Frontline Fellowship News Edition 1 of 2022

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NEWS<br />

<strong>2022</strong> <strong>Edition</strong> 1 PO BOX 74 NEWLANDS 7725 CAPE TOWN SOUTH AFRICA ISSN-1018-151x<br />

Thanksgiving for 40 years <strong>of</strong> God's Grace and<br />

Guidance, Provision and Protection<br />

"Give thanks to the Lord, call<br />

on His Name; make known<br />

among the nations what He has<br />

done...<br />

Give thanks to the Lord for<br />

He is good; His love endures<br />

forever." 1 Chronicles 16:8,34<br />

Sacrificial Support & Service<br />

As <strong>Frontline</strong> <strong>Fellowship</strong><br />

celebrates 40 years <strong>of</strong> God's grace<br />

and guidance, provision and<br />

protection, we want to recognise<br />

those who sacrificed for, served<br />

and stood by this mission. The<br />

prayer warriors, supporters,<br />

volunteers, co-workers, interns<br />

and missionaries who went above<br />

and beyond the call <strong>of</strong> duty,<br />

whose labour <strong>of</strong> love has edified<br />

and empowered God's people<br />

as we strive to seek first God's<br />

Kingdom and His righteousness,<br />

making disciples and teaching<br />

obedience to all things that the<br />

Lord has commanded. Those<br />

who had the stamina to remain<br />

steadfast and persevere against<br />

all odds will be rewarded by the<br />

Lord <strong>of</strong> the Harvest.<br />

Anthony Duncan<br />

In particular, we honour the<br />

memory <strong>of</strong> Anthony Duncan<br />

who died in the service <strong>of</strong><br />

Christ, December 1994. When<br />

four <strong>Frontline</strong> vehicles were<br />

sent into the field, but only one<br />

vehicle came back. In the early<br />

morning mist <strong>of</strong> 14 December<br />

1994, <strong>Frontline</strong> <strong>Fellowship</strong> Field<br />

Continued on page 3<br />

Behind Enemy Lines—Preaching in the Nuba Mountains <strong>of</strong> Sudan—1998

