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tobacco foodbook


Spring / summer






it’s all about passion

In the catacombs of our monumental city premises

lies our chef’s (catering) kitchen. A very rich equipped

kitchen where our Chef himself processes the

freshly imported products. The kitchen brigade is

led by Michelin Chef Dennis Huwaë.

TOBACCO serves your breakfast, lunch and dinner

with love. All of our products are imported freshly

and processed in our homemade dishes. Therefore,

we can always guarantee the highest quality

of cooking. Our Chef personally composed these

options. Would you wish a different completion or

are there dietary requirements, we will gladly learn

of your wishes, so we can incorporate this in a

personalised proposal.

Fotograaf: Lyan van Furth


BREAKFAST breakfast 1 - DUTCH basis € €12,50 12,25

Selection of croissants with butter, coffee buns, cheese

croissants and chocolate croissants

Vegan coconut yoghurt with homemade granola

Bread from bakery Kaandorp topped with young

beemster cheese

breakfast 2 € 19,50

Selection of croissants with butter, coffee buns,

cheese croissants and chocolate croissants

Cereal bar: different types of yoghurt, homemade

granola, roasted grains and seeds with fresh fruit

Eggs benedict with turkey bacon and Hollandaise


Cereal infused shake with grains and fruits




lunch 1 MIX & MATCH € 27,50


For lunch, choose three sandwiches, one soup, one salad and one sweet item.


• Pastrami with sauerkraut and green mustard

• Surinamese chicken with pickles and sweet


• Beef teriyaki with spring onions and cashew



• Couscous with tangerine, parsnip and ras el


• Roasted root vegetables with Dutch feta cheese

and pineapple chutney

• Ceasar salad with chicken thigh and parmesan


• Pepesan mackerel with cucumber and coconut


• Salmon chips, cauliflower and horseradish

• Shrimp salad with green apple, salted lemon

and smoked almond


• Grilled eggplant with miso, sesame and spring


• Jacked pumpkin with za’atar, strained yoghurt

and pumpkin seeds

• Skeapsrond cheese with apple chutney and



• Sweet potato and Indian pesto

• Potato, leak and smoked mackerel

• Cauliflower, beurre noisette and hazelnut



• Pancakes with maple syrup

• Waffle with marmelade and vanilla

additions to lunch menU 1

• Brioche with scrambled eggs, truffle and

mushroom du Paris € 7,00

• Carrot cake with ginger glaze € 5,25

• Shake from carrot, turmeric and orange €4,25

lunch 2 € 32,75

Small poke bowl with salmon, edamame, red

cabbage and wasabi

Pearl couscous with pumpkin, raisins, harissa and


Melanzane with eggplant and tomato

Lamb kebab with raita

Chili sin carne with vegan mince, black beans and


Sitdown lunch € 36,50

Raw marinated mackerel with sweet and sour

vegetables, raspberry and chives

Rouleau of guinea fowl with ponzu miso gravy,

pommes fondant and spring vegetables

Blueberry parfait with basil sorbet, pickled berry

and cacao

Ceasar salad

Grilled vegetable salad

Flatbread with baba ganoush, eggplant and curry

Thinbread with goat cheese, beetroot and spinach



Foodbook - Rosalie - Nina Pedroli & Gerwin


& Gerwin

‘We do nothing



is one of our core values and we do also expect

this from our suppliers. Therefore, Michelin chef

Dennis Huwaë stands in the lead of our kitchen

brigade of TOBACCO. Make a culinary trip along

the dishes in our Foodbook and take care that

your clothes stay clean while the water runs trough

your mouth. Besides these menus we love to bring

you a tailor-made offer in co-operation with Dennis

Huwaë. We obviously keep the diet wishes of your

guests in mind.We purchase most of our products

locally and sustainable. Soup with carrot, orange

and curry, and pistachio cake with white chocolate

sorbet, everything is freshly and homemade in our

own kitchen. Contact us without obligation to get

your quotation for your breakfast, lunch or dinner.

We will do anything to surprise you even more.

