2021 Annual Report

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What does it look like to

change a life? Through the

Boys & Girls Clubs, interests

are being ignited & mentors

are making an impact. At

the Clubs, youth have access

to programs that include

tutoring & tech & health &

fitness & arts & music, & the list

goes on. At Boys & Girls Clubs

we don’t do just one thing,

we do #WhateverItTakes to

meet the needs of every kid

who comes through those

doors. We are here to create

opportunities for our youth

& we know YOU are here

too. Thank YOU for joining

us in doing Whatever It Takes

to provide Great Futures for

our youth!

William Kring

Manny Nevarez

Michael & Lisa Janicki

Wendy Gray & Mac Madenwald

Sarah & Joel Ward

David Riddle & Joy Cangemi

Beverly James

Ryan Walters

Bruce & Senora Farnham

Car Care Clinic Gateway

Transmissions, Inc.

Judy Hjort

Barb Weymouth

Bank of America Charitable


Terri Wattawa

Westminster Presbyterian Church

Nathan Goodin

Robert Siefert

Cathy Petersen

Holly Shannon & Josh Johnson

Anacortes Sunrisers Kiwanis

Paul & Diane Cocke

Brayer Insurance

Jim & Midge Hanson

Skagit Cycle

Larson Gross, PLLC

Jayme Street

Dale & Susan Ragan

Julia De La Cerda

Sarah Sloan






We ’ l l Ta k e C a r e o f Yo u !



5 9





Burlington Arlington Everett



Proud supporter of



















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Proud To Support The

Boys & Girls Clubs of

Skagit County

Board of Directors


Tina Asp

Image 360

President – Elect

Rob Martin

Retired – Chinook Enterprises

Vice President – Historical

Mike Gubrud

Retired – Farmers Insurance


Eric Johnson

Stiles & Lehr


Brian Soneda

Retired – Library Services / Government


Holly Shannon

Carson Law Group

Past–President – Emeritus

Annette Booth

Booth Insurance/Allstate

Insurance Co.


Dr. Carl Bruner

Retired – Education

Pat Barrett

Barrett Financial, LTD

Kristen Keltz

Spinach Bus Ventures

Mark Nilson

Retired – Education

Sarah Crist

Shell Puget Sound Refinery

Mackenzie Reider

Janicki Industries

Bill Overby

Retired – Skagit Valley College

Mark Lawrence

Simply Yards Landscaping

Dan Milfred

Pacific Woodtech

Mike Dyberg

Dyberg Aviation

Dr. Bryan Jones

Burlington–Edison School District



Image John 360& Denise Hanstad




– Elect

Financial, Ltd.

I want to start this letter off by saying “Thank You.” 2021 was another year of working hard and



Ian & Theresa Faley

learning for our organization. We have been able to strengthen our Clubs in another year that

Rallye Auto Sales, Inc.

seemed to be against all of us from the very beginning. Our ability to improve and expand Retired is – Chinook Enterprises

My annual report letter to you all at the beginning of this year was full of

Richard Olds

supported by our donors and our dedicated staff and volunteers. You have helped us in our

excitement, momentum, and hope. We made great strides in furthering our

Vice President Robin – Historical Church

mission: To enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full

mission: potential, To as enable productive, all young caring, people, responsible especially citizens. those Many who need wins us and most, growth to opportunities have MIKE GUBRUD

Albert & Penny Stubbs






the last


year, and


I am


very excited


to share


those wins


in this Annual


Report. Farmers Insurance Sally – Mike VanRoeyen Gubrud

Agency Colleen Smiley


In 2020, we

us all















fundraising and community events to the “Land of Virtual

Events,” and we were successful. Even with all the success of our 2020 virtual events, the team was looking Treasurer Anna Stanczyk

When the virus hit our community, we were only days away from our Annual

forward to times when we could gather in person. 2021 afforded us that opportunity. In Summer 2021, ERIC JOHNSON

Breakfast. the Boys & This Girls event Clubs not of only Skagit allows County fellowship hosted our time first between in-person board, event staff, since and coronavirus shut things

Gary & Claudean Talbert

Stiles Law

donors, down. We but all it needed is the wrap–up some time for our to enjoy “Whatever fellowship It Takes” between campaign donors, and volunteers, allows and staff. Our Golf



all to celebrate

was very






our team was able








health and safety standards Secretary

during the tournament. Because of the success of this event, we brought back our Keys for Kids event

Our amazingly talented staff and volunteer group ventured into the unknown


Donnie & Kristen Keltz

as well. Even though we had a limited number of attendees and strict safety guidelines to follow, I

Jim Darr

and believe brought the fun to factor you our during very this first event virtual really event. lifted This the event spirits was of more all those successful who attended. We took Retired that – Library Services /

than fun factor we could with us have into the imagined. Fall with our We Great raised Futures more Gala. than Our $75,000 guest during speaker, our Ricardo Lockette, kicked Government

Derill & Caitlin Gifford

this event into high gear and we had one of our most successful fundraising events ever! These events

campaign and virtual event, over 75% of the pre-coronavirus goal. During a

John & Donna Adamson

have meant so much more in this coronavirus age, and I believe connections with the community and Past–President

Brian Frauenholtz

time a renewed when energy so many in our were team hit with will inspire uncertainty us to grow in their and lives, continue you all our stepped good work up. to 2022 and beyond.


Erin Baker’s Wholesome

You gave. You championed the cause that our Clubs represent and allowed

Baked Goods

Carson Law Group

us I am to open incredibly services proud for when the children I look at of essential all we have workers done right in the at the two beginning years that I have been Board

John & Dana Keefe

President. Seeing the growth of our Clubs during such a crazy time is amazing and has allowed us

of this pandemic.

Past–President to

Dahl Electric, Inc.


– Emeritus


continue hitting many milestones of success. One of the milestones we will hit this year is our 25th

Anniversary! In 1997, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County held it’s grand opening of the Burlington ANNETTE BOOTH

While the everyday activities and the experience of our Clubs is different now,

Gail Boston

Club. Many of the founding Members and Donors are still here supporting our Clubs today. Booth Thank Insurance/Allstate Insurance Co.

we you! have I hope been the able growth to provide and development services to our of Club this organization kids throughout makes these you trying

Sherri Gutzmer

proud because you were

times. Because of those who have continued to support our Clubs, we were

Members Barbara Holmkvist

the spark that kindled that little Burlington Club into a county-wide organization. I am incredibly

Homebridge Financial

able proud to of provide our staff an average and volunteers of over and 4000 the meals impact per they week have to the made children on our of our community in those DR. 25 CARL Peter BRUNER Goldfarb

years. It has been an honor to serve as your Board President for the last two of those years.

community. Thanks to support from the Jack & Shirley McIntyre Foundation,

MVSD Superintendent

Chloe Crosson


iClubhouse.org While my time as was President created. was Our often staff highlighted pivoted to by provide the many a virtual trials platform, that coronavirus brought our

Kirk Hereford

iClubhouse, community, I to am enrich very the happy lives with of all the our things Club our kids. organization If you follow has us accomplished on social and the support Barrett Financial, LTD

media, we were you able may to provide have seen our Club some kids. of I the am excited fun and to informative continue on videos the Board and as Past-President and

Anne Perry

support our new Board President in 2022. Rob Martin has been a board member for 5 years and KRISTEN KELTZ

activities our iClubhouse team created.

has stepped up into the role of Board President. Rob has proven to be an indispensable member Hotel Services Group, LLC

of our board and I am very excited to see the future that he envisions for our Clubs. I know he

The amount of work our staff and volunteers have put into our programs

has big plans and has been working hard with our CEO to develop a vision for what the coming MARK NILSON

this years year will is bring. above I am and excited beyond to what support has that ever vision been and asked see what of them it has before. in store. One thing I am Retired – Education

Annette Pankey

Their certain creativity, of, Rob will attention make sure to everyone detail, and is laughing passion with for a our joke cause or two… has or allowed more.

us to provide the children attending in-person Clubs a fun, enriching, safe

With best wishes and our sincere gratitude,

environment to just be kids.

