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#<strong>SHILL</strong><br />


trippin ape tribe<br />

heads up on the tribe<br />

easymoneyding<br />

alpha that you just<br />

need to hear<br />

Tamaki apes<br />

bullish yet anon?<br />

marco polo<br />

quick scan of the week<br />

& more<br />

ISSUE #<strong>56</strong><br />


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So much to write. So little space.<br />

Trippin Ape Tribe<br />

Perfectenchlang gives you a ‘heads-up’<br />

on the ape tribe #alpha<br />

Probably Nothing<br />

EasyMoneyDing speaks. Are you<br />

listening? #alpha<br />

Metaverse Me<br />

Looking at ATLAS gameplay<br />

#alpha<br />

Barndog & Whalesfriend<br />

At it again with the latest news and<br />

insights #alpha<br />

Anon Crypto Dealer<br />

Perfectenchlang uncovers the latest<br />

mint #alpha<br />

Irreverent Labs<br />

Not sleeping after all #alpha<br />

Free Lesson<br />

King_Kemba & what a DIP can do if<br />

you’re not prepared #alpha<br />

Blue Chip Analysis<br />

easymoneyding gives his analysis<br />

#alpha<br />

Marco Polo<br />

The team at Mercanti wrap up the week<br />

#alpha<br />

TamakiApes<br />

DubwiseRenzo and why he is bullish<br />

#alpha<br />


the<br />

from<br />

EDITOR<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> <strong>56</strong> of #Shill zine - the most read Solana ecosystem zine on Twitter.<br />

I mentioned last week a new magazine for the Solana blockchain. If<br />

you haven’t already, go take a look. It is free. @NFTArtistCheriW has<br />

launched “A Deep State of Mind” with issue #1.<br />

With 40 pages of art that I haven’t<br />

even come across!<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> <strong>56</strong> hits you in the face with<br />

106 pages filled with NFT, PFP, info,<br />

ALPHA and general goodness.<br />

Let’s not mistake what #Shill’s<br />

intention. Making you aware of Solana<br />

happenings that you may have missed.<br />

If you don’t come across something new<br />

in these pages then #Shill zine has<br />

failed!<br />

In this issue we have included a couple<br />

of pages from the ‘mainstream’ nft’s.<br />

If anything, to keep you abreast of<br />

what’s going on in the space. Something<br />

for everyone.<br />

Let it be said that this was the week<br />

where $LUNA died. Even the creator Dwon<br />

announced it on Twitter, dragging down<br />

$UST with it. It’s the Wild West. If you<br />

hadn’t realised yet. It’s decentralied,<br />

unregulated, manipulated and extremely<br />

risky.<br />

I find it uncanny that only hours after<br />

the demise of $Luna, falling from $100<br />

usd to 0.0001 usd, the market bounced back with fat green candles.<br />

It was almost as if it was a coordinated event to wipe out a project.<br />

Coincidence I guess?<br />

And here we are. Still grinding. Still engaging.<br />

THE Solana ecosystem zine is here to stay. It’s weekly. It’s free. It’s<br />

archiving history. Are you coming along for the ride #anon?<br />

As always, show your love on the Twittersphere with a simple retweet.<br />

Enough said. You know the drill. Let’s f go!<br />

Pixeltoy<br />

4<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>56</strong>

Keep your eye on...<br />

Build-a-bot<br />

Chonkee Monkee<br />


Trippin Ape<br />

@perfectenchlag<br />

Tribe<br />

Discord<br />

Twitter<br />

This article is different from what you have been reading in my past works.<br />

This time we are not going to talk about a project which is going for mint in the next week or<br />

so but we are going to talk about a project which has the potential to bring those volume levels<br />

back to the Secondary marketplace.<br />

In my last article, I talked about how a strong and active community helps a project in getting<br />

itself recognised in the space. And the project which manages to create it before the mint happens,<br />

witnesses crazy volume. There are too many examples to look at, in the past week itself<br />

we have seen okay bears and communi3. Before that, we saw Blocksmith Labs and Tombstoned<br />

