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<strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />

Issue 130<br />

Essential reading for marina and waterfront developers, planners and operators


BELOW<br />



SF <strong>Marina</strong> is a world-renowned expert in the development of new or<br />

existing premium marinas. We provide state-of-the-art floating breakwaters<br />

and concrete pontoons to anyone, anywhere, who is planning to<br />

build a marina. And who wants it to still be there after the storm.<br />

W W W . S F M A R I N A . C O M

<strong>Marina</strong><br />

<strong>World</strong><br />

<strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2022</strong> Vol. 22, No. 4<br />

19<br />


<strong>World</strong> News 7<br />

News Focus 19<br />

A 50-year concession has been awarded to develop<br />

Málaga San Andres <strong>Marina</strong>, Spain<br />

Drystack Systems 21<br />

F3 <strong>Marina</strong> Fort Lauderdale now in operation;<br />

drystack to the next level: industry discussion; first<br />

Wiggins eBull marina contract; Legendary <strong>Marina</strong><br />

expands; Suntex to redevelop Garrison Bight <strong>Marina</strong><br />

21<br />

Planning & Design 30<br />

Redevelopment plans for Windermere <strong>Marina</strong> Village<br />

on Lake Windermere, UK<br />

Regional Update: the Balkans 32<br />

The highs and lows of marina development in<br />

Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia and Montenegro<br />

Project Focus 37<br />

Adriatic <strong>Marina</strong>s redesigns the fuel dock at Porto<br />

Montenegro<br />

38<br />

Boatshare & Charter 38<br />

FlexiSail moves to Hamble Point <strong>Marina</strong>; Boat Fix<br />

package for clubs and charter operators; Premier<br />

Agapi Club expands to Chichester; Freedom opens<br />

second UK site<br />

Pontoons & Breakwaters 45<br />

Ingemar completes diverse projects for 2021/22<br />

Products, Services & People 47<br />

On the cover:<br />

Semi-automated machinery<br />

installed at Delta <strong>Marina</strong> in<br />

Argentina is just one example of<br />

the increasing options available to<br />

drystack operators. Find out more<br />

about systems and projects in the<br />

Drystack Storage feature on p. 21.<br />

Photo: Capria<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 3


BLOCKS<br />

As our product range has evolved, it now has many applications. Together<br />

with our clients, we have the luxury of choosing the right pontoon, in the right<br />

materials, for the right job. By developing the heavy-duty end of our portfolio to<br />

always be a step stronger, we’ve also become experts in floating breakwaters,<br />

able to incorporate the strongest of building blocks when designing and<br />

engineering a marina that will withstand the test of time. Marinetek.net

<strong>Marina</strong><br />

<strong>World</strong><br />




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Dark<br />

times<br />

Yet again, we are in dark times – swinging from one humanitarian and<br />

economic crisis to another, with the first crisis still far from resolved. While a<br />

global pandemic was a threat we all hoped would never become a reality, war<br />

in Europe was beyond imagining.<br />

Russia attacked Ukraine on 24 th February and, as I write this – two weeks on – the<br />

global news channels are filled with reports of death, destruction and the growing<br />

exodus of people fleeing their homes for sanctuary. My heart goes out to all people,<br />

in all countries, whose lives are directly and undeservedly damaged by this ongoing<br />

tragedy.<br />

At this point in time, there is no sign that hostilities will end; no peace negotiations<br />

in the offing. Much of the world has joined forces to impose sanctions, trade bans<br />

and asset freezes aimed at crippling Russia’s economy. Further moves will depend<br />

on how the aggression progresses but we will all feel the effects of the fall out.<br />

From a humanitarian perspective, Europe is in the midst of the biggest refugee<br />

crisis since the Second <strong>World</strong> War. According to the United Nations, well over 2<br />

million people have fled Ukraine in the last fortnight, by foot, by car and in packed<br />

trains. Almost 1.5 million have crossed into Poland, and nearly 500,000 into Hungary,<br />

Slovakia, Romania and Moldova. Moldova has received the highest concentration of<br />

refugees per capita to date.<br />

And, provided humanitarian corridors can be established and respected, the<br />

exodus could be in its infancy – Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe (as<br />

large as France and Germany combined) and has a population of around 43 million.<br />

Shelter, food, clothing and medical aid are all paramount, and there is real fear<br />

that COVID could rear again and further impact on the region. War is a breeding<br />

ground for disease, and only 35% of the Ukrainian population is double vaccinated.<br />

Large swathes of the populations of all countries bordering Ukraine that are hosting<br />

the refugees, are also unvaccinated.<br />

From an economic perspective, the West cannot hurt Russia without backlash.<br />

While Ukraine suffers and fights, the rising costs that many of us are facing are petty,<br />

but very real. Oil and gas price hikes are hitting us hard – in industry, in our homes,<br />

in our food shopping baskets, and at our petrol/gas stations. It will likely take a while<br />

before prices drop to more affordable and stable levels and, during this time, tourism<br />

and recreational activities will likely take a hit.<br />

Let us hope for peace.<br />

Carol Fulford<br />

Editor<br />

Views expressed by individual contributors in this issue<br />

are not necessarily those of Loud & Clear Publishing<br />

Ltd. Equally, the inclusion of advertisements in this<br />

magazine does not constitute endorsement of the<br />

companies, products and services concerned by Loud &<br />

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refuse advertising.<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 5

Custom engineered mooring<br />

technology that lasts<br />

<br />

applications like marinas,<br />

wave-attenuators, buoys,<br />

<br />

We understand the water. We have the products and the knowhow<br />

to move away from old fashioned methods like piles, chain,<br />

or cables. <br />

<br />

Contact us at<br />

<br />

accomodate for the depth.<br />

SEAFLEX SWE +46 90 16 06 50<br />

SEAFLEX US +1 (310) 548-9100<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

Sustainable materials that ensure<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

back to provide constant stability.<br />

Small footprint - always<br />

<br />

<br />

from a company that cares.



Suntex and Westrec merge<br />

USA: Centerbridge Partners, owner of Suntex <strong>Marina</strong>s, has purchased Westrec<br />

<strong>Marina</strong>s for around $400 million. Westrec, one of the world’s largest owneroperators<br />

of marinas and marine-related businesses, will be absorbed into<br />

Suntex to create the second largest marina group in the USA after Safe Harbor<br />

<strong>Marina</strong>s.<br />

“Years ago, we realised the many<br />

synergies between Westrec <strong>Marina</strong>s<br />

and Suntex,” said Bryan Redmond,<br />

CEO Suntex <strong>Marina</strong>s. “Westrec<br />

<strong>Marina</strong>s’ vision of offering the best in<br />

customer service and amenities, along<br />

with a memorable experience out on<br />

the water, align perfectly with our vision.<br />

The most rewarding part of this merger<br />

is knowing we now have added another<br />

whole network of marinas who share<br />

our core values, and together we are<br />

poised for a fantastic future.”<br />

“Since partnering with Suntex in<br />

<strong>March</strong> 2021, we have worked to help<br />

accelerate the company’s continued<br />

growth,” commented William Rahm,<br />

Suntex director and senior managing<br />

director and head of real estate at<br />

Centerbridge. “This transaction brings<br />

together two leading teams and<br />

businesses in the marina sector, where<br />

we continue to see significant growth<br />

opportunities to serve the increasing<br />

demand for boating and leisure<br />

activities.”<br />

Although the acquisition of Westrec<br />

is by far Suntex’s major investment this<br />

year, in January/February the company<br />

also acquired 332-slip Sunset Harbour<br />

on Long Island, New York; Lynn Creek<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> on Joe Pool Lake in Grande<br />

Prairie, Texas; and Garrison Bight<br />

<strong>Marina</strong>, the only drystack operation<br />

on Key West in the Florida Keys (see<br />

Drystack p. 29).<br />

Tender out for Corfu<br />

megayacht marina<br />

GREECE: The Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (HRADF) has<br />

launched the tender process for a megayacht marina in Corfu. The process will<br />

be conducted in two phases.<br />

The marina will be located within the and a land zone of nearly 4ha (9.7<br />

port of Corfu to the west of the cruise acres). Through a possible extension,<br />

pier and near the passenger terminal. the marina could cover a land area of<br />

The concession, which will have a around 10ha (25 acres).<br />

minimum duration of 35 years, covers Interested parties should submit<br />

the right to build, operate, manage and expression of interest on the HRADF<br />

maintain a marina serving around 98 website at www.hradf.com by 18th <strong>April</strong><br />

yachts of up to 140m (460ft) in length <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

New tourism project<br />

of state significance<br />

AUSTRALIA: An AU$27 million proposal is set to transform the historic<br />

Nedlands Bath site on the Swan River into an iconic tourist attraction for<br />

Western Australia.<br />

The proposal by Sevens Group<br />

Australia includes a two-storey boutique<br />

hotel, function centre, restaurant, café,<br />

bar, public amenities and a protected<br />

marina. It has been named a tourism<br />

project of state significance.<br />


The development will be built over<br />

the water on an existing lease, which<br />

is currently home to a marina and the<br />

recently closed JoJo’s Café.<br />

A community consultation process is<br />

underway.<br />



AUSTRALIA IN 2021<br />












YOUR FREE <strong>2022</strong> CALENDAR.<br />


www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />

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bellingham-marine.com<br />

+61 7 3376 6955

CLEAN<br />



PierPump – Trouble-free disposal of waste and bilge water<br />

from boats and yachts.<br />

When installing a wastewater management system harbor<br />

operators have to make several decisions depending on the location,<br />

number of berths and size to find the optimal system.<br />

The Vogelsang PierPump is a customer-oriented high-performance<br />

solution, which is easy to operate and allows bilge water or black<br />

water to be pumped directly into the sewage system. The integrated<br />

rotary lobe pump means that the PierPump is resistant to foreign<br />

matter, so that the vacuum extraction process does not come to stop<br />

if the wastewater contains foreign matter. Wastewater tanks are<br />

vacuum extracted in a very short time, and the voyage can continue.<br />






Allied buys Lake marinas<br />

USA: Allied Strategic Partners LLC has acquired two marinas on West Point<br />

Lake on the border of Georgia and Alabama.<br />

Highland Pines is a full-service<br />

marina and resort with covered and<br />

uncovered wet slips, dry storage,<br />

extensive boat rental fleet and a wealth<br />

of accommodation and recreational<br />

amenities. Southern Harbor Resort &<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> offers similar facilities on a 480-<br />

acre (194ha) site.<br />

Quinn Heidenreich, managing<br />

partner at Allied, said: “This acquisition<br />

allows Allied an opportunity to invest<br />

in both properties and further enhance<br />

the amenities, services and experience.<br />

We plan to replace and upgrade docks,<br />

cabins, RV sites and boat rental fleets,<br />

among other projects.”<br />

Allied is partnering with F3 <strong>Marina</strong> for<br />

daily operations at both marinas.<br />

Gosport<br />

upgrade approved<br />

UK: Planning for a multi-million regeneration of Premier <strong>Marina</strong>s’ Gosport<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> on the English south coast has been approved by Gosport Borough<br />

Council.<br />

The masterplan, which incorporates<br />

the whole site, includes a landmark<br />

facilities building that will house a<br />

marina reception and office, luxury<br />

shower rooms and berth holders’<br />

lounge. It will also provide a perfect<br />

site for a new restaurant overlooking<br />

Portsmouth Harbour.<br />

Aquavista<br />

adds 11 marinas<br />

The approved planning additionally<br />

covers refurbishment and extension<br />

of an on-site commercial building,<br />

relocation of the drystack, and<br />

landscaping improvements to the car<br />

parking and boat storage areas. Outline<br />

permission has also been granted for a<br />

residential development of 70 homes.<br />

UK: Aquavista has expanded its coastal and inland marina portfolio with the<br />

strategic acquisition of Castle <strong>Marina</strong>s. As such, it adds 11 marinas, including<br />

Crick <strong>Marina</strong> in Crick, Northampton and Birdham Pool <strong>Marina</strong> in Chichester<br />

Harbour.<br />

Following the buy-out<br />

announcement, Aquavista CEO Steve<br />

de Polo said: “We are delighted to<br />

announce the acquisition of Castle<br />

<strong>Marina</strong>s and look forward to the<br />

exciting opportunities that this will<br />

bring to our customers across all 29 of<br />

our UK-based marinas.”<br />

“Aquavista believes that life is better<br />

by the water and our purpose is to help<br />

our customers live that life. Since 2019,<br />

we have invested more than £3 million<br />

into our marina estate, improving marina<br />

facilities and helping to deliver a great<br />

waterside experience, whether you live,<br />

visit or work at an Aquavista marina.”<br />

Castle <strong>Marina</strong>s operations director,<br />

Mike Braidley, commented: “Castle<br />

<strong>Marina</strong>s is very pleased to have<br />

reached an agreement with Aquavista.<br />

It is clear how closely our mission<br />

statements align, and we believe<br />

Aquavista is ideally placed to continue<br />

to deliver and indeed improve on our<br />

commitment to be ‘big enough to cope,<br />

small enough to care.’ This transaction<br />

will support our waterside teams to<br />

continue providing a friendly, helpful<br />

and professional service at all our<br />

locations.”<br />



ZEALAND IN 2021<br />












YOUR FREE <strong>2022</strong> CALENDAR.<br />


www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />

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bellingham-marine.com<br />

+64 9-273 5311

Composite Decking & Bumpers<br />

Are your float drums certified by an accredited testing agency?<br />

They should be. Ask for Ace Floats by name!<br />

Tested and Certified by<br />

IMANNA Laboratory Inc.<br />

Falling Dart Impact Test<br />

7-Day Hunt Water<br />

Absorption Test<br />

Encasement Wall<br />

Thickness Standard<br />

And More!<br />

Seijsener products can<br />

IMANNA<br />

be<br />

Certified<br />

found in marinas all over the world:<br />

from For over Norway 25 years, Den to Hartog Gibraltar, Industries in Hospers, and from Iowa has<br />

elevated the quality of foam-filled float drums, setting the industry<br />

the Caribbean Sea to the Middle East.<br />

www.imanna.com/customer-spotlight<br />

standards and is a leader in the marine industry on quality, durability<br />

and longevity. Visit www.acefloatdrums.com for a variety of product<br />

sizes, specifications with bouyancy and technical information.<br />

seijsener.com<br />

info@seijsener.com<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> world - Maart <strong>2022</strong> versie 4.indd 1 18-2-<strong>2022</strong> 08:16:24<br />

Composite Decking & Bumpers<br />

High Impact Resistance<br />

<br />

Easy Maintenance<br />

In-house Tooling<br />

Made to Order<br />

Weatherproof<br />

Excellent OIT*<br />

High load<br />

capacity<br />

Soprefa, S.A. Portugal<br />

Tel: +351 256 880 470<br />

soprefa@soprefa.com<br />

MORE THAN 250,000m 2 INSTALLED!<br />

*Oxidative Induction Time



Ortega Landing<br />

changes hands<br />


USA: Port 32 <strong>Marina</strong>s has purchased The <strong>Marina</strong> at Ortega Landing in<br />

Jacksonville, Florida. Comprising 192 wet slips for boats of 30 to 130 feet (9 to<br />

