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No. 3 2011

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New Store Europe

Making Matas marvellous //

A clear vision for Synsam //

Changing into Milan mode //

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Andy Evans

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Tailored retail solutions across borders

New Store Europe delivers tailored solutions for new stores, roll outs and remodeling. We secure

expertise and materials from around the world, working from offices in nine European countries.

Our focus is always on increasing shop profitability and we offer a menu of options. Choose from

our range of products and services in all phases of the value chain. From single stores to full-scale

international roll outs, we offer honesty, quality assurance and innovation in all we do.

New Store Europe guarantees customers of always on-time delivery and a single point of contact –

your key account manager.

We offer a menu of services in all we do, so we can provide project management and strategy from

start to finish or purely put in place the retail architecture.

4 8 11 16

Partnering with the best

New Store Europe’s mission is “We help

retailers improve shop profitability” and

we drive this mission through a statement

“More together”. Sometimes it’s good to get

confirmations from our partners that “you

delivered”, “we are increasing profitability”

or “we managed together!”

Last year our customer Nille was used

as an example. Together we created a

new concept and rebuilt more than one

hundred stores. Nille ended up by getting

the Norwegian Design Council’s award

“Design Effect”. All parameters went

the right way – more customers, more

spending per customer, which of course

increased top and bottom line in total.

During the last year or so, New Store Europe

has been lucky enough to start co-operation

with other market leaders, internationally

known brands representing the best in their

business. Our co-operation with Puma has

increased, the Nike store we built as a pop-up

store in Italy in the spring was shortlisted in

the Retail Week Interiors Awards as the best

pop-up store of the year, and we have during

2011 expanded our co-operation with Adidas.

14 22

Adidas, which is one of the main sponsors

of the 2012 London Olympics, has chosen

to build their UK stores with New Store

Europe ahead of the event. Teaming up

with the market leaders requires constant

development. A key driver for a successful

co-operation means mirroring their

expectations and demands. Precision,

structure, quality, flexibility – contribution

to reach our partners’ targets, delivering a

bit more than expected!

When Adidas refitted its flagship store on

Oxford Street in London we did a bit more

than expected. The co-operation between

Adidas and New Store Europe managed to

keep a three-floor, 1,800 square meter store

trading except for a short period at the end

of the program. Again we feel proud that,

according to Adidas, we “helped the retailer

to improve shop profitability” – the opening

and year-to-year figure comparison confirm

the success for the project. Our partner is

satisfied – New Store Europe did what was

needed, we contributed to a huge success!

I wish everyone successful Christmas trading!

Let’s continue and walk the talk together.


Photo: Øyvind Joar Petterson Troy Abrahamsen

Deputy CEO New Store Europe

Bags of style in Milan ...........................................................................4

EHI conference; POPAI award .................................................................7

A night to remember: New Store Europe Retail Week Interiors Awards...........8

Filling up in Poland ............................................................................ 10

Right time, right place: temporary shops ............................................... 11

Beauty is our business ........................................................................ 14

A tale of sporting giants ..................................................................... 16

The Market: Italy ............................................................................... 19

New horizons: Matas makes a move ....................................................... 20

Seeing a brighter future ...................................................................... 22

Setting the scene; new range of checkouts ............................................. 25

Success stories: book stores ................................................................. 26

Landing the brand .............................................................................. 28

A head for retail ................................................................................ 30

Alessandro Oteri’s new

Milan store has everything

for lovers of high fashion

accessories – even a handbag

named after the New Store

Europe account manager.

New Store Europe



New Store Europe



Text Wendy Homewood // Photos Giovanni Giaquinta

I think most women would admit to at least a mild obsession

with either shoes or handbags. Some – and I count myself

among them – are addicted to both. To my mind, one can

never have suffi cient handbags or enough pairs of shoes.

The thing about accessories is that however your size and

shape fl uctuate – even when your Little Black Dress has

become a bit too tight - a gorgeous handbag and a pair of

killer heels will still be the perfect fi t.

And, somehow, they become even more alluring and desirable

when discreetly (and reassuringly) labelled ‘Made in Italy’.

When it comes to accessories, those three little words speak

volumes – quality, craftsmanship, style, luxury and exclusivity

– all descriptions which can be applied to the creations of

Italian shoe and accessories designer, Alessandro Oteri.

Mr Oteri’s bespoke clients have included the Queen of Sweden

and the wife of the Chinese Prime Minister, as well as

actresses and prominent high society people.

Hardly surprising, then, that he needed special creative

talents to help him realize his ideas for a new boutiqueatelier

in Montenapoleone, Milan, one of the most famous

shopping streets in the world of fashion.

In Brief

Customer: Alessandro Oteri

Where: Milan, Italy

The project: The interior of a fashionable Milan

accessories store

Services provided: Logistics, installation and

project management

Challenge: Creating a stylish environment for highly

fashionable products

Bags of style


talks to Simona

New Store Europe Italy Account Manager and Architect Simona

Dentone was a natural choice to help him do that: Simona and

Alessandro Oteri grew up together in a village near Portofi no

on the Italian Riviera. Their paths crossed again after they had

both moved to Milan to pursue their careers.

“What Mr Oteri wanted was to expand appreciation and

awareness of his collections both here, in Italy, and

overseas. He needed to create a space for his clients that

is welcoming, comfortable, relaxing and homely but, at the

same time, elegant and sophisticated,” says Simona.

She worked with a colleague, the Architect Fabio Magri,

from their Milanese studio MOODISMILANO, on the design

of the store. “We wanted to achieve a marriage of classic

and contemporary style in which tradition and innovation

co-exist. So we’ve used a combination of classic and modern

materials – steel and nickel-plated display cages, lacquered

MDF panels and a wooden fl oor.”

New Store Europe Italy had complete faith and confi dence

in his ideas, and we helped him turn them

into reality. ➤

“The walls are, in the

main, painted in a classic

pearl grey, which lends an

air of sophistication and

elegance to the space”

No attention to detail was spared. Mr Oteri wanted

the wooden parquet fl oor to look ‘worn out’, and

this was achieved by oiling the oak planks. The same

oak planks are used in the shelving. By contrast, the

lighting is a modern LED system, which combines

energy saving with high-quality lighting.

