In Touch - 2nd Quarter 2022

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2 nd Quarter 2022 • No 211

Christian Friends of Israel

United Kingdom

He is good, his love to Israel

endures forever

Ezra 3:11

INSIDE: EDITORIAL New treasures as well as old • New Immigrants from Ukraine • HEBREW WORD FOCUS - Remember

Exhibition Report • Prayer Conference Report • Lobby for Israel 2022 • Wave of Terror • Watergen • RESOURCES

Christian Friends of Israel

United Kingdom


Jacob Vince

New treasures

as well as old

About us

CFI UK seeks to bless Israel by

means of practical and moral

support, and to serve the Church in

teaching about God’s purposes for

Israel and the Hebraic heritage of

our faith.

CFI UK also produces a monthly

prayer letter, a weekly audio Middle

East Report and distributes the

Haverim teaching CDs.

Please contact us for full details

of projects in Israel and also the

teaching resources available.

As an educational charity, we carry

a variety of resources relevant to

our purpose. We do not necessarily

endorse every view expressed by

our guest writers or authors.

IN TOUCH Magazine

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Front cover photo:

Hurva Synagogue, Old City, Jerusalem.

Destroyed in 1948 and rebuilt in 2010.

After his sermon on the

mount, Jesus moves

location to the seashore

and speaks from a boat – a

sermon on the shore!

“Have you understood all these

things? Jesus asked. “Yes” they

replied. He said to them, “Therefore,

every teacher of the law who has been

instructed about the kingdom of heaven

is like the owner of a house who brings

out of his storeroom new treasures as

well as old.” (Matthew 13:51-52).

Following criticism from Pharisees,

Jesus starts to use parables.

Responding to the disciples’

question, Jesus provides the reason

that he speaks in parables - to

fulfil a specific prophecy of Isaiah,

“Though seeing they do not see;

though hearing they do not hear or

understand” (Matthew

13:13; see Isaiah 6:9-10).

However, Jesus enables

the disciples who come

to him to see, hear and


So, when Jesus asks the question,

“Have you understood all these

things?” it is in the context of

these parables, the first of which

he earlier explained as relating

to understanding. There is one

who “Hears the word and doesn’t

understand it” (Matthew 13:19),

the hard path, the next has no

depth - the rocky shallow soil, the

third was choked by thorns in the

soil, and finally there is one who

“Hears the word and understands

it” (Matthew 13:23), the good soil

which is abundantly fruitful.

There then follow several further

parables of a similar kind,

continuing with the one who sows

good seed and the enemy who

sows weeds, again later explained

to the disciples, then the mustard

seed, the hidden treasure, finding a

pearl of great value and finally the

net let down into the lake catching

Have you

understood all

these things?

all kinds of fish.

It is at this point that Jesus asks

his disciples whether they have

“understood all these things?”, before

going on to make a concluding

statement about teachers of

the law. What might Jesus be

conveying to his close disciples

who later received his command

to teach others to obey everything

he commanded them (Matthew


Jesus had been instructing his

disciples about the kingdom of

heaven, but he also upheld the law.

Jesus was indeed the word made

flesh, a new revelation of God and

his word.

Perhaps what Jesus says concerning

treasure, a storeroom, and his

earlier emphasis on ‘understanding

the word’, alludes to biblical

history in the most

recent memory of the

people in his day; that

being the return from

exile as described in

the books of Ezra,

Nehemiah and Chronicles. In

Jesus’ sequence of Law Prophets

Psalms (Luke 24:44), Chronicles

comes at the close of the written

scriptures before Jesus’ coming as

the word made flesh.

In this record of biblical history,

after the walls of Jerusalem had

been rebuilt, “They told Ezra the

scribe to bring out the Book of the

Law of Moses, which the Lord had

commanded for Israel.” (Nehemiah

8:1). Is this not treasure brought

out from where it is stored,

generally understood as the house

of the Lord, the temple? It was

then read to those who could

understand, like Jesus speaking of

the one who “Hears the word and

understands it” (Matthew 13:23).

So, on the first day of the seventh

month Ezra the priest brought the

Law before the assembly, which was

made up of men and women and all

2 IN TOUCH • 2 nd Quarter 2022


New immigrants from Ukraine

supported by CFI Jerusalem

Robbie Colman

Several families were blessed

through CFI’s Open Gates

project during March. There

was a group of 14 Russian-speaking

immigrants and another group of 14

Ethiopians. These came from one of

the absorption centres and all are so

appreciative of the household items

that help them get a better start as

new ‘olim’ in the Land of Israel.

