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Summer 2022 Edition




Three generations of hosts from left to right:

Violeta, Vivienne, Florian, Kristl and Sandra Moosbrugger

Dear Guests & Friends of the “Post”


For centuries, the four elements of fire,

water, earth and air have marked our

existence on earth.

Already in the Middle Ages, important

universal scholars of nature and healing

dealt with the four elements and based their

teachings on them.

At the “Post” we have set ourselves the goal of

making all four elements around your summer

holidays experienceable, tangible, visible and

palpable. Breathe the fresh mountain air on the

peaks high above Lech, feel the power of the earth

during a hike up to our Formarin Hut, feel the

water as you swim a few laps in the pool or taste

the fine, smoky notes of the fire in our culinary



Browse through our new Postillion, let yourself be

inspired by the four elements and look forward to

your summer holidays at the “Post”.

See you soon in Lech!

Warm regards,

The Moosbrugger


Florian and Sandra Moosbrugger

“There are fire, air, water and earth in humans,

and they consist of them. From fire they get their

warmth, from air their breath, from water their

blood and from earth their body. They owe their

sight to fire, their hearing to air, their mobility to

water and their walk to the earth.”


The Miracle of Nature

“Nature gives us everything we need -

let’s remember this!”

In recent years, more and more people have been

seeking peace and relaxation in the mountains. This

is perfectly understandable, because there is nothing

better than discovering nature step by step, inhaling

the crystal-clear mountain air and marvelling at the

diversity of flora and fauna at the Arlberg.

The hiking region of Lech Zürs offers ideal conditions

for this. 350 km of marked hiking trails for the whole

family ensure a time full of enriching experiences

and motivate with exciting, themed trails also

children to get to know nature in a playful way.

The Forest as a Retreat

“Where we open our heart,

heaven speaks to us.”

It has long been known that the forest has a

calming effect on body, mind, and soul. “Forest

bathing”, which originated in Japan, means

consciously taking time in nature. The reduced

noise, the forest air, the rustling of the leaves

and the distraction from everyday life have

been proven to promote health. The general

wellbeing is increased, and the immune system


During your summer holidays at the Arlberg, you

will discover countless wonderful opportunities

along the Lech trail to “bath in the forest”, to

experience nature with all your senses and find

back your own centr.

The Formarin Hut

The favourite place of Florian Moosbrugger

“For many years now, our hut at Lake Formarin

has been a wonderful place for me to exchange

ideas with our guests, to comfortably taste

regional delicacies and, at the same time, enjoy

the miracle of ‘nature’. The combination of

water and mountains makes this place very


Experience Lech

“How do you want the world to be In 100 years?

Everybody should get together to make the

world a better place.”

Liya Kebede

Within the framework of the Lech Card, the

series “Lech ErLeben” was launched under the

motto “More space – more time”. Here, people

from Lech invite you to feel this special place

with a variety of different activities to recharge

your life energy. Sound walks, yoga in the forest,

Pilates, taste Lech and much more are on the

programme here.

Old becomes new

After many years, countless nice moments, and

wonderful memories, our cosy Formarin Hut had

to give way due to its age. We are now very much

looking forward to being able to pamper you in the

new hut as early as in Summer 2022.

Flying high

The Arlberg offers the ideal conditions for

sporty and active holidays. Alpine summit tours,

extensive biking trails, trail running offers and

much more will take you to lofty heights.

"He who wants to remain strong, healthy, and

young, be moderate, exercise the body, breathe

pure air, and heal his aches and pains by

fasting rather than by medication."


The combination “Bike & Hike” is becoming

increasingly popular. Lech Zürs has developed

special routes and tours for this purpose; for

instance to the Saladinaspitze. An incredibly

rewarding tour that leads you by bike to the

Freiburger Hutte and then on foot to the

Saladinaspitze at 2,238 m. Here a fabulous

view of the Lechquellengebirge with the

Fensterlewand and the Rote Wand is awaiting.

Trail running at the Arlberg

Get a breath of mountain air and recharge your batteries

on the trails of Lech Zürs – stunning views included.

Everything from easy to difficult is on offer here. Often

a short run is enough to focus your thoughts, get your

circulation going and boost your happiness hormones.