The walls are, in the main, painted in a classic

pearl grey, which lends an air of sophistication

and elegance to the space. But keen ‘followers’ of

Alessandro Oteri will recognise that the MDF-paneled

wall is painted in exactly the same distinctive blue

shade as the soles of his shoes and the linings of

his handbags. Known as ‘Oteri Blue’, the color was

specially created for the brand.

Alessandro Oteri’s clients say the new boutiqueatelier,

which opened in September, makes them feel

thoroughly ‘at home’ and comfortable. And both Mr

Oteri and New Store Europe say this fi rst joint venture

has proved a perfect fi t – like a handmade, bespoke

shoe. They both hope it is only the beginning of what

will turn out to be a very long partnership.

Meanwhile, what of Simona Dentone? Well, she’s

been a loyal supporter of the Alessandro Oteri brand

for years: “I don’t wear any other kind of shoes. If

you wear his shoes once, you have to follow him

forever – it’s like a drug,” she says.

In fact, so impressed is Mr Oteri with the New

Store Europe Account Manager, that he’s named a

handbag in his latest collection after her!

She’s one lucky girl, Simona Dentone. Jealous?

Who, me?

New Store Europe



New Store Europe



POPAI award for massive UK roll out

New Store Europe, along with its customer The

Co-operative Group, has gained recognition for a

huge roll out undertaken in the UK.

As reported in the last edition of New Store Europe

Magazine, the Value Communication Roll Out took

place in 2,659 Co-operative stores in the space of just

The EHI Retail Design Conference took place in

September in Bonn with Stephan Brübach, of New

Store Europe, joining other influential panelists

for a question-and-answer session on store interior

and store design.

After two days of talks and presentations about the

future of retail, the opening question provoked much

discussion: does price pressure and standardization

mean that shopfitting no longer really matters?

Within a short time it became clear that we all agreed

on one point: that standardization is necessary for

both the development of a product and the further

development of processes. However, it can only be the

basis for opening up space for creativity.

Creativity is the field in which shopfitters can excel.

To develop a concept and/or a product together with

a customer is a process beyond the simple building

of shelves. With creativity you can fully discover new

ways of doing things.

At the conference a very good example of this was

presented: The Kochhaus in Berlin. You enter a shop

and buy all the ingredients for a delicious meal. That

might sound unremarkable so far; in fact, you enter

The Kochhaus and choose one of 18 tables. On each

table you find all you need for a fantastic meal –

exactly in the quantities you require. One bay leaf,

175g of spinach, two small onions, etc, etc. And along

with the recipe comes a detailed list of instructions,

a nice little story about the recipe and – if you

wish – wine that suits the food perfectly. Business is

booming, with the third shop having just opened. It is

even planned to develop it as a franchise concept.

three weeks. New Store Europe set up a call centre

devoted to the project and 60 teams of fitters

were deployed.

The POPAI UK bronze award, which was presented in

October in London, was a reward for the quality and

speed of the project.

Retail design conference

“Engineering into the finest

detail is the core competence

of our industry”

Stephan Brübach,

September 2011

On the podium:

Moderator: Thomas Probst, former MD of

Linde Ladenbau

Panelists – retail:

Markus Krämer, Manager BTE +

FM Apollo Optik

Christian Webersberger, Manager Shopdesign

Interspar Östereich

Panelists – shopfitting:

Joachim Schürholz, Itab Deutschland

Stephan Brübach, Marketing Director New

Store Europe AS

So what is important is that retailers rightly ask us to

co-operate as partners and to support them with our

in-depth knowledge, in order that they can take the

right decisions.

It is, of course, also vital to deliver the right quality

and the right price. That means listening carefully to

the customer and having flexible structures to develop

and deliver the right product.

The debate during the conference has reconfirmed

my point of view: in order to be successful in the

market a retailer must differentiate himself from the

crowd by means of design and concept. In Europe,

differentiation can, for example, mean regionalization.

It was really interesting to discuss these topics with

both retailers and colleagues. The outcome confirms

New Store Europe’s continuing ambition to be a

flexible, strategic and creative retail partner.

New Store Europe News

It’s the UK’s biggest night of the year in the world of retail interiors – New Store Europe was

headline sponsor of the Retail Week Interiors Awards 2011.

Night to remember

Now in their 14th year, the Retail Week Interiors Awards

reward the best in the store design and shopfitting sectors

and are an important date in the retail calendar.

They were held this year at the Hilton Hotel on Park Lane,

London on 29 September and over 600 guests attended.

The big award of the evening, the New Store Europe UK

Retail Interior of the Year award, went to BLACK/Dixons

Retail. The store was featured in the previous edition of

New Store Europe Magazine.

Black was also victorious in two other categories on the

night: Non-Food Design of the Year and UK Specialist Store

Design of the Year.

New Store Europe’s CEO in the UK, Abdul Basharat, said:

“We wanted to raise the profile of New Store Europe in the

UK and felt that the best way to achieve this was to be

the headline sponsor for the Retail Week Interiors Awards.

Our relationship with Retail Week has been very close over

the years and it is great to see that by sponsoring the

Retail Week Interiors Awards, we have achieved our brand

awareness objectives.


In brief

What are the Retail Week Interiors Awards?

An annual celebration of the best in store design,

taking place in the UK

Why did New Store Europe sponsor the awards?

To raise the profile of New Store Europe in the UK

Where can I find a list of the winners?


John Ryan

“The sponsorship has been more than just one night – the

marketing campaign leading up to the awards was very

successful. The awards night was also very special to us

and we received some very positive feedback from our

customers, which is equally as important. My colleagues

also stated that it was a great night.”

