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#06<br />

Rodolphe<br />

Lameyse<br />

<strong>Vinexpo</strong>sium, CEO<br />

NEWS<br />

#02<br />

Expanding<br />

exports across<br />


I NEWS I<br />

Expanding exports<br />

across Europe<br />

At <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> 2022, the Portuguese<br />

winery Coelheiros was in search of importers to take on<br />

the wines made at its attractive estate.<br />

A new expression of<br />

Bordeaux from the bottom<br />

of the Atlantic Ocean<br />

Château Roquefort was shining the spotlight on its<br />

new cuvée Les Roches Blanches - Cabernet Franc, at<br />

<strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> 2022, with a new rosé to<br />

complete its range.<br />

<strong>Wine</strong>maker Frédéric Bellanger<br />

said: "Our estate is unique in<br />

Entre-deux-Mers, a region that’s<br />

been inhabited for over 5000<br />

years. We have our hearts set on<br />

expressing our roots – both lovely<br />

and robust – as well as spreading<br />

our wings to bring to life a new<br />

expression of Bordeaux and to<br />

highlight our superb terroirs in<br />

harmony with humanity, nature,<br />

the earth and the vineyards."<br />

<strong>The</strong>ir new cuvée, made from<br />

Cabernet Franc grapes on<br />

the south facing vineyards of<br />

Castelviel, is geared towards<br />

Hotel, Restaurant & Catering<br />

(HRC) and offers a new expression<br />

of Bordeaux wines. Its label is<br />

decorated with a starfish, an<br />

allusion to a perfectly preserved<br />

fossil which was discovered in the<br />

grounds of the 18 th century estate,<br />

because 30 million years ago the<br />

entire region was at the bottom<br />

of the Atlantic Ocean. Like all of<br />

Château Roquefort wines, the<br />

new rosé is already certified HVE<br />

3 (High Environmental Value –<br />

Level 3) and the estate started<br />

the transition to organic farming<br />

two years ago. Its refreshing and<br />

mineral taste comes from the<br />

areas rich limestone soil and rich<br />

geological heritage.<br />

Frédéric took over the reins of<br />

Château Roquefort in 1995 and<br />

with the help of his wife Anne has<br />

grown the vineyard which now<br />

covers 240 hectares in terms of<br />

both quality and quantity<br />

Hailing from an area that can trace<br />

its winemaking back centuries, the<br />

Portuguese winery Herdade de<br />

Coelheiros has a rich heritage -<br />

but at <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong><br />

2022, the focus was very much on<br />

the present.<br />

With a selection of red and white<br />

wines from its two key brands<br />

- Coelheiros and Tapada de<br />

Coelheiros - on display, Mariana<br />

Tavares, the commercial director,<br />

said she was looking to expand<br />

exports to other parts Europe.<br />

"We're trying to get some new<br />

clients from countries that we don't<br />

sell in yet," she said.<br />

Currently, about 50% of the annual<br />

production of 120,000 bottles is<br />

sold within Portugal, with other key<br />

export markets including China, the<br />

US, Brazil and France. Around 70%<br />

of the production is red wine and<br />

the rest is white.<br />

Production takes place at the<br />

company's 800-hectare estate,<br />

around 50 hectares of which is for<br />

wine production. <strong>The</strong> vines are in<br />

seven plots at an average altitude<br />

of 300 metres and are being<br />

converted to organic production.<br />

<strong>The</strong> rest of the estate is involved<br />

in a variety of other agricultural<br />

production, including walnuts,<br />

and includes a very large area<br />

of cork forest, where sheep and<br />

deer graze freely, reflecting the<br />

importance given to biodiversity<br />

and sustainability.<br />

Coelheiros dates back to 1991,<br />

a decade after the vines were<br />

planted, but there is evidence that<br />

wine production has taken place in<br />

the region for centuries.<br />

"It's a mosaic of different cultures<br />

all embedded, and we have wine<br />

tourism. People can come and<br />

taste the wines and visit the estate<br />

and see where they come from,"<br />

said Mariana<br />

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2 • THE DAILY • WEDNESDAY 23 RD FEBRUARY 2022 vinexposium-connect.com

