Martial Arts World News Magazine - Volume 22 | Issue 3

The #1 Business Resource for the Martial Arts Industry

The #1 Business Resource for the Martial Arts Industry


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The #1 Business Resource for the Martial Arts Industry








Samuel L. Jackson

Paws of Fury:

Legend of the Hank

Chuck Norris

Boots & Black Belts Gala













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24 AFKA Martial Arts Retreat

28 Anouncing: The Official Martial

Arts World News Magazine App

34 Chief Master Mike Bugg: From

Officer in the Death Chamber to

Martial Arts School Owner Life


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6 Editorial

Summer Student Retention Strategies

Master Toby Milroy

8 Martial Arts World News Faculty

12 Ninja Business Tactics

Moving Like a Ninja

An-Shu Stephen Hayes

58 Mind Mastery

The Power of Self-Belief

Grandmaster Jessie Bowen

60 Growth Hacks

Use 3 Martial Arts Priniciples for Effective Advertising

Mr. Sean Lee

62 Next Level Strategy

Contract or No Contract? That is the Question, Part 2

Shihan Allie Alberigo

66 Pillars of Success

What is a healthy lifestyle? (Part 1)

Grandmaster Y. K. Kim

70 The Way of the Samurai

Children and the Art of the Sword, Part 3

Shihan Dana Abbott

72 Extraordinary Marketing

Don’t You Dare Miss an Opportunity!

Grandmaster Stephen Oliver

74 Mastering Modern BJJ

Add ‘Value’ to Your School

Master Carlos Machado

78 Tactical Self-Defense

Press the Points, Part 2

Grandmaster Tom Patire

80 Complete Martial Arts Concepts

Teaching the Complex Art of Kung Fu, Part 2

Professor Willie “the Bam” Johnson



82 The Millionaire Smarts Coach

4 Sure-Fire Tips to Take Pressure Off Yourself

Ms. Lee Milteer

86 Budo Philosophy

A Particular Vision, Part 2

Shidoshi Alfredo Tucci

88 Pro Shop Power

You Can Boost Your Income By $12,000 to $24,000 a

Year with Strategic Pro Shop Sales

Mr. Sun Kang

90 Master the Basics

Funding Your Exhibition and Tournament Teams

Master Tina Bane

92 Instructional Excellence

The Value of Stretching

Grandmaster Tim McCarthy

94 Business Buzz

The Top Ten Negative Habits That Keep You From

Achieving Your Goals, Part 2

Grandmaster Lawrence Arthur

96 Martial Arts Philosophy

A Diary of a Black Belt, Part 5

Sensei Gary Lee

98 Management Excellence

Are You Still Doing Too Many Tasks For Your Martial

Arts School?

Chief Master Kirk Pelt

100 The Warrior Way

The Persistence Factor, Part 1

Grandmaster Bill Clark

102 Staff Development

Mining for Instructors: Planting the Seed, Part 1

Master Zulfi Ahmed

104 Tools & Tactics

Lean On AMS for Your Success

Ms. Chris Lee



Master Toby Milroy


Mr. Sean Lee


Mr. Jeff Reulbach


Mr. Frank Meyer


Mr. Amen Blue


Ms. Erin Pham


Hanshi Dave Kovar

Grandmaster Bill Clark

Mr. Sean Lee

Shihan Allie Alberigo

Grandmaster Y. K. Kim

Grandmaster Tim McCarthy

Chief Master Kirk Pelt

Grandmaster Stephen Oliver

Chief Master Mike Bugg

Professor Willie Johnson

Grandmaster Zulfi Ahmed

Ms. Chris Lee

Grandmaster Lawrence Arthur

Master Tina Bane

Mr. Sun Kang

Master Carlos Machado

Grandmaster Jessie Bowen

Shidoshi Alfredo Tucci

An-Shu Stephen Hayes

Ms. Lee Milteer

Sensei Gary Lee

Grandmaster Tom Patire

Shihan Dana Abbott


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Summer Student

Retention Strategies

by Master Toby Milroy

I’ve been tremendously “lucky” in my career in the Martial Arts. Early on, in fact, even

before opening a school, I learned all the “Dogma”; the current ‘Beliefs’ about how the

Martial Arts Business was supposed to “be”.

I learned that Summertime always sucked.

I learned that most elementary schools wouldn’t allow Martial

Arts schools to do ‘anything’ with them.

I learned that as long as you have good quality classes, marketing

will take care of itself.

I learned that your ‘area’ determines how much you can

charge, and how financially stable your school will be.

I learned that if you really love what you do,

people will simply ‘feel’ your passion, and will just

enroll because they like you so much.

I learned that people are ‘too busy’ to commit to

a regular class schedule of 2 or 3 times a week.

I learned that people won’t sign agreements/

contracts for Martial Arts.

I learned that certain ‘styles’ of Martial Arts made

the school more or less ‘successful’.

Then, after months of struggling,

I was LUCKY enough to learn

that ALL OF THESE Beliefs Were

TOTAL “BS”. Please forgive my

language, and directness, but for

me, this realization was a GAME

CHANGER for my business,

career, and personal life!

ALL the “Dogma”, the

limiting beliefs I’d heard,

preached as ‘gospel’, and

simply ‘how things are’, were

simply WRONG. After that ‘lesson’,

I was finally able to BREAK

these limiting beliefs and start building REAL, SUBSTANTIAL businesses

but ONLY AFTER I reset the way I ‘thought’ about them.

After PROVING this, year after year, with (literally) many HUN-

DREDS of schools all across the world;

I’m often asked:

Why do some school owners fear the dreaded “Summer Slowdown”,

while others see virtually NO DISRUPTION, NO Additional

Cancellations, NO Vacation “Holds”, and actually generate MORE

Revenue and MORE Leads than most other months of the year?

Well, it’s tough for me to condense all that in the 500ish

words that will fit in this column, but here are some IMPOR-

TANT components:

First: You have to ‘dig in’ and ‘work the problem’. You do NOT

have to suffer in the summer. You do NOT have to have high drop

outs, you do NOT have to have a loss in recurring revenue because

students are on ‘hold’. ALL these problems ARE solvable.

Next: Your “membership” structure is critical. If your programs

are ‘month to month’, or have no real ‘goal’ focused programming,

you’re setting yourself up for a difficult summer season.

Using solid ‘outcome’ based ‘programs’ in your school helps

set appropriate expectations and behaviors for your students.

People don’t ‘expect’ to put their mortgage on ‘hold’ when they

go on vacation for 2 months, and if your program is structured

properly, they won’t expect, nor WANT to put their Martial Arts

program on ‘hold’ either.

We just conducted about an hour-long webinar on this topic a

few days ago, filled with strategies and tactics to help you transform

the summer slowdown into a summer jump start!

I’d be happy to give you ABSOLUTELY FREE access to it - simply

visit: TryAtlasSoftware.com/summer

MASTER TOBY MILROY is a 5th degree black belt. Known as “The Master Systemizer,” Master Toby Milroy

has positively influenced more martial arts schools than anyone in our industry. He has built a successful multi-school

organization, led the national trade association for the martial arts industry, and coached some of the most successful

martial arts school operators in the world.






No Egos – No Politics – No Trolls

Just News, Tips, Strategies, and Tools to Help You Grow Your School!




Master Toby Milroy

is a 5th degree Black Belt, the CEO and

Publisher of Martial Arts World News

Magazine, and the Executive Vice

President for AMS. In addition to building

a successful multi-school organization,

Master Milroy has positively influenced

more martial arts schools than virtually

anyone in our industry.


Grandmaster Jessie Bowen

is President of Karate International of Durham,

Inc., a member of the American Martial

Arts Association Sport Karate League

and Hall of Fame, and has been a member

of the Duke University PE Staff for over 25

years. He is the author of Zen Mind-Body

Mindfulness Meditation and Zen Mind-Body

Mindfulness Meditation for Martial Arts.


An-Shu Stephen Hayes

has authored more than 20 books,

worked as a bodyguard for the Dalai

Lama, supervised over 30 school locations

worldwide, and was named, “One

of the 10 Most Influential Living Martial

Artists in the World” by Black Belt Magazine.


Mr. Sean Lee

is the Executive Director of Sales and

Marketing for hundreds of martial arts

schools and specializes in online and social

media marketing using his extensive

professional experience in sports and

martial arts marketing, contract negotiation,

and investment.


Shihan Allie Alberigo

is a 7th degree black belt, the founder

of the L.I. Ninjutsu Centers, one of the

largest Ninjutsu schools on the planet,

the author of 4 books, and an entrepreneur

with one of the first online coaching

companies (TakingItToTheNextLevel.com).


Grandmaster Y. K. Kim

is the most successful martial arts business

leader in the US, having written

over 30 books on martial arts, business,

leadership, and success. He has won

numerous public service awards and is

the founder of the leading martial arts

marketing and management company in

the US.


Shihan Dana Abbott

is a 7th degree black belt in Kenjutsu,

starting his 14-year education in Tokyo.

He has published five books and designed

a US Patent. Abbott has also

conducted seminars in over 30 countries

and obtained his black belt at the Hombu

dojo in Yokohama. He currently offers

online classes on LearntheSword.com.


Grandmaster Stephen Oliver

is a 9th degree black belt and is the

founder and CEO of Mile High Karate

schools, and founder of the Martial Arts

Wealth Mastery Program.




Master Carlos Machado

is one of the pioneers of Brazilian Jiu

Jitsu in the United States of America.

Currently a Coral Belt, and promoted

to Black Belt by Carlos Gracie Junior,

Carlos Machado came to the USA in the

early 1990’s with his brothers where they

formed the RCJ Machado Jiu Jitsu Association,

one of the strongest & growing

BJJ organizations in the world today.


Grandmaster Tom Patire

is known as “America’s Leading Personal

Safety Expert” and has appeared on

Good Morning America, The CBS Morning

Show, The Colbert Report, Montel,

plus in mainstream publications such as

Family Circle, Redbook, Fortune Magazine,

and The Wall Street Journal.


Professor Willie “The BAM” Johnson

is a 7th degree black belt and seven-time

sport karate and Kung-Fu world champion.

He has appeared in four movies,

16 plays, and 11 television shows. He is

also the national spokesperson for the

Stronger than Drugs Foundation and the

Champions Against Drugs.


Shidoshi Alfredo Tucci

is the CEO and General Manager of the

Budo International Publishing Company,

a leading publisher in the martial arts

with over 35 years in the industry. He

is also author of several books: The

Immaterial Dimension, The Way of the

Warrior, and The Spirit. He currently lives

in Valencia, Spain.


Mr. Sun Kang

is the President of Vision Martial Arts

Supply who helps school owners all over

the US maximize their retail sales and

drive more revenue into their schools.


Master Tina Bane

is a 6th degree master instructor and

owner of a Top Ten martial arts school

with successful after school and summer

camp programs.


Ms. Lee Milteer

is an Intuitive Business Coach, awardwinning

professional speaker, and TV

personality who has counseled and

trained over a million people throughout

her career. Lee is Stephen Oliver’s

Martial Arts Wealth Mastery’s Millionaire

Smarts Coach and is also a best-selling

author of educational resources.


Grandmaster Tim McCarthy

is a 9th degree black belt and is a martial

arts educator with a master’s degree in

education. He has been instrumental

in developing two industry-changing

programs, and has directed and been

featured in hundreds of martial arts videos

and webinars.




Grandmaster Lawrence Arthur

is a martial artist specializing in Karate,

Kung Fu, Kenpo, Shoto-kan, and Gojurue,

with 40 Super Kick Karate locations,

and founder of AFKA. World champion

Lawrence also runs the Black Belt Success

Systems consulting firm, training

martial arts instructors on proper business

practices in schools all over the country.


Sensei Gary Lee

the American Samurai, is a 9th Dan black

belt, a USA Karate Federation gold medalist,

winner of five Super Grand National

Titles, a featured actor in the movie Sidekicks,

and is the founder of the National

Sport Karate Museum.


Chief Master Kirk Pelt

is an 8th degree black belt and is the

President of a multimillion-dollar, multischool

organization, has a 30-year track

record of success, and is currently on the

leading edge of martial arts curriculum

and business innovation.


Grandmaster Bill Clark

is a 9th degree black belt and a former

PKA Fighter of the year. He is widely considered

one of the top experts in martial

arts business with over 40 years of

leadership and innovation, having been

inducted into almost every Hall of Fame

in the industry. He is one of the largest

multi-school owners in the world.


Grandmaster Zulfi Ahmed

has amassed acclaim as a world-class

competitor, martial arts educator, and is

most notably founder and designer of

the internationally renowned style, Bushi

Ban. With over 45 years of martial arts

experience and over 300 martial arts

awards, his schools include ten locations

across Texas.


Ms. Chris Lee

is a martial arts business development

consultant with a background in online

and social media marketing.


Do you have something to share? We’d love to hear about it!


407-895-1996 Editor@MartialArtsWorldNews.com MartialArtsWorldNews.com/Ureport


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Moving Like A Ninja

The martial art of To-Shin Do is an up-dating of the ancient art of Japan’s ninja.

