br />

this lemon tree and during the pandemic, I wanted to be<br />

able to share, so I put out a little stand [of lemons] outside<br />

my driveway for free.” Now, Michelle has eight fruit trees in<br />

her front yard, along with raised beds and items in pots. “I<br />

have kids (Ellery (12), Camille (10), and Amaya (7)), so it’s<br />

a multi-purpose backyard,” she says. “There’s a lot you can<br />

do with a relatively small space. It’s overwhelming to do it all<br />

at once so for those who want to try growing on their own,<br />

plan out incremental phases and give yourself grace,” she<br />

recommends.<br />

Michelle also plays with garden space at the Twin Lakes Food<br />

Bank in Folsom where she’s the Gardening Coordinator. “I get<br />

to manage a quarter acre garden here,” she shares. “I think<br />

it’s really important that we’re able to give people access to<br />

fresh, homegrown produce.”<br />

Follow Michelle’s gardening journey on Instagram<br />

@threesistersfarmstand.<br />

Photos courtesy of the respective farms.<br />

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At Kids Care Dental & Orthodontics, our<br />

flossophy (get it?) is to provide the absolute<br />

best care and have fun while doing it.<br />

We believe that no parent should have to<br />

stress about the dentist. We make it easy for<br />

you with convenient online scheduling,<br />

diligent health and safety policies, AND a<br />

Fabulous staff of experts that will have your<br />

kiddo begging to come back!<br />

The health and safety of our patients, team<br />

members and community is our top priority<br />

so we are following all state and local safety<br />

guidelines. Convenient dental appointments<br />

are available, including evening and<br />

weekend openings.<br />

schedule<br />

instantly online!<br />

844.903.3583<br />



Beyond<br />

Books<br />

Unique Library Programs<br />


“Books are just the tip<br />

of the library iceberg,”<br />

according to the<br />

California State Library<br />

(CSL). In fact, California’s<br />

public libraries provide<br />

435,000 programs<br />

with over 10.6 million<br />

attendees a year. Book<br />

clubs, workshops,<br />

parenting resources,<br />

literacy classes–these<br />

are just a sampling of<br />

how public libraries<br />

facilitate exploration,<br />

lifelong learning,<br />

connection, and fun.<br />

Why are these<br />

programs vital for<br />

communities? “Public<br />

libraries are community<br />

hubs that bring people<br />

together and close the<br />

opportunity gap by<br />

connecting people to<br />

essential services and<br />

resources,” states the<br />

CSL. Read on to learn<br />

about some of the<br />

programs and resources<br />

offered at public<br />

libraries in our region.<br />

Folsom Public Library<br />

Folsom Public Library offers youth and<br />

adult Health & Wellness Kits that are<br />

available for a three-week checkout. Each<br />

kit is curated around a particular mental<br />

health topic. For adults, topics include<br />

Alzheimer’s disease, postpartum depression,<br />

stress reduction, and more. Kits for youth<br />

help them navigate emotions such as worry,<br />

confidence, and anger. Health & Wellness<br />

Kits may contain books, activities, resource<br />

lists, and/or toys relating to the designated<br />

topic—all stored in a tote bag for adults<br />

or a backpack for youth. Most bags also<br />

contain a discussion guide to encourage<br />

and help individuals talk to someone on the<br />

topic.<br />

The library has partnered with GetSetUp<br />

to provide adults aged 55 and older with<br />

Folsom Public Library Health & Wellness Kits<br />

free Well-being Classes. The interactive<br />

online classes cover health, fitness, mental<br />

health, the arts, and more. Participants<br />

can connect with others who share similar<br />

interests while discovering new hobbies.<br />

Folsom Library’s patrons also have<br />

access to thousands of online classes to<br />

learn new vocational and educational skills,<br />

Photos courtesy of their<br />

respective companies or organizations.<br />

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Ready to meet<br />

all of your<br />

Dermatological<br />

and Cosmetic<br />

skin concerns.<br />

<strong>Style</strong> readers voted<br />

David No Best<br />

Dermatologist!<br />

in Folsom & El Dorado Hills<br />

916.983.3373<br />

norcaldermatology.com | <br />

192 Blue Ravine Rd. Folsom, CA 95630<br />

Best Mortgage<br />

Broker 2019-2021<br />


Faster Easier More Affordable<br />


CA DRE #01314400<br />

NMLS #350241<br />

As a 30 year resident of Folsom, whether you need to purchase or refinance your home, I will<br />

work directly with you and your family offering you access to the best rates nationwide.<br />

“John has been handling our families’ mortgage needs for more than 15 years. There is no<br />

better mortgage provider and consultant in the business - he gets us the absolute lowest rate<br />

every time.” -Frank Visconti<br />

CALL US<br />

TODAY!<br />

“ There is no better mortgage provider…<br />

916-496-1919<br />

888 Farley Court | Folsom, CA 95630<br />

arnazfinancial.com | NMLS #1803704/CA DRE #02077955<br />


Folsom Public Library Online Classes<br />

earn professional certificates,<br />

and prepare for jobs. Classes by<br />

providers like LinkedIn Learning<br />

and Coursera are free for at least<br />

one year and accessible through<br />

the library website or in-library<br />

public computers.<br />

Roseville Public Libraries<br />

The Traveling Art program for<br />

children ages 7-12 promotes<br />

cultural awareness through<br />

art. Each Traveling Art session<br />

highlights a different country<br />

from around the world. Children<br />

participate in hands-on art<br />

projects—like painting Russian<br />

nesting dolls—that teaches<br />

them about a country's history<br />

and culture. All sessions are<br />

free; registration and parent<br />

participation are required.<br />

Maidu Library is equipping<br />

youth with a skill vital for<br />

their future success: Digital<br />

literacy. Three-day Kano Coding<br />

Workshops teach 8-12-year-olds<br />

how to put together a computer<br />

and the basics of coding with<br />

Kano. Workshops are free but<br />

registration is required.<br />

Book clubs promote<br />

community bonding and life-long<br />

learning, and are a great place<br />

to meet new people. Maidu<br />

Library has two adult book clubs<br />

that read across all genres and<br />

meet on the second Saturday of<br />

every month. Page Turners Book<br />

Club meets from 10:30 a.m.-12<br />

p.m. While the Club Maidu Book<br />

Club meets from 12:30-2 p.m.<br />

Clubs are led by volunteers and<br />

are open to the public.<br />

Roseville Public Libraries Traveling Art program<br />

Maidu Library Kano Coding Workshop<br />

El Dorado County Libraries<br />

The Parents Supporting<br />

Parents group offers parents and<br />

caregivers of children (ages 0-22)<br />

with special needs (medical,<br />

behavioral, developmental,<br />

learning, and mental health) a<br />

safe space to share their joys and<br />

challenges. The group connects<br />

via Zoom every other Thursday<br />

from 5:30-7 p.m. To sign up,<br />

contact Jaclyn Raya at jraya@<br />

edcoe.org or call 530-503-5626.<br />

Play & Learn Circle Time is a<br />

fun environment for children ages<br />

0-5 to practice their social skills<br />

while caregivers connect with one<br />

another. Placerville Public Library<br />

also offers caregivers free child<br />

development information. The play<br />

group is held Fridays from 9-10<br />

a.m. Registration is required.<br />

Every Tuesday at 5 p.m.,<br />

Cameron Park Public Library hosts<br />

a Play & Learn Group in Spanish.<br />

Parents receive valuable advice<br />

and child development information<br />

while children participate in games<br />

and activities.<br />

Mother Goose on the Loose<br />

is an award-winning lap-sit<br />

story time that helps develop<br />

reading skills for 0-2-yearolds<br />

by combining music and<br />

movement with visual and<br />

language development. Children<br />

and their caregivers gather at<br />

the Placerville Public library on<br />

Thursdays at 10:30 a.m.<br />

Placer County Libraries<br />

Placer Adult Literacy Services<br />

(PALS) provides reading, writing,<br />

and basic math training to equip<br />

adults with the skills they need<br />

to improve their lives. English as<br />

a second language (ESL) classes<br />

are held at Rocklin Public Library<br />

on Tuesdays and Thursdays from<br />

12:30-2:30 p.m. Conversation Club<br />

meets at Rocklin Public Library<br />

on Tuesdays from 11 a.m.-12:30<br />

p.m. and at Granite Bay Library on<br />

Thursdays from 10-11 a.m.<br />

Preschool Storytime includes<br />

stories, fingerplays, and songs<br />

for children ages 3-5. Rocklin<br />

Library hosts the 30-minute class<br />

on Wednesdays at 9:30 a.m. and<br />

Granite Bay Library hosts it on<br />

Fridays at 9:30 a.m.<br />

Placer County Library<br />

cardholders can discover<br />

their family roots through the<br />

Ancestry Library Edition. The<br />

online database houses historical<br />

records such as census records,<br />

passports, and immigration<br />

records from around the world.<br />

Available for in-library use only.<br />

Photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

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2802 MALLARD LN.<br />


www.drmcdonald.com<br />

(530)626-8440<br />

Board Certified in in in<br />

Treatment and<br />

Management of of of Ocular<br />

Diseases. Member of of of<br />

Both American and<br />

California Optometric<br />


| arts & culture |<br />

Mix<br />

It Up<br />

Spotlight on<br />

Mixed-Media Artists<br />

by BELLA NOLEN<br />

Mixed media allows artists to play with<br />

multiple materials without the fear of<br />

boundaries. Whether it’s paint, glass,<br />

metal, or cloth, this art form encourages<br />

imagination and creativity by utilizing<br />

several elements. Meet some of our area’s<br />

accomplished mixed-media artists here.<br />

The Clearing<br />

viewer and that the message<br />

is somewhat obscured [and]<br />

requires rumination.<br />

How did you develop your<br />

artistic skills?<br />

I took some workshops with<br />

Anne Bradley (a fellow-gallery<br />

member) and loved it! I’ve also<br />

taken a few online courses,<br />

learned repousse (a metal<br />

technique), and continue to<br />

study composition and the<br />

work of other artists.<br />

What advice would you give<br />

to someone just starting out?<br />

Stop making sense! (I<br />

borrowed this from the band<br />

Talking Heads). I had to stop<br />

making “sense” of everything<br />

in order to do abstract art.<br />

Pay attention to composition,<br />

colors, and values, and work<br />

with textures and mediums<br />

that you have fun with. This<br />

journey is all about fun!<br />

Where is your favorite place<br />

to create?<br />

In my studio. It’s hard to bring<br />

all that stuff anywhere else to<br />

paint.<br />

Where can your art be<br />

found?<br />

Auburn Old Town Gallery, Art<br />

League of Lincoln, Blue Line<br />

Arts, and on my website.<br />

Concentric<br />

Gia McNutt<br />

giamcnutt.com<br />

What attracts you to mixed<br />

media?<br />

I’m in love with textures and<br />

the abstract expression of art.<br />

Textures consume me— they are<br />

rich, varied, and found in nature.<br />

When I first started art, I didn’t<br />

“get” abstract art. Now, I love that<br />

it’s open for interpretation by the<br />

Chris K.<br />

Foster<br />

chrisfostergallery.<br />

com<br />

What attracts<br />

you to mixed<br />

media?<br />

The unknown<br />

of it. One has<br />

to experiment<br />

to find out<br />

what works.<br />

For example, I<br />

learned that you<br />

can put oils over<br />

acrylic paints but<br />

not acrylic paints<br />

over oils. And<br />

there are failures<br />

Point of View<br />

if the additions are not permanent.<br />

Another example, watercolors over<br />

acrylics do not work. The paints<br />

move around and are too fugitive.<br />

Photos and artwork images courtesy of each artist.<br />

24 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2022</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags



Denise Bogard, MD and her team are dedicated to<br />

providing you with the highest quality anti-aging<br />

and aesthetic medicine.<br />

• Ozone Therapy<br />

• PRP Hair Restoration<br />

• Lipotropic “Skinny” Shots<br />

• Bioidentical Hormone<br />

Replacement including<br />

Pellet Therapy<br />

• Peptide Therapy<br />

• Laser Body Contouring<br />

• Micro Needling<br />

• Micro Blading<br />

• Thyroid and Adrenal<br />

Hormone Evaluation<br />

• Gut Health and Immune<br />

System Evaluation<br />

• IV Therapy and Chelation<br />

• Food Sensitivity Testing<br />

• PRP joint injection therapy<br />

><br />

<strong>March</strong> Special Exp. 3/31/22<br />

Schedule a complimentary consultation and<br />

get a FREE Skinny Shot.<br />

Bogard Well Aging Med<br />

bogardhealth.com | 916-781-4300 | 508 Gibson Dr. Ste. 290 Roseville

| arts & culture |<br />

How did you develop your artistic skill?<br />

Years of classes, workshops, and experimentation. And<br />

painting every day.<br />

What advice would you give to someone just starting<br />

out?<br />

Try everything! Be willing to fail. Have fun!<br />

Where is your favorite place to create?<br />

My teeny, tiny home studio.<br />

Where can your art be found?<br />

My website and Auburn Old Town Gallery.<br />

Mary Chris Hines<br />

marychris-hines.pixels.com<br />

Dangling Conversation<br />

State Theater<br />

What attracts you to<br />

mixed media?<br />

I like the idea of being<br />

able to use anything in an<br />

art piece. The objective<br />

is communicating<br />

something with the<br />

artwork—and using<br />

anything that will assist in<br />

that communication. Using<br />

imagination is a large<br />

factor just because it’s fun!<br />

How did you develop your<br />

artistic skills?<br />

I made a collage by taping<br />

magazine pieces to the<br />

recessed panel of a door in<br />

my apartment. At the time,<br />

I’d never heard the term<br />

“collage” and didn’t know<br />

what it was. I just wanted to<br />

brighten up my apartment<br />

and do something fun.<br />

I’ve also done hundreds of<br />

hours of individual study<br />

which still continues today.<br />

With YouTube, you can<br />

learn all sorts of interesting<br />

techniques which you can<br />

make your own.<br />

What advice would you<br />

give to someone just<br />

starting out?<br />

Hold nothing back. Every<br />

piece might not end up<br />

being exactly what you<br />

were hoping for, but<br />

every piece teaches you<br />

something that you can<br />

carry forward in future art<br />

works. Use anything and<br />

everything that inspires or<br />

moves you.<br />

Where is your favorite<br />

place to create?<br />

In my little studio which I<br />

set up in a bedroom.<br />

Where can your art be<br />

found? On my website.<br />

Light Traffic<br />

Kerri Warner<br />

kerriwarner.com<br />

What attracts you to<br />

mixed media?<br />

The freedom to create<br />

with no boundaries—<br />

there is no right or<br />

wrong. It’s all about<br />

improvisation and<br />

figuring out how each<br />

media interacts with<br />

the other to create the<br />

finished product.<br />

How did you develop<br />

your artistic skills?<br />

Trial and error. I am selftaught<br />

and come from<br />

a very talented family.<br />

We were always involved<br />

in DIY projects—from<br />

creating sceneries,<br />

props, and costumes for<br />

theatrical productions<br />

to artwork for our home.<br />

My parents always reused<br />

and recycled. One of<br />

Food Bank Clothing Program<br />

my favorite childhood<br />

memories is a birthday<br />

party where my mom<br />

made circus animals<br />

out of cardboard boxes<br />

for each attendee. We all<br />

spent hours sitting in<br />

our boxes.<br />

What advice would you<br />

give to someone just<br />

starting out?<br />

Be bold. Let your<br />

creativity be your guide.<br />

If someone tells you<br />

“that will never work”<br />

or “that can’t be done,”<br />

experiment anyway.<br />

Where is your favorite<br />

place to create?<br />

In my studio. I’m<br />

surrounded with things<br />

that inspire me and I<br />

have the freedom to be<br />

messy and experiment.<br />

Where can your art be<br />

found?<br />

All over the country.<br />

Locally, my work can be<br />

seen on a SacRT train,<br />

covering the walls of the<br />

MRI suites at the UCD<br />

Children’s Hospital, and<br />

wrapping utility boxes in<br />

Sacramento, Davis, and<br />

soon to be in Natomas.<br />

Photos and artwork images courtesy of each artist.<br />

26 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2022</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

| arts & culture |<br />

Outtakes<br />

1.<br />

3.<br />

2.<br />

4.<br />



Community Services District<br />

Gymnasium<br />

JANUARY 29<br />

Patrons dressed in blue Hawaiianthemed<br />

outfits and enjoyed delicious<br />

food, raffle prizes, a silent auction,<br />

dancing, a dessert table, and more<br />

at one of the Rotary Club’s premier<br />

fundraising events. All proceeds<br />

fund local and international projects<br />

such as the EDH Teen Center, Jeff<br />

Mitchell Memorial Field, and youth<br />

development efforts such as the High<br />

School Speech Contest, ORHS Interact<br />

Club, Student of the Month, Youth<br />

Exchange Program and High School<br />

Scholarships.<br />


1. Ginny Pettit & Jeannie Benoist<br />

2. Greg Flahive, Carolyn Oliveria, Mark Hofstra,<br />

Barb Hofstra, & Kevin Lowen<br />

3. Liz Waits, Mackenzie, & Gaylene Burkett<br />

4. Desi Daniels & Sherie Toban<br />

1.<br />

4.<br />

5.<br />

2. 3.<br />


Blue Line Arts, Roseville<br />

JANUARY 27<br />

Lottery for the Arts is a fundraising<br />

event that provides collectors an<br />

opportunity to acquire original<br />

works of fine art by professional and<br />

emerging artists—all while raising<br />

money for education programs at Blue<br />

Line Arts. Patrons bid early and online<br />

on high-value artworks and unique<br />

prizes in the live and silent auction<br />

sections, and attended the live event to<br />

bid in real-time and participate in the<br />

lottery.<br />


1. Amalia Griego, holding her lottery pick<br />

“Symbols” by Bobbie Powell<br />

2. Auctioneer, Freddie Silveria<br />

3. Eric & Kera Dolan, holding their lottery pick<br />

“Adonis Redux” by Katharine Wood<br />

4. Stephen & Erika Fatula (bottom right) bidding<br />

during the live auction portion of the evening<br />

5. Mike Alves & Michelle Alvarado (holding their<br />

lottery pick, “Hidden Boat” by Brian Rothstein),<br />

Greg & Kiah Connolly (holding their pick, “Get<br />

It in Gear” by William Ishmael), and Elizabeth<br />

Connolly & Dane Bolte (holding their lottery<br />

pick “Wood Fired Vase” by Jan Schacter)<br />

28 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2022</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags<br />

If you know of any events happening in the area, or have photos you would<br />

like to share with us, please submit them to info@stylemg.com. For more<br />

outtakes photos, visit stylemg.com.

| health & wellness |<br />

Longevity<br />

Rules<br />

24 HOURS TO A<br />



Living a healthier life doesn’t have to be hard.<br />

Every day we consciously (and unconsciously)<br />

make choices that can either hurt or help our<br />

overall well-being—from what we choose to<br />

eat and drink to postponing the day’s workout<br />

to staying up past your bedtime. Since we’re<br />

all given 24 hours in a day, we’ve asked<br />

local experts to share easy, healthy habits to<br />

incorporate into your life from morning to<br />

night. Read on for their tips and see which<br />

ones you can add to your daily routine—<br />

starting today!<br />

7 a.m.: Wake up screen-free<br />

“Before grabbing the phone, give yourself<br />

5-10 minutes to visualize your day, feed<br />

yourself some positivity, or even just reflect<br />

on your dreams. While it may seem odd,<br />

this ‘brain hack’ reinforces a positive mental<br />

attitude and may contribute to a healthier,<br />

happier, more successful day.” —Isidora<br />

Marin and Ryan Martinez, Co-owners of<br />

Bikram Yoga Folsom, bikramyogafolsom.<br />

com<br />

7:15 a.m.: Meditate<br />

“Remember this acronym: RPM, which<br />

stands for ‘rise, pee, meditate.’ So, wake up,<br />

use the restroom, then meditate for 15-30<br />

minutes. Meditation reduces stress, anxiety,<br />

depression, insomnia, and more.” —Andrea<br />

Tagamolila, Spa Director at Serenity Spa |<br />

Soul Yoga, serenityspaonline.com<br />

8 a.m.: Protect your skin<br />

“Daily use of broad-spectrum SPF 30<br />

sunscreen (even on cloudy days) can<br />

help reduce your risk of developing skin<br />

cancers, wrinkles, sagging skin, and age<br />

spots.” —Lee Lipton PA-C, Group Fitness<br />

Director at Spare Time Sports Clubs,<br />

sparetimesportsclubs.com<br />

9 a.m.: Eat a high fat and protein breakfast<br />

“Make this first meal full of healthy fats and<br />

proteins for a long-lasting, healthy meal. Use butter<br />

(or, even better, ghee), eggs, avocado, almond butter,<br />

tahini, hemp seeds, nuts, olive oil…anything with<br />

lots of good fats. And yes, bacon counts!” —Isidora<br />

Marin and Ryan Martinez, Co-owners of Bikram<br />

Yoga Folsom, bikramyogafolsom.com<br />

10:30 a.m.: Walk daily<br />

“Take a ten-minute walk during your morning and<br />

afternoon breaks to get the blood flowing. This<br />

will increase your productivity as it helps promote<br />

blood flow to the brain while allowing your mind<br />

to relax from your daily tasks, all the while keeping<br />

you and your heart healthy.” —Isidora Marin and<br />

Ryan Martinez, Co-owners of Bikram Yoga Folsom,<br />

bikramyogafolsom.com<br />

Top photo © lev dolgachov -adobe.stock.com. "Wake-up" photo africa-studio.com (Olga Yastremska and Leonid<br />

Yastremskiy). "Sunscreen" photo © adobe.stock.com. Food photo © adobe.stock.com.<br />

30 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2022</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

Expires 9/2 022<br />

ב״ה<br />



Passover<br />

Experience<br />

Benefitting the establishment of<br />

The Jewish Experience Museum<br />

An interactive journey through<br />

the Passover story with Rabbi Grossbaum<br />

Wednesday, April 6 th <strong>2022</strong> | 5:30pm<br />

Folsom Community Center<br />

52 Natoma Street, Folsom<br />




www.JewishFolsom.org/JEM<br />


serving Folsom, El Dorado Hills and the surrounding region

| health & wellness |<br />

12 p.m.: Cut off caffeine<br />

“After noon, it’s decaf for you! As a tea<br />

and coffee drinker myself, this is hard<br />

for me to stick to. By cutting off your<br />

caffeine consumption at 12, it helps your<br />

body process that caffeine so that it’s<br />

out of your system by the time you’re<br />

heading to bed.” —Cambria Mason,<br />

PA-C of Marshall Family Medicine in<br />

Placerville, marshallmedical.org<br />

12:30 p.m.: Post-lunch brush and<br />

floss<br />

“After you brush, find that abandoned<br />

dental floss in your bathroom drawer.<br />

Research has shown that flossing your<br />

teeth once a day helps reduce levels<br />

of harmful bacteria that can increase<br />

your risk of gum disease, heart disease,<br />

and type 2 diabetes.” —Lee Lipton PA-C,<br />

Group Fitness Director at Spare Time<br />

Sports Clubs, sparetimesportsclubs.com<br />

3 p.m.: Have a dance party<br />

“Dance like nobody’s watching! Rev up<br />

your mid-day slumps by putting on a<br />

song that makes you want to dance in<br />

your chair. Better yet, get up and move<br />

around. You’ll burn calories and improve<br />

your mood all in about three to five<br />

minutes!” —Lee Lipton PA-C, Group<br />

Fitness Director at Spare Time Sports<br />

Clubs, sparetimesportsclubs.com<br />

4:30 p.m.: Cultivate community<br />

“This is where you get to de-stress<br />

and enjoy the companionship of your<br />

family and friends. Go for a walk, enjoy<br />

afternoon tea with a friend or have a<br />

Zoom call with your book club. Just<br />

make sure you schedule some time to<br />

connect with loved ones—even if it’s<br />

just 15 minutes.” —Heather Crivellone,<br />

Personal Trainer at Roseville Health &<br />

Wellness Center<br />

5 p.m.: 1-minute mindfulness<br />

“Did you know that even one minute of<br />

mindfulness practice can help reset your<br />

mood, recharge your energy, and relax<br />

your body? Take 60 seconds to find a<br />

comfortable position and focus on the<br />

rhythm of your breathing; relax tension<br />

in your shoulders and jaw; look around<br />

and notice the details of something<br />

around you; acknowledge that you are<br />

here, now.” —Lee Lipton PA-C, Group<br />

Fitness Director at Spare Time Sports<br />

Clubs, sparetimesportsclubs.com<br />

6 p.m.: Eat a healthy dinner<br />

“While this may sound broad and<br />

confusing, a healthy meal simply involves<br />

food from all major food groups: Fruits,<br />

vegetables, and lean meat. A big breakfast<br />

and light dinner are proven to be a<br />

healthier practice as it can help burn<br />

more calories throughout the day.”<br />

—Austin Saavedra, MD, Family Medicine<br />

Physician with Dignity Health Mercy<br />

Medical Group, dignityhealth.org<br />

7 p.m.: Try self-abhyanga<br />

(massage)<br />

“Self-massage helps with blood flow and<br />

circulation. Oleation (aka oil massage) of<br />

our largest organ (the skin) promotes selfcare<br />

and self-love, and is very grounding<br />

and relaxing. Tip: Use an oil like jojoba<br />

and warm it up beforehand. Massage<br />

starting at the crown of the head, then<br />

face, and move down to the entire body.<br />

Allow these oils to absorb for as long<br />

as you can before enjoying a warm<br />

shower or bath.” —Andrea Tagamolila,<br />

Spa Director at Serenity Spa | Soul Yoga,<br />

serenityspaonline.com<br />

7:30 p.m.: Make time for recreation<br />

“This is very important in leading a<br />

happy life since it affects how we feel<br />

and think. You can explore and try new<br />

hobbies such as learning an instrument<br />

or doing crafts.” —Austin Saavedra,<br />

MD, Family Medicine Physician with<br />

Dignity Health Mercy Medical Group,<br />

dignityhealth.org<br />

9 p.m.: Wind down<br />

“Begin to unwind and get ready for the<br />

next day. Take a warm Epsom salt bath,<br />

read a book, and begin to turn off all<br />

electronic devices. Studies have shown<br />

that reducing blue light and cutting back<br />

on screen time before bed will help with<br />

getting a quality night sleep.” —Heather<br />

Crivellone, Personal Trainer at Roseville<br />

Health & Wellness Center<br />

9:45 p.m.: Steal 15 minutes for you<br />

“Many of us put off self-care to get<br />

our other tasks done. As part of your<br />

nightly routine, have a planned 15<br />

minutes for yourself. This is the time<br />

for you to do something for you and<br />

you alone. It is your time to destress.<br />

This could be another time for<br />

meditation, yoga stretches, or listening<br />

to music. Just do something that you<br />

enjoy.” —Cambria Mason, PA-C of<br />

Marshall Family Medicine in Placerville,<br />

marshallmedical.org<br />

10 p.m.: Go screen-free<br />

“Screens should go to bed before you do.<br />

When you’re looking at the TV or phone,<br />

there is a blue light that can lead your<br />

body to produce less melatonin. Melatonin<br />

is a hormone that your body naturally<br />

produces to help ready your body for<br />

sleep. By not looking at screens for the<br />

hour leading up to bedtime, you better<br />

prepare your body for sleep.” —Cambria<br />

Mason, PA-C of Marshall Family Medicine<br />

in Placerville, marshallmedical.org<br />

10:30 p.m.: Practice gratitude<br />

“Gratitude is one of the easiest and<br />

quickest ways to shift our mood.<br />

Close your eyes, put your hand on<br />

your heart, take three deep breaths<br />

and ask yourself: ‘What am I grateful<br />

for?’ Take a few moments to consider<br />

the people, places, experiences, and<br />

all the gifts we’ve been given. Allow<br />

yourself to be filled with gratitude<br />

and appreciation; allow a gentle smile.<br />

When you’re ready, slowly float your<br />

eyes open.” —Andrea Tagamolila, Spa<br />

Director at Serenity Spa | Soul Yoga,<br />

serenityspaonline.com<br />

11 p.m.-7 a.m.: Get eight hours<br />

of rest<br />

“While the amount of sleep needed<br />

varies with age, it is recommended for<br />

adults to have at least seven to eight<br />

hours of sleep. It is also beneficial to<br />

have a consistent sleep schedule—<br />

including waking up early at the same<br />

time every day and setting bedtime<br />

early enough that will get you the<br />

recommended hours of sleep needed.”<br />

—Austin Saavedra, MD, Family Medicine<br />

Physician with Dignity Health Mercy<br />

Medical Group, dignityhealth.org<br />

Photo © twinsterphoto-stock.adobe.com.<br />

32 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2022</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