John Ryan, Stores editor of Retail Week, commented: “The

Retail Week Interiors Awards is always a tough call to put

together and unless you have very substantial support it

probably just wouldn’t happen. New Store Europe has helped

to make the event what it is this year: the premium night

for the industry when everybody – retailers, designers and

shopfitters – gather to celebrate another year… and to see

who will walk away with a prize.

“The difficult bit is that as soon as one awards night

finishes, your thoughts turn to next year. Fortunately, 2011

was such a success that this is not quite the issue that it

can be and we’re already considering how to make 2012

match what happened at the end of September.”

Judges included Peter Cross, business partner of Mary Portas

and Managing Partner of Yellowdoor; Tim Greenhalgh, Global

Creative Chief for FITCH; Nayna McIntosh, Director of Store

Marketing and Design for Marks & Spencer; and Simon

Threadkell from Tesco.

New Store Europe



New Store Europe




Comedian Stephen K Amos Abdul Basharat, left, at the presention of the New Store

Europe UK Retail Interior of the Year award to

Quentin Bossom, Lead Project Manager for Dixons Retail

“…that is

where New

Store Europe’s


lies – in





Petrol stations are increasingly becoming the

convenience store for the 21st century.

These days, drivers are coming away from

forecourts with full shopping bags as well as

full tanks in places as far apart as Warsaw

and Wolfsburg.

New Store Europe has just completed two

such projects in Poland for BP, as key

account manager Mark Willett explains:

“Working with our team in Poland we have

just fi nished two petrol station stores for

BP in Krakow and Katovice. We supplied and

fi tted everything apart from fridges and

some of the counter equipment.“

Mark and his colleagues in the UK have

a long history of working with BP, a

relationship that started in earnest 12 years

ago when BP released its Connect concept.

The UK team has also helped to deliver all of

BP’s Marks & Spencer stores – 125 to date –

supplying equipment, delivery, installation,

merchandizing and fi nishing with the retail

store opening team. In 2010 the team also

delivered the 140-store Reset programme

in BP Connects – a project where whole

stores were reconfi gured and new categories

introduced over a 14-hour night shift.


In brief

Customer: BP

Where: Poland

The project: Two petrol

station stores

Services provided:

Furniture manufacture,

logistics and installation

Special challenge:

Cross-border working

Now, armed with New Store Europe’s crossborder

experience, Mark is taking his expertise

East and is looking at similar opportunities in

other BP markets within Europe.

The Poland BP projects both involved

manufacturing the store furniture –

conveniently – in Poland. New Store Europe

then organised delivery and installation.

From start to fi nish the process of refi tting

took just 24 hours.

Mark adds: “Our team of fi tters went in

during the day, while trading continued.

At the same time, BP and Carrefour

merchandized the store. The petrol station

then re-opened the following morning


The new stores carry the powerful

Carrefour brand but the projects are not

as straightforward as simply following a

template, as Mark explains: “Each of these

projects is unique and also it is very different

to working on UK petrol stations. But that is

where New Store Europe’s strength lies – in

cross-border working and in knowing what

will succeed on the ground in Poland.”

It seems that where East meets West drivers

are the winners.

New Store Europe

Magazine 10

New Store Europe


Right time…


Pop-up stores and

temporary shops are

here to stay it seems…

with ever more creative

solutions emerging to

capture the essence of

the here and now.

From Boxpark in London

to Nike’s surf store in

Mondello, we look at

retail spaces which

come and go, but leave

their mark.

Mondello London

…right place

Text Tim Walker

In an age when fashion and technology both move at a fast and

furious pace, it is no surprise that temporary and pop-up stores

are very popular.

In the east end of London, for example, Boxpark is opening

in December with shipping containers to house shop units.

Meanwhile, at Mondello in Italy, a temporary store was built for

Nike 6.0, the new brand of clothing, beachwear and sneakers

created by Nike for surf and action sports fans.

Boxpark, heralded as “the world’s fi rst pop-up mall”, is located

at a former railway yard in Shoreditch, close to the site of the

2012 London Olympics. The site has been bought for permanent

development by Hammerson and will eventually have 2,000

homes on it, but for the next fi ve years it will house some of the

most innovative up-and-coming up-and-coming retailers in the UK.

It is the brainchild of Roger Roger Wade, creator of the fashion

brand Boxfresh, and will welcome not just

fashion labels, but any retailer doing things a

little out of the ordinary – perhaps you could

say outside the box means inside inside the box.

Right time…

Forty containers will make up the ground fl oor of the mall and a

further 20 are destined to form an upstairs area, mainly for cafés

and art galleries. An eclectic mix of retailers is promised, with

tenants offered either one-year or fi ve-year deals.

Why containers? Roger explains: “When you open the doors of

a container you’ve got a box. A box is like any other structure –

the box is waterproof, the box can be insulated, electricity can

be supplied.”

He adds: “The container is the ultimate industrial design – why

not use it in a retail perspective? Boxpark is going to be a home

for independent brands – it can’t be about the high street.

“If you focus on the most important thing – the brand – then

the customer will come.”

Nike 6.0

How Boxpark

will look

New Store Europe

Magazine 12

ight place

New Store Europe



Meanwhile, in a contrasting part of Europe, in a charming libertystyle

villa by the sea at Mondello, one of the most beautiful

tourist resorts in Italy and a destination for surfers in search of

the perfect wave, the temporary store Nike 6.0 opened between

June and July before being dismantled in August.

New Store Europe dealt with the whole construction (materials

research, fi nishing and assembly) with the collaboration of the

Over the Rainbow agency based in Lissone, which specializes in

set designs and special events. Developed on an approximately

100 square meter area, the store had a structure composed of

multi-layer panels with a hidden hooking system for hangers

and shelves, then covered by rough wooden planks, patiently

assembled one by one and overlapping each other. A cash desk,

lamps and several video walls completed the set-up.

The result was interesting to view – it looked like an improvised

shelter on the beach made out of driftwood. In fact, all of the

building materials were recycled, with sustainability an important

factor in the project.

