SLOAN! Spring 2022

In this issue: Read our exclusive interview with actor, director & activist Ian Somerhalder. We chat to Smooth Radio's Jenni Falconer about collagen, health & wellbeing. Don't miss our preview of this summer's Henley Festival featuring The Script, Sir Tom Jones, Craid David, Jo Brand and more. Plus features on Beauty, Grooming, Health, Wellbeing, Motoring, Home Fragrance, Outdoor Gear, Cocktails, Mother's Day Gift Guide, NOLO Drinks, Baby & Toddler and lots more including a host of experts.

In this issue: Read our exclusive interview with actor, director & activist Ian Somerhalder. We chat to Smooth Radio's Jenni Falconer about collagen, health & wellbeing. Don't miss our preview of this summer's Henley Festival featuring The Script, Sir Tom Jones, Craid David, Jo Brand and more. Plus features on Beauty, Grooming, Health, Wellbeing, Motoring, Home Fragrance, Outdoor Gear, Cocktails, Mother's Day Gift Guide, NOLO Drinks, Baby & Toddler and lots more including a host of experts.


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Spring 2022





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Inside this issue:

Annabel Karmel

Jenni Falconer

Jo Brand


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Spring is a special time of year

when we see new beginnings all

around us as the world is filled

with a sense of optimism after the

darker colder days of winter.

In this issue of SLOAN!, we are

delighted to bring you an exclusive

interview with actor & activist

Ian Somelhalder who many of

you will remember from The

Vampire Diaries. In this exclusive

interview, we delve deep to

discover the man behind the actor

including his passionate work

fighting climate change through

regenerative agriculture.

We also have an exclusive

interview with Jenni Falconer

where we discover more about her

love for running and how her new

collagen supplement supports her

health & well-being.

In addition to featuring some

unmissable advice and top tips

from a host of leading experts in

their field including the amazing

Annabel Karmel MBE, this issue

also has a wide range of product

features including the best outdoor

gear in Active Affluent, luxurious

beauty products and beautiful

home fragrance reed diffusers to

mention but a few.

We’re also delighted to bring

you our special Mother’s Day

gift guide in addition to the best

restaurants to treat mum on her

special day.

As always, I applaud my team

who have curated some insightful,

informative & interesting content

to offer you the best options and

possibilities in our 29 th Edition.

Finally, a big thank you to you,

our readers, for your continued

support. We love hearing how

SLOAN! makes such an impact to

you and your life.

Be inspired!


2 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com







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Beauty Bonanza

Discover the secret to beautiful

radiant skin with these skincare

saviours and makeup marvels

4 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com


Hydrating Elixir tackles the

early signs of ageing thanks

to a high concentration of

Helix Aspersa secretion &

Hyaluronic Acid for a fresh,

radiant and long lasting glow.

£98 at kivuskincare.com


The Skincare Saviours Bundle

contains Superfood Frenzy Organic

Moisturiser, Superfood Frenzy

Organic Facial Serum, Superfood

Frenzy Organic Face Wash and

Rose Quartz Gua Sha Tool.

£80 at sakrid.com


OMS Enzyme Exfoliate &

Resurface Mask is like a chemical

peel, but without any of the burning

and inflammation and a fraction of

the cost! The Home Therapy Kit is

£79.99 at hedoxclinic.co.uk


OR, je suis is a luxurious anti-wrinkle

serum that immediately softens fine

lines and wrinkles thanks to active

ingredients which tighten and lift

the skin. It improves elasticity and

firmness whilst increasing the feeling

of hydration and suppleness.

£85 at odileparis.co


Flawless PhotoGlow Daily Skin

Radiance SPF30+ is a multi-tasking,

anti-ageing protective moisturiser

restoring natural radiance within two

weeks for protected & corrected skin.

£61 at www.transformulas.com/


Core Balance Oil has an oil-towater

ratio of 6:4, gliding on to

allow for soothing and plumping

facial massage with botanical oils.

£54 at www.athletia-beauty.co.uk


Olay Vitamin C +AHA24 Serum is a new

lightweight serum that absorbs quickly

into the skin to seal in the goodness.

£34.99 at Boots


The ground-breaking Pro Pencil

Bundle eyebrow pencil and

sharpener duo is all you need to

create the sharpest brows at home.

£25 at hdbrows.com


Silk Glow Duo combines the smooth finish

of a liquid highlighter and blusher with the

weightlessness of a powder. It's blurring effect

is like having a permanent filter on your face!

£30 at www.iconiclondoninc.com



Why Anger Can

Be A Positive And

Useful Emotion

Cristalle Hayes

Cristalle Hayes is a mother

of two and an existential and

trauma-focused psychotherapist.

She has helped people from

many different backgrounds

and situations tap into their own

strength and overcome serious

issues including problems with

stress anxiety, depression and


She has also shared professional

and therapeutic spaces with

women of all backgrounds,

ethnicities and circumstances

navigating their anger.

Cristalle Hayes is the author of

Angry Mother Assertive Mother:

From maternal anger to radical

repair, published by Rethink,

available on Amazon.

For more information, please visit


Communicate the

message beneath your

anger and stand by that

message with kindness

and respect


Anger is a powerful and universal

emotion secondary to other, more

painful and complex feelings

such as fear, shame and hurt.

Anger, along with our other

emotions, is neither intrinsically

good nor bad. What makes an

emotion positive or negative

is how it is reflected upon,

understood, and expressed. Anger

has a bad reputation, but it can be

immensely valuable.



Anger shows up when we need

to pay attention. Anger alerts us

when we are under perceived

attack or when something feels

unsafe. Anger shows up when we

are not meeting our needs or feel

our values are under threat. If

we look at anger in this way, we

can see the value in the emotion.

Anger is protecting us from harm

and keeping our identities safe.

Anger can bolster us to stand

up for ourselves when unfairly

treated. Anger can be a call to

change when the status quo needs


To harness the value in your

anger, I recommend that you turn

towards your anger and listen

to what it is saying. Is it telling

you that your boss or partner is

mistreating you? Is it telling you

that you are feeling vulnerable

in a particular situation? When

you start to feel angry, pause

and check in. What are your

thoughts? Who are you with, and

what situation are you in? What

time of day is it? Are you lacking

in some way?

Once you understand what

is going on, you can act and

express yourself accordingly.

Communicating the message

beneath your anger and standing

by that message with kindness

and respect is the best way to be

assertive with your anger. Acting

upon your anger with unreflected

rage or in a passive-aggressive

way will not get your needs met

and isn't going to readdress a

potentially harmful situation or

have your values respected.

Allow anger to be part of

the conversation and part of

relationships in a constructive

way. Reflecting upon anger is

vital here. When we don't reflect

on our anger, we communicate

in a harsh, judgemental, and

inflexible way. We cannot see

the other's perspective and lose

empathy for the other person.

Once we reflect on our own

process, we can feel more

confident in communicating

to make the situation about us

and not the other party. We are

not seeking to blame or hurt

another person but to get what

we need, affirm our values, or

keep ourselves safe. The best way

to communicate this, is to use I




I feel X, when you do Y, I am

sure you didn't mean to upset me,

but in future can you do Z.

In short, for anger to have value,

reflect, listen and communicate

to be constructive, not


6 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

Amazfit is your health companion

Style meets health in the Amazfit GTS 2e smartwatch. Its sleek square

design, light bezel-less watch face, and HD AMOLED screen means

information is easy to read on your wrist. Its large battery means it lasts

up to 14 days or for basic use it can even stretch up to 24 days. GTS 2e

delivers all round health and fitness tracking, and comes in three sporty

colours: Obsidian Black, Moss Green, or Lilac Purple (our personal

favourite). Use the offline voice control feature to turn on one of the

12 built-in sports modes or open the heart rate monitoring function.

This all-in-one modern smartwatch records exercise, calories, sleep and

more. Sure to become your own personal health companion, it is waterresistant

up to 50 metres.

£119 from www.argos.co.uk

Start your day right with Linwoods

If you look closely at Linwoods Milled Organic Flaxseeds, you will

see the glistening Omega 3 oil on them. This oil contains ALA (alpha

linolenic acid) an essential fatty acid that is hugely beneficial to our

health as it helps maintain normal blood cholesterol levels. Flaxseed can

naturally enhance the fibre content of any meal, so if you find it difficult

to eat the recommended amount of fruit and veg in your diet everyday,

you can still get your soluble and insoluble fibre requirements by adding


£2.99 from ASDA, Holland & Barrett, Ocado.com, Spar, Dunnes Stores,

Whole Foods Market, Sainsbury’s, Planet Organic, Booths, Waitrose,

The Vegan Kind supermarket, Tesco, Superdrug, Costcutter

Heart Health

Improve heart health with Pycnogenol®

Pycnogenol® is a natural plant extract originating from the bark of the

maritime pine that grows along the coast of southwest France and is found

to contain a unique combination of procyanidins, bioflavonoids and phenolic

acids, which offer extensive natural health benefits. The extract has been

widely studied for the past 40 years and has more than 450 published

studies and review articles ensuring safety and efficacy as an ingredient.

Today, Pycnogenol® is available in more than 1,000 dietary supplements and

health products worldwide.

We recommend Holland & Barrett Pycnogenol® 30mg which is £19.99 from


Looking to improve your cholesterol?

Dr Kathryn Basford of Asda Online Doctor by ZAVA says, "Pumpkin

seeds contain a compound called phytosterol, which is very effective in

lowering LDL cholesterol levels. Phytosterols reduce your cholesterol

levels by blocking the absorption of harmful cholesterol through food.

"Similarly, adding fruits such as berries to your diet can also help to

reduce cholesterol. Berries are rich in polyphenols, a plant compound

with proven heart-related benefits. This particular compound has been

proven to help reduce the risk of strokes, improve insulin resistance and

systemic inflammation and lower blood pressure."

Read Dr Basford's other tips on improving your cholesterol on page 20.

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Super Supplements

From personalised gummies to

A to Z multivitamins












9 16

1. Known Advanced Collagen £49.99 KnownNutrition.com | 2. KÄLLA FOR REPAIR probiotic powder £49 kalla.com/

gb | 3. Health-Wise Pro-active® ADVANCED Liquid Collagen £48 www.health-wise.uk and Amazon | 4. The Gut Co.

Immune Boost £42 thegutco.com | 5. Voyager 25mg CBD Gummies £40 voyagercbd.com | 6. Conscious {by design}

CBD Wellness Pours £40 www.shopcbyd.com | 7. Bioglan Red Krill Oil 1000mg £39.99 Holland & Barrett, Tesco, All

Beauty & Amazon | 8. Nourished personalised gummy vitamins £39.99 get-nourished.com | 9. GeoSilica REFOCUS

£29.31 geosilica.com | 10. Sanatogen® Turmeric & Black Pepper £25.99 Amazon & Superdrug | 11. Bio-Kult Boosted

£24.98 www.bio-kult.com | 12. Equazen® Chews £23 Boots, Amazon, Holland & Barrett | 13. Dare Motivational

Shake £20 www.daremotivation.com | 14. nutriburst Health & Vitality - Multivitamin £19.99 Selfridges & www.

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22 26

nutriburstvitamins.com | 15. nutriburst Energy - Vitamin C £19.99 Selfridges & www.nutriburstvitamins.com

| 16. Starpowa Snooze Gummies £19.99 starpowa.com | 17. Starpowa Women's Energy Multivitamin Gummies

£19.99 starpowa.com | 18. Dozybears Ultimate Bedtime Supplement Gummies £19.99 Superdrug | 19. Bioglan

Active Curcumin Gummies £13.99 Ocado & Amazon | 20. Bioglan Biotic Balance Immune Flora Gummies £13.99

Ocado & Amazon | 21. Yumi Gut Health Probiotic Gummies £12.99 Superdrug | 22. Known Supercharged Energy

Gummies £12.99 knownnutrition.com | 23. Bioglan VitaGummies Women’s Multivitamin £9.99 Holland & Barrett,

Boots, Chemist Direct & Amazon | 24. Nutrigums Turmeric Ginger & Black Pepper gummies £7.99 Superdrug

| 25. Wassen Multimineral With Vitamins £6.99 www.wassen.com | 26. Superdrug Vitamin C 80mg Gummies

£4.99 Superdrug | 27. Superdrug Chewable Strawberry Vegetarian Multivitamins £4.49 Superdrug

Ask The Expert

A Doctor's Guide on How To

Lower Cholesterol

SLOAN! spoke to Dr Kathryn Basford of Asda Online Doctor

by ZAVA, to get a professional opinion on the practical

steps you can take to lower your cholesterol levels

Cholesterol is a fatty, waxy

substance that is found in the

blood. The body naturally makes

cholesterol in the liver, but it

is also found in some foods,

particularly those that are high in

saturated fat.

In healthy amounts, cholesterol

helps our cells to function

properly and allows our body to

produce essential vitamins and

hormones, including bile.

There are two main forms of

cholesterol in the body, good

cholesterol – high-density

lipoprotein (HDL) and bad

cholesterol – low-density

lipoprotein (LDL).




Statins are the main forms of

medicine used to treat high

cholesterol. Statins work by

reducing the amount of LDL (lowdensity

lipoprotein) cholesterol

produced by the liver. This

medication is usually prescribed

to people who have a high risk of

heart disease or who are already

known to have heart disease.

Statins usually need to be taken

for the rest of your life, because

your risk of having a heart attack

or a stroke increases as you get


If statins are not right for you,

you may be prescribed a different

medicine called Ezetimibe. This

medicine works by preventing

cholesterol from being absorbed

through food and bile. It doesn't

work as well as statins but is less

likely to cause side effects.




Many foods contain saturated

and unsaturated fats so your diet

can have a huge impact on your

cholesterol levels.

Consuming high amounts of

unhealthy fats from processed

food such as sausages, butter,

cakes and biscuits, can increase

the amount of bad cholesterol

in your blood which can lead to

blockages in your arteries.

Looking to improve your

cholesterol? Why not try

pumpkin seeds. The seeds of a

pumpkin contain a compound

called phytosterol, which is

very effective in lowering LDL

cholesterol levels. Phytosterols

reduce your cholesterol levels

by blocking the absorption of

harmful cholesterol through food.

Similarly, adding fruits such as

berries to your diet can also help

to reduce cholesterol. Berries

are rich in polyphenols, a plant

10 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

Glowing Health & Longevity

Dr Kathryn Basford

compound with proven heartrelated


This particular compound has

been proven to help reduce

the risk of strokes, improve

insulin resistance and systemic

inflammation and lower blood


If you’re not a fan of berries you

can also get polyphenols from

tea, cocoa and fruits, as well as






Exercise plays an essential role in

maintaining a steady cholesterol

level. It can take only 30 minutes

of moderate to intense exercise to

reduce bad cholesterol, but many

health experts recommend that

you aim to do at least 2.5 hours of

exercise a week.

Any form of exercise, from

walking, jogging, sprinting

or even gardening, has been

shown to reduce bad cholesterol

(LDL) and increase high-density

lipoprotein (HDL) - the good kind

of lipoprotein that actually helps

clear cholesterol from the blood.


