Frontline Fellowship News Edition 1 of 2022

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2022 Edition 1 PO BOX 74 NEWLANDS 7725 CAPE TOWN SOUTH AFRICA ISSN-1018-151x

Thanksgiving for 40 years of God's Grace and

Guidance, Provision and Protection

"Give thanks to the Lord, call

on His Name; make known

among the nations what He has


Give thanks to the Lord for

He is good; His love endures

forever." 1 Chronicles 16:8,34

Sacrificial Support & Service

As Frontline Fellowship

celebrates 40 years of God's grace

and guidance, provision and

protection, we want to recognise

those who sacrificed for, served

and stood by this mission. The

prayer warriors, supporters,

volunteers, co-workers, interns

and missionaries who went above

and beyond the call of duty,

whose labour of love has edified

and empowered God's people

as we strive to seek first God's

Kingdom and His righteousness,

making disciples and teaching

obedience to all things that the

Lord has commanded. Those

who had the stamina to remain

steadfast and persevere against

all odds will be rewarded by the

Lord of the Harvest.

Anthony Duncan

In particular, we honour the

memory of Anthony Duncan

who died in the service of

Christ, December 1994. When

four Frontline vehicles were

sent into the field, but only one

vehicle came back. In the early

morning mist of 14 December

1994, Frontline Fellowship Field

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Behind Enemy Lines—Preaching in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan—1998

Worker, Anthony Duncan, was

killed in a head-on collision.

Anthony was part of our

mission team which succeeded

in smuggling over a tonne of

medical supplies and Bibles into

Angola. They were ambushed

when exiting Angola and jailed in

Namibia. The vehicle I drove up

to Zambia needed to be diverted

after our Biblical Worldview

Seminar in Lusaka, to rescue

our workers stranded in

Caprivi (Namibia). As my

mentor, Francis Grim

declared: “A missionary

must be ready to

preach, pray, or die,

at a moment’s

notice!” Those

who knew




by his

radiant faith and his vibrant

devotion for our Lord Jesus

Christ. He died in the service of

Christ, after having faithfully

ensured that suffering Christians

in Angola had received lifegiving

medicines and the lifetransforming

Word of God,

which an international shooton-sight

blockade was seeking

to deny them. Anthony chose

to obey God rather than man.

Anthony Paul Duncan could truly

say: “I have fought the good

fight, I have finished the race,

I have kept the Faith.”

2 Timothy 4:7

Fathers in the Faith

We are all indebted to our fathers

in the Faith, the pioneers who

prepared the way for us and

the examples of excellence who

inspire us. God's Hall of Faith

in Hebrews 11 points us to the

great cloud of witnesses in Bible

history. Abraham, the father of

the faithful and a missionary

who left his home country, his

father's house and travelled to

a new land which God guided

him to. Moses, Joshua, David,

Daniel inspire us to this

day. The apostles Peter

and Paul and their

fellow missionaries,

Anthony Duncan

Soldier, Game Ranger, Missionary

Timothy and Titus, John Mark

and Luke. The great missionaries

of history - Patrick, Columba,

Boniface, William Carey, David

Livingstone, Hudson Taylor,

C.T. Studd, Mary Slessor. The

Reformers - John Wycliffe,

Martin Luther, Ulrich Zwingli,

John Calvin. Great preachers and

teachers like George Whitefield,

Jonathan Edwards and Charles

Spurgeon. And in our lifetime

- Alexander Solzhenitsyn,

Richard Wurmbrand, Brother

Andrew, Bill Bathman, Dr James

Kennedy, Dr RC Sproul and Rev

Rhodesia Heritage Library in Cape Town


FRONTLINE FELLOWSHIP PO BOX 74 NEWLANDS 7725 CAPE TOWN SOUTH AFRICA admin@frontline.org.za www.FrontlineMissionSA.org 3

Ingrid Eva Hammond

Erlo Stegen. Their testimonies

and teachings continue to

challenge us to go deeper into

God's Word, to go further in our

adventure of discipleship, to

widen our missionary vision and

to deepen our devotion.

