AWC Going Dutch May June 2022

American Women's Club of The Hague bi-monthly magazine

American Women's Club of The Hague bi-monthly magazine

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Going Dutch

May/June 2022

The Magazine of the

American Women’s Club

of The Hague

Table of Contents

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How exciting when we opened the doors

to our new Clubhouse for our Members to

see our new home away from home


The AWC has experienced many milestones

since its founding in 1930


There were plenty of smiles on moving day

thanks to Monica Rodoni’s leadership

5 Officers and Chairwomen

6 Open House

8 Messages from the


10 Ramblings from the Editor

12 Membership

14 Ongoing Activities

18 AWC and the Arts

19 Newcomers

20 Book Lovers

22 Slate of Officers


26 Calendar


28 AWC Barnyard

30 AWC Milestones

34 AWC Library

38 Hats Off to Monica Rodoni

39 Farewell to Going Dutch

42 Plucked From the Shredder

46 Election and Installation

48 Memorial Day

50 Moving Day

51 Classifieds

MAY / JUNE 2022 3


Melissa White

2022-2023 AWC Officers Committee Chairs

AWC Clubhouse

Bisschopstraat 5

2596 XH, Den Haag

Tel: 070 350 6007



Going Dutch Magazine


Dues (Effective 2022-2023)

€ 110 per year (€ 66 after January 1)

€ 90 business, professional

€ 55 valid US military ID

€ 35 full-time students under age 26

€ 15 outside the Netherlands (Going

Dutch not included)

€ 15 new member registration fee

Design and Layout

Teresa Mahoney


Voorschoten in May 2020


Greetje Engelsman, Melissa White


Celeste Brown, Jane Gulde, Diane Schaap,

Debbie van Hees

Advertising Manager & Invoicing



Mary Adams, Molly Boed, Barbara

Brookman, Celeste Brown, Jane Choy,

Suzanne Dundas, Marilyn Engelbrecht,

Greetje Engelsman, Georgia Regnault,

Melissa Rider, Jo van Kalveen, Anne van

Oorschot, Melissa White



AWC Bank Account Number

IBAN: NL42ABNA0431421757

KvK Den Haag

40409274 BTW or VAT: 007408705B01

Honorary President Marja Verloop

President Celeste Brown


Vice President Lesley Gerrese


Treasurer Anne van Oorschot


Secretary Anuradha Koratkar


Club and Community Development


Michelle Ernst


Clubhouse Administration Officer



Communications Jo van Kalveen


Activities: Sarah Partridge

Arts: Jane Choy

Assistant Treasurer: Teresa Insalaco

Book Club Daytime: Teresa Mahoney

Book Club Evening: Dena Haggerty

Bookkeeper: Lori Schnebelie

Caring Committee: Naomi Keip

Chat, Craft & Coffee: Suzanne Dundas

Community Outreach: Minal Rajan

eNews: Allison Manning


General Meetings Programs: Open

Heart Pillows: Jan de Vries

IT Administrator and Webmaster: Julie


Kids’ Club: Open

Lunch Bunch: Greetje Engelsman

Mah Jongg: Jen van Ginhoven

Membership: Melissa Rider

Movie Network: Open

Newcomers: Jo van Kalveen

Parliamentarian/Historian: Georgia


Pickleball: Allison Manning, Sarah

Partridge, Krishna Thakrar

Thirsty Thursday: Dena Haggerty

Tours: Open

Volunteer Coordinator: Open

Walkie Talkies: Allison Manning

Women with Dutch Partners: Sarah


Please Note: Articles submitted to Going Dutch will be published subject to space limitations and

editorial approval. All rights reserved; reprints only by written permission of the Editor. Please email to:


Legal Notice: Articles in Going Dutch express the views and opinions of their authors alone, and not necessarily

those of the AWC of The Hague, its Members or this publication.


AWC Mission Statement

The AWC is an association formed to provide social and educational activities for American

women living in the Netherlands and to promote amicable relations among people of all nations,

as well as acquiring funds for general public interest. Membership in the club is open

to women of all nations who are friendly and welcoming to American culture. The association

does not endeavor to make a profit. The AWC is a 100% volunteer organization.

MAY / JUNE 2022 5

New Clubhouse,

New Beginnings

Messages from the Presidents

by Barbara Brookman,

AWC President, 2020-2022

by Celeste Brown,

AWC President, 2022-2023

Messages from the Presidents (cont.)

Continued from page 8

by Barbara Brookman

by Celeste Brown

Just don’t call me the Corona President.

My two years as President of the AWC

seem like both a short and a long time. Of

course, the coronavirus pandemic that just

wouldn’t go away and kept popping up just

when we thought the Club could go back

to normal made the two years seem like a

long time. And there were some discussions

about coronavirus protocols and Clubhouse

closures and use that seemed to go on for

days. At the same time, was it only yesterday

that we stored all the handbags in the

closets before closing the Clubhouse for

the first lockdown? Now they are out of the

closet and ready for a starring role in April’s

Handbag Auction at our new Clubhouse.

With the whirlwind of finding,

negotiating and moving

to the new Clubhouse at the

Bisschopstraat 5 behind us, our

Clubhouse is open and activities

have returned. Monica Rodoni,

our Clubhouse Administrator,

assisted by many volunteers,

made this move a success. Her

ability to manage and encourage

Members to participate in the move

was inspiring. She made the task seem easy

by managing all the details and letting everyone

else have fun packing, decorating

and, yes, even cleaning up (see page 50). A

huge thank you to

Monica (see page



We have already

had many

activities at our

new Clubhouse.

I’m really happy

that it is also a

resource to help

the Ukranian

refugees in The

Hague. The

>> 9

The Past: Exactly 20 years ago, I was installed

as President of the American Women’s

Club of The Hague. What an honor! I had

been a Member for only three years, but was

full of ambition and energy. The Club was

bustling: 400 Members; two (sometimes

three!) activities multiple days per week;

Members enjoying several trips (by bus or

air) per year; and a Front Office that received

a steady stream of newcomers. At the end

of my second term, our Club was proud to

sponsor the FAWCO Conference where we

hosted about 200 members of other AWCs

around the world with our Club Members

as the oh-so-proud hostesses. Our Club was

bustling, busy and vibrant.

The Present: Fast forward 20 years.

The shifting business role that expats

play in businesses around the

world has drastically reduced the

Membership not only of our Club

(currently more than 170), but

also other AWCs and international

women’s clubs around the

world. Our Club’s demographics

show that Members range from

young professional women to young

moms, to professional middle-aged women

and those with school aged children, to

empty nesters and retirees. This diversity

makes our Club eclectic and strong, with

Members with a wide variety of skillsets.

The last two

years have been

difficult on our

Club. The outgoing


led by the intrepid


Brookman, has

done yeoman’s

work keeping our

AWC moving forward

during the


>> 9

€ 1,500 we made from renting the Clubhouse

to the Gemeente for the city council elections

was used to buy toiletry kits for Ukrainian

refugee families hosted for dinner by Church

of Our Savior. This is the church our soup

ladies make soup for. Thanks to Michelle

Ernst and Minal Rajan for organizing this.

In addition, we had two successful clothing

giveaways for Ukraine (see page 37), the

first one from clothes donated for the Preloved

Clothing Pop Up and the second one

a drive specifically for children’s clothing.

Thank you to Jo van Kalveen for organizing

these drives. We will be looking for other

ways that the AWC and our Clubhouse can

serve refugees in the future.

I couldn’t be more proud of the

2021-2022 Board and what it has

accomplished: Wynne Davis,

Vice President; Anne van

Oorschot, Treasurer; Marilyn

Tinsay, Secretary; Lesley

Gerrese, Communications;

Monica Rodoni, Clubhouse

Administrator; Carin Elam,

Minal Rajan and Michelle Ernst

who tag teamed Club & Community;

Georgia Regnault, Parliamentarian and

Melissa Rider, Senior Advisor. Everyone on

this Board has looked for what is possible,

learned new things, moved quickly and was

willing to change tack if needed. I’m really

proud to have been part of this team. It’s

been an honor to serve as AWC President.

Thank you.



COVID-19 pandemic. I warmly salute

Barbara and her entire team – Board Officers,

Committee Chairs, Activity Chairs and all

volunteers – for all their creative efforts to

keep our Club afloat during a difficult time.

They did an incredible job! And then, as if

their jobs weren’t difficult enough, the Board

learned unexpectedly that we must vacate

our Clubhouse. That said, they achieved the

unachievable by finding a new Clubhouse

and organizing a smooth transition in record

time. We are now settled on Bisschopstraat 5

in Benoordenhout, and our Club is poised to

move forward. Well done, ladies!

The Future: To get our new Board team

off to a good start, the Outgoing-Incoming

Board Meeting is scheduled for early

June. Two weeks later, I am organizing

a Board Training/Team

Building session for the new

Board Members. You’ll hear

much more from us as we get

our feet on the ground.

Our Club is always your proverbial

“home away from home.”

What is our Club’s formula for success?

The more people you know, the

closer you feel to the Club. You find “your

group,” you find “your activities” and before

you know it, you are smack dab in the living,

pulsing, fun, giving, energizing heart of the

Club. My motto: you need to give energy to

get energy. The deep friendships and unique

shared experiences that international living

brings are here waiting for you. Let’s share

them together.

Tot ziens!


MAY / JUNE 2022 9

Ramblings from the Editor

by Melissa White

It is bittersweet to be writing my last

Ramblings once again. Of course, I’ve said

goodbye before, but this time I’m definitely

closing the book on this chapter of my life. It

is time for another team to guide the magazine

into the next chapter of the AWC’s life.

In 1988, then AWC Editor Leonara Kraft

summed it up well when she left:

With this issue of the magazine, I relinquish

my responsibility as Editor. I regret

deeply that no one has stepped forward to fill

this position, and I certainly want to wish all

the best to the person who finally takes the job.