Dr Kathryn Basford is a qualified

GP. She graduated from the

University of Manchester and

completed her GP training

through Whipps Cross Hospital in


To find out more about Asda

Online Doctor by ZAVA, please

visit onlinedoctor.asda.com/uk/

Built on an exclusive Holistic Complex that targets the

cornerstones of wellness, Clinique La Prairie supplements

have been created by the clinic’s team of life-science experts.

AGE-DEFY supplements are the first line of defence

against the aging process. Combining two supplements,

Regeneressence and Immunity, the routine addresses cell

regeneration, anti-inflammation and antioxidant protection to

support a long and healthy life.

The morning IMMUNITY blend incorporates 11 highperformance

antioxidants, actives and vitamins with the

potent patented Astaxanthin, Cavacurmin® and BetaVia

to support natural defences. BetaVia is formulated from

leading nutrient-dense beta-glucans and amino acids that help

provide nutritional support for a healthy immune system.

Cavacurmin® contans highly bioavailable curcumin complex

that helps provide potent antioxidant protection from damaging

free radicals on dynamics of cellular function.

The evening REGENERESSENCE formula features a

powerful combination of eight essential vitamins, antioxidants,

and the breakthrough patented FruitFlow® that contributes

to healthy blood circulation, helping reduce stress on your

cardiovascular system. Soybean germ extract has one of the

richest sources of amino acids that help stabilize cellular

functionality and delay age-related damage. Astragalus

has been known in traditional medicine for centuries to

help support immune system responses and neutralize

inflammation within the body.

The evening formula also contains Coenzyme Q10 which is

known to support cellular energy, growth and maintenance.

Central to cellular bioenergetics, it helps support tissues and

organs with the highest energy requirements, such as in the

heart, liver, kidneys and muscles.

A recent lifescience study about the CLP Holistic Complex

(that is at the core of the Holistic Health supplements) shows

that it has beneficial effects by decreasing the rate of telomere

shortening and preserving telomere length under normal

conditions, which results in cells reaching senescence later and

thus delaying the aging process and contributing to longevity.

Priced at 740 CHF from cliniquelaprairie-hh.com with free

shipping with all taxes and duties included worldwide.

Follow us on social media @sloanloves 11



I think it is so

important to have

that glass half full


attitude and looking

for the positive

12 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

TV presenter, broadcaster & Running Podcast host Jenni

Falconer chats to SLOAN! about health, fitness & wellbeing

What made you decide to create your own

S brand of liquid collagen supplement and

what makes Kollo different from other liquid

collagen supplements out there?

I love running, always have and ever since I

J trained for my first marathon in 2009, I have

been aware of the health benefits of taking a

collagen supplement to support my joints, bones

and cartilage and to help recovery after exercise.

Over the years, I also noticed that there were more

benefits to taking collagen as a supplement - for

instance my skin quality improved, my acne went

and makeup artists even started commenting on

how radiant my skin was.

I decided to launch my own brand as I wanted to

create one that was liquid collagen which is more

readily absorbed, I also wanted a marine collagen

supplement as I don’t eat red meat and I know

that marine is a better quality compared to bovine.

It was also imperative to have a supplement that

tasted good - I wanted to create a brand that was

tasty, and something that you looked forward to as

opposed to dread...and that is why Kollo was born.

We are different as we also have 10g of liquid

marine collagen, a mix of great vitamins and we

are informed sport certified, so pro athletes can

take it safely in the knowledge that there are no

banned or contaminated substances, which also

gives reassurance to all our customers.


What are your five daily healthy habits that

help you live your best life?

Well of course, I take Kollo every day - it is

J part of my daily routine... I start my day very

early, I host breakfast radio every morning

and so my alarm goes at 4am, but I do love being

an early riser as I get to see the best time of day

- in the summer months, I see the sunrise most

mornings, it is very special and makes me feel

positive at the start of every day.

I love exercise and run most days - which not

only makes me feel great, but also puts colour in

my cheeks and gives me time to myself...it is my

meditation time and also keeps me feeling fit,

healthy and gets me active.

For me it is also important to wash my face every

morning and evening, I use good quality products

to make sure my skin is cleansed and moisturised

- and I like to make sure my whole body is

moisturised. You get one skin, and it is on show

every day, so I like to look after it as best I can.

And finally I try to drink at least a litre of water

a day - often it is more but I carry around a bottle

with me most of the time and make sure I am

constantly sipping from it. I usually drink a litre

whilst I am on air on Smooth every morning, and

then try to continue topping up the rest of the day.


What was the catalyst that occurred to

encourage you into a healthy lifestyle?

I have always been someone who is into

J health and fitness, it is part and parcel of who

I am. I love the way I feel when I am active

and for as long as I can remember I have tried

different sports and activities. When I started

working, when I was 19, I was away from home

a great deal and also trying to juggle full time

work with university studies and that is when I

started running as it was something that I could

work into my schedule. My passion for running

and exercise is what led me to taking a collagen

supplement and that in turn took me down a path

which resulted in my developing my own brand to

encourage more people to enjoy the benefits too.


What advice do you have for people who find

their health & well-being overwhelming?

It truly doesn't have to be overwhelming,

J simple steps can reap great rewards. I

appreciate that we are all short on time,

which is why I run my commute as it often is the

only 'free opportunity' I have in my day to do

something for me, so instead of taking the train, I

get my running kit on and run. So whatever works

for you. You just need to make small changes, get

outside more, be more active and schedule your

week to accommodate these activities. They may

seem like luxuries that are not a priority but soon

you will notice that your outlook is different, you

will feel better, your mental and physical health

and well-being will naturally improve and you

will be glad you made the changes, however small

they are. What's more, small changes like these

can soon become new good habits.


If you could tell your younger self the Rules

to the Game of Life, what would you say?

I would say don't sweat the small stuff so

J much - enjoy life, treat mistakes as lessons to

be learnt and know that everything happens

for a reason...what sometimes feels like a knock

could in fact be the key to opening another door

and giving you a new opportunity....Try things,

don't be scared to challenge yourself and enjoy

having stories to tell based on your experiences,

whether they be good or bad, success or failure.

Kollo liquid collagen is available on subscription

or for £35.99 for 14 sachets at kollohealth.com

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Beau t y



Luxury beauty products for the busy

modern woman in need of self-care

Doctors Formula

Doctors Formula Probiotics

Advanced Radiance Serum is a

deeply hydrating formula that works

to strengthen the skin’s defences

by reinforcing the “good” bacteria

and active ingredients into the

skin. Packed with 2% Relipidium

which works to strengthen our skin

lipids, this serum boosts your skin’s

natural glow and protects against

environmental stressors whilst

plumping the skin and delivering a

radiant looking complexion.

£115 at www.doctorsformula.co.uk

Dr. LEVY Switzerland

With a patented formula, Dr.

LEVY Switzerland’s Intense

Stem Cell Booster Cream is

packed with plant-derived

Argan CDV – the stem cell

of the argan tree – which

stimulates the duplication of

skin’s dermal stem cells; the

‘mother cells’ of fibroblasts

which in turn, manufacture

the collagen and elastin which

maintain skin’s density,

strength and resilience.

Hyaluronic acid

then attracts and

retains precious

moisture to exert a

‘plumping’ effect,

while shea butter,

vitamin E and

aloe leaf juice

work to calm and

condition while

strengthening your

skin’s defences.

£290 from Cult Beauty

Sensica Sensilift gives

instantly visible results just

after 5 minutes of treatment

time! The dual acting massage

and dynamic radio frequency

therapies stimulate circulation

while allowing the RF waves

to travel deeper into the skin

and boost the skin's natural

collagen production. It is

a non-invasive, medicalgrade,

facial therapy

device that lifts, tightens

and improves skin

texture. Optimal results

seen after 8 weeks of

weekly use.

£349 available from


Michael Kors

Michael Kors Super Gorgeous!

EDP (£95 for 100ml) has a

tobacco accord with bold

amber notes to the signature

white floral bouquet. Presented

in faceted rose gold-tone

glass with a hidden uplifting

affirmation on the bottle's

collar. Available from


14 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

The Organic Pharmacy


This deeply nourishing,

luxurious EGF face cream is a

multi-tasking miracle worker

– targeting loss of firmness

and density, dehydration,

wrinkles as well as age spots.

The EGF Power Cream

contains just 21 ingredients

6 of which are powerhouse

ingredients, Oridonin, Barley

EGF (Epidermal Growth

Factor), Barley Beta Glucan,

Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid

and Squalane.

£165 at www.cultbeauty.co.uk

We love the Rose Diamond Face

Cream from The Organic Pharmacy.

Formulated with Diamond Powder

and Rose Extract, this innovative

silk textured cream with Ceramides,

Hibiscus and Linseed Polysaccharides

aids elasticity and smooth lines. The

Diamond Powder instantly restores

luminosity and radiance - what more could

you want from a face cream! This wonder

cream is also available in a refill.

£290 from www.theorganicpharmacy.com

Experimental Perfume Club

The Creation Sets contains a selection

of Essential fragrances specially

designed to help you experiment and

create your own fragrance at home.

Blend a trio of Essentials together

in endless possible combinations to

create a signature scent truly tailored

for you, by you. Each set comes with

detailed instructions to start creating

risk-free! You’ll also receive access to a

video blending tutorial.

£95 at experimentalperfumeclub.com

IONIQ Skincare

The IONIQ ONE SUN SPF 50 Starter Kit gives you everything you'll need for

immediate, non-sticky protection from intense sun. The amazing IONIQ ONE

Sprayer make protecting your skin a quick and easy process. The unique,

innovative spraying system turns the sunscreen into a fine mist which is

attracted to the natural magnetism of your skin. This forms a lightweight, smooth

protective layer which covers every millimetre of your skin. No rubbing in, no

missed bits and no need to wait before enjoying the sun.

Also included in the Starter Kit is a 100ml cartridge of SUN SPF 50, USB charging

cable, storage bag, Quick Guide and Operating Manual. Enriched with Vitamin E,

the sweat and water-resistant SPF 50 sunscreen is ideal for those prone to sunburn.

£254.90 from ioniqskin.com

Doctors Formula

Doctors Formula Probiotics Advanced

8 Hour Repairing Night Moisturiser

has a high concentration of fatty

acids and plant extracts that aim

to maximise cell regeneration

and works to keep your skin

moisturised and hydrated whilst

you sleep. It combats the effects of

a hectic lifestyle by supporting the

skin’s natural repair systems.

£109 at www.doctorsformula.co.uk

ZO Skin Health 10% Vitamin C

Activated on contact with the skin’s

natural water barrier, this water-free

formula provides a potent dose of

vitamin C to maximise exfoliation

and brighten skin, revealing a

radiant, even tone. Minimises

wrinkles and fine lines whilst

supporting the skin’s natural barrier.

£90 at River Aesthetics

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Grooming Guide



The F6 Style Series Aqua Foil Shaver allows for wet or dry

shaving thanks to the 100% waterproof and ergonomic design for

complete shaving control. It features ControlCut Technology for

a close and comfortable shave plus a Micro Comb and Intercept

Trimmer capturing even low-lying hairs with ease. Get maximum

control thanks to its Pivoting Head and Independent Dual Flexing

Foils which follow the contours of your face. It also features a

Stubble Styler for that rugged aesthetic, and a Pop-Up Comfort

Trim Detailer to catch every last hair.

£109.99 from Boots, Amazon, Very and Argos


Pairfum London

The Bergamot, Basil & Patchouli Eau de Parfum Intense has a

woody and aromatic accord that opens with Bergamot, Lime, Green

Leaves and spicy Basil. The heart is fresh with Lily, Freesia, Violet

Leaf, Rose and Geranium. The note rests on a beautifully rich woody

base of Patchouli, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Cedar and Amber. This

unisex fragrance is masculine enough for the toughest man's man.

£120 for 100ml from www.pairfum.com


The Perfume Shop

The strong gust of Citrus in Dior Sauvage Eau de Toilette

is powerfully anchored by the ambery nobleness of Ambroxan,

resinous Elemi and Woodsthat bind the whole. Instantle

recognisable, it has become a genuine signature scent, unique in its

confident virility. Like a deep breath of fresh air, Sauvage Eau de

Toilette is a bold composition for a man who is true to himself.

£84 for 100ml from www.theperfumeshop.com


ARRAN Sense of Scotland

ARRAN Sense of Scotland’s indulgent bath and shower gels

are a great gift for any modern man. They’re ideal for refreshing

morning showers as well as calming evening baths. Under warm

water, the pro-vitamin B5 enriched gel creates a foam which

gently cleanses the skin and leaves the body feeling revitalised.

Lochranza Bath & Shower Gel contains essential oils of patchouli

and anise paired with cedar and vetiver to create a distinctly

masculine scent. Machrie Bath & Shower Gel combines essential

oils of sea salt, labdanum, myrrh, clary, sage, patchouli and

rockrose for a crisp, clean, fresh scent.

Both are £16 from arran.com

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The Bergamot & Jasmine Bath & Body Shower Gel is

a soap-free daily body wash to gently yet effectively cleanse

for beautifully refreshed, delicately fragranced skin. Infused

with a luxurious blend of pure essential oils including

Bergamot and Jasmine, to leave the skin feeling conditioned

and beautifully soft.

Part of the Essentials Collection, the Geranium and Petitgrain

Hand & Body Wash is one of ESPA's most sustainable range

yet, offering new 400ml pouches which uses up to 60% less

plastic than a regular plastic bottle. It has a mild coconutderived

cleanser and Sugar Beet-derived moisturising extract

to leave skin feeling refreshed, soft and delicately fragranced.

Available from www.espaskincare.com



Garçon Men's Skincare Set of Mask & Moisturiser offers the

perfect luxury men’s skincare routine. Used 2-3 times per week,

the natural clay mask blended with activated charcoal plus a series

of deep cleaning essentials is designed to unclog pores, raise dirt

and oils hidden under the skins surface and detoxify your face.

The daily moisturiser is formulated individually for different skin

tones from fair to dark. Superior ingredients provide moisture &

keep skin looking healthy all day long. It's a daily morning must

ensuring you look your best.

£29 from garconskincare.com


The Fellowship

Kickstart the senses with The Fellowship’s Energising Fcae &

Body Wash. Carefully crafted using a mighty mix of essential oils,

the natural ingredients that make up this solution boast a number of

key benefits: Maca Root for balance, Aloe Vera for health, Ginger

and Black Pepper for added oomph and a blast of Green Tea to keep

the mind alert. One lather leaves skin feeling refreshed, reinvigorated

and revitalised - plus, the crisp citrus notes smell great too.

£15 from the-fellowship.co.uk


W7 Mister

The W7 Mister Hair & Body Wash is a quick and easy 2-in-1

for the hair and body. Formulated to lock-in moisture; hair and skin

will feel and stay fresh and soft throughout the day.

£3.95 from www.w7makeup.co.uk

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reverence and

gratitude are

the three pillars

missing in society.

These three words

should be stuck on

the refrigerator of

every household on

the planet


18 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

SLOAN! chats to Ian Somerhalder about his

biggest challenges, proudest moments, togetherness

& his work as an actor, director and activist

ew S

After events such as Hurricane Katrina

S and the Gulf Oil Spill you have been

quoted as "being overcome by a feeling

of helplessness". How did you go from that

feeling to creating the Ian Somerhalder


I think that we can all agree that the

I feeling of helplessness and the state

of helplessness are single-handedly

some of the worst feelings a human being

can experience. They often times change

people to their core. When you experience

helplessness as a child for instance, as you

grow into an adult you work very hard to

never put yourself in that situation or it

can have a crippling developmental effect.

