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M Y N O R T H S E A L A N D / 2 0 2 2 / 2 0 2 3<br />

MY<br />

NORTH<br />


FREE MAGAZINE / <strong>2022</strong>/2023<br />

The best<br />








Official guide to<br />

great experiences<br />

in North Sealand


06<br />



08<br />


Tisvildeleje, Rågeleje,<br />

Gilleleje, Esrum<br />

Dronningmølle<br />

24<br />

26<br />





28<br />



& LYNÆS<br />

38<br />



40<br />



& LISELEJE<br />


VisitNordsjælland, Krakasvej 17, 3400 Hillerød. Ph: +45 49 21 13 33 info@<br />

visitnordsjaelland.com, www.visitnordsjaelland.dk<br />

The magazine is published by VisitNordsjælland and primarily contains editorial<br />

articles and adverts paid for and developed in collaboration with tourism operators<br />

and other commercial enterprises in North Sealand.<br />


Prices, dates and opening times are subject to change, and the editorial team cannot be<br />

held responsible for any incorrect information. Images and text may not be reproduced<br />

without the publisher's permission. All rights reserved. © Copyright VisitNordsjælland<br />

<strong>2022</strong>. Editing finalised 5 February <strong>2022</strong>.<br />


Editor-in-Chief: Jesper Bækgaard<br />

Editors: Annette Sørensen, Henrik Numelin, Susanne Tvergaard Nielsen, Clara Sune<br />

Buch, Andreas Friis Mikkelsen, Christina Heinze Johansson, Bettina Kampmann,<br />

Sanne Nielsen, Anne-Marie von Vultejus et al.


46<br />



50<br />


Fredensborg,<br />

Nivå & Humlebæk<br />

66<br />

COME. LET’S GO<br />


70<br />



80<br />

82<br />

84<br />

88<br />

90<br />









COLOUR & WIN<br />



VisitNordsjælland, Naturstyrelsen, Tine Uffelmann, Daniel Overbeck, Sarah Green,<br />

Henrik Sylvest, Thomas Rahbek, Wichmann+Bendtsen Photography, Sisse Langfeldt,<br />

Kaj Frøling, Bent E. Jensen- Bach, Signe Roderik, Casper Bay Grauballe, Laura<br />

Davies, Colin M, Thomas Sinding, Copenhagen Orginals, Jens Lindhe, Philip<br />

Høpner, Niclas Jessen, Stephen Freiheit, Maria Dønvang, Tina Andersen, Kasper<br />

Nyberg, Susanne Buhl, Tine Uffelmann, Daniel Overbeck, Sarah Green, Christina<br />

Bendix, Christian Warrer, Oliver Bock, Daniel Rasmussen, Mette Jonson, Agnete<br />

Schlichtkrull, Søren Thorsson, Hans Carlsen, Charlottte Sonnichsen et al.<br />


Drone photo by Tine Uffelmann at Melby Overdrev<br />


By Story House Egmont:<br />

Layout: Kasper Bjerre & Trine Nissen<br />

Text: Sofie Møller Wulff & Maria Bruun-Schmidt Dorrens<br />

Project management: Mille Sølling Olsen<br />

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04<br />



ETA? Quickest route? Yes, the GPS is a<br />

great thing. It has made it easier to get<br />

from A to B, easier to plan journeys and<br />

easier to get about generally. But to<br />

be honest, it’s also a bit boring, isn’t it?<br />

Because when you’re out there, in your<br />

shorts and finally on holiday, with everything<br />

packed, including your sandwiches<br />

- which road are you going to<br />

follow? How will you get the most out<br />

of all the amazing experiences waiting<br />

for you out there? Will you take<br />

the direct route, like the nice lady on<br />

the GPS recommends, or will you take<br />

the lesser-known route to your best<br />

holiday ever?<br />

Set your route to....<br />

zigzag<br />

In recent years, the interest in walking<br />

and cycling holidays has almost exploded<br />

and the appetite for experiencing<br />

the great wide open seems endless.<br />

Both walking and cycling routes offer<br />

something special. All those small<br />

experiences along the way suddenly<br />

become meaningful ones as you zigzag<br />

your way, seemingly in a haphazard<br />

fashion, through the landscape. Perhaps<br />

you’ve set course for Louisiana<br />

Museum of Modern Art, although, as<br />

many frequent visitors know, it’s only<br />

a small detour to drop in for a spot of<br />

‘light refreshment’ at Lind’s Kaffebar by<br />

Humlebæk Station.<br />

Or, why not take the coastal route, where<br />

you drive alongside the sea rather<br />

than the straightest and quickest way<br />

as the GPS lady suggests? The route<br />

is beautiful, the houses enchanting<br />

and the sea is enticing. You might get<br />

there three minutes later but you arrive<br />

richer for the experience. So it’s not<br />

such a diffcult decision is it?<br />

Actually, it’s often a good idea to look<br />

for alternative routes Who would have<br />

thought that Rusland (Russia in Danish)<br />

is actually close to the small seaside<br />

town of Dronningmølle and not thousands<br />

of kilometres to the east. The<br />

Danish Rusland is actually a heatherclad<br />

heath area where the Danish<br />

sculptor Rudolf Tegner’s sculptures<br />

are dotted over the landscape.<br />

And a small detour will take you to<br />

the Par force hunting area in North<br />

Sealand, which has been added to<br />

the UNESCO World Heritage list. You<br />

can search all you like on your GPS<br />

but you’ll quickly find that it’s almost<br />

useless using it to navigate your way<br />

about. It’s only when you cycle or walk<br />

the network of paths and trails through<br />

the over 11,000 acre former royal hunting<br />

ground that you come to realise<br />

why the National Park of Royal North<br />

Sealand has earned the title ‘Royal’.<br />

And why its castles, country homes,<br />

gardens, parks and woods are all part<br />

of the greater story of North Sealand.<br />

In the footsteps of Søren<br />

Kirkegaard and<br />

Knud Rasmussen<br />

The world-famous Danish philosopher<br />

and theologian Søren Kirkegaard spent<br />

the summer of 1835 walking the north<br />

coast of Sealand and perhaps it was<br />

this experience that was the inspiration<br />

behind his famous words:<br />

”Of all ridiculous things, the most ridiculous<br />

seems to me, to be busy.”<br />

Today you can follow in his footsteps<br />

by downloading the Useum app, selecting<br />

Kirkegaard by Nature and following<br />

the route from just outside the<br />

town of Gilleleje. Surely he would have<br />

suggested turning off the GPS and following<br />

the road less travelled instead<br />

of the most effective and usually least<br />

interesting route.<br />

And of course, we mustn’t forget the<br />

great polar explorer Knud Rasmussen,<br />

whose fascinating house just outside<br />

Hundested is open to the public. His<br />

eventful life is one glowing example<br />

of finding the most amazing roads to<br />

travel that no one else can see.<br />

Perhaps this magazine will inspire you<br />

to search out new adventures and take<br />

the road less travelled - either alone,<br />

with friends, or with family. And if Mrs<br />

GPS stands between the quickest<br />

route and the long and winding one,<br />

we recommend you follow that particular<br />

road to your next holiday adventure.<br />

Have a great trip out and about<br />

in North Sealand.<br />

From all of us in Visit<strong>NorthSealand</strong>


06<br />

Discover<br />


The House of Knud<br />

Rasmussen<br />

Sand Sculpture Festival Tisvildeleje Gilleleje The Powder Works<br />

Museum<br />

Esrum Abbey<br />

Frederiksborg Castle<br />

Fredensborg Palace The Par force Hunting Louisiana Nivaagaards<br />

Landscape,<br />

Art Collection<br />

National Park<br />

of Royal North Sealand<br />

Visit Nordsjælland is the offcial<br />

tourism organisation for Fredensborg, Gribskov,<br />

Halsnæs and Hillerød municipalities.<br />

Smidstrup<br />

4<br />

Gilleleje<br />

Rågeleje<br />

Dronningmølle<br />

Hornbæk<br />

Vejby<br />

Tisvildeleje<br />

3<br />

Græsted<br />

Esrum<br />

6<br />

Helsingør<br />

Liseleje<br />

Helsinge<br />

Esrum<br />

Sø<br />

1<br />

Hundested<br />

2<br />

Lynæs<br />

Torup<br />

Melby<br />

5<br />

Frederiksværk<br />

Ølsted<br />

Arresø<br />

16<br />

7<br />

9<br />

Hillerød<br />

8<br />

Fredensborg<br />

E 47<br />

10<br />

Humlebæk<br />

Nivå<br />

11<br />

Rungsted<br />

Hørsholm<br />

Frederikssund<br />


The little journey to big<br />

Swedish adventures.<br />

It only takes 20 minutes to cross the sea to Sweden, where you<br />

will find an ocean of adventures in and around Helsingborg.<br />

You can visit Tropikariet with all the exotic animals, Sofiero<br />

castle with the amazing gardens or Fredriksdal open-air<br />

museum, where you can catch a glimpse of<br />

the Swedish history.<br />

We depart several times an<br />

hour most of the day.<br />

For more information,<br />

please visit forsea.com<br />

DKK 170,-<br />

Family ticket<br />

return only<br />

*<br />

* The family ticket is a one day return<br />

for 2 adults and up to 3 children (4-15 years)<br />

traveling by foot.

08<br />


GILLE<br />

LEJE<br />

THE<br />

TOWN<br />

at THE<br />

TOP<br />

Gilleleje, Sealand’s most northerly point<br />

offers a busy commercial life with many exciting<br />

shops, cosy cafés and good restaurants.<br />

The fishing harbour and the beautiful cultural<br />

centre, Kulturhavn Gilleleje, are worthy attractions<br />

with deep roots in local life. Together they<br />

are worth a visit - so take a lovely day trip, an<br />

extended weekend or a longer holiday with the<br />

whole family.<br />

Gribskov Municipality is the largest in North<br />

Sealand and encompasses towns like Gilleleje,<br />

Rågeleje, Esrum and Tisvildeleje.<br />

If you visit Gilleleje on a Saturday in the summer<br />

months, you will be welcomed by Danish flags along<br />

the main street. When the sun comes out, the town<br />

buzzes with life with its many events and summer<br />

activities: market days, Bakkefest, the town festival<br />

and small local concerts at the town’s eateries.<br />

In the winter months you can enjoy Gilleleje as an<br />

active historical fishing town with a very special<br />

atmosphere. Take a walk in the old part of town


09<br />

FOOD &<br />


Far away from the noise and busy rumblings<br />

of the city, the north coast is waiting quietly<br />

for you. Here, life is lived locally and the<br />

atmosphere is authentic.<br />

Three eateries you must try when you<br />

visit the area:<br />

• Café Kystgaarden, Gilleleje<br />

• Proviant Gilleleje Harbour<br />

• El Meson Canario, Rågeleje<br />

Four unforgettable places for accommodation<br />

in and around Gilleleje:<br />

• Kongernes Feriepark<br />

• Hotel Gilleleje Strand<br />

• Gilleleje Badehotel<br />

• Feriecenter Rågeleje Klit<br />

where the authentic fishermen’s houses are huddled<br />

close to each other, separated by well-manicured small<br />

gardens and stone walls. Also visit Gilleleje Church<br />

which played a key role in the dramatic events of<br />

October 1943, when the Jews had to flee from the<br />

Gestapo when their hiding place in the church attic was<br />

discovered.<br />


Gilleleje is surrounded by nature and is thus a great<br />

starting point for both cycling and walking activities<br />

(read pages 27 and 67). From Gilleleje you can follow<br />

the Gilbjergstien path all the way to the highest point<br />

in Gilleleje, Gilbjerg. There you will experience fantastic<br />

views across the Kattegat to Kullen in Sweden. If<br />

you like walking, then find time to experience Kirkegaard<br />

by Nature, which is a more or less 12 km/7 mi<br />

long walk. You will walk in the footsteps of the world<br />

famous Danish philosopher, Søren Kierkegaard. The walk<br />

starts and ends in Gilleleje. Take a walk around Maglehøjene<br />

by Rågeleje. Have a well-earned break at the cosy<br />

Café Havestuen which is the closest neighbour to the<br />

burial mounds. Here, you will feel at home with Annemarie<br />

and Jacob. Also make your way past the El Meson<br />

Canario restaurant, which serves authentic Spanish<br />

paellas, tintos, tapas and sangria. Here you can enjoy<br />

your Spanish dinner with beautiful views of the Kattegat.<br />



Gilleleje has become a huge ice cream Mecca and in<br />

recent years the locals have begun to take gourmet ice<br />

cream production seriously. For example, you could try<br />

ice cream from Tranegård, Gilleleje-Isen and Søsters.<br />

The ice creams are usually a big hit for those of us with<br />

a sweet tooth. At Kollerødgaard you can enjoy some ice<br />

cream and also see where the milk comes from.<br />

A brisk, little treasure hunt with the children is also<br />

an option that begins at the museum in Skibshallerne,<br />

moving on to Gilleleje where you can dive into the<br />

history of the town.<br />

If you are in the mood for a great excursion, a good<br />

tip is to walk from Gilleleje Harbour out to Nakkehoved<br />

Lighthouse. This is a really great walk. You will go past<br />

the harbour and the fishermen’s houses, close to a<br />

beautiful area with delightful houses and then you will<br />

suddenly find yourself in a forest where you can see<br />

the lighthouse. Sometimes you can even be fortunate<br />

enough to spot a seal from the high points. Nakkehoved<br />

Lighthouse is a lovely place run by volunteers.

10<br />



Historical fishing atmosphere<br />

The screech of seagulls, spray from the waves, the wind<br />

in your hair, the harbour noises from the fishing boats, the<br />

sound of children playing while running between the nets<br />

and the aroma of fresh fish. You will not be in any doubt.<br />

You are at Gilleleje Harbour which embraces an authentic<br />

harbour environment and modern culture and art for adults<br />

and children.<br />

In the far distance from Sealand’s largest fishing harbour<br />

you can hear the clank, clank, clank sound which sets the<br />

atmosphere for everything from the fish auction, ice works<br />

and smokehouse to the fishmongers and fish export. The<br />

harbour is a large workplace with many employees to service<br />

commercial fishermen, anglers and yachting enthusiasts.<br />

With a boatyard, machine shop, marine painter, smithy,<br />

crane service and stocks, there is unrestricted access to<br />

experience the trade and see the fishermen unload their<br />

cutters and fix their nets.<br />

Gilleleje Harbour Offce<br />

Havnen 5, tel +45 48 30 16 63<br />

gillelejehavn.com (in Danish only)<br />

Adamsens Fisk<br />

Havnen 2<br />

adamsensfisk.dk (in Danish only)<br />

Bakkehuset Good Living Gilleleje<br />

Alfavej 18<br />

bakkehuset-lagersalg.dk (in Danish only)<br />

Restaurant Far til 4<br />

Alfavej 21<br />

far-til-4.dk (in Danish only)<br />

Kanalkiosken – A world of ice cream<br />

Kanalvejen 13<br />

kanalkiosken.dk (in Danish only)<br />

Fiskernes Deli<br />

Kanalvejen 13e<br />

Proviant – Det Maritime Spisehus<br />

Kanalvejen 15<br />

proviant.dk (in Danish only)<br />

Havhøkeren - Sailing and fishing gear, shoes<br />

and clothing<br />

Nordre Havnevej 9<br />

havhokeren.dk (in Danish only)<br />

Brdr. Petersens Maskinfabrik<br />

– Boat repair<br />

Carl Petersensvej 2<br />

brdrpetersen.dk (in Danish only)<br />



Take a stroll around the harbour, treat yourself to an ice<br />

cream or enjoy a cup of coffee and piece of cake from<br />

Vaffelbageriet or one of the harbour cafés. If your children<br />

are joining you, then visit the playground at Stejlepladsen,<br />

which is a paradise for children with a slide, jungle gym, a<br />

sandbox shaped like a boat and porpoise swings. Here,<br />

the children can catch small fish and parents can get a<br />

coffee to go and enjoy the stunningly beautiful view from<br />

the playground.<br />

Relax on the beach or take a dip from the bathing jetting<br />

at Østmolen or Veststranden. Find beautiful stones to<br />

decorate or try to stack stones to make your own stone<br />

tower sculpture while you observe the buzz of activities<br />

as well as the sailors, kayak, canoe and long boat rowers.<br />

Should you begin to feel peckish, the harbour has many<br />

inviting restaurants to offer with terrace and courtyard<br />

environments. You can also buy fresh fish from the fishmongers,<br />

where behind the glass counters there is everything<br />

your heart desires: Norwegian lobster, salmon, plaice,<br />

smoked items to warm fish cakes and delicious fish dishes.<br />

By the way … You can also buy a ready-made dish to<br />

go if you want to enjoy fresh fish at home or on your boat.<br />


There are many yacht enthusiasts who come from far away<br />

to Gilleleje Harbour to use the modern facilities and to<br />

experience the art and cultural activities in the town. You<br />

could do the same - go to the cinema, have a shopping<br />

spree in the town’s many shops or enjoy a cool drink on<br />

the town’s square.<br />

Gilleleje Harbour is a big experience for all the senses:<br />

sounds, aromas, emotions, sensations, wind and weather<br />

with plenty of life all year round. This makes it a unique gem<br />

that will make you want to visit the harbour again and again.


11<br />

Restaurant<br />

Far til 4<br />

Far til 4 has a unique location right down to Gilleleje’s<br />

white sandy beach. The lovely settings of the restaurant<br />

are suitable for any occasion - from functions (up to 70<br />

settings), company parties and customer meetings to a<br />

romantic dinner for two or a birthday celebration.<br />

In the summer, you can keep up with life on the beach<br />

from the sun loungers by the restaurant’s bar. Come by<br />

during the festive season and enjoy a Christmas lunch<br />

in merrily decorated settings or when you need a cosy<br />

break from your Christmas shopping in the town of Gilleleje.<br />

The name Far til 4 was chosen because the owner,<br />

Bent, has four children himself and to clearly indicate that<br />

children are welcome in the family restaurant.<br />



Alfavej 21<br />

3250 Gilleleje<br />

Tel. +45 49 71 76 72<br />

far-til-4.dk (in Danish only)

12<br />




Steam bath and mahogany sauna<br />

at the top of Gilbjerghoved<br />

At the top of a 30-metre<br />

high cliff at the absolutely<br />

northernmost point of<br />

Sealand, Gilleleje Badehotel<br />

rules atop Gilbjerghoved.<br />

When you add the three<br />

storeys of the hotel to the height<br />

of the cliff, you then have a unique<br />

view across sea and shore. You can<br />

see all the way to Kullen in Sweden<br />

and enjoy the acrobatics of birds in<br />

flight across Oresund and Kattegat.<br />

Gilleleje Badehotel has 26 beautiful<br />

double rooms all of which have their<br />

own bathroom and toilet. Many of<br />

them have a view of the sea where<br />

you can enjoy a stunning sunset.<br />

If you would like more room and<br />

privacy, there is the option to rent<br />

Strandhuset or the cabins in the<br />

forest.<br />

You are also welcome to make use<br />

of the hotel’s spa area which offers<br />

delightful treatments. This is where<br />

you can pamper yourself or someone<br />

you hold dear in the steam bath<br />

or the mahogany sauna - or on the<br />

warm stones in the Turkish hamam.<br />



Hulsøvej 15, 3250 Gilleleje<br />

Tel. +45 48 30 13 47<br />

gillelejebadehotel.dk (available<br />

in English)<br />

Opening hours & info<br />

Gilleleje Badehotel offers a<br />

number of different stays. You<br />

can choose between ’weekend<br />

wellness’, ’romantic wellness<br />

for two’ and the ’4-course<br />

romantic stay’.<br />

See the opening hours at<br />

gillelejebadehotel.dk<br />

(available in English)


13<br />


Creative activities, arts and crafts and concerts.<br />

Visit the north coast’s cultural meeting place and cultural<br />

centre where classic and modern music, Italian food, debates,<br />

art exhibitions, films and books can be combined with contemplation<br />

and tranquility - all at the same time.<br />

Kulturhavn Gilleleje is an architectural<br />

masterpiece. The contrast between<br />

heavy and light gives the cultural centre<br />

a very special and unique atmosphere.<br />

Here, there is room for diversity<br />

and creative activities, music, life and<br />

festivities but also contemplation and<br />

tranquility – all at the same time. Take a<br />

walk around the library, watch a good<br />

film in the cinema or buy a ticket to<br />

one of the many cultural events in<br />

Kulturhavn Gilleleje, which also offers<br />

delicious Italian cuisine in Restaurant<br />

Bolværket.<br />

Psst … Are you a big<br />

fan of exhibitions?<br />

The gallery hallway on the<br />

ground floor has alternating<br />

exhibitions with works from<br />

experienced artists and you<br />

can often purchase a work<br />

of art to take home with you.<br />

Restaurant Bolværket:<br />

Crispy gourmet pizzas<br />

Restaurant Bolværket is worth a visit;<br />

for brunch, afternoon coffee or for<br />

dining in the evening. The pizzas are<br />

also considered by some to be the<br />

best north of the Alps.<br />

Gilleleje Library:<br />

Cultural gem with a view<br />

Borrow books for your holiday and<br />

films for evenings on the sofa while<br />

you enjoy the view across Gilleleje.<br />

The library also has a delightful playroom<br />

for the younger members of the<br />

family. Come by between 7 am and<br />

10 pm where self-service is open.<br />

Gilleje Cinema: Mix your own<br />

choice of sweets in ultramodern<br />

seats<br />

On the first floor in Kulturhavn Gilleleje<br />

you will find not just one but two<br />

ultramodern cinemas where you can<br />

enjoy the latest film premier sitting<br />

comfortably in great seats.<br />



... is the independent institution<br />

behind Kulturhavn Gilleleje.<br />

Many volunteers and initiatives<br />

make all the difference to<br />

Kulturhavn. Ticket sales in the<br />

foyer are manned by volunteers<br />

as are the people behind the<br />

music, exhibitions and all other<br />

activities.<br />

Opening hours & info<br />

Kulturhavn Gilleleje is open all<br />

year round. Take a look at kulturhavngilleleje.dk<br />

(in Danish<br />

only) and Facebook for info on<br />

opening hours and events.<br />



Peter Fjelstrups Vej 12<br />

3250 Gilleleje<br />

Tel. +45 70 23 03 30<br />

kulturhavngilleleje.dk<br />

(in Danish only)<br />


14<br />




In his autobiography, ’Towards<br />

the Light’, sculptor Rudolph Tegner<br />

describes how he and his wife decided<br />

to buy the land where the museum<br />

stands today: “In the summer of 1916, we<br />

took a long cycling trip in North Sealand,<br />

where one day, cycling around stiles<br />

and through marshland, we came to an<br />

enormous ridge. There in the heart of<br />

smiling, summery Denmark it stood, like<br />

a harsh Siberia ... This was the place ...<br />

This ridge was bound in a mystical pact<br />

with my mind.”<br />



This nature area at Dronningmølle is also known as “Russia”,<br />

referring to the remote and distinctive landscape<br />

in which the sculptor Rudolph Tegner (1873-1950)<br />

established an architecturally groundbreaking museum<br />

and an enchanting statue park.<br />

A visit to the museum and the park is a calm and dramatic<br />

experience at the same time. The impressive octagonal<br />

space in the imposing museum building opens<br />

towards its cathedralesque 11-metre-high ceiling. In<br />

this museum you can experience 300 of Rudolph Tegner’s<br />

huge, poetic and masculine sculptures in plaster,<br />

clay, marble and bronze. They provide a unique insight<br />

into the sculptor’s lifetime works, reflecting his fascination<br />

and adeptness with symbolism, vitalism and classicism.<br />

A veritable treasure trove of great sculptural art!<br />

Outside in the statue park, art and architecture interconnect<br />

harmoniously amongst the beauty of<br />

nature. Fourteen bronzes stand in the spectacular<br />

landscape, interacting with the heather moors,<br />

the wide-open sky and the rhythm of the seasons.<br />

Sheep graze freely among the artworks in the summer<br />

months, and children can go on a treasure hunt,<br />

enjoy a drawing workshop or climb trees in the<br />

statue park.<br />



Museumsvej 19<br />

3120 Dronningmølle<br />

Tel. +45 49 71 91 77<br />

rudolphtegner.dk<br />

Opening hours:<br />

Rudolph Tegner’s Museum is open from mid-April<br />

to mid-October. Every year, in addition to the<br />

permanent collection, the museum shows special<br />

exhibitions where Rudolph Tegner’s works and the<br />

venue he chose collaborate with contemporary<br />

artists to offer new experiences. There is free<br />

admission to the statue park all year round.



