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“Artists in Focus 2022” celebrates and honors the extraordinary works of artists. It features 50 outstanding artists from different parts of the world to showcase their incredible journey in the world of art, commemorating the 50 glorious years of the UAE. The idea behind launching the book is to recognize and support the creative industry and acknowledge the hard work that is put in by each of the featured artists. It aligns well with the goals of The National Strategy for Cultural and Creative Industries, launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE and the Ruler of Dubai. We believe in the creative community and as our core stands firm on four pillars: Creativity, Unity, Innovation, and Upliftment. This book exemplifies our mission to boost the Creative Economy of the UAE and support the creatives from all genres who would be paving the path towards an exceptional future. We hope you would enjoy reading it as much as we did making it.

“Artists in Focus 2022” celebrates and honors the extraordinary works of artists. It features 50 outstanding artists from different parts of the world to showcase their incredible journey in the world of art, commemorating the 50 glorious years of the UAE.

The idea behind launching the book is to recognize and support the creative industry and acknowledge the hard work that is put in by each of the featured artists. It aligns well with the goals of The National Strategy for Cultural and Creative Industries, launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE and the Ruler of Dubai.

We believe in the creative community and as our core stands firm on four pillars: Creativity, Unity, Innovation, and Upliftment. This book exemplifies our mission to boost the Creative Economy of the UAE and support the creatives from all genres who would be paving the path towards an exceptional future.

We hope you would enjoy reading it as much as we did making it.


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We dedicate this book to the creative community and thank them

for their contribution towards building a beautiful future for

us and our upcoming generations.

We believe in YOU.


His Highness

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

“We may not live for hundreds of years, but the products of

our creativity can leave a legacy long after we are gone.”


Her Highness

Sheikha Latifa Bint Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

“We are proud that the city has truly become a global centre for arts, culture

and creativity, a place where we empower and enable our home-grown talents,

and welcome creatives from all over the world, offering them a home where

they can thrive on a professional and personal level.”


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Magzoid Magazine is extremely pleased to celebrate and honor the extraordinary work of artists with the launch of

Artists in Focus, 2022”. The idea behind launching this platform is to recognize and support the creative industry and

acknowledge the hard-work that is being put by each of the featured artists in this book. Featured are some of the trailblazers

driving a change to take the world towards a better future. Being the leading luxury magazine in the creative segment of

MENA, this initiative of ours is well-inclined with our mission to support and grow the creative economy.

We strive towards building a community of creatives from all the genres who would be paving the path towards an

exceptional future. Our core stands on four pillars: Creativity, Unity, Innovation and Upliftment. With these pillars intact,

we are confident in bringing some revolutionising ideas and changes which will have a direct or indirect positive

impact on businesses and the economy.

In line with the celebration of the 50 years of the UAE, this book features 50 outstanding artists from different parts of the

world. Each of the 50 artists handpicked in this book have been curated to showcase their uniqueness and talents.

Magzoid Magazine has always been proud to have begun its journey here in the UAE and the major factor is the

vision and the support from the leadership that the country witnesses.

We are proud to support the goals of The National Strategy for Cultural and Creative Industries, launched by

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE and the Ruler of Dubai.

“The Dubai Creative Economy Strategy aims to transform the emirate Dubai into an

international destination for creativity and the capital of creative economy by 2025.”

With our current initiatives, we aim at making the creative community of the UAE to lead the physical and digital forefront

now as well as in the future. The same ideology would be reflected in our future initiatives as well.

We hope you enjoy reading this book as much as we enjoyed making it.























































48 | Norris Yim












58-61 | SANA SAJAN




53 | PABLO



















“The painter has the

Universe in his mind

and hands.”

Leonardo Da Vinci




United Arab Emirates

Abdul Qader Al Rais is an Emirati artist who is considered to be one of the most iconic painters of the country. A self-taught artist, Abdul

Qader explores the landscapes and traditions of his homeland. His early works were realistic renderings of landscapes, traditional Emirati

architecture, dhow fishing boats, and coastlines. More political themes permeated his work in the late 1980s and early 1990s, particularly

concerning Palestinian struggles. He later shifted his approach to a mixture of abstraction and calligraphy, focusing on the contours of Arabic letters,

which are now regarded as his signature style. A founding member of the Emirates Fine Arts Society, retrospectives of Abdul Qader’s extensive

artistic career have been held at the Sharjah Art Museum, and the Institut du Monde Arabe (Arab World Institute). The artist was featured in the

UAE Pavilion at the 56th Venice Biennale, and his work is currently held by The British Museum, the Louvre, the Northwest Museum of Culture and

Arts, the Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai, and the Museum of Modern Art in New Delhi. His work has also been displayed at the European

headquarters of the United Nations in Geneva, and his public murals can be found in the Dubai Airport and the Dubai Metro. Among his numerous

awards are the Sheikh Khalifa Prize for Art and Literature, Abu Dhabi (2006); Golden Palm Award, Gulf Cooperation Council Art Exhibition, Doha

(1999); first prize at The UAE in the Eyes of Its Artists, Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation (1999); Sultan Al Owais Award for Scientific Studies and

Creativity, Dubai (1992, 1994, 1996) and first prize at the UAE Exhibition in China (1991).




United Kingdom

Amber Tyldesley is a 27-year-old wildlife artist from Warrington in

the UK. Working predominantly in acrylics, her artwork derives

from a fascination with the intricate details, textures and colours

found within the natural world. “Acrylics are my chosen medium. The

animal kingdom offers unlimited inspiration. From familiar favourites

such as tigers and lions to less-represented species like pangolins

and okapis, I find every species has a story to tell and intriguing set of

behaviours to reveal. Whatever the subject may be, I want my pieces to be

bold- capable of celebrating the incredible beauty of the natural world,”

says Amber. She has been a finalist in the David Shepherd Wildlife

Foundation ‘Wildlife Artist of the Year’ competition for the past three

consecutive years, receiving highly-commended awards from the judging

panel on each occasion. Her jaguar piece ‘Closing In’

was also voted the ‘People’s Choice’ winner in the

2019 competition. Amber was selected as the

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation’s first

‘Artist of the Month’ during July 2020, with

sales raising over £2000.00 for the charity

during this time. Supporting conservation

efforts remains at the heart of her work,

and over the past three years artwork sales

have raised over £9000.00 for projects

across Africa and Asia. She views her art

as a way to connect with unfamiliar and

endangered species, and to in turn raise

awareness for their precarious position

within the world.




Anastasia Kustova is a watercolor artist based in Russia. Art is her

love, life, and passion. Through her work, she wishes to portray

the beautiful world around her and share with the world what

she loves and feels. From 2006, Anastasia worked in graphics using

different materials. It was from 2014 that she moved to watercolor

painting. The themes she focuses mainly on in her artworks are sea and

city landscapes as well as sketching people. She believes that creativity

unites the people and makes the world a better place to live in. Anastasia

is a member of the Union

of Russian watercolorists and

an IWS member. She

has immense experience in

outdoor painting.

