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Get to know Amanda Horne and her career as co-owner of the popular Anna Maria Oyster Bar family of restaurants. You'' see how she does her work there as well as an extensive array of volunteer and charitable commitments. And, also...they now own Café L'Europe . Also, the Sarasota Film Festival runs April 1-10 and we have a look at what's coming up there as well. For travel closer to home, explore the Elling Eide Center in Sarasota. Or maybe head to the Circus at the Asolo or maybe attend June's monthlong Pride events Check out our calendars and features this month - we have a lot!

Get to know Amanda Horne and her career as co-owner of the popular Anna Maria Oyster Bar family of restaurants. You'' see how she does her work there as well as an extensive array of volunteer and charitable commitments. And, also...they now own Café L'Europe . Also, the Sarasota Film Festival runs April 1-10 and we have a look at what's coming up there as well. For travel closer to home, explore the Elling Eide Center in Sarasota. Or maybe head to the Circus at the Asolo or maybe attend June's monthlong Pride events
Check out our calendars and features this month - we have a lot!


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<strong>JUNE</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />

Amanda<br />

HORNE<br />

Co-Owner at<br />

Anna Maria Oyster Bar<br />

Restaurants<br />

Also in this issue:<br />

■ Feature: Preserving Sarasota’s History<br />

■ Arts: The Artistry of Eleanor Merritt<br />

■ Local Travel: The Eelling Eide Center<br />

■ Happening this Month: Pride Celebrations

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2 WEST COAST WOMAN <strong>JUNE</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

<strong>JUNE</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />

contents<br />

Editor and Publisher<br />

Louise M. Bruderle<br />

Email: westcoastwoman@comcast.net<br />

Contributing Writer<br />

Carol Darling<br />

Contributing Photographer<br />

Evelyn England<br />

Art Director/Graphic Designer<br />

Kimberly Carmell<br />

Assistant to the Publisher<br />

Mimi Gato<br />

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WCWmedia<br />

travel close to home<br />

The Elling Eide Center in Sarasota offers tours at their<br />

72-acre, waterfront estate. It’s a pleasant, easy and<br />

fascinating walk and tour. Read our report on<br />

Summer heats up with Summer Circus Spectacular running<br />

June 10 - August 13. Beat the heat at the Historic Asolo<br />

Theater on the grounds of The Ringling. Read more on<br />

p22<br />

p20<br />

happening this month:<br />

the Circus!<br />

dining in<br />

Easy to be Vegan? Yep, if you read our feature<br />

this month and discover recipes that a PBS chef<br />

created. We have excerpt from her new book,<br />

Easy Vegan Home Cooking, by Laura Theodore.<br />

p28<br />

WCW<br />

34<br />

YEARS<br />

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west coast<br />

WOMAN<br />

departments<br />

4 editor’s letter<br />

7 Out & About: listings for things<br />

to do live and/or online<br />

9 healthier you: Nicotine’s effect on the<br />

brain<br />

11 women’s health: Meet the team at the<br />

Visionary Centre<br />

feature:<br />

preserving Sarasota’s history<br />

The Sarasota Alliance for Historic Preservation has<br />

released its <strong>2022</strong> “Six to Save” report that lists places<br />

and buildings that are in danger of being demolished.<br />

p30<br />

12 news about arts: round up of arts news,<br />

events and more<br />

15 happening this month: Pride Month<br />

16 west coast woman: Amanda Horne,<br />

co-owner of the Anna Maria Oyster<br />

Bar Restaurants<br />

18 Travel news and tips<br />

20 Travel close to home:<br />

The Selling Eide Centers<br />

21 health feature: Craniosacral Therapy<br />

22 focus on the arts: The Circus is on!<br />

23 travel advice: Mastering the Art<br />

off the Carry-on<br />

24 focus on the arts: Eleanor Merritt<br />

26 you’re news<br />

28 dining out: better a better vegan cook<br />

30 feature: Preserving Sarasota’s past<br />

■ on the cover: Photo of West Coast Woman Amanda Horne, co-owner of the Anna Maria Oyster Bar Restaurants shot in Bradenton. ■ Photo by Evelyn England.<br />

<strong>JUNE</strong> <strong>2022</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 3

just some<br />

thoughts<br />

Louise Bruderle<br />

Editor and Publisher<br />

West Coast Woman Amanda Horne<br />

Amanda Horne<br />

Photo by Evelyn England<br />

Most of us love seafood restaurants - especially<br />

those places with the wooden tables, paper<br />

placemats, fishing/shell/nets motifs, affordable<br />

prices and great, unfussy, traditional seafood.<br />

Anna Maria Oyster Bar, with four locations in<br />

Manatee County, is quintessential Florida seafood<br />

cuisine and “architecture.”<br />

So I was surprised to read that Café L’Europe<br />

was acquired by John and Amanda Horne, the<br />

owners of the Anna Maria Oyster Bar restaurants.<br />

It seemed like an unusual match to<br />

go from paper placemats to linen, peel ’n eat<br />

shrimp to Chateaubriand and Dover sole, but as<br />

you’ll read in this month’s profile on Amanda, it was a perfect next step<br />

for their business.<br />

You’ll also read how much this couple invests not just in their employees,<br />

but in the community. I need to head back to Café L’Europe - I<br />

attended events there and also had more than a few wonderful lunches<br />

and dinners as well.<br />

New column this month - Arts News<br />

WCW has always had lots<br />

of arts content so it seemed<br />

natural to run even more<br />

and in the off-season. We<br />

get so much news about the<br />

arts - hires, promotions,<br />

new buildings, expanded<br />

programming, etc., etc., that<br />

it seemed wrong to share it<br />

all only in season. We’ll run<br />

this column on and off in<br />

the months ahead leading<br />

Patti Smith and Jennifer Rominiecki at Selby Gardens.<br />

up to season and our expanded<br />

arts coverage starting in November.<br />

WCW Honored with U.S. stamp<br />

Hopefully you can still get these stamps with marine biologist Eugenie<br />

Clark on them. Clark, a pioneering marine biologist who spent her career<br />

working to change public perception about sharks — as well as to<br />

preserve marine environments around the world — was immortalized<br />

in May on a Forever stamp.<br />

The dedication took<br />

place at the Mote Marine<br />

Laboratory & Aquarium,<br />

which Clark helped<br />

found as the Cape Haze<br />

Marine Laboratory in<br />

1955. A prolific scientist<br />

animated by an unyielding<br />

sense of curiosity,<br />

Clark (1922-2015) carried<br />

out groundbreaking<br />

experiments and more<br />

than 200 expeditions<br />

across the globe.<br />

She demonstrated<br />

that lemon sharks could<br />

be trained to do complex tasks, disproved the notion that some shark<br />

species must keep swimming in order to survive, and debunked myths<br />

about sharks as vicious, fearsome creatures.<br />

Clark was a pioneer in the era when scuba emerged as a research tool<br />

and later took more than 70 trips in high-tech submersibles, sometimes<br />

as deep as 12,000 feet beneath the ocean surface — something that has<br />

still been done by only a small number of other marine biologists.<br />

In addition to the honor of being on a US stamp, Clark received the<br />

Franklin L. Burr Award from the National Geographic Society, the Explorers<br />

Club Medal, and the Medal of Excellence from the American Society<br />

of Oceanographers, among numerous other recognitions. In 2015,<br />

she was honored posthumously by the U.S. Congress. In 2018, a newly<br />

discovered species of dogfish shark found in the Gulf of Mexico was<br />

named Squalus clarkae in her honor. And we had the honor of featuring<br />

Dr. Clark in West Coast Woman.<br />

The stamp art features a digital collage created by multidisciplinary<br />

artist Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya. Her design includes a photograph<br />

of Clark taken by David Doubilet, as well as a photograph of a lemon<br />

shark taken by Reinhard Dirscherl. Wavy blue elements in the stamp’s<br />

background evoke an undersea scene.<br />

Purchase the stamps at usps.com/shopstamps.<br />

How well do you know Elling Eide?<br />

I love discovering new places in our community and<br />

was delighted to find and experience the Elling Eide<br />

Center in south Sarasota. That name might draw a<br />

blank, but those of us who have lived here for more<br />

than a few decades may recall Mr. Eide for his brief<br />

foray into county politics when he was frustrated over<br />

limits placed on his selling off some of this property.<br />

While Mr. Eide is gone, his legacy is now a research<br />

center for the study of Chinese literature and culture.<br />

During the pandemic they offered fascinating lectures<br />

online. But what really got me there was the tour of the<br />

grounds and the building that holds some of his vast<br />

collection of art objects while offering a look into the<br />

history of the property and his own fascinating life.<br />

Elling Eide<br />

The grounds are quite a study in contrast - a beautiful modern building<br />

where the researchers and academics work out of and the grounds<br />

that, in part, look untouched from the 1920s. By all means go there if<br />

you want a new experience. More info at https://ellingoeide.org/<br />

A Nonprofit Goes Green<br />

Thanks to a generous $40,000 grant from the Selby Foundation, Mothers<br />

Helping Mothers, Inc. (MHM) is finally able to go completely green<br />

and went officially go off the grid this past April.<br />

This all-volunteer 501(C)<br />

(3) nonprofit organization<br />

serves thousands of needy<br />

families each year in the<br />

greater Sarasota-Manatee<br />

region. Cheri DeVries,<br />

MHM Executive Director,<br />

expressed her gratitude<br />

to the William G. & Marie<br />

Selby Foundation, Partners<br />

for Green Places, Brilliant<br />

Harvest, and their numerous<br />

donors for helping them<br />

raise awareness and funds<br />

to eliminate their electric bill to the tune of nearly $5000 a year.<br />

MHM will redirect the money saved by going green into programs to<br />

support and educate families. Although the cost for going fully solar is<br />

almost $80,000, it will enable them to permanently eliminate their largest<br />

overhead expense. This means that becoming energy independent,<br />

allows every dollar saved to go directly back into the community to<br />

provide families in need with basic necessities, from clothing to baby<br />

equipment and diapers, services, and resources, free of charge.<br />

To date, MHM has helped over 120,000 of the neediest families in our<br />

community, representing over 360,000 children, and more than 65% of<br />

their clients are single mothers. According to Cheri DeVries, “Teaching<br />

kids and families that come to MHM about the importance of going solar<br />

is a priority and we look forward to helping them learn about energy<br />

conservation while being in our new fully green space! For more information<br />

about how Mothers Helping Mothers helps families in need,<br />

please visit www.mhmsarasota.com<br />

Louise Bruderle | Editor and Publisher |<br />

westcoastwoman@comcast.net<br />

We welcome your thoughts and comments on this column and on other columns and features in this issue.<br />

You can reach us at westcoastwoman@comcast.net. We’re on the web at www.WestCoastWoman.com.<br />

4 WEST COAST WOMAN <strong>JUNE</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

941-373-6300<br />

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Sarasota<br />

941-739-2400<br />

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<strong>JUNE</strong> <strong>2022</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 5

6 WEST COAST WOMAN <strong>JUNE</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

out &about<br />

Special Events<br />

St. Armands Circle’s Sunset Yoga<br />

is is on the inner circle, and will run<br />

through the end of September. Yoga<br />

enthusiasts can relax, stretch, and<br />

gaze at a sunset while enjoying a nice<br />

workout. Attendees should bring<br />

their own yoga mat and block.<br />

The class will be led by Liana Sheintal<br />

Bryant. Breathe: A Sunset Yoga<br />

Series will be held on June 26, July 24,<br />

August 28, and September 25 from<br />

5 to 6 p.m. and is free for the public.<br />

For directions, more information,<br />

and to RSVP, visit the Facebook event<br />

page, https://www.facebook.com.<br />

t<br />

Project Pride SRQ has Pride<br />

Month, June 1-30. The local LGBTQ+<br />

organization celebrates Pride Month<br />

with a full roster of events including<br />

“The Grand Carnival” on June 4, a<br />

downtown Sarasota car parade June<br />

11, pet parade at Bayfront Park on June<br />

18 and Taste of Pride with local businesses<br />

offering specials throughout<br />

the month. Info: projectpridesrq.org.<br />

t<br />

As part of Pride Month, there will<br />

be Big Gay Weekend, June 10-12.<br />

Local LGBTQ+ and SarasotaOUT.<br />

com will celebrate with a variety of<br />

festivities including a Big Gay Beach<br />

Day on North Lido Beach, a Pride<br />

Booze Cruise, and numerous events<br />

at Golden Host Resort. Info: biggayweekend.com.<br />

t<br />

Suncoast Summer Fest runs<br />

June 24-July 10. The second annual<br />

festival features a variety of events<br />

including 4th of July bayfront fireworks<br />

in downtown Sarasota, a<br />

“Waves & Wheels” summer party,<br />

“Blast On The Bay” boat fun run and<br />

more. All proceeds benefit Suncoast<br />

Charities for Children. Info: suncoastsummerfest.org.<br />

t<br />

Sarasota Opera is set to host the<br />

finals for Schmidt Vocal Arts (SVA)<br />

national Schmidt Vocal Competition<br />

at Sarasota Opera House June<br />

3-5. The top three winners from each<br />

of 13 regional competitions will compete<br />

for the first national prize in the<br />

competition’s 25-year history. Seven<br />

Floridians have qualified after competing<br />

in four different regional locations.<br />

Judges for this competition are<br />

bass-baritone Eric Owens, Sarasota<br />

Opera General Director Richard Russell,<br />

and soprano Tamara Wilson.<br />

There will also be an alumni concert<br />

on June 4 that will feature SVA alumni<br />

Virginia Mims (from West Palm<br />

Beach) and Aaron Crouch with pianist<br />

Brent Funderburk.<br />

Tickets at SarasotaOpera.org or<br />

call (941) 328-1300.<br />

t<br />

At OLLI<br />

t<br />

Join them for the Taste of OLLI<br />

series featuring John Dangaran’s<br />

presentations on Beer and Wine at<br />

the Bistro at the Sarasota Art Museum.<br />

Guests will sample beers and<br />

or wines paired with light bites prepared<br />

by Chef Kaytlin Dangaran.<br />

• Session 1: Beer • Monday, June 6,<br />

5-6 pm. This session will include a<br />

brief history on the different methods<br />

and styles of beer that are still brewed<br />

and enjoyed today.<br />

• Session 2: Wine • Wednesday,<br />

June 8, 5-6 pm. Wine is the focus of<br />

this lecture and will include a brief<br />

overview of the wine-making process.<br />

We will discuss Old World vs.<br />

New World, wine laws, terroir, and<br />

proper tasting techniques. Cost: $49<br />

per lecture/per person.<br />

For more information or to register,<br />

please call us at 941-309-5111.<br />

Interested in<br />

Genealogy?<br />

The Manatee Genealogical Society<br />

will host a virtual meeting and<br />

program on June 7, 10am–noon.<br />

The speaker, Cyndi Ingle, will present<br />

“Timelines: The Straight Line<br />

Between You and Your Ancestor”.<br />

Cyndy, a genealogist for more than<br />

41 years, is the creator and innovator<br />

behind the award-winning and globally<br />

recognized CyndisList.com.<br />

She is an expert in using technology<br />

for genealogy research and bringing<br />

together traditional methodology<br />

with organization, computers, software,<br />

and the Internet. Cyndi will<br />

introduce timelines, which can help<br />

you see gaps in certain time periods<br />

or patterns in time periods and<br />

places. Timelines can also provide<br />

an overview of your ancestor’s life to<br />

show migration patterns as he or she<br />

moved from one location to another.<br />

Members of the public are welcome<br />

to attend. Guests must register at least<br />

one day in advance by emailing info@<br />

mgsfl.org. For more information, visit<br />

our website at https://mgsfl.org/<br />

t<br />

At The Hermitage<br />

The Hermitage Artist Retreat has<br />

a new Ruby E. Crosby Alumni Music<br />

Series. The premiere event, “Soulful<br />

Strings: An Evening of Harp Music,”<br />

is on June 7 at 8pm at Marie Selby<br />

Botanical Gardens, featuring harpist<br />

and returning Hermitage Fellow Ashley<br />

Jackson. The outdoor event is free<br />

and open to the public with a $5/person<br />

registration fee.<br />

The Ruby E. Crosby Alumni Music<br />

Series at the Hermitage offers the opportunity<br />

for a distinguished Hermitage<br />

alumni composer or musician to<br />

return for additional residency time<br />

and a special community concert. Info:<br />

https://hermitageartistretreat.org/<br />

t<br />

At The Bishop<br />

On exhibit: Illumination: Seeing<br />

Beyond the Shell. A shell can be<br />

t<br />

Choral Artists has American Fanfare on July 4. Celebrate America with choral fireworks, rousing marches and patriotic<br />

fervor at the Sarasota Opera House at 4 p.m. Info: www.ChoralArtistsSarasota.org.<br />

many things: a mollusk’s protection<br />

against a predator, a piece of jewelry,<br />

a makeshift spoon—it can even be a<br />

calcium supplement or an alternative<br />

to limestone mining to help fight<br />

climate change. But what happens<br />

when you take a closer look?<br />

With Illumination: Seeing Beyond<br />

the Shell, The Bishop continues the<br />

celebration of its 75th Anniversary<br />

Year of Light with the photography<br />

of Scott Odell who is not only a local<br />

photographer, but also a member of<br />

the Museum’s Staff.<br />

This exhibition of macro photography<br />

literally takes a closer look at the<br />

shells in The Bishop’s permanent collection,<br />

showing what happens when<br />

you take an object and view it in a<br />

completely different way.<br />

These images are the fortuitous<br />

result of the Museum’s temporary<br />

closure during the Covid-19 pandemic.<br />

Odell originally began his work<br />

with the idea of having an online<br />

exhibition where visitors to The Bishop’s<br />

website could continue to view<br />

items from the permanent collection<br />

The Bishop Museum of Science<br />

and Nature, 201 10th St. West,<br />

Bradenton. www.BishopScience.org.<br />

UF/IFAS Extension<br />

Sarasota County<br />

Lectures<br />

June 7 and 9—Disaster Preparedness<br />

(webinar). What would you do<br />

if basic services were cut off, like<br />

electricity or water, or if you had to<br />

suddenly leave your home? This class<br />

will offer tips and ways to prepare for<br />

unexpected disasters, such as hurricanes.<br />

Learn how to assemble an<br />

emergency supply kit and other ways<br />

to prepare for emergencies.<br />

Register for this event only at ufsarasotaext.eventbrite.com<br />

rather than any<br />

third party websites, as they are not affiliated<br />

with our classes and events.<br />

Instructor: Dr. Maria Portelos-Rometo,<br />

UF/IFAS Extension Sarasota County<br />

family and consumer sciences agent.<br />

For questions, call 941-861-5000 or<br />

email sarasota@ifas.ufl.edu.<br />

June 13—Wild Sarasota: Other<br />

Wading Birds of Florida (webinar).<br />

Take a virtual walk on the wild side<br />

of Sarasota, with Dr. Katherine Clements,<br />

ecology and natural resources<br />

educator. She’ll focus on local wading<br />

t<br />

birds and their unique adaptations.<br />

Register: https://www.eventbrite.<br />

com/e/259814150117/. For questions,<br />

call 941-861-5000.<br />

Sea Turtle Nesting<br />

Season is Here<br />

Sea turtle nesting season takes<br />

place through Oct. 31 on Southwest<br />

Florida beaches. Mote Marine coordinates<br />

with county, state and federal<br />

efforts to conserve sea turtles — particularly<br />

loggerheads, since Sarasota<br />

County hosts the highest density of<br />

loggerhead nests in the Gulf of Mexico.<br />

Data show that nesting by loggerhead<br />

turtles declined and then rebounded<br />

in recent years, while green<br />

turtle nesting — although very low in<br />

numbers — has increased.<br />

On nesting beaches, light from<br />

waterfront properties can disorient<br />

nesting female turtles and their<br />

young, which emerge at night and<br />

use dim natural light to find the sea.<br />

Also, beach furniture, trash and other<br />

obstacles can impede sea turtles and<br />

their young. While Mote documents<br />

turtle nests, the best thing you can<br />

do to help is to refrain from using artificial<br />

light while on the beach.Here<br />

are some “do and don’t” tips to keep<br />

beaches turtle-friendly:<br />

• DO stay away from sea turtle nests<br />

marked with yellow stakes and tape,<br />

and seabird nesting zones that are<br />

bounded by ropes.<br />

• DO remain quiet and observe from<br />

a distance if you encounter a nesting<br />

sea turtle or hatchlings.<br />

• DO shield or turn off outdoor lights<br />

that are visible on the beach from<br />

May through October.<br />

• DO close drapes after dark and<br />

stack beach furniture at the dune line<br />

or, ideally, remove it from the beach<br />

• DO fill in holes that may entrap<br />

hatchlings on their way to the water.<br />

• DON’T approach nesting turtles<br />

or hatchlings, make noise, or shine<br />

lights at turtles.<br />

• DON’T use flashlights, head lamps<br />

or fishing lamps on the beach.<br />

• DON’T encourage a turtle to move<br />

while nesting or pick up hatchlings<br />

that have emerged and are heading<br />

for the water.<br />

• DON’T use fireworks on the beach.<br />

• DON’T walk dogs on any Sarasota<br />

County beach other than Brohard<br />

t<br />

Paw Park in Venice. There, dogs must<br />

be leashed or under voice control, according<br />

to county ordinances.<br />

Report stranded sea turtles and<br />

marine mammals. Mote Marine<br />

Laboratory’s Stranding Investigations<br />

Program responds 24 hours a<br />

day seven days a week to reports of<br />

sick, injured and dead marine mammals<br />

and sea turtles for animals in<br />

Sarasota and Manatee County waters.<br />

Live animals are brought back to<br />

Mote’s Dolphin and Whale Hospital<br />

or Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Hospital<br />

for treatment and the deceased animals<br />

undergo a detailed post-mortem<br />

examination so that we may learn<br />

more about the natural history of<br />

these animals and evaluate longterm<br />

trends in mortality.<br />

Within Sarasota or Manatee County<br />

waters, if you see a stranded or<br />

dead dolphin, whale or sea turtle, call<br />

Mote's Stranding Investigations Program,<br />

a 24-hour response service, at<br />

888-345-2335.<br />

If you see a stranded or dead manatee<br />

anywhere in state waters or a<br />

stranded or dead dolphin, whale or<br />

sea turtle outside of Sarasota or Manatee<br />

counties, call the FWC Wildlife<br />

Alert hotline at 1-(888) 404-3922.<br />

Elling Eide Center<br />

Arboretum Tours<br />

and Lectures<br />

Join docent Norman Burr on a<br />

90-minute trek through their historic<br />

grounds. Walk through the arboretum<br />

and learn about rare, interesting,<br />

and exotic plants. Norman will discuss<br />

the geologic history of Florida<br />

and how plant life evolved. He will<br />

also share the history of the inhabitants<br />

of the Elling Eide Center from<br />

pre-history to today.<br />

Then, venture inside and see Elling<br />

Eide’s personal collection of Asian<br />

art and artifacts. Arboretum Tours<br />

are held every Tuesday/Thursday<br />

of every week. Register at www.ellingoeide.org<br />

for the Arboretum Tour<br />

and their other events. Elling Eide<br />

Center, 8000 South Tamiami Trail,<br />

Sarasota. Admission: $5. Tour is 2<br />

hours with 60 minutes of the tour is<br />

outside and 30 minutes of the tour is<br />

of the inside of the Eide Center.<br />

The Eide Center will also be offering<br />

a Summer Lecture Series. Beat<br />

the heat this summer & join Dr. Matthew<br />

Wells, the Elling Eide Center’s<br />

Research Director, for a limited summer<br />

lecture and discussion series that<br />

explores different aspects of Chinese<br />

culture and history.<br />

This five-part series is designed for<br />

people who have little or no background<br />

in Chinese history, language,<br />

and culture. Come listen and enjoy<br />

a delicious cup of roasted coffee and<br />

pastries at our new summer lecture<br />

series, “Coffee & Confucius.”<br />

• Start Time: 9:30-10:00 am: Coffee<br />

and pastries served; 10:00am -<br />

11:00am: Lecture program<br />

• Cost of Program: $15 per lecture or<br />

$50 for all 5 (five) lectures<br />

• Registration: Register at www.ellingoeide.org<br />

or on Eventbrite<br />

• Schedule: June: 8, 15 and 29, July:<br />

6 and 13<br />

Program Focus:<br />

1) June 8: Chinese Writing and Language:<br />

An Introduction<br />

2) June 15: Chinese History: Issues,<br />

Problems, and Approaches<br />

3) June 29: Sages, immortals, and<br />

t<br />

continued on page 8<br />

<strong>JUNE</strong> <strong>2022</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 7

