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April 2022

Volume XV

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Ben Davis HS April 2022



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Giant Visions is the arts and literary magazine of Ben Davis High School. Giant Visions began publishing

in 2002 and has been an online publication since 2015. It is published on www.bdspotlight.

com twice a school year. All material is produced by Ben Davis students. All work is the property

of Giant Visions. The staff reserves the right to edit all submissions.

Giant Visions is published by members of the Spotlight and Keyhole classes. Sophomores Chelsea

Hughes and Lily Kinnick were editors of this issue while Tom Hayes serves as adviser and Sandra

Squire is the school principal. The class is conducted in accordance with policies established by

the Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township. No part of this book may be reproduced in

any form, by any means, without prior written permission of the publisher.

Giant Visions Ben Davis HS April 2022


Table of Contents

Alone at myself, by Chelsea 4

Mind Maze, by Taubah 5

Nature, by Mithaya 6

Thanksgiving Dinner, by Anthony Gay....................................................................page7

ode to Indiana, by Zoe 8

Dead by Love, by Chelsea 9

unfair, by Anthony 10

Westside Sunset, by Alexandra 11

A letter to happiness, by Taubah 12

I Deserve It, 13

Red, by Daniel 14

Christmas Dreams, by Chelsea Hughes......................................................................page15

Flowers, by Ashley 16

That Friend, 17

Galatea, by Hazel 18

Time, by Chelsea Hughes...............................................................................................page20

Indiana, by Yaretzy 21

Above the Clouds, by Ricardo Torres and Hannah 22

Selfie, by Grace 23

Sunset, by Mithaya 24

A Love Downfall, by Chelsea 25

Short stories, by Chelsea Hughes.................................................................................page26

A Tragic Fall, by Chelsea 27

Clouds, by Jackie 28

The Sound of Rain, by Raelynn 29

Framing, by Tabby 30

Shining Through, by Abdou-Rahmane 31

cover photo by Mithaya Kheat, junior

4 Giant Visions

Ben Davis HS April 2022

Alone at myself

In a room filled with people

But only able to hear myself

Legs bouncing like crazy

Minds a racing like the Indy 500

Looking in the mirror regretting leaving

Lost in my own train of thought

I’m with people

But no one knows I’m there

I’m in a battle of my own thoughts

Alone at myself

Talking to myself

Hearing yelling

I’m scared of my own thoughts

It makes no sense to me anymore

I can’t stop it

So I have to live with it

Alone at myself

But you get used to it

Take a deep breath

Take it slow

Steady and easy

Everything will be okay

I promise

by Chelsea Hughes, sophomore

Giant Visions Ben Davis HS April 2022

Mind Maze

I went walking in my mind


and to my surprise

it looked more like a maze

than a blank space

filled with squiggly lines

i took the first turn

knowing it wouldn’t be the way out

wondering what thoughts I’d find.

i didn’t recognize them

couldn’t understand what they meant

what they were trying to tell me

i kept walking

took the next turn

and almost like my mind teasing

laughing at its own cruel joke

i met the same thought

in a new form

i crouched down for a moment

that felt like a thousand unbearable years

and fell apart like a soulless body in the soil

i got up and kept going

almost as though i didn’t just have to pick up pieces of myself

i never knew existed

looking for a out of this maze I’d somehow created in my mind

however, would the credit go all to me?

by Taubah Elebute, junior

6 Giant Visions

Ben Davis HS April 2022

by Mithaya Kheat, junior

Giant Visions Ben Davis HS April 2022


Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving dinner

A time for love

Family, friends

Praying to the god above

But what if someone

That one person

In this large family

Who’s feelings tend to worsen

Every year

The same time

Same faces

The same lines

Their feelings get ignored

They get mocked, hated

For being themself

Not someone the family created

The family is cruel and unforgiving

Hateful, spiteful

Ignorant, disgusting

Downright frightful

The person stops attending

But they get beckoned back

“We didn’t mean it”

