Martial Arts World News Magazine - Volume 20 | Issue 2

The #1 business resource for the martial arts industry

The #1 business resource for the martial arts industry


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The #1 Business Resource for the <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Industry<br />

VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2<br />

Grandmaster<br />

Jessie Bowen<br />

The POWER of<br />

Creating a Personal<br />

BRAND<br />

Why Even<br />

Bother Making<br />

Social Media Videos?

\<br />

WORK<br />

HARDer<br />

><br />

Smarter!<br />




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26 Why Even Bother Making Social<br />

Media Videos?<br />

30 How One School Owner Used the<br />

‘Force’ to Find Success<br />

40 The Power of Creating a Personal<br />

Brand<br />

99 FREE Tool of the Month<br />


14 Industry Insights<br />

17 Birthdays<br />

<strong>20</strong> Social 411<br />

22 Industry Innovations<br />

50 School Profile<br />

61 Classified Ads<br />

97 Advertiser Index<br />


13 Share Your Story<br />

76 Feature Your School,<br />

Organization, Accomplishment,<br />

or Event<br />


6 Editorial<br />

Filling the Emotional Bank Account:<br />

The Keys to Ironclad Student Retention, Part 2<br />

Master Toby Milroy<br />

8 <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> <strong>World</strong> <strong>News</strong> Faculty<br />

12 Teamwork<br />

Ten Thoughts on Parenting as a <strong>Martial</strong> Artist<br />

Hanshi Dave Kovar<br />

54 The Warrior Way<br />

Managing the Krav Maga Curriculum, Part 1<br />

Grandmaster Bill Clark<br />

56 Next Level Strategy<br />

Put Some Magic into Your Retail Strategies, Part 2<br />

Shihan Allie Alberigo<br />

58 Growth Hacks<br />

Your Ads Must Have Speed, Power, and<br />

Accuracy<br />

Mr. Sean Lee<br />

60 Ninja Business Tactics<br />

Teaching Child Students in <strong>20</strong><strong>20</strong><br />

An-Shu Stephen Hayes<br />

64 Pillars of Success<br />

Is the UFC Helping <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Schools?<br />

Grandmaster Y. K. Kim<br />

68 Management Excellence<br />

Do You Spend or Invest Your Time?<br />

Chief Master Kirk Pelt<br />

72 Extraordinary Marketing<br />

The 10 Things You MUST Do to Thrive, Part 3<br />

Grandmaster Stephen Oliver<br />

74 After School Excellence<br />

Start Your Summer Camp Now (Yes, Now)!<br />

Chief Master Mike Bugg<br />

4 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2

STAFF<br />

76 Tactical Self-Defense<br />

Press The Points<br />

Grandmaster Tom Patire<br />

78 Complete <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Concepts<br />

Kung-Fu Curriculum Development, Part 1<br />

Professor Willie “the Bam” Johnson<br />

80 The Millionaire Smarts Coach<br />

Prescriptive Behavior<br />

Educational Contributor Ms. Lee Milteer<br />

84 Budo Philosophy<br />

The Reverse Side of Intelligence Is<br />

Arrogance<br />

Shidoshi Alfredo Tucci<br />

86 Pro Shop Power<br />

Build Retention Through Innovation & Safety<br />

Mr. Brandon Kim<br />

88 The Way of the Samurai<br />

The Three Rs of Combative Weaponry, Part 2<br />

Shihan Dana Abbott<br />

90 Master the Basics<br />

Three Secrets to a Great Beginner’s Class<br />

Master Tina Bane<br />

92 Instructional Excellence<br />

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly<br />

Grandmaster Tim McCarthy<br />

94 Tools & Tactics<br />

The Secret to Success<br />

Ms. Mandy Andrade<br />

96 <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Philosophy<br />

American Samurai, Part 1<br />

Sensei Gary Lee<br />

VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2<br />


Master Toby Milroy<br />


Sean Lee<br />


Sandra Mirocha<br />


Jeff Reulbach<br />


Frank Meyer<br />


Amen Blue<br />


Erin Pham<br />

Manuel Huerta<br />


Hanshi Dave Kovar<br />

Mr.Sean Lee<br />

Shihan Allie Alberigo<br />

Supreme Grandmaster Y. K. Kim<br />

Chief Master Kirk Pelt<br />

Grandmaster Stephen Oliver<br />

Chief Master Mike Bugg<br />

Professor Willie Johnson<br />

Ms. Mandy Andrade<br />

Master Tina Bane<br />

Mr. Brandon Kim<br />

Grandmaster Jessie Bowen<br />

Shidoshi Alfredo Tucci<br />

An-Shu Stephen Hayes<br />

Ms. Lee Milteer<br />

Sensei Gary Lee<br />

Grandmaster Tom Patire<br />

Shihan Dana Abbott<br />

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MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2 5

Editorial<br />

Filling the Emotional<br />

Bank Account<br />

The Keys to Ironclad Student Retention, Part 2<br />

MASTER<br />


is a 5th degree<br />

black belt. Known<br />

as “The Master<br />

Systemizer,”<br />

Master Toby Milroy<br />

has positively<br />

influenced more<br />

martial arts schools<br />

than anyone in our<br />

industry. He has<br />

built a successful<br />

multi-school<br />

organization,<br />

lead the national<br />

trade association<br />

for the martial<br />

arts industry, and<br />

coached some of<br />

the most successful<br />

martial arts school<br />

operators in the<br />

world.<br />

➽Last time, we talked about<br />

building our relationship with<br />

our clients and creating more<br />

value in our program than we<br />

“sold” in the initial enrollment.<br />

This time, we will discuss some<br />

powerful, proven strategies for<br />

making deposits in a student’s<br />

(or parent’s) emotional bank<br />

account.<br />

As a quick recap, the essential<br />

keys to “locking the back door” for<br />

long-term student retention are:<br />

1. Over-delivering on the expectations<br />

of customers at every turn<br />

2. Clearly communicating the benefits of ongoing training<br />

your school—not only to the student, but to the<br />

entire family unit<br />

3. Creating a positive community within your school<br />

4. Exciting, valuable, productive classes that the client<br />

perceives to be valuable<br />

#1.) Over-delivering on the expectations of the<br />

customer:<br />

The “Emotional Bank Account”<br />

The balance in the “Emotional Bank Account” is the<br />

level of relationship you have with your customers. This<br />

is something that is very hard to measure, but it’s VERY<br />

easy to see in a client and in a school. Are your customers<br />

annoyed when they come into your school, knowing that<br />

something will go wrong? Or are they excited to see you,<br />

and enthusiastic to help out in any way that they can?<br />

Are they reticent to come into your school because they<br />

know they are going to be sold something, do they feel<br />

like they are ignored in the lobby, do they feel uncomfortable<br />

in the facility, are they put off by the smell, are they<br />

annoyed with the undisciplined behavior they see in the<br />

classes?<br />

Or are they an evangelist of your program, telling everyone<br />

they meet about the amazing, positive<br />

impact you’ve had on their children?<br />

Now, of course, there will always be that<br />

ten percent who will NOT be happy, no<br />

matter WHAT you do, and the ten percent<br />

who would live in the school if you’d let<br />

them, and frankly, there isn’t much you<br />

can do about either group. But, what does<br />

the “average” client relationship “feel”<br />

like?<br />

The key is to always be making many,<br />

many more deposits into this “Emotional<br />

Bank Account” than withdrawals. When<br />

your client “bought” your services, when<br />

they enrolled in your school, you made<br />

them a promise. You told them that in exchange for X,<br />

you’d provide Y. The VERY MINIMUM you absolutely<br />

MUST do is fulfilling Y. Any and every time you fail to accomplish<br />

that in the perception of the client, you damage<br />

the relationship. (Keep in mind that what you perceive to<br />

be adequate service, your customer may not.)<br />

I believe in the 5-to-1 Principle. I believe we need to be<br />

delivering five dollars in value for every one dollar in tuition<br />

we charge—at MINIMUM. In my schools, we charge<br />

between $197 and $359 a month for different programs,<br />

so I have to be confident that we’re delivering AT LEAST<br />

between $1,000 and $1,800 a month in value. Frankly,<br />

I believe I’m delivering MUCH, MUCH more and our<br />

students agree.<br />

EVERY time you end a class 15 minutes late, little<br />

Johnny is overlooked in class, you ask your customers for<br />

money, or in some way violate the trust that the client puts<br />

in you, you make a small withdrawal from that account.<br />

(Now, I’m not suggesting that you can never ask your clients<br />

for money, but you must always be delivering MUCH<br />

more value than they are paying for; no one likes to be<br />

nickeled and dimed to death.)<br />

Next month, we’ll tackle making deposits in the account<br />

and more!<br />

6 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2<br />

Photograph by yannp

Check out our new<br />



No Egos – No Politics – No Trolls<br />

Just <strong>News</strong>, Tips, Strategies, and Tools to Help You Grow Your School!<br />



6<br />

Master Toby Milroy<br />

is a 5th degree Black Belt, the CEO and<br />

Publisher of <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> <strong>World</strong> <strong>News</strong><br />

<strong>Magazine</strong>, and the Executive Vice<br />

President for AMS. In addition to building<br />

a successful multi-school organization,<br />

Master Milroy has positively influenced<br />

more martial arts schools than virtually<br />

anyone in our industry.<br />

12<br />

Hanshi Dave Kovar<br />

is an 8th degree black belt and recognized<br />

as the “Trainer of Trainers.” Hanshi<br />

Kovar is an internationally acclaimed<br />

instructor with black belt degrees in ten<br />

different martial arts styles. His systems<br />

have been implemented in hundreds of<br />

schools around the US.<br />

58<br />

Mr. Sean Lee<br />

is the Executive Director of Sales and<br />

Marketing for hundreds of martial arts<br />

schools and specializes in online and social<br />

media marketing using his extensive<br />

professional experience in sports and<br />

martial arts marketing, contract negotiation,<br />

and investment.<br />

60<br />

An-Shu Stephen Hayes<br />

has authored <strong>20</strong> books, worked as a<br />

bodyguard for the Dalai Lama, supervised<br />

over 30 school locations worldwide,<br />

and was named, "One of the 10<br />

Most Influential Living <strong>Martial</strong> Artists in<br />

the <strong>World</strong>" by Black Belt <strong>Magazine</strong>.<br />

54<br />

Grandmaster Bill Clark<br />

is a 9th degree black belt and a former<br />

PKA Fighter of the year. He is widely considered<br />

one of the top experts in martial<br />

arts business with over 30 years of<br />

leadership and innovation, having been<br />

inducted into almost every Hall of Fame<br />

in the industry. He is one of the largest<br />

multi-school owners in the world.<br />

56<br />

Shihan Allie Alberigo<br />

is a 7th degree black belt, the founder<br />

of the L.I. Ninjutsu Centers, one of the<br />

largest Ninjutsu schools on the planet,<br />

the author of 4 books, and an entrepreneur<br />

with one of the first online coaching<br />

companies (TakingItToTheNextLevel.com).<br />

64<br />

Grandmaster Y. K. Kim<br />

is the most successful martial arts business<br />

leader in the US, having written<br />

over 30 books on martial arts, business,<br />

leadership, and success. He has won<br />

numerous public service awards and is<br />

the founder of the leading martial arts<br />

marketing and management company in<br />

the US.<br />

68<br />

Chief Master Kirk Pelt<br />

is an 8th degree black belt and is the<br />

President of a multimillion-dollar, multischool<br />

organization, has a 30-year track<br />

record of success, and is currently on the<br />

leading edge of martial arts curriculum<br />

and business innovation.<br />

8 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2


70<br />

Grandmaster Stephen Oliver<br />

is a 9th degree black belt and is the<br />

founder and CEO of Mile High Karate<br />

schools, and founder of the <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong><br />

Wealth Mastery Program.<br />

72<br />

Master Mike Bugg<br />

is an 8th degree black belt and the<br />

owner of a 1.5 million-per-year location,<br />

with one of the largest after school and<br />

summer camp programs in the country.<br />

76<br />

Grandmaster Tom Patire<br />

is known as “America’s Leading Personal<br />

Safety Expert” and has appeared on<br />

Good Morning America, The CBS Morning<br />

Show, The Colbert Report, Montel,<br />

plus in mainstream publications such as<br />

Family Circle, Redbook, Fortune <strong>Magazine</strong>,<br />

and The Wall Street Journal.<br />

80<br />

Educational Contributor Lee Milteer<br />

is an Intuitive Business Coach, awardwinning<br />

professional speaker, and TV<br />

personality who has counseled and<br />

trained over a million people throughout<br />

her career. Lee is Stephen Oliver’s<br />

<strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Wealth Mastery’s Millionaire<br />

Smarts Coach and is also a best-selling<br />

author of educational resources.<br />

84<br />

Shidoshi Alfredo Tucci<br />

is the CEO and General Manager of the<br />

Budo International Publishing Company,<br />

a leading publisher in the martial arts<br />

with over 35 years in the industry. He<br />

is also author of several books: The<br />

Immaterial Dimension, The Way of the<br />

Warrior, and The Spirit. He currently lives<br />

in Valencia, Spain.<br />

86<br />

Mr. Brandon Kim<br />

is the President of Vision <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong><br />

Supply, Los Angeles Branch, who helps<br />

school owners all over the US maximize<br />

their retail sales and drive more revenue<br />

into their schools.<br />

78<br />

Professor Willie “The BAM” Johnson<br />

is a 7th degree black belt and seven-time<br />

sport karate and Kung-Fu world champion.<br />

He has appeared in four movies,<br />

16 plays, and 11 television shows. He is<br />

also the national spokesperson for the<br />

Stronger than Drugs Foundation and the<br />

Champions Against Drugs.<br />

88<br />

Shihan Dana Abbott<br />

Is a 7th degree black belt in Kenjutsu,<br />

starting his 14-year education in Tokyo. He<br />

has published five books. Abbott has also<br />

conducted seminars in over 30 countries<br />

and obtained his black belt at the Hombu<br />

dojo in Yokohama. He currently offers<br />

online classes on LearntheSword.com, his<br />

unique swordsmanship academy.<br />

MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2 9


90<br />

Master Tina Bane<br />

is a 6th degree master instructor and<br />

owner of a Top Ten martial arts school<br />

with successful after school and summer<br />

camp programs.<br />

94<br />

Ms. Mandy Andrade<br />

is a martial arts business development<br />

consultant with a background in online<br />

and social media marketing.<br />

92<br />

Grandmaster Tim McCarthy<br />

is a 9th degree black belt and is a martial<br />

arts educator with a master’s degree in<br />

education. He has been instrumental<br />

in developing two industry-changing<br />

programs, and has directed and been<br />

featured in hundreds of martial arts videos<br />

and webinars.<br />

96<br />

Sensei Gary Lee<br />

the American Samurai, is a 9th Dan black<br />

belt, a USA Karate Federation gold medalist,<br />

winner of five Super Grand National<br />

Titles, a featured actor in the movie Sidekicks,<br />

and is the founder of the National<br />

Sport Karate Museum.<br />

Thousands<br />

Of <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> School Owners And Instructors<br />

Could See Your Ad Right Here!<br />

10 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2<br />

Visit <strong>Martial</strong><strong>Arts</strong><strong>World</strong><strong>News</strong>.com/Sponsors<br />

Call Jeff @ 800-275-1600<br />


Cutting-Edge <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong><br />

Websites<br />

that Bring New Students into Your School...Fast<br />


You Get a Beautiful, Mobile Responsive, Lead-Generating Website that Works for You 24/7/365<br />

. Designed to ATTRACT<br />

and CAPTURE Leads<br />

. Mobile Responsive<br />

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Posts, and Offers<br />

. search engine<br />

friendly<br />

. Attention-Grabbing<br />

Video Landing & Sales Pages<br />

. Fully Customizable<br />

Website Designs<br />

Amazing<strong>Martial</strong><strong>Arts</strong>Websites.com<br />

Friendly, Dedicated US-Based<br />

Support Team - At Your Service!<br />

(800) 275-6900

Teamwork<br />

Ten Thoughts on Parenting<br />

as a <strong>Martial</strong> Artist<br />

HANSHI<br />


is an 8th degree<br />

black belt and<br />

recognized as the<br />

“Trainer of Trainers.”<br />

Hanshi Dave Kovar<br />

is an internationally<br />

acclaimed instructor<br />

with black belt<br />

degrees in ten<br />

different martial<br />

arts styles. His<br />

systems have been<br />

implemented in<br />

hundreds of schools<br />

around the US. Visit<br />

KovarSystems.com<br />

➽Raising kids today is arguably harder than<br />

ever before, but there are some ways to help<br />

ease the stress and strain of raising your little<br />

ones and prevent behavior problems through<br />

good parenting.<br />

Here is a list of things any parent can do to raise their<br />

children to be confident, successful individuals:<br />

1) Establish “together time.”<br />

Establish a regular weekly routine for doing something<br />

special with your child,<br />

even if it’s just going out<br />

for ice cream.<br />

2) Don’t be afraid to<br />

ask where your kids<br />

are going and whom<br />

they’ll be with.<br />

Get to know your kid’s<br />

friends—and their<br />

parents—so that you’re<br />

familiar with their<br />

activities.<br />

3) Be a better listener.<br />

Ask and encourage<br />

questions. Ask for your<br />

kid’s input about family<br />

decisions. Showing your<br />

willingness to listen<br />

will make your child<br />

feel more comfortable<br />

opening up to you.<br />

4) Be a living, day-to-day<br />

example of your value<br />

system.<br />

Show the compassion,<br />

honesty, generosity, and<br />

openness you want your<br />

child to have.<br />

5) Reward good behavior<br />

consistently and<br />

immediately.<br />

Expressions of love, appreciation,<br />

and thanks<br />

go a long way—even for kids who think themselves too<br />

old for hugs.<br />

6) Accentuate the positive.<br />

Emphasize what your kid does right. Restrain the urge<br />

to be critical. Affection and respect will reinforce good<br />

(and change bad) behavior. Embarrassment or uneasiness<br />

won’t.<br />

7) Create rules.<br />

Discuss in advance the consequences of breaking them.<br />

Don’t make empty threats<br />

or let the rule-breaker<br />

off easy. Don’t impose<br />

harsh or unexpected new<br />

punishments.<br />

8) Get involved in your<br />

child’s school, your<br />

neighborhood, and<br />

your community.<br />

You, not the teachers<br />

and other authority<br />

figures in your child’s<br />

life, are responsible for<br />

parenting your child.<br />

9) Set clear rules and<br />

limits for your children.<br />

Be flexible and adjust<br />

the rules and limits as<br />

they grow and are able to<br />

set them for themselves.<br />

10) Be a guide for your<br />

children.<br />

Offer to help with<br />

homework, in social<br />

situations, and with<br />

concerns about the<br />

future. Be there to<br />

help them direct and<br />

redirect their energy<br />

and to understand<br />

and express their<br />

feelings.<br />

12 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2

BE RECOGNIZED in future editions of<br />

<strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> <strong>World</strong> <strong>News</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>.<br />

