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to the May/June edition of Aroundtown Magazine.

Dear Reader

As we spring into summer, it’s

great to be sharing events and

happenings across our towns,

something we have all missed. From

music events to food festivals, this

edition is packed with things to do with

your family, not forgetting some new

places to eat and drink.


To commemorate the Queen’s Platinum

Jubilee, we look back at the historic royal

visits to our region and feature where you can

go to join in the celebrations to mark this

milestone occasion.

Talking of nostalgia, we hope you enjoy our

trip down memory lane with a look back at

Eldon Street in Barnsley. Thanks to £4million

in funding, the buildings on Barnsley’s main

gateway are being brought back to life and their

stories uncovered.

From the past to the future, young people

in Rotherham have been given a golden

opportunity to be part of the borough’s journey

to become the world’s first Children’s Capital of

Culture in 2025. Over 50 Young Producers have

been busy working on a series of cultural events

taking place this summer.

A big concern for us all at the moment is

the rising costs of living but Rotherham charity

RotherFed share some tips on how to make your

money go further.

As ever we are big patrons for shopping local

and spending money in our towns. Together we

can make a difference by choosing to support

local independent businesses.





Happy reading!

Cheryl and Amber x

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04 Tala Lee-Turton

Fashion, Health & Beauty

07 You and Your Health: How can your



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14 Take your summer styling sky-high

Home & Garden

50 Escape to the cottage

64 Coming up roses

Food & Entertainment

74 Recipe Time!

75 Wine myth busting


20 Jubilee Celebrations in Rotherham

22 Children’s Capital of Culture

26 Restoring the character of Eldon Street

28 A summer of festivities at

Barnsley town centre

32 A royal welcome at Elsecar

48 Make your money go further

with RotherFed


24 Kick off the Women’s EUROs

in Clifton Park

70 Remembering the Robledo brothers 3



Tala Lee -Turton

There’s an admirable

fearlessness about

Tala Lee-Turton.

Her whole life has been spent

meticulously moving her body

beyond its limits as a classically

trained dancer. But now she’s

pushing the boundaries of ballet,

exercising her creativity to produce

performances that defy the

customary conventions and boxed

in views of the past.

Ten years ago, aged just 16, Tala

left her home in Barnsley to study

at the prestigious Bolshoi Ballet

Academy in Moscow. Following

four intense years of rigorous

training, she became only the third

British female to graduate from the

Bolshoi in its then 245-year history.

Few have the dedication and

drive to make it to the top of

such an incredibly competitive

profession. But Tala fervently leapt

into professional contracts with

the English National Ballet and

Astrakhan State Theatre of Opera

and Ballet, dancing in the classics

such as Swan Lake, Giselle, and

The Nutcracker.

Then the Covid lockdown hit in

2020 which broke the cycle that

Tala had found herself stuck in. This


hiatus from performing enabled

Tala to see life through different

eyes, encouraging her to grand

jeté towards more meaningful

opportunities by launching her own

production company to create short

films and ballets set within South


“Life moved really quickly from

school to training to professional

contract, and only now have I

had the chance to take stock and

evaluate. I’ve got more clarity as a

dancer, something which I never

got from training, and this is the

first time I’m making things for me,”

Tala says.

Tala has been dancing since she

was four years old, when her mum

Sara enrolled her on the books

at Cudworth’s Fearons Middleton

School of Dance to make new

friends. Ballet was prioritised and,

having done well in her exams, Tala

was pushed to progress through

to associate programmes. Aged

11, she won a government-funded

scholarship at a performing arts

boarding school where she was

told by a tutor she’d never make it

as a classical dancer.

“Dance is very much a lifestyle,

and children and their parents get

thrust onto that crazy rollercoaster.

My family had no previous dance


Tala was commissioned to create a

dance film called Chinese Laundry based

on her paternal family history. The plot

follows a Chinese immigrant trying to fit

in with life in South Yorkshire

experience; we didn’t know what

to expect. In the big eco-system

of dance there’s a lot at play and

many aspects to consider, such

as psychology and sociology. I

hope eventually there will be some

proper research into these barriers

that people don’t realise exist.”

Nobody in her family dreamed

that Tala’s career would unfold the

way it has, but for her she says

it was always going to be about

dance. But having given so much

of herself over the last ten years,

she’s now throwing out the rule

book and advocating her own

vision for the future of ballet.

“With ballet, the training is more

like that of an athlete; it doesn’t

teach you how to be creative or

an individual. You’re taught to be

identical to the girl in front which

can create a homogenous mass.

If even one finger is out of place

the line is incorrect. It’s a fantastic

skill and very valuable, but there

should be time set aside to develop

autonomy and individuality which

would serve classical dancers well

in the end.”

Change is embedded within

performing arts; it’s not fixed like a

portrait or sculpture. But ballet has

seen a slow pace of change, still

entrenched in outdated sensibilities

and decision making dominated by

the white male gaze.

Tala’s projects aim to break

down elitist connotations and

make ballet relevant to modern


“I have a real drive to create

content in South Yorkshire. Our

region often gets a bad rap from

people with warped perceptions,

but we have such a culturally rich

society full of multi-faceted people.

My grandad was a lorry driver

who loved opera. It’s all about

the audience and I’m not here to

dictate how someone should enjoy

and interpret a classical art like

ballet as that only serves to widen

the gap.”

Her past and present

productions touch on pressing

issues close to her heart, such

as female empowerment. Tala

has been keen to champion the

work of like-minded women on

similar paths in their careers, such

as composer Grace Stubbings,

director Patricia Zhou, and

choreographers Zhongjing Fan and

Krystal Lowe.

“I’m lucky to have strong female

role models in my life and I admire

the grit they’ve all shown. My mum

Sara raised me as a single parent

and fundraised to send me to

the Bolshoi, all whilst running a

successful business.”

As part of WE Wonder Noir at

Wentworth Woodhouse earlier this

year, Tala was commissioned to

create a dance film called Chinese

Laundry based on her paternal

family history. The plot follows a

Chinese immigrant trying to fit in

with life in South Yorkshire and flits

between a laundrette and the Peak


“I’ve wanted to explore my

heritage for a while now. My

grandparents came over to the

UK from China in the 1960s and

opened a Chinese takeaway. Then

when my dad Tom was a similar

age to what I am now, he opened

a dry cleaning business. We shot

the film in one day in Dad’s dry

cleaners and in the Peaks.”

In August, Tala will bring ballet

back to Wentworth Woodhouse

110 years after prima ballerina

Anna Pavlova was reported to have

performed for King George V there

in 1912 with a four-date showing

of her current production, No Time

Like the Present.

This one-act ballet challenges

traditional conventions such as

setting, costume and music. All

the dancers are young women,

comprising varied dance

backgrounds, heritage and

experience. Tutus and pointe shoes

are replaced with unconventional

textures and flashes of neon,

while the musical score swaps

an orchestra for synthesizer. The

performance will be given outdoors,

removing the walls of a theatre

which can feel intimidating to some.

“I chose Wentworth Woodhouse

as the venue due to its rich cultural

landscape. I feel it’s representative

of a South Yorkshire community -

my grandma walks there regularly.

We spent weeks there last summer

doing research and development

in the gardens, where visitors had

the chance to see us rehearse. The

part of the gardens we’ve chosen

has a slight incline, so it’s a natural

amphitheatre and will mean the

audience will feel like they’re having

a picnic semi-immersed in the


Following this, Tala will start

research and development into

another new production called

Here Lies based on the unrecorded

graves of women at Sheffield

General Cemetery, symbolising the

social constructs that bury women

in life and death. Here Lies will be

a duet between Tala and cellist,

Roxanna Albayati.

Alongside producing and

training, Tala is back in education,

studying an art management

degree at Goldsmiths, University

of London. This has proved

invaluable for Tala, with networking

opportunities opening doors to

funding and grants opportunities

which will enable her to further

develop her productions to take

them to different venues or create

triple bills.

Life changing events often lead

to us turning to art and culture to

tell us about ourselves. Had it not

been for the pandemic flipping her

world on its head, perhaps Tala

wouldn’t have been afforded the

opportunity to elevate her work

beyond the remits of what had

been ingrained in her from a child.

“My days are tougher now as I

lead on operational and creative

decisions as well as performing.

I’ve also done a lot of bid writing as

my work is all funding dependent.

But as I also still dance in my own

productions and as a freelancer,

I still train to maintain a high

technical standard and develop

my craft physically, stylistically and

artistically. So, training is just as

intense as it always has been, with

ballet and contemporary technique

classes, cycling, yoga, crosstraining

as well as rehearsals.”

No Time Like the Present

No Time Like the Present is on at Wentworth Woodhouse

across the last two weekends in August, from Friday 19th to

Sunday 28th. It will also be on at Sheffield Botanical Gardens

on 24th and 25th August.

Tickets available from May at 5




With Good Measure Pharmacy

How can your local pharmacy help you?

Community pharmacies are a common fixture of

high streets, neighbourhood centres and even

supermarkets, with each playing a vital part in

helping people live longer and healthier lives.

Nationally, we make around

1.6million visits to over 11,000

pharmacies every day. In fact, most

people see their pharmacist more

than any of the other three pillars

of primary care – GPs, dentists and


But the role of a community

pharmacy goes far beyond

just dispensing prescriptions

or supplying over-the-counter

medicines. Pharmacies make a

substantial contribution to the

overall healthcare landscape,

even more so since the start of

the pandemic when other areas of

We have also

continued to

develop our skills

to provide more

clinical services

and support with

minor health

concerns such as

tummy troubles,

common viruses,

or general aches

and pains.

primary care may have been harder

to access.

Pharmacies offer a wide range

of healthcare services, from

vaccinations to health checks and

help with healthy living. The advice

they provide, combined with their

accessible nature, acts as a buffer

for the NHS, reducing pressure on

other healthcare providers.

Many pharmacies are open late

and at weekends, and you don’t

need an appointment to speak

to a pharmacist. Community

pharmacies across England deliver

58 million informal, appointmentfree

consultations per year, saving

the NHS some 24 million GP


Pharmacists have a unique

expertise and knowledge in the safe

use of medicines and are on-hand

to advise about how patients can

get the most out of their medication.

But we have also continued to

develop our skills to provide more

clinical services and support with

minor health concerns such as

tummy troubles, common viruses,

or general aches and pains.

We have so much to offer

patients, but many people don’t

realise the full extent of our services.

So, how can

your pharmacy

help you?

New Medicine

Service (NMS)

If you have a long-term condition

such as asthma, COPD, type 2

diabetes or high blood pressure,

pharmacists are able to provide

support with any medicines you

have been prescribed to help

improve medicines adherence.

This has recently been expanded

to now include conditions such as

high cholesterol, Parkinson’s

disease, epilepsy, gout and

osteoporosis. Free consultations are

available with your local pharmacist

to get the most from newly

prescribed medicines.

NHS Community



Service (CPCS)

Launched in 2019, the CPCS

connects patients with pharmacies

for emergency supplies of

medicines or for advice on minor

conditions following NHS 111 or

GP referral. Should the patient need

to be escalated or referred to an

alternative service, the pharmacist

can arrange this.



Pharmacists administer a range

of vaccines including the NHS flu

vaccination to eligible adult patient

groups, Covid-19 vaccines and

boosters, and travel vaccinations

for private patients. Some larger

pharmacy groups also offer

vaccines for HPV and pneumonia.

Healthy Living

As part of their essential services,

all pharmacies should offer advice

about healthy living. This may vary

at each pharmacy but often includes

help with weight management,

stopping smoking, or blood

pressure, cholesterol and blood

sugar checks. Some pharmacies

also provide sexual health services

such as emergency contraception

and STI screening.

Above all, community pharmacies

are adaptable and will continue

to strive to further improve patient

outcomes in the communities we


Andrew Watson

If you have any specific health

concerns, please feel free to

contact me at Good Measure

or email me at



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the sun is shining

Sun specs


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Treat your feet and

spring into summer

We offer treatments to cure, care for and prevent

a range of foot conditions. Whether it be

fungal nail infection, corns or cracked heels

Try the Prende Warm Wax Therapy

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eczema, chilblains or stiff joints

Expert nail treatments:

• Lacuna method fungal nail

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• Bespoke pharmaceutical

service to manage your repeat


• No more trips to the surgery,

no more running out of tablets,

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NHS and private prescriptions

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• All our drivers are trained

pharmacy staff so can offer help

and advice on any medication

concerns or questions you

may have

• Covering the Rotherham

area daily

• We also offer a mail order service

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NEW premises 2a Morthen Road, Wickersley, Rotherham S66 1EU

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O ering trigger pointing, myofascial

release and electro therapies

15% off any dry cupping

treatments until the end of June


for hay fever and

seasonal allergies

O ering general podiatry as

well as specialist treatments

If you have

hay fever, you enjoy the best

of summer.

you’re more

than likely Symptom Increases relief can the be blood aided flow by providing an


to grass pollen oral antihistamine, a therapeutic nasal healing spray eand

ect to

eye drops. sore Some and aching people joints. swear Particularly by

which is in season

natural beneficial local honey for for those desensitising su ering from

between May and July as

arthritis and rheumatic pain

the body against pollen.

the weather gets warmer

Help reduce or prevent pain with a A good strategy

and the pollen count

that many

device that fits inside your shoepeople find is

stopping pollen


getting Also into oyour ering body treatments to prevent to enhance

the allergic any sports reaction. or deep Wraparound tissue including

Symptoms Fungal can infections, last for months ingrown nails

sunglasses trigger help pointing, prevent myofascial pollen release

and include sneezing and psoriasis and toenails

coughing; a runny or blocked nose;

itchy, red or watery eyes; and itchy

throat, mouth, nose and ears. Other

symptoms might be headache, pain

around the temples, or feeling tired.

There’s no cure for hay fever and

you cannot prevent it, but there are

ways you can ease any symptoms

you may be suffering from to help

particles coming and in electro contact therapies with

your eyes, while an allergen barrier

balm or plain old Vaseline around

the nostrils will trap pollen.

If you have long hair, you may

find it beneficial to tie it up to

prevent any pollen particles caught

in your locks from wafting against

your face. A hat, cap or other head

covering can also help.

Helping you live a happier, healthier life with hypnosis

Fully qualified and experienced hypnotherapist

Do you feel like you

are not in control of your life?

Hypnotherapy can help solve various concerns and issues:

• Anxiety and panic

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Free Consultation

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At home, close windows and

doors to prevent pollen blowing

in. Vacuum the house regularly,

especially beds and fabrics, to

remove pollen particles. When

dusting, use a damp cloth to prevent

particles going back into the air. If

you own a pet, keep them wellgroomed

and shampooed as much

as you can to remove pet allergens

and pollen particles caught on the

fur from walks. Drying your clothes

outside will of course leave them

open to pollen particles.

If you have been out walking,

you may find it helps to shower

and change your clothes when you

return home to remove any pollen

particles trapped on your skin,

clothes and hair.

If you really struggle with

symptoms, consider using an air

purifier with a HEPA (High Efficiency

Particle Arresting) filter to capture the

pollen and dust particles, cool and

circulate the air.

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choice and individuality

Do you spend £350+ on glasses?

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a little

me time

New treatment

hopi ear candles

This holistic therapy can help to reduce sinus pressure, improve

sense of smell, headaches and much more

FROM £25



Back of body massage plus

30min Dermalogica skin treatment

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Enhance your eyes

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We spend time with all our customers

Design and styling consultations

Expert advice from our experienced and qualified staff


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Thoroughly modern


with Chris Moody of Moodyhair

A jubilee year is a great

opportunity to look back and

celebrate everything that’s been

achieved so far, and fashion

is no exception.

In the world of hair we find ourselves revisiting

and celebrating looks and styles we enjoyed

in years gone by and adding to them a very

modern twist.

Two of the biggest trends that appeared in

2021 and are still going strong this year are the

old ‘70s favourites, The Mullet and The Shag. Both

styles have been given 21st century makeovers

to make them softer and more stylish than their

50-year-old ancestors.

The modern-day Mullet is a far cry from the

footballers’ favourite of yesteryear. It’s a much

gentler and feminised shape, still combining those

familiar trademarks of shorter around the face and

longer lengths through the back. If cut with razors,

it can be very wispy and soft, or more structured

and textured if cut with scissors.

The key here, as always, is suitability. The

Mullet shape is very rectangular, creating narrow

sides and emphasising a longer shape. If your

face shape is very narrow, longer or squarer, this

may not be the best option for you. But if you

have a wider or circular face shape and want to

create a narrower look then this will work very well.

Depending on your hair type it can be very easy

to maintain, with a lot of work going into the hair

cut shape so all it needs is a quick dry and some

texture products to enhance the look.

A more universal and all-round mellower option

is the longer, more layered haircut of The Shag.

You may also have seen or read the term ‘Wolf

Cut’ which is basically a slightly fuller, more layered

version. This type of shape will suit almost any hair

type, texture and face shape, with lots of length

and layer variations. Hair is still shorter around

the face but with a gentler transition into the back

length, with lots of layering to make the hair soft

and textured.

If you have finer hair texture, just be careful

about the layering process. Although it can create

texture and softness, and allow for a very full blowdry,

layering does make hair thinner; too much can

leave the perimeter of your hair wispy and weak

as short layers usually need a short perimeter.

Equally, if you want to keep more length, you’ll

probably need longer layers. If you have thick,

heavy hair you can afford to go strong here with

lots of layering and texture.

As always be sure to ask you stylist about

adding a little extra time for a consultation. Let

them guide and advise you on suitability and after

care before you take the plunge.

It’s time for all of us to celebrate so why not do

it with new hair. Who knows, you may be wearing

tomorrow’s future classic haircut.

Your hair is your

crowning glory

Get the royal treatment with high quality

cutting, finishing and creative colour

Save on

your style

For lots of special

money saving

offers, follow

our salon

Facebook page


24Hr online booking now available at

Moodyhair, Garden Street, Darfield, Barnsley

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star treatment


facial toning


We’ve got the secret

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looking skin

Non-surgical facelift loved

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Our signature CACI facial that combines microcurrent

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microdermabrasion to cleanse and resurface skin

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No need for surgery or injectables


• GENTLEMAN’S FACIAL – tailored to men’s skincare

concerns including razor bumps and ingrown hairs

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• SKIN CALM – soothes, repairs and rehydrates acne

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• SKIN CONFIDENCE – softens appearance of stretch

marks and scarring


One machine, endless opportunities

• EYE REVIVE – lifts hooded eyes, reduces puffiness and dark circles

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• WRINKLE REVOLUTION – targets deep lines

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Specialising in advanced skincare treatments for men and women

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Tailored treatments

you can trust

While ageing is inevitable, there are tricks and treatments to help

you look timeless and feel confident in your skin. But if you’re

considering a non-surgical cosmetic treatment, don’t just put your

face in the hands of anyone.

At FACE Medical Aesthetics in Brinsworth,

upholding medical ethics and patient safety is

paramount to their practice. The clinic opened

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five years.

One new treatment

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combines the benefits of

micro-needling and radio

frequency for natural skin


Danielle is constantly refreshing her technique

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She is one of 24 advanced practitioners who has

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Ayad Harbs’ Aesthetics Intelligence® intensive

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Many people are opting to try dermal fillers

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appearance. Full face rejuvenation continues to

be a popular treatment at FACE Medical, where

filler is administered using an advanced multilayering

technique to replace lost facial volume.

They are also seeing many more new clients

for corrective work to fix complications of previous

injectables arising from improper technique,

lack of medical training, or unawareness of the

anatomy of the face. Even when undertaken by

medically trained nurses or doctors, there will

always be an element of risk, but FACE Medical

are able to timely manage complications or

concerns to prevent harm or lasting damage.

One new treatment is Morpheus 8 which

combines the benefits of micro-needling and

radio frequency for natural skin remodelling

deep under the skin’s surface. FACE Medical

have brought this pioneering treatment loved by

celebrities to Rotherham and are looking forward

to helping clients see a visible difference in their

loose and sagging skin.

