Glamsquad Magazine June 2022

The AMVCA Dress: The Celebrity, The Designer And The Controversy

The AMVCA Dress: The Celebrity, The Designer And The Controversy


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<strong>Glamsquad</strong>june <strong>2022</strong><br />

Special<br />

Gift Ideas<br />

For Father’s<br />

Day<br />

5 Small &<br />

Medium<br />

Scale<br />

Business<br />

Ideas for<br />

Women<br />

20<br />

fashion<br />

moments<br />

From AMVCA<br />

<strong>2022</strong> Award<br />

Night<br />

The Best<br />

Looks from<br />

London<br />

Fashion<br />

Week Fall<br />

<strong>2022</strong><br />


DRESS:<br />

The Celebrity, The Designer<br />

& The Controversy<br />

10<br />

Health &<br />

Wellness Tips<br />

for Every<br />

Woman<br />

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Inside<br />

<strong>Glamsquad</strong><br />

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<strong>June</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />

HEALTH<br />

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10 Health &<br />

Wellness Tips for<br />

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5 Small &<br />

Medium<br />

Scale<br />

Business<br />

Ideas for<br />

Women<br />

6<br />


DRESS:<br />

The Celebrity, The Designer<br />

& The Controversy<br />

glamsquadtv glamsquad3 glamsquadTV glamsquadtvmag<br />

2<br />


12<br />

20 Fashion Moments from<br />

AMVCA <strong>2022</strong> Award Night<br />

H<br />

ello there, it is such a<br />

great honour to bring you<br />

another exciting edition of<br />

<strong>Glamsquad</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>.<br />

As you would notice, we didn’t<br />

bring you an edition for the<br />

month of April. We decided to<br />

take the time to put the structure<br />

together for a more robust and<br />

rewarding package for our<br />

esteemed readers.<br />

In the next couple of months,<br />

you will notice all the significant<br />

improvements we have made<br />

for your pleasures. So let’s talk<br />

about this edition, shall we?<br />

As usual, we have another<br />

bumper package for this edition<br />

and promise that it will blow<br />

your mind. The stories were<br />

carefully selected and expertly<br />

executed to give you that great<br />

<strong>Glamsquad</strong> uniqueness you<br />

have grown to enjoy.<br />

Our cover story – The AMVCA<br />

Dress, is special to us in many<br />

ways. From being a victim of<br />

an armed robbery incident,<br />

where my amiable Managing<br />

Editor, members of my team,<br />

and myself lost our valuables, to<br />

being friends with the designer<br />

of the dress in question – this<br />

feature is special and unique.<br />

There is a lot to be<br />

excited about. We have<br />

set up an exciting team<br />

of fashion influencers,<br />

designers, and stakeholders<br />

who would begin our<br />

<strong>Glamsquad</strong> Fashion Police<br />

segment from our July<br />

edition.<br />

Also, we will soon be<br />

announcing our new<br />

international partnership,<br />

which will put <strong>Glamsquad</strong><br />

at the top of the world –<br />

watch out!<br />

Let me allow you to enjoy<br />

this special edition. As<br />

usual, please send us your<br />

letters and comments, and<br />

we promise to feature five<br />

random letters in our next<br />

edition.<br />

Love,<br />

A .<br />

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Special Gift Ideas<br />

for Father’s Day<br />

(<strong>June</strong> 19)<br />

4<br />

Disclaimer:<br />

Please note that all photos used in this special<br />

digital edition of <strong>Glamsquad</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> were<br />