Worker, Anthony Duncan, was<br />

killed in a head-on collision.<br />

Anthony was part <strong>of</strong> our<br />

mission team which succeeded<br />

in smuggling over a tonne <strong>of</strong><br />

medical supplies and Bibles into<br />

Angola. They were ambushed<br />

when exiting Angola and jailed in<br />

Namibia. The vehicle I drove up<br />

to Zambia needed to be diverted<br />

after our Biblical Worldview<br />

Seminar in Lusaka, to rescue<br />

our workers stranded in<br />

Caprivi (Namibia). As my<br />

mentor, Francis Grim<br />

declared: “A missionary<br />

must be ready to<br />

preach, pray, or die,<br />

at a moment’s<br />

notice!” Those<br />

who knew<br />

Anthony<br />

were<br />

struck<br />

by his<br />

radiant faith and his vibrant<br />

devotion for our Lord Jesus<br />

Christ. He died in the service <strong>of</strong><br />

Christ, after having faithfully<br />

ensured that suffering Christians<br />

in Angola had received lifegiving<br />

medicines and the lifetransforming<br />

Word <strong>of</strong> God,<br />

which an international shooton-sight<br />

blockade was seeking<br />

to deny them. Anthony chose<br />

to obey God rather than man.<br />

Anthony Paul Duncan could truly<br />

say: “I have fought the good<br />

fight, I have finished the race,<br />

I have kept the Faith.”<br />

2 Timothy 4:7<br />

Fathers in the Faith<br />

We are all indebted to our fathers<br />

in the Faith, the pioneers who<br />

prepared the way for us and<br />

the examples <strong>of</strong> excellence who<br />

inspire us. God's Hall <strong>of</strong> Faith<br />

in Hebrews 11 points us to the<br />

great cloud <strong>of</strong> witnesses in Bible<br />

history. Abraham, the father <strong>of</strong><br />

the faithful and a missionary<br />

who left his home country, his<br />

father's house and travelled to<br />

a new land which God guided<br />

him to. Moses, Joshua, David,<br />

Daniel inspire us to this<br />

day. The apostles Peter<br />

and Paul and their<br />

fellow missionaries,<br />

Anthony Duncan<br />

Soldier, Game Ranger, Missionary<br />

Timothy and Titus, John Mark<br />

and Luke. The great missionaries<br />

<strong>of</strong> history - Patrick, Columba,<br />

Boniface, William Carey, David<br />

Livingstone, Hudson Taylor,<br />

C.T. Studd, Mary Slessor. The<br />

Reformers - John Wycliffe,<br />

Martin Luther, Ulrich Zwingli,<br />

John Calvin. Great preachers and<br />

teachers like George Whitefield,<br />

Jonathan Edwards and Charles<br />

Spurgeon. And in our lifetime<br />

- Alexander Solzhenitsyn,<br />

Richard Wurmbrand, Brother<br />

Andrew, Bill Bathman, Dr James<br />

Kennedy, Dr RC Sproul and Rev<br />

Rhodesia Heritage Library in Cape Town<br />

2 FRONTLINE FELLOWSHIP <strong>2022</strong> EDITION 1<br />

FRONTLINE FELLOWSHIP PO BOX 74 NEWLANDS 7725 CAPE TOWN SOUTH AFRICA admin@frontline.org.za www.<strong>Frontline</strong>MissionSA.org 3

