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Crystals and








A ritual for…

your best

year yet!

Use the power of crystals

to ensure your dreams

for 2022 come true

Step three


Iron pyrite brings confidence and

removes feelings of inadequacy.

Hold this crystal in your right hand,

take three deep breaths and imagine all

your dreams for the new year have

already come to fruition.

Say to yourself:

‘I am a powerful manifestor.

All my dreams come true.’

Alternative crystals

Tiger’s eye or orange calcite


3 ways to





Wash your crystals under running

water (check this is safe to do

first, as salt-based crystals are

water soluble). Give them a good

wash, as though you’re giving

the gemstones a pamper. As you

do so, visualise the crystals being

clean and sparkling with positive

energy. Say, ‘Rise and shine

my crystal friend.’

Step one


Haematite will anchor and ground you to the Earth.

Hold this crystal in either hand, take three deep,

cleansing breaths and visualise tree roots growing

out from your feet into the Earth.

Say to yourself:

‘I am grounded. I am safe.’

Alternative crystals

Smoky quartz or black obsidian


If you don’t own the crystals

mentioned in this ritual, just cut out

their pictures from this page, or off

the internet, and use them instead.

Step two


Rose quartz encourages

unconditional love.

Hold this crystal in either hand,

take three deep breaths and

bring to mind all you are

grateful for right now.

Say to yourself:

‘I am grateful for the abundance

I already have.’

Alternative crystals

Rhodonite or amethyst

Step four


Rutilated quartz illuminates and releases

the past.

Hold a piece of this crystal in your left hand,

take three deep breaths and visualise the

events of the past year you wish to release.

Say to yourself:

‘I release the past and anything that

doesn’t serve me.’

Alternative crystals

Citrine or peridot


Light a sage smudge stick. Circle

it nine times anti-clockwise over

your crystals, saying, ‘Be free of

unwanted energy.’ Visualise any

residual energy clearing from the

crystals. Now work the smudge

stick nine times in a clockwise

direction. With each rotation say,

‘Sparkle bright, my crystal helpers’.


On a full Moon, leave your

crystals on a windowsill. Say,

‘Little crystals, by the light of the

Moon, you’ll be cleansed and

charged very soon.’ Visualise the

moonlight working its magic.

✿ More info Instagram





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How to

have a


New Year

Everything you need to know about

discovering what abundance means to

you – and how to attract it into your life

As we welcome in the new year, with

it comes the opportunity to make it

an abundant one. But before you

go about attracting abundance,

it’s important to know what ‘wealthy’ truly

means to you, explains life coach and mentor

Emma Mumford. And she speaks from

experience, after having her own epiphany in

terms of her interpretation of wealth.

‘In 2019, when I wrote my second book

Positively Wealthy, I’d manifested everything

from the vision board I’d created in 2016.

‘After successfully using the Law of Attraction

to manifest all of my dreams, I sat there

expecting to feel different, to feel fulfilment

and, although I felt extremely grateful, none

of these things filled the void within me.

‘I realised it was because all the incredible

things I’d manifested made me happy, yes –

but they weren’t my true version of wealth,

rather what society had made me believe

was wealth. So, I started to really dive into

what my true version of wealth was so I could

cultivate this. I looked at every area of my life

and asked myself, ‘How positively wealthy do

I feel?’ and rated it out of 10 (1 being not very

wealthy and 10 being very wealthy).

‘By doing this, I could see where the inner

work needed to be done to fill the void in me,

and what I needed to manifest to become

positively wealthy in these areas. Wealth will

mean different things to different people

and it’s so important you don’t let outside

influences cloud your manifestations and goals.

‘A great question to ask yourself and journal

on is, ‘Is this manifestation in alignment with

my version of wealth or is it someone else’s

goal?’ Too often, I see people striving for goals

and ambitions they feel they need to manifest,

rather than listening to themselves and their

own true positively wealthy calling.’

Here Emma helps you find your version of

wealthy and effortlessly manifest your dreams.


When working with the Law of Attraction,

the more consistent and specific you are when

focusing on what you want, the more the

universe can hear you.

There are many great ways to ask for what

you desire. You can create a vision board using

photos and words to display how you would

like your life to look, write a list of goals, or

you could write an intention in the form




Expert tip

Sit in meditation, focus on one

of your desires and tune in to

the emotion around it. What word

or feeling do you get? Does it have

a colour? Tune in to that energy.