North Sealand offers perhaps Denmark’s highest concentration of museums and places to visit, both<br />

large and small, rich in everything from art and history to child-friendly experiences – and with ample<br />

space to satisfy your curiosity, think deeply and let your imagination roam. Visit the many museums that<br />

Museum Nordsjælland has to offer, and experience it all for yourself.<br />


MUSEUM<br />

Enjoy a stroll through the abbey ruins and the<br />

abbey garden. The museum displays tombs and<br />

skeletons discovered during the excavations of the<br />

abbey ruins. In the Middle Ages, this was the largest<br />

Augustinian abbey in the Nordic countries (the<br />

Augustinian order was the foremost Catholic order).<br />

Æbelholt 4, 3400 Hillerød<br />




At the northernmost point in Sealand, in Gilleleje,<br />

stand the Nakkehoved East and West Lighthouses,<br />

both constructed in 1772. Experience the beautiful<br />

natural landscape surrounding the two lighthouses,<br />

and see the breathtaking view over the Øresund<br />

strait from the top of the towers.<br />

Fyrvejen 25A, 3250 Gilleleje<br />

15<br />


A beautiful industrial building in Hillerød houses<br />

Elværket. Formerly a power plant, today it is the<br />

setting for a series of archaeological special<br />

exhibitions and exciting events on North Sealand’s<br />

history. In <strong>2022</strong>, it is housing the exhibition<br />

“Doors to another reality – faith and superstition<br />

in the past”. An imaginative exhibition for all<br />

ages, where you can step through the gateway<br />

to discovery and learn about a bygone world of<br />

faith and dreams.<br />

Frederiksgade 11, 3400 Hillerød<br />


Freedom of the press and the most tragic love<br />

affair in Danish history! Experience the story of<br />

the now-vanished Hirschholm Palace, which was<br />

the setting for the love affair between Queen<br />

Caroline Mathilde and the mad King Christian<br />

VII’s royal physician, Struensee. It was also from<br />

here that Struensee announced that the Danish<br />

press would now be free.<br />

Sdr. Jagtvej 2, 2970 Hørsholm<br />


Immerse yourself in the history of Hillerød at this<br />

town museum, where children can experience<br />

what childhood was like 100 years ago. Along Time<br />

Street, which features among other things a grocer’s<br />

shop and a physics laboratory, you can take a stroll<br />

through the 20th century and play your way into<br />

history.<br />

Helsingørsgade 65, 3400 Hillerød<br />



Explore historic fishing boats and learn<br />

about fishermen’s dangerous lives over<br />

500 years. Visit a fisherman’s house, a<br />

schoolroom from 1920 and a holiday<br />

apartment as it looked in 1950. When<br />

the weather is mild, you can enjoy coffee<br />

and cake in the old orchard.<br />

Visit the museum ship Vilhelm in Gilleleje<br />

Harbour, where it is permanently<br />

anchored.<br />

Entrance via Østergade 20, 3250<br />

Gilleleje<br />

TIP: Take the kids on a historical and maritime<br />

quiz walk around historic Gilleleje. Get<br />

a leaflet at Kulturhavn Gilleleje (the Culture<br />

Harbour) or at the Shiphalls. If you get all the<br />

answers right, you’ll win a small prize!<br />

Did you know that...<br />

... throughout the summer there are guided<br />

town tours of Gilleleje in both Danish and<br />

English? See more at visitnordsjaelland.dk

16<br />


National Park<br />

Royal<br />

North<br />

Sealand<br />

In Gribskov is situated in the heart of the National<br />

Park. This area is home to the largest population<br />

of fallow deer, and both osprey and sea eagle<br />

breed here in the large, old trees. You can explore<br />

ancient sites, interesting natural areas and cultural<br />

monuments. There are traces of our ancestors'<br />

hunting lodges and lost villages to be found all over<br />

the forest.<br />

The National Park contains two of Denmark's largest<br />

lakes. Esrum Sø is Denmark's lake with the most<br />

abundant water, a walk along the coast reveals<br />

both a rich bird life and stunning views. Make a rest<br />

stop at one of the shelter areas and views over to<br />

Fredensborg and the avenues in the castle garden,<br />

or take a boat trip from Fredensborg side to a forest<br />

cafe at Dronningens Bøge, and catch your breath<br />

over a cup of coffee with one foot in the forest.<br />

Arresø is Denmark's largest lake, providing great<br />

sailing opportunities - be it by canoe, kayak or the<br />

small ferry M/S Frederikke.<br />

5 suggestions for walks<br />

in the National Park<br />

1. Enjoy a walk in beautiful Tisvilde Hegn where<br />

you can explore the remains of the abandoned<br />

village of Torup, which disappeared under a<br />

meter-thick layer of sand when large parts<br />

of the area were covered in shifting sands in<br />

the 16th century.<br />

2. Hammermøllen is beautifully situated by<br />

Hellebækken. You can walk or cycle along<br />

beautiful routes from Hellebæk Kohave and<br />

Teglstrup Hegn to Flynderupgård.<br />

3. Rusland undulating and protected heathland<br />

landscape at Dronningmølle with heather,<br />

juniper and pine trees. From the hills there is a<br />

stunning view over Kattegat.<br />

4. Visit the three meadow lakes Strødam,<br />

Solbjerg and Alsønderup, where you can<br />

observe the rich birdlife all year round. It is<br />

an excellent place to spot sea eagles and<br />

kingfishers.<br />

5. Take a trip to Store Dyrehave, where exciting<br />

traces of the par force hunting landscape laid<br />

out in the 17th century can be explored Store<br />

Dyrehave and Gribskov have been recognised<br />

with UNESCO World Heritage Site status.<br />

Royal North Sealand National Park with<br />

its mountainous natural areas and its rich<br />

cultural history, is a treasure chest full of<br />

experiences for nature lovers. The deep<br />

forests, large lakes and bogs, salt marshes and<br />

dunes are ideal to explore day and multiday<br />

trips.<br />

Did you know that<br />

the NATIONAL PARK...<br />

• ... is the second largest national park in<br />

Denmark and covers an area of 263 km²?<br />

• ... has Denmark's largest wild population of<br />

fallow deer?<br />

• ... includes Holløse Bredning, home to a<br />

beaver population?


Psst… The par force hunting<br />

landscape is accessible by foot, horse<br />

or bicycle all year round.<br />

3 excursions for a<br />

day in a UNESCO World<br />

Heritage Site<br />

1. Kong Christian V was fascinated by par<br />

force hunting at the king's command and<br />

inspired by the French King Louis XIV, a<br />

winding geometric network of paths was<br />

established. At the central Kongestjerne<br />

in the middle of the trail system in Store<br />

Dyrehave near Hillerød, you can get an<br />

impression of the par force hunting of<br />

yesteryear. Kongestjernen is a granite<br />

stone depicting Christian V's monogram<br />

and a compass rose with 16 points.<br />

2. There are six ways to the Stjernen i<br />

Gribskov, where you can get a regal<br />

view of the rolling landscape with its<br />

winding hunting tracks.<br />

3. From the lookout point at Dronningens<br />

Bøge (Gribskov) you can look over<br />

towards Fredensborg Palace and sense<br />

how the hunting trail stretched over<br />

Esrum Lake and into the palace grounds.<br />

There is a bathing jetty, a fire pit and a<br />

set of picnic tables and benches for a<br />

cosy lunch in the great outdoors.<br />


The par force hunting<br />

landscape in North<br />

Sealand<br />

Behind the awkward word par force lies a story of hunting, power<br />

and glory. The par force hunting landscape is comprised of Gribskov,<br />

Store Dyrehave near Hillerød and Jægersborg Hegn and Dyrehave.<br />

The landscape consists of 120 km of hunting tracks spread over<br />

roughly 4,500 hectares of forest. In 2015, the winding geometric<br />

network of paths was added to UNESCO's World Heritage list.<br />

The par force hunting landscape was created at the end of the 17th<br />

century by Christian V, who had been inspired to build a Baroqueinfluenced<br />

hunting landscape on an educational trip. He designed the<br />

symmetrical paths in the landscape to demonstrate the King's great<br />

power, sovereignty and thus closeness to God. All the paths led to<br />

a star in the middle of the landscape. Because of the design of the<br />

paths, it was easier to navigate the landscape and witness the riders'<br />

and dogs' frantic pursuit of the stags. This is why the paths from the<br />

star were numbered: One-path, two-path and three-path etc.<br />

Coffee or lunch<br />

break?<br />

If you need a sweet treat during your<br />

adventure in nature, visit Ninas Natur Café<br />

on the edge of the forest of Store Dyrehave,<br />

which arranges both horse-drawn carriage<br />

rides, intimate concerts and exercise groups<br />

for movement amongst the wonderful<br />

surroundings.<br />

If you go past Frederiksborg Castle, visit<br />

Spisestedet Leonora, originally built as a<br />

stable for the castle in the 17th century.<br />

The restaurant is open for lunch and serves<br />

delicious smørrebrød, open sandwiches,<br />

salads and fish - and also has a children's<br />

menu available for the little ones.<br />

Practical info<br />

Read more about the National Park and<br />

the par force hunting landscape, download<br />

maps and guides at nationalparkkongernesnordsjaelland.dk,<br />

parforce.dk and<br />

udinaturen.dk. Here you can also find more<br />

details about the guided tours and events<br />

in the area.

18<br />

ESRUM<br />

North of Esrum Lake, surrounded<br />

by idyllic meadows and forests<br />

and with entrance to the Royal<br />

North Sealand National Park,<br />

you’ll find Esrum Abbey, which<br />

in the 12th century was the centre of<br />

the Cistercian order in Denmark, and<br />

which later became very important<br />

to the Danish monarchy. The red<br />

walls conceal a fascinating story of<br />

power and religion, but also of the<br />

monks’ contemplation and meditation.<br />

Accompanying the Liturgy of the<br />

Hours, we are invited to the holiest rite<br />

– the monks’ prayers and Mass singing<br />

– a unique and sensual experience<br />

through sound and light.<br />

ESRUM<br />

ABBEY<br />

Esrum Abbey is a great attraction for a<br />

day trip, situated in lush surroundings with<br />

space for reflection, learning and play. Here<br />

you can feel the tranquility that the monks<br />

experienced, and the greatness that contributed<br />

to the abbey’s key significance in<br />

North Sealand.<br />



In the exhibition ’Abbey Life’ we are<br />

taken back in time and become part of<br />

the community that was at the abbey<br />

at the time. Afterwards, it’s time for<br />

a virtual reality journey that takes us<br />

around the now disappeared abbey<br />

buildings, through halls and corridors,<br />

outside in the beautiful fraternal<br />

courtyard and into the magnificent<br />

abbey church. Get a sense of what<br />

faith was in the Middle Ages, what was<br />

at stake, and why the church gained<br />

so much power as it did.

ESRUM<br />

19<br />

LIFE<br />


Esrum Abbey offers a wide variety of<br />

unique experiences all year round,<br />

ranging from beer festivals, pilgrimages<br />

and guided tours to food experiences,<br />

Christmas markets and loads<br />

of activities for children, with the programme<br />

always offering extra events<br />

during the children’s school holidays.<br />

In late August, Esrum Abbey houses<br />

North Sealand Hiking Festival.<br />

Stay tuned at esrum.dk, and follow the<br />

updated event calendar.<br />

ABBEY’S<br />


All roads go to and from Esrum Abbey – or almost. And the abbey<br />

is a good starting point for a walk, bike or hike in the Royal North<br />

Sealand National Park. There are several marked routes from<br />

Esrum Abbey, such as cycle route 48, which passes the North<br />

Sealand castles, the walking route Esrum-Tisvildevejen and the<br />

orienteering route in the northern part of Gribskov forest. See<br />

more at visitnordsjaelland.dk.<br />


ON EARTH<br />

The abbey gardens overlook the meadows,<br />

and here you can experience the recreated<br />

herb garden. A modern version of the<br />

medieval gardens, it has over 200 different<br />

plants that recount the story of how the<br />

monks wanted to create Paradise on earth.<br />

The plants were used for household needs<br />

and for medical or religious reasons.<br />

Today, lots of fresh herbs are still used in the<br />

kitchen at Møllecaféen, which offers delicious<br />

and varied meals. Enjoy lunch or a cup of<br />

coffee inside the old mill farm, or sit outside<br />

in the green café garden. If the children need<br />

to let off steam, you can take them to the<br />

nature playground, where they can enjoy<br />

playing in the medieval children’s universe. In<br />

the abbey shop, you’ll be tempted by Esrum<br />

Abbey’s own produce such as beer, spirits,<br />

honey, medieval mustard and delicacies from<br />

other monasteries in Europe.<br />


Klostergade 11-12, Esrum, 3230 Græsted<br />

Tel. +45 48 36 04 00<br />

esrum.dk<br />


Monday - Sunday from 10 am-5 pm. Apply throughout<br />

July, August and September and during school holidays.<br />

Tuesday - Sunday from 10 am-4p m all other weeks.<br />

Subject to change. There are special opening hours for<br />

arrangements and large events. For more information,<br />

visit esrum.dk<br />


At Møllecaféen you can enjoy a delicious meal, either<br />

inside the cosy surroundings or outside under the apple<br />

trees in the café garden. The menu is inspired by seasonal<br />

ingredients and made from scratch – from organic produce,<br />

if available.<br />

Book a table on cafe@scvk.dk or tel. +45 60 20 14 86.

20<br />



There are plenty of great reasons to visit the small and lively seaside resort of Tisvildeleje,<br />

known for its colourful, iconic bathhouses that glow all summer long. During the warmer<br />

months, visitors come from near and far, and in winter, several creative entrepreneurs<br />

keep the resort busy. This site is great for inspiration to plan which unique cultural and<br />

natural gems to visit on a day excursion or weekend break.<br />


Do you want to stroll around Tisvilde, and do you fancy<br />

a hot cup of coffee or a hearty soup? Then Jonathan<br />

at Brød & Vin can take care of that, all day he churns<br />

out delicious freshly baked bread, cinnamon rolls and<br />

cakes. Here you can warm yourself in the sun or (in the<br />

winter months) by the fire outside if the indoor space<br />

is full.<br />

In the quirky salon shop Fortællinger you can discover<br />

beautiful treasures and handmade stories, and at<br />

Søren’s hairdresser-and-everything-else studio Den<br />

Vilde i Tisvilde you can tame your locks and shop for<br />

special items for your home and wardrobe.<br />

At the clothing store H66 Tisvilde run by Mille you can<br />

shop for clothes and fresh styles for the whole family. If


21<br />

you are after something a bit different, don't miss the<br />

flea market Loppemarkederne på Birkepladsen (4<br />

June - 13 August), an annual event where you can go<br />

bargain hunting for a lamp and instead come home<br />

with a pair of jeans.<br />

If you love (Swedish) antiques, stop by Antikgården,<br />

which is popular with locals.<br />

In August, Kildemarkedet tents are pitched for the<br />

traditional craft market.<br />

At the shop No17 Limited you can find elegant<br />

luxury wardrobe items, jewellery and nail polish<br />

(and everything in between). Owners Mille & Bo sell<br />

the luxury brand No17 Therapy where you can get<br />

handcrafted essential oils.<br />


If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you can enjoy the<br />

stunning nature in Tisvildeleje all year round. Take a<br />

weekend hike or bike ride at Esrum-Tisvildevejen, or<br />

visit Tibirke Bakker right next to Tibirke Kirke. If you<br />

enjoy birdwatching, head out to the outlet of Pøle Å<br />

in Arresø, home to both sea eagles and kingfishers.<br />

Alternatively, take a stroll or do yoga on the beach at<br />

Lille Kulgab.<br />

Troldeskoven in Tisvilde Hegn is a great way to take the<br />

kids out into nature, play and climb among the gnarled<br />

and twisted trees. Wieth-Knudsen Observatory at<br />

Tisvilde Hegn is open twice a month. Here children<br />

can see the giant astronomical telescope.<br />

Delicious Italian pizzas are always available at Den<br />

Røde Tomat. If you crave a fine glass of wine with your<br />

meal, try the city's new wine and tapas bar Tisvilde<br />

Vinstue. If you'd instead prefer to indulge in casual<br />

dining with the flavours of the French countryside,<br />

pop by Restaurant Tinggården.<br />

If you love culture, remember the annual Kulturnat-<br />

Kulturnat Tisvilde, on Saturday 15 October, where the<br />

town really comes alive.<br />

Did you know that...<br />

...Tisvilde is home to the popular music festival<br />

Musik in Lejet? This year the tickets were<br />

already sold out in just 43 minutes! The town<br />

is buzzing with life in the days leading up to<br />

the festival, and many people stop by Tisvilde<br />

to soak up some of the festival atmosphere<br />

- even if they didn't manage to get a ticket.<br />

Music in Lejet takes place 21-23 July <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

musikilejet.dk<br />

3 accommodation tips<br />

• Helenekilde Badehotel<br />

• Sankt Helene kursus- og feriecenter<br />

• Pension Kildegaard<br />

3 farm shops with a<br />

difference<br />

Tinggårdens Landhandel<br />

Bakery, mill, pizza and café.<br />

Klitrosevej 2, 3300 Frederiksværk<br />

tinggarden.dk<br />

Gundekildegaard<br />

Pick-your-own strawberries and berry<br />

brunch at Jordbærcaféen.<br />

Rågelejevej 46, 3210 Vejby<br />

rokkedysse.dk<br />

Rabarbergaarden<br />

Sustainable café & restaurant, gardening<br />

lessons and cooking classes.<br />

Holløse Gade 21, 3210 Vejby<br />


22<br />




Munkerup Strandvej 78<br />

DK 3120 Dronningmølle<br />

Tel. +45 49 71 79 06<br />

www.munkeruphus.dk<br />

Insta: @munkeruphus.dk<br />

Opening times:<br />

Exhibitions at Munkeruphus<br />

are open from 1<br />

April to 1 October<br />

See www.munkeruphus.<br />

dk for details of opening<br />

times, entry prices,<br />

exhibitions and events.<br />

Munkeruphus is a former artist’s<br />

residence set in a stunning location<br />

overlooking Øresund on the stretch of<br />

coast between Gilleleje and Dronningmølle.<br />

Since 1989, the house has<br />

served as an exhibition space for art,<br />

architecture. In addition to its changing<br />

exhibitions by Danish and international<br />

artists, there is a small shop<br />

and cafe with beautiful sea view and<br />

outdoor serving during the summer,<br />

as well as an beautiful sculpture park.<br />

The protected wooden building was<br />

designed by the architects Terkel<br />

Hjejle and Niels Rosenkjær and built<br />

in 1916. In 1987 it was listed as one<br />

of the finest examples of the style of<br />

building brought to Denmark via the<br />

Arts and Crafts Movement in England<br />

and Colonial Style in the USA.<br />



The history of Munkeruphus is closely<br />

associated with one of the most versatile<br />

and experimental Danish artists,<br />

Gunnar Aagaard Andersen (1919-82),<br />

lived and worked in the house with his<br />

family from 1958 until his death in . The<br />

garden room at Munkeruphus houses a<br />

permanent exhibition of Gunnar Aagaard<br />

Andersens eclectic artistic practice<br />

that ranged from painting, sculpture<br />

and architecture to theatrical set<br />

design, furniture design, wallpaper,<br />

textiles and more.<br />


The house’s cosy cafe is in the former<br />

sitting room and has a beautiful view<br />

over Øresund. The cafe serves light<br />

lunches, pastries, coffee and tea,<br />

beer, soft drinks and wine. During<br />

the summer, the cafe serves food<br />

and drinks outside in the charming<br />

garden and on cold days, the fire in<br />

the sitting room is usually lit. The<br />

small shop stocks everything from<br />

books on art, photography, architecture,<br />

design and landscape to home<br />

made honey from Munkeruphus’<br />

own bees that live and populate the<br />

garden, specially designed textiles by<br />

Gunnar Aagaard Andersen, as well as<br />

other items by Danish designers and<br />

craftspeople.<br />


The expansive garden and park area<br />

is notable for its hilly and varied<br />

landscape with old exotic trees and<br />

a number of permanent sculptures<br />

by Danish artists, including Gunnar<br />

Aagaard Andersen. During the summer<br />

months, the garden is also used for<br />

outdoor classes, openings and other<br />

events. There is direct access to a<br />

lovely beach via Dronningekløften, a<br />

gap that leads straight down to the<br />

water where visitors can swim, fish or<br />

enjoy a tasty ice cream from the cafe.<br />

The garden is open from sunrise to<br />

sunset and is free to enter.


Whether you love culture, hiking, fishing or shopping... Dronningmølle<br />

has it all. Here you will find our best tips for activities be it by water,<br />

land or air at the family-friendly beach town known for its wonderful<br />

white sandy beach and amazing statue park.<br />


23<br />

Shopping<br />

Immerse yourself in books and<br />

boardgames in Drømmehuset’s<br />

little bookshop. You will also find<br />

beautiful furniture, green plants,<br />

wicker baskets, pillows and blankets.<br />

If you bring your children and you<br />

want to be creative later at home,<br />

you can buy craft materials and<br />

colouring pens for stone painting.<br />

Fishing<br />

Dronningmølle Fiskesø is Grib skov’s<br />

first put and take lake situated in<br />

the old quarries and made into 20<br />

fishing spots. Stop by, and buy your<br />

fishing license in the shop Vild med<br />

Dyr where you will also find a wide<br />

variety of fishing gear.<br />

Hiking<br />

Take a hike around Esrum Abbey<br />

from 1151, and visit Møllegården<br />

with the iconic water mill that the<br />

monks built in the early days. If you<br />

enjoy hiking, then also stop by the<br />

marked North Coast trail where you<br />

can start at Dronningmølle beach<br />

and go on a long walk along the sea<br />

to Hornbæk beach – and end with<br />

a dip and an ice cream in the harbour<br />

where you can get on the train<br />

back to Dronningmølle.<br />

Eating<br />

At Drømmecaféen in Drømmehuset<br />

(mentioned above), you can enjoy<br />

a delicious bun, a cup of coffee or<br />

hot chocolate. When the weather<br />

is mild, you can also enjoy a cold<br />

draught beer from Mikkeller or an<br />

ice cream from Hansens Is. Most of<br />

the furniture is for sale and there's<br />

temptations for everyone.<br />

Visiting<br />

If you are interested in art, you<br />

should stop by Rudolph Tegner’s<br />

Museum and Statue Park and take<br />

a stroll among the tall sculptures.<br />

Russia is the name of this beautiful<br />

surrounding nature area and it contrasts<br />

with the bombastic concrete<br />

architecture of the museum and is<br />

worth a hike along the small natural<br />

hiking trails. Also visit the museum<br />

Munkeruphus with a history closely<br />

linked with the most innovative<br />

Danish artist and beautifully located<br />

in the middle of nature with access<br />

to the beach and a private park.<br />

Experiencing<br />

North Sealand Bird Park has more<br />

than 2,000 birds from all over<br />

the world, and you can enjoy flying<br />

shows with parrots and feeding<br />

of monkeys. The park also has Zoo<br />

status with small mammals, reptiles<br />

and amphibians where the children<br />

can jump the fence to feed and pat<br />

the small African goats. Dogs are<br />

not allowed in the bird park.

