Martial Arts World News Magazine - Volume 22 | Issue 3

The #1 Business Resource for the Martial Arts Industry

The #1 Business Resource for the Martial Arts Industry


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VOLUME <strong>22</strong> | ISSUE 3<br />

The #1 Business Resource for the <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Industry<br />


MIKE<br />

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Samuel L. Jackson<br />

Paws of Fury:<br />

Legend of the Hank<br />

Chuck Norris<br />

Boots & Black Belts Gala


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24 AFKA <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Retreat<br />

28 Anouncing: The Official <strong>Martial</strong><br />

<strong>Arts</strong> <strong>World</strong> <strong>News</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> App<br />

34 Chief Master Mike Bugg: From<br />

Officer in the Death Chamber to<br />

<strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> School Owner Life<br />

Changer<br />

103 FREE Tool of the Month<br />


14 Industry Insights<br />

15 Birthdays<br />

16 Industry Innovations<br />

20 Social 411<br />

52 School Profiles<br />

63 Classified Ads<br />

99 Advertiser Index<br />


48 Tell Us Your Story<br />

57 Feature Your School,<br />

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6 Editorial<br />

Summer Student Retention Strategies<br />

Master Toby Milroy<br />

8 <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> <strong>World</strong> <strong>News</strong> Faculty<br />

12 Ninja Business Tactics<br />

Moving Like a Ninja<br />

An-Shu Stephen Hayes<br />

58 Mind Mastery<br />

The Power of Self-Belief<br />

Grandmaster Jessie Bowen<br />

60 Growth Hacks<br />

Use 3 <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Priniciples for Effective Advertising<br />

Mr. Sean Lee<br />

62 Next Level Strategy<br />

Contract or No Contract? That is the Question, Part 2<br />

Shihan Allie Alberigo<br />

66 Pillars of Success<br />

What is a healthy lifestyle? (Part 1)<br />

Grandmaster Y. K. Kim<br />

70 The Way of the Samurai<br />

Children and the Art of the Sword, Part 3<br />

Shihan Dana Abbott<br />

72 Extraordinary Marketing<br />

Don’t You Dare Miss an Opportunity!<br />

Grandmaster Stephen Oliver<br />

74 Mastering Modern BJJ<br />

Add ‘Value’ to Your School<br />

Master Carlos Machado<br />

78 Tactical Self-Defense<br />

Press the Points, Part 2<br />

Grandmaster Tom Patire<br />

80 Complete <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Concepts<br />

Teaching the Complex Art of Kung Fu, Part 2<br />

Professor Willie “the Bam” Johnson<br />

4 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>22</strong> | ISSUE 3

STAFF<br />

82 The Millionaire Smarts Coach<br />

4 Sure-Fire Tips to Take Pressure Off Yourself<br />

Ms. Lee Milteer<br />

86 Budo Philosophy<br />

A Particular Vision, Part 2<br />

Shidoshi Alfredo Tucci<br />

88 Pro Shop Power<br />

You Can Boost Your Income By $12,000 to $24,000 a<br />

Year with Strategic Pro Shop Sales<br />

Mr. Sun Kang<br />

90 Master the Basics<br />

Funding Your Exhibition and Tournament Teams<br />

Master Tina Bane<br />

92 Instructional Excellence<br />

The Value of Stretching<br />

Grandmaster Tim McCarthy<br />

94 Business Buzz<br />

The Top Ten Negative Habits That Keep You From<br />

Achieving Your Goals, Part 2<br />

Grandmaster Lawrence Arthur<br />

96 <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Philosophy<br />

A Diary of a Black Belt, Part 5<br />

Sensei Gary Lee<br />

98 Management Excellence<br />

Are You Still Doing Too Many Tasks For Your <strong>Martial</strong><br />

<strong>Arts</strong> School?<br />

Chief Master Kirk Pelt<br />

100 The Warrior Way<br />

The Persistence Factor, Part 1<br />

Grandmaster Bill Clark<br />

102 Staff Development<br />

Mining for Instructors: Planting the Seed, Part 1<br />

Master Zulfi Ahmed<br />

104 Tools & Tactics<br />

Lean On AMS for Your Success<br />

Ms. Chris Lee<br />

VOLUME <strong>22</strong> | ISSUE 3<br />


Master Toby Milroy<br />


Mr. Sean Lee<br />


Mr. Jeff Reulbach<br />


Mr. Frank Meyer<br />


Mr. Amen Blue<br />


Ms. Erin Pham<br />


Hanshi Dave Kovar<br />

Grandmaster Bill Clark<br />

Mr. Sean Lee<br />

Shihan Allie Alberigo<br />

Grandmaster Y. K. Kim<br />

Grandmaster Tim McCarthy<br />

Chief Master Kirk Pelt<br />

Grandmaster Stephen Oliver<br />

Chief Master Mike Bugg<br />

Professor Willie Johnson<br />

Grandmaster Zulfi Ahmed<br />

Ms. Chris Lee<br />

Grandmaster Lawrence Arthur<br />

Master Tina Bane<br />

Mr. Sun Kang<br />

Master Carlos Machado<br />

Grandmaster Jessie Bowen<br />

Shidoshi Alfredo Tucci<br />

An-Shu Stephen Hayes<br />

Ms. Lee Milteer<br />

Sensei Gary Lee<br />

Grandmaster Tom Patire<br />

Shihan Dana Abbott<br />


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MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>22</strong> | ISSUE 3 5


Summer Student<br />

Retention Strategies<br />

by Master Toby Milroy<br />

I’ve been tremendously “lucky” in my career in the <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong>. Early on, in fact, even<br />

before opening a school, I learned all the “Dogma”; the current ‘Beliefs’ about how the<br />

<strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Business was supposed to “be”.<br />

I learned that Summertime always sucked.<br />

I learned that most elementary schools wouldn’t allow <strong>Martial</strong><br />

<strong>Arts</strong> schools to do ‘anything’ with them.<br />

I learned that as long as you have good quality classes, marketing<br />

will take care of itself.<br />

I learned that your ‘area’ determines how much you can<br />

charge, and how financially stable your school will be.<br />

I learned that if you really love what you do,<br />

people will simply ‘feel’ your passion, and will just<br />

enroll because they like you so much.<br />

I learned that people are ‘too busy’ to commit to<br />

a regular class schedule of 2 or 3 times a week.<br />

I learned that people won’t sign agreements/<br />

contracts for <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong>.<br />

I learned that certain ‘styles’ of <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> made<br />

the school more or less ‘successful’.<br />

Then, after months of struggling,<br />

I was LUCKY enough to learn<br />

that ALL OF THESE Beliefs Were<br />

TOTAL “BS”. Please forgive my<br />

language, and directness, but for<br />

me, this realization was a GAME<br />

CHANGER for my business,<br />

career, and personal life!<br />

ALL the “Dogma”, the<br />

limiting beliefs I’d heard,<br />

preached as ‘gospel’, and<br />

simply ‘how things are’, were<br />

simply WRONG. After that ‘lesson’,<br />

I was finally able to BREAK<br />

these limiting beliefs and start building REAL, SUBSTANTIAL businesses<br />

but ONLY AFTER I reset the way I ‘thought’ about them.<br />

After PROVING this, year after year, with (literally) many HUN-<br />

DREDS of schools all across the world;<br />

I’m often asked:<br />

Why do some school owners fear the dreaded “Summer Slowdown”,<br />

while others see virtually NO DISRUPTION, NO Additional<br />

Cancellations, NO Vacation “Holds”, and actually generate MORE<br />

Revenue and MORE Leads than most other months of the year?<br />

Well, it’s tough for me to condense all that in the 500ish<br />

words that will fit in this column, but here are some IMPOR-<br />

TANT components:<br />

First: You have to ‘dig in’ and ‘work the problem’. You do NOT<br />

have to suffer in the summer. You do NOT have to have high drop<br />

outs, you do NOT have to have a loss in recurring revenue because<br />

students are on ‘hold’. ALL these problems ARE solvable.<br />

Next: Your “membership” structure is critical. If your programs<br />

are ‘month to month’, or have no real ‘goal’ focused programming,<br />

you’re setting yourself up for a difficult summer season.<br />

Using solid ‘outcome’ based ‘programs’ in your school helps<br />

set appropriate expectations and behaviors for your students.<br />

People don’t ‘expect’ to put their mortgage on ‘hold’ when they<br />

go on vacation for 2 months, and if your program is structured<br />

properly, they won’t expect, nor WANT to put their <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong><br />

program on ‘hold’ either.<br />

We just conducted about an hour-long webinar on this topic a<br />

few days ago, filled with strategies and tactics to help you transform<br />

the summer slowdown into a summer jump start!<br />

I’d be happy to give you ABSOLUTELY FREE access to it - simply<br />

visit: TryAtlasSoftware.com/summer<br />

MASTER TOBY MILROY is a 5th degree black belt. Known as “The Master Systemizer,” Master Toby Milroy<br />

has positively influenced more martial arts schools than anyone in our industry. He has built a successful multi-school<br />

organization, led the national trade association for the martial arts industry, and coached some of the most successful<br />

martial arts school operators in the world.<br />

6 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>22</strong> | ISSUE 3





No Egos – No Politics – No Trolls<br />

Just <strong>News</strong>, Tips, Strategies, and Tools to Help You Grow Your School!<br />



6<br />

Master Toby Milroy<br />

is a 5th degree Black Belt, the CEO and<br />

Publisher of <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> <strong>World</strong> <strong>News</strong><br />

<strong>Magazine</strong>, and the Executive Vice<br />

President for AMS. In addition to building<br />

a successful multi-school organization,<br />

Master Milroy has positively influenced<br />

more martial arts schools than virtually<br />

anyone in our industry.<br />

58<br />

Grandmaster Jessie Bowen<br />

is President of Karate International of Durham,<br />

Inc., a member of the American <strong>Martial</strong><br />

<strong>Arts</strong> Association Sport Karate League<br />

and Hall of Fame, and has been a member<br />

of the Duke University PE Staff for over 25<br />

years. He is the author of Zen Mind-Body<br />

Mindfulness Meditation and Zen Mind-Body<br />

Mindfulness Meditation for <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong>.<br />

12<br />

An-Shu Stephen Hayes<br />

has authored more than 20 books,<br />

worked as a bodyguard for the Dalai<br />

Lama, supervised over 30 school locations<br />

worldwide, and was named, “One<br />

of the 10 Most Influential Living <strong>Martial</strong><br />

Artists in the <strong>World</strong>” by Black Belt <strong>Magazine</strong>.<br />

60<br />

Mr. Sean Lee<br />

is the Executive Director of Sales and<br />

Marketing for hundreds of martial arts<br />

schools and specializes in online and social<br />

media marketing using his extensive<br />

professional experience in sports and<br />

martial arts marketing, contract negotiation,<br />

and investment.<br />

62<br />

Shihan Allie Alberigo<br />

is a 7th degree black belt, the founder<br />

of the L.I. Ninjutsu Centers, one of the<br />

largest Ninjutsu schools on the planet,<br />

the author of 4 books, and an entrepreneur<br />

with one of the first online coaching<br />

companies (TakingItToTheNextLevel.com).<br />

66<br />

Grandmaster Y. K. Kim<br />

is the most successful martial arts business<br />

leader in the US, having written<br />

over 30 books on martial arts, business,<br />

leadership, and success. He has won<br />

numerous public service awards and is<br />

the founder of the leading martial arts<br />

marketing and management company in<br />

the US.<br />

70<br />

Shihan Dana Abbott<br />

is a 7th degree black belt in Kenjutsu,<br />

starting his 14-year education in Tokyo.<br />

He has published five books and designed<br />

a US Patent. Abbott has also<br />

conducted seminars in over 30 countries<br />

and obtained his black belt at the Hombu<br />

dojo in Yokohama. He currently offers<br />

online classes on LearntheSword.com.<br />

72<br />

Grandmaster Stephen Oliver<br />

is a 9th degree black belt and is the<br />

founder and CEO of Mile High Karate<br />

schools, and founder of the <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong><br />

Wealth Mastery Program.<br />

8 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>22</strong> | ISSUE 3


74<br />

Master Carlos Machado<br />

is one of the pioneers of Brazilian Jiu<br />

Jitsu in the United States of America.<br />

Currently a Coral Belt, and promoted<br />

to Black Belt by Carlos Gracie Junior,<br />

Carlos Machado came to the USA in the<br />

early 1990’s with his brothers where they<br />

formed the RCJ Machado Jiu Jitsu Association,<br />

one of the strongest & growing<br />

BJJ organizations in the world today.<br />

78<br />

Grandmaster Tom Patire<br />

is known as “America’s Leading Personal<br />

Safety Expert” and has appeared on<br />

Good Morning America, The CBS Morning<br />

Show, The Colbert Report, Montel,<br />

plus in mainstream publications such as<br />

Family Circle, Redbook, Fortune <strong>Magazine</strong>,<br />

and The Wall Street Journal.<br />

80<br />

Professor Willie “The BAM” Johnson<br />

is a 7th degree black belt and seven-time<br />

sport karate and Kung-Fu world champion.<br />

He has appeared in four movies,<br />

16 plays, and 11 television shows. He is<br />

also the national spokesperson for the<br />

Stronger than Drugs Foundation and the<br />

Champions Against Drugs.<br />

86<br />

Shidoshi Alfredo Tucci<br />

is the CEO and General Manager of the<br />

Budo International Publishing Company,<br />

a leading publisher in the martial arts<br />

with over 35 years in the industry. He<br />

is also author of several books: The<br />

Immaterial Dimension, The Way of the<br />

Warrior, and The Spirit. He currently lives<br />

in Valencia, Spain.<br />

88<br />

Mr. Sun Kang<br />

is the President of Vision <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong><br />

Supply who helps school owners all over<br />

the US maximize their retail sales and<br />

drive more revenue into their schools.<br />

90<br />

Master Tina Bane<br />

is a 6th degree master instructor and<br />

owner of a Top Ten martial arts school<br />

with successful after school and summer<br />

camp programs.<br />

82<br />

Ms. Lee Milteer<br />

is an Intuitive Business Coach, awardwinning<br />

professional speaker, and TV<br />

personality who has counseled and<br />

trained over a million people throughout<br />

her career. Lee is Stephen Oliver’s<br />

<strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Wealth Mastery’s Millionaire<br />

Smarts Coach and is also a best-selling<br />

author of educational resources.<br />

92<br />

Grandmaster Tim McCarthy<br />

is a 9th degree black belt and is a martial<br />

arts educator with a master’s degree in<br />

education. He has been instrumental<br />

in developing two industry-changing<br />

programs, and has directed and been<br />

featured in hundreds of martial arts videos<br />

and webinars.<br />

MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>22</strong> | ISSUE 3 9


94<br />

Grandmaster Lawrence Arthur<br />

is a martial artist specializing in Karate,<br />

Kung Fu, Kenpo, Shoto-kan, and Gojurue,<br />

with 40 Super Kick Karate locations,<br />

and founder of AFKA. <strong>World</strong> champion<br />

Lawrence also runs the Black Belt Success<br />

Systems consulting firm, training<br />

martial arts instructors on proper business<br />

practices in schools all over the country.<br />

96<br />

Sensei Gary Lee<br />

the American Samurai, is a 9th Dan black<br />

belt, a USA Karate Federation gold medalist,<br />

winner of five Super Grand National<br />

Titles, a featured actor in the movie Sidekicks,<br />

and is the founder of the National<br />

Sport Karate Museum.<br />

98<br />

Chief Master Kirk Pelt<br />

is an 8th degree black belt and is the<br />

President of a multimillion-dollar, multischool<br />

organization, has a 30-year track<br />

record of success, and is currently on the<br />

leading edge of martial arts curriculum<br />

and business innovation.<br />

100<br />

Grandmaster Bill Clark<br />

is a 9th degree black belt and a former<br />

PKA Fighter of the year. He is widely considered<br />

one of the top experts in martial<br />

arts business with over 40 years of<br />

leadership and innovation, having been<br />

inducted into almost every Hall of Fame<br />

in the industry. He is one of the largest<br />

multi-school owners in the world.<br />

102<br />

Grandmaster Zulfi Ahmed<br />

has amassed acclaim as a world-class<br />

competitor, martial arts educator, and is<br />

most notably founder and designer of<br />

the internationally renowned style, Bushi<br />

Ban. With over 45 years of martial arts<br />

experience and over 300 martial arts<br />

awards, his schools include ten locations<br />

across Texas.<br />

104<br />

Ms. Chris Lee<br />

is a martial arts business development<br />

consultant with a background in online<br />

and social media marketing.<br />


Do you have something to share? We’d love to hear about it!<br />


407-895-1996 Editor@<strong>Martial</strong><strong>Arts</strong><strong>World</strong><strong>News</strong>.com <strong>Martial</strong><strong>Arts</strong><strong>World</strong><strong>News</strong>.com/Ureport<br />

10 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>22</strong> | ISSUE 3

Cutting-Edge <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong><br />

Websites<br />

that Bring New Students into Your School...Fast<br />


You Get a Beautiful, Mobile Responsive, Lead-Generating Website that Works for You 24/7/365<br />

