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February / March 2022 egypt today the magazine of egypt volume 41 • number 2-3

February /

March 2022

LE 30

the magazine of egypt



Egyptian creatives tell their stories

through art, filmmaking and design


February-March 2022

vol 41 - number 2-3

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Egyptian creatives tell their

stories through art, filmmaking

and design.

Cover design by

Hesham Amer




26 Film My Design

Contrary to what many may believe,

design is not all about fashion or

decor. This new platform aims to

redefine the design concept in Egypt

by presenting a common ground

between designers and filmmakers,

enlisting Egyptian creatives to come

together to tell their stories.

By Hanan Fayed

32 Expanding Design Horizons

The ATX-EGY program works to

build cultural bridges between Egypt

and the US.

By Angy Essam

40 A Time for Romance

In the mood for love? Check out these

six exclusive venues for the perfect

five-star meal.

50 Ten Luxurious Spas in Cairo to

Enjoy a Rejuvenating Experience

Nothing screams indulgence like a

relaxing pampering at an exclusive

spa. This season, whether it’s to

celebrate your better half or as a

tribute to your mom, these spa offers

will be a perfect gift.

By Rana Hamdy

52 Not So Picture Perfect

Why “relationship goals” may actually

end up wrecking your relationship.

By Rana Hamdy

58 Chocolate: The Food of Love

Whip up these decadent chocolate

desserts that are sure to impress.

66 Industry Leaders Tackle Climate


GROHE scales up efforts to tackle the

climate crisis following COP26.

68 A New Class of Climate Warriors

A new professional diploma at AUC

prepares students to tackle climate


70 Implementation . . . PLUS

John Kerry addresses climate change in

the leadup to COP27

98 A Permanent Home

Tutankhamun’s personal belongings have been transferred

from restoration labs to their permanent home at the Grand

Egyptian Museum, marking the first time the boy king’s

possessions will be displayed together all in one place.



12 Ahmad Abdullah and the

Art of the Unknown

The award-winning filmmaker and

photographer opens up about his

cinematic style, his new works and what

lies beyond the still frame.

By Angy Essam


16 New Horizons

Amal Nasr takes inspiration from ancient

spirits in her quest to explore mankind’s

obsession with discovering and exploring

new horizons.


18 Artisanal Designs

The beautifully illustrated The Mosaics

of Alexandria showcases the exquisite

mosaic art of Greco-Roman Egypt.



80 Snapshot

Hospitality news and offers

82 Passport

A Day at the Races

Camel racing puts the nation’s

camel trade back on the national

and regional map.

88 Passport

Heading West

Cairo celebrates the grand opening

of the ultra-modern Hyatt Regency

Cairo West.


94 Gadget Gifts

From gorgeous earphones to

impressive flat-screen TV screens,

these exclusive gadgets make for

the perfect presents.

74 Long and Luscious

4 ways to create a false lash effect.

By Rana Hamdy

76 Skin Deep

Your guide to finding the perfect

foundation for your skin.

By Rana Hamdy


86 Around Town

90 Parting Shot

Founder William Harrison (1940–1995)


Designs of the Times

Contrary to what many may believe, design is not all about fashion or

decor. For this issue Senior Writer Hanan Fayed looks back at the second

edition of Film My Design, a new platform that aims to redefine the design

concept in Egypt by presenting a common ground between designers and

filmmakers, enlisting Egyptian creatives to come together to tell their stories.

Also encouraging creatives to tell their stories is the ATX-EGY program which

works to build cultural bridges between Egypt and the US. For “Expanding Design

Horizons,” Senior Writer Angy Essam catches up with several of the up-andcoming

young designers who joined the program for their insight on how the

experience has helped to promote Egyptian creativity abroad.

One hot-button issue that the globe needs a creative approach to is mitigating

the impact of climate change. With just a few short months to go before all eyes

turn to Egypt and Sharm El-Sheikh, which is hosting the 27th session of the

Conference of the Parties (COP 27) later this year, we look at how local academics

and industry leaders are taking new and innovative approaches to tackling

climate change.

And speaking of new and innovative, this month our Guide section features

two diverse artists whose approaches are anything but traditional. Senior Writer

Angy Essam chats with the groundbreaking filmmaker and photographer behind

Heliopolis, Microphone and Rags & Tatters. Turn to “Ahmad Abdallah and the

Art of the Unknown” where the award-winning artists opens up about his cinematic

style, his new endeavors in film and photography and his passion for discovering

what lies beyond the still frame. Our second contemporary artist is Amal

Nasr who takes inspiration from ancient spirits in her quest to explore mankind’s

obsession with discovering and exploring new horizons. “I contemplated the vocabulary

of the ancient arts until my memory was saturated with them,” recalls

Nasr, who then let her imagination run free to produce her latest collection, New

Horizons, showing at Safarkhan Art Gallery

Hoping to revive a traditional sport and reinvigorate Egypt’s camel trade are

the organizers behind Matrouh’s camel races on the North Coast. We follow the

racers and their graceful animals on their journey toward the finish line in our

photo essay “A Day at the Races.”

And with love in the air, we celebrate Valentine’s with our guide to romantic

celebrations. Check out our six exclusive venues handpicked for the perfect fivestar

meal. We’ve also compiled our favorite 10 luxurious spas in Cairo where you

can enjoy a rejuvenating experience, and if you want to impress, whip up any of

our decadent chocolate dessert recipes.

— Noha Mohammed


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Executive Editor in Chief

Mohamed Abdel Baky

Managing Editor

Noha Mohammed


Yasmine Hassan

Senior Writers

Angy Essam

Hanan Fayed

Lifestyle Coordinator

Maria Fathy


Rana Hamdy

Mustafa Marie

Safarkhan Art Gallery

Art Director

Wael Wahba

Creative Supervisor

Heba Mekky

Business Development Director

Sherif Anis

Senior Public Relations &


Eman Hassan

Senior Sales Manager

Sayed Abo El Magd

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Women of Orange Share Thoughts on Breaking

the Bias and Unleashing Full Potential

In Women’s Month, Orange Egypt seizes the opportunity

to shed light on its powerhouse women who lead from the

heart, mentor, inspire, and unleash their potential for the bigger

benefit of not only the company, but the employees and

coworkers as well. This month, Orange Egypt makes it a reminder

of what women are capable to do, not just a day or a month a year,

but all year round.

Orange Egypt is proud to have a work environment that embraces

diversified talents, where females represent a huge part of it.

Women play a leading role inside the Company, on all levels and

in all fields. Orange promotes March as the month dedicated to

these women introducing special activities throughout the month

with focus on the International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day as

significant occasions.

This year, Orange Egypt decided that the conscious focus will

be to “Push the Numbers” of qualified females in the workplace

especially in the technical fields; the numbers are pushed when

the focus is on talent not gender. Today, 40% of Orange Egypt

Leadership team are females who mentor to other ladies inside the


The four inspirational ladies have shared their thoughts on how

we break the bias and their advice on how women can live up to

their own expectations not that of others.

“The path to success is not easy and it is more difficult for

women. Yet we are the ones with the power to determine our own

potential. You can be both a successful mother and a career-oriented

woman. Breaking the bias starts with believing in ourselves

and making sure that we extend our expertise and support other

females in their journeys,” commented Maha Nagy, Chief Communications


Tania Asmar, Orange Egypt Chief of Staff, has shared “I believe

women need to overcome their own constraints & boundaries that

limit their career choices. Inheriting the mindset ‘it’s a man’s job”,

should no longer exist. Looking around us women have proven

they are competent, innovative and passionate to be judges, CEO,

pilots, mechatronic engineers…etc.Do not doubt your abilities,

you are in control! You can take on any challenge if you set your

mind to it!”

On the other hand, Rania Gharib, Chief Legal, Regulatory and

Compliance Officer, stated “The Egyptian woman is well known

for her strong will and her ability to influence her environment.

She is the driving force behind the success of those around her.

With her determination, she can reach her dreams and overcome

any obstacles.”

Commenting on this occasion, Orange Egypt Chief Financial

Officer, Marwa El Ayouti said “Corporates are witnessing dramatic

change, with young ladies penetrating the technical fields and

filling managerial and senior leadership roles in different areas.

Leading key roles in organizations comes from your own ambition

and willingness. Own your career, be determined, take risks and

work on your own development and you will reach your ambition.”


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• Style• Tech • Television • Travel • Culture


New Horizons

Amal Nasr takes inspiration from ancient

spirits in her quest to explore mankind’s

obsession with discovering and exploring

new horizons.


Ahmad Abdallah and the Art of the Untold

The award-winning filmmaker and photographer opens up about

his cinematic style, his new works and what lies beyond the still



Artisanal Designs

The beautifully illustrated The Mosaics

of Alexandria showcases the exquisite

mosaic art of Greco-Roman Egypt.

Amideast in Partnership with

Citi Foundation to Celebrate

the Graduation of the Third

Group of Young Entrepreneurs

from Upper Egypt

Amideast and Citi Foundation were pleased to celebrate

on March 26th the graduation of the third cohort

of the Youth Entrepreneurship Program (YEP),

an initiative designed to support young Egyptian entrepreneurs

who seek to develop, launch, or expand viable businesses.

This year’s graduation recognizes 81 men and women

from Upper Egypt and their 17 businesses following their successful

completion of the program, which was funded by Citi

Foundation and designed and implemented by Amideast.

YEP is part of a multi-country Skills for Success® grant

that Citi Foundation has awarded Amideast to benefit underserved

youth in Egypt through its Pathways to Progress initiative,

which prepares urban youth with career readiness tools

and opportunities to thrive in today’s economy.

“Amideast is proud of our longstanding partnership with

Citi Foundation and thrilled that we offer the fully-funded

Youth Entrepreneurship Program for the third time in Egypt—

and for the first time in Upper Egypt,” said Shahinaz Ahmed,

Amideast’s country director for Egypt. “We focused this year

on the inspiring youth population in Upper Egypt to empower

innovation and entrepreneurship in Upper Egypt, a key goal

for both Amideast and Citi.”

Ms. Ahmed also noted that YEP’s Pay-It-Forward model

extended the program’s benefits to an additional 840 youth.

This innovative feature of many Amideast programs empowers

the participants to lead workshops in which they share the

knowledge they acquired during the program with peers in

their communities. The benefits to both students and those

they teach are significant.

“It’s incredible to see the pride that develops when students

teach others—the change in their being that occurs when an

institution places such trust in them,” she added.

On behalf of Citi Foundation, Mohamed Abdel Kader,

Country Manager, Citibank Egypt, added, “We are proud to

partner with Amideast and to invest in youth in Egypt through

targeted empowerment programs. Such programs catalyze

economic growth through Citi Foundation grants and in partnership

with reputed regional NGOs.”

YEP is just one of many ways in which Amideast seeks

to better position Egyptian youth to realize economic security

and thereby a brighter future for themselves, their communities,

and ultimately Egypt. Participants in YEP-Upper

Egypt benefited from training, coaching and mentoring, and

business-incubation and seed-funding opportunities.

et Guide | Film

Ahmad Abdallah

and the Art of the


The award-winning

filmmaker and photographer

opens up about

his cinematic style, his

new works and what

lies beyond the still


By Angy Essam


Guide | Film et

Ahmad Abdallah is an award-winning filmmaker

and photographer who has become an integral

part of the new wave of independent cinema in

the Arab world. He is best known for his feature

films Heliopolis (2009), Microphone (2010), Rags & Tatters

(2013), Decor (2015) and Exterior Night (2018).

His many prizes include best director from regional and

local festivals such as Dubai Film Festival, Cannes Film

Festival, the Golden Antigone Prize at the Cinemed Film

Festival of Montpellier, the Golden Tanit Prize in Journées

Cinématographiques de Carthage, and the Golden Tulip

at the Istanbul International Film Festival. His films have

participated in other festivals such as the Toronto International

Film Festival, the London BFI, International Film

Festival Singapore, and the São Paulo International Film


Abdallah recently launched his first photography exhibition

under the title Deceiving Time. Taken in the period

from 2010 to 2021, the 19 large color archival pigment

prints are made up of superimpositions of disregarded

photographs where he investigates how we recollect and remember.

Visually, the work references both long exposure

photography and chronophotography. His photographs

are an exploration of everything that lies outside of the

frame arbitrarily chosen to encapsulate a memory.

Abdallah is also currently working on his new feature

film 19B (working title). Written and directed by the artist

himself, the film is produced by Mohamed Hefzy (Film

Clinic), marking a new collaboration with Abdallah after

previous films like Microphone and Rags & Tatters. Egypt

Today spoke with the talented director and photographer

about his latest photography exhibition and his cinematic


Your cinematic style is never traditional when it comes

to discussing ideas and the method of photography and

montage. Is being a photographer the reason behind


Working on pictures is always about self expressing, either

moving pictures or still photography, in each frame

there is a story. Sometimes the story is very visible, and

other times it is hidden and waiting for the viewer to reimagine

and reveal it. I always liked ambiguity in art, I liked

making films that have a lot of what is untold. I believe

that photography is somehow the art of the untold, the

story we all have to imagine beyond this still frame.

Your interest in the issue of social segmentation can be

seen in most of your work, especially in your last film,

Exterior Night

Cairo is the reason, living in such a diverse city, it is impossible

not to notice the huge difference between neigh-



et Guide | Film

borhoods, visually and culturally. I’m more interested in

the second. I contemplated the thought of how we are

all capable of living together and across the boundaries.

In Exterior Night I found it easier to explore the differences

via the story of the prostitute, the filmmaker and the

taxi driver trapped in a car/city all night long, and who are

suddenly forced to get to know each other.

You are a talented photographer. Why have you only

now decided to launch your first photography exhibition?

I don’t know if I’m talented or not, all I know is that I

truly love expressing through the lens. For me, filmmaking

was my first choice for telling stories for over a decade.

Meanwhile photography was more of a misty area for me.

But with the guidance of TINTERA gallery co-founders

Zein Khalifa and Heba Farid, and with the support of

many friends and artists, I managed to overcome my worries

and I started to print dozens of photographs. Discussing

the photographs with the TINTERA team was an experience

that made me connect with photography in a new

way—holding the physical photograph and working on it

has spoken to me in a unique way and I hope it would also

speak to the audience at the exhibition.

Why did you name your first photography exhibition

Deceiving Time?

No concept fascinates me as does time; that ancient notion

that crosses us as we cross it, like an invisible stream.

My classical music training, over 20 years ago, inducted

me into considering our temporal relation with tempo. As

a filmmaker, time became my primary tool of constructing

reality. Why do certain images occupy our hearts and

nestle in the corners of our minds? Does the significance

of the time and place when these moments occurred guarantee

supremacy in recollection? Or is it possible that they

are but leftover ruins of other forgotten moments, ones

that preceded and followed the recollected moments? For

all of that, I found Deceiving Time was a good title to describe

the world we are presenting in this exhibition.

How did audiences react to the exhibit? Were you happy

with the feedback?

