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So much to write. So little space.

What are DUPPIES?

DexterLab looks at Duppies and what it

means for the Solana space. #alpha

Probably Nothing

EasyMoneyDing speaks. Are you

listening? #alpha


At it again with the latest news and

insights #alpha


Been sleeping anon? RoninRosewater

thinks you have. #alpha

Vandal CITY

Perfectenchlag unravels a new project

about to hit the space #alpha

Marco Polo

The team at Mercanti wrap up the week



Perfectenchlag follows up on the Trippy

Apes #alpha





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A Risk, c. 2141 AD @name_undxfined

Equilibrium @DMartovsky

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SHILL Issue #58

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Chikara Chimps


What are


Duppies, DeGods, DeadGods and the $DUST supply shock explained simply!

Marius| DEXterlab

If you have a grasp on Solana NFTs, then you surely know DeGods. For those who don’t, I’ll

briefly mention that DeGods is a project managed by a very creative team and the leader behind

it, Frank. The collection has a token DUST with multiple utilities, good-looking art people

happily use as their profile image, and one of the most devoted communities in the Solana NFT


Since March 2022, every DeGod holder has a chance to upgrade their DeGod into a DeadGod

for 1000 DUST. At the time of writing, the token $DUST is valued at $2.75, so the upgrade can

cost close to $3000. However, DeadGod generates three times more $DUST (30 per day) than

a DeGod (10 per day). So, the investment pays off, especially when the use cases for DUST

can be exceptional, but more on that below.

A website where you can transcend a DeGod to a DeadGod

So, why am I speaking about DeGods and DUST in an article about Duppies?

Duppies NFT collection is created by the same team who runs DeGods. To be clear, the goal is

not to launch a complementary collection to DeGods but as a stand-alone brand. Regardless,

high demand for Duppies is practically guaranteed because people trust the DeGods team,

and the already established and passionate community will be a powerful marketing force.


SHILL Issue #58

What do we know about Duppies?

The details about the Duppies are pretty secretive. At this point, there are no art sneak peeks,

roadmap, and a clear definition of where the project is going. All we know is that the collection

will have 13,333 NFTs, it will be minted in June, and every DeadGod Holder will be whitelisted

for the mint.

What’s interesting is that the Duppies will be minted exclusively for $DUST, and it will cost 375

DUST to mint one NFT, which is way above the average mint price on Solana. $DUST equals

~25 SOL (SOL=$40.00), this is a big difference from most collections you can regularly mint for

1-3 SOL.

Why does pricey mint make sense?

Some people are unhappy with the high mint price, but perhaps it isn’t based on greed. The

high starting price will dictate different post-mint dynamics, which could benefit the collection

and the brand.

Look at the recently hyped mints Communi3 and the Trippin Ape Tribe. Both projects allocated

most of the whitelist spots to people who grind on social media promoting the project from its

inception. But a large portion of those who contribute to the community growth before mint sells

their NFT as soon as they can secure a decent profit.

The mint price for both projects was relatively small–Trippin Ape Tribe 3SOL and Communi3

2SOL. Collections were hyped, so both started to trade at a high floor price as soon as the

NFTs were available on a secondary market.

This meant that tones of people who minted a project for a few SOL were in a tempting position

to sell because they could make over 10x return on their investment.

Don’t get me wrong, we want people to make money and improve their lives, but intense sellouts

create unhealthy price action. When the total valuation of a collection decreases from the

start, it will be harder to keep the community engaged in the project and attract new members

regardless of how solid the project foundations are.

SHILL Issue #58


Duppies and $DUST supply shock

There are more than a few mid-tier blue-chip NFT projects where NFTs are priced at 20-40

SOL. So, the 25 SOL cost for an NFT coming from one of the most respected teams in the Solana

NFT world sounds reasonable. Plus, pricier mint brings a few benefits: stronger community

right off the bat and healthier supply/demand mechanics. On the other hand, it’s good that

not many NFT projects have the luxury of setting the high mint price. Duppies is one of them

because DeGods don’t need marketing to bring demand for a new NFT collection.

Speaking about supply and demand, let’s not forget that the launch of Duppies will likely create

a supply shock for $DUST. Some portion of the DeadGods owners will not need to buy any

$DUST as they can generate 30 $DUST a day. Currently, there are ​8278 DeadGods, so the

rest of the people who will be minting the Duppies will need to get 375 DUST, and they can

only get it by buying. If we do the math, 1,895,625 of DUST will be required to mint the rest of

the Duppies. Plus, this demand will come during the time when people are less likely to sell

their $DUST. More than that, the fact that DeadGod holders get a spot to mint Duppies without

competing with hundreds of bots brings an incentive to transcend a DeGods to a DeadGod. If

you remember, this transformation requires 1000 $DUST.