Tina Asp, 2020-2021 Board Chair

Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County

Times are tough right now, but this organization and community gives me

reason to smile. Thank you for helping us create that positivity within our

community and continuing your support of our Clubs. I also want to thank our

Board. Each board member has given more than they planned this year and

has done it with incredible dedication and grace. I am proud to be a part of

this amazing group and honored to serve alongside each of them.

With best wishes and our sincere gratitude,

Tina Asp



Servpro Of Skagit

Katherine Lueck

Kurt & Suzan DelBene

Mark & Jody Carabba

Ann Thompson

Zuleica Sanchez

Manuel Smith

John & Julie Small

Darrell & Elizabeth Heisler

Kurt & Julie Kolmos


Shell Puget Sound Refinery


Janicki Industries


Retired – Skagit Valley College


Simply Yards Landscaping


Pacific Woodtech



Kiwanis Club of Mount Vernon

Tom Griffin & Lani Donohue

Skagit County Government

Troy Hanson & Sarah Diamond

Tracy Peterson-Foy & Chris Foy

Skagit River Steel & Recycling

Boundary Bay Brewing Co.

Brian & Lindsay Henrichs

Skagit Community Foundation

Jennifer Covey

John & Rebecca Spurling

Scott & Karen Terrell

Holly Swanson & Tammy Findlay

Howard Huffstodt

Doug & Gay Woods

Alison & Tim Motts

Travis LoGrande

Kevin Kendall

Jeff & Linda Hendricks

Family Foundation

Joseph Pepia




Paula Plumer

Rachel Porter

Diedrich Espresso

Jose A. Fuentes

Ken & Debbie Cheney

Burlington-Edison School District

James Polk

Kara & Justin Symonds

Annette Booth Allstate

Burlington Rotary Foundation

Patrick Scholl

Jim Eberhardt & Kaylene Farley

CPI Plumbing & Heating

Jerald & Carol Zavalney

Steve & Krista Verbarendse

Jim Gross

Victoria H Morell

Matt & Susan Lehman

Thomas Bluhm

Levon Matson

Wallace & Associates

James Malcolm

Bert Clay

Dennis Parent

Gary & Bernice Santiago

BYK Construction, Inc

Pam Doddridge

Brett Bruyere

Kurt & Brittany Swanson

Anne & Jack Middleton

Matthew Desvoigne

Michelle & Jason Brisson

Troy & Angie Wright

Katie Stamwitz

Mark & Alison Miller

Dr. Teak Martin

Christine Youngquist

Jeff & Lori Maulin

Darrell & Kitty Mintz

Dyberg Aviation

Brian & Sara Fish

Sara & Matthew Gill

Daniel Martin

Danny Davis

Margy Pepper

Mindy & Mark Holland

Thomas & Alena Edin

Jenifer & Roy Howson

Bailey Kuntz

The Cambia Employee

Giving Campaign

David & Jessica Levine

Mary Poppe

Julia & Eric Johnson

Sedro-Woolley Education Association

Aldi Kllogjeri

Carolyn & Andrew Conner

Alex Harmon

Mike & Barb Matheson

Peoples Bank

Shesha Zavala


Dear Club Friends and Family,



The printing & mailing of

this report was donated

by K&H Integrated Print


From what I can see, Spring is really going to come and that’s always a good thing. After all, Spring

means hope, renewal, and, ultimately, warmer weather. This year, we also hope it means getting back

to a more normal pace of life and that the pandemic that has been with us for two years finally comes

to an end. In that vein, I want to send out a special message to everyone who has worked so hard

to make life more “normal” for the rest of us during this difficult time. I am especially proud of our

Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County Staff who has been there for many of those essential workers to

help with child care, virtual school, meals, and during difficult times, kept the Clubs open and active

whenever possible. Our Staff is absolutely terrific and, as Board Members, we are very proud to have

such talented and dedicated professionals working with Club Kids.


Our donors have been so supportive over this past year also. Donors make it possible for us to do all

the work we do! Many Donors increased their giving in 2021 because they knew our DONORS

expenses had gone

to levels we had not seen, with all the PPE supplies we had to purchase to keep Kids and Staff safe.

Costs of staffing have increased and just about everything costs more than What it did does a year it look ago. like We to thank change a

our present and past Donors for all of their fantastic support!

life? Boys & Girls Clubs are more than

just a safe place to go to after school.

One of our main areas of focus is to promote “fun”. That seems like something Through to take Clubs, for granted, interests but are by being

building it into every lesson and activity, it helps us keep it a vital part of each ignited task. & Great mentors learning are making takes an

place when kids are engaged and having fun. Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit impact. County At continues Clubs, youth to focus have on access to

individual academic success, living healthy lifestyles, and helping each programs child’s character that include development tutoring & tech &

to be great. In short, we work for each child to have a #GreatFuture health but none & fitness of those & arts are & music, done & the list

without having fun!

goes on. At Boys & Girls Clubs we don’t

do just one thing, we do Whatever It

Takes to meet the needs of every kid

Yours in service to our kids,

who comes through those doors. We

Rob Martin, President Elect

are here to create opportunities for

Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County

our youth & we know YOU are here

too. Thank YOU for joining us in doing

Whatever It Takes to provide Great

Futures for our youth!

Kimberly & Robert Valencia

Sedro-Woolley School District

Jim & Mary Jermyn

Arthur Solbakken

Dwayne Lane’s North Cascade Ford

Andrew & Heidi Velin

Scott and Venise Dills

Mia DeLeon

Jim and Marilee Boze

Josh Fetty

Keith & Jeanette Love

Building Changes

Roland and Ramie King

True Tone Audio

Tom & Sandi Browne

Steve & Patty McQueary

Michael & Jessica Good

Carl’s Towing

Jill & Daniel Boudreau

Kevin and Ginger Harris

Arlyn Livingston

K&H Integrated Print Solutions

Von & Elizabeth Kuehn

Michael Fredlund

Dear Club Friends and Family,

Dear We’ve friends, done well through the COVID pandemic, with no direct transmission within our Clubs. We’ve

partnered with a number of organizations on vaccine clinics, health education, and more. And

This that’s has all been I’m going anything to say but about a normal COVID year this for year. everyone. I’m happy Normally, to chat our with Mid–Year anyone about the obstacles

Report overcome, would challenges be finalized still in ahead, early July, and and more, in your but our hands organization before the is start not of defined the by this crisis, and


there will


be plenty

As one



other opportunities

expect given





about the response

our timeline

in this Annual




In 2021, we



first prioritize

to increase

our daily



number of


kids and


teens served,

we felt it



to that end, expanded

important to add a Club to still location generate an Mount issue Vernon for our High stakeholders. School. In Without partnership your support with the District and other

and aligned engagement, programs, freshmen we could attending not have “South been Campus” as responsive (Lincoln to School community while Old Main is under



and it is




to me






are transparent




our actions,

and breaks


in social-emotional

learning activities, games, fun, and the centerpiece of our program - the new TransfrVR Workforce




