2008 ANNUAL REPORT - Atlanta Habitat for Humanity


2008 ANNUAL REPORT - Atlanta Habitat for Humanity


Atlanta Habitat for Humanity partners with working families, sponsors, and communities to build affordable,

green, quality homes and to provide support services that promote successful home purchase and ownership.

constructs Quality, affordable Homes.

Atlanta Habitat is a top builder in Atlanta, constructing more than 1,000 houses

in 25 years and improving the quality of life for more than 3,500 family mem-


is dedicated to Green buildinG.

Since 2004, Atlanta Habitat has built to earthCraft/eneRGy StAR standards,

which serve as a blueprint for healthy, comfortable homes and help homeowners

reduce utility bills and protect the environment.

supports WorkinG families.

All homebuyers must qualify for our programs, showing steady income, good credit,

and the desire to partner with us. Before closing, they must contribute 250 hours of

sweat equity and complete at least 12 education courses. Homes are financed by

no-interest loans, with monthly payments averaging less than $600.

acts as a stronG fiscal steWard.

Atlanta Habitat spends more than 85 cents of every dollar on home-building and

homeowner programs and services, earning Charity navigator’s Four Star rating

for sound fiscal management. In 2008, more than 15,300 volunteers contributed

more than 130,000 hours to help keep costs affordable for homebuyers.

atlanta Habitat for Humanity is


HigHligHts of 2008

• Memorable 25th anniversary and 1,000 & 1,001 house-build events.

• 52 new, energy-efficient, EarthCraft-certified houses.

• Specific projects/partnerships with two local Habitat affiliates (Gwinnett and

Southern Crescent) to develop additional houses and serve more families.

• Completion of the first-ever townhouse project.

• Projected revenue for the ReStore more than doubled.

• New education project, providing IT training and distributing more than

100 computers to Atlanta Habitat families.

• Number of education classes and training hours at an all-time high–

more than 1,000 hours of homeowner education offered.

2008 Magnolia Award for Special Achievement with Creative Partnerships in

Affordable Housing by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs.

Melanie Platt, Chair Larrie Del Martin, President & Executive Director

dear valued donors, volunteers,

sponsors, partners, and friends,

“Built to Last.” It’s a simple concept, but just what does it mean in terms of

Atlanta Habitat? Certainly we build houses with long-lasting quality and an

eye to earth-friendly, EarthCraft construction. But, as a business with a heart,

we believe what we are truly helping to build are lasting success stories.



Homeowner criteria include working in the same job for at

least one year, a steady income for two years, a good credit history, and a

savings account of $200 for at least six months. (A candidate’s income must

fall between 25-60 percent of our area’s median income.)

Homeownership requirements include 250 hours of home construction sweat

equity and participation in at least 12 educational classes during the one-year

lease period.

Many in metro Atlanta associate our story with the wonderful homes we build, but, in

truth, the Atlanta Habitat story begins with our hard-working homeowners–individuals

who by their sheer drive and passion meet every one of our requirements and then

press on to fulfill the sweat equity labor and education class requirements that earn

them the opportunity to build and buy their home. Indeed, succeeding to become an

Atlanta Habitat homeowner takes real effort.

Once they move into their Atlanta Habitat homes, these families seem to generate

even more success. The sense of security and feeling of pride that come from an Atlanta

Habitat home strengthen these families. They thrive–and their ability to make lasting

contributions to their children’s futures, their neighborhoods, communities, and metro

Atlanta just seems to grow. With so many of our families, there is a desire to contribute

and help build a safer environment, more attractive properties, and more vital communities.

There’s a commitment to being involved and to continue improving places where they

live, work, and play.

So a positive, lasting evolution progresses – first from block to block, then

encompassing an entire neighborhood, and ultimately, benefiting our city and metro

area. That’s how “Built to Last” gets real meaning and becomes a holistic legacy for our

community of which we all can be proud.

When we define “Built to Last,” we see our homeowners’ sons and daughters

succeeding in the Armed Forces. We hear how one woman’s determination has resulted

in a neighborhood street being paved. Or we listen at a dedication ceremony as a father

looks to his six children and tells them that this home is, above all, for them.


Financial HigHligHts *

SummARy oF opeRAtIonS 2008


House Sponsors $ 3,700,000

Homeowner Payments, net $ 2,830,000

Foundations & Other Grants $ 2,040,000

Donations $ 898,000

Special Events, ReStore & Other $ 524,000

Total Cash Sources $ 9,992,000

*Financial highlights reflect unaudited data.

neW partners and neW ideas


Construction Program $ 4,432,000

Property Acquisition & Development $ 2,529,000

Program Services $ 1,083,000

Administrative Services $ 882,000

Development & Communications $ 580,000

Repayment of Notes Payable $ 20,000

Total Cash Uses $ 9,526,000


Capital Campaign Receipts $ 102,000

Capital Campaign Outlays $ (2,102,000)

Net Capital Campaign $(2,000,000)


The mission of Atlanta Habitat has always been to build affordable housing for working

families. Today, we are finding more ways to do just that. We are now joining forces with

other nearby Habitat affiliates and continuing to work with private developers. Atlanta

Habitat also is incorporating new housing solutions such as townhome communities.