Being Editor is time-consuming, frustrating

and hair pulling at the best of times. But in

producing this magazine every month, the

Editor does an invaluable service to the Club

and to the American community, and this is

vastly rewarding. I have learned and grown

through my experience.

I, too, have pulled my hair, but more

importantly, have also learned and grown

through this experience. Thanks to all who

have submitted articles over the many years

and to the wonderful team of ladies who have

provided a second or third set of eyes to help

with proofreading.

Of course, I couldn’t have done any of

this without Teresa Mahoney. Thanks for

putting up with me for ten years! We really

have to find a fitting way to celebrate the ending

of this partnership. What began as a whim

transformed into a well-oiled machine. We

took a black-and-white basic magazine and

transformed it into a beautiful colorful magazine

eagerly read by AWC Members and our

local expat community. You can learn more

about the magazine on page 39 as part of our

special section starting on page 28 that looks

back at the AWC.

This is also my last opportunity to overshare

about my daughters (if you just can’t get

enough, please ask me for my blog address).

Visa issues continue to dominant our lives at

the moment. We were thrilled to recently see

Ashlynn, who’s nearly 22, when she popped

back into Holland from Glasgow (where she

continues to work on her bachelor’s degree

when not working as a bartender or DJ) to take

the final of her Dutch inburgering exams: the

dreaded speaking exam! I felt like a terrible

mother when I decided at the last minute not

to accompany her to Amsterdam to be able

to celebrate afterwards; I made it as far as the

train station before realizing another horrific

storm of rain and wind was about to blow

through. No bad weather, however, will be

able to stop me from celebrating if she actually

obtains her long-term residency.

Celebrate endings for they proceed

new beginnings.

~ Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Just weeks after applying for her residence

visa through the Dutch American Friendship

Treaty so that she could stay living with us

while working on her science communications

consulting business, our eldest daughter,

24-year-old Veronica, was awarded the funding

to do a PhD at the University of Exeter

in southwest England. After a very bumpy

road due to the pandemic and ongoing visa

issues, I am relieved that Veronica has a clear

path ahead, one that seems custom built for

her. Her research will utilize creative social

science methods, including photography (at

which she is truly talented), to investigate the

visual communication of climate change and

future food systems. And I am so incredibly

proud that she will be the first in our family to

obtain a doctorate. She’ll start in September

by doing a master’s in Sustainable Futures at

Exeter’s campus in Cornwall and then will

spend three years in Exeter. She’s already

begun researching where in Cornwall we can

have our family vacation when we help her

move. Onto new beginnings!


MAY / JUNE 2022 11


by Melissa Rider

2022-2023 Membership Dues

AWC Membership dues for the 2022-2023

Club Year are payable September 1 and

will be effective until August 31, 2023.

You will receive an invoice via email in

August. Please make a bank transfer before

September 30 to avoid a € 10 late fee.

A bank transfer is preferred over PayPal

so that extra fees are not incurred by the

AWC. Dues remain the same as last year:

€ 110 for Regular and Associate Members,

€ 90 for Business/Professionals (working

full-time), € 55 for Military (with valid

military ID), and € 35 Students (full-time

under age 26 with valid student ID) and

€ 15 Non-residents (overseas).

Ook Whatsapp!

70,- 75,-

85,- 90,-


Update Your Information

It is very important to keep both your email

and mailing addresses accurate, so you receive

your Membership renewal invoice

and eNews. You can update your information

in the Wild Apricot App under “My

Profile,” by logging into your account at

www.awcthehague.org and clicking on “Edit

Profile,” or by contacting the Membership

Chair at membership@awcthehague.org

with any changes.

Becoming More International

Our Membership of 171 ladies currently

consists of 67% Regular Members (US

citizens or married to a US citizen) and

33% Associate Members (non-US citizens).

So while our Membership numbers

are almost equal to those of pre-pandemic

times, our demographic has become more

international. The 2018-2019 and 2019-

2020 Club Years had 170 Members and

saw our percentages at 75% and 25%. We

dipped to a low of 146 Members during

the 2020-2021 Club Year, but have rebounded

wonderfully in 2021-2022. Keep

encouraging your friends and neighbors to

join, since word of mouth is our best advertisement.

Welcome New Members!

Suzanne Bolling

Dallas Buckley

Michelle Burkett

Patricia Calabro

Yvonne Roels

Ekta Singh

Gabriella Snoeck

Hanne Winkler

Amy Woelderink-Wassing

For free quote from other

cities or for bookings contact

us on +31 (0)622 395536


email us on Fritstaxi@msn.com

or visit us on www.fritstaxi.nl


MAY / JUNE 2022 13

Ongoing Activities

Chat, Craft & Coffee

Chat, Craft & Coffee is a weekly highlight

for those who enjoy crafts and camaraderie.

Whether your craft is knitting, quilting, needlepoint

or simply mending your clothes,

no matter if you are a beginner or an expert,

you are welcome to join us. Fish that

UFO (Unfinished Object) out of the drawer

Fridays, May 13 + June 10

1 – 3 p.m.

AWC Clubhouse



The Winter 2022 season of Pickleball

finishes up on May 19. Pickleball is the

to register, contact Jen van Ginhoven at


Every Tuesday

1 – 4 p.m.

Location TBD


Out to Lunch Bunch

Interested in exploring new restaurants

in and around The Hague? Join us once a

month for Lunch Bunch. A different restaurant

is selected each month on varying days.

Recommendations are always welcome to

Greetje Engelsman at outtolunchbunch@

awcthehague.org. NOTE: Food and drink

are at your own expense. You will need the

CoronaCheck app on your phone to create

a Coronapass. Deadline for registration

is THREE days before the lunch.

May: Join us for lunch at Haagsche Bier

Kluis (www.haagschebierkluis.nl) at the

Plein. Until World War II, this was a >> 16

and get going on it again. CCandCer’s are

always ready with a helping hand, a lesson,

or some advice. Babysitting is not

available as there are lots of sharp objects

about (pins, needles, scissors and

wit) so we cannot accommodate children.

Contact Suzanne Dundas with questions at


Every Tuesday except holidays

10 a.m. – Noon

AWC Clubhouse


Heart Pillow Project

Members work together to make heartshaped

pillows designed to help support the

arms of recent lumpectomy and mastectomy

patients. Each pillow is made with TLC,

wrapped, and comes with a note signed by

AWC volunteers. No sewing skills are needed,

as you can cut, stuff or wrap the heart

pillows. We are proud to provide something

both practical and comforting, and

we know our work helps because we often

receive thank-you notes from the patients

who have received a heart pillow. For more

information, please contact Jan de Vries at


fastest growing sport in the US and is exploding

in popularity internationally, combining

elements of tennis, badminton and

table tennis. It is played with a paddle and

light ball on a badminton sized court. All

skill levels are welcome with no previous

playing experience necessary. We invite

any AWC Member who is interested in

trying Pickleball to join us on a Thursday

at the courts for a trial session. If interested,

please email Sarah Partridge at


Thursday May 19

10 – 11:30 a.m.

Sporthal Houtrust

Laan van Poot 22, Den Haag

Mah Jongg

Mah Jongg is a popular tile-based game

of Chinese origin. This exciting game

is similar to the card game, rummy. We

will play the international version with

144 tiles with no scoring. Be prepared

for a game of strategy and luck that will

quickly become addictive! All beginners

and experienced players are welcome at

any time. Please join us as this game is

simply good fun. For more information or

Cancellation Policy

Members may reserve a spot for an

AWC tour, activity or event in advance.

Payment is required within five

business days of the reservation or

before the deadline date (whichever

is sooner) otherwise your name will be

moved to a waitlist. It is the responsibility

of the Member to notify the Club at


to cancel a reservation prior to the

cancellation deadline. Please note that

there will be NO REFUNDS after the

cancellation deadline. Members may

find a substitute in lieu of cancellation

provided that arrangements are made

with the organizer. Members shall

be held responsible for their guest

reservations in accordance with this




MAY / JUNE 2022 15

Ongoing Activities (cont.)

Continued from page 15

bank building, built around 1905 in The

Hague Jugendstil style. This can still be

clearly seen from the old safe door in the

basement. Famous for their many beers

and fries, but also soups, sandwiches and

flammkuchen. In the back of the restaurant

is a small synagogue.

Tuesday, May 10

Noon – 2 p.m.

Plein 20, Den Haag

RSVP by May 7

June: Join us for lunch in the inner

area of Scheveningen at Café Constant

(www.cafeconstant.nl), a classic café with a

red and white striped awning, wooden furniture

and nice terrace. The food tastes just

as good as café food should and the service

is customer friendly. Situated in the middle

of Scheveningen, it’s just a few steps from

the Scheveningen Museum (which we could

visit instead of having dessert).

Wednesday, June 1

Noon – 2 p.m.

Neptunusstraat 2, Den Haag

RSVP by May 29

June: We choose the first day of summer to

enjoy lunch at one of our favorite restaurants:

Schlemmer Café Restaurant (schlemmer.nl).

From its opening, Schlemmer has been loved

by politicians, actors, artists, authors and theater

people. Even now you can still taste a bit

of the atmosphere of the earlier discussions

about art and culture. We’ll keep our fingers

crossed that the weather will be sunny and

warm, so we can sit in the courtyard!

Tuesday, June, 21

Noon – 2 p.m.

