Beaconsfield Together March and April 2022

A local #community magazine containing community, business and charitable editorial in the Beaconsfield, Knotty Green, Seer Green and Forty Green area. 8,300 copies printed and hand delivered by Royal Mail to residences and businesses in the HP9 -1 and HP9 -2 businesses in these areas. Copies available at Waitrose Supermarket in Beaconsfield

A local #community magazine containing community, business and charitable editorial in the Beaconsfield, Knotty Green, Seer Green and Forty Green area. 8,300 copies printed and hand delivered by Royal Mail to residences and businesses in the HP9 -1 and HP9 -2 businesses in these areas. Copies available at Waitrose Supermarket in Beaconsfield


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<strong>Together</strong><br />




Complimentary copy, h<strong>and</strong> delivered by Royal Mail delivery to 8,300 homes<br />

<strong>and</strong> businesses in <strong>Beaconsfield</strong>. Copies available at Waitrose in <strong>Beaconsfield</strong>.<br />

<br />

<br />

www.walter-partners.co.uk<br />

SPRING EDITION <strong>March</strong> / <strong>April</strong> <strong>2022</strong> Issue 28

Useful Numbers<br />

Better Connected <strong>Beaconsfield</strong><br />

hello@betterconnectedbeaconsfield.org.uk<br />

01494 919 232<br />

The Christian Eye Foundation<br />

support@thechristianeye.co.uk<br />

07568 135 308<br />

Alcoholics Anonymous<br />

Call confidentially on: 0800 917 7650<br />

The <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> Advisory Centre<br />

t: 01494 672987<br />

e: contact@beaconsfieldadvisorycentre.org.uk<br />

Victim support line - help after a crime<br />

t: 08 08 16 89 11<br />

www.victimsupport.org.uk<br />

Age UK’s Befriending Service<br />

matches older people with volunteers who<br />

have similar interests. t: 01296 431911<br />

e: age@ageukbucks.org.uk<br />

Be Amazing & Volunteer<br />

Epilepsy Society looking for volunteers in their<br />

new cafe (p8)<br />

Voices & Choices need volunteers (p31)<br />

<strong>Beaconsfield</strong> Library need volunteers (p39)<br />

Competition Winners<br />

Congratulations to Craig Chipp who won the<br />

family ticket to Bekonscot Model Village <strong>and</strong><br />

Claire Jones who won the meal for two at The<br />

Greyhound in <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> Old Town.<br />

Meet the Team<br />

Publisher, Editor & Sales<br />

Therese Cooklin - 07786 735711<br />

Magazine Designer<br />

Mathew Peet, Digital Bear Design - 01949 839206<br />

Content is accurate to the best of our knowledge, however <strong>Beaconsfield</strong><br />

<strong>Together</strong> part of Abstract Niche Ltd cannot be held liable for loss or<br />

damage, caused by errors or omissions. Inclusion of advertisers does<br />

not indicate our endorsement of their products or services.<br />

Bekonscot Model<br />

Village in spring.<br />

Hello & welcome!<br />

I’m so happy spring has arrived! I absolutely love<br />

seeing all the spring flowers popping up <strong>and</strong> at<br />

last the days will be getting longer <strong>and</strong> warmer!<br />

I’ve packed a lot into this issue <strong>and</strong> I hope you<br />

will find something interesting to read. Plenty of<br />

places to visit at this time of year; the bluebell<br />

walks in Bucks are stunning (see p34), Bekonscot<br />

opens its doors again (p38 & p45) see their <strong>2022</strong><br />

calendar <strong>and</strong> don’t forget it’s Mother’s Day on<br />

27th <strong>March</strong>. We’ve put some treats together for<br />

inspiration. For more ‘What’s on activities’ see<br />

our listing on p38. The long awaited GX Fun Run<br />

has opened registration, so if you want to join in<br />

this community event, sign up quick! (p14)<br />

<strong>Beaconsfield</strong> Town Council share their news <strong>and</strong><br />

we are delighted Malthouse Square playground is<br />

now open, it looks amazing! (see p24)<br />

If you want to do something amazing why not<br />

volunteer some time to a worthy cause or a<br />

charity. Giving to others is wonderful feeling<br />

<strong>and</strong> will give you a spring in your step!<br />

If you have any positive news to share please get<br />

in touch. See copy deadlines below.<br />

With love<br />

Therese<br />

Next Copy Deadlines -<br />

May / June <strong>2022</strong><br />

Editorials: 4th <strong>April</strong><br />

Advertisers: 6th <strong>April</strong><br />

t: 07786 735 711<br />

e: therese@beaconsfieldtogether.co.uk<br />

w: www.beaconsfieldtogether.co.uk<br />

Get your business noticed<br />

for as little as £36<br />

Royal Mail door-to-door delivery to<br />

over 23,000 homes in <strong>Beaconsfield</strong>,<br />

Amersham & the Chalfonts.<br />

e: sales@communitytogether.co.uk


<strong>Beaconsfield</strong> Society<br />

News: “Bring Back the<br />

Blossom” campaign<br />

<strong>Beaconsfield</strong> used to be famous for its cherry<br />

trees supplying London, we believe from<br />

the 19th Century. We are reminded of this<br />

every time we walk, cycle or drive down<br />

Cherry Tree Road.<br />

As part of the <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> Society’s efforts<br />

in greening our streets,over the last few<br />

years we have offered discounted cherry<br />

blossom trees for residents to plant in their<br />

front gardens. More than 100 trees have<br />

been planted already!<br />

In November<br />

last year<br />

we offered<br />

discounted<br />

specimen<br />

cherry blossom<br />

trees to<br />

members <strong>and</strong><br />

non-members.<br />

The trees are<br />

Prunus “Sunset<br />

Boulevard”.<br />

They are<br />

perfect for<br />

gardens as<br />

the trees are<br />

quite compact,<br />

An established cherry blossom tree in<br />

<strong>Beaconsfield</strong> New Town.<br />

with a tidy shaped crown. In spring, the trees<br />

produce blossoms <strong>and</strong> have coppery foliage<br />

which turns green in summer turning yellow in<br />

autumn<br />

Michael Lischer <strong>and</strong> Kari Dorme of The <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> Society<br />

We were also delighted to donate a cherry<br />

tree each to Butlers Court, Holtspur <strong>and</strong> St<br />

Marys & All Saints schools in <strong>Beaconsfield</strong>. We<br />

sincerely hope everybody enjoys their new<br />

trees!<br />

We were also delighted to sponsor a bench to<br />

support the wonderful new playground<br />

provided by <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> Town Council at<br />

Malthouse Square in <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> Old Town.<br />

The bench has a plaque bearing a lovely quote<br />

from Charlie Mackesy.<br />

In January <strong>and</strong> February, we were able<br />

to deliver 23 trees to residents across<br />

<strong>Beaconsfield</strong> <strong>and</strong> neighbouring villages.<br />

If you are interested in being part of the Love <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> team or would like to<br />

volunteer for future events please write to us at TheBecSoc@gmail.com <strong>and</strong> come<br />

<strong>and</strong> join The <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> Society, www.beaconsfieldnow.org.uk<br />

4 <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> <strong>Together</strong> is part of Community <strong>Together</strong>


TO LET<br />

Do you need help with your<br />

Windows PC or laptop?<br />

Available Now<br />

Located in<br />

<strong>Beaconsfield</strong> Old Town<br />

Price On Application<br />

Flexible Terms<br />

Tel: 01494 673020<br />

Email: hbe@hallbarnestate.co.uk<br />

Basic computer tuition - Office, email, general use.<br />

Does your pc run slow?<br />

PC cleaning, upgrades, maintenance, anti-virus<br />

Software updates.<br />

Retired pathologist whose second work passion are computers!<br />

Help you with learning basic computer skills<br />

Word, PowerPoint, Excel <strong>and</strong> Publisher, set up emails etc.<br />

Make your PC run faster <strong>and</strong> work to its fullest potential.<br />

Call Roger on: 07510 479 416<br />

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email marketing@beaconsfieldtogether.co.uk<br />


6 <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> <strong>Together</strong> is part of Community <strong>Together</strong>

Counties Loft Ladders tradesmen, so our customers lead to more happy to pop round <strong>and</strong><br />

come in.<br />

customers are assured happy customers is true give you a no obligation<br />

of the best job.<br />

<strong>and</strong> we work hard to quote BUSINESS so you NEWS too can<br />

The company,<br />

make that happen for make use of your loft!<br />

based Home locally, offers Counties Integrity in that we Loft Ladders,<br />

homeowners the will turn up at the time<br />

Home Counties Loft<br />

opportunity to maximise we say <strong>and</strong> make sure<br />

their storage space Quality the house is spotless You Can Trust!<br />

with<br />

Ladders,<br />

a loft ladder,<br />

Quality when we leave, You <strong>and</strong><br />

These days most<br />

watchwords are Quality, - that simply wouldn’t every installation we<br />

50sqft<br />

homeowners<br />

of boarding<br />

suffer<br />

<strong>and</strong> value in that we offer<br />

from Integrity <strong>and</strong> Value. happen if we didn’t carry out!’<br />

a light Can<br />

a lack - of all storage fully Trust! fitted space.<br />

our<br />

Quality<br />

services<br />

in the<br />

at<br />

materials<br />

a price<br />

adhere to our overriding<br />

in So many precious items that we use for all our principles.<br />

So, if you want to make<br />

These<br />

less than<br />

days<br />

a day<br />

most<br />

from people can afford.<br />

homeowners suffer<br />

just that £355! need But to be it’s kept not installations <strong>and</strong> the fact<br />

use of your loft space,<br />

from a lack of storage space. So many<br />

just – but the where affordability<br />

Our business relies on<br />

to store it that all our loft packages At the end of the day the call Jamie free on 0808<br />

of all?<br />

precious the That’s package where<br />

items that Home<br />

that need referrals to be <strong>and</strong> kept we get a old adage that happy 301 9558 <strong>and</strong> he’ll be<br />

makes Counties – but Home where Loft Counties Ladders to store it huge<br />

tradesmen, all? amount That’s so where of our calls<br />

our customers lead to more happy to pop round <strong>and</strong><br />

Loft come Home Ladders in. Counties st<strong>and</strong><br />

from<br />

Loft Ladders customers<br />

people<br />

come are<br />

who<br />

assured<br />

have<br />

in.<br />

happy customers is true give you a no obligation<br />

out, as manager Jamie<br />

been of the referred best job. to us by <strong>and</strong> leave, we <strong>and</strong> work value hard in to that we quote offer so our you services too can at a<br />

The company, based locally, our offers existing homeowners customers<br />

Oakley explains: ‘Our<br />

make price that people happen can afford. for Our make business use of your relies loft! on<br />

based the opportunity locally, offers to maximise Integrity their storage in that space we referrals <strong>and</strong> we get a huge amount of our calls<br />

homeowners with a loft ladder, the 50sqft of will boarding turn up <strong>and</strong> at the a light time - from people who have been referred to us by our<br />

opportunity all fully fitted to in maximise less than a we day say from <strong>and</strong> just make £355! sure But existing customers - that simply wouldn’t happen<br />

their it’s not storage just the space affordability the of the house package is spotless<br />

Need more that if we didn’t adhere to our overriding principles.<br />

with makes a loft Home ladder, Counties Loft when Ladders we leave, st<strong>and</strong> <strong>and</strong> out, as<br />

50sqft manager of boarding Jamie Oakley <strong>and</strong> explains: value in ‘Our that watchwords<br />

we offer At the end of the day the old adage that happy<br />

are Quality, Integrity <strong>and</strong> Value. our services Quality at in a the price<br />

storage in materials less than that a day we from use for all<br />

people space?<br />

customers lead to more happy customers is true<br />

our installations<br />

can afford.<br />

<strong>and</strong> <strong>and</strong> we work hard to make that happen for every<br />

just the fact £355! that But all it’s our not loft packages<br />

just the affordability<br />

Our business are fitted relies by on time installation we carry out!’<br />

served tradesmen, so our customers package that<br />

referrals <strong>and</strong> are we assured get a<br />

of INSTALL the best job. A LOFT LADDER<br />

makes Home Counties<br />

huge amount of our calls So, if you want to make use of your loft space,<br />

Loft Ladders st<strong>and</strong><br />

from people who have call Jamie free on 0808 301 9558 <strong>and</strong> he’ll be<br />

Integrity in that we will turn<br />

out, as manager Jamie<br />

been up at referred the time to we us say by happy to pop round <strong>and</strong> give you a no obligation<br />