sourced freely online.<br />

<strong>Glamsquad</strong> maintains no rights over the<br />

images/photos, while we have tried to give<br />

appropriate credit where due, we are aware<br />

some artistes were not credited.<br />

We remain committed to supporting<br />

intellectual property and creativity.<br />

© <strong>2022</strong> Tegali Communications<br />

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Special Gift<br />

Ideas for Father’s<br />

Day (<strong>June</strong> 19th)<br />

By Chioma Esuibom<br />

Travel Mug<br />

Fit for long road trips or his work<br />

commute, help Dad keep his<br />

coffee or tea hot in a practical<br />

personalized tumbler that he can<br />

bring with him anywhere. Choose<br />

some cute photos of his favorite<br />

activity to remind him of good<br />

times during a boring commute or<br />

slow work meeting.<br />

Coming up with gift ideas<br />

for Father’s Day is never an<br />

easy task — what do you<br />

get the man who has everything<br />

and doesn’t even know what he<br />

wants?<br />

Whoever fulfills the father figure<br />

role in your life, they deserve only<br />

the best present you can find. Your<br />

ideal Father’s Day gift has to be<br />

fun yet practical; something that’ll<br />

put a smile on his face every time<br />

he uses it.<br />

Check out our compilation of<br />

special gift ideas for Father’s for<br />

more inspiration on what to give<br />

your dad this Father’s Day.<br />

Don’t hesitate to show your<br />

appreciation and love for dad<br />

with something truly special this<br />

<strong>June</strong>. Coming up with unique<br />

Father’s Day gifts for the most<br />

important man in your life doesn’t<br />

have to take you hours or cost you<br />

thousands — it can be as simple<br />

as checking out our list below.<br />

One-Of-A-Kind<br />

Hoodie<br />

Although it can be hard to buy<br />

clothes for people other than<br />

yourself, you can never go wrong<br />

with a hoodie. Personalize a<br />

hoodie with a fun photo of the<br />

family or a cool quote he loves.<br />

Custom Socks<br />

Help Dad stay warm with a fun and<br />

useful addition to his wardrobe.<br />

Choose between adding a small<br />

photo or just his initials, or even<br />

having a family photo showcased<br />

on the pair of custom socks to make<br />

this dad’s new favorite pair. He’ll think<br />

of you whenever he puts them on.<br />

Photo Bottle Opener<br />

Give your dad a practical gift<br />

that he’ll surely put to good use.<br />

Customize a photo bottle opener by<br />

monogramming it or featuring some<br />

photos of his loved ones on it to make it<br />

all the more special, and include it in a<br />

gift set with some of his bar favorites.<br />

4<br />



Father’s Day Photo Book<br />

Give your dad a classic Father’s<br />

Day gift in the form of a sweet<br />

photo book. Compile all the best<br />

photos from vacations, family<br />

gatherings, and holidays to<br />

remind your father of all the best<br />

memories you’ve made together.<br />

Adorable Photo Mug<br />

Whether he prefers tea or<br />

coffee, Dad will finally be<br />

able to enjoy his favorite<br />

drink in a custom photo<br />

mug made just for him.<br />

Compile a collage of<br />

memorable photos,<br />

write out his favorite<br />

quote, or stick one big<br />

family photo on a ceramic<br />

mug that’ll make him smile<br />

every morning.<br />

Custom Mouse Pad<br />

Remind your dad of his loving family<br />

while he’s at work with a custom<br />

mouse pad that’ll get him through<br />

even the toughest assignments. Write<br />

a fun quote like “Don’t work too hard”<br />

and include some cute photos to<br />

give Dad a little boost every time he<br />

sees it.<br />

One-Of-A-Kind<br />

Keychain<br />

Add a little charm to<br />

Dad’s keychain with a<br />

monogrammed or photo<br />

gallery custom keychain. Now,<br />

wherever he goes, he can<br />

always see the faces of his<br />

loved ones and be reminded<br />

of what’s waiting for him at<br />

home.<br />

Special Phone Case<br />

Whether he has a smartphone<br />

or he hasn’t upgraded his phone<br />

in years, Dad needs a phone<br />

case to keep his documents and<br />

photos safe. A custom phone<br />

case with a cute family photo will<br />

help save his phone and might<br />

remind him to call you a little<br />

more often.<br />

Monogrammed<br />

Business Card Holder<br />

Help your dad keep track<br />

of all his business cards<br />

and look extra snazzy<br />

when networking with a<br />

personalized business<br />

card holder. He’ll love<br />

something that helps<br />

him stay organized and<br />

makes him look extra<br />

professional around new<br />

work acquaintances.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 5



DRESS:<br />

The Celebrity, The Designer<br />

& The Controversy<br />

By Ameena Daayo<br />

The famous American fashion<br />

designer, Rachel Zoe once said,<br />

“you don’t have to be famous to live<br />

out – and own the red carpet.” The<br />

real essence of these words played to<br />

the gallery at the just concluded Africa<br />

Magic Viewer’s Choice Award (AMVCA)<br />

<strong>2022</strong>.<br />

Indeed, contrary to what many<br />

people thought, you do not have to be<br />

the most famous in the room to own the<br />

red carpet!<br />

At the AMVCA’s this year, there was<br />

a certain dress that got more attention<br />

than the event itself! Guess what! It wasn’t<br />

even worn by the most famous or sortafter<br />

celebrity in the room! Now, that’s the<br />

power of a fashion stylist who was born for<br />

the headlines.<br />

Coupled with a celebrity who isn’t<br />

scared to stir controversy, we had the<br />

biggest fashion controversy in Nigeria<br />

since Nigerian fashion designer, Maryam<br />

Elisha, who was dragged for giving out a<br />

bride’s wedding dress to actress Mercy<br />

Aigbe for her birthday photos in 2018.<br />

It’s true that not every red carpet dress<br />

is worth a second look, but there are<br />

often so many great outfits deserving of<br />

their own Wikipedia page. There are those<br />

that do linger in the cultural zeitgeist<br />

for decades, and stay long enough<br />

to influence trends and conversations<br />

across the fashion sphere. If there is a<br />

dress that stands out and is still making<br />

the headlines weeks after the event, then<br />

that designer deserves a crown!<br />

For <strong>2022</strong>’s highly anticipated return<br />

to the prestigious Eko Hotels and Suites,<br />

the Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Award<br />

(AMVCA) attendees were expected to<br />

dress to kill, following a grim, pandemicera<br />

ceremony last year.<br />

As anticipated, the stars didn’t<br />

disappoint - they dialed up the glamour.<br />

While Denola Grey stunned in a burgundy<br />

velvet beaded tuxedo by Mai Atafo,<br />

BisolaAiyeola makes a statement in a<br />

perfectly fitted Somo gown with tulle<br />

shoulders. Toke Makinwa dripped in a<br />

sexy outfit that perfectly blended royalty<br />

and sultry. BonangMatheba stepped out<br />

in a rose pink gown with sheer-feather,<br />

lined dramatic sleeves. The list is endless.<br />

But one dress would go on to become<br />

‘the dress’, and be talked about for weeks<br />

after the event. It was none other than<br />

the ‘skull-dress’ designed by controversial<br />

celebrity designer, ToyinLawani, and<br />

modeled by former Big Brother Naija<br />

housemate, IfuEnnada.<br />

6<br />



www.glamsquadmagazine.com 7


It is true what they say that it<br />

takes a colossal personality to<br />

bring some outfits to life. The irony<br />

of this outfit is that it is black and<br />

full of skulls – representing death!<br />

But it needed someone who<br />

is full of life and controversy to<br />

handle its drama. In Ifu Ennada,<br />

Toyin Lawani found the perfect<br />

muse – and she was right!<br />

Toyin Lawani herself was<br />

present at the AMVCA. She wore<br />

a dress which she said was ‘a<br />

dress from hell.’ It was a pitchblack<br />

dress with a bull’s horn<br />

fitted at the front. Although this<br />

was a lovely dress, a member of<br />

our <strong>Glamsquad</strong> Fashion Police<br />

team, however, pointed out that<br />

the dress failed to highlight Toyin’s<br />

great figure, which we all love<br />

and admire.<br />

After photos of Ifu Ennada<br />

in the skull dress hit the internet,<br />

it got millions of views and<br />

comments within the first hour.<br />

Basking in the attention she was<br />

getting, Ennada lived up to her<br />

controversial billing by making<br />

a post that her outfit cost one<br />

hundred thousand U.S. Dollars.<br />

8<br />



The post was greeted with<br />

huge criticism and a media<br />

backlash from critics who<br />

claimed that the dress did not<br />

worth that much.<br />

After much media backlash<br />

and perhaps a back-channel<br />

intervention from Toyin Lawani<br />

herself, Ifu Enada would finally<br />

spill the truth about her AMVCA<br />

skull dress.<br />

In a different post, she cleared<br />

the air, saying that the designer,<br />

Toyin Lawani, had created a<br />

dress worth more than one<br />

hundred thousand dollars, and<br />

she was honoured to model it.<br />

Her new post proves that she<br />

didn’t buy or own the dress, and<br />

that Toyin Lawani may have<br />

called her to order – perhaps not<br />

to overprice her outfits and scare<br />

potential clients. But whatever<br />

it is, the truth is that AMVCA<br />

dress would remain the topic of<br />

discussion for a long time.<br />

In your books, rate the<br />

AMVCA skull dress on a scale of<br />

1 to 10.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 9


Ennada<br />

lived up to her<br />

controversial billing<br />

by making a post that<br />

her outfit cost one<br />

hundred thousand<br />

U.S. Dollars.<br />

10<br />



www.glamsquadmagazine.com 11


20 Fashion<br />

Moments from<br />

AMVCA <strong>2022</strong><br />

Award Night<br />

This year’s AMVCA showered us<br />

with beautiful fashion moments<br />

to feed our eyes. Celebrities<br />

went to extra lengths to look<br />

glamorous for the award night.<br />

While many battled for the best<br />

dressed award, unfortunately, it<br />

can only go home to one person<br />

per gender.<br />

The African Magic Viewers Choice<br />

Awards shortened for AMVCA is<br />

an annual accolade organized<br />

by Multi Choice to recognize<br />

outstanding achievements in<br />

television and film. The 8 days<br />

event holds in Lagos with the<br />

award night rounding up the event<br />

on the final day. The Award night<br />

is one of the most anticipated<br />

fashion events which usually<br />

witness glamorous celebrities<br />

dressing and designers showing<br />

off their creativity.<br />

For this year’s award night,<br />

celebrities pulled up in style<br />

and a lot of them left us<br />

mesmerized. Nigerian Actress<br />

OsasIghodaro and Nigerian<br />

model Denola Grey took home<br />

the award for the best dressed<br />

celebrities in their respective<br />

genders.<br />

From Mercy Aigbe’s beautiful<br />

dress to Erica Nweledim serving<br />

us with royal looks at the event,<br />

we decided to bring you 20<br />

awesome fashion moments<br />

from the AMVCA <strong>2022</strong> Award<br />

night.<br />

1<br />

Osas Ighodaro<br />

Class, elegance, and beauty were some of the<br />

highlights of OsasIghodaro’s dress for the African<br />

Magic Viewers Choice Awards. Her silver and<br />

gold lace dress looked so gorgeous it bagged<br />

the best dressed female celebrity award. Her<br />

award-winning dress is designed by Nigerian<br />

designer<br />

12 www.glamsquadmagazine.com<br />

Veekee James.