High Society.<br />

Trippin Apes Tribe is one such project which has made its mark in the space and it’s not even<br />

been a month since they launched their Twitter and Discord and now have over 100k followers<br />

on both platforms.<br />

The first tweet from the official Twitter account came on the 19th of April and till now they<br />

have around 89 tweets with over 135,000 followers. The average engagement on their normal<br />

tweets is well over 3,000+ reactions and their giveaways are clocking an engagement of around<br />

20,000+ reactions. To make it easier for you to understand, these are the same figures Okay<br />

Bears were getting 1 week before their mint. The recent Twitter space organised by the project<br />

had over 8,000 people listening to it.<br />

The Discord has around 135,000 followers again and as of now, around 715 accounts are boosting<br />

their server. The community in the discord is so active that their latest announcements and<br />

their sneak peeks are getting an average engagement of around 5,000 reactions.<br />

Not just that but one thing that is intriguing to me is that every time I open that server I found no<br />

less than 50 people active in their voice channels and the general chat is always on fire.<br />

These were all about numbers, now let us talk about what they have built in the past 3 weeks.<br />

6<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>56</strong>

When we talk about community-associated projects we get to see IRL events mentioned in the<br />

roadmap. Well, Trippin Ape Tribe has done something different, they don’t have an official roadmap<br />

launched yet but they have done some IRL Campaigns and Events to let the public know<br />

that they exist.<br />

Art<br />

Their art is a hybrid of two of the most popular things in this space. The GIFs posted in the sneak<br />

peeks of the discord are of high quality and I liked the art.<br />

In terms of the information regarding the team members, I listened to their AMA’s, the team is<br />

planning to dox itself to the private players and apart from that, they have mentioned that a lot of<br />

investors in the space have talked to them and have seen them including Sol Big Brain.<br />

Apart from that even though the project is just 3 weeks old and the roadmap and the website<br />

are yet to be launched they have made their place in everyone’s “Mints to look our for lists” and<br />

the demand is evident from the fact that the whitelists accounts are already getting offers for<br />

over the counter deals.<br />

To conclude, I would say I am surprised by the figures that the project has achieved in such a<br />

short period. They already have worked on the IRL campaigns and have plans to continue them<br />

even further. The confidence among the community can already be seen which is a bullish sign<br />

in itself.<br />

As always DYOR.<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>56</strong><br />








@easymoneyding - 3902 followers<br />

not gonna lie, magiceden has been really<br />

impressive with their social media<br />

presence - big fan of how they turned<br />

community sentiment towards them<br />

@DeGodsNFT - 72.6k followers<br />

DUSTIES will be open for NFT<br />

raffles and auctions daily.<br />

12 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #51

UNDER 5Sol & TOP NFT<br />

SolsWatch<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #51<br />



visit Grape Discord<br />


ATLAS! with Metaverse

the ASTRONAUT<br />


HyperSpace<br />

NFT Trading Platform<br />

SOLENS<br />

Trade across multiple #SolanaNFTs marketplaces in ONE place



grapeprotocol<br />


STEP N - What is a Genesis Sneaker<br />

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rt0QY7z8jwI<br />

WhaleShorts<br />

Knife Catching<br />

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAy_Hj-fiqU<br />

20 <strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #51


@perfectenchlag<br />

Anonymous<br />

Crypto<br />

Dealer<br />

Twitter // Discord<br />

Bitcoin is giving no signs of relief to the investors but surprisingly the volume on Magic Eden<br />

is still above 100,000 Sol every day and the projects are still making decent multiples on the<br />

secondary marketplace.<br />

In the previous write-ups, we talked a lot about how a strong community can do wonders for<br />

a project. The one thing that was missing in those write-ups was utility. No doubt utility is not<br />

everything, but you certainly won’t be upset if you get something in return on a daily basis from<br />

that jpeg.<br />

So today we will talk about one such project which focuses mainly on how you can perform<br />

better in the space and increase your bag size.<br />

Let’s talk about Anonymous Crypto Dealer<br />

The only thing that you need if you are active in the crypto or the NFT space is information. If<br />