Our goal at <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> <strong>World</strong> <strong>News</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> is to<br />

support our industry and help you grow your martial<br />

arts school. It’s incredibly useful for our readers to hear<br />

about YOUR specific experiences and results.<br />

You are part of a wonderful industry and community with<br />

<strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> <strong>World</strong> <strong>News</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>, and now, you’ll be<br />

able to share and contribute to that community in a more<br />

rich and meaningful way than ever before!<br />

You could Share Stories About:<br />

• Achieving a New Rank<br />

• Opening a New Location<br />

• Winning an Award<br />

• Discovering a Successful Marketing Strategy<br />

• Building a Retention System that Works Well<br />

• Tournament Results<br />

• Anything else that our readers might find valuable!<br />

<strong>Martial</strong><strong>Arts</strong><strong>World</strong><strong>News</strong>.com/Ureport<br />

Or send your story ideas to Editor@<strong>Martial</strong><strong>Arts</strong><strong>World</strong><strong>News</strong>.com


Who is Kukkiwon’s New President<br />

Chi Young-Ryul?<br />

Last October, Grandmaster Choi Young-Ryul was sworn in as the newest Kukkiwon President. He was appointed<br />

by the President Election Committee, which is comprised of several Korean Taekwondo<br />

groups and organizations. The Board Recommendation Committee elects board<br />

members.<br />

Young-Ryul is the youngest representative of the national Korean Taekwondo team and<br />

a professor of Taekwondo at Kyunghee University, and served as the dean of the College<br />

of Physical Education at Kyunghee in <strong>20</strong>09.<br />

At the beginning of <strong>20</strong><strong>20</strong>, he published a letter addressed to members of the organization.<br />

In the letter, Young-Ryul admitted, “Kukkiwon was plagued by various<br />

issues over the last few years, which inevitably scathed Kukkiwon’s stature,”<br />

and that he would like to “put the highest priority in rebuilding the status of<br />

Kukkiwon by reforming it into the <strong>World</strong> Taekwondo Headquarter that would<br />

lead the future of Taekwondo.” He further urged that in the new year, “all<br />

efforts will be put into stabilizing the internal system of Kukkiwon and<br />

establish the foundation for Kukkiwon’s reformation.”<br />

Young-Ryul later made the promise that “every member of Kukkiwon<br />

will put in ceaseless efforts to make Kukkiwon a trustworthy and shining<br />

organization. I will listen to the voice of the Taekwondo Family with the<br />

humblest mind, and work tirelessly for the bright future of Kukkiwon.”<br />

<strong>20</strong><strong>20</strong> will be an interesting year for Kukkiwon, to be sure.<br />

USTC’s Newest President, GM Doug<br />

Fuechsel, Addresses Members in New<br />

Year’s Letter<br />

Former Executive Director of the US Open Taekwondo<br />

Hanmadang, Grandmaster Doug Fuechsel, has been elected<br />

president of the US Taekwondo Committee. In a letter<br />

addressed to members on December 23, <strong>20</strong>19, Fuechsel<br />

thanked members for their unwavering love of Taekwondo.<br />

In regards to the USTC’s future in <strong>20</strong><strong>20</strong>, Fuechsel asserted<br />

that “we have a responsibility to continue to uphold<br />

the honor of Taekwondo,” and that “our goal is to honor<br />

and respect [Taekwondo] as the treasure it is and care for<br />

its future,” before going on to thank Hanmadang supporters<br />

for their contributions.<br />

In closing, Fuechsel said he looks “forward to <strong>20</strong><strong>20</strong> and<br />

beyond,” and “together we will do great things.”<br />

14 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2


Take your KraV to the<br />

next level.<br />


Our online training course has<br />

been specially designed to give<br />

you EVERYTHING you need to be<br />

successful as a student or a Warrior<br />

Krav Maga instructor. From business<br />

training to weekly technique videos,<br />

marketing materials and more. It is the<br />

ultimate Krav Maga training course.<br />

Warrior Krav Maga Is A New<br />

Online Krav Maga Training Course<br />

That Will Teach You:<br />

• To become a Krav Maga Instructor<br />

• Boost your school’s income.<br />

• Retain more<br />

students.<br />


Warrior Defence Lab leads the industry<br />

when it comes to helping people reach<br />

their training and fitness goals.<br />

Visit the Online Training Portal<br />



AMAA’s Who’s Who in the <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong><br />

Legends Awards Banquet to be Held<br />

June 26 in Las Vegas<br />

This year’s annual American <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Alliance Who’s<br />

Who in the <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Legends Awards Banquet will be<br />

held June 26–27 at the Gold Coast Hotel & Casino in Las<br />

Vegas. Co-founder Grandmaster Jessie Bowen, who has<br />

proclaimed June “Proud to be a <strong>Martial</strong> Artist” month, will<br />

also be releasing the latest edition of the Who’s Who in the<br />

<strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> book at a release party. The awards banquet<br />

is a dinner honoring inductees and nominees of the <strong>20</strong><strong>20</strong><br />

edition of Who’s Who, and includes a tribute to Grandmaster<br />

Chuck Norris, who will be celebrating his 80th birthday<br />

this year.<br />

To register, nominate someone, or purchase a book,<br />

please visit WhosWhointhe<strong>Martial</strong><strong>Arts</strong>.com.<br />

You can be included in the new edition honoring Chuck Norris.<br />

Visit WhosWhointhe<strong>Martial</strong><strong>Arts</strong>.com!<br />

16 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2

<strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong><br />

Celebrity Birthdays<br />

Russell Wong .................March 1<br />

Joe Lewis (D. <strong>20</strong>12) ............March 7<br />

Cynthia Rothrock .............March 8<br />

Chuck Norris .................March 10<br />

Kurata Yasuaki ...............March <strong>20</strong><br />

Jee Ja Yanin ..................March 31<br />

Wu Jing .....................April 3<br />

Jackie Chan ..................April 7<br />

Steven Seagal ................April 10<br />

Gina Carano .................April 16<br />

Jet Li .......................April 26<br />

Ron Smoorenburg .............April 30<br />


MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2 17


The <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> History Museum<br />

Launches First Children’s Book<br />

The <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> History Museum in Burbank, CA is proud to release its first of a series<br />

of children’s books to stimulate interest in the history, art, culture, and physical benefits<br />

of the martial arts. Entitled The Adventures of Ichi & His Friends, this unique storybook,<br />

designed for kids 8–12, is a fun way to learn about life’s lessons in connection with the<br />

martial arts.<br />

Since the 1980s release of the Karate Kid films, a whole<br />

new door of opportunity opened for the martial arts community<br />

as young people found martial arts an alternative to<br />

outdoor sports. The term “soccer<br />

moms” slowly became “karate<br />

moms” as more and more children<br />

discovered they could have fun<br />

while learning to defend themselves.<br />

In a martial arts nationwide<br />

survey, it noted that two out of<br />

every three children have enrolled<br />

in a martial arts program or knew<br />

someone who had.<br />

The Adventures of Ichi is a 160-<br />

page storybook that follows the<br />

journey of the <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> History<br />

Museum’s primary characters. They<br />

include Ichi, Kekoa, Shinji, Lalo,<br />

and Sifu as they face different life<br />

experiences, and by depending upon each other, they are<br />

able to overcome many of life’s obstacles.<br />

“There aren’t a lot of martial arts books for children on<br />

the market, and with so many of our young kids learning<br />

the arts, I thought it would be nice to have something<br />

they could read that they would be able to relate to,”<br />

notes museum president and author of the book, Michael<br />

Matsuda. “I have written over a dozen books, but this is my<br />

first children’s book. One of the most impressive series I<br />

ever saw was the TV show, ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender.’ It<br />

provided a number of wonderful messages, and I felt that<br />

was important, especially for our children. With this book, I<br />

hope to reopen that door into learning.”<br />

Although set in a different world, The Adventures of Ichi<br />

has many similarities to a variety of Asian countries and<br />

traditions.<br />

“I also wanted the book to focus on culture, but I didn’t<br />

want to focus on a particular country, but to develop an appreciation<br />

of different cultures and traditions,” adds Matsuda.<br />

This is the first of a series of books focusing on the<br />

museum’s characters. Subtitled, “The Journey to Mountain<br />

Temple,” this book follows the children as they journey<br />

from their home to their final destination, Mountain<br />

Temple. Children will learn about each character and<br />

the exciting encounters they will have along the way.<br />

“Like Disney has Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck,<br />

and so many more wonderful representatives of<br />

the Disney world,” notes Matsuda, a former Disney<br />

graphic artist, “I wanted our characters to represent<br />

the <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> History Museum. This book will introduce<br />

the world to their story.”<br />

The official release was held on Dec. 14 at the<br />

<strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> History Museum, with free entry. The<br />

book is also available for purchase on Amazon.<br />

“This book is not limited to just children. It is my<br />

hope that all who come to the <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> History<br />

Museum will have a copy of this book so that they<br />

can learn the backstory of the role the characters<br />

play in the Museum,” adds Matsuda. “I originally drew each<br />

of the characters and hired my friend, a terrific artist, Eleazar<br />

Del Rosario, to add his<br />

amazing touch and [make]<br />

them come to life.”<br />

Because the goal is to<br />

make the book a long-term<br />

venture, an index of the<br />

villages, relatives, and how<br />

each character connects to<br />

each other is listed in the<br />

Grandmaster<br />

Michael Matsuda<br />

back. A page at the end of<br />

the book has a number of<br />

interesting questions for<br />

book reports.<br />

For information about the<br />

<strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> History Museum, visit their website at<br />

MAmuseum.com or visit them at 2319 W. Magnolia Blvd.,<br />

Burbank, CA 91506 or call (818) 478-1722.<br />

18 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2

Finally, Get Rid of Your<br />

BIGGEST Headache<br />

You didn’t open a martial<br />

arts school so you could<br />

waste your time being a<br />

bill collector…right?<br />

Put Our 30 Years of Tuition Management Experience to Work for You!<br />

Call one of our friendly Tuition<br />

Management experts to discuss<br />

your specific situation.<br />

(800) 275-1600<br />


SOCIAL 411<br />

The Best Times to<br />

Post on Facebook &<br />

Instagram<br />

Have you ever wondered whether it’s worth writing that<br />

Facebook post during your morning coffee or tea? It turns out<br />

that you can probably wait until lunchtime.<br />

Social media firm Sprout Social has found that for<br />

Facebook, Wednesday is the best day of the week for post<br />

engagement, particularly between the hours of 11 a.m. and<br />

1 p.m. (Eastern time). Facebook sees the least amount of<br />

engagement before 7 a.m. and after 5 p.m., with Sunday being<br />

the least popular day of the week to engage.<br />

Wednesday is also the most popular day of<br />

the week on Instagram, although you can<br />

confidently post any weekday between<br />

9 a.m. and 11 a.m., according to online<br />

publication Later. For Wednesday, peak<br />

times are 5 a.m., 11 a.m., and 3 p.m.<br />

However, posting any time between<br />

9 a.m. and 5 p.m. is also a safe bet to<br />

post on Instagram.<br />

Your School Could<br />

Soon be a Pokéstop<br />

Niantic, the mobile gaming company<br />

that helms Pokémon GO, has opened<br />

their platform to small businesses who<br />

want to become “sponsored locations.”<br />

A sponsored location is a spot<br />

officially recognized in game as a place<br />

where players can catch Pokémon or duel,<br />

driving foot traffic. In the past, mega-corporations like Mc-<br />

Donald’s and Starbucks turned their stores into sponsored<br />

locations during the heyday of Pokémon GO back in <strong>20</strong>16.<br />

Now, Niantic is allowing small and medium-sized business<br />

to have a turn. Businesses interested in being a sponsored<br />

location need simply submit an application to Niantic and<br />

wait, as the company has been rolling out their beta program<br />

on a regional basis. The perks of being a sponsored<br />

location include exclusive bonuses for players, and for a<br />

business to schedule “raids” and competitions while offering<br />

special deals for players, which could be a boon for<br />

business during slow hours. $30 per month will get you one<br />

Pokéstop, while $60 will get you a “gym.” Small businesses<br />

can have one stop or gym per 30 physical locations.<br />

The Most Popular Way to Interact<br />

Digitally is Texting<br />

A study by Pew Research Center has revealed that<br />

sending text messages is the most popular activity for<br />

smartphone users. The study spanned several continents<br />

and the result was the same across the board: The majority<br />

of people use their phones to text, as opposed to other<br />

activities like taking photos or posting on social media.<br />

So, what does this mean for the martial arts school owner?<br />

CRM software for martial arts schools that allows for automated<br />

texting (like Atlas <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Software) will be your<br />

best bet when it comes to answering prospects’ questions<br />

or following up on leads and receiving responses (read our<br />

interview with Grandmaster Troy Dorsey on page 50 if you<br />

don’t believe us!).<br />

Furthermore, with the rise of anti-robocalling measures<br />

such as iPhones blocking unknown numbers, and with<br />

people being just plain busy, there’s a better chance of<br />

receiving a response from a prospect when they can see<br />

who is contacting them and the reason why, and when<br />

they can read an inquiry on their own time.<br />

Another marketing strategy to consider implementing<br />

would be a tool like a chatbot, which can be enabled on<br />

your school’s Facebook page. The chatbot will automatically<br />

respond to inquiries, even after school hours. Many<br />

martial arts site-building services also offer a chatbot, such<br />

as Amazing <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Websites.<br />

<strong>20</strong> MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2<br />

Photograph by Prykhodov (bottom)

Join a Winning Team!<br />

W Want a Truly Inspiring Career?<br />

W Want to Join a Growing, Creative, Vibrant Organization?<br />

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• Collections Professionals<br />

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• Web Developers<br />

• Software Engineers<br />

• IT Professionals<br />

Benefits:<br />

• Competitive Pay<br />

• Holiday Pay<br />

• Paid Sick Time<br />

• Paid Vacation<br />

• Insurance Options<br />

• 401K + Company Contribution<br />

• and More!<br />



Get Exclusive Samurai Sword Training<br />

Online With <strong>World</strong>-Renowned <strong>Martial</strong><br />

Artist Shihan Dana Abbott<br />

Shihan Abbott has shared<br />

his expertise from the Hombu<br />

Dojo in Yokohama with thousands<br />

of instructors worldwide—and<br />

now he’d like to<br />

share it with you. For just $1 a<br />

day, you can take advantage<br />

of his expertise in Kenjutsu,<br />

known as Japanese Swordsmanship,<br />

where he holds the<br />

rank of Shihan 7th Degree<br />

Black Belt.<br />

His website LearnTheSword.University<strong>Martial</strong><strong>Arts</strong>.<br />

com provides subscribers<br />

with unlimited access to videos<br />

and tutorials detailing sword techniques and covering<br />

to LearnTheSword.com.<br />

wood, bamboo, synthetics, and<br />

steel for long sword, and traditional<br />

and combative courses<br />

which allow students to grasp<br />

the basic dynamics of traditional<br />

and combative sword techniques<br />

and mindsets, making<br />

learning and achieving certification<br />

easier.<br />

Instruction is based on triedand-true<br />

methods taught in<br />

Japan for generations, featuring<br />

one-on-one instruction with a<br />

simple, step-by-step, methodical<br />

approach to mastering the sword.<br />

For more information, head<br />

Rock Steady Defies Parkinson’s Research<br />

Jeff and Renee Battenberg’s Kingwood, Texas school<br />

is seeing astonishing results with their martial arts school’s<br />

program, Rock Steady. Designed for patients diagnosed with<br />

Parkinson’s disease, students see improvements in their motor<br />

skills and balance immediately.<br />

“Our goal is [for] everybody [to] realize that you can stave<br />

off the progression of Parkinson’s through forced, intense<br />

exercise, and the biggest hurdle we have is somebody<br />

thinking that they can’t do it,” Jeff explains. “For somebody<br />

with Parkinson’s, it’s a matter of explaining to them to just<br />

come to one class. You don’t think that they can experience<br />

anything in one class because it’s just one class, but when<br />

they get to that class and they feel the synergy of the class…<br />

and we tell them ‘bring your knees high,’ all of a sudden they<br />

stand up taller and march; by just saying the word ‘march,’ or<br />

thinking of ‘march’ instead of telling somebody ‘you’re leaning<br />

over,’ it triggers a different response and they walk better<br />

in five seconds—the change is almost instant.”<br />

If you’re interested in being a Rock Steady school, visit<br />

RockSteadyBoxing.org.<br />

22 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2


AMSkids Has Everything You Need For<br />

a Smashing After School Program &<br />

Summer Camp<br />

It’s no secret in the martial arts school industry that an<br />

after school program and summer camp can be huge<br />

sources of income. However, implementing these programs<br />

can be far from easy; from logistics, to staff, to<br />

marketing materials, it can be daunting to know just where<br />

to start.<br />

Luckily, AMSkids provides everything the school owner<br />

needs for crazy-successful after school and summer camp<br />

programs. While AMSkids does provide high-quality,<br />

expertly designed editable flyers and posters, they also<br />

provide hour-by-hour, minute-by-minute Instructor’s Guides<br />

so that every minute spent in your school is utilized to its<br />

fullest. In addition, AMSkids subscribers also receive a<br />

newsletter to send home to parents, complete with activities,<br />

and worksheets that children can complete during<br />

pick-up time.<br />

School owners also get exclusive access to interviews<br />

with industry giants that you can’t get anywhere else, and<br />

receive one-on-one attention from Marketing Consultants<br />

who work around the clock to help you succeed.<br />

School owners who are interested in giving AMSkids<br />

a try can head over to MABizAcademy.com or call (800)<br />

275-1600 to chat with a marketing consultant and receive<br />

a “guided tour” of the program.<br />

Photograph by master1305 (top)<br />

MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2 23

Are Parents Allowing<br />

Their Kids To Quit ?<br />


For Greater Retention<br />

& Referrals...<br />

• Age - Specific Character<br />

Education Systems<br />

• Bully Proof Program<br />

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• Social Media<br />

• and much more...<br />

Helping Young Minds Grow Stronger - Through The Power Of <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> & Character Education! ©<br />

Celebrating 12 Years<br />

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p<br />

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Marketing<br />

Why Even Bother Makin<br />

26 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2<br />

Illustration by axel<strong>20</strong>01

Marketing<br />

g Social Media Videos?<br />

By Sandra Mirocha<br />

You’re missing out on<br />

reaching billions of internet<br />

users if you’re not posting<br />

videos on your social<br />

media pages. If you aren’t<br />

posting videos, you need<br />

to start—yesterday.<br />

MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2 27

Marketing<br />

Why Video Posts Are So Successful<br />

Studies show that viewers retain 95 percent more information<br />

from video content, compared to a measly ten percent when just<br />

reading text. Studies have also shown that brands (and you should be<br />

thinking of your martial arts school as a brand) using video marketing<br />

see a 49 percent faster growth of their yearly revenue. It’s estimated<br />

that this year videos will account for a whopping 82 percent of<br />

internet traffic, so you’ll risk missing out on a huge swath of internet<br />

users by not using video marketing. As if that’s not enough, video<br />

content sees 1,<strong>20</strong>0 percent more shares than text and images combined.<br />

