O-Ringen Magazine, nr 1 - 2022

The magazine about the world's biggest orienteering adventure

The magazine about the world's biggest orienteering adventure


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NUMBER 1<br />

MARCH <strong>2022</strong><br />




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1 APRIL<br />

O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong> 1


O-<strong>Ringen</strong> AB<br />

Heliosgatan 3<br />

120 30 Stockholm<br />

info@oringen.se<br />

Finally!<br />

Contact O-<strong>Ringen</strong> AB<br />

Claes Forsberg | CEO<br />

070-492 14 50, claes.forsberg@oringen.se<br />

Jens Lindquist | Project manager O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Uppsala <strong>2022</strong><br />

070-377 62 15, jens.lindquist@oringen.se<br />

Mats Adolfsson | Sales<br />

070-394 50 71, mats.adolfsson@oringen.se<br />

Anna Wennertorp | Marketing, Experience<br />

& Competitior services<br />

070-952 54 78, anna.wennertorp@oringen.se<br />

Magnus Johansson | Competition & IT<br />

070-381 03 56, magnus.johansson@oringen.se<br />

Conny Gunnarsson | Logistics<br />

070-8107349, conny.gunnarsson@oringen.se<br />

10 500 registered!<br />

5<br />

6–7<br />

Together we will make O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

a true public celebration.<br />


O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

The magazine is produced and<br />

published by O-<strong>Ringen</strong> AB<br />

Responsible publisher<br />

Claes Forsberg<br />

@oringen<br />

13<br />

Bring your bike!<br />

17–23<br />

Stage areas – explore the exciting<br />

stages in Nåsten, Sävja and Lunsen.<br />

26-27<br />

MTBO takes place within cycling distance<br />

Layout<br />

Martin Hammarberg, Adshape AB<br />

Cover photo<br />

Peter Holgersson<br />

Elite sprint at<br />

Studenternas IP<br />

29<br />

33<br />

Training courses with timig<br />

replaces our Training race.<br />

38-39<br />

Unusually even distribution in the route planning.<br />

At long last we have an O-<strong>Ringen</strong> year ahead of us again. The<br />

pandemic has meant that we have had two years without O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

and that break has probably built up a longing within all of us to<br />

experience the world's largest orienteering party again.<br />

PHOTO: Peter Holgersson / Ulf Rask / Tina Axelsson<br />

36<br />

The longing of the csúcs family.<br />

44–49<br />

Experience more of Uppsala.<br />

58–69<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> 2023, 2024 and 2025.<br />

71–77<br />

Registration guide.<br />

FINALLY! This summer it's time<br />

for us to welcome you to Uppsala.<br />

And how we have longed for this!<br />

It will be so fun to see you all again<br />

at the world's biggest orienteering adventure<br />

this summer. And since there probably<br />

is a huge pent-up interest to finally get to<br />

participate in O-<strong>Ringen</strong> again, both the<br />

hosting clubs and Uppsala are preparing<br />

for a record number of participants who<br />

want to experience world-class orienteering<br />

as well as other activities to brighten up<br />

their holiday week. Who wants to miss<br />

another O-<strong>Ringen</strong>? Who wants to miss the<br />

long table, the sense of club community,<br />

Lunsen, the cake, the sweat, and the feeling<br />

of excitement at the start and the wonderful<br />

feeling of finding the first control point?<br />

Who wants to miss crossing the finish line<br />

and the celebration at our arenas filled with<br />

orienteering friends from all over the world?<br />

No, you don't want to miss it! So, mark<br />

week 30 now and bring all your clubmates,<br />

family and friends to share the joy and<br />

community, our wonderful competition<br />

areas, and experiences in Uppsala. See you<br />

at O-<strong>Ringen</strong> in Uppsala!<br />


Project manager O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Uppsala <strong>2022</strong><br />

jens.lindquist@oringen.se<br />

2 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong> 3


O-RINGEN.<br />

Alewalds är en av landets mest<br />

välsorterade butiker inom outdoor<br />

och sport och har så varit ända<br />

sedan starten 1937.<br />

Vi har en av landets största<br />

avdelningar för vandring och<br />

friluftsliv, längd- och turskidåkning,<br />

rullskidåkning samt<br />

långfärdsskridskoåkning.<br />

Med ursprung i det aktiva<br />

friluftslivet har vi också ett stort<br />

utbud av skor och kläder som<br />

även fungerar utmärkt för<br />

vardagslivet i stan.<br />

10 500<br />

participants are already<br />

registered – are you?<br />

Many of us have been registered since fall of 2019. Registrations have been<br />

moved forward two years in a row but now it’s finally time. This far 36 countries<br />

are represented on the list of registered participants and if we look at which<br />

clubs they represent, the highest number right now comes from Sundsvalls OK<br />

with 139 registered participants, with OK Kåre, Tullinge SK, Linköpings OK and<br />

Täby OK not far behind. Which will be the biggest club at O-<strong>Ringen</strong> this summer?<br />








för öppettider se www.alewalds.se<br />

Bruksvallarna<br />



Class updates<br />

Since O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Uppsala has been postponed<br />

to <strong>2022</strong> you need to make these<br />

changes due to a change in age since the<br />

booking was made.<br />

It is mainly class changes and only in our<br />

classes where age matters (not DH21).<br />

Because we offer a wide rage of classes<br />

and in several cases it is also allowed to participate<br />

in a class that does not correspond<br />

to the year of birth, it is not possible for us<br />

to move the registrations automatically.<br />

Log in with your booking reference and<br />

e-mail. Your booking reference can be<br />

found at the booking confirmation. If you<br />

can´t find your booking reference pleace<br />

contact oringen@bynordiq.se and they<br />

will help you.<br />

Log in via: https://integration.oringen.<br />

se/bookings/Edit. You can also find this<br />

information at oringen.se.<br />

Photo: Peter Holgersson O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong> 5

Together we will make<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> a true public celebration<br />

Many have already signed up for this summer’s adventure. Here we check in with some of the registered participants.<br />

Photo: Peter Holgersson<br />

The first-timer<br />

Irma<br />

What club do you belong to?<br />

– Rasbo IK.<br />

What class are you registered for?<br />

– Inskolning.<br />

Who are you coming to O-<strong>Ringen</strong> with?<br />

– With my family. I hope that many who<br />

I know will come and cheer on me too!<br />

What do you look forward to?<br />

– Running the home straight!<br />

Do you have any goals during the week?<br />

– To run fast and have fun!<br />

The youths<br />

Klara & Lovisa<br />

What club do you belong to?<br />

– Södertälje Nykvarn Orientering.<br />

What classes / class are you registered for?<br />

– Lovisa D16, Klara D18Elit.<br />

Who are you coming to O-<strong>Ringen</strong> with?<br />

– We go the whole family.<br />

Which is your best memory of O-<strong>Ringen</strong>?<br />

Lovisa: – When a friend and I went home from a stage that went really<br />

good adn looked at the results eating "godisrem" (candy) at the same<br />

time. It was so exiting and we where so happy for each other.<br />

Klara: – Borås 2015. It was the first time I went to O-<strong>Ringen</strong> with my first<br />

dog Laban. It was very exiting!<br />

What do you look forward to the most in the Upplandian terrain?<br />

Lovisa: – I hope for a technical challenge and<br />

at the same time avoid slopes.<br />

Klara: – I look forward to fairly tricky courses in nice forest.<br />

Do you have any goals with the orienteering during the week?<br />

Lovisa: – Not really but I want to “keep it together” the whole week.<br />

Klara: – I want to do my best O-<strong>Ringen</strong> ever (free from mistakes).<br />

The family<br />

Nora, Ellen,<br />

Mathias & Monika<br />

What club do you belong to?<br />

– OK Nolaskogsarna, Örnsköldsvik.<br />

What classes / class are you registered for?<br />

– Nora D18E, Ellen D16, Mathias H45, Monika D45.<br />

Who are you coming to O-<strong>Ringen</strong> with?<br />

– The family and the club<br />

Which is your best memory of O-<strong>Ringen</strong>?<br />

– The fellowship with our club and other friends as well as<br />

the wonderful orienteering at the mountain in Sälen 2016.<br />

What do you look forward to the most in the Upplandian terrain?<br />

Nora: – Have run there a few times and always got lost.<br />

Mathias: – Looking forward to the diffuse heights,<br />

completely different from Höga kusten.<br />

Do you have any goals with the orienteering during the week?<br />

Monika: – To avoid big mistakes.<br />

Mathias: – Not miss more than 2 minutes at any controll.<br />

Ellen: – Avoid mistakes<br />

The veteran<br />

Lillemor<br />

What club do you belong to?<br />

– Gävle OK.<br />

What class are you registered for?<br />

– D80.<br />

Who are you coming to O-<strong>Ringen</strong> with?<br />

– I travel on my own and will be staying at my sister outside Uppsala.<br />

Which is your best memory of O-<strong>Ringen</strong>?<br />

– It is a lot of nice memories, I have participated in more than<br />

30 O-<strong>Ringen</strong>. But mostly I remember a stage victory in Småland<br />

2005. I had broken my hip and shoulder in february that year<br />

but trained adn ran O-<strong>Ringen</strong> the same summer and won<br />

a stage with 9 seconds.<br />

hat do you look forward to the most in the Upplandian terrain?<br />

– I have to say Lunsen. Tricky but so beautiful!<br />

Do you have any goals with the orienteering during the week?<br />

– I don´t have a special goal. I just want to participate and have fun.<br />

The international participant<br />

Laura<br />

What club do you belong to?<br />

– OK KĀPA Lettland.<br />

What class are you registered for?<br />

– D21.<br />

Who are you coming to O-<strong>Ringen</strong> with?<br />

– With my family.<br />

Which is your best memory of O-<strong>Ringen</strong>?<br />

– We haven't been to O-<strong>Ringen</strong>before. Running at least once at<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> is a 'must-have' for an orienteer, so we are planning<br />

to finally make it happen this year.<br />

What do you look forward to the most in the Upplandian terrain?<br />

– I enjoy running in detailed swedish terrains and<br />

believe orienteering in Uppland terrain will be<br />

demanding and fun at the same time.<br />

Do you have any goals with the orienteering during the week?<br />

– My main goal is to have fun!<br />

6 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong> 7

Welcome to O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Uppsala<br />

and the new Studenternas arena!<br />

Foto: Gustaf Samelius<br />

Foto: Snow Leopard Trust<br />

Örjan Johansson övervakar en uppvaknande snöleopard.<br />

Snöleoparderna är välkamouflerade i bergen och därför svåra att upptäcka.<br />

Vilse bland bergen i Mongoliet<br />

– Så är det att forska på snöleoparder<br />

Foto: Per Aage Nilsson, FOJAB.<br />

The Studenternas arena is the<br />

place where the opening ceremony,<br />

Bagheera youth relay and SLU Elite<br />

sprint will be held.<br />

On Sunday July 24th at 16.00 it is time to<br />

open O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Uppsala <strong>2022</strong>. Finally! The<br />

opening ceremony will be held at Studenternas<br />

Idrottsplats sports grounds in the<br />

Stadsträdgården park in central Uppsala.<br />

The area has a long history as a city park and<br />

outdoor recreation area and the arena and<br />

surrounding areas have gone through extensive<br />

redesign the last few years. Work on the<br />

arena is now finished and we are proud to be<br />

8 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong><br />

able to open O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Uppsala here.<br />

The opening ceremony will, true to form, offer<br />

entertainment and a wonderful atmosphere.<br />

The Bagheera relay starts immediately<br />

after the ceremony. A perfect start to a week<br />

filled with joy. Since O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Kolmården<br />

2019 the competition is held between club<br />

teams. It is also perfectly possible to form<br />

combination teams from different clubs if<br />

you can’t build a complete team within the<br />

own club. You only need four runners in the<br />

classes D14, H14, D16 and H16. So, gather<br />

a team and register for the Bagheera relay<br />

<strong>2022</strong>. Later in the O-<strong>Ringen</strong> week, on Wednesday<br />

July 27th, the SLU Elite sprint will<br />

reach the finish line at Studenternas arena.<br />

» Facts Studenternas IP<br />

FIRST OPENED: 21 mars 1909<br />

NICK NAME: Studan<br />

CAPACITY: Summer arena: 10 250,<br />

Winter arena: 4 700<br />

OWNER: Uppsala kommun<br />

BASIS: Artificial grass<br />


IK Sirius BK, IFK Uppsala, Uppsala BoIS,<br />

Uppsala Näs IK, Enköpings SK<br />


IK Sirius FK , IK Uppsala Fotboll, Dalkurd FF<br />

Behöver man vara en superhjälte för att räkna<br />

djur som inte vill synas på en av världens mest<br />

otillgängliga platser? Kanske. Eller så är man<br />

forskare på SLU. Vi besökte Örjan Johansson vid<br />

SLU:s forskningsstation i Grimsö, där han ansvarar<br />

för fångst och sövning av vilda djur.<br />

Örjan Johansson har en jägmästarexamen från SLU och<br />

doktorerade på snöleoparder. Sedan 2008 har han rest till de<br />

mongoliska bergen för att med GPS kartlägga snöleopardernas<br />

liv för den internationella organisationen Snow Leopard<br />

Trust. Han har befunnit sig totalt över 1 000 dygn helt isolerad<br />

från omvärlden i de väldiga bergen.<br />

Snöleoparderna är mycket skygga djur som med sin smutsvita<br />

päls lätt smälter in i sin omgivning. ”De kallas nog snöleoparder<br />

för det är när de korsar den vita snön som vi människor ser<br />

dem. Man har därför trott att de gillar snön, men i själva verket<br />

försöker de undvika den då de syns som bäst där”, berättar Örjan.<br />

Snöleoparderna är inte så aggressiva som andra leoparder<br />

och de är rätt sociala djur. Det finns inga dokumenterade fall<br />

där de angripit människor. Örjan har själv arbetat med att söva<br />

och sätta GPS-halsband på en snöleopard under översyn<br />

av en grupp snöleoparder bara 60 meter bort. ”De satt där<br />

under hela märkningen, en timme ungefär, och tittade på när vi<br />

arbetade”.<br />

Örjan visar det halsband med batteri och GPS som de sätter<br />

på snöleoparderna för att kunna följa dem i bergen. Efter 18<br />

månader faller det av och då kan Örjan och hans kollegor åka<br />

ut och plocka upp det för att samla in datan och lära sig mer<br />

om dessa djur.<br />

Vilken superkraft skulle du vilja ha?<br />

Läs mer på www.slu.se/utbildning<br />

Att hitta till en plats i bergen kan vara svårt. Det finns inga<br />

kartor utan man använder en satellitbild. Örjan berättar att han<br />

har lagt många månaders arbete med att köra motorcykel och<br />

ta ”waypoints” på olika platser. När han kommer tillbaka till<br />

lägret kopplar han in GPS:en i datorn och ser då var han har<br />

varit någonstans; var hans waypoints hamnade på satellitbilden.<br />

”För det mesta hade jag varit någon helt annanstans än<br />

där jag trodde. Ofta tog det två till tre dagars försök att hitta till<br />

platserna jag ville komma till. Nu har vi kartlagt vägar och stigar<br />

genom att logga alla spår i GPS:en, markerat landmärken och<br />

liknande.”<br />

”Genom vårt arbete har vi fått fram mycket kunskap om snöleoparderna,<br />

men vi har ändå bara skrapat på ytan. Vi kan<br />

säkert hålla på en generation till innan vi är klara” säger Örjan.<br />

Kunskapen om snöleoparderna skapar både förutsättning för<br />

artens bevarande och den viktiga del i det ekologiska kretsloppet<br />

som de utgör.<br />

Vad gör Örjan då när han vill koppla av från jobbet en kväll i de<br />

mongoliska bergen? Ja, precis som för de flesta av oss blir det<br />

med en film. ”Men, jag rekommenderar inte zombiefilm när man<br />

lever ensam i mörkret uppe i bergen”, säger Örjan och skrattar.<br />

”De är ju gjorda för att man ska tro att det är på riktigt. Jag fick<br />

beväpna mig med en käpp när jag skulle ut till toaletten efter<br />

filmen.” Senare berättar han om skorpioner som kryper ner i<br />

skorna inne i tältet, hur han tagit sig in i små trånga grottor för<br />

att hjälpa rytande snöleoparder som fastnat i andras fällor och<br />

om den ökända mongoliska dödsmasken som dödar omedelbart<br />

med sin syra. Åt allt detta rycker Örjan på axlarna. Det är<br />

en vanlig dag på jobbet för honom.<br />

Huvudpartner<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

OVERVIEW O-RINGEN UPPSALA <strong>2022</strong><br />









STAGE 3<br />

STAGE 3<br />


STAGE 1–5<br />


STAGE 1<br />

STAGE 2<br />

15 min<br />


15 min<br />

10 min<br />


30 min<br />

STAGE 3<br />

10 min<br />

15 min<br />

15 min<br />


STAGE 2<br />

10 min<br />

15 min<br />


STAGE 4 & 5<br />

Parking<br />

Stage bus<br />

Bike path to arena<br />





Orienteering<br />

MTBO<br />


Stolt etappvärd<br />

ODIN Fonder<br />

Uppsala is close<br />

bring your bike<br />

Travel to<br />

Uppsala<br />

Uppsala<br />

Kapellskär<br />

ODIN är ett nordiskt fondbolag som har funnits i 32 år. Vi<br />

erbjuder ett brett urval av fonder på den svenska, norska och<br />

finska marknaden, flera av dem prisbelönta.<br />

Vi arbetar dagligen med att orientera rätt - för vår del bland alla<br />

de bolag som finns på aktiemarknaden. Orientering har mycket<br />

gemensamt med vår förvaltningsfilosofi ODIN-modellen - där<br />

långsiktighet är grunden till starka resultat. Orientering är<br />

dessutom en sport som kräver skarpa tankar, och där de som<br />

vågar göra egna vinnande vägval premieras, d.v.s inte helt olikt<br />

det som karaktäriserar den aktiva förvaltning vi bedriver på<br />

ODIN.<br />

Orientering är en inkluderande sport där alla från liten till<br />

stor får plats. ODINs fonder förvaltas enligt samma princip. Vi<br />

investerar i både i små och stora bolag, samtidigt som vi finns till<br />

för både ung och gammal - för alla behöver ett sparande.<br />

Använd QR-koden nere till vänster för att komma direkt till<br />

vår hemsida. Där hittar du information om fondsparande, våra<br />

fonder och aktiemarknaden. Du är också varmt välkommen till<br />

vårt tält under veckan där vi gärna pratar mer om fondsparande.<br />

Vi på ODIN ser verkligen fram emot att vara en del av O-ringens<br />

fantastiska evenemang. Hoppas att vi ses!<br />

ODIN Fonder - Vi skapar värde för framtiden<br />

Historisk avkastning är inte någon garanti för framtida avkastning. De pengar<br />

som placeras i fonder kan både öka och minska i värde och det är inte säkert att du<br />

får tillbaka hela det insatta kapitalet. För mer information om risk, se fondernas<br />

faktablad och informationsbroschyr på hemsidan under odinfonder.se/våra fonder<br />

eller skicka efter dem kostnadsfritt via kontakt@odinfonder.se eller ring oss på<br />

