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All about the art

carton kids

is this the next

play to watch?

stick around

when bluechips rise

marco polo

quick scan of the week

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So much to write. So little space.


ArtWillNFT deep dive into 64Jooski’s

work #alpha

Probably Nothing

EasyMoneyDing speaks. Are you

listening? #alpha

Metaverse Me

Looking at Communi3 #alpha

Barndog & Whalesfriend

At it again with the latest news and

insights #alpha



How Value is Created

DoomBotMask uncovers the rise and

rise of DeGods #alpha

Finding Projects Early

Linkkzyy talks what you should be

looking for #alpha




Stick Around

King_Kemba explains why DAA is a

sleeping giant #alpha

Carton KIDS

Perfectenchlang reveals a diamond in

the rough #alpha

Marco Polo

The team at Mercanti wrap up the week






Here we are with issue 55 of #Shill zine - the most read Solana ecosystem

zine on the planet.

Before we get into this week’s offering I would like to point out a new

magazine which launched during the week. @NFTArtistCheriW has launched

“A Deep State of Mind” with issue #1 just days ago.

It’s Solana art, NFT

and artists talking

about their art and

what’s out there atm.

Definitely worth a

look. Free. With 40

pages of art that I

haven’t even come


This current issue has

a smattering of ALPHA

worth considering, some

educational pieces to

build your skills and

arguments supporting

blue chip projects that

have yet to make their

run. Knowing ahead of

the pack is what makes

good ALPHA. It’s here

for you to consider.

Time to sit back. Grab

a drink. Take your time

to flick through the


THE Solana ecosystem

zine is here to stay.

It’s weekly. It’s free.

It’s archiving history.

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Enough said. You know the drill. Let’s f go!



SHILL Issue #55

Keep your eye on...


Chonkee Monkee



@64jooski joined the Solana scene October 2021, after getting slightly involved with NFT’s on ETH. Luckily for us,

Jooski wasn’t able to figure out how to get his art on chain, leading to him discovering Solana.

First being introduced to the space via a pal, he later stumbled upon the “Solana Institute of Art”, now an inactive

server. Actively participating in constant dialogue about art, he was able to develop a smart path to being a

successful, “Web3 artist”.

@64Jooski‘s style merges impressionist and animanga influences, with inspiration stretching from all over. Each

piece attempting to initially be narrative driven, reinforced by different forms of abstraction. I’m quite fond of all

of the black & white, it feels limitless.


SHILL Issue #55

COVID was a slight blessing in disguise for Jooski. Starting art as a child, it wasn’t until COVID started that he

decide to get a tablet and lock in with his creativity. Delving deeper with each piece, Jooski’s made quite the

imprint and stamp in the Solana scene.

Art’s always been there for Jooski. I think many of us can relate with Jooski when he states, “Art has always been

an outlet for me to explain that which can be difficult to put into words.”

Mainly focusing on digital painting / creations on an iPad, Jooski also enjoys sketching w charcoal & chalk. Jooski

finds motivation to continue this journey by reaching fulfillment through evoking emotions in others.

Jooski’s a believer in providing support for your biggest supporters. He has been amplifying his collectors by

providing them new creations & art, continually rewarding those who have supported him, by increasing their

collections via airdrops.

SHILL Issue #55








@easymoneyding - 3878 followers

solana needs another 2-3 solid

nft projects to come out in the

next couple of months to keep the

eth snowball effect going

@DeGodsNFT - 72.6k followers

roadmap 3.33. find the clues.

12 SHILL Issue #51



SHILL Issue #51



visit Grape Discord

COMMUNI3 with Metaverse



PURPLEanalysis- April 22nd data

Purpleanalysis away currently focussed on building







$10000 Grape Bounties


20 SHILL Issue #51



@ DOOMbotMask

Mentioned this yesterday but it got buried in my walls of text:

The @DeGodsNFT community pays the salaries of @frankdegods @0x_chill @cryptonent @delilahdegods@

finndegods and countless others from the team. And man, do we get our money’s worth.

Okay to be fair, it’s sellers who pay their salaries from profits. But that high level of value and volume doesn’t

exist without us creating a community and culture buyers want to be a part of. And creating scarcity by holding,

which signals our conviction in the team.

It’s instinct to look at a project and say “Oh, okay so X% goes to the DAO and then Y% goes to the team”, then

assume that last number is taken out of our pockets.

Not with the @DeGodsNFT team. That revenue pays their salaries, and allows them to work for us. How lucky

are we?

I can’t think of many people who stay this humble with this level of success and keep this kind of attitude.