And if you’re looking to get set and glow this

summer, how about trying the 3D HydrO2 facial

for the ultimate skincare treat. If your skin is in

need of a deep cleanse, the hydrofacial uses

seven technologies to draw out impurities, wake

up dull skin, and give an intense hydration boost

to leave you glowing all summer long.


with undetectable anti-ageing treatments

Full face rejuvenation using dermal fillers and line

relaxers expertly applied

Profhilo injectable pure hyaluronic acid to improve

hydration, firmness, tone and texture on face and body





• Combines radio frequency and

micro-needling for unrivalled


• Lifts and contours skin deep

from within

• Can be used to tighten skin on

the lower face, neck, under eyes,

knees, tummy

• Results seen by Judy Murray,

Amanda Holden and

Kim Kardashian


with medical grade skincare

3D HydrO2 Facial for the ultimate 5* facial

Perfecting and prescribed medical peels

Dermaplaning and dermapen


Cryotherapy to remove or reduce skin blemishes

Laser thread vein reduction

Laser hair removal for men and women



01709 234 122

Open Monday & Friday 10am-3pm,

Wednesday & Thursday 10am-7pm 13


Take your

summer styling


This summer, be inspired by the

colours of the sky on a serene,

bright sunny afternoon with

the help of our favourite South

Yorkshire fashion boutiques.

The Accessories

Shop, Todwick

Pink Boutique,


Whether you’ve got a holiday planned, have

been invited to a summer wedding, or just want to

give your wardrobe a lift, blissful hues will leave you

feeling anything but blue.

Mother of the bride & groom,

guest and special occasion

outfits in sizes 10-34

Every lady is special to us,

so booking an appointment

is essential to help us give you

the service you deserve

All our 2022 collections

are now in store


Open Monday to Saturday 10:00am-4:00pm

228 Sheffield Road, Birdwell, Barnsley S70 5TF (less than a mile from jct 36 M1)

Tel: 01226 743063

Read our fabulous reviews

Pink Boutique Birdwell

Sandra Wenham




with something

to suit everyone

Sizes 8 to plus size

See our new


Also home to

The Accessories Shop

Casual footwear,

leather bags, purses,

scarves and

beautiful jewellery

Greenscene Garden Centre, Side Farm,

Sheffield Road, Todwick, Sheffield S26 IDJ

Open Monday-Sunday 10am-4pm

07401 080 695 theclothesshoptodwick



The Clothes Shop,


Treat yourself to some

new Clobber

If you’re looking

to update your

wardrobe with the

latest looks this

summer, Clobber

Boutique is the

place to start.

Carol Ann, Wickersley

Based in

Brinsworth, Clobber

Boutique showcases

a range of affordable

fashion for women of

all ages, shapes and

sizes. With lots of free size styles,

fitting sizes 6 to 20, find flattering

outfits for work, socialising, holidays

or just casual day-to-day wear.

Owner Kelly prides herself on

having something for everyone

and hand picks each item for her

boutique. She started the business

selling through social media and

having built up a large following,

decided to open a boutique to

give ladies somewhere to enjoy

shopping in a fun and friendly

atmosphere with a glass of fizz

while you browse the rails.

Get your hands on style staples

and unique fashion finds that will

empower you to express yourself

through fashion. The light and airy

boutique, set within the large attic

space of a busy beauty salon,

is adorned with quality colourful

clothing to brighten up your summer


Whether you’re looking for versatile

dresses, an on-trend jumpsuit, or

jeans and a nice top, Kelly can offer

advice on how to dress for your

shape and size.




Cool clothing

to heat up

your summer


Dresses, blazers,

shirts, jumpsuits

and much more….

There’s something

for all ages

and affordable too

Carol Ann

127a Bawtry Road, Wickersley, S66 2BW

(Opposite The Tanyard)

Tel. 01709 533033

Open: Monday to Saturday 9.30am to 5.00pm

Friendly and relaxed environment

Open Tuesday 1-5pm, Friday 10am-5pm and Sat 10am-4pm

Located on the second floor within Twisted Tanning

(Please note access is via stairs)

381b Brinsworth Road, Brinsworth, Rotherham S60 5EF 15



Let New Image help you find your Special Occasion Outfit

Elegant Mother of the Bride, Groom and special guests

Possibly the largest section in South Yorkshire

New Collections in sizes 8-24

• Matching hats, fascinators, shoes and bags • Bespoke headpieces by Milliner Darcie Mae

Let us help you find the perfect outfit for your special day

Book your one-to-one appointment

Perfect for a wedding

home or away

An infusion of

beautiful colour

and so light to pack

277 Middlewood Road, Hillsborough, Sheffield S6 1TG (Leppings Lane Tram Stop)

OPEN: Monday – Friday 10am-5pm | Late Night Tuesday till 7pm Saturday 10am-5.30pm | Car park at rear of store

Telephone 0114 2344880 Email

Efforely versatile pieces

to accessorise your look this summer


18 High Street, Mexborough S64 9AS

Tel: 01709 242 011


2 Peel Street, Barnsley S70 2QX

Tel: 01226 284 458

Barnsley • Mexborough • Sheffield • Crossgates • Harrogate • Halifax • Selby • Rochdale • Leeds


Make your mark

at Rotherham Markets

Whether you’re a hobby crafter with items to sell

or have a penchant for buying unique, handmade

gifts, why not visit Rotherham Market’s monthly

Yorkshire crafters and makers market.

You’ll find a whole host of items

that have been sewn, crafted,

grown or baked by individuals and

small businesses from across the

region. All lovingly handmade in

The stalls along

Effingham Street

are always bursting

with one-of-a-kind


Yorkshire, peruse everything from

hand-knitted babywear to doggy

bandanas, decoupaged art to

diamond paintings. The stalls along

Effingham Street are always bursting

with one-of-a-kind items including

personalised cards, sweet hampers

and faux flower arrangements. Make

sure you take home some of the

delicious cakes too.

If you’re an avid crafter or have

started a business making your

own products, then you may be

looking for places to sell them.

The monthly Yorkshire Crafters and

Makers Market is the perfect place

to start as stalls are just £7 per

pitch which includes a table and

gazebo for the day.

Crafters are also being called

upon to help with the Market’s

upcoming jubilee celebrations.

Before the street party in the

outdoor covered market at the

end of May, organisers are



The second Saturday of every month

Saturday 14th May, 11th June and 9th July

10am to 3pm

A host of handmade and unique gifts and goodies


Effingham Street, Rotherham Town Centre



Stalls only £7

includes market

gazebo and table

Contact the market office

01709 365021

Rotherham Markets

Rotherham Town Centre









Monday – General Market

Tuesday and Wednesday –

Second-hand Goods

Indoor Market Hall open

Monday to Saturday, 8.30am to 5pm





Thursday – Rotherham Bazaar

Friday and Saturday –

General Market

looking for volunteers to help

make royal bunting or even

donate magazine clippings of

the monarchy.

Due to the bank holiday,

Rotherham Market’s diamond

jubilee celebrations will be held

the weekend before on Saturday

28th May. Come along and

join the party which has been

organised by stall holders and the

markets team.

Rotherham Markets

Rotherham Town Centre


Let’s get the party started early

on the outdoor covered market

Saturday 28th May from 10am to 4pm

Bring your family to celebrate at our free event

• Street party with complimentary food and drink

• Live entertainment and disco

• Traditional games for the kids

• A visit from the Mayor of Rotherham

Mayor’s charity raffle with lots of prizes

• Local charity stalls

Can you

lend a hand to

make Royal


We would really appreciate your help

to make bunting for our party. Plus if

you have any photo cuttings of the

royal family from old magazines or

newspapers, please drop them off at

Ann’s Candy on the balcony level of

the indoor market or at the markets

office by Wednesday 18th May.

Rotherham Markets

Rotherham Town Centre

rothtowncentre 19




in Rotherham

To mark the historic milestone of Her Majesty the

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, join in the celebrations

in Rotherham with an array of entertainment

both in the town centre and Clifton Park over the

Jubilee weekend.

Share your memories of past

Jubilee celebrations and royal

visits at the open-air photography

exhibition which will be in All Saints’

Square from Thursday 2nd until

Saturday 4th June. There will also be

pop-up and walkabout performances

from local choirs and groups, artists,

and street performers.

In preparation for the event,

Rotherham Archives and Local

Studies Service is collecting stories

and memories of how different

communities from across Rotherham

borough have celebrated past royal

visits and jubilee occasions. These

will be compiled and kept for years

to come, with a selection of people

and their stories also being featured

in the exhibition.

Perhaps you remember watching

the coronation on television in 1953?

Did you organise a street party

to celebrate William and Kate’s

wedding in 2011? Have you met

the Queen or another member

of the Royal Family? Or maybe

you have objects, memorabilia,

or photographs from the Golden

Jubilee? This is your chance to share

your story.

Whether you have memories

or not, make new ones at the Big

Jubilee Lunch in Clifton Park on

Sunday 5th June. Encouraging

communities to celebrate their

connections and get to know each

other a little bit better, come together

in a spirit of fun and friendship.

Bring your own picnic or purchase

something tasty from the food

outlets on-site. Visitors will also be

able to enjoy some wonderful family

performances and entertainment

throughout the day, all in the beautiful

surroundings of Rotherham’s

premier park.

For up-to-date details about

these events, please follow


on Facebook or Twitter.

If you wish to contribute your

memories to the special

open-air photography project,

please get in touch with

archivist, Clare Sexton via email

.uk or call 01709 336632.


Tea Room

Fully licensed tea rooms each with

their own individual style

We don’t serve fast food, we serve fresh food

as fast as we can with waitress service

Separate Dog House

Whatever the weather you can be together

Farm Shop

& Deli

A relaxed shopping experience with only

the freshest and finest produce

Toppings award winning pies and pasties

Artisan bread baked in-house

Gluten free and vegan products available

• Breakfast • Light Lunches

• Seasonal mains and specials • Cakes and scones

• Afternoon Tea Bookings (24hrs in advance)

Why not treat yourself over the Jubilee Bank Holiday

Outdoor Seating

Relax in our decked area terrace with table service

We also have a

Secret Garden


Hampers made to order

Perfect for Father’s Day

Three size hampers tailored to your requirements

Choose from bottles

of beer, wine, spirts or

make up a food

hamper with

everything from pork

pies to cheeses,

gourmet biscuits and

luxury cakes

Raise a glass to the Queen on us

Extended Openings

Saturday 6pm-9.30pm

Sunday 12-9.30pm

(last orders 8.30pm)

With sharing platters available

Perfect to enjoy Alfresco

No need to book

We now have a bottled bar or

why not enjoy a gin and tonic,

wine or glass of prosecco



With every bottle

of Tarquin’s gin


Only while

stocks last

Antiques Emporium

• Antiques and bric-a-brac • Solid wood furniture

• Homewares and accessories • Gift ideas

• Father’s Day cards • Petware and food



FARM SHOP / DELI 01709 854440 TEAROOMS 01709 850698

Visit us on



Rotherham as the world’s first

Children’s Capital Of Culture

This summer, see Rotherham

through the eyes, ears and

actions of its young people with

a host of family-friendly events

planned as part of the borough’s

journey to become the world’s

first Children’s Capital of Culture

in 2025.

The journey to 2025 starts now, with a host of

opportunities, events, and activities for children

and young people in Rotherham aged 0 – 25.

This includes the Young Producers programme,

which has given 16-to-25 year olds a golden

opportunity to develop their skills, knowledge,

and experience while working part-time to help

Rotherham become the world’s first Children’s

Capital of Culture.

In a bid to retain talent and create a place

young people can thrive, over 50 Young

Producers traineeships were created at some

of the town’s leading leisure and tourism sites:

Wentworth Woodhouse, Gulliver’s Valley Resort,

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

(RMBC), Grimm & Co, Magna, Rotherham Open

Arts Renaissance (ROAR), Rotherham United

Community Sports Trust (RUCST), The Source

Academy, and Affinity CIC.

Hundreds of young people aged between 16-

25 from across the borough applied to take part

in the project, a platform to upskill and access

life-changing training opportunities.

All Young Producers were selected for their

vision, hopes and aspirations for the town rather

than qualifications or experience. Coming from a

range of backgrounds and abilities, some have


been through college and university and looking

to take the first steps in the careers, while others

have an innate creative flair. Placements were

chosen based on where they thought they’d

like to work, as well as where the Children’s

Capital of Culture team thought their skills would

shine brightest.

With a brief to create a series of colourful,

family-orientated summer events, the

Young Producers were given autonomy and

independence to crack on with their plans, while

also encouraged to endorse ideas when pitching

and presenting.

Working under the wings of some of the

town’s biggest cultural influences, all of the

young people have learnt invaluable on-the-job

skills, collaborating to share ideas and harness

their individual strengths. From planning and

design to promotion and delivery, every aspect of

hosting events has been the responsibility of the

Young Producers.

Clifton Park will see two events taking place.

The first is an ongoing exhibition at Clifton Park

Museum that tells the story of the Children’s

Capital of Culture, and showcases objects

from the museum’s collection linked to different

generation’s experiences of youth and childhood.

In July, a mysterious sculpture will appear

somewhere in the park, designed by Young

Producers with the help of innovative outdoor

artists, Kaleider.

At Rotherham’s magical literacy charity, Grimm

& Co., Young Producers have been conjuring up

schemes to chronicle a festival based on how

stories are performed to younger audiences.

Imagination has also been a powerful attribute

for ROAR’s Young Producers who are working

with local artists to host an event with a strong

environmental focus based on the mythical

Thurcroft guardian trolls.

Upholding Rotherham United Community

Sports Trust’s ethos of improving sports

participation, their Young Producers have been

building up to launch a pop-up museum at New

York Stadium, working with schools to assemble

a dance routine based on Rotherham’s Arthur

Wharton, the first black professional footballer.

At Wentworth Woodhouse, filmmakers and

animators of the future have had an exciting

opportunity to film, edit and present short films

at the grand stately home known for its allure as

a TV and film location, working with high-tech kit

such as augmented reality, auto-cue, multi-cam

and three-point lighting machines. One team are

creating a music video based on mental health,

while the other is organising an immersive film

premiere complete with red carpet and paparazzi.

Their idea includes creating a quest through

state rooms in the house, where guests can

get involved by jumping into sets, experiencing

augmented reality, and taking part in filming.

As well as the traineeships already in place,

there are also other opportunities for young

people to take their first steps towards a

bright future.

A Young Creatives Network has been launched

to help those aged between 11-25 develop their

skills, confidence, and creative talents. There are

a wide range of inspiring workshops, classes and

events of opportunities covering everything from

games design and filmmaking to journalism and


The Source Academy is also delivering drop-in

skills sessions at Riverside Library this May for

people aged 13-25. The sessions will provide

individual advice, career guidance and support

with CVs and interviews. Sessions will cover

a broad range of topics including first aid and

fire marshalling, stress management, growth

mindset, resilience in the workplace, and interview

techniques. There is also an opportunity to

achieve a Level 1 award in customer service or

work skills.

The whole programme has been made

possible thanks to funding of over £1.8m from

the UK Community Renewal Fund, as well as

additional funding from Arts Council England and


For more information visit,


Free events this summer



Clifton Park Museum

On until Sun 5th June

Pop-up exhibition exploring childhood

and youth culture in Rotherham over the

generations. Take a nostalgic journey

back to your youth with toys, games,

fashion, memorabilia, music and much

more. Arts activities running throughout

the exhibition. For more information,



Gulliver’s Valley Resort

Tues 24th to Thurs 26th May

An interactive three-day festival for

Year 5 children from Rotherham schools.

There will be art trails around the park,

workshops in dance and circus skills,

and presentations about creative job

opportunities. There are also limited

places for a Cultural Camp residential: an

overnight stay with storytelling, shadow

art, and music by the campfire

Headteachers of Rotherham primary

schools can book directly with Gulliver’s




Linger Longer Lane at Rotherham Old

Town Hall - Tues 31st May, Weds 1st

June and Sat 4th June 10am-4pm

Fuel your child’s imagination at this

literary festival with a difference,

bringing stories to life through

performance, music, dance, and

artefacts. We can’t release the beasts

just yet, but we have it on good authority

from Grimm’s elves that the festival will

be full of surprises and magical events

Bookable and drop-in sessions – find out

more at



New York Stadium - Launch day Sun 5th

June. On until Tues 30th August

See the new pop-up museum at NYS

highlighting the history of Rotherham

United. Interactive displays, artefacts

and a living memories video have been

curated. On launch day, there will be

a performance by local schools and

community groups of a 32-step dance

routine in honour of Arthur Wharton, the

first professional black football player

who began his career in Rotherham.



Magna Science Adventure Centre

Weds 8th June 9.30am-4.30pm

Young people looking towards a career

in culture or leisure don’t want to miss

Magna’s popular GUTS interactive

employability fair in partnership with the

Work-Wise Foundation.

Children and young people aged

8-25, along with their parents and

teachers, are invited to meet some

of South Yorkshire’s employers from

creative, hospitality, sport and tourism

industries. Hands-on activities and reallife

experiences with links back to the

curriculum. Book your place at


Thurcroft Rec - Saturday 25th June

Join the team at ROAR and Thurcroft

Creatives for a day to celebrate a love of

nature and protecting the planet. Expect

creative workshops and activities, a

stage for performances, food and drink,

and the arrival of a walking troll puppet.

This ecological event is based on Thor of

Thurcroft, an environmental champion

and guardian troll created by artists

Lenny and Whale. More information



Wentworth Woodhouse

W/c 20th June

An immersive event with a quest

around the house to learn about the

skills involved in film production, such

as augmented reality technology, set

design, filming and music performance.

Premiere of short factual films and music

videos produced by film makers of the


There will also be a showing of the film

made from the winner of Wentworth

Woodhouse’s script writing competition

in 2021.


in collab with RMBC Events

Clifton Park - July

A dramatic public sculpture will appear in

Rotherham overnight, changing familiar

spaces and bringing wonder and joy,

while asking questions about who we are

and our place in the world. Throughout

the weekend there will be spontaneous

performances to surprise those who are

passing through the park.

Check RMBC Events Facebook page

for more details

Get involved in the Children’s Capital of Culture programme:

Social: /ccocrotherham2025 @ccoc_rotherham2025 @ccoc_roth2025

Use the #Rotherham2025 hashtag to share your event photos


Kick off

the journey


Women’s EURO

at Clifton Park


Make your own

3D Wedding Cake Card

It’s wedding season and

what better gift for the

happy couple than a

handmade card – they’ll

definitely be in tiers with

this 3D version.

You Will Need

8 x 8 Card

A4 silver card

Pack of A4 white embossed card

5.5cm, 7.5cm & 9.5cm circle die

Fancy border & corner die

Flowers & pearls

Silver heart peel off

Small silver bow

Tape or strong glue, ruler, cutter &



Cut a piece of silver card

18.5cm square and a piece of white

embossed card 18cm square. Using

tape or glue, mat and layer one onto

your 8 x 8 card.

Cut three circles out of embossed

white card 5.5cm, 7.5cm and 9.5cm.

Cut each circle in half.

Cut 3 strips from the same

card 11cm, 15cm and 18cm long

by 3.5cm wide. With the strips



horizontal, measure 0.5cm from top

and bottom and score across the


Measure 1cm in from each end

and score to create end tabs.

Snip notches all the way across

the top and bottom down to the

score line. Fold inwards.

Glue each semi-circle to the top

and bottom of your co-ordinating

strips. Gently bend each strip around

the curve and, working on 3 or 4 tabs

at a time, press each firmly in place.

Repeat with the other two semicircles

and leave to dry.

Decorate each layer with your

fancy border and peel off.

To assemble your cake, stick one

on top of the other starting with the

largest on the bottom.

Bend the end tabs inwards and

glue and hold in place on your card

until dry.

Decorate with cut flowers and

pearls and fancy corners.

Cut a silver and white strip for your

sentiment and add a bow. Finish with

your chosen verse inside.

Your 3D Wedding Card is now

complete you can present in a coordinating

box or use a

wedding gift bag.

Happy Crafting!

Ahead of the

Women’s EURO 2022

tournament which

comes to Rotherham

in July, enjoy a festival

of football, music and

entertainment at the

free national roadshow

event in Clifton Park.

The unmissable event takes

place on Sunday 22nd May,

offering visitors a range of special

interactive challenges. Get an

introduction to football, have the

chance to learn new football skills

and tricks, or put your punditry to

the test with matchday presenting

Clifton Park is

one of ten stops

along the 800-

mile national

roadshow which

will visit each of

the tournament’s

host cities and


and interviewing in an immersive

TV studio.