Lange Houtstraat 17, Den Haag

RSVP by June 18

Saturday Night Games

Our Games Masters Suzanne, Georgia,

Sarah and Blair will be offering a variety

of fun games (board games, cards, dominoes,

etc.) to enjoy together on a Saturday

Night at the Clubhouse. All participants

will bring their own drinks and snacks; everyone

will also help with the set-up at the

start and clean up at the end of the night. If

you have a specific game you’d like to introduce,

then please contact Sarah Partridge at


Saturday, June 11

AWC Clubhouse

Thirsty Thursday

Join us for a casual evening of companionship

and good conversation―a favorite

for AWC Members and prospective ones,

too. This social networking event is held at

a different restaurant in The Hague on the

third Thursday of each month, excluding

holidays. Drinks and food are at your own

expense and payable to the restaurant. No

RSVP necessary, but you’ll receive an email

notifying you of the restaurant once it’s

been selected for this month. It is also useful

for the restaurant to have a headcount.

Questions? Contact Dena Haggerty.

Walkie Talkies

Whether you count your steps or just want to

take a socially distanced walk with friends, the

Monday morning Walkie Talkies is a fun and

healthy way to start the week. The group meets

in front of the Clubhouse before heading out

promptly to walk to various destinations in the

area, usually racking up 10,000 steps along the

way. No RSVP is necessary. Contact Allison

Manning at walkietalkies@awcthehague.org

to be added to the WhatsApp group for last

minute updates and cancellations.


9:30 a.m.

AWC Clubhouse


Wassenaar Coffee & Conversation

Do you live in Wassenaar and environs and

long for the camaraderie of the AWC without

the trip to the Clubhouse? Join your neighbors

for a casual coffee and conversation at a

Member’s home. Since the location changes

every month, contact Suzanne Dundas at

chatcraftcake@awcthehague.org if you are interested

in attending.

Thursdays, May 5 + June 2

10 a.m.

Location TBD


MAY / JUNE 2022 17

AWC and the Arts

by Jane Choy-Thurlow, AWC Member and Mauritshuis Docent

Did you know that any woman who speaks

English is eligible to join the American Women’s


Invite your English-speaking friends, wherever

they’re from, to join us today!


RSVP for all Arts Activities directly on


Direct any questions to


In Full Bloom

The Maurtishuis (www.mauritshuis.nl) festively

kicked off its 200th anniversary year

with an enormous quantity of flowers both

inside and outside. Through June 6, the exhibition

In Full Bloom presents the most

beautiful flower still lifes from 1600 – 1725

from both the museum’s own collection and

abroad. These paintings were immensely

popular, but why? The exhibition pays special

attention to female artists who made a

name in this genre and played a major role

in the development of botanical science. It

is not only the paintings that steal the show

in this exhibition as a special, sustainable

solution has been chosen for the walls of the

exhibition hall. They are made from remains

from the flower bulb trade with the flowers

crushed into the cloth, so that the structure

of the leaves can be seen.

Our tour will take you on a voyage of discovery

through the flower still life genre.

Where did the sudden interest in flower still

lifes in the 17th century stem from? Why

was it that so many women excelled in this

genre, and what was the role of science? We

will meet in the lobby at 10:45 a.m. so our

tour can start promptly at 11 a.m.

Wednesday, May 11

11 a.m. – Noon


Plein 29, Den Haag

€ 10 Members PLUS

€ 17.50 Museum entrance fee

(Free with Museumkaart)

Minimum 10 / Maximum 15



by Jo van Kalveen

Welcome to all of you who have joined

the AWC over the past couple of

months. We hope you are enjoying

finding out more about the Club and enjoying

the activities we have arranged or hosted. In

terms of activities specially aimed for you as


Trip to Delft

Join fellow AWC Newcomers on a trip to

Delft where you will get to visit the wonderful

Royal Delft Porcelain Factory. We will

also use this visit to travel by public transport

departing from The Hague by train and

returning from Delft by tram so it’s a great

opportunity to practice using your OV travel


We will take a tour of the Royal Delft

Experience where you will learn about the

history and production process of Royal

Delftware, see live painting demonstrations,

visit the Delftware Museum and walk

through part of the Royal Delft factory itself.

The tour ends with a look around the lovely

gift store which stocks a huge range of Royal

Delft products. We will then walk into the

center of Delft for lunch at one of the many

restaurants before returning to The Hague via

the tram. There will be two meeting points:

Den Haag Central Station at 9:30 a.m. and

Delft Central Station at 10 a.m.

Public transportation tickets, € 11.50 museum

fee (free with Museumkaart), and lunch are all

at your own expense. An RSVP is kindly requested

on Wild Apricot. Questions? Contact

me at newcomers@awcthehague.org

Friday, May 20

Meet at DHCS at 9:30 a.m.


Delft Centraal at 10 a.m.

At own expense

Newcomers’ Picnic

Let’s celebrate the arrival of summer with

a picnic in Clingendael Park. Bring along

a blanket or chair to sit on as well as some

snacks or baked goods to share with other attendees.

I will provide the drinks. In case of

bad weather, we will move the event to the

AWC Clubhouse.

Friday, June 24

10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m

Clingendael Park

All details are available on the Wild Apricot

app, where you can also register your attendance.

See you then!

MAY / JUNE 2022 19

Book Lovers

Book Clubs

The AWC Book Clubs are FREE and open

to all readers. New Members are especially

welcome! There are no requirements that

you must attend every meeting or lead a discussion.

Snacks are provided by a different

Member each month. We have a daytime

and an evening group. Questions? Teresa

Mahoney organizes the daytime group:

bookclubday@awcthehague.org. Dena

Haggerty handles the evening meetings:

bookclubevening@awcthehague.org. Happy


Daytime Book Club Reading List:

Thursday, September 22: Matrix by

Lauren Groff

Thursday, October 27: The Expatriates

by Janice Y.K. Lee


Daytime Book Club

May Selection: The Lamplighters by Emma


Inspired by a haunting true

story, this is an atmospheric

novel about the mysterious

disappearance of three

lighthouse keepers from a

remote tower miles from

the Cornish coast in 1972

and the wives who were left


Thursday, May 19

10 a.m.

June Selection: The Absolutely True Diary of

a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie

Recently banned from some

libraries in the US, this

heartbreaking and funny illustrated

novel is based on

the author's own experiences

growing up on the Spokane

Indian Reservation.

Thursday, June 23

10 a.m.

July Selection: Still Life by Sarah Winman

A young British soldier in

Tuscany in 1944 crosses

paths with a middle-aged

art historian who has come

to Italy to salvage paintings

from the ruins, connecting

as kindred spirits amidst the

rubble of war-torn Italy and

setting off a course of events

that will shape his life for the next four decades.

Thursday, July 28

10 a.m.

Evening Book Club Reading List:

Wednesday, September 14: How to

Kill Your Family by Bella Mackie

August Selection: The Hate U Give by

Angie Thomas

Starr lives between two

worlds: the poor neighborhood

where she lives and

the fancy suburban prep

school she attends. Those

two worlds collide after her

unarmed best friend is shot

by police.

Thursday, August 25

10 a.m.

Evening Book Club

May Selection: The Vanishing Half by Brit


Weaving together multiple

strands and generations of

the families of identical

twin sisters from the Deep

South to California, from

the 1950s to the 1990s, this

is a riveting, emotional family

story that considers the

lasting influence of the past as it shapes a person’s


Wednesday, May 11

7:30 p.m.

AWC Clubhouse

June Selection: Next Year in Havana by

Chanel Cleeton

After the death of her beloved

grandmother, a Cuban

American woman travels to

Havana where she discovers

the roots of her identity

and unearths a family secret

hidden since the revolution.

She'll need the lessons of her

grandmother's past to help

her understand the true meaning of courage.

Wednesday, June 8

7:30 p.m.

AWC Clubhouse

Daytime Book Club Recaps

Anxious People by rederik Backman

This is a poignant comedy about a would-be

bank robber who disappears into thin air, and

eight extremely anxious strangers who find

they have more in common than they ever

imagined. Viewing an apartment normally

does not turn into a life-or-death situation, but

this particular open house becomes just that

when a failed bank robber bursts in and takes

everyone hostage. As the pressure mounts,

the anxious strangers begin opening up to

reveal long-hidden truths. As police surround

the premises and the situation is broadcasted

live, the tension mounts and even deeper secrets

are slowly revealed. The robber must

then decide which is the more terrifying prospect:

going out to face the police or staying in

the apartment with this group of impossible

people. Some of our group thought the interactions

between characters became somewhat

absurd, but agreed that’s what gave the book

its humor. As the story unfolded, it became a

mix of not only humor, but earnestness and

a touch of suspense. We thought the mixture

made the book meaningful, engaging, and

enjoyable to read. It is self-described in the

book as not a particularly realistic story, but

the important parts, like the sentiments and

the message of the story, are real and sincere.

And sometimes when reading a book, it is

nice to imagine what the world could be like

and to escape a few hours to a kinder and sillier


Seven Games by Oliver Roeder

We like to play games. There is archeological

proof that humans have been playing board

games for 5,000 (!) years. And now computers

play games, too. Does that make computers

more human? Does it make games less

of a human endeavor? What will become of

humankind as humankind devises artificial

intelligence (AI) systems that learn independently

of human input? This author raises

many issues while providing no certainties

on the philosophical questions raised by his

thoroughly enjoyable history of (in a particular

order left to you to figure out): checkers,

chess, Go, backgammon, poker, Scrabble, and

bridge. As much as it leads to contemplation

about what it means to be human, on another

level it is an entertaining, cheerful book about

the driven, unique individuals who excel at

these games and the driven, unique individuals

determined to conquer them using the computer

systems available from the 1950s until

today. Ultimately, Seven Games tells us we

love games because they provide a safe space

to exercise agency and the more one knows

about a game, the more power and enjoyment

is brought into that agency. Recommended.

MAY / JUNE 2022 21

Slate of Officers 2022-2023

We are pleased to introduce the 2022-2023 AWC The Hague Board. The election of

Officers took place during the General Meeting on April 14. When we went to print,

the Nominating Committee was continuing to try to fill the remaining open Board

position of Clubhouse Administrator.