Nini Singh<br />

Just when we<br />

thought the<br />

fashion moments<br />

were over, Nini<br />

appeared like<br />

Cinderella in a<br />

beautiful bold<br />

colored ball dress.<br />

She wore a kharvia<br />

woman collection<br />

and is styled by<br />

Swazzi. Nini was<br />

our princess for the<br />

night.<br />

3<br />

Female Celebrities<br />

4<br />

2<br />

Nonye Udeogu<br />

We cannot talk about the beautiful fashion<br />

moments from the AMVCA night without<br />

mentioning the ball gown worn by NonyeUdeogu.<br />

Popular for exploring creative looks, Nonye<br />

attended the event in an English gown. From her<br />

gloves to the styling of the ball gown, all we have<br />

to say is to commend how prepared she was for<br />

the event. Her ball gown is designed by Mofari, a<br />

clothing brand.<br />

Idia Aisen<br />

When Fashionistas<br />

grace a fashion<br />

event, they will always<br />

serve up more than<br />

beyond expectation.<br />

IdiaAisen left us<br />

amazed by her outfit<br />

to the AMVCA. She<br />

attended the event<br />

wearing a purple dress<br />

designed by one of<br />

the popular Nigerian<br />

designers Ceoluminee<br />

and styled by popular<br />

Nigerian stylist Swanky<br />

Jerry.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 13


Natacha<br />

Akide:<br />

Tacha has always<br />

been creative with her<br />

outfits and we aren’t<br />

disappointed by her<br />

outfit for the award.<br />

Matching the elegant<br />

theme of the fashion<br />

event, Tacha appeared<br />

in a dress designed<br />

by Nigerian fashion<br />

designer Xtrabrides<br />

and is styled by one of<br />

the most sought-after<br />

celebrity stylists Medlin<br />

Boss. Tacha’s outfit<br />

dazzles as she graced<br />

the AMVCA in style.<br />

5<br />

Female Celebrities<br />

FunkeAkindele<br />

Having been a regular AMVCA attendee, Nigerian<br />

actress FunkeAkindele took it upon herself to style<br />

her outfit for the event. FunkeAkindele attended the<br />

event wearing a green silk dress designed with slits.<br />

The result we got is pretty captivating.<br />

6<br />

14<br />



Carolyna<br />

Hutchings<br />

Nigerian Actress<br />

Carolyna Hutchings<br />

attended the<br />

award night<br />

wearing a custom<br />

dress designed<br />

by Magnetic<br />

elegance. Her<br />

outfit highlighted<br />

creativity and<br />

colorful fashion.<br />

From the color<br />

to the fabric, the<br />

Creativity, and<br />

vibes, she graced<br />

the award night in<br />

style.<br />

8<br />

7<br />

Bonang<br />

Matheba<br />

South African Multi-Award<br />

Winning Radio Host and<br />

the host of the event night<br />

BonangMatheba left us<br />

mesmerized with her outfit.<br />

Glitz and Glamour were a<br />

highlight of her gorgeous<br />

dress.<br />

Wearing a dress designed<br />

by SheyeOladejo and<br />

styled by Dahmola,<br />

Bonang turned heads<br />

on the red carpet. She<br />

has always been known<br />

for being a style icon<br />

and she delivered up to<br />

expectations.<br />

Bukunmi<br />

Oluwasina<br />

One of the interesting<br />

things about the<br />

award night is getting<br />

to see creative<br />

outfits and dressing.<br />

BukunmiOluwasina left<br />

us in glitters with her<br />

silver dress designed by<br />

Ceoluminee. Her outfit<br />

shows she understood<br />

the assignment well.<br />

9<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 15


10<br />

Ifu Ennada<br />

Ex BBNaija housemate<br />

IfuEnnada sparks loads of<br />

controversy with her outfit to<br />

the AMVCA. For the event,<br />

IfuEnnada rocked an Avant-<br />

Garde designed and styled<br />

by popular Fashion Goddess<br />

ToyinLawani. The black ball<br />

dress is designed with face<br />

masks and the cost of the<br />

dress was highly disputed<br />

by Nigerians. IfuEnnada had<br />

referred to the cost of her<br />

look to be 100k USD and<br />

a lot of Nigerians were in<br />

disagreement. She however<br />

clarified the amount to be the<br />

cost of her entire look.<br />

11<br />

12<br />

Rebecca<br />

Nengi<br />

Hampson<br />

Nengi attended the<br />

AMVCA wearing a dress<br />

designed by Xtrabrides<br />

and styled by Medlin<br />

Boss. Nengi’s rocked<br />

the latest fashion trends<br />

in style to the award<br />

night. Her sleeve style,<br />

fabric color, and quality<br />

highlighted the beauty<br />

of her outfit. Her outfit<br />

can be referred to as<br />

statement worthy.<br />

Erica Nweledim<br />

Reality Tv Star and actress Erica<br />

Nweledim arrived at the award<br />

show wearing a dress designed by<br />

Poland Designer PatrycjaKujawa.<br />

Her dress speaks so much of<br />

elegance and creativity. Erica’s<br />

dress set a new standard for the<br />

fashion event almost stealing all<br />

attention. From the styling of her<br />

dress to the cape, the butterflies,<br />

the make-up, and the hair, not only<br />

was her outfit captivating but the<br />

worth of the dress also got a lot of<br />

fans curious. Some fans called the<br />

dress “Met Gala worthy” and we<br />

couldn’t dispute that.<br />

16<br />



13<br />

14<br />

Iyabo Ojo<br />

Having been a highlight of<br />

the previously held AMVCA<br />

award night, IyaboOjo<br />

decided to change to a<br />

more colorful and comfy<br />

outfit. From previously<br />

wearing a black ball gown<br />

to appearing in a stunning<br />

pink dress this year, we are<br />

always looking forward to<br />

her appearance. Her dress<br />

for the event is designed<br />

by Erica Moore and her<br />

creative sleeve design<br />

left us amazed. IyaboOjo<br />

mixed trends with glam to<br />

give us a memory-lasting<br />

fashion moment.<br />

Chioma Akpotha<br />

Wearing a dress designed and styled by<br />

Becca Needle and stitches, ChiomaAkpotha<br />

attended the award night in a gorgeous dress.<br />

Her outfit proves that fashion does not have<br />

to be uncomfortable. Her dress is designed<br />

simple and yet she looks so stunning.<br />

15<br />

Mercy Aigbe<br />

Talking about one of the<br />

best fashion moments<br />

of the AMVCA <strong>2022</strong>,<br />

Mercy Aigbe served all<br />

categories. From her<br />

unique dress and color to<br />

spicing up her outfit with<br />

a feather headpiece,<br />

mercy Aigbe made<br />

the award might more<br />

interesting. The recently<br />

married actress arrived<br />

at the event wearing an<br />

Orange dress designed<br />

by Becca Needle and<br />

stitches and styled by<br />

Gabriel Anthony.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 17


16<br />

Tope Tedela<br />

Award-Winning actor<br />

Tope Tedela graced<br />

the AMVCA in style.<br />

Wearing a three<br />

pieces suit designed<br />

by TaryorGabriels,<br />

Tope Served glam,<br />

looks, vibes, and<br />

creativity with his outfit.<br />

The dazzling look of<br />

the blazer made it<br />

quite memorable.<br />

Male Celebrities<br />

Denola Grey<br />

We all know Denola Grey to be<br />

a fashion model but his outfit to<br />

the AMVCA was a little beyond<br />

expectation. Wearing a three-piece<br />

beaded suit designed by Mail<br />

Atafo, Denola Grey bagged the<br />

best dressed male celebrity award<br />

for the night.<br />

From his outfit to the cool vibes, and<br />

classy look, we cannot argue the<br />

fact that he deserved the award.<br />

His beaded suit set a standard for<br />

the AMVCA.<br />

17<br />

18<br />

Steve Chuks<br />

Nigerian actor Steve<br />

Chuks attended the<br />

Award night wearing<br />

a three-piece<br />

suit designed by<br />

EmiolaL’Afrique and<br />

styled by Ila bespoke.<br />

His three-piece suit was<br />

a highlight of the night<br />

serving us with cool and<br />

rich man vibes.<br />

18<br />