This has been confirmed by the Austrian Moderate

Altitude Study (AMAS) which was carried out in Lech Zürs,

among other places.

The Spullersee Round

Insider tip by Violeta Moosbrugger

A recommendable mountain bike tour, which

first leads from Lech to Zug to the toll gate.

Along the asphalt road you continue to Gasthof

Alpele, uphill to the dam wall of lake Spullersee.

You circle the lake, then head uphill towards the

Ravensburger Hütte. You then reach the Brazer

Staffel alp. Continue uphill to the Stierlochjoch.

From here you go downhill through the

serpentines of the Stierloch towards Zug until

you reach the fishpond.

Golf holidays at the Arlberg

Play your game – on Austria’s highest 19-hectare

golf course at an altitude of 1,500 metres. The

Post is one of the initiators, and house guests

receive a 25% green fee reduction. The practice

facility in Lech with the Arlberg golf school is

available for tryouts and course maturity.

BMW Experience

This summer, BMW and the Post are once

again making a new version available

exclusively for wonderful rides and test

drives. Immerse yourself in a fascinating

world full of driving pleasure and relaxing


For regular visitors to the region there is a

possibility to become a “Golf Holiday Member”.

In this way you can play on the Lech golf course

without restrictions and receive the official club

card of the Austrian Golf Association OGV. The

prerequisite is that you live at least 150 km away

from Lech.

The Power of


During your holiday at the Arlberg, you will

experience the power of water at close

range – whether in the “Post” Water World,

at calming places along the River Lech, in

refreshing mountain lakes or at rushing

waterfalls. You will find the element of water

almost everywhere – perceive it consciously

and feel the power.

"Water is the driving force of all nature."

Leonardo da Vinci

Water has been an integral part of our earth

since time immemorial. Like no other element,

we encounter it in nature in the most diverse

variations and states: in the form of streams and

rivers, lakes and waterfalls, in the form of springs,

seas, rain, snow and ice.

Especially in the mountains, where the water still

runs in its original form, you can feel the peace

and the power that emanates from it. Sitting

comfortably at the edge of a brook bed in nature,

listening to the babbling, refreshingly cooling your

feet or feeling the first sip of cold water in your

body on a hot summer day, we connect with the

primordial element of our earth all by ourselves

and thus become one with nature.


as a Hideaway

Sandra Moosbrugger about her favourite place

“A wonderful place of power in the midst of nature

can be reached after a short walk directly from the

“Post”. Along the circular trail “Zuger Schleife” you

pass by a thundering waterfall. The ideal place to

pause for a moment, feel the power of the water

and enjoy the peace and quiet.

The Kneipp Station, which is very beneficial for

the muscles and circulation, is likewise highly


The fish pond in Zug -

a genuine natural jewel

Spa days are my

favourite days

Pure Relaxation

with our (day) spa offering

Spoil yourself – just like that. Leave your everyday life

behind and enjoy our versatile day spa offers. You can

find all treatments in our Day Spa Flyer.


» 1 x relaxation bath

» 2 x 50-minute aroma oil massage

» 1 x 25-minute vitalising face massage for ladies

» 1 x 25-minute foot reflexology massage for


» Wellness Snack: wellness cocktail and fresh fruit

Pampering time 120 minutes EUR 330

Deceleration at the Arlberg

At the “Post” Beauty & Spa, relaxation is given pride

of place. As soon as you enter the premises, you will

feel the pleasant atmosphere, the enjoyable mood

and the decelerating effect on body, mind, and soul.

“Slow down” is the motto here!

Leave your everyday life behind for a few hours and

treat yourself to some relaxing hours alone or in

intimate togetherness. In the Sauna Worlds, during

a soothing treatment or in the cosy relaxation oases.

Post Relaxation Days

Bookable: 16.06. - 25.09.2022

Enjoy three nights with half board, a bottle

of Gobelsburg Blanc de Blancs, a body

treatment and a gourmet dinner with wine


From EUR 1,380 for two persons in a

double room

Sweating & Feeling good

Warmth is a blessing for the body – it has a

positive effect on the immune system and

blood circulation and helps stimulate the

body’s own defences. Relax in our Finnish

sauna with unlimited views of nature or in the

brine steam baths with outdoor grotto and

consciously feel how the warmth gives you

new strength and loosens tired muscles. Our

sauna worlds leave nothing to be desired.