Tiina hosted several families that

have made Aliyah in the last two

years, providing them with items they

needed to begin their life in their own


During the month we also served

77 Ukrainians that have been forced

to flee their homes because of the

war with Russia. These people came

with nothing. Most of the stories we

heard were from people that were not

poor but have now lost everything.

A man who only had one leg had to

struggle to get out of the country

with his family. Another family

worth mentioning is a lady and her

two children who had to cross two

rivers to get into Poland, leaving her

husband behind to fight in the war.

The trip took them 38 hours. Another

family said, “We don’t know what to

do … we left two houses, a car and

animals behind.”

We have faced special challenges with

the Emergency Parcels because of the

way the Israeli government is having

to process so many refugees at one

time, but God has been faithful to

connect need with the items that our

donors so generously help us provide.

continued from 2

who were able to understand. He read

it aloud from daybreak till noon as he

faced the square before the Water Gate

in the presence of the men, women and

others who could understand. And all

the people listened attentively to the

Book of the Law. (Nehemiah 8:2-3).

Hence, in his day Jesus instructed

his disciples to emphasise the

importance of both the new

treasures they will bring out

concerning the kingdom of God

and the old treasures. The new

do not replace the old, they are

all treasures. As Paul writes to

Timothy, passing on this same

message to the next generation,

‘All scripture is inspired and profitable

for teaching, correcting, reproof and

training in righteousness’ (2 Timothy

3:16), a fitting response to Jesus’

own words, “Therefore, every teacher

of the law who has been instructed

about the kingdom of heaven is like the

owner of a house who brings out of his

storeroom new treasures as well as

old.” (Matthew 13:51-52).

2 nd Quarter 2022 • IN TOUCH 3

Hebrew Word Focus

Melissa Briggs MA

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Melissa is an experienced Hebrew

teacher with a desire to make the

rich language of the Scriptures

accessible to Christians.

Visit: www.explorehebrew.co.uk



ָ כַ‏ ר



Imagine if I took no action to acknowledge

my child’s birthday. What if the special day

arrives and I neglect to buy a gift, write a

card, cook a special dinner, bake a cake, light

candles, speak out words of celebration, sing a

song, or host a party in their honour?

So many intentional behaviours, involving not only

my mind but also my body, should spring from

the fact I remember it is their birthday! If I had the

thought in my head all day, but made no effort to

demonstrate it through action, what good would such

a “remembrance” be?

How do you remember the Lord? And how does the

Lord remember you?

In Hebrew, Zakar is an action verb meaning to

remember, to be mindful, to call to mind, to record, to recall,

to celebrate, to confess, and/or to report. Zakar is not

merely to have a thought, but rather to do something

intentional in accordance with what is on your mind.

Other words in the same topical family of words with

zakar (all sharing the same three root letters) include:

Zeker (noun) – remembrance or memorial זֵ‏ כֶ‏ ר

record, Zikaron (noun) – memorial, זִכְ‏ רֹון

remembrance, reminder

remembers” (a name) – “The Lord זְ‏ Zekariyah כַ‏ רְ‏ יָ‏ ה

Wherever we find it in the Scriptures, zakar is

intertwined with a purposeful action based on the

information that is brought to mind. For example,

God rescued the Jewish people from slavery when

he heard their groaning and zakar-ed his covenant

with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (see Exodus 2:24). The

word says: “When you go into battle … Then you will

be zakar-ed by the Lord your God and rescued from your

enemies.” (Numbers 10:9). When the Lord remembers

us, he intervenes on our behalf! “Then God zakared

Rachel; he listened to her and enabled her to conceive”

(Genesis 30:22). How precious and beneficial that the

Lord remembers us and acts in his perfect timing! (See

Psalm 103:2-5).

Too often we are impatient or doubtful concerning

the timing of God’s intervention. Why is it so

easy for us to forget all of the Lord’s blessings

and deliverances? Or to keep them only as head

knowledge? Remembering all the Lord has done

for us should cause us to behave differently going

forward. Recalling the flawless track record of the

Lord’s faithfulness should constantly build our trust

in him, leading us to step out more boldly in active

faith as we progress in our walk with him.

James warns that we should not be “like a man

who looks at his face in the mirror and, after looking at

himself, goes away and immediately forgets what he looks

like.” (James 1:22-25). This is a picture of a man

who ‘remembers’ in a way that does not translate

into action. When we are forgetful of the Lord, his

promises and all his victories, then we end up circling

around through the same doubts and lessons. The

Israelites experienced miraculous deliverances from

Egypt, yet in the subsequent days and years in the

wilderness, they failed time and again to remember

God’s power and goodness. They needlessly doubted

his care, character and ability, slowing their journey

and inviting avoidable trials into their story.