President – Celeste Brown: I am excited to be nominated as

President of the AWC The Hague for the coming year. The fact

that I also served as AWC President from 2002-2004, exactly

20 years ago, is a huge coincidence! I was born and raised in

Cincinnati, Ohio and met my Dutch husband Jaap while working

as Senior Sales Representative for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

in Indianapolis, Indiana. After a whirlwind courtship, I moved

to the Netherlands in spring 1998. I found myself entering a

totally new life phase―midlife―as a wife, stepmother, and

(now) “Oma 3” for four grandchildren. Along the way, I’ve

become a strong advocate of the theme: Bloom where you are


During my years here, I developed a new “career” in non-profit

organizational work. I’ve had the pleasure to serve as AWC The

Hague Secretary 1999-2000, FAWCO Rep 2000-2002 and President 2002-2004; as FAWCO

VP Communications 2005-2007 and President 2007-2009; and in Toastmaster International

by playing a lead role in establishing the Toastmasters organization in the Netherlands. I laid

the groundwork for the creation of Toastmasters of The Hague (2003), followed by Leiden

Toastmasters (2011), and also served in several roles for Toastmasters Europe.

I “retired” from organizational work in 2017 due to health reasons. At a Toastmaster Conference

in 2018, I experienced Laugh Yoga for the first time, and a small spark was lit. I followed the

training to become a Laugh Yoga Leader, and in 2020, I ventured out of my cocoon and started

Celeste’s Laugh Yoga, an online laugh yoga group. And now I’m ready and eager to serve

AWC The Hague once again. I look forward to meeting you and having a great year together!


Vice President – Lesley Gerrese: My husband and I arrived

in The Hague in June 2020, after years of international

postings. I’m a former Texas lawyer, have taught law

and trained lawyers in English writing, and have taught

English to children and adults in several of our postings.

We have two sons, born in Paris and Dubai, who now live

in San Francisco and NYC. I come from Texas; my husband

John is from The Hague. I joined AWC The Hague in the

fall of 2020, and in 2021 I got involved as AWC's

Communications Officer, overseeing our social media

presence, website updates, and marketing. Now in 2022, I

look forward to taking on the responsibility of the VP role,

and helping plan more activities, events and gatherings for

all Members to enjoy. Our Club is full of so many talented

and interesting ladies who contribute to every aspect of Club life and activities. I feel

grateful to be a part of the group and look forward to working with everyone. I hope that

this year, from our cozy new Clubhouse, we will make our Club more visible to the public

so that others may discover this great welcoming home away from home.

Treasurer – Anne van Oorschot-Warwick: I moved to

the Netherlands in 1981 and immediately joined the AWC.

It was a very different Club then with ±500 Members

and monthly meetings in a hotel as we had no proper

Clubhouse. A lot has changed since then! Even though I’ve

been here a long time, I’ve moved four times within the

country; I currently live in Tilburg, a 1.5-hour drive south

of The Hague. While I was very active in the Club from

2002–2006, (serving on the Board as FAWCO Rep and

President), living far away made it challenging to be active.

When the coronavirus restrictions made many things

virtual, it was suddenly easier to be involved, which was a

treat. While not a “finance person,” when I was asked to fill

the Board vacancy for Treasurer 1.5 years ago, I accepted.

The wonderful thing about a volunteer organization is that

if you are willing to work and learn, you can go “outside of

your comfort zone” to learn a new skill. With tremendous

help from Assistant Treasurer Teresa Insalaco and Bookkeeper Lori Schnebelie, I have

grown into the position and find myself willing to take on the responsibility for another

year. My goal is to continue to manage the AWC finances well and be a good caretaker

of funds generated by past Members to help provide a home away from home for today’s

and tomorrow’s AWC Members.

Secretary – Anuradha Koratkar: My husband and I

moved to The Hague in 2021 in an environment where life

was constrained due to COVID-19 restrictions. Having recently

become empty nesters, we did not have a predefined

group of school families that we could join. The AWC and

especially the ladies in Walkie Talkies and Chat and Craft

were my connection with the outside world! So, when the

Nominating Committee asked if I could join the Slate of

AWC Officers for the coming year, I jumped at the opportunity

to get involved with my new community and get to

know a new group of interesting women.

I am trained as an astrophysicist and worked for many years

at NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. When my husband

had the opportunity to work in Portugal, I took a two-year

sabbatical from NASA and moved to Europe with our son. Two years very quickly became

20 years with work taking us from Portugal to Germany and now the Netherlands.

As an expat mother of two children, I have had to reinvent myself. When I was not volunteering

at school fundraising events, I took up knitting and through this medium I try

to showcase the beauty of mathematics and space. I served six years as Secretary of the

Bonn International School’s Board of Trustees and helped improve governance. After my

children left for university, I started supporting other students in improving their study

habits by helping them prepare for their final two years of high school. I look forward to

making the AWC my home away from home and to meeting Members in the coming year.

I will be honoured to serve as the Secretary. >> 24

MAY / JUNE 2022 23

Slate of Officers (cont.)

Continued from page 23

Club and Community – Michelle Ernst: Arriving in

the Netherlands on the last day of 2020 with my husband

Dan, who had taken a position with the Dutch firm Robeco,

and our two teenagers, we were looking forward to living

abroad for the first time and exploring Europe. I grew up

in Southern California, but spent most of my life on the

East Coast, most recently in New Canaan, Connecticut.

After earning a Master’s degree in Environmental Science,

I worked developing transportation policy for 15 years, advocating

for better transit and safer walking and bicycling

practices. When we moved to the suburbs, I inadvertently

became involved with fundraising and development work

for local non-profit organisations. With COVID-19 surges,

lockdowns and restrictions being a way of life the first year

and a half after arriving, I am very grateful for the many

new friendships and activities the AWC has provided me. I

am looking forward to fulfilling the Club and Community

Board position in the coming year.

Communication – Jo van Kalveen: I am British by birth

but have lived in the Netherlands since moving here from

London in 2005. I am married to Kees, and have two teenage

boys, Luc and Oliver. We never really intended to settle here

for so long, but life has a funny way of surprising you and

Holland is now very much our home. I am the proud owner

of a Dutch passport so feel like I have a foot in two worlds:

both expat and Dutch (if only my Dutch language skills

were as good as my English ones).

I have a background in urban planning, but have occupied

my time volunteering for a variety of expat and local organisations

since moving here. I joined the AWC in 2013

primarily for the Women with Dutch Partners group as I

wanted to seek out fellow Members who planned on staying

in the country long term. Joining the AWC was definitely

one of the best decisions I have made. I have made so many great friends, had some wonderful

experiences and have enjoyed seeing the Club diversify with an increasing number

of Members joining from all over the world. As my boys have grown, so too has the

amount of time I have had to contribute to the AWC and I’m happy and excited to now be

a part of what I’m sure will be an enthusiastic and dynamic Board. Lesley, as the current

Communications Officer, has worked hard to strengthen the Club’s website and improve

its online presence. I hope to keep that momentum going and continue to reach out, inform

and engage with existing and potential new AWC Members. The AWC is a unique and

much treasured organisation and I look forward to communicating its activities and developments

to and on behalf of its Members over the next Club year.

Clubhouse Administrator – Open


FAWCO Corner

by Molly Boed

Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas, a United Nations NGO with

consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council


As this final issue of Going Dutch goes

to press, spring is well “in the air,” the

sun is shining, the birds are singing

beautifully, and I am getting the handbags

ready for our storied Handbag Auction on

Thursday, April 21 in our new Clubhouse!

I can’t help but be grateful that we are finally

able to hold this auction live together …

no more COVID-19 restrictions (for better

or for worse). I think we can all attest that

it’s the little things that are truly important,

like being able to be together and having a

gezellig Clubhouse where we can gather.

We will celebrate FAWCO, and all money

raised at our fun afternoon of bidding on

beautiful handbags and sipping sparkling

wine together will go to supporting the new

FAWCO Target Project which will focus on

the Environment. In fact, in addition to the

Handbag Auction, we will also have a “boutique”

with donated beautiful scarves and

jewelry, and we will also raffle a beautiful

quilt generously donated by AWC Member

Suzanne Dundas. The boutique and raffle

monies raised will also go directly to support

the new FAWCO Environmental Target

Project. I really would love for this to be

one of our really special Club events for this

year and a great fundraiser for another impactful

FAWCO Target Project.

Coming up in May will be Part Two of our

FAWCO Interim Conference. Part One was

held virtually on the Hopin Platform from

March 4 – 6, and Part Two will take place

in Luxembourg on May 19 – 21 at the Parc

Alvisse Hotel Luxembourg. The agenda

will feature Club Development Workshops

as well as the opportunity to meet and learn

more about our FAWCO Teams and volunteers.

FAWCO Foundation will announce the

recipients of the 2022 FAWCO Foundation

Education Awards and Development Grants.

The event will also highlight its “FAWCO,

Fun and Friendships” at its Foundation

night. This will be a celebration with music,

live and silent auctions, and a chance to recharge

after too much time in lockdown. As

an AWC The Hague Member, you are welcome

and are invited to attend this entertaining

FAWCO event. If you have questions on

how to register, just send me a message:


And finally, plans are underway for our Club

to host the Region 4 meeting in November.

Stay tuned to hear about the plans for these

events. I hope you will look forward to meeting

ladies from our sister clubs in Brussels,

Antwerp and Amsterdam.

Please check our website

calendar, Facebook, or

eNews for up-to-date

information on upcoming

One-of-a-Kind Activities

and General Meetings.

MAY / JUNE 2022 25

May 2022

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

1 2

Walkie Talkies 9:30 a.m.


Chat, Craft & Cake

10 a.m.

Mah Jongg 1 p.m.

4 5

Wassenaar Coffee and

Convo 10 a.m

6 7

Wine & Cheese Party

4 p.m

Remembrance Day Liberation Day

8 9

Walkie Talkies 9:30 a.m.