24 OUTDOOR<br />


Enjoy the beautiful scenery from the waterside, feel the rush when you catch just<br />

the right wave on the board, or experience the view of the treetops - from the<br />

treetops. North Sealand offers lots options for fantastic outdoor experiences!<br />


Adventures await at Cph SUP Tours on Tisvildeleje<br />

Beach on the water and on dry land. Take the family<br />

on an intro session to try out stand up paddleboarding,<br />

sign up for a guided kayak tour or hire the<br />

right equipment to go on your own adventure. If you<br />

prefer to go full speed on two wheels, you can also<br />

rent mountain bikes and explore the challenging<br />

landscape of Tisvilde Hegn.<br />

THE GOOD<br />


Lynæs Surfcenter is the perfect<br />

place to try your hand at different<br />

water sports. Surfcenter<br />

has a surf school providing lessons<br />

and equipment rental for<br />

surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing,<br />

SUP and kayaking. During the<br />

summer months, the cosy café<br />

is also open, where you can<br />

enjoy everything from burgers<br />

and sourdough buns to a refreshing<br />

drink as the sunset fades<br />

into the distance.<br />

Lynæs Havnevej 8, Hundested<br />

Tel. +45 29 87 77 66<br />

surfcenter.dk<br />


NATURE<br />

At the new climbing park at<br />

Nivå Camping, you can experience<br />

the scenic forest Lave<br />

Skov from a whole new vantage<br />

point. The climbing park<br />

has two different courses,<br />

which lead you high up into<br />

the beautiful forest: a green<br />

course that can be completed<br />

by both children and adults<br />

and a slightly more challenging<br />

blue course. The park is open<br />

to campsite guests and visitors.<br />

Sølyst Allé 14, Nivå<br />

Tel. +45 49 14 52 26<br />

nivaacamping.dk<br />

Hovedgaden 112, Tisvildeleje<br />

Tel. +45 42 98 85 51<br />

cphsuptours.dk<br />


During the summer months,<br />

Nivå Harbour is buzzing with<br />

life. Tourists come from near<br />

and far and dock their boats.<br />

The child-friendly sandy beach<br />

next to the harbour is filled with<br />

swimmers and sunbathers of all<br />

ages. However, the area is definitely<br />

also well worth visiting<br />

during the other months of the<br />

year. There is a lot of activity on<br />

windy days with surfers and kite<br />

surfers, and the beautifully preserved<br />

beach meadows, which<br />

stretch over a large area along<br />

the coast, are home to a unique<br />

ecosystem and a rich birdlife.<br />

Nivå Strandpark 35, Nivå<br />

nivaahavn.fredensborg.dk<br />


Does a fishing trip in beautiful surroundings<br />

appeal? Then Gribskov is the right spot for<br />

you. Besides the vast open coasts, where sea<br />

trout fishing is possible, the area has several<br />

lakes, rivers and marshes with good accessibility.<br />

Here you can reel in anything from<br />

peels to perch and bream if you are lucky.<br />

Head for Esrum Sø, Tisvildeleje Vest, Store<br />

Gribsø, Solbjerg Engsø or Udsholt Strand,<br />

which are popular fishing spots and are open<br />

to everyone.<br />

More details available at<br />

visitnordsjaelland.dk<br />



Haldbjerg Shelters<br />

What: Shelters and campsites<br />

haldbjergshelters.dk<br />

Camp Ågabet by Arresø<br />

What: Glamping tents and tree tents<br />

aagabet.dk<br />

Lynæs Surfcenter<br />

What: Surfshacks and tent houses<br />

surfcenter.dk<br />

Nivå Camping<br />

What: Shelters, huts and campsites<br />

nivaacamping.dk<br />

Havhytten at Hvide Klint<br />

What: Floating shelter<br />


Hundested-<br />

Rørvig Ferry<br />

Service<br />

– The obvious shortcut<br />

Take the fast ferry between Hundested and<br />

Rørvig and enjoy the crossing of the Isefjord inlet.<br />

Crossing time: 25 minutes.<br />


26<br />



TWO<br />

ON<br />

WHEELS<br />

Is there a better way to explore the world than with the wind in<br />

your hair? Whether you prefer to cross a mountain on tough<br />

open ground or via wide bike trails for the entire family, North<br />

Sealand has a host of cosy, beautiful and tough routes to explore<br />

on two wheels. We have gathered the best tips for an amazing<br />

cycling holiday in North Sealand that caters for everyone.<br />

Find more cycle routes in North




FOR THE<br />


If you are addicted to speed and<br />

challenges, bring your bike to<br />

the MTB route in Tisvilde Hegn<br />

(28 km/17 mi), where you will be<br />

riding on dedicated gravel trails<br />

and natural forest trails. The trail is<br />

Sealand’s longest MTB trail. If you<br />

have time for a break, visit the great<br />

Castle Ruins in the area, e.g. Asserbo<br />

Castle Ruin, or get a glimpse of Troldeskoven,<br />

Tisvildeleje Beach and<br />

the lost village of Torup.<br />

Other MTB routes<br />

Also visit Store Dyrehave, Danstrup<br />

Hegn and Teglstrup Hegn. If you<br />

ride with older children, choose<br />

the 5 km/3 mi MTB route in Lave<br />

forest.<br />

WHERE TO<br />


You can rent high quality<br />

bikes at Nordkystens<br />

Cykeludlejning for the entire<br />

family. They can also give you<br />

good biking tips for a better<br />

experience. They also offer<br />

packages for great escapes<br />

on two wheels.<br />

Svend Henriksens Vej 14<br />

3250 Gilleleje.<br />

info@nordkystensudlejning.dk<br />



If you take the kids for a ride on<br />

two wheels, choose Par force 105<br />

(10 km/6 mi) through Gribskov,<br />

and explore the UNESCO World<br />

Heritage. You'll pass the renaissance<br />

castle Frederiksborg Castle, Ottevejskrydset<br />

and the boulder Smørstenen.<br />

South of the Bassebjerg<br />

cottage at Nødebo is an important<br />

bird sanctuary where you will also<br />

find protected orchid species.<br />

The route Par force 110 (15 km/9<br />

mi) is a little longer, but it’s also<br />

child-friendly, and crosses Store<br />

Dyrehave passing Fantasy Island<br />

and the Baroque Garden. The highlight<br />

of the ride is Kongestenen with<br />

the compass stone where you can<br />

rest and dive into history.<br />

Both routes follow long, wide trails<br />

that are easy for the children to follow.<br />

Other routes for families with<br />

children<br />

The kids will love a bike ride<br />

through Hundested, where you<br />

can stop by the harbour, pat-aflatfish<br />

or catch crabs.<br />


The castle route (75 km/47 mi)<br />

Here you will be passing three royal<br />

castles: Kronborg, Fredensborg and<br />

Frederiksborg Castles, while you<br />

ride through the UNESCO Par force<br />

Hunting Landscape in Gribskov. The<br />

route is medium diffculty level.<br />

Other routes for the royalist<br />

Route 33 (27 km/17 mi) between<br />

Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød and<br />

Gilleleje Station takes you through<br />

the beautiful Frederiksborg Castle<br />

Gardens.<br />

Psst … If the ride is too long, you<br />

can often hop on a local train along<br />

the routes. It’s free to bring your bike.<br />

The routes are often connected, so<br />

you can shorten or extend the ride<br />

as you please.<br />



If you can’t get enough of long<br />

bike rides, visit route 47, the North<br />

Coast route (64 km/40 mi), a signposted<br />

route between Hundested<br />

and Helsingør. The route winds its<br />

way through little, cosy coast and<br />

beach towns and scenic natural<br />

areas. You will also pass a host of<br />

restaurants, cafés and accommodation<br />

options – there’s a reason<br />

the north coast of Sealand is called<br />

the Danish Riviera!<br />

Other routes for nature and bike<br />

lovers<br />

Route 40 (275 km/170 mi) is also<br />

called Fjordstien offering a quiet and<br />

idyllic ride, connecting Hundested-<br />

Frederiksværk-Frederikssund-<br />

Roskilde-Holbæk-Kongsøre-Rørvig.<br />

Divide the route into stages over<br />

several weekends, or sleep overnight<br />

in a cottage or hotel en route.<br />


BIRDS<br />

Dronningerunden (28 km/17 mi)<br />

Pack a picnic, and go on a bicycle<br />

ride through the municipality of<br />

Fredensborg. On this route you<br />

will ride through four major constituent<br />

communities in the municipality:<br />

Kokkedal, Nivå, Humlebæk and<br />

Fredensborg.<br />

Other routes for love birds<br />

Route 32 (26 km/16 mi), winding<br />

its way from Hillerød to the beach<br />

in Tisvildeleje, takes you to one of<br />

the best bathing sites in Denmark.

28<br />


HUNDE<br />

Hundested has a unique blend of modern cultural<br />

town and active commercial port, where fishing<br />

boats arrive with the day's fresh catch from the early<br />

morning hours. Here you will discover delicious eateries,<br />

a modern brewery with excellent beer workshops<br />

making innovative art and design alongside a<br />

traditional boatyard, a net maker and a forge.


29<br />

STED<br />



Hundested Harbour is lively all yearround<br />

and has experiences for adults<br />

and children. In the unspoiled and<br />

authentic harbour environment, restaurants<br />

along the quayside, galleries<br />

and art workshops offer everything<br />

from glass art and exclusive jewellery<br />

to paintings and other unique works<br />

of art. If you pop by at the right time,<br />

you can even see the talented artists<br />

in action.<br />

Little ones and other playful souls can<br />

see live fish at the harbour's pat-afish<br />

platform, catch crabs, or burn off<br />

energy at the fun nature playground.<br />

There are many events and activities<br />

in Hundested Harbour during the<br />

summer months, including the special<br />

cultural attraction Hundested Sand<br />

Sculpture Festival, where international<br />

sand sculptors, including several world<br />

champions, create world-class monumental<br />

and transitory sculptures from<br />

golden grains of sand. (p. 34). Be sure<br />

to take the opportunity to walk down<br />

to the harbour basin, where you can<br />

see the expedition ship Kivioq, used<br />

by polar explorer Knud Rasmussen<br />


The harbour and pedestrian<br />

street are buzzing with life and<br />

market bustle throughout the<br />

summer. The town shops are<br />

open longer on designated<br />

days - with lots of special promotions,<br />

of course!<br />

More details available at<br />


30<br />


on his last expedition to Greenland.<br />

North Sealand's little yellow train runs<br />

to Hundested Harbour, which is super<br />

convenient!<br />

Tip: From Hundested, you can take<br />

the fast connection across the Isefjord<br />

to the lovely holiday village of Rørvig.<br />

The crossing takes 25 min. Departs<br />

every 30 minutes (during high season).<br />



Kajgaden, the popular and charming<br />

pedestrian shopping street at Hundested<br />

Harbour, is home to many of<br />

the town's local design boutiques and<br />

working workshops. One of the traditional<br />

fishermen's cottages is home<br />

to the contemporary art gallery 'Artisteri'.<br />

Internationally renowned illustrator<br />

Andrea Ucini, whose work includes<br />

pieces for the New York Times and the<br />

Washington Post, works and exhibits<br />

here. Also visit the cute Cookie Home<br />

for clothing for all ages and seasons.<br />

The shop's owner specialises in good<br />

quality at great prices and, besides<br />

clothes, also sells glittering jewellery<br />

and beautiful homeware. Among the<br />

fishing cottages in Kajgaden you will<br />

also find the garden centre Barfods<br />

Have, where Hundesteds own gardener,<br />

Anja Barfod, is ready with tips<br />

for the summerhouse garden and an<br />

exciting array of garden tools, herbs<br />

and much more for the garden and<br />

outdoors. If you crave a perfect cup<br />

of coffee, stop by Det Lille Kafferisteri,<br />

which is a roastery, coffee bar and<br />

shop all under one roof. The coffee<br />

bar roasts several times a week, and<br />

all the coffee is superior quality and<br />

organic. On the shelves you will also<br />

find an exclusive selection of brewing<br />

equipment and other coffee goodies.<br />

A stone's throw from Kajgaden, right<br />

out to the water's edge on the old<br />

slipway, is Backhaus Brown glassblowing<br />

studio next to the jeweller Bendix<br />

Copenhagen, drawing you in with<br />

beautiful, exclusive glass designs, and<br />

Danish-designed jewellery in precious<br />

metals, quality diamonds and cultured<br />

pearls. Nearby, Helle K Kunst & Design<br />

sells artisan crafts from Africa, Asia and<br />

Denmark - including cushions made<br />

from saris from India, embroidery from<br />

North Vietnam and baskets, clothes<br />

and jewellery from Ghana, Senegal and<br />

many other countries. All items traded<br />

with a commitment to fair trade.<br />

PSST ... If you crave more shopping,<br />

head to Nørregade, where there<br />

are several small boutiques selling<br />

designer goods from everything for<br />

the kitchen to the wardrobe. Visit Erantis<br />

florists for a colourful selection of<br />

seasonal bouquets and flowers, indoor<br />

plants, wine, chocolates and homeware,<br />

or find a new look from the clothes<br />

at Edberg & Co. If you have a sweet<br />

tooth, stop by the town's ice cream<br />

shop, Vaffelhjørnet, where waffes are<br />

baked using flour from Hundesteds<br />

own communal mill at Grønnessegaard.<br />

Hundested Erhvervsforening organises<br />



WAY<br />

• The House of Knud<br />

Rasmussen<br />

• Knud Rasmussen<br />

Memorial<br />

• Spodsbjerg Fyr<br />

• Fyrgården<br />

• Kikhavn<br />

• Karlsstenen Dolmen in<br />

Grønnesse Skov<br />

• Eco-village<br />

Økosamfundet Dyssekilde


31<br />


• Hundested Cykler<br />

• Hundested Tourist Information<br />

• Sølager Strand Camping<br />

• Dyssekilde Station<br />

numerous events in the local community<br />

throughout the year - including<br />

Hundested by Night, summer concerts<br />

and the cosy town and harbour Christmas<br />

market.<br />



Hundested Harbour also boasts several<br />

great eateries, including Halsnæs<br />

Bryghus, which describes its cuisine<br />

as honest and simple, inspired by beer<br />

and influenced by fish. Check the calendar<br />

to stay up to date - the schedule<br />

includes music, barbecue, comedy,<br />

beer tastings and diverse events. At<br />

Restaurant Havfruen you can admire<br />

the beautiful view from the sun terrace<br />

while enjoying a sumptuous meal.<br />

Try for example the renowned fish and<br />

seafood platter while spotting shooting<br />

stars. Enjoy the harbour basin view<br />

come rain or shine, as the restaurant<br />

has seating inside and outside, as well<br />

as upstairs and downstairs. The cosy<br />

bistro Knud puts their own twist on<br />

bistro classics: seaworthy and inspired<br />

by the water surrounding Hundested.<br />

Menu staples include; Oysters, lobster,<br />

mussels and butter-fried flatfish. However,<br />

it also features good quality steak,<br />

vegetable dishes and roast poultry.<br />

In the heart of the town, Ristorante<br />

Bellona invites you in to enjoy authentic<br />

Italian cuisine, traditional pizza<br />

and other international dishes made<br />

with fresh, high-quality ingredients. If<br />

you love Asian cuisine, the Chinese<br />

family restaurant Yo-Yo is a perfect<br />

choice. The menu covers both sushi<br />

and assorted Chinese dishes, and the<br />

establishment is committed to excellent<br />

service. If you're looking for quality<br />

groceries to cook up a storm at the<br />

summer cottage, or just need some<br />

inspiration for the guest menu, visit the<br />

extensive Meny in Nørregade, where<br />

both the butcher and the sommelier<br />

are on hand to offer tips and advice.<br />

Tothaven Visitor Farm just outside<br />

of town, has a dairy, which produces<br />

handcrafted ice cream and cheeses<br />

from the milk of the farms dairy goats.<br />

Enjoy the products at the farm café or<br />

purchase the treats from the small farm<br />

shop. At Tothaven, children and animal<br />

lovers can see the farm's numerous<br />

and diverse animals, ranging from<br />

goats and woolly pigs to honeybees<br />

and cats, and there are always lots<br />

of cute baby animals to snuggle with.<br />

The Halsnæs region is home to several<br />

lovely farm shops where you can buy<br />

a wide range of local produce - from<br />

ribeyes to freshly dug up potatoes and<br />

fresh strawberries. Just follow the signs<br />

for Spisekammer Halsnæs.<br />



Visit the house of polar explorer Knud<br />

Rasmussen on the outskirts of Hundested.<br />

The beautiful thatched building<br />

was built in 1917 and has been a<br />

museum since 1939, when Knud Ras-

32<br />


mussen's widow, Dagmar, turned the<br />

house over to the public. It is situated<br />

on a large natural plot overlooking the<br />

Kattegat and has been maintained, as<br />

far as possible, in keeping with the<br />

times when the renowned researcher<br />

lived and worked here. There is a small<br />

shop in the museum that has books<br />

about Knud Rasmussen and a wide<br />

selection of souvenirs relating to the<br />

house and Greenland.<br />

3km/2mi east of Hundested lies the<br />

old fishing village Kikhavn, with its<br />

many charming yellow and whitewashed<br />

houses still there just as they<br />

were 200 years ago. The village is a<br />

car-free zone, which just enhances<br />

the idyllic charm.<br />

Torup market is held every second<br />

Saturday (odd weeks 11 June - 15<br />

October). The market is located in<br />

rural surroundings by the station in the<br />

tiny village of Torupin. You can purchase<br />

vegetables, plants, 'wild food',<br />

cereals, and delicacies local enthusiasts<br />

produce. Next to Torup Market<br />

is one of Denmark's oldest eco<br />

villages, Økosamfundet Dyssekilde,<br />

which among other things, arranges<br />

guided tours of the residents' green<br />

lifestyle, as well as the organic café<br />

Torup Spisehus, which caters for<br />

meat-eaters, vegetarians and vegans.<br />

All raw materials are sourced within a<br />

local radius of max. 20 km/12 mi. The<br />

authentic Lynæs Harbour is worth a<br />

detour (more details on p. 36) - it<br />

is a paradise for wind- and kite surfers,<br />

boasts beautiful scenery, fantastic<br />

eateries and a unique atmosphere.<br />



There are many excellent areas<br />

to bathe near Hundested due to<br />

having a coastline on three sides.<br />

You can swim all year-round at<br />

the popular beach Trekanten<br />

Strand in the town centre. A short<br />

distance further up the north<br />

coast is the beach Gråstenvej<br />

Strand, and between Kikhavn and<br />

Nødebohuse you can relax on the<br />

beaches Nødebo Huse Strand or<br />

Hald Strand. 3km/2mi from Hundested<br />

is the child-friendly beach<br />

Lynæs Strand and Havbad, one<br />

of the favourite spots with locals<br />

for winter swimming.

HUNDESTED 33<br />

Tip: Would you like to wake up to a<br />

sea view? Then a harbour cabin is a<br />

perfect choice for you. Rent one of the<br />

cosy Hundested Havnehytter, right on<br />

the quay. Motorhomes are welcome<br />

to park on the harbour north pier and<br />

at the Isefjord at Hundested harbour.<br />


The area around Hundested is flat, hilly,<br />

beautiful and unspoilt - and completely<br />

surrounded by water. In other words:<br />

Here there are fantastic options for<br />

outdoor experiences in the fresh air.<br />

Visit one of the area's five distinctive<br />

beaches, which are all beautiful - with<br />

chalk-white sand, dunes, low tide, fun<br />

activities and hidden treasures - or go<br />

for a walk or hike in nature. Explore,<br />

for example, the area around Spodsbjerg<br />

Lighthouse, from where you are<br />

awarded with a spectacular view over<br />

Kattegat and the green hinterland,<br />

or take a lovely walk along the North<br />

Coast Path from the House of Knud<br />

Rasmussen to Kikhavn (1.5km/1mi).<br />

Walk the new hiking route Halsninoen<br />

(detailed on p. 66) for more of a challenge.<br />

There are also numerous excellent<br />

cycling routes in the Hundested area.<br />

Halsnæs is perfect to explore on two<br />

wheels, with great forest and beach<br />

paths. One of the many options is to<br />

cycle towards Grønnesse Skov. It is also<br />

a beautiful walk, and you can explore<br />

the historic Grønnessegaard Gods<br />

estate or take a scenic drive along<br />

one of the signposted routes, route 40<br />

and route 47. Near Hundested, there is<br />

also a forest area, Ullerup Skov, which<br />

has a forest maze and a forest playground<br />

to play to your heart's content.<br />

Hundested is also the perfect destination<br />

to head for if you like angling. For<br />

example, the area between Hundested<br />

and Hald is among the best sites in<br />

Denmark to catch sea trout.<br />

Possibilities are endless in and around<br />

Hundested, so welcome to this cosy<br />

harbour town!

34<br />




12 May – 23 October <strong>2022</strong><br />

Kajgaden 7, 3390 Hundested<br />

sandfestival.dk<br />

Tickets can be purchased at the entrance.<br />

Adults: DKK 55. Children 4-12 years: DKK 25.<br />

Children 0-3 years: free.<br />

Café Sommerlyst<br />

Enjoy a delicious cake or a traditional café dish<br />

accompanied by a good beer, a glass of wine or<br />

a cup of coffee in the festival's cosy café. Café<br />

Sommerlyst's menu is also accessible on the<br />

festival website.


35<br />


COMES alive<br />

From 12 May to 23 October, the<br />

Hundested Sand Sculpture Festival<br />

will again fill the harbour in Hundested<br />

with magnificent works of sand<br />

art created by artists from all over<br />

the world. More than 600,000<br />

visitors have left their footprints<br />

in the sand around the festival's<br />

amazing sculptures over the years,<br />

and this year another fantastic lineup<br />

of art and entertainment for<br />

young and old is in store.<br />


Hundested Sand Sculpture Festival<br />

was initiated to create an<br />

attraction that could bring life to<br />

the local harbour - with an international<br />

flair. The event is both<br />

fun and inspiring. In addition to<br />

admiring the masterpieces by the<br />

many artists, you also have the<br />

opportunity to try your hand at<br />

sand sculpting. The festival has a<br />

large area for children, where the<br />

whole family can have fun and<br />

get creative with activities such<br />

as sand shaping, sand painting<br />

and treasure hunts. Take a break,<br />

enjoy a packed lunch in one of<br />

the festival's many indoor and<br />

outdoor seating areas, or visit the<br />

cosy Café Sommerlyst for all sorts<br />

of delicious refreshments.<br />

<strong>2022</strong>: A JOURNEY IN<br />


For the Sand Sculpture Festival,<br />

time is as fleeting as the golden<br />

grains of sand between the sculptors'<br />

hands. The theme for <strong>2022</strong> is<br />

'Time Travel - Where Would You<br />

Go?' with no restrictions imposed<br />

by time and space, go on your<br />

own time travel journey through<br />

wormholes and time portals as<br />

this year's artists, among them<br />

several world champions, give<br />

their quirky and creative take on<br />

the theme. Welcome back to the<br />

future, and see you at the Hundested<br />

Sand Sculpture Festival!<br />






2016 THE GREAT DANES<br />

2017 ONCE UPON A TIME<br />





<strong>2022</strong> TIME TRAVEL - WHERE WOULD YOU GO?

36<br />

LYNÆS<br />

LYNÆS<br />

Fishing village meets surfer's paradise<br />

Lynæs lies perfectly sheltered by the high cliffs of the headland at the inlet to Isefjord, just 2 km/1 mi south<br />

of Hundested. This idyllic fishing village is one of Denmark's oldest – and today, thousands of sailors from<br />

Isefjord, Roskilde Fjord and Kattegat flock to the charming marina.<br />


MISS<br />

Haugen Galleri<br />

World-class art at the tip of the<br />

headland.<br />

Søndergade 31B, 3390 Hundested<br />

Lynæs Surfcenter<br />

Water sports, café, accommodation<br />

and real surfing atmosphere.<br />

Lynæs Havnevej 8, 3390 Hundested<br />

Tangsafari<br />

Jump in the water and learn about<br />

sea vegetables.<br />

dansktang.dk<br />

Valdemar Poulsens<br />

Høj<br />

Panoramic viewing spot with<br />

fantastic views over Hundested.<br />

A small path just north of Lynæs<br />

Kirke leads up to the mound.<br />

Walk along the cliff<br />

path with stunning views of<br />

Roskilde Fjord and Isefjord.<br />

Go from Lynæs towards St.<br />

Karlsminde.<br />

Lynæs Strand and<br />

sea swim bath<br />

Child-friendly beach with jetty and<br />

lifeguard during the summer season.<br />

Lynæs Havnevej 8, 3390 Hundested<br />



Lynæs is packed with fun adventures<br />

for the whole family. Children<br />

can enjoy the fun playground and<br />

adventure bridge at the harbour,<br />

where you can also use the BBQs,<br />

sea swimming bath, and the two<br />

shelters and bonfire areas. The<br />

summer months are full of various<br />

activities and music events on the<br />

pier. Keep an eye out for 'Live i<br />

Lynæs', for example, which provides<br />

great live music five Fridays during<br />

the summer. If you fancy lunch or<br />

a treat, the port has eateries and<br />

an ice cream parlour, and you can<br />

also buy some freshly caught fish<br />

to take home. So there are plenty<br />

of reasons to drop by and enjoy the<br />

great atmosphere.<br />

Tip: Do you love art? Then visit<br />

the small Haugen Gallery, which<br />

the painter and graphic artist Arne<br />

Haugen Sørensen has chosen as<br />

his exclusive gallery in Denmark. It<br />

is inside a disused bakery almost<br />

at the very tip of the headland, the<br />

perfect space to have peace so you<br />

can completely immerse yourself in<br />

the many beautiful works.<br />


At Lynæs Surfcenter you can have<br />

a go at a variety of water sports<br />

from windsurfing to SUP and<br />

kayaking. If you're a beginner, you<br />

can book lessons with an instructor,<br />

and if you're already pretty<br />

experienced, you can just hire<br />

equipment and jump straight into<br />

the waves. Surfcentret can best<br />

be described as a 'micro resort'<br />

with its roots firmly in surf culture.<br />

If you'd rather hang out on<br />

the beach, the café at Lynæs<br />

Surfcenter is worth a visit. Hot<br />

coffee, cold drinks and juicy<br />

burgers are served all year round.<br />

It has a relaxed atmosphere. You<br />

will notice your shoulders relax<br />

and drop as soon as you enter. It's<br />

open to everyone, whether you're<br />

here for the surfing, enjoying<br />

a delicious bite to eat or just<br />

watching the sunset.<br />


Once you get tired, it is easy to find a good place to stay in or around<br />

Lynæs. If you're visiting by boat, the marina is the place to be. Other<br />

accommodation options include Lynæs Camping, the unique surf shacks<br />

or glamping tents at Lynæs Surfcenter or one of the lovely shelters on the<br />

town's harbour. The natural environment surrounding Lynæs offers plenty<br />

of activity, and there is also a lovely, child-friendly beach where you can<br />

enjoy the beautiful sunrise over the harbour if you're up early enough.

