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Lawyers Worldwide Awards Magazine

Innovative Lawyers 2022

Lawyers Worldwide Awards Magazine is recognised all over the world for our

comprehensive awards programs we run, taking votes from countries all over

the world to recognise the most prestigious professionals in their specialised

areas of practice.

The 2022 Awards recognises a select number of leading professional firms

around the world working both nationally and internationally in their field of


Lawyers Worldwide Awards Magazine selects the best professional & financial

institutions from around the world and showcases there work ethic and skills

within their area of expertise.

The Awards Magazine is aimed at not just the large corporations but the

smaller companies of the advisory business sector.

Lawyers Worldwide Awards Magazine is currently being read by Lawyers,

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We aim to showcase every company individually and to its full potential.

Lawyers Worldwide Awards Magazine

Innovative Lawyers 2022



Overall Tax Law Firm of the Year – Belgium

Barrett & Farahany

Employment Law Firm of the Year – USA

Camden Associates

Mid-Market Investment Advisory Boutique Firm of the Year – UK


Foreign Trade Law Firm of the Year - Germany

Deep & Far

Intellectual Property Law Firm of the Year – Taiwan

Desai & Diwanji

Infrastructure Finance Law Firm of the Year - India

Ernst & Young

Tax Advisory Firm of the Year – Venezuela

Fenton, Smith Barristers

Business Criminal Defence Law Firm of the Year - Canada

Hechanova & Co

Trademark Law Firm of the Year - Philippines

Highgate Hill Solicitors

Probate Law Firm of the Year – UK

L.C. Hull & Co

Real Estate Law Firm of the Year - Bahamas

MBMG Investment Advisory

Tax Structuring Advisory Firm of the Year – Asia

Meilin International Law Firm

Wealth Management Law Firm of the Year – Japan

MK Legal Law Firm

Corporate Tax Law Firm of the Year - Greece

PRK Partners s.r.o. attorneys at law

Banking & Finance Law Firm of the Year – Czech Republic


Construction Litigation Law Firm of the Year - USA

Sydney Criminal Lawyers

Criminal Defence Law Firm of the Year - Australia

The Goldstein Law Firm

Complex Commercial Litigation Law Firm of the Year – USA

The Juhasz Law Firm

Intellectual Property Law Firm of the Year - USA

Tuli & Co

Insurance & Reinsurance Law Firm of the Year – India

Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz

David A. Katz, Esq.

Mergers & Acquisitions Lawyer of the Year

Intellectual Property Law Firm of the Year – Taiwan

Deep & Far attorneys-at-law was founded in 1992 and is dealing with all phases of laws with a focus

on the practice in separate or in combination of all aspects of intellectual property rights (IPRs)

including patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, unfair competition, and/or licensing,

counselling, litigation and/or transaction thereof.

Yu-Li Tsai: Partner & Patent Attorney

Practice area/industry focus: Intellectual Property, Unfair Competition, Litigation

Career highlights: Mr Tsai is a patent attorney who holds a degree from the Department of Electrical

Engineering and Master’s degree from the Graduate Institute of Communication Engineering, both

awarded from the National Taiwan University.

His practice covers patents, trademarks, copyright, trade secrets, unfair competition, licensing and


Mr Tsai also studied and gained a Master’s degree from the Law School, University of New Hampshire,

also known as Franklin Pierce Centre for Intellectual Property. Upon graduation, he worked for

InterDigital, Inc. in Delaware for a short period and later studied and passed the US Patent

Registration Examination.

The patent attorneys and patent engineers in Deep & Far normally hold outstanding and advanced

degrees and are generally graduated from the top five universities in this country. Our prominent

staffs are dedicated to provide the best quality service in IPRs in this country. As a proof, about one

half of top 100 incorporations in this country have experiences of seeking patented their techniques,

but more than one fifth of the top 100 incorporations has ever used services of this firm. Furthermore,

Hi-Tech companies in the science-based industrial park located at Hsin Chu had ever played the

most important role in booming the economy of this country. About one half of them has experiences

in seeking patented their techniques, and out of more than 60% of the patent-experienced

companies in that park have ever entrusted their IPR works to this firm. Certainly, we must also

represent international giants, e.g. InterDigital, MPS, Schott Glas, Toyo Ink, Motorola, Armani…

It is our philosophy to provide competent legal services that other firm cannot comparably provide.

The necessitated ensuing problem is how we can so provide? Deep & Far so achieve by selecting,

edifying and nurturing peoples who have the following personalities: learned in expertise, morally

earnest and sincerely behaved in mind and strictly disciplined between give and take. It is wellbelieved

that such properties are key factors for peoples to properly and competently behave


Deep & Far (D&F) is willing to take challenges to prove that it is the best IP firm, and to verify its

supreme competence by e.g.:

1) Sending to D&F a pending or granted patent for its comments about how it can improve the


2) Sending to D&F a pending patent specification without the claims for it to draft the claims for

comparison with the original claims; or

3) Sending to D&F and the firm the client is currently using at the same time an initial disclosure so

that the client can compare and find out where better claims are.

Deep & Far assures the clients that no competitors can escape from the patent rights D&F safeguards

for the clients at reasonable service fees.

Because the tough economic downturn we are encountering in Taiwan, we are also encountering

severe price competition. This situation also leads to that there are too many poor quality patents

being granted because most enterprises do not have proper knowledge of the importance of patents.