“Only be careful, and watch yourselves closely so that you

do not forget the things your eyes have seen or let them fade

from your heart as long as you live. Teach them to your

children and to their children after them” (Deuteronomy

4:9). We are commanded both to remember

for ourselves and to teach the next generations.

“Do this in remembrance of me”

Remembrance is an essential part of worship, such as

remembering the sacrifice of Jesus on our behalf when

participating in the Lord’s Supper. Jesus said “… do

this in remembrance of me.”(1 Corinthians 11:24). It is so

beneficial to incorporate acts of remembrance into our

daily, weekly and annual rhythms of life.

We are not left alone or helpless in the task of

remembering – it should be a function of the Holy

Spirit in our lives. Do we quench the Holy Spirit

when he desires to help us remember and act upon the

word of the Lord? “But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit,

whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all

things and will remind you of everything I have said to

you” (John 14:26).

Do you actively remember the Lord? He is so worth

our attention and worship. He has truly done

marvellous deeds. “Zakar the things I have done in the

past. For I alone am God! I am God, and there is none like

me” (Isaiah 46:9 NLT)

If you are interested in learning the Hebrew language through online tuition please contact

4 IN TOUCH • 2 nd Quarter 2022

Event Report

Christian Resources Exhibition

South West

CRE South West at Exeter

Showground attracted

just over 1,500 people,

visitors and exhibitors.

Attending to the CFI UK resources

stall were Jacob Vince, CFI’s chief

executive, and Stephen Turnham,

graphic designer, who travelled

across together from Eastbourne

the day before to set up. Amongst

the hundred or so stands, the

CFI UK resources stall was well

positioned next to that of Ebenezer

Operation Exodus. The two

ministries shared visitors as well

as great stories of how God is

working out his purposes for Israel

and the Church in the world today.

There were fewer visitors than for

a national event, but new friends,

old friends and other exhibitors

kept the conversations and

resources flowing steadily. There

was a lot of interest in Jacob’s

booklet titled ‘Covenant Steps’ –

which soon sold out – as well as

the foldout pamphlets, particularly

the ‘Then and Now Bible Maps’

compilation. Also popular were

the 3D relief maps. We sold DVDs

titled ‘Nicky’s Family’ and ‘The

Forgotten Refugees’ and popular

books included Mo Tizzard’s ‘The

Jewish Wedding and the Bride of

Christ’, Chris Mottershead’s ‘Short

History of the Holy Land’, and

Bruce Okkema / Lois Tverberg’s

‘Listening to the Language of the


On the second day of the

exhibition we awoke to discover

that Russia had invaded Ukraine!

It was not that big a surprise as

it had looked likely, and many

visitors were talking about how

this might affect Israel’s situation.

We met a few Jewish believers,

who were a great encouragement,

and new contacts who signed up

to receive our ‘In Touch’ magazine.

Many more took away free

literature, including our ‘Questions

Questions’, ‘Encouraging

Scriptures’ and ‘Promises

Promises’ booklets. The two

days seemed to go quite quickly.

The exhibition’s organisers were

pleased, with CRE owner Steve

Goddard saying, “Running an

event in the face of a pandemic

is a nerve-wracking experience,

so we are grateful to all our loyal

exhibitors and visitors. In fact, the

atmosphere was as upbeat as we

have ever known, with a sense

of release and purpose after two

years behind closed doors.”

UK Events 2022

CFI UK plan to exhibit at the following live events



3-4 June 2022 – Wiston Estate

West Sussex BN44 3DZ

23-28 July & 29-3 Aug – East of England Showground

Peterborough PE2 6SH

19 - 21 August – Newark Showground

Newark, Nottinghamshire NG24 2NY

2 nd Quarter 2022 • IN TOUCH 5

Prayer Report



Tuesday 5 th – Thursday 7 th April 2022

Men may spurn our appeals, reject our message, oppose

our arguments, despise our persons but they are

helpless against our prayers. J Sidlow Baxter

Praying in small groups

Joe Gisbey shows how to pass it on to the next generation

David Soakell accompanying sung worship

Julia Soakell introducing the theme

Jacob Vince bringing tools for the Church

Beverley Dwyer with a prayer meditation

Praying for the work of CFI i

By Julia Soakell

Fellowship meals between sessions

When I asked the Lord what our theme and focus

should be for this prayer conference, the very

clear sense was that he is always our Rock and

our Redeemer, mighty in all he does, and that we should

acknowledge him in everything, even in the chaos and

shaking experienced in the nations through the pandemic.