If that’s not enough to create a supply shock, DUST halving is coming in about a week, right

before the launch of Duppies. For those who don’t know – halving means that the emissions of

$DUST will be cut in half once a certain threshold is reached. To put it simply, it means that in

about a week, every DeGod holder will generate 5 DUST per day, and the DeadGod holder –

15 DUST per day. You can learn more about DUST and its halvings in the official document.

Nothing in this post is financial advice. Make sure you understand all risks involved and always

do your own research.


SHILL Issue #58






@easymoneyding - 3899 followers

proven projects over fresh mints any day of the

week until you show me otherwise. lemme ask you

this question.. can a project that just minted

really outpace 9+ months of building in their

first week? unless they do provide something

completely groundbreaking and valued

@DeGodsNFT - 87.7k followers

But wait there’s more...

DeGods Spring/Summer Merch

Collection will be dropping on

May 27th.Only accepting $DUST.

12 SHILL Issue #51



SHILL Issue #51


visit Grape Discord





SOL NFT Passive Income Stats


NFT Trading Platform





Solana Hacker House X | AthensDao


NOTI GANG team just calculated the WL spots (all projects combined

together) secured just this week for @NOTIGANGNFT

DAO, 1900 WL spots



I swept a floor this am. Not gonna tell you what it is yet. I’m not a whale so it’s an affordable floor. Before I tell you, I want to

talk a little about value. How do we value NFTs, especially when thinking about mid-term investment, which in nfts is like... a


NFT collection value is constantly being made up by the market. Like anything else in an open, competitive market short

term price is where supply and demand meet.

These collections all have their own value propositions and attempt to capture a niche in the market. We see utility, art,

community, and branding plays among other more specific ones. Solid branding has been the big trend recently.

Brand value is a term that describes the monetary value that can be attributed to a brand vs the generic version of the same

product. There are quality differences in the product as well as how it’s marketed or packaged vs others.

With NFTs brand value is being seen as a proxy for team’s ability and likelihood that they’ll generate enough hype to pump

the price. Most invest in NFTs bc they want a return, not necessarily a nice community or neat thing to build.

But brand value is highly volatile, especially when projects must compete vs other brands whose main niche is their brand

lol. So, in a bear market it’s generally smart to stick to builders, alpha groups, and projects that are creating something other

than hype.

Admittedly that hasn’t been the case recently tho with brand-based projects grabbing eth volume and pumping hard. This

has been good for Solana’s legitimacy. The value of a hype machine vs a community that’s building something can get really

out of whack.

The crazy thing about market price is that it is just a result of the group’s perception and willingness to buy/sell. You can

choose which projects are the most valuable. You choose by buying, holding, and raising prices on listings. When enough ppl

do this the market moves.

I know this is obvious stuff but it’s important to remember that there’s a collective choice by the group that sets price. To

me, we should choose to put value in community and projects that build along with the hyped brands whose community is

based only on FP go up.

To some extent we do that, but really price is just made up bs most of the time from most of the market guessing, so you

can’t expect the prices between projects to be proportional to their value.

So, if we remove project names and did a blind taste test and I told you one project has some of the best art in the space, a

doxxed team with many heavily connected and invested in the market, a manageable short term roadmap with many long

term prospects...

and an extremely inviting, helpful, and personable team in discord while another project had art that reminds you of a project

that blew up but is different and their play is just branding and hype, which of those sounds safer in a bear market?

Which of those would you choose to reward? You may have guessed from my pfp that the floor I swept was @dreamcitynft.

This project is creating web3 things, stories, art, community with a purpose.

It’s led by a story savant, and talented 1/1 artist @wakeupbrandon. I assure you that no artist on Solana doesn’t like this

man. That means he can connect with them and collectors grow and create.

Shmokey @ShmokeyMcRekt

@wakeupbrandon, we have a problem. I now have 33 + am STILL seeing more @dreamcitynft Orphans I want to sweep.

Artistically so much more than most PFP collections coming out. And the cyberpunk lore/storytelling your team is sharing in

Discord, just makes me love this work more. Honestly, I think every one of the @dreamcitynft Orphans is a gem.

To me, 6 = 6x the rad, fren :)


SHILL Issue #58

SHILL Issue #58


Currently, the FP is at about 0.19 after I swept up another 25 this morning, putting my total at like 55 orphans or something.

I don’t know if these will 10x but I do know that proportionally to other projects it deserves to be much higher.