When you experience it as an adult it can

thrust you into overdrive. The feeling of

helplessness I experienced watching the

Gulf oil spill galvanized my burning desire

to build a platform where voices who had

something to say but we never heard, had a


The feeling of helplessness I experienced

while watching satellite images of

Hurricane Katrina and then immediately

being there 36 hours later with my brother

going through the rubble, seeing the loss

of life and destruction was hard but was

oddly different. It was done by Mother

Nature as a result of nature. Of course, it

was amplified by warmer waters due to

a warming climate but mentally you can

categorize it as a natural event.

The Gulf oil spill was completely manmade

and due to greed, negligence and

stupidity. It cost the lives of people, ruined

the economic engine of the region and

destroyed an entire ecosystem. Watching

207,000,000 gallons of crude oil spilling

into one of the most beautiful places in the

world, my backyard, I knew that I must

start something that would help prevent

this from ever happening again. I have

never been more angry or inspired in my

life. Not to just bring awareness but action.

I don’t have a college degree. I only knew

that I could leverage entertainment value to

create quantifiable global change. That was

the genesis of the Somerhalder Foundation.

What are you most proud of achieving

with the Foundation?

Honestly, the achievements are many

I and varied. Above all, the thing I’m

most proud of is not just the action

that was taken or the strategic alliances

that were forged: but the community that

was built. I come from a small lakeside

and riverside community in Louisiana.

Community is all we know. But when you

look at it at the macro level you realize

there is only one big global community.

To think globally you must act locally.

So bringing a global looking community

together to inspire and do good is a massive

achievement and something I am incredibly

proud of.


You have a passion for animals. If you

could be any animal, which would you

choose and why?

It's such a great question. I think it

I would be a tough pick between an

eagle soaring free in the sky, giant

blue whale exploring the most beautiful

bodies of water in the universe, a majestic

wild horse roaming free on the plains and

mountains, a big cat sunning after a meal

on the African savannah or a great ape

munching on tender greens in a vast and

beautiful jungle. Why? These species are

so free. They represent so much beauty and

inspiration in our lives.


You have gone from actor to director.

What are the biggest learning curves

you experienced?

The sharpest and most hairpin learning

I curve as a director is being able to

make decisions with the ultimate use

of time management. Making a decision

and standing by that decision. As an actor

you can have so many multiple takes to

explore, but as a director you actually have

to make decisions that you know in your

heart are great. Not that just will work but

that are great, that you are inspired by, that

will elevate, that aren't time efficient, that

are cost efficient. Then, convince or convey

those thoughts to a large group of people

with vision and passion to execute one

singular vision. To rely on their expertise

together as a group.


What acting role was your most

challenging and why?

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Shooting Lost, I was a kid. I was 25 and 26 years

I old. I made a ton of mistakes which probably led

to my character being the first one killed. The

role of Damon Salvatore in the Vampire Diaries was

a literal dream. While it was an immense amount of

work, I grew more in those eight years than I’ve ever

grown as an artist and a person. It was the absolute

highlight of a career. I had a studio, a network and

an entire group of executives/writers on my team

rooting for me to do the best possible job with scenestealing

lines and fun.

Honestly the most challenging job I ever had was V

Wars. Jonathan Maberry is such a prolific and bestselling

author. The show based on the famous comic

books had such an immense opportunity for powerful

storytelling. I was starring in the show, I was

executive producer in the show and I also working as

a director and with the other directors all at the same

time. Our scripts unfortunately weren’t very strong

and when you’re in the thick of it you can’t imagine

how difficult it’s going to be to actually create a

good show with the material in front of you. Material

that you are grinding out every single day and night.

Finishing a long day of shooting within watching

the dailies (footage from the day before) till 11pm or

midnight. It was intense.

My amazing wife initially picked up and moved

the entire family to be with me but we made a

family decision that being back in California was

healthier for everyone. We were shooting in a very

small remote place in northern Ontario Canada

so to commute back-and-forth to Los Angeles on

weekends to be with my child took every ounce of

energy I had. I wanted to give 110% to my show to

make it the best it could be, and to deliver for IDW

(studio) and Netflix who had bestowed this massive

amount of responsibility and opportunity on me. I

also need to give 110% to my daughter and my wife.

My producing partner James Gibb (also my partner

in Brother’s Bond Bourbon and Immortal Rituals)

and I then spent one year (unpaid) putting the show

together in the edit room with our amazing editor

and our team. Shooting ten days of re-shoots with

only enough money for six days but we still produced

a show that was a hit. I ended up in the emergency

room connected to lots of machines as my body at

one point completely gave out. Trying to cram ten

days of shooting into six days of re-shoots, we knew

it was "Do or Die", and we made it happen.

When V Wars opened in December of 2018, we were

the number one show in 103 territories out of 140 on

Netflix. It was awesome to see that much hard work

explode around the world. I am so grateful to all

those involved and all who watched.



According to your personal opinion, what is the

best part of your work?

In my personal opinion, the best part of the work

is the people.

Acting can be a tough industry. How have you

S learned to positively handle rejection after

auditions or disappointment from a review?

What advice would you give to people who take

things too personally?

The beautiful thing about this business is it

I gives you incredibly tough skin. The hundreds

of times you were rejected for some reason or

not are plentiful, whether it was a look you didn’t

have or a performance you couldn’t deliver. It’s all

brutal but beautiful depending on how you look at

it. But you move onto the next one and you’re better

for it. The advice would be this: while it’s hard to

not take it personally – don’t take it personally. I

can tell you sitting behind the camera as a producer

or director, there are so many things that go into

getting a role that are far beyond your control. It’s not

always the best person wins the role. It simply is not.

Lots of cooks in the kitchen. But be fearless in that

audition room. Work on those scenes as if you were

walking onto that set. Make bold choices. Even if it’s

the wrong choice for that scene, as a director I can

always bring you back on track but when producers

and directors see people making bold choices with

nuance and truth, it means something. Don’t get me

wrong, don’t make a mountain out of every molehill.

Make choices that make that material feel authentic

to you and you are connected to that material in

the moment then you’ve got something. Acting is

behavioural. It’s about the doings but those are hard

to do in audition rooms. Do the extra work to make

it real. Find a connection to it. At least you can walk

out of that audition room knowing you left nothing

out on the field. If you’re not right for that role word

gets around very quickly that you are a strong actor,

fearless or nuanced performer. Remember, when you

read reviews of a performance, it’s never about what

they “said” it’s what they “did.”


You created Brother’s Bond Bourbon in 2020,

tell us about the story behind the brand?

Paul Wesley and I spent eight years on television

I together playing these incredible characters. The

amount of bourbon these characters famously

drank was so much fun. I’ve always loved bourbon -

but I am a Louisiana boy so I grew up with bourbon.

Once Paul lived in the Deep South shooting TVD he

fell in love with bourbon.

Brother’s Bond is an ode to the brotherhood and bond

we shared. We created the bourbon to help people

have experiences. But we knew we needed to major

things right out of the gate. We were in search of a

bourbon that was immediately approachable right out

of the bottle and easy to drink, yet complex enough

for a bourbon drinker to appreciate. I think that we

can all agree we need togetherness more now than at

any time in history. Brother’s Bond is a company that

can bring people together. To build a community of

those who want to bond. A community of people who

20 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

Ian Somerhalder & Paul Wesley are the founders of Brother’s Bond Bourbon (brothersbondbourbon.com)

may not have been bourbon lovers but all of a sudden

now are because our bourbon is simply delicious.


How is your bourbon connected to reversing

climate change?

I was very fortunate to be a part of and be

I an executive producer on the regenerative

agriculture documentary Kiss The Ground

on Netflix. We know scientifically regenerative

agriculture at scale can reverse climate change

by sequestering enormous amounts of carbon

dioxide and storing it safely back in the ground

where it belongs. Brother’s Bond bourbon is an

agricultural company. We aim to be the world's first

truly regenerative spirits company. You can utilize

regenerative practices up and down supply chains and

we encourage not only our partners but competitors

as well. In the bourbon world, if you make bourbon

you’re not a competitor, you’re part of the family. So

we built a give back component of our gross revenue

that we take very seriously. We believe that funding

the work of regenerative agriculture can reverse

climate change. This is our North Star as a company.

We feel with steadfast conviction that it is going to be

companies that are the scalable changemakers for a

bright and liveable future backed by consumerism.


What's the hardest thing you've had to do in your


The hardest thing I’ve ever had to do is sit and

I watch those in power - government or corporate

- systematically make choices that destroy the

world around us. It's the greatest of human follies.

Short term gains and greed. That is humanity in just

a few words. Total lack of regard for nature and all

that it gives us. It has been so difficult to watch this

go on and I think of raising my child in a world that

lacks compassion, reverence and gratitude. These

are the three pillars missing in society. They can’t

be taught. They must be shown yet they are not part

of experiential learning in schools. These words are

not but should be stuck on the refrigerator of every

household on the planet. If we showed our children

and our parents the power of being compassionate,

reverent and grateful we would only make decisions

that were best for our planet and our species. I truly

believe this with every cell in my body.


What new projects are you looking forward to

for 2022?

With all humility, I would like to build Brother’s

I Bond to be the fastest growing bourbon in the

world, so that is going to take up the lion share

of 2022 for me. I also have an incredible functional/

nutraceutical company called Immortal Ritual that

is getting off the ground. I am inking an incredibly

exciting deal with a major company for an incredible

product that will be revolutionary. I can’t wait to

share that. Then finally, the follow up movie to Kiss

The Ground - which will blow everyone’s minds -

will be ready to hit the airwaves. Really. Big. Year.



Where do you see yourself in the next five years

and what's your greatest hope?

Hopefully raising my children in a just, healthy

and thriving world. That is my greatest hope.

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A New Chapter for Lexus

SLOAN! took the reins of the all-new

NX 450h+ to get a closer look at the

Tazuna driver's cockpit concept. The

second generation mid-size luxury SUV

opens a new chapter in Lexus design.

In a perfect relationship between

rider and horse, small, precise

hand movements of the reins are

all that’s required to communicate

commands. It’s this kind of direct,

emotional connection that Lexus

has sought to achieve in the design

of the driver’s cockpit in its allnew

NX mid-size luxury SUV.


The concept has been named

Tazuna – the Japanese word for

the reins of a horse – and it is

being used for the first time in a

Lexus production car.

The aim is to help the driver

focus on the business of driving:

“hands on the wheel, eyes on the

road.” It’s a simple principle, but

many different elements have to

be brought together in harmony

to achieve it, from the driver’s

position at the wheel to the shape

and location of different controls

and the way in which important

vehicle and journey data are



Take your seat at the wheel of the

new NX and you immediately

experience what the Tazuna

concept means. The humancentred

design ties together the

door, instrument binnacle and

centre console in a unified cockpit

that gives you intuitive access

to the controls and information

with minimum movement of

hand and eye. The primary

information sources – the multiinformation

and instrument

displays, multimedia screen and

head-up display are positioned

so they can be read at a glance,

with high-definition graphics. The

number of physical switches has

been reduced and they are grouped

according to their function, with

the driving-related controls closest

at hand.

New touch-tracer switches on the

steering wheel can be customised

to operate your preferred functions

and you don’t have to look down at

the wheel to find the control you

need – when touch the switch, its

operation is shown in the head-up

or multi-information display.


The feeling of being in control

and connected with the car is also

communicated by the shape of

the driver’s seat, steering wheel,

shift lever and pedals, defined

with exacting attention to detail.

For example, the front seat side

bolsters have cut-out areas so

there’s no elbow obstruction when

operate the controls. The shape

and cross-section of the new

steering wheel have been precisely

determined by Lexus’s Takumi

craftspeople to provide the

ideal grip feel – the key point of

connection between driver and car.

The shift lever, too, is compact

and perfectly angled.


The significant package of

advanced safety and driver

assistance systems provided on

the all-new NX has helped it earn

22 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

Behind The Wheel

You wouldn't drive a car

only looking at your rear

view mirror so why live life

focused only on your past

Sloan Sheridan-Williams

a five-star rating by independent

vehicle safety test organisation

Euro NCAP which validates the

quality and effectiveness of the

latest, third generation of Lexus

Safety System+ fitted as standard

to all NX models.


Lexus has drawn on more than

15 years of hybrid technology

expertise to produce its first plugin

hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV),

the new NX 450h+.

The halo model in the new NX

range, it features a four-cylinder,

2.5-litre hybrid Atkinson cycle

engine, a 134kW front electric

motor, a 40kW rear electric motor,

a hybrid transaxle and a lithiumion

battery with 18.1kWh capacity

– one of the highest capacities in

its class.

The engine’s high output and fuel

efficiency are supported by a long,

103.4mm stroke and high 14.0:1

compression ratio, together with

Dual VVT-i electrically controlled

intelligent variable valve-timing

and D-4S direct/indirect fuel

injection with multi-hole injectors.

The full plug-in system, including

electric motors and battery,

produces a maximum 305bhp/227

kW, enabling acceleration from

0-62mph in 6.3 seconds. At

the same time, CO2 emissions

between 20 and 26g/km and fuel

economy between 256.8 and

313.9mpg are among the best in

the new NX’s class.

Thanks to its powerful battery

and superior efficiency, NX 450h+

also provides a substantially

higher EV range. At 43 to 47

miles in the combined WLTP

cycle, rising to 55 to 61 miles in

the urban cycle, this is as much

as twice the range offered by

competitors in the NX’s segment.

The new battery’s performance

also enables all-electric driving

at speeds up to 83mph. Using

Lexus’s new compact and

lightweight hybrid transaxle,

the plug-in hybrid electric

system delivers best-in-class fuel

efficiency and power.

The NX 450h+ is equipped as

standard with Lexus’s intelligent

E-Four electric all-wheel drive

system and has a 1.5-tonne

(braked) towing capacity.

Discover more about the all-new

Lexus NX at www.lexus.co.uk

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Did you know that Delamain is the only cognac house to produce only X.O and above cognacs and the only

one to produce only Grande Champagne cognacs. Charles Braastad, Managing Director of Delamain, shares 5

Top Tips on Cognac Appreciation. Read the article at www.sloanmagazine.com/delamain-cognac-appreciation

24 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

Can Art Rental Spark

Up Corporate Spaces?

Tazie Taysom

Tazie Taysom is Commercial Director at ARTIQ

and she also leads projects with clients across the

workplace, hospitality and residential sectors.

The art rental business is booming, and for good

reason. Displaying art in the workplace has wideranging

benefits, from increasing productivity and

creating important talking points, to offering the

opportunity to keep up to date with new and exciting


A leasing model allows businesses to regularly

rotate the artwork they display, while also providing

a regular income to artists. Art provides holistic

benefits to wellbeing, creativity, positivity and

continuation of cultural progress and diversity.

An art collection can tell the story of a company.