I was very happy to meet artists and friends discussing

photography, visually and conceptually. As we all are exposed

to over 10,000 pictures a day, I don’t think that we

spend enough time to discuss them and study how we relate

to them.

It was amazing how many students came to the gallery

and for many of them it was the first time they had ever

visited a gallery! We spoke about the photos, the printing

experience and how unique it is to see an exhibition with

proper lighting and carefully curated works compared to

scrolling through hundreds of photos on our devices. I believe

the thing I’m proud of the most in this experience is

introducing a new generation to the world of printed photos.

Given that we have very few venues in Egypt special-


Guide | Film et

ized in photography, I am grateful to have had the chance

to work with TINTERA on my first exhibition.

Does being a good photographer help you to master

your tools as a director?

Understanding pictures and composition is a tool within

itself, but to be a filmmaker is not about the picture, it is

more about life, human beings and ideology in my humble

opinion. Then how to work with actors to express a subtle

idea or emotion. Mastering photography is a great tool

indeed, but you can’t make a film using cinematography

alone. But knowing the lens and the power each can provide

is a great asset.

You are always roaming the streets of Cairo with your

camera, to what extent have you been influenced by the

cinema of the late director Mohamed Khan?

Since my beginning I never liked to film in a studio, I

would always choose a real street over constructing it, and

I let myself go with the flow of the street and the people on

it. It doesn’t mean I oppose shooting in studios; great films

like El-Kitkat were filmed almost entirely on a film set, but

personally I liked the adventure of the street and allowing

it to surprise me and allowing myself to be open to what

will happen in such a crazy city like Cairo and Alexandria.

It is not an easy task but I believe it is very rewarding.

You hear about independent cinema, clean cinema and

other cinematic terminologies: are you with the classification

of cinema?

Such terminologies were created by the media, I would

even say by lazy media writers. It was easier for them to

quickly pigeonhole everything instead of dive a little deeper

and see if the film actually intersects with many concepts

and genres. For me, the classification has made cinema feel

like a supermarket, a section for candies and another for

shampoos. This is not how I see films, personally I try as

much as I can not to use such terminologies. If I’m forced

to use a category I use the classic genres, I say the film is

action, musical, comedy, keeping in mind that a film can

contain many genres as we all know.



et Guide | Books



The beautifully illustrated The

Mosaics of Alexandria showcases

the exquisite mosaic art of

Greco-Roman Egypt.

AUC Press has recently released The Mosaics

of Alexandria written by Anne-Marie Guimier-Sorbets

and translated by Colin Clement.

The volume is a beautifully illustrated study

of mosaic art in Greco-Roman Egypt.

Mosaic art was developed by the Greeks, notably

within the royal court of Macedonia, and was initially

unknown to the Egyptians. Macedonian mosaicists

then established busy workshops in the capital, Alexandria,

and in the new towns of Greek Egypt.

Under the stimulus of commissions from the Ptolemaic

court, these workshops soon showed that they were capable

of innovation. Beginning with pebbles, they then used tesserae

of different sizes, and adopted new materials (glass, faience,

paint) in order to transpose onto the floor images from

grand paintings, which was the major art form of the time

and was characterized by the vivid use of color.

Alexandrian mosaicists were at the forefront of creativity

during the Hellenistic period and their influence spread

around the Mediterranean. After the Roman conquest of

Egypt they adapted to the tastes of their new sponsors and to

changes in architecture and were able to retain an important

place within this art as it developed across the entire empire,

in Rome and from east to west.

The Mosaics of Alexandria provides the first overview of the

mosaics and pavements of Egypt that were created between

the end of the fourth century BC and the sixth century AD. It

presents a selection of some 70 mosaics and pavements from

Alexandria and Greco-Roman Egypt. Generally little known

and more often than not unpublished, these works are illustrated

here in full color, some for the first time.

The aim is to better understand the artistic and artisanal

production of a type of decoration that played an important

role within the living environment of the ancients.

About the Author

Anne-Marie Guimier-Sorbets is professor emerita of archaeology and

Greek history of art at the University of Paris-Nanterre and a specialist

in Greek architecture and architectural décor. In collaboration with the

Centre d’Etudes Alexandrines over a period of some twenty-five years,

she has authored numerous studies on Alexandrian archaeological material

of domestic and funerary contexts. Since 2015, Guimier-Sorbets

has served as president of the International Association for the Study of

Ancient Mosaics.


Employee Well-Being Drives the

Future of Work

Mr. Essam Al Maddah, HR director and general secretary, Egypt

and north east Africa at Danone

When the pandemic struck, our day-to-day lives turned upside

down and it has become a pressing challenge to shift

the way we do our human interactions. The rapid changes

that the world has undergone over the past couple of years

have also drastically transformed the dynamics of the work environment

and the way we do our business. The well-being of employees has become

a fundamental part of this equation as the pandemic took its toll on our

mental health.

The COVID-19 epidemic introduced a slew of new hurdles, particularly

for corporate attempting to reopen, with managers and staff going

under massive pressure to bring their business back to normal as quickly

as possible. Most companies swiftly adapted to the new world’s needs

by implementing new standards and improved methods to provide for a

safe, steady return. These measures guided us through the critical phases

of rebuilding our business in the aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak.

We ensured that our facilities are totally clean and disinfected and that we

have a strategy in place to keep the business safe, established a support

network for our staff when they return to work, and adjust to the new

realities and emotional challenges brought by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Also tried to create a safe work atmosphere approach that protects employees

and customers from the risks associated with COVID-19, such as

exposure and transmission.

These latest measures have come to life to address the new challenges

and realities we are forced to adapt to. Yet, the well-being of the employees

has always been at the heart of our operations as we strive to apply the best

practices in the work environment and human asset management through

the already existing programs to ensure the well-being of the employees.

Being an employee-oriented company has been an essential part of our

journey. We invested in the human asset, as we understood that it is the

driving force of our operations and the future of the work environment.

We have done extensive research and studies on the effects of employee

well-being programs on staff health and wellbeing across various businesses

worldwide. Our Well-being programs are set to help us achieve

better engagement and productivity from our employees as studies show

that employees who are satisfied are 12 percent more likely to be productive

and ninety-five percent of employees who claim to be highly engaged

believe that their bosses should listen to their ideas and take their comments

into account.

Employees’ mental well-being also means less absenteeism and turnover

as several studies suggest that a well-planned employee well-being

program reduces absenteeism rates for 78 percent of firms. A healthy work

atmosphere, in turn, stimulates employees and keeps them with your organization

for a longer period. Employees are more likely to burn out in

the absence of such programs, which cost businesses between $125 and

$190 billion each year.

Meanwhile, we believe that these well-being programs will support us

in creating Staff Built on Resilience as it serves as a guiding light for

employees who are dealing with stress at work or in their personal lives.

Finally, these programs will have a positive impact on Employer Branding

by improving workplace culture and acquiring new employees who will

flourish in your company’s environment. At the same time, employees

who are happy with their positions are more likely to recommend your

firm to their peers, decreasing your recruitment costs and ensuring a loyal


For this purpose, we introduced Danone’s corporate health and wellness

programs to assess the effects that the organizational climate and job

type can have on employees’ health and create initiatives or campaigns

targeted at making healthy choices simpler for the workforce.

Our team is a family that grows and works together, and we realize that

they are an important part of our success story. For this purpose, Danone

has been hosting recognition events (Golden Danoners) six times a year to

acknowledge employees’ exceptional talents and devotion in their sector.

We strive to empower our staff and work together with our partners. We

have entrusted the building of new futures to our more than 100,000 employees

by allowing each of them to co-own our agenda and our goals on

a global and local scale. The company continues to pioneer new methods

to promote inclusive growth for all stakeholders in our food chain, especially

the most vulnerable. Furthermore, we are collaborating with our

partners to support the food revolution by co-creating long-term solutions

and transforming the way food is grown, produced, promoted, distributed,

sold, and consumed.

As a foundational act to make our 2030 Goals a reality, we created

an innovative governance model called “One Person, One Voice, One

Share” that puts Danone’s 100,000 employees at the center of defining

the company’s future. In addition to out-of-work benefits such as corporate

discounts, all staff is eligible for premium offers and discounts in

a variety of industries, including gyms, restaurants, services, and more,

including nurseries. We also provide ergonomically comfortable seats to

improve their posture, vital stationery to streamline their workflow, docking

stations for efficiency, large screens to protect their vision, and a baby/

lactation room for women on maternity leave who require more than the

government’s provision.

At Danone, we have also introduced non-physical features such as

regular breaks, company support, educational sessions, and nutritional

advice, as well as an HR call program established during COVID to ensure

employees are stable with new work schemes, a dynamic working

environment, doctor support for all employees to check on their health,

and any other type of support or guidance that they may require.

Employees’ well-being has proven to be the linchpin of all business

operations. In order for corporate to continue to thrive, it is time for businesses

to step up their game, bring to life real and tangible programs, and

truly invest in its calibers in an effort to support businesses thrive on one

hand and to curb the impact of the pandemic on employees’ mental health

and wellbeing. The corporate need to forge their ways with an employee’sdriven

mindset, which, without a doubt, will positively reflect on the businesses.

et Guide | Art



Amal Nasr takes inspiration from ancient spirits in her quest to explore

mankind’s obsession with discovering and exploring new horizons.

Artwork courtesy Safarkhan Art Gallery

Inspired by spirits and the innate formulation of beings, contemporary

artist Amal Nasr brings her creations for the first

time to Safarkhan Art Gallery. “I contemplated the vocabulary

of the ancient arts until my memory was saturated with them,”

recalls Nasr, who then let her imagination run free to produce her

latest collection, New Horizons.


Guide | Art et

“I collected these spirits in a unifying theatrical performance

that contains the vocabulary of primitive and ancient

civilizations from various sources that come together forming

a new horizon,” explains Nasr. In the works, Lascaux

cave fishermen converse with indigenous Australian figures,

Maya and Aztec sculptures converse with Jordan’s twoheaded

Ain Ghazal statues, Greek Aphrodite contends with

Assyrian Ishtar and Venus of Willendorf, pre-dynastic boats

still capable of transporting us to new lands, ivory Greek

statues conversing with Naqada brides of ancient Egyptian

and Syrian women, and the Alexandrian women of Tanagra.

The nymphs from the Odessa epic warning the ships, the

gazing eyes of Coptic Fayum portraits, and the ancient zodiac

vocabulary all draw us to the maps of time.

“I am always searching for new horizons amongst the

messages of our ancestors, spirits alive inside us that we can

gain new sparks of life from, knowing that preserving the

pureness of our souls is what preserves the secret of life,”

Nasr adds.



et Guide | Art


Guide | Art et

Nasr’s art combines unique cultural markers and symbols

in a compositional style that balances between abstract, figurative

and expressionist modes. ”There is a constant quest

to restore the joy of discovery, the pleasure of the first experience,

and the passion of moving to another, more astonishing

and attractive horizon,” Nasr explains. ”It is what

keeps our hearts alive instead of being slowly killed off by

the monotony of habit. So was my moving to a sprawling

dream, and I found it in my new painting experience. It is

inspired by the world of primitive art and ancient civilizations

which have always fascinated me and which I found

my soul drawn to.

Nasr is convinced the common denominator between

arts and ancient civilizations is the unity of the human

spirit and its perplexity in confronting the world with its

unknown forces and unjustified phenomena. “Humanity’s

initial instinct is to create a visual expression of the unknown,

from a time when everything around man was new,

enjoying the beauty of discovering and interpreting the initial

step in everything. Each morning brings a new discovery

that is in direct harmony with nature and as man faced

these new unknowns, drawing was his first language. Even

older than the practice of speaking and writing, drawing is

perhaps the most primitive instinct. For how to confront

the unknown, other than by embodying it, confronting it,

and surpassing it?

“Man found that he had something to narrate and that

his experiences that began to accumulate gave him the ability

to make events and stories and mix between imagination

and reality, because his mind was taking him to horizons

beyond his limited spatial spot. He does not place the imaginary

difference, which we have invented in our contemporary

life, between him and the creatures. He depicts his new

creatures that mix between humans, reptiles, birds, fish and

animals; he may choose from each of them the part that is

capable of escaping and confronting. He also does not place

a barrier between the living and the dead, for the ancestral

spirits are still present, he reproduces them, embodies them,

and is empowered by them. He makes totems and taboos,

and reveres magicians, priests, and everything he believes

has the ability to penetrate the unknown.”

—Courtesy Safarkhan Art Gallery



Mercedes-Benz Egypt

Launches the New CLS

A sportier look and updated tech for the new CLS

Mercedes-Benz officially presents the new CLS

350 in Egypt. Now the CLS shows off an even

sportier look. The front end in particular, with

the new radiator grille and bumpers, expresses

the dynamism of this four-door coupé even more strongly.

At the same time, the interior has been upgraded with new

trim combinations as well as a new-generation steering wheel

and touch operated MBUX with extended functionalities. As

a coupé, the CLS belongs to the category of dream cars at

Mercedes-Benz, especially with its AMG line design details

flaunting sportiness, elegance and sophistication all in one

exquisite package.

Exterior design: Sportier & sharper than ever

The new CLS comes with an updated sharpened design.

Fitted with the AMG Line Exterior and Night package, it signals

sportiness even more clearly. AMG styling components

include the sporty front and rear bumpers, a wider wheel arch

for the AMG 19 Inch wheels and a spoiler lip on the boot lid.

The CLS also comes with a new radiator grille, featuring the

Mercedes-Benz star pattern. The new paint color for the CLS

is the head turning spectral blue metallic.

Interior design: As luxurious as it is sporty

In addition to the more distinctive exterior, the interior has

also been enhanced with new trim finishes where the center

console comes in grey open-pore ash wood. As part of the

update, the CLS receives new tech, including the Touch operated

MBUX with extended functionalities, a redesigned

multifunction steering wheel in nappa leather, and Wireless

charging for mobile devices. Additionally, the car features the

exceptional Burmester® surround sound system.

Powertrain: powerful efficient performance

In the CLS 350, a high-performance 2.0-litre engine ensures

strong performance. With an output of 299 hp and a maximum

torque of 400 Nm, coupled with the efficient 9GTRONIC

automatic transmission, the car can effortlessly reach 0 -100

km/h in just 6.1 Seconds up to a top speed of 250km/h.

Intelligent Drive and safety features

The CLS includes an array of driver assistance and safety

features such as the ATTENTION ASSIST, Blind Spot Assist,

Active Parking Assist with PARKTRONIC and a 360°camera,

Active Braking Assist. Optimal vision for the driver is also

guaranteed thanks to the LED High performance headlights.



Two design initiatives bring together Egyptian creatives

to tell their stories to the world





Contrary to what many may

believe, design is not all about

fashion or decor. This new platform

aims to redefine the design

concept in Egypt by presenting a

common ground between designers

and filmmakers, enlisting

Egyptian creatives to come together

to tell their stories.