Since 2017, she has been

conducting a

lot of master classes

all over the

world and has several

en plein airs

workshops in Russia

and abroad.

Works of Anastasia

are in the

private collections in

Slovenia, US,

Ukraine, and Russia.




Anastasia Trusova is an artist who specializes in acrylic painting

which revolves around her main theme of nature. She has chosen

to work with acrylic colors as she feels it is a real treasure for

those who like to experiment and there are no limits to it due

to its quick drying time. Always being surrounded

by trees, fields, and forests, watching the dawn,

inhaling the smell of wet grass, and listening to

the sound of the wind is what she considers as

real happiness. “In nature, each branch, each

leaf, each flower is unique. It is very interesting

to examine their bends and then try to paint on

the sheet,” says Anastasia. She believes that

creativity is freedom as well as a way of selfexpression.

“I love graphics, sculpture, and

painting. I could not refuse anything and so

began to paint as I liked, and named my style

texture-graphic impressionism,” she says.



California, USA

Beau Bernier Frank is a French-American oil painter based out of Big

Sur, California. He spent the last 6 years exploring all the various

aspects of life and recently came to the conclusion that art was

something he really enjoyed. Art, for him, is something he could envision

playing a larger role in both his life and others. His series “Off The

Grid” features a combination of black and white portraits

with colorful landscapes highlighting places from his

surrounding area as well as places he has travelled to.

The need to capture the feelings of longing and nostalgia

around the places are mirrored through the various

destinations featured in each of his works. Beau says, “I

want creatives to see the ins and outs of the beautiful but

challenging process of pursing an interest and making it

a part of a daily routine. To not fall in love with the

final product but the steps in between that

made it all possible”. He photographs

the work he is creating, shares the

work in progress and documents

the arc of a painting through

time-lapses and videos on his

Instagram handle @beaubfrank

or his YouTube channel. To know

more about his artwork, visit the

website beaubernierfrank.com.




Carina Francioso is a multi-award-winning Canadian fine artist

whose work can be seen in private and corporate collections all

over the world. Her contemporary realist oil paintings reflect her

rigorous attention to detail. Carina’s paintings, which are inspired by

her life and travels, capture moments frozen in time while also inspiring

the viewer’s imagination, allowing them to create their interpretation.


art evolves throughout time, yet her intimate

journey with each brushstroke and detail

remains the same. Her work is a clear

representation of her love of life and

her insatiable curiosity for beauty

and fluidity.She has spent her

entire life around water and had

no idea that it would find its way

into her art until one summer

in Italy when she captured the

Ionian Sea. The view enthralled

her, and she knew these pictures

would have an impact on her next

body of work. “My experiences with

water have inspired my paintings

and my goal is that my work will

elicit meaningful memories or

responses in the viewer, as water is

universal and connects us all” says





Carla Grace is an artist based in Australia who attempts

to capture the grace of our planet on her canvas. She

follows the trends of ‘Realism’ and shares her emotions

through her artworks. She aims to create tangible life on the

canvas so that people viewing the artwork

can feel the presence of the animal

she paints in the room as though

they are right in front of the eyes.

She posts videos showing the

process that goes behind each

artwork and shares many tips and

tricks for artists to enhance their art.

Through these informative videos,

she has been quite useful for the

people who are trying to develop

their artistic careers. “I am inspired by

the person I hope to be in 10 years. I

imagine what she needs me to do, to

have faith in now, and it motivates

me to be the best artist I can be

today” says Carla.



United States of America

Dave Pollot is an artist based in New York known for his altered

thrift art paintings. He finds unwanted artwork and adds his

own touch, most often pop culture parodies, and in doing so,

bridges the divide between classic and pop art. By adding his own

unique touches to the art found in thrift stores, he

transforms mundane scenes into sensational art

pieces that are entertaining and inspiring. Each

new piece presents a new set of challenges, and

learning to work in a variety of styles and master

new techniques has kept his attention. It’s also

an interesting challenge to develop a narrative

and tell a story with a painting – the backgrounds

provide the framework to use to build a story.

His artwork has been displayed and found

homes in galleries, businesses, and private

collections in all 50 states in the US and

over 40 countries around the globe.

His work has attracted attention

from the media both in the

U.S. and abroad, including

Business Insider, Instagram,

and the SyFy Channel.



United Arab Emirates

Debbie Wingham, an artist based in the UAE took her art to a new

level by thinking out of the box- which led to what is dubbed as

the world’s most expensive black diamond dress. It was the start

of what would become her signature in the art world; diamonds and lots

of it. She has released an art collection around the theme of ‘Time’ that

pays homage to Dubai. The oil-painted collection, named ‘Dubai Through

the Years’ features Dubai’s architecture including, Dubai Frame, the Burj

Khalifa, and the Dubai Creek Tower, representing Dubai’s past present,

and future. She took the circular artwork one step further with

the exquisite frame that is dubbed the most

expensive picture frame in the world currently.

Studded with more than 10,000 individual

diamonds, the frame includes pointer diamonds,

white diamonds, and sapphire, making the frame

itself 1.5 Million pounds.

Debbie debuted her first creation, the stunning

Black Diamond dress which broke records, hailed

as the world’s most expensive dress at the time.

At a price point of £3.5m, the dress is adorned

with 50 two-carat black diamonds. Wingham’s

portfolio expands to creating the world’s most

expensive shoes. Worth Dhs55M, the diamonds

used are quite rare. She has proved to be a

diverse artist who can make the ordinary

into extraordinary while pushing the

boundaries of conventional art.



United Kingdom

Doina Vitu is an artist based in the UK who specializes in

landscape and seascape paintings. She follows the trends of

traditional art and realism. Whether it be oil colors, acrylics,

or watercolor, she succeeds in creating marvelous and mesmerizing

artwork. Through her artworks, Doina wishes to showcase how beautiful

nature and the world around us is. “I want people to understand how

important it is to protect nature and be responsible for what we leave

behind. With my paintings, I want to help people relax

and to reconnect with nature,” she says. She is

extremely proud of the fact that her artworks have

reached people from countries like Canada and

Germany to Spain and Holland. “Whether you

choose to visit a gallery or you paint, art can relax

you”, she says. Doina is convinced that for every

painting there is a lover, there is a wall and a

welcoming house. Currently, she is working on a

series called “exod” which aims to highlight the

problem of wild animals that

are driven out of their natural

habitats due to overcrowding

and urban construction.