out and about continued<br />

Buddhas: Chinese religion and<br />

philosophy<br />

4) July 6: From poetry to ghost stories:<br />

An overview of early Chinese<br />

literature<br />

5) July 13: One Belt One Road: China’s<br />

20th century and beyond<br />

Summer Art Camps<br />

Art Center Sarasota offers Summer<br />

Art Camp through August 5.<br />

Each week campers will explore their<br />

creativity, learn about art, and make<br />

original masterpieces that will be<br />

“exhibited” on Friday afternoons for<br />

friends and family. Instructors provide<br />

age appropriate activities for<br />

campers in two groups: Creative Kids<br />

for ages 6-10 and Emerging Artists for<br />

ages 11-15.<br />

Camp runs M-F, 9:30am-3pm.<br />

Before and after care available. Info:<br />

https://www.artsarasota.org/<br />

summer-camp.<br />

t<br />

The Island Players on Anna<br />

Maria plan to offer its Children’s<br />

Drama Camp, in partnership with<br />

the AMI Center, led by actress Pam<br />

Hopkins, with two public performances<br />

planned for July 23. Evening<br />

performances will be at 7:30 p.m. in<br />

the new season. Auditions will be<br />

held at 7:30 p.m. on August 1. For<br />

information, call 941-778-5755 or<br />

visit theislandplayers.org.<br />

t<br />

ArtCenter Manatee offers sprouting<br />

artists, ages 4 to 6, an opportunity<br />

to express their creativity. In Marvelous<br />

Mondays, children ages 6-10 will<br />

make drawings, paintings and prints.<br />

In Thrilling Thursdays children will<br />

have fun playing in clay. If they want<br />

more, this age group can attend oneweek<br />

KidsArt Camps from 9-3 Monday<br />

through Friday.<br />

Every week has a different theme,<br />

from animals and aliens to artists<br />

and super heroes. Emerging Artists,<br />

ages 11-15, are challenged in<br />

weekly half-day camps where they<br />

can make clay sculptures and learn<br />

on the potter’s wheel, learn mosaics,<br />

painting, drawing, fiber, collage and<br />

more. Scholarships available. Camps<br />

begin May 31. Location: 209 9th St<br />

W, Bradenton. Info: 941-746-2862<br />

https://artcentermanatee.org/kidsart-overview/.<br />

t<br />

Selby Gardens has a summer<br />

camp that offers six one-week sessions<br />

(Monday-Friday) from June 6 - July 15.<br />

The first three weeks are at the Downtown<br />

Sarasota campus, while the final<br />

three take place at the Historic Spanish<br />

Point campus. Sign up for individual<br />

weeks of your choice.<br />

t<br />

At Mote Marine<br />

Mote Aquarium has a new exhibit<br />

from National Geographic. SHARKS:<br />

On Assignment with Brian Skerry<br />

includes large-scale images that<br />

highlight the work of National Geographic<br />

Explorer and award-winning<br />

photojournalist, Brian Skerry.<br />

The exhibit runs through Aug. 7,<br />

<strong>2022</strong>. The exhibition strives to raise<br />

awareness about the status of sharks<br />

around the world. Visitors can dive<br />

into the ocean depths to swim alongside<br />

tiger sharks, great whites, oceanic<br />

whitetips and shortfin makos while<br />

learning about each species’ habitat<br />

and threats they face. Additionally,<br />

they’ll get a glimpse into National Geographic’s<br />

ocean conservation efforts.<br />

t<br />

National Geographic<br />

Explorer<br />

and award-winning<br />

photojournalist<br />

Skerry has<br />

spent more than<br />

10,000 hours underwater<br />

exploring<br />

the world’s<br />

oceans with a<br />

camera to show<br />

why sharks need<br />

to be protected<br />

and appreciated<br />

as integral species<br />

within the ecosystem.<br />

The exhibition<br />

will include<br />

large-scale images<br />

and videos—all<br />

highlighting Skerry’s<br />

passion, skill<br />

and life-long commitment<br />

to conservation<br />

of the<br />

world’s oceans.<br />

■ Join Mote for<br />

some fun outdoor<br />

exploration.<br />

Participants will<br />

use dip nets to<br />

explore the nearshore<br />

seagrass<br />

beds and learn about the plants and<br />

animals that call the Bay home. All<br />

ages. Fee: $15. Held 11:30 a.m.-12:30<br />

p.m. Next date: June 18.<br />

Pre-registration (including parents/<br />

guardians) is required. This is an outdoor<br />

program and participants will<br />

wade in water up to waist deep. Details<br />

here: https://mote.org/experiences/details/kayaking-with-mote<br />

■ Seashore SEAfari allows you to<br />

explore a mangrove forest. Put on<br />

your adventure hat and come along<br />

as you tour a mangrove boardwalk,<br />

use science tools to test water quality<br />

and complete a seashore scavenger<br />

hunt with one of the best views in<br />

Sarasota. All ages. Fee: $15. Held 10<br />

a.m.-11a.m. June 18. re-registration<br />

(including parents/guardians) is required.<br />

This is an outdoor program (not<br />

water-based) that involves walking.<br />

Details here: https://mote.org/experiences/details/kayaking-with-mote.<br />

Choral Artists<br />

Next up: American Fanfare on<br />

July 4. Celebrate America with choral<br />

fireworks, rousing marches and patriotic<br />

fervor. Old Glory and Uncle Sam<br />

are feted in this annual performance<br />

featuring the Lakewood Ranch<br />

Wind Ensemble and Choral Artists of<br />

Sarasota. Musical fireworks abound<br />

in this annual salute to America at<br />

the Sarasota Opera House at 4 p.m.<br />

For more information, visit www.<br />

ChoralArtistsSarasota.org.<br />

t<br />

Lots of Fun<br />

Outdoor Events<br />

The Palm Avenue First Friday<br />

Walks in downtown Sarasota gives<br />

art lovers a backdoor peek without<br />

the hustle and bustle of the crowds<br />

but with the cool breeze and moonlight<br />

sky the evening brings. The<br />

event is held the first Friday of every<br />

month, running 6-9 p.m. The next<br />

ones are on June 3 and July 1. Info:<br />

https://palmave.com/<br />

t<br />

t<br />

Women Contemporary Artists Annual Art Exhibit <strong>2022</strong> - Gail White - "Mucho Mango"<br />

Women Contemporary Artists present the WCA Annual Art Exhibit at the<br />

Lois and David Stuhlberg Gallery of the Ringling College of Art and Design,<br />

2363 Bradenton Rd., Sarasota. Runs June 3-24.<br />

Start your Saturday with a sunrise<br />

stretch at The Sarasota Farmers<br />

Market. They’ve partnered with<br />

Pineapple Yoga Studio to bring free,<br />

weekly sunrise yoga to downtown<br />

Sarasota. Participants meet at the<br />

Mermaid Fountain in Paul Thorpe<br />

Park, near the Intersection of Pineapple<br />

and Lemon Avenues. Enjoy Artful<br />

Movement with Bianca, a 45-minute<br />

guided practice accompanied by a<br />

playlist to match the intention.<br />

Starting at 7 a.m., participants<br />

will enjoy a gentle yoga flow suitable<br />

for all ages and levels. The weekly<br />

45-minute yoga practice will focus<br />

on movements that foster inner and<br />

outer balance.<br />

For information, call 941-225-9256 or<br />

visit sarasotafarmersmarket.org/yoga<br />

Marie Selby<br />

Botanical Gardens<br />

Robert Mapplethorpe and<br />

Patti Smith: Flowers, Poetry, and<br />

Light presents the creative work<br />

of two contemporary icons in dialogue<br />

with nature throughout Selby<br />

Gardens’ Downtown Sarasota campus.<br />

The immersive, multi-sensory<br />

exhibition includes original photographs<br />

of flowers by Mapplethorpe,<br />

excerpts of poetry, lyrics, and music<br />

by Smith, and new horticultural displays<br />

inspired by their work. It marks<br />

the sixth annual Goldstein Exhibition,<br />

which examines major artists<br />

through the lens of their connection<br />

to nature. The exhibit runs to June<br />

26 at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens,<br />

1534 Mound Street, Sarasota.<br />

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens<br />

is one of 12 participating gardens<br />

across 6 countries offering “Seeing<br />

the Invisible” which features works<br />

by more than a dozen international<br />

artists such as Ai Weiwei, Refik<br />

Anadol, El Anatsui, Isaac Julien CBE,<br />

Mohammed Kazem, Sigalit Landau,<br />

Sarah Meyohas, Pamela Rosenkranz,<br />

and Timur Si-Qin—including several<br />

artists’ first work in AR.<br />

Visitors will engage with “Seeing<br />

the Invisible” via an app designed<br />

for the exhibition downloadable to<br />

smartphones and tablets. The exhibition<br />

fosters collaboration between<br />

t<br />

institutions, artists,<br />

and audiences,<br />

highlighting<br />

the power of art<br />

to connect people<br />

around the<br />

world. “Seeing<br />

the Invisible”<br />

runs to August<br />

31 at the Historic<br />

Spanish Point<br />

campus. Information:<br />

www.<br />

selby.org.<br />

Live<br />

Music<br />

Aviva Senior<br />

Living has its<br />

Amicus Classical<br />

Concert Series<br />

in June. The concerts<br />

are free and<br />

open to the public<br />

as well as residents<br />

of Aviva.<br />

On June 14 at<br />

1:30 p.m., the series<br />

will conclude<br />

with a concert by<br />

Catherine Lan<br />

and Tao Lin, otherwise<br />

known as Duo Beaux Arts.<br />

The duo has performed all over the<br />

world to critical acclaim. La Belle<br />

Epoque is a program of romantic<br />

and virtuosic French music for piano<br />

solo and duet including Faure’s Dolly<br />

Suite and the always popular Clair<br />

de Lune.<br />

The concert is free and held at Aviva’s<br />

Kretzmer Center, 1951 N. Honore<br />

Ave., Sarasota. To RSVP, call Melinda<br />

at 941-702-2597 or at mhaney@avivaseniorlife.org.<br />

t<br />

Art Exhibits<br />

Creative Liberties has its first<br />

open exhibition, “Here Comes the<br />

Sun,” running June 9-30. Opening<br />

reception is on June 9, 5-8 p.m. Creative<br />

Liberties Artist Studios is located<br />

at 901-B Apricot Avenue, Sarasota,<br />

in the Limelight District. For more<br />

information, visit www.creativeliberties.net<br />

or call 941-799-6634.<br />

Creative Liberties was founded<br />

in November 2021 by Barbara Gerdeman<br />

and Elizabeth Goodwill,<br />

two artists and art educators. They<br />

launched this venture to empower<br />

regional artists with a variety of business<br />

services and studio and exhibition<br />

opportunities. The Creative<br />

Liberties Artist Studios is a collective,<br />

communal space that provides work<br />

and display space for local artists.<br />

There are also display walls available<br />

for non-studio artists to rent. Monthly<br />

artist markets provide an opportunity<br />

for local artists to sell their work.<br />

Nine artists have made the Creative<br />

Liberties Artist Studios their artistic<br />

workspace. These include: Jenny<br />

Berry (oil painting); Elizabeth Goodwill<br />

(book art, fiber art and mixed<br />

media); Barbara Gerdeman (photography,<br />

acrylic painting, and mixed<br />

media); Donna Bergman (collage and<br />

mixed media); Lisa DiFranza (acrylic<br />

painting, gouache, and mixed media);<br />

Traci Kegerreis (acrylic painting,<br />

collage and mosaics); Sandy Koolkin<br />

(acrylic fluid painting, watercolor and<br />

fiber art); Jay Li (pastel portraiture)<br />

and Judy Levine (jewelry design, collage<br />

and photography).<br />

■ For information about Creative<br />

t<br />

Liberties, visit www.creativeliberties.net<br />

or call 941-799-6634. The<br />

studios are open to the public Thursday<br />

through Monday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.,<br />

and on Tuesdays and Wednesdays by<br />

appointment.<br />

Sarasota Art Museum has Daniel<br />

Lind-Ramos’ Las Tres Marías runs<br />

through August 7, <strong>2022</strong>. Las Tres<br />

Marías is comprised of two new<br />

assemblage sculptures created<br />

specifically by Lind-Ramos for<br />

the Museum’s exhibition, Baño de<br />

María and María Guabancex, in<br />

addition to his previously-made<br />

work, María de los Sustentos.<br />

Daniel Lind-Ramos (b. 1953, Puerto<br />

Rico) creates assemblages from found<br />

and reclaimed objects, many of which<br />

were collected in the aftermath of<br />

Hurricane Maria. Through the combination<br />

of natural and manufactured<br />

materials, Lind-Ramos’ sculptural<br />

assemblages recall the experiential<br />

elements of the hurricane—wind,<br />

rain, thunder, and lightning—as well<br />

as cultural signifiers of Puerto Rico,<br />

specifically, the city of Loíza, where<br />

the artist was born and still resides.<br />

The devastating impact of Hurricane<br />

Maria (2017) in Puerto Rico is still visible<br />

in the physical destruction, and<br />

felt in the memories and collective<br />

consciousness of Puerto Ricans, but<br />

Lind-Ramos’ Las Tres Marías serves<br />

as a testament to the resilience of the<br />

people and community.<br />

Las Tres Marías will be exhibited<br />

in the 3rd Floor’s Tom & Sherry Koski<br />

Gallery and Lois & David Stulberg<br />

Gallery to August 7, <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

Sarasota Art Museum also presents<br />

I M(O)ther: Threads of the<br />

Maternal Figure, the first U.S. solo<br />

museum exhibition of Jamaica-based<br />

textile and fiber artist Katrina<br />

Coombs, through October 2,<br />

<strong>2022</strong>. This exhibition will feature 12<br />

fiber artworks including large-scale<br />

installations and intimate sculptures<br />

that reference the artist’s personal<br />

experiences, as well as experiences of<br />

other maternal figures in her life.<br />

On view in the Museum’s John &<br />

Charlotte Suhler Gallery, I M(O)ther:<br />

Threads of the Maternal Figure illuminates<br />

the range of fiber arts techniques<br />

Coombs uses in her practice,<br />

including the laborious technique of<br />

finger-knitting the works with various<br />

fiber materials. Coombs’ works<br />

are inspired and guided by a quest to<br />

deepen the spiritual, emotional, and<br />

psychological understanding of the<br />

numerous conflicting roles that have<br />

been attributed to women in contemporary<br />

society<br />

While the use of fiber is central to her<br />

work, Coombs skillfully weaves and<br />

stitches cowrie shells, amethyst stone,<br />

mirror, and beads into tactile and<br />

large-scale forms. These non-fiber elements<br />

are used to communicate conceptual<br />

ideas of identity, the maternal<br />

figure, wealth, ancestry, and security.<br />

The works in this exhibition span<br />

over a range of time (2015-2020), referencing<br />

a number of the artist’s personal<br />

experiences, as well as experiences<br />

of other maternal figures in her<br />

life. Coombs’ work communicates a<br />

range of ideas in pieces that are intended<br />

to physically envelope the viewer in<br />

some instances, and in other instances<br />

keep the viewer at a distance.<br />

There will be a Curator Talk with<br />

Emory Conetta on Thursday, June 9,<br />

6 pm. Free for members, $20 not-yet<br />

members. Location: Sarasota High<br />

t<br />

continued on page 10<br />

8 WEST COAST WOMAN <strong>JUNE</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

healthier you<br />


with GROUP QUIT<br />

There’s never been a more important time to quit.<br />

Free expert-led sessions to help you quit all forms of tobacco.<br />

2 . 6 LO G O LOCKUP S<br />

Nicotine’s Effect<br />

on the Brain<br />

1 .<br />

2 .<br />

X<br />


Virtual Group Sessions -OR- In-Person Group Sessions<br />

Develop your<br />

personalized<br />

quit plan.<br />

FREE nicotine<br />

replacement patches,<br />

gum, or lozenges. *<br />

The logo lockups were designed to contain both logos,<br />

separated by a bar that is the same thickness as our<br />

of our logo. We will maintain the clear space<br />

established on page 6 between the bar and both logos.<br />

Depending on the type of materials, we could use one<br />

of the following lockups.<br />

1. Full color Logo Lockup<br />

More than<br />

DOUBLES your<br />

chances of success!<br />

preferred, but it can ONLY be used in full color and<br />

only against a white background. It cannot be placed<br />

in a white box.<br />

*(If medically 3 . appropriate for those 18 years of age or older)<br />

Pre-registration is required.<br />


4 .<br />

2. One-Color Logotype Lockup<br />

The One-Color Logotype Lockup is the most commonly<br />

used version. It can only be used against a white<br />

background or as a Reverse White Logotype.<br />

Sponsored by:<br />

866-534-7909 AHEC<br />




3. Black and White Logotype Lockup<br />

4. Reversed Logotype Lockup<br />

The reversed logotype lockup can be used against a<br />

black bacground or against the NEW TFF ADA BLUE<br />

(HEX: #1074BB)<br />

M<br />

ark Twain once said<br />

“quitting smoking<br />

is easy. I should<br />

know, I have done it<br />

a thousand times.”<br />

Many tobacco users may be able to relate<br />

to this statement as it often requires multiple<br />

attempts to kick the habit for good.<br />

There are several reasons quitting<br />

smoking is challenging. First, it is legal<br />

for adults to use tobacco products; therefore,<br />

there is less legal risk with tobacco<br />

than with other illegal substances. Second,<br />

nicotine is available for purchase at<br />

many convenient locations. The third<br />

and most significant reason is due to<br />

nicotine’s effect on the brain. In fact,<br />

research has shown that nicotine is as<br />

addictive as alcohol, heroin, and cocaine<br />

and is often more difficult to quit. 1<br />

When an individual smokes a cigarette,<br />

nicotine is delivered to the brain within<br />

seven seconds. Once in the brain, nicotine<br />

activates seven different neurotransmitters<br />

– many of which are responsible<br />

for pleasure, appetite suppression, reduction<br />

of tension and anxiety and increased<br />

focus. These outcomes can be perceived<br />

as positive and rewarding which strengthens<br />

the addiction to nicotine. It is important<br />

that individuals find other ways to get<br />

these same benefits without the tobacco<br />

products when quitting. Quitting tobacco<br />

involves “retraining” the brain’s reward<br />

pathway as nicotine levels are reduced<br />

during the quit process.<br />

The addiction to nicotine itself accounts<br />

for the biological component of<br />

addiction; however, addiction can happen<br />

on the psychological and cultural<br />

level as well. Tobacco can be used as a<br />

coping mechanism during challenging<br />

situations and as self-medication. Developing<br />

a dependence on tobacco during<br />

the tough times can make quitting even<br />

harder. Tobacco may also be promoted as<br />

part of social activities and norms.<br />

Although quitting tobacco can be<br />

challenging, it can be done! According<br />

to the Center for Disease Control and<br />

Prevention, more than three out of five<br />

adults who have ever smoked cigarettes<br />

have quit. It is important to seek out<br />

support when quitting tobacco as those<br />

that attempt to quit on their own have<br />

a success rate of about 5-7%. Group sessions<br />

through Gulfcoast South AHEC<br />

and Tobacco Free Florida address all aspects<br />

of nicotine addiction, in addition<br />

to helping you develop a quit plan and<br />

identify your quit date. Studies have<br />

shown that group sessions plus the use<br />

of Nicotine Replacement Therapy can<br />

more than double your chances of quitting<br />

and staying quit. 2<br />

Quitting tobacco for good comes with<br />

many benefits to your physical and psychological<br />

health. These benefits are<br />

numerous and will greatly improve the<br />

quality of life for individuals who quit<br />

for many years to come.<br />

Help quitting tobacco is free! Gulfcoast<br />

South Area Health Education<br />

Center (GSAHEC), as part of the Group<br />

Quit option of Tobacco Free Florida’s<br />

Quit Your Way program—offers free<br />

group quit sessions to help someone<br />

quit all forms of tobacco. These group<br />

sessions held virtually and in-person,<br />

provide information about the benefits<br />

of quitting, managing stress and triggers,<br />

and will assist you with developing your<br />

own customized quit plan. Free nicotine<br />

replacement therapy in the form of<br />

patches, gum, or lozenges (if medically<br />

appropriate and while supplies last) is<br />

provided with the session. Attendees<br />

will also receive a participant workbook,<br />

quit kit materials, and follow up support<br />

from a trained tobacco treatment specialist.<br />

Contact us today at 866-534-7909<br />

or visit www.tobacco freeflorida.<br />

com/groupquitcalendar to schedule<br />

a class or learn more about the program!<br />

Reference:<br />

1 https://www.cdc.gov/tobacco/data_statistics/fact_<br />

sheets/cessation/smoking-cessation-fast-facts/index.html<br />

2 Tools to Quit: Area Health Education Center<br />

(AHEC) Cessation Program Participant Toolkit.<br />

Area Health Education Centers. 2018.<br />

Learn more about all of Tobacco Free Florida’s tools and services at<br />

T F F<br />

BRAND G U I D E<br />


<strong>JUNE</strong> <strong>2022</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 9