For example, they might only want to spend lower cost to file a patent application without

considering the quality, or could not be alerted timely that narrow claims can protect their products

of the current version only although there are reduced fees in responding to office actions. Therefore,

the patent agents or firms of the enterprises sometimes cannot help but sacrificing the quality to keep

profits under the limited budgets of the clients. Under such social environment, it is very hard to

anticipate that the clients have strong patents, or the patent firms or attorneys can nurture the ability

of drafting wonderful scope of the claims.

Accordingly, it will not be surprised to find that there are some patent firms which cannot provide

competent services but offer extreme low price to attract clients only caring about the price of filing

a patent. This does also explain that there are poor quality patents being granted

We persist in providing quality service rather than participating into the price war because we believe

the Client will finally find the quality is the most important thing for intellectual property. If you

sacrifice the quality and surrender to the price, you actually get negative return because .a poor

quality IP is valueless. We did suffer a little last year in view of the reduced local generated works,

but we see the situation began to change this year.

This firm is used to focusing on IPR, and takes deliberate steps to practice in all fields of law. In recent

year, we make progress in either general civil law, business law or criminal law fields.

Contact Details:

13th Fl., 27 Sec. 3, Chung San N. Rd., Taipei 104, Taiwan, R.O.C.

': 886-2-25856688

7: 886-2-25989900/25978989


Highgate Hill Solicitors

Probate Law Firm of the Year – UK

Highgate Hill Solicitors are based in the Highgate Hill area of North London,

serving the local community, as well as clients throughout the United

Kingdom and overseas. They have offices in Nicosia and an associated office in


Highgate Hill Solicitors provide friendly, professional advice in wide variety of

legal areas. In a busy world they try and make themselves available at times

convenient to you.

There are no hidden costs or hidden fees. Highgate Hill Solicitors will tell you

the price of our services up-front and keep you updated.

Practice Areas:


Business Law


Planning & Environment

Wills & Probate

Personal Injury

Medical Negligence

Family Law

Human Rights

Cyprus Law


Katherine Alexander-Theodotou was born in Cyprus where she completed her

secondary education. Her father was also a barrister of distinction. She studied

in Athens, Belgium (Ghent) and London and she has distinguished herself as a

researcher having obtained two PhDs with Distinction.

She has written a special report on the Multiple Fibre Agreement and its

relationship with GATT and the European External Trade with special

reference to small clothing industry in London.

She is a solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales and a registered

member of the Nicosia Bar. Katherine is the principal of Highgate Hill

solicitors, and of Alexander Theodotou practice in Nicosia. In addition, she is

an associate of A. Lionis and Associates at Palaio Faliron, Athens. She has

enormous experience in Litigation, Commercial Litigation and all other areas.

She has distinguished herself in prominent cases of bi-lateral jurisdiction and

she is a high expert on Property in Cyprus. She has won several cases relating

to Purchase Agreements of properties in Cyprus and she is presently involved

with two major actions of the above area of law.

Katherine has been very active as a Human Rights activist in Iraq during the

war. She has stayed there for over three months working voluntarily to

protect the rights of arrested persons and others. She is the Chair of Anglo-

Hellenic and Cypriot Law Association and she has organised many seminars

with the legal professions of the three countries. She has founded the

European Institute in Cyprus which is funded by the European Union and the

Cypriot government. Katherine is presently involved with developing English

Law seminars for practising lawyers in Cyprus and especially seminars which

affect the conduct of lawyers.

Katherine is also an artist and she distinguished herself in painting

competitions. She has written two books on Classical Greek Literature of the

Third Century BC and she travels extensively. She enlightens the community

on law and for this reason she organises community seminars to inform the

public on several areas of law. Her hard work and experience has been noted

in several newspaper articles in Cyprus.

Contact Details:

Highgate Hill Solicitors

98 Dresden Road


N19 3BQ

Tel: 020-7263 6445

Fax: 020-7281 7016


Overall Tax Law Firm of the Year – Belgium

The Afschrift Law Firm is more than just an association of tax lawyers. All our members share the

same vision of our profession and support the same commitment to advise and defend taxpayers, be

they individuals or businesses, both in Belgium and abroad.

Created in 1994 by Thierry Afschrift, this law firm brings together lawyers with extensive knowledge

in every field of tax law in the widest sense of the term.

All our lawyers share the same values values. They fully understand the importance of adopting a

global vision in every situation, in response to queries from our clients on the management of their

professional businesses or their private assets. They also know that the success of their interventions

depends upon speed, efficiency and confidentiality.

Aware of the increasing internationalisation of our clients’ private and professional activities and of

the complex nature of their taxation matters, we have opened offices at Antwerp, Madrid, Geneva,

Luxembourg, Tel Aviv and Hong Kong. Clients who would like face-to-face meetings with our

lawyers, may make appointments in any of these offices.

Our services:

Lawyers in the Afschrift Law Firm advise, in equal measure, private individuals, companies and legal

entities on every aspect of their business.