1500s Japan had its own distinct culture, legal system, social

formation, ways of moving, and codes of morality – all quite different

from those of 2020s America. I took the practice forms and

guiding principles of historical ninja taijutsu and adapted them to

better fit the 21st century in the West.

Modern attackers use a distinctive approach to causing trouble.

They have a predictable verbal lead-up. They move quickly

and erratically, throwing looping punches and ducking in for full

body takedowns. Street scrappers are likely armed with a knife, if

not a handgun.

The goals, form, and appearance of high level To-Shin Do do

not differ from classical ninja taijutsu. We grow beyond reliance

on speed when we learn to apply timing. We advance beyond

crude power when we learn to utilize leverage. We no longer rely

on complex techniques once we grasp perceiving what

our attacker is trying to do and going with it to

defeat him.

The original Togakure ninja were intelligence

gatherers. Their goal was to find out

what an enemy was planning, and then get

their findings back to their superiors. As an

intelligence gatherer, the last thing a ninja

would want is to have their cover blown

and then have to fight with those who made

the discovery. To defeat an adversary would

draw everyone’s attention to the fact that a

spy had gotten into their midsts.

Today, To-Shin Do training purpose and

methods are very different from

most other martial arts that emphasize

willing competition

to defeat an adversary.

We aim to get out and

away with the least

amount of effort.

In the beginning

stages of

training, however,

we do allow students

to believe in speed, power, and technique. One, this is what

most people expect when studying a martial art. And two, this is all

that most people are capable of in the beginning.

After a few years of practice, students gradually come to appreciate

the sneaky subtleness of timing over speed, leverage over

power, and responsiveness over set techniques. They recognize

how much more effective smart fighting is over crude struggling.

They then have more experience allowing them to move with the

more advanced approach.

After even more years of practice, To-Shin Do students see

themselves as “above, looking down” on the fight as a whole. They

know what a conventional fighter is likely to do, and they are able

to fit in in such a way that their attacker gives them the means

to defeat them. At this stage, the To-Shin Do student needs less

energy, and yet the results are definitive.

Decades into the training, students are able to embody the

Togakure Ryu Soto Tonko no Kata approach to fights, amusingly

translated as “escaping rat method”. At this extreme level of skill,

the student is able to feel the attacker’s movements at such a

subtle level that he or she can effortlessly blend and actually lead

the attacker to defeat through knowing exactly what they are trying

to make happen.

So, in the beginning, we allow students to use their muscles

and some tension to get things done. It is what they are capable

of, it makes sense to them, and they really are incapable of the

more advanced movements anyway. Fitting what they expect is

a good idea in the beginning. Eventually they move on to higher

skill levels.

By the time the student reaches older age through decades of

training, skills have progressed to where the little-effort ways just

naturally mirror the reduced energy of older age, and yet provide

an increasingly amazing ability to handle violence.

Contrast this skill and age parallel progression with more

athletic martial arts, such as judo or kickboxing. In those arts,

skill levels definitely give way to age, and most retire from active

cutting edge performance by early middle age. With the unusual

To-Shin Do system, based on the ancient ninja combat method,

age is no barrier. Indeed, the older one grows, the more effective

he or she becomes.

AN-SHU STEPHEN HAYES has authored more than 20 books, worked as a bodyguard for the Dali

Lama, supervised over 30 school locations worldwide, and was named “A legend; one of the 10 most influential

living martial artists in the world” by Black Belt Magazine


You Don’t Need a Degree in

Education to Teach Children

all you need is one book!

Raising 4 Dimensional Children in a 2

Dimensional World is an informationpacked

resource for teachers of all levels

of experience. It takes the latest research

in developmental child psychology and

makes it easy to understand, explaining

how a child’s brain develops, year by

year. Even the youngest members of your

staff will understand which activities are

appropriate for which age groups, which

activities are not, and why.

Take advantage of Grandmaster Tim McCarthy’s research and experience, organized for you

with over 400 age-appropriate activities. It will be the best $5.00 you ever spent.

Order a copy today at 4d-2d.com and share it with your entire staff!


Martial Arts Training the Farlek Way

Of course, martial arts uses explosiveness in techniques, but

every aspect of training is not carried out in this way. With that

in mind, you not only have to train muscle for anaerobic activity,

but also for the aerobic system in the body. Sometimes situations

require fast-twitch explosion and others rely more on slow-twitch

endurance, so differing kinds of training are often needed to bring

the intended results.

Enter Fartlek training which is a mix of interval and continuous

training. Basically it mixes from the least explosive activity to the

most: walking, jogging,

and sprinting.

Because of this combination

the Fartlek

method trains all of

your different muscle

fibers. An example

could be jogging for

a couple of minutes,

followed by 10 to 15

seconds of sprints with

several intervals, then

a return to the jogging

pace combining all the

activity in a continuous


Martial arts training

can use the Fartlek

method in the following

way. Begin with continuous

slow and low intensity

form movements

like Tai Chi for two minutes. Next perform 5 to 10 second intervals

of explosive intensity kicking like front snap kicks or side kicks.

Finally, return to moving around at the lower intensity form pattern

training for a few minutes.

Many different styles of martial arts use this kind of training so

it is not stylistically confining, it is really up to your imagination, but

can add some flavor to an already great curriculum.

Paws of Fury

On July 15, 2022 Samuel L Jackson teams up with a star studded

crew in voice for the upcoming animation martial arts

movies: Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank. The plot is about a

down and out-on-his-luck hound dog who finds himself in a town

full of cats that need a hero to defend them from a ruthless villain’s

evil plot to wipe their village off the map. Through the help from a

reluctant trainer (Jackson), the underdog must assume the role of

heroic samurai and team up with the cats to save the day. Check

out the trailer: https://youtu.be/A_hkjvjx2ek

Chuck Norris Holds the 29th

Annual Boots and Black Belts Gala

On April 9, 2022, Chuck and Gina Norris along with Keith and

Alice Mosing celebrated the Kickstart Kids 29th Annual Boots

and Black Belt Gala in Houston Texas. This year’s event featured

an exciting Kickstart Kids Martial Arts Demonstration and a concert

by Country Music performer Pat Green.

Every year the Gala recognizes individuals that embody the values

of the martial arts organization in the everyday curriculum as

well as their long-term commitment and support of Kickstart Kids.

Those traits include honesty, loyalty, courage, discipline, respect,

dedication, kindness, and responsibility. Recipients are chosen for

their positive impact on the communities they serve.

This year the Character Award recipient was Squire Patton

Boggs, LLP and the Founder’s Vision Award recipient was Dr.

Charles Dupre. Check out these video clips:

Character Award: https://youtu.be/hvg2yjZqyu4

Founder’s Award: https://youtu.be/iPyCTEuBWkg


Photographs by Ulza (top left), JackF (top right)

Martial Arts

Celebrity Birthdays



May 5 ..............................Jim Kelly*

May 12 ..........................Jerry Trimble

May 21 ...........................Dave Kovar


June 17 .........................Scott Adkins

June 17 .......................... Sho-Kosugi

June 20 ......................Benny Urquidez

May 25 ..............................Cung Le


“Did We Miss Someone?

Is There a Someone Who’s Been Influential in the Martial

Arts that isn’t Listed? Send in the Information for Consideration!

Email: Editor@MartialArtsWorldNews.com

Or Visit: MartialArtsWorldNews.com/uReport

They Call Me Master

They Call Me Master is martial

arts writer Karen Eden’s latest

book release.

Known for her long-standing

inspirational writings, Master

Eden does not disappoint with

her 4th book release.

Available through

Century Martial Arts,




Take Advantage of ATLAS Martial Arts

Software Automation

The automation platform provided by the ATLAS Martial Arts

software will make you more productive, save your valuable

time, and make sure things don’t ‘slip through the cracks’.

ATLAS Automation will work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a

week, 365 days a year. It’s like having an entire staff working for

you, without a day off, or a lunch break!

Here are a few examples:

Missed Class Automation

It’s not uncommon for students to miss class from time to time

for one reason or another. With this tool, you will be able to create

follow-up messages for students whose attendance has declined

and they will be sent automatically, which is very convenient. You

can also set up ‘reminders’ for your staff to follow up with these

students, to keep your retention high, and your students more


Automatic Referral and Parent Add-On Reminders

This tool will allow you to set up referral and parent add-on

campaigns where your students will receive engaging messages

that inspire them to share their martial arts journey with their

friends and family, and can even be rewarded for it!

This feature alone makes the ATLAS Martial Arts software

worth many, many times its investment.

Upgrade/Renewal Automation

Some schools have an incredibly high upgrade rate, while

others struggle to fill their higher level programs. With the ATLAS

Automation platform, you’ll be able to educate your students

about your higher level programs, and inspire them to qualify, on


You can deliver sequential multi-media messages when a student

earns a new rank, as their agreement approaches its expiration

date, and much more. This can be a massive breakthrough for

your upgrade programs and your school.

Report Automation

The most successful school owners alway ‘know their numbers’!

Imagine having the key performance indicators for your school

not only at your fingertips, but automatically sent to you inbox

when you want them most.

Get your A, B, C, MIA Student lists every Monday, get your revenue

reports every evening, or get a list of all the agreements that

will expire this month on the 1st. It’s all up to you!

Student Reactivation Campaign

If you haven’t had communication with former students in

a while, it may be time to reach out! The student reactivation

campaign can automatically send useful and valuable content to

communicate with former students and open the door to a return

through the doors of your school.

These are only a few of the automation options ATLAS Mar tial

Arts software provides. There’s also social media automation,

which will save you a ton of time, follow-up automation so students

can receive automatic and personalized communications at the

right time, and much more. TryAtlasSoftware.com


Photograph by anyaberkut

Our Goal is to Help Young Minds

GROW Stronger and EMPOWER

them through Stories that will:

• Inspire Their Imagination

• Develop Their Moral Compass

• Set Positive Examples Both Visually and Verbally

• Prepare Them for Life’s Challenges

Sarah B. Tucker, Author of

The Adventures of Harry & Friends

Book Series



Point MMA Programs Equip

The Whole Person

Point MMA provides exciting new programs for martial arts

school owners and instructors to add some dynamic techniques

and skills to their curriculum. Currently, there are three

programs: Krazy Athletic, Kids Point MMA 37 Skills, and Warrior

Mindset. The primary purpose of these programs is to teach

students the tenets of the martial arts like respect, perseverance,

self-control, integrity, humility, and indomitable spirit.

With the help of these powerful programs, school owners or the

instructors can help students in building up their mental, emotional

and spiritual well-being with a Kung Fu flavor. All of the programs

use unique methods and techniques that students might not be

able to learn anywhere else. Being equipped with these skills can

help children succeed academically and professionally currently

and in the future respectively.

It is Point MMA’s motto to empower youth against bullying,

abuse, addiction, obesity, drug dealing and help them navigate

their energy towards positive and healthy activities.

To find out more visit: pointmma.com

Vision MA: For ALL You Martial Arts

Supply Needs

It’s just part of the martial arts business to need a good supply

company to rely on. Looking to get the best quality martial

arts gear and clothing. Vision MA is a great online resource with

east and west coast warehouses for fast delivery of the product

you need. Vision is not just an ordinary e-commerce store

where you shop for quality products, but it also offers various

other services.

If you need to remodel your martial arts school or need help

with setting up a new one, Vision can help you. They are an ideal

platform for martial arts school owners and instructors supply

needs and have been committed to providing high-quality and

affordable martial arts products for over seventeen years. Vision

understands martial arts practitioners’ needs and provides solutions

to them with an easy to use interface.

Vision provides: high-quality, durable, and affordable brand

new uniforms, training gears, sparring gears, shoes, equipment

bags, training mats, and much more.

Visit visionma.com.




Put Our 30 Years of Tuition Management

Experience to Work for You!

You didn’t open a martial arts school so you could

waste your time being a bill collector…right?

Call one of our friendly Tuition Management

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The Core Components of a Strong SEO

Strategy: Technical Setup

strong SEO strategy is defined by three core components—

A technical setup, content, and links. When you focus on these

areas, your martial arts marketing will become more and more

effective. Today, we are starting a series of articles where we will

explore each core component individually. So, continue reading

and don’t miss the next two articles!

An Introduction to Technical Setup

Three things need to happen for your website to rank on

Google. The search engine needs to be able to

find your pages so it can scan them (this is

called ‘crawling’ and ‘indexing’ your site)

to identify what your site is ‘about’ and

add the site (using keywords and

other content) to the index. From

there, the algorithm will consider

displaying your website when a

relevant search is done. This is

how SEO works.

It sounds easy enough,

but there’s a catch. No matter

how carefully you design the

look and feel of your page(s),

the search engine can only see

your text, links and other content

if you structure it appropriately.

Enter technical setup, also known

as on-site optimization! This is what

ensures that search engines can scan

your website so the pages can be indexed

successfully. Of course, there are lots of factors

that Google takes into consideration. In fact, more

than 200 factors are evaluated to determine how your site should

rank. We’ll discuss some of the key factors below.