By Hanan Fayed

After a two-year hiatus due to Covid-19, the second

edition of Film My Design (FMD), the first festival

of its kind in Egypt and MENA, kicked off

in January, presenting an opportunity for designers,

architects and filmmakers in the region to collaborate,

inspire, receive training, and even win prizes. Most importantly,

it is an opportunity for them to be seen by the public.

Behind the event are Farah el-Rafei and Israa Mahmoud

Ibrahim. Resident in the UAE, both had the opportunity

to attend major design events such as Milano Design Film

Festival, Art Dubai, and the Venice Biennale. Realizing that

few Egyptians participated in these festivals and that few

Egyptian expats knew of the buzzing and rich design and

filmmaking scenes in their homeland, the pair decided to

launch a design festival to present a common ground between

designers and filmmakers in Egypt.

“We are raising awareness of what design is through film,

so we talk about the stages of the design. For someone who

has no background in design or architecture to watch an

actual movie, not just a documentary . . . we can tell the story

through different genres, feature films, short or long, animation,

or visual art films,” said Rafei, co-founder of FMD,

adding that they are targeting “everyone, not just the profes-

sionals. We want to tell the story of a design in a different

medium, which is film.”

The end product for an architect, for example, may be impressive

to people, but the process is definitely as valued to

the architect as the building, showcasing that process in a

film would mean a lot to the community and would allow

those interested to further appreciate the work. The same

applies to filmmakers. Their only chance does not have to be

in a drama or a movie or a TV show. The more the festivals

and competitions inviting for their creative work, the better.

This year, the U.S. Embassy facilitated the participation of

Kyle Bergman, the founder of New York-based Architecture

and Design Film Festival, who contributed with films, talks

and workshops. During the launch of FMD, he said not a

single Egyptian film had applied to be selected for Architecture

and Design Film Festival, adding that he hopes FMD

will entrench the idea among Egyptian creatives so more

Egyptian films are seen at international design festivals.

“We celebrate this partnership that will unfold inspiring

films and conversations from the U.S. to Egypt. . . . Humans

are really so much more similar than they are different, so

much more connected and so much more the same,” Bergman

said during the launch.


Feature et

The design story

In Egypt, design is perhaps known among the general

public as a term used in certain fields such as fashion, décor

and graphics. In fact it is a broad concept that applies to

everything in life, and everything can be designed and redesigned.

In the 1970s, a designer named Victor Papanek argued

that design is not about creating objects but bringing together

lots of people who are involved in a situation to understand

the complexity, according to U.S. design professors

John Bruce. Papanek wrote the book Design for the

Real World, which was translated into some 24 languages

and helped pave the way for design to be accepted as an approach.

But the idea started to take shape and form in the 1990s,

and later in early in the 2000s, terms like “design thinking”

started to get known.

That is how one designer may design a city, a building,

an event, or a business project without being an engineer, a

planner, or a holder of an MBA as long as he has the right

team and is able to consider everything related to the product

and how all factors impact each other.

Meet the founders of Film My Design

Rafei studied design management in the American University

of Sharjah and worked with Art Dubai, one of the

biggest art festivals worldwide, and now works as senior exhibition

coordinator at the UAE pavilion at the Venice Biennial.

Ibrahim has a master’s degree in design from Italy and

worked at Milano Design Film Festival. Their connections

have greatly benefitted Egypt’s FMD; several universities in

Egypt and beyond want to integrate design and filmmaking

in their curriculums and have contacted FMD to show

the films. Other entities have said they want to see Egyptian

films on certain subjects while others have asked for general

design films, according to the founders.

Guests have also been excited when contacted by FMD to

contribute to an Egyptian festival, such as Wayne Thomas,

a production designer from the U.S. who did production

designs of Oscar-winning movies Cinderella Man, Beautiful

Mind, and Hidden Figures. From Egypt, Amr Aransa, the

furniture design manager at Pinocchio, and Karim Shaaban,

a director and co-creator, also delivered workshops to mentor

young creatives.

Ibrahim recalled that in 2016, Dubai Design Week ex-




tended the time for the Egyptian pavilion, which was titled

“Cairo Now: City Incomplete,” an entire week in recognition

of the tremendous amount of talent it exhibited. That

is when the idea hit, but the two women were disappointed

that there was not enough information about Egyptian designers

on the internet, and no platform for them despite

the amount and number of talents in the country. To found

FMD, they had to follow word of mouth, meet designers in

person, and use their network of connections to find the relevant


Rafei and Ibrahim made their own film in 2017 to explain

their idea and how filmmaking and design meet to show history

and a human story. They partnered with Milano Design

Film Festival in 2019 to further illustrate the point of design


Several programs and activities are offered by FMD, including

Emerging Local Talents, a program for young filmmakers

and designers, which alone resulted in four films.

Other FMD programs include Egyptian Design Stories,

and Design at Trans Borders, which invited Architecture and

Design Film Festival from the U.S. In addition to workshops

and panel discussions, FMD also takes Egyptian films to be

shown at international festivals and movie theaters.

“We were able to achieve the goal of the festival through

films about design, workshops, conversations about innovation

in a range of design fields, such as architecture, furniture,

and crafts,” Ibrahim said during her opening speech.


Feature et

How do design film festivals thrive?

To anticipate the future of FMD, Egypt Today asked

Bergman how the Architecture and Design Film

Festival, which he founded in 2009, kept going.

Today, more than 350 films go through the selection

process of the festival.

“I didn’t realize it was going to grow into

something, but it did. There’s a great appetite

for people out there, so not just design professionals,”

Bergman said, highlighting that a

design film needs to have both a human and a

design story to appeal to everybody.

“Film My design is a very positive opportunity

for both local designers and international

designers. It’s inspiring as someone who’s been

doing this a long time to see new films of young

people who just started, often young creative designers

and so much good energy out there,” he


Bergman highlighted the “democratization of filmmaking,”

where one could make a film using an iPhone,

more design film festivals are founded in different parts of

the world, and documentaries are becoming more popular.




“We want to

tell the story

of a design

in a



which is


“The festival will explore the relationship between cities

and spaces and the people who live in them. It will also delve

into sustainability and climate change and will encourage

audiences to reimagine the use of public and private spaces

and cultural heritage sites,” U.S. Ambassador Jonathan R.

Cohen said during the opening ceremony. “We also want to

showcase the inspiring accomplishments of women’s ideas

in architecture, planning and landscape architecture from

Egypt and from around the world to underscore the dividends

that come from investment in equality, diversity and

inclusivity,” Cohen added.

The founders thanked the embassy for its contribution,

which is the biggest this year with eight films from the U.S.

as well as the participation of Bergman.

Nine films took part in the first edition, four of which

were Italian as the biggest partner was Milano Design Film

Festival. More than 30 films were in the 2022 edition, 14 of

them Egyptian and the rest international, proving the huge

niche the festival is filling in the Egyptian creative scene.

Further, the British council, the Italian Cultural Institute,

the Japan Foundation, the Austrian Cultural Forum had

speakers in FMD 2022.

It is not the first time the U.S. Embassy has facilitated

workshops in Egypt delivered by U.S. design experts. In

November 2018, Parsons School of Design professors John

Bruce and Mark Randall delivered a five-day workshop to

15 participants of different backgrounds and professions

at one table, helping each other with varied projects, most

notably empowering women, children and youth, education,

mobility, and using art to engage people in public space.

Architecture in Egypt

The collaboration of architects and filmmakers in Egypt

can be astounding, given the various authentic types of architecture

in the country, beginning from ancient Egyptian,

Roman, Coptic, Islamic, and ending with European and

modern. Today, Egyptian urban expansion is as big as ever,

and so the timing of FMD is great.

“People are interested in design, especially a country like

Egypt where design is so important. It’s in your history and

your DNA. I mean, you have the most iconic buildings in

the world from a design perspective,” Bergman said, urging

Egyptian filmmakers to submit their work to Architecture

and Design Film Festival, which accepts films with a length

beginning from one minute.

He added films about the New Capital would be interesting,

the pros and cons of that, and how and the speed at

which older neighborhoods change. “I think a strong city allows

both for the historical stuff and the modern stuff to be

brought in,” he noted in an answer to Egypt Today’s question

on architectural styles as Egypt embarks on a planned

urban expansion all over the country.

He emphasized that the “international style” that is created

to be placed anywhere in the world is not a solution


Feature et

because it does not consider the history. “I believe you

have to know where you’re doing it and be respectful and

mindful of the location. . . . It doesn’t look at the environment.

It doesn’t look at the culture,” Bergman

noted. “That doesn’t mean you can’t do

modern buildings.If you look at Italy, I think

Italy does this very, very well. They have old

ancient cities and sometimes they bring in

modern buildings and maybe the material

is different, but the scale is appropriate,” he


As design festivals solicit Egyptian films on

architecture, storytelling is the Egyptian creatives’

most powerful tool, according to Bergman,

because it incorporates the emotional aspect.

“Storytelling is really one of the best ways

to talk about architecture. As an architect, you’re

a storyteller. As a filmmaker, you’re a storyteller.

We all tell stories all the time. You tell stories by the

clothing you picked, by how you present yourself in

the world, by the color of the walls, the height of the

lights. Those are all storytelling.”



et Feature




The ATX-EGY program works to

build cultural bridges between

Egypt and the US.

By Angy Essam


Feature et

The U.S. Embassy in Cairo is sponsoring the second

iteration of its ATX-EGY program to leverage

the strengths in Egypt’s and Austin, Texas’

design sectors and build cultural bridges between

the United States and Egypt.

Eleven Egyptian fashion entrepreneurs recently participated

in a training bootcamp in Texas at the Austin Community

College Fashion Incubator, and attended Austin

Fashion Week. They also showcased their products in a

“pop-up shop” that was sponsored in part by US clothing

retail giant Macy’s.

The Egyptian entrepreneurs’ trip to the United States

and their interaction with the fashion world of Austin built

on their participation in a 16-week training on fashion

management and entrepreneurship, delivered virtually in

partnership with the Austin Community College Fashion


These activities have created strong connections between

U.S. and Egyptian fashion professionals and are helping

them expand their design horizons and marketing savvy to

boost their businesses.

The final phase of ATX-EGY II will come this May, when

Austin-based designers will visit Egypt to further solidify relationships,

build new connections, and experience the rich

Egyptian fashion and cultural scene.

The U.S. Embassy in Cairo is conducting this program in

partnership with the City of Austin Economic Development

Department, Austin Community College, and Ghada El

Tanawy, founder and CEO of Egypt’s online fashion rental

platform La Reina.

“This is the second round of ATX-EGY, which connects

fashion experts and creative designers from the US and

Egypt” recounted Chargé d’Affaires of the US Embassy in

Cairo Nicole Champagne to Egypt Today, noting that the

US always supports stakeholders in Egypt’s creative economy,

describing it as “a space with huge potential.

She elaborated that the US Embassy has a vast history

when it comes to supporting the promising entrepreneur-



et Feature

ship sector, small businesses and startups in Egypt. “We have

made loans to almost 5 million small projects, strengthening

businesses through mentorship, incubators and accelerators,”

Champagne said.

Egypt Today met with the Egyptian fashion designers

who narrated what they actually learned from this unique

experience. Founder of Nine and Beyond brand Sara Toulan,

who was inspired to make comfy and stylish outfits

when she was pregnant, began by saying that the program

was well executed. She saw how the Egyptian market lacked

comfortable outfits, and, “My goal was to help women feel

good about themselves and support them during pregnancy

with uplifting designs that they can still use and wear after

giving birth, thus providing an element of sustainability,”

she explained.

Nine and Beyond’s latest collection caters to women’s

needs for comfortable wear that adapts to changes in lifestyle

like the country’s lockdown due to the pandemic. The

collection is pregnancy friendly and nursing friendly and is

made of soft and stretchy fabrics.

“Our participation in the program was very fruitful because

of the helpfulness of all stakeholders in Austin,” Toulan

said, describing the city as extremely welcoming, young

and hip.

Egyptian fashion entrepreneur and owner of Camicie

Maha el Azm added that the main aim of the program was

to visit Texas and participate in the fashion week. “The

highlight of the program was to know each other more as

fashion designers, sharing interests and experiences,” El

Azm recounted. “The program has dual benefits: one was

educational which was attained through workshops, and

the second was to enhance our capabilities and broaden our

perspective on the ground in Austin,” she said.

Established in 2015, Camicie is an Egyptian ready-to-wear


Feature et

label merging contemporary and classic worlds together.

Brand owner El Azm added that Camicie is committed to

enhancing women’s femininity in the Middle East, by supporting

them to feel comfortable in their own skin, figuratively

and literally.

Camicie offers quality ready-to-wear apparel that suits

all women leading a modest lifestyle, using designs that are

original and fabrics that are locally sourced. “Participating

in the ATX-EGY program helped to develop our mindsets

and how we manage and enhance our startups,” El Azm added,

explaining that cultural exchange programs like ATX-

EGY are very crucial because Egyptian fashion designers are

working now to revive the fashion scene in Egypt, which

was historically always present, and now is starting to boom.

Ghada El-Tanawy explained that although the Egyptian

fashion designers displayed different products, the designs

on the catwalk all looked relevant despite pulling off diverse

looks. She is confident that the ATX-EGY II program will

help to support Egypt’s thriving creative economy, promote

economic growth and generate jobs in Egypt.

Egyptian fashion designer Areej, founder of AJ design,

agreed the items on display were very diverse. “Egyptian

fashion entrepreneurs create pieces for those who want

to stand out, but literally everyone stood out, showcasing

leather products, bridal wear, Nubian outfits, maternity

wear. We saw how the US market responded to our fashion

products and we have learned a lot from this program,”

Areej added.

Sara Fouda from South Studio is confident the program

will help designers decide on the way forward, now that they

all know where they stand and how they can compete. “The

US attendees greatly admired the diversity of our Egyptian

products. I myself produce progressive designs and now I



et Feature

know that I can go beyond local production,” said the owner

of the Boho chic label.

“We have always been obsessed with the idea of finding

special pieces when it comes to picking clothes, special pieces

that are not worn by many, that you just see once or twice

yet they instantly catch the eye. And over the years, we have

found ourselves chasing after pieces that define comfort and

‘tribal’ at the same time. I guess at some point we thought

that we would rather make our own special pieces than look

for them, and that’s when we started the journey of finding

both the perfect design and the fabrics that will compliment

it,” Fouda recounted of her own experience launching her

designer brand.

Hend Akid, founder of Orkadi, agreed people are still fascinated

by the designs that carry aspects of history or culture,

and it also appeals to younger generations. Her own

brand is inspired by Nubian culture, and she is confident

that the concept is still catchy and interesting provided that

the right combination is made, so that the products are

trendy and stylish while adding the edge of an idea or a story

from history or culture. “Our inspiration comes from the

south of Egypt, or Nuba, where we are trying to revive our

heritage and culture in a very artistic and fashionable way,

keeping with you a piece of art,” Akid explained. During the

program Orkadi cooperated with Austin designer League

of Rebels to produce a limited edition of products by both

brands that will be exhibited in July.

The Egyptian designers said that they noticed the American

customer preferred practicality and easy-to-wear outfits,

looking for different and unique outfits while maintaining

practicality and functionality.

