Elderflower Fields 2022 Programme

Welcome to the Elderflower Fields 2022 festival programme! If you're joining us at the festival, you'll get a printed copy of this programme, included free in your ticket price. But here is a digital version to peruse at your leisure...

Welcome to the Elderflower Fields 2022 festival programme!
If you're joining us at the festival, you'll get a printed copy of this programme, included free in your ticket price. But here is a digital version to peruse at your leisure...


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When we started on this adventure 10 years ago we had no idea what we had bitten off.

Our small team took on designated roles and naively strolled headlong into a challenging

and exhausting, but ultimately, rewarding journey. The aim: to create a camping event that

focused on activities for kids whilst providing a chance to switch off from the outside world

and connect with your family and friends….with a little light entertainment on the side. We

sold around 700 tickets. We couldn’t then have imagined we would get to 10 years with over

5000 people on site. Fun fact: In the first year we spent £1668 on loos. This year the bill is

closer to £60,000. Needs must. We aim to please.

Nothing would have been achieved without the goodwill and support from the community of

friends and family around us plus those that have joined as volunteers along the way. For our

first picnic for instance (whose idea was that anyway!), 500 handmade cakes were stored in

various peoples’ fridges around the local village and then transported by tractor on a flatbed

trailer by a kind farmer.

We have survived through power cuts, lightning storms, torrential rain, hail, covid.. and

flourished, most of all because of the fantastic, loyal and enthusiastic customer base. It’s you the

parents that are willing to throw yourselves into this weekend that make the event what it is. The

kids get a chance to experience things they don’t normally do all in one wild location …and get a

little feral too. That escape and chance to learn and have fun for fun’s sake is valued by all of us

and we’re sure it is what has kept people coming back year after year.

Thanks for joining us to celebrate our 10th birthday. Have the most wonderful time.

And remember:

“You give a little love and it all comes back to you

La la la la la la la

You know your gonna be remembered for the things that you say and do

La la la la la la la”

Special thanks to Stuart Balkham co-founder and event manager

who is moving on to new pastures. He built this city.



Pippingford is a beautiful estate with diverse flora

and fauna. We are privileged to call this place our

home for a few days. Please explore and enjoy

the wonderful landscape, but respect it and teach

your kids to respect it too. We ask you to support

us by trying not to disturb wildlife, by helping us

to keep Pippingford clean and by using the waste

and recycling facilities provided. Please pay

attention to any signs for areas which are closed

or off limits. Leave only your footprints behind…

The site is quite wild in places with deep water

and potentially dangerous ground conditions.

Never leave your child unsupervised on any part

of the site (with the exception of the Sports & Arts

Camps), and take extra care near the ponds or

lakes. Please also be aware that some areas can

be uneven, boggy or slippery when wet.

Fires, BBQs and stoves are allowed in the

campsites only, but must be raised off the ground.

Please do not take wood to burn from the site.

Open, unconfined fires are not allowed and please

never use stoves or BBQs inside your tent -

carbon monoxide poisoning is a real risk. Please

note; if it is very dry, we may need to ban all fires

& BBQs.


Keep any valuables with you. Do not leave them

in your tent or in your car. Lost property will be

managed by the team at the Info Tent. If you have

lost something, please head there and we will do

our best to reunite you with the item.


Phone charging is available in the Info Tent for £2

per charge. Please note that we can only charge a

small number of phones at any one time and that

your phone is left at your own risk.


Please encourage your kids to wash their hands,

especially before eating. There are lots of lovely

wild animals who normally inhabit the estate,

which means animal poo too. Hand wash stations

are located around the site and in the toilet

blocks. Please do not put food waste into the hand

washing sinks.

Drinking water is available freely in all bars and

from taps in the campsites and by the toilets on

Dragonfly Hill. Please turn off taps once you’ve

filled up your water bottles. There are hot showers

and plenty of toilets around the site. Please

respect the countryside and do not use the woods

There is no smoking allowed in any venue or

structure on site. Please do not drop your butts

on the ground, each one must be collected by us

after the event by hand. Ensure your cigarette is

fully extinguished before disposing of it in a bin

or sand bucket.


or bushes. Showers can get extremely busy in the

mornings, so please understand that you may

have to queue. Our advice is to have a sneaky

shower mid-afternoon and also keep your shower

short to help save water. You could also consider

no-rinse body wash and dry shampoo. Or, dare we

suggest it, not wash for a day or two...


Please help us to keep the site clean and tidy by

using the waste and recycling facilities provided.

When you pack up your campsite, please take

everything home with you and leave any waste

in black bin bags and all mixed recycling in clear

bin bags, in the bins or waste areas provided.

There is strictly no glass allowed on site. If you

accidentally brought some, please kindly take it

back home with you for recycling.


What 3 Words is a really useful tool which can

help you find your way around the site, locate

your tent or car and get help in an emergency.

The app is totally free to use and can be

downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. If

you’ve downloaded the app, make a note of where

your tent is and write it on your kids wristband,

along with your mobile number.


When you first arrive, make sure to write your

mobile number on your kids’ wristbands. Spare

blank wristbands are available at the Ticketing

Tent and the Info Tent. Take some time to

familiarise yourself and your children with the

site layout & note where your camping spot is.

It’s a good idea to tell your kids that if they get

lost, they should ask for help from security or a

steward (who will be wearing high vis vests or

tabards), or head to the Info Tent. Found children

will be taken to and cared for at the Info Tent. If

you become separated from your child during

the weekend, please tell a steward or head to the

Info Tent as soon as possible so that our team can

assist you. If you’ve downloaded the app, make

a note of where your tent is and write it on your

kids wristband, along with your mobile number.


Thanks to our friends at Child Friendly Brighton,

who once again have provided tipis near to the

Info Tent for baby changing and breastfeeding

and even just for a bit of quiet and shade if you’re

coming with very small children. These facilities

are free to use all weekend so do pop in whenever

you need to.


On Monday we will be operating a tractor and

trailer luggage drop service to help get your

camping gear back up the hill to the car park. This

will operate every 45 minutes starting at 8am,

from the top of the main family camping field,

next to the bell tents. Luggage will be dropped at

a central location in the car park. £2 per item -

pre-book at any point over the weekend via the

Info Tent. Please note, this is for luggage only, not




‘The Keepers of Calm’, Mortimer Nannies with

their experienced team will be hosting two ‘stay

up late’ sessions each evening in their babysitting

tent next to the fist aid centre in Leapfrog Lawns

for kids aged 2+. Sessions cost £25 per child.

Limited spaces still available - pop in to book a



If you need help at any point over the weekend,

the best place to head to is the Info Tent. It’s

also the place to go to for programme schedule


Info Tent opening times:

Friday: 2pm - 10pm

Sat & Sun: 8am - 10pm

Monday: 8am - 2pm

If you have a physical disability and need

assistance getting around the site, please go

and speak to the team at the Info Tent. We have

a wheelchair accessible buggy specifically for

helping those who might need assistance getting

to and from the car park.

If you need urgent help with anything and are

unable to find a steward or other member of

staff, or if you need emergency assistance during

the night, you can phone this number which is

manned 24 hours throughout the festival:

07498 610213.


Our event first aid team is lead by paramedics

and very experienced first raiders, who provide

excellent first aid cover throughout the weekend.

If you or your kids have any medical concerns at

all, please head to the First Aid tent at the bottom

of Leapfrog Lawns.

Please be aware of ticks and if you find one on

you, or think you’ve been bitten, head to the First

Aid tent for advice.


Parents: please remember, you are responsible for

your children at ALL times. Please treat the site,

structures and each other with respect and do not

use any activity equipment outside of supervised

activity times.


Share your Elderflower Fields weekend with us for a chance to win.

See page 48 for details #elderflowerfields


Accessibility icons are indicated in the programme next to each activity or

performance with one or more coloured dots. They are intended as a quick

reference to help you decide which bits of the festival your family might

enjoy the most, and we hope that they will be particularly useful for anyone

who might have specific access needs.


Activities or


performances which take

place wholly or mostly outside.

So, there are no closed off areas

and if it’s raining you’ll probably

get a bit wet…


Activities or


performances which take

place wholly or mostly inside or

under shelter of some kind. So

you’ll be nice and dry if it rains,

but it could feel crowded or

claustrophobic at times.


Participation is required –


get stuck in and be part of

the action!


Kick back, relax and


watch the spectacle. No

need to do anything other than

enjoy the show..


Sometimes loud or


exciting and energetic –

ok to add your own noise too :-)


These activities or


performances might

still involve music or talking,

but they are generally more

relaxing and quiet.


Hands on, sensory, tactile


and possibly a little

messy or wet!


Take something home


after the festival – either

a thing which you’ve made or a

skill you’ve learned.


These activities needed


to be pre-book prior to

the festival. Please check our

website to book any remaining




Activities with extra fee



…and what is one of our strongest musical line ups ever. You can look forward to bass bossing

dub dance from headliner’s Dub Pistols, hip hop happiness via Mr B’s outfit Collapsed Lung, world

music from The Turbans and Samaki. The Future Shape of Sound and TC & The Groove Family

deliver the FUNK to Sunday evening on the Dragonfly Stage. We have new up and coming music

from the likes of The Winches and Cate Ferris and a solid line up of familiar performers aimed at

our younger guests like David Gibb and Al Start. Michelle Stodart of The Magic Numbers curates

Saturday night on the Woodland Stage while The Hilltop Sessions does the same on Friday night.

Check out both their line ups for high quality musicianship. WoW PoW has fantastic immersive

theatre from Big Bold Drama, fascinating nature talks from Nigel Marvern and a multitude of

brilliant kids entertainers and storytellers too. Be inspired by youth acts West End Kids and Vocal

Repertoire, shake your booty at the cocktail bar to our fab DJs and don’t forget to get your

strutt on for the UK BeeGees on Saturday afternoon. What’s not to like?!









Dr Bluegrass & The Illbilly 8

Tongue & Groove

Collapsed Lung

The Turbans


Cate Ferris

Michael Baker

Hayley Ross

Steady Habits

Danny George Wilson

The Dead Reds

Storytelling with

Robin Manuel - Anarchadia

Around the World in 3 Stories by

Adam Snyder

Dawn Casey

Please note timings may be subject to change. Look out for stage times on the venue blackboards.


