When your desire arrives, you’ll

know it’s right if it feels like the

emotion you’ve been

connecting to.


JANUARY 2022 spiritanddestiny.co.uk

spiritanddestiny.co.uk JANUARY 2022 33


of an affirmation, either saying it out loud or

visualising it in your mind.

You only need to ask once for the universe

to hear your desire. Challenge yourself to get

creative and detailed with your asking. If you

want to manifest your dream home, really

consider what that would look like to you –

how many bedrooms, what kind of garden…

‘Dream lists are a fantastic way to manifest

– and one of my favourite ways!’ says Emma.

‘All you need to do is write down, in detail,

what you would like your dream house,

relationship, career, friendship, holiday,

whatever, to look like. Keep your list safe so

you can look back on it, see what’s manifested,

and sit in a sense of gratitude.’


This is about believing the universe can

deliver your desire, and you have the ability

to co-create with the universe.

It’s so important to remember this is a

50/50 process where we go 50% of the way

and the universe goes 50% of the way, and

we meet in the middle. This is also the stage

where it’s important to be aware of any

limiting beliefs or fears that come up for you.

As you set out your desires, you may notice

negative self-talk cropping up or feelings of

not being worthy.

‘This is all feedback from your soul and

helps you identify what stands between you

and your desire,’ says Emma. ‘Doing the inner

work is so important with manifesting so you

become a positive vibrational match to your

desire and can attract it into your reality.’


‘This is a new step I’ve added into my

manifesting process,’ reveals Emma. ‘Trusting

means a couple of different things: trusting in

the Divine timing of your life and trusting in

the universe’s process, too.’

There comes a ‘waiting period’ after the first

two steps – ask and believe – which actually

isn’t a waiting period at all. But, Emma says,

‘You only

need to ask

once for the


to hear’

A vision board

helps you see how

you’d like your

life to look

so many people hit a standstill with their

manifestations because they aren’t doing this

step – trust. Or the next – letting go.

‘If you want to manifest a new career, you’d

better get updating that CV, applying for jobs,

and even planning your interview outfit,’ says

Emma. ‘All of these are great ways to act as if

you already have your desire right now, because

you trusted the manifesting process, and are

taking action to meet the universe halfway.

By taking this step you’ll soon start to see the

universe bringing opportunities and people

into your life to align you with your desire.’


Remember the universe is a gigantic mirror,

so if you’re feeling attached, needy or lacking

in life, guess what’s being mirrored back to you!

‘One of the best things I’ve learned along

my journey is ‘needing nothing attracts

everything’ and your manifestation will always

show up when you need it the least,’ says

Emma. ‘Why? Because when you are in the

present moment, feeling good, and enjoying

life you become an energetic match to your

desire and allow the universe to step in and

meet you halfway.’

Letting go is so important as often we try

to control the timing and outcome of things,

which doesn’t allow the space for the universe

to co-create with us.

Letting go is about becoming OK with both

outcomes – plan A, your desire being realised;

and plan B, it not being realised – and finding

peace with both of those while still keeping

your initial desire strong in your mind. Also,

keep in mind that you want what is meant

for you, or something better for the highest

good of all. Letting go and surrendering is a

powerful process that, when done right, brings

your desires to you – and fast.


This is the last and best step because your

manifestation is here!

Make sure to truly celebrate when your

desire does turn up because expressing

gratitude to the universe is an important step.

‘It’s easy to fall into a manifestation

checklist where you tick one thing off and then

move on to the next. This never works and

you’ll find yourself in a big, unfulfilled heap

like I did. So, take the time to be present with

your desire, express your gratitude and feel

happy because it’s here!’ says Emma.

✿ More info Emma Mumford is an awardwinning

life coach and mentor, bestselling

author, Law of Attraction YouTuber, host of

Spiritual Queen’s Badass podcast, and

speaker. Emma’s work helps women turn

their dream life into an abundant reality

using the Law of Attraction and spirituality.

Visit emmamumford.co.uk, Instagram


Your desires, delivered!

Take Emma Mumford‘s quiz and discover the

best way to make manifesting work for you

Which area of your life do you

find the most difficult to manifest

your goals in?

