Portfolio 2022 - Interior Design (26.03.2022)

Portfolio 2022 - Interior Design (26.03.2022)

Portfolio 2022 - Interior Design (26.03.2022)


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Master in Conservation & Regeneration

University of Sheffield. UK


Personal Detail

Date of birth: 22.04.1987

Nationality: Cypriot







Professional Diploma (Suma Cum Laude) in Architecture

University of Nicosia. CY

Bachelor of Arts (Suma Cum Laude) in Architecture

University of Nicosia. CY






Diploma in Interior Design

University of Nicosia. CY

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Photoshop


GCE in Art & Design. Grade B

Adobe illustrator









Studio Sophia

Founder of Studio Sophia. This is a blog mainly about interior

design as well as a personal professional work of completed


C. S Constantinides Architects. CY

Currently employed as an architect and interior designer focusing

in residential, commercial and various renovation projects.


Designer for e-decor services wordwid.

English Heritage. UK

Using the knowledge gained through the master degree in

regard to conservation and regeneration in historic buildings I

was a volunteer for the English Heritage concentrating on the

evaluation of Grade II Listed buildings at Peak District in Sheffield.












GGP a+d. Gregoris Patsalosavvis Architecture + Design . CY

Holding the position of a graduate architect I was handling

multiple projects and was part of the various design stages such

as concepts, composition, façade creations, detail drawings,

3D making as well as personal client meetings. Being part of the

competition team was one of my main roles as well.

University of Nicosia Architectural Department. CY

Professor’s assistant for Space and Light, Introduction to

Architectural Design, Architectural Design I and Computer Aided

Design. Teaching skills to younger students on presentation

techniques and guiding them through their conceptual process.

GGP a+d. Gregoris Patsalosavvis Architecture + Design. CY

Intern architect working on residential complexes, spatial

compositions and model making.

J + A Philippou Architects. CY

Intern architect working on 3d modeling and visualization.

Yiorgos Hadjichristou Architectural Office. CY

Intern interior designer working on residential compositions,

construction details and the offices spatial organisation.




Medical School and Health Science Building for the Univeristy

of Cyprus. Part of Simpraxis group.


Full year scholarship: by Leventis Foundation for MA in Conservation

and Regeneration.


Eptagonia Heritage Museum. Cyprus.


Half-year scholarship: by the University of Nicosia in memory of

Angela Yiallourides.


The Redesign of the Old GSP Area. Cyprus.


Full year scholarship: by Lois Builders.



First prize by CCEA (The Cyprus C.E. and A.A.) competition

«Viability: Better City, Better Life».

Presenter at "Fragile International Student Conference» in

Sint Lucas University Brussels/ Gent. Project: «Senior Living:

Multigenerational Cohabitation Care Development».

Europan 9 «European Urbanity: The Sustainable City and New

Public Spaces» participate in the model team of contestants

Swiny Alessandra and Hadjisoteriou Maria. Award: 2nd


Participation at the Blue Awards 09, Team Project:«Floating

House », Sustainability project.





Full year scholarship: by University of Nicosia due to high school

academic results of 19.2/ 20.

Part of Dean’s Honour List:Fall 2007 GPA 3.89/4,Fall 2006 GPA

3.80/4, Spring 2006 GPA 3.77/4.


Representative of the MA course in Conservation and

Regeneration caring for the classmates issues and attending

annual meeting with the universities professors for discussions on

educational issues and solutions.



Presenter at "Fragile International Student Conference» in Sint Lucas

University Brussels/ Gent. Project: «Senior Living: Multigenerational

Cohabitation Care Development».





EK Magazine. Cyprus Edition. 235. ISSN 2547-8354, March 2019,

p.78-85, title 'Διαπερότητα και Θέα'.

Blurred Magazine. Cyprus Edition. Issue 3. ISSN 2421-8545, p.56-57,

title 'Design Dose'.

Living Etc Magazine. Cyprus Edition. August 2011, p.104-107, title

'Next Generation'.

Synthesis Magazine. Cyprus Edition. February 2007, p.38-42, title

'New Designers'.


Final year exhibition organiser. As a senior student I was selected

to organize the final year exhibition for the University of Nicosia

in collaboration with the main curators in regard to organisation,

timing and creativity in execution.

Participated at the « Erasmus Demochange Cities EU Intensive

Program » – Italy. In collaboration with five other countries students

with diverse backgrounds were called to produce a design

solution on the issues in Muggia village. Through the project we

learned as a group how to evaluate local problems through public

engagement as well as communicate ideas and produce a design

solution for the benefit of the community.

interior design



Rimani Bella Hair Salon


Rimani Bella hair salone was a 40sqm renovation

of an existing establishment where the design

team was challenged to create a new character

for the brand with main intentions the attraction

of new clients and the shops promotion. The

space was divided in two zones, the main

hair styling zone at the front of the store and the

coloring station at the back.

