Discover Sixty-Five: May 2022

Kootenay Seniors Living - Seniors News, Articles, Discounts & Sales in the West Kootenay area.

Kootenay Seniors Living - Seniors News, Articles, Discounts & Sales in the West Kootenay area.


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May 2022


Kootenay Seniors Living



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WK Senior Citizens Associations

Check with your branch or organization for local updates on programs.

Everyone welcome - the more members the better!

Balfour Branch 120

8435 Busk Rd, Balfour

email enquiries to:


Monday -

Cribbage 11am to 1pm

Wednesday - Carpet

bowling 7pm to 9pm

Castlegar Branch 46

2101–6th Ave, Castlegar

Pres Dan Shields


Open Monday – Friday

9am - 4pm

Kaslo Branch 81

304-4th St, Kaslo

email enquiries to:


1st Tuesday of the

month, lunch at 12noon,

meeting at 1pm

Every Friday meet &

greet drop-in coffee

9:30am – 11:30am

year round

Nelson Branch 51

717 Vernon St, Nelson

email nelsonseniorscentre


Monday: 1pm Bridge

Tuesday: 9am Tai Chi;

10:30am Chair Yoga;

1pm Duplicate Bridge

Wednesday: 1pm Crib;

1pm Snooker; 6:30pm

Duplicate Bridge

Thursday: 1pm Bridge

Friday: 9am Tai Chi;

10:30am Chair Yoga;

6pm Novice Snooker


9am Knitters;

1pm Chess Players

Sundays: 1pm Crib



Greater Trail Life

Long Learners,

is working with Selkirk

College to provide

monthly learning

presentations. The

intention is to grow

to provide increased

learning and social




Branch 116

Passmore Hall

3656 Old Passmore Rd.


Alternating Fridays

Card games: Whist

and Cribbage 1pm

Wednesdays Carpet

Bowling 1pm

2nd Sundays 12 noon

monthly business meetings

followed by

a potluck and

Tiki card game

Special meetings on

issues of general

interest to seniors, like

participation in the BC

Senior Games.

Don’t peek!

Puzzles on pages

16 & 17


Branch 118

7906 Woodside Rd,


email: Sharon




Carpet Bowling

10am all year


Shuffle Board

10am winter



1:30pm all year

If we missed your

association or would like

to update your events,

please call toll free


Questions about wealth

management, insurance

or estate planning? Call us

today at 1.800.665.5728.


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Brass Tacks

Cannabis Corner............... 12


Eye Health ............... 22-23

IG Wealth Management’s

Walk for Alzheimer’s... 6

Alzheimer’s Warning Signs .7

Are You Ready for

Anything?..................... 8


Libraries......................... 19

The Art of Letting Go........ 9


Create a Bee Sanctuary.... 13

Ginkgo Biloba Club :)

May Horoscopes.......... 20-21

Care to Share.................... 18

DIY Craft............................ 15

Kitchen Kapers

with Annette ...................10-11

Puzzles......................... 16-17

Puzzle Solutions ................. 2

Seniors’ Classifieds............. 9

Seniors’ Associations........... 2

Happy Mother’s Day Month!

There are many great things about being a Mom - late night feedings,

the first time they smile on purpose into your eyes, the smell of baby

shampoo on a freshly bathed babe...

Dressing them up like tiny adults,

walking hand-in-hand with them

down the street...

Celebrating their

acheivements and

consoling them after

a failure – both so

important to

developing a

well-rounded person.

But the best thing

about being a parent

is seeing your children

have kids of their own.

You can almost see the

moment it dawns on them how

intense parenthood is. When they

realize what a trooper you have

been though their lives.

The joy of receiving a grandchild in your arms to

love and to spoil unconditionally, with a little less

worrying and a whole lot more sleep.

2 children were

enough - but I would like to

have 50 grandchildren!

~ Karma Halleran :)

Scratch the Surface

Nelson Cycling

Without Age...................... 4-5

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Julie Wilson

Care to














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Cycling Without Age (CWA) - Nelson

Cycling Without Age Nelson is embarking

on its fifth season of offering

free rides to seniors and others

of limited mobility. The goal is to

get those who otherwise might be

stuck at home out into their communities

for socialization and fresh


Wendy Baker-Konkin first learned

of the world-wide organization in

2017 and shared her excitement

with anyone who would listen. That

is how she met Bob Schmitz, who

embraced the vision and donated

the fist trishaw bike (Hazel) in memory

of his mother. June Spearman

joined Bob and Wendy to meet the

three director requirement to form a

society - and they were off!

We asked CWA about the things our

Discover Sixty-Five readers might

want to know more about. This is

what we learned.

Canada Day at Lakeside Park

Keeping it interesting...

Why is there a pile of watermelons?

Yup, the annual Canada Day watermelon

eating contest, of course :)

CWA riders were there.

D65: Congratulations on four

years of operations. How has

that gone?

CWA: The response and support

from the community has

been tremendous. Our ride

numbers and regular clients

have steadily grown, even

through the pandemic. From

the comments, smiles, and

“thumbs up” we get, we see

that the general community

likes that we are offering this


D65: So you were able to continue

through the pandemic?

CWA: Yes, although we did have

some interruptions when pandemic

restrictions were the strictest.

But as restrictions eased folks

looked forward to getting out, and

we were able to provide rides using

the required and recommended


We’ll continue to do

that in the coming


D65: We understand

that you do not

charge for rides. How

have you been covering

your costs?

CWA: Yes, rides are always

free and always

will be. We can do

that because we rely

on volunteers to do

the pedalling. We call

ourselves “pilots”. And

from the beginning

we have enjoyed the

generosity of various

individuals and oranizations

for funding,

as well as in-kind support.

For example, we

have received Columbia

Basin Trust funding

from Areas E, F,

and G, and the City of Nelson as well

as donations from Friends of Nelson

Elders, The Kootenay Credit Union,

Kootenay Co-op, Osprey Community

Foundation, Lions Club of Nelson,

and the Rotary Club of Nelson. The

City of Nelson and Nelson Hydro has

been facilitating the placement and

powering of our shed in Lakeside

Park which was provided and erected

with generous consideration by

Rona Maglio Building Centre. Secret

Service Cycle has been generous in

providing trishaw maintenance. So

much support to be thankful for.

D65: Do you offer, or have you

thought of providing, a general trishaw

taxi service around town?

CWA: In fact, on occasion, we have

been asked to do that. But that is not

our purpose, which is to help keep

people of limited mobility in contact

with their community. But we would

encourage someone else to take

that on as a nice, environmentally

friendly, Nelson-like pedal powered


D65: What will the coming year

bring for you?

CWA: We expect our activities to

increase significantly. We have already

been getting inquiries from

individuals and organizations asking

about when we will be starting

up again. We’ll get going when the

paths open up and people are ready

4 May 2022 Discover Sixty-Five email: seniors@pennywiseads.com

to head out. And we have a second

trishaw that we’ve named “Edna”

to join our original trishaw Hazel,

so that we can double our ride capacity

at special events. We can

now dedicate a trishaw to providing

more rides in the greater community,

as we’ve done in Balfour, Kaslo,

and Ymir already. We should never

have to be without a trishaw due

to maintenance, and are willing to

bring Hazel or Edna to your West

Kootenay town!

D65: We’ve noticed that you are

associated with the Nelson and

District Seniors Coordinating


CWA: That is correct. They invited

us to join them as yet another of

their fine programs and services in

our community. The arrangement

has proven to be quite mutually

beneficial. For our CWA chapter

it has wid-ened our network of

seniors con-tacts and communications,

and has provided strong

board support on which we are

rep-resented. It has also given us

the ability to provide charitable

receipts for donors.