Rock your Asana

Vocal Repertoire

Chloe Lawrence

West End Kids

Boom Boom Bean Selecta

The Marching SKAletons

DJ - Return of the Gant

Milly Upton

DJ - Disco Dog Dax

The UK Bee Gees

DJ - JB’s Disco Machine

The Barefoot Bandit

DJ - The Funky Alternative

Huw And The Greater Good

DJ - Barney & His Beating Heart

Dub Pistols

Songwriting Workshop

Morning Guitar Meditation

with Geoff Robb

Al Start & the Beastie Band

Go Kids Music Takeover with

Al Start and the Beastie Band

See page 37 for details

Jolie Skye


Daisy Chute

Hannah White

Copper Viper

Michele Stodart

The Washboard Resonators

Jose McGill & The Vagaband

Tatty Bumpkin

Crazy Beanz -

Unicorn Academy

Crazy Beanz - Monkey BeanZ

ate the Jelly BeanZ

Adam Snyder - Around The

World in Three Stories

Chloe Rhodes

The Wonders of Sussex Kelp

Russell Arnott - 20000 Trees

Under The Sea

Nigel Marven

Brave Bold Drama

Mr Pineapple Head

John Hinton - Ensonglopedia

Storytelling with

Robin Manuel - Anarchadia

Storytelling with

Jon Mason



Please note timings may be subject to change. Look out for stage times on the venue blackboards.

















Rock your Asana

Uckfield Concert Brass

David Gibb

DJ - Criztoz Reggae

The Swing Commanders

The Marching Skaletons

Grand Parade


DJ - Jem Stone’s Village Disco

DJ - Jez Preston

Johnny Cash Converters

DJ - The Funky Alternative

TC & The Groove Family

Songwriting workshop

Dan The Hat

John Crampton

Alice Brooke- young performer

The Winches

Wild Pansies

Keston Cobblers Club

Eddy Smith & The 507

Tatty Bumpkin

Crazy Beanz -

Unicorn Academy

Crazy Beanz - Monkey BeanZ

ate the Jelly BeanZ

Russell Arnott - 20000 Trees

Under The Sea

Nigel Marven

Dan The Hat

Brave Bold Drama

John Hinton - Ensonglopedia

The Great Elderflower

Family Pub Quiz

Storytelling with Indigo Aela

13 yrs old


DJ - Blacky

Still Moving DJs

Storytelling with John Mason


The Future Shape of Sound



Please note timings may be subject to change. Look out for stage times on the venue blackboards.


O Outside I Inside GI Get Involved JW Just Watch NN Nice & Noisy CQ Calm & Quiet M Messy TH Take It Home


Alice Brooke

Sun: 2pm

Woodland Stage O JW CQ

We are keen to support talented young local

artists. To that end please make a big noise when

you catch Alice Brooke playing our Woodland

Stage on Sunday at 2pm. In her words: ”Hi,

I’m Alice Brooke and I’m a 14 year old singer/

songwriter. I’ve been writing and playing music

as long as I can remember. I’ve grown up listening

to all kinds of music from folk to punk and

everything in between.”

Cate Ferris

Fri: 5pm


Woodland Stage O GI JW NN

Cate Ferris is a singer/songwriter, multiinstrumentalist

and producer who has been

captivating audiences across the UK and Europe

with her solo project. Her music has been featured

on Radio 6 and BBC1 Xtra and she has been tipped

as one of the best new up and coming artists.

Cate Ferris

Chloe Lawrence

Sat: 11am

Dragonfly Stage O JW CQ

With her bohemian roots in the mountains of

Spain, steeped in folk music from the 60’s and her

wanderlust seeing her performing intimate sets

barefoot at beach parties, Essex born and now

Manchester based Chloe’s sets hone honest storytelling

with dynamic intricacies of her voice and

guitar playing.

Collapsed Lung

Fri: 8pm

Collapsed Lung

Dragonfly Stage O JW NN

A huge welcome to Elderflower Fields fave and

chap hop legend Mr B’s own band of renegade hip

hoppers. Formed in 1992 in Harlow by Ant and

Steve, the band went on to chart success with the

hip-hop ‘footy anthem’ Eat My Goal.

Chloe Lawrence


Copper Viper

Geoff Robb

Copper Viper

Sat: 6pm


Woodland Stage O JW NN

Copper Viper is an acoustic folk trio from London

whose music draws inspiration from the British

folk and American country/bluegrass traditions.

The music flows smoothly between lyrical

ballads and foot-stomping barn-stormers, mixing

melancholy, hope, tension and joy in equal


Danny George Wilson

Fri: 9pm


Woodland Stage O JW CQ

As well as a solo artist, Danny George Wilson has

been making records for over 20 years with UK alt

country bands including ‘Grand Drive’ and ‘Danny

and The Champions of The World’. Elderflower

Fields sees him perform material from across his

career with longtime Champs guitarist Paul Lush.

Danny George Wilson

Daisy Chute

Sat: 4pm


Woodland Stage O JW NN

Daisy Chute is an American-Scottish folk singer,

songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Her

musical roots are born out of her transatlantic

heritage and she writes award-winning intelligent

songs with stories, performing them with spinetingling

vocals & intricate instrumentation. We

can’t wait to see her perform on Saturday night.

David Gibb

Sun: 11am

Dragonfly Stage O GI JW NN

The legendary David Gibb is back! Join him on a

musical journey through his hilarious and often

surreal imagination, where dragons live under the

bed and teddy bears dance the night away at the

disco. Join him for the workshop and write your

very own song!

Dr Bluegrass & The Illbilly 8

Fri: 5.30pm

Dragonfly Stage O JW NN

Foot stompin’, thigh slappin’ Bluegrass from the

deep south (of England). Songs about whiskey,

wild women and the lonesome highway (to hell),

as well as tunes you’ll definitely know (but you

won’t be sure why).


David Gibb Eddy Smith & The 507 Dr Bluegrass & The Illbilly 8

Dub Pistols

Sat: 9.30pm

Dragonfly Stage O JW NN

We are very excited to welcome the legendary

reggae-breaks-jungle mashup outfit, the Dub

Pistols, as our special 10th birthday Sat: night

headliners. They are known for their fun fuelled

sets which guarantee a beat to bounce to. Save

some energy for this…you’re going to need it!

Duckpond Sailors

Roaming all weekend O I JW NN

The exuberant Duck Pond Sailors are a group of

lads that learn and sing traditional sea shanties

and Sussex folk songs. Often sung whilst drinking

in local ale houses, they have no aim other than

singing well and drinking better.

Eddy Smith & The 507

Sun: 6.45pm

Woodland Stage O JW

Eddy Smith & The 507 music is engulfed by rich

vocal harmonies and gospel-like organ. With an

irresistible blend of various Americana styles,

such as blues, folk, country and rock, the band

have gained recognition as ‘ones to watch’ on the

UK Roots scene.

Music of the Trees’ weaves tales of our woodland

folklore with a blend of musical influences from

Celtic - jazz. Come and immerse yourself in his

beautiful and meditative music.

George the Bookworm

Sun: 4.15pm & 6.15pm O JW NN

Leapfrog Lawns

Join The Grand Theatre of Lemmings as they

present ‘George the Bookworm’. George is

a 400-year-old bookworm who lives in the

British Library and has come out on tour in

The Smallest Library in the World to launch his

book of limericks! However, he soon discovers

that all the words have fallen out of his book

because children aren’t reading enough. Together,

everyone goes on a journey to help George get the

words back in.

Dub Pistols

Geoff Robb

Sat: 9.45am

Woodland Stage O JW NN

Award winning Geoff Robb’s performance of

magical storytelling and music earned him rave

reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe. His show ‘The


Hayley Ross

Huw and the Greater Good

Go Kid Music Takeover!

Sat: 11am-3pm

Hannah White

Sat: 5pm


Woodland Stage O JW NN

Brilliantly talented Al Start is a regular at

Elderflower Fields and will be entertaining the

younger ones with a 4 hour slot on Saturday

morning with her Go Kid Music team. There will

be a 10th celebration party with innovative songs,

creative storytelling, kids open mic and much

much more. More info on page. 37.

Woodland Stage O JW CQ

Singer-songwriter Hannah White’s heartfelt

Americana noir music has been winning fans

over the last few years and her heartfelt lyrics

have been described as honest and unflinching.

Combined with her beautiful voice, this

enthralling performer is set to gain a whole load

new fans at Elderflower Fields 2022.

Al Start/ Go Kid Music Takeover!

Hayley Ross

Fri: 7pm


Woodland Stage O JW CQ

Brighton based Hayley Ross is an outlier and

quiet disruptor who refuses to be pinned down. A

multi-instrumentalist with a gorgeous voice, she

released one of the most haunting albums of 2020

and her dark and dreamy cinematic creations

have one toe tentatively dipped in alt-roots.


Fri: 5pm-10.30pm

Woodland Stage O JW NN

Hilltop Sessions is a series of live

monthly gigs in Lewes curated by

husband and wife team Oliver and Maia.

Elderflower Fields is pleased to have

them on board, curating Friday night

on The Woodland Stage. Expect a mix

of alt-pop to electro folk and everything in



John Crampton

Jose McGill & the Vagaband

Huw and the Greater Good

Sat: 8pm

Dragonfly Stage O JW NN

We’re welcoming alternative/indie/folk group

Huw & the Greater Good for the first time at

Elderflower Fields. Fronted by the powerful and

soulful voice of Huw Eddy, their show delivers

nonstop, heart-on-sleeve and profoundly soulful

moments with their songs of self-discovery,

triumph and heartache.

John Crampton

Sun: 11.15am

Woodland Stage O JW NN

John’s energetic and exciting performance is

a must see and his compelling show mixes his

gravel-gargling voice with steel guitar, harmonica

and washboard to create an experience of

astonishing depth and passion. We can’t wait to

see this extraordinary man perform.

Jolie Skye

Sat: 3.15pm

Woodland Stage O JW NN

At 16, Jolie is one of our youngest singers and

combines her warm vocal quality with her bright

acoustic guitar to create her unique style. Taught

by her Grandad at an early age, her acoustic pop

style is infused with a dash of jazz and soul,

evoking sounds of Lordes and Mahalia.

Jose McGill & the Vagaband

Sat: 9.15pm


Woodland Stage O JW NN

The Vagaband have taken their brand of roots

rock and Celtic soul across the UK & Europe for

the last 15 years and honing their craft as festival

headliners. Multi-instrumentalists and McGill

as the ever-present writer and producer, they

have released a consistent output of slick celtic/


Johnny Cash Converters

Sun: 6pm

Dragonfly Stage O JW NN

Equal parts country, rave, funk and 90s house

piano, Johnny Cash Converters plays ‘Funktry

and Western’ dance anthems just like Johnny

Cash would have, had he grown up in the 80s in

the UK and went out raving. Covering everything

from Frankie Goes to Hollywood to The Prodigy.

Let’s dance!