System. The



matter what



Oculus headsets


to allow teens to virtually explore

more than 30 career pathways. After school, the program shifts back to the main campus, where

Within this issue, you’ll find a lot of information about what has been happening

all MVHS students in grades 9-12 are further engaged with tutoring assistance, enrichment

with activities, our organization additional workforce and how development we’ve engaged sessions, to support and future our kids, college/career teens, and planning.

families. It is by no means an exhaustive account of all that has transpired, as

that This would fall, we fill a also book, launched and we simply “Club can’t Mentor” catch to everything. pair caring Also, adult not volunteers everything with Club members,

to increase the number of positive role models in their lives. With a minimum commitment of

is specifically related to COVID operations. While it has certainly been our focus

one hour, twice a month, volunteer Mentors are equipped with a strong onboarding program

the that last includes six months, many we of are the still a same mission–focused training elements business of that our has staff, operational to ensure everyone is well

strategies equipped to execute be there to better for youth. the delivery Club Mentor of services is already regarding showing our mission: signs of to making life-changing

enable impacts all - young not only people, for especially the youth those participants who need but us based most, to on reach reflections their full from the volunteers

engaged thus far, the adults as well.

potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.

Because of your trust and confidence in our team to deliver quality programs and services with

Thank you for being a part of our family and setting us up for success. Because

the highest levels of safety and risk mitigation, we are motivated to not only continue with our

of momentum you, we were but able partner to access and vital lead resources with others for our for initial the emergency betterment response, of kids and teens in Skagit

and County. continue We are to be but innovative stewards and of your solutions-focused, investment and working attention, collaboratively and we take the role quite

with seriously. other Thank organizations you, for and being agencies, there for in our the most kids, teens, sustainable and families and effective throughout Skagit County.

way possible.

I Yours have in been Service, moved and humbled many times throughout the first half of the

year, Ron McHenry, and know CEO I will continue to be in the future. It is incredible to witness how

various Boys & Girls stakeholders Clubs of Skagit have rallied Countyaround youth and families in our community

to not just ensure basic services are provided, but to continue finding ways to

make a difference to lessen the potential negative long-term impact on youth

development. Thank you, for the opportunity to serve, and represent Skagit

County as your agent to focus on the health and well-being of those in the

community who need us most.

Thank you,

Ron McHenry

CEO/Executive Director





Maria Tinoco

Diane Bergsma

Chinook Enterprises

Aaron Garten

David Flannery

Annette & Pat Booth

Vicki Stasch

Mac & Linda MacGregor

Alyeska Ocean

Rebecca & Steve Murray

Cap Sante Inn, LLC

Marjorie Kilbreath

Archer Halliday, PS

Bo & Kimberly McKenzie

Office of Superintendent of

Public Instruction

Smiley Insurance Services


Brad Tuininga

Corporate Air Center

Laurie Sherman

Rod Dalseg

Henry & Carolyn Gregg

Robert & Jeannette Papadakis

Birch Equipment & Sales

Karl & Karen Yost

Rick & Connie Bolduc

Paul & Rene Vance

Laura Millhouse-Perez

Seattle Foundation

Michael & Susan Coker

Joseph Mulcahy

Jerald Munson

Daniel & Florence Doudna

Draper Valley Farms

Sandra Paciotti

Bryan & Carol Harrison

Amy & Eugene Hong

Columbia Bank

Schools Out Washington

Thomas Lebovsky & Jane


Rich Oickle

Reisner Distributor, Inc.

Lydia Bridge

Pacific Woodtech Corporation

Ryne Schrader

Sarah Minton

Tamala Pearley

Seattle Seawolves

Medina Foundation

Chad & Sheri Paulsen

Local Union #191, I.B.E.W.

H.D. & Dona Cowan

Jennifer Silvas

Brandon & Carrie Williams

Guy Stratton

Hampton Inn and Suites

John Roozen

Carol Herbert

Michael & Trista Pendergrast

Donors continued...


James & Katherine Duffy

Wayne & Amy Barrett

Michael & Andrea Rogers


Sakura Restaurant

Brock & Jenny Veltri

The Mary GoodCoin P Hutchins Foundation

La Conner Glen Seafood & Susan & McInelly Prime Rib House

Chuck Brian & Renee Laura Roozekrans Faley

Boeing Steve Employees & Julie Community Lidgard Fund

George Cameron & Ostrom-Kelley

Suzanne Santino

Grove Scott & Brittany Holley

Janicki Mimi Industries Chimera

Dave Sundarah Kenote Hammontree

Brett Jerald & Eva Munson Fox


Amy Oliver



Rick & Char



Temcov Foundation

Sharon McCord

Sara Holahan

Pat Hammond

Dan Berentson


Dana Benjamin-Allen

David & Christina Coffey

John Rentschler

Gabriela Flores

Zak Van Winkle

Tracy Dugas

Outback Steakhouse

Mike Blade

Farmers Equipment

Land Title and Escrow Company

of Albert Skagit & Penny & Island Stubbs County

James Carl && Carmen Michele Bruner Tangaro

Gilbert Danya & Gilbert ParkerLawyers, Inc.

Naun Gregg & Perpetuo & Lea Davidson Gallardo

Jake Kari Qualls & Steve Ranten






Kimberlee M Ray

Dale Randi Freidig

Gerry & Susan Christensen

Albert & Sue Berger

Blue Lake Properties Management

Robert & Jeannette Papadakis

Sally Hill

Alice Bohnker Insurance

Jason Williams

Christina Jepperson

Skagit Aggregates LLC

Coconut Kenny’s

Warren & Linda Walz

Tim & Cynthia Garrison

John & Tammie White

Sol & Erin Kohlhaas

Sherry Hill & Abby Jacobs

Dave & Barbara Cox

Wende Torkelson

Danielle & Michael Russell

Don & Kelsey Koenig

Mark & Mary Kiser

Bernard D Selting

Lynne Jordan

Nancy & Joe Halton

Debra Jones

Michael & Elizabeth Jackets

Warren Gilbert

Dusty & Dena Kindred

Justin & Kylee Dowe

Craig & Carrie Cammock

Dominic Pettruzzelli

Peggy Stowe

Bob & Marian Sadler

Pat & Karl Essig

Michelle Eaton

Mount Vernon School District #320

Jacob Hovik

Nick & Gina Walsh

Heidi Pless

Samish Tyee

Lisa Beitler

InFaith Community Foundation

Christine Youngquist




& Denise




John Bolton

& Scott Pavlovich

Animal Nate House Wolfe Pet Grooming

WAFD Tony Insurance Smith Group, Inc

Kimberlee Brianna Anderson Brooke

Trader Mary Joe’s Johnson Bellingham

Sherry Christina Hill & Trader Abby Jacobs

Matthew Don & and Marie Stephanie Ibsen Barrow

WA Dennis State & Mary Boys Staberg & Girls Clubs Assoc.

Al Chandler All About Hearing

Rick Mike Heilmann & Laura Taylor

Matt Mill Hampel 109 Restaurant

Quantum Roland Yarcho Construction Inc.