You know how people say “We pay the salary of the politicians, we’re their boss!” and it’s laughable?

@DeGodsNFT actually does that for real.

That chunk of project revenue is what pays for @frankdegods and @cryptonent to work on no sleep, for @

SCUMSOL @sircandyapple and @delilahdegods to destroy their fingers hustling out DeadGods as a FREE mint to

holders. We reap the benefits of their labor in the value we hold.

I go on tilt when I see how people don’t understand what value looks like. It all comes out in the wash later

anyway, but in the moment it’s extremely frustrating seeing the demand for instant gratification. This isn’t how it

works out there in the real world.

Like there’s no business in the brand/tech world where you’re expected to produce this level of content and

planning then execute it perfectly within this short of a timeframe. And yet the @DeGodsNFT manages to pull it

off. All the while number go down and people cry.

Out there in the brand/tech world, TALENT is THE alpha. There’s a reason why “headhunters” exist. These are

roles at companies whose full time job is to find/steal top tier people for their companies. Top dollar, bonuses,

vacation days, whatver it takes to get the talent.

@DeGodsNFT has the best talent in this space. Period. Receipts below.

If I told a headhunter about this level of talent, they’d spring at the opportunity.

Then if they were hired and HR found out about the hours they work, they’d tell them to stop because it’s illegal.

If you’re a part of the @DeGodsNFT community, please keep this in mind: the value infused in your NFTs and

$DUST is created by this talent, the assets we all share, and the role of us as a community to create a brand

image and culture people want to be a part of.

@frankdegods was stressed the night before the @thebig3 announcement. And he was right: short term price

action showed serious impatience and expectation of Number Go Up. And that can have a cascading domino

effect on perception and community morale.

My favorite part about this chart is that on big announcement days there isn’t always crazy action…

but the days and weeks that follow…that’s when the fundamentals become clear.

I get a bit cynical and aggressive when I see how shortsighted this market can be. I wrote this in response to @

frankdegods that night.


SHILL Issue #55

@DeGodsNFT is in the business of business, which is hard for this small niche to understand. It’s depressing.

When I say there are people in this space who are junkies, it is 100% true. If you’re chasing a pump to the point

of buying in at 200 SOL where you instantly become someone’s exit liquidity, you are an addict acting on instinct

and harming yourself.

@okaybears is a phenomenal project that earned its huge splash. But chasing it at that price at that moment was

some serious addict shit. What, you think it’s going to 300 SOL next? “Shut up. I need it NOW.”

Nothing is ever good enough for addicts. That’s by design. One fix wears off fast and then it’s onto the next one.

It sucks to think that the morale of some in the @DeGodsNFT community or the elite level of talent we have is

being affected by the tantrums of a few junkies.

How did we get here? “Long term games with long term people.” November 2021. @cryptonent became a @

DeGodsNFT dev and then went on to start @BlocksmithLabs

February 22 2022. In three days the @DeGodsNFT floor had just pumped from 18 SOL to 37 SOL.

I bought another DeGod at 8.4 SOL before that pump because I wanted one more to flip. I knew what was

coming. Junkies didn’t, they were just looking for a fix.

April 2, 2022. Holders are upset that the floor has been consolidating at 90 SOL for a while. I pointed out that this

is a business being run like a business with the right talent to follow through on a vision.

Three days later, 160 SOL.

This is why I invest in $SOL right now instead of $BTC. And it’s why a lot of people got upset with me by the way!

This is me doing me. From my own life experience, I’m more comfortable putting my bets down on talent, vision,

execution and growth.

@taylordegods on the core team is a huge $BTC believer who couldn’t believe the value created by the team

relative to that “belief” asset.

Talented people with high levels of integrity who earn their reputations always win.

That’s how value is created.

SHILL Issue #55


lots of people think this “Number Go Down” reflects the current value of @DeGodsNFT.

Sure. If you’re an addict who needs a fix TODAY, that looks like failure. Now look at #22 below to see what true

value creation looks like outside of this little NFT silo we have.

Google now brings up:

- @thebig3 acquisition

- @icecube buying a @DeGodsNFT

- @SHAQ buying a @DeGodsNFT

- @MagicEden announcing future $DUST integration

- Global press coverage

- Hour long @DeGodsNFT Twitter Spaces with @icecube and @frankdegods


SHILL Issue #55

I honestly didn’t realize how much GLOBAL press the @DeGodsNFT and @thebig3 deal got. Look at this! Page 2!

Japan! China! Korea! France! Mexico!