When it comes to taxation questions, these days it is vital to be versatile. The vast majority of business

transactions carried out by taxpayers, whatever their nature and legal status, have some sort of tax

implications. Our lawyers stand ready to provide assistance, from planning to the execution of these

transactions, and to defend your interests when confronted by tax authorities, both in Belgium and

abroad. To find out more, please click on the links below to see in detail the whole range of our


Contact Details:

Avenue Louise, 208



T +32 2 646 46 36

F +32 2 644 38 00

•private individuals


•Islamic finance

•companies and legal entities

Mid-Market Investment Advisory Boutique Firm of the Year

– UK

Camden Associates is a boutique investment banking firm. We specialise in international

financing. The market has changed a great deal in the last few years and a number of

transactions just do not get done because market segmentation does not permit it.

We offer various services from pure advisory to financing to private and public company

alike. The firm started in 2003 under the name Camden Partners. In 2006 after a change

of shareholders we became Camden Associates. Initially focusing on Eastern Europe and on

large groups (Bouygues, Rosatom, Gazprom, Lukoil, Rushydro), we changed our focus to

smaller, more innovative deals and broadened our scope on a sectors basis. Technology

and biotech are worldwide sectors. So is mining.

The overall mission is to get deals done, and then we take all the necessary steps to make

the deal a success. As such it does not make us leaders in innovation, but it keeps us focused

on what the latest technologies can bring to a particular deal.

We are working beyond usual boundaries most firms focus on. It goes from a US cannabis

fund to a new Alzheimer company and a massive gold discovery in Mexico. We are not

visionaries we just try and stay focused.

It is a competitive world. We would not know what other firms should do. As far as we are

concerned, we are essentially project driven and believe that behind the specifics of a sector

there is a unique management with unique abilities and specific problems.

We strive to help them solve the particular problem they have at one point in time.

Contact Details:

Camden Associates Ltd.

27 Hill Street

London W1J 5LP

Tel.: +44 207 290 9812

Cell Europe: +336 7498 4104

Complex Commercial Litigation Law Firm of the Year – USA

The Goldstein Law Firm is a boutique national law firm that represents exclusively

franchisees and dealers, not franchisors, suppliers or manufacturers. There are only a

handful of franchisee lawyer specialists remaining in the country, as most have begun

representing both franchisors and franchisees.

Franchise law is a multifaceted area of law that requires specialization. Any franchise

attorney can tell you about a variety of cases where franchise agreements have gone


Here at Goldstein, our attorneys have as much as 30 years of experience handling all

aspects of franchise litigation throughout the county.

We also specialize in franchise agreement assistance, bringing you the latest developments

in franchise and distribution law. With the publishing of our Franchise Trends newsletter, we

can help franchisees stay updated on developments concerning different legal aspects of


Dealing with the complexities and challenges of franchise law requires focus and

specialization, which is why we represent dealers and franchisees exclusively. Unlike other

firms, we at Goldstein are on the side of the franchisee. We can help you decipher the fine

print of your franchise agreement and single out details your franchisor may not want you

to know.

Without a knowledgeable and competent franchise consultant, you may be vulnerable to

the pitfalls of franchise law. Simply walking away is not a viable solution if you’re looking

to protect your assets and yourself from financially damaging consequences. For those who

have already signed an agreement and are struggling with franchisor difficulties, our

franchise law firm also provides legal assistance through its franchise attorneys.

Jeffrey Goldstein, the Founder and Chairman of the Franchise Litigation Department, has

over three decades of litigation experience in complex commercial litigation, with a

specialization in distribution and franchise law. Jeff Goldstein’s reputation relies upon not

only his unique ability to construct and devise winning legal and business strategies, but

also on his exceptional talent to regularly cut through the legalese to achieve great business

win-win results for his franchisee and dealer clients. Our firm has litigated against or

consulted regarding probably the top few hundred franchise systems in the country over

the years.

Jeffrey Goldstein has been working as a franchise attorney in the franchise and distribution

niche for over three decades. During that time, he and the Attorneys at the Goldstein Law

Firm have received unrivaled accolades for their talented, skillful, shrewd, insightful and

compelling efforts on behalf of their winning franchisee and dealer clients. Goldstein’s clients

from around the world benefit from Goldstein’s skills in both litigation and strategy. Here

are some of the reasons why the Goldstein Law Firm puts Jeff Goldstein and the lawyers at

Goldstein Law Firm at the top of national franchise attorneys.

There are very few franchisee lawyer specialists practicing in the country. Almost every

franchisee-only lawyer has begun representing both franchisors and franchisees, although

they do not fully disclose this to the franchisee community. This is because it is clear which

side of the aisle has greater funds and resources to fund their law offices.

Many times these franchise lawyers try to argue either that they were only lending minimal

assistance to the franchisor on its case and were not acting officially as the lead lawyer;

however, this excuse rings hollow when you realize that these lawyers’ names are part of

the law firm’s name itself – these very apologist lawyers make the final decisions regarding

representing both franchisees and franchisors at the same time.

This joint representation of franchisors and franchisees, especially in the litigation context, is

directly harmful to your status and position as a franchisee or dealer, despite any fast-talk

otherwise. When shopping for advice, and seeking legal counsel, make sure to include this

important factor in your review process — you want a franchisee lawyer looking out

exclusively only for your interests; not a franchise lawyer, no matter how charming, that

rides both sides of the fence.