The result is an exciting, larger, 10-county service area, a more diverse architectural

portfolio, and a greater opportunity to share our experiences and our resources. Now,

more environmentally conscious Habitat homes and more helpful homeowner education

classes can be available to more deserving people – security guards, health care

technicians, teachers’ aides, food service employees, and many more who work very

hard for their wages. No family should have to live in substandard housing, and as long

as they do in Atlanta and our surrounding communities, we will continue to ask for your

support–support you have generously given and for which we are most grateful. Used

wisely, your contributions ensure there will be more “Built to Last” success stories.

Melanie Platt Larrie Del Martin

Chair, Board of Directors President & Executive Director





A Lasting Friend

When the mill closed in Atlanta’s Cabbagetown neighborhood, lots

of folks went elsewhere – but not Henrietta. She stayed. It was where

she was born and raised, and she wasn’t going anywhere. today,

Cabbagetown is where you still find Henrietta – still happy in her

Atlanta Habitat home, one of the earliest we built (1987). A strong,

resolute community leader, Henrietta works tirelessly for her

friends, including many hours at the Savannah Street neighborhood

House. the Savannah Street House offers a variety of programs

especially for limited-income seniors – meals, fun activities, and even

emergency assistance. Come by and you’ll no doubt find Henrietta

teaching her quilting class or just lending a hand. It’s something this

lasting friend has done for her Cabbagetown neighbors for more

than 25 years.

atlanta Habitat – HAnDS-on opeRAtIon

What we provide, we build. that’s because first and foremost,

Atlanta Habitat is a construction company – one with 26

years of experience and more than 1,000 homes under our

belt. We have a full-time architect on staff and trained construction

employees who oversee our corps of great on-site


CAtHy &

WIllIe tRICe

One Last Project?

the trices’ Atlanta Habitat home was built as part of the Jimmy

Carter work project in 1988 – our first blitz-build – with 20 homes fin-

ished in just five days. But you might not recognize it today, as this

family, it seems, never runs out of improvement projects. the front

porch is now screened in. the front steps have been carefully bricked.

the driveway is longer and the backyard prettier. plus, just take a look

at some of their inside projects – a wonderfully successful daughter

who is now enrolled in nursing school; a second daughter serving our

country in the Armed Forces; and a son, out on his own working hard.

Are there more projects ahead? they have already paid off their mortgage

in full, but, if we could guess, we would probably say there are

other advances on the horizon. this family has enormous pride in

what they have already accomplished, and there will always, no

doubt, be one last project they undertake to make things even better.

atlanta Habitat – SolID ASSet mAnAGement

land in metro Atlanta is a precious resource, and as a successful

land developer, we carefully manage every acre we acquire or purchase.

We are real-estate savvy and understand the need to leverage our

property assets to generate the best return on investment.



poCH Soeun


At Long Last

In 2004, this lovely couple left their native Cambodia and

arrived in the u.S. without much more than their dreams. It’s

hard to believe that mom, Dad, and two young children could

live in two tiny rooms. But even harder still is to realize that

these cramped quarters had no kitchen. the goal, however, was

to sacrifice, save enough money to escape, and perhaps – just

perhaps – buy a home, even though such prospects looked

exceedingly dim. then one day, Atlanta Habitat entered the

lives of these American newcomers, and what seemed

impossible became probable, if they could complete the

homeowner requirements. Indeed, they did just that, and in

may 2009 the Chhlaing family moved into their brand-new

home in the Ben Hill community. A dream had come true, and at

long last, there was real room for a growing, thankful family.

atlanta Habitat – DISCIplIneD FInAnCIAl StRAteGIeS

At the end of 2008, we held no-interest mortgages on 772 homes, and

we carry out our role as lender within strict guidelines. Additionally, we

manage Atlanta Habitat finances with the first priority being to protect

the funds entrusted to us and to use them judiciously to build affordable

housing and provide support services for working families.


13 12



A Lasting Impression

longstanding chair of the mechanicsville Civic Association, chaplain for

Atlanta’s neighborhood planning unit v, on the board of the nonprofit

builder organization SummeCH, as well as a board member of the

Southside medical Center, choir director at the Grace evangelistic

ministries Church, and a valued member of the Atlanta Habitat

Homeowner Advisory Committee – that’s Sharon Collins, an unbelievable

woman who is making a lasting impression everywhere she goes. Sharon

grew up in mechanicsville and wanted to stay and help her community

move ahead. earning her Atlanta Habitat home in mechanicsville kept her

right where she wanted to be, and everyone knows her as the community

leader who gets things done. Bright, articulate, and focused, Sharon has

raised three exemplary sons who, she is proud to recall, never gave

her any trouble growing up, something she says is partially owed to the

safety and security of her Atlanta Habitat home. And what’s her last

word on being a successful homeowner? “you have to be a good neighbor;

speak and communicate with those around you.”

atlanta Habitat – Well-pRepAReD HomeoWneRS

Atlanta Habitat is a busy educator. We train our homeowners in

the basics of home maintenance, budgeting, landscaping, insurance,

fire safety, and more. In 2008, our Home Smart education

staff, including volunteer instructors, offered our homeowners

more than 1,000 hours in the classroom.