08-407 14 00. Avkastning visas alltid efter att förvaltningsavgiften är dragen.<br />

Photo: Tina Axelsson<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Uppsala <strong>2022</strong> has a very concentrated concept<br />

without in any way renouncing the orienteering experience.<br />

This is possible because Uppsala has many urban nature<br />

reserves that has been preserved for outdoor life.<br />

The O-<strong>Ringen</strong> City is situated on Ultuna, 6<br />

km south of Uppsala city. It is easy to get to<br />

Uppsala by train, bus, airplane, boat or car.<br />

If you live on or near O-<strong>Ringen</strong> City, you<br />

have cycling distance to all of the stages (4-8<br />

km) and close to experiences and activities<br />

in Uppsala city and its surroundings. Bring<br />

your bike!<br />

Bicycle distance<br />

If you live on or near O-<strong>Ringen</strong> City camping,<br />

you have cycling distance to all of the stages<br />

(4-8 km) and close to experiences and activities<br />

in Uppsala city and its surroundings.<br />

Bicycle is an environmental and wise<br />

choice of means of transport in Uppsala. The<br />

short distances allow you to maximize your<br />

experiences during the days. So we really<br />

recommend that you bring your own bike or<br />

rent/borrow a such.<br />

As a complement, we will also offer transport<br />

by bus to all of our stages at the main<br />

arenas from the O-<strong>Ringen</strong> City.<br />

Satellite parking<br />

The satellite parking is located at the exit<br />

of the E4 Highway. From here, as a participant,<br />

you get a short and smooth bus ride<br />

to Arena Pattons hage for stages 1 and 2 in<br />

Nåsten, Arena Sävja for stage 3 in the north<br />

of Lunsen and Arena Flottsund for stages 4<br />

and 5 also in Lunsen.<br />

No parking is offered at the arenas.<br />

Arlanda<br />

Plane and boat<br />

Close to Uppsala there<br />

are two airports, Arlanda<br />

and Västerås airport.<br />

From Arlanda you can<br />

travel to Uppsala by commuter train or bus and<br />

from Västerås there are buses.<br />

There are also options to travel by ferry to<br />

Stockholm, Kapellskär or Grisslehamn. From<br />

here it is about an hour's journey to Uppsala,<br />

by car or bus.<br />

Car<br />

E4<br />

Stockholm<br />

Bus and train<br />

Travel by train!<br />

Arlanda airport 17 min<br />

Stockholm 30 min<br />

Trains from all directions<br />

stop in Uppsala, both<br />

long distance trains and<br />

comuter trains. The train<br />

stops at Uppsala resecentrum in the middle of<br />

the city from where you reach both the arenas<br />

and O-<strong>Ringen</strong> City with several city bus lines<br />

operating Uppsala. There are several buses that<br />

operate Uppsala with long-distance buses.<br />

Uppsala is close to most people<br />

and is easy to get to. If you travel<br />

with your own car and caravan /<br />

motorhome, you will probably turn<br />

off from the E4 or from one of the major country<br />

roads 55 or 72 and get to the O-<strong>Ringen</strong> City by<br />

Ultuna a little south of the city center.<br />

O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong> 13

Which accommodation<br />

do you choose<br />

Book via<br />

oringen.se<br />






O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Uppsala offers several<br />

accommodation options. Uppsala<br />

offers a wide range of hotels and<br />

hostels. At O-<strong>Ringen</strong> City, 2400<br />

campsites and accommodation on<br />

hard surface are offered. In addition,<br />

there are plenty of private homes for<br />

rent. All accommodation is booked in<br />

our booking portal at oringen.se.<br />

Camp ground<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> City camp ground is situated on<br />

Ultuna, only 15 min (4 km) by bike and 4<br />

km with car from Uppsala Central station.<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> square is located in the middle of<br />

the camping area and you can jump on the<br />

stage buses directly from here. Although the<br />

distance to all of the stages are 5–8 km so<br />

biking (or walking) is a good choice.<br />

The following service features<br />

are available at the campsite:<br />

• Toilets<br />

• Water and tables for dishwashing<br />

• Emptying of latrine<br />

• Charging stations for phones/computers/<br />

tablets<br />

• Kiosks with a simple selection of breakfast<br />

and snacks<br />

Hard surface<br />

Accommodation on hard surface is situated<br />

very close to O-<strong>Ringen</strong> City camping at<br />

Ultuna in Uppsala.<br />

Accommodation on hard surface is a<br />

shared simple accommodation form. You<br />

bring your own mattress, linen and towels.<br />

Toilets and showers are available. No access<br />

to kitchen.<br />

Private rentals<br />

Private individuals can post their accommodation<br />

for rent during O-<strong>Ringen</strong>. Our<br />

partner Nordic Travel ensures that the<br />

accommodation is conveyed smoothly and<br />

safely for both the landlord and the tenant.<br />

The objects are both villas and apartments as<br />

well as summer cottages and caravans in and<br />

around Uppsala and Knivsta.<br />

The supply is replenished as new items<br />

come in so if you do not find something at the<br />

moment please check back in a few weeks.<br />

Photo: Peter Holgersson<br />

Titta på vår nya fina förpackning.<br />

Där finns ett löv som<br />

talar om hur mycket koldioxidekvivalenter<br />

(CO2e)* som<br />

knäckebrödet i paketet har<br />

skapat – från åker till butik.<br />

420 gram, närmare bestämt.<br />

Vi har räknat in allt. Från tillverkningen<br />

av gödsel för<br />

åkrarna, kablarna som leder<br />

strömmen till vårt bageri,<br />

energin för att göra pappret till<br />

våra förpackningar, bränslet<br />

till traktorerna, lastbilarna...<br />

ja, du fattar – allt.<br />






Experterna som hjälpte oss<br />

göra detta var lika noggranna<br />

som de blev lyriska. ”Bland<br />

de bästa i klassen”, sa de. Och<br />

tittar vi på andra så verkar det<br />

stämma. Men trots allt vi har<br />

gjort, vilket inte är lite, är vi<br />

långt ifrån nöjda.<br />

Vi följer vår<br />

klimatpåverkan<br />

från fält<br />

till butik<br />






2013.<br />

Alla våra ugnar värms upp<br />

av grön el som framställs i<br />

Dalarna. Överskottsvärmen<br />

återvinns för att värma lokalerna<br />

och vattnet. Den första<br />

värmeåtervinningen installerade<br />

vi redan 1954, bageriet<br />

blev helt fossilfritt redan 2013.<br />

DIREKT<br />



Rågmjölet i vårt knäckebröd är<br />

inte bara garanterat svenskt,<br />

det får vi från bönder som<br />

Anton Öhlund utanför Hedemora<br />

– men aldrig längre bort<br />

än 34 mil från vår egen kvarn.<br />

Ja, vi har en egen kvarn så att<br />

rågen kan komma så direkt<br />

som möjligt från gårdarna till<br />

oss, utan att åka omvägar. Allt<br />

för att minimera transporter.<br />



Hållbarhet handlar också om<br />

att ta tillvara. Den lilla mängd<br />

degrester och brödspån som<br />

vi inte kan ta tillvara, skickar<br />

vi till en annan bonde här i<br />

Dalarna. Han har kor och<br />

de älskar knäckebröd i vilken<br />

form det än kommer.<br />

FRÅN 1817 IN<br />


Leksands Knäckebröd började<br />

med gammelfarmors mormor<br />

som föddes 1817, bara ett stenkast<br />

från där vi har bageriet<br />

idag. Och receptet är exakt<br />

detsamma. Som du förstår är<br />

kvartalsekonomin inget för oss,<br />

vi räknar sekler. Precis som du,<br />

tänker vi mycket på vad vi<br />

lämnar efter oss till våra barn.<br />

Följ med oss på resan mot en<br />

fin framtid genom att konstant<br />

sänka den där siffran i lövet<br />

på paketet. Utan att vi någonsin<br />

gör avkall på smaken.<br />




* Alla växthusgaser omräknade till effekten som koldioxid har på klimatet.<br />



Även fast vi tagit bort all onödig<br />

plast i vårt bageri och väljer<br />

svensk kartong (som är dyrare<br />

än den importerade) för att<br />

undvika onödiga transporter,<br />

så räcker det inte. Vi måste<br />

bli ännu bättre om vi ska ha en<br />

värld värd namnet att lämna<br />

över till kommande generationer.<br />

Det är ett konstant<br />

pågående arbete som vi gärna<br />

delar med oss av.<br />

VÅRT<br />


ARBETE<br />


Vi bakar fossilfritt sedan 2013.<br />

All värme från ugnarna återvinns<br />

till lokalvärme och varmvatten.<br />

Tagit bort alla plastkassar,<br />

muggar och kartongband i plast.<br />


Byter bilar och frakter till<br />

fossilfria alternativ.<br />

Effektiviserar energianvändningen<br />

i bageriet ännu mer.<br />

Installerar solpaneler på bageriet.<br />




14 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong>

O-RINGEN UPPSALA <strong>2022</strong><br />

Liniment är en salva<br />

med antingen kylande eller värmande<br />

effekt. Den masseras in i huden<br />

för att öka blodcirkulation.<br />

Det finns flera olika typer av<br />

liniment som varierar i styrka,<br />

ingredienser och effekt.<br />

ormsalva.se<br />


& Stage areas<br />


Snällare orm<br />

får du leta efter<br />

Competition areas O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Uppsala <strong>2022</strong><br />

In Uppsala's immediate vicinity are some of Uppland's, perhaps Sweden's finest orienteering areas with Lunsen<br />

as the crown jewel. At O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Uppsala <strong>2022</strong>, you will have the privilege of experiencing Lunsen during three<br />

of the Foot-O stages, one stage of MTBO and two of the Trail-O stages.<br />



SUN 24/7<br />

Studenternas<br />

Bagheera<br />

youth relay<br />

MON 25/7<br />

Nåsten<br />

Stage 1<br />

Extended<br />

Middle distance<br />

Nåsten<br />

Stage 1<br />

Extended<br />

Middle distance<br />

TUE 26/7 WED 27/7<br />

THU 28/7<br />

FRI 29/7<br />

SAT 30/7<br />

Nåsten<br />

Stage 2<br />

Long distance<br />

Nåsten<br />

Stage 2<br />

Long distance<br />

Activity day<br />

Studenternas<br />

Stage 3<br />

Elite Sprint<br />

Norra Lunsen<br />

Stage 3<br />

Long distance<br />


Activity day<br />

Lunsen<br />

Stage 4<br />

Middle distance<br />

Lunsen<br />

Stage 4<br />

Middle distance<br />

FOTO: Peter Holgersson<br />

Lunsen<br />

Stage 5<br />

Long distance<br />

Lunsen<br />

Stage 5<br />

Long distance<br />

Ormsalva Insane Stick biter hårt, men är galet snäll på stela och ömmande muskler.<br />

MTBO<br />

Nåsten<br />

Stage 1<br />

Long distance<br />

Vårdsätraskogen<br />

Stage 2<br />

Middle distance<br />

Activity day<br />

Stadsskogen<br />

Stage 3<br />

Sprint<br />

Lunsen<br />

Stage 4<br />

Long distance<br />

Uppsalaåsen<br />

Stage 5<br />

Middle distance<br />

Stela muskler och träningsvärk är nästan lika<br />

vanligt som ormfobi. Ormsalva är dock inget<br />

att vara rädd för. Tvärtom! Släpp loss. Rör<br />

dig fritt och prestera på topp när du slingrar<br />

dig fram i terrängen. Alltid på bettet i skogen<br />

med Ormsalva Insane Stick. Det är det är<br />

mycket enkelt att använda det kraftfulla<br />

linimentstiftet* och du behöver inte kladda ner<br />

händerna, varken före, under eller efter loppet.<br />

Ormsalva är stolt sponsor till O-<strong>Ringen</strong> och<br />

är ett av Sveriges mest kompletta sortiment<br />

av liniment* för många behov.<br />

Pssst... Ormsalva tillverkas i Borlänge och<br />

finns att köpa på t.ex. Apotea.se<br />

TRAILO<br />

Norbyskogen<br />

Stage 1<br />


Vårdsätraskogen<br />

Stage 2<br />


Activity day<br />

Stadsskogen<br />

Stage 3<br />


Lunsen<br />

Stage 4<br />


Lunsen<br />

Stage 5<br />

O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong> 17

The terrain is fairly open<br />

and flat, and you can<br />

runt straight towards<br />

your objective if you<br />

keep your bearings<br />

STAGE 1 & 2<br />

NÅSTEN<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Uppsala <strong>2022</strong><br />

starts where<br />

it ended in 1980<br />

Last time O-<strong>Ringen</strong> was held in<br />

Uppsala was in 1980. Back then the<br />

competition was concluded with<br />

the last stage in the nature reserve<br />

Nåsten. Now, a little over 40 years<br />

later, we are starting O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

Uppsala <strong>2022</strong> where we last ended it.<br />

The arena is beautifully situated in Pattons<br />

hage just 15 minutes bicycle ride from the<br />

camping site at O-<strong>Ringen</strong> City. The name<br />

”Pattons hage” arose after the famous<br />

general George S. Patton visited in Sweden<br />

in 1945 and watched a Swedish military<br />

exercise at the site.<br />

Nåsten offers varied<br />

wilderness terrain close to the city<br />

The Nåsten nature reserve has large areas of<br />

old pine forest, ideal for runners, growing<br />

on small hills and marshy areas. But it also<br />

offers several other types of terrain. Close<br />

to our arena in Hågadalen there are hiking<br />

areas with many trails, short and steep,<br />

slopes and further out you get a sense of<br />

wilderness.<br />

There are intricate areas with short lines<br />

of sight and areas with many, sometimes<br />

very large, boulders.<br />

Sample leg from Nåsten, orange difficulty. The red<br />

route choice is the shortest while the green one is<br />

safer but quite a bit longer. The blue route is safe<br />

at first, but it will be somewhat harder to take the<br />

control points. Which route will you choose?<br />

The longer routes will test the skills of all<br />

orienteers.<br />

This can be seen in a larger number<br />

of trails, especially close to our arena in<br />

Hågadalen. Both nearby and farther out you<br />

can get a feeling of real wilderness.<br />


» Stage area NÅSTEN<br />


Monday July 25 <strong>2022</strong><br />


Monday July 25 <strong>2022</strong><br />


Tuesday July 26 <strong>2022</strong><br />


Tuesday July 26 <strong>2022</strong><br />

Unlike Lunsen, Nåsten is characterized by a larger variation<br />

in the terrain. A few larger bogs are interspersed<br />

with intricate wilderness terrain in the eastern parts<br />

that is a reserve and therefore has been spared from<br />

forest exploitation for several decades. In all this there<br />

are denser areas, meadows, and flat rocks, and in<br />

the western parts also some aspects of forestry and<br />

agriculture. Runability is generally good to very good,<br />

largely because of the flat terrain, but it can be affected<br />

by vegetation, where especially wild rosemary in<br />

the larger bogs can impede the running speed. During a<br />

beautiful summer, the bogs can be entirely dry, and the<br />

opposite if the summer is wet. Some larger and smaller<br />

trails cross the reserve and there are some forest<br />

roads outside of it. Roads allow high running speeds,<br />

but you will need very supple ankles if you want to run<br />

fast on the smaller trails.<br />

18 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong><br />

O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong> 19

Significant parts<br />

with flat, rocky<br />

ground give good<br />

line of sight and<br />

runability<br />

Orientera<br />

i Åre!<br />

STAGE 3<br />


O-ringen till fjälls i samarbete med HO liday Club Åre<br />

Holiday Club Åre kliver in som en partner till O-<strong>Ringen</strong> 2023 och blir därmed den centrala knutpunkten för<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> torget och hotellboende under hela eventet. Redan detta år kan du komma och provspringa<br />

vår vackra fjällterräng i Åre och njuta av alla äventyr. Boka din vistelse på www.holidayclub.se<br />

The similarities<br />

with stages 4 and 5<br />

are significant<br />

» Stage area NORTHERN LUNSEN<br />


Thursday July 28 <strong>2022</strong><br />

Welcome to<br />

Knivsta.<br />

It consists of flat, detail rich pine<br />

woods on rocky ground with many<br />

larger and smaller marsh areas. The<br />

somewhat distinguishing feature<br />

of stage 3 is a more significant<br />

occurrence of spruce, especially in the<br />

lower lying areas closest to the arena.<br />

This does reduce the line of sight but<br />

without reducing runability. In these areas<br />

the underbrush is instead lower, consisting<br />

mainly of wild rosemary and bilberry sprigs.<br />

There is a large number of paths in the<br />

woods close to the built-up areas of Sävja,<br />

where the arena is located. But further<br />

south there is more and more wilderness.<br />

The area is completely unaffected by<br />

forestry. The longest legs will reach some<br />

areas with windthrows.<br />

The northern parts of Lunsen borders the<br />

residential area Sävja in southern Uppsala and<br />

is a popular area for outdoor activities that<br />

consists of a larger number of trails that might<br />

help on the easier routes but complicate things<br />

on the harder ones. The trick is to make the<br />

right choices and to know where you are. The<br />

longer and harder routes will reach a beautiful<br />

area in the eastern parts of Lunsen that are<br />

a bit more hilly than southern Lunsen where<br />

stages 4 and 5 will be decided.<br />

The ground is light to moderately hilly and<br />

the line of sight, as well as traversability, is<br />

mostly good.<br />

The arena for stage 3 is Sävja IP and<br />

consists of a couple of football pitches and<br />

several adjacent activity areas close to the<br />

residential area Sävja.<br />

Come to us during the O-<strong>Ringen</strong> week!<br />

Discover our lakes, farm shops, flea markets,<br />

hiking trails, cafes, nature reserves,<br />

restaurants and cultural experiences.<br />

knivsta.se/o-ringenuppsala<strong>2022</strong><br />

20 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong> 21

This is more of<br />

a challenge for<br />

the mind than<br />

for the body<br />

STAGE 4 & 5<br />


Lunsen - one of the<br />

finest orienteering<br />

areas in Sweden!<br />

The southern and middle parts of<br />

Lunsen are among the finest orienteering<br />

areas in the whole of Sweden<br />

and must be experienced. The terrain<br />

looks like something out of a fairy<br />

tale with a multitude of small hills,<br />

bogs filled with wild rosemary and flat<br />

rocks covered in reindeer lichen.<br />

Despite the proximity to Uppsala Lunsen<br />

mostly consists of untouched, pathless, wilderness.<br />

But in the area closest to the arenas<br />

in Sävja for stage 3 and Flottsund for stages<br />

4 and 5 there is a large number of trails that<br />

will be used for routes that require them.<br />

For the harder routes, the lightly rolling<br />

country creates a challenge that is more<br />

strenuous for the mind than for the body. It<br />

will, in other words, be exciting orienteering<br />

in fantastic and enjoyable terrain. Whether<br />

it is the finest terrain in Sweden or not is for<br />

you to decide.<br />

The two final OL-stages at O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