. Designed to ATTRACT<br />

and CAPTURE Leads<br />

. Mobile Responsive<br />

Design<br />

. User Editable Pages,<br />

Posts, and Offers<br />

. search engine<br />

friendly<br />

. Attention-Grabbing<br />

Video Landing & Sales Pages<br />

. Fully Customizable<br />

Website Designs<br />

Amazing<strong>Martial</strong><strong>Arts</strong>Websites.com<br />

Friendly, Dedicated US-Based<br />

Support Team - At Your Service!<br />

(800) 275-6900


Moving Like A Ninja<br />

The martial art of To-Shin Do is an up-dating of the ancient art of Japan’s ninja.<br />

1500s Japan had its own distinct culture, legal system, social<br />

formation, ways of moving, and codes of morality – all quite different<br />

from those of 2020s America. I took the practice forms and<br />

guiding principles of historical ninja taijutsu and adapted them to<br />

better fit the 21st century in the West.<br />

Modern attackers use a distinctive approach to causing trouble.<br />

They have a predictable verbal lead-up. They move quickly<br />

and erratically, throwing looping punches and ducking in for full<br />

body takedowns. Street scrappers are likely armed with a knife, if<br />

not a handgun.<br />

The goals, form, and appearance of high level To-Shin Do do<br />

not differ from classical ninja taijutsu. We grow beyond reliance<br />

on speed when we learn to apply timing. We advance beyond<br />

crude power when we learn to utilize leverage. We no longer rely<br />

on complex techniques once we grasp perceiving what<br />

our attacker is trying to do and going with it to<br />

defeat him.<br />

The original Togakure ninja were intelligence<br />

gatherers. Their goal was to find out<br />

what an enemy was planning, and then get<br />

their findings back to their superiors. As an<br />

intelligence gatherer, the last thing a ninja<br />

would want is to have their cover blown<br />

and then have to fight with those who made<br />

the discovery. To defeat an adversary would<br />

draw everyone’s attention to the fact that a<br />

spy had gotten into their midsts.<br />

Today, To-Shin Do training purpose and<br />

methods are very different from<br />

most other martial arts that emphasize<br />

willing competition<br />

to defeat an adversary.<br />

We aim to get out and<br />

away with the least<br />

amount of effort.<br />

In the beginning<br />

stages of<br />

training, however,<br />

we do allow students<br />

to believe in speed, power, and technique. One, this is what<br />

most people expect when studying a martial art. And two, this is all<br />

that most people are capable of in the beginning.<br />

After a few years of practice, students gradually come to appreciate<br />

the sneaky subtleness of timing over speed, leverage over<br />

power, and responsiveness over set techniques. They recognize<br />

how much more effective smart fighting is over crude struggling.<br />

They then have more experience allowing them to move with the<br />

more advanced approach.<br />

After even more years of practice, To-Shin Do students see<br />

themselves as “above, looking down” on the fight as a whole. They<br />

know what a conventional fighter is likely to do, and they are able<br />

to fit in in such a way that their attacker gives them the means<br />

to defeat them. At this stage, the To-Shin Do student needs less<br />

energy, and yet the results are definitive.<br />

Decades into the training, students are able to embody the<br />

Togakure Ryu Soto Tonko no Kata approach to fights, amusingly<br />

translated as “escaping rat method”. At this extreme level of skill,<br />

the student is able to feel the attacker’s movements at such a<br />

subtle level that he or she can effortlessly blend and actually lead<br />

the attacker to defeat through knowing exactly what they are trying<br />

to make happen.<br />

So, in the beginning, we allow students to use their muscles<br />

and some tension to get things done. It is what they are capable<br />

of, it makes sense to them, and they really are incapable of the<br />

more advanced movements anyway. Fitting what they expect is<br />

a good idea in the beginning. Eventually they move on to higher<br />

skill levels.<br />

By the time the student reaches older age through decades of<br />

training, skills have progressed to where the little-effort ways just<br />

naturally mirror the reduced energy of older age, and yet provide<br />

an increasingly amazing ability to handle violence.<br />

Contrast this skill and age parallel progression with more<br />

athletic martial arts, such as judo or kickboxing. In those arts,<br />

skill levels definitely give way to age, and most retire from active<br />

cutting edge performance by early middle age. With the unusual<br />

To-Shin Do system, based on the ancient ninja combat method,<br />

age is no barrier. Indeed, the older one grows, the more effective<br />

he or she becomes.<br />

AN-SHU STEPHEN HAYES has authored more than 20 books, worked as a bodyguard for the Dali<br />

Lama, supervised over 30 school locations worldwide, and was named “A legend; one of the 10 most influential<br />

living martial artists in the world” by Black Belt <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

12 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>22</strong> | ISSUE 3

You Don’t Need a Degree in<br />

Education to Teach Children<br />

all you need is one book!<br />

Raising 4 Dimensional Children in a 2<br />

Dimensional <strong>World</strong> is an informationpacked<br />

resource for teachers of all levels<br />

of experience. It takes the latest research<br />

in developmental child psychology and<br />

makes it easy to understand, explaining<br />

how a child’s brain develops, year by<br />

year. Even the youngest members of your<br />

staff will understand which activities are<br />

appropriate for which age groups, which<br />

activities are not, and why.<br />

Take advantage of Grandmaster Tim McCarthy’s research and experience, organized for you<br />

with over 400 age-appropriate activities. It will be the best $5.00 you ever spent.<br />

Order a copy today at 4d-2d.com and share it with your entire staff!


<strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Training the Farlek Way<br />

Of course, martial arts uses explosiveness in techniques, but<br />

every aspect of training is not carried out in this way. With that<br />

in mind, you not only have to train muscle for anaerobic activity,<br />

but also for the aerobic system in the body. Sometimes situations<br />

require fast-twitch explosion and others rely more on slow-twitch<br />

endurance, so differing kinds of training are often needed to bring<br />

the intended results.<br />

Enter Fartlek training which is a mix of interval and continuous<br />

training. Basically it mixes from the least explosive activity to the<br />

most: walking, jogging,<br />

and sprinting.<br />

Because of this combination<br />

the Fartlek<br />

method trains all of<br />

your different muscle<br />

fibers. An example<br />

could be jogging for<br />

a couple of minutes,<br />

followed by 10 to 15<br />

seconds of sprints with<br />

several intervals, then<br />

a return to the jogging<br />

pace combining all the<br />

activity in a continuous<br />

fashion.<br />

<strong>Martial</strong> arts training<br />

can use the Fartlek<br />

method in the following<br />

way. Begin with continuous<br />

slow and low intensity<br />

form movements<br />

like Tai Chi for two minutes. Next perform 5 to 10 second intervals<br />

of explosive intensity kicking like front snap kicks or side kicks.<br />

Finally, return to moving around at the lower intensity form pattern<br />

training for a few minutes.<br />

Many different styles of martial arts use this kind of training so<br />

it is not stylistically confining, it is really up to your imagination, but<br />

can add some flavor to an already great curriculum.<br />

Paws of Fury<br />

On July 15, 20<strong>22</strong> Samuel L Jackson teams up with a star studded<br />

crew in voice for the upcoming animation martial arts<br />

movies: Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank. The plot is about a<br />

down and out-on-his-luck hound dog who finds himself in a town<br />

full of cats that need a hero to defend them from a ruthless villain’s<br />

evil plot to wipe their village off the map. Through the help from a<br />

reluctant trainer (Jackson), the underdog must assume the role of<br />

heroic samurai and team up with the cats to save the day. Check<br />

out the trailer: https://youtu.be/A_hkjvjx2ek<br />

Chuck Norris Holds the 29th<br />

Annual Boots and Black Belts Gala<br />

On April 9, 20<strong>22</strong>, Chuck and Gina Norris along with Keith and<br />

Alice Mosing celebrated the Kickstart Kids 29th Annual Boots<br />

and Black Belt Gala in Houston Texas. This year’s event featured<br />

an exciting Kickstart Kids <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Demonstration and a concert<br />

by Country Music performer Pat Green.<br />

Every year the Gala recognizes individuals that embody the values<br />

of the martial arts organization in the everyday curriculum as<br />

well as their long-term commitment and support of Kickstart Kids.<br />

Those traits include honesty, loyalty, courage, discipline, respect,<br />

dedication, kindness, and responsibility. Recipients are chosen for<br />

their positive impact on the communities they serve.<br />

This year the Character Award recipient was Squire Patton<br />

Boggs, LLP and the Founder’s Vision Award recipient was Dr.<br />

Charles Dupre. Check out these video clips:<br />

Character Award: https://youtu.be/hvg2yjZqyu4<br />

Founder’s Award: https://youtu.be/iPyCTEuBWkg<br />

14 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>22</strong> | ISSUE 3<br />

Photographs by Ulza (top left), JackF (top right)

<strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong><br />

Celebrity Birthdays<br />


May<br />

May 5 ..............................Jim Kelly*<br />

May 12 ..........................Jerry Trimble<br />

May 21 ...........................Dave Kovar<br />

June<br />

June 17 .........................Scott Adkins<br />

June 17 .......................... Sho-Kosugi<br />

June 20 ......................Benny Urquidez<br />

May 25 ..............................Cung Le<br />

*Deceased<br />

“Did We Miss Someone?<br />

Is There a Someone Who’s Been Influential in the <strong>Martial</strong><br />

<strong>Arts</strong> that isn’t Listed? Send in the Information for Consideration!<br />

Email: Editor@<strong>Martial</strong><strong>Arts</strong><strong>World</strong><strong>News</strong>.com<br />

Or Visit: <strong>Martial</strong><strong>Arts</strong><strong>World</strong><strong>News</strong>.com/uReport<br />

They Call Me Master<br />

They Call Me Master is martial<br />

arts writer Karen Eden’s latest<br />

book release.<br />

Known for her long-standing<br />

inspirational writings, Master<br />

Eden does not disappoint with<br />

her 4th book release.<br />

Available through<br />

Century <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong>,<br />

centurymartialarts.com<br />

MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>22</strong> | ISSUE 3 15


Take Advantage of ATLAS <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong><br />

Software Automation<br />

The automation platform provided by the ATLAS <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong><br />

software will make you more productive, save your valuable<br />

time, and make sure things don’t ‘slip through the cracks’.<br />

ATLAS Automation will work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a<br />

week, 365 days a year. It’s like having an entire staff working for<br />

you, without a day off, or a lunch break!<br />

Here are a few examples:<br />

Missed Class Automation<br />

It’s not uncommon for students to miss class from time to time<br />

for one reason or another. With this tool, you will be able to create<br />

follow-up messages for students whose attendance has declined<br />

and they will be sent automatically, which is very convenient. You<br />

can also set up ‘reminders’ for your staff to follow up with these<br />

students, to keep your retention high, and your students more<br />

engaged.<br />

Automatic Referral and Parent Add-On Reminders<br />

This tool will allow you to set up referral and parent add-on<br />

campaigns where your students will receive engaging messages<br />

that inspire them to share their martial arts journey with their<br />

friends and family, and can even be rewarded for it!<br />

This feature alone makes the ATLAS <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> software<br />

worth many, many times its investment.<br />

Upgrade/Renewal Automation<br />

Some schools have an incredibly high upgrade rate, while<br />

others struggle to fill their higher level programs. With the ATLAS<br />

Automation platform, you’ll be able to educate your students<br />

about your higher level programs, and inspire them to qualify, on<br />

autopilot!<br />

You can deliver sequential multi-media messages when a student<br />

earns a new rank, as their agreement approaches its expiration<br />

date, and much more. This can be a massive breakthrough for<br />

your upgrade programs and your school.<br />

Report Automation<br />

The most successful school owners alway ‘know their numbers’!<br />

Imagine having the key performance indicators for your school<br />

not only at your fingertips, but automatically sent to you inbox<br />

when you want them most.<br />

Get your A, B, C, MIA Student lists every Monday, get your revenue<br />

reports every evening, or get a list of all the agreements that<br />

will expire this month on the 1st. It’s all up to you!<br />

Student Reactivation Campaign<br />

If you haven’t had communication with former students in<br />

a while, it may be time to reach out! The student reactivation<br />

campaign can automatically send useful and valuable content to<br />

communicate with former students and open the door to a return<br />

through the doors of your school.<br />

These are only a few of the automation options ATLAS Mar tial<br />

<strong>Arts</strong> software provides. There’s also social media automation,<br />

which will save you a ton of time, follow-up automation so students<br />

can receive automatic and personalized communications at the<br />

right time, and much more. TryAtlasSoftware.com<br />

16 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>22</strong> | ISSUE 3<br />

Photograph by anyaberkut

Our Goal is to Help Young Minds<br />

GROW Stronger and EMPOWER<br />

them through Stories that will:<br />

• Inspire Their Imagination<br />

• Develop Their Moral Compass<br />

• Set Positive Examples Both Visually and Verbally<br />

• Prepare Them for Life’s Challenges<br />

Sarah B. Tucker, Author of<br />

The Adventures of Harry & Friends<br />

Book Series<br />



Point MMA Programs Equip<br />

The Whole Person<br />

Point MMA provides exciting new programs for martial arts<br />

school owners and instructors to add some dynamic techniques<br />

and skills to their curriculum. Currently, there are three<br />

programs: Krazy Athletic, Kids Point MMA 37 Skills, and Warrior<br />

Mindset. The primary purpose of these programs is to teach<br />

students the tenets of the martial arts like respect, perseverance,<br />

self-control, integrity, humility, and indomitable spirit.<br />

With the help of these powerful programs, school owners or the<br />

instructors can help students in building up their mental, emotional<br />

and spiritual well-being with a Kung Fu flavor. All of the programs<br />

use unique methods and techniques that students might not be<br />

able to learn anywhere else. Being equipped with these skills can<br />

help children succeed academically and professionally currently<br />

and in the future respectively.<br />

It is Point MMA’s motto to empower youth against bullying,<br />

abuse, addiction, obesity, drug dealing and help them navigate<br />

their energy towards positive and healthy activities.<br />

To find out more visit: pointmma.com<br />

Vision MA: For ALL You <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong><br />

Supply Needs<br />

It’s just part of the martial arts business to need a good supply<br />

company to rely on. Looking to get the best quality martial<br />

arts gear and clothing. Vision MA is a great online resource with<br />

east and west coast warehouses for fast delivery of the product<br />

you need. Vision is not just an ordinary e-commerce store<br />

where you shop for quality products, but it also offers various<br />

other services.<br />

If you need to remodel your martial arts school or need help<br />

with setting up a new one, Vision can help you. They are an ideal<br />

platform for martial arts school owners and instructors supply<br />

needs and have been committed to providing high-quality and<br />

affordable martial arts products for over seventeen years. Vision<br />

understands martial arts practitioners’ needs and provides solutions<br />

to them with an easy to use interface.<br />

Vision provides: high-quality, durable, and affordable brand<br />

new uniforms, training gears, sparring gears, shoes, equipment<br />

bags, training mats, and much more.<br />

Visit visionma.com.<br />

18 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>22</strong> | ISSUE 3



Put Our 30 Years of Tuition Management<br />

Experience to Work for You!<br />

You didn’t open a martial arts school so you could<br />

waste your time being a bill collector…right?<br />

Call one of our friendly Tuition Management<br />

experts to discuss your specific situation.<br />

(800) 275-1600<br />

OurAMS.com/headache<br />


SOCIAL 411<br />

The Core Components of a Strong SEO<br />

Strategy: Technical Setup<br />

strong SEO strategy is defined by three core components—<br />

A technical setup, content, and links. When you focus on these<br />

areas, your martial arts marketing will become more and more<br />

effective. Today, we are starting a series of articles where we will<br />

explore each core component individually. So, continue reading<br />

and don’t miss the next two articles!<br />

An Introduction to Technical Setup<br />

Three things need to happen for your website to rank on<br />

Google. The search engine needs to be able to<br />

find your pages so it can scan them (this is<br />

called ‘crawling’ and ‘indexing’ your site)<br />

to identify what your site is ‘about’ and<br />

add the site (using keywords and<br />

other content) to the index. From<br />

there, the algorithm will consider<br />

displaying your website when a<br />

relevant search is done. This is<br />

how SEO works.<br />

It sounds easy enough,<br />

but there’s a catch. No matter<br />

how carefully you design the<br />

look and feel of your page(s),<br />

the search engine can only see<br />

your text, links and other content<br />

if you structure it appropriately.<br />

Enter technical setup, also known<br />

as on-site optimization! This is what<br />

ensures that search engines can scan<br />

your website so the pages can be indexed<br />

successfully. Of course, there are lots of factors<br />

that Google takes into consideration. In fact, more<br />

than 200 factors are evaluated to determine how your site should<br />

rank. We’ll discuss some of the key factors below.<br />

Some Key Ranking Factors<br />

1. The Content<br />

As we’ll discuss in more detail in this series, the content of the<br />

pages is a critical ranking factor. Google is essentially ‘reading’<br />

your pages. If the page is ‘about’ Kids <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Lessons, then<br />

the page should have those words, and words like it in the content<br />

(likely in several places) and should have other words and phrases<br />

that reinforce them. You don’t want to un-naturally ‘stuff’ your<br />

target keywords all over your page(s), but you need to make sure<br />

that Google, and human visitors can easily understand what your<br />

page is all about, and that it matches what human visitors are likely<br />

to search for.<br />

2. Website Navigation and Links<br />

Search engines crawl sites by following their links because<br />

that’s how they find the pages and content they need to analyze.<br />

Using meaningful link anchor text helps Google understand<br />

what your links are ‘about’. For example, “Click Here”<br />

doesn’t really tell Google much, but “Kids <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Classes”<br />

is far more meaningful.<br />

“Backlinks”, or links “to” your site from other sites with a high<br />

relevance and reputation will give Google even more confidence<br />

in your site.<br />

3. URL Structure<br />

If there’s one thing search engines don’t like is to<br />

read through lengthy and complex URL structure.<br />

That’s why it’s important to keep your<br />

URLs short and sweet, so make sure they<br />

don’t include much beyond the main<br />

keyword that you used to optimize<br />

your page.<br />

4. Page Speed<br />

Search engines will measure<br />

load time so they take page<br />

speed into account and it’s<br />

a relevant ranking factor you<br />

shouldn’t neglect. Load time is<br />

a big indicator of quality for the<br />

algorithm. The faster your website<br />

is, the better. Many elements<br />

can affect page speed, so we<br />

recommend you check out Google’s<br />

tool, Page Speed Insights, to learn to<br />

improve load time.<br />

5. Dead Links or Broken Redirects<br />

Dead links send people to nonexistent pages<br />

while broken redirects lead to resources that no longer<br />

exist. As you can imagine, both of these things affect user experience<br />

and they are a big no-no for search engines. If they are present<br />

on your website, your pages won’t rank.<br />

6. Sitemap and Robots.txt Files<br />

Sitemaps are files that list all the links available on your website,<br />

which is what search engines use to choose which pages<br />

to crawl and index. Robots.txt files tell the search engine what to<br />

ignore, which speeds up the crawling and indexing process.<br />

7. Repeated Content<br />

Last but not least, search engines notice repeated content<br />

and it makes it very difficult to identify what to index. This is a<br />

negative factor and the search engine will choose not to display<br />

any of the pages.<br />

If you are a martial arts school owner and you want your online<br />

marketing to succeed, you need to hit these three SEO hotspots.<br />

Don’t miss the next two articles, where we will explore the other<br />

core components for a strong SEO strategy.<br />

20 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>22</strong> | ISSUE 3<br />