✪ Career

✪ Relationships

✪ Finances

Which of these do you feel

most often?

✪ You’re always comparing yourself

to others, which gets in the way

of you doing anything to

change your circumstances

✪ Burnout, a lack of energy

and motivation

✪ Disconnected from

yourself and not

being present

Which of these

books do you like

the sound of


✪ Ask & It Is Given by Esther

and Jerry Hicks

✪ Positively Wealthy by Emma


✪ Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill


You’re a manifesting queen

Consistency is key. The universe is

calling on you to be consistent in an

area of your life that needs it – get things

clear and step into your manifesting

shoes. You are being asked to embrace

your purpose and who you want to be.

What message do you have within you

to share with the world? How can your

desires positively impact the collective,

too? It’s time to fearlessly manifest the

life you have always dreamed of.

What do you fear the most?

✪ A life without purpose

✪ A life without self-love

✪ A life without money



You’re a positively

wealthy queen

You are being called to focus on what

makes you truly feel like a positively

wealthy queen. Your purpose and

career are in check; now it’s time to

explore who you really are and what

your personal purpose is. Do you feel

fulfilled in your personal life? Slow

down and look at how you can nurture

self-love, self-care and your time this

year to create the space for your desires.


How are you

feeling about 2022?

✪ Good, but I never seem to make much

progress. I need some consistency

✪ I’m working hard but I’m exhausted after

last year. All work and no play

✪ Eurgh, another year of this… Maybe 2023

will be better

Imagine you’ve manifested

£10,000 for a holiday.

Do you:

✪ Fly business class to

New York

✪ Head for the sun, sea,

and a beautiful spa –

hello Maldives

✪ Think you’d better save

the cash instead

What’s your biggest

wish for 2022?

✪ A promotion or new

business opportunity

✪ To look after myself


✪ To get out of debt and

in the green


You’re an abundance queen

It’s time to focus on your abundance

mindset. You’re being called to look

at what abundance means to you

and how you can cultivate a positive

relationship with money and your

finances. This year, make abundance

your goal and work on looking at what

currently stands between you and

abundance. How can you flow more

with money and receive abundance

in all areas of your life?


34 JANUARY 2022 spiritanddestiny.co.uk

spiritanddestiny.co.uk JANUARY 2022 35





Astrologer Francesca Oddie takes a detailed look at the

seven planets used in astrology. This month, THE SUN

Find your bliss

To understand what drives you and the behaviours and characteristics you will embody on

your life journey, look to your Sun sign. It will help you understand more about your happiness,

direction and calling, underpinning everything you do and the person you are becoming




sports and



pursuits, surgery.

Aries are drawn

to any kind of

field that involves moving fast, being

decisive and allows them to win.




creativity and


Leo is an

authority. They

make fantastic


business owners and love to take the

limelight on stage.



travel blogger

or agent,




Sagittarius is

ruled by Jupiter,

here to encourage others to expand

their vision and believe in themselves.


When I first became an

astrologer and studied the

subject in depth, I realised that

while the zodiac signs are a

vital reference point, they only

make sense when we have a

deep understanding of the planets.

Some planets are visible with the naked eye,

and somehow feel closer to us than the stars. It

makes sense, therefore, that their movements

impact on our personalities. Over the next

seven weeks I’m going to walk you through the

planets and encourage you to get to know them.

Each planet is connected to a god or

goddess from Greek and Roman mythology.

The stories connected to each planet are rich

in imagery, information and ideas that will

inspire you to know yourself more intimately.

Then there’s your horoscope – a map of the

sky at the moment you were born, sometimes

called a birth or natal chart. It shows you which

planets were visible above the horizon, and

which were hidden from view. As we explore

each planet, you’ll gain an understanding of

how the different facets of your personality are

influenced by your horoscope. It’s so exciting

to understand our inner conflicts, drives and

compulsions articulated in our birth chart.

I’m going to talk about the Sun first because

he’s the ‘big daddy’, the one we all know and

simply can’t miss. When the Sun is out, you

know about it as his warmth and light is

unmistakable. The Sun is our vital force. It

drives us into action, defines our life purpose

and is central to our horoscope.