- Rosalie Suurmeijer, Operational Manager

- Gerwin Hazeleger, Account Manager




amuse-bouche 1

€ 4,00 per amuse per unit

• Watermelon tartare with feta and basil

• Mini pita filled with baba ganoush, pomegranate

and coriander

• Choux pastry with candied shallot and Rijpenaer

• Soba noodles salad with dasi, salmon trout and


• Ajo blanco with white grape and lovage

• Mousse of pea, tarragon, carrot and orange

amuse-bouche 2

€ 6,50 per amuse per unit

• Bisque with red curry and coconut

• Tartelette veal with salted lemon and vadouvan

• Blackberry with lentils, soya and sour cream

• Fregola with pulpo, fermented pepper and celery

amuse-bouche 3

€ 5,50 per amuse per unit

• Gillardeau with grapefruit and cucumber

• Puff cake with caramel and poultry liver

• Prawn crackers with eel, cracklings and green


• Nigiri from salmon



sit down


sit down menu 1 € 39,50

Steak tartare with rendang, beans and ponzu dressing

Codfish with carrot, dashi and minestrone

Pistachio pie with chocolate sorbet, blueberry and


sit down menu 2 € 46,00

Ceviche sea bass with sweet potato, red onion and


Perfect egg, cèpes and kaffir

Steak with turnip, hasselback potato and rendang


Currant with yoghurt, basil and citrus crumble

sit down vegan menu € 39,50

Salad of roasted beetroot with raspberry, avocado

and horseradish

Bulgur with brocolli, gravy of roasted onions and


Blueberry with basil, cocoa and red wine





walking dinner menu 1 € 42,50

Ceasar-style hamachi with parmesan and crispy chicken

Corn soup with yellow curry and coriander

Gnocchi with Cevenne onion, Reblochon and hazelnut

Sea bream with Som Tam, basmati rice and chili

garlic oil

Chocolate moelleux with pistachio raspberry and


walking dinner menu 2 € 46,00

Hamachi with sweet potato, passion fruit and Aji


Bisque with kaffir, Dutch shrimp and green apple

Creamy polenta with chanterelles, French dressing

and crispy corn

Braised lamb neck with gravy with fenugreek, muslin

horseradish and green asparagus

Éclair with rhubarb and red fruit

walking dinner vegan menu € 42,50

Salad of roasted beetroot, raspberry, avocado and


Puffed cauliflower with madras curry, lime leaf and

marinated summer mushroom

Spiced cabbage with kumquat, chives and hazelnut

Bulgur with brocolli, gravy of roasted onions and


Blueberry with basil, cocoa and red wine




dennis huwaë

“Let nature do it’s work. Choose

beautiful products and treat them

with love and respect. In the end

it is all about the love for the products

and the time and effort you

put in for creating your dishes.”

– Dennis Huwaë

Talentfull Chef of the year 2018

Chef Of the Year 2019

Michelinstar 2021

During his career, Dennis mainly was the head chef

of catering kitchens with two Michelin Stars. In

those restaurants he developed his flawless gastronomic

feelings. As said by Gault Millau, who

named him Talentfull Chef of the year 2018. In

2021 the hard work paid off and our chef got a

Michelinstar with his restaurant Daalder in Amsterdam.

That makes TOBACCO the first event

location with a Michelin chef.

For Huwaë creating a dish, is a search for the perfect

combination of ingredients that amplify and

complement each other. He gets gladly inspired by

street food from all over the world.

of a new dish. He looks for inner beauty in every

ingredient and tries to bring the best of the ingredients

to the front. Besides patron cuisinier at

Michelin restaurant Daalder in Amsterdam, he also

is since 2018 the leader of our fantastic kitchen

team at TOBACCO. He also wrote a Foodbook

for our different events. If it’s an easy lunch or a

three-course dinner, he will always put a stamp

on what is offered to our guests. A sandwich or a

Caesar salad from Huwaë, will always radiate his


However, in the signature menu, you will really

recognize the hand of the master chef himself.

As he says himself, the classical cooking techniques

always are the basis. He translates those

techniques in his head into his own signature.

His pursuit for perfection goes far into the creation

TOBACCO is the only event location in The

Netherlands with a Michelin Chef. So when you are

hosting an event you can choose for a Michelin signature

breakast, lunch or dinner of Dennis Huwaë.





signature breakfast € 45,00 signature walking dinner € 63,00

Billecart Salmon champagne

Blini’s with caviar and crème fraiche

Eggs benedict with smoked salmon, spinach and

Hollandaise sauce

Clafoutis with raspberries

Sourdough bread with halal delicacies and a variety

of cheeses

Croissant filled with Matbucha, tomato, bell pepper,

garlic and cauliflower


Butter croissaint with a light boiled egg and madbucha

Crêpe suzette

Yoghurt sorbet with red fruit compote and granola

signature lunch € 55,00

Scallop with cauliflower and Macadamia nuts

Lasagna with celeriac, steamed leeks and Parmesan


Calf cheeck, fermented garlic, spinach and potatomousseline

‘Stroopwafel’, salted caramel and parfait

Gillardeau oyster with sauce Foyot

Coquille with corn, orange and enoki

Codfish with jasmine, calamansia, carrot and raisin

Shiitake broth with coconut, pandan and cauliflower

Veal cheek with black garlic, pommes anna and leek

from the big green egg

Daalder ‘stroopwafel’

signature sit down dinner five-course € 63,50

Terrine duck with kohlrabi, blueberry and vadouvan


Bisque, carrot, yellow curry and coriander

Monkfish with jasmine, calamansi and romanesco

Succade with mona lisa potato, black curry and

broad beans

Cheesecake with lime, rhubarb and raspberry

signature chef’s sea special

€ 35,00 p.p.

