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aquinas grammar - Belfast City Council

aquinas grammar - Belfast City Council


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Running Order

Show Opener All Teenage Kicks and their protégés

Performance 2 All Teenage Kicks

Performance 3 Belmont Infants

Performance 4 Belfast Royal Academy

Performance 5 Aquinas Grammar

Performance 6 De La Salle College

Performance 7 Bloomfield Collegiate

Performance 8 Harberton School

Performance 9 Belmont Infants

Performance 10 Belfast Royal Academy

Performance 11 Aquinas Grammar

Performance 12 De La Salle College

Performance 13 Bloomfield Collegiate

Performance 14 All Teenage Kicks

Finale All Teenage Kicks and their protégés

A message from Kim Kensett, Physical Activity

Co-ordinator, EPACG

The Eastern Physical Activity Co-ordination Group is delighted to be supporting

Teenage Kicks with Belfast City Council now in its fourth year. The initiative has

developed with such success that it has outgrown the studio at the Waterfront

and are tonight enjoying the historic Ulster Hall to accommodate all supporters.

Once again we have special performances from Harberton Special School and

for the first time Belmont Infants and I know that Freddie’s infectious personality

has rubbed off on them and they are very excited about performing tonight.

EPACG wish everyone well and hope you enjoy the experience and continue

participating in physical activity.

A message from Councillor Bob Stoker, Chair of Parks

and Leisure Committee

I am delighted to welcome you to an evening of spectacular

entertainment in our newly refurbished Ulster Hall.

This evening is merely one of many initiatives taking place across

the city that focuses on our children and young people.

The council is committed to creating a Better Belfast. Our future lies in the

hands of our young people and it is in the young performers you will see tonight

that we must invest in to improve our quality of life, by making it healthier and

safer and by promoting good relations between people of different religious,

political and ethnic backgrounds.

The teenagers you see performing here tonight, from Aquinas, Bloomfield

Collegiate, Belfast Royal Academy and De La Salle have come a long way in the

last couple of months. They have demonstrated their dedication, enthusiasm

and their confidence has soared as the programme continued under the

guidance of fitness guru Freddie Kinnersley from Energy Fitness and his team,

Belinda and Natasha. Following an intensive mentoring programme they have

gained the confidence and skills to go into primary schools and their junior

schools to work with their peers developing dance routines.

What has been achieved is a credit to the young people themselves and to

Freddie who has been instrumental in the success of Teenage Kicks.

I am also delighted to welcome Belmont Infants and Harberton Special Schools

here this evening and know that they have been working hard to prepare for this

great opportunity. Good luck to you all.

I wholeheartedly congratulate all those involved with this innovative event and

wish them all every success for the future. Please sit back and have an enjoyable

and memorable evening.


Genevieve McBride

My experience with Teenage

Kicks has brought together

many schools from Belfast and

we have all made great friends.

Thanks Freddie!

Aimée Norton

Teenage Kicks gave me the

chance to meet new people

and spend more time with my

friends. It has given me more

confidence and it was a lot of

fun. I would love to take part

again and I encourage people

to take part if they have the


Alex Mercer

I think Teenage Kicks was

a very good experience.

I enjoyed the dancing and my

fitness has improved and I

made loads of new friends.

Emma Robinson

I loved Teenage Kicks because

I got to spend more time with

my friends and it has been a

great experience and has made

me a lot more confident.

I would love to do it again.

Katie Bryce

Teenage Kicks was a really

enjoyable experience. I met

loads of lovely people and we

all got along great. Freddy

was hilarious and a really

great teacher. I enjoyed every

minute of it!

Kathryn Fusco

It was such an experience!

It brought dance, friends and

music together perfectly!

It was a life changing

experience and I think it is

something that all teenagers

should experience!


Toni Walsh

Teenage Kicks completely

changed my life. It has given me

so much confidence as a person.

I didn’t participate in anything

in school before and now I am

more interactive. It has given me

a chance to meet new people. I

loved every minute of it and would

definitely do it again. Freddie is a


Kathryn Flatley

Teenage Kicks has been an

enjoyable experience. It has

given me lots of confidence and

has given me the opportunity

to make friends with people

from my school I had never

really talked to. I loved

participating and would do it all

over again!