★ More info francescaoddie.com

Instagram @francescaoddieastrology

Shedding light on your Sun sign

The symbol, or ‘glyph’ to use

the correct term, of the

Sun is a circle with a dot

in the middle. This is

symbolic of our eternal

self. The soul that

continues from life to

life but within this circle

is earthbound and must

seek its purpose.

The Sun is our vital energy. It

describes the direction that will bring us

personal fulfilment and your Sun sign

(also known more commonly as your

star sign) is one of the main things in

your birth chart that defines your

purpose. The word purpose is broad.

I’m not just talking about your career;

this is about your whole identity.

Questions I often ask clients who are

lost and can’t find their purpose are,

‘what do you Google? What occupies

your thoughts? What do you want to

know more about?’

Your focus is on the thing you love

and so it may appear everyone is into it.

Because of this, many people dismiss

their passion as being too common and

obvious. Yet the clues are always there

and sometimes we overcomplicate life,

missing what is staring us in the face.

Just as you literally can’t miss the Sun,

so it will be the same for you

and your purpose.

Another question to

ask yourself is, ‘when did

I feel most alive and

exhilarated?’ Go back to

that moment. My answer

would be when I was 23

and living in Rome, working

at the Vatican Museums.

Learning and teaching groups

of people in an entertaining way made

me so excited because it’s perfect for

me. I’m still doing it now! However,

between the ages of 25 and 29 I lost

that part of myself, yet in a way ‘the lost

years’ are useful because they provide

the contrast we need in order to

understand who we are.




architecture and

building works,

and anything that

involves your

senses, the human

body and beauty,

including modelling and makeup artistry.


Journalism, writing,


translation services,

cyclist, lorry driver,

anything that

involves the

process of getting

things, services or

information from A to B.



baker, chef, caring

roles, teaching,

nursing or looking

after children.

Those born under

the sign of Cancer

are drawn to

anything that involves nurturing others and

ensures you to feel needed.


Nutrition, health,

working with pets,

a PA, anything

involving analytical

or detailed work.

Virgo makes an

excellent medic,

advisor or

accountant, here to help people thrive.


Diplomacy and


mediating, PR,

front of house

charmers. Libra is

represented by the

scales and this

links to law. Libra is

here to deliver harmony to every situation.


Any highly

detailed, focused

work, including



detection, finance

and healing.

Scorpios can put

their mind to anything that requires

absolute focus and concentration.




roles, business

owner, climbing

any career

ladder and

reaching the top.

Capricorn is

ambitious and wants to be in charge.




tech roles,

digital nomad,


roles. Freedom

and truth are the

key words; from

there, do anything that matters to you.



You dive into life’s mysteries

and show us how it’s done.

Artist, musician,

charity worker,

psychic, any form

of non-verbal








JANUARY 2022 spiritanddestiny.co.uk

spiritanddestiny.co.uk JANUARY 2022 57


Ask your inner child

For a good indicator of your calling, think back to

school and remember what you were best at. The

simplicity of childhood play can be very revealing

and shows us what brings us the most joy!

Coming up in




Understand your primary

love language


Meaning behind the myth

What lessons can we learn from Apollo, the Sun god?

Knowing the Sun symbolises our goals and life purpose is one thing. However,

knowing all about the Sun god Apollo, his life story and the challenges he

faced, takes our understanding to the next level. Myth is evocative and opens

the doors of our intuition and perception.

Many images of Apollo show a hero, his bow and arrow drawn, looking

straight ahead at where he is going. This image shows us how focused, virile

and potent our solar energy can be when put to the correct use.

Apollo was an illegitimate son of Zeus, the product of one of many of

his affairs. His mother, Leto, was afraid to give birth to him because Zeus’

possessive wife Hera had threatened anyone who assisted in the birth.

The unborn Apollo told his mother what to do and his birth was blessed

and auspicious – everything on the island of Delos, where he was born,

turned to gold.

This is the story of a ‘golden boy’ who is successful, multi-talented, has many

friends, some enemies too, but suffers difficult relationships with women.

The lesson in this myth for all of us is that when we are too focused on doing

what we want, and are always looking ahead, our relationships may suffer.

✓ MARCH Mercury

Discover your

communication style

✓ APRIL Venus

Learn more about what

you value in yourself

✓ MAY Mars

Reveal what sparks a fire

in you

✓ JUNE Jupiter

Find out more about your

guardian angel

✓ JULY Saturn

Learn how to navigate

around your blocks

Expert Tip

SUN-day is the day

we rejoice. In the

Western world, it’s

the day we come

back to ourselves

and have time to do

the things we

love to do.