GREAT SHOWS UP CLOSE IN <strong>2022</strong>!<br />

Folsom Lake Symphony presents<br />

Musical Engine<br />

SAT, MAR 5 - 11:00 AM<br />

Folsom Concert Association presents<br />

Daniel Rodriguez &<br />

Marla Kavanaugh<br />

SUN, MAR 6 - 2:00 PM<br />

Placer Pops Chorale presents<br />

Big Band Swing<br />

SAT, MAR 12 - 7:30 PM<br />

SUN, MAR 13 - 2:00 PM<br />

Folsom Lake College’s Falcon’s Eye Theatre presents<br />

FRI, APR 1 - 7:30 PM<br />

SAT, APR 2 - 7:30 PM<br />

SUN, APR 3 - 2:00 PM<br />

RENT<br />

FRI, APR 8 - 7:30 PM<br />

SAT, APR 9 - 7:30 PM<br />

SUN, APR 10 - 2:00 PM<br />

Folsom Lake Symphony presents<br />

The Planets<br />

with Ji in Yang, violin<br />

SAT, APR 23 - 7:30 PM<br />

El Dorado Musical Theatre presents<br />

High Voltage - Unplugged<br />

SUN, MAR 27 - 2:00 PM & 6:00 PM<br />

The Folsom Lake College Falcon’s Choir presents<br />

Choirscape: reUnited<br />

TUES, MAY 3 - 7:30 PM<br />

Placer Pops Chorale presents<br />

Broadway Pops -<br />

A Life Unmasked<br />

SAT, MAY 7 - 7:30 PM<br />

SUN, MAY 8 - 2:00 PM<br />

Folsom Lake Symphony presents<br />

Opera Meets Broadway<br />

with Shana Blake Hill, soprano, and Roberto Perlas Gomez, baritone<br />

SAT, JUN 4 - 7:30 PM<br />

SUN, JUN 5 - 2:00 PM<br />

All tickets available through presenters only.<br />

For more information visit:<br />


| health & wellness |<br />

Take a Hike<br />


Pilot Hill<br />


4.4 miles Loop<br />


Moderate<br />


Bring sunscreen,<br />

as there are many<br />

exposed sections. Bring<br />

swimwear for a cold<br />

plunge in the river.<br />

FUEL UP:<br />

Hit up The Farm Table<br />

(ourfarmtable.com) in<br />

Downtown Placerville for<br />

some locally-sourced<br />

bites from acclaimed<br />

Northern California chef,<br />

Frederick Reyes. The<br />

menu changes based<br />

on what is available<br />

locally, and they have a<br />

generous beer and wine<br />

selection. Stop in for<br />

lunch or dinner or even<br />

brunch on Sundays.<br />


As the Sierras continue<br />

to thaw, this closeto-home<br />

trail offers<br />

some amazing <strong>March</strong><br />

sunshine, flowers, thick<br />

forest sections, and<br />

direct river access for<br />

a Wim Hof style cold<br />

plunge for the daring.<br />

With enough elevation<br />

gain to feel you got your<br />

work out, this half-day<br />

hike is great to start<br />

training for the warmer<br />

months to come.<br />


Dogs are welcome on<br />

a leash, bring layers,<br />

sunscreen, plenty<br />

of water and please<br />

practice Leave No Trace<br />

principles.<br />

Down and Up Trail<br />

at Cronan Ranch<br />


For more information, visit<br />

alltrails.com/explore/trail/us/california/down-and-up-trail-loop<br />

34 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2022</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags<br />

Hike photos by Jenna Britton, @jennabean916.<br />

The Farm Table photos by Taylor Gillespie.<br />

Setting<br />

Goals<br />

for<br />

Summer<br />

With so many<br />

world-class hiking<br />

destinations in our<br />

back yard, making<br />

your hiking bucket<br />

list should be easy.<br />

Do you want to do<br />

a thru-hike of the<br />

Tahoe Rim Trail or<br />

backpack several<br />

days on the Pacific<br />

Coast Trail?<br />

Getting in shape<br />

and knowing your<br />

gear is key for these<br />

longer trips. Here<br />

are some good<br />

recommendations:<br />

1<br />

Break-in your gear. Never<br />

start a long hike (more<br />

than five miles) or a multiday<br />

trip with brand new<br />

gear. This is especially<br />

true for your shoes. Test<br />

out and break in your new<br />

gear on easier trails, like<br />

the Down and Up Trail.<br />

2<br />

Plan the logistics. On<br />

many longer hikes, you<br />

will need to leave a car at<br />

the endpoint and arrange<br />

a drop-off at your starting<br />

point. For multi-day trips,<br />

you may need to arrange<br />

food drop-offs at key<br />

points of the trail.<br />

3<br />

Hike with extra weight.<br />

On longer trips, you will<br />

be carrying significantly<br />

more weight than normal.<br />

Get in shape by carrying<br />

extra weight on shorter<br />

trails to prepare for the<br />

extra effort.<br />

Do<br />

you have a<br />

favorite trail in the<br />

region you’d like to see<br />

featured? Tell us all<br />

about it at info@<br />


Class of <strong>2022</strong><br />

Call ASAP to book your Senior portrait session!<br />

$100<br />

With a mention of this ad.<br />

Portrait<br />

Credit<br />

www.audreyperez.com<br />

info@audreyperez.com<br />

(916) 217-4101<br />

<br />

brenna<br />

mcgowan<br />

copywriter<br />

Helping you write words<br />

for your website &<br />

email marketing that set<br />

you apart from the crowd.<br />




D I S T I N C T I V E<br />


It's been said that oral health provides a window to one's overall health,<br />

so it's imperative to have a dentist you trust. Whether you’re looking for a<br />

compassionate provider for your child or yourself, the professionals that<br />

follow are some of the region's finest. When you visit them, make sure to tell<br />

them you saw their profile in STYLE!<br />

AMAR PAWAR, D.D.S.<br />

1568 Creekside Dr., Ste. 202 // Folsom<br />

916-235-6212 // www.folsomfamilydental.com<br />



3168 Turner St., Ste. 300 // Placerville<br />

530-622-5640 // www.goldengrovedental.com<br />


Dr. Pawar is a graduate of the prestigious Columbia<br />

University School of Dental and Oral Surgery, NY.<br />

Trained to be an expert dentist, Dr. Pawar continues<br />

to educate and maintain his knowledge to the ever so<br />

changing needs and treatment modalities of the dental community.<br />

Dr. Pawar has been practicing dentistry here in Folsom for more than<br />

16 years, with the vision of bringing high ethical and moral standards<br />

to his practice without pressure on his patients. He lives by this vision<br />

daily and cherishes the opportunity to continue bringing you the<br />

smile you’ve always wanted. Give his office a call and experience for<br />

yourself!<br />

Dr. Mathew Delgadillo and Dr. Alice Chun, a<br />

husband-and-wife team practicing in the community<br />

of Placerville. They recently took over the offices of<br />

Dr. Stadler and Dr. Sohi. At Golden Grove Dental,<br />

you can expect the highest level of care with modern dental<br />

technology. They are a family practice open to adults and<br />

children with services offered that include cleanings, fillings,<br />

crowns, implants, dentures, whitening, and Invisilign. The office<br />

is located in Placerville, near Marshall Hospital, and is open<br />

Monday through Friday. Dr. Mat and Dr. Alice invite you to<br />

make an appointment and look forward to meeting you!<br />

36 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2022</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags






2370 E. Bidwell St., Ste. 130 // Folsom<br />

916-983-6637 // www.folsomdentalimplants.com<br />

Dr. Gregory G. Olsen practices a full scope of oral and<br />

maxillofacial surgery including dental implants, bone<br />

grafting and wisdom tooth removal while providing<br />

exceptional patient care in a friendly atmosphere.<br />

Dr. Olsen graduated with honors from the University of the Pacific<br />

Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry, San Francisco and completed<br />

his specialty training residency in the field of oral and maxillofacial<br />

surgery at John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital in Chicago. He is a Board<br />

Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Board Certified Dental<br />

Anesthesiologist, and Fellow of the International Congress of<br />

Implantology. He holds memberships with numerous prestigious dental<br />

organizations including the California Dental Association, Sacramento<br />

District Dental Society and the American Association of Oral and<br />

Maxillofacial Surgeons. Dr. Olsen and his wife, a dental hygienist, are<br />

dedicated to serving those in need – both locally and internationally.<br />

The team at Folsom Oral Surgery And Implant Center's first priority<br />

is the safety and comfort of every patient. Dr. Gregory G. Olsen works<br />

constantly to keep up-to-date with the latest advancements in dental<br />

care. He uses the latest techniques and remains deeply committed to<br />

developing new and better ways to protect your teeth and gums.<br />

When not taking care of his patients or volunteering his time, Dr. Olsen<br />

enjoys spending time with his wife, family and friends along with flyfishing,<br />

cycling and hiking.<br />

Take a moment to learn more about the exciting new services we offer<br />

our patients. Please call our office at 916-983-6637.<br />

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6526 Lonetree Blvd. #100 // Rocklin // 916-435-8000<br />

1421 Secret Ravine Pkwy. #121 // Roseville // 916-786-9282<br />

1568 Creekside Drive #104 // Folsom // 916-983-5321<br />

2605 Eastern Avenue #3 // Sacramento // 916-481-6424<br />

bracesbyholt.com<br />


MATTERS. At Holt Orthodontics, doctors<br />

Mark Holt, Miriam Behpour, and Tyler<br />

Holt help create winning smiles every day!<br />

Some of the orthodontic treatment they provide<br />

includes braces and Invisalign® for anyone ages 7 and<br />

up. Orthodontic treatment is not the same in every<br />

office. With over 30 years in practice, our doctors<br />

have transformed over 30,000 smiles. In fact, Holt<br />

Orthodontics has earned the title of #1 Private Ortho<br />

Invisalign Provider in all of California - treating<br />

the most teens and adults with Invisalign. As a Top<br />

West Coast Provider, they have successfully treated<br />

over 7,000 patients with Invisalign. Dr. Holt is also<br />

on faculty with Invisalign and has lectured in over<br />

40 cities across America, teaching orthodontists the<br />

best practices for successful Invisalign treatment.<br />

Two separate studies have shown shorter treatment<br />

times at Holt Orthodontics. While they ensure<br />

treatment is started at the right time, there is no better<br />

time than now to get braces or Invisalign! Choose<br />

your treatment with the very best, and with shorter<br />

treatment times you are even closer to your Winning<br />

Smile. Call today to schedule your free exam!<br />




1665 Creekside Drive Suite 103 // Folsom<br />

916-260-5127 // dimplespd.com<br />

Dr. Rohini Rattu received her DDS from<br />

Columbia University and completed her<br />

Postgraduate Pediatric Dental training at Boston<br />

University. She is a Board Certified Diplomate<br />

and a proud member of the ADA, CDA, American Academy<br />

of Pediatric Dentists, California Society of Pediatric Dentists<br />

and Sacramento District Dental Society. It is with these<br />

memberships that Dr. Rohini is able to remain on the cutting<br />

edge of new technologies and philosophies within the realm<br />

of Pediatric Dentistry.<br />

Dr. Rohini is the sole practitioner at her practice, Dimples<br />

Pediatric Dental, in Folsom.<br />

At Dimples Pediatric Dental, we strive to make the dentist<br />

office a fun place to be where kids can feel comfortable and<br />

relaxed. Our goal is to provide our patients with excellent<br />

oral health care throughout their infant, child and adolescent<br />

years. When they “graduate” from our office, they will take<br />

with them the tools and confidence to enjoy optimal oral<br />

health throughout their lives.<br />

Dimples Pediatric Dental would love to be your children's<br />

dental home!<br />

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OKSANA<br />


DMD<br />



3420 Coach Lane, Suite 6 // Cameron Park<br />

530-672-1616 // www.boyechkodental.com<br />

Dentistry is Dr. Boyechko’s passion.<br />

This passion drives her to change<br />

people’s lives by improving their<br />

smiles. Her passion began in the<br />

Soviet Union as a dental student. She was not<br />

able to graduate from Soviet dental school due<br />

to her Christian beliefs. Not one to give up,<br />

she pursued her dream after she arrived in the<br />

United States as a refugee.<br />

With only self-taught English, she worked as<br />

a dental technician, graduated from Portland<br />

State University with Bachelor of Arts and<br />

received her DMD diploma from Oregon<br />

Health Science University School of Dentistry.<br />

In addition to practicing dentistry in her<br />

private offices in Oregon and California,<br />

she was also teaching in OHSU and UCLA<br />

dental schools. This allowed her to share<br />

her knowledge, experience, and passion with<br />

dental students.<br />

Dr. Boyechko now enjoys her thriving practice<br />

in Cameron Park. Her patients often travel to<br />

see her due to having trust and confidence in<br />

her expertise.<br />

In her practice, she utilizes the most advanced<br />

dental technology such as Computer Assisted<br />

Design (CAD) and Computer Assisted<br />

Manufacturing (CAM) for crowns, bridges,<br />

and dentures. Digital X-rays and CBCT<br />

(Cone-beam Computer Tomography) assist<br />

her in placing and restoring implants. She also<br />

offers strengthening teeth with Invisalign and<br />

SureSmile.<br />

Uniquely, she fabricates crowns and bridges<br />

in her in-house lab, which allows for greater<br />

precision, quality control and delivering them<br />

on the same day.<br />

Dr. Boyechko’s passion is fueled with every<br />

smile that is created by her and her team.<br />

She believes “Your smile is a door to your<br />

soul and if you love your smile, you can truly<br />

achieve anything.”<br />

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6661 Stanford Ranch Rd., Ste. D // Rocklin<br />

916-471-2999 // premierimplantsolutions.com<br />

Premier Implant Solutions & Sedation Dentistry is a<br />

state-of-the-art facility providing dental treatment for<br />

the entire family. In addition to providing traditional<br />

dentistry for your family’s needs, Dr. Dyab has spent<br />

many years placing dental implants from single unit to full<br />

mouth rehabilitation.<br />

For those patients who experience anxiety about going to the<br />

dentist, Dr. Dyab offers IV Conscious Sedation as he wants all<br />

patients to feel totally relaxed and comfortable during their visits.<br />

At the young age of 7, after a routine checkup, is when Dr. Dyab<br />

decided to become a dentist. Practicing now for over 20 years<br />

with the last 7 years in Northern California he has chosen to<br />

make Rocklin his forever landing place. He loves how dentistry<br />

changes people's lives so they can smile with confidence!<br />

Dr. Dyab completed his Orofacial Pain & Oral Medicine<br />

residency at USC. During the past 20 years, Dr. Dyab attended<br />

many extended & live trainings in implant and sedation dentistry.<br />

Dr. Dyab is a member of the ADA, CDA and Sacramento<br />

Dental Society. He’s also a member of AGD and ITI.<br />

When not practicing dentistry, he loves to travel and spend time<br />

at the beach with family and friends.<br />



1253 Pleasant Grove Blvd., Ste. 190 // Roseville // 916-771-4884<br />

1011 St Andrews Dr., Ste. B // El Dorado Hills // 916-573-3388<br />

4363 Golden Center Dr. // Placerville // 530-626-3000<br />

hfamilybraces.com<br />

At Hoybjerg Family Orthodontics, we pride<br />

ourselves on being a family oriented and<br />

family friendly office. Dr. Christian Hoybjerg<br />

wants his patients to feel like “part of the<br />

family.” He wants their experience to be enjoyable, fun<br />

and positive.The staff are wonderful and friendly- as they<br />

all love what they do. Some have been with the practice<br />

for twenty years! Dr. Hoybjerg and his staff are dedicated<br />

to helping each patient achieve the smile of their dreams.<br />

The favorite part of Dr. Hoybjerg’s job is watching the<br />

confidence grow in each patient. A new smile can say a<br />

thousand words!<br />

Dr. Hoybjerg attended Loma Linda University Dental<br />

School and he continued on two more years in a<br />

residency for Orthodontics where he received his Master’s<br />

of Oralfacial Orthodontics.<br />

Dr. Hoybjerg grew up in the area and has always loved<br />

the outdoors and sports. He spends all of his free time<br />

with his five children and wife, as they experience all that<br />

the Sacramento valley has to offer.<br />

We invite you to come and see what sets Hoybjerg Family<br />

Orthodontics apart. Set up your FREE consultation<br />

today and join our family!<br />

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6049 Douglas Blvd., Ste. 9 // Granite Bay<br />

916-800-5001 // BabanMahalDDS.com<br />

Dr. Mahal specializes in Cosmetic, General and<br />

Neuromuscular dentistry and offers a wide<br />

variety of dental services including implants, same<br />

day crowns, Veneers, full face orthodontics, clear<br />

orthodontic trays, sleep apnea appliances, and so much more.<br />

Dr Mahal is a fellow at the prestigious LVI Institute for<br />

Neuromuscular dentistry which is an area that focuses on not<br />

only the teeth, but on the nerves, muscles and joints as they<br />

relate to the jaw. Neuromuscular dentistry concentrates on<br />

the achievement of an optimal bite and jaw alignment, which<br />

can help alleviate facial and neck pain, headaches, migraines<br />

and TMJ pain. Dr. Mahal utilizes all the latest technology<br />

like Electromyography, EMG, a technique for evaluating<br />

and recording the electrical activity produced by skeletal<br />

muscles as well as the TENS unit, drug free alternative to<br />

managing pain. Myofunctional Therapy and appliances<br />

like AGGA, Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance and full<br />

face orthodontics is one of the latest procedures Dr. Mahal<br />

is current on to provide the best care for her patients. First<br />

phase is Agga, which activates growth centers in the body to<br />

stimulate bone remodeling in the entire mid-face region. 2nd<br />

phase is orthodontics, where teeth can be straightened without<br />

extracting any teeth or surgery. This not only improves facial<br />

profile but also improves airway and TMJ problems. Working<br />

with the Facial Beauty Institute, you can enhance your face to<br />

your full genetic potential.<br />

Dr. Mahal is accepting new patients. Call to schedule a<br />

consultation.<br />



7095 Douglas Blvd. Ste. #A // Granite Bay<br />

916-677-1216 // mmorthodontics.com<br />

Dr. Marina Milstein recently opened her orthodontic<br />

practice in Granite Bay. With more than 20 years of<br />

experience, she is committed to providing exceptional<br />

clinical care and unparalleled customer service. She<br />

is involved in many multi-disciplinary cases and is continuing<br />

to build strong relationships with many dentists and specialists<br />

in the area. After receiving her dental degree from Loma Linda<br />

University in 1999, she practiced general dentistry for three years.<br />

She did her Orthodontic residency at the University of Manitoba<br />

where she received her Master's degree in 2005.<br />

Marina Milstein Orthodontics offers a Complimentary<br />

Orthodontic Exam to all new patients. Dr. Milstein prides<br />

herself on delivering excellent clinical results. By carefully<br />

examining each patient at every appointment, she is able to make<br />

appropriate decisions to achieve a timely completion of the case.<br />

MMO team cares deeply about the families they serve. Whether<br />

your preference is Invisalign or traditional braces, they promise<br />

to go to great lengths to make sure you are provided with<br />

outstanding service and experienced care. The office offers the<br />

most advanced orthodontic imaging and management software,<br />

which allows you a more comfortable and straightforward process<br />

from start to finish.<br />

Call MMO today to book your appointment so they can help you<br />

on your way to achieving the confidence you have always wanted.<br />

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| shopping |<br />

SPRING<br />

FLINGS<br />

Seasonal Fashion Trends<br />

by BELLA NOLEN<br />

6<br />

Spring has sprung—and along with it,<br />

some new styles to get behind! Below<br />

are some up-and-coming fashion trends<br />

to be on the lookout for this year.<br />

3<br />

Be Bold<br />

“[Go for] loud and colorful prints, brown tones, blazers,<br />

bucket hats, and miniskirts,” recommends Lux n Lav Boutique<br />

which carries unisex hats, gifts, as well as a baby line. Hot<br />

items to look for this spring are their blazers ($61-$70) along<br />

with their checkered sweater vest ($48).<br />

–Lux n Lav Boutique, 6040 Stanford Ranch Road, Suite 200, Rocklin,<br />

916-607-5934, shopluxnlav.com, and @shopluxnlav<br />

2<br />

Blast from the Past<br />

Throwbacks are back! “Some of the trends we love are the ‘70s<br />

psychedelic prints and marbled prints. We love that the flare<br />

leg has truly made a comeback but the best thing about moving<br />

into spring are the dresses—and we have so many!”<br />

—Apricot Lane Boutique Folsom, 330 Palladio Parkway, Suite 2057,<br />

Folsom, 916-986-9132, folsom.shopalb.com, @apricotlanefolsom<br />

apricotlane_folsom<br />

2<br />

Feminine Flair<br />

“Feminine and pretty dresses are big this spring ($72-<br />

$96). [You can even pair a] lovely kimono ($70-$119)<br />

to wear with them,” suggests the folks at Ambiance<br />

Boutique. Don’t be afraid to brighten your wardrobe this<br />

season. “Colorful denim also seems to be a fun trend. We<br />

have several beautiful and fun colors ($100+).”<br />

—Ambiance Boutique, 6608 Folsom-Auburn Road, Suite 8, Folsom,<br />

916-936-4471, and @ambianceboutiquefolsom<br />

Photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

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2<br />

2<br />

3<br />

Fashion Fur-ward<br />

Fashion is for everyone—including our furry friends! As we<br />

approach warmer weather, turn to mesh harnesses because<br />

they’re “super lightweight and breathable,” says PR and event<br />

coordinator of Posh Puppy Boutique, Maryssa Sayabath.<br />

“Neon is also a must have for humans and dogs.” For some<br />

extra fun, Posh Puppy Boutique also sells sunglasses for<br />

pets! “Heart sunglasses are a must-have accessory for our<br />

customers. They complete all outfits and add that touch of<br />

attitude,” says Maryssa. However, the true stars of the show<br />

are their tutus ($48-$56). “These are a top seller year-round,<br />

especially during the spring and summer months. They come<br />

in a variety of colors which makes them perfect to dress up<br />

and accessorize depending on the season.”<br />

—Posh Puppy Boutique, 6671 Blue Oaks Boulevard, Suite 2, Rocklin,<br />

916-435-3044, poshpuppyboutique.com,<br />

@poshpuppyboutique @poshpuppy<br />

6<br />

Photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

3<br />

Fabulous Fabrics<br />

“Cut-outs will be a huge trend this year. Think keyhole, cut-out sides, and open<br />

backs. Other trends include feminine looks, florals, exaggerated sleeves, ruffles,<br />

one-shoulder styles, balloon sleeves, and bows. [Expect] pastels and plenty<br />

of detail,” says Lucy Wheeler, store manager and assistant buyer for Button<br />

Up Boutique. “Fabric [in the form of] pleating, darts, smocking, and ruching;<br />

crochet, knits, eyelet lace, gingham, bold prints, sets (pants and sweaters, or<br />

tanks and shorts), and lots of cropped styles with high-waisted shorts or pants<br />

will be in this year!” She also suggests expanding your color palette. “Some<br />

popular colors this season will be canary yellow, sky blue, fuchsia, caramel, soft<br />

lilac, Kelly green, and orange tones.”<br />

-Button Up Boutique, 330 Palladio Parkway, Suite 2017, Folsom, 916-817-1882; 1182 Roseville<br />

Parkway, Suite 170, Roseville, 916-742-4997; 1000 White Rock Road, Suite 500, El Dorado<br />

Hills, 916-933-6300, buttonupboutique.net, @buttonupboutique @shopbuttonup<br />

Sole Mates<br />

If the shoe fits, buy it! “For shoes, [we suggest] both<br />

the strappy and the platform—more so the platform<br />

as a low wedge,” suggests Tracy Lindenberger, owner<br />

of The Clothes Mine. “Bold is better! So, keep an eye<br />

out for bold color combinations. Our customers will<br />

probably interpret this with one or two bold accents<br />

on an otherwise neutral outfit,” she says. “[Lastly],<br />

add some ‘Flower Power,’ or floral prints in the<br />

form of a cute floral dress, top or handbag.” Tracy<br />

suggests their sandals ($49) and earrings ($8) while<br />

their corkscrew platform sandals ($72) are a “huge<br />

bestseller and are super comfortable!”<br />

—The Clothes Mine, 60 Main Street, Suite 2, Sutter Creek,<br />

209-267-0417, theclothesmine.com,<br />

and @theclothesmine<br />

Mix and Match<br />

Denim, skirts, and sets—we’ll take all of them! “We’re seeing<br />

colored denim jackets for spring right now,” says Tegan Lee<br />

of Lees’ Boutique. “They can be worn in so many ways. Our<br />

favorite look with a [colored jacket is] a basic white tee and<br />

denim. Another look that’s trending right now is matching<br />

two-piece sets. We have a variety of skirts (short, long, and<br />

mid-length), pants, and shorts with matching tops,” says<br />

Tegan. “You can wear the top high [like] a crop top, or low as<br />

if it’s all one piece. Ultimately, you get the bonus of having two<br />

pieces you can pair with other clothes. Matching sets are all<br />

the rage!” Lee suggests their ruffle skirt set ($59.99).<br />

–Lees’ Boutique, 4110 Datsun Court, Shingle Springs, 530-677-4891,<br />

leesboutique.net, and @leesfeedboutique<br />

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| introducing |<br />

Q & A<br />

WITH<br />

LOCAL<br />


photos by TAYLOR GILLESPIE<br />

Bird Feeders R Us<br />


Folsom, 916-849-1363, birdfeedersrus.com<br />

@birdfeedersrus_birdandgarden @yankeeglassart<br />

Services or products you offer: Bird and<br />

hummingbird feeders made of antique glass<br />

and connected to Mason jars and chicken<br />

feeders. Each living work of art is assembled<br />

with high-quality, durable adhesive and<br />

designed to withstand high winds, rain, cold<br />

temperatures, and snow.<br />

What you enjoy most about your profession:<br />

It’s all about the birds! I love them and their<br />

symphony of sounds.<br />

Customer service is: A customer is for life and<br />

the king; always give them more value than they<br />

expect.<br />

First job: As a kid, pumping gas; as an adult,<br />

auto sales.<br />

Favorite food: Mexican.<br />

Favorite local restaurant: Manderes and<br />

Visconti’s Ristorante.<br />

Last big purchase: A drill press for the business.<br />

Favorite small business: Sunrise Chiropractic.<br />

You love living here, because: The proximity to<br />

the mountains, San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, Reno,<br />

and the Northwest.<br />

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$1,000<br />

of<br />

FREE<br />


12 MONTHS<br />

0 INTEREST<br />

0 PAYMENTS<br />

UP TO $75,000<br />

*On any signed contract of $5,000 or<br />

greater. Cannot be combined with any<br />

other offers. Expiration date 3/31/22<br />



call for free estimate<br />

916-461-4182<br />

capitallandscape.com<br />

11 Years Won<br />

Since 2011

| introducing |<br />

Natalie Powell,<br />

Certified Dyslexia Interventionist &<br />

Certified Educational Therapist<br />


El Dorado Hills, 925-360-0958, natalielptherapy.com<br />

@natalielptherapy<br />

Services or products you offer: Dyslexia-specific services,<br />

including assessment, outdoor therapy, IEP advocacy,<br />

professional presentations, and coaching for allied professionals.<br />

Services are available via Zoom or in-home/on-campus for<br />

clients who live between Pollock Pines and El Dorado Hills.<br />

What you enjoy most about your profession: Helping nonreaders<br />

become bookworms.<br />

Fun fact about your company: I’m the only dyslexia specialist in<br />

El Dorado County!<br />

Customer service is: Being responsive, flexible, and<br />

approachable.<br />

You started your business, because: Self-employment allows<br />

for independence and creativity.<br />

Most memorable experience as an entrepreneur: Traveling to<br />

Los Angeles to assess a celebrity’s son.<br />

Favorite food: Pizza.<br />

Favorite local restaurant: The Independent Restaurant and Bar<br />

Last big purchase: A house in the woods.<br />

Favorite small business: Totem Coffee Co.<br />

When not working, you can be found: Kayaking, paddle<br />

boarding, biking, and hiking.<br />

You love living here, because: I’m surrounded by pine trees<br />

every day.<br />

46 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2022</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags<br />

Posh Baking Company<br />


Roseville, 916-799-1120, poshbakingcompany.com<br />

@poshbakingcompany<br />

Services or products you offer: CFO (cottage food<br />

organization) specializing in fresh-baked deliciousness,<br />

including fruit galettes and nine-inch decorative<br />

pies. Each small-batch, artisan dessert is created in<br />

collaboration with the client and provided using a<br />

contact-free ordering and delivery system.<br />

What you enjoy most about your profession: Baking has<br />

been in my soul for a very long time and is something<br />

I can’t live without. Entrepreneurship in the pastry arts<br />

gives me the freedom to create on my terms and produce<br />

a product that brings me, and other people, joy.<br />

Customer service is: Giving clients what they’re asking<br />

for and responding to complicated situations with grace<br />

and understanding, while listening to grievances and<br />

creating solutions to best serve those involved.<br />

First job: A hostess at Denny's.<br />

Favorite food: Any food I don't have to cook myself, but<br />

especially sushi.<br />

Favorite local restaurant: The Firehouse Restaurant.<br />

Last big purchase: A 21 cubic-feet upright freezer.<br />

Favorite small business: The Fig Tree.<br />

You love living here because: As a native of Southern<br />

California, I find that Roseville has a much gentler pace<br />

and kinder nature.<br />


In fact, our Introducing and Eat & Drink section reviews are not paid advertisements. If<br />

you’d like your business profiled, please email info@stylemg.com. Once we determine<br />

when your business will be featured, we will contact you to schedule a time to come out<br />

and take a photograph. Thank you!