Upon entering the salon one sees the inclined

oak wooden ceiling. This custom made steel

structure host the directional lighting tubes as

well as the hanging mirrors. The right and left side

of the inclined ceiling were closed with black

perforated steel sheets. In parallel line with the

ceiling structure small gabs were made in order

for hidden lighting strips to illuminate the space

in multiple colors.

The reception was made out of the remaining

ceiling pieces, in combination with white

lacquered MDF wood as well as grey mirrors.

Walking farther into the salon a thin orthogonal

mirror frames the entrance to the secondary

area where the hair preparation for styling is

happening. A colorful cosmetic show case

furniture marks the transition area were another

show case made of steel sheets is hiding within

the depth of the room. A small color preparation

counter is placed behind the hair washing station

assisting the stylist in their client’s preparation.

The floor was maintained simple in light grey

concrete floor and a colored picture was

selected and printed as the main wall paper

for the preparation room. As the times pass the

whole space is transformed from day to night

with multiple lights maintaining the visual interest

for the users as well as the passers.

renovations & interior design


Hair Salone


Teho is a trendy hair styling

brand owned by a young hair

professional ready to rebrand

and relocate his shop at a

larger space. The whole project

was divided in four rooms, the

reception, the waiting and styling

space, the coloring room and

the hair washing room. Due to

the double high ceilings the main

idea was to create aesthetically

pleasing spaces which vary in

high, texture and light intensity.

Upon entering the space the

reception is placed on the right

hand side and the ceiling is

inclined. Large openings allow for

plenty of light to enter the space

throughout the day. On the

ceiling multiple lights have been

hanged and a product display

has been custom made able to

combine storage, display as well

as multiple nooks for plants.

The metallic rods used for the

making of the shelves are also

used in the main area as a

ceiling creating an interesting

movement. From the ceiling a

led cable spanning through the

space along with multiple vertical

light fixtures complete the whole


Entering from the reception to the stylin

and a hidden led strip is added at the

the back end of the shop along with th

assigned to the office. The idea was to

g room the waiting area is assigned to the left and the six stations are located at the center of the room. The stations are custom made out of steel and MDF. A large mirror

mirrors base. Between the stations a large tree is planted and the floor is marked by the use custom made terrazzo tiles and concrete finish. The coloring room is located at

e washing room. The main interest in the wash area is the custom made neon light sign on the white tile wall which gives a fun look in the atmosphere. The exterior sign was

use thin steel and shape the word TEHO in a very minimal way.



1 Renovation (2018)-ccai

Renovating an old house next to the beach

might be a challenge but at the same time an

exciting task. The owner after purchasing the

property in Larnaca contacted the office in

order to have a complete renovation exterior,

interior as well as the garden facing the beach

front. The aim for this project was to create

a contemporary volumetric composition by

keeping the existing main shape as well as

adding new elements and subtracting old

once to facilitate all the users’ needs and

wants. For the exterior of the building selected

areas where covered with brick tiles and all

the exterior openings were replaced with a

new aluminium slim series able to withstand the

climatic changes by the sea.

The interior space was completely transformed

by removing all the elements blocking the sea

view and a common space including the living

room, kitchen and dining area is united. The

office was in charge in designing all the fixed

furniture such as the kitchen, the kitchen island,

the tv/ fireplace unit as well as the staircase.

The lighting was custom made to the project as

well as all the bathrooms where renovated. The

rest of the soft furniture’s were selected by the

design team. The first floor was also completely

renovated and the master bedroom was

positioned at the most premium location facing

the sea with an added balcony form maximum

experience. Within the master bedroom an

open walking closet was designed with custom

made furniture dividing the sleeping from the

clothing areas able to include a tv as well as

some additional storage.



Renovation &

Interior Design


Renovations are a common act in

our days and this project was one

of them. The former double high

residence in the core of old Srovolos

was in desperate need for remodeling

and transformation into an up to date

21st century residence. The passage

of time left it marks on this building and

static reinforcement as well as thermal

insulation was essential. The project was

divided in two levels, the ground floor

and the first floor. At the ground floor

an office and a small one bedroom

residence were made, and the preexisting

family shop was maintained.

The first floor got transformed into a

three bedroom apartment with an

open plan living room, dining and

kitchen space.

