Estetica Magazine UK (1/2022)

Estetica Magazine is the world's leading hairdressing magazine. Founded in Italy in 1946 and published today in over 60 countries around the world, it is a global reference point for professionals working in the hair and beauty industry. Techniques, fashion, education and trends are at the core of every issue of Estetica Magazine. Further information about both the printed and digital versions of the magazine is available at www.esteticanetwork.com

Estetica Magazine is the world's leading hairdressing magazine. Founded in Italy in 1946 and published today in over 60 countries around the world, it is a global reference point for professionals working in the hair and beauty industry. Techniques, fashion, education and trends are at the core of every issue of Estetica Magazine. Further information about both the printed and digital versions of the magazine is available at www.esteticanetwork.com


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editorial<br />

As we relish the pleasures of warmer Spring days, more hours of sunshine and lighter<br />

evenings, our spirits are uplifted, even more so given the uncertainties we have endured as<br />

an industry over the past couple of years. Besides the fact that our businesses are once again<br />

going at full throttle, we are also getting so many more opportunities to meet up with<br />

Hair: Wella Professionals<br />

using NEW Shinefinity Zero<br />

Lift Colour Glaze<br />

Colour: James Earnshaw<br />

(@jhair_stylist),<br />

Wella Professionals <strong>UK</strong>I<br />

Digital Ambassador<br />

colleagues outside of work, both socially and in a more work-related setting.<br />

The <strong>UK</strong> hairdressing calendar for '22 is<br />

now starting to fill up at a rate of knots!<br />

This year has already seen some really amazing in-person industry events. At the end of<br />

January, Wella held its Business Network Live event returned after a reluctant 2-year hiatus<br />

at The Belfry Hotel & Resort just outside Birmingham, with a programme of truly<br />

inspirational and captivating speakers and guests. Wella then launched its new Shinefinity<br />

Zero Lift Colour Glaze (see our fabulous front cover!) at the trend-setting newly-opened<br />

One Hundred Shoreditch hotel in London. Then, later in March, ghd Underground returned<br />

to provide an enthralling hands-on opportunity for stylists to learn from the experts about<br />

ghd tools and products, before putting their new-found knowledge into practice. On the first<br />

day of Spring, the awards season then returned with a bang, thanks to Great Lengths, who<br />

held The GLammies at The Steel Yard in London: a true masterclass in how to party!<br />

Gary Kelly,<br />

Editor-in-Chief, <strong>Estetica</strong> <strong>UK</strong><br />

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Great Lengths hair extensions<br />

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made-in-Italy craftsmanship<br />

and ethically sourced raw<br />

materials. Each of us tells<br />

a story. It starts within and<br />

it reflects on theway we<br />

want to be perceived from<br />

the outside. Great Lengths<br />

launches Voices, a project<br />

which reveals the stories of 7<br />

women carefully chosen for<br />

their tales of life changes<br />

and courage.

<strong>Estetica</strong> n. 1/<strong>2022</strong><br />

contents<br />



Roberto Pissimiglia<br />


Gary Kelly<br />

estetica.uk@lineone.net<br />



Laura Castelli<br />

l.castelli@estetica.it<br />



Monica Tessari<br />

m.tessari@estetica.it<br />

LAYOUT<br />

Manuela Artosi<br />

m.artosi@estetica.it<br />

Davide Cardente<br />

d.cardente@estetica.it<br />

<strong>UK</strong> SALES & MARKETING<br />


Luca Pissimiglia<br />

l.pissimiglia@estetica.it<br />


FRANCE<br />

Marie Coccoluto<br />

SPAIN<br />

Elisabet Parra,<br />

Cristina Hernández<br />


Michaela Dee<br />

ITALIA<br />

Lucia Preziosi,<br />

Glorianna Vaschetto<br />

USA<br />

Marie Scarano<br />


Erica Balduini,<br />

Erika Marchese,<br />

Wilma Sommariva<br />

Looks Power Lines 6<br />

Catwalks Spring/Summer <strong>2022</strong> 12<br />

Networking The Power of Networking 18<br />

Heritage Presidential Roll Call! 22<br />

Vision Multi-Textures 25<br />

Interview Hidetaka Yoshikawa 82<br />

Step by Step Toni&Guy 84<br />

Events Business Network Live! 86<br />

international trends<br />

Very Peri Mania 33<br />

Versatile Styling 58<br />

Whatever your<br />

mood, whatever<br />

the challenges life<br />

throws at you,<br />

everything is more<br />

beautiful when seen<br />

through a haze of<br />

colour!<br />

SPRING<br />

SUMMER<br />

<strong>2022</strong><br />

The Spring/Summer<br />

<strong>2022</strong> Runways are<br />

embracing the key<br />

themes of individuality<br />

and diversity. Be<br />

yourself and shine your<br />

own light!.

Power Lines<br />

If it’s not about the colour, then it must be all about the shape. A<br />

combination of geometry and creativity is always head- turning!<br />

Gary Kelly and Marie Scarano<br />

Lines form angles and angles create shapes. We drew on the international talent and expertise of some international<br />

stylists and colourists to show us their favourite Power Lines – fringes, bangs, partings, asymmetric cuts – a look with<br />

a sharp geometric, eye-catching edge to it!<br />


“The extreme styling is a combination of a clean cut tailoring with strong powerful outlines. Hair is given a subtle midnight blue coloured blended with<br />

handcrafted shape. These powerful angular lines reflect the new take on "natural daylight” gradients. To achieve this ultra-styling, I prepped with Oribe Imperial<br />

Blowout Transformative Styling Crème to create a full, flawless, smooth blow dry that gives styling in strength. Finished with Oribe Très Set Structure Spray, this<br />

light spray foam adds structure, density, shine and all-day memory.” Marco Chan, (Hong Kong)<br />

Hair: Marco Chan (@marcochanpro); Photo: Karl Lam; Model: Fion Hui<br />


“At Rainbow Room International we love haircuts with sharp, strong lines. We use a lot of colour in our work and pairing the colour with a haircut with<br />

precision cutting it enhances the colour, gives the look sleekness and creates even more of a statement finish. Precise bobs are a classic geometric cut but<br />

at Rainbow Room International we like to create something less simple and more edgy with our lines. With this look in particular we wanted to create a<br />

horizontal line at eye level to help draw you into the models facial features such as their eyes and cheekbones and to give the look a geometric finish that<br />

showcases our cutting skills when it comes to these shorter more precise cuts.” Dylan Brittain, Rainbow Room International (<strong>UK</strong>)<br />

Hair: Suzie McGill and Dylan Brittain, Rainbow Room International; Photo: Michael Young; Make-up: Kirsten Baillie;<br />

Stylist: Detroit Law<br />

6 looks


“At Marc Antoni we love to create strong, defiant shapes that stand out. This image was created with<br />

femininity and great strength in mind. We wanted to show that cropped styles with intricate details,<br />

sharp lines and geometric shapes can still represent beauty and create a feminine feel. The exaggerated<br />

tapered sides accentuate the models incredible bone structure and cheek bones. The style was<br />

finished off with carefully placed pieces of hair falling onto the forehead. This was to add another<br />

dimension to the look and show a playful side simultaneously.” Bruno Marc, Marc Antoni Salons &<br />

JOICO Ambassador for Europe (<strong>UK</strong>)<br />

Colour & Cut: Marc Antoni Artistic Team; Photo: Jamie Blanshard<br />


“I love the almost blue colour of a moonlit night sky around a full moon. With this collection I wanted<br />

to channel the dark hues of the night sky into a range of looks that take a darker turn, yet are glamorous<br />

and express my love for working with afro hair in all its beauty. I love braiding and in this picture the<br />

shape created by the braid is awesome and the flick of hair at the front really makes it come to life.”<br />

Anne Veck for Anne Veck Oxford (<strong>UK</strong>)<br />

Hair and Styling: Anne Veck for Anne Veck Oxford; Assisted by Sylvain Gagliardi and Samantha Golding;<br />

Make-up Amedlia Roberts; Photo: Desmond Murray<br />

trends<br />



“The power of detail and placement of the graphic disconnections frame the eye, cheekbone and jaw.<br />

Inspired by the youth culture aesthetic of making a quick, dramatic statement with their look by cutting<br />

in side panels. It’s the perfect look for the client that wants everything. Extravagant, healthy and brave,<br />

framing the face to highlight features creating a very edgy look on extremely long hair. It’s a double cut;<br />

hide the length and it’s a bob. The fractured silhouette is enhanced with sleeves of bold colour placement<br />

with an organic fluid colour palette.” Daniele de Angelis, TONI&GUY (<strong>UK</strong>)<br />

Hair: Daniele De Angelis, TONI&GUY, London; Colour: Siobhan Haug; Make-up: Monnie Kaurs;<br />

Styling: Veronika Greenhill; Photo: Kevin Luchmun<br />


“I’m really proud of this look for its combination of smoothness and angularity. Beautiful blending combines<br />

with a heavyweight feature line to create an iconic hairstyle which is both progressive and innovative.” Eason<br />

Chen @ Eros Salon (Taiwan)<br />

Hair: Eason Chen @ Eros Salon; Photo: Eva; Colour: Eva; Model: Samuel<br />

124 trends trends 125


“This image is from my collection Tokyo Love Booth. It’s a really bold, striking image that the whole collection hangs around. I’m<br />

fascinated by the Tokyo street fashion scene and how the young Japanese style themselves, blending old and new. This particular<br />

image was inspired by the ‘minka’ style roof you would see on traditional Japanese homes. They were designed like this so that when it<br />

rained, they believed the curve on the roof would send the rain or evil spirits bouncing back up to the sky. I love thinking that this hair<br />

style does the same thing!” Tim Scott-Wright (<strong>UK</strong>)<br />

Hair: Tim Scott-Wright; Photo: Michael Young; Make-up: Kirsten B @kirstenbmakeupartist;<br />