you have the right<br />

information at the<br />

right time you can<br />

easily capitalize<br />

on it and can make<br />

some decent profits.<br />

But there is no<br />

definite source of<br />

information as it is<br />

scattered.<br />

Anonymous Crypto Dealer claims to provide you with all the information you need in one discord<br />

server at the cost of buying their NFT.<br />

Before we move ahead let me share the mint details:<br />

Supply: 4488<br />

Cost: 1.5 Sol<br />

Wen: 13th of May 2022 via Magic Eden Launchpad<br />

Now let’s talk about what they are going to offer…<br />

Information<br />

As per the whitepaper of the project, the team consists of well-experienced individuals which<br />

are a part of some great DAOs in the space. The aim is to gather all the important information<br />

from all these DAOs in one place and make it available to the holders of ACD.<br />

This means you will have the opportunity to be a part of all the big DAOs for such a small price.<br />

With the help of this information, the team will provide buy signals for the community and will<br />

protect their holders from all the rugs.<br />

22<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>56</strong>

Liquidity<br />

A lot of guys don’t have enough liquidity to go for all the mints they want to go for at the same<br />

time. Now, they look for selling some of their holdings to create enough liquidity to mint the<br />

next big project.<br />

ACD claims that they will work together and combine their power to get into every project the<br />

community wants to be a part of. From the profits of these NFTs, the value will be created for<br />

the holders which has not been disclosed yet.<br />

Whitelists<br />

One of the most used words in the space.<br />

Here the utility is no different from all the other<br />

projects.<br />

The holders will get the opportunity to take<br />

part in whitelist raffles organised by the DAO.<br />

Now let’s talk about how the mint fund will get<br />

distributed.<br />

Treasury Funds<br />

This is going to be the top priority of the<br />

project with 50% of the mint fund allocated<br />

towards it.<br />

The DAO will be split into 4 divisions. Each<br />

holder will get access to a specific division<br />

based on the NFT he/she will mint. The GOLD<br />

TIER NFT will have access to all the DAOs.<br />

Blue Chip NFTs<br />

This section will get 30% of the funds. Here the focus will be to search for the leaders in the<br />

space so that the investors can invest their funds for a long time without any kind of fear.<br />

Rotating<br />

This will be more of an active fund and will get 10% of the allocation from the mint fund. The<br />

focus here will be to increase the portfolio size from actively trading NFTs.<br />

Longterm Cryptocurrency<br />

The ACD DAO will not just focus on providing alpha related to the NFT but related to cryptocurrencies<br />

as well. This division will get an allocation of 5% of the mint funds. Here the main focus<br />

will be to invest in such projects which will provide great ROI over a long period.<br />

Trading Crypto<br />

This will work in the same way the rotating division will work and will get 5% of the allocation of<br />

the mint funds. The goal here will be to rotate profits through different projects through active<br />

trading.<br />

The profits from all such investments will be later divided into different categories:<br />

1. 50% of the profits will get back to the DAO.<br />

2. 25% of the profits will be used to maintain the floor.<br />

3. 25% of the profits will be used to burn $ANMS (their utility token).<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>56</strong><br />


These were all the fundamentals of the project. Now, let’s talk about art and engagement.<br />

Art<br />

Even though it is a utility project and more of an Alpha DAO, the team has focused on providing<br />

a pfp worthy art that the community can flaunt on social media.<br />

Engagement<br />

The project doesn’t have such big numbers in terms of followers but the level of engagement<br />

they are getting is on a different level and is comparable to all the big projects that went for<br />

mint these past weeks.<br />

The first tweet from the official Twitter account came on the 6th of February and till now they<br />

have managed to get around 10,000 followers with 840 tweets and we have around 20 common<br />

followers. I haven’t seen a lot of crypto influencers talking about them on Twitter and they<br />

are getting an average engagement of 50–100 likes.<br />

The Discord on the other hand has around 11,000 members and 2,500 online members while I<br />

am writing this article. The chat in discord is fairly active and the average engagement they are<br />

getting is around 800+ reactions per post.<br />

Talking about the hype, they launched a collection named Tiger Legacy NFT with an initial floor<br />

of 0.22 sol and a supply of 1111. The NFT was a pass to get a free ACD NFT and will work as a<br />