United Arab Emirates

Eeman Shaikh is a self-taught artist based in the UAE. Having been raised in Abu Dhabi and Mumbai, she has been exposed to diverse art

culture. Her preferred materials and medium to work with are glitters, mosaic tiles, modeling paste, glass beads, pens and markers. She

uses different arabic scripts on her works. “With the help of Quranic depictions, I hope to reach masses and relate to all stages of their lives

through my artwork,” says Eeman. Though she doesn’t have a formal education in art, nothing stopped her from pursuing her passion. She has

always been creative and intends to improve and nurture her skills everyday regardless of the obstacles or the path. Creating art pieces that

honor Quranic verses written on them, she tries to relate to various stages of people’s lives in order to inspire them to be better people. Her

goal through her art is to bring peace to the viewer’s eyes and hearts with the use of colors, patterns, designs and mostly importantly

the beautiful verses. She believes these works of art will spiritually motivate them to deal with various situations and become

a better version of themselves. Her recent art exhibitions include a group art exhibition “Endless Boundaries” in hotel Four

Points by Sheraton in Dubai and 50th National Day Art Competition and Exhibition by ARTOZE at Ajman.




Elena Zernova is a Ukrainian artist specializing in resin art.

Being a resin artist is a lot different from being a regular painter

since the materials used are completely different. Art resin is a

recently fashioned style of resin which contains chemical less toxicant,

specially created to be used for creative purposes. She follows the

trends of seascape in her resin works. The technique

to create beautiful and realistic ocean art

involves pouring layers of resin in various

shades of blue and then finishing with a

layer of white. This mixture gets pushed

around with a hairdryer to create

a lacing effect reminiscent of sea

foam. Resin is essential to creating

realistic ocean art. Its clarity,

consistency and gloss replicate

the look of water in a way you

simply can’t get with any other

medium. Elena is proud of the fact

that she is at the top of her game

when making realistic seabed with




United States of America

Emilie Fantuz is an American artist whose works are focused on

American realism. In American realism, the artwork handles

common-places, everyday events, and people. Her works can also

be described as Ashcan school which is another artistic movement that

highlights how art can provide enlightenment, education, and spiritual

fulfillment. “Through depicting the beauty in everyday moments —

the hazy glow of moonlight on a darkened city street, the endlessly

intersecting squares and rectangles of shop signs in the distance — I

highlight the beauty that sits ready and waiting for our eyes, only if we

choose to look”, she says. The subtle visions of optimism in our lives

inspire her the most. These scenes remind us that beauty is always near,

even in the moments, it seems so far. She has made constant efforts to

work with galleries, public art projects,

juried exhibitions, and more, to share her

paintings with the community. The elements

of the city that sparks her interest include

neon signs, corner stores, and reflections

from various surfaces. For her, creativity

and the act of making art are extremely

important. She is inspired by less obvious

sights of beauty and giving them a whole

new life through her different view.




Erick Centeno Ohlitas is a Peruvian artist who resides in Genoa,

Italy. Art has always been close to him since his father was an

avid painter and taught him how to produce them. He began his

artistic journey by making realistic drawings with pencils and then got

attracted by the scribble technique. Becoming more

aware of his surroundings, he is constantly

struck by new ideas. For instance, when he

walks down the street or watches a movie,

he observes keenly how he can replicate

it into his art giving it his personal touch.

Erick has exhibited at SaturArte 2020 , 25

concorso d’arte contemporanea a cura

di Mario Napoli , Genova Italia, Biennale

Genova 2019 “Dancing Heart” up-andcoming

prize, Design and Fly 2019 Volotea

event with Showusyourtype, Art Expo 2018 ,

5^ Contemporary art exhibition

in Genoa, International

contemporary art

exhibition, Italy 2017

Satura art Gallery and

Spoleto arte incontra

Venezia 2016,

Contemporary art

exhibition in Venice.


“If you hear a voice

within you say ‘you

cannot paint,’ then

by all means paint,

and that voice will be


Vincent Van Gogh




Fabiano Millani is a painter born in São Paulo, Brazil. The style of art

he mainly focuses on currently is Hyperrealism. Fabiano believes

he is still at the beginning of his work as the desire to learn is still

the same. In 2005, he started his first work on figurative style, painting

several canvases inspired by day-to-day life and experiences. “My interest

in art

arose through observation. I always enjoyed scribbling


waiting for something or even during classes. It was

something intuitive which emerged little by


and ended up becoming indispensable in


daily life”, says Fabiano. During

her artistic


Fabiano developed a

unique technique showing

the fastest and easiest way to achieve

hyperrealism in a single coat of

paint. Between 2016 and today,

Fabiano gives workshops,

taking the technique he

developed to several countries

around the world, such as

Italy, Mexico, Argentina,

Qatar, Uruguay, Turkey,

Brazil, among others.

Most of his works are acquired

by foreign clients from various

countries around the world.



United Arab Emirates

Faisal AbdulQader is a self-taught Emirati artist who fell in love

with art in his childhood and nurtured this hobby by reading

art-related books, meeting with and learning from different artists

across the globe as well as visiting international art museums. His career

and working in the financial sector for 30 years resulted in an unwanted

distance from his favorite hobby. In 2012 he decided to unleash the talent

to the world after his official retirement from the financial sector. Faisal

prefers to shed light on the more traditional side of the city through his

oil paintings. He has painted scenes that evoke the Dubai he remembers

from his childhood – of cooling wind towers, fishing dhows, a fisherman

mending his nets, classic Emirati teapots, and carved

wooden doorways. Faisal’s family used to live in

a house in the oldest part of Dubai, Al Fahidi

Historical Neighborhood, where the houses

made from gypsum and coral have been

well-preserved and still retain the traditional

features that he loves to paint. His recent

exhibitions include Memories Art Exhibition

in November 2016 at Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais

Foundation, Noor Gallery as part of Noor Bank

Wealth private viewing as well as one at the

Embassy of Mexico in UAE in 2020. He is planning

for a 2022 Solo Exhibition to showcase all of

his past artworks.



United Arab Emirates

Fatima Al Hammadi is an Emirati artist having 23 years of

experience in Fine Arts. Graduating with a Bachelor of Arts

degree from the UAE University, she works in the field of

visual arts curricula at the Ministry of Education. Recently she

has started with the art of calligraphy combining it

with fine arts. Fatima is also the leader of the UAE

Grafitti artists which is the first local graffiti

group. She has participated in several art

projects that have entered the Guinness

World Records such as the longest graffiti

wall in Dubai in 2014, the longest glow

in the dark graffiti wall in 2016, and the

largest stencil mural. Fatima has also been

a part of over 50 national exhibitions and

some international exhibitions in London,

Berlin, and Sri Lanka.




Galina Golovchak is an oil painter from Russia mainly focusing

on the natural world, sea, and forests. She is currently an

artist at AG Gallery based in Moscow. She has an interest in

the marine theme since childhood. Galina loves the green

untouched massifs, the deep sea and has portrayed nature

in its glory in her art. The current trends she follows are

realism, landscapes, and seascape painting. Trying to

distract herself from the cold climate of her hometown,

she devotes her free time to painting seascapes.

Concentrating on the texture of the sea – the foam

streaks and the powerful waves, the artist’s water fills

the entire space of the canvas, absorbing dry land

and leaving no space for a human. Galina wants

to portray the preservation of nature in its

original form in her art with all its brightness,

saturation, and clarity without any human

intervention. Galina says, “Art is a way

to express yourself and

show the public the

topics that you care

about, what you love,

what you value, what

scares you, and so on...

