25 years Passaat from Graphic to Strategic Design Company

The company Passaat Communication & Design has been around for 25 years. Monique Rosalina ( is the founder, director, and creative brain behind Passaat. Over the past two decades, she steered her business from graphic design agency to strategic creative business partner. Who is Monique Rosalina (maiden name Van de Kuilen), what drives her, and how does she look back on the years preceding this anniversary?

The company Passaat Communication & Design has been around for 25 years. Monique Rosalina ( is the founder, director, and creative brain behind Passaat. Over the past two decades, she steered her business from graphic design agency to strategic creative business partner. Who is Monique Rosalina (maiden name Van de Kuilen), what drives her, and how does she look back on the years preceding this anniversary?


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From Graphic- to

trategic Design Company

25 years, It’s flown by!

With this look back at 25 years of Passaat, I would first like

to thank everyone I have worked with: designers, office

managers, interns, suppliers, printers, photographers,

copywriters, coaches, translators, ushers, marketing

agencies, architects, storytellers, signage companies and of

course, the many customers.Thank you for the fun, inspiration,

synergy, critical comments, and all the experiences that

have led to Passaat becoming the company it is today.

Making a magazine about 25 years of Passaat seemed

fun** to me. It soon became clear to me that I was not just

working out a simple idea but I had started a project that

involved a lot. Twenty-five years ago, there was a beginning,

and we have done and experienced a lot from that start.

What a lot of work have we done! And as it turns out, it’s

quite difficult to put own company at the center of this anniversary

magazine rather than the customer.

But we succeeded: the journey that Passaat has gone

through in the past 25 years has now been recorded.

As can be seen on the next

page, Passaat team has it’s

favorite projects.

Scan the codes (including mine,

I just picked one, to difficult…)

to see our favorite projects.

Of course, we have not been able to include everything in this

magazine. We just did too much for that. Don’t be disappointed

if your project isn’t listed here. I can assure you that

everything we’ve ever designed has a place in my heart.

The past two years have been tough for many companies

like ours, and partly thanks to regular customers, we have

come through that reasonably well. Now that the tide seems

to be turning and the economy in Curaçao is picking up a bit,

the time is ripe to enter a new phase with Passaat. Passaat is

profiling itself more as a strategic communication business

partner for the local and international markets – a fun challenge!

The first assignments are already in and in full swing.

Writing about yourself is not easy, and I would therefore like

to say a special thank you to Elodie Heloise. She has written

down the life story of Passaat beautifully. The gorgeous portrait

photo is by Carlo Wallé. And of course, I am grateful for

all the work that my regular team members Jacomine, Bram,

Lennart, Carla, and Maren do for Passaat. We do not work

together every week, but if there is a nice fitting project, you

always make time to make a good product together.

T: +5999-8697267

E: info@passaatdesign.com


FB: Passaatdesign

INST: Passaatcommunication

LINKIN: PASSAAT Communication & Design

And last but not least, I want to mention my family here: Edsel

my husband and our daughters Tilaï and Zulia. You have

been my sounding board and all too often my ‘test subjects’.

You are my support.

Un danki di kurason.


Favorites projects of the Passaat team!

Making magazines! Being involved in the creating

of a magazine is the most interesting and fun

part of my job as a copywriter for Passaat. Each

magazine provides the opportunity to explore

new topics.The issue I’m most proud of is the Soa

special of Mi Salu, because of its delicate theme

and strong message.

Jacomine Lagas, Textwriter & editor

With so many great projects to choose from, it was

surprisingly easy to pick the collaboration I’m most

proud of: Canon of Curaçao was a project where all our

strengths came together perfectly. From start to finish

we were in close dialog with the client and helped them

make the right choices regarding their goals, message and

implementation. The result is a culturally and historically

significant website that helps the island share and further

develop its complex history and identity.

Bram Perry - Experience Designer & Developer

My favorite project that I’ve

worked on for Passaat has been

copy editing and proofreading

Passaat’s website.

Maren Kooy, English text editor

The best memories i made whilst working

for Passaat are about the book ‘Wooden

Houses of Curacao II’. Walking around

those old neighbourhoods, drawing maps

and taking pictures of the most beautiful

houses. Monique showed me the hidden

side of Curacao, the side where no tourists

would ever come. I was amazed by the

generosity of the people, their stories and

their happiness. We tried to capture that

feeling into the book, and I think we succeeded.