Image by Mohamad Faizal Bin Ramli

The Latest Guide<br />

All <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> School Owners<br />


Grandmaster Zulfi Ahmed’s<br />

newest book, “The Science & Secrets<br />

of Becoming a Master <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong><br />

Instructor,” is the latest must-have<br />

industry guide for martial arts school<br />

owners and instructors.<br />

The world of martial arts is a very<br />

complicated one, where you can soar<br />

to the heights of the profession or<br />

quickly hit rock bottom, all depending<br />

on your mindset, discipline, and skills.<br />

“The Science & Secrets of Becoming<br />

a Master <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Instructor” is<br />

designed to teach you everything<br />

you’ll need to know to avoid the pitfalls<br />

and succeed as an instructor in the<br />

modern era.<br />

Featuring contributions from<br />

some of the best martial arts minds,<br />

including Grandmaster Ernie Reyes,<br />

Grandmaster Stephen Hayes, and<br />

Hanshi Dave Kovar, “The Science &<br />

Secrets of Becoming a Master <strong>Martial</strong><br />

<strong>Arts</strong> Instructor” will no doubt help you<br />

take your career to the next level!<br />

To get your copy today for $29.95,<br />

simply go to Lulu.com and search by author.

SOCIAL 411<br />

To Get More Emails Opened Use Human<br />

Instinct Subject Lines (Part 2)<br />

Once again, it shows wisdom<br />

when a martial arts school<br />

owner can attract new students<br />

through email marketing by utilizing<br />

human instinct to get recipients to<br />

open your marketing emails. As<br />

mentioned previously, our instincts<br />

are powerful and make us react in<br />

conscious and even subconscious<br />

ways because of how we are wired<br />

as humans. If you can wisely trigger<br />

instinct with your email subject<br />

lines, you can bring out the desired behavior of opening your email<br />

and have prospects responding to offers for martial arts training.<br />

Here are 2 more instinctive ideas for subject lines that are<br />

proven to increase email open rates:<br />

We All Enjoy Laughing<br />

If you can create subject lines that make people laugh, then<br />

they can’t stop themselves from<br />

opening an email because it puts<br />

them in a good mood.<br />

Ex. Lose Weight And Get In<br />

Shape The Fun Way While Learning<br />

<strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong>.<br />

Anybody Can Be Vain<br />

Subject lines that promise something<br />

that makes a person look<br />

better to peers, or invokes the fear<br />

of being shamed by others tend to<br />

get open at high rates.<br />

Ex. <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Training Will Give Your The Body And Skills That<br />

Turn Heads<br />

To bring martial arts school growth from your email marketing,<br />

you have to consider people’s instincts because they can’t resist<br />

what innately moves them to respond! Check out our next issue for<br />

a few more attention grabbing headline ideas.<br />

Instagram Has Expanded Its Reels<br />

Now that Instagram has extended its reels length limit from 30<br />

seconds to 60 seconds for users, it is great news for martial<br />

arts school owners. This will allow you to provide more information<br />

in one Reel, connect with followers through their creative content<br />

and see a spike in conversion.<br />

This is quite interesting for Instagram as all its other components<br />

do allow longer video uploads. Videos that appear in the<br />

regular feed can be up to 60 seconds long, but you also can<br />

upload 15 seconds videos to Stories, and 60 minutes clips to<br />

IGTV if you are uploading from the web. Now Reels clips are also<br />

becoming popular in other Instagram functions, which could make<br />

it become a less unique option within the overall IG experience.<br />

Whatever it may be, one thing is certain, this option will provide<br />

users with more freedom to create longer clips or upload the same<br />

Tik Tok clip or Youtube Shorts to Instagram as well. With this new<br />

development, Instagram is likely signaling that they are open for<br />

more cross-posting, which will boost the amount of Reel content<br />

shared on the platform but probably also increase the repetitive<br />

experience across apps.<br />

(Note: Make sure that your short video clips do not have watermarks<br />

when cross-posting because Instagram will penalize your<br />

reach for that).<br />

While this expansion is a great thing, all these options are starting<br />

to look the same. The question then arises; why do you need<br />

different video upload processes for every option? Why not allow<br />

users to just upload their clips, edit them how they want and finally<br />

organize them all together?<br />

By doing so, Instagram would have more content to show<br />

within Reels, which in turn could increase the engagement on the<br />

site and also assist in boosting views within the different components<br />

of the app, instead of separating the different video types.<br />

Perhaps that is the new route as Instagram is now testing a<br />

new TikTok-like display format for exploring that puts all content<br />

in one format. This is a good thing as it could help the content get<br />

seen more easily while giving Instagram’s algorithms more video<br />

inventory and further streamlining the user experience instead of<br />

making each element single.<br />

<strong>Martial</strong> arts school owners should consider trying out longer<br />

Reels as it can be an improved way to promote your school.<br />

<strong>22</strong> MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>22</strong> | ISSUE 3<br />

Photographs by sdecoret (top) and Hamster3d (bottom)




• Instructor Tips and Tricks<br />

• Class Management Skills<br />

• <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Events<br />

• Classified Marketplace<br />

• Social Media Marketing Tactics<br />

• Marketing Breakthroughs<br />

• Industry <strong>News</strong><br />

• <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> School Profiles<br />

And MUCH More!<br />





It gives me great pleasure to invite you to the AFKA <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong><br />

Retreat. We are hosting this retreat to give our students, instructors<br />

and colleagues the opportunity to train together in a friendly,<br />

respectful atmosphere that will create a great experience and fond<br />

memories.<br />

106 Pheasant Ridge Rd.<br />

Lynchburg, Virginia 24502<br />

434-665-2497<br />

Afkalawrence.arthur@<br />

gmail.com<br />

This retreat will have something for everyone to take your skills to the<br />

next level. We have assembled the very best Master Instructors to<br />

share their experience with you. With three tracks of training options<br />

on Sport Karate, Self Defense and iKali, you will be able to earn your<br />

certification and develop yourself as a martial artist.<br />

Natural Bridge is a great vacation location in the Blue Ridge Mountains<br />

full of history and great family entertainment with the Caverns, Zoo,<br />

Safari Park, Hiking Trails and of course the Natural Bridge right next<br />

to a beautiful newly renovated Hotel and Convention Center to<br />

accommodate our event. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to<br />

meet new friends, expand your knowledge, and have fun with your<br />

school team mates.<br />

Be sure to get registered by June 15th. There will be no registration<br />

at the door. This will ensure that we will have a well coordinated<br />

and organized event. Please complete the application in this<br />

brochure and mail it directly to AFKA Headquarters postmarked by<br />

June 15th or online at AFKARetreat@MyUventex.com. You have<br />

my 100% Money Back Guarantee.<br />

Your presence will contribute to the success and prestige of<br />

our Retreat. We sincerely look forward to seeing you there.<br />

Best regards,<br />

Grand Master Lawrence Arthur<br />

Page 2


NATURAL BRIDGE VA 24578 540-291-2121<br />

JULY 27-31, 20<strong>22</strong><br />


AFKARetreat.MyUventex.com | www.AFKA<strong>Martial</strong><strong>Arts</strong>.com<br />




1 2 3<br />

Take your game to the top as<br />

the present and past <strong>World</strong><br />

Champions share their secrets.<br />

OVER 100 <strong>World</strong> Titles earned<br />

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the best by training with the<br />

best!<br />

Train with the Masters of Self<br />

Defense in Firearms, Krav<br />

Maga, Israeli Knife Fighting,<br />

Defense Lab, Jujitsu, and<br />

MORE! This is NOT your “Run<br />

of the Mill” Self Defense course.<br />

You will learn real world self<br />

defense that will leave you with<br />

new confidence and empower<br />

you with new skills.<br />

IKALI<br />

Train with the Founder of<br />

iKali, Tuhon Apolo Ladra,<br />

the foremost authority on<br />

the “Art of the Blade”. Train<br />

to earn your iKali Instructor<br />

Certification.<br />




Are Parents Allowing<br />

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For almost 3 decades Chief Master Mike Bugg has<br />

been the undisputed champion and king of martial<br />

arts after school and summer camp programs. He is<br />

the leading authority on children’s programs and is sought<br />

out regularly for his understanding, methods, and advice<br />

on them. In this interview, Chief Master Bugg explains what<br />

were the driving forces that lead to him becoming one of<br />

the leading mentors and role models for children in these<br />

kinds of programs in the U.S. From humble beginnings, his<br />

school has become the blueprint for achieving financial<br />

freedom with after school and summer camps that truly<br />

prepares tomorrow’s leaders to become life champions.


Chief Master Bugg works extensively in his community, growing deep roots in the local school systems and businesses.<br />

MAWN: You have a law enforcement and corrections background<br />

prior to getting into the martial arts industry. Can you tell us<br />

what led to you changing careers and deciding to open a martial<br />

arts school?<br />

MB: I grew up in a small town in Virginia and I spent 13 years in<br />

law enforcement and corrections. I was really happy in my career,<br />

even though my passion was to do martial arts full-time. I wanted<br />

to have a martial arts school because in my career I saw a lot of<br />

troubled kids and I personally thought I could change a lot of<br />

people’s lives through a martial arts program.<br />

I had a pivotal moment while I was working on death row. I met<br />

this kid who was soon to be executed and we had a conversation<br />

about why he got involved in crime, and how he got locked up? He<br />

told me he wished there was a program that would have put him<br />

on the right path when he was in elementary school. He wished<br />

that he would have had some positive mentors and role models<br />

that could have changed his life around middle school, so he could<br />

have been a better citizen.<br />

He told me that he grew up with his single mother. His father<br />

was randomly in and out of his life. His mother married another<br />

man, who was a present stepfather, but he really didn’t understand<br />

him or guide him in the right direction. The youngster would<br />

frequently lash out violently at the family and others, seemingly<br />

unable to control his anger.<br />

He further explained that he now realized that he didn’t understand<br />

fundamental values and principles. As a result, one night<br />

he fell into a fit of rage because he was not allowed to go to his<br />

girlfriend’s house, and ultimately killed his mom and stepfather.<br />

This conversation had a deep impact on me, and afterwards, I<br />

really became more certain that I could change a lot of lives, with<br />

the right kind of program, and perhaps prevent some of these<br />

senseless tragedies in the future. At the time I was still processing<br />

inmates to go to the death chamber, so this realization really hit<br />

me hard. I had this kid that was going to be executed in 30 days,<br />

and maybe, just maybe I could make a positive impact on kids just<br />

like him in the future. I then realized that this profession wasn’t my<br />

passion anymore.<br />

MAWN: Wow, that must have a very challenging type of career.<br />

So how did you transition from the death chamber to a life changing<br />

<strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> School?<br />

MB: I was now certain that my passion was the <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong>, so I<br />

quit the corrections career path and started down the road of running<br />

a <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> School. My first experience was to take over a<br />

small school in Chester, Virginia. I really struggled with that opera-<br />

36 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>22</strong> | ISSUE 3


“…you have to realize that<br />

just because you’re a black<br />

belt in the martial arts,<br />

doesn’t mean that you’re a<br />

black belt in business…”<br />

tion and truthfully, I thought I made a huge mistake. The school did<br />

not do well financially, and I didn’t have the skills, or attitude at that<br />

time to rescue it. I lost my house, my car, and my family. It pretty<br />

much destroyed my marriage and everything.<br />

After so much trauma, I was to the point of quitting and giving up<br />

on my dreams, but I had a wonderful mentor, Grandmaster Y.K. Kim.<br />

He helped me to set my goals and focus on all the little details that<br />

really make a school work well. He said, “If you stick with and focus<br />

on your goal, then you will overcome all these obstacles!” So I literally<br />

lived in the school, built a new operation from the ground up<br />

and started an afterschool program. I initially resisted doing an after<br />

school program, because I was already struggling and I felt like<br />

now I was being asked to “babysit all day”. But I took on the challenge<br />

because Grandmaster Y.K. Kim was my mentor, my coach,<br />

and essentially the father figure I never had growing up. I decided<br />

to suspend my skepticism, did exactly what he told me to do, stuck<br />

by it every day, set my goals, followed, believed, and just went for it.<br />

Chief Master Bugg Receives Award for Service to His Community.<br />

That was the beginning of a massive transformation for me.<br />

MAWN: So you got into a location that was already operating,<br />

but was really tanking. What were some of the lessons that you<br />

had to learn and things you had to implement to get that school to<br />

be successful?<br />

MB: The most important thing you have to realize is that just<br />

because you’re a black belt in the martial arts, doesn’t mean that<br />

you’re a black belt in business, and that’s the hardest thing I had<br />

to learn. Having a mentor telling me what to do was very crucial.<br />

I’ve talked to a lot of school owners and the hardest thing you have<br />

to do is look at the business part, because you may be a great<br />

instructor, but we’re often not great business people. So, we need<br />

a coach in the area of business. Once I got the coaching in that<br />

continued on page 40<br />

MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>22</strong> | ISSUE 3 37

Finally A…<br />

FinallCUTTING<br />

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Marketing & Management System.<br />


ATLAS<br />





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TOOLS<br />






“The after school <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> program<br />

pretty much saved my school”<br />

continued frorm page 37<br />

area, I started to have the right goals, set plans, and learned to<br />

execute the plans on a daily basis.<br />

At the start, it’s hard work. You have to promote every single<br />

day, do exhibitions, work with local businesses, create relationships<br />

with elementary schools and more. Sometimes, you get very<br />

few prospects, maybe one that’s interested, or at best two to three.<br />

That can be discouraging and stressful, and I took those feelings<br />

home. I really had to take care of the business side of things which<br />

is different from teaching, but with a coach and a good plan, I started<br />

doing things that bring in more leads and then I learned how to<br />

sign people up. I spent tons of hours in the community, passing out<br />

flyers, and performing lots of exhibitions. It’s a lot of hard work.<br />

MAWN: So how did you take that single first location from<br />

essentially zero to having the kind of success you’re experiencing<br />

these days?<br />

MB: The after school <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> program pretty much saved<br />

my school, but my adult programs were not flourishing to the same<br />

level. My career change and faith in what my mentor was directing<br />

me to do was paying off in a big way.<br />

MAWN: How did you eventually end up overcoming<br />

the struggle that you were having with the<br />

adult programs growth in your school?<br />

MB: Around 2017, we began using a system<br />

that had a radically different approach in marketing<br />

to the adult market. Since so many of our schools<br />

have been losing the adult market to other pro-<br />

Chief Master Mike Bugg receives the Outstanding Financial Speaker Hall of Fame Award presented by Y. K. Kim at the 2006 <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Leaders Summit.<br />

40 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>22</strong> | ISSUE 3


Chief Master Bugg has literally built his school from the ground up, building and all.<br />