There will also be the opportunity

to see the trophy, meet legends

from the women’s game, and find

out how you could get involved in

grassroots football in your local

Faye White, former

Lionesses Captain

area. Throughout the day there will

also be live music from local artists.

Clifton Park is one of ten stops

along the 800-mile national

roadshow which will visit each of the

tournament’s host cities and towns.

The roadshow starts at the Peace

Gardens in Sheffield on Saturday

21st May and finishes in London on

Saturday 2nd July, a few days before

the tournament’s opening match at

Old Trafford.

The Women’s EURO is the biggest

European women’s sport event in

history and Rotherham’s New York

Stadium is one of the nine venues

where games will be held, as well as

Bramall Lane.

As the Women’s EURO draws

closer, organisers are aiming

to inspire more communities,

particularly young people and

families to get involved.

The one-day Clifton Park

roadshow will be happening

throughout Rotherham’s principal

park from 11am until 5pm.

WEURO starts on 6th July and

New York Stadium is hosting

the Group D teams: Belgium,

France, Iceland and Italy, as well

as a quarter final game. Tickets

start from £10 and are available

from 12th May and can be

bought at


Over 500 wedding rings

which can be made in white, rose or yellow gold

Also platinum, palladium, silver or titanium

Jewellery repairs, alterations and valuations

CAD personal design service

- view your jewellery in 3D before it is created





Jewellery for all the family

Engagement rings and diamond jewellery, gold and silver,

Danon and bridal jewellery, watches and gifts

Shop online:

KINGSTON, 24 The Arcade, Barnsley, S70 2QN Tel: 01226 770878

Go on...


With over 40 famous name stores, Lakeside Village, on

the outskirts of Doncaster, offers visitors an enjoyable

shopping experience and so much more!

With free parking and wide open walkways, you’ll find a warm welcome

and great outlet offers in stores like Next, M&S, Clarks, Ernest Jones and

The Body Shop. And with B&M now open, you’re sure to be spoilt for choice!

With fashion for all the family, sportswear, gifts, homeware and accessories,

not forgetting plenty of places to eat and drink, there really is something

for everyone at Lakeside Village.

Lakeside Village, White Rose Way, Doncaster DN4 5PH

LAKESIDE-VILLAGE.CO.UK 26/04/2022 14:21 25

LV CorporateAdvert-AroundTown-half 190x137mm.indd 1 26/04/2022 14:21


Restoring the


of Eldon Street

Eldon Street has been the

principal gateway into Barnsley

town centre for over 170 years.

But what are your memories

of one of the most historic and

best-loved streets in Barnsley?

Do you remember Eldon Street as a thriving

street for businesses, echoing with the voices of

entrepreneurs past and present? A street where

nervous teenagers started their first jobs at Frank

Bird or Leslie Frances; where forthcoming nuptials

were sealed with a kiss and a ring bought from

Benj Harral’s; where appetites were satisfied with

a Barnsley chop or pork pie from Albert Hirsts; or

where ladies could get virtually everything they

needed from A Porter and Sons, the town’s first

female-focused department store.

Perhaps you spent many a night in your prime

revelling in Eldon Street’s culture at one of its

pubs, clubs, theatres and cinemas. A party street

where the carnival and parades came to town;

where eager workers clocking off on a Friday hit

the Bunny Run pub trail; where teens flocked to

the pictures each weekend to see blockbusters

for pocket money prices at the Gaumont, Odeon

or Parkway; or where romance blossomed for

love’s young dream at The Civic’s teens and

twenties discos.


Maybe you remember the assortment of

architecture, each adding to Eldon Street’s eclectic

appearance. Bookended by two grand, classical

style buildings - the canted Yorkshire Penny Bank

at the Market Hill end and the Queen’s Hotel with

carved stone heads at the Regent Street end –

with the Baroque style Civic building in the centre.

But Eldon Street has lost its shine in recent

decades, time and neglect wearing away its

unique character.

Thanks to £4million in funding from Historic

England and Barnsley Council, a four-year project

is set to reinvigorate Eldon Street as the beating

heart of Barnsley.

In 2020, Eldon Street was given High Street

Heritage Action Zone (HSHAZ) status as part of

a national programme aimed at unlocking the

potential of high streets to fuel economic, social

and cultural recovery.

The Eldon Street HSHAZ project is led by

buildings archaeologist Dr Tegwen Roberts from

Barnsley Museums. She is working with artists,

students and communities in Barnsley to share

creative ways to make Eldon Street an enlivening

place that provides a new future for the high street.

Tegwen says: “Eldon Street has always had its

own identity and we want to make the most of that.

It’s a beautiful and unique space and the character

of the individual buildings can be enhanced to

create the vibrancy a modern high street needs.”

It’s easy to overlook the significance of a street

A key part of the

project involves funding

conservation work to

restore, repair or revamp

some of the historic

shopfronts and buildings

on Eldon Street’s west side

and its structures, especially when you’re going

about your business on autopilot. To the naked

eye the shop fronts may seem mundane. But look

a little further and you’ll see these buildings are

silent witnesses to past eras and milestones, their

architectural charm and imperfections telling the

story of years gone by.

The HSHAZ project has been working with

Yorkshire performers Mark Mark Productions and

We Great Ladies to develop alternative history

tours and a wider engagement programme to

retell those stories to new audiences.

This summer you might see three Edwardian

characters – the Un-Naturalists – walking through

Eldon Street and the Victorian Arcade sharing

stories of the people who once made these streets

tick. Maybe you’ll see two brides teetering down

Eldon Street, or ‘80s game show hosts having a

nosey in your shopping bag.

Earlier this year at the Love Barnsley Festival,


Barnsley-born artist Liz West brought her colourful

Hymn to the Big Wheel installation to the Glass

Works Square to shed a new light on Eldon Street.

And in September, poet laureate, Simon Armitage,

will be showcasing new work titled ‘Barnsley:

an unnatural history’ inspired by stories of

Eldon Street.

There has also been an animation produced

highlighting the previously untold stories of the

many women entrepreneurs of Eldon Street from

the 19th and 20th centuries who disregarded

societal norms to build blossoming businesses.

Women ran pubs, confectioners, cafés,

draperies, tobacconists and more, but they rarely

advertised under their full names, often relying

on word of mouth and repeat custom due to

the way some parts of society viewed women


One of the most influential women business

owners on Eldon Street was Ann Porter who

opened Barnsley’s first department store

specifically for women. Rather than inheriting

a family business, Ann set up a small shop on

Sheffield Road after her husband, Benjamin Porter,

a gas maker, died in the 1870s and she was left

to raise five sons. The shop then relocated to a

larger store on Eldon Street which had previously

been a textile warehouse and animal feed shop.

A Porter & Sons sold everything from kitchenware

You might see three

Edwardian characters

– the Un-Naturalists –

walking through Eldon

Street and the Victorian

Arcade sharing stories of

the people who once made

these streets tick.

to fashions and all customers received a free cup

of tea.

The building is one of the oldest surviving on

Eldon Street and would once have had a double

frontage, the off-road entrance having become

hidden by the neighbouring building. It’s now

owned by Leslie Frances hair design.

A key part of the project involves funding

conservation work to restore, repair or revamp

some of the historic shopfronts and buildings

on Eldon Street’s west side. Business owners

or landlords can apply for grants to improve the

condition of buildings, reinstate lost architectural

features and bring empty upper-floor space back

into use.

The face of Eldon Street has continued to

change with each new decade since it was first

laid out in 1840 following an act of Parliament

that called for a programme of improvements to

Barnsley town centre. Eldon Street became the

first of a new set of wider streets created on the

edge of the medieval settlement and soon became

a mixed commercial and cultural area.

By the time the new railway opened in 1850,

Eldon Street had become the main gateway into

town and this connection has long continued.

Horse-drawn taxi cabs soon became trams and

trolleybuses. People from outside the town who

have ever visited on public transport will have

walked down Eldon Street.

Throughout the 20th century, Eldon Street and

its adjoining Victorian Arcade, which opened in

1892, became home to a range of household

names. Woolworth, Halfords, the Famous Army

Stores, Thorntons and Burtons were some of

the bigger national brands. But over the years,

Eldon Street has seen all manner of shops and

businesses, from photographers to plumbers,

cleaners to chemists, and wallpaper shops to wine

and spirits merchants.

Benjamin Harral’s ring shop was one of the

most well-known shops, famous for its elaborate

window displays and magnificent marble façade,

a real showpiece frontage, much of which has

been stripped away. But one peculiar element that

does remain is a long, thin protruding window. Its

origins were previously obscure, until the HSHAZ

project brought to light a memory from an elderly

gentleman of a golden clock that was in the

window in the 1930s.

After some digging, Tegwen found the golden

clock was in fact a time ball, a now antiquated

time-keeping device that was primarily placed on

observatories for use in maritime navigation. How

this fisherman’s friend ended up in Barnsley is still

unknown, but Harral was a clock and watch maker

as well as a jeweller. His time ball used the wireless

signal from the Eiffel Tower to raise and drop the

ball at 11am each day

One of Barnsley’s proudest buildings, and a

key component in the Eldon Street HSHAZ, is

The Civic which paved the way for selfdevelopment

and education for ordinary workingclass

folk in Barnsley.

It opened in 1878 as the public hall and

Mechanics Institute, funded by the Harvey family

who were linen makers and philanthropists. The

Harveys wanted to provided people in Barnsley

with access to arts, culture and education. Along

with six shops on the ground floor, the public hall

had a library, reading room, games room and

lecture hall. It also housed the public arts school

on the top floor, which was a predecessor of

Barnsley College.

The public hall, which later became the

Harvey Institute and then the Civic Theatre, also

had a 2,000-seater hall which hosted many

variety shows, cabarets speeches, prize days

and exhibitions.

The Civic Theatre closed to the public in the late

‘90s and its shutters on Eldon Street have been

down for some years. Redevelopment in the 2000s

focused on the rear of the building which created a

new art gallery and theatre space, but the current

Civic only uses about a third of the building.

However, part of the Eldon Street HSHAZ

funding is being used to restore the magnificent

Victorian front entrance of the building with

elaborate mosaic floors and a grand ceiling.

Plans include creating a food and drink offer,

studio, workshop and events spaces, plus an

extended gallery to offer more shows, events

and exhibitions.

The Eldon Street High Street Heritage

Action Zone runs alongside other largescale

developments in Barnsley such as the

regeneration of the historic market and the creation

of the Glass Works retail and leisure space.

High streets are no longer just about shopping.

Visitors are looking for an experience, and

Barnsley Council is committed to improving the

quality of the environment and re-engaging with

the public to retain that experience. Restoring

Eldon Street’s character and historic features while

introducing a creative arts programme will help

make it a unique and attractive destination for

residents and visitors alike.

Follow the jouney on twitter

@EldonHAZ 27

Head o f on a beer hunt with this guide to the

best pubs, microbars and taprooms in Barnsley.

Whether you fancy a pint of porter or a speciality

craft ale, we serve up the finest inns to frequent

across the town.

There are some real hidden gems to tap into, too.




A summer of


at Barnsley town centre

As part of an exciting year-round calendar of

events to attract more visitors to Barnsley town

centre, three popular family events are back

this summer and are set to be bigger and

better than ever.

Now that building works at the

Glass Works is complete, which

has continued to increase footfall

into the town, it’s time to believe

in the possibilities of Barnsley and

look to the future with excitement

and optimism. This year’s focus

by Barnsley Council has been

to promote the profile of the

new-look town centre and support

the independent businesses that

call it home.

Each month of the year has a

Town centre

food and drink


This summer, discover

Barnsley’s independent food and

drink outlets by taking on one of

the new culinary trails around the

town centre.

There are three unique trails –

beer, cocktails, and coffee – that

each include ten venues to visit.

The maps include charming

illustrations of each venue by

different theme, with an array of

events, offers and competitions

taking place to boost the

visitor experience.

Food lovers alike will relish in

the events planned this May,

while all the family will be set to

celebrate our natural environment

in June.

Be sure to put these dates in

your diary as these are events

you don’t want to miss out on.

Yorkshire artist, Lisa Maltby, along

with information about each.

When you visit each venue,

be sure to collect a stamp from

staff when paying your bill. Once

completed, redeem at the prize

stall at either Flavours Food

and Drink Festival or the Jubilee

weekend celebrations.

Pick up your free pocket-sized

map from customer service

points at the indoor market,

Library @ the Lightbox, town

hall, or Alhambra.


Flavours Food

and Drink


Thursday 19th to

Sunday 22nd May

Following on from its past

success at Elsecar Heritage Centre

pre-pandemic, Flavours Food

Festival returns with a new venue,

across more days, and exciting

stalls and cookery demonstrations

to tickle your tastebuds.

Built around the town’s eclectic

food and drink offer, explore the

region’s best food and drink

within a village atmosphere in the

Glass Works Square. Browse the

many stalls to sample and buy

artisan products including cheese,

chocolate, brownies, breads,

jam and gin produced by

Yorkshire makers.

There will also be

a selection of street

food vendors with

flavours from around

the world to tempt

you. Try Italian topped focaccia,

Turkish barbecued kebabs,

Japanese Gyoza dumplings, and

Spanish churros dipped in hot

milk chocolate.

Feed your foodie flair in the

kitchen by being inspired by

the chef demos taking place

throughout the event. The line-up

includes chefs from some of the

independent eateries in the town

centre, who will all be showing

different techniques and cuisines.

Throughout the four-day event,

there will be a display of live

music and street performers to

keep the crowds entertained with

a festival atmosphere.

Opening times:

Thurs 19th 10am-6pm,

Fri 20th & Sat 21st 10am-8pm,

Sun 22nd 10am-5pm


Gone are the days when proper co fee wa solely

the reserve o faceless chains.

Search out single origin and speciality blends from

proudly local, family-run Barnsley businesses with

this behind-the-beans exclusive tour.

We also highligh the top spots for la te drinking

while browsing books, beautiful art or even

Instagram-worthy doughnuts.


A. Town Ha l

B. Peel Square

C. Victorian Arcade

D. Library





E. Interchange

F. The Glass Works

G. Market

H. Alhambra Shopping Centre





































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Regional Development Fund, which is managed by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government.






A. Town Hall E. Interchange

B. Peel Square F. The Glass Works

C. Victorian Arcade G. Market

D. Library

H. Alhambra Shopping Centre








































If you require this document in another format please

contact Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council.

Drink Aware. There are a number of services available for

alcohol support, including and

live-we l/ alcohol-support/

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Barnsley Council has received funding for this work from the Welcome Back Fund, a grant from the England European

Regional Development Fund, which is managed by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government.



Twisted –

Festival of

Natural Art

Saturday 28th May – Sunday

12th June

Do you remember Barnsley’s

fantastical beasts from last year?

Well, the giant willow sculptures are

back for 2022 alongside a host of

natural art events.

The Twisted trail will see eight

beasts pop up around the town

centre at various venues from

Eldon Street to the Metrodome.

Barnsley Council have worked

with three willow weavers, Sarah

Hayes, Emma Parkins and Leilah

Vyner to create sculptures using

sustainable materials.

As with last year, the beasts

are inspired by Barnsley legends,

people and myths. The popular

griffin and unicorn are returning

along with six new beasts created

specifically for the event. The eight

remaining original beasts from

last year – bear, cat, elephant,

kestrel, lion, mermaid, reindeer and

whale - will take pride of place at

Barnsley’s principal towns.

In keeping with the natural

theme, a series of events are

planned over the two weeks.

On launch day, join in the fun

from 11am to 4pm. Activities for

families to take part in will include

willow weaving and land art school

in the Glass Works Square, with

stone balancing, mandala art

and chalkboard painting. Take a

free ride on the Bewonderment

Machine, a cycle powered

carousel. Barnsley Libraries will

also be doing readings of the

popular Stick Man story.

There will be a special visit from

the Mayor of Schwabisch Gmund,

Barnsley’s twin town in Germany,

as well as performances from

the Frumptarn Guggenband and

Silkstone Morris Dancers.

Throughout opening weekend,

why not join the Un-Naturalists

for a walking history tour with

a difference. These eccentric

performers will be retelling

Barnsley’s heritage from the town

hall to the Glass Works at 12pm

and 2.30pm on Saturday 28th and

Sunday 29th May.

From Monday 30th May, be

amazed by spectacular sand art

as artists Sand in Your Eyes create

a giant sculpture in Glass Works

Square. Across the jubilee bank

holiday weekend on Thursday

2nd and Friday 3rd June, they

will also be holding family sand

workshops for visitors to make

their own sculptures – albeit on

a smaller scale.

On Saturday 4th June, more

natural art activities continue with

willow dream catcher making and

Royal cardboard crown workshops

at the Lightbox.

Barnsley Live

Saturday 18th June 12pm-10pm

Music lovers rejoice. The everpopular

charity live music festival is

back for 2022 with the biggest and

best Barnsley Live yet.

After last year’s gig in October,

the annual one-day event is back

to its early summer slot where

over 200 bands and musicians are

set to take to stages across 20 of

the very best venues in the town

centre. The line-up will include a

range of genres, from rock and

punk to folk and blues, as well as a

bit of pop for good measure.

The free event showcases an

eclectic mix of venues that are just

a stone’s throw from each other,

creating a trail of performances in

micropubs and mega crowds. New

for this year is an outdoor stage in

the Glass Works Square, bringing

an urban festival feel to the

town centre.

As ever, Barnsley Live supports

nominated local charities through

the donations of its generous

attendees. Not only will you be

helping raise funds for good

causes, but also backing some

of the town’s first-rate musicians.

For the full line-up and to plan

your listening schedule, download

the Barnsley Live app from the

App Store or Google Play.

Coming in July and August

Get set for a summer of fun with Barnsley’s Big Weekend, the annual

Mayor’s Day, a new brass band music festival and Dancing Town. 29

What’s on in



Monday 16 – Sunday 22

Creativity and Wellbeing Week – Get Creative and Get Outdoors

Thursday 19 – Sunday 22 May

Flavours Food Festival

Saturday 28 – Sunday 12 June

Twisted; Barnsley Festival of Natural Art

Saturday 28 May







Thursday 19 – Sunday 22

The Glass Works Square

Barnsley’s Fantastical Beasts trail Part II launches – featuring six NEW willow sculptures, plus activities in

The Glass Works Square, including performances by Frumptarn Guggenband and Silkstone Morris Dancers

Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 May

Take an Un-Naturalist tour of Eldon Street Heritage Action Zone with MarkMark Productions

Monday 30 May

The 5-day ‘big build’ of the unique, giant sand sculpture by ‘Sand in Your Eye’ starts

in The Glass Works Square for The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee





Thursday 2 June - Friday 3 June

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday

Family sand workshops with Sand In Your Eye

See the amazing giant sand sculpture in The Glass Works Square

Saturday 4 June

Make a dream-catcher willow or a cardboard crown - workshops at the Library @ the Lightbox

Saturday 18 June

Barnsley Live starting at 12pm - Urban music festival featuring 200 acts across multiple venues -

genres including rock, pop, punk, folk, blues

Barnsley’s Big Weekend 15th -17th

Friday 15 July

Town Centre Races - 4pm to 10pm

Part of the British Cycling’s National

Men’s and Women’s Circuit Series

Saturday 16 July

Mayor’s Day 10.30am to 5pm

A fun packed day of family friendly activities at cultural venues across the town centre.

Brassed On Musical Festival Pride Barnsley Big Weekend Music LIVE 4pm to 9pm

Sunday 17 July

The Glass Works Square 11am to 4pm Big Dino Show – interactive dinosaur show

What’s Your Move - sports and outdoor games



Find out more at:



at The People’s Theatre


Tuesday 10th to Saturday 14th

May 7.15pm with two shows on

the Saturday 2.15pm & 7.15pm

Musical masterpiece charting the young

and ambitious Eva Peron’s meteoric rise

to sainthood, set amidst a backdrop of

revolution, hopes, dreams and power.

Featuring classics like “Don’t Cry for Me

Argentina,” “Oh What a Circus,” and

“Another Suitcase in Another Hall.”

Adults £16 Concessions £14

Jack goes back

to his roots

He’s been a symphonic

Coalfield crooner, a

country and western

cowboy, and everyone’s

favourite pantomime


But now the Lamproom Theatre’s

inimitable Jack Land Noble goes

back to his roots, bringing the

sounds of the Emerald Ireland to

Barnsley with a one-off performance

of his new solo album, Jacky & His

Celtic Soul, on Saturday 25th June.

