Farewell to the Class of 2022

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Farewell to the

Class of 2022

● Moate Community School

● St Mary’s Secondary School

● Mullingar Community College

● Loreto College

● Oaklands Community College

● St Joseph’s Secondary

● St Finian’s College

● Plan for success at College


& good luck

2 TOPIC • June 9, 2022


Farewell to the Class of 2022


Leaving Certificate Graduation Class of 2022. The 220th Graduating class from St Finian's.

Taking your leave

As you go from us we hope we have given you the vital

skills and most importantly the values that will

sustain you throughout life.

Take on the opportunities and challenges that life will bring.

Embrace the unknown. We hope that St Finian’s will remain a

special place for you. We hope you will feel welcome in the future

to visit us and let us know how things are going for you.

We want to wish you every success in your future lives and

careers. We are very proud of your achievements. Of who you

are now, and who you will become.

Mr J. McHale & the staff of St Finian’s College #SFC2022

Student of the Year

Maya Kamboj (Head Girl) and Ben Leavy (Head Boy).

Pictured from left to right: Mr John Mc Hale (Principal), Ms Emma Carey (Deputy Principal),

Johanna Naughton Student of the Year, Ms Aisling Ryan (Deputy Principal).

Each year the Leaving Certificate class

choose a student who they believe has

made the greatest contribution to their year


Very much a positive influence on this

year group, the Leaving Certificate class of

2022 have voted Johanna Naughton as

their Student of the Year.

Johanna has made a valuable contribution

to the life of St Finian’s through her

work as a mentor and by representing St.

Finian’s College in many competitions. She

is a formidable linguist and has shown her

skills on several occasions, most recently

helping her team to win 1st prize in the

prestigious Siemens General Debate.

Since joining our school in August 2016

Johanna has developed strong relationships

with her teachers and other students

by her respectful and friendly approach to

life. Calm and mannered, quiet and

unassuming, hardworking, solid and

dependable, she takes things in her stride.

Congratulations Johanna, thank you for

your dedication and commitment to

our school.

TOPIC • June 9, 2022



Farewell to the Class of 2022


Fintan Duffy, Alberto Pendola,

Darragh Casey and Ciaran Maher.

Jenna Kelly, Saida

Kalinova, Rachel Homes,

Sadhbh O'Brien and

Deborah Afolabi.

Enda Keating and

Niall Murray.

Leaving Cert students

enjoying the sunshine.

Holly Carton, Kian Kennedy, Emma Fry and James Boyhan.

Leah Glynn and Barbara Kobe.

Agnes Koloczek, Aoife

Murtagh and Terri Molloy.

Last day at school for Leaving Certs.

4 TOPIC • June 9, 2022


Farewell to the Class of 2022

End of a chapter for class of 2022 at Mullingar Community College

Class of 2022,



this piece we decided to

use some of the great

quotes from your

favourite movies and

books outlined in your

yearbook. Like all great

stories let’s start at the

beginning when our 2022

graduates climbed the

“steps at the side door”

with the mountain of

books on their backs and

an enthusiasm to shape

your own future. As a

staff we strive to provide

you with the support,

guidance and the best

opportunities to help

write your own story. In

March of 2020 we all had

to change our way of

teaching and learning.

The move to online

learning was not easy but

the class of 2022 showed

great resilience and determination


this difficult time.

Although challenging,

our students learned the

meaning of responsibility

and reaped the benefits

of practicing resilience.

These life skills will stand

to each of you in your

future and remember no

matter what happens

“never let the fear of

striking out keep you

from playing the game”


We are very proud of our

students here at MCC and

we wish them all the best

with their Leaving Certificate.

We as teachers

have had the responsibility

of guiding you over

the past 5 years, now it is

your turn to take the lead

and responsibility of your

own lives, as Spiderman

said “with great power

comes great responsibility”.

Your time at MCC

has come to an end but

we wish you nothing but

the best starting this

new chapter of

your life.

Some of our LC

students sporting

their LC top.