Furthermore, 75 percent of users visit a company’s website<br />

after viewing a video they posted, with 64 percent of users saying<br />

they’re more likely to purchase a product or service after watching a<br />

video. Adults are also more likely than other demographics to interact<br />

with video ads than any other type of marketing, which means<br />

that video ads are a great way to reach prospective adult students.<br />

Finally convinced? Here are the most popular video formats on<br />

social media:<br />

Vertical Videos<br />

Because 60 percent of online<br />

video plays are through mobile<br />

devices, it’s essential<br />

to use vertical video as<br />

phone users hold their<br />

phones vertically 94<br />

percent of the time. By<br />

using vertical videos,<br />

your videos will appeal<br />

to 4.8 billion people<br />

using mobile internet. A<br />

Facebook study reported<br />

that 65 percent of users<br />

find brands using vertical<br />

videos more innovative,<br />

while 79 percent said<br />

they found the format<br />

more engaging<br />

than horizontal<br />

videos.<br />

Live Stream Videos<br />

“Live social video offers a real-time perspective of your business,<br />

which viewers connect with. This unedited format builds trust and<br />

gives your audience a chance to engage with you directly, ask questions,<br />

and react to your video as it’s filmed so you can see how it’s<br />

landing,” social media strategist Maxwell Gollin says.<br />

Facebook and Instagram’s algorithms also give live videos the<br />

most weight on a newsfeed, meaning that your video will reach<br />

many of your followers. While live stream videos are a great way<br />

to engage with users in a sincere, meaningful way, you’ll still want<br />

to plan ahead for your video to be as effective as possible. Let your<br />

followers know ahead of time that you’ll be going live so that they<br />

can join you when you start. Keep an outline of what you would like<br />

to discuss with viewers so you don’t forget anything vital like an<br />

upcoming event. Address users by name as they enter the chat and<br />

interact with you.<br />

Facebook recommends streaming for a minimum of ten minutes.<br />

You can also save the video when you’re finished and add it to your<br />

Story so that everyone can watch it.<br />

Story Videos<br />

Speaking of Stories, this is another video avenue you’ll want to<br />

explore. It’s reported that 400 million Instagram users watch Stories,<br />

so you’d be remiss not to take advantage. If you’re unfamiliar, Story<br />

videos disappear after just 24 hours, but Instagram users can save<br />

them and add them as a “highlight” to their profile. Users view<br />

stories as more organic and genuine content compared to a more<br />

impersonal photo ad post. Story videos are highly customizable,<br />

allowing users to add music, text, geotags, stickers, GIFs, filters, and<br />

more, so you can really make them your own. There are also question<br />

stickers, with which viewers can send you their questions, as well as<br />

poll stickers and quiz stickers so that you can truly interact with your<br />

followers in a fun, memorable way.<br />

Nona Blackman of Envato<br />

recommends these tips for making<br />

your videos as effective<br />

as possible:<br />

Have a goal in mind<br />

for your video. Accomplish<br />

this by figuring<br />

out what you want<br />

the video to do for your<br />

school. Do you want to<br />

increase brand awareness?<br />

Inform prospective<br />

students? Interact<br />

with current students?<br />

Determine your<br />

target audience.<br />

Tailor your video<br />

formats and social<br />

media platforms to<br />

that audience. Younger<br />

people favor Instagram, while older users hang out on Facebook. If<br />

you’re unsure of what to do, scope out your biggest competitor and<br />

see what they post.<br />

Determine the type of video you want to create. Blackman suggests<br />

that “if you want to increase brand awareness, you might want<br />

to create a short demonstration video…but if you want to increase<br />

sales revenue, you many want to create a product video with an irresistible<br />

offer. The important thing is to think about what you want<br />

your audience to feel, think, or do after they’ve watched your video<br />

and let that guide you.”<br />

Know the specifications for the social media site. Instagram,<br />

Facebook, and YouTube are the most popular sites for viewing video<br />

content. Each site has its own video specs to keep in mind when posting.<br />

Make sure to research the permitted file formats, minimum and<br />

maximum video lengths, and aspect ratios of each site.<br />

Statistics from Platform Solutions Resources and Envato.<br />

28 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2<br />

Illustration by SiberianArt

March 10th<br />

April 14th<br />

May 12th

Exclusive Interview<br />

30 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2

Exclusive Interview<br />

How One School Owner Used<br />

the ‘Force’ to Find Success<br />

Sifu Edward Armstrong of Virginia Beach, VA, operates Saberation, a unique light<br />

sword martial arts curriculum that’s showing amazing results.<br />

MAWN: Tell us a little bit about your background with<br />

regard to the martial arts.<br />

EA: I have received Eskrima training, as well as other training,<br />

through Nathan Young, who has basically been my personal mentor<br />

and instructor in other<br />

various martial arts such<br />

as Kempo, western style,<br />

and Tang Soo Do as well.<br />

So, that’s where all of this<br />

started in regards to honing<br />

the sports element<br />

of light sword into more<br />

of a martial art. So, some<br />

stick fighting, as well as<br />

some sword-related kind<br />

of stuff as well.<br />

MAWN: What does<br />

it feel like having had<br />

Saberation operating<br />

for almost two years<br />

now?<br />

EA: Having Saberation<br />

operational for a<br />

little over two years<br />

has been amazing. We<br />

have experienced a lot<br />

of results that were<br />

unexpected with it, and<br />

that’s with regard to how<br />

efficiently our students<br />

Saberation Founder and CEO Sifu Edward<br />

Armstrong and MAWN’s own Sean Lee<br />

show off a Saberation light saber<br />

are reaching their personal fitness goals, as well as the benefits that<br />

we are observing with social interaction skills. We tend to have quite<br />

a number of students who are known as introverts, and when they<br />

come into our academies, and they start studying and becoming<br />

students of light sword martial arts, we quickly find them within a<br />

matter of weeks—if not a couple of months—leading the charge and<br />

becoming the leaders of the group, and becoming very outgoing,<br />

expressing themselves in various manners. Just being able to observe<br />

that has been a blessing, and seeing the confidence levels increase in<br />

all of our students.<br />

We teach students from ages as young as eight to, I believe, our<br />

oldest student is 66-years-old now. So, we’ve seen it through the<br />

development stages, all the way through the teens, to the early <strong>20</strong>s,<br />

and 30s, and so on. We’ve also seen increased cognitive awareness,<br />

fitness goals, and confidence levels. This is another surprising aspect:<br />

We’ve even seen benefits present themselves within the autistic<br />

community in dealing with<br />

Asperger’s and things of<br />

that nature. It’s just been<br />

absolutely amazing. We<br />

continue to learn new things<br />

about this, and the positive<br />

effects of martial arts and<br />

Saberation every day.<br />

MAWN: How has the<br />

light sword training<br />

helped you personally?<br />

EA: Personally, I’ve<br />

found myself becoming<br />

more physically active than<br />

normally. Prior to Saberation<br />

and really focusing all<br />

of my attention and efforts<br />

into the martial arts, I was<br />

really pinned down to the<br />

desk a lot; a lot of computer<br />

work. Sometimes, I would<br />

have, unfortunately, 14-,<br />

16-, 18-hour days in front<br />

of a computer, so physically<br />

that was not very beneficial<br />

to me. The more I became<br />

involved in light sword training and martial arts, the more active I<br />

personally became physically. I find myself losing weight, having<br />

more energy. I even did a 30-day challenge and I broadcast it as a<br />

video on Facebook. Within 30 days I had actually lost over 28 pounds<br />

just by doing light sword fitness exercise routines daily, and also a<br />

little bit of dietary changes as well—almost 30 pounds in 30 days! We<br />

recorded everything on video and I’m very proud of that example.<br />

Shortly thereafter, I was like, ‘What was I thinking?’<br />

But, I wanted to, for lack of a better term, become a poster child<br />

for the fitness and health benefits that we’ve been able to prove, time<br />

and time again, are a result of doing light sword martial arts.<br />

MAWN: How did you manage to get four schools using<br />

MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2 31

Exclusive Interview<br />

the light sword martial arts curriculum?<br />

EA: Well, before we started Saberation, we were part of a previous<br />

franchise that dealt with light swords more along the lines of a sport,<br />

and as we participated in light sword, we started seeing things that<br />

we would personally like to see improved<br />

upon.<br />

So, when we created Saberation, we<br />

looked at our experience and said, ‘If we<br />

were to create an instructor, or if we were<br />

to go out and train other people to teach<br />

light sword martial arts, what are some of<br />

the things that we would want to have to<br />

help us and assist us in being successful in<br />

that endeavor?’<br />

So we created a training and certification<br />

system that allows martial art academies<br />

to incorporate light sword martial<br />

arts into their existing curriculum as an<br />

add-on module, and that would allow us<br />

to add additional revenue to their bottom<br />

line while also providing something new<br />

and exciting to their students that would,<br />

in turn, still be able to provide the additional benefits often associated<br />

with martial arts.<br />

Basically, we created our online training system, which is a<br />

hybrid between online and offline certifications, then we picked<br />

up the phone and started calling our local martial art academies,<br />

and we invited the masters and their instructors to come out to our<br />

academy and take a class so that they could experience it firsthand to<br />

see if it was something that they felt would be compatible with their<br />

school. And that’s where it started, and it<br />

kind of took off from there.<br />

MAWN: What can Saberation<br />

do for a school owner as far as their<br />

enrollment, retention, income, and<br />

profits?<br />

EA: The beautiful thing about the enrollment<br />

part is that the light swords kind of<br />

sell themselves. I’ve had several meetings,<br />

not only with the military, but also with<br />

municipalities, different city officials,<br />

where we’ve offered this. For example, during<br />

our initial meeting with the city of Virginia<br />

Beach, I had these spreadsheets and<br />

A couple of Sifu Ed Armstrong’s<br />

students train at his VA Beach dojo<br />

the PowerPoint presentation ready to go,<br />

and I was prepared to stand at this podium<br />

and give this big presentation, and what it<br />

really boiled down to was that all I really<br />

had to do was turn the light sword on and put it in their hands. That<br />

was it. The experience of seeing people hold that light sword in their<br />

hand, you can see their eyes light up and a smile go across their face,<br />

and they are instantly finding themselves living that experience that<br />

32 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2

Exclusive Interview<br />

they’ve so often seen in the Star Wars movies.<br />

That, and being able to show them that<br />

you don’t have to just aimlessly wave this<br />

thing around—we can train you to actually<br />

use this and learn it as a form of martial arts,<br />

both inside and outside the arena. So, with<br />

regards to enrollments, having them hold it<br />

is a big part of it.<br />

Being able to deal with other alliances, I<br />

call it ‘Operation Plug-In,’ where you actually<br />

find other entities or organizations that<br />

have a similar base to what you’re looking<br />

for in regards to your ideal clients, and you<br />

offer to provide the service to them, and it<br />

becomes a win-win situation because they<br />

can help provide you with the bodies and<br />

you’re providing them with a new service.<br />

Training in how to do the enrollments is offered<br />

through the MA Biz Academy, which<br />

is part of our system now, thanks to our<br />

alliance with AMS. As far as when it comes<br />

to the different types of activities that you can do to increase your<br />

enrollment, or even to start your enrollment process, that would<br />

be offered in the back office of the alliance that we have with AMS<br />

through the MA Biz system. With regard to retention, again, this<br />

is also included in our back office on different programs you can<br />

implement to get your students involved with bringing in not only<br />

more associates, but also other types of classes.<br />

Sifu Ed Armstrong and ???<br />

their clientele, we’re not asking for a piece of that. We’re not asking<br />

for royalties—you now have ten, 15, <strong>20</strong> more students; we want five<br />

percent or ten percent of each new student that you bring in—mentality<br />

like that, which is often common in a franchise-type situation.<br />

We train and help instructors increase their number of enrollments<br />

and retention, which often rolls over into great profitability, and we<br />

also have different programs they can offer that normally wouldn’t<br />

be offered in a standard martial art setting. Just by changing the<br />

rules a little bit and being able to increase the amount of services that<br />

you can provide to the community, and the amount of things that<br />

you participate in to get your academy more well-known, these are<br />

some of the benefits that we try and teach in the back office of the<br />

light sword martial arts.<br />

If you are interested in becoming a Saberation school,<br />

visit Saberation.com or call (757) 689-7963.<br />

Sifu Ed Armstrong and ???<br />

We have the martial arts, but we also have the fitness aspect of it.<br />

And then, from the martial art and fitness side, you build on that and<br />

offer different levels of accomplishments, which is also part of the<br />

reason we have the belt ranking system: Because people are always<br />

going to want to continue, go, grow, and achieve the next level of<br />

mastery. With profitability, we only focus on when it comes to training<br />

new instructors and helping the masters incorporate this into<br />

their existing curriculum. There’s also a licensing fee that we receive<br />

in exchange. When it comes to coaches and instructors increasing<br />

???<br />

MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2 33

Transform Your School<br />

Transform Your School<br />

with Grandmaster Y. K. Kim<br />

The most successful martial arts<br />

business leader in the world<br />

Y. K. Kim<br />

• Author of a best seller<br />

and 14 other books<br />

• Producer, writer, director,<br />

and star of the action<br />

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<strong>World</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

• Motivational Speaker<br />

• Recipient of Y. K. Kim<br />

Day in Central Florida<br />

• Founder of <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong><br />

<strong>World</strong><br />

• Chairman of a consulting<br />

company on marketing<br />

and software<br />

Meet Modern Educator and<br />

Contemporary Philosopher<br />

Grandmaster Y. K. Kim<br />

Motivate Your Students<br />

• Unbreakable Student<br />

Loyalty<br />

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• Build the #1 School<br />

in your town<br />

I Love to Promote the <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> -- I will not<br />

charge even one penny. It is a small token of my<br />

appreciation to the martial arts industry, and my<br />

honor to pay back the debt of gratitude I owe to the<br />

martial arts community.<br />

Book Y. K. Kim at www.ykkim.com<br />

1-800-275-1600<br />

Grandmaster Jun Lee giving some personal instruction

Learn the skills that made the<br />


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FREE!<br />

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learning the skills of the legendary ninja!<br />


Cover Story<br />

36 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2

Cover Story<br />

The Power of<br />

Creating a Personal<br />

BRAND<br />

The great Grandmaster<br />

Jessie Bowen chats<br />

with us about branding,<br />

Who’s Who in the <strong>Martial</strong><br />

<strong>Arts</strong>, and the Who’s Who<br />

event in June.<br />

MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2 37

Cover Story<br />

MAWN: You’ve built an approach to<br />

personal brand marketing that’s really<br />

unique in our industry. The advent<br />

of social media and proliferation of<br />

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have<br />

given us platforms where we can build<br />

a real brand around ourselves and our<br />

schools, and you have some unique approaches<br />

to that. The first place to start<br />

is your background and martial arts<br />

lineage. You started training in 1975<br />

in North Carolina, and you’ve been in<br />

North Carolina for a fair amount of<br />

your martial arts career. And it sounds<br />

to me from our discussions before that<br />

martial arts were more of a survival<br />

mechanism for you than anything<br />

else. Can you walk us through the<br />

beginning of your martial arts career,<br />

why you decided to train, and what<br />

your motives were at the time?<br />

JB: I got involved in the martial arts<br />

because I grew up as an only child and was<br />

picked on, and in my day it was called being<br />

a ‘coward.’ So if you couldn’t defend yourself<br />

and you didn’t fight back, you were the<br />

coward. I went through elementary, middle,<br />

and high school picked on and beat up. My<br />

senior year in high school I had a gun pulled<br />

on me and had to run for my life. It wasn’t<br />

that I couldn’t fight back. As I was approaching<br />

21 I decided I needed to be a man. A guy<br />

at my job started something called ‘Taekwondo.’<br />

I had no idea<br />

what Taekwondo was<br />

and Karate was really<br />

new. After I left eastern<br />

North Carolina and<br />

moved into the Raleigh<br />

area, I would drive by and<br />

see a Karate school every<br />

day and never thought<br />

about it until the night<br />

this guy wanted to beat<br />

me up. I remember I<br />

had gone to see Enter<br />

the Dragon when it first<br />

came out. I knew what<br />

Bruce Lee did to all of<br />

these guys, he never lost<br />

a match, he was throwing<br />

around a ton of guys,<br />

and I just envisioned this<br />

guy throwing me around<br />

and beating me up, and it<br />

looked so painful that the<br />

next morning I started<br />

calling every Karate<br />

school I could find in the<br />

telephone book. There<br />

was only one school that<br />

answered the telephone<br />

and that was Karate International<br />

Raleigh. You<br />

have to realize this was 45 or more years<br />

ago that this happened, and as a business<br />

owner, the importance of answering the<br />

telephone really<br />

stuck in my mind. No<br />

matter who answered<br />

the telephone I was<br />

willing to take their<br />

classes. Fortunately,<br />

there was only one<br />

school that answered<br />

the telephone and that<br />

was my lifeline to help<br />

me improve my life<br />

and start on this path.<br />

When I started the<br />

martial arts, becoming<br />

a master, grandmaster,<br />

owning a school,<br />

none of these things<br />

were things that I was<br />

thinking about. I only<br />

wanted to learn how to<br />

defend myself.<br />

Grandmaster Jessie Bowen and the<br />

Honorable An-Shu Stephen Hayes<br />

Grandmaster Jessie Bowen<br />

and kickboxing champion<br />

Bill “Superfoot” Wallace<br />

MAWN: I can’t tell you how many<br />

stories at AMS, with Atlas <strong>Martial</strong><br />

<strong>Arts</strong> Software and websites, and all<br />

these other things they do to help<br />

school operators, it’s still shocking<br />

how few phones get answered to this<br />

day. If you’re in the family market<br />

most parents have time to ‘shop’<br />

between 9 to 11 a.m., then from about<br />

2 to 4 p.m., and it’s almost impossible<br />

to catch martial arts schools owners<br />

at their schools during those hours.<br />

I think what was true in the ’70s and<br />

’80s might still unfortunately be true<br />

for our businesses today.<br />

JB: If you think about it as a business<br />

owner—I didn’t say ‘martial artist’—what is<br />

the value of every time the phone rings? If<br />

you look at the value and if your school is<br />

run on a value basis, then you have to realize<br />

that that’s important. I had my truck<br />

wrapped so that became my big billboard.<br />

38 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2

Cover Story<br />

Grandmaster Jessie Bowen presenting<br />

world karate and boxing champion Daisy<br />

Lang with the Who’s Who Legend Award<br />

People would be riding behind me and calling<br />

the school number—and I’m not at the<br />

school, I’m driving down the street having a<br />

conversation— and they say, ‘Well, I’m looking<br />

at your truck,’ and I’m like, ‘Where are<br />

you?’ But the ability to answer the telephone<br />

is truly the lifeline to any martial arts school.<br />

MAWN: The value of a student,<br />

certainly there’s a financial value to<br />

the school and what they can contribute<br />

in tuition and to the business of<br />

the school, but this is another human<br />

being. How many Grandmaster Jessie<br />

Bowens might be calling around their<br />

area right now, ready to start martial<br />

arts, looking for something like this;<br />

but if you’re not the guy who answers<br />

the phone and the next guy does, what<br />

does that do for that human being?<br />

Not just in financial terms, but in life<br />

terms?<br />

So, you’ve written over 18 books:<br />

Mind-Body Personal Development<br />

Training, Zen Bowling,<br />

The Psychology<br />

of Better Bowling,<br />

The New You Self<br />

Discovery System,<br />

Zen Mind-Body<br />

Mindfulness Meditation<br />

Training and<br />

many others. This<br />

led you into this<br />

realm of taking concepts,<br />

training, and<br />

putting it into print<br />

or on CD, creating<br />

a product so that<br />

other people could<br />

acquire these skills<br />

without having to<br />

go through all the<br />

pain and suffering it<br />

takes to do it directly.<br />

Can you describe<br />

how you found that<br />

transition and what<br />

were your goals in<br />

publishing these<br />

types of books?<br />

JB: Well, it all<br />

started with the Blog<br />

Radio. I started Blog<br />

Radio in 1989, or some place along the early<br />

part of the ’90s, and I was enjoying that<br />

so much. I then started writing, putting<br />

some things together. I just started reading,<br />

studying, and putting<br />

things together. The<br />

Who’s Who book was<br />

not designed to be<br />

the blessing that it is.<br />

I wrote that book in<br />

<strong>20</strong>15 only to show my<br />

teacher gratitude. His<br />

partner passed away.<br />

They actually wrote<br />

one of the first Who’s<br />

Who books in the<br />

early ’80s; it was<br />

called Who’s Who<br />

in American Karate.<br />

They published that<br />

for about four or five<br />

years. So, I was doing<br />

that to say thank<br />

you. Then, I got with<br />

Grandmaster Jessie Bowen<br />

honors Tuhon Apolo Ladra<br />

several other people, and they thought it was<br />

a great idea.<br />

They said, ‘Why don’t we try this in<br />

<strong>20</strong>16?’ and that was Grandmaster Joe Lewis,<br />

and Grandmaster Jeff Smith, and I said, ‘OK,<br />

let’s try it.’<br />

At their black belt testing we had black<br />

belts from all over the country that had not<br />

seen each other in 15, <strong>20</strong> years. Bringing<br />

that much positive energy into the room was<br />

incredible. So, we decided to do the book in<br />

<strong>20</strong>16 and bring all these people together in<br />

Charlotte at the AMAA Nationals and the<br />

AMA Hall of Fame. I started doing the Halls<br />

of Fame in <strong>20</strong>04; that was the first event<br />

that I did, it turned out to be great, and then<br />

in <strong>20</strong>17 we decided to do it. We honored<br />

Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee, the year after that<br />