Chloe Craig

Teenage Kicks was a fun

experience. It has made me

more sociable and I would

definitely love to do it again.

Freddie was awesome. We love


Darrah Blair

Teenage Kicks was a great

experience. I liked having fun

with my friends and meeting

new people. It was a really

good confidence booster and

Freddie was super. I would love

to be involved again.

Rachel Bannon

Teenage Kicks has been a

very fun experience. I have

made lots of close friends

with people I didn’t know very

well. I have gained confidence

during this and loved every

minute of it. Freddie is a


Robyn Gilmore

I enjoyed my experience

participating in Teenage Kicks.

It gave me an opportunity to

meet new people and boost my

confidence. I would definitely

do it again.


Courtney Meneely

My Teenage Kicks experience

was so fun. It was good the

way all the schools were able

to come together and enjoy

themselves. I can’t wait until

the next one.

Aimée Smyth

I have gained confidence and

had a very enjoyable time. It

has been a lot of fun and made

me serious about focusing. It

is great for reassurance and

building confidence in young


Niamh Conlon

My experience has been very

enjoyable. I have gained a lot

of confidence and made new

friends with all the schools

being brought together.

Suzanne Logan

My experience of Teenage

Kicks has been an enjoyable

one it has brought lots of

schools together and gave me

confidence. I look forward to

the next one.

Sally Stewart, Head of

Girls PE Department

TEENAGE KICKS is an excellent initiative,

promoting the importance of leading a

more active and healthy lifestyle.

For many of the Academy pupils involved,

it is their first opportunity to take part

in dance outside school. The girls have

enjoyed ‘FITNESS FREDDY’S’ dynamic

approach and have been keen to pass on

their newly acquired skills to the younger


TEENAGE KICKS has increased selfesteem,

improved leadership skills and

has been a fun sociable way of keeping fit.

Academy girls have been thrilled to be

part of this fantastic event.


Anna Lyttle

I have really enjoyed this

experience and hope I can

do it again next year. I would

definitely advise anyone who

is given the opportunity to go

for it.

Moya McQuillan

I really enjoyed Teenage Kicks

and thought it was really fun

and a great experience.

RuairÍ Sheridan

Teenage Kicks has been a great

experience. It is great cráic

and I would love to do it again.

Claire McVeigh

Teenage Kicks was amazing!

I really enjoyed it had a lot

of fun! It was a brilliant

experience and I hope to do it


Niamh O’Connor

It’s been a really fun, enjoyable

experience. This project has

taught me to work better in a

team whilst learning to build

my own responsibility.

Conor Marley

I think it was really fun and I

enjoyed it very much. It will

and did keep me fit, helping me

make more friends.


Alice McConville

Teenage Kicks was a great

experience. I made lots of new

friends and I think it was really

fun. I really enjoyed dancing

and I wish I could do it again.

Jude Moreland

I think it was a worthwhile

experience and i would do it


Aoife Sheuidan

I really enjoyed learning new

dances with Freddie. It was a

great experience and I had so

much fun, I would love to do it


Matthew Lappin

I enjoyed Teenage Kicks and

thought it was really fun and a

good experience.

Rachel Kelly

Teenage Kicks was a great

experience. I had such a good

time and it was really good

making up dances with your

friends. I enjoyed it all and

wish I could do it again.

Ben Scullion

It’s bringing everyone closer

together and is a great

experience for everyone to

have some fun. Dancing with

Freddie is awesome.


Chris McIntyre

It’s been a lot of fun and a

great opportunity for meeting

new people and learning new


Rachel Goldsmith

I have thoroughly enjoyed

participating in Teenage Kicks.

It has been a great experience

and I would strongly

recommend getting involved.

Marie T. McCool

Head of PE

This year Aquinas

Grammar had the

privilege of participating

in the Teenage Kicks

Programme. From the

onset the pupils rose to the

challenge displaying super

enthusiasm, commitment

and their innate leadership

skills quickly surfaced.