Plan for success and

Hundreds of Westmeath students are hoping to secure

a college place through the CAO system, but there’s

another challenge ahead for them – getting used to life

in university in a different town. Ellen O’Brien shares

her experience of getting used to third-level life

I have just completed my first

year in NUIG. I am doing a journalism

degree. Starting university

can come with challenges

but it can also be some of the

best years of your life. I have

learned this during my first

year. I would like to share some

tips that I think are useful to

know before starting college.


It is important to research

your preferred courses and

institutions ahead of the CAO

deadlines. It is hard to know

exactly what you want to do

when making your decisions.

My first choice course changed

from what I initially thought I

wanted to do.

I was given the advice of

choosing a course based around

what I found interesting and had

a passion for. This led me to

chose journalism as I always

enjoyed writing and watching

the news. If you feel like you

have doubts about your first

choice do not panic, talk to your

career guidance teachers to try

to figure out what the best

choice is for you.

The CAO ‘change of mind’

deadline is July 1 so you have

until then to make any changes

you want.


Moving away from home can

be overwhelming at first. It is a

big adjustment to make. I found

that talking to my close family

and friends about any fears or

worries that I had about moving

helped me. I found that most of

the fear that I felt was anticipation

and not knowing what to


I also found that visiting the

city and university campus

prior to moving helped ease the

sense of apprehension.

The most important piece of

advice I can give is if you do not

feel at ease or are struggling

with the move is to talk to someone

whether it be a close family

member, a friend or to a support

service available in the college.

Aaron Russel and

Bobbie Archibold.


University is about having

new experiences. It is important

to keep an open-mind about new

activities and experiences when

starting college. Research the

different societies and clubs

available in the university and

sign up for the ones that you are

most interested in. It is a great

way to make new friends and to

meet people with similar interests

to yourself.

I joined a writers’ society and

it was enjoyable to meet people

in a relaxed and welcoming environment.

If you are finding it

hard to make new friends

through these new experiences ,

it is good to remember that

everyone is in the same position

as you when they first start – it

takes a while to adjust.

Ciara Flynn, a first year student,

told me that "one of the

biggest changes with college is

the extra freedom compared to

secondary school – in college

you are in complete control of

yourself and your own learning,

LC speedball team 2022.

TOPIC • June 9, 2022



happiness at college

Farewell to the Class of 2022

college is filled with experiences

you have to try and take advantage



University is different to secondary

school in the way that

you are expected to be more

independent. You have to figure

out your own timetable and

where each lecture is located. It

can be hard to find where you’re

meant to be at first especially

where there are many different

corridors in the same building.

However, it begins to become

easier after a few weeks as you

are often in the same theatres

and buildings for your lectures.

It is important to look up your

timetable in advance of starting.

I recommend writing down or

typing your timetable and having

a few copies of it to hand.

This helped to reduce any worries

of forgetting the timetable.

There will be tutorials in addition

to your lectures. Tutorials

are smaller classes that focus on

the material covered in lectures

that week. Tutorials are important

to attend as they are more

interactive than lectures and

provide you with the opportunity

to ask questions about any

material that you found hard to

understand. They are also a

good place to meet new people as

there are often group discussions

in tutorials.

Ashley Tubridy, a first year

college student, said that you

shouldn't “be afraid to reach out

to the uni, email lecturers, talk

to your tutorial teachers. You

are not on your own and everyone

gets by on the help from others.”

Warmest wishes to the Leaving Certificate Class of 2022

We wish each and every one of you

success, health and happiness from all at

Loreto College, Mullingar. After two

extraordinary school years, you have

emerged ready to take on the challenge of

the Leaving Certificate examinations. May

you all perform to the best of your abilities,

choose wisely in the future, and remain

guided by the virtues of your school

foundress, Mary Ward: may justice dictate

your motivations, may your personal

freedom be enjoyed in the midst of

freedom of others, may sincerity mark your

actions, and may joy be your reward.

You have taken your place in the history

books of Loreto College; we urge you now

to go forward with the courage to take on

new challenges, the resolve to be all that

you can be, and happiness along the way.

“What you get by achieving your

goals is not as important as what

you become by achieving your

goals”– Z. Ziglar


Getting the details of your first

assignments can be overwhelming.

Especially when it is a new

style of writing to get used to.