“Our after school program took us<br />

to grossing $800,000 a year. We<br />

were up to $1.5 million a year and<br />

still growing.”<br />

grams like Yoga, we really needed to change our method to find<br />

a system that was designed to attract the adult market. We knew<br />

that adults were seeking fitness and mind body solutions as we<br />

saw the Yoga industry swell from 9 million to more than 28 million<br />

practitioners.<br />

The ATLAS Software and iEnroll Marketing Systems provided<br />

the answers I was looking for. It provided an easy way for us to<br />

specifically market to and enroll more adult students. It was very<br />

unique in that it combined ‘done for us’ marketing on social platforms<br />

and brought leads to my school through a lead generating<br />

website. It was almost like I didn’t have to do anything and I was<br />

getting qualified adult prospects and we were enrolling them and<br />

growing our adult programs.<br />

MAWN: What were the results like for your school with a thriving<br />

after school martial arts program and the growth in your adult<br />

programs?<br />

MB: Ok, we started out with zero and struggling.<br />

Then our school saving after school program took us<br />

to grossing $800,000 a year. Then with a growing<br />

adult program added to an already successful after<br />

school program we were grossing $80,000 a month<br />

and got up to $1.5 million a year and it was still growing.<br />

I was not satisfied seeing the gaps in our markets<br />

and martial arts school, then recognized the opportunity<br />

to grow big and basically doubled income. In<br />

addition, I went from just one location to sponsoring<br />

With a tight regulatory environment in Virginia, Chief Master Bugg adapts.<br />

MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>22</strong> | ISSUE 3 41


Chief Master Bugg is Not Only an Inspirational Leader, but Also a Talented <strong>Martial</strong> Artist<br />

five locations in Virginia.<br />

MAWN: So you’re a multi-school operator as a result of the new<br />

approach of social marketing and online marketing. What were<br />

the mental and logistical shifts you had to make to get this all to<br />

happen?<br />

MB: A lot went to the planning, teamwork, and how we were<br />

going to do our promoting and enrollment process. Of course, we<br />

also discussed what the goals were going to be for maximizing our<br />

after school program and the adult program as well. Every week<br />

we meet to go over what we’re doing? How many leads do we<br />

have this week? How many appointments do we have this week?<br />

And how to follow up. Not only did we work with our team here,<br />

but we also worked with our business consultant team at AMS to<br />

make sure that we were on track for success.<br />

MAWN: After school <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> has been a godsend for many<br />

schools, but it also can have its own challenges. You’re in one of<br />

the tougher areas in the nation to make all this happen so what are<br />

some of the big lessons and big obstacles you had to overcome to<br />

find success?<br />

MB: Sure there are a lot of obstacles to get into the schools be-<br />

42 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>22</strong> | ISSUE 3




Proven Effective<br />

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school owners.<br />

Easy To Learn<br />

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“I went from just one location<br />

to sponsoring five locations in<br />

Virginia.”<br />

cause our program is <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong>. Some schools are of the mindset<br />

that “We don’t want that in our school”, so sometimes just getting<br />

past the front door is difficult. Whatever it is, I’ve been there, done<br />

that, and have found ways to work with the school systems.<br />

You have to find ways you can contribute to what they are<br />

doing in their school, and learn to communicate with the staff well<br />

to find a way to get into the system. Now Chesterfield County is<br />

one of the toughest in the state to get into, but there’s not a school<br />

that I cannot walk into right now without an ID or with anything.<br />

That’s how it is for all our locations around the Richmond area, we<br />

can get into the schools with no problems. It’s all about building a<br />

win-win relationship.<br />

Simply put, you first have to make up your mind that you are<br />

going to be a partner in education. We are going to be partners<br />

with elementary schools. We explain what we are going to do, how<br />

we’re going to do it and what the benefits are for the school, the<br />

students, the teachers and the families of the students. Right. Really,<br />

it’s all about showing them what’s in it for them.<br />

MAWN: You had been so focused on the transported after<br />

Full Classes are a Ton of Fun at This “Super School”<br />

school martial arts program for children, but you saw a need and a<br />

gap in the adult market, right. Why did you then feel it was time to<br />

refocus on adults and what are the results like?<br />

MB: Well, most of the time inbound phone calls were for the<br />

children’s program. We might have had 10 adults in class. We’d<br />

lose a few, then we’d get three or four more and have the same<br />

cycle happen over and over. We saw a need to really have a focus<br />

on the adult market. With the social media marketing strategies<br />

with ATLAS Software and the iEnroll System, it uses pinpointed<br />

marketing to reach the right people. The marketing campaigns use<br />

the right marketing messages that are attractive to adults, which<br />

“…we can get into the [public/<br />

private] schools with no<br />

problems. It’s all about building<br />

a win-win relationship.”<br />

Treating Your Staff Well is Something Woven Into the Culture of This School<br />

was something that I struggled with. Most people might think, just<br />

focus on children, but now we’re packed with adults. It’s unbelievable<br />

and we’re still getting new leads daily. So this was the right<br />

marketing strategy to help our location with the adults.<br />

MAWN: Operating multiple schools can be challenging. One of<br />

the challenges multi school operators face is recruiting and developing<br />

staff members.<br />

MB: The instructor recruiting process is doing really well now<br />

because we are constantly getting more and more adult students.<br />

With children it can take many years before they are able to be<br />

competent instructors and staff members, but adults can get there<br />

much faster.<br />

This is due to very high quality prospects coming into our<br />

school who have already set an appointment to come in and see<br />

44 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>22</strong> | ISSUE 3

Learn the skills that made the<br />


With New Lessons Added Monthly!<br />

Get Your<br />

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you. They are excited about the lesson and in many cases,<br />

they bring a friend or family member to train with them from<br />

the start. We’re really excited about this because we’ve<br />

expanded to more locations, expanded our instructor base,<br />

and didn’t have to wait for children to grow up.<br />

MAWN: What do you see as the major benefits from the<br />

iEnroll way of marketing in contrast with some of the previous<br />

kinds of traditional marketing that you used to use?<br />

MB: It has actually saved me a lot of money as opposed<br />

to the old style of marketing. In relation to some of our<br />

other marketing tactics, it’s actually very cost effective. For<br />

example: we have a team that goes out Tuesdays and Thursdays<br />

to promote four or five hours a day. So you’re paying each person<br />

$12 an hour. I have an event planner who goes out on a weekend<br />

to promote and I have to pay her. They’re not paid solely commission<br />

on all those things, they need motivation, and still have<br />

to come in to teach class. I also spend close to $800 a month on<br />

marketing materials.<br />

Now we have appointments in the morning and the money<br />

that used to be spent, I used to give my staff a raise. Also, we use<br />

that money to have a staff meeting once a week and they all go<br />

to lunch. So now my instructors are motivated, I never really knew<br />

“School owners need to figure out how<br />

to move themselves into the CEO role<br />

rather than just the head instructor,<br />

marketer, manager, janitor, etc.”<br />

“…we’ve expanded to more<br />

locations, expanded our<br />

instructor base, and didn’t have<br />

to wait for children to grow up.”<br />

how much they hated going out there to promote.<br />

MAWN: You have kind of touched on it, but how has your role<br />

in the organization changed?<br />

MB: Well I’ve been elevated to a position of CEO in my organization<br />

from being a frontline operator of a <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> School<br />

who did everything including the janitorial tasks. Now I can<br />

focus on enrollments, renewals, retention, and quality. Before<br />

I had to spend too much time on<br />

tasks that are being done for me<br />

even while I’m sleeping or on vacation.<br />

With automated marketing, we<br />

get better results and my staff is<br />

not burnt out. School owners need<br />

to figure out how to move themselves<br />

into the CEO role rather than<br />

just the head instructor, marketer,<br />

manager, janitor, etc.<br />

MAWN: When you’re a part of<br />

a team that’s growing, that’s pretty<br />

exciting. Do you have any advice to<br />

give school owners that might be<br />

sputtering, but really want to be on a<br />

growth curve?<br />

MB: First, you have got to ask<br />

yourself, “Am I a black belt in business?”<br />

If you’re not, you have to get<br />

on the right path and get with a mentor,<br />

somebody that’s going to help<br />

you focus on growing. This will help<br />

you grow. You also want to work on retention within your school,<br />

and focus on motivating your team, because if your instructors are<br />

not motivated, the back door is wide open in your school. It doesn’t<br />

matter if you get one or two enrollments coming in each day,<br />

they’re going to go right back out.<br />

I noticed that once we leveraged all these<br />

lead generation and marketing systems, the<br />

instructors could focus more on classes. Now<br />

the classes are more fun and beneficial as well.<br />

Daily we have 4 to 5 new appointments, so we’ll<br />

keep on growing. We are still growing so much<br />

that we went from a 10,000 sq. ft. to a 20,000<br />

sq. ft. building.<br />

MAWN: Thank you for sharing these great experiences,<br />

ideas, and strategies for our readers.<br />

46 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>22</strong> | ISSUE 3

A T T E N T I O N<br />




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You are part of a wonderful industry and community with<br />

<strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> <strong>World</strong> <strong>News</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>, and now, you’ll be<br />

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Master Renard Beaty<br />

All Roads Lead to Black Belt at<br />

Kick Start <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong><br />

Master Renard Beaty is the owner of Kick Start <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> which has been in business<br />

for 12 years serving the community of Atlanta, Georgia. For the first 8 years the school<br />

operated as a traditional brick and mortar type of business, but experienced growth that<br />

currently has produced an active student enrollment of more than <strong>22</strong>0 happy students.<br />

MAWN: What would you say is the major contribution that your<br />

school is bringing to its community?<br />

RB: We are conscientious about developing civic minded,<br />

accountable, leadership skills in students so they can be productive<br />

in society and to our community. I use a 2 year management<br />

training program I used to administer when I worked at a former<br />

corporation to aid in the process.<br />

MAWN: What are the best producing marketing strategies you<br />

use and what are the lead numbers like per month?<br />

RB: I use a digital media vendor and social media platforms<br />

(website, Facebook, Instagram, Google Business, Yelp) to get the<br />

word out about our school. Those platforms are thriving for us and<br />

give us about 100 leads every month. The average conversion<br />

the leads produces 16 new student enrollments a month. We have<br />

good growth and quality control which gives our current students<br />

a good experience.<br />

MAWN: What are your most significant programs you provide<br />

and their benefits to participants?<br />

RB: My school has two 12 month programs; the Little Ninja and<br />

Basic program. I also have three 24 month programs; the S.W.A.T.,<br />

Master, and Black Belt training. Here is a general overview:<br />

Little Ninja: has students ages 5-7 and develops foundation<br />

skills like developing the body, emotional, social, and critical thinking<br />

skills. It’s 2 classes a week and includes sight teaching.<br />

Basic program: the students are ages 8 years and older. Also<br />

develops the body, emotional, social, and critical thinking skills. It’s<br />

2 classes a week and helps students to learn standard requirements<br />

for Tang Soo Do to earn a black belt to complete it.<br />

S.W.A.T. Club: For students who want to take part in my leadership<br />

development program. They learn how to teach in order to<br />

support the school. Get two extra classes a week (weapons and<br />

sparring) along with a special uniform. Learn 4 extra forms. The<br />

goal is to continue training as black belts. An invitation is given<br />

based on the student drive.<br />

Master Club: is for students that completed S.W.A.T. and want to<br />

learn sword. They can continue to take part in S.W.A.T.<br />

Black Belt Training: I found, in the past, that when I wanted every<br />

student to do S.W.A.T., some quit. They did not want the pressure.<br />

They just wanted to get a black belt and move on to another<br />

activity. So I offer two paths of enjoyment.<br />

MAWN: Do you have a lead generating website and what<br />

about it has been most productive regarding leads?<br />

RB: All my websites have a lead capture component. I get some<br />

leads from them and I recently updated one to have a better SEO<br />

experience. My leads come from many sources, including word<br />

of mouth. I am located in a major metropolitan area with only one<br />

competitor. We have two very different business models. For<br />

example, I am full time, they are part-time. I am for profit. They are<br />

not for profit.<br />

MAWN: Do you use management software and what features<br />

are providing the best benefits for running your school more efficiently?<br />

RB: I use AMS for school management. This is helpful for transfering<br />

my student body’s financial payment to another vendor so I<br />

don’t have any issues with payments.<br />

MAWN: Thanks for your example.<br />

52 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>22</strong> | ISSUE 3

See<br />

What You’re<br />

Missing<br />

Every Month<br />

Everything You’ll Ever Need to<br />

Market Your <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> School!<br />

MaBizAcademy.com<br />



Universal Warrior Mixed <strong>Martial</strong><br />

<strong>Arts</strong>: An Eclectic System of<br />

Traditional <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong><br />

Grandmaster Austin Wright’s Universal Warrior Mixed <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> has been in business<br />

since 1985. It was started with the United States Air Force <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Club at Seymour<br />

Johnson Air Force Space, located in North Carolina. It continues to spread traditional<br />

martial arts to kids and adults of all ages with more than 200 students!<br />

MAWN: What is the major contribution(s) that your school is<br />

bringing to its community?<br />

AW: Through our teachings of traditional Okinawan and Isshin-<br />

Ryu style karate, American Kickboxing, Kung Fu, and Japanese<br />

Judo Jujitsu combative arts, we provide a safe place for people<br />

of all ages. We help at risk kids, veterans and adults build confidence,<br />

lose weight and feel great! Our goal is to help our students<br />

evolve themselves spiritually, mentally, and physically!<br />

MAWN: What are the best producing marketing strategies you<br />

use and what are the lead numbers like per month?<br />

AW: ATLAS! Through AMS I have discovered new and innovative<br />

marketing tools that have helped us increase our revenues<br />

astronomically within less than 6 months with anywhere from 15<br />

to 30 leads per month! And with the help of ATLAS I opened up<br />

international dojos in Kishanganj, India, Sicily, Italy, and La Vega,<br />

Dominican Republic. Thanks to ATLAS I can not only spread<br />

traditional martial arts in the United States, but in various 3rd world<br />

countries world-wide!<br />

MAWN: What are your most significant programs you provide<br />

and their benefits to participants?<br />

AW: Within our Mixed <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Dojo Academy we provide<br />

self defense, mixed martial arts fitness, and traditional mixed martial<br />

arts programs, through which we have been able to produce<br />

two generations of champions and grand champions winning<br />

students. Aside from teaching our students how to strive and<br />

achieve greatness on a competitive level, through these programs<br />

we are also able to teach our students Japanese terminology, build<br />

self defense and confidence, get fit and strong, build a growth<br />

mindset, learn how to focus, build social skills, and most importantly<br />

have fun!<br />

MAWN: Do you have a lead generating website and what<br />

about it has been most productive regarding leads?<br />

AW: ATLAS gives us a huge lead generating website that<br />

provides multitudes of leads. Aside from our walk-ins and word of<br />

mouth leads, the website is a great way to boost leads and spread<br />

the word.<br />

MAWN: Do you use<br />

management software<br />

and what features are<br />

providing the best benefits<br />

for running your<br />

school more efficiently?<br />

AW: ATLAS works<br />

wonders with their<br />

various administrative<br />

and financial management<br />

features. Features<br />

such as the attendance<br />

taker, billing organizer,<br />

and welcome feature<br />

allow me to easily keep<br />

track of my students’<br />

attendance as well as<br />

Grandmaster Austin Wright<br />

progress and tuition dues.<br />

Alongside providing me with management organizational features,<br />

AMS provides me with other fun innovative, creative strategies to<br />

help maintain and increase student retention! “And you can take<br />

that to the Bank!”<br />

MAWN: What advice do you have for other martial arts school<br />

owners for having success in business?<br />

AW: Success is built through student retention and solid<br />

marketing, which is why I use and highly recommend the usage of<br />

ATLAS! With their multitude of resources ranging from account billing,<br />

marketing, and fun and innovative strategies, student retention<br />

has never been better! With AMS online’s amazing organizational<br />

features, I have been given more time to spend with my family as<br />

well as being a life coach to these kids and adults who struggle<br />

with anxiety and low self esteem to help build a more spiritually,<br />

mentally, physically and more confident version of themselves. At<br />

the end of the day, ATLAS allows me time to achieve our ultimate<br />

goal of taking the ordinary student and creating an extraordinary<br />

student through our martial arts studies!<br />

54 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>22</strong> | ISSUE 3

We provide integrity-based coaching and<br />

community resources to busy martial arts<br />

school owners that save you time and<br />

grow your business.<br />



Transform Your School<br />

Transform Your School<br />

with Grandmaster Y. K. Kim<br />

The most successful martial arts<br />

business leader in the world<br />

Y. K. Kim<br />

• Author of a best seller<br />

and 14 other books<br />

• Producer, writer, director,<br />

and star of the action<br />

film Miami Connection<br />

• Publisher of <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong><br />

<strong>World</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

• Motivational Speaker<br />

• Recipient of Y. K. Kim<br />

Day in Central Florida<br />

• Founder of <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong><br />

<strong>World</strong><br />

• Chairman of a consulting<br />

company on marketing<br />

and software<br />

Meet Modern Educator and<br />

Contemporary Philosopher<br />

Grandmaster Y. K. Kim<br />

Motivate Your Students<br />

• Unbreakable Student<br />

Loyalty<br />

• 100% Retention<br />

• Enduring Pride in Your<br />

School<br />

Boost Your School<br />

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• Double your Income<br />

• Build the #1 School<br />

in your town<br />

I Love to Promote the <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> -- I will not<br />

charge even one penny. It is a small token of my<br />

appreciation to the martial arts industry, and my<br />

honor to pay back the debt of gratitude I owe to the<br />

martial arts community.<br />

Book Y. K. Kim at www.ykkim.com<br />


Do You Serve <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Professionals?<br />