Jolie Skye


Milly Upton

Michael Baker

Keston Cobblers Club

Sun: 5.15pm

Michael Baker

Fri: 6pm


Woodland Stage O JW NN

Keston Cobblers Club, formed of brother and

sister duo Matthew and Julia Lowe with school

friends Tom Sweet and Harry Stasinopoulos, are

welcomed back at Elderflower Fields 2022. Expect

a show of hook-laden melodies, genuine warmth

and dazzling musicianship.

Kevin Morton Magician

Sat: 12pm-2pm / Sun: 2pm-4pm

Leapfrog Lawns O GI NN

Kevin Morton will be dazzling and mesmerising

audiences young and old, with his sharp sleight

of hand and engaging personality. Be sure to

catch Kevin, as he magically wanders around

Elderflower Fields and performs for small groups.

No stage required – your hands are the perfect

platform for some top class magic!

Keston Cobblers Club

Woodland Stage O JW NN

Brighton based multi-instrumentalist Michael

Baker is performing at Elderflower Fields for the

first time. His beautiful music is full of ‘soaring

melodies, shimmering string arrangements

and electronic beats’ and has been described

as ‘achingly honest & heartfelt’ with “intensely

intimate, beautiful songwriting”. You are in for a

musical treat.

Michele Stodart

Sat: 7pm

Woodland Stage O JW NN

Multi-instrumentalist Michele Stodart, from

the much-loved, double-platinum selling Magic

Numbers, has been part of the festival’s growth

for some years now. With her raw but warm

and intimate live performance, she is going to

bring something special to our 10th anniversary


Milly Upton

Sat: 3.30pm

Dragonfly Stage O JW NN

Milly Upton is a beautiful re-imagining of a 70s

west coast songstress, somewhere between

Rickie Lee Jones and Joni Mitchell. She combines

floating guitar melodies with soaring vocals in

songs about taxis, sex and sun cream - her debut

album ‘Baby FM’ is available on Spotify. Catch her

on our Dragonfly stage on Saturday afternoon.


Michele Stodart

Steady Habits


Sat: 4pm-10.30pm

Woodland Stage O JW NN

Michele Stodart of has been part of this

festival’s growth for some years now and

this year has teamed up with Immy Doman

of the legendary Green Note music venue

in London, to curate Saturday night on the

Woodland stage. Expect a mix of genres from

ragtime - singer-songwriter.


Sun: 3.15pm

Dragonfly Stage O JW NN

Get ready for relentless grooves and soaring

melodies. Samaki is an afrobeat project based

on the sound of 1970s African musicians like

Fela Kuti, Tony Allen, and Oscar Sulley. Locally

based and full of exemplary musicians, they are a

festival fave.

Steady Habits

Fri: 8pm


Still Moving DJs

Sun: 8.15pm

Woodland Stage O GI NN

This lively and unique duo have an eclectic

selection of records by great musicians and a

slightly odd and very charming obsession love

of dinosaurs. With live percussion, ship lanterns,

gramophones, tankards and dinos a-plenty, they’ll

raise the roof off The Woodland Stage on Sunday

night! Prepare for a jolly good knees-up.

TC & The Groove Family

ft. Franz Von

Sun: 7.30pm

Dragonfly Stage O JW NN

This 10-piece collectives’ music celebrates the

coming together of cultures, and the unity that

music can provide for everyone. Their raucous

live show is bursting with raw energy as they

explore grooves and genres from the UK and

around the world, including afrobeat, breakbeat,

jungle, jazz and highlife.

Woodland Stage O JW NN

Steady Habits is centred around the lyrical

narrative of Connecticut-native, Sean Duggan

who has re-connected with his flair for altcountry

sounds and melodic pop-hooks. They

have moved from strength to strength and are

taking their songs on the road for the first time

this year.

Still Moving DJs


The Barefoot Bandit

The Future Shape of Sound

The Barefoot Bandit

Sat: 6.30pm

Dragonfly Stage O JW NN

A sparkly new-wave reggae/dub band from Devon,

The Barefoot Bandit perform an electrifying blend

of modern roots reggae, bass-heavy riddims,

deep dark dub and spine-tingling brass lines.

With lyrics that touch on life’s many challenges,

including climate change, these guys bring reggae

with soul and heart.

The Dead Reds

Fri: 10pm


Woodland Stage O JW NN

Built on their love for rock ’n’ roll and the blues,

this six piece, Lewes based band play all-original,

British, blues rock with political undertones, and a

stonking beat you can dance your socks off to. Be

prepared to be wowed.

The Future Shape of Sound

Sun: 9.15pm

Dragonfly Stage O JW NN

A 10-piece rock’n’roll gospel outfit, spear-headed

by accomplished music producer Alex McGowan

aka “Captain Future”. Visualise a bunch of

rock’n’roll, blues musicians and gospel singers

coming together to rock it out in a disused circus

tent. That’s our Sunday Dragonfly headliner!

The Magnificent Kevens

Roaming all weekend O I JW NN

Marauding mayhem! You can hear this walkabout

hodge-podge of flowery shirts play anywhere

from the car park, cocktail bar and even outside

the loos! A hapless troupe that shamelessly

pummel many of your favourite tunes with

drifting tonal registers and unique time

signatures. A guaranteed sing-along-athon.

The Magnificent Kevens

The Marching SKAletons


The Swing Commanders

The UK Bee Gees

The Marching SKAletons

Sat: 2pm / Sun: 2.15pm

Dragonfly Stage O GI JW NN

Brought back to life by the re-animating power

of ska, the day of the dead inspired Marching

SKAletons are equally at home weaving through

a festival crowd or on the stage. They will get

your bones shaking with classic and original horn

powered ska instrumentals.

The Swing Commanders

Sun: 1pm

Dragonfly Stage O JW NN

Britain’s ‘number one Western swing band’ are

back at Elderflower Fields (and this year we

hope they are not shut down by a freak electrical

storm..) We can’t wait to have them jive and swing

their way through our picnic slot on the Dragonfly

Stage. Perfect Sunday sunshine music.

The Turbans

Fri: 9.30pm

Dragonfly Stage O JW NN

International music adventurers The Turbans,

draw on the rich cultural heritage of both the

Levantine and Balkan regions to create original

music for the 21st century. Sonically huge and

visually arresting, they have been igniting

audiences with the bacchanalian spirit of

Eastern Mediterranean. Get ready to bounce.

The UK Bee Gees

Sat: 5pm

Dragonfly Stage O GI JW

Grow your hair and grab your teeth for some of

the world’s most famous music from one of the

UK’s best loved ‘bands’. It’s our very own Sat:

afternoon LEGENDS slot. How deep is your love?

hahahaha…stayin’ alive.

The Turbans


The Washboard Resonators

The Winches

The Washboard Resonators

Sat: 8pm


Woodland Stage O JW NN

A truly entertaining, upbeat duo who hail from

Leeds, England, The Washboard Resonators play

foot-stomping blues, vaudeville and swing. Tap

dancing and playing instruments from ukulele

to spoons, they have been described a ‘a ragtime

street band meets a Hollywood musical on a

theatre stage somewhere in around 1932’.

The Winches

Sun: 2.45pm

Woodland Stage O JW NN

This South-East London based folk quartet’s

music, brilliantly and beautifully combines

story telling through jigs and sea shanties. A

smorgasbord of instruments, including violin,

banjo and flute, combined with the beautiful lead

vocals from Maisy Banks and soft harmonies,

creates a bewitching sound you will not forget.

Tongue & Groove

Fri: 6.45pm

Dragonfly Stage O JW NN

Tongue & Groove, the exceptional and explosive

show band, are delighted to celebrate Elderflower

Fields 10th Birthday with their fourth appearance

over the festival’s lifetime. They are a band with

no musical boundaries, surprising and delighting

with ambitious and legendary covers. Get your

dancing shoes on - you will not be disappointed.

Uckfield Concert Brass

Sun: 10am

Dragonfly Stage O JW NN

To get everyone up and raring to go and in lieu of

a Sunday morning alarm clock we have brought

in the big guns. 24 lungs and brass will fill the air

on the main stage with covers of familiar songs

Vocal Repertoire

Sat: 10am

Dragonfly Stage O JW NN

We’re welcoming back Seaford based youth

singing and performance school, Vocal Repertoire

to Elderflower Fields this year. A whopping 30 of

their students will be performing songs from all

eras with the VR twist.

Uckfield Concert Brass


Tongue & Groove

The Wild Pansies

West End Kids

Sat: 12 noon

Dragonfly Stage O JW NN

West End Kids are set to delight with a mix of

toe-tapping songs from Broadway shows like

Fame and Motown, along with some of London’s

top-selling West End shows. In this high energy

theatrical performance, expect thrilling dance

numbers that will have everyone singing along.

Inspiration for the next generation of performers.

The Wild Pansies

Sun: 4pm

Woodland Stage O JW NN

Straight out of East Sussex, The Wild Pansies

draw deep on their love of blues, folk and country

music to serve up their take on traditional music

from America and beyond. Bluegrass, Klezmer,

English tunes, it’s all fair game as they mix up the

styles to get your feet moving.

West End Kids


Welcome to Wow Pow! Head to the Nightjars, just up from the Woodland Stage and you’ll find

a full schedule of theatre, storytellers, poets and kid’s entertainers. Highlights include Big Bold

Drama and their immersive detective show, adventurer Nigel Marven and his creepy crawly

creatures, the surreal world of Mr Pineapple Head and the chance taking, stunt performing, but

mostly hilarious , Dan The Hat. Watch and wonder!


Adam Snyder - Around The World in

Three Stories

Fri: 7.30pm / Sat: 11am I JW CQ

Adam tells stories from different cultures around

the world, weaving them together to create a

continuous tale. He loves telling stories around

the campfire but this year we are all rather overly

excited that he will be weaving his magical

stories in the Wow Pow tent.

Indigo Aela I JW CQ

Sun: 8pm

Trip the light fantastic with our youngest

storyteller, telling tales of other worlds and far-off

times. Aela brings fairies, magic and a touch of

spooky gothic, from old traditions and modern

fantasy. Let your imagination sweep you away!

Brave Bold Drama

Sat: 2.45pm / Sun: 3.30pm GI JW I NN

Full of mystery and a broad streak of quirky

comedy, Brave Bold Drama’s ‘The Munch Mission’,

is a fiendishly sneaky art heist adventure

theatre show set in the world of international art

galleries. Join Kahlo & Dali in chasing leads and

deciphering clues to retrieve the missing artwork.

Chloe Rhodes - Wild Heritage

Sat: 12 noon I JW CQ

Chloe is the author of several books about folklore

and language and her journalism has appeared

in The Guardian and The Independent. She will

be sharing some insights into the habits of our

ancient ancestors and how this can teach us old

ways to live well in a new age.