Sammy Alejandro Grant Rosalez

Mary Jayne Wiles

Whatcom Community Foundation

Beta Sigma Phi

Liz & Steve Stout

Kathy Brown

John & Tanna Huntley

Holly Shannon & Josh Johnson


Travis McGrath & Christine Cleland-McGrath

Jonn & Anne Lunsford

Tamara Blunt

Bianca Urbina

Dear Club Friends and Family,




Greetings As we cautiously Skagit family, emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic and the safety challenges to the Boys & Girls

Clubs of Skagit County it has created this past year, there is great reason for an optimistic outlook moving

By forward. way of That introduction, said, there my are name other is tasks Bill Overby. ahead I worthy have been of our privileged focus and to resolve: serve fostering inclusivity,

on equity, the Board access of and Directors diversity of the in our Boys Clubs; & Girls decreasing Clubs of Skagit tensions County related for four to years. social injustices across the

country and developing coping strategies for the myriad challenges faced by our kids on a daily basis,

Prior to that it was my pleasure to help my communities through careers in

are but a few. These obstacles create opportunities for reflection on who we are, those we serve, and the

public importance service we place (as a on park valuing ranger the safety for 32 and years security in our of State each youth Park system) served. and

another 18 years directing the Criminal Justice Program and Academies at


As we like


to say


in the Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County, we do whatever it takes to make the Clubs a safe

place for kids! We continue to practice protocols for masking up, implementing deep cleaning procedures,

There practicing is no social doubt distancing, that this year and has stressing brought the forward importance new of safety washing challenges hands frequently. on We are being

proactive toward addressing the unseen psychological impacts that living in today’s world brings upon our

multiple fronts, including those with the COVID–19 pandemic, and the increase

young clients. Parents working long hours and parents without employment in others, separation from

in social tensions opportunities related at to school social during injustices the pandemic, across the and country. the uncertainty Combined, of meals these consistently are examples

challenges the kids who have come created to us face. new The opportunities Clubs and their for leadership organizations provide such opportunities as the Boys for kids to interact, have

& fun Girls and Clubs feel good to find about innovative themselves solutions and their to overcome futures. Exercises and continue leadership towards for our those interested in trying

it out and building self-esteem for those who need it most are provided. Club leaders suggest effective

goal of building great futures in Skagit county.

methods to resist temptation and bullying behaviors, and have open, honest communication in a trustbuilding

environment. Fostering an inclusive and non-judgmental culture contributes to the important

work of turning out future contributing members of our community. We want our kids to learn these

important skills that contribute to their safety, security and well-being, while having an abundance of fun!

Every Club activity places the safety and security of all involved as Priority #1. This August we will be

conducting site visits focused upon this element of our mission. Protocols in areas of safety and health

have been crafted with the guidance of the Skagit County Health Department and are continuously

reviewed and updated as necessary for quality. These actions, along with many others both obvious

and discrete, are focused on keeping our promise to model a “can-do, whatever it takes” attitude and

outcomes. We are proud to do this in an effort to provide for families who need us most, and to ensure

their children are participating in a safe, clean, positive and inclusive environment.

As the Chair of the board–led Programs & Safety committee, I have been

Yours in service to our kids,

tasked Bill Overby, with the Chair responsibility of providing guidance, insight and accountability

in Program ensuring and that Safety we Committee

maintain a high level of safety standards. These standards

impact Boys & Girls the Clubs physical of Skagit health County and well–being, as well as the social-emotional

health of our Club members and staff. The committee meets regularly,

on a monthly basis to revise and advise on safety protocols and works

collaboratively to ensure that the organization is equipped with the necessary

tools and resources to operate in the most effective and safe way possible.

We are best–practice focused, emphasizing safety for the kids and our staff as

our highest priority.

In these unique and unprecedented times, while we cannot predict what is to

come, the Skagit community can trust that we will adjust and react swiftly to

ensure that we can continue to provide such valuable programs for our kids,

and a supportive and safe working environment for our staff. As a board, and

as an organization, we are truly committed to doing whatever it takes to keep

our community safe.

Very Best Regards,

Bill Overby



STEM programs

for the

BOYS & GIRLS CLUBS of Skagit County

STEM programs


BOYS & GIRLS CLUBS of Skagit County

STEM programs

for the

BOYS & GIRLS CLUBS of Skagit County

From From engineers engineers to to pipefitters, pipefitters, chemists chemists to to accountants, accountants, IT IT specialists specialists to to welders, welders,

Marathon’s Marathon’s success success relies relies on on our our ability ability to to recruit recruit and and retain retain employees employees with with

exceptional exceptional STEM-related STEM-related skills. skills. As As an an employer employer constantly constantly seeking seeking out out top-talent top-talent

and and as as a a socially socially responsible responsible corporate corporate citizen, citizen, supporting supporting STEM STEM education-related

programs programs is is the the cornerstone cornerstone of of Marathon’s Marathon’s community community investment investment strategy. strategy.

We We are are proud proud to to collaborate collaborate with with the the Boys Boys && Girls Girls Club Club of of Skagit Skagit County County on on the the

From engineers establishment to pipefitters, of the Marathon chemists

From engineers to pipefitters, chemists STEM to Academy, accountants,

to accountants, and further IT specialists

IT its specialists mission to welders,

establishment of the Marathon STEM Academy, and further its mission to to enable enable welders, all all

Marathon’s young Marathon’s

success people success to relies reach on

relies their our

on full ability

our potential ability

to recruit as to productive, recruit



retain caring, retain


employees responsible with

young people to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. with citizens.

exceptional exceptional STEM-related STEM-related skills. skills. As an As employer an employer constantly constantly seeking seeking out out top-talent

and as a and socially as a socially responsible responsible corporate corporate citizen, citizen, supporting STEM STEM education-related

programs programs is the cornerstone is the cornerstone of Marathon’s of community investment strategy.

We are proud We are to proud collaborate to collaborate with the with Boys the Boys & Girls & Girls Club Club of Skagit of Skagit County on on the

establishment of the Marathon STEM Academy, and further its mission to enable all



Jerry & Elsie Annett

Austin Wolfe

Baird & Associates

Real Estate, Inc.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Sharon Whiting

Larry & Millicent Dutton

Jack & Cynthia Richardson

Patsey & William Blunt

Cortlandt Liddell & Carolyn


Paula Shafransky

Anacortes Seafood Company

Greg & Katherine Olson

Joel Dean

Skagit Island San Juan School

Retirees Association

Arliss Abbott

Dan & Marie Donat

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Dana Benjamin-Allen

Frontier Building Supply

Vanguard Charitable

Endowment Program

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Boys & Girls Clubs of America

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Preston Lehr

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Brian Ace


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Dennis & Joanne Steinman

David & Lisa Svaren

North Coast Credit Union

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Richard & Margaret Hudson

Anne Kinney

Hannah McFadden



It’s been another exciting year at our local Boys & Girls Clubs! We have continued to ride

the wave as we navigate through COVID, always moving forward to serve our youth and

families and carry out our mission to help our Club Members reach their full potential.

While this past year was challenging, it presented new opportunities.

When our local school districts stayed in a remote learning model to start the 2020-2021 school

year we were quick to respond, working with our local districts to offer full-day services to

students. Our staff worked with our Members, parents and teachers to help navigate remote

learning, helping Members connect via Zoom and complete school assignments, daily reading

and math. In addition we were able to extend services and capacity for summer programming,

creating intentional positive programming, increasing Social Emotional supports and learning

opportunities, with an emphasis on moving away from screen time after a year full of online learning

to hands on, engaging learning opportunities and activities.

Despite COVID, we continued to expand programming. After almost a year without middle

school programming in Mount Vernon, we were able to secure a new grant and relaunch our

Mount Baker and LaVenture Middle School Club program. This past Fall we were excited to be

able to launch a new Club program at Mount Vernon High School that focused on supporting

the Freshman Class in addition to all students with an emphasis on Workforce Development.

During the transition period of when schools went from remote learning to hybrid learning and

then in some districts, to full in person school, our Club in Sedro-Woolley adapted quickly to

offer before school programming for the first time after assessing a high need in the community.