staking multiplier.<br />

24<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>56</strong>

The current figures for the project are as follows…<br />

To conclude, I would say the project is looking good from the first look but no decision can be<br />

passed since the calls have not been seen by anyone as of now. Also, it is in direct competition<br />

with all the Alpha DAOs which are currently in the space and already have a lot of eyes on them<br />

since they have shown their worth.<br />

The main catalyst of ACD is that it will actively target both crypto and NFT investors. How good<br />

their alpha will be we can only find out after seeing the figures. But there are some things to be<br />

considered.<br />

1. As I said in the beginning, Bitcoin is showing no signs of relief to the investors, now two things<br />

can happen: One, that the volume in the secondary won’t come as expected or second, that you<br />

can invest in the project which will provide with all the important information that you need to<br />

actively manage your portfolio in times like these.<br />

2. The project is getting a great level of engagement on their discord and on top of that, they have<br />

decided to launch via Magic Eden which will build more trust among the investors.<br />

I won’t rate the project based on their art and engagement since that is not what they are offering.<br />

As always DYOR.<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>56</strong><br />




Irreverent Labs<br />

Raises<br />

$40M for NFT<br />

A.I. Game<br />

Irreverant Labs—the technology company behind MechaFightClub (MFC)—raised a massive $40 million<br />

in Series A funding to boost the futuristic mecha-cockfighting game.<br />

The funding round was announced on May 9 via Twitter and brought many prominent VCs together,<br />

including Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) and Solana Ventures. Irreverent Labs’ mission is to reinvent the<br />

wheel for games through AI and machine learning, creating continually evolving and fun digital experiences.<br />

Arianna Simpson, General Partner at a16z, shared on the firm’s website her first impressions during the<br />

pitch from Irreverent Labs’ cofounders:<br />

“Some sort of chicken game? Sounded weird. I did not have high expectations. I could not have been<br />

more wrong. Fifteen minutes into the call, my mood had completely turned, and I was laughing hard.<br />

Rahul and David managed to convey in a short window that they were a serious, capable team, and also<br />

that they had an incredible sense of humor and no qualms about baking it into the product.”<br />

This funding round comes from the same investors that participated in the initial $5 million seed round<br />

in November 2021, plus some new additions from the entertainment industry. For example, Michael<br />

Ovitz, founder of the Creative Artists Agency (one of the most influential groups in Hollywood), and<br />

Sonam Kapoor, a Bollywood icon and one of the world’s biggest film stars.<br />

The entry of showbiz into Web3 might be a hint of what’s more to come. The team positions MFC at the<br />

intersection between TikTok and Netflix, providing highly shareable, clippable, and hilarious content for<br />

broad audiences.<br />

The PlaytoEarn protocol has yet to set a date for the first Non-Fungible Token (NFT) mint, but the anticipated<br />

roadmap suggests it will be before June 21, 2022. There will be 6969 hatchlist spots for eligible<br />

people who have signed up on MechaFightClub’s website. Once the eggs hatch, users will be able to<br />

play some of the first minigames.<br />

What is MechaFightClub:<br />

In MFC, robotic roosters and hens fight in a hilarious combat sport. Characters are unique, artificially<br />

intelligent non-player characters (NPCs) living on the blockchain as NFTs. Just like characters, fights<br />

are also unique and increasingly absurd.<br />

The team claims that the viewing experience will be just as enjoyable as direct gameplay – shareable<br />

and exciting moments, all generating more human interaction for mechabots to thrive on. Owners aren’t<br />

just trainers, they’re also promoters for their mechabots, and mechabots will earn more by generating<br />

more human engagement.<br />

Where to find MechaFightClub:<br />

Website | Twitter |<br />

‍What is Irreverent Labs:<br />

Irreverent Labs is a tech company that brings together a world-class team with backgrounds in computer<br />

science, machine learning, arts, game development, storytelling, and blockchain with one mission:<br />

making games that will outlast any player and become worlds of their own.<br />

Where to find Irreverent Labs:<br />

Website | Twitter |‍<br />

30<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>56</strong>




@KING__KEMBA<br />

FREE<br />

LESSON?<br />

Over the last few days, I’ve taken a moment to sit back and reflect on my crypto journey. Being<br />

