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daramola uncovered

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So much to write. So little space.

Trippin Ape Tribe

DexterLab looks at Trippin Ape Tribe

from a different angle #alpha

Rant or Rational?

EasyMoneyDing gives you fair warning


Probably Nothing

EasyMoneyDing speaks. Are you

listening? #alpha

Barndog & MetaverseME

At it again with the latest news and

insights #alpha


Perfectenchlang uncovers the latest

mint #alpha

Supply Chain

itsDaramola talks about his project,

roadmap & work to date #alpha

Marco Polo

The team at Mercanti wrap up the week


The Fracture

LH_Exe looks at THE BRIDGE art






Issue 57 of #Shill zine - the most read Solana ecosystem zine on Twitter.

If this is your first time viewing the zine- WELCOME! Glad to see you

here, we appreciate your support and interest. For those regulares out

there- I’m hoping that this 116 page issue helps you discover something

new this week!

Balance by @kodool

Databstractor by @dat_a_bstract


2x Erotica by


Nameless by @husaensadam

Giovanni’s Room by @


#Shill managed to lock away a couple of pieces during the week. What

have you collected?

THE Solana ecosystem zine is here to stay. It’s weekly. It’s free. It’s

archiving history. Are you coming along for the ride #anon?

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Enough said. You know the drill. Let’s f go!



SHILL Issue #57

Keep your eye on...




Trippin Ape



Over 350 thousand Twitter followers in a month, there hasn’t been a faster growing Solana NFT project

ever before! That’s how strongly people are interested in the Trippin’ Ape Tribe mint coming next week,

May 24th.

What is the Trippin Ape Tribe?

”It’s not a cult” - a catchy phrase and a part of a Trippin Ape Tribe brands’ messaging

For those unaware, Trippin Ape Tribe is a PFP project on Solana with the goal to build a psychedelic-friendly

passionate community, innovative long-term utility, and a memorable brand recognized even

by those who have nothing to do with psychedelics.

Trippin’ Apes will be launching on the Hydra launchpad known for birthing projects like CetsOn Creck,

Dahlys, AkariLabs. Hydra provides quality backend and frontend development service, tokenomics, marketing

advice, or anything that an NFT collection might need to succeed.

Besides being a powerhouse of a team, Hydra also takes care of the doxxing of Trippin’ Ape team. More

than that, TAT are also doxxed with other major players in the space such as Big Brain, Doc Hollywood.

Why wouldn’t the team reveal their identities to the public? The founder of Trippin’ Apes addressed this

concern in one of the AMAs saying that there are certain risks to revealing their identities when a project

has so much attention. There are multiple negative ways the exposure can affect the private lives

and other businesses of team members.


SHILL Issue #57

Chorles’s journal is a creative way to introduce the clues to the ideas the founder has for the future of the Trippin’ Ape Tribe

Trippin Ape Tribe doesn’t have a roadmap, we only know that the main focus is to build a brand and a

tight community. But the team already showed being able to deliver excellent work in everything they do.

You can see it on the website with captivating visuals and creative storytelling.

What do we know about the team?

So far, the generated hype is an achievement of itself that speaks of teams’ capabilities. The team did

an excellent job keeping members engaged with games that people can play to win whitelists spots,

being interactive on social channels, and doing frequent AMAs.

The lead Chorles has built and is still running other successful businesses, he is charismatic, and the

community loves him. Co-founder Lysergic is a music festival owner, DJ, branding, and team building

expert. Co-founder Danny Devitoken, is a full-time degen with many passions and various experiences.

Founders have onboarded a few developers, a community manager who is also a frontend developer,

and a marketing lead. All of them discovered their passion in NFTs and now working together to build

something great.

One of the best PHP art on Solana and beyond

The art of the Trippin’ Ape Tribes is created by an artist Fig, to whom TAT is the first NFT project. Fig

also owns an e-commerce store where he sells pins, prints, paintings, and clothing with his art.

Fig is very skilled and did an outstanding job creating the apes. As you can expect from the psychedelics-friendly

project, they grab attention with vivid colors, plenty of detail, and a trippy vibe. Trippin Ape

Tribe will likely be one of the collections with a large number of people using apes as their profile image.

SHILL Issue #57


In the recent AMA Chorles mentioned that more than a few well-known celebrities have expressed their

interest in acquiring a whitelist to mint because they found the project fascinating. The names aren’t

disclosed but supposedly they are well-known personalities beyond the web3 world.

Ape in at your own risk!