At the Sedro-Woolley Club, the Morning Clubhouse program opens its doors at 6:30 am and

provides a variety of activities that focus on fun and social emotional learning. In the first couple

months of Morning Clubhouse, the Club was seeing an average of 25-30 kids every morning.

As we entered the 2021-2022 school year, the average attendance for the Morning Clubhouse

program was 35-38 members per day! A programming highlight for the Morning Clubhouse

at Sedro-Woolley was the “Growing from Garbage” program in which the members learned

how to grow fruits and vegetables from seeds and parts of the plant that get thrown away. As

the kids learned, they journaled and hypothesized about what would happen to the fruits and

vegetables when planted (Members learned not all things grow well in Washington…).

As we moved into summer programming we were able to expand our capacity limits at the majority

of our sites and reach more Members so that we could provide a fun and safe summer program

for our communities. The Mount Vernon and Allen Clubs received CBO (Community Based

Organization) funds to boost programming for Summer Learning, with an emphasis on Pre-K

and early learning support. We continued to focus on academics to help support the students

academic growth. Our Clubs also got creative on bringing guests in for the in house experience to

make summer fun and engaging. Through it all we are happy to be able to report that across all

of our sites we have had zero cases of COVID-19 transmission within our Clubs! As we look back

we reflect on all that we have accomplished through this past year— our programs, staff, Club

Members, and community have shown that we are truly resilient, moving upstream, finding ways

to be innovative even when it is difficult. As we enter 2022 there is so much to celebrate!

We may not know what the year holds, but we do know that our mission will not change and

we will continue to find ways to serve our Members, families, and community.



Brian & Keri Ronk

Ferry Street Antique Mall

Jerrel & Janice Barto

Family Foundation

Jenifer Suffridge

Adrianne Deen

Patrice Blakeway

Kenneth Johnson

Martha & Harold Clure

The GoodCoin Foundation

Rose Mallon

Sierra Pacific Foundation

Diana Pierson

Seattle Mariners

Sysco Seattle, Inc

Kiwanis - Anacortes Noon Club

Dan Milfred

Christina Jepperson

Walgreens Cash Rewards

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Kendall & Nancy Gentry

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Willard & Jennifer Larson

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Caring Project

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Family Foundation

Elizabeth & Adam Crenna

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Danny McAloon

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SP General Contracting, LLC

Alice Bohnker Insurance

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Columbia Distributing

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Whatcom Community


Natalie Immoor

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Mark Lawrence & Jackie Davison

Joyce Nagel

Larry & Susan Forsythe

George Reeves & Rosann


Industrial Machine Tools, Inc

Carol Brown

Audrey Bouwens

Diane Eiesland

Eric & Emily Schuh

Stevie Allen

True Tone Audio

Rockfish Grill

David & Barbara Bostrom







Johanna Gamboa

People ask me why I’ve been a Member of the Boys & Girls Clubs for such a long time. I usually tell

them that the Boys & Girls Club is more than just an after school program for me. The Club is one

of the few places where I can be myself without having to worry about fitting in, where I can be

me. This is one of the reasons why I’ve enjoyed being a member for so long. The diversity and

cultural appreciation is outstanding, which made me feel very welcomed when I first started

attending the Mount Vernon Boys & Girls Club as a shy little girl, who knew very little English.

As time went on, I became more comfortable and more outgoing because of its welcoming

atmosphere. The Boys & Girls Club encouraged me to try new things and get out of my comfort zone.

The Club has provided many opportunities that I thought I would never experience. When

I was running for Youth Of The Year (YOY) a couple of years ago, I was able to share how I started

appreciating the work that my parents did in the fields as pickers, working under the hot, burning

sun everyday, as well as how I got rid of the nasty views and stereotypes that were once in my head

because of how society looked down on their jobs. The Youth Of The Year program has helped me

overcome one of my biggest fears, which was public speaking. Overcoming this obstacle has helped

me in many ways, such as not being scared to talk in front of large groups and being more confident

when talking to people, which I now know is an important skill to have.

The Boys & Girls Club has also shown me how to help make my community a better place, by

volunteering and fundraising for local animal shelters as well as having canned food drives.

The Club sparked a desire to volunteer and make my community better in different ways. The

field trips we were able to go on also had a big impact on me and my future. I was able to see the

different types of careers that are out there in by going to different places. These field trips

opened my eyes to the wide variety of careers in different fields, which I didn’t even know existed.

This year, while I was going through the process of getting the materials ready for the YOY

program I had a lot of stuff going on. I was finishing my graduation requirements at MVHS

while also being enrolled in the running start program at Skagit Valley College. I had college

application deadlines coming up as well and I was also working part time at an out-patient clinic

after school. This was going to be my last chance to run for Youth of the Year so the pressure was

on. Was I nervous? Definitely, yes. But I knew that whatever the outcome was, it wasn’t going to

change the fact that the Boys & Girls Club was a big part of what made me, me.

Trident Seafoods Corporation

Carson Law Group, PS

Lisa Wolfe

Katherine Jensen

Laura Riquelme

Conor Keeney

Craft Stove

Nanci Allen

Kathy Brown

Travis McGrath & Christine


Kathleen Randell

Ken & Susan Johnson

Mimi Chimera

Kurt Schoenberg

Anne Marie Wells

Donald & Ora Jonasson

Northwest Linings &

Geotextile Products

Michael & Patricia Norris

Boggs Plumbing

Erik Pineda

Cynthia Webb

Bryan & Anne Jones

Mark & Roneih Nelson

Patrick Dougher

Kristi & John Chambers

Lee & Leslie Wilson

Keith & Rosemary Kaholokula

William & Donna Thompson

David Johnson & Cheri


Richard Beattie

Riley Dunn

Jim & Mary Jermyn

Mark & Mary Kiser

Krista Mejia

Mark & Marguerite Watkinson

Willowbrook Manor

USW Local 12-591


Erwin Stroosma &

Kathy O’Connell-Stoosma

Ian Grendon

Holly Parkes

Leslie Barrows

Ian & Whitney Crawford

Phil & Tamera Brockman

Jesse Lopez

William & Dolores Thomson

Nick Alzate

Anacortes Elk Lodge #1204

Levi Mather

Joel & Jennifer Dean

Alejandro Rosalez

Brian & Caroline Davis

North Cascade Employee


Building Changes

Karen Courtney

Richard Crerie

Edco, Inc.






The Clubs’ Signature event returned, and what a joy! Music, laughter, fellowship, and a commitment to support our kids’ great futures! With two

nights of fun, the Club staff team was delighted to be able to host a safe, in-person event under the tent at Stepping Stones Gardens. Dueling

pianos rang out, throughout the nights– with guests enjoying traditional classics, contemporary hits, and even some obscure B-sides. Thanks to

Marathon Petroleum for helping us bring back this favorite celebration.


Working through virtual events, hybrid events, limited attendance, and in-depth safety protocols,

our team committed to bringing an opportunity to engage the community, and make sure that we had fun.


Club leadership went all-out, jumping into

character for our 70s themed morning show.

Rise N’ Shine Skagit graced screens in March

thanks to the great team at TRICO companies

With great engagement & creativity from our

kids, community Members, and Staff, the show

featured surprise Guests, and fun highlights

from the Clubs. Legendary Seahawk, Jim Zorn,

was a favorite part of the innovative event!