<strong>and</strong><br />

AND<br />

make sure<br />

USE<br />

the house is<br />

YOUR<br />

our spotless existing when customers we<br />

LOFT!<br />

quote so you too can make use of your loft!<br />

Oakley explains: ‘Our<br />

STARTER PACKAGE: Aluminium loft<br />

ladder, light plus 50 sqft boarding, fully<br />

fitted in less than a day from £355<br />

storage space?<br />

• Loft Ladders • Hatches<br />

• Boarding • Insulation<br />

• Lights • Fully Guaranteed<br />

CALL FREE: 0808 301 9558<br />

: Aluminium loft<br />

ladder, light plus 50 sqft boarding, fully<br />

from £355<br />

Loft Ladders Hatches<br />

Boarding Insulation<br />

Lights<br />

CALL FREE: 0808 301 9558<br />

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email marketing@beaconsfieldtogether.co.uk<br />



Reflexology<br />

Reflexology is a gentle, non-invasive<br />

complementary therapy that encourages<br />

the body to balance <strong>and</strong> heal itself.<br />

It involves applying finger or thumb pressure to<br />

specific reflex points on the h<strong>and</strong>s <strong>and</strong> feet. These<br />

reflexes mirror the organs <strong>and</strong> structures of the body<br />

<strong>and</strong> are linked to those organs by energy channels,<br />

zones or meridians. When illness occurs in the body,<br />

the corresponding energy channels can become<br />

blocked. Reflexology is then applied to release<br />

these blockages, allowing the energy to flow freely<br />

again <strong>and</strong> therefore restoring the body’s natural<br />

balance.<br />

Reflexology is also described as a holistic therapy<br />

<strong>and</strong> the term ‘holistic’ is derived from the Greek<br />

word ‘holos’ which means ‘whole’. The idea is that<br />

health is the result of harmony between the body,<br />

mind <strong>and</strong> spirit. Stresses of any kind, physical,<br />

psychological, social or environmental can upset the<br />

balance in our body. Reflexology helps to restore<br />

balance.<br />

immune system, improving circulation <strong>and</strong><br />

stimulating the flow of energy through the body.<br />

This calms the nervous system <strong>and</strong> helps relieve<br />

stress <strong>and</strong> tension.<br />

Having reflexology treatments can help with various<br />

conditions such as: anxiety, stress <strong>and</strong> tension,<br />

headaches <strong>and</strong> migraines, digestive disorders,<br />

dizziness <strong>and</strong> many more.<br />

Christine Ashcroft<br />

Qualified ITEC Level<br />

3 Reflexologist,<br />

based in Downley,<br />

High Wycombe<br />

The benefits of reflexology include: restoring<br />

internal balance within the body, boosting the<br />

Volunteers needed for<br />

new Phoenix Café at<br />

the Epilepsy Society<br />

Could you spare a few hours each week to<br />

volunteer at the Epilepsy Society’s newly<br />

re-opened Phoenix Café? The café has<br />

just opened its doors again to customers,<br />

following a grant from the National Lottery.<br />

And its new name pays tribute to the charity’s<br />

popular sports club - the Phoenix team.<br />

Now the café is looking for a team of volunteers to<br />

help take orders, serve refreshments <strong>and</strong> provide<br />

a warm welcome for customers, including many<br />

of the residents who live at the Epilepsy Society in<br />

Chalfont St Peter.<br />

Kate Lamb is the new manager of the Phoenix Café.<br />

“I am looking for friendly, outgoing volunteers who,<br />

as well as ensuring that the café runs smoothly,<br />

would enjoy chatting to residents, many of whom<br />

have epilepsy <strong>and</strong> learning disabilities,” she said.<br />

“The café is a really important part of their lives,<br />

enabling them to meet friends <strong>and</strong> socialise. It is<br />

Web: www.piedssurterre.co.uk<br />

Email: piedssurterre@icloud.com<br />

also a great place<br />

for staff to come<br />

<strong>and</strong> escape the office<br />

or take a break from<br />

their computers <strong>and</strong> enjoy freshly made coffee<br />

<strong>and</strong> food.” In accordance with guidelines, the<br />

café looks forward to welcoming members of<br />

the public.<br />

If you would like to join the team of<br />

volunteers at the Phoenix Café, please<br />

call Kate Lamb on 01494 601450 or email<br />

kate.lamb@epilepsysociety.org.uk<br />

The charity is also looking for a volunteer to<br />

help with admin in its training department.<br />

If you are interested, please email<br />

<strong>and</strong>ree.mayne@epilepsysociety.org.uk<br />

8 <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> <strong>Together</strong> is part of Community <strong>Together</strong>

The Curzon Centre<br />

<strong>Beaconsfield</strong>’s premier community facility<br />

Celebrate, fundraise, exercise or party.<br />

This could be the place for you!<br />

Versatile facilities include: Sports Hall with Stage,<br />

one medium sized Hall <strong>and</strong> a smaller Hall/Meeting Room<br />

with adjoining well-equipped kitchen.<br />

All available at competitive rates.<br />

For further information Tel: 01494 672891<br />

www.curzoncentre.org.uk<br />





ADVERTS, WEBSITES, LEAFLETS, car livery,<br />

clothing designs<br />

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email marketing@beaconsfieldtogether.co.uk<br />


Mothers’ Day Treats Sunday 27th <strong>March</strong><br />

Crazy Bear <strong>Beaconsfield</strong>, Wycombe End,<br />

<strong>Beaconsfield</strong>, HP9 1LX<br />

Treat your mum to Traditional Afternoon Tea.<br />

Selection of signature tear drop s<strong>and</strong>wiches,<br />

assortment of tea cakes freshly baked that<br />

morning <strong>and</strong> a pot of tea.<br />

Adult: £35.95 or £49.90 with a flute of Tsarine Brut<br />

Champagne<br />

Missenden Abbey, London Road,<br />

Great Missenden, Bucks, HP16 0BD<br />

Treat mum to an indulgent afternoon at Missenden<br />

Abbey <strong>and</strong> enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with an<br />

elegant afternoon tea.<br />

Adult: £30 Children: £13.50 Sittings 12pm & 3pm<br />

t: 01494 866 811<br />

w: www.missendenabbey-events.giftpro.co.uk/<br />

events/mothers-day-afternoon-tea/<br />

Taplow House, Taplow<br />

Berry Hill, Maidenhead, SL6 0DA<br />

Treat your mum to a Pamper Package. Overnight<br />

stay, English afternoon tea, bubbles, 3 course<br />

dinner <strong>and</strong> full English Breakfast in the morning.<br />

Pamper package from £169 per room based on<br />

2 people sharing.<br />

t: 01628 670056<br />

e: reception@taplowhouse.com<br />

Steam Train treat with cream tea pre-booked<br />

from Chinnor<br />

Book a private compartment in the steam train<br />

from Chinnor to Princes Risborough, round trip.<br />

On Mothering Sunday (27th <strong>March</strong>) mum’s travel<br />

at a reduce price of £8 <strong>and</strong> to make her feel ultra<br />

special, pre-order a cream tea box.<br />

£59 for up to 6 proper inclusive of drinks <strong>and</strong><br />

snacks.<br />

To book visit: www.chinnorrailway.co.uk/<br />

product.php/380/buy-reserved-seat-ticketsfrom-chinnor<br />

Stoke Place, Stoke Poges<br />

Stoke Green, Slough, SL2 4HT<br />

Treat your mum to a Stoke Place Champagne<br />

Tea or a Luxury Tea or Cream Tea.<br />

Prices respectively, £29.50, £20 or £8.50 / person.<br />

t: 01753 534 790 w: www.stokeplace.co.uk<br />

A mother’s hug lasts long after she lets go…<br />

10 <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> <strong>Together</strong> is part of Community <strong>Together</strong>

Find us at <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> Market<br />

every Tuesday 8am until 2pm<br />

We stock shrubs, perennials, spring bulbs,<br />

seasonal baskets <strong>and</strong> bedding plants<br />

Follow us on Facebook <strong>and</strong> Instagram<br />

finest_plants<br />

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email marketing@beaconsfieldtogether.co.uk<br />



A Word from<br />

Waitrose in<br />

<strong>Beaconsfield</strong><br />

January <strong>and</strong> February have raced by so<br />

we thought we would update everyone<br />

with some new initiatives we have at<br />

Waitrose <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> for <strong>2022</strong>:<br />

Sushi Daily<br />

Good news for Sushi lovers! From 10 January<br />

Waitrose Sushi Daily counters are providing a Click<br />

<strong>and</strong> Collect service. Customers can order <strong>and</strong> pay<br />

online on the Sushi Daily website <strong>and</strong> collect from<br />

the Sushi Daily counter in store.<br />

natural br<strong>and</strong> fit between Waitrose <strong>and</strong> Mindful<br />

Chef through their commitment to healthy food <strong>and</strong><br />

sourcing st<strong>and</strong>ards.<br />

Deliveroo<br />

From the beginning of <strong>March</strong> Waitrose <strong>Beaconsfield</strong><br />

will be partnering Deliveroo to offer customers the<br />

convenience of selecting Waitrose products <strong>and</strong><br />

paying via the Deliveroo app. Once an order has<br />

been placed (from a choice of over 900 products),<br />

the groceries will be delivered within 30 minutes -<br />

very useful for top up shops <strong>and</strong> last minute dinner<br />

solutions!<br />

All these initiatives are being implemented to offer<br />

our customers more convenience <strong>and</strong> efficiency in<br />

their busy lives. We hope you will find them useful.<br />

InPost Collection lockers<br />

Coming soon, the locker solution provider, InPost, will<br />

install a number of lockers outside our store. InPost<br />

works with br<strong>and</strong>s including Zara, Boohoo <strong>and</strong> JD<br />

Sports, giving customers the convenience of the<br />

option of collecting (or returning) their order from a<br />

locker on a 24/7 basis.<br />

Waitrose <strong>and</strong> Mindful Chef<br />

Waitrose <strong>and</strong> Mindful Chef have teamed up to trial<br />

a co-br<strong>and</strong>ed direct-to-customer recipe box offer,<br />

accessed via waitrose.mindfulchef.com. Customers<br />

choosing to order the co-br<strong>and</strong>ed box will receive<br />

a £10 discount off their first two boxes. There is a<br />

Give a Little Love campaign<br />

Finally, an update on our Give A Little Love<br />

campaign. Each quarter we are able to make<br />

donations to local charities, relevant to a theme<br />

set by our Head Office. If you know of a local<br />

charity or good cause that you would like<br />

to be considered, please send an email to<br />

communitymattersbeaconsfield@waitrose.com,<br />

giving the charity name, contact name, telephone<br />

number <strong>and</strong> email address, <strong>and</strong> a short amount of<br />

information about the charity, for our consideration.<br />

The current GALL theme is ‘Health <strong>and</strong> Wellbeing’.<br />

We look forward to welcoming you into our store<br />

during <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

12 <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> <strong>Together</strong> is part of Community <strong>Together</strong>

<strong>Beaconsfield</strong><br />

Chimney Sweep<br />

Manual <strong>and</strong> Power Chimney Sweeping<br />

Open Fires, Stoves <strong>and</strong> Gas Fires<br />

Certificates Issued<br />

Professional <strong>and</strong> Reliable<br />

Pay by Card<br />

Chimney Caps <strong>and</strong> Cowls<br />

Call JOSH: 07549 422 465<br />

Or Book Online Today:<br />

www.TheLocalChimneySweep.co.uk<br />

Kings Head House, 15 London End, <strong>Beaconsfield</strong>, HP9 2HN<br />

www.conciergegroup.uk<br />

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email marketing@beaconsfieldtogether.co.uk<br />


Get ready! The GX Fun Run is back!<br />

The <strong>2022</strong> Fun Run is fast approaching, <strong>and</strong> the<br />

committee, sponsors <strong>and</strong> charities alike are<br />

gearing up to make it the best yet!<br />

It’s four years since the last Fun Run which raised<br />

in excess of £40K for local charities; <strong>and</strong> race<br />

participants, friends <strong>and</strong> families got together on<br />

East Common to enjoy the camaraderie of the<br />

day!<br />

Now GX Fun Run is back <strong>and</strong> if you’re up for the<br />

challenge, now’s the time to don your running<br />

shoes <strong>and</strong> get in shape. To register, simply visit<br />

our website at gxfunrun.org. Everyone seven years<br />

or over is welcome to join in the 5K run – dogs<br />

<strong>and</strong> prams included! New for <strong>2022</strong> is a 1K run<br />

for children aged 7-9, <strong>and</strong> short sprints for 4-6<br />

year olds. Live music, children’s entertainment,<br />

catering from chef Chris Wheeler, beer tent <strong>and</strong><br />

more, makes this a fantastic community day out.<br />

Many organisations <strong>and</strong> local businesses have<br />

supported the fun run for several years <strong>and</strong> others<br />

are providing their support this year for the first<br />

time. All contributions are greatly appreciated!<br />

The committee however would like to give a<br />

special mention to this year’s platinum sponsor<br />

Frazer from the Fit House with Liberty’s Legacy <strong>and</strong> William’s<br />