Contact Details:

Goldstein Law Firm, PLLC

1629 K St. NW, Suite 300,

Washington, DC 20006



Phone: 202-293-3947

Fax: 202-315-2514

Intellectual Property Law Firm of the Year – USA

Guiding Your Patent Beyond the Horizon

The Juhasz Law Firm provides intellectual property legal services to leading technology, software

and clinical diagnostic companies.

Combining deep IP experience, broad IP capabilities across a wide spectrum of industries and

technologies, and extensive experience in IP strategies, The Juhasz Law Firm collaborates with

clients to help them see, understand and capitalize on the potential strategic value of their

intellectual property.

Aligning IP Strategy to Business Strategy

Juhasz Law aligns our lawyering approach to the business strategy of our clients. We take the time

to understand each client’s needs and provide unique solutions that match their business and

marketing strategy.

The Juhasz Law Path to Value ℠ suite of intellectual property legal services encompasses a ninestage,

multi-disciplinary approach to growing a company’s IP portfolio value. Path to Value

integrates patent management with business strategy and technical innovation so organizations

can leverage intellectual property assets to drive technology leadership, market position, and

competitive advantage resulting in increased economic value.

Patent Law

Juhasz Law Firm patent lawyers have an average more than 15 years of IP legal experience with

deep technical understanding and a tough, litigation-minded approach to patenting. We bring

lessons learned in the courtroom to our patent strategic counseling. Our clients include both industry

leaders and new venture start-ups. Every organization deserves IP and Patent Law representation

that encompasses counseling, prosecution, licensing and litigation expertise to optimize the strategic

value of their intellectual property.

Comprehensive IP Counseling and Services

Juhasz Law encompasses the full scope of IP counseling, protection, licensing and litigation for

patents, designs, trademarks, and copyrights, including drafting patent applications, patent

licensing, patent litigation and more.

Paul R. Juhasz

Paul R. Juhasz, J.D. is a leading patent attorney specializing in strategic preparation, prosecution,

counseling, monetization, and litigation with degrees in electrical engineering and chemical

engineering. He is an adjunct professor at the New Hampshire School of Law, is extensively

published, and an expert on Alice and 101 Bilski patent eligible subject matter and patent

exhaustion. He has submitted amicus briefs to the United States Supreme Court in several patent

cases. As Director IP Nokia, he lead the protection and enforcement of Nokia IP throughout North

and South America. As assistant general counsel and chief IP counsel at Symbol, he chaired a joint

defense group of companies in defeating the Lemelson patents.


+1 713 260-9643


+1 425 943-7619

Trademark Law Firm of the Year – Philippines

The Hechanova Group – Hechanova & Co. and Hechanova Bugay Vilchez & Andaya-Racadio – is

based in Manila, where the former firm focuses on prosecution matters and the latter on litigation

work. The group advises on matters related to trademarks, patents, copyright, domain names,

utility models, designs, litigation, licensing and franchising. The Hechanova Group is very strong in its

patent and trademark practice. The law firm has been recognized by ASIA IP Magazine as winner

for 2017 for trademarks, and copyright in 2019. The total complement of the HECHANOVA Group

is 48 with 12 lawyers, and 22 engineers/science professionals. Partners/Principals Editha R

Hechanova, Maria Gladys Vilchez, Brenda Rivera, Noemi Rivera, Chrissie Ann Barredo and Joy

Marie Gabor-Tolentino concentrate on IP. All its 5 senior associate lawyers can lead enforcement

actions and have an average of 8 years in IP litigation work. In September, 2020, Hechanova

Bugay Vilchez & Andaya-Racadio was able to prevail in a landmark trademark infringement case

Zuneca vs. Natrpharm (G.R. No. 211850) by proving Zuneca as a prior trademark user in good faith,

and hence, non-infringing. Just recently this June, 2021, despite the pandemic, the law firm was

able to conduct a raid action led by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and seized about

168,000 pairs of counterfeit Havaianas slippers and its colorable imitations with estimated value of

US$3.6 Million.

Atty. Editha R. Hechanova

President/Managing Partner

Editha R. Hechanova is the President and CEO of Hechanova & Co., Inc., member of the

HECHANOVA Group is an IP consulting firm handling patent and trademark prosecution,

copyright, domain name, plant variety, product registrations, consulting on IP creation and

protection, and all other non-contentious IP services. Hechanova Bugay Vilchez & Andaya-

Racadio is a full service law firm offering a complete range of legal services such as general

counseling, commercial transactions and special projects, corporate/M&A; intellectual property

enforcement, litigation and other contentious IP matters; regulatory compliance, corporate

governance; litigation and dispute resolution, tax advisory and tax compliance, labor and

employment, immigration, commercial disputes including civil, criminal, administrative, and

regulatory issues; dispute resolution and arbitration matters, corporate secretary and directorship


Contact Details:

Editha R. Hechanova, Esq.


Ground Floor Salustiana D. Ty Tower

104 Paseo de Roxas Avenue

Makati City 1229


Tel. Nos. (632) 8888-4293;

Fax Nos. (632) 8888-4290;


Criminal Defence Law Firm of the Year – Australia

Our firm has been running for the past 20 years and we specialise in criminal and traffic

law cases.

We are a specialist criminal defence law firm based in Sydney.

We work as a team in order to provide different level of experience and skills to our client

cases with a strong focus on getting excellent results.

We have worked with many clients that have had high profile cases in the media, we

cannot however disclose their names due to the nature of work we do.