Sustainability is another feature customers are now looking

for. “In my collection, I used small upcycled items made

from scraps and leftovers. These items were so costly, that

is why customers must bear in mind that these items are

unique and not easy to make, so a price difference is thus

justified. So, a certain mindset is still needed,” El Azm said.

The fashion designers interviewed for this piece all considered

the ATX program a turning point in their professional

careers because it gave them the chance to introduce

their products in US markets. The program also helped the

entrepreneurs to get feedback from American consumers

and manufacturers, and to gain vast experience from dealing

with internationally acclaimed fashion designers.

Looking ahead, the fashion entrepreneurs agreed that the

expansion is one of their main goals in addition to displaying

their products online via e-commerce platforms.


Innovation Powered by


Since the inception of the tobacco industry in the 1880s,

the fundamentals of its main product have barely

changed; innovation is not necessarily a word associated

to this industry. Surprisingly, this has changed in

recent years. Backed by science, technology and innovation the

tobacco industry is undergoing one of the biggest transformations

of the century looking to replace the product that has made

it so widely successful.

Science has a long history of improving public health to

reduce the potential risks associated with different activities.

The examples are innumerable including the invention of the

refrigerator to preserve food, or the incorporation of airbags in

vehicles to avoid deaths from car accidents. So why not extend

this same principle of reducing harm and risk, to reduce the risk

of illnesses related to cigarette smoking - as a complement to

avoiding initiation and supporting cessation?

Smoking is indisputably harmful to one’s health. Though

this is widely known, it is not always clear why. Public health

experts agree that it is the burning or combustion process, that

occurs when a cigarette is lit, that generates smoke and releases

the chemicals recognized as the main cause of smoking related

diseases. Nicotine, on the other hand, although addictive and

not risk-free, is not the origin of the pathologies.

If the harm reduction principle is applied to smoking, it

means eliminating the burning process, and therefore addressing

the root cause of smoking related diseases. Science and

technology have led to the development of new smoke-free

products that reduce these harmful chemicals by an average of

95%, compared to cigarette smoke. These smoke free products

heat a tobacco unit or a nicotine containing e-liquid, which in

turn releases aerosol containing nicotine and flavors. There is

no fire, no smoke and no ash in smoke free products, and the

aerosol produced does not affect air quality therefore eliminating

second hand smoking.

Although the best option is to quit smoking or better yet,

never start, the industry has now developed better options for

adult smokers who would otherwise continue to smoke. Even

though the vision of the industry is ambitious – replacing cigarettes

with less harmful alternatives – it is the right thing to do.

The best contribution the tobacco industry can make to the

future is to address the harm associated with its product, and

they are taking the right steps in that direction. Backed by science

and technology, with a strong commitment to transparency

and open dialogue, and with the right support from policy makers,

they believe they can accelerate this transformation in the

benefit of public health.

This article is brought to you by Philip Morris Misr


is in the Air

Your guide to all things Valentine’s: from exclusive

venues for romantic dinners and luxury spa destinations

to decadent chocolate recipes

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A Time for


Feature et

In the mood for love? Check out these six

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Nowadays, one can still get charmed by its magic at Four Seasons

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Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria at San Stefano Love Potions

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On February 14, 2022:

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person or would like to enjoy a full romantic day, Rawi Restaurant

is offering a Strawberry breakfast with a breathtaking view overlooking

the Nile. Breakfast price is EGP 350 all-inclusive per


If you are looking for a special romantic dinner, Giannini’s

New York Italian restaurant is the perfect place for you.

Starting with the romantic vibes and through the amazing

five course set menu prepared with passion to enjoy

a full romantic experience with price of EGP 1500

per person.

After this exciting lovely day, Sheraton Cairo

thought about your comfort too, as you can

enjoy the special room rate with your loved

one with only EGP 1950.

At Sheraton Cairo hotel, you

are guaranteed a Happy Valentine’s



Feature et

Escape To Romance at

Sonesta Hotel, Tower &

Casino – Cairo!

Surprise your love with a romantic breakfast

in bed and a relaxing massage when you

book our special Valentine’s package for

only LE 1,700 per couple per night with exceptional

late checkout till 5 PM.

To perfectly complete the night; book your

charming candlelit dinner at “La Gondola”

Italian restaurant and enjoy a premium selection

of mouthwatering Italian delicacies.

Sushi lovers always have special kind of

valentine’s, astonish your Sushi partner with

an exceptional Sushi date at “Sushi Ya” Japanese


For reservations or more information,

please call 02.2264.1111 ext. 301-302

Email: reservations@sonestacairo.com




Not So



Why “relationship goals” may actually end up wrecking your relationship.

By Rana Hamdy

With all the ‘Relationship Goals’ and ‘Couple

Goals’ Instagram photos, it makes perfect

sense why many people are not satisfied with

their relationships. But, if you think this is

what relationships look like the entire time, sorry to burst

your bubble, it’s not. Apart from the fundamentals of all relationships

such as respect, trust, understanding, and care,

‘relationship goals’ is such a flawed concept simply because

a fixated set of goals cannot work with all relationships

alike. Some might choose to spend a very lavish Valentine’s

celebration while others can find ultimate happiness in a

simple candlelit dinner at home. Whether your team A or

team B there are no guidelines, it is a matter of preferences.

‘Relationship Goals’ have

made us grow unhappy with

what we have

You might be in a very healthy relationship

which you’ve become frustrated with just because

it doesn’t look as extravagant as those you

find on social media. The fact that you don’t

exchange expensive gifts or don’t expend your

summers on a yacht in the Caribbean doesn’t

make what you have is less valuable.


‘‘Relationship Goals’ have

made us far from being


Did you ever come across a couple posting

about their fights over house chores or

financials? No. You don’t get to see the daily

struggles or the drama. It is not always as exotic

as it looks, what’s posted for the public is usually

the furthest from the reality they’re living.

Feature et

‘Relationship Goals’ taught

us to make constant comparisons

Focusing on what others have and dedicating

too much attention to how others have it differently

than you takes your attention away from

your relationship and directs it towards others.

When you make a habit of constantly comparing

what you have with the rest, sooner or later

you’ll sabotage your love and become less grateful

for what you have.

‘Relationship Goals’ have

made us less appreciative of

the little things

Small gestures have become less noticeable

and appreciated because what we mostly see

now are posh things and extravagant proposals.

In this day and age, love is measured based

on materialistic things rather than those simple

little acts that show real love.

Everyone has it their own way, and that

makes neither you nor them wrong or right.

Focus on what you have, make the ‘Relationship

Goals’ ones that you set for yourself, not

goals based on what you see around. Yes, it is

part of human nature wanting to be better or

have it better, but it’s not always greener on the

other side.




et Feature


Luxurious in


to Enjoy a




Feature et

Nothing screams indulgence like a relaxing pampering at an exclusive spa.

This season, whether it’s to celebrate your better half or as a tribute to

your mom, these spa offers will be a perfect gift.

By Rana Hamdy

We all need some quality pampering time and a welldeserved

break away from busy schedules, endless

errands, and the fast-paced day-to-day life. What

would be a better way to soothe your mind and

soul other than a day spent at a luxurious spa? There’s no doubt

spending some time at the spa can help us relax and unwind,

leaving all our troubles behind while relishing a good massage or

other treatments. We are bringing you a roundup of the most

luxurious spas for Cairenes to escape the hustle and bustle of the

city into an escape of tranquility.


Spa at

Dusit Thani



Find your escape into wellness

and bliss at Devarana spa where

an atmosphere of relaxation and

healing will soothe your mind,

body, and soul. Devarana Spa

relies on ancient Thai health and

beauty practices upgraded with

modern knowledge.



et Feature

Resense Spa at

Royal Maxim



The award-winning luxury spa focuses on more beyond

spa services providing a holistic experience. The first European

spa in Egypt includes separate male and female wellness

areas, eight treatment rooms, separate saunas, a steam room,

and an indoor pool.

Iridium Spa

at The St.

Regis Cairo

An exquisite experience

bringing you the

finest of Eastern and

Western traditions.

Iridium Spa spans

across two floors and

boasts mesmerizing

interior design. It

comprises 8 luxury

treatment suites,

hydrotherapy and singular

spa facilities in

addition to an indoor

pool and fitness center.


Feature et

Saray Spa at

Cairo Marriott

Hotel & Omar



Indulge in an Arabian

ambiance at the lavish

Saray Spa. Unwind and

rejuvenate with a variety

of services such as Moroccan

Hammam, Turkish,

Hammam, Ayurvedic,

herbal massage, and a lot

more. The spa features

fourteen treatment

rooms boasting opulent

interiors for you to experience

luxury in every


Heavenly Spa at

The Westin Cairo

Golf Resort & Spa,

Katameya Dunes

Revive and rejuvenate your wellbeing at this heavenly escape that

is bound to awaken your senses. Heavenly Spa at The Westin Cairo

Golf Resort & Spa, Katameya Dunes is not only about luxurious and

professional treatments, the whole spa concept is built on a wellness

philosophy that encourages feeling well and being refreshed which is

a concept reflected in the spa’s menu from treatments, to the healthy

superfood by the indoor pool.



et Feature

Mandara at JW

Marriott Hotel


Step into a world of luxury

and serenity at Mandara

Spa offering you a holistic

experience of rejuvenation.

The spa brings a mix of ancient

therapy rituals influenced

by various cultures

and their traditions from

Bali, Thailand, and India,

to Egypt. Mandara spa’s

signature treatments offer

head-to-toe restoration, in

addition to several body

massages, scrubs, wraps,

and facials. Don’t miss out

on their signature Mandara

Four-Hand massage.


Feature et

Willow Stream

Spa at

Fairmont Nile


Get ready to embark on a sensory journey of well-being

and tranquility at Willow Stream Spa. With its natural sandy

hues, the atmosphere of Willow Stream Spa makes it an ideal

destination to calm the mind, body, and soul delighting your

senses from the inside out. The spa offers unique treatments

with upscale products and ingredients that will leave you

feeling revitalized.

The Spa at

Four Seasons

Nile Plaza

Relish a luxurious

spa experience at the

spa of Four Seasons

Nile Plaza and experience

a wide array of

massages, body wraps,

and treatments, as well

as facials. The facility

also includes a fitness

center with specialized




et Feature

Sofitel Spa at

Sofitel Cairo

Nile El Gezirah

Escape the busy city life into Sofitel Spa to experience a blend between

ancient tradition and modern French exquisiteness. Bring back

your skin’s glow with Egyptian beauty rituals like Secrets of Cleopatra

or the Oriental Experience. Try also The Hammam and Thai massage.

Complementing this pampering experience, enjoy a dip in the outdoor

infinity pool overlooking the Nile, an experience that will surely help

you relax even more.


Feature et

Semiramis Spa

at Semiramis


An oasis of tranquility in the heart of Cairo. Semiramis

Spa at Semiramis InterContinental will soothe your soul

with its serene ambiance and professional treatments.

The Relaxation area of the spa overlooking greenery is a

treat on its own. The spa includes more than ten treatment

rooms, a private couple’s suite, as well as thermal





The Food

of Love

Whip up these decadent chocolate desserts

that are sure to impress


Feature et






Perfectly paired flavors feature in these gorgeous brownies

that are at once fluffy and moist

(Makes 6 squares)



1/4 cup unsalted butter

2 ounces chocolate chips

1/3 cup sugar

1 large egg

1 sachet vanilla

Pinch salt

1/8 cup flour

2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa

Easy chocolate sauce

1 small carton whipping cream (200 ml)

6 bars milk chocolate (Galaxy is perfect), broken

into small pieces

1tbsp cocoa

•To make the brownies, preheat oven and line sides of a

small baking tin with greaseproof paper.

•Melt butter and chopped chocolate in a medium

saucepan over low heat, stirring constantly, about 5 minutes.

Pour into a mixing bowl and allow to cool completely.

•Whisk sugar into the cooled chocolate/butter mixture

then add eggs and vanilla. Whisk until fluffy. Gently fold

in the salt, flour, and cocoa powder. Pour batter into the

prepared baking pan and bake for 30 minutes or until the

brownies begin to pull away from the edges of the pan and

a toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean. Leave

to cool.

•For chocolate sauce, pour cream into skillet, add cocoa

and slowly bring to a boil, stirring constantly.

•Take skillet off heat and add chocolate pieces, stirring

vigorously until melted.

•Remove 5/6 of the sauce and store in a glass container.

•Place a brownie square in the middle of the skillet,

then garnish with almond flakes.

•Add a dollop of vanilla ice cream and serve immediately.






This is a decadent substitute for the original

coffee variety that is sure to satisfy your

sweet tooth


¼ cup heavy cream

¼ cup mascarpone

½ tsp vanilla

1 egg yolk

1 tbsp sugar

1/3 cup Nutella

1/3 cup milk

4 ladyfingers

Sifted cocoa powder, to garnish

•Cream egg yolk and sugar in medium

bowl. Whisk in cream, vanilla and mascarpone.

•In a saucepan, heat up milk and 1 tbsp of

Nutella in a pan, whisking until chocolate is

well blended. Remove and leave to cool.

•Immerse ladyfingers in the Nutella mix

and use to line the bottom of a baking dish.

•Top with alternate layers of cream and

Nutella. Finish off with a dust of cocoa before


Chocolate-Dipped Fruit

No need to put any real effort into these and if you

really can’t be bothered to bake anything from scratch,

these are a delicious cop-out.


1 banana, chopped into thick rounds

Handful whole strawberries (leave stems on)

¼ cup chocolate chips

1 tsp butter


Chocolate sprinkles, for rolling

2 rounds red chili (optional)

Melt chocolate chips with butter in a saucepan over

low heat or in the microwave. Dip fruit in chocolate

sauce then roll in chocolate sprinkles (if you can’t be

bothered to make the sauce at home, go for storebought

or just smother your fruit in Nutella

before dipping in chocolate sprinkles).





Feature et

Who says you can only have pancakes at breakfast?

Flip a couple in the evening, top with ice

cream and chocolate sauce then head straight for

your couch and enjoy a couple of romance movies

back to back.


½ cup flour

½ cup milk

•small egg

•sachets vanilla

1 tsp baking powder

•Mix all ingredients in a blender then measure

out a ladle of batter into a hot frying pan

and cook over low heat. Repeat until all batter is


•Stack pancakes then top with a ball of vanilla

ice cream and drizzle with chocolate sauce. (Melt

chocolate pieces or chips with butter over low

heat). Serve immediately.

Pancakes with Ice

Cream and Chocolate


Heaven in a mug. You can add peanut butter or

Nutella in the middle for a creamy texture and top

with red chili rounds for an extra kick.


•tbsp flour

4 tbsp sugar

•tbsp cocoa


•tbsp milk

•tbsp oil

•sachet vanilla

•tbsp chocolate chips

•tsp peanut butter or Nutella (optional)

2 rounds red chili (optional)

•Place dry ingredients in your mug and mix well

with a fork.