Styling: Claire Frith<br />


“I created the hair with anti-gravity texture and waves that are synonymous with the wind blowing randomly and informally on the<br />

hair. I created three bold, vibrant colours accentuated by orange. My Empress Collection was inspired by Buddha’s teaching to remain<br />

firm in the face of the eight contrasting worldly winds of prosperity, decline, disgrace, honour, praise, censure, suffering, and pleasure,<br />

that may blow into our lives from time to time - even into the life of an Empress!” Anakin Chan (USA)<br />

Hair: Anakin Chan @anakin66hairpro; Photo: Damien Carney; Fashion Director: Nikko Kefalas;<br />

Make-up: Joanne Gair @joannegair; Model: Yueyao Li @wawalyy @EMG Models<br />

looks<br />



This look is inspired by shadows; not only in the lighting but also in the individual pieces of hair, which were created with an<br />

extreme ‘shadow ombré’. The ends were lightened to a pale yellow and overlaid with high line green. Special lighting gives the hair<br />

a more florescent look. Models hair was very short so the hair you see are hairpieces using wig tape to secure . Hair was flat ironed<br />

and point cut to customize the shape.” Allen Furlan (USA)<br />

Hair: Allen Furlan; Make-up: Romelia Pelin; Photographer: John Ng<br />

“This photo was a from a collection called Discotheque, all about strong women in the clubs at night. Strong Lines, strong shapes<br />

and powerful colours. Like a streak of lightning – but in a clear blue sky!” Dana Lyseng (USA)<br />

Hair, Colour, Cut & Style: Dana Lyseng; Make-up: Mellissa Jones; Wardrobe: Dana Lyseng;<br />

Photo and Editing: Kale Freisen<br />



“Inspired by a refined rawness in the colour and hair texture. Creating a combination<br />

of warm golds, light pinks and peach to accentuate the disconnection in the fringe<br />

and lengths. Disconnected harmony in colour and cut. The image gives a bohemian<br />

inspiration in a story told by the raw beauty of each model.” Timothy Switzer (USA)<br />

Hair & Colour: Timothy Switzer; Photo: Kale Friesen; Make-up: Timothy Switzer;<br />

Products: Goldwell<br />


“Our classic signature looks are seen in on our walls @industryhair. These classic looks stem from the iconic<br />

“bob”, “one length” and the modern “pixie”. They are progressions from our beauty school days that clearly<br />

are timeless looks that will be forever in fashion and forever evolve. Creating these looks was important to us.<br />

We wanted to share our gratitude to where we came from. We were stylist and now educators as well and<br />

share the love for our craft to others looking for inspiration. We love to show beautiful shapes accented with<br />

beautiful colours and allow the image to create our story.” David & Marilyn Vendittelli (USA)<br />

Hair Colour: David Vendittelli; Hair Cut/Style: Marilyn Vendittelli; Make-up: Meghan Bell; Photo: Kale Friessen;<br />

Salon INdustry Hair and Esthetics Ontario Canada; Color Products: Goldwell Elumen; Styling Products: KMS<br />

Moist Repair Revival Cream, Shine Spray<br />

124 trends trends 125

Yuhan Wang<br />

SPRING<br />

SUMMER<br />

<strong>2022</strong><br />

Chanel<br />

Golden Age<br />

Richmond<br />

We revert to type in difficult times, so a gold rush is triggered! It’s all about firing up<br />

the feel-good factor this Spring/Summer season - lighting the fusewire to luxury on<br />

that most glamorous of evenings. From hairdo downwards, everything sparkles ...<br />

Loewe<br />

Liberatore<br />

Laruicci<br />

Philosophy<br />

Fendi by Versace<br />

Az Factory<br />

Dundas<br />

Christian Dior<br />

Crutchley<br />

Az Factory<br />

Hobeika<br />

Laura Castelli<br />

Catwalks Photos: IMAXtree.com

Fendi<br />

Kronthaler Westwood<br />

Roberto Cavalli<br />

Kronthaler Westwood<br />

Kenneth Ize<br />

Balmain<br />

Fendi<br />

Bronx banco<br />

Tom Ford<br />

1941<br />

1960 1983<br />

2004<br />

2006<br />

Inspo & Icons<br />

The gold lamé effect<br />

has always been<br />

popular among<br />

Hollywood starlets.<br />

Still today, they go<br />

for gold on those very<br />

special occasions -<br />

trailblazed by the<br />

legendary Gina<br />

Lollobrigida in '60<br />

& Meryl Streep in '83.<br />

2009<br />

Photos celebrities: GettyImages<br />

catwalks<br />


Coperni<br />

SPRING<br />

SUMMER<br />

<strong>2022</strong><br />

Malone per Mulberryu<br />

Pangender<br />

Act<br />

Why be limited by convention? Fashion has always been at the vanguard of<br />

inclusivity - freedom both inside and out. Have fun expressing who you really are;<br />

throw open your wardrobe and throw out any preconceptions. Always with class.<br />

Tom Ford<br />

Marco Rambaldi<br />

Mark Fast<br />

Marni<br />

Malan Breton<br />

Saint Sermin<br />

14 catwalks

Saint Sernin<br />

Lanvin<br />

Crutchley<br />

Victor Glemaud<br />

Luar<br />

Hobeika<br />

Salvatore Ferragamo<br />

Kronthaler Westwood<br />

Crutchley<br />

Osman<br />

1974<br />

1977 1990 1993 2019<br />

Photos celebrities: GettyImages<br />

Inspo & Icons<br />

Gender fluidity is<br />

nothing new, especially<br />

in the world of music.<br />

'70s Glam Rock was a<br />

pioneer of courageous<br />

fashion. Then 1978<br />

saw Freddy Mercury<br />

in a brilliant jumpsuit<br />

- one step beyond the<br />

wonderful extravagances<br />

of a '74 classic vintage<br />

Elton John.<br />

Catwalks Photos: IMAXtree.com

Catwalks Photos: IMAXtree.com<br />

Loewe<br />

Marrknull<br />

Genny<br />

Louis Vuitton<br />

Mithridate<br />

Blumarine<br />

SPRING<br />

SUMMER<br />

<strong>2022</strong><br />

Coach<br />

Denim Mania<br />

Valentino<br />

Yves Saint Laurent<br />

It’s the season for everything and that includes denim, of course. The classic diktat<br />

of mix ‘n’ match still holds true, so forget matching jeans and jackets - we’ll leave<br />

them in the ‘80s! This most loved of fabrics is as comfortable and on trend as ever.<br />

1975 1986<br />

1988<br />

1989 1985<br />

Inspo & Icons<br />

Denim has a true<br />

history of tradition.<br />

It speaks a universal<br />

language that crosses<br />

generations, social<br />

class es and career<br />

choices. Whether it's<br />

for a protest or a party,<br />

it's the perfect choice<br />

in every respect.<br />

16 catwalks<br />

Photos celebrities: GettyImages

MSGM<br />

Missoni<br />

Fendi By Versace<br />

Blumarine<br />

Almeida<br />

Mark Fast<br />

Blumarine<br />

Almeida<br />

Louis Vuitton<br />

Luisa Spagnoli<br />

Philosophy<br />

Versace<br />


The Power of<br />

Networking<br />

Networking is an essential part of growing your<br />

career, your profile and yourself. Whether it’s attending<br />

events, working on shoots and shows or working in your<br />

local community.<br />

There’s no doubt that in hairdressing, you have many strings to your bow when it comes to moving you<br />

career on to the next level. It goes without saying that a big part of that is about commitment to the<br />

craft, practical training and, of course, gaining the necessary experience at salon level. After a while,<br />

however, there is a risk that the salon environment can leave you feeling a little detached from the bigger<br />

hairdressing picture - especially if you’re not particularly active on social media at a professional or<br />

creative level. That’s where Networking comes into the picture – and it’s not just all about Instagram and<br />

TikTok! There are many ways you can network that are beneficial to you, your colleagues and, of course,<br />

your clients. We invited 4 industry experts to talk about some ways in which you can very easily broaden<br />

your hair horizons through networking:<br />


William Zeqiri, Fresha CEO and Founder<br />

“Outside of marketing campaigns, use data to promote special events such as a new service launch, a charity<br />

fundraiser or a VIP event for loyal customers. Expand your network by organising bring-your-friend/colleague/<br />

family events. Salons could also link initiatives to high profile events such as Pride Month, Black History Month,<br />

or International Women’s Day.<br />

"Collaborate with synergic local businesses on combined initiatives, such as a bridal event with a bridal boutique,<br />

or a makeover event with a beauty salon or nail bar. These not only build your network and foster community<br />

relations, they also get more people through the door. Fresha helps salons by collecting valuable data, so they<br />

can analyse client activity including appointment frequency, and the services and products they enjoy. Fresha’s<br />

marketing tools ensure salons stay in regular contact and tailor their messaging based on the client’s appointment<br />

history, as well as running campaigns and promotions.<br />

The consumer-facing part of Fresha, Fresha Marketplace, is a sophisticated search engine that consumers use to<br />

find salons in their area. This generates new clients and helps salons build their customer network. Fresha has<br />

processed over 450 million appointments to date.<br />

My top tips for using your system to its full advantage would be to collect good data to build and use information<br />

that enhances the client experience, promotes your business and fosters meaningful local networks; use Fresha’s<br />