I NEWS I<br />

Quality wines from<br />

Israel on show<br />

Turning around underperforming<br />

vineyards<br />

Palacios Vinos de Finca has improved<br />

yields and quality by selecting more<br />

appropriate grape varieties<br />

Golan Heights <strong>Wine</strong>ry, an<br />

award-winning Israeli producer,<br />

showcased its four brands at <strong>Wine</strong><br />

<strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> 2022 as it<br />

looked to consolidate its annual<br />

€2m sales in Europe.<br />

<strong>The</strong> company, said Sydney Knafou,<br />

manager at Casimex Fine Foods,<br />

Golan Heights <strong>Wine</strong>ry's French<br />

importer and distributor, focuses<br />

on increasing the quality of its<br />

wines rather than upping annual<br />

production, which is about 5.3m<br />

bottles.<br />

Much of the production remains<br />

in Israel thanks to heavy demand,<br />

but select high-end outlets, such<br />

as Michelin-starred restaurants,<br />

sell the company's wines.<br />

"<strong>The</strong>ir policy is more to reduce the<br />

quantity of cheap wines and keep<br />

the best wines," said Mr Knafou<br />

Palacios Vinos de Finca, a Spanish producer,<br />

showcased wines from all three of its brands -<br />

Nivarius, Trus and Proelio - at <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong><br />

<strong>Paris</strong> 2022.<br />

Founded in 1999 by Javier<br />

Palacios, whose background was<br />

in the meat industry, the company<br />

has often bought up what are<br />

sometimes under-performing<br />

vineyards and carried out a<br />

detailed analysis of the soil and<br />

other conditions to decide on<br />

improvements.<br />

Often this has meant selecting a<br />

grape variety different to the one<br />

the previous owner was growing,<br />

which has helped the company<br />

achieve better yields and quality.<br />

Between the three brands,<br />

production is about 1m bottles a<br />

year, much of it from grapes grown<br />

in La Rioja. Many vineyards are at<br />

high altitude, which means they<br />

are ideally located to cope with<br />

the effects of climate change.<br />

Around 40% of the production is<br />

exported to markets including the<br />

United States, Russia, the United<br />

Kingdom, Switzerland, Brazil and<br />

Japan.<br />

"We work in about 40 countries<br />

right now," said Borja Larroca,<br />

the company's export director.<br />

"Japan is taking a lot of white<br />

wines. <strong>The</strong>y're interested in wine,<br />

they love it and they take it by<br />

containers."<br />

With production stable, the<br />

company is focused on upgrading<br />

facilities and opening wineries to<br />

visitors.<br />

"We want to introduce new<br />

equipment that can allow us<br />

to make better wine," said Mr<br />

Larroca. "We want to invest in<br />

tourism. We get calls on a weekly<br />

basis from people who want to<br />

visit the wineries. When someone<br />

from the other side of the world<br />

calls you and says, 'I want to know<br />

about these guys,' that part of the<br />

business is very important"<br />

A Tuscan flair with Le Regge<br />

Le Regge, a family-owned<br />

Tuscan winery, was glad to<br />

make contacts from many<br />

parts of Europe at <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> &<br />

<strong>Vinexpo</strong> 2022.<br />

"It has been one of the first<br />

international fairs that started<br />

again, so we saw many people<br />

from all around," said Maristella<br />

Bonafede, export sales<br />

manager.<br />

With seven hectares of<br />

vineyards, Le Regge produces<br />

about 70,000 bottles a year,<br />

including Chianti Classico,<br />

Toscana Rosso and Nymphaea.<br />

"All of our production comes<br />

from the property. <strong>The</strong> company<br />

cares a lot about quality. We<br />

are not Bio, but chemical use is<br />

very low," added Maristella)<br />


I NEWS I<br />

© Christophe Beauregard<br />

Relaunching<br />

international<br />

markets: <strong>Wine</strong><br />

and spirits<br />

industry shows<br />

the way<br />

<strong>The</strong> Relance Export Tour 2022 offers<br />

wine and spirits makers the support<br />

and tools to market their products<br />

overseas.<br />

<strong>The</strong> relaunch plan was presented during a live<br />

press conference at <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong><br />