out and about continued<br />

School Alumni Auditorium. Get an introduction<br />

to Sarasota Art Museum’s<br />

newest exhibitions, Daniel Lind-Ramos:<br />

Las Tres Marías and I M(O)ther:-<br />

Threads of the Maternal Figure from<br />

Assistant Curator Emory Conetta.<br />

■ Sarasota Art Museum is at the<br />

Ringling College Museum Campus,<br />

1001 South Tamiami Trail, Sarasota.<br />

https://www.sarasotaartmuseum.<br />

org/visit/<br />

Next up at Art Uptown Gallery is<br />

“Collection of Small Works” by Art<br />

Uptown Gallery Artists. The exhibit<br />

will include original paintings,<br />

sculpture, glass, jewelry, pottery and<br />

photography by some of the gallery’s<br />

25 artists.<br />

The exhibit runs through June 24,<br />

and the public is invited to a First<br />

Friday public reception on June 3<br />

from 6-9 p.m.<br />

In July, Art Uptown Gallery will<br />

exhibit “MOXIE by Rita Rust,” watercolors<br />

by a longtime gallery artist. In a<br />

pivot from Rita's usual subject matter,<br />

these “action portraits” serve to illuminate<br />

the capacity to find joy even<br />

in the darkest times. These paintings<br />

embody the exuberant spirit, determination<br />

and courage the girls in this<br />

series display—their “moxie.”<br />

“MOXIE by Rita Rust” opens on<br />

June 25 and runs through July 30. The<br />

public is also invited to a reception on<br />

First Friday, July 1, from 6-9 p.m<br />

■ Art Uptown Gallery is located at<br />

1367 Main Street, Sarasota. Also view<br />

art works by 28 local artists. Call 941-<br />

955-5409 or visit www.artuptown.com.<br />

t<br />

SPAACES Foundation has “Ah<br />

Who Run Dis,” A Solo Exhibit by<br />

Krystle Lemonias runs through June<br />

11. By appointment only.<br />

The SPAACES Foundation is a notfor-profit,<br />

with an evening of food,<br />

music, art and more. The Princeton<br />

street corridor is a growing community<br />

of warehouses converted to working<br />

art studios. Anchored by the SPAACES<br />

foundation, this little neighborhood<br />

has evolved into a premier location for<br />

contemporary and conceptual artists.<br />

■ If you have any questions contact<br />

marianne@spaaces.art or at 941-<br />

374-3492.<br />

t<br />

Art Ovation Hotel has an ongoing<br />

series of art displays by six international<br />

artists and organizations<br />

that will run through September 6,<br />

<strong>2022</strong>. The six new exhibits include<br />

Tribute to Andrés Valerio; Ana<br />

Albertina Delgado: The Human<br />

Mysteries and the Indifference of<br />

the Universe; Alexander Solotzew:<br />

Life in Colors; Peter Jacob Christ:<br />

Disappearing Signs of Life; and The<br />

Rainer Hildebrandt Collection:<br />

Original Painted Slabs from the<br />

Berlin Wall, as well as The Florida<br />

Watercolor Society (FWS)’s 2021-<br />

<strong>2022</strong> Traveling Exhibition.<br />

Visitors are invited to enjoy the<br />

works at their own leisure or can request<br />

a guided tour for a deeper understanding<br />

of the artists and their works.<br />

■ Located at 1255 North Palm<br />

Avenue, Sarasota.<br />

t<br />

Women Contemporary Artists<br />

present the WCA Annual Art Exhibit<br />

at the Lois and David Stuhlberg Gallery<br />

of the Ringling College of Art and<br />

Design, 2363 Bradenton Rd., Sarasota.<br />

The exhibit is on display from June<br />

3-24. The public is invited to the<br />

opening reception to meet the artists<br />

t<br />

on June 3, from 5-8 pm.<br />

There will be scheduled<br />

docent tours given during<br />

the dates of the exhibition.<br />

There is no fee for<br />

this event.<br />

The event will showcase<br />

the work of the WCA<br />

whose membership<br />

includes painters, photographers,<br />

sculptors,<br />

ceramicists, printmakers,<br />

mixed media artists, fabric<br />

artists and more. As<br />

Curator of Exhibits at the<br />

Morean Arts Center in St.<br />

Petersburg, Amanda Cooper,<br />

the juror, is knowledgeable<br />

in a broad range<br />

of media from established<br />

and emerging artists.<br />

■ Info: 941-359-7563 or<br />

visit www.ringling.edu/<br />

galleries. Information<br />

on WCA is at: www.<br />

womencontemporaryartists.com.<br />

Artist Series<br />

Concerts of<br />

Sarasota<br />

Here’s what’s coming up:<br />

• May 4, 4 pm at Sarasota<br />

Opera House. Lin Ye, piano with<br />

Daniel Jordan and Samantha<br />

Bennett, violin; Rachel Halvorson,<br />

viola; Natalie Helm, cello; John<br />

Miller, double bass. Artist Series<br />

Concerts welcomes the return of<br />

pianist Lin Ye, a former winner of<br />

the organization’s 2017 National<br />

Piano Competition. Ye performs<br />

piano concerti by Bach, Mozart and<br />

Chopin with principal string players<br />

from the Sarasota Orchestra. Ye’s<br />

performance is part of State College<br />

of Florida’s Pianopalooza festival,<br />

taking place through May 8.<br />

For more information, visit www.<br />

ArtistSeriesConcerts.org<br />

At The Ringling<br />

t<br />

Hermitage Fellow and Harpist Ashley Jackson (Photo Credit: Julia Comita)<br />

The Hermitage Artist Retreat’s “Soulful Strings: An Evening<br />

of Harp Music,” is on June 7 at 8pm at Marie Selby<br />

Botanical Gardens, featuring harpist and returning Hermitage<br />

Fellow Ashley Jackson.<br />

On exhibit is “As long as there is<br />

sun, as long as there is light.” Selections<br />

from the Bring Gift and The<br />

Ringling Collection of Modern and<br />

Contemporary Art. The exhibition<br />

runs through Aug. 13, 2023, in the<br />

museum’s Searing Wing.<br />

Highlights include minimalist<br />

work by Anne Truitt and a monumental<br />

work on canvas by Gene<br />

Davis, both artists affiliated with<br />

the Washington Color School, an art<br />

movement during the 1950s to 1970s<br />

in Washington D.C., made up of abstract<br />

expressionist artists.<br />

Additional work represent a generation<br />

of prominent artists who<br />

work, or have worked, in abstraction,<br />

including Clement Meadmore, Jules<br />

Olitski, Beverly Pepper, Rebecca Salter,<br />

Kenneth Snelson, and Yuriko Yamaguchi,<br />

among others. Also on view<br />

are sculptures and paintings by African<br />

American and Latin American<br />

artists from The Ringling collection,<br />

including William Edmondson, Eduardo<br />

Mac Entyre, Omar Rayo, Baruj<br />

Salinas, and Joyce de Guatemala.<br />

The Ringling has Haitian-Canadian<br />

artist Rhodnie Désir for the world<br />

premiere of her first gallery installation,<br />

Rhodnie Désir: Conversations<br />

in the Ringling’s Monda Gallery. In<br />

her multidimensional choreographic<br />

career, dancer/choreographer Rhodnie<br />

Désir created BOW’T TRAIL, a<br />

choreographic-documentary journey<br />

in which she has conducted research<br />

throughout the Americas since 2015.<br />

Her work included visits to countries<br />

such as Martinique, Brazil, Haïti,<br />

Canada, Mexico, and the United<br />

States to immerse herself within the<br />

African and afro descendant cultures<br />

and rhythms generated from<br />

the ingenuity of her ancestors since<br />

the Slave Trade.<br />

The Ringling also has Eleanor<br />

Merritt: Remembrance, running<br />

through Aug. 21. The exhibition celebrates<br />

the life and artwork of Merritt<br />

who was a volunteer at The Ringling<br />

for many years as a docent and board<br />

member. She also served as president<br />

of the Venice Art Center and was<br />

active in other arts organizations as<br />

well. Eleanor died in 2019 leaving a<br />

legacy of art and public service.<br />

This exhibition is dedicated to her<br />

spirit and creativity and represents a<br />

small sample of a significant body of<br />

work the artist created over her long career.<br />

The exhibition highlights her creative<br />

use of materials, movement between<br />

figuration and abstraction, and<br />

her commitment to women’s rights.<br />

Arriving in Sarasota in the 1980s,<br />

Eleanor exhibited widely in Florida.<br />

Her final exhibition in 2017 at the<br />

Arts & Cultural Alliance celebrated<br />

her 60 years of painting. In 2013, she<br />

received national recognition with<br />

an exhibition at the Houston Museum<br />

of African American Culture.<br />

And there’s Ballroom Florida:<br />

Deco & Desire in Japan’s Jazz Age<br />

on view to September 25. This exhibition<br />

celebrates a recent gift of<br />

six paintings from Mary and Robert<br />

Levenson by Enomoto Chikatoshi<br />

(1898–1973) and a photograph by Hamaya<br />

Hiroshi (1915–1999) depicting<br />

the women of the Florida and its chic<br />

décor. The exhibition is augmented<br />

with loans that elaborate on themes<br />

that define this group of artworks:<br />

Art Deco design, the exotic, and elegant<br />

pleasures.<br />

Metadata: Rethinking Photography<br />

from the 21st Century is on<br />

view until August 28.<br />

This exhibition explores<br />

new paradigms for understanding<br />

the ecology<br />

of the photographic image.<br />

The term “metadata”<br />

is used to describe the<br />

information that travels<br />

with a digital image file<br />

but is unseen within the<br />

image itself.<br />

The John and Mable<br />

Ringling Museum of<br />

Art, 5401 Bay Shore Rd.,<br />

Sarasota. Info: www.<br />

ringling.org.<br />

Theatre<br />

Asolo Rep has EUREKA<br />

DAY (to June 4), by New<br />

College alum Jonathan<br />

Spector and directed<br />

by Bianca LaVerne<br />

Jones in the Cook Theatre.<br />

An explosive comedy<br />

that skewers sanctimony<br />

and the nature<br />

of our politics, EUREKA<br />

DAY asks: when does<br />

“us” become “them?”.<br />

The season concludes<br />

with another new musical,<br />

HOOD (June 3-26),<br />

featuring music and<br />

lyrics by Lewis Flinn (Lysistrata<br />

Jones), a book by five-time Tony-nominated<br />

playwright Douglas<br />

Carter Beane (Rodgers & Hammerstein’s<br />

Cinderella, Lysistrata Jones,<br />

Sister Act, Xanadu) and helmed<br />

by Mark Brokaw (Heisenberg, Rodgers<br />

& Hammerstein’s Cinderella,<br />

After Miss Julie). Rediscover Robin<br />

Hood, the renegade crusader, his<br />

Merry Band and a Maid Marian<br />

who definitely does not need saving<br />

in this madcap musical.<br />

Tickets: asolorep.org or call the Box<br />

Office at 941-351-8000.<br />

t<br />

t<br />

At Urbanite Theatre: ATHENA<br />

by Gracie Gardner; directed by Summer<br />

Wallace. Runs June 10 – July 10.<br />

Mary Wallace and Athena are brave<br />

young fencers training for the Junior<br />

Olympics. They practice together,<br />

they compete against each other,<br />

they spend their lives together. They<br />

just wish they were friends.<br />

Urbanite is located at 1487 2nd<br />

Street, Sarasota. Tickets: (941) 321-<br />

1397 or visit https://www.urbanitetheatre.com/season.<br />

FST’s final Cabaret of the season,<br />

Laughing Matters (Variant 6):<br />

Paranoia on Parade, is playing in<br />

FST’s Court Cabaret. This edition<br />

of FST’s musical sketch comedy<br />

revue is inspired by today’s culture<br />

and politics.<br />

Featuring parodies of popular songs<br />

and musical theatre classics interspersed<br />

with original comedic sketches,<br />

Laughing Matters pokes fun at<br />

everything—from the impact of social<br />

media and the steep rise of inflation<br />

to Sarasota’s rapid development and<br />

the seemingly endless COVID-19<br />

pandemic. Runs to June 19.<br />

Tickets: FloridaStudioTheatre.org or<br />

call the Box Office at (941) 366-9000.<br />

t<br />

Farmer’s Markets<br />

The Sarasota Farmers Market<br />

is open on Saturdays with normal<br />

hours of 7 am-1 pm, rain or shine.<br />

http://www.sarasotafarmersmarket.<br />

org/ (941) 225-9256<br />

t<br />

Venice Farmers Market has more<br />

than 40 vendors on Saturdays, many<br />

based during the week in Venice,<br />

Englewood and other areas of Sarasota<br />

County. Held at Venice City Hall, 401<br />

W. Venice Avenue, Venice. Call (941)<br />

445-9209 or visit https://www.thevenicefarmersmarket.org/site/<br />

t<br />

The Newtown Farmer’s Market is<br />

open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. every Friday<br />

and Saturday. The market is located<br />

at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Park,<br />

at the corner of Cocoanut Avenue and<br />

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Way.<br />

t<br />

The Farmers Market at Lakewood<br />

Ranch is now at Waterside<br />

Place. Their Farmers Market currently<br />

has about 60 vendors and went this<br />

past summer from a seasonal market<br />

to a year-round event.When the<br />

market transfers to Waterside Place,<br />

taking up space all along Lakefront<br />

Boulevard and Kingfisher Lake, more<br />

than 80 vendors will line the street.<br />

The Farmers Market will stick to a 10<br />

a.m. to 2 p.m. time slot on Sundays.<br />

t<br />

At Benderson<br />

International Dragon Boat<br />

Federation 13th Club Crew World<br />

Championships is on July 18-24,<br />

<strong>2022</strong>. More about IDBF at https://<br />

www.dragonboat.sport/<br />

The Ronald A. Balducci Playground<br />

is open during regular park<br />

hours (6 a.m.-8 p.m.), but hour-long<br />

closures at 8 a.m., noon and 4 p.m.<br />

allow crews to clean playground<br />

equipment.<br />

Only electric boat motors are authorized;<br />

gas motors must be raised<br />

to indicate they aren’t in use. (This is<br />

in accordance with Sarasota County<br />

ordinances.)<br />

Operating hours are 6 a.m.-8 p.m.<br />

through Halloween, then 6 a.m.-6<br />

p.m. through March 30, and variances<br />

on closing time (such as for NBP’s July<br />

3 fireworks) are by permit. Follow the<br />

park at NathanBendersonPark.org.<br />

t<br />

Note:<br />

Be sure to send season<br />

schedules for <strong>2022</strong> to<br />

westcoastwoman@comcast.net<br />

t<br />

West Coast Woman in<br />

Sarasota is a monthly<br />

publication on the west<br />

coast of Florida. We have been<br />

publishing since 1989. We are<br />

ad-supported so that means our<br />

publication is FREE and is located<br />

at over 600 quality locations from<br />

doctor's offices to fitness centers<br />

to health food stores. In addition,<br />

we are in newspaper boxes in<br />

prime locations such as post<br />

offices and busy streets.<br />

Interested in Advertising?<br />


email: westcoastwoman@<br />

comcast.net<br />

online:<br />

WestCoastWoman.com<br />

10 WEST COAST WOMAN <strong>JUNE</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

women’s health<br />

just<br />

schmoozing!<br />

LIVE<br />

Visionary Centre<br />

welcomes<br />

new team members<br />

Come and meet fellow tribe members<br />

for fun and laughs. Cash bar and<br />

complimentary light nosh.<br />


<strong>JUNE</strong> 7, <strong>2022</strong><br />

4:00PM – 6:00PM<br />

Made possible by<br />

the Arthur and Beatrice<br />

Michaels Endowment<br />

Fund for Adult Senior<br />

Programs and Services.<br />

Mandeville Beer Garden<br />

428 N Lemon Avenue<br />

Sarasota<br />



REALTOR 941.951.6660<br />


QUESTIONS? Contact Jeremy at<br />

JeremyL@jfedsrq.org or 941.343.2113<br />

(l-r) Zee Orbegozo, APRN, Dr. Stacy Chase,<br />

Jennifer S. Hayes, DO, FACOOG, and Tammara Taylor, APRN CNM<br />

T<br />

he Visionary Centre welcomed<br />

three health care professionals<br />

to their practice. They are Dr.<br />

Stacy Chase, Zee Orbegozo,<br />

APRN, and Tammara Taylor,<br />

APRN CNM.<br />

• Dr Chase graduated medical school<br />

from Des Moines University — Osteopathic<br />

Medical Center in Des Moines Iowa, and<br />

later completed her Family Medicine and<br />

OMT residency at Suncoast Hospital, Largo<br />

Florida. She is licensed and board certified<br />

in Family Medicine and Osteopathic<br />

Manipulative Treatment (OMT) physician<br />

with certifications by Allergan in Botox<br />

and dermal fillers. She has over 15 years’<br />

experience serving our community in Primary<br />

Care, OMT and Facial Aesthetics.<br />

She has a focus on BHRT Biote pellet hormone<br />

therapy, THERMIva (non-surgical rejuvenation<br />

treatments), O & G shots / PRP<br />

therapy, and Facial Aesthetics. She serves<br />

on the American Osteopathic Board of<br />

Family Physicians as a full board member.<br />

She also serves her community as the current<br />

Vice President Elect for Pinellas County<br />

Osteopathic Medical Society.<br />

• Tammara Taylor earned her Bachelor<br />

of Science in Nursing at the University<br />

of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center,<br />

and then went on to earn her Masters of<br />

Science in Midwifery at Frontier Nursing<br />

University. In March, 2020, Tammara became<br />

a certified Creighton Model Fertility<br />

Care Practitioner and Medical Consultant<br />

at Creighton University, Pope Paul VI Institute.<br />

She is an Advanced Practice Registered<br />

Nurse and Certified Nurse-Midwife with<br />

over 20 years of experience in the fields of<br />

labor and delivery, gynecology, and surgical<br />

nursing.<br />

Tammara is also a certified practitioner<br />

of BioTe bioidentical hormone replacement<br />

therapy for men and women. She<br />

currently belongs to several professional<br />

memberships and organizations including<br />

the American College of Nurse-Midwives,<br />

the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric<br />

and Neonatal Nurses, the American<br />

College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists,<br />

Frontier Nursing University Honor Society,<br />

and Sigma Theta Tau.<br />

• Zee Orbegozo is a board-certified<br />

nurse practitioner who specializes in aesthetics<br />

and hormone optimization. She has<br />

trained with leaders in the field, including<br />

Dr. Jennifer Hayes.<br />

Zee is a certified provider of BioTe bioidentical<br />

hormone therapy and is certified<br />

by AMET and AAFE for neurotoxins and<br />

dermal fillers. She received her advanced<br />

dermal filler certificate at the Shino Bay Dermatology<br />

Master Class, led by Dr. Shino Bay<br />

Aguilera. Zee is honored to practice as part<br />

of the team at Visionary Centre for Women!<br />

• Dr. Jennifer S. Hayes offers more<br />

than 20 years vaginal surgery experience<br />

and is a licensed, board-certified gynecologist<br />

& gynecologic surgeon. She is<br />

considered to be one of the top cosmetic<br />

vaginal surgeons in the United States<br />

for Vaginoplasty/Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation,<br />

Vaginal Tightening, Labiaplasty<br />

and Majoraplasty, Clitoral Hood<br />

Reduction and Laser Perineoplasty/Perineorrhphy.<br />

With a focus on minimally<br />

invasive techniques and procedures, Dr.<br />

Hayes offers THERMIva, non-surgical rejuvenation<br />

treatments, BHRT Biote pellet<br />

hormone therapy, O-Shot / PRP therapy,<br />

and Mons Lipo (removes puffy bulge of fat<br />

from the mons).<br />

Dr. Hayes and her expert team provide a<br />

comfy, discreet and relaxed place to share<br />

concerns and desires with a female doctor<br />

who has treated thousands of women from<br />

around the world. Dr. Jennifer Hayes works<br />

with you to design a personalized treatment,<br />

based on your unique achievable<br />

desires. You can rest assured that you have<br />

picked an excellent 5-star surgeon that is as<br />

passionate about your outcomes as you are.<br />

If you feel you’ve lost some of your confidence<br />

and sexual self-esteem after childbirth,<br />

during the aging process, or even after<br />

a divorce, Dr. Jennifer S. Hayes and her<br />

highly trained team at Visionary Centre for<br />

Women and the Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation<br />

® Institute of Tampa Bay and Sarasota,<br />

can help you get yours back!<br />

Learn more at<br />

https://visionarycentreforwomen.com/<br />

2695 Ulmerton Road, Clearwater, FL 33762<br />

(727) 540-0414<br />

To register, go to JFEDSRQ.ORG/SCHMOOZING<br />


<strong>JUNE</strong> <strong>2022</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 11