Plateau Fruits de Mer

Oysters - shrimp cocktail - crab - lobster (surcharge

daily rate) - seasonal shells - sunflower bread of

Kaandorp - lettuce with red onion and lemon

optional extension

Croissant filled with Matbucha, tomato, bell pepper,

garlic, boiled egg and poultry € 12,50

Oeuf Benedictine with smoked salmon

and brioche € 9,50




vegan heaven € 12,00

Soup of sweet potato and yellow curry

Roasted vegetables with humus and sesame

‘Du Puy’ lentils with cumin and roasted carrots

Salad of tomato, basil and raspberry

Peas, broad beans and pistachio pesto

sea you here € 17,50

Sesame crab salad

Thai mussels

Razor clam salad

Shrimp cocktail with celeriac and chives

Gillardeau oysters mignonette

pokebowl & noodle € 12,50

Sushi rice with Kimchi sesame, mango, tuna, avocado,

edamame and sriracha

Ramen broth with miso, boiled egg, plucked chicken,

coriander, baby pak choi, shrimps, oil of chilli and

garlic and fried tempeh

side dish bar € 9,50

Salad of potatoes, green apple and tarragon

Roasted tuber vegetables, sesame and humus

Quinoa salad, pomegranate, coriander and red onion

rantang € 12,50

Bami goreng

Nasi goreng

Chicken Semor



Shrimp crackers



Gratin of beetroot, lovage and orange

Ceasar salad with chicken thigh and parmesan cheese




burger queen € 13,00

Beefburger on a brioche bread, cheddar and

homemade barbecue sauce

Thai fish burger, steamed bun, papaya and lime

Vega burger on a brioche bread and smokey

cocktail sauce

fromagerie € 15,50

Various cheeses

Comte - Bleu d’ Auvergne - Epoisses - St Maure de

Tourraine - old crumbled cheese - figs and nut bread

- olive marmelade - compote of pear and en rough


sweets for my sweet € 10,00

côte de boeuf € 17,50

Côte de boeuf

Béarnaise sauce

Popped potato with sour cream and chives

Lettuce with a homemade French dressing

Puffs filled with chocolate and vanilla

Tompouce / crème patisserie

Sticky toffee met banana and caramel

Carrot cake with orange and ginger

Triple chocolate brownie

hasta di pasta € 12,00

Pappardelle “Al Ragú” - Bolognese as it’s

supposed to be

Prices of our foodstations are based on a minimum of 80 persons

and a minimum of three foodstations.

In addition to the above mentioned prices, €175,- per foodstation

will be charged for the rental of materials.

Fusilli with burrata, tomatos, basil en balsamic vinegar

Tagliatelle with truffle and Parmesan

Optional pasta bar

Tagliatelle with truffle and Parmesan prepared by

chef Dennis in a wheel of Parmesan

Supplement € 9,50 p.p.





break snacks sweet

€ 3,50 per piece


€ 3,90 p.p. (3 rounds)

• Puffs with vanilla and chocolate filling

• Tompouce / crème pattiserie

• Sticky toffee with banana and caramel

• Carrot cake, orange and ginger

• Triple chocolate brownie

Van Dobben bitterbal

Cheese sticks

Shrimp croquette

Luxury snacks / table garnish

break snacks savory

€ 3,50 per piece

• Plateau with hard cheeses and Amsterdam sour

for 4 persons € 14,00

• Quiche of puff pastry and leek

• Croque monsieur, red onion and Gruyère

• Savory puff, shallot and Reypenaar

• Halal delicacies for 4 persons € 15,00

• Grissini’s with 3 different toppings

for 4 persons € 8,75

• Selection of filled vegetarian crostinis

per piece € 3,50

Healthy snacks

• Peanut and granola bars

€ 2,50 per piece

• Crudité with hummus € 3,50

• 3 different dim sum with fish sauce, lime and

coriander € 5,75

• Oat and muesli cookies

• Mix of nuts, roasted and unroasted

• Banana bread

• Vegetable chips

• Variety of fruits

guilty pleasures

• Parmesan fries with aioli € 4,10

• Chicken chuncks with chilidip € 5,75

Shakes & Smoothies

€ 5,75 per item

• Avocado, cucumber, spinach and granny smith

• Yoghurt, red fruit and chia seed

• Orange, passion fruit, mango and red pepper

• Blueberry, soy milk, lime and agave

• Carrot, turmeric and orange

• Cucumber, white grape, mint and almond

• Strawberry, rose water, basil and red pepper

• Mini brioche with beefburger and smokey

cocktail sauce € 6,50




NES 75-87 1012 KD AMSTERDAM - +31 (0)20 330 06 70 - INFO@TOBACCO.NL



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