Some Key Ranking Factors

1. The Content

As we’ll discuss in more detail in this series, the content of the

pages is a critical ranking factor. Google is essentially ‘reading’

your pages. If the page is ‘about’ Kids Martial Arts Lessons, then

the page should have those words, and words like it in the content

(likely in several places) and should have other words and phrases

that reinforce them. You don’t want to un-naturally ‘stuff’ your

target keywords all over your page(s), but you need to make sure

that Google, and human visitors can easily understand what your

page is all about, and that it matches what human visitors are likely

to search for.

2. Website Navigation and Links

Search engines crawl sites by following their links because

that’s how they find the pages and content they need to analyze.

Using meaningful link anchor text helps Google understand

what your links are ‘about’. For example, “Click Here”

doesn’t really tell Google much, but “Kids Martial Arts Classes”

is far more meaningful.

“Backlinks”, or links “to” your site from other sites with a high

relevance and reputation will give Google even more confidence

in your site.

3. URL Structure

If there’s one thing search engines don’t like is to

read through lengthy and complex URL structure.

That’s why it’s important to keep your

URLs short and sweet, so make sure they

don’t include much beyond the main

keyword that you used to optimize

your page.

4. Page Speed

Search engines will measure

load time so they take page

speed into account and it’s

a relevant ranking factor you

shouldn’t neglect. Load time is

a big indicator of quality for the

algorithm. The faster your website

is, the better. Many elements

can affect page speed, so we

recommend you check out Google’s

tool, Page Speed Insights, to learn to

improve load time.

5. Dead Links or Broken Redirects

Dead links send people to nonexistent pages

while broken redirects lead to resources that no longer

exist. As you can imagine, both of these things affect user experience

and they are a big no-no for search engines. If they are present

on your website, your pages won’t rank.

6. Sitemap and Robots.txt Files

Sitemaps are files that list all the links available on your website,

which is what search engines use to choose which pages

to crawl and index. Robots.txt files tell the search engine what to

ignore, which speeds up the crawling and indexing process.

7. Repeated Content

Last but not least, search engines notice repeated content

and it makes it very difficult to identify what to index. This is a

negative factor and the search engine will choose not to display

any of the pages.

If you are a martial arts school owner and you want your online

marketing to succeed, you need to hit these three SEO hotspots.

Don’t miss the next two articles, where we will explore the other

core components for a strong SEO strategy.


Image by Mohamad Faizal Bin Ramli

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To Get More Emails Opened Use Human

Instinct Subject Lines (Part 2)

Once again, it shows wisdom

when a martial arts school

owner can attract new students

through email marketing by utilizing

human instinct to get recipients to

open your marketing emails. As

mentioned previously, our instincts

are powerful and make us react in

conscious and even subconscious

ways because of how we are wired

as humans. If you can wisely trigger

instinct with your email subject

lines, you can bring out the desired behavior of opening your email

and have prospects responding to offers for martial arts training.

Here are 2 more instinctive ideas for subject lines that are

proven to increase email open rates:

We All Enjoy Laughing

If you can create subject lines that make people laugh, then

they can’t stop themselves from

opening an email because it puts

them in a good mood.

Ex. Lose Weight And Get In

Shape The Fun Way While Learning

Martial Arts.

Anybody Can Be Vain

Subject lines that promise something

that makes a person look

better to peers, or invokes the fear

of being shamed by others tend to

get open at high rates.

Ex. Martial Arts Training Will Give Your The Body And Skills That

Turn Heads

To bring martial arts school growth from your email marketing,

you have to consider people’s instincts because they can’t resist

what innately moves them to respond! Check out our next issue for

a few more attention grabbing headline ideas.

Instagram Has Expanded Its Reels

Now that Instagram has extended its reels length limit from 30

seconds to 60 seconds for users, it is great news for martial

arts school owners. This will allow you to provide more information

in one Reel, connect with followers through their creative content

and see a spike in conversion.

This is quite interesting for Instagram as all its other components

do allow longer video uploads. Videos that appear in the

regular feed can be up to 60 seconds long, but you also can

upload 15 seconds videos to Stories, and 60 minutes clips to

IGTV if you are uploading from the web. Now Reels clips are also

becoming popular in other Instagram functions, which could make

it become a less unique option within the overall IG experience.

Whatever it may be, one thing is certain, this option will provide

users with more freedom to create longer clips or upload the same

Tik Tok clip or Youtube Shorts to Instagram as well. With this new

development, Instagram is likely signaling that they are open for

more cross-posting, which will boost the amount of Reel content

shared on the platform but probably also increase the repetitive

experience across apps.

(Note: Make sure that your short video clips do not have watermarks

when cross-posting because Instagram will penalize your

reach for that).

While this expansion is a great thing, all these options are starting

to look the same. The question then arises; why do you need

different video upload processes for every option? Why not allow

users to just upload their clips, edit them how they want and finally

organize them all together?

By doing so, Instagram would have more content to show

within Reels, which in turn could increase the engagement on the

site and also assist in boosting views within the different components

of the app, instead of separating the different video types.

Perhaps that is the new route as Instagram is now testing a

new TikTok-like display format for exploring that puts all content

in one format. This is a good thing as it could help the content get

seen more easily while giving Instagram’s algorithms more video

inventory and further streamlining the user experience instead of

making each element single.

Martial arts school owners should consider trying out longer

Reels as it can be an improved way to promote your school.


Photographs by sdecoret (top) and Hamster3d (bottom)




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For almost 3 decades Chief Master Mike Bugg has

been the undisputed champion and king of martial

arts after school and summer camp programs. He is

the leading authority on children’s programs and is sought

out regularly for his understanding, methods, and advice

on them. In this interview, Chief Master Bugg explains what

were the driving forces that lead to him becoming one of

the leading mentors and role models for children in these

kinds of programs in the U.S. From humble beginnings, his

school has become the blueprint for achieving financial

freedom with after school and summer camps that truly

prepares tomorrow’s leaders to become life champions.


Chief Master Bugg works extensively in his community, growing deep roots in the local school systems and businesses.

MAWN: You have a law enforcement and corrections background

prior to getting into the martial arts industry. Can you tell us

what led to you changing careers and deciding to open a martial

arts school?

MB: I grew up in a small town in Virginia and I spent 13 years in

law enforcement and corrections. I was really happy in my career,

even though my passion was to do martial arts full-time. I wanted

to have a martial arts school because in my career I saw a lot of

troubled kids and I personally thought I could change a lot of

people’s lives through a martial arts program.

I had a pivotal moment while I was working on death row. I met

this kid who was soon to be executed and we had a conversation

about why he got involved in crime, and how he got locked up? He

told me he wished there was a program that would have put him

on the right path when he was in elementary school. He wished

that he would have had some positive mentors and role models

that could have changed his life around middle school, so he could

have been a better citizen.

He told me that he grew up with his single mother. His father

was randomly in and out of his life. His mother married another

man, who was a present stepfather, but he really didn’t understand

him or guide him in the right direction. The youngster would

frequently lash out violently at the family and others, seemingly

unable to control his anger.

He further explained that he now realized that he didn’t understand

fundamental values and principles. As a result, one night

he fell into a fit of rage because he was not allowed to go to his

girlfriend’s house, and ultimately killed his mom and stepfather.

This conversation had a deep impact on me, and afterwards, I

really became more certain that I could change a lot of lives, with

the right kind of program, and perhaps prevent some of these

senseless tragedies in the future. At the time I was still processing

inmates to go to the death chamber, so this realization really hit

me hard. I had this kid that was going to be executed in 30 days,

and maybe, just maybe I could make a positive impact on kids just

like him in the future. I then realized that this profession wasn’t my

passion anymore.

MAWN: Wow, that must have a very challenging type of career.

So how did you transition from the death chamber to a life changing

Martial Arts School?

MB: I was now certain that my passion was the Martial Arts, so I

quit the corrections career path and started down the road of running

a Martial Arts School. My first experience was to take over a

small school in Chester, Virginia. I really struggled with that opera-



“…you have to realize that

just because you’re a black

belt in the martial arts,

doesn’t mean that you’re a

black belt in business…”

tion and truthfully, I thought I made a huge mistake. The school did

not do well financially, and I didn’t have the skills, or attitude at that

time to rescue it. I lost my house, my car, and my family. It pretty

much destroyed my marriage and everything.

After so much trauma, I was to the point of quitting and giving up

on my dreams, but I had a wonderful mentor, Grandmaster Y.K. Kim.

He helped me to set my goals and focus on all the little details that

really make a school work well. He said, “If you stick with and focus

on your goal, then you will overcome all these obstacles!” So I literally

lived in the school, built a new operation from the ground up

and started an afterschool program. I initially resisted doing an after

school program, because I was already struggling and I felt like

now I was being asked to “babysit all day”. But I took on the challenge

because Grandmaster Y.K. Kim was my mentor, my coach,

and essentially the father figure I never had growing up. I decided

to suspend my skepticism, did exactly what he told me to do, stuck

by it every day, set my goals, followed, believed, and just went for it.

Chief Master Bugg Receives Award for Service to His Community.

That was the beginning of a massive transformation for me.

MAWN: So you got into a location that was already operating,

but was really tanking. What were some of the lessons that you

had to learn and things you had to implement to get that school to

be successful?

MB: The most important thing you have to realize is that just

because you’re a black belt in the martial arts, doesn’t mean that

you’re a black belt in business, and that’s the hardest thing I had

to learn. Having a mentor telling me what to do was very crucial.

I’ve talked to a lot of school owners and the hardest thing you have

to do is look at the business part, because you may be a great

instructor, but we’re often not great business people. So, we need

a coach in the area of business. Once I got the coaching in that

continued on page 40


Finally A…



All in One

Marketing & Management System.







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“The after school Martial Arts program

pretty much saved my school”

continued frorm page 37

area, I started to have the right goals, set plans, and learned to

execute the plans on a daily basis.

At the start, it’s hard work. You have to promote every single

day, do exhibitions, work with local businesses, create relationships

with elementary schools and more. Sometimes, you get very

few prospects, maybe one that’s interested, or at best two to three.

That can be discouraging and stressful, and I took those feelings

home. I really had to take care of the business side of things which

is different from teaching, but with a coach and a good plan, I started

doing things that bring in more leads and then I learned how to

sign people up. I spent tons of hours in the community, passing out

flyers, and performing lots of exhibitions. It’s a lot of hard work.

MAWN: So how did you take that single first location from

essentially zero to having the kind of success you’re experiencing

these days?

MB: The after school Martial Arts program pretty much saved

my school, but my adult programs were not flourishing to the same

level. My career change and faith in what my mentor was directing

me to do was paying off in a big way.

MAWN: How did you eventually end up overcoming

the struggle that you were having with the

adult programs growth in your school?

MB: Around 2017, we began using a system

that had a radically different approach in marketing

to the adult market. Since so many of our schools

have been losing the adult market to other pro-

Chief Master Mike Bugg receives the Outstanding Financial Speaker Hall of Fame Award presented by Y. K. Kim at the 2006 Martial Arts Leaders Summit.



Chief Master Bugg has literally built his school from the ground up, building and all.

“Our after school program took us

to grossing $800,000 a year. We

were up to $1.5 million a year and

still growing.”

grams like Yoga, we really needed to change our method to find

a system that was designed to attract the adult market. We knew

that adults were seeking fitness and mind body solutions as we

saw the Yoga industry swell from 9 million to more than 28 million


The ATLAS Software and iEnroll Marketing Systems provided

the answers I was looking for. It provided an easy way for us to

specifically market to and enroll more adult students. It was very

unique in that it combined ‘done for us’ marketing on social platforms

and brought leads to my school through a lead generating

website. It was almost like I didn’t have to do anything and I was

getting qualified adult prospects and we were enrolling them and

growing our adult programs.

MAWN: What were the results like for your school with a thriving

after school martial arts program and the growth in your adult


MB: Ok, we started out with zero and struggling.

Then our school saving after school program took us

to grossing $800,000 a year. Then with a growing

adult program added to an already successful after

school program we were grossing $80,000 a month

and got up to $1.5 million a year and it was still growing.

I was not satisfied seeing the gaps in our markets

and martial arts school, then recognized the opportunity

to grow big and basically doubled income. In

addition, I went from just one location to sponsoring

With a tight regulatory environment in Virginia, Chief Master Bugg adapts.



Chief Master Bugg is Not Only an Inspirational Leader, but Also a Talented Martial Artist

five locations in Virginia.

MAWN: So you’re a multi-school operator as a result of the new

approach of social marketing and online marketing. What were

the mental and logistical shifts you had to make to get this all to


MB: A lot went to the planning, teamwork, and how we were

going to do our promoting and enrollment process. Of course, we

also discussed what the goals were going to be for maximizing our

after school program and the adult program as well. Every week

we meet to go over what we’re doing? How many leads do we

have this week? How many appointments do we have this week?

And how to follow up. Not only did we work with our team here,

but we also worked with our business consultant team at AMS to

make sure that we were on track for success.