Fund charities.<br />

Stoke Park <strong>and</strong> to our gold sponsors; Austenwood<br />

(Salveo Care), Aztec Group (UK), BP Collins,<br />

Clancy Plant, Chhokar & Co, Eden Care at Home,<br />

Fit House, Frost Partnership, Gayhurst School,<br />

Gerrards Cross Golf Club, Hey Broadb<strong>and</strong>, Kidd<br />

Rapinet, Nicholas Moss Estate Agents, Nunn<br />

Hayward, Stoke Park, Tesco Bags of Help, Thorpe<br />

House School, Walter <strong>and</strong> Partners, <strong>and</strong> the<br />

Wheelhouse Veterinary Centre. Thank you for their<br />

generous support <strong>and</strong> contributions.<br />

Register online for this y<br />

Sunday 22nd M<br />

14<br />

<strong>Beaconsfield</strong> <strong>Together</strong> is part of Community <strong>Together</strong>

With thanks to David Moore Photography<br />

Johanna <strong>and</strong> her penguin helpers from William’s Fund<br />

A huge thank you also goes to local professional<br />

photographer David Moore who, as in previous<br />

years will capture, the fun <strong>and</strong> frolics of the day on<br />

film to provide a lasting memory for all. After the<br />

event, images will be available from David Moore<br />

Photography www.davidmoorephotography.<br />

co.uk/.<br />

Ewing Sarcoma, a rare <strong>and</strong> aggressive bone<br />

cancer affecting children <strong>and</strong> teenagers. All<br />

monies raised will go towards much needed<br />

research to improve treatment <strong>and</strong> outcomes<br />

for patients diagnosed with this disease. Lastly,<br />

William’s Fund founded in 2000 in memory of<br />

William Dodd, diagnosed at two years old with<br />

a malignant, unknown tumour on his spine <strong>and</strong><br />

sadly died 2 years later. Monies raised in his<br />

name go towards much needed research into<br />

diagnosis <strong>and</strong> treatment of childhood cancers,<br />

with the hope that one day, prevention <strong>and</strong> a<br />

cure will be possible.<br />

So don’t miss out – make sure you put Sunday<br />

22nd May <strong>2022</strong> in your diary! Register as a<br />

runner or simply come along between 11.00am<br />

to 4.00pm to join in the fun <strong>and</strong> help raise<br />

money to support these causes that will make<br />

a difference to the lives of many.<br />

Our chosen charities this year are: Hearing Dogs<br />

for Deaf People,Liberty’s Legacy <strong>and</strong> William’s<br />

Fund. The first of these organisations is the only<br />

charity in the UK that trains dogs to alert deaf<br />

people to everyday sounds <strong>and</strong> danger signals<br />

allowing deaf people to leave loneliness behind<br />

<strong>and</strong> participate in life with more confidence.<br />

Liberty’s Legacy was founded in 2017 in memory<br />

of Liberty Schurer who lost her life aged 14 to<br />

Hearing Dogs for the Deaf<br />

ear’s GX 5km Fun Run<br />

ay 11am - 4pm<br />

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email marketing@beaconsfieldtogether.co.uk 15


Ambulance Service<br />

on your doorstep<br />

The Inter-County Ambulance Service is the<br />

longest running private ambulance service in<br />

the UK.<br />

Based in Gravel Hill, Chalfont St Peter, they<br />

provide ambulance cover across the UK <strong>and</strong><br />

Europe working closely with NHS <strong>and</strong> private<br />

hospitals. A 24/7 family-run service can transfer<br />

someone unable to travel in a car (on either a<br />

stretcher or wheelchair) with extra space for<br />

family members. Ambulances are fully equipped<br />

to cater for any need, whether it be an admission<br />

an appointment. Their crews are able to wait with<br />

patients during the appointment <strong>and</strong> return once<br />

finished, or leave the patient <strong>and</strong> return to pick<br />

them up later if necessary. They work as an<br />

over-flow for the over-burdened NHS ambulances,<br />

so if you are waiting for an ambulance, either at<br />

home or at hospital to be discharged, you can<br />

call Inter-County privately to assist. All ambulances<br />

are emergency blue light capable <strong>and</strong> are always<br />

run with two medics allowing one medic to drive<br />

<strong>and</strong> one to attend to the patient.<br />

e: info@intercountyambulance.com<br />

w: www.intercountyambulance.com<br />

t: 01753 892 999<br />

The Ambulance Station, 1 Gravel Hill, Chalfont st<br />

Peter, Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire, SL9 9QX<br />


Inter-County Ambulance Service are a family-run<br />

business, working in partnership with the NHS, private<br />

hospitals, care homes <strong>and</strong> GP surgeries. We are the<br />

first <strong>and</strong> oldest private ambulance service in the UK,<br />

celebrating 50 years in <strong>2022</strong>. If you need transportation<br />

to <strong>and</strong> from hospital or for appointments, or want to<br />

repatriate a family member locally or around the UK,<br />

we are on h<strong>and</strong> to assist. Our ambulances are fully<br />

equipped for emergency <strong>and</strong> patient transportation <strong>and</strong><br />

our medics are fully qualified to meet patients’ needs.<br />

Family members or medical staff are welcome to<br />

accompany the patient.<br />

Queries or questions, please contact us.<br />

e: info@intercountyambulance.com w: www.intercountyambulance.com t: 01753 892999<br />

The Ambulance Station, 1 Gravel Hill, Chalfont St Peter, Buckinghamshire SL9 9QX<br />

16 <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> <strong>Together</strong> is part of Community <strong>Together</strong>

Now open in <strong>Beaconsfield</strong>, Riwaz by Atul Kochhar<br />

A new restaurant by Atul Kochhar with a menu inspired by history <strong>and</strong> cultural stories <strong>and</strong><br />

practices, Riwaz is the place to go for an exhilarating Indian meal in <strong>Beaconsfield</strong>.<br />

With an adventurous menu that remains true to tradition - featuring dishes created <strong>and</strong><br />

cooked by Kochhar’s gr<strong>and</strong>mother, Riwaz pays homage to the lesser-known Indian states.<br />

Explore <strong>and</strong> enjoy a traditional gastronomical experience.<br />

Opening hours<br />

Wednesday - Sunday: 12pm – 2:15pm | 5pm - 10pm<br />

Sunday: 12pm – 3pm | 6pm -10pm<br />

Tel: 01494 728 126<br />

www.riwazrestaurants.co.uk<br />

info@riwazrestaurants.co.uk<br />

41 Aylesbury End, <strong>Beaconsfield</strong>, HP9 1LU @riwazbyatulkochhar @riwazbucks<br />

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email marketing@beaconsfieldtogether.co.uk<br />



Becoming an<br />

Eco-Homemaker:<br />

Making your home<br />

eco-friendlier has never<br />

been easier.<br />

We have all become increasingly aware of how<br />

the products that we buy daily are having an<br />

impact far beyond our own four walls. Plastic<br />

bottles washing up on beaches, chemicals<br />

leaching into our ecosystems, you may have<br />

seen some of these things in the media but<br />

often feel overwhelmed <strong>and</strong> not quite sure<br />

how to help.<br />

One of the ways to create simple positive change is<br />

right here in our own homes.<br />

Think about all the products you <strong>and</strong> your family<br />

use in your homes (e.g. nappies, wipes, cloths,<br />

toothbrushes) <strong>and</strong> then think about all the single use<br />

plastic <strong>and</strong> toxins that you are consuming.<br />

Some of the<br />

reasons that may<br />

have held you back:<br />

1. Effectiveness:<br />

have you tried<br />

some of the<br />

eco-friendly<br />

products from<br />

your supermarket<br />

<strong>and</strong> been left<br />

unimpressed with<br />

the results <strong>and</strong> since been put off?<br />

2. Price: are you finding more eco-friendly<br />

alternatives to be more expensive? This is thankfully<br />

less <strong>and</strong> less the case <strong>and</strong> remember if you do end<br />

up spending more, you will likely save through reuse<br />

or more cost-effective refills.<br />

A few quick wins:<br />

•Swap out single use plastic for plastic free -<br />

biodegradable baby wipes instead of plastic<br />

containing wipes, compostable nappy bags instead<br />

of plastic ones, soap bars instead of shower gels,<br />

toothpaste tablets instead of toothpaste tubes<br />

•Find products that can be reused over <strong>and</strong> over<br />

again<br />

•Go for naturally derived products to minimise toxins<br />

in your home.<br />

Eco-Homemaker is an online platform to help you<br />

<strong>and</strong> your family find those eco-friendly solutions<br />

<strong>and</strong> a kinder way of living.<br />

Whether you are starting your pregnancy journey,<br />

in the thick of family life or just wanting to be a<br />

more eco-friendly homemaker, we offer a solution -<br />

a tried <strong>and</strong> tested selection of the most eco-friendly<br />

products brought together in an easy to use shopping<br />

platform.<br />

18 <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> <strong>Together</strong> is part of Community <strong>Together</strong>

Are you paying too much for your private<br />

medical insurance?<br />

Or would you just like to find out how much medical<br />

insurance might cost.<br />

A safe <strong>and</strong> simple way to check, no forms to fill in, just a brief call<br />

with your own personal health consultant.<br />

The sensible thing to do.<br />

t: 01202 283 680<br />

e: info@justgocheck.com<br />

w: www.justgocheck.com<br />

We provide financial guidance at all stages<br />

of life to help our clients achieve their goals,<br />

with realistic <strong>and</strong> sustainable financial plans<br />

The key advice areas that we can help with include:<br />

• Building your financial plan<br />

• Reviewing existing arrangements<br />

• Arranging financial protection<br />

• Investment management with Environmental, Social <strong>and</strong> Governance criteria<br />

• School fees planning<br />

• Retirement income strategies<br />

• Estate <strong>and</strong> inheritance tax planning<br />

Please email Ben or call for a chat:<br />

ben@walter-partners.co.uk<br />

m: 07590 263 606<br />

Walter & Partners Ltd is authorised <strong>and</strong> regulated by the Financial<br />

Conduct Authority. Registered in Engl<strong>and</strong> <strong>and</strong> Wales No.09259743.<br />

Registered office address: 14 Coach & Horses Yard, London,W1S 2EJ.<br />

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email marketing@beaconsfieldtogether.co.uk<br />


Hey! <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> you deserve the fastest, most<br />

affordable full fibre internet.