Inspired by a rich family history of

Irish descent, self-taught singersongwriter

Jack has been working on

new solo material since last August

to add to his multi-faceted musical

ability. His new record is a ten track

compilation of original Irish folk and

country songs, laced with strong

elements of R&B, Northern soul, funk

and rockabilly; creating a truly unique

fusion of traditional and modern

Celtic music.

Though not strictly a concept

album, Jack says his latest work links

together with an overall ‘emerald

tinge.’ Blending melancholy ballads

with unforgettable foot-tappers,

the work has influences of Irish

folk greats such as Van Morrison,

Gilbert O’Sullivan and Ronnie Drew

of The Dubliners.

Jack has worked with some of

Yorkshire’s finest session musicians,

adding originality and iconic

instrumentation to his songs. At the

live performance at the Lamproom in

June, it will be the first time all such

players plus Jack have performed

together on stage, promising an

evening of all-out musicianship.

The finished LP has been coarranged

and produced by Jack’s

musical partner from The Coalfield

Symphony, Robert Cooper. The

songs were recorded at Studio

5B Barnsley in Autumn 2021, then

mixed and mastered by Rob while

Jack was away for panto season in

Milton Keynes - performing alongside

Ashley Banjo and Diversity.

A true showman at heart, the

‘Jacky & His Celtic Soul’ LP has a

prologue and epilogue which adds

another dimension to the listening

experience. Jack’s parents are part

of the Northern Clubland fabric, so

it was only fitting that his newest

work tells the story of the northern

soundscape. Listeners will feel like

they’re at a Working Men’s Club,

as Jack - in the guise of concert

secretary - welcomes us into his

distinctive ‘Celtic Soul’ world.

Tickets for Jacky & His Celtic

Soul are on sale now for £18 via

the Lamproom website: www. or by

calling the box office on 01226

200075. The album will be

available to download on Amazon

Music, Apple Music and Spotify

from Friday 3rd June. Physical CD

copies of the album, in addition to

limited edition vinyl 45s will also

be available via social media and

at the concert itself.


Monday 23rd to Sunday 29th

May 7.30pm

1992: Grimey Colliery faces the threat of

closure and the future of its brass band

is uncertain. With the miners torn

between redundancy packages and the

picket lines, band-leader Danny’s hopes

of winning the national brass band

competition seem like a distant dream.

Passionate and inspiring, this is a

timeless celebration of community

spirit and triumph against all the odds.

Adults £14 Concessions £13



Friday 3rd & Saturday

4th June 7.30pm

The ultimate celebration of British Pop

through the decades. Featuring the

music of The Spice Girls, Adele,

Shirley Bassey, Kate Bush, Cilla Black,

Amy Winehouse, plus many more.

We invite you all to ‘Get the Party

Started’ and find your inner ‘Zig A Zig Ah.’

Adults £16


Saturday 11th June 7.30pm

An absolute ‘must-see’ for Diamond

fans, prepare to be blown away by Bob

Drury and a vocal likeness which has

delighted audiences all around the

world. Expect ‘Cracklin’ Rosie’, ‘America’,

‘Love on the Rocks’, ‘Hello Again’,

‘Forever in Blue Jeans’, ‘Sweet Caroline’

and many more.

Adults £16


Sunday 19th June 7.30pm

When a 13-year-old Barnsley lad

encounters a global icon, his life changes

forever. Follow his journey from the

industrial North of England to the opera

houses of Europe and beyond…

through opera, operetta and musicals

of the stage and screen, why does

the tenor “Get all the best tunes?”

Adults £15

For tickets, call the Box Office on 01226 200075

or book online

The Lamproom Theatre Wetgate, Barnsley, S70 2DX 31


A royal


As the UK gets set to celebrate

the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

in June, one village in South

Yorkshire holds a historic affinity

with the British royal family.

Developed as a resplendent display of power by

the Earls Fitzwilliam from Wentworth Woodhouse,

for centuries Elsecar has been an attraction for

visiting aristocracy and royalty.

Elsecar was perhaps the first of its kind, a model

village with cottages, a school and church built

for workers at the Earl’s colliery and ironworks.

Its successors Saltaire, Bourneville and Port Light

were heavily influenced by the Elsecar model.

The village epitomised the Fitzwilliam family’s

desire to boast of their might, influence and

vision. It was built at great expense, pulling out

all the stops whenever a royal visit was planned;

of which there were many during the 19th and

20th centuries.


One of the earliest known visits of the Royal

Family to Elsecar is when King George III and

Queen Charlotte’s third son, the Duke of Clarence,

visited in 1828 two years before he would become

King William IV.

William was the first royal to ever go

underground when he descended Elsecar Old

Colliery. The Fitzwilliams had two grand stone

colliery entrances built for noble guests to walk

through, evidence of which were found through

the Elsecar Heritage Action Zone scheme,

a partnership between Historic England and

Barnsley Council.


The Earls intended for Elsecar to be in the

eyes and minds of influential visitors. But in 1851,

the 5th Earl, Charles Wentworth-Fitzwilliam,

showcased their renowned commodities to

the world at the Great Exhibition of products

and industry. Miners from Elsecar New Colliery

managed to extract an eight-foot column of

coal from the pit which was transported to

Crystal Palace.

The Fitzwilliams were one of 100,000 British

manufacturing exhibitors at the event which

attracted over six million visitors. Queen Victoria

was reported to have been taken outside to marvel

at the imposing column of coal.



Inspired by the Great Exhibition, the 6th Earl,

William Wentworth-Fitzwilliam held an exhibition of

fine art and industry at the Market Hall (what is now

Milton Hall) in 1886.

By royal appointment, he invited Queen

Victoria’s cousin, Princess Mary Adelaide,

Duchess of Teck, to open the event. She was

joined by the full band of the 1st West Yorkshire

Yeoman Cavalry, of which the 6th Earl was in

command for forty years. The Duchess was joined

by her husband and daughter, Princess Victoria

Mary ‘May’ who would later go on to marry King

George V.

The event would see the Earl’s collection of

Canaletto paintings brought down from Wentworth

Woodhouse, along with a display of works and

inventions by over 600 entrants. There was a band

contest, cricket matches, pony showcase, and

reduced fare rail trips.

Throughout the village, residents had gone to

town on designing and creating special gardens

for Her Royal Highness’ visit. But a big dust storm

that day would dampen their efforts.


What is now the children’s nursery within Elsecar

Heritage Centre was once the Earl’s private railway

station which opened in 1870. It was primarily

used to transport the Earl’s visiting parties to St

Leger race meetings in Doncaster, known as the

EFW Specials.

The station also had a special Royal Standard

issued by the trainline which was to be flown

when royalty was visiting. One such occasion was

in 1891 when Edward, Prince of Wales took the

special royal coach to St Leger races.

Thousands turned out to see Prince Edward,

the eldest son and heir apparent of Queen Victoria

and Prince Albert.

Edward was a keen horseracing enthusiast

whose many horses went on to win stakes at

St Leger, Newmarket and Derby as well as the

Grand National.

many will have seen the

iconic photos of the bowler

hat-clad king arriving

at Elsecar to become the

first reigning monarch to

descend a coal mine


Perhaps the most famous, well-documented

royal visit to Elsecar is when King George V and

Queen Mary came in 1912. It was notable for

the fact that the King went underground despite

a terrible mining disaster in the nearby area the

day before.

George’s oronation was the previous year

following the death of his father, Edward VII. At the

time, the country was in the midst of social unease

and it was suggested the King take a tour of

industrial areas to observe people in their working

conditions, understand how they made a living,

and better connect with the working class.

During his visit to South Yorkshire, the monarch

and Queen consort were invited to stay at

Wentworth Woodhouse as a guest of Billy, 7th

Earl Fitzwilliam who was known for being the most

grandiose of all Earl Fitzwilliams.

However, the King was of the opposite

disposition and actively discouraged any majestic


decorations during his visit so not as to place any

further expense on the struggling communities.

The royal couple visited Conisbrough Castle,

Clifton Park Museum, Silverwood Colliery,

Hickleton Hall and Barnsley’s Rylands

Glass Works.

But many will have seen the iconic photos of

the bowler hat-clad king arriving at Elsecar to

become the first reigning monarch to descend a

coal mine. This was all the more poignant as 91

men had been killed only the day before when two

explosions happened at Cadeby pit.


During the Second World War, King George

VI and the Queen Mother visited Elsecar Main

Colliery to have lunch with 70 pit workers. A roast

beef dinner was prepared by a woman from

the village, with the Queen Mother reportedly

commenting that they had not had a better meal

for a long time.

The King and Queen were figures of the fight

against fascism and had refused to leave Britain

during the war. Instead, they toured the country

to make morale-boosting visits as a symbol of

national resistance.

Their visit to Elsecar was part of a six-hour trip

to West and South Yorkshire coalfields, where they

also visited Wentworth to see the open cast mining

workings and giant excavators.


Fifty years after her mother and father, Queen

Elizabeth II made the journey to Elsecar in the mid-

90s to officially open Elsecar Heritage Centre.

After the final colliery, Elsecar Main, had closed

in 1984, ending 230 years of mining in the village,

the ironworks and workshops were sold off before

being taken over by Barnsley Council.

Since its opening, Elsecar Heritage Centre has

continued to flourish with the New Yard now home

to various independent businesses and shops.


The most recent royal visit to Elsecar was in

2015 when Prince Edward became the seventh

generation to visit when he came to officially mark

the conservation of the 1795 Newcomen Beam


His visit also gave Prince Edward an insight into

well the area’s proud iron making and coalmining

past, speaking with local businesses residents and

school children.

The Newcome Engine is a brilliant piece of

machinery that has been described as the most

important piece of industrial heritage in the world.

It is the oldest steam engine still in its original

location and was restored to its former glory

thanks to a £465,500 Heritage Lottery Fund grant.

Casual fashions to

brighten up your wardrobe

Pure Italian silk tops and vests

Lightweight linen dresses, tops and skirts

Lace and chiffon tunics

Bags, accessories and summer sandals

BootsShoes 4u

Give your feet


royal treatment

Also Powder



Open Tues-Sun & Bank Hol Mondays

Elsecar Heritage Centre, Barnsley S74 8HJ

Tel 01226 497123

Shoe Shop


Elsecar Heritage Centre, Wath Road, Barnsley S74 8HJ

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Join the Jubilee

celebrations at Elsecar

Over the Platinum

Jubilee weekend,

Elsecar Heritage Centre

will be turned into a

giant street party as

the site gets set to

celebrate the special


There will be three days of

history, food, drink, entertainment

and shopping within the New Yard

from Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th June.

Each day there will be pop-up

shops and food and drink stalls

to browse from 10am-4pm as well

as all of Elsecar’s independent

businesses who will be decorating

their shops and dressing for the


Visitors can also join free history

tours around the village, finding

more about the many royal guests

who would have graced Elsecar

with their presence over the last

200 years. There will also be a

special jubilee trail for all the family

to find clues hidden around the site.

On Sunday 5th June, the event

finishes with an outdoor makers’

market featuring 50 craft and gift

stalls as well as live entertainment.

And throughout the weekend,

Maison du Biere will be serving a

special Lilibet cocktail in honour

of Her Majesty The Queen, a

gin-based drink mixed with her

favourite red vermouth, Dubonnet.



Tap room with 10 beers

on draught




Elsecar Heritage Centre, Barnsley

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We are based at the Elsecar Heritage Centre

Tel: 01226 743257

Open Daily 10am to 4pm

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• Made to order hand

finished furniture

• Solid wood


toy boxes

• Garden Furniture

Open Tues - Sun 11am - 4.30pm

Tel 077484 19696 •

Blacksmith Square, Elsecar Heritage Centre,

Barnsley S74 8HJ


Specialist Framers

• Football shirts • Medals • Photos • Fine Art

• Needlework etc All manner of work undertaken

Call in with your item for advice and a no obligation quote

Or call Liz: 01226 740409

Elsecar Heritage Centre, Wath Road, Elsecar S74 8HJ

Open Mon-Fri 9.30am to 3.45pm

Saturday 10am to 3.45pm



The proof is in



at The Pantry

Treat yourself to a visit to The

Pantry at Elsecar and tuck into

their range of delicious, freshly

made and locally sourced food.

Based in one of the oldest buildings on site,

the former watchman’s house, The Pantry is a

great place to start your visit to Elsecar Heritage

Centre. Feel right at home in the charming, cosy

tearoom, or bask in the warmer weather with their

glorious outdoor seating surrounded by flowers

and foliage.

The Pantry first opened almost 13 years ago,

and in that time they have made doubters eat

humble pie as they have continued to thrive

through a dedication to providing the highest

quality of food made fresh on-site.

Inside, the smell of fresh baking wafts through

the tearoom from the Victorian kitchen where

owner Jane and her team of bakers are busy

preparing the daily bread – and pastries and

puds. The Pantry have their own range of jams,

curds and chutneys, a unique blend of coffee,

and use locally grown and sourced products

where possible.

And it wouldn’t be a café without a tempting

selection of cakes – but you’ll be spoilt for choice

at The Pantry. Their sweet treat display gives a

French patisserie a run for its money, bursting

with cakes, scones, tarts and traybakes that

look just as good as they taste. All their mouthwatering

desserts are made from scratch to

time-honoured recipes, but of course the proof of

the pudding is in the eating.

This summer, why not make a night of it at

The Pantry’s new monthly evening events. The

outdoor seating area will be festooned with lights

and draped in more foliage to create a chilledout

atmosphere accompanied by live music

throughout the evening. Share small plates of

Yorkshire tapas or picky platters with a bottle of

wine or their signature cocktail.

Join us at our



Serving Yorkshire tapas, sharing

platters, and our famous puds

Wines, beers and signature cocktail

Live entertainment


Saturday 4th June Jubilee weekend

Saturday 2nd July


Bookings advisable 35

Summer Day Trips

Leaving from Rotherham



Sun 15th Bridlington £14.00 £13.00

Fri 20th Chester £14.00 £13.00

Fri 20th Chester Zoo £14.00 £13.00

Sun 29th Scarborough £14.00 £13.00

Tues 31st Blackpool £14.00 £13.00


Fri 3rd Skegness Bank Holiday £17.00 £16.00

Fri 10th Bury Market £14.00 £13.00

Sun 12th Mablethorpe £14.00 £13.00

Sat 18th Southport £14.00 £13.00

Sat 25th Harlow Carr Flower Show £25.50 £24.50 *

Sat 25th Harrogate £14.00 £13.00

Sun 26th Mablethorpe £14.00 £13.00

Flying the flag

for Great British holidays

Rotherham pick-up points

Route A

9.15am Maltby High Street (nr.Queens Hotel)

9.30am Bramley Cross Roads (Flash Lane, Bawtry Rd)

9.35am Wickersley Tanyard (Tanfield Way)

9.40am Brecks (Layby before Esso /Tesco)

9.45am Stag Roundabout (Bus Stop)

10.00am Rotherham Interchange Stand C2

Route B

9.15am Rotherham Interchange Stand C2

9.30am Stag Roundabout(Bus Stop on Wickersley Rd)

9.35am Brecks ( Layby on Bawtry Road)

9.40am Wickersley (nr.Masons Pub)

9.45am Bramley Cross Roads (outside Aldi/The King Henry

10.00am Maltby High Street (nr. Queens Hotel)

All featured Rotherham day trips are route B with the

exception of Skegness and Mablethorpe

*Includes admission

Leaving from Barnsley



Sat 14th Melton Mowbray 1940s £18.00

Sat 14th Scarborough £14.00

Sun 15th Bridlington £14.00

Mon 16th Bakewell Market & Castleton £14.00

Weds 18th Kendal & Ambleside £20.00

Fri 20th Chester £14.00

Fri 20th Chester Zoo (coach only) £14.00

Sat 21st Haworth 1940s £16.00

Sat 21st Blackpool £14.00

Sun 22nd Morecambe £14.00

Sun 22nd Whitby £14.00

Tues 24th Gainsborough Market & Lincoln £14.00

Weds 25th Bury Market & Boundary Mills £14.00

Fri 27th Whitby via Helmsley £14.00

Sat 28th Chester £14.00

Sat 28th Chester Zoo (coach only) £14.00

Sun 29th Scarborough £14.00

Sun 29th Skegness £15.00

Mon 30th Llandudno £16.00

Tues 31st Blackpool £14.00


Weds 1st York £14.00

Weds 1st F lamingo Land (coach only) £14.00

Weds 1st Eden Camp (coach only) £14.00

Thurs 2nd Morecambe Bank Holiday £16.00

Fri 3rd Skegness Bank Holiday £17.00


Sat 4th Scarborough £14.00

Sat 4th East Lancashire Railway £14.00

Sun 5th Bridlington £14.00

Sun 5th Southport Food Festival £14.00

Tues 7th Settle & Hawes £16.00

Sat 11th Blackpool £14.00

Sat 11th Skegness £15.00

Sun 12th Mablethorpe £14.00

Sun 12th Whitby £14.00

Sun 12th Liverpool £16.00

Mon 13th Skipton Market & Boundary Mills £14.00

Tues 14th Skegness £15.00

Weds 15th Kendal & Ambleside £20.00

Thurs 16th Llandudno £16.00

Fri 17th Settle/Carlisle Railway £46.00 *

Sat 18th Southport £14.00

Sun 19th Skegness £15.00

Mon 20th Bakewell & Buxton £14.00

Thurs 23rd Cleveland Coastal Tour £20.00

Fri 24th Bridlington £14.00

Fri 24th Whitby £14.00

Sat 25th Harlow Carr Flower Show £25.50 *

Sat 25th Harrogate £14.00

Sat 25th Scarborough Armed Forces Day £16.00

Sun 26th Mablethorpe £14.00

Sun 26th Blackpool Armed Forces Day £16.00

Mon 27th Pickering, Thornton Dale & Whitby £14.00

Thurs 30th Scarborough £14.00

Barnsley pick-up points

*Includes admission

Wath-upon-Dearne (Church St), Brampton (The Bulls Head), Wombwell (Summer Ln CP), Platts Common (Sammy’s Former WMC), Hoyland Southgate

(Behind Town Hall), Hoyland Common (Opp. Co-Op), Birdwell (WMC), Worsborough (The Ship Inn, Vernon Rd), Barnsley Interchange (Stands 23/24)

Short Breaks

Join us on one of our holidays, it’s the perfect tonic

A familiar name

providing tours

and excursions

for over

65 years



16th - 17th Lake District Getaway 2 £119.00 **

16th - 20th Sand Bay Holiday Village 5 £219.00

25th - 27th Liverpool 3 £149.00

28th - 4th June Llandudno 8 £499.00

30th - 3rd June Eastbourne & Sussex Explorer 5 £349.00


4th - 6th Llandudno 3 £189.00

6th - 10th Bournemouth & Dorset Coast 5 £339.00

6th - 10th Isle of Wight 5 £429.00

8th - 10th Warwickshire 3 £199.00

13th -17th Folkestone 5 £259.00

17th -19th Scarborough 3 £229.00

19th -21st Liverpool & The Beatles Story 3 £209.00

19th -23rd Newquay 5 £379.00

20th -24th Brighton & South Downs Explorer 5 £349.00

28th -30th Edinburgh & The Royal Yacht Britannia 3 £179.00

27th-1st Jul Hastings 5 £399.00


1st -3rd Southport 3 £199.00

1st -4th Weymouth 4 £339.00

3rd -7th North East Explorer 5 £499.00

10th -14th Grampian Castle & Gardens 5 £429.00

13th -17th Ilfracombe 5 £349.00

15th -18th Llandudno 4 £269.00

17th -22nd English Riviera & South Devon 6 £519.00

21st -25th Isle of Man 5 £549.00

25th -29th Folkestone 5 £279.00

25th -1st Aug Blackpool 8 £499.00

29th -1st Aug Edinburgh & Glasgow 4 £259.00

• All prices are for dinner, bed and breakfast unless otherwise stated

• The majority of our breaks Include a door-to-door pickup / drop off to and from the

interchange, **Excludes door-to-door

• Single Room Supplements may apply

• Deposit of £25 is required to secure your booking with balance due 6 weeks prior to departure

Lines open Mon-Fri

10am-3pm & Sat 10am-2pm

4 Effingham Square, Rotherham S65 1AP

Tel 01709 249900

Barnsley Travel Centre, 60 Eldon Street, Barnsley S70 2JL

Tel 01226 299900

Book online at




To request a brochure and see the full itinerary of each tour visit our website

A beautiful coastal escape






A modern and immaculately


2-bed caravan situated within one of

Haven’s newest holiday parks

• Privatelyowned Prestige model

• Sleeps up to 4 people

• Master bedroom with en-suite and twin room

• Stunning sea views overlooking the cliff top

• Wrap-around decking with rattan furniture

• Two parking spaces

• Close to site facilities

• Perfect forfamilies

3, 4 and 7 day breaks available

Site passes available to purchase for

access to on-site amenities

• Bar and restaurant • Indoor pool

• Children’s playground and sand pit

• All-weather activity barn and Segway hire


“This is most definitely the best caravan

we have ever stayed in anywhere. It’s just

beautiful, modern, clean and in a fantastic

location. Justine went above and beyond

to make sure we had everything we needed

and her advice on walks to do and places

to visit and eat was invaluable. Already

rebooked and can’t wait to go back”

“What a beautiful caravan, it is the best

one we have ever stayed in. It’s absolutely

immaculate and has things you don't

normally get in a holiday caravan like

dishwasher, washing machine, bath, and

sun loungers. It’s in a lovely quiet elevated

position with views from the veranda of open

countryside, the sea and lovely sunsets.