& SIlvIA


Lasting Success

For the Cardenas family, success didn’t stop when they earned

their Atlanta Habitat home. It has continued right through the next

generation with their three beautiful daughters accomplishing

their own goals. eva and Gaby both received full scholarships to

attend Clayton State university, and elizabeth, now an 11th-grader

at tri-Cities High School for the performing Arts, is studying ballet

under the famous dancer Bridget moore. mario also is helping

others find success with Atlanta Habitat by volunteering as one of

our organization’s ambassadors, speaking before such groups as

the latin American Association. the Cardenases were Atlanta

Habitat’s first Hispanic homeowners, and they have been a true

example of the lasting success we so hope our mission creates.

atlanta Habitat – SoCIAlly ReSponSIBle

Atlanta Habitat is a nonprofit charitable organization focused

on helping working families of all ethnic backgrounds obtain

affordable homes. our goal is to improve these families’ living

standards by giving them the opportunity to own a quality home

and by encouraging them to contribute positively to the

future of their families and their communities.

12 15


HoW you can Help us

build to last

Built to last – It’s the Atlanta Habitat way. Our homes are constructed to stand the test

of time. Our homeowner education program helps homebuyers maintain their investments over

time. And central to our continuing success, our sponsors, donors, and volunteers help build firm

foundations for more and more families to become homeowners.

Call 404-223-5180, ext. 128

Fax 404-223-5103

E-mail marci.bozeman@atlantahabitat.org

CliCk www.atlantahabitat.org

WritE 519 Memorial Drive, SE

Atlanta, Georgia 30312-2218

sponsor a Home

From business, civic, educational, and faith-based communities, Atlanta Habitat

sponsors are fully committed to addressing Atlanta’s affordable housing needs.

Our homeowners join with diverse sponsor groups to build houses and create

stronger communities. Special program builds include Buildable Hours, which

brings together the legal community; Financial Matters, connecting the financial

services industry; Interfaith partnerships; and Women Builds. Sponsorship levels

and their associated volunteer opportunities and benefits vary. Consider becoming

a house sponsor today and help make a direct impact on the life of a working family

in Atlanta.

become a donor

Philanthropic gifts allow more families the opportunity to purchase a house and

the security of a place to call home. Atlanta Habitat has a wide range of gift levels,

including the Foundation 1000 and Clark Howard gift societies.


Use your talents for a good cause. Atlanta Habitat welcomes volunteers for house

construction, ReStore support, weekly warehouse support, and office support.

make an in-kind contribution

By providing building construction materials, donations for the ReStore, or

professional services, you can help keep Atlanta Habitat running smoothly.

build a lastinG leGacy

Please remember Atlanta Habitat in your estate plans and help create a lasting

legacy supporting Atlanta Habitat families and communities.

we invite you to join with us as we continue to build brighter

futures for more working atlanta families and their children.

2008 House sponsors

The following individuals and organizations sponsored

house builds by providing funding and volunteers

(listed in chronological order):

two Williams House

Clark Howard

Annette Stilwell

Click Models of Atlanta, Inc.

BurekDetweiler Inc. (Sedna Films)


Cox Communications

Cox Enterprises, Inc.

The James M. Cox Foundation of Georgia, Inc.

Cox Radio, Inc.

Cox Television


The James M. Cox Foundation of Georgia, Inc.

team clark (four Houses)

Clark Howard

Nancy Noblin

Cathedral of Christ the King

St. Benedict Catholic Church

Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic Church

Emory University

Henry W. Grady High School

Mead Family Foundation

Midtown Atlanta Rotary Club

Muntzing Family Foundation

Superior Court of Fulton County

Big Bethel AME

The Cathedral of St. Philip

Dodd-Sterling United Methodist Church

Holy Innocents’ Episcopal Church

St. Luke’s Presbyterian Church

Marist Women Build

United Parcel Service

Dunwoody United Methodist Church

Northside United Methodist Church

Peachtree Road United Methodist Church

First Presbyterian Church

Haygood Memorial United Methodist Church

Morningside Presbyterian Church

Northwest Presbyterian Church

Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Peachtree Presbyterian Church

Shallowford Presbyterian Church

Wieuca Road Baptist Church

The Home Depot – IT Department

technology build

AGL Resources, Inc.

Alliance Data Systems/Vertex


The Coca-Cola Company

The Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta

GE Energy




Pyramid Consulting, Inc.

Sapient Corporation


Southern Company


TATA America International Corp.