MAWN: After school Martial Arts has been a godsend for many

schools, but it also can have its own challenges. You’re in one of

the tougher areas in the nation to make all this happen so what are

some of the big lessons and big obstacles you had to overcome to

find success?

MB: Sure there are a lot of obstacles to get into the schools be-





Proven Effective

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successful strategies for martial arts

school owners.

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“I went from just one location

to sponsoring five locations in


cause our program is Martial Arts. Some schools are of the mindset

that “We don’t want that in our school”, so sometimes just getting

past the front door is difficult. Whatever it is, I’ve been there, done

that, and have found ways to work with the school systems.

You have to find ways you can contribute to what they are

doing in their school, and learn to communicate with the staff well

to find a way to get into the system. Now Chesterfield County is

one of the toughest in the state to get into, but there’s not a school

that I cannot walk into right now without an ID or with anything.

That’s how it is for all our locations around the Richmond area, we

can get into the schools with no problems. It’s all about building a

win-win relationship.

Simply put, you first have to make up your mind that you are

going to be a partner in education. We are going to be partners

with elementary schools. We explain what we are going to do, how

we’re going to do it and what the benefits are for the school, the

students, the teachers and the families of the students. Right. Really,

it’s all about showing them what’s in it for them.

MAWN: You had been so focused on the transported after

Full Classes are a Ton of Fun at This “Super School”

school martial arts program for children, but you saw a need and a

gap in the adult market, right. Why did you then feel it was time to

refocus on adults and what are the results like?

MB: Well, most of the time inbound phone calls were for the

children’s program. We might have had 10 adults in class. We’d

lose a few, then we’d get three or four more and have the same

cycle happen over and over. We saw a need to really have a focus

on the adult market. With the social media marketing strategies

with ATLAS Software and the iEnroll System, it uses pinpointed

marketing to reach the right people. The marketing campaigns use

the right marketing messages that are attractive to adults, which

“…we can get into the [public/

private] schools with no

problems. It’s all about building

a win-win relationship.”

Treating Your Staff Well is Something Woven Into the Culture of This School

was something that I struggled with. Most people might think, just

focus on children, but now we’re packed with adults. It’s unbelievable

and we’re still getting new leads daily. So this was the right

marketing strategy to help our location with the adults.

MAWN: Operating multiple schools can be challenging. One of

the challenges multi school operators face is recruiting and developing

staff members.

MB: The instructor recruiting process is doing really well now

because we are constantly getting more and more adult students.

With children it can take many years before they are able to be

competent instructors and staff members, but adults can get there

much faster.

This is due to very high quality prospects coming into our

school who have already set an appointment to come in and see


Learn the skills that made the


With New Lessons Added Monthly!

Get Your




Get Started Today

learning the skills of the legendary ninja!



you. They are excited about the lesson and in many cases,

they bring a friend or family member to train with them from

the start. We’re really excited about this because we’ve

expanded to more locations, expanded our instructor base,

and didn’t have to wait for children to grow up.

MAWN: What do you see as the major benefits from the

iEnroll way of marketing in contrast with some of the previous

kinds of traditional marketing that you used to use?

MB: It has actually saved me a lot of money as opposed

to the old style of marketing. In relation to some of our

other marketing tactics, it’s actually very cost effective. For

example: we have a team that goes out Tuesdays and Thursdays

to promote four or five hours a day. So you’re paying each person

$12 an hour. I have an event planner who goes out on a weekend

to promote and I have to pay her. They’re not paid solely commission

on all those things, they need motivation, and still have

to come in to teach class. I also spend close to $800 a month on

marketing materials.

Now we have appointments in the morning and the money

that used to be spent, I used to give my staff a raise. Also, we use

that money to have a staff meeting once a week and they all go

to lunch. So now my instructors are motivated, I never really knew

“School owners need to figure out how

to move themselves into the CEO role

rather than just the head instructor,

marketer, manager, janitor, etc.”

“…we’ve expanded to more

locations, expanded our

instructor base, and didn’t have

to wait for children to grow up.”

how much they hated going out there to promote.

MAWN: You have kind of touched on it, but how has your role

in the organization changed?

MB: Well I’ve been elevated to a position of CEO in my organization

from being a frontline operator of a Martial Arts School

who did everything including the janitorial tasks. Now I can

focus on enrollments, renewals, retention, and quality. Before

I had to spend too much time on

tasks that are being done for me

even while I’m sleeping or on vacation.

With automated marketing, we

get better results and my staff is

not burnt out. School owners need

to figure out how to move themselves

into the CEO role rather than

just the head instructor, marketer,

manager, janitor, etc.

MAWN: When you’re a part of

a team that’s growing, that’s pretty

exciting. Do you have any advice to

give school owners that might be

sputtering, but really want to be on a

growth curve?

MB: First, you have got to ask

yourself, “Am I a black belt in business?”

If you’re not, you have to get

on the right path and get with a mentor,

somebody that’s going to help

you focus on growing. This will help

you grow. You also want to work on retention within your school,

and focus on motivating your team, because if your instructors are

not motivated, the back door is wide open in your school. It doesn’t

matter if you get one or two enrollments coming in each day,

they’re going to go right back out.

I noticed that once we leveraged all these

lead generation and marketing systems, the

instructors could focus more on classes. Now

the classes are more fun and beneficial as well.

Daily we have 4 to 5 new appointments, so we’ll

keep on growing. We are still growing so much

that we went from a 10,000 sq. ft. to a 20,000

sq. ft. building.

MAWN: Thank you for sharing these great experiences,

ideas, and strategies for our readers.






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prospective students to grow your school to level even

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You are part of a wonderful industry and community with

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Master Renard Beaty

All Roads Lead to Black Belt at

Kick Start Martial Arts

Master Renard Beaty is the owner of Kick Start Martial Arts which has been in business

for 12 years serving the community of Atlanta, Georgia. For the first 8 years the school

operated as a traditional brick and mortar type of business, but experienced growth that

currently has produced an active student enrollment of more than 220 happy students.

MAWN: What would you say is the major contribution that your

school is bringing to its community?

RB: We are conscientious about developing civic minded,

accountable, leadership skills in students so they can be productive

in society and to our community. I use a 2 year management

training program I used to administer when I worked at a former

corporation to aid in the process.

MAWN: What are the best producing marketing strategies you

use and what are the lead numbers like per month?

RB: I use a digital media vendor and social media platforms

(website, Facebook, Instagram, Google Business, Yelp) to get the

word out about our school. Those platforms are thriving for us and

give us about 100 leads every month. The average conversion

the leads produces 16 new student enrollments a month. We have

good growth and quality control which gives our current students

a good experience.

MAWN: What are your most significant programs you provide

and their benefits to participants?

RB: My school has two 12 month programs; the Little Ninja and

Basic program. I also have three 24 month programs; the S.W.A.T.,

Master, and Black Belt training. Here is a general overview:

Little Ninja: has students ages 5-7 and develops foundation

skills like developing the body, emotional, social, and critical thinking

skills. It’s 2 classes a week and includes sight teaching.

Basic program: the students are ages 8 years and older. Also

develops the body, emotional, social, and critical thinking skills. It’s

2 classes a week and helps students to learn standard requirements

for Tang Soo Do to earn a black belt to complete it.

S.W.A.T. Club: For students who want to take part in my leadership

development program. They learn how to teach in order to

support the school. Get two extra classes a week (weapons and

sparring) along with a special uniform. Learn 4 extra forms. The

goal is to continue training as black belts. An invitation is given

based on the student drive.

Master Club: is for students that completed S.W.A.T. and want to

learn sword. They can continue to take part in S.W.A.T.

Black Belt Training: I found, in the past, that when I wanted every

student to do S.W.A.T., some quit. They did not want the pressure.

They just wanted to get a black belt and move on to another

activity. So I offer two paths of enjoyment.

MAWN: Do you have a lead generating website and what

about it has been most productive regarding leads?

RB: All my websites have a lead capture component. I get some

leads from them and I recently updated one to have a better SEO

experience. My leads come from many sources, including word

of mouth. I am located in a major metropolitan area with only one

competitor. We have two very different business models. For

example, I am full time, they are part-time. I am for profit. They are

not for profit.

MAWN: Do you use management software and what features

are providing the best benefits for running your school more efficiently?

RB: I use AMS for school management. This is helpful for transfering

my student body’s financial payment to another vendor so I

don’t have any issues with payments.

MAWN: Thanks for your example.



What You’re


Every Month

Everything You’ll Ever Need to

Market Your Martial Arts School!




Universal Warrior Mixed Martial

Arts: An Eclectic System of

Traditional Martial Arts

Grandmaster Austin Wright’s Universal Warrior Mixed Martial Arts has been in business

since 1985. It was started with the United States Air Force Martial Arts Club at Seymour

Johnson Air Force Space, located in North Carolina. It continues to spread traditional

martial arts to kids and adults of all ages with more than 200 students!

MAWN: What is the major contribution(s) that your school is

bringing to its community?

AW: Through our teachings of traditional Okinawan and Isshin-

Ryu style karate, American Kickboxing, Kung Fu, and Japanese

Judo Jujitsu combative arts, we provide a safe place for people

of all ages. We help at risk kids, veterans and adults build confidence,

lose weight and feel great! Our goal is to help our students

evolve themselves spiritually, mentally, and physically!

MAWN: What are the best producing marketing strategies you

use and what are the lead numbers like per month?

AW: ATLAS! Through AMS I have discovered new and innovative

marketing tools that have helped us increase our revenues

astronomically within less than 6 months with anywhere from 15

to 30 leads per month! And with the help of ATLAS I opened up

international dojos in Kishanganj, India, Sicily, Italy, and La Vega,

Dominican Republic. Thanks to ATLAS I can not only spread

traditional martial arts in the United States, but in various 3rd world

countries world-wide!

MAWN: What are your most significant programs you provide

and their benefits to participants?

AW: Within our Mixed Martial Arts Dojo Academy we provide

self defense, mixed martial arts fitness, and traditional mixed martial

arts programs, through which we have been able to produce

two generations of champions and grand champions winning

students. Aside from teaching our students how to strive and

achieve greatness on a competitive level, through these programs

we are also able to teach our students Japanese terminology, build

self defense and confidence, get fit and strong, build a growth

mindset, learn how to focus, build social skills, and most importantly

have fun!

MAWN: Do you have a lead generating website and what

about it has been most productive regarding leads?

AW: ATLAS gives us a huge lead generating website that

provides multitudes of leads. Aside from our walk-ins and word of

mouth leads, the website is a great way to boost leads and spread

the word.

MAWN: Do you use

management software

and what features are

providing the best benefits

for running your

school more efficiently?

AW: ATLAS works

wonders with their

various administrative

and financial management

features. Features

such as the attendance

taker, billing organizer,

and welcome feature

allow me to easily keep

track of my students’

attendance as well as

Grandmaster Austin Wright

progress and tuition dues.

Alongside providing me with management organizational features,

AMS provides me with other fun innovative, creative strategies to

help maintain and increase student retention! “And you can take

that to the Bank!”

MAWN: What advice do you have for other martial arts school

owners for having success in business?

AW: Success is built through student retention and solid

marketing, which is why I use and highly recommend the usage of

ATLAS! With their multitude of resources ranging from account billing,

marketing, and fun and innovative strategies, student retention

has never been better! With AMS online’s amazing organizational

features, I have been given more time to spend with my family as

well as being a life coach to these kids and adults who struggle

with anxiety and low self esteem to help build a more spiritually,

mentally, physically and more confident version of themselves. At

the end of the day, ATLAS allows me time to achieve our ultimate

goal of taking the ordinary student and creating an extraordinary

student through our martial arts studies!


We provide integrity-based coaching and

community resources to busy martial arts

school owners that save you time and

grow your business.



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Transform Your School

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I Love to Promote the Martial Arts -- I will not

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Book Y. K. Kim at www.ykkim.com


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The Power of Self-Belief

By Grandmaster Jesse Bowen

Now in approaching the “Power of Success”, the power of self-belief is that if you

don’t believe you can, then you won’t. Remember, you should note or highlight any

ideas or strategies to implement your success plan.

If you believe in yourself, there

is little to stop you in whatever you

want to accomplish. It gives you

the power to push forward and to

defy the odds. You will be able to

handle any roadblocks that come

your way. You will also brush off

the naysayers. It gives you peace

of mind when you stick to your


To keep that self-belief strong,

you need to define your goals. You

wouldn’t expect a general to fight

a war without a map.

You, too, need a

map to guide you on how to proceed. Too many

people skip this step and wonder why they aren’t

getting anywhere.

Goals are your guides, but carrying through

with them is only done when you believe that it’s

possible. Belief is the energy you need to take

action. It helps you to focus on getting

your tasks completed.

You will also build confidence

when you have selfbelief.

It’s a powerful tool,

as others will be attracted

to that confidence. They

will follow your lead

and you will help show

them what is possible.

When you run into any

stumbling blocks (and you will),

that confidence will help you

see them through. You will know

how to take alternative action

when necessary. The people

following you will respect that

as well.