Art is a dialogue with

the viewer; art is the




United Arab Emirates

Hena Shakeel is a UAE based artist who has experience in

the field of interior design. The world of art and design is

something she has been intrigued about since high school.

She has a couple of years of experience in social media, graphic design,

arts, and events. Right after graduating from university,

Hena started her own business venture called

Henashakeel Interiors. Her Instagram page @

henashakeel.interiors serves as a portfolio

and showcases her designs in addition to the

skills and understanding she has acquired in

university while studying interior design. The

major projects she has worked on include

apartments, villas, retail stores, kiosk stands,

private offices, exhibition stands, museums,

villa transformation, and bridal boutiques

which have been designed using software

like 3D Max, SketchUp, and AutoCAD.

Her recent exhibition includes

Celebrating 50 Glorious years

of the UAE – National day art

exhibition and competition 2021

by ARTOZE in Marsa, Ajman.



United Arab Emirates

Iman Alrashdi is an Emirati artist who holds a degree in Media and Public

Relations from Ajman University. With over 13 years of experience, she

is a self-taught artist who has neither studied art academically nor has

she attended any artistic course but relied completely on her experiences

and practiced hard to better her skills. Her works mainly focus on realism

art, portraits, and horses. Iman has participated in exhibitions in different

countries such as the UAE, Spain, and Morocco. Some of the exhibitions

she has been a part of in the UAE include Youth Novation – Ajman in 2010,

Creations Feather Artist – Ajman in 2010, Art Nouvean Splendour – Ajman

in 2011 and Juman 2 – Ajman in 2013. Her international exhibitions include

Festival Artistic Creativity - the International University of Casablanca

Morocco in 2009, Youth United Arab Emirates - Altea,

Spain in 2010, Creations Eyes Arab Emirates - Valencia,

Spain in 2010, Middle East - Alicane, Spain in 2010,

Modern Art - Alcoy, Spain in 2010 and Creators of the

Ajman University - Marbia, Spain in 2010. Iman has

been awarded 3rd place in the Ajman Educational

Zone in 2002, 1st place in the field of painting on

UAE University in 2010, 2nd place for the Sharjah

University in 2012 and 1st place in art competition

of national day in 2012. She has also created

murals like Logo of the year of Sheikh Zayed in

Zayed park in Umm al Quwain, Sheikh Rashid

Al-Nuaimi Mural in Ajman and in the parking

basement of Warga Mall, Dubai.




Australian-based contemporary artist Joshua Miels is a palette knife

oil painter who captures the emotions of human beings through

a series of colorful, multi-layered, large-scale portraits. Spending

countless hours adding layer upon layer of paint, Joshua produces

powerful paintings that resonate with viewers long after their gaze has

left the canvas. Painted mainly using oil, each and every piece of art takes

its own journey through a process of experimentation. Joshua’s driving

force is his passion to create. Through his work, he is looking to remove

the stigma of mental health in males. Due to a family history of

mental health and addiction, art for him is a way of dealing

and understanding. At first glance, Joshua’s artworks are

dynamic and powerful. However, once we observe the

paint, the cracks in its surface, the way it breaks away

from the contour of the face into a multitude of lines

and strokes, our perception of them changes. We start

to understand that the face is often a façade, masking

what we all experience as humans – times of fragility,

vulnerability, and powerlessness. His artworks address the

disconnect between the exterior personality people

present and their interior worlds. “I try to translate

what people feel into my pieces and that is one of

the reasons I like to keep the face expressions

out of it,” he says. “Just because someone

is happy and smiling doesn’t mean

everything is ok. His artworks challenge

the viewer and prompt them to draw

upon their own emotive experiences.



United Arab Emirates

An award-winning contemporary artist who has quickly established

herself as the rising star of the middle eastern art world, Kristel Bechara is

recognized mainly for her dynamic patterns and expressive colors which

are set against a monochromatic background, creating imagery that is vivid and

thought provoking. Her artwork ‘Atlas’ has been recreated with a dash of colours and

patterns highlighting the encumbering burden on his back. Atlas, one of the most

recognizable Titans from Greek mythology, is seen in this oeuvre carrying

the weight of the heavens on his mighty shoulders as a punishment

for his rebellion against the Olympians. We might find ourselves

reflected in this rendition of a cowering Titan, as we too carry a

burden on our backs. This piece might make us wonder: what

burden do we have on our shoulders? Besides the traditional

artwork on canvas, she ventured on to create and sell limited

edition prints of her digital artworks to incredible demand.

With her digital art, she has also found recognition for

being a pioneer of NFT art in the Middle East, having

been the first middle eastern female artist in the

region to adopt and capitalize from this new

technology. Born in Lebanon and based in

Dubai, Kristel’s work has been displayed

all over the world like galleries in Tokyo,

Milano, Brussels, London and France. She

has received high acclaim in UAE notably

winning the UAE Resident Artist Award at

the 2018 World Art Dubai.



United Arab Emirates

Laura started LB Tomlinson Art just over 1 year ago after

dedicating more time to creativity, and returning to

painting, during the covid lockdown. Art has always run

strong through Laura’s blood with her father also an artist, and

her mother a ceramicist, in the UK. Originally from the United

Kingdom, Laura left a career in fashion buying behind to move

to Dubai with her family last year, and is looking forward to her

family and business growing successful and strong with

the exciting opportunity offered by the UAE. Laura

specialises in watercolour animal illustrations with

a feminine and floral influence. Muted colours

and soft lines make for a distinctive style. LB

Tomlinson illustrations have been a very popular

choice for home and nursery decor, selling

originals through social media Instagram and

completing commissions on demand. This

year sees exciting collaborations underway

to illustrate for multiple lifestyle brands in

Dubai - both in store, and for e-commerce.



United Arab Emirates

Mai Majdy is an Egyptian artist based in the UAE. She earned her bachelor’s

degree from Applied Arts Cairo and has over 10 years of experience in

the arts and the creative sector. She is a professional artist with live

interactive art performances. Her artwork mostly focuses on the Middle Eastern

culture, depicting portraiture as her preferred subject matter of choice, visualizing

the personality, and capturing the beauty of the Arabian features.

Her primary medium is oil paints. Mai was influenced by the

great impressionist Vincent van Gogh. She has taken what

van Gogh created and modified the style to meet her

own ideas. She utilizes the impasto technique to draw

the quick strokes of the impressionists into long

curvy lines creating paintings vivid with color and

exaggeration. Mai believes that there is no better

mirror of society than the faces of its people. Most

of her artwork themes are inspired by stories and

tales that reflect scenes of magical beauty and

unique traditions and culture around her. She

chooses Emirati women as the main theme for

her paintings. Each scene leaves an impression

of the diversity and vitality of the world of

women in Emirati society, that special hidden

world full of femininity, cheerful colors, and

magical beauty that inspires senses and

souls. Her works have been showcased in

several exhibitions and owned by private

and public collections worldwide.