Of course with NFTs there’s the risk that they will the majority will go to zero, so its not about proportional prices making

sense, however I feel that @wakeupbrandon and team will keep building, bc it’s the project they want to do.

I don’t believe it’s going to zero. I believe it’s going up. That’s because they will produce an anthology of IP that will excite

enough people to pump the price.

I challenge you all to make a choice to reward this team and make a statement about value in this market. If as many ppl

that like the first tweet on this thread bought a DreamCity orphan we’d go on this moonshot together.

For the price of a MacDonalds’ value meal go get one. You’re not my exit liquidity cause I’m holding with conviction until

there’s enough price pressure that I feel like legit members are joining a cool project to contribute to what is being built.

Thanks for coming to my ted talk. I bet @ThesisInvestor agrees.


SHILL Issue #58


















Twitter Discord

In the last article, I talked about one of the most hyped and talked about mint launching ever on the

Solana NFT Space. I have used the phrase “one of the” because some more contenders are standing

in that queue and one of them is Vandal City.

However, what makes Vandal City stand out in that queue is that they have announced a full-fledged

whitepaper and have also announced the supply and the launchpad of the project weeks before the

mint date.

Speaking of which the mint information about the project is as follows…

Supply: 10,000

Cost: 3 $SOL

Date: 6th of June 2022

Launchpad: Magic Eden

Now let’s take a deep dive into everything you as an investor need to know about…


Keeping the theme of the project, there is this one major catalyst in the roadmap which had me

hooked. The team has termed that as “JOBS”

There will be 4 different types of jobs which the holders will get an opportunity to perform for a

chance to win some $SOL and some other things as well…

Job I

The theme of this job is that there will be some $SOL which will be disbursed randomly in some

vaults (wallets) on the Solana blockchain. Here, the holders will have to assemble a team of 2 bandits

who will go on a search mission to find those wallet addresses. Once found, the entire sol in that

particular wallet will be given to the person who will find it.

There will be a heist website, which will show the exact amounts of $SOL in each Vault and whether


SHILL Issue #58

or not that vault has been unlocked or not. There will be a designated website as well where you will

submit your wallet guesses, if correct you will be notified of your findings.

Each guess will cost 21 $VAULT (the governance token of the project).

Now since there are so many wallet addresses, finding the correct wallet will be a hectic task. The

team thought about it and they have also put a clue feature in this game where you will be able to

gather some clues which will ultimately lead to the main wallet. However, each clue will cost 21

$VAULT tokens.

You must be thinking that what if you don’t have 2 NFTs, well there is a solution for that as well. You

will be able to form a crew with another person and both of you will be provided with a platform

where the clues collected by each of the players will be made available to both of them and the vault

profits will be distributed equally.

Job II

Here the team will design an NFT Auction House, where the holders will get a chance to bid on their

favourite NFTs from both the eth and sol blockchain. Apart from the NFT Projects, the holders will

also be able to bid on whitelist spots of other projects. Not just bidding but they will also be able to

use the governance token $VAULT to enter various raffles organised by the team.

There will also be some in house games launched on the platform which will allow the holders to

multiply their $VAULT holdings.

Here is a list of planned games to be implemented in the initial Beta Vandal City Games site.

Coinflip (Heads or Tail) Payout on win: 2x

Vault Scrambler (Binary 2 combination lock guesser) Payout: 4x

Bandit Escape (Pick 1 of 5 bandits to escape) Payout: 5x

Blackjack (Standard blackjack rules and guidelines) Payout: Varying


This particular job is also related to the heists but here the stakes and prizes have increased by a lot

with some jackpot wallets containing NFT worth more than 50 $SOL.

Job IV

This is particularly related to the merchandise of the project which will be purchased using the

$VAULT token. More information on this job will be provided later.


Since almost every job requires $VAULT tokens, so it is no brainer that there will be a staking platform

in the work as well which will be launched within 2 days after the mint concludes.

Bandits earn a standard yield of [12] $VAULT a day while staked.

Since there is a token, there must be some utilities associated with it for it to maintain its value in

the exchanges

Let me summarise the various utilities of the $VAULT token which we have discussed so far:

General early use cases of $VAULT:

Unlock vault clues [costs 21 $VAULT per clue]

Submit guesses for vault combinations [costs 21 $VAULT]

Participate in Vandal City DAO Auctions, Raffles, & Mini-Games.

SHILL Issue #58


This was all about the roadmap of the project. Now let us talk about some other things.