Blast Campaigns and auto-campaigns to promote your latest news, offers and events, along with<br />

Fresha Reports to look at what’s happening in your business; use this information to launch<br />

specific campaigns. Also, build your Fresha Marketplace profile, activate Reserve with<br />

Google and set up Facebook and Instagram booking integrations from within the Fresha<br />

platform, as these will raise your local profile and generate bookings."<br />

Join Fresha free and start building your business at https://www.fresha.com/for-business


Akin Konizi, International Creative Director, HOB Academy<br />

“Networking is very important to our industry and I don’t just mean social media – it’s getting people together in one room.<br />

Personal interaction is fundamental to our industry. Events are where the masters rub shoulders with apprentices and salon<br />

stylists and colourists from across the country. These conversations are necessary to show what is possible within your career to be<br />

aspirational to the young and for ideas to be progressed and developed. Hairdressers are very sociable people; they need to feel a<br />

part of a large family as opposed to just their salon or salon group. They need to know that potentially there is a network of advice<br />

and options for future careers. With the recent events with Covid, it’s impacted the interaction within our industry and as a result<br />

of that, creativity and an enthusiasm seems to have suffered. Our events are the melting pot for all future ideas and innovations.<br />

It’s also what makes the hair industry so special that it doesn’t matter who you work for, everyone supports each other.”<br />

networking<br />



Bruno Giamattei, Bruno Marc and Joico Ambassador for Europe, <strong>UK</strong> & Ireland<br />

“We were looking to change product company and looking for new opportunities. Our wholesaler, Laceys suggested that we try<br />

Joico and gave us some products to try and we were blown away. One of the first products we tried was Blonde Life Bleach and we<br />

couldn’t believe the results and the fabulous condition the hair was left in after lightening. We then met the team and realised that<br />

we could work well with them and that was it. It’s been almost four years and it’s been a great journey. As hairdressers, networking<br />

is something we do naturally. We’ve worked throughout Europe with Joico from our first show in Poland to a more recent<br />

show in Norway, and that’s given us an opportunity to reach new audiences. In the <strong>UK</strong> I represent Joico at many events and I’ve<br />

found through my role as their Ambassador that people love to chat, ask questions, and want to know your opinion.<br />

Never be afraid to speak to someone or ask them a question. Working on shows and shoots is very much a team effort and if I get<br />

the opportunity to work with someone new, I always work on building the relationship to get the best from them. Keep your eyes<br />

and ears open, if you see someone’s work that you like – let them know, it’s never been easier to contact someone than it is today.<br />

Instagram’s a great tool for sourcing models, make-up artists, photographers, and stylists – find people you like and make contact.<br />

Most importantly, treat others as you would like to be treated and be interested in what’s going on and the individual’s role in<br />

the shoot. Make a great first impression and don’t forget to stay in touch afterwards – social media is a great tool for this and a<br />

fabulous way to build up your network.”


Cos Sakkas, International Artistic Director and Head of Education, TONI&GUY<br />

“We launched our TONI&GUY Digital Academy in 2020 but it had been something that was in the pipeline for a while. However,<br />

lockdowns and the pandemic meant we had the opportunity to launch it earlier than we would have done. As face-to-face education<br />

ground to a halt around the world, the Digital Academy ensured hairdressers everywhere had access to first-class training<br />

whatever their pandemic situation. Now, we have more than 300 educational hair technique videos, plus global live webinars every<br />

month by some of our most creative and technical stylists and educators. During the past two years the whole world has moved<br />

online. While lockdown kept us apart in real life, the online world has actually brought us closer together. Training online wasn’t<br />

particularly popular in our industry prior to 2020, but it has taught us that while nothing will replace real-life education, coming<br />

together as a community online means you can keep your skill set high, learn new techniques and styles and interact with hairdressers<br />

who are in the same situation as you are. Digital education is a great networking tool – you are part of a community who<br />

supports one another, you can share ideas and meet people you wouldn’t necessarily meet. It’s a great way to build a new network<br />

of creatives that you can work together on shoots and collaborate with on ideas.”<br />

Find out more at https://education.toniandguy.com<br />

networking<br />


Presidential<br />

Roll Call!<br />

Ken Picton is the latest in a prestigious line up of<br />

37 Presidents of the Fellowship for British Hairdressing<br />

since its inception in 1946.<br />

The title was first held by Fellowship founder, Benjamin Neil Furman in 1946, alongside Riche of Hay Hill, and 75<br />

years later the organisation still abides by the same values and principles. Today, Ken presides over the Fellowship and<br />

has worked tirelessly through the past three years, in times no other president has worked through. “I took over the<br />

Presidency from Karine Jackson in 2019 – and then Covid hit in March 2020 I’m the first President not to have held<br />

a President’s Night event, so I’m making up for it with my Presidents Night on 11 April! I’ve had two brilliant Chairs<br />

working alongside me, allowing me to push forward and accelerate my three-year plan that I set out in 2019. At the<br />

Fellowship, the past 18 months has given us lots of opportunity to re-evaluate what we do, and ensure we are creative,<br />

diverse and inclusive for all. As the industry has changed, so has the Fellowship over the past 75 years – reflecting the<br />

challenges and opportunities of the industry, while leading the way in diversity and inclusivity.<br />

Robert Eaton is Vice President and is also looking forward to what the future brings. “Change is good – not just for the<br />

industry but personally as well. We all need to keep pushing forward, innovating and attracting the next generation of<br />

hairdressers. I’m looking forward to our President’s Night in April, when we can all come together to celebrate the new<br />

President and I’m sure there will be some surprises thrown in!”<br />

So as we look to the future, what do the Presidents of the past remember about their time at the helm? We caught up with<br />

a few of them who shared their stories.<br />

KEVIN ARKELL 1991-1994_“At the time I was in charge of Partnership Services at Wella GB and being<br />

President was a great honour for me as apart from Cyril Ashley who was Chairman in the 1960s, I was the<br />

only representative of a major manufacturer to hold a position in the Fellowship. The enjoyment for the role<br />

came from meeting hairdressers from all over the country, including Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.<br />

And under my reign we carried out several major events in Scotland, widening our audience and taking<br />

creativity outside of London. My one ambition was to see the growth of young hairdressers developing<br />

and learning from the masters who were the backbone of the Fellowship. Working closely with Chairman<br />

Christofer Mann, this was achievable through the creation of the F.A.M.E. Team and also at the numerous<br />

events and seminars staged in London."<br />

JENNIFER CHEYNE OBE 1998-2000_“I was already heavily involved in the Fellowship, having already been<br />

Chancellor for two years prior to being the President. It was a privilege to be trusted in such a prestigious<br />

position in our wonderful industry and to feel I was helping in some ways to make a difference for the future<br />

of hairdressing. My first President’s Night was a huge success, and the next day I got a call from LA from<br />

Vidal Sassoon to say he had heard it was a fabulous night and he asked if he could attend the following<br />

year. Of course, I was thrilled but kept this secret so it would be a total surprise for everybody. He flew over<br />

in a private jet, there were 500 people at the Park Lane Hotel and when they realised Vidal Sassoon was my<br />

surprise guest, everyone was so incredibly excited. It was a magical night. He gave a wonderful speech and<br />

it was truly a memorable evening.”

The Fellowship still<br />

abides by the same<br />

values - 75 years on!<br />

(top row left-right): Xavier Wenger with Kevin Arkell, 1993; Jennifer Cheyne with David Lambert; Joshua Galvin<br />

with Andrew Collinge. (middle row left-right): Beverly C; The F.A.M.E Team 1994 with Errol Douglas & Antoinette<br />

Beenders as members. (right, top): Sean Dawson and Steven Goldsworthy. (right, bottom): Ken Picton.<br />

BEVERLY C 2002-2004_“Being President was definitely one of the highlights of my career. To be trusted for<br />

such a position is truly an honour. I absolutely loved being part of such an amazing organisation. I loved<br />

working alongside everyone on Council and the events team and was so inspired that everyone gives up<br />

their time and expertise for free and for the love of our industry. Also seeing the results of the incredible<br />

events across the 24 months was so satisfying and exhilarating. It was an amazing journey!”<br />

ERROL DOUGLAS MBE 2013-2015 _“My love for the Fellowship has always been deep – I was one of the first<br />

members of the F.A.M.E eam and the Fellowship has been there every step of the way. Who knew then that<br />

I would eventually lead the organisation and work with incredible people every day. The Fellowship sums up<br />

the mood of the industry at the time and leads the way, especially in inclusivity and diversity in the industry.<br />

Our mantra is creativity and opportunity for all and watching the next generation grow is hugely satisfying<br />

and it was a privilege to be at the helm while the industry was growing in stature and respect.”<br />

Tickets are on sale for the <strong>2022</strong> President’s Night<br />

Visit www.fellowshiphair.com for more information<br />

heritage<br />


Imagine Invincible Hair<br />

Discover the Hair Alchemy Collection<br />


Best of<br />

B ri t<br />

Cos used a myriad of<br />

techniques in his ‘Craftwork’<br />

collection: 3D printing,<br />

braiding and graphic and<br />

precision cutting - all with<br />

juxtaposed colour.<br />

Hair: Cos Sakkas,<br />

TONI&GUY, London<br />

Photos: Jack Eames<br />

Make-up: Lan Nguyen-Grealis<br />

Styling: Veronika Greenhill<br />

Multi-<br />


Melissa’s ‘Dual’ collection is all<br />

about contrasting blonde with<br />

brunette - two distinct colour<br />

palettes, which harmonise<br />

perfectly when the magic of<br />

precision cutting is applied!<br />

Hair: Melissa Timperley and Melissa<br />

Salons Art Team<br />

Photos: Michael Young<br />

Make-up: Kirsten B<br />

Styling: Rubina Vita Marchiori

Best of<br />

B ri t<br />

“Milk chocolate or<br />

white chocolate...<br />

Why choose?<br />

Indulge yourself<br />

in both flavours!”<br />

vision<br />


Robert’s ‘Reflect’ collection<br />

represents a vision for the<br />

bright future of the craft; a<br />

world in which diversity is<br />

embraced and fresh concepts<br />

of beauty are celebrated.<br />

Hair: Robert Eaton<br />

Photos: Richard Miles<br />

Make-up: Lucy Flower<br />

Styling: Clare Frith

Best of<br />

B ri t<br />

“Individuality<br />

showcased<br />

by cut, colour<br />

and styling<br />

in creating<br />

bespoke beauty”<br />

vision<br />




Available to salons in the ghd Partnership Programme;<br />

for more information, contact your ghd business<br />

development manager or call 01924 423400.