A business may choose a collection by local artists

to demonstrate their affinity with their locale, and

to bring a community closer together. Corporate

firms are increasingly focussed on their ESG

credentials, using art to strengthen their commitment

to highlighting specific issues, including collections

linked to Black History Month, or an all-women



The art industry is plagued by issues of

inaccessibility. Artists who are from disadvantaged

socio-economic backgrounds can find their career

path into art blocked completely, with unpaid

internships rife across the sector.

This means that countless talented artists end up

overlooked, undervalued, and underpaid. Diversity in

art is one of the most crucial aspects of the industry.

Amplifying voices from communities or backgrounds

who typically wouldn’t get an opportunity is crucial

in encouraging further strides towards inclusion and

equality in the industry, and here corporates can play

a crucial role.


Research has shown that after engaging with the

arts, 82% of people reported greater wellbeing. In a

world in which a split between working from home

and heading into the office has become the norm,

finding ways to entice employees back to the office

and showing how valued they are is increasingly


Changing up the look of a corporate space increases

productivity, and it also provides a boost to the mood

of employees. Studies show that when art collections

are updated, revamped or the theme diversified,

people in that space will feel more mentally


the display of artworks in corporate spaces not only

increases the sustainability of the industry, but also

allows those who are not necessarily experts to

appreciate and enjoy art’s advantages.


Society tends to undervalue culture and its benefits.

Those attitudes are beginning to shift, with

corporates coming to realise that an art collection can

be used to communicate the values they hold dear.

Whether you are a business wanting to celebrate

diversity, your local area, or your international

ambitions, art can serve as the spark that illuminates

that purpose.

ARTIQ is the one of the UK's leading art

consultancies who work on all scales and types

of commercial, public and private projects, but

primarily in art for the workplace, hotels and

hospitality environments, as well as high-end

residential. Find out more at artiq.co

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How To Say No

In A Professional


"Queen of boundaries" Michelle Elman is a

five-board accredited life coach, boundaries

expert and author best known for her

powerful campaign Scarred Not Scared.


Michelle Elman is a fiveboard

accredited life coach

and boundaries expert.

Best known for her powerful

campaign Scarred Not Scared,

Michelle has established

herself as the Queen of

boundaries, sharing her

experiences and expertise

with a combined social media

following of over 300,000.

Her Amazon chart topping

book ‘The Joy of Being

Selfish’ is about the practical

side of self-love.

The Joy of Being Selfish:

Why you need boundaries and

how to set them by Michelle

Elman is available from all

good book retailers (Welbeck,


Have the selfworth

in knowing

how you to deserve

to be treated

When it is your job, many people

feel like you can’t say no, that

you must go over and above.

The mentality is that if you over

deliver and over perform and

make yourself indispensable

then they will keep you around

because you are so vital to the

running of the company.

However, this can often backfire.

Yes, they might like you more,

who wouldn’t like someone who

will work more hours for free but

that doesn’t mean respect is in


If you will work extra hours,

work at weekends and do higher

than your paygrade, then what

is the motivation to financially

compensate you if you will

do it for free? This is why it’s

important to say no and set


Just because you are being paid,

it doesn’t mean they are allowed

access to you at all hours. For

example, let’s say you receive a

text during the weekend on your

personal number, a professional

way to boundary this would be to


“Thank you so much for your

message. This is actually my

personal number and I will get

back to you on Monday when I

am back in the office”.

I understand making the

exception on the occasional late

night but if it becomes a habit

then make sure you also have a

conversation about that. The next

time you are asked to work late,

respond with a simple:

“I’d love to do that for you and

when you have a moment it would

be great to discuss an increase in

my salary to reflect the additional

hours I have been working”.

The way people treat you is

also a non-negotiable and just

because it’s the workplace

doesn’t mean you should accept

any less treatment. And it’s not

just working hours that require

boundaries, in most workplaces

there are people who will insist

on dictating what tasks are most


What they fail to recognise is

that the priority list is according

to them and not your own needs,

especially when it seems like

there is a double standard and the

work that is overdue is largely

due to their lack of planning. Be

confident in pointing that out by


“I understand that you were

hoping for this work to be

completed by the end of the week

but as there was a delay on your

end by three days, this is not

possible. I will get it back to you

by next Wednesday”.

You are allowed to expect

professional communication in a

professional setting and therefore,

if someone raises their voice

or swears or speaks to you in

a manner you wouldn’t accept

26 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

in any other situation, then a boundary is due. Try


“Please do not speak to me like that, I am going to go

to my desk and you can come find me when you are

ready to speak to me with the respect I deserve”.

If you would like to soften it slightly, simply keeping

it shorter to just say:

"Please do not speak to me like that' or "The way you

are speaking to me is unacceptable and so I will be

walking away'.

But I would always make the reason why firm,

the other person is in the wrong and that kind of

communication should never be used in a professional

setting and therefore, it is not unprofessional to walk


We need to start questioning why we have attitudes

around work that make this acceptable in any setting.

It's about having the self-worth in knowing how you

to deserve to be treated and spoken to and money is

not a reason I would compromise that standard.

For some practical guidance, here are three templates

for sending boundary-setting messages or emails.



Thank you so much for being in touch. As there was

a delay in when I received the work, the previous

deadline is no longer feasible. I will make sure to

get the work back to you by the end of next Monday


Best wishes



Thank you for thinking of me. Unfortunately, I have

a policy against unpaid work. Please do get in touch

when budget becomes available.

Best wishes



Thank you for your email. This is actually my

personal email address. I would appreciate if

communication could be kept on my professional

email and I will respond to your request there as soon

as I am back in the office.

Best wishes


Michelle Elman began her career as a life coach when

she established Mindset For Life in 2014. Since first

establishing her ethos as a five-board accredited life

coach she has used her qualifications as a Master

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner,

Master NLP Coach, Time Line Therapy Master

Practitioner and Master Hypnotherapist, alongside her

degree in Psychology and her training in Provocative

Therapy to expand her empire. Michelle has created

successful campaigns that have captured the attention

of the masses. Her most notable campaign was called

Scarred Not Scared, which came into fruition after

she decided there was little representation for people

who had scars. After having many surgeries herself,

Michelle felt that she should share her experiences to

make people feel that they were not alone.

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Leading children’s food expert and

bestselling cookery author Annabel

Karmel MBE shares invaluable advice

for parents dealing with fussy eaters

28 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

Fussy-eating is often cited as one of parents’ main

concerns when it comes to weaning their little one.

I totally understand, I was blessed with not one but

three fussy eaters, but I came out the other side and

so will you - I promise!

I realise that it can sometimes feel like you’re the

only parent with a picky eater, but this simply isn’t

the case. In fact, around 90% of children go through

at least one lengthy phase of fussy eating.

There’s evidence that food fussiness is genetically

determined to an extent. Whether or not that’s true,

how you deal with the situation will considerably

impact eating habits now and in the future.

By only giving them foods they enjoy, you will

simply escalate fussiness and deprive your child of

the essential nutrients needed to grow and develop.

Remember, patience is key – it may take up to 10 or

15 times of trying a food before they are willing to

accept it.

Often it’s toddlers who become picky because, at

around 18 months, they start trying to assert their

growing sense of independence, and, unfortunately,

food is one of the easiest ways to do so.

But the good news is you can help to prevent picky

eating. Here are some of my top tips…


Eating habits and tastes are formed from an early

age so introduce your baby to those all-important

nutritious foods at the very start of their weaning

journey (and beyond).


Without going to unnecessary lengths, try to make

your child’s food not only taste good but look good



When your little one sees their family enjoying their

meals, it can be enough inspiration for them to give

it a go themselves.


If you’re worried that your fussy eater isn’t getting

enough nutrients then you can always sneak them in

to their food like my Hidden Veg Bolognese!


A child that is 'always hungry for snacks', could in

fact, simply be thirsty. Try offering drinks instead

of repeated snacks.


Kids are far more likely to eat something that they

have prepared themselves than something you’ve

put in front of them.


Help children understand where the food they eat

comes can be a great way to get your fussy eater

excited about food.


Establish and observe firm boundaries around

mealtimes, whether that be what time, where or how

they eat – creating a routine can work wonders!


By giving lots of praise when your little one eats

mealtimes are likely to be less stressful and more


For more information and premium weaning tips

and content, download the Annabel Karmel Digital

Weaning Course or check out the website www.



With expertise spanning 30 years,

London-born mother of three

Annabel Karmel reigns as the

UK's no. 1 children’s cookery

author, bestselling international

author, and a world-leading expert

on devising delicious, nutritious

meals for babies, children and


Annabel’s vision has always

been to ensure every child gets

the nutrients they need for their

development and long-term

health, and her unique, healthy

recipe combinations and advice

have made her a true pioneer

in her field. Supporting parents

from the very start of their baby’s

food journey, Annabel has a #1

ranked Baby and Toddler Recipe

App and leading online Digital

Weaning Course which provides

the ultimate step-by-step guide to

starting solids and raising healthy,

happy eaters.

Recognising that today’s busy

families also need super quick

and easy solutions for extra

busy days, Annabel Karmel has

expertly developed award-winning

retail food ranges for babies

and children. These delicious

cookbook-inspired meals,

spanning the fresh, frozen and

ambient for babies and children

can be discovered in supermarket

aisles all over the world.

From kitchen table to global stage,

Annabel uses her revolutionary

food expertise and experience

to campaign for better food

standards. In 2006, Annabel

received an MBE in the Queen's

Birthday Honours for her

outstanding work in the field of

child nutrition, and she is also well

recognised as a leading female

entrepreneur and ‘mumpreneur’,

with a particular interest in

supporting parent-run businesses.

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The Aster V2 is the ultimate innovative compact

fold pushchair. De signed by parents for parents to

provide a reliable, safe, and highly practical ultracompact

stroller to make life easier for parentson-the-go.

Multi-tasking parents

will love the MagicFold of

the Aster - simply at the

press of a button it folds

and unfolds itself like

magic. The Aster has

been designed as an ultralightweight


to make travelling

with baby a breeze.

It weighs in at just

6.2kg and is so

compact it can be

carried as hand

luggage on most

airlines too!

£299 at


aden + anais

The baby activity gym is suitable for babies

aged 0-12m and offers over 30 developmental

benefits to help little ones reach new milestones.

Featuring a tummy time playmat and plush pillow

to strengthen back and neck muscles (essential for

learning to crawl), the activity gym is crowned

with a Scandi-inspired sustainable birch wood arch

and three detachable toys to support fine motor

development including an elephant head with oversized

crinkly ears, zebra head with birch wood

grab and teething ring and flamingo with sensory

silky legs. In the centre, there’s a mirror to hone

cognitive skills including self-discovery.

£89.72 at www.adenandanais.co.uk


The BabyBjörn Bouncer Bliss is a

cosy place for small babies to play and

rest, giving parents a chance to take a

shower or prepare a meal. The baby’s

own movements power the natural

rocking — no batteries needed. The

bouncer is lightweight and easy to

move around; you can fold it flat, so

it is readily portable as well. We love

the shredded paper look of the new

handcrafted Landscape print which

is inspired by Mother Nature and the

mesmerising landscape of parenthood.

BabyBjörn develops the majority of its

fabrics in-house to ensure they meet the

highest standards for practicality, safety

and quality. All fabrics that come in

contact with your baby are kind to their

skin and safe to taste. They are also

machine washable and easy to clean.

£185 at www.babybjorn.co.uk

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The SnüzKot (£379) continues to be a huge

success, and it is no surprise. Its dynamic

design ensures this piece is a great investment -

growing with the family from day one. Starting

from a cot it converts into a toddler bed for up

to 4 years! And, with an additional junior bed

extension kit, it means little ones can carry on

Snüzing in the same bed until ten years of age!

To adapt the SnüzKot as your child grows,

you will need the Junior Bed Extension

Kit (£79.95), Toddler Rails (£49.95) and

the Mattress Extension Piece (£49.95). All

available from www.snuz.co.uk


The Next2Me Magic 2 features a fresh stylish design

that offers maximum comfort for both mother and

baby, and the sliding side panel makes it even easier

for parents to reach their little one during the night.

As Chicco’s most innovative side sleeping crib yet,

the Next2Me Magic 2 also includes a new rocking

mechanism that can be operated in free standing mode

by the touch of a button, and can be easily moved

thanks to the four swivelling wheels. Supplied with a

100% anti-transparent mattress cover, the Next2Me

Magic 2 is designed with zippers on the soft outer cover

to make removal and cleaning easier than ever before.

£239 at www.chicco.co.uk

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From the hands of the

midwife to home, the first

few days in a baby's life

are exciting. Through the

combination of the light

2.9 kg infant carrier and

the child seat, the 2-in-1

world-first Salia Elite brings

together all the benefits of

an infant carrier with the

safety and comfort of a fullfledged

reboarder for older


The RECARO innovation

gives parents the flexibility

to shape their daily routine

and allows the little ones to

be comfortably and safely

transported in all situations.

£499 at www.recaro-kids.uk

Ba by Es s e n ti a l s

1 3 5




1. aden + anais ‘winnie + friends’ 5-pack essentials cotton muslin squares £23.18 | 2. aden + anais ‘winnie +

friends’ 2-pack essentials cotton hooded towels £22.18 | 3. aden + anais ‘natural history’ 3-pack essentials cotton

muslin snap bibs £15.72 | 4. aden + anais ‘starry star’ 3-pack essentials cotton muslin washcloths £10.08 | 5.

Matchstick Monkey Teething Starter Set £14.99 | 6. Matchstick Monkey Bathtime Hair Rinser £9.99

1 to 4 are available from www.adenandanais.co.uk | 5 to 6 are available from www.matchstickmonkey.co.uk

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The Stokke® Sleepi Mini is the perfect first bed for your newborn baby up to 6 months. Its

distinctive oval shape provides your baby with a sense of security by creating a cosy nest-like

environment. With adjustable height positions as well as the ability to grow with your child thanks

to additional crib conversion kits, Stokke® Sleepi expands to accommodate the changing needs of

the growing child from 0 to 10 years old while maintaining a comforting familiarity. The bed creates

a small footprint in your nursery - at only 67 cm wide, it is amazingly efficient in even the smallest

of spaces. Features we love include the height adjustable mattress bottom which makes lifting baby

in and out easier; lockable swivel wheels which make it easy to move from room to room; rods and

perforated mattress bottom for maximum air circulation and the pressure resistant, hypoallergenic

PU foam mattress with removable cover

£379 from www.stokke.com

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Must-Have Toys

For Little Ones


The Vlad & Niki Firetruck with Firefighter

Niki comes with an exclusive 3” articulated

Niki figure and a water blasting Fire Truck.

This push along vehicle offers pre-schoolers

the chance to create their own makebelieve

adventures with global YouTube

phenomenon, Vlad & Niki.

£13 from

The Entertainer


Make spectacular space scenes with

over 100 Fuzzy-Felt pieces. Create

a starry scene, launch a rocket into

space and watch an astronaut walk

with this Fuzzy-Felt Space set.

£9.99 from Amazon


Young builders can set up a pretend play

DIY workstation where they can

measure, hammer, screw,

twist and drill using kidfriendly

tools made for

little hands. This durable

kids’ tools set includes a

real working power drill

with peekaboo window so

children can see the gears

in the drill turning.