Chat, Craft & Cake

10 a.m.

Mother’s Day

Out to Lunch Bunch


Mah Jongg 1 p.m.


Mauritshuis: Guided Tour

of Exhibition, "In Full

Bloom" 10:45 a.m.

Evening Book Club

7:30 p.m.


May General Meeting

10 a.m.

Buddy Check 12


Heart Pillow Project

1 p.m


15 16

Walkie Talkies 9:30 a.m.


Chat, Craft & Cake

10 a.m.

Mah Jongg 1 p.m.

18 19

Daytime Book Club

10 a.m.

Pickleball 10 a.m.


Newcomers' Trip to Delft

with Visit to Royal Delft &

Lunch 9:30 a.m.


Thirsty Thursday

6:00 p.m.

22 23

Walkie Talkies 9:30 a.m.


Chat, Craft & Cake

10 a.m.

25 26 27 28

Mah Jongg 1 p.m.



Memorial Day at

Margraten 3 p.m


Walkie Talkies 9:30 a.m.


Chat, Craft & Cake

10 a.m.

Mah Jongg 1 p.m.

June 2022

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

1 2 3 4

Out to Lunch Bunch


Wassenaar Coffee and

Convo 10 a.m

5 6 7 8 9 10 11

Whit Monday

Chat, Craft & Cake

10 a.m.

Mah Jongg 1 p.m.

Evening Book Club

7:30 p.m.

June General Meeting

10 a.m. Heart Pillow Project

1 p.m

Saturday Night Games

7 p.m.

12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Buddy Check 12 Walkie Talkies 9:30 a.m. Chat, Craft & Cake

10 a.m.

Barista Workshop

10 a.m

Mah Jongg 1 p.m.

Thirsty Thursday

6:00 p.m.

19 20 21 22 23 24 25

Walkie Talkies 9:30 a.m. Chat, Craft & Cake

10 a.m.

Out to Lunch Bunch


Mah Jongg 1 p.m.

Daytime Book Club

10 a.m.

Newcomers' Picnic in the

Park 10:30 a.m

Father’s Day

26 27 28 29 30

Walkie Talkies 9:30 a.m. Chat, Craft & Cake

10 a.m.

Mah Jongg 1 p.m.


MAY / JUNE 2022 27

AWC Barnyard: Chicken and Pigs

by Mary Adams

A pig and a chicken sharing the same barnyard heard about a program to feed the hungry.

The pig and the hen discussed how they could help the effort. The chicken said, “I’ve got it!

We can provide ham and eggs to feed the hungry.”

The pig thought about the suggestion and said, “There’s only one thing wrong with your

bacon and eggs idea. For you, it only requires a contribution, but from me, it will mean total


This business fable is about stakeholder commitment, but I could draw the conclusion that

our AWC barnyard is also full of chickens and pigs. I do not mean that in a negative sense,

but to celebrate AWC’s ability to embrace both chickens (volunteer contributions) and pigs

(long-term committed Members to local clubs, international FAWCO and FAUSA).

I started my AWC/FAWCO career as a pig. I live in Rotterdam and my local club was

American Netherlands Club of Rotterdam (ANCOR). ANCOR was glorious in its heydays

(1960 – 1980s) but had dwindled to a tiny community of determined women whose

husbands had come to join the post-war Rotterdam reconstruction in the 1950s. When I

stumbled upon the club in 2012, I found myself designated as FAWCO Rep, Newsletter

Editor, and Philanthropy Chair. What happened next was that this pig attempted to swallow

an elephant. As I understood more about ANCOR’s history and ties to FAWCO, I found myself

longing for a larger community. ANCOR had no clubhouse. Every month we had one

day meeting and one evening meeting. We did sponsor heart pillow workshops at people’s

homes or at a local store through an arrangement that I made with COCO-MAT Rotterdam.

Unfortunately, when the founding member

of ANCOR died in December 2014, the club

dissolved and retired from FAWCO. Oh my!

I was a pig without a barnyard! I was distraught

to be cut off from the FAWCO mothership.

I decided to join AWC The Hague

as soon as possible. In 2015, when I first

walked through the doors of the Clubhouse

on Johan van Oldenbarneveltlaan, I was

simply gobsmacked at the different atmosphere:

congeniality, diversity, charity, and

activity level. I felt so welcome at the reception

desk when I was handed a name

tag. I was agog at the Going Dutch magazine and how the monthly meetings and activities

were so well organized.

close community ties, diplomatic ties, and

philanthropic ties.

During the seven years that I have been a

member of the AWC, I have slowly transformed

from pig to chicken. It wasn’t intentional.

It was following life’s journey at

home and in career. I still try to contribute

as much as I can with a half-dozen eggs

here, an omelet there, and a quiche when

possible. But my chicken legs are showing.

I have been unable to participate in many

events, especially the move to the new

Clubhouse. That is a Club milestone. I feel such gratitude to see the other pigs and chickens

at work. Chickens eventually fly home to their coops, and I am sure that my porcine ways

(now at rest in the sty) will slowly blossom again.

One of my biggest pleasures has been the ability to express myself by writing articles for

Going Dutch. Working with Melissa White and Teresa Mahoney has been a treat because

of their talent and also their ability to keep challenging me to write more. Share more.

Participate. It appeals to both the pig and the chicken in me just like ham and eggs for


In Search of a New Editor

After 13 years of working together, Teresa Mahoney and Melissa White have

completed their final issue of Going Dutch. It is now time for a new team to

lead Going Dutch into the next phase of its life as a digital magazine. We are

excited to announce that Stacy Nyikos has stepped up to be the new Design

and Layout Manager. However, we still need a new Editor, who is in charge of

content including: working with Board to determine frequency and theme of

issues; requesting articles and communicating with submitters; and working

with proofreaders. No previous experience is necessary. To volunteer or ask

questions, please contact Melissa.

My first two years of AWC Membership was a frenzy of chili contests, heart pillow workshops,

monthly meetings, and meeting women. It continued to amaze me how the main

meeting room could be transformed from meeting, to guest lectures, to restaurant, to workshop

space, to auction house, to massage/essential oils retreat, to holiday cheer, and more.

If I think really piggishly, then I so admire the sheer number of pigs in our Club who are

both current and legacy FAWCO and FAWCO Foundation leaders. Even the chickens are

a special breed, working together, volunteering and helping to make a difference. Over the

years, I realize how many Members of AWC The Hague are elite pig status: maintaining


MAY / JUNE 2022 29

AWC Milestones

Compiled by Georgia Regnault

1930 Fifty-five women gather at a

Hague hotel thus becoming

AWC Charter Members

1931 A collection of donated books

is started and housed at the

hotel, open two days a week;

a sewing group is a mainstay

onsite activity

1931 AWC of The Hague is one of

the six Founding Members of


1932 First Bazaar opened by Queen

Wilhelmina of The


1935 Hosted the FAWCO Annual

Meeting; to be repeated in

1962, 2004 and 2017

1939 Club records destroyed to

protect the Members

remaining in Holland and

library books are hidden from

German occupation forces

1946 Library re-opened, and

outside memberships offered

to English-speaking friends;

two-thirds of the Club’s funds

are allocated to library books

1950 100 Members

1953 Provided aid to Dutch citizens

affected by the floods in


1954 Published first bulletin with

AWC coat of arms designed

by a Member; first Children’s


1958 Library had 3,000 books with a

monthly circulation of + 600

1959 518 Members

1962 First commercially printed


1963 First edition of At Home in

Holland; the 13th and last

edition was published in 2009

1964 Library was moved to

American Protestant Church:

4,500 volumes, 1,500


paperbacks, circulation of

9,214 books annually

1968 First foreign trip: Switzerland

1981 After a break of 14 years, Club

rejoins FAWCO; five of our

Members have been President

during FAWCO’s 90 years:

1959-61 Ruth St. John; 1985-

87 Virginia Roth; 1987-89

Georgia Regnault; 2007-2009

Celeste Brown; 2005-2007

and 2019-2023 Emily van


1984 Clubhouse at Nieuwe

Duinweg 25 is purchased

1985 Contest held to develop new

logo, which remains to this


1988 Associate Membership for

non-Americans is offered

1989 Competition is held and

magazine is given a name:

Going Dutch, followed by

yearly requests for a new

photograph for the cover

1991 Way & Means established so

that funding is available for

house expenses and a salaried

front office staff member; the

Annual Bazaar is introduced

as one of the Ways and Means


2001 Website is developed @ www.


2002 First “Spring Balls” as

fundraiser for Breast Cancer

Awareness and Research; in

all, four Pink Ribbon Galas

were held during the ensuing

years, raising € 1 million

2003 The first Walk for Women is

held in The Hague, on the

initiative of the AWC

2005 Library has 8,500 books,

videos, DVDs and audio tapes

2007 New Activities: Heart Pillow

Project to benefit those who

have had breast surgery

2009 Hearts and Minds Gala held

for “Lighting the Way for


>> 32 MAY / JUNE 2022 31

Milestones (cont.)

Continued from page 31

2010 Club celebrates 80th

anniversary with a Denim &

Diamonds Party, raising funds

for Haiti earthquake

2011 First Handbag Auction to

benefit Helping Hands Target

Program of FAWCO

2012 Property on Nieuwe Duinweg

sold; smaller premises

rented on Johan van

Oldenbarneveltlaan 43 in the

Statenkwartier; Eet Smakelijk

for the Holidays recipe book

produced, proceeds to Mamma

Care Foundation

2013 King Willem Alexander

investiture on April 30, first

King in the Netherlands in

123 years; four AWC Members

have been knighted in the last

15 years: Roberta Enschedé,

Georgia Regnault, Jane Choy

and Anne van Oorschot;

Chat, Craft and Cake began

every Tuesday morning; Kids’

Club started; and September

Prinsjesdag luncheon


2014 Dinner Club was restarted; first

Businesswomen’s Networking


2015 TLC Dinner was begun, inviting

women who have been going

through a difficult period;

Evening and Daytime Book

Clubs initiated

2017 New activities introduced:

Thirsty Thursday to meet

prospective new working

women and Out-to-Lunch

Bunch; Red, White and Blue

Gala to benefit the Sposa

Child Foundation, whose

mission is to save and protest

sexually abused children

in the Philippines and the

Stahili Foundation, whose

work in Kenya helps in child

protection, development,

education and human rights.