This is one of the most unique pieces of art I have found in the space so far. Lately, there has been

a trend where projects are going for a similar vibe type of art that attracts the average Solana NFT

buyer. The art of Vandal City brings that much-needed freshness to the space. However, there is one

thing that I would like to point out that, the commons are looking a little too bland in comparison to

the slightly better ranks.


Again this is one of their strongest areas. The team has managed to create quite a name for themselves

in the space to such an extent that as of now almost every other famous influencer in the

space has put the project in their “upcoming mints to look out for” lists and most of the alpha DAOs

have framed quite a good number of engagement from the giveaways.

Talking in numbers, the project made the first tweet from its official Twitter account on the 3rd of

May and as of they have around a quarter-million followers on Twitter with around 72 common followers

between us.

Apart from the followers, the project has made around 35 tweets which is surprisingly a low number

in my opinion since they have managed to build such a big community, they should have been a lot

more active on their Twitter.

The Discord is also showing a similar picture with over 200k members on their server and almost all

the big players in the space holding that VIP tag. The team is fairly active on the server and because

of that they are clocking an average engagement of more than 3000 reactions per post in their announcement

and sneak peeks channel.

To conclude, I would say this is one of the strongest upcoming projects for me. One of the main reasons

for that is the team members behind the project are not new in the space and they have already

worked on a project which is listed on Magic Eden named Solana Puppy Pound.

Apart from that, the one thing I liked is that they have announced a full-fledged whitepaper of where

the project is going to head after the mint and the roadmap looks quite interesting and engaging at

the same time.

Speaking of their art, I found it unique and I believe that we need to have something fresh launching

in the space.

I would rate the project 3.75/5 and I believe they will do extremely well in the secondary marketplace.

As always DYOR.


SHILL Issue #58
















Marco Polo

Marco Polo’s Journal

Duppies, Bohemia Retreat, barrelDAO and more

Hope you have a pocket full of $DUST, because the team behind DeGods has just announced

that they will be dropping their next collection — Duppies — in June (sounds like puppies, so

cute, right?). The mint price will be in $DUST and the token supply halving is in the next week

or two, cue non-DeGods holder panic. Kek. Luckily, Frank teased in an AMA that there will be

bounties and challenges where anyone can grind for the currency. (A warning, like, repost & tag

3 friends will not cut it for Mr. Social Experimenter.)

The art has not been released yet, but maybe the giant yeti running across the top of the Roadmap

3.33 is a clue as to what it might look like. Dup it, we ball.

The doors to the Ceremonial Ayahuasca Retweet, I mean *Retreat, are open! Send your Bohemian

off ASAP because the more Bohos joining this magical experience, the higher the entry

price will become. (The range goes from 250 $WOOP all the way up to whooping 1200 $WOOP.

Whew!) Your Boho will be transforming himself during the 7 days of serious medication (damn

it!) I mean *meditation, and will receive a refreshed new look, plus, mystical powers to earn

more when staked. Time to decipher those bottles!

Wen beer market? Degen Ape Academy has come out with a collection of IPA, Lager and

Blonde Ale not only for your Web3 pfp but Web 2 you as well! Minting prices are less than 0.1

sol and there will only be 2,400 cans in circulation. It’s a WL-only mint for DAA holders, and

they can only be shipped across America. But hey, the barrelDAO sneak reviews sound fire.


SHILL Issue #58

There’s drama. The Reptilian Renegade Twitter got hacked on Friday by “the most infamous

rugger on Solana”, and he is calling out different players in the ecosystem including Hydra

Launchpad’s vetting process, and passing judgement on the biggest influencers, shillers and

projects. He’s also since gone on a Podcast with Good Price Show.

When you mix the last big mint — OkayBears, with the next big mint — Trippin Apes, comes the

deriv Trippin Bears. They’re definitely trying to catch all the hype, and managed to rack up over

10k followers on Twitter, and even got listed on Magic Eden. I mean, if you didn’t manage to

secure a WL to join the cult, or have enough sol to WAGBO, these guys are 0.2 sol, a much more

affordable consolation prize.


Although bullish on Solana, Jords is keeping it real with us 100%. It’s true many of our favorite

projects’ fps are hitting ATH, there’s a ton of retweets grinding for upcoming mints WL, Twitter

feeds are exploding, but we’re a far cry from the promised Solana Summer in terms of actual

USD value. He sheds light on fundamental problems in our ecosystem right now: from projected

successes, to botted influencers, to glorified bad actors. The truth might hurt, but we encourage

you to take the time to read and review the current situation we’re in.

Trippin Ape Tribe

The Skinny: Chore has decided to extend his kindness towards his Disciples and has increased

the collection size from 8,888 to a rounded up 10,000, including an extra 1,000+ WL spots.

