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Columns by Artists and Writers

Bob Black / Cem Turgay / Fiona

Smyth / Gary Michael Dault / Holly

Lee / Kai Chan / Kamelia Pezeshki /

Lee Ka-sing / Louis Fishauf/

Shelley Savor / Tamara Chatterjee /

Wilson Tsang / Yau Leung

+Eight mixed media objects by Kai Chan

MONDAY ARTPOST published on Mondays. Columns by Artists and Writers. All Right Reserved. Published since 2002.

An Ocean and Pounds publiation. ISSN 1918-6991. email to: mail@oceanpounds.com

“Normality is a paved

road. It’s comfortable

to walk, but no flowers

grow on it.”

Vincent Van Gogh

Leaving Taichung


Bob Black

The Sky That was My Mouth

Take the sky that was my mouth,

Take the words that were my bones,

Take the time that was my hope,

Take the rhyme that was my heart,

Take the body that was my gift,

Take the thoughts that were my map,

Take the self that I imagined would one day be fingered as direction and


For you who took but did not know what you hungered for,

I forgive that in all its plundering.

Put all of these in the pocket of your hip and recall:

You shall not walk without braze.

There, stepped and turning, we join and fall like a hurled top


If even you bury me in soil or sand or sage,

take all that you need

for I am scattered and am calm with the time it will take

for you to gather me:

the brush along the ligament that cannot be soaped away.

Carry that, far and afield, in the morning when you wonder from where

the stain came,

for that moment when hope comes galloping over the hill

like bruised, bronze light.


Cem Turgay

The Photograph

coordinated by

Kamelia Pezeshki

Metropolis, from the collection Altered Perspectives, 2013, by Anthony Macri


Wilson Tsang

Fear of missing out

At Home

Lee Ka-sing

April 16, 2022

Poem a Week

Gary Michael Dault

Dodos in Dreams

in dreams

we stumble past dead elms

climb their bone branches

chat with dodos

nothing convinces us better

of the finish of things

nothing offers

more terminus

than the sight

of axioms

down on the ground

drying and curling in the sun

From the Notebooks


Gary Michael Dault

Number 133: Incoming (January 13, 2021; Pressed into more relevance on April 10, 2022, by Russia’s

escalating war on Ukraine)

Yesterday Hong Kong

Yau Leung

Train Junction (Ma Liu Shui, 1963. Gelatin silver photograph, 8x10 inch

From the collection of Lee Ka-sing and Holly Lee

Travelling Palm


Tamara Chatterjee

France (March, 2022) – Anyone who’s spent

any time in Paris and the surrounding

suburbs knows that the easiest method of

transport is the extensive train systems. From

my cousin’s cul-de-sac; we raced to meet

the train and a friend for lunch, before a

whirlwind walk around some old haunts in

the city centre.


Fiona Smyth


Kai Chan

Ah, accident ink on newspaper

Caffeine Reveries

Shelley Savor

Happy Easter!

Digital Collage

Louis Fishauf



Holly Lee

1. Taking pictures of the landscapes that amaze her every morning, Joana Choumali spends

long hours sewing together the different layers, and embroidering onto the fabrics her motifs

and drawings.


2. Divine Layakari (Music of India)

Raag Yaman, Ustad Shahid Parvez & Ojas Adhiya


(10 minutes)

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Kai Chan graduated from Ontario College of Art in 1970, has exhibited across Canada,

the United States, Japan, Australia and Europe. He has received grants from Canada Council and

Ontario Arts Council and awards including the Jean A. Chalmers National Crafts Award (1998), and

the Saidye Bronfman Award for Excellence in the Fine Crafts (2002). His work is in the collection

of Museum London, London, Ontario; Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatoon, SK; the Canadian Museum

of History, Hull, Québec; Cambridge Art Gallery, Cambridge, Ontario; Musée d’art de Joliette,

Joliette, Québec; Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimusem, Norway and the Canada Council Art Bank.

Kai Chan

Eight mixed media

objects. (from the

collection of

Ka-sing and Holly)

“Rainbow Lakes”, a solo exhibition originated from the Art Gallery of Mississauga, Mississauga,

Ontario, touring to Mount Saint Vincent University Art Gallery, Halifax, Nova Scotia; Tom Thomson

Memorial Art Gallery, Owen Sound, Ontario; Museum London, Ontario; Art Gallery of Peterborough,

Peterborough, Ontario; Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Lethbridge, Alberta Illingworth Kerr Gallery,

Calgary, Alberta and the Art Gallery of Sudbury, Sudbury, Ontario (2001-2003). “Kai Chan: A Spider’s

Logic – a 35-Year Retrospective Exhibition” originated by Textile Museum of Canada and Varley Art

Gallery of Markham in 2010, toured to Musée d’art de Joliette, Juiette, Québec; Mendel Art Gallery,

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; Cambridge Art Gallery, Cambridge, Ontario and St. Mary University Art

Gallery, Halifax, Nova Scotia (2010-2012).

Spring Awakening


Photo paper, silk thread, wire. 210x210x40 mm

Rain Passed Night Pond

Autumn Water Deep

雨 過 夜 塘 秋 水 深


Spruce wood, ink. 315x60x40 mm

A Little Night Music

小 夜 曲


Bamboo, palm leaf, cherry, dogwood, cinnamon stick, cotton cloth, thread, acrylic paint. 590x110x50 mm

Shadow - Light #5


Ink-jet print, cotton cloth, bamboo, acrylic paint. 1050x60x25 mm

Black Light White Light

黑 光 白 光 No. 2


Spruce wood, ink. 60x65x35 mm

Black Light White Light

黑 光 白 光 No. 10


Spruce wood, ink. 60x65x35 mm

Blue (Night) 2016

Basal wood, wood, paint. 120x230x40 mm

Red (Morning) 2016

Basal wood, dogwood, paint. 320x160x50 mm

This special feature of Kai Chan’s work is an

excerpt from “Terrain, Little Red Riding Hood,

Rosetta” (Double Double, March edition 2022).

A complete version (180 pages) of this book is

available for read-on-line at the Reading Room


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CURRENT ISSUE: “Hana, Picnic, Stones”

(Double Double, April edition 2022).

A complete version (188 pages) of this book is

available for read-on-line at the Reading Room


A one dollar e-key entitles you to read the

publication online unlimited times in 90 days.

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