Georgia-Pacific Corporation


Brookhaven Christian Church

Brookhaven United Methodist Church

Covenant Presbyterian Church

Oglethorpe Presbyterian Church

Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Church

St. James United Methodist Church

St. Martin in the Fields Church

Welcome All Baptist Church

West Mitchell CME

The Coca-Cola Company (Legal Department)

King & Spalding LLP

townhouse phase i

AGL Resources, Inc.

Equifax Inc.

GE Energy

Hardin Construction Company, LLC

Jordan, Jones & Goulding, Inc.

SunTrust Bank, Atlanta



In Partnership with: The Circle Group, LLC;

Gorman Construction Inc.; Greene-Sawtell

Foundation; Gwinnett Sprinkler Company;

Henderson Electric Co., Inc.; McKenney’s Inc.;

Ready Mix USA, Inc. – Atlanta Division; Site

Scapes, LLC; Southern Pan Services Company;

Tiede-Zoeller Inc.; Universal Steel, Inc.

buildable Hours

Atlanta Legal Aid Society

Booz Allen Hamilton

Drew Eckl & Farnham, LLP

FTI Consulting, Inc.

Hunton & Williams LLP

Parker, Hudson, Rainer & Dobbs LLP

Seyfarth Shaw LLP

Smith & Howard, PC

buildable Hours

Havertys Furniture Companies

McKinsey & Company

Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough, LLP

The Paradies Shops

The Quikrete Companies

Weinberg, Wheeler, Hudgins, Gunn & Dial

McKenna Long & Aldridge

TriMont Real Estate Advisors

The Dial Corporation

Publix Supermarkets

townhouse phase ii

Cascade United Methodist Church

Jan Niessen–Netherlands

Lowe’s Companies, Inc.

The Atlanta Dream

First Christian Church of Atlanta

First Presbyterian Church

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church

The Sally & Peter Parsonson Foundation, Inc.

All Saints Catholic Church

First Congregational Church –

United Church of Christ

Glenn Memorial United Methodist Church

Lutheran Church of the Redeemer

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans–

South Fulton Chapter

interfaith build

Ahavath Achim Synagogue

All Saints Christ’s Church United

Atlanta Union Mission–Carpenter’s House

Collins Memorial United Methodist Church

Congregation B’nai Torah

Greater Springfield Baptist Church

The Marcus Jewish Community Center

of Atlanta

Northside Drive Baptist Church

St. Anne’s Episcopal Church

Trinity Presbyterian Church

Atlanta Board of Realtors


Atlanta Bar Association – Litigation Section

Bridge Associates LLC

Quaker, Tropicana, Gatorade (QTG),

a division of PepsiCo

Regency Centers

Georgia-Cumberland Conference of

Seventh-Day Adventists

South Atlantic Conference of

Seventh-Day Adventists

Estate of George T. Bentley, Jr.

The Korean Community Presbyterian Church

The National Association of the

Remodeling Industry

The Rotary Club of Brookhaven

The Rotary Club of Decatur

The Rotary Club of North DeKalb

The Rotary Club of Northlake

The Rotary Club of South DeKalb

The Rotary Club of Stone Mountain

Lovett School

Marist School

Pace Academy

Westminster Schools

Peachtree Presbyterian Church

All Saints’ Episcopal Church

Kaiser Permanente

Alston & Bird LLP

Cousins Properties, Inc.

consular corps of atlanta

in partnership with:

AFL Telecommunications

Atlanta Consul General of Korea

AW North Carolina, Inc.

Dorothy Beasley

Canadian Women’s Club

Consulate General of Switzerland

Georgia Council for International Visitors

German American Chamber of Commerce

Gouvernement du Quebec–MRI

Honda Manufacturing of Alabama, LLC

Honda Precision Parts of Georgia, LLC

Ulrich Hunn

Kubota Manufacturing of America Corporation

Murata Electronics North America, Inc.

Nichiha USA, Inc.

Nippon Oil Lubricants (America) LLC

Ferdinand Seefried, Honorary Consul

General of Austria

SKC, Inc.

Paul Steinfeld

Suzuki Manufacturing of America Corporation

Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce,

SE USA Chapter

TD Automotive Compressor Georgia, LLC

Toyo Tire North America, Inc.

Toyota Motor Engineering & Mfg.

North America, Inc.

Westplan Investors USA

Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corporation

of America

financial matters

Arcapita Inc.

Bell Capital Management

Brightworth, LLC

Frank Maiorano & Nuveen Investments

Henry Spiegel Milling LLP

Montag & Caldwell, Inc.

Sanders Financial Management, Inc.

White Horse Advisors, LLC

1,000th Home

Cox Enterprises

Dunwoody United Methodist Church

King & Spalding LLP

McKenna Long & Aldridge

Peachtree Presbyterian Church

The Home Depot Foundation

Interfaith Build Day:

Al-Farooq Masjid Mosque

Buckhead Community Fellowship

The Episcopal Church of the Epiphany

Morningside Presbyterian Church

Northside Drive Baptist Church

The Shrine of the Immaculate Conception

Smoke Rise Baptist Church

The Temple

Unitarian Universalist Congregation

1,001st Home

AGL Resources, Inc.