Milo Gullotta of Nike 6.0 said: “Despite the super-young and

digitally hyper-connected consumer target, the Action Sports

world has developed according to a traditional retail standard:

small areas off the beaten track and a business model of the

small Italian type (family-run businesses and small investments)

that turns into a very specialized product offering which is

limited in reach and depth.

“The Nike 6.0 project falls into this context and its intention

is to break into the market with its retail experience, starting

from the introduction a series of products connected to the

action sports world.

“Nike has experience in this sort of testing of the market and

this means that the brand value the consumer mostly values –

innovation – stays high.

“Together with New Store Europe, whom we openly wish to thank

for their rewarding co-operation, Nike has achieved a temporary

retail project and the achievement is proven by the fact that the

celebrated magazine Retail Week, among the greatest experts of

the sector, has selected Nike in its list of awards fi nalists.”


In brief: Nike 6.0

Customer: Nike

Where: Mondello, Italy

The project: A temporary store open

for the summer months near the beach

Services provided: Construction,

assembly and installation

Challenge: To build a temporary

structure which would look stylish and

fi t with the brand


is our business

Foundation is New Store Europe’s new specialist

company serving beauty retailers – how will it

operate and why has it been set up?

Text Tim Walker // Photos Mike Cook


Beautiful design for the beauty business

– that’s the guiding principle of New

Store Europe’s new specialist company.

Called Foundation – appropriately – and based

just outside Leicester in the UK, the operation

is already developing the beauty environment

for customers who are industry leaders.

Zoe Bredariol, Director of Beauty Environment

for Foundation, explains: “Our team has

worked with key customers in the beauty

industry for many years, mainly from our

UK facility in Harlow. This unique position

has provided us with an exclusive insight

into the health and beauty market and

how it operates. Our customers value our

knowledge, experience and calm approach

to working in this fast-paced sector.

“I would put it like this: beauty is our

passion. Our award-winning team takes

time to work with customers and their

key stakeholders to get under the skin

of brand values and business vision.”

New Store Europe

Magazine 14

New Store Europe



The location of the new business is a

key element in its success. The Leicester

and Nottingham area is famous for its

point of sale expertise, with specialist

designers gravitating towards the area.

The Foundation team comprises concept

designers, technical designers and graphic

designers. Team building is ongoing

and one way of motivating the team, as

well as discovering new ideas alongside

customers, is by holding innovation days.

Zoe believes these are important in the

quest for continuous improvement and

the need to adapt to new demands:

“Our vision is to take complex ideas

and turn them into designs first, then

manufactured solutions that work and

look stunning. Innovation days allow us

to share ideas, insights, demonstrate new

materials and technologies and discuss

latest industry news. This stimulates the

design team and customers alike, promotes

discussion and generates workshops to

address challenges faced by the customers.”

Foundation, which moved into its

contemporary new base at Narborough

Wood in June 2011, is already engaged

with the world’s largest beauty retailers

to develop the overall strategies for look

and feel across whole departments.

Zoe adds: “We champion the vision and

safeguard the design intent, developing

guidelines to suit the customer’s

merchandizing principles across a wide

variety of store formats. Our strength

derives from understanding brands, and

expressing those values through each

design discipline from graphics and

conceptual through to technical.”

Underpinning Foundation’s design and

development work are three principles.

The first is that the output is easy to

maintain, operate, interact with and

update. Secondly, it must produce

the ‘wow factor’ and exceed shoppers’


In brief

Customer: Various

Where: UK

Services provided: Design and installation

Challenge: Producing store displays that work

in harmony with beauty products


expectations. Thirdly, and very importantly,

everything must be designed and

manufactured with sustainability in mind.

Zoe concludes: “We are establishing a

center of excellence here that is incredibly

creative and innovative, but also a place

where our customers feel both at home

and inspired when they come to visit.

We are very excited about the future.”

You could say the future for

Foundation looks very beautiful.

Adidas has relaunched

its fl agship Oxford

Street store in London

– perfect timing with

the 2012 Olympics just

around the corner.


In brief

Customer: Adidas

Where: UK

The project: Refi tting a fl agship store in

Oxford Street, London

Services provided: Project management,

construction, logistics and installation

Special challenge: To maintain sales while

work was being carried out


A tale of s

Text Tim Walker

// Photos Andy Evans

Adidas will be the main sponsor sponsor of London 2012

– so 2011 proved an ideal time to rebrand and

refi t its fl agship Oxford Street store in the city.

New Store Europe’s expertise was called upon

to turn the the new concept concept into reality and and work

began in February. The transformation work

took 12 weeks but, but, thanks thanks to good project

management, management, the store continued to trade for

all but but three weeks in that period.

Andy Evans, Head of Key Key Accounts for New

Store Europe, Europe, explains: explains: “We did the work work in

three phases – one for for each each fl fl oor. Work on the

basement and fi fi rst fl oor was straightforward

because we we simply simply blocked off that fl oor when

work took place. It was was only when we were

working on the ground fl fl oor oor that the store had had

to close.” close.”

New Store Europe

Magazine 16

New Store Europe



Andy is justifiably proud of his team’s

achievements on this store and others

which New Store Europe has worked on

in the UK, such as in Portsmouth and

Braintree for example. The same team has

also worked on the Adidas store in the

Olympic shopping mall, Westfield, which

opened in September.

Returning to Oxford Street, the team

handled project management and

construction management, the main two

challenges being creating a new entrance

on Lumley Street and installing a lift shaft

and ‘dumb waiter’ for use in moving shoes

between the basement and ground floor.

New flooring throughout, electrical work

and full decoration was also in the brief.

The total area of the store was 1,800 square

meters, with a sales area of 1,100.

New Store Europe assembled the store

furniture too and handled the logistics to

transport the equipment to London. Once it


porting giants

had arrived, the team quickly and expertly

installed it.

Andy Smolinski, the Project Manager

for New Store Europe, explains the main

challenges: “First, the timescale was very

tight, particularly for the ground floor area

which included the new entrance and the

‘dumb waiter’. The lift shaft was very tricky

as it meant cutting holes in the floor and

reorganizing metalwork and pipework. The

lift itself has a black glass surround, which

was a challenge in itself.