In any BUSINESS, what @DeGodsNFT did with their Q1 followed by this growth in assets, marketing opportunities

and international press would make executives do backflips. EVERYONE on the core @DeGodsNFT team would

be getting promotions to make sure they didn’t leave. And people are moping, slumped and dejected because?

“Number Go Down”

The market price is dictated by the psychology of those in the market. If their psychology is sound, the market

reflects the value. If the psychology is distorted, it doesn’t. March 28. Number was here. I can assure you, I am

not some genius with a crystal ball :)

When you understand the the business of branding, marketing and tech concepts, obvious thing is obvious.

When you’re an addict looking for a fix, all that matters is today. Sustainable success? “Long term games with

long term people.”

Nothing has changed.

SHILL Issue #55





How To Find

Projects Early

As always, appreciate any likes, RT’s and follows. Means alot.

As time pass’s in the space, new ways to find projects emerge continuously. This is why I like Mercury, the dashboard

display’s all ongoing WL’s via Mercury and thus, may have a project that’s slipped your radar for any given


Calendars; There’s tons of Solana NFT calender’s floating around and I will link them below for your convenience.

Important to remember some of these include Ads, some of these include absolute horseshit and that’s why you

should always DYOR.

https://nftevening.com/calendar/upcoming/solana/… https://nftsolana.io https://hyperspace.xyz/upcoming

https://nftcalendar.io/b/solana/ https://howrare.is/drops There’s always more, but these are my favourites.


How to find stealth mints and sleepers. * Search a topic * Advanced search * Limit time frame to current date

only * Add key words, ‘Solana’ ‘NFT’ * Do one-two times a day. Toy with key-words as you please, ‘Staking’

‘Stealth Mint’ whatever it may be.

Power of a Groupchat or DAO. These are probably the best way to find alpha and a quality groupchat for finding

alpha = No more than 5-15. For a DAO, no more than 1000 otherwise it becomes a MESS. LOOK AT ALL CHAINS.


Tracking InFLUENCOOORS. Some influencooors can move markets and that’s why some are worth tracking slightly,

be it a wallet or simply watching what their liking on twitter, who they’re following. If they’re engaging with

something ALOT. Definitely keep your eyes on that.

If ya read this far, hope this helps you in ur hunting of da alpha. Any engagement for a dead account is appreciate,

love ya’ll. GLHF Frens, happy huntin.


SHILL Issue #55





A thread on why the @DegenApeAcademy could be one of the best investment ops of your life if you

stick around long enough, don’t look at daily floor price fluctuations and think in a 2-3 year time horizon.

Let’s get it!

I want to start by saying this is probably extremely obvious to some but for me it only just clicked. The

reason? I kept comparing DAA to other projects when in fact, DAA is so unique and ahead of its time

that people struggle to see what is actually being built under the hood.

DAA is an Art company not a social avatar company. What does this mean? It means, people keep looking

at single NFTs in the collection without considering it as a whole & how they interact. It’s like picking

one song in an album yet the album is what tells the complete story.

I was guilty of this. I looked at some of the traits in the collection and thought, hmmm that doesn’t

look cool. I don’t want to rock a PFP with an ape dress. That makes no sense... But I was thinking at the

micro level and making it about me, not thinking about the macro.


SHILL Issue #55

Think about Disney or TCN. Are you going to make any of these characters your PFPs on twitter? Probs

not... However, do you connect with the characters when they’re used in TV/Film and find them a form

of great entertainment? Absolutely!

SHILL Issue #55


So many people wake up each day, go straight to ME, check the floor price and if it’s dropped, jump into a discord

and say shit like, wen staking...? wen token...? we need to keep up with these other projects to boost our

floor! C’mon devs... do something!!

But if we take a step back and think about it, DAA is trying to build IP that challenges the likes of Pixar/Disney.

The daily price fluctuations are so irrelevant. Ask any CEO of any successful company. They couldn’t tell you or

care what the share price is on a given day.

imo, too many projects are doing too many short-term behavioural moves to satisfy the community, sustain the

floor price & keep the momentum at the detriment of the project long term. Yes we would all love to get rich

overnight, & this space encourages that pump mentality, but at what cost? Personally, I’m proud that DAA isn’t

doing this ponzi crap because it is so shortsighted. So, now that we are aware that DAA is an art company trying

to build one of the biggest intellectual property brands that was invented from the NFT era what does this mean?

Well, let’s take a look at some valuations across multiple mediums: Disney mcap - 200 Billion. Netflix mcap - 90

Billion. Activision mcap - 60 Billion. The Simpsons Franchise - worth approx $12.33 Billion.