40m) in a protected cove, the marina will be renamed Port 32 Jacksonville.<br />

Consistent with the company’s<br />

strategy of acquiring the highest quality<br />

marinas in core coastal markets, the<br />

marina has a desirable location and<br />

a best-in-class Bellingham concrete<br />

floating dock system. It boasts<br />

numerous amenities for tenants<br />

including a professionally designed<br />

captain’s clubhouse, pool and hot tub,<br />

outdoor grilling patio and secure docks.<br />

It hosts a variety of weekend events.<br />

Following this acquisition and the<br />

completion of redevelopments in<br />

Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach<br />

Gardens, Port 32 will own and operate<br />

approximately 4,300 dry and wet<br />

slips and over 3.2 acres (1.3ha) of<br />

commercial tenant space.<br />

Port 32 CEO, Joe H Miller IV,<br />

stated: “The <strong>Marina</strong> at Ortega Landing<br />

is an extremely well built and fully<br />

occupied wet slip marina in a core<br />

Florida market. Ortega fits well into<br />

our portfolio of Class A marina assets.<br />

We believe we are buying the best wet<br />

slip marina in the Jacksonville market,<br />

both from a physical plant and amenity<br />

standpoint. The marina has a very<br />

loyal and discerning customer base<br />

which creates a unique and welcoming<br />

community environment. We embrace<br />

this lifestyle culture and intend to<br />

preserve that legacy.”<br />

Fast Track process for<br />

first Maori marina<br />

NEW ZEALAND: Te Rahui, a proposed boat harbour at Whakatane in the<br />

North Island, has been awarded the opportunity to use the Fast Track resource<br />

consenting process offered under the New Zealand Government’s COVID-19<br />

Recovery Act 2020.<br />

Project director, Phil Wardale,<br />

explains that the process enables a<br />

more streamlined consent process,<br />

designed to support the country’s<br />

recovery from the economic and social<br />

impacts of the pandemic.<br />

“We have been fortunate and<br />

privileged to secure approval to utilise<br />

the Fast Track consenting pathway for<br />

such a transformational project,” he<br />

said. “We are only the twentieth project<br />

in New Zealand to receive this, and the<br />

first in the Eastern Bay of Plenty.”<br />

“It gives the boat harbour, which has<br />

been carefully designed with the needs<br />

of the environment and the community<br />

in mind, certainty of timing through the<br />

consenting process and enables it to<br />

get underway within a given timeline,”<br />

he explained. “Subject to receipt of<br />

consents, we could be underway with<br />

construction soon after the middle<br />

of the year (<strong>2022</strong>), with construction<br />

expected to take approximately two<br />

years.”<br />

Te Rahui Herenga Waka will be<br />

the first Maori-owned marina and is<br />

planned in two phases. Stage one<br />

will include 60 berths for commercial<br />

vessels, such as fishing, aquaculture<br />

and commercial charter. Stage<br />

two will add berths for recreational<br />

users, a public boat ramp and further<br />

commercial premises.<br />

397 PROJECTS<br />


US IN 2021<br />













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La Valletta Loano Hammamet Stora Palau<br />

Fiskardo Aqaba Port Gogek Khiran<br />

Castellammare di Stabia Lefkas Tripoli<br />

Venezia Spalato Maratona Salerno Piskera La<br />

Maddalena Gouvia Muggia Maratea Gedda<br />

Capo d’Orlando Tremezzo Doha Tivat Trani<br />

Lixouri Procida Al Fintas Carrara Brissago<br />

Genova Rodi Dammam Sistiana Locarno<br />

Cagliari Atene Lacco Ameno Palermo<br />

Manfredonia Novi Vinodolski Montecarlo<br />

Viareggio Bari<br />

Alassio Farasan<br />

Budva Ravenna<br />

Portorose Bari<br />

Villasimius Taranto Biograd Cala di Volpe Bari<br />

Jesolo Savona Lisbona Portovenere Novigrad<br />

Rab Bisceglie Aiaccio La Spezia Portoferraio<br />

Lustiça Trieste Montecarlo Santa Manza Riva del<br />

Garda Castiglioncello Kastela Al Faw Portofino<br />

S. Margherita Ligure Volme Methoni Livorno<br />

Haquel Napoli Marsaxlokk Jesolo Aci Trezza<br />

Taranto Mgarr S. Teresa di Gallura Grado<br />

Rovigno Chioggia Vibo Valenza Mitilene<br />

Imperia Como Agios Kosmas Monfalcone<br />

Tel. +39 0422 702412<br />

info@ingemar.it www.ingemar.it<br />

Made in Italy


AMI Expo –<br />

reuniting the industry<br />

USA: The AMI Conference & Expo (formerly IMBC), held for <strong>2022</strong> on 1 st -3 rd<br />

February in Daytona Beach, Florida, entered its twentieth year with an eager<br />

return to face-to-face networking.<br />

The event organiser – Association of<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> Industries (AMI) – last brought<br />

the industry together two years ago<br />

as COVID-19 interrupted its normal<br />

annual pattern. During this timeframe,<br />

the industry has realised significant and<br />

unexpected growth, giving all delegates<br />

plenty to share and discuss.<br />

Nearly 1,000 industry professionals<br />

gathered for the ‘reunion’. Attendees<br />

continued their education and<br />

networking at the leadership keynote<br />

presentations and over 25 industry<br />

break-out sessions and round table<br />

events. The exhibition hall featured<br />

over 125 booths presenting a wealth of<br />

marina- and yard-specific products and<br />

services, and also served as the venue<br />

for many of the social events.<br />

Every AMI Expo includes valuable<br />

bolt-on opportunities, and for <strong>2022</strong><br />

these included three pre-conference<br />

workshops and a ‘sold out’ marina and<br />

boatyard tour of local facilities. The<br />

event closed with a dinner for Certified<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> Managers (CMMs) and Certified<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> Operators (CMOs) and a<br />

tailgating event.<br />

An awards ceremony for new CMMs<br />

and CMOs is always a highlight of<br />

the Expo. This year the AMI Training<br />

Institute welcomed 16 new CMMs and<br />

Partnership<br />

promotes<br />

watersports<br />

UAE: Dubai International<br />

Marine Club, the government<br />

body responsible for marine<br />

sports in Dubai, and P&O<br />

<strong>Marina</strong>s - DP <strong>World</strong>’s portfolio<br />

of luxury marinas - have signed<br />

a cooperation agreement to<br />

coordinate efforts to develop<br />

watersports activities and events.<br />

The partnership will enhance<br />

the effective role of each entity in<br />

supporting sailing in the emirate and<br />

developing it to be an international<br />

sport. It also aims to increase<br />

Dubai’s representation in the<br />

Olympics and establish maritime<br />

schools and academies to develop<br />

talents and prepare trainers and<br />

technical committees.<br />

The two sides will also exchange<br />

information and expertise in various<br />

fields and implement logistical<br />

operations for local and international<br />

sporting events.<br />

three new CMOs to the fold. There are<br />

currently 480 CMMs and 59 CMOs<br />

worldwide.<br />

AMI Conference & Expo 2023 will<br />

be held 30 th January-1 st February in<br />

Daytona Beach.<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 13





IT’S GOLDEN!<br />

239–337–4141<br />

sales@goldenboatlifts.com<br />



Green light for Bembridge development<br />

UK: Obstacles to the redevelopment<br />

of Bembridge Harbour on the Isle of<br />

Wight have finally been removed. A<br />

decision made by the High Court of<br />

Justice in London has given local<br />

lobby group BHT no further course<br />

of action left to prevent harbour<br />

improvements being financed by the<br />

build of 13 new houses.<br />

“In the simplest of terms, this was<br />

a very straight forward planning<br />

application with an associated decision<br />

that should have had the planning<br />

approval issued within three years at<br />

the most,” said Malcolm Thorpe, owner<br />

of Bembridge Harbour Authority and<br />

Bembridge Investments. “Instead, BHT<br />

has been allowed to become involved by<br />

IOWC [Isle of Wight Council] since 2016,<br />

and managed to delay the approval that<br />

has taken nearly eight years to obtain<br />

with some large associated legal fees<br />

and costs incurred.”<br />

The approval<br />

now means that<br />

Thorpe can build a<br />

new administration/<br />

facilities complex for<br />

both resident and<br />

visiting boats at Duver<br />

<strong>Marina</strong>. “It should be<br />

noted that marinas<br />

and harbours within<br />

the Solent have all<br />

significantly upgraded<br />

their facilities in<br />

recent years whereas<br />

Bembridge Harbour<br />

has struggled to<br />

compete due to<br />

the lack of local authority planning<br />

approvals,” he said.<br />

Construction work on phase one,<br />

the new facilities complex, should<br />

commence in September and complete<br />

in <strong>March</strong> 2023. Phase two, the<br />

residential element, will follow shortly<br />

afterwards.<br />

Thorpe believes the resulting<br />

improvements will be beneficial for the<br />

local community in East Wight, bring<br />

further employment and allied financial<br />

investment to the area.<br />

Regeneration contract<br />

for Cannes Old Port<br />

FRANCE: Island Global Yachting (IGY) and French construction group Fayat<br />

have signed a 30-year concession agreement with the City of Cannes to<br />

operate, enhance and modernise the Old Port (Vieux Port) of Cannes.<br />

An emblematic destination in the<br />

heart of the French Riviera, the Old<br />

Port features 727 berths and will be the<br />

twenty-third marina in IGY’s network.<br />

The investment programme – timed<br />

to complete by January 2024 – will<br />

include building a fishermen’s village<br />

and a semi-covered 519-space car<br />

park with bus and coach spaces;<br />

extending the Albert Edouard Pier;<br />

relocating and improving the careening<br />

area; modernising a technical area<br />

that includes the refuelling station; and<br />

constructing a new harbour master’s<br />

office and service centre.<br />

To reinforce the heritage and<br />

attractiveness of the Vieux Port de<br />

Cannes, the marina’s waterside will<br />

be enhanced to emphasise and host<br />

old riggings, classic sailboats and<br />

traditional ships including local<br />

‘pointus’ boats.<br />

The development programme<br />

will modernise, enhance<br />

and increase the reception<br />

capacities of the land and port<br />

infrastructure, notably for large<br />

vessels, and will improve the<br />

quality of services on offer for<br />

the benefit of port users. More<br />

than ever, local boaters will have<br />

their place.<br />

“We are honoured that<br />

the City of Cannes has<br />

entrusted IGY and Fayat with the<br />

management and development of this<br />

world-renowned site,” said IGY CEO<br />

Tom Mukamal. “We look forward to<br />

transforming the Vieux Port de Cannes<br />

into a best-in-class maritime destination<br />

that also includes top-tier events.”<br />

The action plan provides for new port<br />

services, such as concierge, an electric<br />

shuttle linking the Old Port and Port<br />

Canto, as well as the two areas within<br />

the Old Port, and berths adapted for<br />

people with reduced mobility.<br />

Environmental initiatives include:<br />

a carbon offsetting programme; a<br />

new power supply for large ships; the<br />

acquisition of underwater drones for<br />

pollution inspection operations; the<br />

use of sustainable energy sources<br />

and zero-emission fuels; and active<br />

monitoring of water quality.<br />

16<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2022</strong>


Top attendance expected for <strong>Marina</strong>s22<br />

AUSTRALIA: Exhibition space is sold out and registrations are piling in for the biennial <strong>Marina</strong>s International Conference<br />

& Trade Exhibition hosted by the <strong>Marina</strong> Industries Association (MIA). The organisers say it is shaping up to be a sell-out<br />

event.<br />

<strong>Marina</strong>s22 will be held 23rd-24th May<br />

<strong>2022</strong> at the JW Marriott Gold Coast<br />

in Queensland and will showcase<br />

innovations in new marina and<br />

boatyard products and services, and<br />

address some of the big issues and<br />

opportunities through presentations<br />

and interactive sessions.<br />

The conference and trade exhibition<br />

will be followed by the <strong>Marina</strong> and<br />

Boatyard Technical Tour on Wednesday<br />

25th May which will take in three of the<br />

best marine facilities in the country –<br />

Sanctuary Cove <strong>Marina</strong> & Resort, The<br />

Boatworks, and Gold Coast City <strong>Marina</strong><br />

& Shipyard.<br />

The event kicks off on the evening<br />

of Sunday 22nd May with a tour of<br />

Southport Yacht Club’s new superyacht<br />

berth. At 160m (520ft), this is the largest<br />

floating superyacht berth in the country.<br />

Guests will then board the spectacular<br />

superyacht venue ‘YOT Club’ (right)<br />

for a ‘not to be missed’ welcome<br />

reception where delegates will<br />

enjoy reuniting over a light dinner<br />

and cruise on the Broadwater.<br />

The ‘book-end event’ will be the<br />

gala dinner on Tuesday evening,<br />

which will be a great celebration<br />

of the industry’s achievements<br />

and enable delegates to continue<br />

networking.<br />

The event routinely attracts over<br />

300 marina industry professionals,<br />

comprising marina owners,<br />

operators, suppliers to industry and<br />

representatives from key government<br />

agencies and MIA CEO, Suzanne<br />

Davies, has high hopes for <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

“Australians have missed out on a lot of<br />

international industry events in the last<br />

two years, with our international borders<br />

closed for most of that time,” she says.<br />

“We are expecting <strong>Marina</strong>s22 to be our<br />

most well attended marinas conference<br />

yet as the industry is very keen to meet,<br />

learn and celebrate. The event usually<br />

attracts around 50 to 60 international<br />

delegates, and with unrestricted<br />

travel, we will enjoy the company and<br />

perspectives that our international<br />

colleagues bring.”<br />

Registrations can be made at<br />

www.<strong>Marina</strong>s22.com.<br />

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www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 17


Mooring Solutions<br />



LIGHT<br />

AND<br />




DualDocker GmbH | www.dualdocker.com


MMS, OCP and IGY<br />

to develop new Spanish<br />

marina<br />

A team comprising <strong>Marina</strong> Málaga SAN (MMS), Ocean Capital Partners<br />

(OCP) and Island Global Yachting (IGY <strong>Marina</strong>s), has been awarded a 50-year<br />

concession to develop and operate Málaga San Andres <strong>Marina</strong> on the southern<br />

Mediterranean coast of Spain. The award followed a competitive tender process.<br />