ASK THE<br />

EXPERT<br />




Smile,<br />

and the world<br />

smiles with you!<br />

What’s better than watching<br />

your child laugh? Knowing that<br />

very same smile is perfectly<br />

healthy and well taken care of!<br />

School is around the corner.<br />

Get your little ones ready for<br />

registration with a cleaning<br />

& check-up!<br />

Our goal at Dimples Pediatric Dental is to provide<br />

your child with excellent oral health care throughout<br />

their infant, child and adolescent years.<br />

Learn more at:<br />


Photo © Mjucha-stock.adobe.com.<br />

A: Absinthe was originally developed<br />

as a medicinal liquor that was<br />

given to soldiers in Europe to help<br />

prevent malaria as well as aid with<br />

digestive issues due to that fact that<br />

anise oil (the main component of<br />

absinthe) was generally accepted as<br />

a natural digestive aid at the time,<br />

and continues to be. Traditionally,<br />

absinthe is made of high proof<br />

distilled spirit with anise, fennel and<br />

grande wormwood (the holy trinity<br />

of absinthe). Other ingredients are<br />

used by various distillers to add<br />

additional flavor profiles that make<br />

their absinthe unique. However, the<br />

dominant flavor of absinthe is anise<br />

(black licorice). Largely, absinthe was<br />

the most popular drink from 1850<br />

till the early 1900’s. Because of its<br />

popularity, the Temperance League<br />

lobbied against absinthe due to the<br />

high rate of alcohol related crime<br />

and false claims that it made you<br />

hallucinate or “go crazy” (which it did<br />

not). Absinthe was banned in most<br />

of Europe between 1905 and 1910,<br />

and the United States followed in<br />

1912. Europe reintroduced it around<br />

the 1950’s and the United States<br />

allowed the sale of absinthe in 2007<br />

based on science that the spirit was<br />

no more dangerous than other spirits<br />

currently available at the time.<br />

—Greg Baughman, CEO<br />

Gold River Distillery, 11460 Sunrise Gold Circle, Suite C,<br />

Rancho Cordova, 916-476-3868, goldriverdistillery.com<br />




Rohini Rattu, DDS<br />

Board Certified Pediatric<br />

Dental Specialist<br />

(916) 260-5127<br />

1665 Crekside Dr. Ste 103, Folsom<br />



• Private Lessons<br />

• Rock Band<br />

• Group Classes<br />

• Early Childhood<br />

Classes<br />

• Birthday Parties<br />

• Full Recording<br />

Studio<br />

• Record a Demo<br />

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Catch the Sun<br />

A Guide to Going Solar<br />


Solar power is, simply put, energy converted from<br />

the sun that can be used to power your home.<br />

“T<br />

here has never been a more important time<br />

to go solar,” says Daniel Ramirez, COO of Gold<br />

Rush Energy Solutions in El Dorado Hills<br />

(goldrushenergy.com). “Things are changing fast [so<br />

much so that] PG&E, among others, are trying to<br />

make solar less attractive to future solar customers.<br />

If solar has been a bucket list project for you, now is<br />

the time to check it off your list,” he says.<br />

Rob Kindt, owner of SIG Solar Placerville<br />

(sigplacerville.com), says you should be aware<br />

that some companies are experiencing delays in<br />

equipment because of the global manufacturing and<br />

logistics issues during the pandemic. “Successful<br />

solar companies are planning ahead and ordering<br />

six months to a year’s worth of equipment to<br />

make sure there is always equipment on hand for<br />

installations,” he says.<br />

If you’ve been thinking about adding solar panels<br />

to your home and want to kickstart the process,<br />

read on to learn about the pros, cons, installation<br />

process, and questions to ask before you make the<br />

commitment.<br />

PROS & CONS<br />

Kindt says one downside is the cost. “It can be<br />

expensive. However, there are great financing<br />

options with zero upfront costs to get installed.<br />

There are also amazing tax credits available to help<br />

offset the cost.”<br />

Additionally, some homes have shading that can<br />

make solar not a viable option while other roofs are<br />

difficult or impossible to install solar on. Ground<br />

mounts are an option if the customer has space to<br />

install one, according to Kindt.<br />

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On the list of pros for going solar, Ramirez<br />

says solar helps people save money on<br />

ever-rising energy costs and yields a great<br />

return on investment. “Solar gives most<br />

people huge tax savings; solar paired<br />

with storage gives homeowners power<br />

during outages and it can add equity to<br />

your home, all while helping reduce your<br />

carbon footprint. What's not to love?” he<br />

asks.<br />

Kindt adds that solar gives homeowners a<br />

great alternative to traditional grid power.<br />

“It offers a green, renewable resource for<br />

electricity and more grid independence.<br />

This is especially true when battery<br />

storage is included in the system. Solar<br />

can also save homeowners hundreds of<br />

dollars a month on their electrical bills<br />

by typically reducing PG&E utility bills to<br />

zero,” he says.<br />


Costs vary depending on the total electric<br />

consumption needs and complexity of<br />

the home, says Ramirez. “Many zero-down<br />

financing options allow homeowners<br />

to switch to solar with no upfront costs.<br />

The best way to determine your costs is<br />

to get a customized quote,” he says, while<br />

stressing the cost benefits. “When solar<br />

is sized to meet 100-110 percent of your<br />

electricity needs, the energy produced<br />

from the panels eliminates your normal<br />

electric bill. Right now, there is a federal<br />

tax credit of 26 percent of the total system<br />

cost.” Kindt adds that they treat each<br />

home on a case-by-case basis to figure out<br />

system costs. “In general, solar is about<br />

50 percent cheaper than what a home<br />

spends per month with PG&E,” he says.<br />

The average homeowner purchase is<br />

around $30,000 before federal tax credit<br />

and incentives, according to Meghan<br />

Stimmler, sales director at Solar Hut, LLC<br />

in Diamond Springs (solarhut.org). “When<br />

you consider the long-term economics<br />

of solar power, it is clear that they are a<br />

better option in the end. Solar panels are<br />

an investment,” she states.<br />


The entire solar process typically takes<br />

about 45 days to complete, according<br />

to Ramirez. “We take care of everything<br />

from financing, design, permitting,<br />

istallation, inspection, and utility<br />

interconnection. Actual installations can<br />

range from 1-5 days depending on the<br />

complexities of the project.”<br />

Stimmler shares this detailed overview of<br />

the installation process and timeframes.<br />

1. Site assessment and design (1-4 weeks)<br />

“This step begins with an initial site<br />

inspection, where your contractor<br />

will visit your home to get a better<br />

understanding of your needs. They will<br />

then design your solar panel system<br />

based on your home’s unique attributes. If<br />

necessary, most contractors can also work<br />

with you to address any issues that might<br />

hinder panel installation, like pruning<br />

nearby trees or making roofing repairs.”<br />

2. Permitting (2-8 weeks)<br />

“Your solar panel designs must now be<br />

submitted to your local government for<br />

permitting. The process for approval<br />

varies from region to region; but your<br />

contractor should work closely with<br />

you during permitting and will likely be<br />

very knowledgeable about your area’s<br />

permitting process.”<br />

3. Solar panel installation (1-7 days)<br />

“After receiving approval, your solar<br />

contractor can begin work. This includes<br />

ordering your solar panels as well as<br />

making sure your roof is structurally<br />

sound and free of obstructions. On the<br />

big day, an installation crew will install the<br />

proper wiring and mounting equipment,<br />

and place and connect the solar panels.<br />

Depending on the size of the solar panel<br />

system being installed, this process can<br />

sometimes be done within a day.”<br />

4. Inspection and utility permission to<br />

operate (2-6 weeks)<br />

“A final inspection by your local<br />

government and/or municipal utility must<br />

occur before your new solar array can<br />

officially be turned on. An inspector will<br />

visit your home to ensure that your solar<br />

panel system is properly installed. They<br />

may also install a net meter which tracks<br />

production and allows your home to send<br />

excess power back to the electrical grid.”<br />

5. Activation<br />

“Once you receive final approval, you can<br />

immediately flip the switch and begin<br />

harvesting solar energy for your home!”<br />


The three experts shared the following<br />

questions homeowners should ask before<br />

going solar, noting that they should always<br />

discuss their long-term solar goals. Kindt<br />

says a good installer can recommend the<br />

proper system and equipment to make<br />

sure those goals are met.<br />

• Will there be subcontractors involved?<br />

Or is any part of this project outsourced<br />

to a third party?<br />

• What equipment and warranties are we<br />

getting? What is the warranty on the<br />

panels, inverters, and batteries? Does<br />

the warranty cover the roof mounting<br />

brackets?<br />

• How can I be sure the system is sized<br />

properly?<br />

• What is the install/labor warranty?<br />

• How are the aesthetics going to look?<br />

• What is my solar offset with this size<br />

system?<br />

• Is this owned, leased, or a PPA?<br />

• If financed, what are the loan terms?<br />

• Does the monthly payment ever change?<br />

• What is your contractor's license number?<br />

• What is your HIS number?<br />

• Is your company listed with the better<br />

business bureau?<br />

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8700 Auburn Folsom Rd #400, Granite Bay<br />

We serve the Sacramento Area including Granite Bay, Rocklin, and El Dorado Hills<br />

Energy Efficient Equipment Installs<br />

Pool/Spa Service<br />

Remodels<br />

Retail Store<br />

Repairs<br />

New Construction<br />

Come visit us for a FREE WATER TEST available in our store location!

Let's Do<br />

BRUNCH!<br />


35+ Eats and Drinks<br />

to Fuel the Day<br />

We think brunch is the best meal of the day. Why?<br />

Because it combines the best of both worlds,<br />

of course! Whether you’re looking for bountiful<br />

breakfasts or a light lunch to quell those mid-day<br />

hunger pangs, you’re bound to find something<br />

here to satisfy any and all cravings.<br />

Photo by Taylor Gillespie.<br />

If you’re a late riser,<br />

Relish Burger<br />

Bar will be a<br />

welcoming oasis.<br />

We suggest patio<br />

seating and ordering<br />

their Peanut Butter<br />

Bacon Burger. And<br />

yes, you read that<br />

right. Atop a burger<br />

sits applewoodsmoked<br />

bacon,<br />

creamy peanut<br />

butter, cheddar<br />

cheese, and a<br />

fried egg. The only<br />

thing to outshine<br />

this indulgence is<br />

their Bloody Mary<br />

with the most<br />

extravagant of<br />

garnishes. You might<br />

want to wear your<br />

stretchy pants for<br />

this one.<br />

1000 White Rock<br />

Road, El Dorado<br />

Hills, 916-933-3111,<br />

relishburgerbar.com<br />

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Fairly new to town is Chant’el Café that,<br />

in addition to its Instagram-worthy pink<br />

floral wall, features photo-ready baked<br />

goods and coffees. Their Salmon Spinach<br />

Quiche is freshly baked and golden brown<br />

and pairs well with any of their gourmet<br />

coffee drinks. You’ll have a delicious meal in<br />

gorgeous environs—we pink-y promise.<br />

1750 Prairie City Road, Suite 150, Folsom, 916-<br />

790-8395, chantelcafe.com<br />

Goose Port Public House serves<br />

up brunch on Saturdays and Sundays<br />

from 10 a.m.-1:30 p.m. and even has<br />

a designated kids’ menu just for the<br />

occasion. But for the adults, try their<br />

Boston <strong>Style</strong> Bacon & Egg Sandwich<br />

(two eggs, bacon, sliced cheddar,<br />

tomato, and mayo stuffed between<br />

two slices of sourdough toast and<br />

served with a side of signature GP<br />

loaded tots) alongside a Public House<br />

Paloma (Don Julio, grapefruit and<br />

lime juices, and agave). And to top it<br />

off, order a Flat Top Cinnamon Bun<br />

for the table which is aptly described<br />

as “hot, sweet, sticky, and delicious!”<br />

316 Vernon Street, Roseville,<br />

916-886-5080, gooseport.com<br />

Local favorite Land Ocean serves a weekend<br />

brunch on par with their upscale evening service but<br />

parents rejoice as they also have a children’s menu<br />

to keep the little ones satisfied (hello, Crème Brûlée<br />

French Toast!). Their Crab Cake Benedict is just<br />

too good to pass up as it features jumbo lump crab<br />

cakes, mango hollandaise, poached eggs, and sweet<br />

pepper relish, served alongside country potatoes.<br />

2720 East Bidwell Street, Folsom, 916-983-7000; 1151<br />

Galleria Boulevard, Suite 241, Roseville, 916-407-5640,<br />

landoceanrestaurants.com<br />

While perusing home decor at<br />

Pottery World’s Rocklin location,<br />

grab a bite to eat for breakfast or<br />

lunch at Pottery World Café.<br />

Their Asparagus Frittata also<br />

packs in cherry tomatoes, green<br />

onions, and goat cheese, and is<br />

topped with Sriracha hollandaise, all<br />

served alongside a generous portion<br />

of grilled potatoes, bell peppers, and<br />

onions. You’ll find yourself walking<br />

out with a full stomach and some<br />

beautiful pottery.<br />

4419 Granite Drive, Rocklin,<br />

916-624-8080, potteryworld.com<br />

If you’re interested in a breakfast<br />

south-of-the-border, visit Mezcalito<br />

Oaxacan Cuisine where they serve<br />

a pizza-like Tlayuda Breakfast. A<br />

large homemade tortilla is topped<br />

with bacon spread, black bean paste,<br />

quesillo (Oaxacan cheese), eggs any<br />

style, guajillo chili sauce, heirloom<br />

tomatoes, cabbage, radish, spinach,<br />

tasajo (thinly sliced tri-tip), and<br />

cecina (adobo-marinated pork). We’re<br />

certain you’ll want more than one<br />

slice.<br />

5065 Pacific Street, Rocklin, 916-701-<br />

4772, mezcalitocuisine.com<br />

Pottery World Café photo by Medo Eldin. Other photos by Taylor Gillespie.<br />

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Locally owned since 1981, Brookfields<br />

Restuarant continues to greet customers<br />

with the smell of fresh baked muffins,<br />

biscuits, and more, just as they did when<br />

they first opened. Stop in for breakfast,<br />

and although you might have a hard time<br />

choosing, we suggest their Western Skillet<br />

which tops their Brookfields breakfast<br />

potatoes with bacon, bell peppers, green<br />

onion, cheddar cheese, and two eggs.<br />

Served with the aforementioned freshly<br />

baked biscuit and a smile, of course.<br />

11135 Folsom Boulevard, Rancho Cordova, 916-<br />

638-2046; 1817 Taylor Road, Roseville, 916-784-<br />

3399, brookrest.com<br />

A pho restaurant might not be the first thing<br />

you think of when contemplating breakfast<br />

but we highly recommend that you do. Pho<br />

Mimi serves up a bánh mì, Mimi’s Signature<br />

Breakfast, that features beef, eggs,<br />

sausages, meatballs, pâté, and cilantro.<br />

Round out your new breakfast favorite with<br />

a Vietnamese Ice Condensed Milk Coffee<br />

and you’ll have a unique brunch suggestion<br />

for your next out-of-town guests.<br />

25004 Blue Ravine Road, Suite 121, Folsom, 916-<br />

542-7913, phomimi.com<br />

We Asked, You<br />

Answered<br />

We put a poll on<br />

Instagram asking:<br />

“When you go out<br />

for Brunch do you<br />

lean more toward<br />

breakfast or lunch?”<br />

The overwhelming<br />

response was<br />

breakfast—79%<br />

of you preferred<br />

pancakes and eggs<br />

to sandwiches and<br />

burgers! Follow us on<br />

@stylemags and<br />

@stylemediagroup<br />

for more fun polls.<br />

Bennett's Kitchen Bar Market photo by Taylor Gillespie. Sidebar photo by Ray Burgess.<br />

Bennett’s Kitchen Bar Market serves<br />

up a brunch fit for breakfast and lunch<br />

lovers alike. Satiate your sweet tooth<br />

with Stuffed French Toast (packed with<br />

orange marmalade and cream cheese,<br />

and topped with powdered sugar and<br />

sweetened cream) or chow down on<br />

their classic Bennett’s Cheeseburger<br />

(handcrafted chuck with house dressing on<br />

an acme roll). Either way, there’s no better<br />

accompaniment than their Bloody Mary<br />

featuring Bennett’s vodka, spicy house mix,<br />

antipasto garnish, and candied bacon. Be<br />

sure to visit for brunch only on Saturdays<br />

and Sundays from 9 a.m.-2 p.m.<br />

1595 Eureka Road, Roseville, 916-750-5150,<br />

bennettskitchen.com<br />

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Authentic French cuisine is right<br />

around the corner at La Provence<br />

Restaurant & Terrace. You simply<br />

cannot pass up the Macerated Berry<br />

Crêpes that are perfectly balanced by<br />

ricotta cheese and Estate Meyer lemon; or<br />

indulge in the Ultimate Club which comes<br />

with your choice of two meats, lettuce,<br />

tomatoes, provolone cheese, Dijon aioli,<br />

and avocado spread on sliced brioche.<br />

Don’t miss out on these delectable dishes,<br />

among others, as brunch is only served on<br />

Saturdays from 10:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m.<br />

110 Diamond Creek Place, Roseville, 916-789-<br />

2002, laprovenceroseville.com<br />

Calling all millennials: Oak Leaf Café<br />

not only has avocado toast on the menu<br />

but six different varieties to boot. Their<br />

Seafood Avocado Toast has shrimp,<br />

salmon, and crabmeat cooked in a light<br />

garlic sauce sitting generously atop<br />

mashed avocado on grilled sourdough.<br />

With the warm weather you’ll definitely<br />

want to enjoy it out on one of their two<br />

covered patios.<br />

5540 Douglas Boulevard, Suite 110, Granite<br />

Bay, 916-771-2579, oakleaf.cafe<br />

Sienna is always a good locale for<br />

that special family gathering and<br />

there’s no better way to bond with the<br />

fam than over brunch. While they’ve<br />

got all the requisite staples (burritos,<br />

benedicts, bottomless mimosas, and<br />

bloody marys) they’ve also got the<br />

most delightful little appetizers—Mini<br />

Beignets that are cinnamon- and<br />

sugar-coated, and served with sautéed<br />

berries and a delicate crème anglaise.<br />

You’ll be amazed at how easily you<br />

clear the plate with this one. Stop by<br />

on weekends from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. for this<br />

and much more.<br />

3909 Park Drive, El Dorado Hills, 916-941-<br />

9694; 1480 Eureka Road, Roseville, 916-771-<br />

4700, siennarestaurants.com<br />

Folsom favorite Karen’s Bakery Café<br />

is always bustling and for good reason:<br />

Homemade and delicious dishes abound.<br />

We suggest The Sunny Tart (puff pastry<br />

tart with Gruyère cheese and crème<br />

fraîche, bacon, a sunny-side-up egg, and<br />

fresh chives) plus an Orange Oatmeal<br />

Scone for a perfectly balanced sweet<br />

and savory breakfast. Make sure to get<br />

in early as breakfast is served from 7-11<br />

a.m. Tuesday through Saturday.<br />

705 Gold Lake Drive, Folsom, 916-985-2665,<br />

karensbakery.com<br />

It’s a seafood extravaganza at<br />

Scott’s Seafood Roundhouse.<br />

From Oysters Rockefeller and<br />

caviar to a spicy crab bisque and<br />

Dungeness crab cocktails, they’ve<br />

got all things seafood—even for<br />

brunch! We particularly like their<br />

Seafood Tower as it truly takes<br />

you on a culinary tour of the oceans<br />

with fresh oysters, prawns, North<br />

Atlantic lobster claws, Dungeness<br />

crab, sashimi, and ahi poke. Cancel<br />

all your weekend plans and head<br />

there on Saturdays or Sundays<br />

from 10 a.m.-2:30 p.m.<br />

824 Sutter Street, Folsom, 916-989-<br />

6711, scottsseafoodroundhouse.com<br />

La Provence photo by Taylor Gillespie. Other photos courtesy of their respective restaurants.<br />

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105 Noshery has a menu fit for all<br />

appetites but the star of their brunch menu<br />

is their Bacon Steak Breakfast Sandwich:<br />

Grilled sourdough is topped with a fried<br />

green tomato, fried egg, avocado, cheddar<br />

cheese, and roasted pepper sauce. It pairs<br />

perfectly alongside a cup of their in-house<br />

brew, Blend of the Opera, from Vaneli’s<br />

Handcrafted Coffee.<br />

105 Vernon Street, Roseville, 916-784-6674,<br />

105noshery.com<br />

Home-style recipes abound at Granite<br />

Rock Grill, but they’ve also put a tasty<br />

spin on some classic dishes, like Clevelyn’s<br />

Phenomenal Benedict. An English muffin is<br />

topped with turkey, tomato, sprouts, and<br />

two poached eggs, and generously covered<br />

with hollandaise sauce. And good news:<br />

You can order half-orders of benedicts and<br />

they also have low-carb and vegetarian<br />

sections on their menu.<br />

5140 Pacific Street, Rocklin, 916-625-9252,<br />

graniterockgrill.net<br />

If you abide by the old “hair of<br />

the dog” rule, then you’ll want to<br />

swing by Auburn Alehouse<br />

after one of those nights. Start<br />

with a Man-Mosa: Gold Digger<br />

IPA with just a splash of fresh<br />

grapefruit juice, and chow down<br />

on the Mother Flipper: Angus<br />

beef patty topped with cheddar<br />

cheese, bacon, and a fried egg<br />

on an English muffin. Oh, and it’s<br />

served with a side of tater tots<br />

for good measure. Don’t miss<br />

this menu that’s served only on<br />

Saturdays and Sundays from 11<br />

a.m.-2 p.m.<br />

289 Washington Street, Auburn, 530-<br />

885-2537, auburnalehouse.com<br />

Photos by Taylor Gillespie.<br />

Friends with Benedicts may bring you in with<br />

their extensive mimosa menu but you’ll stay for<br />

their diverse food menu. Their Elotero Avocado<br />

Toast is a south-of-the-border spin on the classic<br />

avo toast we all know and love. Grilled wheat bread<br />

is topped with mashed avocado, grilled corn,<br />

cilantro, pickled red onions, queso fresco, lime, and<br />

black pepper, and drizzled with mayo. For a lighter<br />

meal, opt for the Rainbow Fruit Parfait: Vanilla<br />

yogurt and granola layered with strawberries,<br />

bananas, blueberries, and blackberries.<br />

2201 Francisco Drive, Suite 110, El Dorado Hills, 916-<br />

936-4830; 310 Palladio Parkway, Suite 713, Folsom,<br />

916-618-4331, friendswithbenedictsinc.com<br />

Zest Kitchen will change the way you view vegan food. Their<br />

menu is full of fresh, worldly flavors including their Just “Egg”<br />

Burrito. It features mung bean-based vegan eggs, green bell<br />

peppers, and onions all wrapped up in a whole-wheat tortilla<br />

(a gluten-free option is also available) and served alongside<br />

potato-beet hash browns. This pairs well with their Iced Golden<br />

Warrior (pecan milk, turmeric, cardamom, and raw coconut<br />

sugar blended and served over ice), making for a great start to<br />

the day.<br />

2620 Sunset Boulevard, Suite 1, Rocklin, 916-824-1688,<br />

zestvegankitchen.com<br />

MARCH <strong>2022</strong> | stylemg.com 57

Brunch Booze<br />

Brief<br />

Brunch is great, but<br />

it’s boring without<br />

the booze. If you’re<br />

unfamiliar with<br />

what to drink in the<br />

morning, we’ve got you<br />

covered with this list<br />

of cocktails typically<br />

offered alongside<br />

everyone’s favorite<br />

weekend meal. Don’t<br />

just take our word<br />

for it, though, go out<br />

there and try some for<br />

yourself as variations<br />

of these drinks are<br />

often served depending<br />

on the restaurant.<br />

Nixtaco serves up authentic Northeast-Mexican cuisine and was even<br />

given a Michelin Bib Gourmand award in 2021, so it’s no wonder they serve<br />

up a notable brunch. Try out their Chilaquiles Verde with Chicharrón:<br />

Fried corn tortillas (made in-house) are topped with pork belly, salsa verde,<br />

crema Mexicana, pickled onions, avocado, and micro cilantro. This dish alone<br />

deserves an award!<br />

1805 Cirby Way, Suite 12, Roseville, 916-771-4165, nixta.co<br />

Mimosa: orange juice and<br />

sparkling wine<br />

Bellini: peach purée and<br />

Prosecco<br />

Screwdriver: orange juice<br />

and vodka<br />

Greyhound: grapefruit<br />

juice, gin or vodka (a salted<br />

rim makes it a Salty<br />

Dog)<br />

Bennett's<br />

Kitchen Bar<br />

Market<br />

Bloody<br />

Mary:<br />

tomato<br />

juice,<br />

vodka,<br />

and an<br />

array of<br />

spices<br />

and<br />

garnishes<br />

Paloma:<br />

grapefruit<br />

soda, tequila,<br />

and lime<br />

Irish Coffee: coffee and<br />

Irish whiskey<br />

Michelada: tomato juice,<br />

lime juice, beer, and various<br />

sauces and spices<br />

Mimosa House<br />

screams brunch with their<br />

endless list of mimosas<br />

and a food menu that<br />

also goes for miles.<br />

After you’ve perused<br />

the extensive menu<br />

and picked your savory<br />

dish (omelets, skillets,<br />

benedicts, burritos,<br />

crêpes—they’ve got ‘em<br />

all!) we recommend diving<br />

into the Maui French<br />

Toast with its flambéed<br />

bananas, macadamia<br />

nuts, coconut, and<br />

caramel sauce. Amp<br />

up the tropical vibes<br />

with their Maui Mango<br />

Mimosa and you’ve got<br />

yourself a one-way ticket<br />

to paradise.<br />

2023 Vine Street, El Dorado<br />

Hills, 916-934-0965; 761<br />

Pleasant Grove Boulevard,<br />

Roseville, 916-784-1313;<br />

25075 Blue Ravine Road,<br />

Folsom, 916-293-9442,<br />

mimosahouseca.com<br />

The Purple Place is a laidback locale where<br />

you can enjoy American comfort food, weekend<br />

live music, and even a couple of games. Join their<br />

weekend brunch (8 a.m.-1 p.m.) for some wholesome<br />

grub of smothered biscuits and gravy, chicken and<br />

(heart-shaped) waffles, specialty egg plates, filling<br />

sandwiches, and piping hot ooey gooey coffee cake.<br />

And don’t miss the bodacious El Dorado Omelet<br />

that’s packed with flavor from bacon, onions,<br />

mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach, and Monterey Jack<br />

cheese. It’s a local favorite—and not just for its name.<br />

363 Green Valley Road, El Dorado Hills, 916-933-2313,<br />

thepurp.com<br />

Photos by Taylor Gillespie.<br />

58 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2022</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