The state of being filled with joy because one finds

something very impressive

“ardent enthusiasm”

Time for the Family - at last

Already at home, when packing your suitcase, you can feel the anticipation and excitement quite clearly. The

anticipation of holidays. Of shared moments. Of a wonderful time. Families are very welcome at the “Post”.

Parents and children feel at home with us from the very first minute.

While the little ones discover their very own water games in the kids swimming pool, romp with other kids in

the playroom or jump on the trampoline in the garden, parents can relax and unwind.

Water fun in the forest pool

Only opened in Summer 2020, the new forest pool between Lech and Zug offers the perfect cooling

off on hot summer days. With a 25-metre-long sports pool, an aquafit pool with bubble loungers and

massage jets, a kids pool and a baby pool, as well as a wide wave slide, the forest pool is a true paradise

for the entire family.

The Lech Outdoor Card

The perfectly trained guides from Arlberg

Alpin have once again planned a varied,

exciting summer programme with full-day

care for summer 2022, which has been put

together especially for the whole family.

Our tip:

The Arlenzauberweg Trail

Along the Arlenzauberweg Trail special attributes of

animals and plants are presented in an entertaining

and understandable way at over 20 stations. The

trail leads from the Overlech mountain station via

the fascinating Libellensee lake to the Rudalpe and

is both exciting and educational for the whole family.

From cosy archery for young and old to

exciting rafting, active climbing excursions

and family canyoning – try new activities

together and write stories for eternity.

With the Lech Outdoor

Card you can participate

almost free of charge

in all activities.

Post" Weekly Package

" Bookable: 16.06. - 25.09.2022

Enjoy seven nights with half board, hiking

with our own mountain guide, daily hiking

snack as well as a souvenir upon your


From EUR 2,300 for two persons

in a double room

Haute Cuisine

Gourmet experiences have always been a top

priority at the “Post”. Chef David Wagger

and his team are keen to enrich your stay

at the “Post” with culinary highlights

every day, thus giving you a pleasant

feeling of welcome.

at the Arlberg

Insider tip by Vivienne Moosbrugger:

“On balmy summer evenings we like to enjoy hearty

barbecues around a fine campfire. There are numerous

barbecue spots in Lech, equipped with a grill, table,

seating and dry wood. There you sit comfortably

together with family or friends and enjoy precious


Schloss Gobelsburg

Directed by Florian Moosbrugger’s brother Michael

and his wife Eva since 1996, Schloss Gobelsburg is

one of the oldest monastic wineries in Europe. The

estate concentrates on typical wines of origin from

the Danube appellations in the three categories

Regional, Local and Estate wines – including world

famous names such as Ried HEILIGENSTEIN or Ried


In 2021 Schloss Gobelsburg celebrated its 850th

vintage. On the occasion of this anniversary,

Michael Moosbrugger has put the history of Schloss

Gobelsburg on paper in book form, which is available

in the Post Online Shop.

The winery has received countless awards. Amongst

others, it was included in the list of the Top 100

Wineries in the World by the US Wine & Spirits

Magazine in 2021 and was awarded 30th place in the

World’s Best Vineyards in 2019.


Celebrating at the "Post"

We have been specialising in tailoring celebrations

to your needs for years. Especially in summer,

our Ebra Park is the perfect setting for a cocktail

reception. Surprise your guests with an exquisite

menu in one of our Stuben, an elegant wine tasting

of the finest wines in our FeinPostLaden and much

more. We will be happy to organise your celebration

according to your individual wishes.

Events in Summer

30 June - 02 July 2022 12 th Arlberg Classic Car Rally

14 - 17 July 2022 Literaricum Lech

20 July - 21 August 2022 Bregenzer Festspiele

1 - 7 August 2022 Lech Classic Festival

20 - 25 September 2022 24 th Philosophicum Lech

Due to the spaciousness of the Post premises, we

are happy to host events for up to 120 people in

a safe setting, a luxurious ambience, and a cosy


“...because you should make hay while the sun


"Post" Festival Days

Bookable: 22.07. - 22.08.2022

Enjoy two nights with half board, a visit to the

lake performance of “Madame Butterfly” in

Bregenz including transport, followed by a


From EUR 1,140 for two persons

in a double room

The most beautiful day of your life...