VOICES<br />

Great Lengths launches Voices, a project featuring 7 contemporary women: each unique<br />

within the group, each with the desire to talk about the changes and challenges they<br />

have faced during their lives so far. The idea behind Voices is to encourage other women<br />

to reveal themselves, embrace their stories, and face situations that need courage and<br />

confidence. Great Lengths believes that confidence is achievable in various ways, also<br />

through the way we perceive our appearance: for this reason, the company has always<br />

manufactured the best hair extensions possible. For many people, this is a dream come<br />

true: a change that makes the difference. We are delighted to have this opportunity to<br />

present the four beautiful women leading Great Lengths’ Voices. Here, they reveal a<br />

snippet of their stories and the challenges that have helped them grow and grow. Each<br />

comment ends with fundamental question ‘What’s your VOICE?’ and the answer is only<br />

one word summing up the meaning of each one of these stories.<br />

MEET THE VOICES! Visit www.greatlengths.com/uk and watch the video interviews.<br />

Hair: Great Lengths Creative Team<br />

Creative Director: @alessmol for 00:am<br />

Film Director & Photo: @alessmol<br />

Hair Director: @rossanoferrettiofficial

MODA<br />

INT’L<br />

VERY<br />

PERI<br />

MANIA!<br />

Versatile<br />

Styling<br />


VERY<br />

PERI<br />

MANIA<br />

Fashion Photos: Imax.tree<br />

It is the colour of the season! Encompassing the qualities of blues, yet at the same time possessing a violet-red<br />

undertone Very Peri “displays a spritely, joyous attitude and dynamic presence that encourages courageous<br />

creativity and imaginative expression”. For hair colourists, it's the dream ticket! Violet has in recent months<br />

been a hugely popular colour choice for salon clients who are craving a strong hair statement; and it doesn't<br />

end there as we've seen the catwalks follow suit, with both couture and accessories embracing the shade.<br />

È il colore della stagione! Racchiude le qualità del blu, ma allo stesso tempo presenta delle sfumature rossoviola:<br />

Very Peri “mostra un atteggiamento vivace e gioioso e una presenza dinamica che incoraggia la<br />

creatività e la forza dell’immaginazione”. Dream-ticket per i coloristi, è stato molto popolare negli ultimi mesi<br />

tra i clienti dei saloni che desiderano un look con forte affermazione di sé; anche le sfilate si innamorano del<br />

colore Pantone dell’anno, che vogliono per abiti e accessori.<br />

Das ist die Farbe der Saison! Dieses Blau, das gleichzeitig einen violett-roten Unterton besitzt, namens Very<br />

Peri ist Sinnbild „einer lebhaften, fröhlichen Gesinnung und dynamischen Präsenz, die mutige Kreativität<br />

und phantasievollen Ausdruck fördert“. Ein Traumticket für jeden Haarkoloristen! Violett war in den letzten<br />

Monaten eine äußerst beliebte Farbwahl für Salonkunden, die sich nach einem starken Statement in Sachen<br />

Haarfarbe sehnten. Und bei den Haaren bleibt es nicht, wie wir auf den Laufstegen gesehen haben. Dieser Ton<br />

inspiriert auch die Welt der Mode und Accessoires.<br />

C'est la couleur de la saison ! Elle englobe toutes les nuances de bleu, et, en même temps, décline des tonalités<br />

rouge-violet : Very Peri "invite à une attitude vive et joyeuse. Une présence dynamique qui encourage la<br />

créativité et le pouvoir de l'imagination". Dream-ticket pour les coloristes a été extrêmement populaire ces<br />

derniers mois auprès des clients des salons qui veulent un look affirmé. Les défilés de mode tombent eux aussi<br />

sous le charme de la couleur Pantone de l'année qui se distillent entre vêtements et accessoires.<br />

¡Es el color de la temporada! Abarca las cualidades del azul, pero al mismo tiempo con un trasfondo rojo<br />

violeta. Very Peri “muestra una actitud vivaz y alegre y una presencia dinámica que fomenta la creatividad<br />

valiente y la expresión imaginativa”. ¡Para los coloristas, es la propuesta soñada! En los últimos meses, el<br />

violeta ha sido una opción de color muy popular entre los clientes de salón que anhelan un cabello con gran<br />

personalidad. Los desfiles de moda también se han enamorado del color Pantone del año, que utilizan en la<br />

ropa y los complementos.

Hair: Compagnia della Bellezza

Hair: Andrew Smith<br />

Photo: Richard Miles<br />

Make-up: Louise Lerego<br />

Styling: Magdalena Jacobs

Valentino<br />

Hair: Nicolas Goncalves<br />

Colour: Chloe Benon<br />

Photo: Aurore D<br />

Make-up: Farah Maquillage<br />

Products: Eugene Perma<br />


VERY<br />

PERI<br />

MANIA!<br />

pantone<br />

Ermanno Scervino<br />

Diamonique<br />

Prai<br />

Very Peri absorbs the<br />

violet-end of the colour<br />

spectrum in its entirety;<br />

fashion accessories are no<br />

exception to the rule!<br />

Yves Saint Laurent<br />

Ermanno Scervino<br />

Ermanno Scervino<br />

Tods<br />


Lanvin<br />

Lanvin<br />

Versace<br />

Laura Biagiotti

Tiffany Brown<br />

Ermanno Scervino

Art Direction: Genny D’Auria<br />

for Officina Essenziale<br />

@Farmaca International<br />

Hair: Modidimoda GD<br />

Photo: Mauro Mancioppi<br />

Make-up: Eva Vecchione

Hair: Maggie Semaan<br />

@Haus of Rtists<br />

Photo: Hussain Jian<br />

Make-up: Ria Jaini

Hair: Emmanuel Esteban<br />

@Salon Sloane<br />

Photo: Bartlomiej Stawszoski<br />

Make-up: Paulina Siembor<br />

Think lavender purple meets periwinkle blue;<br />

then go to extremes & dictate your hair destiny.

Creative Direction & Hair:<br />

Antoinette Beenders<br />

Photo: Andrew Yee<br />

Make-up: Walter Obal<br />

Styling: Anna Katsanis<br />

& Shari Anlauf<br />

Products: Aveda

Hair: Petra Měchurová<br />

Photo: Vojtěch Veškrna<br />

Make-up: Hristina Georgievsky<br />

Styling: Tereza Rozalie Kladošová

Creative Direction: Eric Maurice<br />

Hair: Amandine Zachary<br />

& Elisa Belmonte<br />

Photo: Pascal Latil<br />

Make-up: Stéphanie Joffroy<br />

Styling: Antonio Ortega

Hair: Roberto Dallo<br />

Photo: Estudio Kentaro<br />

Make-up: Leyre Gutierrez<br />

Styling: Francisco Javier Mora<br />

Products: Revlon Professional





THE TONE.<br />

Hair & Styling: Christian Ríos/Photo: Esteban Roca<br />

Make-up: Gloss Make-up<br />

Hair & Photo: Jose Urrutia/Make-up: Anabel Larrauri<br />

Styling: Candy Mott<br />

Art Direction: Lorenzo Marchelle<br />

& Gianni Rando @Alfaparf Milano<br />

Photo: Vanessa Polignano<br />

Make-up: Rossella Pisani<br />

Styling: Paola Gangemi

VERY<br />

PERI<br />

MANIA!<br />

Jamiesterndesign<br />

Fashion East<br />


fridaosorno.interiorismo<br />

Hair & Styling: Anna Barroca<br />

Photo: David Arnal<br />

Make-up: Anna González<br />

Cool interiors.<br />

Could violet<br />

really be the new<br />

white? Let colour<br />

flood in and<br />

it’ll provide the<br />

perfect backdrop<br />

to making your<br />

ultimate design<br />

fantasies a reality.

