Spring 2005 (Vol. 1 Issue 1) - Villa Charities


Spring 2005 (Vol. 1 Issue 1) - Villa Charities





Villa Charities Inc.


Villa Colombo Services

for Seniors (1976)

Columbus Centre


Joseph D. Carrier

Art Gallery (1987)

VITA Community

Living Services (1986)

Villa Charities Foundation


Villa Colombo Vaughan


Apartments for Seniors

Caboto Terrace (1984)

Casa DelZotto (1991)

Casa Abruzzo (2004)



The policies that guide are

work include:

A Donor Bill of Rights

Privacy Policy and


For a copy of our policies,

visit our web site


or contact us at

416-789-7011, ext. 307

Rudolph P. Bratty, Chair, Villa Charities Foundation, introduces readers to

the premiere issue of “Report to Donors”.

Good Works Index @ Villa Charities

83¢ on each dollar raised goes to

“good works” @ Villa Charities.

70¢ on each dollar is the

Canadian charitable average.


It’s About Accountability & Transparency

Welcome to the first issue

of Villa Charities Foundation’s

“Report to Donors”. A key

commitment to our donors is to

communicate with you on a

regular basis. Through this

Report, we will detail the money

raised by the Foundation, the

allocation of these dollars, and

the impact of your donations.

In this time of heightened

corporate governance, the

Foundation’s Board of

Governors strongly believes that

a non-profit organization must

also clearly demonstrate that it

operates by a set of established

policies and principles. At Villa

Villa Charities

Charities, we have strict policies

and practices in place, that

guide our work and meet

industry standards for ethics

and accountability.

In this first issue, you will

learn of the exciting plans for

the future of Villa Charities.

You’ll begin to learn about a

soon-to-be launched capital

fundraising campaign for the

revitalization of our existing

facilities and for the

construction of Villa Colombo

Vaughan. You’ll be introduced

to our newly appointed Chair of

Leadership and Major Gifts, Mr.

Alfredo DeGasperis. You’ll also


P. 2 Tracking Your


P. 2 Hear what our

People are


P. 3 DeGasperis


P. 3 Honeywell Inc.

P. 3 Did you know?

P. 4 Grazie Donors

read about the creation of an

Allocations Committee, another

commitment that ensures each

dollar raised is invested and

monitored wisely.

This Report to Donors

represents a new way of doing

business at the Foundation – it

is a pledge to you our donors,

to keep you regularly informed

on how your donated money is

well spent at Villa Charities.

Rudolph P. Bratty

Chair, Villa Charities Foundation

83¢ 70¢

Photo: Courtesy of Italian Chamber of Commerce of Toronto. Photography, Erin Riley

Canadian Average






Joseph A. Chiappetta,



Rudolph P. Bratty,



Alfredo DeGasperis,



Edward Sorbara,

Life Member


Domenic Alfieri,

Life Member


Mauro Baldassarra

Dino Chiesa

Sam Ciccolini

Carlo Fidani, Life Member

Mario Romano, Life Member

Toni Varone, Life Member


Joseph D. Carrier †

Angelo DelZotto

Sen. Con. Di Nino

Orey Fidani †

Anthony Fusco

Marco Muzzo


Carlo Baldassarra

Eugene Boccia

Victor De Zen

John Di Poce

John A. Gennaro

Elio Rosati

Joseph Zentil


Daniele Zanotti

Tracking Your Donations

Villa Charities Foundation has

a principle: A donation of a $1 or

of $1000 to Villa Charities, must

and wil be spent efficiently,

effectively and responsibly. This

belief led the Foundation’s Board of

Governors to establish an

Allocations Committee to monitor

donations made to Villa Charities.

“This committee, with members

from the Foundation’s Board and

from the community-at-large,

strengthens our commitment to

accountability and transparency,”

said Mr. Dominic Alfieri, Chair of

the committee.

The Allocations Committee

provides a set of procedures for

allocating and monitoring the

dollars raised by the Foundation.

“Each donor expects and deserves

that their dollar is invested directly

in good works,” explains Alfieri.

“This committee acts as the donor’s

eyes and ears, guaranteeing each

dollar goes towards providing

quality services – whether it’s a

senior at Villa Colombo, an

individual with developmental

disabilities at VITA, or a participant

in one of our community programs

like Meals on Wheels,” he added.

“People want to see where their

money goes and what it buys.”

This fundraising model

My dad always jokes, “If I

have to go, make sure it’s to

Villa Colombo – it feels like

home there.”

I’m raising my young

family in Woodbridge, and

should the time come, I know

there will be a home nearby

that is welcoming and familiar.