We try to provide Fixed Fees were possible and a strong focus on getting the best possible

results for our clients.

Due to the current world health situation, we have had to focus on changing the way we

are accessible to clients and we have turned it around to be more efficient as we provide

conferences not just face to face anymore but via zoom or skype. We have also made sure

that each lawyer has more electronic equipment options so that they do not need to meet

client’s face to face and set up new systems to manage diaries and calendars. We also now

do a lot more prison conferences via iPad which is also much more cost efficient for our


Our future aspirations are to continue what we are doing as it is working well for us.

Contact Details:

Head Office:

Museum Towers

Suite 503, Level 5

267 Castlereagh Street


Ph: 02 9261 8881 | Fax: 02 9264 0880

Wealth Management Law firm of the Year – Japan

Masatoshi Tanaka is an Attorney at Law (registered in 1999), Patent Attorney (registered

in 2001), Managing Partner/ Founder of Meilin International Law Firm

Expertise: Cross-Border Investment, Intellectual Property, Contracts, M&A, Corporate. Have

extensive experiences of International Arbitrations and Cross-Border Disputes.

I have been practicing on international business-related matters and providing full-legal

services to approximately 200 companies including public companies each year.

Meilin International Law Firm has its main office in Fukuoka, Japan with other domestic

branch offices in Tokyo and Nagoya, overseas in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, and

Vietnam. We are available in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Vietnamese.

With regard to businesses between Asia, EU, USA and Japan, we provide a wide range of

full-service to companies on, including but not limited to, cross-border disputes resolution

and business expansions.

Established in Fukuoka, Japan in 2010. Currently we have 22 lawyers in our firm.

Areas of Expertise:

Corporate: Contracts, Start-ups, Support for Structure of Internal Control and Compliance,

Business Consulting, Finance, IPO and Capital Markets, M&A, Labor and Employment,

Debt Collections, Tax, Entertainment and Sports, Antitrust, Corporate Crises Management,

Restructuring, Insolvency, Venture

International Matters: Research on Overseas Laws and Regulations, International business

expansion consulting, Contracts, Comply with Administrative Agency, Cross-Border M&A,

International Litigation

Intellectual Property: IP Prosecution, Drafting and Negotiation for IP Agreements,

Protection of Trade Secret, Dispute Resolution, Strategic Exploitation

For Individual: Inheritance and Will, Wealth Management, Traffic Accident, Divorce and

other Family Law Matters, Parent-Child Relationship, Real Estate and Construction-related

disputes, Medical Malpractice, Debt-related disputes, Consumer Law, Labor and

Employment, Workers’ Compensation, Insurance claim, Criminal Cases and Juvenile Cases.

We are proud of our professional teams specialized in each practice area to deliver highskilled

legal services such as on International Business Legal issues, Contracts, Incorporation,

Intellectual Property, M&A, Corporate and Individual Asset Management.

We have been delivering premier quality legal services for the large enterprises and public

companies in Japan, EU, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam and Singapore in relation to

international business issues.

We are eager to expand and improve our overseas branch offices as well as our domestic

offices, and based on delivering legal services by introducing IT, we are willing to improve

our legal services with a wide range of our expertise and geographical coverage as well.

Additionally, We are targeting to successfully resolve diverse legal needs mainly in the

areas of Content Business (Content Marketing), Business related to AI, Big Data Use

Business and Intellectual Property.

We have grown significantly and passionately to deepen our knowledge and expertise. We

are here for our clients to deliver truly reliable services for their businesses in Japan and

other countries as well.

Contact Details:

Meilin International Law Firm

Address: Tenjin Twin Building 7F,

1-6-8 Tenjin Chuo-ku, Fukuoka JAPAN

TEL: +81 92-736-1550

FAX: +81 92-736-1560



Construction Litigation Law Firm of the Year – USA

Ali Salamirad founded the firm ten or so years ago and, then, in 2014, SMTD Law LLP was created. SMTD

Law is a boutique law firm concentrating in construction, surety and business litigation. The Firm’s attorneys

are highly experienced in handling disputes unique to the construction and surety industries and they

understand the rigors and challenges of litigation. Because of the Firm’s experience, our attorneys are well

prepared to work with our clients to achieve their goals. We take pride in knowing that our clients trust us to

handle all of their legal needs, and, as a result, we do everything in our power to help our clients succeed.

The firm’s managing partners are Ali Salimirad and Jonathon Dunn. The firm overall is managed by six

partners. The two managing partners, Chris Morrow, one of the founding partners, and the managing

partners for Oakland, Michael Timpane, Phoenix, Bob Berens, and Los Angeles, Marilyn Klinger. All of the six

partners are construction law experts who do both transactional work and litigation including trials and


Ms. Klinger serves as the Managing Partner of SMTD Law’s Los Angeles office. She is involved in all aspects of

construction law on a state and national level, representing the full spectrum of the construction industry,

from owners, contractors, subcontractors and sureties. Ms. Klinger’s practice includes time-related claims and

litigation (e.g., delay/impact), legal advice and counsel regarding the contracting process (e.g., bidding and

contract disputes/performance bond claims), payment enforcement/defense (e.g. payment bonds/mechanics

liens/stop payment notices), administrative and scope claims and litigation (e.g., differing site conditions,

change and extra work orders/inadequate plans and specifications and subcontractor substitutions) and

counseling and transactional services to the construction industry (e.g., general advice and counsel, including

contract preparation, evaluation and negotiation). In addition, she has extensive experience in dispute

resolution including litigation, trial, appeals, arbitration and mediation.