Uppsala <strong>2022</strong> have their arena at beautiful<br />

Flottsund where the Fyrisån river empties in<br />

Ekoln, the northernmost part of Lake Mälaren.<br />

In this area you will find beautiful walking<br />

areas and natural bathing places.<br />

Sample leg from Lunsen, orange difficulty. The red<br />

route choice is shorter while the green one is safer.<br />

Which route will you choose?<br />

» Stage area LUNSEN<br />


Friday July 29 <strong>2022</strong><br />


Friday July 29 <strong>2022</strong><br />


Saturday July 30 <strong>2022</strong><br />



Saturday July 30 <strong>2022</strong><br />

Lunsen mostly consists of untouched, pathless,<br />

wilderness. In the area closest to the arena and<br />

in the northern parts there is a large number of<br />

trails that will be used for routes that require<br />

them. The entire area is lightly hilled.<br />

22 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong> 23


Nu finns SIA Glass finaste gräddglass med RubyChoklad & Bär.<br />

Den rosa rubychokladen har till skillnad från mörk, ljus och<br />

vit choklad en fruktighet och gifter sig extra fint med de syrliga<br />

svarta vinbären och jordgubbssmaken. Gjord på 100 procent<br />

svensk färsk grädde. Allt för smakens skull.<br />

NYHET!<br />

Vi stämplar in.<br />

Vi har bestämt oss. Kartan är ritad,<br />

kompassen inställd.<br />

Målet är att bli en grön fabrik.<br />

Shaping the future together.<br />

Sandvik Coromant i Gimo är en av Uppsala läns största privata arbetsgivare med ca 1 300<br />

anställda. Som en del av den globala Sandvikkoncernen är Sandvik Coromant ledande<br />

inom tillverkning av skär och verktygssystem för bearbetning i metall. Vi säkerställer<br />

utvecklingen av bearbetningsteknik som förändrar, leder och driver framtidens<br />

tillverkning. Sandvik Coromant äger över 1700 patent över hela världen, har fler än 7 700<br />

anställda och finns i 150 länder.<br />

Stolt sponsor till O-<strong>Ringen</strong> <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

Etappvärd 25 juli<br />

När livet leker<br />


A rich and<br />

varied nature<br />

reserve<br />

STAGE 1 STAGE 3<br />

STAGE 4<br />

» Program O-RINGEN MTBO<br />

MTBO STAGE 1 – Monday July 25 <strong>2022</strong><br />


Long distance with technical trails<br />

and urban forest.<br />

MTBO STAGE 2 – Tuesday July 26 <strong>2022</strong><br />


Middle distance with technical trails.<br />

MTBO STAGE 3 – Thursday July 28 <strong>2022</strong><br />


Late afternoon with try MTBO.<br />

Sprint with a lot of trails.<br />

MTBO STAGE 4 – Friday July 29 <strong>2022</strong><br />


Long distance with technical trails<br />

and urban forest.<br />


MTBO STAGE 5 – Saturday July 30 <strong>2022</strong><br />


Fast middle distance in urban forest<br />

and steep hills.<br />


MTBO<br />

STAGE 2<br />

Map examples for the different stages.<br />

STAGE 5<br />

» Contactless punching SIAC<br />

All MTBO participants at O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Uppsala will<br />

use the Sportident Air+ system for contactless<br />

punching. Using SIAC brings a whole new<br />

dimension to MTBO and enhances the feeling<br />

of orienteering at full speed even more. Vital<br />

seconds can be earned when controls can be<br />

visited without stopping.<br />

MTBO takes place within<br />

cycling distance of O-<strong>Ringen</strong> City<br />

The MTBO competitions at O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Uppsala <strong>2022</strong> will be held in close<br />

proximity to Uppsala and O-<strong>Ringen</strong> City. All five stages are just a few<br />

kilometers from O-<strong>Ringen</strong> camping. Also, at four of the five stages the<br />

arena is shared with foot orienteering, which we hope will create a great<br />

atmosphere for competitors in both disciplines. There is therefore an<br />

opportunity to take part in both MTBO and foot O, as well as making it<br />

easier for families who want to participate in both disciplines.<br />

Stage 1<br />

Along Uppsala’s western edge you will find<br />

Hågadalen Nåsten, a rich and varied nature<br />

reserve. Within the nature reserve you’ll find<br />

agricultural landscapes, lush groves, dark forest<br />

areas, bare rocky terrain and swarming bogs.<br />

The reserve has been used by humans for millennia,<br />

so today you can enjoy habitats teaming<br />

with biodiversity, and also discover lots of exciting<br />

ancient remains. O-<strong>Ringen</strong> MTBO starts<br />

with a long distance race, with both route choice<br />

legs and more intensive orienteering. Technicality<br />

of the trails for riding varies substantially,<br />

from narrow trails on rocky tops, bridges over<br />

bogs, downhill sections, technical MTB trails,<br />

fast paved trails, and forest trails. The finish line<br />

is found at Arena Pattons Hage, the same venue<br />

as for the foot orienteering stage.<br />


Stage 2<br />

Vårdsätra forest is a small and beautiful forest<br />

in southern Uppsala. The forest is close<br />

to residential areas and is popular for outdoor<br />

recreation. The nature is rich and varied<br />

with coniferous forest, deciduous forest,<br />

hazel groves and old pastures. Almost all of<br />

our Swedish tree species and several foreign<br />

species grow here. In terms of cycling, it is<br />

mainly fast paved paths, but also forest paths<br />

and MTB tracks as well as asphalt in built<br />

up areas. Stage 2 is a middle distance race<br />

with a lot of route choice within a small and<br />

dense path network. As in stage 1, the finish<br />

is located at Arena Pattons Hage together<br />

with the foot orienteering.<br />

Stage 3<br />

Stadsskogen (”The city forest”) is situated in<br />

central Uppsala, just a kilometer from the<br />

castle. It is actually a park, but due to its size<br />

and character, it bears great resemblance to<br />

a typical Swedish mixed forest. Coniferous<br />

forest dominates, and the area has been a<br />

nature reserve since 2005. Stadsskogen is a<br />

popular outdoor recreation area for Uppsala<br />

residents. Stage 3 will be a sprint distance<br />

event in Stadsskogen's labyrinth of fast hard<br />

trails and narrow forest trails. Plentiful<br />

micro-route choices will ensure that it’s easy<br />

to get lost even though you are almost in the<br />

middle of the city. The finish line is found at<br />

arena Kåboängen, located in the northern<br />

part of Stadsskogen.<br />

Stage 4<br />

Norra Lunsen is a large and high-lying forest<br />

area. On barren rocky terrain, lean and<br />

sinewy pines grow with plenty of wetlands<br />

in between. Deciduous trees are in the clear<br />

minority, with only a few aspen and birch<br />

trees to be found within the mostly coniferous<br />

forest. The fourth stage in Lunsen will<br />

be a long distance race with route choice legs<br />

crossing a variety of different terrain types,<br />

including narrow trails inside Lunsen, dense<br />

path networks close to suburban areas, and<br />

pine forest trails towards Hågaån. The finish<br />

line is located at Arena Flottsund with the<br />

foot orienteering.<br />

Stage 5<br />

Årike Fyris is located along the Fyrisån river<br />

just south of Uppsala city. Along the western<br />

edge of the area are two of Uppsala ridge’s<br />

heights, Ultuna- and Sunnersta ridges. Ancient<br />

waterways run along the ridge and river. The<br />

ancient castle on Sunnersta ridge marks the<br />

important role of the Fyris river. The ridges<br />

also consist of valuable natural environments,<br />

rich in typical dry slope flora and sand-living<br />

insects. During the final stage chasing start,<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> cyclists will encounter a completely<br />

different type of terrain: ridge terrain with<br />

short steep slopes up to 30-40 meters, as well<br />

as more flat sections and built up areas. A<br />

dense dirt, gravel and sand path network and<br />

route choice legs characterise the final middle<br />

distance race. The finish is the same as for stage<br />

4, located at Arena Flottsund with the main<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> foot events.<br />

26 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong> 27

Forest terrain<br />

with smaller hills<br />

and fine contour<br />

detail<br />

» Stage 3 STADSSKOGEN<br />


Thursday July 28 <strong>2022</strong><br />

ARENA: Kåboängen, shared arena<br />

with MTBO.<br />

START: Morning, before MTBO.<br />

MAP/TERRAIN: North area of<br />

Stadsskogen. Last used for<br />

Trail-O in 2006. Flat forest with<br />

mostly good visibility and hills<br />

with fine detail.<br />



TRAIL-O<br />

» Stage 4 MIDDLE LUNSEN<br />


Friday July 29 <strong>2022</strong><br />

ARENA: Flottsund, shared with<br />

orienteering and MTBO. Bussing<br />

2 km to the competition area.<br />

START: Morning<br />

MAP/TERRAIN: Middle area of<br />

Lunsen, Plantskolan. Last used<br />

for Trail-O in 2006. Moderately<br />

hilly forest with good visibility<br />

and plenty of contour detail.<br />

Come back for Trail-O<br />

at O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Uppsala<br />

It is with great pleasure that we can announce<br />

that Trail-O is back on the O-<strong>Ringen</strong> programme!<br />

Not only that, but we managed to devise a concept<br />

whereby Trail-O competitions will share an arena with<br />

participants in other branches of O-<strong>Ringen</strong> at four of<br />

the five stages. During stage 1, 4 and 5 there will be<br />

a shared arena for orienteering, MTBO and Trail-O, and<br />

during stage 3 Trail-O and MTBO will share an arena,<br />

with staggered times so that it is possible to make<br />

room for both events on the same terrain.<br />

» Stage 1 NÅSTEN<br />


Monday July 25 <strong>2022</strong><br />

ARENA: Pattons hage, same arena as orienteering and MTBO.<br />

START: Afternoon, once MTBO is over.<br />

MAP/TERRAIN: Norbyskogen. Last used for Trail-O 2013. Forest terrain<br />

with smaller hills, mostly good visibility with a few steeper slopes.<br />

» Stage 2 GRANEBERG<br />


Tuesday July 26 <strong>2022</strong><br />

ARENA: Graneberg, separate Trail-O arena 4 km SSW of Arena Pattons<br />

Hage (orienteering & MTBO)<br />

START: Afternoon, once MTBO is over.<br />

MAP/TERRAIN: Vårdsätraskogen. Never previously used for Trail-O.<br />

Forest terrain with smaller hills and fine contour detail. Mostly good<br />

visibility with a few larger hills.<br />

» Stage 5 SÖDRA LUNSEN<br />


Saturday July 30 2021<br />

ARENA: Flottsund, shared with orienteering and<br />

MTBO. Bussing 3 km to the competition area.<br />

START: Morning<br />

MAP/TERRAIN: South area of Lunsen.<br />

Never previously used for Trail-O.<br />

Moderately hilly forest with mostly<br />

good visibility.<br />

Southern part<br />

of Lunsen. Never<br />

before used for<br />

Trail-O<br />

28 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong><br />

O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong> 29

The elite runners need<br />

to be able to change<br />

pace and be ready for<br />

various kinds of orienteering<br />

to succeed<br />



The SLU Elite sprint will be held on<br />

Wednesday of O-<strong>Ringen</strong> week, the<br />

activity day, when most classes have<br />

a day off for resting. This year’s elite<br />

sprint will have an exciting backdrop<br />

as the arena for the event will be the<br />

recently redesigned Studenternas<br />

Idrottsplats arena..<br />


Sprint in a classic environment. In the heart<br />

of the student areas of Uppsala with the<br />

newly built ”classic” Studenternas as arena<br />

we offer a high-class elite sprint competition<br />

with exciting path selection possibilities. The<br />

runners are offered a variety of terrain, from<br />

densely built-up student residential and<br />

union areas to parks and environments of<br />

cultural and historical significance.<br />

One of the most famous landmarks of<br />

Uppsala, the pink castle Vasaborgen from<br />

the 16th century is located in the middle of<br />

the area. The wooded city park Stadsparken,<br />

bordering the waters of Fyrisån, is also a<br />

part of the competition area.<br />

– The character of the competition<br />

area varies heavily and will test the skills<br />

of the elite runners. They need to be able<br />

to change pace and be ready for various<br />

kinds of orienteering to succeed, says route<br />

planner Kate Morrison. The arena will offer<br />

high class arena feeling with results on big<br />

screens and grandstands that lets everybody<br />

see the runners reach the finish line on the<br />

pitch at Studenternas. Outside the arena, in<br />

the nearby park, there is both a playground<br />

as well as lovely areas for a picnic in the<br />

competition area.<br />

» Stage area UPPSALA CITY<br />


Wednesday July 27 <strong>2022</strong><br />

Sprint in a classic environment with high<br />

class arena feeling, results on big screens and<br />

grandstands that lets everybody see the runners<br />

reach the finish line on the pitch at Studenternas.<br />

FOTO: Peter Holgersson<br />

Äkta sport<br />

nära dig!<br />

Hos oss missar du inget mål.<br />

Vi är med och bevakar när våra lokala stjärnor spelar.<br />

www.unt.se<br />

30 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong> 31

Kryssade du<br />

i rätt ruta?<br />

Training courses with timig<br />

replaces our Training race<br />

Motionsloppsförsäkringen ger dig en<br />

ny chans att delta i O-<strong>Ringen</strong> nästa år<br />

om du skulle bli sjuk eller skadad i år.<br />

Du väljer till Motionsloppsförsäkringen<br />

när<br />

du anmäler dig.<br />

Gäller för obegränsat<br />

antal lopp under ett år.<br />

Kostar endast<br />

155 kronor.<br />

Anmälningsavgiften<br />

tillbaka vid skada<br />

eller sjukdom.<br />

Prepare for the competition by running one of our training courses in Hammarskog. Photo: Nic Kruys.<br />

The training race that was earlier planned for Saturday<br />

July 23d will be replaced with our Training courses with<br />

timing. This means that you have the possibility to run a<br />

course whenever it suits you during the period Thursday<br />

July 21st to Sunday July 24th. The courses have timekeeping<br />

with Sportident and result lists are presented as<br />

the Sportident badges are read.<br />

automatically apply to the new product instead. You keep the same<br />

booking reference.<br />

If you instead wish to cancel a training race and be reimbursed<br />

for it or get your difference refunded, you need to contact<br />

By Nordiq with your booking number and your bank details.<br />

Contact By Nordiq at oringen@bynordiq.se<br />

The following courses are available to<br />

choose from (same as the previous Training race):<br />

Redan anmäld till O-<strong>Ringen</strong> men missade<br />

att köpa motionsloppsförsäkringen?<br />

Ingen fara, du kan köpa den i efterhand på<br />

folksam.se/motionsloppsforsakring<br />

The training courses are located at Hammarskog, a scenic recreational<br />

area a few kilometers outside Uppsala, with possibilities for<br />

swimming in lake Mälaren. There will not be O-<strong>Ringen</strong> officials<br />

present all the time, but there will be clear signs giving directions<br />

to parking and start.<br />

PM and directions will be published at oringen.se and avaliable<br />

at our Competitor services (Deltagarservice) at the O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

Square. Register at oringen.se or at our Competitor services at a<br />

higher rate. You get your map at Competitor service at O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

Square, where you also read your Sportident badge after the race.<br />

Results will be published at oringen.se.<br />

If you have previously booked a training race, that booking will<br />

Dis. Class/Course Lenght Difficulty<br />

Foot-O Mycket lätt 2,0 (Very easy) 2,0 Very easy<br />

Foot-O Lätt 2,5 (Easy) 2,5 Easy<br />

Foot-O Lätt 4,0 (Easy) 4,0 Easy<br />

Foot-O Medelsvår 3,0 (Medium difficulty) 3,0 Medium<br />

Foot-O Medelsvår 4,0 (Medium difficulty) 4,0 Medium<br />

Foot-O Medelsvår 5,0 (Medium difficulty) 5,0 Medium<br />

Foot-O Svår 3,0 (Difficult) 3,0 Difficult<br />

Foot-O Svår 5,0 (Difficult) 5,0 Difficult<br />

Foot-O Svår 7,5 (Difficult) 7,5 Difficult<br />

O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong> 33




& SKOR<br />



Vi levererar råvaror,<br />

utrustning och dryck<br />

till Sveriges restauranger<br />

och storkök.<br />

Stolt samarbetspartner till O-<strong>Ringen</strong>.<br />

Läs om vårt hållbarhetsarbete på<br />

martinservera.se<br />

299:- 299:- 249:- 299:- 199:- 158:-<br />

349:- 399:- 499:-<br />

399:-<br />

399:- 349:-<br />



Tunna, välventilerade<br />

byxor med förböjda knän.<br />

Knälång modell.<br />



Tunna, välventilerade<br />

byxor med förböjda knän.<br />


TIGHTS<br />

Kompressionstights med<br />

smarta funktioner.<br />


Extra tunna,<br />

superstretchiga tights,<br />

perfekta för varma dagar.<br />


Våra populära tights med<br />

dragkedja i bensluten.<br />

349:-<br />


Sköna knälånga tights med<br />

praktiska fickor.<br />









2-PACK<br />

Tunna, välventilerade<br />

byxor med förböjda knän.<br />

Knälång modell.<br />

Tunna, välventilerade<br />

byxor med förböjda knän.<br />

Knätights med<br />

liten innerficka.<br />

Långa tights med<br />

dragkedja i bensluten.<br />

Orienteringssocka med<br />

förstärkningspanel fram.<br />

Coolmaxsockor med<br />

effektiv fukttransport.<br />

Orienteringsskor<br />


34 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong><br />

Du hittar alla artiklar på www.bagheera.se

The longing of the Csúcs family:<br />

Living and<br />

socialising at<br />

the campsite<br />

Laura and Klaus Csúcs live with their two children in Mora. They have both<br />

competed in the Orienteering World Championships for their respective<br />

home countries, Hungary and Romania. This summer, they are especially<br />

looking forward to finally staying at the campsite in the caravan that was<br />

purchased for O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Uppsala 2020.<br />