Upon completion in 2024, Málaga<br />

San Andres <strong>Marina</strong> will comprise<br />

around 600 berths for vessels of<br />

all sizes up to luxury length of 60m<br />

(196ft). MMS – an entity of the Qatari<br />

investment group Al Alfia and the main<br />

investor in the €60 million project – was<br />

incorporated in 2020 specifically to bid<br />

in the tender process and aims to make<br />

the new marina a reference point in the<br />

Mediterranean.<br />

Ocean Capital Partners will act as<br />

project engineer and asset manager,<br />

and IGY will manage the marina and be<br />

exclusively responsible for marketing<br />

the facility.<br />

The project represents a strong<br />

commitment to Málaga’s ongoing<br />

economic development as one<br />

of Europe’s most popular leisure<br />

destinations, and will boost its nautical<br />

tourism offering. “This investment<br />

elevates Málaga’s status as a nautical<br />

destination while providing much<br />

needed vessel berthing and leisure<br />

facilities to this vibrant region,” says<br />

MMS director Ramón Calderón. “We<br />

look forward to working with the city,<br />

port authority and our partners at IGY<br />

and OCP on this exciting project.”<br />

The marina will include an 8,000m²<br />

(86,100ft²) commercial property<br />

area designed by renowned Spanish<br />

architect José Seguí. Entertainment,<br />

restaurants and luxury retail amenities<br />

will be included, along with event<br />

spaces, classrooms and a sailing<br />

school. In alignment with IGY brand<br />

standards, marina amenities and<br />

services will include on-site parking<br />

with 400 parking spaces, crew facilities,<br />

fuelling, concierge services, waste<br />

recycling and security.<br />

Consistent with the new<br />

concessionaire’s commitment to<br />

Environmental and Social Governance<br />

(ESG), the project will emphasise<br />

sustainability and minimise energy<br />

consumption with bioclimatic building<br />

design, photovoltaic power generation,<br />

aerothermal air conditioning and other<br />

systems.<br />

Echoing MMS, IGY and OCP<br />

welcome the opportunities that<br />

the marina project will deliver. Tom<br />

Mukamal, CEO of IGY <strong>Marina</strong>s,<br />

emphasises the chance for the<br />

company “to continue its investments in<br />

the overall development of the nautical<br />

sector of the city of Málaga.”<br />

Ocean Capital CEO, Jose Luis<br />

Almazán, considers an even bigger<br />

picture. “This is an opportunity to<br />

continue expanding the projects of<br />

Ocean Capital Partners as a reference<br />

company in the management of<br />

megayacht marinas and sports marinas<br />

in Spain, increasing the company’s<br />

portfolio of assets under management<br />

which, we trust, will continue to<br />

increase during the remainder of<br />

the year, forming the most extensive<br />

portfolio of marinas at a national level,”<br />

he says.<br />

Malága is one of Spain’s fastest<br />

growing cities and benefits from a<br />

good climate, historic beauty and a<br />

variety of cultural entertainments. The<br />

marina, which will bring short- and<br />

long-term berthing options where they<br />

are greatly needed, is ideally located<br />

in a central position – just steps from<br />

the heart of the historic city, 20 minutes<br />

from an international airport and ten<br />

minutes from a train station that offers<br />

high-speed connections to Madrid and<br />

beyond.<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 19




BEFORE 1 MAY!<br />




15 16 17<br />

NOVEMBER <strong>2022</strong><br />


The <strong>Marina</strong> & Yard Pavilion is a specialised pavilion at the METSTRADE Show;<br />

the world’s largest marine equipment trade show. The pavilion is the first port<br />

of call for marina professionals from around the world. With a dedicated area,<br />

it’s the world’s largest trade exhibition for the marina & yard industry.<br />









SYP<br />



MYP<br />



An elevated experience<br />

for Fort Lauderdale<br />

F3 <strong>Marina</strong> opened its Fort Lauderdale drystack facility in Florida, USA at the<br />

end of October last year. By early November, occupancy levels were already at<br />

70%.<br />

Located at Southeast 16th Street on<br />

the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW), F3<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> Fort Lauderdale originally broke<br />

ground in November 2019, bringing<br />

new drystack technology to the city.<br />

It is described by F3 <strong>Marina</strong> CEO,<br />

David Behnke, as “the ‘Ritz Carlton’<br />

of drystacks”, delivering white glove<br />

service and unrivalled luxury amenities.<br />

F3 president, John Matheson,<br />

believes it to be the most advanced<br />

drystack marina in the world. “It’s an<br />

elevated experience featuring cutting<br />

edge technology that embodies the<br />

maritime spirit of Fort Lauderdale,” he<br />

says. “Importantly, we are located in<br />

the heart of the boating community<br />

with quick access to the ICW, Port<br />

Everglades inlet and all the action.”<br />

Incorporating the use of an overhead<br />

crane with smart technology to<br />

automatically hoist vessels, the facility<br />

accommodates boats up to 46ft (14m)<br />

long, 13ft (4m) beam and 20ft (6m)<br />

high with a weight limit of 40,000lbs<br />

(18,140kg). Secure indoor storage<br />

is provided for 240 vessels on racks<br />

that are six tiers high and boats of<br />

appropriate height can be racked as<br />

high as 120ft (36.6m) within the 130ft<br />

(39.6m) tall structure. The building was<br />

constructed to withstand winds of up<br />

to 170mph and the completed project<br />

covers a 1.3-acre (0.53-ha) footprint<br />

with 390ft (119m) of waterfront.<br />

The technical hub of F3 <strong>Marina</strong> Fort<br />

Lauderdale is a computerised marine<br />

crane system which maximises storage<br />

capability and minimises boat retrieval<br />

time. Housed in a<br />

wet well, the boat lift<br />

retrieves boats from the<br />

water and places them<br />

in their reserved rack<br />

location. A boat can<br />

be lifted and stored, or<br />

retrieved and launched,<br />

in under five minutes.<br />

There are 21 wet slips<br />

for the staging process,<br />

which increases<br />

efficiency and reduces<br />

cycle time.<br />

“The City of Fort<br />

Lauderdale has always been at the<br />

forefront of innovation in the marine<br />

industry and this project not only<br />

complements those sentiments but<br />

elevates the marketplace offerings,”<br />

Matheson continues. “Boats are<br />

getting bigger and the inventory to<br />

house them is becoming limited or<br />

non-existent in some cases. F3 <strong>Marina</strong><br />

provides a unique solution to the city<br />

of Fort Lauderdale, solving this issue<br />

by making it possible to store larger<br />

vessels – up to 46ft [14m] long and 20ft<br />

[6m] tall, inside our facility.”<br />

The new drystack was a passion<br />

project which required a particularly<br />

skilled design and development team, as<br />

well as the support of the City, in order<br />

to come to fruition.<br />

The structure itself was an incredibly<br />

complex build, requiring extremely<br />

meticulous timing and order. The<br />

building was constructed using every<br />

inch of the property boundaries, leaving<br />

no area to stage materials or equipment<br />

other than the site itself, which added to<br />

the challenges.<br />

“Huge kudos goes to Ron<br />

Jezerinac of Jezerinac Group for<br />

his unconventional, out-of-the-box<br />

thinking while redesigning the structural<br />

engineering of the facility,” Behnke<br />

notes. “With the support of the City of<br />

Fort Lauderdale, Rinka + designed an<br />

amazing building; Miller Construction<br />

executed a remarkable strategy for the<br />

incredibly difficult sequencing of events<br />

this project required; and Doug Watt,<br />

Inc, and Edgewater Resources also<br />

played a crucial role in the success of<br />

the development.”<br />

Not only did the project improve an<br />

existing technology but it introduced<br />

innovation with the design of a ‘mega<br />

frame’ and ‘super caps’ to support<br />

3,400,000lbs (1,540,000kg) of steel.<br />

“This design allows us to place the<br />

largest vessels on the top rack of<br />

a building over 100ft [30m] high.<br />

And that’s never been done before,”<br />

Matheson says.<br />

In addition to the impressive overall<br />

design and professional personal touch<br />

that F3 <strong>Marina</strong> offers, its boaters will<br />

enjoy superior customer service and<br />

key amenities, including: an upscale<br />

private lounge; indoor covered parking;<br />

on-site high speed fuel; storage locker<br />

rentals; and a retail ship store. And,<br />

as an added bonus, boaters storing<br />

their vessels in the facility reduce their<br />

insurance costs by up to 50%.<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 21


Capria stacker cranes can rack bigger<br />

boats at higher levels than most<br />

forklifts.<br />


Semi-automation<br />

boosts drystack profits<br />

Weekends and beautiful weather mean one thing for drystack marina staff: the<br />

non-stop movement of boats. With Capria semi-automated machinery, vessels<br />

can go from rack to water in less than three minutes, a fraction of the time you<br />

would expect, and with a reduced potential for accidents.<br />

Ideal for new construction or<br />

retrofitting into an existing drystack<br />

building, the Capria solution comprises<br />

top- and bottom-running cranes which<br />

work in tandem with either a front,<br />

lateral or rotary launcher. The optimal<br />

ratio is one crane and two launchers<br />

per 250-300 boats, moving up to 30<br />

boats per hour. Highly efficient and<br />

configurable, a launcher model will<br />

accommodate virtually any waterfront<br />

scenario, including extremely narrow<br />

channels.<br />

Why Capria?<br />

Capria offers reliability, experience and<br />

friendly customer service. A familyowned<br />

company that has worked in<br />

the steel industry for over 50 years,<br />

Capria is not only rooted in the design,<br />

development and installation of highly<br />

specialist drystack machinery but<br />

Machinery is electric,<br />

odour-free and virtually silent.<br />

is rooted in a location that is big on<br />

drystack. Its modern factory facility in<br />

Garin in the north of the province<br />

of Buenos Aires, Argentina, is on<br />

the doorstep of a boating hub that<br />

relies heavily on rack-and-stack<br />

operations.<br />

All-round savings<br />

Clean, green and money-saving,<br />

Capria machinery enables the<br />

operator to rack bigger boats at<br />

higher levels than most forklifts,<br />

meaning more boats can be stored<br />

in a building without increasing its<br />

footprint. This better use of space<br />

is of serious financial benefit to<br />

marina owners and is compounded<br />

by the fact that, unlike forklifts that<br />

rely on a level, paved surface, the<br />

Capria system doesn’t require a<br />

costly constructed floor.<br />

The lower initial capital<br />

expenditure is only part of the<br />

financial lens. With reduced insurance<br />

premiums, less system and facility<br />

maintenance and fewer personnel<br />

needed, overall marina operating<br />

expenses decrease. Once the greater<br />

number of boats that can be stored<br />

is factored in, profitability soars – and<br />

continues annually as every Capria<br />

system will last for over 30 years.<br />

There are also undeniable benefits<br />

for the environment. Ahead of its time<br />

in terms of sustainability, eco-friendly<br />

Capria machinery is electric, odour-free<br />

and virtually silent.<br />

22<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2022</strong>


Safe and versatile<br />

The top-running cranes utilise an<br />

overhead gantry, and bottom-running<br />

cranes run on rails set just outside the<br />

racks. With both, the operator is at forklevel<br />

in an anti-fall cabin so there’s little<br />

chance of bumping a boat or pulling it<br />

off centre.<br />

A major difference between most<br />

forklift-based launching and a Capria<br />

launcher is its negative lift. The<br />

Capria solution is virtually unlimited<br />

in its scope and can accommodate<br />

extreme tidal fluctuations and steep<br />

embankments. The launcher framework<br />

slides over rails that can be configured<br />

to match the site’s angle and reach<br />

requirements.<br />

As primary waterfront property<br />

becomes increasingly expensive and<br />

scarce, savvy drystack owners are<br />

looking to adjoining canals and other<br />

narrow waterways for new business<br />

locations. A lateral launcher option is<br />

ideal for this scenario as it lowers the<br />

boat into the water parallel to the shore.<br />

With sufficient depth and a nearby<br />

turning basin, the vessel can even be<br />

longer than the width of the waterway.<br />

Crane and launcher options are available<br />

to suit a wide variety of sites, including<br />

those with steep embankments and extreme<br />

tidal fluctuations.<br />

Sites with steep<br />

embankments or high<br />

seawalls are also<br />

drystack options if<br />

a rotary launcher is<br />

employed – even if<br />

there are extreme tidal<br />

fluctuations. Rotary<br />

launchers are unique in<br />

being able to move a boat<br />

up and over obstructions<br />

in a large arcing motion.<br />

A drystack building can<br />

thus be located right at<br />

the water’s edge and<br />

overhang the launcher,<br />

which means it can be<br />

bigger and/or make better<br />

use of limited land space.<br />

Vessels up to 32ft (10m)<br />

long and weighing five tons are<br />

loaded bow-first onto a rotary<br />

launcher. Once settled on the<br />

cradle, an electric motor drives<br />

a very large gear that moves the<br />

vessel into the water.<br />

When the area between the<br />

storage shed and the waterfront<br />

has to remain open to traffic,<br />

the rotary launcher can move<br />

boats up and over a pedestrian<br />

corridor. The launching crane<br />

can also be located on a second<br />

storey of the structure, adding<br />

to its ability to overcome the<br />

limitations of a seemingly<br />

unusable location.<br />

Quality that counts<br />

Capria cranes are CE-marked<br />

and manufactured to ISO 9001<br />

standards. They can be built to<br />

accommodate vessels up to 43ft<br />

(13m) in length weighing ten<br />

tons, and in-house engineers<br />

and technicians always work<br />

to deliver the most sustainable<br />

customised systems.<br />

Nearly 7,500 drystack slips are<br />

currently serviced by Capria precision<br />

machinery, improving profits for<br />

drystack owners and enhancing<br />

customer service for boat owners.<br />

www.domingocapria.com<br />

CAPRIA online videos<br />

CAPRIA Stacker<br />

Machinery<br />

The solution for<br />

your boat dry<br />

storage facility.<br />

Tifon Baigorria<br />

Experience<br />

- How does<br />

CAPRIA Stacker<br />

Machinery work?<br />

Tifon Tigre<br />

Project Status<br />

Phase I -<br />

CAPRIA<br />

Machinery<br />


www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 23


Drystack to the next level<br />

One of the highlights at Metstrade 2021 last November was the launch of<br />

Metstrade TV, a venture that delivered nine hours of high-quality presentations<br />

live from a purpose-built studio on the show floor.<br />

Dutch TV presenter, Pernille La Lau,<br />

expertly co-coordinated a <strong>Marina</strong> <strong>World</strong><br />

sponsored discussion on the future<br />

of drystack with marina designer and<br />

consultant Oscar Siches. They were<br />

joined by Augusto Carosi, director and<br />

partner of DrySta Europe and Robert<br />

Brown, president of US-based ASAR/<br />

GCM Contracting Solutions. Charlotte<br />

Niemiec outlines the conversation:<br />

Oscar (giving an introduction): A<br />

drystack building is not usually<br />

particularly “fancy” but there are many<br />

advantages. The first is that it provides<br />

a way to increase space at a marina by<br />

building upwards. That’s how drystack<br />

started in the 1960s and it hasn’t<br />

changed that much up to now. There<br />

are sustainability advantages, too –<br />

when you keep a boat in drystack, you<br />

don’t have to put any antifouling on it or<br />

any paint with poisonous elements that<br />

would pollute the water, so this helps to<br />

keep the water clean.<br />

Robert built the biggest and best<br />

concrete marina in the United States<br />

– Hamilton Harbour in Florida, which<br />

was received with, shall we say, “careful<br />

views”. But people realised that having<br />

the boats completely sheltered, safe<br />

from hurricane or fire was a huge<br />

advantage. It takes a long time to<br />

Automating drystack –<br />

the ASAR concept in a<br />

concrete drystack.<br />

accept change in our<br />

industry; we are a<br />

little too conservative.<br />

But lately Robert<br />

has created the<br />

automated ASAR<br />

concept, which is a<br />

very different way to<br />

handle drystack.<br />

My fellow<br />

Argentinian,<br />

Augusto, has a lot<br />

of experience with<br />

drystack because<br />

Argentina had<br />

about 160,000 small<br />

boats in the north of<br />

Buenos Aires that<br />

had to be stored<br />

where water space<br />

was unavailable.<br />

When drystack<br />

started to come in,<br />

permissions were<br />

generous and easy to<br />

obtain, which helped<br />

it become immediately popular. Augusto<br />

concentrates on the machinery to move<br />

the boats from the drystack to the water<br />

and back.<br />

Augusto, how do you see the future<br />

for drystack?<br />

Augusto: It’s a shame that drystack<br />

is not as widespread as it could be,<br />

as installing it allows you to free up<br />

wet slips so you can put bigger boats<br />

there, which means higher revenue.<br />

You mentioned the ecological benefits<br />

– no oil leaks, no wear and tear, no<br />

antifouling, no internal combustion<br />

systems like cranes, no fumes, no noise<br />

– so the future of increasing capacity<br />

at marinas is absolutely going with<br />

drystack. The Portuguese, for example,<br />

are thinking of transforming their wet<br />

slips into drystack space. If a marina<br />

has 50 wet slips, it could convert this to<br />

150 drystack spaces.<br />

L to r: Pernille La Lau heading the drystack discussion; Oscar Siches; Augusto Carosi and Robert Brown.<br />