•Whisk in egg then add milk, oil and vanilla. Mix


•Add chocolate chips. Push a dollop of peanut

butter or Nutella into the center of the batter if desired.

•Cook in microwave for three minutes — don’t

worry if the cake rises over the top of the mug.

•Leave to cool for 1 minute then sprinkle a few

rounds of red chili over top.






Desserts are pretty tricky to pull off, and

presentation in particular is hard to perfect.

Sonesta Cairo’s resident pastry chef’s tip on

the desserts that are easy to make at home is

heart-shaped cupcakes decorated with raspberry

or strawberry cream. But if you’re looking

for a decadent romantic dessert to rustle

up at home and that will blow your partner

away, try out this heart-shaped tiramisu.


1 package ladyfingers

1 cup coffee

1 cup mascarpone cheese

1 egg yolk

1 tablespoon vanilla

2 tablespoons sugar

½ packet gelatin

½ cup hot water

Cocoa powder

Fresh raspberries (for garnish)

fresh mint (for garnish)

1. Layer some of the ladyfingers on the bottoms

of two heart-shaped spring-form pans.

Drizzle with some of the coffee, so that the ladyfingers

are soft but not completely soaked.

Set aside.

2. Mix the mascarpone, egg yolk, vanilla

and sugar until fluffy. Dissolve the gelatin in

the hot water and stir for a few minutes until

completely dissolved and it’s cooled down a

bit. Slowly mix with the mascarpone mixture

a little bit at a time. Once mixed in, pour half

of the mixture over the ladyfingers.

3. Add another layer of ladyfingers, drizzle

with coffee as before, then add the remaining

mascarpone mixture on top to cover.

4. Refrigerate for at least 3 to 4 hours before

removing from the forms and cover with

cocoa powder. Decorate with fresh raspberries

and mint and serve.


Red Lips Chocolate


Feature et

These delightful treats courtesy of the pastry chef

at the Meridien Cairo Airport look beautiful and are

sure to impress.


163 g cream

30 g white honey

60 g pureed raspberries

40 g butter

125 g white chocolate, broken into small pieces

50 g cocoa butter

15 g red coloring

100 g dark chocolate, broken into small pieces

•In small pot bring honey, raspberry puree and

cream to boil.

•Place chocolate pieces in a bowl and pour in hot

mixture. Whisk to emulsify.

•Cool to 35oC before adding butter and processing

with a hand blender until smooth.

•Place in lip-shape molds and leave to set.

•To make the icing melt the cocoa butter and take

off heat. Stir in dark chocolate pieces until melted

then add red coloring.

•On a rack remove bonbons from molds and cover

all over in icing.

Chocolate Cake

For Marriott Mena House pastry chef Ahmed

Shawki, Valentine’s can never go wrong if there are

chocolate or strawberry desserts on offer. Here’s

his foolproof chocolate cake recipe with hazelnut

mousse filling and chocolate sauce served with caramelized



40g sugar

2 eggs

20g flour

5g vanilla powder

For the hazelnut mousse

40g hazelnut paste

20g sugar

30g whipping cream

5g gelatin

For the chocolate sauce

30g dark chocolate

20g powdered sugar

5g warm water

For the caramelized banana

1 banana

15g cream

50g brown sugar

•To make the cake, mix eggs and sugar with vanilla,

then add flour. Bake until risen and a toothpick

inserted in the middle comes out clean.

•To make the mousse, mix the hazelnut paste and

sugar, then add the cream and gelatin.

•To make the chocolate sauce, in a bain-marie,

melt the chocolate with the water then add the sugar.

•To make the caramel, heat sugar in a saucepan

over low heat until caramelized, then add the cream.

Before serving, drizzle caramel over banana slices.




Approaches to

Climate Change

As nations rush to promote sustainable practices,

Egypt’s academics and industry leaders are joining

ranks in the battle to protect the environment

et Feature

A New Class of

Climate Warriors

A new professional diploma at AUC prepares students to tackle climate



Feature et

With COP27 coming to Sharm El-Sheikh in a

few short months, all eyes are on Egypt, which

is leading by example and making significant

strides toward mitigating climate change. In

line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),

the American University in Cairo (AUC) recently launched

the Water, Energy, Food Technologies Diploma (WEF), a new

professional diploma for students interested in water, agriculture,

and renewable energy.

The WEF diploma is introduced through AUC’s Engineering

and Science Services and the Center for Applied Research

on the Environment and Sustainability (CARES). It will provide

graduates with the tools and knowledge required to

meet Egypt 2030’s goal to reclaim 1.5 million acres of the

desert and provide solutions for water, food and energy resource

challenges in the country. Its curricula also include

agripreneurship for students interested in launching environmentally

sound startups.

The ultimate goal of the diploma is to bolster a new generation

of graduates equipped to tackle the issues facing

Egypt. “The diploma was curated to help provide innovative

leaders with the technical skills needed to push the agenda

of Egypt’s Vision 2030 targeting food security, water, and

energy challenges,” explains Hani Sewillam, professor at the

Institute of Global Health and Human Ecology and director


The diploma is a result of AUC’s participation in the Sure-

Map project, an initiative co-funded by the ERASMUS+

Programme of the European Union that, in part, aims to establish

engineering Master of Science programs at Egyptian

partner universities, including Heliopolis University, Aswan

University, Alexandria University and AUC. The diploma’s

curriculum combines know-how in solar technology, hydrology

and irrigation with mechanical, electrical and soil engineering.

Courses include modern agriculture, Modern Aquaculture,

Water Quality and Treatment. Water Desalination,

Sustainable Energy Management and more.

Through a multidisciplinary approach, graduates will learn

to “interact and coordinate with environmental scientists and

farmers” and mitigate human pressure on the environment.

“One of our main priorities in this program is to provide

students with hands-on experience to go directly from the

program and implement these solutions into communities,”

says Yomna El-Awamri, the community projects manager

with CARES. “So instead of relying on theory only, we made

sure that at least 50 percent of our courses are applied.”

The diploma takes commercial opportunities along with

financial restraints and incentives into account. The program

aims to provide participants with a sound technical and practical

understanding of innovation, design, entrepreneurship

and management of sustainable WEF projects in the desert.

The first class of WEF graduates from AUC will be joining

a country and worldwide effort to replenish and preserve

the natural world, which has been so impacted by human





Implementation . . . PLUS

John Kerry addresses climate change in the leadup to COP27

John Kerry, U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate,

recently delivered a special address on climate change at

AUC, ahead of Egypt hosting the COP27 UN Climate Change

Conference later this November. Among the attendees were

senior Egyptian government officials and dignitaries. U.S.

Ambassador to Egypt Jonathan R. Cohen and AUC President

Ahmad Dallal gave the welcome remarks.

Welcoming Kerry, AUC President Ahmad Dallal, said:

“For more than a century, this campus, and Ewart Hall in

particular, has hosted thought leaders from all over the world

and has served as the venue for the discussion of pressing

topics of the day.” Dallal added that climate change is the

defining issue of our time. “Its impact is global in scope and

unprecedented in scale.” Like the pandemic, he added, the

challenges posed by climate change are a collective global

experience with ramifications that cross boundaries.

“As Egypt prepares to host the COP27 United Nations Climate

Change Conference, AUC is eager to support this critical

initiat¸ive. Our scientists have formed a Climate Change

Initiative and we intend to collaborate with sister universities

in Egypt and from around the world. Universities have a special

role to play in finding solutions and creating partnerships

to see them realized,” Dallal added.

In his special address, former U.S. senator and secretary

of state Kerry said: “It’s an honor to be here and to speak

from a stage where the great musician Louis Armstrong once

played jazz. Just another example of how this institution has

led the way for more than a century, including on climate as

the first University in the region to track your carbon footprint

at your Center for Applied Research on the Environment and


Kerry discussed the challenges to secure a healthier,

cleaner, safer and less polluted planet, while stressing on the

need for countries to come together collectively and act now

to avoid the worst consequences of the climate crisis. He addressed

both the urgency of climate change and the need to

be honest “about the reality that, as caretakers, we are falling

woefully short.” He shared many alarming facts and figures

about the changing climate and its impact on people and the

environment, yet he expressed that the upcoming months are

filled with promise and challenge, “It is imperative we–all of

us–do everything in our power to give life to the many commitments

of COP26 in Glasgow.”

“It is particularly fitting to gather in Egypt, known as the

mother of the world,” he added. Kerry’s address was preceded

by his meeting yesterday with Egyptian Foreign Minis-


Feature et

ter and COP27 President Designate Sameh Shoukry, where

they both officially launched the U.S.-Egypt Climate Working

Group. “We stand ready to work with all parties and the

Egyptian COP presidency to ensure that the Glasgow Sharm

El-Sheikh Work Program on the Global Goal on Adaptation

will accelerate effective action, and to fully operationalize the

Santiago Network,” he said in his address.

Reflecting on Glasgow, Kerry mentioned that almost 200

nations came together and took unprecedented steps in the

cause of the climate battle to limit the earth’s warming to

1.5 degrees Celsius, agreeing that it would require reducing

greenhouse gas emissions by a minimum of 45 percent by

2030 and achieving net zero emissions by 2050. “If we don’t,

not only do we blow through that 1.5-degree limit, but we

likely will not avoid the worst consequences of the climate

crisis.” He also mentioned that Glasgow produced unprecedented

private sector commitments to action. He added that

it is up to all countries to make the most of the opportunity

presented in Glasgow, with commitment being the key word

to such success.

Kerry also addressed how the urgency for climate action

is particularly obvious in Africa, where 17 of the world’s 20

most climate vulnerable countries are located. “Rising temperatures

and less predictable rainfall have already changed

growing and planting seasons,” said Kerry, adding that together

this year developed countries must make every effort

to fulfill their collective goal to mobilize $100 billion annually

to help developing countries reduce emissions and confront

the impacts of climate change. “We are redoubling our work

to develop strong incentives, so all countries make the clean

energy choice. That’s already happening here in Egypt, where

renewable capacity is set to rise almost 70 percent in the next

five years,” he added.

Calling for action, Kerry highlighted “Implementation . . .

PLUS.” He explained that nationally determined contributions—

or NDCs—countries representing 65 percent of global gross domestic

product have already signed up to targets that keep the

promise of 1.5 degrees alive, “however they need to deliver on

their commitments.” As for the part of PLUS, “the 35 percent of

the world’s economy needs to do more to be in line with what

science and survival tells us we must do.”

Stressing that “the world will not follow our advice; it will

follow our example”, Kerry added that this is particularly true

to the major economies of the world – the largest emitters,

the United States included. “Just 20 countries account for 80

percent of global emissions. What those 20 countries do will

largely determine the fate of the planet. So we have to share

the burden, working together to ensure every one of those

countries has an accelerated transition to net-zero.”

“It’s up to all of us to decide what will be—through our

action or inaction. That is what the fight to prevent climate

devastation boils down to.”



et Feature

Industry Leaders

Tackle Climate


How one company is scaling up efforts to tackle the climate change crisis

following COP26

The 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference

(COP26) marked a new impetus for tackling

the climate crisis. With the primary goal of specifying

emission reduction plans to limit global

warming to 1.5 degrees, the summit once again made clear

that, now more than ever, industry role models are needed

to drive profound change and real transformation.

For more than 20 years, global sanitary brand GROHE has

anchored this goal in its strategy and pursues a CO2-neutral

and resource-saving value chain. The brand has achieved

important milestones, such as introducing its first circular

products, and gathered valuable insights in the field of

sustainability transformation in the past year—also through

intensive exchange with other companies, as at the Vision

2045 Summit. As the culmination of this year’s sustainability

achievements, GROHE is this year´s Lead Partner at the

German Sustainability Award 2022 for the Transformation

Field “Resources” and is already setting new goals for the

upcoming year.

Reflecting on annual successes while gearing up for new

challenges in 2022

The annual status of the brand’s implementations for the

year 2019/2020 was put on transparent record in GROHE’s

third sustainability report, which celebrated the surpassing

of numerous sustainability benchmarks. For example, the

brand was able to reduce its water consumption in production

by 38.7 percent and thus significantly exceeded its target

of 20 percent set in 2014. Simultaneously, GROHE took

its actions to a new level with a decisive step: Confirming

its commitment to circular value creation and resource conservation,

the brand launched its four first Cradle to Cradle

Certified® products.

While GROHE has already been producing CO2-neutral


Feature et

since 2020, which at COP26 was argued as a fundamental

principle for companies, the brand has continuously optimized

products and production processes in terms of their

footprint in the past year and will continue so in the future.

One example: Beginning November breaking ground at the

new solar park in Hemer, Germany took place. This solar

park will be a 20,000 m2 ground-mounted photovoltaic

plant and is an important contribution to further reducing

carbon footprint through the brand´s own measures, as it

will increase on-site electricity generation to up to 20 percent.

As another accomplishment in the field of sustainability

in 2021, GROHE contributed 1.2 million Euros raised

through its dedicated ‘Energy for Life’ campaign to support

the ‘Make a Splash!’ partnership of LIXIL and UNICEF to

help ensure more children from underserved communities

gain access to basic sanitation and hygiene.

In addition to these achievements, the sanitary brand made

some valuable learnings in the past year: Eliminating plastic

from all product packaging was a goal set up in 2018 and

turned out to be a great challenge that involves many different

departments, while needing to account for the safe transportation

of GROHE’s diversified product range. It will therefore

set a precedent case in the industry. However, the milestone of

becoming completely plastic free is stretched to next year.

Nevertheless, GROHE was able to eliminate 34 million

pieces of plastic packaging and is now on track to reach its

goal in spring 2022. Thomas Fuhr, Leader Fittings, LIXIL

International and Co-CEO Grohe AG explains: “To us, becoming

plastic free is mandatory, but it was a huge challenge,

and the creation of plastic free packaging took us longer

than expected. We acknowledged with our Plastic Free

Initiative that real transformation takes time, but at the

same time, great new, own packaging solutions were set up

by our project teams in the factories with the result that, for

example, a change within one product packaging resulted in

a saving of 26 tonnes of polybags per year.”

Putting sustainable transformation first

As a crowning finale to the year, GROHE is manifesting its

commitment to a sustainable future in partnership with the

German Sustainability Award (DNP). As a two-time awardee

of DNP 2021, GROHE is now official Lead Partner for the

Transformation Field “Resources” at this year’s award ceremony

and congress, held at the end of 2021 in Dusseldorf.

With Thomas Fuhr delivering a keynote on the opportunities

and potentials of ‘Green Building’ in the plenary session

of the German Sustainability Day’s congress, as well as the

broadcast of several webcasts showing interesting GROHE

interviews on the online platform DNP.tv, the brand’s lead

partnership puts a spotlight on resource efficient and carbon

reducing management and the shift to renewable energies—and

is therefore closely linked to the Corporate Responsibility

Strategy of LIXIL, of which GROHE has been

part of the brand portfolio since 2014.