It is supposed to be unforgettable and unique. And we are very happy to take care of that. Getting

married in Lech and at the “Post” is something very special. We plan and organise your celebration

according to your wishes and make the impossible possible. For example, we are happy to organise

a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride, the wedding ceremony, and the church or, if you wish, a free

wedding ceremony. Afterwards, the Ebra Park, the terrace or the Steinbockentrée invite you to a

reception before the wedding menu created especially for you and served in the wonderfully decorated

Hubertushalle. A day you will never forget – moments for eternity.

Topical Events

… can be found in

the Guestnet App.

Find out before your

holidays at the “Post”

about current events

and happenings in the region in our

digital guest folder.

Summer Rates 2022

16.06.2022 - 25.09.2022

Single rooms

Our single rooms are all unique: up to 25 m 2 in size, lovingly furnished with

sofa and coffee table. All single rooms have a private bathroom with tub and


16.06.22 to 25.09.22

EUR 200 to EUR 250

All prices for one person with breakfast per day. The half board

supplement is EUR 50 per person.

Double rooms

Happiness is a short moment, but a long memory.

For many decades the “Post” has been constantly growing – however, it has always been our concern to

preserve the core of the original traditional house with its unmistakeable character. For this reason, all rooms

are different and no two are alike. Each room has its loving details with matching antiques and stylish finishing


Relax in the comfortable sitting area and enjoy your room with 26 m 2 to 34 m 2

or make yourself comfortable in the spacious double bed. Some rooms have

private balcony which invites to sunbathing. All double rooms have a private

bathroom with tub and toilet.

16.06.22 to 25.09.22

EUR 310 to EUR 390

All prices for two persons with breakfast per day. The half board

supplement is EUR 50 per person.

All our rooms and suites have one thing in common: they provide a feeling of home, dream, luxury and yet of

cosiness and coming home.

These extras are included in our rate:

» All rooms have a bathtub or shower, toilet, hairdryer, safe and

minibar, telephone and satellite TV

» Broadband internet access via WLAN throughout the hotel

» Laptops for use

» Welcome gift in your room

» Very soft bathrobes

» Perfectly polished shoes every morning outside your room

» Breakfast whenever you want

» “Beauty & Spa” area with outdoor pool, sauna and steam bath

» Gym with a wide range of equipment

» Kids playroom, kids swing, PlayStation and an own pool area

for kids

» Weekly music evenings with zither

» Individual surprises for birthdays and other personal


» Wine tastings in the hotel’s own “FeinPostLaden” shop

» Outdoor parking spaces

Jäger rooms

Decorated in the traditional hunting style of the “Post”, you reside in the

“Jägerzimmer (Hunter’s Room)” on cosy 35 m 2 . Hunting motifs and noble

rustic furniture create a very special atmosphere. The spacious living /

bedrooms are partly equipped with tiled stoves or balconies. Here, too, a

bathroom with tub and toilet are a matter of course.

16.06.22 to 25.09.22

EUR 400 to EUR 490

All prices for two persons with breakfast per day. The half board

supplement is EUR 50 per person.

Postillion rooms

From the inviting anteroom to the comfortable living / sleeping area with

sitting area and tiled stove / fireplace to the walk-in closet, the Postillion

rooms offer generous cosiness on 40 m 2 . The bathrooms are of course all

equipped with tub, partly also with bidet or shower with steam bath.

16.06.22 to 25.09.22

EUR 440 to EUR 550

All prices for two persons with breakfast per day. The half board

supplement is EUR 50 per person.

Postmeister rooms

50 – 55 cosy square metres ensure with a separate living room or optically

separable sitting area, tiled stove or fireplace cosiness all over the place. The

bathrooms are of course all equipped with tub, partly also with bidet and

shower with steam bath.

16.06.22 to 25.09.22

EUR 500 to EUR 630

All prices for two persons with breakfast per day. The half board

supplement is EUR 50 per person.