2022 by Franck Riester, French Minister Delegate<br />

for Foreign Trade and Economic Attractiveness,<br />

attached to the Minister for Europe and Foreign<br />

Affairs, and <strong>Vinexpo</strong>sium CEO Rodolphe Lameyse.<br />

Minister Riester said: "I’m pleased to meet you<br />

here this afternoon for the Relance Export Tour<br />

and would like to thank Rodolphe Lameyse and<br />

his team for the success of this trade show despite<br />

the many challenges. Once again, <strong>Paris</strong> and the<br />

whole of France finds itself at the heart of the wine<br />

and spirits industry with results for exports in 2021<br />

that are beyond what we were expecting. In this<br />

way, the wine and spirits industry is showing other<br />

sectors the way when it comes to the international<br />

market." He commended the country's wine and<br />

spirits makers for their "quality" and "audacity"<br />

after exports grew 27% in 2020 and 11% in 2021.<br />

<strong>The</strong> government, he says, is working hard to make<br />

the lives of French producers easier by promoting<br />

the wine and spirits industry, cutting red tape<br />

and reducing tariffs. He explained: "Thanks to<br />

plans like Relance Export even small vineyards are<br />

able to have a presence on international markets<br />

with digital exposure of their products." Echoing<br />

the minister's enthusiasm on the success of <strong>Wine</strong><br />

<strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong>, Mr Lameyse said: "This<br />

trade show is the primary platform in France for<br />

the export of wines and spirits. We have 2864<br />

exhibitors and all of the country's wine regions<br />

are represented. And we've put them face-to-face<br />

with the same quality of buyers as in 2020"<br />

From Picasso to climate<br />

change, Bordeaux <strong>Wine</strong><br />

Week promises<br />

to deliver<br />

<strong>Vinexpo</strong>sium's two events, the Symposium and WOW! Meetings, will<br />

shine a light on the industry's 10-year plan and drive business.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Bordeaux <strong>Wine</strong> Week,<br />

taking place between 16 and<br />

26 June 2022, was presented<br />

during a press conference at<br />

<strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong><br />

2022, attended by the Mayor<br />

of Bordeaux Pierre Hurmic<br />

and <strong>Vinexpo</strong>sium's CEO<br />

Rodolphe Lameyse. Mayor<br />

Hurmic applauded the<br />

event, saying: "<strong>The</strong> specific<br />

message that I would like to<br />

get across, and which I have<br />

been repeating since the<br />

beginning of my mandate,<br />

is that the city of Bordeaux<br />

depends heavily on the<br />

Bordeaux <strong>Wine</strong> Week to<br />

highlight its wine industry<br />

and put forward its organic<br />

production efforts." In honour<br />

of the <strong>Wine</strong> Week, the Cité du<br />

Vin is hosting an exhibition of<br />

works by the world-renowned<br />

© Christophe Beauregard<br />

painter Pablo Picasso titled<br />

"Picasso, the effervescence<br />

of shapes" from 1 April.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Bordeaux <strong>Wine</strong> Week<br />

has been divided into four<br />

sections, starting with a<br />

weekend dedicated to<br />

Bordeaux's Grand Crus,<br />

followed by the Symposium<br />

"Act for Change" on the 20<br />

and 21 June, where a number<br />

of round-table conferences<br />

will explore what the wine<br />

industry will look like in<br />

2030. Mr Lameyse stressed<br />

this "collective endeavour"<br />

will explore key topics over<br />

the two days including the<br />

desirable taste of future<br />

wines, climate change and<br />

new modes of distribution.<br />

He said: "Our industry is<br />

undergoing radical change<br />

because of the distance it<br />

has had to cover in terms<br />

of digitalisation, the direct<br />

impact of climate change,<br />

forces of globalisation and<br />

because it is sometimes<br />

taken hostage in geopolitical<br />

conflicts." <strong>The</strong> debates<br />

will be followed by two<br />

days of business meetings<br />

dedicated to certified<br />

wines, dubbed the WOW!<br />

Meetings, involving between<br />

200 and 250 producers and<br />

merchants. Unlike at <strong>Wine</strong><br />

<strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> 2022,<br />

these business meetings will<br />

be scheduled in advanced.<br />

Last but not least, the wine<br />

week will close with the<br />

Bordeaux <strong>Wine</strong> Festival,<br />

with entertainment taking<br />

place along the banks of La<br />

Garonne<br />

4 • THE DAILY • WEDNESDAY 23 RD FEBRUARY 2022 vinexposium-connect.com


A consortium<br />

that is attracting<br />

plaudits<br />

Dating back just five years, the Pinot Grigio delle<br />

Venezie DOC Consortium is already having a positive<br />

impact - and it had a strong presence at <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong><br />