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<strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> <strong>World</strong> <strong>News</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> is the definitive source<br />

for information, news, education, ethical business<br />

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the world of martial arts business.<br />

We are always on the lookout for notable, engaging and<br />

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If you, your school, organization, event, product, or service<br />

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The Power of Self-Belief<br />

By Grandmaster Jesse Bowen<br />

Now in approaching the “Power of Success”, the power of self-belief is that if you<br />

don’t believe you can, then you won’t. Remember, you should note or highlight any<br />

ideas or strategies to implement your success plan.<br />

If you believe in yourself, there<br />

is little to stop you in whatever you<br />

want to accomplish. It gives you<br />

the power to push forward and to<br />

defy the odds. You will be able to<br />

handle any roadblocks that come<br />

your way. You will also brush off<br />

the naysayers. It gives you peace<br />

of mind when you stick to your<br />

self-belief.<br />

To keep that self-belief strong,<br />

you need to define your goals. You<br />

wouldn’t expect a general to fight<br />

a war without a map.<br />

You, too, need a<br />

map to guide you on how to proceed. Too many<br />

people skip this step and wonder why they aren’t<br />

getting anywhere.<br />

Goals are your guides, but carrying through<br />

with them is only done when you believe that it’s<br />

possible. Belief is the energy you need to take<br />

action. It helps you to focus on getting<br />

your tasks completed.<br />

You will also build confidence<br />

when you have selfbelief.<br />

It’s a powerful tool,<br />

as others will be attracted<br />

to that confidence. They<br />

will follow your lead<br />

and you will help show<br />

them what is possible.<br />

When you run into any<br />

stumbling blocks (and you will),<br />

that confidence will help you<br />

see them through. You will know<br />

how to take alternative action<br />

when necessary. The people<br />

following you will respect that<br />

as well.<br />

Several forces will try to beat<br />

you down. You may even find<br />

yourself letting it happen. You<br />

need to get centered on why<br />

you started your journey in the<br />

first place. Use affirmations to<br />

reinforce your message. Be consistent<br />

with your affirmations.<br />

Unfortunately, many of the negative forces are going to be<br />

from your family and friends. They will see it as helping you avoid<br />

mistakes. Many people will succumb to this negative pressure and<br />

give up. One way to prevent this is to join groups of like minded<br />

individuals. It can be related to your business, or it can be groups<br />

that focus on self-help. These organizations exist to try and push<br />

the negative forces out. It’s great to go to meetings and get encouragement<br />

from the group.<br />

Attending these groups can sometimes lead to friendships with<br />

people where you can extend the encouragement of each other.<br />

You may even form business partnerships from these friendships.<br />

It’s good to know that you have the support of these people when<br />

these relationships form. They understand when everyone else<br />

around you doesn’t. Your self-belief will strengthen considerably<br />

from this arrangement.<br />

Okay, it’s time to go to work! I believe the power of self-belief is<br />

the key to rapid success.<br />

GRANDMASTER JESSIE BOWEN is president of Karate International of Durham, Inc., a member of the<br />

American <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Association Sport Karate League and Hall of Fame, and has been a member of the Duke University<br />

PE Staff for over 25 years. He is the author of Zen Mind-Body Mindfulness Meditation and Zen Mind-Body Mindfulness<br />

Meditation for <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong>, as well as several other books, programs, and audio CDs on meditation and success training.<br />

58 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>22</strong> | ISSUE 3<br />

Photograph by BrianAJackson

All books are available on www.Atouchofzen.com<br />

or to place your order over the phone.


Use 3 <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Principles for<br />

Effective Advertising<br />

by Mr. Sean Lee<br />

You realize the importance of speed, power, and accuracy<br />

when attacking an adversary. The principles are second nature to<br />

you when you are sparring, but did you know that speed, power,<br />

and accuracy are just as important in advertising and promotion<br />

to attack your town’s market successfully? If you want to enroll<br />

25 to 50 new students every month you must understand how to<br />

advertise properly on social media or with a traditional method.<br />

As in the martial arts great skill comes through great effort, to<br />

be great at advertising and promotion much training is required.<br />

Do you have the time to focus all your energy while operating<br />

your school on learning advertising and promotion? If you answered,<br />

“Yes” are you planning on making a career<br />

change? The correct answer is “No” to both questions,<br />

but you still have to advertise and promote<br />

your school effectively.<br />

So what’s the solution to gaining the<br />

speed, power, and accuracy needed to<br />

reach more prospects than you thought possible<br />

without getting a degree in advertising?<br />

The answer is found in the professional<br />

products and services that AMS develops for<br />

martial arts school owners just like you. Every<br />

month well trained experts prepare the kind<br />

of speed, power, and accuracy in advertising<br />

and promotions<br />

designed to deliver a knockout.<br />

1. Speed – From an advertising<br />

and promotional standpoint,<br />

speed primarily has<br />

to do with hitting the target<br />

market at the right time.<br />

Experience leads to good<br />

timing and AMS has been<br />

providing school owners<br />

with marketing solutions<br />

for close<br />

to forty years. Each month tools like posters, flyers, tent cards,<br />

door hangers, emails, social media posts, etc. are designed with<br />

this kind of advertising speed in mind.<br />

2. Power - The idea of power with regard to advertising and<br />

promotion means to have impact. One key to powerful ads is<br />

eye-catching designs with images and a layout that appeals to<br />

prospective students. Another key is the use of words that capture<br />

the attention and move the reader to act. AMS has a team of<br />

expert graphic designers and writers eager to provide you with<br />

penetrating ads sure to increase your enrollment each month.<br />

3. Accuracy - Getting your advertising and promotions to the<br />

right people is what is meant by accuracy.<br />

Targeting the children, teen, adult, or even the senior market<br />

requires the appropriate kind of ads and<br />

promotions for each individual market. Many of these kinds of<br />

impactful tools can be found in the MA Biz Academy from AMS to<br />

hit the bull’s-eye in your city.<br />

To do your best in every way sometimes requires help<br />

along the way. You need your advertising and promotion to<br />

have the speed, power, and accuracy for great impact, so visit<br />

MaBizAcademy.com<br />

and find out how it can aid you in taking your school to the<br />

next level for skyrocketing enrollment each month.<br />

SEAN LEE is the Executive Director of Sales and Marketing for hundreds of martial arts schools<br />

and specializes in online and social media marketing using his extensive professional experience in<br />

sports and martial arts marketing, contract negotiation, and investment.<br />

60 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>22</strong> | ISSUE 3




Take Advantage of Over 30 Years Experience in the Industry<br />











After School & Summer Camp Programs<br />


VISIT OurAMS.com/AfterSchoolKit


Contract or No Contract? That is<br />

the Question, Part 2<br />

By Shihan Allie Alberigo<br />

Of course, if I need more justification, I simply talk about colleges. No college allows<br />

month-to-month payments with an open-ended agreement. If they did, they would<br />

also be out of business.<br />

I end the conversation with example after example<br />

of people who joined these “no contract” schools only<br />

to later on find one day that they’re out of business.<br />

Sadly, this has happened to 99% of my competition.<br />

She knew nothing of what an agreement<br />

represented, and my competitor<br />

had used the very fact that he<br />

didn’t have them as a selling<br />

tool.<br />

At Long Island Ninjutsu,<br />

we do exactly the opposite,<br />

and it’s quite obvious that in most cases<br />

it worked to Long Island Ninjutsu’s benefit<br />

and not his. We use yearly agreements as<br />

a selling tool, and it has indeed<br />

helped me take my studios<br />

from 50 to well over 1,000<br />

students in less than a<br />

decade!<br />

Remember,<br />

an agreement<br />

outlines the<br />

student-parent<br />

commitment<br />

As in any<br />

school, at Long<br />

Island Ninjutsu<br />

Centers, there have<br />

been students that have contemplated<br />

dropping out for one<br />

reason or another at some time. Having a membership<br />

agreement helps this situation. By directing the student<br />

to the martial arts billing company, where they’ll be<br />

told that, regardless of attendance, the payments must<br />

continue, you have an added tool for motivation. The<br />

school owner is able to reinforce the idea of continued<br />

commitment to training to the parent/student. Aside<br />

from that, what parent wants to pay for something they<br />

aren’t utilizing? Even if the parent/student ultimately<br />

decides not to continue with their training, or needs to<br />

take an extended period of time from training, having a<br />

membership agreement helps maintain steady cash flow.<br />

During the summer, many people take vacations or are involved<br />

with other activities. The buyer will justify that if they’re taking off<br />

two weeks for vacation, they may as well take the entire month<br />

off. We realize that breaks can demotivate students, causing them<br />

to never return to class at all. With an agreement in place, you’re<br />

allowing the payments to continue even if the student or their child<br />

isn’t actually training. An extension of time added to the end of the<br />

agreement will allow the parent to not feel as though they’re losing<br />

out on time that they’re paying for!<br />

Having an agreement guarantees growth and a stable income<br />

for your martial arts business<br />

If I have 200 students on yearly agreements, then I know<br />

that 200 people are paying for their tuition. This stable income<br />

allows me to focus my energy on building onto that 200. Schools<br />

that boast of not having agreements will experience moderate<br />

to extreme fluctuations during summer, holidays, and inclement<br />

weather. Steady cash flow guarantees you the time, focus, and<br />

revenue to increase enrollment and other areas of your business.<br />

SHIHAN ALLIE ALBERIGO is a 7th degree black belt, the founder of the L.I. Ninjutsu<br />

Centers, one of the largest Ninjutsu schools on the planet, the author of 4 books, and an entrepreneur<br />

with one of the first online coaching companies.<br />

62 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>22</strong> | ISSUE 3<br />

Illustration by Oleksandr Hruts


Browse the <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> <strong>World</strong> <strong>News</strong><br />

Community Marketplace<br />

Do You Have Items to Sell?<br />

Is There Something You Need?<br />

Selling Your School?<br />

Looking To Buy A School?<br />

Are You An Instructor Looking<br />

For A Career In The <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong>?<br />

Are You A School Owner<br />

Looking To Hire Instructors?<br />

<strong>Martial</strong><strong>Arts</strong><strong>World</strong><strong>News</strong>.com<br />

MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>22</strong> | ISSUE 3 63

We teach Character through Karate<br />

Kickstart Kids is an award winning in-school<br />

character development program that uses<br />

karate to teach life-changing values to middle<br />

school and high school students. The non-profit<br />

organization was founded in 1990 by martial<br />

artist, actor, and philanthropist Chuck Norris.<br />

For employment opportunities or to find out<br />

how you can help support this great cause, visit<br />

kickstartkids.org<br />


Are You Overwhelmed and Confused<br />

About How Social Media Can Help Grow Your School?<br />

We’re Here to Help!<br />

Download Our FREE Guide<br />

How to Use Social Media Like a Pro!<br />



What is a healthy lifestyle? Pt. 1<br />

by Grandmaster Y. K. Kim<br />

E.E.R.T: The four wheels of physical fitness:<br />

Eat and drink wisely: Healthy food brings a healthy body.<br />

Exercise daily: Release stress and get in shape.<br />

Rest properly: Recharge your energy.<br />

Think positively: A positive mind creates a positive body.<br />

In my experience, physical fitness depends on the kind of<br />

lifestyle you lead:<br />

When you have an unhealthy lifestyle, you become weak,<br />

tired, overweight, and more vulnerable to illness. When you<br />

lead a healthy lifestyle, it is easy to control your weight and<br />

get in shape, and live a stronger and more energetic life. Put<br />

E.E.R.T. into action to build a healthier life.<br />

Your body is the best medicine for your body, which<br />

means that if you have a strong body, you<br />

have a strong immune system. Build<br />

physical fitness with E.E.R.T.<br />

The E.E.R.T. habits are like the<br />

four wheels of a car: Without all four<br />

wheels working in harmony, the car will<br />

crash. If you don’t discipline yourself<br />

to develop all four habits simultaneously,<br />

you will crash as well. Therefore,<br />

balance is the key to achieving great<br />

physical fitness.<br />

Only you have the power to put E.E.R.T.<br />

into action to change your life.<br />

E.E.R.T. Leads to Harmony and<br />

Balance<br />

1) Eat and drink wisely:<br />

The healthier your diet, the<br />

healthier you will be. Eating<br />

and drinking properly is<br />

critically important in<br />

building physical fitness.<br />

2) Exercise daily:<br />

The best way to get in<br />

shape, build physical<br />

muscle, and burn physical<br />

fat while releasing toxins, stress, and tension is to work up a<br />

sweat. Exercise is a very important part of physical fitness.<br />

3) Rest properly: Recharge your energy through proper sleep<br />

and rest. Properly recharging your body is critical to achieving and<br />

maintaining good physical fitness.<br />

4) Think positively: The body and the mind are intimately connected.<br />

The body follows the mind, because the mind controls<br />

the body. They exist in harmony as a part of you. If this harmony is<br />

interrupted, you become unbalanced. As a result, positive thinking<br />

is the key to eating and drinking wisely, exercising daily, and recharging<br />

energy properly. It allows you to create good habits while<br />

eliminating bad ones.<br />

Without positive thinking, you cannot maintain physical fitness<br />

because negative thinking blocks your ability to keep up a diet<br />

and exercise routine as well as interferes with your ability to get<br />

enough sleep. Negative thinking also breeds stress, which is<br />

the stem of sickness. Without the power of positive thinking you<br />

cannot set or accomplish goals. As a result, to truly build physical<br />

fitness you need to think positively in order to get rid of mental fat<br />

and build mental muscles. Positive thinking is the key to building<br />

physical fitness.<br />

GRANDMASTER Y. K. KIM is the most successful martial arts business leader in the US, having written<br />

over 30 books on martial arts, business, leadership, and success. He has won numerous public service<br />

awards and is the founder of the leading martial arts marketing and management company in the US.<br />

66 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>22</strong> | ISSUE 3<br />

Photograph by natasaadzic

The Best Seller!<br />

Transform your life and<br />

create a successful future with<br />

The 5 Pillars of True Success!<br />

A NEW Paradigm for Modern Success!<br />

1st Pillar: Fight for your body – practice the 4<br />

wheels of physical fitness, so you can do anything<br />

you set your mind to do.<br />

2nd Pillar: Fight for your mind – earn mental fitness<br />

through self-education and self-discipline, so you<br />

can be whatever you want to be.<br />

3rd Pillar: Fight for your heart – believe in yourself<br />

to develop the moral fitness to turn obstacles into<br />

stepping stones, so you can have a winning spirit.<br />

4th Pillar: Fight for your finances – develop financial<br />

fitness to create financial freedom, so you can have<br />

everything you want to have.<br />

Audio Book<br />

5th Pillar: Fight for your life – develop the 7 kinds of<br />

modern leadership to build life fitness, so you can<br />

live the life you’ve always dreamed of.<br />

Embrace The 5 Pillars of True Success to be<br />

healthier, wiser, more confident, wealthier, and<br />

happier. You will create a successful future.<br />

E-Book<br />

As a bonus, The 5 Powers of Self-Defense and The<br />

Top 10 Successful Habits will change your life.<br />

www.YKKIM.com<br />

Modern Success is Your Choice!

Do LESS of This<br />

Payments<br />

S<br />

t<br />

Billing<br />

Charge<br />

Backs<br />

n<br />

late<br />

Payments<br />

u<br />

u<br />

o<br />

u<br />

NSF's<br />

Collections<br />

Declines<br />


Tuition Management Services<br />


CALL 1-800-275-1600

& Do MORE of This!<br />

Let AMSbilling Handle Your Business Headaches<br />

While You Do What You Love: Teach!