This can take a while to get used

to. There are academic supports

available on college websites

and in their libraries that can be

of assistance when you are trying

to figure out how to write the


I recommend planning the

assignment out in advance in

order to be able to ask your lecturer

any questions you have

about the assignment. Ashley

Tubridy advises that you "take

constant notes throughout the

year rather than cramming at

the end of term, take advantage

university resources like printing

for largely information

heavy modules and focus on

highlighting the main details

from there".

Transitioning to university

can be difficult. It is a big change

from secondary school and it

takes a while to adjust. However,

when you do get adjusted the

experience will be very enjoyable.

Always remember that there

will be academic and other supports

available in the college to

help guide you along the way of

this new chapter in your life.

To the class of 2022, go néirí an bóthar libh.

Slán agus beannacht from all in Loreto College.




Good luck to


doing exams!

6 TOPIC • June 9, 2022


Farewell to the Class of 2022

Diversity, unity and community at the

heart of Oaklands Community School

Members of the Oaklands Community College Choir, Gemma

Cocoman, Megan Murrin, Zahra White and Tori Lynch with music

teacher Ms McKenna.

6th Year students Ciaran Kenna, Niamh Cully, Paul Hughes, Chloe

Dunne, Laura Da Costa, Patryk Szymanski, Malvina Norkunaita and

Daniel Hanlon.

In a wonderful ceremony

held in Oakland’s


College on Tuesday,

May 24, the 6th Year

class of 2022 were

joined by their parents

and staff of the school

to celebrate their years

at Oakland’s Community

College. The

theme of the ceremony

was Diversity, Unity

and Community, students

were presented

with certificates, photographs

by school

Principal Mr. Kehoe.

Under the direction of

music teacher Ms

McKenna, the School

Choir wowed those in

attendance with an

excellent rendition of

three songs, ‘Stand By

Me’, ‘One More Song’

and ‘I Lived’ throughout

the ceremony.

Head Boy, Martin

Dempsey and Head

Girl, Ciara Dempsey

spoke on behalf of the

students, as well as

Year Head Ms Donohue

and Principal Mr

Kehoe. Memories and

achievements were

shared from over the

years at Oaklands as

well as a look forward

to the exciting future

that lies ahead for the


In his speech, Principal

Mr Kehoe congratulated

the class of 2022

and thanked the parents

and teachers for

the positive impact

they have made on the

students. “You have

been an outstanding

group of young people

that have always

shown great ability,

respect, kindness and

humour during your

time at Oaklands Community

College. I

would like to thank

you all for being such

excellent leaders of

our student body for

the last year.” Previous

Principal Mr Gerry

Connolly was fondly

remembered by all the

speakers throughout

the ceremonies, with

the Annual Gerry Connolly

award presented

by Deputy Principal

Ms O’Shea to Zoe

Brierty. This award

recognises such values

as a strong work ethic,

a genuine concern for

others and an independent


A sincere thanks to

all the staff and students

who worked hard

in preparations for the

event and made the

evening so memorable

for everyone. We would

like to wish all our

graduates of 2022 the

best of luck in their

Leaving Certificate

exams and for the

future, and student are

reminded that a warm

welcome will always

await them at any

future time.

Oaklands Community College Principal Mr Kehoe speaking at the

College’s Graduation Ceremony.

6th Year students Niamh Cully, Paul Hughes Chloe Dunne and

Laura Da Costa at the Oaklands Community College Graduation


Head Boy Martin Dempsey and Head Girl Ciara Dempsey

delivering their speech at the Oaklands Community College

Graduation Ceremony.

Oaklands Community College Principal Mr

Kehoe presenting Laura Da Costa with her

Certificate, class photograph and school pin.

Oaklands Community College Principal Mr Kehoe presenting Amy

McDonagh with her Certificate, class photograph and school pin.

6th Year Head Ms

Donohue speaking

at the Oaklands

Community College



6th Year students Roisin Boyle and Emily Mansfield at the

Oaklands Community College Graduation Ceremony.

Zoe Brierty, receiving the Gerry Connolly

Memorial Award from Deputy Principal, Ms


TOPIC • June 9, 2022





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Farewell to the Class of 2022

St. Colmcille’s National School visits St.