Lennart Laansma, Junior Graphic Designer

I enjoyed working on

Curacares designs because

I like the way they

contribute to society,

so I felt I was helping


Carla Contreras,

Graphic designer


The company Passaat Communication & Design has

been around for 25 years. Monique Rosalina (1965)

is the founder, director, and creative brain behind

Passaat. Over the past two decades, she steered her

business from graphic design agency to strategic

creative business partner. Who is Monique Rosalina

(maiden name Van de Kuilen), what drives her, and

how does she look back on the years preceding this



I am not a window dresser

Monique was 31 years old when she immigrated to Curaçao

in 1996 with her husband Edsel and two daughters.

Edsel is from Curaçao and had always wanted to

go back. Monique had vacationed there many times.

She recalls: ‘We had been together for 11 years. We

had both completed our studies and were working

in the industry. I did the art academy and Edsel HTS

Electrotechniek. We lived in Utrecht.

Our two daughters were born there, and we lived our

lives. Edsel decided to apply to a job in Curaçao. He

got the job, and we left. To be honest, I also found that

quite difficult. I was now the one who left my family

behind. But I already loved Curaçao and the culture,

and that helped. Besides, the kids got a chance to get

to know this part of their heritage better.’

One of the first things that Monique did on the island,

was to set up Passaat Graphic & Web Design. She

registered the company with the Chamber of Commerce

in 1997, and although she occasionally did something

under the name ‘Passaat’,’ she first started working

at the Curaçao CATCH! and later at BASKOK Creative

Communication. ‘I had been working in the design

industry in the Netherlands for 7 years before coming

to Curaçao,’ says Monique. ‘The computer was still

relatively new, so I had also worked in this sector in the

Netherlands without one. That is almost impossible to

imagine now; designing and typesetting done by hand.’

For Monique, the choice to work for a local company

had everything to do with getting to know the market

and the (company) culture of the island. ‘I learned

a lot in those five years about how it works on the

island with images and text, how people interact with

each other and what I liked and didn’t like to do.

I soon discovered that I didn’t like working in someone

else’s style. I much preferred to consult with

customers myself instead of getting an order from the

boss. Customer contact is important to me. Otherwise,

I can’t quite sense what they want. And I soon

discovered the danger of having a small number of

large-scale customers. When one of these fails, you

are very vulnerable as a company.’

It is precisely the latter that led to BKCC having to

reorganize the creative communication department


in 2000 and Monique being one of the people who got

fired. ‘Passaat was there, of course, but I only worked

part-time for my own company. I remember thinking:

I can’t run a full-time business with two growing

children, can I? But I could!’


With Passaat Graphic & Web Design, Monique initially

built her business from home. She built a clientele

that she served by building websites, designing

logos, house styles, folders and flyers, and many

other things. The first customers such as The Movies,

Super-retail holding (DA, Bruna, and Prenatal) came

in through Interpress, a printing company.

Then Dynaf, Youth & Younsters Directorate, CPA,

CTDB, SSC, ClASS & Blue Liaison all followed.

Monique remembers: ‘It’s funny, but of course, you

say yes to everything at first. You have just started.

For me, however, the message and function of whatever

I make have always been important. I am not a

‘window dresser’ who makes a nice design with frills

and graceful curls just because. No, every design

must have a function. It has to match the message

you want to send out into the world.

If those curls fit, I’ll make them.’

Strategic Growth of Trades

Year 1-5 Exploring and Getting to Know the Curaçao Market

Year 6-10 Regular Customers in Curaçao

Year 11-15 Assignments on the Other islands

Year 16-20 Branding and Innovation

Year 21- 25 Strategic Creative Business Partner


After a while, Monique moved Passaat from the living

room to a studio at home. ‘It became busier and therefore

also more important to separate life and work.’

During this period, Passaat was commissioned to

assist TelEm (Telecom Sint Maarten) in organizing the

conference of the Caribbean Association of National

Telecommunication Organizations (CANTO) that was

held in Sint Maarten. ‘I thought they has asked me

to help. Nice. That’s good. When I got there, I was

introduced to the organization.’They said, ‘This is

Monique, and she will arrange everything in terms of

design and communication.’ ‘I was shocked. This was

a mega assignment. I designed that whole conference.

From welcome cards in the hotel to the banners

in the conference room. And all of that with no laptop.

It was amazing.’

Design and production of 5 leaflets for local initiatives on behalf of the CTDB.