Bixler Consulting Group

Peachtree Road United Methodist Church

Pinnacle Custom Builders, Inc.

Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP

Wachovia Foundation

Woodward Academy

the avery partnership

Arise Virtual Solutions

Bregal Investments

The Cardiff Group

Habitat ii

Habitat IIs are Atlanta Habitat for Humanity homes

that are returned to the organization to be renovated

and prepared for purchase by new families.

The Rotary Club of Buckhead

day sponsors


Lawrence Margolis – Happy Birthday, Marilyn!

Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd.

individual sponsors

$1,000 +

Cathy & Frank Belatti

J. Frank Bell

John Burch

Blake Candler

Mike Henson

Renee Houle

Robert Howard

Michael Ivie

Tom Kennedy

Dan Lambright

Susan Lawrence-Rutledge

Barbara Nye

James Stilwell

Tim Sullivan

Buck Winfield


over $1 million

Joseph B. Whitehead Foundation

$500,000 – $999,999

The City of Atlanta and U.S. Department of

Housing and Urban Development

$150,000 – $499,999

Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta

The Home Depot Foundation

$50,000 – $149,000

Guanacaste Ventures US, Inc.

$25,000 – $49,999

Trinity Presbyterian Church

$10,000 – $24,999

The Atlanta Foundation

Atlanta Thrashers Foundation

$1,000 – $9,999

Atlanta Braves Foundation

Credit Suisse

The Ford Motor Company

Mizuho USA Foundation of

Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd.

firm foundations

Firm Foundations members leave a lasting legacy by

naming Atlanta Habitat as beneficiary of their estate.


Jeanette Allen

Sharon K. Coleman

Robert and Iris Eskew

Deborah Garrard

Nancy and Mike Henson

Lewis and Faye Manderson

Lynn and Alan Merrill

Reverend Nancy F. Noblin

Dr. Waltraut J. H. Stein

Virginia B. Wohlford


The Estate of George Truax Bentley, Jr.

The Estate of Pamela Jean Collins

The Estate of Elizabeth Lola Rogers

clark HoWard


The newly created Clark Howard Society recognizes

Atlanta Habitat donors who make annual unrestricted

gifts of $10,000 or more. Atlanta Habitat welcomed 26

inaugural members to the Society in 2008 – exceeding

a goal of at least 25 members in our 25th anniversary

year. Atlanta Habitat is grateful to the following Clark

Howard Society members for their generosity:



Mr. and Mrs. Alan Arnold

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Arroll

John and Alexandra Balzer*

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Belatti

Susan E. Bixler

Dan and Merrie Boone III

Phillip Bradley and Cathy Harper

Mr. and Mrs. Danny Branch*

Mrs. Martha Caldwell

The Edward Colston Foundation, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil D. Conlee

Ms. Catherine Faulk Dorn*

Norm and Adrienne Findley

Nancy and Mike Henson

A.J. and Lynne Land

Lewis and Faye Manderson

Jeff Pennell and Michelle Henkel*

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ruf

Kevin and Joan Salwen


Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schweitzer

Charlotte and Tom Shields

Mrs. Frances H. Shropshire*

Judy and Bill Vogel

David Wilson and Melody Wilder

*New member in 2008

foundation 1000

The Foundation 1000 gift society recognizes Atlanta

Habitat donors who make generous annual undesignated

gifts of $1,000 or more. These funds help support our

ongoing operations and provide maximum flexibility in

meeting the needs of our community. Thanks to the

following donors, Atlanta Habitat is better able to fulfill

our mission of affordable home-building:

$5,000 – $9,999


American School Counselor Association

Atlanta Capital Management Co., LLC

Ron and Vicki Canakaris

Cook Family Investments

Edison Electric Institute

Iowa Annual Conference of the

United Methodist Church

The Taylor Family Foundation*

$2,500 – $4,999


Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Allegra

Mr. and Mrs. Brantley Barrow

Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Chambers

Mr. and Mrs. Brad Dale*

The Elster Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Giles

John and Kathleen Goff

Harvey and Alice Henson

Mr. Brett Klyza

Mr. and Mrs. Ira Lacey*

Ms. Elizabeth Land*

Thomas H. Lanier Foundation

Marstrand Foundation

John and Lee McColl Family Fund

Gayle and Tom McMahon

Lynn and Alan Merrill

Mark and Jennifer Pighini

Mr. and Mrs. J. McDowell Platt

Mr. and Mrs. William Silzle

Mr. and Mrs. Alex Stickney

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Tallman

Ms. Marilyn S. Thompson

Bob and Nancy Trusty

Mr. Samuel Wammock*

The Weber Family Foundation

$1,000 – $2,499








Aldenderfer Group, P.C.

Joan and Frank Alexander

Atlanta West Catering

Ms. Rhea Barrett

Ms. Jane C. Barwick

Brad and Mary Frances Benton

Mary and Chip Benton

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Berberich

Mr. Mark Berger*

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Bernstein*

Mr. and Mrs. James Bird

Ms. Marci Bozeman*

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bruder

Joseph G. and Inez Crawford Burtchaell

Foundation, Inc.