United Arab Emirates

Maged Makram Sheroubi is an Egyptian artist based in the

UAE who works as a senior architect and interior designer.

Maged’s career spans 25 years and the preferred materials for

his artworks are oil, acrylic, silk and gouache. In his artworks, Maged

portrays the elements of the human soul, attributed to his impressive

educational background in Psychology and Arts combined. Art for

him is a sublime message. He searches within the human soul, inside

the subconscious and the pent-up desires within humans.

He lives this struggle and searches for lost love and

childhood dreams. As an interior designer working with an

international consulting company, Maged has managed

projects for Hilton Hotel & Projects, Ras al Khaimah, and

Al Forsan/Marriot Hotel Project, Abu Dhabi. Apart from

the UAE, he has worked with the Conrad and Meridian

Hotels in Cairo, Egypt. While focusing on his career, he

has also participated in local as well as international art

competitions namely International Exhibitions in UK (VAA)

(Year -2021), in Al Jaleela Cultural Center for children

exhibition with Dubai international Art Center

(Year 2022) Celebrating 50 glorious years of

the UAE art exhibition and competition 2021

by ARTOZE and in Dubai international Art

Center exhibition (Year 2022) among others.



I was returned to the cocoon, to my primal roots, sailing inside the ship of our dreams, through lost

times, roads, and our lost dreams, looking for you in all the roads and in the mountains, in the threads

of the glowing sun, but I did not find you, as I wished, I am still sailing, but without paddle.








Marina Zotova is a Russian artist who specializes in Oil painting.

She majorly focuses on landscapes and still life. As a painter,

she loves to create because it helps her connect with who she

is, and it helps her learn more about herself and what she is truly

capable of. Marina’s artworks speak of love for nature. She loves

all things natural; thunderstorms, clouds, sun, and snow. For her,

contemplation of nature is meditation. Through

the artworks she creates, she wants to immerse

the viewer in the places that she paints. She

considers the achievement as a big honor

and a great motivation to develop further as

an artist. She started posting her artworks

on the Instagram page @marina_z19 and

her paintings started selling all

over the world. Slowly she entered

galleries and began to participate

in exhibitions and competitions

and received several awards. Her

artwork “Gold Autumn” won

the 1st prize diploma in the

international competition

“Deli’s Mustache” and she is

invited to a live competition

in Spain in May 2022.




Artist Marissa Oosterlee is recognized for her

hyperrealistic figurative pieces that captivate the viewer

with not only their technical detail but also the narratives

that she brings to life. Her works always contain a deeper

personal or social message, as well as her great love for nature.

Marissa now enjoys worldwide attention with her hyperrealistic

paintings. She has undisputedly established her name with

her photorealistic paintings. She creates her own reality in

her artwork, hyperrealistically and convincingly conveyed on

canvas. In addition to various painting techniques, she also uses

airbrush and her work often consists of acrylic

and oil paint. Marissa means From the Sea

- Mermaid. It’s the perfect fit as her love

for the ocean and nature is as big as her

passion for art. She is actively involved

in cleaning up nature, creating

awareness of the importance of clean

oceans, and raising funds with annual

auctions for a good cause to help

animals in need. She now resides

in Spain together with her partner

and two dogs, after living in Belgium

and The Netherlands for many years.

Together they run the art business and

travel the world.



United Arab Emirates

Nada Al Barazi is a self-taught artist based in the UAE. Though she

has always been enchanted by art since her childhood, she only

started focusing on art in 2017. Inspired by nature, she uses oil

and acrylic paint for her creations. She firmly believes in sharing joy,

happiness, and positivity with others especially those who are in need.

For this, she supports several exhibitions for children with special needs

and donates artwork to their centers to encourage artistic

fundamentals in young children. Nada had a solo

exhibition in 2018. She has been on TV channels and

various newspapers to raise the awareness of art in

the UAE. The exhibitions that she has been a part

of include World Art Dubai, Carousel Du Louvre

at the Louvre Museum in Paris, Kunooz Art

Exhibition in London, Flyer Art Gallery as well

as Atelier Montez in Rome, and Townly Gallery

in New York. Furthermore, she is a member of

several galleries in Dubai and collaborates with

other local and international galleries.

Furthermore, Nada became a member

of the Dubai Business Women

Council in collaboration with the

Dubai Chamber in September.

Her exhibitions in 2022 include

New York Art Expo in April,

International Arts Forum-

Spain in May, and Korea Art

Festival in September.




United Arab Emirates

Nadia Adamenko is an artist born and raised in Russia who moved

to the UAE in 2013. Her passion for art has been ingrained since

a young age such that she joined an art school. But contrary to

what most people expected, as soon as she finished school, she dropped

her paints, brushes and stopped focusing on art. It was after 21 years, last

year, that she got back to painting. It was out of the blue, last Ramadan,

that a thought popped into her mind to give art a try again. She bought

all the materials required and started painting and felt the joy of art

again. At that moment she realized what she had missed in those 21 years.

Nadia searches for inspirations to come up with something

different and unique wherever she is. Not staying fixed

to one particular genre, she tries different styles

and techniques. Her favorite medium to work

on is acrylic paint and texture paste. The recent

exhibitions that she has been a part of include

the National Day Exhibition and Competition

2021 by ARTOZE, Celebrate UAE National Day

2021 at Emirates Palace, and an exhibition at

Andaz Hotel in 2021. She hopes that her passion

and desire for discovering new things will

help her to open new horizons and

let her create new and interesting



“I saw the angel in the

marble and carved

until I set him free.”




United States of America

Internationally known artist, Nick Sider, is a self-taught acrylic

painter based out of New York City. Since the age of 5, Nick knew

he wanted to be a painter. While experimenting with a multitude of

subject matter, Nick has always maintained a hyperrealistic

style, attempting to create paintings that extend

beyond what a photograph could ever capture.

The pains that Nick takes to bring out the

details of his fierce subjects make his paintings

comparable to photographs or go beyond the

details that photographs provide. Some of them

are so realistic that they appear to leap out of

their canvases. His incredibly detailed wild animal

creations capture both their stunning beauty and

wild ferociousness. “My favorite moment while

painting is when a subject on my canvas begins

to come alive,” he says. His main goal for

his paintings is to use detail and color

to create the illusion of life spawning

from the canvas. More recently, Nick

Sider has been working on a series of

large-scale lion and tiger paintings as an

ode to his childhood and his obsession

with drawing big cats. Nick Sider is

currently showing with Galerie

Bartoux in New York City and

will have his first Museum Show

in 2022 at Zillman Art Museum




Noemi Safir is an artist born in Uruguay who moved to Israel

with her parents when she was two years old. Noemi decided

to pursue her ambition of becoming a painter at the age of 40.

Women figures in her large-scale paintings are a reflection of herself,

depicting episodes from her life that brought her to where she is now,

conveying power and desire and a wide variety of emotions.