Now why did I include a streaming company, one of the most successful IP brands of all time, and a gaming company

and a franchise? Well, I think the team will do everything from creating a 3D/interactive world (gaming), a

TV series/show, to IRL products.

Am I saying the DAA brand will reach the heights of Disney? Of course not! But could I see them building a brand

that ends up being valued between 1-10 billion? Absolutely possible!

Today, the DAA brand (Pandas + Kindergarten Eggs + Apes) currently has a total floor market cap of 80 million

USD. The next closest NFT competitor we could compare the brand to is @veefriends

which has a total floor market cap of 150 mill. Considering how large the ambition is from @monoliff

and how he wants to build something in perpetuity that rivals the likes of Pixar/Disney (a multi billion dollar

brand) you start to realise how early we are and how big this opportunity is if executed.

@monoliff’s most recent article proves how much he cares about the community and he’s made it extremely

clearly how he wants to reward OG holders. So what if the brand did an IDO similar to the likes of SSC/@

GenesysGo? What if NFT holders received 30% of the token supply?

What if, behind the scenes mono & the team are starting to talk with game developers to build an iPhone game...

or people high up in the film/tv industry about creating a TV show... what if @monoliff already had previous

experience in these fields before he jumped into NFTs.

Only then you start to realise that your NFT that you hold (regardless of whether it has a dress or has an eggplant

in its mouth) is so much more than a twitter pfp and something that could provide you with an extreme amount

of wealth 1,2, 3 years from now.

So, I encourage you to not look at DAA on the micro level and stare at floor prices every day even though it’s

hard. Think big, think macro, cz this is exactly what this team is building. If you’re a trader & are here for a quick

flip, then maybe the DAA brand isn’t for you.

But if you want to be a part of a cultural phenomenon that was invented from the NFT era I suggest you pick up

something from the Degeniverse, chuck in on a Ledger and don’t think about selling it for 2 years. In hindsight it

will be obvious. I can’t wait to say I told you so.











Greetings Chiefs!

The last 1 week in the Solana NFT Space was just about 2 projects, one that was minted and broke all

the records and one that was going for mint.

Okay bears did really great and as per my Twitter timeline, this is being seen as one such project that

brought investors from Eth NFTs into Solana NFTs. With all this new money flowing in everybody was

eyeing Communi3 and it justified the volume with a starting floor of 40+ sol and now it has been stabilized

in that range only.

Now, since the dust is settled, people are looking for the next opportunity and especially one where the

community is strong and active because that is what is getting sold right now, if you can form a strong

and active community that can show their presence you will get to bear the fruit.

Carton Kids is one such project that is going for mint on the 9th of May 2022.

From the first look, carton kids is a community-associated project with a low supply and a decent cost.

The mint details of the project are as follows:

Supply: 2000

Cost: 2 Sol

Since it’s a community-associated project, we will first take a deep dive into what they have built and

achieved so far.

The first tweet about the project came on the 30th of March and since then they have managed to get

around 41,000 followers on Twitter with around 43 mutual followers among us. They have been really

active on their Twitter and are clocking an average engagement of around 400+ likes per post and around

6000+ likes on their giveaways. They have also partnered with all the big projects in the space and have

been featured in every Solana Influencer’s “mints to look out for” list.


SHILL Issue #55

Apart from this, speaking of their community, the Discord has around 35,000 members and as of now

the server has been boosted by 94 people and they are getting an average engagement of 800 reactions in

their announcements and in their sneak peeks.

Not just the community but the founder of the project has been fairly active in the discord server with

over 3,000 messages which is a really good sign.


This is one of the points that I really liked about the project. If I have to describe the art in one word, it is

“CLEAN”. It is fresh and it is different from what we usually see.

I would love to rock one of these as my PFPs.

Apart from the NFTs, the way they have designed the website is great as well and it shows the work put

in by the team.


There are 3 main catalysts in the roadmap of the project.

1. Staking: The main focus after the mint will be to set up the staking mechanism where the holders will be

able to stake the NFT and in return get $CARTON. The utilities of the coin have not been declared yet.

2. Auctions: Here the team will do an auction of the legendary pieces of the collection and the proceeds

from that sale will go to charity.

3. Monsters: The team has provided a hint that there will be a second collection of the project. However,

not many details have been revealed yet.

To conclude, I think of this as a good project but there are some things that need to be considered:

1. First of all, the utilities and the tokenomics of the staking have not been revealed yet which makes it

difficult to rate the project since no one knows what’s ahead. So I will hold myself from giving a rating as

of now.