& <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> 2022.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Pinot Grigio delle Venezie<br />

DOC Consortium, founded in 2017,<br />

has strengthened the presence of<br />

this grape variety in international<br />

markets, a trend reinforced by<br />

<strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> 2022.<br />

Indeed, 96% of production<br />

belonging to the DOC is sold in<br />

international markets, key ones<br />

of which include Germany, the<br />

United States and the United<br />

Kingdom.<br />

"We created the Consortium<br />

in 2017, to ensure the quality of<br />

the production, guaranteeing<br />

the origin and stricter analytical<br />

analysis. It's in order to ensure the<br />

values are good for everybody,<br />

for every part of the production<br />

chain," said Nazareno Vicenzi,<br />

representative of the DOC, at<br />

<strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> 2022.<br />

<strong>Wine</strong>ries producing wines from<br />

the DOC were out in force at<br />

the show, among them Allegrini,<br />

Piera, Seiterre and Villa Sandi.<br />

Others present included Astoria,<br />

Botter, GIV, Moltelvini, Pasqua<br />

and La Marca.<br />

When it was created in 2017, the<br />

Pino Grigio delle Venezie DOC<br />

Consortium replaced an existing<br />

Typical Geographical Indication<br />

(IGT).<br />

Each wine has to pass through<br />

the tasting commissions of<br />

professional oenologists and its<br />

identity is guaranteed thanks<br />

to a government seal. Scents<br />

and flavours vary, but the easydrinking<br />

characteristics and<br />

freshness are common to all.<br />

Thanks to the creation of the<br />

DOC, there has been a reduction<br />

in yields per hectare to guarantee<br />

quality.<br />

<strong>The</strong> DOC covers three wines<br />

- Pinot Grigio Frizzante, Pinot<br />

Grigio Spumante and Bianco -<br />

produced from 27,000 hectares<br />

of Pinot Grigio vineyards in the<br />

Trentino autonomous province<br />

and the regions of Veneto and<br />

Friuli Venezia Giulia.<br />

A grape variety grown widely<br />

around the world, Pinot Grigio is<br />

found in Italy in a diverse range<br />

of terroirs stretching from the<br />

Dolomites and Lake Garda to<br />

the lagoon of Venice, where the<br />

winemaking tradition stretches<br />

back 2,500 years<br />

Villa Sandi - A winery<br />

that focuses on quality<br />

A third-generation winery where<br />

the fourth generation is actively<br />

involved, Villa Sandi produces<br />

wines including Pinot Grigio<br />

Veneto DOC 2020.<br />

"It's quite a new DOC in the<br />

production," said Consuelo<br />

Donetto, export manager, Western<br />

Europe, Middle East and Africa.<br />

"We have a couple of wines<br />

in our portfolio being part<br />

of this consortium, which is<br />

already appreciated worldwide.<br />

It's particularly favoured by<br />

markets that are sensitive to an<br />

appellation."<br />

Exporting to 18 countries, Villa<br />

Sandi is opening up new markets,<br />

including in South America, on<br />

the back of 40% export growth<br />

last year, much of it driven by<br />

the popularity of the winery's<br />

Prosecco<br />

Exciting times ahead<br />

after a very good year<br />

Botter, the Italian winery,<br />

exports 90% of its production,<br />

and Luca Botter, the founder's<br />

grandson, was glad to be at<br />

<strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong><br />

2022 at an exciting time for the<br />

company.<br />

Last year it merged with another<br />

winery and also has venture<br />

capital involvement, with Luca<br />

remaining as a shareholder.<br />

Founded in 1928, it produces<br />

100 million bottles a year,<br />

much going to the US, UK and<br />

Germany.<br />

"We had a very good year last<br />

year," said Luca.<br />

Within Botter's very extensive<br />

range, the organic Pinot<br />

Grigio Delle Venezie DOC,<br />

characterised by its straw<br />

yellow colour and large and<br />

fresh bouquet with apple notes,<br />

caught particular interest during<br />

the show<br />



© Philippe Labeguerie<br />

© Philippe Labeguerie<br />

© Philippe Labeguerie<br />

© Philippe Labeguerie<br />

6 • THE DAILY • WEDNESDAY 23 RD FEBRUARY 2022 vinexposium-connect.com


© Philippe Labeguerie<br />

Rodolphe Lameyse<br />

<strong>Vinexpo</strong>sium CEO<br />

A bottle of courage is<br />

what made <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong><br />

<strong>Paris</strong> 2022 a show to remember<br />

<strong>Vinexpo</strong>sium's CEO Rodolphe Lameyse looks back at the wine and spirits<br />