In order to create visual interest at the

exterior side of the building multiple

volumes were pushed out of the

existing building boundaries as well as

elevated. Some surfaces were painted

grey and the entrance volume was

covered with oxidized metal sheets

marking the point of entry. The new

entrance door was designed and

the main staircase was given a new

handrail design. The yellow handrail

directs the users from the ground

floor to the first floor were the main

residence is located.

renovations & interior design

Upon entering one faces a wooden box. The box

hosts the guest bathroom as well as small kitchen

storage and is partially dividing the kitchen from the

living - dining room. For the creation of this unit poplar

wood stripes in combination with a wallpaper were

used creating this playful composition with hidden


The living room is placed next to the covered

veranda allowing for space expansion. For this area

a structure was made including a fitted fireplace, a

TV, multiple storage units, fitted speakers and hidden

lighting. Multiple furniture owned by the family such

as the arm chairs, the dining table and the buffet

were made new and reused.

1. staircase

2. residence entrance

3. guest bathroom

4. living room

5. dinning area

6. kitchen

7. pantry room

8. bedroom

9. common bathroom

10. master bedroom

11. closet

12. make up room

13. en-suit bathroom

14. covered veranda

The position of the kitchen allow for some privacy from the rest of the open space. The kitchens low cupboards were covered with poplar wood and some color was

added at the open wall units. All the appliances were fitted.

The private rooms for the family are located at the second half of the house, an en-suit master bedroom, two kid’s bedrooms and a bathroom. All the bedrooms follow a

minimal character with white walls and a common wooden floor. Both bathrooms have youthful character, the master bathroom in dark tones made in tiles and gravel

and the kid’s bathroom with bright mosaic tiles n yellow white and black. The washbasin furniture’s were designed following the same color pallets.

Within the whole spaced the ceilings as well as the walls were made out of gypsum boards allowing for multiple lighting details. All the wooden furniture such as wardrobes,

kitchen, storage units etc. was specially designed for this project. The whole apartment followed a common design language and the whole space turned into a youthful

up to date structure for a new cycle of life.

3 Kids Bedrooms (2015)-ccai

A young couple of two adorable kids a boy and a girl

approach the design team in order to decorate their

bedrooms with unique ideas matching their kid’s

personality as well as age. For the girl’s room neutral cool

tones were used as the base and pops of color were

introduced through accessories. The inclined roof

reinforced the idea of a mint color rays ‘bursting’ across

the walls and roof giving the illusion of a larger room. A

custom made bed was produced for this project with

extra storage space at its base

and all the bed sheets and

pillows were accordingly

selected in lavender

and grey tones.

A main ceiling lamp was chosen following the

playfulcharacter of the room as well as wall lamp

with role up characteristic in bright pink.

The curtains and the beds head board have playful tones of red, pink,

yellows and greys and in combination with the circular carpet and

knitted pouf complete the room in harmony. Other objects selected

and positioned within the room was a small office with its accessories.

For the boy’s room the theme of exploration was the main focus. In order to

For the boy’s room the theme of exploration was the main focus. In order to enhance this feeling cut out mountains were transferred on the walls with the use

enhance this feeling cut out mountains were transferred on the walls with

of paint creating the immediate illusion of being within a forest. The bed like the girls bedroom was also custom made with extra storage units at the base of

the use of paint creating the immediate illusion of being within a forest. The

the bed. Marimekko fabrics with dots and flowers were selected and transformed into the rooms curtains following the main theme. Other decorative and

bed like the girls bedroom was also custom made with extra storage units at

functional items such as office, mirrors, wall clock, a roof and wall lamp among

the base of the bed. Marimekko fabrics with dots and flowers were selected

other were all shopped from Zara Home and IKEA allowing for an economical

and transformed into the rooms curtains following the main theme. Other

.yet stylish and functional renewal of the rooms

decorative and functional items such as office, mirrors, wall clock, a roof

and wall lamp among other were all shopped from Zara Home and IKEA

.allowing for an economical yet stylish and functional renewal of the rooms




(2019)-Studio Sophia

This two-bedroom apartment was in a very

poor condition and in order to raise the value

of the specific asset, some major alterations

took place. The parquet floor was removed

and replaced with a darker grey base tone.

The kitchen counter and cupboards were

removed and the whole kitchen layout was

changed. In the area where the kitchen

was before a new wooden installation was

designed able to ‘hide’ the oven, the washing

and drying machine as well as the fridges.

This furniture is a very important part of the

renovation due to its storage capacity.

A high-end Poggenpohl stainless steel island

was provided by C. Askotis & Sons Ltd and

its the true jewel of the apartment. Like the

wooden installation, the island is functional

on both long sides and its an elegant feature

within the apartment.

Even though this is an open plan design,

the new ceiling above the kitchen is zoning

experientially the kitchen from the living

room. The new lighting design and fixtures

have the ability to set the mood according

to the user’s needs. New roller and electronic

vertical blinds added a luxurius tone.


