On the Big Loop Supplemental Material

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On the Big Loop Supplemental Material


Using the above link to the NASA Kids Club site, have students research facts about the

International Space Station and have them type/write them out. As students submit facts,

include them in a facts “board”. One could use Google Jamboard (or similar platform) as a

digital house for them, or one could print them out and use as part of a wall display (see photo


An example of a student submitted fact using Flipgrid.

Download the NASA Selfies app on your mobile device. Within the app, take a photo of each student and

then they may pick a galaxy of their choosing. Students are also able to read more about the galaxy and

possibly make a report on it to share. After uploading each photo, include them in slideshow that could

be shown while performing On the Big Loop. Below is an example of a NASA Selfie:

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