Alcoholics Anonymous<br />

Alcoholics Anonymous is<br />

a non-profit fellowship,<br />

run by recovering<br />

alcoholics, to help<br />

people overcome their<br />

alcohol problems <strong>and</strong> live<br />

happy lives.<br />

AA is free, no referral needed & open to all. All<br />

communications are completely confidential.<br />

AA is for anyone who thinks they might have<br />

a problem with alcohol, or for whom alcohol<br />

is costing more than money.<br />

There are 7 AA meetings a week in <strong>Beaconsfield</strong><br />

<strong>and</strong> many more in the surrounding area. Friendly<br />

help <strong>and</strong> support is available to all. Before the<br />

p<strong>and</strong>emic, AA met for in-person meetings,<br />

often in church halls <strong>and</strong> the like. Since the<br />

p<strong>and</strong>emic, AA has turned to online meetings.<br />

It’s possible to attend an online AA meeting<br />

anywhere in the world 24/7. Since COVID<br />

restrictions were lifted, many meetings have<br />

returned to meeting face to face, but still<br />

maintaining COVID-safe precautions according<br />

to the latest Gov guidelines. Anyone going to<br />

an AA meeting will be warmly welcomed, you<br />

don’t have to say anything if you don’t want<br />

to, you don’t have to say your name, there is<br />

no commitment <strong>and</strong> it’s free.<br />

Our experience in AA is we find a way to turn<br />

our lives around, regain the trust of friends<br />

<strong>and</strong> family, <strong>and</strong> leave behind the adverse<br />

consequences or our drinking.<br />

So if you, or someone you know, has a<br />

problem with drinking, please contact us:<br />

Alcoholics Anonymous - <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> -<br />

answered 24/7 by a volunteer AA member<br />

email: help@aamail.org<br />

Local AA helpline: 01628 530055<br />

www.aachilternthames.org.uk<br />

National AA helpline: 0800 917 7650<br />

www.alcoholics-anonymous.org.uk<br />

We are supporting the<br />

#40by50 hedgerows<br />

campaign…you can too!<br />

CPRE, the countryside charity, have almost a<br />

century of experience in campaigning for the<br />

countryside. We have played a central role in<br />

the creation of National Parks, Green Belts<br />

<strong>and</strong> the introduction of the plastic bag charge.<br />

We have recently launched the campaign #40by50<br />

to ask the Government to commit to extending<br />

our vital hedgerows network 40% by 2050. CPRE<br />

Buckinghamshire are working with many other<br />

charities including the Woodl<strong>and</strong> Trust, RSPB <strong>and</strong><br />

Greenpeace to support this goal.<br />

Hedgerows are the unsung heroes of our<br />

countryside. They provide enthralling vistas,<br />

absorb carbon emissions <strong>and</strong> are vital to our<br />

local wildlife that depend on them for shelter,<br />

protection, nesting <strong>and</strong> food. Despite their<br />

undeniable importance, many are disappearing<br />

with devastating effects. Here are some<br />

astonishing statistics:<br />

• Nearly half our hedgerows have been lost since<br />

1945, some 300,000 miles.<br />

• As many as 600 plants, 65 birds, 20 mammal<br />

species <strong>and</strong> 1,500 insects depend on our<br />

hedgerows.<br />

• Hedgerows are also considered to support as<br />

many as 30% of our butterflies.<br />

• Over 80% of our woodl<strong>and</strong> birds rely on them for<br />

their home.<br />

• They store some 47 million tonnes of carbon<br />

dioxide, equivalent to >3 million cars over 10 years!<br />

Why not consider planting a hedge if you have<br />

space in your garden? For more information please<br />

visit www.cprebucks.org.uk Thank you.<br />

22 <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> <strong>Together</strong> is part of Community <strong>Together</strong>

EYE NEWS<br />

Time for an<br />

eye test?<br />

With most of us spending significant amounts<br />

of time on laptops, tablets <strong>and</strong> mobile phones<br />

it’s easy to assume that eye strain is something<br />

you have to accept.<br />

Taking regular breaks from the screen, blinking<br />

frequently, looking at distant objects <strong>and</strong> drinking<br />

plenty of water helps, but screens have tiny pixels<br />

(harder than reading a book) so try Increasing font<br />

size or adjusting the contrast or glare. Position light<br />

sources with daylight bulbs behind you so that the<br />

page/screen is illuminated.<br />

Over the age of 40 your vision tends to deteriorate<br />

..so if you are prescribed glasses by your optician you<br />

should wear them. There is a great range of designer<br />

frames in either bright or subtle colours or minimal<br />

rimless designs <strong>and</strong> light weight lenses. There is also<br />

little evidence to suggest that wearing glasses makes<br />

you more dependent on them so why not make the<br />

most of your vision?<br />

An eye test is not just about vision. It is really<br />

important in managing your eye health. As your<br />

eyes have some of the body’s smallest blood vessels<br />

they are also an indicator of general health. An eye<br />

test can detect high blood pressure, high cholesterol<br />

<strong>and</strong> other health conditions. Your optician will want<br />

to ensure that your eyes are as healthy as possible<br />

<strong>and</strong> that you are maximising your vision by wearing<br />

glasses <strong>and</strong>/or contacts with the right prescription.<br />

This is also very important for children, so book<br />

them in for regular tests, especially if you see any<br />

signs of straining the eyes when reading or watching<br />

television.<br />

Having your eyes tested is an easy health check for<br />

<strong>2022</strong>. If you have any questions concerning your<br />

eyes just ask your optician.<br />

Helen Gilbert FBDO<br />

Dispensing Optician<br />


opticians & audiologists<br />

2 for 1<br />

Kids & Teens<br />

glasses<br />

Make your digital world easier<br />

... Ask about office lenses<br />

Half price<br />

2nd Pair<br />

<br />

Eye tests are free for kids<br />

The health HARROLD of your OPTICIANS eyes is as important as your vision. With renal photography as st<strong>and</strong>ard<br />

Your vision...Our care<br />

* Excludes All inclusive range <strong>and</strong> other offers. Conditions apply<br />

* When you buy a frame for £18 or more. Excludes other offers. Assumes Free NHS eye test <strong>and</strong> NHS voucher subject to NHS guidelines. Ask for details.<br />

<strong>and</strong> the opon of OCT , you can be assured you’re doing the very best for your eyes. We have<br />

office lenses to help with screens <strong>and</strong> tablets, lenses to protect from UV <strong>and</strong> lenses that<br />

darken when you drive. As a healthcare seng you will find cleaning protocols <strong>and</strong> masks<br />

are sll in place. To book an appointment call 01494 672193<br />

www.harroldopticians.co.uk 26 Gregories Rd <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> HP9 1HQ<br />

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email marketing@beaconsfieldtogether.co.uk<br />


What’s been happening<br />

at <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> Town<br />

Council?<br />

It’s been a busy start<br />

to the year with lots<br />

going on getting work<br />

scheduled in for the<br />

year.. One thing we’d<br />

like you to look out for<br />

is our new website<br />

www.beaconsfieldtown<br />

council.gov.uk where<br />

you can see when our<br />

meetings are, subscribe<br />

<strong>and</strong> receive updates on<br />

town council info.<br />

Malthouse Square<br />

Playground<br />

Refurbishment – Official<br />

opening<br />

The long anticipated new<br />

Playground at Malthouse<br />

Square, in the old town of<br />

<strong>Beaconsfield</strong> was officially<br />

opened by the Mayor of<br />

<strong>Beaconsfield</strong>, Cllr Alastair<br />

Pike on Saturday 5th<br />

February <strong>and</strong> accompanied<br />

by Joy Morrissey, MP for<br />

<strong>Beaconsfield</strong> <strong>and</strong> Dick Smith,<br />

<strong>Beaconsfield</strong>’s Town Crier.<br />

Cllr Alastair Pike said<br />

’I am delighted to be<br />

opening this new<br />

playground. We have<br />

invested almost £90,000<br />

with some inspiring new<br />

pieces of play equipment<br />

for the under 7’s & Over<br />

7s play area.’<br />

The final design provides<br />

22 pieces of play<br />

equipment including a<br />

replacement disabled<br />

roundabout, a zip wire, new<br />

stimulating play equipment<br />

for all ages, a 4m climbing<br />

net, table tennis table,<br />

basket-ball net, see-saw for<br />

4, <strong>and</strong> a surf rider for 2, <strong>and</strong><br />

freestyle glider which<br />

will be of interest to<br />

skateboarders in particular<br />

24 <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> <strong>Together</strong> is part of Community <strong>Together</strong>

(see video on our website)<br />

is designed for a teenage<br />

to adult age range <strong>and</strong><br />

is a challenging piece of<br />

equipment requiring good<br />

upper body strength. The<br />

equipment was supplied<br />

by Wicksteed, a British<br />

company with an excellent<br />

reputation. Also the<br />

installation of further<br />

seating <strong>and</strong> picnic tables<br />

that are wheelchair <strong>and</strong><br />

push chair friendly thanks<br />

to our kind donors<br />

A A Ng, <strong>Beaconsfield</strong><br />

Community Association,<br />

The <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> Old<br />

Church School Charity,<br />

The <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> Society.<br />

The final touch will be the<br />

installation of a cherry<br />

blossom tree to provide<br />

some shade.<br />

Cllr Pike continued ‘This is<br />

part of our programme to<br />

update <strong>and</strong> improve our<br />

amenities across the town<br />

<strong>and</strong> most importantly for<br />

children in the area to have<br />

fun playing outdoors’.<br />

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email marketing@beaconsfieldtogether.co.uk<br />



Neighbourhood<br />

Plan Exhibition<br />

Update<br />

<strong>Beaconsfield</strong> Town Council has been<br />

working with volunteer local residents to<br />

develop ideas for its Neighbourhood Plan.<br />

A Questionnaire was produced to better<br />

underst<strong>and</strong> what matters most to you, our<br />

residents. From last November residents<br />

have been on our website to fill in the survey<br />

online or took advantage of the printed<br />

version sent to all households.<br />

We now look forward to hosting our first<br />

exhibition across the three hearts of our<br />

town. We would like to welcome you to<br />

come along <strong>and</strong> find out more. We will<br />

explain what a Neighbourhood Plan is, what<br />

we have found out so far, the work we are<br />

doing <strong>and</strong> the results of our questionnaire<br />

<strong>and</strong> next steps.<br />

Public Exhibition Dates:<br />

Thursday 17th <strong>March</strong> 3 - 7pm<br />

St Thomas’ Hall, Mayflower Way, Holtspur<br />

Friday 18th <strong>March</strong> 3 - 7pm<br />

Fitzwilliams Centre, Windsor End, Old Town<br />

Saturday 19th <strong>March</strong> 11 - 2pm<br />

Town Hall Chamber, Town Hall, Penn Road,<br />

New Town<br />

Roses are red…<br />

Last year The Town Council was made aware<br />

that the Roses at the Memorial Garden in<br />

the old town of <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> were in need of<br />

replacement. The roses have been st<strong>and</strong>ing<br />

guard <strong>and</strong> blooming for over 25 years <strong>and</strong><br />

were in need of a change.<br />

The Chairman of Open Spaces, Cllr Alex<br />

Dunlop <strong>and</strong> his committee, with advice<br />

from the Town Crier, Dick Smith, set about<br />

choosing <strong>and</strong> organizing the replacement. 181<br />

roses were ordered <strong>and</strong> have been planted.<br />

The roses were:- At Peace, Remembrance<br />

<strong>and</strong> Captain Tom.<br />

We would like to thank our sponsors who<br />

have contributed towards this project.<br />

The Hon Jenefer Farncombe who said,<br />

“I am delighted to contribute to this project<br />

<strong>and</strong> looking forward to seeing them bloom”<br />

<strong>and</strong> Councillor Alex Dunlop who said, “I<br />

was very honoured to serve as the Mayor<br />

of <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> felt that this was a great<br />

opportunity to give a little colour back to<br />

the town”<br />

And many thanks to Andrew Halksworth <strong>and</strong><br />

his team at Tendercare for kindly installing<br />

the roses.<br />

For more information:<br />

www.beaconsfieldtowncouncil.gov.uk<br />

26 <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> <strong>Together</strong> is part of Community <strong>Together</strong>

Forget fence worries for good<br />

Choose 25 years maintenance free metal fencing*. Choose ColourFence.<br />

Unique ColourFence GUARANTEE<br />

◆ Virtually, maintenance FREE for 25 years*<br />

◆ Won’t warp, crack, shrink, rot or peel<br />

◆ Withst<strong>and</strong>s gusts up to 130mph<br />

Why choose anything else?<br />

◆ Metal fencing available in four colours<br />

◆ Established in the UK for over 15 years<br />

◆ Professional installation<br />

25 YEAR guarantee<br />

Brown Cream Blue Green<br />

“We chose ColourFence 15 years<br />

ago <strong>and</strong> it looks as good as new. ”<br />

Mr & Mrs P. Stringer<br />

For a free, no-obligation quote, find out more via:<br />

01494 711 400 | colourfencebucks.co.uk<br />

*T&Cs apply – see website for details<br />

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email marketing@beaconsfieldtogether.co.uk<br />