20<br />

19<br />

Etim Effiong<br />

When you have the<br />

honor to be one of the<br />

hosts for the night, it<br />

means you have to wear<br />

something remarkable.<br />

Well, EtimEffiong sure did<br />

a good job with his suit<br />

designed by Deji and<br />

Kola and styled by Swanky<br />

Jerry.<br />

Timini<br />

Nigerian actor Timini<br />

walked the red<br />

carpet in style and<br />

fans literally couldn’t<br />

stop drooling<br />

at the looks. His<br />

outfit designed by<br />

SevonDejana and<br />

styled by Swanky<br />

Jerry served both<br />

Vibes and class.<br />

We almost mistook<br />

him for a prince<br />

because he looked<br />

very charming.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 19


Glam Model<br />

The<br />

Queen<br />

Of<br />

Dark<br />

South Sudan’s<br />

Nyakim Gatwech<br />

20<br />




Nyakim Gatwech<br />

is an Ethiopian-born<br />

American model<br />

of South Sudanese<br />

descent. She has<br />

attracted attention for<br />

her dark skin color and<br />

has achieved significant<br />

popularity on Instagram.<br />

General Information<br />

Age: 29<br />

Birthday: 1993-01-27<br />

Birth Sign: Aquarius<br />

Physical Info<br />

Height: 185cm / 6.1ft<br />

Weight: 65kg / 143lbs<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 21


5<br />

Top Hollywood<br />

Entertainment<br />

News Round-Up<br />

By Glory Uyi<br />

Hollywood is never short<br />

of news, gossip, and<br />

controversies. But come<br />

to think of it, isn’t that what<br />

the media and entertainment<br />

world is all about?<br />

Below, we have provided the<br />

most recent updates on the<br />

Hollywood entertainment news<br />

making the rounds.<br />

Check them out, and don’t be<br />

left out!<br />

1<br />

Jennifer Lopez Spends Quality<br />

Time with Daughter Emme, 14,<br />

on Mother’s Day<br />

J.Lo had such a special Mother’s<br />

Day this year, enjoying a lunch in<br />

Malibu with her teenage daughter<br />

Emme and her sister Leslie Lopez.<br />

Jennifer Lopez, 52, spent time with<br />

her 14-year-old daughter Emme<br />

on Mother’s Day. The multi-talented<br />

star was spotted walking into Soho<br />

House in Malibu, California on<br />

Sunday, May 8 with her daughter<br />

and a friend.<br />

The trio was joined for the meal<br />

by J.Lo’s older sister, Leslie Lopez.<br />

For whatever reason, Emme’s<br />

twin brother Max, also 14, wasn’t<br />

on the lunch date, which meant<br />

J.Lo’s Mother’s Day was a girls-only<br />

celebration.<br />

22<br />



Kylie Jenner Gives Glimpse Of<br />

Newborn Son’s Hand In Video<br />

Honoring Mother’s Day<br />

In a Mother’s Day tribute video,<br />

Kylie Jenner snuggled up to her<br />

daughter, Stormi, while reflecting<br />

on pregnancy. She also shared<br />

another small glimpse of her<br />

son, who was born in February.<br />

Kylie Jenner was in her feels<br />

this Mother’s Day. Even one<br />

day after the holiday, she took<br />

to Instagram to share some<br />

video clips that represented her<br />

journey as a mom. Most of the<br />

footage is from when Kylie is<br />

pregnant, with her baby bump<br />

on full display.<br />

She poses for photos during<br />

various photo shoots, and even<br />

lifts daughter, Stormi Webster, in<br />

her arms for some of the shots.<br />

At the end, there’s a quick clip<br />

of the beauty mogul holding<br />

onto her tiny, newborn son’s<br />

hand, as well.<br />

2<br />

The Death of Kailia Posey and the<br />

Heartbreaking Side of Young Fame<br />

3<br />

Toddlers and Tiaras<br />

star Kailia Posey’s<br />

death by suicide at<br />

only 16 years old is a sad<br />

reminder that outward success<br />

is no assurance that everything’s fine on the<br />

inside.<br />

Celebrities opening up about their mental<br />

health struggles has undoubtedly been<br />

one of the more positive developments<br />

in our public discourse in recent years, the<br />

reassurance that a person isn’t alone at any<br />

given moment sometimes making all the<br />

difference.<br />

Yet still too often, those who’ve spent<br />

time in the spotlight have also ended up<br />

becoming reminders that, no matter the<br />

resources at hand or how big and loving<br />

the support system, a person’s pain can be<br />

unknowable until it’s too late.<br />

The family of former Toddlers and Tiaras<br />

star Kailia Posey were left reeling after<br />

the 16-year-old died by suicide on May<br />

2, sharing in a statement two days later,<br />

“Although she was an accomplished<br />

teenager with a bright future ahead of her,<br />

unfortunately in one impetuous moment,<br />

she made the rash decision to end her<br />

earthly life.”<br />

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Pregnant Rihanna Rocks Tiny Mini<br />

Skirt & Crop Top For Mother’s Day<br />

Outing With A$AP Rocky<br />

Even though she’s not a mom<br />

just yet, Rihanna still celebrated<br />

Mother’s Day with a romantic<br />

dinner in Santa Monica with dadto-be<br />

A$AP Rocky.<br />

Santa Monica, CA - Parents-to-be<br />

Rihanna and ASAP Rocky take<br />

advantage of their last moments<br />

before their child is born as they<br />

step out for a dinner at Giorgio<br />

Baldi in Santa Monica. The two are<br />

seen arriving for their baby shower<br />

dinner with friends and family.<br />

Ahead of the arrival of her first<br />

child, Rihanna enjoyed a Mother’s<br />

Day dinner with her boyfriend<br />

A$AP Rocky on Sunday, May 8.<br />

The power couple were pictured<br />

walking into Giorgio Baldi in Santa<br />

Monica, Calif., and like always, RiRi,<br />

34, was glowing.<br />

How Johnny Depp Feels 4 Weeks into<br />

Amber Heard Trial after Support From<br />

Fans & His Famous Exes<br />

Johnny Depp, 58, is feeling<br />

the love from his fans amid his<br />

$50 million defamation lawsuit<br />

against ex-wife Amber Heard,<br />

36, who wrote an op-ed piece<br />

in The Washington Post in 2019<br />

that claimed she was a victim of<br />

domestic violence.<br />

A source close to Johnny told the<br />

media that he is “feeling their love<br />

now almost everywhere that he<br />

goes.”<br />

As the trial, which started on April<br />

11 in a Virginia courthouse, enters<br />

week five, the insider added,<br />

“Johnny is extremely grateful for<br />

his fans being so vocal on social<br />

media and in-person throughout<br />

this entire case. It has given him a<br />

renewed energy to keep fighting<br />

for what he feels is right.”<br />

24<br />



<strong>Glamsquad</strong><br />

Exclusive<br />

Enter In The Legend -<br />

Alain<br />

Zirah<br />

GLAMSQUAD : Alain Zirah, you<br />

are known as an French artist,<br />

photographer and writer. Did you<br />

always live in that universe of<br />

creations and Arts?<br />

Alain Zirah: Not totally yes. I began<br />

my career in real estate and business<br />

for more than twenty years before I took<br />

the plunge in 2005, choosing to devote<br />

my life fully to Art and Culture. In fact, I<br />

have been writing and drawing for as<br />

long as I can remember. In high school,<br />

I wrote fantasy and science fiction<br />

stories and draw comics.Then, my very<br />

atypical formation led me to the Fine<br />

Arts School of Marseilles, in 1981, where<br />

I learned the various techniques of<br />

drawing. We had live models to study<br />

the nude. It is also at that time I began<br />

to practice photography in studio with<br />

Sud Images. We had 200 models that<br />

we were 20 photographers to shoot<br />

them. With a first collective exhibition in<br />

1983.Flowers of Men Evil.At the same<br />

time, my father was a real estate<br />

developer and he introduced me in the<br />

exciting world of business.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 25