David Koma<br />


Hair: Angelo Seminara,<br />

Goldwell Global Ambassador<br />

Colour: A. Seminara<br />

& Takashi Kurokawa<br />

Photo: Txema Yeste<br />

Make-up: Daniel Kolaric<br />

Products: Goldwell

Can you ever really outshine stunning blonde<br />

hair? Yes you can! Just turn it into an accessory!<br />

Lady Gaga/Photo Gettyimages





Valentino<br />

Hair: Nicolas Goncalves/Colour: Chloe Benon/Photo: Aurore D<br />

Make-up: Farah Maquillage/Products: Eugene Perma Professionnel<br />

Hair & Styling: Krisztina Keresztes/Photo: Adrian Zaharia<br />

Make-up: Daniela Moga/Products: Revlon Professional

Hair: Oleksandr Shevchenko<br />

@Long&Short beauty salon<br />

Photo: Stanislav Istratov<br />

Make-up: Anna Voevodina

VERY<br />

PERI<br />

MANIA!<br />

federica.anita_hairstylist<br />

untamedistinct<br />

ajcpr<br />

evilhair_<br />

#veryperi<strong>2022</strong><br />

lallafiorillo<br />

It’s been flooding<br />

social media in<br />

an exquisite tidal<br />

wave of beautiful<br />

colour: Instagram<br />

has taken on<br />

a whole new,<br />

adorable identity.<br />

teaganburnsart<br />

guidopalau<br />

daneva_salons<br />

marselapupa<br />


Hair: Mayte Garrote<br />

@Different Estilistas<br />

Photo: David Arnal<br />

Make-up: José Luis Blasco<br />

Styling: Eunnis Mesa

Hair: Carlos Alvarez,<br />

NAHA 22 Haircolor Finalist<br />

Courtesy of Professional<br />

Beauty Association

Hair: Esther de la Fuente<br />

Photo: David Arnal<br />

Make-up: José Luis Blasco<br />

Styling: Visori

Hair: Geoffrey Tentillier, Alexandra Dieu & Florent Debruxelles @Vog Groupe<br />

Photo: Pawel Wylag/Make-up: Izabela Szelagowska/Styling: Paulina Gzik<br />

Art Direction: Jean-Marie & Stessie Contreras<br />

Hair: J. & S. Contreras, C. Demade, S. Richard, S. Elbachir<br />

Photo & Make-up: William Cerf<br />

Versatile Styling<br />

When one look is simply not enough! Well why should it be? Life is a journey through intriguing<br />

experiences and exciting adventures - each requiring its own hair transformation!<br />

Perché accontentarsi di un unico look? La vita è un viaggio attraverso mille esperienze e continue avventure, ognuna<br />

delle quali esige la propria trasformazione capelli! Un solo taglio, infinite possibilità!<br />

Wenn ein Look einfach nicht genug ist! Nun, warum das so ist? Weil das Leben eine Reise ist, mit faszinierenden<br />

Erfahrungen und Abenteuern – und stets neuer Haar-Transformation!<br />

Pourquoi se limiter à un seul look ? La vie est un voyage à travers mille expériences et mille aventures, dont chacune<br />

d'elle nécessite sa propre transformation capillaire ! Une coupe, des possibilités infinies !<br />

¿Por qué conformarse con un solo look? ¡La vida es un viaje a través de mil experiencias y aventuras continuas, cada una<br />

de ellas requiere su propia transformación del cabello! ¡Un corte, infinitas posibilidades!

Hair: Robby Osselaer @Bobhead<br />

Photo: Richard Monsieurs<br />

Make-up: Tom van de Walle<br />

Styling: Sofie Schrauwen<br />

Products: Joico

Hair: David Corbett<br />

Photo: Michael Young<br />

Make-up: Natasha De Cazalet

Art Direction: Fabien Provost @JLD<br />

Photo: Vivienne Balla<br />

Make-up: Amélie Moutia<br />

Styling: Charlotte Neuwels

Versatile Styling<br />

Hair: Tom Smith<br />

Photo: Chris Bulezuik<br />

Make-up: Grace Hayward<br />

Styling: Rubina Marchiori<br />

Tousled hair<br />

has a style of its<br />

own; add copper<br />

and you have<br />

the ULTIMATE<br />


Hair: Now Progressional Team<br />

Photo: Azzurra Picardi<br />

Make-up: Markus Theisen<br />

Styling: Romina Power<br />

Products: Alfaparf Milano

Art Direction: Fabien Provost<br />

@L’Atelier Intermède<br />

Photo: Thomas Tardivo<br />

Make-up: Natacha Maillard<br />

Styling: Virginie Fauconnier<br />

Products: L’Oréal Professionnel

Versatile Styling<br />

Hair: Francesco Arancio/Photo: Carlo Butera<br />

Make-up: Maria Luisa Daidone/Styling: Davorin Cordone<br />

Flawless skin, impeccable hair.<br />


to turn heads and set the world on fire<br />

Hair: Alexander Dinter,<br />

La Biosthétique International<br />

Creative Director

Art Direction & Photo:<br />

Stéphane Gagnard @Eric Zemmour<br />

Make-up: Laurie Feligioni<br />

Styling: Katie Jacobson<br />

Products: L’Oréal Professionnel,<br />

Babyliss Pro & Mizutani Scissors

Hair: Toni&Guy<br />

International Artistic Team<br />

Photo: Jack Eames<br />

Make-up: Lan Nguyen-Grealis<br />

Styling: Veronika Greenhill

Hair: Luigi Martini @Lisap Milano<br />

Photo: Mauro Mancioppi<br />

Make-up: Raffaella Tabanelli<br />

Styling: Luca Termine

Versatile Styling<br />

Hair: Geoffrey Tentillier @Vog Groupe/Photo: Pawel Wylag<br />

Make-up: Izabela Szelagowska/Styling: Joanna Wolff<br />

Why be unique when<br />

you can be uniquely<br />

versatile? Do another<br />


and you’ll love it even<br />

more the second time!<br />

Hair & Styling: Christian Ríos<br />

Photo: Esteban Roca<br />

Make-up: Gloss Make Up

Art Direction & Hair:<br />

Claude Tarantino<br />

Photo: Jules Egger<br />

Products: L’Oréal Professionnel<br />

& Mizutani Scissors

Art Direction: Laurent Voisinet<br />

& Pascal Latil<br />

Hair: Laurent, Carole & Manon Voisinet<br />

Photo: Pascal Latil<br />

Make-up: Mariana Miteva<br />

Styling: Véronique Suchet

Versatile Styling<br />

Hair: Elise Antoine<br />

Photo: Pawel Wylag<br />

Make-up: Izabela Szelagowska<br />

Styling: Joanna Wolff<br />

Be it night or day, don’t<br />

underestimate the allure<br />

of individuality. TAKE TWO<br />

and the intrigue is multiplied,<br />

but never diluted.