Dan the Hat

Sun: 10am (Woodland Stage); O GI JW NN

Sun: 2pm (WowPow) I GI JW NN

Dan has been performing for the last 19 years,

all over the world and he will take you on a

frenzied journey of skills and comedy. Audience

interaction throughout , (whether they like not!)

A mixture of serious skills, stupid stunts and

frenzied ‘off the wall’ improv. comedy.

Dawn Casey

Fri: 9pm I JW CQ

Snuggle down together for a bedtime story as the

sun sets. A beautiful underwater adventure is

illustrated by a candle-lit story-box, a traditional

storytelling form using a gentle stream of

mesmerising silhouettes, also the tale of Robin

Redbreast, one of our most beloved birds.

John Hinton - Ensonglopedia

Sat: 5.45pm / Sun: 5.30pm I GI JW NN

Award-winning comedy science singersongwriter

John Hinton presents an electrifying

mix of peer reviewed musical mayhem.

Interactive, interstellar, and inter…esting.

Jon Mason I JW CQ

Sat: 8pm / Sun: 8.30pm

Ever wondered how the hills were made? Where

the sun goes at night? Who built that empty

house on the edge of town? Let Jon show you.

A passionate, captivating storyteller with a love

of legends old and new. Expect local folk tales,

tragic Norse sagas, Celtic myths and fables from

prehistory’s deepest depths.


Brave Bold Drama

Nigel Marven

Monkey BeanZ ate the Jelly BeanZ

Sat/Sun: 10.15am I GI NN

CraZy BeanZ and Monkey BeanZ adventure: Share

some delicious Jelly BeanZ all the way from the

top of the rainbow with CraZy BeanZ. Monkey

BeanZ, a very cheeky puppet, will have some very

silly ideas before the children get their hands on

the BeanZ. Suitable for over 3s. The Jelly BeanZ

are vegan and nut-free.

Mr Pineapple Head

Sat: 4.30pm I GI JW CQ

Mr Pineapple Head will take you on a rollercoaster

ride of clown beauty, professional silliness and

pineapple magic! Genuinely very funny silent

clown show for the whole family. Pure physical

visual comedy, combining classic vintage gags

and modern original slapstick routines to music.

Nigel Marven

Sat: 1.15pm / Sun: 11.30am I JW CQ

Our friend and wildlife adventurer Nigel

Marven will be sharing stories of his incredible

adventures garnered making tv shows and also be

bringing along some of his real life (party) animal

friends to Elderflower Fields. We can’t wait for you

to meet him ….and them!

Robin Manuell- Anarchadia I

Fri: 6pm / Sat: 7pm


Join Robin for a riot of storytelling created by

you as he improvises anarchic adventures from

audience suggestions. There’s no telling where

they’ll end up. Funny, dark, and always surprising,

suitable for kids from 7 to 70.

Russell Arnott - 20000 Trees

Under The Sea

Sat: 12.45pm / Sun: 11am I GI NN

We hear all the time about the importance of

forests, but did you know that there are vast

forests under our ocean that not only provide

habitats for thousands of sea creatures but also

keep us alive? Rusty Cutlass (aka oceanographer

Dr Russell Arnott) talks us through the wonder

of seagrass meadows, kelp forests and seaweed

farms. He’ll even have some samples of edible

seaweeds to try!

The Wonders of Sussex Kelp

Sat: 12.15pm I JW CQ

Kelp does so much for our sea and land -

providing homes for nature, reducing shore

damage and filtering out nasties caused by

polution. It also traps up to 20 times more carbon

per acre than land forests - wow! Join local

free-divers and conservationists, Sussex Seabed

Restoration Project, and discover how you can get

involved with their exciting community project to

replant the historical Kelp forests of Sussex.

Unicorn Academy

Sat: 9.30am / Sun: 9.30am I GI NN

Lots of dancing, games and silly fun with Twilight

BeanZ Unicorn Academy. Twilight BeanZ the

unicorn has just discovered that human BeanZ

are in fact real! She wants to learn everything

there is to know about humans and in exchange,

Twilight BeanZ will teach the children how to be



Head to Leapfrog Lawns and The Hop for a line up of moving, shaking, stretching and dancing.

It’s also the venue for what is fast becoming an Elderflower Fields tradition: The Big Family

Dance Off on Sunday. Dress up (essential) and choose your family tribe, Party Animals vs

Pyjama Party. No special skills required, just enthusiasm! One family will be crowned the 2022

Dance Off Champions and win weekend tickets to our sister event Into The Trees in September!














Mindful Movement


Universal Dance - Pre-school dance workshop PB

Universal Dance - Contemporary Dance Workshop PB

Universal Dance - Street Dance Workshop PB

CraZy BeanZ Mini Disco

High Shenanigans & Silly Games

Silent Disco - Incredible Oceans Under Da Sea

Disco with Russell Arnott vs Kids DIY DJs

Mindful Movement


Turning Pointe - Ballet PB

Turning Pointe - Creative Dance PB

Turning Pointe - Modern for beginners PB

CraZy BeanZ Mini Disco

The Big Elderflower Dance Off

George the Bookworm

Songwriting Workshop Performance

George the Bookworm

Please note timings may be subject to change. Look out for stage times on the venue blackboards.


Head to the Cocktail Bar in Lazy Glades and you’ll discover a great lineup of DJs to let loose to.

From funk and hip hop to house and disco, from old fashioned rock ‘n roll to northern soul..if

you can dance to it you will probably hear it. Late evenings the venue hosts a Silent Disco and

on Saturday evening some of our very own festival guests step up to DIY DJ! See you there in

your glam rags and boogie boots.




Sunbeam Sounds

Leonie’s Breakfast

Dance Party


Morning Glory

Jez Preston Curated Crates


Zizi45 (45 Kids) - 8 year old

spinning classic 7” vinyl















Start Up The Funk

Jez Preston Curated Crates

Eclectic all 7” Vinyl set -

Criztoz (45 Day)

Bad Horse- Straight Up


Love Is The Message -DJ Tim W

Hush Beats Silent Disco

The Funky Alternative

Middle Aged Rave:

top one, nice one, get sorted

DJ Lama (15yrs old) - Funky House

Kinobe DJ Sets

DJ Big Mac - Hip Hop

Scratch Master

Eclectic all 7” Vinyl set -

Criztoz (45 Day)

Bad Horse- Straight Up


Jem Stone’s Village Disco

Love is the message -

DJ Tim Walker

Hush Beats Silent Disco


Berry Gordy’s Basement:

Motown, Stax & Northern Soul

The Sunday Sessions -

DJ Gant

We Are Family -

80’s Lovechild

The Funky Alternative

Barney’s Handbags

and Glamrags

JB’s Disco Machine

Love is the message -

DJ Tim Walker

Bad Horse- Straight Up


Hush Beats Silent Disco

Please note timings may be subject to change. Look out for stage times on the venue blackboards.



Gospel House Choir

Fri: 7pm & Sat/Sun: 1pm O GI NN

Want to sing the house gospel classic ‘Stand

on the Word’ in glorious harmony? We’ll learn

it together. Invite your friends to Sunday’s final

performance. May manage to pull together a band

for that…no promises.

Not Yoga

Sat/Sun 10am O GI NN

There’s nothing like yoga in the morning. And

this is nothing like Yoga in the morning. Enjoy

some Jazzy instrumental piano tunes and

lunge towards a bacon sandwich (not included).

Perhaps perform the downward look, the tired

yawn or some gentle finger exercises. It’s chilled,

it’s relaxed. It’s not yoga.

Morning Anthem / Glorious Games

Sat/Sun 11am O GI NN

Learn to sing the Ivor Cutler 1967 classic ‘Good

Morning, how are you? Shut up!’. Fun for all

the family. Prepares you for the day of frivolity

ahead. (We will not be held responsible for your

kids singing ‘Shut up’ at you henceforth). Swiftly

followed by Gloria’s many various and somewhat

silly games. Bring your silly!

A Glorious Singsong

Sat/Sun: 2.30pm O GI NN

Uke in hand, The urbane Poet Julie Hall will

transform into her alter ego Gloria to lead adults

and kids alike into a singsong of both epic and

unexpected proportions.


A hilariously silly festival within a festival! Join the experts of idiocy for

workshops, sing-songs, games and a heavy dose of irony. If you are a born

silly billy, this is the place to be!

Mademoiselle Maurage’s Wonky-

Tonk Piano Pop Parlour

Sat/Sun: 3pm O GI NN

Kids singalongs. Disney, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars,

Taylor Swift, that guy who was in that programme

at New Year.. All the toppermost poppermost

songs, curated by 8 year old Minnie and played on

a REAL piano by Papa Maurage.

Hip-Hop - the kids don’t stop!

Sun: 4pm O GI NN

I don’t know about you, but when my kid sings

Grandmaster Flash lyrics, it makes me very

proud. Now, you can be proud too! Bring your child

(preferably reading age, or you’ll have to feed

them lines) and we’ll help them bust some classic

90s lyrics (safe versions obvs.) while the crowd

provides the beatbox and JJ plays the basslines.

Hip-Hop parents may take over ONLY after a full

kids verse (show off’s only once we’ve done the

cute bit).

Drum n Bass Musical Statues

Fri/Sat: 6pm O GI NN

Obvs. Needs no explanation.

Monsieur Maurage’s Wonky-Tonk

Singsongs O GI NN

25 min tightly themed piano sing-song sets.

Requests always welcomed, even if off-piste.

Rave Anthems

Sat: 5pm O GI NN

N-Joi, Alison Limerick, Black Box. You know the

score. Throw some shapes, stack some shelves.

Leave it at that though, yeah?

Power Ballads

Sat: 7pm O GI NN

Get ready to gesticulate wildly while trying to hit

Meatloaf (RIP) and Celine Dion’s highest notes.

Bonnie Tyler, Starship, Christopher Cross and

Foreigner. Please note, there is no guilt to this


90s RnB and Garage

Sun: 7pm O GI NN

From the UK’s Craig David all over your ‘boing’ to

TLC’s aversion to wearing appropriate medical

clothing by way of Kanye, Blackstreet and Alicia



(like workshops but stupider)

Unhelpful Advice Bureau

Sat/Sun: 11.30am O GI NN

Got a pressing issue you’d like some useless

advice about? Come and tell us your issue and

we’ll leave you none the wiser.

Garden of…

Daily guided sessions where we sit in a circle

with our eyes closed and fail to meditate, because

let’s face it, it’s quite hard right?