Empathy the family lacks

But then this person

Finds family isn’t bound by blood

But by happiness

Respect, truth, and love

by Anthony Gay, junior

8 Giant Visions

Ben Davis HS April 2022

ode to Indiana

Indiana is my whole universe tied up into a little state

Indiana is the only place I have ever known

Indiana is the answer to every question

Indiana is incurable boredom

(but only I’m allowed to say that)

Indiana is more than cornfields

Indiana is never being lost

the beloved crossroads

Indiana, where i follow the sun

Indiana is friendly smiles in the supermarket

Indiana, where basketball is a rite of passage

Indiana is shoveling snow as a bonding experience

in Indiana, I learned the importance of patience

and the power of time

Indiana is a place where

Indiana; I can breathe

Indiana; I can feel

Indiana; I can love

Indiana; I can heal

Indiana is warmth

Indiana is safety


if no one else understands your glory

I do

by Zoe Harris, junior

Giant Visions Ben Davis HS April 2022


Dead by Love

You never know whom you love the most, until they are gone.

It hurts like an arrow through the chest, but all we can do is

let time heal our open wounds.

Some say love is a myth. I say love can kill. It shatters you

until you feel like nothing at all, until you’re on your knees

bleeding out, left like you’re nothing at all.

Until you find the right person, you will keep getting thrown

away, forgotten, unwanted, left on your own, but you pick

yourself up, you become better, happier, stronger than ever,

and now scared to ever love again.

Heart breaks are normal, you will find the right one within

time, just be yourself. Enjoy life while you can, don’t blame

anything on yourself. Keep your head up and push forward.

Time heals, and waiting and making yourself better is the best

feeling. I promise.

by Chelsea Hughes, sophomore

10 Giant Visions

Ben Davis HS April 2022


the way people stare

when my voice doesn’t match my appearance

my pronouns don’t match my voice

my mind is in incoherence

the confused glances

the hateful stares

it hurts so much

i cannot bear

do i deserve this?

for breaking the norm

i wish to identify

with how i was born

the lumps on my chest

the ones i try to hide

so desperately

they have not been kind

i feel so tired

mentally exhausted

why can’t i be normal?

my mind is haunted

trying to feel happy

when i was born in the wrong body

my voice sounds wrong

no one understands me

what is wrong with this world

we are taught to hate

those who are different

our hearts desecrate

people like me are killed

hated, picked on, bullied

arrested, tortured, neglected

no matter how much they would bleed

this is war

we will not stop

until we are respected

our freedom we will unlock

by Anthony Gay, junior

Giant Visions Ben Davis HS April 2022


Westside sunset

by Alexandra Contreras, sophomore

12 Giant Visions

Ben Davis HS April 2022

A letter to happiness

Hey there happiness. I didn’t think I’d be writing to you like this, but it seems

like the more I get to know you, the more I realize how much you scare me. The

more you pull me in with your tender fingers on my cheeks, the more I want to

run away, pull back and leave you for someone else, for my old love. Their familiar

arms wide open on the other hand, seem like a comforting place to lay myself to

rest. They serenade me with the music we once listened to for months. Sorrow,

sadness, my familiar love is a selfish and jealous one. They are afraid I won’t need

them anymore, with how gracefully I’m falling into your arms. So selfish that they

wouldn’t mind taking me back down again, just to have me in their clutches. I’m

rooting for you though happiness, this is going to be a tough game of tug-of-war.

with hope, Taubah Elebute, junior

Giant Visions Ben Davis HS April 2022


I Deserve It

I feel like everyone is leaving me behind.

What if I blink for even a moment then

The people I love will vanish without a trace?

Like they were never there, to begin with.

I feel like they all secretly hate me.

That whenever I’m around they wounder

Why they became my friends in the first place.

That they wish they never knew me to begin with.

Because I’m annoying.

I’m aggravating.

And I’m the one without a reason to be there.

Maybe that’s why they ignore me.

Maybe that’s why they treat me badly.

Maybe that’s why I’m alone.

Maybe that’s why I deserve it.