Glasskibe is made<br />

in collaboration<br />

with cabinetmakers<br />

Egeværk<br />



At the end of Nordre Beddingsvej, where the fjord meets the quayside, Bendix Copenhagen and Backhaus Brown<br />

invite into a world of gold and glass.<br />

“Glass is our life and our shared passion. Nature is our source of inspiration in everything we do, and a dream came true<br />

when in 2008 we opened a new glass studio at Hundested Harbour. Backhaus Brown’s location enriches us with<br />

daily inspiration in the creation of unique and innovative glass design and the fjord and the volatility of light aligns<br />

beautifully with the unpredictability of glass.” Andrew Brown & Nanna Backhaus Brown<br />

“At Bendix Copenhagen, we work to create a whole - an exciting jewelry universe characterised by our shared enthusiasm<br />

for materials and craftsmanship of the highest quality, as well as visual aesthetics and design. The circle was closed<br />

in the summer of 2021 when we became a neighbour to the acclaimed glassblowers Backhaus Brown.<br />

With this unique location by the old harbour slipway, our jewelry is particularly complimented by the sea,<br />

yachts and an authentic harbour environment. We look forward to welcoming you.” Christina Bendix<br />




38<br />


BIG<br />

EVENTS<br />

in North Sealand<br />

<strong>2022</strong><br />

A summer highlight at the Louisiana Art Museum is the<br />

annual celebration of literature. The Louisiana Literature<br />

Festival takes place over four days and attracts more than<br />

40 Danish, Nordic and international authors and several<br />

thousand guests. This year the festival will be held from<br />

18-21 August.

There are big events with international flair, there are vibrant festivals with music and theatre - and then<br />

there's the underbelly of local, interesting experiences you won't want to miss. Food markets, historical<br />

markets, guided tours, boat trips, special activities for children, nature adventures and free experiences.<br />

Here is a small selection to inspire you. Discover many more activities on our website.<br />

39<br />

21. JANUARY – 12. JUNE<br />

Special exhibition: ’Wilhelm<br />

Marstrand. Den store fortæller’<br />

Nivaagaards Art Collection<br />

nivaagaard.dk<br />

4. FEBRUARY – 31.<br />

AUGUST<br />

Special exhibition: about HKH<br />

Kronprinsesse Mary<br />

Frederiksborg Palace<br />

dnm.dk<br />

24. MARCH – 31. JULY<br />

Exhibition: Diane Arbus<br />

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art,<br />

Humlebæk<br />

louisiana.dk<br />

1. MAY – 24. SEPTEMBER<br />

Boat trips on Arresø onboard M/S<br />

Frederikke<br />

msfrederikke.dk<br />

12. MAY – 23. OCTOBER<br />

Sand Sculpture Festival Hundested<br />

Habour<br />

sandfestival.dk<br />

14. MAY<br />

Taste & Run, gourmet-adventure<br />

race in Halsnæs<br />

Grønnessegaard Gods, Hundested<br />

tasteandrun.dk<br />

19. MAY – 23. OCTOBER<br />

Exhibition: ’Forensic Architecture’<br />

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art,<br />

Humlebæk<br />

louisiana.dk<br />

25. MAY – 11. SEPTEMBER<br />

Exhibition: Dorothy Iannone<br />

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art,<br />

Humlebæk<br />

louisiana.dk<br />

4. JUNE<br />

Halsnæs Open Air in Gjethuset,<br />

Frederiksværk<br />

Outdoor concert with Malurt and<br />

Magtens Korridorer<br />

gjethuset.dk<br />

4-6. JUNE<br />

Time Winder, Nostalgia on land, at<br />

sea and in the air<br />

Grønnessegaard Gods, Hundested<br />

timewinder.dk<br />

4-6. JUNE<br />

Græsted Veterantræf<br />

gvtf.dk<br />

10-12. JUNE<br />

Hillerød Slotssø Byfest<br />

Facebook/Hillerød Slotssø Byfest<br />

11. JUNE – 15. OCTOBER<br />

Torup Marked<br />

Food market Saturdays in odd<br />

weeks at Dyssekilde Station in<br />

Torup near Hundested<br />

Facebook/Torup Marked<br />

18. JUNE<br />

Esrum Ølfestival<br />

The aroma of freshly poured beer<br />

spreads through Esrum as we fill<br />

the area to the brim with abbey<br />

beer, microbrews and hand-brewed<br />

beers.<br />

esrum.dk<br />

23. JUNE<br />

Sankthans bonfire by Slotssøen,<br />

Hillerød<br />

hillerod.nu<br />

24. JUNE<br />

Cannon Friday in Frederiksværk<br />

frederiksvaerkhandel.dk<br />

1-30. JULY<br />

Guided tours around Fredensborg<br />

Palace<br />

kongeligeslotte.dk<br />

1-31. JULY<br />



Gjethuset, Frederiksværk<br />

frv-musik.dk<br />

14. JULY – 8. JANUARY<br />

2023<br />

Exhibition: Alex Da Corte<br />

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art,<br />

Humlebæk<br />

louisiana.dk<br />

21-23. JULY<br />

Musik in Lejet, Tisvildeleje<br />

musikilejet.dk<br />

6-7. AUGUST<br />

Kildemarked in Tisvilde<br />

kildemarkedet.dk<br />

6-7. AUGUST<br />

Art in Halsnæs, Open studio<br />

kunstihalsnaes.dk<br />

18-21. AUGUST<br />

Louisiana Literature Festival<br />

louisiana.dk<br />

25-28. AUGUST<br />

Nordsjællands Vandrefestival,<br />

Esrum Abbey<br />

nordsjaellandsvandrefestival.dk<br />

3. SEPTEMBER<br />

– 15. JANUARY 2023<br />

Special exhibition: ’Sofonisba –<br />

Historiens glemte mirakel’<br />

Nivaagaards Art Collection<br />

nivaagaard.dk<br />

4. SEPTEMBER<br />

Frederiksværk Ironman<br />

Sports event, Frederiksværk<br />

frederiksvaerkstaalmand.dk<br />

3-4. SEPTEMBER<br />

Høstmarked, Krogerup Avlsgaard,<br />

Humlebæk<br />

aarstiderne.com<br />

2. OCTOBER<br />

MTB Marathon, Danmarks biggest<br />

and oldest<br />

mtbmaraton.dk<br />

21. OCTOBER<br />

Horror Walk – the streets of Hillerød<br />

are filled with creepy crawlies and<br />

scary monsters<br />

hillerod.nu<br />

25. NOVEMBER<br />

Christmas in North Sealand begins<br />

in Hillerød with the lighting of<br />

the Christmas tree and the old<br />

Christmas mill and the towns<br />

Christmas illuminations.<br />

hillerod.nu<br />

26-27. NOVEMBER<br />

Christmas market Grønnessegaard<br />

Gods, Hundested<br />

groennesse.dk<br />

See the top events<br />

in North Sealand here.

40<br />


FREDE<br />

RIKS<br />

VÆRK<br />

Beautifully located between Arresø<br />

and Roskilde Fjord, Frederiksværk<br />

is also known as “Little Venice”<br />

because of its canal and numerous<br />

iconic bridges. The old houses and<br />

buildings in the streets and alleyways<br />

of Frederiksvæk bear witness<br />

to the town’s past as Denmark’s first<br />

industrial centre, but Frederiksværk<br />

has so much more to offer. Today the<br />

town is a thriving commercial centre<br />

with attractive shops and a rich cultural<br />

life, with concerts throughout<br />

the year, as well as being the perfect<br />

base from which to launch expeditions<br />

into the rich surrounding countryside.<br />

The town has exciting playgrounds for<br />

children as well as opportunities for<br />

fishing and discovering wildlife close<br />

at hand, or perhaps a quiet walk along<br />

one of the many beautiful nature trails.<br />


How did Frederiksværk become the<br />

cradle of Danish industry? The story<br />

begins in the middle of the 18th<br />

century, when the drifting sands that<br />

had plagued North Sealand for centuries<br />

blocked off Arresø’s natural<br />

drainage, causing widespread flooding<br />

in the fields around the lake and consequently<br />

also heavy losses for the<br />

local farmers. Their complaints ultimately<br />

came to the attention of King<br />

Frederik IV who ordered a canal to<br />

be dug from Arresø to Roskilde Fjord.<br />

This resulted not only in a lot of happy<br />

farmers, but also that energy in the<br />

form of hydro power was now available.<br />

Hydro power meant that industry<br />

could develop along the banks of the<br />

canal and eventually, over time, gunpowder,<br />

bullets, cooking ranges and<br />

many other items were manufactured<br />

in Frederiksværk. To begin with, the<br />

Gunpowder Works and canon foundry<br />

were established, but quickly, many<br />

other major industries were attracted<br />

to the growing town.<br />


DER TOWN<br />

In <strong>2022</strong>, Frederiksværk’s unique and<br />

beautifully preserved Gunpowder


41<br />

Works continue to be an important<br />

part of the town. The original waterdriven<br />

machines of the Gunpowder<br />

Works still function today, and visitors<br />

can be regaled with stories about the<br />

dangers involved in manufacturing<br />

black powder, which had a tendency<br />

to explode, resulting in loss of both<br />

life and limb for the unfortunate<br />

gunpowder workers. The museum is<br />

a part of Industrimuseet Frederiks<br />

Værk, the Frederiks Værk Museum of<br />

Industry which tells the story of the<br />

town’s industrial history with changing<br />

exhibitions and themed guided tours<br />

of the town throughout the summer<br />

season. A ticket to the Gunpowder<br />

Works museum also includes entry<br />

to the polar explorer Knud Rasmussen’s<br />

Hus in Hundested, which today<br />

is a museum with a spectacular view<br />

over Kattegat.<br />


In addition to the Gunpowder Works,<br />

many of Frederiksværk’s old industrial<br />

buildings are still standing and their<br />

impressive architecture makes Frederiksværk<br />

unique. Today, the old<br />

cannon foundry Gjethuset has been<br />

transformed into one of Denmark’s<br />

most beautiful cultural centres. The<br />

majestic building creates the setting<br />

for everything from rock concerts and<br />

conferences to children’s theatre and<br />

international exhibitions. This small<br />

canalside town certainly makes sure<br />

there are activities for all age groups.<br />

Town Festival, Cannonball Friday,<br />

historical exhibitions in Palæet, the<br />

Industrial Museum building, open-air<br />

concerts in Ølsted Grusgrav, stand-up<br />

comedy in Slusen and intimate concerts<br />

in Elværk - the old electricity<br />

plant, are just some of the events<br />

planned for this year. The town’s pedestrianised<br />

shopping street is uniquely<br />

located between canal and forest and<br />

together with the i Noord shopping<br />

centre, Frederikværk offers a wide<br />

rage of speciality stores, second-hand<br />

shops, cosy cafes and eateries.<br />



In Frederiksværk, the town and surrounding<br />

countryside are almost interwoven.<br />

Frederiksværk is situated in<br />

a large and hilly forest area, which<br />

can be seen after a short climb up<br />

the steps behind the shopping centre<br />

to Bakkestien, from where there are<br />

superb views out over the town,<br />

harbour and fjord. Those interested in<br />


Frederiksværk Camping & Hostel<br />

An authentic hostel set in peaceful surroundings. Choose<br />

between rooms, cabins, motorhomes, shelters and camping.<br />

The hostel also hires out bicycles and canoes.<br />

Strandgade 30, DK 3300 Frederiksværk, tel. (+45) 23 44 88 44<br />

Nordsjællands Ferieboliger<br />

New holiday apartments in the heart of Frederiksværk, close to<br />

shops and amenities. All apartments are furnished in the Scandinavian<br />

style and have their own kitchen.<br />

Kirkegade 15C, 3300 Frederiksværk, tel. (+45) 27 62 32 50<br />

Ølsted Kro & Hotel<br />

Modern Danish ‘hygge’ in a traditional inn in the small town of<br />

Ølsted, with a menu featuring fresh local Danish ingredients.<br />

Just outside the inn is a small park with sculptures by the Danish<br />

artist Misja Kristoffer Rasmussen.<br />

Hovedgaden 10, 3310 Ølsted, tel. (+45) 47 74 91 81<br />


M/S Frederikke<br />

Set sail on Arresø, Denmark’s largest lake with the M/S Frederikke.<br />

The Gunpowder Works Museum<br />

Discover the history of gunpowder and see the machines used to<br />

manufacture it.<br />

Melby Overdrev<br />

The largest area of heath landscape on Sealand.<br />

Canoe trips<br />

to Arresø or Roskilde Fjord.<br />

The beavers of Arresø<br />

See the busy beavers in action.<br />

Ølsted Grusgrav<br />

Old quarry developed into an attractive country park.<br />

Asserbo Slotsruin<br />

Idyllic castle ruin, originally founded as a monastery in the 12th<br />

century.<br />

Dronningholm Slotsruin<br />

Discover the ruin of this medieval castle at Arrenæs.<br />

Hyllingebjergstenen<br />

Hyllingebjergstenen is a 3,000 year old monolith with some of the<br />

finest rock carvings in Denmark<br />

Tip: Love a good secondhand<br />

bargain? Why not visit<br />

Loppehjørnet at Nørregade<br />

2, a wonderful second-hand<br />

shop where you can find everything<br />

from furniture and<br />

clothes to vinyl records and<br />

bric-a brac.<br />

seeingthe surrounding from the water<br />

can rent a canoe from Frederiksværk<br />

Camping, the town’s camping<br />

site and follow the canal either to<br />

Roskilde Fjord or Arresø, Denmark’s<br />

largest lake. The idyllic Brede Å path<br />

begins at Frederiksværk Church and<br />

follows the line of the line of the canal<br />

through Arresødal Forest all the way<br />

to Arresø itself. There is a covered<br />

bird-watching platforrm by the lake,<br />

from which you can observe the rich<br />

bird-life of the area and, if you’re<br />

lucky, even catch a glimpse of the<br />

colourful and rare kingfisher. During<br />

the summer period visitors can also<br />

enjoy an unforgettable boat trip on<br />

Arresø in the beautiful old wooden<br />

ship M/S Frederikke.

42<br />




History, live music, shopping, fine dining - Frederiksværk<br />

has something for everyone! Below serves as<br />

inspiration to go out and explore the many experiences<br />

on offer for both young and old in North<br />

Sealand's lovely canal town.<br />



Gjethuset is North Sealand's largest and most beautiful<br />

cultural centre. For over 30 years, the old iron foundry<br />

has hosted concerts, shows, theatre, art and conferences.<br />

The building, once used for casting cannons, is<br />

an architectural experience in itself, but it's also worth<br />

checking out the cultural centre's calendar, which is<br />

packed with activities and events for the whole family.<br />

After a few seasons of restrictions and closures, Gjethuset<br />

is more than ready for <strong>2022</strong>, bringing back its tradition<br />

of big open-air concerts. On 4 June, the audience can<br />

look forward to a summer party under the stars when<br />

Malurt and Magtens Korridorer perform at this year's big<br />

outdoor concert, Halsnæs Open Air.<br />

For the little ones, Halsnæs Børneklub offers both theatre<br />

with Cirkeline and 'Det store Ramasjangmysterie', already<br />

a favourite since being on DR. In July, the classical music<br />

festival Frederiksværk Musikfestival, and in the autumn<br />

the Jazznæs-festivalen takes place - as well as a wealth of<br />

other cultural experiences for the whole family.<br />

More details about Gjethuset's events are available at<br />

gjethuset.dk<br />

4.3.<br />

11.3.<br />

19.3.<br />

21.4.<br />

24.4.<br />

6.5.<br />

4.6.<br />

July<br />

22.9.<br />

6.10.<br />


Back to Back<br />

Anders Blichfeldt<br />

Pink Floyd Project<br />

’Cirkelines museskole’<br />

’Det store Ramasjangmysterie’<br />

Danser med Drenge<br />

Halsnæs Open Air: Malurt and Magtens Korridorer<br />

Frederiksværk Musicfestival<br />

James Rasmussen Trio<br />

Jan Hellesøe, hypnotist and manipulator



8.5. and 12.6. History tour<br />

Three hours of local Danish history.<br />

26.6. Cycle tour: Entertainment along the way.<br />

Historical bike ride with funny stories and tall<br />

tales along the way.<br />

28.6. Street names are part of history, some<br />

streets have names. Some don't. Some are<br />

large and wide. Others are small and narrow.<br />

Hear the exciting stories behind the street<br />

names.<br />

19.7. Art and architecture in Frederiksværk<br />

Take a closer look at the town's architecture<br />

and artwork.<br />

10.7. and 24.7. Hike and sail with<br />

M/S Frederikke<br />

Relaxing Sunday excursion on Arresø aboard<br />

the boat M/S Frederikke.<br />

Details of all the museum's guided tours are<br />

available at indmus.dk<br />



The Gunpowder Works Museum is simply put, one<br />

of a kind! Here, powder mills lie like pearls on a string<br />

along both sides of the canal, and in more than a<br />

dozen of the carefully restored buildings, you can<br />

see the old machines at work - powered by water<br />

wheels, and some by electric motors. The Gunpowder<br />

Museum, is located on the old gunpowder site in<br />

Frederiksværk, it provides you with insight into the<br />

history of gunpowder production and how this was a<br />

highly hazardous activity. The risk of explosions was<br />

considerable, which is why the surrounding area is<br />

characterised by protective walls and tall trees, whose<br />

macabre function has been to catch debris and torn<br />

limbs when things went awry. The entire Gunpowder<br />

Works area is exceptionally well preserved - so much<br />

so that Frederiksværk was awarded the status of<br />

one of Denmark's 25 finest industrial monuments in<br />

2007. The museum offers guided tours and Sundays<br />

during the season are free for families with children.<br />

Aside from the Gunpowder Works, the museum also<br />

features the Palæet, the classicist house on the<br />

square in Frederiksværk, where the administration<br />

is based and small exhibitions on current topics are<br />

held regularly, as well as the polar explorer and author<br />

Knud Rasmussen's House.<br />



Thanks to drifting sand in the sixteenth century you can<br />

now enjoy a unique mix of architecture, gunpowder,<br />

bullets, shopping and services in Frederiksværk.<br />

Frederick V ordered the canal, the enchanting town has<br />

since sprung up around. The canal was originally dug to<br />

stop the frequent floods that gave the farmers major<br />

problems. Today Frederiksværk has over 130 shops -<br />

from pre-owned fashion at Loppehjørnet and Røde<br />

Kors to interiors and the latest fashion in the shopping<br />

centre i Noordand the city's welcoming pedestrian<br />

street Nørregade. Lovely cafés and delicious restaurants<br />

are also in abundance. Book a table at a Thai<br />

restaurant, for example Ban Phai, located in an old<br />

timbered house just a stone's throw from Gjethuset, or<br />

stop by the authentic Restaurant Tinggården, where<br />

old-fashioned craftsmanship is prioritised and all the<br />

food served is made from scratch. The restaurant is<br />

located in a thatched four-storey farmhouse idyllically<br />

nestled in the woods on the road between Frederiksværk<br />

and Helsinge, and chef and master chef Jan<br />

Friis-Mikkelsen is always happy to share his passion for<br />

seasonal ingredients. Parking is easy in Frederiksværk.<br />

There are around 1,400 free parking spaces in total,<br />

which are within walking distance of the pedestrian<br />

zone, cultural institutions and the woods.<br />

More details about the museum are available at<br />

indmus.dk and knudrasmus.dk

44 LISELEJE<br />


like<br />


OLD DAYS<br />

Just an hour's drive from Copenhagen, the north coast of Sealand offers<br />

something truly special: the romantic seaside resort of Liseleje.<br />

Spring on the north coast is crisp and clear,<br />

and summer here is just that little bit better<br />

than most other parts of the country. Liseleje<br />

is an excellent example of the traditional<br />

seaside resort holiday! When the sun<br />

beats down from a cloudless sky on a calm<br />

summer day, there is no better place in the<br />

world to be than right here. The sand stretches as<br />

far as the eye can see; the clear water sparkles<br />

with blue-green colours. Despite its modest size,<br />

there are plenty of great places to eat and stay.<br />


Into yoga or chilling on the beach? Paddling in a<br />

sea kayak? Or visit the market stalls, play games<br />

and party? Liseleje has it all and the town buzzes<br />

with life all summer long, offering activities for<br />

people of all ages.<br />

Hop on a bike or take a walk from Liseleje<br />

through Asserbo. Pass by the idyllic and magical<br />

troll forest and the scenic Melby Overdrev, soak<br />

in the sun's rays in the dunes or perhaps just take<br />

a stroll to the sea and enjoy the stunning view of<br />

the long coastline.<br />

One of the country’s largest and most beautiful<br />

natural playgrounds, Havtyren is definitely<br />

worth a visit. Just opposite Havtyren, a mere<br />

100m from the child-friendly beach, is Liselegeland<br />

playland. Children will love controlling<br />

the electric cars on the fun driving track and<br />

not forgetting the adventure mini-golf course,<br />

where all the family can fuel their competitive<br />

spirits and battle against each other.<br />

Tip: During the autumn and winter months,<br />

there are fewer people on the north coast, and<br />

the weather is more severe. Here you really get<br />

a sense of the forces of nature and find peace<br />

in your soul by listening to the wind and the crashing<br />

waves - the exceptional sunsets on the<br />

north coast can be appreciated year-round.<br />


At Liseleje Badehotel, you can enjoy a seaside<br />

holiday like in the olden days. Here you can<br />

sleep well, eat well in the hotel's lovely café,<br />

Kaffehuset, and retreat from everyday life,<br />

disconnect and enjoy your own company or<br />

that of those around you. The beach hotel<br />

also rents out bicycles, so you can discover<br />

the area's unique scenery on two wheels. For<br />

example, take the North Coast Cycle Route 47<br />

along the water, and discover beautiful Tisvilde<br />

Hegn nature area.<br />

If you prefer the cosy cottage life, find and<br />

rent the perfect house for you and your family<br />

through Feriepartner in Liseleje. Feriepartner<br />

offer holiday homes in many price ranges<br />

- super luxurious and more simply equipped<br />

houses, so there is something for every taste<br />

and need.<br />

In Liseleje you can enjoy a seaside holiday like<br />

the good old days, with the perfect mixture of<br />

relaxation, adventures and entertainment.


45<br />



• Havtyren nature playground<br />

• Liseleje Beach<br />

• Liselegelandet with mini golf and<br />

electric cars<br />



Liselejevej 62, 3360 Liseleje<br />

Tel. +45 21 26 85 40<br />

liselejebadehotel.dk<br />


Liselejevej 60, 3360 Liseleje<br />

Tel. +45 47 74 63 34<br />

feriepartner.dk<br />


Melbyvej 83, 3370 Melby<br />

Tel. +45 21 80 10 07

46<br />


With<br />

FEET<br />

In<br />

THE<br />

WATER<br />

The north coast has been nicknamed ‘The Danish Riviera’ for<br />

a reason. Along the almost 70 km /43 mi stretch between<br />

Lynæs and Nivå, golden sandy beaches, classic promenades<br />

and cosy seaside resorts are strung together like pearls on a<br />

string. So grab your swimwear and sunscreen and head for<br />

a relaxing day in the North Sealand summer wonderland.