we honored Grandmaster Pat Johnson, and<br />

last year we honored Grandmaster Stephen<br />

Hayes in Vegas. Notice what I’m saying<br />

is that we’re honoring these people; they<br />

deserve to be honored. We have so many unsung<br />

heroes in the martial arts that we really<br />

don’t know of, so that was the spinoff of the<br />

books to where we are now.<br />

MAWN: So you got into publishing—let’s<br />

call it ‘self-help,’ probably<br />

an overgeneralization and not<br />

a great moniker—but let’s say if you<br />

were going to put it in a category in<br />

a bookstore that’s probably where it<br />

would live.<br />

Continued on page 42<br />

MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2 39

Finally,<br />

A Cutting-Edge,<br />







CALL 1-800-275-1600<br />



All-in-One<br />

Marketing and Management System.<br />


TOOLS<br />









Atlas<strong>Martial</strong><strong>Arts</strong>Software.com<br />


Cover Story<br />

Bill “Superfoot” Wallace gets inducted<br />

into the Who’s Who Hall of Honors<br />

Continued from page 39<br />

JB: That’s what we wanted. This is the<br />

place it needs to be and this is why we are<br />

really working hard. It’s about a story, not<br />

about a martial arts champion. We were<br />

writing about the martial arts champions<br />

for three years, giving great honor, and<br />

we still do, but the direction of the book,<br />

for it to have value, is to solve problems. If<br />

the book can now solve a problem, it can<br />

now have value, so that’s why we began to<br />

emphasize that it’s a story about individuals<br />

that got involved in the martial arts<br />

because they want the martial arts to solve<br />

a problem. For me, it was about self-defense<br />

and confidence. For someone else, it could<br />

be that ‘our family was involved and I got<br />

involved,’ but to solve their problem it was<br />

to make sure that you were protected. Everyone<br />

has a reason and they grow their<br />

experience from that reason.<br />

MAWN: With Who’s Who in the<br />

<strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong>, you’re trying help folks<br />

who haven’t had their story told, now<br />

have the opportunity and ability to<br />

be next to their martial arts heroes,<br />

nominate their martial arts heroes<br />

for recognition they might not have<br />

received otherwise, and this could be<br />

a great public relations tool for them.<br />

If I’m running a martial arts school in<br />

Kentucky and I’ve never had the opportunity<br />

to train with Bill Wallace,<br />

I now have the opportunity to be a coauthor<br />

or be featured<br />

with Bill Wallace;<br />

and that can’t do<br />

anything but help<br />

my level of credibility<br />

in my community,<br />

right? You’ve got<br />

this concept of being<br />

included in the book<br />

by being nominated<br />

by your peers. How<br />

does that process<br />

work and what does<br />

that look like behind<br />

the scenes?<br />

JB: What we tried to<br />

really build is a nomination<br />

process, then it’s an<br />

evaluation process, and<br />

then an approval process. Someone would<br />

ask whether anyone could be in the book.<br />

Yes. Anyone can be in the book. This book<br />

is about a story. I’m not challenging your<br />

credibility; I am challenging your story. I<br />

try to look at every bio that comes in, and<br />

I can look at the truth in it because I know<br />

that I may be on the top end of achievers, so<br />

as I read your story I begin to see that. But,<br />

in many cases, individuals are not aware<br />

they have a story. The most powerful part<br />

of moving you from where you are in this<br />

speaking business to the publishing business<br />

is that ability to realize you have a story. The<br />

people who are in mega places because of<br />

their story would surprise you, and the way<br />

they were able to cultivate their story and<br />

create success from that self-made person.<br />

The thing that we’re trying to focus on is<br />

being proud to be a martial artist. Are you<br />

proud to be a martial artist? Do you feel that<br />

the martial arts have impacted your life?<br />

Well, how do you tell someone else? Because<br />

in growing a successful school, of course<br />

it’s about marketing. If I’m a great teacher<br />

and I’ve got a story becoming a certified<br />

life coach, I don’t just look at my martial<br />

arts business as a Karate school. I look at my<br />

school as a leadership and self-improvement<br />

institution. So, I had to go out and take<br />

other courses: Courses in meditation, NLP<br />

[neuro-linguistic programming], hypnosis,<br />

life coach certification. I had to gather all of<br />

these things, because why be just a speaker<br />

when you can be a life coach? It goes as a<br />

part of your marketing and branding. It’s<br />

the same thing with the book; if you truly<br />

feel that your purpose as a martial artist is<br />

to help individuals, then the question is how<br />

do I get them to know about me, that I’m<br />

here available to help them? How do I let the<br />

parent know that, as a martial artist, I have<br />

experienced what your son or daughter has<br />

experienced, and if you come and train in<br />

Grandmaster Mark Glazer recieves the Who’s Who Legends Award<br />

from Grandmaster Jessie Bowen and Grandmaster Jeff Smith<br />

42 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2

Cover Story<br />

Literally the Who’s Who Grandmaster Joe Corley,<br />

Grandmaster Jessie Bowen, and Grandmaster Jeff Smith<br />

my martial arts school, I can help support<br />

them to become stronger?<br />

But how are they going to know that? Are<br />

they going to pick up the telephone? They’re<br />

not going to the Yellow Pages. Well, I’m not<br />

a real big technology person; I don’t have my<br />

Facebook page up to date, I don’t understand<br />

marketing, but if someone reads about you<br />

in a doctor’s office, that’s what we’re trying<br />

to do. I don’t know if martial artists are into<br />

buying this book or not. I want the non-martial<br />

artists to read my book. I want them to<br />

read the stories because that’s going to cause<br />

them to look at martial arts schools. If I have<br />

someone, let’s say, in Raleigh that’s featured<br />

in that book, and this book is now available<br />

in the library, dental office, doctor’s office,<br />

car dealership, all these places, people pick<br />

them up and begin to read it, and I’m in that<br />

book as the instructor and I put in there,<br />

‘Thank you for reading my bio, come to my<br />

martial arts school and I’m going to give you<br />

a free week of martial arts,’ in many cases<br />

that may be the trigger to get that person to<br />

seriously look at martial arts. You have now<br />

become prequalified because the average<br />

person calls three to four schools before<br />

actually making a decision on going to that<br />

school. They also read the reviews on that<br />

martial arts school. We have a lot of smart<br />

people that are making good decisions on<br />

where they’re going to take their students,<br />

and the book is one of those tools to help the<br />

martial artist tell their stories, show their capabilities,<br />

their qualifications, why someone<br />

should bring their child, or why they should<br />

go and take their martial arts program.<br />

MAWN: Being<br />

positioned next to<br />

some of the people<br />

folks might recognize<br />

from movies or<br />

television, it’s a huge<br />

deal. I had the honor<br />

to interview Chuck<br />

Norris a decade or so<br />

ago and he told this<br />

story that I thought<br />

was interesting and<br />

sounds exactly like<br />

what we’re describing.<br />

He told this<br />

story about when<br />

he was running his<br />

school, and every time he would go<br />

compete in a tournament and win he’d<br />

have a lot more students. Many people<br />

would seek him out because they saw<br />

him win this tournament and they<br />

wanted to learn from the best. One<br />

of the things he said that was very<br />

insightful, especially for that era, was<br />

that he identified it wasn’t that he was<br />

winning the tournament that made<br />

the big difference, it was that he was<br />

building a brand. He was building<br />

this culture of excellence around him<br />

and his school, and he was just getting<br />

exposure. He was getting peoples’<br />

eyeballs on what he does. It didn’t have<br />

much to do with the event itself; it was<br />

the media exposure.<br />

He was building<br />

that personal<br />

brand. How would<br />

you define your<br />

personal brand,<br />

and how would<br />

a school owner<br />

best benefit from<br />

executing that?<br />

JB: You have to<br />

look at your personal<br />

brand. You have to<br />

look at what you<br />

have of value and<br />

how to build that. If<br />

you’re going to have<br />

someone come in<br />

and market you, you<br />

“Dr. Bob” Robert Goldman inducted<br />

into the Who’s Who Hall of Honors<br />

have to look at what you have that is marketable.<br />

That’s a very difficult job because<br />

we have been taught that we should not even<br />

talk about ourselves. But as a consumer who<br />

is trying to define or find you, you have to<br />

let them know who you are as the martial<br />

artist. Now, if there’s a chain of schools and<br />

those schools have a good reputation, a great<br />

brand, then you go there expecting the same<br />

thing. You may not know the instructor<br />

but you know the brand of that martial arts<br />

school and what they’ve done. But you can<br />

probably go back and find the founder of<br />

that school, and that founder is the core of<br />

the brand of his martial arts program. He’s<br />

going to show up for the testing and all of<br />

that. So, when you’re thinking about your<br />

personal brand, you have to start by asking,<br />

‘What makes me that person of value?’<br />

I do corporate coaching and it all<br />

stemmed from my martial arts. I coached<br />

for Corporate Education, which is rated as<br />

the number one custom corporate training<br />

program in the world, so I get shipped all over<br />

the place. But my brand is that I’m a tenth<br />

degree black belt, world Karate champion<br />

and so my presentation is always in my<br />

Karate uniform. I’m standing in front of a<br />

blackboard talking to everyone, and what<br />

they’re seeing is Jessie Bowen the Grandmaster,<br />

so we better sit still and be quiet. But I<br />

created my brand ‘as I am the Grandmaster,’<br />

but I’m also a life coach and that’s what got<br />

me the job. I wasn’t just a Karate guy, but I’ve<br />

also written books, and my books are my big<br />

MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2 43

Cover Story<br />

Grandmaster Bowen and Grandmaster Pat Burleson honor the late Great Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee<br />

business cards that open the door; all of that,<br />

again, to brand me as a smart martial artist<br />

they could bring in. I could have a conversation;<br />

I had that ability to motivate. If you’re<br />

going to be involved in the martial arts<br />

business, one of the attributes you must have<br />

is that you are a good motivator. If you’re<br />

not a good motivator, then your students<br />

are not going to stay with you anyway. So, I<br />

took a whole lot of years to build what I could<br />

offer through the radio and everything else.<br />

Building your personal brand is about your<br />

achievements, the things that you do, the<br />

knowledge that you have, so there’s a lot of<br />

things that really will go into you. The book is<br />

to help you sit down and think about it; you’ll<br />

be surprised at the number of martial artists<br />

that thank me for being in the book that<br />

never had that opportunity to sit down and<br />

think about what they had to offer. They had<br />

not thought about their martial arts life, had<br />

not thought about their martial arts career,<br />

and when they began to write about themselves,<br />

they realized all the things they have<br />

of value through their own life experience.<br />

MAWN: If you’re not out there<br />

promoting yourself, if you’re not the<br />

biggest advocate for your program, the<br />

mouthpiece, who is? Certainly your students<br />

are going to help you, but you’ve<br />

got to be a product of the product. If<br />

you could walk me through some logistics,<br />

if I go to WhosWhointhe<strong>Martial</strong>-<br />

<strong>Arts</strong>.com, this is where you’re describing<br />

how the nomination process works,<br />

how you can nominate your martial<br />

arts hero, or how your students or colleagues<br />

can nominate you for inclusion<br />

in the book.<br />

JB: Right. That’s where the process<br />

starts. Just go in there and put that person’s<br />

name in, we ask you several questions<br />

about them, then, once you submit, it’s an<br />

automatic process that the person receives<br />

a nomination letter and you also receive<br />

a thank you letter for nominating that<br />

particular person. Once they are nominated<br />

they are taken to a questionnaire form.<br />

We designed it to help the person and take<br />

away all of the ‘I don’t know how to do this,’<br />

and all they have to do is just answer the<br />

questions on the form. The form is only two<br />

key things that I really want to know for the<br />

story, then everything else. The first one is<br />

why did you get involved in the martial arts?<br />

That is the first part of the story right there.<br />

The second part of the story is how have the<br />

martial arts impacted your life? That’s part<br />

number two. That’s difficult, and I’ve actually<br />

sent bios back to people because they<br />

44 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2

Cover Story<br />

couldn’t answer them and they decided not<br />

to resubmit. But you really have to be able to<br />

answer those. That’s important to you. Why<br />

did you get into martial arts, how have the<br />

martial arts impacted your life, and what<br />

does that actually mean? Well, impact in<br />

your life—if I wasn’t doing martial arts, what<br />

would I be doing now? What would I actually<br />

be doing? I know from my perspective as a<br />

business owner, I have no idea what I would<br />

have been doing in my life if I had not been<br />

a great teacher. I say this also, not meant<br />

to be negative, but martial arts don’t really<br />

do anything for you. It’s really the martial<br />

artist, that teacher, is the one that represents<br />

that organization, represents their styles. It’s<br />

the teachers and their knowledge and skill.<br />

When someone comes in and asks, ‘Do you<br />

teach taekwondo?’<br />

‘Sure, I do.’<br />

‘Do you teach Kung Fu?’<br />

‘Sure, I do.’ I realize that they don’t really<br />

know what they’re asking for. They’ve been<br />

given a brand or name, depending on who<br />

was what. They don’t know me, the teacher,<br />

but if I can get you to come in to demonstrate<br />

what it is we do and how, they’d see my<br />

school was not a Karate school, it was a leadership<br />

academy. We’re helping people. Over<br />

on the right-hand side is a little telephone;<br />

they can actually call in when they have<br />

issues, just click that button and make a call<br />

to me. I answer that phone. We started off<br />

with that story; my cell phone always stays<br />

with me. Now, my voicemail is a little poor,<br />

I’ve got to work on that. I’m always trying to<br />

answer the telephone.<br />

MAWN: So the process is pretty<br />

simple. The concept is this: You are<br />

Shihan Dana Abbott inducted<br />

into the Legends Hall of Honors<br />

either nominating a martial arts hero<br />

of yours, perhaps your instructor, a<br />

fellow competitor, somebody you feel<br />

could deserve some recognition they<br />

haven’t received yet, or someone can<br />

do that for you as well. Then, you’re<br />

presented with a survey form; it’s very<br />

easy to fill out, answer a few questions,<br />

type in a paragraph or two about your<br />

individual story, and that’s all vetted<br />

and analyzed for inclusion in the book.<br />

And if you and your team feel like this<br />

is a story that’s compelling and worth<br />

telling, and it helps to further the<br />

objectives of you in your martial arts<br />

schools, then you could be included in<br />

the book. This positions you next to<br />

some of the greatest martial artists in<br />

history and their stories. Imagine the<br />

power of that type of promotional tool.<br />

The <strong>20</strong>19 Legends Banquet was certainly the “Who’s Who.” Will you be there in <strong>20</strong><strong>20</strong>?<br />

MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2 45

Cover Story<br />

Grandmaster Jessie Bown and actor,<br />

producer, and director Art Commacho<br />

Again, some of the greatest martial<br />

artists that we’ve ever seen tell a story<br />

about how it impacted their lives, and<br />

now this is a tool that you can use to<br />

promote your school.<br />

JB: That’s exactly what it’s about: Being<br />

proud to be martial artists. June is ‘Proud to<br />

Be a <strong>Martial</strong> Artist Month.’ We’re going to<br />

be doing a lot of promotions for people who<br />

are trying to connect with that. What does<br />

that actually mean, ‘Proud to be a martial<br />

artist’? The AMAA Legends Awards Banquet<br />

is going to be at the Gold Coast. This year<br />

we’re going to be honoring our first year<br />

of people coming into the book, but we’re<br />

also going to honor past inductees who have<br />

continued to grow and thrive in the martial<br />

arts. These are our martial arts ambassadors.<br />

We have an honor roll section in the book;<br />

we are also going to be honoring our 50-year<br />

achievers. Again, for our inductees, we really<br />

don’t want them to pay to come to the<br />

event. A lot of times we hear, ‘Well, I don’t<br />

want to buy an award.’<br />

We’re not selling an award; we’re claiming<br />

ourselves to be an awards formulation.<br />

But the book is our marketing tool to help<br />

people grow their schools. In fact, when<br />

people sign up, we give you books for your<br />

students to purchase to sponsor you to come<br />

to the banquet. We’re not asking to let us<br />

into your pocket<br />

and you pay money,<br />

nope. Think about<br />

this for a second:<br />

Let’s say you are an<br />

inductee and we’ve<br />

given you 6 to <strong>20</strong><br />

books for being a<br />

part of the program.<br />

You walk in front<br />

of your classroom<br />

and say to your<br />

students, ‘Well,<br />

guys, I’m going to<br />

be featured in the<br />

Who’s Who <strong>Martial</strong><br />

<strong>Arts</strong> Masters & Pioneers<br />

book. They’ve<br />

actually given me<br />

only six books for<br />

my book signing<br />

and the books are<br />

$49.95. Who would<br />

like to have a copy?’<br />

They want to get a copy of the book their<br />

teacher is featured in. One of the key things<br />

we talk about in humility is that if you do<br />

not want to talk about yourself then do a<br />

better job getting your students and parents<br />

to talk about you. You want to talk about<br />

yourself, because if your parents<br />

are telling every parent in the<br />

carpool that my son goes to Mr.<br />

Johnson’s school, the greatest<br />

school in the world, then that’s<br />

what you want to do. When<br />

your students can now tell their<br />

friends, ‘My teacher is featured in<br />

the book, and I want to invite you<br />

to come in and try our introductory<br />

program, and if you join our<br />

school my teacher is going to give<br />

you a free uniform, and when he<br />

does his book signing we both can<br />

go to the pizza party.’<br />

You host your own book<br />

signing. We have created the narrative<br />

that ‘this book is not about<br />

me’—it’s about every person<br />

that’s in the book. And so that<br />

person joins your school and, let’s<br />

say, your fees are 1,<strong>20</strong>0 dollars a<br />

year. You’ve got ten books out,<br />

do the math: You have ten people<br />

that come in because they read<br />

your bio in the book, that’s 12 thousand<br />

dollars worth of revenue that came into your<br />

school through this marketing tool. Because<br />

you published your bio in the book, they<br />

had a chance to get firsthand knowledge of<br />

you as they read about your story. So, that’s<br />

pretty powerful when it comes down to<br />

someone making a decision as to whether<br />

or not they want you to be their martial arts<br />

instructor.<br />

MAWN: It’s a brilliant credibility<br />

tool. There’s just nothing better in<br />

media today. There’s still such gravitas<br />

and respect for authors and people who<br />

are featured in books. Let’s walk through<br />

the logistics again one final time here.<br />

So, WhosWhointhe<strong>Martial</strong><strong>Arts</strong>.com,<br />

and if you go to the Legends Award<br />

Banquet, there’s the information about<br />

that evening. Those included in the<br />

book, and those who are nominated<br />

are included as well, are invited to this<br />

event. This event is in the evening on<br />

Saturday, June 26-27 in Las Vegas at<br />

the Gold Coast Hotel & Casino. It’s a<br />

lovely event. In addition to that, AMS<br />

is sponsoring a business seminar that<br />

morning and afternoon. So, you can fly<br />

in on Friday the 26th and on Saturday<br />

Sensei Gary Lee and<br />

Grandmaster Jessie Bowen<br />

46 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2

Cover Story<br />

<strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> icon Cynthia Rothrock<br />

recieves the Legends Award<br />

morning we’ll spend four or five hours<br />

together working on some fundamental<br />

business processes in your martial arts<br />

school—some marketing, online and<br />

social marketing tactics, community<br />

marketing tactics, and many more, and<br />

then, that evening, you can stay for the<br />

banquet as well. The great news about<br />

our business seminar is that because of<br />

Grandmaster Bowen and the generosity<br />

of the sponsors of this event, you can<br />

come to our event absolutely tuitionfree.<br />

It’s all paid for. What a fantastic<br />

model to follow and, again, being<br />

included in a book like this is really<br />

unparalleled in its ability to create credibility<br />

in the marketplace. And, by the<br />

way, this thing is like 328 pages, hardbound.<br />

If somebody picked this up at a<br />

bookstore or your book signing at your<br />

school, it’s really something that’s going<br />

to look great on the bookshelf; it’s a<br />

very high-perceived value, it’s not like<br />

a thin paperback that’s <strong>20</strong> pages—this is<br />

a legitimate thing, and I think it really<br />

does a great job telling the story of the<br />

value of the martial arts. Certainly for<br />

your students to anchor them into what<br />

you’re doing, but I think a really good<br />

tool for prospects to get them thinking<br />

about the martial arts, and about you<br />

and your school specifically.<br />

JB: Anyone can feel free<br />

to give me a call and ask me<br />

any questions. The other<br />

thing is that our organization<br />

is trying to help you<br />

get better. We’re actually<br />

offering coaching, looking<br />

forward to working with<br />

your organization. We<br />

have several other coaches<br />

we are bringing in, not<br />

only about the business,<br />

but we discovered some<br />

of the problems in the<br />

martial arts really stem<br />

from when a student leaves<br />

their instructor and don’t<br />

have any place to go. So<br />

they’re working out on<br />

their own, making it up,<br />

they’re thinking about it,<br />

creating something totally<br />

different. We’re actually going to have technical<br />

coaches you can go to that can help you<br />

continue your development, like a Karate<br />

systems style or Taekwondo systems style.<br />

We have online training from Dana Abbott,<br />

Grandmaster Hayes, for MMA classes; it’s<br />

pretty huge. But what I talk a lot about is<br />

the mental aspect, so we’re also going to be<br />

releasing my mindfulness course. I’m doing<br />

some articles for you guys because before<br />

you can begin to fix someone, they have<br />

to be ready to be fixed. We<br />

now integrate mindfulness<br />

meditation into the martial<br />

arts program—not just having<br />

to do meditation, but a course<br />

with an outcome to it. We<br />

already have Zen Mind-Body<br />

Mindfulness Meditation,<br />

so the new book is called<br />

Zen Mind-Body Meditation<br />

for <strong>Martial</strong> Artists and this<br />

program is for your students<br />

to learn how to do meditation.<br />

Your students can do<br />

it by themselves or they can<br />

come into your program. This<br />

can now be another standalone<br />

program in your martial<br />

arts schools and another<br />

way to keep parents coming<br />

into your classes. I’ve found that in many<br />

cases, kids don’t quit—parents quit. So, not<br />

only are you trying to keep the kids motivated,<br />

but you also have to do things to keep<br />

the parents motivated to continue coming in<br />

and spending money. That’s our big push in<br />

<strong>20</strong><strong>20</strong>, the mindfulness part of education.<br />

MAWN: Grandmaster Bowen, thank you<br />

so much for your time today. WhosWhointhe<strong>Martial</strong><strong>Arts</strong>.com<br />

is the URL for information<br />

about the book, how to be included, the<br />

nomination process, all of that stuff, and<br />

also the awards ceremony that evening. And<br />

then MAManagementSummit.com is the<br />

business event we’re doing in the daytime<br />

before Grandmaster Bowen’s dinner and<br />

event. There are two things I’d mention: One<br />

is something we mentioned earlier, which<br />

is surrounding yourself with the best of<br />

the best. This is the type of event here—I<br />

mean Bill Wallace, Steve Hayes, Jeff Smith,<br />

yourself, Cindy Rothrock, some of the most<br />

successful martial arts competitors in the<br />

world are going to be there; how can you not<br />

want to be in that room? How can you not<br />

want to be surrounded by some of the best<br />

people in your field? The second piece would<br />

be that there is no greater credibility tool<br />

we can use in anything we do than a glowing<br />

testimonial in a book. Not because we have<br />

such a good sales pitch, but because our story<br />

is so compelling.<br />

JB: Thank you.<br />

Grandmaster Jessie Bowen honored with the<br />

Joe Lewis Eternal Warrior Award<br />

MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2 47

Cover Story<br />

Grandmaster Jessie Bowen is the author of dozens of<br />

martial arts and self-help books, and programs.<br />

48 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2

American <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Alliance Foundation<br />

<strong>20</strong><strong>20</strong> AMAA Legends Weekend<br />

Become a part of martial arts history as we pay<br />

tribute to Grandmaster Chuck Norris!<br />

<strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Masters & Pioneers<br />

Book Release<br />

June 26th – 27th, <strong>20</strong><strong>20</strong><br />

Gold Coast Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV<br />

A Special Tribute to Chuck Norris<br />


You can be<br />

featured in the<br />

book with Chuck!<br />

AMAA Alumni Ring<br />

Returning Ambassadors<br />

FREE Ring<br />

AMAA Legends Ring<br />

1st-time Inductees<br />

Make your Black Belt Nomination to be published in the <strong>20</strong><strong>20</strong> AMAA<br />

<strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Masters Biography Book at<br />

WhosWhoInThe<strong>Martial</strong><strong>Arts</strong>.com.<br />

Additional FREE Bonus!<br />

Attend the MA Management Summit to Grow Your School!<br />

Saturday, June 27th @ 9:00 A.M.<br />

<strong>20</strong><strong>20</strong> AMAA Legends Awards Banquet: A Tribute To<br />

Grandmaster Chuck Norris & Benny Urquidez<br />

<strong>20</strong><strong>20</strong><br />



School Profile<br />

How I Turned Leads Into Students<br />

Grandmaster Troy Dorsey, whose Mansfield, TX martial arts school has been<br />

operating for 37 years, describes his powerful follow-up system<br />

MAWN: You’ve had a great record<br />

over the last year of getting people taking<br />

advantage of an offer online and<br />

following up with them in a way that<br />

gets them in for their appointment, and<br />

then their appointment goes well and<br />

they enroll. What might you say to a<br />

school struggling with that? What do<br />

your systems look like and how seriously<br />

do you take new opt-ins, leads, and appointments?<br />

TD: That’s exactly how we have to keep our<br />

schools open. We’ve tried locking the back<br />

door many times but it just keeps swinging<br />

open somehow. You’ve got to follow up on<br />

those. I’m with you all for one reason: Hillary<br />

Sandoval. He recommended you to us about a<br />

year ago, and we’ve been with you a year now.<br />

He talked to me about communicating with<br />

prospects. I would try to call these people, but after a day or two of<br />

that Hillary told me, ‘You just have to text them.’<br />

So, we were texting these people until they came in, pretty much.<br />

We don’t speak with them a lot. The people coming in off the Atlas<br />

<strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Software system are by texting. It’s kind of amazing to<br />

me. It seems like they would want to speak to somebody, but obviously<br />

they don’t. I want to encourage anybody out there using the<br />

system to make a call first.<br />

MAWN: I’d like our readers to please understand we’re<br />

deeply invested in our students and people. When a new<br />

student walks into the front door, Troy does not just see<br />

dollar signs. This is a human being whose life we can positively<br />

change. You’ve created some very successful children,<br />

families, adults; that’s why you’ve been doing this for 37<br />

years. You don’t have a 37-year track record of success if all<br />

you’re trying to do is cash everybody out and not care about<br />

service.<br />

TD: They’re going to feel that really quickly if you’re in it for the<br />

money. I have to make money, so I don’t want anybody to get the<br />

message wrong because, yeah, we have to make money, but if that’s<br />

what you’re doing it for, you have to take a step back and know that<br />

you’re trying to help these people. And there are a lot of people out<br />

there that need help. The martial arts—what a tool it is to help people.<br />

MAWN: What you’re saying is right. It’s about this<br />

multistep, multimedia follow-up that’s so important. Some<br />

people are never going to answer the phone, or open up a<br />

piece of mail, or respond to a text, or check Facebook. But<br />

Texting is an essential marketing tactic<br />

for GM Dorsey’s hugely successful school<br />

if I do them all, most people are going to do at least one of<br />

those things. When you were eight-time world champion,<br />

did you ever walk into the ring with just one technique?<br />

TD: Oh, no, Sir. It was a lot of preparation.<br />

MAWN: Exactly, it’s never the same attack in the same<br />

direction, the same way every time. This is a human being<br />

whose life we can change forever, wouldn’t you do anything<br />

you can to get a hold of them? If their financial contribution<br />

to the life of the school is four to six thousand dollars,<br />

that’s worth a little effort, right? Any last words that you<br />

might leave our readers with? If you were them and you were<br />

struggling, or haven’t been in business for 37 years and have<br />

deep roots dug into the community like you have, what<br />

might be the best pieces of advice you might leave them<br />

with?<br />

TD: Make sure you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing.<br />

You’re not just teaching people how to kick and punch, you’re<br />

teaching people how to lead better lives, learn about respect and<br />

confidence. We’re going to help people get the confidence they need<br />

to survive at their job. Everybody is going through something—everybody.<br />

Maybe not today, but in the next day or three everybody is<br />

going to go through something, so if you can, try to pour into their<br />

lives kindness, not try to reach into their pocket. We have to make<br />

money but if that’s the main drive of what you want to do, people can<br />

sense that pretty quickly. I would say, also, be more of a giver because<br />

we have nuggets of gold we can give our students throughout their<br />

martial arts program.<br />

50 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2

School Profile<br />

How to Gain A New Student Every Day<br />

With Facebook<br />

Grandmaster Felix Ayensu, who runs Milton’s <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> in Ontario, Canada, talks to us<br />

about how he relies on Atlas <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Software to drive up his enrollment numbers<br />

MAWN: What is the size<br />

of your latest school?<br />

FA: The school is about eight<br />

thousand square feet. My goal<br />

here is to produce anywhere<br />

between 350 to 450 active students<br />

in the evening martial arts<br />

program, and probably also about<br />

1<strong>20</strong> to 130 in the after school<br />

program and increase my summer<br />

camps. I used to do about<br />

$100 thousand in summer camp<br />

in my old school. I think the<br />

population here is bigger than my<br />

old school so I can do very well.<br />

MAWN: How many active<br />

students do you have at that<br />

location?<br />

FA: About 150 in the evening program and about 60 in the after<br />

school program.<br />

MAWN: Tell us a little bit about your experience with<br />

the Atlas Software.<br />

FA: I have experience with a few industry management programs.<br />

I’ve been with PerfectMind, I used to be with MAST (<strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong><br />

Success Team). I was with EFC (Educational Funding Company) in<br />

the United States in the ’90s. Atlas is very unique. They are not hard<br />

on my clients. If you are delinquent or a little bit behind they are<br />

flexible. The online support in Atlas, financially, is a lot better—others<br />

are all money, money, money. I don’t see Atlas like that. I see<br />

Atlas like, oh, maybe he’s tight, he’ll make it up; just like all of us,<br />

some of my parents sometimes are tight, but I’m not going to tell<br />

them because they’re going to give it to me anyway.<br />

I see Atlas as very flexible and really, really wanting to help everybody<br />

to make money. The Atlas software is amazing. Their marketing<br />

tools are very amazing and the education is amazing. It doesn’t<br />

matter who you are; we share, we gather information, and Atlas is not<br />

selfish at all. I’m talking from experience. I’m very grateful to Atlas;<br />

the staff is amazing. Sean and Mandy are very accommodating and<br />

very patient, too. I think Atlas has a human touch. Of course it’s about<br />

money, but they are helping. When you are tight I can tell Atlas;<br />

they’re not nickel and diming you. When you don’t have the money<br />

they’re cool with it, when you have it, you pay—they are flexible.<br />

MAWN: Do you, through Atlas, make use of the <strong>Martial</strong><br />

GM Ayensu values Atlas’ flexibility in running Milton’s <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong><br />

<strong>Arts</strong> Biz Academy, the student newsletters, and staff newsletters?<br />

FA: Yes, yes, yes.<br />

MAWN: How have they benefited you?<br />

FA: Very well because it makes it easier for me. Everything is<br />

created already. Just copy and paste. So the blueprint is done already.<br />

It’s good.<br />

MAWN: With regard to website and lead generation, do<br />

you have an Amazing <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Website from the Atlas<br />

program?<br />

FA: Yes, but I think recently, not too long ago, they launched another<br />

style of website. Probably I would like to go that way and take<br />

the old website down and do the new one. And I’d also like to add the<br />

before-and-after program; I don’t only do the after school program,<br />

but also the before-and-after school program, meaning parents who<br />

are going to work can drop their kids off here and I drive them to<br />

school and pick them up. So, there are a few additions I would like to<br />

request to the website. I haven’t done that yet, but I’ll make notes on<br />

that and I want to do that.<br />

MAWN: What have been some of your best breakthroughs<br />

in growing your schools over the years?<br />

FA: With AMS I can strictly say Atlas <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Software and<br />

the Facebook ads. It looks like with Facebook every single day I get<br />

at least one person. So, in martial arts schools, if every single day you<br />

get one person, that’s 30 people in a month. That’s amazing.<br />

52 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2

We provide integrity-based coaching and<br />

community resources to busy martial arts<br />

school owners that save you time and<br />

grow your business.<br />



The Warrior Way<br />

Managing the Krav Maga<br />

Curriculum, Part 1<br />


BILL CLARK is a<br />

9th degree black<br />

belt and a former<br />

PKA Fighter of<br />

the Year. He is<br />

widely considered<br />

one of the top<br />

experts in martial<br />

arts business with<br />

over 30 years of<br />

leadership and<br />

innovation, having<br />

been inducted<br />

into almost every<br />

Hall of Fame in the<br />

industry. He is one<br />

of the largest multischool<br />

owners in<br />

the world.<br />

➽In order to create the curriculum for the<br />

Evolution of Krav Maga program, I had my<br />

instructors study Krav Maga.<br />

We had our first seminar in Jacksonville on<br />

September 11th when the big blow-up happened in<br />

New York. We had great people in from across the<br />

world and we got a big book filled with all the Krav<br />

Maga techniques in it, but it wasn’t organized like I<br />

was used to with Taekwondo. You also had to teach<br />

it as quickly as possible, almost like the students<br />

were in boot camp. My average student was 35- to<br />

65-years-old and I couldn’t teach them like they<br />

were 18-year-old military combatants.<br />

So, I had to stretch the program out and put it in<br />

a format that I could easily explain and teach to the<br />

civilian population without it being dangerous; and<br />

we’ve managed to do that in a way that’s easy for<br />

anybody to teach and learn, because if it’s not easy<br />

to teach and easy to learn, you can’t build.<br />

We’ve taken all the traditional techniques in Krav and<br />

we’ve evolved them with DefenceLab from Europe, and<br />

it is the most exciting thing I’ve ever seen. It’s something<br />

every martial artist out there might have heard a little<br />

inkling about it, but they don’t know what it is.<br />

<strong>Martial</strong> arts are very visual. It’s easy to learn online if<br />