The cliff top walks were amazing with

fantastic scenery. If you're thinking of

coming to Thornwick Bay book this caravan

you will be very pleased you did”

For availability and prices please visit

Enquiries welcome Contact Justine 07837 805268

Find us on Facebook: @thornwick-bay-holiday-village-static-caravan


Channel your

inner child

with a visit to Rivelin Valley

For a free and fun day

out for all the family,

Rivelin Valley has it all.

One the edge of Hillsborough

linking Sheffield to the Peak District,

Rivelin Valley has long been a

popular place for its natural beauty

and serene waterside location.

Along with waterfalls, paddling

spots and an abundance of wildlife,

Rivelin Valley is also home to a play

area, water splash zone, café and

toilets, making it a children’s haven,

especially in the summer.

Go nature exploring through

the woodland, play pooh sticks

down the river, criss-cross over the

stepping stones, or dip your toes in

the cool, fresh water.

The area has been protected

by the Rivelin Valley Conservation

Group for the last 30 years who

have worked to encourage wildlife

habits and reverse the decline of the

nature trail.

The Rivelin Valley nature and

There are remains of 20 watermills

and 21 mill dams from as early as the

16th century

heritage trail is a three-mile straight

route that covers a series of

beautiful riverside walks mixing

nature and industry.

Lined by ruins and remnants of

industry, Rivelin Valley is steeped

in historical and archaeological

interest. There are remains of 20

watermills and 21 mill dams from

as early as the 16th century, which

played a key role in Sheffield’s

cutlery and steel industries. As these

industries became less dependent

on waterpower and the mills moved

to more accessible areas of the city,

the valley has slowly been reclaimed

by nature.

Now a quirky old chair like

something from a fairy tale has

replaced the water wheels. The

sculpture is the work of artist Jason

Thomson, whose aim was to mix up

the countryside and industrial past.

It looks like it’s made from tree roots

but is actually sculpted from steel.

The chair is situated on a small

island in the river and can only be

accessed by a short trail of stepping

stones from the river bank, but is

worth seeing the next time you take

a stroll in Rivelin Valley.

The paths along the trail mainly

pass through woodland, with trees

such as Alder, Ash, Beech, Holly

and Oak. If you look carefully, you

will find various types of plants,

trees, birds and animals, providing

endless opportunities for budding

nature photographers.

Birds such as Blackbird, Great tit,

Long-tailed tit, Robin and Wren are

regularly seen amongst the trees.

Others such as Dipper, Grey Heron,

Grey Wagtail, Kingfisher and Mallard

can be found along the river or at

the water-filled mill dams. At dusk

look out for bats patrolling the river

or flying low over the mill dams.

Plenty of picnic spots can be

found at Rivelin Valley, but there is

also a café and toilets by the play

area. From June to September, the

water splash area will be open every

weekend and also daily during the

school holidays.

Ample free parking is available

on the roadside as well as the

signposted car park. Use SAT NAV

code S6 6GF. For access via public

transport, buses and trams from

Sheffield take you to Malin Bridge

which is just a short walk away.

For more information, visit 39




With Elmhirst Parker Solicitors

No-fault divorce: how have things changed?

Hailed as the biggest shake up

in divorce law in fifty years, the

new no-fault divorce system

hopes to reduce conflict and

costly acrimonious litigation

in relationship breakdowns by

taking away the blame game.

The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act

2020 came into force on 6th April 2022, replacing

the existing Matrimonial Causes Act 1973.

Previously, divorce proceedings required one

party to prove their partner was at fault through

adultery, desertion or unreasonable behaviour.

The only alternative was a lengthy period of

separation: two years where both parties agree to

divorce, or five years if one side does not consent.

It is now possible to

file for divorce jointly,

allowing couples

to reflect a mutual

agreement to part.

The new DDS Act allows married couples

to issue divorce proceedings without assigning

blame or proving a certain behaviour; only a

statement of irretrievable breakdown will be

needed for evidence. With no facts to dispute, a

respondent cannot contest the decision other than

for reasons such as lack of jurisdiction or invalidity

of marriage.

Couples must still have been married for

at least 12 months and the sole grounds for

divorce are that the marriage has broken down

irretrievably. But it is now possible to file for

divorce jointly, allowing couples to reflect a mutual

agreement to part.

No-fault divorces are also set to speed up


the divorce process, shifting to an online service

where divorce papers are sent by email. The DDS

Act introduces a minimum period of six months

from initiating divorce proceedings to when

the final order – previously known as a decree

absolute – can be granted.

It is important to state that divorce proceedings

only legally end the marriage. Financial matters

need to be dealt with separately. A legally binding

financial settlement order is needed to agree how

joint assets or finances will be divided. But this

can be more challenging and complicated than

the divorce itself.

Speaking to a family lawyer is the best way to

protect yourself against making costly mistakes. If

couples save money on needless legal arguments

via the new no-fault divorce, this should

enable both parties to have more productive

conversations and make sensible arrangements

about finances and children.

When this involves complex financial assets,

such as pensions or investments, it is more likely

couples will call on specialist input. But for anyone

needing to reach agreement, getting guidance in

the early stages is likely to result in a faster, more

cost-effective and mutually agreeable outcome.

If children are involved, parents should talk to

them and prepare the ground for separation, while

avoiding putting children in a position where they

feel they must take sides.

Most parents will want to avoid subjecting their

children to court proceedings at all costs. They

would also prefer to see results in days rather than

months, particularly amidst lengthy delays in the

family court system. Alternative dispute resolution

often proves more cost-effective for couples

because having a fixed, shorter timeframe can

keep the lid on legal fees.

If suitable, mediation should be the first port of

call. Talking things through calmly and openly is

always best, but it may help to have someone sit

in to help focus those conversations on positive

negotiation. Expert input can also ensure that any

agreement over assets or custody arrangements

is fair for both sides.

Arbitration is another alternative to court, if

separating couples are unable to come to an

agreement through mediation. An arbitrator is a

legal professional with specialist training, who

will send their decision to the court so it can be

turned into a legally enforceable order. This would

have the same force as an order initiated by the

court but cuts out the waiting time. As a private

arrangement, once a date is fixed, it will not be

pushed aside by other cases with higher priorities.

Whatever route is taken, seeking out the right

help and support can make all the difference for

couples, so they come through the divorce with a

sense of a positive resolution, where everyone has

an outcome that works for them and feels fair.

*This is not legal advice; it is intended to provide

information of general interest about current legal issues.

• Residential conveyancing

• Family and matrimonial

• Probate and estates

• Wills

• Lifetime planning

Speak to one of our experts on

01226 282238

17/19 Regent Street, Barnsley, S70 2HP

(also in Royston, Selby and Sherburn-in-Elmet)


More than just

office space

at The Business Village

Taking the plunge to start a business from scratch

can be pretty straightforward. But making it

successful and sustainable can throw up many

challenges. How do you turn ambition into profit?

Unlock your business’ true

potential with the help of The

Business Village. Along with

providing flexible, high quality office

space and business units, The

Business Village actively supports

their tenants looking to accelerate

growth through a range of tailored


ScaleUp 360 is an exciting

programme for start-ups and

SMEs delivered in partnership

with Sheffield Hallam University

and the East Midlands Chamber

of Commerce. Whether starting a

business or scaling up an existing

venture, business owners can

receive a minimum of 12 hours

of fully funded business support

plus access to modern business

development facilities.

Following a business review,

the ScaleUp 360 team look at any

specific challenges a company

is facing and how they can help

overcome them. Their one-to-one

business advice, mentoring and

workshops cover a broad range of

issues from finance and sales to HR

and legal issues.

Maybe a business would benefit

from marketing, branding and

packaging support to launch a

new product or service. Some

businesses might be looking for

ways to improve systems and

processes to become more efficient.

We spoke to one of

The Business Village

tenants about the

ScaleUp 360 project

It doesn’t take long for most

tenants to feel at home at The

Business Village. But for Alterior

and Puddles, they got more

than they bargained for when

looking for somewhere to house

their growing home fragrance

and décor business.

After merging their two

complementary businesses

together, childhood friends Laura

Bentley and Carly Asquith, both

25, quit their jobs in sales and

teaching to pursue this new joint

venture handmaking toxin-free

wax melts and bespoke jesmonite

resin products. They’d both already

outgrown their home workspaces

and were looking for premises to

complete their increasing orders.

They went to look round The

Business Village last summer and

were taken by the idea of having

no lease contracts – a big, risk-free

pull for fledgling businesses. But on

hearing of the additional benefits

being a Business Village tenant

would bring, they knew it would be

the perfect fit.

“We had no clue about any

help that was available and to us

the only way to scale up was to

create a partnership and learn how

to make each other’s products. It

was suggested we enrol on their

ScaleUp 360 project. The project

has given us a clear focus and

direction and we now have three,

five and ten-year goals. It’s been

like having a Dragon on board,”

Laura says.

Alterior and Puddles have quickly

achieved their short-term goals of

merging and rebranding into one

business, along with having their

products stocked in local outlets.

Their product range has grown

from five wax melt fragrances

to 140, and their handmade

acrylic-based resin products now

includes trinket trays, reed diffusers

and ornaments made to match

customers’ home décor.

They’ve also launched a new,

niche product unique to them

that perfectly blends both sides

of the business. Their Made

for You candles are completely

customisable; customers choose

the colour and design of the resin

pot, the colour and scent of the

candle, as well as the style of wick.

With the support of the ScaleUp

360 project, they’re now working

towards their long-term vision of

branching into international trade.

Carly tells us they’ve recently taken

on two big wholesale contracts,

one being a shipment to America.

Already on the waiting list for

a bigger workspace, Alterior and

Puddles are looking to open a retail

unit at The Business Village within

the next year.

Alterior and Puddles have

enthusiastically jumped at every

opportunity the ScaleUp 360

has provided, such as attending

invaluable seminars and

workshops, having marketing

advice, support with developing a

financial model, and meeting multimillion-pound

business owners

who started off in similar humble


“The support we’ve had is unreal

and we wouldn’t have had that help

had we not come to The Business

Village. The mentors are on-site,

so we know that if we need advice

about anything they’re always

there. There’s not a question they

aren’t happy to answer,” Carly says.



Our tenants benefit from a range of support to accelerate their business growth

Including: • ScaleUp 360 • Start-up Services • Business Coaching • Net Zero Accelerator

We manage inspiring, flexible workspaces that help businesses collaborate, grow and achieve their dreams!

WANT TO KNOW MORE? CALL 01226 249590 41



training facilities

at Mexborough Business Centre

For many businesses, keeping

up to date with corporate

training is crucial to improving

workforce efficiency. But it’s

also important to find the right

space and training provider

that will keep staff engaged

and focused to ensure a

productive day.

Whether you’re searching for a small

meeting space to upskill your employees

or a large training room for a corporate

away day, Mexborough Business Centre has

got you covered.

They have a range of first-class training and

conference facilities in various sizes to suit all

needs. Conveniently located with access to all

motorway links, Mexborough Business Centre

has ample free parking as well as an on-site café

that can provide refreshments.

Mexborough Business Centre also work

with training providers who offer courses for

individuals, employees, and community groups.

One of their newest partnerships is with GEM

Compliance Training who specialise in first aid

and safety training. They deliver flexible public

first aid courses throughout Yorkshire, Lancashire

and Humberside and Mexborough Business

Centre is their first facility in the South Yorkshire


Alice Brooksbank, director of operations, said:

“GEM Compliance Training were introduced to

Mexborough Business Centre through a close

GEM Compliance also have

plans to launch a health and

safety in construction

course later this summer,

as well as opening a

CSCS Test Centre

associate. Upon arranging a meeting, we were

really impressed with the venue, facilities, and

the professionalism of Pete and his team.”

Whether you need first aid training for work

or want to learn skills for everyday life, GEM

Compliance offer a range of six, 12 and 18-hour

courses for individuals and small groups.

Their courses cover paediatric first aid, first aid

in the workplace, and combined first aid where

delegates can complete two qualifications in

the same day. They also offer a new blended

learning option which reduces classroom time.

Throughout the summer months, GEM

Compliance are hosting various dates, both

weekdays and Saturdays, to support local

businesses, academy groups, nursery settings

and anyone that has a first aid or health and

safety responsibility in the workplace.

In August, there will also be free family first

aid sessions for parents, grandparents, carers

and children to learn life-saving skills together

as a family.

GEM Compliance also have plans to launch a

health and safety in construction course later this

summer, as well as opening a CSCS Test Centre

at Mexborough Business Centre’s sister site,

Mexborough Resource Centre. This will allow

anyone interested in finding employment in the

construction industry to complete the one-day

health and safety course and sit the CSCS test in

the same day at the same venue.



to support the vulnerable in our community

If you are passionate then we offer full training and

career progression

You need to be

• A car driver with full

driving license and access to

your own transport

• Experienced and receptive to

new challenges and values

• Quality driven

• Caring and compassionate

In return we offer

• Excellent rates of pay

• Part/Full time working patterns

(visiting the same service users)

• Flexible working hours

including night work

• Pension scheme

• Up to 28 days holidays

• 24/7 on call system




“My carers are

friendly and

kind, I’m really

happy with

Kinetic as they

really do care

about me”


What our carers say

“I love my job working for Kinetic, the company is so

welcoming, friendly and understanding. I’m in a

flexible role so I can pick the hours I work week to

week around my children and home life. All whilst

gaining valuable qualifications too. I feel proud to

be part of such a caring team.”

Sam Baker

“I love working for Kinetic because of its high

standards, opportunities to develop your knowledge

and the fact everyone treats you like a member

of their own family, it’s an absolute pleasure.”

Zoe Whelan

Take the first step to joining our

friendly and supportive team

Contact Ben 01709 839 395



Maximise your independence

and quality of lifewith the highest

standard of domiciliary care

• Morning routines

• Preparing meals

• Medication management

• Household cleaning and shopping

• Accompanied visits and outings

• Emotional support and companionship


Make your loved ones

comfortable at home 24/7

Care visits can be scheduled

throughout the night

22.00pm -7.00am

• Personal Care

• Incontinence Care

• Medication administration

• Pressure Area Management

• Safety Checks

Call us to see how we can

help you and your loved ones

If you need support with personal care, getting out or managing your home, we can help

Call us 7 days a week 8.30am-5pm

for a no obligation chat to discuss your needs 01709 839 395



Offering a bespoke, personal and caring service

to meet your needs at a time of loss

Dignity, compassion and care is always shown before,

during and after the process

Designed around the cremation of domestic pets and horses

Purpose built facilities next to our idyllic family farmhouse

Based between Rotherham and Sheffield serving

South Yorkshire and the wider area

We also offer a collection service from your home

or the veterinary practice, and can organise

home euthanasia where necessary

Fully transparent and highly professional service that leaves

all our clients with no doubts they made the right choice

Tel: 07971 255 346


See our wall of remembrance online

Old Flatts Farm, Flatts Lane, Treeton, S60 5QZ

See our

Facebook and Google reviews

for genuine customer feedback

One of the UK’s most highly recommended and

reviewed Pet & Equine Crematoriums

The hands that guide you

in your hour of need

A third-generation independent funeral director Dip.FD MBFID

Let us help you every step of the way

• 24 hour personal and compassionate service

• Floral tributes

• Condolence stationery

• Monumental masonry

• Catering

Our private Chapel of Rest caters for

multi-faith and non-religious services

• Ritual washing and dressing facilities

• Weekend funerals

• In-house pre-funeral ceremonies

• Repatriation to or from UK

Pre-paid funeral plans available

Our doors are

always open

88-90 Worksop Road, Swallownest, Sheffield S26 4WH 0114 287 5852

55 Bridge Street, Killamarsh, Sheffield S21 1AL 0114 228 0082



Join the Capstone

community to help the

foster care crisis

The UK is on the edge of a

foster care crisis. By 2025, it

is predicted there could be up

to 100,000 children in the care

system, with a national shortage

of 25,000 foster carers.

Join our fostering


In Rotherham, there are currently

around 600 children in need of a

loving home. Could you change

a young person’s life with the help

of independent fostering agency,

Capstone Foster Care?

The pandemic has made many

of us re-evaluate our priorities and

question what’s important in life. If

you are considering fostering, have

thought about a change in career,

or would like to find out about

becoming a foster carer, Capstone

Foster Care will be with you every

step of the way.

Now could be the perfect

opportunity to take a giant leap that

could not only change a child’s

life forever, but also bring you

immeasurable rewards.

But the first step isn’t such a giant

leap! Just an open and informal

chat about what it takes to become

a foster carer and provide a safe,

secure and loving home to enable

a child to thrive. If you have a spare

room, then that’s the very first tick on

your journey to becoming a foster


If you’d like to find out

more, call their friendly team

on 0800 012 4004 or visit

There are around 600 children

in care in Rotherham

Become a foster carer and

build brighter futures

Call us on: 0800 012 4004 or visit:

Helping you get out and about

“we do something different every day!!”



• Retirement • Elderly

• Disabled 18+

• Galleries, museums and exhibitions

• Shopping centres, markets and garden centres

• Guided nature reserve, stately homes and

local tourist attractions

• Vintage afternoon tea, cafes and pub meals

• Tutored crafts and hobby days

• Community events

• Live in-house entertainment & shows

• Lakeside picnics & outdoor activities

• Barge trips with lunch

• Pick-up & home-safe return wheelchair friendly buses

• PSV driver with bus carer-escorts

• NVQ Diploma qualified personal carers

• Meals and beverages inc Afternoon Teas carveries,

picnics and pub lunches

• Craft materials/tutors and in-house

entertainment and all entrance fees

• Personal group activity coordinator

• Monthly printed newsletter

• Disabled parking badge and radar key

for your convenience

• DBS checked with public liability insurance• Insured for minibus travel

• ICO data protection registered • PSV Operative licensed

For an information pack, call 01709 819185 or 07932 601 998

Follow what weʻve been up to each week on our Facebook page


Package Offer 45


Could you be the

next volunteer

advisor at Rotherham

Citizen Advice?

We are recruiting now!

If you want to make a real difference to people’s

lives by helping them with the problems they face,

then come and join our volunteer team.

No previous experience or

qualifications are needed as full

training and support is given

All roles are home based so

wherever you live you can join

our team. All advice is given via

the phone or video conferencing.

All new advisers are given full

training and support

Inclusive and engaging

working environment with

regular sta meetings

Weekly wellbeing sessions such

as quizzes and interest groups

Minimum of one day

commitment each week

Meet new people & learn

new skills in a fun, inclusive


Find out more


or complete the application form at

Here when you need us

with tasty, easy meals

Bespoke home care in Barnsley

With over 30 years experience you can be sure of good

old fashioned service that will put a smile on your face

• 330 delicious dishes to choose from

• Quality ingredients prepared by award-winning chefs

• Options for different diets and portion preferences

• Just pop in the microwave or oven

First class service to your door

• A local friendly driver

• We’ll even put your meals in your freezer

• No contract or commitment


when you

spend £20*

Quote CH22 when ordering

*Offer only redeemable by telephone. Offer is only available to new customers placing their first order

with Wiltshire Farm Foods Chesterfield branch. Not valid in conjunction with any other offer.