The Garden of Procrastination

Sat: 12noon O GI NN

Like meditating, but the opposite. Come and get

frustrated about something you keep meaning

to do but haven’t done. Join us in group guided

procrastination where we’ll take a deep dive

into wasting time talking about something you

haven’t done when you could have been doing it

instead. Finish by eating a healthy dollop of ‘who

cares’ and forgetting what it was you wanted to

do in the first place.

The Garden of Delectation

Sun: 12noon O GI NN

Mediation is great. Silence. Love it. But cake? Cake

wins. A session of cake based mediation. We’ll

talk about our favourite cake and why we love

it, and then we’ll meditate on our chosen cake.

Imagine luxuriating in its velvety loveliness while

we chant together in unison ‘nom’.

Poor Face Painting

Sat/Sun: 12.30pm O GI NN

Completely free but completely awful. Please

don’t request something specific as we’re

incapable of anything recognisable.

Drop off Your Dad

Sat/Sun: 2pm O GI NN

Dad getting stressy? Leave him for 25 mins of

quiet time. He can listen to the radio, or maybe

leaf through the paper. Limited discussion

acceptable as long as it’s to the point. Cardigans

available on request. Mobiles must only be used

as phones.

Mums Aloud (and only Mums)

Sat/Sun: 3.30pm` O GI NN

Dad’s aren’t the only ones who get a time out from

festival family fun. Drop Mum off, ideally with

a cocktail and…I’ll be honest, I don’t know what

happens because I’m a man. I won’t be there. I

don’t think they’ll sit there quietly like the men,

but what do I know?

Celebrity Speed Dating

Sat: 4pm O GI NN

Welcome to the circle. You will be given a

celebrity name as a sticker on your back. Chat

with the other celebrities and try and work out

who you are. If you think you know, stand on the

step of truth and say ‘I AM…’ to the group who will

tell you in no uncertain terms.

Plaiting hair for Dads

Sun: 5pm O GI NN

Struggling with this hair staple? Come and learn

from the pros. Remember to bring your child.


The Nightjars is an eclectic and friendly little corner of the festival, with a

laid back atmosphere. Home to the Woodland Stage, the venue for smaller,

more intimate performances, WowPow, the home for theatre, storytelling

& more, the Woodland Bar and the Woodland Spa. Tucked into the bottom

corner of the main family camping field, it’s the perfect place to start and end

your day, and home of the festival campfire each evening from about 7...


Bug Sculptures O GI CQ M TH

Sat/Sun: 10am-12.00pm/2pm-4pm

Lucy’s Little Forest School are in search of bugs!

Use spotter sheets, i.d cards and other useful tools

to help them then create a bug sculpture from

natural materials to take home with you.

Circus Kinetica O GI CQ

All weekend

Circus Kinetica will be creating an immersive

landscape of kinetic wind sculptures with a

chill out space. Take the opportunity to meet

the makers, spend time getting close up with

their upcycled contraptions and hand crafted


Drawing by Nature O GI CQ

Sat/Sun: 11am & 12 noon

Lizzie Finn is an artist and senior lecturer at the

University of Brighton with a background as a

designer and illustrator for the fashion and music

industries. Join Lizzie’s workshop which will

introduce drawing as a way of appreciating plants

including examples of artists and designers who

use drawing from nature as a starting point.

Quick and easy drawing tasks will encourage

participants to notice shape, colour and texture in

nature for themselves.

Mud kitchens O GI NN M

Sat/Sun: 10am-5pm

Come and cook up a feast with Ben and Chloe

from Holmes Wood Play in their gorgeous mud

kitchens. Mud pies, sloppy soups and much more.

Planetarium I GI JW TH

Sat/Sun: 9pm Wow Pow

Experience a voyage through the solar system

using the latest Astronomy software, from the

farthest reaches of the solar system to seeing

the moon like you’ve never seen before. See the

location of black holes and learn how to find some

of the most amazing objects in our sky.

The Elderflower Fields

Family Pub Quiz I GI NN

Sun: 6.30pm Wow Pow

An experiment on how sharp the mind is after a

weekend of feral excess and futile broken sleep.

Have you still got what it takes? First prize: a

standing ovation.


Sit Sport Drawing

Sat/Sun: 10am - 12noon & 2pm - 4pm


Take a clipboard, paper and a pencil. Find your

own space in the woods. Sit comfortably and

close your eyes for a few moments. Tune into

your surroundings, what can you hear? What can

you feel? Then open your eyes, What can you

see? What colours and patterns are there? Is the

light changing? What do you feel? Now Draw!

Either what you see or something from your

imagination, it doesn’t matter, just enjoy your


Tatty Bumpkin - Yoga for kids

Sat/Sun: 8.30am Wow Pow


Yoga-inspired sessions for little ones to

encourage movement, enhance development and

inspire confidence, in a bendy, giggly world for

strong bodies and clever minds!

Songwriting Sessions O GI NN

Sat/Sun: 8:30-9.45am

Woodland Stage

In the Songwriting Sessions you will learn how

to construct a song. With the aid of trained

and experienced musicians you will develop a

strategy for writing lyrics and then put these new

found words and ideas to music. Participants will

get the chance to perform their songs on Sunday

evening a 5pm at The Hop on Leapfrog Lawns.

Woodland Necklace O CQ TH

Sat: 10am - 12noon & 3pm - 5pm

Sun: 10am - 12noon

Create your own woodland necklaces with Perri

from Two Muddy Boots

Woodland Spa I CQ PB ££

Appointments available throughout the weekend

- head to the Spa to book

You can find the Woodland Spa tucked away in

a tranquil corner of the festival site, just past the

Woodland Stage in the Nightjars area. See page 42

for details.

Dragonfly Hill is where the big stuff happens – the Dragonfly Stage, which

plays hosts to our get up and dance type of bands, the main bar, plus a

great selection of food vendors. It’s also the location for what is for many

a highlight of the festival – our fantastic So Sussex taster picnic. It’s the

perfect place to head for a dance in the evenings or for a bit of chill out

time, lounging in the sunshine…

Rock Your Asana O GI NN TH

Sat/Sun: 9am

Rock Your Asana brings together two of the

greatest things which exist in the world – power

ballads and yoga.

So Sussex Family Picnic O GI NN

Sun: 12.30pm

Quite possibly the biggest picnic in Sussex, if not

the UK! We welcome absolutely everyone to join

us in the Elderflower Fields tradition of sharing

some delicious food together. See page 47 for

more details.


Leapfrog Lawns is the village green of Elderflower Fields. Silly fun and

games, the Science Dome, crafty activities, a glass of fizz or an ice cream

perhaps? It’s also the place to go to claim your crown as the victor in the

now legendary Big Family Dance Off on Sunday afternoon.


Animation Workshop I GI CQ M TH PB ££

Sat/Sun: pre-booked sessions only

Press Play Films popular claymation workshop

uses set design & stop-motion animation to make

this year’s Party Animals vs Pyjama Party festival


Art Camp & Drop In Sessions

Sat/Sun: Pre-booked sessions only I GI NN M TH PB

Under 5s drop in:

Sat: 9am-12pm & 1.30pm-4pm

Sun: 9am-12pm & 2pm-4.30pm

Our team of art teachers will be running the

hugely popular Arts Camp, offering kids a chance

to paint, draw and create amazing works of art to

take home.

Beer Tasting with

Beer & Brew M I NN PB ££

Sat/Sun: 11am & 2pm Prebooked sessions

Join Beer & Brew for a fun and informal workshop

that explores what’s hot in beer in 2022. Some

styles will be new, while others will be enjoying

their day in the sun. Come and sample the

deliciousness. The workshops last about an hour

and invites guests to sample a selection of beer

styles. £20 per person bookable via our website.

Over 18s only.

Bubbles with Jitterbug Circus O GI NN M

Sat: 3pm

Sun: 12noon

Come and enjoy blowing, chasing and catching

those soapy creatures.

Circus Skills O GI NN M TH

Sat/Sun: 10am-4pm workshops

Join Teardrop Circus and try death-defying aerial

tricks with expert teachers. Free play circus

activities and performances throughout the day.


CraZy BeanZ - Mini Disco I GI NN

Sat: 1.15pm

Sun: 2.15pm

Disco dancing and silly games with CraZy BeanZ

at The Hop. Suitable for all ages.

Dance Workshops with

Universal Dance I GI NN TH PB

Sat: 11am Pre-schoolers Dance workshop -

Pre-booked sessions only

Sat: 11.45am Contemporary Dance -

Pre-booked sessions only

Sat: 12.30am Street Dance -

Pre-booked sessions only

Workshops to inspire and ignite your child’s

passion for dance.

Dance Workshops with Turning

Pointe School of Dance I GI NN TH PB

Sun: 11am Ballet - Pre-booked sessions only

Sun: 11.45am Creative Dance -

Pre-booked sessions only

Sun: 1.30pm Modern Dance -

Pre-booked sessions only

Workshops to inspire and ignite your child’s

passion for dance.

Dried Flower Crowns O GI CQ TH ££

Fri: 3pm-7pm Sat/Sun: 11am-7pm

Create an everlasting dried flower crown in this

one-hour mindful workshop run by Nancy of Box

& Bloom. Your colourful crown will be the perfect

festival accessory, then the envy of friends at

every summer party, and with a bit of care will

last forever. Workshops cost £20. Pre-made

crowns also available to buy..

Freckles and Fire O GI CQ TH ££

Sat/Sun: 9am-4pm

Mon: 9am - 12noon

A creative space to come, explore, connect and

create - from flower crowns to festival bands

and feather earrings or simply get your little one

started on their wool adventure.

Gin Workshop I M PB ££

Sat/Sun: 3.30pm & 5pm

Pre-book via our website £20pp

Generation Distillers from North Chailey take

you on a tour through the history of Gin ending

with the landscape of today’s incredibly diverse

Gin market. Find out what goes into making their

Generation 11 Sussex Dry Gin and finish with a

marvellous Gin & Tonic.

Defrazzle I GI CQ TH

Sat/Sun: 10am

Defrazzle is your heavenly dose of emotional

strength, positivity and blissfully deep relaxation.

It’s precious, and much deserved time out for

no-one else but YOU. Leave the kids for an hour to

yourself and experience the gifts your mind has

waiting for you. This empowering and uplifting

Hypno-meditation session will leave you ready

for a fun packed festival day.