new to the space I felt it was important to do & I encourage you all to do the same. Here’s a<br />

little thread of a few mistakes I’ve made over the last 2 years.<br />

I want to consider my mistakes & losses during this cycle as education. No different to going<br />

to university spending X $$ on tuition fees, one can categories these losses in the same educational<br />

manner. The only way to move forward and become a better investor is through learning<br />

and reflecting on your mistakes whilst not allowing them to reoccur again. Here’s a list of<br />

things I didn’t do well this cycle and need to work on moving forward.<br />


During this bull market I hardly took profits and didn’t maintain 20-40% in stables. I continued<br />

to reallocate over and over leaving very little dry power for buying dips and overall<br />

safety for freak accidents (i.e $LUNA going to 0)<br />

SOLUTION: Maintain 20-40% USD at all times.<br />


Within the portfolio I had too many speculative low cap coins & NFTs. My ratio within<br />

the portfolio became unbalanced and I didn’t regularly take profits and reallocate them<br />

into BTC, USD or larger market cap coins.<br />

SOLUTION: Always look to build out your BTC positions as you know its asset that you<br />

have the highest conviction in long term.<br />


I was reckless and careless with my capital. I didn’t manage risk and often allocated too<br />

much to trades without proving I had a track record of wins under my belt. I increased<br />

my leverage after losses which further perpetuated my losses.<br />

There were also times I over traded and didn’t wait for the trigger to confirm.<br />

36<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>56</strong>

SOLUTION: Moving forward I need to prove that I can maintain consistency with trading<br />

and get multiple Ws using tiny amounts of cash to prove that I know what I’m doing. If<br />

I can’t continuously prove consistency, then I need to either forget leverage trading and<br />

stick to spot DCA<br />

Moreover, playing level to level is the secret sauce. Know your levels, be patient. Rather<br />

than jumping in thinking you know the direction, wait for confirmation. It’s much better to<br />

be late and right than early and wrong.<br />


Too often I aped without doing thorough DD. This was across NFTs to small cap projects<br />

in the Fantom ecosystem. I chose to ape because I thought 1 individual like Andre Cronje<br />

could be trusted. I chose to ape because I saw CT getting hyped about an NFT project.<br />

SOLUTION: Being late is more than okay. There will always be a pull back. I’d rather have<br />

to pay more and know I’d done my DD than to ape because of fomo. One is investing,<br />

one is gambling. Don’t do the latter.<br />

5. HYPE CYCLES<br />

I wasn’t aware of cycles and got too caught up in the hype or the ‘this time is different’<br />

mentality. Not identifying these moments resulted in me not capitalising in times of extreme<br />

greed or extreme fear.<br />

SOLUTION: Be aware of hype cycles. If your mate you haven’t spoken to in 2 years is texting,<br />

you about crypto it’s probably time to take some profit. If you’re feeling euphoric, it’s<br />

probably time to take some off the table.<br />

Conversely, if you’re feeling depressed, sad, frustrated it’s probably a good time to be buying.<br />

Remember, there will always be a pull back and max pain at some point. Be prepared and ready<br />

for those shopping days and equally read for the days to take profit.<br />

That’s just a quick summary of my experience. In time I hope to become a better investor. But<br />

whatever you do, don’t be too hard on yourself. There is always another trade. Another NFT<br />

project. Another opportunity. The future looks bright! #WAGBO<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>56</strong><br />