See more beaches in<br />

North Sealand<br />

BEACHES 47<br />


The charming fishing village of<br />

Gilleleje, boasts not just one,<br />

but several great beaches to<br />

choose from. Strandbakkerne<br />

lies on the east side of town. It<br />

is a lovely family beach. On the<br />

other side of the harbour, Veststranden<br />

is an approximately<br />

20-metre wide sandy beach,<br />

where the water is a bit deeper,<br />

and there are usually a few<br />

more waves. Both beaches are a<br />

short walk from the cafés shopping<br />

in Gilleleje town centre and<br />

the ice cream parlours, eateries<br />

and maritime atmosphere of the<br />

town’s beautiful harbour.<br />


Just a stone’s throw from the town and<br />

harbour of Hundested is the 300-metrelong<br />

Trekanten beach. The beach has<br />

lovely sand and a fine sandy shoreline<br />

and is very popular - with locals and<br />

holidaymakers alike. From Trekanten<br />

you can enjoy the fantastic view of the<br />

Isefjord and to the west lies the holiday<br />

town Rørvig. There are cafés, ice cream<br />

parlours, shops and mini golf nearby if you<br />

want to take a break from the sun. During<br />

the school summer holidays, lifeguards are<br />

on duty at the beach every day from 10<br />

am to 6 pm. At Trekanten Strand there is a<br />

disabled toilet facilities and an accessible<br />

ramp right down to the water.<br />


Dronningmølle Strand ranks high<br />

on the list of the north coast’s<br />

best and most visited beaches.<br />

The beach is very child-friendly<br />

with fine sand, shallow water and<br />

small, warm pools and ponds<br />

where kids can play, dig and<br />

splash about. It also provides<br />

good accessibility for people<br />

with reduced mobility. From the<br />

parking lot on the inland side<br />

of Villingebæk Strandvej there<br />

is a wheelchair ramp all the way<br />

down to the water’s edge, and<br />

the beach has disabled toilet<br />

facilities.<br />


At the edge of Tisvilde Hegn lies<br />

the cosy seaside village Liseleje<br />

- with charming timbered<br />

houses, hollyhocks and several<br />

good beaches. Closest to the<br />

centre you will find the lovely<br />

sandy beach Liseleje Strand,<br />

with lifeguards on duty, amble<br />

parking and disabled access<br />

to the water’s edge during the<br />

bathing season. Alternatively,<br />

if you prefer to get away from<br />

it all, head east to Lille Kulgab,<br />

which, along with Stængehus, a<br />

few kilometres further down the<br />

coast, is one of North Sealand’s<br />

most secluded beaches. Both of<br />

the beaches have fine dunes and<br />

good bathing conditions.

48<br />



Follow Strandvejen and when it<br />

turns right out towards the sea in<br />

North Sealand, you’ve arrived in<br />

the atmospheric seaside resort<br />

of Rågeleje. Just the drive itself<br />

is an experience, but the town,<br />

and especially the beach, doesn’t<br />

disappoint either. On Rågeleje<br />

Strand, striped beach huts are<br />

lined up, making the wide stretch<br />

of coast look like a scene from<br />

’Badehotellet’. The dunes provide<br />

shelter for sunbathing and relaxing,<br />

and the town’s promenade is<br />

perfect for a stroll with a refreshment<br />

in hand. Round off the day<br />

with a beautiful sunset from the<br />

beach or the Heatherhill Hills just<br />

outside town.<br />

NIVÅ<br />

Just south of Nivås idyllic harbour<br />

area is the lovely and very childfriendly<br />

Nivå Strand. The beach is in<br />

a wide bay with shallow water and<br />

ideal swimming conditions for the<br />

youngest members of the family,<br />

and a lifeguard is on duty every<br />

day throughout the school summer<br />

holidays. Within walking distance<br />

from Nivå Strand is the Nivå Bugt<br />

Strandenge nature reserve, with<br />

stunning scenery and plenty of bird<br />

watching. If you fancy a refreshing<br />

treat, it’s just a short walk to a delicious<br />

ice cream on the harbour.<br />

LYNÆS<br />

The small harbour town Lynæs is<br />

about 2 km from Hundested. At<br />

the town’s harbour, you can take<br />

a dip in the harbour pool, which<br />

has a bathing bridge and steps<br />

down to the water. If getting sand<br />

between your toes is more your<br />

thing, you can lay your towel on<br />

the lovely sandy beach right next<br />

to the harbour, where there’s<br />

shallow water and great swimming<br />

for the whole family. Lynæs<br />

Surfcenter is located behind the<br />

beach, here you can rent kayaks<br />

and SUP boards.<br />



GREEN<br />

Bathing permitted<br />

TWO RED-<br />

YELLOW<br />

FLAGS<br />

Marks the area<br />

the lifeguard<br />

recommends for<br />

swimming<br />

YELLOW<br />

Bathing permitted<br />

but extra attention<br />

to the conditions<br />

required<br />

RED<br />

Bathing is strictly<br />

prohibited<br />

BLUE<br />

Clean bathing water



Here you can see the 19 beaches with lifeguards on duty<br />

every day from June to August:<br />

BEACHES 49<br />

• Villingebæk, Dronningmølle<br />

• Espergærde Strand (south<br />

of the harbour)<br />

• Veststranden, Gilleleje<br />

• Strandbakkerne, Gilleleje<br />

• Heatherhill, Rågeleje<br />

• Grønnehave, Helsingør<br />

• Hornbæk Strand<br />

(east and west of the<br />

harbour)<br />

• Hornbæk Plantage<br />

• Trekanten, Hundested<br />

Liseleje Strand (east and<br />

west of the harbour)<br />

• Lille Kulgab, Liseleje<br />

• Lynæs Strand<br />

• Nivå Strand<br />

• Strandbjerggaard, Rågeleje<br />

• Smidstrup Strand<br />

• Snekkersten Strand<br />

• Tisvildeleje Strand<br />

(east and west of the<br />

harbour)<br />

• Stængehus, Tisvildeleje<br />

• Langebro, Ålsgårde<br />


Behind Smidstrup’s pretty red and<br />

black summer cottages is a gorgeous<br />

hidden bathing beach. There<br />

is a jetty and a designated area<br />

where dogs are permitted to swim<br />

and stay off-leash, and Smidstrup<br />

Strand is one of the only beaches<br />

in Denmark where bonfires are<br />

permissible - a cosy treat for those<br />

long summer evenings when it’s<br />

nice to stay out after dusk. Smidstrup<br />

town has shops, cafés and<br />

an ice-cream parlour. The popular<br />

Kollerødgård Ice Cream Dairy voted<br />

the best ice cream in Gribskov, is a<br />

short drive away.<br />


Tisvildeleje has a priceless beach<br />

hotel atmosphere. For generations,<br />

the small town with its kilometrelong<br />

beach has been an oasis and<br />

holiday destination for the city’s<br />

bohemians. Over the years, Tisvildeleje<br />

has become trendy with<br />

cafés, dining venues and bars,<br />

but the town still has plenty of<br />

charm and history. On the beach<br />

at the end of the main street, small<br />

colourful beach huts from the<br />

20th century create a distinctive<br />

atmosphere, and the area is full of<br />

beach hotels and holiday homes.<br />

The beach is located next to the<br />

wild and beautiful Tisvilde Hegn<br />

nature area.

50<br />


FRED<br />

ENS<br />

If you have blue blood in your<br />

veins, go to Fredensborg. The old<br />

palace and commercial town has<br />

a very special cultural heritage in<br />

store for you. Here you will find<br />

falconers training the flying skills<br />

of birds of prey, hop on the boat<br />

and visit Fredensborg Palace<br />

and take a stroll in the Royal<br />

Palace Gardens that have been<br />

restored for 10 years and have<br />

won international acclaim.<br />



Fredensborg is situated between<br />

Hillerød and Helsingør surrounded<br />

by a forest and a lake. The town’s<br />

main attraction is Fredensborg<br />

Palace (p. 54) where you can stroll<br />

around Denmark’s largest and finest<br />

baroque garden which is an important<br />

part of the Danish cultural<br />

heritage. Last year it won international<br />

acclaim and was given The<br />

European Heritage Award for the<br />

thorough restoration of Fredensborg<br />

Palace Garden. A very special<br />

attraction in the Palace Gardens<br />

is Nordmandsdalen with its 70<br />

sandstone statues of Norwegian<br />

and Faroese farmers and fishermen<br />

(p. 54) If HM The Queen is residing<br />

at the palace, the Queen’s Guard<br />

has a daily change of guards<br />

at 12 o’clock, while the corps of<br />

drums parade through town every<br />

Thursday to the palace with pipes<br />

and drums.


51<br />


• Fredensborg Store Kro<br />

• Fredensborg Vandrerhjem<br />

• Fredensborg Camping<br />


• Fredensborg Store Kro<br />

• Country Market<br />

• Madkollektivet<br />

• No. 16<br />

• Sørup Is & Kaffestue<br />

• Skipperhuset<br />


• Fredensborg Palace Gardens<br />

• Falkonergården<br />

• Fredensborg Museum<br />

• Højsager Mølle<br />

• Utzon Museum Fredensborg<br />

BORG<br />



Only two minutes walk from Fredensborg<br />

Palace, you will find the shopping<br />

street in Fredensborg, where<br />

you should take a stroll if you enjoy<br />

shopping. You can also swing by<br />

the charming, old harbours Sørup<br />

Harbour and Fredensborg Harbour<br />

and take a walk by the sea. For a<br />

boat trip, hop on Bådfarten Esrum<br />

Sødeparting from Skipperhuset<br />

which offers a beautiful boat trip<br />

on the lake to Dronningens Bøge<br />

passing the Palace Gardens.<br />

When you are done, stop by for a<br />

great big ice cream at Sørup Is &<br />

Kaffestuejust a stone’s throw away<br />

from the harbour. Here they also<br />

serve coffee and home-made cakes<br />

and cookies that you can enjoy<br />

inside or outside in their little, charming<br />

courtyard with views of Esrum<br />

Lake and the Palace Gardens.<br />

For the time of your life, drive to<br />

Falkonergården with its fascinating<br />

universe of birds of prey with<br />

the most lovely views of Esrum Lake.<br />

Here the professional falconers<br />

cooperate with falcons, American<br />

buzzards and steppe eagles for an<br />

amazing display regardless of the<br />

weather – so remember to bring<br />

rainwear and warm clothes.<br />


BISTRO<br />

You will find great eateries in Fredensborg.<br />

Madkollektivet Naboskaber,<br />

which is a modern community<br />

centre, forms the setting for parties<br />

or jazz for children, champagne<br />

dinners and baking events around<br />

Christmas on selected dates – and<br />

every Wednesday at 6 pm you can<br />

enjoy communal dining at Madkollektivet.<br />

If you prefer market place<br />

atmosphere, you should visit the<br />

charming Summer Country Market<br />

offering local produce. Relax on the<br />

sofa with a good cup of coffee or<br />

peruse all the delicate specialities<br />

and buy local produce to bring home<br />

for dinner. In Fredensborg you will<br />

find a lot of tasty treats and eateries<br />

like shop community No. 16 (p. 59),<br />

at Fredensborg Store Kro (p. 57)<br />

and Skipperhuset (p. 56).

52<br />



in the Municipality of Fredensborg<br />

Want to explore the Municipality of Fredensborg? Hop<br />

on the iron horse, and enjoy the 40 km/25 mi signposted<br />

bicycle trail, Dronningerunden, that winds its way through<br />

the four major constituent communities in the municipality:<br />

Kokkedal, Nivå, Humlebæk and Fredensborg. You<br />

will be passing a string of beautiful villages, landscapes<br />

and attractions, setting the scene for a beautiful day trip<br />

in the countryside.<br />

We will take you to four unique towns each with its<br />

special history and identity.<br />

The route in brief<br />

At the beginning of the route in<br />

Nivå, you can visit Nivaagaard Art<br />

Collection and the Ring Oven. In<br />

Fredensborg the route will take<br />

you through Humlebæk with<br />

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art,<br />

to Fredensborg Palace and the<br />

Palace Garden and further down<br />

to Skipperhuset at Esrum Lake<br />

and Sørup. The route goes from<br />

Sørup to Karlebo and further to<br />

Avderød and Kokkedal before it<br />

ends in Nivå.<br />

STOP 1<br />

Nivå<br />

Start the route in Nivå, characterised<br />

by its history as a brickworks town<br />

defined by Lergravssøerne (clay lakes)<br />

and Ring Oven. You will be passing<br />

the Ring Oven at Nivaagaard Brickworks<br />

(p. 63), the only existing one<br />

in Denmark, where you can learn why<br />

it was one the great steps forward in<br />

industrial history.<br />

The Lergravssøerne where clay was<br />

dug for the brick production, are<br />

today recreational nature areas with<br />

a rich bird and fish life, featuring trails,<br />

bridges and a playground, providing<br />

space for active fun and learning for<br />

families with children.<br />

The Nivaa gaard Collection is adjacent<br />

to the Ring Oven. The atmospheric<br />

art museum houses a collection of<br />

500 years of world art, where you<br />

can get closer to the Italian Renaissance,<br />

Dutch Baroque and Danish<br />

Golden Age - Nivaagaard is a true<br />

cultural-historical gem that is not to<br />

be missed. The museum is surrounded<br />

by a beautiful, old rhododendron park<br />

which is an explosion of rich colours<br />

and beauty in May.<br />

Nivå Harbour and the beach are<br />

family-friendly areas of natural beauty.<br />

The harbour offers a variety of eating<br />

options, and the child-friendly beach<br />

has shallow water and beautiful sand.<br />

In windy weather, it is often packed<br />

with cool kite surfers, and the harbour<br />

is also a favourite spot for sailors.<br />

At the end of the beach is a unique<br />

bird sanctuary. More than 200 bird<br />

species have been observed here.<br />

The shallow Nivå Bay and the narrow<br />

coastal meadows are the only areas<br />

on the Danish Øresund coast where<br />

waders have the opportunity to rest<br />

and forage.

Psst …<br />

You may also follow<br />

Dronningerunden anticlockwise<br />

starting in Nivå<br />

– Humlebæk – Fredensborg<br />

– Kokkedal. The route is<br />

signposted to make it easy to<br />

find your way. See the route at<br />

visitnordsjaelland.dk<br />

STOP 2<br />

Humlebæk<br />

If you follow this route, you will get to<br />

Humlebæk which is primarily known<br />

for Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.<br />

A beacon among art museums, offering<br />

a unique blend of art, architecture and<br />

nature that attracts guests from all over<br />

the world. Enjoy the Sculpture Park’s<br />

fantastic view of the Øresund, and let<br />

the kids loose in the Children’s Wing (p.<br />

89) – Louisiana is also an art museum<br />

for children.<br />

Humlebæk has more than art to offer,<br />

so take your time to look in the town’s<br />

many specialty shops, cafés and<br />

restaurants, which are mostly lined<br />

along the beautiful coast, Strandvejen.<br />

Enjoy a good cup of coffee and buy<br />

some culinary treats to bring home.<br />

Aarstidernes Farm Shop at Krogerup<br />

Avlsgård offers a large selection of<br />

organic quality produce, and you<br />

are always welcome to have a look<br />

around the organic and biodynamic<br />

farm. Humlebæk’s long coastal line<br />

with harbours, beaches and cultural<br />

environments offer plenty of opportunities<br />

for fun, activities and relaxation,<br />

while the forests on the land give you<br />

access to recreational nature.<br />

STOP 3<br />

Fredensborg<br />

The route continues along the coast<br />

to the idyllic Sletten Harbour, before<br />

it turns into the countryside towards<br />

Fredensborg (p. 60). You will immediately<br />

see the stately white baroque<br />

palace in front of you. For many years,<br />

Fredensborg Palace (p. 54) has had<br />

special status as the royal family’s most<br />

used palace and we recognise it from<br />

the media in connection with royal<br />

events and international state visits.<br />

Fredensborg town has developed<br />

around the palace, which was finished<br />

in 1722. A charming and lively commercial<br />

town, where the pedestrian street<br />

Jernbanegade links the station and<br />

the palace, and contains a wide selection<br />

of retail shops, supermarkets and<br />

eateries. If you arrive by train, you can<br />

stroll through the pedestrian street and<br />

enjoy seeing the palace as it suddenly<br />

appears right in front of you like an<br />

almost surreal greeting from the past.<br />

Royal and local, historic and present,<br />

side by side.<br />

Slotsgade is home to several listed<br />

buildings with fascinating stories. E.g.<br />

you can see the Bournonville house,<br />

where the royal ballet master August<br />

Bournonville used to live. Skipper Allé<br />

leads you down to Esrum Lake, where<br />

the boat trip will take you adventuring<br />

on Denmark’s second largest lake. Also<br />

look into the Chaluphus and Skipperhuset,<br />

and stroll around the Palace<br />

Gardens, which are open all year round.<br />

In Fredensborg, you are never far from<br />

breathtaking nature – the palace was<br />

probably built here for the very same<br />

reason.<br />

Fredensborg<br />

Humlebæk<br />

Nivå<br />

Kokkedal<br />


STOP 4<br />

Kokkedal<br />

Your last stop on this route is Kokkedal<br />

which is leading the way with creative<br />

solutions to today’s climate challenges.<br />

If you are interested in urban development<br />

and climate adaptation that<br />

integrate solutions to the problem of<br />

large amounts of rain, then Kokkedal is<br />

an inspiring visit. The river and green<br />

areas bind the city together, physically<br />

and socially. The town is equipped<br />

with a future-proof rainwater system,<br />

which also creates new attractive and<br />

safe urban spaces for experiences and<br />

having fun.<br />

Visit Bølgepladsen’s new exciting<br />

activity area and admire the sculpture<br />

‘Skålen og Perlen’ which unfolds<br />

when the sun goes down, and go down<br />

to the river and work up a sweat at<br />

Naturhængslet.<br />

→ The route goes back from here to<br />

Nivå, where Dronningerunden ends,<br />

and you can enjoy a well-deserved<br />

lunch or a good cup of afternoon<br />

coffee at one of the town’s cosy<br />

eateries or cafés.

54<br />





The town’s main attraction is<br />

Fredensborg Palace where<br />

you can stroll around Denmark’s<br />

largest and finest<br />

baroque garden which is an<br />

important part of the Danish<br />

cultural heritage. Last year<br />

it won international acclaim<br />

and was given The European Heritage<br />

Award for the thorough restoration of<br />

Fredensborg Palace Garden.<br />

This year we can celebrate the tercentenary<br />

of the old baroque palace that<br />

was originally built as a hunting palace<br />

for Frederik IV and was offcially opened<br />

on the King’s birthday in 1722.<br />

The palace has had great significance<br />

for Fredensborg town, which clearly<br />

shows that it has grown from the<br />

palace – e.g. the baker and the blacksmith<br />

was moved outside the place to<br />

lower the risk of fire – and maybe that’s<br />

the reason why Fredensborg Palace<br />

still stands today, for the most part, as<br />

it was built 300 years ago. Later, palace<br />

offcials had houses built in the palace<br />

surroundings that still stand today.<br />

The Queen’s most<br />

frequented residence<br />

Today, Fredensborg Palace is one of<br />

the royal family’s most frequented<br />

residences. HM The Queen often uses<br />

the palace as her fixed abode. To mark<br />

this, the citizens always welcome her<br />

back to the palace in early spring<br />

with a traditional torchlight parade.<br />

The town's pride in housing one of<br />

the Queen’s favourite palaces will be<br />

celebrated in <strong>2022</strong> with her Golden<br />

Jubilee, marking the 50th anniversary<br />

of the accession of HM The Queen.<br />

The palace often forms the setting for<br />

major royal events. E.g. royal weddings,<br />

confirmations and birthday parties are<br />

hosted here and state leaders and<br />

ambassadors are received here from all<br />

over the world. When state leaders are<br />

on offcial visits, it is tradition that they<br />

write their signature with a diamond on<br />

one of the palace’s glass panes.<br />

Palace garden with<br />

magnificent grounds<br />

If you stop by the palace, you must<br />

take a stroll in the impressive Fredensborg<br />

Palace Gardens which is one of<br />

Denmark’s largest historic gardens.<br />

They were laid out at the same time<br />

the palace was built, but were later<br />

converted to French Baroque style in<br />

1759-69. During this period, the sculptor<br />

Johannes Wiedewelt created many<br />

sculptures, including the magnificent<br />

double avenue, Brede Allé.<br />

On the occasion of HM The Queen’s<br />

Golden Jubilee, Fredensborg has<br />

received a 1-million donation from the<br />

A.P. Møller Fonden in <strong>2022</strong> to renovate<br />

the Gardens – covering among<br />

other things the so-called Eremitage<br />

Pavilions originally built by Frederik<br />

IV, and the King’s Bridge, which was<br />

a birthday present for the late Prince<br />

Henrik, when he reached the age of<br />

60. The Bridge was opened in 1996.<br />

A very special attraction is also Nordmandsdalen<br />

with its 70 sandstone statues<br />

of Norwegian and Faroese farmers<br />

and fishermen. A daring order by Frederik<br />

V, as it usually wasn’t common<br />

people, but ancient gods and goddesses<br />

who were on display in the royal<br />

palace gardens.<br />

Adjacent to the palace is the Royal<br />

private garden, the Orangery and the<br />

historic kitchen garden, which supplies<br />

fresh flowers and vegetables to the<br />

royal household. These three areas<br />

are only open to the public in July on<br />

guided tours. The rest of the gardens,<br />

including the finest baroque landscaping<br />

in Denmark, have free admission<br />

all year round.<br />


Slottet 1B, 3480 Fredensborg<br />

Tel. +45 33 95 42 00<br />

www.kongeligeslotte.dk<br />



The public areas of the place gardens are<br />

always open. The palace is only open for guided<br />

tours in July <strong>2022</strong> between 10 am and<br />

3 pm. Read more about opening hours and<br />

guided tours, and purchase tickets at www.<br />

kongeligeslotte.dk or at the palace.


55<br />

The history behind the name<br />

Frederik IV named the white, elegant baroque<br />

palace “Fredensborg” to commemorate the Great<br />

Northern War that ended in 1720. In the following<br />

decade, the palace was extended several<br />

times, but still appears as an architectural entirety.<br />

Between 1720-26, the architect and head<br />

gardener J.C. Krieger created a palace complex,<br />

comprising a small main palace with a dome and<br />

lanterns and an octagonal courtyard.

56<br />



huset<br />

The historic Skipperhuset, dating back to 1757, is<br />

one of North Sealand's best restaurants today.<br />

Skipperhuset enjoys a location near the grounds<br />

of Fredensborg Palace and on the shores of Esrum<br />

Lake. Here you will experience a unique atmosphere<br />

and charm with beautiful views of the forest, boat<br />

bridge and the Chaluphus and its little harbour.<br />

Modern cuisine using<br />

traditional techniques<br />

Skipperhuset offers a gastro dining<br />

experience created with quality local<br />

ingredients and using traditional<br />

techniques, a combination that ensures<br />

a dining experience just as beautiful as<br />

the surroundings. Visit during the summer<br />

months, and you can enjoy the food, nature<br />

and tranquillity right at the water's edge of<br />

one of Denmark's most spectacular lakes.<br />

Summer evenings you have a front row seat<br />

to the magical sunsets over Esrum Lake.<br />

Lunch options include modern Nordic<br />

‘smørrebrød’ open sandwiches, or try<br />

one of the signature dishes, such as<br />

Skippertoast, which is a real treat for<br />

seafood lovers. The dinner menu offers<br />

a luxurious dining experience consisting<br />

of a selection of light-bites, small bistro<br />

dishes and an extensive wine list ranging<br />

from juicy natural wines to great classics.<br />

French bistro cuisine is at the heart of<br />

the restaurant's gastronomic approach -<br />

infused with influences from both Nordic<br />

and Italian cuisine.<br />

Whether you visit to discover the charm<br />

of Skipperhuset, experience the magical<br />

sunsets or to enjoy a gourmet feast, a visit<br />

to Skipperhuset is always well worth the trip.<br />

That's why it can be diffcult to get a table,<br />

it's a good idea to book well in advance,<br />

especially during the summer months and<br />

in the lead up to Christmas.<br />


Skipper Allé 6, 3480 Fredensborg<br />

Tel. +45 48 48 10 12<br />

Email: info@skipperhuset.dk<br />

See more details about opening hours<br />

and table reservation at skipperhuset.dk.