This year’s success is no reason for GROHE to stand still,

as Jonas Brennwald, Leader, LIXIL EMENA and Co-CEO

Grohe AG concludes: “Sustainability is firmly anchored in

LIXIL’s and GROHE’s DNA. Current events around the

world, such as extreme weather and the scarcity of resources

clearly show us how urgent it is to do even more and how

important it is to look at the crisis in its entirety. For our

brand strategy, it is therefore essential that we take our customers

along and offer them solutions with which they too

can contribute, such as energy- and water-saving products.”

With COP26’s outcome in mind, the brand is already in the

process of tackling the next challenges, such as expanding

carbon neutrality to its own supply chain and eliminating

all single-use plastic.




www.BusinessTodayegypT.com July 2019



Makeup As Art

Tips on nailing the false eyelash look


How to choose the best foundation for

your skin tone

et Fashion | Tips




4 ways to create a false lash effect.

By Rana Hamdy

On special occasions or a fancy night out, a pair of false lashes

can totally uplift your look and give your eye more definition.

Needless to say that also on a day-to-day basis ladies now resort

to semi-permanent lash extension or lash lifting to have voluminous

lashes. However, applying false lashes regularly is not only harmful

to your lashes but also not a practical option most of the time. So if you are

craving flawlessly looking lashes without having to apply falsies, follow these

steps for more volume and length.

Find the right mascara

First, you need to decide if you are

after length, volume, or both. There are

several brands that can achieve maximum

results to get your lashes looking

exactly like you have false lashes on. Apply

the mascara from root to tip and

don’t double layers until you let it dry

for a couple of seconds to avoid clumping.


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Use an eyelash curler

Though a step that most women skip,

using an eyelash curler is really impactful.

The appealing look of false lashes

mostly depends on its curl, and this is

why curling your lash is the first unskippable

step especially if your lashes are

pointed downwards. Start with your

curler at the base of your eyelashes using

light pressure and work your way

upward till the tip of the lashes.

Use lash primer

Just as your complexion needs a primer

before applying makeup to prep your

skin and make your makeup last longer,

the same goes for your lashes. Applying

lash primer helps your mascara stay put

longer for fuller and longer lashes. Before

applying mascara, coat your lashes

with primer from root to tip. Layering

more primer will help you get more volume.

Bonus tip: use talcum


You might be surprised but this trick

will give you added volume. After your

mascara dries a bit, dust a q tip with a

little talcum powder and coat the top

and bottom of your lashes with the

powder until your lashes look grayish.

Reapply mascara to fully coat the lashes.

If your lashes clump, use an eyelash

comb to separate them.



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Your guide to finding the perfect foundation for your skin.

By Rana Hamdy

It can be a bit of a confusing and overwhelming task

to pick out the right foundation matching your skin,

especially with so many brands, textures, and shades

to choose from. Wearing a foundation should look as

natural as bare skin. If you go lighter, you’ll end up looking

all gray and pale; and if you go darker, you’ll have visible

differences in tones no matter how well you blend. To look

as natural as possible, follow these steps next time you’re

buying a foundation.

Know your skin


Foundation shades with yellow undertones

work best for a warm complexion. If your complexion

is cool, then foundation shades with pink

undertones will work best for you. If you are unsure

what your skin undertone is, there are simple steps to

find out. First, grab a white t-shirt, tissue, or a piece

of cloth and hold it next to your face. If your skin

looks pinkish or rosy in comparison then your

complexion is cool. If it looks yellowish, then

you have a warm complexion. Another test

is silver vs gold. Silver is more flattering

on cool skin tones while yellow

gold looks better on cool

skin tones.


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Determine the

coverage level you


If you prefer a natural look, then a full-coverage

foundation will look too heavy for you. But in the

end, it all depends on where and for how long you

want to wear it. Go for sheer or light coverage for the

mornings, they will touch up your skin while keeping

a natural look. For special occasions or days

spent mostly outdoors, go for long-wear and

full-coverage. If you have problems with

your skin such as acne scars, full

coverage will be better for


Picking out

the right shade

Women tend to try foundation swatches

on the hands or forearms, but that’s not the

right place to try the shades since this is not the

same color as your face. To pick out the right

foundation shade, test on your face and especially

the jawline to be able to detect the difference

in color between your face and neck.

You will always need to change the shade

with the change of seasons. Go for

darker and bronze foundations in

summer and lighter ones

for winter.


your skin type

This is one of the most important

things to bear in mind. Your skin type

is one of the top factors to consider when

picking the finish. Since oily and combination

skin tends to get shiny, the best

pick will be a matte finish. On the

other hand, if your skin is normal

to dry, go for a dewy finish to

make your skin look alive

and glowing.




Heading West

Touring the new Hyatt

Regency Cairo



Desert Ecncounters

A Day at the Camel Races

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Tarek Zaki Hotel General Manager

for Hilton Cairo Zamalek


Signature Restaurants at Sheraton Cairo Hotel and

Casino: Sapporo Japanese Restaurant and Giannini’s

the New York’s Italian Restaurant

Hilton Egypt announced the promotion

of Tarek Zaki from Hotel Manager to Hotel

General Manager for the Hilton Cairo

Zamalek Residences. Tarek’s promotion

comes after four years of successfully leading

the hotel.

Commenting on his new position, Tarek

Zaki, General Manager of the Hilton Cairo

Zamalek Residences says, “I am so proud

of being promoted to be the Hotel General

Manager, as it is the hotel that I participated

with its opening team under Hilton

brand, before having the opportunity to

lead its team to more successes.

The hotel has achieved many honorable

accolades over the years. Moreover, the hotel

has been awarded with “Africa’s Leading

Hotel Residences 2021” by the World Travel

Awards as well as by TripAdvisor “Traveler’s

Choice 2021”. I will continue to lead the

distinctive calibers in the hotel to maintain

the outstanding level of service, which we

are famous for at Hilton.

Zaki has a great track record in the hospitality

industry, which spans for more than

25 years mostly within Hilton both in Egypt

and abroad. Zaki’s experience includes the

opening of resort / city properties along his

career; he is a team player with strong focus

on people development. Tarek held several

managerial posts throughout his career in

the hospitality industry.

Sheraton Cairo Hotel and Casino offers a unique range of restaurants

and bars. Each restaurant has an exceptional character with a different

varied menu. One of the most important features of the hotel is the diversity

of good meals.

If you love the Nile view or planning a special romantic dinner for an

unforgettable experience, Giannini’s restaurant is the perfect place for

you. Located on the first floor of the North Tower in front of the casino

entrance, Giannini’s features an open kitchen, a charming direct Nile

view featuring different menu combining of the Italian cuisine with New

York style. Sapporo Restaurant is located on the first floor of the hotel’s

north tower, it’s headed by the Japanese-born chef Komatsu. Sapporo

features the tastiest fresh sushi dishes and teppanyaky. In Sapporo, the

live cooking show is the most dazzling, followed by the original Japanese

taste and exquisite décor.

From special food to unique experiences, you’ll find all you desire at

the Sheraton Cairo Hotel and Casino.


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Sheraton Montazah Reopens the Newly Renovated Caesar Bar

The Sheraton Montazah celebrated the grand reopening of

the newly renovated Caesar Bar after an upgraded project completion.

The event was attended by a large number of guests at

an elegant soirée with a joyful ambiance and magical moments.

The venue is the ideal spot for guests and residents to gather

for pre-dinner drinnks or drinks after work, offering an impressive

new menu of creative cocktails, refreshing drinks, premium

wines, liqueurs, tempting champagne or aperitifs paired perfectly

with small bites, snacks, delicious delights or light meals.

Guests can enjoy the simple warm décor, fresh design and new

fabulous setting, including a big scree TV. The Bar provides

special themed parties along with some entertainment facilities

on a weekly basis such as the saxophonist “Rahma”, DJ

performance, light music and live songs by the Duo Band.

The Nile Ritz-Carlton, Cairo announces the appointment of Executive Chef Anoob Ashraf

Ready to spice-up the culinary scene in Egypt from the

heart of the Nile at The Nile Ritz-Carlton, Cairo is their newly

appointed Executive Chef, Anoob Ashraf.

Born in November 1983 in Cochin - Southern India, during

his childhood Anoob was always interested to watch and

help his father in the kitchen; he was his partner.

He says, “My initial memories of food are from

my father when he cooked with my mother. He

prepared our meals with love and passion. His attention

to detail was meticulous; every step, every

ingredient, every spice, and the part of the meat

he chose…Even the choice of pot was carefully

thought of.”

Anoob discovered very early on that he wanted

to share his dad’s passion for cooking with the

world. He joined the culinary institute at the age

of 12 and started his first job with the Le Méridien

hotels in 2001 at the age of 18. Three years

later, he spread his wings and started his travels on a mission

to explore more about food.

From Malaysia, to The Oberoi Group of hotels in India,

Anoob gathered his experience from all around and moved

to the Middle-East for a new challenge. He joined the Rosewood

Hotels in Jeddah where he worked with award-winning

French, Australian and Moroccan Chefs. With his eagerness

to learn more about the Arabic and European Cuisine he

was soon promoted to Junior Sous Chef in 2010.

In 2011, Anoob’s story with The Ritz Carlton Hotels

started in Doha, Qatar as Assistant Chef de Cuisine and

with continued determination and experience, he moved

up the ladder until he reached the position of

Executive Chef and F&B in-charge at Al Bustan

Palace; a Ritz-Carlton hotel in Oman where he

managed 6 outlets, in-room dining, stewarding,

an extensive indoor and outdoor banqueting

facilities and led a kitchen brigade of 79 chefs,

25 stewards and 90 F&B team members.

Being a man on a mission, Anoob won in

2018 the Continent Finalist MILUX Category,

ACE Rising Star Award, was nominated to be

the EMEA MILUX Culinary Advisory Board

among many other achievements. He also supported

as a taskforce in St.Regis Maldives, Ritz-

Carlton Doha and worked with 3-Star Michelin Chef Sven

in Ritz-Carlton Wolfsburg in Germany.

With such professional expertise, passion, determination

and experience in dealing with different cultures; it is crystal

clear how Anoob will drive and lead the culinary team of

The Nile Ritz-Carlton, Cairo to further elevate the dining

scene in Cairo.



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A Day

at the

Camel racing puts the nation’s camel trade back on the national and

regional map.

Thousands of fans from all

over Egypt as well as guests

from Arab countries recently

headed to the North Coast

to catch dazzling performances by 800

camels from different Egyptian governorates.


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The annual camel race is traditionally hosted by the city of El Alamein and

this year’s event saw milk-producing camels participating for the first time.

The well-attended event aims to keep alive the traditional race as well as the

camel trade where traders are known to buy and sell the beasts of burden during

the festivities. The races also provide job opportunities for scores of young

people, including camel trainers, sellers and dealers of various racing supplies.


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Ayman Abu Dfayeh, owner of a camel from Ismailia, was one

participant who traveled thousands of miles to take part and win

at the races. Abdullah Al-Jail, an expert in camel racing, says that

Egypt has advanced significantly in this sport and has come to

the fore thanks to its authentic Arab camels, and rare and strong




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Dr. Hamad Shuaib, Vice-President of the Egyptian Camel

Federation, noted that the El Alamein camel race has confirmed

the strength of the camel rearing and racing tradition in the

western regions of Egypt. Speaking at the race, he added that

these events created limitless job opportunities and encouraged

camels from Matrouh tribes to participate.


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Sheikh Salama Abu El-Nada, head of the competitions

committee of the Egyptian Camel Federation, was proud

to announce the rise in popularity of the sport across the




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Cairo celebrates the grand opening of the ultra-modern Hyatt Regency

Cairo West.

Following its soft opening in October 2021 and its

ranking as “Number 1 in Giza destination” out of

131 hotels by TripAdvisor, and “Traveler Review

Awards 2022” by Booking.com, ALDAU Development

- Member of Sami Saad Holding, brings back the international

Hyatt brand to Egypt with a grand opening event at

its newest city hotel Hyatt Regency Cairo West.

With its distinctive location, situated inside Pyramids

Heights Business Park, on the highest land of Giza giving its

guests a magnificent view of the Great Pyramids and Cairo

city, very close to the Grand Egyptian Museum, Hyatt Regency

Cairo West is not only designed to offer a technologically-

enabled and a contemporary accommodation, but it is

the first ultra-modern, urban hotel in Cairo West area, with

250 contemporary guest rooms and suites, an array of innovative

food & beverage concepts, meeting residence services

& facilities, Pure Spa, and lots of other facilities that take

place for the first time in Cairo.

The grand opening lit up the sky of Cairo with festivity

and was honored to have the presence of the Minister

of Tourism and Antiquities Dr. Khaled El Enany and the

chairman of ALDAU Development Eng. Bassel Sami Saad as

they hand over the key of Hyatt Regency Cairo West to the

General Manager Mr. Tarek El Masry to announce the official

opening of the prestigious hotel. The outstanding opening

was also delighted with the presence of Group President


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of Hyatt Hotels (EAME/SMA) Mr. Peter

Fulton, Deputy Head of EBRD Egypt Office

Mr. Khalid Hamza, Governor Ahmed

Rashed, along with prominent businessmen,

ambassadors, entrepreneurs, and

Egypt’s beloved celebrities and significant


Hyatt Regency Cairo West aims to redefine

the scene of modern hospitality

by introducing Service Excellency and innovative

food & beverage concepts that

fruitfully shape this hotel to be “The

Hub” space for leisure, corporate and social




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Egytrans participates for the first time in EGYPS 2022

Egytrans, a leading provider of transport and

logistics solutions, announced its first participation

in EGYPS Exhibition 2022 in its fifth edition, under

the theme of “North Africa and the Mediterranean:

Delivering Energy Today”.

“We are participating this year in EGYPS 2022

because we believe in its importance to starting the

conversation about the role North Africa plays in the

energy sector and the potential opportunities present,

which also aligns with our expansion strategy in

African markets that present promising potential for

investments in this sector” stated Abir Leheta, Chairman

and CEO of Egytrans. “Egytrans has made contributions

to the oil and gas sector, as we’ve previously

carried out logistics work in Zohr gas field, Egypt’s

giant offshore field containing 30 trillion cubic feet of

gas whose investments amounted to USD 10.6 billion

as of mid-2020. Egytrans has also had a hand in transporting

the Midor expansion project in cooperation

with Petrojet, as our team successfully moved the largest

package ever manufactured in Petrojet workshops

with extraordinarily large dimensions. Additionally,

we have increased the number of regular customers we

serve from the oil & gas sector.”

MARAKEZ Joins valU in Sponsoring Hana Goda, the

Youngest Egyptian National Table Tennis Champion

MARAKEZ, one of the largest mixed-use developers in

Egypt, has joined valU, MENA’s leading Buy-Now Pay-Later

(BNPL) fintech platform, to sponsor Hana Goda, the youngest

Egyptian national table tennis champion, number 1 worldwide

under 15 and 17 and number 4 under 19. valU has been

sponsoring Hana since 2020 and is entering its third year with

the champion while MARAKEZ comes in this year to offer the

star access to a series of upcoming competitions.