D65: If you are planning for

continued growth you are

probably wanting to get

more people involved.

CWA: We definitely want to

continue to increase our ridership,

so we do encourage

folks of any age who might

have mobility challenges

to request rides. And if anyone

knows of someone who

would enjoy a ride, we would

welcome a request on their

behalf. A trishaw ride out into

our community in the fresh

air is a great way to visit. We

are kid and pet friendly, too.

We will always welcome volun-teers

to help us to coordinate

and provide rides.

D65: What is the best way to

contact you?

CWA: To request a ride phone

250-505-1999 and leave a message.

Our email is cwanelsonrides@gmail.com.

If you see us

out and around, say at a special

event like Canada Day, please

approach us for more information.

Our pilots and passengers

always like to stop and talk.

Pictured here are the Cycling Without Age board

- Wendy doing the pedaling, and Bob and June

along for the ride!

It is a great intergenrational

adventure, and can happen

in your own community -

CWA serves the whole

West Kootenay.

Cycling Without Age Nelson

has accomplished a lot, and

brought great joy to a number

of riders.

If you would like to arrange

for a ride, or to volunteer

with this worthy

endeavour, email them,

call or visit their website



They’d be happy to hear

from you! ~ D65

Call Kaslo,1-800-663-4619 Discover Sixty-Five May 2022


What is the IG Wealth

Management Walk

for Alzheimer’s?

The IG Wealth Management Walk

for Alzheimer’s is the Alzheimer’s

Society of BC flagship fundraising

event in the support of people

affected by dementia. For the

past two years, we adapted to the

rapid change in our communities

and moved the event online.

The national event last year saw

approximately 10,000 Canadians

showing their support for people

affected by dementia, and raised

over $800,000 in BC alone!

When we walk we honor the

people who have passed, and

ac-knowledge the work that must

be done to ensure help and support

is available for people living

with dementia today.

Each walk is dedicated to a local

honouree – an individual or group

who has been affected by dementia,

or who has valuably contributed

to the lives of the people living

with the disease.

Honourees are held in high regard

in their community. Check

out this year’s honouree and sign

up for your local walk in Nelson

B.C. www.walkforalzheimers.

caTheir story is a re-minder of why

we walk and lets oth-ers on the

journey know they are not alone.

Emily Tucker


Senior Financial Consultant

Office: 250-352-7777

Direct line: 250-551-7971

Check out the

many resources

the Alzheimer’s

Society of BC has

to offer: https://alzheimer.ca/en

Your local IG Wealth Management

Office is excited to announce a

return to our in-person event this

year! Please mark your calendars,

dust off your walking shoes and

join us on May 29th 2022 at the

Lakeside Rotary Shelter! The BBQ

will be sizzling, the coffee will be

hot, and the silent auction will be

bountiful! Come out and show

your support for this amazing

cause, connect with individuals

who have been affected by dementia

and learn more about the

resources available.

Where: Lakeside Rotary Shelter

When: May 29th 2022

11am Registration

12 – 1pm Walk

For more information contact

Walk Chair, Emily Tucker at nelsonwalkchair@alzheimerbc.org

Looking forward to seeing you


~ Emily Tucker, CFP, RRC


at IG Wealth

Senior Financial Consultant

Office: 250-352-7777

Direct line: 250-551-7971

515 Vernon St.



and confusion

can be scary


I remember my aunt telling me that

she had driven to a gas station, pulled

up to the pumps, stepped out of the

vehicle, and then did not know why.

This experience upset her quite a

bit. She got back in her car and sat

there until she remembered what she

should do next.

As scary as that was, it turned out the

combination of her perscriptions were

causing the jumble of her thoughts.

She was able to get that straightened

out with the help of her pharmacist,

but conflicting prescriptions are very


If you have experienced a similar situation,

don’t be afraid to bring it up

with your pharmacist and personal

physician - with the appropriate adjustments

to your medication, clarity

may return.

If it is Ahlzeimer’s the sooner it is recognized

the more of your own care

decisions you will be able to make. It

helps to give warning to your family

and friends, so that everyone involved

can get the support they need.

We all know friends or family who

have lived or are living with Alzheimers.

The more we know about the

disease, the more we can be of help.

The Alzheimer Society of BC has

a new coordinator in the East

and West Kootenays.

Gabrielle Brideau - Support and

Education Coordinator

Dementia Helpline: 1-800-936-6033

Email: gbrideau@alzheimerbc.org

Visit www.alzheimer.ca


515 Vernon St. Nelson

6 May 2022 Discover Sixty-Five email: seniors@pennywiseads.com

Know the 10 Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

Benefits of Early Diagnosis...

People with dementia can live

meaningful and productive

lives for many years after an

early diagnosis. Dementia diagnosed

early helps both the

person and family members

to learn about the disease,

set realistic expectations and

plan for their future together.

There are many benefits to an

early diagnosis. Here are our

top 10:

1) Getting an accurate

diagnosis Conditions such as

depression, thyroid disease,

infections or drug interactions

sometimes produce

symptoms similar to those of

dementia. A thorough medical

assessment can lead to

an accurate diagnosis so that

appropriate treatment can


2) Being actively involved

in health care and personal

decisions Earlier in the process,

the person is able to participate

more actively in their

own health-care decisions

and future plans.

3) Using medications effectively

Treatment of Alzheimer’s

disease and other

dementias is typically most

effective when started early in

the disease process.

4) Focusing on what’s important

An early diagnosis

allows the person to set priorities

based on what is important

to them, such as travelling,

pursuing new goals, or deciding

when to stop working.

5) Making choices is empowering

An early diagnosis

allows the person with dementia

to make informed decisions

about legal, financial

and care matters and make

their wishes known to their

family and friends.

6) Taking advantage of resources

The person and their

family can benefit from local

Alzheimer Society information,

support and education

programs to learn how to live

well with dementia.

7) Supporting families Families

who understand the disease

and the challenges that

come with its progression are

better able to support the

person with dementia and

get the help that’s right for


8) Advocating People with

dementia can make their

voices heard to raise awareness

about the disease, the

need for quality care and increased

funding for research.

9) Advancing research People

with dementia can participate

in clinical trials and other

research to help improve diagnosis

and enhance care.

10) Reducing stigma People

with dementia can continue

to live life to the fullest. Sharing

experiences of living with

dementia can be very helpful

in reducing the stigma of the

disease and in encouraging

others to reach out for support.

Call Kaslo,1-800-663-4619 Discover Sixty-Five May 2022 7

Planning for potential hazards or

natural disasters (like the fires and

floods we have seen in BC last year)

requiring evacuation takes time

and effort. Prepared BC has a fill-inthe-blank

Home Emergency Plan

that can help make this process less

daunting. Their website www.gov.

bc.ca/PreparedBC has helpful preparedness

information, and another

website www.EmergencyInfoBC.ca

has alerts that specify levels of risk

(ie. warning vs. alert vs. order).

One of the steps of preparedness is

to make sure you have a Grab-and-

Go bag ready that contains essential

items including a first aid kit and personal

medications. At the very least,

in this bag you should have a current

list of the medications you take and

how you take them.

A good approach is to make sure

you store all your medications in the

same cool, dry place (in a basket or

on a tray) that is readily accessible

(while still ensuring children’s and

pet’s safety) and can be easily kept

together (in their own bag or container)

for ease of adding to the

Are you ready for anything?