For your FREE brochure call 01246 252 345

or visit

Who are we?

How can we help you?

• Personal care

• House keeping

• Companionship

• Dementia care

• Palliative care

• Live-in care

• Respite care

• Shopping and

meal prep



Make your money

go further

with RotherFed

We’re facing the biggest

income squeeze in a

generation as the rising

cost of living becomes a

heavy burden to carry. Many

families will begin to see a

decline in living standards

as their budgets erode,

leaving them teetering

on the edge of a poverty


A Rotherham-based charity is helping to

stabilise residents at risk of spiralling into

financial hardship by offering free services,

advice and guidance to tackle the cost of living


Rotherham Federation, aka RotherFed, has

been harnessing the power of communities

for 15 years, giving the people of Rotherham a

voice to grow and develop the area they live in.

Last year, they launched two new projects to

support people feeling the squeeze from rising

bills – and that was before the likes of the energy

cap, fuel costs, inflation, water rates, national

insurance contributions, and council tax bills had

risen dramatically.

Whether you’re in paid employment, are

retired, are a student, or in receipt of benefits, no

matter our income everyone is having to tighten

the purse strings. RotherFed is there to listen

and help you access the free support you need

to make ends meet.

Around £16 billion in

benefits goes unclaimed

each year, so you could

be missing out on money

you’re entitled to


Making Our Money

Go Further

This is a three-year project aimed at

changing the way communities think

and talk about managing money.

Working in partnership with Rotherham

Citizens Advice, the free service is lottery funded

and advises people in Rotherham how to cut

their bills without cutting back.

We’re all paying considerably more for

necessities. But in Yorkshire, over 40 percent of

families are living below the minimum income

standard. If you’re worried about affording the

basics, are struggling to pay all your bills, or

would like to know how to budget, the Making

Our Money Go Further project is there to help.

The project is multi-faceted, providing

practical tools needed to deal with money

worries. RotherFed staff together with staff

and volunteers at Rotherham Citizens advice

are on-hand to help you reduce expenditure,

increase income and renegotiate outgoings.

This might be speaking to a Citizens Advice

advisor about any government benefits you’re

eligible for or if claiming benefits means you

qualify for discounts on your council tax, water

rates or broadband contracts. Around £16

billion in benefits goes unclaimed each year,

so you could be missing out on money you’re

entitled to.

Have you ever looked at your outgoings

to see if you could pay less for the same

things? The RotherFed team can empower

you to save money on childcare bills through

government initiatives like tax-free childcare,

recycle children’s school uniforms at a uniform

drive, cancel unused subscriptions, or haggle

with your broadband and TV provider to get a

better deal.

Maybe you’d benefit from some budgeting

advice. There are now many apps available that

can be linked to your bank account so you can

The RotherFed team are

big advocates for saving

on your shopping and

regularly offer taste tests

see exactly which bills are rising and where you

might be able to cut back.

With rising food prices, the total at the till

seems to be more each week - even after

resisting the luxury items. Most supermarkets

have their own budget or saver ranges, as well


as wonky fruit and veg. The packaging might

be plain and simple, but the quality and taste

is not much different to premium ranges. The

RotherFed team are big advocates for saving

on your shopping and regularly offer taste tests

to see if you can taste the difference with your

mouth and not your eyes when products are out

of the packaging.

Simple things like checking the cupboards for

what you don’t need, making list of meal ideas

before you go, or doing your food shopping

online to reduce impulse buys can help save

money each week. As too can growing your own

fresh produce at your local allotment.

The RotherFed team also have access to a

cookbook compiled by Thurcroft woman Kathryn

Bliss on how to feed a family of four for less

than £2. The cheap and nutritious meals have

been costed per specific ingredient, such as

how much one onion or a tablespoon of tomato

puree costs. Recipes include bangers at mash

for 72p, mushroom risotto for £1.28, or peach

crumble for 47p.

The project is also working with services

such as Rotherham Foodbank and the social

supermarket initiative. Service users can tap

into expert advice from RotherFed and Citizens

Advice for help with debt and budgeting to help

get them back on track.

And finally, an important part of the project is

raising awareness about fast-fix finances, such

as loan sharks, investments scams, and buy

now pay later agreements.

The Making Our Money Go Further team

works with individuals across Rotherham but

is also able to deliver sessions at grassroots

community groups.

Energy Know How

With the energy market in crisis, there

are no cheap deals and the only way to

save money is to use less.

This two-year project supports Rotherham

residents to reduce their energy use and costs

while improving knowledge and awareness

about energy efficiency.

It is funded by the Energy Redress Scheme,

where money taken from energy firms who

breach Ofgem’s rules is redistributed to help

people who are most at risk from cold homes

and high energy bills.

Of all the recent price rises, the energy bill

increase is by far the largest. The energy price

cap rose by more than 50 percent on April 1st,

There is also free help

available to assess your

home for energy saving


with many residents seeing an average increase

of £700 on their annual bill. As oil and gas prices

continue to surge, there are fears the energy

price cap could rise even further in October.

But what does this all mean to consumers?

The Energy Know How team can help you

understand your energy bills and price caps

if you bring a copy along to one of their

drop-in sessions.

If you are unable to pay the increased energy

bill, your provider has a duty of care and

should have hardship funds or signpost you to

government support, such as the Warm Home

Discount for low income households, or annual

winter fuel payments for those born before 26th

September 1955.

There is also free help available to assess

your home for energy saving measures.

The Energy Know How team is working with

Groundwork’s Green Doctors to look at how

you can improve your home’s energy efficiency.

This might be simple solutions to tackle issues

like heat loss by using reflector sheets behind

radiators on external walls, installing draft

excluders to doors, switching to energy efficient

light bulbs, or looking at how to prevent damp

and mould.

The team can also give you tips on how to

save money by being consciously aware of your

energy usage. For example, you could save

around £55 a year by remembering to turn your

appliances off standby mode, or £65 a year by

turning the thermostat down one degree.

As well as remote support over the phone or

email, the Energy Know How team run regular

drop-in sessions. Contact the Energy Know How

team or visit their Facebook page for up-to-date

details of when and where their face-to-face

sessions will be.

To find out more about RotherFed’s

free services available, visit 49



to the


After years of minimalist grey

and white décor reigning

supreme there’s a new style

queen in town in the form of


Cottagecore is the epitome of The Good Life

in the 21st century, disconnecting from the digital

world in search of sustainability and a return to

the simpler days of the past.

Throw your imagination to your dream English

cottage: a thatched roof, roaring fireplace and

country kitchen. Whether you live in such an

idyllic home or not, there are ways to create that

wholesome, nostalgic and mindful rural vibe.

Cottagecore décor is saturated with bountiful

offerings of the outdoors, linking back to the

ideas of self-sufficiency and wellness. Adding

dried flower bouquets to a ceramic vase,

collecting mismatched vintage crockery, and

showcasing them in an organised chaos fashion

on open shelving is an easy place to start.

Handmade is its hallmark to replicate an

authentic homely cosiness and warmth. Think

quilted bedspreads or crochet placemats like

your granny had at home.

Floral prints and patterns are a mainstay of

cottage-inspired décor, with a nod to vintage

Laura Ashley being found on bedding, curtains



Family run business with over 50 years’ experience.










Park Road, Worsbrough Bridge,

Barnsley, S70 5LJ


Monday - Friday 8:30am - 4:30pm Saturday 10am - 4pm

Tel: 01226 297949

like us on





story to tell. Go thrift hunting around your

local antiques centres and charity shops

or check out what other people are selling

or giving away on selling sites and online


And don’t be afraid of clutter. This trend is

all about country maximalism.

It won’t be for everyone, but for those

looking to break away and be bold with their

home décor, cottagecore is possibly the

most romantic of all recent home trends.

and wallpaper.

Wood panelling has become popular in

recent months as people look to recreate

the charm of country living. It can be a

productive DIY task if you follow guides or

videos on the internet. Keeping paint tones

neutral and warm will let any patterns or

prints you choose for soft furnishings shine.

Furniture can be characterful, reclaimed,

rustic and distressed, each item with a

A family business proud to have been

established for over 30 years

We supply high quality products and offer first class workmanship

Windows & Porches

Conservatory you can use all year round

The ultimate

Guardian light

weight roof


The aesthetic appeal

of natural slate without

the risk of cracking

and breaking


Bi-folds & Sliders

Composite Doors

48mm solid core

Supplied and fitted

with Ultion Locks as


offering the highest

security available


Unit 28, Flexspace, Nobel Way, Dinnington, S25 3QB



Freephone 0800 1954 198 or 01909 517129/8 51

Unique riverside setting with outdoor

terrace overlooking the swans on the water

at Homeflair

Fine Italian coffees

& teas

• Breakfast Served All Day

• Light Lunches

• Healthy Light Bites

• Cakes and Patisserie

Fully Licensed

Come and enjoy a

drink on the terrace

Afternoon Tea

Three tier 2 for £18.95

Includes sandwiches, cream scone and

tea/coffee plus a selection of cakes

(Must be pre-booked)

Available for private parties,

birthdays, baby showers etc

Open over the

Jubilee Bank Holiday

Come and celebrate with a quintessential

afternoon tea and add a bottle of prosecco

Narrow Boat Trips

Sail along the canal followed by

luxury afternoon tea in the café

£15.95 per person

Saturday 25th

& Sunday 26th June

Hourly trips between 12pm, 1pm, 3pm

Wheelchair friendly

Bookings essential - £5pp deposit

- call for details

A celebration with a difference

Private boat trip bookings welcome

Homeflair Complex, Rawmarsh Road, Parkgate S60 1RZ Tel: 01709 252 420

Open Monday to Saturday 9am-4pm | Sunday 10am-4pm | Ample free parking

Manufacturers of

fine quality bedroom,

dining and

occasional furniture

Bespoke handmade


• Made in Yorkshire

• No flat pack

• Made to measure on all items

Alexandra Centre, Rail Mill Way, Parkgate, Rotherham S62 6JE (Behind DFS) Telephone: 01709 780 443



leading glazier

With a proven track record for delivering high

quality products and excellent standards of

service, Rotherham Glass has been the town’s

leading glazier for 35 years.

Whether you’re looking to replace

a single pane of broken glass or for

all-new windows and doors for your

home, Rotherham Glass has built

a solid reputation of offering a nononsense,

no hard sales approach

with products at affordable prices.

All products are made at their

on-site factory at Parkgate by

experienced and skilled technicians,

so you know you’ll always be in safe

hands. Rotherham Glass take great

pride in their standard of work and

each valued customer is offered the

same high level of service.

Unlike other large window and

door firms, Rotherham Glass don’t

employ salespeople and the price

you’re quoted is the best and final

price. If you’re looking for a quote to

replace existing windows and doors,

one of their fitters will come to your

home to carry out a site survey and

discuss your needs.

You can also visit their window and

door showroom to view the product

range first-hand, including the vast

range of colour finishes available

for window units, uPVC doors and

composite doors. The friendly and

helpful team are always on-hand to

offer advice and answer any queries

you may have.

If your current windows are

draughty or misted up, it’s a sign

that your double glazing has been

compromised. This reduces the

energy efficiency of the glass,

which is the last thing you need

when energy prices are already

rising. But it can also impact the

safety, so it’s important you have

your double glazing inspected

and repaired as soon as you

notice a problem to save you time

and money.

As well as windows and doors,

Rotherham Glass are well-known for

supplying glass and mirrors cut to

the size you need, usually while you

wait. So whether your greenhouse

needs some TLC, you’ve given

yourself seven years bad luck from

smashing a mirror, or you need a

glass splashback for your kitchen,

no job is too big or small. They even

offer decorative stained-glass panels

created from your design ideas for

doors and cabinets.

With hundreds of satisfied clients

in Rotherham and beyond, including

football stadiums, hotels and even

South Yorkshire Police, Rotherham

Glass and Glazing is a name you

can trust.



uPVC, composite, bi-folds, and patio doors

manufactured on-site

• Enhanced security handles fitted as standard

on all composite doors for your peace of mind

• 10-year guarantee on the door and 5-year

guarantee on glass inserts

• Supply only or supply and fit


Double and triple glazed uPVC windows

manufactured on-site

• High quality, internally glazed units for maximum

security and ultimate peace of mind

• Replacement seals for misted up windows

• Emergency same day glazing with boarding up service


Stocking all types of glass including standard,

wired, laminated, and toughened

• Glass cut to size for shelving, picture frames,

tabletops, splashbacks etc

• Decorative glass in a range of colours and designs

• Greenhouse glass panes

• Mirrors cut to fit any frame, any size

Trade and domestic customers welcome | First-class product and fitting service | We’ll beat any genuine written quote

FIND US ON Barbot Hall opposite the Fitzwilliam Arms Taylors Lane, Parkgate S62 6EE 01709 52 55 55

OR VISIT OUR WINDOW & DOOR SHOWROOM Greasbrough Street S60 1RF 01709 52 99 99


Furniture and accessories to

turn your home into

something special

Extensive displays

in our showroom

Quality divans and solid handmade beds with matching furniture

13 Rotherham Road, Maltby, Rotherham S66 8ES

Tel: 01709 814422




Don’t Buy New!


is the answer!



visit you

with our



No job




Or why not have your suite made like

new with a complete re-upholstery?

For more information and to arrange your

free estimate daytime or evening call


0114 275 6390

0114 2468477

161 Rutland Road, Sheffield S3 9PP

Bespoke Kitchens and Bedrooms at trade prices

Cool and Creative Bathrooms

Free Design and quotation

To take a virtual tour of our showroom please follow links:

Kitchen Bathroom

Interior Solutions Ltd 55


Now only



for a fully

fitted electric

garage door.








Garolla garage doors are expertly made to

measure in our own UK factories, they’re strong

and solidly built. The electric Garolla door rolls

up vertically, taking up only 8 inches inside

your garage, maximising valuable space.

Give us a call today and we’ll come and

measure up completely FREE of charge.


01226 920 037


07537 149 128 57


family run


trading for

30 years



No appointment required



Manufacturers &Installers of High Quality

PVCu Doors, Windows &Conservatories

• BSI registered company • 10 year insurance backed guarantee

• Complete installation from start to finish, including plastering

and electrics • Fully qualified workmen

Energy efficient windows and doors to A+ rating

Visitour showroom

Unit 13, Aldham Industrial Estate,

Mitchell Road, Wombwell, Barnsley S73 8HA

Tel: 01226 341 234


Virtual showroom tour available on the website

Approved Installer





Unit E3 Aven Industrial Park, Tickhill Road, Rotherham, S66 7QR 01709 811404

Unit C1 Aven Industrial Park, Tickhill Road, Rotherham, S66 7QR 01709 811404 (Kitchen & Bedroom Showroom)

Bateman Court, Matlock Street, Bakewell, Derbyshire, DE45 1EE 01629 813252

131 Chatsworth Road, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S40 2AU 01246 206268

490-492 Fulwood Road, Fulwood, Sheffield, S10 3QD 01142 306253



Inspire Me


From design to full installation, let us create your dream home

All our cabinets are made on site the possibilities are endless

Visit our showroom for inspiration


Open Monday to Sunday Greasbrough Road, Rotherham S60 1RJ

01709 291050


Made to



to add

security and

style to your


Do you have a long list of jobs

you’re dreadin

ng? One call solves all

Outdoor Jobs


Installation and Maintenance of:

• Sheds and summerhouses • Fences and fence posts

• Patios and decking • Drive cleaning

Indoor Jobs

• Flat pack building • Skirting, architraves and

flooring fitted • Loft Boarding • Bathrooms and showers

fitted • Painting • Switches and sockets changed

Contact Lee for a free quote: 07534 083278

Fully insured

Bespoke fabrication service to

bring your ideas and designs to life

• Gates for driveways, gardens and sideways

• Composite gates

• Handrails and balustrades

• Railings and panelling

• Tables, ornaments and decorative items

All products are galvanised to prevent rust

and powder coated in a range of colours

Measuring and installation included


Contact Jonah for quotes on

07949 797302



over 40 displays

Create a stunning focal point for your home

We manufacture and install an extensive range of

surrounds from timber to marble

Let us create

a media wall

console for you

with a choice of

modern fires

A wide range of stoves and contemporary electric

wall mounted fireplaces to suit all tastes

We also stock electric and gas fires

Coal and logs in stock

Beat the


Lower your

energy bills

with a stove


Unit 14, Hillside Court, Rotherham S61 4RP

01709 37843107828 178754

See our reviews and work on 61


In the community:

garden focus

Good gardens are not made by sitting in the

shade, and members of our local communities

have been hard at work over the spring to ensure

South Yorkshire is in full bloom.

A blooming

good result for


Dementia Carer


Rotherham Dementia Carer

Support is set to blossom this

summer thanks to over £12,000

in grants towards a new garden

project at Rotherham College.

The team at Rotherham Dementia

Carer Support, which is operated

by national adult health and social

care charity Making Space, had

been keen to start an outdoor

venture for some time. But due to

the long waiting list for an allotment,

Rotherham College volunteered one

of theirs which had been neglected

during the pandemic.

Voluntary Action Rotherham’s

Mental Health Small Grant Scheme

awarded the service almost £9,000

over the next three years while a

further £3,230 came from VAR’s

Supporting Our Communities grant.

The grants will be used to buy

tools, plants, seeds, compost and

seating for carers with restricted

mobility, as well as to pay for a

gardener to help get the project

started. The grant will also go

towards helping to bring back the

existing monthly dementia cafes

in Thurcroft, Wath-Upon-Dearne,

Dalton and Maltby.

You can find out more about

getting involved with the garden

project by calling 01709 910889

or emailing RotherhamCarers@


Penistone WI joins

the Royal Canopy


It was double celebrations for

members of the Penistone Women’s

Institute as they celebrated their

21st anniversary along with the

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee by taking

part in the Royal Canopy project.

As part of the tree planting

scheme, Penistone WI donated

and planted three fruit trees

in Penistone’s beautiful

Watermeadows Park. Known locally

as the ‘windy city’ due to its location

in the foothills of the Pennines,

the wind was in full force as the

day of planting arrived in April. But

the ladies were ably supported by

Twiggs Landscaping, the Mayor of

Penistone and town councillors to

get the job done.

Penistone WI hope these trees

provide plums and pears for the

community for many years to come

A Right Royal

Winthrop Bake Off

The glorious community gardens

and cafe in Wickersley, just off

Morthen Road, is open throughout

the summer on Tuesdays,

Wednesdays and Thursdays

between 10.30am and 4pm.

On Saturday 4th June, they will

be hosting their annual open day

as part of the Queen’s Jubilee

celebrations from 11am until 4pm.

This will also include the Right Royal

Winthrop Bake Off for local bakers

young and old to enter.

Entry is free and there are four

categories: Cakes and Buns;

Scones and Biscuits; Preserves;

and a Bake Fit For a Queen. First

prize will win a copy of Winthrop’s

Platinum Jubilee recipe book.

All entries must be delivered

to Winthrop on Friday 3rd April

between 3pm and 6pm or Saturday

4th April between 8am and 9am,

ready for judging which starts at


Full details available on their

Facebook page


Cawthorne Open


Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th

June 11am-5pm

The popular biennial attraction of

Cawthorne Open Gardens is back

for 2022 as hundreds of visitors

prepare to flock to the picturesque

village to marvel at 15 beautiful


Each garden will have its own

individual interest and character

and there will be something for

everyone, whether you’re an

experienced or novice gardener.

Some gardens will be hosting live


Visit our showroom

for inspiration

music or homemade refreshments,

while others will have an eclectic

range of attractions including a

model steam railway, a British bird

of prey display, an arboretum,

streams, and ponds.

There will be activities and

competitions for children such as a

treasure hunt and Victorian games,

as well as a raffle with prizes kindly

donated by local companies. Dogs

on short leads are welcome and

many gardens are suitable for

wheelchair access.

A free map and guide to all

the gardens will be available on

the day. There will be ample,

signposted parking in the centre of

the village, along with a free regular

shuttlebus around the village linking

the gardens and car park.

The event has been sponsored

by Cannon Hall Farm, Naylor’s

Gardenware and Signs Xtra.