Joseph’s Secondary School, Rochfortbridge

Topic Newspapers were delighted to receive the story below from

Matthew Tully and Aisling Dacaymat, fifth class pupils at St. Colmcille's

National School, Gainstown. Matthew, Aisling and their classmates

spent a wonderful day at St. Joseph's Secondary School in

Rochfortbridge and their teacher, Ms. Hickey was very kind to send

us on these two stories. Hopefully these stories will give Primary

School pupils a sense of what to expect when they visit or attend Secondary

School, which won’t be too long from now.

Our Day Trip to

St Joseph’s


Secondary School

On Thursday, May 26,

we went on a fun day to

St. Joseph’s Secondary

School, Rochfortbridge.

On arrival we were

brought to our base

room where we left our

belongings. After that

we had some fun soccer

activities that we

engaged with namely:

football pool, football

darts and football target

practice. We were

also brought around by

two very helpful TY

students, one being a

past pupil of this

school (St. Colmcille's

National School, Gainstown).

After that we were

shown to the astro soccer

pitch. It was huge

and we took penalties

on each other. The

green team won AKA

my team. I would also

like to proudly say I

scored and saved my

two penalties. It was

also topped off with a

tug of war game which

everyone enjoyed.

We were then brought

to the Science lab

where we seen and conducted

some science

experiments. We discovered

what happens

when you mix fairy liquid

with methane gas

and then set it on fire!

My friend Oliver was

the volunteer in our

group… he was panicked

but just shook his

hands but it didn’t do

any harm thank God!

Subsequently we went

to a classroom to watch

a virtual tour of the

school which was quite


Next up was woodwork.

Woodwork was

really cool because we

got to see some of the

students’ creations and

all the time and effort

that had been put into


Technology – After

we were done with

woodwork we went to

Mr. Maloney’s room

where we sanded down

plastic and played with

“Robo” (the robot).

Robo could dance, high

five, move left/right

and even reverse or go

forward. It was truly a

sight to be seen.

We then went to the

P.E hall where we

played multiple sports

Whether you are looking for

a formal look, smart casual or

a three piece suit, call to us!

that consisted of soccer,

basketball and unihoc.

It was really well

set up with everyone

getting at least two

games each.

We were then entertained

with inflatable

games and finally our

lunch at 1:30pm. We

were given a burger,

sausages, chickenwings

and a drink. It

was so tasty!

Sadly after lunch was

over, our day came to

an end. We packed up

Fifth Class visit St. Joseph's Secondary School in Rochfortbridge.

Unit 12A, Zone B, Mullingar Business Park • 044 9344 601




our things and made

our way to the bus and

back to school.

I think I can speak for

everyone here when I

say that we all thoroughly

enjoyed our day

at St. Joseph’s

Rochfortbridge and

many of us will be hoping

to attend this great

school in the near


● By Matthew Tully

5th Class Student,

St. Colmcille’s NS


Our Day Trip to

St Joseph’s


Secondary School

It was a bright and

sunny morning as we

left our school for

Rochfortbridge. We left

at 8:50 “on the noggin”

and arrived at 9

o’clock(ish). As we

arrived we were guided

to our “Home Room”

where we met our tour

guides for the day; Ms.

Duffy, Mr. Cocomon,

Alana and Kelly Burke

(AKA Katie Burke’s sister!)

and with that we

started our Rochfortbridge


Throughout the day

we did many fun activities

like Art, Wood and

Metal Work, Science

and P.E. We also spent

some time outside playing

tug of war, penalties

and co-operative

races with inflatables!

Inside the school we

were escorted around

the assorted classrooms;

one of which

was the kitchen which

had the most delicious

smell of buns baking

which wafted out the

door and down the corridors!

Speaking of food at

around 1:30 all of the

5th Classes present

were served up a

scrumptious meal! A

BBQ box: containing a

burger, sausages and

chicken wings. The

canteen staff were all

very nice and overall

I’d rate the food an

impressive 9/10!