A. Gigliozzi

Each dollar you give helps people like

David Cobet. Thanks to VITA, David

has gained valuable job training!

reflects how many other

charitable organizations in the

country are structured. For

example, most hospitals,

universities and arts

organizations have separate

foundations responsible for

raising and allocating funds.

All such organizations want to

assure donors that their donations

are used appropriately and have a

positive impact. “The structures

and policies we have in place lead

to greater donor confidence and

support, and this I believe, bodes

well for the future of Villa

Charities,” says Mr. Alfieri.


Spaghetti Western

June 8, 2005

7:00 pm

The Distillery Historic District

Celebrate our 29th year

August 5, 2005

Eagles Nest & Copper Creek

Golf at two premiere courses

and an evening of

dinner, dancing and fun.

September 29, 2005

Liberty Grand

Entertainment Complex

416 789 7011, ext. 242


Hear what our people are

saying about us….

My seven-year-old, Aurora

Carnevale, is one of a 1000

young ballerinas practicing

pirouettes at Columbus Centre.

Her younger sister, Simona isn’t

far behind and little Tamara is

waiting in the wings…

Thousands more enjoy this

cultural and community centre.

I’m proud that the Centre I used

in the nineties is still a cultural

piazza I can share with my


Antonella Cucchi

I thought VITA served

people with developmental

disabilities. I was wrong.

VITA helps people

develop abilities. My brother

thrives in his apartment. I wish

my mother were alive to see the

confidence and independence

he has now. He amazes me.

Thank you VITA.

Rose Bunda

DeGasperis Appointed Chair of

Leadership and Major Gifts

Announces Family


In December 2004, Mr.

Alfredo DeGasperis was named

Chair of Leadership and Major

Gifts of the soon-to-be launched

capital fundraising campaign.

Mr. DeGasperis got right to work

and immediately announced his

family pledge of $1 million.

“As one of the founders of

Villa Charities 30 years ago, and as

a volunteer and donor ever since, I

am honoured to be given the

opportunity to play such an

important role in ensuring its

future,” said Mr. DeGasperis. “This

appointment is my call to action to

support our new project, Villa

Colombo Vaughan,” he added.

Over the coming months, Mr.

DeGasperis will be meeting with

leaders in the business community

to inspire support and gifts for Villa


As Mr. DeGasperis

explained, his family is one of

many that have been long-time

supporters and volunteers of

Villa Charities. “When we began

Did You Know?

Facts about

Villa Colombo


three decades ago, we could not

even imagine a Villa Colombo or

a Columbus Centre,” reflects Mr.

De Gasperis. “Yet today, with a

lot of hard work and

determination of many

volunteers and donors, we have

both and more. This next phase

will bring much needed new

services and programs for the

community beyond our existing

campus in Toronto.”

New 2-storey nursing home

for 160 residents

125,000 square feet, on 16

acres of land donated by

John Di Poce.

Mr. DeGasperis acknowledges

that the community has grown,

changed and matured. “In 2004,

Italian Canadians hold prominent

positions in every sector and

industry,” he notes. “I have no

doubt that a capital campaign to

continue our tradition of caring is

achievable. The amore that helped

us build Villa Colombo in the 70’s

is the same amore that will build

Villa Colombo Vaughan today.”

A new landmark in long-term care is about to

become a reality

Villa Charities has evolved with changing times. And now, recognizing the

need for a long-term care facility in York Region, Villa Charities recently

announced construction of Villa Colombo Vaughan to care for 160 seniors.

But this is just the beginning. Over the next twenty years, there will be a 420%

increase in the number of seniors in York Region. A lot of those living in the

neighbourhood of Villa Colombo Vaughan come from an Italian background and

prefer culturally sensitive care. We have made a good start. Please join us as

we take this bold step towards a brighter future for our seniors.

Villa Colombo Vaughan . . . Another step in the

right direction.

The Report to Donors is published quarterly by Villa Charities Foundation. We value and respect your privacy, and adhere to a privacy policy. We do

not rent, sell or trade our mailing lists. Your personal information is used to keep you informed on the work of Villa Charities and its Foundation. If you

have any questions about our privacy policy or wish to be removed from our mailing list, please contact us at 416-789-7011, ext. 307.

Located at Highway 27 &

Nashville Road, Kleinburg

Date of Completion:

Spring 2006

Photo: Courtesy of Italian Chamber of Commerce of Toronto. Photography, Erin Riley



Tony Carnovale

Honeywell International,

a Mississauga-based

company that manufactures

parts for aerospace, is

proud to announce Tony

Carnovale’s tenth

anniversary of employment.

A popular employee

with a smile for everyone,

Tony has held a number of

positions ranging from

restocking paper for the

photocopier room to

keeping the outdoor

grounds clean.