Several forces will try to beat

you down. You may even find

yourself letting it happen. You

need to get centered on why

you started your journey in the

first place. Use affirmations to

reinforce your message. Be consistent

with your affirmations.

Unfortunately, many of the negative forces are going to be

from your family and friends. They will see it as helping you avoid

mistakes. Many people will succumb to this negative pressure and

give up. One way to prevent this is to join groups of like minded

individuals. It can be related to your business, or it can be groups

that focus on self-help. These organizations exist to try and push

the negative forces out. It’s great to go to meetings and get encouragement

from the group.

Attending these groups can sometimes lead to friendships with

people where you can extend the encouragement of each other.

You may even form business partnerships from these friendships.

It’s good to know that you have the support of these people when

these relationships form. They understand when everyone else

around you doesn’t. Your self-belief will strengthen considerably

from this arrangement.

Okay, it’s time to go to work! I believe the power of self-belief is

the key to rapid success.

GRANDMASTER JESSIE BOWEN is president of Karate International of Durham, Inc., a member of the

American Martial Arts Association Sport Karate League and Hall of Fame, and has been a member of the Duke University

PE Staff for over 25 years. He is the author of Zen Mind-Body Mindfulness Meditation and Zen Mind-Body Mindfulness

Meditation for Martial Arts, as well as several other books, programs, and audio CDs on meditation and success training.


Photograph by BrianAJackson

All books are available on www.Atouchofzen.com

or to place your order over the phone.


Use 3 Martial Arts Principles for

Effective Advertising

by Mr. Sean Lee

You realize the importance of speed, power, and accuracy

when attacking an adversary. The principles are second nature to

you when you are sparring, but did you know that speed, power,

and accuracy are just as important in advertising and promotion

to attack your town’s market successfully? If you want to enroll

25 to 50 new students every month you must understand how to

advertise properly on social media or with a traditional method.

As in the martial arts great skill comes through great effort, to

be great at advertising and promotion much training is required.

Do you have the time to focus all your energy while operating

your school on learning advertising and promotion? If you answered,

“Yes” are you planning on making a career

change? The correct answer is “No” to both questions,

but you still have to advertise and promote

your school effectively.

So what’s the solution to gaining the

speed, power, and accuracy needed to

reach more prospects than you thought possible

without getting a degree in advertising?

The answer is found in the professional

products and services that AMS develops for

martial arts school owners just like you. Every

month well trained experts prepare the kind

of speed, power, and accuracy in advertising

and promotions

designed to deliver a knockout.

1. Speed – From an advertising

and promotional standpoint,

speed primarily has

to do with hitting the target

market at the right time.

Experience leads to good

timing and AMS has been

providing school owners

with marketing solutions

for close

to forty years. Each month tools like posters, flyers, tent cards,

door hangers, emails, social media posts, etc. are designed with

this kind of advertising speed in mind.

2. Power - The idea of power with regard to advertising and

promotion means to have impact. One key to powerful ads is

eye-catching designs with images and a layout that appeals to

prospective students. Another key is the use of words that capture

the attention and move the reader to act. AMS has a team of

expert graphic designers and writers eager to provide you with

penetrating ads sure to increase your enrollment each month.

3. Accuracy - Getting your advertising and promotions to the

right people is what is meant by accuracy.

Targeting the children, teen, adult, or even the senior market

requires the appropriate kind of ads and

promotions for each individual market. Many of these kinds of

impactful tools can be found in the MA Biz Academy from AMS to

hit the bull’s-eye in your city.

To do your best in every way sometimes requires help

along the way. You need your advertising and promotion to

have the speed, power, and accuracy for great impact, so visit


and find out how it can aid you in taking your school to the

next level for skyrocketing enrollment each month.

SEAN LEE is the Executive Director of Sales and Marketing for hundreds of martial arts schools

and specializes in online and social media marketing using his extensive professional experience in

sports and martial arts marketing, contract negotiation, and investment.





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Contract or No Contract? That is

the Question, Part 2

By Shihan Allie Alberigo

Of course, if I need more justification, I simply talk about colleges. No college allows

month-to-month payments with an open-ended agreement. If they did, they would

also be out of business.

I end the conversation with example after example

of people who joined these “no contract” schools only

to later on find one day that they’re out of business.

Sadly, this has happened to 99% of my competition.

She knew nothing of what an agreement

represented, and my competitor

had used the very fact that he

didn’t have them as a selling


At Long Island Ninjutsu,

we do exactly the opposite,

and it’s quite obvious that in most cases

it worked to Long Island Ninjutsu’s benefit

and not his. We use yearly agreements as

a selling tool, and it has indeed

helped me take my studios

from 50 to well over 1,000

students in less than a



an agreement

outlines the



As in any

school, at Long

Island Ninjutsu

Centers, there have

been students that have contemplated

dropping out for one

reason or another at some time. Having a membership

agreement helps this situation. By directing the student

to the martial arts billing company, where they’ll be

told that, regardless of attendance, the payments must

continue, you have an added tool for motivation. The

school owner is able to reinforce the idea of continued

commitment to training to the parent/student. Aside

from that, what parent wants to pay for something they

aren’t utilizing? Even if the parent/student ultimately

decides not to continue with their training, or needs to

take an extended period of time from training, having a

membership agreement helps maintain steady cash flow.

During the summer, many people take vacations or are involved

with other activities. The buyer will justify that if they’re taking off

two weeks for vacation, they may as well take the entire month

off. We realize that breaks can demotivate students, causing them

to never return to class at all. With an agreement in place, you’re

allowing the payments to continue even if the student or their child

isn’t actually training. An extension of time added to the end of the

agreement will allow the parent to not feel as though they’re losing

out on time that they’re paying for!

Having an agreement guarantees growth and a stable income

for your martial arts business

If I have 200 students on yearly agreements, then I know

that 200 people are paying for their tuition. This stable income

allows me to focus my energy on building onto that 200. Schools

that boast of not having agreements will experience moderate

to extreme fluctuations during summer, holidays, and inclement

weather. Steady cash flow guarantees you the time, focus, and

revenue to increase enrollment and other areas of your business.

SHIHAN ALLIE ALBERIGO is a 7th degree black belt, the founder of the L.I. Ninjutsu

Centers, one of the largest Ninjutsu schools on the planet, the author of 4 books, and an entrepreneur

with one of the first online coaching companies.


Illustration by Oleksandr Hruts


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We teach Character through Karate

Kickstart Kids is an award winning in-school

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karate to teach life-changing values to middle

school and high school students. The non-profit

organization was founded in 1990 by martial

artist, actor, and philanthropist Chuck Norris.

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What is a healthy lifestyle? Pt. 1

by Grandmaster Y. K. Kim

E.E.R.T: The four wheels of physical fitness:

Eat and drink wisely: Healthy food brings a healthy body.

Exercise daily: Release stress and get in shape.

Rest properly: Recharge your energy.

Think positively: A positive mind creates a positive body.

In my experience, physical fitness depends on the kind of

lifestyle you lead:

When you have an unhealthy lifestyle, you become weak,

tired, overweight, and more vulnerable to illness. When you

lead a healthy lifestyle, it is easy to control your weight and

get in shape, and live a stronger and more energetic life. Put

E.E.R.T. into action to build a healthier life.

Your body is the best medicine for your body, which

means that if you have a strong body, you

have a strong immune system. Build

physical fitness with E.E.R.T.

The E.E.R.T. habits are like the

four wheels of a car: Without all four

wheels working in harmony, the car will

crash. If you don’t discipline yourself

to develop all four habits simultaneously,

you will crash as well. Therefore,

balance is the key to achieving great

physical fitness.

Only you have the power to put E.E.R.T.

into action to change your life.

E.E.R.T. Leads to Harmony and


1) Eat and drink wisely:

The healthier your diet, the

healthier you will be. Eating

and drinking properly is

critically important in

building physical fitness.

2) Exercise daily:

The best way to get in

shape, build physical

muscle, and burn physical

fat while releasing toxins, stress, and tension is to work up a

sweat. Exercise is a very important part of physical fitness.

3) Rest properly: Recharge your energy through proper sleep

and rest. Properly recharging your body is critical to achieving and

maintaining good physical fitness.

4) Think positively: The body and the mind are intimately connected.

The body follows the mind, because the mind controls

the body. They exist in harmony as a part of you. If this harmony is

interrupted, you become unbalanced. As a result, positive thinking

is the key to eating and drinking wisely, exercising daily, and recharging

energy properly. It allows you to create good habits while

eliminating bad ones.

Without positive thinking, you cannot maintain physical fitness

because negative thinking blocks your ability to keep up a diet

and exercise routine as well as interferes with your ability to get

enough sleep. Negative thinking also breeds stress, which is

the stem of sickness. Without the power of positive thinking you

cannot set or accomplish goals. As a result, to truly build physical

fitness you need to think positively in order to get rid of mental fat

and build mental muscles. Positive thinking is the key to building

physical fitness.

GRANDMASTER Y. K. KIM is the most successful martial arts business leader in the US, having written

over 30 books on martial arts, business, leadership, and success. He has won numerous public service

awards and is the founder of the leading martial arts marketing and management company in the US.


Photograph by natasaadzic

The Best Seller!

Transform your life and

create a successful future with

The 5 Pillars of True Success!

A NEW Paradigm for Modern Success!

1st Pillar: Fight for your body – practice the 4

wheels of physical fitness, so you can do anything

you set your mind to do.

2nd Pillar: Fight for your mind – earn mental fitness

through self-education and self-discipline, so you

can be whatever you want to be.

3rd Pillar: Fight for your heart – believe in yourself

to develop the moral fitness to turn obstacles into

stepping stones, so you can have a winning spirit.

4th Pillar: Fight for your finances – develop financial

fitness to create financial freedom, so you can have

everything you want to have.

Audio Book

5th Pillar: Fight for your life – develop the 7 kinds of

modern leadership to build life fitness, so you can

live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Embrace The 5 Pillars of True Success to be

healthier, wiser, more confident, wealthier, and

happier. You will create a successful future.


As a bonus, The 5 Powers of Self-Defense and The

Top 10 Successful Habits will change your life.


Modern Success is Your Choice!

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Children and the Art of the

Sword, Part 3

By Shihan Dana Abbott

Ages 7 to 9

Ages 7 to 9 are still best kept to the short sword. These students

have better muscle control than the 3 to 6 year olds, but can

still be prone to forgetting to be careful about accidentally hitting

someone. They still need to stay aware that someone might be

standing beside or in back of them while they are swinging the

sword. These children’s wrists, from a strength perspective, may

still be a concern.

The ability of the individual student must be taken into account.

The Chanbara bo staff may be introduced, especially for the

students that have studied the bo outside of sword class. If longer

weaponry or nunchaku are allowed, caution

the students to temper the strength

they use in their strikes. The 7 to 9 year

olds don’t always realize how hard they

are hitting one


Because 7 to

9 year olds are

able to stay more

conscious about

safety, the reward

system will need to

change. For example,

rewards can be tickets or

points that can be saved

up and turned in for


This age group

can improve on

the basic techniques

(head, wrist,

body and leg strikes)

by adding diagonal

strikes. For the head

this would mean strikes to just

above the temple area (obviously

while wearing a helmet).

For the body, the strikes would

be from just under the arm across

the body and down to the waist.

Simple blocking techniques can also

begin to be taught. The 7 to 9 year

old has good reactions and teaching

blocking will help

to improve their

reaction time.

A simple game

for this age group is

“capture the flag”. Place

a red flag on one side of

the deck. Place a white flag on

the other side of the deck. Divide

the kids into two teams of equal

size and ability. The white team

must protect the red flag from

capture while trying to obtain

their white flag from the red

team. Conversely, the red team

must protect the white flag from being

captured while trying to obtain their red flag from the white team.

Each student has one sword each. if struck in the arm, they must

put that arm behind their back. If struck in the leg, they must drop

down onto that leg (and, thus, can’t move around the deck). If they

are struck in the head or body, they are “dead” and need to get off

to one side. The first team to get their team’s flag is the winner.

Adapted from Lin Conklin

Samurai Sports, Inc.

Children’s Curriculum development

SHIHAN DANA ABBOTT Is a 7th degree black belt in Kenjutsu, starting his 14-year education

in Tokyo. He has published five books and designed a US Patent. Abbott has also conducted seminars in

over 30 countries and obtained his black belt at the Hombu dojo in Yokohama. He currently offers online

classes on LearntheSword.com, his unique swordsmanship academy.


Photograph by IJdema

Join a Winning Team!

W Want a Truly Inspiring Career?

W Want to Join a Growing, Creative, Vibrant Organization?

W Want to Help Make the World a Better Place

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• Insurance Options

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• and More!



Don’t You Dare Miss an Opportunity!

by Grandmaster Stephen Oliver

“It’s not what you don’t know that kills you, it’s what you know for sure that ain’t true.”

― Mark Twain

They used this quote in the excellent movie “The Big Short.”

