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No Need To Paint wall coating system, established in Spain for more than 30 years you can trust the product and the application by leaving it to the experts! A 15-year insurance-protected guarantee is available as well for that added peace of mind. Show homes are wanted in all areas of Costa Blanca, Costa Almeria, and Costa Del Sol, which means you can take advantage of a 30% saving when you agree for your home exterior to be used for publicity purposes. You can get a no-obligation quotation by sending your photos directly to us and also arrange an onsite technical survey before you agree to place your order at no cost. Read more here about the process, products and advantages of using No Need To Paint in Spain.

No Need To Paint wall coating system, established in Spain for more than 30 years you can trust the product and the application by leaving it to the experts!
A 15-year insurance-protected guarantee is available as well for that added peace of mind. Show homes are wanted in all areas of Costa Blanca, Costa Almeria, and Costa Del Sol, which means you can take advantage of a 30% saving when you agree for your home exterior to be used for publicity purposes. You can get a no-obligation quotation by sending your photos directly to us and also arrange an onsite technical survey before you agree to place your order at no cost. Read more here about the process, products and advantages of using No Need To Paint in Spain.


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AFTER<br />

Don’t paint your house<br />

WALL COAT IT &<br />

FORGET IT!<br />

BEFORE<br />

Established<br />

30 Years<br />

in Spain<br />

Call<br />

in the<br />

experts<br />

YEARS<br />

Guarantee<br />

We cover all areas in the<br />

Costa Blanca - Costa de Almeria<br />

- Costa Del Sol<br />

+34 711 07 67 67

High-performance specialist<br />

exterior wall coatings that protect<br />

and transform your home<br />

Why Choose Us?<br />

The owners of Andura and <strong>No</strong>needtopaint have been involved in the coating business<br />

since 1979. “It was our belief that we could provide our customers with a better product<br />

for exterior renovations than anything else on the market,”.<br />

“Since then we have gone from strength to strength, setting the highest standards of<br />

service and quality. <strong>To</strong>day we have thousands of satisfied customers, with offices and<br />

installers throughout the UK, Spain and Portugal“.<br />



We prefer an honest approach and let the quality of our jobs do the<br />

talking! Whether it’s a phone conversation or a meeting, we will simply<br />

highlight the benefits of our exterior wall coating system and suggest<br />

We cover<br />

across the<br />

coast of<br />

Spain<br />

the best solution for your specific house painting problem. And should you wish us to<br />

survey your property, the person you meet will be the person responsible for overseeing<br />

the project from start to finish, and there is no cost involved in our survey service.<br />

• Increases the value of your property<br />

• Always looks great, maintains its new-like appearance<br />

• Insulates the home against excesses of cold or heat<br />

• Mould, fungus, acid rain resistant<br />

• <strong>No</strong> <strong>Need</strong> to <strong>Paint</strong> every few years<br />

• Coating comes in a standard range of 16 colours

Laboratory tests, in accordance<br />

with, and approved by<br />

DAKKS<br />

Laboratory<br />

and<br />

tests,<br />

ISO9001<br />

in accordance<br />

with, and approved by DAKKS<br />

show and ISO9001 that show Andura that Andura<br />

Pro-Flex Ultimate is:<br />

Pro-Flex Ultimate is:<br />

• ‘Highly breathable’ when tested in accordance<br />

• ‘Highle<br />

with<br />

breathable’<br />

DIN EN ISO<br />

when<br />

7783<br />

testes<br />

Part 2<br />

in<br />

accordance • ‘Highly water with DIN resistant’ EN ISO when 7783 tested Part 2in<br />

accordance with DIN EN 1062-3<br />

• ‘Highly water resistant’ when tested in<br />

accordance • Highly dirt with resistant. DIN EN The 1062-3 addition of silicone resin<br />

and silane considerably improves resistance to<br />

• Highly dirt dir pick resistant. up The addition of silicone<br />

resin and silane considerably improves<br />

resistance to dirt pick up<br />

BEFORE<br />

AFTER<br />

BEFORE<br />

Elastomeric, crack<br />

accommodating<br />

technology<br />

AFTER<br />

Weather<br />

resistant<br />

yet highly<br />

breathable<br />

Water unable<br />

to penetrate<br />

Pro-Flex Ultimate<br />

coating<br />



WALL<br />

Water<br />

vapour<br />

is able<br />

to pass<br />

through<br />

the wall

The Process we provide<br />

We take pride in a truly professional external wall coating service. Our fully trained and experienced<br />

paint applicators will complete the job on time, and with the least amount of inconvenience.<br />