you have an interest, so we developed a product such that<br />

every Krav school in the world, without changing their affiliation,<br />

gets many lessons that will dramatically change<br />

their classes; stuff you’ve never seen before, especially in<br />

Krav, or traditional martial arts, or even in Jiu-Jitsu. Our<br />

ground stuff with the Evolution of Krav is something no<br />

Jiu-Jitsu instructor has ever seen but would like to learn.<br />

My experience with my adult students has been this:<br />

Obviously, Krav is very high impact. I use a lot of target<br />

training, pad training, and a lot of bag training. My Taekwondo<br />

training, since Kickboxing in the ’70s, was already<br />

going in that direction. I don’t teach classes that aren’t 30<br />

percent to 40 percent impact training. That’s where I get<br />

my feedback. If I want my traditional forms to be better, I<br />

make sure people can really hit pads and hit a bag, because<br />

you get instant feedback every time you strike the pads: Is<br />

my body right? Is my posture right?<br />

When I want my forms to be better for my students,<br />

I use impact training and it translates very well, so the<br />

Krav gives us a way to organize it for self-defense. But I<br />

really believe in impact training; if it’s not 25 percent to<br />

30 percent of your class, it’s not fun, it’s not exciting, and<br />

students don’t learn to hit. And they can’t hit in sparring<br />

or really beat each other up—I mean it doesn’t make sense.<br />

If you look at the greatest fighters in the world, which<br />

I think are Muay Thai fighters, and you watch them train,<br />

they never spar with impact. They don’t get hurt training.<br />

They strike with impact on bags and pads, and maybe<br />

baseball bats and banana trees, but when they spar each<br />

other, they’re very careful to move in a manner that’s very<br />

deliberate, target-centric, and they don’t beat each other<br />

up like we do in traditional martial arts or Kickboxing,<br />

where they have to really fight before the fight.<br />

None of that makes sense. Impact training should be<br />

where you get your contact, and you should be training<br />

your eyes, your techniques, hitting everything right.<br />

So, that’s how my Taekwondo is. That’s also how my<br />

Krav is. My Krav is different than other Krav because of<br />

the language skills my instructors develop, and also because<br />

of the way it’s organized over a certain period of time<br />

so that everybody can get it, not just the young athletes.<br />

Visit TheEvolutionOfKrav.com<br />

54 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2<br />

Illustration by amenic181

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Next Level Strategy<br />

Put Some Magic in Your<br />

Retail Strategies, Part 2<br />

SHIHAN<br />


is a 7th degree<br />

black belt, the<br />

founder of the L.I.<br />

Ninjutsu Centers,<br />

one of the largest<br />

Ninjutsu schools<br />

on the planet, the<br />

author of 4 books,<br />

and an entrepreneur<br />

with one of the<br />

first online coaching<br />

companies.<br />

➽I was once on a martial arts business Facebook<br />

group thread and saw all these people talking<br />

about retail, so I said, “Show me your retail.”<br />

Some people with gorgeous schools had, like, two or<br />

three different varieties of t-shirts with a hat and a hoodie,<br />

and that was their entire retail! That was it! I wondered,<br />

Why are we so afraid of retail? Why are we afraid to actually<br />

go out and do it? Why are we afraid to add in some<br />

items for Christmas, or do some special order items on a<br />

regular basis?<br />

We have to change our mindset in regards to retail<br />

when it comes to what retail is all about.<br />

For example, in my Little Warrior curriculum, we<br />

have the sticker reward systems and all this other really<br />

cool stuff, and it’s connected to a concept I came up with—<br />

little character. We have Eagle, Bear, Wolf, Owl, Fox, and<br />

Cheetah. The Little Warriors are Eagle, Bear, and Wolf:<br />

Eyes of an eagle, ears of a wolf, and heart of a bear. I have<br />

a little plush toy of each and they have jackets and other<br />

accessories. I even wrote a fictional book for the parents to<br />

read to their kids.<br />

I had all this stuff sitting on shelves and not many<br />

people were buying it, so over the last year and a half,<br />

when someone joins, I decided that I would send them a<br />

series of two-, four-, six-, eight-, and ten-week emails that<br />

talk about the product and why it’s important for parents<br />

to actually get them—because they tie in with the lessons.<br />

It’s almost like a kid who plays little league baseball with<br />

a dad who is a baseball fan. He’ll take him to the game,<br />

he’ll buy him a jacket, he’ll buy him a hat, he’ll buy him a<br />

glove, they’ll watch it on TV. Why are we not getting that<br />

same buy-in from our martial arts students, and why<br />

don’t we have product to support their enthusiasm?<br />

And then we wonder why retention is so low—it’s because<br />

we don’t have enough to put into their lives to keep<br />

them involved! They go to the dojo, and they come home.<br />

They train, they do their kickboxing or whatever it is, and<br />

they go home. Why not tie it in and really build a lifestyle<br />

around that brand?<br />

A good friend of mine, Dawn Barnes, runs very successful<br />

schools in Los Angeles. When I went out to California<br />

and visited her, I ended up spending $140 in products for<br />

my daughter. She had these cool little egg toys; they had a<br />

chisel and a hammer and inside were dinosaur bones, and<br />

you’d brush off the thing. You’re discovering a dinosaur!<br />

So I bought it and my daughter and I did it together. And I<br />

was happy to spend $45 or $50 on these little items because<br />

they were good for my kid.<br />

So why are we not thinking like that as school owners?<br />

Why are we always thinking retail is a pain in the butt?<br />

Why do we bother?<br />

Visit TakingItToTheNextLevel.com<br />

56 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2<br />

Illustration by RomoloTavani

Growth Hacks<br />

Your Ads Must Have Speed,<br />

Power, and Accuracy<br />

MR. SEAN LEE<br />

is the Executive<br />

Director of Sales<br />

and Marketing<br />

for hundreds of<br />

martial arts schools<br />

and specializes in<br />

online and social<br />

media marketing<br />

using his extensive<br />

professional<br />

experience<br />

in sports and<br />

martial arts<br />

marketing, contract<br />

negotiation, and<br />

investment.<br />

➽You realize the importance of speed, power,<br />

and accuracy when attacking an adversary.<br />

The principles are second nature to you when you are<br />

sparring, but did you know that speed, power, and accuracy<br />

are just as important in advertising and promotion<br />

to attack your town’s market successfully? If you want<br />

to enroll 25 to 50 new students every month, you need<br />

to understand how to advertise and promote properly.<br />

As in the martial arts, great skill comes through great<br />

effort; to be great at advertising and promotion, much<br />

training is required. Do you have the time to focus all<br />

your energy while operating your school on learning<br />

advertising and promotion? If you answered “yes,” are you<br />

planning on making a career change? The correct answer is<br />

“no” to both questions, but you still have to advertise and<br />

promote your school effectively.<br />

So, what’s the solution to gaining the speed, power,<br />

and accuracy needed to reach more prospects than you<br />

thought possible without getting a degree in marketing?<br />

The answer is found in the professional products and<br />

services that AMS develops for martial arts school owners<br />

just like you. Every month, well-trained experts prepare<br />

the kind of speed, power, and accuracy in advertising and<br />

promotions designed to deliver a knockout.<br />

Speed<br />

From an advertising and promotional standpoint,<br />

speed primarily has to do with hitting the target market at<br />

the right time. Experience leads to good timing, and AMS<br />

has been providing school owners with marketing solutions<br />

for close to 30 years. Each month, tools like posters,<br />

flyers, tent cards, door hangers, and emails are designed<br />

with advertising speed in mind.<br />

Power<br />

The idea of power with regard to advertising and promotion<br />

means having impact. One key to powerful ads is<br />

eye-catching designs with images and a layout that appeals<br />

to prospective students. Another key is the use of words<br />

that capture attention and move the reader to act. AMS<br />

has a team of expert graphic designers and writers eager<br />

to provide you with powerful ads sure to increase your<br />

enrollment each month.<br />

Accuracy<br />

Getting your advertising and promotions to the right<br />

people is what is meant by accuracy. Targeting the child,<br />

teen, adult, or even the senior market requires the appropriate<br />

kinds of ads and promotions for each individual<br />

market. AMS marketing solutions, through AMSnews,<br />

AMSkids, Leaders EDGE, and AMSonline will hit the<br />

bull’s-eye in your city.<br />

To do your best in every way sometimes requires<br />

help. You want your advertising and promotion to have<br />

the speed, power, and accuracy for great impact, so call<br />

(800) 275-1600 or visitd OurAMS.com and find out<br />

how AMS can help you take your school to the next<br />

level for skyrocketing enrollment each month!<br />

58 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2<br />

Photograph by Inside Creative House




Take Advantage of Over 30 Years Experience in the Industry<br />








GUIDES<br />





VISIT OurAMS.com/AfterSchoolKit<br />


After School & Summer Camp Programs

Ninja Business Tactics<br />

Teaching Child Students<br />

in <strong>20</strong><strong>20</strong><br />

AN-SHU<br />


has authored <strong>20</strong><br />

books, worked as<br />

a bodyguard for<br />

the Dalai Lama,<br />

supervised over 30<br />

school locations<br />

worldwide, and<br />

was named, "One<br />

of the 10 Most<br />

Influential Living<br />

<strong>Martial</strong> Artists in<br />

the <strong>World</strong>" by Black<br />

Belt <strong>Magazine</strong>.<br />

➽If you’re teaching the type of curriculum<br />

that’s much more applicable on the street,<br />

how do you translate that to the much younger<br />

audience?<br />

Well, that is a very awkward question. Where my Dayton/Centerville,<br />

Ohio school is located, it is middle class<br />

and upper-middle class, and nobody gets in fights! Kids in<br />

general don’t get into fights. <strong>Martial</strong> arts are all abstract to<br />

them, and yet it’s a very pragmatic self-defense system.<br />

How do we approach youth?<br />

Sometimes my wife will comment,<br />

“Oh gosh, I wish we were teaching<br />

Tang Soo Do, it would be easier! ‘This<br />

is upper-block, this is the punch.’”<br />

But what we have done is created<br />

exercises where we have to be so careful.<br />

With a nine-year-old, you don’t<br />

want to scare them, but you do know<br />

more than they do, and that they’re<br />

going to be driving in a couple of<br />

years, and they’re going to be out on their own in a couple<br />

of years, and they could be victimized—they could go<br />

away to college, go to a party, and be victimized—so we’re<br />

really training the way the person thinks. Because when a<br />

young woman goes to her first fraternity party, she thinks<br />

she’s all grown up; she’s 19, she’s probably not going to<br />

get into a fist fight with some guy; but things are going to<br />

be offered, let’s say, and for her to be confident enough in<br />

herself and know that, “No, this is of more benefit to you<br />

than it is to me; no thank you,” is a major thing. So, we can<br />

emphasize that kind of thinking.<br />

At our school we have a series of four elements—earth,<br />

water, fire, and wind—that come from the ninja tradition.<br />

Earth is holding your ground. And some people<br />

are just naturally that way if they get into a conflict or<br />

confrontation; they just hold their ground. Then there’s<br />

water, which is being overwhelmed, so I tactically position<br />

myself because the person will come in and I can’t hold my<br />

ground. So, we say, “If you had to fight a shark in the ocean,<br />

would you punch him in the teeth or would you sneak over<br />

here and hit him in the gills?” Tactically positioning.<br />

Then there’s fire, which is interrupting, and wind,<br />

which is evading.<br />

We’re constantly emphasizing to kids, “Hey, you’re<br />

little! What if a big kid comes around and pushes you<br />

around, or somebody tries to grab you?” We use these<br />

principles from age six or seven on. We have a very different<br />

program for four-, five-, and six-year-olds. There,<br />

we use a lot of obstacle courses and brightly colored pool<br />

noodles so they don’t look threatening, but we use them<br />

like swords, and kids have to get out of the way as we try to<br />

wrap that around their head and they<br />

get away. It’s a lot of fun and a lot of<br />

giggling, but every now and then we’ll<br />

tell them get in line; little, teeny kids<br />

is a different program than the youth.<br />

I’ll be honest, I’m looking for<br />

more ways to relate to kids with what<br />

we have. It’s so pragmatic and yet<br />

kids don’t see violence in the school;<br />

where they do run into violence is<br />

keyboard stuff—cyberbullying is a<br />

big deal. A little kid is forming their identity and they’re<br />

cheerfully reaching out to their friends and getting that<br />

kind of feedback and Mom tells them she loves them; well,<br />

that’s just Mom. Dad says he’s proud of you, Oh, that’s just<br />

Dad. I want positive feedback from my friends at school,<br />

and then it goes haywire.<br />

We teach them the technique, but secretly, the technique<br />

transmits a state of mind. We have to teach these<br />

kids who they are, the value they provide, the gift they<br />

are, so that when they come up against this inevitable<br />

onslaught, they can believe in themselves, that they have<br />

a value, and we have to teach them some tricks and ways<br />

of dealing with that. I call them “tricks,” but you could call<br />

them “techniques” or “methods.”<br />

They’ll think, “I learned this at the martial arts school!<br />

I did this, it got the response from the person that my<br />

teacher told me they would! They’ll be so stunned, they’ll<br />

laugh and try to call you a name, or something like that,<br />

but no, that means you got under their skin. You won,<br />

you won!” We need to work on developing some of those<br />

aspects as we go into the future.<br />

Visit NinjaSelfDefense.com<br />

60 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2<br />

Photograph by selcebu


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Pillars of Success<br />

Is the UFC Helping<br />

<strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Schools?<br />


Y. K. KIM is the<br />

most successful<br />

martial arts<br />

business leader<br />

in the US, having<br />

written over 30<br />

books on martial<br />

arts, business,<br />

leadership, and<br />

success. He has<br />

won numerous<br />

public service<br />

awards and is the<br />

founder of the<br />

leading martial<br />

arts marketing<br />

and management<br />

company in the US.<br />

➽Professionally, the UFC<br />

is doing great. It makes a<br />

lot of money for the owners,<br />

and millions of people<br />

watch the spectacle. It does<br />

promote the martial arts<br />

because it generates a lot<br />

of interest.<br />

However, the promotion does<br />

not help martial arts schools<br />

because it does not encourage<br />

people to join. You see, nobody<br />

wants to get hurt. It used to be<br />

that only certain professions were<br />

worried that hurting their hands<br />

would impair their performance<br />

at work—people like surgeons and<br />

secretaries. Nowadays, everybody needs dexterity in their<br />

hands because everybody has a smart phone. Nobody can<br />

afford a hand injury, so nobody wants to participate in<br />

UFC-style training. Maybe 0.01 percent likes it.<br />

Plus, the population in the US is changing. There are<br />

now more seniors than people in any other age group.<br />

These elders can no longer jump, and if they participate in<br />

a contact sport, they risk breaking bones due to osteoporosis.<br />

That is why yoga schools have been popping up everywhere<br />

while martial arts schools have been closing down.<br />

For the martial arts to see a brighter future, we need to<br />

change our tournament system, and change our classroom<br />

procedures to appeal to this changing market.<br />

Traditional martial arts tournaments are great for<br />

young athletes. Competition provides a relatively safe<br />

outlet for aggressive urges. But lately, more and more of<br />

the population avoid these competitions for fear of injury.<br />

Parents do not want to see their children injured with a<br />

kick to the head, and adults cannot afford to be injured<br />

and left unable to work. We need to redesign our tournament<br />

system to eliminate injury as much as possible.<br />

What would a modern tournament look like?<br />

The Hanmadang is a step in the right direction, where<br />

students of all ages can compete safely. We could also<br />

include sparring in a modern tournament if we change<br />

the focus from individuals to teams. Two students from<br />

the same school would cooperate with each other as a team<br />

to put on the most exciting action movie-style show of<br />

sparring skills. Their competitors would be a team from<br />

another school, who also put on a cooperative show of skill.<br />

The judges would decide which team puts on the best show<br />

based on technique and entertainment value.<br />

These matches would actually be more exciting to the<br />

audience, increase the skill level of our students, promote<br />

cooperation over violence, and—most importantly of all—<br />

would prevent injuries. Students could continue participating<br />

in the martial arts at any age. We would not lose students<br />

as they get older and we would not lose students to yoga.<br />

Once they join our schools, they would stay with us forever.<br />

We also need to modernize our classrooms. Instead<br />

of pitting two students against each other in a fight, we<br />

should be teaching them a more valuable skill for our<br />

civilized society: Cooperation. In class, they can learn to<br />

cooperate by alternate sparring. In alternate sparring,<br />

students take turns practicing their techniques on a live<br />

target, with the discipline of self-control that prevents<br />

contact. We can reduce the risk of injury to almost zero in<br />

the classroom and in tournaments.<br />

Visit YKKim.com<br />

64 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2<br />

Photograph by Eugene_Onischenko

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➽Motivational speaker Brian Tracy is fond of<br />

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In any group, there is always that bottom <strong>20</strong> percent<br />

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Regardless of the reason, they have problems, and<br />

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It just makes sense to separate tuition billing from<br />

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helping students improve, not on being a bill collector.<br />

Students who have a financial problem should speak to a<br />

financial counselor, not their master instructor.<br />

Many schools assign a member<br />

of the school staff to take on the<br />

role of bill collection to insulate the<br />

master. However, this situation still<br />

creates an adversarial relationship<br />

between the student and the school.<br />

It is far better to have a middleman<br />

absorb the abuse and keep a positive<br />

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Now, some people will say that<br />

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In reality, hiring a professional saves<br />

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Even more important is the fact that AMS is not just<br />

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68 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2<br />

Photograph by mokee81

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The 10 Things You MUST Do<br />

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is a 9th degree<br />

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Karate schools,<br />

and founder of the<br />

<strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Wealth<br />

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9. Separate your hobby from your business<br />

The vast majority of school owners confuse their<br />

interests as a “hobbyist” with their role as a professional<br />

educator. You must not forget that your interests and<br />

needs as a black belt are different than the interests and<br />

needs of most of those who are interested in taking lessons<br />

from you.<br />

While you should never lose your zest for personal<br />

training, you must structure an appropriate curriculum<br />

for your target audience. Once that’s done, you basically<br />

teach the same thing over and over to a constantly<br />

changing group of students (i.e. new students coming in all<br />

the time). Beginners turning into intermediates, intermediates<br />

turning into advanced students, and advanced<br />

students turning into black belts.<br />

10. Eliminate self-defeating thinking and elevate<br />

your expectations<br />

Just like in the bestselling book The Secret, ultimately<br />

you get what you expect and attract what you focus on<br />

intently. It’s important to look for references supporting<br />

your goals and objectives and to ignore the naysayers.<br />

Be very careful that you pay attention to the top 10<br />

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and results of the rest. You must be careful to surround<br />

yourself with people who have achieved what you want<br />

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The great sales trainer Tom Hopkins put it this way:<br />

“Never take advice from someone more screwed up than<br />

you are.”<br />

If you watch the news, you will know that in the United<br />

States, a very small percentage of the population earns<br />

most of the income. One statistic I found shows that about<br />

5.4 percent of the population earns over $100 thousand a<br />

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So, looking at that number alone, you know that if you<br />

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martial arts business) are doing the wrong things and have<br />

opinions that are not useful to you. If you want to earn<br />

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wrong about how to get there.<br />

I’ve been in the top one percent in our industry for over<br />

31 years. Most of the “experts” really haven’t grossed more<br />

than $300 thousand per year, and much fewer had net<br />

profit of that much or more consistently.<br />

Visit <strong>Martial</strong><strong>Arts</strong>Wealth.com<br />

70 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2<br />

Photograph by Ghing

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How to Promote Successfully – Ideas like internal<br />

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How to Operate for Success – All the direction you<br />

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It’s imperative that you start summer camp now.<br />

It’s a big undertaking that is well worth the effort in the<br />

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72 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2



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BLAC has made such a huge difference in our school! In a few<br />

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chip@teamchiptkd.com<br />

"It doesn't matter the size of your school, the demographics or<br />

ranks of your students, Chip Townsend helps with all aspects<br />

of running a successful martial arts school!"<br />

-Justin Cuellar, Owner of Atalla County <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong>