Grab-and-Go bag.

In these emergency situations,

there is usually at least

one thing that gets forgotten,

or overlooked in all the mayhem

and heightened stress. If

you leave your medications behind,

don’t fret.

If you can get to any pharmacy in

BC (ideally your regular pharmacy

where you are known), pharmacists

are able to provide emergency supplies

of essential chronic medications

to help you get through your

time away from home. Through our

Professional Practice Policy-31 Emergency

Supply for Continuity of Care,

we as pharmacists must exercise our

professional judgement using the

principles of:

- individual competence – pharmacist

has appropriate knowledge and

understanding of the condition and

drug being dispensed/requested

- sufficient information – pharmacist

has sufficient information about the

patient’s health status to determine

appropriateness of an emergency

supply under the given circumstances

- appropriate quantity – pharmacist

determines appropriate quantity of

emergency supply based on what is

reasonable under the given circumstances

and taking into consideration

the drug(s) involved

- informed consent – pharmacist

must obtain informed consent from

the patient or their representative

before undertaking an emergency


- documentation – pharmacist responsible

for deciding to provide an

emergency supply should:

- document rationale and follow-up

plan in patient’s record

- ensure PharmaNet dispensing record

reflects the pharmacist’s registration

number as the practitioner

responsible for the decision

- notification of other health professionals

– pharmacist should notify

original prescribers in a timely fashion

where possible and appropriate,

and make record of this in patient’s


If you are looking for information on

how to best prepare for potential

evacuation due to hazards or natural

disasters, check out Prepared

BC’s ‘Household Preparedness Guide’

online. There are Hazard-specific

guides as well as Circumstance-specific

guides that are also full of great


Thank you.

Catherine M. BSc(Pharm), RPh

Bonnie M. BSc(Pharm), RPh

8 May 2022 Discover Sixty-Five email: seniors@pennywiseads.com

The Art of Letting Go

We tend to accumulate a

lot of stuff during our long,

well-lived lives. Knick-knacks,

memorabilia and gifts from

beloved friends and family

often serve as wonderful reminders

of our happiest times.

However, as we age storing,

organizing, and accessing all

that stuff can be overwhelming

and stressful - especially

when we are downsizing into

an independent living facility.

Unless you are a Marie Kondo

in training, not many of us relish

the prospect of evaluating

a lifetime’s worth of stuff. Deciding

what to keep and what

to let go of can be challenging

physically, mentally and


Thankfully, this process could

be easier than you think especially

if you’re committed

to cutting the clutter in your

life. Here are some ideas to


Sometimes, the choices

seem more obvious - for

example, you know you

don’t need (or want)

stacks of old newspapers

from years past cluttering

up your new space. Saving

specific articles or issues

that document an important-to-you

day in history

can be a way to reduce

the pile quickly.

Likewise, if you have specific

objects that your

family members might

be emotionally attached

to, consider gifting them

to children or grandchildren

who will value them as

much as you do.

Wendy LeCroix

Registered Retirement

Coach at Your Retirement




Seniors’ Discounts


purchases at Sunnyside Naturals everyday.

404 Front St, Kaslo. 250-353-9667.


purchase every Friday, 9am-5:30pm. 422

Front St, Kaslo. 250-353-2594.


Remedy’s RX 737 Baker St. Mention you are

a Senior and receive 10% off your purchase.

Some exclusion apply. 250-352-0022.


Valley Pharmacy. Receive 10% off your purchase.

107 4th St, 250-357-9444.


OFF regular priced items. Some exclusion

apply. Shoppers Drug Mart, 1965 Columbia

Ave, Castlegar. 250-365-5888.


receive 10% off regular priced items at Shop

Easy, 303 Main St in Salmo. 250-357-2316.

Some exclusions apply.

Seniors’ Discounts

L’BEAR’S NATURAL FOODS in Trail offers

10% off all vitamins everyday for shoppers

60+. 1339 Cedar Ave, 250-368-8318.


EVERY MONDAY, please book by Saturday

so we can have a bike ready to go. Call

Neil at 250-300-7923 or book online at kaslo



CASTLEGAR every Tuesday, receive 20% off

regular priced items. Some exclusion apply.

1128 3rd St, 250-365-7813.


DAY OF EVERY MONTH and receive 10%

off your purchase. Some exclusions apply.

Kaslo Front Street Market, 411 Front St,



20% regular priced items every Thursday.

Some exclusion apply. #117 1983 Columbia

Ave, Castlegar, 250-365-3400.



SERVICES SOCIETY (NKLCSS), with the support

of the United Way and the Province of

BC, offers a FREE Senior’s Meal Program for

Kaslo and area residents. Once per week a

meal will be delivered to the senior’s door

by a NKLCSS staff person. If you or someone

you know is 55+ and would benefit from this

program or would like more information,

please call Kathy @ 250 353-7691 ext. 204 or

email kathyallaire@nklcss.org


May 8

Call Kaslo,1-800-663-4619 Discover Sixty-Five May 2022





by Annette Gallatin

Have you ever wondered: What

is the difference between white

and yellow box cake mixes?

A yellow cake mix like the ones

made by Betty Crocker, Pillsbury etc.

use whole-wheat pastry flour and either

egg yolks or whole eggs.

For a white cake mix, they use ordinary

all purpose flour and only egg


A base cake made from a yellow

cake mix is richer, moister, and more

full-bodied compared to one made

with a white cake mix.

What is the difference between

a ‘yellow cake mix’ and a ‘butter

yellow cake mix’?

Simply put, the ingredients in a butter

yellow cake mix are required to

include actual butter in the dry mix

in order to call that cake mix “butter

yellow”. A regular yellow cake mix

can be made by the company using

any type of fat. They typically use

some kind of vegetable oil. If you like

a buttery flavour, look for the word

“butter” in the name on the cake mix


What flavour is yellow box


If the box says “yellow” or “French Vanilla”

cake mix, it tastes more-or-less

like vanilla and is usually achieved by

using artificial flavouring.

Does yellow cake taste differently

than white cake?

A regular white cake mix tastes a bit

like vanilla but lacks the depth of flavour

that a yellow cake mix has because

it does not contain egg yolks.

What flavour is red velvet?

Red velvet cake tastes like very mild

cocoa with a slightly tart edge. It’s

usually frosted with cream cheese

frosting which is its most dominant

flavour. Perhaps even more important

than the taste is the

texture: smooth, soft, tender and

light, with that creamy icing.

What can I substitute for eggs

in a cake mix?

In a pinch? When a recipe calls for

eggs, you can substitute 1 tbsp of

mayonnaise for each egg.

This doesn’t apply to a sponge cake,

Unlike many classic cake recipes

that are composed of mostly flour,

sponge cakes are primarily made

with eggs and call for less sugar and

flour. You need the eggs.

What can you add to a box cake

mix to make it taste better?

Most box cake recipes call for vegetable

or canola oil. The only trouble

is, these oils have almost no flavour.

Replace the oil with an equal amount

of melted butter (and a pinch of salt

if using unsalted butter), to boost

richness in a cake mix cake.

Add a touch of mayo.

You don’t usually see the words mayonnaise

and dessert side by side,but

keep in mind that mayonnaise is oil

and eggs. So you can add a dollop

of mayo (two tablespoons is perfect)

to any cake mix, and you’ll instantly

see an improvement in the texture.

Mayo makes cake mix cake incredibly

luscious and homemade tasting.