When it comes to Mexican cuisine, the question is often “red<br />

or green?” That problem is solved with Huevos Divorciados<br />

(Divorced Eggs) at Mexquite. Featuring two over-medium<br />

eggs—one topped with house red sauce, and queso fresco,<br />

and the other topped with green tomatillo salsa, cilantro,<br />

and onions—it’s up to you to decide which one is best. We<br />

think you’ll be pleased with both—especially when paired with<br />

a boozy beverage. Try the Los Altos Paloma: Meastro Dobel<br />

Silver Tequila, St. Germain, grapefruit juice, Squirt, a squeeze<br />

of fresh lime juice, and a pinch of salt.<br />

25095 Blue Ravine Road, Folsom, 916-984-8607, mexquite.com<br />

Photos by Taylor Gillespie.<br />

MARCH <strong>2022</strong> | stylemg.com 59

Julian’s Pâtisserie and Café opens<br />

bright and early (8 a.m.-3 p.m. Monday-<br />

Saturday; 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Sunday) so you can<br />

get your fix of all things French first thing in<br />

the morning. Although Julian’s offers dishes<br />

to satisfy every European café craving, a<br />

trip here is incomplete without a taste of<br />

their perfectly-crafted crêpes. Whether it’s a<br />

savory Turkey and Pesto Crêpe or a sweet<br />

Lemon Blueberry Crêpe, you’ve got to give<br />

this French delicacy a try. And don’t forget<br />

to top off your meal with a Frozen Hot<br />

Chocolate—they’re to die for!<br />

6610 Folsom-Auburn Road, Suite 7, Folsom, 916-<br />

936-4735, julianscafe.com<br />

Early birds should flock to Bella<br />

Bru Café because it opens at 6:30<br />

a.m. daily, ensuring some serious<br />

fuel for the day. Bagels, avocado<br />

toast, omelets, and even a quinoa<br />

bowl are on the menu. Try their<br />

Roasted Vegetable Quiche that’s<br />

packed with broccoli, zucchini,<br />

onions, mushrooms, red and yellow<br />

bell peppers, and Swiss cheese,<br />

all nestled in a buttery crust. It's<br />

got everything you need to power<br />

through the day.<br />

3941 Park Drive, El Dorado Hills, 916-<br />

933-5454, bellabrucafe.com<br />

Buttercup Pantry offers country-style comfort food that never goes out of style.<br />

You can’t go wrong with their Buttercup benedicts, skillet scrambles and omelets, or<br />

even their pancakes and waffles. They’ve even got a smörgåsbord of sandwiches—a<br />

long-standing favorite being the magnificent Monte Cristo: Thick, sliced sourdough<br />

packed with Jack cheese, ham, and turkey, then egg battered and grilled, is finished off<br />

with powdered sugar. And the pièce de résistance? Their famous raspberry habanero<br />

sauce to bathe that sinful sandwich in.<br />

222 Main Street, Placerville, 530-621-1320<br />

Waffle lovers have lots to relish at<br />

The Waffle Experience. Their<br />

fresh-made waffles are the perfect<br />

vessel for a multitude of creative<br />

toppings. Think dolmades, braised<br />

pork belly, country fried steak, and<br />

lots more. There are even some<br />

seriously sweet dessert waffles.<br />

Our favorite is the Bananarama<br />

with its fresh bananas, housemade<br />

vanilla pudding, fresh<br />

whipped crème, walnuts, and agave<br />

syrup, on a liege waffle. Dessert for<br />

breakfast never sounded so good!<br />

13405 Folsom Boulevard, Suite<br />

950, Folsom, 916-805-5938,<br />

thewaffleexperience.com<br />

When the clock strikes 7 (a.m.),<br />

you’ll find that Greenhouse Café<br />

is ready to serve—and please.<br />

They’ve got all the breakfast staples<br />

(scrambles, omelets, burritos)<br />

as well as lighter lunch items<br />

(sandwiches, salads). We’re smitten<br />

by their melts—especially the Patty<br />

Melt that boasts marbled rye, lots<br />

of Swiss cheese, grilled onions, and<br />

a burger patty. It’s wholesome and<br />

wholly delicious.<br />

2864 Ray Lawyer Drive, Suite 106,<br />

Placerville, 530-626-4081<br />

The Waffle Experience photo courtesy of The Waffle Experience. Other photos by Taylor Gillespie.<br />

60 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2022</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

Wally’s Pizza Bar is a sports bar<br />

junkie’s delight. Featuring gourmet<br />

pizzas, pastas, salads, and more,<br />

they’re constantly keeping spirits up<br />

with their fun and tasty offerings.<br />

Attend their weekend brunch (9 a.m.-<br />

2 p.m.) for an equally fun assortment<br />

of waffles, eggs, and sandwiches.<br />

Most crave-worthy, though, is their<br />

Breakfast Pizza: A promising pie<br />

of house-made salsa verde, aged<br />

lunguiça, a signature four-cheese<br />

blend, red onions, roma tomatoes,<br />

three baked eggs, avocado, and fresh<br />

cilantro. Pizza for breakfast? Say no<br />

more.<br />

4079 Cameron Park Drive, Cameron Park,<br />

530-677-5205, wallyspizzabar.com<br />

CT European Café and Grill cooks up some<br />

deadly European dishes. Take for instance, the<br />

Bosnian dish Ćevapčići that consists of skinless<br />

sausage links made with a lightly seasoned<br />

ground beef served with fresh Bosnian lepina<br />

(pita) bread, or the more common plates of<br />

goulash, schnitzel, and paprikash. Whatever you<br />

order, you can’t go wrong. Even their crêpes are<br />

stellar (Chicken Rosemary Crêpe, anyone?)<br />

with savory and sweet options alike. (We’re<br />

eyeing you Crêpe Suzette, with your orange<br />

liqueur sauce and whipped cream!)<br />

4064 Mother Lode Drive, Shingle Springs,<br />

530-677-5993, crepetowncafe.com<br />

Photos by Taylor Gillespie.<br />

Classic breakfasts, freshly-baked goods, and a welcoming and homey<br />

vibe can be experienced at Sweetie Pie’s. You can expect plenty of<br />

egg dishes here (a breakfast favorite is their Chile Relleno Casserole<br />

that’s a delicate soufflé with cheddar and Jack cheeses, Ortega<br />

chilies, and mild salsa) but also look out for unique items like their tofu<br />

scramble, famous olallieberry pancakes, and cheese blintz.<br />

577 Main Street, Placerville, 530-642-0128, sweetiepiesrestaurant.com<br />

Flee to France—or Allez!—for the<br />

finest French café classics like baguette<br />

sandwiches, crêpes, and traditional French<br />

stews like coq au vin and boeuf bourguignon.<br />

Their vegetarian, chicken Florentine, and<br />

Seafood Crêpes are highly coveted, but their<br />

seafood one gets our extra vote. Salmon,<br />

cod, and shrimp are served in the finest of<br />

crêpes and topped with an elegant cream<br />

sauce that’ll leave you intoxicated and in love.<br />

4242 Fowler Lane, Suite 101, Diamond Springs,<br />

530-621-1160, allezeldorado.com<br />

MARCH <strong>2022</strong> | stylemg.com 61

Wake up to a fresh brew from Totem<br />

Coffee Co. that boasts the finest<br />

coffees from around the world and<br />

an eclectic mix of breakfast bites.<br />

Especially noteworthy are their toasts.<br />

Whether it’s the sweet Vava’s Conserve<br />

(toast with a spread made of seasonal<br />

fruit, berries and walnuts; also topped<br />

with cream cheese and feta), or the<br />

savory Marinated Tofu Toast (tofu<br />

slabs marinated in a smokey soy sauce<br />

with avocado, and Japanese shiso) your<br />

tastebuds and senses are bound to<br />

leave perky and pleased.<br />

312 Main Street, Suite 104, Placerville,<br />

530-903-3280, totemcoffeeroasters.com<br />

Dining at Smith Flat House can be an indulgent affair. Sophisticated American<br />

and Tuscan-inspired eats await you every day, and on Sundays (opens at 10<br />

a.m.) you can be assured of an equally indulgent brunch. Take for instance their<br />

Hay Stack, that’s stacked high with seasoned red potatoes, peppers, onions,<br />

house-made biscuit country gravy, and bacon or sausage over two eggs; or the<br />

Waffle Benedict with its freshly baked waffle, arugula, bacon, poached egg, and<br />

hollandaise sauce served alongside seasoned red potatoes, peppers, and onions.<br />

Whatever you get, it’s always done right and aims to satisfy.<br />

2021 Smith Flat Road, Placerville, 530-621-1003, smithflathouse.com<br />

Annie’s Mimosas specializes in all things breakfast so it comes as<br />

no surprise then, that all of their menu items are on point. What we<br />

love is the extensive Mexican breakfast menu consisting of huevos<br />

rancheros, chile verde, chile relleno, and carnitas omelets, chilaquiles,<br />

and al pastor burgers that are nothing short of mouthwatering. We<br />

also love their Brunch Burger that contains everything brunch—<br />

cheese, hash browns, bacon, ham, two fried eggs, and a burger patty<br />

served with a chipotle aioli on sourdough.<br />

384 Placerville Drive, Suite A, Placerville, 530-344-7402<br />

Train Station Coffee Shop greets<br />

you with the freshest cup of joe and<br />

an all-day breakfast menu that’s<br />

brimming with all your favorites—and<br />

then some. Here is where you hunker<br />

down for a hearty breakfast that’ll<br />

serve as fuel for a day—or two.<br />

Speaking of fuel, try their Chicken<br />

Fried Steak with two eggs. Get the<br />

country potatoes, grits, cottage<br />

cheese or fresh fruit alongside and be<br />

prepared to be in a worthwhile food<br />

coma thereafter.<br />

4274 Mother Lode Drive, Shingle Springs,<br />

530-677-6287<br />

The Farm Table offers farmfresh<br />

fare that’s especially curated<br />

and crafted, and aims to please<br />

every type of palate. Try their<br />

more sophisticated take on a<br />

lox and bagel with their Smoked<br />

Salmon and Pumpernickel. Gina<br />

Marie cream cheese is smeared on<br />

freshly-baked pumpernickel and<br />

topped with salmon, red onions,<br />

capers, cucumbers, and fragrant,<br />

fresh herbs. This delicate plate is a<br />

simple, yet, ample indulgence.<br />

311 Main Street, Placerville,<br />

530-295-8140, ourfarmtable.com<br />

Photos by Taylor Gillespie.<br />

62 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2022</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

DON’T<br />

MISS OUT<br />

Get the Vaccine<br />

<br />

Just calling to check in.<br />

Where are you?<br />

I’m starting to get<br />

worried...<br />

Unvaccinated individuals are over<br />

11x more likely to be hospitalized.<br />


Learn more at myturn.ca.gov<br />

CDPH Data from January 17, <strong>2022</strong><br />

to January 23, <strong>2022</strong>




916-804-8578 // shoopsphotography.com<br />

Hair/Makeup, Cake and Flowers not included, but aren’t they cool?<br />

Thanks to: alldolleduphairandmakeup.com | bakerandablackcat.com<br />

morningsideflorist.com<br />

Shoops-Photography-Winnie The Sutter Street Pig-Ad-1-6-<strong>Style</strong> 7/22/19 <strong>Magazine</strong>-0719.indd 11:36 AM<br />

1<br />



COME<br />

TOUR OUR<br />


TODAY!<br />

With our residents and staff<br />

vaccinated, our Events,<br />

Dining and Fitness programs<br />

are now open and vibrant!<br />

Truly Independent Living with Assisted<br />

Living Services plus Memory Care<br />

Spacious, light-filled 1 and 2 bedroom<br />

condominium-style apartments<br />

Fully equipped full-sized kitchens<br />

Washer and dryer in every unit<br />

Assisted Living Services are available<br />

in every apartment<br />

No second person fee for couples<br />

<strong>March</strong> 31, <strong>2022</strong><br />

6 PM - 9:30 PM<br />

Join us on an adventure through an<br />

evening meal with friends as we explore what<br />

it might be like to eat without sight.<br />

Register Here:<br />

https://tinyurl.com/eveningofinsight<strong>2022</strong><br />

Join us on <strong>March</strong> 31st, for our<br />

4th Annual Evening of Insight Fundraiser.<br />

With sincere optimism, we look forward<br />

to gathering at Timber Creek Ballroom<br />

in Roseville for this one-of-a-kind<br />

experience. For more information, or to<br />

be a sponsor, contact Roxanne at<br />

roxanne@touchofunderstanding.org.<br />

Thank you to our Sponsors:<br />

Steve Sanders<br />


916-458-0303<br />

www.prairiecitylanding.com<br />


FOLSOM, CA 95630<br />

Please call us before visiting.<br />

RCFE LICENSE # 342700370


Gallstones? Recognize The Signs<br />

The gallbladder is an organ we seldom<br />

hear about–until it has to come out.<br />

It’s a small organ located under the<br />

liver, helping with fat digestion. If the<br />

bile ducts or tubes leading out of the<br />

gallbladder get blocked or infected,<br />

you may develop gallstones, which are hard deposits<br />

that can cause severe pain.<br />

Gallstones do not cause any symptoms aside from<br />

pain that you would notice, but they can lead to inflammation<br />

or block a critical duct for organ function. Some symptoms you<br />

may experience include abdominal pain, indigestion, nausea<br />

and vomiting, fever, changes in urine or bowels, and in some<br />

cases even chest pain or jaundice (yellowing of the skin and<br />

the whites of the eyes).<br />

If you experience these symptoms, talk to your doctor about<br />

gallbladder removal surgery. The gallbladder is an organ you<br />

can live without and, most times, removal is a simple outpatient<br />

procedure. Traditional laparoscopic surgery to remove the<br />

gallbladder requires four small incisions.<br />

However, with the da Vinci robotic surgery system, one small<br />

incision is all it takes and there is virtually no scarring. Singlesite<br />

gallbladder surgery also means minimal pain. Marshall<br />

Medical Center Surgeon Leighton Belden, MD, explains, “using<br />

da Vinci, you can see the ducts more clearly, which leads to<br />

fewer complications. The wristed motion using the surgical<br />

robot provides a better angle so patients experience less pain<br />

and a faster recovery.”<br />

Talk to your doctor about what you’re experiencing and if<br />

robotic-assisted surgery at Marshall Medical Center is right<br />

for you.<br />


Strength<br />

Training<br />

Is Good<br />

for Your<br />

Heart<br />

Lifting weights does more than build<br />

strong bones. Strength training can<br />

also contribute to heart health by<br />

building lean muscle mass, which<br />

helps to burn extra calories, keep<br />

blood sugar in check, and improve<br />

cholesterol levels.<br />

Strength training, especially for older<br />

adults, can also make it easier to<br />

perform everyday activities such as<br />

lifting a bag of groceries.<br />

“Building lean muscle mass is very<br />

important to cardiac health. That’s<br />

why we don’t just measure body<br />

mass index (BMI), we also measure<br />

body fat percentage and muscle mass<br />

because muscle is more dense than<br />

fat,” explains Scott Vasconcellos, MD,<br />

cardiologist at Marshall. “I recommend<br />

10 minutes of strength training for<br />

every 30 minutes of aerobic exercise.”<br />

If gyms are intimidating for you, or you<br />

would simply prefer to work out at home,<br />

the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and<br />

Prevention (CDC) suggests trying some<br />

of the following activities for strength<br />

training. You can find lots of helpful<br />

videos online to help you get started:<br />

• Working with resistance bands, weight<br />

machines or hand-held weights<br />

• Doing push ups, sit ups and other body<br />

weight resistance exercises<br />

• Heavy gardening (digging, lifting and<br />

carrying)<br />

• Yoga or Pilates<br />

• Tai Chi<br />

Be careful not to over do it. The American<br />

Heart Association recommends<br />

performing 8 to 10 resistance exercises<br />

two days a week. Look for exercises<br />

that use multiple major muscle groups<br />

– legs, hips, back, chest, abdomen,<br />

shoulders, and arms. And try to do each<br />

exercise to the point of muscle fatigue.<br />

Avoid overtraining, however, and stop<br />

immediately if you feel any pain.<br />

2 | FOR YOUR HEALTH | www.marshallmedical.org


Better Cancer<br />

Care Comes to<br />

El Dorado County<br />

As an ICU nurse, Nancy Getz was focused<br />

on healing very sick patients she saw<br />

at work every day. Health care was her<br />

business. Then she found a lump and<br />

everything changed.<br />

Last February, Nancy received her<br />

COVID-19 vaccine and later found a lump near her underarm.<br />

“I just assumed it was a side effect from the vaccine. I knew<br />

a few people who had experienced this but I went to see my<br />

doctor anyway,” says Nancy. Her doctor sent her to get a<br />

mammogram. Just 18 months after a negative mammogram,<br />

this one came back positive for two lumps: the one Nancy<br />

found and a larger one in her breast. A biopsy confirmed they<br />

were malignant and she was diagnosed with aggressive triple<br />

positive breast cancer.<br />

While no one is happy about a cancer diagnosis, Nancy<br />

was pleased to know that this type of cancer could be<br />

treated at the Marshall Cancer Center in Cameron Park. “It’s<br />

Nancy Getz<br />

4 | FOR YOUR HEALTH | www.marshallmedical.org<br />

Davis Cancer Care Network.<br />

Marshall Medical<br />

Center and UC Davis<br />

Health recently<br />

announced an affiliation<br />

for cancer services<br />

that allows Marshall<br />

patients access to the<br />

renowned UC Davis<br />

Comprehensive Cancer<br />

Center through the UC<br />

The affiliation will offer Marshall patients leading-edge<br />

cancer care without leaving the western slope of El<br />

Dorado County.<br />

The latest cancer clinical trials, and access to UC Davis<br />

Comprehensive Cancer Center oncologists ensure the<br />

latest diagnostic and treatment options.<br />

For more information, visit marshallmedical.org/cancer

Davis has everything. My next thought was that now<br />

Marshall patients will be able to participate in the<br />

latest clinical trials. That could mean the difference<br />

between life and death.”<br />

Placerville’s Mary Beth Fahy also received a<br />

breast cancer diagnosis last year. Hers was found<br />

early thanks to Marshall’s recently acquired 3D<br />

mammographic system. “It had been a couple of<br />

years since my last mammogram, so I curiously<br />

asked my oncologist if the tumor would have shown<br />

last year. She told me that it might not even have<br />

been visible even this year had it not been for the<br />

3D machine.”<br />

Mary Beth was similarly pleased to hear the<br />

announcement about the affiliation with UC Davis<br />

Health. Her husband suffered from a brain tumor<br />

a few years ago and required treatment at a<br />

Sacramento hospital. “It was so inconvenient,” she<br />

exclaimed. “ It felt like a big impersonal machine.”<br />

Dr. Mamatha Siricilla, a Marshall hematologist and<br />

oncologist, offers that in addition to access to<br />

clinical trials, treatment will be more streamlined if<br />

a patient has cancer that requires a sub specialty.<br />

“Those patients will be seen by a UC Davis<br />

specialist in a more timely manner since we won’t<br />

have to transfer the patient between systems, and<br />

they can undergo their radiation, chemotherapy,<br />

and other infusions in Cameron Park,” she<br />

explained.<br />

Mary Beth Fahy<br />

only 11 minutes from my home. I was relieved to not have to<br />

deal with an hour’s drive to Sacramento while feeling ill and<br />

uneasy.” Her course of treatment began with chemotherapy<br />

at Marshall’s infusion center, followed by a lumpectomy and<br />

concluding with six weeks of radiation. All of this took place<br />

in Cameron Park, except for the surgery. “I love going to<br />

the Cancer Center for my appointments,” explains Nancy.<br />

“It feels like they are invested in my care, they greet me by<br />

name, and I feel so bonded with my doctors and nurses. It’s<br />

like being cared for by my own family.”<br />

Recently, Nancy learned that Marshall and UC Davis Health<br />

announced an affiliation for cancer services, giving Marshall<br />

patients access to the renowned UC Davis Comprehensive<br />

Cancer Center. “My first thought was that this is great! UC<br />

Affiliation with the UC Davis Cancer Care Network<br />

allows Marshall oncologists to work directly<br />

with UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center<br />

oncologists to ensure the latest diagnostic and<br />

treatment options are available to their patients.<br />

Marshall’s providers and clinicians will have access<br />

to continuing medical education opportunities at<br />

UC Davis Health. UC Davis oncologists will also be<br />

involved in the tumor board meetings for Marshall<br />

patients, where diagnoses and treatment plans are<br />

discussed and knowledge is shared.<br />

“Our cancer center is an amazing community<br />

resource for people going through the cancer<br />

journey,” says Nancy. “And now the advanced<br />

level of care, together with that special family<br />

atmosphere, gives Marshall cancer patients the<br />

best of both worlds.”<br />


www.marshallmedical.org | FOR YOUR HEALTH | 5


Marshall Earns<br />

Top Hospital Award<br />

Highlighting<br />

its nationally<br />

recognized<br />

achievements in<br />

patient safety and<br />

quality, Marshall Medical Center<br />

was named a Top General Hospital<br />

nationally by The Leapfrog Group.<br />

The Leapfrog Top Hospital award is<br />

widely acknowledged as one of the<br />

most competitive awards American<br />

hospitals can receive. The Top<br />

Hospital designation is bestowed<br />

by The Leapfrog Group, a national<br />

watchdog organization of employers<br />

and other purchasers recognized<br />

as the toughest standard-setters for<br />

healthcare safety and quality.<br />

“In the past year Marshall has<br />

encouraged staff and providers to<br />

identify and report more safety risks<br />

prior to an incident occurring using<br />

the online Marshall Patient Safety<br />

Alert system and leadership follow<br />

ups to improve safety processes<br />

before an issue arises,” says Cindy<br />

Rice, RN, Chief Nursing Officer. “We<br />

also look for trends in safety issues<br />

during daily nursing huddles and<br />

formed a Quest for Zero committee<br />

which focuses on patient safety,<br />

including the prevention of patient<br />

falls and hospital acquired pressure<br />

injuries.”<br />

The quality of patient care across<br />

many areas of hospital performance<br />

is considered in establishing<br />

the qualifications for the award,<br />

including infection rates, surgery,<br />

maternity care, and the hospital’s<br />

capacity to prevent medication and<br />

other errors. The rigorous standards<br />

are defined in each year’s Top<br />

Hospital Methodology.<br />

We are pleased to recognize<br />

Marshall as a Top Hospital this<br />

year,” said Leah Binder, president<br />

and CEO of The Leapfrog Group.<br />

“Even with the continued strain of<br />

the COVID-19 pandemic, Marshall<br />

has demonstrated an extraordinary<br />

dedication to excellent health<br />

care in El Dorado County. We<br />

congratulate the board, leadership,<br />

staff and clinicians who put their<br />

patients first.”<br />

To qualify for the Top Hospitals<br />

distinction, hospitals must rank<br />

top among peers on the Leapfrog<br />

Hospital Survey, which assesses<br />

hospital performance on the<br />

highest standards for quality and<br />

patient safety. To see the full list of<br />

institutions honored as 2021 Top<br />

Hospitals, visit www.leapfroggroup.<br />

org/tophospitals.<br />

In addition, Leapfrog recently<br />

released Hospital Safety Grades for<br />

nearly 3,000 hospitals nationwide,<br />

giving Marshall an “A.” This<br />

grade is based on how well we<br />

prevent medical errors, accidents,<br />

injuries, and infections that kill<br />

or harm patients and reflects our<br />

performance on more than 30<br />

evidence-based measures of patient<br />

safety, including postoperative<br />

sepsis, blood leakage, and kidney<br />

injury.<br />


www.marshallmedical.org | FOR YOUR HEALTH | 7


Choosing Health Through<br />

Weight Loss Surgery<br />


For the first time in<br />

many years, Michelle<br />

Soto is looking<br />

forward to wearing<br />

spring and summer<br />

clothes. The difference<br />

this year? She’s lost<br />

almost 80 pounds.<br />

For most of her life, Michelle was thin<br />

and fit but once she had her first of three<br />

daughters, she noticed the weight getting<br />

harder and harder to shed. She decided<br />

she needed medical assistance to lose the<br />

175 pounds she’d gained over the years.<br />

She started with Marshall Medical Center’s<br />

team of registered dietitians.<br />

After trying multiple regimens, Michelle<br />

was unable to lose weight on her own. She<br />

even stumped her nutritionist by managing<br />

to gain weight on an all-broth diet. It was then<br />

she decided it was time to look into bariatric<br />

surgery.<br />

Michelle has always had a fear of medical procedures, but<br />

she knew she had to try to overcome that in order to get the<br />

help she needed. “I knew the only option was surgery but I<br />

was very nervous about it,” she says.<br />

She recounts her first meeting with Dr. Ryan Lussenden,<br />

Marshall’s bariatric surgeon: “I don’t know if it was his voice<br />

or his confidence but I just felt comfortable immediately.<br />

After the initial conversation, I was ready to go. I told him I<br />

was ready to have my surgery tomorrow.”<br />

Dr. Lussenden’s advice for those considering the surgery<br />

includes doing your research. “Talk to friends and family.<br />

Reach out to people who have had the surgery. Be<br />

prepared for three to six months of preparation before<br />

surgery and be aware that it’s a lifetime of changing<br />

behaviors. It’s not over once the surgery is complete.”<br />

In the months before surgery, Michelle took nutrition<br />

classes, followed by the bariatric surgery classes. As<br />

part of the program, she also started seeing Marshall<br />

psychiatrist, Dr. Maisha Correia.<br />

On the day of the surgery, Michelle was feeling anxious.<br />

She was comforted by a medical assistant who came in<br />

and held her hand until she went under anesthesia. “I<br />

understand these are medical professionals and they need<br />

to handle their business. But they all really do treat you like<br />

family. It was really comforting for me to have that support,”<br />

shared Michelle.<br />

Michelle followed the strict instructions when she returned<br />

home from the hospital. “Patients are usually in the hospital<br />

for two nights,” explained Dr. Lussenden. “They typically<br />

experience pain for two to three days following surgery<br />

and we recommend they take two to three weeks off work<br />

to recover.” Adding, “because the procedure is done with<br />

the assistance of a surgical robot, the recovery process is<br />

usually short and smooth.”<br />

In the months after surgery, Michelle has found new<br />

energy and has become known in her support group as<br />

“the workout queen,” hitting the gym six days a week. She<br />

abides by all the guidelines to maximize her results. She’s<br />

also working with Dr. Tarandeep Kaur, of Marshall Family<br />

Medicine in El Dorado Hills, who specializes in medical<br />

weight loss, to monitor her ongoing progress.<br />

Seven months after surgery, Michelle has lost nearly 80<br />

pounds. “The most dramatic weight loss will be in the first<br />

nine months after surgery and many patients will see a<br />

plateau around 18 months,” explains Dr. Lussenden.<br />

With the support of her doctors, Michelle found optimism<br />

and a focus on health. She reminds everyone who is<br />

considering taking this drastic step, “You’re a beautiful<br />

person, no matter what the scale says. This program isn’t<br />

just about weight loss, it’s about a healthier you.”<br />

8 | FOR YOUR HEALTH | www.marshallmedical.org

Happy Hour: Mon-Fri 3:00 pm -6:00 pm<br />


erica@ericabaldwinphotography.com<br />

ericabaldwinphotography.com<br />

: EricaBaldwinPhotography<br />

916-990-8826<br />

SPEND $35<br />

GET<br />

$5 OFF<br />

101 Main Street, Old Town Roseville • 916-774-0505<br />

bar101roseville.com • facebook.com/bar101roseville<br />

One coupon per<br />

person, per visit.<br />

Not valid with other<br />

offers. Exp: 4/30/22.<br />

Dine In Only.<br />

10% OFF Spring Portrait Special<br />

EXP: 3/31/<strong>2022</strong><br />

Oldest Hardware Store West of the Mississippi<br />

STOP IN<br />

AND GET<br />

YOUR<br />

MINING<br />


441 Main Street • Placerville • 530-622-1151<br />

Treat Yourself to our<br />

award-winning spirits<br />

We produce small-batch spirits including vodka, gin, absinthe, corn whiskey, California Bourbon, and the<br />

world's first malted rice whiskey. We invite you to come to our tasting room to try our spirits for yourself!<br />

Tasting Room Open<br />

Wednesday by Appointment Only | Friday 4-7 PM<br />

Saturday 11-3 PM | Sunday 12-4 PM<br />


RANCHO CORDOVA | 916-476-3868<br />



Gold River Distillery-Shop Local-Single-<strong>Style</strong>-<strong>Magazine</strong>-0222.indd 1<br />

1/19/22 12:59 PM

| eat & drink | Dining Out<br />

Kitchen 747<br />


“<br />

…the steaming meatballs<br />

on polenta at the<br />

next table gave us a<br />

tremendous sense of<br />

FOMO—and a good enough<br />

reason to possibly make<br />

the trek out here again.<br />

”<br />

74 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2022</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags<br />

Meatballs with Polenta<br />

Tucked away in a quiet Roseville neighborhood is a hidden<br />

gem for beer, craft cocktails, and pizza lovers alike. While<br />

Kitchen 747 might be off the beaten path, the charm of the<br />

modern brewery-inspired watering hole has created a real<br />

buzz.<br />

The restaurant was packed with lines of people as we<br />

checked in and sat at the bar. With over 30 beers on tap, an impressive<br />

wine selection, and plenty of craft cocktails, you won’t go thirsty here.