Raised in Rhodesia

As my mother taught me to

read before I went to school and

as my parents were avid book

readers, I had the privilege of

being brought up in a home

where reading books was part of

our daily life. As a schoolboy in

Rhodesia, my best friends were

animals and books. I am greatly

indebted to my mother who

taught me to love reading and I

am grateful for the many authors

whose books enriched my life

and helped prepare me for this

mission. I am also grateful for

the privilege of being brought up

in such a magnificent country as

Rhodesia. Our Prime Minister,

Ian Smith, is an example of

integrity. He was a man of his

word. He said what he meant

and he meant what he said. My

first history teacher in high

school, Mr Reese-Davies, taught

me to question everything. To

always ask: Why? To refuse to

accept the standard narrative,

or the textbook version of

history, but to always seek out

and understand the context. I

am grateful for a real education

which taught me to think


Doc Watson

Conversion to Christ

Praise God for Rev Doc Watson,

who, as Pastor of Pinelands

Baptist Church, organised the

evangelistic outreach in the local

cinema, where I was confronted

with the Gospel and converted to

Christ. Doc Watson was a patient

and dedicated Bible teacher who

discipled me and also insisted

that I go to Theological college.

Doc Watson later became the

first Chairman of the Board of

Frontline Fellowship

– a position he

held for 16 years

until the Lord

called him home.

Bill McDougall,

of the Leprosy

Mission, trained

me in ministering

in old age homes

and with people

on the streets. His

wise counsel and

example was very

helpful in my early


Hospital Christian Fellowship

It was a privilege to be mentored

by Francis Grim, the Founder of

Hospital Christian Fellowship,

who established missions in

over 110 countries. Uncle

Francis taught me how to live

by faith and how to prevail in

prayer through days and nights

of intensive intercession. As

I conducted my first mission

into Mozambique while under

En route to Mozambique—1982

Hospital Christian Fellowship, I

dedicated my book, In the Killing

Fields of Mozambique to Francis


Baptist Theological Seminary

My favourite lecturer

at Baptist Theological

College, was Professor

Fritz Haus. He taught

Old Testament Exegesis.

Dr. Haus was a Godfearing,

dedicated Christian

Missionary. A veteran of the

Second World

War, he had led

Bible studies and

prayer meetings

in North Africa as

part of Rommel’s

Afrika Korps. For

over 60 years he

planted Churches

throughout South

Africa. Dr Fritz

Haus introduced

me to the doctrines

of the Reformation

and the Christology

of the Old

Testament. Therefore, I dedicated

my Old Testament Survey Book to

Dr Fritz Haus.

Gospel Defence League

Mrs Dorothy Scarborough, who,

with her husband Dr Charles

Scarborough, served under the

London Missionary Society

in the Gilbert Islands of the

Pacific ocean, founded Gospel

Defence League and has been a

steadfast friend, Board member

Francis Grim Erlo Stegen With Bill Bathman at the Battlefront in Sudan

and supporter of our mission

over the last 39 years. Her wise

counsel and insights have been

invaluable for our mission.

KwaSizabantu Mission

Rev Erlo Stegen has been a

tremendous inspiration and

example of dedication and

devotion. Uncle Erlo and his

family and co-workers have

been our very best friends.

Friends in need. We praise God

for His abundant grace which

has been poured out through

the multitude of ministries

that continue to flow from

this extraordinary mission in

KwaZulu. The two editions of my

book, Putting Feet to Your Faith,

are dedicated to Erlo Stegen.

James Kennedy

Dr James Kennedy was a faithful

friend and Board member

of Frontline Fellowship. His

Evangelism Explosion has been

a key part of our mission for

the last 40 years. Dr Kennedy

Dr James Kennedy

regularly had me as a guest on

his radio and TV programmes,

welcomed me as a guest speaker

to Coral Ridge Presbyterian

Church, even in his pulpit. He

donated thousands of books to

our mission. Dr Kennedy also

wrote recommendations for

several of my books including:

Faith Under Fire in Sudan,

Biblical Principles for Africa,

Character Assassins – Dealing

with Ecclesiastical Tyrants and

Terrorists and The Greatest

Century of Reformation.

R C Sproul

The teachings of RC Sproul,

one of the greatest Christian

Theologians and Apologists

of the 20th century, have

greatly enriched our ministry.