2018 Summer BBQ at the beach

to benefit Perspectief, Dutch

crisis shelter for victims of

domestic violence, homeless

or those who are unable to

live independently

2019 re-Building Lives Benefit at

Madurodam raised € 17,000

for Not For Sale, a nonprofit

helping victims of human

trafficking; Pickleball started

while tennis stopped due to

lack of participants

2020 Coronavirus pandemic closes

down all in-person activities

of the Club from March 2020;

first time holding online

meetings, voting by email, and

a virtual installation ceremony.

Plans for a 90th anniversary

activity cancelled.

2021 Corona continued to influence

the club’s activities all year,

but many online quiz nights,

bingo, beer tasting, and virtual

art tours and books clubs were

popular. Two outside tennis

socials were held. Library

is dissolved due to other

methods of obtaining books

and lack of use.

2022 Club moves to new premises,

belonging to the Municipality

on Bisschopstraat 5 in

Benoordenhout. As an

outreach to the community, it

is used as a polling station in

March and the club embarks

on helping Ukrainian refugees

in The Hague

Support Fellow AWC Members

Find links to a large variety of businesses owned by AWC Members at



MAY / JUNE 2022 33

AWC Library & Books 4 Life

by Anne van Oorschot (with historical information from Growing Dutch, the AWC’s

75th anniversary history book)

It is hard for me, an AWC Member of 36 years who loves to read, to imagine our Club

without a Library! A lot has changed over the past 91 years. While Members return more

frequently to the US and come back with suitcases loaded, the biggest change is the ease

with which English printed books and e-books can be ordered online. As we come to the

end of the AWC Library’s existence, let’s look back at the history of this important part of

our Club’s past.

From the beginnings of our Club’s history,

a Library was considered an essential part

of our organization. As early as 1930, supporters

contributed books and established a

fledgling Library, open twice weekly, in a

corner glassed-in cabinet of the Hotel Vieux

Doelen. Our Library provided not only a

much-treasured source of reading material,

but also a place for Members to meet socially.

In 1933 the growing library was moved

for a short period to Restaurant Anjema, before

finding a residence for many years in a

small rented space at Noordeinde 92, above

a gift shop called Tesselschade. According

to a FAWCO report from 1934, “The library

is running splendidly and is a great rendezvous

for both Club and outside members…

[and] contains about 500 books.”

stairs (a challenging endeavor for pregnant

Members and toddlers). For the first time,

it was decided to insure our Library for a

sum of ƒ15,000. By 1958, our Library (also

used for Board meetings) contained approximately

3,000 volumes with a monthly

circulation of approximately 600.

By November 1960, the Tesselschade location

had become overcrowded, and the

growing collection (and the weight of the

books!) required new quarters. It was also

hoped to find a location which could provide

a small space for social activities. A

move was made to a newly rented location

on the Vondelstraat. In 1963, our flourishing

Library―which also functioned as Club

headquarters for a growing Membership―

circulated 9,214 books. A committee was formed to look into yet another new location,

which eventually resulted in a contract with the American Protestant Church Council in

1964. We were overjoyed to move from our small quarters to the roomy second floor of the

Church. Special cupboards with removable doors were made to store all the books and for

an annual donation of ƒ2,000, and an annually renewable contract, space was provided for

over 4,500 hard cover and 1,500 paperback books.

With the acquisition of our own Clubhouse in 1984, our Library finally found a permanent

home. Proper bookshelves, weatherproofing and essential carpeting took a huge bite out

of the Club’s budget, but packing up and moving the books from the American Protestant

Church reigns as one of the major undertakings our Members have ever tackled! Thanks

to a highly motivated “Book Brigade” and the services of a moving company, over 7,500

books were transported to their new home at Nieuwe Duinweg.

Dedicated volunteers continued to nurture our Library and meet the interests of parents

and children not only in maintaining a broad selection of books, but in motivating staff to

open four days per week, plus two Sundays per month. The catalogue grew and became an

undeniable source of pride for the AWC.

After the Netherlands was invaded in May

1940, the name of our Library was changed

and attempts were made to keep it open as

long as Members were still able to come by.

When it became prudent to close it down,

In 2005, the Club’s 75th anniversary, our Library offered a wide variety of adult and children’s

books, with an Oprah book section, a new book section and―thanks to an increase

the books were taken away and hidden. One

year after the liberation, our Library was reopened. As a thank-you to the many friends who

in the library’s budget―audio and video sections, with DVDs being added as well. The

helped hide English-language books during the war, our Library was made available for the

process of computerization had been carried out in 2004, before which time, every item had

first time, not only to Club Members, but also to Dutch, British and other English-speaking

to be hand-catalogued! After 75 years, our Library consisted of over 8,500 books, videos,

friends. Since new books were almost unattainable in the Netherlands, Members were permitted

to pay their dues by American check. Consequently, two-thirds of the Membership

DVDs and audio tapes!

dues were deposited in “a Library account” in a New York bank, and then credited to an

While we thought the Nieuwe Duinweg would be a permanent home for the AWC and the

account at Brentano’s Books in New York, where books were ordered against the Club’s

Library, the world changed on us. With fewer space needs in a more digitized world, more

cash balance. By 1953, Club Membership had increased to 100, and our Library had grown

possibilities due to online ordering, and a smaller Membership, the huge cost of maintaining

our 11-room Home Away from Home became a burden. We put the house on the market,

to such a degree that a fixed sum from the Club’s budget was allocated to cover rent,

the purchase of new books and general Library upkeep. A second room was leased from

made a hefty profit when it was sold and found a modest new rental home at Johan van

Tesselschade in order to accommodate more than 2,000 books and periodicals, plus a new

Oldenbarneveltlaan 43. While this new space fit our Membership well, it could not accommodate

the size of our Library. With English books easy to come by in the Netherlands,

children’s section. (I LOVED this part of our Library when my three children were young

as I had access to all the fun books I remembered from my own childhood!) This second

the use of the Library had been decreasing so a major purge of books was carried out and

room was located on the top floor, with a handy rope bannister to help navigate the steep only a portion of the once impressive Library went with us to our new Clubhouse. >> 36


MAY / JUNE 2022 35

AWC Library (cont.)

Continued from page 35

The trend of decreasing use continued and

another downsizing of the book collection

was made a couple of years later. We now

found ourselves looking for a new home

once again, but this time we had a Library

that never really got used. Thus, the decision

was made to get rid of the remainder of

the books … but what to do with the books

remaining in our once proud Library?

Members were first given the opportunity

to take any books they wanted, so many

volumes went to welcoming new homes;

but what to do with the rest? Selling was

a possibility, but personal stories indicated

that would bring in little money and

still leave us with the vast majority of the

books. Then we heard about Books 4 Life


In October 2003, two Tilburg University

students decided to quit complaining about

all the terrible things that occur in the world

and took action. They began steps to create

the first student-operated bookstore for

charity in the Netherlands. After a few false

starts, a good business plan was created and

presented to the Executive Board of Tilburg

University. It was approved in July 2004. The use of a space in the basement of one of

the university buildings was offered for the bookstore. Publicity followed with a call for

volunteers and books. In

the months that followed,

thousands of books found

their way to the store. The

grand opening of Books 4

Life took place on February

22, 2005, and the first donations

totaling € 4,215 were

given out 10 months later

on Human Rights Day on

December 10. In the years

that followed, Books 4

Life expanded their reach,

adding online book sales

via Marktplaats.nl in 2009

and via Bol.com in 2014.

Donations have grown over

the years as well with a


total of € 21,200 being donated

in 2019 and € 11,230

in 2020 (the first year of the

coronavirus pandemic). The

formula has grown via other

universities with stores now

in Amsterdam, Eindhoven,

Groningen, Nijmegen and

Utrecht, and also two stores

in Austria.

The formula is the same

everywhere. Books 4 Life

stores are run entirely by

volunteers, meaning at least

90% of the net proceeds

of the books sold go directly to charities: 50% goes to Amnesty International and Oxfam

Novib, with the other 50% going to a minimum of three other charities suggested by each

store’s volunteers. All the charities and projects Books 4 Life support aim to promote human

rights and fight poverty worldwide.

Needless to say, Books 4 Life was thrilled

to receive all the books remaining in our

AWC Library! Doesn’t this organization

sound like a good fit with our Club? The

same kind of group with volunteers doing

all the work and raising money for local

and international charities. There is actually

a tighter fit between Books 4 Life and

our AWC than you could ever guess! The

President of the Executive Board of Tilburg

University, who gave his blessing and store

space to Books 4 Life, happened to have an

American wife. And she happened to be a Member of AWC The Hague … who went on to

suggest Books 4 Life as a recipient of the AWC books … and ended by writing this article.

Helping Ukrainian Refugees

The AWC was pleased to open the doors recently

to allow around 120 Ukrainian refugees

to help themselves to women’s clothing

that remained from those donated by

AWC Members for our Preloved Pop-Up

Shop. We opened up later to a further 40

Ukrainian mothers to take children’s clothing,

generously donated by our Members

and new neighbors in Benoordenhout.