24<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2022</strong>


Right and below: Hamilton Harbour, the<br />

biggest drystack in the USA, proves that<br />

concrete buildings can be designed to look<br />

attractive.<br />

Another future trend is automating<br />

repetitive processes. This is very<br />

important with electric cranes –<br />

whether it’s semi-automated or fully<br />

automated depends on the complexity<br />

of the process. Our partners, GH<br />

Cranes, are specialists in materials<br />

handling and the most popular<br />

solution they offer is a semi-automatic<br />

process. This is because, while<br />

some movements are automatic, like<br />

positioning the crane from one place<br />

to another, most sensitive movements<br />

must be done manually, especially<br />

when the cost of automating that<br />

specific movement is higher and<br />

requires more investment to get it right.<br />

Pernille: And will that always be<br />

necessary? In the car industry, for<br />

example, you see robots driving cars<br />

and putting them where you want, with<br />

no real manual operator in there. Is this<br />

possible in the marine industry?<br />

Robert: With cars, if you’re storing the<br />

same sized car in the same place every<br />

time, it’s much easier to automate. But<br />

when you start getting different sized<br />

boats with people coming and going<br />

at random, it adds to the automation<br />

complexity in the software engineering<br />

that needs to be implemented. And, as<br />

my colleague mentioned, this drives up<br />

the cost considerably.<br />

Pernille: And, Robert, what’s the<br />

advantage of concrete buildings and<br />

automation?<br />

Robert: In addition to the advantages<br />

Oscar mentioned, you can make them<br />

aesthetically pleasing. One of the big<br />

things we need to overcome about<br />

drystack is the aesthetics – we try to<br />

focus on blending the building into<br />

the architecture or the scenery of a<br />

particular town or particular harbour.<br />

Augusto: Another step for the future is<br />

crane status monitoring. Today, we can<br />

monitor every movement and predict<br />

a maintenance schedule to reduce<br />

the machine’s downtime, such as<br />

when to change the spare parts so the<br />

machinery doesn’t fail in the future.<br />

Oscar: Yes, the automation ASAR<br />

offers has one particular feature that’s<br />

not been used before. Normally, when<br />

you book drystack space, you’re<br />

assigned a slot and that’s where your<br />

boat will stay. But this crane doesn’t<br />

assign places to the boats. Instead, it<br />

knows that the boat goes into a ‘free’<br />

place and it remembers where it is,<br />

which makes the operation much more<br />

flexible.<br />

The crane also allows you to put<br />

three boats behind each other. We<br />

always keep two or three places free<br />

so the crane knows to pick up the first<br />

two boats and slot them in the spaces,<br />

to free the third and take it to the water.<br />

It then doesn’t have to take the first<br />

two boats back to their original place<br />

because the crane knows that the<br />

boat’s position has moved. That is a big<br />

difference for the performance of the<br />

whole system.<br />

For software engineers of the future,<br />

with a little bit of artificial intelligence,<br />

the crane can learn about boats that go<br />

out three times a year and put them at<br />

the back of the drystack, but boats that<br />

go out every weekend can be placed<br />

at the front. Your operation is smoother,<br />

even if you’re ultimately going to make<br />

the same amount of money, but you’re<br />

giving the client more time with his<br />

boat. For me, that’s as important as the<br />

safety of the whole drystack, because<br />

the nautical business is people<br />

business – it’s not robot business or<br />

app business, it’s people business.<br />

You’re dealing with people who are<br />

leaving home to go and have a good<br />

time with their boat.<br />

Robert: Yes, in our country and elsewhere,<br />

it’s become a concierge service<br />

– where I keep my boat they valet park<br />

the car, they put the ice, the drinks, the<br />

sandwiches on the boat, so we’re trying<br />

to make that boating experience a lot<br />

more enjoyable and valuable to the<br />

boater, to keep them in the industry for<br />

the long term. We want people to have<br />

a good experience with their family<br />

and their friends and kids, so if we can<br />

make that an even more pleasant experience,<br />

it’s great for our industry.<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 25

Represented in over 40 countries<br />

www.flovac.es<br />

Taking the<br />

Green approach<br />

to the Blackwater<br />

problem<br />

Vacuum sewerage systems are ideal for use in marinas<br />

and ports of any size.<br />

The Flovac system can capture sewage and bilge water<br />

from boats and all facilities around the marina complex.<br />

No electrical power required at dockside<br />

Validates MARPOL certification<br />

No risk of water contamination<br />

Suitable for boats and docks of any size<br />

Discreet, small diameter pipework<br />

Ease of installation<br />

No odour<br />

Since 1963 Walcon has proven itself<br />

to be a worldwide leader in the design,<br />

construction and installation of marinas<br />

and berthing facilities, with renowned<br />

<br />

Shepperton <strong>Marina</strong><br />

182x132mm_Walcon_<strong>Marina</strong> <strong>World</strong>_<strong>2022</strong>_Final.indd 1 14/12/2021 12:29


Above and clockwise: The drystack at<br />

Port Corsier on Lake Léman in Geneva,<br />

Switzerland was the first drystack project<br />

in Europe for DrySta and GH Cranes. It<br />

opened in summer 2021 and stores up to<br />

100 boats on a three-tier racking system.<br />

Augusto: But electric crane systems<br />

are not yet well known in the world. It<br />

wasn’t until we started to present them<br />

here at METS some years ago and<br />

people visited our booth saying “What<br />

a novelty!” [that some awareness was<br />

created], but the technology has only<br />

been in use for four years. In the USA,<br />

the predominant technology is forklift.<br />

[But the upsides are obvious] – building<br />

more slips in a marina requires lots<br />

of investment, environmental studies,<br />

permits, it’s a complex situation.<br />

Installing drystack in a current, existing<br />

port will give you the opportunity to<br />

increase the capacity of the port.<br />

Robert: We were involved in one<br />

particular project that took 18 years<br />

to permit, so it can be a very complex<br />

and laborious task to try and get a<br />

new development to the table, but<br />

we believe that there’s an enormous<br />

market out there waiting to be<br />

developed and it has to be done in the<br />

right way.<br />

One of the resistance<br />

factors comes from<br />

the old, ugly looking<br />

industrial building that<br />

no one wants to see<br />

on the coast or in their<br />

backyard and, frankly, I<br />

don’t blame them! The<br />

municipalities don’t want<br />

to see it, no one does.<br />

And the noise has also<br />

been a big issue. But in<br />

the project we’ve just<br />

completed, people live just 15ft [4.5m]<br />

away from an attractive building and<br />

they can’t even hear the electric crane<br />

because it’s so quiet. These quieter<br />

systems have been a long time coming<br />

and I think you’ll see them take off,<br />

helping us to develop more European<br />

drystacks, which are severely lacking.<br />

The problem I see when I travel to<br />

Europe is it looks to me like it’s hard<br />

for the average person to even boat –<br />

there are megayachts everywhere filling<br />

the ports. Where does the average<br />

person go to enjoy a day of boating?<br />

The drystack can bring that to the<br />

population and if the municipalities and<br />

the politicians realise what a huge win<br />

that would be for their constituents, I<br />

think we can get there, but it’s not easy.<br />

Pernille: Oscar, you’re the convenor of<br />

the ISO workgroup on drystacks now,<br />

right?<br />

Oscar: Yes. We’re developing the ISO<br />

norm for drystacks, with a focus on the<br />

boat user. I want the user to have a<br />

great time – we want enough parking<br />

for them, proper bathrooms, an office<br />

with good information, we want the<br />

areas where they can and can’t walk<br />

clearly marked with anti-slip, we’re<br />

developing quite a nice rule that’s easy<br />

for everyone to get along with.<br />

Pernille: When will it come?<br />

Oscar: We passed the first voting<br />

two weeks ago and it was completely<br />

approved. Now we’re receiving<br />

comments and I think it will see the light<br />

in June this year and it will help a lot,<br />

particularly in Europe where drystack<br />

was a ‘bad word’, because they’re<br />

perceived as ugly, noisy things. The<br />

ISO norm will help a lot to change that<br />

because we’re talking about minimising<br />

the visual impact by integrating<br />

drystack with shops, restaurants and<br />

bars around it.<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 27



Cascais, PORTUGAL<br />

+351 214 692 024<br />

Barcelona, SPAIN<br />

+34 933 601 101<br />

Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL<br />

+55 21 3942 8828<br />

w w w . l i n d l e y . pt


First eBull to be in<br />

operation this summer<br />

A Wiggins <strong>Marina</strong> eBull, claimed to be the world’s first fully electric, zero<br />

emission marina forklift, is to be delivered to Safe Harbor City Boatyard in<br />

Charleston, SC, USA in time for peak season of summer <strong>2022</strong>. The delivery<br />

is the result of a partnership between Wiggins Lift Co and Safe Harbor<br />

<strong>Marina</strong>s, who spent months planning and discussing the move.<br />

Designed to lift centre console<br />

fishing boats such as the Boston<br />

Whaler 350 Outrage and White<br />

Canyon 376, the Wiggins W3.2 will<br />

be equipped with enough onboard<br />

battery storage to transport and rack<br />

boats at Charleston drystack and<br />

boatyard for ten hours. At day’s end,<br />

it will be plugged in for overnight<br />

charge of its lithium-ion batteries and<br />

be ready to start operations again the<br />

next morning.<br />

“Wiggins Lift Co could not ask for a<br />

better partner to develop and deliver<br />

the first zero emission, fully electric<br />

marina forklift in the world than<br />

Safe Harbor,” says Wiggins director<br />

of sales, Micah McDowell. “Safe<br />

Suntex buys prime<br />

Keys drystack<br />

Harbor <strong>Marina</strong>s are smart, well-run<br />

facilities that are the perfect match<br />

for a cutting-edge piece of equipment<br />

like the zero emission <strong>Marina</strong> eBull.<br />

Wiggins and Safe Harbor look forward<br />

to continuing to provide our customers<br />

with the highest level of service while<br />

also making a positive environmental<br />

impact.”<br />

The purchase of the machine is<br />

part of Safe Harbor’s commitment<br />

to making green initiatives a major<br />

part of its marina operations. Wiggins<br />

and Safe Harbor are proud to be<br />

at the forefront of both innovation<br />

and sustainability and are excited<br />

to continue the partnership into the<br />

future.<br />

Amidst a flurry of other acquisitions (see <strong>World</strong> News) Suntex <strong>Marina</strong> Investors<br />

has added Garrison Bight <strong>Marina</strong> on Key West in the Florida Keys to its<br />

portfolio.<br />

Legendary<br />

expands to<br />

Gulf Shores<br />

US-based Legendary <strong>Marina</strong><br />

& Yacht Club, a resort owner/<br />

operator renowned in the marina<br />

sector for its drystack facility in<br />

Destin, Florida has progressed<br />

plans for a new dry storage centre<br />

in Gulf Shores, Alabama.<br />

According to news released to the<br />

media via the Orange Beach Area<br />

(OBA) community website, phase<br />

one is set to break ground this month<br />

(<strong>March</strong>) and is expected to complete<br />

in ten months. It will comprise two<br />

fully-enclosed drystacks, wet slips<br />

in a marina basin, car parking, ships<br />

store and a yacht club.<br />

The stacks will accommodate<br />

vessels up to 50ft (15m) long, and<br />

wet slips cater for boats up to 60ft<br />

(18m). Phase two will include a<br />

restaurant.<br />

The development is located on the<br />

Intracoastal Waterway about a mile<br />

west of Hwy 59.<br />

The only full-service marina on<br />

the island of Key West with drystack,<br />

Garrison Bight offers direct access to<br />

the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico.<br />

The property is on the north side of<br />

the island in close proximity to hotels,<br />

shops and restaurants.<br />

It currently offers both indoor and<br />

outdoor storage, a fuel dock, ship’s<br />

store and a popular Thai restaurant with<br />

a large deck that overlooks the marina.<br />

It has around 20 wet slips and 213 dry<br />

slips.<br />

“The purchase provides Suntex with<br />

an excellent opportunity to expand<br />

upon our holdings in the Florida Keys<br />

and our footprint in the South Florida<br />

market,” said David Filler, investments<br />

partner Suntex <strong>Marina</strong>s. “We are<br />

committed to offering our guests a bestin-class<br />

experience and Garrison Bight<br />

has incredible potential. With significant<br />

investment in upgrades, we will raise it<br />

to match the high standards we have<br />

for our entire industry-leading portfolio<br />

of premier properties.”<br />

Sam Chavers, senior vice president<br />

operations, confirmed that Suntex plans<br />

to completely remodel the property.<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 29


Redeveloping a prime<br />

lakeside marina<br />

Windermere <strong>Marina</strong> has appointed <strong>Marina</strong> Projects to provide specialist<br />

support for the design, procurement and redevelopment of its existing marina<br />

on Lake Windermere, the largest lake in England.<br />

The redevelopment of Windermere<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> Village, which will cost around<br />