High Shenanigans & Silly Games

Sat: 2pm-4pm O GI NN

Be warned! For professional TWITS only. Please

only come along if you have a degree in SILLY

behaviour and are officially recognised by the

BOARD OF FOOLS as a 1st Class TWIT. If you fit

the bill and have been in training all your life then

come pit your wits in the silly games forum on

Leapfrog Lawns. Any SERIOUS people WILL NOT


Jitterbug Circus O I GI NN TH

Fri: 6pm-8pm / Sat & Sun: 10am-6pm

Housed in their very own “Baby Big Top” Jitterbug

Circus will be on hand offering a wide range of

circus skills. So if you have a budding juggler,

stiltwalker, tightwire walker, plate spinner or

limbo dancer then this is the activity for you.

Macrame Basket

workshop I GI CQ TH ££

Sat/Sun: 10am-3pm

Create your own macrame hanging basket that

you can take home with you, with hands on help

from Lou of AlmikaCrafts you will learn the basic

knots and create a unique hanger for your home.

It is easier than it looks!

Mindful Movement O GI CQ TH

Sat/Sun: 9am

Use a blend of yoga and qi gong to explore

your body’s fluidity and containment – from

moving, opening and loosening to still-points of


Pottery O GI CQ M TH ££

Sat/Sun: 10am-5pm

Adults and children are invited to make fantastic

terracotta animal heads to top canes or stakes.

Once fired back in their studio they will be frost

proof and last many years. No booking is required

to take part, just turn up, grab your clay and tools

and start making! Clay is £2, if you’d like your

creation fired and posted to you there is an extra

charge of £8

Screen Printed T-shirts

with Little Mashers I GI M TH ££

Sat/Sun: 10am-5pm

Little Mashers will be running a one hour

screenprinting workshop, where you can screen

print and stencil your own festival t-shirt. Once

screenprinted you can personalise and embellish

it using stencils, stamps and an array of fab

coloured and glow in the dark inks. A lovely

lasting piece of festival memorabilia to take home

with you! £20 per person including the T-shirt.

Sew in Tents I GI CQ TH

Sat/Sun:10am-1pm & 2pm-5pm

Sew In Tents teach textile work and sewing on

non-electric sewing machines, using recycled

and salvaged materials, such as denim or tent

fabric, and other materials saved from landfill.

They aim for zero waste and come up with

creative ideas to use even the tiniest scraps.

Recommended for ages 8+.

Silent Disco - Incredible Oceans

Under Da Sea Disco with Russell

Arnott vs Kids DIY DJs

Sat: 4.45pm O I GI NN

Music and education all wrapped up and

delivered via headphones by the most

knowledgeable and least dangerous pirate on the

planet Russ Argggggnott vs Kids DIY DJs


Solar Observing O GI CQ TH

Sat: 10am - 3pm

Join Steve Pond as we turn to our nearest star,

the Sun. Under safe controlled conditions using

an astronomical solar filter fitted to a telescope

you can look at the Sun and hopefully see some

sunspots on its surface. Weather permitting.

Splart Spin Art O GI NN M TH ££

Sat/Sun: 10am - 5pm

Splart is a spin art workshop. Make your own

unique piece of abstract modern art using acrylic

paint and pouring mediums. Kids, adults, couples

or whole families can combine to make art that

will last forever. £8 per canvas.

The Big Family Dance Off O GI NN

Sun: 3pm

The Big Family Dance Off on Sunday at The Hop,

has fast become an Elderflower tradition. Choose

your family tribe, Party Animals vs Pyjama

Parties, dress up (essential),and dance! No special

skills required, just enthusiasm. One family will

be crowned the 2022 Dance Off Champions and

win weekend tickets to Elderflower Fields 2023,

with runners up receiving Sunday day tickets to

our sister event Into the Trees.

Wrong Pong O GI NN

Wonky race track

Yellow Post Park

All weekend

Everyone has a competitive streak in them

somewhere... Dotted around the site are various

silly games which everyone can play together at

any time over the weekend. From silly swing ball

to wonky races, keep an eye out across the site for

gone wrong sports to have a go at...

Lyrical Planet I NN

Sat & Sun: 10am

Kick-start the day with

music and creativity in a

harmonious venture between

Richard Robinson (bestselling

popular science author,

Director the Science Dome

and steady baritone) and John

Hinton (multi-award-winning

science communicator,

songwriter, Artistic Director of

Ensonglopedia and powerful

tenor), the audience will

actively participate in creating

songs and rounds about the

circle of life, through simple

rhyming games and a brief

introduction to ecology.

Like the old woman who

swallowed a fly, we will

find humour in humanity’s

relationship with nature.

Sponsored by the British

Ecological Society.

Pocket Science Funfair I NN

Sat & Sun 10:30am-4pm

The Incredible Machine. The

Amazing Shrinking Box.

Upside-down Goggles. Splat

the Rat. Guess the Weight

of the Cake. Plus up to the

minute science fun including

‘make your own lateral flow

test! Blow down houses like

the big bad wolf! Save the

planet!!! It looks like a funfair;

it IS a funfair, but each activity

has a little science snuck

in. Created by BBC Rough

Science’s Jonathan Hare and

science showman Richard

Robinson, director of the

Brighton Science Festival.

Tales Of The Unknown O NN

Sat & Sun: 20 minutes past

every hour starting from


We promise we will know the

unknown by the time we do

them! And they will make your

toes and tails curl.


Lazy Glades occupies the heart of the festival site. Wind your way through

beautiful sun dappled glades and discover some of our wonderful food

vendors and family activities. Get your groove on in the silent disco or just

a quiet shady spot to relax with a cocktail...


Coached by Nature

Sat/Sun: 3pm. Meet at info tent O GI CQ

Have you got an idea, challenge or issue you are

wrestling with? Would you like to be coached by

nature? Join experienced coach and facilitator,

Rachel Gilmore, for a silent, meditative walk

through nature where you will be encouraged

to write, draw and sketch your ideas. A private

experience (within a group of 12 people max)

inviting you to consider your idea, challenge

or issue through different perspectives by

incorporating the natural surroundings. The

90 min session will leave you feeling more

knowledgeable and resourced to make a change.

Make a Camera Obscura

Sat: 12.00pm-1.30pm / 3pm-4.30pm

Sun: 10am-11.30am / 3pm-4.30pm

Pre-booked sessions £7 O GI CQ M TH ££

Create a working camera to take home that turns

the world upside-down! Made from everyday

materials, this 1.5-hour workshop by Brighton

science-artist Nick Sayers will introduce you to

the basics of photography and optics. It includes

an introduction to the magical room-sized

Woodland Hut Camera Obscura.

Poppy & Pearle - Face & Body Artistry

Fri: 2pm-6pm / Sat & Sun: 9am-6pm

Mon: 9am - 2pm I CQ M ££

Beautiful face painting, gorgeous freehand glitter

tattoos, and beautiful henna designs – using safe,

natural henna and biodegradable glitter.

Hush Beats Silent Disco

Fri/Sun 11pm - 1.30am

Sat DIY DJ: 10.30pm - 1.30am

Moonshine Fandango O GI NN

Does the novelty ever wear off? Come and take part

or just watch...which sometimes is just as fun! £20

cash headphone deposit required to take part.

Wild Running

Sat: 8am meet at info tent O GI M

Start the day with Rachael Brown,an experienced

personal trainer and stretch your legs with a run

around the Pippingford Park estate.

Woodland Hut Camera Obscura

Sat/Sun 10am-5pm I JW CQ

Watch the forest and your friends turn upsidedown

inside a magical woodland hut camera

obscura created by Brighton science-artist Nick

Sayers. Like walking into a giant camera, this

darkroom experience will introduce you to the

basics of photography and optics.


The Urban Woods is our little piece of the adventure sports world

transported into Elderflower Fields. Many kids spend almost the entire

weekend in this part of the festival and with the Woodland Tribe,

skateboarding, climbing, parkour and many more adrenaline pumping

activities, who’d blame them?...


Climbing Wall

Fri: 5pm- 8pm & Sat/Sun: 10am-6pm O GI NN TH

Make it to the top for some of the best views of

Elderflower Fields!

Laughing Stock

Fri/Sat/Sun More info on page 26 O GI NN

Laughing Stock is the highly silly festival within

a festival. Workshops, sing-songs, games and

a heavy dose of irony as the highly inclusive

stockists invite you in for some laffs.


Sat: 10am-4pm

Sun: 10am-12.30pm & 1.30pm-4pm O GI NN TH

Getting over, under and around obstacles will

never be the same! The emphasis here is on the

art of creatively moving from A to B.


Fri: 4pm-8pm/Sat & Sun: 10am-6pm O GI NN TH

Learn to grind, hop and slide on a half pipe but

please be patient as there are often queues due to


Woodland Tribe -

Adventure Playground

Fri: 4pm-7pm

Sat & Sun: 10am-1pm & 2pm-5pm O GI NN TH ££

The masters of constructive play! Use hammers,

nails, saws, drills and a HUGE quantity of wood to

help build the playground of your dreams... and

then play on it! Tool hire £2 or £4 for all weekend.


Tumbledown Meadows is home to most of Elderflower Fields’ sports and

adventure activities. From learning something new in the Sports Camp to

trying your hand at festival family favourite Disc Golf, there is something

physical for everyone to have a go at.


All Star Cricket

Sat & Sun: 2.30pm-4.30pm O GI NN TH

There will be lots of throwing, catching, bowling

and batting games. No experience of cricket


Beach Rugby

Sat & Sun: 10am-12.30pm O GI NN M TH

Always huge fun for the participants. Just one

word of warning; we can’t guarantee the sand!

Disc Golf

Sat & Sun: 10am-5pm O GI CQ TH

Disc Golf... The greatest sport you’ve never heard

of! Golf with frisbees, A short Par 3 course of 7

holes, lots of fun for all the family, who will get

the lowest score?

Family Obstacle Challenge

Sat/Sun: 10am-5pm O GI CQ TH

Challenge your family and friends to see who will

be at the top of the leader board by the end of the



Sat/Sun: 10am-5pm O GI CQ TH

Family friendly orienteering course around the

festival site. Just pick up a map and an answer

sheet from the Sports Camp HQ and away you go.

Sports Camp

Sat & Sun: pre-booked session O GI NN M TH PB

Our ambition is to provide kids with the chance

to take part in sports that they might not

normally get the chance to try. The inspiring

team from Premier Education return to take over

Tumbledown Meadows.

Wild Fitness O GI NN

Sat & Sun: Sessions start at 10.30am & 2.30pm

Forget about traditional fitness methods, this

is movement for all the family, the Wildfitness

way. Join us for an hour and a half of games,

challenges and movement puzzles with a ton of

fun and laughter thrown in along the way.