57<br />


Did you know that Fredensborg Palace was built<br />

because of a love story between King Frederik<br />

IV and Anna Sophie Rewentlow? And that the<br />

King built Fredensborg Store Kro when he built<br />

the palace in early 1720s? The inn served as the<br />

King’s meeting place, where he could meet the<br />

kingdom’s offcials and govern the country without<br />

disturbing his privacy or love life at the palace. And<br />

love is still the essence and foundation of Store<br />

Kro today, almost 300 years after it all began. It is<br />

the love of the best ingredients and the best taste<br />

that motivates the chefs when they prepare the<br />

food at magical Fredensborg Store Kro. It is the<br />

love of good service and hospitality that all the<br />

waiters, hosts and hostesses at Store Kro will greet<br />

you with during your visit. They call it an everyday<br />

adventure – and you can be part of it!<br />

LUNCH<br />

Traditional Danish “smørrebrød” in a class<br />

of its own. Here you can enjoy some of the<br />

best in Danish open sandwiches. Try both<br />

the classic and the modern versions.<br />

DINNER<br />

The evening bistro is composed of classic<br />

French values and quality Danish ingredients.<br />

Seasonal ingredients are used to treat your taste<br />

buds, seasoned with adventurous hospitality.<br />


Slotsgade 6<br />

3480 Fredensborg<br />

E-mail: info@storekro.com<br />

Tel. +45 71 71 21 21<br />


58<br />




Østrupvej 3, 3480 Fredensborg<br />

Tel. +45 60 54 97 00<br />

fredensborgvandrerhjem.dk<br />

Opening hours & info:<br />

Fredensborg Vandrerhjem is open all<br />

year round. Remember to order bed<br />

linen and towels, if you haven’t brought<br />

your own. Dogs are welcome, following<br />

arrangement. More details are available<br />

at fredensborgvandrerhjem.dk regarding<br />

opening hours, prices and activities.<br />



Close to shopping, bathing<br />

lake and the Royal Gardens<br />

In the King’s backyard, neighbouring Fredensborg Palace,<br />

you will find a unique family-run conference centre with<br />

plenty of Danish cosiness and surrounding areas, guest<br />

kitchen, sun terrace and barbeque facilities.<br />

If you are a craftsman looking for cheap accommodation<br />

in North Sealand, or you need a place to spend<br />

your holiday with your family, celebrate wedding,<br />

confirmation, training course, day meetings or school<br />

camp with food prepared with passion, check out<br />

Fredensborg Vandrerhjem in the most beautiful royal<br />

surroundings you can imagine.<br />

Close to town, Esrum Lake and good parking facilities<br />

for your car and bikes.


59<br />

NO.16<br />

Jernbanegade 16<br />

3480 Fredensborg<br />

no-16.dk<br />

Instagram: @no16fredensborg<br />

SHOP<br />

like a local<br />

Just five minutes from Fredensborg Palace is the<br />

retail community No.16, which is well known for it’s<br />

local atmosphere. Here, everyone greets each other<br />

and many meet for a spot of shopping followed<br />

by a tasty lunch, coffee or a glass of wine in the<br />

lovely café. No. 16 is a large community of shops in<br />

Fredensborg, the store houses 4 large shops and about<br />

25 small shops. Where there are plenty of great items for<br />

you and your home. No.16 has everything, from clothes<br />

and jewellery to home decor, gourmet delights and one<br />

of Denmark's finest knitting shops.<br />

Welcome in to the No.16 universe!

60<br />





Fredensborg Camping is a peaceful and quiet<br />

family campsite, where dogs are also welcome.<br />

The place is like an elderly lady that we are<br />

taking good care of, respecting the beautiful<br />

nature. It’s situated in park-like and landscaped<br />

surroundings with many different kinds of<br />

trees and bushes, providing good shelter.<br />

In May and June you will be able to hear nightingales<br />

singing 24 hours a day (mostly).<br />


If you want an even more special experience<br />

at Fredensborg Camping, you<br />

can sleep in a command tank from 1968<br />

previously used by the Danish military.<br />

The tank is insulated so you can sleep<br />

tight in the summertime when the<br />

weather is bad. You can charge your<br />

phone and laptop during the night<br />

so you will have enough power for<br />

next day’s adventures. If you are on<br />

holiday on two wheels, you can leave<br />

your baggage, lock the door and take<br />

a ride down to Louisiana Museum of<br />

Modern Art.<br />


The campsite is situated in a beautiful<br />

landscape in North Sealand and you<br />

will find plenty of biking and hiking activities<br />

in the area. At the same time, it’s<br />

also obvious to combine your camping<br />

holidays at Fredensborg Camping with<br />

visits to the many attractions nearby<br />

such as Fredensborg Palace, Louisiana<br />

Museum, Bakken etc. And should you<br />

want to feel the big city vibe, Copenhagen<br />

is only a drive away.<br />

If you want to combine the rural and<br />

countryside atmosphere with city life<br />

and sightseeing, Fredensborg Camping<br />

is a good suggestion for a campsite<br />

combining both.<br />


Humlebækvej 31<br />

3480 Fredensborg<br />

Tel. +45 49 19 44 48<br />

fredensborgcamping.dk<br />


Fredensborg Camping is open all<br />

year. See fredensborgcamping.dk<br />

for details of opening hours, entry<br />

prices and attractions in the area.

EAT<br />

UP<br />

61<br />

If you also travel to eat, you can't get around popping<br />

into Humlebæk, Sletten and Nivå to sit down<br />

at a table. Here you can both eat with a knife and<br />

fork with white tablecloths, buy freshly brewed<br />

coffee to go or stroll through food markets full of<br />

fresh takeaway produce.<br />


MAIDEN<br />

At the entrance to Nivå Harbour is<br />

Trekosten, with a fantastic view of<br />

the island of Hven and the Swedish<br />

coast. If you like fish, order the<br />

restaurant's fried plaice, prepared<br />

in Skagen style with cranberries. For<br />

lunch, you can have classic Danish<br />

open sandwiches and luncheon dishes<br />

such as “Parisian steak”, “Caesar<br />

salad”, and deep-fried camembert.<br />

And every Wednesday – all year<br />

round – Wiener Schnitzel is served<br />

with everything. What's not to like!<br />


29, Nivå Strandpark<br />

2990 Nivå<br />

Tel. +45 49 14 05 55<br />

trekosten.dk<br />

@trekosten<br />


With direct views of Oresund, surrounded<br />

by idyllic fisherman houses,<br />

Restaurant Sletten offers gourmet<br />

food with sea views – whether for<br />

lunch, dinner, a conference or a<br />

party. Based on new Nordic and<br />

classical cuisine with a strong focus<br />

on the individual ingredients. The<br />

ingredients come mainly from the<br />

best local producers and are complemented<br />

by European specialities.<br />

In addition, the restaurant is proud<br />

to offer one of North Sealand's most<br />

ambitious wine menus.<br />


Gl. 137, Strandvej<br />

3050 Humlebæk<br />

Tel. +45 49 19 13 21<br />

sletten.dk<br />

@restaurantsletten<br />


Just a few hundred yards from<br />

Humlebæk Station on the 'route<br />

to Louisiana' is Lind's Coffee Shop.<br />

Here you will find a charming meeting<br />

place with nostalgia, art, good<br />

coffee and a splash of rock and roll.<br />

Enjoy a home-baked cake inspired<br />

by the season and a good cup of<br />

coffee (to go if you're going to an art<br />

museum), or order a good brunch<br />

or luncheon plate to eat in the cosy<br />

little pocket of time with patterned<br />

wallpaper on the walls and high<br />

chairs for the little ones.<br />


9, Oscar Brunsvej<br />

3050 Humlebæk<br />

Tel. +45 49 19 18 18<br />

lindskaffebar.dk<br />

@lindskaffebar<br />

Psst ...<br />

Other great dining<br />

experiences<br />

If you are a real foodie, stop<br />

by the “Aarstidernes” (Season’s)<br />

farm shop at Krogerup<br />

Avlsgaard in Humlebæk,<br />

where you will find a fresh<br />

selection of fruit and vegetables,<br />

wine, beer, and other<br />

specialities. If you’re looking<br />

for a good loaf of bread for<br />

your breakfast coffee, pop<br />

by the “Brødsnedkeren” (The<br />

Bread Maker) in Humlebæk,<br />

where bread is baked according<br />

to old traditions.

62<br />

NIVÅ<br />



Nivaagaards Art Collection is a small museum with<br />

outstanding art. It is next to protected salt marshes<br />

with a view over the Øresund Sound and a wonderful<br />

rhododendron park. The museum's collection<br />

spans 500 years of art history, with notable works<br />

from the Italian Renaissance, Dutch Baroque and Danish<br />

Golden Age. Special exhibitions, the art collection and<br />

the surrounding environment, are further brought to life<br />

through the museum's diverse events - from lectures and<br />

concerts to guided tours, croquis and drawing classes,<br />

family events and walks. There is a 'Reserve for endangered<br />

words' in the park with about 100 words that are about to<br />

disappear from the Danish language. The reserve promotes<br />

new explorations of the language and generates intergenerational<br />

conversations.<br />

Golden Age, pop and renaissance<br />

In <strong>2022</strong>, Nivaagaard's Art Collection invites you to the most ambitious<br />

year of exhibitions in the museum's history. Following hot in the<br />

footsteps from the major spring exhibition of the Golden Age painter<br />

Wilhelm Marstrand's incredible work, visitors are invited to come<br />

and discover the iconic works of American nun and pop artist Sister<br />

Corita Kent in Danh Vo's installation at the museum. In September,<br />

the doors will open to the work of another female world artist, whose<br />

exhibition 'Sofonisba - The Forgotten Miracle of History' will once<br />

again be recognised in art history. In the first exhibition of its kind<br />

in Northern Europe, visitors are treated to a large part of acclaimed<br />

female Renaissance painter Sofonisba Anguissola's lifetime body of<br />

surviving work, in addition to the museum's collection of major work<br />

by the most acclaimed female Renaissance painter.<br />

Café, shop and<br />

evening open hours.<br />

The café offers delicious lunch dishes,<br />

homemade cakes, and dinner service<br />

during museum evening open hours on<br />

Tuesday-Friday. The small museum shop<br />

stocks many items related to the special<br />

exhibitions and the art collection.<br />

Admission is free to the café and the<br />

shop during museum opening hours.<br />

More details available at nivaagaard.<br />

dk, or follow the museum on Facebook<br />

and Instagram.<br />



Gammel Strandvej 2,<br />

2990 Nivå<br />

Tel. +45 49 14 10 17<br />

nivaagaard.dk<br />

800 metres from Nivå<br />

Station. There are six<br />

trains per hour to and<br />

from Copenhagen and<br />

Elsinore. Bus 388 goes<br />

from Lyngby and<br />


NIVÅ<br />

63<br />


A scenic oasis with the sound of birds<br />

all around, Nivå Camping is one of<br />

Denmark's longest-running campsites,<br />

close to forest and culture with its own<br />

lake. The campsite is in a tranquil area<br />

close to the ancient clay pits, a popular<br />

excursion destination for nature lovers.<br />

Nivå Camping is centrally situated in<br />

North Sealand near the iconic Whisky<br />

Belt, with easy access to trains, buses<br />

and cycle paths. The site is also close<br />

to the beautiful coastline between<br />

Copenhagen and Elsinore, which<br />

boasts a unique maritime environment.<br />

Location is everything, just 800 metres<br />

from the harbour at Nivå Havn, sandy<br />

beach and restaurants. There are also<br />

several golf clubs in the area and a<br />

playground for the children to enjoy.<br />

Would you like to stay in a hut,<br />

motorhome, campervan, tent or<br />

shelter?<br />

The campsite offers three different<br />

accommodation options. Traditional<br />

huts that are pretty basic and without<br />

running water, luxury huts, and mobile<br />

homes with private bathroom facilities.<br />

If you're a real nature lover,<br />

you can also choose to stay in the<br />

site's brand new luxury shelters or<br />

pitch a tent in a cosy area for tents<br />

with picnic tables. The motorhome<br />

pitches are on a solid surface. It<br />

is free to use the gas grill on the<br />

terrace. It is idyllic and charming.<br />

Come to Nivå Camping and get<br />

inspired by nature, heritage and<br />

history.<br />

Opening hours<br />

& info<br />

Nivå Camping is open<br />

from 26 March through to<br />

2 October <strong>2022</strong>. You can<br />

also park up and leave the<br />

campervan free of charge<br />

on weekdays (without electricity<br />

and for a maximum<br />

of three weeks at the same<br />

location) and just pay for the<br />

weekends. More details are<br />

available at nivaacamping.<br />

dk regarding opening hours,<br />

prices and activities.<br />


Sølyst Allé 14, 2990 Nivå<br />

Tel. +45 49 14 52 26<br />

nivaacamping.dk<br />

Psst … If you love to climb<br />

trees, that is also an option at<br />

the campsite. Here is Nivå Klatrepark<br />

where you can climb.<br />


The nature around Ring Oven is a<br />

must-see for hiking enthusiasts. The<br />

historic area is just five minutes away<br />

from Nivå Camping, where accommodation<br />

options include shelters<br />

where you can sleep under the stars.<br />

The Ring Oven is<br />

truly unique.<br />

You can’t miss the distinctive yellow<br />

chimney you see as you drive towards<br />

Nivå. You're immediately intrigued by<br />

the mystery it possesses - the Ring<br />

Oven is, after all, the cultural embodiment<br />

of the evolution to industrial<br />

development that occurred across<br />

Europe. A reminder of a now lost<br />

industrial past.<br />

From industry to<br />

animal and plant life<br />

Don't miss out on anything! You don't<br />

have to go very far before you come<br />

to four smaller clay pits, which you<br />

can meander through a small trail<br />

network. Although it is hard to see, the<br />

lakes are actually really deep. Clay was<br />

excavated from these lakes until around<br />

1920 to make yellow bricks in the Ring<br />

Oven at Nivaagaard Brickworks. Today,<br />

the lakes are teeming with animals<br />

and plants. Some of the lakes have<br />

even been granted protected status.<br />

It is a lovely area for hiking. Bring a<br />

packed lunch and enjoy a picnic with<br />

stunning views of the beautiful lakes.<br />

3 things to add to the<br />

packing list<br />

1. Binoculars The bird sanctuary<br />

at Nivå Å is worth a visit.<br />

2. Sunglasses. Go on a long walk<br />

along Nivå Kyst, see more and<br />

enjoy the outdoors more with<br />

sunglasses on.<br />

3. Swimwear. Nivå Havn has a<br />

great sandy beach. Take a dip<br />

in the Øresund!<br />

Fancy sleeping in a luxury shelter<br />

under the stars after the hike?<br />

Did you know you can sleep in a<br />

shelter at Nivå Camping? Eva, the<br />

owner, has made it possible to sleep<br />

under the stars while still having<br />

access to comforts such as bathroom<br />

facilities ideal for a hot bath in the<br />

morning. If you want an even more<br />

luxurious experience, you can even<br />

sleep on thick spring mattresses and<br />

soft hotel duvets and pillows, which<br />

Eva prepares in the shelter.<br />

More details available at<br />


64<br />




Louisiana is a leading international museum of Modern Art. It<br />

is also a vibrant cultural centre and a very special place where<br />

art and architecture meet in a magnificent park environment<br />

with stunning views over the sea.

HUMLEBÆK 65<br />



Gl. Strandvej 13, DK 3050<br />

Humlebæk<br />

Tel. +45 49 19 07 19<br />

louisiana.dk<br />

Opening times:<br />

Monday: Closed<br />

Tuesday-Friday: 11am-10pm<br />

Saturday, Sunday, holidays: 11am-6pm<br />

Every year Louisiana hosts several major international<br />

exhibitions of modern and contemporary art. The museum<br />

has a long tradition of presenting visual culture in alternative<br />

and diverse forms, including photography, design<br />

and architecture. Louisiana’s collection covers a period<br />

dating back from 1945 to the present day and includes<br />

superb masterpieces and examples of nearly all genres -<br />

painting, sculpture, photography and installation art.<br />



From an architectural point of view, Louisiana is<br />

considered to be one of the finest examples of 1950s<br />

elegant and understated modernism. The museum blends<br />

discretely into the coastal landscape and is surrounded by<br />

a sculpture park with views out over Øresund, the strait<br />

between Denmark and Sweden. The sculptures are an<br />

important part of Louisiana’s collection, with works by<br />

Henry Moore, Alexander Calder, Max Ernst and Joan Miro<br />

- all precisely positioned amid the verdant setting of the<br />

sculpture park.<br />


Guided exhibition tours, art kick in the collection, creative<br />

workshops, painting classes, concerts, Friday lounges,<br />

live debating events and lectures, as well as an international<br />

literature festival. Art, contemporary culture, words<br />

and music are brought to life all year round in Louisiana’s<br />

creative surroundings.<br />


In Louisiana’s Children’s Wing, an amazing 500 square<br />

metre creative space, children of all ages have a unique<br />

opportunity to give their imaginations and senses free rein.<br />

The Louisiana Cafe offers panoramic views over Øresund<br />

and serves modern Danish food prepared from scratch<br />

using seasonal ingredients. During the summer months<br />

visitors can enjoy food and drink on the outdoor patio.<br />

The Louisiana Shop is also one of Denmark’s leading<br />

stores focusing on Danish and Scandinavian design and<br />

the product selection is often a good indicator of the next<br />

design trends.

66<br />


COME,<br />

LET'S<br />

GO<br />

Explore more pilgrimages and<br />

hiking routes in North Sealand.


67<br />

Long walks clear the mind. North Sealand is a true<br />

paradise for those who love to lace up their hiking<br />

boots and get out into the great outdoors to explore<br />

beautiful scenery, cultural highlights, and places<br />

steeped in history. The route has it all. Here are three<br />

routes that are certain to deliver.<br />



Take the slow route through North Sealand’s wonderful<br />

cultural landscape in the most beautiful parts of the<br />

National Park of Royal North Sealand. You can follow in<br />

the footsteps of Catholic monks and pilgrims who in the<br />

early days walked along the route from Esrum Abbey to<br />

Helenekilde in Tisvilde, which has become known as a<br />

place of pilgrimage for people in search of healing. The<br />

route runs through eight small villages, where you can<br />

stay overnight in a bed & breakfast or in the open air<br />

under the stars. The route is maintained by volunteers.<br />

Join one of the organised multi-day hikes, such as the<br />

popular summer pilgrimage. For more details and hiking<br />

maps visit tisvildevejen.dk<br />

The route starts here: Esrum Abbey<br />

Route distance: 77 km/48 mi<br />



During long walks along the north coast near Gilleleje<br />

is when Søren Kierkegaard had some of his greatest<br />

epiphanies. Going on long walks was almost a necessity<br />

for him, and Gilbjerghoved became one of his favourite<br />

places. You can follow in the philosopher's footsteps on<br />

this 12km/7mi walk down the narrow, winding paths along<br />

steep slopes towards the Kattegat while you ponder<br />

life's big questions. There are also 12 audio segments<br />

on the route available on the app Useeum, containing<br />

selected Kierkegaard quotes and significant questions<br />

that promote reflection and conversation. Lace up your<br />

hiking boots and set off on this reflection route, you can<br />

also bring your dog and stroller on this route.<br />

The route starts here: Gilleleje Harbour jetty (start and<br />

finish at the same place)<br />

Route distance: 12 km/7mi<br />

Hiking maps & audio segments: The path is signposted<br />

as Gilbjergstien. Download the Useeum app to your<br />

smart-phone and select 'Kierkegaard by Nature, Gilleleje'<br />

route for 35 DKK.<br />


Prefer to not follow in other people's footsteps? Then<br />

try Halsninoen, it goes from Hundested via Halsnæs to<br />

Strø Bjerge. The route was opened in December 2021,<br />

and on the 52 km/32mi long hiking trail you experience<br />

a variety of landscape: hilly landscapes, beach meadows,<br />

meadows, beautiful heath, winding around fields, large,<br />

thick forests, Roskilde Fjord, Isefjord and Denmark's<br />

largest lake, Arresø.<br />

The route starts here: The green space recreation area<br />

between (Hundested) or Grimstrup Station (Strø Bjerge).<br />

Route distance: 52 km/32mi<br />

• Invest in a good pair of hiking boots or shoes.<br />

• Carry a windbreaker and rain gear in your<br />

backpack.<br />

• Public transport is available at the start<br />

and endpoints of most routes.<br />

• Don't forget water, sunscreen and a hat.<br />

• Stretch before and after to avoid soreness.<br />

Want more hiking? Come to Nordsjællands<br />

Vandrefestival 25-28 August <strong>2022</strong><br />

at Esrum Abbey, where hiking takes centre<br />

stage for a week. Here you can experience<br />

everything North Sealand offers, including<br />

communities and stories about known and<br />

lesser-known roads and paths.





Photographer Daniel Overbeck has a busy, fast-paced everyday life in<br />

Copenhagen, filled with many exciting projects, but as he drives to North<br />

Sealand, he gets hit by a special sensation.<br />


• 441 km electrical range<br />

• Goes from 0-100 km/h in 4.7 seconds<br />

• Google Assistant, Google Maps and Google Pay are easily intergraded<br />

• C40 is the first Volvo with a 100% leather free interior. Including the steering wheel, gearstick and pollster<br />

• C40 is built on the same platform as XC40<br />

• The inspiration for the design principles comes from Scandinavian landscapes’ calm atmosphere, light and spaciousness

Four years ago, Daniel Overbeck<br />

drove towards North Sealand in<br />

his old car from 1995. He didn’t really<br />

have a plan, but he had packed a<br />

sleeping bag, some instant coffee and<br />

his old camera.<br />

“I just knew that I had<br />

to go, and then I knew<br />

I wanted to return<br />

with loads of photos,”<br />

he says.<br />

His first trip wasn’t his<br />

last one, and those<br />

multiple trips to North<br />

Sealand were the beginning<br />

of Daniel’s life<br />

as a photographer.<br />

“I quickly discovered that there are<br />

many hidden treasures in Denmark,<br />

and it became my mission to find<br />

them, photograph them and show<br />

them to the world.”<br />

In a short period of time Daniel built<br />

a following of more than 50.000<br />

followers on Instagram, who followed<br />

him along, while he explored North<br />

Sealand and captured the hidden<br />

treasures.<br />

“I believe we all have something<br />

inside of us that drives us. For me, it’s<br />

the need to create. To have a dream,<br />

to go for it and to make it a reality.”<br />

“...I BELIEVE WE ALL<br />




TO CREATE”<br />


Nowadays Daniel is busy with his career<br />

in Copenhagen, with interesting<br />

clients and plenty of projects in the<br />

works.<br />

“I represent a number of important<br />

brands in my work, which I’m very<br />

grateful for. But I also know, that all<br />

the opportunities that I’ve taken have<br />

gotten me to where I am today. You<br />

can be good at something, but if you<br />

don’t work hard and don’t take any<br />

chances, you won’t get anywhere,”<br />

he says.<br />


Today, Daniel Overbeck has replaced<br />

his old car, but the motivation and<br />

inspiration are the same when he<br />

returns to North Sealand.<br />

“This is where my<br />

passion for photography<br />

started, and this is where<br />

I still find my inspiration.”<br />



Even though he has<br />

driven through North<br />

Sealand many times, the<br />

drive still has an almost<br />

therapeutic effect on<br />

Daniel Overbeck.<br />

“North Sealand gives me, without a<br />

doubt, something special that can’t<br />

be found in Copenhagen. Every time I<br />

drive to North Sealand, I feel like I can<br />

breathe again.”<br />


70<br />


HILLE<br />

Welcome to Christian IV’s hometown and North Sealand’s<br />

commercial centre. A statue of Frederik VII overlooks Torvet<br />

(town square) in remembrance of his life in the town. This<br />

is where he found a sanctuary together with Countess Danner<br />

- far away from the noise of the capital city. Follow in the<br />

footsteps of kings in Hillerød’s stunning and historical surroundings.<br />

Wind down with a walk in the green forests or let<br />

your hair down in the town’s exciting shopping streets which,<br />

besides the shopping centre and more than 200 shops, there<br />

is also a street food market.<br />

RØD<br />

Where history comes alive<br />


The historic town of Hillerød was the<br />

royals’ preferred holiday destination<br />

for over 400 years. Kings hunted frequently<br />

in Gribskov and held functions<br />

in the town’s castles and that’s the reason<br />

why there is a “kings’ road” (Kongevejen)<br />

all the way from Copenhagen<br />

to Hillerød. Today, the town’s beautiful<br />

landmark, Frederiksborg Castle, is still<br />

in the heart of Hillerød (read more on p.<br />

54). At the castle, you can take leisurely<br />

walks in the romantic castle gardens<br />

featuring a lake and brook. Experience<br />

Frederik II’s Bath House from 1580<br />

and Countess Danners Norwegianinspired<br />

cabin on Louise’s Island, which<br />

became known nationwide after appearing<br />

in Danish Broadcasting Corporation’s<br />

Christmas calendar show ‘The<br />

Other World’. When it’s time for lunch,<br />

you can take a well-earned break at the<br />

cosy Café Havehuset, which is located<br />

in a historic building in the heart of<br />

the wonderful Frederiksborg Castle<br />

Gardens. The menu offers coffee, cake<br />

and Danish open sandwiches.<br />


With both Gribskov and Store Dyrehave<br />

on its doorstep, Hillerød is a<br />

good place to start to combine cultural,<br />

outdoor and shopping activities. In<br />

these forests, you can wander through<br />

UNESCOs World Heritage Site, the Par<br />

force Hunting Landscape (read more<br />

on p. 16). Close to Store Dyrehave is<br />

Fantasy Island with ruins from Frederik<br />

VII’s ‘getaway’ mansion. Hillerød has<br />

many, good cycle paths that connect<br />

the town and nature. There is also the<br />

option to wander into nature directly<br />

from the pedestrian streets. If you like<br />

castles, experiences in nature and a<br />

refreshing dip, you could ride your bike<br />

all the way or part of the way on cycle<br />

route 33, which stretches from Frederiksborg<br />

to Tisvildeleje with plenty of<br />

scenic views along the way.<br />



OF WATER<br />

The Little Ferry on Castle Lake sails<br />

between Torvet and Frederiksborg<br />

Castle every 30 minutes from spring<br />

until autumn. From the middle of<br />

Castle Lake you can see the town,<br />

the castle and, not least, the beautiful<br />

Baroque gardens with waterfalls and<br />

shaped bushes.