<strong>No</strong><strong>Need</strong><strong>To</strong><strong>Paint</strong> ‘3 Step’ Wall Coating Application Process<br />

<strong>To</strong> ensure that the coating creates a long-lasting bond with your exterior house walls, we have<br />

developed a thorough and proven 3 stage process that guarantees<br />

perfect results. In the application process.<br />

1Step 1: Brushing & Cleaning<br />

A clean and stable surface is vital for<br />

the primer coating to create a true and<br />

long-lasting bond.<br />

<strong>No</strong>t only do we power wash and wire<br />

brush the outside of your house to<br />

remove all loose dirt and paint – but<br />

where required we spray on biocides to<br />

kill any residual mould and algae, and<br />

then apply solvents to clean up any<br />

grease or airborne pollution.<br />

2Step 2: Restoration & Preparation<br />

All surface imperfections are carefully treated:<br />

any cracks in the render, blown brickwork or<br />

pebbledash are ground out and filled with<br />

a special polymer resin. Loose render is<br />

replaced and other defects are repaired with<br />

a slush coating of sand, cement and latex.<br />

All doors, windows and surrounding areas are<br />

masked up with tape and heavy-duty paper.<br />

We go to great lengths to make sure that<br />

plants, bushes and lawns are undamaged<br />

and fully protected by tarpaulins.<br />

3<br />

Step 3: Priming & Applying<br />

Because of uneven porosity, friable surfaces<br />

and previously painted substrates, we often<br />

apply a specially formulated primer coat by<br />

spray, brush or roller. This step guarantees<br />

that there is an incredibly powerful and<br />

long-lasting bond with the final wall coating.<br />

Only when the surface is to our satisfaction<br />

we will apply two layers of our product<br />

Andura Abroad revolutionary spray coating<br />

Smooth or Rough Elastic with your choice<br />

of colour that lasts a lifetime.<br />

Our specialist exterior paints and coatings<br />

protect buildings from the damaging effects<br />

of the weather, whilst transforming their<br />

appearance<br />


Crack Resistant &<br />

Elastomeric<br />

Environmentally Friendly<br />

Water Based Formula<br />

Waterproof &<br />

Breathable<br />

Long<br />

Lasting<br />

Dirt Resistant<br />

Mould Resistant<br />

Water<br />

Resistant<br />

Self-Priming<br />

Colours<br />

With 16 contemporary architectural colours to choose from,<br />

the Andura colour range has something for everyone. We<br />

also offer a bespoke and colour matching service.<br />

711 07 67 67<br />

contact@noneedtopaint.com<br />




Andura Smooth Elastic<br />

SHEET<br />

Andura Rough Elastic<br />

Andura Andura Smooth Smooth Elastic Elastic<br />

Waterproofing acrylic 100%<br />

Andura Smooth Andura Elastic Andura Rough Rough Elastic Elastic10-03-2022<br />

Andura Rough Elastic<br />



Waterproofing Waterproofing acrylic acrylic 100% 100%<br />

Waterproofing acrylic 10-03-2022 100% 10-03-2022<br />

10-03-2022<br />

The Process<br />


Due to the limitations of the printing<br />

Due to the limitations of the printing<br />

process these colours are not an exact<br />

process these colours are not an exact<br />

match. Please refer to the colour samples.<br />

match. Please refer to the colour samples.<br />

Each<br />

Each<br />

step<br />

step<br />

of<br />

of<br />

the<br />

the<br />

process<br />

process<br />

is<br />

is<br />

carried<br />

carried Waterproofing out<br />

out<br />

by<br />

by<br />

Andura<br />

Andura acrylic registered<br />

registered elastic contractors.<br />

contractors. of maximum quality (Examples<br />

(Examples for decorating of the main processes,<br />

of the main processes, and protecting some of<br />

some of f<br />


which may not apply to all installations)<br />

standards for products and systems for the protection which may and not repair apply to all of installations) concrete str<br />