Tony is a resident of

VITA Community Living

Services, having lived in

one of its 25 residential

programs for the past 15

years. In addition to his

work at Honeywell, Tony

has benefited tremendously

from VITA’s day programs

that provide employment,

volunteer and life skills to

over 400 individuals with

developmental disabilities

each day.

Tony’s success is a

wonderful example of how

well he is learning to live

independently and

successfully integrate into


VITA gives Tony life.

Your donations help make

this happen. Grazie.

Vita Community Living

Services, a member of the Villa

Charities family, is a culturally

sensitive organization committed

to facilitate, support and empower

individuals with developmental

disabilities to achieve their

optimum quality of life as equal

members of society.

Thank you, Grazie, to our Donors

A heart-felt thank you to the following individuals and corporations that have made a single donation

of $100 and more to Villa Charities between January 1, 2005 and March 31, 2005.


Global Architect Inc.


Trevcor Management Inc.


Carroll, Carmella

DiRocco Masonry

Group Ltd.

Mediaedge Cia

Palladini, Franco


Chiesa, Dino

Tridel Corporation


Marino, Assunta

Nortown Air Systems

Speedy Auto Service

The Sam Sorbara

Charitable Foundation

Torchetti, Nick


Bell Canada - Employee

Volunteer Program

Bookman, Larry

Brokers Trust Insurance

Group Inc.

Brookson, Donna

CIBC Private Wealth Management

Con Elco Ltd.

Copetti, Rosa

Frank Pizzimenti, Barrister

Grisolia, Sandra

Grossi, Bruno

Latchman, Leonard

Liquori, Nick

Mayfield, William

McTaggart, Robert

Moreno, Erick

Moreno, Rosaria

Morra, Antonietta

Paglia, Franco

Regional Municipality

of York

Reversomatic Manufacturing


Rossi, Nicola

Sdao, Diego

Tanzola, Marcella

Terra Professional

Management Inc.

Terrasan Environmental

The Georgian Charitable


Tony Sanitation

Supplies Ltd.

Tri-Par Improvements

Waplington McGall Design

Wilson, Blair A.

Please note, all efforts are made to ensure proper acknowledgement of each donor. If we have omitted your name, or if you would like to make a donation, please contact the

Foundation office at 416-789-7011, ext. 306.

YES! I would like to pledge: $ ______________ I would like the pledge to support:

Villa Charities Foundation, to be used where it’s needed most


DeGasperis, Rosina

Marino, Emilio

Morassutti, Verna

Orsi, Domenico

Orsi (Mancini), Antonio & Concetta


Badali, Leonard

Carginari, Antonina

Cedolia, Maria

Chiminelli, Adelfia

Colangelo, Yola

Copetti, Elio

D'Argenio, Lucia

DeGasperis, Rosina

Ferraro, Maria

LaCivita, Giovanna

Lutheran, Ruth

Manno, Bruno

Mendicino, Fortunata

Mendicino, Natuzza

Natale, Nicholas

Racchetto, Laurie

Romani, Vincenzo

Sangermano, Civita

Santangelo, Berardino

Shaw, Robert J.

Soragnese, Michele

Turrin, Giovanni

Westcott, Pamela


Greco, Domenico & Teresa

Pizzimenti, Alex

The Tree of Life stands tall in the lobby of Villa Colombo. It is a magnificent bronze and brass sculpture and is a

way individuals can pay tribute to beloved family members and friends.

or A Villa Charities priority service area: Seniors Individuals with developmental disabilities Culture, education, arts & recreation

Cheque enclosed: $ ______________ I prefer to use my credit card: Visa Mastercard American Express

Credit Card Number:_____________________________________________ Expiry Date: ______ /______ /___________

Signature:_______________________________________________________ Date: ______ /______ /___________

Please mail pledge reminders and receipts to: Name: _____________________________________

Address:___________________________________ City: __________________________ Prov: _____________

Postal Code: ______________________ Phone: (day) ___________________(evening) ___________________


Please make all cheques payable to: Villa Charities Foundation, 901 Lawrence Ave West, Toronto, Ontario M6A 1C3

Comments, Questions?

We welcome your feedback.

Villa Charities Foundation

901 Lawrence Avenue West

Toronto, Ontario

M6A 1C3




416-789-7011, ext. 307







There are many ways

to make a gift to Villa

Charities. Each and every

dollar donated does make a

difference to the thousands

who rely on and benefit

from our many programs

and services.

A donation can be

made at your convenience

by phone, mail or online.

Official tax receipts are

issued for all donations of

$20 and over. To learn

about designating your

donation to a specific

program or service, please

visit our web site

www.villacharities.com, or

contact the Foundation’s office

at 416-789-7011, ext. 306.

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