One part of the success of the NFT project lies in the team, and the other in the community. Trippin Ape

Tribe seem to have both aspects covered. All signs point to the Trippin Ape Tribe stealing the Solana

NFT spotlight on the mint week. The hype always comes down though. It is too early to predict the longevity

of the Trippin Apes, as it will depend on what the team has planned we are yet to see.

None of the information in the article is financial advice, so make sure to do your research before deciding

to become a holder of Trippin Ape Tribe NFT. There’s no risk free NFT projects, and many things can

still go wrong.




Just had a sick chat with someone I’ve

met through discord and it's motivated

me like hell to post something out

so here goes: Solana is hovering around

that 50 sol mark following a horrid last

week post luna/ust fiasco.

It wouldn't be shocking to me to see

Solana move closer towards 40 as opposed

to 60 in the next month, particularly

with a lot of aussies here taking profs/

losses prior to the end of the financial

year for us (june 30).

What does that mean for our beloved


It has always rung true that the cream

rises to the top in our space. This

is evident with DeGods and Okay Bears

rightfully shaking up the space for the

better and sure we've seen a lot of OG

projects get love over the year so far.

But we've also seen other OGs/established

not run as hard as others. Take

FFF vs Thugbirdz for example, some would

say the true opposite of team competence/effort/communication

in the last 9

months and tell me what your conclusion


As we've seen over the weekend with De-

Gods back over 250, Okay Bears back over

200 and testing 275, FFF pumping to 40s

and resting at 35, Blocksmith labs all

the way to 90, Catalina whales to 130,

all through a relatively bear macro market.

My conclusion is evident, builders build

during all times of the season, bear or

bull, and in our current market condition,

it's that much easier to pick

which teams are really about it - hence

why I’m incredibly bullish on Cybervillainz

cos sp00n is a serial builder.

Enough pumping of my own bags and personal

interests, the best bets in the

space are in the teams that you can

trust because naturally over time, all

project profits from your flippoors will

run towards established, trustworthy

teams. This has NEVER changed.

In the bull run, more money runs with

mints and there's less rush towards

proven projects as risk appetite is

higher and everyone naturally wants to

see how long their project legs can run

but in a bear market, which we're evidently

in right now, the time to safely

hold flippoor projects has reduced

significantly (I’d say at least 50% if

not more, probs closer to 80% tbh), but

let’s use a conservative figure for example.

What to do?

The meta rn is still finding yourself

a community that can get your easy WL

(there's many out there for you), and

then take that motherfucking profit and

move it into your stables (the proven


Some might say, easymoney, you're fudding

new mints. The thing is that, if

new mints were real projects then liquidity

would stay, but the real fact of

the matter is that shitty false projects

get what comes to them regardless, if

we speed up the process then our space

moves forward.





@easymoneyding - 3899 followers

personally, my current strategy and one that i

can preach the most is patience -i’d love to buy

solana at the 20ish range and trade there and

catch days like today where fear overcomes logic

and the buy opportunities present themselves

@DeGodsNFT - 87.7k followers

spring/summer 2022

12 SHILL Issue #51



SHILL Issue #51


visit Grape Discord

visit Grape Discord




NFT Trading Platform


SOL NFT Passive Income Stats





Solana Gaming Updates



Solana NFT review


20 SHILL Issue #51



Twitter // Discord

In the past couple of weeks, the meta in the Solana NFT Space has moved from projects targeting utility

to great pfp worthy NFTs with the main focus on branding. Apart from the desire to build a strong

brand, these projects have one more thing in common, which is that all of them have closed discords

with at least 100,000 followers on both Twitter and Discord.

However, during these times there is this one project that is targeting a segment where not a lot of

projects have gone before.

Let’s talk about the ReGuLaTeD.

The mint details of the project are as follows:


Supply: 5000 (WL) | 1969 (Public)

Cost: 2.5 $SOL

Time: 6 pm UTC (WL) | 8 pm UTC (Public)

The main catalyst of the project is starting their very own podcast named “REGULATED CAST”.

Here the plan will be to get the votes of their community members on the guests, topics and questions

that they want to invite, learn and get answers to in that podcast. The main aim of that podcast will be

to explore all the latest developments going on in the WEB3 Space.

Now here comes the interesting part, all these podcasts will be open for advertisements and promotions

and the revenue earned from these podcasts will later be distributed among the holders of the


However, not all holders will be eligible to receive a share of those podcast revenues. Only those holders

who will stake their NFTs during the course will be eligible.