February is not an optimal photo opportunity for<br />

MTBO. Laura and Klaus with the children Kristian<br />

and Erik in front who learned to ride a bicycle last<br />

fall but haven’t ridden for a since it is winter.<br />

They both grew up with orienteering<br />

in their respective home<br />

countries and met at an orienteering<br />

competition in the summer of<br />

2008. After completing their studies in the<br />

autumn of 2010, the couple moved to Mora,<br />

partly by chance. Laura really wanted to live<br />

further south for foot orienteering, Klaus<br />

further north for ski orienteering. It was a<br />

compromise, but they also had friends in<br />

Mora.<br />

Their plan was to invest as much time and<br />

energy as possible in sports for a few years<br />

and then move to Central Europe for a more<br />

ordinary family life with jobs and children.<br />

But it turned out that work and family did<br />

just as well in Mora, and the family is very<br />

happy. Laura works as a physiotherapist at<br />

the hospital in Mora and Klaus is an economist<br />

and works as a business developer in<br />

Orsa Kommun.<br />

– We were very well received, and it has<br />

been very fun to build our life here, I am<br />

proud of that, says Klaus, who points out<br />

that they themselves have arranged accommodation<br />

and work.<br />

Laura was a good junior orienteerer and<br />

competed at JVM in Gothenburg in 2008.<br />

She took 33rd place as her top position in<br />

long distance. When she met Klaus, Laura<br />

was inspired to try skiing and ski orienteering.<br />

Between 2011–2014 she competed in<br />

several major ski orienteering competitions,<br />

including the European and world championships.<br />

In 2013, Laura participated in the<br />

cross-country world championships in Val<br />

di Fiemme and this career was peaked with<br />

the World Championships in Falun 2015.<br />

Klaus parents have both competed internationally<br />

in ski orienteering, so he grew<br />

up with the sport. As a 14-year-old, he was<br />

already able to compete in the world championships.<br />

There would be a total of nine<br />

world championships with several places in<br />

the top 30. In 2009, Klaus concentrated on<br />

foot orienteering and got to run the sprint<br />

distance at the world championships in<br />

Hungary. He also continued with skis, being<br />

selected to compete at the cross-country<br />

world championships in Falun.<br />

Which was your first O-<strong>Ringen</strong>?<br />

– It was 2011 in Mohed, Hälsingland, where<br />

we ran regular forest orienteering. There was<br />

also an MTBO show that was a huge success<br />

and inspired us right away.<br />

Since then, the couple have competed in<br />

MTBO as they see it as good training and<br />

both have their sights set on being selected<br />

for this year's world championships, held in<br />

mid-July in Falun and Säter, although Klaus<br />

says that he still thinks that ski orienteering<br />

is the most fun.<br />

The Csúcs are very happy that it was Mora<br />

that became and has been their hometown<br />

for twelve years now. Laura is 34 years old;<br />

Klaus is 35 and the children Kristian and<br />

Erik are 6 and 4 years old respectively. They<br />

thrive in IFK Mora where they are also<br />

involved in club activities. They say that<br />

the training opportunities for all different<br />

disciplines of orienteering are very good.<br />

Double and triple citizenship<br />

Laura has dual citizenship, Hungarian and<br />

Swedish. Klaus has three, also including<br />

Romanian. In the winter of 2018–2019, the<br />

couple wanted to train for a whole winter<br />

and were looking for an au pair who<br />

could help a little with the children. They<br />

contacted the Hnilica family, and their<br />

eldest daughter Lea lived with the Csúcs<br />

from October to April. This developed into<br />

friendship with the whole family, since the<br />

Hnilicas also competes in MTBO at international<br />

level.<br />

– We have been at their home in Vienna<br />

and most recently they celebrated Christmas<br />

and New Year with us in Mora.<br />

– They will of course come to the world<br />

championship in Falun and Säter. And<br />

we have booked two large caravan sites at<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> in Uppsala where we will have fun<br />

together, says Klaus.<br />

How much do you long<br />

for O-<strong>Ringen</strong> in Uppsala?<br />

–We have longed and planned for this for<br />

several years now and to finally get to live in<br />

our caravan and hang out with friends at the<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> camping site!<br />

Do you have any specific goals?<br />

– No, we just want to have fun with a nice<br />

week in Uppsala.<br />

Famil<br />

36 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong> 37

Unusually even distribution in the route planning<br />


– not a single<br />

woman signed<br />

up but once<br />

I asked,<br />

everyone<br />

said yes.<br />

Back row, from left side: Josef Nordlund, Jenny Westerberg, Mats Troeng, Magnus Blåudd, Johan Ohlström<br />

Front row: Berth-Arne Bengtsson, Helene Nilsson, Jan Troeng, Johan Hamelius, Andreas Hjertson, Dorothe Spillmann,<br />

Kate Morrison, Samantha Saeger, Fredrik Wigertz, Rob Hart, Olle Eriksson. Photo: O-<strong>Ringen</strong>.<br />

It is not only in route planning that there<br />

are clearly more men than women in the<br />

higher functionary positions within Swedish<br />

Orienteering.<br />

In the application submitted by the Swedish<br />

Orienteering Federation in 2019 for the<br />

project "More women in events", you can read,<br />

among other things:<br />

"Of the Swedish Orienteering Federation's<br />

85,000 members, 45 percent are women. For<br />

members up to the age of 50, 48 percent are<br />

women. Competition events are an important<br />

part of the federation's activities. Every year,<br />

more than 600 sanctioned events are held<br />

within the four branches of the federation.<br />

The proportion of competitive women is 40<br />

percent and, in the group, up to and including<br />

50 years of age the proportion of competitive<br />

women is 44 percent.<br />


The routes have been ready for years.<br />

But this summer it is finally time to<br />

let the O-<strong>Ringen</strong> participants experience<br />

the orienteering challenges<br />

of Uppsala. It should be noted that<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Uppsala is one of very few<br />

events that have succeeded in achieving<br />

an even gender distribution among<br />

route planners.<br />

You know the story by now. Preparations for<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> in Uppsala went well.<br />

In 2017, work began on deciding which<br />

arenas to use for O-<strong>Ringen</strong> in Uppsala. The<br />

following year, the route planners began<br />

the work that at the end of July 2020 would<br />

result in about 20,000 people cruising (read:<br />

not deviating a millimetre from the line)<br />

through the five O-<strong>Ringen</strong> stages.<br />

At the beginning of 2020, the courses<br />

were ready, and on April 1st it was thought<br />

that the files would be sent to the printer’s.<br />

But, as you know, it didn't quite turn out<br />

that way.<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Uppsala was moved forward<br />

not once, but twice.<br />

But this summer, it's finally time.<br />

– It's been a couple of very special years.<br />

But a lot has also happened during this<br />

time apart from the pandemic, says Johan<br />

Hamelius, route planning manager for<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Uppsala, and continues:<br />

– We had an infestation of spruce bark<br />

beetle in Östuna, which resulted in many of<br />

the landowners wanting to cut significant<br />

number of trees in the area. This would<br />

mean that the routes we had planned would<br />

largely have been on newly thinned and<br />

felled areas. Therefore, we chose to move<br />

that stage to the northern parts of Lunsen.<br />

This means that we will have three Lunsen<br />

stages, but at two different arenas. It’s very<br />

unfortunate that we could not be in Östuna<br />

because the terrain there would have placed<br />

slightly different demands on the participant<br />

when it comes to road choice in the<br />

hilly terrain there. But the stage in northern<br />

Lunsen will be a little different from the last<br />

two stages that will be decided at another<br />

arena in the southern parts of Lunsen, says<br />

Hamelius.<br />

The Östuna map will now be used as one<br />

of the O-<strong>Ringen</strong> training maps instead.<br />

How did you recruit route planners?<br />

– It was my intention to recruit the best<br />

route planners from the hosting clubs in<br />

Uppland. And we have many good route<br />

planners in the district. Interested parties<br />

had an opportunity to sign up voluntarily,<br />

and then I made enquiries to those I wanted<br />

to have in the route planning group.<br />

This has resulted in an even gender distribution,<br />

which is unusual.<br />

Between 2015-2019, the statistics (see the<br />

fact box) show that the proportion of female<br />

route planners on the approximately 600 sanctioned<br />

events every year is about 12 percent.<br />

– What was remarkable in our<br />

recruitment process was that not a single<br />

woman signed up when we first started<br />

looking for route planners, but once I asked<br />

the question directly, basically everyone said<br />

yes, and has taken great pride in being part<br />

of the route planning group at O-<strong>Ringen</strong> in<br />

Uppsala, says Hamelius.<br />

One of the female route planners is Jenny<br />

Westerbergh from Rasbo:<br />

– I've been orienteering since I was a kid<br />

and planned my first competition in 2006.<br />

The interest in maps and route planning has<br />

always been there and so it felt like a natural<br />

next step to start planning routes. Now I am<br />

a member of Rasbo, which is a small club,<br />

but when I planned my first competition, I<br />

represented the big club OK Linné, and it<br />

was very exciting to get the question. Getting<br />

that opportunity energized me and it<br />

felt the same way now when Johan Hamelius<br />

called and asked if I wanted to be part of the<br />

group planning the routes for O-<strong>Ringen</strong>,<br />

says Westerbergh.<br />

The route planners for O-<strong>Ringen</strong> are<br />

divided into teams of two or three per<br />

stage. Jenny Westerbergh plans the final leg<br />

together with Olle Eriksson.<br />

– We have obviously had the most cooperation<br />

within our own stage, and with the<br />

other route planners who plan the routes in<br />

Lunsen. But we have also had joint meetings<br />

with all the route planners, including an<br />

internal course for planners, which has been<br />

very rewarding, says Westerbergh.<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Uppsala has chosen to give route<br />

inspectors responsibility for the same class<br />

throughout the week so that routes for, for<br />

example, 14-year-olds maintain a consistent<br />

difficulty level during all five race days.<br />

Helene Nilsson, OK Linné, is one of the<br />

route planners pavers on stage 1 in Nåsten,<br />

southwest of Uppsala:<br />

– Route planning for O-<strong>Ringen</strong> has been<br />

a very fun assignment, although the wait for<br />

the actual event has taken much longer than<br />

we initially thought, says Helene.<br />

But how did you plan the actual work?<br />

For example, how much time do you<br />

spend in the woods and how much in<br />

front of the computer?<br />

– It's hard to say, considering that this is "my<br />

home forest". But I have obviously visited<br />

all the checkpoints several times. Then we<br />

prioritize the youth courses because in those<br />

cases it is extra important that the paths<br />

are clear and that the control point stone is<br />

visible from the path. We also have several<br />

route planners on each stage and there is<br />

a maximum number of 218 control points<br />

per stage so there may be some trade-offs<br />

to make before the track is completed, says<br />

Nilsson.<br />

– I'm really looking forward to seeing the<br />

first runners cross the finish line and test<br />

these routes that we have been working on<br />

for so long.<br />

If you look at the proportion of women with<br />

assignments as main officials at these<br />

competition events, the figures are different.<br />

Main officials mean race directors and route<br />

planners.<br />

Between 2015 and 2019, the proportion of<br />

female race directors has been between 18<br />

and 24 percent. The proportion of female<br />

route planners has remained constant around<br />

12 percent during these five years.<br />

The high status and power of race directors<br />

and route planners, contributes to also giving<br />

the same people assignments higher up in the<br />

organization and in the national federation.<br />

This leads to an uneven distribution at higher<br />

levels. For example, only 13 percent of the<br />

competition managers in the districts are<br />

women. The same is true for the Swedish<br />

Orienteering Federation's organizer coaches<br />

who support and inspire organizers of our<br />

biggest and most important competitions,<br />

such as the Swedish Championships.<br />

All our 20 organizer coaches are men. Another<br />

part that is linked to events is cartography.<br />

Here we have a single female professional<br />

cartographer out of the approximately 40<br />

active cartographers. It is just as bad among<br />

the district map managers. All 23 map<br />

managers are men."<br />

Denna atrikel har tidigare publicerats i Skogssport.<br />

38 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong> 39

Tack för att ni<br />

sätter Uppsala<br />

på kartan!<br />

Tork ® hälsar dig<br />

välkommen<br />

tillbaka!<br />

Äntligen kan vi leva lite mer normalt igen. Med oss har vi dock en stor erfarenhet – vi vet<br />

vilken skillnad god hygien gör. Tork har allt som behövs för att hålla både händer och<br />

ytor hygieniska.<br />

Kika in på vår hemsida och kolla hur vi kan hjälpa till på din arbetsplats: www.tork.se<br />

Välkommen till Matverkstan!<br />

Vi erbjuder under O-<strong>Ringen</strong> <strong>2022</strong> på O-<strong>Ringen</strong>torget:<br />

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Food-trucks, Barnmat, Hamburgare, Specialkost, Smörgåsar, Godis,<br />

Uteservering, Latte, Buffé, Pannkakor, Paella, Pizza, m.m, m.m<br />


Gränbystaden är Uppsala största mötesplats med<br />

160 butiker och restauranger. Vi välkomnar med<br />

glädje alla tillresande orienterare i sommar.<br />

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Uppsala county governor<br />

“I'm impressed”<br />

– It is impressive that O-<strong>Ringen</strong> has<br />

stuck to their plans to hold the event<br />

in Uppsala, says Göran Enander,<br />

governor of Uppsala County, or landshövding,<br />

after it has been postponed<br />

twice due to the familiar corona<br />

pandemic.<br />


O-<strong>Ringen</strong> magazine met Göran Enander<br />

three years ago when it was just<br />

over a year until the big event<br />

in Uppsala. No one could<br />

have imagined then that<br />

a year later the world<br />

would be hit by a pandemic<br />

that put an end<br />

to competitions, social<br />

contacts and a severely<br />

strained care and<br />

healthcare system.<br />

Göran Enander told us three years ago that he<br />

has some experience of orienteering and was<br />

involved in arranging O-<strong>Ringen</strong> in Uddevalla<br />

in 2003. He knows the selected competition<br />

areas in Uppsala well and, like so many others,<br />

he highlights Lunsen as a natural choice for a<br />

high-quality orienteering area.<br />

Lunsen ends O-<strong>Ringen</strong> week with a finish<br />

at Flottsund, south of Uppsala next to the<br />

outlet of the Fyrisån river at Ekoln in Lake<br />

Mälaren. This will also be within cycling distance,<br />

like at the other stages. The challenge<br />

for the organizers is that a bridge must be<br />

built over a major road from the competition<br />

area into the arena area.<br />

Three years ago, Enander highlighted<br />

the social importance of the event for<br />

families, young people who meet,<br />

the club community and the large<br />

campsite. It is likely that the longing<br />

for this is even greater now that<br />

two summers in a row have gone<br />

without an event.<br />

Prior to the planned event in 2020,<br />

there were officials who had already<br />

started planning for their various<br />

assignments three or four years<br />

earlier. One challenge has been to<br />

maintain this will and inspiration,<br />

but the vast majority<br />

have been able to retain<br />

it and are now ready to<br />

receive orienteerers from<br />

all over the world. Three<br />

years ago, Enander also<br />

stressed the importance<br />

of the non-profit commitment:<br />

– It's absolutely crucial,<br />

it stands and falls with<br />

officials. It is also a<br />

challenge in such a<br />

large project with relationships<br />

between<br />

the non-profit and<br />

those who are professional<br />

employees.<br />

You must respect<br />

each other's roles.<br />

What do you think about the fact that<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> have succeeded in moving<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Uppsala forward two years,<br />

instead of cancelling the event?<br />

– It is impressive that the plans have been<br />

kept and that it has been possible to keep all<br />

the volunteer work alive.<br />

Have you had the opportunity to pick<br />

up the map and compass again, as you<br />

planned when we met in March 2019?<br />

– I participated in a night orienteering event<br />

within the Friluftsåret framework last year,<br />

organized by OK Linné.<br />

In what ways will the region<br />

be affected by the event?<br />

– I hope that 20,000 participants will energize<br />

the county and Uppsala. The event is<br />

important for the local business community<br />

in general and not least for the tourism<br />

industry.<br />

How did your work as governor change<br />

during the coronavirus pandemic?<br />

– There have been far fewer personal meetings,<br />

which is usually the most important<br />

tool in my work. In addition, there has also<br />

been less official entertainment in the evenings<br />

and weekends. At the same time, the<br />

number of meetings with the government<br />

and representatives of society at large has<br />

increased even outside office hours.<br />

When we met in March 2019, you<br />

found my question about how much you<br />

control your own schedule interesting. You<br />

answered, “about 25%”. Has that changed?<br />

– After the pandemic, it's important to hold<br />

back. There's a lot of pressure from the outside<br />

and the feeling is that I only control my<br />

schedule to some extent.<br />

Will you participate in or<br />

follow O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Uppsala in any way?<br />

– I intend to participate by at least running<br />

an open route in connection with a stage.<br />

Hyr dina maskiner<br />

hos oss!<br />

Hos oss hittar du Sveriges största utbud av små och stora byggmaskiner,<br />

ställningar, liftar och allt som behövs för ditt byggprojekt. Besök något av<br />

våra 80 kundcenter eller slå oss en signal så hjälper vi dig att hitta precis<br />

det du behöver.<br />

Du hittar ditt närmsta kundcenter på ramirent.se<br />

Välkommen!<br />

42 42 O-RINGENTIDNINGEN MAGAZINE NR NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong> 1 • <strong>2022</strong><br />

County Governor Göran Enander is impressed that<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> has stuck to their plans for an event in<br />

Uppsala. He has orienteered before and knows how<br />

to read a map.