JANUARY 2022 spiritanddestiny.co.uk


When asked recently what inspired me on

my eco journey, I realised I’d always been

a bit of an ‘eco girl’ at heart.

As a child, I loved visiting the bottle

bank and throwing the glass bottles into

the containers – smash! (Hands up, who else loved

doing that too?)

As well as recycling, we collected old paper and

envelopes and used them for our drawings and

notepads. One birthday, my mum made the Barbie

double bed I craved, out of an old cereal box, covered

with material, and featuring dowels as the posts. So,

I guess the eco seed was always there and my mum

really led the way in terms of being less wasteful.

It continued through school, where I was a member

of Earth Action, collected paper from every room to

be recycled, and organised an Endangered Species

Awareness Week. Early in my work career, I helped

organise a workplace Carbon Reduction Summit.

And I’ve always tried to use eco products at home,

buy less plastic and generally have as light an impact

on the world as possible.

Always learning

But my eco living lifestyle really cranked up a notch

three years ago, after my family moved back from America where we’d

lived for three years owing to my husband’s job, and I was able to

expand my business into eco products.

Over the past three years, I’ve

Would you


Microwaves are so

much more energy

efficient than putting

the conventional oven

on. It’s always quicker

and its smaller size

means the heat is more

focused on whatever is

being cooked.

Love the



continued to learn – about plastic

pollution and recycling; what zero

waste means and whether it’s even

possible; the importance of

biodiversity; and a LOT about

climate change.

As a family, we’ve gone 100%

renewable – our electricity tariff is

100% renewable, our gas is 100%

carbon neutral (green gas and offset),

plus we pay a little extra per month to

plant trees. On top of this, in January

last year we had solar panels

Introducing sustainable living expert

Elena Cimelli, here to help us make

a difference to the health of our world

About Elena

I’m in my early forties,

and live in London

with my husband Al,

two daughters, aged

12 and nine, two cats,

Tilly and Molly,

and two gerbils!

I run an online eco

store called The

Contented Company

which I set up in 2018,

selling eco and zero

waste products. I also

run eco courses.

My mission is to

educate, inspire action

and provide hope

on all things eco and

show how each one of

us can really make

a difference.

installed. By choosing 300%

100% renewable more greenhouse gas

electricity and

emissions are saved by

carbon-neutral gas

eating a plant-based

you can take a big

diet than by

chunk out of your


carbon footprint.

We also eat much less

meat and dairy – about four

vegan meals a week, one or two vegetarian, and one

or two meat or fish.

The urgent need for us to act, as individuals, as a

collective, as corporations and as governments, is why

I’m so passionate about the environment and eco

living. We have a small window in which to act, and

I want to inspire as many people to do so as possible.

Trust me though, I don’t judge. Everyone is

different – different levels of income, different levels

of eco awareness, contrasting amounts of free time,

various levels of work and family commitments.

The good news is that there is a LOT we can do to

have a positive impact. I love the quote, ‘It’s only one

straw, said eight billion people.’ If we all start being

more environmentally conscious each time we make

a choice, it will soon add up.

Fresh start

My family set itself a challenge in September last year when the kids

went back to school. That challenge was to buy nothing new until

2022. We wanted to create less unnecessary waste, use things that

already existed and have a much lighter eco footprint. Can I tempt you

to perhaps try this as a new year’s resolution? Maybe start with a

month? That way, it’ll feel less daunting.

Each issue, I hope to introduce you to a new area of eco living and

inspire you to make changes that together will really make a difference.

And you don’t need to try to do it all in one go – just make one

change. And do that until it becomes a habit. Only then, think about

making another.

Happy New Year! With love, hope

and eco action, Elena x

✿ More info



Eco anxiety and how

to approach it

spiritanddestiny.co.uk JANUARY 2022 73

Be your own


Wellness expert and author Diana Cole

shares her 14-step technique to feeling

better by banishing fear, grief or doubt

When Diana Cole was a girl, her

dad taught her an incredible

lesson – we all have the

power to heal ourselves.