industry's first face-to-face meeting since the start of the pandemic<br />

<strong>The</strong> show's resounding success in terms of both quantity<br />

and quality is also a promising sign for <strong>Vinexpo</strong>sium's<br />

future events in 2022.<br />

Congratulations on delivering<br />

<strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> 2022.<br />

How does it feel?<br />

<strong>The</strong> fact that we managed to<br />

pull this off given the context is<br />

exceptional when you think about<br />

it. And the reason we managed<br />

to deliver <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong><br />

<strong>Paris</strong> 2022 is because everybody<br />

was mobilised - the workers,<br />

exhibitors and visitors. I think we<br />

have demonstrated here that the<br />

old adage, nothing is impossible,<br />

holds true. Because the event not<br />

only succeeded in terms of numbers,<br />

but also in terms of quality.<br />

What were some of the challenges<br />

you faced?<br />

I'm almost tempted to say that<br />

getting people to come to a wine<br />

trade show is not the most difficult<br />

thing. But attracting good buyers,<br />

that is much harder, and I think<br />

those who came to <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> &<br />

<strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> 2022 were really<br />

looking for our products. That's<br />

what motivated them to come all<br />

the way across the world, from<br />

Europe, the United States, Mexico,<br />

Brazil and many other destinations.<br />

It must not have been easy to pull<br />

this off given the context. What<br />

was the secret to success?<br />

I think we were courageous - very<br />

courageous, to keep <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong><br />

& <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> 2022 in February,<br />