Scouts get set for Korea<br />

Over 50 Scouts <strong>and</strong> six volunteers from<br />

Buckinghamshire have started their journey<br />

to attend the World Scout Jamboree in Korea<br />

next year.<br />

After selection events held in the latter part of<br />

2021, 36 of the young people <strong>and</strong> four of the<br />

adults held their first training camp last weekend.<br />

Many of them had not met any of the others before<br />

<strong>and</strong> so it was a great opportunity to find out about<br />

the other members of the unit who were going on<br />

their journey.<br />

The young people met at Wendover <strong>and</strong> one<br />

of their first tasks was to plan a route to Braid<br />

Wood camp site. They then walked it with their<br />

equipment for the weekend. Once they arrived<br />

they had to pitch their tents. They spent time<br />

talking to each other, finding out about names,<br />

schools, sports, hobbies etc. The next task was<br />

to prepare <strong>and</strong> cook their evening meal.<br />

Badge design, games, some tidying up of the<br />

camp site were all on the plan for the remainder of<br />

the weekend.<br />

Sarah Cordes, one of the leadership team said,<br />

“I put myself forward for selection as I wanted to<br />

celebrate my 10 years as being a volunteer with<br />

Scouts. I also wanted to do something really<br />

challenging after all of the restrictions we’ve had for<br />

the last two years. I also wanted to take myself out<br />

of my comfort zone.”<br />

Sophie Newcombe <strong>and</strong> Rory Atwell said, “At the<br />

selection events we were given various tasks such<br />

as building a flag pole or designing a gateway <strong>and</strong><br />

we were assessed for team working, leadership,<br />

supporting others <strong>and</strong> how we were involved.”<br />

In the next 18 months we will be organising race<br />

nights, barn dances, bingo nights <strong>and</strong> writing to<br />

trusts, councillors <strong>and</strong> businesses to help us raise<br />

£3600 which is the cost for each of us to attend.”<br />

Georgia Alton said, “I’m really looking forward to<br />

getting to know the adults <strong>and</strong> the other 35 people<br />

in our unit. We’ve got lots of events planned for<br />

the next 18 months <strong>and</strong> I’m sure we’ll have an<br />

awesome time in Korea.”<br />

If you would like to support the unit to raise funds<br />

please contact us via https://bucks-scouts.org.uk/<br />

team-bucks/contact-us<br />

Girlguiding <strong>Beaconsfield</strong><br />

What better way to spend a weekend in<br />

February than camping in the fresh air with<br />

a crowd of other young people wanting to<br />

have a bit of fun?<br />

The <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> Guides <strong>and</strong> Rangers, have<br />

just returned from the ‘February Freezer’ camp<br />

where they braved the elements <strong>and</strong> took part in<br />

the outdoor challenges. The camp is a festival, with<br />

a safe <strong>and</strong> friendly vibe, where Buckinghamshire<br />

guides <strong>and</strong> scouts can join in various activities<br />

from zip lining <strong>and</strong> archery to whittling wood <strong>and</strong><br />

backwoods cooking <strong>and</strong>, when it rained, playing<br />

in the mud! The evening entertainment included<br />

b<strong>and</strong>s <strong>and</strong> a giant screen showing ‘The Greatest<br />

Showman’.<br />

Sadly, there was no snow but the temperature on<br />

Friday night dipped to 1ºC so we woke to a dusting<br />

of frost on the tents. We all had a great weekend,<br />

<strong>and</strong> it was fantastic to see the Guides <strong>and</strong> Rangers<br />

resuming outdoor adventures with their peers after<br />

the last 2 years of restrictions.<br />

units operating regular weekly meetings,<br />

outings <strong>and</strong> overnight residentials. New<br />

volunteers are always welcome.If you would<br />

like to join the fun to <strong>and</strong> contribute to the<br />

development of young people, please get in touch!<br />

enquiries@girlguidingbeaconsfield.org.uk<br />

www.facebook.com/Girlguiding<strong>Beaconsfield</strong><br />

www.instagram.com/girlguidingbeaconsfield<br />

www.girlguiding.org.uk<br />

This is one opportunity, out of many, that<br />

Girlguiding offers girls aged 4-18 in <strong>Beaconsfield</strong>.<br />

We have Rainbow, Brownie, Guide <strong>and</strong> Ranger<br />

28 <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> <strong>Together</strong> is part of Community <strong>Together</strong>


MUSIC<br />

HAVE FUN<br />

GET FIT<br />

TREAT<br />

OF THE<br />

WEEK!<br />

Scottish Country Dancing<br />

What it means to our members<br />

A REAL<br />

MORALE<br />


A NEW<br />

SKILL<br />

NEW<br />



Gerrards Cross Tuesday evenings<br />

Little Chalfont Thursday afternoons<br />

Call Suzanne 01923 283730<br />

www.gxchscottish.org<br />

Beginners welcome - full instruction<br />

given<br />

Reflexology<br />

To relieve stress, promote<br />

relaxation <strong>and</strong> well-being<br />

Christine Ashcroft, ITEC level 3<br />

qualified, based in High Wycombe<br />

Tel: 07798 612 993<br />

Email: piedssurterre@icloud.com<br />

Web: piedssurterre.co.uk<br />

Family owned business<br />

running for over 30 years.<br />

Professional carpet<br />

<strong>and</strong> upholstery<br />

cleaning services.<br />

Residential <strong>and</strong> commercial cleaning.<br />

Fully insured<br />

Call Doug for a free quotation.<br />

We don’t cut corners, we clean them<br />

t: 01784 240 320<br />

m: 07850 901 311<br />

w: www.concept-management.co.uk<br />

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email marketing@beaconsfieldtogether.co.uk<br />



Financial Planning<br />

More clients are using our financial life<br />

planning service for a variety of financial<br />

scenarios. We use smart technology to help<br />

draw a picture of their current financial<br />

position <strong>and</strong> build meaningful plans for the<br />

future based on their goals.<br />

Initially, we used this technology mainly for<br />

retirement preparation, but we have also found it<br />

to be helpful to clients with a variety of conundrums<br />

including private care homes, school fees, or even<br />

a possible career change.<br />

Think of it like a sat-nav in the car. Not only will it<br />

help you underst<strong>and</strong> where you are <strong>and</strong> where you<br />

want to go, but will also highlight all the possible<br />

routes, helping to avoid any roadblocks along<br />

the way. This type of future cashflow planning is a<br />

consultative experience helping you visualise your<br />

future lifestyle <strong>and</strong> bringing a sharper reality to the<br />

financial decisions you need to make.<br />

It’s possible to run through many different scenarios<br />

to see how they might affect your finances. These<br />

can range from retiring ambitiously early, through to<br />

the technical stuff, such as the impact of investment<br />

returns <strong>and</strong> the tax man on your overall financial<br />

plan. Life events such as marriage, your first child<br />

or gr<strong>and</strong>child, changing jobs, or buying property<br />

for yourself <strong>and</strong> family all have a financial outcome.<br />

This is why it is important that any financial forecast<br />

is regularly reviewed to check against progress <strong>and</strong><br />

provide the best chance of meeting its target.<br />

We believe the best way we can assist the<br />

happiness <strong>and</strong> financial health of our clients<br />

is by helping them to create a realistic plan<br />

focused on their life goals.<br />

Philip Harper<br />

Managing Partner /<br />

Financial Planner<br />

phil@fmifa.com<br />

01494 817151<br />

www.fmifa.com<br />

fm<br />

“Life’s better now we have a plan”<br />

What should<br />

you consider as<br />

the tax year end<br />

approaches?<br />

n ISAs<br />

n Pensions<br />

n Capital Gains Tax<br />

n Annual Gifts<br />

n Income Tax<br />

30<br />

YEARS<br />

5th <strong>April</strong><br />

End of the<br />

tax year<br />

Independent Financial Advice<br />

Contact us: 01494 817151<br />

advice@fmifa.com | www.fmifa.co.uk<br />

Penn Barn, By the Pond, Elm Road,<br />

Penn, Bucks HP10 8LB<br />

Financial Management is a trading title of Philip Harper LLP which<br />

is authorised <strong>and</strong> regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority<br />

30 <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> <strong>Together</strong> is part of Community <strong>Together</strong>


We will be celebrating our 90th Anniversary on 9th July <strong>2022</strong> with a big<br />

festival at the school. Please save the date <strong>and</strong> come along to join us<br />

with music from local b<strong>and</strong>s, performances by students <strong>and</strong> family fun.<br />

Date: 9th July <strong>2022</strong> | Time: 12 to 5pm<br />

The <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> School.<br />

Festival<br />

Shaun Guard<br />


■ Aerials - supplied & repaired also poor reception solved<br />

■ Satellite - Sky Q dish upgrades, discreet dish installs & foreign TV<br />

■ Internet - blackspots cured & data cables to your TVs / computer<br />

■ TVs - hung on your wall or set up & tuned<br />

■ CCTV & Door Entry - domestic installations<br />

www.oxfordaerials.co.uk<br />

Call <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> 01628 439115<br />

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email marketing@beaconsfieldtogether.co.uk<br />



If You Go Down to the<br />

Woods Today…<br />

Playing is children’s work <strong>and</strong> the great<br />

outdoors is a perfect learning environment.<br />

At Thorpe House Lower School we pride<br />

ourselves on our broad curriculum, which includes<br />

an established <strong>and</strong> forward-thinking Forest School,<br />

from Reception to Year 5 inclusive. We are proud<br />

to share our beautiful forest environment <strong>and</strong> our<br />

dedicated <strong>and</strong> fully qualified Forest School leader,<br />

with Chalfont Buttercups Nursery, every week.<br />

The Buttercups children show such delight in their<br />

sessions with us <strong>and</strong> are confident to explore the<br />

forest environment they have come to know <strong>and</strong><br />

love. Making popcorn on the campfire, sipping<br />

hot chocolate <strong>and</strong> listening to stories about<br />

nature; or swinging blissfully in the hammock <strong>and</strong><br />

playing imaginatively in the den, are weekly treats.<br />

Additionally, the children love the challenge of the<br />

‘Holly High-Ropes’ <strong>and</strong> walking the plank, where<br />

gross motor skills are honed. Making mud pies or<br />

leafy-stick stews in the mud kitchen is such creative<br />

fun!<br />

Webinars to help parents<br />

have ‘Uncomfortable<br />

Conversations’ with their<br />

children<br />

In <strong>March</strong>, <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> High School in<br />

association with the Friends of <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> High<br />

are launching the first in a series of webinars<br />

entitled Uncomfortable Conversations.<br />

The webinars are aimed at parents <strong>and</strong> will help<br />

them navigate a range of conversations from<br />

neurodiversity <strong>and</strong> student wellbeing to anti-racism<br />

<strong>and</strong> gender equality. The webinars will feature an<br />

expert in the field <strong>and</strong> the lived experiences of<br />

<strong>Beaconsfield</strong> High’s diverse student body.<br />

Their first webinar will focus on anti-racism: How<br />

to Have Conversations About Race at Home with<br />

author <strong>and</strong> blogger Uju Asika. Uju has written<br />

the book Bringing Up Race: How to Raise a Kind<br />

Child in a Prejudiced World which is authentic,<br />

transparent, research based <strong>and</strong> filled with every<br />

question <strong>and</strong> answer all parents might have about<br />

race <strong>and</strong> racism. Uju makes an uncomfortable<br />

conversation safe <strong>and</strong> accessible for all parents <strong>and</strong><br />

For healthy minds, strong bodies <strong>and</strong> pre-writing<br />

skills, Forest School learning opportunities are<br />

ideal. Communication <strong>and</strong> language blossom as<br />

the children feel so comfortable in this environment.<br />

Social <strong>and</strong> emotional skills are addressed as they<br />

work <strong>and</strong> play in the natural world.<br />

We are delighted to share with Chalfont Buttercups<br />

<strong>and</strong> guiding their little explorers has made our<br />

Thorpe House community an even more wonderful<br />

school.<br />

Your local Independent School. Thorpe House<br />

School is an all-through school for boys aged 4-16.<br />

Open Day, Wednesday 16th <strong>March</strong>, 09:00-11:00.<br />

Book your place at thorpehouse.co.uk<br />

we are so happy she will be a part of our webinar<br />

series. The webinar also welcomes a group of six<br />

students, from the <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> High community<br />

<strong>and</strong> The <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> School, who discuss their<br />

own lived experiences of racism.<br />

If you have found talking to your child about race a<br />

challenge, you will find this webinar informative <strong>and</strong><br />

supportive.<br />

This webinar will be available to<br />

purchase in <strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong> via the<br />

Friends of BHS Ticket Tailor site<br />

(scan the QR code). For more<br />

information on diversity, equality<br />

<strong>and</strong> inclusion at <strong>Beaconsfield</strong><br />

High go to bit.ly/bhs_dei.<br />

32 <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> <strong>Together</strong> is part of Community <strong>Together</strong>