He is always strong, steadfast, sturdy and sure no matter what

surrounds us. David and I were asked to organise and host the

three days and Dave found an appropriate picture. I realised our

perspective of God as our Rock needed to be enlarged and that

would increase our faith in the faithful and mighty God.

Our time together at Kings Park Conference Centre was the first

event of its kind since before the Covid 19 pandemic, which meant

attending a large meeting might be a concern for many as well

as an investment. It is good to hear that many of our regular and

older supporters viewed the conference as a refreshing break. How

encouraging that in a time of instability and economic concern

people are purposeful in this way.

We were blessed in the first session through accepting our divinely

appointed time with God, reading Scriptures about God the Rock

and acknowledging that without his grace we were merely a

common thorn bush (a reference from Lance Lambert’s book on

Moses). Our praise, worship and thanksgiving produced a perfect

foundation for all the prayer and intercession we covered over the

next two days.

Jacob Vince, Chief Executive CFI UK, covered aspects of our desire

to help the wider Church understand Israel and tools that we could

use to communicate this well. David Soakell led a session titled

‘Standing on the Rock’ in which we prayed over the borders of

Israel and the risks that emanate from them. Our guest speaker,

Joe Gisbey, brought us inspired insights regarding the generational

teachings and the importance of the Torah in the first century. He

challenged us about the need to help younger members of our

families and churches love our Hebraic heritage, saying that ‘we

must love our children more than our traditions’. That evening we

also held a kind of ‘chat show’ hosted by Anne and David Linnell

in which questions were put to Jacob about his role in connecting

and influencing the UK church. This went very well and was

enjoyed by all.

We had a detailed look at CFI Jerusalem projects, so that we

could pray about them. David Soakell covered the ‘Under His

Wings’ and ‘Communities under Attack’ projects, before explaining

the importance of the ‘Forsake Them Not’ work with Holocaust

6 IN TOUCH • 2 nd Quarter 2022

“God... is my mighty rock, my refuge”

Psalm 62:7

Conference Feedback

Philip Aitchison with a prayer meditation

n Israel

Olga with a surprise visit on day two

Olga shares about caring for Holocaust survivors

“A very powerful God-anointed conference, very well balanced with

teaching, commentary, film, prayer, praise and worship and even dancing

which was spontaneous and very special, a perfect ‘ending’! With new

friendships formed, a much longed for in-person event which certainly

did not disappoint and in a lovely relaxed and well run conference centre

which was so needed after much intensity. Good food, space to relax and

good accommodation, it was truly a lovely few days. Huge thanks for all

the organisation and in particular to Julia and David for the hard work

together with hearing from the Lord and fulfilling his agenda. Well done!”

“For me the highlight of whole conference, although all the sessions were

great, was the surprise visit by Olga – it was so good, so interesting, such

a blessing to be able to pray for her. This will change the way I pray for the

survivors and the staff now completely.”

“I absolutely loved the CFI UK Prayer Conference. The teaching was so

good, opening my mind so much more of how God loves Israel. Also

taking me deeper into God. The Conference centre was lovely, food was

great, people so friendly and even the coffee was amazing !”

David Greer summing up the time together

“Many challenges which I know the Lord will walk with us. Open your

wings and trust in God’s thermal of grace. Bless you all at CFI!”

“God is using CFI like an arrowhead – bringing his light and truth to the

church and to the UK”

“He is pleased with all that has gone on in this event – you have set aside

this time and some at a level of sacrifice and he is aware of that cost”

survivors which is overseen by our friend Olga Kopilova. And we

were able to produce a special surprise for the attendees. Having

prayed for weeks before and knowing that Olga planned to visit

friends in Northampton, there was a possibility of her attending.

Those plans seemed to be cancelled when she caught Covid in

March. But unbeknown to us she rescheduled her visit and rang us

just a week or so before the conference to say she was in the UK,

had rested and was changing her flights to be available if we would

like her to speak at the conference! We kept this secret and Dave

left the ‘Forsake Them Not’ project to last, got halfway through

talking about the project, displayed a photo of myself and Olga

in Jerusalem and then asked the group if they would like to meet

Olga personally. A lot of the audience said ‘yes’, but with confused

expressions on their faces, at which point Olga stood up and came

forward from her hiding place. We couldn’t believe we had pulled

it off!

Everyone listened attentively as she shared about recent months

with visits to Holocaust survivors, Covid problems and how there

were marked changes recently in the time she and Tanya were

spending with survivors – all now in their 90s. It was a very special

time, and we were blessed to pray for Olga and the work in Israel.