Are you ready for a whole afternoon of fantastic

children’s entertainment? We have something for

all your kids at the Go Kid Music Takeover! Bring

your snacks, a blanket to sit on and some pocket

money for the Go Kid Shaker Shop…you’re going

to want to stay and relax while we entertain their

socks off! Excellent live band, free art activities,

under 5s music session and the legendary Kids’

Open Mic!

Al Start & the Beastie Band

Sat: 11.00am

Woodland Stage I NN GI

Fantastic, kicking live music set from Al and her

Beastie Band! Excellent songs for children and

their grown-ups to start their Takeover with a



Sat: 12.15pm

Woodland Stage I NN GI

Original, fun, contemporary interactive music

session for younger kids and their grown-ups!

Musical Games and the Legendary

Kids Open Mic with Al!

Sat: 1.30pm

Woodland Stage I NN GI

Active games, silly stories and fun for all ages.

Come and sing your favourite song and steal the

show at the open mic!

Puppet Procession

Sat: 2.15pm

Woodland Stage I NN GI

Our arty friends will show their puppets and

streamers in a wild and unrehearsed crazy kind

of show!

Al Start & the Beastie Band Finale!

Sat: 2.30pm

Woodland Stage I NN GI

Join Al Start & the Beastie Band for the Go Kid

Music Finale!

Herringbone Arts - Robot puppets

& streamer making

Sat: 12.30pm

Woodland Stage I NN GI TH

Feeling arty? Get puppet-making with Fran, or

make yourself a festival streamer to decorate

your tent! Stick around for the end of the show,

puppet show!


Into the Trees is the wildest part of the festival. Head down the hill and

immerse yourself in a world of thoughtful forest school activities, amazing

creatures and plants and tranquil waterways. Take to the water or to the

treetop canopies. Connect with the great outdoors.


Bat Detecting O GI CQ PB

Fri/Sat/Sun: Prebooked sessions only

Mark Monk Terry from Sussex Wildlife Trust and

the team from Temple Group will guide you on

this popular evening of bat detecting.

Bushcraft O GI CQ

Sat/Sun: 9.30am, 11.30am, 1.30pm & 3.30pm

limited places on first come first served basis

Vegvisir ‘ (the viking compass) Bushcraft

company draws on lost bushcraft skills,

knowledge and technology from our ancestral


Campfire Cooking O GI CQ M TH PB ££

Sat/Sun Prebooked sessions only

We are thrilled to welcome Scott and his team

from Wild Classroom for some old fashioned

campfire cooking. Get hands-on and cook

delicious healthy food for either breakfast, lunch

or dinner - or all three!

fire or try some Viking weaving or designing your

own family Hapa Zome.

Kayak, Canoes & Paddleboard Hire

Sat/Sun/Mon Prebooked sessions only O GI M PB ££

If you want to take yourself or your family on an

adventure along the water this could be for you

with a variety of different crafts for hire.

Kids Kayaking Lesson O GI M TH PB ££

Sat, Sun & Mon Prebooked sessions only

A great way to exercise and experience that sense

of adventure in the heart of the countryside. Head

to the water and prepare to get wet!

Go Wild with Us O GI CQ

Sat/Sun 2pm-5pm

Drop by the Woodland Creation Station and

create with your kids, some tools and the natural

surroundings. Help make artists charcoal on the


Mindful Makers O GI CQ

Sat & Sun 4pm

Mindful Makers is one for the grown-ups. It’s

about finding time and space for yourself in

nature. Join Ruth for a mindful session in the

woods with time to be still and the opportunity

to create a mandala wall hanging using natural

materials. You will finish with a lovley cup of

herbal tea.

Mud Monsters O GI CQ M

Sat & Sun: 10am - 12noon & 2pm - 4pm

Calling all mini mud monsters! Come and create

mud creatures, tree faces, and mud art.

Nature Makers O GI CQ

Sat/Sun: 10.20am, 11.20am & 12.20pm

Nature Makers provide art and crafts for children

and are inspired by nature. Join Ruth for a story

in the woods leading to some crafty fun using

objects found in the woods to make your very

own artwork.


Sat & Sun: 10am-4pm


Join Naturedayz in the woods to make a memory

of your amazing time at Elderflower Fields. Join

a Nordic singing extravaganza or learn how

to make a friendship bracelet. Check out the

Naturedayz “table of curiosity” and test your skills

at identifying a huge range of animal skulls.

Pond Dipping


Sat/Sun: 10am-12noon; 2pm-4pm

Childhood memories are made of this and

Pippingford Park is home to a whole host of

wildlife, much of it under water. Grab a net,

tray and identification sheet and start your

underwater mini beast safari.

Raft Building O GI NN M TH PB ££

Sat/Sun/Mon Prebooked sessions only

Hatt Adventures challenge you to the ultimate

test to set sail on your own raft and travel a

course. The session will include tuition in

different knots skills, raft designs and basic water

safety. Once your group has a plan then work in a

team to get building. Expect to get wet!!

Rambling Rhymes O GI CQ

Sat/Sun 10am - 1pm

Join our very own Poetry Pixie for some Rambling

Rhymes. Wrap paper round trees, help create

poetry (or Poet Trees!) using your senses and the

world around us!

Nightjar Walks O CQ PB ££

Sat & Sun: 8pm meet at the Info Tent.

Prebooked sessions only

Lisa from The Ashdown Forest Conservators and

Talking Trees guides a small group on this hugely

popular Nightjar walk. Nightjar are rarely seen

birds, but fingers crossed not only will you see one

or two, but you will also learn all about this unique

part of the world.


Sussex Young Authors O GI CQ

Sat/Sun 2pm - 5pm

Join Sussex Young Authors in the Woods and

write a fun story or poem to share around the


Tree Climbing

Sat/Sun Prebooked sessions only


Take to the tree canopy in Pippingford’s ancient

woodland with Canopy Climbing’s highly skilled

instructors who will teach you how to ascend

using harness and ropes.

Tree ID Walks O CQ

Sat/Sun: 11.30am & 3pm

Join Jay on a walk through the trees. Learn

their names, their history and uses, and most

importantly how to recognise and remember

them. Jay has a degree in countryside

management, having volunteered for several

years with The National Trust as a ranger.

Treehoppers O GI CQ M TH

Sat: 11am-3pm; Sun: 1.30pm-4pm

Join Treehoppers and explore the woods

searching for caterpillars and butterflies. Then

make your own caterpillar or butterfly using

natural resources. Create your own willow

butterfly wings and join in with stories and songs.

Woodland Wonders Walk O GI CQ M

Sat, Sun: 10.30am

Join Ben Kimpton on a guided walk through

the woods at Pippingford Park and discover the

history of Sussex woodland and the wildlife it

supports. Find out why our ancient woodland

is so important and who once lived and worked

there, visit an ancient badger sett and learn about

our common woodland wildflowers and what

mice are hiding out.


Schools Without Walls offer a wide range of

outdoor education experiences with a focus

on nature and art. Working with schools

throughout Sussex the team are passionate about

encouraging children and young people to enjoy,

appreciate and learn in the great outdoors.

The Art Trail is a place to discover and explore

your creativity. This year’s art trail installations

have been created by children and young people

from Sussex Schools and community groups

Big thanks to the pupils and staff from:

Art Group - Wilderness Wood

Birchwood Grove Primary School

Chailey School

The Cavendish School

Chomp - Brighton

Denton Community Primary School

Dormansland Primary School

Harbour Primary School

Ifield Community College

Manor Green College

Peter Gladwin Primary School

Priory School

St Marks C of E Primary School

Special thanks to the year 8 Priory School Forest

School and teachers Sam Twilley and Michelle

O’Connell for their help and support in setting up

the trail.

Big thanks to Jo Irvine and Ellie Harris for their

creativity and support.

We would like to take this opportunity to applaud

all of the teachers who have supported children

and young people through recent trying times.

You are appreciated!

Fancy your school or group involved

with the Art Trail next year?

Contact Caroline Fleming at


We welcome Iona Scott and her

Discosphaera light sculptures to

our Cocktail Bar this year.

DISCOSPHAERA aims to raise awareness

about the importance of microscopic marine

phytoplankton through visual and sensory

experiences. Phytoplankton are tiny plants which

live in Sea and are invisible to the human eye, yet

they produce half the oxygen on Earth.




The Woodland Spa is being created by local somatic therapist and yoga

teacher Janee Swan and her wonderful team from YogaCamp. You can find

the Woodland Spa tucked away in a tranquil corner of the festival site, just

past the Woodland Stage in the Nightjars area.

The soothing and revitalizing one hour massage

treatments include Thai Massage, Sports,

Remedial, Deep tissue, Hot stones, Shiatsu,

Pregnancy massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology,

Myofacial Release, Reiki. There’s also a chance to

have a shorter clothed back, neck and shoulder

treatments (30 mins).

Please come to the Woodland Spa area to book

you or your loved one’s slot. (side by side in the

same tent treatments available too).

All the massage therapists have years of

experience, are highly professional and can

deliver treatments to suit your individual needs.

They will be abiding by current Covid guidelines

to ensure that your safety and comfort is a


Aromatherapy Massage

Choose the essential oil, or a blend that suits you:

ideal for treating tension, digestive, respiratory,

physical & emotional issues; nut & seed free

Neal’s Yard oils used: ask Bill if you have allergy /

intolerance concerns.

Deep Tissue Massage

Using Oil and deep tissue techniques, acupressure

and trigger points to release tension and aches

held in the muscles.


Oil massage focused on deep relaxation using a

variety of techniques to gently lull you into a deep

and blissful state of relaxation.

Hot Stones Massage

It is a form of thermotherapy (Heat therapy)

which increases the blood flow by vasodilation

(opening of the blood vessels), increasing oxygen

uptake and improving other chemical pathways,

triggering the sympathetic nervous system,

blocking pain pathways, accelerating metabolism,

aiding muscle relaxation and decreasing joint



Indian Head Massage

This head neck and shoulder massage can be

with or without oil focusing on these common

problem areas to relieve muscular aches and

tension. Indian Head massage techniques are

used for ultimate relaxation and relief.


Reflexology is the application of specific pressure

by the use of the practitioner’s hand, thumb and

fingers to a reflex map resembling a human body

which is believed to exist on the extremities.


The word “Reiki” means “mysterious atmosphere,

miraculous sign.” It comes from the Japanese

words “rei” (universal) and “ki” (life energy). Reiki

is a type of energy healing. Energy healing targets

the energy fields around the body.

Sports Injury Massage

Treats fatigue, repetitive stress injuries towards

recovery & ease of maintenance and can ease

painful tight neck & frozen shoulders, limbs,

joints, muscles & sinews in acute & chronic

issues: exercises are included to aid recovery &



Shiatsu is a healing art, originating in Japan,

which uses the power of touch and pressure to

enable each of us to contact our own natural self

-healing qualities.