Add an Extra Egg

There aren’t a lot of things out there

that beat a nice and rich cake crumb.

Boxed cake mixes tend to be lighter

in consistency, but if you’re looking

for that thicker, moist cake, then all

you have to do is add an extra egg.

Prepare to be shocked and amazed

at the difference one extra egg will

make when you bite into that rich


Raid your cabinet

There’s no secret to making a great

cake. You can add anything you

want, and so long as you like the

ingredients, you’ll get a good end

result. So raid your cabinet and add

any flavourings you want to your

mix: spices, extracts (like almond, orange,

lemon, rum), nuts, chocolate

or butterscotch chips, and bananas

will always elevate your cake mixes.

Remember: except for vanilla, add

only one of those choices at a time

per cake unless you’re sure of the result

you’ll get.

10 May 2022 Discover Sixty-Five email: seniors@pennywiseads.com

Replace Water with Dairy

The average cake mix calls for the

most boring of liquids: water. Instead

of using water, use a dairy product.

Replacing the water with milk will

make your cake taste homemade,

while using buttermilk will make it

rich and creamy. Just replace the

water with the same amount of

milk, and a little bit more buttermilk

if that’s what you’re using (buttermilk

is so viscous, you need to add

more liquid than the recipe calls for).

I also like to use sour cream (14%fat)

instead of water in a cake mix. Fat is

flavour, and sometimes there’s just

that little bit of sour cream waiting

in the fridge…use it to replace the

same amount of water in the cake

mix recipe. Yum!

Break Out the Coffee

Coffee is another prime replacement

for water in your cake mix (use the

same amount of coffee as you would

water). Because coffee and chocolate

is a match made in heaven, this

is a must-try hack for a chocolate

cake mix, but it also gives a nice taste

when used with a basic yellow cake.

Use Your Favorite Soda

Adding soda to cake may sound bizarre,

but it really does amplify the

flavour tremendously, without being

overbearing. You can replace the water

with a dark soda, like Coca-Cola

and Dr. Pepper (especially in a dark

cake mix), but a fruity, citrusy soda

will also make for a delicious cake.

Replacing Eggs in your Cake

Mix Recipe

You’re out of eggs! Or, you need to

avoid eggs due to egg allergies, or

for personal health, environmental

or ethical reasons...However, eggs

serve several purposes in baking.

Without them, baked goods might

be dry, flat or flavourless. Fortunately,

there are plenty of egg alternatives.

Applesauce is a puree made from

cooked apples, often sweetened or

flavoured with other spices like nutmeg

and cinnamon. Using 1/4 cup

of applesauce can replace one egg

in most recipes. If you’re re-placing

two or three eggs with apple-sauce,

add an extra ½ - 2 teaspoonful of

baking powder to the batter, as

fruit purées tend to make the final

product denser than the original

recipe. It’s best to use unsweetened

applesauce. If you’re using a sweetened

variety, you should reduce the

amount of sugar or sweetener in the

recipe itself.

Mashed banana is another popular

replacement for eggs. The only

downside to baking with bananas is

that your finished product may have

a mild banana flavour which is a bonus

if you’re making banana bread.

Other pureed fruits like pumpkin

and avocado work well and may not

affect the flavour as much. Whichever

fruit you choose to use, you

can substitute 1/4 cup (65 grams)

of purée for each egg. Baked goods

made with pureed fruits may not

brown as deeply, but they will be

very dense and moist. This works

best for cakes, muffins, brownies and

quick breads.

What is the purpose of using

boiling water in chocolate


Pouring boiling water on the cocoa

you’re using is called “blooming the

cocoa”. It’s then stirred well to break

up any lumps and left to sit for a

minute or two. The cocoa powder

dissolves, which thickens the liquid

and releases the cocoa’s flavor particles

(similar to what adding boiling

water to ground coffee does). Use

the amount of liquid the recipe calls

for to bloom the cocoa.

Using hot water to “bloom” a

chocolate cake mix:

Add the amount of water the recipe

calls for but use hot water. It makes it

taste chocolate-ier. Hot water allows

the cocoa in the mix to “bloom” or,

develop its flavor. That chocolate has

been sitting in the box for a while –

this will wake up the flavor!

~ AG

Have a question or are you looking

for a particular baking hack?

Write Annette here


and we’ll get the

question to her.

Call Kaslo,1-800-663-4619 Discover Sixty-Five May 2022

A 11

Cannabis Corner

The Endocannabinoid


(ECS) is a system

in the body that

helps us regulate

our sleep, stress, pain, memory,

appetite and mood. It is

as important to our bodily

function as the immune system,

endocrine system or any

other body system. Only discovered

in the late 80’s, the

ECS still has not been fully

taught within our colleges

and universities. Our medical

system is only starting to become

aware of how the ECS

interacts with the other systems in

our bodies. The importance of recognizing

and understanding the

ECS is monumental because the ECS

is the master regulator and balancer

of the other systems in the body. It’s

on the look out for imbalances and

seeks to bring back balance and homeostasis.

The ECS has cannabinoid receptors

(often compared to locks) throughout

the body, and it produces endocannabinoids

(often thought of

as keys) that fit into the receptors

to create the desired effect of bringing

the body back into balance. Did

you catch that… The body naturally

makes its own cannabinoids, called

The Endocannabinoid System- Terese Bowors

106 - 601 Front Street, Nelson

in the basement of the Front Street Emporium

beside Avatar Computers



For those travelling from Kootenay Lake’s

north shore we are the first and most accessible

cannabis retail store on your route.

endocannabinoids! A well running

ECS has the right amount of endocannabinoids

to bring balance

to the other systems in the body.

People with chronic illnesses may

be cannabinoid deficient, meaning

their bodies do not produce enough

of their own endocannabinoids to

balance the ECS. That’s where cannabis

comes in. We can use cannabinoids

from cannabis called phytocannabinoids,

as a supplement

to the ECS. Author, Michele. N Ross,

appropriately named her book “Vitamin


There are two primary cannabinoid

receptors in the body called CB1 and

CB2. CB1 receptors are found in the

brain, spinal cord, lungs, vascular system,

muscles, GI tract and reproductive

organs. CB2 receptors are found

in the spleen, endocrine system,

reproductive system, bones and

skin. Both CB1 and CB2 receptors

are found in






the immune

system, liver,

bone marrow

and pancreas.

The body naturally


its own cannabinoids,

called endocannabinoids,

that fit into

the CB1 and CB2 receptors, these

include Anandamide and 2-AG. Cannabis

also contains cannabinoids,

called phytocannabinoids, that fit

into the body’s CB1 and CB2 receptors.

These include THC and CBD and

more. THC directly binds

to the body’s CB1 and CB2

receptors. CBD does not

directly bind, but can be

enticed into the receptor

with some THC. If THC

is not present with CBD

then CBD will not bind

into the CB1 or CB2 receptors

but it is thought to

modulate other non-cannabinoid

receptors in the body.

When we understand how cannabis

works in the body, we can see how

compatible we are with this plant.

How healthy is your ECS? In addition

to supporting the ECS with cannabis,

we can also support the ECS

with our lifestyle choices including

eliminating toxins, eating real food,

managing stress, movement, sleep,

smiling and hugging. ❤

Terese Bowors,

Certified Cannabis Wellness Coach

www.terese.ca info@terese.ca




The Endocannabinoid system and the

revolution of one: Rachel Knox https://







The information shared is for educational

purposes and should not be seen as

medical, nursing, nutrition or legal advice

and is in no way meant to take the

place of your health professionals.