Aubrey Pasial – Director CLASS NV

We have been working professionally with Passaat Graphic & Web Design

since 2005. Our experience with Monique is that she really puts everything

into her work to achieve the best possible result for her clients. She is

constantly pursuing excellence. You can trust her creative mind in creating

the right image for your business. I can certainly recommend her.



In 2005, Passaat Graphic & Web Design grew out of

its training wheels. It was time to find a bigger space

where customers could also be received and where

there were more workplaces. Passaat chose the

historic smoke room of Landhuis Janwe.

‘A small business center was created there with, and

in addition to Passaat, it included the Hokuskokus

store and Tanya van Esveld’s company with murals

and beautiful unique souvenirs. We stayed there until

2007. The mansion was sold, and we had to look for

something else.’

Entrepreneurship in the blood

Monique is the daughter of a florist, and her

grandfather had a plant nursery. They lived

in Hilversum. ‘Besides working with flowers,

my father was also a photographer. He had

a darkroom in the attic. I grew up in a family

business where being creative was just as

important as being independent and self

employed. Those values were instilled in me

from a young age In turn, these also formed

the foundation of Passaat.’






Rotary Curaçao ta gradisí Diana Lebacs,

Laura Quast, Lydia Gotia i Merly Augusta pa

nan apoyo na realisashon di e proyekto aki.

Pokopoko, un pia un pia e outo tabata move riba e

kareteranan grandi di Hulanda.

Si, Gabi tabata ku fakansi na Hulanda ku su famia!

I awe, djabièrnè atardi, nan a sali for di Loujwert via Amsterdam

i Haarlem pa nan bai Apeldoorn bai bishitá ‘Seru di Konènchi’.

Gabi tabata sintá patras den outo i nada no tabata pas’é forbei.

Su boka no tabata para ketu ni un ratu, pasobra kiko ku e mira,

e tabata komentá. Di ripiente el a grita: ‘Ata, mira!’

Mama, tras di stür, a hera haña steipi. ‘Kiko mucha?’

Tur hende a rèk garganta den tur direkshon.

‘Un konènchi masha grandi mes!’ Gabi di.

‘Mi no ta mira nada,’ tio Bobby a bisa ku un krenchi di mal beis.

Nèt e tabata kabishá ora Gabi a spant’é ku su gritu.

‘Masha bon,’ Gabi a pusta boka, ‘mi a drei wak patras

i m’a mira un konènchi masha grandi mes kore den

e mondi kantu di kaminda.’

Tio Bobby a bolbe bisa: ‘Unda,unda? Mi no ta mir’é.’

Gabi a keda bisa: ‘Aya, aya no! Wak e ta kore!’

E tabata mustra, pero ta e so tabata mira e konènchi grandi.

Un dushi buki di fakansi den kua por sigui Gabi su aventuranan.

Rotary Curaçao ta gradisí Diana Lebacs,

Laura Quast, Lydia Gotia i Merly Augusta

pa nan apoyo na realisashon di e proyekto aki.

ISBN# 99904-0-602-2

Pr material for the ‘Just like u walk’ from Fundashon Kontakto.


Esaki ta un buki di kuenta pa mucha di 8 aña i mas.

Clift Christiaan >



< Joline Hermanus

< Tone Moller ¨

Kuenta di bestia • Rotary Curaçao

Seru di Konènchi • Boy Bakmeijer • Rotary Curaçao

Seru di Konènchi

Peter Nagelkerke >

Boy Bakmeijer

Kuenta di bestia

Ilustrashon di

Suzette Rosario i Peter Nagelkerke



Ronny Lobo

ISBN# 99904-0-603-0 Ilustrashon di Deezy Laufer





Boy Bakmeijer

Ilustrashon di Deezy Laufer

`We decided on downtown in Punda, at Hanchi Snoa

a large open commercial space on the first floor of

number 8C. ‘It was a lovely space, and it was very

nice to be in the city. Several colleagues and interns

worked for Passaat from this location.

One of our major projects was 4 You-th magazine

for Saba, Sint Maarten, Bonaire, Sint Eustatius, and

Curaçao, with its own youth editorial office on each

island. After 10-10-10, that changed with the disintegration

of the Netherlands Antilles and the magazine

was only continued to be made in Curaçao through

the Ban Komuniká Foundation! We were sometimes

a clubhouse for those youngsters who would drop by

when they were in town.’