MAY / JUNE 2022 37

Hats Off to Monica Rodoni

by Georgia Regnault

Arriving in the middle of the pandemic in July 2020, Monica and her husband, Ilio, and

daughter, Alisha, didn’t quite know what a normal life was like in The Hague for an

expat family. Not even having the experience of attending events at the AWC Clubhouse,

Monica accepted the position of Clubhouse Administrator in May 2021 on the 2021-2022 Board.

Complicating matters, Monica learned a couple of months after assuming the position that the

AWC was going to have to move to new premises by the end of July 2022. It was clearly a

“golden choice” that had picked Monica for this position, as she is steeped in experience. Born

in Italy of parents who moved to different countries often while she was a child, she attended

the prestigious École Hôtelière de Lausanne, Switzerland, a hospitality management school

considered the best in the world. There she met Ilio and their lives began to revolve around the

Hilton Hotels, as Ilio has worked with them for 17 years.

After finishing in Lausanne, Monica started in human resources, but moved to conference and

event planning. Between jobs, she always jumped into volunteer work. There are almost too

many cities to mention where Monica has lived, but it is a varied and interesting list: Dubai,

Bali, London, Barbados, Abu Dhabi, Prague, Milan, Venice, Paris, Lausanne and Amsterdam.

I get dizzy just thinking about the packing and unpacking!

That said, it only confirmed what a good choice Monica was for this task. Since I had been the

one to find the new premises, happened to know a painter and live nearby, I helped Monica

with the organization of the renovations. Monica doesn’t drive (nor bike I might mention), so

she concerned herself with the throwing out, packing up and moving from one place to the

other. I can’t tell you the number of texts that went back and forth between us and the decisions

we collaborated on. So much so that we began to call each other: Partners in Crime! I

hardly knew Monica, having only attended Board Meetings online, but we clicked and got

the job done!

Farewell to Going Dutch

by Melissa White


am sure that I won’t be the only AWC Member that will miss getting Going Dutch in

the post in September and beyond. This momentous occasion of the final printed issue

for the foreseeable future is the perfect opportunity to recognize the ladies that held

my job over the last 60 years’ worth of published magazines for the AWC.

Little did I know when I sat down to

look up previous Editors that it would take

nearly one and a half hours of going through

the magazine’s archives to find the names of

the nearly four dozen ladies that set the path

before me. The oldest issue bound in our

Clubhouse was from September 1962 and

contained 30 pages. In the early days, it was

normal to refer to Board Members by their

husband’s names, so I would have been Mrs.

James White rather than Melissa White.

Between September 1962 and June 1989,

there were 23 Editors in charge of publishing

258 issues of American Women’s Club

of The Hague Magazine. Most Editors >> 40

And I am highly impressed by Monica’s organizational skills. I look forward to experiencing

her cooking skills firsthand. Now that she has retired (for the moment) from the AWC, I hope

she will have more time for her hobbies: cooking, walking and travelling to the unexplored.

And perhaps she can find time to give more cooking classes to Club Members.

We all owe Monica a huge HATS OFF for unexpectedly having to go well beyond her job

description! Thank you – Grazie – Merci – Tack - Děkuji – Dank je wel!


MAY / JUNE 2022 39

Going Dutch (cont.)

Continued from page 39

served for one year, producing 10 issues; two of those Editors served for two years, thus

publishing 20 issues each.

By 1984, the magazine was regularly around 90 pages long and in addition to the Editor,

the team consisted of the following: Business Manager, Want Ads Manager, Circulation

Manager, “Especially for You” Editor, Editorial, Illustrations & Graphics, and Photography.

Of course, those positions would have been supported by the ladies who regularly submitted

articles and helped with proofreading. I fully appreciate that technology has made our jobs

easier over the years, but it also reminded me that Teresa Mahoney and I have been living

on a deserted island for a long time.

The name Going Dutch wasn’t introduced until the September 1989 issue after a contest

was held for a new name. Contests were also held to determine the photo for the cover, which

would be used for the entire year until we switched printers in October 2010. Not only were

we then able to change the cover for each issue, but we switched to printing in full color.

Going Dutch was then published from September 1989 until May 2022 by 21 Editors producing

299 issues. The previous record for the longest Editor was Betty Everett who served

just shy of 4 years for a total of 39 issues. Incredibly, after serving as Editor from September

2002 to June 2004 and taking a break for many years, Jane Gulde volunteered her services

as a proofreader starting in November 2015,

often working from Arizona. And I would

be completely remiss if I failed to recognize

Teresa’s incredible dedication as Design and

Layout Manager for 13 years producing 96

beautiful issues! Clearly this far outnumbered

the efforts of any of her predecessors.

Up until June 2010, ten issues were published

per year, then starting in September

2010 we combined two issues so that we

wouldn’t have to work over Christmas and

decided to skip a separate June issue thus

resulting in eight issues per year. When the

coronavirus pandemic hit causing so many

AWC activities to be cancelled and several

advertisers to discontinue their support, we

further slimmed down to five issues last

year and down to just four this year. Over

the years, the sophistication of eNews has

improved dramatically so that it is a real

resource of information. And with the Wild

Apricot app providing full details about activities,

the reliance on Going Dutch to provide

timely information about activities has

waned. It has served its purpose for 60 years

and now it is time for it to be reinvented for

the coming years. Who will step up to take

the reins?


AWC Editors

Sept 1962 – Dec 1963: Elinor McIntire

Jan 1964 – Dec 1964: Mimi Tausche

Jan 1965 – May 1966: Sally Windham

June 1966 – Dec 1967: Patsy Hollister

Jan 1968 – Jan 1970: Nancy MacDaniel

Feb 1970 – May 1972: Carol Thompson

June 1972: Magazine Staff

Sept 1972 – June 1974: Bobbie Hunt

Sept 1974 – June 1975: Bettie Maria Laverge

Sept 1975 – June 1977: Billie Wages

Sept 1977 – June 1978: Gay Hooks

Sept 1978 – Feb 1979: Jan Hopwood

March 1979 – May 1980: Jo LePoole

June 1980 – May 1981: Regina Sliwa

June 1981 – May 1982: Kay Hughes

June 1982 – May 1983: Bernadette Dignan

June 1983 – May 1985: Linda Hilton

June 1985 – May 1986: Jodie Pallett

June 1986 – May 1987: Cas- Cavanaugh

June 1987 – May 1988: Leonora Kraft

June 1988: Cas- Cavanaugh

Sept 1988 – May 1989: Betty Everett

June 1989: Diane Cohen

Sept 1989 – June 1992: Betty Everett

Sept 1992 – June 1993: Kris Oppermann-


Sept 1993 – Mar 1994: Kimberle Swaak


April 1994 – June 1994: Jean Donahue

Sept 1994 – May 1996: Lynn Mathias

June 1996 – Dec 1997: Karen Kinneman

Jan 1998 – Mar 1998: Sandy Jones

April 1998 – June 1999: Janet


Sept 1999 – June 2001: Cheryl Rampton

Sept 2001 – June 2002: Karin Harms

Sept 2002 – June 2003: Ebbe Yonce + Jane


Sept 2003 – June 2004: Jane Gulde

Sept 2004 – June 2005: Daniela Rawicz-


Sept 2005 – Nov 2005: Nicole Sawan

Dec 2005 – Mar 2006: Mary Braso

April 2006 – June 2007: Kim Bluth

Sept 2007 – June 2008: Deb Filkins

Sept 2008 – May 2009: Leslie Collingridge

June 2009 – May 2017: Melissa White

Sept 2017 – May 2018: Suzanne MacNeil

Sept 2018 – Sept 2019: Audrey Goodman

Oct 2019 – June 2020: Alex Moore

Sept 2020 – May 2022: Melissa White

MAY / JUNE 2022 41

Infographic by Veronica White

Plucked from the Shredder

by Georgia Regnault

Financial documents need to be stored for seven years. When we sold the old AWC

Clubhouse in 2012, many documents older than seven years were moved into our new

rented space and remained stored there for years. At some point, former Secretary Ellen

Bollock and I went through lots of old files, and I shredded a bunch. Then a few years ago, I

lent my shredder to the AWC so some more old documents could be shredded. Unfortunately,

my shredder tends to overheat, so it’s hard to use if you’re not in your own home where you

can easily walk away to let it cool off and pick up the project later. With this year’s move,

I said I’d shred out-of-date financial records of the Club. I took home eight garbage bags

worth of old documents! However, before shredding, I’d glance at what I was feeding into

the machine at ten pages at a time. These are the documents, I plucked from the shredder

with the intention of scanning to include in the AWC archives.

Miscellaneous Documents

• 1930-2002: Graph of Membership

• 2007: Holiday Bazaar Financial

Results: € 4,377

• 2007: Pink Ribbon Gala: earned €

275,000 to add to the € 500,000 already

earned in previous Galas since 2002;

430 guests came

• 2008: Pink Ribbon Gala list of recipients

of the various research projects: €

229,290 distributed

• 2008: Spring Fest & Bazaar at ASH

• 2008-2009: List of items in AWC Policy

Plan for an ANBI (Dutch non-profit)

• 1979: AWC Constitution in Dutch

• 1994: Thank you letter from Chrysler

International and the Netherlands

Foreign Investment Agency after the

AWC hosted a breakfast for their executives

in our Clubhouse. They were

investigating where to install their

European office. Unfortunately for us,

Brussels won! (I always thought the

AWC should do more of this type of


• 1994: Offer from US Ambassador

Dornbush’s wife, Marilyn, to have an Easter Egg hunt/roll in the garden of the

Ambassador’s residence (Great idea for the future perhaps?)

• 1994-1995 President’s Annual Report, including job description

• 2001: List of local organizations that

we donated to, totaling Dfl. 11,000

• 2002: Complaint from a lawyer representing

next door neighbor about noise

deep into the night!