“This sponsorship of Hana Goda, an exceptionally talented

and promising young champion, is a natural fit for MARA-

KEZ as all of our real estate developments all include a fitness

and health component. We wish her the best of luck and look

forward to continuing having her among the top players”

said Ahmed Badrawi, Executive Vice Chairman of MARAKEZ.

“Our partnership with valU is one of many for MARAKEZ

as we proactively support athletes and seek opportunities to

empower and elevate Egyptian talent.”

MARAKEZ and valU, are longtime partners having collaborated

on many campaigns with the latest being the launch

of sha2labaz at Mall of Arabia and mall-wide offer at Mall of


“We are delighted to once again be supporting Hana Goda,

an amazing young star that makes all Egyptians proud. valU

was Hana’s first sponsor and we are delighted to continue

the journey with her. This year we are also thrilled to bring

MARAKEZ onboard as together we can offer Hana more to

encourage and motivate the young star so she can enjoy the

sport and feel empowered to sustain excelling. Undeniably,

sports is one of valU’s important categories respectively we

are keen to contribute to its growth. Moreover, we are also

committed to supporting and empowering young talent as

we believe they are the future”, commented Walid Hassouna,

CEO of the Non-Bank Financial Institutions (NBFI) platform

at EFG Hermes Holding and CEO of valU.

GLC Paints targets to turn Egypt

into capital of colours in Middle East

Egypt has provided a practical guide in overcoming difficulties

and transforming crises and challenges into economic

opportunities and development projects in various fields, CEO

of GLC Paints Mohamed Amin Al-Hout said during the company’s

latest event “Colour Piazza”.

He added that the GLC Colour Piazza 2022 – colour trends

of the year – came as an affirmation of the company’s support

for the advanced ideas of architects and support for youths’

projects in innovation and creativity to jointly bring the Egyptian

industry and economy to global leadership, adding that

Egypt is a country of opportunities, leadership, and history.

“From here, our dream and ambition began, and our role

and responsibility towards everything that is offered in Egypt as

an original part of giving back to this great country. The Colour

Piazza is one of the most important projects and strategic

goals of GLC Paints that we launched last year in Egypt and

developed this year in a new and innovative way by displaying

colours through cooperation with the most famous architects,”

he said.

Al-Hout explained that the Colour Trends project is an

important step in Egypt becoming the capital of colour fashion

in the Middle East. GLC supports this project by cooperating

with architects to showcase the role of colours in developing the

urban scene.

Furthermore, he pointed out that GLC has been working in

Egypt for 25 years in the construction paint industry and its

current investments in Egypt are estimated at EGP 1.5bn, as it

owns five factories for the production of construction paints

and packaging.

It also aims to expand production as well as investing in

innovation and creativity in the world of fashion and colour

trends for structural paints as part of its plan to transform

Egypt into a capital of colours in the Middle East.


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Misr Italia Properties Becomes First Non-listed

Real Estate Developer to Issue Securitization

Through EFG Hermes

Misr Italia Properties, the leading Egyptian real estate developer, and

EFG Hermes’ investment banking division, the leading investment

banking franchise in Frontier Emerging Markets (FEM), announced the

close of the first issuance, worth EGP 794 million, in an EGP 2.5 billion

securitization program. The bond is backed by a receivables portfolio of

around EGP 1 billion originated by two Misr Italia Holding subsidiaries.

The bond is comprised of three tranches, with the first divided into

fixed installments and the second and third to be disbursed based on

the proceeds of the portfolio. Tranche A is valued at EGP 214.3 million,

with a tenor of 13 months, a credit rating of AA+ from Middle East Ratings

and Investors Service (MERIS), and a fixed coupon rate of 9.60%.

Tranche B is valued at EGP 420.8 million, with a tenor of three years, a

credit rating of AA from MERIS, and a fixed coupon rate of 9.95%. Finally,

tranche C is valued at EGP 158.8 million, with a tenor of five years,

a credit rating of A from MERIS, and a fixed coupon rate of 10.20%.

Mohamed Hany El Assal, CEO and Managing Director of Misr Italia

Properties, said, “we pride ourselves on being the first non-listed real

estate developer to issue securitized bonds through EFG Hermes. We

are honored to have a long-term partnership with EFG Hermes, which

is vital to the growth of the company’s portfolio and expansion plans.”

Daimler embarks on a new

era as Mercedes-Benz Group

Daimler AG became Mercedes-Benz Group

AG on February 1, 2022. Following the successful

stock market debut of Daimler Truck, the Group’s

renewed focus on the automotive business is being

underlined with a new name. The company’s stock

exchange symbol also changes from DAI to MBG.

There will be no further changes for the shareholders.

The shares of the Mercedes-Benz Group AG

will remain listed on Germany’s blue-chip DAX

stock index. Parallel to the renaming of Daimler

AG, Daimler Mobility AG is also adapting its brand

under the name Mercedes-Benz Mobility AG.

Ola Källenius, Chairman of the Board of Management

of Mercedes-Benz Group AG: “The renaming

to Mercedes-Benz Group AG underlines our renewed

strategic focus. We want to make clear where

we see the core of our company – building the most

desirable cars in the world. The Mercedes star has

always been a promise for the future: Changing the

present in order to improve it. We want to continue

this legacy of our founders by taking the lead in

electric mobility and vehicle software.”

Orange Egypt renews its partnership with El Gouna to provide cuttingedge

technological services for telecommunications and smart cities

Orange Egypt announced the renewal of its partnership

with El Gouna, one of Orascom Development integrated

towns, located in the Red Sea, for the next five years as

the town’s official provider of integrated telecommunications

solutions. This comes as part of the two companies’

shared ambition to provide innovative services powered by

smart technologies that cater to the diverse demands of El

Gouna’s communities.

Accordingly, Orange will continue to provide El Gouna

with Triple-Play services through optical fiber, including

high-speed internet, fixed-line telephone, and IPTV in a

bundled package, as well as Wi-Fi networks for the town’s

hotels and resorts. Orange will achieve this by utilizing the

most well-known smart city technologies available globally,

such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart home


Eng. Yasser Shaker, CEO and Managing Director of

Orange Egypt, expressed his delight at the prospect of

renewing cooperation with a giant entity such as Orascom

Development and El Gouna.

“At Orange, we have the necessary local and worldwide

competence to supply, run, and manage highly efficient

smart and integrated services in accordance with international

standards which empowered Orange Egypt to be the

largest provider of smart and integrated services in Egypt

“he added.

Eng. Omar El-Hamamsy, CEO of Orascom Development

Holding, stated, “Renewing our partnership with Orange

Egypt ensures and maintains the quality of services provided

in El Gouna in accordance with the highest international

standards for advanced and sustainable smart cities.



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OPPO stands for sustainability through different CSR projects in 2021

Mall of Egypt supports the art community by hosting the Embassy of

Belgium’s Comic Strips Exhibition

Majid Al Futtaim, the leading shopping mall, communities,

retail and leisure pioneer across the Middle East, Africa

and Asia, partnered with the Embassy of Belgium in Cairo

to host the Comic Strips Art Exhibition at Mall of Egypt.

The exhibition opened its doors to the public free-of-charge

on January 20, running for 10 days and bringing together

original drawings from famous Belgian artists. The artists

conducted various preparatory works and video interviews

to illustrate the making of comic strips.

The exhibition, titled “Belgium – Egypt: A journey through

the childhood memory,” was first introduced at the Cairo

Opera House on November 17, moving to Mall of Egypt in

January. The exhibition saw a visit from H.E. Mr. Francois

Cornet d’Elzius, the Ambassador of Belgium in Cairo, along

with various media publications and public figures. H.E Mr.

Francois Cornet d’Elzius provided attendees with a welcome

speech on bringing art and talent from the heart of Belgium

to Egypt – which has always been the hub for arts and culture

and an inspiration to many Belgian artists.

H.E. Mr. Francois Cornet d’Elzius, the Ambassador

of Belgium in Cairo, stated: “At this exhibition, we have

original drawings and sketches from famous Belgian artists

ing the “Technical Education conference: the Future of the

Labor Market”, held under the title “Leading Construction

and Industry”, under the auspices of the Ministry of

Education and Technical Education, with the participation

and organization of the National Youth Council and

Shorouk Academy. The aim of the conference is to train

and qualify 3000 students and graduates of technical education

free of charge during 2022 on the skills and needs

of the labor market, linking the ministry’s strategy to practical

standards of companies, providing job opportunities

to a number of distinguished trainees at these companies.

In regard to women’s empowerment, and with a firm

belief in gender equality, OPPO participated in supporting

and sponsoring the SPC conference under the auspices

of the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, the

Egyptian Tourism Authority, and the Ministry of Local

Development in collaboration with the National Youth

Council and the Ministry of Youth and Sports that was

hosted in The Arab Republic of Egypt.

2021 has been a remarkable year for OPPO, the world’s

leading technology brand, making great different CSR

achievements: supporting communities, empowering youth,

women, and sponsoring creators as part of the company’s

strategy and activities for a better world. Over the years OPPO

has deliberately worked towards sustainable development

through sharing success and benefiting society with technology,

as OPPO’s vision is to strive to be a sustainable company

that contributes to a better world. With the advancement of

OPPO, this vision grows day after day making more contributions

to society globally & locally.

In Egypt, OPPO’s most prominent CSR activities during

2021 included the launch of the SmartOPPOrtunity program

in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Solidarity. As

youth are critical agents of change, driving transformation

worldwide, OPPO decided to invest and empower youth to

be positive agents of change, creating the SmratOPPOrtunity

program to help young students learn technical skills.

OPPO and the Ministry of Social Solidarity launched the

first phase of the SmartOpportunity program this year and

achieved great success. The first stage of the SmartOPPOrtunity

program included 10 sessions, training 21 individuals

through constructive practical training. Graduates of the

program received technical training for the technical knowledge

and repair of smartphones with the aim of empowering

young people, improving their technical knowledge, learning

abilities and creativity, and qualifying them to join the labor

market. OPPO is willing to have this CSR program as a longterm

partnership in order to benefit many students as much

as possible on different phases during the coming years.

With the strong belief in the importance of technical

education, OPPO participated in supporting and sponsorwho

have gotten their inspiration from Egypt which is also

evident in the comic strips we have present at this exhibition.

Every child in Belgium has grown up to the tradition

of reading and watching comic strips including myself.

Comic strips has always been considered an art in Belgium

where you can find shops and museums dedicated to the art

of comic strips. I’d like to thank Mall of Egypt and Majid Al

Futtaim for this great opportunity and we hope the public

enjoys this comic strips exhibition as much as the Belgian

society does.”


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SKY AD. Participates In Nile Property Expo 2022

in KSA to Attract New Clients and Support Real

Estate Export through Offering Capital Avenue

Project with a competitive 10-Year Installment Plan

Sawiris Foundation

for Social Development

and ALEX-

BANK Organize the

First Art Exhibition

for Marginalized

Children at the

Townhouse Gallery

Developments, the subsidiary of Diamond Group, one of

the leading real estate developers in the UAE, has announced

the participation in the first version of Nile Property Expo,

which was held in The United Kingdom of Saudi Arabia this

February. This participation aimed to encourage Saudi Arabian

clients to buy in the company’s state-of-the-art commercial

project, Capital Avenue, located in the New Administrative

Capital as well as the remaining units of its residential project,

Residence Eight. This comes in light of SKY AD’s continuous

support to exporting Egyptian real estate and attracting new

clients leveraging the company’s reputation in the Gulf and

the integrated services the project provides.

SKY AD. Developments participated in the exhibition,

which was held in Riyadh, KSA from 17 to 19 February at

Crowne Plaza Riyadh RDC Hotel. The company will also

participate in the exhibition from 24 to 26 February at Jeddah

Hilton Hotel “Hilton Ballroom”. Stemming from the

company’s ultimate belief in the value of external exhibitions

to attain the expected sales for 2022 and attract new clients,

SKY AD. provides unique offers for clients with competitive

installment plans for up to 10 years.

Through Nile Property Expo, SKY AD. Developments

offers its clients its latest project, Capital Avenue, one of the

biggest commercial projects in the R8 area at The New Administrative

Capital. Spanning an area exceeding 21,000 m2

in a prime location in the R8 area overlooking the diplomatic

area from the east, and the Green River from the south near

the city center, “Capital Avenue” is characterized by distinctive

features that promote it to be the commercial hub of The

New Administrative Capital. The state-of-the-art design of the

project provides mixed-use buildings suitable for F&B, clinics,

retail, and administrative offices to meet clients’ needs. In

addition, the project has water features, a central promenade,

an outdoor café area, to provide an exceptional shopping and

entertainment experience to the New Capital residents and


Besides the multiple entertainment facilities in the project,

Capital Avenue provides administrative offices of various

sizes to meet the growing demand in East Cairo, which is an

opportunity to attract the biggest foreign companies that are

on the hunt for administrative headquarters with integrated

designs and services in Egypt. Moreover, the company will

pump not less than EGP 300 million in the constructive

works of the project during 2022. The first units of the project

are planned to be delivered during the third quarter of 2025.

The Sawiris Foundation for Social Development (SFSD)

and ALEXBANK announced the organization of the first Art

Exhibition for Marginalized Children at the Townhouse Gallery,

in partnership with Al Ismaelia for Real Estate Investment and

UBUNTU Art Gallery. The exhibition aims to shed light and create

social awareness on vital issues facing marginalized children

in Egypt, while empowering them through art as a means of

creative expression and self-discovery. The opening of the exhibition

will take place on the 13th of February 2022 in a private

event, and it opens its doors to the public at the Townhouse

Gallery from the 14th till the 19th of February, 2022.

The exhibition is planned to showcase the outcome of 96

workshops in various fields of art; including painting and

macramé, in which 274 children are participating from different

institutions, such as Banati Foundation, Samusocial International,

Association for the Protection of the Environment “APE”,

Educate Me Foundation, the UNHCR and Save the Children


Olivia Farhat, the exhibition organizer stated that “this

exhibition aims at raising social awareness on numerous vital

issues towards empowering marginalized children, integrating

them into society, and developing their creative sides.

We are proud of the results achieved by the children, and we

hope that this exhibition will help them realize their potential,

as well as encourage them to become active members of

their societies in the future”.

Eng. Noura Selim, Executive Director of SFSD, stated that

“SFSD’s focus on children is one of the main pillars of our

development plan, as empowering societies can only be achieved

through concrete empowerment of both mothers and children.

Therefore, the Foundation, in cooperation with its partners,

continually ensures that its contributions include a special

focus on developing children’s skills, as well as promoting and

instilling positive values through sports and art. This exhibition,

therefore, ties well into our vision and efforts to integrate and

empower marginalized children”.

Laila Hosny, Head of CSR & Sustainable at ALEXBANK,

added: “We are extremely happy to further expand our partnership

with Sawiris Foundation for Social Development, that

through addressing different social aspects, aims at contributing

to the communities where ALEXBANK operates. Among the

causes we both believe in, is children empowerment and raising

awareness on the importance of improving livelihoods of vulnerable

children, as well as providing them with quality health care,

solid education and future work opportunities. Recognizing this

is one of the priorities for the Egyptian Government too”.