arts news<br />

Editor’s Note:<br />

Here’s a new column WCW will<br />

publish periodically about local and<br />

regional arts news. We received<br />

so many news items over the past<br />

few months that we decided to<br />

include them here — in case you<br />

might have missed them!<br />

2<br />

Patti Smith Becomes<br />

Selby Gardens’ First<br />

“Artist In Residence”<br />

Poet, singer-songwriter, author, and visual<br />

artist Patti Smith has been named Marie<br />

Selby Botanical Gardens’ inaugural Artist<br />

in Residence.<br />

Smith’s artistic residency will include<br />

two return visits to Selby Gardens—one<br />

in 2023 and one in 2024—where she will<br />

combine public activities such as readings<br />

and performances with private time<br />

drawing creative inspiration from the<br />

organization’s two bayfront campuses and<br />

collections.<br />

Smith’s relationship with Selby Gardens<br />

stems from the Gardens’ Jean & Alfred<br />

Goldstein Exhibition, “Robert Mapplethorpe<br />

and Patti Smith: Flowers, Poetry, and<br />

Light.” The show, which runs through<br />

June 26, explores Mapplethorpe’s flower<br />

photography and Smith’s lyrics and poetry<br />

Patti Smith with Selby Gardens President & CEO Jennifer O.<br />

Rominiecki in the Gardens<br />

about flowers and nature, in dialogue with<br />

original horticultural installations inspired<br />

by their art.<br />

Smith first visited Selby Gardens in<br />

February to tour “Flowers, Poetry, and<br />

Light” and perform songs and readings<br />

she selected to complement the exhibition.<br />

She called the interdisciplinary show “a<br />

beguiling exhibition” and said she “was<br />

very moved to be asked to be a part of it.”<br />

Smith returned in April for a second live<br />

performance, at which the new residency<br />

was announced.<br />

2<br />

ArtCenter Manatee’s<br />

New Building Gets<br />

a Boost<br />

ArtCenter Manatee has announced a<br />

two-million-dollar gift to the Center’s Building<br />

Campaign from the Steve and Natalee<br />

Herrig Family Foundation.<br />

Upon completion, the new 2-story,<br />

28,000 SF facility, will be renamed the<br />

Herrig Center for the Arts.<br />

Architects rendering of view from 9th St W<br />

The ArtCenter’s goal is to break ground<br />

in late <strong>2022</strong>. Once the new facility is complete,<br />

the current building will be razed and<br />

the property developed into a community<br />

park and sculpture garden to benefit of<br />

the entire community. The new Center and<br />

park will be at the intersection of 9th Street<br />

West and the Avenue of the Arts (formerly<br />

3rd Avenue).<br />

2<br />

Sarasota Orchestra<br />

Identifies Location<br />

for New Home<br />

Sarasota Orchestra has entered into a<br />

purchase agreement for the land where it<br />

plans to build its new home. Located at<br />

5701 Fruitville Road, between Honore Avenue<br />

and Cattlemen Road, the 32-acre site<br />

will be anchored<br />

by an artistic<br />

asset currently<br />

not available from<br />

Tampa to Naples:<br />

a state-of-the-art<br />

acoustical concert<br />

hall. The site will<br />

also house new<br />

and increased<br />

performance, education,<br />

event, and<br />

outdoor space for<br />

the community.<br />

The announcement<br />

fulfills a<br />

longtime need for<br />

the organization’s<br />

continued artistic<br />

growth. Orchestra leaders will engage in<br />

listening sessions with nearby neighborhoods,<br />

diverse communities, civic leaders,<br />

and local arts organizations seeking input<br />

to develop a masterplan for the full 32-acre<br />

site. The land, which is currently undeveloped,<br />

will be purchased through private<br />

philanthropy that has already been fully<br />

raised by Sarasota Orchestra.<br />

Additional performance, rehearsal,<br />

practice, and music education space is<br />

Sarasota Orchestra's new home location<br />

acutely<br />

needed to<br />

serve local<br />

organizations,<br />

the<br />

region’s<br />

larger<br />

population<br />

and offer an<br />

array of experiences.<br />

In addition,<br />

the site’s<br />

proximity to<br />

I-75 increases accessibility to arts and cultural<br />

experiences for residents across the<br />

region and visitors from around the world.<br />

An estimated seven acres of the 32-acre<br />

site will be dedicated to a permanent home<br />

for the Sarasota Orchestra’s professional<br />

orchestra, extensive educational programs,<br />

and the Sarasota Music Festival.<br />

Along with an 1,800-seat concert hall,<br />

the facility will include<br />

a 700-seat recital hall<br />

for chamber music<br />

and other flexible<br />

uses. Increased space<br />

will also support the<br />

Orchestra’s diverse<br />

education programs,<br />

expanding opportunities<br />

to partner more<br />

with area schools and<br />

in reaching young people<br />

who are interested<br />

in exploring music.<br />

The location provides<br />

ample space to<br />

serve more than just<br />

Sarasota Orchestra’s<br />

needs for a permanent home and primary<br />

performance space. Other community<br />

music and cultural organizations will be<br />

engaged to assess their needs to support<br />

a wide range of musical genres and<br />

cultural activities.<br />

The vision for the full 32-acre site is<br />

still being formulated based on extensive<br />

community input over the coming months.<br />

Sarasota Orchestra anticipates the site<br />

may include walking trails, playgrounds,<br />

and water features. The upcoming insight<br />

gathering process will be the basis upon<br />

which the masterplan for the site will be<br />

developed.<br />

For further information, visit www.SarasotaOrchestra.org.<br />

2<br />

Florida Studio<br />

Theatre Unveils Plans<br />

for New Arts Plaza<br />

The Mulva Arts Plaza<br />

FST has unveiled its plan for the largest<br />

expansion project in its 49-year<br />

history: The Mulva Arts Plaza. This<br />

new, eleven-story building will<br />

enable FST to meet its growing<br />

needs.<br />

Named after Patrick and Mary<br />

Mulva, who made the leading gift<br />

to the theatre’s project, The Mulva<br />

Arts Plaza will be adjacent to the<br />

theatre’s existing Hegner Theatre<br />

Wing. FST will break ground on<br />

this project December of <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

The Mulva Arts Plaza will include:<br />

• A new Mainstage Theatre to<br />

allow for expansion of FST’s<br />

Mainstage and Stage III Series<br />

• Two new Cabaret Theatres to accommodate<br />

audience demand for FST’s<br />

most popular programming<br />

• 55 extended stay studio apartments for<br />

FST guest artists<br />

• 30 units of affordable housing (each unit<br />

is a two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment)<br />

for year-round, local arts workers<br />

in Sarasota<br />

• About 200 secure and convenient parking<br />

spaces<br />

FST has received leadership gifts<br />

from Ed and Susan Maier, Dennis and<br />

Graci McGillicuddy, Jack and Priscilla<br />

Schlegel, as well as an anonymous<br />

donor. In recognition of their gifts, The<br />

Mulva Arts Plaza will include the Maier<br />

Cabaret, the McGillicuddy Residences,<br />

and the Schlegel Cabaret.<br />

FST will continue its campaign to<br />

raise the rest of the funds needed for<br />

the 28.5-million-dollar capital project.<br />

To date, just over $17.2 million has been<br />

raised. For more information about the<br />

Mulva Arts Plaza Campaign, visit Florida-<br />

StudioTheatre.org.<br />

2<br />

The Arts Give Back<br />

The Ringling College Library Association<br />

(RCLA) presented a gift of $600,000<br />

to Ringling College President Dr. Larry<br />

Thompson. RCLA President Emily Walsh<br />

and the board of directors presented<br />

Dr. Thompson with a check at their May<br />

meeting. The funds are part of RCLA’s<br />

most recent gift commitment of $3 million<br />

supporting the Alfred R. Goldstein Library<br />

and student scholarships.<br />

The often sold-out series had disruptions<br />

and delays like all other large<br />

gathering events since March of 2020, but<br />

was able to reset and present the series<br />

with speakers beginning in November<br />

until wrapping the season in March. All<br />

proceeds from the TOWN HALL Lecture<br />

Series support the associations giving to<br />

Ringling College.<br />

RCLA recently announced the TOWN<br />

HALL 2023 line up featuring; Maria Ressa,<br />

Michael Phelps, Admiral James Stavridis,<br />

Jose Andres and Thomas Friedman. To<br />

learn more about RCLA and the TOWN<br />

HALL series visit RCLAssociation.org.<br />

2<br />

Agami has announced its $1000 scholarship<br />

winners. The award will go towards<br />

supporting these young artists' college<br />

expenses. The winners are:<br />

Jamhyla Johnson Graduate of <strong>2022</strong><br />

When Jamhyla was contacted she commented:<br />

“I am very passionate about art<br />

continued on next page<br />

12 WEST COAST WOMAN <strong>JUNE</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

arts news continued<br />

The Ringling College Library Association (RCLA) board of directors<br />

Jamhyla Johnson<br />

as I've been creating<br />

since I was very<br />

young and plan to<br />

take my passion<br />

further by being<br />

educated in the fine<br />

arts as well as in art<br />

history. My goal<br />

going to school is<br />

to get my associate<br />

degree in fine art and transfer to university<br />

soon after. In terms of a career in art,<br />

I want to be able to expand my artistic<br />

ability and share my art further, open my<br />

first solo exhibition, and hopefully be able<br />

to eventually provide a platform for other<br />

young artists like myself. I'm truly honored<br />

to have this opportunity.” Jamhyla will<br />

be attending State College of Florida in<br />

Lakewood Ranch.<br />

Cecelia Marty Graduate of <strong>2022</strong><br />

When Cecelia was<br />

contacted, she<br />

commented “I will be<br />

attending Ringling<br />

College of Art and<br />

Design for the Fall<br />

<strong>2022</strong> semester. I will<br />

be majoring in Photography<br />

and Imaging<br />

Cecelia Marty<br />

in the hopes of one<br />

day being a Director<br />

of Photography for movies. Ringling is my<br />

dream school and I am so excited to begin<br />

my studies in the arts there!” Cecelia<br />

will be attending Ringling College of Art<br />

and Design for the Fall <strong>2022</strong> semester.<br />

The Artists' Guild of Anna Maria<br />

Island, an all-volunteer, 501(c)3 non<br />

profit organization, was formed in 1989 to<br />

promote and support creative processes<br />

by bringing together all Artists to share<br />

experiences, expertise and work together<br />

to develop and promote the artistic community.<br />

The AGAMI Gallery is located at<br />

5414 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach and<br />

displays member artwork.<br />

2<br />

Arts Advocates<br />

Awards $20,000 in<br />

Scholarships to Local<br />

Students<br />

Arts Advocates has announced that 10<br />

Sarasota and Manatee County students<br />

have been awarded scholarships totaling<br />

$20,000 for the <strong>2022</strong>-2023 school year.<br />

Since 1969, the scholarship program has<br />

awarded over $1.1 million to students<br />

whose studies include visual and related<br />

arts, dance, writing, music, theater and<br />

architecture. Scholarship monies are generated<br />

through Arts Advocates activities<br />

and donations.<br />

Sophia Coscia is finishing her first year<br />

at Carnegie Mellon University where she is<br />

pursuing a B.F.A. in theatrical production<br />

and design. She plans to be a projection<br />

designer for theater and other spaces such<br />

as exhibitions, installations, and immersive<br />

experiences. Coscia is a second year Arts<br />

Advocates scholarship winner.<br />

Thaleia Dasberg is a student at<br />

Barnard College of Columbia University<br />

and a third year Arts Advocates winner.<br />

Dasberg’s dream is to create and take part<br />

in interdisciplinary movement and poetry-based<br />

performance, exploring the ways<br />

in which each distinct form can become<br />

one onstage.<br />

Lillian Fox is a senior at the Manatee<br />

School for the Arts who will attend the<br />

University of South Florida. She is a ballet<br />

dancer and a gifted visual artist with a<br />

keen eye for detail and design.<br />

Pablo Gonzalez is a student at Parson’s/The<br />

New School in New York City<br />

and <strong>2022</strong> is the fourth year he has received<br />

an Arts Advocates scholarship. Gonzalez<br />

wants to combine his multiple artistic<br />

pursuits into producing experiential work,<br />

such as audio-visual installations.<br />

Azure Heck is a senior at North Port<br />

High School who will attend Ringling College<br />

of Art and Design majoring in game<br />

art. She hopes to work as places such as<br />

Disney or Pixar; her dream job is to work<br />

for Nintendo in Japan.<br />

Colin Leonard studies at Oberlin Conservatory<br />

of Music. This is his second year<br />

as an Arts Advocates scholarship awardee.<br />

He is a saxophone major studying jazz, but<br />

he plays in many different genres on various<br />

instruments including flute, clarinet,<br />

voice, piano, guitar, and percussion.<br />

Emma Pritchett is a student at the<br />

University of South Florida working toward<br />

earning a dual degree in architecture and<br />

urban design. She was an Arts Advocates<br />

scholarship awardee in 2020.<br />

John Quigley is a non-traditional<br />

student at Ringling College of Art and<br />

Design majoring in illustration with a goal<br />

of a career as a storyboard artist. He<br />

served in the U.S. Army for eight years<br />

with two deployments and an honorable<br />

discharge. He continued to work overseas<br />

as a private security contractor for the U.S.<br />

Department of State for another five years.<br />

Quigley stated that it was not until the end<br />

of his military career that he realized he<br />

could finally consider following his dream<br />

of becoming a storyboard artist and concept<br />

designer for a major studio.<br />

Luca Stine is a student at the University<br />

of Miami Frost School of Music where<br />

he is majoring in jazz trumpet performance<br />

and minoring in classical composition. This<br />

is his third Arts Advocates scholarship.<br />

Stine was named a National Young Arts<br />

winner in jazz composition and has performed<br />

at the Newport Jazz Festival.<br />

Katherina Zdravkov will be a fifthyear<br />

student at the University of Notre<br />

Dame School of Architecture. Upon<br />

graduation, she would like to design<br />

with a firm in an older American city like<br />

Boston, then return to Sarasota to design<br />

in a way that expresses the character<br />

of her hometown and communicates its<br />

traditions and history.<br />

Deb Altshul-Stark and Tonya Eubank<br />

were the Arts Advocates scholarship team<br />

co-chairs. To learn more about Arts Advocates,<br />

visit artsadvocates.org.<br />

2<br />

The Exchange Awards<br />

$310,500 to Local Arts<br />

Groups and Students<br />

The Exchange (formerly the Woman’s<br />

Exchange) announced that it will award<br />

$310,500 to 18 regionally based arts and<br />

cultural organizations and 15 students.<br />

The awards will be given at an invitation-only<br />

event at The Exchange on June<br />

9. The largest award is for $60,000 and is<br />

being given to the Asolo Rep in memory<br />

of Elizabeth (“Liz”) Lindsay, who was the<br />

co-founder of The Exchange and served<br />

on its board for 60 years. Lindsay, a longtime<br />

pillar in Sarasota's art community,<br />

died in January.<br />

The organizational grants are for specific<br />

projects and outreach programs, including<br />

performances, exhibitions, education initiatives<br />

and special series. The Exchange’s<br />

board bases its granting decisions on the<br />

long-term stability and financial health of<br />

the organizations, the program’s overall<br />

appeal to the public and the educational<br />

impact these programs will have on area<br />

students. Individual scholarships are<br />

The Exchange_Grants and Scholarship Awards<br />

awarded based on grade point average,<br />

the individual’s artistic goals and achievements,<br />

and letters of recommendation.<br />

Monies used for these grants and<br />

scholarships were earned through the<br />

organization’s 15,000-square-foot consignment<br />

boutique in downtown Sarasota.<br />

In November 2021, The Exchange retroactively<br />

awarded a total of $257,000 for<br />

the 2021-<strong>2022</strong> fiscal year. Since 1962,<br />

The Exchange has awarded more than $9<br />

million in grants to local non-profits and<br />

high school and college students pursuing<br />

a higher education in the arts.<br />

The grant recipients for the <strong>2022</strong>-2023<br />

fiscal year are:<br />

• Asolo Repertory Theatre: Season<br />

Presenter<br />

• Arts and Cultural Alliance: Inspire<br />

Sarasota<br />

• Artists Series Concerts: Dover Quartet<br />

Concert<br />

• Choral Artists of Sarasota: The March<br />

of the Children<br />

• Circus Arts Conservatory: Sailor Circus<br />

Academy Holiday Show <strong>2022</strong><br />

• Florida Studio Theatre: Florida Studio<br />

Theatre <strong>2022</strong>-2023 Cabaret Season<br />

• The Hermitage: Hermitage @ The Bay<br />

Series<br />

• Key Choral: Mystics and Kings<br />

• LaMusica di Asolo: 2023 Audience<br />

Development<br />

• Manatee Concert Band: <strong>2022</strong>-2023<br />

Neel Concerts<br />

• Perlman Music Program: Perlman<br />

<strong>2022</strong>/2023 Outreach Program<br />

• The Players: Elf The Musical and the<br />

93rd Season<br />

• Ringling College: <strong>2022</strong>/2023 Galleries<br />

Season<br />

• Sarasota Opera: Sarasota Youth Opera<br />

“The Secret World of Og”<br />

• Sarasota Orchestra: Young Person's<br />

Concerts <strong>2022</strong>-2023<br />

• Sarasota Ballet: <strong>2022</strong>/2023 Season<br />

Sponsor<br />

• Sarasota Pops Orchestra: An Iconic<br />

47th Season<br />

• Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe:<br />

<strong>2022</strong>-2023 Main Stage Season<br />

The scholarship recipients for the <strong>2022</strong>-<br />

2023 fiscal year are:<br />

• High School: Joseph Crowell, Abigail<br />

Holdway, Ella (Elijah) Mirman, Ashley<br />

Spadafora.<br />

• College: Kenna Bartlett, Katherine<br />

Burcal-Terres, Jack Beatenhead, Danny<br />

Bo DeLongaig, Colin Leonard, Lindsay<br />

McKenna, Tay Peterson, Taylor Reister,<br />

Katey<br />

Stare,<br />

Luca Stine,<br />

Katherina<br />

Zdravkov.<br />

The Exchange<br />

is<br />

located at<br />

539 S. Orange<br />

Ave.<br />

in Sarasota.<br />

For more<br />

information,<br />

call 941-<br />

955-7859<br />

or visit<br />

www.sarasotawex.<br />

com.us<br />

<strong>JUNE</strong> <strong>2022</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 13

The suncoast’s ONLY<br />

BBQ restaurant with<br />

CATERING in our DNA.<br />

Lori Sax Photography<br />

F<br />

Olks stIll ask, “Do you cater?”<br />

that’s how I launched Nancy’s<br />

Bar-B-Q in 2004. today, we are<br />

the number one independent BBQ<br />

caterer across the suncoast.<br />

Our menu showcases fresh smoked meats and fillet of salmon,<br />

plus many vegetarian, gluten friendly and vegan choices to<br />

accommodate all your guests.<br />

From an intimate dinner for twelve to a church picnic for 700:<br />

Our 18 years of experience assures your peace of mind and<br />

a delicious and memorable occasion. In short, we are the<br />

catering choice requiring no explanation.<br />

YOU WIll RECEIVE MY PERsONal attENtION from initial<br />

contact through pick up or delivery. It will be my pleasure<br />

to talk with you! Call me at 941-955-3400, or email me at<br />

NancysBarBQ@verizon.net.<br />

nancy’s<br />

BAR-B-QTM<br />

#1 Local Genuine BBQ since 2004<br />

SM<br />

Lakewood Ranch at Lorraine Corners<br />

14475 SR 70 E at Lorraine Rd 34202<br />

4 miles east of I-75 exit 217<br />

941-999-2390<br />


LIVE MUSIC FRI-SAT 6:30-9:30PM + 1st & 3rd SUNDAYS 3PM-7PM<br />

OPEN 11AM 7 DAYS<br />



Go to NancysBarBQ.com for CATERING & DINING MENUS<br />

Voted<br />

BEST BBQ<br />

10th<br />

Consecutive<br />

Year<br />

14 WEST COAST WOMAN <strong>JUNE</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

happening this month<br />



June Pride Month<br />

Events with<br />




INC., the Suncoast’s<br />

premier LGBTQ+<br />

organization’s mission<br />

is to expand<br />

awareness and understanding<br />

of the LGBTQ+ community by<br />

creating partnerships with<br />

local organizations, businesses,<br />

and governments<br />

towards a shared goal has several<br />

upcoming events.<br />

LGBTQ+ Pride Month is coming to<br />

Sarasota in June, courtesy of Project<br />

PRIDE SRQ.There is something for everyone<br />

during this year’s Pride Month.<br />

All Project PRIDE SRQ’s June <strong>2022</strong> Pride<br />

events are open to the public and all are<br />

invited and encouraged to participate.<br />

June 1-30: Taste of PRIDE.<br />

Taste the diverse flavors Sarasota has to<br />

offer while supporting LGBTQ+ friendly<br />

businesses with the second annual Taste<br />

of Pride taking place the entire month<br />

of June. Participating businesses are<br />

offering special discounts to customers<br />

who mention Taste of Pride.Visit www.<br />

ppsrq.org/taste-of-pride-<strong>2022</strong> for a list of<br />

participating restaurants and business or<br />

to learn more.<br />

June 1– 30: Light Up with<br />

PRIDE. Show your pride and light up<br />

Sarasota in rainbow colors. From a simple<br />

strand of lights to full light shows. The<br />

LGBTQ+ community and its supporters<br />

are encouraged to support participating<br />

businesses. Residents can participate, too.<br />

June 2, 7 PM: Drag Bingo with<br />

Beneva Fruitville. Enjoy Bingo hosted<br />

by local celebrity Beneva Fruitville at<br />

“On the Green” at UTC.<br />

June 4, 7 – 10 PM: The Grand<br />

Carnival – an ICONic Evening. This<br />

untraditional evening will knock you off<br />

your feet with exciting performances,<br />

visuals and LGBTQ+ history. Featuring<br />

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 4<br />

winner and current All Stars Season 7<br />

competitor Trinity The Tuck Taylor.<br />

Also, incredible tributes to Cher, Tina<br />

Turner, Britney Spears, and Lady Gaga.<br />

$50 Ticket includes open bar, food, dancing,<br />

performances, Dj Brianna Lee, and<br />

more. Tickets are on sale now at hhps://<br />

the-grand-carnival.Vcketleap.com<br />

June 8 at 5:30 PM: Zumba Pride<br />

Party. Come enjoy Zumba at “On the<br />

Green” at UTC.<br />

June 9 at 8 PM: Loud & Proud<br />

Dance Party with DJ Brianna<br />

Lee. An evening everyone can get down<br />

with. Come let loose with your family and<br />

friends from 8-10 PM “On the Green” at UTC.<br />

June 11 at 11 AM: PRIDE Car Parade.<br />

Ride in style down Main Street for<br />

the second annual Pride Car Parade. Prizes<br />

for best decorated vehicles and more.<br />

Come and show your pride colors. Free<br />

to register.<br />

June 16, 5PM: UTC Night Market<br />

with Moxy Stardust Band.<br />

Join in for UTC Night Market, a monthly<br />

outdoor market even featuring live music<br />

and a great mix of local farmers and makers<br />

selling handmade goods, jewelry, art,<br />

gifts and more. Shop, sip and stroll under<br />

the stars from 5-9 pm in the West District<br />

at UTC.<br />

June 18, 9 AM: PRIDE Pet Parade.<br />

Join Project PRIDE SRQ for the<br />

second annual Pride Pet Parade at Bayfront<br />

Park. Come dressed to impress as<br />

Project PRIDE SRQ will be handing out<br />

prizes for those who are best dressed.<br />

June 25, 7:30 PM Grand Flag<br />

March. Join Project PRIDE SRQ at<br />

Hart’s Landing as they unfurl the largest<br />

inclusive Pride Flag in the world at a<br />

record breaking 700 feet and march it<br />

across the John Ringling Bridge.<br />

June 30, 6 PM: PRIDE Picnic.<br />

Celebrate with UTC and Project PRIDE<br />

as they close out PRIDE Month <strong>2022</strong> with<br />

a PRIDE Picnic. Enjoy live music, food<br />

and family fun from 6-8 PM at “On the<br />

Green” at UTC.<br />

Project PRIDE SRQ organizes safe,<br />

quality events that are open to everyone.<br />

Additionally, Project Pride SRQ produces<br />

educational, cultural and entertainment<br />

events and activities throughout the year<br />

to create celebratory experience for the<br />

whole community.<br />

ABOUT<br />

Project PRIDE SRQ Inc.<br />

Project PRIDE SRQ is a registered<br />

501(c)(3) non-profit organization.<br />

Project Pride SRQ’s mission is to expand<br />

awareness and understanding of the<br />

LGBTQ+ community by creating strategic<br />

partnerships with local organizations,<br />

businesses, and governments towards a<br />

shared goal. Our vision is an all-inclusive<br />

community where everyone is equally<br />

united, supported and celebrated.<br />

For more information, contact<br />

Project PRIDE SRQ,<br />

at admin@PPSRQ.org<br />

or visit www.PPSRQ.org<br />

Immediate Relief Beginning<br />

with the First Session:<br />

Chronic Pain: Sciatic, Back, Neck and TMJ<br />

Migraines, Foggy Brain and<br />

Lack of Concentration<br />

Sight and Eye Problems<br />

Asthma, Bronchitis, COPD, Shallow Breathing<br />

Digestive and Constipation Issues<br />

Leaky gut and Autoimmune problems<br />

Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and Depression<br />

Concussions, Brain and Spinal Cord Health<br />

Mobility and Energy Issues for Seniors<br />

T. Grywinski specializes in difficult issues with great success<br />

How Craniosacral Therapy Can Be Life Changing<br />

“Doctors, physical therapists, massage therapists and chiros<br />

gave me little relief. Terry relieved my pain, after all these years!<br />

He has also helped four of my other friends. The man is an angel,<br />

with a gift from God....thank you Terry!!”<br />

“After 3 sessions, I had more range of motion and mobility in my<br />

neck, shoulders and hips. I was getting to the point where walking<br />

and moving was difficult. It feels like a weight has been lifted off my<br />

shoulders, my voice is stronger and my energy is greatly increased.<br />

I feel much calmer and more grounded!!”<br />

“I no longer feel physically sick each morning. No gastroenterologist<br />

or physician has ever properly diagnosed my mucus build up until<br />

now. As well as bringing about healing in my gut, he released an<br />

incredible amount of tension in my upper body.”<br />

“The question is where has he been all my life? Terry is a true healer<br />

and if you are serious about being well, you are in luck.<br />

He is effective and lovely.”<br />

advanced craniosacral therapy<br />

Terrence B. Grywinski<br />

B.A., B.Ed., LMT MA6049<br />

25 Years of Experience<br />

advcst.com<br />

See full page explanation of Craniosacral Therapy and<br />

how it can help you in another section of this issue<br />

Downtown Sarasota • 941-321-8757<br />

Google “Advanced Craniosacral Therapy Sarasota” for more info<br />

<strong>JUNE</strong> <strong>2022</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 15

