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Find out all about CATCH Apprenticeships and the pathways that we offer across Yorkshire, Humber and Lincolnshire.

Find out all about CATCH Apprenticeships and the pathways that we offer across Yorkshire, Humber and Lincolnshire.


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UK Process Industries

Where will I train?

Our Apprenticeships

Why Choose an Apprenticeship?

What are the minimum requirements?

Benefits of a CATCH apprenticeship

Recruitment Process

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CATCH Apprenticeships

Your Route to Success!

Welcome to CATCH Apprenticeships, the most employer-focused

apprenticeship programme in the Yorkshire & Humber region. By utilising

our industry knowledge, networks and connections and working closely

with our members and wider employers, we have developed four

specialised apprenticeship programmes ready to develop the next

generation of industry talent.

As a CATCH Apprentice, you will receive a huge amount of practical, hands

on, industry standard training in addition to learning underpinning

knowledge in the classroom. The CATCH style of learning is contextualised,

meaning everything that you learn will have practical based examples using

our workshops and Process plant facility at the National Centre for Process

& Manufacturing.

CATCH has over 20 years experience of supporting industry with skills,

competency and apprenticeship solutions. We work with over 300

employers across the Yorkshire & Humber region in sectors such as

Chemicals, Cosmetics, Oil & Gas, Energy, Food and Drink and its associated

supply chain. Our apprenticeships align directly with industry requirements

and will provide you with a pathway to fantastic career opportunities in

these exciting innovative companies.

Please take time to read though our apprenticeship guide, we look

forward supporting as you begin your professional career, starting

Your Route to Success!

David Talbot

Chief Executive Officer


UK Process Industries


Manufacturing in the UK has a long history, from the industrial revolution in the 18th

century to growing at unprecedented scale in the 19th century - the UK is currently

the 9th largest manufacturing nation in the world and employs 2.7 million people.

By becoming a CATCH apprentice, you will be contributing to the living standards of

the UK population and beyond. Our manufacturing process industries play a huge

part of how we live our daily lives, from the shower gel you use in the morning to the

desk you work at, to the products used to clean your home - almost everything you

touch began its life with a recipe and a manufacturing process.

The process industries span a wide number of sectors and range from large

multinational companies to smaller local businesses.

Sectors include



Oil & gas




Water industry


It is an exciting time to be working in the process industries, companies are

seeking to become more efficient and greener and the number of highly skilled,

well paid jobs are set to increase over the next few years to meet these demands.


If you enjoy working out how things are made, putting them together or are

innovative by nature, our specialised apprenticeships are for you! We will help

you build a rewarding career in a safe, supportive and interactive environment.

where will I train?

The CATCH facility in Stallingborough is unmatched. In addition to a number

of engineering workshops and classrooms our site also features the National

Centre for Process & Manufacturing, the UKs leading end-to-end live process

operations training plant, which includes a state of the art control centre, a

simulator suite, an impressive tank farm and a fully functioning process facility.

Our West Yorkshire facility at the Process Manufacturing Centre in Huddersfield,

Kirklees allows us to deliver Process Operations apprenticeships to a range of

employers in that region.

National Centre for Process

& Manufacturing (NCPM)

Located at CATCH, Stallingborough

Process Manufacturing Centre

Located at Kirklees College



Our Apprenticeships

Science Manufacturing Technician

Level: 3

Duration: 3 years

Aimed at those who would like to become a Process Operator typically in the

Chemical, Oil & Gas, Water, Energy, Power and Process industries. Science

manufacturing technicians work in a wide range of companies, including, but not

exclusively, chemical, primary and secondary pharmaceutical, biotechnology,

formulated products and nuclear manufacturing. A science manufacturing technician

will operate the systems and equipment, involved in the production of products.

What you will gain:

• Technical Certificate – City & Guilds Level 3 0610 in Process Technology

• Competence Qualification – Level 3 NVQ Process Industries

Maintenance and Operations Engineering Technician

Level: 3

Duration: 3 years

Aimed at those who would like to become a Maintenance Technician with a specific

trade covering; Electrical, Mechanical, Instrumentation, Multi-skilled (Electro-

Mechanical) They will maintain the safety, integrity and effective operation of plant

and equipment in one or more of the following Industries that are part of or have

activities that are part of the broader national infrastructure Engineering Sector.