Paternity Fraud – Who’s the Daddy?<br />

Paternity fraud arises when the mother of a<br />

child deliberately or recklessly makes a man<br />

believe he is the biological father of the child.<br />

The discovery that he is not the biological father can<br />

have devastating consequences for him, the child <strong>and</strong><br />

the family. Often, paternity fraud is only discovered<br />

when a couple separate. Inevitably this discovery can<br />

exacerbate tensions <strong>and</strong> further destabilise the family<br />

dynamic when there is already huge emotional turmoil.<br />

Can the man still spend time with the children even<br />

if he is not the biological father?<br />

Being a child’s biological parent is not the sole<br />

consideration of whether that child can spend time with<br />

someone. In cases of paternity fraud, if the man <strong>and</strong><br />

child have a strong relationship <strong>and</strong> it is considered<br />

to be in the best interests of the child to maintain that<br />

relationship, especially if both parties wish it, the Court<br />

will likely agree that the contact should continue.<br />

Does the man still have to pay child maintenance?<br />

Child maintenance is a legal obligation requiring the<br />

biological parent with whom a child spends fewer<br />

nights during a year, to make payments to the other<br />

parent for the benefit of the child. Therefore a man<br />

who is not the biological father cannot be forced to<br />

pay child maintenance. However, if there is a Court<br />

Order in place providing for child maintenance or an<br />


assessment has been made by the Child Maintenance<br />

Service, the man must prove that he is not the<br />

biological father in order to cease payments.<br />

Can the man make a claim against the mother due<br />

to her fraud?<br />

In situations of paternity fraud, the only claim available<br />

to the father is in the Civil Court (not the Family Courts)<br />

by making a claim under the tort of deceit.<br />

It is, however, always worth considering the impact such<br />

an application might have on the family <strong>and</strong> particularly<br />

the child. Unfortunately, often fathers seeking damages<br />

from a mother for paternity fraud are considered, by<br />

some, as acting unjustifiably <strong>and</strong> detrimentally to the<br />

child. It should also be considered what impact it will<br />

have on the child if the man is successful in claiming<br />

damages from the mother, the impact it would have<br />

on the child’s relationship with the man <strong>and</strong> the man’s<br />

ongoing relationship with the mother.<br />

Anyone who thinks they have been a<br />

victim of paternity fraud should take<br />

specialist advice from a family lawyer<br />

as to your rights.<br />

Robert Micklem, Legal Director<br />

Rayden Solicitors <strong>Beaconsfield</strong><br />

RS_BEACS_AM_CHAL_CMYK_130X90_OUT_1.pdf 1 04/10/2021 11:44<br />

C<br />

M<br />

Y<br />

CM<br />

MY<br />

CY<br />

CMY<br />

K<br />

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email marketing@beaconsfieldtogether.co.uk<br />



Buckinghamshire<br />

Bluebell Walks<br />

With Spring fast approaching, now is the<br />

time to get out <strong>and</strong> enjoy our gorgeous<br />

countryside all the more. Mid <strong>April</strong> is<br />

generally the ideal time to first see lustrous<br />

bluebells poking out from their woodl<strong>and</strong><br />

surroundings <strong>and</strong> then in their full glory as<br />

the month matures into May.<br />

We are so lucky to have a huge choice of bluebell<br />

walks locally, far too many to cover fully here so<br />

we have highlighted 5 particularly favoured ones<br />

for you. Details <strong>and</strong> links for more information<br />

are provided so do check that the bluebells have<br />

appeared as well as opening times, availability,<br />

parking <strong>and</strong> if any charges apply when you plan<br />

your visit.<br />

Cliveden Woods<br />

These are National<br />

Trust woods <strong>and</strong> there<br />

is an impressive house<br />

to explore if you so<br />

choose to enhance<br />

your visit. You can also<br />

find an activity areas<br />

for kids <strong>and</strong> café<br />

amongst other<br />

attractions.<br />

https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/cliveden/lists/<br />

the-woodl<strong>and</strong>s-at-cliveden<br />

Penn Woods<br />

Penn Woods are one of the largest ancient<br />

woodl<strong>and</strong>s in the Chilterns with over 50 ancient<br />

trees. Predominantly beeches, the woodl<strong>and</strong> also<br />

offers glorious bluebell displays in Spring. This<br />

precious resource was saved from being turned into<br />

a golf course in the 1990s <strong>and</strong> it is now owned by<br />

The Woodl<strong>and</strong> Trust. https://www.woodl<strong>and</strong>trust.<br />

org.uk/visiting-woods/woods/penn-wood-1/<br />

Hughenden Manor<br />

This is another National Trust gem. The bluebell<br />

trail in the Hughenden Manor beech woods is<br />

utterly gorgeous. Additionally you can consider<br />

adding a visit to the Manor itself to extend your<br />

visit. https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/hughenden/<br />

features/what-to-expect-on-your-visit-to-hughenden<br />

adventure playground <strong>and</strong> many other activities.<br />

These include a ‘Gruffalo’ sculpture <strong>and</strong><br />

orienteering challenge, ‘Superworm’ trail as well<br />

as ‘Go-Ape’ Tree Top walks for those with like<br />

heights! (Specific charges apply for these activities).<br />

https://www.forestryengl<strong>and</strong>.uk/wendover-woods<br />

Ashridge Estate<br />

This incredible National<br />

Trust estate has arguably<br />

some of the best<br />

bluebell woodl<strong>and</strong> in<br />

our area. It spans both<br />

Buckinghamshire <strong>and</strong><br />

Hertfordshire <strong>and</strong> is<br />

renowned for the<br />

spectacles that can be<br />

seen around <strong>April</strong> <strong>and</strong><br />

May. The estate is home to some of our precious<br />

ancient woodl<strong>and</strong> sites <strong>and</strong> there are conservation<br />

projects in place to help preserve such absolute<br />

treasures. https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/<br />

ashridge-estate/features/protecting-the-bluebellsat-ashridge<br />

At CPRE, The Countryside Charity, we believe<br />

that the countryside is for everybody, <strong>and</strong> that a<br />

beautiful, thriving countryside enriches all our lives.<br />

We are a national charity with a network of local<br />

groups in every county. We have almost a century<br />

of experience in campaigning for the countryside.<br />

We have played a central role in making huge<br />

changes happen: from the creation of National<br />

Parks <strong>and</strong> Green Belts, to the introduction of a<br />

plastic bag charge. To find out more about your<br />

local branch <strong>and</strong> the work we are doing, please<br />

visit www.cprebucks.org.uk.<br />

Wendover Woods<br />

This 325 hectare woodl<strong>and</strong> that has stunning<br />

bluebells with walking <strong>and</strong> cycling trails, an<br />

34 <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> <strong>Together</strong> is part of Community <strong>Together</strong>


How to reduce heat loss from your<br />

home - the’ fabric first’ approach<br />

We all know that we are being asked to<br />

do ‘our bit’ in being more eco-friendly.<br />

How can we achieve this in our homes? A family<br />

asked EcoTiffin to do just that <strong>and</strong> after enlisting<br />

their help, they commented, “EcoTiffin saved us<br />

37% in energy bills whilst increasing our square<br />

footage by 35%, giving us a warm <strong>and</strong> welcoming<br />

home.”<br />

Moisture in brickwork is the worst possible<br />

ingredient to have in your property <strong>and</strong> every effort<br />

should be made to prevent the ingress of moisture.<br />

Moisture in the brickwork reduces the brick’s thermal<br />

capacity to retain heat <strong>and</strong> it has a chilling effect like<br />

a fridge on your home. Solid brick walls are by far<br />

the worst. Remember; wet walls are cold walls!<br />

The fabric first approach is essential when improving<br />

insulation to roofs, walls, floors <strong>and</strong> windows <strong>and</strong> are<br />

just some of the ways of reducing heat-loss. The use<br />

of thermography (thermal imaging) is an exciting<br />

<strong>and</strong> relatively new application in the building world.<br />

If you want to identify areas of excessive heat loss<br />

in your home <strong>and</strong> create an eco-friendly building,<br />

using thermographic equipment, is a good place<br />

to start.<br />

Robert Tiffin (descendant of the original family)<br />

<strong>and</strong> highly respected building expert <strong>and</strong> Quantity<br />

Surveyor, has seen a rise in the number of families<br />

wanting to make their homes work more efficiently.<br />

Evidence from thermograms help to provide much<br />

of the data to substantiate Robert’s bespoke reports<br />

for each property in “seeing the unseen”. To<br />

the trained eye, the results can reveal important<br />

information enabling a clear diagnosis. Home<br />

owners look forward to maximising their comfort<br />

to a warm, cosy <strong>and</strong> cost effective, healthier<br />

environment for themselves <strong>and</strong> their families.<br />

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email marketing@beaconsfieldtogether.co.uk<br />


<strong>Beaconsfield</strong> <strong>Together</strong><br />

Brain Matter<br />


There are eight differences between these two pictures. Can you spot them?<br />


e of Paper<br />

Can you find all of these words hidden<br />

in the grid? They may run forwards or<br />

backwards in a straight line which travels<br />

either horizontally, vertically or diagonally.<br />

n the grid? They may run forwards or backwards in a<br />

ither horizontally, vertically or diagonally.<br />


S E T A L P N B R G S N R<br />

G P P L A R Y K C A S O J<br />

Z G L R E G A R U W X T L<br />

T I A T L O F K A N T E S<br />

B C N N I A H C N I B P B<br />

Z A E Q Y V C U H A D A V<br />

Wordwheel<br />

L L Z N H E C E L X H D F<br />

Using Ythe Mletters Z Rin the V wheel, J G you A Xhave P ten P minutes C E to find Nine-letter<br />

as many C words L L as Fpossible W A of Q three G Aor Gmore G letters, Y X none word(s):<br />

of which O may B Ebe Aplurals, T Fforeign V S words B Oor Uproper L Bnouns.<br />

Each word L Qmust A contain T P Sthe Scentral X Qletter O L<strong>and</strong> I no Bletters<br />

can be Lused T more F Ythan E Ponce Dper E word V Vunless X Othey B appear<br />

A I L R O H P O T P J D A<br />

There Gis at Jleast E one R Cnine-letter W R Aword P to P be Efound.<br />

R G<br />

E W T W R F F V M M R P S<br />

Nine-letter word(s): ______________________________<br />

Using the letters in the wheel, you have<br />

ten minutes to find as many words as<br />

possible of three or more letters, none of<br />

which may be plurals, foreign words or<br />

proper nouns.<br />

Each word must contain the central letter<br />

<strong>and</strong> no letters can be used more than<br />

once per word unless they appear in<br />

different sections of the wheel.<br />

There is at least one nine-letter word to be<br />

found.<br />



36<br />



<strong>Beaconsfield</strong> <strong>Together</strong> is part of Community (answers <strong>Together</strong> on p44)<br />

I<br />

O<br />

U<br />

D<br />

G<br />

E<br />

N<br />

L<br />


Safe & gentle ear wax removal at a clinic near you<br />

Why choose microsuction?<br />

The microsuction procedure is widely regarded as the safest, most<br />

comfortable <strong>and</strong> quickest means of ear cleaning. No outdated ear<br />

syringing, messy oil treatment or dangerous <strong>and</strong> ineffective Hopi ear<br />

c<strong>and</strong>les! Our specialist microsuction equipment, in the h<strong>and</strong>s of our<br />

trained experts, is far safer <strong>and</strong> more comfortable than other forms<br />

of ear wax removal.<br />

Irrigation is the use of a controlled flow of water to flush out wax<br />

from the ear. It is safer than manual syringing which is now a banned<br />

practice in the UK. Irrigation can be particularly useful for very<br />

deep wax. Your audiologist should make the most appropriate<br />

recommendation on how to remove the wax.<br />

Our associated clinicians are all registered with the HCPC.<br />

They have all undertaken training, <strong>and</strong> achieved competency<br />

in wax removal <strong>and</strong> should use best practice procedures to<br />

ensure you walk away a happy <strong>and</strong> satisfied customer.<br />

Are you experiencing any of the following?<br />

• Pressure in the ears<br />

• Blocked feeling in the ears<br />

• Need to pop your ears but can’t<br />

• Sudden loss of hearing or muffles sound<br />

• Hearing aids whistling<br />

• Underperforming hearing aids<br />

Call for more information on<br />

Call: 07903 013 123 or 07535 603 744<br />

Email: hearwego.beaconsfield@gmail.com<br />

Web: www.hearwegohearingsolutions.co.uk<br />

Consulting Suite, 19 London End Road, <strong>Beaconsfield</strong>, Buckinghamshire, HP9 2HN<br />

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email marketing@beaconsfieldtogether.co.uk<br />


What’s On –<br />

<strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong><br />

<strong>2022</strong><br />

<strong>March</strong><br />

Every Wed 3pm<br />

Sing Your Pain Away - Chesham United Football<br />

Club in the club house.<br />

Songs from the shows, 50s, 60s <strong>and</strong> 70s.<br />

No singing ability or experi-ence required.<br />

Email jane@singyourpainaway.co.uk<br />

Every Wed 1.30pm - 3.30pm & Sat, 1pm - 4pm.<br />

Lindengate Charity<br />

Opening up their 5 acre site showcasing <strong>and</strong><br />

abundance of bloom, wildflowers <strong>and</strong> wildlife.<br />

www.lindengate.org.uk/programmes<br />

Aylesbury Road, Wendover, HP22 6BD<br />

(sharing car-park with Dobbies garden centre)<br />

Mon - Sun 10am - 5.30pm<br />

Bekonscot Model Village<br />

Open 7 days a week, 10.00am until 5.30pm until<br />

Sunday 30th October.<br />

As well as the detailed model village, impressive<br />

model railway <strong>and</strong> immaculate gardens, this<br />

season they will be offering a programme of<br />

special events throughout the year.<br />

w: bekonscot.co.uk<br />

t: 01494 672 919<br />

Sunday 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th <strong>March</strong> from 10am.<br />