Ms. Nell A. Butler

Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Callahan*

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Cambias, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Castellon

Ms. Gloria Choo*

Mr. John Cleveland

Ms. Sarah Collier*

Batson Cook Foundation*

Cortland Partners, LLC*

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Cramer*

Mr. Andrew Dickerson

Mr. Erik Droutman*

Mr. and Mrs. William Earnest

Mr. Wyatt Engwall

Erwin Family Charitable Lead Annuity Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Faust

Mr. Durward Fincher

Mr. Patrick Flinn*

Mr. David Fuller

The Garreau Family

Katherine and Michael Gillin

The Irene Emery Goodale Foundation

The Graves Foundation

Bernard and Anne Howell Gray Advised Fund

Richard and Debbie Griffiths

Joanne and Peter E. Haas, Jr. Fund

Mr. and Mrs. David F. Haddow

Roth Armstrong Hayes Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Phil Holladay

Ms. Mary E. Hollingsworth

Nancy and David Hudak

Mr. R. Roman Hudson

Olivia and Thacher Hurd Fund*

Mr. Tim Jenkins*

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Jones III

Mr. Robert A. Keegan

Robert and Rebecca Kennedy

Mrs. Vera M. Kouder

Ms. Yean Lee

Scott and Emilie Long

Mr. and Mrs. T. Wood Lovell*

Mr. T. Scott Mackenzie*

Dan and Deborah Maddox

Magnolia Plastics, Inc.

Ms. Billi Marcus

Jane and Jere Martin

Larrie Del and Joe Martin

Allen Mast

Bob and Joan Mathews

The McCarty Family Foundation*

Mr. and Mrs. Art McClung*

McConaghie Family Counseling, P.C.*

Malinda Teel and Tom McGowan

Norman and Leah McKay*

Mr. and Mrs. Imran Meghji*

Jerry and Debbie Miller

Mr. Roy Douglas Mitchell, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Moister

Richard G. Murphy Trust

Ms. Anna M. Nagy

Neel and Robinson, LLC*

Mr. Charlie Ogburn*

Olsen Management, Inc.

Kirk and Anne Ossewaarde*

Linda and Trey Parrish

Sally and Peter Parsonson*

Joan and Dan Pattillo

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Pendleton

Mr. and Mrs. Randy Pirkle

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon P. Ramsey*

Barbara and Ron Reid

Ms. Kelly M. Robinette*

Robert and Laura Rosen

Mr. Nathan Rowell*

Ms. Joanna C. Schachner*

Mr. and Mrs. H. Roy Thompson

Mr. and Mrs. J. Alston Thompson*

Bill and Wanda Timm

Mr. Peter Velardi

Jack and Jean Ward Advised Fund*

Mr. Andrew C. West

Ronald and Lavone Wichman

Mr. Henry Wiseman

Virginia B. Wohlford

Ms. Dawne Morgan and Mr. Gregory Worthy

Mary and Charlie Yates Family Fund*

*New member in 2008

special event


The following organizations provided gifts of $1,000 or

more supporting Atlanta Habitat’s 25th anniversary

events and other special events:

AGL Resources, Inc.

Best Bank

Broadway Across America

The Home Depot Foundation

IKEA Georgia, LLC

Kaiser Permanente

Live Nation

Music Builds–Habitat for Humanity

of Greater Los Angeles

Piedmont Hospital

Six Feet Under

employee GivinG

and matcHinG Gift


The following organizations matched employees’ gifts or

offered gifts through employee giving programs in


Aetna, Inc.


Allstate Giving Campaign

AMB Group, LLC

American Express Employee Giving Program

America’s Charities

Ameriprise Financial Employee Giving Program

Bank of America

Bank of America United Way Campaign

Bellsouth Corporation

Best Buy

Cingular Wireless

The Clorox Company Foundation

Club of Hearts, Inc. (Southern Company)

CNA Foundation

Dell Direct Giving Campaign

Fidelity Investments

Fulton School Employees’ Charitable Fund, Inc.

GE Foundation

Give with Liberty Employee Donations

GlaxoSmithKline Foundation

Global Impact

Goldman Sachs & Co. Matching Gift Program

H&R Block Workplace Giving Program

The Home Depot Political Action Committee

IBM Corporation

IBM Retiree Charitable Campaign

ING Foundation

Intercontinental Hotels Group

Juniper Networks Company


Kaiser Permanente


McCar Homes – Charlotte, East, Greensboro,

Greenville, Raleigh, West

Merck Partnership for Giving

Microsoft Corporation

Old Mutual Financial Network

Oracle Corporation Matching Gifts Program

Pfizer United Way Campaign

Prudential Foundation

Safeco Insurance

SAP Matching Gift Program

Seyfarth Shaw LLP

The Standard

SunTrust One Pledge Campaign

Triangle United Way

Unilever Bestfoods North America

United Way

United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta

Combined Federal Campaign

United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta, Inc.