14 Giant Visions

Ben Davis HS April 2022


Red something that I dread,

It means something is dead,

But when I see the red, I do not really care,

Cause that is what I shed,

And that is why I feel dead,

Deep inside my head,

And probably till the end.

by Daniel Falode, senior

Giant Visions Ben Davis HS April 2022

Christmas Dreams


Lay your head back,

Close your eyes.

Think of the sweetest thoughts,

Sweet like a sugar plum on Christmas day opening gifts.

Picture the glistening snow on the evergreens on Christmas day.

Dream the sweet sounds of jingle bells at night.

The bright joyful lights on Christmas day shining on the snow,

With a powerful blinding glow.

by Chelsea Hughes, sophomore

Graphic by Emilia Miller

16 Giant Visions

Ben Davis HS April 2022












Giant Visions Ben Davis HS April 2022


“That Friend”

Every friend group has that “one friend.”

The one who isn’t as close to you as your other friends,

but you still keep them around anyway.

They’re either too loud or too quiet.

They always walk behind the rest of the group,

silently kicking a stone to pass the time.

You don’t notice though.

You’re too busy cracking jokes with your best friend

to notice the third falling behind.

You don’t notice when they haven’t said a word in a week,

and if you’re truly being honest with yourself,

you have to admit you preferred it

when they finally stopped talking.

You don’t notice when they slowly slip away.

And in truth, I myself am “that friend.”

The one who walks behind the group,

silently kicking a stone to pass the time.

I’m the one sitting awkwardly in the corner during meetups.

I either talk too much in hopes to be included in the conversation,

or not say a word already knowing I won’t be.

And if I were to slip away forever,

no one would notice or shed a single tear.

Yeah, I’m “that friend.”


18 Giant Visions

Ben Davis HS April 2022


by Hazel Witt, junior

The anteroom of the gallery was cold and sterile, a

far cry from the humid spring rain outside.

You removed your rain jacket, hanging it upon

the coatrack left of the door. The room itself was smooth,

finely hewn stone, spotless and imposing, but not nearly

as eye-catching as the sculptures that decorated the


From the moment you stepped into that room, you

were surrounded by hyper-realistic stone sculptures,

each one a seamless masterpiece with the utmost detail

put into it. However, as you looked closer, you noticed

something unusual: each statue had at least one slight

oddity in its design.

Some stared with their

mouth slightly agape, others

had worried expressions plastered

upon their stone visages,

and others still stood in what

looked like uncomfortable

contortions of the human form.

The artist’s advertisement had said he was unconventional,

creating art that “disrupted the status quo” by

“making the viewer uneasy”, but it seemed like his work

mainly served to torture his models. You realized then

that aside from the dozens of empty stone eyes boring

down upon you, you were alone in this room. As you

listened to any indication of life throughout the building,

the slight sound of footsteps made itself audible, signaling

another’s approach.

“Ah, you must be the new model for my next piece,

welcome dear,” a voice called out, creaking like the spine

of an old book. Glancing upward, the presumed owner

of the voice leaned over the railing on the floor above,

slowly waving down at you. “Yes, you’re just on time, the

stairs are in a room to your left, please, come right up.”

You obliged, making your way up the staircase to meet

the figure, whom you could then fully see now that you’re

on the same elevation. He was an older man, with streaks

of gray having relentlessly overtaken his hair’s previous

hue. Liver spots and wrinkles dotted his flesh, resembling

a granite surface eroded by time. His steely eyes had a

The artist’s advertisement had said he

was unconventional, creating art that

“disrupted the status quo” by “making

the viewer uneasy”, but it seemed like his

work mainly served to torture his models.

grim coldness to them, with all the clinical impersonality

of a surgeon’s scalpel. That unnerving gaze pierced you,

with even less life behind it than that of the statues decorating

every corner of the chamber. The expression on his

face shifts from focused to pleased, seemingly finding you


“Right this way, my dear,” he directed, slowly turning

and meandering in the opposite direction.

You took a deep breath, contemplating your circumstances.

The aura of the gallery and its owner was truly

unsettling, but the financial incentive you were promised

was enough to pay off your rent for a whole year.