Children and the Art of the<br />

Sword, Part 3<br />

By Shihan Dana Abbott<br />

Ages 7 to 9<br />

Ages 7 to 9 are still best kept to the short sword. These students<br />

have better muscle control than the 3 to 6 year olds, but can<br />

still be prone to forgetting to be careful about accidentally hitting<br />

someone. They still need to stay aware that someone might be<br />

standing beside or in back of them while they are swinging the<br />

sword. These children’s wrists, from a strength perspective, may<br />

still be a concern.<br />

The ability of the individual student must be taken into account.<br />

The Chanbara bo staff may be introduced, especially for the<br />

students that have studied the bo outside of sword class. If longer<br />

weaponry or nunchaku are allowed, caution<br />

the students to temper the strength<br />

they use in their strikes. The 7 to 9 year<br />

olds don’t always realize how hard they<br />

are hitting one<br />

another.<br />

Because 7 to<br />

9 year olds are<br />

able to stay more<br />

conscious about<br />

safety, the reward<br />

system will need to<br />

change. For example,<br />

rewards can be tickets or<br />

points that can be saved<br />

up and turned in for<br />

prizes.<br />

This age group<br />

can improve on<br />

the basic techniques<br />

(head, wrist,<br />

body and leg strikes)<br />

by adding diagonal<br />

strikes. For the head<br />

this would mean strikes to just<br />

above the temple area (obviously<br />

while wearing a helmet).<br />

For the body, the strikes would<br />

be from just under the arm across<br />

the body and down to the waist.<br />

Simple blocking techniques can also<br />

begin to be taught. The 7 to 9 year<br />

old has good reactions and teaching<br />

blocking will help<br />

to improve their<br />

reaction time.<br />

A simple game<br />

for this age group is<br />

“capture the flag”. Place<br />

a red flag on one side of<br />

the deck. Place a white flag on<br />

the other side of the deck. Divide<br />

the kids into two teams of equal<br />

size and ability. The white team<br />

must protect the red flag from<br />

capture while trying to obtain<br />

their white flag from the red<br />

team. Conversely, the red team<br />

must protect the white flag from being<br />

captured while trying to obtain their red flag from the white team.<br />

Each student has one sword each. if struck in the arm, they must<br />

put that arm behind their back. If struck in the leg, they must drop<br />

down onto that leg (and, thus, can’t move around the deck). If they<br />

are struck in the head or body, they are “dead” and need to get off<br />

to one side. The first team to get their team’s flag is the winner.<br />

Adapted from Lin Conklin<br />

Samurai Sports, Inc.<br />

Children’s Curriculum development<br />

SHIHAN DANA ABBOTT Is a 7th degree black belt in Kenjutsu, starting his 14-year education<br />

in Tokyo. He has published five books and designed a US Patent. Abbott has also conducted seminars in<br />

over 30 countries and obtained his black belt at the Hombu dojo in Yokohama. He currently offers online<br />

classes on LearntheSword.com, his unique swordsmanship academy.<br />

70 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>22</strong> | ISSUE 3<br />

Photograph by IJdema

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W Want to Join a Growing, Creative, Vibrant Organization?<br />

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If So, We Want to Meet You!<br />

We’re Expanding Our Teams!<br />

Seeking:<br />

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Don’t You Dare Miss an Opportunity!<br />

by Grandmaster Stephen Oliver<br />

“It’s not what you don’t know that kills you, it’s what you know for sure that ain’t true.”<br />

― Mark Twain<br />

They used this quote in the excellent movie “The Big Short.”<br />

If you are in any way interested in how the Mortgage market<br />

collapsed the economy, it’s a great way to learn more about how<br />

things really worked. It’s not the full story but it’s a pretty good<br />

chunk of the “untold story,” behind what really happened.<br />

The Mark Twain quote also very much applies in my mind to<br />

how most of our industry is absolutely sure about wrong ideas.<br />

How the majority of school owners including those selling them<br />

“stuff” – ideas, software, websites, etc. Get it wrong so much of<br />

the time.<br />

There’s another great quote by Earl Nightingale<br />

I believe, that’s something to the effect of if<br />

you don’t know what to do, just look around<br />

at what everyone else is doing and do the<br />

opposite. Look at how most schools (by<br />

definition the broke guys) are running<br />

their school and do the opposite. This is<br />

why I have a tendency to yell at clients<br />

who tell me what everyone else in town is<br />

charging, by the way.<br />

Opportunity lost… makes<br />

me physically ill…<br />

seriously.<br />

You may or may not<br />

know, but one of the ways<br />

that Jeff Smith influenced<br />

my life is he got me<br />

hooked on Movies while<br />

I was in college and a<br />

branch manager and he<br />

was VP/Head Instructor for<br />

the Jhoon Rhee Institute.<br />

He and I used to hit two<br />

movies on Friday night.<br />

I’ve since passed this<br />

on to my kids and, now especially my 7-year-old son, Chase<br />

must see everything the moment it’s released, Thursday night.<br />

Over the holiday’s we saw 3 movies in three different theaters.<br />

In each of the lines we’re outside the door. Showings were<br />

sold-out. The Theaters were “beat-up”, out of concessions, and<br />

overwhelmed. That weekend broke EVERY standing record.<br />

Guess how many <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Schools or other similar businesses<br />

were in the lobby marketing to that crowd?<br />

Right. None.<br />

VERY close to two of these theaters is a former Franchisee of<br />

mine who was constantly complaining of having difficulty getting<br />

enough students. Guess what, no sign of him. And, this is<br />

someone who I personally taught how to do it, stood by his side,<br />

showed him how to make appointments, guided him on how to set<br />

up and organize the booth.<br />

Then I ended up in Tulsa for 8 days. The Big AMC Theater<br />

there was packed – all showings sold-out. The coke machines<br />

were sold-out, concessions overwhelmed, theater PACKED with<br />

people. Not far from there is one of the wan-a-be “industry guru’s”<br />

who was with me a few years ago for about a month. He had<br />

about 90 students in Tulsa last I knew but sounds really enthusiastic<br />

pitching his latest sales and marketing ideas to school<br />

owners. He’s always bragging about how he’s mastered email and<br />

Facebook marketing.<br />

Think he had anyone at that Theater (or, any in town?) No.<br />

How about a kiosk at the local shopping mall? Nope. How about<br />

rack cards, bandit signs and other “gorilla marketing” around the<br />

area, nope.<br />

Opportunity lost forever.<br />

I’m sure he’s having a holiday camp and charging $20 a day for<br />

it. Thinks he’s rich. Doesn’t know what he doesn’t know. Well, the<br />

cost of living is pretty low in Tulsa.<br />

Don’t complain about your active count and miss opportunities<br />

like these. There’s opportunity EVERYWHERE. Go talk and take<br />

advantage of that opportunity.<br />

GRANDMASTER STEPHEN OLIVER, is a 9th degree black belt and is the founder and CEO of<br />

Mile High Karate schools, and founder of the <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Wealth Mastery Program.<br />

72 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>22</strong> | ISSUE 3<br />

Photograph by chaiyon021



Add ‘Value’ to Your School<br />

By Master Carlos Machado<br />

In regards to systems, the whole thing is a job is never done; it’s always a work in<br />

progress. Like when you bought a laptop two years ago, and then you go to the same<br />

shop two years later, you look at yours saying, “Man, this thing is crap now. I need to<br />

add more memory,” and this and that.<br />

The same applies to business, but I think there are certain<br />

things at the core. Whether you’re tracking your students or being<br />

engaged with the customer service aspect, you have to give more<br />

than what’s expected of you. Often staff have a problem with following<br />

a sales script. They worry about the price. They almost challenge<br />

their students. And I have issues with staff at different points<br />

in time because they come from different backgrounds.<br />

Many people have what I call the “poor man mentality” because<br />

they had bad experiences in their upbringing. They<br />

never grew out of it. No matter what system you<br />

have in place, they can’t really integrate themselves<br />

with it because they have that bias;<br />

that self-limiting thought process that came a<br />

long way back.<br />

Digital makes a difference in the quality<br />

of your school. There’s no question about<br />

price when the value is clear; the decision<br />

is easy. I quote Dan Pena on that.<br />

If I do an intro class and price<br />

becomes an issue after the introduction,<br />

I didn’t do my job<br />

because what I want is that<br />

when a guy has an intro<br />

class, I want him to just<br />

look at my staff on the<br />

desk and say, “I want<br />

to join right now.”<br />

He’s not going to ask<br />

how much it is. That’s<br />

out of the question.<br />

This is the part that, in my opinion, people miss out on: you can<br />

decorate all the sales scripts. You can make all the promises. But<br />

if what we deliver is not beyond somebody else’s expectations,<br />

price is going to always be an issue.<br />

They’ll say, “I’m not sure, I’m going to ask my wife,” or “I’m going<br />

to go and check what the market says.”<br />

And I don’t want that client. I want a client that says, “Oh, my<br />

gosh, I’m ready!”<br />

I have to do my part if I don’t add value. Part of the system is<br />

your posture, being clean with your gear, being presented well,<br />

having your nails trimmed, and a nice haircut.<br />

MASTER CARLOS MACHADO is one of the pioneers of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the United<br />

States of America. Currently a Coral Belt, and promoted to Black Belt by Carlos Gracie Junior, Carlos<br />

Machado came to the USA in the early 1990’s with his brothers where they formed the RCJ Machado<br />

Jiu Jitsu Association, one of the strongest & growing BJJ organizations in the world today.<br />

74 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>22</strong> | ISSUE 3<br />

Photograph by designer491<br />

Human Age



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the<br />

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"I knew Break Like a Champ could really help our school. We<br />

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BLAC has made such a huge difference in our school! In a few<br />

months, we will have made back what we spent just by being<br />

associated with BLAC! I really believe BLAC will add<br />

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-Chance Burleson, owner Chance Legends Dojo<br />

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Basic Training<br />

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Message me for booking<br />

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chip@teamchiptkd.com<br />

"It doesn't matter the size of your school, the demographics or<br />

ranks of your students, Chip Townsend helps with all aspects<br />

of running a successful martial arts school!"<br />

-Justin Cuellar, Owner of Atalla County <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong>


Press the Points, Part 2<br />

By Grandmaster Tom Patire<br />

Application<br />

Like in all training, applying the right technique at the right time<br />

is the key to success. Also, applying it in real-world conditions is<br />

what makes you invaluable to your client, as well as your team.<br />

What I have found in my training is that many people that fail at<br />

pressure point techniques fail not because of the technique itself,<br />

but because of the missed application. See, a pressure point has to<br />

be “cleared” before you apply it. For example, you attempt to apply<br />

a point to, let’s say, in the region of the clavicle, where<br />

there are numerous, very effective points that can<br />

immobilize an aggressor in seconds. Where this<br />

point, and many like them, goes wrong is when<br />

the applicator tries to apply it directly through<br />

the clothing. When that happens, the clothing<br />

jams the point and creates a buffer so that<br />

the aggressor never feels the full effect of the<br />

point, allowing him to resist or, in some cases,<br />

break out of the technique. Some helpful advice<br />

when applying a point to the clavicle region is to<br />

slide your finger down along the neck so that it<br />

goes under the shirt or jacket, and once<br />

directly on the targeted point,<br />

use another finger to activate<br />

the pressure point.<br />

This technique is called<br />

“clearing” and works<br />

most of the time in most<br />

situations.<br />

Body Types<br />

Body type often<br />

dictates the effect of<br />

a pressure point. For<br />

example, a person<br />

with less body<br />

density (fat and/or<br />

muscle), in most cases,<br />

is easiest to apply.<br />

That does not mean that the other body types can’t be targets with<br />

pressure points. What it means is that you need to read a body and<br />

apply the best point that shows itself during the altercation/situation.<br />

In a situation where a person is irate and swinging his hands<br />

violently, many seasoned professionals I work with like to target<br />

facial points or points that lie in the arms like the radial nerve. If a<br />

person is on the attack and an agent enters from his rear, many<br />

favor points in the neck, back, or lower legs. What it really comes<br />

down to is what is accessible at the time. In many cases, you take<br />

what is given to you instead of trying to go after a point that may<br />

not be accessible at the time.<br />

At the end of the day, the training you choose is your choice,<br />

but the law dictates what we can do and what we can’t. Make<br />

sure you are skilled in all aspects of use of force, and when you<br />

have the choice, make sure you use less force instead of more.<br />

Less means fewer problems and fewer headaches, especially if it<br />

involves any type of civil and criminal repercussions.<br />

GRANDMASTER TOM PATIRE, is known as “America’s Leading Personal Safety Expert” and has appeared<br />

on Good Morning America, The CBS Morning Show, The Colbert Report, Montel, plus in mainstream publications such as<br />

Family Circle, Redbook, Fortune <strong>Magazine</strong>, and The Wall Street Journal. He has written several books and has personal<br />

safety programs that can be incorporated into your martial arts school, available at TomPatire.com.<br />

78 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>22</strong> | ISSUE 3



That Bring New Students Into Your School–Fast<br />

Finally, a Beautiful, High-Quality, Lead Generating Website for Your <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> School<br />

Visit Amazing<strong>Martial</strong><strong>Arts</strong>Websites.com or Call (800) 275-6900


Teaching The Complex Art Of<br />

Kung Fu, Part 2<br />

by Professor Willie “The Bam” Johnson<br />

Each class must be taught with a teaching plan that must be<br />

organized before each class. I mean everything must be written<br />

down in detail. It is your map for progress; it helps your instructor<br />

not to lose the point of what is important for the student. The<br />

“class agenda” as we call them should be made up based on the<br />

student’s struggle in and outside of class. You see class is not just<br />

about the physical skills needed, but life skills and philosophy as<br />

well. It covers individual basics such as strikes, footwork, stances,<br />

kicks and sweeps and then blocks on trapping skill at least three<br />

days a week. Then there are the forms, two person fighting<br />

sets, weapons, sparring grappling and self-defense<br />

for the next three days.<br />

Also warm ups, cardio, strength, and flexibility<br />

are a part of every class. The tempo of<br />

each class varies from high intensity to medium<br />

intensity all the way down to slow. Each of<br />

these levels of class serve a purpose. For<br />

example the high intensity is to exhaust them to<br />

a point where they can’t think about the<br />

next move, but just flow at a<br />

medium pace. One, it allows<br />

them to work hard and<br />

think in the present, while<br />

the slow pace allows the<br />

student to correct their<br />

skill and work on the<br />

small details.<br />

Detail notes on each<br />

student should be kept<br />

along with good job<br />

cards that should be<br />

mailed daily along with<br />

the student’s attendance.<br />

Compliments on<br />

a student’s progress in activities<br />

in and outside the school, showing them how they complement<br />

one another is important to a student’s longevity.<br />

These things make Kung Fu a way of life and it can not be<br />

taught any other way. Constant calls and regular private lessons<br />

along with group ones are key to help the student feel confident<br />

about the learning process of this complex art. The key to helping<br />

the students’ learning process remain enjoyable is keeping them<br />

in the now, helping them to not let their minds wonder what could<br />

be or what is going to happen, only on what is going on at that<br />

moment. They have to think about nothing, so therefore the mind<br />

must be empty and allow that present moment to fill it up.<br />

You see, the true secret of teaching Kung Fu is having all<br />

the things needed for class but not at the expense of losing the<br />

freedom of creative expression. This is what makes class fun, your<br />

ability to be open to the new as a teacher in order to experience<br />

what the students are presenting you with. It is like a dance and<br />

you follow their steps and lead them to the goal in a harmonious<br />

manner.<br />

Through this method of teaching we promote the growth<br />

process of true human potential and through their every effort<br />

and action inner strength is gained. As teachers we must recognize<br />

that the student’s emotions that are expressed through the<br />

technique, is about reading their body language, facial expression<br />

and eyes. You see, Kung fu can not be learned or taught in a lazy<br />

manner or with a closed mind because then everything becomes<br />

rigid and stiff. Kung Fu is free flowing and must flow to bring forth<br />

the students’ great spirit from within. A spirit that is greater than<br />

ambition, confidence, determination, vision, etc. Everything is transcended<br />

by it. It is the chi of life, a true expression of one’s inner<br />

self expressed outwardly.<br />

As teachers we must remember that we are only guided by<br />

and to inner truth and are never the giver. So as a catalyst we<br />

must continue to strive for the true expression of this complex art.<br />

And what is art; an expression of life that transcends both time<br />

and space.<br />

PROFESSOR WILLIE “THE BAM” JOHNSON is a 7th degree black belt and seventime<br />

sport karate and Kung-Fu world champion. He has appeared in four movies, 16 plays, and 11 television<br />

shows. He is also the national spokesperson for the Stronger than Drugs Foundation and the Champions<br />