‘One time, I crushed my hand in a door and

my dad took away the pain. I was intrigued

and wanted to know more,’ says Diana.

‘As I got older, I was always going to my

dad with little issues, some small, some not

so small, and he would always go back to

“you have the power to heal yourself. Raise

your own vibration and protect your energy.”

‘I’ve used what he taught me throughout

my life and I thought it was really important

for me to share this ability we all have to feel

better. That’s really what healing is. It’s a way

to cure the grief, anguish, fear or doubt we

come up against through life.’

Diana’s dad showed her how to create a

ball of energy between her hands which she

could then move down through her chakras,

attracting healing along the way.

Over time she added her own twist – a

chant – to amplify the healing energy further

by setting the intention to heal herself and

activate the energy in her body.

Here Diana shares her 14 steps to healing

yourself. Read through the entire process

first before starting your session. Commit

to doing the 14 steps every day for five days.

After carrying out the exercises, consider your

general mood each day, and on the fifth day.

Did you know?

It’s believed the soul enters and leaves

the body through the third eye chakra.

Step 1

With your hands 6-12 inches apart, begin to

create a spinning ball of energy between your

palms. Take a few minutes to get it going until

you can feel a tickling sensation on your palms.

Step 2

Repeat the following chant five times while

continuing to spin your healing ball.

Allow your mind to be as still as possible.

Simply let outside thoughts, ideas, or words

float away so they don’t dilute the power of

this practice.

‘I am absolute goodness. Beauty is all

around me. Everything is working

in my favour. I am happy.’

Step 3

After 2-3 minutes, it’s time to

begin the healing process –

to push the ball of energy and

the empowering words you

have just chanted into your

body in order to energetically

raise your vibration and elevate

your mood.

This healing energy ball will

enter your body through your chakras.

Continue to spin the energy ball, positioning

your hands directly over your head, your

crown chakra, while repeating the chant over

and over. Keep your focus for 1-2 minutes.

Step 4

Move the ball down to your eye area and hold

the energy there.

Feel it between your hands and pulse your

hands together, as if you are squeezing the ball

slightly. Do this for 30 seconds.

Step 5

Still holding the pulsing ball of energy

between your hands, place your thumbs on


Hold your hands out in

front of you, palms facing.

Wave one hand up and

down in front of the other,

6-10 inches away. Notice you

can feel the movement, like

a tickle, on the still hand.

You can energetically feel

without touching.

your forehead,

just between your

eyebrows. This is

your third eye chakra.

In this position, push the healing energy

into your entire being. Let the energy flow

from the healing ball to your third eye.

Imagine a white beam of energy being

transferred from your hands, through your

thumbs, and directly into your third eye.

Carry on repeating the chant but speak

more slowly this time. Do this for 1-3 minutes.

Step 6

Continue the chant slowly as you begin to spin

the ball again and hover it over your neck

area – your throat chakra.

Pulsate and push the ball towards your

neck, but be mindful not to ‘crush’ your ball.

Keep it strongly intact as you begin to push it

towards your throat. Do this for 1-3 minutes.

Step 7

Pull the energy ball away from you and spin

it again, this time letting it grow larger than

before. Continue to repeat the chant slowly.

Step 8

Hover this healing energy ball over your chest.

Pulse it again to feel it between your hands,

and then lay both hands on your chest – your

heart chakra.

Imagine the white healing light of the ball

going into your heart chakra, with the truth of

the chant being absorbed by your body. Feel

your warm healing hands on your chest.

Continue repeating the chant slowly. Do this

for 1-3 minutes.

Expert tip

It is possible to find a place of

connection that is as beneficial as

meditation without changing what

you’re doing. If you have moments

when you’re alone and feel joy, wonder

or gratitude, it is in these moments

that you are connecting with all there

is. It’s the process of connecting

with everything that

feeds your spirit.

Step 9

Now move both hands down underneath

your rib cage – this is the site of your solar

plexus chakra – and continue to slowly repeat

the chant.

Again, imagine that ball of warm, white,

healing energy from your hands entering and

filling your body. Hold your hands here for

1-3 minutes.


Step 10

Move both hands down

over your belly button,

your sacral chakra, and

continue the chant

slowly as you imagine

more healing

energy entering

your body through

your hands. Stay here

for 1-3 minutes.