Weekend wristbands £6 if bought

on the day or £5 in advance from

any of the village shops. Children

under 16 go free. All proceeds

split between Cawthorne All

Saints’ Church repairs and Exodus

children’s charity.

For more information visit

their Facebook page


Proud to be awarded Certificate of Distinction

2019/20 for customer satisfaction

A very professional job

with outstanding results

We have just had a new bathroom fitted by Soak

bathrooms and cannot recommend the company

highly enough. The quality is excellent and all staff go

above and beyond what is expected. Fitting was

performed in a timely manner and the fitters were

always respectful and courteous, and kept

everything clean and tidy. We are extremely pleased

with the finished bathroom and would like to extend

our gratitude and compliments to all at Soak for their

hard work and dedication to customer satisfaction.

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Coming up

with Garden Designer Sally Cunis

Rosa “Lady Emma Hamilton”

“A rose by any other

name would smell as


As roses are not only at their

peak of perfection in June, but are

also our national flower and are

steeped in symbolism, they seem

the perfect flower with which to

celebrate the Queen’s Platinum

Jubilee this summer.

The Tudor rose, a combination of

the white rose of the House of York

and the red rose of the House of

Lancaster, was adopted by Henry Vll

as a sign of peace to mark the end

of the Wars of the Roses. Together

with the thistle and the shamrock, it

still forms part of the Royal Coat of

Arms and is worn by the guards at

the Tower of London.

Roses are the essence of the

traditional English garden in midsummer,

evocative of times past,

of idyllic childhoods concocting

‘perfume’ from velvety petals, of

heady scents as evening falls and of

exquisite patterns on dainty China

and old chintz fabric. The rose, a

Rosa “Gertrude Jekyll”

Rosa “The Generous Gardener”

symbol of love, is strewn in all its

romantic forms throughout music,

art and literature, most famously in

the plays of Shakespeare.

Rose petals are dried to make

confetti, pot-pourri, used in cooking,

for decoration and in medicine

around the world. Rose oil,

perfume, soap and rose water are

all popular products made from the

distillation of fresh roses. The rose

is millions of years old, native of the

temperate regions of the Northern

Hemisphere and, it is believed, was

first cultivated about 5,000 years

ago in China.

I love roses, for their versatility,

scent, large variety of colour, long

flowering period, ease of growing

and hardiness. Even their stems,

arching branches, thorns, hips or

heps can be dramatic. There is

a rose for almost every situation

whatever the size of plot that you


In the past, roses were grown

formally in traditional rose gardens

perhaps in a parterre or geometric

layout edged with low box hedging

separated by paths. They would

Rosa “ Veilchenblau”


Sedum and hardy geraniums

be delightful for a short period of

time, dull for the rest of the year. As

tastes change, rose breeders have

developed roses suited to more

informal layouts, less prone to black

spot producing plants which repeat

flower, are perhaps thornless but

still retain their heavenly scent and

exquisite form.

Whenever I have been asked to

incorporate roses into a design,

or indeed added roses to my own

garden, I interplant the roses with

a wide range of complementary

plants including spring bulbs to

produce a mixed border ensuring

a continuity of interest throughout

the year.

For example, rose beds can be

edged with generous clumps of

dianthus, Heuchara “Palace purple”,

Stachys lanata and saxifrage; then

interweave beds with ribbons of

foxgloves, Verbena bonariensis,

fennel, Tellima, Alliums, lavender

and purple sage punctuated by

obelisks supporting roses and

clematis to give height and variety.

If space is limited, choose from a

range of patio roses or grow roses

vertically up and over an arch or

a wall such as Rosa “Gertrude

Jekyll” and Rosa “The Generous


The English Shrub Roses

are excellent for cutting, highly

perfumed, fabulous in form and

range of colour. My favourites,

which I grow against an old stone

wall with the climbing purple Rosa

“Veilchenblau”, sage, lavender,

Stachys and passionflower, are

Mossy Saxifrage

Mixed border of roses,

sage and Heuchara

Rosa “Lady Emma Hamilton” and

Rosa “Lady of Shalott” in shades of

orange and copper.

If you want to plant a rose this

summer, a beautiful new English

Shrub Rose called Rosa “Elizabeth”

has been bred to mark the Queen’s

Platinum Jubilee.

Whilst container grown roses

can be planted throughout the

year, bare-root stock is available

in late autumn and should be

planted on arrival. Roses prefer a

sunny position with well-drained

soil although there are roses which

will tolerate some shade. They like

clay soil, improved with well rotted

manure. Prepare the ground in

advance of planting, digging a hole

big enough to spread out the roots,

fork over the base with a mix of well

rotted manure and bonemeal; after

planting, backfill with the same mix

with some soil added. Do not bury

the graft or union. Protect the rose

with a thick mulch over winter.

Enjoy the roses and the

celebrations in June.




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His brother’s keeper:

remembering George and Ted Robledo

The football league’s history is littered with

siblings, from the Charltons to the Nevilles

and the Toures. But a footballing family whose

careers constantly mirrored each other’s is

the Robledos.

The Robledo story is that of

unity. While not always both in the

starting XI, brothers George and

Ted played together simultaneously

at four different clubs in England

and their native Chile: Barnsley FC,

Newcastle United, Colo-Colo, and

the Chilean national team.

South America has a reputation

for producing some of the world’s

greatest footballers and George

Robledo is arguably one of the first

foreign-born players to have an

impact on English football.

But while the Robledos were

born in Chile, their sporting

prowess was nurtured in South

Yorkshire and polished on

Tyneside – bagging a whole host of

silverware along the way.

Legends in the Toon and Tarn,

the Robledos owe their success to

the village of West Melton.

As with many sporting siblings,

one Robledo brother went on

to shine brighter than the other.

George, the eldest, set many

footballing records including

the first foreign player to win the

Golden Boot for being the First

Division’s top goal scorer.

From grassroots games in the

Dearne to claiming back-to-back

victories at Wembley, George

played and scored in the 1939 Totty

Cup, 1944 Montagu Cup, 1950

World Cup in Brazil, and 1952 FA

Cup – of which his winning goal

was immortalised in crayon by

a young John Lennon and later

used on the cover of his Walls and

Bridges album.

The brothers both died decades

ago, remembered in South

Yorkshire by Reds fans over a

certain age who were fortunate

enough to see them play at Oakwell

or hear stories from family who did.

But now, two new blue plaques

have been unveiled to preserve the

Robledos’ legacy on the footballing

world: one on the wall of their family

home in the Dearne Valley on what

would have been George’s 96th

birthday, and another at their later

home in Newcastle seventy years

to the day of George’s FA Cup

winning goal.

Due to economic and political

instability in Chile during the 1930s,

George and Ted moved from one

mining community to the other,

emigrating with their mother from

Iquique to West Melton when they

were five and two.

Their mother Elsie hailed from

Rotherham and moved to Argentina

aged 18 to look after the children of

a mine manager. When that family

were transferred to Chile she joined

Ted and George

George and Ted

them, where she met the mine

company’s accountant, Aristides


The couple married and had

three boys: George born 1926,

Edward born 1928, and Walter

born 1932. When Walter was just

six weeks old, Elsie and the boys

travelled by ship back to the UK.

Their father stayed in Chile, never

to see his children again until a

brief meeting with George some

decades later.

Elsie took over her family’s

general store on Barnsley Road

following the death of her parents.

The boys went to nearby Brampton

Ellis School which is where the

oldest Robledo lad first showed an

interest in football.

Aged 13, George played in

the Totty Cup, a competition for

Don and Dearne schools, scoring

four goals of the 9-0 triumph over

Thurnscoe Hill in the 1939 final.

At the following year’s final, he

scored five of the six Brampton Ellis

goals in a 2-2 draw and 4-0 replay

against Bolton Modern to retain

the cup.

Robledo scored over 50 goals in

the 1938/9 season, with the South

Yorkshire Times reporting that, had

it been normal times (the country

was in the throes of World War II),

he’d have certainly received his



Elsie, Ted, George and Walter

county cap. As a school player,

he would score 139 goals in four


As the war raged on, a

teenage George continued to play

football, picking up a few amateur

appearances with Huddersfield

Town and Barnsley while working

down the pits on leaving school.

In 1944, he ‘guested’ for Wath

Wanderers in the Montagu Cup

final replay, opening the scoring

in a game that lasted almost two

hours forty minutes.

After the end of the war, George

signed a professional contract with

second division team Barnsley

FC. In his debut with the Reds,

he scored a hat-trick in a 3-0

victory over Nottingham Forest.

The following season, brother Ted

joined the Reds which would begin

a brotherly bond like no other for

the Chilean siblings with Yorkshire


Having scored 45 goals in

105 appearances with Barnsley

over two and a half seasons,

George was approached by top

flight Newcastle United in 1949.

But while moving up a division

appealed to him, he had one strict

condition that would be make or

break: the Magpies had to sign his

brother, too.

Ted had only made five

appearances at Barnsley, but they

agreed without hesitation, making a

record transfer deal of £26,500 for

the pair. Tyneside would become

the new home for all the Robledos,

with Elsie and youngest brother

Walter moving into a house rented

by the club.

George went straight into the

first team, making his debut goal

a month later to score the winner

in a derby against Sunderland on

home turf at St James’ Park. The

Newcastle crowd soon claimed him

as their own, aided by a winning

partnership he struck up with the

club’s golden boy, Jackie Milburn.

A hard-working and robust

playing style cemented his place

in the high-flying Newcastle side.

Although primarily an insideforward

with a fierce shot and

strong heading ability that netted

him endless goals, George played

in every position except centreback.

He was even once the

goalkeeper replacement while

facing Manchester United at Old

Trafford – but not before scoring a

goal against the opposition first.

During his overall time for Newcastle,

he scored a total of 82 league goals in 146

appearances, a record for an overseas

player that was held almost fifty years

until it was broken by Dwight Yorke

His remarkable performances

for the North East club caught

the eye of his home nation, with

George called up to represent

Chile at the 1950 World Cup in

Brazil. Drawn in the same group

as England, it was like a busman’s

holiday for George, facing up

against First Division mainstays

that formed the England squad.

But while Chile didn’t get past the

group stages, George became a

national hero for his contribution to

the team in all of the club’s games

at the competition.

Despite being nicknamed

Pancho by his Newcastle

teammates, George couldn’t speak

a word of Spanish – he’d left Chile

while still in short trousers and they

didn’t speak much Spanish in West

Melton! He was also the only player

out of 286 from 13 nations who was

playing for a professional league

club outside his own country.

The Robledos never gained

citizenship so couldn’t play for

England, but George earned 31

caps for Chile. He and Ted would

also go on to play for their birth

country together when Chile

hosted the 1955 South American

Championship, aka Copa America.

Back on British soil, George

continued to make waves in

Reunited with Jackie Milburn

the Magpies’ black and white

stripes, with a run of firsts and

record-breaking triumphs for the

club. During his overall time for

Newcastle, he scored a total of 82

league goals in 146 appearances,

a record for an overseas player

that was held almost fifty years until

it was broken by Dwight Yorke in

1998. He had a better goal ratio

than Newcastle’s Shearer, Milburn,

and MacDonald.

The 1951/52 season was

George’s most prolific. He became

the first non-British top goal scorer

in the First Division with a tally of 33 71


A display in the Colo-colo museum

Gladys and Elizabeth

league goals, with the FA verifying

this has never been beaten by a

non-British player. For context,

contemporary overseas Golden

Boot winners in the Premier League

are Salah with 32 goals, Ronaldo

and Suarez with 31, and Henry and

Van Persie with 30.

The previous season, George

had become the first South

American to play in an FA Cup final

as Newcastle beat Blackpool to

bring home the trophy. He returned

to Wembley with Newcastle the

following year as defending

champions; this time he was

joined in the squad by his brother

Ted. Again, another first was set

as the brothers became the first

two foreign players in the same

team at an FA Cup final. It would

be almost thirty years before two

South Americans played together

again in an FA Cup final, in the form

of Argentinians Ossie Ardiles and

Ricky Villa for Spurs in 1981.

George went on to score

the only goal of the final against

Arsenal to retain the trophy for a

second year. More than 60 years

later in 2015, Alexis Sanchez

became the next Chilean player

to score in an FA Cup final. A

photograph of Robledo’s header

which clinched The Magpies’ win

was drawn by an 11-year-old John

Lennon and later used on his

fifth solo album cover, Walls and

Bridges, released in 1974.

Still in his mid-20s, George

remained at the summit of the

English football league pyramid

with Newcastle. But his English

career would soon come to an end,

fuelled this time by his younger

brother and a run of bad play by

the Magpies.

Having lived in his brother’s

shadow at Newcastle, in 1953 Ted

was sold to Chile’s premier team,

Colo-Colo, after 37 appearances

with Newcastle. Changing

formation, George decided to

follow his brother back to Chile to

play for the Santiago team. A cap

on wages in the UK was reportedly

what swayed his decision, with

Colo-Colo doubling his wages to

£14 a week as well as giving him a

£4,000 signing bonus.

Again, their doting mother

Elsie moved her life to stay with

The Robledos played together at

Colo-Colo until 1957, during which time

they won two league titles and George

was the top goal scorer in two

back-to-back seasons

her boys, relocating back to Chile

to where their journey first began.

Younger brother Walter went too,

with the travel fares and house paid

for by the club.

The Robledos played together

at Colo-Colo until 1957, during

which time they won two league

titles and George was top goal

scorer in two back-to-back

seasons. Ted phased out his career

there, and many presumed his

older brother would also announce

his retirement, having reached

the age of 31. However, George

went on to play for O’Higgins de

Rancagua for a couple of seasons

before moving into coaching in

1960 aged 34.

By then, he had a wife Gladys

and daughter Elizabeth. The family

moved north-west to the coastal

city of Vina del Mar where George

took a job as sports master of an

English school. He also played a

role in organising the 1962 World

Cup held in Chile.

Ted, meanwhile, was working

on oil rings in the Persian Gulf

when tragedy struck. He went

overboard, presumed missing, in

1970 aged 42 while sailing out of

Dubai. Mysterious circumstances

surrounded his disappearance;

the ship’s captain was tried and

acquitted of murder. Ted’s body

was never found and his death

remains unresolved.

Their mother Elsie died a

few years later, having moved

back to the UK. Walter had

remained in education and, on

completion, moved to the US to

work for a mining company, which

subsequently led to him being

transferred back to Chile and then


George died of a heart attack in

1989 aged 62, leaving behind his

wife and daughter and a legacy in

both England and Chile.

All these years later, Elizabeth

returned to her father’s childhood

home in West Melton in April for the

unveiling of the new blue plaque.

The event had been postponed for

two years owing to the pandemic,

with Elizabeth finally able to

travel over from Chile to mark the


Installing a blue plaque was

the original idea of Chris Brook, a

former teacher who has a hand in

running the Totty Cup and Montagu

Cup competitions that George

played in and won as a youth.

When researching the history of the

Totty Cup, a name on the 1939 goal

sheet intrigued him – Robledo.

After hearing that the same

Robledo had gone on to play in FA

Cup and World Cup finals, Chris’

fascination into the family piqued.

Coming to realise little was known

of him in his childhood home,

Chris put the wheels in motion to

organise the plaque in 2019.

But he needed proof that the

family had indeed lived at 97

Barnsley Road, West Melton.

A fire had destroyed the 1931

census and the following census

didn’t happen because of the war.

However, Chris managed to track

down a Robledo distant relative,

Lucy Thorpe, whose father had the

original contracts from when the

brothers signed for Barnsley FC,

complete with their address.

He then needed permission

from the building’s owner. It was no

longer a shop, having been turned

into flats, but Chris found the owner

via a Land Registry search who

readily supported the plans.

Another hurdle was the cost,

with crowd funding helping raise

half the £350 needed and Barnsley

FC offering to pay the rest.

And there was to be no plaque

without family present. Through

the power of social media, Chris

was put in touch with Elizabeth

who lived over 7,000 miles away in


At the unveiling, Elizabeth

was joined by Chilean diplomat

Francisco Tello, and former

Barnsley player, Barry Murphy.

Elizabeth was then invited as a

guest at Oakwell to watch the Reds

play Peterborough on April 18th.

Following her time in South

Yorkshire, she then travelled up

north to the Tyne to be a guest

at St James’ Park for Newcastle

United’s game against Liverpool

at the end of April, shortly followed

by a second blue plaque unveiling

on her family’s Newcastle home in




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Aroundtown Magazine has

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projects which I have an involvement.

An article on the Don and Dearne’s

Totty Cup prompted all six missing

photos from its 97-year history

turning up.

Amber is very thorough with her

research and delves for personal

details that embellish each story. The

word craft is well thought out, creative

and precise.

The balance of photographs,

headlines and text is expertly

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staff are a well led team with all the

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Thank you.

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Chrissie Yates


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Pimm’s glazed chicken with

strawberry and cucumber salad

A deliciously sticky glazed dish

that can be grilled or barbecued,

perfect for summer celebrations.

Serves 4-6

Preparation time 25-30 minutes plus

up to 4 hours marinating


For the marinade

8 bone-in chicken thighs

2 tbsp Pimm’s No. 1

1 tbsp soy sauce

1 garlic clove, crushed

2 tsp grated fresh ginger

1 tsp brown sugar

I tsp white miso paste

For the Pimm’s glaze

100ml Pimm’s No. 1

2 tbsp orange marmalade

2 tbsp dark brown sugar

1 tbsp cider vinegar

1 tsp white miso paste

For the strawberry and

cucumber salad

300g strawberries, sliced

1 cucumber, diced

Half small red onion, finely diced

Small bunch basil, leaves picked

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2 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil

1 tbsp Pimm’s

2 tsp each lemon, lime and

orange juice

1 tsp sugar


Put the chicken in a bowl with all

the marinade ingredients. Toss, then

cover and marinate in the fridge for

2-4 hours.

Put all the ingredients for the

glaze in a small pan and heat over a

medium heat to dissolve the sugar.

Bring to the boil, then simmer for 5-6

minutes until thickened and syrupy.

Set aside to cool.

Light the barbecue or heat the grill.

Take the chicken out of the fridge 30

minutes before cooking. Remove

from the marinade and pat dry with

kitchen paper. Grill the chicken for

20-25 minutes, turning and basting

with glaze regularly, until golden and

sticky and cooked through.

For the salad, combine all the

ingredients in a large bowl. Serve the

chicken drizzled with extra glaze with

the salad on the side.




myth busting

With James Ward at the Grape Kitchen

Following the start of our wine myth busting series

in the last edition, which dispelled the myth that all

wines get better with age, this time we’re addressing

another myth we hear regularly…

“Wines with a screw

cap are lower quality”

I personally prefer a cork in my

wine bottle, but that’s because I’m

a sucker for the whole ceremony of

opening up the bottle and hearing

a pop of the cork. However, that

doesn’t mean I discriminate against

screwcap wine. In fact, screwcaps

sometimes have benefits over corks.

People say that

you shouldn’t age a

screwcap wine, but

it shouldn’t be an

issue so long as the

screwcap is secure -

I’ve got a few in my

collection that are

at least five years


A screwcap wine

can’t be corked

Cork comes from a cork tree which

produce a natural compound called

trichloroanisole (TCA). If too much

TCA is present in the cork, then it

emits odours reminiscent of damp

cardboard into the wine, aka ‘corking’

it. Cork producers have been working

to reduce amounts of TCA but cork

taint is still possible.

Screwcaps are made of plastic,

so no TCA compound, meaning a

screwcap wine will never be corked.

However, if a screwcap hasn’t been

fitted properly it will run the risk of

oxidising the wine. This is uncommon

as most screwcaps are mechanically

fitted, but if you can smell vinegar

then your wine may have been


Screwcap wines can be

opened by hand

How many times have you been

with friends, gone to open a bottle

and found that the pesky cork won’t

come out?! How many times have

you broke a cork because it’s either

crumbled or you’ve not put the

corkscrew in enough? A screwcap

will alleviate any of these frustrations.

Screwcaps can be

recycled easier

A cork may be natural but the

plastic from a screwcap is easier to


Can a screwcap wine

be aged?

People say that you shouldn’t age

a screwcap wine, but it shouldn’t be

an issue so long as the screwcap

is secure - I’ve got a few in my

collection that are at least five years

old. The reason why cork is preferred

and why they say you should lay the

bottle down is so the wine can come

into contact with the cork and stop

it from drying out, which would let

oxygen in.