There’s even a large selection of delicious<br />

mocktails for those who choose not to<br />

imbibe.<br />

After being seated, we ordered the<br />

garlic parmesan fries, not suspecting an<br />

overflowing plate with fresh, hot fries<br />

and tons of pungent garlic that was easily<br />

enough for four people to share. Although<br />

the fries were nothing to complain about,<br />

the steaming meatballs on polenta at the<br />

next table gave us a tremendous sense<br />

of FOMO—and a good enough reason to<br />

possibly make the trek out here again.<br />

Our server, Nicole, who was excited to<br />

talk about Kitchen 747, recommended the<br />

Garlicky Steak sandwich: a thinly sliced<br />

ribeye-stuffed sandwich with provolone,<br />

garlic butter, and a delicious au jus on the<br />

side. At first bite, it was no wonder that<br />

this was already the top seller at the newlyestablished<br />

restaurant.<br />

To balance out our garlic-inspired<br />

choices, we ordered the Chilton combo.<br />

This specialty pizza came stacked with<br />

mozzarella, pepperoni, sausage, red onions,<br />

bell peppers, jalapeños, and mushrooms<br />

atop their savory house red sauce.<br />

As we enjoyed our meal, Nicole talked<br />

us through a bit of the facility that’s fully<br />

equipped to host some epic events. The<br />

rooftop bar overlooks the main patio<br />

where you can play corn hole and enjoy<br />

one of several cozy fire pits. There’s even<br />

room for shuffleboard and ping pong.<br />

Garlic Parmesan Fries<br />

Garlicky<br />

Steak<br />

Sandwich<br />

Chilton Combo Pizza<br />

Lemon Drop<br />

Espresso<br />

Martini<br />

2320 Pleasant Grove<br />

Boulevard, Roseville,<br />

916-540-7999, kitchen747.com,<br />

@kitchen.747 @kitchen747<br />

All in all, there’s enough space<br />

to comfortably host up to 170<br />

people.<br />

The space itself is enormous<br />

and there wasn’t an empty table<br />

in sight. The noisy crowd may<br />

not make this the best spot for<br />

a quiet date night but it does<br />

check all the boxes for a casual<br />

night out or a fun meetup with<br />

friends.<br />

Overall, while the food was<br />

not groundbreaking, it was<br />

exactly what you wanted it to be.<br />

The portions were enough to<br />

last for two meals (and was just<br />

as delicious later!), the pizza was<br />

on par with any craft pizzeria,<br />

the sandwich was one of the<br />

better ones we’ve had recently,<br />

and the eclectic drink menu<br />

makes Kitchen 747 a new go-to in<br />

Roseville.<br />

HOURS: 11 a.m.-9 p.m. (Sunday-Thursday);<br />

11 a.m.-10 p.m. (Friday-Saturday)<br />

TRY THIS: Garlicky Steak<br />

Sandwich, Garlic Parmesan<br />

Fries, Roasted Brussels Sprouts,<br />

Meatball Sandwich, Grilled Corn<br />

Ribs, Chilton Combo Pizza,<br />

Junction Meat Eaters Pizza<br />

DRINKS: Full bar; beer, wine, &<br />

cocktails<br />

TAB: $$<br />

HEADS-UP: Vegan, vegetarian, and glutenfree<br />

options; private events; kids’ menu;<br />

outdoor and rooftop patio; Sunday brunch<br />

Tell us about<br />

your experience<br />

and what you liked<br />

by messaging us on<br />

Instagram<br />

(@stylemags), Facebook<br />

(@stylemediagroup), or<br />

emailing<br />

info@stylemg.<br />

com.<br />

MARCH <strong>2022</strong> | stylemg.com 75

| eat & drink |<br />

Foodie Find<br />

Other Fried<br />

Chicken<br />

Favorites<br />

If you’re a fried chicken fiend<br />

(like we are) then drop by these<br />

locales for some lip-smacking,<br />

finger-lickin’, possibly arteryclogging<br />

(hey, you only live<br />

once!) fried chicken.<br />

Rock-N-Fire<br />

1010 Riley Street, Suite<br />

4, Folsom, 916-673-9474,<br />

irocknfirerestaurants.com<br />

TRY THIS: Southern Fried<br />

Chicken Salad<br />

The Independent<br />

Restaurant and<br />

Bar<br />

629 Main Street,<br />

Placerville,<br />

530-344-7645,<br />

independentplacerville.<br />

com<br />

TRY THIS: Free Range Buttermilk<br />

Mary’s Fried Chicken Breast<br />

Thai Paradise<br />

2770 East Bidwell Street, Suite<br />

100, Folsom, 916-984-8988,<br />

thaiparadisefolsom.com; 4361<br />

Town Center Boulevard, Suite<br />

110, El Dorado Hills, 916-939-<br />

0389, thaiparadiseedh.com<br />

TRY THIS: Angel Wings<br />

Nash + Tender<br />

2770 East Bidwell<br />

Street, Suite 400,<br />

Folsom, 916-673-9636,<br />

nashandtender.com,<br />

@nashandtender<br />

Tell us about<br />

your experience<br />

and what you liked<br />

by messaging us on<br />

Instagram<br />

(@stylemags), Facebook<br />

(@stylemediagroup), or<br />

emailing<br />

info@stylemg.<br />

com.<br />

Oh Nash + Tender, you had me at Hot Chicken & Waffle. My mouth is watering<br />

just as I write this. Close your eyes as I describe this divine dish. Wait, that’s<br />

not possible since you’re reading. So, keep reading and picture a hot, crisp<br />

waffle cut into four pieces. Can you smell the fresh, buttery waffle? Next to<br />

that, picture a crisp, juicy chicken tender. Here’s the cool thing: You choose the<br />

heat (spice) level of your chicken. If you’re like me, you can take your chicken<br />

“mild.” If you’re like my husband, you can take it “hot.” And if you’re really into<br />

heat, you can go with “XTRA HOT—Call the Firefighter” or “STUPID HOT—<br />

WTF.” (That last one requires a waiver and you must eat it in the restaurant.)<br />

Alongside the dish is tasty coleslaw, sweet syrup, and a house-made special<br />

sauce. Their menu has a variety of chicken dishes including a Hot Chicken<br />

Slider, Hot Tender Salad, Nash + Tender Fries, and a Waffle Sandwich. That last<br />

sandwich consists of a waffle crust, chicken tender, mac n’ cheese, coleslaw,<br />

pickles, and of course, that amazing special sauce. And they’ve got a secret<br />

menu, too, which includes the Nashrito: A breakfast burrito filled with<br />

chicken (duh), coleslaw, mac ’n’ cheese, eggs, fries, and special sauce. Nash +<br />

Tender says they’re bringing Nashville hot chicken to Folsom and there’s no<br />

clucks about it! — by JULIE RYAN<br />

Mom & Pop Chicken Shop<br />

4355 Town Center Boulevard,<br />

Suite 114, El Dorado<br />

Hills; 3000 Green<br />

Valley Road, Suite<br />

17, Cameron<br />

Park, 916-673-<br />

9563, chxshp.<br />

com<br />

TRY THIS: Back<br />

to Basics Chicken<br />

Sandwich<br />

Bar 101 Eats & Drinks<br />

101 Main Street, Roseville, 916-<br />

774-0505, bar101roseville.com<br />

TRY THIS: Chicken Strips<br />

Manderes<br />

1004 East Bidwell<br />

Street, Suite 600,<br />

Folsom, 916-986-<br />

9655, manderes.<br />

com<br />

TRY THIS: Racer 5<br />

Hot Wings<br />

Kiki’s Chicken Place<br />

5050 Rocklin Road, Suites 1 & 2,<br />

Rocklin, 916-259-2949; 313 Iron<br />

Point Road, Folsom, 916-294-<br />

0052, kikischicken.com<br />

TRY THIS: Kiki’s Fries with<br />

Chicken<br />

Nash + Tender photo by Taylor Gillespie. Mom & Pop Chicken Shop photo by Dante Fontana.<br />

76 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2022</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags




Award-winning, locally sourced food and<br />

drink abound in our region. Whether<br />

wine tasting amid picture-perfect<br />

vineyard views, sipping high-quality<br />

craft brews at a family-friendly brewery,<br />

indulging in pub grub, or savoring a<br />

multi-course meal, there's something for<br />

everyone. When you visit the places that<br />

follow, make sure to tell them you saw<br />

their profile in STYLE!<br />

Thank you for the honor to be the<br />

best. We are proud to be a part<br />

of the fabric of this wonderful<br />

Folsom community. Since 1963 Snooks<br />

has been producing the highest quality<br />

chocolates and confections. With the creation of our amazing<br />

hot fudge sauce, we added Ice Cream when we opened our<br />

store in Historic Folsom. We look forward to a continued<br />

commitment providing quality products with appreciative<br />

customer service for many years to come. Thank you Folsom.<br />

We hope to see you all soon!<br />

–The Snook Family<br />

Snooks Candies and Chocolate Factory<br />

731 Sutter St. | Folsom | 800-957-6665<br />

www.snookscandies.com |<br />

Wise Villa Winery is the only winery in Placer County to feature a full dining<br />

experience complete with a Tuscan-style restaurant, professional waitstaff,<br />

& culinary team. Using only the highest quality ingredients that are sourced<br />

locally, our executive Chef Marc brings a decadent, vibrant flair to each gourmet dish.<br />

Marc is widely known in the Sacramento area as a culinary master and crafts high end<br />

cuisine like rack of lamb, filet mignon, roasted duck breast, and Atlantic salmon. We<br />

take great care to source locally when possible and in creating a dining experience that<br />

pairs perfectly with our award-winning & Certified Sustainable Wise Villa wines! Make<br />

reservations today. Open Daily at 11 am.<br />

Wise Villa Winery<br />

4200 Wise Rd. • Lincoln<br />

916-543-0323<br />

wisevillawinery.com<br />

MARCH <strong>2022</strong> | stylemg.com 77



TRIVIA<br />





<br />

(916) 836-8406<br />

1475 Eureka Rd., #120<br />

Roseville, CA 95661<br />



<br />

(916) 772-9464<br />

4364 Town Center Blvd., #128<br />

El Dorado Hills, CA 95762<br />

Wine, Food & Friends<br />

Take the short drive to<br />

Amador and order lunch<br />

from our kitchen and<br />

share a bottle with friends<br />

or book your tasting<br />

reservation and sample<br />

our award-wining wines.<br />

Whatever you decide,<br />

Helwig has it!<br />

Book your tasting today!<br />

helwigwinery.com<br />

11555 Shenandoah Rd. Plymouth CA 95669 | 209.245.5200<br />

78 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2022</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags





Flame & Fire Brazilian Steakhouse is a modern<br />

experience into South of Brazil’s traditional<br />

Churrascaria, featuring our Gauchos serving endless<br />

cuts of meats carved tableside, along with our exquisite<br />

fresh Market Table and Brazilian specialties.<br />

Tomahawk Steak<br />

*Folsom Location Only<br />

Pair your many courses with fine wines or enjoy our<br />

hand-crafted cocktails in an elegant ambiance, for that<br />

perfect evening out.<br />

HAPPY<br />

HOUR<br />

Monday - Friday:<br />

4:30 - 7pm<br />


Romantic dinner, birthday,<br />

or anniversary, we want to<br />

celebrate with you.<br />




963 Pleasant Grove Blvd #100<br />

(916) 790-5750<br />

FOLSOM<br />

380 Palladio Pkwy #305<br />

(916) 839-3535<br />



<br />

<br />

FLAME & FIRE<br />



17 YEARS IN A ROW!<br />

Visconti’s is a family owned full service<br />

restaurant in Folsom where we do our<br />

best to make you feel at home each time<br />

you come to visit. Our recipes come from past<br />

generations of our family in Southern Italy, from<br />

the regions of Calabria and Sicily. We are proud to<br />

use only the freshest ingredients, imported meat,<br />

cheese and wine. When you dine with our family<br />

you feel at home where the flavors are savory, the<br />

atmosphere is filled with love, and the ambiance is<br />

old world traditional Italian life.<br />

If you are wondering where to eat, we welcome<br />

parties of any size no matter what the occasion!<br />

We are a family friendly restaurant that is a perfect<br />

place to celebrate anniversaries, weddings, and<br />

birthdays. We can also host business meetings and<br />

private parties. Open Tuesday through Saturday for<br />

lunch and dinner, and Sundays for dinner only. We<br />

are so proud of our rich traditions and history and<br />

that pride goes into every dish we serve.<br />

Thanks also for making Visconti’s Restaurant<br />

Folsom’s Favorite Italian Restaurant for 17 years<br />

in a row!<br />

Visconti’s Ristorante<br />

2700 East Bidwell St., Ste. 700 | Folsom<br />

916-983-5181 | viscontisristorante.com<br />

MARCH <strong>2022</strong> | stylemg.com 79



The Placerville Public House family<br />

restaurant can be found on historic Main<br />

Street, Placerville, in the iconic Hangman’s<br />

Saloon building. The Placerville Public House<br />

features a scratch-made menu sourcing local,<br />

fresh and organic ingredients. There is sure to<br />

be something to love for everyone at the table,<br />

including vegetarian and vegan palates.<br />

Offering weekly events such as trivia and live music the Placerville<br />

Public House shares a comfortable, social pub atmosphere where<br />

everyone is welcome, the beer is cold and the food is fresh. Come on<br />

in to enjoy the savory scent of comfort food cooking in the kitchen<br />

while sipping a refreshing beer and catching up with friends.<br />

The Placerville Public House<br />

305 Main Street | Placerville | 530-303-3792<br />

placervillepublichouse.com |<br />

Combining the flavors<br />

of France and the<br />

Mediterranean regions<br />

with an emphasis on quality,<br />

fresh seasonal and locally-grown<br />

ingredients. The perfect location<br />

for private dining, special events, wedding celebrations and<br />

corporate dinners/presentations.<br />

Lunch: T-F 11:30am - 2:30pm<br />

Sat Brunch: 10:30am - 2:30pm<br />

Dinner: T-Th 4pm - 9pm; F-Sat 4pm - 10pm<br />

Happy Hour: T-Sat 4pm - 7pm<br />

La Provence Restaurant & Terrace<br />

110 Diamond Creek Place | Roseville | 916-789-2002<br />

www.laprovenceroseville.com |<br />

A<br />

vision to bring to Vernon Street an<br />

experience in design, using the history of<br />

Roseville and the elements of a building<br />

that is over 60 years old. Sharing our extreme<br />

passion for service, food, and beverages. Using<br />

products and vendors of the highest quality,<br />

regardless of the price! Beverages should be<br />

fun and different so we have them! Over 170<br />

spirits, 16 handles, over 50 varietals of wine<br />

and over 12 different waters from around the<br />

world. Sodas in a bottle as they were originally<br />

planned and served. Food that is unique, taste<br />

exceptional and causes your mouth to go<br />

Wow! Food that makes you ask yourself, “Did<br />

they really do that with food?” Service that we<br />

know is missing in America today. Service that<br />

some call old fashion, but once you experience<br />

it again you will say Aww…I remember being<br />

treated like this once. A Management TEAM<br />

that is interested in you, your thoughts, your<br />

opinion. A TEAM that is here at 105 Noshery for<br />

one purpose. To give you an experience of the<br />

highest quality every time you are here. This is<br />

the definition of 105 Noshery.<br />

105 Noshery<br />

105 Vernon St. | Roseville | 916-784-6674<br />

105noshery.com | @105noshery |<br />

80 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2022</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags



Intimate • Classic • Fabulous<br />





Welcome to The Blue Parrot Lounge where we<br />

make available outstanding bottles of wine, popular,<br />

locally crafted beers, and great food in an intimate,<br />

upscale, and classic environment. We offer our<br />

highly esteemed customers a place where they<br />

can relax, socialize, and network.<br />

Scan code to make a reservation.<br />

Join Us:<br />

Wed-Sat 4pm - 10pm<br />

Sat Brunch 11am-2pm<br />

By reservation only:<br />

916.259.4029<br />

6848 Five Star Blvd. #5<br />

Rocklin, CA<br />

(Next to Scandanavian Designs)<br />

MARCH <strong>2022</strong> | stylemg.com 81



FREE<br />

MIMOSA!<br />

916-983-9000<br />

2371 Iron Point Ste 100, Folsom<br />

folsom-thaicuisine.com<br />




pop-up<br />

markets<br />


10% OFF<br />

DINNER<br />

Dine in or Take Out. Must<br />

present coupon, not valid for<br />

holidays. Exp. 4/30/21<br />

dogs<br />

welcome<br />





follow us @ SHANGRILAFAIROAKS<br />

www.shangrilafairoaks.com<br />

event<br />

venue<br />


916-241-9473<br />

Citizen Vine<br />

is not your<br />

average wine<br />

bar. We are proud, not pretentious!<br />

We provide a casual, intimate, and<br />

relaxed environment where our guests<br />

can sip on some great wine, or beer, and<br />

enjoy a delicious variety of small plate<br />

offerings. With live music every Friday &<br />

Saturday night, “Pouring for the people”<br />

is more than a tag line, it is a way of life.<br />

*(free mimosa w/entree purchase)<br />

609 Sutter St. | Folsom<br />

916-932-4234 | citizenvinefolsom.com |<br />

Find your own getaway…<br />

close to home<br />

Make your reservations today<br />

at boglewinery.com<br />


PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY. ©<strong>2022</strong> All Rights Reserved. Bogle Family Vineyards, Inc., Clarksburg, CA<br />

82 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2022</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags



Garlic Naan<br />

Fresh Orange<br />

Juice<br />

Samosa<br />

Gulab Jamun<br />

Gajar-ka-Halwa<br />

Butter Chicken<br />

Chicken Tikka<br />

Our Mission is to serve exquisite and authentic Modern<br />

Indian Cuisine to our community representing our cultures<br />

and legendary culinary heritage in every dish we offer.<br />

Our Executive Chefs bring only the best in Indian cuisine, using<br />

authentic seasonal ingredients, taking the best examples from<br />

every region. Our food, menu, and specials have been created<br />

using diverse flavors and tastes and reflect various cultures, racial<br />

structures, and climates. Our Modern Indian cooking requires<br />

the expert use of a wide variety of in-house blended aromatic<br />

spices. We combine these exceptional flavors and modern cooking<br />

techniques, and stylish presentation to deliver a distinctly unique<br />

dining experience to fulfill and exceed our guest's expectations.<br />

Whether you are visiting for lunch, dinner, take-out, The Grand will<br />

quickly become your favorite place for authentic and affordable<br />

Modern Indian Food with that special touch.<br />

Our entire team welcomes you to be our guest and enjoy a<br />

fantastic dining experience. We bring to you a part of India<br />

delivered through its rich culinary heritage and hope to create<br />

a real difference by connecting people to authentic Modern<br />

Indian Food. We strive to make<br />

your experience unforgettable<br />

from the moment you enter<br />

our restaurant to when you<br />

leave and start planning your<br />

return visit.<br />

The Grand Indian Cuisine<br />

9600 Fairway Dr., Ste. 100 | Roseville | 916-773-0212<br />

thegrandcuisine.com |<br />

MARCH <strong>2022</strong> | stylemg.com 83



5 years in a row!<br />


916-985-7778<br />


Lunch 11:00-2:00pm; Dinner 4:30-8:30pm<br />


25004 BLUE RAVINE RD., #107<br />

FOLSOM, CA 95630<br />

Closed Sunday & Monday<br />

Gift Cards Available<br />

All You Can Eat Sushi Lunch Special<br />

GREAT FOOD & so much more ....<br />

Personalized Service<br />

Expansive Patio Dining<br />

Live Music Coming Soon....Starting in <strong>March</strong> - TBA<br />

Daily Specials<br />

Serving<br />

Lunch &<br />

Dinner Daily<br />

11a - 8p M–Th | 11a - 10p F–Sat | 11a - 8p Sun<br />

Big Screen TVs for all Sporting Events<br />

1151 Galleria Blvd Ste 1175 – Roseville, CA<br />

www.cantinalaredo.com/location/roseville/<br />

The Ring of Fire BBQ Restaurant is<br />

brought to you by husband-and-wife<br />

team, Ken and Rebecca. Ken creates<br />

pure, dry rubbed, gently smoked flavors that<br />

can only be found in true Southern Bbq and<br />

is complimented with Rebecca’s unparalleled<br />

hospitality experience and hundreds of hours in the kitchen<br />

perfecting recipes she’s developed. After doing extensive<br />

research in Texas, Tennessee, and North Carolina….. Ken has<br />

honed his craft to the point where his Que is indiscernible from<br />

the famous regions where Bbq began. The Ring of Fire BBQ also<br />

offers simple drop off, full-service catering and wedding/special<br />

event packages.<br />

The Ring of Fire BBQ<br />

3590 Carson Road | Camino | 530-303-3942 | 916-223-1667<br />

theringoffirebbq.com |<br />

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We have had the pleasure of<br />

being part of the Placerville<br />

community for 13 years now.<br />

Cascada continues to strive to give our<br />

patrons the best dining experience<br />

possible. We serve an eclectic mix of Mexican favorites and<br />

California fresh cuisine with a Latin flair in an upscale, urban<br />

setting without the upscale price. Our full bar is anchored with<br />

local wines and specialty margaritas made with premium<br />

tequilas and fresh squeezed lime juice. Our friendly and<br />

professional staff serve lunch and dinner seven days a week. So<br />

stop by and have some fun. We look forward to seeing you.<br />

12<br />

years and counting on historical<br />

Main Street in Placerville!<br />

We attribute our success to<br />

the community that keeps coming<br />

back for great food, creative libations,<br />

conversations and smiles! We thank our patrons for the continual<br />

support and positive reviews, sharing this place with your friends<br />

and family. We are looking forward to seeing you and yours the<br />

next time you are looking for a spot to eat in our cute little town<br />

of Placerville.<br />


Cascada Restaurant & Cantina<br />

384 Main Street | Placerville<br />

530-344-7757 | cascadainplacerville.com |<br />

Bricks Eats & Drinks<br />

482 Main Street | Placerville<br />

530-303-3480 | bricksonmainstreet.com |<br />

One of the newest restaurants on Main<br />

Street, in Placerville, we opened our<br />

doors in December of 2020, and hit the<br />

ground running. We offer a delicious menu that<br />

has something for everyone. Shareable appetizers,<br />

delicious flatbreads, tacos, burgers and more. This<br />

restaurant has a large outdoor patio that is great<br />

for groups and we have spacious indoor seating as<br />

well. Featuring over 25 taps of craft beers, ciders,<br />

kombuchas and wine! If you find a brew you<br />

like you can take it home in a growler and come<br />

back for a refill at a discounted price. We offer a<br />

full bar, a signature cocktail menu made by our<br />

creative bartenders, and happy hour from 2PM<br />

- 5PM Monday - Thursday. Happy hour includes<br />

small bites, discounted beer, well drinks and a fun<br />

atmosphere. We have a positive and upbeat staff<br />

that is knowledgeable of our food and drink menu<br />

and can't wait to serve you. Come check us out!<br />

Main Street Tap House<br />

209 Main Street | Placerville<br />

530-330-4648 | taphouseonmainstreet.com<br />

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The DOGVDUB<br />



Knight’s brings a classic<br />

approach to the American<br />

C. tradition of the “old school<br />

steakhouse” offering Prime beef, craft<br />

cocktails, and local wines. Our vision is to<br />

be one of the top steakhouses in Northern California and become<br />

a long-standing community presence. Open for lunch and dinner,<br />

all day Ecstatic Hour on Mondays...and don't forget: we're serving<br />

all of your Ruffhaus Hot Dog Co. favorites daily for lunch.<br />

We also offer catering through C. Knight’s Steakhouse and the<br />

Ruffhaus DOGVDUB for any special event. The DOGVDUB, a vintage<br />

Volkswagen Bus converted to a Mobile hot dog truck, is the perfect<br />

way to enhance any event and will surely impress your guests.<br />

C. Knight's Steakhouse<br />

2085 Vine Street, Suite 101 | El Dorado Hills |<br />

916-235-1730 | cknightssteakhouse.com<br />

All of our dishes are classics from<br />

different parts of Mexico, with<br />

the flavors we grew up with. They<br />

are traditional preparation methods,<br />

cooking techniques, and customs from<br />

our loving grandmothers, stories, and<br />

recipes passed through generations. At El Rey Mexican Cuisine,<br />

we want to share this love and dedication for Mexican food with<br />

our guests.<br />

Come by if you haven't tried us. Allow us to share our love for<br />

food and our passion for our Mexican roots.<br />

We also offer catering.<br />

El Rey Mexican Cuisine<br />

5550 Douglas Boulevard, Suite 200 | Granite Bay | 916-772-5858<br />

elreygranitebay.com | elreygranitebay@gmail.com |<br />


Located in Sacramento, CA, we are a restaurant delivery<br />

business servicing our customers at their door and on<br />

their schedule.<br />

Whether we deliver to your home or place of business, our<br />

deliveries are designed to be affordable and on-time. Check for<br />

your favorite local restaurants on the site, and if you don’t see<br />

your favorites, just let us know!<br />

We are always adding local businesses to our site!<br />

No Delivery<br />

Charge On Your<br />

First Order<br />

use code<br />

“firstdelivery”<br />

916-800-6464 | TimeToEatSacramento.com | info@timetoeatsacramento.com<br />

Serving: Roseville, Rocklin, Granite Bay, Folsom, El Dorado Hills, and more areas coming soon!<br />