Herzog suite

Here you have even more space for your holiday dreams: bedroom with

double bed and separate or optically separated living room, open fireplace

or tiled stove on 55 cosy square metres. The bathrooms are of course all

equipped with tub, partly also with bidet and shower with steam bath.

Further Extras

» Concierge service for many different wishes

(restaurants, transfers, mountain guides, etc)

» Daily newspaper of your choice

» Afternoon tea at the Hubertushalle / Ebra Park

» Use of the BMW subject to pre-registration

» Once a week welcome cocktail with the Moosbrugger family

» Hikes and mountain tours with the hotel’s own mountain guide

» Hiking snack from the mountaineer buffet

» Use of the driving range and the golf academy of Lech

16.06.22 to 25.09.22

EUR 560 to EUR 700

All prices for two persons with breakfast per day. The half board

supplement is EUR 50 per person.

Fürsten suite

60 – 80 m2 with double bed, separate or spatially separated living room

promise a truly princely holiday home. The Fürsten suites are partly equipped

with an open fireplace or tiled stove; they have a private terrace. The

bathrooms are of course all equipped with tub, partly also with bidet and

shower with steam bath.

16.06.22 to 25.09.22

EUR 630 to EUR 780

All prices for two persons with breakfast per day. The half board

supplement is EUR 50 per person.

Kaiser suite

The exclusive ambience of this 114 m 2 large suite with open fireplace, a large

bay window and two secluded balconies is decorated in the typical style of

the property, but with modern accents which provide a very special feel-good

factor. The bathroom, with its freestanding bathtub, extra shower, and steam

bath, leaves nothing to be desired. Bidet and separate toilet are a matter of


16.06.22 to 25.09.22

EUR 750 to EUR 940

All prices for two persons with breakfast per day. The half board

supplement is EUR 50 per person.

Package Offers for a perfect stay

Discovery Days

Relaxation Days

Lech Lodge

Bookable: 16.06. - 25.09.22

Bookable: 16.06. - 25.09.22

Your very personal retreat

Enjoy one night with a special gourmet dinner

including wine pairing, a spa voucher of EUR 50

per person and early check-in as well as spa use

on the date of departure until the evening.

Enjoy three nights including half board, a bottle

of Gobelsburg Blanc de Blancs, a body treatment

at your choice per person as well as a special

gourmet dinner with wine pairing.

In a refined, alpine atmosphere, you can

enjoy a luxury holiday of the highest

standard at the Lech Lodge. Only a fiveminute

walk from the centre of the village,

you will live in your “own four walls” in

From EUR 560 for two persons

in a double room

From EUR 1,380 for two persons

in a double room

completely private chalets of three different

sizes ranging from 110 to 230 m2, which

can be rented individually or together. The

luxury chalets offer their own allocated

underground parking spaces, a ski room, a

bio sauna or private spa, wine cabinets and

alpine cosiness.

As a highlight, the following extra services

can be booked in addition individually and

depending on taste:

- Catering in your lodge

- Purchasing service (replenished fridge)

- Special wines and champagne

- Taxi service on site

- Airport transfer

- Babysitter

- Laundry service

- Ski coach, tennis or other sports coach

- Heliskiing

- Mountain guide

Golf Unlimited

Festival Days

- Physiotherapy and massages

- Horse-drawn carriage rides

- Festival tickets

Bookable: 16.06. - 25.09.22

Bookable: 22.07. - 22.08.22

- And much more

Enjoy two nights including half board, unlimited

green fee for 18 holes including e-trolley on all

courses in Vorarlberg and Tyrol, as well as a spa

voucher of EUR 50 per person.

Enjoy two nights including half board, a visit to

the lake performance of “Madame Butterfly”

performed in Bregenz including transport

followed by a supper.

From the very first minute, your personal

assistant will be at your disposal, if you wish,

Lech Lodge

Omesberg 700

6764 Lech am Arlberg

to read your every wish from your eyes.

W www.chalet-lech.com

From EUR 1,140 for two persons

in a double room

From EUR 1,140 for two persons

in a double room

T +43 664 10 12 220

M welcome@lechlodge.com

Die Post Lech

Familie Moosbrugger

Dorf 11

A-6764 Lech am Arlberg

W www.postlech.com

M hotel@postlech.com

T +43 55 83 2206-0

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