Against Drugs.<br />

80 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>22</strong> | ISSUE 3



4 Sure-Fire Tips to Take Pressure<br />

Off Yourself<br />

By Lee Milteer, Performance & Productivity Coach<br />

WE live in an unprecedented time for sure, where people seem<br />

to be beyond stressed and easily offended. How often do you put<br />

unnecessary pressure on yourself by trying to do and say the right<br />

thing? Most likely this occurs daily. Fortunately, you can avoid this<br />

kind of stress.<br />

Give yourself PERMISSION to plan what you’ll say when future<br />

stressful situations pop up. Here are four jewel statements I<br />

personally use that always work for me. I hope you will add them<br />

to your tool bag of coping strategies for dealing with the endlessly<br />

changing reality we live in. Try them, I promise they work!<br />

Learn to Say These Four Phrases at the Appropriate<br />

Time to Help You Lighten Up and Stop Putting Pressure<br />

on Yourself.<br />

1. I Don’t Know.<br />

Many times, you won’t say, “I don’t know,”<br />

because you’re afraid others will think you’re<br />

incompetent. Hey, you’re just human and<br />

can’t possibly know everything – and<br />

that’s okay, no one does. And you can<br />

always say, “I can find out and let you<br />

know later.” Sometimes you can say,<br />

“I don’t know” when dealing with<br />

people who are highly combustible<br />

and just looking for trouble. In that<br />

kind of situation, being neutral<br />

prevents conflict that you<br />

cannot win anyway.<br />

2. I need help.<br />

Everyone needs<br />

help from time to time.<br />

Unfortunately, you’re<br />

going to burn out without<br />

a support system.<br />

Saying, “I need help”<br />

must be done at the appropriate<br />

time. Most of us<br />

really strong-minded folks often take on too many responsibilities<br />

and fear we will look weak if we ask for help. As a business owner,<br />

I have learned it’s important to ask for help, to keep myself from<br />

burning out.<br />

There is one place I recommend that you rephrase “I need help”<br />

and that is at home. When you ask for help with the housework or<br />

yard work, you’re implying that it’s your entire job. Since we teach<br />

people how to treat us, be careful not to set yourself up for taking<br />

on more responsibility than necessary. Instead, try saying, “I need<br />

you to share responsibility for the housework or yard work.”<br />

3. I Was Wrong.<br />

When you’re wrong, admit it. If you don’t, someone else will be<br />

pointing their finger and saying it for you. I recommend that you<br />

only apologize once, then take your energy and go right into problem<br />

solving. Ask, “What can we do to fix this situation?”<br />

4. Learn to Say “NO” at the appropriate time.<br />

How many times have you overbooked yourself? Gotten involved<br />

with a project that you didn’t have time for and didn’t want to<br />

do in the first place? Here’s a time management tip: go through your<br />

calendar and write “BOOKED” on your weekends and free time.<br />

Now when people ask you to do things and you’re not sure if you really<br />

have time or want to get involved, you tell them, “I have to check<br />

my calendar, I might be booked, I’ll get back to you.” This strategy<br />

allows you to choose what activities you really want to become<br />

involved with instead of being a reactor and overbooking yourself.<br />

It’s hard saying “NO” to people because you want them to like<br />

you. You end up giving too much of yourself because you don’t<br />

want to disappoint anyone. Better to suffer the sixty seconds it<br />

takes to decline with kindness such requests of your time than suffer<br />

way much longer doing things you don’t have time for.<br />

So LIGHTEN up folks! Allow yourself to have more of a sense of<br />

Humor in life and give yourself a break. After all, you are HUMAN –<br />

a work in progress!!!<br />

BEST,<br />

Lee Milteer<br />

Performance and Productivity Coach<br />

Millionaire Smarts Coach<br />

MS. LEE MILTEER is an Intuitive Business Coach, award-winning professional speaker, and TV personality<br />

who has counseled and trained over a million people throughout her career. Lee is Stephen Oliver’s <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong><br />

Wealth Mastery’s Millionaire Smarts Coach and is also a best-selling author of educational resources.<br />

82 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>22</strong> | ISSUE 3

SEPTEMBER 9TH – 11TH, 20<strong>22</strong><br />




Join Us! September 9th – 11th, 20<strong>22</strong><br />

Energize yourself and your<br />

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A Particular Vision, Part 2<br />

By Shidoshi Alfredo Tucci<br />

Paniagua was a Master in directing the group energy flows, based on his idea of<br />

cycles of rupture, expansion, stillness. People came out refreshed from classes. Even<br />

today, the idea of training in combat for an hour and a half, and then finishing the class<br />

doing Yoga and meditation is an absolute transgression.<br />

Another surprising finding was his way of teaching kicks<br />

from the ground, taking out the need to maintain balance, but<br />

generating enough muscle memory and tone so that once the<br />

basics were mastered, they could be performed standing up.<br />

Divide and rule! Therefore, people with lesser motor<br />

skills learned much faster this way than in<br />

any other gym.<br />

His perception of some learning problems,<br />

such as “the dizzy duck complex,” and the<br />

problems of transference and countertransference<br />

in the Master student relationship,<br />

were just some of his revolutionary observations,<br />

in an activity that rarely had a bigger<br />

judgment than that of “repeating what another<br />

had taught you”, because it had always<br />

been done like that.<br />

For José Luis Paniagua, <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong><br />

were a vehicle, a tool of balance, health<br />

and adaptation to the environment,<br />

which he knew how to adapt to his<br />

own needs, which, on the other<br />

hand, were those of the overwhelmed<br />

urban dwellers of a<br />

modern age, in which alienation,<br />

lack of mind-body balance,<br />

were beginning to point out<br />

intensely, and which today are<br />

a widespread and pathological<br />

reality.<br />

The essential thesis of<br />

Paniagua was that from<br />

the moment in which man gave up his natural activities in the<br />

environment as hunter-gatherer, his psychophysical balance was<br />

compromised in formulas, which resulted in instability affecting<br />

several poles, mind and emotion, body and spirit, which always interact<br />

with each other. <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong>, when well oriented, were the<br />

necessary medicine to rediscover this balance. Our bodies were<br />

made to move, and the “couch surfing”, the apathy and inactivity,<br />

were only the entrance door for self-destructive behavior of every<br />

kind.<br />

For almost a decade, I participated actively in that experiment,<br />

even as a non-profit teacher. I made great friends, such as<br />

Lorenzo Castro and Tomás de Santiago, who to this day they remain<br />

so. In addition to all this, Paniagua’s vision allowed me later<br />

to develop my work as editor of books and Budo International<br />

<strong>Magazine</strong>, and do it in an inclusive way, without ever judging the<br />

diversity of styles and <strong>Arts</strong>, to which I had to give fair space on<br />

our pages. An inclusive vision that went beyond the details and<br />

that gave me the intelligence, the intuition and the insight of a<br />

teacher and a friend, who will always remain in memory, feeling<br />

gratefulness.<br />

Of him still remain his books, some I published them myself,<br />

others my brother, also editor; his children and his widow María<br />

González Garzón, who still teaches Tai Chi; but above all, he left us<br />

an imprint that touched intensely those who, like me, frequented<br />

the Pyrenees Street, in the best of environments, in order to sweat,<br />

clean and balance our lives.<br />

It’s still modern. Very modern! Watch out! If you are in the<br />

<strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> thing, no matter what your style, his books can be an<br />

extraordinary additional contribution. José Luis went out of the<br />

path, to help us get back to it.<br />

Thank you, Master.<br />

SHIDOSHI ALFREDO TUCCI is the CEO and General Manager of the Budo International Publishing<br />

Company, a leading publisher in the martial arts with over 35 years in the industry. He is also author of several<br />

books: The Immaterial Dimension, The Way of the Warrior, and The Spirit. He currently lives in Valencia, Spain.<br />

86 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>22</strong> | ISSUE 3

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88 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>22</strong> | ISSUE 3

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Funding Your Exhibition and<br />

Tournament Teams<br />

by Master Tina Bane<br />

One of the secrets to long-term<br />

student retention is forming teams.<br />

Your regular classes have to be<br />

designed for all your students, of all<br />

ages and ability levels. Teams allow<br />

students with outstanding ability to<br />

focus on their area of interest and<br />

develop their fullest potential. Two<br />

teams no school should do without<br />

are the Exhibition Team and the<br />

Championship Team.<br />

The Exhibition Team,<br />

which is sometimes called your Demo Team,<br />

practices exciting techniques to use during<br />

exhibitions. We call ours the Dream Team, and<br />

we dedicate one special class a week to them.<br />

They prepare exhibitions for our belt tests, plus<br />

any other exhibition opportunities we get during<br />

the year to promote our school. We give them<br />

special training in higher level techniques,<br />

exciting breaking, crowd-pleasing falls<br />

and throws, and exceptional team<br />

coordination.<br />

To give our team a sense of<br />

being special, we buy special<br />

exhibition uniforms<br />

that make their show<br />

more exciting. We<br />

invest in music and<br />

special props for their<br />

exhibitions and help<br />

with travel expenses<br />

and entry fees for competitions.<br />

We also provide some team<br />

identity items like equipment bags,<br />

t-shirts, and warm-up suits.<br />

The students, both adults and<br />

children, are proud to be members<br />

of our Dream Team, and the<br />

parents are extremely supportive.<br />

They feel like they have ownership<br />

in a special part of our school,<br />

and when they feel ownership,<br />

they naturally give more time and<br />

receive more satisfaction.<br />

At this point, you are probably<br />

asking, “Where do we get the<br />

funds for all those expenses?”<br />

Our major fundraiser is our annual<br />

Breaka-thon. It works great because we use the money we raise<br />

to pay for the expenses of the event, and then divide the profits<br />

equally between the ICG, an international charity, and our student<br />

teams. We have raised $10,000 before, so our Exhibition Team<br />

budget was really good. We are looking forward to raising more in<br />

the future, because the students and parents work harder to raise<br />

money when they know that a large percentage of the money is for<br />

their own team.<br />

Our Championship team works the same way. In our tournament<br />

system we have championship tag-team matches, which – if<br />

you’ve ever seen them – are unbelievably exciting. Our competitive<br />

athletes train hard, and spend many extra hours focusing on<br />

sparring. We just can’t do that much sparring in our regular classes,<br />

so we created a special class that provides a great outlet for<br />

students who really love to spar. Plus, they get to compete on our<br />

Championship Team, win trophies and medals, and receive travel<br />

subsidies from our fundraising efforts.<br />

I highly recommend you develop your own Exhibition Team and<br />

Championship Team, and fund them with a Break-athon. You can<br />

get all the materials and guidance you need setting up a Breakathon<br />

included for AMS marketing consultants as with your other<br />

martial arts school needs.<br />

Schedule a Breaka- thon this year, so your teams will be better<br />

equipped, and your students and parents will be more loyal<br />

than ever!<br />

MASTER TINA BANE is a 6th degree master instructor and owner of a Top Ten martial arts school<br />

with successful after school and summer camp programs.<br />

90 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>22</strong> | ISSUE 3<br />

Photograph by SerhiiBobyk

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The Value of Stretching<br />

by Grandmaster Tim McCarthy<br />

Do you have your students stretch at the beginning of classes?<br />

Perhaps you have a warm-up routine for the beginning of each<br />

class. If you don’t, you might consider adding one.<br />

There are many values to a good warm-up. First of all, you<br />

literally warm-up your students’ bodies. They go from a state of<br />

calm to a state ready for action. You increase their blood flow,<br />

heart rate, and body temperature to prepare them for the strenuous<br />

activities in class. Without a warm-up you risk unnecessary<br />

injury. The warm-up is also a good time for some basic conditioning<br />

like push-ups, sit-ups, etc. to develop body strength. Most<br />

beginners need some conditioning, and more advanced students<br />

can benefit from advanced conditioning. Finally, stretching<br />

can be included to prevent injury and, if done properly, to<br />

increase flexibility.<br />

Stretching is also a great way to develop confidence<br />

because it develops bravery. Now, I want<br />

to distinguish right here the difference between<br />

stretching and loosening-up. I have known<br />

some very flexible people who never stretch.<br />

They plop down into a front split or a side split,<br />

then stand up and begin to do amazing kicks.<br />

To me, that’s not stretching; that’s loosening-up.<br />

Both are good, but there is a difference.<br />

Stretching hurts. Loosening-up doesn’t hurt.<br />

Stretching involves extending your muscle<br />

to its limit, where it hurts. At that point,<br />

your natural tendency is to back off.<br />

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to<br />

know that if something hurts, you<br />

stop. A martial artist knows that<br />

sometimes pain is the price of<br />

progress, and stretching is an<br />

easy way to not only learn, but<br />

practice that principle. Pain is<br />

an important component.<br />

As you lead your students<br />

through a stretching<br />

session, first make sure<br />

they have warmed-up<br />

sufficiently. Cold muscles do not stretch easily nor do they<br />

stretch as far as warm muscles. When stretching to develop<br />

bravery, I recommend showing your students proper form and<br />

then encouraging them to stretch to the point where the muscle<br />

hurts. Some simple guidelines to use are (1) light muscle pain is<br />

OK, but intense muscle pain is not. Don’t be stupid and pull a<br />

muscle to show how brave you are. (2) Light muscle pain means<br />

you are stretching the muscle, but joint pain usually means you<br />

are damaging the joint. Avoid joint pain. (3) Don’t bounce. Move<br />

slowly and deliberately.<br />

As you are at the point where the muscle hurts, simply stay<br />

there for about 30 seconds or so. You will probably notice that<br />

if you don’t back away from the pain, the pain backs away from<br />

you. Your muscles will stretch a little and hurt less. When your<br />

muscle no longer hurts, chase the pain by stretching a little<br />

deeper until you find that point of light pain again, and then wait.<br />

If the pain backs away again, chase it again. When you reach the<br />

point that the pain no longer backs away, simply stay there and<br />

endure the pain for about 30 seconds at your maximum stretch,<br />

and then relax. Of course, follow the same routine for your other<br />

leg or on your other side.<br />

The process of not only enduring the pain but chasing the<br />

pain is what creates bravery. People who react emotionally will<br />

want to flee from the pain. By intentionally staying at the pain<br />

point, you help your student move out of their emotional mind<br />

and into their rational mind. You help them learn how not to<br />

react instinctively (emotionally) but react rationally. You teach<br />

them bravery and self-control that goes a long way in conflict<br />

management. A student who can control her instinct to avoid<br />

pain can more easily control her anger or jealousy, and take a<br />

few seconds to respond rationally to insults, accidents, or even<br />

physical threats.<br />

Some people want to measure martial arts by their effectiveness<br />

in the ring. I choose to measure my teaching by its<br />

effectiveness in everyday life. Full splits may not help you win<br />

the UFC, but stretching with a goal in mind can help you learn to<br />

be brave, control your emotions, and delay gratification toward<br />

longer-term goals. I will choose those lessons for my students<br />

any day of the week.<br />

GRANDMASTER TIM MCCARTHY is a 9th degree black belt and is a martial arts educator<br />

with a master’s degree in education. He has been instrumental in developing two industry-changing<br />

programs, plus has directed and been featured in hundreds of martial arts videos and webinars.<br />

92 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>22</strong> | ISSUE 3<br />

Photograph by NeilLockhart

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• Reactivate lost<br />

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• Automatically push, pre-scheduled<br />

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The Top Ten Negative Habits<br />

That Keep You From Achieving<br />

Your Goals, Part 2<br />

by Grandmaster Lawrence Arthur<br />

…and what to do about them.<br />

It might seem like the most successful schools are just lucky,<br />

or in the right location, or were born under the right zodiac sign,<br />

or whatever other excuse you can come up with to keep from<br />

looking at what YOU are doing, or not doing, to build a successful<br />

school. I have the opportunity to coach many schools<br />

in all types of demographics, from small-town,<br />

part-time clubs to big-city, full-time operations<br />

with hundreds of active students, and I’ve<br />

identified several key components that the<br />

most successful schools are willing to do<br />

that the unsuccessful schools don’t do. Take<br />

a close look at this list and ask yourself how<br />

you can improve your school by taking action<br />

in each area. Here are the last 5 habits that are<br />

deterrents to achieving your goals.<br />

5. You’re not training to be a better<br />

salesman.<br />

Our business is sales and<br />

marketing! There are lots<br />

of resources for sales<br />

scripts and formulas to<br />

follow to enroll students<br />

and upgrade them.<br />

Find and study them<br />

to improve your<br />

closing ratios and<br />

professionalism.<br />

Stop prejudging<br />

everyone<br />

and everything like you think you know their financial ability. Lower<br />

your expectations and raise your effort to communicate the value<br />

of your program. Be focused on collecting money. Make a daily<br />

plan on who you’re going to enroll, upgrade, or ask for a bigger<br />

commitment from. You only get paid just after you ask for it.<br />

6. You don’t look professional.<br />

Don’t follow trends, don’t try to look cool with earrings, tattoos,<br />

spiked hair, etc. You’re setting an example of what it’s like<br />

to become a black belt leader in your school. Parents want their<br />

children to emulate success and conservative values. Wear a polished,<br />

clean uniform with a new belt instead of your old tattered<br />

belt that you’re so proud of.<br />

7. You think great classes will make you successful.<br />

Don’t get me wrong: great classes are very important; however,<br />

they only represent a third of your business. Marketing and sales is<br />

another third, and operations and paperwork is another third.<br />

8. You’re over sensitive to comments from others.<br />

Don’t accept what they think of you. It’s their thoughts, not<br />

yours, and it’s really none of your business what they think. Have<br />

tenacity and create your own future based on your personal goals.<br />

9. You bring your personal life into the academy or post it on<br />

Facebook.<br />

Your students should not know about your personal life. Your<br />

academy should be a sanctuary of positive energy and encouragement.<br />

There’s no room for gossip or any negative comments from<br />

or about anyone.<br />

10. You break your promises.<br />

Your word is who you are. You show what you are made of when<br />

you keep your promises, agreements, schedule, and appointments.<br />

GRANDMASTER LAWRENCE ARTHUR has been a martial artist, specializing<br />

in Karate, Kung Fu, Kenpo, Shotokan, and Goju Ryu, since 1968. He owns 40 Super Kick Karate<br />

locations and is founder of the American Freestyle Karate Association (AFKA). A world champion<br />

and hall of famer, Lawrence also runs the Black Belt Success Systems consulting firm, which trains<br />

martial arts instructors on proper business practices and is used by schools all over the country.<br />

94 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>22</strong> | ISSUE 3

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A Diary of a Black Belt, Part 5<br />