71<br />


• Hillerød Camping<br />

• Best Western Hotel Hillerød<br />

• Danhostel Hillerød<br />

Tip: Have you brought your children<br />

along? Then visit the fun playground<br />

at Posen, which is the name for the<br />

outdoor area by the castle lake. The<br />

playground is inspired by Frederiksborg<br />

Castle and offers a slide, small<br />

bridges and the possibility to go exploring<br />

in a fairytale atmosphere.<br />


If you like culture and live music, then<br />

you should keep an eye on the website,<br />

hillerød.nu (only available in Danish).<br />

This is where you can keep up to date<br />

on many of the experiences and events<br />

that are held in Hillerød during the<br />

year. For instance, take a look at the<br />

programme for Royal Stage, which is<br />

North Sealand’s leading music venue,<br />

theatre, trade fair centre, handball<br />

arena and much more. The stately<br />

building with the golden facade opened<br />

in 2020 and has room for 4,000<br />

guests. Together withStøberihallen,<br />

Café Slotsbio and the regional music<br />

venue Klaverfabrikken, Hillerød’s new<br />

beacon shines a light and fills the town<br />

with all genres of cultural experiences<br />

all year round.<br />

In the summer months concerts are<br />

held as well as Midsummer festivities<br />

and the popular Slotssø Byfest in and<br />

around the outdoor area, Posen, right<br />

next to Castle Lake. Close to Posen, at<br />

the end of the pleasant Slotsgade, you<br />

will find Rosenhaven, where international<br />

jazz musicians perform concerts<br />

on selected summer Saturdays.<br />

See all<br />

of the<br />

town’s<br />

events at<br />

hillerod.<br />

nu (only<br />

available<br />

in Danish)

72<br />




When you feel the need for some retail therapy, then Hillerød is the perfect<br />

destination. Dotted amongst the town’s more than 200 exciting shops,<br />

you will find popular chain stores and small “quirky” shops with everything<br />

from clothing and interior articles to jewellery and personal care products.<br />



There is a variety of small unique shops<br />

and popular chain stores with everything<br />

the family may need. There is<br />

a variety of small unique shops and<br />

popular chain stores with everything<br />

the family may need. In between the<br />

many shops, you will also find several<br />

cafés and restaurants. On the way from<br />

the station to the pedestrian streets<br />

you will come across the Nordisk Film<br />

Cinema Complex. At the outdoor area,<br />

Posen by Castle Lake, is a marvellous<br />

playground. It’s the perfect place for<br />

a pitstop when the kids need to burn<br />

off that extra energy.<br />


With direct access from the pedestrian<br />

street, SlotsArkaderne is beautifully<br />

integrated with Hillerød’s town centre.<br />

The large shopping centre has a<br />

special vibe and this is, not least, due<br />

to the architecture. Through the glass<br />

roof, sunlight beams down from a twostorey<br />

height and at dusk, the large<br />

chandeliers are lit up. SlotsArkaderne<br />

has a strong fashion profile for both<br />

men and women and some of North<br />

Sealand’s biggest shops within sports,<br />

fashion and home decor can be found<br />

here as well as the area’s largest hypermarket,<br />

Bilka. When you need a break<br />

during your shopping spree, you can<br />

sit back and relax in the cosy lounge<br />

at Espresso House or enjoy a delicious<br />

refreshment at one of the centre’s exciting<br />

cafés. During summer and autumn<br />

holidays, a popular and fun treasure<br />

hunt is held for children which takes<br />

place in and around the shops where,<br />

with a children’s ticket, they can find<br />

prizes.<br />



The pedestrian streets have a<br />

varied selection of cosy cafés and<br />

restaurants. When the weather is<br />

good, an obvious choice is to visit<br />

the town’s charming ice cream cafés<br />

with homemade waffes and ice cream.<br />

For example, enjoy an ice cream while

HILLERØD 73<br />


At hillerod.nu (only available in<br />

Danish) you can search for everything<br />

from shops, restaurants and<br />

museums to bank, beauty salons<br />

and bakeries. This is also where<br />

you can get an overview of the<br />

many attractions in the town. For<br />

instance, concerts, theatre, exhibitions,<br />

Hillerød Castle Lake Town<br />

Fair and other events.<br />

strolling in the town centre or walk<br />

along the scenic Lake Path, which<br />

will take you around Castle Lake and<br />

past Frederiksborg Castle. The two<br />

pedestrian streets Helsingørsgade<br />

and Slotsgade are connected by<br />

Torvet (the town square). The two<br />

streets offer a wide range of shops<br />

within fashion, lifestyle and delicacies.<br />

Also each street has its wine specialist<br />

with an exciting range that can<br />

supplement your tasty purchases<br />

from the fish shop, bakeries, and the<br />

Irma supermarket, etc. You can visit<br />

the workshop in ChokoladeMageriet<br />

and see how the shop’s exclusive<br />

chocolates and chocolate covered<br />

marshmallows are made.

74<br />



Hillerød Food Market has more<br />

than 20 different<br />

beer taps?<br />


Hillerød Food Market is the place<br />

where people meet and enjoy<br />

delicious food. The 1400 square<br />

metre street food market has<br />

room for your business lunch,<br />

an evening out with friends and<br />

a wonderful family dinner in the<br />

market’s cosy children’s corner.<br />



In the street food market’s pleasant<br />

facilities you can choose between<br />

seven vastly different food stalls.<br />

They offer everything ranging from<br />

crispy British fish ‘n chips, juicy<br />

American burgers, spicy Indian<br />

specialities and delicate French<br />

savoury and dessert pancakes to<br />

healthy salad bowls and, of course, a<br />

large selection of coffee and cakes in<br />

the stylish coffee bar.<br />


Hillerød Food Market is centrally<br />

located between Torvet and Frederiksborg<br />

Castle. If you are shopping<br />

or visiting the castle, there’s always<br />

a good reason to stop by. The food<br />

market has room for 280 seated<br />

guests and when the weather<br />

permits, there are an extra 50 seats<br />

available outside.<br />

Besides serving food and beverages,<br />

the food market also holds<br />

regular cultural events, concerts,<br />

flea markets and shows international<br />

matches on their big screen.<br />


MARKET<br />

Slangerupgade 6<br />

3400 Hillerød<br />

hillerodmadmarked.dk (available<br />

only in Danish)<br />

On Hillerød Food Market’s<br />

Facebook page you can<br />

keep up to date with the<br />

market’s many events - right<br />

from international matches<br />

shown on the big screen,<br />

wine tastings and chess<br />

tournaments to flea markets,<br />

concerts and much more.


75<br />

HOTEL<br />


You will find Hotel Hillerød in the heart of lovely and<br />

green North Sealand - surrounded by splendid forests,<br />

royal castles, proud hunting traditions and within<br />

walking distance to the town centre which tempts with<br />

shopping, lakes and sports routes. Inspired by nature,<br />

Hotel Hillerød has created its own little village with<br />

winding avenues, green plants and rays of sunshine.<br />

The same source of inspiration can be seen in the<br />

hotel’s Restaurant krydderiet, where the season’s<br />

best raw ingredients are on the menu. In the summer,<br />

strawberries are picked at the local farmers’ fields<br />

and in the autumn, mushrooms and wild plants are<br />

gathered in the forest. The restaurant grows its own<br />

herbs outside by the windows so there is as much<br />

fresh ingredients as possible. The joy of working with<br />

food and a high professional level of ambition makes<br />

a visit to Restaurant krydderiet an experience you<br />

won’t forget. The restaurant is open to everyone -<br />

regardless of whether you are staying overnight in<br />

one of the hotel’s cosy rooms or not.<br />


There is a charging station in the parking area right<br />

outside so you can charge your car during your stay.<br />


Milnersvej 41<br />

3400 Hillerød<br />

Tel. +45 48 24 08 00<br />

hotelhillerod.dk<br />


Blytækkervej 18<br />

3400 Hillerød<br />

Tel. +45 48 26 48 54<br />

hillerodcamping.dk<br />

Experience a<br />

Mediterranean<br />

atmosphere<br />



Enjoy Danish “hygge” at the blossoming and calm oasis in<br />

the centre of the town and feel the Mediterranean atmosphere<br />

in the camping site’s pleasant terraces among palm<br />

trees, olive trees, citrus trees and flowers. And how about<br />

taking a refreshing turn under the new delightful outdoor<br />

showers?<br />

No matter whether you have a caravan, motorhome, tent<br />

or want to enjoy a cabin holiday, there is room for you.<br />

Hillerød Camping has several beautiful areas on the site<br />

and five different kinds of rental cabins - from small charming<br />

two-person cabins to mini holiday cottages with own<br />

bathroom and kitchen and room for 4-6 people. The mini<br />

holiday cottages are rented out all year round.

76<br />



The Museum of National History<br />

DK 3400 Hillerød,<br />

tel (+45) 48 26 04 39<br />

www.dnm.dk<br />

Opening times:<br />

1 April – 31 October: 10 am-5 pm<br />

1 November - 31 March: 11 am-3 pm<br />

Prices:<br />

Adults: DKK 90<br />

Seniors (65+): DKK 80<br />

Students: DKK 70<br />

Children: DKK 25<br />

Families (2 adults + 3 children): DKK 175


77<br />


Frederiksborg Palace<br />

Frederiksborg Palace is picturesquely situated over three<br />

islands in the Palace Lake. This unique Renaissance palace<br />

was built by Christian IV in the first two decades of the<br />

17th century to cement is position as a powerful northern<br />

European monarch. Evidence of this can be seen in the<br />

wealth of symbolic and decorative elements such as the<br />

statues and reliefs, the spectacular Neptune Fountain and<br />

the marble gallery in the King’s Wing. During the 1700s,<br />

the palace fell out of use as a royal residence but was<br />

still used for offcial royal functions. During the period<br />

of absolute monarchy in Denmark (1660 - 1848), Danish<br />

monarchs were still anointed in the palace chapel, to which<br />

the king would arrive already wearing his crown. During<br />

the 19th century, a wave of national romanticism resulted<br />

in the palace becoming a national monument.<br />


A dramatic fire in 1859 destroyed much of the palace<br />

interior. Reconstruction of the palace was financed by<br />

national subscription, special arts lotteries and generous<br />

private donations.<br />


Frederiksborg Palace Gardens are comprised of the<br />

Baroque Garden and the Landscape Garden. The Baroque<br />

Garden features terraces, waterfalls, topiary trees and<br />

box hedges trimmed to form royal monograms, while the<br />

Landscape Garden has wide grassy areas, lakes, streams<br />

and meandering paths. The Baroque Garden is open all<br />

year from 9.00 am to sunset. The Palace Gardens are<br />

always open.<br />



The museum regularly arranges special exhibitions that<br />

showcase the museum’s main areas, including portrait<br />

art, historic paintings and Danish history - also from an<br />

international viewpoint. The changing exhibitions, guided<br />

tours and seasonal activities for children maintain an<br />

ongoing dialogue with the past for visitors of all ages.<br />

See the exhibition programme, guided tours and<br />

seasonal activities for children on www.dnm.dk<br />

The driving force behind the project was wealthy brewer<br />

and philanthropist J.C Jacobsen, founder of the Carlsberg<br />

Group. In 1878, he proposed the establishment of a Museum<br />

of National History and donated resources to fund the<br />

project. The museum was created as part of the Carlsberg<br />

Foundation, which still runs and funds the museum to this<br />

day. The Museum of National History recounts over 500<br />

years of Danish history and displays historic paintings,<br />

portraits, furniture and art manufacture in the many halls<br />

and rooms of the palace such as the Palace Chapel, the<br />

Audience Chamber and the Great Hall.<br />

The palace chapel is almost the same as when the Danish absolute<br />

monarchs were anointed here. There is a wonderful view of the chapel<br />

interior from the gallery at the end, where the coats of arms of the<br />

knights of the Order of the Elephant and the Grand Cross knights of<br />

the Order of Dannebrog are displayed.

78<br />



hidden gems<br />

You have no doubt heard about Frederiksborg Castle and the Par force Hunting<br />

Landscape. But what about the small hidden gems that also make a visit<br />

to Hillerød something special? We have gathered seven of them here!<br />

Galleri Louise T<br />

The Hillerød area is home to several small galleries and<br />

local artists. Visit Galleri Louise T, which is located in a<br />

wing of an old farmhouse in scenic Hammersholt just<br />

a short distance outside of the town. Louise finds inspiration<br />

for her paintings in nature and her works are<br />

colourful with both abstract and naturalistic strokes.<br />

The gallery is open when the flag is set up outside or<br />

following an arrangement.<br />

Galleri Louise T, Hammersholt Byvej 43, 3400 Hillerød<br />

Café Slotsbio<br />

On Frederiksværksgade with a view out to beautiful<br />

Frederiksborg Castle is Café Slotsbio, which functions<br />

not only as a cinema, but also as a café and cultural<br />

centre with various events on the programme.<br />

Frederiksværksgade 11C, 3400 Hillerød<br />

Flea (super) Market<br />

Do you like finding a good bargain? Then Kirppu is for<br />

those of you who love to wander around flea markets<br />

and buy second-hand items at a good price.<br />

We offer a free cup of coffee or tea. Open all days of<br />

the week, 361 days a year.<br />

Frejasvej 32, 3400 Hillerød<br />


Experience the enjoyable animal oasis at Monkey World<br />

and get real close to colourful parrots and playful<br />

monkeys. Maybe one of them will even hop onto your<br />

shoulder. You are also most welcome to bring your picnic<br />

basket along and enjoy it in the beautiful outdoors.<br />

Nejedevej 20, 3400 Hillerød<br />


Enjoy Danish ‘hygge’ at the cosy and atmospheric beer<br />

and wine bar, Skänk. Discover various draught beers from<br />

local Danish microbreweries, many different wines by<br />

the glass from around the world and delicious cocktails.<br />

Torvet 7, 3400 Hillerød<br />

TAKE A DIP<br />

Teglgårds Lake in Hillerød is close to the centre of Hillerød<br />

and is a wonderful oasis with its clean water. You<br />

can take a refreshing dip here from a small sandy beach<br />

with a bathing jetty surrounded by nature.<br />

Teglgårds Lake, Carlsbergvej 15, 3400 Hillerød<br />


When Frederik VII was king, he needed to get away<br />

from his royal duties at Frederiksborg Castle now and<br />

again. He loved being outdoors and that is why in 1859<br />

he built his own little getaway - a mansion on Fantasy<br />

Island in Breddam Lake where he could fish and relax<br />

together with Countess Danner. Only an end wall of<br />

granite boulders remain today, so some imagination<br />

is required to visualise what the mansion looked like.<br />

Fantasy Island, Store Dyrehave, 3400 Hillerød

For every you.<br />

Volvo XC40 Recharge<br />

Smart. Versatile. Fresher than ever. And with<br />

Google built in. Meet the Volvo XC40 – our pure<br />

electric compact SUV for every version of you.<br />

XC40 Recharge Single motor. 100% electric. Electric range 422 km. CO2 0 g/km. Charging: 11 kWh AC: 7 h / 150 kWh DC: 80% 32 min. XC40 Recharge Twin motor. 100%<br />

electric. Electric range 416 km. CO2 0 g/km. Charging: 11 kWh AC: 8 timer / 150 kWh DC: 80% 37 min. The real-life driving range and energy consumption achieved under real<br />

conditions varies depending on driving behaviour and other external factors. Figures are based on preliminary target. Final vehicle certification is pending. The car is shown with<br />

optional equipment.

80<br />

GOLF<br />

O<br />

G LF<br />

in North Sealand<br />

All golf clubs are open all year round.<br />

See the clubs’ websites for info on<br />

opening hours, green fees, course<br />

guides and score cards.<br />

Find more golf courses in North Sealand.

Located between meadows and forests<br />

is a true paradise of golf clubs in North<br />

Sealand with beautiful, undulating greens<br />

and great variation between the holes.<br />

Here are three inspirational offers for<br />

those who enjoy a game of golf.<br />

GOLF<br />

81<br />

18 challenging holes<br />

REE GOLF<br />

Next to Pibe Mølle is REE GOLF where you will find 18<br />

challenging holes in a slightly undulating terrain with<br />

lakes and streams. With course lengths ranging from<br />

4.1km/2.5mi to 5.9 km/3.5 mi, everyone is invited to have<br />

a great golf experience no matter your age, gender and<br />

handicap.<br />

The course is well-manicured all year round and to increase<br />

biodiversity, about two hundred new trees have<br />

been planted in recent years and areas with wildflowers<br />

have also been established. After 22 years, the course is<br />

the most beautiful it has ever been.<br />

With its location in Helsinge - right in the middle between<br />

Hillerød and Tisvildeleje - REE GOLF is centrally located<br />

between the holiday home areas along the North<br />

Sealand coast and the area’s many tourist attractions.<br />

The golf club is worth a visit as it has good training facilities<br />

and a well-stocked golf shop. After a round of golf<br />

you can enjoy a cold beer or a good lunch in the golf<br />

club’s cosy café and restaurant.<br />

REE GOLF<br />

• 18-hole golf course<br />

• Par 3 course with 9 holes, pay & play<br />

• Driving range with many bays of which 14 are<br />

covered.<br />

• Lighting system on the driving range<br />

• Chipping and pitching range<br />

• 2 putting greens<br />

• Golf coach (pro) & golf shop<br />

• 2 indoor golf simulators<br />

• Buggy, scooter and trolley rental<br />

• Café, restaurant and function rooms<br />

• Possibility to hold meetings and conferences<br />

• Company days<br />

Høbjergvej 32, 3200 Helsinge<br />

Tel. +45 48 79 56 55<br />

reegolfklub.dk (only available in Danish)<br />

@reegolfklub<br />

Variation between the holes<br />


Passebækgård is located in the heart of one of North<br />

Sealand’s most stunning natural areas and the golf course<br />

has been designed to fit naturally into the beautiful<br />

surroundings. This provides great variation between the<br />

holes. For the golf nerds of the world, the nine holes<br />

measure about 3 km/2 mi from the yellow tee and it is a<br />

par 36 course. Everyone is welcome no matter your skill<br />

level and you can also play as a so-called pay & play<br />

player. If you would like a golf coaching session, Passebækgård<br />

has a pro-golfer, Claus Foss, associated with<br />

the club who provides one-on-one coaching and group<br />

coaching for adults and children. So all you need to do<br />

is get that hole in one!<br />

Bregnerødvej 35, 3250 Gilleleje<br />

Tel. +45 49 71 76 58<br />

passebaekgaard.dk (only available in Danish)<br />

@passebaekgaardgolf<br />

Four golf clubs under one umbrella<br />


Four of North Sealand’s best golf clubs have joined forces<br />

to form ROYAL GOLF and offer a joint discount on<br />

green fees. Buy the ROYAL GOLF Green Fee offer with<br />

four green fee vouchers for DKK 1,400 and play all four<br />

courses or share the fun and take along a fellow player<br />

and play two courses. All four courses have 18 holes in<br />

the middle of North Sealand’s amazing nature and the<br />

clubs’ restaurants are ready and waiting with delicious<br />

offers before and after your game. So there’s no excuse<br />

for not improving your handicap!<br />

ROYAL GOLF is a collaboration between Asserbo, Fredensborg,<br />

Gilleleje and Hornbæk Golf Clubs. Contact the clubs<br />

directly or find current offers on their websites.<br />

kongegolf.dk (only available in Danish)<br />


82<br />



Sleep under the stars<br />


Glamping, spa hotel, shelter or holiday apartment?<br />

What type of accommodation do you prefer? North<br />

Sealand offers many great accommodation options<br />

to choose from - both beautiful hotel rooms and<br />

outdoors in nature. Are you in need of relaxation and<br />

pampering after a long day's adventure? Then look<br />

no further!<br />


Want to camp in style? Don't miss<br />

out on comfort even if you are camping<br />

- try glamping or sleep in a<br />

hammock. Have an adventure. If you<br />

want to experience alternative types<br />

of accommodation, you can also<br />

sleep in a harbour cabin or a luxury<br />

tent with comfortable facilities.<br />

• Surfshacks & tent houses:<br />

Lynæs Surfcenter, Lynæs Havnevej<br />

8, 3390 Hundested<br />

• Byaasgaard Camping: Glamping<br />

tents at Roskilde Fjord. Amtsvejen<br />

340, 3390 Hundested<br />


Nothing beats sleeping under the<br />

stars in a cosy shelter where nature<br />

protects you from the elements. In<br />

North Sealand you are spoilt for<br />

choice when it comes to outdoor<br />

options.<br />

• Haldbjerg Shelters, Kragerupvej<br />

21, 3200 Helsinge<br />

• Luksusshelter, Nivå Camping,<br />

Sølyst Allé 14, 2990 Nivå<br />

Spa Hotel<br />

Spa hotel sounds very traditional -<br />

and it is. The concept began over<br />

100 years ago when the Copenhagen<br />

elite took wellness breaks to get<br />

sunlight and breathe in the fresh sea<br />

air. Today spa hotels are more popular<br />

than ever. Enjoy the traditional charm<br />

updated with modern comfort.<br />

• Gilleleje Badehotel, Hulsøvej 15,<br />

3250 Gilleleje<br />

• Havgaarden, Strandlyvej 1, 3210<br />

Vejby<br />

• Liseleje Badehotel, Liselejevej<br />

62, 3360 Liseleje<br />

• Hotel Gilleleje Strand, Vesterbrogade<br />

4B, 3250 Gilleleje<br />

PsSt … Further details about North Sealand's accommodation options<br />

and prices, as well as ideas for day excursions in the region, are<br />

available at visitnordsjaelland.dk<br />

See more accommodation<br />

options in North Sealand.