Ingrid Eva Hammond<br />

Erlo Stegen. Their testimonies<br />

and teachings continue to<br />

challenge us to go deeper into<br />

God's Word, to go further in our<br />

adventure <strong>of</strong> discipleship, to<br />

widen our missionary vision and<br />

to deepen our devotion.<br />

Raised in Rhodesia<br />

As my mother taught me to<br />

read before I went to school and<br />

as my parents were avid book<br />

readers, I had the privilege <strong>of</strong><br />

being brought up in a home<br />

where reading books was part <strong>of</strong><br />

our daily life. As a schoolboy in<br />

Rhodesia, my best friends were<br />

animals and books. I am greatly<br />

indebted to my mother who<br />

taught me to love reading and I<br />

am grateful for the many authors<br />

whose books enriched my life<br />

and helped prepare me for this<br />

mission. I am also grateful for<br />

the privilege <strong>of</strong> being brought up<br />

in such a magnificent country as<br />

Rhodesia. Our Prime Minister,<br />

Ian Smith, is an example <strong>of</strong><br />

integrity. He was a man <strong>of</strong> his<br />

word. He said what he meant<br />

and he meant what he said. My<br />

first history teacher in high<br />

school, Mr Reese-Davies, taught<br />

me to question everything. To<br />

always ask: Why? To refuse to<br />

accept the standard narrative,<br />

or the textbook version <strong>of</strong><br />

history, but to always seek out<br />

and understand the context. I<br />

am grateful for a real education<br />

which taught me to think<br />

critically.<br />

Doc Watson<br />

Conversion to Christ<br />

Praise God for Rev Doc Watson,<br />

who, as Pastor <strong>of</strong> Pinelands<br />

Baptist Church, organised the<br />

evangelistic outreach in the local<br />

cinema, where I was confronted<br />

with the Gospel and converted to<br />

Christ. Doc Watson was a patient<br />

and dedicated Bible teacher who<br />

discipled me and also insisted<br />

that I go to Theological college.<br />

Doc Watson later became the<br />

first Chairman <strong>of</strong> the Board <strong>of</strong><br />

<strong>Frontline</strong> <strong>Fellowship</strong><br />

– a position he<br />

held for 16 years<br />

until the Lord<br />

called him home.<br />

Bill McDougall,<br />

<strong>of</strong> the Leprosy<br />

Mission, trained<br />

me in ministering<br />

in old age homes<br />

and with people<br />

on the streets. His<br />

wise counsel and<br />

example was very<br />

helpful in my early<br />

discipleship.<br />

Hospital Christian <strong>Fellowship</strong><br />

It was a privilege to be mentored<br />

by Francis Grim, the Founder <strong>of</strong><br />

Hospital Christian <strong>Fellowship</strong>,<br />

who established missions in<br />

over 110 countries. Uncle<br />

Francis taught me how to live<br />

by faith and how to prevail in<br />

prayer through days and nights<br />

<strong>of</strong> intensive intercession. As<br />

I conducted my first mission<br />

into Mozambique while under<br />

En route to Mozambique—1982<br />

Hospital Christian <strong>Fellowship</strong>, I<br />

dedicated my book, In the Killing<br />

Fields <strong>of</strong> Mozambique to Francis<br />

Grim.<br />

Baptist Theological Seminary<br />

My favourite lecturer<br />

at Baptist Theological<br />

College, was Pr<strong>of</strong>essor<br />

Fritz Haus. He taught<br />

Old Testament Exegesis.<br />

Dr. Haus was a Godfearing,<br />

dedicated Christian<br />

Missionary. A veteran <strong>of</strong> the<br />

Second World<br />

War, he had led<br />

Bible studies and<br />

prayer meetings<br />

in North Africa as<br />

part <strong>of</strong> Rommel’s<br />

Afrika Korps. For<br />

over 60 years he<br />

planted Churches<br />

throughout South<br />

Africa. Dr Fritz<br />

Haus introduced<br />

me to the doctrines<br />

<strong>of</strong> the Reformation<br />

and the Christology<br />

<strong>of</strong> the Old<br />

Testament. Therefore, I dedicated<br />

my Old Testament Survey Book to<br />

Dr Fritz Haus.<br />

Gospel Defence League<br />

Mrs Dorothy Scarborough, who,<br />

with her husband Dr Charles<br />

Scarborough, served under the<br />

London Missionary Society<br />

in the Gilbert Islands <strong>of</strong> the<br />

Pacific ocean, founded Gospel<br />

Defence League and has been a<br />

steadfast friend, Board member<br />

Francis Grim Erlo Stegen With Bill Bathman at the Battlefront in Sudan<br />

and supporter <strong>of</strong> our mission<br />

over the last 39 years. Her wise<br />

counsel and insights have been<br />

invaluable for our mission.<br />

KwaSizabantu Mission<br />

Rev Erlo Stegen has been a<br />

tremendous inspiration and<br />

example <strong>of</strong> dedication and<br />

devotion. Uncle Erlo and his<br />

family and co-workers have<br />

been our very best friends.<br />

Friends in need. We praise God<br />

for His abundant grace which<br />

has been poured out through<br />

the multitude <strong>of</strong> ministries<br />

that continue to flow from<br />

this extraordinary mission in<br />

KwaZulu. The two editions <strong>of</strong> my<br />

book, Putting Feet to Your Faith,<br />

are dedicated to Erlo Stegen.<br />

James Kennedy<br />

Dr James Kennedy was a faithful<br />

friend and Board member<br />

<strong>of</strong> <strong>Frontline</strong> <strong>Fellowship</strong>. His<br />