SHILL Issue #57

Now the main aim of the podcast is to help everyone learn more about the WEB3 Space, will the opinion

of the general public be heard during these votes?

And the answer to this question is their airdrops. The holders who will stake their NFTs will get eligible

for airdrops in the future where those who receive a studio airdrop will get a chance to rent it out for a

fee and the other person will get the chance to cast his/her vote on a specific topic.

There is one more thing that the project is working towards.

In the roadmap, they have mentioned that in the future the project will work towards launching their

animated series where the NFT characters will play a role. However, not many details about this have

been shared yet.


The art of the project is unique and it suits the idea of them working towards an animated series.

However, since the supply is too high I am not sure how the commons will look because the same thing

happened with crypto coral tribes with their commons not looking decent enough which later lead to a

heavy sell out.

Talking about their website, I would say I loved the work.

It is clean and simple but it shows the work put into it. So full marks to the team here.

SHILL Issue #57



Here again, I would give full marks to the team for their work. The project launched its Twitter and

Discord in mid-April and till now they have around 90,000 followers on their Twitter with around 50

mutual followers between us.

The engagement of their Twitter is quite impressive with them getting an average response of around

2000+ likes.

They have around 50,000 members on their Discord server and the community in the Discord has been

active throughout, with their chats running wild day in and day out. Again, they are clocking an average

of 2000+ reactions in their announcement and sneak peeks.

To conclude, I would say that I like the concept towards which the team is working. Every day we see a

lot of newcomers in the space with them facing the same problem of where to start and where to get

all the information. A podcast which covers all the spheres of the WEB3 Space is a boon for such players.

Also, I am excited to see how the animated series concept will work out. However, that is a thing of the


With all the good things there are some things which need to be addressed as well:

1. The one thing that I found missing in the project is the reason which will hold the community

together. The team will launch the staking after the mint and they have plans to reward their

holders in the long run with a steady income, however, there the one thing I could not find is a

reason which will unite the community members and show their strength.

2. As I said above, I liked the art but I am not sure how the commons will look and that is one of

the deciding factors of how the project will do in the secondary market apart from their hype

and roadmap.

3. Last but not the least, the market is not the same as it was just 2 weeks back. The demand has

been dying down and we have seen a lot of good projects failing to make an impact. Keeping

that in mind I would not recommend anyone going all in any project hoping that it would be

the next big thing. Times like these are where you need to conserve your energy as well as your


I would rate the project 3.5/5 based on the concept that they are working on and the fact that the team

has efficiently built such hype around the project.

As Always DYOR.

If you like my work follow me on:

Twitter: @perfectenchlag

Medium: medium.com/@GhosT4707

Phantom: xhjwU7E6TcaJxgHTrnryr5DbkqAiPi9KcpKewPcTCNN

Thank You!


SHILL Issue #57
















A CASE FOR THE SVPLY CHVN As you all know, I am the creator & founder of the Supply Chain Project so

my views are biased, however I will be remised if I don’t properly communicate the goals of my project,

celebrate the wins, & cast a vision for the future of my project.

I created this project to leverage this new tech & space to release my 4th studio album. The goal is

simple; 1. Speak the current language of the space - ART/PFP’S 2. Offer something that little to no one

is offering (physicals), a Vinyl record of my album

I am a fairly accomplished producer/artist; having celebrated my best year in music last year, 40+ million

streams combined & seeing my earnings, I figured the NFT space could create the much needed

instrument to fix the dissonance between value & product. cc spotify stats below


SHILL Issue #57

My album has a storyline. “Being programmed to fall out of love but fighting till death to stay in love” 2

Main Characters 1. Male - Part skeleton Part Robot 2. Female - Part skeleton Part Robot Both characters

intricately designed to visually depict the thesis of my album.

I dropped 450 Female bots as an early access into the process of my album creation. Outside of early

access, holders get value; - Adam Ape Voxel Monkes collab - John Le Collab - Portals Collab Entry: 1.5

Current FP: 11 SOL Total Volume Sales: 3000+ SOL

Holders also get automatic WL access to the next mint (Album, Digital Booklet, & Male Robots). Before

I dive in - The portals collab is very important as all holders of the 450 will receive Supply Chain Citizens


These passes will also double as pods in the Portals metaverse. At a certain time towards my album

SHILL Issue #57


elease, I have plans to airdrop a link to all pods through which holders will be able to stream my album

for an early listening.