They represent her effort to accept her freedom as a woman and

an artist without apologies or reservations. Noemi’s painting style is

characterized by picture fragmentation and a vibrant

color palette. As if to declare, “Yes, I am attractive

and youthful, alive and full of passion, driven

by emotions and desire to be myself in all my

glory,” her pictures are captivating and strong.

Noemi has participated in a number of

important exhibitions worldwide including

New York, Miami, San Francisco, Singapore,

Hong Kong, Korea, Germany, Paris, Holland,

Australia, Monaco and Israel. She also

participated in charity auctions and

fundraising events as Christie’s

in aid of ADETEC-COEUR, Israeli

fund raising in aid of Aids, Art sale-

Donation for Israeli hospital etc.



Hong Kong

Norris Yim is a self-taught painter based in Hong Kong who

graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s School of

Design (Environmental & Interior) in 2014. Searching for an

alternative way to express himself, he created abstract

paintings as a way to cure his spirit. Using multiple

color thicknesses to create an abstract painting

(often a portrait), the abstract pigments

represent his dark side and mood, which

forms the foundation of the art. Painting for

him, is purely a means of self-presentation,

a process of transforming his observation

of others and internalizing it as creative

inspiration. Seeking his spiritual satisfaction

with poetry, self-expression is often tinged

with loneliness. Norris believes that portraits

are colored with illusory, dark, and lonely

self-expression. “Observation, memory,

imagination, are the principal

aspects of my work. In the end,

I’m just fulfilling my ambition

through colors to create

more inspirations,”

says Norris.




Peter Terrin is an artist from Belgium who has always been drawn to art.

There were no defining or pivotal moments that determined the course

of his life. His need to paint has always been as vital as breathing and

eating; providing the necessary fuel for the mind and soul. His passion

for people was reinforced through years of travel after graduating from

Textile Design School in Belgium. He blends several artistic styles and

incorporates different ideas to produce something more than just a portrait.

Mexico’s amazing blend of things drives him insane; the way they live, their

customs, their cuisine, their family values, their music, and

the spectacular brilliant colors with which they paint their

homes. If he had to sum up this subject in a single line,

he’d answer, “Mexico gave me colors.” Peter uses his unique

style to capture emotion, mood and feeling through pallet

knives and acrylic paint on large-scale canvas. To keep

things exciting for himself, he changes his style every 2

to 3 years. He supposes his style can be classified as

a modern form of expressionism. This distinctive

painting style gives his work a lively expression.

His past exhibitions include Opening Terrin

Art Gallery, Tulum Mexico in 2020, Solo

Show Porsche, Cancun Mexico in 2019, Imar

Art Gallery, Mykonos Greece in 2019, Jorge

Mendez Art Gallery, Palm Springs USA in 2019

among many others.




Philipp Weber is an artist who specializes in hyper-realistic

paintings of women. Born in 1974 in Rostock, Germany, he lives

and works in Kassel and Berlin. He takes inspiration from books,

movies, other fellow artists, and creative people, as well as their life

stories, their dreams, and aspirations. Using super-realistic painting

techniques, Philipp presents beautiful young women in

a variety of contexts. The physical expressiveness of

the painted - their posture and facial expressions - is

expanded by motifs from art history and popular

culture, the symbolism of Christianity, but also by

elementary carriers of meaning such as water as

a symbol of life par excellence. One can’t tell his

paintings apart from a photograph at first glance.

However, even though the artist’s works look like

they’re taken straight from a fashion magazine, the

portraits are actually full of tiny details and imperfections

that make them much more realistic and human.

Philipp creates only 1-2 paintings per year as his

technique is very delicate and fine, so every

painting takes a lot of time to create. He has

been selected and supported as one of the best

masters in this genre by the IBEX collection

since 2017.




Poluyanskaya Elizaveta is a Russian artist who

specializes in photorealistic art. Her art is

inspired by the people and faces around

her and the ones she comes across while surfing

through social media or flipping through

magazines. Portraits is what she focuses on

mainly. She draws portraits with sheer perfection,

taking the time out to focus on every tiny detail

of her artwork. Poluyanskaya’s message to fellow

artists is, “Anything is possible if you work hard.”

The persistence to achieve her goals is something

she takes pride in. She believes that art enlightens

everyone around and helps to create a magnificent

world of imagination and color. Art helps in

spiritual connection and makes a person think

out of the box.



United Arab Emirates

Rafa Tom is a fine art professional and art educator based in the UAE. Born

and raised in Tripoli, Lebanon, she got attracted to painting and art at an

early age and later refined her skills by joining the highly regarded Fine Art

College at the Lebanese University. While at university, she embarked on studying

many art techniques like modern art, classic art, abstract paintings, landscapes,

compositions, portraits, still live, etc. Her preferred materials and mediums to work

include oil, acrylics, pastels, watercolors, charcoal, mixed media textures,

and ink. Rafa lived in Los Angeles and Canada for many years before

she relocated to Saudi Arabia where she worked as a director

of the Fine Art program at international schools in Riyadh.

While living there, her passion for horses deepened and her

equestrian work increased. She did solo art exhibitions and

sold most of her works to high-level officials. She moved

to Dubai in 2006 and since then has worked as a freelance

artist producing artworks and participating in different

art exhibitions in and outside the UAE. She was awarded

Art Ambassador for the year 2021 representing Lebanon/

Canada by Art Connoisseurs from Rome Italy, the Dubai

Golden Visa from Dubai Cultural and Arts Authorities in 2021,

the Art Olympic Medal and prize 2021 from Rome Italy and

the Leonardo Da Vinci Prize and Award 2022 Borghese Palace

from Florence Italy. Her recent exhibitions include Gibran

Khalil Gibran Art Exhibition at House Of Wisdom Sharjah

2021, ADIHEX 2021 Abu Dhabi, Budapest Art Exhibition

at Pinter Gallery, Venice Art exhibition at Palazo Albrizi

Capello, Rome Art fair, Luxembourg Art fair, QIAF Qatar

International Art Fair 2021 among many others.


“Every child is an

artist. The problem

is how to remain an

artist once he

grows up.”

Pablo Picasso




Rafael Antonio Fonseca Acevedo was born in Bogotá, Colombia on

May 17 in 1988. He is a truly exceptional hyperrealist artist. At an

early age, he showed an interest in drawing, where he explored

various techniques and materials, especially graphite. In his last years

of Architecture, he decided to return to his passion for drawing and art,

thus discovering a revolutionary painting tool, the art of the airbrush. He

trained as a self-taught artist of airbrush painting, developing his artistic

proposals and its deterioration through human history, with a touch

of magical realism and critical perspective. Rafael currently focuses

on setting

childhood as the main theme of his work. In

2015 he received International recognition, when


work was selected in the German

magazine Step by Step (2015) Spanish

version, also being on the cover

(2018) for the same magazine with

his work El Colombiano for the

English version in the USA and

an article in the German version.

GRAU Prize for the Arts 2018

Homage to Women. August 14 2018,

Honorable Mention Painting Mode of

the 2018 Grand Prize for the Arts with

the Work Yearnings. Rafa currently

sells and exhibits his works of art in

Singapore, Colombia, México and the

United States.