Social involvement

Passaat is based in Curaçao. The people and

the culture are a very important part of that.

‘I have always loved culture. If you want to

communicate with others, knowledge of the

society and culture of that community is essential.

That is crucial in my profession. In my

work and daily life, I am happy to contribute

to that. The 4Youth project is a good example

of this. I always dedicate a few hours a year

pro bono to help others who are involved with

society and culture. In fact, I suspect that if I

had not opted for design and communication,

I would probably have become an anthropologist.’

; -)

First own publication & design done in-house.

A collection of more

than 200 wooden

houses in Curaçao

Monique Rosalina


History of our

plantation house


Pms Landhuis 7427Rooi Catootje, an 18th century plantation house

is one of Curacao’s historical monuments. It houses a

museum containing antique furniture, historic and unique

objects. Each room contains permanent special exhibitions

of memorabilia of the Mongui Maduro family.

Tijdens een korte rondleiding in het landhuis kunnen we

PMS niet 136 alleen een blik werpen op de unieke stukken. We

genieten ook van het prachtige antieke meubilair dat

eveneens van de welgestelde familie Maduro komt. Het

geeft het interieur een wat plechtig en statig karakter, dat

volledig in harmonie is. De toewijding waarmee de collectie

wordt beheerd, is indrukwekkend en daarom loont het

meer dan de moeite om, liefst na afspraak, een bezoekje

Pms 2757 te brengen aan het charmante landhuis.

70% zwart

75% transparantie

Stichting S.A.L. (Mongui) Maduro

Isci tat. Te conullum illa C0 commole M100 ssequisim Y65 del K28 ulputat.

Sit, veraess ectetue tat adio dolorti ncidunt dui tem

zzrillaorem quat. Ip ex ex erilit nostrud dolore dunt ing

ercidunt augait luptatis erosto euisi.

Feumsan enibh erat venim erat. Ut aute tionsectet venim

vel diametum iriuscinci ea alisim dipit ad euip et volore

C0 M27 Y76 K0

mincing et, venibh elestio dolumsa ndionsed tat vendre

dolestrud tat ut amcommod te magna feuguero doleniam

elesto eugiat augait aut dignibh et velent dolorem quam

verat adigna faci te faci eugiamc onullam iliquis dolor sed

tetueros nos nonulputat.

C100 M82 Y0 K30

Largest collection

Antilliana and

Judiaca books

and publications

Monique’s company would remain in the city center

for more than eight years. ‘With a lot of fun assignments

such as the logo, corporate identity, and

website of The Common Court of Justice, the logo of

Mongui Maduro Library, Museum and Foundation,

the restyling of the Farminpex logo, the layout of

three books for the 100th anniversary of the Rotary

International, the logo and corporate identity of

Superkids, the corporate identity of CBS and of course

4-Youth, which grew from a magazine to an online


Handleiding voor de huisstijl

Visiting hours:

Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am till noon.

Guided tours are available. T: +(599-9) 737-5119,

E: info@madurolibraray.org, www.madurolibrary.org

Lettertype = Quay sans


library = PMS 7427 C

museum = PMS 136C

foundation = PMS 2757C

dhr. Salomon Abraham Levy (Mongui) Maduro



20 página!!


É úniko revista di

hóbennan di Kòrsou!

Modelonan di portada: anónimo

Stòp tentamentu i

preshon di grupo!

Novèmber 2012


Por fabor tuma e kontenido na serio!

On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog \\ Kiko

ta pèstmentu? \\ Rekòrdando mi pasado.... \\ Kon mi

por resistí pèstmentu i preshon di grupo? \\ E ròlnan

a bòltu \\ Bo por identifiká bo mes? \\ …i bon Pasku i

Felis Aña nobo!!


More and more, Passaat’s focus came closer to the

customers’ business operations. It was no longer only

about graphic design but about communication solutions,

branding, and innovation. Passaat was continually

being asked to sit down at the table as an advisor.

This is a place where Monique feels like a fish in

water. ‘What is the purpose and function of what you

want to communicate? What do you want to achieve?’

‘That’s where it starts,’ she says, ‘and the design that

matches it follows naturally. It is incredibly satisfying

when you can work with a customer at this level to

achieve something that actually achieves the intended


Neyla Diaz – Director Farminpex

Our relationship with Passaat started in 2012 leading up

to our 30th anniversary celebration in 2013 when Passaat

redesigned our logo and corporate identity. We continued

working with Passaat on the development of our

website, catalogue and several other PR materials.


