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STAY on Sunday

Our group that meets every 2nd,

4th & 5th Sunday of each month

continues to deepen faith, challenge

world views and grow our confidence

in who God is and who he calls us to

be in the world. Most recently

we have looked at the theme of

relationships and covered

topics such as: ‘Is it ever ok

to judge others?’ and ‘What

is our relationship with

our phone like?’ The young

people were shocked to

learn that the first mobile

phones didn’t have the

internet, didn’t have snap

chat or instagram, they

barely worked as a phone

sometimes with poor

reception in many places!

STAY in Schools

As part of the STAY youth work we

continued this month with our work

in all four local schools through

assemblies and mentoring. Plus we had

the privilege of being part of the values

day at Sonning School and a special

prayer activity with Piggott students.

Values Day at Sonning

On Thursday 24 March, I had the

privilege of helping at Sonning

School with their ‘School Values Day’.

We covered curiosity and respect

with years 3 and 4 and we looked at

courage and aspiration with years

5 and 6. Some of the answers to the

questions were simply brilliant and

at times humorous:

Q: What are you scared of?

A: 'Smelly cheese', 'Spiders' and

'Roller coasters'.

Q: What are you interested in?

A: 'Tech', 'Bugs and insects' and 'God'.

Prayers for Ukraine

Our work at The Piggott School Wargrave continues

to help grow and embed the school's Christian values

and vision among the students. This month we had the

privilege of leading students in writing positive thoughts,

messages of hope and prayers, on blue and yellow leaves,

for the people of Ukraine. We then took their leaves

and added them to the reflection room tree.

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