Art Direction: Tom Connell @Davines<br />

Colour: Ashleigh Hodges<br />

Photo: Jon Gorrigan<br />

Styling: Rubina Marchiori



A new digital way to enhance<br />

international business is<br />

now available!<br />

An editorial and digital<br />

service supporting hair & beauty<br />

product manufacturers entering<br />

new international markets.<br />




OF YOUR<br />

HAIR<br />

@sensus_hairlovers<br />

@sens.ùs<br />


Mell, Japan<br />

Advertorial<br />

Hidetaka<br />

Yoshikawa<br />

Chairman & C.E.O. of Takara Belmont,<br />

Hidetaka Yoshikawa, speaks to <strong>Estetica</strong><br />

about why 2021 was such an important<br />

year for this hugely important corporation,<br />

and what <strong>2022</strong> has in store.<br />

In this interview,<br />

Mr Yoshikawa<br />

stresses the<br />

importance of<br />

helping to realise<br />

a sustainable<br />

society through<br />

business, while<br />

enabling people<br />

everywhere to<br />

live a fruitful and<br />

beautiful life.<br />

W<br />

e at <strong>Estetica</strong> are<br />

delighted to be able to<br />

publish this exclusive<br />

interview with the<br />

Chairman & C.E.O.<br />

of Takara Belmont,<br />

Hidetaka Yoshikawa.<br />

He discusses past, present and some<br />

very exciting plans for the future!<br />

<strong>Estetica</strong>: Mr. Yoshikawa, please<br />

remind our readers why 2021<br />

was so exciting and significant for<br />

you all at Takara Belmont?<br />

Hidetaka Yoshikawa:<br />

“It’s because we were celebrating<br />

our 100th anniversary - on<br />

October 5 2021, to be precise!<br />

We saw this celebration as a<br />

tribute to everyone who has<br />

supported us and used our<br />

products over the years, including<br />

of course our very important<br />

customers in the hairdressing<br />

and beauty industry. We would<br />

like to take this opportunity to<br />

extend our sincere appreciation<br />

to everyone concerned.”<br />

Please give us an insight into<br />

Takara Belmont’s story so far.<br />

“We started off a century ago as<br />

a small foundry with only several<br />

employees in the industrial area<br />

known as the ‘Manchester of the<br />

East’ in Osaka. Over the years the<br />

company moved with the times<br />

and expanded its business under<br />

the motto of “supporting the<br />

beauty and health of people”, going

on to make major inroads into the<br />

global market and the industries<br />

of dental, medical and beauty<br />

equipment, as well as developing<br />

cosmetics for the Asia market.<br />

Today, we have grown into a<br />

company that sells products in<br />

more than 120 countries around<br />

the world. The company now has<br />

overseas subsidiaries in 12<br />

countries and sells hairdressing<br />

and medical related products to<br />

hairdressers, beauticians, nail<br />

artists, dentists and doctors<br />

around the world. Products sold in<br />

the <strong>UK</strong> include hair salon<br />

equipment brand-named ‘Takara<br />

Belmont’, and dental and medical<br />

equipment called ‘Belmont’.<br />

Create, Japan<br />

Can you be more specific about<br />

how Takara Belmont works with<br />

our industry?<br />

“Takara Belmont, which entered<br />

the hairdressing field by<br />

producing barber chairs, has<br />

expanded the scope of its business<br />

to manufacture and sell salon<br />

chairs, shampoo units, hair<br />

processors, beauty equipment, and<br />

cosmetic products for hair, skin<br />

and nail care. Moreover, the<br />

company designs hair salons and<br />

provides counselling on the<br />

management of such salons,<br />

including technical instructions<br />

for their staffers, thus supporting<br />

the management of hair salons on<br />

various levels.”<br />

The last couple of years must<br />

have been quite challenging for<br />

you, as it has been for all the hair<br />

and beauty industry.<br />

"The need to maintain social<br />

distancing and avoid physical<br />

contact due to the COVID-19<br />

pandemic was a major problem<br />

for the hair and beauty industry.<br />

During these times of great<br />

uncertainty, our mission was to<br />

ensure the safety and wellbeing of<br />

our staff and our customers, and<br />

to continue to contribute<br />

positively to the barbering and<br />

hairdressing industry by<br />

developing new innovations and<br />

ideas that would help them<br />

emerge from the pandemic<br />

stronger, and more quickly."<br />

What about the NEXT 100 years?<br />

“As our centenary commemorations<br />

concluded, Takara Belmont<br />

defined its corporate purpose in<br />

terms of how the company should<br />

contribute to society over the next<br />

100 years. People share a universal<br />

goal to gain pleasure from having<br />

beauty in their lives. Takara<br />

Belmont sees responding to<br />

this desire as its permanent<br />

corporate purpose. Furthermore,<br />

the Takara Belmont group of<br />

companies will join forces to<br />

contribute to the ongoing<br />

development of the barbering<br />

and hairdressing industry through<br />

innovation, whilst ensuring<br />

that we create a more sustainable<br />

society through our business,<br />

and help people everywhere live<br />

a fruitful and beautiful life.”<br />

We know Takara Belmont is<br />

always very mindful of the<br />

importance of sustainability and<br />

protecting the environment.<br />

Can you tell us about any special<br />

initiatives on this subject?<br />

“In Japan, we started a project<br />

called “Re:bonis” with the goal of<br />

creating new value by eliminating<br />

Mell, Japan<br />

waste synthetic leather from our<br />

own factory during the<br />

manufacturing process of chairs.<br />

This project utilises approximately<br />

140 types of waste synthetic<br />

leather in various colours to give<br />

them new usage and value, both<br />

inside and outside of the<br />

company.”<br />

Finally, Mr. Yoshikawa, please<br />

can you remind us about your<br />

very exciting news for <strong>2022</strong>?<br />

“Yes! We have decided to hold the<br />

international beauty festival – the<br />

Takara World Business Congress<br />

<strong>2022</strong> (TWBC<strong>2022</strong>) at the Pacifico<br />

Yokohama in Japan. We had<br />

planned to hold ‘TWBC2021’ in<br />

2021, however, it was cancelled<br />

due to the coronavirus pandemic.<br />

After careful consideration, we<br />

have decided to hold it on<br />

November 21st and 22nd <strong>2022</strong><br />

both at the venue and online.<br />

Further details will be announced<br />

on our website as and when they<br />

become available.”<br />

Thank you for talking to us,<br />

Mr. Yoshikawa.<br />

MARIO by pLAy, Japan<br />

“Re:bonis” is a<br />

project with the<br />

goal of creating new<br />

value by eliminating<br />

waste synthetic<br />

leather during the<br />

manufacturing<br />

process of chairs.<br />

interview<br />


TONI&GUY<br />

Hair by Jon Wilsdon, TONI&GUY<br />

Colour: Francesco Fontana, TONI&GUY

2<br />

COLOUR<br />

1<br />

4<br />

5<br />

1<br />

CUT<br />

2<br />

3<br />

6<br />

4<br />

6<br />

3<br />

9<br />

5<br />

COLOUR 1. Take a triangular<br />

parting as shown in the image. Start<br />

your colour application working<br />

from the back of the radial.<br />

2. Use a velvet brown in a shadow<br />

root technique working a pastel pink<br />

shade to the mid lengths and ends.<br />

3. This is then repeated on the<br />

other side.<br />

4. The section at the side is worked<br />

with the same method as the back,<br />

ensuring a nice clean application.<br />

5. This is repeated on the opposite<br />

side.<br />

6. Pre-lift the top triangle section<br />

to ensure maximum high resolution<br />

of tones. Then apply the same root<br />

shadow technique working with an<br />

alternating zig zag parting.<br />

CUT 1. Take a centre profile<br />

parting starting at the centre of<br />

the forehead and ending at the<br />

centre of the nape. A horizontal<br />

section is then taken from the<br />

occipital bone, towards the hair<br />

line and subdivide the nape area.<br />

Then, take a curve section from<br />

the lower recession towards the<br />

occipital bone to create a ‘v shape’<br />

at the back.<br />

2. Cut the base line straight.<br />

Then, move upwards with<br />

horizontal sections working each<br />

section at 45 degrees in order to<br />

build up weight.<br />

3. Dry off the nape area and<br />

begin a scissor-over-comb cutting<br />

technique to create a shape with<br />

stacked out silhouette that is<br />

shorter and tighter around the<br />

perimeter outline and longer<br />

towards the top.<br />

4. Take diagonal sections from<br />

the front and work towards the<br />

back of the head with a low<br />

elevation. Cut in a direction that<br />

is short at the front and longer<br />

towards the back. Repeat this<br />

method on the opposite side.<br />

5. Starting at the back of the head<br />

and moving towards the front,<br />

take horizontal sections, elevate<br />

the hair at 90 degrees and cut<br />

square. Once you reach the radial,<br />

the following sections are<br />

over-directed towards the radial.<br />

6. From the crown, comb the hair<br />

down into a natural fall and use<br />

a slice cutting technique to<br />

eliminate the excess length and<br />

create transparency towards the<br />

perimeter outline.<br />

step by step<br />


Business Network<br />

Live!<br />

Great excitement at Team Wella as the brand’s showcase<br />

motivational event returns after a reluctant 2-year hiatus.<br />

More than 200 guests gathered in the stunning grounds of The Belfry Hotel & Resort for Wella’s Business<br />

Network Live – an event that has the worthy reputation as being one of the greatest motivational events in the<br />

hairdressing calendar. This year, there was an atmosphere like no other in the event’s 24 year history as Wella<br />

delivered the perfect balance of inspirational content from motivational speakers, teamed with networking<br />

with likeminded managers and business owners, the event was an outstanding success from the start.<br />

The host for the occasion was Dom Lehane, who was joined by Max Amen, Wella’s General Manager for the<br />

<strong>UK</strong> & Ireland, at the opening: “Today we celebrate the Wella family; we are a standalone company now and<br />

are more flexible than ever before,” he commented. “The salon is always at the core of what we do, and you

can expect us to be there for you through good times and bad.” Also onstage was Senior Sales & Education<br />

Director, <strong>UK</strong> & Ireland, Tatiana Suvorova: “We vow to work with you to grow your colour business. We’re<br />

going to be bringing the Wella family together for many more face-to-face experiences,” she added.<br />


The line-up of motivational speakers at Business Network Live <strong>2022</strong> presented a dynamic, yet balanced<br />

combination of real-life stories and experiences, all inspirational and beneficial to anyone working in<br />

an industry such as ours. Highlights included a presentation from multi-award-winning speaker and<br />

marketing guru Geoff Ramm and writer and performance expert, Rasmus Ankersen, who gave a fascinating<br />

insight into the synergies between high achieving sporting groups around the world.<br />

Ex-footballer, Clarke Carlisle, and his wife, Carrie, then gave an honest, moving, and emotional account of<br />

the struggles of dealing with mental health. Adventurer, Simon Reeve, shared his epic journey of becoming<br />

a TV travel legend, while comedy writer, Tim Reid, gave a refreshing session on creative brainstorming and<br />

the power of humour in creativity. Founder of travel company TravelEyes, Amar Latif, shared his life story<br />

and the challenges of turning blind at the age of 18. His empowering, emotional, and honest story was filled<br />

with uplifting moments describing how Amar has faced and overcome adversity.<br />

Business Network Live also included some of our own industry experts in its line-up, including Adam<br />

Thomas from Salonspy and Fry Taylor from the Green Salon Collective was also there to talk about making<br />

sustainable decisions in the salon. Hairdressers Jordanna Cobella, Collette Osbourne, Salv Mule and Patrick<br />

Gildea then lead the panel discussion covering topics such as motivating staff, service menus and client<br />

expectations.<br />

Dom Lehane leads the panel discussion.<br />

Rasmus Ankersen<br />

Clarke Carlisle<br />

Down Time<br />

Delegates went on to experience a fabulous and highly-memorable ‘Winter<br />

Luxe’ inspired evening, with drinks, dinner, ice sculptures, ski stimulators, and a<br />

360-degree photo booth to set the scene. Full-on cabaret entertainment -came in<br />

the form a hilarious drag act The Globe Girls and genius stand camp comedian<br />

Tom Allen, who helped make it a thoroughly enjoyable experience for all.<br />

HOB Salons and friends!<br />

Simon Reeve<br />

events<br />


Advertorial<br />

Fresha Store:<br />

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Fresha Payment Processing.<br />

Fresha has made it so simple and<br />

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88 innovation




It’s natural to want to impress<br />

clients, so salons needn’t worry<br />

if they feel they don’t have<br />

the technical skills to create a<br />

professional looking online shop.<br />

Fresha has made it so simple and<br />

intuitive that any salon can set<br />

up and have a fully functioning<br />

e-commerce store in minutes.<br />

“We’ve created a simple, intuitive<br />

e-commerce experience within<br />

Fresha that’s designed for salon<br />

professionals, not IT experts,”<br />

explains Nick Miller, Fresha cofounder.<br />

“Within just a few clicks,<br />

you can personalise your store with<br />

a logo, store name and description.<br />

Adding products couldn’t be easier<br />

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When your store is set up a unique<br />