“The entrance was quite complex and

finishing off the ground floor part of the

project was a race against time. But in the

end we finished it and did a really good job.”

Andy Evans adds: “Adidas is a big and

important brand and we are very proud

of the result. There is a strong Olympics

theme as you would expect, and the Adidas

brand supports this – with labels such as ➤

Originals, Stella McCartney and Porsche Design.”

For Adidas, Paul Sitton, who is now Venues Manager,

London 2012, said: “At the start of 2011 we

initiated a rolling remodel of our 1,800 square meter

Statement store on Oxford Street. Those who know

the store will immediately realize how much lighter

it feels sporting our latest ‘New Core’ concept!

However, this was not just an aesthetic exercise.

“By considering every step of the consumer

journey our Global Retail Team bought together

best practice from over 2,200 stores globally,

in merchandizing (updated and rationalized

range), visual merchandizing (shop-in-shop

categories), logistics (new stockroom layouts and

delivery procedures), operations (new staffi ng

rotas and management focus), brand and instore

communication (new façade signage, new

windows, new navigational signage and graphics)

and balanced all these factors that contribute to

success. The proof has been a stable increase of

year-on-year sales by 45% from the same

retail space.

“Undertaking a full scope of works

over three fl oors is bound to be

disruptive, right? Not so much – from

January to June we focused on best

sellers, and temporarily boosted density

in trading areas, while New Store

Europe worked discretely in hoarded

construction areas, unnoticed by

most consumers (and even some

international Adidas visitors). Up

until we closed the store in July,

for just three weeks to tackle

the ground fl oor, we had still

exceeded our previous year

YTD sales. A triumph of


“This project did not set out

to create an architectural

showpiece, but a sustainable,

retail experience to showcase the

best of Adidas. We thank New Store

Europe for making our priorities

its own, and for a fantastically

successful project.”

“By considering every step of the consumer

journey our Global Retail Team bought

together best practice from over

2,200 stores globally”

“We thank New Store Europe for

making our priorities its own, and for a

fantastically successful project”

Paul Sitton of Adidas

New Store Europe

Magazine 18

New Store Europe




Daniele Tirelli

Position: President of POPAI

Italy, the international

association dedicated to retail

marketing development

Education: Bologna

University, London School

of Economics, University of


Professional career:

l Chief economist and head of

the international competency

center for marketing models

at AC Nielsen. Later, returned

to deal with international

analysis and consulting

l Vice-President of


l Freelance researcher and

tutor at IULM in Milan and

in the Gastronomic Sciences

University in Pollenzo (where

he was professor of economics

and statistics)

The Market

With Daniele Tirelli, President of POPAI Italy

How would you describe the retail market in Italy at

the moment?

Retail is an extremely complex area made up of many

different elements, but there are, however, two defi ned trends

at the moment. On the one hand, we have a progressive

sector specialization with both an increase in price

competition and a multiplication of offerings. On the other,

there is an alignment in format and activities, as in the case

of basic commodities and catering.

How much is being invested in new stores?

The fi nancial crisis has undoubtedly slowed down plans

for investment in new and renovated stores, but we

would estimate that at least 75 per cent of the expected

investments have been carried out. The most lively sectors

still seem to be fashion, catering and, to a smaller degree,

basic commodities.

What is the demand for retail space?

In times of crisis, like now, the focus is on the higher-priced

locations that have more certainty about ROI compared with

the returns from more suburban or newly urbanized areas.

What are the challenges for retailers?

The main challenges are to differentiate yourself and to turn

your customers into loyal ones. The key factor for each brand

is, and always will be, the size of its customer base and how

frequently people pay a visit. The greatest danger lies in a

slow, hardly perceivable, wear-down of these factors while a

growing number of strong brands (category killers) prevail.

Which areas of retail are strong and which areas are weak?

The strongest areas are those segments that are still ‘young’,

such as DIY, gardening, as well as car accessories/parts and

catering. The weak spots are the big wide-ranging formats

such as hypermarkets, low-range clothing and multimedia

outlets. But even here there are exceptions.

What are the prospects for 2012?

The most promising formats seem to be the superstore

and neighbourhood supermarkets for basic commodities.

Innovative monobrand points of sale, such as the Apple Store

or the Nike Store, will also do well. The trend is for success in

those sectors where quality rather than low prices prevail.

How can retailers succeed in a very competitive market?

The trick is to differentiate in order to reach specifi c

segments, as happens in more advanced markets, where the

connection to customers is based on a great consistency,

both in the upper range and in the low-priced sectors.

Currently most retailers do not differentiate themselves

enough from others.

New horizons

Matas makes a move

When Matas wanted to expand its flagship store in a wealthy district

of Copenhagen, it asked New Store Europe to help.

Text Tony Whiting // Photos Evan Hemmingsen

Matas is Denmark’s leading cosmetics retailer with 295

stores and around 2,500 employees. It sells top brand

cosmetics from Boss, Dior, Lacoste, YSL and other

international names as well as vitamins, medical products

and everyday goods such as shampoo and toothpaste.

It has a large and very loyal customer base but

understands the need to innovate in the way its

stores look and how its products are presented.

One of its flagship stores is in a particularly affluent

district of Copenhagen, known as Lyngby, which has

some of the most expensive homes in the city.

The store is in a high-profile shopping centre

with around 100 other units including Benetton,

H&M, Levis and Nike, but at 222 square meters,

it was not as large as Matas would have liked.

When a supermarket next to the store announced

it was going to close, Matas saw an opportunity,

not only to significantly expand its premises,

but also to refresh them with a new look.

It turned to New Store Europe, with whom it has

worked since 1993, because it needed a reliable

business partner to carry out key elements of

the project quickly and efficiently while still

keeping local Matas customers happy.

“The old store was

dominated by wood

and quite dark.