£57 available at



Edx Education’s Alphabet Bean Bags are a

great way to play and learn! These bright

and colourful bean bags are the ideal

size for playing throw and catch games

with the family, improving handeye

coordination skills, whilst also

helping with letter recognition and

learning the alphabet.

£40.99 at www.shopedx.co.uk


Practising early years maths

and reading skills is fun

with the Hot Dots® Learn

at Home Reading & Maths

Sets. The range of colourful,

spiral-bound activity maths

and reading books helps

children practise and learn

independently and helps boost their confidence in

reading and writing. When your child presses the

tip of the set’s Hot Dots Light-Up Interactive Pen

to the correct dot on the simple multiple choice

questions in the books, the pen provides instant audio

feedback and lights up green for correct responses

and provides gentle redirection and lights up red

for incorrect answers. This allows children to selfcorrect

and learn independently. The sets are ideal for

learning at home or on the go and is a great way to

support and practise what children learn at school.

Each set is £35 from www.learningresources.co.uk


Bluey's Caravan Adventures Playset comes with

7 accessories including a figure of Bluey's friend

Jean Luc from the camping episode. Fold up the

roof to reveal a second storey and cosy bunk

beds. Flip out the back of the van to open the

kitchen. Have dinner at the table inside or toast

a marshmallow over the

campfire. Bluey is the

hit Australian animation

loved by kids, parents,

Hollywood stars and UK


£29.99 from


Argos, The


and major


34 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com


Aquabeads Star

Bead Station 'stick

with water' arts and

crafts bead activity

toy features template

design to inspire

kids to create a

host of fun shapes

using the star beads

which can be used

to show texture. Place the beads on to the

flip tray with the bead pen, then spray

with water to make the beads magically

stick together. The set includes 2000 star,

solid, and jewel beads in 35 colours and

everything your child needs to get their

creative juices flowing.

£29.99 at www.aquabeads.co.uk


From the Schleich x National Geographic Kids range,

exciting adventures await your kids with the Wild Life

Ranger Adventure Station which provides plenty of

inspiration for animal centred storytelling. Along with

Ranger Steve (who features moving arms and legs), the

set includes a host of detailed and authentic wild animals

including a black panther, a crocodile, two baby tortoise

and a very cute baby gorilla! Interactive functions


a rickety


bridge, a

crane which

can be

turned and

swivelled and

a burrow for

the animals to

hide in.

£49.99 from



Edx Education’s Whizzy Dizzy has

a sturdy swivelling platform for

your child to sit on as they use the

central rotating steering wheel to

spin themselves around for hours

of giggly fun and excitement!

The Whizzy Dizzy is great

for improving hand-eye

coordination and gross motor

skills, while also strengthening

core, hand and arm muscles as

children manoeuvre

the moving







The Let's Learn

to Measure

Activity Set

provides children

with a rich experience

in understanding

volume and



through a

variety of activities

and manipulatives.

The Rainbow Fraction

Measuring Cups, Nestable

Bucket Balance, and MathLink Cubes help

learn about volume, weight, length, height,

capacity and more. Use this set to help

children learn measurement, explore basic

fraction concepts and fractional equivalencies

through hands-on activities

£33 from www.learningresources.co.uk


Create and learn

with Edx Education’s

Alphabet Stampers.

The handy easy-grip

stampers are perfectly

sized for little hands

and are ideal for

teaching children

letter recognition

and formation. The

stampers can be used

in arts and crafts activities too, making learning extra

fun and creative! The set comes with a useful carry

case to help keep everything in one place.

£23.99 from www.shopedx.co.uk


Part of the Vlad & Niki toy line from Bandai

UK, the Dunebuggy with Racer Vlad is a 2-in-1

Dunebuggy racer packed with an exclusive 3”

articulated Vlad figure The push along vehicle

has fun features and a detachable mini copter.

It offers pre-schoolers the

opportunity to create their

very own make-believe

adventures with the

stars of the global



£13 from

The Entertainer

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Ask The Expert


Heather Welch, International Brand Manager at Edx Education, looks at

‘learning through play’ as a simple and fun way to enhance your child’s

development, with great advice on what to look out for when choosing

developmental toys for the 0 to 6 year-old age range.

Playtime in the early years is lots

of fun, but it’s also a fantastic

opportunity to enhance your

child’s development and help them

learn lots of valuable educational,

social and life skills!

Play encourages cognitive

growth, hones gross and fine

motor skills, is a great stress

reliever and teaches our children

how to monitor their emotional

and behavioural responses.

It encourages creative and

imaginative thinking, improves

literacy and maths skills, and is

the perfect way to introduce early

science concepts!

As parents, we can support our

child’s journey with ‘learning

through play’ toys appropriate

to their stage of development.

So, what attributes make a good

educational toy for your child’s




Sensory: Sensory play is allimportant

for infants and toddlers

as it builds nerve connections in

the brain’s pathways, enabling

them to complete more complex

learning tasks in the future, so

look for toys that stimulate the

senses of touch, sight and sound.

Sand and Water Play Trays and

our eco-friendly Tactile Shells are

great for sensory play!

Gross motor skills: Look for

toys that encourage your baby or

toddler to move around and help

develop balance and coordination.

For babies, playmobiles and

activity gyms are great for

strengthening back, stomach and

neck muscles which help with

learning to crawl and walk.

Fine motor skills: Fine motor skills

are essential for learning to write

and draw, and even for baby-led

weaning! Toys that encourage

the development of fine motor

movements are also wonderful

for helping with hand-eye

coordination. Stackable Rainbow

Pebbles are great from age 18m,

and as they grow, construction

toys such as GeoStix and Maths

Linking Cubes help train fine

motor movements.

Colour recognition: We can

start teaching our children about

colours from the age of 18m. Try

grouping Rainbow Pebbles in

colour groups and point to other

things around the home that

match. For toddlers, it can be

really fun to bring this activity

outdoors – let’s look for things that

are green, blue or red!



Imaginative Play: Imaginative play

is a great way for children to make

sense of the world around them,

and helps with social, emotional

and language development.

Children learn to negotiate,

problem-solve and develop

confidence in being independent

through imaginative play. One

of the best aspects of imaginative

play is that children can create a

world simply from things around

the home. They can have fun

dressing up in mum or dad’s

clothes, create a ‘shop’ from items

in the kitchen cupboards, recreate

a school environment with teddies

or dolls, or even make a ‘fort’ from

cushions off the sofa!

Creative Play: Creative play is

wonderful on so many levels. It’s

perfect for honing fine motor

skills but also helps with lateral

thinking and problem solving,

imagination and creativity, and can

even be great for communication

as children discuss their thought

processes while creating their

masterpieces! Children can

get creative with construction

toys such as GeoStix, FunPlay

Construction Cubes and Pattern

Blocks (which are also great for

learning maths too!), or with art

materials such as paint, coloured

pencils and crayons, plasticine or


Literacy: Once children are able

to read a whole new world of

understanding opens up for them,

so choose toys that will help with

letter recognition and formation,

along with stocking up with lots

of fun and colourful books too,

of course! The GeoStix Letter

Construction Set is a fun way

to teach letter construction, or

try creating words with Letter

Stampers or Transparent Letters.

Active Play: Active play is great

for developing gross motor skills

and hand/eye coordination,

keeping fit and healthy, relieving

stress and tension, developing

social skills and so much more!

We can build obstacle courses in

the home or garden using Step-A-

Stones or by simply using items

from around the house. Perhaps

you can take the fun outdoors and

have relay races using beanbags,

play ball games, hopscotch or take

your bikes down to the local park?!

36 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com


Your Child's


Early Maths: Developing an early

love for maths has a lasting effect

on our future relationship with the

subject, so why not help your child

get ahead at school with ‘learning

through play’ maths toys? For

children aged 3-4 years, you can

start with simple subtraction

and addition, or patterning and

sequencing activities using

colourful Aquatic, Bug, Monster,

Dinosaur or Vegetable Counters.

The FunPlay ranges are another

great way to make maths learning

fun and engaging, with seven

different sets to choose from there

are hours of activities to keep

young minds engaged.



Science Concepts: Now is a great

time to get children excited about

science! There are so many

fantastic science-based educational

toys to choose from, so follow

your child’s interests as a starting

point when buying toys. Do they

like to learn about nature? Are

they interested in dinosaurs or

space, perhaps? You can bring

science learning into everyday

life, whether creating meals in the

kitchen, playing in the garden or

visiting the park, there are great

examples of physics, chemistry

and biology happening around us

all time!

Moving on in Maths: As our

child’s confidence grows in maths

basics, we can start to introduce

more complicated concepts such

as geometry, measurement and

fractions into home learning. The

Early Math101 To Go ranges start

at ages 3-4, up to ages 4-5 and 5-6

years, and include lots of handson

activities to bring maths alive.

They have been designed in line

with the National Curriculum,

so are a perfect tool to bring

classroom learning into the home.

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Interstellar Twinning

Inspired by the sparkling clear skies

of Cornwall, Frugi has captured the

imagination of the night's sky by bringing

all the colour and wonder back down to

earth in a fun cosmic Interstellar print.

We love the kids Mylor Striped Top (from

£20) which is ideal for twinning with

the women's Cordelia Boxy Top (£39) so

mums and their little ones can reach for

the stars in matching loungewear.

Available from www.welovefrugi.com

Keep Little Ones Cosy

MORI’s Originals Sweatshirt

& Joggers Outfit is made from

the softest organic cotton, in

a choice of teal, sage, dusky

pink or navy. The perfect outfit for

crawlers and explorers, the joggers

have an elasticated waistband for

comfort and the sweatshirt features

a printed slogan "I'm Kind to our

Planet" on the back.

Available from £37 in ages 3-6m to

5-6y from babymori.com

Sock It To Me

Bombas Youth Crew Socks claim to be the most

comfortable socks in the history of feet! We

couldn't agree more as this pack of eight pairs is

made from the softest, most durable cotton and

they link the toe seam with a special knit stitch

to get rid of that annoying bump across the top.

£44.20 from bombas.co.uk

Music To Our Ears

Featuring a colourful guitar appliqué

on the front, the good vibes and

positive energy of this Frugi Avery

Appliqué Top will sing through to

your kid's amazing adventures. The

warm and cosy organic cotton has

a super soft peached finish, and the

stretchy rib neckband creates an

extra comfortable fit.

From £20 at www.welovefrugi.com

Z is for Zebra

These Mini V by Very

unisex zebra long

sleeve snuggle fit PJs

come in a great value

pack of three matching

two-piece sets to suit

every mood from sunny

yellowto chilled grey.

From £25 at


Perfect for Dapper Little Chaps

This Le Colonel 100% cotton plain burgundy bow tie will soon

become a wardrobe essential for your little dapper chap. The rich

shade of burgundy goes well with white or pastel short-collar shirts

and is adjustable for kids from 2 to 8 years old. It is the perfect

accessory for a young page boy or ring bearer.

£20 from www.lecolonel.com

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Charting New Heights

This fun Go Wild Personalised Height Chart

makes the perfect decoration for your child's

bedroom or playroom! Watch your little one

grow and grow with the colourful wildlife

design. An elephant, zebra, snake, and giraffe

all feature on this safari height chart. With

cute artwork and soft shades of blue and

green, this colourful accessory makes it fun

for children to track their height. The Height

Chart measures 30 x 100 cm and the ruler

spans from 60 cm to 150 cm. It is printed onto

350gsm satin with a glossy laminated finish.

£22 at www.dottyaboutpaper.co.uk

Celebrity Favourite

Rowan & Me - a firm favourite with celebs including

Stacey Solomon and Mrs Hinch - have gone back to

nature for inspiration in their spring collection. We

love the Camp Out design - perfect for your little

explorer. All Rowan & Me clothing is manufactured

in the UK using organic

cotton for ages 0-3m to

5-6 years.

The new leggings are

£16 and vinyl design

jumpers are £15

available from


Camo Style

These Mini V by Very

boys 4-pack short

sleeve camo injected

t-shirts come in four

different designs

and are a great value

option for little boys

with big ideas.

From £14 at


Tiny and Very Hungry

We love the new cosy The Very

Hungry Caterpillar Reversible

Hoodie (£24) and Joggers (£15),

exclusive to JoJo Maman Bébé.

The fabulous hoodie features

2 looks in 1 so children can

choose to wear the navy

side with 'tiny and VERY hungry'

lettering and a caterpillar appliqué, or

the multi-coloured striped side. The

joggers feature colourful caterpillar

appliques on each knee, in the

original illustration from the

bestselling book, and a big red

apple applique on the bum.

Available exclusively from


Cowabunga Cosy

This navy Hoodie features a hood with

the signature Blade & Rose Highland

Cow face with perky ears and horns.

The hoodie has a single zip front and

is perfect for layering during cooler

weather. The super cosy red fleece lined

hood and ribbed cuffs and hem will keep

little ones warm as they moo-ve about!

£25 from bladeandrose.co.uk

Dive Into Bed

We love these Frugi Port

Isaac Pyjamas, made from

soft organic cotton featuring

the new Soft White What

Lies Below all over print.

These super-duper comfy

PJs have stretchy cuffs to

help keep out the cold and

a printed back neck label to

prevent irritation.

From £26 from


Colour Changing Quirky Coats

The brand new colour changing raincoats from Blade & Rose are available in

a full range of unmistakable designs including our favourite Highland Cow.

The cows and tractors on the raincoat change colour as the coat goes from dry

to wet and back again. The outer layer is made from 100% recycled polyester.

Elasticated cuffs keep little ones warm and the elasticated hood will stay put

whatever the weather. There are also reflective strips on both arms for safety.

£40 from bladeandrose.co.uk

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Mother’s Day Gifts


Heart To Heart

Perfect for Mother's Day and

impossible to resist, the new

SIMSANTÉ chocolate heart slabs are

filled with organic guilt free chocolate

infused with antioxidant and protein

rich nuts and seeds, ancient grains

and more. Each box comes with your

choice of 2 flavours and a wooden


£19.95 at www.simsante.co.uk

Proud As A Peacock

This stunning new Laura Ashley

sleepwear collection has been

designed using well-loved archive

prints and features a garment for

every sleep style from button-through

pyjamas & robes to nightdresses and

even a beautiful quilted jacket.

We love this PJ set in a beautiful

peacock damask print. The elegant

peacock design is inspired by

an archival 1970s Laura Ashley

wallpaper print and makes for a

luxurious statement cotton two-piece

that is perfect for lounging at home in

on Mother's Day and beyond.

The sleepwear collection starts from

£28 and is available at lauraashley.com

SLOAN! selects our top eight

unmissable gifts

guaranteed to make your mother's day

on Mother's Day!

Make Her Handwriting A Joy

The Bees Knees

These Dotty About Paper bee-themed

notebooks share a cute bee pattern

with pretty pink and yellow colours.

The covers read 'bee-lieve & achieve'

and 'bee-rilliant ideas', two quirky

quotes to keep Mummy motivated!

The 48 pages of ruled paper provide

plenty of room for lists of fun things

to do with the little ones.

£6 at www.dottyaboutpaper.co.uk

The Parker Sonnet fountain pen has an ageless appearance, with

an elegant profile and tasteful decoration forming a figure of

unassuming beauty. This combination of red lacquer with 23k gold

plate is a popular romantic gift, and it's also favoured by anyone

who prefers splash of colour in their stationery drawer. Featuring

a contoured, high-gloss grip for superb comfort and control, this

delightful Parker Pen makes handwriting a joy.