GLAMSQUAD: What were<br />

the important moments which<br />

marked your education?<br />

Alain Zirah: In 1973, I took<br />

part in a month-long school trip<br />

between England and Scotland<br />

: The Franco-Scottish Encounter.<br />

For the 15years old teenager I<br />

was, it was a great opportunity<br />

to discover the world, to speak<br />

English… and to have my first<br />

love stories. With several boys,<br />

we lined up to have our farewell<br />

kisstoo, with the beautiful sports<br />

teacher on the last day. With<br />

my friends, we discovered the<br />

Rock and Pop music, the Rolling<br />

Stones, Lou Reed, Andy Warhol,<br />

Roxy Music and I watched David<br />

Bowie at Top of the Pop. I went<br />

back to Scotland the following<br />

year with my little brother Patrick.<br />

He was shocked to see me kissing<br />

a young English girl, Mahry. Four<br />

years later,my art teacher,Alain<br />

Hontanx, appreciated my<br />

drawings of women and the<br />

comics I submitted to him. He<br />

corrected and gave me tips for<br />

improving perspectives.<br />

In 1977, our teacher, Ferdinand<br />

Lallemand, introduced himself<br />

by explaining that before being our<br />

professor of philosophy, he was an<br />

adventurer who went in search of<br />

Atlantis with Commander Cousteau<br />

and a writer. After reading my<br />

essay on the subject “Is it better to<br />

know everything about nothing or<br />

nothing about everything?”,told to<br />

me in front of the students: “Alain<br />

Zirah, you are the spiritual son of<br />

Nietzsche”. So, I have been the<br />

Saturday in a bookshop buying the<br />

books So spoke Zaratustra and By<br />

the Good and Evil. I was so surprised<br />

to recognize my own universe in<br />

these books written quite a century<br />

before. Twenty years later, in 1997, I<br />

dedicated my book ROCK FICTIONS<br />

to Ferdinand Lallemand and<br />

devoted a program 20/20 CULTURE<br />

to him, in 2020.<br />

GLAMSQUAD:That’s incredible.<br />

This shows how important<br />

education is and how essential is<br />

the role of teachers for teenagers<br />

to open them to curiosity. You are<br />

now a complete artist and your<br />

writing is especially dedicated to<br />

women. How do you know usso<br />

well? It’s a kind of fascination for<br />

all kind of women?<br />

Alain Zirah: My father was very<br />

busy and often away. I was raised<br />

by women. There were often four<br />

women in the house. I watched<br />

and listened to them. My aunt often<br />

spoke with my mother, grandmother<br />

and cousin in a language that I<br />

couldn’t understand. They were<br />

mysterious and fascinating. Women<br />

have always been the source of<br />

my inspiration, my driving force,<br />

my energy. I have published six<br />

books, to date, with a form of writing<br />

specifically for women, from God<br />

created Women at Her Image<br />

to my latest book is Forbidden<br />

to Men.(Éditions Thierry Sajat).My<br />

unpublished texts from 1976 to 2016<br />

were collected in the book ROCK<br />

FICTIONS (Society of writers). When I<br />

am asked, during book signings, how<br />

long it takes to write a book, I explain<br />

that it goes from 3 months (Glitter &<br />

Glam) to 40 years.<br />

Women have always been at<br />

the center of my texts, illustrations<br />

and photos. I like the paradox.<br />

I appreciate femininity, fragility<br />

and power of the women. With<br />

photography, I am very directive, but<br />

more contemplative with writing. The<br />

sentences come out by themselves,<br />

without erasures. I like the Girl Power<br />

and introduce it in all my kind of art.<br />

26<br />



GLAMSQUAD: You are now<br />

a complete artist and also a<br />

recognize painter with a very<br />

colorful and innovative abstract<br />

universe and who received an<br />

Awards as 2020 Best Artist. ?<br />

Alain Zirah: In 2015, I received<br />

from Los Angeles a Who’s<br />

Who Worldwide Awards. It was<br />

complemented in 2020 by two<br />

World Of Winners Awards including<br />

that famous Best Artist presented<br />

to me by the artist and business<br />

woman Rachanaa Jain from<br />

London. I amveryhonored andvery<br />

grateful to this team that organizes<br />

the WOW Pageant every year. My<br />

activities have always brought me in<br />

contact with personalities from the<br />

film, music and fashion industries.<br />

I had the chance to be on stage<br />

two meters away from David Bowie<br />

and was very lucky to meet Elton<br />

John several times. He proposed<br />

me to reduce my name to two<br />

letters: AZ. “All Americans are able to<br />

remember two letters he told me. AZ<br />

it’s easy. Since then, I completed my<br />

education at the Fine Arts School of<br />

Marseilles with a training in New York,<br />

in 1998. I express myself by making<br />

the colors vibrate between them.<br />

This allows everyone to discover<br />

their own emotions in my abstract<br />

expressionist paintings. And since<br />

the lockdown of 2020, I animate my<br />

works. I make hypnotic painting. I<br />

listened to Elton John and I sign my<br />

works AZ for the Anglo-Saxons and<br />

Azed for the French-speaker<br />

GLAMSQUAD:What projects are<br />

you working on?<br />

Alain Zirah: The principle of Total<br />

Art is to create universes from words,<br />

illustrations, photos and colors to<br />

tell feelings, emotions, bring new<br />

sensations. It’s quite paradoxical,<br />

but I love solitude, being alone with<br />

a text to write or a painting to make,<br />

which will lead me in a direction<br />

that I am totally unaware of at the<br />

beginning, and I also love every<br />

time I can gather a whole team of<br />

actors and technicians to shoot a<br />

film, like for my film Forbidden Visions<br />

co-directed with Anne Gomis. Finally,<br />

the stories I used to tell, in the form<br />

of comics or short stories I wrote on<br />

cards at the beach, gave way to<br />

the production of films. Some of<br />

them can be found on my YouTube<br />

channel<br />

https://www.youtube.com/c/<br />

AlainZirah/videos<br />

Finally, the stories I was telling,<br />

in the form of comics or short<br />

stories, gave way to films. Writing,<br />

directing and producing films<br />

allow me to escape from an<br />

often anxiety-provoking world to<br />

create surrealistic universes. The<br />

Kat Ladies are women who don’t<br />

let themselves be pushed around.<br />

But I also go back to the basics<br />

with a comic book with a spirit<br />

between manga and comics.<br />

The Kat Ladizare teenagers<br />

who have decided to become<br />

superheroines, masterfully drawn<br />

by Lionel Demai. It takes place<br />

in the future between Cannes<br />

and Marseille. For the moment.<br />

I’m also finishing a book about<br />

Rock music. A non-chronological<br />

essay, in which I tell the influence<br />

of music on specific moments of<br />

our lives. How Rockstars became<br />

legends. We’ll talk about it soon.<br />

More information about Alain<br />

Zirah can be found on his website<br />

at :https://www.alainzirah.com<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 27