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using the marketing tools available<br />

within the Fresha platform. With<br />

delivery and collection options<br />

available, partners can offer clients<br />

the option to collect their purchase<br />

from the salon, reserve it for when<br />

they attend their next appointment<br />

or have it shipped directly their home,<br />

workplace or specified delivery<br />

address. “Salons mailing products<br />

will need to ensure they have the<br />

right packaging and materials for<br />

their safe transit and arrival,” adds<br />

Nick. “But providing a professional<br />

shopping experience and encouraging<br />

clients to leave reviews is a great<br />

way to maximise additional income<br />

from product sales.”<br />


To ensure smooth, seamless<br />

payments to your online store,<br />

Fresha Payment Processing is<br />

the perfect way to collect online<br />

payments, as partners receive<br />

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Fresha co-founders William Zeqiri and Nick Miller.<br />

too. When your store is activated,<br />

Fresha simply charges a transaction<br />

fee of 1.29% + £0.20p, so partners<br />

only pay as they sell. And if for<br />

any reason a refund needs to be<br />

processed for a purchase made<br />

on your online store, that’s easily<br />

done at the click of a button. “The<br />

potential for online retail in the<br />

hair, beauty and wellness industry<br />

is huge, yet many businesses are<br />

yet to take advantage of this,”<br />

continues William Zeqiri, Fresha<br />

CEO and founder. “Fresha Store is<br />

a big step in the right direction as<br />

we’ve made it easy to create a store<br />

within Fresha. As part of our feature<br />

mix, it means salon businesses<br />

have everything in one place,<br />

which simplifies their business lives<br />

too. Their clients are comfortable<br />

shopping online with other retailers<br />

and e-commerce businesses, and it’s<br />

a big part of our lives as shopping<br />

trends continue to evolve. Salon<br />

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marketing tools<br />

available within<br />

the Fresha platform.

Repair & restore; replenish and<br />

strengthen each hair strand.<br />

Oribe’s award-winning Gold<br />

Lust Collection reawakens hair to<br />

its glossiest, healthiest prime!<br />

Empower<br />

ribe is a line of luxurious<br />

products which are<br />

formulated with the<br />

highest level of natural<br />

or naturally derived<br />

ingredients possible.<br />

Each product is unique in<br />

every category: gels that<br />

condition, oils that hold, sprays<br />

that don’t flake, skincare-grade<br />

shampoos that prep hair for<br />

styling and gently balance the<br />

scalp, masques that have the<br />

richness and body of a lavish<br />

moisturizing cream. And that’s<br />

just the beginning. Everything is<br />

tested extensively backstage and<br />

on set to ensure that it<br />

outperforms everything else.<br />

Your Hair!<br />



Oribe’s award-winning Gold<br />

Lust Collection reawakens hair<br />

to its glossiest, healthiest prime!<br />

Since its launch, the awardwinning<br />

collection has become<br />

a staple for stylists and consumers<br />

alike. Formulated to work on all<br />

hair types, the collection combines<br />

centuries-old healing oils and<br />

extracts with high performance<br />

technology to rejuvenate and<br />

reinforce each strand, undoing<br />

the damage of time and style.<br />

The formulas are dermatologist<br />

tested, protect against UV rays,<br />

are colour and keratin treatment<br />

safe and gluten-free.<br />

WORDS OF WISDOM... from Michele Burgess, Executive Director of Product Development, Oribe<br />

Hair Care: “The key to repairing damage and keeping hair healthy over time is to focus on the<br />

ingredients that replenish moisture, lost nutrients and restore elasticity. The Gold Lust Collection<br />

contains a revolutionary Bio-Restorative Complex, which repairs damage by penetrating the cuticle to<br />

deeply nourish strands, strengthen from within and energise the scalp to rejuvenate the hair follicles.”<br />



Reawaken your hair to its<br />

glossiest, healthiest prime.<br />

This rejuvenating cleanser<br />

combines centuries-old healing<br />

oils and extracts—cypress and<br />

Argan—with a revolutionary<br />

Bio-Restorative Complex that<br />

balances the scalp, repairs damage,

and restores the youthfulness to<br />

each strand.<br />



Discover the fountain of youth for<br />

soft, shiny, ageless hair. Blending<br />

time-honoured oils and extracts—<br />

cypress and Argan—with the<br />

revolutionary Bio-Restoratative<br />

Complex, this ultra-hydrating<br />

conditioner softens and revitalizes,<br />

smoothing each cuticle to undo the<br />

damage of time (and style).<br />


MASQUE<br />

This modern remedy penetrates<br />

to rebuild each fibre with curative<br />

white tea, baobab, jasmine, and<br />

our Bio-Restorative Complex,<br />

fortifying hair to rediscover its<br />

softness, body, and inner brilliance.<br />

Restore overworked hair to its<br />

prime with each dose.<br />


This luxuriously light oil absorbs<br />

instantly to restore hair to its<br />

prime. Infused with a rich blend of<br />

jasmine, edelweiss flower, lychee,<br />

sandalwood, cassis, bergamot and<br />

Argan extracts, each protective<br />

drop penetrates the hair to deeply<br />

condition, strengthen and smooth<br />

– imparting intense nourishment<br />

and incredible shine. Works<br />

wonders on dry, damaged and<br />

colour-treated hair… Liquid gold.<br />


Instantly clean. Extend your<br />

blowout and prevent damage with<br />

our transformative dry shampoo.<br />

Absorbs product build-up, oil,<br />

and impurities with translucent<br />

powders while soothing scalp and<br />

restoring strength and softness.<br />

Fragrance-retention technology<br />

means our signature scent stays<br />

with you all day.<br />

Available on Oribe.com and at<br />

Oribe salons and retailers nationwide<br />


Reintroducing<br />

Balmessence Lip<br />

Treatment<br />

Oribe is excited to reintroduce its<br />

nurturing Balmessence Lip Treatment<br />

featuring a new stick format and an<br />

updated, vegan formula to smooth and<br />

soften lips. The silkening balm delivers<br />

soothing hydration while protecting lips<br />

from dryness. With a satin finish and<br />

its natural, gender-neutral lemon and<br />

mint scent, it is the perfect everyday lip<br />

treatment that can be worn alone or<br />

under lipstick or gloss. “The change<br />

from pot to stick offers a more hygienic,<br />

no-touch application experience for<br />

consumers,” says Gena El-Sayed, Manager<br />

of Packaging for Oribe Hair Care.<br />

“We especially love the unique raised<br />

diamond texture on the outer case, known<br />

as knurling, drawing inspiration from<br />

the vintage lighters made by luxury<br />

jewellery houses in the early 1900s.”<br />

• Deeply hydrates<br />

• Softens and smoothes dry, chapped lips<br />

• Protects against damage from the<br />

elements<br />

• Locks in moisture to protect from dryness<br />

• Features an updated vegan formula<br />

Apply to parched lips as often as needed<br />

throughout the day.<br />

luxury<br />


Sustainability<br />

Inspired!<br />

Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty delivers salon-quality<br />