May 2022 Discover Sixty-Five email: seniors@pennywiseads.com

Gardening! How to create a bee sanctuary:

• Most important! Eliminate the use of

pesticides on your property.

• Get to know local beekeepers and

encourage them in what they do by

buying their honey.

• Plant several colours of flowers. Blue,

violet, white and yellow flowers are

most attractive to bees.

• Let your lawn bloom! Many flowers

that we regard as weeds, such as dandelions

and buttercups, are early and

important sources of food for bees.

• Plant flowers of various shapes. Different

species of bees have different

tongue lengths suited for deep or

shallow shapes.

• Plant native species of plants and

trees (trees flower too, of course).

Native plants (wildflowers) and heirloom

plants (not hybrids) are best for

attracting and helping bees. On average,

native flowers attract four times

as many pollinators as non-natives.

• Supply fresh water – allow puddles,

muddy areas, or shallow water in

between rocks to provide accessible

water sources for bees.

• Provide a range of plants that bloom

in succession throughout the season.

Bee season is from March to October.

• Allow native bees the right to a

home! The best way to do this is a bonus

for the homeowner - don’t try to

be too tidy in the fall and the spring

by too much raking. Nature abhors

a vacuum - and a rake just as much.

Bees need areas protected from cold,

wind and flooding. Sunny, bare areas

of earth in out-of-the way places in

the garden are attractive to native

bees for nesting. Some native bees

also nest in rotting logs or hollow

stems. About 90 percent of native

bees are solitary nesters, digging a

single nest hole in which to care for

their own offspring. Because they do

not have a large colony to defend,

solitary bees are

generally not


When you buy

your garden

seeds this spring,

consider what

flowers the bees like most of all.



Black-eyed Susan


Bleeding Heart







Hollyhock (not





Purple Coneflower



Scented Geranium


Verbena (not red)





Basil Bee Balm (Bergamot)













Watermelons ...

These are just a few,

there are many more!

Kaslo Upgrades a Century-old Building

The Kaslo Senior Citizens Association is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary in 2022.

Find more on

Basin Stories


The focus of this vibrant group of elders is

socialization, sharing information and

learning new technical skills. With support

from the Trust, the seniors hall where they

meet will soon be more energy-efficient

and accessible, with upgrades like better

insulation, a new exterior door and new


“This project will ensure that our hall will

be more comfortable and not so costly to

heat,” said Louise De Pape, President. “We

look forward to an entrance that is brighter

and easier to navigate, and we feel that

everyone will feel safer when they attend

activities in our hall.”

Call Kaslo,1-800-663-4619 Discover Sixty-Five May 2022 13



Sunday, July 3, 2022

Celebrating 25 Years

in the Kootenays at...

Call to book your






New Routes


Full Service Hair Salon

- Cuts /colours - Keratin treatments

- Perms - Hair products

- Hair extensions

OPEN: Monday to Saturday

Prestige Lakeside Resort

701 Lakeside Drive, Nelson BC

www.waveshairdesign.ca 250-352-9283

We’re back! May 21-23 - with all the fun and

excitement you expect from Kaslo May Days!



May 2022 Discover Sixty-Five email: seniors@pennywiseads.com

Grill-side Herbs

It doesn’t get much easier or fresher

than keeping a handy display of

herbs close by your barbecue. You

can clip off an herb in seconds to add

to marinades, rubs, or to place directly

on the grill to infuse flavour. Adjust

the length of board to accommodate

all of your favourite herbs, or stack

boards to create a vertical arrangement.

Choose a stain to match your

décor, and use coloured marbles

for a festive flair. You’ll be preparing

culinary cuisine in no time!

Tools You Will Need

table saw

screwdriver set


✔ 71/2” rough dressed pine (20”)

✔ Wood Shield Best solid stain (colour

shown: Tennis Whites)

✔ paint brush

✔ 3” x 5/8” zinc


plates #8

✔ 3/4” wood


✔#64 stainless

steel hose


✔ widemouth

mason jars

✔ stones or


✔ container potting

soil mix

Here’s How

• Cut and stain wood.

• Attach clamps to wood with

mending plates.

• Place stones or marbles in the

bottom of a dry jar, followed by the

container mix.

• Plant herbs.

(Although this project may be easier

with herb transplants, you can grow

your choice of herbs from seeds.)

• Secure the jars in place with hose


• Attach to deck or fence near your


Trail Home Hardware


8130 Old Waneta Rd

Deanne Monroe

Notary Public, trusted legal services


Powers of Attorney

Health Care Directives

Land Transfers



Wheelchair Friendly

534 Josephine St, Nelson

For information, or to book a ride

Contact Joanne at 778.463.5247 or


Call Kaslo,1-800-663-4619 Discover Sixty-Five May 2022 15

Group Mentality


1 Rhyme scheme of limericks

6 Mark Harmon mil. series

10 Gillette’s Trac II follow-up

14 Needing a crossword hint,


15 Radius neighbour

16 It takes a pounding to the


17 Auditioning whales to play-

Moby Dick?

19 Guitar legend Hendrix

20 Not Lib., P.C., N.D.P. or Green:


21 Letters for a bounced cheque

22 “The Planets” composer


23 Philosophical fishes?

28 Brampton-born PGA player


29 Olive in a strip

30 Yahoo! rival

31 Result of a lousy lead, maybe

35 Kitchen addition?

36 Long line of lions?

38 Words of understanding

40 Dumbstruck, with “for words”

41 “We are ___ amused”

42 Bookjacket blurb

43 Lennon’s tribute song to Ono

47 Christie mystery about Egyptian

river crows?

52 Go on ___ trip (venture by car)

53 Skinniest battery size

54 Periods after afts.

55 Skill in answering “Does this

make me look fat?”, maybe

56 Wolves known for telling


60 Pouty-lipped screen star


61 Long (for)

62 A language of New Zealand

63 Parliamentary mtg.

64 Astrological Type A’s

65 Spidey ___ (leeriness)


1 Like a viper

2 Without delay

3 Statue whose belly might be


4 Covertly let in on an email

5 Alias indicator

6 Wackadoodle

7 Know-it-all on “Cheers”

8 Booked-up spot in the Bible

9 Succumb to gravity

10 Montreal suburb, or pear


11 Follow too closely, as a car

12 Drum sound after a good joke

13 Somewhat

18 NBC’s “live from New York”


22 Stat. day, e.g.: Abbr.

24 ___ du Canada (high award, in


25 R.E.M.’s “The ___ Love”

26 Relating to sound

27 Water/elec. util.

32 Storied oil well firefighter Red

33 Sci-fi robot Artoo-___

34 U.S. clean air grp.

35 Yellowhead town near


36 ‘70s fad gifts that could be


37 ___ speak (now)

38 Ones locked into cell plans?

39 Brew that’ll make you pucker

42 Dream destination, maybe?

44 Lowly gofer

45 Lifts skirts or lowers pants

46 She’s the talk of the Loch

48 Fruit in some crumbly squares

49 Salsa scooper

50 Attempts to make a scene?

51 Vietnamese coin

56 Chum

57 Handy cribbage card

58 Certain radio bands

59 Ka ___ (South Point, on Hawaii)


May 2022 Discover Sixty-Five email: seniors@pennywiseads.com

Sudoku Here’s How It Works:

Sudoku puzzles are formatted as a 9x9 grid, broken

down into nine 3x3 boxes. To solve a sudoku, the

numbers 1 through 9 must fill each row, column

and box. Each number can appear only once in each

row, column and box. You can figure out the order

in which the numbers will appear by using the numeric

clues already provided in the boxes. The more

numbers you name, the easier it gets to solve!