Chiltern Society guided walks.<br />

Variety of guided walks run by the Chiltern Society.<br />

Check website for details.<br />

www.chilternsociety.org.uk<br />

We are celebrating <strong>Beaconsfield</strong><br />

Farmers’ Market 20th Anniversary<br />

on Saturday 26th <strong>March</strong> 9am - 12.30am<br />

Come <strong>and</strong> join the fun <strong>and</strong> games!<br />

Windsor End, <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> Old Town.<br />

/<strong>Beaconsfield</strong>FarmersMkt<br />

<strong>April</strong><br />

Every Wed 3pm<br />

Sing Your Pain Away - Chesham United<br />

Football Club in the club house.<br />

Songs from the shows, 50s, 60s <strong>and</strong> 70s.<br />

No singing ability or experience required.<br />

Email jane@singyourpainaway.co.uk<br />

Every Wed 1.30pm - 3.30pm & Sat, 1pm - 4pm.<br />

Lindengate Charity<br />

Opening up their 5 acre site showcasing <strong>and</strong><br />

abundance of bloom, wildflowers <strong>and</strong> wildlife.<br />

www.lindengate.org.uk/programmes<br />

Aylesbury Road, Wendover, HP22 6BD<br />

(sharing car-park with Dobbies garden centre)<br />

Sun 3rd <strong>April</strong> - 2.30pm - 4pm<br />

Walks of Early Development of Amersham<br />

Old Town<br />

£5 | Amersham Museum, 49 High Street,<br />

Old Amersham, HP7 0DP<br />

01494 723700<br />

info@amershammuseum.org<br />

Thurs 7th <strong>April</strong> - 7.30pm - 9.30pm<br />

Martin Kemp Back to the 80s DJ set<br />

The Elgiva Theatre, St Mary’s Way, Chesham.<br />

Tues 12th <strong>and</strong> 19th <strong>April</strong> - 11am - 3.30pm<br />

Chiltern Open Air Museum Easter Holiday<br />

activities.<br />

Easter holiday activity day. Special themes family<br />

activities, games <strong>and</strong> crafts for st<strong>and</strong>ard admission<br />

price.<br />

www.coam.org.uk<br />

t: 01494 871 117<br />

Easter Weekend 15th - 18th <strong>April</strong><br />

Bekonscot Model Village <strong>and</strong> Railway<br />

Try your h<strong>and</strong> at some traditional fairground games<br />

such as skit-tles, hook a duck <strong>and</strong> beat the buzzer.<br />

The information published is correct to the best of<br />

Sunday 27th <strong>March</strong> - Mothers Day.<br />

our knowledge, but please check with organisers<br />

See p10 for treats to book for your mum.<br />

before making plans. To add your event, contact:<br />

38To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email marketing@amershamtogether.co.uk events@communitytogether.co.uk<br />

<strong>Beaconsfield</strong> <strong>Together</strong> is part of Community <strong>Together</strong>38


<strong>Beaconsfield</strong><br />

Library<br />

We need volunteers to<br />

help with the following…<br />

Scrabble club – come <strong>and</strong> partner one of our<br />

friendly players, only an hour a week Wednesday<br />

morning or Thursday afternoon, no need to be an<br />

expert!<br />

Lego club - Our young customers would like<br />

to start a monthly Lego group, (parents of the<br />

children will stay in the library) so we would need<br />

someone to help set up <strong>and</strong> pack away <strong>and</strong> keep<br />

an eye on the session.<br />

Crafty Saturdays – Could you come up with<br />

ideas (with our help) supervise, set up <strong>and</strong> pack<br />

away crafty activities? possibly on a monthly basis.<br />

IT help - we would like someone who is confident<br />

to help people with simple enquiries eg- emails,<br />

shopping on-line, setting up a new phone, finding<br />

online forms etc. (This would be on a one-to-one<br />

basis in the library, by appointment when you<br />

have time).<br />

Artist in the library – are you keen to encourage<br />

others to draw /paint? Could you help on an<br />

occasional basis with ideas <strong>and</strong> inspiration for<br />

adults in a small group?<br />

Library Events<br />

Tuesday’s<br />

10.30am -11.00am<br />

Storytime (under-fives)<br />

2.00pm - 4.00pm<br />

Talking café *not yet running<br />

Wednesday’s<br />

10.30am – 12.30pm Knit & Natter & Scrabble<br />

Thursday’s<br />

2.00pm – 4.00pm Scrabble for adults<br />

Friday’s 10.00 – 10.30am Bounce <strong>and</strong> Rhyme<br />

(under-fives)<br />

Saturdays<br />

10.30am – 12.30pm Meet your local councillor<br />

(1st Saturday of each month)<br />

2.00pm – 3.00pm Lego club<br />

(2nd Saturday of each month) * not yet running<br />

11.00 am – 12 noon Adult Book group<br />

(3rd Saturday of each month)<br />

2.00pm - 3.30pm Chess club (Weekly)<br />

Lib-bea@buckinghamshire.gov.uk<br />

www.buckinghamshire.gov.uk/libraries<br />

@BucksLibraries<br />

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email marketing@beaconsfieldtogether.co.uk<br />



A new appeal to help<br />

children <strong>and</strong> teenagers<br />

in hospital is launched<br />

today<br />

Royal Brompton <strong>and</strong> Harefield Hospitals<br />

Charity are raising funds for patients under the<br />

age of 18 at Royal Brompton <strong>and</strong> Harefield<br />

hospitals via their new Young Patients’ appeal,<br />

which launches today.<br />

The two hospitals are world leaders in heart<br />

<strong>and</strong> lung care <strong>and</strong> look after young people with<br />

a range of medical conditions; from premature<br />

babies who need heart surgery, to children with<br />

asthma, to young adults with cystic fibrosis.<br />

Royal Brompton <strong>and</strong> Harefield Hospitals<br />

Charity is always looking for ways to improve<br />

the experience of patients at the hospitals,<br />

which is why they have launched this appeal to<br />

enhance the care of young patients.<br />

Richard Bowyer, Chief Executive of Royal<br />

Brompton <strong>and</strong> Harefield Hospitals Charity, said:<br />

“Royal Brompton <strong>and</strong> Harefield hospitals<br />

provide incredible care for patients of all ages.<br />

At the Charity we are committed to helping<br />

our NHS colleagues provide the absolute<br />

best care for young people to help them<br />

lead happy, healthy lives. These new projects<br />

will strengthen paediatric physiotherapy<br />

at the hospitals <strong>and</strong> provide new education<br />

opportunities for patients spending long periods<br />

in hospital. It will make a significant difference to<br />

young people facing big challenges.”<br />

The Young Patients’ appeal will fund several<br />

projects to help children <strong>and</strong> young adults at<br />

the hospitals. These include funding for Chloe<br />

Worger, a paediatric physiotherapist; providing<br />

for the Foulis Ward Education Project, which<br />

helps patients studying for their GCSEs <strong>and</strong><br />

A-Levels; <strong>and</strong> a range of other projects to make<br />

sure the hospitals stay at the leading edge of<br />

young patient care.<br />

Paediatric physiotherapist Chloe Worger said:<br />

“Physiotherapy is an important part of the<br />

recovery journey of a patient. An unmissable<br />

part actually. Here at the hospitals, we are using<br />

the latest techniques <strong>and</strong> practices to make<br />

sure that our young patients really are in the<br />

best h<strong>and</strong>s.”<br />

This new appeal follows up a series of<br />

successful appeals for Royal Brompton <strong>and</strong><br />

Harefield hospitals in 2021. The Charity’s<br />

Covid-19 Relief Fund purchased £182,000<br />

worth of new equipment to help the hospitals<br />

treat some of the most severely ill Covid-19<br />

patients. Their Life in Focus <strong>and</strong> Lifeline Lab<br />

appeals paid for state-of-the-art imaging<br />

equipment for catheter laboratories at each<br />

hospital, which will save <strong>and</strong> enhance many<br />

lives. The Charity is also raising funds to help<br />

with the mental health of recovering Covid-19<br />

patients.<br />

You can donate, fundraise or find out more<br />

about the Young Patients’ appeal on the Charity’s website:<br />

rbhcharity.org/young-patients<br />

40 <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> <strong>Together</strong> is part of Community <strong>Together</strong>

Experienced, Friendly<br />

& Professional Internal<br />

& External Decorators.<br />

We have been<br />

working in & around<br />

<strong>Beaconsfield</strong>,<br />

Gerrards Cross,<br />

Amersham &<br />

surrounding areas<br />

since 1993.<br />

Please call to discuss<br />

your requirements.<br />

Call Nigel:<br />

01494 681 794 or 07771 521 263<br />

www.ngilliedecoratingservices.co.uk<br />

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email marketing@beaconsfieldtogether.co.uk<br />



<strong>Beaconsfield</strong> Historical<br />

Society: Preserving the<br />

history of the town<br />

<strong>Beaconsfield</strong> Historical Society, formed in<br />

1961, is perhaps the longest-established<br />

Society in <strong>Beaconsfield</strong>.<br />

The aim of the<br />

Society remains<br />

the same; “To<br />

encourage the<br />

study of all branches<br />

of history <strong>and</strong> the<br />

preservation of<br />

historical records,<br />

buildings <strong>and</strong> objects.<br />

It shall pay special<br />

attention to<br />

the collection,<br />

preservation <strong>and</strong><br />

publication of<br />

material <strong>and</strong> to<br />

the compilation of<br />

records relating<br />

to the history of<br />

<strong>Beaconsfield</strong>”.<br />

In <strong>2022</strong> the Society has nearly 200 members.<br />

Ongoing activities include the ever-popular<br />

monthly talks in the Fitzwilliams Centre throughout<br />

the winter months, a varied <strong>and</strong> interesting<br />

programme of outings to places of historical<br />

interest during the summer, the continuing<br />

collecting <strong>and</strong> preserving of material for the<br />

Archive <strong>and</strong>, in <strong>2022</strong>, a Heritage Walks project<br />

in conjunction with the <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> Society.<br />

The Omicron Covid variant disrupted talks this<br />

winter in the Fitzwilliams Centre. However, we<br />

are now back <strong>and</strong> the final talk of the 2021/22<br />

programme, preceded by the Society’s AGM, will<br />

be held on 26th <strong>March</strong> at 2.15 in the Fitzwilliams<br />

Centre when Professor Ian Beckett will give a<br />

talk entitled “Dad’s Army in Bucks”. Talks are<br />

free for members <strong>and</strong> visitors pay just £3 at the<br />

door. The programme of summer outings, yet to<br />

be announced at time of writing, will then take<br />

place.<br />

Later this year, four Heritage Walks, taking in<br />

both Old Town <strong>and</strong> New Town places of historical<br />

interest, are to be published in conjunction with<br />

the <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> Society. QR Links will take<br />

participants to the <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> Historical Society<br />

website, where they will be able to read in more<br />

detail about the rich history of <strong>Beaconsfield</strong>.<br />

Details of the walks can be found on the Society<br />

website.<br />

Since 2015 the <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> Historical Society<br />

Archive Group has been meeting weekly (Covid<br />

restrictions allowing) in the Town Hall. Having<br />

taken on the herculean task of sorting <strong>and</strong><br />

cataloguing thous<strong>and</strong>s of items collected since<br />

1961, their work is on-going as history continues<br />

to happen. The Archive is stored, courtesy of the<br />

Town Council, in an attic at the top of the Town<br />

Hall, but faces an uncertain future due to potential<br />

changes within the New Town. Although not<br />

accessible to the public, the Society website<br />

www.beaconsfieldhistory.org.uk provides<br />

information on holdings within the Archive to<br />

the advantage of a local <strong>and</strong> worldwide research<br />

community. A solution to where the Archive<br />

can be permanently located, ideally with public<br />

access, is yet to be found <strong>and</strong> the Society would<br />

welcome any ideas/suggestions.<br />

<strong>Beaconsfield</strong> Historical<br />

Society continues to<br />

look forward to the<br />

future <strong>and</strong> new<br />

members are always<br />

welcome. Further<br />

details on how to join<br />

the Society, our talks<br />

<strong>and</strong> outings, as well as<br />

articles about the history of <strong>Beaconsfield</strong><br />

can be found on our website<br />

www.beaconsfieldhistory.org.uk<br />

42 <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> <strong>Together</strong> is part of Community <strong>Together</strong>