The options weighed themselves

before you, and after a moment, the

prospect of economic stability won

over. You quickly followed the man,

and though you had already made

your decision, that feeling of walking

right into the spider’s parlor

never quite left.

* * *

You sat down on the stool in the center of the workshop.

This room was spacious and empty, made of the

same blank stone as the rest of the building. A series of

imposing fluorescent lights lit the chamber, but aside

from that, the stool, and yourself, the room was featureless.

The eerie stillness of the room was enough to make

the seconds meld into what felt like hours, leaving you

submerged in a quiet dread.

The click of a door handle sounded out to your left,

bringing respite from the deathly silence permeating the

chamber. The artist entered, carrying with him a second

identical stool and sat down parallel to you, his hollow

glare trained on you. You made uncomfortable eye contact,

morbidly curious about what lies behind them.

“Well, let us begin. Do not worry, I will walk you

through the process,” the man said in what should’ve

sounded like a reassuring tone, but only served to make

you even more uneasy. A cold numbness began to wash

over you, along with the sinking feeling that something

Giant Visions Ben Davis HS April 2022


was very, very wrong. You tried to move, get up, leave,

scream for help, anything, but it was already too late; you

felt your joints lock up instantly. Those cold, stony eyes

pierced you like a pin through the body of an insect in a

display case. The artist could no longer hide his amused

expression, smirking at your feeble attempts to escape.

“Now now, dear, don’t be rude; we haven’t even started

yet. Now, fix that dreadful posture.”

In one stiff, painful motion, your body forced itself

upright, fully against your will.

“Ah, there we go. That wasn’t so hard, was it? Now,

let’s find the right pose.”

The sadistic smile grew even wider, as he spoke out

more elaborate directions, guiding your form like a twisted

marionette, each motion firing spikes of agony into

your joints. Finally, your motionless

withered tormentor

settled on a pose, one that resembled

a mockery of one that

could be found in a fashion

magazine. Left hand behind

your head, legs crossed, right

hand on knee, although unlike

the pose’s usual casual aura, your muscles and joints

appeared rigid and stiff, knuckles nearly turning white

from gripping your knee. After picking the pose, the man

blinked, the first time he had done so since you arrived.

His grin grew wider, revealing rows of grayed teeth,

neatly lined up like tombstones in a cemetery.

“Now the real fun begins,” he rasped in what was

probably meant to be a laugh, “prepare yourself…”

The numbing feeling permeating your every nerve began

to subside, replaced only by a burning cold sensation,

like every square inch of your body was pressed against

a block of dry ice. You desperately tried to fight back

in some way, but not even a twitch graced your frozen

muscles. The man sitting across from you chuckled, then

leaned in to speak once again.

“Stay still, dear, you’re only going to tire yourself out

trying to fight it. The process has already been set in motion,”

he chided, a cruel condescension dripping from his

voice like the fluids from a carcass in a slaughterhouse.

“Besides, your suffering will help others. Art is pain, my

dear. Am I really such a monster for outsourcing that


As he spoke, he reached out and gently touched your

arm, alleviating some of the icy pain, reducing it back

to numbness. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw the

spot where the artist touched, and your heart sank with

even further horror; a gray handprint was left behind at

the point where contact was made. The last of your hope

shriveled away as you felt your arm grow heavier, the

patch of gray beginning to expand.

“The process of petrification has

The sadistic smile grew even wider, as begun,” the man explained, a sense

he spoke out more elaborate directions, of finality echoing in his voice like

guiding your form like a twisted marionette,

each motion firing spikes of agony into a coffin.

the sound of a nail being hammered

At this point, your arm had

into your joints.

already completely turned to stone,

and its conquest showed no signs

of stopping. It was then that it occurred to you; the

supposed sculptor had never brought in any raw stone

to sculpt. This haunting realization was unfortunately

too little too late, as the smooth gray surface spread its

horrible infection.

“Now, before you’re finished, I wanted to thank you

for your sacrifice,” the man spoke, a false sympathy

masking his wicked enjoyment. “It will be very helpful

for myself and my client.”

With that final sour sentiment, the stone had finally

overtaken you. The man then picked up a chisel and hammer,

and then approached you.