The exhibition coincides with Sawiris Foundation’s 20th





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Tech | Today et

Most gorgeous earphone ever: The new HUAWEI FreeBuds Lipstick can effortlessly

pass for a fashion accessory

Whether you’re dining at an upscale restaurant or cooking

together at home, this is the perfect day to tell your significant

other just how much they mean to you. We always

surprise our loved ones with a gift. It’s not so much the price

that counts, it’s more about finding the right thing. Ideally,

this will show you how well you know the other person and

what they want.

Huawei has steadily improved its audio offerings over the

past couple of years, but this could all change with the release

of the Huawei FreeBuds Lipstick. Surprise your other

half with this earphone and let the high-quality sound reinvent

the way you say I love you.

The new stylish earbuds perfectly combine luxury design

with cutting-edge technology, providing consumers with a

pair of earphones that offer both a stunning appearance and

excellent audio quality.

The HUAWEI FreeBuds Lipstick is also compatible with

different operating systems, including Android and iOS. Users

can download the HUAWEI AI Life app to adjust settings

or perform various controls such as wear detection, quick

control, status query, noise cancellation and device management.

The HUAWEI FreeBuds Lipstick is designed by talents

from various fields, including global luxury, fashion, automotive,

and digital and brand strategy industries at Huawei’s

Paris Aesthetics Research Centre. HUAWEI FreeBuds

Lipstick reinterprets the nobility and luxury with a gorgeous

stainless-steel body. The design processes used for it also pay

tribute to the harmony and elegance with the rounded arcs

and fine line processing.

HUAWEI FreeBuds Lipstick’s luxury-grade stainless-steel

charging case is corrosion and wear-resistant and is built

using over 30 intricate processes to produce a surface as

smooth as a mirror. The charging case also features a magnetic

design, which has a unique “click” sound.

HUAWEI FreeBuds Lipstick comes in a glamourous colourway

— a combination of black, gold and red. These classic

colours are a tribute to the classic lipstick, with black

representing mystery, gold symbolising luxury, and red expressing

enthusiasm and charm.

HUAWEI FreeBuds Lipstick inherits Huawei’s industryleading

open-fit design based on the ergonomic simulation

conducted using 10,000+ human ear models and the extensive

stress simulation test on eight parts of the ear. Hence,

the design helps the earphones to provide ultimate comfort

while wearing.

Moreover, the HUAWEI FreeBuds Lipstick features Adaptive

Ear Matching Equaliser adjustment that automatically

detects the ear canal’s shape and wearing conditions and assigns

the best equaliser setting for the users. Using the HUA-

WEI AI Life App, consumers can choose from three modes

of equalisers, including balanced (default), bass boost, and

treble boost, to enjoy a personalised audio experience.

HUAWEI FreeBuds Lipstick uses dual-microphone noise

cancellation, which can effectively filter out environmental

noise: it will automatically select the most suitable set of

noise cancellation parameters from more than 10 different

sets, providing the users with an industry-leading open-fit

active noise cancellation. Huawei has tested the earbuds’ design

to ensure Air-Like comfort for people with all ear types.

Thanks to EMUI 12 - Device+ features, users can freely

transfer a video from their smartphone to their HUAWEI

Vision, PC or tablet, and seamlessly transfer the audio to the

earphones. It also uses proximity Bluetooth pairing so users

can pair with a nearby smartphone, tablet, and PC with the

pop-up window, and it can achieve dual device connections.

In addition, users can set up the touch control settings on

the HUAWEI AI Life App.

Link up a Huawei smartwatch to the HUAWEI FreeBuds

Lipstick to manage noise cancellation modes, check battery

life, and control your music playback. With all-new game

audio coding technology, HUAWEI FreeBuds Lipstick can

reduce the latency to 90ms, keeping the audio in lockstep

with the action onscreen.

On top of smooth connectivity, HUAWEI FreeBuds Lipstick

can record high-fidelity sound with a sample rate of

up to 48 kHz. By turning on the Surroundings Mode in the

HUAWEI AI Life app, users can record the sounds around

them when recording a travel vlog to capture the exciting

moments with high-fidelity sound.

The HUAWEI WATCH FIT ELEGANT adds a bit of flair

to the loved and popular HUAWEI WATCH FIT Series with

a refined stainless steel body. The 1.64-inch large AMOLED

rectangular display gives it a deluxe look while also providing

you with an immersive viewing experience. Additionally,

the HUAWEI WATCH FIT ELEGANT is equipped with a

soft fluor elastomer strap that is specifically designed for

comfort and durability. What else? With a single tap on your

Huawei smartphone, you can select a photo from your Huawei

smartphone gallery and use as your watch face. Available

in two attractive colourways: Frosty White and Midnight


Whether you are into fitness and sports or not, the HUA-

WEI WATCH FIT ELEGANT takes care of your health on

your behalf. Huawei’s latest fitness smartwatch provides

you with an all-day monitoring of blood oxygen saturation

(SpO2) which is an important indicator of your health and

fitness levels. You can also keep track of your heart’s health

with HUAWEI TruSeen 4.0 heart rate monitoring technology

that monitors your heart rate whether you are in motion,

still or even when asleep. Additionally, you can also

keep track of your relaxation status, thanks to the HUAWEI

TruRelaxTM technology which provides 24/7 pressure monitoring,

allowing you to maintain a relaxed state of mind at

all times.

You should not be worried about those health features

running in the background draining the battery life either:

that is mainly because the HUAWEI WATCH FIT ELEGANT

might be a small device but it packs a powerful punch, that

is for sure. Battery life can last up to 10 days; on top of this,

it also supports Huawei’s fast charging technology. A fiveminute

charge can sustain the smartwatch for an entire day

of typical use, while just half an hour will charge the battery

to 70%.



Philips New B Line SmoothTouch Monitors

MMD, the leading display specialist and brand license

partner for Philips monitors, has announced the launch of

the new B Line LCD SmoothTouch monitors (162B9T) &

(242B9T) in the Middle East. The Philips 162B9T monitor

comes with a 16” panel (15.6” / 39.6 cm diagonal), 1366 x

768-pixel resolution (HD), and Philips 242B9T 24” panel

(23.8”/60.5 cm diagonal), 1920 x 1080-pixel resolution (Full

HD) offering a brilliant interactive display. The Philips New

B Line SmoothTouch is sturdier compared to other monitors

thanks to the water and dust resistant touch screen.

Along with that, the monitor is for flexible enough to be

used anywhere and comes with an articulating stand to fit

angle that suits you. These features offer simple and intuitive

use across applications and greatly boosts up productivity.

“The B Line SmoothTouch Monitors is

considered the most touchscreen monitors

preferred to the customers whom are looking

to speed up their work flow. The B line

SmoothTouch monitor has natural display

advanced by fluid touch response adding to

the value of front surface that meets IP65 for

water and dust resistance, and unique touchtype

with 10 fingers for optimum efficient

experience”. Said Carol Anne Dias, Sales Director

Middle East & Africa at Philips Monitors.

“Philips 242B9T is available

in Egypt market, while 162B9T

model has been supplied to Saudi

Arabia, Egypt and UAE markets”.


The new Philips B Line

LCD SmoothTouch monitors

(162B9T) & (242B9T) uses projected

capacitive 10-point touch

technology for a fluid response.

You can fully utilize the new capabilities

of touch-based applications

and even bring your older

applications to life from touchtype

with 10 fingers or play exciting

interactive games with your

friends. You can also collaborate with

colleagues interactively at a work or

school environment to increase your

productivity and efficiency.

Water and dust resistant

For less than perfect environments, you need a monitor

meets the international IP rating for water and dust resistance

that is designed to hold up to the splashes of water

and dust. Ingress Protection (IP) ratings defined in international

standard IEC/EN 60529, and are used to define levels

of sealing effectiveness of electrical enclosures against intrusion

from foreign bodies and moisture which both Philips

162B9T & 242B9T fully supports.


SmartContrast is a Philips technology that analyses the

contents you are displaying, automatically adjusting colours

and controlling backlight intensity to dynamically

enhance contrast for the best digital images and videos or

games where dark hues are displayed. When Economy mode

is selected, the contrast is adjusted and backlighting is finetuned

to make it easier to use everyday office applications

and decrease power consumption.

LowBlue Mode

Studies have shown that just like ultra-violet

rays, shortwave length blue light rays from LED

displays can also affect vision over time and can

potentially cause eye damage. Developed with digital

wellbeing in mind, the Philips LowBlue Mode

setting uses a smart software technology to reduce

harmful shortwave blue light.


Philips SmartStand allows for flexible adjustment

of the display. Its Z-type structure with

smooth tilt, height adjustment and folding capabilities

enable you to use it in various ergonomic

positions. You can set the stand in upright position

for better touch control, or recline

it backwards to make it easy for you to

draw or annotate. It even allows you to

put the screen almost flat on the table

for some applications if needed.

Connectivity Options and Highspeed

data transfer

Aside from support the traditional

VGA input and the newer Display port

input, the new Philips B Line LCD

SmoothTouch monitors (162B9T) &

(242B9T) brings the power of HDMI

that can deliver high-definition video

and audio all in a single cable. This port also makes the

monitor compatible with not just PCs, but with a variety

of other AV sources as well. Users can

also take advantage of the high-speed

file transfer thanks to the USB 3.1 port.

Carol concluded: “As Philips always

prioritizes the user’s health, we provide a LowBlue

Mode technology for easy on-the-eyes productivity and

EasyRead mode for a paper-like reading experience.”

The Philips new B Line LCD SmoothTouch monitors

(162B9T) & (242B9T) are available through MMD authorised

distributors in the Middle East Region and comes with

a standard 3-year warranty.


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realme ranked among the Top 5 smartphone

vendors in Egypt in Q4 2021

Return of the Flip: TIME Names Galaxy Z Flip3 5G

Among 2021’s 100 Best Inventions

Before the dawn of the smartphone era, manufacturers tried out a

variety of different phone styles and designs to see what would stick.

From candy bar phones with their clicking dial pads, to more advanced

flip phones and sliders, to phones with full QWERTY keyboards.

But in those days, it was the flip phone that really stole consumer

hearts: compact enough to fit in your pocket, but expandable, to give

you more features.

Keeping that spirit of innovation alive, Samsung has been working

hard to develop the next generation of mobile device – one that combines

the power of today’s smartphone with the portability and style

of the flip.

Now with this year’s launch of the Galaxy Z FIip3 5G, Samsung has

hit the mark, with consumers and tech enthusiasts taking notice of

the device’s innovation, technological maturity, durability, and style.

This combination finally led TIME Magazine to name the Galaxy Z

FIip3 5G as one of “The 100 Best Inventions of 2021,” where it’s joined

by the year’s most groundbreaking creations from around the world

– a feat Samsung has achieved after three generations of foldable innovation.

After much dedication, the flip phone era has been reborn – with all

the innovations of the modern smartphone.

TIME writes:

“For the past few years, manufacturers have been trying to merge

the functionality of smartphones with the portability of a ’00s-era

flip phone—with results that were middling at best. But with the Galaxy

Z FIip3, Samsung finally seems to have nailed it. The Z Flip is

as compact as devices from two decades ago, only instead of a tiny

display and physical dial pad, you get a vibrant 6.7-in. display, with

another screen on the front cover so you can easily read messages or

screen calls when it’s closed. Even better: the $999 price tag, making

it the first mainstream phone with a foldable display that’s priced

below $1,000.”

The Galaxy Z Flip3 5G is changing the way we work, express, and

create with our smartphones. From hands free Flex mode and a stunning

12MP camera that’s changing the way we create content, to a redesigned

Cover Screen that’s four times larger than before, letting you

see more of your messages and notifications on the go without opening

your phone. And with Dolby Atmos supported speakers, a Dynamic

AMOLED 2X Display, and a responsive UX that adapts to how you

fold the phone, the Galaxy Z Flip3 offers a level of entertainment so

far unseen on other devices. So you can immerse yourself deeper into

your favorite stories, games, or video calls. Making it even more practical

is the fact that the Galaxy Z Flip3 and Z Fold3 are the first foldable

phones with a water-resistant IPX8 rating. And it all comes in an iconic

design that’s compact enough to slip in your pocket.

According to the latest data from Canalys, a

leading global technology market analysis firm,

realme was ranked a Top 4 smartphone vendor

in Egypt with 38% annual growth, outpacing

the traditional strong brands in the market despite

being the youngest brand among world’s

top 6 smartphone brands. realme has maintained

strong growth momentum globally,

ranking in the Top 5 smartphone vendors in 30

markets and 6 regions in the fourth quarter of

2021, exemplifying the company’s core value of

“Dare to Leap”.

“realme has been laser focused on providing

stellar performance and cutting-edge tech

innovations to customers worldwide, and our

strategy is paying off,” said Sky Li, Founder and

CEO of realme, “In 2021, our annual smartphone

sales volume reached a record high of 60

million devices, a 50% increase over the previous

year. In 2022, we will continue to deliver new

and exciting products to our fans globally.”

In Europe, realme achieved a new milestone

with a YoY growth rate of nearly 450%, making

it the fourth largest smartphone brand in the

region. Meanwhile, in India, the second largest

smartphone market, realme has been the

only brand among the top 4 to register positive

growth in 2021, achieving 48 percent growth

and capturing 17 percent of market share.

The realme 9 pro series will launch globally

on February 16 and will be available Egypt soon

after. The realme 9 pro series is among the first

devices to feature the latest MediaTek Dimensity

920 5G processor, and the first smartphone

in the mid-range with a Sony IMX766 OIS

camera. As realme gears up to enter the highend

smartphone market, it will launch its most

premium flagship ever, the realme GT 2 series

on February 28 in the Mobile World Congress,

Barcelona, which will rival with smartphones

from Apple, Samsung and Google.




Parting Shot

Tutankhamun’s personal belongings have

been transferred from restoration labs to their

permanent home at the Grand Egyptian Museum.

This will be the first time the boy king’s

A Permanent Home

possessions will be displayed together all in

one place. More than 5,000 artifacts belonging

to the 18th Dynasty Pharaoh will be exhibited

on an area of 7,000 meters.


The Waterside Terrace Now Open at

Sheraton Cairo Hotel & Casino

The Waterside Terrace by Sheraton Cairo features an

elegant outdoor setting that allows the beautiful Nile

River to be the backdrop for couples to get married and

celebrate love.

It’s location on shore right in front of Sheraton Cairo’s

Nile Entrance and directly on the West Bank of the Nile,

makes the Waterside Terrace an iconic and memorable

wedding destination with a premium five star service

offering delicious creative menus and attractive bridal


For more information, please

contact as at:

+20 10 9566 6635

Sheraton Cairo Hotel & Casino

Galaa Square, P.O. Box 11

Cairo 11511, Giza, Egypt

Sheratoncairo Sheratoncairohotel Sheratoncairo

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