£4 million, is a comprehensive multiyear<br />

project that includes improvements<br />

to luxury waterfront apartments, as well<br />

as the complete replacement of the<br />

existing marina.<br />

Located to the south of Bownesson-Windermere,<br />

Windermere <strong>Marina</strong><br />

Village is the largest full-service marina<br />

on the lake, providing over 300 berths<br />

within the Lake District National<br />

Park, a UNESCO <strong>World</strong> Heritage<br />

Site. The marina has moorings<br />

for annual berth holders and<br />

visitors, along with an adjacent<br />

fuel berth, slipway and boatyard<br />

facilities for servicing vessels. The<br />

marina is complemented by highquality<br />

facilities and amenities for<br />

customers and property owners.<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> Projects has been<br />

commissioned for the design,<br />

specification, procurement and<br />

contact administration of the new<br />

marina installation, which includes a<br />

total of 335 berths for vessels up to<br />

15m (49ft) long. Specialist support<br />

has been provided to address the<br />

requirements of planning permission<br />

and related environmental approvals.<br />

The marina layout has been conceived<br />

in accordance with the operational<br />

requirements of the existing berth<br />

holders, whilst ensuring modern design<br />

standards are introduced to achieve the<br />

optimum berthing arrangement.<br />

The primary strategy for the new<br />

marina involves replacement of all<br />

Windermere <strong>Marina</strong> Village is the<br />

largest full-service marina on Lake<br />

Windermere, the largest lake in<br />

England.<br />

existing traditional fixed timber<br />

jetty structures with modern<br />

floating pontoon equipment.<br />

This will help mitigate the<br />

potential of any future flood<br />

events following periods of<br />

sustained high rainfall. The<br />

design process required a<br />

detailed review of historic lake<br />

levels to determine appropriate<br />

finish heights for new<br />

restraining piles and access<br />

arrangements to accommodate<br />

both peak and low lake water<br />

levels.<br />

In addition to the main pontoon<br />

works, the development will introduce<br />

new dedicated customer access<br />

arrangements, high-quality utilities<br />

equipment, fibre connections, and an<br />

upgraded Wi-Fi installation across the<br />

marina basin.<br />

As part of the ongoing scope, <strong>Marina</strong><br />

Projects has supported the client team<br />

through a negotiated tender which<br />

involved the preparation of a detailed<br />

package of technical documents that<br />

confirm the design requirements and<br />

design parameters for the marina<br />

equipment.<br />

Walcon Marine has been appointed<br />

to demolish the old jetties and install<br />

new floating pontoons, and Maricer<br />

will supply all utilities equipment in<br />

readiness for installation by a local<br />

contractor.<br />

The project is being delivered across<br />

High-quality facilities and amenities<br />

are in place for residents and<br />

visitors to the marina, which<br />

offers over 300 berths.<br />

30<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2022</strong>


The existing fixed timber pontoons will be<br />

replaced with a modern floating<br />

pontoon system.<br />

two autumn and winter phases and<br />

is scheduled for completion in spring<br />

2023.<br />

Jason Dearden, managing director of<br />

Windermere <strong>Marina</strong> Ltd, commented:<br />

“<strong>Marina</strong> Projects have understood our<br />

objectives and priorities right from the<br />

onset and have successfully worked<br />

with us to create a marina design that<br />

will take Windermere <strong>Marina</strong> Village<br />

to the next level, cementing us as<br />

the premier berthing facility on the<br />

Lake. We are pleased to have <strong>Marina</strong><br />

Projects working with us on this exciting<br />

project, bringing their knowledge and<br />

experience to help deliver a new marina<br />

for the benefit of our customers for<br />

many years to come.”<br />

The extensive demolition of the fixed<br />

timber structures is a key challenge for<br />

the project and careful consideration<br />

has been given to existing berthing<br />

operations so as to develop a works<br />

sequence that mitigates impact to<br />

resident berth holders. The transition<br />

from the current layout to the new<br />

configuration, which also includes a<br />

campaign of dredging to introduce<br />

more water depth for marina users, has<br />

been established by <strong>Marina</strong> Projects,<br />

working closely with the client team and<br />

Walcon Marine.<br />

Commenting on the commission,<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> Projects managing director,<br />

Mike Ward, noted: “We are delighted to<br />

be working on Lake Windermere again.<br />

Our appointment to design and<br />

project manage the redevelopment of<br />

Windermere <strong>Marina</strong> is a welcomed<br />

opportunity to create significant<br />

improvements to this stunning lakeside<br />

location. We are looking forward to<br />

working closely with the client team and<br />

respective contractors over the next<br />

couple of years.”<br />

Automated vs. Traditional Storage<br />

Explore your Options with ASAR<br />

Talk to an ASAR expert today<br />

for more information about marina<br />

development, design, and construction.<br />

(239) 334-8800<br />

asarautomation.com<br />

@asarmarine<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 31


Promising developments<br />

in southern Europe<br />

by Vladislav Vorotnikov<br />

For years, political instability and the low incomes of the local population<br />

have hindered marina industry development in the eastern parts of former<br />

Yugoslavia, but there is growing evidence that in the coming years the entire<br />

Balkan region could acquire new status on the European yachting map.<br />

Almost all countries in the region<br />

have rolled out marina development<br />

projects on the Black and Adriatic seas<br />

during the past year. So far, the eastern<br />

countries – Bulgaria and Romania – are<br />

primarily focused on small boats.<br />

For example, the Bulgarian stateowned<br />

Port Infrastructure Company<br />

plans to spend BGN 11 million (US$6.3<br />

million) on two new marinas and a<br />

service area in Varna and Burgas – the<br />

main Bulgarian tourist destinations<br />

on the Black Sea. Under the tender<br />

details published in <strong>April</strong> 2021, the<br />

new marinas will match the most<br />

modern international service standards,<br />

having the necessary coastal and<br />

floating engineering infrastructure with<br />

electricity, plumbing and fire protection<br />

systems.<br />

“The new ports should be able to<br />

accommodate up to 150 different<br />

yachts. Most mooring places are<br />

reserved for boats with a length of 3 to<br />

9m [10 to 30ft], while 12 mooring places<br />

are allocated for yachts from 20 to 25m<br />

[66 to 82ft],” the Port Infrastructure<br />

Company said in a statement, adding<br />

that both marinas are slated to begin<br />

operation in early <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

The company also explained that<br />

the rationale behind building new<br />

marinas was associated with “excellent<br />

prerequisites for the development of<br />

yachting, sea sports and attractions, as<br />

well as passenger terminals for large<br />

passenger and cruise ships.”<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> Dinevi in Sveti Vlas is the only<br />

marina to have been built from scratch<br />

for decades in Bulgaria. Small boats<br />

dominate.<br />

“There is also a growing interest<br />

in individual sea tourism with small<br />

vessels moving on individual routes<br />

and programmes [in Bulgaria],” the<br />

company said in an explanatory<br />

note, adding that the yachting<br />

industry in the country should<br />

benefit from these infrastructure<br />

projects.<br />

Bulgaria clearly lacks new<br />

marinas. Until recently, <strong>Marina</strong><br />

Dinevi in Sveti Vlas was the<br />

only marina built from scratch in<br />

the country during the past few<br />

decades. Most of the marinas<br />

currently in operation on the<br />

Bulgarian Black Sea coast,<br />

specifically in Balchik, Nessebar<br />

and Sozopol, are the former<br />

piers of privatised fishing companies,<br />

with pontoons and communications<br />

established above them.<br />

Things are similar in neighbouring<br />

Romania, where the marina industry<br />

development leaves a lot to be desired.<br />

Mangalia <strong>Marina</strong>, built between 2006<br />

and 2008 with the help of a €4 million<br />

grant from the European Union, is<br />

considered the main choice for foreign<br />

boat owners visiting the country. Its total<br />

capacity is 146 mooring places, and it<br />

is known for running the BMW Black<br />

Sea International Regatta, together<br />

with Varna <strong>Marina</strong> of Bulgaria and the<br />

Odessa International Yacht Club of the<br />

Ukraine.<br />

Few yachts, strict regulations<br />

The reason for the lack of infrastructure<br />

development in both Bulgaria and<br />

Romania is quite obvious – the lack<br />

Lustica Bay <strong>Marina</strong> in Montenegro is a<br />

new marina village with excellent access to<br />

Adriatic sailing waters.<br />

32<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2022</strong>


Built between 2006 and<br />

2008 with the help of an EU<br />

grant, Mangalia <strong>Marina</strong> is<br />

the main choice for visitors to<br />

Romania.<br />

of yachts in the region. Locals lack<br />

money to buy private boats and other<br />

Europeans have so far been reluctant<br />

to travel to this part of the continent.<br />

“There must be a critical mass of<br />

yachts in the port in order for the<br />

investment to pay off,” Lachezar<br />

Bratoev, chairman of the Bulgarian<br />

Yacht Ports Association, which<br />

operates one of Varna’s marinas, told<br />

local press.<br />

The lack of yachts not only prevents<br />

the development of new marinas but<br />

also hinders the expansion of existing<br />

marinas. For example, in the early<br />

2000s Balchik <strong>Marina</strong> announced plans<br />

to expand its berths from just under 100<br />

to 500 but, so far, these plans have not<br />

been implemented.<br />

The laws regulating yachting in<br />

Bulgaria and Romania are another<br />

issue to be addressed. Local boat<br />

owners describe them as extremely<br />

bureaucratic, cumbersome, and<br />

primarily senseless.<br />

For instance, every time boat owners<br />

go out on a yacht, they have to tell<br />

the Border Police, mentioning their<br />

final destination among other things.<br />

Providing inaccurate information<br />

could entail fines, and in some cases<br />

even more severe liability. These<br />

requirements are justified by the fact<br />

that both countries have external<br />

European borders, but they make<br />

the lives of boat owners far more<br />

complicated than in neighbouring<br />

European countries.<br />

Aside from this, incoming and<br />

outgoing border controls in Bulgaria<br />

can be passed in just four places –<br />

Varna, Burgas, Balchik and Tsarevo,<br />

which makes the marina industry<br />

development in other parts of the<br />

country almost impossible.<br />

To some extent, however, the industry<br />

is growing, thanks to the development of<br />

yachting vacation tourism where locals<br />

rent yachts. As explained by Christian<br />

Simon, manager of Sailing Holidays<br />

Romania, one of the companies<br />

engaged in this business in Romania,<br />

the popularity of this type of tourism has<br />

been steadily growing for several years,<br />

thanks to the proximity of large markets,<br />

such as Greece, Turkey and Italy.<br />

The Balkan countries are also playing<br />

an increasingly important role in the<br />

regional yachting industry, with Croatia<br />

and Montenegro already having fairly<br />

extensive marina industries, and thus<br />

indirectly supporting other countries in<br />

the region, according to Simon.<br />

Supermarinas for<br />

Adriatic coast<br />

On the Adriatic side, the marina<br />

industry is doing much better,<br />

especially in Croatia, where the country<br />

has a thriving marina industry and also<br />

continues to actively look for ways to<br />

lure further megaboats or superyachts.<br />

This pushes local investors to pump<br />

money into large-scale marinas able to<br />

accommodate luxury yachts.<br />

In May 2021, ACI-Gitone Ltd was<br />

granted the 30-year-concession to build<br />

and use a special-purpose-port – the<br />

nautical tourism port of Porto Baros in<br />

Rijeka. ACI-Gitone’s plan is to invest<br />

363.7 million kunas (US$50.7 million)<br />

in this project to build a marina for<br />

superyachts with around 500 mooring<br />

places.<br />

“This investment makes me happy<br />

as we know that with<br />

such a marina capable<br />

of hosting megayachts<br />

comes a series of<br />

additional services. Rijeka<br />

and its surroundings<br />

must take advantage of<br />

such opportunity,” Oleg<br />

Butković, Minister of<br />

the Sea, Transport and<br />

Infrastructure, said in a<br />

statement.<br />

The new marina project,<br />

however, is opposed by<br />

local environmentalists,<br />

who claim that billionaires<br />

from all over Europe mooring their<br />

superyachts in Rijeka would not be<br />

beneficial for the local citizens. As<br />

explained by local politician Nebojsa<br />

Zelic, the project envisages “that in the<br />

end local residents would be denied<br />

access to the sea.”<br />

The Rijeka marina is not the only<br />

new project in the Croatian yachting<br />

infrastructure industry. Last year<br />

D-Marin welcomed <strong>Marina</strong> Tribunj as<br />

the fourth destination in its Croatia<br />

cluster. As mentioned in an official<br />

statement released by the company,<br />

this marina has 220 wet and 50<br />

dry berths, as well as a full-service<br />

boatyard. This latest addition will add<br />

to D-Marin’s existing 1,760 berths in<br />

Croatia. The marina also features a<br />

fuel station, technical boat services, a<br />

marina restaurant and accommodation<br />

facilities. <strong>Marina</strong> Tribunj has a total<br />

of six berths for superyachts up to a<br />

maximum length of 35m (115ft).<br />

Over the past few years, new<br />

luxury marinas have also opened<br />

in Montenegro to complement<br />

the international renown of Porto<br />

Montenegro. The country is gradually<br />

becoming a popular destination for<br />

European superyachts. The newcomers<br />

are Lustica Bay on the Lustica<br />

peninsula, which opened in 2018, and<br />

Porto Novi in Kumbor at Boka Kotorska<br />

Bay, which launched in 2019.<br />

Lustica Bay is described as a marina<br />

town offering waterfront residences,<br />

hotels, berths, golf and other lifestyle<br />

facilities.<br />

“<strong>Marina</strong> Lustica Bay is a modern port<br />

and an ideal gateway to the Adriatic<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 33




• Full line of hydraulic boat handling equipment<br />

• Yard, self-propelled, and highway models<br />

• Open frame design to maximize flexibility and efficiency<br />

Kropf Industrial also supplies mobile<br />

boat lifts, as well as steel or HDPE<br />

pipe floating docks, and steel floating<br />

breakwaters.<br />

www.kropfindustrial.com info@kropfindustrial.com 888.480.3777


Internationally renowned Porto<br />

Montenegro, the flagship luxury marina<br />

in Montenegro, has been instrumental<br />

in attracting wealthy tourists and<br />

superyacht owners to the country.<br />

coast. Located between the blue<br />

sea and mountainous landscapes<br />

at the UNESCO-protected Boka<br />

Kotorska area entrance, it provides<br />

fascinating access to the world’s<br />

most popular sailing destinations.<br />

The offer of our marina includes:<br />

176 berths for yachts 6 to 35m<br />

[20 to 115ft] long, yacht club and<br />

crew facilities,” says Daren Gibson,<br />

general manager of Lustica<br />

Development AD.<br />

“As for other projects in the region,<br />

environmental concerns were a<br />

challenge for the project, but they<br />

were eventually overcome,” he adds.<br />

Porto Novi is a similar type of<br />

complex involving 140 rooms and villas,<br />

residences and a marina with berths<br />

for megayachts in the mix. The €500<br />

million project is One&Only’s first resort<br />

in Europe.<br />

According to Bloomberg, Croatia has<br />

become the world’s sixth most popular<br />

destination for megayachts in 2021,<br />

after Italy, the USA, Greece, France<br />

and Spain, but ahead of such popular<br />

destinations like Turkey and Monaco.<br />

Montenegro is not too far behind – as<br />

tenth on the list. “The Adriatic nation<br />

hopes to build its yacht presence as the<br />

wealthy look for alternatives in the area<br />

to favourites like Croatia,” Bloomberg<br />

stated.<br />

Both Croatia and Montenegro have<br />

made incredible progress in attracting<br />

foreign yachts and developing yachting<br />

infrastructure, raising hopes that other<br />

countries in the Balkan region could<br />

follow the lead in coming years.<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 35


From the smallest to the largest<br />

Any customized solutions for every need<br />

Minus Minus top led Geo Aquarius Domyna Link<br />

Aquarius model<br />

Personalized solutions<br />

“Ocean Reef <strong>Marina</strong>”, Panama


The existing fuel berth will be<br />

upgraded by early 2023.<br />

New fuel dock for<br />

superyacht marina<br />

Adriatic <strong>Marina</strong>s, owner of the Porto Montenegro superyacht marina in Tivat,<br />

Montenegro has appointed specialist consultancy firm <strong>Marina</strong> Projects Ltd<br />