which is a key date in the calendar<br />

for the wine and spirits industry,<br />

because it is the best time of year<br />

for them to do business. So I would<br />

like to first congratulate my teams<br />

who I think have been very brave<br />

and resilient. But also our exhibitors<br />

who have shown great courage<br />

and willingness to accompany us<br />

at a moment when everything was<br />

against us. I think people came here<br />

with a heavy foot, because they<br />

weren't sure what to expect, but<br />

once they arrived and experienced<br />

the show, they were very happy.<br />

What was the feedback you<br />

received from the floor?<br />

What's really interesting, is that<br />

for the first time since I started<br />

organising trade shows, I don't<br />

want to say this show was good<br />

because of this or that. You know, in<br />

the run up to the show, I spoke a lot<br />

about the event in order to reassure<br />

people that it was really going to<br />

happen. But I think now, the best<br />

spokesperson for the show and<br />

its success are the exhibitors and<br />

buyers, and let me tell you, I haven't<br />

heard a single negative review. <strong>The</strong>y<br />

are sometimes nuanced depending<br />

on what the person was looking for,<br />

but never negative. I think everyone<br />

is saying to themselves, it was great<br />

to see everyone face-to-face, we<br />

are back in business and we've<br />

finally managed to turn the tide on<br />

this crisis. That's the atmosphere<br />

which I experienced over the past<br />

few days.<br />

So what's next in 2022?<br />

Well, first I think we're going to take<br />

a well deserved break. But not for<br />

long, because we will be heading<br />

to the United States in three weeks<br />

for the next edition of <strong>Vinexpo</strong><br />

America & Drinks America. <strong>The</strong><br />

format is a little different, because<br />

we invite buyers and importers from<br />

the United States and Canada - so<br />

they are on home turf so to speak.<br />

THE BEST<br />





BUYERS<br />

But a large contingent of french<br />

businesses will also be travelling<br />

to the United States to put forward<br />

their products. Of course, we<br />

will also be hosting events at the<br />

Bordeaux <strong>Wine</strong> Week in June as<br />

well as in new markets like India at<br />

the end of August. You can get more<br />

information about our upcoming<br />

events online or on our app<br />

<strong>Vinexpo</strong>sium Connect. Otherwise, I<br />

hope to see you next year for <strong>Wine</strong><br />

<strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> 2023, which<br />

will be taking place between 13 and<br />

15 February.<br />

Do you have a specific message<br />

for everyone who came to <strong>Wine</strong><br />

<strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> 2022?<br />

Thank you for trusting us<br />



Sebastian Braun<br />

<strong>Wine</strong> Director, Oenoforos,<br />

Carovin and Vini Buoni.<br />

Managing Director, Vintedge<br />

Filling the gaps in<br />

Sweden's wine range<br />

Sebastian Braun is wine director for four companies<br />

- Oenoforos, Carovin, Vintedge and Vini Buoni -<br />

that import wines into Sweden and sell them to the<br />

alcohol retail monopoly, Systembolaget Aktiebolag,<br />

which Sebastian used to work for as a buyer. Some<br />

of the four companies have additional activities,<br />

with Oenoforos, for example, buying wine in bulk<br />

and having its own private brands, with some<br />

production exported. We asked Sebastian about<br />

his work and what were his key objectives at <strong>Wine</strong><br />

<strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> 2022.<br />

Mr Maas said: "It's great to be<br />

back at <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong><br />

<strong>Paris</strong> 2022 - seeing your<br />

international friends for the first<br />

time in three years. My last trade<br />

show was in 2019 so its a real<br />

'rendez-vous'. Obviously we're<br />

really focused on French wines,<br />

but the international sections<br />

are really interesting as well, so<br />

we are also seeing some of our<br />

Italian and Portuguese partners<br />

as well.<br />

Yesterday at the inauguration<br />

ceremony, the French Minister of<br />

Agriculture and Food referred to<br />

2021 as a 'black year'. What was<br />

your experience?<br />

It wasn't at all for us, because<br />

we were able to adapt to the<br />

market. We operate across<br />

several channels, so it was easy<br />

for us to switch between them.<br />

We also invested directly in the<br />

market to gain market share and<br />

secure our position which then<br />

helped us attract new partners<br />

and grow accordingly.<br />

Have there been any broader<br />

repercussions on the market?<br />

In terms of wine and harvests,<br />

2021 was more challenging<br />

because prices are increasing.<br />

We mainly operated in the<br />

Dutch market which is a very<br />

price sensitive market, so the<br />

question is whether consumers<br />

in 2022 will accept this increase.<br />

Last year when we spent five<br />

months in lockdown, we lost a<br />

lot of turnover in Horeca - the<br />

food services industry including<br />

hotels, restaurants and cafés,<br />

which was quite challenging, so<br />

this year it remains to be seen<br />

whether these venues will stay<br />

open for 12 months. <strong>The</strong>refore,<br />

this year is going to be very<br />

interesting for us I would say.<br />