Amanda<br />

HORNE<br />

Along with<br />

her husband<br />

John, they’re<br />

the owners of the<br />

Anna Maria Oyster<br />

Bar group of<br />

restaurants. This<br />

past February, they<br />

took over operations<br />

at Café L’Europe on<br />

St. Armands Circle<br />

which they had<br />

purchased.<br />

The Hornes’ and<br />

their 358 co-workers<br />

have received many<br />

accolades over the<br />

years including<br />

Small Business of<br />

the Year awards<br />

from Manatee,<br />

Longboat Key,<br />

and Sarasota<br />

Chambers, more<br />

than 70 People’s<br />

Choice Favorites as<br />

well as numerous<br />

philanthropic,<br />

hospitality, and<br />

tourism awards.<br />

16 WEST COAST WOMAN <strong>JUNE</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

manda and John<br />

Horne own and<br />

operate four<br />

well-loved (and<br />

well-populated)<br />

seafood<br />

restaurants for<br />

the casual diner who likes fish, shellfish, a<br />

cold beer and fries in a casual atmosphere.<br />

They have four locations: Cortez, Ellenton,<br />

at the Bridge Street Pier and on US 41 north<br />

of Sarasota.<br />

This past February, they added another<br />

restaurant, but this one was an established,<br />

traditional restaurant known more for its<br />

Chateaubriand and Dover Sole: Café L’Europe<br />

on St. Armands Circle.<br />

It seems like an unusual choice for a<br />

business super experienced catering to the<br />

peel ’n eat shrimp, burgers and fries crowd.<br />

But to the Hornes, it was too good of an<br />

offer not to take. We’re meeting at the Anna<br />

Maria Oyster Bar location in Cortez (6696<br />

Cortez Rd W, Bradenton) which is also<br />

where much of the Anna Maria Oyster Bar<br />

operations take place.<br />

First question seems the obvious: why<br />

Café L’Europe? They weren’t seeking the<br />

restaurant, more like it came to them.<br />

Ron and Julie Milton, who had owned the<br />

restaurant and knew the Hornes, would call<br />

on occasion for advice. One day a call came<br />

in asking if they’d like to buy it and they did.<br />

“It’s a great restaurant and the history<br />

is phenomenal,” Amanda explains. The<br />

Café, which will be 50 next January, is different,<br />

she acknowledges, “But the basic<br />

tenets are there. We’ve kept all the staff<br />

— and some servers have been there 13<br />

years.” Amanda spends more and more of<br />

her time there, overseeing operations. The<br />

restaurant will undergo a “refresh” in late<br />

summer and she’s currently working on<br />

increasing the wine list.<br />

Fans of the restaurant will be happy to<br />

know the menu still serves Chateaubriand<br />

served tableside, lobster bisque and Dover<br />

sole. (The St. Armands landmark open in<br />

1973, started by Titus Letschert and Norbert<br />

Goldner. Some years prior to that, it was<br />

the real estate office of John Ringling. Local<br />

chefs-turned-restaurateurs have worked in<br />

its kitchen, including Ray Arpke, J.P. Knaggs<br />

and Harry Christensen).<br />

The follow-up question is how do you<br />

both manage it all? John has been in the<br />

restaurant business for 40 years. In 1995,<br />

he opened his first restaurant, Anna Maria<br />

Oyster Bar, on the City Pier in Anna Maria.<br />

Amanda oversees marketing and community<br />

relations. She describes herself as a “do<br />

it now person” whereas John can procrastinate,<br />

but he’s detail-oriented and looks at<br />

the P&L sheet every day.<br />

But more to the question, she explains,<br />

“We have great managers,” and their restaurants<br />

are not too far apart, driving-wise.<br />

That has changed with the Café. She spends<br />

four days a week in two of the restaurants<br />

and is at the Café working 9:30 a.m. to 10<br />

p.m. most days. “I’ve lost 20 pounds since<br />

we bought it — we’ve both lost weight.” But<br />

there is no frown or sign of exhaustion. They<br />

both may have different work styles, but<br />

both possess a common joy for what they do<br />

and, for life in general.<br />

The couple met at the Anna Maria Community<br />

Center where John was on the board<br />

and Amanda was a donor. Amanda, knowing<br />

he was single, introduced him to some<br />

of her single girl friends. Well, that didn’t<br />

work out (for her friends anyway) and the<br />

couple have been married 16 years.<br />

Amanda’s been a resident of Bradenton<br />

for the past 23 years, but was born and adopted<br />

in Zimbabwe. A civil war relocated<br />

her family to England, where she completed<br />

her education and joined the hospitality<br />

industry. She came to the U.S. with her<br />

then-husband who was the musician,<br />

Graeme Edge, co-founder and drummer of<br />

the mega popular Moody Blues (he passed<br />

away in 2021 in Bradenton).<br />

If all those restaurants weren’t enough to<br />

keep anyone busy, Amanda has a mile-long<br />

resume of volunteer and philanthropic commitments<br />

past and present. One of her many<br />

passions is education. From their website it<br />

says, “…she has spent her career championing<br />

for access to educational opportunities,<br />

including her years spent as Communications<br />

Coordinator at The Women’s Resource<br />

Center, which strives to educate and empower<br />

women of all generations.”<br />

Amanda is the co-founder of Dive Into<br />

Reading, a national award-winning summer<br />

reading program that is a collaboration<br />

among the Anna Maria Oyster Bars, School<br />

District of Manatee County, Suncoast Campaign<br />

for Grade Level Reading and Manatee<br />

County Libraries. In 2019 it won the Leadership<br />

Florida Impact Award. They’ve been<br />

committed to the program for the past five<br />

summers which helps struggling students<br />

from Title I schools with social/emotional<br />

and reading skills.<br />

Women and girls are another of Amanda’s<br />

passions. She has served on the board<br />

of Manatee’s PACE Center for Girls for years.<br />

Along with John she also helped pioneer<br />

a scholarship fund for adults returning to<br />

higher education at State College of Florida,<br />

USF Sarasota-Bradenton and Manatee Technical<br />

College through the Horne & Moon<br />

Scholarship Social. So far, that work has<br />

funded nearly $600,000 for scholarships.<br />

The couple has won many honors for<br />

their charitable work including the Manatee<br />

Chamber of Commerce Robert P. Bartz<br />

Award for Outstanding Leadership, Tampa<br />

Bay Business Journal One Tampa Bay Corporate<br />

Philanthropy Honoree and Longboat<br />

Key Chamber Ed and Marge Moran<br />

Memorial Award for Community Service.<br />

(Listing all their awards would take this<br />

entire article.)<br />

As for their restaurants, the Hornes’ and<br />

their 358 co-workers have received many<br />

accolades over the years including Small<br />

Business of the Year awards from Manatee,<br />

Longboat Key, and Sarasota Chambers,<br />

more than 70 People’s Choice Favorites as<br />

well as numerous philanthropic, hospitality,<br />

and tourism awards.<br />

Amanda calls her staff “family” and<br />

thus other philanthropic efforts focus on<br />

things such as sponsorships of youth sports.<br />

Every October, they also support Making<br />

Strides Against Breast Cancer and My Breast<br />

Friends 941 with a “pink drink” fundraiser.<br />

Employees who have notched three years<br />

can join in company outings to Bucs’ or<br />

Rays’ games or a visit to Busch Gardens “for<br />

team building and to have fun,” she adds.<br />

There is life outside the restaurant as<br />

well. John and Amanda enjoy traveling anywhere,<br />

but usually, there’s a cooking class<br />

with wine along the way. The couple, when<br />

not working or indulging in travel can be<br />

found at their home by the fire pit, sipping<br />

wine surrounded by their pet cats.<br />

Well into our interview, Amanda states<br />

the couple has signed a lease for a sixth<br />

restaurant - this one will be their first in<br />

Sarasota County and will be on University<br />

Parkway, just before the UTC Mall and<br />

hopes to open late fall.<br />

STORY:<br />

IMAGES:<br />

Louise Bruderle<br />

Evelyn England<br />

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<strong>JUNE</strong> <strong>2022</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 17

travel news<br />

Last-Minute Summer Getaways<br />

Destination: Richmond, VA<br />

For travelers interested in exploring<br />

Black history, Richmond, Virginia<br />

should be considered a major destination<br />

for Juneteenth, our country’s second<br />

independence day. The historic day is now<br />

recognized as a national holiday, and with<br />

many people having the day off there is<br />

ample to do to celebrate in Richmond.<br />

Why June: On Saturday, June 18, join<br />

Henrico Recreation & Parks at Dorey Park<br />

for a free and open to the public vendor fair,<br />

kids’ zone, food trucks, and entertainment<br />

including fireworks. While in town, check<br />

out the Mending Walls murals around<br />

town, Richmond’s collaborative public art<br />

project from artists of diverse backgrounds,<br />

or dine at one of Richmond’s black owned<br />

restaurants like Lillie Pearl or Ms. Girlee’s<br />

Kitchen. For a deeper dive into the black<br />

experience, head to BLK RVA for travel<br />

itineraries, events, dining, and more.<br />

Website: www.visitrichmondva.com<br />

Destination: Westchester, NY<br />

For the second time in its history, the Westminster<br />

Kennel Club Dog Show will be<br />

held outdoors at the Lyndhurst Mansion.<br />

Spectators will be able to pre-purchase online<br />

daytime tickets for the Saturday, June<br />

18, Masters Agility Championship, and the<br />

full event held Monday, June 20- Wednesday,<br />

June 22.<br />

Where to Stay: Mansion, The Opus offers<br />

guests and exhibitors of the Westminster<br />

Kennel Club Dog Show dog-friendly<br />

amenities like complimentary dog bowls,<br />

beds, and toys upon request and a luxe<br />

residential flair.<br />

The hotel features 146 guest rooms including<br />

38 luxury suites, the rooftop Kanopi<br />

restaurant with floor-to-ceiling windows<br />

and sweeping views of the Manhattan<br />

skyline, Long Island Sound, and Hudson<br />

Valley, a lobby bar, an indoor rooftop pool,<br />

and a spa opening this summer.<br />

Website: www.theopuswestchester.com<br />

Frontier Airlines add Flights from Tampa<br />

to the Dominican Republic and Jamaica<br />

Frontier Airlines will launch the first<br />

nonstop service from Tampa International<br />

Airport (TPA) to Punta Cana (PUJ) and<br />

Santo Domingo (SDQ) in the Dominican Republic<br />

as well as Montego Bay, Jamaica (MBJ).<br />

AAA’s Environmentally-Friendly Travel Tips<br />

The Auto Club Group offers these tips<br />

to be an environmentally-friendly<br />

traveler:<br />

Reduce carbon footprint by bringing<br />

reusable water and toiletry bottles, and<br />

having travel documents sent electronically<br />

instead of printed.<br />

Be mindful of energy and water usage<br />

by taking shorter showers, reusing bath<br />

towels, and keeping heat/air conditioning<br />

at moderate temperatures.<br />

Travel during the off-season or to less<br />

popular areas to limit infrastructure challenges<br />

created by over-tourism.<br />

Additionally, the airline will begin offering<br />

daily nonstop service to San Juan, Puerto Rico<br />

(SJU). Each of these new routes, plus previously<br />

announced nonstop service to Cancun,<br />

Mexico (CUN), will begin this summer.<br />

Frontier Airlines will now offer more<br />

nonstop flights from Tampa to destinations<br />

in Latin America than any other carrier. The<br />

new service to San Juan will provide more<br />

options for those heading to Puerto Rico to<br />

visit friends and family or to enjoy the island’s<br />

beaches. More info at FlyFrontier.com<br />

Shop and eat locally to support the community.<br />

Purchase locally made souvenirs (preferably<br />

handmade) and pay a fair price.<br />

All these activities are examples of<br />

sustainable travel, a concept that focuses on<br />

how to maintain travel and tourism without<br />

hurting or exploiting natural or cultural<br />

environments in the process. This includes<br />

using the revenue generated by travelers to<br />

benefit destinations and the people that live<br />

there. It also means being conscientious of<br />

the resources you use and how your behavior<br />

can impact the places you visit.<br />

Plan-ahead Summer Getaways<br />

Destination: Paradise Island,<br />

The Bahamas<br />

Atlantis Paradise Island is home to<br />

Aquaventure which is a 141-acre waterscape<br />

of slides and river rides, eleven pools, and<br />

five miles of white sand beaches as well the<br />

largest open-air marine habitat in the world.<br />

From the 60-foot drop on the thrilling Leap<br />

of Faith waterslide, to the Serpent Slide<br />

where guests can experience marine life up<br />

close as they float through an acrylic tube, to<br />

a relaxing and scenic lazy river, Atlantis Paradise<br />

Island is a perfect spot for a summer<br />

family vacation.<br />

Why July?: Celebrate National Waterpark<br />

Day on July 28.<br />

Website: www.atlantisbahamas.com<br />

Destination: Boone, North Carolina<br />

Atop North Carolina’s majestic Blue Ridge<br />

mountain range, the Art of Living Retreat<br />

Center is a home and community for yoga and<br />

meditation enthusiasts. The retreat center<br />

offers a serene and rejuvenating wellness experience<br />

surrounded by nature, where guests<br />

can relax, renew, and discover inner peace.<br />

Why August: As the world celebrates National<br />

Wellness Month, those looking to embark<br />

on a mindful journey can visit the Art of<br />

Living Retreat Center and enjoy its newly<br />

introduced All-Inclusive Wellness Escapes<br />

offering yoga, workshops, meditation, hikes,<br />

art classes, spa treatments and more.<br />

Website: www.artoflivingretreatcenter.org<br />

Destination: Aruba<br />

Located on 12 acres of beachfront property<br />

on Aruba’s world-renowned Palm Beach,<br />

Hyatt Regency Aruba Resort Spa & Casino<br />

is a year-round resort that recently finished<br />

a multimillion-dollar renovation that included<br />

a new adults-only pool, Trankilo, and<br />

transformed ZoiA Spa.<br />

The new wellness program “Rise and Shine”<br />

consists of various daily classes including<br />

aerial yoga, and meditation. There are also<br />

full moon yoga classes every month at the Big<br />

Palapa that will help guests restore energy<br />

and celebrate the beauty of the full moon. The<br />

resort is now also offering a new Master Mixology<br />

class and a Cooking with Chef series.<br />

Why August: The Aruba Summer Music<br />

Festival <strong>2022</strong> takes place from August 14-17 at<br />

the Harbor Arena in Oranjestad, Aruba where<br />

travelers can enjoy listening to quality concerts<br />

performed by leading bands and artists.<br />

Website: www.hotelsbarriere.com/en/saintbarth/le-carl-gustaf.html<br />

Destination: Saint Barths<br />

Hôtel Barrière Le Carl Gustaf opened in St.<br />

Barth in October 2020 and is set amid tropical<br />

elegance that creates an ambience of wellbeing<br />

and relaxation. The five-star hotel features 21<br />

luxurious rooms, suites and bungalows.<br />

Le Carl Gustaf features renowned Fouquet’s<br />

restaurant and bar, Shellona Restaurant<br />

located on the idyllic Shell Beach, Spa<br />

Diane Barrière featuring products from<br />

Biologique Recherche as well as various activities<br />

such as aquabiking, pilates and yoga.<br />

Why August: St Barts Tennis Open is taking<br />

place on August 15.<br />

Website: www.hotelsbarriere.com/en/saintbarth/le-carl-gustaf.html<br />

Destination: West Hollywood, California<br />

Andaz West Hollywood is Los Angeles’ iconic<br />

rock ‘n’ roll hotel located on the famous<br />

Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, CA, where<br />

musical history, celebrity, and style come together.<br />

The hotel features the highest rooftop<br />

pool in Los Angeles and the acclaimed Riot<br />

House restaurant.<br />

Why June: West Hollywood is celebrating<br />

Pride from June 3-5 with an LGBTQ+ street<br />

fair, music festival and parade. Los Angeles<br />

will host their annual Pride festival from<br />

June 10-12 with a variety of events during the<br />

day and in the evenings including parties at<br />

the most iconic bars and clubs in L.A.'s most<br />

LGBTQ neighborhood, West Hollywood.<br />

Website: www.hyatt.com/en-US/hotel/california/andaz-west-hollywood/laxss<br />

Destination: Buckhead, Atlanta<br />

Hyatt Centric Buckhead Atlanta, opened<br />

in December 2021, it’s an upscale, stylish<br />

boutique hotel located along the edge of Lenox<br />

Square Shopping Center in the heart of<br />

Atlanta’s Buckhead neighborhood. The property<br />

was designed to reflect the history of its<br />

location, drawing inspiration from Georgia’s<br />

ancient pottery heritage and Buckhead’s<br />

evolution as a fashion destination.<br />

Why June: Celebrate Juneteenth in Atlanta<br />

at Centennial Olympic Park with a music<br />

festival and parade from June 17-19.<br />

Website: www.hyatt.com/en-US/hotel/georgia/hyatt-centric-buckhead-atlanta/atlct<br />

Destination: Hawaii<br />

Pacific Whale Foundation is a nonprofit organization<br />

that conducts research, education<br />

and conservation programs. Founded in<br />

1980, the nonprofit organization is dedicated<br />

to saving the world’s whales and other marine<br />

life from extinction.<br />

Hyatt Regency Maui Resort & Spa offers an<br />

authentic Hawaiian experience in a setting<br />

of tropical paradise and recently underwent<br />

a multimillion-dollar guestroom renovation.<br />

Inspired by the rich heritage and authentic<br />

spirit of the famed Ka’anapali Beach, guests<br />

will enjoy a fresh experience at the resort.<br />

Why June/July: Pacific Whale Foundation<br />

is having their annual World Whale Film<br />

Festival in celebration of World Ocean Day on<br />

June 8. Ocean Vodka Organic Farm and Distillery<br />

in Upcountry Maui featuring dinner,<br />

drinks and a screening of official selections.<br />

General event tickets are $135 and VIP tickets<br />

are $225. For more information visit www.<br />

pacificwhale.org/filmfest/.<br />

While on the island, guests can treat<br />

themselves to Recharge and Restore at Hyatt<br />

Regency Maui which is a new wellness package<br />

offering three nights in the Palace Suite,<br />

a garden tour at Huamomona Farms with<br />

transportation, an outdoor cooking class with<br />

Chef with dinner for two on the suite’s secluded<br />

lanai, an immersive cultural experience<br />

restoring an ahupua’a at Kipuka Olowalu with<br />

transportation, plus lunch, an authentic Lomi<br />

Lomi massage for two and a flower bath with<br />

Hawaiian salts to unwind, a yoga and meditation<br />

session, a one-hour personal training<br />

session, live streaming stationary bike, yoga<br />

mat, weights and yoga blocks in the room, a<br />

mocktail mixology class, a daily oceanside<br />

cabana (ocean hale), an exclusive VIP table for<br />

two at Drums of the Pacific Lu‘au, two tickets<br />

to the Tour of the Stars, led by NASA ambassador,<br />

private hula lesson for two, and private<br />

lei making lesson for two.<br />

This experience can be booked by calling<br />

+1 808-667-4932 and starts at $23,000.<br />

For guests traveling in July, Hyatt Maui is<br />

offering a variety of activities to celebrate<br />

Independence Day on July 4 including lawn<br />

games at Halona Kai, an educational Penguin<br />

and Koi Fish presentation, Hula lessons,<br />

a scavenger hunt on property, a watermelon<br />

eating contest, a pool float race and more.<br />

Destination: Maui, Hawaii.<br />

Website: www.pacificwhale.org/ and www.<br />

hyattregencymaui.com<br />

18 WEST COAST WOMAN <strong>JUNE</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

Veronica Brandon Miller<br />

Exceeding Your Expectations<br />

941.807.7321<br />

veronica@yourfloridahometeam.com<br />

www.yourfloridahometeam.com<br />

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present<br />


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Dermatology of Coastal Sarasota<br />

5310 Clark Rd., Suite 201, Sarasota<br />

941.925.3627<br />

DOCSofSarasota.com<br />

Incredible<br />

Family Entertainment<br />

The Ringling<br />

5401 Bay Shore Rd<br />


FRI <strong>JUNE</strong> 10 – SAT AUG 13<br />

TICKETS: ringling.org<br />

941.360.7399<br />

TUE – FRI 11 AM & 2 PM<br />

SAT 2 PM & 5 PM<br />

$<br />

18<br />

ADULT<br />

$<br />

12<br />

CHILD<br />

12 & UNDER<br />

<strong>JUNE</strong> <strong>2022</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 19

travel close to home<br />

The<br />

I<br />

guarantee that afterwards<br />

you’re going to<br />

say to yourself, “How<br />

come I didn’t know about<br />

this place sooner?” The<br />

reason is, in part, because<br />

tours at the Elling Eide Center<br />

are a relatively new offering at<br />

their 72-acre, waterfront estate.<br />

Are you saying, “The what center?”<br />

Most people I’ve told about<br />

it have indeed had that reaction.<br />

But you’ve probably passed it<br />

many times if you were heading<br />

south on Tamiami Trail near<br />

Sarasota Square Mall. I headed<br />

south on 41 just ahead of Vamo<br />

Road and drove right past it even<br />

though I was poking along in the<br />

right lane and only saw a sign for<br />

a church where Google said the<br />

Center was.<br />

So I circled back and this time<br />

made a left. The signage is indeed<br />

small, but then, this isn’t Jungle<br />

Gardens. After driving on a crowded,<br />

four-lane road of cars going 45<br />

to whatever, you slip off the road<br />

and are immediately immersed<br />

in old Florida. That’s the Florida<br />

with native plants, gravel roads<br />

and not a high-rise, Starbuck’s,<br />

Walgreen’s or strip mall in sight.<br />

But all is not bucolic. You park<br />

near a stunning low-rise structure<br />

in gleaming white with dark trim.<br />

If you know a bit about Sarasota<br />

contemporary architecture, you<br />

might guess Guy Peterson was the<br />

architect and you’d be right.<br />

But on this visit, my experience<br />

will start by being outdoors and<br />

discovering the grounds. A wonderful<br />

tour is offered by docent<br />

Norman Burr. He’s extremely<br />

knowledgeable about the plants<br />

that you’ll see that are native<br />

along with those from around<br />

the world. Norman has advanced<br />

degrees in geology and geophysics,<br />

over 20 years experience as a<br />

docent at botanical gardens, and<br />

as a college botany instructor.<br />

He gives a fascinating summary<br />

of the area which all sounds<br />

amazing for a 90-minute tour, yet<br />

he does it easily.<br />

But first, who is Elling Eide<br />

and what is the Center all about?<br />

From their website it says,<br />

“The Elling O. Eide Center is a<br />

research library and nature preserve<br />

overlooking Little Sarasota<br />

Bay in Sarasota. Dedicated to<br />

the study of classical Chinese<br />

literature and art…Bequeathed<br />

by Sarasota resident Elling Eide<br />

(1935–2012), the 72-acre waterfront<br />

preserve brings together<br />

Old Florida and modern architecture.<br />

Sarasota architect Guy<br />

Peterson designed the Center’s<br />

research library…The Center’s<br />

collection amassed by Eide over<br />

six decades contains comprehen-<br />

Elling Eide Center in Sarasota<br />

Tours are being offering at their 72-acre, waterfront estate<br />

<br />

After driving on a crowded, four-lane road of cars, you slip off the<br />

road and are immediately immersed in old Florida<br />

<br />

Eide’s<br />

maternal<br />

grandfather<br />

bought the<br />

property in<br />

1935 and<br />

Eide’s parents<br />

moved from<br />

Chicago to look<br />

after him. Eide<br />

was born there<br />

that year<br />

sive library holdings and special<br />

collections of rare books, manuscripts,<br />

and artwork…”<br />

The Elling Eide Center<br />

Research Library and Preserve<br />

opened in 2016. The Center provides<br />

scholars and students with<br />

opportunities to research Chinese<br />

and East Asian culture, history,<br />

and art. The Center also hosts<br />

conferences, special lectures, and<br />

tours like this one. Though he<br />

was an Asian scholar, Eide also<br />

loved horticulture.<br />

So when you embark on your<br />

tour, you’ll see a few humble small<br />

structures plus there’s the house<br />

that Eide’s family lived in — but<br />

aren’t open to the public. Eide<br />

was an inveterate collector — if<br />

he saw something he liked, he just<br />

had to have it and that included<br />

plants from around the world<br />

such as the ylang ylang tree and<br />

the sinister-looking silk floss<br />

tree that is literally painful to the<br />

touch and hails from the tropical<br />

and subtropical forests of South<br />

America. Then there’s the weeping<br />

boer-bean, that’s native to Africa<br />

south of the Zambezi River, or the<br />

Bodhi tree, also called Bo tree, according<br />

to Buddhist tradition, under<br />

which the Buddha sat when he<br />

attained Enlightenment (Bodhi) at<br />

Bodh Gaya in Bihar, India.<br />

It’s a pleasant, easy walk and<br />

many in my group brought cameras<br />

to shoot the variety of birds<br />

that inhabit or visit the area. After<br />

the outside tour, you head inside<br />

<br />

The menacing silk floss tree,<br />

native to the tropical and subtropical<br />

forests of South America, is<br />

one of many exotic plants on the<br />

property. But don’t touch<br />

<br />

The interior of the Elling Eide Center which displays Eide’s collection of<br />

Asian art while exploring his life and career<br />

<br />

<br />

The Elling O. Eide Research Library<br />

Tours of the grounds and part of the<br />

Center are offered every Wednesday<br />

and led by expert guide and docent<br />

Norman Burr<br />

to the Center and learn about<br />

Elling’s Eide’s career and his other<br />

passions: Chinese poetry and his<br />

collections of Asian objects. The<br />

Harvard-educated Eide was a researcher<br />

and translator of Chinese<br />

poetry who served in East Asia<br />

with the U.S. Marines. He studied<br />

in Taiwan and began collecting<br />

Chinese literature and art which<br />

all inspired him to create a research<br />

library and nature preserve<br />

that would attract Asian Studies<br />

scholars from across the world.<br />

It’s a beautiful pace and his cherished<br />

possessions are carefully<br />

curated and displayed. He was an<br />

eclectic fellow to say the least.<br />

As for the tour, ask Norm a<br />

question and most likely he’ll have<br />

the answer he’s that knowledgeable.<br />

And be sure to bring your<br />

camera to photograph plants and<br />

the many bird that are in the trees.<br />

About the Tours:<br />

They’re offered year round<br />

on Wednesdays. They’re<br />

growing in popularity, so don’t<br />

wait until the last minute. Concerned<br />

about the heat? Wear<br />

a hat and loose clothing, but<br />

the majority of the walk is in<br />

shade and at the end you’re in<br />

air-conditioned comfort.<br />

Cost: $5. Figure on 90 minutes<br />

with 60 minutes of the tour<br />

outside and 30 minutes inside<br />

the Eide Center.<br />

<br />

My Eide in Taiwan<br />

8000 South Tamiami Trail,<br />

Sarasota<br />

(941) 921-4304<br />

www.ellingoeide.org<br />

20 WEST COAST WOMAN <strong>JUNE</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

your healthier health you<br />

Craniosacral Therapy Can Be Life Changing<br />

CST treats the whole body physically, physiologically, mentally, emotionally and energetically<br />