Why we’re paying attention: While we featured Trippin Ape Tribe last week, it’s been confirmed

to launch this week with a ton of more bullish news on TAT! They have already built a very

strong following with King Kulbik’s WL games and challenges and have reached out to many

powerhouses outside of the Solana ecosystem to strengthen the tribe. What’s most interesting

is that while they have upped their supply, they are “NOT making more money”. Their budget for

their post-mint plans have not changed, so that mint prices will be adjusted according to the

increased supply and discounted. Not a cult, but it should be.

Mint Date:

Presale: 24 May 2022, 3:20pm UTC

Public: 24 May 2022, 7:20pm UTC

Mint Supply: 10,000

Price: 3.25 SOL

Twitter: twitter.com/TrippinApeNFT

SHILL Issue #58















Twitter || Discord

In the last article, I said that there are some great opportunities coming for all of us in the space, and the

biggest one of them all is coming on the second day of the week. Trippin Ape Tribe which has broken all the

records and has succeeded all the benchmarks there are for any project which is yet to be launched is going

for mint on the 24th of May.

Even though the market was not in a very good position for some weeks, we can now see much more stable

price action in the price of Bitcoin and Solana. However, one thing which is not stable is the floor of some of

the strong projects which were showing strength for quite some time and now have started to decline a little

bit, one of the reasons for which is that the community is preparing for the most hyped mint of this month.

While all these inconsistent things were going on, one thing was very consistent in the Solana NFT Space

and that was the craze for Trippin Ape Tribe. The hype has almost doubled after they announced their launch

date. The sentiment is so strong that even though Sol is sitting at $50 as of now the OTC sales of Trippin Ape

Tribe whitelists are not slowing down.

I wrote an article a week back on them and the numbers have changed considerably from then. Let’s look at

their growth.

The day I wrote the first article about Trippin Ape Trible (9th of May) Twitter was standing at a follower count

of 135,000. Today that number is 387,000 which is almost a 185% increase in a span of 2 weeks with

almost every other big account in the space doing a giveaway for their WL Spots. One more interesting fact

about their Twitter is that Trippin Ape Tribe has more followers on Twitter than Yuga Labs which is quite understandable

now since we see derivatives of Solana Projects getting listed on Open Sea.

The Discord has also shown a similar growth with them having around one-third of a million members in the

server with over 1240 accounts boosting their server and the chat running wild 24 hours and 7 days a week.

Apart from their chat, the response in their fan-art and memes sections is overwhelming as well with everyone

trying to play their best shot to get their hands on that WL Spot.

Some more things have changed since my last article and one of them is that the project has launched its


SHILL Issue #58

website and all I can say is it was worth the wait.

On the website, we can also find a journal section which shows that there will be no roadmap however there

will be innovative lore-based utility supported by a distinct storyline.

The details of the team have also been announced and there are some interesting facts about that which

also tell about their plans.

Firstly, one of the co-founders of the project DANNY DEVITOKEN is supposedly a DJ and an owner of an electronic

music festival which also adds to the fact that the team has done multiple real-life events before the


They also have a marketing lead (Fenrus) and developers (top10brisketrecipes) with prior experience in tokenomics.

One more great thing that happened is that the project has decided to launch with the biggest marketplace

there is for the Solana NFTs (Magic Eden) and the team will also be doxxed by Magic Eden.

This was everything about the project which has been disclosed yet.

Apart from all this, there was an announcement from the project that they are going to increase the supply

to 10,000 to accommodate more members to their whitelists. This was a strong move closer to the mint date

and could have led to people believing that the project is doing it to earn more money. However, with this

news, they also announced that the mint cost will be discounted for everyone and will be made equivalent to

the same amount in USD that the team has planned originally.

To conclude, I would say that I am quite bullish on the project. They are the most talked about and the most

popular project launching on Solana ever. Their strength can be seen in the fact that even though $SOL has

dropped 50% since their first tweet the hype did not die. In fact, it multiplied every week, and everyone is

excited about the mint.

One more thing that has been a cherry on the cake is that they have decided to launch with Magic Eden

which helped them gain more trust in the eyes of the community members. Apart from this, as I said that the

market is also quite stable in the past few days and there is a chance we can see a relief rally, a strong and

hyped mint in these times is all what everyone is waiting for.

One thing I would not recommend is buying whitelists at an insanely high price because that will put you on

the risk side, if you don’t have a WL you can wait for the secondary action as that will give you a clear understanding

of the demand that the project is getting and then you can make a much-informed decision.

As always DYOR.

SHILL Issue #58
























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