Waterproofing acrylic acrylic elastic elastic of maximum of maximum quality quality for decorating for decorating and protecting and protecting façades. façades. Complies Complies with UNE-EN with 1<br />

dards standards for products for products and systems and PROPERTIES<br />

systems for the for protection the protection and repair and repair of concrete of concrete structures. structures.<br />

lastic of maximum quality for decorating and protecting façades. Complies with UNE-EN 1504-2<br />

and systems for the protection • Water-repellent and repair of and concrete rainwater-proof. structures.<br />


• Water vapour-permeable, allowing transpiration of the support.<br />

ater-repellent • Water-repellent and <strong>Paint</strong>ing rainwater-proof.<br />

and rainwater-proof.<br />

with • technology Elastic, does not split or crack with shrinkage and expansion of the surface as<br />

ater • Water vapour-permeable, vapour-permeable, Lotus allowing <strong>Paint</strong>ing -Effekt allowing cracks with transpiration transpiration of the support.<br />

® technology and fissures. of the support.<br />

astic, inwater-proof. • Elastic, does not does split not or split crack or Lotus with crack shrinkage -Effekt with shrinkage ® and expansion and expansion of the of surface the surface as a result as a result of temperature of temperature changes. B<br />

acks ble, cracks allowing and Preparation<br />

Preparation<br />

fissures. and transpiration fissures. Restoration<br />

Restoration • Photocrosslinking,<br />

of support. and<br />

and avoids the stickiness on the surface, markedly reducing soilin<br />

rt disappears from the facades forming<br />

Masking<br />

Masking<br />

up<br />

up<br />

Primer<br />

Primer<br />

Application<br />

Application<br />

All dirt, mould, algae and<br />

All dirt, mould, algae and<br />

• Photocrosslinking, avoids<br />

Repair<br />

Repair • Resistant<br />

the<br />

Work<br />

Work to the Great damaging care is taken effects to of Andura’s the outdoors. Classic primer is Andura Pro-Flex Ultimate is<br />

or crack Dirt disappears shrinkage avoids the and from stickiness expansion stickiness the facades the on surface, the Great surface, care<br />

of the forming<br />

is taken<br />

markedly markedly to Andura’s Classic primer is Andura Pro-Flex Ultimate is<br />

loose paint removed<br />

reducing reducing soiling. soiling.<br />

loose paint is removed The next as a result of temperature changes. Bridge<br />

earls<br />

sistant • Resistant<br />

with<br />

to the damaging to<br />

rainwater<br />

The next • Due stage is<br />

stage is to repair<br />

to repair the pearlescent<br />

protect doors,<br />

protect doors, effect<br />

windows, a high performance base applied to walls via brush,<br />

windows,<br />

high performance base applied to walls via brush,<br />

by power-washing,<br />

it is self-cleaned with rainwater.<br />

by power-washing,<br />

all damaged and worn paths and surrounding coat designed to be used on roller or airless spray<br />

the damaging effects all damaged effects of the and worn of outdoors. the outdoors. paths and surrounding coat designed to be used on roller or airless spray<br />

wirebrushing,<br />

pearls<br />

scraping<br />

with<br />

or<br />

wirebrushing, scraping or rainwater<br />

surfaces, • Effective reinstating missing non-carbonating areas including plants,<br />

areas including plants,<br />

barrier due<br />

masonry<br />

surfaces, reinstating missing<br />

masonry to its<br />

surfaces,<br />

surfaces, high resistance<br />

prior to equipment<br />

prior to equipment to CO2<br />

at a<br />

at diffusion.<br />

rate of 0.5L<br />

rate of 0.5L<br />

other mechanical methods.<br />

e ids • to Due other stickiness pearlescent to mechanical the pearlescent methods. on effect the<br />

masonry,<br />

surface, it effect brick<br />

is self-cleaned it is markedly<br />

or self-cleaned mortar with bushes<br />

with rainwater. with and rainwater.<br />

lawns. Doors the final application of Pro- to every square metre. This<br />

masonry, brick or mortar with reducing bushes and lawns. soiling. Doors the final application of Pro- to every square metre. This<br />