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Jarunee Fleming<br />

Co-Owner & Head Chef<br />

Thai Paradise serves healthy, delicious and<br />

authentic Thai food and has been voted<br />

#1 BEST THAI RESTAURANT for the past 13<br />

years. They were also voted as #1 BEST TAKE-OUT.<br />

Their two restaurants in Folsom & El Dorado Hills<br />

are open for indoor and patio dining with easy<br />

online ordering for delivery and take-out. Delivery<br />

is available by Doordash, UberEats, GrubHub and<br />

Snaptown.<br />

What makes Thai Paradise food so healthy is that<br />

they cook with healthy and expensive rice bran oil<br />

like they do in Thailand. They also use local farmto-fork<br />

ingredients plus fresh vegetables and meats<br />

purchased daily. Many of their healthy and delicious<br />

dishes like Pad Thai, Tom Yum, Papaya Salad, Spring<br />

Rolls, and Red Green & Yellow Curries, are Thai foods<br />

on the list of foods that are recommended by many<br />

Registered Dieticians.<br />

Jarunee Fleming, Co-Owner and Head Chef says:<br />

“I make my food to make people happy.”<br />

Thai Paradise | Folsom | 916-984-8988<br />

2770 E. Bidwell St. Ste 100<br />

ThaiParadiseFolsom.com<br />

Thai Paradise EDH | El Dorado Hills | 916-939-0389<br />

4361 Town Center Blvd. Ste 110<br />

ThaiParadiseEDH.com<br />

Come on by and visit the inmates!<br />

We have expanded our menu and<br />

always have something unusual<br />

on either the list of specials or our prison<br />

themed menu! Angola Gumbo Ya Ya,<br />

Fish n CHP, Gino Gambino, Silence of the Lamburger – you<br />

never know what we have up our sleeves! We continue to serve<br />

Folsom’s BEST burgah and our infamous New England Lobstah<br />

Roll – for the real New Englanders out there – yes, we have THAT<br />

Dam roll! That Dam Place is the go to for felonious flavors and<br />

gatherings with family, friends, frenemies or those in witness<br />

protection (we won’t tell). Bring your guard dog to our beautiful<br />

pet friendly patio. We look forward to seeing you. It might not<br />

be fine dining, but the dining is dam fine!<br />

After twenty<br />

fantastic<br />

years on<br />

Greenback Lane, we have the good fortune of moving our store to<br />

Sutter Street in the Historic District of Folsom. A location bearing an<br />

exact replica of the original Roundhouse. A location in which we<br />

will always proudly represent the good folks of Folsom. A location<br />

that will always be ground zero socially, culturally and historically<br />

in our beloved city. We love and believe in our family of employees<br />

and customers. We love and believe in your new Scott’s Seafood<br />

Roundhouse. Enjoy, Suzanne & John Cook<br />

The Dam Place<br />

1013 Riley Street, Ste 100 | Folsom | 916-790-8182<br />

ThatDamPlace.com |<br />

Scott’s Seafood Roundhouse<br />

824 Sutter Street | Folsom<br />

916-989-6711 | scottsseafoodroundhouse.com |<br />

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Try our<br />

Friday Special:<br />

Nash + Tender<br />

fries for only $7<br />

instead of $12<br />


Are you ready to turn up the heat?<br />

Nash + Tender is Bringing Nashville<br />

<strong>Style</strong> Chicken to Folsom, and we<br />

cannot wait for you to come in and give us<br />

a try!<br />

But don’t just take our word for how good<br />

our food is...check out this recent 5-star<br />

review: “Fantastic Fried Chicken shop!!<br />

Everything can be customized by heat levels and there are a lot of<br />

great options. Definitely one of the best fried chicken restaurants<br />

in the area. I got the #3 combo with seasoned fries and medium<br />

heat and it was perfection. Definitely will be coming back soon!”<br />

Corner Tavern & Grill is a<br />

social meeting place in<br />

Folsom, reviving the good<br />

time neighborhood bistro with<br />

great food, friends, and cheers.<br />

Our scratch kitchen serves elegant<br />

comfort food from pizza and<br />

burgers to specialty steaks and<br />

pastas in a neighborhood gastro tavern. We offer a wide variety<br />

of great food skillfully prepared with an emphasis on a casual,<br />

fun and friendly atmosphere where everyone knows your<br />

name!<br />

Nash + Tender<br />

2770 E. Bidwell Street, Suite 400 | Folsom | 916-673-9636<br />

nashandtender.com |<br />

Corner Tavern & Grill<br />

700 Glenn Drive, Suite 170 | Folsom | 916-467-7800<br />

cornertaverngrill.com |<br />

Lava Cap<br />

WINERY<br />

We here<br />

at Papa<br />

Gianni’s<br />

appreciate your<br />

business, and are<br />

so grateful for the trust you’ve placed in<br />

us, our staff and our food. Your support<br />

means the world to us and we are so<br />

grateful for the pleasure of serving you<br />

for three decades! Thank you for your<br />

never ending loyalty and support.<br />

Family-style options are available for<br />

take out.<br />

3450 Palmer Dr., Ste. 1 | Cameron Park<br />

530-672-2333 | papagiannis.net |<br />

Q1227<br />

Restaurant, is<br />

affectionately<br />

named after Chef<br />

Q’s birthday, which<br />

is December 27. Q1227, is a chef driven<br />

restaurant in the beautiful city of<br />

Roseville, CA. Our menu inspiration pulls<br />

from Chef’s love of the ‘farm to fork’<br />

industry combined with the comfort food<br />

of his childhood, hence is why we call our<br />

cuisine, “modern comfort".<br />

1465 Eureka Rd. | Roseville<br />

916-899-5146 | q1227restaurant.com |<br />

In 1981, a geology professor and his family<br />

discovered the grandeur of the Sierra<br />

Nevada Foothills and decided to put down<br />

roots in Apple Hill. Here, they discovered<br />

the exceptional volcanic soils weathered<br />

from volcanic ash, and Lava Cap Winery<br />

was born. For over 35 years our family has<br />

produced stellar wines from our Estate<br />

Vineyards and we welcome you to enjoy<br />

yourselves in our tasting room or picnic in<br />

our gardens.<br />

Visit us<br />

7 DAYS A WEEK<br />

YEAR AROUND, 10AM - 5PM<br />


530.621.0175 | WWW.LAVACAP.COM<br />

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Lola’s Tequila Bar & Cocina offers<br />

quality Mexican food from<br />

traditional, family recipes that have<br />

been handed down from generation to<br />

generation. Serving lunch and dinner 7<br />

days a week and we offer a full bar. Our<br />

menu will provide various options from<br />

seafood, steaks, chicken dishes, and the<br />

best authentic Mexican cuisine. Many<br />

dishes are from the Ramos family collection<br />

and the menu is varied to accommodate<br />

a wide range of appetites. In addition to<br />

the traditional fare, we have heart-healthy<br />

dishes, vegetarian dishes, and kids’ menu.<br />

You'll find wonderful food, warm hospitality,<br />

and a festive, up-beat atmosphere. Catering<br />

services are available and custom menus<br />

are provided for personal inquiries and<br />

special occasions.<br />

Lola's Tequilla Bar + Cocina<br />

1563 Eureka Rd. | Roseville | 916-474-4951<br />

lolasteqbarcocina.com |<br />

MARCH <strong>2022</strong> | stylemg.com 89



Let us host or cater your next special event!<br />


Hotel Sutter offers catering for any size<br />

gathering, including wedding, corporate,<br />

and social events, and custom meal<br />

consultation and design. Your choice of pick-up or<br />

on-site site drop-off.<br />

Hotel Sutter Catering will make your event<br />

memorable with catering packages for your special theme, from<br />

casual meals like our Fiesta Taco Bar, Smoke House Meats Buffet<br />

with in-house smoked meats, and our Ballpark Buffet, featuring<br />

hamburgers, hot dogs, and all the fixings, to more formal selections<br />

that include specialty platters, entrees, appetizers, desserts, and<br />

more! Leave the food to us. We do the work, you have the fun!<br />

Hotel Sutter<br />

53 Main Street | Sutter Creek | 209-267-0242<br />

www.hotelsutter.com |<br />

Voted Best Overall<br />

Restaurant 2014-2021<br />

(that’s eight years in<br />

a row!) Also a Best Outdoor<br />

Dining, a Best Bar, and Best<br />

Waitpersons Jake Brekke and Tyrel Blankenship! The<br />

Independent Restaurant and Bar offers a refreshing<br />

place for gatherings of family and friends in the<br />

Emerald Street Building on upper Main Street in<br />

Placerville. Come and enjoy the modern rustic setting<br />

which includes comfortable indoor dining and a<br />

convivial bar. In addition, extensive outdoor dining is<br />

available on their private garden patios.<br />

Now in their eleventh year, The Independent remains<br />

focused on its American fusion menu prepared with<br />

the freshest ingredients. The full bar is top tier with<br />

innovative creations featuring fresh-squeezed juices,<br />

infused liquors, and signature cocktails mixed by their<br />

friendly and professional staff.<br />

Operating as a “scratch kitchen” the work begins<br />

early at The Independent, where meats, cheeses,<br />

and fresh delivered produce are all prepared daily for<br />

lunch and dinner service. Creative weekend specials<br />

are a hallmark of The Independent and savvy patrons<br />

know they sell out quickly. Follow the Independent<br />

on Facebook to see current weekend specials. The<br />

Independent serves lunch and dinner 5 days/week.<br />

Also check out their Sous Vide Prime Rib on Sunday<br />

nights! Take-out orders and reservations can be<br />

made through their website.<br />

The Independent Restaurant and Bar<br />

629 Main Street | Placerville | 530-344-7645<br />

independentplacerville.com |<br />

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Local Kitchens, the pioneering Micro Food Hall known for<br />

allowing guests to mix and match their orders from multiple<br />

restaurants at once, is coming to Roseville later this month!<br />

This opening marks a debut into the Sacramento Area for Local<br />

Kitchens, which currently operates five stores in the Bay Area, with<br />

additional locations in Davis and elsewhere to follow!<br />

Guests at Local Kitchens enjoy the unique opportunity to mix and<br />

match dishes from multiple restaurants, for pickup, delivery, or dinein,<br />

all in one order! Featuring convenient online and mobile ordering,<br />

fast and friendly service, and a variety of options for everyone, Local<br />

Kitchens is perfect for families, groups, or foodies looking to try<br />

something new.<br />

Enjoy picking up one bag full of a variety of options—from the crispy<br />

and spicy Chicken Sammich from local Sacramento restaurant<br />

brand, Nash & Proper, to the peppery sweetness of a Tocino Taco<br />

from San Francisco favorite, Señor Sisig. With additional brands<br />

including Garden of Eat’n, Curry Up Now, and The Melt, Local<br />

Kitchen’s initial offering brings a blend of Sacramento treasures and<br />

beloved brands from the Bay Area to Roseville for the first time.<br />

Join Local Kitchens later this month for a free family friendly<br />

opening celebration, complete with music, family activities, and<br />

an opportunity to try great menu options. Visit comingsoon.<br />

localkitchens.com to sign up for updates and get notified about<br />

opening festivities. You can also get 50% off your first online order<br />

when you use the code STYLE50 at checkout on LocalKitchens.com,<br />

or using the Local Kitchens App. Conditions Apply.*<br />

Local Kitchens<br />

10357 Fairway Drive, Suite 130 | Roseville<br />

916-570-6900 | localkitchens.com |<br />

*Max discount up to $10, not valid on in-store kiosks,<br />

can’t be combined with other discount codes.<br />

MARCH <strong>2022</strong> | stylemg.com 91



Loking for great Mexican cuisine in Folsom? There is a<br />

reason Mexquite has been named the region’s #1 Mexican<br />

restaurant for 15 years in a row – it’s the food!<br />

Offering a vast menu of traditional dishes, Mexquite’s light<br />

shines brightest with their Sinaloa regional specialties such as<br />

Huachinango, a dish featuring shrimp and red snapper saute’ed<br />

with mushrooms, jalapenos, onions and tomato sauce. Also not<br />

to be missed are the chicken mole’ enchiladas. A close friend<br />

happens to be a bit of a mole’ connoisseur and tells me that<br />

Mexquite really gets it right!<br />

Offering Happy Hour Monday through Friday, and a great<br />

weekend breakfast menu (try the Chilaquiles Poblanos!). The<br />

atmosphere is always lively and the beautiful outdoor patio is a<br />

great place to unwind after the long workday.<br />

Upon being seated you are greeted to a basket of chips and<br />

salsa. The only way to describe this salsa would to call it<br />

addicting – made fresh daily, Mexquite salsa, like all the dishes,<br />

make the perfect To-Go item for parties, football watching or<br />

anytime you feel like eating award winning Mexican fare.<br />

Last but certainly not least – The margaritas are made with<br />

agave, lime juice and tequila – all natural and arguably, the best<br />

in town!<br />

Come see for yourself why Mexquite is voted the best of the best,<br />

year after year!<br />

Mexquite Restaurant & Tequila Lounge<br />

25095 Blue Ravine Road | Folsom<br />

916-984-8607 | mexquite.com |<br />

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A new concept in dining:<br />

• Four Courses for $49<br />

• One seating per night<br />

• Reservation only<br />

• Menu changes monthly<br />

Coming to Folsom in <strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong>!<br />

Veteran-owned and operated by Paul Jansen,<br />

who also created and operates Citizen Vine in<br />

Lincoln, Fourk Kitchen is a restaurant concept<br />

created to change the way people experience a<br />

formal four-course dining service to make it casual<br />

and approachable. By utilizing more mainstream<br />

ingredients and keeping our menu simple, we can<br />

offer this experience at a more reasonable price for our<br />

guests.<br />

Fourk is reservations only. We are open four nights a<br />

week Wed.-Sat. with one 24-person seating a night.<br />

The cost is $49 per person and our menu consists<br />

of four set courses of food that change monthly on<br />

the first Wednesday of each month. Wine and beer<br />

pairings are also available at an additional charge. Our<br />

environment is warm, comfortable, and casual while<br />

maintaining a classy feel. There are no dining “rules” at<br />

Fourk except this:<br />

Be yourself, have a great time, and most importantly,<br />

enjoy the people you’re with.<br />

Fourk Kitchen<br />

OPENING IN MARCH: 1177 Riley St. | Folsom<br />

825 Twelve Bridges Dr. #65 | Lincoln<br />

916-409-2101 | fourkkitchen.com |<br />


With more than 20 years in as a full-service<br />

catering company ranging from box<br />

lunch drop-off to full-plated service, Diane<br />

Wilkinson Catering continues to serve a diverse<br />

clientele and offer each of our customers a unique<br />

experience.<br />

Diane has received training from elite food<br />

professionals Jacques Pépin and Paula Wolfert.<br />

Additionally, she has taken wine studies with Darrell<br />

Corti, Hall of Fame vintner, and David Berkley who<br />

started David Berkley’s Fine Foods. Since her formal<br />

training, Diane Wilkinson Catering has expanded and<br />

grown, and Diane has been an early proponent for<br />

green catering. As a self proclaimed “locavore,” she<br />

despises waste and loves local and organic foods.<br />

All menus at Diane Wilkinson Catering are custom fit to<br />

each client’s needs, taking into account preference and<br />

budget, utilizing only the highest quality ingredients,<br />

often local, organic and seasonal.<br />

If Diane is not in her kitchen working on a new<br />

recipe, she is out in her 1/4 acre, all-organic garden<br />

planting and picking for your event. She resides in<br />

her foothill home, while serving our clients’ catering<br />

needs throughout El Dorado County, Sacramento, San<br />

Francisco, Tahoe, and the greater Northern California.<br />

Diane Wilkinson Catering<br />

Placerville | 530-622-0799<br />

dianewilkinsoncatering.com |<br />

MARCH <strong>2022</strong> | stylemg.com 93

THE<br />

Hot<br />

LIST<br />

Celebrate<br />

St. Patrick’s Day!<br />



Whether you’re<br />

proudly Irish or are<br />

simply looking for<br />

some amazing bites<br />

and booze, these<br />

offerings are sure<br />

to get you into the<br />

Paddy’s Day spirit.<br />

Irish Mule<br />

Fans of the Moscow mule<br />

will enjoy this fun twist on<br />

a classic drink at Bar 101<br />

Eats & Drinks. Jameson<br />

Irish whiskey and lime meet<br />

Bundaberg ginger beer in<br />

this spirited cocktail. The<br />

ginger beer is a welcome<br />

hit of sweetness and a nice<br />

accompaniment to the spicy,<br />

nutty Jameson. Oh, and it’s<br />

served in a copper mug just as<br />

you’d hoped for. Cheers!<br />

101 Main Street, Roseville, 916-<br />

774-0505, bar101roseville.com<br />

Photo by Taylor Gillespie.<br />

94 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2022</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

STYLE <strong>Magazine</strong> Blackthorn<br />

This take on an Irish Blackthorn is for our readers to make<br />

in the comfort of their own homes! Grab a shaker with<br />

ice and add an ounce of Wheel House Absinthe Verte from<br />

Gold River Distillery along with two ounces of any<br />

Irish whiskey you like. Then, add two dashes of Angostura<br />

Bitters (available at any liquor store), a quarter-ounce of<br />

dry vermouth, and shake. Strain into a glass with ice or a<br />

champagne flute—depending on how fancy you’re feeling!<br />

Tasting notes of black licorice, earthy olives, and malty<br />

sweet oak with a smooth, warm finish await you.<br />

11460 Sunrise Gold Circle, Suite C, Rancho Cordova, 916-476-3868,<br />

goldriverdistillery.com<br />

Gold River Distillery and 36 Handels Pub photos by Taylor Gillespie. Other photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

Fish and Chips<br />

Although corned beef is a St. Patrick’s Day must-have, fish and<br />

chips also have a seat at the feasting table. The Independent<br />

Restaurant and Bar offers juicy, flaky pieces of cod which<br />

are breaded in a tempura batter that’s made better with hard<br />

cider. House-made slaw and a creamy garlic remoulade are served<br />

alongside the hot and crispy fish. You’ll also get your choice of<br />

“chips” i.e. potato fries or turnip fries to round out the dish.<br />

629 Main Street, Placerville, 530-344-7645, independentplacerville.com<br />

Irish Coffee<br />

Warm up instantly with<br />

this quintessential Irish<br />

drink at C. Knight’s<br />

Steakhouse that starts<br />

with a special Louis the XIV<br />

Goldminer Reuben<br />

Corned beef that’s smoked in-house with hickory chips is<br />

the real star of the show at 36 Handles Public House.<br />

The succulent meat is sliced thin and topped with your<br />

choice of Swiss or provolone cheese, sauerkraut, plus<br />

a creamy Russian dressing. It’s all piled high on grilled<br />

marble rye and comes with your choice of salad or housecut<br />

fries. If you work up a thirst, a blonde wheat or amber<br />

ale will create a perfect pairing with your sandwich.<br />

1010 White Rock Road, Suite 100, El Dorado Hills, 916-941-3606,<br />

36handles.com<br />

French Roast from nearby<br />

Tea Xotics. Smoky, rich,<br />

and surprisingly smooth<br />

as far as French roasts go,<br />

the coffee gets a healthy<br />

splash of Bushmills Irish<br />

whiskey—a more mellowtasting<br />

spirit that doesn’t<br />

overpower the coffee. This<br />

pick-me-up is then topped<br />

off with freshly whipped<br />

cream for extra flair.<br />

2085 Vine Street, Suite 101,<br />

El Dorado Hills, 916-235-1730,<br />

cknightssteakhouse.com<br />

MARCH <strong>2022</strong> | stylemg.com 95

THE<br />

Hot<br />

LIST<br />

Adult Beer Float<br />

When you can’t decide between a nice, frosty<br />

beer and a deliciously creamy dessert, have<br />

the best of both worlds with an adult beer<br />

float from Wally’s Pizza Bar. Belching<br />

Beaver Peanut Butter Milk Nitro Stout is<br />

poured over two scoops of vanilla bean ice<br />

cream. An extra delicious dose of sweetness is<br />

added to the top with caramel and chocolate<br />

drizzles, whipped cream, and cinnamon sugar<br />

buñuelos (thin fried dough fritters).<br />

4079 Cameron Park Drive, 530-677-5205,<br />

wallyspizzabar.com<br />

Irish Reuben Fries<br />

Fancy the taste of a Reuben but have a serious hankering<br />

for fries? The offering at The Boxing Donkey is the<br />

perfect marriage between the two. House-made corned beef<br />

is enhanced by Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Thousand<br />

Island dressing, and sits atop a generous bed of French<br />

fries. Tater tots can be used in place of fries or you can<br />

even make them “Irish nachos” by subbing in kettle chips.<br />

300 Lincoln Street, Roseville, 916-797-3665, theboxingdonkey.com<br />

Cottage Pie<br />

This comforting dish is similar to<br />

shepherd’s pie, but is made with beef<br />

instead of lamb. Familiar players such as<br />

thyme, rosemary, peas, carrots, onions,<br />

Worcestershire sauce, and tomato paste<br />

make up the base, but The Monk’s<br />

Cellar sets their recipe apart with a secret<br />

weapon: corned beef au jus that’s made<br />

in-house. The merry mixture gets topped<br />

with fluffy, whipped potatoes and hits<br />

the broiler so that everything is nice and<br />

golden brown before arriving at your table.<br />

240 Vernon Street, Roseville, 916-786-6665,<br />

monkscellar.com<br />

O’Malley’s Dark<br />

Irish Red Ale<br />

Ireland has a long history of<br />

producing rich, robust ales<br />

and this one by DarkHeart<br />

Brewing offers quite<br />

the homage. Described<br />

as “dark, beautiful, and a<br />

bit dangerous,” the ale is<br />

produced in honor of the<br />

legendary Irish “pirate queen”<br />

Grace O’Malley. This easy<br />

sipper has a bit of a dry<br />

finish with notes of biscuit<br />

and toasty toffee throughout.<br />

Channel O’Malley’s fierce and<br />

fearless nature with a round<br />

of this 5.5% ABV ale.<br />

4339 Auburn Boulevard, Suite<br />

B, Sacramento, 916-333-1192,<br />

darkheartbrewing.com<br />

The Monk's Cellar photo by Krista Waldschmidt. Other photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

St. Paddy’s<br />

Day<br />

Guinness<br />

specials<br />

You can order to-go food and delivery from our website or from Doordash.<br />

MaRcH 17tH<br />

liVe Music all DaY<br />

iRisH BuRGeRs & MORe…<br />

Voted the<br />

Best Burger<br />

& Fries Joint<br />

& a Best<br />

Outdoor<br />

Dining in Folsom &<br />

El Dorado Hills<br />

RELISH BURGER BAR 1000 WHITE ROCK ROAD, EL DORADO HILLS, CA 95762 | relishburgerbar.com | 916.933.3111




FRENCH<br />

At Visconti’s Ristorante, we’re honored<br />

to cook for you as we cook for our own<br />

family and we are proud to use only<br />

the freshest ingredients and imported<br />

meat, cheese, and wine. We welcome<br />

you and look forward to serving you!<br />

Visconti’s Ristorante<br />

2700 E. Bidwell St., Ste. 700<br />

Folsom<br />

916-983-5181<br />

viscontisristorante.com<br />

Voted Best Overall Restaurant 2020<br />

and 2021 in the Roseville, Rocklin,<br />

Granite Bay area.<br />

Combining the flavors of France<br />

and the Mediterranean regions, with<br />

California fresh, seasonal, and locally<br />

grown ingredients. The perfect<br />

location for private dining, special<br />

events, wedding celebrations, and<br />

corporate dinners/presentations.<br />

La Provence Restaurant<br />

& Terrace<br />

110 Diamond Creek Place<br />

Roseville<br />

916-789-2002<br />

laprovenceroseville.com<br />



Love Birds photo by Dante Fontana ©stylemediagroup. Other photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

The Independent presents an<br />

outstanding American fusion menu<br />

and a top-tier full bar. The scratch<br />

kitchen uses only the freshest, finest<br />

ingredients creating exceptional grill<br />

and seafood entrées. The bar prides<br />

itself on artisanal cocktails, freshsqueezed<br />

juices, and house-made<br />

mixers. Beautiful outdoor patio!<br />


At Smith Flat House Cellar & Grill, we<br />

are committed to providing locally<br />

sourced farm to fork cuisine in a<br />

unique and inviting atmosphere.<br />

We offer a fine dining experience<br />

both in our Historic Cellar featuring<br />

the original mahogany bar from the<br />

1800s, restored to its original beauty,<br />

and on our elegant patio.<br />


A Family of Candy Makers since 1963.<br />

With three generations of candy<br />

makers, Snooks continues the tradition<br />

of producing the finest freshly<br />

made confections in Historic Folsom.<br />

Thank you Folsom for your support.<br />

The Independent<br />

Restaurant and Bar<br />

629 Main Street, Placerville<br />

530-344-7645<br />

independentplacerville.com<br />

Smith Flat House<br />

Cellar and Grill<br />

2021 Smith Flat Road, Placerville<br />

530-621-1003<br />

smithflathouse.com<br />

Come Visit Us or Shop Online!<br />

Snooks Candies<br />

and Chocolate Factory<br />

731 Sutter Street, Historic Folsom<br />

916-985-0620<br />

snookscandies.com<br />

At Fondue 152, you’ll enjoy a four<br />

course dining experience in the Sierra<br />

Foothills featuring cheese fondues,<br />

crisp salads, a wide selection of meats<br />

from traditional to exotic, chocolate<br />

fondues, along with craft brews, hard<br />

ciders, and exceptional wines. Savor<br />

the Decadence. Taste the Uncommon.<br />

Sit back, Relax, and Indulge.<br />


Icing on the Cupcake offers a wide<br />

variety of cupcake flavors, including<br />

gluten-free and vegan options that are<br />

available every day at our three retail<br />

locations. We also offer other sweet<br />

treats, baked fresh daily including<br />

brownies, pies, and cookie sandwiches<br />

using the finest quality ingredients.<br />

THAI<br />

Voted #1 BEST THAI RESTAURANT in<br />

Folsom and El Dorado Hills for the past<br />

13 years and BEST TAKE-OUT. Serving<br />

healthy, delicious and authentic Thai<br />

food. Indoor & Outdoor Dining. Online<br />

Ordering for Take-Out & Delivery on<br />

our websites. Delivery by Doordash,<br />

GrubHub, UberEats, and Snaptown.<br />

Open daily for lunch and dinner. Daily<br />

Specials to make you happy.<br />

Fondue 152<br />

3275 Coach Lane, Suite B<br />

Cameron Park<br />

530-350-8078<br />

fondue152.com<br />

Icing on the Cupcake<br />

3 locations to serve you<br />

Rocklin. Folsom Palladio. Sacramento<br />

916-303-4333<br />

icingonthecupcake.com<br />

Thai Paradise<br />

Folsom 916-984-8988<br />

ThaiParadiseFolsom.com<br />

El Dorado Hills 916-939-0389<br />

ThaiParadiseEDH.com<br />


MARCH <strong>2022</strong> | stylemg.com 97

| eat & drink |<br />

Restaurant Guide<br />

Featuring restaurants and eateries in Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Granite Bay, Roseville, Rocklin, and beyond.<br />