Above all else to witness a

growth in self confidence

and creative skills was

wonderful. A special thank

you to Freddie for all his

inspirational work and time

spent with Aquinas.



Eamonn McDowell Niall McStravick

I felt this was a great I think Teenage Kicks was fun

experience. I made new friends and easy and i’ve liked it so far.

and enjoyed the experience

very much so. I would

definitely come back next year!

Ruairidn Toland

It was amazing. It made

me lots of new friends and

we got to interact with new

experiences and it’s made me a

lot fitter. I loved it so much!

Frankie Nugent

I have enjoyed Teenage Kicks. I

think it has been fun and very

good. It would definitely make

me come back next year.

Conall Hamill

IT WAS CLASS! I made a lot of

new friends and enjoyed it very

much. I would definitely come

back next year.

Michael Hyndman

It was very fun. It helped me

with my fitness and making

new friends. It was enjoyable.


Stephen Rate

It was good, very active. I

would like to definitely come

back next year.

Ciarán Kennedy

Personally I think Teenage

Kicks is excellent and great

fun to participate in. I’ve also

met a lot of new people and

from their point of view they’ve

loved it to. I would recommend

it to anyone.

Philip Doran

It was great fun. It helped with

my fitness. It helped me to

make new friends and it was

very enjoyable.

Barry Mullins

Teenage Kicks is a brilliant

fitness programme. I have

enjoyed working with other

schools and gained good


Christopher O’Hara

My experience on Teenage

Kicks 2009 is that it is a

brilliant fitness programme it

has been a great experience

for me. I have enjoyed

participating with other


Ryan Hegarty

The Teenage Kicks was good

fun and a laugh. It has built my

confidence and taught me how

to dance. It was amazing.


James Masterson Joe Porter Curtis Harmon

It has been fun and enjoyable. It has been a wonderful This was a brilliant experience

I am making new friends and it experience and an enjoyable but I was a bit embarrassed. I

has also made me fitter. one. I thank the people that will always remember it.

organised it.

Stephen Ramsey, PE Teacher

De La Salle College is privileged to be participating in the Teenage Kicks initiative. This

programme has provided students with a very positive physical and social experience giving

the students the opportunity to design a routine and also the chance to work with local primary

and secondary schools.

From the onset the students enjoyed the challenge of designing their own routine and were

then set the task of teaching it to Holy Child Primary School. As leaders the boys enjoyed

working with Holy Child and played their roles as leaders and role models perfectly.

Students have developed confidence, motor skills, team work and leadership in an area that is

not often associated with the pupils. As a school we would like to thank Freddie and Natasha

for their time and effort which has been appreciated by all concerned.


Lucy Magowan

I gained confidence in myself.

I made lots of new friends. I

love the dances and I have had

loads of fun. I can’t wait until

the night when my friends and

family will be watching me. Go


Jennifer MacGeagh

Taking part in Teenage Kicks

has been a lot of fun. I have

become more confident and

enjoyed every minute of it.

Polly McDonnell

I had a great time participating

in Teenage Kicks. I have gained

confidence and have made new

friends. I am really glad I got

the opportunity to perform in

the Ulster Hall. I loved dancing

and never thought I would be

able to do it.

Lynsey Scott

I really enjoyed participating in

Teenage Kicks. I have built up

more self-confidence and have

had great fun. I now know I

can dance.

Clare McAuley

I have had a fantastic time

doing Teenage Kicks. We have

all had a great laugh and lots

of fun. I can’t wait for the

performance. Go Bloomfield!

Victoria Sharpe

Teenage Kicks has been loads

of fun whilst developing my self

confidence and teaching me

how to keep fit. I would love

the chance to do it again.


Beth Davis

Teenage Kicks has been a great

opportunity and I have enjoyed

taking part. It has taught me

to believe in myself and I have

gained confidence making lots

of new friends. Teenage Kicks

was certainly a fun worthwhile


Amelia Johnston

Teenage Kicks 2009 was

a fantastic experience. It

improved my confidence and I

enjoyed every minute. I feel a

real sense of accomplishment

after it.