Tactical Self-Defense<br />

Press The Points<br />



is known as<br />

“America’s Leading<br />

Personal Safety<br />

Expert” and has<br />

appeared on Good<br />

Morning America,<br />

The CBS Morning<br />

Show, The Colbert<br />

Report, Montel,<br />

plus in mainstream<br />

publications such<br />

as Family Circle,<br />

Redbook, Fortune<br />

<strong>Magazine</strong>, and The<br />

Wall Street Journal.<br />

He has written<br />

several books<br />

and has personal<br />

safety programs<br />

that can be<br />

incorporated into<br />

your martial arts<br />

school, available at<br />

TomPatire.com.<br />

➽In the past I’ve talked about control tactics<br />

and how they are a necessity in the world of professional<br />

bodyguarding. Facts being facts—you<br />

hope to avoid confrontations most of the time,<br />

but if you do get into a physical confrontation,<br />

the use of force in many cases will be low-level or<br />

what many of us call “soft-handed force.” A reader<br />

asked me via email what I personally thought<br />

of pressure points or pressure point-based<br />

techniques. As I’ve stated before, all aspects of<br />

training have their place and time in certain situations<br />

that you may or may not run across while<br />

working as a private protector. Pressure points<br />

are definetly something that fit the bill in fullcircle<br />

training regarding the EP profession.<br />

Now, pressure point-type techniques are a debatable<br />

topic among many in the security and law enforcement<br />

professions. Some swear by them, while others swear<br />

against them. As in anything, it depends not only on the<br />

situation that you are dealing with, but it also depends on<br />

how you apply the technique and the state of the person<br />

you are applying it on. With that being, said let’s look at a<br />

few variables:<br />

Situations<br />

When you talk situation-based scenarios you need to<br />

address what type of force is needed. In this case, since we<br />

are addressing pressure points, let’s look at specific situations<br />

or attacks on the principal that would warrant the<br />

use of a pressure point technique. Scenarios that involve<br />

restraining an aggressor that could or would do harm to<br />

not only your client, but to you and your team as well,<br />

would be a common one. Situations like overaggressive<br />

fans that grab or attempt to grab your client, like at a rock<br />

concert or autograph session; or when protesters lock onto<br />

stationary objects like doors, each other, or vehicles, and<br />

you, as the on-premise agent, need to remove them quickly<br />

so the client can get through. These scenarios and many<br />

others like them give you the option of using a soft-handed<br />

technique like a pressure point. And yes, when done<br />

right, they do work (I have used them).<br />

Application<br />

Like in all training, applying the right technique at the<br />

right time is the key to success. Also, applying it in realworld<br />

conditions is what makes you invaluable to your<br />

client, as well<br />

as your team. What I have found<br />

in my training is that many people that<br />

fail at pressure point techniques fail not because<br />

of the technique itself, but because of the missed application.<br />

See, a pressure point has to be “cleared” before you<br />

apply it. For example, you attempt to apply a point to, let’s<br />

say, in the region of the clavicle, where there are numerous,<br />

very effective points that can immobilize an aggressor<br />

in seconds. Where this point, and many like them, goes<br />

wrong is when the applicator tries to apply it directly<br />

through the clothing. When that happens, the clothing<br />

jams the point and creates a buffer so that the aggressor<br />

never feels the full effect of the point, allowing him to<br />

resist or, in some cases, break out of the technique. Some<br />

helpful advice when applying a point to the clavicle region<br />

is to slide your finger down along the neck so that it goes<br />

under the shirt or jacket, and once directly on the targeted<br />

point, use another finger to activate the pressure point.<br />

This technique is called “clearing” and works most of the<br />

time in most situations.<br />

Body Types<br />

Body type often dictates the effect of a pressure point.<br />

For example, a person with less body density (fat and/or<br />

muscle), in most cases, is easiest to apply. That does not<br />

mean that the other body types can’t be targets with pressure<br />

points. What it means is that you need to read a body<br />

and apply the best point that shows itself during the altercation/situation.<br />

In a situation where a person is irate and<br />

swinging his hands violently, many seasoned professionals<br />

I work with like to target facial points or points that lie<br />

in the arms like the radial nerve. If a person is on the attack<br />

and an agent enters from his rear, many favor points in<br />

the neck, back, or lower legs. What it really comes down<br />

to is what is accessible at the time. In many cases, you take<br />

what is given to you instead of trying to go after a point<br />

that may not be accessible at the time.<br />

At the end of the day, the training you choose is your<br />

choice, but the law dictates what we can do and what we<br />

can’t. Make sure you are skilled in all aspects of use of<br />

force, and when you have the choice, make sure you use<br />

less force instead of more. Less means fewer problems and<br />

fewer headaches, especially if it involves any type of civil<br />

and criminal repercussions.<br />

Visit TomPatire.com<br />

76 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2<br />

Photograph by Indysystem

Complete <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Concepts<br />

Kung-Fu Curriculum<br />

Development, Part 1<br />




is a 7th degree<br />

black belt and<br />

seven-time<br />

sport karate and<br />

Kung-Fu world<br />

champion. He has<br />

appeared in four<br />

movies, 16 plays,<br />

and 11 television<br />

shows. He is<br />

also the national<br />

spokesperson for<br />

the Stronger than<br />

Drugs Foundation<br />

and the Champions<br />

Against Drugs.<br />

➽This is the production, vehicle, and style<br />

used to empower others by teaching. Kung<br />

Fu is like painting a beautiful portrait. It is one<br />

of the only completed art forms that realize<br />

its effective execution as the small details<br />

lead with the big picture. But this can destroy<br />

students’ self-worth and add stress to their<br />

lives and force them to quit. Remember, these<br />

students have a life, jobs, and so many other<br />

things. Only a very small percentage of people<br />

want the whole cultural experience forced on<br />

them; instead, they want to be free to use what<br />

enhances their lives.<br />

When the curriculum is taught in this manner, you<br />

develop students for life and more balanced human beings;<br />

and, as a matter of fact, this approach is congruent<br />

with everything else in their life. Lessons should be about<br />

working smarter by using one’s time wisely by focusing<br />

on their strengths, and use a guiding curriculum that<br />

will eventually enhance their weaknesses the longer they<br />

stay around. This is the reason for introducing students<br />

to a more simplified curriculum for the first one to four<br />

years and set the goal of attaining their black belt. There<br />

must be a goal, and a black belt signifies a strong basic<br />

foundation in society. It is the stage that the real martial<br />

arts training begins because, before then, they were just<br />

remembering a curriculum.<br />

Over the next three to four years<br />

they will be evaluated as black belts,<br />

and then as an artist over the next five<br />

to ten, eventually developing into black<br />

belts for life as their Kung Fu training<br />

is now a way of life. At my schools, to<br />

protect the art, it takes three to four<br />

years to achieve a first level black belt,<br />

and if you stay around, in another<br />

three to four years you qualify for<br />

first-degree black belt, which is the real<br />

black belt.<br />

This process works well in teaching<br />

the complete art of Kung Fu, with<br />

a curriculum best broken down by<br />

age group for comprehension. For example, at the Kung<br />

Phooey level, it’s all disguised as nursery rhymes, ABCs,<br />

counting, life skills, and personal safety.<br />

There is also the additional program called “Magnificent”<br />

that enhances the complete Kung Fu program, and<br />

helps the students progress faster. We have classes like<br />

<strong>Martial</strong> Fusion, Kids Fu Fit, Combat Fitness, Street Combat,<br />

Tai Chi, grappling, Street Calisthenics, and more.<br />

We also offer summer camps, workshops, and events<br />

that expose the students to other hot styles, sports, and so<br />

on, which will enhance their curriculum development.<br />

Then there is the SWAT competition team and demo<br />

team that they qualify for if they are in the Black Belt<br />

Club and Masters Club, which are just long-term commitment<br />

programs that reinforce goal setting and accomplishments.<br />

There are additional classes and curriculums<br />

that go along with all of this that include weapons<br />

training, fighting sets, full contact, MMA, and anything<br />

that we know will help develop top-quality Kung Fu artists<br />

over time. Also, these programs inspire students to<br />

commit more time to their training which, as now there’s<br />

no wasted time in any class because every second is accounted<br />

for.<br />

What goes with all of this is to improve competition,<br />

the entertainment industry, the fitness industry, academics<br />

and more. It is a win-win all around.<br />

Visit PointMMA.com<br />

78 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2<br />

Photograph by Tuned_In

The Millionaire Smarts Coach<br />

Prescriptive Behavior<br />




is an Intuitive<br />

Business Coach,<br />

award-winning<br />

professional<br />

speaker, and TV<br />

personality who<br />

has counseled<br />

and trained over<br />

a million people<br />

throughout her<br />

career. Lee is<br />

Stephen Oliver’s<br />

<strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong><br />

Wealth Mastery’s<br />

Millionaire Smarts<br />

Coach and is also a<br />

best-selling author<br />

of educational<br />

resources.<br />

➽It is better to be over-rehearsed than<br />

ambushed!<br />

You must have visionary thinking when it comes to<br />

your future. I call this, “flying into the future with your<br />

mind,” so you can acknowledge the possible changes happening<br />

in your world.<br />

When you know something might come your way,<br />

prepare yourself so you aren’t caught off-guard. You must<br />

arm yourself with information that keeps you balanced<br />

and conscious to prevent stress and panic, regardless of<br />

whatever little mess you find yourself in. No one makes<br />

good decisions when they’re trapped in a non-resourceful<br />

state of mind or caught off-guard. In fact, most of us can<br />

trace bad decisions back to when we reacted to a situation<br />

instead of acting in a manner that served us.<br />

I want to remind you of the importance of prescriptive<br />

behavior, or arming yourself with the tools and information<br />

that will help you deal with whatever changes come<br />

your way so you can achieve your goals.<br />

When you decide to choose your response to circumstances,<br />

you powerfully affect the outcome. By taking<br />

responsibility of the decisions in your life and business,<br />

you change the circumstances and the outcome. When you<br />

focus on the highest and best outcome possible, you don’t<br />

allow challenges to make you a victim. You go from being a<br />

victim to being powerful. When you give yourself permission<br />

to let go of what doesn’t work and make a decision on<br />

what you want, you clearly start taking control of your life<br />

and future.<br />

Instead of dreading change, reframe your life. Think<br />

about the possibility of new, exciting opportunities for operating<br />

your business so you can be happy instead of being<br />

afraid and dreading what might happen. Remember, you’re<br />

always a self-fulfilling prophecy. You design your future<br />

with your thoughts, expectations, behaviors, and actions.<br />

If something has not worked well for you in the past, it’s<br />

TIME TO CHANGE IT. Shift your mind to get new results.<br />

The old saying, “Success in life is 80 percent attitude and<br />

<strong>20</strong> percent aptitude,” is true. You can learn anything you’re<br />

willing to spend the time and energy to learn. It’s your attitude<br />

that will make the difference if you are open to change.<br />

So, ask yourself what your attitude is toward change.<br />

No matter what kind of business you run, there are<br />

going to be days that are filled with problems. The news<br />

is negative, employees let you down, and competition is<br />

beating you up. You feel exhausted from making decisions<br />

and challenging things constantly happen. In the end, the<br />

people who thrive and prosper are the ones who have the<br />

prescriptive attitude. The people who succeed are the ones<br />

who take charge of the caliber of information that reaches<br />

their brain.<br />

In other words, a habit of the wealthy is having the skill<br />

of awareness to stop negative self-talk and keep from having<br />

a negative view of life that will impact your future and<br />

keep you from reaching greatness.<br />

You get in life what you focus on. If you dwell on limitations,<br />

you will reach them. You will have a better life in<br />

every way if you make the least of the worst while making<br />

the most of the best.<br />

Visit Milteer.com<br />

80 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2<br />

Photograph by NirutiStock

Bodybuilding Shoes<br />

Weight-lifting<br />

Boxing & <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Sneakers<br />

<strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Gear<br />

1-800-597-5425<br />



Budo Philosophy<br />

The Reverse Side of<br />

Intelligence Is Arrogance<br />



is the CEO and<br />

General Manager<br />

of the Budo<br />

International<br />

Publishing<br />

Company, a<br />

leading publisher<br />

in the martial arts<br />

with over 35 years<br />

in the industry.<br />

He is also author<br />

of several books:<br />

The Immaterial<br />

Dimension, The<br />

Way of the Warrior,<br />

and The Spirit. He<br />

currently lives in<br />

Valencia, Spain.<br />

➽There is a mechanism that is intrinsic to<br />

the human being and to the way his thinking<br />

is organized, to the way his brain works,<br />

which is analogy. With great success analogy<br />

has led us to succeed as a species even<br />

though we are not really a paragon of virtue<br />

or physical talents.<br />

With analogy, starting from something known, we<br />

infer from similar conclusions as we respond to the unknown.<br />

Then, we apply reasoning to verify the discovery<br />

and pass it to the next generation; a great system, no<br />

doubt. However, this positive aspect of our peculiar way<br />

of being thinking animals bears hidden on the bottom of<br />

itself a terrible reverse side, which is the root of arrogance.<br />

Forced by need, the aforementioned process of trying<br />

to know what we ignore by means of comparison,<br />

which forces us to position ourselves before the unknown<br />

through challenges, carries in it implicitly a terrible trend<br />

of believing that we are the exclusive possessors of the<br />

truth, and definitively the owners of a throne that doesn’t<br />

fit us, because it will always be more what we don’t know<br />

than what we do know.<br />

As the real challenges are less than the imaginary ones,<br />

it’s easy to reverse the positive of that procedure and fall<br />

into its dark counterpart. That’s why the most protected<br />

generations, less contrasted with difficulties, accuse much<br />

more this defect. And that is also why certainties and<br />

security in personal history are frequently strong points of<br />

a temper in which arrogance has installed itself.<br />

Only the one who has fallen knows about his limits,<br />

measures his smallness; although there is no better antidote<br />

to arrogance than defeat, learning from it is quite<br />

another thing.<br />

Those of us who have a tendency towards arrogance<br />

perceive the change when years mature us because we become<br />

temperate (not lukewarm), and we look at the world<br />

and our reactions with perspective. Tolerance is a first<br />

symptom, understanding is one even better, and compassion<br />

is the final one. These are the unmistakable signs that<br />

something has changed and modulated our nature, but<br />

without forgetting that we are what we are.<br />

At the end, a goat will always be drawn to the mountain<br />

or, as they say, a leopard never changes its spots.<br />

Visit BudoInternational.com<br />

84 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2<br />

Photograph by Khosrork

Reach Thousands of<br />

<strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Professionals in<br />

To See Sponsorship Options & Packages<br />

Visit <strong>Martial</strong><strong>Arts</strong><strong>World</strong><strong>News</strong>.com/Sponsors<br />

Email Sponsors@<strong>Martial</strong><strong>Arts</strong><strong>World</strong><strong>News</strong>.com<br />