= Outdoor Seating<br />

= Full Bar<br />

= Beer & Wine Only<br />

= Happy Hour<br />

M = Pick up a copy of <strong>Style</strong> here!<br />


Bamiyan<br />

1121 White Rock Rd., 916-941-8787. Afghan. Since 2003,<br />

Bamiyan has been serving delicious Afghan cuisine,<br />

including ashak, mantoo, and bolani. Vegan options.<br />

Closed Sunday. L/D $$<br />

C. Knight's Steakhouse<br />

2085 Vine St., Ste. 100, 916-235-1730. Steakhouse.<br />

American. Established in February 2018 and best<br />

known for their USDA prime steaks presented on<br />

sizzle plates, "ecstatic hour," tapas, special events, dryaged<br />

beef, and local fine wines, this El Dorado Hills<br />

hotspot is fine dining at its finest. For patrons hungry<br />

for something simpler but equally satisfying, they<br />

also serve elevated pub grub like burgers, hot dogs,<br />

flatbreads, and fish & chips. D $$$<br />

Folsom Palace<br />

3941 Park Dr., Ste 10, 916-936-0808. Asian Fusion.<br />

Food prepared the healthy way, using only natural and<br />

fresh ingredients with low sodium, less oil and no MSG.<br />

Daily Lunch Specials. L/D $$<br />

Relish Burger Bar<br />

1000 White Rock Rd., 916-933-3111. American. Stop by<br />

to enjoy delicious-tasting burgers, salads, loaded<br />

nachos, beer-battered onion rings, and more at one of<br />

El Dorado Hills’ finest burger joints. Spacious patio and<br />

weekly events. L/D $$<br />

Selland’s Market Café<br />

4370 Town Center Blvd., 916-932-5025. Café/<br />

Bakery. Seasonal, healthy, and house-made<br />

menu items including eclectic sandwiches and<br />

hearty entrées and sides, leafy green salads,<br />

pizzas, and delectable desserts. Sunday brunch.<br />

L/D $$<br />

Sienna Restaurant<br />

3909 Park Dr., 916-941-9694. American. This<br />

award-winning restaurant’s specialties include<br />

wood-fired pizzas, fresh fish, hand-cut steaks,<br />

and a large selection of appetizers. Friday lunch<br />

and Sunday brunch. D $$<br />

Sky Sushi<br />

3907 Park Dr., 916-941-6311. Japanese. Since 2005,<br />

Sky Sushi has been serving fresh and tasty rolls at<br />

reasonable prices. Located in La Borgata, it offers<br />

stylish environs and artistically presented plates.<br />

L/D $$<br />

Thai Paradise EDH<br />

4361 Town Center Blvd., 916-939-0389. Thai. Second<br />

location for Thai Paradise of Folsom voted Best Thai<br />

Restaurant every year since 2008. Serving authentic,<br />

delicious and healthy Thai food. Menu includes the<br />

best dishes from Folsom plus specials. L/D $$<br />

Umi Sushi<br />

1121 White Rock Rd., Ste. 105, 916-586-9444. Japanese. The<br />

super fresh fish and pretty presentation will please<br />

both your appetite and eyes. A non-sushi menu (like<br />

delicious bento boxes and udon) is offered as well.<br />

Closed Sunday. L/D $$<br />

Windplay Deli<br />

5003 Windplay Dr., Ste. 1, 916-933-9099. Deli. Located in<br />

EDH business park, Windplay Deli is a great lunch hour<br />

spot. Owner-operated, they strive to create sandwiches<br />

to your preference by accommodating all palates.<br />

Closed weekends. B/L $<br />

FOLSOM<br />

Bacchus House Wine Bar & Bistro<br />

1004 East Bidwell St., Ste. 100, 916-984-7500. New<br />

American. One of Folsom’s most praiseworthy<br />

eateries—thanks to extensive wine offerings and<br />

seasonal, globally influenced dishes that utilize fresh<br />

fare from local farms. Closed Monday. L/D $$<br />

Chicago Fire<br />

310 Palladio Pkwy., Ste. 701, 916-984-0140. Pizza.<br />

Offering a variety of menu items inspired by the<br />

Windy City, from meaty Italian beef sandwiches and a<br />

“Chicago Dog” to the deepest and cheesiest pizza in<br />

town. L/D $$<br />

Ciro’s Pizza Café<br />

1300 East Bidwell St., Ste. 120, Folsom, 916-983-5757. Pizza.<br />

Hand-tossed pizzas crafted using dough made<br />

in-house every day and fresh, local veggies and<br />

ingredients. Lunch buffet. L/D $$<br />

Citizen Vine Folsom<br />

609 Sutter St., 916-932-4234. Wine bar. Tapas.<br />

Cozy up with a glass (or bottle) of awardwinning<br />

wine alongside your nearest and<br />

dearest while enjoying tapas-style cuisine at<br />

this beloved wine bar. Popular plates include<br />

the charcuterie, smoked chipotle cheddar mac<br />

& cheese, caramelized onion & goat cheese<br />

flatbread, and ahi crisps. Just remember to<br />

save room for dessert; the mixed berry cobbler<br />

is particularly praiseworthy. Weekly specials<br />

include "Dinner at the Vine," "Taco Tuesday,"<br />

and "Wine Not Wednesday." Open for lunch on<br />

weekends. D $$<br />

Coffee Republic<br />

6610 Folsom-Auburn Rd., Folsom, 916-987-8001.<br />

Café/Bakery. Cozy brick-and-wood café offering a<br />

variety of sandwiches, salads, and sweet teas, in<br />

addition to extensive coffee beverages. Vegan options.<br />

B/L/D $$<br />

Corner Tavern & Grill<br />

700 Glenn Dr., Ste. 170, Folsom, 916-467-7800.<br />

American. Pizza. Sports Bar. Everyone knows your<br />

name at this gastro tavern that serves elegant, East<br />

Coast-inspired comfort food, including burgers, salads,<br />

sandwiches, soups, pastas, pizza, and more. Vegan<br />

options. Daily specials. Weekend brunch. L/D $$<br />

Chant’el Café<br />

1750 Prairie City Rd., Ste. 150, 916-790-8395. Café/Bakery.<br />

Everything at this European-style café—whose<br />

inviting, airy ambiance includes a wall of roses—is<br />

made fresh daily, including croissants (and croissant<br />

sandwiches), crêpes, cakes, high-quality coffee drinks,<br />

and more. In addition, a portion of all purchases goes<br />

to Save a Life International—a nonprofit that helps<br />

women in crisis. B/L $<br />

Curry Bowl<br />

1870 Prairie City Rd. Ste. 500, Folsom, 916-467-7675.<br />

Indian. Serving North and South Indian Cuisine along<br />

with a daily lunch buffet comprising multiple mains,<br />

sides, and desserts, Curry Bowl aims to please with it's<br />

authentic dishes that cater to vegetarians and nonvegetarians,<br />

alike. L/D $$<br />

Curry Club Indian Bistro<br />

196 Blue Ravine Rd., Ste. 130, 916-353-0855. Indian.<br />

Dive into authentic Indian cuisine at this local favorite.<br />

Avail of their lunch buffet where you can sample<br />

multiple dishes for a fraction of the price. Regulars<br />

go gaga for their vindaloo, palak paneer, and butter<br />

chicken. L/D $$<br />

Dos Coyotes<br />

13885 Folsom Blvd., Ste. 100, 916-351-9750.<br />

Mexican. Dos Coyotes offers an eclectic spin on<br />

Southwestern dishes at affordable prices and prides<br />

themselves on using fresh, local ingredients. Vegan<br />

options. L/D $<br />

Fat’s Asia Bistro<br />

2585 Iron Point Rd., 916-983-1133. Asian Fusion/<br />

Chinese/Seafood. Named the region’s favorite Asian<br />

restaurant for more than 10 years in a row, Fat’s<br />

specializes in handmade dim sum, banana cream<br />

pie (Frank Fat’s recipe), and other high-quality<br />

dishes. L/D $$<br />

FLB Entertainment Center<br />

511 East Bidwell St., 916-983-4411. American.<br />

Bowling, a casino, and sports bar are just part of the<br />

fun that awaits at FLB Entertainment Center. They also<br />

offer a full grill with veggie-packed salads and wraps,<br />

burgers, sandwiches, pizza, and breakfast items.<br />

Late-night dining. B/L/D $$<br />

Folsom Palace<br />

1169 Riley Street,916-983-8880. Asian Fusion. Food<br />

prepared the healthy way, using only natural and fresh<br />

ingredients with low sodium, less oil and no MSG.<br />

Daily Lunch Specials. L/D $$<br />

Folsom Tap House<br />

25005 Blue Ravine Rd., Ste. 140., 916-292-5711.<br />

American. Choices abound at Folsom Tap House!<br />

Their extensive menu allows guests to choose from<br />

draft and bottled beers, and their food menu has<br />

options that’ll pair perfectly with whatever pint you<br />

pick. L/D $$<br />

Gold Miner Café<br />

426 East Bidwell St., 916-984-4181. American/Café.<br />

Rustic, 49er-themed décor set the ambiance for the<br />

scratch-made meals served at this Folsom favorite. In<br />

addition to classics like flapjacks, biscuits smothered in<br />

sausage gravy, and omelets aplenty (15+), they also offer<br />

low-carb, gluten-free, and vegetarian meals, plus plenty<br />

of soups, salads, and sandwiches—ensuring something<br />

for all ages and appetites. B/L $$<br />

Hacienda Del Rio<br />

702 Sutter St., Ste. M, 916-351-1800. Mexican. Since<br />

1979, Hacienda has been dishing up authentic<br />

Mexican favorites like Fajitas Del Rio and Chimi<br />

Especial, alongside chips, spicy green salsa, and<br />

handcrafted margaritas. Weekend brunch and<br />

spacious patio. L/D $$<br />

Hasu Teriyaki & Sushi<br />

25075 Blue Ravine Rd., Ste. 120, 916-983-7777. Japanese.<br />

Enjoy the delicious food, friendly service, and cozy<br />

atmosphere at Hasu. The menu features a wide variety<br />

of traditional Japanese dishes guaranteed to please.<br />

Vegan options. Closed Tuesday. L/D $<br />

Hisui Sushi<br />

25004 Blue Ravine Rd., Ste. 107, 916-985-7778.<br />

Japanese. Combining traditional Japanese cuisine with<br />

a creative and contemporary flair, Hisui focuses on<br />

serving food made using fresh, healthy ingredients.<br />

Closed Monday. L/D $$<br />

Iron Horse Tavern<br />

460 Palladio Pkwy., 916-618-4322. New American.<br />

Grab a seat on the spacious patio with TVs at this<br />

hip gastropub that serves up eclectic American fare,<br />

including a Mac & Cheese Bar, Brandy Fried Chicken<br />

Nuggets, and weekend brunch with Stuffed French<br />

Toast, a Breakfast Board, and bottomless mimosas.<br />

Their craft cocktails, myriad mocktails, and over 25<br />

beers can't be missed either. L/D $$<br />

Julian's Pâtisserie and Café<br />

6610 Folsom-Auburn Rd., Ste. 7, 916-936-4735. Bakery/<br />

Café. Julian's Pâtisserie is full of European treats,<br />

creative crêpes (both sweet and savory), and more—all<br />

of which are made from scratch with nothing but the<br />

finest ingredients. Closed Tuesday. B/L $<br />

Karen’s Bakery and Café<br />

705 Gold Lake Dr., Ste. 340, 916-985-2665. Bakery/<br />

Café. Bakery items here are based on European<br />

traditions and feature seasonal ingredients with a<br />

creative approach. The picturesque patio is perfect for<br />

catching up with friends over coffee or lunch. Closed<br />

Sunday. B/L $$<br />

Land Ocean New American Grill<br />

2720 East Bidwell St., 916-983-7000. New American.<br />

Land Ocean offers distinctive menus that include<br />

hand-cut steaks, wood-fired rotisserie, fresh seafood,<br />

and delectable desserts. Weekend brunch. L/D $$<br />

La Rosa Blanca<br />

402 Natoma St., 916-673-9085. Mexican. You’re part of<br />

the family at La Rosa Blanca. From fajitas and tostadas<br />

to tortas, soups, and salads, you can expect<br />

great-tasting food, generous portions, and a festive<br />

environment. L/D $<br />

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar<br />

300 Palladio Pkwy., Folsom, 916-378-4660. American.<br />

Enjoy a sizeable, seasonal menu full of eclectic,<br />

gastropub-style offerings that include salads, bowls,<br />

burgers, pastas, desserts, and even an impressive kids’<br />

menu. Weekend brunch. L/D $$<br />

Lotus 8<br />

199 Blue Ravine Rd., Ste. 100. 916-351-9278. Chinese.<br />

This eatery serves authentic Chinese food with a<br />

modern twist, such as orange chicken that manages to<br />

be both saucy yet incredibly crispy at the same time.<br />

Lunch dishes come with soup and your choice of chow<br />

mein or fried rice. L/D $$<br />

Manderes<br />

1004 East Bidwell Street, Suite 600, Folsom, 916-<br />

986-9655, American. Serving favorites like burgers,<br />

ravioli, steaks, and more, this lively spot prides<br />

themselves on hearty American fare and good beer<br />

and wine. Closed Monday. L/D $$<br />

98 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2022</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags<br />