Tel: 01494 578040<br />

Email: enquiries@leighduncan.co.uk<br />

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email marketing@beaconsfieldtogether.co.uk<br />


<strong>Together</strong> Trades Directory - <strong>Beaconsfield</strong><br />

Share your recommendations with us at trades@communitytogether.co.uk<br />

o pictures. Can you spot them?<br />


Concierge Property Maintenance<br />

Skilled craftsmen to carry out quality property building works<br />

<strong>and</strong> maintenance. Part of Federation of Master Builders.<br />

t: 01494 702 099<br />

w: www.conciergegroup.uk<br />


A J Dunlop Car Servicing Ltd<br />

We have provided friendly advice, quality servicing,<br />

repairs <strong>and</strong> MOTs since 1985. Online booking,<br />

collection <strong>and</strong> delivery available.<br />

t: 01494 670 510<br />

w: www.ajdunlop.co.uk<br />

Oxford Aerials<br />

Can you find all of these words hidden in the grid? They may run forwards or backwards in a<br />

Local TV aerial <strong>and</strong> satellite installation <strong>and</strong> repair<br />

straight line which travels<br />

services,<br />

either horizontally,<br />

internet/Wifi<br />

vertically<br />

blackspots<br />

or diagonally.<br />

fixed.<br />

t: 01628 439 115<br />


LANTERN e: shaun@oxfordaerials.co.uk<br />

S E T A L P N B R G S N R<br />

Roger can help you with your Windows PC <strong>and</strong> laptop. w: www.oxfordaerials.co.uk<br />

Basic computer tuition, office, BILL software updates, LEAFLET email<br />

G P P L A R Y K C A S O J<br />

<strong>and</strong> increase the speed of your PC.<br />


R U W X T L<br />

t: 07510 479 416 CHAIN<br />

MAP<br />

T I A T L O F K A N T E S<br />

Asset Roofing Specialists<br />


All roofing Brepairs, C Nguttering N I A<strong>and</strong> Hchimney C N renovations. I B P B<br />

DIARY<br />

PASSPORT t: 01494 257 595 / 07931 371 003<br />

N. Gillie Decorating Services<br />

Z A E Q Y V C U H A D A V<br />

w: www.assetroofings.co.uk<br />

Experienced, friendly professional DOILY internal <strong>and</strong> external PLANE<br />

L L Z N H E C E L X H D F<br />

decorators who have been working in the area since 1993.<br />

Colourfence Bucks<br />

t: 01494 681 794 / 07771 EGG 521 263 BOX PLATES<br />

Y M Z R V J G A X P P C E<br />

25 year guaranteed fences that will st<strong>and</strong> strong<br />

w: ngilliedecoratingservices.co.uk<br />

C L L F W A Q G A G G Y X<br />

GIFT TAG SACK winds throughout winter <strong>and</strong> any storm.<br />


t: 01494 711 O B400E A T F V S B O U L B<br />

LABEL<br />

WRAPPER w: www.colourfencebucks.co.uk<br />

L Q A T P S S X Q O L I B<br />

<strong>Beaconsfield</strong> Chimney Sweep<br />

Call Josh for professional chimney sweep <strong>and</strong> fire services.<br />

J.M Garden L Retreats T F Y Ltd E P D E V V X O B<br />

t: 07549 422 465<br />

Beautiful bespoke A I Lgarden R O rooms H P tailored O T Pto your J Dneeds.<br />

A<br />

w: www.TheLocalChimneySweep.co.uk<br />

t: 07855 484 944 (Jon) / 01494 583 260<br />

(Evenings GOnly)<br />

J E R C W R A P P E R G<br />

Chalfont Oven Cleaning<br />

e: enquiries@jmgardenretreats.co.uk<br />

E W T W R F F V M M R P S<br />

First class results every time.<br />

www.jmgardenretreats.co.uk<br />

Ovens, hobs, extractors,<br />

grills, stoves, microwaves,<br />

Taurus Secure Garage Doors<br />

Aga cookers, barbecue trays.<br />

Quality insulated electric garage door installation.<br />

t: 01753 889 922 / 07398 341 446<br />

Made from strong <strong>and</strong> durable twin walled aluminum.<br />

w: www.chalfontovencleaning.co.uk<br />

t: 0800 047 8734 / 07842 330 001<br />

w: www.TaurusSecure.co.uk<br />

Concept Carpet Cleaning<br />

Family owned business established for over<br />

30 years.<br />

Professional carpet <strong>and</strong> upholstery cleaning services.<br />

t: 01784 240 320 / 07850 901 311<br />

w: www.concept-management.co.uk<br />

Answer:<br />

PUZZLE<br />



Eco Tiffin<br />

Property restorations,<br />

refurbishments combining a<br />

passion for energy saving <strong>and</strong><br />

conservation.<br />

t: 01442 819 332 / 07768 005 885<br />

w: www.ecotiffin.co.uk<br />

Home Counties Loft Ladders<br />

Complete loft storage solution.<br />

t: 0808 301 9558<br />

w: homecountiesloftladders.co.uk<br />

Made of Paper<br />

Please mention <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> <strong>Together</strong><br />

when contacting any of these trades.<br />


Answer: Answer:<br />



S E T A L P N B R G S N R<br />

G P P L A R Y K C A S O J<br />

Z G L R E G A R U W X T L<br />

T I A T L O F K A N T E S<br />

B C N N I A H C N I B P B<br />

Z A E Q Y V C U H A D A V<br />

L L Z N H E C E L X H D F<br />

Y M Z R V J G A X P P C E<br />

C L L F W A Q G A G G Y X<br />

O B E A T F V S B O U L B<br />

L Q A T P S S X Q O L I B<br />

L T F Y E P D E V V X O B<br />

A I L R O H P O T P J D A<br />

G J E R C W R A P P E R G<br />

44 <strong>Beaconsfield</strong> <strong>Together</strong> is part E W of T WCommunity R F F V M M<strong>Together</strong><br />


Bekonscot Opens for the <strong>2022</strong> Season<br />

Bekonscot Model Village opens it’s gates for<br />

the <strong>2022</strong> season on Saturday 12th February.<br />

We will remain open 7 days a week, 10.00am<br />

until 5.30pm until Sunday 30th October.<br />

As well as the detailed model village, impressive<br />

model railway <strong>and</strong> immaculate gardens, this season<br />

we will be offering a programme of special events<br />

throughout the year.<br />

Traditional Fairground Games<br />

Easter Weekend 15th - 18th <strong>April</strong><br />

Try your h<strong>and</strong> at some traditional fairground games<br />

such as skittles, hook a duck <strong>and</strong> beat the buzzer.<br />

Bodging Demonstration<br />

Saturday 14th - Sunday 15th May<br />

Enjoy a demonstration of pole lathe turning <strong>and</strong><br />

wood carving as our talented crafters re-create<br />

the work of the Chiltern Bodgers.<br />

Platinum Jubilee<br />

2nd - 5th June<br />

Join us for some platinum jubilee celebrations<br />

including a special village trail, jubilee tea <strong>and</strong><br />

jubilee crafts for children.<br />

Bekonscot Illuminations<br />

26th - 27th November, 3rd - 4th December<br />

<strong>and</strong> 10th - 11th December<br />

Our engineers have been fitting even more lights<br />

to the model village <strong>and</strong> the railway to create a<br />

truly magical display. Specially decorated winter<br />

scenes <strong>and</strong> hot drinks complete the festive feel.<br />

Santa Weekend<br />

10th - 11th December<br />

Santa pays his annual visit to Bekonscot <strong>and</strong> will<br />

be in his grotto ready to surprise children with a<br />

fantastic gift.<br />

Additional events may be added throughout the<br />

year, so please keep an eye on our website for the<br />

most recent news or sign up for our newsletter to<br />

receive regular updates. www.bekonscot.co.uk<br />

Toddler Takeover Mondays<br />

Between 10am <strong>and</strong> 12.30pm every Monday<br />

during term time we invite you to bring your<br />

preschoolers along to enjoy the model village<br />

<strong>and</strong> some age-appropriate toys, games <strong>and</strong> crafts<br />

in the Education Centre. Collect a voucher from<br />

the ticket office on your way in to receive a free<br />

hot drink from the tearoom.<br />

Summer of Magic<br />

Every Tuesday, Wednesday <strong>and</strong> Thursday<br />

between 26th July - 25th August<br />

Bekonscot’s favourite magician, Greg Chapman,<br />

returns with his unique br<strong>and</strong> of close up magic<br />

tricks including some exciting new material.<br />

Birds of Prey<br />

August Bank Holiday Weekend 27th - 29th August<br />

Be amazed by our Birds of Prey demonstration.<br />

See these incredible birds swoop around the skies<br />

above the model village.<br />

Make <strong>and</strong> Take Holidays<br />

Get creative with our drop in children’s craft<br />

activities 10.30am – 4pm during school holidays<br />

in the Education Centre.<br />

We look forward to welcoming you back to<br />

Bekonscot Model Village <strong>and</strong> Railway.<br />

Tickets are now available to book online at<br />

www.bekonscot.co.uk<br />

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email marketing@beaconsfieldtogether.co.uk<br />



CAWC Bazaar<br />

raises £25,000!<br />

Words by Kathy Flake<br />

CAWC International’s Christmas Bazaar raised<br />

over £25,000 for the Chilterns-based Motor<br />

Neurone Disease Breathing Support Project,<br />

the highest total in 36 years.<br />

Robin Smirnov, Bazaar Chair, said ‘We are extremely<br />

proud that we have raised such a large amount of<br />

money which will make a huge impact to the Motor<br />

Neurone Disease Breathing Support Project! We are<br />

so grateful for all of the support we received from<br />

everyone <strong>and</strong> we are already looking forward to the<br />

next Christmas Bazaar.’<br />

All money raised, will go to the Motor Neurone<br />

Disease (MND) Breathing Support Project, delivered<br />

by the Palliative Care Service based at Florence<br />

Nightingale Hospice, part of Buckinghamshire NHS<br />

Trust. The project has the backing of the Chilterns<br />

Branch of the Motor Neurone Disease Association.<br />

Sue Eddy, a physiotherapist involved with the MND<br />

Breathing Support Project, attended the bazaar <strong>and</strong><br />

said: ‘The CAWC Christmas Bazaar was absolutely<br />

amazing! Beautiful stalls <strong>and</strong> fabulous food <strong>and</strong><br />

drink. All funds raised will go to exp<strong>and</strong>ing <strong>and</strong><br />

deepening the support we’re able to give to MND<br />

sufferers <strong>and</strong> their loved ones.’<br />

Robin Smirnov - Bazaar co-Chair<br />

Pam Showalter - President, CAWC International<br />

Phil Murray - MNDA, Chilterns Branch<br />

Kate Harman - Bazaar co-Chair<br />

at the bazaar was vibrant <strong>and</strong> enthusiastic <strong>and</strong> we<br />

were able to answer all the varied questions which<br />

visitors asked about MND. What a coincidence<br />

that on the day of the bazaar the Government<br />

announced funding to include at least £50 million<br />

for MND related research to find a cure. Thank you<br />

so much, CAWC, for all you do to support good<br />

causes in the Chilterns.’<br />

CAWC International (formerly known as the<br />

Chilterns American Women’s Club) is a social <strong>and</strong><br />

philanthropic club, organized by women for women<br />

of all nationalities, based in the Chilterns. Originally<br />

founded in 1987, they have raised over £350,000<br />

for various charities in the Chilterns area.<br />

Sue Eddy, Physiotherapist<br />

Seven members of the Motor Neurone Disease<br />

Association, Chiltern Branch, assisted at the<br />

event. Supporter Phil Murray said, ‘The atmosphere<br />

The club has regular meetings <strong>and</strong> activities<br />

including crafts, hiking, golf, cinema, tennis,<br />

<strong>and</strong> more. They also arrange outings to places<br />

of interest. New members are always welcome,<br />

<strong>and</strong> are no longer required to have ties to North<br />

America. The club is multi-national with members<br />

from over 20 different countries. Anyone who<br />

wishes to enjoy the activities <strong>and</strong> help with<br />

philanthropic projects is encouraged to join.<br />

More information is available at<br />

www.cawc.co.uk as well as on social<br />

media or email: cawcpruk@gmail.com.<br />

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