Meeting her in person was the pinnacle of the conference for us

and this insight brought more understanding of Olga herself, the

project work and the impact the Lord is having on these precious


We never know beforehand the level of understanding about Israel

and the maturity of those attending. This year we had a relatively

young Christian present who said it was such an encouragement to

hear new concepts, deep truths, and others praying. He was also

able to speak at length with David, Jacob and other men which

helped him a lot. The Lord brings all things together to produce

beautiful results.

In my role of Prayer Encouragement for the UK, I asked for very

specific prayer cover. We want to commit to prayer many aspects

of events, down to anointing of speakers and atmosphere, lack of

distractions and technical problems and the intimate touch of the

Holy Spirit for each person. If I had written a list of prayer needs

for this event, I can hand on heart say that almost every single

one was met in the Lord perfectly. The comments and feedback

confirm that this was surely a divinely appointed time, set aside for

the Lord. We give him all the praise. It’s a huge privilege to be able

to listen and facilitate a space the Lord can use to produce so much

fruit and blessing in one event. What a mighty God we serve, the

Rock on which we stand!




2 nd Quarter 2022 • IN TOUCH 7

Special Report

Parliamentary Lobby Day 2022

By Stephen Turnham

Jacob Vince CFI UK, Wasiq Wasiq HJS and Richard P. Woolf acting chair ZF


Supporters of Christian Friends of Israel UK and the Zionist

Federation gathered in the morning of Wednesday 9 th March at

the Emmanuel Centre, Marsham Street, for a briefing session in

preparation to Lobby MPs in Parliament that afternoon, to proscribe

(ban) the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).

Although fewer in number than in the years before Covid 19,

everyone was ready and enthusiastic to bring this serious matter

to their MPs. The guest speaker was Wasiq Wasiq from the Henry

Jackson Society, an Associate Research Fellow specialising in the

monitoring of extremism, radicalisation and terrorism.

Chairing the briefing were Jacob Vince, Chief Executive of CFI UK,

and Richard P. Woolf, acting chair of the Zionist Federation of Great

Britain and Ireland. After a brief introduction, Wasiq began by

defining terrorism according to current UK law. It is defined as, “the

use of threat or faction both in and outside the United Kingdom,

designed to influence any international government, organisation

or to intimidate the public, and for the advancement of political,

religious or racial ideological causes.”

With this definition in mind, Wasiq proceeded to apply this to the

PFLP by answering key questions. Who are they? What do they

believe? and, Why does proscribing them matter today?

He briefly outlined the PFLP as the most radical branch of the

Palestinian movement, responsible for numerous atrocities since

the late 1960s and early 1970s up to the present day. They have

Questions about the PFLP and the current law were asked by supporters

been responsible mainly for hijacking. Founded in the aftermath of

the Six Day War in 1967 by Dr George Habash, the PFLP is secular

and far-left Marxist-Leninist in its ideology. Distinct from both the

Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) and Popular

Front for the Liberation of Palestine General Command (PFLP-

GC), PFLP takes an uncompromisingly hard line on Israel, refusing

recognition, and is sympathetic to Hamas.

Following the Six Day War in 1967, the Arab nationalist movement

fell into a state of crisis because the outcome confirmed that Israel

would not, and could not, be destroyed by conventional means. It

was at this point those Arab states and their international allies

understood the value of irregular forces and began to support them.

The PFLP’s state sponsors have included the USSR, China, and Syria

but more recently much of their foreign support has come from Iran.

Wasiq noted that when the UK was in the European Union the PFLP

was proscribed under European Law. Inexplicably, this seems to have

been dropped despite nations like Canada, Australia, Japan, America

and EU banning their activities for some time.


Wasiq put the point that proscribing of the PFLP is not, and

should not be seen as, an encroachment of civil liberties, but

rather a simple and direct action of strength to protect Jews.

Those that support such an organisation of hate should not

be given the oxygen to claim that preventing such support by

proscription goes against their rights or free speech. Just as

with the proscribing of Hamas and Hezbollah, this is essential

to protect Israel, Jews and all citizens against a real threat

of violence. Outlawing PFLP in the UK is strategically

advantageous for the government in their fight against

global terrorism. Proscribing as a terrorist organisation

does not necessarily mean that those supporting it will be

any less sympathetic to their cause, rather

it prevents that support from promoting

them in direct opposition to the social

contract under which we live here

in the UK.