My album features; @Dannocean, @WhoisBeam (Bieber, Drake), @KatDahlia (Cristian Aguilera), @

FVindver (Coldplay, Kanye), @jarom_sua (Drake), @joeboyofficial and plenty more. All a-listers, all

friends I’ve made over the years.

Back to the mints. I will be dropping 2000 Male Robots along with a 12-piece digital booklet per track

on the album, and a Vinyl Record (holders will be able to burn the NFT & claim an actual vinyl record of

my album).

Why should we mint when Spotify or Apple music? Perspective.. I’m currently averaging 250,000

monthly listeners on spotify... the value in minting my NFT is, out of the vast number of listeners, only a

few, less than 2000 will have access to the actual on chain assets from me.

The art is pretty amazing... The Robots are fire. I have proved project value, liquidity, and high value collaborations

etc. In addition I’m making a claim for approaching this space with music in a way that little

to no one is doing. aka Historical Value

My roadmap serves a pretty detailed look into what is to come.


SHILL Issue #57

Holders: Top notch people in the space are bullish on me. I’ll leave it at that. I’m overtly excited for what

is to come. Beyond the album drop I’m also looking to make a case for a strong project on the SOL ecosystem.

This is where I end my thread... This project is different, and it is backed by something physical... Brand

identity is one heck of a beast if done properly. The Supply Chain is here to stay. Grateful to my holders,

and I can’t wait to welcome new holders...

SHILL Issue #57














Marco Polo

Marco Polo’s Journal

The Bridged, Blocksmith Labs, Trippin Ape Club and more

You have to take the positives out of every situation right? It was an unreal

week with the UST/LUNA de-pegging launching us into an almost catastrophic

bear market, although optimism will prevail we are bouncing back and,

some Solana blue chip NFT’s are certainly cheaper… With all the talk about

ETH to SOL adoption maybe it is going to be Solana summer after all! Either

way, we are stacking SOL.

Despite being in a gloomy bear market, the bridged had a surprisingly successful

mint. Selling out as soon as the public was live, it certainly adds

some funds to the SOLGods treasury, the artwork is dope and the collection

sits nicely at 2x mint — 6 SOL. We look forward to seeing the evolution of

the new collection.

Blocksmith Labs continued to excel this week reaching a new all-time high of

75 sol in addition to only 45 listed! Amazing stuff. The hype continued with

the announcement of Bifrost — it was rumored that BSL are partnering with

Degods so what Bitfrost holds no one knows, keep an eye out degens!

The foxes are yet again famous, dropping the new famous fox raffle system,

fellow degens like you and I can create and participate in the community


SHILL Issue #57

made raffles…Yes you can raffle your useless jpegs for your desired token be

it $DUST, $SCRAP or $CRECK — set the price and pray you sell out I guess!

Very exciting stuff. Congratulations to the foxes, what a fun feature.

GhostkidDAO — a super secret low price degen mint — cool pixel art, 0.09

sol mint — 2.9 sol FP….did some say sign me up? Maybe this will be the next

bluechip or crazy alpha group, who knows but this is a fun project and we

wish the Ghostkids all the best in there future endeavours…Maybe just maybe

we cop a few ;)

Trippin Ape Tribe

The Skinny: Beautiful art, excellent lore, vibrant community and the absolute

most hyped project we have ever seen. You may as well sell your kidneys

to get a whitelist on this one, you won’t want to fade this project trust

us. Ask Chorles!

Why we’re paying attention: This is the most hyped project we have ever seen

on Solana, boasting 353k followers on twitter…Yes 353k without even minting

is absolutely insane! Clean art, huge community, psychedelic mania. DO NOT


Mint Detail: TBA

Twitter: twitter.com/TrippinApeNFT

Safe Travels,


SHILL Issue #57
















The creative process for @BridgedFracture has been one for the memory books. Taking consistent

inspiration from the aesthetics from @simonstalenhag’s previous work. Also, his ability to tell a story

through imagery alone is staggering, and something we are looking emulate.

Trying to communicate the message of technology both leading human progress whilst simultaneously

being the very thing that will destroy us.


SHILL Issue #57

We want to communicate clear parallels between the themes that the @BridgedFracture has with present-day

social commentary, and our unhealthy relationship with progress.

There is an opportunity with the lore of The Fracture to tell a novel and gripping story. Objectively, we

want to bring something so compelling that the user almost forgets they are interacting with web3.

Creativity is the way we to deliver this technology to the masses.

SHILL Issue #57



















The Club Yuri_jjjj














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