United Arab Emirates

Raisa Mariam Rajan is an Indian artist based in the UAE who started her journey as an artist by drawing portraits, glass paintings,

sketches, and acrylic paintings on canvas. It later became a space to experiment with different medium and textures on various

surfaces. Being an Architect, she look forward to implement her artworks to enhance the space designed for clients. For Raisa,

art is a powerful medium to express herself. Through her works, she focuses on making strong statements on society, life, and the

events that happen around her. Raisa is also an art teacher and has been acclaimed for her role in shaping not only the artistic

talents in her students but also their lives in a positive way. Raisa has many national and international art exhibitions to her credit

which include World Art Dubai and Qatar International Art Festival. She has been to the Montenegro Art Residency Program and

is preparing for an art residency program in Europe. Her directorial venture named “The Journey of Jawhara”, an artistic journey

through the history of UAE, which she painted in collaboration with artist friend, Jasmine Mohammad Rizwi has been unveiled

in DIFC, Dubai as part of the National Day celebrations. She also successfully participated in the Live Art organized in the Indian

Pavilion of Expo 2020. Raisa continues her artistic journey with zest and believes that it is in the art that the future of the world lies.




Born in 1976 in Shiraz, a town to the southwest of Iran, Raoof

Haghighi grew up in a family of artists. He is a self-taught versatile

artist who has participated in over 70 groups and 40 solo shows

in the United States, France, Iran, Spain, the Czech Republic, and the

United Kingdom. His paintings are mostly oil on canvas and built upon

his strong cultural traditions as well as his interest in the changing

world of today. His work often combines contemporary ideas with

traditional techniques. In his paintings, he has quite often questioned

the attitudes, fears, conflicts, incompatibilities, and unwritten rules

which have formed our environment and our

behavior within it. Raoof’s paintings are in

varied personal collections worldwide notably

in Spain, China, Denmark, Thailand, France,

the United Kingdom, and the USA. In 2017,

he was crowned the winner of the Gold

Memorial Bowl award for best miniature work

appointive by the Royal Society of Miniature

Painters, winner of The Mundy Sovereign

Portrait Award 2019, and also the winner of

two awards for best pure colored pencil

and nice art award for the best different

subject at Annual UK colored Pencil

Society Open International Exhibition.



United Arab Emirates

Sacha Jafri is a contemporary British artist, humanitarian, philanthropist, educator, and world record holder based in the UAE. His painting

‘Journey of Humanity’, which sold for $62M, became the second most expensive painting ever sold by a living artist with profits being donated

to Sacha’s chosen charity beneficiaries including UNICEF, UNESCO, and the Global Gift Foundation. Sacha also holds the world record for the

most amount of open edition NFTs sold in under a minute, with a staggering $2M sold in under 45 seconds. His latest projects include the first official

artwork on the moon entitled ‘We Rise Together – with the Light of the Moon.’ He will contribute a certain percentage of the funds raised through

this project to charities for humanitarian causes, focusing on the 4 major issues we have on hand i.e Education, Equality, Sustainability, and Health.

Another project of Sacha is the first-ever live creation on the Burj Al Arab helipad celebrating UNESCO’s 50th anniversary of the World Heritage

Sites. His work has been shown in the most prominent Art Institutions of the World exhibiting alongside Picasso, Warhol, Hockney, Matisse, Miro,

Koons, Banksy, Freud, Basquiat, Pollock etc, with him recently being elevated into the ArtWorld’s Elite as the youngest artist in history to be offered

a museum-based 20 Year retrospective world tour, due to visit 35 cities in 28 countries from 2022-2024.



United Arab Emirates

Dr. Sana Bedar (Sana Sajan) is an Indian origin modern

contemporary and Islamic calligraphy artist based in the

UAE. Having a vast knowledge of painting, materials, and

styles, her collection of artworks is a blend of beautiful shades and

she primarily uses acrylic and mixed media for her art. It is not

every day that you come across a doctor-turned philanthropist and

then an artist who uses her creativity for a cause dear to her heart.

Realizing that her art could be used to support Thalassemia patients

as well as spread awareness about it, Dr. Sana decided to start an

annual art exhibition - ALIF Art Festival. Alif is a motivational event

for the patients who participate enthusiastically, for the artists who

come to a brilliant platform to share their art, and the attendees who

share the magic of art for a cause. In addition, Sana is also an avid

Urdu Literature reader, who is in the process of launching her own

book which is an anthology that compiles the works of the maestros

of Urdu poetry. Her maverick collections have been auctioned in


Dubai at various events and even privately.

● Her awards and accolades include Brand

Ambassador for Global Goals World Cup

for women

● Panel member for Women Empowerment –

Skyline University College

● President of the EVFI Ladies Wing

● Board member of NF

● Featured on GenNext Volume 2

● Super 100 women’s achievers in MENA

● Panel member for IBPC

● Brand Ambassador for Dubai Women’s Run 2018

● Award for Best CSR Program by National treasure

award – 2018

● Brand Ambassador for Global Goals World cup 2.

● Dr. Sana Sajan is a TED Speaker as well.





United Arab Emirates


Savita Malik is an Indian self-taught artist who is based in the UAE. She studied painting and earned a professional diploma in 3D graphics

from MAYA. Color has intrigued her since childhood and has always provided her with contentment and happiness. Though her parents

weren’t very supportive of her art she always kept her brushes and paints to express herself on canvas. Savita began painting since her

early childhood days and has continued to explore herself ever since through colors, emotions, and experiences. Acrylic, watercolors, charcoal,

coffee are the few mediums that she works on to express herself on canvas. Although she uses vibrant colors, she mostly does impression and

fine art. Being an ardent follower of Art of Living, she did a couple of courses in it and and organized some in Delhi, Kenya and Nigeria. Yoga and

meditation gives her new thoughts, ideas and a peaceful mind to work on. For her, spirituality is the way of life. Savita’s exhibitions include Art

Mall Gallery Delhi Stree in 2008 & 2009, Art Mall On Spot in 2011, Galleries Indraprastha in 2011, Yaya Centre Nairobi Kenya in 2015 and Art of

Living Bangalore - Colour of Spirituality in 2016.










Sergey Piskunov is a Ukrainian painter passionately committed to exploring the core principles of hyperrealism to redefine the genre with

his breathtaking works. The artist creates a stunning anthology of works that he sees as a “burst of emotion”, forcing him to turn his soul

inside out and leave it on the canvas. Having a true passion for drawing since childhood, he was always scribbling over everything he found

in front of him be it notebooks or school desks. Many of Sergey’s works depict an intimate connection to women. By recording their stories and

experiences visually in his work, he documents the glory, strength, and fragility of women and gives them significance, acknowledging

the beauty, melancholy, and history. Today, his works testify his talent not only in Ukraine but also in Germany, Great Britain, the

USA, Switzerland, and many other countries. With strong determination, Sergey continuously pushes himself on his path and

embodies new ideas into magnificent paintings.