“Now, my dear, it’s time for some adjustments.”

20 Giant Visions

Ben Davis HS April 2022

Time is a mysterious creature,

Moves on fast, within a blink of an eye.

No hesitation, just moments gone,

You can be talking to someone

Hours can feel like seconds

Getting lost in the moment is fun and all

But then when the day is over it can feel wasted.

Live life like your dying,

You can sit your days away without knowing it,

Fulfill your dreams to the fullest!

The whispers in the wind

Is the angels aboves telling you

To do all you can before your time is up

Giving you a warning, so listen to it.

by Chelsea Hughes, sophomore

by Xochitl Moreno

Giant Visions Ben Davis HS April 2022









by Yaretzy Lopez, sophomore

22 Giant Visions

Ben Davis HS April 2022

Senior Ricardo Torres took the photo on the left on

his way to Puerto Rico. Sophomore Hannah Thorpe

took the picture below on her way to Las Vegas.




Giant Visions Ben Davis HS April 2022








Junior Grace

Holler took this

picture in math


24 Giant Visions

Ben Davis HS April 2022

by Mithaya Kheat, junior

Giant Visions Ben Davis HS April 2022


A Love Downfall

Picking me up, throwing me down, making it hard for me to

see and hear the worthless words you are saying to me.

Don’t always give your heart out, because usually it ends up

getting ripped into endless pieces.

You have me in so much pain, I’m balling my eyes out to the

point I’m throwing up. You chewed me up and spit me out,

making me feel worthless to the bone.

Making me feel like I can’t be myself anymore. You know what,

I’ll come back better than ever, I’ll prove you wrong and do

everything you said I couldn’t. You can’t bring me down

anymore, so get out of my life and stay out.

by Chelsea Hughes, sophomore

26 Giant Visions

Ben Davis HS April 2022

True love gone wrong


Go to an open field, lay your head back, look up

at the sky, hum a peaceful tone, just relax, feel

free, yes free as the wind rushing through your


In Our Hearts

I know I may not actually be here, but I live

in your heart. I once told you I will love you

till the day I die and forevermore. You live in

my heart, when you miss me, look at the stars

above and pour your heart out, and I’ll lay on

your chest and listen like I once have before.

Sun Kissed

Autumn rain pouring, while the sun is shining

down on us kissing our glowing skin. While

fading away throw the clouds as the sun drifts


Love Hurts

The pain we are left with is the only thing love

will bring. Break your heart, make you cry, and

ask yourself why, when you know it will end

in nothing but pain and leave you alone in a

dark and curl world. So tell me why we still fall

victim time again to our heart that rules, and no

one but our self to blame.

When I’m Gone

Once I’m gone will you even notice? Will you

look up and just think “ I miss her” or just

think it’s nothing and let it pass on by? Would

you let your love just fade away like it’s nothing?

But how would I know anything till I’m


My Battle Scars

To all that loves me, I am sorry the battle has gotten

too heavy. Pulling me down like an anchor to

a boat. I am not as strong as you have once wished

me to be. So I am sorry but the battle has won.

My Final Goodbye

Holding onto this rope, hands slipping, losing

my grip. Watching the blood flow. Losing my

battle to the world. So now I must say goodbye.

A Tragic Fall

Dear Diary, for starters hello my name is Amelia

and the date is September 20th, 1985, I’m very

shy, but that’s okay. My friends don’t mind

it, they let me lay back and handle myself. But

welcome to my odd adventure of me in love

with this one boy. It will be an experience for

us. But here we are the story and how the boy

is. Well, It all started when I fell in love with

Giant Visions Ben Davis HS April 2022


this boy named Harold. I have known him

since middle school. I ended up realizing I fell

for him at the end of high school. He is very

sweet but sometimes on the harsh side because

he is mentally abusive but he doesn’t try to be,

he has major anger issues, which I don’t mind

I become used to it… for the most part. He also

has amazing blue eyes and is really tall and a

football star.