Meet Erin<br />

Jackson:<br />

The Black American Athlete Who<br />

Touched Hearts at the Winter<br />

Olympics <strong>2022</strong><br />

By Ameena Daayo<br />

The <strong>2022</strong> Winter<br />

Olympics, which was<br />

officially termed the XXIV<br />

Olympic Winter Games,<br />

was the <strong>2022</strong> edition of the<br />

international winter multi-sport<br />

event held in China.<br />

This year, the event took<br />

place between 4 and 20<br />

February <strong>2022</strong> in Beijing,<br />

China. Some of the events<br />

which required outdoor facilities<br />

were also held in surrounding<br />

areas.<br />

A total of 91 nations<br />

took part in the <strong>2022</strong> Winter<br />

Olympics, which was held at<br />

the National Stadium in Beijing,<br />

China, under the theme –<br />

Together for a Shared Future.<br />

Due to the COVID 19<br />

pandemic, athletes, coaches,<br />

staff, and journalists were<br />

required to stay in enclosed<br />

cubicles – separate from the<br />

few spectators at the games.<br />

The athletes performed before<br />

live cameras and a handful of<br />

spectators.<br />

This year’s edition witnessed<br />

a lot of highlights, but notable<br />

among them was the story of<br />

Erin Jackson. The American<br />

28<br />



athlete won a gold medal<br />

despite almost missing the<br />

games.<br />

Erin Jackson of Team USA<br />

skates to victory to win the gold<br />

medal during the women’s<br />

500-meter on Feb. 13. She<br />

became the first Black woman<br />

to medal in speedskating at a<br />

Winter Olympics.<br />

American Erin Jackson<br />

won gold in the women’s<br />

500-meter speedskating<br />

competition — becoming the<br />

first Black woman to medal<br />

in speedskating at a Winter<br />

Olympics.<br />

The last time an American<br />

woman took the top spot in<br />

this event was in 1994. The<br />

whole feat was made even<br />

more incredible given that<br />

Jackson almost missed<br />

out on the chance to<br />

compete in Beijing<br />

entirely.<br />

Jackson was<br />

top-ranked in<br />

the 500-meter<br />

speedskating event<br />

leading up to the<br />

qualifying trials. But<br />

a shocking stumble<br />

in her race at the U.S. trials<br />

pushed her to third place,<br />

thereby disqualifying her from<br />

a spot in the Winter Games.<br />

That’s when her teammate<br />

and friend Brittany Bowe gave<br />

up her spot in the 500-meter<br />

race so Jackson could<br />

compete in Beijing.<br />

“This medal means so<br />

much,” Jackson said after<br />

she won gold. “It has been a<br />

tough couple of years and a<br />

tough beginning for this year.<br />

For this to come around like<br />

this, I am so happy.”<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 29


Women, We Are<br />

Beautiful, and<br />

Stronger – Together<br />

Word By Anonymous Guest Contributor<br />

Dear strong woman,<br />

see the pain behind your smile.<br />

I know the tears you cry every<br />

night in the comfort of your bed.<br />

I know how difficult it is to get<br />

up in the morning and hide it all<br />

behind a smile. I know what goes<br />

on in this beautiful mind of yours.<br />

There are people who need you<br />

and you can’t let them down. I<br />

see you putting yourself at the<br />

end of the line because you<br />

don’t want people to hurt like you<br />

do. I see you fighting your own<br />

demons to be there for them.<br />

Being strong isn’t really a choice,<br />

is it? You become it because of<br />

circumstances.<br />

You have endured unspeakable<br />

pain and despite your scars, you<br />

surpass every obstacle. You rise<br />

with strength and power that<br />

radiates off of you with brilliance.<br />

Each foot you place on the<br />

ground is with purpose and<br />

intention. When your feet lift off the<br />

ground you dance with every part<br />

of your soul. With every spin and<br />

every jump you feel invincible.<br />

There is nothing you can’t do.<br />

Sometimes being strong is the<br />

only choice you have, and the<br />

world thanks you for making this<br />

choice. Because you’re strong,<br />

the world is changing for the<br />

30<br />



better.<br />

With every breath, fire escapes<br />

your mouth and ignites the<br />

ears of those around you. Your<br />

words are powerful and honest.<br />

You radiate with light and you<br />

influence every person you meet.<br />

You are unwavering in your beliefs<br />

and you are mature enough to<br />

respect others’ opinions. Loud or<br />

soft, your voice is a sound wave<br />

that never fluctuates.<br />

People are drawn to you with a<br />

force stronger than gravity. You<br />

are loved, feared, liked, and even<br />

hated, but your head remains<br />

high and your shoulders strong.<br />

People would love to see you<br />

fall. You ignore these people and<br />

focus on the ones who are there<br />

for you when you hold the power<br />

of the world within your clutch.<br />

Most importantly, you are okay<br />

with yourself. Being alone does not<br />

mean you’re lonely. You indulge<br />

in time that you have to be with<br />

yourself. You do not need a man<br />

or woman by your side to feel<br />

complete. You love who you are.<br />

You own it. Finding a significant<br />

other who respects your power<br />

and is not threatened by your<br />

strength is rare, and that’s okay<br />

with you. You know that whether<br />

or not you find this person you will<br />

be fine because you have your<br />

strength to fall back on.<br />

You don’t show your pain because<br />

you heard that to be vulnerable is<br />

to be weak, that crying is a flaw,<br />

and that you need to get back up<br />

as soon as you fall. Yet you don’t.<br />

I’m here to tell you that it’s okay if<br />

you can’t. It’s okay. It takes time to<br />

unlearn these things — you were<br />

trained to be someone you aren’t.<br />

Hear me out. Strength isn’t about<br />

being able to hold in your tears<br />

when you feel sad. Strength isn’t<br />

about keeping your feelings inside<br />

when they’re too intense.Strength<br />

isn’t about pretending that<br />

everything is okay when your soul<br />

is hurting. Strength is the opposite.<br />

Strength is allowing yourself to feel<br />

whatever it is that you need to feel<br />

in the moment.<br />

Strength is feeling deep when<br />

the world expects you to hide<br />

your sensitivity. Strength is finding<br />

the courage to speak up in a<br />

world that has been cruel to you.<br />

Strength is letting people in, no<br />

matter how many times you’ve<br />

been hurt before. Strength is being<br />

able to say, “I’m not okay right<br />

now. I need you.”<br />

Never feel ashamed of the power<br />

and strength that you embody.<br />

Strut down every sidewalk and<br />

smile at every person who glares<br />

towards your direction. You are<br />

more than the judgments society<br />

creates about you. You believe in<br />

controversial topics like feminism<br />

and you are not afraid to speak<br />

your mind. You are brilliant and<br />

unstoppable.<br />

Just remember, it’s okay to need<br />

someone. It’s okay to need a<br />

shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen<br />

to you, a hand to hold. We all<br />

need someone to remind us that<br />

we’re not invincible — that we are<br />

not alone.<br />

Stay strong. Stay true to you.<br />

Change the world.Women, We<br />

Are Beautiful, and Stronger –<br />

Together<br />

Love,<br />

A strong woman with a message<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 31


The Best Looks<br />

from London<br />

Fashion Week<br />

Fall <strong>2022</strong><br />

Words by - Amenna Daayo<br />

London Fashion Week is a<br />

prestigious fashion and clothing<br />

trade show that takes place in<br />

London twice every year, in the<br />

months of February and September.<br />

The show showcases over 250<br />

designers to a global audience of<br />

collectors, media agencies, retailers,<br />

and the general public.<br />

Fashion and lifestyle experts rank it as<br />

one of the ’Big Four’ fashion weeks in<br />

the world today, putting it in the same<br />

class as the New York Fashion Week,<br />

Milan Fashion Week, and Paris Fashion<br />

Week.<br />

The London Fashion Week, February<br />

<strong>2022</strong> edition took place from 18 Feb<br />

<strong>2022</strong> to 22 Feb <strong>2022</strong>, and it was all we<br />

expected and more! Indeed, London<br />

is making its mark on the global<br />

fashion stage.<br />

This season, industry darling<br />

Harris Reed kicked things off<br />

with a presentation featuring<br />

a live performance from Sam<br />

Smith. Conner Ives presented<br />

his second-ever collection with<br />

supermodel Jourdan Dunn in<br />

the front row.<br />

Meanwhile, Irina Shayk, fresh<br />

off the Michael Kors runway in<br />

New York, hopped the pond to<br />

close out Matty Bovan’s show.<br />

From Molly Goddard’s tulle<br />

visions to Simone Rocha’s<br />

idiosyncratic designs, see all<br />

the standout looks from the<br />

fashion showcase below.<br />

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The Style<br />

Evolution Of<br />

Queen<br />

Elizabeth,<br />

& Her Regal Rainbow<br />

Fashion Statements<br />

Words by - Amenna Daayo<br />

As the world is set to<br />

stand still – again, for<br />

one of the most iconic<br />

moments in history<br />

to celebrate the 96th birthday<br />

and platinum Jubilee of Queen<br />

Elizabeth, there are many things<br />

to look forward to.<br />

Over the years, the Queen<br />

has become a symbol of royalty,<br />

peace, happiness, unity – and<br />

fashion! The Queen of the<br />

Rainbow – as the <strong>Glamsquad</strong><br />

fashion team often refers to her,<br />

is indeed a beauty and fashion<br />

icon - among many things.<br />

Her style evolution over the<br />

years is worthy of note – and is<br />

nothing short of impressive.<br />

Whenever the Queen steps<br />

out, jaws drop at her beautiful<br />

dresses, fabulous hats, and<br />

minimalist jewelry. Not to forget<br />

her lovely smile and signature<br />

wave - which is bound to melt<br />

every heart.<br />

As we prepare to celebrate<br />

the Queen’s official birthday on<br />

<strong>June</strong> 11, what better time than<br />

now to take a retrospective look<br />

at her most memorable and<br />

colourful fashion moments over<br />

the years.<br />

Despite sticking to her<br />

signature fashion uniform of a<br />

coat dress, with a matching hat,<br />

hand gloves, and accessories,<br />

the Queen has never failed to<br />

impress.<br />

One way she has impressively<br />

kept her signature look fresh and<br />

new, is her uniqueness and<br />

creativity with the colours of<br />

the rainbow. See why we<br />

call her the Queen of the<br />

Rainbow?<br />

48<br />


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With the Queen, there is never<br />