United Way of New York City

United Way of Somerset County

United Way of Tri-State

Verizon Foundation

Wellpoint Associate Giving Campaign

Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign

Wells Fargo Foundation Educational

Matching Gift Program

carpenter’s club

The Carpenter’s Club recognizes donors who make

monthly contributions to Atlanta Habitat for Humanity.

Sustaining gifts like these may be contributed through

electronic funds transfer or credit card billing.


Jane C. Barwick

Marci Bozeman

The Garreau Family

Economy Jackson

Edward and Melissa Klein

Bob and Joanne Manka

Larrie Del and Joe Martin

Ray and Mary Maynard

Kevin M. McCluskey

John and Agnes Nelson

Jared and Caroline Price

Jim and Jane Sibley

Ronald and Lavone Wichman



donors of products

for every House

The following companies donated products or services

for every 2008 Atlanta Habitat house:

Alcan Aluminum Corp –Alcan Cable Division

The Dow Chemical Co.

Ferguson Enterprises

Hunter Douglas, Inc.

Owens Corning

Pennington Seed


Smithville Industries, Inc.

Square D Company


Valspar Corporation

Whirlpool Corporation

Yale Residential Security Products

donors of services or products

valued at $1,000 or more

The following donors contributed products or services

valued at $1,000 or more:


Arch Wood Protection, Inc.

Central Heating & Air Conditioning

Corbin Comfort Systems

Dal-Tile Corporation

Engineered Solutions

Federal Home Loan Bank

Fulton Plumbing and Heating


Hardin Construction

LAI Engineering

Lowe’s of Sandy Springs




Peach State Integrated Technologies

Rinnai Corporation


Wood Machinery Manufacturers of America

Gifts of land

The following made generous donations of land:

Dr. Daniel McBrayer

Wilbur Sikes

Michael and Julie Weeks

donors of services and products

to Homeowners

The following donors provided in-kind support to Family

Services programs:

A.C. White Relocations

American Society Training and Development,

Greater Atlanta Chapter

Atlanta Peach Movers

Bed Bath & Beyond

Buckhead Midtown Vacuum, Inc.

Conner’s Florist

Georgia E-Waste

Manheim Corporation

One Economy

restore in-kind donors valued

at $10,000 or more

Ambrosi –Atlanta

American Air Filter

Bernis Manufacturing Company


Diamax Industries

Mr. Jeffrey Geiger

Mr. Scott Griggs

Hardin Construction

Martin Riley Associates

Million Dollar Baby

Oriental Weavers

Plumbing Distributors Inc.

RF Installations

SBS Associates


Yale Residential Security Products

restore in-kind donors valued

at $1,000 or more

79th Street Rug Shop

Best Buy

Mr. James Bowers

Mr. David Brachman

Ms. Marylynn Bujalski

Bushman Studios

Cablik Enterprises

The Carlton Hotel–South Beach

Ms. Ashley Chapman

Ms. Jillian P. Cooke

Ms. Colette Davis

Design Lighting Group


Mr. Ben Dixon

Empire Today

Mr. Ken Feely

Ms. Avril Forbes

Mr. John Ford

The Global Democracy Project

Global Products

Grabber Construction Products

Hart Flooring

Ms. Dianna Hellman

Ms. Jean Hildreth

Horizon Home

Ms. Jocelyn Hunter

Illuminations Contract Lighting

J & L Graves

Jerry K. Lewis & Associates


Mr. Mark Kistulinec

Ms. Linda Koenig

Mr. James Kotaska

Lane Company

Ms. Kathleen Liebman

Ms. Gail Love


Mark and Paula Lytle

Ms. Donna Mason

Mr. Dennis McConnell

Mr. Mike Melain

Ms. Jill Merkle

Northwest Plumbing

Ms. Tumi Oguntala

Mr. William Pate

Ms. Nicole Phipps

Piedmont Driving Club

Piedmont Operations Partnership

Ms. Lisa Provost

Ms. Marcia Pugh

Mr. Edgar Reeves

Salisbury & Moore

Mr. Mike Schmid

Mr. Landon Smith

Solária Lighting

Southern Kitchen & Bath

Southern Turnkey Millwork

Ms. Beth Hays Stevens

Ms. Ann Tatum


Mr. Ian Thompson

Tile With Style Inc.

TOTO, Inc.

Mr. Joe Trahan

Ms. Nancy Tyson

Mr. Adolpho Vargas

Whoop, Inc.

XL Brands

Zoo Atlanta


advisory council

lynn merrill, Chair

Community volunteer

Saleemah Abdulghafur

100 people of Faith

Frank Alexander

emory university School of law

Alan Arnold

Delta Air lines, Inc.

tom Chapel

Centers for Disease Control & prevention

William m. earnest

Community volunteer

Adrienne Findley

Community volunteer

Kathy Harber

Community volunteer

board of directors

melanie platt, Chair

AGl Resources

Rich Arroll

RJA properties, Inc.

m. Brantley Barrow

Hardin Construction Company, llC

mary t. Benton

Alston & Bird llp

Susan Bixler

Bixler Consulting Group

Dan Boone, III

Atlanta Capital management Company

phillip A. Bradley, vice Chair

mcKenna long & Aldridge llp

Danny Branch, Secretary

Atlanta Falcons

michael C. Castellon

Sutherland Asbill & Brennan llp

Wicke Chambers

noted Author & Community volunteer

John n. Goff

Cousins properties Inc.