Summer cottage<br />

Light up the wood-burning stove,<br />

get out the board games, and enjoy<br />

the peace with a holiday home from<br />

these excellent holiday home rental<br />

locations, including spa and morning<br />

coffee on the terrace.<br />


• Feriepartner, Liselejevej 60, 3360<br />

Liseleje<br />

Camping<br />

North Sealand's beautiful and varied<br />

natural landscape is great for camping,<br />

and you will have no diffculty<br />

finding lovely campsites, whether<br />

cycling or driving. Along the Danish<br />

Riviera, campsites are situated close<br />

to the sea, beach and towns and<br />

are often within walking distance to<br />

interesting cultural sites and experiences.<br />

North Sealand hostels offer<br />

comfortable beds and a cosy, sociable<br />

atmosphere. They are located to<br />

enable daily exploration and going<br />

from hostel to hostel on a multi-day<br />

adventure.<br />

• Byaasgaard Camping, Amtsvejen<br />

340, 3390 Hundested<br />

• Kongernes Feriepark, Helsingevej<br />

44, 3230 Græsted<br />

• Hillerød Camping, Blytækkervej<br />

18, 3400 Hillerød<br />

• Nivå Camping, Sølyst Allé 14,<br />

2990 Nivå<br />

• Frederiksværk City Camping,<br />

Strandgade 30, 3300 Frederiksværk<br />

• Fredensborg Camping, Humlebækvej<br />

31, 3480 Fredensborg<br />

Hostel<br />

• Fredensborg Vandrerhjem,<br />

Østrupvej 3, 3480 Fredensborg<br />

• Danhostel Tisvildeleje, Bygmarken<br />

30, 3220 Tisvildeleje<br />

• Danhostel Hillerød, Lejrskolevej<br />

4, 3400 Hillerød<br />


Amidst nature and close to the<br />

beach, there are several beautiful<br />

holiday centres in North Sealand<br />

with excellent facilities, a beach<br />

holiday by the pool or on the beach<br />

and fun events such as a Spanish<br />

gourmet evening Klangbad sound<br />

bath.<br />

• Rågeleje Klit Feriecenter, Rågeleje<br />

Strandvej 91B, 3210 Vejby<br />

• Kysthusene Gilleleje, Tinkerup<br />

Strandvej 8A, 3250 Gilleleje<br />

• Sankt Helene Ferie- og Udflugtscenter<br />

[<strong>Holiday</strong> and Excursion<br />

Centre], Bygmarken 30, 3220<br />

Tisvildeleje<br />

PsSt … If you prefer a<br />

holiday apartment, you can<br />

also stay at Nordsjællands<br />

Ferieboliger, a holiday<br />

apartment located in the<br />

centre of Frederiksværk,<br />

or stay at Sirius House, a<br />

historic grocery store that<br />

now contains two holiday<br />

apartments in the heart of<br />

Tisvildeleje.<br />

Hotel<br />

Collapse onto the bed and bury<br />

yourself into the soft hotel pillows,<br />

grab a table and dine in the finest<br />

restaurants, and enjoy the beautiful<br />

natural landscape during the day.<br />

Whether a getaway for two or an<br />

adventure for the whole family, everyone<br />

is well taken care of at one of<br />

North Sealand's beautiful inns or<br />

hotels steeped in history.<br />

• Hotel Hillerød, Milnersvej 41, 3400<br />

Hillerød<br />

• Fredensborg Store Kro, Slotsgade<br />

6, 3480 Fredensborg<br />

• Ølsted Kro & Hotel, Hovedgaden<br />

10, 3310 Ølsted<br />

• Bymose Hegn, Bymosegårdsvej<br />

11, 3200 Helsinge<br />

• Refugium Smidstrup Strand,<br />

Sognevej 15, 3250 Gilleleje<br />

B&B<br />

If you are looking for a small cosy<br />

place that offers accommodation<br />

and breakfast, then opt for bed and<br />

breakfast, where you often also have<br />

the opportunity to interact with the<br />

local owners.<br />

• Melby Snedkeri B&B, Melbyvej<br />

83, 3370 Melby<br />

• Sommer Hus B&B, Frederiksværksgade<br />

80, 3400 Hillerød<br />

• Hannes B&B, Ridehusvej 14, 3400<br />

Hillerød<br />

• Ebogaard B&B, Kulsviervej 48,<br />

3400 Hillerød

84<br />


TASTE<br />

of NORTH<br />


North Sealand is home to<br />

proud local producers and<br />

creative entrepreneurs who<br />

use passion and patience to<br />

produce high-quality artisan<br />

food and beverage items with<br />

a superior taste.<br />

Take a trip out into the North<br />

Sealand countryside, drive<br />

along the winding country<br />

roads, and stop by the charming<br />

farm shops or buy seasonal<br />

vegetables at the local<br />

market where you get to meet the<br />

local producers. The soil also impacts<br />

the taste of something as un-Danish<br />

as wine, produced with great success<br />

by North Sealand winemakers. Tastings<br />

and tours are available.<br />

Pop into the small distilleries, where the<br />

noble taste of corn, herbs, and berries<br />

are transformed into golden drops in<br />

the form of whisky, gin, liqueur, and<br />

aquavit, or have a taste of the local<br />

quality beer brewed in the copper vats<br />

at the microbrewery.<br />

North Sealand's craft foods bear the<br />

narrative of tradition and innovation<br />

and that of local enthusiasts who are<br />

passionate about excellent quality and<br />

taste. Farm shops sell the most delicious<br />

meat from free-range cows; spicy<br />

sausages and other charcuterie items<br />

are handmade by the butcher following<br />

artisan traditions. In North Sealand, you<br />

will find ice cream and butter made<br />

carefully by hand from fresh ingredients<br />

and unique cheeses steeped in<br />

rich local history. There are many local<br />

delicacies to sample – from handmade<br />

chocolates to mustard, sauces, juices,<br />

aquavit, rye bread, and much more –<br />

in the small specialty shops around<br />

North Sealand.<br />

This is just a selection, more taste<br />

experiences are provided at www. visitnorthsealand.com.<br />

More information is<br />

available about the local producers at<br />

North Sealand's food networks Spisekammer<br />

Halsnæs, Gribskov Spisekammer<br />

and Smag på Nordsjælland.<br />

Opening hours may vary, so it is a good<br />

idea to check the hours before visiting.<br />

PsSt …<br />

Try the new Gastrominoen<br />

gastro bike tour in<br />

the National Park of Royal<br />

North Sealand, which<br />

takes you past local food<br />

producers. Taste their<br />

specialities and listen to<br />

their inspiring entrepreneurial<br />

adventures. More<br />

details available at<br />

gastrominoen.dk<br />

See more taste<br />



Smag på<br />

1. Nordsjælland<br />

Association of farmers, gardeners,<br />

food artisans, chefs, winemakers,<br />

brewers and grocers committed<br />

to promoting local produce and<br />

food experiences.<br />

smagpaanordsjaelland.dk<br />



2. Spisekammer<br />

Halsnæs<br />

Spisekammer Halsnæs is an alliance<br />

of food producers in Halsnæs<br />

municipality, who are committed to<br />

ensuring good animal welfare and<br />

excellent quality.<br />

spisekammerhalsnaes.dk<br />

3. Gribskov<br />

Spisekammer<br />

Gribskov Spisekammer members<br />

produce lamb, beef cattle, vegetables,<br />

fruit, berries, honey, wine,<br />

beer and much more.<br />

gribskovspisekammer.dk<br />



Byaasgaard Camping<br />

& Farm shop<br />

Farm shop with eggs, vegetables,<br />

Signes homemade sourdough bread<br />

and local delicacies. Cake & Coffee /<br />

Nature wine & Snacks.<br />

byaas.dk<br />


JOTA<br />

Handmade artisan chocolates.<br />

chokoladevaerkstedet-jota.dk<br />


Café and shop offering a wide selection<br />

of local delicacies, cheese and<br />

meat from about 15 local suppliers.<br />

countrymarket.dk<br />


Visitor farm and farm shop selling the<br />

farm's hook-matured meats, fresh eggs,<br />

homemade jams, and syrups, primarily<br />

made from berries from the orchard.<br />

freerslevkotel.dk<br />


Farm shop with freshly picked strawberries,<br />

raspberries, potatoes and<br />

vegetables. Strawberry café with ice<br />

cream, berry brunch, cakes and coffee.<br />

Pick your own strawberries during the<br />

peak season.<br />

rokkedysse.dk<br />

KNUD<br />

Relaxed dining venue on Hundested<br />

Harbour with a coastal bistro kitchen.<br />

knud.biz<br />


Forest café with emphasis on organic<br />

and homemade baked goods and shop<br />

with their own products. You can combine<br />

a visit to the café with a walk in the<br />

Par force Hunting Landscape (p.17).<br />

naturcafe.dk<br />


Ice cream parlour with organic milk<br />

and cream from Damsmosegård in<br />

Dronningmølle. Chocolate covered<br />

marshmallows and sprinkles are from<br />

Chokoladeværkstedet Jota in Gilleleje.<br />

Facebook/Søsters<br />


North Sealand's first whisky distillery,<br />

producing gin, brandy and Danish<br />

single malt whisky. Guided tours can<br />

be booked.<br />

thornaes.com<br />


Country store, gourmet restaurant,<br />

bakery, mill and café.<br />

tinggarden.dk<br />

Tothaven Visitorfarm<br />

and farm dairy<br />

Farm shop selling dairy goat cheeses,<br />

goat milk yoghurt and handmade stick<br />

ice cream.<br />

tothaven.dk<br />

Torup Market at<br />

Dyssekilde Station<br />

Market for locally grown produce and<br />

quality products with a connection to<br />

the land. Lunch stalls at the station. 10<br />

Saturdays during peak season.<br />

Facebook/Torup Marked<br />



FARM<br />

Tranegård produces local and natural<br />

ice cream made from fresh, local and<br />

organic ingredients.<br />

tranegarden.dk<br />


Award-winning wine production with<br />

tour and tastings and related farm<br />

shop and café.<br />


86<br />



&<br />


Do you want to know more about Denmark's history?<br />

Get immersed in a whole world of experiences at<br />

North Sealand's museums.

MUSEUMS 87<br />



Utzon Museum Fredensborg<br />

Bakkedraget 43, 3480 Fredensborg<br />

fredensborghusene.com<br />

Fredensborg Museum<br />

Avderødvej 19, 2980 Kokkedal<br />

fredensborgmuseum.fredensborg.dk<br />

Højsager Mill<br />

Højsagervej 8, 3480 Fredensborg<br />

fredensborg-mollelaug.dk<br />

Karlebo Mill<br />

Kirkeltevej 161C, 2980 Kokkedal<br />

fredensborg-mollelaug.dk<br />

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art<br />

Gl. Strandvej 13, 3050 Humlebæk<br />

louisiana.dk<br />

Nivaagaards Art Collection<br />

Gammel Strandvej 2, 2990 Nivå<br />

nivaagaard.dk<br />

The Ring Oven at Nivaagaard<br />

Brickworks<br />

Teglværksvej 23, 2990 Nivå<br />

ringovn.dk<br />

Gribskov<br />

Gillelejegruppens<br />

Videnscenter 40-45<br />

Hillerødvejen 180, 3250 Gilleleje<br />

gillelejegruppen.dk<br />

Esrum Abbey & Møllegård<br />

Klostergade 11-12, Esrum,<br />

3230 Græsted<br />

esrum.dk<br />

The old house on Østergade<br />

Østergade 20, 3250 Gilleleje<br />

museumns.dk<br />

Laugø Smithy<br />

Laugø Byvej 2, 3200 Helsinge<br />

museumns.dk<br />

Munkeruphus<br />

Munkerup Strandvej 78,<br />

3120 Dronningmølle<br />

munkeruphus.dk<br />

Nakkehoved Lighthouse<br />

Fyrvejen 20 + 25A, 3250 Gilleleje<br />

museumns.dk<br />

Pibe Mill<br />

Høbjergvej, 3200 Helsinge<br />

museumns.dk<br />

Ramløse Mill &<br />

Crafts Museum<br />

Møllelodden 4, 3200 Helsinge<br />

museumns.dk<br />

Rudolph Tegners Museum<br />

& Statuepark<br />

Museumsvej 19, 3120 Dronningmølle<br />

rudolphtegner.dk<br />

Gilleleje Shiphalls<br />

Hovedgaden 49, 3250 Gilleleje<br />

museumns.dk<br />

Søborg Castle Ruin<br />

Bygaden 44, 3250 Gilleleje<br />

natmus.dk<br />

Søren Kierkegaard Stone Memorial<br />

Ved Skrænten 16, 3250 Gilleleje<br />

visitnordsjaelland.dk<br />

The Wieth-Knudsen Observatory<br />

Margot Nyholms Vej 19, 3220<br />

Tisvildeleje<br />

wko.dk<br />

Halsnæs<br />

Asserbo Castle Ruin<br />

Bisp Absalons Vej 28, 3300<br />

Frederiksværk<br />

naturstyrelsen.dk<br />

Dronningholm Castle Ruin<br />

Auderødvej, 3300 Frederiksværk<br />

naturstyrelsen.dk<br />

The Hyllingebjerg Stone<br />

Frederiksværk Bibliotek, Torvet 41,<br />

3300 Frederiksværk<br />

bibliotekerne.halsnaes.dk<br />

Frederiks Værk Museum of Industry<br />

Torvet 1, 3300 Frederiksværk<br />

indmus.dk<br />

The House of Knud Rasmussen<br />

Knud Rasmussens Vej 9,<br />

3390 Hundested<br />

knudrasmus.dk<br />

The Knud Rasmussen Memorial<br />

Knud Rasmussensvej 9,<br />

3390 Hundested<br />

indmus.dk<br />

The Powder Works Museum<br />

Krudtværksalléen 1,<br />

3300 Frederiksværk<br />

indmus.dk<br />

Spodsbjerg Lighthouse<br />

Fyrstien 1, 3390 Hundested<br />

visitnordsjaelland.dk<br />

Hillerød<br />

Danish Collection of History of<br />

Pharmacy<br />

Milnersvej 42, 3400 Hillerød<br />

dfhf.dk<br />

Museum North Sealand Elværket<br />

Frederiksgade 11, 3400 Hillerød<br />

museumns.dk<br />

Frederiksborg Castle<br />

Museum of National History<br />

Frederiksborg Slot 10, 3400 Hillerød<br />

dnm.dk<br />

Museum of Hillerød<br />

Helsingørsgade 65, 3400 Hillerød<br />

museumns.dk<br />

Kunsthuset Annaborg<br />

Frederiksværksgade 2A, 3400 Hillerød<br />

hillerodkunstforening.dk<br />

Æbelholt Abbey Museum<br />

Æbelholt 4, 3400 Hillerød<br />


88 CHILDREN<br />



Have you brought the kids along? There’s plenty of fun<br />

for children in North Sealand. Get inspired for fun and<br />

excitement for children all year round.<br />

Out and about<br />

Vintage train<br />

Enjoy a trip on this fine vintage steam<br />

train during the summer, lovingly<br />

restored and maintained by a group<br />

of steam train enthusiasts. The train’s<br />

normal route is from Græsted to Gilleleje<br />

and on to Hornbæk and Helsingør.<br />

Græsted Stationsvej 84<br />

3230 Græsted<br />

www.veterantoget.dk<br />

The Little Ferry<br />

Bring the kids on board The Little Ferry<br />

on Castle Lake that sails between the<br />

square in Hillerød and Frederiksborg<br />

Castle every 30 minutes from 15 May<br />

to 15 September. From the middle of<br />

the Castle Lake you can see the city,<br />

the castle and, not least, the beautiful<br />

Baroque gardens with shaped bushes.<br />

The Ferry sails between 11 am and 5<br />

pm on weekdays and between 1 pm<br />

and 5 pm on Sundays. You can buy<br />

your ticket on board via MobilePay.<br />

Torvet<br />

3400 Hillerød<br />

www.partrederiet.dk<br />

M/S Frederikke<br />

Set sail on a 1-hour boat trip on Arresø,<br />

Denmark’s largest lake with the charming<br />

wooden ship M/S Frederikke,<br />

sailing from May to September.<br />

Arresødalvej 103<br />

3300 Frederiksværk<br />

www.msfrederikke.dk<br />

For animal lovers<br />

North Sealand<br />

Bird Park<br />

Is there a zoo in North Sealand? Yes,<br />

North Sealand Bird Park is located in<br />

the middle of the beautiful nature of<br />

North Sealand with more than 2,000<br />

birds from all over the world. The Park<br />

also has Zoo status and has many small<br />

mammals and a vast amount of reptiles<br />

and amphibians.<br />

Nordsjællands Fuglepark<br />

Sodemarksvej 22<br />

3230 Græsted<br />

www.fugleparken.dk<br />

Tothaven’s Visitor<br />

Farm<br />

Close to the old fishing village of Kikhavn<br />

lies the small and cosy visitor farm<br />

Tothaven. The farm is home to dairy<br />

goats, ponies, donkeys and wool pigs.<br />

There are always lots of baby animals<br />

to cuddle, and the young, enthusiastic<br />

animal keepers love telling you about<br />

the animals. Play in the straw, relax in<br />

the hammocks under the linden trees,<br />

eat your packed lunch in the garden,<br />

or enjoy an ice cream in the little café.<br />

Torupvejen 2<br />

3390 Hundested<br />

Tel. +45 20 36 02 26<br />

www.tothaven.dk<br />

Dronningmølle<br />

Fiskesø<br />

Let the kids try fishing in Gribskov's<br />

first put and take lake that was opened<br />

in 2017. The fishing lake is situated<br />

in the old quarries in Dronningmølle<br />

made into 20 fishing spots. Buy your<br />

fishing license in the shop Vild med Dyr<br />

where you will also find a wide variety<br />

of fishing gear.<br />

Dronningmølle Strandvej 647A<br />

3120 Dronningmølle<br />

www.dronningmølle.nu<br />

Falkonergården<br />

Just outside Fredensborg, visitors can<br />

experience the amazing thrill of wings<br />

when the falconer’s eagles, hawks and<br />

falcons display their hunting and flying<br />

techniques at close range.<br />

Davidsvænge 11<br />

3480 Fredensborg<br />

www.falkonergaarden.dk<br />




• Havtyren Natural Playground,<br />

Liseleje<br />

• ’Pat-a-fish’ platform in<br />

Hundested Harbour<br />

• The children’s playground in<br />

Frederiksværk<br />

• The playground in Gilleleje<br />

Harbour<br />

• Eghjorten natural playground,<br />

Fredensborg<br />

• The Parforce Hunting Landscape<br />

at the Castle Lake in Hillerød<br />

• Playground Krudtskuddet,<br />

Frederiksværk<br />

• Esrum Abbey natural playground<br />

• Ice skating on the Square in<br />

Hillerød<br />

• Gribskov swimming bath,<br />

Helsinge<br />

• Hillerød swimming bath<br />

• Frederiksværk swimming bath<br />

Monkey World<br />

Monkey World is not a zoo, but a cosy<br />

gar den surrounded by exciting animals.<br />

They make a huge effort to make<br />

a difference for rescued animals and<br />

people who are having a diffcult time.<br />

Try to carry a parrot on your shoulder<br />

like a pirate, or cuddle a rabbit – and<br />

see if you also feel inner calm.<br />

Nejedevej 20<br />

3400 Hillerød<br />

www.monkeyworld.dk<br />




Freerslev Kotel is a visitor farm and<br />

farm shop. The farm shop sells high<br />

quality free range produce where<br />

animal welfare and sustainability are<br />

important factors.<br />

Roskildevej 207<br />

3330 Gørløse

See more experiences<br />

for children in North<br />

Sealand.<br />


89<br />

Fun for all<br />

Wieth-Knudsen’s<br />

Observatory<br />

Named after N.P. Wieth-Knudsen is<br />

the Observatory in Tisvildeleje, where<br />

the weather conditions for astronomical<br />

observations are better than many<br />

other places in Denmark. The kids can<br />

romp and tumble in the surrounding<br />

natural landscape and – on select days<br />

– visit the Observatory.<br />

Margot Nyholms Vej 19<br />

3220 Tisvildeleje<br />

www.wko.astronomisk.dk<br />

Esrum Abbey<br />

& Møllegård<br />

A visit to Esrum Abbey & Møllegård<br />

promises fun, games and education for<br />

the entire family, with plenty of amusement<br />

and activities for the children<br />

in the nature playground and in one<br />

of the abbey wings. There are special<br />

child-friendly activities during the<br />

school holidays.<br />

Klostergade 12<br />

3230 Græsted<br />

www.esrum.dk<br />

Gribskov swimming<br />

bath<br />

If it’s rainy weather or the sea is very<br />

wavy – do not despair! There are loads<br />

of possibilities for indoor fund and<br />

swimming in North Sealand. Pack your<br />

swimming goggles and swimsuit, and<br />

take the kids to Gribskov swimming<br />

bath which has different pools, slides<br />

and a sauna.<br />

Boagervej 26<br />

3200 Helsinge<br />

www.gribskovsvøm.dk<br />

Find the King’s Animals<br />

(Fredensborg<br />

city)<br />

With an interactive game on the mobile<br />

phone, the kids can help the King<br />

find all his animals in Fredensborg.<br />

The game is rooted in history: In the<br />

18th century, King Frederik IV built a<br />

menagerie (a collection of animals) in<br />

Fredensborg Palace Gardens which he<br />

loved showing off to guests as entertainment.<br />

However, rabbits, bears, wolves<br />

and deer have escaped and are<br />

hiding in town. Download the Woop<br />

app, and ’Find the King’s Animals’ hiding<br />

around the town. Recommended<br />

for children aged 5-11 years.<br />

Slotsgade<br />

3480 Fredensborg<br />

www.Fredensborg.dk<br />

Kysthusene Minigolf<br />

Kysthusene has got a new, amazing<br />

miniature golf course set in peaceful<br />

surroundings. Open all week for you<br />

to stop by and play with your friends<br />

or family. The price is only DKK 60 per<br />

person/round. Who will make it around<br />

the nine holes in as few strokes as possible?<br />

www.visitnordsjaelland.dk<br />

Art for children<br />

Louisiana Museum The<br />

Children’s Wing<br />

Let the kids use their imagination and<br />

senses in the Children’s Wing at Louisiana<br />

Museum of Modern Art, where<br />

they will have a unique opportunity to<br />

display their creativity at this 500 m 2<br />

free space over three floors. Enjoy a<br />

cup of hot chocolate in Louisiana Café<br />

with panoramic views of the Sound.<br />

Gl. Strandvej 13<br />

3050 Humlebæk<br />

www.louisiana.dk<br />

Nivaagaard<br />

Art Collection<br />

Nivaagaard Art Collection introduces<br />

both very young children and older<br />

children to the amazing world of art<br />

where they can explore different exhibitions<br />

with help from drawing sheets<br />

and exercises for the paintings. The<br />

children can also participate in workshops<br />

and family tours on select days.<br />

Gammel Strandvej 2<br />

2990 Nivå<br />

www.nivaagaard.dk<br />

The museums of<br />

North Sealand<br />

Visit one of the many museums of<br />

North Sealand with plenty of fun<br />

and activities for children and adults.<br />

Explore on your own, while the kids dig<br />

into art and history. There is plenty of<br />

room for curiosity, fantasy and thinking.<br />

www.museumns.dk<br />

Frederiksborg<br />

Castle<br />

Take the kids to Frederiksborg Castle,<br />

and let them do some exercises on<br />

a guided tour. Visit selected castle<br />

rooms, explore portraits and paintings<br />

telling interesting stories about<br />

important events and personalities<br />

that children understand. Participate<br />

in special activities for children at the<br />

castle.<br />

Frederiksborg Slot 10<br />

3400 Hillerød<br />

www.dnm.dk<br />

Hundested<br />

Sand Sculpture Festival<br />

Experience the unique cultural attraction<br />

on the enterprising experience<br />

platform in Hundested, where sand<br />

sculptors, including several world<br />

champions, create world-class monumental<br />

and transitory sculptures from<br />

golden grains of sand.<br />

Kajgaden 7<br />

3390 Hundested<br />


90<br />



Win camel and donkey rides for 2 adults and 2<br />

children (under 12 years old) at Dronningmølle.<br />

Colour in the camel. Email a photo of the<br />

completed drawing to info@visitnordsjaelland.com<br />

with the subject heading "Drawing<br />

Competition" by 31 December <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

You'll be entered into a prize draw to win a<br />

family riding excursion.<br />

The prize is sponsored by Dronningmølle Camel Rental. More information available at kameludlejning.com


Enjoy unlimited travel on buses,<br />

trains, and the metro<br />

City Pass is your ticket to public transportation around<br />

Greater Copenhagen and North Sealand. Your City Pass<br />

is valid for up to five days and makes it easy for you to<br />

visit all the popular sites in the area.<br />


Unlimited transportation in Greater<br />

Copenhagen, including Central Copenhagen.<br />

Buy your City Pass in the ‘DOT Tickets’ app or from ticket machines at the stations.<br />

Read more about the City Pass at citypass.dk and about public transportation at<br />


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