a dull look! She is always a breath<br />

of fresh air – of hope. The Queen<br />

says so much with her outfits,<br />

and no matter the dignitaries<br />

and flamboyance in a room, the<br />

Queen always stands out.<br />

As a young princess who<br />

came into prominence during<br />

World War II, the Queen’s fashion<br />

style has always reflected the<br />

state of the nation.<br />

An early example that comes<br />

to mind is her wedding gown<br />

which Norman Hartnell designed.<br />

It was designed using Duchesse<br />

satin purchased with ration<br />

vouchers.<br />

Many decades after, she<br />

has continued to use her<br />

fashion as a symbolic means<br />

of communication with an<br />

underlying meaning. It is beautiful<br />

how she is able to fuse history,<br />

communication, and fashion<br />

relevance into one simple outfit.<br />

The Queen’s wardrobe is<br />

packed full of historical fashion<br />

statements that document her<br />

seven decades on the throne<br />

as the world’s most powerful<br />

individual.<br />

Her Majesty’s love of bold<br />

colours – not to mention her<br />

statement millinery – ensures one<br />

of the world’s most influential and<br />

recognizable women always<br />

stands out in a crowd.<br />

The Queen’s style revolution is<br />

50<br />


spot on – from her early choice<br />

of court dressers by Norman<br />

Hartnell and Hardy Amies, to her<br />

more modern choices. She has<br />

trusted her senior dresser – and<br />

close confidante – Angela Kelly,<br />

to advise on her outfits.<br />

Needless to say that Angela<br />

Kelly has never disappointed.<br />

Who can forget in a hurry that<br />

Lime-green ensemble the Queen<br />

sported for Prince Harry and<br />

Meghan Markle’s wedding in<br />

2018?<br />

Despite all the attention on<br />

Meghan’s dress and fashion<br />

flamboyance of international<br />

dignitaries, many fashion critics<br />

still named the Queen as the best<br />

dressed at the event.<br />

We can go on and on, and<br />

we can assure you that the<br />

Queen of the Rainbow has never<br />

had a bad outfit!<br />

Below, to celebrate the<br />

Queen’s birthday, we have<br />

shared our best style moments<br />

served by her Majesty over the<br />

years. The team had a hard time<br />

selecting these photos from the<br />

large pile; enjoy them – just as we<br />

have!<br />

Happy birthday and<br />

many more years,<br />

may you reign,<br />

our Queen of the<br />

Rainbow!<br />

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HEALTH<br />

5<br />

Small &<br />

Medium Scale<br />

Business Ideas<br />

for Women<br />

By Candice Helfand-Rogers<br />

Online Retail/<br />

Wholesale<br />

The power of technology meets the<br />

desire to sell a physical product.<br />

We’ve spoken with women who<br />

run websites selling bras, high-end<br />

watches, eco-friendly clothing,<br />

baby supplies for parents of multiple<br />

children, and much more.<br />

And many of them are thriving<br />

doing so — especially in the case<br />

of immigrant entrepreneur Anna<br />

Metselitsa, a chance to thrive in<br />

a new country. She launched her<br />

online boutique, Haute Rogue, not<br />

long after arriving in the United States<br />

with just $300 in her pocket.<br />

Today, she sells thousands of<br />

garments each month.<br />

Thinking of starting up? Check out our shortlist of business<br />

ideas for inspiration.<br />

Women business owners are on the rise. That’s according<br />

to the 2018 State of Women-Owned Businesses report, which<br />

finds that female entrepreneurship has increased by an<br />

impressive 3,000 percent since 1972. And between 2017 and<br />

2018, women started an average ofof 1,821 new ventures per<br />

day.<br />

What kind of businesses are all of these women starting?<br />

According to our own research effort, 1,000 Stories, personal and<br />

professional services — think dog walking, law and beauty — are<br />

frequent choices, as is selling goods online.<br />

There are ample reasons to start up — seeking work/life<br />

balance or financial stability, or wanting to be your own boss<br />

— and milestones to work toward, like expanding from a homebased<br />

business to having a brick-and-mortar location.<br />

Whatever your reasons or goals, here are some industries you<br />

can look to launch in.<br />

Life<br />

Coaching<br />

Are you the person people<br />

turn to for advice? Why not<br />

turn that clarity of thought<br />

and ability to guide others<br />

into a business?<br />

Plenty of women have.<br />

Whether you’re best suited<br />

to counsel clients on their<br />

careers, health, businesses<br />

or mental well-being, there<br />

are opportunities to start<br />

and grow a venture based<br />

on your talents.<br />

52<br />


HEALTH<br />

Cooking, Catering and<br />

Restaurant Management<br />

Like tech, the food industry can be tough for women to<br />

navigate — just ask chefs Jody Adams and Ana Sortun.<br />

They run successful Boston-area eateries, but had to rise up<br />

through sexist work atmospheres. But if you have a knack for<br />

cooking, or baking, you can turn that idea into a profitable<br />

venture.<br />

Just turn your best pound cake, health food, quiche or truffle<br />

recipe — or whatever else you can whip up — into a product<br />

to sell. (You can also turn your love of food into an app, if that’s<br />

more your speed.)<br />

Beauty and Skincare<br />

This is a booming industry, with lots of ways to<br />

break in. Whether you start an app like Melody<br />

McClosky of salon-booking app StyleSeat, craft<br />

skincare product like Daisy Jing of Banish and<br />

FunlayoAlabi of Shea Radiance, sell perfumes<br />

like Carina Chaz of DedCool, or do hair and<br />

makeup for special events like Takia Ross of<br />

Accessmatized, you can find a lovely future for<br />

yourself in this sector.<br />

Agriculture and Farming<br />

For nature lovers, this could be the perfect startup area.<br />

Kristy Allen certainly made it work. Her business,<br />

The BeezKneez, sells freshly made honey and teaches<br />

paid beekeeping classes to Minneapolis residents, and<br />

makes hundreds of thousands of dollars every year doing<br />

so.<br />

The Piggery’s Heather Sandford is also thriving — her<br />

humane pig farm makes millions every year selling<br />

bacon, sausage and other pork products<br />

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HEALTH<br />

Health & Wellness<br />

10 Tips for Every<br />

Woman<br />

Credit: Dr. Priyanka Marakini (BNYS), Alpa Momaya<br />

(B.Sc., PGD, RNC), Swati Shukla(PhD)<br />

Build a support circle<br />

Several research studies show that social circles of<br />

friends and family increase your likelihood of surviving<br />

health problems, increase your level of happiness and<br />

even help you live longer. The best way to build a support<br />

circle is to be a part of someone else’s support circle.<br />

That way you can be there for each other. You can also<br />

build a support circle by volunteering. This way you get to<br />

meet new people and also make new friends. Helping can<br />

mean as simple as picking up a friend’s child from school<br />

or even visiting your elderly neighbor for coffee.<br />

Balancing the demands of<br />

career, family, significant<br />

other, and sometimes<br />

even coping with societal<br />

pressures to look good or<br />

conduct oneself in a certain<br />

way can be quite draining for<br />

women. As she passes through<br />

several milestones in her life, it<br />

is necessary that every woman<br />

out there makes sure to put her<br />

health above everything else.<br />

Although ‘taking care of yourself’<br />

doesn’t rank #1 in the priority list<br />

of most women out there, this<br />

year ‘It’s Time for You’ to take<br />

care of your health, your fitness,<br />

and prioritize yourself among<br />

other things. After all, all the<br />

people who do depend on you<br />

can only do so, if you are at the<br />

top of the pyramid in terms of<br />

health and wellness.<br />

To help women in their quest to<br />

take better care of themselves,<br />

we have compiled 10 health and<br />

fitness tips that will come use to<br />

women from all walks of life.<br />

These tips are based on<br />

information gathered from<br />

several sources and personal<br />

experiences. So, no matter<br />

what your age or overall health<br />

status is, these tips will help you<br />

increase your chances of better<br />

health and fitness all through<br />

your life.<br />

54<br />


HEALTH<br />

Exercise<br />

Did you know heart disease<br />

is the leading cause of death<br />

among women? However, this<br />

disease can be kept at bay with<br />

exercise. Women must make<br />

sure to get at least 30 minutes of<br />

exercise every single day to keep<br />

the heart functioning properly.<br />

Aerobic exercise which includes<br />

walking, jogging, bicycling and<br />

dancing are good for women’s<br />

health. In fact, any form of<br />

physical exercise, even the usual<br />

running around to the grocery<br />

store is better than nothing.<br />

Ultimately, it’s all<br />

about you!<br />

One of the best health and<br />

fitness tips for women is to<br />

make time for “just you”. A<br />

happy and healthy woman<br />

is way more driven than a<br />

stressed-out one. The time<br />

you take out for yourself<br />

should be filled with what<br />

you want and the things you<br />

want to do, and you get to<br />

decide and dictate. A daily<br />

dose of just 10 minutes for<br />

yourself is one of the many<br />

healthy habits you can do<br />

every day that will keep you<br />

feeling you’re very best.<br />

Ladies, it’s called<br />

the most important<br />

meal of the day<br />

for a reason<br />

We, women, love reading up<br />

on health and fitness tips, but<br />

always feel we do not have<br />

the time to honor them. Well,<br />

it’s time we change that.<br />

Having breakfast not only<br />

provides you energy for the<br />

rest of the day but also kick<br />

starts your metabolism. So, it is<br />

very essential you keep aside<br />

15 minutes in the morning to<br />

make something healthy and<br />

set yourself up for a productive<br />

rest of the day.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 55

HEALTH<br />

Regular checkups<br />

This is one point that we cannot<br />

emphasize enough on! Health<br />

screenings are an important<br />

way to help recognize problems<br />

in the body – sometimes even<br />

before you show any signs or<br />

symptoms. Even if you feel well,<br />

early health checkups and<br />

screening tests can not only spot<br />

signs of serious diseases and<br />

conditions but also have a better<br />

chance of successfully curing or<br />

effectively treating them. Thus, we<br />

recommend that you schedule a<br />

checkup every year with a primary<br />

care doctor to stay on the safer<br />

side of things.<br />

Two most important<br />

minerals every woman<br />

needs<br />

Apart from calcium, Zinc and Magnesium<br />

are two other minerals that are most needed<br />

by women’s bodies. Consume Zinc, because<br />

a deficiency in this mineral impairs the<br />

immune system, which results in thinning of<br />

hair and acne. Magnesium, on the other<br />

hand, is most essential as it helps with sleep,<br />

bone health, and may also help in relieving<br />

premenstrual symptoms, anxiety, and<br />

migraines.<br />

Keep calm and hydrate<br />

This tip may seem basic, but it is one of the most crucial steps to a<br />

healthy life. Staying hydrated leads to healthy physical and mental<br />

functioning. Drinking lots of water during the day is also key to keeping<br />

yourself fit from the inside out. To avoid dehydration, it is best to carry a<br />

water bottle as a reminder. Hydrating yourself is also crucial to weight loss<br />