If you are in any way interested in how the Mortgage market

collapsed the economy, it’s a great way to learn more about how

things really worked. It’s not the full story but it’s a pretty good

chunk of the “untold story,” behind what really happened.

The Mark Twain quote also very much applies in my mind to

how most of our industry is absolutely sure about wrong ideas.

How the majority of school owners including those selling them

“stuff” – ideas, software, websites, etc. Get it wrong so much of

the time.

There’s another great quote by Earl Nightingale

I believe, that’s something to the effect of if

you don’t know what to do, just look around

at what everyone else is doing and do the

opposite. Look at how most schools (by

definition the broke guys) are running

their school and do the opposite. This is

why I have a tendency to yell at clients

who tell me what everyone else in town is

charging, by the way.

Opportunity lost… makes

me physically ill…


You may or may not

know, but one of the ways

that Jeff Smith influenced

my life is he got me

hooked on Movies while

I was in college and a

branch manager and he

was VP/Head Instructor for

the Jhoon Rhee Institute.

He and I used to hit two

movies on Friday night.

I’ve since passed this

on to my kids and, now especially my 7-year-old son, Chase

must see everything the moment it’s released, Thursday night.

Over the holiday’s we saw 3 movies in three different theaters.

In each of the lines we’re outside the door. Showings were

sold-out. The Theaters were “beat-up”, out of concessions, and

overwhelmed. That weekend broke EVERY standing record.

Guess how many Martial Arts Schools or other similar businesses

were in the lobby marketing to that crowd?

Right. None.

VERY close to two of these theaters is a former Franchisee of

mine who was constantly complaining of having difficulty getting

enough students. Guess what, no sign of him. And, this is

someone who I personally taught how to do it, stood by his side,

showed him how to make appointments, guided him on how to set

up and organize the booth.

Then I ended up in Tulsa for 8 days. The Big AMC Theater

there was packed – all showings sold-out. The coke machines

were sold-out, concessions overwhelmed, theater PACKED with

people. Not far from there is one of the wan-a-be “industry guru’s”

who was with me a few years ago for about a month. He had

about 90 students in Tulsa last I knew but sounds really enthusiastic

pitching his latest sales and marketing ideas to school

owners. He’s always bragging about how he’s mastered email and

Facebook marketing.

Think he had anyone at that Theater (or, any in town?) No.

How about a kiosk at the local shopping mall? Nope. How about

rack cards, bandit signs and other “gorilla marketing” around the

area, nope.

Opportunity lost forever.

I’m sure he’s having a holiday camp and charging $20 a day for

it. Thinks he’s rich. Doesn’t know what he doesn’t know. Well, the

cost of living is pretty low in Tulsa.

Don’t complain about your active count and miss opportunities

like these. There’s opportunity EVERYWHERE. Go talk and take

advantage of that opportunity.

GRANDMASTER STEPHEN OLIVER, is a 9th degree black belt and is the founder and CEO of

Mile High Karate schools, and founder of the Martial Arts Wealth Mastery Program.


Photograph by chaiyon021



Add ‘Value’ to Your School

By Master Carlos Machado

In regards to systems, the whole thing is a job is never done; it’s always a work in

progress. Like when you bought a laptop two years ago, and then you go to the same

shop two years later, you look at yours saying, “Man, this thing is crap now. I need to

add more memory,” and this and that.

The same applies to business, but I think there are certain

things at the core. Whether you’re tracking your students or being

engaged with the customer service aspect, you have to give more

than what’s expected of you. Often staff have a problem with following

a sales script. They worry about the price. They almost challenge

their students. And I have issues with staff at different points

in time because they come from different backgrounds.

Many people have what I call the “poor man mentality” because

they had bad experiences in their upbringing. They

never grew out of it. No matter what system you

have in place, they can’t really integrate themselves

with it because they have that bias;

that self-limiting thought process that came a

long way back.

Digital makes a difference in the quality

of your school. There’s no question about

price when the value is clear; the decision

is easy. I quote Dan Pena on that.

If I do an intro class and price

becomes an issue after the introduction,

I didn’t do my job

because what I want is that

when a guy has an intro

class, I want him to just

look at my staff on the

desk and say, “I want

to join right now.”

He’s not going to ask

how much it is. That’s

out of the question.

This is the part that, in my opinion, people miss out on: you can

decorate all the sales scripts. You can make all the promises. But

if what we deliver is not beyond somebody else’s expectations,

price is going to always be an issue.

They’ll say, “I’m not sure, I’m going to ask my wife,” or “I’m going

to go and check what the market says.”

And I don’t want that client. I want a client that says, “Oh, my

gosh, I’m ready!”

I have to do my part if I don’t add value. Part of the system is

your posture, being clean with your gear, being presented well,

having your nails trimmed, and a nice haircut.

MASTER CARLOS MACHADO is one of the pioneers of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the United

States of America. Currently a Coral Belt, and promoted to Black Belt by Carlos Gracie Junior, Carlos

Machado came to the USA in the early 1990’s with his brothers where they formed the RCJ Machado

Jiu Jitsu Association, one of the strongest & growing BJJ organizations in the world today.


Photograph by designer491

Human Age



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Press the Points, Part 2

By Grandmaster Tom Patire


Like in all training, applying the right technique at the right time

is the key to success. Also, applying it in real-world conditions is

what makes you invaluable to your client, as well as your team.

What I have found in my training is that many people that fail at

pressure point techniques fail not because of the technique itself,

but because of the missed application. See, a pressure point has to

be “cleared” before you apply it. For example, you attempt to apply

a point to, let’s say, in the region of the clavicle, where

there are numerous, very effective points that can

immobilize an aggressor in seconds. Where this

point, and many like them, goes wrong is when

the applicator tries to apply it directly through

the clothing. When that happens, the clothing

jams the point and creates a buffer so that

the aggressor never feels the full effect of the

point, allowing him to resist or, in some cases,

break out of the technique. Some helpful advice

when applying a point to the clavicle region is to

slide your finger down along the neck so that it

goes under the shirt or jacket, and once

directly on the targeted point,

use another finger to activate

the pressure point.

This technique is called

“clearing” and works

most of the time in most


Body Types

Body type often

dictates the effect of

a pressure point. For

example, a person

with less body

density (fat and/or

muscle), in most cases,

is easiest to apply.

That does not mean that the other body types can’t be targets with

pressure points. What it means is that you need to read a body and

apply the best point that shows itself during the altercation/situation.

In a situation where a person is irate and swinging his hands

violently, many seasoned professionals I work with like to target

facial points or points that lie in the arms like the radial nerve. If a

person is on the attack and an agent enters from his rear, many

favor points in the neck, back, or lower legs. What it really comes

down to is what is accessible at the time. In many cases, you take

what is given to you instead of trying to go after a point that may

not be accessible at the time.

At the end of the day, the training you choose is your choice,

but the law dictates what we can do and what we can’t. Make

sure you are skilled in all aspects of use of force, and when you

have the choice, make sure you use less force instead of more.

Less means fewer problems and fewer headaches, especially if it

involves any type of civil and criminal repercussions.

GRANDMASTER TOM PATIRE, is known as “America’s Leading Personal Safety Expert” and has appeared

on Good Morning America, The CBS Morning Show, The Colbert Report, Montel, plus in mainstream publications such as

Family Circle, Redbook, Fortune Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal. He has written several books and has personal

safety programs that can be incorporated into your martial arts school, available at TomPatire.com.




That Bring New Students Into Your School–Fast

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Teaching The Complex Art Of

Kung Fu, Part 2

by Professor Willie “The Bam” Johnson

Each class must be taught with a teaching plan that must be

organized before each class. I mean everything must be written

down in detail. It is your map for progress; it helps your instructor

not to lose the point of what is important for the student. The

“class agenda” as we call them should be made up based on the

student’s struggle in and outside of class. You see class is not just

about the physical skills needed, but life skills and philosophy as

well. It covers individual basics such as strikes, footwork, stances,

kicks and sweeps and then blocks on trapping skill at least three

days a week. Then there are the forms, two person fighting

sets, weapons, sparring grappling and self-defense

for the next three days.

Also warm ups, cardio, strength, and flexibility

are a part of every class. The tempo of

each class varies from high intensity to medium

intensity all the way down to slow. Each of

these levels of class serve a purpose. For

example the high intensity is to exhaust them to

a point where they can’t think about the

next move, but just flow at a

medium pace. One, it allows

them to work hard and

think in the present, while

the slow pace allows the

student to correct their

skill and work on the

small details.

Detail notes on each

student should be kept

along with good job

cards that should be

mailed daily along with

the student’s attendance.

Compliments on

a student’s progress in activities

in and outside the school, showing them how they complement

one another is important to a student’s longevity.

These things make Kung Fu a way of life and it can not be

taught any other way. Constant calls and regular private lessons

along with group ones are key to help the student feel confident

about the learning process of this complex art. The key to helping

the students’ learning process remain enjoyable is keeping them

in the now, helping them to not let their minds wonder what could

be or what is going to happen, only on what is going on at that

moment. They have to think about nothing, so therefore the mind

must be empty and allow that present moment to fill it up.

You see, the true secret of teaching Kung Fu is having all

the things needed for class but not at the expense of losing the

freedom of creative expression. This is what makes class fun, your

ability to be open to the new as a teacher in order to experience

what the students are presenting you with. It is like a dance and

you follow their steps and lead them to the goal in a harmonious


Through this method of teaching we promote the growth

process of true human potential and through their every effort

and action inner strength is gained. As teachers we must recognize

that the student’s emotions that are expressed through the

technique, is about reading their body language, facial expression

and eyes. You see, Kung fu can not be learned or taught in a lazy

manner or with a closed mind because then everything becomes

rigid and stiff. Kung Fu is free flowing and must flow to bring forth

the students’ great spirit from within. A spirit that is greater than

ambition, confidence, determination, vision, etc. Everything is transcended

by it. It is the chi of life, a true expression of one’s inner

self expressed outwardly.

As teachers we must remember that we are only guided by

and to inner truth and are never the giver. So as a catalyst we

must continue to strive for the true expression of this complex art.

And what is art; an expression of life that transcends both time

and space.

PROFESSOR WILLIE “THE BAM” JOHNSON is a 7th degree black belt and seventime

sport karate and Kung-Fu world champion. He has appeared in four movies, 16 plays, and 11 television

shows. He is also the national spokesperson for the Stronger than Drugs Foundation and the Champions

Against Drugs.




4 Sure-Fire Tips to Take Pressure

Off Yourself

By Lee Milteer, Performance & Productivity Coach

WE live in an unprecedented time for sure, where people seem

to be beyond stressed and easily offended. How often do you put

unnecessary pressure on yourself by trying to do and say the right

thing? Most likely this occurs daily. Fortunately, you can avoid this

kind of stress.

Give yourself PERMISSION to plan what you’ll say when future

stressful situations pop up. Here are four jewel statements I

personally use that always work for me. I hope you will add them

to your tool bag of coping strategies for dealing with the endlessly

changing reality we live in. Try them, I promise they work!

Learn to Say These Four Phrases at the Appropriate

Time to Help You Lighten Up and Stop Putting Pressure

on Yourself.

1. I Don’t Know.

Many times, you won’t say, “I don’t know,”

because you’re afraid others will think you’re

incompetent. Hey, you’re just human and

can’t possibly know everything – and

that’s okay, no one does. And you can

always say, “I can find out and let you

know later.” Sometimes you can say,

“I don’t know” when dealing with

people who are highly combustible

and just looking for trouble. In that

kind of situation, being neutral

prevents conflict that you

cannot win anyway.

2. I need help.

Everyone needs

help from time to time.

Unfortunately, you’re

going to burn out without

a support system.

Saying, “I need help”

must be done at the appropriate

time. Most of us

really strong-minded folks often take on too many responsibilities

and fear we will look weak if we ask for help. As a business owner,

I have learned it’s important to ask for help, to keep myself from

burning out.

There is one place I recommend that you rephrase “I need help”

and that is at home. When you ask for help with the housework or

yard work, you’re implying that it’s your entire job. Since we teach

people how to treat us, be careful not to set yourself up for taking

on more responsibility than necessary. Instead, try saying, “I need

you to share responsibility for the housework or yard work.”

3. I Was Wrong.

When you’re wrong, admit it. If you don’t, someone else will be

pointing their finger and saying it for you. I recommend that you

only apologize once, then take your energy and go right into problem

solving. Ask, “What can we do to fix this situation?”

4. Learn to Say “NO” at the appropriate time.

How many times have you overbooked yourself? Gotten involved

with a project that you didn’t have time for and didn’t want to

do in the first place? Here’s a time management tip: go through your

calendar and write “BOOKED” on your weekends and free time.

Now when people ask you to do things and you’re not sure if you really

have time or want to get involved, you tell them, “I have to check

my calendar, I might be booked, I’ll get back to you.” This strategy

allows you to choose what activities you really want to become

involved with instead of being a reactor and overbooking yourself.