Evangelism Explosion has been<br />

a key part <strong>of</strong> our mission for<br />

the last 40 years. Dr Kennedy<br />

Dr James Kennedy<br />

regularly had me as a guest on<br />

his radio and TV programmes,<br />

welcomed me as a guest speaker<br />

to Coral Ridge Presbyterian<br />

Church, even in his pulpit. He<br />

donated thousands <strong>of</strong> books to<br />

our mission. Dr Kennedy also<br />

wrote recommendations for<br />

several <strong>of</strong> my books including:<br />

Faith Under Fire in Sudan,<br />

Biblical Principles for Africa,<br />

Character Assassins – Dealing<br />

with Ecclesiastical Tyrants and<br />

Terrorists and The Greatest<br />

Century <strong>of</strong> Reformation.<br />

R C Sproul<br />

The teachings <strong>of</strong> RC Sproul,<br />

one <strong>of</strong> the greatest Christian<br />

Theologians and Apologists<br />

<strong>of</strong> the 20th century, have<br />

greatly enriched our ministry.<br />

Dr R C Sproul responded to<br />

my challenge to produce a<br />

Reformation Study Bible in<br />

time for the Reformation 500 in<br />

2017. He even donated 2000<br />

copies <strong>of</strong> this Reformation<br />

Study Bible for us to distribute<br />

to college libraries, pastors<br />

and missionaries throughout<br />

Africa. I dedicated the second<br />

edition <strong>of</strong> Greatest Century <strong>of</strong><br />

Reformation to RC Sproul.<br />

David Noebel<br />

Dr David Noebel <strong>of</strong> Summit<br />

Ministries and the Christian<br />

Anti-Communism Crusade<br />

first encouraged me to come<br />

to the United States after my<br />

release from prison in Zambia<br />

in 1987. Dr Noebel made<br />

me a regular guest speaker at<br />

Summit Ministries for 25 years.<br />

His Understanding The Times<br />

and The Battle for Truth books<br />

became textbooks for our Biblical<br />

Worldview Summits throughout<br />

Africa.<br />

Brent Noebel<br />

The third edition <strong>of</strong> Faith Under<br />

Fire in Sudan was dedicated to<br />

Brent Noebel who, although<br />

blind for the last 21 years <strong>of</strong> his<br />

life, had such great vision that<br />

he raised most <strong>of</strong> the funds that<br />

enabled <strong>Frontline</strong> <strong>Fellowship</strong> to<br />

deliver hundreds <strong>of</strong> thousands<br />

<strong>of</strong> Bibles and New Testaments,<br />

Christian school textbooks,<br />

audio Bibles and Christian films<br />

to Sudan.<br />

Bill Bathman<br />

By God's grace, I had the privilege<br />

<strong>of</strong> travelling throughout Europe,<br />

East and West with Rev Bill<br />

Bathman, learning from one <strong>of</strong><br />

the most gifted Evangelists it has<br />

ever been my privilege to serve<br />

under. In Germany, Switzerland,<br />

Austria, Poland, Hungary, Czech<br />

and Slovakia, Yugoslavia, Croatia,<br />

Easter Sunday Service in Romania—1989<br />

4 FRONTLINE FELLOWSHIP <strong>2022</strong> EDITION 1 FRONTLINE FELLOWSHIP PO BOX 74 NEWLANDS 7725 CAPE TOWN SOUTH AFRICA admin@frontline.org.za www.<strong>Frontline</strong>MissionSA.org 5

Lenora Hammond (née Bathman)<br />

Romania, Bulgaria and Albania,<br />

throughout North America and<br />

into Mexico, throughout South<br />

Africa and South West Africa/<br />

Namibia, Angola, Zambia,<br />

Zimbabwe, Kenya and Sudan. Bill<br />

Bathman served as Chairman <strong>of</strong><br />

the Board <strong>of</strong> <strong>Frontline</strong> <strong>Fellowship</strong><br />

for 14 years. More than anyone<br />

else, Bill Bathman invested<br />

in this mission: time, talents<br />

and treasure. He was the most<br />

active board member involved<br />

in camps and courses, teaching<br />

and counselling, strategy and<br />

street evangelism, raising funds<br />

for field vehicles, organising<br />

speaking itinerary opportunities,<br />

open air preaching, Missions<br />

across the border, even at the<br />

battlefront in Sudan and on<br />

Africa Overland Missions. I<br />

dedicated the first edition <strong>of</strong><br />

Faith Under Fire in Sudan to<br />

Bill and Harriet Bathman. Of<br />

course he greatly enriched all<br />

<strong>of</strong> our lives by entrusting his<br />

Upper Room—Bathman Memorial Hall<br />

Meeting with Commander Salva Kiir <strong>of</strong> the SPLA, now President <strong>of</strong> South Sudan<br />