Hugo Verbrugge – Director Mi Optica - Optica Antillana

About 10 years ago, Monique and I were in Action Coach’s Growth Club,

and that’s how we started talking about renewing and modernizing our

logo, and Passaat indeed designed that afterward. We still work with

Passaat because they always think along with us and then contact us

again to ask how it went. Our collaboration feels like one team that

puts our interests first and wants us to improve as an optician.

Hugo Verbrugge

Managing director

Optica Antillana NV

Jan Noorduynweg 10

Sta Maria, Curaçao

T: +5999 888 5858

M: +5999 670 6655



Dynaf stand Living 2012




logo | kleuren : Pantone 2747 + Pantone Warm Gray 4


‘I always go all the way for a project, and that’s why I sometimes

go further than the assignment requires of me. That is not

always wise for business. Nowadays, I communicate this better

with the customer, and I’ve become a little more careful with my

enthusiasm. Thanks to my 33 years of experience , I can quickly

see what the solution is. But of course, you shouldn’t give that

knowledge away during a drink or an informal conversation.

However, I also discovered that sometimes, you have to share

some knowledge with your customer so that they can better

assess, for example, what a good logo is. Passaat does this with

through a workshop for decision-makers and other stakeholders.


And I’ve learned to say no. In the beginning, you say yes to

everything. You go for the experience, the money you need, and

sometimes for a new challenge. These days, I pass up an assignment

when it’s just about executing someone’s idea and doesn’t

involve having to use our communication knowledge. When

that’s the case, Passaat is not the company they need. There are

plenty of others who can do that.’

Event logo & Pr material

for the Central America

and Caribbean Athletes

Championships in 2013

Design©www.passaatdesign.com Photo© Nationaal Archief


3 May - 12 July 2015


| Objects | Photos | Video | Sound Clips | Tribute |

The Curaçao Museum

Van Leeuwenhoekstraat z/n, Curaçao

Tuesday- Sunday 10:00 a.m.- 04:00 p.m.

For more info & special events:


Guera na Kòrsou


1996 -2016

20 jaar ten dienste

van de gemeenschap

1996-2016 | REDA SOSIAL | 20 jaar ten dienste van de gemeenschap


After 2015, Passaat went through some major changes

again. The team changed, the permanent members

moved abroad and Monique decided to continue with

them online. ‘The space at Hanchi Snoa was now

getting way too big, and after a search for something

else, I ended up at the Triangle in the Hoogstraat in


It’s an open workspace with all facilities where you

can sit with several people from various companies

at the same time and where you can also use meeting

rooms. It was perfect. I have been there since 2016. It

is also nice to realize now that we were already working

online well before other sectors realized that this

was possible. Covid-19 was needed for that in most


It’s all about





CERT #4736.01


CERT #4736.01

Phyllis Meit


Hanchi di Snoa 29

Willemstad | Curaçao

Phone +5999 461 1633



Logo, Corporate identity, Timeline & permanent exhibition of Jewish Cultural Historical Museum.


Ron Gomes Casseres

Passaat Graphic & Website Design has turned 25 years. ‘Mashá

pabien’ we say, and after a toast and a bite, we go on with our lives.

But let’s dwell on it for a moment. The vast majority of companies

do not make it to 25 years. When we reach the age of 25, a lot changes

in our lives. Until the 25th birthday, life is more or less plotted

in advance. Babies become toddlers, and after kindergarten, they

go to primary and secondary education. This is followed by higher

education and a first job, perhaps already a partner, but after that,

a completely unknown part begins — namely, the rest of life. What

that will be, you have to build up yourself based on what you have



learned and experienced in those first 25 years.

And so it goes with companies as well. In the years following those

first 25, we will build on what was experienced, tried, and what succeeded

in the first quarter of a century, but also what has failed Bo tin un and telefòn

bo telefòn?

what has not been such a success.

Passaat has always had the – same objective in our society (and

Resultadonan di tèst entre 4 pa 24 ora disponibel

Mayoria resultado di tèst ta visibel denter di 24 ora den

e portal di pashènt. Algun tèst tin tempu di espera un

often insufficiently pursued by others): to help organizations make

poko mas largu.