Cyborg of the future




Established solana<br />

@easymoneyding<br />

First of all, it’s been a wild day, a pretty devastating one for many and just want to shout out<br />

those who are really hurting right now and tell them that it’s all going to be okay - money is<br />

not everything despite it seeming so as @garyvee would say you can have nothing at the age<br />

of 30+ and still make it. being result focused deters you from thinking of the positives along<br />

the way in the journey. although it may seem like the darkest day for you, it is not the end and<br />

there’s plenty of fight ahead<br />

The key for me when facing into challenges is reminding myself the pain i’m feeling is temporary,<br />

it may hurt for as long as you want it to, but at some point you will have to face into it and<br />

deal with it head on, there’s no rush or time pressure for you to recover by X date and just as a<br />

whole regarding the market, it’s clearly a bear right now and macro is not looking good. more<br />

so than ever, it’s time to put your arms around your mates and ask them how they are feeling<br />

and getting around them giving financial advice might not be the most appropriate thing to<br />

do, however, giving sensible advice for others to consider as an option is definitely something<br />

worth considering if you aren’t hearing any or wondering what sensible advice is then it’s time<br />

a good look at the people around you and find ways to make friends with those who you can<br />

deem credible and trustworthy - and that means in the current state someone telling you to be<br />

in stables (usdc)<br />

I’m going to recap the top tier projects in our space today because I think they are the ones<br />

that are most worth tracking in the current state. and my reason for this is that these projects<br />

are the leading indicators of the health of solana nfts<br />

in no particular order:<br />

@okaybears<br />

nft analysis<br />

Initially, okay bears had a really strong start to the day sitting around 150, and as the markets<br />

crashed, the project found lows of 105 as fear rose another level, but has recovered since to<br />

122. total listings at ~25%<br />

48<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>56</strong>

Ideally, we’re looking at the bear minimum for this to hold 100 sol over the next couple of<br />

days and i’d say ideally for this to continue to push up on every fall back. the health of okay<br />

bears is crucial for our space.<br />

@DeGodsNFT<br />

DeGods have shown resilience over the last week with prices holding 200 sol pretty comfortably,<br />

total listings are still very healthy at 2.18%, with volume over the last week still decent at<br />

31k and 5.3k in the last 24 hours.<br />

We’re looking for support around 200 sol to hold comfortably as it’s shown over the last 24<br />

hours as well as the previous week, degods have been the most influential project in our space<br />

in 2022 and we need support at current levels.<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>56</strong><br />


@TaiyoRobotics<br />

Taiyo has pushed up past 200 over the last week moving from around 170 upwards, total listings<br />

are incredibly low at 1.04% with volume in the last 24 hours at 1.6k and 15.6k over the last<br />

month.<br />

Ideally Taiyo holds levels of 175 and if not higher with retracing sol prices in the current market,<br />

would love to see all these established top tier projects hold their USD value and slowly trickle<br />

upwards in sol price.<br />

Let’s address the whales -<br />

@catalinawhales<br />

Incredible run up over the last month pushing up from 25 sol to levels we’re seeing today at just<br />

under 90 sol, these have indeed run up as i predicted if you’ve been following, total listings at<br />

2.80%, with listings down 50% (24hrs).<br />

50<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>56</strong>

I believe 80 sol would be the level we’re looking to maintain and ideally make a push above<br />

100 over the coming weeks as the downturn in the market continues. The steadiness and consistency<br />

over the last 2 weeks is telling.<br />

Wouldn’t be a top tier analysis without the OG bluechip -<br />

@SolanaMBS<br />

This project used to be the only indicator when it came to bearish periods so it makes sense to<br />

include them historically, we’re looking for SMB to hold current levels and not to fall under 165.<br />

The range over the last month is 165 - just over 200 personally believe this should hold over<br />

200 during this period to maintain OG status which it’s done so over the last month, otherwise<br />

the flipside of this is looking like support at 120 on the next run down (hope not)<br />

I’ve only chosen to cover these 5 in the interim as it’s 4:10am, but these five projects should be<br />

relatively correlated to each other despite being each to their own, and I say that because the<br />

macro is controlling the floor prices of all projects now.<br />

There are other projects that I’ll be covering over the coming days, and I’d love to see the community<br />

shoutout the ones you’d like me to cover below in summary, it’s spooky szn out there<br />

in the market, I really encourage you all to take some time to consider your exposure if you<br />

haven’t already - overall, we’re still facing rising interest rates, inflation, supply chain issues and<br />

equities being smashed - be safe n be well.<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>56</strong><br />