Where appropriate, surfaces<br />

Where appropriate, surfaces the appropriate • Resistant materials. to the and alkalinity windows are of masked the surface, Flex Ultimate.<br />

fective ging • Effective effects non-carbonating of non-carbonating<br />

the appropriate<br />

the outdoors. barrier barrier<br />

materials.<br />

due to due its high to its resistance high<br />

and windows<br />

resistance<br />

are masked Flex Ultimate.<br />

such This<br />

This<br />

as provides<br />

provides<br />

cement is<br />

is<br />

mortars, typically achieved<br />

typically achieved<br />

concrete, over 2<br />

over brick<br />

are treated with Andura<br />

are treated with Andura Damaged render is removed up with tape and to heavy-duty CO2 to diffusion. CO2 excellent diffusion. adhesion for the top coats. The result is a beautiful<br />

Damaged render is removed up with tape and heavy-duty excellent adhesion for top coats. The result is beautiful<br />

Biocide. This is strongly • With anti-mould paint preservative for film, avoids the appearance of fungus and<br />

t sistant effect • Resistant Biocide. This<br />

to it the self-cleaned alkalinity to is strongly and all cracks hacked out. paper. Surrounding areas are coat, preventing delamination smooth finish that is both<br />

the alkalinity of the<br />

and all<br />

with surface, of cracks<br />

rainwater. the surface, hacked<br />

such<br />

out.<br />

as such paper.<br />

cement as Surrounding cement areas<br />

mortars, mortars, are coat,<br />

concrete, concrete,<br />

preventing delamination<br />

brick, brick, etc. etc.<br />

smooth finish that is both<br />

recommended areas<br />

recommended areas Great<br />

ELDS<br />

ith ting<br />

• anti-mould With OF APPLICATION Great • care<br />

care Good is taken<br />

is taken adhesion towards protected<br />

towards protected to common with polythene<br />

with polythene construction and and ensuring the best highly water resistant and<br />

and and ensuring materials. the best highly water resistant and<br />

where organic growth has<br />

where<br />

barrier<br />

anti-mould organic<br />

due paint<br />

growth<br />

to its preservative<br />

has paint<br />

high<br />

preservative minimising the visibility<br />

resistance for film, for<br />

to avoids film, of the<br />

CO2<br />

avoids<br />

dust-sheets.<br />

weatherproof result. highly dirt resistant.<br />

diffusion. the appearance the appearance of fungus of fungus and algae and algae spots spots on its on surface. its surface.<br />

FIELDS OF APPLICATION minimising the visibility of the dust-sheets.<br />

weatherproof result. highly dirt resistant.<br />

been removed.<br />

been removed.<br />

repair. Previously unpainted<br />

repair. Previously unpainted<br />

od • adhesion Good adhesion to common to common construction brickwork construction can be bag-rubbed materials. materials.<br />

Pro-Flex Ultimate is a self<br />

ating ity of with the Lotus-Effekt surface, such technology as brickwork cement specially can be mortars, bag-rubbed<br />

Pro-Flex Ultimate is self<br />

with an designed concrete, to keep the brick, facades etc. permanently dry and<br />

Coating with Lotus-Effekt with technology an<br />

USES SBR mortar mix to<br />

priming coating, so whilst<br />

SBR mortar specially mix to<br />

priming coating, so whilst<br />

designed to keep the facades permanently dry and<br />

preservative an, even the faces<br />

clean, even<br />

for<br />

the<br />

film, particularly disguise<br />

faces<br />

avoids exposed imperfections<br />

particularly<br />

the appearance to the whilst<br />

a primer is not typically<br />

disguise imperfections whilst elements.<br />

exposed to the<br />

of<br />

elements.<br />

fungus On mineral<br />

On<br />

and substrates:<br />

mineral<br />

algae substrates:<br />

spots<br />

primer concrete, is not typically<br />

concrete,<br />

its cement, surface.<br />

retaining cement,<br />

one,<br />

ES mon USES brick, lime paints, silicate, retaining and Its the<br />

organic the<br />

high natural<br />

natural<br />

quality brick<br />

required it may be necessary<br />

coatings brick<br />

makes (not elastic): it ideal plastic for decorating paints, required plasters. it and may be protecting necessary buildings and ornamen<br />