Dr R C Sproul responded to

my challenge to produce a

Reformation Study Bible in

time for the Reformation 500 in

2017. He even donated 2000

copies of this Reformation

Study Bible for us to distribute

to college libraries, pastors

and missionaries throughout

Africa. I dedicated the second

edition of Greatest Century of

Reformation to RC Sproul.

David Noebel

Dr David Noebel of Summit

Ministries and the Christian

Anti-Communism Crusade

first encouraged me to come

to the United States after my

release from prison in Zambia

in 1987. Dr Noebel made

me a regular guest speaker at

Summit Ministries for 25 years.

His Understanding The Times

and The Battle for Truth books

became textbooks for our Biblical

Worldview Summits throughout


Brent Noebel

The third edition of Faith Under

Fire in Sudan was dedicated to

Brent Noebel who, although

blind for the last 21 years of his

life, had such great vision that

he raised most of the funds that

enabled Frontline Fellowship to

deliver hundreds of thousands

of Bibles and New Testaments,

Christian school textbooks,

audio Bibles and Christian films

to Sudan.

Bill Bathman

By God's grace, I had the privilege

of travelling throughout Europe,

East and West with Rev Bill

Bathman, learning from one of

the most gifted Evangelists it has

ever been my privilege to serve

under. In Germany, Switzerland,

Austria, Poland, Hungary, Czech

and Slovakia, Yugoslavia, Croatia,

Easter Sunday Service in Romania—1989


Lenora Hammond (née Bathman)

Romania, Bulgaria and Albania,

throughout North America and

into Mexico, throughout South

Africa and South West Africa/

Namibia, Angola, Zambia,

Zimbabwe, Kenya and Sudan. Bill

Bathman served as Chairman of

the Board of Frontline Fellowship

for 14 years. More than anyone

else, Bill Bathman invested

in this mission: time, talents

and treasure. He was the most

active board member involved

in camps and courses, teaching

and counselling, strategy and

street evangelism, raising funds

for field vehicles, organising

speaking itinerary opportunities,

open air preaching, Missions

across the border, even at the

battlefront in Sudan and on

Africa Overland Missions. I

dedicated the first edition of

Faith Under Fire in Sudan to

Bill and Harriet Bathman. Of

course he greatly enriched all

of our lives by entrusting his

Upper Room—Bathman Memorial Hall

Meeting with Commander Salva Kiir of the SPLA, now President of South Sudan

youngest daughter, Lenora,

into my care. The Upper

Room – Bathman Memorial

Hall is another testimony to

the tremendous vision and

sacrifice of Bill Bathman and

his daughter Lenora, who

poured her inheritance into

the building expansions here at

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Above: At the Battlefront in Equatoria—1996

Below: In the Nuba Mountains of Sudan—1999



40 Years on the






Livingstone House. "It is good

to give thanks to the Lord and

to sing praises to Your Name,

O Most High; to declare Your

lovingkindness in the morning

and Your faithfulness every

night." Psalm 92:1-2

Crossing Yei River Battlefront—1997

First Hand Eyewitness


Frontline - Behind Enemy

Lines for Christ, is a first hand,

eyewitness account of war and

persecution during tumultuous

events. From the Bush War in

Rhodesia to the Border war in

South West Africa and Angola, to

the killing fields of Mozambique,

capture, interrogation,

imprisonment, smuggling

behind the Iron Curtain, the

Seven year Jericho Prayer March

that led to the Fall of the Berlin

Wall, the collapse of the Iron

Curtain, Revolution in Romania,

Missions to Albania, the most

atheist country in Europe, the

Holocaust in Rwanda, under

artillery and rocket fire and aerial

bombardment in Sudan, to the

successful struggle for secession

of South Sudan, Frontline - Behind

Enemy Lines for Christ covers

40 incredible years of Frontline

Fellowship missions throughout

38 countries and eight wars in

Africa and Eastern Europe.

The Present Crises

This book is very relevant to

this time of war in Ukraine,

Critical Race Theory in the

classroom, BLM riots in the

streets, manipulative propaganda

on the mainstream media,

hypocrisy and double standards

by politicians and sinister

globalist intrigues to undermine

Faith and freedom worldwide.