By Sensei Gary Lee<br />

21 months later<br />

4th Purple Belt<br />

This was the hardest test I have ever been a part of because of<br />

the bunkai. All bunkai had to be performed for all Pinan,Teki, and<br />

Heian Kata, and then applied. You would start your kata, the board<br />

would stop you, you’d be asked to perform bunkai, and then go on.<br />

I did five rounds of Bull in the Ring and was a Uki for all the black<br />

belts going for higher dan ranks. I believe I was more spent before<br />

my basics than I’ve ever been before, because I had to do all the<br />

bunkai and Bull in the Ring with the black belts. Five bad, bad<br />

dudes beat me up pretty good. Love the pain! The fighting was<br />

normal except that, with this test, the Board seemed to emphasize<br />

that this group needs to know strong, strong BASICS. There were<br />

nine of us going for purple, four going for third brown, and five<br />

black belts testing. I believe the word Kihon, meaning “basic,” was<br />

thrown at us hard, and the other new word is Kime, focusing my<br />

technique with precision as the standard.<br />

Also, after this test, a couple of the black belts came up to me<br />

and said I did good. I was really humbled; after all, I’ve come a long<br />

way in my training, but especially in my attitude.<br />

Sensei came up to me and pulled me to the<br />

side. He was always so polite, but mysterious<br />

at the same time.<br />

He said, “Purple belt is like being at the<br />

ocean’s edge: you’re to venture out into the<br />

water, deep water, full of danger and life.<br />

These are the brown belt years, purple will<br />

prepare you for that encounter, and I hope<br />

you are prepared well, for most brown<br />

belts quit because they just cannot<br />

take the pain!” Oss.<br />

Two years later<br />

3rd Brown<br />

Reaching brown belt was impressive. Basics, basics, basics,<br />

and more basics: Konk Ku Dai, Seisan Kata, advanced Teki Kata, all<br />

Kata Bunkai applications; black belt attackers only. Bull in the Ring<br />

and one on one, two on one, three on one, four on one, five on one<br />

Kumite, no rest between rounds, no water, no excuses, no quitting,<br />

and well, I’ve graduated from cleaning the toilets to sweeping the<br />

front of the matted area every day before the black belt class. Sensei<br />

says he did this so all the black belts can see me all the time<br />

and see I have good technique in sweeping.<br />

I said, with much respect, “They see me enough when they<br />

beat the crap out of me, Sir!” Oss.<br />

SENSEI GARY LEE, the American Samurai, is a 9th Dan black belt, a USA Karate<br />

Federation gold medalist, winner of five Super Grand National Titles, a featured actor in<br />

the movie Sidekicks, and is the founder of the National Sport Karate Museum.<br />

96 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>22</strong> | ISSUE 3<br />

Photograph by Michael Burrell



Are You Still Doing Too Many Tasks<br />

For Your <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> School?<br />

by Chief Master Kirk Pelt<br />

Wouldn’t you like to have more time in your life and double or even triple the amount<br />

of money you earn?<br />

You can do exactly that with the ATLAS system. It is designed<br />

to do things for you even while you sleep! Much like an avatar,<br />

ATLAS can engage your influence and information to increase<br />

your enrollment, income and retention. This management software<br />

can do virtually everything! You will have more time to teach more<br />

classes to more students and spend less time on the computer,<br />

doing accounting, trying to think of ways to market your<br />

school, and figuring out when your next students are<br />

due for belt testing and which color, etc.? Are you<br />

beginning to get the picture? AMSonline can do all<br />

of that for you!<br />

ATLAS software has an amazing accounting<br />

system that keeps track of your students’ tuition<br />

and your money spent. The financial data can be<br />

exported to QuickBooks software program for<br />

easy compatibility. There is even an HQ application<br />

to monitor multiple schools from your main Headquarters<br />

or main office school.<br />

Are you having difficulties thinking of new<br />

ways to market your school and create<br />

ads for print or social media and to<br />

make them look professional and<br />

customized to your school? AT-<br />

LAS is connected to a resource<br />

that has many ads to choose<br />

from. You can customize each<br />

ad with your school’s information.<br />

Every month ATLAS has<br />

different martial arts ads for<br />

you to use in many different<br />

ways along with promotions<br />

for each month! No<br />

more worrying about what to do next to bring in new students!<br />

These marketing promotions and ad campaigns can be done easily<br />

and at no cost in many cases!<br />

The system is so smart that it can even take attendance! How,<br />

you might ask? The state-of-the-art fingerprint scanner that is<br />

available takes attendance of every student upon entry. The<br />

attendance tracker is linked up with the automated emailer. So<br />

if someone is out, the system will automatically send an email to<br />

them stating, “We missed you!” The feature also includes 2-4-6<br />

week, birthday, holidays, and so many more automated emails. Not<br />

only automated emails, but customized automated emails are sent<br />

out on your behalf! This makes it seem like you are doing so much<br />

when in actuality you have cut your work time in half! This is what<br />

some instructors and school owners say is the secret to retention;<br />

follow-up, follow-up, follow-up!<br />

The FREE lead generating website you will receive when you<br />

sign up with ATLAS will give you an optimum web presence specific<br />

to your market with great SEO and attract more lends for your<br />

school. You will have more prospects than ever and start getting<br />

more enrollments at your school because of the special offers and<br />

the greater ability for exceptional follow-up!<br />

You can have an online Pro-Shop of your own to make more<br />

money 24/7! Students or anyone will be able to purchase items<br />

online from you with your online Pro-Shop. You won’t have to do<br />

anything but set up your free website with ATLAS and you will<br />

begin to make money around the clock!<br />

The ATLAS system will make your life so smooth and easy, you<br />

will not know how you got along without it. You will have so much<br />

more time to do what you love, teaching martial arts to so many<br />

more students! More students means more tuition and that means<br />

more money. ATLAS will handle the rest, you just do what you love<br />

best. To learn more visit TryAtlasSoftware.com.<br />

CHIEF MASTER KIRK PELT is an 8th degree black belt and is the President of a<br />

multi-million dollar, multi-school organization, has a 30-year track record of success, and is<br />

currently on the leading edge of martial arts curriculum and business innovation.<br />

98 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>22</strong> | ISSUE 3<br />

Photograph by Ratana21

59<br />

A Touch of Zen<br />

ATouchofZen.com<br />


85 Kids Point MMA<br />

PointMMA.com<br />

2, 38, Atlas <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Software<br />

93 Atlas<strong>Martial</strong><strong>Arts</strong>Software.com<br />

55 Kovar Systems<br />

KovarSystems.com<br />

97<br />

Action Hero Photos<br />

ActionHeroPhotos.com<br />

89 Learn the Sword<br />

LearnTheSword.com<br />

17 Adventures of Harry & Friends<br />

AdventuresOfHarryAndFriends.com<br />

11, 79 Amazing <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Websites<br />

Amazing<strong>Martial</strong><strong>Arts</strong>Websites.com<br />

107 American <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Alliance<br />

WhosWhoInThe<strong>Martial</strong><strong>Arts</strong>.com<br />

19, 68, AMS Billing<br />

108 OurAMS.com<br />

61, 75 AMSkids<br />

OurAMS.com/AfterSchool<br />

49 The Art of Publishing a Book<br />

ElitePublications.com<br />

26 Black Belt Principles<br />

BlackBeltPrinciples.com<br />

77 Break Like a Champ<br />

TeamChipTKD.com<br />

81 Budo International <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

BudoInternational.com<br />

73 Extraordinary Marketing<br />

ExtraordinaryMarketing.com<br />

15 Karen Eden<br />

Century<strong>Martial</strong><strong>Arts</strong>.com<br />

62 Kick Start Kids<br />

KickStartKids.org<br />

91 Lee Milteer<br />

Milteer.com<br />

53, 101 MA Biz Academy<br />

MABizAcademy.com<br />

43, 105 <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Business Institute<br />

MaBusinessInstitute.com<br />

95 <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> History Museum<br />

MAMuseum.com<br />

84 Otomix<br />

Otomix.com<br />

97 Sport Karate Museum<br />

SportKarateMuseumArchives.com<br />

31, 45 Stephen K. Hayes<br />

NinjaSelfDefense.com, tuttlepublishing.com<br />

32 Tom Patire<br />

TomPatire.com<br />

3 Vision<br />

VisionMA.com<br />

30 Warrior Defence Lab<br />

TheEvolutionOfKrav.com<br />

56, 67 Grandmaster Y. K. Kim<br />

YkKim.com<br />

21 Grandmaster Zulfi Ahmed<br />

Lulu.com<br />

MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>22</strong> | ISSUE 3 99


The Persistence Factor PT. 1<br />

by Grandmaster Bill Clark<br />

Reaching your goals, raising children, learning martial arts, running a business, running<br />

your life… is not really easy. It comes with long hours, road blocks, unplanned events, and<br />

a seemingly never-ending roller coaster ride of emotional and financial highs and lows.<br />

Just about every rider has hit the dirt, more than once. Broken<br />

or bruised their bodies, bones and egos but kept going and<br />

found a better way. Just about every parent struggles with raising<br />

their child and making decisions that didn’t turn out well.<br />

Almost every business struggles for survival at some point in<br />

its life. In fact, the average self-made millionaire has been broke,<br />

bankrupt, or financially destitute 3.7 times before becoming a<br />

financial success.<br />

Most people give up easily when things don’t work<br />

right away, or they get frustrated, mad and upset.<br />

So, in my <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> program we have a<br />

couple of sayings to help you think beyond the<br />

emotional problem. It goes like this:<br />

1. Passive persistence in the proper<br />

position.<br />

2. Stay with it! I’ve never seen it take longer<br />

than two days.<br />

Most people lose patience in<br />

a matter of seconds. When<br />

something doesn’t work,<br />

they get more forceful,<br />

irritated, mad… or they<br />

give up. You often see<br />

that with students<br />

and their lessons!<br />

In fact, that used to<br />

be me too.<br />

Persistence<br />

is probably one<br />

of the weakest<br />

human traits, so<br />

it needs constant<br />

nurturing. You have to persist at persistence! One of my teachers,<br />

Robert Kiyosaki, during a life-changing course I took with him in<br />

the mid 1980s, said: The only failure is the failure to participate.<br />

That’s a really powerful statement because it means you have to<br />

keep showing up in order for something to work.<br />

The only guarantee for failure is to stop trying.<br />

Most success stories are filled with examples of how people<br />

persisted no matter what obstacles were thrown in front of them.<br />

They found a way to get over, through or around it. They got<br />

stronger instead of weaker.<br />

It is truly amazing how many turning points come down to<br />

the same decision: Should we try again, or should we throw in<br />

the towel and settle down to a more normal, “safe” and predictable<br />

life?<br />

There is no better long-term solution to personal or business<br />

success than single-minded determination.<br />

You will need to make changes to deal with fluctuating circumstances<br />

but, even if you have to change strategy, the long-term<br />

goals remain the same.<br />

GRANDMASTER BILL CLARK is a 9th degree black belt and a former PKA Fighter of<br />

the Year. He is widely considered one of the top experts in martial arts business with over 50 years<br />

of leadership and innovation, having been inducted into almost every Hall of Fame in the industry. He<br />

is one of the largest multi-school owners in the world.<br />

100 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>22</strong> | ISSUE 3<br />

Photograph by phototechno

EVERYTHING You’ll EVER Need<br />

to Market Your <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> School!<br />




Mining for Instructors:<br />

Planting the Seed, Part 1<br />

I believe everyone reading this column can agree that one of the most frustrating and<br />

challenging aspects of running a successful martial arts school is locating, acquiring,<br />

and retaining extraordinary staff at all levels of your business. But the one staff<br />

member who can ultimately make or break a martial arts school is its instructor.<br />

It is a fact that most, if not all, success depends on how well<br />

your floor is operating and the quality of students you are producing.<br />

The development of new and future instructors and the<br />

retention of high-quality instructors has always been a challenge<br />

throughout our industry. I’ll help you gain a better understanding of<br />

the process of obtaining the top 1% of instructors in<br />

your martial arts school.<br />

Start with the mindset that everyone who<br />

walks through your doors is a potential future<br />

instructor. One of the biggest mistakes most<br />

school owners make is waiting too long to<br />

begin looking for someone to fill an instructor<br />

role. The higher the position, the harder<br />

it becomes, and the longer it takes to fill the<br />

position. Only when they are faced with losing<br />

or the loss of an instructor, or if and when they<br />

are motivated to grow their business, do they<br />

begin their search. The instructor development<br />

training and retention process<br />

should always be in effect in your<br />

school. Future instructor and leadership<br />

classes and curriculum should<br />

be yet another ongoing program<br />

or feature that is available to every<br />

student as a normal and required<br />

part of their training.<br />

At Bushi Ban, the seeds of<br />

becoming a future instructor<br />

are planted even as early as their first trial lesson. This mindset is<br />

intrinsically woven into our training culture. Our students routinely<br />

talk about teaching and one day becoming a master instructor.<br />

Beginning with our friendly receptionist staff and continuing all the<br />

way up to our Grand Master, our students and staff are always talking<br />

about teaching and its many rewarding aspects. The students<br />

and parents are constantly being exposed to the thought that one<br />

day they or their child might become an instructor, allowing that<br />

goal to guide their training and reinvigorate their motivation to set<br />

and accomplish their goals while helping to generate a renewed<br />

commitment to their training, your school, and their personal journey<br />

in the martial arts. The culture of higher aspiration and future<br />

instructorship positions is created and displayed throughout the<br />

school in the form of posters, pictures, and other visual elements<br />

as well. This helps further promote and propagate the culture<br />

within our schools.<br />

GRANDMASTER ZULFI AHMED has amassed acclaim as a world-class competitor, martial<br />

arts educator, and is most notably founder and designer of the internationally renowned style, Bushi Ban.<br />

With over 45 years of martial arts experience and over 300 martial arts awards, his schools include ten<br />

locations across Texas.<br />

102 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>22</strong> | ISSUE 3

TOOL<br />


Buddy Passes<br />

Buddy Passes are an effective<br />

yet low-cost way to improve<br />

your enrollment numbers. Simply<br />

print the passes at your local<br />

print shop and give them to your<br />

star students. They’ll be able to<br />

invite their buddy to free classes<br />

to try out the martial arts for<br />

themselves!<br />

Get this FREE sample of the<br />

creative events MA Biz Academy<br />

members enjoy every month to<br />

lock in student retention and<br />

bring dozens of new students<br />

into your school! Members<br />

also receive a fully developed<br />

promotion outline and other<br />

support materials.<br />

To receive this Special Gift, visit<br />


Tools & Tactics<br />

Lean On AMS for Your Success<br />

by Ms. Chris Lee<br />

Face it, there are numerous threats trying to rob you of success as a martial arts<br />

school owner.<br />

You’ve felt the choke hold of the negative perception MMA can<br />

bring to the martial arts. You’ve been impacted by the blows of<br />

tough economic times and their effect on the martial arts industry.<br />

If you’re almost out of breath and losing consciousness professionally,<br />

there still is hope.<br />

Consider the following adapted lyrics from a well known song,<br />

“Lean on AMS, when you’re not strong. And AMS will be your<br />

friend. AMS will help you carry on.” It’s not a sign of weakness, but<br />

rather a mark of wisdom to seek a helping hand when it’s needed.<br />

Regain consciousness and breathe easy by leaning<br />

on AMS for your success like hundreds of<br />

other successful school owners.<br />

The industry has gone through many<br />

trends plus economic highs and lows during<br />

the forty years AMS has been helping<br />

school owners. AMS can’t control trends<br />

or the economy, but they have successfully<br />

helped many martial arts professionals<br />

maintain their own distinctiveness<br />

while realizing their dreams of<br />

financial freedom. You’re probably<br />

wondering, “How?”<br />

First, many school owners<br />

get a lot of headaches and<br />

heartaches by struggling to handle<br />

their own billing for student<br />

tuition. It can be a draining task<br />

doing the accounting on student<br />

contracts and it steals the<br />

energy you need to teach great<br />

classes. Also doing collection<br />

on student contracts can hurt<br />

retention by giving the perception<br />

you’re a bill collector<br />

rather than a teacher.<br />

When you lean on AMS,<br />

you get reliable, accurate, on-time, and professional billing service<br />

that eliminates the headache and heartache so you can focus on<br />

what you love, teaching the martial arts! You can have peace of<br />

mind that your student contracts are being handled with great care<br />

and professionalism in order for you to get the highest income on<br />

your student tuition.<br />

Next, how can leaning on AMS help with the negative perception<br />

of the martial arts and a down economy? Receive highly<br />

effective, totally customizable, new, relevant, and eye-catching ads<br />

each month that can help you enroll 25 to 30 new students each<br />

month. Get ideas for family oriented promos and instruction where<br />

you still maintain the integrity of your style.<br />

AMS has been innovative in creating the most profitable after<br />

school martial arts program that can increase your income by<br />

$100,000 or more a year in any economy. In addition, AMS has<br />

the most technologically advanced school management software<br />

in the martial arts industry that aids you in achieving high level<br />

retention through its VIP promotion and automated emails.<br />

Leaning on AMS helps your school succeed through higher<br />

professionalism and advice with proven results to bring financial<br />

success in any economy. The famous song adapted would<br />

say, “AMS’ll share your load, If you just call AMS.” So just call<br />

1.800.275.1600 or visit ourams.com and begin leaning on AMS for<br />

your success now!<br />

MS. CHRIS LEE is a martial arts business development consultant with a background in online and<br />

social media marketing.<br />

104 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>22</strong> | ISSUE 3<br />

Image by LoveTheWind


HIGHLY<br />



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