The event that started it all– our Annual Golf Tournament celebrated 25 years in 2021! Actually started before the Clubs’ were formalized, the

event maintains its same commitment to fun & philanthropy. Thanks to the team at Blade Chevrolet for helping us continue this tradition–

despite the unusually hot weather. Golfers, volunteers, and staff loved getting together in-person for the first time in a year-and-a-half!


Helping to round out a year of great success, the Great Futures Gala set a new bar for our biggest fundraising event of the year– with Seahawks

extraordinaire Ricardo Lockette speaking. Hosted by the great folks at Corporate Air Center, this year’s event was about half the size as normal,

to ensure comfortable spacing & proper health and safety guidance. Ricardo reminded us what it means to support a great future, and spoke

emotionally about the role the Clubs played in helping him become a Super Bowl champion– and a good friend. Thank you to Dwayne Lane’s

Skagit Subaru for helping us deliver on an incredible evening!






Don Bates

Janicki Logging & Construction

Mark & Debora Green

Ken & Pam Davis

Barbara Dahlstedt

Brian & Lisa Soneda

OBT Company

Keith & Rebecca Short

Douglas & Mary Lu McFadyen

Enchanted Florist

B&R Distributors, Inc.

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Margaret Davis

Dimensional Communications, Inc.

Merri & Brian Schrader

Julie Blazek


Melissa & Hugh Dougher

Jack Dyer

Ann Rasar

David & Helen Marshall

Stowe’s Shoes & Clothing

Sarah Rothenbuhler

Kim & Shane Walley

Tammy Prouty

Justin Albright

Miriam Wallace

Betty Anne McCoy

Glenn & Jean Garner

Kecia Fox & Brian Adams

Ronald & Jamie Mitchell

Bill & Diana Anderson

Hal’s Drive-In

Mark & Gayle Nilson

Burlington-Edison Kiwanis

Casey Rose

Auriga/Aurora General Partnership

Jill & Daniel Boudreau

Dave Tracey

Randy & Becky Elde

Quantum Construction Inc.

Soroptimist International

of Burlington

Lyle & Kim Hildahl

Whidbey Coffee

Bellinghome School of Music

Steven & Wendy Misencik

Keith Magee

Howard Behar

Nancy Loy

Heather Powell

Sally Ryan

Don Wick

Mark & Sandy Hagen

Eleven Vexler & Richard Brocksmith

Denise Gaggens

Bryer Button

John Rentschler

Bruce & Margaret Evertz

Tim Lewis & Ronaye Kos

Nate Patten


The 2021 year-end totals are generated internally and come before a complete reconciliation

by a contracted auditor. Clubs, in accordance with IRS regulations and generally accepted

accounting principles (GAAP), operate in an accrual accounting system. The I-990 is filed each

year with the IRS, typically in late summer. These and all recent audited financial statements

are available for review at the Administration Office in Mount Vernon or can be requested

electronically from Sarah Arquitt, Vice President of Administration, at sarquitt@skagitclubs.org.

Larson Gross provides auditing services to Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County.

The organization worked hard to steward community resources as they were received. Priority was

placed on staffing to maximize the number of youth served each day. Deferred maintenance and

safety improvements were scheduled at all Club locations, increasing both Occupancy and Program

Delivery expenses over historical averages. This included the installation of solar panels at the

Sedro-Woolley Club, with all costs reimbursed through a grant from the PSE Foundation.

Transportation & Travel Expenses increased due to three separate catalytic converter thefts

at three different sites, and support Staff again traveling between Clubs and receiving

mileage reimbursements. Fundraising expenses also jumped significantly compared to

2020, as three events returned to in-person attendance. Both Transportation & Travel

and Fundraising Expense categories are closer to 2019 pre-COVID figures ($14,135.71

and $132,305.85 respectively).

In 2021, Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County maintained and expanded hours and operations

at 9 sites in Anacortes, Burlington, Concrete, Mount Vernon, and Sedro-Woolley, and opened

our 10th site, at Mount Vernon High School in partnership with the Mount Vernon School

District. In 2022, the organization will begin preparing to open our first Early Learning Discovery

Center within an expanded affordable-housing complex in partnership with the Anacortes

Family Center, slated to initiate services in Q1 2023.


TOTAL INCOME: $4,175,145.91**

Donations & Contributions: $1,050,311.37

Events & Fundraisers: $451,750.13

Grants & Other Investment: $2,042,163.54

Membership Dues & Contract Services: $210,230.69

Earned Income: $214,438.97

Miscellaneous Income: $2,281.74

In-Kind Contributions: $203,969.47

**An unknown bequest of $316,610 and a grant of $290,515 were received

unexpectedly in late December 2021

TOTAL EXPENSES: $3,572,763.31

Personnel & Benefits: $2,061,205.29

Program Administration Supplies & Equipment: $35,918.12

Occupancy: $335,933.49

Program Delivery: $335,532.12

Transportation/Travel: $21,953.20

Liability Insurance: $33,569.01

Finance & Administration Fees: $105,947.43

Marketing: $6,229.07

Outreach: $2,272.43

Fundraising Expense: $131,246.20

In-Kind Expense: $203,969.47

Strandberg Custom

Homes & Design

Rich & Kristin Hartman

Angela Nelson

Adam Mines

Target Market Enterprises, Inc

Jim & Joyce Anderson

Willie & Nancy Schaub

Stephen & Cindy Scott

Robert Gruber

Silvia Reed

Kristina LaRue

Mike & Suzanne Casey

Jean Spalding

Brian & Krissa Ammons

Louis Auto Glass, Inc.

Thompson’s Greenhouse

Skagit Regional Health

Stephanie Morgareidge

Larry Graf

Lela Kennedy

Nels Strandberg & Colleen Craig

Curtis & Debora Bisby

Dunham Cellars

Showline Beagles

Annabelle House Fox

Rob & Rachael Woods

Tanya & Anthony Sanger

David & Mary Picht

Jeff & Mackenzie Reider

Debra Jones & Curt Dichiera

United Way of Skagit County

Cocusa Motel

Arthur Solbakken

By Design Auto Group, Inc.

Scott & Angie Rutherford

Adam Thurmond Insurance

Agency, Inc

Heritage Bank

Robert & Karla Reed

Cathy Grant

Gilbert & Gilbert Lawyers, Inc.

Marcus Tellvik

Jim & Marilee Boze

Donald L. Fenton

United Way of Whatcom County

Robert & Sigrid Schumacher

John & Katy Janicki

Skagit Ready Mix/Smokey

Point Concrete

Sakata Gives

Andrew Mayer

Bill Doddridge

Northstar Wines

Homer & Rosette Dawson

Les & Bonnie Eelkema

Cedar Country Lumber

Linda McAdams

Brad & Kristen Tully

Suzanne Hahn

Nick & Nicole De La Garza

Pre-Paid Expenses (Lease): $196,000.00

Depreciation: $102,987.48




Susan Noste

Sheila Countryman-Bean

Brock & Katherine Stiles

Lowman House LLC

Lou Ann Davis

Tom & Pam Allen

Scott & Brittany Holley

Dennis & Mary Staberg

Joseph & Patricia Luciano

Jason Easton

Tyler Koble

Lori Clark

Keith Sorestad State Farm Agency

K.C. & Angela Freeberg

Skagit Transportation

Don & Gena McDermott

Amy Herr

DeWaard & Bode

Matthew Evans

Eaglemont Golf Course

Andrew & Heidi Velin

Barbara Legas

Lynne Jordan

Stefano Perruccio

Carl & Jill Reid

Tim Schofield

Kevin Leach & Cindy Anderson

Andrea Bigham

Debbie Temple

Alice Birchfield

Chestene Brown

Wendie Granberg

Carol Strandberg

Christina Barnes

Joan Mondaso

Woods Coffee

Cody & Ed Ellison

Brown McMillen Real Estate LLC

Troy & Joyce Kunz

Chuck & Toni Ruhl

Zackry Nightingale

Megan Olson

Michael & Sandra Youngren

Pam Tofte

Roselaine Cookson Beecher & Dean


Mary Osman

Kirsten Hansen

Mark & Micael Raphael

Chris Mills

Janet Ebersole

Shelby Vanderpool

Puget Sound Energy Foundation

Jerry Smith Kia

Ross & Susie Roberts

Janet Whalen

Carlee Lindor

Mike O’Neill

Monica Lane

Victoria Law

Dan & Patsy Martin




In 2021, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County applied for and received a grant which

allowed us, for the first time, to provide services exclusively for high school students

on campus in schools. In the months since receiving this grant, we have partnered with

Transfr VR, a company intent on using virtual reality to train students in workplace skills.