Clients come to me because they are in physical<br />

pain such as neck, back, pain and TMJ as well as<br />

for chronic headaches and migraines.<br />

Pain and stress caused by<br />

shortened Fascia<br />

Fascia (strong connective tissue) encases all<br />

our muscles, organs, brain and spinal cord.<br />

Whenever fascia shortens any place in the<br />

body, the entire network of fascia creates an<br />

increased tension affecting the functioning<br />

of our physical body as well as our organs,<br />

our brain and spinal cord.<br />

Our body is the history of every major<br />

trauma we have experienced physically and<br />

emotionally beginning with birth issues, falls,<br />

head trauma, car accidents, childhood abuse<br />

issues, death, divorce and other emotional<br />

issues. Our body tries to minimize each trauma<br />

by shortening fascia to isolate the energy<br />

coming into the body from that trauma.<br />

Shortened fascia results in pain, loss of mobility<br />

and range of motion, organs becoming<br />

less efficient and with parts of the brain and<br />

spinal cord becoming stressed.<br />

To keep the brain functioning, the body<br />

transfers some of your functional work play<br />

energy (7:00 AM-10:00 PM) to the brain resulting<br />

in less energy to make it through each<br />

day. As we age, the accumulation of all the<br />

tightened fascia, from every major trauma<br />

in life, begins to restrict every aspect of our<br />

body’s functions resulting in pain, loss of mobility,<br />

mis-functioning organs, loss of energy,<br />

as well as our brain losing some its sharpness.<br />

How Craniosacral<br />

Therapy Works<br />

The Craniosacral Therapist creates a safe<br />

place, with gentle holding techniques, that<br />

engages your body’s ability to self correct,<br />

reorganize and heal itself with the release<br />

of some of that tightened fascia during<br />

each session. As the Craniosacral Therapist<br />

engages your body, you will feel fascia releasing.<br />

As the fascia releases, pain begins to<br />

decrease, range of motion and mobility improve,<br />

organs begin functioning better and<br />

with less stress on the brain feels, it returns<br />

the energy it borrowed at the time of each<br />

trauma resulting in an immediate increase in<br />

your energy levels. Rarely does anyone leave<br />

from my first session not feeling better.<br />

Short Leg Syndrome<br />

Eighty-five percent of my clients have one<br />

of their legs pulled up 1/2 to 1 by shortened<br />

fascia. The tension from short leg syndrome<br />

on the sacrum (5 fused vertebrae at bottom<br />

of the spine) is transferred up the dural tube<br />

that encases the spinal cord into the lower<br />

and upper back, the neck, the cranium and<br />

The physical stress in bodies caused by shortened<br />

fascia (connective tissue) shuts down<br />

energy flows to certain organs. Short leg syndrome<br />

by ½ to 1 in (where one leg is pulled up<br />

by shortened fascia) shuts down energy flow to<br />

the spleen (an important part of your immune<br />

system) and the small and large intestine. With<br />

the release of that shortened fascia, energy returns<br />

to these organs.<br />

the brain. Headaches, migraines, TMJ and<br />

neck problems can originate from the fascial<br />

stress in the sacrum.<br />

Releasing this sacral stress increases energy<br />

in the bladder, sex organs, kidneys and<br />

the chakras as well as releasing major stress<br />

in the upper part of the body.<br />

Cause of Shallow Breathing<br />

A great majority of the clients who come to<br />

me for various problems are also shallow<br />

breathers. Fascial stress in the diaphragm<br />

restricts the depth of breathing by restricting<br />

energy flow to the lungs, the pericardium<br />

and the heart. With the release of fascial diaphragm<br />

restriction, the client immediately<br />

starts breathing deeply and energy is restored<br />

to the pericardium and the heart.<br />

Shoulder blades that are cemented to the<br />

body also restricts how much the rib cage can<br />

open and thereby also restricting depth of<br />

breath. Without proper breathing, your cells<br />

do not get enough oxygen. Everyone, especially<br />

people suffering from bronchitis, asthma<br />

and COPD as well as shallow breathing can<br />

benefit when the fascial stress is released.<br />

Specialized Training<br />

to work with Brain<br />

Dysfunctions<br />

Just as the body physically gets stressed from<br />

physical and emotional trauma, the functioning<br />

of the brain is also affected by fascial stress. For<br />

our brains to remain healthy, we need dynamic<br />

production of craniosacral fluid which performs<br />

the important function of bringing nourishment<br />

to all the cells in the brain and spinal<br />

cord as well as cleansing all the metabolic<br />

wastes given off by those same cells.<br />

Once the craniosacral fluid cleanses these<br />

metabolic wastes, efficient drainage of these<br />

metabolic wastes into the lymph system is<br />

absolutely necessary. Research has shown,<br />

that at night, craniosacral fluid cleanses amyloid<br />

plaques from the brain. If the drainage<br />

is inefficient, then the brain is being bathed<br />

in a toxic slurry. How does 15 or 20 years of<br />

your brain being bathed in a toxic slurry<br />

affect you: senile dementia, Parkinson’s,<br />

Alzheimer’s and other brain dysfunctions?<br />

A Craniosacral Therapist, who has received<br />

training in working with the brain, can reverse<br />

that stress on the brain that eventually can<br />

result in those brain dysfunctions. As we all<br />

know, the proper functioning of the body is<br />

dependent on a healthy functioning brain.<br />

Babies and Children can benefit<br />

■ Our little boy Leo, four years of age, had a<br />

difficult birth and at 7 months was put on antibiotics<br />

for an ear infection and as a result developed<br />

c-diff. His development came to a stop.<br />

At 3 years, with the help of an OT, he started<br />

to walk and talk. In spite of the improvements,<br />

he was unable to answer questions and his<br />

communication skills were very poor. Leo<br />

had very poor muscle tone, a lot of stress in<br />

his body and physical activities such walking,<br />

jumping and climbing were difficult for him.<br />

Beginning with the first session with Terry,<br />

he began showing improvement and with each<br />

following session. Everyone from his teachers<br />

to his grandparents noticed an increase in his<br />

■ “I was in awful pain and the<br />

MRI showed 2 pinched nerves<br />

and stenosis. I scheduled surgery.<br />

My daughter suggested Craniosacral therapy.<br />

After only 2 visits the pain was reduced to<br />

advanced craniosacral about 80% and therapy I canceled the surgery. I went<br />

for a 3rd visit and I am about 90% better.”<br />

■ “Simply Amazing! One visit was all it took for<br />

Terry to relieve 85% of my year long, nagging<br />

(sometimes severe) neck/shoulder tightness/<br />

pain!! My breathing improved tremendously.”<br />

physical strength, as well as improvements in<br />

comprehension, speech and communication<br />

skills. For the first time, he started participating<br />

in class lessons and interacting with his<br />

classmates. Terry has made a huge impact on<br />

getting Leo to a place a little boy should be at<br />

age four. We cannot thank Terry enough.<br />

■ Terry’s treatment helped our 6 week old<br />

baby boy from recent hospitalization into<br />

the first series of healthy bowel movements<br />

when seemingly nothing could help. Our son<br />

was able to latch onto the breast and for the<br />

first time completed his feeding. He was much<br />

calmer after working with Terry.<br />

■ “He was able to relieve tension that I have<br />

been carrying around for 15 years or more.<br />

I left his office table with more energy than I<br />

have had in years.”<br />

■ “I began working with him because I was<br />

dealing with anxieties, depression and lots of<br />

emotional pain inside and out. You don’t realized<br />

how much stress can cause damage to<br />

your body, mind and soul. I can say Terry was<br />

a big help.”<br />

Terrence Grywinski<br />

of Advanced<br />

Craniosacral Therapy,<br />

B.A., B.ED., LMT #MA 6049<br />

Testimonials from Clients<br />

SOURCE:<br />

■ Terrence Grywinski of Advanced Craniosacral Therapy,<br />

B.A., B.ED., LMT #MA 6049. Terry has specialized in Craniosacral<br />

Therapy since 1994 when he began his training at the Upledger<br />

Institute. Described by his teachers, clients and colleagues<br />

as a “gifted healer”, Terry’s intuitive sense and healing energy<br />

provides immediate and lasting relief from injury, pain, mobility<br />

issues as well as dysfunctions of the body and the brain. Part<br />

of Terry’s ongoing education, he has completed 4 craniosacral<br />

brain and peripheral nervous system classes which enables him<br />

to work at a cellular<br />

level and with brain<br />

dysfunctions.<br />

Call 941-321-8757<br />

for more information,<br />

Google Advanced<br />

Craniosacral<br />

Therapy.<br />

■ “On a recent vacation to Siesta Key, I re-injured<br />

my back. I found Terry online. I can say<br />

with complete joy that was the best decision<br />

I made in the history of my back pain. I have<br />

sought many modalities and visit a CST regularly<br />

and never have I had such a healing in<br />

my entire body.<br />

After 3 sessions, I made a 16-hour drive<br />

home with no pain or discomfort in my entire<br />

body. Unbelievable. My body has a sense of<br />

moving freely and that is completely new. I’m<br />

advanced craniosacral therapy<br />

so grateful to Terry for his knowledge, for his<br />

sensitivity to my needs and his kind generosity<br />

in healing my body. I will see him when I return<br />

next year.”<br />

■ “I am a snowbird who spends 7 months<br />

in Sarasota. I have had back problems for 25<br />

years. Terry’s techniques have led to a great<br />

deal of release and relief in areas that have<br />

been problematic. I have been seeing him over<br />

the years when my body says ”it’s time”. Usually<br />

after a few sessions, I can tell a huge difference.”<br />


<strong>JUNE</strong> <strong>2022</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 21

focus on the arts<br />

Summer<br />

hanks to the<br />

continued partnership<br />

of the Circus Arts<br />

Conservatory and The<br />

Ringling, audiences<br />

can enjoy world-class entertainment,<br />

once again, during the <strong>2022</strong> Summer<br />

Circus Spectacular.<br />

Circus fans of all ages, from near<br />

and far, can beat the heat at reasonable<br />

prices while experiencing the best of<br />

the circus arts at the Historic Asolo<br />

Theater on the grounds of The Ringling.<br />

Some of the circus world’s most exciting<br />

acts have signed on for the annual<br />

show, with performances presented<br />

for nine weeks this summer. The show<br />

runs from June 10 - August 13, <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

This celebrated summertime event<br />

has become a seasonal highlight for<br />

locals, visitors, families and groups.<br />

To complete their circus experience,<br />

Summer Circus Spectacular patrons can<br />

enjoy access to the Circus Museum on<br />

the day they attend a show for just an<br />

additional $5 – an incredible value for<br />

a full day’s entertainment.<br />

“Each year we are thrilled to partner<br />

with the Ringling to present the Summer<br />

Circus Spectacular,” said CAC Executive<br />

Vice President Jennifer Mitchell. “This<br />

show not only offers an affordable entertainment<br />

option for all ages but is also<br />

the perfect summer family-friendly activity.<br />

With nine full weeks of shows, and<br />

afternoon and evening options, there will<br />

always be a convenient time to come and<br />

enjoy the magic of the circus arts!”<br />

The lineup<br />

for the Summer<br />

Circus Spectacular<br />

includes:<br />

Heidi Herriott, Master<br />

of Ceremonies: Herriott<br />

is proud of her heritage as a third-generation<br />

American circus artist. She has<br />

traveled North America performing as<br />

an aerialist, equestrian and Ringmaster.<br />

Career highlights include appearing on<br />

"America’s Got Talent" and with Studio<br />

54 Nightclub, Animal Planet, Walt Disney<br />

World, Ringling Bros. Circus, Circus<br />

Sarasota, Big Apple Circus, Excalibur/<br />

Las Vegas and more.<br />

Chris Allison, Comedy:<br />

Allison was 12 years old when he<br />

took a school field trip to the Ringling<br />

Bros. and Barnum & Bailey (RBBB)<br />

Circus that left him determined that he<br />

would grow up and become a clown<br />

with the Greatest Show On Earth ® .<br />

After graduating from the RBBB Clown<br />

College with a major in pie throwing<br />


and a minor in pratfalls, he spent the<br />

next 11 years touring with the circus,<br />

the final three years as the Boss Clown.<br />

Since leaving the show, he has toured<br />

all across the U.S. as well as internationally.<br />

He has been seen on MTV's “Road<br />

Rules,” MTV'S “ODDVILLE,” Natalie<br />

Merchant's music video for her hit song<br />

"Kind and Generous," “The Oprah Winfrey<br />

Show,” “The Today Show,” “Emeril<br />

Live,” Comedy Central’s “Strangers with<br />

Candy,” “The Late Show with David<br />

Letterman,” and he was a semi-finalist<br />

on “America’s Got Talent.”<br />

Olga Coronas and<br />

Holly Legare, Duo<br />

Lyra: This aerial dream team is<br />

honored to bring their aesthetically-pleasing<br />

artistic fusion of dance and<br />

aerial acrobatics to Sarasota. Coronas,<br />

an accomplished, professional aerialist,<br />

and Legare, an award-winning dancer,<br />

have joined forces to create a beautiful,<br />

captivating performance that’s sure to<br />

inspire audiences.<br />

Spectacular<br />

Runs June 10- Aug. 13 at the Historic Asolo Theatre<br />

Hand<br />

balance<br />

contortion<br />

artist<br />

Ricardo<br />

Sosa<br />

Chris Allison<br />

will keep<br />

circus<br />

patrons<br />

laughing<br />

with his<br />

clowning/<br />

comedy<br />

act<br />

Rolla<br />

bolla<br />

artist<br />

Abreham<br />

Mola<br />

Olga Coronas<br />

and Holly Legare<br />

will perform on<br />

the duo lyra<br />

Dust In the Wind, Hand<br />

Balance Adagio: Seida Maite<br />

Ramírez Lobaina and Julio Fajardo Arjona<br />

are artistic partners who have taken<br />

their act to the next level. Their hand-tohand<br />

balancing and adagio act has taken<br />

them all over the world and seen them<br />

earn many prestigious awards. Among<br />

their many accolades, they have been<br />

invited to the elite Monte Carlo International<br />

Circus Festival in 2023.<br />

Abrehem Mola, Rolla<br />

Bolla: As an agile and athletic youth<br />

born and raised in Ethiopia, Mola was<br />

destined for his art. At the age of 12, he<br />

joined the first of many circuses, performing<br />

as an acrobat and juggler before perfecting<br />

his rolla bolla routine. Since then,<br />

he has been a sought-after artist, thrilling<br />

audiences while performing all over the<br />

world in circuses and festivals. He came<br />

to the United States to perform in 2016<br />

and has since made the U.S. his home.<br />

Ricardo Sosa, Hand<br />

Balance Contortion: Sosa<br />

hails from Havana, Cuba; he began<br />

studying ballet at the age of 6. He went<br />

on to train in the state-sanctioned circus<br />

school in Cuba. Three years into<br />

his professional career, he became a<br />

highly-regarded teacher and mentor:<br />

his students have gone on to win many<br />

national competitions. Offered his first<br />

U.S. contract with an American circus<br />

in 1999, he has since performed in<br />

circuses all over the U.S. and Europe<br />

as well as Las Vegas nightclubs and<br />

hotels. He now resides permanently in<br />

Miami, Fla. but still performs all over<br />

the world.<br />

“It is such a pleasure and an honor<br />

to bring a live, professional circus<br />

show to the beautiful Historic Asolo<br />

Theater at The Ringling, which works<br />

to preserve the history and legacy of<br />

the circus,” said CAC founder and<br />

president/CEO Pedro Reis. “Our missions<br />

are so closely aligned – we both<br />

strive to inspire, educate and entertain;<br />

our collaboration has been such<br />

an organic and fulfilling effort.”<br />

The show, which will take place<br />

at the Historic Asolo Theatre at<br />

The Ringling (5401 Bay Shore Rd.,<br />

Sarasota), runs Friday, June 10 – Saturday,<br />

August 13, 2021. Show times<br />

are 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Tuesdays<br />

through Fridays, and 2 p.m. and 5 p.m.<br />

on Saturdays. Tickets are $18/adults,<br />

$12/children 12 and under. To complete<br />

their circus experience, Summer<br />

Circus Spectacular patrons can enjoy<br />

access to the Circus Museum on the<br />

day they attend a show for an additional<br />

$5. Go to ringling.org or call the<br />

Box Office at (941) 360-7399.<br />

About Circus Arts<br />

Conservatory<br />

The mission of the Circus Arts<br />

Conservatory is to engage and<br />

educate students using unique and<br />

innovative learning programs; to<br />

measurably improve the quality of life<br />

for individuals in care facilities; and<br />

to advance the extraordinary legacy<br />

and heritage of the circus. The CAC<br />

is home to world-class performances,<br />

excellence in training the circus arts,<br />

and community-based education and<br />

humor therapy outreach programs. Visit<br />

CircusArts.org or call (941) 355-9335.<br />

22 WEST COAST WOMAN <strong>JUNE</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />


in May, these 45-Minute classes run<br />

Starting<br />

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday &<br />

every<br />

travel advice<br />

Mastering<br />

Carry-On Travel<br />

Be ready for spring with a beautiful new dress and handbag.<br />

We have a delightful collection of flowing dresses and breezy resort<br />

wear that is perfect for warmer weather. Shop now to view our new<br />

and consigned fashions for spring.<br />

C<br />

arry-on travel is one of the<br />

best ways to save while you’re<br />

globetrotting. Save money on<br />

checked baggage fees, save<br />

time waiting for baggage to arrive, and<br />

save yourself from potential headaches<br />

knowing your belongings aren’t going<br />

to end up lost in transit. The art form<br />

doesn’t come naturally to all, here’s<br />

where to start.<br />

Get the right luggage<br />

Let’s start from<br />

the beginning,<br />

you need luggage<br />

that will help you<br />

make the most<br />

out of the limited<br />

space you have.<br />

Find luggage<br />

with pockets<br />

and the ability<br />

to section space<br />

off, this will<br />

help keep you<br />

organized. Better yet keep your closet<br />

with you with luggage like the Solgaard<br />

Carry-On Closet suitcase.<br />

It’s quite literally as it sounds, a closet<br />

in a suitcase with the ability to section<br />

off all of your clothing and unpack in<br />

seconds. Another perk of this bag is the<br />

charging port for those long stretches<br />

without a wall port. Simply plug in<br />

your Juicepack from the inside, close it<br />

up and you have easy access to a charger<br />

without digging through bags. Luggage<br />

with an internal organization feature<br />

will save you worlds of trouble when it<br />

comes to carry-on travel.<br />

Be reasonable with packing<br />

Pack things you actually wear and do<br />

not pack more outfits than days you are<br />

traveling. Why? You can and should wear<br />

items two or three times by mixing and<br />

matching basics. If in desperate need, you<br />

can find a washer in your destination.<br />

The most important rule here is comfort<br />

over anything. You don’t want to be in a<br />

foreign place with nothing to wear because<br />

you unreasonably packed like you<br />

were headed to New York Fashion Week.<br />

Build your wardrobe around<br />

these items<br />

These will be your staples. Pack for your<br />

climate. If you’re headed to Japan in the<br />

winter, pack one winter coat you can<br />

wear the entire time, etc.<br />

• A solid pair of comfortable jeans<br />

• A jacket you can wear with anything<br />

• Neutral colored t-shirts of your liking<br />

• One completely versatile day bag (purse,<br />

foldable backpack or beach bag, etc.)<br />

• One pair of shoes meant for long wear,<br />

most likely a tennis shoe<br />

• ONE outfit you could wear to a nice<br />

outing, for girls this could be the<br />

addition of a dressy sandal to pair with<br />

your jeans, for guys add an easily packable<br />

colored shirt or sweater<br />

• At least one multi-use item, for example,<br />

a headscarf that can be worn as<br />

a top or comfortable yoga shorts that<br />

double as swim trunks<br />

• An outfit for your travel days, things<br />

like sweats, leggings, etc, remember,<br />

comfort over anything<br />

Become an environmentally-conscious<br />

traveler. Invest in reusable travel-sized<br />

toiletry containers that will last<br />

you years and help lessen the footprint<br />

of products harmful to the planet. It’s<br />

fully possible to bring everything you<br />

need in a travel-sized reusable container.<br />

Better yet, try Ethique eco-friendly soaps<br />

and shampoos. They come in bar form,<br />

therefore less hassle of having liquids in<br />

your bags and less plastic use.<br />

Wear your bulkiest items<br />

to the airport<br />

Keeping your bag as small and light as<br />

possible means keeping bulky items out<br />

of your bag. Headed to colder climes?<br />

Wear your coat to the airport and take<br />

it off once you’re on the plane. The best<br />

part about this is that it doubles as an<br />

extra blanket or cushion when you need<br />

it. When it comes to coats, in particular,<br />

there are several down options that roll<br />

up to fit in travel bags.<br />

Shoes are another item that takes up a<br />

lot of room in our bags. Wear your bulkiest<br />

pair of shoes on your travel days.<br />

Know the details in your<br />

airline’s carry-on policy well<br />

in advance<br />

Carry-on policies for each airline are<br />

not universal and it’ll serve you well by<br />

knowing what you’re getting into. For<br />

example, all U.S. airlines accept 22-inch<br />

carry-ons, but some European budget<br />

airlines won’t accept carry-ons bigger<br />

than 20 inches.<br />

For the most part, you’ll probably get<br />

away with using the standard-sized carry-on<br />

bag accepted by U.S. airlines, but<br />

it could be a rough start to a trip if you<br />

choose to risk it and end up with a big<br />

baggage fee at check-in.<br />

Some airlines allow you a carry-on for<br />

the overhead bins plus one small bag<br />

to go under the seat in front of you, but<br />

some budget airlines charge for both.<br />

Carry-on travel is doable for everybody,<br />

it just takes a little bit of conscious<br />

effort. There’s something sweet and<br />

freeing about experiencing minimalism<br />

while traveling.<br />

SOURCE: https://solgaard.co/<br />




TheBaySarasota.org<br />

DesigningWomenSRQ.org<br />

1226 North Tamiami Trail, Sarasota • 941.366.5293<br />

A 501c3 Benefiting Local Arts & Human Services Organizations<br />

Thursday at 8:00am.<br />

All skill levels invited, registration requested. For more<br />

details and event dates, scan the QR code.<br />

@TheBaySarasota<br />

<strong>JUNE</strong> <strong>2022</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 23