Seated Chair Massage

Includes neck, shoulders, back, arms & hands –

enjoy! Treatments are available with, or without

oils as massage or shiatsu sessions: ideal for

pregnant clients & those unable to lie down easily.

Thai Massage

Wearing comfortable clothing - using acupressure

and passive stretches to release blockages and

increase energy flow in the body.

Thai Massage/Deep tissue fusion

The body is opened, nourished, lightened and

stretched, as Valerie moves around the whole

body with a range of pressure points and deep

release work.


The food on offer at Elderflower Fields is a most prominent and enjoyable

part of the festival experience. Our aim is to provide a range of delicious food

served up by people who are knowledgeable and passionate about what they

offer. We seek out small family run, innovative food providers who are based

in Sussex or in close proximity to the festival site and invite them to bring

their own magic to the festival. We hope to promote exciting and up and

coming ventures who are committed to using locally-sourced organic and

fair trade ingredients whenever possible.

Dragonfly Hill

Curry Cook House V Ve

Authentic Pakistani food

including wraps, homemade

chutney and delicious pakora.

Dragonfly Bar

Locally sourced ales, craft beer,

lager and cider as well as wines,

spirits and soft drinks.

Flux V Ve GF

Innovative Californian inspired

vegan dishes.

Fine Grind V Ve GF

Perfect barista coffee,

smoothies, fresh juices and


Pizza Wagon V GF

Traditional wood-fired pizzas.

Vanilla Pod V Ve GF

Handmade icecreams, lollies,

sorbets and lots of sprinkles.

Waffle on a Stick

Freshly made crispy chocolate

covered waffles with exciting


Westlands BBQ V GF

Slow cooked pulled pork, beef

brisket, sausages, chunky chips

and jacket potatoes.


Leapfrog Lawns

The Inside V Ve GF

Kids packed lunches (pre-order

available) and delicious toasties

with salads.

The Little Langton

Refreshing G&T’s, sparkling

proseccos and a range of thirstquenching

local drinks.

Juice Up V Ve GF

Healthy juices and a chance to

pedal your way to the perfect


Lickalix V Ve GF

Natural organic real whole fruit

lollies. Gluten, lactose & dairy

free, vegetarian and vegan.


The Nightjars

Pizza Leonati V GF

Authentic wood-fired pizza.

Hopyard Brewing Co at The

Woodland Bar

Local draught and craft beers,

wines and more.

Solitary Bee V Ve

Delicious local barista coffee

and teas from early morning.

Rainbow Scoops V Ve GF

Premium ice creams and fruit


Circus Kinetica

Coffee, cinnamon buns and

light lunches from Nord Bakery.


Westlands Coffee V Ve GF

Barista coffee, pastries and

breakfast baps to start the day

(mornings only).


Lazy Glades

Bajan Jerk Box V Ve GF

Caribbean specialities such as

Jerk Chicken, Curried Goat and

traditional Rice and Peas.

Cairovan V Ve

Egyptian chicken shawarmas,,

falafel and moorish cuisine.

Cocktail Bar

Classic cocktails with a twist,

including a special Elderflower

Cocktail, plus Barista coffee.

Down Mexico Way V Ve

Pulled pork, halloumi and

jackfruit burritos.

Humble Pie V Ve

Homemade Sussex pies and

sausage and mash.

Jacksons General Store

Festival and camping

essentials, including bread,

milk, toothpaste and the like.

(And sweets!) If you’ve forgotten

it, they’ll probably stock it!

Jacobs Ladder

Biodynamic homemade

organic burgers.


Homemade and innovative

vegan street food such as

curries and burritos.



Oui Creperie V Ve GF

Sweet and savoury crepes and


Thai Angle V Ve

Thai Street food including

curries, noodles, side dishes and

snack boxes.

The Breakfast Club V Ve GF

The ultimate breakfast in many

forms, followed by loaded fries.

The Grey Earl V Ve GF

Barista coffee, hot drinks, divine

toasties and sweet treats.

The Pasta Hut V Ve GF

Pesto, pomodoro, bolognaise

and of course, mac ‘n’ cheese.




The Elderflower Fields 10th anniversary party

t-shirt and hoodie are available in adult and

child sizes to order direct to your door via

our website. You can also order a selection of

other designs from previous years including

our classic dragonfly. All products are made

from organic cotton and printed in the UK in a

renewable energy- powered factory.



Swing past our phone charging and merch tent

to purchase a 10th anniversary Elderflower

Fields cup to use at the festival and beyond.

There are just 200 of these so once they are

gone, they are gone!


This unique complimentary taster picnic is a highlight of our festival and the

experience will provide you, your family and friends with an opportunity to

sample a selection of delicious locally sourced produce. Providing a picnic of

this scale is fun, but quite a challenge so we ask for your help to make it work

smoothly. Please come along to this wonderful communal gathering with a

positive and relaxed attitude.

The main aim of the picnic is to introduce you to some great local food producers

and enjoy a little taste of some lovely local food. It is not designed to feed the

family till supper. See it as a delicious starter – all our friendly food stall holders

are open all day so please do pay them a visit for the rest of your lunch.


Get into groups with eight

picnic wristbands (these are

given to adults when you first

arrive). So get your family

together, team up with old

friends or find new ones!


Bring your picnic blankets,

your drinks and any useful

camping utensils, then sit

down on Dragonfly Hill a bit

before 12.30pm on Sunday.


Send one member of your

group with the wristbands

to the picnic collection point

between 12.30 and 1pm. We

know the line looks long but

our fabulous picnic helpers

work as quickly as they can

and it won’t take long.


Break the baguette, dip it in

the lovely pesto, tuck into the

cheeses, sample the smoked

Sussex ham, spread the pate…

relax, enjoy the music and

kick back with friends!


Share and swap food to

reduce any wastage, reuse

the paper bags and help us to


We appreciate it may be a

little tricky for some small

groups of people to find

others to share the picnic

with, so do let our team know

if this is the case, but please

do see this as a fun way of

making new friends rather

than an obstacle to getting

your free food.




Elderflower Fields 2023 26th - 29th May Bank Holiday

We hope you’re enjoying your wild weekend and thank you for

being part of our birthday celebrations! Fancy doing it all again

next year?... Of course you do!

Our 10th birthday guests are invited to access 2023

early bird tickets on 31st May at 9am.

On sale Tuesday 31st May at 9am.



We love seeing all your family festival fun. Share your photos and videos

on social media this weekend and add #ElderflowerFields.

On the 6th June we’ll select one winner at random from all those shared

who’ll win a family ticket to our 2023 festival!

Be sure to follow Elderflower Fields so we can get in touch.


9, 10 & 11 SEPTEMBER 2022

Return to Pippingford Park with us this September for another wild

adventure Into The Trees. The focus is on relaxation and new experiences

with your family in our natural playground. A host of mindful craft and

sport activities from inspiring experts, and of course the finest local food

and drink from across Sussex.

Weekend tickets are running low, or join us for the day with the

whole family.



Wow! What a rollercoaster ride we have all been on for the last few years!

But here we are celebrating ten years of Elderflower Fields and all the

wonderful folk who have put their heart and soul into making it the event

so many people know and love.

Every year sees change and we’ve had some BIG

changes in 2022. Stuart, our event co-founder and

director moving onto pastures new, Tim building

a career for himself in event production and

many of our partners, activity providers, vendors

and suppliers having to find new lives after the

impact of Covid… Thank you for the Elderflower

Fields magic you have given over the years.

Our first festival came together in just 3 months,

now it takes a full year to put together and a

whole team of dedicated adventure lovers, too

many to mention individually, but just as we

celebrate the fantastic work of those no longer

involved, we also celebrate the energy, vitality

and enthusiasm of others who have stepped up

and driven Elderflower Fields forward… Alex,

Mark, Charlotte, Sarah, Dax and Maia. Thank you

all! And a special thanks to Ellie who has done

such an amazing job with volunteer recruitment

for our 10th anniversary.

There are so many wonderful people and

organisations who come together to make

Elderflower Fields happen each year and simply

we can’t say enough nice things about everyone

who helps out and what a pleasure it is to work

with you all. We are blown away by the hard work,

friendliness and unstinting enthusiasm. Thank

you to each and every person who has given their

time, before, during and after the event. You know

who you are and you’re AMAZING!

Most of all, we’d like to thank YOU. Without our

guests who throw themselves into this crazy

family adventure, embracing the great outdoors

and all she offers, the party wouldn’t be nearly as

wild. See you in 2023!



See page 29 for details

Dragonfly Stage

Rock Your Asana

So Sussex Family Picnic


See page page 30 for details

Animation workshop

Art Camp & under 5’s drop in


Beer & Brew Beer Tasting


Circus Skills

CraZy BeanZ - Mini Disco

Dance workshops


Dried Flower Crowns

Freckles and Fire

Gin Workshop

Jitterbug Circus

Kevin Morton Magician

Little Mashers - Screen printed


Macrame Basket workshop

Mindful Movement

Mortimer Nannies pg.


Screen printed T-shirts with

Little Mashers

Sew in Tents

Solar Observing

Splart Spin Art

The Family Dance Off

The Science Dome of

Fantastic Facts & Hairbrained


The Family Dance Off

Wrong Pong

Yellow Post Park


See page 28 for details

Beer & Brew Beer Tasting

Bug Sculptures

Circus Kinetica

Drawing by Nature

Gin Tasting

Mud Kitchens


Sit Sport Drawing

Songwriting Workshop

Tatty Bumpkin - Yoga for kids

Woodland Spa


See page 34 for details

Coached by Nature

Make a Camera Obscura

Poppy & Pearle - Face & Body


Hush Beats Silent Disco

Wild Running

Woodland Hut Camera Obscura


See page 35 for details

Climbing Wall

Laughing Stock



Woodland Tribe - Adventure




See page 36 for details

All Star Cricket

Beach Rugby

Disc Golf

Family Obstacle Challenge


Sports Camp

Wild Fitness


See page 38 for details

Bat Detecting


Campfire Cooking

Go Wild with Us

Kayak, Canoes & Paddleboard


Kids Kayaking Lesson

Mindful Makers

Mud Monsters

Nature Makers


Nightjar Walks

Pond Dipping

Raft Building

Rambling Rhymes

Sussex Young Authors

Tree Climbing

Tree ID Walks


Woodland Wonders Walk


Programme design by

Andrew Chapman










Car park

and exit










First aid

Info tent





Woodland Spa
















































Kids Kayaking


Kayak, Canoe

& Paddleboard


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