Questions and comments

from the audience

highlighted the

need to keep

lobbying about this

until it is accomplished,

as it affects education and

is essential for the protection

of all UK and European

children and students from


8 IN TOUCH • 2 nd Quarter 2022

Proscribing the Popular Front

for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP)

Lobbying MPs at Portcullis House

Matthew Offord MP, the meeting sponsor,

was introduced by Jacob Vince thanking him

for the use of the Attlee Suite in Portcullis

House. Matthew briefly commented that

the UK will have a much closer partnership

with Israel in the years to come and that

proscribing the PFLP was a long time in

coming. He will be writing to the Home

Secretary to get this through the House as a

matter of urgency.

Ian Paisley MP was next to address the

lobbyists, who said that we must voice our

support consistently like a drip on a stone

until it dissolves. Evil can so easily come

back, as the Ukraine war has shown, and

we must learn from the lessons of the

past. The PFLP is a hate organisation,

opposed to the diversity we promote

in the UK. We have a duty to stop

this evil terror. He will ask the Home

Secretary directly because of the

antisemitism presently increasing

in UK, saying, “We must snuff

these things out early so they

don’t grow”. He concluded

by encouraging us to pray for

strength every day.

John Howell MP, announced

that he is now one of the

leaders of the Delegation of

the Council of Europe

and aims to use this new

platform for cooperative


Matthew Offord MP

Conservative (Hendon)

Ian Paisley MP

DUP (North Antrim)

John Howell MP

Conservative (Henley)

Caroline Ansell MP,

noted that Israel

continues to be a

Caroline Ansell MP

subject coming Conservative (Eastbourne)

before MPs in

Parliament and it’s essential to be clear on

who’s really responsible for the sufferings of

Palestinians. In recent years there has been

an increase of lobbying by PLO activists, even

in schools, which needs to be challenged!

There have been demonstrations as well as

PLO lobbying in Parliament, which is why this

lobbying to proscribe the PFLP is so important.

As a former teacher she said that education is

still a frontline challenge even in the UK and

teachers are still being influenced by EU policy

that pivots back to anti-Zionism.

Lord Ian Austin suggested the claim that

Israel is an apartheid state is not just

a smear but a disgrace, as Israel is the

only democratic state in the region. It

is also an insult to black South Africans

who experienced real segregation. This

accusation is both unacceptable and

untrue – none of that experience applies

to Israel which provides equal rights

for everyone. Trying to smear Israel

in this way is a barrier to the peace

process, undermining both Israelis and

Palestinians. It is important to keep

banging the drum for Israel.

Steve McCabe MP, Labour Friends

of Israel (LFI) chair, spoke of his

commitment to “continue to expose

and confront anti-Zionist antisemitism

in all its ugly forms”, adding that “the

hard left’s obsession with Israel is a

clear and consistent breach of the IHRA

definition of antisemitism and we must

say so emphatically”. He also made

clear his belief that “we must stand

with those striving for reconciliation

and collaboration between Israelis and

Palestinians”, including the International

Fund for Israeli-Palestinian Peace.

John Spellar MP, LFI vice-chair, also

addressed the group. He spoke about

the “need to reiterate and reaffirm our

intention to enable the people of the

Middle East to live prosperous lives for

themselves and enjoy security” which

was threatened by “Iran’s funding and

inspiring of terrorist activities” of which

“Israel is one of their prime targets.”

Christian Wakeford MP, LFI parliamentary

supporter, made clear his

support for Israel and the Jewish

community, as well as calling for the

proscription of both the PFLP and the

Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps.

Theresa Villiers MP, said that Israel

should be a story that inspires us.

She wholeheartedly supports the

proscribing of the PFLP and will work

towards that goal.

Lord Ian Austin

Unaffiliated Peer (Dudley)

Steve McCabe MP

Labour (Birmingham Selly Oak)

John Spellar MP

Labour (Warley)

Christian Wakeford MP

Labour (Bury South)

Theresa Villiers MP

Conservative (Chipping Barnet)

The Lobbyists left encouraged and enthused to continue Lobbying on

this vital topic.

Thanks to the dedicated group of Lobbyists who came on the day.

For more information email: advocacy@cfi.org.uk

2 nd Quarter 2022 • IN TOUCH 9

Special Report

Israel faces wave of terror

The days leading to the

Muslim month of Ramadan

have seen an outbreak of

terrorist attacks in Israel. On

Tuesday 22 nd March a Bedouin

Arab went on a stabbing spree

near a large shopping centre in

Beersheva, killing four people

and wounding two others. He

was a known supporter of ISIS

and had served a jail term in an

Israeli prison.