(MPL) to manage the redevelopment of the marina’s fuel dock.<br />

The project is part of an ongoing<br />

wider masterplan redevelopment of the<br />

Tivat Arsenal. The existing fuel berth,<br />

which supplies in the order of 20 million<br />

litres/4.4 million gallons of fuel each<br />

year, will be upgraded. The old fuel tanks<br />

will be decommissioned and a new<br />

floating fuel storage facility installed. In<br />

addition, a new harbourmaster building<br />

will be constructed.<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> Projects has been appointed<br />

as overall project manager for the<br />

scheme, with responsibility for<br />

coordination of the project team through<br />

design, construction and the testing<br />

and commissioning of the finished<br />

facility. The scope of work includes:<br />

design and build of a new floating fuel<br />

storage facility of around 2.6 million<br />

litres/571,900 gallons (barge); maritime<br />

civil engineering of the berthing<br />

arrangements and mechanical and<br />

electrical upgrades to the existing<br />

fuel jetty; design and construction of<br />

the new harbourmaster building and<br />

decommissioning of the existing landbased<br />

fuel storage facility.<br />

With design work commencing<br />

immediately, the current<br />

programme will see building<br />

works completed by the end of<br />

<strong>2022</strong> and the new fuel facility<br />

ready for early 2023.<br />

Svetozar Radovic of Adriatic<br />

<strong>Marina</strong>s commented: “The<br />

appointment of <strong>Marina</strong> Projects<br />

was our preferred solution<br />

to help us deliver this critical<br />

piece of new infrastructure to<br />

support the superyacht marina<br />

facility at Porto Montenegro.<br />

We have worked successfully<br />

with <strong>Marina</strong> Projects for over<br />

ten years and welcome their<br />

professional skill and industry<br />

knowledge to support Adriatic<br />

<strong>Marina</strong>s.”<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> Projects has been involved<br />

with Porto Montenegro – formerly a<br />

disused military site – from concept<br />

design stage in 2006. In the intervening<br />

years, the company assisted Adriatic<br />

<strong>Marina</strong>s in the delivery of the marina<br />

with associated shoreside facilities.<br />

Mike Ward, managing director of<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> Projects, described the contract<br />

as “an exciting opportunity for us<br />

to continue our successful working<br />

relationship with Adriatic <strong>Marina</strong>s,<br />

extending our long association<br />

with Porto Montenegro and further<br />

developing this world class superyacht<br />

facility.”<br />

“It is a testament to MPL’s skills and<br />

professionalism that Adriatic <strong>Marina</strong>s<br />

saw us as the ideal partner to assist<br />

them in successfully delivering this<br />

critical infrastructure project,” he added.<br />

The project has a capital value of<br />

approximately €4.5 million and the new<br />

facility is planned to open for the new<br />

season in <strong>March</strong> 2023.<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 37


FlexiSail fleet moves<br />

into Hamble Point<br />

UK owner/operator MDL <strong>Marina</strong>s has welcomed FlexiSail and its 15 strong<br />

fleet of cruising yachts, catamarans, cabin cruisers and RIBs to Hamble Point<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> on the English south coast.<br />

The boat share membership company<br />

relocated to the marina at the entrance<br />

to the River Hamble just in time for the<br />

start of the <strong>2022</strong> boating season. In<br />

addition to berthing its comprehensive<br />

fleet at the marina, FlexiSail is also<br />

utilising one of MDL’s business units for<br />

its new headquarters and sales office.<br />

“We’re delighted FlexiSail has chosen<br />

Hamble Point <strong>Marina</strong>, not just for<br />

berthing its impressive line-up of boats,<br />

but also for its main base of operations,”<br />

Tracking, supporting<br />

and protecting the fleet<br />

Boat Fix, a recreational boating telematics company that provides a<br />

combination of remote monitoring, GPS tracking, sophisticated geofencing<br />

and 24/7 live customer support has launched Fleet Manager Pro - a one-of-a<br />

kind fleet management programme for boat rental companies, boat clubs and<br />

charter companies.<br />

The programme offers:<br />

• Highly accurate GPS tracking with<br />

historical playback functionality for use<br />

in the case of an incident or dispute<br />

• Sophisticated, multiple and time-driven<br />

geofencing to prevent unauthorised<br />

use, theft and entry into prohibited<br />

areas<br />

• 24/7/365 live and immediate business<br />

support<br />

• Customised fleet management reports<br />

available monthly, weekly or daily<br />

• An onboard strobe light triggered<br />

by entry into a prohibited zone or<br />

delayed return to alert the user and<br />

generate an immediate corrective<br />

action<br />

The Boat Fix telematics device that<br />

drives the system has its own built-in<br />

GPS and SIM card that communicates<br />

via the 4G network. It will transmit<br />

worldwide from any cell tower, usually<br />

up to 20mi/32km offshore. If out of<br />

range, the device will store up 10,000<br />

GPS locations every 60 seconds –<br />

roughly a week’s worth of data. Saved<br />

says MDL sales and marketing director<br />

Tim Mayer.<br />

FlexiSail offers three levels of<br />

membership, giving members an<br />

agreed number of guaranteed days<br />

onboard each year. Providing a<br />

supportive environment for those new<br />

to boating, as well as seasoned sailors,<br />

FlexiSail also operates a members-only<br />

RYA Training Centre, tailoring training<br />

to an individual member’s needs.<br />

“We’re excited to bring our Hamblebased<br />

fleet to Hamble Point <strong>Marina</strong>,”<br />

comments Nikki Walker, FlexiSail<br />

director. “We couldn’t wish for a better<br />

location on the River Hamble. Its<br />

proximity to the Solent provides our<br />

members with more time sailing, and<br />

our new office allows us to offer a better<br />

customer experience to our members.”<br />

“The move also enables us to offer<br />

our members even more choice. We’ve<br />

created a new feature called Paddle,<br />

allowing our members free access<br />

to water sports equipment to take<br />

sailing with them, and we’ve also taken<br />

delivery of another boat, a Cornish<br />

Shrimper 19 sailing boat, swelling our<br />

Hamble fleet even further.”<br />

Hamble Point <strong>Marina</strong> has 230 wet<br />

berths, a drystack for 137 boats and an<br />

extensive range of shoreside facilities.<br />

In addition to the Ketch Rigger bar and<br />

restaurant, it boasts the best selection<br />

of new and used boats for sale on the<br />

South Coast.<br />

data is automatically uploaded when<br />

the system is back in cell range. All the<br />

tracking and monitoring data is stored<br />

for seven years.<br />

“Our devices collect a huge amount<br />

of data and with our sophisticated<br />

monitoring software, there is nothing<br />

that the rental or charter operator does<br />

not know about every boat in the fleet,”<br />

said Kevin Walsh, head of operations at<br />

Boat Fix. “How often the boat is used,<br />

where it went, how fast it went, how<br />

many days it sat idle, engine hours and<br />

more. Our service and data provide<br />

our fleet owner partners with unrivalled<br />

ability to support and service their<br />

fleet, ensure customer safety, and save<br />

money and time on insurance-related<br />

issues.”<br />

“In one season alone, we had<br />

multiple damaged lower units and<br />

replaced many boat props from boats<br />

grounding in places the member<br />

was advised to avoid because of<br />

underwater hazards,” said Jared Irwin,<br />

owner, Freedom Boat Club, Lake St.<br />

38<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2022</strong>


Premier Agapi Club expands<br />

Having experienced substantial<br />

growth at its flagship club at<br />

Swanwick <strong>Marina</strong>, the Premier<br />

Agapi Boat Club is expanding to<br />

Chichester <strong>Marina</strong>. Both marinas are<br />

on the south coast of England.<br />

Established in 2020, the Club offers<br />

an affordable subscription membership<br />

model suited to both experienced<br />

and novice boaters. With a variety<br />

of membership and training options<br />

on offer starting from less than £300<br />

per month, members can tailor a fee<br />

plan to reflect their experience, boat<br />

choice, level of usage and service<br />

requirements.<br />

From the two UK club bases at<br />

Chichester and Swanwick on the<br />

Hamble River, members are free to<br />

explore Premier’s selection of marinas<br />

right across the Solent, including<br />

options for overnight stays, and can<br />

also use the growing number of Agapi<br />

Boat Centres across Europe, thanks<br />

to the Club’s new roaming programme.<br />

This allows UK members to use boats<br />

from 17 centres in mainland Spain, the<br />

Balearics, Crete and Scandinavia.<br />

Andy Mills, Premier <strong>Marina</strong>s<br />

business development director,<br />

commented: “The Premier Agapi<br />

Boat Club really works for the large<br />

The Agapi Club fleet is constantly<br />

expanding with new boats.<br />

number of people that would really<br />

enjoy time on the water but are put<br />

off boating by the costs of ownership<br />

and maintenance and acquiring the<br />

competency to go boating safely.<br />

We are delighted to be able to bring<br />

our boat club to Chichester Marine<br />

and open up a new location for both<br />

existing and new members.”<br />

Clair. “Boat Fix would have saved me<br />

thousands of dollars in claims and<br />

protected my insurance premium. For<br />

me having Boat Fix on every boat is<br />

now a no brainer – especially with the<br />

geofence strobe alarm that averts the<br />

problem automatically in real time.”<br />

Fleet Manager Pro requires<br />

the purchase of the Boat Fix<br />

telematics device for $139 and a<br />

strobe for $39. The device comes<br />

with a lifetime warranty and is<br />

transferable at no charge to new<br />

inventory. Installation is simple<br />

and usually takes between 15 to<br />

30 minutes, depending on the<br />

vessel. In addition to the oneoff<br />

device purchase, there is an<br />

annual charge of $139 for the SIM<br />

card data, business support and<br />

reports.<br />

“Fleet Manager Pro is an<br />

unbeatable combination of<br />

reliable hardware, industryleading<br />

tracking software, 24/7<br />

support, all at an affordable<br />

Image: Boat Fix<br />

price,” said Alastair Crawford, founder,<br />

Boat Fix. “There is a reason we<br />

have a 93% renewal rate. We look<br />

forward to showing rental and charter<br />

organisations the incredible value and<br />

peace of mind Boat Fix delivers.”<br />

Founded in 2015 and headquartered<br />

in Connecticut, Boat Fix claims to have<br />

the industry’s only 24/7 service centres<br />

in the USA and Europe.<br />

www.boatfix.biz/boat-rental<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 39


MARINA<br />

BULL<br />




+1 (805) 485-7821 wigginslift@wigginslift.com<br />

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One man can easily and safely do dry docking and launching of sailing<br />

and motor boats on ramps and slipways with a SUBLIFT. Typical usage is<br />

docking for fast service, cleaning of hulls and for winter season storage.<br />

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12-90<br />

ton<br />

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Share, socialise<br />

and save with<br />

Freedom Boat Club<br />

The world’s largest and oldest boat club, Freedom Boat Club, has a presence<br />

in more than 330 prime locations across North America, the UK, France and<br />

Spain. In February, it opened a second location in the UK, with ambitious plans<br />

for more.<br />

Established in 1989 in Florida and<br />

founded on the idea of making boating<br />

accessible to everyone, today Freedom<br />

is a highly experienced operator in the<br />

boat club segment, offering 28 locations<br />

in Europe, with plans to add more<br />

ahead of the <strong>2022</strong> boating season in<br />

the UK and France. Through its boat<br />

share concept, the company attracts<br />

both first-time boaters and experienced<br />

boaters looking to enjoy their time on<br />

the water while Freedom handles the<br />

purchase of the boats, maintenance,<br />

storage and cleaning. It aims to make<br />

the boating experience as simple as<br />

possible, with members “arriving and<br />

driving” for a day out on the water.<br />

In May 2019, Brunswick Corporation<br />

– the world’s largest marine<br />

manufacturer – acquired Freedom Boat<br />

Club, which has since almost doubled<br />

the number of locations it offers, from<br />

Club members have access to a broad<br />

range of boats.<br />

170 to 331, with more than 50,000<br />

memberships and 70,000 members. In<br />

<strong>April</strong> last year, it opened its first UK-<br />

Hythe <strong>Marina</strong> Village, with its excellent<br />

access to Solent waters, is an ideal location<br />

for the UK’s second Freedom Boat Club.<br />

based location at Trafalgar Wharf in<br />

Portsmouth, one of the most desirable<br />

boating locations in the UK (see <strong>Marina</strong><br />

<strong>World</strong>, July/August, p.46). It had an<br />

overwhelmingly positive reaction from<br />

the market, enabling it to grow further.<br />

This month, Freedom opened a<br />

second UK location in Southampton,<br />

at Hythe <strong>Marina</strong> Village, part of the<br />

MDL <strong>Marina</strong>s group. The new location<br />

will provide additional access to the<br />

Solent for existing members and allow<br />

Freedom to reach new customers from<br />

a broader demographic throughout the<br />

region. The new location is planned to<br />

open for the <strong>2022</strong> boating season, with<br />

new boats being added to the fleet to<br />

support the expansion.<br />

The sharing economy<br />

The global boat club industry and<br />

boat share model is expanding rapidly<br />

internationally, helped in part by the<br />

pandemic “boating boom”, which<br />

pushed many consumers to opt for<br />

outdoor activities that allowed them<br />

to safely socially distance with friends<br />

and family. Boating became the perfect<br />

option for many, with the industry overall<br />

experiencing unprecedented growth.<br />

The same proved true for Freedom<br />

Boat Club. After its initial opening in<br />

the UK in <strong>April</strong> last year, it experienced<br />

tremendous growth from new members<br />

looking to get out on the water, who may<br />

not have had access to a boat before.<br />

“These boaters have since become our<br />

biggest advocates of Freedom Boat<br />

Club,” says Jason Worthy, vice president<br />

of Boating Services, EMEA.<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 41


Furthermore, the high demand for<br />

boats has resulted in longer lead times<br />

for delivery, which makes joining a boat<br />

club a great opportunity to get on the<br />

water quickly. “While there are many<br />

players in the space, we continue to<br />

be the largest and most experienced<br />

operator,” Worthy asserts. In total, the<br />

Freedom fleet contains more than<br />

4,500 boats, including bowriders,<br />

pontoons, centre consoles, deck boats<br />

and wake boats.<br />

Freedom’s model provides a good<br />

entry point for first-time boaters who<br />

may not yet be comfortable on the<br />

water or ready to make the financial<br />

investment of a boat purchase. As a<br />

result, uptake of Freedom’s on-water<br />

training programme has been high, and<br />

it has been well-received.<br />

Many of its members are seasoned<br />

boaters who previously owned a boat<br />

but are attracted to the convenience<br />

Freedom offers as the company<br />

handles many of the less attractive<br />

aspects of boat ownership, such as<br />

cleaning, maintenance and storage.<br />

“Our members enjoy being able to<br />

reserve the boat they would like to use<br />

for the day, arriving at the docks and<br />

knowing that we’re handling the rest to<br />

ensure they have a great day on the<br />

water,” Worthy explains.<br />

Unique offerings<br />

Key to its success is having a presence<br />

in some of the most desirable boating<br />

locations in the world. In the UK, it<br />

provides direct access to the Solent,<br />

Freedom is now well established in Chicago<br />

(above) and Portsmouth (below).<br />

a 20 mile (32km) strait between the<br />

Isle of Wight and Great Britain, and an<br />

area of outstanding national beauty.<br />

In France, it has a presence along the<br />

northern and southern coasts and,<br />

most recently, it acquired Fanautic<br />

Club in Spain, adding 23 locations<br />

across the coastline to its portfolio. In<br />

North America, it has locations across<br />

34 states and within each Canadian<br />

province, giving its members access to<br />

some of the top boating destinations in<br />

the world.<br />

“We look forward to continuing<br />

our international expansion within<br />

our existing footprint, as well as new<br />

territories across Europe,” says Worthy.<br />

One offering claimed to be unique<br />

to Freedom is the unlimited access<br />

it provides to its on-water training<br />

programme. Members can go out on<br />

the water with the company’s trained<br />

captains as often as they wish to gain<br />

confidence in their boating skills. This<br />

training access is available at all its<br />

locations, so if a member is visiting a<br />

location for the first time, the captains<br />

will take them out to ensure they<br />

feel confident navigating the local<br />

waterways.<br />

Another selling point is its ‘reciprocal<br />

access’, allowing members to book<br />

reservations at any location. “That’s one<br />

of the things our members enjoy most –<br />

booking their travel based on where we<br />

have Freedom locations, so they can<br />

explore the local waterways through<br />

their membership,” says Worthy.<br />

The company’s online reservation<br />

system is available on any device and<br />

via an app, enabling members to easily<br />

book the day, time and type of boat<br />

they would like to take out for the day.<br />

Once they complete the reservation,<br />

they simply arrive at the dock at their<br />

scheduled time and Freedom has the<br />

boat fuelled, cleaned and ready to go<br />

for a fun day on the water.<br />

“Each new member of Freedom<br />

Boat Club is required to complete a<br />

new member training course (subject<br />

to country requirements) upon joining<br />

and they have unlimited access to<br />

training throughout their membership,”<br />

Worthy adds. “This training programme<br />

has received numerous accolades and<br />

members enjoy the one-on-one training<br />

to practice their skills with a certified<br />

captain and gain confidence on the<br />

water.”<br />

42<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

<strong>Marina</strong> <strong>World</strong><br />

Digital Editions<br />

Available for remote reading<br />

As remote as you like<br />

Sign up at<br />





Remote monitoring<br />

—<br />

With the APP “Service Mobile” we manage<br />

preventative and corrective maintenance<br />

actions.<br />

Client Portal. A platform roviding up-todate<br />

crane information that both GH and<br />

the client can access.<br />

Remote monitoring of the crane’s<br />

operating data in real time. Making<br />

preemptive and corrective maintenance<br />

more efficient.<br />

Boat<br />

hoists<br />

Marine jib<br />

cranes<br />

Dry<br />

docks<br />

Motorized Boat<br />

Trailer<br />

For further information on<br />

any of our marine products,<br />

please download our latest<br />

catalogue here.<br />



motion@ghcranes.com<br />

www.motion.ghcranes.com<br />

Looking to offer supercharging at your marina?<br />

<br />

at no cost to you, providing 24/7 customer care and all<br />

compatibility testing.<br />

enquiries@aqua-superpower.com (quote MW1)<br />

www.aqua-superpower.com<br />

Are you looking for increased profits and<br />

operational efficiency? Book your demo today.<br />

Pacsoft’s fully featured software can bring greater clarity to many<br />

of your day-to-day business functions...www.pacsoftmms.com<br />

Pacsoft is a Jonas Software Company<br />

Pacsoft <strong>Marina</strong> <strong>World</strong> Ad_Jan_20_Quarter Pg.indd 1<br />