Ms. Klinger is a hard-working “straight shooter.” Early in her career, she became a pioneer in construction law,

being one of the first women attorneys to practice in the primarily male-dominated field. Through her

passion and unique intelligence she has established a vital, nationwide practice involved in all aspects of

construction law and a career marked by increasingly prominent leadership positions. She is recognized as an

innovator in legal problem-solving and as a thought leader who is a frequently published author and soughtafter

speaker for professional legal, construction and educational publications and organizations. Marilyn

loves humor and thinks everyone is way too serious. Chambers USA 2019 ranked Ms. Klinger one of the top

Construction lawyers in California. Recently, she has been selected as Top Attorney of the Year in

Construction Law by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP) for her outstanding

leadership and commitment to the profession.

Contact Details:

Marilyn Klinger


355 S. Grand Avenue, Suite 2450

Los Angeles, CA 90071

(213) 943-1425 main

(213) 943-1427 direct

(213) 268-8105 cell

Tax Advisory Firm of the Year – Venezuela

At EY, our purpose is Building a better working world. The insights and quality services we

provide help build trust and confidence in the capital markets and in economies the world

over. We develop outstanding leaders who team to deliver on our promises to all our

stakeholders. In so doing, we play a critical role in building a better working world for our

people, for our clients and for our communities.

Through our four integrated service lines — Assurance, Consulting, Strategy and

Transactions, and Tax — and our deep sector knowledge, we help our clients to capitalize

on new opportunities and assess and manage risk to deliver responsible growth. Our highperforming,

multidisciplinary teams help them fulfill regulatory requirements, keep

investors informed and meet stakeholder needs.

We believe a better working world is one where economic growth is sustainable and

inclusive. We work continuously to improve the quality of all our services, investing in our

people and innovation. And we’re proud to work with others – from our clients to wider

stakeholders – to use our knowledge, skills and experience to help fulfill our purpose and

create positive change.

We work with more than 200,000 clients in 150 countries, from start-ups to multinationals

across all sectors, helping them meet their most pressing challenges.

Our clients include 84% of the Fortune Global 500 and 73% of the Forbes Global 2000. We

have a long legacy of working with owners, CEOs and entrepreneurs leading private and

family enterprises. We’re world leaders in recognizing and supporting entrepreneurs and

help them bring their products and ideas to market through tailored services and

programs, such as Entrepreneur of The Year®. We also advise government and publicsector

organizations worldwide. Our work focuses on helping them increase their resilience,

strengthen their economies and communities, and improve the lives of their citizens.

Contact Details:

Saul Medina | Socio / Partner | Asesoría Tributaria / Tax Advisory

EY VENEZUELA - Mendoza, Delgado, Labrador & Asociados

Av. Francisco de Miranda. Centro Lido. Piso 13. Torre A. Ofic. 131-A Caracas, Venezuela

Office: +58 212 905 6716 | Cell: +58 424 162 0836 |


Corporate Tax Law Firm of the Year – Greece

MK Legal ( was established in 2015 by Dr George S. Mavraganis lawyer –

former Deputy Finance Minister and Dr Stylianos Koutnatzis, lecturer in Law at Democritus

University of Thrace Law Schools, the latter suspending his professional activity after his

appointment as General Secretary of the Cabinet in July 2019 and therefore the law firm

continues its business as “G. Mavraganis Law Firm” and the brand name MK legal. The firm

specializes in providing high quality legal and consulting services to businesses with respect

to all their activities and transactions.

MK legal specializes in providing high quality legal and consulting services to businesses

with respect to all their activities and transactions. We combine knowledge and

international best practices on transactions with great practical experience in both the

private sector and public administration, aiming to provide tailor-made solutions in close

cooperation with our customers.

In order to address specific issues, we cooperate with experts in Greece and abroad, where

necessary, thus ensuring an integrated approach to all the issues arising in modern

economic life.

Beyond the usual legal support before courts that often requires disproportionate time and

resources, we focus, instead, on proactive means of legal support, such as providing

consulting services and legal opinions on the interpretation of legal documents, assistance in

negotiations and extrajudicial settlement of disputes, or proceedings before independent


The firm specializes in corporate and individual income tax, VAT, accounting law, tax

audits and tax litigation. It also places particular emphasis on business law and especially

on providing assistance to negotiations and drafting of contracts for business transactions,

including financial transactions, acquisitions, mergers, restructuring (including cross-border),

GDPR, real estate projects, privatizations and projects of public and private partnership,

insurance and banking/finance law.

MK legal deals with all issues of contract law, ranging from effective negotiation to legal

protection in case of violation of contractual terms.

An additional area of specialization due to the great knowledge and long experience is

that of constitutional and international law, also including EU law. MK legal’s lawyers

effectively invoke arguments on fundamental rights, where required, before national and

European courts and document issues of incompatibility between national law on the one

hand, European and international law on the other hand, including also agreements for

the avoidance of double taxation.