or maintenance because it not only reduces the feeling of hunger but<br />

also helps you eat less during meal times.<br />

Sleep solves<br />

everything<br />

Sleep is one of the best things<br />

women can get with all the busy<br />

schedules, cooking, and running<br />

around they do. For a productive<br />

day at home, or at work, or even<br />

at the gym, it is imperative that<br />

you get a good night’s sleep.<br />

Insufficient sleep not only brings<br />

down your productivity but also<br />

affects the mental and physical<br />

state of your body and overall<br />

well being. While 8 hours can be<br />

a luxury, a minimum of 6-7 hours<br />

is vital. So, do make sure to clock<br />

in those hours.<br />

56<br />


HEALTH<br />

Eat well, live well, be well<br />

As women, many of us are prone to<br />

neglecting our own dietary needs. You may feel<br />

you need to put your family’s needs first or you<br />

are too busy to adhere to a set diet. However,<br />

you must ensure that you get all the nutrients<br />

you need from the foods you eat. You want to<br />

eat as close to a natural food diet as possible.<br />

That means a variety of fresh vegetables,<br />

fruits, whole grains, meat, fish, poultry, low-fat<br />

dairy products, and lots of nuts. Among other<br />

things, women, in general, need lots of calcium<br />

to build healthy bones and teeth to keep them<br />

strong as you age. Good sources of calcium<br />

include dairy products, grains, leafy green<br />

vegetables, tofu, and cabbage.<br />

Maintain a healthy weight<br />

Weight loss is a subject that runs in the minds of<br />

most women. Although quite distressing, reaching and<br />

maintaining a healthy weight is important for your overall<br />

well-being. Being overweight can significantly increase<br />

the risk of several chronic diseases and can reduce the<br />

quality of your life. Therefore, the best way to maintain a<br />

healthy weight is to have a good relationship with your<br />

food, get enough sleep, and exercise regularly.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 57

FOOD<br />

Green<br />

Smoothie<br />

vs<br />

Green Juice:<br />

Know the Difference<br />

Dr. Juliet Omoson<br />

reen smoothies or green juices, which one should you pick? This<br />

G<br />

is one of the most commonly asked questions as more and more<br />

people are opting for healthy eating habits.<br />

To help make the correct choices, nutritionist Farzanah<br />

Nasser took to Instagram to explain what to pick based on one’s<br />

individual needs and preferences. “I like both smoothie and juices and will have<br />

them for different reasons,” said Nasser.<br />

58<br />


FOOD<br />

What are Smoothies?<br />

According to the expert, smoothies are the<br />

whole fruit/vegetables blended together with a<br />

liquid. They are full of fibre and hence, support<br />

blood sugar balancing and act as a meal<br />

replacement as the fibres slow down the release<br />

of sugars into the blood stream and keep one<br />

feeling fuller for longer.<br />

“It also helps you meet your daily fibre<br />

requirement that most of us fall short of, and<br />

also feeds the microbes in the gut – which are<br />

responsible for immune and overall good health,”<br />

she explained.<br />

What are Juices?<br />

Juicing is extracting the fibre and drinking just<br />

the juice. “A study had showed that you get 30-<br />

40 per cent more of the nutrients when it’s not<br />

buffered by fibre. However it can cause blood<br />

sugar issues if you are having mainly fruit, and<br />

it’s also not a meal replacement. You do lose a<br />

lot of the fibre but you can save that and make<br />

overnight oats or crackers, or add them to<br />

pancakes. Juicing is also great when you want<br />

to give your digestive system a break or feel you<br />

need the hit of nutrients. Just make sure you use<br />

more veggies/greens than fruits to avoid spiking<br />

your blood sugar,” she mentioned.<br />

What should you pick?<br />

“When I am sick and need a pick<br />

me up, I will always opt for juice. I will<br />

also have a juice when I need some<br />

nutrients; I will have it 30 minutes<br />

before a meal. That way it can get<br />

absorbed before I have the meal,”<br />

said Nasser.<br />

However, Nasser mentioned that<br />

she would opt for smoothies as a<br />

“meal replacement or substantial<br />

snack”. “I also use them as a way<br />

to get more vegetables into me<br />

and something I can carry with<br />

me if I know I’m going to have a<br />

long day,” she noted.<br />

However, when making green smoothies, do<br />

note:<br />

• The blending process breaks the fiber down<br />

in a smoothie, but you still need to chew it<br />

to activate the digestive enzyme in saliva,<br />

amylase. Amylase begins the digestive<br />

process.<br />

• Choose combinations like leafy greens with<br />

less starchy fruits like berries, green apples,<br />

pears, peaches and plums to ensure<br />

healthy digestion, healthy elimination and<br />

reduce the risk of fermentation or gas.<br />

• Use only fresh produce. Disregard recipes<br />

that suggest using frozen kale, for example.<br />

Fresh fruits and vegetables deliver the live,<br />

vital, electricity your cells need to activate!<br />

• A smoothie cannot take the place of green<br />

juice.<br />

Green juice is made by extracting the<br />

vegetable and fruit water from the whole foods<br />

used, and discarding the fiber, unlike with<br />

smoothies.<br />

This is what many do not understand. They ask,<br />

why would you separate the fiber from the water in<br />

the vegetables and throw it away?<br />

In a nutshell, when you drink juice, no digestive<br />

fire is required. Your digestive system doesn’t have<br />

to do anything to take in the nutrients provided<br />

from the foods you juiced.<br />

Green juice offers the most easily accessible<br />

and assimilable form of live, vital nutrition. But do<br />

consider this, juice is concentrated because fiber<br />

was removed, so you want to limit sweet fruits, or<br />

it will blast your system with sugar. Sweet fruits are<br />

best in smoothies, rather than juices.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 59

FOOD<br />

Kung Pao<br />

Chicken:<br />

The Delicious Chinese cuisines<br />

You Should Try Out This Weekend<br />

By Chef Amaka Obiefuna<br />

W<br />

ith a long history, unique features, numerous styles, and exquisite cooking, Chinese cuisine is<br />

one of the essential constituent parts of Chinese culture. Chinese traditional dishes are famous<br />

for their color, aroma, taste, meanings, and appearance.<br />

Chinese cuisines are one of the most significant exports from the Asian giants, and today,<br />

we will be highlighting a simple but delicious meal you should try out this weekend.<br />

60<br />


FOOD<br />

What is Kung<br />

Pao Chicken<br />

Kung Pao chicken is a type of<br />

spicy Chinese chicken prepared by<br />

stir-frying. Preparations vary widely, but<br />

some version of this dish has existed<br />

since at least the late 19th century.<br />

Kung Pao chicken is a simple dish<br />

of chicken breast, cut up and stir-fried<br />

in “Kung Pao sauce,” primarily flavored<br />

with soy sauce, vinegar, and a bit of<br />

sugar.<br />

Ingredients<br />

• Boneless Skinless Chicken<br />

Breast<br />

• Soy sauce (or Tamari)<br />

• Vinegar<br />

• Cornstarch<br />

• Granulated Sugar<br />

• Toasted Sesame Oil<br />

• Red & Green Bell Peppers<br />

• Onions<br />

• Cashew Nuts<br />

• Dried Red Chili Peppers<br />

• Fresh Garlic & Ginger<br />

How to Make<br />

Kung Pao<br />

Chicken<br />

Make the Kung Pao sauce: Mix the<br />

soy sauce, vinegar, and sugar in a<br />

bowl.<br />

Prep the chicken! Cut the boneless,<br />

skinless chicken breast into uniform<br />

strips. This is a little easier to do if your<br />

chicken is slightly frozen. Then, toss it in<br />

a bit of soy sauce and cornstarch to<br />

coat.<br />

Cook the chicken until crispy!<br />

Working in batches so as not to<br />

overcrowd the pan, stir-fry the chicken<br />

pieces in sesame oil until they’re<br />

cooked through and gorgeously<br />

crispy.<br />

Stir-fry! Stir-fry the bell peppers<br />

until they’re a little soft. Then add the<br />

scallions, cashews, ginger, garlic, and<br />

dried chili peppers. Stir fry all of that for<br />

a minute or two, and then stir in the<br />

Kung Pao sauce and cooked chicken.<br />

Simmer. Let all of the flavors meld<br />

over the heat for a few more minutes.<br />

The Kung Pao sauce will thicken slightly<br />

and really coat the veggies and<br />

chicken, which is what you want.<br />

Serve! We love to serve this over<br />

steaming bowls of white or brown rice.<br />

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