Sadly after lunch it

was time to go. I loved

the visit to all the classrooms

and met many

helpful teachers. The

activities were interesting

and fun. We had

very joyful and amusing

moments like when

Oliver Keane’s hands

were momentarily set

on fire in the Science

lab and meeting Mr.

Maloney’s robot ‘Robo’!

Overall I’d definitely

recommend the school

and I hope to attend it

myself when the time

comes to move on to

secondary school in the

near future.

● By Aisling


5th Class Student,

St. Colmcille’s NS









and all debs



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starting at




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• Oaklands Community College

• St. Mary’s Secondary School

• Ard Scoil Rath Iomghain

• St. Joseph’s Rochfortbridge

• St. Mary’s Primary School

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• Scoil Bhríde

• Gaelscoil Éadan Doire

• Ballybryan NS

• Rhode NS

• Castlejordan

• Clocha Rince National School

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• Rathangan Boys School

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8 TOPIC • June 9, 2022


Farewell to the Class of 2022

‘Let your

dreams set sail’

On May 25, we bid farewell to the class of 2022

enjoying an action-packed morning of fun and

games before gathering in our school gym for a

very special Graduation evening with the theme

‘Let your dreams set sail’. A sail with every

student’s handprint featured as a fitting backdrop

to the special occasion which began with a

graduation mass led by Fr Liam Lawton and

concluded with presentations and speeches.

Principal, Emmet McDonnell spoke warmly to the

class of 2022 saying “as principal, one of the

many significant things I witnessed during your

years here was the support you offered for one

another, friendships, tolerance, and understanding.

This is by far the most important attribute –

not medals or trophies. It is how you deal with

others and show respect to others and to yourself.

That is the character we and your parents love to

see. That’s what makes us most proud.”

Chair of the prefects, Amy Lynch gave the

keynote speech on the evening and spoke fondly

about the school “what is it that makes

St. Mary’s so special? St. Mary’s is

a place where we are encouraged

to dream and are

given opportunities to

realise our dreams. Right

now, our focus is on

reviewing all of learning

and the hope that we

remember it on that

quintessential June day.

The course is set, it is all

mapped out. But tonight,

we need to think about the

fun we had and the friendships

we made during our years at St.

Mary’s. These relationships and memories will be

our ‘bridges linking the past and future/old

friends passing through with us still’ as the poet

Brendan Kennelly wrote.

In 20 years’, time we will still remember the trips

we went on, the shows we organised and the lifelong

friends that we made. Our time here in St.

Mary’s will not be remembered by grades, popularity,

likes or favourites, but by our relationships,

the kind of person you were. That will be the

legacy of the Class of 2022.”

Concluding the evening, Mr McDonnell

added: “We are so happy for you,

excited about all the possibilities

ahead of you. There is so much

you can achieve. Choose wisely.

Aim high but act cautiously.

This is not the end of your

journey it is merely the beginning

of the next chapter. You

have the rest of your life before

you – go and be the best that you

can be.”

Class of 2022, you were a wonderful

group of

students who had to make so many changes to

normal school life due to Covid. But you always

did it with such maturity and never complained.

For this we are very grateful.

“All in St. Mary’s school community wish you the

very best in your exams and whatever lies ahead

for you.”

Brian Dunne, Ademar Stones, Jack Coyne and Alex Reilly.

Antonio Ciurary and his mother Monica Ciuraru.

All photos by Joan O’Brien.

Derek Lowry, Michael Brady, Cian Conroy and Meabh O’Grady

Aoibhinn Hawksworth and Ciara Corrigan.

Anna Doyle.

TOPIC • June 9, 2022



Farewell to the Class of 2022

Amy Lynch delivered the perfect speech.

Aaron Gorry and Jake Callaghan.

School Principal, Emmet McDonnell pictured with former

Principal, Rob Halford who was an invited guest on the


Clodagh Mahon, Amy Lynch, Aoife Keyes Sophie Leddin.

Grace Hynes and Niamh Jenkins.

Graduate Darragh Norman with his his sister Emma, and

parents Séamus and Tina.

Elana Pierce and Rugile Zapoliskyte.

Aislinn Flattery, Meline Maillet, Rachel Henchy.

Lauren McGrath, Saoirse Harding, Leanne Brady.