Darryl Hicks

office of Chairman John eaves

Board of Commissioners of Fulton County

Katharine Kelley

Green Street properties

Charlie mcDonald

Crisis management International

Art mcClung

Community volunteer

linda parrish

King & Spalding, llp

Dan pattillo

Rooker Real estate llp

Bill pendleton

primary Capital

Barbara Reid

non profit Accounting Consultant

maria Guerra-Stoll

GSB Architects, Inc.

mary n. long

Community volunteer

Dan maddox, Jr.

Georgia pacific Corp.

J. Allen mast, Jr.

Suntrust endowment & Foundation Services

thomas J. mcmahon, treasurer

Kaiser permanente Georgia

Jerrold l. miller

Fabric Developers, llC

mark pighini

Deloitte & touche llp

Kevin G. Salwen


timothy m. Sullivan

King & Spalding llp

Gregory Worthy

Bryan Cave

James o. Rodgers

the Diversity Coach

Alexis Scott

Atlanta Daily World

polly Simpson

Community volunteer

Karen Stickney

manheim Auctions

J. Ron terwilliger

trammell Crow Residential

Sue Wieland

John Wieland Homes & neighborhoods



larrie Del martin

president & executive Director

Dan Garreau

Director of operations

Corliss Brown

Receptionist & program Coordinator

Debbie Griffiths

Financial Consultant

Syd Janney

executive Administrative manager

Judy park molleur

office & program manager


Sarah Fedota

Communications Consultant

Shannon Sanders

Communications Coordinator


Ray maynard

Director of Construction

Jim Blackstone

Assistant Director of Construction

Denise Childs


Alex Cook


Brian Findley


Drew Henley


Reid lockwood


Steve niederfringer


Jason owens


tom peacock

Warehouse & Inventory Coordinator

valarie Smith

Warehouse manager

Caleb Starr


Free Walker


Daniel Bell

travis Copeland

Irene Kagika

AmeriCorps Assistant Houseleaders


marci Bozeman

Director of Development

Cappy Harmon

In-Kind Donations Consultant

Kyle Kenyon

volunteer & Special events


Rebecca murphy

Sponsorship manager

valerie Winship

Development Coordinator

elizabeth Heys

AmeriCorps*vIStA Development


Andrew mcGuffin

AmeriCorps volunteer



economy Jackson

Director of Family Services

Carlos Almeida

Hispanic outreach Consultant

Chiquita Board

Financial education Consultant

Geneva Hall-Shelton

Homeowner Selection manager

melissa Klein

Homeowner education manager

maricarmen Smith-martinez

Homeowner outreach Coordinator

extriara Gates

AmeriCorps Family

Services Assistant


norman mcKay

Director of Finance

Jennifer Chisholm

mortgage Services manager

nary Dam

Business manager

laurel Simpson

Accounting & Inventory Coordinator

paul tomlinson

mortgage Services Associate

Wanda timm

Homeowner Account Audits



Jane C. Barwick

In-House Counsel

Bettina Brown


Chris martin

Senior Resources manager

Katherine thomasset

legal Assistant Consultant

ReAl eStAte

Jim Sibley

Director of Real estate

Judi Boardman

tax Specialist Consultant

Rich thompson

Real estate Acquisition manager

Keenan yates

AmeriCorps*vIStA Real estate

Information Analyst


lisa Schwinghammer

Director of Retail Sales

Jack Barnes

ReStore Warehouse &

Inventory Coordinator

marylynn Bujalski

ReStore Sales Assistant

Charlene Rogers

ReStore manager

latisha oliver

AmeriCorps*vIStA ReStore

Research Administrator

SIte plAnnInG & DeSIGn

Rosemary Kernahan

Director of Site planning & Design

Ben Annis

Site & Building Design Coordinator

Atlanta Habitat

Approximately 85 cents of every dollar contributed goes directly

into home construction and homeowner programs and services.

Atlanta Habitat for Humanity

519 Memorial Drive, SE

Atlanta, Georgia 30312-2218


Printed on recycled paper

Gifts to Habitat for Humanity in Atlanta, Inc., a nonprofit, publicly supported 501(c)3 charity,

qualify as charitable contribution deductions to the extent permitted by law.

Printed on recycled paper

Designed and produced by Corporate Reports Inc., Atlanta www.corporatereport.com

Printing and paper donated by Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta

Portrait photography by Parlee Chambers and Phillip Vullo

Additional photography by Atlanta Habitat for Humanity – Ben Rose, Shannon Sanders, and Barry Williams

Printed on recycled paper

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