£94 at www.penheaven.co.uk

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From Head To Toe

Your mother will love nurturing and nourishing her mind

and body with the Head-to-Toe Selfcare Ritual from

Olverum. She can gently buff her body with the Body

Polish which will leave skin smooth and glowing. Then to

truly nourish the skin, the ritual continues with one of the

Olverum Body Oils. Select the right oil to suit her skin

and needs. Then to finish the ritual, end with Olverum

Facial Oil, which restores vitality to both skin and spirit.

£115.60 at Space NK

Build Up Her Mussels

Mother's Day

Gift Guide

Culinary Concepts Silver Plated Mussel Eaters,

available in pairs from Farrar & Tanner, will make

a stylish accompaniment for your mother's dinner

parties. These silver plated pincers, fashioned into

the style of a mussel shell, allow quick and easy

removable of mussels from their shell. A luxury

accessory for mums who enjoy seafood, they are

packaged in a gift box so your work's half done.

£39 per pair at www.farrar-tanner.co.uk

Stuck for the perfect gift for

Mum? We've got you covered!

More Than Just Coffee

The TASSIMO MY WAY 2 Coffee Machine is a

perfect coffee pod machine for mums, designed

by Bosch. Thanks to the integrated BRITA

water filter, mum will have the best tasting

coffee shop quality coffee every time. This

TASSIMO machine offers more than just coffee.

Mum can use her favourite TASSIMO pods to

create any hot drink she likes.

£139.99 from www.tassimo.com/gb.

Macaron Moments

The Petrossian Macarons Box contains an exclusive

selection of 12 sweet macarons handmade in

Suffolk using only the finest ingredients. The Italian

meringue shells are made with free range eggs, all

flavours are natural and they are gluten and alcohol

free. Flavours include salted caramel, lemon, vanilla,

raspberry, pistachio, passion fruit chocolate, fresh

mint, orange chocolate, blackcurrant, hazelnut, pecan

& cinnamon and milk chocolate.

£32 from www.petrossian.co.uk

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This visually arresting

luxury reed diffuser brings

a beautiful scent of fresh fig

into your home, as well as

a modern finishing touch

thanks to its tall bottle and

even taller reeds. It's chic

presentation box also makes

it the perfect gift to those

who appreciate both style

and substance.

£85 available from


Home Fragrance


From fruity fragrances to innovative volcanic pot pourri, SLOAN!

selects reed diffusers & aroma diffusers to scent your home


This Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

creates just the right mood using

colour, light & fragrance.

£29.99 from yankeecandle.co.uk


This Rose Botanica Reed

Diffuser boasts a comforting,

fresh and floral fragrance to

scent your home. £28 from



This Timeless Blossom Diffuser

is a celebration of florals that lasts

for up to 12 weeks.

£16 from lauraashley.com

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We love this Volcanic Pot Pourri

of black lava stones topped with a

mahogany Obsidian stone heart.

£40 from boostology.co.uk


Sweet Orange Room Diffuser

fragrance revives and refreshes

your home and your mind.

£42.50 from www.chilcottuk.com


This Mandarin and Sicilian

Bergamot Reed Diffuser combines

sweet citrus with floral notes for a

fresh and uplifting scent.

£60 from www.abahna.co.uk

"Fragrance evokes so much more than just a smell. It

can take us back years to a favourite moment in time."

Sloan Sheridan-Williams


This Bergamot & Musk Reed

Diffuser offers both sustainable

design and lasting quality.

£40 from bulan-uk.com


This water-free portable

aromatherapy diffuser is the easy

way to scent a room for 8 hours.

£34.99 www.rosebudsaroma.co.uk


The Black Cherry Reed Diffuser has

a fresh fruity scent that fills the room

with juicy fragrance.

£21.99 from www.yankeecandle.co.uk

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The Pinterest Trends That Could

Add Value To Your Home

Chris Dance, Director and Head Designer at InHouse Inspired

Room Design, discusses five key interior design trends of 2022

According to The Advisory, a little interior

redecoration can add anywhere from 5–10% to your

house's value. And, if you focus on injecting the latest

trends into your renovation, you can be confident

that your place will attract the attention of potential


But what trends should you focus on in 2022?

Pinterest Predicts is always a great place to start.

This annual report uses real search data from the

social media site to predict the trends that are set to

be big in the coming year. In fact, 8 out of 10 of last

year's predictions came true, so the report is certainly

a great place to look when it's time to refresh your


However, it's important to note that incorporating

trends into your home may not always be for the

better. Trends come and go, and the décor you use

might not appeal to everyone.

Here are some of the best Pinterest interiors trends

that could boost the value of your home.



Outdoor space has become incredibly

important to house buyers over the last few

years. 64% of UK residents say that they wouldn't

buy a home without outside space, according to The

Rated People Home Improvement Trends Report

2021, and having a back garden can increase your

home's value by 5% or more. But, if you don't have

any outdoor space, it's not all bad news. 2022 will

see the rise of biophilic design, in which houseplants

will become a key part of the home rather than

simply accessories. Pinterest searches for 'biophilic

architecture' rose by 150% from October 2019 to

September 2021 and homeowners continue to hunt

for a way to add even more greenery to their spaces.

Plant walls, hanging gardens, staircase gardens,

and even floral ceilings are set to be an important

addition to the home this year. Natural light and

ventilation are also a major part of biophilic design,

so consider adding bigger windows or French

windows to your home to blur the boundary between

your indoor and outdoor spaces — a choice that could

add around £4,654 to your property value.



It's no secret that adding more space onto

your home can help boost its value — as

much as 10% according to The Advisory. But the key

to getting this right is how you use the space. Adding

an extra room isn't going to make much difference

if it would be rendered useless. However, creating

more functional space can send your property value

rocketing, and in 2022, people are looking for more

space to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily

life - a trend Pinterest are calling 'emotional escape


Consider transforming a spare room into a craft

room, music room, or home library. If you don't have

a spare room in your home, you could build a garden

room instead. These popular options provide a little

corner surrounded by nature to get away from it all,

so it's no wonder they can add anywhere from 5–15%

to the value of your home.



Functional spaces are certainly something

that house hunters are after in 2022, but

they're also looking for an extra dose of style - so

make room for limitless luxe.

While luxury has long been focused on the kitchen

and bathroom, this year moves it one step further.

Giving traditionally function-focused spaces a touch

of glamour can help make your home a little more

marketable. After all, we all deserve a little treat

after the past couple of years, so give those forgotten

corners of your home a makeover.

Pinterest searches for 'luxury laundry room ideas'

saw 11 times more searches from October 2019 to

September 2021. Similarly, searches for 'luxury

garage interior' saw five times more searches in

the same period. So, consider adding new flooring

and lighting in your garage to transform it into a

glamorous extension of your home.

Alternatively, you could incorporate fitted cabinetry

in your utility room to add some much-needed

storage space. These can be made bespoke to fit

your home and your needs, with plenty of innovative

solutions designed to make the everyday a little more

luxurious. Built-in laundry slots, slide-out recycling

bins, and even an under-cabinet home for your robot

vacuum are all options that can transform this space

from functional to stylish.



While minimalistic straight lines have been

a hallmark of modern design over the past

couple of decades, 2022 will see curved furniture

44 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com


making a comeback, in a trend Pinterest is calling

'curve appeal'. Rounded shapes have the ability to

comfort, so it's no surprise we're turning to this trend

to make us feel safe and cosy.

One style that interior designers are particularly

loving right now is the return of mid-century modern

- a classic look that incorporates sleek furniture

pieces with clean, rounded shapes. Decorate your

house in this style and you could see an average of

£238,539 added onto the property's value.

Use rounded tables, spherical light fixtures, and

arched mirrors to instantly upgrade your home into

an on-trend haven. If you're thinking of a bigger

project, then curved kitchen islands, rounded walls,

and archways can add the wow factor. In fact,

Pinterest searches for 'curved kitchen island ideas'

increased threefold from October 2019 to September

2021, while 'curved walls interior' quadrupled.

Although such structural changes will take more

work, it could definitely be worth the investment.



We're a nation of pet lovers, so it's no

wonder we're choosing to make our homes

as comfortable for our furry, feathered, or finned

friends as they are for us. Demand for pet-friendly

homes increased by a whopping 120% from July

2020 to July 2021, putting them top of the list of

requirements above a balcony, parking, and garden.

This demand for a cosy space for our pets isn't

slowing down either. In 2022, people want to see

a place for their pampered pets built into the home

itself. Phrases like 'catify your home' saw four

times more Pinterest searches from October 2019 to

September 2021, while interest in the phrase 'luxury

dog room' was up 115% in a trend Pinterest has

named 'barkitecture'.

These additions are quite simple to add too.

Cushioned windowsills can create a comfortable

space for your furry friends to relax and enjoy the

view, while clever shelving can be transformed into

a bespoke cat climbing wall. If you're remodelling

your kitchen, consider leaving space for a dog bed

under the counter so they can gather with the family

at mealtimes. Some people have even built their pets

their own luxury bedroom under the stairs!

A few little home improvements could make all the

difference when it comes time to sell your home and

knowing just what buyers are looking for is vital. But

the key to making these improvements is to consider

how it will work for you as well as potential buyers

– you will be living in your home after all. If you're

not completely sure how to incorporate these ideas

into your home in a practical way, be sure to speak to

an architect or designer, who will work with you to

create the best solution for your needs.

InHouse Inspired Room Design are a leading

kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom supplier stocking

the best German luxury kitchens, bathrooms,

and Italian bedroom furniture. Find out more at


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Offering dependable

cleaning solutions,

like 3D Zone Wash

technology, you can

count on Hotpoint to

remove stubborn food

You Will Never Need To

Wash By Hand Again

Hotpoint dishwashers are designed to quietly remove stubborn baked-on food for squ

Streamline your kitchen’s décor

and never have to wash up by hand

again with the Hotpoint HIC 3C33

CWE Integrated Dishwasher.

Providing more power with precise

control over cleaning performance,

it’s advanced motor operating

at just 46dBa means that you’ll

barely notice the all hard work

its doing behind the scenes to get

your dishes sparkling clean.


Thanks to Hotpoint's exceptional

3D Zone Wash Technology, you

can choose between 40% extra

energy efficiency or 40% more

washing power, dedicated to your

choice of internal baskets for

maximum cleaning on stubborn,

baked-on food.


One of the main features we

love include the 14 place setting

capacity created by a flexible

storage system, including a

Vertical Zone that lets you secure

pans vertically to free up space in

the lower basket. We've never seen

that before!


There are 7 wash programs to

tackle every possible dishwashing

scenario from Eco - the most

efficient programme in terms of

its combined energy and water

consumption - to Soak - to refresh

crockery planned to be washed

later. The Intensive program is

perfect for heavily soiled dishes

and pans with burnt food residuals.


Another great feature is the rapid

30-minute wash cycle, which is

ideal for for half load of lightlysoiled

dishes with no dried food



The upper rack is fitted with a

removable sliding tray which can

be used to hold small bits like first

cutlery for toddlers or soy sauce

dipping bowls essential for sushi.


The Inverter Motor guarantees

low level noise on every cycle,

while being eco-friendly. Thanks

to its capacity to vary the spinning

speed, the innovative Inverter

Motor can properly calibrate

water pressure and, therefore,

cleaning force, in combination

with an optimised electronic

control at all times. The magnets

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eaky clean dishes

allow a precise control of sprayers,

directing the water with the right

pressure, in the right spot and at

the right time.


The tough, long lasting stainless

steel interior and the 3-stage water

filtration gives you effective,

hygienic cleaning power that

keeps bacteria at bay but if you're

looking for an extra level of clean,

look no further than the amazing

Sanitizing Program. Using a

special cleaning solution while the

machine’s empty, the cavity’s kept

in tip-top condition.


With so many all-in-one detergent

tablets on the market these days

from the top-of-the-range Finish

Powerball Quantum Ultimate

All In One Dishwasher Tablets

to supermarket own brand allin-one

dishwasher tablets, the

indispensible Tablet button on

the controls of the Hotpoint HIC

3C33 CWE Integrated Dishwasher

guarantees maximum efficiency

by adjusting the program so that

the best washing and drying

results are always achieved.


This function allows you to delay

the start of the washing program

by up to 24 hours, allowing you to

run the dishwasher at any time of

the day, even when you're out.


The ActiveDry System

automatically opens the

dishwasher door at the end of the

washing cycle to deliver better

drying performance and improved

energy efficiency. So dishes and

glasses will be nice and dry when

you put them away.

The Hotpoint HIC 3C33 CWE

UK Integrated Dishwasher is £430

from www.hotpoint.co.uk

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NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto®

The ultra-compact NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® Genio

S Touch by De'Longhi coffee machine is designed with

intensive coffee boost technology, adjustable temperature

control and adjustable size option so you can customize

your coffee to your personal preference. The simple user

interface interaction lets you adjust your settings based on

your desired outcome. Using the range of hermetically sealed

pods, you can create over 50 professional quality beverages

with a simple touch of a button. The adjustable drink size

option gives an even bigger drink for coffee on the go.

£109.99 from Amazon and £119 from Currys


Save food, time and money with the FRESH & SAVE 7-piece vacuum

starter set - it's a game changer for the modern kitchen. Food stays fresh

up to five times longer compared to conventional non-vacuum storage

methods. Perfect for food storage, batch cooking prep, marinating meat,

sous vide cooking and slow cooker dump bags. The QR code on the

vacuum containers and bags allows for easy food shelf life tracking via

the ZWILLING Culinary World App.

£89.95 from www.zwilling.com/uk




From the Latest Appliances to

Everyday Essentials for the Home


The ProCook Contemporary Spice Rack (£62) is a free-standing stand containing 20

ready-filled jars of herbs and spices that will meet all your culinary needs and more.

Thanks to the named lids, you can quickly find the ones you're looking for despite

their uniform appearance. The practical, space-saving design includes a carry handle

and is covered by a 1 year guarantee.

The versatile ProCook Cast Iron Square Griddle (£34) is suitable for cooking in the

kitchen and outdoors on the barbecue with a ridged interior that will leave your meat

and veggies looking as good as they will taste. The enamelled coating leaves your

griddle rust free and makes prep and clean up easy. The griddle is suitable for all

hobs including induction and solid fuel. It is also oven safe to 260°C and is covered

by a generous 25 year guarantee.

Both are available from www.procook.co.uk


This soft Rubber Draining Board Mat has a non-slip, non-scratch

simple-but-clever design which helps your washing up to dry quicker

and stops water from accumulating on your sink side thus avoiding

water marks. Use it underneath dish draining racks to avoid damage to

kitchen surfaces.

£16.99 from www.cookserveenjoy.com

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Since 1955, KitchenAid have

championed the power of colour to

fuel creativity. The 2022 Colour

of the Year is Beetroot - a lush

magenta with a luxurious satin

finish. This latest addition to the

KitchenAid family reflects the

vibrancy found in making the

most of everyday moments, and

puts an unexpected twist on the

familiar, sparking creativity in the


The Artisan Tilt-Head 4.8L Stand

Mixer in Beetroot comes with

a stainless-steel bowl, though

there’s also a wide selection of

options from ceramic designs to

quilted or hammered effect bowls

available. Standard accessories

include a flex edge beater, dough

hook, wire whisk, pastry beater

and extra 3L stainless-steel bowl.

