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Loam... mmm - Gaspo

Loam... mmm - Gaspo

My relaxation-plus Those

My relaxation-plus Those who regularly use a loam thermal cabin give their bodies and mind a well-earned feeling of well-being. Only those who are relaxed can replenish their energy! My energy-plus Our bodies draw all the positive characteristics from loam that they can use. In this way, they store the energy needed for everyday life! My well-being-plus With a balanced mixture of energy and relaxation, your body, mind and soul will feel great. Loam... mmm – and I feel great! Get rid of everyday stress by increasing your wellness at home! With Gaspo’s loam thermal cabins, it’s like taking a vacation at home! Use your wellearned break time to experience how to recharge your body’s batteries. Pamper yourself with the natural effects of the high quality loam thermal battery and immerse yourself in another world. The healthy perspiration you undergo in the loam thermal cabin does your senses a world of good by cleaning and reviving them. The result? A noticeably happier body that moves in harmony with the soul.

Loam... mmm My “I feel great” cabin Innovative When it comes to increasing individual well-being, Gaspo is the leader in innovative products. Nature and wellness are perfectly joined in our high quality infrared cabin made with quality Austrian manufacturing methods. New heating elements made from high rade loam plates now ensure a special feeling of well-being. The advantages of the natural building material are ideally combined with the requirements of an infrared cabin. Only available from Gaspo! Loam thermal batteries The positive characteristics of the natural product of loam can be used superbly in infrared thermal cabins. The “Lehm-Wärme-Akku” (loam thermal battery) is based on infrared longwave radiation and provides a unique new feeling of warmth. The built-in natural bio-fi ber loam layer is a newly developed mixture made from high quality loam, sand and other natural fi bers without chemicals or other artifi cial stabilization. Upon use, the surface area remains in its natural state in the infrared cabin. Quality from Austria A guaranty of the loam quality is given through the full declaration of environmentally friendly material and testing by the Österreichisches Institut für Baubiologie (Austrian Institute for Environmentalfriendly Architecture).

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