That attack was followed by

another on Sunday 27 th March in

which two Arab gunmen killed

two Border Police officers and

wounded several others during

a shooting attack in the town

of Hadera, central Israel. The

gunmen were supporters of ISIS

and were shot and killed by police

officers who had been dining at a

nearby restaurant. Both victims

were 19 years old, with one of

them being a member Israel’s

Druze community.

Just two days later, another

terrorist killed five Israelis in

Bnei Brak, an ultra-orthodox

community near Tel Aviv. Two

of the victims were Ukranians

who had only recently arrived

in Israel and were shot as they

sat outside a grocery store. Two

other victims were members of

the local community and the fifth

was Christian police officer Amir

Khouri from the Galilee region,

who was later hailed as a hero for

his part in confronting and killing

the terrorist.

Following that third attack, Israel’s

Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett,

acknowledged that Israel was

facing a wave of terrorism and

declared that,

“We will fight terrorism with

persistence [and] diligence…

They will not move us from

here. We will prevail.”

Unusually, the Palestinian

Authority chairman, Mahmoud

Abbas, condemned the attack. But

the local leader of his Fatah party

in Jenin said the killer was one of

their members and “had died a

heroic martyr’s death while killing

five cursed Zionists.”

Particularly disappointing for

Israel’s government was that

they had planned to take a set of

measures to ease restrictions on the

Palestinians and allow for freedom

of prayer in Jerusalem, including

people from the West Bank. Those

measures included increasing the

number of permits for Gazans to

Christian police officer Amir Khouri

work in Israel by 8,000 bringing

the total to 20,000.

In response to those three attacks,

Israeli security forces increased

their efforts significantly. On

Saturday 2 nd April they confronted

three members of Palestinian

Islamic Jihad and killed them in

a gun battle near Jenin that took

place before dawn. The three

were reported to be on their way

by car to carry out an attack and

fired on the counter-terrorism unit

that tried to arrest them. Four

Israeli troops were wounded in

the ensuing gunfight, one of them


Palestinian Islamic Jihad issued

a statement saying: “We mourn

our heroic martyrs and we assert

that our fighters will continue to

combat the enemy.”

Three days after that, Naftali

Bennett said that security forces

were “operating in a very

aggressive manner” and claimed

that they had foiled more than 15

serious attacks that were planned

by terrorists in the West Bank and

the rest of Israel.

He said more than 200 suspects

had been arrested and more

than 400 individuals had been

identified as having connections

to ISIS or other “extreme jihadist


But in the evening just two days

later, Thursday 7 th April, a terrorist

opened fire at pedestrians and

patrons of the Ilka Bar in central

Tel Aviv and then managed to flee

the scene. He killed two people

in their twenties and wounded

another 15, four of them seriously

– one of whom later died from

his wounds. The terrorist was

found and killed in a gunfight

in Jaffa early on the Friday

morning following a massive

overnight manhunt. The Al-Aqsa

Martyrs Brigades (part of Fatah)

accepted responsibility for the

attack, despite Mahmoud Abbas

condemning it.

Israel’s Foreign Minister, Yair

Lapid, said that “murderous

terror struck in the heart of Tel

Aviv. Young Israelis who never

wronged anyone were murdered

simply because they’re Israelis.

This terror is the poisonous

outcome of ongoing incitement by

terrorist organisations driven by an

ideology of hate.”

Naftali Bennett held a situation

assessment with heads of the

security forces and ordered the

closure of the Gilboa crossing until

further notice in order to restrict

movement into and out of Jenin –

the terrorist’s hometown.

The Gilboa crossing

10 IN TOUCH • 2 nd Quarter 2022


Life Giving Water

Watergen is the pioneering Israeli company that has

become the global leader in the atmospheric drinking

water devices (AWG) market, machines that create

drinking water from the air.

As populations around the world increasingly struggle to access

clean, natural water, Watergen have come up with a gamechanging

solution that uses humidity in the air to create clean

and fresh drinking water. Since 2009, Watergen has built a leading

team of multidisciplinary experts with decades of experience, to

combat the world’s water crisis.

Our innovative technology taps into the atmosphere – an

unlimited, freely-available resource – to provide drinking water

to people everywhere, from the most remote rural village

communities to commercial office buildings and private homes.

Our vision is to provide access for every man,

woman and child around the world to fresh,

clean and safe drinking water.

Cutting-edge technology

Watergen’s globally patented “GENius” water extractor is the first

heat exchanger ever to be composed by food-grade polymers in

order to produce the best drinking water from air.

Environmentally sustainable

Watergen create a new and unlimited water source from the air

around us. Our devices reduce single use of plastic bottles, as well

as eliminating the need for infrastructure and transportation usage

thus reducing carbon footprint.