Step 11

Move both hands down

to just above your pubic bone,

your root chakra, and slowly

continue the chant as you imagine

white healing energy entering your body. Hold

it here for 1-3 minutes.

Step 12

Now place both hands together, palm to palm,

and with your eyes closed, take a deep breath –

in through your nose, out through your mouth

– and feel the warmth of your hands together.

Breathe in healing. Exhale pain, doubt

and fear.

Imagine a white light surrounding your

hands, then your whole body. Imagine a large

ball of healing light, bigger than you, swirling

around you. Imagine this white light shooting

up to the sky, while simultaneously seeing a

beam of white light being returned to you,

enveloping you in its healing radiance.

Step 13

In closing, repeat the following chant for

1-3 minutes:

‘Thank you for healing my body, my mind,

and my spirit. I feel healthy and vital.

I am love and I am loved.’

Step 14

Go about your day as a healing ball of light

energy. Everywhere you go and everyone

you meet will be positively touched by your

healing frequency.

✿ More info Spirit Translator: Seven Truths

for Creating Wellbeing and Connecting with

Spirit by Diana Cole (St Martin’s Press, £12.99).

Facebook/Instagram @thedianacole


Diana’s secrets to living well

♥ Find time in your day, every day, to be still, quiet and worry-free.

♥ Act kindly to yourself and others. Feel kindness towards yourself and others. Speak

kindly to yourself and others.

♥ Improve the conversations you have with yourself.



JANUARY 2022 spiritanddestiny.co.uk

spiritanddestiny.co.uk JANUARY 2022 65


‘The universe

grants my wishes’

I trained as a

yoga teacher

in 2017

With love and children in my life, my

2021 letter focused on my career. I hoped

to find a teaching assistant’s job with hours

that would fit around my family. Three

months later, I landed the perfect job.

It might sound like I always manifest

what’s on my list, but that’s not the case. I did

my yoga teacher training in September 2017,

and had visions of travelling and teaching

yoga, but that didn’t work out. Instead, I fell

pregnant, and I couldn’t be happier.

I think sometimes the universe takes an

executive decision and delivers what’s best for

you. Part of the process of writing the wish

letters is to ask, but then let go of any preconceived

outcome. This year, why don’t you

put pen to paper and try it for yourself?

✿ More info The Break-Up Cure by Lucy

Pemberton-Platt is available on Amazon

Kindle, £3.59.

Lucy Pemberton-Platt has a special New Year’s Day ritual

that’s brought her money, career success – and lasting love

Pen in hand, I settled down to

write the familiar words on the

beautiful paper in my journal.

Dear Universe…

I’ve been writing a wish letter to the

universe – filled with all the lovely dreams

I want to realise over the coming 12 months

– on January 1st, every year since 2009,

when I first read about manifesting.

As soon as I’ve written each letter, I read

it through, pop it in an envelope, address

the envelope to myself, stick a stamp on it

and head for the postbox. Posting my wish

letters back to myself makes them feel more

real, fuels their energy and power.

And when they plop through my letterbox,

I put them in a keepsake box. I like to read

them months later and savour a sense of

gratitude for what’s been manifested.

In my very first wish letter, I asked to

manifest £10,000 because to me it felt like

a realistic amount, not too fantastical, and

in The Secret, a book all about the Law of

Attraction, author Rhonda Byrne suggests

asking for a ‘believable sum’.

Not long afterwards, I landed a job contract

at an international school in Dubai, teaching

five year olds. Out of the blue, I was given an

unexpected bonus of… £10,000!

In 2010, I focused my letter on travelling to

America and listed all the places I wanted

to visit – San Francisco, LA and New York.

I also wished to meet the American spiritual

author Susan Jeffers who wrote Feel the Fear

and Do It Anyway.

To help the universe along, I wrote to Susan

and explained how inspirational I found her

book and asked if I could meet her in person.

I never expected her to say yes – but she invited

me for a one-to-one at her home in Santa

Monica, California. It was especially kind as her

health wasn’t good at the time. It felt surreal!

The whole experience was amazing. Susan

also granted me a licence to teach her ‘Feel

Walking in the

park with Darcy

and Indie

‘I think the


often takes

an executive


the Fear and do it Anyway’ course in the UK.

I was already trained in neuro-linguistic

programming (NLP), counselling and

coaching and to progress my career in this

way with this wonderful woman’s help was

truly an honour.