Experience more of Uppsala<br />

Take the opportunity to discover a little more<br />

of Uppsala when you're here. To do something<br />

else is a good way to load the depots with<br />

new energy. Uppsala is close to everything<br />

in many ways the ultimate destination for<br />

those who want to experience more in a short<br />

time. We have a rich cultural life, exciting<br />

events and the whole history of Sweden - in<br />

one place. The sights are many and exciting<br />

for the whole family. It's a lively shopping city<br />

with a wide range. In addition there is beautiful<br />

nature, both in the middle of the city and<br />

its surrounding areas if you prefer it<br />

1. Old Uppsala<br />

In order to tell the story of Uppsala We have<br />

to start about 5 km north. It lay there for<br />

1,500 years then the place Uppsala, the centre<br />

of power of Svea Rike (The consolidation<br />

of Sweden) and an important cult place of<br />

worship. Here lived Vikings and their ancestors<br />

on estates and farms, cultivated land,<br />

engaged in trade and made long journeys.<br />

Today, the place is known as Gamla Uppsala,<br />

one of the world's most interesting Viking<br />

destinations and tells the story of one of<br />

Sweden's most mythical places. Here are the<br />

three majestic royal mounds from 500s, one<br />

of the largest burial areas in the Nordic countries<br />

and the remains of the cathedral as was<br />

built in the 12th century. The place tells about<br />

mighty kings, golden pagan temples, human<br />

sacrifices and large blot parties. Right next to<br />

the mounds is Gamla Uppsala museum. The<br />

museum's basic exhibition includes archaeological<br />

finds from excavations such as those<br />

which tell about the young kings, Viking age<br />

sacrifices, pagan gods and a warlike Iron Age.<br />

Join us on a journey across the seas of time,<br />

from the pagan kingdom of the 5th century,<br />

via the Viking Age's religious turning point<br />

to the construction of the cathedral from the<br />

12th century. Using Augmented Reality and<br />

Virtual Reality, you can experience Uppsala<br />

as it looked before. Walk around the royal<br />

estate area about 100 years before the actual<br />

Viking Age and see all the famous monuments.<br />

Experience its huge hall in its majestic<br />

elevation on the square next to the church. Or<br />

go on a hunt for virtual archaeological finds.<br />

www.upplandsmuseet.se/gamlauppsala-museum/<br />


2. Fyrishov, water park and outdoor pool<br />

A short walk from Uppsala's city centre is<br />

Fyrishov, one of Sweden's largest arenas for<br />

swimming and water adventures. A swimming<br />

place for the whole family.<br />

Here is the popular Äventyrsbadet where<br />

you play in a tropical environment and birds<br />

chirp among water slides, jet stream, waterfalls<br />

and water cannons. Right next to it lies the<br />

swimming pool with a large pool that they<br />

have Olympic dimensions 50 x 25 metres and<br />

courses reserved for those who want to swim<br />

for exercise. If you are brave, you can go up to<br />

the top 10-metres high jump tower and if you<br />

want and dare - jump from the top.<br />

On a beautiful summer day, you can<br />

choose to hang out in the outdoor pools,<br />

surrounded by one beautiful green area that<br />

stretches down to Fyrisån. Here, the water<br />

temperature is a lovely 26 degrees. On the<br />

site there is also a playground and activities<br />

in progress on and off.<br />

At Fyrishov, there is also a relaxation pool<br />

for those who are over 16 years, a little oasis<br />

to unwind. Here you can enjoy a regular<br />

sauna, steam room, a warm relaxation room<br />

and in a large, 38-degree hot tub.<br />

www.fyrishov.se<br />

Cykelavstånd: 15 minuter till centrala Uppsala<br />

44 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong> 45

5. Fyrisån<br />

3. Uppsala domkyrka (Uppsala Cathedral)<br />

In the heart of Uppsala you will find Uppsala<br />

Domkyrka,which with its majestic towers<br />

is one part of Uppsala's silhouette. It is the<br />

largest and the highest cathedral in Scandinavia<br />

and also belongs to Sweden's national<br />

shrine. In seven centuries, millions of people<br />

have come here.<br />

The city's most appreciated tourist destination<br />

offers a history lesson beyond the<br />

ordinary. In Gothic style, the cathedral began<br />

to be built around 1270 and was finally inaugurated<br />

in 1435. The 119 metres high towers<br />

were first built in the 15th century. Since<br />

then, several fires have affected the church,<br />

the largest damage caused by the great city<br />

fire of 1702. Among the sights are the shrine<br />

with Erik the Saint's relics, a medieval altar<br />

cabinet and a pulpit from the 18th century.<br />

Artwork like Maria (The Return) by Anders<br />

Widoff, Olof Hellström's candlestick and Eva<br />

Spångberg's tableaux have attracted attention<br />

due to their modern decoration.<br />

Several important people in Sweden's history<br />

are buried here. The kings Gustav Vasa<br />

and John III and their queens are among<br />

them. The botanist Carl von Linné and his<br />

wife Sara Lisa Moraea, the naturalist and<br />

mystic Emanuel Swedenborg and the Nobel<br />

Peace Prize winner Nathan Söderblom are<br />

some further examples.<br />

In the north tower is the Cathedral<br />

Museum Treasury Skattkammaren with one<br />

of Europe's finest collections of medieval<br />

church textiles. Also, older objects of gold<br />

and silver are on display. In addition, Queen<br />

Margaret's Golden, the world's only surviving<br />

golden skirt from the Middle Ages and<br />

the so called Sture clothes which in the same<br />

way are the only complete menswear from<br />

the renaissance of the late 16th century.<br />

www.uppsaladomkyrka.se<br />

Many say that you have not seen Uppsala<br />

if you have not seen Fyrisån. Up and down<br />

along the river's walkable paths are some of<br />

the city's most popular places to visit, but<br />

also cafes and restaurants with outdoor cafes<br />

for a lovely summer hangout. Among the<br />

favourites are the traditional Güntherska<br />

Hovkonditori & Schweizeri, located in one<br />

beautiful house just down the river and that<br />

has been around in various forms since the<br />

end of the 19th century. Another popular<br />

place is Saluhallen (the Market Hall), exactly<br />

below the cathedral. Built 1909, renovated<br />

and newly opened in 2018, and which today<br />

is one classic experience with trade, taverns,<br />

café and an art gallery.<br />

You can also experience the Fyrisån, on<br />

the Fyrisån. Aktivt Uteliv offers rentals and<br />

opportunities for those who paddle kayak<br />

or Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP). You can,<br />

6. Lennakatten<br />

among other things join the Beaver Safari<br />

together with one guide that takes you out<br />

to the beaver's home waters or experience<br />

the water, the heat from the sun and peace<br />

within you with SUP Yoga.<br />

www.aktivtuteliv.nu<br />

4. Pelle Svanslös playground<br />

In Carolina Park, behind the University Library<br />

Carolina Rediviva, is Pelle Svanslös playground.<br />

It is specially designed for environments in the<br />

books about the tailless cat Pelle and which<br />

since the inauguration in 2014 also has become<br />

a sight for children and parents.<br />

Here you can play in Pelle's basement and<br />

attic, Måns shed, climb Gammel-Maja’s cathedral<br />

tower and go down the slide. Visit Tusse<br />

Batong's office and Fru Råttström’s confectionery.<br />

There are also swings, bicycle carousel,<br />

rooftops to climb on and a old-fashioned bus<br />

going to Skogstibble. And much more!<br />

Around the playground itself, there are<br />

plenty of lawns and picnic tables, as well as<br />

toilets. Do not miss Pelle's Adventure, a new<br />

exciting game that you play on site in the<br />

park with your phone.<br />

www.destinationuppsala.se/activities/<br />

pelles-aventyr<br />

Enjoy a different travel experience with steam<br />

trains, rail bus and vintage bus along one of<br />

Sweden's most beautiful railways, the Museum<br />

Railway Lennakatten. It passes through<br />

a varied and captivating landscape - across<br />

the Uppsala plain, through the dense Vedyxa<br />

forest, out into the open landscape south of<br />

Funbo church, and then meanders after the<br />

inviting lakes Trehörningen, Lötsjön and<br />

Långsjön, before the typically magical forest<br />

is passed before the Faringe terminus.<br />

The stations and stops function as starting<br />

points for short nature and cultural walks<br />

in the local environment but also longer<br />

excursions on foot or by bike on the network<br />

of footpaths, hiking trails and bike paths<br />

available. Bicycles, as well as dogs, are taken<br />

free of charge on Lennakatten's trains.<br />

Along the way, you can stop at the railway<br />

café in Marielund or the summer paradise<br />

Fjällnora where there are a beach and<br />

domestic farm animals. You can also stay and<br />

eat a good meal at Länna Bruk's restaurant<br />

or eat steamed beef at Augusts Värdshus in<br />

Almunge or see the locomotive and wagon<br />

halls in Faringe. Here you can also take the<br />

opportunity to visit Thun's department store.<br />

www.lennakatten.se<br />

More tips on the web<br />

www.destinationuppsala.se<br />

At www.destinationuppsala.se you will find<br />

more tips on what you can see & do in<br />

Uppsala!!<br />

Tourist information on site<br />

During O-<strong>Ringen</strong> we are on site at the<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Square. Feel free to contact one<br />

of our experienced tourist informants for<br />

personal service<br />

46 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong> 47

Welcome to Knivsta<br />

– where nature is always close by<br />

Welcome to Roslagen!<br />

The nearness of the sea makes Roslagen a place for exciting experiences. Whether you are<br />

looking for fast-paced adventures or prefer more quiet activities, there will be something for you.<br />

20 minutes<br />

by car from<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

City<br />

After an intense day of competing you<br />

will enjoy Knivsta's calm pace. Knivsta<br />

is a vibrant community with grocery<br />

stores, restaurants and other local<br />

services. At the same time, nature<br />

is just waiting around the corner.<br />

Discover our lakes, hiking trails and<br />

dense forests!<br />

Knivsta is never far away. In 10 minutes by<br />

train you arrive in Uppsala, and Stockholm<br />

is only 27 minutes away. Go by car to O-<strong>Ringen</strong>torget<br />

in Uppsala and arrive within 20<br />

minutes. Arlanda airport is just a stone's<br />

throw away.<br />

During the O-<strong>Ringen</strong> week,<br />

there is a lot going on here.<br />

In our centre for sports and culture, Knivsta<br />

Centrum för idrott och kultur (CIK), you<br />

will find activities for the whole family such<br />

as padel, boules, film screenings and much<br />

more. Top off your visit with a swim at<br />

Särstabadet, within walking distance of CIK.<br />

There is a café, diving tower and mini golf<br />

course. If you want to experience untouched<br />

nature, bring a picnic and head to one of the<br />

municipality's two nature reserves - or follow<br />

one of our hiking trails. Or why not visit<br />

the newly built disc golf course? In Knivsta,<br />

nature is always close by.<br />

You are welcome to stay with us!<br />

knivsta.se/o-ringenuppsala<strong>2022</strong><br />

5 great things to do in Knivsta<br />


ust a stone's throw from the train station is Knivsta's largest<br />

and most exciting meeting place, Knivsta Centrum för<br />

idrott och kultur, popularly known as CIK. Here you’ll find<br />

activities for the whole family during the O-<strong>Ringen</strong> week.<br />

Read more as the O-<strong>Ringen</strong> approaches at cik.knivsta.se.<br />


Knivsta has several swimming spots. You will find Edabadet<br />

at Eda campsite by Norrsjön. There is a swimming area<br />

and a boat dock, with perfect waters for canoeing.<br />


Do you need to borrow equipment for summer activities? At<br />

Särstabadet, you will find Fritidsbanken. Choose from roller<br />

skates, boules, volleyball, juggling balls and much more..<br />


Discover a hiking trail - or roam free. In Knivsta municipality,<br />

it is close to nature. Follow the Upplandsleden, which<br />

winds through open cultural lands and larger forests. In<br />

Långhundra, there are several cultural hiking trails, which<br />

lead you through ancient areas with burial grounds and<br />

ancient castles from the Iron Age..<br />


Do you enjoy untouched nature? In Knivsta, there are two<br />

beautiful nature reserves: Gredelby Hagar with the birdwatcher<br />

paradise Trunsta Träsk (walking distance from the<br />

train station), and Kungshamn-Morga next to lake Mälaren<br />

(ten minutes by car). Bring your lunch basket and enjoy!<br />

The Roslagen archipelago offers unique places<br />

to visit and experiences for all tastes. Among<br />

the 13,000 islands, you will find nature<br />

reserves, various kinds of accommodation,<br />

restaurants and bistros in addition to fantastic<br />

opportunities for boating. Öregrund is one of<br />

Roslagen's many gems. This charming town<br />

of wooden houses is a real summer idyll and<br />

in fact the only town on the east coast where<br />

you can see the sun setting in the sea! In addition<br />

to magical sunsets, you can enjoy the<br />

idyllic environment of small colorful houses<br />

on charming little streets. Have a look around<br />

the shops, enjoy locally produced delicacies<br />

and a lovely meal at a local cafe or tavern.<br />

During the summer, Öregrund really comes<br />

alive and several large events are taking place.<br />

One of them is the Boat Week (Båtveckan) - a<br />

festival week with boating experiences and<br />

entertainment for all interests and ages. The<br />

finale of the Boat Week is the boat race Roslagsloppet<br />

with the finish line in Öregrund.<br />

Do not miss out on strolling through the recreational<br />

area of Tallparken or visiting during<br />

the Tennis Week, which has been arranged<br />

since 1935.<br />

Event tips<br />

• The Boat Week in Öregrund from the 30th<br />

of July to the 6th of August<br />

• Roslagsloppet on the 6th of August<br />

For more events see roslagen.se/evenemang<br />

Feel free to follow us for more inspiration<br />

from Roslagen Facebook: visitroslagen<br />

Instagram: @visitroslagen<br />

Foto: Anne Sofie Eriksson<br />

Foto: Anne Sofie Eriksson<br />

48 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong> O-RINGENTIDNINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong> 49

Bli hållbarhetsproffs<br />

och rädda världen.<br />


Över din maskinpark tillsammans med Axima!<br />

Vi är din maskinleverantör inom lantbruk, entreprenad,<br />

skogsbruk, atv, park- och grönyta och transportbilar.<br />

DIN ATV<br />





facebook.com/aximaab instagram.com/aximaab YouTube - Axima AB www.axima.se<br />


Wise choices make<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> more sustainable<br />

During the five-year period 2021-2025, O-<strong>Ringen</strong> focuses on being "A well-known<br />

sustainable experience". Sustainable development of O-<strong>Ringen</strong> is about finding a<br />

balance between social, environmental, and economic sustainability that allows<br />

us to continue to create opportunities for existing and future generations of<br />

participants to share community, joy, and experiences at O-<strong>Ringen</strong>. We will make<br />

active and wise choices for a balanced and optimized sustainability. Our work and<br />

our sustainability goals will contribute to the global sustainability goals.<br />


For support in becoming an even more<br />

sustainable experience, O-<strong>Ringen</strong> has<br />

enlisted the help of Greentime. A digital<br />

planning tool allows us to work actively with<br />

our goals around environmental, social, and<br />

economic aspects in a structured way. The<br />

goal of O-<strong>Ringen</strong> is to be able to call itself a<br />

Certified Sustainable Event. So how do we<br />

get there?<br />

Simon Strandvik, CEO of Greentime, says:<br />

– To get the certification, O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

needs to achieve a number of sustainability<br />

requirements in the planning tools associated<br />

with the certification process. A variety of<br />

questions related to sustainability are answered<br />

and when the questions are answered,<br />

an independent auditor will review these<br />

answers. There is also a site check during<br />

the O-<strong>Ringen</strong> event, which also results in a<br />

protocol with observations and improvement<br />

proposals.<br />

Greentime has been around since 2014 and<br />

works to make it possible for more people to<br />

arrange sustainable events. The aim is to accelerate<br />

the transition to a sustainable society.<br />

Emissions really needs to be reduced and the<br />

transition to a sustainable society must be<br />

much faster. People's needs must be met, but<br />

it must be done in a sustainable way.<br />

– If we can get large organizers to focus<br />

on sustainability and act accordingly, there<br />

are also good opportunities to have a great<br />

impact on the participants at the event. The<br />

organizers become key players when we want<br />

to make people more sustainable since an<br />

event creates particularly good communication<br />

spaces where important messages can be<br />

conveyed, says Simon.<br />

A sustainable event<br />

One concept that comes up when talking<br />

about sustainability is Greenwashing. In<br />

short, this means that a company or organization<br />

paints a false picture of being sustainable<br />

and environmentally friendly, when its<br />

actions in reality are completely ineffective<br />

and insignificant and actually has negative<br />

effects on the environment. Therefore, it<br />

is very important to be able to document<br />

and report what is being done to achieve<br />

sustainability. Both protocols and auditing<br />

are necessary tools here. The support that<br />

Greentime contributes is also an important<br />

part of the journey towards becoming a<br />

certified sustainable event. Another crucial<br />

thing is continuity and that O-<strong>Ringen</strong> has<br />

sustainability as one of its most important<br />

goals in its strategy is of course also crucial<br />

to success. Simon Strandvik:<br />

– O-<strong>Ringen</strong> has an advantage in that there<br />

is a lot of documentation and willingness to<br />

work with the sustainability both within the<br />

event and at the Swedish Orienteering Federation.<br />

The participants are also a group that<br />

has great respect for nature from childhood.<br />

You simply know that you are not supposed<br />

to litter and that you should protect the<br />

environment.<br />

But how sustainable is O-<strong>Ringen</strong>?<br />

– Getting a big event completely sustainable<br />

is difficult but the work that O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

has done so far and is in the middle of is<br />

outstanding, according to Simon, as the<br />

sustainability issue is very central and omnipresent.<br />

The fact that nature is the arena<br />

for the event means that there is a built-in<br />

responsibility for the environment from<br />

both participants and organizers as well as<br />

partners and suppliers linked to O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

.<br />

How do we become<br />

more sustainable together?<br />

– There is no end to things you can do, but<br />

you must focus on what you can do and<br />

what you do well. Events have an environmental<br />

impact, but we also have a responsibility<br />

and a great opportunity to do things<br />

and make changes that have a positive effect<br />

on both people and the environment.<br />

According to Simon, there are several concrete<br />

things we can think about to become<br />

more sustainable before and during the event.<br />

– If I can mention three things, I would<br />

choose transportation, what you eat, and<br />

how you create and take care of your waste. If<br />

you can reduce your emissions by taking the<br />

train or carpooling to Uppsala and cycling<br />

once you are there, it makes a big difference<br />

and emissions are reduced, especially if there<br />

are many who do so. During the event itself,<br />

it matters a lot what you eat, perhaps you<br />

could choose the “greener” option and thus<br />

have less climate impact. And then there is<br />

the waste – take care of your trash and sort<br />

it correctly so it can be taken care of. And<br />

if I can add one more thing, it is water use.<br />

Use water sparingly when you shower in the<br />

arena or wash dishes at the campsite – you<br />

are many who with small savings can create a<br />

big one together.<br />

– Together we make a difference and<br />

are part of something good and the goal of<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> is to facilitate and enable these<br />

differences that create sustainability in the<br />

long term.<br />

Simon Strandvik<br />

CEO of Greentime<br />

52 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong> 53


Our best tips for experiences in Uppsala.<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Academy<br />