United Kingdom

Sophie Green is a British artist residing currently in England

following the trends of conservation and wildlife art. She is an

artist who specializes in Photorealism. Nature is something close

to her heart as she believes that nature’s brilliant glories enchant

individuals and wake up a special bond that has been established way


by the creator. Sophie’s art aims to raise awareness

and money for important conservational causes

and endangered species, a very innovative and

thoughtful way to save lives of endangered

species and spread awareness. Sophie donates

10% of all her profits and the profits of her

company, Art Basket, to conservation and

wildlife charities. She is a proud member

of the Artists for Conservation group and

regularly donates artwork and money to help

conservational efforts. She was shortlisted for

several awards and won the People’s Choice

award in 2020. Her message to the fellow

artisans is, “Keep painting, drawing, and

sculpting. Even if nobody is buying

your art, remain true to your

mission and your passion and

remind yourself why you are

doing it every day. Once you

are in alignment in this way,

everything else will flow.”



United Arab Emirates

Soumya Shree is an Indian artist based in the UAE who specializes

in ancient Indian Rural Art forms. Her interest in art found its

way at a very early age which led her to pursue a diploma in the

same. She developed keen interest in Indian Traditional Art forms

depicting the essence of Indian culture & heritage and her specialization

encompass ancient Indian rural art forms. She believes that art has the

capacity to move people and create a lasting impact on individuals, and

nothing could do it better than a simple Folk Art. To the

layman, the unique and the most unusual Warli tribal

art forms of India, may not be more than just an

eye-catching stick figures painted in white on red

ochre background, but a closer look will tell you

that there’s more to Warli than what meets the eye.

The painting is not just an art but it’s an emblematic

expression of day-to-day experiences and beliefs.

Although Soumya works with different medium

and art styles, her work breath’s life into

Indian folk art, culture & heritage. She has

participated in over 15 group exhibitions.

She has been a part of art and craft exhibits

at various platforms, she was one among the

Top 9 selected artists in the celebration and

commemoration of 75 years of progressive

Indian Consulate General of India Dubai.

Her recent exhibitions include Qatar

International Art Festival, some online

exhibitions and World Art Dubai.





Sujith Puthran is an artist based in India who specializes in a

variety of art forms such as graphite, charcoal, pastel, colored

pencils, watercolor, acrylic, and oil. He is a sensitive and

introspective artist with a penchant for the unusual and thoughtprovoking

image. Within the apparent calm and stillness of his

repertoire lie hidden complex psychological elements of perfection,

different facial expressions, and variety of feelings. Such is the depth of

his understanding, both of sketching as well as painting. Sujith carves

out his private artistic temperament within his figurative art. Being

amazed by portraits made from charcoal he realized that the portraits

made from rich dark shades looked better than pencil portraits which

led him to learn to make portraits from charcoal. Through constant

practice, he explores the world of art and the challenges he faces while

creating it. With every piece of art he creates, his style changes and

grows. Each art piece that he creates has a meaning of its own. Each

piece bears the imprimatur of its maker, yet


art springs from the same shared creative



“When you go out to paint, try

to forget what objects you have

before you, a tree, a house,

a field, or whatever. Merely

think, here is a little square of

blue, here an oblong of pink,

here a streak of yellow.”

Claude Monet




United Arab Emirates

Susmitha Dhruva is an Indian artist based in the UAE who loves to

explore new techniques in both traditional and abstract paintings.

Painting for her is an instant stress buster. She holds a fashion

designing degree from Mysore University and was actively involved as

an eco coordinator in one of the Singapore schools where she taught

students to create artwork using recycled materials. It was only in

2018 that she took up painting seriously when she started with an oil

painting and since then she has never stopped. The

artwork medium that she mainly focuses on

is alcohol ink. Susmitha has participated in

several art exhibitions across the UAE which

includes Gallery Arabesque, Consulate

General of India, Dubai, and many other

hotels in the UAE. She has also participated

in the art workshops with the students

of determination and people of different

walks of life. Her achievements include

Emergingscene art prize 2021, Indradhanush

at Consulate General of Dubai 2021, women in

art exhibition 2020 which was displayed at the

DIFC ”The cube”, and one of the artwork

was awarded a prize from Indian High

Commission, Abu Dhabi.




United Arab Emirates

Tannaz Khaleghian is an Iranian artist who is based in the UAE since 2001. She began her professional art career from the age of 8, being mentored

by some of the best internationally renowned artists like Abbas Katouzian & Alireza Sadaghdar from Iran. She has mastered the ability to combine

multiple painting styles like realism, contemporary & abstract to convey her feelings through her paintings, which acknowledges the hardship

that many of us can relate to at the time, which will instantly create an emotional connection with the viewers. Tannaz has won multiple certificates

and awards from solo & group exhibitions in Iran, Turkey, Italy, UAE & Switzerland. She has also participated in many art exhibitions and solo art

galleries such as Motb, Index, Global Village, 50th National Day art competition by ARTOZE, Dubai Art Week, and many other solo art shows in

the UAE and international art competitions like the Istanbul art fair, Helvet Switzerland, art festival Iran and art fes Venice, Italy.



United Arab Emirates

Varsha Sureka is a proactively creative artist, an Indian

National, contributing to art community in Dubai

for 13+ years, with a Masters degree in Human

Resource, a mom , a music lover, and highly energetic.

Her love for art emerged right from a very tender age

and it’s been her eternal love since then. Varsha

brings with her a wide range of art forms which

includes Abstract, Resin, Landscape, Mixed

Media, Clay work and so on. With her artforms,

she believes in giving words to the unsaid

enriching them with life. Her artworks have

been exhibited in Major Art Galleries, Hotels,

Malls, locally & internationally. She has been

invited as a judge and mentor for many

renowned events and competitions.

She loves working with the NGOs

for the especially abled kids to lift

them up and she stands firm for

Equality. The Cultural diversity

of UAE has always been a strong

area of interest for her and her

paintings depicts the same. She

has been the most sought-after

artist for “Equality Paintings”

in Dubai.



South Korea

Young-sung Kim is a hyperrealist from South Korea. Though he

likes experimenting with various forms of art, his main focus is

on hyperrealism. His artworks aim to focus more on the genre

of hyperrealism because he believes that the people in our society

think of animals and nature as methods of ornament, experiment, and

edibility. However, he pours in all his emotions while drawing and

creating realistic pieces through which he wishes to bring in a change

in attitude in the society. Young-sung Kim has developed his artistic

career through lots of hard work, research, and studying different types

of arts. His message to all the artists is, “Create things that don’t

exist in the world. Use your imagination and leave the world

bewildered with your artwork.”


city life, and social media

are the

main inspirations


creating a piece.


shows us

that even



things in our

surroundings can

be taken and utilized

to put together a






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UAE - AED 250 | USA - USD 70

KSA - SR 260 | Qatar - QAR 250

Oman - OMR 26 | Bahrain - BD 26

Kuwait - KWD 20 | UK - £52 | EU - €62

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