= Readers’ Choice Award Winners<br />


Mas Taco Bar<br />

450 Palladio Pkwy., 916-597-2929. Mexican.<br />

From creative tacos that run the gamut from pork belly<br />

and duck confit, to Korean fried chicken and fried<br />

oysters, Mas' menu also features appetizers, bowls, and<br />

desserts. When it comes to wetting your whistle, the<br />

cocktail menu—all handmade with fresh ingredients—<br />

has you covered! The bar also boasts over 50 types of<br />

tequila. B/L/D $$<br />

Mel's Diner<br />

13399 Folsom Blvd., 916-985-7337, American. Whether<br />

morning, noon, or night, step into yesteryear at this<br />

local diner that serves all-American family favorites like<br />

country fried steak, burgers, fried chicken, milkshakes,<br />

and more. B/L/D $$<br />

Mexquite<br />

25095 Blue Ravine Rd., 916-984-8607. Mexican.<br />

Mexquite provides mouthwatering Mexican cuisine,<br />

plus a lively interior and spacious, dog-friendly patio.<br />

Patrons particularly love their ceviche, margaritas, and<br />

carnitas. Weekend brunch. L/D $$<br />

Mikuni<br />

185 Placerville Rd., Ste. 100, Folsom, 916-934-5250.<br />

Japanese. In addition to sushi, traditional Japanese<br />

dishes, and modern twists on classics, Mikuni offers<br />

a gluten-free menu, party platters, and happy hour<br />

specials—all made using great attention to detail<br />

and fresh ingredients. L/D $$<br />

Mountain Mike's Pizza<br />

25075 Blue Ravine Rd Suite 150, Folsom, 916-817-1207.<br />

Pizza. A family-friendly favorite, Mountain Mikes<br />

promises the crispiest, curliest pepperoni and the<br />

freshest ingredients on their pizza. They also offer<br />

mouthwatering wings, an all-you-can-eat salad bar, and<br />

pizza buffet lunch. L/D $$<br />

Mylapore<br />

1760 Prairie City Rd., Ste. 160., 916-985-3500. Indian.<br />

With South Indian roots, Mylapore serves fresh, healthy,<br />

scratch-made food that’s entirely vegetarian. Their<br />

breakfast, daily specials, and dosa happy hour are not<br />

to be missed. B/L/D $$<br />

Pho Mimi<br />

25004 Blue Ravine Rd., Ste. 121, 916-542-7913.<br />

Vietnamese. Family-owned and hyper-fresh, Pho Mimi<br />

serves rice noodle soups (pho), bánh mi sandwiches,<br />

vermicelli bowls, crispy egg rolls, and other authentic,<br />

flavor-packed Vietnamese dishes, including a lengthy<br />

list of vegetarian entrées. Morning (try the Mimi's<br />

Signature Breakfast and Mango Smoothie), noon, or<br />

night, this local hotspot is quickly becoming a Folsom<br />

favorite. B/L/D $$<br />

Pizzeria Classico<br />

702 Sutter Street, Suite A, Folsom, 916-351-1430,<br />

Pizza. This Historic Folsom favorite has been serving<br />

up hand-tossed pizzas for over 35 years. Enjoy a<br />

gourmet or classic pizza with your choice of crust<br />

(thin crust to deep dish), as well as fresh salads, beer,<br />

and wine. L/D $$<br />

Rock-N-Fire<br />

1010 Riley St., Ste. 4, 916-673-9474. Pizza/American/<br />

Mexican. Ever heard of a burger bowl? Try it at this<br />

unique eatery that serves up flavor-packed fare—<br />

including custom-built (and signature) pizzas, burgers<br />

and said burger bowls, salads, nachos, tacos, and<br />

more—with speedy, friendly service at affordable prices.<br />

L/D $$<br />

Ruchi Indian Cuisine<br />

601 East Bidwell St., 916-983-2871. Indian. Ruchi’s<br />

accommodating menu has a variety of North and<br />

South Indian dishes, including a lengthy list of<br />

vegetarian entrées, as well as a lunch buffet and weekly<br />

specials. L/D $$<br />

Sacramento Pizza Company<br />

2700 East Bidwell St., Ste. 500, 916-673-9754. Pizza.<br />

Choose your crust, sauce, cheese, meats, and unlimited<br />

toppings at this pizza lover’s paradise. The locally<br />

sourced ingredients and scratch-made dough results in<br />

pie perfection. Vegan cheese and gluten-free crust<br />

available. L/D $<br />

Sanskrit New Age Indian<br />

2776 East Bidwell St., Ste. 300, 916-817-4356. Indian.<br />

This exciting dining destination serves authentic Indian<br />

dishes with a fusion flair (favorites include the Bombay<br />

Sliders, Manglore Fried Chicken, Tandoori Chicken, and<br />

Biriyani) in a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Closed<br />

Mondays. Catering available. Lunch buffet; offerings<br />

change daily. L/D $$<br />

Scott's Seafood Roundhouse<br />

824 Sutter Street, 916-989-6711. Seafood/American.<br />

Expect the freshest of seafood (flown in or delivered<br />

daily from around the world) served by well-trained,<br />

knowledgeable staff in a comfortable atmosphere at this<br />

Folsom area favorite. Full gluten-free menu. L/D $$$<br />

Shogun Hibachi Grill & Sushi<br />

1870 Prairie City Rd., Ste. 600, 916-985-9588. Japanese.<br />

This modern hibachi restaurant brings new meaning to<br />

“dinner and a show,” thanks to a personal chef who will<br />

deftly chop, slice, and fly your meal over and above the<br />

grill and onto your plate. L/D $$<br />

Suishin Sushi<br />

194 Blue Ravine Rd., 916-985-8885. Japanese. Suishin uses<br />

the freshest ingredients, including novelties like quail<br />

eggs, uni, and ponzu. The modern, hip atmosphere<br />

leaves you at ease as you consume your fish, one roll at<br />

a time. Closed Sunday. L/D $$<br />

Sunny Garden Restaurant<br />

25085 Blue Ravine Rd., Ste. 150, 916-983-8882.<br />

Chinese. Sunny Garden prides themselves on using<br />

fresh ingredients in a traditional way and offering large<br />

portions at affordable prices. L/D $<br />

Sutter Street Taqueria<br />

727 Sutter St., 916-293-8952. Mexican. Sutter<br />

Street Taqueria brings the unique flavors of San<br />

Francisco’s Mission District taquerias to Folsom with<br />

a side of friendly service. Whether ordering a burrito,<br />

taco, quesadilla, or nachos, you can expect fresh<br />

ingredients, mouthwatering meats, and affordable<br />

prices. B/L/D $<br />

Thai Paradise<br />

2770 East Bidwell St., 916-984-8988. Thai. Specials<br />

every day of the week. Voted the Best Thai Restaurant<br />

in Folsom and El Dorado Hills every year since 2008.<br />

Delicious and authentic dishes made using local, farmto-fork<br />

vegetables, meats bought daily, and healthy<br />

rice bran oil. L/D $$<br />

That Dam Place<br />

1013 Riley St., Ste. 100, 916-790-8182. American. Expect<br />

good eats, good drinks, and good fun at this eatery that<br />

serves playfully named plates for all palates, including<br />

street tacos, burgers, and sandwiches. The classic panseared<br />

crab cakes ("Crabby Patties") with cucumbercabbage<br />

slaw and house-made potato chips are<br />

particularly tasty, and best enjoyed on their spacious<br />

patio. L/D $$<br />

Visconti’s Ristorante<br />

2700 East Bidwell St., Ste. 700, 916-983-5181. Italian. For<br />

the past two decades, Visconti’s has given the<br />

community a taste of Italy with their authentic dishes,<br />

romantic setting, and traditional music. L/D $$<br />


Allez!<br />

4242 Fowler Ln., Ste. 101, Diamond Springs,<br />

530-621-1160. French. Savor French café classics like<br />

baguette sandwiches on fresh-baked bread, crêpes,<br />

stews, pastas, and a to-die-for seafood paella. Enjoy<br />

your order in their rustically elegant dining room or to<br />

go. B/L/D $$<br />

Bene Ristorante Italiano<br />

423 Main St., Placerville, 530-303-3415. Italian/Pizza.<br />

Enjoy a taste of Naples in Downtown Placerville as<br />

you savor Neapolitan-style pizza with all of your<br />

favorite toppings, fresh-made salads, or savory pasta<br />

dishes. L/D $$<br />

Bricks Eats & Drinks<br />

482 Main St., Placerville, 530-303-3480. New<br />

American. If you’re looking for a friendly,<br />

unpretentious dining destination with local brews and<br />

good eats, look no further than the aptly named<br />

Bricks. Lamb lovers will go gaga for the Bo Peep<br />

Burger, but their steaks, sandwiches, salads, and<br />

desserts are all winners too. L/D $$<br />

Cascada<br />

384 Main St., 530-344-7757. California-Mexican.<br />

Enjoy margaritas with fresh-squeezed lime juice and<br />

specialty tequila alongside generously portioned<br />

plates (favorites include the Chipotle Spinach &<br />

Artichoke Queso Dip, Enchiladas Supremas, Chile<br />

Verde, and Pasta Mexicana) at this Main Street<br />

mainstay. If tacos, tortilla soup, and fajitas aren't your<br />

favorite, they also offer burgers and other Americanstyle<br />

entrées. L/D $$<br />

Fondue 152<br />

3275 Coach Ln., Ste. B, 530-350-8078. Modern<br />

European. Fondue. Savor a two-hour, four-course<br />

dinner—featuring cheese and chocolate fondue,<br />

crisp salads, and a wide selection of meats—at this<br />

interactive Sierra Foothills dining destination. If<br />

fondue isn't your forte, enjoy an appetizer, soup, or<br />

salad—just don't forget to wash it down with a craft<br />

beer, hard cider, or wine! D $$$<br />

Heyday Café<br />

325 Main St., Placerville, 530-626-9700. New<br />

American. This intimate, bistro-style restaurant in a<br />

rustic chic space serves modern American cuisine<br />

(thin-crust pizzas, creative entrées, and artisan salads)<br />

and pours over 45 local, regional, and international<br />

wines. L/D $$<br />

Hog Wild Bar-B-Que<br />

38 Main St, Placerville, 530-622-3883. BBQ.<br />

High-quality, smoked meats cooked low and slow,<br />

scratch-made sides, satisfying salads, decadent<br />

desserts, and other finger-lickin'-good fare. Boasts a<br />

cozy atmosphere and pup-friendly patio. Catering<br />

available. Closed Mondays and Tuesdays. L/D $$<br />

Kobe Sushi & Fusion<br />

3300 Coach Ln., Cameron Park, 530-672-9210.<br />

Japanese/Asian Fusion/Sushi Bar. Japanese sushi bar<br />

offering an extensive variety of rolls, high-quality<br />

sashimi, and Asian fusion favorites at reasonable prices.<br />

L/D $$<br />

Main Street Melters<br />

589 Main Street, Placerville, 530-303-3871, American.<br />

Build-your-own sandwiches to “massive melter,”<br />

featuring premium Boar’s Head deli meats .They also<br />

have an outdoor patio and serve a few frozen brunch<br />

cocktails. B/L $<br />

Papa Gianni’s Ristorante<br />

3450 Palmer Dr., Cameron Park, 530-672-2333. Italian.<br />

For over two decades, this family-owned eatery has<br />

been serving traditional, scratch-made recipes from<br />

Southern Italy, including favorites like chicken<br />

Parmesan, gnocchi alla vodka, and out-of-this-world<br />

desserts. It’s the ideal destination to celebrate a special<br />

occasion or grab takeout. L/D $$<br />

Smith Flat House<br />

2021 Smith Flat Rd., 530-621-1003. Tuscan. New<br />

American. This historic hidden gem in the heart of El<br />

Dorado County features award-winning dishes created<br />

by Chef Scott Tomblin. Diners can enjoy the history of<br />

the gold miners' cellar with views of a 15-foot-deep well<br />

and 20-mile-long tunnel; or eat in the courtyard, where<br />

a large glasshouse keeps customers' warm in colder<br />

months (it turns into a gazebo when the sun is shining).<br />

Whether you come for a memorable meal or special<br />

event, Smith Flat House nourishes the community<br />

and those who visit the region. Lunch is served on<br />

weekends, in addition to Sunday brunch. L/D $$$<br />

Snooty Frog<br />

3300 Coach Ln., Ste. E3, Cameron Park, 530-677-<br />

9025. Steakhouse/Seafood. There’s nothing snooty<br />

about Snooty Frog. It’s cozy but romantic, the food<br />

offerings—from steaks and seafood to pastas and<br />

rotating specials—are scrumptious, and their martinis<br />

are buzzworthy. D $$$<br />

Thai Unique<br />

1160 Broadway, Placerville, 530-621-9559. Thai. Indulge<br />

your senses in fresh, flavorful dishes like khao soi, duck<br />

curry, and tod mun kao pod while experiencing Thai<br />

cuisine that is indeed unique. L/D $$<br />

The Breakroom<br />

4131 South Shingle Rd., Ste. 7, Shingle Springs,<br />

530-763-6761. American. This full-service restaurant<br />

offers delicious American food (juicy burgers, French<br />

dip, salads, mac & cheese, etc.) and entertainment for<br />

the whole family, from pool tables, dart boards, and an<br />

arcade, to cards and dice. L/D $$<br />

The Farm Table<br />

311 Main St., 530-295-8140. New American. At this not-sosecret<br />

Placerville gem, ingredients are sourced from<br />

local farms and businesses, meaning plates change<br />

based on what can be picked. Whether you're hungry<br />

for comfort food (Mini Grilled Cheese & Heirloom<br />

Tomato Soup), classics done right (311 Burger and<br />

Ravioli Bolognese), or more upscale offerings (Duck<br />

Confit and Certified Angus Beef New York Steak), you're<br />

sure to leave satisfied. L/D $$<br />

The Independent<br />

629 Main St., Placerville, 530-344-7645. New<br />

American. Step into an urban dining establishment in<br />

the heart of Placerville and savor American fusion<br />

favorites and creatively mixed cocktails using<br />

fresh-squeezed juices. L/D $$<br />

Tom’s Burger & Frosty<br />

567 Placerville Dr., Placerville, 530-295-8199.<br />

American. Enjoy freshly grilled burgers, piping hot fries,<br />

and thick milkshakes that you and the whole family will<br />

love at this no-frills dining destination. L/D $<br />

Wally’s Pizza Bar<br />

4079 Cameron Park Dr., Cameron Park, 530-677-5205.<br />

Pizza/American. This family-owned and operated<br />

eatery crafts gourmet pizzas, pastas aplenty, and<br />

high-quality breakfast dishes. Their happy hour is one<br />

of the best in town. Weekend brunch. L/D $$<br />


Back Forty Texas BBQ<br />

1201 Orlando Avenue, Roseville, 916-726-4040.<br />

American. Serving up authentic Texas and finger-licking<br />

fare including ribs, burgers, steaks and more, plus fresh<br />

made sides alongside old-fashioned southern<br />

hospitality. L/D $$<br />

Bar 101 Eats & Drinks<br />

101 Main St., Roseville, 916-774-0505, American.<br />

Sometimes you just want a comfortable neighborhood<br />

place to hang out and get some good food and drinks.<br />

If Historic Roseville is your destination, look no further<br />

than Bar 101. The menu features traditional bar fare,<br />

a bevy of burgers and sandwiches, street tacos, and<br />

more. L/D $$<br />

MARCH <strong>2022</strong> | stylemg.com 99

| eat & drink |<br />

Bennett’s Kitchen Bar Market<br />

1595 Eureka Road, Roseville, 916-750-5150.<br />

American. Choose between fine dining or casual<br />

dining by the bar or on the temperature-controlled<br />

patio. The menu offers comfort food and elevated<br />

fare, while a full-service bar aims to create a “Napa<br />

vibe" in Roseville. Gluten-free and vegetarian<br />

options. B/L/D $$<br />

Cantina Laredo<br />

1151 Galleria Boulevard, Suite 1175, Roseville, 916-771-<br />

2249, Mexican. Experience the flavors of modern<br />

Mexico with tapas, tacos, burritos, Mexican<br />

specialties and desserts, and a variety of cocktails<br />

and margaritas. L/D $$<br />

Chicago Fire<br />

500 North Sunrise Ave., 916-771-2020. Pizza.<br />

Offering a variety of menu items inspired by the<br />

Windy City, from meaty Italian beef sandwiches and<br />

a “Chicago Dog” to the deepest and cheesiest pizza<br />

in town. L/D $$<br />

Eureka!<br />

234 Gibson Dr., Ste. 100, Roseville, 916-864-9500.<br />

American. Serves 30 craft beers on tap, an extensive<br />

selection of small-batch whiskeys, and regional wines,<br />

along with craveable dishes like lollipop corn dogs,<br />

burgers, salads, and fried chicken sliders. Brunch<br />

Saturday & Sunday. L/D $$<br />

Fahrenheit 250 BBQ<br />

390 N Sunrise Ave., 916-865-4084. BBQ. American. With<br />

a made-from-scratch menu that includes everything<br />

from meats smoked low and slow to fried green<br />

tomatoes, a smokehouse charcuterie board, salads,<br />

sandwiches, burgers, and all the requisite BBQ sides,<br />

this exceptional eatery also serves up four unique BBQ<br />

sauces and fresh-squeezed lemonade. The light, bright,<br />

two-story dining area is perfect for both large parties<br />

and family-friendly meals. L/D $$<br />

Fat’s Asia Bistro<br />

1500 Eureka Rd., Roseville, 916-787-3287, Asian Fusion/<br />

Chinese/Seafood. Named the region’s favorite Asian<br />

restaurant for more than 10 years in a row, Fat’s specializes<br />

in handmade dim sum, banana cream pie (Frank Fat’s<br />

recipe), and other high-quality dishes. L/D $$<br />

Four Sisters Café<br />

9050 Fairway Dr., Ste. 165, Roseville, 916-797-0770.<br />

American/Café. Mango-stuffed French toast, eggs<br />

benedicts, thick-sliced bacon (cured and smoked<br />

in-house), homemade soups, specialty salads,<br />

and sandwiches are just a sampling of this cafe's<br />

mouthwatering menu. B/L $$<br />

Goose Port Public House<br />

316 Vernon St., Roseville, 916-886-5080. American.<br />

Sports Bar. This family-friendly eatery boasts<br />

fresh-made bites for everyone, from an array of apps<br />

and salads, to burgers and seasonal entrées. Vegan<br />

options. Big-screen TVs. Brunch Saturday & Sunday. L/D<br />

$$<br />

House of Oliver<br />

3992 Douglas Blvd., Ste. 140, Roseville, 916-773-9463.<br />

American. Wine and dine at this upscale bar that offers<br />

wine flights, cheese and charcuterie boards, and pairing<br />

plates. There's live music every Friday and Saturday night,<br />

various special events, and late-night dining. D $$<br />

Il Fornaio<br />

1179 Galleria Blvd., Ste. 118, Roseville, 916-788-1200. Italian.<br />

Using the freshest ingredients and traditional cooking<br />

techniques, Il Fornaio creates high-quality Italian food<br />

paired with great wines and cocktails in a beautiful<br />

setting. L/D $$<br />

My Thai Kitchen<br />

La Huaca<br />

9213 Sierra College Blvd., Ste. 140, Roseville, 916-771-2558.<br />

Peruvian. La Huaca makes Peruvian cuisine accessible<br />

for all palates with their colorful, flavor-packed, and<br />

elegantly presented plates that run the gamut from<br />

ceviches and lomo saltado to empanadas and pisco<br />

sours. L/D $$<br />

La Provence Restaurant & Terrace<br />

110 Diamond Creek Pl., Roseville, 916-789-2002. French/<br />

Mediterranean. Dining at La Provence is akin to being in a<br />

little French villa. Topped with their consistently delicious<br />

food and wine, cozy fireplace, and twinkle-lit patio, and<br />

you have the recipe for a memorable meal. Saturday<br />

brunch. Closed Sunday. L/D $$$<br />

Land Ocean New American Grill<br />

1151 Galleria Blvd., Ste. 241, 916-407-5640. New<br />

American. Land Ocean offers distinctive menus that<br />

include hand-cut steaks, wood-fired rotisserie, fresh<br />

seafood, and delectable desserts. Weekend brunch.<br />

L/D $$<br />

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar<br />

238 Gibson Dr., Roseville, 916-727-6321. American. Enjoy<br />

a sizeable, seasonal menu full of eclectic, gastropubstyle<br />

offerings that include salads, bowls, burgers,<br />

pastas, desserts, and even an impressive kids’ menu.<br />

Weekend brunch. L/D $$<br />

Mehfil Indian Restaurant<br />

1605 Douglas Blvd., Roseville, 916-791-1199. Indian.<br />

Casual eatery with a lunch buffet offering Indian food<br />

favorites and many vegetarian options. L/D $<br />

Mikuni<br />

1017 Galleria Blvd., Ste. 160, Roseville, 916-780-2119.<br />

Japanese. In addition to sushi, traditional Japanese<br />

dishes, and modern twists on classics, Mikuni offers a<br />

gluten-free menu, party platters, and happy hour<br />

specials—all made using great attention to detail and<br />

fresh ingredients. L/D $$<br />

My Thai Kitchen<br />

1465 Eureka Rd., Ste. 140, Roseville, 916-781-7811. Thai.<br />

Enjoy authentic, fresh-made fare in an open-concept<br />

kitchen at My Thai Kitchen while receiving prompt,<br />

professional, and friendly service. L/D $$<br />

Nixtaco<br />

1805 Cirby Way, 916-771-4165. Mexican.<br />

Don't let the unassuming facade of this casual taqueria<br />

fool you: Nixtaco's menu features chef-driven tacos<br />

and quesadillas with farmers' market-sourced produce,<br />

unconventional proteins, and freshly made tortillas<br />

(with corn ground in-house). With a kids' menu, vegan<br />

offerings, and Sunday brunch, it's a perfect pick for the<br />

whole family. L/D $<br />

Paul Martin’s American Grill<br />

1455 Eureka Rd., Roseville, 916-783-3600. New<br />

American. Classic American fare in a sophisticated,<br />

convivial setting; an energetic bar with communal<br />

tables and plush seating, intimate booths and tables,<br />

and an expansive outdoor patio. L/D $$<br />

Platinum Wine Lounge<br />

9050 Fairway Dr., Ste. 105, 916-780-9463. Wine Bar. New<br />

American. For fans of carefully curated wine lists<br />

featuring California-grown grapes and local craft beers,<br />

look no further than Platinum Wine Lounge. Their<br />

menu features build-your-own charcuterie boards, plus<br />

paninis, flatbreads, and other shareables. Be sure to<br />

save room for their brown butter cake alongside a glass<br />

of Port. Closed Monday. D $$<br />

Range Kitchen & Tap<br />

1420 E, Roseville Pkwy., Ste. 160, Roseville, 916-865-4317.<br />

New American. Range Kitchen & Tap’s menu is designed<br />

for sharing and socializing, with a focus on serving<br />

locally sourced and seasonal comfort food like bison<br />

meatball sliders, fried chicken, and pizza. Closed<br />

Sunday. L/D $$<br />

Rosati’s<br />

5140 Foothills Blvd., Ste. 110, Roseville, 916-797-7492,<br />

Pizza/ Italian. Rosati’s still provides the same signature<br />

pizzas, Italian beef sandwiches, pastas, and salads that<br />

they first became famous for in Chicago circa 1964. The<br />

family-friendly, sports pub atmosphere only adds to<br />

the charm. Closed Monday. L/D $$<br />

Ruth’s Chris Steak House<br />

1185 Galleria Blvd., Ste. P-120, Roseville, 916-780-6910.<br />

Steak/Seafood. Sizzling plates and an award-winning<br />

wine list are a perfect pairing for any occasion.<br />

Experience Ruth’s Chris elegant setting for a romantic<br />

dinner, business meeting, or private party. D $$$<br />

Sienna Restaurant<br />

1480 Eureka Rd., 916-771-4700. American. This<br />

award-winning restaurant’s specialties include<br />

wood-fired pizzas, fresh fish, hand-cut steaks, and a large<br />

selection of appetizers. Weekend brunch. $$ L/D<br />

Tang’s Sushi<br />

1426 Blue Oaks Blvd., Ste. 100, Roseville, 916-781-0807.<br />

Japanese. With so many inventive eats and modern<br />

environs to boot, Tang’s has mastered the art of Japanese<br />

fare with flair. The chef is happy to customize orders and<br />

create off-menu items. Closed Sunday. L/D $$<br />

100 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2022</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags<br />

Thai Basil<br />

1613 Douglas Blvd., Roseville, 916-782-8424. Thai. This<br />

cheerful, long-established eatery serves up an array of<br />

Thai favorites in a light-filled, compact space. L/D $$<br />

The Monk’s Cellar<br />

240 Vernon St., Roseville, 916-786-6665. American.<br />

The Monk’s Cellar has brought a little bit of Belgium to<br />

Downtown Roseville, with their community-focused<br />

brewery and restaurant that serves fine artisanal beer<br />

and creative dishes. L/D $$<br />

The Place<br />

221 Vernon St., Roseville. 916-742-5447. Italian. Cozy<br />

Italian restaurant and bar that specializes in artisanal,<br />

wood-fired pizzas, paninis, pastas, and more. Closed<br />

Monday. L/D $$<br />

Zócalo<br />

1182 Roseville Pkwy., Ste. 110, Roseville, 916-788-0303.<br />

Mexican. Elegant restaurant and bar with modern<br />

Mexican dishes, fresh-made margaritas, and Sunday<br />

brunch. Avail of their monthly chef’s dinner or private<br />

party room. L/D $$<br />


Dominick’s Italian Market & Deli<br />

8621 Auburn Folsom Rd., Granite Bay, 916-786-3355.<br />

Italian. Namesake Dominick’s dream was to have a<br />

unique place that would provide customers with<br />

the finest and freshest ingredients, large portions,<br />

fair prices, and the Italian tradition of first-name<br />

friendliness. A decade later and his dream is alive and<br />

well in Granite Bay. L/D $$<br />

Farmhaus<br />

8230 Auburn Folsom Rd., Granite Bay, 916-772-3276.<br />

New American. This fresh, seasonal eatery tucked off<br />

Auburn Folsom Road is a feast for the senses. The<br />

house-like building pumps out plates that morph with<br />

the months. On balmy days, their picturesque patio is a<br />

must. Closed Monday. L/D $$<br />

Hawks<br />

5530 Douglas Blvd., Granite Bay, 916-791-6200.<br />

New American. Refined, high-end American cuisine,<br />

including tasting menus, in a stylish, modern dining<br />

room and bar. Brunch on the second Sunday each<br />

month; lunch weekdays; Closed Monday. L/D $$$<br />

New Glory Brewery & Taproom<br />

5540 Douglas Blvd., Ste. 140 & 150, Granite Bay, 916-872-<br />

1721. American. Delicious food (sandwiches, pizzas,<br />

salads, shareables, and burgers), beautiful brews, and<br />

a spacious patio await at New Glory’s latest venture in<br />

Granite Bay. L/D $$<br />

Vaiano Trattoria<br />

7160 Douglas Blvd., Granite Bay, 916-780-0888.<br />

Italian. Offering traditional Tuscan cuisine and other<br />

Italian favorites, Vaiano Trattoria prides themselves on<br />

preparing simple dishes that are made to order with<br />

the freshest of ingredients. Lunch served weekdays.<br />

L/D $$<br />


Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que<br />

6628 Lonetree Blvd., Rocklin, 916-780-7427. American.<br />

Serving slow-cooked meats and other Southern-style<br />

eats that the whole family will love, Lucille’s is a Rocklin<br />

favorite for a reason. L/D $$<br />

Mezcalito Oaxacan Cuisine<br />

5065 Pacific St., 916-701-4772. Oaxacan. Savor authentic<br />

flavors from Oaxaca at this eatery known for their<br />

complex mole, tlayudas, and other flavor-filled plates,<br />

including plenty of vegetarian and seafood options.<br />

Don't forget to save room for dessert: The churros and<br />

mezcal ice cream are a fan favorite. Breakfast served till<br />

noon. B/L/D $$<br />

Pottery World Café<br />

4419 Granite Dr., Rocklin, 916-624-8080. American/Café.<br />

With brioche French toast and buttery Belgian waffles,<br />

in addition to an extensive lunch menu, and a high tea<br />

the second Thursday of every month, this café is the<br />

prime place to take out-of-towners. Their patio is one<br />

of the region’s best, too. B/L $$<br />

The Chef’s Table<br />

6843 Lonetree Blvd., Ste. 103, Rocklin, 916-771-5656.<br />

New American. The namesake chefs here pride<br />

themselves on using local ingredients that are carefully<br />

handled, lovingly prepared, and joyfully served to<br />

you for your culinary enjoyment. Closed Sunday and<br />

Monday. L/D $$<br />

Venita Rhea’s<br />

4415 Granite Dr., Rocklin, 916-624-2697. American.<br />

If you’re looking for a delicious breakfast to start<br />

off your day, Venita Rhea’s is the place to be. From<br />

benedicts, scrambles, and sandwiches to soups, salads,<br />

and bottomless mimosas, you’ll find all your favorites.<br />

B/L $$<br />




My Thai Kitchen photo by Taylor Gillespie.





italian cuisine<br />

A restaurant dedicated to bringing the<br />

flavors of Tuscany to our dining room.<br />

Named after the Italian hometown of<br />

2 of our founding partners, we offer<br />

traditional cuisine of the Tuscany region,<br />

as well as other recipes popular all over<br />

Italy – simple dishes made to order with<br />

the freshest of ingredients, and always<br />

created and served with pride.<br />

Vaiano Trattoria<br />

7160 Douglas Blvd.<br />

Granite Bay<br />

916-780-0888<br />

vaianotrattoria.com<br />

C. Knight’s brings a classic approach<br />

to the American tradition of the “old<br />

school steakhouse” offering Prime beef,<br />

craft cocktails, and local wines. We’re<br />

honored to be consistently voted one of<br />

the best steakhouses in the region. Now<br />

serving all the favorites from Ruffhaus<br />

Hot Dog Co. daily for lunch.<br />

Open for lunch and dinner, and all day<br />

Ecstatic Hour on Mondays!<br />

C. Knight’s Steakhouse<br />

2085 Vine Street, Suite 101<br />

El Dorado Hills<br />

916-235-1730<br />

cknightssteakhouse.com<br />


PIZZA<br />

Celebrating our 16th year in business,<br />

Heyday Café has been voted Best<br />

Overall Restaurant, Best Salad Place,<br />

Best Casual Restaurant, and Best<br />

Wine Bar! Heyday Café presents fresh<br />

California cuisine with international<br />

influences. Lunch and dinner served<br />

Tue-Sat. Pouring over 40 wines!<br />

Reservations are encouraged.<br />

Heyday Café<br />

325 Main Street<br />

Placerville<br />

530-626-9700<br />

heydaycafe.com<br />

We’re open every night for dine-in,<br />

carryout and delivery until 11. Along<br />

with our full menu, we also have<br />

beer, wine, and specialty cocktails.<br />

We appreciate your support!<br />

Order now at wallyspizzabar.com<br />

Wally's Pizza Bar<br />

4079 Cameron Park Drive<br />

Cameron Park<br />

530-677-5205<br />

wallyspizzabar.com<br />



FLB Sports Bar is a whole lot of flavor<br />

and fun, proudly serving the Folsom<br />

community. We have 20 beers on tap,<br />

handcrafted specialty cocktails, and an<br />

excellent wine selection. Our menu has<br />

something for everyone from delicious<br />

wings and burgers to wraps and salads.<br />

Stop in today and see why we’ve been<br />

voted the best sports bar in the area!<br />

FLB Sports Bar & Casino<br />

511 E. Bidwell St. , Folsom<br />

916-983-4411<br />

flb365.com<br />

We strive to bring our guests<br />

maximum freshness by sourcing<br />

ingredients locally. We refuse to<br />

compromise on quality in our<br />

restaurant. That's why we source our<br />

fresh ingredients from local farmers<br />

and businesses. No matter what time<br />

of year, you can be sure you're eating<br />

the best of the season.<br />

The Farm Table<br />

311 Main Street | Placerville<br />

530-295-8140<br />

ourfarmtable.com<br />

/TheFarmTablePlacerville<br />



Wise Villa Winery is the only winery<br />

in Placer County to feature a full<br />

dining experience in our Tuscanstyle<br />

bistro. We use only the highest<br />

quality, locally sourced ingredients<br />

that are hand crafted to perfectly<br />

pair with our award-winning wines.<br />

Wise Villa Winery<br />

4200 Wise Rd.<br />

Lincoln<br />

916-543-0323<br />

wisevillawinery.com<br />

Best Italian Restaurant in El Dorado<br />

County- voted #1 for eleven straight<br />

years! Our old world family recipes<br />

are sure to delight. We invite you to<br />

enjoy an Italian family style feast or a<br />

romantic night out at Papa Gianni’s...<br />

your destination for an authentic<br />

Italian meal. Buon Appetito!<br />

Papa Gianni's Ristorante<br />

3450 Palmer Dr., Suite 1<br />

Cameron Park<br />

530-672-2333<br />

papagiannis.net<br />


MARCH <strong>2022</strong> | stylemg.com 101


GUIDE<br />



102 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2022</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags | stylesavingsguide.com | /stylesavingsguide / stylesavingsguide<br />

Shop Posh Puppy Boutique at the Rocklin location!<br />

6671 Blue Oaks Blvd., #1<br />

Rocklin CA 95765<br />

(916) 899-6770<br />

8331 Sierra College Blvd., #216A<br />

Granite Bay, CA 95661<br />

(916) 295-1944<br />

$10 OFF COUPON*<br />

*Exp 04/30/22. Must present coupon at check in. Grooming over $45.<br />

Cannot be used with any other promotion.<br />






GUIDE<br />




916-416-0999 ParmisProperties.com<br />

916-258-KICK (5425) TrainAtTheStudio.com<br />

parmis@me.com | BRE #: 01262320<br />

B U S H N E L L G A R D E N S N U R S E R Y<br />

20% off Coupon<br />



PROMOTIONS. COUPON EXPIRES 4/30/<strong>2022</strong>.<br />

5255 DOUGLAS BLVD GRANITE BAY 916-791-4199<br />

8200 Sierra College Blvd., Ste. D, Roseville<br />

www.thedoggiebag.com<br />

Holistic Dog Food<br />

Natural Supplements<br />

Comfortable<br />

Harnesses<br />

Bakery Delights<br />

Carseats for Dogs<br />

Birthday Cakes<br />

Open 7 Days a Week<br />

We Carry CBD Products!<br />

Roseville<br />

1070 Pleasant Grove Blvd.<br />

916-789-9663<br />

Store Hours:<br />

Mon-Sat 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m.; Sun 11 a.m.-4 p.m.<br />

We Have Great Low<br />

Prices On Food<br />

$<br />

5 OFF<br />

Purchase of $25 or more<br />

With this coupon. One coupon per<br />

customer per month. Not valid with other<br />

offers. Excludes Orijen and Acana<br />

pet food. Expires 4-30-22.<br />

#1 Best<br />

Pet Store<br />

103 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2022</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags | stylesavingsguide.com | /stylesavingsguide / stylesavingsguide

stylemg.com<br />

stylemg.com<br />

MyRosatisRoseville.com<br />


GUIDE<br />

MyRosatisRoseville.com<br />



SUPER SAVERS ....................................................................................................................................................................................<br />

104 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2022</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags | stylesavingsguide.com | /stylesavingsguide / stylesavingsguide<br />

Real therapy<br />

for real life.<br />

www.MassageHeights.com<br />

25 Licensed Therapists<br />

Friendly, Knowledgeable Staff<br />

Folsom in the Palladio<br />

across from Kirkland’s<br />

230 Palladio Parkway suite 1229<br />

Your Neighborhood<br />

Sports SPORTS and Pizza BAR<br />

Pub<br />

MyRosatisRoseville.com<br />

MyRosatisRoseville.com<br />

MyRosatisRoseville.com<br />

MyRosatisRoseville.com<br />

916.797.7492<br />

5140 Foothills Blvd, Roseville CA 95747<br />


6 Years<br />

Visit us on our website for business hours.<br />

won<br />

Order Online at MyRosatisRoseville.com<br />

Your Neighborhood<br />

Your Neighborhood<br />


MyRosatisRoseville.com<br />

MyRosatisRoseville.com<br />


916.797.7492<br />

5140 5140 Foothills Blvd, Roseville CA CA 95747 95747<br />


Visit Visit us us on on our website for business hours.<br />

Order Order Online at at MyRosatisRoseville.com<br />

Relaxing or<br />

Therapeutic Massage<br />

with Hemp and Cupping<br />

add-ons now available.<br />

Custom Facials<br />

with Microdermabrasion<br />

and Power Peel.<br />

Gift cards are available.<br />

Open 7 days - Extended Hours<br />

Relaxing Spa Atmosphere<br />

Roseville in the Nugget Plaza<br />

next to Nugget Market<br />

761 Pleasant Grove Blvd<br />

916.932.0399 916.772.9555<br />

Reshape<br />

Your<br />

Life<br />

Medical Weight<br />

Loss Low-T<br />

Therapy for Men<br />

Safe & effective<br />

FDA approved<br />

appetite<br />

suppressants<br />

Testosterone<br />

Injections for Men<br />

Voted a Best<br />

Weight Loss<br />

Center!<br />

’19<br />

$20<br />


START FEE OF $65<br />

Must bring in this ad. Expires 4/30/22.<br />



916.988.9111 jbmedwell.com<br />

6611 Folsom-Auburn Rd. #F • Folsom<br />

Passion.<br />

Culture.<br />

Food.<br />

Your Neighborhood<br />

’20<br />

Electronic Body<br />

Fat Analysis<br />

B-12 & Lipoplex<br />

Injections<br />

Cholesterol Testing<br />

Botox<br />

Juvederm<br />

Voted Best<br />

Thai Restaurant<br />

in Roseville<br />

(916) 781-7811<br />

My Thai Kitchen - Stone Point Shopping Center<br />

1465 Eureka Rd., ST 140, Roseville<br />

Hours: Mon-Sun 11am - 9pm<br />





GUIDE<br />

...................................................................................................SUPPORT LOCAL. SHOP LOCAL. BUY LOCAL.<br />

Fun for<br />

Everyone!<br />

Walk in....<br />

Dance out!<br />

Hobby Shop and Slot Car Raceway!<br />

Slot car tracks now open!<br />

FREE<br />

DANCE<br />

LESSON<br />

Open 7 Days a Week<br />

Mon-Sat 10am-7pm Sun 10am-5pm<br />

4420 Granite Drive / #400 / Rocklin / FastTrackHobbies.com<br />

Across the street from Pottery World!<br />

Arthur Murray Dance Center<br />

4770 Rocklin Rd., Rocklin, CA 95677<br />

(916) 655-7733 www.arthurmurrayrocklin.com<br />

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| last look |<br />

Where We Live<br />

LILY<br />


1<br />

Lilies have the longest in-vase<br />

lifespan of any cut bloom. Discard<br />

the pollen from their centers for<br />

an even longer lifespan.<br />

2<br />

There are over 100 different<br />

species of lilies, coming in all<br />

different shapes, sizes, and colors.<br />

3<br />

When planted, they can develop<br />

from a bulb or a seed and best<br />

grow in groups of three to five.<br />

4<br />

Lilies have been historically grown,<br />

not just for their beauty, but for<br />

medicinal purposes and food.<br />

They are non-toxic to humans but<br />

incredibly toxic to pets.<br />

5<br />

These well-loved flowers are found<br />

around the globe, from Canada to<br />

Japan, and are one of the most<br />

prevalent flowers in Europe.<br />

“The beautiful spring came, and when nature<br />

resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt<br />

to revive also.”—Harriet Ann Jacobs<br />

Photo taken in Georgetown by Carol Ann Dekle, @carol_deklefoss<br />

106 stylemg.com | MARCH <strong>2022</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags<br />

What’s Coming<br />

Next Month?<br />

Our Great Outdoors<br />

Top 5 Teens<br />

Easter Brunch Recipes<br />

Spring Performance<br />

Roundup<br />

Subject to change<br />

We Want to<br />

See Your Snaps!<br />

Send your favorite seasonal<br />

photo of the region (must<br />

be vertical!)—a local park,<br />

hiking or biking trail, body<br />

of water, etc.—to info@<br />

stylemg.com. Our favorite<br />

pics will appear in an<br />

upcoming issue.

’20<br />

stylemg.com<br />

Folsom’s Treasure Is Found<br />

HOURS<br />

Lunch 11:00-2:00pm<br />

Dinner 4:30-8:30pm<br />

Closed Sunday & Monday<br />

www.hisuisushi.com<br />

25004 Blue Ravine Rd. #107,<br />

Folsom, CA 95630<br />

916-985-7778<br />

Thank You Once Again<br />

For Voting Us<br />

#1 Best Sushi<br />

#1 Best Japanese Restaurant<br />

Folsom / El Dorado Hills<br />

All You Can Eat Sushi Lunch Special

A Beautiful Neck<br />

is Everything<br />

Experience. Expertise.<br />

World Class.<br />

Age: 61<br />

Procedure: A-Lift<br />

With the A-lift you will look refreshed, feel<br />

rejuvenated and recapture the beauty of selfconfidence.<br />

Additional facial enhancements you<br />

can choose include procedures to the forehead,<br />

eyelids, lips and skin.<br />

No general anesthesia. All procedures are<br />

performed comfortably under local anesthesia.<br />

Call the Award Winning Almonte Center<br />

today to schedule your in-depth, personalized<br />

consultation at (916) 771-2062.<br />

’19<br />

’20<br />

Arnold Almonte, D.O., F.A.C.O.S.<br />

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon<br />

stylemg.com<br />

stylemg.com<br />

DrAlmonte.com • 1420 Blue Oaks Blvd., Suite 100 Roseville, CA 95747

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