These Technicians will undertake installation, testing, servicing, removal,

replacement, maintenance and repair of a range of equipment, sometimes complex,

as part of planned preventative and reactive maintenance programmes. They may

also undertake decommissioning activities when plant is being removed from service

What you will gain:

• Technical Certificate – Level 3 Diploma in Engineering Maintenance

• Competence Qualification – Level 3 NVQ in either Electrical/Mechanical/


To find out more information about our apprenticeships please visit www.catchuk.org/catchapprenticeships 7

Pipe Welder

Level: 3

Duration: 4 years

Pipe Welders are key to the successful fabrication, construction and repair

& maintenance of major infrastructure projects. Pipe welders support many

employers in the construction, engineering and manufacturing sectors.

They can work anywhere in the world and provide services in a range of demanding

environments, including working at height, confined spaces,

on live plant and equipment. This could include fabrication workshops, oil rigs,

power stations, process plant facilities, on-board marine vessels.

What you will gain:

• Classroom based theory around health & safety, engineering and welding

principles. Large amount of workshop based welding and fabrication skills.

Plate Welder

Level: 3

Duration: 3 years

The broad purpose of the occupation is to manually weld plate and structural

components to high standards of quality. This will involve fabrication, construction or

repair of fabricated plate assemblies, extrusions and structural components used often

used to fabricate larger components and assemblies. You’ll learn to weld to

internationally recognised quality standards using more than one manual arc welding

process in at least one material group. Plate welding can include a number of different

welding positions and materials with each welding process requiring different equipment,

assemblies, skills and techniques.


What you will gain:

• Classroom based theory around health & safety, engineering and welding

principles. Large amount of workshop based welding and fabrication skills.

To find out more information about our apprenticeships please visit www.catchuk.org/catchapprenticeships

Why Choose an



Earn while

you learn!


employment rate

Entry route into

employment in


Gain a Trade

for life


specific job





Can lead to Higher

Education eg. HNC/HND

Starting salary approx.

£25K - £30K

once completed apprenticeship



What are the minimum


Maths English Science

grade 4-9 (A-C)


Benefits of a CATCH


Structured recruitment

process to attract the

best talent in the region

Delivery model which

includes a large

amount of practical

hands on training


embedded within the

apprenticeship standard

Regular communication

through our Account

Management system

8 weekly reviews Experienced Industry

led trainers

Live site shutdown every

year to bring Operations

& Maintenance teams


Real life scenarios

utilising the NCPM

Added Value Training-

Enhanced training to expand

the apprentice’s knowledge

and skills through CATCH

Skills training courses


Recruitment Process




Aptitude and












Interview and



Schools Engagement & Open Evenings

CATCH have a schools engagement programme that includes visiting

schools, colleges and UTCs to promote CATCH Apprenticeships. This

includes assemblies, Careers fairs, industry talks and hands on STEM

based activities. We also run a series of open evenings which allows

you to visit our site and see where and how we deliver our


Online Application

You will be required to complete an online application form that asks

some basic questions about why you are considering an apprenticeship.

Please note that we have a minimum grade criteria of Grades 4-9 in GCSE

Maths, English and Science.

Aptitude & Selection Assessment

The next step is to complete some aptitude and selection assessments

which will grade your suitability for an engineering or operations based

apprenticeship. The assessments will also help identify other skills such as

problem solving and logical thinking.


CATCH Interviews

We will then invite you to have an interview with a member of the

CATCH team. This will be to discuss why you want to do an apprenticeship,

which areas interest you the most and what knowledge of engineering and

operations apprenticeships you have gained throughout the process so far.

Employer Event

Employers who have committed to recruit a CATCH Apprentice will attend a careers

fair style event where all the candidates will be able to meet them and find out more

about the opportunities available. You will then be able to register your interest with

the employers to be considered for their vacancies.

Employer Interview & Selection

The final part of the process is an interview with the employer, normally at their site.

If successful, the employer will offer you a position as an apprentice and you will begin

your journey as a CATCH apprentice!


Contact us/

apply now:



01469 552828 option 1

Look out for our

Open evenings

Find out more on our website or social media!


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E: apprenticeships@catchuk.org

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