George S. Mavraganis is Lawyer to the Supreme Court, President of the Tax Academy an

institution set up by the European Public Law Organization, former Deputy Minister of

Finance of the Hellenic Republic (2012-2015) and former KPMG Partner in Charge of Legal

Tax and Bookkeeping. He was Partner in Charge of KPMG Greece Tax Bookkeeping and

Legal (2007-2012) and Member of the Management Board of KPMG Greece, Visiting

Assistant Professor at the Athens University of Economics and Business, Business

Administration Department (2008-2011 and 2015-2017) and Accounting and Finance

Department (2016). He holds a Ph.D. (1992, awarded scholarship from the Ministry of

Finance’s NATO program) and an LL.M. degree (1989) from the University College London

(UCL) and is a graduate of the Athens Law School (1987).

He started his career in 1992 as a lawyer and tax counsel to corporations and cooperated

with consulting companies Deloitte (until 1995) and KPMG (until 2001). He was a founding

member and then partner of the KPMG Law Firm "C. Papacostopoulos & Associates" until

2005 and subsequently provided services to companies until the end of 2006 when he

returned to KPMG where he worked until 2012. He was then appointed Deputy Finance

Minister introducing the new Income Tax Code (2013), the first Code of Tax Procedure

(2013) and the innovative Greek Accounting Code (2014). He also modernized tax

administration and managed to apply electronic transactions and payments in tax

administration. After his term as Deputy Minister of Finance (June 2012 - January 2015) he

returned to business with a new law office as a lawyer - consultant to Greek and

multinational businesses and to teaching at Master's class at the Athens University of

Economics and Business.

Member of the Athens Bar Association since 1990 and various professional organizations, he

has also served as a research associate of the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation

(IBFD) contributing with publications related to taxation in Greece (The Taxation of

Companies in Europe, European Tax Handbook, European Corporate Tax Law, Transfer

Pricing Database). He has extensive experience in tax law (corporate taxation,

international tax law, EU tax law, tax litigation etc.) and commercial law (mergers,

acquisitions, privatizations, concession and construction projects, capital markets, financial

aspects etc.). He has participated in consulting projects involving large investments and

companies’ restructuring in Greece and has published several articles in international

taxation journals (European Taxation, Intertax, Bulletin for International Taxation/Fiscal

Documentation, International Transfer Pricing Journal).

Contact Details:

MK legal Law Firm

9 Dim. Soutsou Str., Mavili Sq.

11521 Athens, Greece

Tel.: +30 210 6456 731


Real Estate Law Firm of the Year – Bahamas

L.C. Hull & Co. - a unique and specialized Conveyancing Firm with its Head Office in

Abaco, Bahamas. The Principal of the Firm is Rhonda L.C. Hull, Attorney, LLB, MBA.

L.C. Hull & Co. is the largest Firm in the Bahamian Out Islands and is celebrating its 20th

year assisting the needs of International Persons purchasing property in the Out Islands.

L.C. Hull & Co. has consistently been recognized as one of the top Bahamian Real Estate

Firms in the Bahamas. Unfortunately, on September 1st, 2019, Hurricane Dorian destroyed

the Island of Abaco. There was some 5 feet of seawater throughout the Head Office of L.C.

Hull & Co. Over 90% of the populace in Abaco were removed from the Island

immediately. Most of them remain displaced 2 years later.

Rhonda and her Team managed to salvage almost all of their client files and immediately

built a special purpose Storage Building to dry out the files and save Client documents.

As there were no utility services on the Island for about 18 months, L.C. Hull & Co. was not

able to operate. In January 2021 - Rhonda and her Team began rebuilding the Firm -

building, files and employees.

While there remain many challenges to commerce efficiency in Abaco - L.C. Hull & Co. has

re-opened, our offices have been rebuilt, some Staff members have returned to the island

and new Staff members have joined the Firm.

L.C. Hull & Co. is very proud to formally announce the beginning of the Second Chapter of

its existence.

Internationally recognized as one of the top Bahamian Real Estate Attorneys, Rhonda now

continues to manage complex Bahamian property purchases, sales, leases and finance

transactions, joint-ownership, and fractional interests. She is knowledgeable in structuring

the most efficient holding of real property assets in the Bahamas.

Rhonda Hull

Rhonda is also a Property Developer / Manager with interests on a national and

international scale. She has built, renovated, and managed multi-level commercial and

residential properties in the Bahamas, as well as in the United States and Mexico.

Rhonda is a true Bahamian, born and raised in Cherokee Sound and Sandy Point, Abaco.

She attended school in Nassau, graduating from Queen's College High School in 1984.

Rhonda then began her international life at University in Switzerland, then her Law

Degree from the University of Western Ontario in Canada and her Legal Certificate from

the Hugh Wooding Law School in Trinidad. She later obtained her Master’s in Business

Administration with a concentration in Residential Real Estate from Akelius University in

Sweden. Rhonda is a member of both the Bahamas Bar and the Law Society of Upper


Rhonda has 4 children and spends her spare time hiking/biking in Central Europe and

South America. She has also kayaked all over the Abacos and is an accomplished runner

who has completed numerous full and half marathons internationally. Many early

mornings you can find Rhonda putting in her training around Marsh Harbour, Treasure

Cay and beyond before heading into the office. Rhonda loves to travel and enjoys golf,

tennis and "welcoming people to the magical Island of Abaco, Bahamas".