As a result of this partnership, we received five Oculus Rift headsets fully set up with over 150

simulations designed specifically to help students learn mechanical, industrial, and safety

skills that they will be able to utilize in their future workplaces. With these in hand, we began

visiting lunches at the high school and offering students a chance to experience this unique

opportunity. 32 students took us up on this chance and completed one of the simulations.

Of those 32, ten students kept with the program and continue to work through additional

simulations. In addition to the VR option, students were introduced to an after-school

Career Launch program just before Winter Break. As part of this program, students worked

through real-life scenarios concerning the cost of living. Through this scenario, they

learned a little about job search websites, the cost of living in our area, and even taxes.

As we look to the future, there are many exciting things on the horizon. At the end of January,

Mount Vernon High School Boys & Girls Club will be hosting Officer Reed, the high school

resource officer, for a de-escalation and deflection workshop specifically designed to help

students learn about customer service. He will be the first guest speaker in a series of guest

speakers, who will come to help students learn new skills and who will be interviewed by

those students. It is an exciting time and we are looking forward to what the future will bring.


Proudly Supports

Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County



JUNE 17 & 18



Promise Big. Deliver Bigger

for the kids of Skagit County

Chad Fisher Construction

cfisherconstruction.com | 360.757.0580






Donna Sitts

Laurie Gere

Clinton & Kerri Carlton

Leslie Menard

Steve & Ali Bertelsen

Karl’s Paints & Art Supplies

Jennifer Durney

The James & Geraldine

Godfrey Foundation

Anne & David Clark

Rob Martin

Danielle & Michael Russell

Larry Paise

Chris Honan

Dustin Tjersland

Phil & Nancy Schober

Nancy Hoxie

Norm & Michelle LeBret

Josh & Sarah Arquitt

Tony & Robin Pestarino

Chad Fisher Construction, LLC

Maggie Potter

Mary Grybeck

Stephen Metzger

Lisa Wilhonen

Cheryl & Martin Howard

Suzzane Butler

Andrew Wheeler

Robert & Sonja Hild

Dan Adams

Kelly & Ken Codlin

Jarrod & Marina Ball

Todd & Debbie Thompson

Amy Stroud

Brandon Coogle

Gene & Marilyn Derig

Dr. Kaarsten Lang

Harry Dursch

Will Shaw

Jim & Dana Davison

Soroptimist International

of Sedro-Woolley

Belinda McDowell

The Drain Doctor

Teresa Cardenas

Dan & Sandi Sims

Tyson O’Niell

Judd & Black Appliance

Mary Wallace

Kim Richards

Laima Scott

Jessica Pedraza-Perez

Robyn Tokunaga & Roger Zambrano

Bill & Janis Bailey

Mark Wallace & Jan Garavaglia

Robert & Rebecca Gates

David Bricka & Michael Bonacci

Michelle Hurteau

Michael Schweigert

PACCAR Technical Center

Materials Testing & Consulting, Inc.



In May, we hired our Volunteer & Mentoring Coordinator, where they worked to develop

the systems and processes required to launch this new program. The Club Mentor

program was created to increase the number of positive adult role models in the lives of the

members we serve. We are looking for individuals who are willing to commit a minimum of

one hour, twice monthly assisting at a local Boys & Girls Club in Skagit County.

With excitement to begin, we piloted the Club Mentor program in the Spring 2021 by having

Rebecca Murray, who is the owner of Showcase Your Shine, a communications consulting

and multimedia production firm come assist at our Mount Vernon Clubhouse. Rebecca

has been a consistent, effective Mentor in our Clubs and has helped pave the way for

others as the program has taken off. When asked about the impact that this experience

has had on her thus far, she shared that:

“My experience as a Club Mentor has been a fantastic growth opportunity. It’s allowed me

to give back in a way that accesses my core gifts and talents. I’ve seen a transformation in

kids who struggle with the same things I did at their age. It has been genuinely inspiring

to help kids experiment creatively, shine in their brilliance, and grow their confidence.”

Club Mentors were onboarded in the summer months to begin mentoring in June. At

that time, we had Mentors in two of our Clubhouses locations, Mount Vernon and Sedro

Woolley. In September, we officially launched the Club Mentor Program, where we onboarded

even more of these positive adult role models and retained two thirds of our current Club

Mentors from the spring and summer. We now have consistent Club Mentors in four of our

Club locations and working towards having more mentors begin work in two more locations.

It is our hope that the Club Mentor program in 2022 will continue to increase the number

of adult role models in Skagit Clubhouses during peak hours. This provides for lower adult

to child staff ratios, which will be maximized through integrating purposeful activities and

programs. Seeing the growth in a short amount of time has been greatly impactful to our

youth and the organization. As we sat down with Club members to ask them their thoughts on

working with mentors, they were grateful for having someone to play games with, getting to

learn something new and having another positive adult in the Boys & Girls Club.

Who can become a Club Mentor? Anyone! A college student, someone who is an active Member

in our community, the CEO of a company, a retiree. Our Club Mentors can assist with leading

small groups of our members through targeted Boys & Girls Club programs or leading them

through an activity of their passion. Club Mentors have an opportunity to work with the youth

we serve in our Clubhouses, ranging from Kindergarten through High School. Our onboarding

steps to become a Club Mentor include an application, background check, orientation and

training, and a Club tour.

For more information regarding our Club Mentor program, email:

Volunteer & Mentoring Coordinator

Dena Kindred




YDP’s are the backbone of Boys & Girls Clubs. They are the Staff Members who work daily with

our kids– guiding, consoling, supporting, teaching, and working alongside our Members as they

engage in programs, play games, or just sit and talk. YDPs are there to celebrate a successful

accomplishment, encourage tackling a new challenge, mourn and console during a loss, or simply be

there as a shoulder of support. They are mentors.

Every time you hear a member speak about their time at the Club— a Youth Development Professional,

YDP for short, is named. YDPs make the Clubs special, and they are critical to successful youth

development. During normal operations, our YDPs spend afternoons during the school year helping

members maneuver the time between the school day, and home. Summers get a bit more hectic, as we

transition to longer days, balancing two shifts of staff members to cover early morning to evening, with

most kids attending almost all week.

The last two years, however, the challenge has been that of irregular scheduling— operating longer

hours, opening new sites, and introducing before-school programming in Sedro-Woolley; intensified

with higher staff-to-member ratios, and more insulated groups. With each club site responding

to changing schedules & local needs— making sure that all safety protocols & procedures are

followed, that schedules aren’t over wieldy, that staff have a break, and that we are able to offer

the same level of care and support, is most felt by our YDPs. They served more meals, ensuring

that supplemental nutrition reached our most vulnerable kids; they ran new, dynamic programs

to reach those members returning to more normal life; and they were there for our kids. More

than ever, they have stepped up to this challenge.