And guess what, I used that manifested

£10,000 to pay for the US trip visiting the

places on my wish list, including Central

Park and the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Finding my soul match

In my wish letter in 2014, I asked the

universe to help me find the focus to write

a self-help book. That September, I selfpublished

The Break-Up Cure.

With that box ticked, it wasn’t long

before I was seeking a new challenge

and the following year, I got a new job in

London teaching maths and English for a

private education company.

For a time, I was happy enough, but

come January 2016 I knew exactly what to

write in my wish letter – that London isn’t

quite what I thought it would be, although

I’m grateful for the work, but I would like

to move to Manchester to be nearer my

family and the countryside, and make a new

circle of kind friends.

Come the autumn, I’d been offered a transfer

to Manchester. Not only that, but it was a

promotion that came with a bigger salary.

The following January, I was feeling content

with my work situation; it was my personal

life that needed some attention.

I feel ready to find my soul match, I wrote in

my wish letter. I’ve been single on and off for

10 years and want to settle down.

As I’ve never had any expectations about

how my wish letter dreams will come to

fruition, or their timing, when Joel, an old

school friend, messaged me on Facebook

out of the blue in August 2017 I didn’t

immediately think ‘romance’.

Joel, Darcy,

Indie and me

However, when he asked me out on a date,

I simply thought ‘why not’. I trusted the

universe completely.

Delivering what’s best

Within two months, Joel and I were making

plans for our future and by December 2017,

I was happily pregnant.

With a baby on the way, my 2018 letter

focused on having a healthy pregnancy and

finding a new home for our growing family.

We viewed the perfect property in December

2018. Sometimes it can take time for things to

become a reality!

The house was worth the wait. The property

had failed to sell at auction and as a result the

price had been dropped to within our budget.

What’s more, it was only a road away from

my mum and in an area we loved – all details

that were in my wish letter. We got the keys in

March 2019 and moved in five months later,

after renovation work had been carried out.

Meanwhile, in my wish letter that same

year, I had already asked for a sibling for

Darcy, who’s now three. I fell pregnant again

the first time we tried and Indie, now 18

months old, was born in March 2020.

Write your wish letter

Lucy shares her top tips for writing to the universe

♥ Choose some nice

paper and a lovely pen.

♥ Go somewhere you

love, like a coffee shop or

a favourite room in your

house, and enjoy the

process of writing about

everything you’re grateful

for currently in your life.

Then, write a list of all the

things you would like the

universe to help you

manifest over the next

12 months.

♥ Open your letter with

‘Dear Universe’ and start

writing as if you’re

speaking to a best friend.

Be open about your

hopes, fears and dreams.

Keep writing until you’ve

said all you want to say.

♥ Once you’ve finished,

read the letter back once,

and then, without delay,

‘Be open about

your hopes

and dreams’

Tr y it


put it in an envelope,

address it c/o yourself and

post it.

♥ When the letter arrives

put it in a safe place to

read at a later date. Often

you need a bit of time for

things to start to manifest.

If you’re too attached to

the outcome, you forget

the most important part of

the process – the journey.

♥ Keep your wish letters

in a bundle tied with pretty

ribbon and in a place that’s

special to you.


66 JANUARY 2022 spiritanddestiny.co.uk

spiritanddestiny.co.uk JANUARY 2022 67


Time to Pause…

Wide angle seated

forward bend

‘This pose suits the dark days of January when we spend

more time indoors seated. It is a wonderful release

for the lower back and hamstrings,’

says yoga teacher Emma Conally-Barklem


This pose encourages

a lengthening of the spine

with a focus on calming

relaxation as the body and

mind are lulled gradually

towards a surrendering

of tension.


Wide angle seated forward

bend with bolster

This Yin variation of the pose encourages a

gentle release with the support of a bolster.

It opens out the Yin meridian line of the

inner thighs to aid stress relief and is ideal for

winter when energy levels are low.


Deep wide angle seated

forward bend

This variation offers a deep release of the

hamstrings and encourages active surrender

with a focus on a longer exhale. This facilitates

a gradual softening into a release which, in

turn, relieves any ‘tightness’ of the mind.

✿ More info emmaliveyoga.com

Instagram @emmaliveyoga



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