performance while being mindful of the world around us.<br />

Hair products inspired by doing good!<br />

92 products

Since 1980, Paul Mitchell has<br />

focused on amplifying the<br />

good: a caring corporate<br />

culture that gives back,<br />

professional-quality products<br />

that do what they say, and<br />

great hair days from start<br />

to finish. Its 100% vegan Clean<br />

Beauty products feature clean<br />

formulas, organic botanicals as<br />

well as carbon-negative packaging.<br />

As a company with a long heritage<br />

in giving back and caring for the<br />

earth, Paul Mitchell® is committed<br />

to a more sustainable future in<br />

a number of ways: decreasing<br />

the use of virgin plastic,<br />

reducing our carbon footprint,<br />

sourcing sustainable and ethical<br />

ingredients, and minimizing<br />

the waste going to landfills. Paul<br />

Mitchell® Clean Beauty is the<br />

perfect culmination of these ecoconscious<br />

commitments.<br />


Paul Mitchell introduces three new<br />

styling products to the Clean Beauty<br />

family, these gentle products are<br />

infused with Flax Seed as well<br />

as Ferulic Acid to nourish and<br />

protect strands for a guaranteed<br />

good hair day. Enjoy a subtle<br />

apple scent with notes of lavender,<br />

lemon and honey, as these styling<br />

essentials help nourish, strengthen<br />

and also protect hair against<br />

external stressors.<br />





Give fine hair a boost of volume,<br />

style memory and shine Infused<br />

with Flax Seed oil and Ferulic Acid<br />

to nourish and also protect strands.<br />

Makes a great blow-out primer for<br />

longer-lasting style. Handcrafted<br />

with sustainably sourced ingredients<br />

of 84% natural origin that also<br />

deliver professional results in<br />

recyclable, bio-based packaging<br />

made from sugarcane.<br />





Perfect blow-dry prep for polished<br />

styles with movement and flexible<br />

control. Helps protect hair during<br />

heat styling while adding light<br />

hold and natural shine. Infused<br />

with Flax Seed oil and Ferulic<br />

Acid to nourish and shield fragile<br />

hair. Handcrafted with sustainably<br />

sourced ingredients of 93% natural<br />

origin that also deliver professional<br />

results in recyclable, bio-based<br />

packaging made from sugarcane.<br />





Soften, smooth and seal hair,<br />

with this versatile do-it-all styling<br />

cream. Infused with Flax Seed oil<br />

and Ferulic Acid to strengthen<br />

and protect hair. Lightweight<br />

formula delivers memory and<br />

control with a clean, touchable<br />

feel. Handcrafted with sustainably<br />

sourced ingredients of 88%<br />

natural origin that also deliver<br />

professional results in recyclable,<br />

bio-based packaging made from<br />

sugarcane.<br />

#PMCleanBeauty | @paulmitchelluk<br />

Available from Salon Success<br />

www.salon-success.co.uk/cleanbeauty<br />

hello@salon-success.co.uk<br />

››› ›››<br />

All formulas are made with organic botanicals*<br />

grown on a biodynamic farm in Italy. This holistic<br />

approach to agriculture respects farmland as an<br />

integrated, living organism as well as helping<br />

protect our planet.<br />

*Formulated with conventional and/or organic botanicals<br />

Innovative packaging is 90% derived from responsibly farmed Brazilian<br />

sugarcane and is 100% recyclable.* Growing sugarcane for use in bioplastic<br />

also helps offset carbon dioxide, a leading cause of global warming.<br />

Unlike traditional petroleum-based plastic, bio-plastic eliminates more<br />

carbon than it emits, making it a carbon-negative packaging solution.<br />

*Excluding caps/closures. Check your local requirements

Advertorial<br />

The post-Covid world has gifted<br />

our industry some unexpected<br />

opportunities, as investment in hair<br />

and beauty treatments soars.<br />

The Art of<br />

Relaxation<br />

ith clients looking to invest<br />

more in their health and<br />

well-being, salons can respond<br />

to the demand for new hair and<br />

beauty experiences and accelerate<br />

their business recovery in the<br />

process. “Clients visit the salon<br />

for relaxation and indulgence,<br />

not just great hair,” says Takara<br />

Belmont’s National Sales Manager<br />

Katie Wrighton.<br />



Capitalising on this means<br />

considering new service<br />

opportunities but transforming<br />

the ordinary into the extraordinary<br />

might be easier than you think.<br />

“See salon equipment as a means<br />

of elevating customer experiences,<br />

delivering heightened sensations<br />

of luxury, and creating new feelings<br />

and emotions, rather than a<br />

functional necessity,” says Katie.<br />



Spa Mist II is a perfect example<br />

of how this works in practice.<br />

Scientifically proven to enhance<br />

treatment results for healthier hair<br />

from the inside out, this compact<br />

mobile processor transforms<br />

everyday services into spa-style<br />

See salon equipment as a means of<br />

elevating customer experiences, delivering<br />

heightened sensations of luxury, and<br />

creating new feelings and emotions,<br />

rather than a functional necessity.<br />

experiences. Opening cuticle<br />

layers at 30˚- 40˚, nourishing<br />

treatment ingredients permeate<br />

deep into the hair without<br />

dilution. The cool down feature<br />

then closes the cuticle layers to<br />

lock the treatment in for hair that<br />

literally shines with health.<br />

“One unit can serve several styling<br />

or backwash stations, so it’s<br />

economical and versatile,” continues<br />

Katie. “A special hand-spa<br />

attachment also allows salons to<br />

introduce hand conditioning<br />

treatments, and it’s effective on<br />

chemical processes such as perms,<br />

where ingredients are sealed into<br />

the hair for enhanced results.”<br />

As the perfect companion to<br />

Takara Belmont’s flagship shampoo<br />

system, the Yume DX, Spa Mist II<br />

can be used independently to<br />

expand service and income<br />

opportunities or combined with<br />

Yume DX to offer clients even<br />

more refinement. “Clients will<br />

experience pure relaxation in<br />

every shampoo or treatment, as<br />

Spa Mist II brings a soothing,<br />

atmospheric dimension that<br />

transports your clients to a haven<br />

of calm,” concludes Katie.<br />

* For salons looking for an affordable, tax efficient way to<br />

own this equipment, Spa Mist II is available to Lease<br />

Purchase from just £12.03 and Yume DX from £43.82<br />

per week from your local Takara Belmont distributor<br />

Discover Spa Mist II and Yume DX at<br />

www.takarahairdressing.co.uk<br />

equipment<br />


The World’s Leading<br />

Trade Beauty<br />

Network<br />

• 17 editions:<br />

7 in-house + 10 licensed<br />

• Over 176,000 copies<br />

of each issue distributed in<br />

over 60 countries worldwide<br />

• More than 800k fans/followers<br />

worldwide<br />

• 20 online platforms<br />

and much, much more...<br />

Follow us on:<br />

Free for iPad<br />

For further information please contact:<br />

Edizioni Esav<br />

Via Cavour, 50 - 10123 Torino (Italy)<br />

Tel.: +39 011 83921111 - Fax: +39 011 8125661<br />

w w w . e s t e t i c a m a g a z i n e . n e t<br />

on AppStore

Advertorial<br />

All-Star<br />

Lineup<br />

With the new and<br />

improved ghd<br />

original styler, your<br />

salon retail offering<br />

is complete.<br />

Back in 2001, ghd launched<br />

the tool that transformed<br />

hairdressing, for both<br />

professionals and their<br />

clients. The ghd original<br />

shook up styling, and now<br />

it’s back – with revamped<br />

tech and consistently reliable<br />

results that make it a perfect retail<br />

offering. Igor Rago, ghd Italy art<br />

director, says: “With its 21st<br />

century upgrade and Single-zone<br />

technology, ghd original is the<br />

“The ghd original story started back in 2001<br />

and the classic styler has been loved by both<br />

the consumer and professional ever since,”<br />

says Igor Rago, ghd Italy art director.<br />

perfect tool for those starting out<br />

on their ghd journey and wanting<br />

to create beautiful, simple styles<br />

with shine and smoothness.”<br />

The upgraded ghd original joins<br />

the brand’s core range of stylers,<br />

ensuring there’s an option for<br />

every client.<br />

Featuring Dual-zone technology<br />

and advanced heat sensors on each<br />

styling plate, the ghd gold® offers<br />

the optimum styling temperature<br />

of 185°C. Measuring the temperature<br />

200 times a second, hair glides<br />

through the rounded barrel,<br />

making it a versatile choice for<br />

everyday styling.<br />

For premium results, ghd<br />

platinum+ is the best-in-class<br />

smart straightener. With groundbreaking<br />

Ultra-zone predictive<br />

technology, ghd platinum+<br />

controls heat more effectively and<br />

predicts your client’s personal hair<br />

needs. Infinity sensors monitor the<br />

heat 250 times per second, to<br />

constantly maintain the safer-forhair<br />

temperature of 185°C. No<br />

matter the hair type or technique,<br />

ghd platinum+ ensures ultimate<br />

results for hair that is 70%<br />

stronger* and 20% shinier**, with<br />

2x more colour protection.*<br />

The upgraded ghd<br />

original offers quick,<br />

effortless styling thanks<br />

to new Single-Zone<br />

technology, new<br />

generation heaters and<br />

ceramic plates with<br />

gloss coating and the<br />

optimum styling<br />

temperature of 185°C.<br />

*vs a styler working at 230°C<br />

**vs naturally dried hair<br />

To discover the ghd styler range and<br />

unlock your retail potential, contact<br />

your ghd business development<br />

manager or call 01924 423400<br />

products<br />


JUNE 4-6, <strong>2022</strong><br />

Education Days June 4-6<br />

Exhibit Floor Open June 5-6<br />

650+ CLASSES<br />

of the BEST Education<br />

for Your Salon & Spa<br />


800-335-7469 | Orlando, Florida<br />


ON SALE NOW!<br />

Hair by <strong>2022</strong> NAHA Finalists<br />

Michelle Oliver & Quinn Enright

Advertorial<br />

Masterpiece<br />

Collection <strong>2022</strong><br />

The latest Vero K-Pak<br />

Color Masterpiece<br />

Collection from JOICO<br />

is inspired by the work<br />

of renowned French<br />

master, Odilon Redon.<br />

R<br />

edon was celebrated<br />

for creating dreamlike<br />

paintings heavily<br />

influenced by Japanese<br />

art. Considered a<br />

precursor to both<br />

Dadaism and<br />

Surrealism, Redon worked in a<br />

variety of mediums from charcoals<br />

to pastels taking inspiration<br />

from nature and wistfulness.<br />

David Murray, JOICO Senior<br />

Creative Artist and member of<br />

the European Design Team and<br />

Katrina Kelly, JOICO Creative<br />

Color Artist and member of the<br />

European Color Design Team<br />

worked together to create a true<br />

Masterpiece Collection, where<br />

colour and cut compliment and<br />

inspire each other, whilst taking<br />

references from Redon’s stunning<br />

paintings and philosophy.<br />

For over 25 years, Vero K-Pak<br />

Color has provided hairdressers<br />

with the colour palette to create<br />

their own masterpiece. A true tone<br />

colour line featuring intermixable<br />

pure tone shades which provide<br />

the artistic freedom to create a<br />

spectrum of limitless colours.<br />

Vero K-Pak Color has unique<br />

reconstructive benefits due to its<br />

technology. The Trans-Cuticle<br />

Delivery System, featuring<br />

Quadramine Complex, channels<br />

colour molecules deep into the<br />

hair, using as little ammonia as<br />

possible, whilst reconstructing the<br />

hair. When art and creativity come<br />

together a true masterpiece is<br />

created, with inspiration being<br />

omnipresent with the Vero K-Pak<br />

Masterpiece Collection <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

Cut & Colour: David Murray<br />

and Katrina Kelly; Photo: Jamie<br />

Blanshard; Make-up: Katie<br />

Moore; Models: Desislava<br />

Bogdanova (red look) & Masie<br />

Jane Daniels (blonde look)<br />

collection<br />


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