Zara Rowe and Niamh Holton.

Aoife Hackett, Caoimhe Lewis and Grace O’Connell.

Micheal Curtis with mum Joanne, dad Frank and sister, Shauna


10 TOPIC • June 9, 2022


Farewell to the Class of 2022

To the class of 2022, as you prepare to make your way in the world, you leave us with many positive memories. You were an exceptionally talented and hard working group

of young people, both in the classroom and in the many extracurricular activities that you took part in. What we will remember most though is the fine people you have grown

to be, you are strong, kind, hardworking and inclusive, you had a great sense of fun and your bond with each other is admirable. On behalf of all the school staff thank you

to the class of 2022 for your outstanding contribution to life in St Joseph’s throughout your time with us. We hope you have many good and positive memories of your school

days and that you will not be a stranger to us. We are certain you will be a group about who on many occasions we will be proud to say “We knew them when they were

young”. The very best of luck to each and everyone one of you, both in your exams and in your future.

Thank you from all in St Joseph’s

Ms O Sullivan, Sixth Year Head, Margaret Cole, Principal.

Students of the year 2022 - Eoin Speller and Ellen Shaw.

Saoirse Ryan, the recipient of the inaugural

Alanna Lenehan Art Award, being presented with

her award by Alanna’s brother Santiago Lenehan.

TOPIC • June 9, 2022



Farewell to the Class of 2022

L-R Colin McGee, Brian Gaffney, Eamonn Cunneen, Caoimhe McAteer, Eimear Hanlon and Sarah Coleman.



of the

Year 2022


ach year as we approach the end of

our time together we ask Leaving

Cert students and their teachers to

consider who has been outstanding

throughout their time in St Joseph's. This

award is not necessarily about awarding

the best academic students but rather students

who have worked well with everyone

(teachers and classmates) people who have

always done their best and most importantly

those who have been friendly and

kind to all. The votes of the staff and students

are combined and the winners are

the male and female who receive the most


Eoin Speller

Eoin Speller was our male recipient, a

strong academic student who excelled in

every subject area but is probably best

known for his manner; a gentleman

through and through. He spoke on the

night of our mass for our Leaving Cert Students

and received many accolades for his

personal story. He is a student who is liked

by all, students and teachers.

Ellen Shaw

Ellen Shaw, our female recipient, is also a

hardworking and dedicated student. She is

also often described as being really kind

and is a person who is known for her little

unnoticed acts of kindness.

She will always be the person to ask others

if they are ok and she is a great support

to her friends and classmates. A great

sportsperson, she is talented at camogie

and football. She is a natural leader on the

pitch and a great team player in all walks of


There were eight students who were

shortlisted for the award and who received

a presentation on the night:

● Caoimhe McAteer, a lady who is

known for her outgoing personality, for

always being bubbly and for always having

a word for everyone, a strong debater and

a talented musician.

● Sarah Coleman, a great supporter of

fun, a superb sports person and someone

who always stands up for what she

believes in.

● Ciara Doyle, a very talented lady in

many, many ways, performing on the stage

in the arts centre, winning awards for

Irish dancing and excelling at enterprise.

● Eimear Hanlon, Rochfortbridge’s

answer to Cora Staunton, a team player in

every way and a friend to all who know


● Brian Gaffney, one of life’s gentlemen,

a strong student and one of the narrators

of this years’s open day video.

● Eamonn Cunneen, a super talented

hurler, a strong academic student, a huge

advocate for fun and someone who has a

word for everyone he meets, students and

teachers alike.

● Simon Kiernan, someone who took

every opportunity given in his time here,

the chairperson of our students Council

and editor of this year’s Yearbook.

● Colin McGee, a student who has represented

us on many sports fields, was on

the panel of the Leinster Football Champions

and a strong athlete also.