11/01/21 3:55 PM


Upbeat mood leads<br />

to flurry of projects<br />

Despite complex logistics, Italian company Ingemar has filed 2021/22 financial<br />

reports that match its previous year. This success is largely down to a flurry of<br />

modernisation initiatives at Italian marinas that reflect an upbeat mood in the<br />

boating community.<br />

Over the past six months, Ingemar<br />

has completed numerous installations<br />

in Italy and also enjoyed new export<br />

prospects. The greatest demand in<br />

2021 was for large floating breakwaters.<br />

This spurred the company to complete<br />

tank tests at the University of Padua for<br />

breakwater modules up to 10m (33ft)<br />

wide and accelerated its development<br />

of a new elastomer damping system for<br />

anchor lines.<br />

Details of project highlights are as<br />

follows:<br />

Sardinia: in the Gulf of Arzachena,<br />

Ingemar delivered two new T-shaped<br />

mooring piers for Smeralda Immobili.<br />

One is located in the beautiful and<br />

exclusive Cala di Volpe (SS) and<br />

the second, intended for maxi-yacht<br />

mooring, is in the lively marina of<br />

Canniggione (SS). Mooring capacity at<br />

Pontile Destriero was also increased.<br />

Work completed at Cala Balbiano in<br />

La Maddalena (above) and, in the Gulf<br />

of Cugnana, Ingemar installed new<br />

breakwaters for Sardegna Navigando<br />

to protect moorings in <strong>Marina</strong> Cala<br />

dei Sardi (right). These imposing<br />

floating barriers measure 120m (390ft)<br />

and 200m (660ft) long and are 10m<br />

(33ft) wide. They feature semi-flexible<br />

connections and unsinkable pontoon<br />

elements in reinforced concrete and<br />

expanded polystyrene. The units were<br />

manufactured at Ingemar’s mobile yard<br />

in Olbia and towed to the destination<br />

by sea.<br />

Porto Venere (SP):<br />

Ingemar supplied a<br />

new fuel pontoon for<br />

CDG Service, and<br />

replaced a pontoon<br />

that was one of three<br />

old mooring piers<br />

under municipal<br />

management<br />

on behalf of the<br />

company CEMA.<br />

The new floating<br />

modules, with<br />

refined timber<br />

decking and modern access systems,<br />

give the area a face lift.<br />

Stresa (VCO): An original fixed<br />

pontoon with variable inclination and<br />

access gangway was completed on the<br />

shores of Lake Maggiore to allow tourist<br />

boats to dock at the Hotel La Palma.<br />

The pontoon automatically adapts to<br />

different water levels.<br />

Castel Gandolfo (RM): Two floating<br />

docks are now in operation on the<br />

lake for the Italian Canoe and Kayak<br />

Federation (FICK). Each landing<br />

consists of a platform and floating<br />

walkway. The work was completed with<br />

a landside pathway to facilitate access<br />

for people with disabilities.<br />

Trieste: Ingemar was involved in two<br />

initiatives to boost sailing. Floating<br />

aluminium piers were installed to<br />

enlarge the quayside in the Sacchetta<br />

area, and a slipway for small sailing<br />

boats constructed in the waters of the<br />

old commercial port on behalf of Lega<br />

Navale Italiana di Trieste.<br />

Villa San Giovanni (RC): Ingemar<br />

supplied a first floating pier for <strong>Marina</strong><br />

dello Stretto, complete with accessories<br />

for extra-large boats.<br />

Venice: The development of Certosa<br />

Island for nautical and recreational<br />

purposes never stops. Around 200m<br />

(660ft) of floating docks were added<br />

under the quay along the Vignole<br />

channel, complete with mooring minifingers<br />

to create more than 50 berths<br />

for short stays.<br />

Cetara (SA): Ingemar worked with<br />

Cetara Scarl to lengthen the existing<br />

pier and provide another 60m of new<br />

floating structures.<br />

Overseas: Work has been completed<br />

on the last of the four marinas at Kuwait<br />

Sea City, Kuwait, for a total of 800<br />

berths on approximately 10km (6.2mi) of<br />

floating pontoons and fingers. Additional<br />

projects were installed in Crete and in<br />

the port of Duqm in Oman, and a new<br />

commercial collaboration initiated with<br />

West Coast Marine of Mumbai, India.<br />

Lorenzo Isalberti, founder and<br />

president of Ingemar Group, summed<br />

up: “It has been a year of difficult and, in<br />

many ways, onerous choices. But today<br />

we seem to be being rewarded for the<br />

efforts we’ve made so far to overcome<br />

one of the least happy periods for our<br />

global economic system.”<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 45

The Last Decking Solution<br />

You’ll Ever Need<br />

888.478.3569<br />

thruflow.com<br />

sales@thruflow.com<br />

CAT-handling at its best<br />

www.roodberg.com<br />

The Original


Bluetooth<br />

control for<br />

lifts and<br />

covers<br />

US manufacturer Sunstream is now<br />

offering a Bluetooth transmitter and<br />

smartphone app for its hydraulic<br />

boat lifts and SwiftShield automatic<br />

boat cover systems.<br />

Available for Apple and Android<br />

smartphones, the system is claimed<br />

to be an industry first and provides<br />

convenient remote control operation,<br />

longer range two-way communication,<br />

and diagnostic capabilities for the<br />

products. The app allows users to<br />

always have a Sunstream remote<br />

in their pocket for a faster, more<br />

convenient way to get out on the water.<br />

The two-way communication transfers<br />

data between the smartphone and<br />

Marine grade<br />

floodlighting<br />

Ansell Lighting has added a marine grade product line, Aztec Coastal, to its<br />

popular Aztec range of floodlights.<br />

Designed to ensure resistance to<br />

corrosion, rust and colour fade from<br />

salty air and harsh weather conditions,<br />

the product is ideal for locations within<br />

50 miles of the coast.<br />

Aztec Coastal has undergone a<br />

concentrated saline 3,000 hour salt<br />

spray test, and with an IP66 rating<br />

it can withstand severe weather<br />

conditions and is protected against<br />

ingress and damage from sea salt.<br />

Created in Ansell’s design and<br />

innovation centre in Warrington, UK,<br />

Aztec Coastal Symmetric floodlight<br />

provides an evenly distributed beam<br />

pattern, typically around 120° x<br />

120°, making it ideal for large indoor<br />

and outdoor storage facilities. The<br />

Asymmetric version has a beam<br />

distribution pattern of 120° x 60°<br />

better suited to car parks, docks and<br />

harbours, promenades and piers.<br />

Boasting low energy levels, it comes<br />

with 1.5m (5ft) of pre-wired cable and<br />

a movable, angled bracket to make<br />

installation quick and simple. It carries<br />

Ansell’s five year guarantee.<br />

www.anselluk.com<br />

the lift, enabling the app to display<br />

the current voltage, charging status,<br />

battery health, performance data and<br />

diagnostic data, as well as provide<br />

basic up and down functionality.<br />

With the new Bluetooth 5 standard,<br />

many mobile handsets will give an<br />

unprecedented range of up to 300ft<br />

(91m).<br />

The nature of Bluetooth enables<br />

instant and more precise control of<br />

the lift or cover hydraulics. Existing<br />

remote controls use Radio Frequency<br />

(RF) technology. There are several<br />

limitations to this technology; the first<br />

being that the popularity of RF signals<br />

are crowding bandwidth and causing a<br />

reduction in range for those devices.<br />

Another downfall to RF is that<br />

these signals require a split-second<br />

of continued operation after the<br />

button is released to prevent start and<br />

stop during operation. Finally, RF is<br />

one-directional and not capable of<br />

transmitting data. WiFi technology<br />

solves the problem of data transmission<br />

and range, but network complexities<br />

contribute to instability.<br />

Bluetooth doesn’t require the<br />

aforementioned delay, ensuring<br />

precision operation, i.e. the lift and<br />

covers controlled by the app will start<br />

and stop exactly when buttons are<br />

pressed and released. Because of<br />

its bi-directional characteristic, this<br />

technology is also a natural technical<br />

solution to receiving and transmitting<br />

diagnostic information and thus<br />

allowing for troubleshooting.<br />

www.sunstreamboatlifts.com<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 47

Leading the Industry in Quality,<br />

Versatility and Innovation<br />

Specialists in the design,<br />

fabrication and installation of<br />

customized aluminum and<br />

timber floating dock systems,<br />

fixed piers and gangways for<br />

marina projects worldwide.<br />

From project design and<br />

management to<br />

manufacturing, installation<br />

and maintenance,<br />

Bluewater Marine competes<br />

globally with fabrication<br />

facilities in Hawaii, California<br />

and North Carolina.<br />

Contact our team today for a<br />

consultation and quote on your<br />

next project!<br />

West Coast: San Diego, CA -<br />

619 499 2007<br />

<br />

East Coast: St. Petersburg, FL -<br />

727 209 7110<br />

www.bluewaterdocks.com<br />

info@bluewaterdocks.com<br />


Via Alba-Narzole 19,<br />

12055 -Diano d’Alba (CN)<br />

tel. +39 (0)173 500357<br />

info@boatlift.it<br />



FRP gangway offers<br />

longevity and economy<br />

The port of Palermo in western Sicily has invested in a specially designed<br />

gangway to connect the quayside with a mooring post. The structure had to<br />

be highly resistant to the corrosive effects of brackish water and the stress of<br />

pedestrian traffic.<br />

The contract was awarded to P-Trex<br />

– a department within Fibre Net Spa.<br />

P-Trex specialises in the design and<br />

manufacture of profiles, structures<br />

and fences in FRP composite, and<br />

has relevant recent experience having<br />

delivered one of the longest walkways<br />

in Europe on the River Alenta in<br />

Benevento.<br />

Selecting pultruded FRP profiles for<br />

this kind of gangway is an ideal choice<br />

as it combines excellent mechanical<br />

performance with a high resistance to<br />

corrosion, and hence offers long life<br />

with minimal maintenance.<br />

It is also a cheaper alternative to<br />

stainless steel but is claimed to have<br />

comparable longevity.<br />

Anchor Management<br />

joins Marinetek<br />

Ruurd van Putten and his Vietnam-based company, Anchor Management, has<br />

become the new Marinetek Group representative for Southeast Asia.<br />

In recent years, Marinetek has our strong track record achieved in<br />

successfully delivered turnkey marina SouthEast Asia during the past ten<br />

projects and superyacht facilities years,” said Marinetek CEO Mika<br />

in several countries in the region, Parviainen.<br />

including Hong Kong, Thailand and Anchor Management has been a<br />

Vietnam. “With the local knowledge, pioneer in the yachting and marina<br />

expertise and regional network of industry in Vietnam and beyond. Since<br />

Ruurd van Putten we can continue 2007, van Putten has been involved<br />

In addition to building the 22m (72ft)<br />

long FRP jetty, P-Trex developed a<br />

multi-axial floating point capable of<br />

withstanding considerable stress without<br />

compromising the necessary mobility.<br />

With a total weight of around four<br />

tons, the jetty was constructed in two<br />

parts, pre-assembled in the Fibre<br />

Net factory and then installed on site.<br />

Thanks to the inherent lightness of the<br />

structure, it was commissioned in just<br />

two hours with the help of a mobile<br />

crane and a team of six operators.<br />

The ultramarine blue gangplank<br />

requires no painting or surface<br />

treatment and its appearance will<br />

remain unaltered over time, with<br />

excellent resistance to chemical and<br />

other aggressive agents, as well as<br />

weather and UV rays.<br />

www.p-trex.it<br />

in several new and ground-breaking<br />

activities, such as starting Vietnam’s<br />

first sailing charter company,<br />

establishing Princess Yachts Vietnam<br />

and Cambodia, and realising Ana<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> Nha Trang, the first marina in<br />