youngest daughter, Lenora,<br />

into my care. The Upper<br />

Room – Bathman Memorial<br />

Hall is another testimony to<br />

the tremendous vision and<br />

sacrifice <strong>of</strong> Bill Bathman and<br />

his daughter Lenora, who<br />

poured her inheritance into<br />

the building expansions here at<br />

Continued on page 12<br />

Above: At the Battlefront in Equatoria—1996<br />

Below: In the Nuba Mountains <strong>of</strong> Sudan—1999<br />

6 FRONTLINE FELLOWSHIP <strong>2022</strong> EDITION 1<br />


40 Years on the<br />

<strong>Frontline</strong><br />

8<br />


10<br />


Livingstone House. "It is good<br />

to give thanks to the Lord and<br />

to sing praises to Your Name,<br />

O Most High; to declare Your<br />

lovingkindness in the morning<br />

and Your faithfulness every<br />

night." Psalm 92:1-2<br />

Crossing Yei River Battlefront—1997<br />

First Hand Eyewitness<br />

History<br />

<strong>Frontline</strong> - Behind Enemy<br />

Lines for Christ, is a first hand,<br />

eyewitness account <strong>of</strong> war and<br />

persecution during tumultuous<br />

events. From the Bush War in<br />

Rhodesia to the Border war in<br />

South West Africa and Angola, to<br />

the killing fields <strong>of</strong> Mozambique,<br />

capture, interrogation,<br />

imprisonment, smuggling<br />

behind the Iron Curtain, the<br />

Seven year Jericho Prayer March<br />

that led to the Fall <strong>of</strong> the Berlin<br />

Wall, the collapse <strong>of</strong> the Iron<br />

Curtain, Revolution in Romania,<br />

Missions to Albania, the most<br />

atheist country in Europe, the<br />

Holocaust in Rwanda, under<br />

artillery and rocket fire and aerial<br />

bombardment in Sudan, to the<br />

successful struggle for secession<br />

<strong>of</strong> South Sudan, <strong>Frontline</strong> - Behind<br />

Enemy Lines for Christ covers<br />

40 incredible years <strong>of</strong> <strong>Frontline</strong><br />

<strong>Fellowship</strong> missions throughout<br />

38 countries and eight wars in<br />

Africa and Eastern Europe.<br />

The Present Crises<br />

This book is very relevant to<br />

this time <strong>of</strong> war in Ukraine,<br />

Critical Race Theory in the<br />

classroom, BLM riots in the<br />

streets, manipulative propaganda<br />

on the mainstream media,<br />

hypocrisy and double standards<br />

by politicians and sinister<br />

globalist intrigues to undermine<br />

Faith and freedom worldwide.<br />

<strong>Frontline</strong> - Behind Enemy Lines for<br />

Christ provides unique insights<br />

from recent history into a wide<br />

range <strong>of</strong> controversial issues,<br />

including communism, the abuse<br />

<strong>of</strong> relief aid, Islamic Jihad, the<br />

dangers <strong>of</strong> liberation theology,<br />

the catastrophic consequences<br />

<strong>of</strong> compromise and cowardice,<br />

the treachery <strong>of</strong> the United<br />

Nations in Angola, during<br />

the Rwandan genocide and in<br />

undermining freedom <strong>of</strong> religion<br />

in Sudan, along with inspiring<br />

stories <strong>of</strong> Christian courage<br />

and tenacity amidst intense<br />

conflict and tribulation. It will<br />

empower readers to recognise<br />

the tactics <strong>of</strong> Marxists and<br />

provide facts needed to counter<br />

the disinformation and guilt<br />

manipulation <strong>of</strong> globalists today.<br />

More importantly it will inspire<br />

greater resistance to revolution<br />

and to the nefarious agenda <strong>of</strong><br />

those who are working for a one<br />

world government, one world<br />

economic system and one world<br />

interfaith religion (Revelation<br />

13).<br />

Behind the <strong>News</strong> Headlines<br />

<strong>Frontline</strong> - Behind Enemy Lines<br />

for Christ includes many behindthe-scenes<br />

and behind-thenews<br />

headlines events and<br />

dramatic confrontations with<br />

terrorists, false teachers and<br />

even heads <strong>of</strong> state. Including<br />

when Col Jan Breytenbach and I<br />

walked into Angola to confront<br />

communist forces with the<br />

Gospel <strong>of</strong> Christ, clashes with<br />

archbishop Desmond Tutu and<br />

president Nelson Mandela,<br />

international intrigues with<br />

Kenneth Kaunda, treachery and<br />

betrayal. It presents the epic<br />

saga <strong>of</strong> <strong>Frontline</strong> <strong>Fellowship</strong><br />

missionaries serving persecuted<br />

Christians and evangelising in<br />

war-zones throughout Africa and<br />

Eastern Europe. It has a powerful<br />

message <strong>of</strong> hope, with many<br />

examples <strong>of</strong> successful initiatives<br />

that resulted in captives being set<br />

free, communists and jihadists<br />

converted to Christ, once closed<br />

countries now open to the<br />

Gospel, successful secessions<br />

and dramatic transformations <strong>of</strong><br />

The First Shipment <strong>of</strong> Bibles in Moru delivered to the Cathedral in Lui—2000<br />