Efficiency and production

Watergen’s products produce up to 5 litres of water using 1kWh.

The company’s technology also facilitates significant water

production in climates with humidity as low as 20 percent. These

two facts enable Watergen to deploy and scale our solutions

sustainably and efficiently around the world.

Drinking water quality

Our water quality division has developed a state-of-the-art water

treatment system, including UV and mineralisation filters. All

Watergen’s products comply with EPA, NSF61 and the Federal

Drinking Water Standards, and the American standards ASSE LEC.

Global Presence and Support

Watergen is present in five continents. Our 24/7 technical support

team provides close after-sale support to ensure customer


Scalable solution

Watergen’s technology provides a scalable drinking water solution

for a wide range of market segments, various applications and is

designed for small and large daily water volumes. It can be used

anywhere, including for automotive and smart mobility segments.

We provide the most effective solutions for water scarcity. Our

technology can significantly reduce the depletion of natural

resources, and the emissions associated with moving water from

place to place.

Our solutions are the most effective and economical way to solve

the pressing issue of water scarcity in any location and at any

time. Our technology can dramatically reduce the depletion of

our natural resources, the use of plastic containers, and the carbon

intensive methods of moving water from place to place.

We bring fresh drinking water to scarce communities worldwide.

Schematic of GENius heat-exchange technology

Gaza – Installed in hospitals and clinics, in order to save lives. Photo: Kan News

Colombia – Installed two devices in school located in drought-stricken area

South Africa – Our technology was installed on a trailer, providing fresh water

to under-resourced communities in Nelson Mandela Bay in the East Cape, a

fruitful co-oporation between Watergen, Ford and World Vision.

2 nd Quarter 2022 • IN TOUCH 11

Resources www.cfi.org.uk/shop.php

For resources call: 01323 410 810

Postal savings on multiple items

ABRAHAM AND HIS SEED – by William Henry, Michael Penny and Sylvia Penny

This book traces the Lord’s dealings with Abraham and his seed throughout the Bible and considers whether God

is still dealing with the seed of Abraham today.

How were the promises to be implemented as the seed of Abraham grew into a nation - a nation that largely

failed to follow the Lord faithfully as their father Abraham had done? What does the rest of the Old Testament

have to say about the seed of Abraham? Was there any change in the New Testament? Where do those who are

not the physical seed of Abraham (i.e. Gentiles) fit into all this?

B529 // 148 pages // £9.00 (incl. UK p&p)

A PRINCIPLE AND A PROMISE – by Sharon Sanders (COMING SOON pre-order only)

God’s promises to Abram echo down through the corridors of time as we study Genesis 12:2-3. Anyone, believer

or non-believer, rich or poor, who blesses the Jewish people through kindness and mercy, will please God. The

scriptural principle will never change. As the Church worldwide, we need to see the importance of how we touch

the apple of God’s eye. Let us forfeit no more blessings by ignoring God’s promise to bless. If the offshoot of

biblical Judaism (Christianity), which was grafted into the cultivated olive tree (Israel), would begin to allow itself

to strengthen its connection to its roots, spiritual blessings will come to churches across the world. We do not

have to become Jewish to love the Jewish people but only love what God loves. They simply need to be a blessing.

B528 // 254 pages // £12.00 (incl. UK p&p)




Christian Friends of Israel UK invite you to save the date...

Annual Conference 2022

Venue: Suncoast Church, Eastbourne BN22 8TR

Friday 2 nd – Saturday 3 rd September

Relationship of Israel with the Church

Jared Compton

Jared serves as assistant professor of Greek and New Testament

Theology at Bethlehem College & Seminary, Minneapolis,

Minnesota, USA. He loves thinking and talking about how the

Bible fits together and how we fit into the Bible’s big story.

Chris Sinkinson

Chris tutors and lectures at Moorlands College, Bournemouth

and regularly leads student tours to Israel. He writes a monthly

column for Evangelicals Now and has authored a number of

books and a DVD on biblical archaeology.

Resource stall

Includes CFI UK’s resources stall, exhibition display plus free literature

Main themes

Friday pm

Israel’s Past Compton

Paul’s interpretation (Romans 9:1-23)


Israel’s Present Compton

Jesus and Israel (Romans 9:24-11:10)

Israel’s Archeology Sinkinson

Bible’s historical accuracy

Israel’s Future Compton

Israel’s final destiny (Romans 11:11-36)


Contact: CFI Communications, PO Box 2687, Eastbourne, BN22 7LZ

Tel: 01323 410810 Email: info@cfi.org.uk YouTube: www.youtube.com/CFIUK Web: www.cfi.org.uk




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