Jessica Galway

I have really enjoyed Teenage

Kicks. It has helped build my

confidence and I have had a

lot of fun along the way! I have

got to know the girls in my

year better and have made new


Sara McCarney

I have really enjoyed every

minute of Teenage Kicks. It has

made me really confident and I

have met loads of new people.

I have had a lot of fun and I will

never forget Teenage Kicks.

Caroline Cummings

My experience at Teenage

Kicks has been so much fun. I

have really enjoyed myself. It

has improved my confidence

and I will never forget it!

Lauren Reaney

My experience at Teenage

Kicks has been great fun. I

loved learning dances and

meeting new people. It has

built my confidence and I would

definitely do it again. Thanks!


Rebecca McCracken

Teenage Kicks 2009 has

been fantastic! I really loved

every second! It was a great

opportunity and would jump

at the chance to do it again.

Thank you.



Teenage Kicks has

been very good. I

have met lots of new

people and had lots

of fun. I feel more

confident now, when

I’m dancing and talking

to other people. I am

very proud to be a part

of the Teenage Kicks




Sophie Harte

I have really enjoyed taking

part in Teenage Kicks. I have

made friends and gained

confidence in myself. We

all have had a lot of fun and

laughs. It has been a great


Teenage Kicks has

encouraged myself and

many others to express

themselves through

dance. I made new

friends and gained new

social skills and fitness.

It has been a good

experience for myself

and for my friends.

Rachel Wong

I loved Teenage Kicks.

It was super duper

fun and I am more

confident now.

Jessica Wilson

Teenage Kicks has been

fantastic. I have enjoyed

every minute of it. It has built

up confidence in myself. I’ve

realised that I am a better

dancer than I thought I was.

I would love to do it again!



I have really enjoyed

taking part in Teenage

Kicks. It has helped

build my confidence

and I have got to know

the rest of the girls in

my school really well

and met new friends.


Catriona Conlon,

PE Teacher

A fantastic experience

that has been enjoyed

by all the pupils involved

from Bloomfield

Collegiate School. The

girls have gained self

confidence throughout

the programme and have

relished the opportunity

of instructing the

primary pupils.

The skills developed

through working with

Freddy and Belinda

will undoubtedly prove

invaluable in the future.



Olwen McIlroy,


Being involved in

Teenage Kicks has

been a fabulous

experience for our

young pupils. Not

only do they have a

very positive attitude

to exercise and

fitness but they have

grown in confidence.

Performing on stage

in front of a large

audience will be

something they will

never forget.


Joyce Stevenson

PE teacher

This is the second year of Harberton’s involvement in Teenage

Kicks. The pupils are still talking about the wonderful evening at

the Waterfront Hall last June.

The increase in the pupils’ confidence is dramatic and the

enjoyment can be seen on their faces. Freddy has been an

inspirational teacher and we look forward to another fantastic

experience this year.

Freddie Kinnersley, founder

and co-ordinator of Energy

Fitness visits schools across

the province conducting whole

school fitness challenges.

The days can be used to raise

funds for the school or chosen

charity and are designed to

involve children of all abilities

in a series of games exercises

and aerobics.

A message from “The Mentor” Freddie Kinnersley

It has been an honour to have worked with the Teenage Kicks Project for a fourth year

and I am delighted that it just keeps getting bigger and better year on year so much

so that Energy Fitness has enlisted help from Belinda and Natasha. Natasha is one of

our success stories being one of our first Teenage Kickers back in 2005. She has been

inspired to continue teaching dance and physical activity and now works with local groups

across the city.

This is what Energy Fitness is all about, and the more the teenagers get the opportunity

to further develop and lead their peers in dance and fitness the better for the health of

the whole community. They are the future of Energy Fitness!

This year we are stepping it up with the introduction of more teenage boys, Harberton

Special and Belmont Infants School. Seeing the sense of achievement on everyone’s face

and witnessing the effort they have put in makes my job worthwhile.

The teenagers have surpassed themselves in the way they have mentored the younger

children and developed a “Buddy” system within their schools and feeder primaries.

The show tonight will highlight how far they have all come. Enjoy!

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