• 2002-2009: AWC Philanthropy

Allocations totaling a whopping

€ 1,146,759

• 2005 + 2014 AWC Member Surveys


plus ANBI Policy Plan prepared when

applying for this tax-exempt status plus

bill for translating our Policy Plan

• 2010-2011: AWC Net YTD

Contributions to Charity: € 7,782

• 2013: Financial yearly report from van

Lanschot Bankers

• 2015: Board installation photo

• 2015: 85 Years and Counting event flyer

featuring pianist and author, Robin

Goldsby at Nieuwspoort

• 2020: Handbag Auction Timeline for

planning (postpone due to coronavirus

pandemic until April 2022)

• 2021: AWC Clubhouse Plan for new


• Example of contract for an AWC instructor

>> 44

MAY / JUNE 2022 43

Plucked from the Shredder (cont.)

Continued from page 43

• Example of contract for ongoing Clubhouse Rental

• Memorandum regarding the Drawing-up of Policy Plan for Institutions for the Common


• Letter to Mr. van Haarlem from van Haarlem Tax Consultancy regarding Club’s VAT


• AWC Community Services Grant Application

• AWC Criteria for funding

Nieuwe Duinweg 25

• 1984: Taxatie Report with assessed value

of Dfl: 450,000 and replacement cost

of Dfl. 900,000

• Bouwcentrum Keuring: estimate of

renovation costs would be about Dfl.

106,230 – most of it was done by the

Members with donated supplies

• Overeenkomst tot geldlening (mortgage)

from April 12, 1984

• AWC paid Dfl 385,000 for the 1,850 m2

or 16,650 sq ft house built in 1925. We

signed the koopakte on March 19, 1984,

after a General Meeting in which 54 approved,

36 rejected and 4 abstained.

The 36 nos were mostly financial worries

about buying this property. The

Club took possession op 16 April 1984.

• 1987: Proces-Verbaal Police report

dated February 5 due to break-in via a

window: IBM typewriter, stereo and

radio stolen. Christmas 1999 there

was a second break-in with no substantial


• 2002: Second mortgage taken out in

March through van Lanschot Bankers.

Negotiation started in 2001 before

euro came in, granted – Dfll 350,000,

just 35,000 less than what we had paid

for it in 1984. By the time mortgage

deed was settled the euro had come in,

€ 158,823. At that time, we had 289

members with 43 needed for a quorum.

New mortgage was needed for

much overdue repairs. Interestingly,

only 35 Members came to meeting,

but 70 proxies were received. Needed

repairs included: safer, more energy

efficient furnace as well as new roof

over Library. Other repairs were still

necessary: roof over main house, repainting

the bricks and replacement of


New Clubhouse Location?

• 1993: Location Survey exploring various

locations to build a new AWC


• August 1993: Notes from discussion

about new possible location for AWC,

near future British Junior School

• December 9, 1993: Article appearing

in Haagsche Courant: AWC building

a Clubhouse together with the British

School planned in Mariahoeve neighborhood

of The Hague

• Letter from two contractors offering

their services for “our plans” to build

a new British School along with a new

AWC Clubhouse in Mariahoeve (site

today of the British Junior School).

• June 1994: Invoice for Dfl. 5,949 for a

feasibility study made in 1993 for AWC

possible new Clubhouse or changes to

property on Nieuwe Duinweg 25. I became

President in May 1994 and successfully

fought to lower this highly

overpriced invoice.


MAY / JUNE 2022 45

AWC Board Installation

Memorial Day at Margraten

by Roberta Enschede

Memorial Day Ceremony

Sunday, May 29 at 3 p.m.

American War Cemetery, Margraten

The Netherlands-American World War II Cemetery lies in the rolling green hills of Limburg

in the southernmost point of the Netherlands. Etched in white marble at that sacrosanct place

are the ancient words of Pericles of Athens and how fitting they are:

Each for his own memorial earned praise that will never die

and with it the grandest of all sepulchers,

not that in which his mortal bones are laid but a home in the minds of men.

When you look over Margraten for the first time and walk amidst its pure white marble

of remembrance, the Crosses and Stars of David under which 8,297 boys and men and 4

women rest, and when you see the Wall of Honor with its 1,772 names of the missing, there

are inevitably tears and questions — endless questions, we try to answer.

Why did they die so young? Why did they die so hard?

Why did they die before they had a chance to live? Why do I live?

Why do we live? Why didn’t we have to do what they had to do while so young?

On every Memorial Day you see the Vets who return. Now, there are fewer and fewer.

You watch, from a respectful distance, the men who got to go back home and grow old and

become fathers, grandpas and great-grandpas and doctors, engineers, grocers, auto mechanics,

writers, professors, plumbers and builders. You watch them in their world of uncommon

valor as they say “Hello” to their friends who never got to grow old. They sometimes stand

in little groups and laugh and poke fun and tell soldier stories they can never forget―stories

of a world of faces and pain and even laughter, stories of a slogging, sleepless world, of

men and boys determined to do what had to be done! Once I watched a tall, lanky fellow

from Kansas, break off from his buddies. “I gotta say hello,” he said and ambled towards

the crosses and stars. He ambled back with tears welling up in his crusty old eyes. “I said

hello.” He was a member of the 104th Infantry, the Timberwolves. More than 100 of his

buddies rest in the Limburg land.

It’s times like thosethat being at Margraten renders you speechless and jumbles your

thoughts. Sometimes a line from a poem or a book or something someone once said jars

your feelings and puts them in focus:

More than 200 men and women worked all night to place wreaths and cut flowers, even

pansies from a neighbor, on 20,000 newly dug graves. Thousands walked, cycled, rode

horses, and came in carriages and automobiles to see the Stars and Stripes over Margraten,

hear the bugler play Taps and pay their respects.

It was then that the people of Limburg began adopting the new, young graves. That Adopt

a Grave program continues to this day. It is unique. Every single grave is adopted, with a

waiting list to adopt one. Thousands remember the price their freedom took and teach their

children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren the Why of Margraten. For them, every day

is Memorial Day. Under the Crosses and Stars of David, there are always freshly cut flowers

for a birthday or a holiday, whether in the yellow of early jonquil spring or the frozen snow

of December.

Erik Hazelhoff, a citizen of the Netherlands and after the WWII of the United States,

wrote a book called Soldier of Orange. It’s the true story of what he and his young friends

did for freedom: There comes a time in our lives, when we have to take a stand; when we

say to ourselves, this can’t go on! This can’t be!

That is the Why of Margraten. We understand not just yesterday but Now, and inevitably

Now, we think about the men and women in the Ukraine and so many places where people

are taking a stand because “Some things simply can’t be!”

On Memorial Day, there is a service conducted by a rabbi, a priest and several ministers.

The Honorable Marja Verloop, the US Chargé d’Affaires and AWC Honorary President,

will share her thoughts as will the King’s Commissioner and a high ranking member of the

military. Then the Wreath-Laying Ceremony begins. This year, the wreath-layer for OAR

~ Overseas Americans Remember is Lt. Col. (ret) Sherman McGrew, a recipient of the

Bronze Star and a two-time veteran of Iraq. OAR is also honored to sponsor a wreath for the

Timberwolves who helped liberate the southern Netherlands. At the end of the fighting, they

had 1,426 casualties including 313 killed and 103 missing. I remember one of them calling

Margraten “My Church.” Major (ret) Gilbert Riboni, a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, will

lay the wreath for the Timberwolves.

After the wreath-laying, the Dutch Air Force pays tribute with a flyover: the Lost Airman

formation. Four F-16s will streak across the blue sky, over the Crosses and Stars of David.

One will break away and climb and climb before disappearing into what seems like forever.

Each for his own memorial earned praise that will never die

and with it the grandest of all sepulchers,

not that in which his mortal bones are laid, but a home in the minds of men.

Come to Margraten this Memorial Day. You will never forget it.

You are not dead; you did not die.

Death shall have no dominion

We weren’t heroes. We were just doing a job that had to be done

On the first Memorial Day at Margraten on May 30, 1945, just over three weeks after the

war ended in the Netherlands, a Dutch citizen who was there wrote some simple lines. They

are not eloquent like the words of the immortal Pericles, but they say it all:

You who enter this cemetery, look

Remember the price your freedom took.


Directions: From Maastricht, take the N278 road in the direction of Cadier en Keer and

Margraten. After you pass Cadier en Keer, you will see the American War Cemetery on

your right.

For further information, contact me at oarinnl@yahoo.com.

MAY / JUNE 2022 49


Private Pilates in the

Comfort of Your Own Home

Certified instructor offering

mat Pilates tailored to your

body’s specific needs.

One on one, duos or live

Zoom possible.

Women or couples only.

Lessons are in English.

Greater The Hague area.

Enquires contact me at


The AWC is not responsible

for accidents or injuries

occurring at Club activities

or on Club property. Sports

and exercise instructors

must carry their own

liability insurance.

AWC is a Pet-Free Zone

As much as many of our

Members love their pets,

please do leave them at

home as the AWC has a

long-standing policy of

no pets in the Clubhouse.

Thank you for your understanding!


Support Fellow AWC Members

Find links to a large variety of businesses

owned by AWC Members at www.


Members: eNews Distribution

A weekly electronic newsletter is sent to all

AWC Members.

If you have not been receiving your eNews,

please contact Heather at


Going Dutch is Available Online

Go to www.awcthehague.org to share the current month’s issue with friends and family. You will

also find links to our annual advertisers, whose support makes this magazine possible. If you

visit or contact one of our advertisers, let them know Going Dutch sent you!

Member Privacy

Please be reminded that the AWC Membership List is for AWC Member reference only and

use of this information in any communication other than AWC official business is strictly

prohibited. Members may not share the list with anyone other than another AWC Member

in good standing and never to any third party.

The AWC takes care to protect Member information and adherence to this policy is critical to

maintain Member privacy. Members are asked to report suspected misuse of the list to any

AWC Board Member.

MAY / JUNE 2022 51



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