Vietnam.<br />

Van Putten commented: “Anchor<br />

Management is excited to join forces<br />

with Marinetek and to develop more<br />

and better marinas and floating<br />

infrastructure projects in Southeast<br />

Asia. With Vietnam as a base, we feel<br />

we are in the middle of the emerging<br />

yachting and marina industry in this<br />

part of the world.”<br />

www.marinetek.net<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 49


Fuel dock fender<br />

Coral Sea <strong>Marina</strong> in the Whitsundays, Australia has fitted ProFender’s super<br />

fender to its busy fuel facility. The move was well received by the region’s<br />

commercial fleet, as well as hundreds of private vessels during the holiday<br />

period.<br />

Trent Ridout-Allen, Coral Sea<br />

<strong>Marina</strong>’s operations manager explains:<br />

“We are continuously looking for ways<br />

to improve the marina experience for<br />

our guests, operators and visitors,<br />

so the addition of ProFender’s super<br />

fendering to the marina’s fuel wharf was<br />

a no brainer.”<br />

“The volume of traffic on our<br />

fuel wharf is consistently high,<br />

particularly during the peak<br />

cruising season, and the super<br />

fendering offers an additional<br />

level of protection for vessels as<br />

well as protection for our marina<br />

infrastructure.”<br />

“The fuel wharf is open 24/7 and<br />

accommodates any size vessel.<br />

Having the added protection of<br />

super fendering provides our<br />

customers with peace of mind and<br />

reduces the potential for risk of<br />

damage to their vessel if they come<br />

across challenges when docking.”<br />

Ross Cooney, managing director of<br />

ProFender adds: “Our products are<br />

designed to provide vessel protection<br />

from trailer boats to superyachts, they<br />

eliminate the need for tie on fenders<br />

when berthing making both the skipper<br />

and crews experience so much easier.”<br />

Wesley Cole, operations manager of<br />

the award-winning Whitsunday Escape<br />

- a bareboat charter company based at<br />

Coral Sea <strong>Marina</strong> with a fleet of over 40<br />

vessels - explains how the new system<br />

benefits the charter operation: “Being<br />

a company that is always looking at<br />

operational efficiencies, the new super<br />

fendering at the fuel wharf at Coral Sea<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> not only means our boats can<br />

get on and off the dock faster at the end<br />

of charter, but also eliminates the risk<br />

of damage to the vessels themselves.”<br />

As an industry leader and the<br />

first 5 Gold Anchor Platinum marina<br />

accredited in Queensland, continuous<br />

improvement across facilities and<br />

services is at the core of Coral Sea<br />

<strong>Marina</strong>’s business operations.<br />

Joscelyn O’Keefe, marketing, sales<br />

and service manager sums up: “We<br />

regularly survey our guests for feedback<br />

on our services and facilities. Fendering<br />

on the fuel wharf is something that<br />

has been suggested by private boat<br />

owners and our commercial fleet. The<br />

feedback we have received so far has<br />

been overwhelmingly positive and our<br />

guests can be assured that we listen to<br />

what they need to make their boating<br />

experience more enjoyable.”<br />

With 520 wet berths, superyacht<br />

facilities for vessels to 80m (262ft)<br />

and a location at the heart of the<br />

Whitsundays and Great Barrier Reef,<br />

Coral Sea <strong>Marina</strong> is a popular boating<br />

playground for boat owners across the<br />

country.<br />

With domestic travel peaking in<br />

2021, and an upwards trend for boat<br />

ownership within Australia, upgrades<br />

such as this play an important part<br />

in ensuring the Whitsunday region<br />

remains a key boating destination.<br />

Alex<br />

Kavanaugh<br />

Alex Kavanaugh has been<br />

promoted to president of USbased<br />

Brownell Boat Stands<br />

(BBS). He has been with the<br />

company since 2016 and<br />

has been hands-on in all<br />

departments, from manufacturing<br />

through to product development<br />

and sales.<br />

“Alex has a firm grasp of the<br />

business, he’s very customer-centric<br />

in his approach, and his leadership<br />

style is very collaborative. I am<br />

confident in promoting him to the<br />

position of president,” said Peter<br />

Kavanaugh, who will move to the<br />

position of CEO/chairman.<br />

Alex takes the helm at a very<br />

exciting time. “I am thrilled to have<br />

the opportunity to lead Brownell<br />

into the future. Our company has<br />

a long, proud history and I look<br />

forward to continuing the legacy.<br />

At the same time, we are forging<br />

a new path with our new factory,<br />

innovative new products and, as<br />

always, superior quality and value<br />

for our customers. Here’s to another<br />

60 years of Brownell Boat Stands,”<br />

he commented.<br />

BBS manufactures boat stands<br />

for all types and sizes of boats, boat<br />

handling dollies, a wide variety of<br />

shop equipment, staging ladders<br />

and trailer components.<br />

www.boatstands.com<br />

50<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2022</strong>


Boater<br />

app<br />

enjoys<br />

record<br />

year<br />

In lifting the 292-tonne, 45.7m (150ft) long Benetti superyacht “Mistress”, The<br />

Boat Works set a record last November for the heaviest vessel ever to be hauled<br />

out of the water on Australia’s Gold Coast. Despite bad weather, the team took<br />

just two hours to lift the vessel out of the Coomera River using “Rhino”, the<br />

yard’s 300 tonne Marine Travelift.<br />

Grant awarded<br />

to fund pontoon<br />

innovations<br />

Marinetek Adriatic has been awarded a Norwegian Financial Mechanism grant<br />

to further business development and innovation in Croatia.<br />

Receiving the award further boosted<br />

the company’s achievements in 2021,<br />

which was a successful although<br />

challenging year.<br />

The money will finance 50% of the<br />

€1 million cost of a new project, Eco<br />

marina, “development of innovative<br />

blue technologies for maritime<br />

superstructure.”<br />

Funds were allocated for the<br />

development of innovative floating<br />

solution prototypes based on detailed<br />

designs for the PEC series 3300<br />

Premier composite pontoon; the BRKC<br />

series 4300 composite breakwater; and<br />

the all-concrete composite ACC series<br />

2400.<br />

The production process of these<br />

solutions will be further adapted to<br />

incorporate innovative materials, such<br />

as composite reinforcements and<br />

expanded polystyrene cores, that will<br />

become elements of new types of<br />

pontoons.<br />

The project is being undertaken in<br />

cooperation with Norwegian company<br />

Stadt Towing Tank (STT), which will be<br />

in charge of mathematical analysis and<br />

testing of prototype pontoons.<br />

www.marinetek.net<br />

2021 was a record year for UK-based<br />

savvy navvy – an app that helps<br />

boaters plot courses and find good<br />

anchorages or marinas.<br />

Since launching four years ago,<br />

the app has been used to plot more<br />

than 430 million miles by hundreds of<br />

thousands of users globally.<br />

In the final quarter of last year<br />

savvy navvy doubled its revenue and<br />

exceeded its crowd funding user growth<br />

campaign targets set for 2021. Dozens<br />

of new major app features were also<br />

launched during the year, including<br />

an industry-first departure scheduler.<br />

A function enabling users to see 3D<br />

terrain along coastlines is also soon to<br />

go live.<br />

“We’re constantly evolving and<br />

making changes based on user<br />

feedback in order to get more people<br />

out on the water enjoying boating. Last<br />

year was our biggest yet and while<br />

some [activity] is certainly down to the<br />

big boom happening in boating at the<br />

moment, working directly with our endusers<br />

to hear their views has enabled<br />

us to make a better product that meets<br />

the market demand to simplify boating<br />

navigation,” says Jelte Liebrand, savvy<br />

navvy CEO and founder.<br />

Liebrand also believes that<br />

partnerships are at the core of industry<br />

innovation. In 2021 alone savvy navvy’s<br />

partnerships increased tenfold and now<br />

cover all of its global regions, including<br />

everything from marinas, products and<br />

specialist boat insurers.<br />

“Any company that ultimately brings<br />

ease of use to a boater’s sailing<br />

experience adds value to us and to<br />

them,” Liebrand notes.<br />

www.savvy-navvy.com<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 51

Reach marina and yard managers, owners and<br />

developers around the globe...<br />

...by advertising in <strong>Marina</strong> <strong>World</strong><br />

For details on all advertisement<br />

options including sponsored features,<br />

contact juliahallam@marinaworld.co.uk<br />



at your fingertips<br />

See you at<br />

<strong>Marina</strong>s22 Booth 23<br />

marinamanagementsoftwaresolutions<br />



IN YOUR<br />


Visit our website<br />

www.marina-master.com<br />

Proud manufacturer<br />

of Australia’s largest<br />

superyacht berth<br />

Southport Yacht Club, Gold Coast<br />

+61 7 5594 8200 | info@superiorjetties.com | www.superiorjetties.com


ICOMIA<br />

policy paper<br />

on marina<br />

taxation<br />

The ICOMIA <strong>Marina</strong>s Group (IMG), has<br />

published a new policy paper on marina<br />

taxation, putting the spotlight on the number<br />

of taxes marinas pay and the disparity of the<br />

tax value when compared to other tourism<br />

outlets. Input was received from ICOMIA’s<br />

partner, European Boating Industry (EBI),<br />

which is actively advocating on VAT and<br />

its application for the boating and nautical<br />

tourism sector at the EU level.<br />

Unquestionably essential for nautical tourism<br />

and tourism in general, marinas should be treated<br />

in the same way as hotels and other hospitality<br />

accommodations. Based on a survey carried out<br />

by ICOMIA members, it is known that 40% of the<br />

countries have a reduced VAT tax for hotels and/<br />

or campsites that is not applicable to marinas.<br />

Of all the countries where there is a different<br />

VAT rate for hotels and marinas, the difference<br />

between those two vary significantly and they<br />

range between 10% and 18%. This notable<br />

difference makes nautical tourism less attractive<br />

and is known to be a big barrier to the growth of<br />

the industry.<br />

IMG chair, Martinho Fortunato, commented:<br />

“<strong>Marina</strong>s have proven to be a great booster to<br />

local economies and tourism. <strong>Marina</strong>s are not<br />

just resorts, they are clusters of companies, an<br />

attraction by themselves, a centre of activities and<br />

a hospitality infrastructure. They increase nautical<br />

tourism and nautical sports. Knowing all this, why<br />

aren’t marinas considered like that in terms of<br />

tax? Why don’t we have a bigger harmonisation<br />

between activities and countries? These are<br />

the main reasons why the ICOMIA <strong>Marina</strong>s<br />

Group carried a survey among its members and<br />

developed the Policy Paper about marina taxation,<br />

a very important document for the future of our<br />

industry.”<br />

Philip Easthill, EBI Secretary-General added:<br />

“EBI is advocating for a level playing field in the<br />

tourism sector at EU level which must include VAT<br />

rates to be adapted for the entire nautical tourism<br />

sector. This can further increase competitiveness<br />

and incentivise economic growth and jobs. We<br />

are delighted that our partner ICOMIA will also<br />

promote this globally in other regions through the<br />

policy paper on marina taxation.”<br />

New improved<br />

Muscle Air<br />

American Muscle Docks & Fabrication (AMD) has redesigned its<br />

Muscle Air Inflatable Dock based on customer feedback from its<br />

introductory model.<br />

The revised version<br />

adds an EVA deck<br />

pad to give a slipresistant<br />

cooler surface<br />

underfoot and an<br />

extra layer of puncture<br />

resistance. The topmounted<br />

grab handles<br />

have been placed<br />

further into the centre<br />

of the dock to make it<br />

easier to access the<br />

dock from the water,<br />

and the stainless steel D-rings<br />

have been moved to the side to<br />

help reduce wear from anchoring<br />

ropes and cables.<br />

Along with the updated design<br />

changes, customers now receive<br />

an 800W electric pump, carry bag<br />

and repair kit. Overall, AMD believes<br />

the new design, with the addition of<br />

the electric air pump, better serves<br />

customers.<br />

www.americanmuscledocks.com<br />

Best service award<br />

for hull cleaner<br />

Drive-in Boatwash, a machine developed by Swedish company<br />

Rentunder, and its French distributor G&G Boatwash, won the<br />

Innovation Competition Jury Prize for best service at the Paris Boat<br />

Show in December 2021.<br />

The solution, which removes<br />

fouling from boat hulls, is<br />

environmentally friendly,<br />

efficient, practical and economic<br />

for marinas and boat owners. By<br />

keeping hulls clean, it eliminates<br />

the need for antifouling paints,<br />

many of which – although<br />

still considered toxic to<br />

the environment – have<br />

become less effective and<br />

more costly.<br />

It takes just 15 minutes<br />

to wash a boat using<br />

the Boatwash. Fouling<br />

is removed and debris<br />

is collected in a large<br />

containment basin under<br />

the machine to avoid any<br />

pollution.<br />

<strong>Marina</strong>s and yards investing<br />

in Boatwash modernise their<br />

operations, improve their<br />

environmental management and<br />

support customers who seek to be<br />

more eco-friendly.<br />

www.driveinboatwash.com<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>March</strong>/<strong>April</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 53


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Sublift by Swede Ship, Sweden 40<br />

Superior Group, Australia 52<br />

ThruFlow, Canada 46<br />

Twinwood by Soprefa, Portugal 10<br />

Walcon Marine, UK 26<br />

Wiggins Lift Co, USA 40<br />

Fast-action pump-out<br />

US-based Albin Group has introduced the Septic 200 Magnelis pump-out<br />

station.<br />

In its 240V version, which has<br />

just been installed at a marina in<br />

Marblehead, Massachusetts, the<br />

station provides a suction rate of<br />

40gpm. This is fast enough to empty<br />

an average holding tank in under 40<br />

seconds using the attached 23ft (7m)<br />

hose. Plus, it switches off automatically<br />

when the tank is empty.<br />

The impressive performance is due<br />

to a high-speed, long-lasting pump with<br />

a self-priming flexible impeller. Because<br />

of its simpler design, maintenance is<br />

easier when compared to vacuum or<br />

peristaltic systems.<br />

Construction features include<br />

a corrosion-resistant stainless<br />

steel shroud to protect the internal<br />

components and provide a clean<br />

appearance; and an integrated<br />

electrical box for easy wiring to the<br />

control panel, pump and vacuum<br />

switch.<br />

Its single-phase 2.2kW, 60 Hz motor<br />

draws 12A. The entire system weighs<br />

165lbs (75kg).<br />

Albin Group offers a 120V version of<br />

the station as well as a wide selection<br />

of replacement parts. The stations<br />

are likewise available as modular<br />

kits without the cover for installations<br />

inside an existing marina building or<br />

appropriate dockside enclosure.<br />

www.albin.group<br />

Extra features for MARINAGO<br />

Scribble Software’s MARINAGO Office cloud-based management system<br />

now has three new features:<br />

1 Boaters can pay at the pump for<br />

fuel by scanning a QR code on<br />

their mobile phones and following<br />

easy step by step instructions. The<br />

system is safe and secure and can<br />

be configured to offer service during<br />

certain hours of the day.<br />

2 Software users are now able to<br />

offer ACH (electronic bank-tobank)<br />

payment processing to<br />

customers. This allows them to<br />

accept ACH payments while batch<br />

invoicing, auto payment processing<br />

or as regular invoice payments.<br />

Customers can also pay invoices in<br />

the customer portal.<br />

3 Built-in communication has<br />

been expanded to include text<br />

messaging. Invoices may now be<br />

sent via text message and/or email<br />

without the need for costly thirdparty<br />

text messaging vendors.<br />

www.marinago.com<br />

54<br />

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Sunday 22 May - Welcome reception. Cruise the Broadwater on the superyacht YOT Club<br />

Monday 23rd & Tuesday 24th May - 2-day Conference & Trade Exhibition<br />

Monday 23rd May - Cocktail Reception with Exhibitors<br />

Tuesday 24th May - Gala Dinner<br />

Wednesday 25th May - Technical Tour visiting 3 of Australia's best marina facilities<br />


Presentations, panels and<br />

workshops<br />

<strong>Marina</strong><br />

<strong>World</strong> www.marinaworld.com<br />

Global Media Partner<br />

Meet face-to-face with over<br />

30 vendors<br />

www.marinas22.com<br />

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<strong>Marina</strong> Projects has the personnel with the breadth<br />

of skills and experience to make a unique and highly<br />

valuable contribution to any marina and waterfront<br />

project, anywhere in the world.<br />

We provide independent, objective advice to our clients,<br />

including private developers, commercial organisations<br />

and government bodies. Our range of services covers<br />

every possible aspect of marina design and waterfront<br />

development, from concept to operation, and our ability<br />

to think successfully through any challenge comes as part<br />

of the package.<br />

Whatever the requirements, we will exceed expectations<br />

to deliver a world leading solution that considers the<br />

needs of our clients and stakeholders at every stage.<br />

<br />

us about your next project today.<br />

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