Fireplace and

rotating TV unit design

(2020)-Studio Sophia

For this project the living room and the dinning

area were separated by the creation of a

combined structure hosting the fireplace

as well as the tv/storage. The challenging

part of the design was the construction of a

rotating tv unit making possible the tv to be

viewed while using each area at a time. The

TV structure's body is constructed with mdf

and it’s covered with colored steel sheets.

In the structure there is a rotating pole used

to rotate it as well as containing wiring for all

the areas needed such as the woofer space

at the base, the sound bar at the top and

multiple other plugs for tv receivers etc. the

back side of the furniture facing the dining

area, there is a slit for positioning various

decorative items, the access to the wiring

inside the structure as well as the possibility to

hang a painting for visual interest whenever

the unit is rotated.

The fireplace is constructed as a separated

unit. It has a double sided fireplace installed

and it's covered with green marble. At

the side of the structure there is a vertical

lighting strip as well as at the top shelf under

the vertical glass for lighting interest.


Walk-In Closet


(2020)-Studio Sophia

The task in hand was the design of a

functional walk-in closet able to cover the

owners’ needs and wants. The new wardrobe

followed the pre-existing arc shape of the

floor, avoiding any spatial loss, and the

addition of a new large counter with a lot of

storage at the center of the room. The third

designed element of the space is the custom

made makeup vanity with lighting access at

the back of the furniture.

The pre-existing warm-colored wooden

parquet floor was maintained, and the whole

design followed a minimal elegant line with

the use of white as a base, gold, and stone/

marble details on the handles. By installing

the new lighting, the project came to life!



Renovation &

Interior Design


-Studio Sophia

Even though this apartment was relatively new in age the interior décor, color and material

choices were very outdated. The pallet for this project was fresh, bright and youthful in order

to reflect the owner’s age and aura. The previews brown heavy kitchen counters were colored

white, a new comfortable custom made corner sofa was made and new fixed furniture were

designed in order to add more storage space. For the kitchen a new counter was designed fixed

on the wall allowing for storage at one end and stool sittings for dinning. A new fun shelve system

was fixed on the wall above the kitchen counter as well as a new TV storage unit under the TV.


renovations & interior design


Minimal Custom

Made Tv Unit

(2019)-Studio Sophia

For this project, the client’s main concern

was the redesign of one of the essential

spatial furniture in every house, the tv unit.

The main request was to design a furniture

that could host the tv as well as double as a

storage unit. Having these two parameters in

mind, I created a structure where the storage

cupboards are shaping the base with hidden

handles, and its all colored grey. The top

carved part of the unit hosts the recessed

tv. The unit’s height kept at the height of the

window creates a spatial visual balance. The

vertical wooden elements at the back of

the wall hide the 5 cm structural protrusion

of the beam. At the furniture top surface, a

LED string is spanning from the top to the right

side, vertically creating a light ambiance

within the living room. The left side is used as

a shelving area where multiple items can be

placed as a display. Creating this small project

is an enjoyable task, and I can’t wait for more

projects like this. Keep following the blog, and

the finished product will be published once






-Studio Sophia

This relatively new apartment was in

need for some remodeling of the whole

common area in order to make it more

functional and up-to-date. The main

client’s quest was the connection of

the existing kitchen area to the rest of

the living and dining space. The former

kitchen was enclosed at a small room

completely isolating the user therefore

the plan of action was the complete

demolition of the existing kitchen walls.

A new kitchen was designed in

collaboration with the M.O.B. House

and delivered from Italy. The sitting

area, an electric stove, and a washing

basin are all now placed on an ‘L’ shape

island surrounding the column forming

the main visual division between the

living room and the kitchen. A large

free standing furniture hosting the

fridge, the over and multiple storage

space is positioned next to the existing

wall and a corridor is formed for easy

access and circular movement within

the space. New tiles where placed at

the kitchen zone marking the position

of the old kitchen and the rest of the

space is covered with new parquet.

A new false ceiling covers the new

kitchen and hidden lights were also

added. Two walls were painted in a

grey color, a new dining table, chairs,

the center living room table, two

side tables, and a carpe where new

selections, were the two existing sofas

were covered with a new fabric and

new pillows were made.

renovations & interior design

The clients request to demolish all the walls within the common area let to the decision to

create furniture which would include the TV as well as all the electronic equipment supporting

the TV. The request of the TV to be able to be watch from everywhere within the space was

challenging. An orthogonal furniture was proposed which had the ability to rotate the TV

screen in 180 degrees while at the same time having a stable storage base where all the

cables were hidden within.

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