A couple of weeks had passed and it was

October 30th, 1985, Harold asked me out on

a date at Mug ‘ N ‘ Bun then he took me to a

drive-in movie( since it’s the only thing around

back then) to watch NightMare on Elm Street

- the original of course -. At the movies Harold

snapped at me because I accidentally dropped

the fresh snacks and some dude came and

helped me pick them up. I supposed that made

Harold jealous for some odd reason that I don’t

understand. But - Later when we were back

home and, Harold begged me for forgiveness

and he said “ Amelia, look I’m sorry it was a

mistake. I didn’t know how to react to seeing

you with another guy, ever since I first met you

I could tell how amazing you are. I don’t want

us to end this way. The way you smile when

you look up at me gives me butterflies and I love

that. So please look at me. I’m sorry. But please

forgive me it won’t ever happen again “.. When

Harold snapped at me it caught me off guard, it

scared me and more so really hurt my feelings

more than anything. I forgave him because I

love him unconditionally and hate to see him

walk away.

I dream of seeing our relationship go farther

but the way he snaps really makes me doubt

that it will travel much more. But we shall see

how it goes, so I’ll hold on steady to this bumpy

roller coaster ride. So we ended up starting to

date and hanging out so much more just to see

where this takes us. We went to open fields

just looking up at the sky and clouds just thinking

about how life is just clearing our minds

with no other worries but being by each other’s

sides. There was once a time we were watching

the sunset. Harold grabbed my cheek, looked

me in the eyes, and said the sweetest things, for

now, I can’t recall sadly, but I do know it made

my heart melt. Until later that night we got into

an argument and he started saying cruel and

harsh things about me. I couldn’t look him in

the eye, it really hurt me but deep down I know

I love him and he loves me.

We go on dates, talk about movies, play

board games and watch sunsets. It is always

a way to bond. It’s amazing how we get along

so much to say I can’t be apart from him, but

sometimes he just hurts me so much emotionally.

We even went out on rooftops watching

sunsets, sometimes even in the pouring rain,

letting the sun kiss our skin while I lay my head

on his shoulder watching in awe as the sun

drifted off behind the clouds. After four years

of being with Harold we were about to graduate

college at Purdue University. Harold and a

group of his friends were all out partying and

on the way back to their domes they ended up

getting into a horrible car accident. Tragically

none of them made it out alive. I myself felt sick

to my stomach when I found out I was depressed

and didn’t know what to do anymore.

It was morally destroying and I took it all out

on myself like it was my fault when I knew it

wasn’t, but I just miss him so much. I couldn’t

handle the agony I started cutting but that

didn’t work so I ended up taking my life. So to

those I love and that love him I’m sorry but I

am gone now, but I am watching over up above

smiling down hoping you will be okay.

by Chelsea Hughes

28 Giant Visions

Ben Davis HS April 2022







by Jackie Caledron, junior

by Jackie Caledron, junior

Giant Visions Ben Davis HS April 2022


The Sound of Rain

I wake up

I hear the rain, but ignore the rainbow

I hear the woman coughing as she takes another hit of her cigarette

I feel the storm brewing from beneath my eye-lids as I try to tame the storm

I hear the sounds of sorrow coming from the music repeating in my ears

I see the objects and fists being thrown as my mother’s eyes fill with anger and hatred

I feel the chalkiness between my teeth as I rip my fingernails from their homes

I smell the perfume trying to cover up the odor of alcohol soaking in her pours

I try to walk, but all I feel is broken glass just beneath my feet

I try to speak, but I feel the sores of my tongue from bitting it

I try to move, but I started to feel the weight on my shoulders

I lay down and ask the man above to let me sleep forever and not wake me up

I asked him to take me peacefully

I dream of the bright light everyone talks about, and think to myself, “Huh, he finally answers my


I go into the light expecting to see him

But I open my eyes and hear the sound of rain

by Raelynn Hughes, junior

30 Giant Visions

Ben Davis HS April 2022

Good enough for framing

by Tabby Lane, senior

Giant Visions Ben Davis HS April 2022
















by Abdou-Rahmane Aminou, junior


Ben Davis HS April 2022

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