When you say you've invested in<br />

different channels, can you be<br />

more specific?<br />

We've seen a significant increase<br />

in alcohol free, so we acquired a<br />

company specialized in alcohol<br />

free wines in 2019. That's a<br />

growth market for us and we've<br />

been growing double digits in<br />

that segment. Just before Covid,<br />

we also set up a dedicated<br />

team for e-commerce, which is a<br />

completely different ball game.<br />

Importing wines is generally<br />

about making exclusivity<br />

agreements with geographical<br />

areas within countries, but with<br />

e-commerce and big players<br />

like vino.com that has several<br />

translated urls, there are no<br />

boundaries. That requires you<br />

to adapt and have discussions<br />

with your suppliers and clients.<br />

We rather embrace it rather than<br />

fight it. Because every challenge<br />

is an opportunity<br />


MARKET<br />

Sweden, a country of 10.3 million<br />

people, many affluent by international<br />

standards, is an attractive market for<br />

overseas wine producers.<br />

While there are hundreds of registered<br />

wine importers selling to the monopoly,<br />

most of the market is accounted for by<br />

the top 20 or so importers.<br />

Among alcoholic beverages, wine and<br />

spirits are in second place behind only<br />

beer, with wine imports valued at about<br />

€790 million in 2020, a figure that is<br />

more than 10% higher than that of just<br />

two years earlier.<br />

<strong>The</strong> country's wine consumers are<br />

increasingly focused on premium wines,<br />

and - aside from the significant and<br />

ever-growing focus on sustainability -<br />

wines with lower alcohol content are<br />

also increasingly popular.<br />

Despite its chilly climate, Sweden is a<br />

wine producer, with about 100 to 150<br />

hectares of vineyards, most of them in<br />

the south of the country. Typical wine<br />

producers in Sweden are small, with<br />

between one and 10 hectares each.<br />

With winters tending to be milder than<br />

they once were, and summers warmer,<br />

conditions are becoming more suitable<br />

for domestic wine production<br />

8 • THE DAILY • WEDNESDAY 23 RD FEBRUARY 2022 vinexposium-connect.com

SEEN @<br />

First time at the show for Austrian<br />

glassmaker Sophienwald<br />

Sophienwald, an Austrian<br />

glassmaker that was exhibiting at<br />

<strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> 2022<br />

for the first time, found the event<br />

to be a great forum for developing<br />

new contacts.<br />

"We have worked very well," said<br />

Manni Schwarz, the company's<br />

sales and marketing director. "We<br />

have had a good international<br />

public. It's our first time exhibiting<br />

here, and we're very happy, and<br />

will be back next time for sure."<br />

"We have been to <strong>Vinexpo</strong> Hong<br />

Kong and we like the organisation,<br />

which is very good. <strong>The</strong> people are<br />

different here."<br />

Schwarz, whose company sells<br />

mostly to restaurants, said he<br />

had had useful meetings with<br />

representatives from Belgium, the<br />

Netherlands and Italy, among<br />

other countries.<br />

Sophienwald was founded in 2014<br />

and produces mouth-blown wine<br />

glasses, with total production<br />

running at 150,000 glasses per<br />

year. "Our processes<br />

and methods are<br />

very traditional. We<br />

produce in wooden<br />

moulds like people<br />

did 100 years ago.<br />

It takes four people<br />

to produce around<br />

300 glasses a day,"<br />

Schwarz explained<br />

Maintaining Chile's profile<br />

at <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong><br />

<strong>The</strong> pandemic made it harder for<br />

producers from Chile to travel to<br />

<strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> 2022, but<br />

many wines from the South American<br />

country nonetheless created a buzz,<br />

thanks to the <strong>Wine</strong>s of Chile and<br />

ProChile booth. <strong>The</strong>re were no fewer<br />

than 22 wines from 11 producers on<br />

show, and a masterclass was held<br />

on Chilean Carménère<br />

wines.<br />

"<strong>The</strong> trade visitors have<br />

been very interested in<br />

our wines. <strong>The</strong>y wanted<br />

to discover things and to<br />

speak to our team at the<br />

stand, and we have made<br />

many new key contacts<br />

from across Europe," said<br />

Camille Peron, international business<br />

consultant for ProChile France.<br />

"We wanted to be present as a<br />

country. It was important to show<br />

our presence and commitment here."<br />

According to Anita Jackson, UK<br />

director of <strong>Wine</strong>s of Chile, the<br />

"quality of visitors was very good"<br />

at <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> 2022.<br />

"It was an overwhelming relief to<br />

be here, and people thoroughly<br />

enjoyed being at a trade fair. It was<br />

a very worthwhile show to come to,"<br />

she said, adding that the country<br />

hoped to be able to return to having<br />

a larger presence at future editions<br />

of <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong><br />


SEEN @<br />

<strong>The</strong> Domaine De La Racauderie:<br />

"International buyers are back"<br />

<strong>The</strong> Domaine De La Racauderie in<br />

the Loire Valley has been attending<br />

<strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> and its<br />

predecessors for the past six years.<br />

Asked about this year's edition,<br />