focus on the arts<br />


Eleanor Merritt: Remembrance<br />

The exhibit celebrates her life and art created over her long career<br />

T<br />

he<br />

Sarasota John<br />

& Mabel Ringling<br />

Museum continues<br />

with its exhibition<br />

Eleanor Merritt:<br />

Remembrance, which celebrates<br />

the life and art of Eleanor Merritt<br />

(1933 -2019.). This exhibition is<br />

dedicated to her indomitable spirit<br />

and creativity and represents a<br />

small sample of a significant body<br />

of work the artist created over<br />

her long career and runs through<br />

August 21, <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

Beginning with early work from<br />

the 1950s and concluding<br />

with her last painting Blue<br />

Embrace of 2018, the exhibition<br />

highlights her creative<br />

use of materials, movement<br />

between figuration and abstraction,<br />

and her commitment<br />

to women’s rights.<br />

Born in Harlem in 1933,<br />

Eleanor’s talent in drawing<br />

and painting led to her<br />

acceptance to the prestigious<br />

High School for Music and Art<br />

in New York. She excelled as a student<br />

receiving the school’s top<br />

art award, the St. Gaudens<br />

Medal. She then attended<br />

Brooklyn College for<br />

undergraduate and graduate<br />

studies, where she<br />

studied with some of the<br />

most influential artists of<br />

the time, including Mark<br />

Rothko, Ad Rhinehart,<br />

Kurt Seligmann, Burgoyne<br />

Diller, and Jimmy Ernst.<br />

She absorbed the energy<br />

and physicality of her<br />

teacher’s work into her<br />

interests in figuration<br />

and symbolism.<br />

Merritt’s expansive<br />

body of work explored<br />

the interrelatedness of<br />

society, spirituality, and<br />

gender, employing the<br />

figure rendered in a range<br />

of styles derived from a<br />

vast cultural matrix inclusive<br />

of her African and<br />

Caribbean roots and the<br />

Abstract Expressionist<br />

education she received at<br />

Brooklyn College in the<br />

Editor’s Note: Eleanor<br />

Merritt was profiled in West<br />

Coast Woman back in 1996.<br />

Here Comes The Sun<br />

1950s. Her mixed media<br />

practice alternated between<br />

oils, acrylics, inks,<br />

and black paper as a platform<br />

to describe narratives<br />

of strength, agency,<br />

and empowerment.<br />

Merritt’s commitment<br />

to the relevancy of her<br />

context as a woman<br />

of color allowed her<br />

to evolve in style and<br />

expression over her sixdecade<br />

career. Her work<br />

was displayed nationally<br />

in galleries and museums<br />

in Florida, California,<br />

Colorado, Texas, and<br />

internationally to<br />

Shimoneski, Japan.<br />

Arriving in Sarasota<br />

in the 1980s, Eleanor exhibited<br />

widely in Florida.<br />

In addition to Merritt’s<br />

art practice, she was an<br />

essential early advocate<br />

within national and regional<br />

art organizations,<br />

such as her role as the<br />

program manager for<br />

the Women’s Caucus for<br />

Arts’ Women of Color<br />

(WOCA) Slide Project<br />

influencing the careers<br />

and more equitable<br />

opportunities of other<br />

women artists of color<br />

on a national level.<br />

Within the Sarasota<br />

arts community, Merritt<br />

was the Ringling<br />

Museum’s first African<br />

American female Board<br />

Member and wellrecognized<br />

leader in the<br />

local arts community,<br />

including chairing the<br />

Art in Public Places<br />

Committee serving on<br />

various Arts boards.<br />

She was named “Artist<br />

of the Year” in 1994 by<br />

the Sarasota Visual Arts<br />

Center and received the<br />

Women's Caucus for Art<br />

Lifetime Achievement<br />

Award in 2005. In 2013,<br />

she received national<br />

recognition with an<br />

exhibition at the Houston Museum of<br />

African American Culture. Her final<br />

exhibition in 2017 at the Arts & Cultural<br />

Alliance celebrated her 60 years of<br />

painting. We are pleased to announce,<br />

along with this exhibition, the acquisition<br />

of three works into the permanent<br />

collection of The Ringling.<br />

The works in the exhibition come<br />

from the artist’s estate and a few prestigious<br />

private collections. The artist’s<br />

daughter, Dr. Lisa Merritt, and artist<br />

Mike Solomon were critical guides in<br />

the development of this exhibition.<br />

Blue Embrace<br />

Fast Facts<br />

The Ringling<br />

5401 Bay Shore Road,<br />

Sarasota<br />

941-359-5700<br />

https://www.RINGLING.org<br />

24 WEST COAST WOMAN <strong>JUNE</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

DENTAL<br />


Get the dental care you deserve.<br />

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Product not available in all states. Includes the Participating (in GA: Designated) Providers and Preventive Benefits Rider. Acceptance guaranteed for one<br />

insurance policy/certificate of this type. Contact us for complete details about this insurance solicitation. This specific offer is not available in CO, NY; call<br />

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Rider kinds: B438, B439 (GA: B439B).<br />

6208-0721<br />

Visit our<br />

WCW Travel Page<br />

on Facebook at<br />

https://<br />

www.facebook.com/<br />

WCW-Womens-Travel.<br />

Follow us<br />

and you’ll find<br />

travel news, offers<br />

and deals<br />

carefully selected<br />

for you!<br />

<strong>JUNE</strong> <strong>2022</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 25

you’re news<br />

Appointments<br />

■ Omeza selected Suzanne<br />

Bakewell, Ph.D., as Vice President of<br />

Research and<br />

Development<br />

and Chief<br />

Scientific<br />

Officer for<br />

Omeza. A<br />

principal<br />

scientist and<br />

leader with<br />

expertise in<br />

early stage<br />

drug and<br />

medical<br />

Suzanne Bakewell<br />

device development, cancer biology,<br />

and nanotechnology, she leads research<br />

and development and clinical<br />

trials development for Omeza. She is<br />

also responsible for regulatory affairs<br />

and intellectual property rights for<br />

Omeza’s line of products.<br />

Prior to joining Omeza, Suzanne<br />

was responsible for leading early<br />

stage drug development and designing<br />

translational studies for clinical<br />

trials in both industry and academia.<br />

Trained as a physiologist, her doctoral<br />

research at Washington University<br />

focused on cancer metastasis to<br />

bone and the tumor microenvironment.<br />

As a Susan G. Komen Fellow<br />

in the Dr. Lewis Chodosh lab at the<br />

University of Pennsylvania, Suzanne<br />

studied cancer cell dormancy and<br />

disease recurrence.<br />

Suzanne’s industry experience<br />

as a principal investigator includes<br />

nanotechnology, drug delivery<br />

platforms and chemoresistance. As<br />

the Vice President of Preclinical Development<br />

at Intezyne Technologies,<br />

Suzanne was instrumental in taking<br />

IND drugs from synthesis into Phase<br />

I clinical trials.<br />

Omeza Omeza (www.omezapro.<br />

com) is a skin science company<br />

pursuing access to better wound<br />

care outcomes for patients at all<br />

sites of care. The company is based<br />

in Sarasota.<br />

■ The Climate Adaptation Center<br />

(CAC), the only non-profit organization<br />

in Southwest Florida<br />

dedicated to battling the effects of<br />

climate change, has announced Amy<br />

Grossman has joined the team as<br />

chief operating officer. She will be<br />

responsible for day-to-day operations<br />

including communications,<br />

media relations, donor relations and<br />

development.<br />

The CAC educates the public<br />

about the serious impacts of<br />

climate-related incidents and works<br />

with government, academia, and<br />

private sectors to help advise and<br />

develop solutions for mitigating risks<br />

to the area caused by hurricanes,<br />

flooding, red tide and more. It is<br />

making an impact by predicting<br />

and preparing the area for hurricanes,<br />

identifying potential areas<br />

of risk, working with engineers to<br />

stabilize eroding beaches, holding<br />

educational seminars, and raising<br />

awareness about the new climate<br />

economy on television and in print<br />

media throughout the region.<br />

Prior to the Climate Adaptation<br />

Center, Amy has been a principal<br />

at Grossman Public Relations<br />

Counselors where she has represented<br />

a wide variety of clients in the<br />

non-profit, environmental, business<br />

and healthcare sectors. She has also<br />

worked for major communications<br />

firms in Philadelphia and Sarasota.<br />

The Climate Adaptation Center,<br />

Inc. (CAC), founded in 2019, is an<br />

independent, non-profit 501(c)<br />

(3) organization headquartered in<br />

Sarasota. Its mission is to bridge<br />

the gap between the latest scientific<br />

research and the public’s understanding<br />

of the changing climate and<br />

how it impacts where we live.<br />

■ After a few years with the hospitality<br />

management firm, Danika<br />

Smith-Josiah is the new regional vice<br />

president of operations at Scarlett<br />

Hotel Group (SHG). In her position,<br />

she will provide the support, training<br />

and guidance<br />

necessary for<br />

hotel general<br />

managers within<br />

SHG, which<br />

has offices in<br />

Chicago and<br />

Nashville as<br />

well as operates<br />

hotels across<br />

the U.S.<br />

“Danika’s<br />

Danika Smith-Josiah perseverance<br />

and leadership defied the immense<br />

challenges put before her over the<br />

course of three years at the Hampton<br />

Inn Sarasota Airport.” says Rob Sadoff,<br />

principal and co-founder of SHG,<br />

in a statement.<br />

Smith-Josiah gained nearly 10<br />

years of experience in the industry<br />

working at InterContinental Hotels<br />

Group as a corporate trainer and<br />

general manager before finding her<br />

way to SHG in 2018. She started off as<br />

a general manager before moving up<br />

the ranks to director of learning and<br />

development.<br />

■ BRIDGE Angel Investors appointed<br />

Kim Miele as their new Executive<br />

Director of the private investment<br />

group. Miele’s<br />

focus is<br />

growing the<br />

membership<br />

and increasing<br />

the flow of<br />

potential deals,<br />

while collaborating<br />

with local<br />

community<br />

and investment<br />

partners in<br />

Sarasota and<br />

Kim Miele<br />

Manatee counties.<br />

Miele’s seven years as Executive<br />

Director of the Gulf Coast CEO<br />

Forum afforded a natural source<br />

of relationship-building and local<br />

connections, enabling her to connect<br />

seven new member investors to<br />

BRIDGE since January.<br />

Simultaneously building partnerships<br />

with business incubators such<br />

as 26 West Center at State College<br />

of Florida, and local economic development<br />

organizations like EDC<br />

of Sarasota County, Miele will also<br />

cultivate BRIDGE’s current connection<br />

with leAD Sports & Health Tech<br />

Partners and its parent company<br />

Adi Dassler International Family<br />

Office (ADIFO).<br />

BRIDGE Angel Investors is a group<br />

of private, accredited investors located<br />

in Sarasota who provide capital<br />

and mentoring to assist early stage<br />

businesses. BRIDGE investments<br />

may be augmented with individual<br />

member investments and through<br />

a network of other fund and angel<br />

investor group syndicates. Through<br />

such networks, Bridge has contributed<br />

more than 1.6M in capital, in<br />

primarily Florida-based companies.<br />

Accolades<br />

■ Leadership Sarasota, a program<br />

of the Greater Sarasota<br />

Chamber of Commerce, awarded<br />

three leaders and legacy makers at<br />

the annual Celebrate Outstanding<br />

Leadership Awards.<br />

This event was on May 25 and<br />

honored exceptional graduates of<br />

the Leadership Sarasota program<br />

in three categories: Lifetime of<br />

Leadership- recognizing body<br />

of work in career, community,<br />

and beyond, Impact in Actionrecognizing<br />

a current community<br />

leadership endeavor and Leadership<br />

Sarasota Dedication- recognizing<br />

commitment to the Leadership<br />

Sarasota program.<br />

• Joy Mahler, of Big Brothers Big<br />

Sisters of the<br />

Sun Coast, Inc.,<br />

Leadership<br />

Class of 1991,<br />

was honored<br />

with the<br />

Lifetime of<br />

Leadership<br />

Award.<br />

• Deputy City<br />

Manager<br />

Patrick<br />

Robinson,<br />

Joy Mahler<br />

of the City of Sarasota, Leadership<br />

Class of 2017, was honored with the<br />

Impact in Action Award.<br />

• Susan Flynn, of Bon Eau<br />

Enterprises, LLC, Leadership Class<br />

of 2007, was honored with the<br />

Leadership Sarasota Dedication<br />

Award.<br />

These recipients were selected<br />

by a panel of judges made up of<br />

Sarasota Chamber Board members,<br />

Leadership Sarasota Council<br />

members, and past Celebrate<br />

Outstanding Leadership Awardees.<br />

■ Gulf Coast Community Foundation<br />

has selected 24 participants<br />

from across the region for its <strong>2022</strong><br />

Gulf Coast Leadership Institute.<br />

Through this annual initiative, the<br />

foundation provides intensive leadership<br />

training designed to identify,<br />

develop, and connect a diverse and<br />

growing group of aspiring community<br />

leaders.<br />

Class members will take part in<br />

seven training sessions through June<br />

conducted by the Leadership Development<br />

Institute of Eckerd College.<br />

Gulf Coast provides all training and<br />

resources at no cost to participants<br />

in exchange for their commitment<br />

to use their new skills to benefit the<br />

community.<br />

The 24 participants selected for<br />

the <strong>2022</strong> Gulf Coast Leadership<br />

Institute are:<br />

• Sara Brunow, Muriel O’Neil Education<br />

& Engagement Director, Asolo<br />

Repertory Theatre<br />

• Jennifer Bushinger-Ortiz, Chief<br />

Philanthropy Officer, Loveland<br />

Center, Inc.<br />

• Shelley Cairo, Financial Advisor-<br />

Private Client Group, Truist Investment<br />

Services, Inc.<br />

• Robyn Citrin, Board Trustee/President,<br />

Hermitage Artist Retreat<br />

• Kelly M. Defebo, CMP, Director of<br />

Sales, Visit Sarasota County<br />

• Esther Dickmann, Client and<br />

Clinical Services Manager, Samaritan<br />

Counseling Services of the<br />

Gulf Coast<br />

• Kelly Duyn, Assistant Director of<br />

Education & Community Engagement,<br />

Venice Theatre<br />

• Cintia Elenstar, Program Director,<br />

UnidosNow<br />

• Jonathan Evans, Executive Director,<br />

Healthy Teens Coalition of<br />

Manatee Co., Inc.<br />

• Debbie Frank, Program Director,<br />

Friends of Boca Grande Community<br />

Center<br />

• Michelle Frau, Events and Membership<br />

Administrator, Ringling<br />

College Library Association<br />

• Jill Gomes, Director of Quality, Risk<br />

& Compliance, CenterPlace Health<br />

• Amy Helms, Human Resources<br />

Manager, Senior Friendship Centers<br />

• Scott Hinckley, CFRE, Account<br />

Director, Allegiance Group<br />

• Ben Jewell-Plocher, Education Director,<br />

Embracing Our Differences<br />

• Ashley Klearman, VP of Development,<br />

Hunters Point Pearl Homes<br />

and Marina<br />

• Heather Koester, President/Business<br />

Consulting Strategist, Koester<br />

Consulting Group<br />

• Michael (Mike) McLaughlin, Senior<br />

Vice President for Horticulture,<br />

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens<br />

• Laura Randall, CFRE, Senior<br />

Director of Development, Visible<br />

Men Academy<br />

• Travis Ray, Associate Managing<br />

Director, Westcoast Black Theatre<br />

Troupe<br />

• Clara Reynardus de Villanueva,<br />

Director of Development Sarasota-Manatee<br />

Campus and Latino<br />

Scholarship Program, University of<br />

South Florida<br />

• Mary Smedley, Managing Broker,<br />

Michael Saunders & Co. Englewood/Boca<br />

Grande offices<br />

• Amanda Sweet, Event Coordinator,<br />

Nathan Benderson Park<br />

Conservancy<br />

• Kayden Jeanne Stephen Taylor,<br />

HOPWA Housing Coordinator, CAN<br />

Community Health<br />

For more information on the program,<br />

visit https://www.gulfcoastcf.<br />

org/gcli.<br />

■ The Central<br />

West Coast<br />

Chapter of the<br />

Florida Public<br />

Relations<br />

Association<br />

(CWC-FPRA)<br />

recognized<br />

the area’s best<br />

work in public<br />

relations,<br />

marketing and<br />

communications<br />

during its<br />

“<strong>2022</strong> Image Awards: Modern PR"<br />

event back on April 28. The local<br />

Image Awards competition is conducted<br />

annually to recognize outstanding<br />

public relations programs<br />

and to encourage and promote the<br />

development of the public relations<br />

profession in our area.<br />

The competition recognizes work<br />

in three divisions: Public Relations<br />

Programs, Collateral of Public<br />

Relations, and Digital Tools of Public<br />

Relations. The chapter also named<br />

this year’s Joe Curley Rising Leader,<br />

who will join a class of Rising Leaders<br />

from chapters across the state.<br />

Awards were presented by chapter<br />

president, Melanie Reda, APR,<br />

CPRC, and Image Awards director,<br />

Laitin Sterling, APR, and were<br />

sponsored by Premier Sotheby’s<br />

International Realty and Next-Mark.<br />

Andrea Knies and Mimi Cirbusova<br />

of Compass Rose History Experiences<br />

served as emcees.<br />

Two organizations earned<br />

top honors. North Port Parks &<br />

Recreation’s “Experience Vintage<br />

Florida” Warm Mineral Springs Park<br />

Campaign was the top winner with a<br />

Grand All Image Award, and the Barancik<br />

Foundation’s “2021 Year in<br />

Review” Annual Report took home a<br />

Grand Image Award.<br />

Earning Image Awards were:<br />

City of North Port’s “Water Safety<br />

Campaign” and “Experience<br />

Vintage Florida” Warm Mineral<br />

Springs Park Campaign; and Barancik<br />

Foundation’s “2021 Year in<br />

Review” Annual Report.<br />

Earning Awards of Distinction<br />

were: KSC, Inc. and Sarasota<br />

Orchestra’s <strong>2022</strong> Sarasota Music<br />

Festival “Fellow Recruitment<br />

Campaign”; WordSlinger Marketing<br />

& PR and Safe Children Coalition’s<br />

“Adult Adoption Story”;<br />

and Hamlet’s Eatery’s “To Meat or<br />

Not to Meat” audience engagement<br />

campaign.<br />

Earning Judges Awards for return<br />

on investment were: North Port<br />

Parks & Recreation’s “Experience<br />

Vintage Florida” Warm Mineral<br />

Springs Park Campaign; KSC, Inc.<br />

and Sarasota Orchestra’s <strong>2022</strong><br />

Sarasota Music Festival “Fellow Recruitment<br />

Campaign”; the Barancik<br />

Foundation’s “2021 Year in Review”<br />

Annual Report; and WordSlinger<br />

Marketing & PR and Safe Children<br />

Coalition’s “Adult Adoption Story.”<br />

Hunter Carpenter, public relations<br />

manager at First Watch Restaurants,<br />

was named the chapter’s <strong>2022</strong><br />

Joe Curley Rising Leader. Carpenter<br />

serves on CWC-FPRA’s board as<br />

co-director of events, planning and<br />

securing speakers for the chapter’s<br />

professional development events.<br />

CWC-FPRA meets monthly for<br />

professional development luncheons<br />

and networking. More information<br />

can be found online at cwcfpra.com.<br />

<strong>2022</strong> Image Award Winners<br />

Send us your news!<br />

Send to: westcoastwoman@<br />

comcast.net. You will also find<br />

more You’re News on our Facebook<br />

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You’re News will be posted on<br />

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26 WEST COAST WOMAN <strong>JUNE</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

Is independence in your own home your goal?<br />

Choose a trusted, professional nursing team to ensure the years ahead and your health<br />

care path align with your wishes.<br />

Take Care provides all levels of care—from<br />

skilled nursing to helping with groceries<br />

and companionship—for clients in any<br />

home setting. We remain dedicated to<br />

helping you and your loved ones.<br />

Take Care is locally nurse and familyowned<br />

with 27 years of experience meeting<br />

your health care needs, from one hour of<br />

care as needed up to around-the-clock<br />

support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.<br />

Personalized care in your own home has<br />

never been more important.<br />

Our Registered Nurse New Services team<br />

is ready for your call.<br />

Erika Wise Borland, MA, Vice President<br />

Susanne S. Wise, RN, MBA, CEO & Owner<br />

Courtney Wise Snyder, MSG, CMC, President<br />

Celebrating Years of Caring<br />

www.TakeCareHomeHealth.com<br />

(941) 927-2292<br />

info@takecarehomehealth.com<br />

Lic. # HHA 21657096 | 299991405<br />

27<br />

Community Voted Best Home Health since 2012<br />

<strong>JUNE</strong> <strong>2022</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 27

dining in<br />

PBS chef shows you how in her new book<br />

Whether you’re an accomplished vegan chef or just learning to make<br />

pleasing plant-based meals for your family, you need recipes that are<br />

delicious and easy to prepare.<br />

F Chickpea & Artichoke Salad<br />

Chickpea & Artichoke Salad T<br />

1 can (14 to<br />

15 ounces)<br />

chickpeas, drained<br />

and rinsed<br />

2 to 3 ounces baby<br />

spinach, finely<br />

chopped<br />

6 sweet mini<br />

peppers (or 1<br />

medium sweet<br />

red or orange bell<br />

pepper), seeded<br />

and thinly sliced<br />

1 can (14 to 15<br />

ounces) waterpacked<br />

baby<br />

artichoke hearts,<br />

drained and<br />

chopped<br />

2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil 1/8 teaspoon smoked paprika (optional)<br />