£599 from kitchenaid.co.uk


The new Latticia® OT (One Touch) automatic

bean to cup coffee machine creates top-tier

barista style drinks from the comfort of your

own kitchen.

Thanks to its double foaming function, the new

technology (otherwise known as the LATTE

perfection System) enables higher temperatures

to get that milk well and truly foamed - complete

with a fine-pored froth! What’s more, by clicking

on the One Touch button you can choose from a

Café Crème, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato and

Milk froth with just one (simple) touch – not to

mention the super silent grinder which grinds the

coffee extra quietly. The coffee strength and grind

can also be adjusted to suit individual tastes.

This must have electrical kitchen appliance

also features an XL water tank (1.5L) and bean

container (250g) which has been specially

created ‘extra-large’ to enable coffee enjoyment

in the smallest of spaces. The practical

Double Cup mode is a real time-saver too as

it allows preparation of two identical drinks


£549 from www.melitta.co.uk

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Travel Off The

Beaten Track

Lee Thompson, co-founder of solo travel

adventure company Flash Pack, shares seven

off-the-beaten-track experiences for your next

adventure. Which will you choose?



Visit the beautiful town of

Medellín, enriched in history

with a troubled past, but now

considered one of most innovative

cities in the world. Head to

Comuna 13, a hillside favela

known for its vivid street murals

and electric stairs or share a

cooking lesson and lunch with

women from Las Barracas, a local

community project that empowers

single mums and domestic

violence survivors.

Available from £2020


Hike into Petra via a secret 15km

trail undiscovered by many. As

you climb a steep stairway over

the rocky terrain, you'll be the

only person in view. On this

challenging path with huge drops

and endless ruins, you’ll no doubt

feel like Indiana Jones. Explore

the labyrinth of caves, temples,

and tombs chiselled out of dustypink

cliffs to experience the

beauty of Jordan.

Available from £1920



A unique way to explore Finland

is to visit a private aurora island

on the Arctic circle which can be

your nightly base as you discover

the magic of Lapland. Learn how

to drill and cut a hole into the ice

around you and prepare for the

ultimate invigorating wellness

experience as you immerse

yourself in water so cold it will

take your breath away.

Available from £2145



Travel to Khao Sok National Park

and spend the night in a floating

raft house on Khao Sok Lake -

truly an otherworldly experience.

50 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

Then wake up to views of

limestone cliffs mirrored in the

stillness of the lake, with majestic

caves and waterfalls nearby to be

explored by private boat or kayak.

Available from £2100



Experience the ancient healing

practice of sand bathing in the

sunny climes of the Sahara desert.

Completely covered to the neck

in hot sand, the ancient healing

Berber treatment helps ease

muscle and joint aches, working as

a natural sauna to remove toxins

from the body. You can spend

anywhere from ten to 30 minutes

lying in the desert heat!

Available from £2420


Visit the Tirta Empul Temple

in Ubud which dates back to

926 AD, famed for its holy

spring water source. It is here

that Balinese Hindus come for

ritual purification, and one you’ll

have the chance to partake in

immersing yourself in the bathing

waters. Why not join a private

meditation session with a local

Hindu worshipper in a beautiful

secluded garden? A spiritual

experience not to be missed!

Available from £2420



Witness the extraordinary

spectacle of the world-famous

wildebeest migration across the

Serengeti plains, all from an

exclusive ring-side seat to the

action in a converted Land Rover,

off the tourist trail. Nothing beats

the excitement of seeing these

beautiful white-bearded herds

tearing across golden grasslands,

the sound of thousands of hooves

echoing in the air.

Available from £4220


Spend the evening with an expert

naturalist in the Costa Rican

rainforest, taking a night hike

to spot nocturnal wildlife and

rainforest frogs, whilst learning

about all the weird and wonderful

night creatures in their natural

habitat. As part of a resident local

family’s regeneration project to

protect the indigenous wildlife

and plant life, you can enjoy a

traditional meal cooked by the

family for a real taste of local life.

Available from £2520

Discover these adventures and

more at www.flashback.com

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Active Affluent

Here's some of the best outdoor kit

for father & son dad-ventures from the

urban streets to the mountain slopes

Get Mountain Ready

Using 100% recycled GORE-TEX

PACLITE® PLUS technology,

the Montane Pac Plus XT

Jacket balances low weight and

packability whilst still being

rich in mountain features such

as a helmet hood, 3 pockets

and pit zips which can be used

for venting when working hard

climbing or mountain walking.

£250 from montane.com

Peel Back The Layers

The best selling Montane Protium Fleece Hoodie is a great layering

piece, which is lightweight, manages moisture and regulates heat. With

a brushed grid back construction, the THERMO GRID fleece manages

moisture and regulates heat effectively during high-output activities,

making the Protium Hoodie an excellent layering piece in colder

seasons as well as being effective as an outer layer in warmer weather.

£70 from montane.com

Whatever The Weather

Keela's Youth Munro is based on their

award winning Munro Jacket. It uses

the same System Dual Protection

technology for which Keela has had

great recognition. The principle of the

System Dual Protection is to reduce

internal condensation, it does this

by drawing the moisture away from

the body with hydrophilic laminates.

Available in sizes from 7-8Y to 15-16Y.

From £111.96 to £139.95 available from


Machu Man

The Keela Machu Trousers

are the ideal trekking trousers

with added insect shield

repellent to protect you from

bugs. They also offer UPF

protection and the quick dry

feature means these trousers

are great for travelling.

£59.95 at


An Outdoor Essential

The Men’s Micro Pulse top from Keela is

lightweight for use in warmer conditions

but also has excellent thermal properties

for colder climates making it perfect for

use during a variety of activities.

£29.95 from keelaoutdoors.com

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Eco-Friendly Sleeping

The Vango Microlite 300 omega shaped

sleeping bag within the Earth Collection

is made from recycled Polair® Active Eco

lining and shell Fabric. It's designed using

a combination of advanced technologies to

keep you insulated whatever the conditions

for the ultimate sleep. Made for year-round

explorers looking for an ultra small pack size

and weight, yet needing high thermal capacity

from their bag. Look out for its 4T Eco

Synthetic insulation, Tri-lateral Construction

and Thermal Embrace which combine for the

ultimate eco-friendly trekking pack.

£73 from vango.co.uk

Fresh New Look

Isbjörn of Sweden continues

its close relationship with

PrimaLoft during the

cooler months, with a fresh

new look for its popular

bluesign® approved Frost

Jacket, with 80% PCR

recycled PrimaLoft® Black

Eco Insulation.

£80 available from


Shift Your Focus

Engineered to enable athletes of all levels to exceed

every expectation, Polar Vantage V2 Shift Edition

is a powerful convergence of minimalist design

and innovative technology - built on decades

of scientific research to create one of the most

formidable sports watches we've seen yet.

£489 from www.polar.com

Take A Tripp To Your Next Dad-venture

Craghoppers Men's Tripp Hooded Jacket is designed for the

active outdoors and dads on the move. The softshell jacket

offers outstanding protection from wind, showers and cooling

temperatures. Featuring Craghoppers’ agile fabric technology

with stretch AquaDry Membrane softshell construction, EcoShield

DWR finish and insulating honeycomb fleece back to create a

protective barrier that won’t impede movement or slow you down.

Approximately 50 bottles were recycled to make this product.

£85 from www.craghoppers.com

Keeps Ice Frozen For Days

Engineered from a single piece of rotomolded polyethylene, Dometic’s

robust Patrol icebox body and lids are all made to last. Designed for

a long life of dad-ventures with no limits, the icebox keeps ice frozen

for days making fresh food and cold drinks available in all conditions.

A set of removable stickers allows you to personalize the box. Features

we love include thick PU insulated walls, full-length hinge pin, leak

proof drain, deep-freeze lid seal and one-handed rubber latch opening

The Patrol 35 icebox is £255 from www.dometic.com

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London Life



This five-star hotel honours Sir Winston Churchill with bespoke design details and refined décor

Tucked behind Hyde Park and Oxford Street in the heart of

London’s West End, Hyatt Regency London - The Churchill

offers a sophisticated stay steeped in authentic British charm

54 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

Hyatt Regency London – The Churchill is

conveniently located in upmarket Marylebone right in

the heart of London’s West End, featuring views over

the charming gardens of Portman Square.

Tucked behind Hyde Park and Oxford Street, the

luxury 5-star hotel honours Sir Winston Churchill

with bespoke design details and refined décor that

give a subtle nod to his life and legacy.

With 440 sophisticated guestrooms, including 50

suites, plus 12 distinctive meeting spaces, the hotel

offers a full range of services tailored to serve the

needs of business and leisure travellers alike.

The King Bed with Garden View guestroom provides

lovely views of the leafy gardens of Portman Square

in Marylebone amid 25 to 27 sqm of space.

The comfortable guestroom features a king bed,

reading chair, work desk, and modern bathroom.

With iconic London views, guests staying in Regency

Club rooms and suites can enjoy exclusive benefits

and personalized service in the Regency Club Lounge

dedicated to business travellers and families. The

Regency Club Lounge offers all-day complimentary

snacks and refreshments, shower facility and meeting

room access with the Regency Club breakfast is

served in The Montagu Kitchen.

The Montagu Kitchen is ideally situated overlooking

Portman Square just a short walk from Oxford

Street and Marble arch, tucked away in upmarket

Marylebone. The restaurant is led by Executive Chef

Roger Olsson and celebrates modern British cuisine.

The menu tells a story filled with familiar favourites

cooked with precision and personality, offering an

exciting and elevated dining experience.

Inspired by Sir Winston Churchill and his wife

Clementine, The Churchill Bar & Terrace mixologists

serve award-winning cocktails and delicious dining in

a glamorous setting tucked behind Oxford Street.

Choose from craft cocktails, premium spirits, fine

wines and a selection of cigars from the UK’s leading

Cuban cigar importer Hunters & Frankau, as well as

bar snacks and light bites. Outside, dine alfresco on

the year-round heated terrace.

Guests can stay dedicated to their routine in the 24-

hour Fitness Centre with state of the art equipment.

From treadmills, bikes, cross-trainers to free weights

– the Fitness Centre provides everything to suit

the needs of the fitness conscious guest looking to

contribute towards their well-being. For those who

love tennis, guests can enjoy exclusive access to

Portman Square Garden tennis court.

Hyatt Regency London – The Churchill

30 Portman Square, London W1H 7BH

+44 0 20 7486 5800


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Cocktail Hour


Mix 50ml The Butterfly Cannon Blue Tequila,

25ml Orange Liqueur and 25ml fresh squeezed

lime juice. Add a splash of soda to spritz it up

and serve over ice with an lime wheel.


Shake 50ml Bullards

Coastal Gin, 25ml Sugar

Syrup & 25ml Fresh Lemon

Juice with ice. Strain into

Champagne flute and top

with Dry Sparkling Cider



Rim 2 Margarita glasses with smoked salt &

lime zest. Muddle 6 strawberries in a cocktail

shaker. Add 60ml El Recuerdo Mezcal, 25ml lime

juice, 25ml Cointreau & a handful of ice. Stir and

strain into the prepared glasses, then top with

Champagne. Garnish with a sliced strawberry half.


Muddle 3 slices of fresh ginger, 6 fresh mint

leaves and 15ml simple syrup. Add 30ml Conker

Dorset Gin & 15ml elderflower liqueur. fill with

ice and shake well. Double strain into a single

rocks glass filled with one large lump of ice.

Add 15ml soda and garnish with mint leaves.

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Build 50ml High Point Ruby

and 200ml Tonic Water in

a large wine glass, fill with

cubed ice. Garnish with a

slice of pink grapefruit.


In a Champagne flute, pour in

the bubbly of your choice and

add a 15ml splash of Chambord.


Muddle 1 inch cucumber, 2 sprigs basil

and 3 sprigs mint in a cocktail shaker.

Pour in 80ml Conker Gin and 250ml apple

juice. Strain the cocktail into two glasses,

over ice, then garnish each drink with a

sprig of mint and slice of cucumber.


Add 40ml Maestro Dobel®

Humito®, 15ml fresh

lemon juice and 5ml Agave

Nectar over ice into hi-ball

glass. Top with soda and

sink 10ml hibiscus syrup

inside. Garnish with edible

flowers and lemon wheel.

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Ellenborough Park

A stunning 15th century manor house

in glorious parkland, Ellenborough

Park is Gloucestershire’s only

5-star hotel, just a few miles outside

Cheltenham and right on the gateway

to the Cotswolds. This peaceful 90-

acre country estate has original stone

flags and wooden beams, glorious

vast open fireplaces that speak to

its rich history and 61 luxury guest

rooms, each designed by Nina



Kahani, the high-end Indian

restaurant just off Sloane Square, has

created a Mother’s Day three course

set menu for £50pp available on

Sunday 27th March.

This Mother’s Day, the Horse Box

Bistro is offering a delicious three

course lunch on the 27th March

to experience the mouth-watering

Mother Day’s menu. All mum’s will

also get a special treat (a flower or a

plant) from the team to celebrate too!

Southam Road, Cheltenham,

Gloucestershire, GL52 3NJ

01242 545454


From classic Chicken tikka and

a succulent Grilled seabass to a

vegetarian Papdi Rajma Chaat,

the starters are mouth-wateringly

moreish. For mains, mums can

choose from Chicken simmered

with garlic & roasted spices or a

mouthwatering Bhuna Lamb, served

with vegetables, potatoes, yellow

lentils, Pulao rice and Paratha. A

separate vegetarian menu is also

available. Then for dessert, a poached

rose flavoured pear with pistachio


1 Wilbraham Place SW1X 9AE

020 7730 7634




for our latest



From much loved

London restaurants

to destination

dining at stunning

country house hotels,

SLOAN! brings you

the best places to eat

& drink this March

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DUKES LONDON will be offering

a Mother’s Day DUKES Traditional

Afternoon Tea which offers a

selection of traditional sandwiches,

handmade patisseries, fruit and plain

scones, plus ‘cake of the day’ - all

freshly baked by the in-house Pastry

Chef and from £35 per person. They

have also partnered with The East

India Company to offer a range of delicious, aromatic and refreshing

fine loose-leaf teas and infusions.

35 St James’s Place, London SW1A 1NY

0207 491 4840 | www.dukeshotel.com

Palé Hall Hotel

The Henry Robertson Dining

Room at historic Pale Hall Hotel in

North Wales is the perfect setting

for a grand Mother’s Day Lunch.

Diners can enjoy head Chef Gareth

Stevenson’s specially-created threecourse

Sunday lunch in truly elegant

surroundings. From £40 pp for three

courses, the menu includes mains

with Welsh ingredients like the Roast leg of Welsh lamb with leek

gratin, roast potatoes, mint and lamb gravy. For an additional treat, a

gift will be presented to each Mum dining.