Our youth development professionals are heroes. They have been at the Clubs, everyday, for our

members– dedicated to serving those most in need of support, or a place to be during a pandemic. As

the Skagit Clubs have committed to doing everything to remain open for kids & families, our YDPs have

provided an example of care. The last two years demonstrated just how resilient, resourceful, committed,

and caring they can be. They continue to be here for those who need us most, enabling members

to reach their full potential– despite a pandemic.

And as we are working to serve more & more families, we are looking for more YDPs to

join our work! The Clubs are hiring part-time and full-time positions, and are thrilled to find

more folks who want to dedicate their time to serving as mentors. Please help us share the

myriad of opportunities with friends & colleagues. Especially, as we head into the Summer

months, we will be hiring scores of part-time YDPs to help us deliver high-quality programs.



Lakeside Industries

Dan & Lori Maul

Jacky Noden

Greg & Angel Abbott

Birdsview Brewery

Andrew Flores

Rob & Sommer Carter

Steve Jones

Dwayne Lane’s Skagit Subaru

Kim Pope


Chuckanut Brewery

Daniel Webster

Temcov Foundation

Sean Reilly

Ismael Vivanco

Target Circle

Farmstrong Brewing Company

Sarah Crist

Todd & Tia Davidson

Anita Buchanan-Jones

Bill & Susan Henry

Pat Grenfell

Molly Gerhard

Rick & Debi Yeabsley

Jack Carroll’s Skagit Hyundai

Victoria Arquitt

Gerald & Leanne Maskell

Dana Andrich & Brian Tiland

Kris Bartruff

Cheryl Foss

Eileen Coan

Steven & Rhonda Huggins

Dan & Debbie Boffey

Audrey Sager & Steven Gellerman

Colleen Sargent

John & Marie Erbstoeszer

Kerry Allen

Concrete School District

Samantha Stormont

Barbara Larson

Mike & Dianne Crawford

Joanna Sanchez-Arias

Jim & Joanne Hallett

Bart & Holly Bunnell

Aaron Murphy & Amanda Wolf

Rick & Karen Pitt

Geraldine Sprouse

Judy Whitman

Ruth & Dean Smiley

Christine Valdez

Jim & Kay Zielinski

Maeve McCracken

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Bart & Patty Smith

Aztec Self Storage

Sedro-Woolley School District

Art & Dana Munson

Beverly Harrington


Anthony & Amelia Cook





Marcel & Gale Schwarb

Fisher Construction Group

Becky & John Taft

Anacortes Family Center

David & Mary Lynne Courtney

Holly & Steve Tobiason

Kelli & Daniel Segars

Nancy Fisher-Allision

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Kristin Schmidt

Rotary Club - Mount Vernon/Skagit

Beth Wallace

Duke & Kendra Fisher

Cascade Natural Gas

William & Abigail Hunter

Kelly Schols

Brian & Shannon Hayes

Emily Busch

The Franklin P. and

Arthur W. Perdue Foundation, Inc.

Isaac Burrous

Viridiana Delgado

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Sara Holahan

Microsoft Matching Gifts Program

Tim Lehr

Carl & Carmen Bruner

Douglass Hemmingway & Co, LLC


Helen Baumgartner

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Walton Foundation

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Imagine, for a moment, meeting someone who was so dedicated to the Boys & Girls Clubs, that

they had spent nearly two decades in Board leadership, and had always stood ready to serve

those kids who need Clubs most. Add to that personal commitment, a legacy of being the second

generation to lead & serve the Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County. Now, meet Mike Gubrud.

As a recently retired local Farmers Insurance agent, diehard Mariner’s fan, and longtime Board member,

Mike has helped out with just about every facet of Club outreach & partnerships, over his years

of tenure & service. A leader & mainstay behind the Clubs’ Golf Tournament each August, Mike has

helped the Clubs mature from a fledgling organization, flourishing into the leading youth development

non-profit, it is today.

Connected with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County, since the very start– Mike Gubrud helped his

parents, Jack & Claudette, host the first fundraiser for the organization (before it was an official Boys &

Girls Club) in 1996. From that point, he helped support the development of the organization– lending

a hand, investing, helping move buildings to support future operations– and always standing as a

champion in the community. Since that first start, he has helped build the Clubs into what they are


In 2016, Mike was recognized with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County’s highest Volunteer Leadership

award: the GREAT Award. Demonstrating every aspect of Generous, Respectful, Enthusiastic, Advocate,

and Thoughtful, Mike is a leader throughout the community. In 2021, after many years of leadership

& service, Mike stepped back from his role as Vice President on the Board. We are very honored to

celebrate the great work Mike has done, and cannot thank him enough for his continued sacrifice.




Recruiting staff to fill the increasing needs of our families for access to quality programs during

out-of-school times finally seemed to pick up at the end of 2021, after months of shaking every

bush to find candidates to be able to expand capacity. In fact, Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County

have been in hiring mode since November 2019. Thankfully, our new Diversity, Equity, and

Inclusion policies have also made positive impacts, with just over 35% of our direct-service staff

being bilingual. The difference for our families and stakeholders is tremendous.

Looking ahead to 2022, we have several big projects to work through that we hope will

maintain the momentum and pathway the organization has been on since 2014 -engaging

in opportunities that fit our mission, while doing so as sustainably and responsibly as we


The year begins with the official launch of the newest Club location in our family - at Mount

Vernon High School. Not only does this expansion deepen our partnership with the Mount

Vernon School District and increase our overall reach, it provides the ability to serve teens again,

effectively. Since COVID began, our primary focus has been serving students in elementary school

and ensuring they had a safe space to be each day. The need was there, evidenced by most

Clubs being at 100% of capacity throughout the pandemic.

Teen engagement really is a theme in 2022, as we prepare to restart our College Tours this summer.

This year, our students will experience an itinerary concentrated in Southwest Washington, and

Western and Central Oregon. They will see traditional large four-year universities like Oregon

State, small private schools like Willamette University, those in an urban setting like Portland State

University, institutions with strong trade programs like Linn-Benton Community College and

visit employers with a major regional presence. Of course, fun is included, we’ll look for a special

experiential engagement like our last trip which included a stop at Yellowstone National Park to see

Ol’ Faithful.

A big part of this year will actually be spent preparing for a launch of a new program model

in the first quarter of 2023 - our first “Discovery Center.” In partnership with the Anacortes

Family Center and their newest affordable housing complex, our Discovery Center will

serve pre-school children in a new facility dedicated for the purpose. Throughout strategic

planning processes, we heard loud and clear from our community about the need for

this service, and we are here to serve you.



Leanne Shannon

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Randy & Leslie Howard

Mike & Victorian Gubrud

Sharon Howard

Sol & Erin Kohlhaas

JJ Pawn

Shirley Yap

Liza Bott

Stiles & Lehr, P.S.



Jeff & Erin Burkholder

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Boeing Employees

Community Fund

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Albert & Sue Berger

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Bill & Laurie Wallace

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Rite Aid Foundation KidCents

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Hendricks Family


~Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County Youth of the Year Candidates

The Jeff & Linda

Hendricks Foundation

is proud to support the

Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County

Rob & Erin Rieger

Jeff Eoff

Alicia Aston

Jennifer Wilson

Terje & Jessica Culp

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Chuck Pennington

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& Remodeling

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