2 tablespoons maple syrup<br />

1/8 teaspoon garlic powder salt, to taste<br />

2 tablespoons good-quality balsamic Freshly ground black pepper, to taste<br />

vinegar or freshly squeezed lemon juice<br />

Put the chickpeas, spinach, mini pepper slices, artichoke hearts, olive oil, maple syrup,<br />

vinegar (or lemon juice), optional paprika, and garlic powder into a large bowl. Gently<br />

stir together with a large spoon to thoroughly combine. Taste, and add salt and pepper,<br />

as desired.<br />

Cover and refrigerate for 2 to 3 hours to allow the flavors to develop. Divide between<br />

four to six bowls and serve.<br />

Makes 4 to 6 servings. Prep Time: 20 minutes / Refrigeration Time: 2 to 3 hours<br />

F Cream of Asparagus Soup<br />

1 heaping<br />

tablespoon<br />

vegan buttery<br />

spread,<br />

plus more<br />

for coating<br />

ramekins<br />

2 medium/large<br />

red apples,<br />

cored and<br />

thinly sliced<br />

(do not peel)<br />

3 heaping<br />

tablespoons<br />

vegan dark<br />

brown sugar,<br />

or your<br />

favorite dry sweetener, divided<br />

2 tablespoons plus<br />

1 teaspoon maple syrup, divided<br />

1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon<br />

Cream of Asparagus Soup T<br />

Preheat the oven to 400°. Lightly coat four 6-ounce (or similarly sized) oven-safe<br />

ramekins with vegan buttery spread.<br />

Put the apples, 1 heaping tablespoon sugar, 1 tablespoon maple syrup, and cinnamon,<br />

into a medium-sized bowl. Stir with a large spoon until combined. Divide the apple<br />

mixture evenly among the prepared ramekins.<br />

Put the oats, coconut, 1 heaping tablespoon vegan buttery spread, and 2 heaping<br />

tablespoons sugar in the same medium-sized bowl. Mix together using your hands or a<br />

dough blender until thoroughly incorporated. Sprinkle one-quarter of the oat mixture<br />

evenly over the apples in each ramekin.<br />

Put the ramekins in an 8- x 8-inch (or similarly sized) rimmed baking pan. Tent with foil<br />

and bake for 30 minutes. Remove the foil and bake for an additional 5 minutes or until<br />

the tops are crispy and slightly golden.<br />

Put the pan on a wire rack and let the ramekins cool for 15 to 20 minutes. Drizzle the<br />

top of each ramekin with 1 teaspoon maple syrup while they are still warm. Serve warm,<br />

or cover and refrigerate, and serve cold. Covered tightly and stored in the refrigerator,<br />

leftover apple ramekins will keep for about 2 days.<br />

Makes 4 servings. Prep Time: 20 minutes / Bake Time: 35 minutes<br />

Easy to be Vegan<br />

1/2 cup gluten-free, quick cooking or<br />

old fashioned rolled oats<br />

3 tablespoons unsweetened shredded<br />

dried coconut<br />

In her book, Easy Vegan Home Cooking, PBS celebrity chef Laura Theodore’s has a<br />

selection of her favorite plant-based recipes.<br />

Theodore is a recognized public television personality, vegan PBS celebrity chef,<br />

nationally renowned jazz singer and award-winning cookbook author. She is cocreator<br />

of the highly successful Jazzy Vegetarian vegan cooking series on national<br />

public television.<br />

Theodore is author of six vegan cookbooks, including Jazzy Vegetarian, Jazzy<br />

Vegetarian Classics, Laura Theodore’s Vegan-Ease, Deliciously Vegan (which won<br />

silver medals at the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards, Midwest Book Awards and<br />

the Living Now Book Awards) and her double-bronze award-winning cookbook,<br />

Vegan for Everyone. Her newest release – Easy Vegan Home Cooking takes the<br />

guesswork out of eating healthier by sharing shopping lists, pantry “must-haves,”<br />

quick cooking tips, flavor enhancers, and plant-based substitutions.<br />

F Chili Roasted Cauliflower Steaks T<br />

with Crispy Mushrooms<br />


2 small heads cauliflower<br />

1 tablespoon extra-virgin<br />

olive oil<br />

1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon<br />

chili pepper infused extravirgin<br />

olive oil<br />

¼ teaspoon garlic powder<br />

¼ teaspoon smoked paprika<br />

¼ teaspoon salt<br />


12 ounces sliced cremini or<br />

white button mushrooms<br />

1 tablespoon extra-virgin<br />

olive oil<br />

1 teaspoon Italian seasoning<br />

blend<br />

½ teaspoon garlic powder<br />

¼ teaspoon salt<br />

1 cup crushed gluten-free<br />

cornflakes<br />

Water, if needed<br />

Preheat the oven to 400°. Line a medium-sized, rimmed baking pan with unbleached<br />

parchment paper.<br />

CAULIFLOWER STEAKS: Trim about 2 inches off the two opposite sides of each<br />

cauliflower head and set aside for another use. Carefully cut each cauliflower head into<br />

two ¾- to 1-inch thick “steaks,” as if slicing a loaf of bread. Arrange the 4 cauliflower<br />

steaks in a single layer on the prepared baking sheet.<br />

Coat the parchment paper with 1 tablespoon olive oil. Arrange the cauliflower steaks<br />

in a single layer on the parchment paper. Brush each steak with 1 teaspoon of the chili<br />

infused oil (see Chef’s Note). Evenly sprinkle ¼ teaspoon garlic powder, ¼ teaspoon<br />

smoked paprika, and ¼ teaspoon salt over the 4 cauliflower steaks.<br />

Tent with foil and bake for 30 minutes or until the cauliflower begins to soften. Carefully<br />

remove the foil and bake for 20 to 30 minutes more, or until the edges of the cauliflower<br />

steaks are golden. Transfer the pan to a wire rack and let cool 5 minutes.<br />

CRISPY MUSHROOMS: While the cauliflower steaks bake, make the crispy mushrooms.<br />

Put the mushrooms, 1 tablespoon oil, Italian seasoning, ½ teaspoon garlic powder,<br />

and ¼ teaspoon salt in a sauté pan. Cover and cook, stirring occasionally, for 10 to<br />

12 minutes, or until the mushrooms are soft and starting to brown around the edges.<br />

Remove the cover and sprinkle the mushrooms with the crushed cornflakes. Cook for 1<br />

to 2 minutes, stirring often, adding a tiny bit of water or oil if pan becomes dry.<br />

Serve 1 cauliflower steak per person, with one-quarter of the crispy mushrooms spooned<br />

over the top.<br />

CHEF’S NOTE: If preferred, you may use plain extra-virgin olive oil in place of the chiliinfused<br />

variety to coat the cauliflower steaks. Then, sprinkle 1/8 teaspoon chili powder<br />

over each cauliflower steak before baking. Proceed with recipe as directed<br />

Makes 4 servings. Prep Time: 30 minutes /<br />

Bake Time: 50 to 60 minutes /Stove Top: 12 to 14 minutes<br />

ABOUT THE BOOK ——————————————————————<br />

Easy Vegan Home Cooking Written by Laura Theodore.<br />

Hardcover $25; e-book $12.99. ISBN 9781578269259<br />

Published by Hatherleigh Press. Distributed through<br />

Penguin Random House. www.hatherleighpress.com<br />

28 WEST COAST WOMAN <strong>JUNE</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

Helping Children Diagnosed With Epilepsy<br />



Designing Women Boutique is<br />

happy to accept like-new home<br />

furnishing and accessories on<br />

consignment. We also offer<br />

full concierge services for<br />

estate sales. DWB turns your<br />

consigned goods into grants<br />

that support the arts and<br />

human services organizations<br />

in our community.<br />

Since 2002, we have gifted more than $8 million to local non-profits.<br />

Thank you for assisting us in helping others. Please call for more information.<br />

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that can strike<br />

ANYONE, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. In fact, 1 in<br />

26 people will have a seizure during their lifetime.<br />

The stigma and social isolation; the uncertainty of<br />

when the next seizure might occur; and the fear of<br />

SUDEP (sudden unexpected death in epilepsy) are the<br />

frightening realities for many families in our community.<br />

JoshProvides pulls back the curtain on epilepsy, through<br />

community awareness, education, offering a monthly<br />

Epilepsy Support Group, and providing seizure<br />

detection & alert devices, transportation assistance and<br />

assistance with medical services. Our families are NOT<br />

defined by their disorder…they are warriors who will<br />

overcome these obstacles thanks to your support!<br />

Online Shopping: DesigningWomenSRQ.org<br />


Upscale Resale & Estate Liquidation<br />

Where Fashion Meets Philanthropy<br />

1226 North Tamiami Trail, Sarasota<br />

941.366.5293<br />

A 501c3 Benefiting Local Arts<br />

& Human Services Organizations<br />

Mission: To improve the quality of life for those<br />

living with epilepsy or other seizure disorders.<br />

(800) 706-2740 | JoshProvides.org<br />

<strong>JUNE</strong> <strong>2022</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 29

feature<br />

Preserving Sarasota’s Past<br />

Sarasota Alliance for Historic Preservation’s <strong>2022</strong> “Six to Save”<br />

S<br />

arasota Alliance for<br />

Historic Preservation<br />

has released its<br />

<strong>2022</strong> “Six to Save”<br />

list of properties in<br />

Sarasota. The list is made up of<br />

historic properties, archaeological<br />

sites, and cultural resources<br />

in Sarasota County that are<br />

under threat.<br />

Entering into its third year,<br />

this important initiative by the<br />

Sarasota Alliance for Historic<br />

Preservation highlights the<br />

urgent need to save historic<br />

resources throughout Sarasota<br />

County from demolition. This list<br />

is the springboard for an education<br />

and advocacy effort designed<br />

to raise public awareness of the<br />

uncertain future for these historic<br />

resources, and invite residents<br />

and community leaders to be part<br />

of a collaborative effort to find<br />

alternatives to demolition.<br />

The program was started by<br />

the History and Preservation Coalition<br />

of Sarasota County. This<br />

year, in collaboration with the<br />

HPCSC, the Sarasota Alliance for<br />

Historic Preservation is spearheading<br />

the Program and the<br />

effort to educate and advocate.<br />

Here’s the list:<br />


Designed by structural engineer<br />

William Lyndh and architect Cyril<br />

Tucker as their office, the 1959<br />

midcentury building features a<br />

unique folding plate roof. The<br />

unusual fiberglass front facade is<br />

offset by darkly painted repeating<br />

vertical timbers which call to<br />

mind a Japanese shoji screen. Significant<br />

not only for its architecture<br />

and material selection, Lindh<br />

and Tucker are also the engineer/<br />

architect behind the famous<br />

hyperbolic paraboloid of the 1964<br />

Venice Beach Pavilion. The Lindh<br />

building is suffering from demolition<br />

by neglect and the City of Venice<br />

currently offers no protection<br />

to its mid century resources.<br />


A wide parcel of bay front land,<br />

situated in the Indian Beach<br />

Subdivision, and home to 4<br />

historic properties with multiple<br />

historic buildings, many of<br />

which are locally and nationally<br />

designated, is currently on the<br />

market for $22 million. Assembled<br />

as the estate of John Cuneo<br />

Jr., on land that was originally<br />

owned in 1890 by Dr. Frederick<br />

K. Williams of Bristol, CT, and<br />

later parceled out with a group of<br />

investors as the ideal location for<br />

a winter home during boom time<br />

development. Located just north<br />

of the Ringling Museum and the<br />

Ca D’Zan, this pristine parcel is<br />

threatened by potential<br />

development and<br />

demolition.<br />


The Snook Haven house dates<br />

back to c. 1920 when the property<br />

was used as a fish camp called the<br />

Myakka Lodge. Owned by a Dan<br />

Evans in 1938, the property was<br />

renowned for its abundant variety<br />

of fish and tropical beauty. In 1952<br />

the fish camp finally donned the<br />

moniker Snook Haven. Currently<br />

owned by Sarasota County Parks<br />

Department, with one structure<br />

leased to a popular restaurant, a<br />

master plan was drawn up which<br />

failed to include the house structure,<br />

putting it in severe risk of<br />

demolition. The fish camp currently<br />

holds no historical designation<br />

or protections.<br />

• THE MEL-O-DEE<br />

This iconic diner known as much<br />

for its food as a gathering place for<br />

civic organizations throughout the<br />

city was opened in 1955 and run by<br />

owners Daniel and Betty Pischer<br />

until their retirement in 1973, the<br />





DR. ALBEE’S<br />


restaurant closed in 2003, and<br />

the building has sat secured but<br />

vacant for the last 19 years. The<br />

Mel-O-Dee retains its midcentury<br />

modern details with a Polynesian<br />

influence. The interior has been<br />

gutted and the original neon sign<br />

adjacent to 41 was destroyed by a<br />

vehicle in 2021. The current owner<br />

has the property listed on the<br />

market for $1mil. and has sold the<br />

adjacent vacant lots to developers.<br />

The high price tag has presented<br />

an as yet insurmountable obstacle<br />

to its preservation.<br />


OF PALMS<br />

Built in 1923 by Dr. Fred Albee and<br />

his wife Louella as their home on<br />

Dona Bay in Nokomis, this Mediterranean<br />

Revival beauty retains<br />

its multiple arched openings and<br />

a porte-cochere. Dr. Albee is best<br />

known for having purchased and<br />

established both Nokomis and<br />

Venice following a brief visit in<br />

1917. He hired fellow<br />

Harvard graduate John<br />

Nolen to create the<br />

enchanting plan for the<br />

City of Venice and then brought in<br />

the Brotherhood of Locomotive<br />

Engineers to build it. The list of<br />

significant contributions of the<br />

Albee family is long and varied.<br />

The home is privately owned and<br />

is suffering from neglect. Given<br />

the desirable waterfront location<br />

and lack of designation, this puts it<br />

at high risk of demolition.<br />



Built in 1968 with funds from a city<br />

bond referendum and a bequest<br />

from philanthropists Lewis and<br />

Eugenia Van Wezel, the Van Wezel<br />

Performing Arts Hall opened its<br />

doors in 1970. The Frank Lloyd<br />

Wright Foundation (in association<br />

with Taliesan Associated Architects)<br />

design actually came from<br />

two seashells from the Sea of<br />

Japan which are permanently on<br />

display in the Hall. The lavender<br />

and purple color scheme, selected<br />

by Frank Lloyd Wright's widow,<br />

Olgivanna Lloyd Wright, has<br />

helped make the iconic structure<br />

memorable and in fact is<br />

featured in the Macy's Sarasota<br />

Snow Globe. Though currently<br />

still in use, planned obsolescence<br />

of building as part of The<br />

Bay's master plan for the new<br />

bay front park create a clear<br />

danger of demolition<br />

For more information, visit<br />

http://historicpreservationsarasota.com.<br />

There’s a great<br />

database of images in their<br />

online collections database at<br />

https://loom.ly/upyR-Ko with<br />

new collections are added<br />

every month.<br />

—————————————<br />

• Sarasota Alliance for<br />

Historic Preservation <strong>2022</strong><br />

awards were presented at<br />

the <strong>2022</strong> Heritage Awards<br />

Luncheon, held on April 30.<br />

Honors wen to:<br />

Gregory A. and Eleana Najmy<br />

Hall Historic Structure<br />

Preservation Award<br />

• Cunliff Residence, Brian and<br />

Katherine Leaver, 2525 Pleasant<br />

Place, Sarasota<br />

• Cottage at Point of Rocks,<br />

Donald and Terri Liebentritt,<br />

7208 Point of Rock Road,<br />

Siesta Key<br />

• The Golden Host Resort and<br />

Bahi Tiki Hut, Bob Brown, 4674<br />

North Tamiami Trail, Sarasota<br />

• Paul Rudolph’s Umbrella<br />

House, Anne and Robert<br />

Essner, 1300 Westway Drive,<br />

Lido Key<br />

Special Citation for Project<br />

of Merit<br />

• Vamo Drive Park, Sarasota<br />

County Parks, Recreation and<br />

Natural Resources Department<br />

Public Leadership Award<br />

• Dr. Renee DiPilato, Director<br />

of Libraries and Historical<br />

Resources for Sarasota County<br />

Historical Research Award<br />

• Larry R. Humes, Venice<br />

Gondolier newspaper<br />

Organizational Achievement<br />

Award<br />

• The Sarasota County Centennial<br />

2021 Steering Committee<br />

Historical Collections<br />

Preservation Award<br />

• Alexandra Vargas-Minor,<br />

Archivist, Ringling College of<br />

Art and Design<br />

The Lillian Burns Award for<br />

Individual Achievement<br />

• Harry Klinkhamer, Historical<br />

Resources Manager,<br />

City of Venice<br />

30 WEST COAST WOMAN <strong>JUNE</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

Windows and Patio Doors!<br />


40 % OFF1<br />

AND<br />

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4.7 OUT OF 5 BASED ON 95,000+ REVIEWS<br />

“ My overall experience was great. I love the window, and from sales to scheduling, the experience was very good. The installers are highly skilled<br />

professionals and I would recommend Renewal by Andersen to all my contacts.” – LYNN F. | RENEWAL BY ANDERSEN CUSTOMER<br />


Solving your window problems and having a comfortable home is easy and enjoyable<br />

when you choose Renewal by Andersen. With this great offer, you save money on your<br />

window project – and you’ll also save on high energy bills for years to come!<br />

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Keep the<br />

heat in and<br />

the cold out.<br />

1<br />

DETAILS OF OFFER: Offer expires 5/31/<strong>2022</strong>. Not valid with other offers or prior purchases. Buy one (1) window or entry/patio door, get one (1) window or entry/patio door 40% off, and 12 months $0 money down, $0 monthly payments, 0% interest when you purchase four (4) or more windows or entry/patio doors between 1/1/<strong>2022</strong> and 5/31/<strong>2022</strong>. 40% off windows and entry/patio doors are<br />

less than or equal to lowest cost window or entry/patio door in the order. Subject to credit approval. Interest is billed during the promotional period, but all interest is waived if the purchase amount is paid before the expiration of the promotional period. Financing for GreenSky® consumer loan programs is provided by federally insured, federal and state chartered financial institutions without<br />

regard to age, race, color, religion, national origin, gender, or familial status. Savings comparison based on purchase of a single unit at list price. Available at participating locations and offer applies throughout the service area. See your local Renewal by Andersen location for details. License number available upon request. Some Renewal by Andersen locations are independently owned and<br />

operated. 2Values are based on comparison of Renewal by Andersen® double-hung window U-Factor to the U-Factor for clear dual-pane glass non-metal frame default values from the 2006, 2009, 2012, 2015, and 2018 International Energy Conservation Code “Glazed Fenestration” Default Tables. "Renewal by Andersen" and all other marks where denoted are trademarks of Andersen Corporation.<br />

© <strong>2022</strong> Andersen Corporation. All rights reserved. RBA12848 *Using U.S. and imported parts.<br />


Why you need dental insurance in retirement.<br />

Many Americans are fortunate to have dental coverage for their entire working life, through employer-provided benefits. When those benefits end with retirement, paying dental bills<br />

out-of-pocket can come as a shock, leading people to put off or even go without care.<br />

Simply put — without dental insurance, there may be an important gap in your healthcare coverage.<br />

When you’re comparing plans...<br />

Look for coverage that helps pay for major services.<br />

Some plans may limit the number of procedures — or pay<br />

for preventive care only.<br />

Look for coverage with no deductibles. Some plans<br />

may require you to pay hundreds out of pocket before<br />

benefits are paid.<br />

Shop for coverage with no annual maximum on cash<br />

benefits. Some plans have annual maximums of $1,000.<br />

Medicare doesn’t pay for dental care. 1<br />

That’s right. As good as Medicare is, it was never meant to cover<br />

everything. That means if you want protection, you need to<br />

purchase individual insurance.<br />

Early detection can prevent small problems<br />

from becoming expensive ones.<br />

The best way to prevent large dental bills is preventive care. The<br />

American Dental Association recommends checkups twice a year.<br />

Previous dental work can wear out.<br />

Even if you’ve had quality dental work in the past, you shouldn’t take<br />

your dental health for granted. In fact, your odds of having a dental<br />

problem only go up as you age. 2<br />

Treatment is expensive — especially the services<br />

people over 50 often need.<br />

Consider these national average costs of treatment ... $217 for a<br />

checkup ... $189 for a filling ... $1,219 for a crown. 3 Unexpected bills<br />

like this can be a real burden, especially if you’re on a fixed income.<br />

1 “Medicare & You,” Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, 2021. 2 “How might my oral and dental health change as I age?”, www. usnews.com, 11/30/2018. 3 American Dental Association, Health Policy Institute, 2018 Survey of Dental Fees, Copyright 2018, American Dental Association.<br />

DENTAL Insurance<br />

from Physicians Mutual Insurance Company<br />

Helps keep more money in your pocket!<br />

Call for a FREE Information Kit!<br />

1-833-967-0752<br />

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Get Info Now<br />

Go to any dentist you want<br />

Helps pay for over 350 procedures<br />

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maximum on cash benefits<br />

“I don’t worry”<br />

“Now that I have your dental policy, I<br />

don’t worry about going to the dentist. I<br />

love your plan — you pay what you say!”<br />

Colleen W., MO<br />

Includes the Participating (GA: Designated) Providers and Preventive Benefits Rider. Product not available in all states. Acceptance guaranteed for one insurance policy/certificate of this type. Contact us for complete details about this insurance solicitation.<br />

This specific offer is not available in CO, LA, NY; call 1-800-969-4781 or respond for similar offer. Certificate C250A (ID: C250E; PA: C250Q); Insurance Policy P150 (GA: P150GA; NY: P150NY; OK: P150OK; TN: P150TN). Rider kinds B438, B439 (GA: B439B).<br />

6247-0121<br />

<strong>JUNE</strong> <strong>2022</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 31

Looking for Balance?<br />

(Synonyms: steady, stabilize, poise, level)<br />

“At The Renewal Point, we believe you can spend the rest of your life discovering<br />

new levels of vitality and vigor – not simply trying to rescue what’s left.”<br />

At The Renewal Point we offer a<br />

Bio-identical Hormone Balancing Program<br />

Reasons People Participate:<br />

Dan Watts, MD, ND, MSMN<br />

Board Certification:<br />

American Board of Integrative Medicine<br />

American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology<br />

Post-doctoral Certification in Metabolic<br />

Endocrinology<br />

Post-doctoral Master's in Nutritional and<br />

Metabolic Medicine<br />

Fellowship: American Academy of Anti-Aging<br />

Medicine: Anti-Aging, Regenerative, and<br />

Functional Medicine<br />

Fellowship: American College of Surgeons<br />

• Restoring mental and physical balance<br />

• Enhancing athletic performance<br />

• Gaining control over emotions<br />

• Reducing anxiety and depression<br />

• Improving relationships<br />

• Losing and managing weight<br />

• Normalizing sleep/wake cycles<br />

• Increasing energy and focus<br />

• Boosting intimacy and sexuality<br />

• Improving bone strength and joint health<br />

Lynne Streitmatter, APRN, MS, NP-C<br />

Board Certified Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner<br />

Specialties Include:<br />

Gynecology<br />

Bio-identical Hormone Balancing<br />

Weight Loss<br />

IV Therapy<br />

Family Medicine<br />

Call today 941.926.4905<br />

Age Management | Men's Health | Gynecology | Bio-identical Hormone Balancing | Strength and Conditioning<br />

Weight Loss | IV Therapy | Brain Health | Toxin Elimination | Digestive Health | Heart Health<br />

4905 Clark Road, Sarasota, FL 34233 | 941.926.4905 | www.TheRenewalPoint.com<br />

32 WEST COAST WOMAN <strong>JUNE</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

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