The new look is much

brighter, lighter and

more modern”

One of the important elements to the project’s success

was New Store Europe creating a pop-up store in smaller

premises of around 100 square metres about five units

away. This was open for six weeks while work was

being done on extending and refitting the old store.

Bo Kjelgaard, New Store Europe’s Key Account Manager

for the project, says: “The extraordinary thing was

that the small, temporary store sold almost as much as

the old store. This says a lot about the intense loyalty

of the customer base in Lyngby to the Matas brand.”

New Store Europe



New Store Europe




In brief

Customer: Matas

Country: Denmark

Project: A new look and re-fit for

one of the flagship stores of Denmark’s

biggest cosmetics retailer

Size of store: 450 square metres

Project challenge: Carry out the project

very quickly


Though the customers were still happy, it was essential for the

team to carry out its work as quickly as possible. The extended

store at 450 square metres was twice the size of the old store

so there was plenty of work to be done. Ceilings had to be

lowered in part of the store, a staircase repositioned, new walls

built and a sensitive redecoration programme carried out.

The team was also responsible for designing, building and

installing fittings such as display units, shelves, paypoints

and a new look medicine unit with a built-in refrigerator to

keep drinks cold. Elsewhere in the store outside the public

areas, the team worked on a staffroom, kitchen and offices.

“The change in the look of the store is very obvious,” comments

Bo. “The old store was dominated by wood and quite dark.

The new look is much brighter, lighter and more modern.”

The new look could well set a trend. It is only the

second store to be redesigned in this way – the

other was also in Copenhagen – and, if the concept

proves that it increases sales, other larger Matas

stores are likely to follow this example.

It’s early days yet but the signs are encouraging. On the

day the new store was opened by Chief Executive Officer

Terje List cutting a ribbon, it achieved record sales for

a single day as shoppers streamed into the store.

“There were so many people waiting to get in that the

store was soon very crowded. It was almost impossible

to move around, it was so busy all day,” Bo adds.

As the store continues to record good sales, it is a

tribute not just to its incredibly loyal customer base,

but also to the success of the new look for Matas.

One of Norway’s biggest optometrist

chains has seen the value in

redesigning and refitting its shops

professionally and quickly.


In brief

The company: In addition to its 90 shops in

Norway, Synsam has a further 260 shops in Sweden,

Denmark and Finland

Size: Synsam shops in Norway have an average of

100 square meters of floorspace

The key challenge: To work as a team with Synsam

and its designers, Reactor Retail, to take forward

an exciting new concept while minimizing the

installation time involved


Text Tony Whiting // Photos Studio Westjordet

Synsam, whose head office in Norway is in Oslo, has 90 shops

in the country, half of which are franchises. It commissioned

extensive and in-depth customer research to develop a new

design concept that would maximise both sales and support for

its strategic goals.

These are:

l to have the most competent employees who can respond

best to customers’ needs;

l to be the best in the market at following up customers’


l to be the best for fashion in glasses and sunglasses;

l to sell the best quality, value-for-money products.

The concept was to differentiate Synsam from its competitors

by giving its shops a personal look that appealed to customers’

emotions. This concept was to be reflected throughout each

redesigned shop, both in the materials and colors used, and the

way products were displayed.

It worked with an Oslo-based design company, Reactor Retail,

to develop the concept. New Store Europe was responsible for

developing the construction drawings, producing all the fittings

and the new graphics, and carrying out the installation, initially

in two pilot shops.

The first shop, in Bergen, was completed in autumn 2010 and

the second, in Asker, was finished in early 2011.

Seeing a

“Almost all the fittings were made to the customer’s specific

requirements – only about 10 per cent were standard items.

The vast majority were manufactured under our supervision in

Norway,” says Pål Ask, New Store Europe’s Key Account Manager

in Norway.

The two pilot stores were such a success that Synsam signed a

three-year framework agreement in May 2011 with New Store

Europe to carry out similar refits to its other stores in Norway.

It made the point that, as the work continued, it would be very

helpful if the time each shop needed to be closed for the refit

could be shortened.

“The first pilot shop took us up to four days to complete the

New Store Europe

Magazine 22

New Store Europe


brighter future


installation,” commented Pål.

“We then did three more shops in two months and reduced

the installation time. By the end of this year, we will

have done six more and I am confident that, because we

are learning all the time, the installation time will be

progressively reduced.”

The success in cutting down the installation time is due

largely to increasingly effective teamworking between

Synsam, Reactor Retail and New Store Europe.


Pål, who is the project leader, says: “We have brought

together a team of people with different skills who

understand and are enthusiastic about the new design

concept. Everyone is playing to their individual strengths.

Everyone has a very clear focus on delivering the new

concept as professionally as possible.”

The teamwork has enabled New Store Europe to find ways

of doing more finishing work in the factory so there is

less to do for those carrying out the installation in the

shops, so cutting down on time on site. The team expects

to continue to find even more ways of working smarter on

this project in future.

For the success achieved so far, Pål gives much of the

credit to two of his colleagues: Sveinung Wetlesen,

product development manager and Line Ten Hoopen,

project co-ordinator.

“Sveinung has been particularly good at communicating

effectively with our different production areas, while Line

has been coordinating all the incoming orders from our

different suppliers and making sure that everything is in

stock ready to go out to the customer.”


Another vital member of the team is Synsam’s Christian

Wallgren, who is managing the roll out for the customer.

He says: “The concept is flexible, modular and scaleable

which makes it easier to set up, manage and, in time,

replace. It also provides room for local adaptation within

the framework of the concept.

“We are very happy with New Store Europe’s work so

far and we intend to continue to challenge each other

to deliver even more cost-efficient and installationfriendly

solutions. We are working well as a team and

we think that further upgrades and modifications can be

streamlined further as we go forward.”

New Store Europe

Magazine 24

New Store Europe



Checkout our new range

New Store Europe and Rasec Retail have worked together to

develop a new checkout range for the Nordic market.

The SCANDI checkout meets high Nordic standards in terms of

design and certifi cation, and brings signifi cant improvements in

terms of effi ciency and ergonomics for both customer and cashier.