Si akaso bo no mira bo resultado, tuma kontakto ku e

i tur kaminda.

manager di Laboratorio di LabdeMed na +5999 736 1030.

their communication more targeted and effective. Where Monique



Bo tin pregunta tokante uso di e portal di pashènt

herself did not have the technical knowledge or di where LabdeMed òf problema the pa drenta den technology

that was required changed time and again, she knew how to

e sistema?

Yama nos na + 5999 736 1030 òf hasi bo pregunta via

nos formulario di kontakto riba www.labdemed.org

‘Download’ nos LdMApp!

E manera mas rápido pa haña akseso na bo resultadonan

di tèst ta via e app di LabdeMed. Alabes aki den bo ta

find and offer it in collaboration with others. By haña always informashon tokante nos sticking lokalidatnan, orarionan, to

promoshonnan i botika na warda. ‘Download’ awor nos

LdMApp den e App Store òf Google Play Store.

a proven philosophy and building up and adapting the necessary

techniques, a solid infrastructure was built in those first 25 years.

With this, Passaat will be able to celebrate many more lustrum.

Congratulations to Monique and the Passaat Design team.




Ku bo LdMApp bo tin LabdeMed

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i tur ora na T: man +(5999) 736 1030 • E: info@labdemed.org

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www.labdemed.org • FB: labdemedcuracao

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• Internationale samenwerkingen

LabdeMed hecht veel waarde aan de bescherming van


privacy. De resultaten van de testen die wij aanbieden zijn

• Corporate testing op locatie

vertrouwelijk, evenals persoons- en bedrijfsgegevens. Wij

• Snel en vakkundig testresultaat

werken volgens de officieel vastgestelde privacyregels van

• Drugs- en/of alcohol testing

de Landsverordening Bescherming Persoonsgegevens (LBP)

• Preventieve health check personeel

en de Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming (AVG).


• Medische keuringen

Ofisina prinsipal

Kaya Flamboyan 3 • Willemstad, Curaçao

LabdeMed, Laboratorio de Medicos

T: +(5999) 736 1030 • E: info@labdemed.org

100% discrete aanpak, zekerheid en kwaliteit

www.labdemed.org • FB: labdemedcuracao

Ofisina prinsipal:

Kaya Flamboyan 3 • Willemstad, Curaçao

T: +(5999) 736 1030 • E: info@labdemed.org

www.labdemed.org • FB: labdemedcuracao

Awor ‘download’

nos LdMApp!

Another change was that Passaat converted Graphic

& Web Design to Passaat Communication & Design. It

is name that fits better with what the company has to

offer: a strategic partnership for communication.

‘That’s where we are now, and I’m happy with this



Like I said before, I’m not a window dresser. For me,

it’s always about the content, and I see that Passaat

has also developed more and more in that direction.

A lot has changed in the sector in the past 25 years.

Especially technologically, and of course I mean social

media and the possibilities, but also the pollution that

this entails. You really have to think very carefully

about your goals and the message you attach to

them. If you do not coordinate this properly in your

communication policy, you will all too often shoot

yourself in the foot.

As far as my company is concerned, I look to the

future with confidence. I am proud of the trust I have

built with customersbut also grateful for the loyalty

I received back from them. I have many customers

who have been with Passaat for a long time. It’s nice

to see you grow together, and we know what we do,

how we do it, why we do it, and what we do it for.

You have to stay on the ball, and that is Passaat.’

Choose for the convenience of Flex Thrombosis Care

Flexible thrombosis care

Choose for the freedom of Flex Thrombosis Care

Flexible thrombosis care

Choose for the convenience of Flex Thrombosis Care

Flexible thrombosis care

International Team

Bram Perry – Jacomine Lagas – Lennart Laansma –

Carla Contreras – Maren Kooy

The people Passaat is working with in 2022 all have

a link with the company. They have been there as

employees or did an internship. Over time, they left

Curaçao to settle elsewhere. They are located in the

Netherlands, Canada, and Spain and contribute to

the company online from across the ocean. They

are managed by Monique who is based in Curaçao.

‘Together, we form the current Passaat Communication

and Design. They are all professionals in their

field. Passaat has been working in this way since

2015 well before companies realized the importance

of this due to Covid-19. And it works. We keep each

other well informed about new developments and

the time difference works actually to our advantage.

I open the mailbox in the morning, see the finished

material, give comments, and then they get back to

work while I sleep. And vice versa of course.’

For the assisted care

For patients

For physicians

Logo, Corporate identity, folders & website of Flex Thrombosis Care



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