Contact Details:

L.C. Hull & Co.

1100 East Bay Street

P.O. Box AB-20415

Marsh Harbour, Abaco



Foreign Trade Law Firm of the Year – Germany

As a boutique law firm, we advise you on all questions of foreign trade law. Be it for export

controls, customs, sanctions, other compliance matters or company organization.

We are set up in an interdisciplinary manner. In addition to our four lawyers, our team consists of

highly qualified advisors from other disciplines and training. Everyone in our team not only has a

legal background in foreign trade law, but also practical Corporal experience. That is why we know

that theory and practice have to go together. Comprehensive advice is just as important as

practical implementation.

Our expertise and practical focus have made us one of the leading law firms in foreign trade law in


Attorney Dr. Matthias Creydt is founder of the law firm CREYDT LAW.

He advises clients on all aspects of export control law as well as on preventive activities to prevent

violations (export compliance) and on measures to be taken in the event of violations as well as on

sanctions and embargoes. Another focus of Matthias Creydt's advice lies in the area of US re-export

control law.

Based on his experience and career, Matthias Creydt advises companies in various industries, in

particular on setting up and optimizing internal export compliance programs (ICP) and export

control management for difficult and complex plans and projects. Matthias Creydt also has

extensive experience with export control audits, the definition and implementation of export

control strategies and the implementation of export control-related due diligence reviews.

Matthias Creydt is the author of several articles and book chapters on export control law and coauthor

of a compliance handbook. Furthermore, Dr. Creydt is a regular speaker at control events

and gives lectures on export control issues and questions of export compliance.

Before founding CREYDT LAW, Matthias Creydt was a founding partner of Billig & Creydt

Rechtsanwälte. Further stages of his professional career were: Managing Director of a law firm also

specializing in the field of foreign trade law, Senior Manager at a leading European aerospace

company, where he was responsible for export control in a division in Germany, in-house counsel

and export control officer in one medium-sized companies operating around the world and

working as a lawyer at the German Aerospace Center.

Matthias Creydt studied law at the Universities of Kiel, Cologne and the University of Guildford,

(Surrey, UK). As part of his doctorate, he was also a Generic Visiting Scholar at Tulane University,

New Orleans (USA). Before his studies, Matthias Creydt completed an apprenticeship as a banker

at a leading German bank.

Contact Details:

+49 (0) 89 38 88 87-12

Business Criminal Defence Law Firm of the Year – Canada

Fenton, Smith Barristers* is one of Canada’s leading criminal law firms with offices based in

downtown Toronto. Our firm provides best-in-class professional legal advice and legal services to

individuals, corporations, and governmental clients in a broad range of criminal, quasi-criminal,

regulatory and professional disciplinary matters. Our professional services range from private

consultative and advisory retainers to attending on all forms of criminal, quasi-criminal, and

regulatory trials, tribunal proceedings, reviews and appeals.

Fenton, Smith Barristers* Practice Areas:

•Criminal litigation

•Competition law

•Corruption of foreign public officials

•White collar crime

•Professional discipline matters


•Judicial Review

•Securities enforcement litigation

•Occupational Health & Safety, Environmental Law, and other Regulatory matters

Scott Fenton is a senior criminal defence lawyer experienced in criminal, quasi-criminal,

constitutional and special prosecution matters. He has appeared as counsel on numerous trials,

argued many appeals in the Court of Appeal for Ontario and has had multiple appearances in the

Supreme Court of Canada, including R. v. Stillman, R. v. Goldhart, R. v. Silviera, R. v. Farinacci, R. v.

Jarvis, R.v. Ling, R. v. Harrison, and R. v. Wallace.

Scott Fenton is experienced in all types of criminal cases, including individual representations and

corporate/commercial crime, white collar crime, cross-border investigations, foreign corruption, tax

evasion, anti-trust/competition, securities, Elections Act, administrative monetary penalties (AMPs),

policing (Special Investigations and Police Service Act matters), internet gaming, professional

disciplinary matters, proceeds of crime and provincial regulatory prosecutions.

Contact Details:

Fenton, Smith Barristers*

Registered business name of Scott Fenton Professional Corporation

Address: 235 King Street East, 2nd Floor, Toronto, ON, M5A 1J9

Tel: 416-955-1611 | Fax: 416-955-1237

Infrastructure Finance Law Firm of the Year – India

Founded in 1935, Desai & Diwanji is one of India's leading law firms, helping clients achieve their

goals by combining the highest global standards with local expertise. With offices in Mumbai,

Gurgaon, and New Delhi, Desai & Diwanji is also among the largest law firms in the country.

Vishwang Desai is the managing partner of the firm and heads its corporate commercial practice.

He has consistently advised large multinational corporations and Indian business groups,

governments, multilateral agencies, lenders, PE funds, as well as financial investors in some of the

largest M&A, PE and financing transactions in India / involving Indian companies. He has been

named “lawyer of the year” by various global publications and is regularly included in several top

business lawyer lists compiled by global publications.

Contact Details:

Practice Areas:


Banking & Finance

Capital Markets


Dispute Resolution

Infrastructure & Project Finance

Mergers & Acquisitions

Private Equity

Real Estate & Construction

Technology, Media & Telecoms


Tel: +91 22 3984 1000

Fax: +91 22 2265 8245


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