Marco Polo<br />

Marco Polo’s Journal<br />

Who is Peblo, DeGods 3.33, Okay Bears and more<br />

Some crazy theory-crafting was developed by KAAN.SOL this week, in an attempt to find the<br />

identity and origins of the infamous Cets leader Peblo. But then Pablo Rochat says he has no<br />

involvement.<br />

So who the heck is Peblo?<br />

Pablo Rochat, or Kanye West, or Picasso? Nothing is confirmed as of yet but this certainly<br />

adds to the mystery of Peblo, how deep will this go? Illuminati confirmed?<br />

Mystery and guessing games, DeGods dropped a peculiar wheres wally esque roadmap for Solana<br />

enjoyers to digest. Featuring a 12 word seed phrase for a solflare wallet, one lucky person managed to<br />

crack the code using brute force and our little code friend python. Containing 10000 $DUST equivalent<br />

to $25,000 USD this mysterious degen dump the DUST on raydium and proceeded to buy a Degod, absolute<br />

Chad. What clues the rest of the roadmap holds is up to your imagination, we are adamant Frank<br />

and the team have some absolute craziness instore.<br />

66<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>56</strong>

Nate Rivers furthers his overwhelming love for Okay Bears as he secures the largest-ever purchase of<br />

an infamous coral bear, granting access to the coral DAO. This man really loves the bears WAGBO.<br />

Oasis Civilization<br />

The Skinny: we believe the combination of team, art and hype will push this project to excel,<br />

with the WL token at 8 SOL the secondary market will be very interesting — good luck fellow<br />

Solana degens.<br />

Why we’re paying attention: At first glance the art is what catches our attention, from all the<br />

animals on this planet earth..mummies are some what refreshing. I’d definitely rock one of<br />

the below mummies as my PFP… Oasis Civilization boasts 73000 discord members and only<br />

3333 NFT’s + 80k twitter followers, couple that with solid engagement and extremely well done<br />

art, we believe this will be a classic case of supply in demand, with limited supply and many<br />

degens wanting apart this mint and secondary sales are going to be hype!<br />

Mint Date: May 9th, 3 PM UTC Whitelist / 6 PM UTC Public<br />

Mint Supply: 3,333<br />

Price: 1.75 WL / 2 Sol Public<br />

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheOasisCivil<br />

Safe Travels,<br />

Marco<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>56</strong><br />





Star studio club

Stories of Kappa









@DubwiseRenzo<br />

@TamakiApes and why I overinvested in Apes. A mindset of rather overdelivering than hurry due to the hype or<br />

floor price dropping. Join the community in our quest to be the next Blue Chip Solana #NFT. #SolanaNFT<br />

Coming from outside the Solana Ecosystem this collection caught my eye bcs of the artwork’s color palettes,<br />

#SOL attributes & Azuki x BAYC style. I would hold these Apes to 0 and still be happy But, after 2 days they already<br />

created the first utility and it’s only starting.<br />

82<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>56</strong>

Stake your $NFTs and earn $TMK, the longer you lock Apes, the more you earn per day. The token has no liquidity<br />

yet but is available to trade on @FamousFoxFed until they release new utility and the price is actually able to<br />

be sustainable and grow in value. #TAGMI<br />

Being an active member of the #NFT ecosystem has taught me that a solid community is key in the growth of a<br />

project, which is exactly what the Ape gang is all about. We’re all here to have fun, and everyone on Discord is<br />

simply vibing and having fun #TAGMI.<br />

The Discord server is a great place to hang out & they care about the community. VCs with @V2tamin<br />

taught me a lot about the Solana NFT space and which tools should be used. The amount of infrastructure on<br />

@solana is really impressive! Everything seems amazing.<br />

Everything looks amazing to me, the likeable art, the community, team, hidden roadmap, and so forth. Even<br />

though a lot of features and utility details still need to be released, this is a project to keep a close eye on. I’ll<br />

include links to sources next.<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>56</strong><br />


Discord: http://discord.gg/tamakiapes Twitter: https://twitter.com/TamakiApes<br />

https://magiceden.io/marketplace/tamaki_apes… Staking: https://diamondvaults.io/vault/tamakiapes…<br />

84<br />

<strong>SHILL</strong> <strong>Issue</strong> #<strong>56</strong>

















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