or Call Jeff @ 407-895-1996

Pro Shop Power<br />

Build Retention Through<br />

Innovation & Safety<br />


is the President<br />

of Vision <strong>Martial</strong><br />

<strong>Arts</strong> Supply, Los<br />

Angeles Branch,<br />

who helps school<br />

owners all over the<br />

US maximize their<br />

retail sales and<br />

drive more revenue<br />

into their schools.<br />

➽There was a time when many<br />

styles of the martial arts were limited<br />

almost solely to punches and kicks.<br />

If a person could not perform big<br />

kicks, then they usually weren’t considered<br />

a well-rounded martial artist.<br />

Many schools didn’t teach grappling<br />

because it wasn’t a part of their traditional<br />

style.<br />

Now, thanks to puzzle mats, martial arts school<br />

owners can provide students with cushioned surfaces<br />

that not only allow for sure-footed support for stepping<br />

and kicking drills, but are also great shock absorbers for<br />

jumping and falling drills, as well. Puzzle mats also have a<br />

non-slip surface that increases safety for your students, no<br />

matter which drill they’re performing.<br />

When you use puzzle mats, you can teach grappling<br />

and throwing techniques. By adding new techniques and<br />

practices into your martial arts training, you offer more<br />

for your students. Adding the variation of grappling into<br />

your curriculum can even boost your retention. Those<br />

students who don’t feel as confident in their kicking<br />

techniques might feel much stronger with grappling.<br />

Even those students who are strong in kicking<br />

techniques should learn<br />

the usefulness of grappling.<br />

By knowing more<br />

techniques, the student<br />

becomes a more knowledgeable<br />

martial artist.<br />

Puzzle mats can also lead to<br />

more enrollments, too. Grappling<br />

and throwing techniques are things that<br />

people look for when they are searching for a<br />

school specifically for self-defense purposes. On top<br />

of that, when someone is looking for a martial arts school,<br />

they want to know that they (or their child) will be safe.<br />

Puzzle mats will show them that you are concerned for<br />

your students’ safety.<br />

Grappling involves students hitting the floor more<br />

often. With puzzle mats, students will be safe when they<br />

fall. Puzzle mats also provide a safe surface for a student<br />

who<br />

missteps<br />

and falls<br />

during any drill. An added bonus of the puzzle mats is<br />

less fatigue on the body. Standing on a firm yet cushioned<br />

surface puts less stress on the bones and joints. That means<br />

that your students can train longer and more safely!<br />

Puzzle mats are a reasonably inexpensive way to boost<br />

your retention and vary your curriculum. Puzzle mats are<br />

worth the investment compared to the gains that your<br />

school will make.<br />

If you’d like to get an idea of how much a puzzle mat<br />

floor would cost in your school, simply divide<br />

your total square feet by 11.09. This will<br />

give you the total number of mats<br />

your school will need. Then, you<br />

simply multiply that number by<br />

the cost of each mat.<br />

At MyKick.com/mat, Vision can<br />

provide you with a free quote. We also offer<br />

several different price points for puzzle<br />

mats. We offer Platinum and Deluxe puzzle<br />

mats, as well as a “high profile” surface or a “low<br />

profile surface,” in addition to a variety of colors<br />

(long gone are the days of the bright red, blue, yellow, and<br />

green puzzle mats!). Vision even offers a <strong>World</strong> Taekwondo<br />

Federation-approved TUSAH puzzle mat that is<br />

odorless and made with high density EVA foam.<br />

For your free quote and to peruse our numerous options,<br />

visit MyKick.com/mat today!<br />

86 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2

Learn the Sword<br />

with Shihan Dana Abbott<br />

Learn Samurai swordsmanship online with Shihan Dana Abbott!<br />

For $1 a day, you can take advantage<br />

of Danna Abbott’s expertise in<br />

Kenjutsu, known as Japanese<br />

Swordsmanship, where he<br />

holds the rank of Shihan 7th<br />

Degree Black Belt.<br />

Abbot has shared his expertise<br />

from the Hombu Dojo in<br />

Yokohama with thousands of<br />

instructors worldwide – and<br />

now he’d like to share it with you.<br />

Samurai Program Online Training<br />

You’ll get unlimited access to videos and tutorials<br />

detailing sword techniques and covering wood,<br />

bamboo, synthetics, and steel for long sword!<br />

Individual Courses & Self Study<br />

Instruction is based on tried-and-true methods<br />

taught in Japan for generations. Experience oneon-one<br />

instruction with a simple, step-by-step,<br />

methodical approach to mastering the sword.<br />

Instructor Courses & Certification<br />

Traditional and combative courses allow<br />

students to grasp the basic dynamics of<br />

traditional & combative sword techniques<br />

and mindsets, making learning and achieving<br />

certification easier!<br />

For more information, head to LearnTheSword.com

The Way of the Samurai<br />

The Three Rs of Combative<br />

Weaponry, Part 2<br />


ABBOTT Is a<br />

7th degree black<br />

belt in Kenjutsu,<br />

starting his 14-year<br />

education in Tokyo.<br />

He has published<br />

five books and<br />

designed a US<br />

Patent. Abbott has<br />

also conducted<br />

seminars in over<br />

30 countries and<br />

obtained his black<br />

belt at the Hombu<br />

dojo in Yokohama.<br />

➽Retail, Retention, and Renewal<br />

Weaponry programs in the past were only practiced by<br />

the higher ranks and the focused, especially since injury<br />

was a main concern among school owners.<br />

Now, with new approaches in marketing traditional<br />

practices, ActionFlex has designed a turnkey weapons program,<br />

which is easy to set up and manage while bringing<br />

new retail profits into your establishment.<br />

Padded weaponry programs and polishing<br />

tools were not created yesterday. These<br />

are all tried and true methods<br />

with decades of<br />

results. Recognized<br />

by<br />

the Japanese<br />

Department of<br />

Education and Recreation,<br />

these programs<br />

are geared towards children,<br />

youth, and adults.<br />

What was originally created for the elite few<br />

decades ago are now being taught safely to the<br />

masses in over <strong>20</strong> countries. Incorporating<br />

a padded weapons program in your school<br />

is easier than you think. You just need<br />

to understand the how-tos of padded<br />

weaponry programs and how they can be applied to your<br />

school, system, and style. The following suggestions are all<br />

you need to make an informed decision.<br />

Programs and curriculums in your school<br />

Short and long sword and mixed weaponry programs<br />

provide excitement among young and adult martial artists.<br />

Students can’t get enough and they want more. Read<br />

and view as much information as possible. Go on the internet,<br />

where you will find hours of useful written and visual<br />

information, then call and ask questions. Brainstorm with<br />

your staff and students. Knock around what works best<br />

today and how to improve for tomorrow. Decide which<br />

programs work for your school, style, and system. You<br />

might elect to incorporate an upgrade program for your<br />

little ninjas. Or teach a sword and staff class utilizing a core<br />

program. No matter what avenue you use, these programs<br />

and training tools are jam-packed with drills and marketing<br />

information; the key to success making an educated<br />

and informed decision, which costs nothing but your time.<br />

Equipment in your school<br />

Instructors who use full contact padded weaponry and<br />

programs in their schools already know the possibilities.<br />

Instead of using a pipe taped with rags to construct<br />

a staff or other weapon, which is a dangerous<br />

gamble at best, consider this: If you can put a<br />

man on the moon, shouldn’t you<br />

be able to have full contact<br />

weaponry that<br />

is safe? Correctly designed<br />

and long-lasting<br />

equipment is a<br />

key factor. Test them<br />

out in school with<br />

the students and staff.<br />

Again, ask questions and<br />

understand the how-tos<br />

of padded weapons and<br />

what works best in<br />

your school.<br />

Incorporate in your school<br />

Have one or all of your instructors and staff members<br />

take a class or intensive course on full contact padded<br />

weaponry. Have your leadership team or staff assist<br />

with the various sword, staff, stick, and mixed weaponry<br />

programs. Incorporate these programs in your school by<br />

introducing them slowly, but with conviction. Allow all of<br />

your students to practice with the weaponry in one aspect<br />

or another, not just the higher-ranking students or black<br />

belts. Easy-to-find information on classes and courses are<br />

just a click of the button away. Concerned about a program<br />

in your school? Talk to another school owner. Chances are<br />

they already have classes in their school that promote a<br />

great workout with no fear of injury.<br />

Online classses available at LearnTheSword.com, his<br />

unique swordmanship academy.<br />

88 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2<br />

Photograph by master1305

Master the Basics<br />

Three Secrets to a Great<br />

Beginner’s Class<br />

MASTER<br />


is a 6th degree<br />

master instructor<br />

and owner of a<br />

Top Ten martial<br />

arts school with<br />

successful after<br />

school and summer<br />

camp programs.<br />

➽The beginner’s class is the most important<br />

class in martial arts training. If you don’t have<br />

a great beginner’s class, it won’t matter how<br />

good your other classes are because students<br />

will quit before they ever get to move up in<br />

rank.<br />

For this reason, I strongly recommend teaching a separate<br />

beginner’s class. When you just throw your beginners<br />

into your regular class, it can be very frustrating to all the<br />

students. Beginners have very different needs from more<br />

advanced students. When you put them both in the same<br />

class, one or the other will get frustrated, and your retention<br />

will suffer.<br />

All your classes must be educational, motivational, and<br />

practical. Here are three secrets I have discovered over the<br />

years for my beginners’ classes:<br />

First, take the time to teach your basics properly<br />

Beginner’s class lays the foundation of the martial arts<br />

for these students. The basics we teach provide the foundation<br />

of every technique the students will learn, even the<br />

most advanced skills. Just as you cannot build a skyscraper<br />

on a foundation of sand, you cannot build powerful martial<br />

arts technique on sloppy basics. The quality of your<br />

black belts begins here.<br />

Take the extra time to explain the<br />

basics, allow the students to practice, and<br />

then help them improve. I like the PIR<br />

method of correction, which stands for<br />

Praise, Improvement, and Result. You<br />

praise the student for what he is doing<br />

well, suggest an area of improvement, and<br />

then tell him the result of following your<br />

advice. For example, “Good! I like the way<br />

you snap your kick out and back. If you<br />

point your knee a little higher, you will be<br />

able to kick higher.”<br />

Second, help students set shortterm,<br />

mid-term, and long-term<br />

goals<br />

Students with goals have a reason to<br />

overcome the inevitable frustrations that come when they<br />

are pushing their limits. Help them learn to turn obstacles<br />

into stepping-stones to achieve higher levels of mastery.<br />

A short-term goal for a beginner is to pass her yellow belt<br />

test. A mid-term goal would be to receive her black belt.<br />

A long-term goal would be to become an instructor and<br />

share what she has learned with others.<br />

Third, make sure they get a good physical<br />

sweat and a good mental sweat each class<br />

The more immediate the benefits they receive, the<br />

more necessary your classes will become in their lives.<br />

Physical sweat is a sign that they are getting into better<br />

shape. They are improving their strength, flexibility, and<br />

health while reducing stress. At the end of every class you<br />

can measure your success in gallons of sweat. Mental sweat<br />

comes from understanding the principles behind the<br />

basics, which give us direction in our lives. Be sure to point<br />

out the practical applications of martial arts principles in<br />

everyday living. For example, we teach verbal self-defense<br />

alongside of physical self-defense. Chances are your<br />

students will use verbal self-defense in the next day or so,<br />

whereas they probably won’t use physical self-defense for<br />

weeks, months, or even years. When they see immediate<br />

benefits, they have to come back for more.<br />

90 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2<br />

Photograph by uladzimir_likman

Join Our <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Professional<br />

Facebook Group<br />

Post Your<br />

Questions<br />

and Ideas<br />

Receive<br />

Feedback and<br />

Expert Advice<br />

Interact<br />

with Fellow<br />

<strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong><br />

Professionals<br />

Stay Up to<br />

Date with<br />

Industry <strong>News</strong><br />


Instructional Excellence<br />

The Good, the Bad,<br />

and the Ugly<br />



is a 9th degree<br />

black belt and<br />

is a martial arts<br />

educator with a<br />

master’s degree in<br />

education. He has<br />

been instrumental<br />

in developing two<br />

industry-changing<br />

programs, plus<br />

has directed and<br />

been featured in<br />

hundreds of martial<br />

arts videos and<br />

webinars.<br />

➽Over the past 50 years or so, you may<br />

have noticed some good, some bad, and<br />

some ugly trends in the martial arts industry.<br />

Back in the 1960s, all martial arts were mysterious,<br />

but gaining exposure in the movies<br />

and TV as exotic super-fighting methods.<br />

When James Bond did a few chops and some simple<br />

throws, people were amazed. It’s almost comical to look<br />

back on those original scenes and see how poorly executed<br />

those techniques were. Then Enter the Dragon<br />

was released, showing some truly exciting martial arts<br />

action to a hungry new audience. The TV series Kung-<br />

Fu cemented in our minds the image of the wise master<br />

who seemed to have otherworldly knowledge and abilities.<br />

<strong>Martial</strong> arts schools enjoyed a great reputation as a new<br />

influx of adult students sought Eastern philosophy and<br />

esoteric abilities.<br />

In the 1980s The Karate Kid created a whole new marketing<br />

vehicle for children in the martial arts. Millions of<br />

parents wanted their children to be taught by someone<br />

like Mr. Miyagi, and martial arts schools enjoyed another<br />

decade of a positive image and financial success.<br />

In the late 1990s, Billy Blanks’ Tae Bo created a separate<br />

marketing frenzy for aerobic self-defense. Existing<br />

martial arts schools were getting 50 calls a week asking<br />

if they taught Tae Bo. Official Tae Bo certification was<br />

hard to come by, but other programs like Cardio Karate<br />

and Aerobic Self-Defense were readily available, and<br />

many schools rode the wave to financial success—but the<br />

philosophy of the martial arts was not a strong component<br />

and the popularity did not last.<br />

In this century, the UFC seems to be the martial arts<br />

marketing bonanza. The franchise is currently valued<br />

at $4 billion due to its pay-per-view events, nightly and<br />

weekly television shows, video games, action figures, and<br />

clothing. Related clothing like Tap Out is also riding their<br />

wave of success.<br />

The UFC has definitely affected the martial arts industry<br />

as more schools offer a wider variety of techniques<br />

in their classes. Even traditional Taekwondo schools now<br />

offer some form of joint locks and grappling in their curriculum.<br />

The American public truly believes that there is<br />

more to fighting than kicking and punching.<br />

However, isn’t there more to martial arts than fighting?<br />

Are we just martial, or aren’t we also an art?<br />

The Mixed <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> have gone a long way to strip<br />

away the image of discipline and respect long associated<br />

with the martial arts. The problem is that millions of<br />

people watch MMA action, but no one who has a decent job<br />

wants to get grounded and pounded and then show up to<br />

work the next day with cuts and bruises. Nor do they want<br />

to see their children get grounded and pounded. MMA<br />

has become an ugly blood sport. UFC-style competition<br />

is the modern day equivalent of Roman gladiators in the<br />

Coliseum—everyone wants to watch, but no one wants to<br />

participate.<br />

<strong>Martial</strong> arts training, to be practical for modern<br />

society, needs practical philosophy. People want to learn<br />

physical self-defense, but they also need to learn mental<br />

self-defense. Most of the bullies we face use verbal or<br />

economic threats, rather than physical attacks, and that’s<br />

where we need to learn to defend ourselves most often.<br />

<strong>Martial</strong> arts training without modern philosophy is<br />

just highly skilled street fighting. It is really no different<br />

than gangbanging in the streets of New York, LA, or any<br />

other urban area.<br />

If you want your martial arts school to profit from the<br />

MMA craze, don’t add UFC-style fighting to your classes.<br />

Instead, differentiate yourself by emphasizing how your<br />

classes teach students to become Life Champions, not<br />

octagon champions. Emphasize how your modern philosophy<br />

can improve their lives on a daily basis.<br />

92 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2<br />

Photograph by master1305

Touch The Future<br />

Of <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> School Management<br />



• Send automated<br />

2-4-6 week follow<br />

up messages to<br />

keep new students<br />

motivated.<br />

• Create unlimited<br />

automated followup<br />

messages for<br />

students whose<br />

attendance has<br />

“slipped,” effectively<br />

slamming your<br />

“back door” shut!<br />

REPORT<br />


• You don’t even<br />

have to log in to<br />

the system, simply<br />

schedule any of the<br />

over 100 reports<br />

to be automatically<br />

emailed to you or<br />

a staff member<br />

whenever you wish.<br />



• Generate new<br />

leads with a<br />

website that<br />

will find new<br />

prospects,<br />

collect their<br />

information, and<br />

funnel them into<br />

your school.<br />

• Guide new<br />

prospects and<br />

appointments<br />

into your door<br />

with automated<br />

sequential email<br />

and SMS text<br />

messages.<br />



• Reactivate lost<br />

and former<br />

students with<br />

regular automated<br />

communications<br />

about special<br />

events and special<br />

offers at your<br />

school.<br />


• Automatically push, pre-scheduled<br />

posts to Facebook, Twitter and other<br />

Social Networks magnetically attracting<br />

students to your school.<br />


Atlas<strong>Martial</strong><strong>Arts</strong>Software.com<br />

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Tools & Tactics<br />

The Secret to Success<br />

Ms. Mandy<br />

Andrade<br />

is a martial<br />

arts business<br />

development<br />

consultant with<br />

a background in<br />

online and social<br />

media marketing.<br />

➽Most of the martial arts masters I speak with<br />

on a daily basis became professional instructors<br />

because they wanted to share with others<br />

the benefits they had received from practicing<br />

the martial arts.<br />

They remember the close bond they had with their own<br />

master, and the impact he had on their lives. They hope<br />

they can earn that kind of respect from their own students<br />

and have a similar effect on their lives.<br />

They did not open a martial arts school so that they<br />

could chase after people for money. That just wasn’t part<br />

of the game plan.<br />

Unfortunately, things happen. The primary source<br />

of income for a martial arts school is the tuition students<br />

pay for instruction, and that tuition is usually paid over<br />

time in monthly payments. Not everyone will remember<br />

to pay on time. Some people will have accidents and other<br />

unforeseen expenses, and will not want to pay for a month<br />

or two. At that point, what can you do?<br />

Here’s a little secret: The right answer is not to become<br />

the bill collector and ask the students for the money they owe<br />

you. The right answer is also not to ask your wife or a staff<br />

member to ask the student for money. Both of these solutions<br />

create more problems than they solve because they set up an<br />

adversarial relationship between the student and the school.<br />

Fortunately, the right answer also takes just one easy<br />

step: Hiring a professional tuition billing service from the<br />

beginning to take all those headaches away. You can then<br />

take all the time you and your staff currently spends on<br />

sending late notices, calling students on the phone, and<br />

dealing with frustrated parents in person, and use that<br />

time to recruit new students instead.<br />

Every hour you spend collecting current tuition could<br />

be invested into recruiting new students who are worth<br />

thousands in additional income. When you try handling<br />

your billing in-house, you save a nickel and miss out on<br />

making dollars.<br />

It’s just not worth it.<br />

Professional companies also provide additional professional<br />

services, like accounting. Whenever you want to<br />

know who has paid and who is late, you can get up-to-date<br />

reports online anytime. Additionally, the best companies<br />

offer other valuable services like marketing materials,<br />

management assistance, and consulting.<br />

If you or any member of your staff is wasting time<br />

and ruining your reputation by chasing after students for<br />

money, I recommend that you trade in your headaches for<br />

extra time to enroll new students, and earn new income.<br />

Call the professionals at AMS at (800) 275-1600 or visit<br />

OurAMS.com to preserve your dignity and the reputation<br />

of your school.<br />

AMS is your one-stop-shop for martial arts school owners.<br />

We do it all, so you don’t have to.<br />

94 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2<br />

Photograph by Olivier Le Moal

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<strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Philosophy<br />

American Samurai, Part 1<br />

SENSEI<br />

GARY LEE,<br />

the American<br />

Samurai, is a 9th<br />

Dan black belt,<br />

a USA Karate<br />

Federation gold<br />

medalist, winner<br />

of five Super<br />

Grand National<br />

Titles, a featured<br />

actor in the movie<br />

Sidekicks, and<br />

is the founder of<br />

the National Sport<br />

Karate Museum.<br />

➽It was a<br />

clear, crisp morning at<br />

the docks in the bustling<br />

port city known<br />

as Shinbashi. As the<br />

boats and sailing ships<br />

began to depart Edo<br />

Bay, winding their way<br />

up and down the coast<br />

of Japan, a mediumsized<br />

sailing ship known<br />

as the Maru Mari was<br />

also traveling the same<br />

route. There was nothing<br />

special about this<br />

vessel. It consisted of<br />

a twelve-man crew,<br />

plus 29 passengers.<br />

Little did they know that<br />

this was the last time<br />

they would ever again<br />

see the shores of Edo.<br />

Japan is known for its<br />

many island chains. Their<br />

destination was to be one of those islands: Hahajima,<br />

located about 800 nautical miles off the coast of Japan.<br />

The 29 passengers had been sent by a direct edict of the<br />

Emperor to colonize Japan’s outer frontier. Select samurai<br />

families from various clans were occasionally sent to the<br />

outer frontiers to establish new colonies and posts. The<br />

samurai clan on this particular ship was traveling east<br />

towards the rising sun.<br />

The Emperor’s aim was to colonize a small outpost on<br />

Hahajima, which takes about ten days when sailing by<br />

light sailing craft. Unfortunately, as they were getting<br />

closer to their destination, an ominous storm warning<br />

appeared on the horizon. When it hit, the storm took them<br />

off of their designated course for six days. When the hurricane<br />

winds had exhausted their strength and visibility<br />

returned they spotted what they believed to be Hahajima.<br />

Upon debarking the vessel and wading through the last<br />

few feet of water, they heard not a sound or any activity. For<br />

weeks they toured, examined, and searched for each and every<br />

sign of sustainability. The passengers finally realized they<br />

had landed on the wrong island, but began colonizing and<br />

preparing it for more samurai to come in the next two years.<br />

Five years went by and no one had appeared; then, ten<br />

years, and still no sign of anyone or any help. Meanwhile,<br />

these stranded samurai and the ship’s tradesmen began<br />

building a port city for the coming Japanese reinforcements<br />

that never materialized.<br />

Although, a few generations later, merchant ships that<br />

were off course saw their beacon and headed toward the<br />

light began showing up at their outpost port. When these<br />

merchants returned to their homeports, bringing home<br />

exciting stories about the fierce-looking samurai warriors<br />

they encountered on the island, ship captains and their<br />

pilots added this island and port to their current nautical<br />

maps. Thus, the island’s commerce began.<br />

On the maps and charts, they named the island Katana,<br />

referring to the fact that everyone there wore a Katana<br />

sword. What was originally thought to be Hahajima actually<br />

became the newly charted island of Katana, located off<br />

the farthest northwestern tip of the Hawaii, and which the<br />

United States of America annexed. Thus, the inhabitants<br />

on the island became known as American Samurai.<br />

Visit SportKarateMuseumArchives.com<br />

96 MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2<br />

Photograph by boggy22

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ATouchofZen.com<br />


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KovarSytems.com/success<br />

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Action Hero Photos<br />

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19, 66, AMS Billing<br />

100 OurAMS.com<br />

59, 73 AMSkids<br />

OurAMS.com/AfterSchool<br />

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BlackBeltPrinciples.com<br />

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62 Kick Start Kids<br />

KickStartKids.org<br />

MARTIAL ARTS WORLD NEWS VOLUME <strong>20</strong> | ISSUE 2 97

TOOL<br />


‘Video Game Tournament’ Poster<br />

Use this attention-getting poster<br />

to entice prospective child<br />

students to join your school! Just<br />

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Get this FREE sample of the creative<br />

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enjoy every month to lock in student<br />

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students into your school! Members<br />

also receive a fully developed<br />

promotion outline and other support<br />

materials.<br />

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No More Chasing Payments, Hunting Down Expired Credit Cards,<br />

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Tuition Management Services<br />

The Most Effective<br />

Tuition Billing & Management<br />

In The <strong>Martial</strong> <strong>Arts</strong> Industry!<br />

VISIT OURAMS.COM CALL 1-800-275-1600

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