Palé Estate, Llandderfel, Bala, Gwynedd, LL23 7PS

01678 530 285 | www.palehall.co.uk

Harvey Nichols

On Mother’s Day, the Fifth Floor Café

at Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge is

offering an exclusive three-course menu,

complimentary Ketel One Vodka cocktail

and a Sisley Black Rose Facial, available

for £38 per person. In partnership with

Ketel One, premium vodka made in the

Netherlands and Sisley Paris, French

luxury cosmetics brand, guests who dine

the menu on Sunday 27th March will

receive a complimentary Cosmopolitan

or Espresso Martini cocktail and £50

voucher for a 60-minute Black Rose

Hydrating and Glowing Facial in April.

109–125 Knightsbridge, London SW1X

7RJ | 020 7235 5250


Brother Marcus Spitalfields

The Lounge at Brother Marcus

Spitalfields have joined forces with

East London neighbours, Stems

Rebellion Floral Design to host a

flower arranging workshop followed

by their famed brunch this Mother’s

Day priced at £80 per person.

Guests will learn the art of handtied

bouquets, which they will take

home with them, before settling into

an Eastern Mediterranean brunch.

The event will start off at 12pm

with a glass of bubbles before an

experienced florist shows the tips

and tricks to making a beautiful

spring bouquet. Once the bouquets

have been made and tied, guests will

move onto brunch and cocktails with

dishes including the ever popular

sweet potato fritters or new arrival

brioche French toast with duck egg

custard and bacon floss.

2 Crispin Place, London E1 6Dw


Dans Le Noir at Swinfen Hall

During March, the world renowned dine

in the dark experience, Dans Le Noir is

hosting a pop up at Swinfen Hall Hotel,

a stunning stately manor house in the

heart of Staffordshire, offering visitors,

staycationers and locals alike, a new

and wholly unique dining experience.

Since it’s opening in 2006, the Dans

Le Noir collection has expanded

across the UK, Europe and now the

world. It offers the opportunity to taste

gourmet, creative and seasonal cuisine

in complete darkness, accompanied

and served by unexpected guides. The

concept of dinner or lunch in pitch

darkness is an original experience that

allows us to re-evaluate our perception

of taste and touch, while reclaiming and

reinvigorating our senses.


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El Norte

Situated in the heart of Mayfair, the recently opened

El Norte brings the traditional flavours of Spain to

London with a modern twist.

El Norte is the exciting new restaurant venture from

entrepreneurs Arian and Alberto Zandi, leaders of

Emerald Hospitality Group, and is the most ambitious

endeavour so far from the acclaimed Spanish brothers,

who co-founded Emerald Hospitality Group, which

include in their portfolio the modern Latin American

restaurant, Zuaya, and more recently their acclaimed

Italian restaurant, Como Garden. Known for fusing

excellent food with striking design, El Norte follows

in the same vein with a first for London’s Spanish

restaurant scene.

El Norte takes its cues from the country’s rich culinary

regions, offering a sharing style menu of traditional

Spanish dishes with a modern and luxury twist. Arian

and Alberto Zandi, who were born in Madrid, are

bringing Londoners a taste of their motherland with

dishes exemplifying the brothers’ bold approach to

flavours and textures.

19-20 Dover Street, London W1S 4LU

020 3154 8182 | el-norte.co.uk

Hush Mayfair

This Mother’s Day, the hugely popular Gin & Jam afternoon tea returns

to Hush Mayfair, one of London’s most popular (and Instagrammable)

dining destinations. Head down to Mayfair and experience an innovative

menu which pairs traditional afternoon tea treats with an array of

gorgeous gin cocktails. Enjoy a host of delights including gin cured

salmon and chive cream cheese sandwiches; warm scones with raspberry

jam and clotted cream, and pork and fennel sausage rolls, alongside

honey-soaked madeleines, lemon meringue tarts and chocolate eclairs. Sit

back and sip away on paired gin cocktails including the T N Tea, a citrusy

mix of Tanqueray, Savoia bitter, nectarine, gunpowder tea and Fever-Tree

Soda Water; and the Roses from a Stranger, a blend of Stranger and Sons

Gin, strawberry liqueur, chamomile, citric peach and carbonated rose

pouchong tea.

8 Lancashire Court, London W1S 1EY

020 7659 1500


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Copper Chimney

Pioneers of contemporary

Indian cuisine, Copper

Chimney has 15 awardwinning

outlets across

five cities in India in

addition to its Westfield

London location

showcasing its signature

contemporary Indian cuisine and flavours to a global

audience. Exceptional hospitality, expertly sourced

ingredients, secret spice recipes and the use of classic

Indian culinary techniques are at the heart of Copper

Chimney’s ethos. When dining this Mother’s Day,

enjoy a free dessert if you upload a picture to social

media tagging Copper Chimney.

Unit 1028 Southern Terrace, Westfield London,

Ariel Way, London W12 7GA

020 8059 4439 | copperchimney.uk

Como Garden

Como Garden – an

Italian restaurant in

Kensington – is giving

away a free glass of

Champagne to all

tables that bring their

mother out for a meal on

Mother’s Day.

The menu is made up of tantalising Italian tapas

dishes, from antipasti and pasta to meats and seafoods,

with inspiration for the dishes coming from all of Italy.

37 High Street Kensington, London W8 5ED

020 7937 7287 | comogarden.co.uk


To celebrate Mums around the UK, Zuaya –

the Latin-American restaurant in Kensington

– is celebrating Mother’s Day by giving away

a free glass of champagne to any tables that

bring their mothers out for dinner. Zuaya’s

menu is divided into eight sections that will

go perfectly with a glass of fizz. The menu

comprises snacks, ceviche, tiraditos & tartars,

salads, tacos, robata grills, stews and desserts.

Designed for sharing, the dishes feature

punchy and unusual flavour combinations.

35B Kensington High St, London W8 5EB

020 7938 3533 | zuaya.co.uk

Mama Shelter

Bar + Block

Bar + Block is a modern all-day dining steakhouse

and cocktail bar with over 18 sites from Glasgow

to Portsmouth. Perfectly suited for a relaxed

celebration on Mother’s Day, the new spring menu

includes an extensive range of high quality handcut

steaks, handmade burgers and grazing plates

alongside creative cocktails and craft brews.

Find out more at www.barandblock.co.uk

El Bandarra, the aperitif

brand from Barcelona,

has teamed up with

dog-friendly hotel Mama

Shelter to propose a very

special plan for a special

kind of mother: dog

mums. Join the ‘Apawritif

Hour’ by El Bandarra

on Tuesday 29th March

(6pm - 7.30pm) and hang

out with friends at Mama

Shelter Shoreditch, to

celebrate your poochie!

Tickets are £19.99 pp

and includes 2 delicious El Bandarra Spritzes plus a

small tapas plates of Manchego, Catalan Tomato Bread,

Olives and cured Spanish meats.


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NOLO Top 20

The best no & low alcohol drinks

3 Stars - we enjoyed it & would recommend to others

4 Stars - we liked it & would buy again

5 Stars - we loved it & would buy again plus extra for friends


We love this multi-award winning

range of British craft drinks

including alcohol free Pale ale,

Lager, Citrus lager (shandy), Apple

and Berry cider.

£1.99 each from Sainsbury's,

Amazon, Wise Bartender, drynks.

co.uk, Zeroholic and Dry Drinker


NIO has three expertly-crafted

alcohol-free cocktails: a Ginger

Sour, Lemongrass Citrus and

Virgin Bitters all designed and

expertly crafted by Master

Mixologist Patrick Pistolesi.

£39 for a mix and match box of 6

from niococktails.co.uk


For all of the flavour, with

none of the alcohol, Seedlip

non-alcoholic spirits

are distilled for extra

depth and complexity.

Seedlip Grove 42 is

citrus-forward with

Mediterranean orange,

lemon peel, lemongrass

and ginger.

£26 from Amazon


Atopia Spiced Citrus is a noalcohol

alternative that can be

drank as an upgrade as opposed to

a substitute. The spirit

base is formed distillate of

orange, juniper, coriander,

angelica root and lemon.

The added extracts of

spice, orange blossom and

wormwood give a subtle

aromatic depth on the

nose and in taste.

£25 from Amazon


GIMBER is a non alcoholic

ginger concentrated

drink with a kick made

from organic ginger,

citrus fruit and

herbs to create an

intensely warming

cordial that can

be mixed with

sparkling water or


£24.50 from



NOVELTEA’s 0% London

Dry is a premium 0% ABV

spirit featuring strong

overtones of juniper and a

hint of Earl Grey. It makes an

interesting G&Tea with none

of the alcohol. It’s a

good choice for gin lovers

who want to cut back on

their alcohol intake.

£22.50 from


Amazon & Master of Malt


Luscombe are the proud holders

of a Royal Warrant and 90 Great

Taste Awards from the Guild of Fine

Food. We love their range of organic

fruit juices, crushes, bubblies, tonic

waters and mixers.

£21.30 for 12 from luscombe.co.uk


FLUÈRE Raspberry is carefully

distilled with fresh

raspberries which give a

fresh, smooth and slightly

sweet nose and ripe fruit

on the palate. We enjoyed

the flavour and the

pleasant after-bite.

£20 from Ocado,

Amazon, Harvey Nichols,



The first Coffee Cola in the

UK made from Jimmy’s own

cola recipe blended with cold

brew from Rainforest Alliance

certified Arabica coffee. With

only 4.9g of sugar per 100ml,

it has 50% less sugar than

other prominent cola brands.

£20 for a 12-pack of

275ml bottles from


Wild Life Botanicals

Wild Life Botanicals is a pioneering sparkling wine that is ultra-low in alcohol yet ultra-high in goodness.

Crafted in Cornwall, it is the first ultra-low English-made sparkling wine with just 0.5% ABV and just

one 125ml glass of Wild Life Botanicals delivers a minimum of 15% of the daily reference intake of the

active eight vitamins and minerals that are blended into the sparkling wine. It also has 60% fewer calories

than Champagne or Prosecco. From £12.50 per 75cl bottle available from Harvey Nichols, Harrods,

www.daylesford.com and wildlifebotanicals.co.uk

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Binary Botanical

Binary is a beer for wine-lovers that harnesses the full flavour of the hop leaves (normally

discarded at harvest) to produce a delicious, tangy-not-bitter beer. Aromatic and flavourful,

Binary is a great moderation alternative to a glass of wine while being eco and British. If you don't

normally like beer, this could be the one for you.

£1.65 (250ml) and £3.50 (660ml) from Ocado, Harvey Nichols, Amazon and Speciality Drinks


VINADA is a range of three

alcohol free sparkling wines with a

superior taste and balanced flavour

made using a process which

retains most of the wine’s original

aromas and taste. They have

received accolades from the IWSC

including a Gold Trophy and won

the No/Low Category Award for

their Crispy


The gift box

of all 3 wines

with sippers

is £19.95 from



Mocktails premium alcoholfree

cocktails are 100% natural,

sustainable, and ethically

sourced. They are also vegan,

gluten-free and low in sugar and

calories. There are four flavours:

Mockapolitan, Mockarita,

Sansgria, and Mockscow Mule.

£26.99 for a 12-pack of nitrocharged

200ml cans from



Amplify is a non-alcoholic spirit

made with a host of invigorating

ingredients such as juniper

berries, coriander seeds, Angelica

root, lemon peel, lemongrass,

and ginseng root. It is distilled

using an iStill, which is

one of the latest and most

advanced stills on the

market. It’s refreshing

flavour profile means it

tastes fantastic in classic

cocktails, summery

spritzes or simply on the

rocks with tonic.

£15 from Amazon


New Gordon’s Alcohol Free

0.0% is crafted using only the

finest distilled botanicals,

delivering the same bold,

juniper-led character you

know and love from the

original Gordon’s London

Dry Gin. If you’re looking

for the perfect alcoholfree

alternative to your

usual choice of G&T, it’s

just the tonic! Contains no

more than 0.015% ABV.

£14 from Amazon


Savyll (pronounced “sah-vell”)

premium non-alcoholic cocktails

have been carefully crafted to

recreate variations of the same

sophisticated flavours of Bellini,

Moscow Mule, Mojito and Paloma

Tequila. £13.99 for 4 x 250ml

bottles or cans from Amazon,

Harrods and www.savyll.com

Tuscan Tree

Tuscan Tree is a premium 0%

ABV distilled spirit infused

with real blood orange juice and

Italian sparkling wine,

alongside a complex

blend of non-alcoholic

botanical distillates to

recreate the style of a

classic Italian aperitif. It

works particularly well

as a spritz garnished

with a wedge of orange.

£11.99 from Amazon and

Master of Malt


Oddbird Sparkling Rosé

wine from France is produced

using traditional methods and

then “liberated from alcohol”

using a unique, patented

vacuum distillation method.

It has intense flavours of

apple and citrus with a

satisfying finish of

summer berries.

£9.99 from Amazon,


& thealcoholfreeco.co.uk


Crafted from Garnacha,

one of the grapes

famously used in Rioja,

this vegan organic

0.0% ABV sparkling

rosé wine has aromas

of strawberries and

raspberries with floral

notes and tropical fruits.

£7.99 from Harvey

Nichols and Amazon


Cranes Low Alcohol

Premium Apple Cider

still has the same taste

and natural flavour

of their 4.8% ABV

Premium Apple Cider,

but with only 0.5% ABV

so you can enjoy cider

without the alcohol.

£2.50 from Amazon and


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Audi Partnership

Vintage Funfair

The Script


& Arts


Lupis arumqui dusc

Aaron Simmonds

Lupis alitatur

arumqui dusc Ignim

ullacca ecatqui acid

esciam, sustius,

Craig David

Lauren Pattison

Alice Fraser

Preview: Henley Festival 2022

Henley Festival Presented by Westcoast, the UK’s most glamorous music and arts

festival, has an unmissable line-up for this year’s 40th anniversary celebrations from

Wednesday 6th to Sunday 10th July 2022.

Highlights include music from The Script, Craig David, Tom Jones, Pete Tong & The

Heritage Orchestra Ibiza Classics With Jules Buckley and comedy from Jo Brand,

Lauren Pattison, Maisie Adam, Geoff Norcott, Glenn Moore, Aaron Simmonds and

Alice Fraser to name but a few.

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The UK's most glamorous

black tie festival returns

Geoff Norcott

Glenn Moore




Jo Brand

Pete Tong

Maisie Adam

Gina Larner

Sir Tom Jones

Festival goers are invited to be part of an unforgettable experience when the boutique black-tie festival

returns to Henley-on-Thames’ stunning riverside for five, spectacular summer nights, celebrating 40 years

of music, comedy, art, dancing, gastronomy, fireworks and magical moments. A truly unique event, Henley

Festival is world renowned for curating a vibrant programme spanning pop, world music, classical and jazz,

where art, comedy and gastronomy share equal billing with music – and this year is set to be the biggest

year yet.

The show begins from the moment Festival goers step onto the green banks of the Thames, to be dazzled by

the enchanting troupes of entertainers, to take a ride on the vintage funfair, or to enjoy a glass of fizz on the

Moët Champagne Lawn with an unparalleled view of the river, and – after an evening of world-class music,

comedy, dining and dancing – concludes with a jaw-dropping firework spectacular.

For all ticket information, visit www.henley-festival.co.uk

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This magazine could not be brought to you without

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and creatives. If you admire the work of any of the

photographers featured in this edition, see below.

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