stone, construction brick, lime materials.<br />

paints, line silicate, appearance.<br />

where surfaces to be coated<br />

line appearance. preventing and organic the coatings harmful (not effects elastic): caused plastic where paints, surfaces plasters. to be coated<br />

are by dusty damp or chalking. on north/north-west facing wall<br />

are dusty or chalking.<br />

igh Its quality high quality makes makes it ideal it for ideal decorating<br />

carbonating for decorating and<br />

barrier<br />

protecting and protecting for concrete<br />

buildings buildings and ornamental and ornamental elements. elements. It is especially It is especially indicai<br />

enting preventing the harmful the harmful effects effects caused caused by damp by damp on north/north-west on north/north-west facing facing walls walls or in very or in damp very damp areas areas Excellen<br />

ATURES Many AND BENEFITS of our products have • Advantages of ProFlex Ultimate Improved Breathability<br />

onating carbonating FEATURES been barrier tested AND barrier for BENEFITS and/or concrete for concrete approved TECHNICAL DATA – Classified as ‘Highly Breathable’ when tested in<br />

• ideal by<br />

Lotus-Effekt for prestigious decorating and independent<br />

protecting buildings and accordance ornamental with elements. DIN EN ISO It is 7783 especially Part 2.<br />

Andura<br />

indicated for<br />

CHNICAL effects TECHNICAL •<br />

technology: thanks to the self-cleaning effect of the rain, the adherence of dirt<br />

Andura Lotus-Effekt Coatings<br />

caused Coatings<br />

DATA by DATA technology: thanks to the self-cleaning effect of the rain, the adherence of dirt<br />

particles bodies damp on north/north-west facing walls or in very damp areas Excellent nonconcrete<br />

Telephone:<br />

particles<br />

is reduced, including:<br />

Appearance<br />

20 Murdock Road, is reduced, Bicester, providing Oxon providing<br />

a OX26 natural 4PP a natural<br />

protection •<br />

protection<br />

against Improved<br />

against<br />

the attack Water<br />

the attack<br />

of resistance algae<br />

of algae<br />

and fungi. – Classified as ‘Highly Water<br />

20 Murdock Road, Bicester, Oxon OX26 4PP<br />

and fungi.<br />

ppearance Telephone: • Appearance British 01869<br />

01869 Board 240374<br />

240374 of | Agrément<br />

E-mail: info@andura.co.uk<br />

E-mail: info@andura.co.uk Colour resistant when tested in accordance<br />

Silky matt.<br />

Silky with matt. DIN EN 1062-3<br />

• Reinforced<br />

www.andura.com<br />

www.andura.com<br />

• <strong>Paint</strong> Reinforced with Research encapsulated with encapsulated Association systems systems to protect to protect the • Excellent film the against film against Dirt the resistance growth the growth of algae – of The algae and addition fungi. and fungi.<br />

Colour<br />

White of silicone and<br />

Certificate<br />

colours<br />

<strong>No</strong>. resin FM 663919<br />

from th<br />

olour<br />

Thinner<br />

White Esencia and colours<br />

Certificate<br />

and Coloritud from<br />

<strong>No</strong>. FM 663919<br />

the<br />

and silane to Pro-flex considerably Esencia improves and Coloritud resistance charts.<br />

cha<br />

•<br />

• Building Research Establishment<br />

Optimal<br />

hinner<br />

Thinner • Optimal protection protection against against humidity humidity Viscosity and dirt and even dirt (Brookfield on even to faces dirt on particularly faces pickup. RVT particularly at 20ºC). exposed exposed Poises to the to the<br />

Silky matt. Water.<br />

Water.<br />

elements. • Birmingham elements. City Laboratories<br />

• iscosity Very Viscosity high Very (Brookfield permeability high (Brookfield permeability RVT to water to RVT<br />