Kootenay Co-op Radio’s Jim Van Horn in studio.

Old Tyme Country

String Band...

The Incomplete History of Country

Music, Part 4

After a pandemic caused hiatus, the History of

Country Music returns to the historic Langham

Theatre for 3 nights of good old hand clapping,

pocket change jingling music, with familiar tunes

from the past. Fiddles, guitars, piano and flute will

all join in perfect harmony. The Old Tyme

Country String Band along with the Pigeon

Sisters will once again make the rafters ring with

music. Tickets are on sale now at Sunnyside

Naturals. Mark your calendars for May 12, 13,

and 14. See you there. ~ Jim

Kootenay Co-op Radio’s Jim Van Horn is the host

of Liner Notes Tuesdays 1pm-3pm and repeated

on Saturday from 3-5 pm with tunes from the

early days of radio from the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s.

Listen to KCR at 93.5 Nelson or

96.5 Crawford Bay or 107.5 New Denver

Or on the web at kootenaycoopradio.com

Hosted by

Puzzles - solutions pg 2


Jim Van Horn

Jar Full of Tunes


Th e

Old Tyme Couny

Sing Band


The Incomplete History

of Country Music Part 4

Langham Theatre

Thursday, May 12, Friday May 13

Saturday May 14


Tickets $15

at Sunnyside Naturals


Call Kaslo,1-800-663-4619 Discover Sixty-Five May 2022


Care to





Care to Share

Karma receives Pink Petunia from

her eldest grandson!

Karma Halleran

Luna discovers Grandma is a model in the

Visit Kaslo & Area Guide!

Grandma Kevi Remple

Cathy shares her thoughts on...


Her only crime

was being old,

so I’ve heard

so I have been told.

As well, you know

I’ve heard it said

that being old

is why

she’s dead.

Cathy Linley

Send us your photos, short stories (100-200 words), poems, best jokes, etc., for Care to Share

by email: seniors@pennywiseads.com, or by snail-mail: Care to Share, Box 430 Kaslo BC V0G 1M0,

or drop off at Pennywise, #209-312 Fourth Street Kaslo. Phone 250-353-2602, 1-800-663-4619


May 2022 Discover Sixty-Five email: seniors@pennywiseads.com


Wednesday May 18

@ 18:30 - 20:00

10 Tips to a Successful Retirement

Castlegar and District Public Library

Join retirement coach Wendy Lacroix

for a free workshop that gives you 10

tips to prepare yourself to retire. Are

you ready to retire? Please register at

the front desk or by calling 250-365-



• The library offers Outreach services

to seniors at Castlewood, Castleview

and Talarico Place. A librarian visits

these facilities on a monthly basis to

bring and pick up materials and will

also drop off and pick-up books to

individuals who are home bound.

• We also have an online book club

in partnership with the Kootenay Library

Federation. The books for these

clubs can be picked up at our library

once the person registers.

• Other services include our subscription

to the Centre for Equitable

Library Access. A Collection for

those with Print Disabilities. We also

have a wide selection of Large Print

books and audio books on CD here

in the library.

Kimberly Partanen, MLIS

Library Director 250-365-6611

Email: info@castlegarlibrary.com



Seniors & Outreach:

The Library has a wide

variety of materials available

for loan, including:

• Large print books and

Reader’s Digest large

print magazine

• Audiobooks on CD and

downloadable audiobooks

• E-readers and e-books

are available for loan

Feature films, TV shows and

documentaries on DVD

and streaming services

• Victor Readers available

to borrow for the vision


• NNELS (National Network

for Equitable Library

Service) https://nnels.

ca/ offers downloadable

audiobooks or e-books to

people with a print disability.

Contact the library for

details and to register for


Call 250-352-6333

Mon, Weds, Fri, Sat: 10-6

Tues & Thurs: 10-7

Book drop: 24/7

(at front window)

What’s Happening: Newsletter!



Tech Support for

Seniors: The Columbia Basic Alliance for Literacy (CBAL)

offers workshops and one-on-one help for your basic

technology questions.

Call Joan at 250-505-2361 or visit the CBAL website for

more information.

Techboomers.com: a free educational website that teaches

older adults and others with limited computer skills

how to use the most popular websites on the Internet.


Public Library:

1505 Bay Ave., Trail



Would you like help with

using a tablet, smart

phone or laptop? Do you

have questions about apps

like Zoom or Facebook?

We can help! Tech Learning

Place, Fridays, through

June 17, 9:30am to 11am,

Selkirk College room 205.

Call 250-368-6770 or

email camantea@cbal.org

to register. Space is limited

- please call to reserve your


CARD CLUB Thursdays

through June 23rd. 1pm

to 3pm

For ages 12 - 112

Let’s play some cards!

Bridge, cribbage, euchre

and more! Drop in. No

registration required.




May 13th, 11am - 1pm

Join us in Jubilee Park on

Friday, May 13th for fun

afternoon of a pizza lunch

and a gardening project!

Connect with other

seniors in the community

over lunch and design a

planter full of ingredients

commonly used in making

pizza. Registration required.

Call 250-364-1731.



May 27th, 1pm.

Registration is required.

Chair yoga is a style of

yoga where participants

remain seated and is an

excellent way for older

adults to loosen and

stretch painful muscles,

reduce stress, and improve

circulation. visit https://


JTc6 to register

We Can Deliver!


SERVICE is a convenient

way for library members

who may have difficulty

leaving their homes to

borrow books and other

library items. Our Friends

of the Library provide this

free monthly service to

residents of Trail and Warfield

who are homebound

for at least 60 days due to

age, illness or disability. For

information please visit

our website: https://www.



or call 250-364-1731.

Call Kaslo,1-800-663-4619 Discover Sixty-Five May 2022


May Horoscope

ARIES – Mar 21/Apr 20

1st Week: A strong urge to be

alone arises this week, Aries.

If this happens, turn off your

phone and put a message that

you’re not to be disturbed until

you’re ready for some company.

2nd Week: Avoid going down

the rabbit hole that can be

social media, Aries. Put your

phone or tablet to the side for

a little bit and focus your attention


3rd Week: This week could

be a strange time in regard to

your finances, Aries. It might be

a good idea to get all of your financial

affairs in order to figure

out where you stand.

4th Week: You may be questioning

some of your relationships

this week, Aries. Periodic

reflection is good for your

long-term well-being, but

move ahead with caution.

TAURUS – Apr 21/May 21

1st Week: Yours may turn

into the party house this week

when a lot of uninvited visitors

show up and expect to socialize.

It’s a good thing you have

energy to spare right now,


2nd Week: Try to stay calm

and grounded right now, Taurus.

Others can learn from your

example at work, as you likely

will be the voice of reason

among your colleagues.

3rd Week: Check around the

house for any areas that could

benefit from a little improvement,

Taurus. Some renovations

could provide a whole

new look and even outlook.

4th Week: Taurus, finding balance

between your professional

life and your home life may

be challenging this week. Try

not to hurry through your decision-making


GEMINI – May 22/Jun 21

1st Week: Errands are not going

to complete themselves,

Gemini. Schedule time this

week to get all of your ducks in

a row. You have obligations to

your family and friends.

2nd Week: Gemini, if you are

having trouble figuring out a

path this week, try to meditate

on a solution. Find a quiet spot

and visualize your goals and

how you can achieve them.