It is delighted to have formed this strategic partnership with

Rasec Retail, which manufactures 10,000 checkouts a year

and is one of the leading producers in Europe. Adding the new

checkouts to its range of products will allow New Store Europe to

deliver more turn key projects for its customers.


the scene

If you are looking for luxury, head to Italy and

Excelsior Milano.

Food, fashion, jewelry and perfumery are all on offer

in sumptuous surroundings.

New Store Europe has worked on the store’s new

interior, taking care of installation on a large part

of the ground and fi rst fl oors. Construction work

was also carried out by New Store Europe, mainly on

parapets and ceilings throughout the store.

Coin Excelsior is in a building which once housed

a cinema, and architect Jean Nouvel has designed

a striking exterior that features the faces of movie

stars – an inspiring link to the past.

For more details see our website:



Text Tim Walker

Book stores are a welcome retreat from our stressful,

fast-moving everyday lives. Creating these calm interiors is

both challenging and rewarding.

Thanks to best-selling authors such as

Jo Nesbø, Simon Beckett and Cornelia

Funke, Funke, book stores are thriving in in Europe.

Sales continue to thrive online, of

course, but many book stores in towns

and cities are succeeding succeeding because they

offer a positive experience to readers

young and old – an emotional response

missing from an an internet purchase.

The challenge for New Store Europe Europe is to

create create book book store store interiors that are are calm at at

the same time time as being inspiring, creative

and, if necessary, provocative. It’s a task

which calls calls for the the kind of knowledge built

up by the company in Germany for example.

One man with page after page of

experience experience in book book retailing is Reinhard

Mann, New Store Store Europe Key Account

Manager, based based in Germany.

He says: “As “As well as fashion stores,

I look after bookshop bookshop developments.

We have a number of customers in Germany

and Slovenia and the market is very

strong. In Germany it is helped by the

fact that the prices of books are regulated

– there is no discounting allowed.”

Recently, New Store Europe has completed

two new stores for Heymann in the Hamburg

area. Reinhard explains: “We were asked

for a concept that made the shopper feel

warm when they were in the store browsing.

The result is a deep red décor which is very

relaxing and works well with the furniture.”

The stores were 550 and 660 square

meters, both in shopping malls and

containing a combination of books and

stationery plus a small coffee area.

Turnaround time was just three weeks for

furniture and one week for installation.

Also in Germany, in Dusseldorf, Reinhard

and his team recently completed a

project for publisher and bookseller Sack

Mediengruppe, a retailer of specialist nonfi

ction books on, for example, the law.

New Store Europe

Magazine 26

New Store Europe




In brief

Customer: Various

Where: Germany, Norway, Slovenia and Poland

The projects: Book store interiors

Services provided: Installation,

value engineering

Project challenge: To create the right



Reinhard says: “The challenge was to

incorporate offices within the store, making

them visible to emphasise good service,

as well as to create an atmosphere which

would result in people staying longer

because they enjoyed being there.”

Meanwhile, in Nova Gorica, Slovenia, for book

retailer and publisher Mladinska Knjiga, the

team has created a concept that is about to

be rolled out in shopping malls throughout

the country. It has stylish wallpaper and

carpeting, with locally produced furniture.

Over in Norway, New Store Europe also

has many years of experience in creating

successful book stores. It is working with

both Norli and Notabene to create new

book stores. Key Account Manager for Norli,

Michelle Cole, says: “We have adapted a

concept created elsewhere in order to make

it more practical for our customer. By using

straight ends on furniture instead of curves

and by using New Store Europe’s 25l32

shelving solution we can save our customer

time and money. So far we have helped

Norli with three stores with a further

two planned.”

All of the stores are 250-300 square meters

and are sited in shopping malls within

cities. Materials used are wood and steel.

For Notabene, one of the biggest book

store chains in Norway, New Store Europe

has created two concepts, one for stores

selling books, small gifts and toys, the

other for discount book stores – branded

Billig Bok. The company has 140 stores in

Norway, two in Sweden and nine in Poland.

Elisabeth Rustand, senior designer for

New Store Europe, says: “Our team has

worked with Notabene for many years now.

The stores are between 100 and 350 square

meters and are located in large cities

and small towns. We project-manage the

whole process sometimes. We also offer

the customer construction management,

furniture design and installation.

So far this year, New Store Europe has

helped deliver six Notabene brand

stores, with a further six planned.

For the Billig Bok brand, which sells

books in five price categories, seven

stores have been completed – one

in Sweden and six in Norway.

For Notabene, Project Manager Frank Runar

Håkonsen says the relationship with New

Store Europe is excellent. He explains:

“We have worked with people from

New Store Europe since 1991 and it

is like we are part of a family. Their

architects are always one step ahead of

the competition, looking for the next

innovation. I enjoy working with the

team and we co-operate to produce

developments which are sustainable,

using natural materials when we can.”

It is clear that when it comes to

books, New Store Europe likes

to write happy endings.

Neat new facades and consistent

branding are beginning to be seen at

Helsinki Airport, thanks to work by

New Store Europe




Text Tim Walker // Photos Jussi Valtonen

Air travellers in Helsinki will see airport shopping in a new

light, thanks to New Store Europe’s designers in Finland.

Smart new facades have been designed and work is

advanced on transforming the fi rst phase of retail space

to incorporate the smart new look.

Sampo Piipponen, Director of Design Competence for New

Store Europe, explains: “The customer, Finavia, which

operates all of Finland’s airports, wanted a consistent look

to its retail space inside the airport. We were asked to

give the outside of the stores a uniform look, with clear

signs telling travelers what was on sale inside the shops.

“The answer we have arrived at looks very Finnish, with

a light colored ‘wood’ effect applied to modern materials.

The brand will now be consistently applied across the

airport, which means the interior will have a strong

identity and have a truly Finnish feel about it.”

New look:


Airport retail

The biggest challenge for the designers has been applying

the new design to areas of different size and shape, while

keeping a sense of uniformity.