20ºC). vapor water at Density<br />

and vapor 20ºC). a<br />

Poises CO and two. Poises 20ºC • Elastomeric (Kg/L) and Crack Accommodating<br />

CO White and colours 120-170. from 120-170. Protection<br />

• Sandberg Consulting Engineers<br />

two.<br />

the<br />

•<br />

Laboratory tests<br />

Easy Density application.<br />

Easy application. a 20ºC (Kg/L) Content in solids % volume Esencia carried out and by Coloritud CHT Bezema<br />

1.38 charts. Test<br />

± 0.05.<br />

ensity • Salford a 20ºC (Kg/L) University<br />

Facilities, operating in accordance 1.38 with, ± 0.05. and approved<br />

• Great<br />

Content<br />

• coverage. Great coverage.<br />

in solids % volumeGardner washability (UNE 48284) Water. (dp)<br />

47.<br />

• ontent Surface • London in Surface of solids a mineral Underground<br />

of a % mineral nature. volume by, DAKKS and ISO 9001.<br />

nature. Very matte. Very matte.<br />

47.<br />

ld RVT Gardner at 20ºC). washability Poises (UNE Determination 48284) (dp) of adhesion by 120-170. direct traction, UNE-EN More 1542:1999 than 10,000 (N/mm2) cycles.<br />

ardner washability (UNE 48284) (dp)<br />

More than 10,000 cycles.<br />

/L) Determination of adhesion Elongation by direct traction, at break UNE-EN (UNE 53413) 1542:1999 1.38 (%) ± 0.05. (N/mm2) 1.35.<br />

etermination of adhesion by direct traction, UNE-EN 1542:1999 (N/mm2) 1.35.<br />

Elongation at break (UNE 53413) (%) 140.<br />

longation<br />

volume<br />

180º bending at low temperature<br />

at break (UNE 53413) (%)<br />

47.<br />

(UNE 53413)<br />

140.<br />

y 180º bending at low temperature Liquid (UNE water 53413) permeability (UNE-EN 1062-3:2008 ) (Kg/m2h0.5)<br />

Unchanged.<br />

80º (UNE bending 48284) at low (dp) temperature (UNE 53413) More than 10,000 Unchanged. cycles.<br />

dhesion Liquid water permeability (UNE-EN Water vapour 1062-3:2008 permeability ) (Kg/m2h0.5) (UNE-EN ISO 7783:2) (m) 0.02.<br />

iquid water by direct permeability traction, (UNE-EN UNE-EN 1062-3:2008 1542:1999 ) (Kg/m2h0.5) (N/mm2) 1.35. 0.02.<br />

Water vapour permeability CO2 (UNE-EN permeability ISO 7783:2) (UNE-EN (m) 1062-6:2003) (Sd (m)) 0.2.<br />

(UNE ater vapour 53413) permeability (%) (UNE-EN ISO 7783:2) (m) 140. 0.2.<br />

CO2 permeability (UNE-EN Accelerated 1062-6:2003) ageing (Sd (m)) (EN 1062-11)<br />

75, satisfactory.<br />

O2 temperature permeability (UNE (UNE-EN 53413) 1062-6:2003) (Sd (m))<br />

Unchanged.<br />

<strong>Paint</strong>ing<br />

75, satisfactory.<br />

Lotus -Effekt ®<br />

Accelerated ageing (EN 1062-11) Yield (m²/L):<br />

<strong>Paint</strong>ing Conventional<br />

conventional<br />

Lotus Andura -Effekt Abroad Unchanged.<br />

®<br />

ability ccelerated (UNE-EN ageing 1062-3:2008 (EN 1062-11) ) (Kg/m2h0.5) conventional <strong>Paint</strong> 0.02. Coating Unchanged.<br />

Yield (m²/L): Drying at 20ºC (min)<br />

10-12.<br />

eability ield (m²/L): (UNE-EN ISO 7783:2) (m) 0.2.<br />


D. The coating product does not cure rising or falling damp and is not covered<br />

by this guarantee.<br />

Signed on behalf of <strong>No</strong> <strong>Need</strong> <strong>To</strong> <strong>Paint</strong>

Some of our work

711 07 67 67<br />

contact@noneedtopaint.com<br />


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