2. Not a lot of information about the team and the past experience of the individual team members have

been revealed yet.

However, to build more trust among the investors, the team has decided to launch via Magic Eden with

a 1D Escrow and the team has been fully doxxed by Magic Eden as well.

Apart from that, they have appointed two recognised personalities in the space as their advisors, so that

is a good sign as well.

3. Also, Bitcoin came under one of the major supports yesterday, and Solana is also not in a very good place

because of which the investors will get a little more cautious and profit-taking will become the priority of

a lot of people.

As always DYOR.

SHILL Issue #55















Marco Polo

Marco Polo’s Journal

Okay Bear, DeDAO acquires Big3, Stoned Frogs & Dead Reject ATH, Communi3 minting, and more.

Lets be honest, Okay Bears took this week by storm. The unprecedented run up to an ATH of 187 sol was something

no one could have predicted, not only that but they managed to break the volume charts, over taking our

beloved DeGods in 3 days. Currently sitting at 97 FP and ~580,000 all time volume the Okay Bears are the centrepiece

of Solana NFT’s at present — will this last or was this all time fomo hype? Only time will tell. Nonetheless

we wish prosperity and happiness to all Okay Bears holders, and our thoughts and prayers go out to those

who missed the train. WE ARE OKAY

• Degods made a statement this week with the acquisition of the Big 3 basketball team, Killers 3’s. We are

quite adamant this is a first in the NFT space. Paying approximately $625k USD in the process, Frank and

the team want to use this opportunity as brand exposure to fuel the fire of mainstream adoption, making

sure DeGods becomes a household name. Boasting their star player 3 x Drew League MVP Franklin Sessions

AKA “Frank Nitty”, DeGods looks positioned to win a championship. We are excited to see how this

bold move plays out.

• The Stoned Fogs bounced into the Solana ecosystem this week, staking for their native token $SEEDS the

frogs aim to create a P2E game with prizes, raffles and much more. The community seems great, I mean

check out this hilarious video attached— I hope this man got several whitelists.

• The Dead Rejects sat just behind the Stoned Frogs on volume this week, boasting some beautiful artwork

in addition staking for $D3D token, with the aim to create passive income for there holders the rejects

are definitely a project keep on your radar.


SHILL Issue #55

• Peblo and his beloved cult of Crecked Cets were blessed with glorious milk filling up their empty bottles

which got airdropped to each holder. In usual cryptic fashion, Peblo updated the twitter page banner,

which drops clues on exactly how this sacred milk works. Your guess is as good as mine, in Peblo we


Okay Bulls… No one likes bears unless they are okay I guess? You just knew this derivate was coming, who

doesn’t love a bull market. Interested to see the pricing on this one.

I know this isn’t necessarily related to the Solana ecosystem but this really spoke to me, the crypto space in

general is very fast paced — 24/7 everyday there always something happening. I love this tweet as it puts into

perspective just how precious and short life is, cherish it, love your friends, family and be kind to yourself, take a

break if you need to, make sure you don’t burn out there will always be more opportunities along your journey.

We are here for a good time not a long time so look after yourself anon. Thank you for the reminder Mr. Tim


Communi3 Mad Scientists

The Skinny: Communi3 is a tool suite that helps Web3 project owners “create vibrant, engaged and viral communities”.

It is developed by Opera Event, an Oakland, CA-based software company specializing in technology platforms

for the “creation/management of smart communities”. It makes tools to manage the community through

workflows — self onboarding, payments, verification, marketplace, management, and communication handled

seamlessly through the online portal. Its Discord server and its whitelisting process have used Communi3, whose

clients include The Sandbox and Yield Guild Games.

Why we’re paying attention: This is widely reckoned as the most hyped mint since Okay Bears. Team is fully

doxxed, with gamification through questlines, badges, ranks, rewards, currencies, tiers, and digital storefronts

designed to engage community members online. Web3 projects that use Discord as their community hubs will

no doubt have an edge in terms of community engagement and retention by adopting Communi3 early. It’s initiating

the community to further grow through social media integration which allows the most passionate fans to

willingly become “ambassadors”.

WL Mint Date: 12:00 UTC — 20:30 UTC, Wed, May 4th

Mint Supply: 5,001

Price: 2 SOL

Twitter: https://twitter.com/communi3_io

That’s all for this week folks, thanks for reading my journal entry. Feedback is appreciated, and if you want to be

featured in my journal next week, please DM us on Twitter, or join our Discord for the latest updates!

SHILL Issue #55

































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