winemaker Jean-Michel Gauthier<br />

said: "It’s been great seeing<br />

people again, because with Covid<br />

we didn’t know where we were<br />

going." Mr Gauthier, who produces<br />

both still and sparkling wines from<br />

Chenin grapes, was looking to build<br />

on his current relationships and<br />

make new ones overseas. As he<br />

explains: "On day one we took the<br />

time to see our existing clients who<br />

we hadn't seen in a long time. <strong>The</strong>n<br />

on day two we met with potential<br />

clients from Romania, the United<br />

Stated, Germany and Russia, who<br />

were all looking for wines coming<br />

from the Loire Valley." Of course the<br />

real business will happen behind<br />

closed doors, he says, but the past<br />

few days have been promising and<br />

Mr Gauthier will be returning next<br />

year. He said: "It’s been a pleasure<br />

to see international<br />

buyers coming back.<br />

It’s a very nice trade<br />

show and we will<br />

definitely coming<br />

back”<br />

Great contacts from Scandinavia<br />

and South America<br />

Great contacts from<br />

Scandinavia and South America.<br />

After the gap in trade shows caused<br />

by the pandemic, Dimitris Markou, the<br />

export manager of Cavino <strong>Wine</strong>ry &<br />

Distillery, was "really happy" to be at<br />

<strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> 2022.<br />

"It seemed that after two years, people<br />

wanted to visit the clients,<br />

they wanted to visit their<br />

suppliers and to find new<br />

opportunities," he said.<br />

Founded in 1958 in<br />

Aigio by Konstantinos<br />

Anastasiou and Ioannis<br />

Douskas, Cavino remains<br />

a family-run winery<br />

and distillery and is the<br />

biggest wine exporter<br />

in Greece, with a 17% share of<br />

international sales. <strong>The</strong> company<br />

produces 5 million bottles a year<br />

and exports to 52 countries, with<br />

main markets being Germany, the<br />

Netherlands, Belgium, Russia and the<br />

United States.<br />

Dimitris was particularly glad to<br />

make contacts with representatives<br />

from Scandinavia and South America<br />

during the show, both regions to<br />

which the company hopes to increase<br />

exports.<br />

This was especially helpful, he said,<br />

as getting to see South American<br />

clients in particular is difficult.<br />

"We will be really happy and really<br />

pleased to come again next year. Our<br />

strategic planning is to visit every<br />

year," he said<br />

10 • THE DAILY • WEDNESDAY 23 RD FEBRUARY 2022 vinexposium-connect.com

SEEN @<br />

Five vineyards who banded<br />

together to make some noise<br />

Hidden Terroir is a collaboration<br />

between five winemakers who<br />

have pulled their resources to<br />

attend <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong><br />

for the first time this year.<br />

<strong>The</strong> collective, made up of four<br />

vineyards from the Rhône Valley<br />

and one from Bergerac, was the<br />

brainchild of sommelière and<br />

former buyer Aubrey Terrazas<br />

and digital designer Claire<br />

Deville. Ms Terrazas explains:<br />

"<strong>The</strong> domains are all driven by a<br />

passion for making good quality<br />

at an affordable price. In that<br />

sense, you could say that they over<br />

deliver.” <strong>The</strong> group is made up of<br />

small domaines ranging from six<br />

to 20 hectares vines, including the<br />

Domaine De Mas Caron, Laurens,<br />

Lionel Brenier, Eyguestre and the<br />

Clos De Noël. Asked about their<br />

experience at <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong><br />

<strong>Paris</strong> 2022 Ms Terrazas said: "I<br />

think meeting face-to-face is really<br />

important because we’re talking<br />

about wine. Organising a digital<br />

tasting with international buyers<br />

is very complicated, because you<br />

have to send samples to people<br />

who are in different countries and<br />

not all free at the same time"<br />

A secret recipe in high demand<br />

at <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong><br />

Sales have boomed since Jennie<br />

Kergoat-Ruelland started selling<br />

bottles of So Jennie <strong>Paris</strong> at La Grande<br />

Épicerie de <strong>Paris</strong> 10 years ago.<br />

Today, her alcohol free bubbles are<br />

served to all passengers flying in<br />

business and first class with Qatar<br />

Airways, and in many more countries.<br />

She came up with the idea of a nonalcoholic<br />

wine while<br />

organising a wedding<br />

in Abu Dhabi where<br />

the guests had little<br />

choice but to drink fruit<br />

juices. <strong>The</strong> bubbles<br />

are produced by Les<br />

Jardins de L’Orbrie in the<br />

commune of Bressuire<br />

using a "secrete recipe"<br />

without any alcohol. Mrs<br />

Kergoat-Ruelland said: "We were<br />

here to meet future international<br />

importers, but also mingle with French<br />

winemakers. I thought <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> &<br />

<strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> 2022 was beautifully<br />

done. It it was a very classy affair -<br />

you walk in and there are so many<br />

beautiful bottles everywhere.<br />

Yesterday was a fantastic day for us,<br />

we had lots of clients come by the<br />

stand from Korea and Canada. I will<br />

definitely be back next year”<br />


12 • THE DAILY • WEDNESDAY 23 RD FEBRUARY 2022 vinexposium-connect.com

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