3rd Week: Figure out a way

to show support for a valued

colleague, Gemini. Sometimes

just a kind word can transform

someone’s day. Your kindness

will be repaid.

4th Week: Typical routines

just aren’t fulfilling you lately,

Gemini. Avoid succumbing

to frustration and dissatisfaction

by trying a new hobby or

brainstorming ways you can


CANCER – Jun 22/Jul 22

1st Week: Be mindful of whom

you confide in this week, Cancer.

Not everyone has your best

interests at heart and may use

the information you share to

his or her advantage instead of


2nd Week: You intend to use

the extra energy that seems

to have been building in you

for some time, Cancer. An impromptu

sports match or a trip

to the gym can burn off energy.

3rd Week: Excessive spending

could come back to haunt you

this week, Cancer. Spend wisely

and avoid impulse purchases.

A financial windfall could

soon be in your future.

4th Week: Avoid comparing

yourself to friends and colleagues,

Cancer. You may need

a confidence boost, so hang

around friends and family who

have your back.

LEO – Jul 23/Aug 23

1st Week: This week you could

receive word of an exciting challenge

at work, Leo. If you have

been putting in for a promotion

or job change, this could be

what you’ve waited for.

2nd Week: A partner or close

friend may seem to pull away

from you this week, Leo. Don’t

take it personally as it won’t

be a permanent break. Soon

things will be back to normal.

3rd Week: Leo, if you have

been feeling bored and restless

for the last several days, a

change of scenery could be in

order. A vacation can fit the bill,

but even a day trip will prove


4th Week: Has your love life

affected your professional ambitions

lately, Leo? Take a step

back and analyze the situation

to see what you can change for

the better.

VIRGO – Aug 24/Sept 22

1st Week: Keep in mind that

you shouldn’t mix money and

friendship, Virgo. If a close

friend wants you to work for

him or her, remember the importance

of this separation.

2nd Week: Sticking to your

normal routine this week simply

will not be possible, Virgo.

Start brainstorming ways you

can get things done more


3rd Week: Your ability to focus

is high today, Virgo. This means

you can learn many new skills

and apply them how you

see fit. Take advantage of this

chance to better yourself.

4th Week: Take some time to

audit your health, Virgo. What

you eat, how much you are

sleeping, how often you are exercising

— these are all factors

that may require some change.


May 2022 Discover Sixty-Five email: seniors@pennywiseads.com

These are the weekly Horoscopes for the month of May,

Week number 1, 2, 3 and 4...

LIBRA – Sept 23/Oct 2

1st Week: Spring cleaning is

in the air, and this week you

are ready to tackle your home

top to bottom. Why not ask

for some help from the kids

or your spouse to work more


2nd Week: Libra, your ego

may take a temporary hit as

someone in your sphere gets

a promotion or a recognition

before you. Don’t take this to

heart as it is only time before

you get to shine.

3rd Week: Give some thought

to how you can increase your

income, Libra. It can help to

have a few extra dollars coming

in each month. A part-time

job may be the right fit for now.

4th Week: Libra, watch out for

power struggles at work, especially

if you feel they are causing

you to be treated unfairly.

Bring issues to a supervisor if it

comes to it.

SCORPIO – Oct 24/Nov 22

1st Week: Frustrations may

be high this week. Scorpio. Despite

your desire to socialize,

you can’t seem to get out of

the house. Responsibilities at

home won’t change for some


2nd Week:Try not to trigger

any people in your home who

seem to be more tense than

usual, Scorpio. It may be tricky,

but keep the calm and maintain

the status quo for now.

3rd Week: Setbacks at work

may have you feeling a little

nervous, Scorpio. However, everything

goes through a natural

cycle and soon all will be

well again. Maintain the status


4th Week: Scorpio, fatigue

may catch up with you if you

have not been pacing yourself

or taking enough time to care

for yourself. Slow down and

take a mental health day … or


SAGITTARIUS – Nov 23/Dec 21

1st Week: Keep in mind it can

take a few days for you to recover

from a night of revelry,

Sagittarius. Avoid overdoing it

on weeknights or you may pay

the price at work in the morning.

2nd Week:Well-meaning advice

can backfire if it is offered

unsolicited, Sagittarius. Unless

someone comes to you seeking

help, it’s best to stay silent

for now.

3rd Week: Information you

glean from the news lately

could change your perspective

on certain situations, Sagittarius.

Take it all in before making

a final assessment.

4th Week: You may be more

sensitive than usual this week,

Sagittarius. You may feel like

family or friends are judging

you, but that’s not necessarily


CAPRICORN – Dec 22/Jan 20

1st Week: There is a lot of work

to get done around the house,

Capricorn. A lack of funding

has you in a holding pattern.

Examine your budget to see if

there’s wiggle room.

2nd Week: Try to avoid any impulsive

spending for the next

several days, Capricorn. The

temptation will be high, so this

will be a bit of a challenge for

you. Stick to the essentials.

3rd Week: A task that has been

in the works for some time finally

comes to fruition this

week, Capricorn. You will have

mixed feelings about getting

things done and moving on to

new projects.

4th Week: Try not to take part

in popularity contests or gossip

sessions at work, Capricorn.

It can only come back to bite

you when you least expect it.

Stay the course and keep working


AQUARIUS – Jan 21/Feb 18

1st Week: Aquarius, if you find

yourself in a poor mood this

week, try not to take it out on

others. Simply ask for some

alone time until you can work

out your feelings for the better.

2nd Week: Aquarius, stay calm

and keep your nose to the

grindstone during a potentially

hectic week. This may mean

taking a day off or at least a

step back.

3rd Week: Aquarius, a goal regarding

your career will finally

become a reality. At first you

might not believe it, but it’s

certainly true. You’ve worked

hard for this.

4th Week: Aquarius, you may

be seeking greener pastures,

both at home and in your

professional life. Impatience

can get the best of you, but a

change will happen over time.

PISCES – Feb 19/Mar 20

1st Week: Exercise tact and diplomacy

when someone asks

for your honest opinion about

their performance at work,

Pisces. You’ll get your point


2nd Week: Some truths are

difficult to hear and swallow,

Pisces. Only through learning

all sides of the story can you

grow as a person.

3rd Week: Pisces, you tend to

be your worst critic, but that

pushes you to achieve as much

as you can. It can be a blessing

in disguise.

4th Week: You may have a

tough time relating to others

this week, Pisces. You view the

world through a creative lens

even when others don’t.




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Eyesight is so easily

taken for granted.

But when something goes awry, the

value of strong eyesight is crystal

clear. Once diminished sight occurs,

it is very difficult to get it back without

serious intervention — if at all,

so it is vital to keep eyes healthy and

functioning at their peak.

Eye care involves regular vision

checkups but also includes other

components. The following tips can

keep most people on the path to

healthy eyes.

• Eat for healthy vision. Various

vitamins and minerals are needed

for healthy eyes, especially those in

leafy greens like kale, spinach and

collard greens. Fatty fish like tuna

and salmon also have been shown

to help the eyes, according to the

National Eye Institute. In addition,

healthy eating can help people lose

weight. Being overweight or obese

increases the risk of diabetes, which

contributes to vision problems.

• Say “yes” to a dilated eye exam.

Many eye diseases have no early

symptoms, so the only way to check

for eye disease early is through a

comprehensive dilated exam. Getting

the eyes dilated is painless and

fast. Specialized eye drops are used

to dilate the eyes. Dilating the pupil

enables the eye doctor to see inside

of the eye to check for diabetic

retinopathy, glaucoma, age-related

macular degeneration, and retinal

problems. Dilation will last for a few

hours, depending on the patient.