The distance between the fi rst of the six separate retail

areas and the last is 1.5km, with varying heights of ceiling

and different lighting adding to the complexity of the task.

Sampo adds: “Work is very advanced on the fi rst retail

space, which includes a tax-free store, six shops and a


New Store Europe

Magazine 28

New Store Europe



café. Up Over to the 75 next units year the rest of the retail areas will

be transformed a week were using this new look. It is very exciting

and we produced are looking and forward to seeing the results.

the entire

“We have roll-out looked to at every detail, including how the text

for the Electrolux’s store names will look and how shop brands will be

displayed warehouses under the main brand. This was also the fi rst

executed across project the four in our retail architecture RED module.”

countries was

New Store completed Europe in is also working with Finavia on other

projects six at weeks. other airports in Finland.


In brief

Location: Helsinki Airport

Task: To present a unifi ed brand

around the many retail areas in

the airport

Special challenge: To make sure the

branding works in all of the retail

areas, which have different lighting

and ceiling heights


“The brand will now be consistently applied

across the airport, which means the airport

itself will have a strong identity and have a

truly Finnish feel about it.”

Text Tony Whiting

When we go out shopping, we all know

exactly what we’re doing. Before we

buy – or decide not to buy – anything,

we take a conscious decision based

on considered, rational thought,

carefully putting aside any emotional

factors that could get in the way.

That’s how it seems, that’s how we’d like

it to be, that’s how we always thought

it worked… but all that’s also wrong.

The reality is very different. Far from

putting emotions to one side, it

seems we are being ruled by them.

We don’t realise it because so much

of it is happening unconsciously.

This is the conclusion of the highly

respected retail and brand consultants

Gruppe Nymphenburg based on the latest

research on the brain and on other studies.

Shopping is an experience where emotion,

not logic, wins the day - argues Dr Thomas

Rotthowe, a respected retail and brand


A head for retail

They have also gone one step further and

come up with a strategy to help retailers

use this knowledge to their advantage.

They call it neuromarketing and Dr

Thomas Rotthowe, one of the consultancy’s

managing partners, is giving a presentation

later this year to New Store Europe and

some of its customers on how it works.

You don’t have to attend the

presentation to learn some of the secrets

of neuromarketing. Just read on.

Neuromarketing starts from the latest brain

research that suggests that decisions are

based on emotions. They are evaluated in

the limbic system, the emotional center

of power in the brain, and it is here that

decisions are made, between 70 per cent

and 80 per cent of them unconsciously.

“The first thing retailers need to realize

is that everything about a shopper’s

experience counts – the size of store,

its look and feel, the colors, layout, stock,

the attitude of its staff. All these trigger

emotions in the brain,” says Thomas.

“Entering a new retail environment, being

confronted with a new point of sale system,

can release the stress hormone cortisol

and have a similar effect to meeting

strangers on the street. The emotional

reaction can be one of flight, not fight.

“However, if the shopper enters a secure retail

environment they feel that they can trust,

this can release positive neurotransmitters

such as dopamine and oxytocine. This

encourages them to explore, to seek new

experiences and, most importantly, to buy.”

Going deeper into understanding

shoppers’ behaviour, Thomas and his

colleagues have developed a consulting

tool known as Limbic® which helps

retailers with strategic brand management

New Store Europe

Magazine 30

New Store Europe




In brief

Thomas Rotthowe: Age 44, managing partner of Gruppe Nymphenburg

Consult AG, a retail and brand consultancy based in Munich.

Experience: Has worked in retail consultancy for 18 years and carried out

projects all over Europe.

Gruppe Nymphenburg: Founded in 1971 and has a team of 30 consultants

helping brand manufacturers and retailers to optimize their marketing

and sales approaches based on deep consumer and shopper understanding.

It is a member of the Ebeltoft Group, an international network covering 22

countries in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia.


and target group segmentation.

Limbic® considers a broad range of

different types of personalities and

motivations and divides shoppers into

seven types of people. They are:

• Performers – people driven by

determination, ambition and success

• Disciplinarians – those who

value diligence and precision

• Traditionalists – for whom safety

and reliability are important

• Harmonizers – those who value

family and home and who care

about other people

• Open-minded – for whom well-being,

fantasy and sensuality is important

• Hedonists – people seeking

variety, fun and creativity

• Adventurers – risk-taking rebels

with a streak of impulsiveness


“This segmentation gives us a better

understanding, for example, of the

differences between men and women

in their shopping behaviour and leads

to gender marketing,” says Thomas.

“Our matching with national household

data shows that nine per cent of men

in Germany are adventurers and 12 per

cent are performers. Yet only three per

cent of women are adventurers and

just five per cent are performers.

“The other big difference is that while 40

per cent of women are harmonizers, only 20

per cent of men fall into this category.”

Interestingly, there is no noticeable

difference between the percentages of men

and women in the other four categories.

Hedonists account for 13 per cent of

both men and women, while 13 per cent

of men and 12 per cent of women are in

the open-minded category. Some 13 per

cent of men and 9 per cent of women are

Thomas on pop-up shops

“Neuromarketing suggests that

pop-up shops can be very effective

at triggering an emotional sense

of excitement, particularly among

hedonists, the group that is most

inclined to try out new things.

They can help retailers test new

concepts, new lay-outs and new or

seasonal products.”

disciplinarians and 20 per cent of men and

17 per cent of women are traditionalists.

As well as gender, age has an influence

on personality types, reflecting the change

in neurotransmitters in the brain during

the ageing process. As you get older, you

produce less testosterone but more cortisol

so while 34 per cent of young men are

hedonists and 18 per cent adventurers, by

the time they are over 60 they are much

more likely to be harmonizers (39 per cent)

or traditionalists (32 per cent).

The Limbic® system goes on to define

different “shopping worlds” which appeal

to the seven different personality types.

Thomas’s final thought: “Is this all

too complex for retailers to manage?

Not at all because you can get deeper

insights into your customers through

neuromarketing and learn how to trigger

positive emotional responses from them.”

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