EVENTS<br />


FOOD & DRINK<br />

A wealth of experiences.<br />

Uppsala’s attractions range from large-scale concerts<br />

and sports events to intimate gigs, exhibitions and<br />

displays. Throughout the summer, there are concerts and<br />

entertainment on the outdoor stage at Parksnäckan (“The<br />

Park Snail”) in the City Garden, where popular Swedish<br />

artistes and children’s favourites can often be heard.<br />

pssst...<br />

Do not miss this summer’s unique exhibition about Van<br />

Gogh at Fyrishov. A digital art experience filled with light,<br />

color and sound that stimulates all senses.<br />

For all tastes.<br />

Uppsala has a unique mix<br />

of small local boutiques,<br />

specialist shops and modern<br />

shopping malls, all within<br />

easy walking distance<br />

within the city centre. Start<br />

in the charming shops<br />

beside the cobblestone<br />

alleyways near the Fyris<br />

River, and then stroll along the pedestrian street where you will<br />

find famous chain stores, brand shops and shopping malls. Just<br />

three kilometres from Uppsala city centre is the Gränbystaden<br />

Shopping Centre with over 160 shops, restaurants, cafés and<br />

other services. Here, among other things, is the first 4DX cinema<br />

auditorium in Sweden.<br />


A lovely atmosphere and<br />

great food.<br />

Whether you want to eat a lot or a little, outside or<br />

inside, Uppsala has a wide range of bars and indoor<br />

& outdoor cafés.<br />

At destinationuppsala.se/guides you will find tips<br />

such as the best street food in town, tasteful coffee<br />

bars and all the inns, bodegas and brasseries in<br />

Uppsala that are worth a visit.<br />

pssst...<br />

There are over 140 outdoor cafés in Uppsala and<br />

just as many reasons to visit one of them. Eat and<br />

drink something while enjoying the sun for a while<br />

and watching people walking by. A great way to<br />

enjoy the atmosphere in Uppsala.<br />

NATURE<br />

Take it easy, in the middle of the<br />

city or just around the corner.<br />

Take a walk in the Årummet waterside development along<br />

the Fyris River. Relax in the City Garden or one of the other<br />

parks in the city centre. Only 15 minutes away, you will<br />

find bathing areas, hiking trails and hidden spots deep in<br />

the forest. Or how about a ride on the Lennakatten narrowgauge<br />

heritage railway through the beautiful summer<br />

Uppland.<br />

pssst...<br />

Carl Linnaeus is one of the world’s most famous scientists. Nowhere else are<br />

there as many traces of him as in Uppsala. Walk along one of the Linnaeus<br />

trails to his summer residence in Linnaeus’ Hammarby, visit the Linnaeus<br />

Museum, which was his home, or enjoy the calm in the Linnaeus Garden – a<br />

green oasis in the middle of Uppsala. linneuppsala.se<br />

A pink castle.<br />

Uppsala Castle was built by King Gustav Vasa in 1549 and has<br />

played a major role in our Swedish history. It has been the scene<br />

of several dramatic events involving bloodbaths, conspiracies,<br />

plots and murder, and not least the abdication of Queen Kristina,<br />

which took place here in 1654. Today, the castle is home to<br />

the County Governor, but also houses three exciting museums:<br />

Uppsala Art Museum, the House of Peace and Vasaborgen<br />

(Uppsala Castle Museum). You can also enjoy Uppsala’s best<br />

views from here with a roof-top walk on the castle roof.<br />

MIAOW!<br />

Do you know Peter-No-Tail? The famous cat lived in Uppsala<br />

and left his paw prints here. Nowadays, you can meet him in<br />

his play park, on guided walks and as a statue. Pussyfoot over<br />

his own pedestrian crossing to the district of Åsgränd, where<br />

he lived with his beloved Maja Gräddnos (Maya Cream Nose),<br />

but which was also home to Elaka Måns (Mean Magnus), his<br />

armour-bearers Bill & Bull and the other cats. Do not miss Pelle’s<br />

Adventure, a new exciting game that you play on site in the park<br />

with your phone.<br />

www.destinationuppsala.se/activities/pelles-aventyr<br />

Since the start of O-<strong>Ringen</strong> in 1965, one of the goals is to<br />

develop the orienteering sport.<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Academy is therefore a recurring feature on each<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> and aims to help with the development of orienteering<br />

around the world. This can be done by offering representatives<br />

from orienteering countries, education and training to help make<br />

the orienteering sport grow in those concerned countries. The<br />

participants at the Academy also receive training to develop their<br />

own individual orienteering skills.<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Academy is a unique opportunity for orienteering and<br />

interested people to be able to continue working with development<br />

of the sport in their home countries. The idea behind O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

Academy is, through the transfer of knowledge and experience, to<br />

develop individual competence to be able to market, organize and<br />

teach Orienteering in their own country and at the same time participate<br />

at the worlds largest orienteering competition, O-<strong>Ringen</strong>.<br />

Academy is above all<br />

for participants from new orienteering countries where the sport<br />

is under development and where there is a need to quickly gain<br />

knowledge and routines to be able to organize your own orienteering<br />

competition.<br />

Do you have questions<br />

about O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Academy?<br />

Contact: Jaroslav Kacmarcik<br />

jkpwt@hotmail.com<br />

info@parkworldtour.org<br />

Cell: +46 (0)70-582 83 87<br />

O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong> 55<br />

You can find more Uppsala tips at destinationuppsala.se


Spring inte vilse<br />

i CMS-skogen<br />

Sitevision är Sveriges mest omtyckta<br />

CMS för webbplatser och intranät.<br />

Det är ingen slump att O-<strong>Ringen</strong> har valt Sitevision<br />

som publiceringsverktyg (CMS) för sin webbplats.<br />

Det har till exempel Scania, Skatteverket, Nordnet och<br />

fler än hälften av Sveriges kommuner också gjort. I<br />

Sitevision finns allt du behöver för att enkelt skapa<br />

kommunikation som blir av – idag och imorgon.<br />


Hos oss finner du allt det du behöver<br />

för små eller stora byggprojekt.<br />

Tips och goda råd bjuder vi på!<br />


O-RINGEN ÅRE 2023<br />

Läs mer på sitevision.se<br />

BEIJER ÖSTERSUND • HAGVÄGEN 35 • 075 240 1723<br />



O-<strong>Ringen</strong> is finally<br />

arriving in Åre!<br />

See you in 2023<br />

– to the mountains!<br />

The mountain Åreskutan, reaching to 1420 m above sea<br />

level, will welcome those making the journey to Åre. With<br />

it’s rich history, Åre village has attracted visitors for<br />

hundreds of years, growing into a year-round destination.<br />

In summer 2023, O-<strong>Ringen</strong> will also make it’s mark in<br />

Åre’s history.<br />

A thousand years of tourism<br />

Visitors have been making their way to Åre since the year 1100.<br />

Thousands of European pilgrims passed through Åre on foot on<br />

their way to Saint Olav’s grave in Nidaros, that today forms part<br />

of Trondheim. The route can be undertaken on foot even today,<br />

as a hiking trail follows the pilgrim’s footsteps, starting on the east<br />

Baltic coast at Selånger, just outside Sundsvall, to Trondheim in the<br />

west. What started as a farming village developed into an international<br />

tourist resort, at least in part thanks to the clean mountain<br />

air. The mountain air was thought to be beneficial for the ill and<br />

» Facts ÅRE<br />

INHABITANTS: Åre by 1400,<br />

Åre kommun 12 100.<br />

LIFTS: 42 during winter/5<br />

during sommer.<br />

WALKING TRAILS: 40 trails,<br />

in total around 346 km<br />

DOWN HILL TRAILS: 34 trails,<br />

in total around 40 km.<br />

NUMBER OF BEDS: 42 000.<br />

the so-called “air-guests” were given the opportunity to participate<br />

in activities such as hiking, hunting and fishing. It was actually as<br />

last as the 1970s when Åre began to attract a similar number of visitors<br />

in winter as in summer. In the 1970s Sweden was hit by skiing<br />

fever and ski resorts exploded in parallel with Ingemar Stenmark’s<br />

achievements on the international stage. The ”kabinbanan” cable<br />

car was constructed in 1976 which brought a drastically increased<br />

capacity to the life system.<br />

Year-round destination<br />

Although the winter season has been dominant in attracting visitors<br />

to Åre in recent decades, summer tourism has also exploded<br />

in the village in recent years. Hiking, mountain running, downhill<br />

and cross-country mountain biking, white-water rafting and<br />

a whole host of other sports have turned Åre into an adventure<br />

paradise for the whole family. Åre also offers a broad choice of<br />

accommodation and restaurants, from 5-star hotels to cosy hostels,<br />

street food to fine dining.<br />

After postponement of O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Åre for two years, planning<br />

for the event in the Swedish mountains in summer<br />

2023 is finally underway.<br />

– It has been challenging for various reasons, but the<br />

pandemic has given us room for manoeuvre and a chance<br />

to develop the concept, explains Niclas Lidström, project<br />

manager for O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Åre 2023.<br />

– The initial idea was for O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Åre to take place in 2021, but<br />

the pandemic postponed the event for not just one but two years.<br />

Despite the pandemic, planning for the event in Åre has continued<br />

and many things have had to be done not once but twice.<br />

However, things are looking up, and there is confidence that the<br />

event will be able to take place as planned in the summer of 2023.<br />

– The postponements have caused us to move two stages from<br />

Åre Björnen, because the landowners for the land where we would<br />

have had the arena have now started to build a climbing facility.<br />

This meant we had to really rethink our plans, Niclas explains.<br />

Three stage areas<br />

The two stages in Åre Björnen have been replaced with one stage<br />

in Järpen and another stage in Ånn. Now O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Åre will be<br />

arranged as follows:<br />

• Stage 1 & 2: Trillevallen<br />

• Stage 3: Järpen<br />

• Stage 4 & 5: Ånn<br />

– We are very content with these three areas that we will run in.<br />

The cartographers and course planners are very satisfied. Now we<br />

hope that all participants who come up to Åre in the summer of<br />

2023 and take part in O-<strong>Ringen</strong> will be too, says Niclas.<br />

Campsite also in Åre<br />

Although there will be a smaller campsite in Järpen, and that the<br />

rest of the accommodation will be spread out over the Åre valley,<br />

the competition centre will be located in Åre village. The O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

square will be established around Holiday Club, and many<br />

activities, including the Youth relay and Elite sprint, will be held in<br />

Åre village.<br />

– Åre is a wonderful location even in the summer. Taking the lift<br />

up the mountain, Åreskutan, or hiking or taking the bike up will<br />

be a fun experience for orienteers as well.<br />

Competitors will not be able to take cars to the event stages; but<br />

a bus shuttle service will be offered. Four bus lines will operate<br />

from two satellite car parks, in Duved and Undersåker, to shuttle<br />

participants to the events.<br />

– O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Åre is a fantastic project to work with. Our volunteers<br />

are working hard to create a great event for the competitors,<br />

and for the first time we have several Norwegian clubs involved in<br />

the organisation.<br />

What can participants expect to experience<br />

when they come to Åre in summer 2023?<br />

– They can expect fantastic terrain, scenic run-ins and arenas, and<br />

of course challenging courses. But above all I hope that they will<br />

discover that there is so much more to see and do in Åre valley and<br />

Jämtland, Niclas Lidström concludes.<br />

58 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong> 59<br />

Åre torg.<br />

A nice place for the arena in Ånn.



JÄRPEN<br />

ÅNN<br />


ÅNN<br />

Untouched forests,<br />

mountain terrain<br />

and few paths<br />

The preparations for O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Åre<br />

continue in the lead up to summer<br />

2023. For the first time in O-<strong>Ringen</strong>’s<br />

history, all the course planners for all<br />

five stages actually come from Norway!<br />

– It is an honour that we are able to be<br />

involved, together with the Swedish orienteering<br />

clubs, to arrange the world’s biggest<br />

orienteering event”, says Morten Strand<br />

from Wing OK in Trondheim, who is planning<br />

the courses in Trillevallen.<br />

In total, nine planners have worked on the<br />

courses for the five stages of O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Åre<br />

2023. Twice now, the event has been postponed<br />

thanks to the pandemic. What’s more,<br />

for almost a year and a half of the pandemic,<br />

the Norwegian planners were unable to travel<br />

across the Swedish border to check out the<br />

competition terrain – that of course was a<br />

challenge, but has still been manageable.<br />

Morten, how is the planning<br />

going for the Trillevallen courses?<br />

– The planners have had to cope with a long<br />

pause thanks to the pandemic, but now we<br />

are finally able to visit the terrain again. We<br />

think that we’re in a good position with the<br />

Trillevallen planning. The map is complete<br />

and during the coming spring and summer<br />

we’ll be checking out the terrain in person<br />

to make small adjustments to planned<br />

control placements, together with the other<br />

planners, explains Morten.<br />

What can competitors expect in Trillevallen?<br />

– Runners can look forward to experiencing<br />

untouched forests, hilly mountain terrain<br />

and few paths in the area. The runnability is<br />

good throughout the area and especially up<br />

above the tree line.<br />

Morten describes that the area around the<br />

mountain Välliste will offer challenging<br />

orienteering on the top slopes and fast open<br />

marshes on the downhills.<br />

– The mountain forest consists of pineand<br />

birch-forest and can in places have<br />

lower visitbility. Here competitors will need<br />

to be careful in their orienteering and adjust<br />

their speed to spike the controls and avoid<br />

mistakes.<br />

Morten strand has also found a favourite<br />

spot in the terrain:<br />

– I want to add that the view from the<br />

summit of Välliste is one of the best views<br />

in O-<strong>Ringen</strong>’s history! The views reach as<br />

far as the Norwegian border to the west and<br />

Östersund to the east.<br />

Will there be one or two stages in Trillevallen?<br />

– The first stage will take place in the challenging<br />

forest on the south side of Välliste,<br />

but for the second stage many courses will<br />

reach Välliste’s summit with tough climbs<br />

and a lot of traversing the slopes.<br />

How does it feel as a Norwegian to get to be<br />

a part of O-<strong>Ringen</strong> 2023’s organizing team?<br />

– It was with a mix of delight and trepidation<br />

that I accepted the role as one of<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong>’s planners. O-<strong>Ringen</strong> is the largest<br />

sporting event in Scandinavia and well<br />

known in the world of orienteering, explains<br />

Morten Strand.<br />

He continues that orienteering is a smaller<br />

sport in Norway and that there isn’t an event<br />

quite like O-<strong>Ringen</strong> with such media focus<br />

and status.<br />

– It’s therefore an honour to be invited to<br />

contribute as an organising club and have the<br />

opportunity to work with the other Norwegian<br />

and Swedish clubs for this huge event.<br />

How many planners from Norway<br />

are involved in O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Åre?<br />

– We are nine in total from mid-Norway<br />

across all five stages. There are three planners<br />

from Freidig orienteering, three from<br />

Wing OK, two from Stjördals-Blink and one<br />

from Sköynar OK. As well as that we have<br />

one planner involved in the MTBO.<br />

What has been the hardest part of<br />

planning the courses for O-<strong>Ringen</strong>?<br />

– You can hardly compare the number of<br />

factors involved in the O-<strong>Ringen</strong> planning<br />

process with other events, as far as I know.<br />

It takes a lot of time to plan because there<br />

are almost 140 classes for different levels and<br />

225 controls. Then we have to factor in the<br />

8 different starts, the distances and adapting<br />

the courses to the arena, as well as a few<br />

areas of sensitive and protected habitats in<br />

the competition areas.<br />

– You could think of it as a very difficult<br />

and complicated jigsaw puzzle! It has perhaps<br />

been hardest to plan good courses for<br />

the youngest junior classes in Trillevallen,<br />

where it’s important to find the right level of<br />

difficulty in an area with few paths.<br />

– We have benefitted hugely from meeting<br />

and discussing the courses as a group. We’ve<br />

also had received really good guidelines<br />

from previous O-<strong>Ringen</strong> events.<br />

How do you think the<br />

competitors will like the courses in Åre?<br />

– We hope that participants will get to experience<br />

mountain orienteering at it’s best, and<br />

will take wonderful sporting memories with<br />

them from O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Åre.<br />

Course setter Morten Strand.<br />

60 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong> 61


Åre is the perfect place<br />

to try MTBO for the first time!<br />

The three MTBO stages will be held<br />

unusually far away from what is<br />

usually the central meeting point of<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> - O-<strong>Ringen</strong> square. However,<br />

competitors making the journey should<br />

be well rewarded, as the middle and<br />

long distance events will be held at<br />

Östersund Ski Stadium, famous for<br />

hosting the Biathlon World Cup in the<br />

winter season, as well as the 2019<br />

World Championships.<br />

Now the stadium and it’s surrounding area<br />

will play host to two stages of O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

MTBO, offering fantastic terrain for MTBO<br />

at all levels of difficulty. The tarmac roller ski<br />

track weaves through the forest, and other<br />

recreational trails make it possible to maintain<br />

high speed on fast surfaces and with<br />

clear catching features for beginners. The<br />

technical and dense path network between<br />

the main trails then brings in the opportunity<br />

for fine navigation and challenging<br />

courses. On the long race, participants will<br />

get to enjoy many natural single-track paths<br />

that have evolved thanks to Östersund’s<br />

large community of MTB enthusiasts<br />

during the past few years.<br />

– Those that have followed the biathlon<br />

competitions from Östersund will know that<br />

there some quite steep trails in and around<br />

the stadium area. Combined with the dense<br />

path network, competitors will need to maintain<br />

concentration while speeding downhill<br />

so as not to miss a junction and have to<br />

pay for it with extra climbing says Ingrid<br />

Stengård, cartographer for the MTBO stages.<br />

The sprint day in Järpen will offer a wonderful<br />

mix of urban MTBO and steep forests<br />

close to the town centre. Here, too, there is<br />

a roller ski track and some newly built MTB<br />

trails to cycle on.<br />

– This is the perfect place to try MTBO<br />

for the first time. Anyone who has run an<br />

orienteering sprint will feel at home because<br />

setting will<br />

be quite similar.<br />

The Järpen event will<br />

also offer “come and try it” courses that<br />

can be ridden on almost any bike, Ingrid<br />

explains.<br />

At the same time, the area will provide<br />

good conditions for tricky courses for the<br />

elite riders. An overly careless glance at the<br />

map could cost crucial seconds in the form<br />

of poor route choices among complex school<br />

buildings, playgrounds and dead ends.<br />

There will be a camping in Åre as well<br />

During O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Åre there will be a<br />

range of accommodation available<br />

to competitors. Now we are able to<br />

confirm that there will in addition be<br />

an O-<strong>Ringen</strong> campsite to complement<br />

the accommodation offered in cabins,<br />

apartments, hostels and hotels.<br />

When the planning for O-<strong>Ringen</strong> in Åre first<br />

began, we thought that we would be able to<br />

provide sufficient accommodation for competitors<br />

and visitors in cabins, apartments,<br />

houses, hostels and hotels. However, to ensure<br />

that O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Åre 2023 can accommodate<br />

as many participants as we would like,<br />

we have updated our offering.<br />

– It will now be possible for competitors<br />

to stay at an O-<strong>Ringen</strong> campsite when they<br />

make their way to Åre in 2023, says Niclas<br />

Lidström, project leader for O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Åre.<br />