Although uncomfortable for a little

while (dilated pupils let in more

light, causing squinting), it’s well

worth it to catch diseases early.

• Practice frequent handwashing.

Washing hands regularly helps to

keep bacteria, dust and dirt out of

the eyes should you touch your face.

In addition to washing


avoid rubbing your eyes.

• Wear UV protection. Arizona Retinal

Specialists indicates that exposure

to ultraviolet radiation increases

risk for age-related macular degeneration

and may cause sunburn

on the corneas or photokeratitis.

UV-protected eyeglasses, sunglasses

and contact lenses can help, as will

using shade hats or visors.

• Wear eye protection. When participating

in sports, using chemicals

during science class or operating

equipment like a leaf blower, wear

the right protection to keep

eyes safe.

• Give your eyes a rest. Eye doctors

know that people spend a lot of

time staring at screens during the

day. Providing a rest is necessary.

Follow the 20-20-20 rule, which

translates to every 20 minutes, look

about 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

Protecting eyes is a simple yet often

overlooked component of maintaining

overall health. Taking measures

to keep the eyes safe is both easy

and effective.


Individuals’ bodies, including their

eyes, change with age. Vision can

become less sharp as a person ages.

Some aging individuals also experience

difficulty seeing in bright light

or in the evening. Cataracts may be

to blame for these vision changes.

The National Eye Institute estimates

that, by 2050, the number of people

in the United States with cataracts

is expected to reach roughly 50 million.

Those projections suggest now

is a great time for people of all ages

to learn more about cataracts.

What causes cataracts?

Normal changes in the eye occur

after turning

May is Eye H

40. Notably, normal proteins in the

lens — the clear portion of the eye

that sits behind the pupil — begin

to break down, leading to a gradual

cloudiness of the lens. Most cataracts

are related to aging. However,

babies, children and middle-aged

adults also can experience cataracts

from birth or related to specific

medical conditions. An injury to the

eye also may cause cataracts.

Symptoms of cataracts

Individuals with cataracts may begin

to experience diminished vision.

Cataracts typically do not cause any

symptoms until they have grown

large enough to affect vision. Afterwards,

symptoms can include:

• Double vision

• Cloudy or blurry vision

• Seeing halos around lights

• Increased glare sensitivity

• Colors appearing faded or yellow

• Requiring more light to read

• Difficulty seeing well at night

Cataract development

Cataracts tend to form gradually. A

cataract may be in one eye or both.

It may be possible to slow down

the development of cataracts by

protecting the eyes from sunlight.

Wearing sunglasses that filter out

UV rays or regular eyeglasses with

anti-UV coating can help. Proper

treatment for diabetes and quitting

smoking can help reduce risk of

cataract development as well.


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alth Month

Cataract diagnosis and treatment

An eye doctor will examine dilated

eyes to diagnose cataracts. A slitlamp

microscope can make it easier

to spot abnormalities.

The eye professional will consider

age and the severity of cataracts to

determine a treatment strategy. Early

loss of vision due to cataracts may

be mitigated by stronger lighting or

a change in eyeglasses or contact

lens prescription.

Cataract surgery is one of the most

common eye surgeries. It is safe

and effective. An ophthalmologist

will remove the cloudy lens and

replace it with an artificial, clear lens.

If cataracts are present in both eyes,

each surgery will be performed

separately. A possible complication

of cataract surgery is when a part of

the natural lens that is not taken out

during surgery becomes cloudy and

blurs eyesight. This can be remedied

with a laser treatment.

Cataracts are a common byproduct

of aging, but they can be successfully

managed to improve eyesight



Few people can imagine life without

their eyesight, but hundreds of

millions of people across the globe

experience compromised vision

every year.

According to the Centers for Disease

Control and Prevention, glaucoma

is the second leading cause of


worldwide. In fact, estimates from

the World Glaucoma Association indicated

that 79.6 million individuals

would experience glaucoma in 2020.

By 2040, that figure is expected to

rise to 111.8 million people.

What is glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a disease that damages

the optic nerve. According to the

American Academy of Ophthalmology®,

glaucoma usually results from

the buildup of fluid in the front part

of the eye. As that fluid builds up, it

increases the pressure in the eye, ultimately

damaging the optic nerve.

Are all glaucomas the same?

All glaucomas are not the same, and

the AAO notes that there are two

major types of the disease: primary

open-angle glaucoma and angle-closure


• Primary open-angle glaucoma:

The most common type of the

disease, primary open-angle

glaucoma develops gradually.

Eyes affected by primary open-angle

glaucoma do not drain fluid

as well as they should, resulting

in the buildup of pressure that

slowly starts to damage the optic


• Angle-closure glaucoma:

Angle-closure glaucoma occurs

when a person’s iris is very close

to the drainage angle in his or

her eye. The AAO says that this

proximity can block the drainage

angle, causing pressure to build

up very quickly. However, the

AAO also notes that many people

with angle-closure glaucoma

develop it very slowly and have

no idea they have it until they’ve

suffered severe damage.

What are the symptoms

of glaucoma?

The symptoms of glaucoma

differ depending on which type a

person has.

There are no obvious symptoms

in the early stages of open-angle

glaucoma. Blind spots develop in

patients’ peripheral vision as the

disease progresses. Because people

often do not experience symptoms

until the damage from open-angle

glaucoma has become severe, it is

important for adults to schedule

routine eye exams with an ophthalmologist

so the disease can be

found before any significant damage

has occurred.

Blurred vision, halos, mild headaches,

or eye pain are some early

symptoms of an angle-closure

glaucoma attack. However, people

with angle-closure glaucoma do not

typically notice any symptoms until

the attack has started. As a result, the

AAO urges anyone experiencing any

of the aforementioned symptoms

to contact their ophthalmologist

immediately. Once an angle-closure

glaucoma attack has begun, symptoms

may include:

• severe pain in the eye or forehead

• redness of the eye

• decreased vision or blurred vision

• nausea

• vomiting

No one is immune to glaucoma,

which can quickly rob otherwise

healthy individuals of their vision.

Learning to recognize the early

signs of glaucoma and seeking

prompt treatment can reduce

the likelihood of substantial

vision loss.

Don’t take your

eyesight for granted -

get it checked regularly!


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Helping improve healthcare in rural communities.

Community paramedics (CP) provide primary care

services to increase access to basic health-care

services in non-urgent settings, in patients’ homes

and the community. This is done within their

training and experience and in partnership with

local health-care providers.

The Community Paramedicine Program offers

residents in rural and remote communities

enhanced health-care services from

paramedics. The program broadens the traditional

focus of paramedics to include health promotion

and provides basic health care services to older

adults with chronic conditions, palliative care, those

at risk of falls and enhancing and supporting whole

community care with health promotion and

vitals clinics.

Community Paramedics are improving access to

health-care in rural and remote communities by

expanding on the role of qualified paramedics

working in the community.

These are the Paramedics working in your neibourhoods. You can contact them by email directly.


• Dawn Vanderkroft, CP



• Carey Stephenson, CP



• Bryan Henry, CP



• Jan Falkoski, CP



• Leanne Blancher CP

• Martin Cyr, CP



• Randy Mackenzie, CP



• Casey Law, CP



• Derek Wolfe, CP



• Lana Bond, CP



• Anneke Fidler, CP


If you require these services, or are concerned about a relative or neighbour, please contact us

email: communityparamedicine@bcehs.ca Website: bcehs.ca

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