It’s hard saying “NO” to people because you want them to like

you. You end up giving too much of yourself because you don’t

want to disappoint anyone. Better to suffer the sixty seconds it

takes to decline with kindness such requests of your time than suffer

way much longer doing things you don’t have time for.

So LIGHTEN up folks! Allow yourself to have more of a sense of

Humor in life and give yourself a break. After all, you are HUMAN –

a work in progress!!!


Lee Milteer

Performance and Productivity Coach

Millionaire Smarts Coach

MS. LEE MILTEER is an Intuitive Business Coach, award-winning professional speaker, and TV personality

who has counseled and trained over a million people throughout her career. Lee is Stephen Oliver’s Martial Arts

Wealth Mastery’s Millionaire Smarts Coach and is also a best-selling author of educational resources.


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A Particular Vision, Part 2

By Shidoshi Alfredo Tucci

Paniagua was a Master in directing the group energy flows, based on his idea of

cycles of rupture, expansion, stillness. People came out refreshed from classes. Even

today, the idea of training in combat for an hour and a half, and then finishing the class

doing Yoga and meditation is an absolute transgression.

Another surprising finding was his way of teaching kicks

from the ground, taking out the need to maintain balance, but

generating enough muscle memory and tone so that once the

basics were mastered, they could be performed standing up.

Divide and rule! Therefore, people with lesser motor

skills learned much faster this way than in

any other gym.

His perception of some learning problems,

such as “the dizzy duck complex,” and the

problems of transference and countertransference

in the Master student relationship,

were just some of his revolutionary observations,

in an activity that rarely had a bigger

judgment than that of “repeating what another

had taught you”, because it had always

been done like that.

For José Luis Paniagua, Martial Arts

were a vehicle, a tool of balance, health

and adaptation to the environment,

which he knew how to adapt to his

own needs, which, on the other

hand, were those of the overwhelmed

urban dwellers of a

modern age, in which alienation,

lack of mind-body balance,

were beginning to point out

intensely, and which today are

a widespread and pathological


The essential thesis of

Paniagua was that from

the moment in which man gave up his natural activities in the

environment as hunter-gatherer, his psychophysical balance was

compromised in formulas, which resulted in instability affecting

several poles, mind and emotion, body and spirit, which always interact

with each other. Martial Arts, when well oriented, were the

necessary medicine to rediscover this balance. Our bodies were

made to move, and the “couch surfing”, the apathy and inactivity,

were only the entrance door for self-destructive behavior of every


For almost a decade, I participated actively in that experiment,

even as a non-profit teacher. I made great friends, such as

Lorenzo Castro and Tomás de Santiago, who to this day they remain

so. In addition to all this, Paniagua’s vision allowed me later

to develop my work as editor of books and Budo International

Magazine, and do it in an inclusive way, without ever judging the

diversity of styles and Arts, to which I had to give fair space on

our pages. An inclusive vision that went beyond the details and

that gave me the intelligence, the intuition and the insight of a

teacher and a friend, who will always remain in memory, feeling


Of him still remain his books, some I published them myself,

others my brother, also editor; his children and his widow María

González Garzón, who still teaches Tai Chi; but above all, he left us

an imprint that touched intensely those who, like me, frequented

the Pyrenees Street, in the best of environments, in order to sweat,

clean and balance our lives.

It’s still modern. Very modern! Watch out! If you are in the

Martial Arts thing, no matter what your style, his books can be an

extraordinary additional contribution. José Luis went out of the

path, to help us get back to it.

Thank you, Master.

SHIDOSHI ALFREDO TUCCI is the CEO and General Manager of the Budo International Publishing

Company, a leading publisher in the martial arts with over 35 years in the industry. He is also author of several

books: The Immaterial Dimension, The Way of the Warrior, and The Spirit. He currently lives in Valencia, Spain.



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Funding Your Exhibition and

Tournament Teams

by Master Tina Bane

One of the secrets to long-term

student retention is forming teams.

Your regular classes have to be

designed for all your students, of all

ages and ability levels. Teams allow

students with outstanding ability to

focus on their area of interest and

develop their fullest potential. Two

teams no school should do without

are the Exhibition Team and the

Championship Team.

The Exhibition Team,

which is sometimes called your Demo Team,

practices exciting techniques to use during

exhibitions. We call ours the Dream Team, and

we dedicate one special class a week to them.

They prepare exhibitions for our belt tests, plus

any other exhibition opportunities we get during

the year to promote our school. We give them

special training in higher level techniques,

exciting breaking, crowd-pleasing falls

and throws, and exceptional team


To give our team a sense of

being special, we buy special

exhibition uniforms

that make their show

more exciting. We

invest in music and

special props for their

exhibitions and help

with travel expenses

and entry fees for competitions.

We also provide some team

identity items like equipment bags,

t-shirts, and warm-up suits.

The students, both adults and

children, are proud to be members

of our Dream Team, and the

parents are extremely supportive.

They feel like they have ownership

in a special part of our school,

and when they feel ownership,

they naturally give more time and

receive more satisfaction.

At this point, you are probably

asking, “Where do we get the

funds for all those expenses?”

Our major fundraiser is our annual

Breaka-thon. It works great because we use the money we raise

to pay for the expenses of the event, and then divide the profits

equally between the ICG, an international charity, and our student

teams. We have raised $10,000 before, so our Exhibition Team

budget was really good. We are looking forward to raising more in

the future, because the students and parents work harder to raise

money when they know that a large percentage of the money is for

their own team.

Our Championship team works the same way. In our tournament

system we have championship tag-team matches, which – if

you’ve ever seen them – are unbelievably exciting. Our competitive

athletes train hard, and spend many extra hours focusing on

sparring. We just can’t do that much sparring in our regular classes,

so we created a special class that provides a great outlet for

students who really love to spar. Plus, they get to compete on our

Championship Team, win trophies and medals, and receive travel

subsidies from our fundraising efforts.

I highly recommend you develop your own Exhibition Team and

Championship Team, and fund them with a Break-athon. You can

get all the materials and guidance you need setting up a Breakathon

included for AMS marketing consultants as with your other

martial arts school needs.

Schedule a Breaka- thon this year, so your teams will be better

equipped, and your students and parents will be more loyal

than ever!

MASTER TINA BANE is a 6th degree master instructor and owner of a Top Ten martial arts school

with successful after school and summer camp programs.


Photograph by SerhiiBobyk

Lee Milteer is an Internationally known and celebrated

Entrepreneur, Visionary, Best Selling Author, Award winning

Professional Speaker, TV Personality, and Intuitive Business Mentor.

Lee provides business and success advice and resources to nearly

250,000 people around the world.

Reclaim the Magic

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heart’s true desires. is

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Success is an

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The Value of Stretching

by Grandmaster Tim McCarthy

Do you have your students stretch at the beginning of classes?

Perhaps you have a warm-up routine for the beginning of each

class. If you don’t, you might consider adding one.

There are many values to a good warm-up. First of all, you

literally warm-up your students’ bodies. They go from a state of

calm to a state ready for action. You increase their blood flow,

heart rate, and body temperature to prepare them for the strenuous

activities in class. Without a warm-up you risk unnecessary

injury. The warm-up is also a good time for some basic conditioning

like push-ups, sit-ups, etc. to develop body strength. Most

beginners need some conditioning, and more advanced students

can benefit from advanced conditioning. Finally, stretching

can be included to prevent injury and, if done properly, to

increase flexibility.

Stretching is also a great way to develop confidence

because it develops bravery. Now, I want

to distinguish right here the difference between

stretching and loosening-up. I have known

some very flexible people who never stretch.

They plop down into a front split or a side split,

then stand up and begin to do amazing kicks.

To me, that’s not stretching; that’s loosening-up.

Both are good, but there is a difference.

Stretching hurts. Loosening-up doesn’t hurt.

Stretching involves extending your muscle

to its limit, where it hurts. At that point,

your natural tendency is to back off.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to

know that if something hurts, you

stop. A martial artist knows that

sometimes pain is the price of

progress, and stretching is an

easy way to not only learn, but

practice that principle. Pain is

an important component.

As you lead your students

through a stretching

session, first make sure

they have warmed-up

sufficiently. Cold muscles do not stretch easily nor do they

stretch as far as warm muscles. When stretching to develop

bravery, I recommend showing your students proper form and

then encouraging them to stretch to the point where the muscle

hurts. Some simple guidelines to use are (1) light muscle pain is

OK, but intense muscle pain is not. Don’t be stupid and pull a

muscle to show how brave you are. (2) Light muscle pain means

you are stretching the muscle, but joint pain usually means you

are damaging the joint. Avoid joint pain. (3) Don’t bounce. Move

slowly and deliberately.

As you are at the point where the muscle hurts, simply stay

there for about 30 seconds or so. You will probably notice that

if you don’t back away from the pain, the pain backs away from

you. Your muscles will stretch a little and hurt less. When your

muscle no longer hurts, chase the pain by stretching a little

deeper until you find that point of light pain again, and then wait.

If the pain backs away again, chase it again. When you reach the

point that the pain no longer backs away, simply stay there and

endure the pain for about 30 seconds at your maximum stretch,

and then relax. Of course, follow the same routine for your other

leg or on your other side.

The process of not only enduring the pain but chasing the

pain is what creates bravery. People who react emotionally will

want to flee from the pain. By intentionally staying at the pain

point, you help your student move out of their emotional mind

and into their rational mind. You help them learn how not to

react instinctively (emotionally) but react rationally. You teach

them bravery and self-control that goes a long way in conflict

management. A student who can control her instinct to avoid

pain can more easily control her anger or jealousy, and take a

few seconds to respond rationally to insults, accidents, or even

physical threats.

Some people want to measure martial arts by their effectiveness

in the ring. I choose to measure my teaching by its

effectiveness in everyday life. Full splits may not help you win

the UFC, but stretching with a goal in mind can help you learn to

be brave, control your emotions, and delay gratification toward

longer-term goals. I will choose those lessons for my students

any day of the week.

GRANDMASTER TIM MCCARTHY is a 9th degree black belt and is a martial arts educator

with a master’s degree in education. He has been instrumental in developing two industry-changing

programs, plus has directed and been featured in hundreds of martial arts videos and webinars.


Photograph by NeilLockhart

Touch The Future

Of Martial Arts School Management



• Send automated

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up messages to

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The Top Ten Negative Habits

That Keep You From Achieving

Your Goals, Part 2

by Grandmaster Lawrence Arthur

…and what to do about them.

It might seem like the most successful schools are just lucky,

or in the right location, or were born under the right zodiac sign,

or whatever other excuse you can come up with to keep from

looking at what YOU are doing, or not doing, to build a successful

school. I have the opportunity to coach many schools

in all types of demographics, from small-town,

part-time clubs to big-city, full-time operations

with hundreds of active students, and I’ve

identified several key components that the

most successful schools are willing to do

that the unsuccessful schools don’t do. Take

a close look at this list and ask yourself how

you can improve your school by taking action

in each area. Here are the last 5 habits that are

deterrents to achieving your goals.

5. You’re not training to be a better


Our business is sales and

marketing! There are lots

of resources for sales

scripts and formulas to

follow to enroll students

and upgrade them.

Find and study them

to improve your

closing ratios and


Stop prejudging


and everything like you think you know their financial ability. Lower

your expectations and raise your effort to communicate the value

of your program. Be focused on collecting money. Make a daily

plan on who you’re going to enroll, upgrade, or ask for a bigger

commitment from. You only get paid just after you ask for it.

6. You don’t look professional.

Don’t follow trends, don’t try to look cool with earrings, tattoos,

spiked hair, etc. You’re setting an example of what it’s like

to become a black belt leader in your school. Parents want their

children to emulate success and conservative values. Wear a polished,

clean uniform with a new belt instead of your old tattered

belt that you’re so proud of.

7. You think great classes will make you successful.

Don’t get me wrong: great classes are very important; however,

they only represent a third of your business. Marketing and sales is

another third, and operations and paperwork is another third.

8. You’re over sensitive to comments from others.

Don’t accept what they think of you. It’s their thoughts, not

yours, and it’s really none of your business what they think. Have

tenacity and create your own future based on your personal goals.

9. You bring your personal life into the academy or post it on


Your students should not know about your personal life. Your

academy should be a sanctuary of positive energy and encouragement.

There’s no room for gossip or any negative comments from

or about anyone.

10. You break your promises.

Your word is who you are. You show what you are made of when

you keep your promises, agreements, schedule, and appointments.

GRANDMASTER LAWRENCE ARTHUR has been a martial artist, specializing

in Karate, Kung Fu, Kenpo, Shotokan, and Goju Ryu, since 1968. He owns 40 Super Kick Karate

locations and is founder of the American Freestyle Karate Association (AFKA). A world champion

and hall of famer, Lawrence also runs the Black Belt Success Systems consulting firm, which trains

martial arts instructors on proper business practices and is used by schools all over the country.


Do You Serve Martial Arts Professionals?