Frontline - Behind Enemy Lines for

Christ provides unique insights

from recent history into a wide

range of controversial issues,

including communism, the abuse

of relief aid, Islamic Jihad, the

dangers of liberation theology,

the catastrophic consequences

of compromise and cowardice,

the treachery of the United

Nations in Angola, during

the Rwandan genocide and in

undermining freedom of religion

in Sudan, along with inspiring

stories of Christian courage

and tenacity amidst intense

conflict and tribulation. It will

empower readers to recognise

the tactics of Marxists and

provide facts needed to counter

the disinformation and guilt

manipulation of globalists today.

More importantly it will inspire

greater resistance to revolution

and to the nefarious agenda of

those who are working for a one

world government, one world

economic system and one world

interfaith religion (Revelation


Behind the News Headlines

Frontline - Behind Enemy Lines

for Christ includes many behindthe-scenes

and behind-thenews

headlines events and

dramatic confrontations with

terrorists, false teachers and

even heads of state. Including

when Col Jan Breytenbach and I

walked into Angola to confront

communist forces with the

Gospel of Christ, clashes with

archbishop Desmond Tutu and

president Nelson Mandela,

international intrigues with

Kenneth Kaunda, treachery and

betrayal. It presents the epic

saga of Frontline Fellowship

missionaries serving persecuted

Christians and evangelising in

war-zones throughout Africa and

Eastern Europe. It has a powerful

message of hope, with many

examples of successful initiatives

that resulted in captives being set

free, communists and jihadists

converted to Christ, once closed

countries now open to the

Gospel, successful secessions

and dramatic transformations of

The First Shipment of Bibles in Moru delivered to the Cathedral in Lui—2000

communities and countries.

Resistance & Reformation

It is our prayer that this book

on the realities of communist

terrorism and tyranny, Islamic

Jihad, persecution of the

church, globalist treachery, the

infiltration and subversion of

the church by false prophets and

Marxists in religious disguise

and the steadfast resistance of

many courageous Christians,

along with incredible answers

to prayer, will inspire a new

generation to fight the good

fight of Faith and make Christ’s

Great Commission their Supreme

Ambition, even behind enemy

lines, in Restricted Access Areas.

We pray that those who read this

book will be convinced of the

importance of joining this Back

to the Bible for Reformation and

Revival movement. “ … And you

know in all your hearts and

in all your souls that not one

thing has failed of all the good

things which the Lord your God

spoke concerning you. All have

come to pass for you; not one

word of them has failed.”

Joshua 23:14

Dr. Peter Hammond

Frontline Fellowship

PO Box 74

Newlands, 7725

Cape Town

South Africa



With Col Jan Breytenbach

at the border



Outreach at the


Africa Overland Mission

A Macedonian Call

Please also pray for more volunteers to join us

in this incredible privilege and opportunity

of serving persecuted churches, evangelising

in Restricted Access Areas and working for

Reformation throughout Africa. The needs

are great and the opportunities to serve and

strengthen churches under severe pressure,

are urgent.

“The harvest truly is plentiful, but the

labourers are few. Therefore pray the Lord

of the Harvest to send out labourers into

His harvest.” Matthew 9:37-38

Please pray for our ongoing

outreaches and missions and for

the inspiring and life-changing

Great Commission Course

(24 June – 13 July 2022). Over

the last 24 years, participants of

the GCC have come from as far

afield as Australia and America,

Britain and Botswana, Canada

and Congo, Ghana and Germany,

Namibia and New Zealand,

Malawi and Mozambique, Sudan

and South Africa, Zambia and

Zimbabwe. This is an intensive,

practical, hands-on, threeweek

course, incorporating

daily PT, intensive Bible study

and lectures most mornings,

outreaches and practicals

every afternoon, including film

Evangelism, Muslim Evangelism,

mass literature distributions

at railway stations and bus

stations, personal, oneon-one

Evangelism and

either outreaches, or

more training in

the evenings

and topped

up with



night hikes, culminating in a hike

up and over Table Mountain.

The GCC also includes numerous

practical tests, evaluations

and missionary assignments

to stretch minds and muscles.

"Expect great things from God!

Attempt great things for God!"

– William Carey (1792)



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