12 TOPIC • June 9, 2022


Farewell to the Class of 2022

Farewell to the Moate Community

School class of 2022

Back Row: Ben Claffey, Jack Sheerin, Ivan Smyth, Adam O’Brien, Ethan Ross, Ben O’Connell, Luke Whitney, Adam Doyle, Sean Murphy, Conor

Gleeson, Brandon White, Ryan Greenwood, Ryan Egan, Eoghan Raleigh, Shane Boland. 7th Row: Isaac O’Neil, Sean Fury, Eoghan Curran, Kevin Seery,

Sean Conlon, Sean Keenaghan, Pauric Robbins, Eoin Murphy, James O’Brien, Adam Dunning, Thomas Parker, Aron Maraj, Rian Kelly-Murphy, Jake

Claffey, Sean Caulwell. 6th Row: Emma Dickson, Aine Gaynor, Aoife Murray, Ronan Aspell, Aaron O’Brien, Matthew Hogg, Liam Kerr, Colm Coady,

Josh Conlon, James Costello, Oisin Egan, Kallum Nugent, Odhran Lawlor, Megan Clinton, Emma Quigley. 5th Row : Emma Murray, Louise Fagan,

Emma Keenan, Sarah murphy, Diana Lucaci, Roisin O’Hara, Chloe Heavin, Amelia Bradbury Hughes, Shannon Mulvihill, Katelyn McHugh Dolan, Cara

Greville, Grainne Geoghegan, Sharon Seery. 4th Row: Tom Lowry (Principal), Maura Murray (Deputy Principal), Elleanna Shine, Amy Murphy, Niamh

Kearney, Ava Cornally, Rachel McCann, Chloe Clavin, Emma Hynes, Anna Sheerin, Sophie Grouden, Emily Ray, Ellie Keaveney, Alice Ryan, Fidelma

Quinn (Yearhead), Carmel McCormack (Deputy Principal). 3rd Row: Caoimhe Cassidy, Caoimhe Lowry, Hannah Doyle, Aoife Fox, Nicole O’Donnell,

Doireann Coffey, Cara Johnston, Hazel Kelly, Claire Conlon, Darina Hanevy, Shauna Irwin, Hannah Malone, Emma Seery, Grace Kelly. 2nd Row: Erin

Hickey, Niamh Collins, Tara Mullins, Zoe McCormack, Emily Korzeniewski, Cliona McCormack, Lorraine McCaul, Halle Ann Egan, Kayla Seery, Holly

Keenan, Lucy Egan, Sarah Walsh, Lauren Blagriff. 1st Row: Aaron Hoyer, Cathal Moran, Oisin Egan, Bradley Parker, William Reynolds, Liam Maxwell,

Carlos Fuertes, Alan McKnight, Patryk Wojczyk, Shane Touhey. Missing from photo: - Gerard Fallon, Joey Berry, Tobby Conteh, Maedbh McLoughlin,

Abbie Cornally, James Daly, Aidan Dowd, Riona Lawless, Kayleigh McGuinness, George Nugent, Jack Claffey, Oisin Murray Gaffey, Maiara Da Silva,

Michael Okpeaye, Alan McLoughlin, Gabrielle Daly.

With a swirling mixture of

emotions, we bid a fond

farewell to the Moate

Community School Class of 2022.

Sadness as we say our goodbyes

but happiness and anticipation

as we witness this extraordinary

group of young people graduate

to the next stage of their lives.

They have diligently prepared for

their examinations this year and

also for the undulating hills and

valleys of life thereafter. It has

been an uncertain year for

them. Will there be a Leaving

Cert. or not? Accredited grades

or not? What are the adjustments

The ground beneath their

feet has constantly altered but

their resilience, good humour

and focus has remained;

undaunted and unwavering.

They truly have epitomised the

words of former US President

Theodore Roosevelt; “Do what

you can, with what you have,

where you are”. We hope that in

their time here in Moate Community

School that our 6th Year students

have fulfilled their

potential, made friends for life

and have accumulated many

cherished memories.

We wish them every

success in their futures...

Caoimhe Lowry and Fidelma Quinn.

6th Year Award Recipients: Back Row: Luke Whitney, Aoife Murray, Ellie Keavney, Thomas Parker,

James Costello, Sean Conlon. Front Row: Fidelma Quinn (Yearhead) Carmel McCormack (Deputy

Principal) Doireann Coffey, Cliona McCormack, Hazel Kelly, Claire Conlon, Maura Murray (Deputy


Emily Ray and Brian Devaney.

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