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A Diary of a Black Belt, Part 5

By Sensei Gary Lee

21 months later

4th Purple Belt

This was the hardest test I have ever been a part of because of

the bunkai. All bunkai had to be performed for all Pinan,Teki, and

Heian Kata, and then applied. You would start your kata, the board

would stop you, you’d be asked to perform bunkai, and then go on.

I did five rounds of Bull in the Ring and was a Uki for all the black

belts going for higher dan ranks. I believe I was more spent before

my basics than I’ve ever been before, because I had to do all the

bunkai and Bull in the Ring with the black belts. Five bad, bad

dudes beat me up pretty good. Love the pain! The fighting was

normal except that, with this test, the Board seemed to emphasize

that this group needs to know strong, strong BASICS. There were

nine of us going for purple, four going for third brown, and five

black belts testing. I believe the word Kihon, meaning “basic,” was

thrown at us hard, and the other new word is Kime, focusing my

technique with precision as the standard.

Also, after this test, a couple of the black belts came up to me

and said I did good. I was really humbled; after all, I’ve come a long

way in my training, but especially in my attitude.

Sensei came up to me and pulled me to the

side. He was always so polite, but mysterious

at the same time.

He said, “Purple belt is like being at the

ocean’s edge: you’re to venture out into the

water, deep water, full of danger and life.

These are the brown belt years, purple will

prepare you for that encounter, and I hope

you are prepared well, for most brown

belts quit because they just cannot

take the pain!” Oss.

Two years later

3rd Brown

Reaching brown belt was impressive. Basics, basics, basics,

and more basics: Konk Ku Dai, Seisan Kata, advanced Teki Kata, all

Kata Bunkai applications; black belt attackers only. Bull in the Ring

and one on one, two on one, three on one, four on one, five on one

Kumite, no rest between rounds, no water, no excuses, no quitting,

and well, I’ve graduated from cleaning the toilets to sweeping the

front of the matted area every day before the black belt class. Sensei

says he did this so all the black belts can see me all the time

and see I have good technique in sweeping.

I said, with much respect, “They see me enough when they

beat the crap out of me, Sir!” Oss.

SENSEI GARY LEE, the American Samurai, is a 9th Dan black belt, a USA Karate

Federation gold medalist, winner of five Super Grand National Titles, a featured actor in

the movie Sidekicks, and is the founder of the National Sport Karate Museum.


Photograph by Michael Burrell



Are You Still Doing Too Many Tasks

For Your Martial Arts School?

by Chief Master Kirk Pelt

Wouldn’t you like to have more time in your life and double or even triple the amount

of money you earn?

You can do exactly that with the ATLAS system. It is designed

to do things for you even while you sleep! Much like an avatar,

ATLAS can engage your influence and information to increase

your enrollment, income and retention. This management software

can do virtually everything! You will have more time to teach more

classes to more students and spend less time on the computer,

doing accounting, trying to think of ways to market your

school, and figuring out when your next students are

due for belt testing and which color, etc.? Are you

beginning to get the picture? AMSonline can do all

of that for you!

ATLAS software has an amazing accounting

system that keeps track of your students’ tuition

and your money spent. The financial data can be

exported to QuickBooks software program for

easy compatibility. There is even an HQ application

to monitor multiple schools from your main Headquarters

or main office school.

Are you having difficulties thinking of new

ways to market your school and create

ads for print or social media and to

make them look professional and

customized to your school? AT-

LAS is connected to a resource

that has many ads to choose

from. You can customize each

ad with your school’s information.

Every month ATLAS has

different martial arts ads for

you to use in many different

ways along with promotions

for each month! No

more worrying about what to do next to bring in new students!

These marketing promotions and ad campaigns can be done easily

and at no cost in many cases!

The system is so smart that it can even take attendance! How,

you might ask? The state-of-the-art fingerprint scanner that is

available takes attendance of every student upon entry. The

attendance tracker is linked up with the automated emailer. So

if someone is out, the system will automatically send an email to

them stating, “We missed you!” The feature also includes 2-4-6

week, birthday, holidays, and so many more automated emails. Not

only automated emails, but customized automated emails are sent

out on your behalf! This makes it seem like you are doing so much

when in actuality you have cut your work time in half! This is what

some instructors and school owners say is the secret to retention;

follow-up, follow-up, follow-up!

The FREE lead generating website you will receive when you

sign up with ATLAS will give you an optimum web presence specific

to your market with great SEO and attract more lends for your

school. You will have more prospects than ever and start getting

more enrollments at your school because of the special offers and

the greater ability for exceptional follow-up!

You can have an online Pro-Shop of your own to make more

money 24/7! Students or anyone will be able to purchase items

online from you with your online Pro-Shop. You won’t have to do

anything but set up your free website with ATLAS and you will

begin to make money around the clock!

The ATLAS system will make your life so smooth and easy, you

will not know how you got along without it. You will have so much

more time to do what you love, teaching martial arts to so many

more students! More students means more tuition and that means

more money. ATLAS will handle the rest, you just do what you love

best. To learn more visit TryAtlasSoftware.com.

CHIEF MASTER KIRK PELT is an 8th degree black belt and is the President of a

multi-million dollar, multi-school organization, has a 30-year track record of success, and is

currently on the leading edge of martial arts curriculum and business innovation.


Photograph by Ratana21


A Touch of Zen



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93 AtlasMartialArtsSoftware.com

55 Kovar Systems



Action Hero Photos


89 Learn the Sword


17 Adventures of Harry & Friends


11, 79 Amazing Martial Arts Websites


107 American Martial Arts Alliance


19, 68, AMS Billing

108 OurAMS.com

61, 75 AMSkids


49 The Art of Publishing a Book


26 Black Belt Principles


77 Break Like a Champ


81 Budo International Magazine


73 Extraordinary Marketing


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53, 101 MA Biz Academy


43, 105 Martial Arts Business Institute


95 Martial Arts History Museum


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31, 45 Stephen K. Hayes

NinjaSelfDefense.com, tuttlepublishing.com

32 Tom Patire


3 Vision


30 Warrior Defence Lab


56, 67 Grandmaster Y. K. Kim


21 Grandmaster Zulfi Ahmed




The Persistence Factor PT. 1

by Grandmaster Bill Clark

Reaching your goals, raising children, learning martial arts, running a business, running

your life… is not really easy. It comes with long hours, road blocks, unplanned events, and

a seemingly never-ending roller coaster ride of emotional and financial highs and lows.

Just about every rider has hit the dirt, more than once. Broken

or bruised their bodies, bones and egos but kept going and

found a better way. Just about every parent struggles with raising

their child and making decisions that didn’t turn out well.

Almost every business struggles for survival at some point in

its life. In fact, the average self-made millionaire has been broke,

bankrupt, or financially destitute 3.7 times before becoming a

financial success.

Most people give up easily when things don’t work

right away, or they get frustrated, mad and upset.

So, in my Martial Arts program we have a

couple of sayings to help you think beyond the

emotional problem. It goes like this:

1. Passive persistence in the proper


2. Stay with it! I’ve never seen it take longer

than two days.

Most people lose patience in

a matter of seconds. When

something doesn’t work,

they get more forceful,

irritated, mad… or they

give up. You often see

that with students

and their lessons!

In fact, that used to

be me too.


is probably one

of the weakest

human traits, so

it needs constant

nurturing. You have to persist at persistence! One of my teachers,

Robert Kiyosaki, during a life-changing course I took with him in

the mid 1980s, said: The only failure is the failure to participate.

That’s a really powerful statement because it means you have to

keep showing up in order for something to work.

The only guarantee for failure is to stop trying.

Most success stories are filled with examples of how people

persisted no matter what obstacles were thrown in front of them.

They found a way to get over, through or around it. They got

stronger instead of weaker.

It is truly amazing how many turning points come down to

the same decision: Should we try again, or should we throw in

the towel and settle down to a more normal, “safe” and predictable


There is no better long-term solution to personal or business

success than single-minded determination.

You will need to make changes to deal with fluctuating circumstances

but, even if you have to change strategy, the long-term

goals remain the same.

GRANDMASTER BILL CLARK is a 9th degree black belt and a former PKA Fighter of

the Year. He is widely considered one of the top experts in martial arts business with over 50 years

of leadership and innovation, having been inducted into almost every Hall of Fame in the industry. He

is one of the largest multi-school owners in the world.


Photograph by phototechno


to Market Your Martial Arts School!




Mining for Instructors:

Planting the Seed, Part 1

I believe everyone reading this column can agree that one of the most frustrating and

challenging aspects of running a successful martial arts school is locating, acquiring,

and retaining extraordinary staff at all levels of your business. But the one staff

member who can ultimately make or break a martial arts school is its instructor.

It is a fact that most, if not all, success depends on how well

your floor is operating and the quality of students you are producing.

The development of new and future instructors and the

retention of high-quality instructors has always been a challenge

throughout our industry. I’ll help you gain a better understanding of

the process of obtaining the top 1% of instructors in

your martial arts school.

Start with the mindset that everyone who

walks through your doors is a potential future

instructor. One of the biggest mistakes most

school owners make is waiting too long to

begin looking for someone to fill an instructor

role. The higher the position, the harder

it becomes, and the longer it takes to fill the

position. Only when they are faced with losing

or the loss of an instructor, or if and when they

are motivated to grow their business, do they

begin their search. The instructor development

training and retention process

should always be in effect in your

school. Future instructor and leadership

classes and curriculum should

be yet another ongoing program

or feature that is available to every

student as a normal and required

part of their training.

At Bushi Ban, the seeds of

becoming a future instructor

are planted even as early as their first trial lesson. This mindset is

intrinsically woven into our training culture. Our students routinely

talk about teaching and one day becoming a master instructor.

Beginning with our friendly receptionist staff and continuing all the

way up to our Grand Master, our students and staff are always talking

about teaching and its many rewarding aspects. The students

and parents are constantly being exposed to the thought that one

day they or their child might become an instructor, allowing that

goal to guide their training and reinvigorate their motivation to set

and accomplish their goals while helping to generate a renewed

commitment to their training, your school, and their personal journey

in the martial arts. The culture of higher aspiration and future

instructorship positions is created and displayed throughout the

school in the form of posters, pictures, and other visual elements

as well. This helps further promote and propagate the culture

within our schools.

GRANDMASTER ZULFI AHMED has amassed acclaim as a world-class competitor, martial

arts educator, and is most notably founder and designer of the internationally renowned style, Bushi Ban.

With over 45 years of martial arts experience and over 300 martial arts awards, his schools include ten

locations across Texas.




Buddy Passes

Buddy Passes are an effective

yet low-cost way to improve

your enrollment numbers. Simply

print the passes at your local

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star students. They’ll be able to

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support materials.

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Lean On AMS for Your Success

by Ms. Chris Lee

Face it, there are numerous threats trying to rob you of success as a martial arts

school owner.

You’ve felt the choke hold of the negative perception MMA can

bring to the martial arts. You’ve been impacted by the blows of

tough economic times and their effect on the martial arts industry.

If you’re almost out of breath and losing consciousness professionally,

there still is hope.

Consider the following adapted lyrics from a well known song,

“Lean on AMS, when you’re not strong. And AMS will be your

friend. AMS will help you carry on.” It’s not a sign of weakness, but

rather a mark of wisdom to seek a helping hand when it’s needed.

Regain consciousness and breathe easy by leaning

on AMS for your success like hundreds of

other successful school owners.

The industry has gone through many

trends plus economic highs and lows during

the forty years AMS has been helping

school owners. AMS can’t control trends

or the economy, but they have successfully

helped many martial arts professionals

maintain their own distinctiveness

while realizing their dreams of

financial freedom. You’re probably

wondering, “How?”

First, many school owners

get a lot of headaches and

heartaches by struggling to handle

their own billing for student

tuition. It can be a draining task

doing the accounting on student

contracts and it steals the

energy you need to teach great

classes. Also doing collection

on student contracts can hurt

retention by giving the perception

you’re a bill collector

rather than a teacher.

When you lean on AMS,

you get reliable, accurate, on-time, and professional billing service

that eliminates the headache and heartache so you can focus on

what you love, teaching the martial arts! You can have peace of

mind that your student contracts are being handled with great care

and professionalism in order for you to get the highest income on

your student tuition.

Next, how can leaning on AMS help with the negative perception

of the martial arts and a down economy? Receive highly

effective, totally customizable, new, relevant, and eye-catching ads

each month that can help you enroll 25 to 30 new students each

month. Get ideas for family oriented promos and instruction where

you still maintain the integrity of your style.

AMS has been innovative in creating the most profitable after

school martial arts program that can increase your income by

$100,000 or more a year in any economy. In addition, AMS has

the most technologically advanced school management software

in the martial arts industry that aids you in achieving high level

retention through its VIP promotion and automated emails.

Leaning on AMS helps your school succeed through higher

professionalism and advice with proven results to bring financial

success in any economy. The famous song adapted would

say, “AMS’ll share your load, If you just call AMS.” So just call

1.800.275.1600 or visit ourams.com and begin leaning on AMS for

your success now!

MS. CHRIS LEE is a martial arts business development consultant with a background in online and

social media marketing.


Image by LoveTheWind





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