communities and countries.<br />

Resistance & Reformation<br />

It is our prayer that this book<br />

on the realities <strong>of</strong> communist<br />

terrorism and tyranny, Islamic<br />

Jihad, persecution <strong>of</strong> the<br />

church, globalist treachery, the<br />

infiltration and subversion <strong>of</strong><br />

the church by false prophets and<br />

Marxists in religious disguise<br />

and the steadfast resistance <strong>of</strong><br />

many courageous Christians,<br />

along with incredible answers<br />

to prayer, will inspire a new<br />

generation to fight the good<br />

fight <strong>of</strong> Faith and make Christ’s<br />

Great Commission their Supreme<br />

Ambition, even behind enemy<br />

lines, in Restricted Access Areas.<br />

We pray that those who read this<br />

book will be convinced <strong>of</strong> the<br />

importance <strong>of</strong> joining this Back<br />

to the Bible for Reformation and<br />

Revival movement. “ … And you<br />

know in all your hearts and<br />

in all your souls that not one<br />

thing has failed <strong>of</strong> all the good<br />

things which the Lord your God<br />

spoke concerning you. All have<br />

come to pass for you; not one<br />

word <strong>of</strong> them has failed.”<br />

Joshua 23:14<br />

Dr. Peter Hammond<br />

<strong>Frontline</strong> <strong>Fellowship</strong><br />

PO Box 74<br />

Newlands, 7725<br />

Cape Town<br />

South Africa<br />

admin@frontline.org.za<br />

www.<strong>Frontline</strong>MissionSA.org<br />

With Col Jan Breytenbach<br />

at the border<br />

12<br />

FRONTLINE FELLOWSHIP <strong>2022</strong> EDITION 1<br />

Outreach at the<br />


Africa Overland Mission<br />

A Macedonian Call<br />

Please also pray for more volunteers to join us<br />

in this incredible privilege and opportunity<br />

<strong>of</strong> serving persecuted churches, evangelising<br />

in Restricted Access Areas and working for<br />

Reformation throughout Africa. The needs<br />

are great and the opportunities to serve and<br />

strengthen churches under severe pressure,<br />

are urgent.<br />

“The harvest truly is plentiful, but the<br />

labourers are few. Therefore pray the Lord<br />

<strong>of</strong> the Harvest to send out labourers into<br />

His harvest.” Matthew 9:37-38<br />

Please pray for our ongoing<br />

outreaches and missions and for<br />

the inspiring and life-changing<br />

Great Commission Course<br />

(24 June – 13 July <strong>2022</strong>). Over<br />

the last 24 years, participants <strong>of</strong><br />

the GCC have come from as far<br />

afield as Australia and America,<br />

Britain and Botswana, Canada<br />

and Congo, Ghana and Germany,<br />

Namibia and New Zealand,<br />

Malawi and Mozambique, Sudan<br />

and South Africa, Zambia and<br />

Zimbabwe. This is an intensive,<br />

practical, hands-on, threeweek<br />

course, incorporating<br />

daily PT, intensive Bible study<br />

and lectures most mornings,<br />

outreaches and practicals<br />

every afternoon, including film<br />

Evangelism, Muslim Evangelism,<br />

mass literature distributions<br />

at railway stations and bus<br />

stations, personal, oneon-one<br />

Evangelism and<br />

either outreaches, or<br />

more training in<br />

the evenings<br />

and topped<br />

up with<br />

regular<br />

late-<br />

night hikes, culminating in a hike<br />

up and over Table Mountain.<br />

The GCC also includes numerous<br />

practical tests, evaluations<br />

and missionary assignments<br />

to stretch minds and muscles.<br />

"Expect great things from God!<br />

Attempt great things for God!"<br />

– William Carey (1792)<br />

14 FRONTLINE FELLOWSHIP <strong>2022</strong> EDITION 1<br />


Christian Liberty Books<br />

Resources for Reformation and Revival<br />

PO Box 358 Howard Place 7450 Pinelands, Cape Town, South Africa<br />

Tel: 021 689 7478 Fax: 086 551 7490<br />

admin@christianlibertybooks.co.za<br />

www.ChristianLibertyBooks.co.za<br />

<strong>Frontline</strong> <strong>Fellowship</strong><br />

PO Box 74 Newlands 7725<br />

Cape Town South Africa<br />

Tel: +27 21 689 4480<br />

admin@frontline.org.za<br />


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