The Grape

Kitchen’s Top



Domaine Horgelus

Gros Manseng/


Cotes de

Gascogne IGP,


RRP £11.25

Aromatic and

refreshing, with

crisp minerality and

notes of citrus and

tropical fruits.



Friday 20th May

Cocktail on arrival and Greek

tapas menu. Live performance

by the amazing ‘Abba Alike’

Followed by a disco, will you be

the dancing queen?

£35 per person or £140

including overnight stay with

breakfast for two people

including tickets



Sunday 10th July 12-4pm

Hosted by Wortley Rotary Club

for local charities

Browse classic cars, motorbikes

and other vintage vehicles.

Gift and craft stalls, bouncy

castle, face painting, live music,

BBQ and outdoor bar

Adults £5 U14’s £1 Family £12

(2 adults max)


Friday 24th June

Enjoy a 5 course menu with

our amazing signature

seafood dishes. Also the

chance to pair your courses

with our superb wines

£48 per person


Available daily

12 noon - 4pm

Served in our tea

room or terrace

£16.95 per person

or £21.95 with

a glass of prosecco

Bookings essential

Contact us for further information

and booking for all events

T. 0114 2882100 E.


Wortley, Sheffield,

South Yorkshire S35 7DB 75


Have a


old time

For a dining experience that’s a

cut above, The Barley Bar and

Restaurant at Thorpe Hesley is

the place to visit this summer.

Following a four-year renovation project of the

former Travellers Inn on the edge of the motorway,

the highly anticipated opening of The Barley has

Their team of experienced

chefs, which includes a

2 AA Rosette recipient,

have devised a menu with

a prime focus on flame

grilled steaks

seen the run-down building lovingly transformed

into a new bar and restaurant.

The name gives a nod to Thorpe Hesley’s

historic coal mining heritage and the former Barley

Hall Colliery that once occupied the neighbouring

area. Enjoy a cold (or hot) drink from the bar in one

of their three new seating areas or outdoor beer

garden looking out over the rural landscape.

With the main attraction the food, The Barley’s

offer brings a new flavour to the local gastro scene.

Their team of experienced chefs, which includes a

2 AA Rosette recipient, have devised a menu with

a prime focus on flame grilled steaks from almighty

tomahawks and T-bones to rib eye and rump.

All beef used is dry cured for 28 days by an

award-winning Yorkshire butcher and cut in house.

Cooked to your liking on a charcoal grill, their meat

brings a comforting taste of the barbecue with

the tenderness of expert cooking. Choose your

sauce and sides, including cowboy beans or their

signature Barley onion loaf.

Aside from its red-meat core, The Barley grill

menu is also bursting with tasty alternatives, such

as gammon steaks, ribs, and spatchcock chicken.

Get your burger fix with patties that are made from

a blend of high-quality beef and bone marrow,

or go traditional with steak and ale pie, bangers

and mash, or hand battered fish and chips. The

children’s menu also features freshly prepared

options such as fish or chicken goujons, a mini

burger, or mac and cheese.

Their meat-free and plant-based menu is every

bit as flavoursome, with options such as a spicy

vegan pie, or colourful veggie grill with grilled

vegetables, mac and cheese, coleslaw and a

choice of homemade chip or sweet potato fries.

And make sure you leave room for dessert.

Head chef and manager Vanessa is the queen

of puds, whipping up a range of tempting cakes,

cream buns, and self-saucing puddings served in

a cup and saucer.

While The Barley Bar and Restaurant only

opened at the end of April, there are already more

plans in the pipeline to expand their outdoor offer

with a bar, BBQ, children’s play area, beer festivals,

and a log cabin for private events.


Serving up generous portions of warm hospitality and sizzling steaks

Dry cured, flame grilled steaks sourced

from an award-winning Yorkshire butcher

• Burgers and dawgs

• Homemade pub favourites

including pie, chilli, lasagne and fish and chips

• Vegan and vegetarian menu

including plant-based burger and veggie grill

• Lighter lunch menu with steak sandwiches,

quiches and salads

• Traditional Sunday Lunch menu

Fancy a drink?

Craft and traditional ales

Wines and spirits including gin trees

and Fizz Friday offers

Large outdoor dog-friendly seating area

Coming later this summer: outdoor bar, BBQ,

pizza oven and children’s play area

Quiz night

every Wednesday from 8.30pm


FOOD SERVED Mon-Sat 12pm-9pm Sun 12pm-6pm

Find us just off M1 Jct35 roundabout (towards Chapeltown)


0114 246 1110



The perfect pear



Top off your trip to

Cannon Hall with a visit

to The Pear Tree Pantry

where you can have your

cake and eat it.

wentworth’s traditional family pub

The Pear Tree Pantry,

named after Cannon Hall’s

famous pear collection, is

run by Terri and Clive from

the popular Glo Coffee

van which has been on-site each

weekend for almost three years. But

following the success of their graband-go

food offer, they have since

left their jobs to focus solely on their

thriving venture.

The new coffee bar with outdoor

seating overlooks the historic walled

gardens. Before marvelling inside

the museum or after a walk around

the stunning parklands, relax in the

cobbled courtyard with a freshly

brewed coffee and a homemade


The Pear Tree Pantry caters for all

dietary requirements and is the only

food offer on site that offers dairy-free

milks such as coconut, almond, oat

and soya in their drinks for the same

price as regular milk.

Many of their cakes and bakes

are gluten-free, with people travelling

from all over specifically to try that

week’s offer. Terri has also developed

a vegan range of cakes and pastries,

including a Bakewell tart, jaffa orange

sponge, and barbecue jackfruit


As well as ensuring their

customers are looked after, The Pear

Tree Pantry is also helping care for

the environment. Their repurposed,

battery powered transit van is selfsustainable,

their coffee is roasted

in Sheffield, and all cups used are

compostable and biodegradable.

Relax in the Walled Garden

at Cannon Hall Museum

Ser ving fresh food all day

• Teacakes, toast, paninis,

sandwiches, jacket potatoes

and quiche

• Specialising in vegan and

gluten-free savouries

and sweet treats

• Range of homemade cakes

and desserts

• Sheffield roasted coffee

• Dairy-free milk alternatives

at no extra cost

• Slushies, frappes and iced coffees

Open Mon-Fri 9:30am-4pm Sat-Sun 9am-5pm

Find us in the Walled Gardens at Cannon Hall Museum,

Cawthorne, Barnsley S75 4AT

Afternoon Tea

Bookings only

Why not book for the

Platinum Jubilee weekend

Thurs 2nd to Sun 5th June

OPEN 7 DAYS 11am-11pm

85 main street,



s62 7tn


01226 742 440

On the menu...

Food served lunchtime through to evening

Monday to Saturday 12-9pm and Sunday 12-6pm

• Full menu including daily specials

• Stone baked pizzas available every day

• Sunday Roasts 12-6pm while stock lasts

What’s on...

• One of the area’s largest beer gardens

• Outdoor bars serving food and drinks

• Children’s play area - new play area coming this summer

Join us over the Jubilee Bank Holiday

Father’s Day Sunday 19th June

Treat dad to lunch and a pint

Reserve a table don’t be disappointed

On the bar...

7 different cask ales from local guest breweries

including Timothy Taylor’s Landlord

Upstairs private dining room

Perfect for social gatherings and parties up to 20 people


Friendly 77

Tuesday to Friday

1 Course £12.50 2 Course £16.75

3 Course £18.25

Homemade fishcake

served with a white wine and sweet chilli sauce

Mushrooms cooked in garlic oil

served on sourdough bread

Prawns and tuna fish pasta

in a cheese sauce served with warm bread

Melon with smoked ham and pineapple

with a balsamic glaze

Chef's soup of the day

served with a warm bread roll

Tomato, mozzarella and basil bruschetta

with a balsamic glaze

Homemade steak and potato pie

served with Henderson's relish

Deep fried beer battered haddock

with homemade chips, mushy peas and tartar sauce

Mushroom and Brie lasagne

spinach, mushrooms and brie in a creamy garlic sauce

Chef's roast of the day with Yorkshire pudding

roast potatoes and seasonal vegetables

Piri piri chicken

with salad leaves, coleslaw and new potaotes

Handmade beef burger

served with bacon bits, cheese sauce, onion rings,

coleslaw and hand cut chips

Selection of hot and cold desserts

On our midweek lunch and evening menus

Book a table of 6 or more adults and receive

a FREE bottle of Prosecco

or book a table of 10 or

more adults and receive

2 FREE bottles

of Prosecco

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

1 Course £15.50 2 Course £21.00

3 Course £24.50

3 Course Menu £30.50

3 course menu £22.00

Includes leg of lamb, roast loin of pork, grilled salmon,

homemade pie and vegetable moussaka

Celebrate with us

We cater for all private parties

Weddings, Birthdays and Anniversaries

Open Tuesday – Sunday



A warm welcome awaits

In the picturepostcard

village of

Scholes, The Bay

Horse is everything

a traditional inn

should be with

hand-pulled ales,

hearty homemade

food, and a warm


The décor is

a mix of old and

new, entwining the

building’s vast history

with utmost comfort. In the dogfriendly

snug there’s a cosy log fire,

while the dining area with glazed

gable roof leads out onto the large

beer garden with open views of the

rural village.

Run by Jean Lawrence and her

husband Andy, all food at The Bay

Horse is homemade, from soups to

sauces to sweets. The menu boasts

classics such as 100% beef burgers

or hand-battered fish and proper

homemade chunky chips, as well as

dishes such as chicken smothered

in peppercorn sauce or a tandoori

chicken naan sandwich.

Jean has been dubbed the Queen

of Pies for her speciality pies filled

to the brim and covered in melt-inthe-mouth

shortcrust pastry like your

nanna used to make. Popular pies

include Jean’s steak and stilton or

roasted veg and sweet potato, and

there’s always a weekly pie which

could be anything from minted lamb

and potato to hunter’s chicken.

And situated on the edge of

Wentworth, why not quench your

thirst after a summer walk from the

well-stocked bar with cask ales,

refreshing lagers, and fine wines.

food served mon 4pm to 7.30pm,

tues to sat 12pm to 7.30pm, sun 12pm to 5pm.

Homemade pies

Pub classics including cod and

chips, lasagne, curries, burgers,

grills and smothered chicken

Children’s menu all dishes £4.95

Sunday Roast

Dietary requirements catered for by

request, please let us know when booking

Large beer garden and outdoor seating

Dog friendly snug

for table bookings, call 0114 246 8085

scholes village, rotherham s61 2rq






Two dish


from ou

r menu: fre









roast cod with



zo asp



nay sauc


• Star




• Spec





• Pub classics



rty ma

ins • Lunc

nch menu



• Vegetari







h er bit


• Burger

ers and gril


• Sund





aft and cask





ium lage




d wine







ok now




’s Day




ery Thursd



ish Bing



your card





o wit





to be


Open Mon-Sun 12pm-11pm • Food served Mon to Thurs 12pm-8pm, Fri & Sat 12pm -9pm, Sun 12pm-7pm

Main Street, Aughton, Sheffield S26 3XJ 0114 287 7468 5* Food Hygiene rating

E: • robinhoodinaughton 79


what’s on at

A taste of continental cafe

culture in Rotherham



Thursday 2nd to Sunday 5th June

Served 12pm-5pm

Celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

with a quintessentially British themed

afternoon tea

Adults £15 Children £10

Reservations essential



Friday 1st July

Enjoy an epic night out with friends

this summer. Summer punch on

arrival followed by a two-course

dinner. Throwback summer hits

from the ‘80s, ‘90s and ‘00s

£25 per person

Breathe in the


atmosphere and

enjoy life’s simple

pleasures with a

visit to Noshy’s

Coffee Lounge in

Rotherham Town


Noshy’s brings

the continental café

culture to Rotherham,

with owners Noura and Allan

creating a sense of community with a

calming atmosphere and exceptional

customer service.

Sit and relax overlooking the

Minster Gardens while enjoying a

barista-style coffee, herbal tea, or

fresh fruit smoothie. One of their

specialities is Turkish coffee, brewed

in a traditional cezve brass pot and

served unfiltered to create a thicker,

denser and stronger espresso-style

coffee – try it alongside a piece of

knafeh, a sweet honey and cheese


Their hearty and healthy food

menu blends the hospitality and

culture of the Middle East with

flavours and spices of Mediterranean

food. Their signature dishes give a

nod to Noura’s Egyptian heritage,

such as a fillet of white fish served

in an Arabic sauce with tomatoes,

peppers and subtle spices with

perfectly fluffy rice and fresh salad.

Noshy’s also has a selection of

sandwiches and salads made fresh

daily, as well as full English breakfast,

jam scones, and pastries, so

something to suit all tastes.


Friday 21st October

Raise your glass and get the party

started with Donna Moody’s tribute to

P!nk.Includes three course meal and

disco until late

£28 per person

Weddings at

hellaby hall

If you’re planning your big day,

why not come along to our two

upcoming wedding events to

see our facilities and meet local

wedding suppliers

wedding showcase

Sunday 17th July 11am-3pm

View the hotel’s rooms dressed

for the ceremony and wedding

breakfast, as well as the bridal

suite, bedrooms, and gardens

Free entry

wedding fayre

Sunday 18th September


Meet over 30 local wedding

suppliers including florist,

bridal boutiques, cake makers,

and reception decorators

Free entry with goody bag

on arrival

TELEPHONE: 01709 702 701


old hellaby lane, rotherham s66 8sn

Noshy’s Coffee Lounge

Enjoy a taste of the Mediterranean

and Middle East

Serving breakfasts, muffins and pastries

Freshly made sandwiches, toasties,

soups and salads

Hot food including Arabic style fish,

Egyptian meatballs, and Noshy’s lasagne

Cakes, scones and authentic

knafeh sweet pastry cake

Vegan and vegetarian options available

Open 7 days | 8.30am – 10pm

8 Upper Millgate,

Rotherham Town Centre, S60 1PF

07400 609 102

Happiness in a cup

Barista-style coffees

Traditional Turkish coffee

Fresh mint tea

Hibiscus tea served hot or cold

Chai tea latte

Iced teas and coffees

Fresh fruit smoothies and milkshakes

Fresh lemonade


George Wright | Boutique Hotel, Bar and Restaurant



Food served Monday - Saturday 7am-9pm & Sun 8am-6pm

Breakfast served from 7am (8am Sundays)

A contemporary and casual gastro experience with

retractable roof overlooking our delightful courtyard

A fine dining experience with

the option to dine under the stars

Weekend brunch, lunch

and evening menus

featuring British classics


2 courses £20.00

3 courses £25.00

Available in either restaurant

Book early for Father’s Day



Menu also available in the Teepee


7 luxury en-suite bedrooms

Dinner, bed and breakfast offer from £155 per couple

**Includes £25 allowance per person in the Milton

Also newly converted Badger Cottage, a 17th century coach house

just a short stroll from the hotel, sleeps up to six people


Give a GW experience to that someone special



Monday to Saturday 2pm-4pm

£19.50 per person

Advanced bookings only

A la Carte Evening

Monday – Saturday 5:00pm – 9:00pm


Quail roasted on the crown, green sauce, chestnut with wild mushroom (GF)

Cherry tomato and pesto tart, crème fraiche, mixed leaf (V)

King Scallops, lovage emulsion, micro herb salad, walnut crumb

Charred mackerel, horseradish, beetroot puree, pickled baby beetroot (GF)

Ham hock and pistachio roll with piccalilli puree and crouton


Venison fillet with red cabbage, sauce grande veneur,

and dauphinoise potatoes (GF)

Pan fried halibut with chestnut velouté,

hasselback potatoes and thyme pesto (GF)

Soy glazed tuna loin with pickled fresh v

egetables and steamed pak choi (GF)

Pork loin with fondant potato, roast shallot, parsnip crisps, jus

Cauliflower risotto, truffle oil and roast cauliflower

florets with crispy hen’s egg (VGA)

Pheasant breast with bubble and squeak,

kale, and chicken sauce (GF)


6oz Fillet 27.00, 8oz Sirloin 22.00 or

Chateaubriand 63.00 for two people


from £16.50 per person

minimum numbers apply



The Crofts, Snail Hill, Rotherham S60 2DJ | Email | 01709 372173


Karen’s Classifieds

SafeNet Alarms Ltd

Family business with over 20 years experience

• Installation and Servicing

• Repairs and Upgrading

• Wired, Wireless and Hybrid

• 24-Hour Emergency Callout

Alarm Specialists for your home and business

T: 0114 2213507 E:

• Rollers • Roman • Pleated • Venetians • Vertical • Motorised



Quality & Great Value

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Call David: 0772 5906466




your record collection

We buy & sell vintage vinyls in all genres

Next Day Service 10%


Call Craig: 07774237816







New 8 Seater Luxury Mini Bus

68-Plate Ford Tourneo

Fully air conditioned

Very reliable

Fully licenesed and insured for

advanced bookings only.

All Airports and Coastal

Hen/Stag parties, weddings and nights out

Child-baby-boosters seats available


For bookings call Matt: 07957 595854




To advertise in our

Classifieds, please

contact Karen on

01709 331020






Call us today for a free no obligation quotation

077 4646 6464

fleet glazing

misted or cracked glass?

Don’t Replace The Frame When It’s

The Glass To Blame

• Single & Double glazing replaced

• General window repairs • Hinges & handles

• Upvc locks changed.

we offer free quotes and enquiries

call steve: 07850 276395






Find us on:


• Lawn Cutting & Strimming • Hedge & Privet Cutting

• Borders & Weeding • Tree Maintenance

• Waste & Rubbish Removal • Jet Washing Services

• General Garden Maintenance



CALL JAMES 07572 69395095



for OAP’S

Family Run Business – Over 30 years experience

Digital Aerials • Computer/BT Points • Service & Repair

TV Wall Mounting • Freesat Installation

Call: 01709 559289 Mob: 07900 997955






Loft Ladders in a range of styles and materials

• Hatches, Flooring, Lining, Lighting & Sockets

• Plaster boarded & Skimmed

• Velux Windows & much more

• All work is fully insured and guaranteed

High Quality Work & Fixed Prices

Tel: 07517 437302 or 0800 0855 322

Let us help you

to love your loft

From a simple Loft Ladder

to a Complete Luxury Storage Room





Make sure your business

is known

man with a

cherry picker van

Support us,

support the



We go that extra mile - choose us because we care

Get in touch: Telephone Cheryl 01709 331020 / 07940 842408

or email

you name it,

we access it

For all your working at height needs, save money with

our cost effective access system only £50 an hour

Cleaning of conservatory roofs and gutters

Exterior painting • Tree cutting access

Bird spike installation

Roof and chimney repairs, maintenance and pointing

Installation of CCTV cameras and electrical access

Visit our website to see what we do

Fully qualified, certified and insured Flexible working hours

Contact Julian: 07917 877688


and Sons

Independent Funeral

Directors since 1873

New state of the art facilities

now available in Rotherham

Comfortable arranging areas

24 hour service and private Chapel of Rest

Horse driven and motorcycle hearse

• Luxury Mercedes fleet

• Prepaid funeral plans

• Disabled access

• Ample parking

Cost effective access system for only

£50 an hour

Exterior painting services - we can even

paint it for you

Cleaning services - conservatory roofs

and gutter cleaning

Tree cutting access

Chimney repairs, maintenance and


Oil Mill Fold, Westgate

Rotherham, S60 1BB

Installation and repair of CCTV cameras

T: 01709 and 382576 electrical access

Bird spike installed

1a Rosemary Road, Wickersley

Rotherham S66 2DF

T: 01709 543997





Barnsley’s leading scrap metal dealer

with decades of experience


For all grades of ferrous and non-ferrous metals

from iron to engines, copper to aluminium


Non transferrable cheque or bank transfer

If you need any advice we are happy to help

OPEN MON-FRI 7:30AM – 5:00PM,

SAT 8:00AM – 12 NOON

Unit 18, Shaw Lane, Carlton, Barnsley S71 3HJ

Tel 01226 321207 / 724537 83

Best wishes to

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II

on her Platinum Jubilee

Open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 9.30am – 4.30pm, Saturday 9.30am -3.00pm

Private appointments available on Mondays, Tuesdays and other times

Find us at AEON COURT, 108 MAIN STREET, BRAMLEY S66 2SE Telephone 01709 931293

See our testimonials on Facebook @Infinityjewellers

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