The campsite will be built just outside<br />

Järpen, around 20 km east of Åre, on an<br />

airfield called Molanda. Here we will have<br />

space for around 900 campervan, caravan<br />

and tent pitches.<br />

– When we met prospective competitors<br />

at the stalls in Örnsköldsvik and Norrköping,<br />

we found that many were asking about camping<br />

possibilities, and so after some deliberation<br />

decided that a campsite would be a good<br />

solution, explains Niclas.<br />

The campsite at Molanda will be smaller<br />

than a typical O-<strong>Ringen</strong> campsite, but offer<br />

the same services as previous years: toilets,<br />

washing facilities, showers, kiosks, a restaurant,<br />

café and other activities.<br />

The campsite is located beside the scenic<br />

Indalsälven, and should provide opportunities<br />

for fishing, bathing, ball games and training.<br />

Buses will operate from Molanda to all<br />

stages, as it will not be possible to drive to<br />

the events due to a lack of parking space.<br />

– We will do everything we can so that participants<br />

have a great stay at the campsite. The<br />

environment is beautiful and the areas used<br />

for camping pitches are mostly grass, with<br />

some hard standing, describes Niclas.<br />

– The campsite pitches are bookable on the<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> website, and the plan is to offer some<br />

pitches with electricity supply. Clubs will, as<br />

usual, be able to stay together at the campsite.<br />

However, it is important that participants<br />

book their pitches early, as we only have<br />

around 900 pitches available.<br />

As well as the O-<strong>Ringen</strong> campsite at<br />

Molanda airfield, there will be a wide<br />

selection of private houses and apartments<br />

to book via the O-<strong>Ringen</strong> homepage this<br />

summer. There are also some hotel rooms<br />

available. However, besides the campsite,<br />

there will not be an opportunity for clubs<br />

to book accommodation centrally for their<br />

members; clubs themselves need to therefore<br />

co-ordinate private accommodation<br />

bookings with their members if they want to<br />

stay together.<br />

Skistar also have apartments and cabins that<br />

can be booked through their own website.<br />

– Åre does not have large holiday villages<br />

that are owned or run by the same company,<br />

in the same way that for example Sälen does;<br />

instead the accommodation is diverse and often<br />

privately owned. This means that it will be<br />

a little more difficult for participants to find<br />

accommodation if they want to stay in the<br />

same area as their clubmates, explains Niclas<br />

Lidström, project leader for O-<strong>Ringen</strong>.<br />

We will announce when we open bookings<br />

for O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Åre 2023 via the O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

homepage and newsletter.<br />

62 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong> 63

Varför betala mer?<br />

49 90 Pannlampa, LED<br />

Träningsmössa<br />

14-0102<br />

79 90<br />

OBS! Batterier säljes separat.<br />

24-910<br />

189:-<br />

Funktionströja<br />

Storlek: S–XL.<br />

Herr 14-0018 –14-0021<br />

Dam 14-0050 –14-0053<br />

179:-<br />

Sportkompass<br />

45-934<br />

Upplev sommaren i Åre!<br />

Vår turistinformation guidar dig genom det stora utbudet av friluftsliv, kultur,<br />

historiska miljöer, aktiviteter och upplevelser i våra byar och bygder.<br />

are.se/turistinformation | areturistbyra@are.se | 0647-163 21<br />

Hitta rätt friluftskläder<br />

Läs guide på biltema.se/yosemite/outdoor<br />

79 90<br />

Sportbälte<br />

Med töjbar ficka. Ställbart: 60 –100 cm.<br />


Welcome to Smålandskusten in 2024<br />

Work on O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Smålandskusten 2024 is in full swing. Anders Strömbäck is the project manager<br />

in charge who drives the work forward. He has been an orienteerer for a long time and is an active<br />

member of Ankarsrums OK, which together with SOK Viljan, Västerviks OK, Gamleby OK, Vimmerby<br />

OK, Hultfreds OK, Målilla OK, OK Njudung, Kexholms SK, IF Stjärnan, Berga SOK, Ålems OK, Kalmar<br />

OK, Nybro OK, Emmaboda Verda OK, Torsås OK, Eksjö SOK and Alstermo IF are host clubs.<br />

PHOTO: Blå Jungfrun, Alexander Hall. Västervik, Nathalie Chavez. Astrid Lindgrens Värld, Magnus Römbo. Kalmar slott, Marcus Funke.<br />

The host municipality of Oskarshamn<br />

at the heart of the Småland coast will<br />

offer coastal and inland terrain across<br />

three different venues over the week.<br />

The venues will be unveiled later this<br />

year, with work already in full swing.<br />

Orienteers will stay at a shared campsite in<br />

the beautiful Döderhultsdalen valley, within<br />

walking and cycling distance of the centre<br />

of Oskarshamn and close to areas suitable<br />

for sea swimming. Whether you would<br />

rather stay in a cottage, hotel or rent private<br />

accommodation, all options are available on<br />

the Småland coast. It is also the best location<br />

for excursions, whether you are interested in<br />

art, history, adventure, Småland’s traditional<br />

red cottages, swimming in our lakes, boat<br />

tours of the archipelago or are just looking<br />

for somewhere to play.<br />

With its strong industrial profile, Oskarshamn<br />

is the growth engine of the region.<br />

The area receives hundreds of thousands of<br />

visitors every year. Of course, you will already<br />

be familiar with Astrid Lindgren’s World, the<br />

Kingdom of Crystal, Kalmar Castle, Västervik<br />

archipelago, Öland and the national park<br />

Blå Jungfrun! There are also ferries from<br />

Oskarshamn to both Gotland and Öland<br />

(summertime). The Småland coast proudly<br />

and openly welcomes all the orienteers of the<br />

world, and we intend to provide you with the<br />

best conditions for competition, a wonderful<br />

community and fantastic experiences to top it<br />

all off. You are warmly welcome!<br />

PHOTO: Amanda Hedberg.<br />

The hosting clubs, which together with<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> and Oskarshamns Kommun will<br />

host O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Smålandskusten 2024, need<br />

to gather about 1,500 officials to be able to<br />

carry out this festival. As of now, a local management<br />

team has been appointed where<br />

each area (competition, travel, experiences,<br />

market, etc.) will eventually be represented<br />

and almost all positions have been filled<br />

with people from the northern, middle,<br />

and southern parts of the county. This is an<br />

advantage according to Anders.<br />

– The management team's work is currently<br />

focused on appointing a number of<br />

function managers for each area," Anders<br />

continues. Those who are already up and<br />

running in practical terms are the cartographers<br />

and this spring, route planners<br />

and inspectors will be on hand to start their<br />

work with the route planning, says Anders.<br />

The project is in a phase where you look at<br />

points shared points of contact to see what<br />

needs to be done and in what order this<br />

needs to be done.<br />

– We initiate and involve the non-profit<br />

associations that exist in and around<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> city and O-<strong>Ringen</strong>torget at<br />

Smålandskusten 2024. In addition, we are<br />

working to create contact areas with the<br />

municipalities and companies that are very<br />

much affected by the 2024 event. Here we<br />

are greatly helped by Attraktiva Oskarshamn<br />

and Oskarshamns Kommun, Anders continues.<br />

But what does it mean for a club and<br />

its members to step in as officials?<br />

– The greatest part of the experience is of<br />

course that the members of the club get to<br />

be a part of the world's largest orienteering<br />

adventure as officials. However, one must<br />

not forget what a great and positive economic<br />

effect the event and the hours spent will<br />

have. Money that can be used to develop<br />

club activities for many years to come. For<br />

example, you can create opportunities for<br />

Anders Strömbäck, Project manager O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

Smålandskusten 2024.<br />

children and young people to develop their<br />

orienteering skills at camps and competition<br />

events or perhaps to renovate the clubhouse<br />

or buy training equipment, concludes<br />

Anders.<br />

At Kolmården, the hosting clubs got SEK<br />

5.3 million to divide between them.<br />

66 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong> 67





Nya S-CROSS fullhybrid<br />

Med fyrhjulsdrift, Suzukis specialitet, tar du dig enkelt<br />

fram oavsett underlag. På Suzuki anser vi att fyrhjulsdrift<br />

ska vara tillgängligt för alla, oavsett storlek på plånbok<br />

eller bil. Därför finns (nästan) hela vårt bil-sortiment med<br />

fyrhjulsdrift. Från lilla Swift, upp till laddhybriden ACROSS<br />

– den bil världsmästaren Tove Alexandersson kör.<br />

Vi är stolta tävlingspartners till O-<strong>Ringen</strong> och självklart<br />

hittar ni oss på plats i Uppsala i sommar. Bland annat med<br />

möjligheten att provköra våra bilar, inte minst nya S-CROSS<br />

och Vitara fullhybrid. Fram till dess kan ni läsa mer om vårt<br />

modellprogram och och våra nytillskott på suzukibilar.se<br />

Welcome to Jönköping<br />

The clapping sound of fast footsteps<br />

crossing the bridge of lake Munksjön<br />

during a marathon, the electric energy<br />

during the opening ceremony of the<br />

world's largest digital festival, the<br />

cheering of the crowd inside Husqvarna<br />

Garden when the hockey puck slides<br />

into goal. In Jönköping, events are our<br />

main focus, therefore we are very happy<br />

and proud to welcome the orienteering<br />

competition O-<strong>Ringen</strong> 2025 to the city.<br />

Vista kulle.<br />

Along the southern shore of Lake Vättern,<br />

lays the largest city of Småland. In this area,<br />

the city and nature are combined in a perfect<br />

symbiosis. Wherever you are in the city,<br />

nature is always nearby. The region is a paradise<br />

for both nature lovers and botanists,<br />

with nature reserves, beautiful views and<br />

one of Sweden's largest oak forests. There are<br />

plenty of hiking trails and charming country<br />

roads to cycle along in Jönköping.<br />

In Jönköping we are used to big events.<br />

Since 2015, the tough and prestigious triathlon<br />

Ironman 70.3 is arranged here every<br />

summer. If you ask the younger generation<br />

what they think of when talking about<br />

Jönköping, the answer is often; DreamHack.<br />

DreamHack is the world's largest digital festival<br />

with an international multi-million audience<br />

and a convention with about 50,000<br />

visitors arranged at Elmia in Jönköping since<br />

2001. For events such as rowing, cycling and<br />

orienteering, the nature is always ready as<br />

an arena.<br />

A city full of life<br />

With an international university and a bit<br />

more than 140,000 inhabitants the city of<br />

Jönköping is full of life. The city center consists<br />

of cozy alleys and canals that open onto<br />

three lakes. Restaurants, museums, skate<br />

and bike parks are just a few blocks away<br />

from any of the city's hotels. A dinner by the<br />

pier to watch the sun go down among the<br />

sailboats or perhaps an evening hanging out<br />

in the thriving Match stick area is a perfect<br />

way to end the day. Perhaps the biggest<br />

advantages of Jönköping is the proximity to<br />

nature. With its soft paths, beautiful views,<br />

John Bauer forests, vast bogs, lakes and<br />

mountains, this is a perfect place to experience<br />

the Swedish nature. Welcome!<br />


The process of finding arenas for OL, MTBO and<br />

PreO stages is now in full swing. The next step<br />

is a first consultation with Jönköpings Kommun<br />

regarding all environmental permits needed for the<br />

various arena proposals that have emerged. We<br />

will also have a first consultation with the Swedish<br />

transport administration Trafikverket, public<br />

transport and the municipality soon about logistics,<br />

all buses, cars, et cetera. We also hope to get a<br />

green light from landowners and hunters who will<br />

be contacted during fall and winter to enable us to<br />

present a concept during the next summer.<br />

– This will make it possible for us to produce<br />

good maps for all disciplines with time to spare,<br />

says Göran Carnander, Chairman of the club<br />

council, Föreningsrådet.<br />

What we already know about O-<strong>Ringen</strong> 2025<br />

is that we get an O-<strong>Ringen</strong>stad around the Elmia<br />

area with its wonderful views of lake Vättern. We<br />

will offer varied terrain with the Vätterbranterna<br />

in the east, typical Småland morain terrain and<br />

international terrain in the south. In addition to<br />

this terrain box the region offers lots of tourist<br />

destinations with food walks, cycling trails through<br />

rolling landscapes, Äppledalen, Dumme mosse,<br />

Husqvarna Museum and the Match Museum, baths,<br />

shopping centres and proximity to Gränna, the<br />

hometown of the “polkagris” candy, as well as the<br />

island in the middle of Vättern, Visingsö.<br />

This means that we can really look forward to a<br />

week full of activities. Welcome to Jönköping and<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> 2025.<br />

Stolt sponsor av O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong> 69

REGISTRATION GUIDE O-RINGEN UPPSALA <strong>2022</strong> <br />

PHOTO: Peter Holgersson<br />


The highlight of the year O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Uppsala <strong>2022</strong> is getting closer. During the week we offer<br />

our classic 5-day competition as well as stage start and Miniknat (string course). There are<br />

competitions for everyone and we hope you will share the joy with us this summer!<br />

You register to Foot-O, MTBO and Trail-O at oringen.se. You can also register once you get to<br />

Uppsala at our Competitor services or at the arenas. Our arenas are named Arena Pattons hage,<br />

Arena Kåboängen, Arena Sävja, Arena Flottsund, Arena Graneberg and Arena Studenternas.<br />

SAVE<br />

10%<br />


1 APRIL<br />

Levels of difficulty - Main-, Short-, Recreational- and Open classes<br />

Level<br />

Beginner<br />

Very easy<br />

Easy<br />

Moderate<br />

Moderate<br />

Moderate<br />

Difficult<br />

Difficult<br />

Description<br />

The course is in terrain with clear and connected features such as roads, larger paths, buildings and open land. The controls on a<br />

green course must always be placed on handrails and must provide reassurance that the competitor is following the correct route.<br />

Control features may be path bends, path junctions, telegraph posts, buildings or other clear features or objects.<br />

The terrain is the same as for green courses, i.e. clear and connected features, e.g. roads, larger paths, open land and buildings. The<br />

controls on a white course must mark only the end of one leg and the start of the next. The control features must therefore be easily<br />

identified and distinct. As well as green course features, controls on white courses may also be on e.g. boulders, crags, fences and<br />

similar features.<br />

Yellow courses can be in more difficult terrain but runnability and visibility must still be good. The terrain must have a connected<br />

network of roads, paths, fences, waterways, open areas etc. Control points may be on more difficult features, for example on the top<br />

of a very distinct hill, but must always have a clear attack point. There must be a clear catching feature behind controls.<br />

Orange and red courses must use runnable terrain, with gentler hills and forest, preferably with areas of cultivated land. Terrain<br />

details must be clear. Compared to green, white and yellow courses, more difficult control features may be used, for example larger<br />

re-entrants, distinct ridges, hills and crags. There must be a clear feature a maximum of 200 m before the control and a clear catching<br />

feature behind it.<br />

Same as for orange courses but you can encounter all types of terrain.<br />

All types of terrain may be used. Very physically tough terrain should be avoided. All types of control feature may be used. Compared<br />

to orange and red courses, purple courses place higher demands on, planning skills, choosing quick routes ahead of safe routes and<br />

finding controls without clear catching features behind them.<br />

On blue and black courses, the difficulty should always suit skilled orienteers, even if anyone can compete. The increased difficulty<br />

level compared to other courses is because more of the orienteering uses contour features, detailed terrain and smaller features.<br />

Same as for blue courses but you can encounter all types of terrain.<br />

O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong> 71

REGISTRATION GUIDE O-RINGEN UPPSALA <strong>2022</strong> <br />

REGISTRATION GUIDE O-RINGEN UPPSALA <strong>2022</strong> <br />

5-DAYS<br />


Program Elite tour<br />

Stage 1 Exended middle Monday July 25 Arena Pattons Hage<br />

To compete in orienteering over five days / stages is the<br />

cornerstone and origin of O-<strong>Ringen</strong>. That's how it all started<br />

in 1965 and that's how most people still participate today.<br />

The winner for many of the classes is determined by an<br />

exciting chasing start on the final day of competition,<br />

available for Foot-O, MTBO and Trail-O.<br />

Program 5-days Orienteering<br />

Stage 1 Middle Monday July 25 Arena Pattons Hage<br />

Stage 2 Long Tuesday July 26 Arena Pattons Hage<br />

Stage 3 Long Thursday July 28 Arena Sävja<br />

Stage 4 Middle Friday July 29 Arena Flottsund<br />

Stage 5 Long Saturday July 30 Arena Flottsund<br />


Our main classes with five days of competition attract the most participants.<br />

Main classes have assigned start times for stages 1-4. For our<br />

younger participants there are introductory and development classes;<br />

Introduction (Inskolning) and Youth (U-klass). In these you have<br />

open start times and get a result, but only Youth has a list of results.<br />

Everyone participating in the Introduction class gets a prize. The final<br />

stage is a chasing for all main classes, except Introduction, Youth and<br />

DH10 – DH12.<br />

Class Middle Long Difficulty Class Middle Long<br />

Inskolning 1,5 1,5 Beginner U1 2,0 2,0<br />

Very easy U2 2,5 2,5<br />

D10 2 2,5 Very easy H10 2 2,5<br />

D11 2,5 3 Easy H11 2,5 3<br />

D12 2,5 3 Easy H12 2,5 3<br />

D13 3 4,4 Moderate H13 3 4,4<br />

D14 3 4,4 Moderate H14 3 4,4<br />

D15 3,5 5,5 Moderate H15 3,5 6<br />

D16 3,5 5,5 Moderate H16 3,5 6<br />

D18 3,5 5,5 Difficult H18 3,5 7,1<br />

D20 3,5 6 Difficult H20 3,5 7,7<br />

D21 3,5 7,7 Difficult H21 4,5 9,9<br />

D21 Lång 4,5 9,3 Difficult H21 Lång 5 12,6<br />

D35 3,5 6,6 Difficult H35 4,5 8,8<br />

D40 3,5 5,5 Difficult H40 4 8,2<br />

D45 3 4,9 Difficult H45 4 7,1<br />

D50 3 4,4 Difficult H50 3,7 6,6<br />

D55 3 4,4 Difficult H55 3,6 6,1<br />

D60 2,5 3,9 Difficult H60 3,5 5,5<br />

D65 2,5 3,8 Difficult H65 3 5<br />

D70 2,5 3,3 Difficult H70 3 4,4<br />

D75 2 3,1 Difficult H75 3 3,9<br />

D80 2 2,5 Difficult H80 2,5 3<br />

D85 2 2,5 Difficult H85 2 2,5<br />

D90 1,5 2 Difficult H90 1,5 2<br />

D95 1 1,5 Difficult H95 1 1,5<br />


In the recreation classes (motion) you can run somewhat shorter<br />

and easier courses and compete in classes divided by age and gender.<br />

Recreational classes have open start times for each stage so you<br />

can plan your day however you want.<br />

Class Middle Long Difficulty Class Middle Long<br />

D21 Motion 3,7 5,5 Moderate H21 Motion 4 6,6<br />

D35 Motion 3,2 4,6 Moderate H35 Motion 3,8 6,3<br />

D40 Motion 3 4,4 Moderate H40 Motion 3,6 6,1<br />

D45 Motion 2,8 4,1 Moderate H45 Motion 3,5 4,9<br />

D50 Motion 2,7 3,8 Moderate H50 Motion 3,3 4,7<br />

D55 Motion 2,6 3,6 Moderate H55 Motion 3,2 4,6<br />

D60 Motion 2,5 3,4 Moderate H60 Motion 3 4,3<br />

D65 Motion 2,3 3,2 Moderate H65 Motion 2,9 4<br />

D70 Motion 2,2 2,9 Moderate H70 Motion 2,6 3,8<br />

D80 Motion 2 2,5 Moderate H80 Motion 2 2,5<br />


This is the competition for those who want a little more flexibility<br />

in start time and shorter courses, but who are at the same time<br />

attracted by the competition. Free start time means you can start<br />

whenever you want between 8.30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Chasing start<br />

is applied on stage 5.<br />

Class Middle Long Difficulty Class Middle Long<br />

D12 Kort 2,0 2,5 Very easy H12 Kort 2,0 2,5<br />

D14 Kort 2,5 3,0 Easy H14 Kort 2,5 3,0<br />

D16 Kort 3,0 4,4 Moderate H16 Kort 3,0 4,4<br />

D17-20 Kort 3,0 4,5 Moderate H17-20 Kort 3,2 5,5<br />

D21 Kort 3,5 5,5 Difficult H21 Kort 4,2 8,3<br />

D35 Kort 3,2 4,5 Difficult H35 Kort 4 6,3<br />

D40 Kort 3 4,1 Difficult H40 Kort 3,8 5,7<br />

D45 Kort 2,8 3,9 Difficult H45 Kort 3,6 5<br />

D50 Kort 2,6 3,7 Difficult H50 Kort 3,2 4,8<br />

D55 Kort 2,5 3,5 Difficult H55 Kort 3 4,6<br />

D60 Kort 2,3 3,2 Difficult H60 Kort 2,9 4,3<br />

D65 Kort 2,2 3 Difficult H65 Kort 2,8 3,8<br />

D70 Kort 2,1 2,7 Difficult H70 Kort 2,6 3,3<br />

D75 Kort 2,0 2,5 Difficult H75 Kort 2 2,5<br />

Book your<br />

accomodation for<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Uppsala <strong>2022</strong><br />

at oringen.se<br />

The competition where the world’s orienteering superstars<br />

compete with Sweden's elite. The Elite Tour is open<br />

to Foot-O classes DH21 Elit, DH20 Elit and DH18 Elit. The<br />

Elite Tour is open for registration. The 80 best runners<br />

from DH21 will be selected and the 120 best runners<br />

in the junior classes. Additionally, O-<strong>Ringen</strong> exclusively<br />

invites the world’s top orienteers to participate in the<br />

DH21 Elit classes. The competitions are specially monitored<br />

throughout the week. Prize money is awarded in<br />

all classes, with the greatest focus on the total result.<br />


Open Classes will allow you to select courses with a variety of<br />

lengths and difficulty levels, letting you challenge yourself or a<br />

friend. These are avaliable for Foot-O (12 classes) and MTBO<br />

(3 classes). Entry to Open Classes is not restricted by age or gender.<br />

The course lengths will be a little shorter when it is the middle<br />

distance for Foot-O on Friday. Every Open Class has open start<br />

times for each stage.<br />

Class Middle Difficulty<br />

Lätt 2,5 2,0 Easy<br />

Lätt 3,5 2,8 Easy<br />

Lätt 5,0 4,0 Easy<br />

Lätt 10,0 6,0 Easy<br />

Medelsvår 2,5 2,0 Moderate<br />

Medelsvår 3,3 2,5 Moderate<br />

Medelsvår 4,0 3,0 Moderate<br />

MTBO Lätt Mellan<br />

MTBO Lätt Lång<br />

MTBO Svår Mellan<br />


Class Middle Difficulty<br />

Medelsvår 5,0 4,0 Moderate<br />

Medelsvår 6,0 4,5 Moderate<br />

Svår 2,5 2,0 Difficult<br />

Svår 3,5 2,8 Difficult<br />

Svår 5,0 4,0 Difficult<br />

Svår 7,5 5,0 Difficult<br />

In the Trail-O competition map knowledge is in focus. Each control<br />

has up to five alternate screens. You must remotely determine<br />

which screen is correctly placed according to the control ring<br />

on the map and the control description. You compete in a class<br />

determined by its difficulty level, rather than age and gender. The<br />

competition takes place in easily passable terrain, that is trails and<br />

roads that can be navigated by wheelchairs, bicycles, etc.<br />

Program Trail-O<br />

Stage 1 Monday July 25 Arena Pattons Hage<br />

Stage 2 Tuesday July 26 Arena Graneberg<br />

Stage 3 Thursday July 28 Arena Kåboängen<br />

Stage 4 Friday July 29 Arena Flottsund<br />

Stage 5 Saturday July 30 Arena Flottsund<br />

Class<br />

Pre-Elit<br />

Pre-A<br />

Pre-B<br />

Pre-C<br />

Stage 2 Long Tuesday July 26 Arena Pattons Hage<br />

Stage 3 Sprint Onsdag July 27 Arena Studenternas<br />

Stage 4 Middle Friday July 29 Arena Flottsund<br />

Stage 5 Long Saturday July 30 Arena Flottsund<br />

Class Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Difficulty<br />

D18 Elit 5,0 7,7 2,9 3,9 7,0 Difficult<br />

D20 Elit 5,7 9,3 3,0 4,5 8,5 Difficult<br />

D21 Elit 6,6 13,2 3,2 5,2 12,0 Difficult<br />

H18 Elit 5,7 9,3 3,4 4,5 8,5 Difficult<br />

H20 Elit 6,5 11,5 3,5 5,1 10,5 Difficult<br />

H21 Elit 7,7 15,4 3,7 6,1 14,0 Difficult<br />


MTBO runs over five days and in 4 out of 5 days the arena is shared<br />

with the Foot-O. Assigned starting times for stage 1-4, followed by an<br />

exciting chasing start that will determine the overall winner on stage<br />

5. MTBO is fast-paced and is very much about making the right path<br />

and making quick decisions. The map is similar to the one used in regular<br />

orienteering. The biggest difference is how paths and roads are<br />

shown on the map. The road and the path's ride are reported where<br />

you can simply say that the longer the lines on the map, the faster the<br />

path can be cycled.<br />

As before, it is allowed to double (introduced before O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

2019 in Kolmården) in both OL and MTBO. However, you may not<br />

duplicate with the intention of reconnoitering before participating<br />

in the other branch. If you participate in the Elite Tour, you may not<br />

participate in MTBO stage 4.<br />

Program MTBO<br />

Stage 1 Long Monday July 25 Arena Pattons Hage<br />

Stage 2 Middle Tuesday July 26 Arena Pattons Hage<br />

Stage 3 Sprint Thursday July 28 Arena Kåboängen<br />

Stage 4 Long Friday July 29 Arena Flottsund<br />

Stage 5 Middle Saturday July 30 Arena Flottsund<br />

Class Sprint Middle Long<br />

D12 2,5 3,0 5,5<br />

D14 3,0 5,0 8,5<br />

D16 4,0 5,5 10,0<br />

D20 4,5 7,0 14,5<br />

D21 5,5 8,5 20,0<br />

D35 4,5 7,0 13,0<br />

D40 4,5 7,0 13,0<br />

D45 4,5 4,5 14,5<br />

D50 4,0 6,0 11,0<br />

D55 3,5 6,0 11,0<br />

D60 3,5 5,0 9,0<br />

D65 3,5 5,0 9,0<br />

D70 3,0 4,0 7,5<br />

D75 3,0 4,0 7,5<br />

D80 2,5 4,0 7,5<br />

Class Sprint Middle Long<br />

H12 2,5 3,0 5,5<br />

H14 3,5 5,5 8,5<br />

H16 4,5 7,0 13,0<br />

H20 5,5 9,0 18,5<br />

H21 6,0 11,0 25,0<br />

H35 5,5 8,0 17,5<br />

H40 5,5 8,0 17,5<br />

H45 5,5 8,0 17,5<br />

H50 5,0 7,5 15,0<br />

H55 5,0 7,5 15,0<br />

H60 5,0 6,0 13,0<br />

H65 4,0 6,0 13,0<br />

H70 4,0 5,0 11,0<br />

D75 3,5 5,0 11,0<br />

D80 3,5 5,0 11,0<br />

72 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong> 73

REGISTRATION GUIDE O-RINGEN UPPSALA <strong>2022</strong> <br />

REGISTRATION GUIDE O-RINGEN UPPSALA <strong>2022</strong> <br />

3-DAYS<br />




The 3-day competition is created for competitors who want to<br />

experience everything an O-<strong>Ringen</strong> entails, but for various reasons<br />

can not participate in all five stages. We offer a range of open classes.<br />

Choose the length and difficulty that suits you from a range of five<br />

classes. Our open classes have open starting times. The courses on<br />

stage 3 are shorter.<br />

With the Stage Start option, you can choose the course you want to<br />

run at each stage of O-<strong>Ringen</strong>. The Stage Start option is available<br />

for each orienteering discipline that is offered at O-<strong>Ringen</strong>;<br />

Foot-O, MTBO and Trail-O.<br />

For our younger orienteers we offer Introduction and U-classes.<br />

Theese classes can also be booked for 5 days main- and short classes.<br />

Free start times apply to everyone so you can start when it suits<br />

you. If you are an adult and a beginner, there are Try-it out classes<br />

to start with. Then you can gradually choose a more difficult and /<br />

or longer course.<br />

For MTBO, both orienteering technical difficulty and cycling<br />

technical difficulty are indicated. Class/Course indicates the<br />

orienteering technical difficulty. Bicycle level indicates the bicycle<br />

technical difficulty.<br />

If you are new to the sport of orienteering, you can get help with<br />

the basic skills and with finding the right course for you through<br />

our orienteering school, located at each of the arenas used for foot<br />

orienteering.<br />

MTBO<br />


Class/Course Sprint Mid. Long Technical<br />

Mycket lätt kort<br />

4,5 6,0 Easy<br />

(prova på)<br />

Lätt mellan 6,0 10,0 Moderate<br />

Lätt lång 7,0 15,0 Hard<br />

Svår kort 4,5 6,0 Moderate<br />

Svår mellan 6,0 10,0 Hard<br />

Svår lång 7,0 15,0 Hard<br />

TRAIL-O<br />

Klass/bana<br />

Öppen Pre-A<br />

Öppen Pre-B<br />

Öppen Pre-C<br />

Class Middle Long Difficulty<br />

Lätt 2,5 2,0 2,5 Easy<br />

Lätt 5,0 4,0 5,0 Easy<br />

Medelsvår 3,3 2,7 3,3 Moderate<br />

Medelsvår 5,0 4,0 5,0 Moderate<br />

Svår 3,5 2,8 3,5 Difficult<br />

Svår 5,0 4,0 5,0 Difficult<br />

Svår 7,5 5,0 7,5 Difficult<br />

MTBO Lätt Mellan<br />

MTBO Lätt Lång<br />

MTBO Svår Mellan<br />


Class/Course Middle Long Difficulty<br />

Mycket lätt 2,5 (prova på) 2,5 2,5 Very easy<br />

Mycket lätt 4,0 (prova på) 4,0 4,0 Very easy<br />

Inskolning 1,5 1,5 Beginner<br />

U1 2,0 2,0 Beginner<br />

U2 2,5 2,5 Very easy<br />

Lätt 2,5 2,0 2,5 Easy<br />

Lätt 3,5 3,0 3,8 Easy<br />

Lätt 5,0 3,7 5,0 Easy<br />

Lätt 10,0 6,5 10,0 Easy<br />

Medelsvår 2,5 2,5 2,5 Moderate<br />

Medelsvår 3,3 2,5 3,3 Moderate<br />

Medelsvår 4,0 3,0 4,0 Moderate<br />

Medelsvår 5,0 3,7 5,0 Moderate<br />

Medelsvår 6,0 4,0 6,0 Moderate<br />

Svår 2,5 2,0 2,5 Difficult<br />

Svår 3,5 2,7 3,5 Difficult<br />

Svår 5,0 3,7 5,0 Difficult<br />

Svår 7,5 4,8 7,5 Difficult<br />

FOTO: Peter Holgersson<br />

The traditional youth relay is organized in conjunction<br />

with the opening ceremony July 24. The relay is between<br />

club teams but you can also create a combination team<br />

between clubs. Teams consists of four runners, one from<br />

each classes D14, H14, D16 and H16.<br />

Bring your club and support your team!<br />

Legs Length Start procedure<br />

H16-D14-H14-D16 4 x 1,8 km Mass start<br />



Training courses with timing replace what we previously called<br />

training race. With the training courses, you are now given the<br />

opportunity to run a course when it suits you during the period<br />

Thursday July 21 - Sunday July 24.<br />

The courses have timekeeping with Sportident and result lists are<br />

presented as the Sportident badges are read.<br />

The training courses will be offered at Hammarskog.<br />

The following courses are avaliable to choose from:<br />

Branch Class/course Length Difficulty<br />

OL Mycket lätt 2,0 2,0 Very easy<br />

OL Lätt 2,5 2,5 Easy<br />

OL Lätt 4,0 4,0 Easy<br />

OL Medelsvår 3,0 3,0 Moderate<br />

OL Medelsvår 4,0 4,0 Moderate<br />

OL Medelsvår 5,0 5,0 Moderate<br />

OL Svår 3,0 3,0 Difficult<br />

OL Svår 5,0 5,0 Difficult<br />

OL Svår 7,5 7,5 Difficult<br />


We offer two training maps in Foot-O and one in MTBO<br />

both similar to the competition areas. Release date is<br />

May 1st <strong>2022</strong>. Read more and buy your map at oringen.se.<br />

• Östuna (Orienteering)<br />

• Fåfängorna (Orienteering)<br />

• Hammarskog (MTBO*)<br />

*The training map for Foot-O in Hammarskog is not longer avliable since<br />

we now have our trining courses in that area. If you have made a purchase<br />

please contact our booking services oringen@bynordiq for a refund.<br />

The map scale varies depending on which class you have entered.<br />

Here you can find the map scale for your class.<br />


For Inskolning, U1, U2, DH10-DH14 (short classes included) the<br />

map scale is 1:7500 for all stages.<br />

DH15-DH16 (short classes included) have map scale 1:10 000<br />

for all stages.<br />


DH18-DH21 (short and elite classes included) have map scale<br />

1:15 000 for the long distance stages and 1:10 000 for the middle<br />

distance stages.<br />


DH21 Motion, DH35-DH40 (short and recreational classes<br />

included) have map scale 1:10 000 for all stages.<br />

DH45 and older classes (short and recreational classes included)<br />

have map scale 1:7500 for all stages<br />


Lätt 10.0, Svår 5.0, Svår 7.5 have 1:10 000 for all stages. All other open<br />

classes have 1:7500 for all stages. The same map scales apply to the<br />

open classes regardless of you enter for 5-days, 3-days or stage start.<br />

For Training courses with timing, the classes Svår 5,0 and Svår<br />

7,5 use map scale 1:10 000 and all other classes have map scale<br />

1:7500.<br />


For MTBO the map scale varies depending on<br />

the stage but is the same for all classes on that stage.<br />

Stage 1 Long distance 1:10 000<br />

Stage 2 Middle distance 1:7500<br />

Stage 3 Sprint distance 1:5000<br />

Stage 4 Long distance 1:15 000 & 1:10 000 for long courses,<br />

1:10 000 for short courses.<br />

Stage 5 Middle distance 1:7500<br />

PHOTO: Peter Holgersson<br />

74 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong> 75

REGISTRATION GUIDE O-RINGEN UPPSALA <strong>2022</strong> <br />

REGISTRATION GUIDE O-RINGEN UPPSALA <strong>2022</strong> <br />



During O-<strong>Ringen</strong> we offer child care for kids aged 3-8 years at<br />

Arena Arena Pattons hage, Arena Sävja and Arena Flottsund. Pre<br />

book your child care at oringen.se. You can leave your child with<br />

us for up to 3 hours at a time (while you race).<br />


or the youngest orienteers there are daily Miniknat, or String<br />

courses, at Arena Pattons hage, Arena Sävja and Arena Flottsund.<br />

In Miniknat, kids follow a streamered course between check<br />

points, which feature different activities, challenges, and fun<br />

surprises. They do, of course, get a map to follow and a SI card.<br />

There is no timing or results list, but all children get a prize<br />

when they finish.<br />

You can pre book Miniknat at oringen.se or book it directly at<br />

the arena.<br />


Have you never tried orienteering but want to try? Or re you a former<br />

orienteer and want to refresh your skills? At the Orienteering School,<br />

we will cover all the necessary skills that you need in order to set out<br />

by yourself on an easy-level O-<strong>Ringen</strong> course. We will then come with<br />

you to the start and help you get going.<br />

PHOTO: Per-Olof Svensson<br />


- to be selected at<br />

the same time as<br />

you book your start<br />



Folksam motionsloppsförsäkring is for participants in<br />

exercise and competition events and gives you back the<br />

entire registration fee if you become acutely ill or injured<br />

and can not participate. The insurance also includes an<br />

olycksfallsförsäkring (accident insurance) when you are<br />

training. Only valid for Swedish residents.<br />


Rent your punsching card for one or all stages.<br />



Start with another club than your own.<br />


You start on different times during the day. Only avaliable<br />

when you compete in the same dicipline.<br />


Help to punch, only for Trail-O.<br />


Transport help, only for Trail-O.<br />

Follow us!<br />

Instagram: @oringen<br />

Facebook: O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

SAVE<br />

10%<br />


1 APRIL<br />

REGISTRATION FEES <strong>2022</strong><br />

Product Prize category 1 nov<br />

-20%<br />

Elite tour<br />

5-days<br />

3-days<br />

Stage start<br />

Main- &<br />

Short classes.<br />

MTBO<br />

Trail-O<br />

Recreational<br />

classes<br />

Open classes<br />

Open classes<br />

1 april<br />

-10%<br />

1 juni<br />

ordinary<br />

After<br />

+30%<br />

Up to age 20 2010 2260 2510 3260<br />

Age 21 and up 2480 2790 3100 4030<br />

Introduction and U-class 500 570 630 820<br />

Up to age 16 820 920 1020 1330<br />

Ages 17-20 1120 1260 1400 1820<br />

Age 21 and up 1720 1940 2150 2800<br />

Age 21 and up 1630 1840 2040 2650<br />

Up to age 16 700 790 880 1140<br />

Ages 17-20 1010 1130 1260 1640<br />

Age 21 and up 1540 1740 1930 2510<br />

Up to age 16 420 480 530 690<br />

Ages 17-20 600 680 750 980<br />

Age 21 and up 940 1050 1170 1520<br />

Try it out (all ages) 110 120 130 170<br />

Up to age 16 110 120 130 170<br />

Ages 17-20 140 160 180 220<br />

Age 21 and up 190 2220 240 310<br />

Bagheera relay Per team 320 360 400 520<br />

Träningsbanor<br />

med tidtagning<br />


Up to age 16 50 60 70 90<br />

Ages 17-20 80 90 100 130<br />

Age 21 and up 90 100 110 140<br />

1 nov<br />

ordinary<br />

1 april<br />

ordinary<br />

1 juni<br />

ordinary<br />

Folksam motionsloppsförsäkring (Insurance) 155 155 155<br />

After<br />

+30%<br />

Folksam motionsloppsförsäkring plus (Insurance) 275 275 275 275<br />

SI Punching card rental 40 40 40 50<br />

SI, SIAC (MTBO) Punching card rental, per stage 60 60 60 70<br />

Start times blocked with another club 120 120 120 140<br />

Split start time 120 120 120 140<br />

Punch help Trail-O 110 110 110 130<br />

Push help Trail-O 110 110 110 130<br />

Jubilee plaque (order before 1/6) 0 0 0 -<br />

Visa 0 0 0 0<br />

Own map (order before 1/4) 0 - - -<br />


1 nov<br />

ordinarie<br />

1 april<br />

ordinarie<br />

1 juni<br />

ordinarie<br />

Därefter<br />

+30%<br />

Child care 60 60 60 70<br />

Miniknat 40 40 40 60<br />

Bagheera orienteering school 0 0 0 0<br />

PHOTO: Peter Holgersson<br />

Terms for registration at oringen.se<br />

76 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 1 • <strong>2022</strong> 77


HOST<br />



odinfonder.se<br />



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